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1 Westward The Journal of the Home Economics Institute of Australia (WA Division) Vol. 47 No. 1 Semester Professional Development 2011 WA Division News For Teachers Professional Development Resources

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3 Contents From the Editor 4 WA Division News From the President 6 Technologies and Health and Physical Education and the Australian Curriculum 8 PTCWA Outstanding Professional Service Awards 10 Story Telling Workshop - Family Rhyme Time 11 Home Economics and the Australian Curriculum - Thank you 12 For Teachers Curriculum Council Awards and Exhibitions 13 VAQ Update Term World Home Economics beyond one hundred years - Empowering for the digital World 16 Resources Socks Anyone Can Knit: A Beginners Handbook. By Mary Tarrant 17 Professional Development How to Register 18 Polytechnic Professional Develop Workshops for HEIA WA 19 Polytechniic Workshop Timetable 20 Food Choices Software Update 21 World Home Ec Day Professional Development Registration Form 22 Executive Committee Nomination Form 23 WA Executive Members Committee Back Cover Published by the Home Economics Institute of Australia Inc., Western Australian Division P.O. Box 196, Subiaco, 6904, Western Australia Printed by Uniprint, Nedlands HEIA (WA) ABN Semester 1, January - July

4 From The Editor Hi Everyone, I hope you have survived the heat in recent weeks and are ready to take on The HEIA WA Executive positions are all vacant for If you would like to contribute to the direction of home economics in Western Australia this is your opportunity. As a former member of the executive I found my time on the executive extremely interesting, educative and informative to see what goes on behind the scenes of home economics. I encourage everyone to consider nominating for the executive in HEIA WA has reason to celebrate as long time member of the executive Carol Elias was awarded a PTCWA Outstanding Professional Service Award in Congratulations to Carol on this well deserved award. There was a small group of home economics teachers met with Marilyn Yates to make comment on a position paper that will be presented to ACARA on the direction of home economics in Australia. Noelene our President has been learning how to knit socks and has written a great review on her experience using the book Anyone can knit socks - A beginners Handbook that should get your students engaged. The PD Committee is still working hard to put together a PD program for Some PD has been included in this edition of WestWard Home, however more will be put on the Website as it is finalised. Be sure to checkout our new website HEIA WA executuive is thinking of the members and their families who have been affected by the flooding and fires that have occured in late 2010 and early We hope they are all safe. Have a great first semester! Regards Denise 4 Westward Home

5 Editor s Page New Membership Applications and Renewals Should be sent to: The Home Economics Institute of Australia Inc., PO Box 779 Jamison Centre MACQUARIE ACT 2614 Have You Moved? Don t forget to contact HEIA is you are changing your address, have already moved, or have changed schools, to ensure our records are kept up to date, and you don t miss out on your newsletters and journals plus any other news. Any enquiries regarding membership should be directed to Carol Elias Journal Deadline Don t forget the deadline for contributions to the next edition of Westward Home is... Tuesday 31st May Have you got information to share with others? ARTICLES Please follow the checklists below when submitting articles for Westward Home. Neatly typed articles can be scanned. Indicate whether article is as an individual, representative of a committee, company or organisation. Include a contact phone number or address in case of any queries regarding the article. COPY Send electronically to au. Use Microsoft Word for text and Publisher for tables, and send as an attachment. PHOTOGRAPHS Photographs can not be returned until after printing. Include the captions you would like. Photos taken with a digital camera are best but do not reproduce very clearly when inserted into a WORD document. Send in JPEG format on disk or as attachments to an . Don t forget, parental permission must be gained before you send a photograph of students to be printed. Send to: The Editor, Westward Home Mail: PO Box 196 Subiaco 6906 Phone: Take photos, write your articles. You could be on the next cover. Semester 1, January - July

