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1 NEW FARM STATE SCHOOL Cnr James and Heal Streets New Farm QLD 4005 Phone: (07) Website: Student Absence Line: (07) NEWSLETTER Monday 23 May 2016 From the Principal- Dr Carmel McGrath Assembly- For the next two weeks our whole school assembly will be held on 26 May and 02 June 2016 due to the students in Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 who have been chosen to participate in the City District Interschool Gala Sports Days. Gala Sports Day Thank you to all students for their wonderful display of sportsmanship on Friday at both venues. Please ensure your child is at school by 8.15am on Friday 27 May and Friday 3 June for roll marking as our buses are leaving New Farm at 8.30am. Buses should be returning to New Farm by 3.15pm. Please ensure your child knows their pick up arrangements for these days. If your child is unwell, please phone the student absentee line on before 8am so teachers can be notified of their absence. Thank you to Mr Kent Rainbow, Mr John Rafter, Mr Brett Wilson, Mr Steve Conde and Ms Julia Forsberg who will be attending with the students. Mr Philip Davies and Mrs Jan Dickens will remain at school to supervise the remaining students. Girls Soccer will play at Virginia United Soccer Club and the Boys Soccer will play at the Brisbane Grammar Playing Fields. If your child has any medical condition that may affect their participation or performance in the program, please inform the teachers prior to these fixtures commencing. Students will need to bring: Water Bottle Morning Tea and Lunch School Hat Sunscreen Please check that your child s belonging are labelled with their name and class. STUDENT ABSENCE PHONE OPT 1 DIARY DATES REGULAR EVENTS Wednesday Uniform shop Wed & Fri Assembly Friday SPECIAL OCCASIONS 8am-9.30am for Term 2 Tuckshop Changed to Thursday for the following weeks (26 May and 2 June) due to Gala Days School Banking 8.30am Thurs 26 May Assembly (Changed due to Gala Day on 27 May) Thurs 26 May Sorry Day Thurs 26 May Music Fanfare(Instrumental students) Fri 27 May Mon 30, Tues 31 May Gala Day 2 Students chosen from Years 4,5 and 6 Year 1 Incursion (My Place, Your Place) Tues 31 May ICAS Science 7.45am Fri 3 June Gala Day 3 Fri 10 June Invoices Due Band Blitz $40 due now Community Spirit Awards ICAS (various amounts) due now Canberra Deposit 2 $250 due now

2 P&C Day - Friday, 13 May 2016 The annual day where Queensland State Schools celebrate the important work undertaken by our Parents & Citizens Association. New Farm State School is fortunate to have a P&C that is very proactive and has the best interests of the school community at the centre of their decision making. On behalf of the students, staff, parents and wider New Farm State School community I would like to acknowledge the hard work that the Executive, sub- committee groups and parents involved with the P&C undertake throughout the year. In particular, special projects include air conditioning 3 classrooms and our Library earlier this year, supporting our technology programs and resources and providing funds to replace our existing playground. Sorry Day Thursday 26 May - Information from our Director General Dr Jim Watterson: This month, we mark two annual events that are important for all Australians. The first is National Sorry Day, which is held on 26 May each year the date that the Bringing Them Home report into the Stolen Generations was tabled in Parliament in Sorry Day gives us reason to reflect on the history of forcible removals of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, and the long-term impacts of these policies. Friday 27 May 03 June Reconciliation Week, we will celebrate National Reconciliation Week, a time for Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians to share stories of the past as well as visions for a more positive future. There are many ways to get involved and join the journey toward reconciliation; please visit the National Reconciliation Week website for ideas. Formal Visits Thank you to all teachers for welcoming me into your classes to watch your guided reading. I am really proud of the great work all teachers have done in aligning the teaching of reading with our school reading program. Removal of Oval playground This is to advise that the playground on the oval is going to be removed on Monday, 23 May and Tuesday, 24 May As such, there will be no access to the school from Beeston Street. The gate will be locked. Access to the Little Farm will be limited to adults for the purpose of caring for the chickens only. No children are permitted in this area at any time on these days. The oval will also be out of bounds to students for those days. The P&C is finalising the installation of the new playground which will take place towards the end of this term.

