DATES TO REMEMBER. Volume 22 Issue 9 Thursday 14 April 2016 TERM 2 11 APRIL - 24 JUNE

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1 Volume 22 Issue 9 Thursday 14 April 2016 DATES TO REMEMBER TERM DATES 2016 TERM 1 28 JAN MARCH TERM 3 11 JULY - 16 SEPT. TERM 2 11 APRIL - 24 JUNE TERM 4 03 OCT DEC. 15 APRIL FIRST CANTEEN DAY FOR TERM 2 22 APRIL YEAR 6 MUSEUM/SCIENCEWORKS EXCURSION 18 MAY YEAR 5 SOVEREIGN HILL EXCURSION ( PAYMENT $50.00 DUE 11/05/16 OR CSEF ) JIM BELL, PRINCIPAL JENNY REID, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL 2017 FOUNDATION ENROLMENTS ARE NOW AVAILANBLE FROM THE OFFICE. W elcome and Welcome Back I trust teachers, children and parents alike had an enjoyable school break and I hope all have returned to school and other respective duties, revitalized for the demands of what is shaping up to be, once again, a busy term. This first week has seen four children from three new families enrolled at Brentwood Park. To our new families; Bathmarajah, Kithulgoda and Tolentino, and to our established families, may I extend a sincere welcome and welcome back, respectively. LEARNING GOAL: To learn how to work out the mean, median, mode and range of a set of data. SUCCESS CRITERIA: Understand the differences between discreet and continuous data. Work out the mean, median, mode and range of given sets of numbers. M aths Extension Classes at Kambrya Term 2, week 1, day 1, heads down!! It was straight to work for our students participating in the maths extension classes at Kambrya College with their introduction to statistics! Statistics is the study of the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data The year 6 students continue to apply themselves conscientiously to the set tasks and enjoy the challenges!! S chool Council 2016 Despite the busy schedule of the final week of Term 1 which, amongst other things, was inclusive of parent / teacher interviews, the newly elected school council for 2016 held its first meeting with the election of office bearers being the first item addressed!!

2 The 2016 School Council membership and office bearers can now be presented as follows Executive Officer: Jim Bell, Principal Parent Representatives: Lana Cairns, President Sandra Prvulj, Vice President Barb Scott, Secretary Donna Foster, Melanie Cullen, Leonie Roberts, Taryn Bone and Lorraine Bless Community Representative: Glenda Lambie and Jodie Donnellon Department of Education & Training Representatives: Jenny Reid, Treasurer Trish Shaw, Minutes Secretary Judy Anderson and Marina Botros In addition to the regular reports Principal, Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Fundraising, Canteen, Student Representative Council, and Policy and Curriculum, the meeting provided the opportunity for all in attendance to collectively view the ACARA My School website and to celebrate the very positive achievements and growth in student learning which were detailed there. The concept of Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage [ICEA] value was clarified, as was the concept of similar schools and state average. The NAPLAN data in its variety of forms graphical, number, school and state comparisons, and student growth was retrieved and discussed in detail. Brentwood Park can be justifiably proud of its achievement outlined in the ACARA My School website and the very high student growth illustrated over the two year period from or from Year 3 to Year 5 which was significantly greater than the growth for similar schools and State. The DRAFT Annual Report to the School Community 2015 was also presented. This document reported comprehensively on the achievement of the goals and targets detailed within the School Annual Implementation Plan 2015 for Student Achievement, Student Engagement, Student Wellbeing and Productivity. It also included the Government School Performance Summary which provided an overview of how Brentwood Park is contributing to the objectives of the Education State and how it compares to other Victorian government schools. Finally, it gave a summary of the school s Financial Performance and Position. School Council is held twice a term or eight times a year. Parents who would like to view its operation are encouraged to attend meetings of their choice as observers. G rade Six Excursion to the Apple Store During the last week of term one, grade 6 students undertook a free workshop at the Apple Store in Fountain Gate. Provided with the store s ipads, they were instructed on how to create an imovie using the app which has been downloaded at school. Working in small groups, they produced a trailer from a variety of formats offered. After reaching agreement on a storyline, they selected characters and considered backgrounds before inserting their images and written information into their trailer. At the conclusion of the session, all trailers were viewed on a larger television screen. Back at school, students can opt to use imovies as a learning tool in a variety of ways including as part of their project presentations, procedural explanations and as a visual record of science experiments. Our students were delighted to be presented with a complimentary yellow t-shirt bearing the Apple logo. They are to be congratulated on their exemplary behaviour both within the store and the shopping centre. Jo-anne, Judy, Jessica and Trish

