Developing Responsible Learners for a Changing Society

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1 Developing Responsible Learners for a Changing Society PO Box 126 HAMPTON PARK 3976 Web: Phone: Fax: Term 2 Issue 4 6th May 2015 * TOMORROW 7th May MOTHER S DAY MORNING TEA & KEA CUP * FRIDAY 8th May CURRICULUM DAY STUDENTS DO NOT ATTEND * WEDNESDAY 13th May PREP 2016 INFORMATION NIGHT 7PM (IN THE GALLERY) * THURSDAY 21st May SRC FUNDRAISER DRESS AS WHAT YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP GOLD COIN DONATION * MONDAY 8th June QUEEN S BIRTHDAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY STUDENTS DO NOT ATTEND * Dear Parents, Reminder!! Pupil Free Day This Friday 8th May This Friday, 8th May, is a Pupil Free Day when staff will be working in their teams discussing the moderation of the students reports. NO STUDENTS ARE TO ATTEND SCHOOL. Mothers Day Morning Tea We would also like to invite all our mothers to a morning tea at school on Thursday from 11.00am. We will gather in the Hall and spend some time together celebrating the contributions you make to your family and the school community. I wish all our Mums a tremendous day on Sunday to thank you for all the work you do throughout the year. Disability Reform Summit - Sydney Assistant Principals, Christine Taylor and Zania Cope and myself, apologise for not being at school to celebrate Mothers Day with you all as we have been requested to attend the Disability Reform Summit in Sydney on Thursday and Friday. As you will be aware we are achieving some very successful results in this area and the Department of Education and Training, are working with us to try to replicate our practices across other schools in the Victorian system. We are looking forward to seeing what we can glean from a variety of Australian and International speakers in the field of inclusive education strategies in mainstream settings to continue to delivery a quality education for ALL of our students Enrolment Information Evening Each year we hold our new enrolments Information Night in May to outline the tremendous opportunities that we provide for students in our area. This will happen on Wednesday 13th May commencing at 7.00pm in the Gallery. I ask you to pass this information on to anyone you know is looking for a school for their children in The night involves general information from the Prep team, Assistant Principals Christine Taylor and Zania Cope and myself. We also have our School Captains outlining their impressions of the school and some of their experiences. We hope to see many people on the night and at our school tours that have now commenced. I encourage any parents looking for a school to come along on a Tuesday or Friday morning (held on alternate weeks) to walk around Kilberry Valley when it is operating. I often say to parents this is the only way you can get the feel of a school. We thoroughly enjoy the chance to walk around with prospective families showing the students and staff in action. Please call the school office on to book a time. Hope to see many people at the information evening and please start spreading the word about the tours and information night for prospective parents.

2 NAPLAN Testing This annual testing program will be undertaken next week by our students in Year 3 and 5. All Year 3 and 5 students across the country engage in NAPLAN testing each year and the results are used to determine the achievement levels of students across Australia, in each state and each school. These results are used by schools to celebrate successes and strive for further improvement. We Need Your Help I do not like to write about negative things in the Valley Views but during the last few weekends we have had damage around the school that is very annoying and SO unnecessary. I often have conversations with current and prospective parents who ask why we don t have high fences around the school to stop people coming in to the grounds after hours and on weekends. My answer is simple.. we have a very great community feel at Kilberry and wonderful grounds that are exciting to use. It is tremendous to see the groups playing basketball, soccer, dancing, riding bikes, skate boarding, netball, and engaging in their fitness training or simply having a family get together after school or at weekends. This is a real strength to the school and our grounds are an asset to the local community. Even though the school is on Government land and I have the authority to ban people from entering, (which for your interest does occur at times with something called a Trespass Order; utilised with people who have been caught vandalising our wonderful school) we very much prefer to have the grounds used. all we want is them to be respected and looked after! Which brings me to my point does anyone know the person/s who use the following tags to regularly destroy our school? SLIDE and ESKO. They have hit the new cubby house 3 times now! I have seen these elsewhere in the community, so I am sure I am not the only one who wants to see the stop their senseless and ridiculous destruction. If you have any information please contact me and I will pass it on to the local Police. Footy News A solid win on Saturday a little too solid from our Captain and Vice Captain that will see them sitting on the sidelines for a few weeks. However the rest of the game saw a dominance that has been missing the last few weeks. A trip to play the Sydney Giants this week won t be an easy task. They are also 3 wins and 2 losses and with a home ground advantage it will be tough. A good test to show the Hawks are back on track for a run of victories. Go Hawkers!! Have a great week and keep smiling! Neil Cunningham CAN YOU HELP? During the holiday break all the rubber matting on the deck was removed Replacement over $ 2,000. If you know anything about the removal or saw anything suspicious, please contact the school.