3 Teaching Students- We would like to extend a warm welcome to our Teaching Prac Students. Prep N with Mrs Navarro is supervising Denise, 2G with Ms Guest is supervising Hannah, 5D with Mrs Dickens is supervising Kasey and 6R with Mr Rafter is supervising Darcy. Thank you to those teachers for spending the extra time mentoring and helping these students on their path to becoming teachers. We hope your time at New Farm is a happy and educational experience. Report Cards- As we are over halfway through this Term, focus will soon be switched to reporting for our teaching staff. Please ensure your details are up to date as we send our reports via . Currently we use the address provided for our weekly newsletter. Please find attached the Change of details form to update your details. Lost Property- As we move into the cooler months when students start requiring a jacket in the mornings, please ensure you have named all items coming to school. This make the return of any items much easier. We already have quite a few jackets, hats, lunchboxes and containers in our lost property area. Please check the lost property located under A Block near the uniform shop. Unexplained Absences - We are still experiencing some unexplained absences each day. We are responsible to account for the whereabouts of all enrolled students each day. These absences are followed up by our Administration staff. Please ensure you respond promptly to any request for clarification. If you the classroom teacher, kindly include the admin as well. Please call the absence line each day your child is away. We must always record a reason for your child s absence. Absence Line Option 1 or Our Community Spirit Awards are being held on Friday 10 June at 9am in the school hall. There are people in our community (students, parents and staff) who spend countless hours volunteering and supporting a wide range of activities in a number of diverse communities. They demonstrate a commitment to a local community. Nominations should be handed in at the school office or ed to by Thursday 26 May 2016 by 3pm. New Farm Little Farm- we would like to encourage parents to express their interest in volunteering their time to help with the garden. This would mean committing to help on a regular roster basis. We would love the teachers and classes to be able to use this space more often. This will only be possible with the help of parents. Students going to the garden need to be supervised while tending safely to plants, moving around the garden and safely observing the chickens. If you are a keen green thumb and love gardening please contact Dr Carmel McGrath

4 Pick up and parking around the school- Thank you to those families who continue to use our supervised pick up area in Hawthorne Street. Staggering the arrival times is also helpful as you know the streets leading up to Hawthorne Street can be quite congested at this time. Please remember a staff member is on duty at the Hawthorne Street pick up area until the 3.20pm bell each day. If you would like to order a name badge for your car please complete the Look Out registration attached to today s . Please remain in your car until the supervisor has called your child from the school grounds. Never park in the 2 minute dropoff/pick up area or double park or call your children over to your car. Heal Street continues to be a very busy place each afternoon. Your patience is much appreciated. Please remember not to double park in Heal Street. Do not call your children out to your car if it is not parked at the curb. Please remember to not park across our neighbours driveways, in No Standing zones or on the Yellow Line marked areas. Please remember we have our Local Police and Brisbane City Council parking officers regularly patrolling our local streets. Thank you to all families using the James Street Crossing mornings and afternoons. Please remind your children to listen to the Crossing Supervisor and wait for the whistle before proceeding across the street. Always dismount from scooters and bikes before crossing. New Farm State School Annual Athletics Carnival Education Queensland requires parents to give permission for students to participate in a range of Physical Education activities. We also require permission for those students who will be participating in events at New Farm Park on Tuesday 21 June Mr Kent Rainbow our PE Specialist has already sent these permission forms home with children in Years 3-6. Please return this permission to the office by Friday 27 May. * Wednesday 15 June Prep Year 2 Athletics Carnival (School Oval) * Friday 17 June Year3 -Year 6 Field events (School Oval) * Tuesday 21 June Year 3-Year 6 Athletics carnival (New Farm Park) Permission required to attend. Peaceful Little Teneriffe Yoga Weekly classes Thursday s Starting 21st April pm: 5-8 y.o (10 max) pm: 9-12 y.o (Lmtd) 10 wks - early bird special - $120- cut off -14th April. $15 casual. Ph:

5 Deputy Principal- Cassie Buckley Last week I included for you a Fact Sheet that discusses what Literacy is and how you can support your chid/children to develop strong Literacy skills. This week I have added a similar Fact Sheet for Numeracy. In the Australian Curriculum, Literacy and Numeracy are included as General Capabilities. General Capabilities are addressed through the content of the learning areas. Literacy and Numeracy capabilities would be included in most learning areas across the curriculum. While most of the teaching of Numeracy skills occur through the teaching of Mathematics, it is also an important part of other Learning areas, for example: As students pose questions, research, analyse, evaluate and communicate information, concepts and ideas, they apply a wide range of numeracy skills. Students count, estimate, measure, sequence and organise numerical data and information for analysis about the past, present and future. They construct and interpret tables and graphs and recognise and infer about patterns and distributions shown on maps, charts and in other formats. They calculate, interpret and manipulate statistics, learning to use statistical analysis to test relationships between variables and to predict probable and possible futures. They synthesise numerical data and texts to communicate information and support conclusions about social, economic and environmental issues. ACARA