6 WA Division News From the President By Noelene Matthews I hope this first newsletter of 2011 finds you well and happy after a joyful Christmas and New Year. Congratulations to all on the successes you experienced in 2010 from the minor to the major achievements. In the major achievements category, congratulations to those teachers whose students achieved Curriculum Council awards and exhibitions and the winners of the Value Adding Quest. Although it was somewhat of a disappointment that WA only had one O Malley Scholar for 2010, we are very pleased to report that our sole winner is an inspirational young lady who in her thank you speech showed her passion for teaching Home Economics. Professor Christine Ure, Head of School of Education, presented Louise Mahony with her scholarship at a presentation function held at Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley Campus in August with Louise s family, fellow students, past scholars and HEIA WA members in attendance. A past scholar and member on the WA executive, Kelly Johnson also spoke at the presentation. Both these speeches can be read on the WA website. This year Carol Elias was awarded an Outstanding Professional Service Award by the Professional Teaching Council of Western Australia. This award is in recognition of an individuals outstanding professional contribution to education in WA, made in a voluntary capacity through their professional association. Carol has been a long serving member of HEIA WA and a very worthy recipient. During her many years of service, Carol has been a tireless and enthusiastic advocate for home economics education. With her excellent organizational, management and communication skills and her can do approach to challenges, Carol is a motivating force within HEIA WA. One very important and proactive activity in the later half of 2010 was the three meetings held to provide feedback on the draft position paper Home Economics and the Australian curriculum. Overwhelmingly the participants at the meetings were very supportive of the process and valued the opportunity to provide feedback on what participants deemed a comprehensive and powerful document. Members were also ed to encourage them to provide individual feedback. We are now able to see the outcome of this important document on the website I recommend everyone read this as it is such a strong advocatory document for us to continue teaching home economics. Congratulations to the people throughout Australia who put in a huge amount of effort and time to complete this professional document. This is certainly a situation where being part of HEIA, a national association, is so very important. I know that I as an individual I would never have had the time or breadth of vision to respond with such a comprehensive document, but by being part of HEIA I was able to participate in discussion and was able to voice my point of view and thus was able to contribute. The strength of the document is not only in what it says but in the number of members within the organization. If you have not renewed your membership or are not currently a member, please join as more members mean a greater voice. In this newsletter you will find Technologies and Health and Physical Education and the Australian Curriculum by Marilyn Yates that provides you with a brief background and process overview. Most importantly it provides information on the current situation and what we as part of the T&E learning area need to do to stay informed and provide feedback. During second semester the executive have been working to develop a strategic plan for HEIA WA. Marilyn Yates, as the WA representative on the HEIA Inc. Council, has facilitated these sessions and prepared the executive so that our plan is in line with the national strategic plan. This is a huge task and a document in progress. I hope you are now familiar with our new website that was launched in August. During the year any additional professional development sessions or opportunities will be posted to keep you informed along with photos and information about events, resource updates etc. Thank you to all those involved in the development and running of the site, in particular Denise Cullen. I would like to offer a special welcome to those teachers who are beginning their careers in teaching 6 Westward Home

7 WA Division News this year and also to those of you who are joining us from other states and overseas. Jennifer McGillivray, Susan Leach and myself attended the Education Departments Welcome to Teaching Day held at Perth Modern School in January where we displayed resources available through HEIA and were on hand to provide information about HEIA. It was a pleasure to meet so many enthusiastic and vibrant teachers who will be teaching classes from K-12 who stopped to chat about home economics and collect our resource list. In conclusion I would like to thank the executive team for their ongoing work and support and wish them and you a very successful NEW MEMBERS The membership numbers for HEIA WA continue to increase. We have almost 300 members! Cheryl Hughes Melissa Sutterby Michelle Smith Leah Gordon Melinda Ladhams HEIA WA Division Executive Meeting Dates 2011 Term One Tuesday, 8th February Wednesday 9th March (AGM) Wednesday, 13th April Term Two Wednesday, 11th May Wednesday, 8th June Wednesday, 13th July Term Three Wednesday, 10th August Wednesday, 14th September Term Four Wednesday, 9th November Wednesday, 14th December All members are welcome. Meetings are usually held at Kent Street Senior High School 6pm - 8pm on the second Wednesday of every month. Please should you wish to attend, for catering purposes and notfication of any changes of venue. The HEIA WA Executive for 2011 will be available after the AGM on the HEIA WA website and in the next edition of Westward Home. Michael Scott Katja Schreyvogel We would like to extend a warm welcome all our new members of HEIA WA. World Home Ec Day Celebrations Monday 21st March Polytechnic West (Formerly Bentley TAFE) 6.00pm pm Semester 1, January - July