3 Prep AM Prep CA Prep CM Prep PD Prep SW 1CC 1CS 1CT 1LG 1LT 1RB 2JT 2SC 2SD 2SR 3CA 3CT 3RC 3YH 4DP 4JR 5JP 5KB 6RB 6RD Layla Jagveer Anastasia Annalees Merilyn Joshua Lennox Tamsyn Kade Lachlan Isaiah Warren David Heroon Chanumi Habiba Jaicen Natalie Krishna Nischal Seniru Robert Jonny Sami Christian Anirudh Jerryl joy Valerie Lachlan Roopneet Nethumi Lincoln Mikey Jason Aishwarya Chelsea Dhanidu Xavier Denzien Zeah Vanojh 4th May to 10th May CM 0MU 1CC 1LT 2JT 2SD 2SR 3DJ 3RC 3YH 4JR 4JR 4RF 5JS 5JS 6JM MOTHER S DAY MORNING TEA Our Mother s Day Morning Tea will be held TOMORROW beginning at 10am with the chance to spend some time in your child s classroom followed by a morning tea at 11am in the Hall. We look forward to seeing you and honouring all our Mothers and Grandmothers! ABSENCE NOTIFICATIONS REMINDER TO PARENTS: Drama Health & PE Music 1CS Prep JB 2SD If your child is absent from school, please ring the school office on on the morning of the absence or send a note with the student on the day they return to school. THANK YOU

4 Prep PD/AM The Preps have been learning different word families. We have learnt and explored the families at, ig and last week we learnt the word family ot. We used our sound and letter knowledge to come up with lots of different ot words. Such as dot, pot and hot. Gonz Alez, Anzelia and Oliver with their wonderful dot paintings. We completed lots of different activities to learn these words including, reading mini books, writing sentences, playing spelling buzz and making flip books. We even got to make some dot paintings.

5 NAPLAN It is that time of the year again when we start to think about the National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). The 2015 tests for Year 3 and Year 5 students will be held on Tuesday 12 th May, Wednesday 13 th May and Thursday 14 th May (Week 5, Term 2). NAPLAN assesses literacy and numeracy skills that students are already learning through the school curriculum. Teachers will ensure that students are familiar with the test formats and will provide appropriate support and guidance. Excessive preparation is not useful and can lead to unnecessary anxiety. If you have any questions about your child's preparation for NAPLAN, you are encouraged to make a time to speak with their teacher. NAPLAN tests are constructed to give students an opportunity to demonstrate skills they have learned over time through the school curriculum, and NAPLAN test days should be treated as just another routine event on the school calendar. The best way you can help your child prepare for NAPLAN is to reassure them that NAPLAN tests are just one part of their school program, and to urge them to simply do the best they can on the day. ACARA does not recommend the use of commercial products, such as booklets and practice tests, to help your child prepare for NAPLAN tests. None of the commercial products currently on the market are endorsed by ACARA. The use of services by coaching providers is not recommended. If you would like any further information this can be found at

6 Kilberry Valley P.S. Prep 2016 Information Evening Wednesday 13th May :00pm The Gallery (Grade 3/4 area) Kilberry Valley P.S, Kilberry Boulevard, HAMPTON PARK. Come and find out about the exciting programs Kilberry Valley Primary School has to offer your child in Enrolment forms will be available on the night. Child minding provided so you can be captivated by important information regarding your child s education Hope to see you there!