3 P remiers Reading Challenge The Premiers Reading Challenge [PRC] was launched on 16 March! Foundation to Grade 2 need to experience 30 books while Grade 3 onwards need to read 15 age appropriate books. We are happy to announce that this year that parental consent forms are no longer required for children to participate in the PRC; unless parents would like their child s name on the online honour roll. L ittle Scientists Program at John Monash Science School John Monash Science School operates a Little Scientists Program this term for four Year Five students from primary schools in the Southern Metropolitan area. The program is facilitated by Year Eleven students for two hours for four Wednesdays. Brentwood Park has participated in this program for a number of years and following this year s application, was fortunate to be accepted again. Anu, Jaskaran, Ali and Hannah from Year Five commenced the program on Wednesday, 13th April and completed experiments based on nanoscience and nanotechnology. Nanotechnology, whose prefix "nano" comes from the Greek word "nanos" and represents one-billionth of a unit, utilizes nanoscience, the "science of the small," to manipulate systems at the level of atoms, molecules, and supramolecular structures Georgia Institute of Technology Ali has volunteered to write a report about the experiments for next week s newsletter! We ll look forward to reading it! place, with Josh narrowly beating Jake. Muginga from the 11 year old boys dominated each event. Penny, Karita and Theresa Eli were superb in all events. It was great to see so many Year 3 students recording fast times for the 100m. Well done to Both, Duoth, Charlie, Lincoln, Zaid, Sarah and Chelsea. The 100m and hurdle finals were exceptionally close. Superb throwing in the vortex by Grace, Danny, Matthew, Summer, Landon, Jessie and Jake. It was great to see so many students striving for their personal best and representing their house teams by wearing the associated colours. It was also great to see so many parents supporting the event. Thank you to the parents; Matt Van Doren, Glenda Lambie, Donna Foster, Sandra Prvulj, Belinda Muller, Tegan McClan and Leonie Roberts, and additional parents who assisted. Everyone s help was greatly appreciated S chool Athletics Carnivals This week, the junior and senior school athletics carnivals were held. The two days were both fantastic with some great running and sportsmanship shown between the students. There were some fantastic individual results with one of the highlights of the day being the 12 year boys high jump. With Deng being injured, Josh D and Jake H had a great battle for first



6 SCIENCE IN GRADE 6 Why do eggs sink in fresh water? Why do they float in salt water? The students discovered it is all about density. Earth Sciences Floa ng and Density Aim: To observe whether eggs float or sink according to the density of water. Note that fresh eggs sink in fresh water. Stale eggs float in fresh water. Note that salt dissolves more readily in warm water. Equipment (Apparatus): Glass container, raw unbroken egg, salt, tablespoon, water Procedure: 1. Half fill a glass container with fresh tap water. 2. Gently place the egg in the glass of water. 3. Observe whether the egg floats or sinks. 4. Remove the egg and stir in one tablespoon of salt. Stir to dissolve. 5. Gently place the egg in the salted water and observe. 6. Remove the egg and add one more tablespoons of salt. Stir to dissolve. 7. Gently place the egg in the glass container again. Observe. 8. The egg should float on or near the surface of the water. 9. To check, place the egg in a second glass container of fresh water (with no salt). Observe. The egg should sink to the bottom of the glass container. Results: Raw fresh eggs will sink in fresh water but float in salted water. Conclusion: In these Earth Science experiments, we found that eggs are denser than fresh water so they sink when placed in fresh water. Dissolving salt in the water increases its density. The density of the salty water gives it more lifting power. That is why you can float an egg in salty water but not in plain fresh water. If you go swimming in the ocean you will find it is easier to float in the ocean than in a fresh water lake. Students used their ipads to research the Dead Sea. They found that it is roughly 8.6 times saltier than the ocean. Fish and plants cannot grow and survive in the water. The water is so buoyant that it is possible to read a newspaper while floating on your back. Tourists visit the Dead Sea for its health benefits. They cover their bodies with the black mud which is deposited on the sea bed.