8 WA Division News Technologies and Health and Physical Education and the Australian Curriculum Marilyn Yates The purpose of this article is to bring a Western Australian home economics perspective to the development of the phase three learning areas and subjects. In Western Australia the terms Australian Curriculum is also referred to as National Curriculum. Background In 2008, MCEETYA - Ministerial Council for Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (now MCEECDYA - Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs) ratified the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians. The Melbourne Declaration provides all Australian education systems and sectors with a blueprint for progressing education. A key aspect of the agreement was to develop a nationally consistent curriculum across all learning areas, for all students, K-12. The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is responsible for the development of all materials. edu.au/ Progress to date The National Curriculum will be developed over three phases. The English, Mathematics, Science and History curriculum are published at australiancurriculum.edu.au/home. I encourage you to go on-line and look at them as it will give you an insight into the presentation and on-line support that is provided. My understanding is that there will be some further minor refinements of the phase one curriculum. Draft Year 11 and 12 curriculum in English, mathematics, science and history was released on the ACARA website on 14 May Development of phase two subjects, comprising geography, arts and languages is continuing. Phase three curriculum development is yet to commence, and will include all other learning areas. Individuals are invited to register online at: to subscribe to ACARA update which is a newsletter that is ed to subscribers periodically. Phase 3 Courses Reference: The Shape of the Australian Curriculum, Version 2, December 2010 which was considered by MCEECDYA on December 15, It is now on the ACARA website at resources/shape_of_the_australian_curriculum.pdf The phase 3 course are: Health and physical education Economics and business Technologies, specifically design and technology and information and communication, while providing for learning in other technology areas. It is worth noting that the term technologies is being used in this paper as compared to the Melbourne Declaration.. and other places on the ACARA website where reference to the area remains as design and technology and information and communication technologies. We need to think about the implications for Western Australian technology and enterprise teachers. Also, what would you think if WA was to continue using the same learning area name? National Curriculum Development Process The following is an overview of the process adopted in the development of phase 1 and being applied in phase 2 so it should be similar for phase 3. So once again I refer you to The Shape of the Australian Curriculum, Version 2. The shape paper provides the policy background to support implementation of Foundation to year 10 Australian Curriculum for a given learning area/subject. The experience is that there is constant reference back to the particular shape paper so it is critical that there is national agreement about the shape paper. To me this means that Western Australian T&E teachers need to respond to drafts of the ACARA materials. Process An advisory panel is formed A shaping paper is drafted in collaboration with experts. The shaping paper goes out for feedback The shaping paper is finalised and published and it becomes a framing paper Writers and others develop the draft curriculum The draft is refined through an iterative process 8 Westward Home

9 WA Division News The draft will be published Development of Year 11 and 12 follows about 1 year later Implementation occurs over 3 years Resources and other support accompany the curriculum. Western Australia s intended implementation timeline for phase will be a year for schools and teachers to familiarise themselves with the phase one curriculum and online support and plan for implementation. This may include identifying gaps in present curriculum provision, beginning to up-skill staff and the development of school plans to achieve substantial implementation by Implementation will commence in All States and Territories have committed to substantial implementation of phase one by the end of Timelines for the Year 11 and 12 courses are still being negotiated and will be longer than those for K-10. Curriculum Framework The principles of learning, teaching, and assessment within the Curriculum Framework, provide advice which is relevant to the delivery of the Australian Curriculum. Schools are still required to implement the Curriculum Framework. The Australian Curriculum will provide teachers with the support they need to assist students to demonstrate the Curriculum Framework s learning outcomes. Technologies and the Current situation Julie King from NSW has been appointed Senior Project Officer, Technologies A Technologies informal preliminary workshop was held on 1 December 2010 in Sydney. The focus of the meeting was on identifying the following: the nature of the learning area issues that may arise in relation to K-12 technologies curriculum development other groups and individuals who can contribute to the development process. I understand that 25 people attended and these included the Convenor of the HEIA Education Standing Committee, Dr Jan Reynolds, the President of DATTA Australia, and a representative from the Primary Industries Education Foundation. A focus of HEIAWA work over the next three years will be on the Australian Curriculum development. All members of the Home Economics Institute of Australia (HEIA) received a copy of the HEIA Australian Curriculum Position Paper. We need to look out for the response from ACARA and consider the implications for WA. Below is a diagram illustrating the development of all three phases of the Australian Curriculum. Semester 1, January - July