8 EMERSON SCHOOL PARENT FORUMS 2015 All staff, parents and friends are invited to a series of forums to be held in the Emerson Room at the Heatherton Road Campus throughout At each session, we will present topics that will give us an insight into our children s behaviour so that we can assist our children in reaching their potential. Each session will begin at 7.30 and conclude at 9.00 pm. FORUM THREE: WEDNESDAY 27 TH MAY LAST ONE PICKED.FIRST ONE PICKED ON This video is about how children with special needs have problems with their social skills. Richard Lavoie will give us strategies on how to improve our children s abilities to communicate more effectively and develop friendships. FORUM FOUR: WEDNESDAY 24 TH JUNE WHEN THE CHIPS ARE DOWN. In this video Richard Lavoie talks about building positive self esteem in our children. He will also give us strategies to change our children s misbehaviour. FORUM FIVE: WEDNESDAY, 26 TH AUGUST IT S SO MUCH WORK TO BE YOUR FRIEND This video explores the causes and consequences of having social incompetence. Richard Lavoie provides powerful strategies for teaching students friendship skills. FORUM SIX: WEDNESDAY, 28 TH OCTOBER EFFECTIVE MANGEMENT OF CHALLENGING BEHAVIOURS This session provides participants with an understanding and appreciation of why students misbehaviour and how this effects their learning outcomes. Practical and effective strategies will be provided to attendees in managing a range of challenging behaviours. This session is particularly relevant to parents, teachers and other professionals dealing with children who have been diagnosed with Autism, I hope you can join us in what will be six entertaining and informative sessions. DIANNE WRIGHT

9 PARENT FORUMS Please fill in the form below and tick the box of the sessions you wish to attend and return to: Janet Syer Emerson School 1430 Heatherton Road Dandenong Vic 3175 I will be attending the following Forums (please tick): Last One Picked... First One Picked On - 27 th May, 2015 When the Chips are Down - 24 th June, 2015 It s So Much Work to Be Your Friend - 26 th August, 2015 Effective Management of Challenging Behaviours 28 th October, 2015 Name(s) of Atendees: Phone Number

10 INVITATION The Hampton Park Community Forum Working Party To The School Council, Staff and Families of Kilberry Valley Primary School, A group of residents are conducting a Community Forum for all the Hampton Park residents and businesses. It is hoped that this forum will act as a mechanism to bring the Hampton Park community groups, residents and local businesses together to highlight current issues and opportunities in Hampton Park, to act as a source of information, provide a chance to network with other groups/residents and to provide support for our community. City of Casey officers will be in attendance to support the forum. This forum will be held on: Saturday 27th June 2015, 9.30am am Hampton Park Community House, Stuart Ave, Hampton Park, Morning tea will be provided. Please invite all members of your group, neighbors and friends to attend the forum and let s get together to help make our community better! The City of Casey will take more notice of issues raised at the Forum, with more rate payers attending. Can you please return the attached questionnaire by Fri 17th May 2015 and RSVP the total numbers of your group attending to: Julie Craig, PO Box 306, Hampton Park, 3976 or Thanks for your time, Julie Craig Hampton Park Community Forum Working Party

11 COMMUNITY FORUM QUESTIONNAIRE Can you please return this questionnaire by Friday 17 th May 2015 to: Julie Craig, PO Box 306, Hampton Park, 3976 Or to: Name of your group:. Numbers attending: contact : Dietary requirements:. One of the items to be discussed at the forum will be the issue of graffiti: 1. Has your group or you personally had a problem with graffiti in Hampton Park? 2. Do you know who to report graffiti to, for free graffiti removal? 3. Please list any other issues/improvements for Hampton Park that you would like discussed at the forum:


13 The Victorian Premiers Reading Challenge has started for Consent forms have been sent home, please sign and return to school to enable your child to be registered. Let s make 2015 our best challenge ever..start Reading!!!!