6 Sandy Chambers Specialist Teacher: L&N (Support Teacher: Literacy & Numeracy) and EAL/D Teacher (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) TOP TIPS FOR READING #5 Children don t need to read good books all the time. Sometimes they like comics, joke books or computer manuals. It doesn t matter what they read as long as they are reading and enjoying it. Our most important task as parents is to give our children the opportunity to get hold of all the books they want and to let them see you enjoying reading. Thank goodness libraries are such wonderful places. Phase 5: Independent Reading In this phase the reader understands and uses a wide range of techniques to comprehend different types of texts. Reading is automatic. When the reader encounters difficult texts, he or she is able to make decisions about how to deal with the material. The Reader: Reads and comprehends material that is abstract and removed from personal experiences. Makes inferences using information that is implicit, but not stated, in the text. Is able to appreciate several points of view and alternative interpretations of the text. Uses a range of techniques automatically when reading e.g. self corrects, re-reads, reads on, slows down and sub-vocalises. Is able to infer the meaning of unknown words from the context. Comments and makes judgements on the way authors represent different people and issues. May disagree with other people s interpretations of a text and can justify own interpretations. Sees books as a major source of information. Is totally absorbed when reading. How Can I Help My Child with Reading? Recognise and be proud of your child s successes in reading. Ensure your child is exposed to a wide range of reading materials e.g. newspapers, letters, recipes, TV guides, magazines, puzzle books. Provide a quiet, well-lit study area. Help your child with a time plan for homework. Assist with goal setting. Make sure your child uses the library regularly and encourage him/her to take younger children along. Encourage your child to read for different purposes, i.e. o Reading biographies and novels o Reading and explaining instructions for new appliances. o Reading interesting articles from the community newspaper. Encourage your child to talk about the books he or she has read and enjoyed or disliked. Foster thoughtful criticism or comment. Recognise your child s successes in reading and offer praise.

7 Specialist Teacher- Physical Education Prep R Prep N Prep B Break /2 T FW B Kent Rainbow Sports Committee Meeting Sporting Schools Gymnastics for Prep s and Year 1. Every Tuesday starting Tuesday 24 May and continuing for 6 weeks. Parents interested in supporting the Sports Committee are invited to the next meeting on this Wednesday, 25 th March at 2.30pm in the Teachers staffroom. Teacher Librarian- Narelle Hoelzl Premiers Reading Challenge The Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC) is an annual statewide initiative for state and non-state schools and home-educated students up to Year 9, and children attending early childhood centres. Over the past eleven years, more than 10 million books have been read, and in 2015 alone more than 138,500 students and children participated in the challenge. The challenge is not a competition but aims to improve literacy and encourage children to read widely for pleasure and learning. Students can participate in the challenge within their school or as individual readers (home-educated students or students whose schools are not participating in the program). For a student to successfully complete the challenge they must read or experience the allocated number of books for their year level during the reading period. Students who complete the challenge have their efforts recognised through the receipt of a Certificate of Achievement signed by the Premier of Queensland. Please return completed forms to the library by Friday 26th August. Sayso SPEECH PATHOLOGY- New Farm Children & Adults Speech sounds Language difficulties Reading and Spelling difficulties Pre Literacy skills Stuttering T:

8 Specialist Teacher for LOTE- Meilin Chen (Mandarin Teacher) This is a selection of work the Year 5 students have been working on in Chinese class this Term. Specialist Music Teacher Marina Thacker Top 10 Reasons for MUSIC in Primary School We know a great deal about good music education what it can achieve with and for students. Music is an important part of school life 1. Students enjoy making music and many continue to play music throughout their lives after a good music education in school 2. Music programs can bring the school community together, raise the school s profile in the community, and boost morale Music education can have benefits to other areas of learning 3. Enhances fine motor skills 4. Fosters superior working memory 5. Cultivates creative thinking Music education facilitates student academic achievement 6. Improves recall and retention of verbal information 7. Can support skills in other subject areas such as reading and language, maths, and other artforms Music education develops the creative capacities for lifelong success 8. Sharpens student attentiveness and creativity 9. Strengthens perseverance 10. Supports better study habits and self-esteem (Extract from a letter by Megan Thomson, Music Teacher)