10 WA Division News PTCWA Outstanding Professional Service Awards approachable, compassionate, thoughtful, strong, energetic and fun are just a few words that describe Carol, a dedicated professional and a very worthy recipient of the 2010 Outstanding Professional Service Award. Noelene Matthews On Thursday the 29th of October 2010 the Professional Teaching Council of Western Australia (Inc) held its annual presentation ceremony at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle, where 21 Outstanding Professional Service Awards were presented. These awards recognize the individuals outstanding contribution to education in WA made in a voluntary capacity through their professional association. On behalf of all the members of HEIA WA I would like to congratulate Carol Elias for receiving this award in Carol is an outstanding HEIA member and has been an integral part of the WA executive team since the 1980 s. During her many years of service, Carol has been a tireless and enthusiastic advocate for home economics education. With her can do approach to all challenges Carol is a motivating force within the organization. Congratulations Carol Carol and Mick Elias showing her award Carol is supportive of teachers in their efforts to achieve their best with the students in their care and always gives of her time and expertise generously to all who seek her advice and assistance. Carol s excellent organizational, management and communication skills have meant that she has been in high demand to undertake a variety of roles within HEIA at the division and national levels. Carol has fulfilled many roles including the Convenor of the Professional Development Committee, Treasurer, Secretary, President of HEIA WA and National President. Carol has undertaken each of these roles and many others with enthusiasm and her success in them all is an indicator of her breadth and depth of talent. From the formal roles Carol has successfully undertaken to the work undertaken on a daily basis the commitment Carol has shown to home economics education through her work within the organization and as a teacher has been outstanding. Carol has the ability to relate to and engage people from all walks of life. The positive impact she has had is unquestionable, and the home economics community has been very fortunate that Carol has given so freely of her time and talents. Passionate, positive, supportive, team player, leader, motivator, vibrant, hard working, ethical, friendly, Carol displays her award 10 Westward Home

11 WA Division News This Workshop maybe of interest for teachers teaching lower school Child Care and Child Development, in addition to those teaching Children Family and the Community. Semester 1, January - July

12 WA Division News Home Economics and the Australian Curriculum - Thank you Marilyn Yates Thank you to Western Australian members of the Home Economics Institute of Australia (HEIA) who provided feedback on the draft position paper, Home economics in the Australian Curriculum, to the WA Executive. By the time you read this article in the first edition in 2011 of WestWard Home, you will have received a copy of the final position paper and a copy of HEIA News describing the development of the paper. The Western Australian (WA) Division of HEIA held three focus group meetings to ensure a breadth of input from members. Prior to a scheduled executive meeting, the WA HEIA Executive completed a response using the nationally developed focus questions. Edith Cowan University lecturer in home economics education and WA Executive member, Lyn Diamond, conducted a focus group with her students. The third and final meeting was with HEIAWA members and was at Edith Cowan University. There was consistency in the responses to the position paper received from the three separate focus groups. Front Row: Marilyn Yates, Denise Cullen, Miriam Andrews, Kristina Croxford Back Row: Lyn Dymond and Sue Cameron The two photos opposite were taken at the third meeting with members. The WA Executive understands that some Western Australian teachers completed the on-line survey. The development of the position paper demonstrates to the WA Executive the value of being part of a national organisation that can bring the collective wisdom, knowledge, understandings and energy of Australian home economics educators to the preparation of documents that shape the future for Australian home economics education. The WA Executive thanks the HEIA Executive, the Home economics in the Australian Curriculum steering committee and home economics teachers around Australia. Kristina Croxford and Noelene Matthews 12 Westward Home

