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1 Thursday, 20 April, Term Principal Sarah-Jane Clark Ph: PO Box 49 Fax: TIERI QLD 4709 Website: Newsletter Contributions: BE SAFE - BE RESPECTFUL- BE RESPONSIBLE - BE A LEARNER P/1B CJ 1/2S Kelly 2/3C Manawa 3/4K Jack 4/5M Marley 5/6S Grace Success Awards Toby Beau Cate Riddle Winner Olivia Georgia Student Banking Jaycee Kaylee 2017 School Dates Term 2 18 April 23 June Term 3 10 July 15 September Term 4 3 October 8 December Parade Items Term 2 Week 2 1/2S Week 4 2/3C Week 6 3/4K Week 8 P/1B Public Holidays 25 April ANZAC DAY 1 May May Day 26 May Capella Show Day Office Noticeboard Term 2 Week 1-2 1/2S Week 3-4 2/3C Week 5-6 3/4K Week 7-8 P/1B Week 9 Whole School PAC Noticeboard Terms 2 Weeks 1-2 2/3C Week 3-4 1/2S Week 5-6 P/1B

2 Absences need to be sent to the Office, either ring or (not teachers). All absences must be explained. Please be mindful when you are packing your children s lunch that we do have a student in our school who is highly allergic to nuts. If your child is allergic to bandaids please let the office know immediately. When sending in cash to the Office, please enclose the correct amount, as we hold only minimal cash. Tuesday Student Banking Wakakirri non-refundable $15 payment due 21 April Yr 6 Camp Permission Notes Friday 28 April

3 Week 1 Handout Know and Do tables & Curriculum information to families Week 2 23 April Cap Soccer Boys & Girls Week 3 Term 2, Calendar Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 17 PUBLIC HOLIDAY Easter Monday 24 CAP Soccer Girls & Boy 1 MAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY Labor Day CAP Rugby League Boys Week 4 8 NAPLAN Set Up P & C Meeting 2:45pm Library CAP Rugby Union Girls & Boys 18 APRIL Return to School Miss Turnbull starts on 4/5M(T) 25 PUBLIC HOLIDAY ANZAC Day 2 CAP Rugby League Boys P&C AGM 4:30pm Library 9 NAPLAN CH Touch STEM Cluster Meeting 26 CAP Netball Girls & Boys Yr 6 Camp Meeting 2:45pm at 5/6S Classroom 27 Wakakirri Information Session 2:45pm PAC NAPLAN 11 NAPLAN P&C Mother s Day Stall 21 Wakakirri Payment Due 28 CH Rugby League Girls Yr 6 Camp Permissions due Before-School Athletics Forms Due 5 CH X-Country at Tieri 12 NAPLAN Catch Up Week 5 14 May Mother s Day Feedback Week to Students & Families 15 Year 6 Camp 16 Year 6 Camp 17 Year 6 Camp 18 Year 6 Camp 19 Year 6 Camp Week 6 22 CAP Touch Girls & Boys Under 8 s Day 26 Capella Show Day Week CAP X-Country Girls & Boys 31 1 JUNE 800m Events 8:30am 2 Athletics Carnival Week 8 5 P & C Meeting 5:00pm Library CAP Rugby League Girls Week Musica Viva PD Athletics (Clermont) Week 10 Report Cards Go Home Term Capella SHS Yr6 Awesome Art & Sport Day Last Day Term 2 REWARDS DAY