9 Social Skills- Each week of this Term a Social Skill is chosen to highlight a lesson from our School Riles (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be a Learner). This week our Social skills will be You ll Never Never Know If You Don t Have A Go which is from our school rule of Be A Learner. This lesson will be presented on Thursday s assembly by Mrs Rachael Siebuhr and Mrs Rachel Griffin s Prep R class. Focus: You ll Never Never Know If You Don t Have A Go Students show courage by being brave and trying something that may be difficult or a challenge. By having a go, you will learn and that is a great achievement. Looks Like: Students planning the steps they need to take Students having a try Sounds Like: Friendly voices Encouraging words Praising own and other s efforts Feels Like: Proud of taking the first step with learning Confident in new or challenging situations Happy you were brave

10 New Farm State School Trivia Night - Date Saver Saturday 23 July. This is a wonderful fun and entertaining night for all. Here at Each year at New Farm we have many generous families supporting all our fundraising events. If you would like to help our fundraising committee with a kind donation of a door prize or raffle prize or Hamper of goods from your business, please contact our Trivia night committee. This event is a fun evening, so think about getting a table of friends together to attend. This event is for Parents/Adults only (no children to attend) Contact Jenny Larsen or Katrina Wallwork ICAS- Internationals Competitions and Assessments for Schools You should have now received your invoices for the competition you entered your child for. Please pay for these invoices as a matter of urgency. The competitions are open to students from Years 3 to 6 and are not compulsory. Entries have now closed. For those students competing, they are being held in Term 2 and Term 3 on the dates below: Term 2: Science Tuesday 31 May, Writing Tuesday 14 June and Spelling Wednesday 15 June. Term 3: English Tuesday 02 August, Maths Tuesday 16 August.

11 General Classroom Awards Term 2 Week 6 Congratulation to the following children on receiving awards in week 6. Prep B- Abdul and Denzel. Prep N Kyren and Harry. Prep R Arjun 2C- Mika and Claudia. 3F- Layla and Sila. 4F Nate, Patrick and Jaci. 5W- Balin and Deztina. Social Skills for Week 6. Congratulations to the following children on receiving awards. Prep R- Amity. 3F- Ella and Edward. 5W- Thomas and Cecilia. P & C Fundraising- EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: Bakers wanted The P&C is looking for bakers to assist with making cakes, slices and other sweet things for the Election Day Bake Stall. Our regular parent bakers are not around as the Election is on 2 July - in the middle of school holidays and Teneriffe Festival. So we would love to hear from you if you re around for school holidays we need volunteers for baking, setting up the stall and assisting for an hour or so on the day. The classic and simple cakes and slices sell very well (so please don t think you need to be Masterchef standard to participate!) Any help appreciated. Please contact Janelle Moody on or The next P&C meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 June at 6pm.

12 TUCKSHOP NEWS ON LINE ORDERING To order on line please go to it is quick and easy to use. We encourage everyone to do this as you can order in advance or for the whole term. Cut off time is 8.00am for both Wednesday and Friday. FlexiSchools - Online Ordering and Cashless Schools Flexischools is the fast and secure way to order and pay for canteen, uniforms, events, excursions, fundraisers and fees - everything in and around your school! IMPORTANT INFORMATION If you have pre-ordered on line and your child is going to be absent from school you will need to cancel the order before 8.00am with Flexischools otherwise it will still go through as an order. With the system we cannot change or cancel orders from the tuckshop. COUNTER ORDERS If you do order over the counter please have it before 9.00am otherwise we cannot guarantee that we will have all the menu items available. Please clearly mark your child's name and class and be careful not include foreign coins as the bank does not accept these. We do prefer you to order on line though as it is more efficient and saves you having to wait in line to place an order. ROSTER - Friday May 27th Tuckshop - Dimity Williams Counter - Lyn Zollo Baking - Laura Watson, Bec Litchfield, Gillian Penrose, Brinn Martin, Mehera Milne and Dimity Williams Thank you, Terri-Anne