13 For Teachers Curriculum Council Awards and Exhibitions 2011 HEIA WA would like to congratulate the students and their teachers for their hard work and excellent achievement. Course Exhibitions Children, Family and the Community: GEORGIA DOROTHY EDWARDS Mercedes College Food Science and Technology: NICOLA EMMA LANE Methodist Ladies College Materials Design and Technology: AMANDA YIN WONG Methodist Ladies College VET Exhibitions Community Services: KAYLA JEAN CROY Safety Bay Senior High School Tourism, Hospitality and Events: NOT FOR PUBLICATION Kent Street Senior High School Certificates of Distinction Children, Family and the Community KATY MARIE BOND Perth College GEORGIA DOROTHY EDWARDS Mercedes College Food Science and Technology MEG ELIZABETH GREEN Methodist Ladies College NICOLA EMMA LANE Methodist Ladies College Materials Design and Technology JACINTA KOTULA Methodist Ladies College AMANDA YIN WONG Methodist Ladies College Certificates of Distinction (VET) Community Services KAYLA JEAN CROY Safety Bay Senior High School CHELSEA DAPHNEY VAN NIEUWBURG Rossmoyne Senior High School Tourism, Hospitality and Events NOT FOR PUBLICATION Kent Street Senior High School MIKAELA LOUISE LONG Willetton Senior High School Reprinted with permission from the Curriculum Council Semester 1, January - July

14 For Teachers Value Adding Quest Term 4, 2010 Maria Biscotto The Value Adding Quest Presentation of Awards ceremony was held on Monday 25th October 2010 at Perth Modern School. On arrival, the large and impressive display of student work attracted much interest and discussion from both adults and students. One student commented on how happy he was that whoever did the display made his work look so good. Substantial refreshments were provided and enjoyed in the school cafeteria surrounds. Mr Carl Sanderson, a former VAQ chairperson and long term committee member was the master of ceremonies for the evening. Carl once again excelled in this role. We are extremely appreciative of his time and his ongoing support. Our first guest speaker was Ms Karen Webster who is the Acting Director of Primary at the Department of Education. Ms Webster presented the prizes to the excited General Category winners. A highlight of the evening is that students answer a pre-prepared question. From K to 12 their responses were well prepared and delivered with confidence. Throughout the presentations a large screen shows a slide of the student work. Each year an award is presented to a teacher who has entered student work into the quest for the first time. This award was presented by Ms Marilyn Yates, a foundation VAQ management committee member. This award recognises teachers who have never entered the Quest, but gave it a go this year by entering their student s work. This years guest speaker, Ms Kylie Godfrey, a teacher at Mt Hawthorn PS for many years started entering the VAQ, one year after it started. Her students have been very successful in the VAQ winning many awards. Kylie first entered student work after she attended a professional development session run by Ms Marilyn Yates and has continued to do so. Kylie has also been on the VAQ management committee. Kylie expressed how honoured she was to be asked to speak at the presentation evening, as the quest has been such a part of her professional life and she strongly believes in the value of the VAQ and the positive impact it has on students. During her years of students entering the VAQ, she has seen amazing work and quite a few of her students have been approached by industry to further develop their ideas. Kylie thought it was such a great timing in talking about the VAQ at the Presentation night as she is stepping away from the role of classroom teacher to that of Deputy Principal. We wish her well in her new position. Kylie presented the merit certificates. These were awarded to students who completed great work, but did not receive an award in the General or Special Award category. Our last major part of the evening was the presentation of all the Special Awards from both our industry sponsors and the Professional Associations who sponsor and support us. There were representatives from most of these present on the evening handing out their respective awards to students. Ms Marilyn Yates closed what was a very special evening. The VAQ is at the end of a three-year grant and are eagerly awaiting approval of the next grant so this valuable opportunity for students to be involved in the Value Adding Quest can continue. There will be a new VAQ Projects Officer next year in Ms Yvonne Hart, who has a Business Education background. I will be handing over the reigns after being the project officer for five years, a role I have thoroughly enjoyed. Congratulations Lyn Dymond Scott Michael, a recent Home Economics graduate from ECU, has been awarded the Cyril Cook Prize for Professional Competence for This prize is awarded to the student who achieves the best overall results in a Secondary Education double degree programme. The prize is recognised by the Department of Education and Scott will be entitled to permanency after 12 months service. Scott is currently teaching at Greenwood Senior High School, which is the school at which he completed his ATP. This is the second consecutive year that a Home Ec student has been awarded this prize (Marissa Morris in 2009) and is testimony to the high quality of graduate teachers entering the Home Economics teaching profession. Congratulations Scott. 14 Westward Home