4 Student Highlights Every Student, Every Day, Striving for Success! 69 out of 148 students kept their attendance at 96% or above for Term 1. This is a great achievement. Congratulations on your dedication to making every day count. Let s continue to work together to see attendance improve academic achievements for all! Recognition to the Following Students for Term 1 Outstanding Attendance Emma Dillon Julia Gemma Eva Jesse Mackenzie Manawa Kelly Adelina Bill Abbie Rylan Byron Koen Georgia Sienna Xavier Rafe Lucy Trey Jorja Noah Blake Cooper Stacey Jacob Cate Olivia Macen Connor Grace Cale Mia Sam-Aleisha Eleanor Jaycee Cayden Isabel Hudson Kaylee Harry Dylan Pacey Paige Jack Tiana Spencer Eloise Sienna Xen William Max Addisyn Bailey Flynn Alex Felicity Savannah Riley Sam Rebekah Tristian Madison Sarah Daniel Matilda Hillary Aiden Attendance Counts! Are you at school on Fridays? Our Whole School Attendance is currently 92.8%. That s a 0.7% decrease this week! Together, we are aiming for 96% or above attendance. Strive for Success Virtue Honour Honour is living with a sense of respect for what you believe is right. It is living by the virtues, showing great respect for yourself, other people, and the rules you live by. When you are honourable, you don t have to feel ashamed of who you are or what you are doing. You are worthy of respect. You set a good example. School Rule Focus Sun Safety Every Day By Wearing Your Hat As we are a sun safe no hat, no play school, caps are not a part of the school uniform. Hats must be a full brimmed style hat. If your child does not have a hat there are a few undercover areas they can choose to play in. Please make sure hats are CLEARLY LABELLED as we are unable to return them to their rightful owner if not done.

5 Stay Cyber Safe Give your children the knowledge to stay cyber safe with the Meet the Creeps website and quiz! The website guides you and your children through online scams, social media pitfalls and cyberbullying. Welcome Miss Madilyn Turnbull Please welcome Miss Madilyn Turnbull to our school and community. Miss Turnbull is joining the Tieri State School team as a permanent full time employee and will for 2017 be replacing Mrs Martin as our dedicated teacher for 4/5. Madilyn has come to us from the Sunshine Coast where she has been doing teaching opportunities until she could join us here in Tieri for term two and onwards. Please make Madilyn feel welcome when you see her around school and town. NATIONAL ASSESSMENT PROGRAM LITERACY AND NUMERACY 2017 (NAPLAN) All students in year three, five, seven and nine across Australia will sit national tests in Literacy and Numeracy. National tests will provide information on how students are progressing against National benchmarks and support improvements in teaching and learning. The tests will be as follows: Tuesday 9 May Wednesday 10 May Thursday 11 May Friday 12 May Language Conventions Year 3: 40 mins Year 5: 40 mins Writing Year 3: 40 mins Year 5: 40 mins Reading Year 3: 45 mins Year 5: 50 mins Numeracy Year 3: 45 mins Year 5: 50 mins Catch up testing permitted. Please try to ensure your children in year three and five are present at school for this testing. Please contact the school if they will not be present for these dates. We are able to arrange an alternative testing time during NAPLAN week if necessary. If you have any concerns regarding your child s participation in the testing program, please contact your child s class teacher as soon as possible. Our school prepares for NAPLAN through our expert teaching of the Australian Curriculum. NAPLAN tests give our school information about how effective our school, class and individual student programs are in supporting student learning in every year of schooling. Children should arrive on time for the normal start to the school day. This will increase their confidence going into the testing sessions. Students should be encouraged to do their best on all tests, but should not experience undue worry or stress about their performance, either before or after the tests. If you require more information please contact the school office on