13 Q Schools App Thank you to all our Families who have already downloaded the Q Schools App. We have nearly reached our target of every family having access to this app. We are hoping all families will do so as matter of urgency. Schools mobile app includes an exciting push notification feature which offers a direct communication channel from our school. To be able to receive important messages instantly to your mobile device (push notifications): 1. Download the free QSchools app. 2. If you already have the app, please ensure it is up-to-date, as out-dated versions will not receive notifications. 3. Make sure you have selected our school as your favourite school. You are now ready to receive important school messages direct to your mobile device. Allowing push notifications means we can keep you up-to-date with critical information, health alerts and weather warnings. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Elena Anderson, BSM on or visit our office for help in downloading the App. SCHOOL BANKING FRIDAYS from 8.30am to 9.00am OUTSIDE THE LIBRARY AT New Farm State School. If you would like to choose a prize please do so before the first bell at 8.454am. Week Students made banking deposits. Please collect any unclaimed prizes. Please leave tokens in your bank book. These tokens cannot be shared with your siblings. Please contact our banking volunteers on a Friday if you have any questions regarding these tokens. The Youth Saver account requires one deposit and no withdrawals in the month to earn the bonus interest. Fill in your own bank book and you can chose a prize from the volunteers. For every three deposits one entry goes into the draw for a Mary Ryan Book voucher. Contact Karen Ridoutt or ) KGSC Kelvin Grove State College- ENROLMENTS Parents intending to enrol for Year (Current Year 6 students ) at KGSC need to do so asap. Out of Catchment enrolments will be considered. Students wishing to be considered for the Academic Excellence Classes need to have applied before May 31 as that is the date for testing. Students intending to apply for the excellence classes in Soccer, Tennis, Dance, Golf, Volleyball, Music and Art need to have applied prior to the trials and auditions which will occur in late August/early September. Expressions of Interest (EOI s) can be found on the College web site. Enrolments 2018 (Current Year 5 students) Please be aware that applications for enrolments for 2018 will open on Monday 11 th July, Expressions of Interest (EOI s) can be found on the College web site. It is recommended that this is done sooner rather than later.

14 New Farm State School Community Spirit Award Guidelines There are many people in our school community (students, parents and staff) who spend countless hours volunteering and supporting a wide range of activities in a number of diverse communities. They demonstrate outstanding commitment to a local community. The NFSS Community Spirit Award is about recognising and celebrating commitments such as: the spirit of giving back to the community; volunteering ones time for others; raising awareness for healthier communities; being a positive community role model and leader; making a change in the community; and Inspiring others to make a difference in their local community. The award presents an exciting opportunity to acknowledge the NFSS students, parents and staff, who are using their skills to make our community a better place. A school panel will select a number of award recipients who will be recognised at a special assembly in the last week of term 2. This will be an opportunity to shine the spotlight on some of the special contributions individuals or groups have made this year. Who can you nominate? Students, parents and staff/volunteers of New Farm State School Criteria Participation/volunteering in a community project; or Fundraising for a community project; or Innovative giving to a community project; or Inspiring others to make a difference in their local community. Community projects may include projects in our local school community to anywhere in Brisbane, Australia or overseas.

15 The projects may support a number of issues including, but not limited to: Environment and local community; Children and young people; Sport; People with disabilities; Older people; Arts and culture; and Disadvantaged groups such as homeless people. These are just an example of some of the activities that people may be involved in: A student who regularly collects books and donates them to a charity that gives books to children in Papua New Guinea. A student who raises money from selling cakes or lemonade for a children s hospital in Brisbane. A student who saved their pocket money and gave it to the Queensland flood appeal. A parent who volunteers for a local community group giving out food to homeless people in the Valley. A student who donates needed items for a children s home in India. A parent who spends lots of time being involved with any aspect of the school including the garden, book club, reading helpers, the P+C, fundraising, fete, tuck shop, market stalls, uniform shop and sports etc. A teacher who coordinates the giving of food to people in need of a war zone. A teacher who raised awareness about a specific charity and invited special guests to develop awareness among students. Award categories: group and individual; student/parent/staff; volunteering service; fundraising; innovative giving; Nominations: We encourage you to seek out those everyday people around you who do extra-ordinary things and nominate them for the NFSS Community Spirit Award in term 2.

16 NOMINATION FORM New Farm State School Community Spirit Award Nominations should be handed in at the school office or ed to by Thursday 26 May The 2016 Ceremony will be held on Friday 10 June at 9am in the school hall. NAME OF NOMINATED PERSON/S: PLEASE TELL US WHAT THEIR COMMUNITY PROJECT OR INVOLVEMENT IS: PLEASE TELL US WHY YOU HAVE NOMINATED THIS PERSON /S. WHAT QUALITIES HAVE THEY SHOWN: NAME SOME OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BENEFITED AS A RESULT OF THIS WORK: NAME OF PERSON SUBMITTING THE NOMINATION: We encourage you to also OR SCAN 2 OR 3 PHOTOS OF THE NOMINATE PERSON with this application ideally showing some of their work for which they have been nominated. (PLEASE PRINT NAME CLEARLY AND ADD CONTACT DETAILS. If a student at NFSS please write year level. Other nominating persons should record phone details.)