15 2010 Value Adding Quest Winners For Teachers HEIA WA Award Lower Primary Class: Years 1 3 Teacher: Kathryn Alves School: Sawyers Valley PS HEIA WA Award Upper Primary Student: Jacob Doyle Teacher: May Wilkinson School: Lancelin PS Kennedy s Sewing Centre Award Primary Student: Ethan O Connor & Sheldon Smith Teacher: Michael Dowling School: Woodvale PS HEIA WA would like to congratulate all students and teachers. For further information about the Value Adding Quest Please contact the VAQ Project officer : Maria Biscotto PO Box 1479 South Perth WA 6951 Telephone / Facsimile : (08) Semester 1, January - July

16 For Teachers World Home Economics beyond one hundred years Empowering for the digital World International Year of Youth: Dialogue and Mutual Understanding Media Release As an international non-governmental organisation the International Federation forhome Economics (IFHE) - focus not only on current challenges but also on the decade ahead on future proofing which describes the elusive process of trying to anticipate future developments, so that action can be taken to minimise possible negative consequences, and to seize opportunities. The topic digital world as well as the International Year of Youth is linked with the future. Based on the UN resolution A/RES/64/134 the International Year of Youth: Dialogue and Mutual Understanding, August 2010 July 2011 was proclaimed. It focuses on measures to strengthen national capacities in the field of youth and to increase the quality and quantity of opportunities available to young people for full, effective and constructive participation in society and to promote actions at all levels aimed at disseminating among young people the ideals of peace, freedom, progress, solidarity and dedication to the objectives and goals of progress and development, including the Millennium Development Goals. The International Federation for Home Economics is the only worldwide organisation concerned with Home Economics and Consumer Studies. IFHE is an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO), having consultative status with the United Nations (ECOSOC, FAO, UNESCO, UNICEF) and with the Council of Europe. Some of the 15 priority areas of the world programme of action for youth are similar to the IFHE aims and activities; these aspects are education, hunger and poverty, health, environment, girls and young women, participation, information and communication technologies and intergenerational. IFHE supports the International Year of Youth: Dialogue and Mutual Understanding and calls upon Home Economists in all areas to strengthen there commitment in educating new scholars, to improve the potential of young people influence current social and economic conditions, the arena for everyday living to support developing human growth potential and human necessities or basic needs to be met, the curriculum area to facilitate students to discover and further develop their own resources and capabilities to be used in their personal lives, by directing their professional decisions and actions or preparing them for life, the societal arena to influence and develop policy to advocate for individuals, families and communities to achieve empowerment and wellbeing, to utilise transformative practices, and to facilitate sustainable futures, IFHE promotes young professionals in the field of Home Economics through its Young Professionals Network. It offers young Home Economists international networking opportunities and international activities. With its activities IFHE underlines the demand of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that Youth deserve our full commitment full access to education, adequate healthcare, employment opportunities, financial services and full participation in public life. Reprinrted with permission from IFHE 16 Westward Home

17 Resources Resources Book Review by Noelene Matthews This lovely book has been written and published by Mary Tarrant of Fremantle as part of a quest to keep the ancient craft of sock making alive for future generations. The book is a very clear and easy to follow step by step guide to hand knitting socks and as a not so competent knitter I am keen to give it a go. The sock knitting process is explained in 10 steps. Each step is clearly explained and illustrated and includes many problem solving pointers. I really enjoyed the quotes and stories that are dotted throughout the book that I spent much more time reading it that I had anticipated. As many crafts undergo a revival with younger generations you may have a group or individual student in your school that would really enjoy this craft. I have included the author s biographical details and contact details below. Biographical Details Mary Tarrant is a grandmother, a long time resident of Fremantle and a retired English teacher. She has taught in England, Australia, China and East Timor, and spent several years as an Education Advisor in a refugee camp in Malaysia. Mary is also a craftswoman, having grown up in war-time England when domestic crafts and self sufficiency were essential everyday skills; and she is also a qualified Home Economics teacher. She learned sock knitting by example from older knitters with skills passed down to them through generations of sock knitting foremothers, and her earliest memory of sock knitting is knitting socks for soldiers when a young girl. Mary now teaches sock knitting to beginners and sock knitters wanting a refresher, and finding there were no suitable handbooks, she wrote this one. Mary welcomes comments and questions and can be contacted on: Semester 1, January - July