12 P LEASE DIRECT MONEY FOR EXCURSIONS, ETC TO YOUR CLASSROOM TEACHER - NOT TO THE OFFICE. Please hand money and permission slip in sealed envelopes to classroom teacher first thing in the morning. By following this process teachers are aware that your child will be attending the excursion and mark them off their lists. Money is collected by office staff and processed each morning and a receipt given back to teachers along with permission slips. All money is tallied and banked daily no money is left on the premises. If you wish to pay by credit card, a proforma is available from the office. This can be filled out with details and placed in a sealed envelope and handed to your classroom teacher Please deliver cash in a sealed envelope with your child s name and grade on the front by 9.30 a.m. If you have a number of children attending an excursion you can place all money and permission slips in the one envelope with children s names and grades on the front and deliver to one of the children s teachers. The office staff will be able to allocate money to the children s particular items and distribute permission slips and receipts back to teachers. Envelopes are available at the office. If you have a large amount to be paid or need to process an EFTPOS transaction through a savings account you can make arrangements to pay at the office. We also have a new Qkr payment system on our Skoolbag app. If you download our Skoolbag app and Qkr payment app you can now pay for your child s excursion on line. All change will be delivered to the children in the afternoon. Re-imbursements will only be made under certain circumstances they will be made by cheque (no cash transactions are made). Notices are sent out with a final collection time please adhere to this time. All money and permission slips are required to be sent back by this date otherwise your child will not be able to attend. This enables us to confirm bookings and numbers with bus companies and organisations we are visiting. Also we need to send details to the Department of Education Emergency Management for all excursions, camps, etc. We also need to accommodate students who will not be attending. We would appreciate it if parents could please follow these processes.

13 FBM Lucy Term 1 Week ending 24th March 2016 For having a fantastic start to school. Well done on a great first term! FBV FBV For being a wonderful grade during term 1. Well done! FLP Erika For being a SUPER enthusiastic student and an AWESOME member of our grade. FSM Saman For her positive attitude towards everything she does! FTL Ruby For her great cross country run. Well done! 1/2R Tiese For working hard to improve her reading. Keep up the amazing effort! 1HG Lesath For his effort and enthusiasm at Cross Country and in class. Well done! 1MB 1MB For an amazing term of learning and laughter. You re fantastic! 1MC Juhee For writing some fantastic sentences this week by including adjectives. Well done! 2AD Kristen For a fantastic term s work and all on one leg! You re a Super Star! 2CM Kyra For your fantastic running effort in yesterday s cross country run. Well done! 2DK Sujith For acknowledging his writing goal everyday and trying to remember to write on the lines. 3CH Summer For being a fantastic worker and trying your best. 3LM Lincoln For his super star effort at Cross Country and amazing work all term. 3SH Olivia For always being helpful and considerate of others! Keep it up! 4CP Wyatt For his outstanding performance in the BPPS Cross Country. 4CV Joshua For staying on task and writing a creative narrative for the Write4fun competition. 4VK Brendan For his wonderful effort in trying to improve his handwriting. 5/6T 5/6T For a productive term s work with many achievements. 5LF Gabrielle For an excellent term s work. Congratulations and well done! 5SM Aarraniyan For determination and perseverance and achieving personal excellence in the cross country run. 6JA 6JA Thanks for an awesome term. I m looking forward to the rest of the year! Have a great holiday! 6JD Makayla For continued effort with her learning and her gorgeous smile! 6JP Sonny For demonstrating superb sportsmanship at the cross country run.

14 Term 1 Week ending 24th March 2016 SPECIALIST Stars of the Week Staff Super Stars Cassie Congratulations to you all on your Graduation!! Donna Jessica Sophie Health & P.E. FTL For an excellent effort in cross country. Performing Arts 5/6T For planning and starting to work on your Performing Arts projects. Visual Arts 1MB For your lovely line design handprints. LOTE 5SM For your excellent discipline and the positive learning environment which you created when using the ipads in the Chinese Classroom. 5LF For your excellent engagement when working on Language Nut with the ipads.