18 KILBERRY VALLEY NOTICES SENT HOME The following notices have been sent home to families and require your prompt attention: GRADE 3 SCIENCEWORKS EXCURSION -WEDNESDAY 27TH MAY Consent forms and payments MUST be received by Tuesday 19th May, The cost of the excursion is $20. VICTORIAN ARTS CENTRE EXCURSIONS (GRADES 1 & 2) THURSDAY 4TH JUNE & FRIDAY 31ST JULY Consent forms and final payments for these excursions MUST be received by Thursday, 14th May, The cost is $20. Students who do not return consent forms and payments by the closing date for incursions/excursions will not be able to participate in the activity. We would appreciate your support and co-operation with these matters. Thank you. LATE PAYMENTS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED DIARY DATES-TERM FRIDAY 8TH MAY (THIS FRIDAY) Curriculum Day-students do not attend MONDAY 8TH JUNE Queen s Birthday Public Holiday Students do not attend HELP The Art Room needs LOTS and LOTS of plastic soft drink bottles. We are after the 600ml and 1.25litre varieties in clear plastic only (not the green or blue bottles!) THANK YOU CHANGE OF CLOTHING FOR STUDENTS We would like to remind parents to provide a change of clothing in children s school bags (preferably some clean underwear, track suit pants, shorts or a dress), particularly as we are coming into cooler and wet weather This is handy for ALL children in ALL grade levels as it makes them feel less stressed if they require a change of clothing owing to an accident. We ask for your co-operation with this matter as our Sick Bay is unable to cope with the large volume of people requiring changes of clothing. THANK YOU Kilberry Valley Primary School ADVERTISING Please Note: The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development does not endorse the products or services of any private advertisers. No responsibility is accepted by DEECD for accuracy of information. WELFARE CORNER Breakfast is important It is important to encourage breakfast. A good night s sleep followed by food in the morning helps your child to stay active and concentrate at school. It also means your child is less likely to be too hungry during the morning and it can help with performance at school. Be a role model and let your child see you eat breakfast too. A bowl of cereal with milk and fresh or stewed fruit is a great starter for the whole family. School lunches Packing lunch from home is a great way for your child to learn about healthy food and to help with preparation. Lunch box suggestions include: - sandwiches or pita bread with cheese, lean meat, hummus and salad - cheese slices, crackers with spread, and fresh or dried fruits - washed and cut up raw vegetables or fresh fruits - frozen water bottle or tetra pack of milk, particularly in hot weather. School lunches foods to limit Highly processed, sugary, fatty and salty foods should only make up a very small part of your child s diet. Foods to limit in everyday school lunches include: - processed meats such as salami, ham, pressed chicken and Strasbourg - chips, sweet biscuits, and muesli bars and breakfast bars - fruit bars and fruit straps - cordials, juices and soft drinks. Treats and peer pressure Peer pressure to eat particular trendy foods at this age is strong. Let your child eat these kinds of foods occasionally, such as at parties, special events or when the rest of the family enjoys them. It s best to limit the amount of money children are given to spend at school or on the way home. The occasional lolly, bag of chips or takeaway food doesn t do any harm. If they are eaten too often, however, you might find that: - not enough nourishing foods are eaten. - children become overweight or obese. - you are spending a lot of money it s much cheaper to provide homemade snacks and lunches. - you are missing a chance to teach your child about healthy eating. Zania Cope-Assistant Principal FAMILY FOOD SUPPORT Transit Food Support Transit Family Food Support is now open every Thursday from 3pm-5pm. A wide range of dairy, fruit and vegetables and groceries can be picked up. Clothes and other items may be available at times. Food will be available free of charge to families with school aged children as well as students and young adults. Located at Narre Warren Christian Church, Factory 4,5/3 Webb Street, Narre Warren For further information please call Pastor Keith On or