6 A parent information brochure is available on the ACARA s NAP website ANZAC Service Our school s commemorative ANZAC Service will take place on Monday 24 April from 10:15am at the undercover area. All parents and community members are welcome. Children and families are also invited to march on Tuesday 25 April from Tieri State School to the Tieri ANZAC Commemorative Service. Students are asked to wear their uniform and meet at the school at 9:30am to participate in the March for the 10:00am service. Striving to be Lifelong Learners The answer to last week s riddle Did you guess the right answer? Q: There were three men on a train. The first man has one wife and three children. Then the other two men have one wife and two children. How many people were on the train? A: There were three men on the train. Striving to be Lifelong Learners This week s riddle! What is harder to catch the faster you run? If you think you know the answer please put your riddle entry into the MAGIC MAIL BOX located at the office. If you have the correct answer your name will go into the draw to win an ice cream voucher thank you to our local sponsor Tieri Caltex! The draw will take place on Friday s morning assembly next week. You must be present to win unless your absenteeism is explained. Good Luck! Remember we are all striving to be lifelong learners. What have you learnt this week? Have a great week! 2017 School Priorities School Attendance Our target is an average student attendance rate of 96% or above Spelling Our target is 95% of our students exceeding 1 year of spelling growth Explicit Teaching Our target is that our school exceeds the national mean in Spelling Quality Ensured Whole School Consistent Teaching and Learning through Explicit Instruction Miss Sarah-Jane Clark Principal

7 Curriculum Information: Term 2 Spelling tip - Take an interest in words. Enjoy the quirkiness of English spelling, the rules and exceptions, and know why words are spelt / spelled (American) the way they are, and then you won't get frustrated with spelling and you'll learn, remember and understand spellings. Some fun facts: Lots of words to do with the nose begin with the letter pattern 'sn'- snout, sniff, snub, snot, snore, snort, snozzle, snooty, sneeze. Plumber has a silent b in there because it comes from the Roman/ Latin word plumber meaning lead piping used by plumbers. knock, knee, knuckle, gnaw, gnat are all Viking (Old Norse) words, the 'k' and 'g' were pronounced but not now. NO English words end in 'v' or 'u'. There's always an 'e' on the end: give; have; love; eve; twelve; glue; rescue; blue; true. But we have a few exceptions, which are either abbreviations, slang, ancient words, or words borrowed from other languages. For example: rev and flu are abbreviations: rev - revolution or reverend, flu - influenza. Menu - a borrowed word from French chav and spit are slang. 'you' is a very old Anglo-Saxon/ Old English word. NO English words end in 'j'. The sound is made by -dge or -ge: bridge; badge; hedge; marriage; bandage; age. But we have some foreign words like haj, raj Why we have so many words that mean the same thing or slightly different? English developed from the tribes that invaded England: the Celts, Romans, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings and finally the French. English developed from the Angles, Saxons and Vikings and was a phonetic language but then the French came along in 1066 and changed the spellings and introduced loads of new words. There are many words the French gave us. For example, deceased but in Anglo-Saxon English is dead Mrs Krause HOC/Master Teacher

8 Wakakirri notes and $15 payment are due back by the end of this week- Friday the 21 st April We need to confirm numbers and still only have a limited amount of notes returned. Next Thursday the 27 th of April there is a Wakakirri Parent information session in the PAC at 2.45pm. What is all about?- Wakakirri is the search for the best story dance created by an Australian School. A story dance is a story told through creative movement, dance and drama and performed live on stage to an audience and National Panel of industry professionals. The search is on and your school could be awarded Story of the Year 2017! As a participating school, your child will be engaged in a high quality Arts program, your school will perform their story live on stage at a professional theatre, meet other schools and have loads of fun walking the red carpet - Wakakirri is an experience they (and you) will simply never forget. As a parent you will get the chance to come along and watch the show. Your school will keep you updated with show details, ticket orders, etc. Tickets are approximately $36 to $40 each. If you would like more info, you can always visit our website You can also contact us anytime.

9 Tieri State School P and C Our new Tieri State School Sports Polo shirts are now available for purchase in the uniform shop. WE NEED YOU For the P and C to run effectively we ask that parents and citizen please consider attending monthly meetings to assist in the future direction of our school. Your valued opinion and assistance in matters that may arise would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. Tuckshop will be available Tuesday 2May Mothers Day stall will be operating this year on Thursday 11 May Prices range from $2.00 up to $ Please ensue you name your child s envelope clearly and teachers will take children down to make their purchases in their allocated time slots. Annual General Meeting: Tuesday 2 May 2017 at 4:30pm At the AGM all positions will be declared vacant. We welcome and encourage parents to be active participants on the P and C committee. If you wish to be part of the Tieri State School P and C executive committee, submissions can be made in writing prior to the AGM or you can attend the annual general meeting. If all positions are not filled at the AGM, unfortunately all P and C undertakings will cease immediately. This includes tuckshop, uniform shop and any fundraising events.

10 EASTER BONNET PARADE FRIDAY 31 MARCH Term 1 Rewards Day 31 March

11 Music A reminder that all Festival of Bands forms are due back by Friday 5 May. Please return them asap. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to play in a large ensemble and it's FREE! As the year progresses, please ensure your child is practising at least minutes, 3-4 times a week. It is becoming obvious that some students are not practising regularly which is hindering their progress. Leanne Hilder Music TIERI FAMILY UNIT AND CHILD HEALTH CENTRE NEWS Hello to all. I really hope that the Easter Bunny found you all and spoilt you with lots of chocolate. I went to Coffee club and had a bunny shake, it was the best and I was sick for the rest of the day, but someone had to take one for the team. So what s happening at the Tieri Family unit and Child Health Centre now that I have come down off my sugar rush, but again it was worth it. April Anzac day is on Tuesday so the centre is closed. I will be having an RDO on the Monday so we will be closed for a long week-end. Parent Information talk has been changed to Friday 28th April 9.30am Separation Anxiety and 11am Being Bullied. Antenatal Group Class Saturday 29th April 9am to 4pm. This group session is for all parents wishing to find out about natural and medical mode of birth, pain relief, stages of labour, birth plans, breastfeeding, care of newborn crying infants, sleeping techniques etc. Everyone welcome bookings essential Next group session will be in August. May Monday 1st Public Holiday Labour Day. Closed. Immunisation clinic 3rd and 17th of May. Wednesday 10th May Parent Information Talk - Mealtime fun 9.30am to 10.30am. Whining 11am to 12md. Sunday 14th May Mothers Day Fun Family Day shopping centre Capella State High School Grade 7 Vaccination second round of HPV. If you have not returned your forms please do so asap. Wednesday 24th May Seminar of Raising confident competent children. 9.30am to am Great workshop for parents Thursday 25th May Under 8 s at the Tieri School. June Well Women s Clinic 14th and 15th June BOOK TODAY LIMITED APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE. IF YOU KNOW OF A NEW RESIDENT TO OUR LOVELY TOWN WHO MAY APPRECIATE THE ABOVE INFORMATION PLEASE SEND THEM A COPY OR LET THEM KNOW THAT THEY CAN CALL IN OR GIVE ME A CALL TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE CENTRE AND WHAT WE OFFER. Looking forward to seeing you are the centre soon Nurse Sue

12 Poultry Entry Form Do you have a feathered friend? Would you like to enter them into the Show? Forward this form as early as possible, with entry fees by 19 th May 2017 One entry per line. Class Description Cockerel/Hen Cock/Pullet Fee Pen # Junior Section: Poultry No entry fee 1 st : $5.00 and certificate. 2 nd : $3.00 and certificate, 3 rd : $1.00 and certificate Conditions: 1. Entries close 19 th May 2017 no late entries accepted 2. No entry fee 3. Birds to be delivered to the poultry pavilion Thursday 25 th 3:30pm to 6pm or open 7:30am to 8:30am 26th May Exhibitors are asked to collect birds after fireworks 26th May No entries in this section will be included in championships Class: 45. Standard Fowl 46. Bantam Fowl Champion Junior Sash & Prize Reserve Champion Junior Sash & Prize Encouragement Award Rosette & Prize To the Poultry Steward, I make the enrty/ies above for the Capella & District Show, subject to the Rules or Regulations of the Capella & District Show Society. Name: Address: State: P/C: Phone: Signature: Date: Forward Entries and entry fees to Nicole Taylor Nelore Capella Qld 4723 or