18 Professional Development 2011 HOW TO REGISTER It is imperative to register to ensure there are enough resource materials produced for all attendees. PHOTOCOPY THE REGISTRATION FORM OR DOWNLOAD IT FROM THE WEBSITE. This is located on the back inside cover of this Westward Home (and included in each edition) COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION FORM. Please include your address as this form of communication keeps costs to a minimum. MAIL, FAX OR THE REGISTRATION FORM WITH PAYMENT ASAP (before the closing date) with either a cheque or credit card details to the following; Jenny McGillivray HEIA (WA) PO Box 196 Subiaco WA 6904 FAX: Att: Home Economics, Jenny McGillivray PD Treasurer Phone: OTHER IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER To avoid confusion please fax your registration yourself and remind your Registrar/Bursar that payment for PD should be sent to the WA Division PO Box 196 SUBIACO WA Confirmation will be sent confirming your place via . Each session has a closing date for registration. Please ensure that you register before the closing date to secure your place and to enable presenters to prepare for the number of participants. Low registrations may lead to the cancellation of a session. If a session is cancelled the PD coordinator will contact all people who have registered. You will be contacted by , fax, or as a last resort telephone only if the session is cancelled. Including all your details on your registration will assist us in making contact if required. If you are unable to attend a session that you have registered for, please notify Lyn Diver at least 48 hours prior to the session. Failure to do so will result in the full fee being charged. 18 Westward Home

19 Professional Development 2011 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS FOR HEIA WA 2011 Textiles Workshops HEIA WA has worked with Polytechnic West to provide a range of exciting one day textiles workshops. These one day workshops will require between participants for them to run, so please register early. HEIA WA is providing a considerable subsidy for members and student members to make them as affordable as possible. Please note that the workshops are provided at three levels of experience: Introductory for graduates and beginning teachers of Clothing & Textiles Intermediate: Suitable for those who require up skilling. Advanced: Suitable for those requiring more advanced skills General Topics Intermediate and Advanced level are suitable for current teachers of Years 7 to 10 Clothing and Textiles and Years 11 and 12 Materials Design & Technology - Textiles. Participants would know how to use a commercial pattern and have some experience sewing using a commercial pattern. Intermediate: Suitable for those who require up skilling. You have an understanding of the concepts but may need a refresher or you would like to know if there is a better way of doing things or the current industry techniques. Advanced: Suitable for those requiring more advanced skills and knowledge of current industry techniques Fundamental Topics Fundamental level is suitable for graduate teachers, new and beginning teachers of Years 7 to 10 Clothing and Textiles and Years 11 and 12 Materials Design & Technology Textiles. Participants will explore using and modifying commercial patterns and basic construction skills to make simple garments. Little to no sewing experience is required Semester 1, January - July

20 Professional Development 2011 General Topics Date and Time Venue Cost 1B Intermediate Modify Patterns-Drape Note: This is Part B following Part A Modify Patterns that ran in Oct Completion of Part A is preferable, but not essential. 1A&1B Intermediate Modify Patterns- Introduction and Drape (One Day workshop) Note: this is a condensed program for those who missed out on Part A (in 2010) and therefore includes Part A & Part B Modify Patterns Sat 5th March (Long weekend) Thurs 21st April (Term 1 School Holidays Polytechnic West Hayman Rd Bentley Polytechnic West Hayman Rd Bentley Advanced Grading and Fitting Sat 4th June Polytechnic West Hayman Rd Bentley Introduction to Fashion Illustration and Fabric Rendering Introduction to Trade Sketching and Specifications Fundamental Topics Sat 27th August Polytechnic West Hayman Rd Bentley Wed 5th October (Term 3 School Holidays) Polytechnic West Hayman Rd Bentley Members $130 Student Members $130 Non Members $190 Members $130 Student Members $130 Non Members $190 Members $115 Student Members $115 Non Members $180 Members $115 Student Members $115 Non Members $180 Members $115 Student Members $115 Non Members $180 Introduction to Modifying Patterns Wed 27th April Term 1 School Holidays Introduction to Basic Sewing Skills Thursday 28th April Term 1 School Holidays Intermediate Modification of Patterns and Draping Wed 13th July Term 2 School Holidays Intermediate Basic Sewing Skills Thursday 14th July Term 2 School Holidays Polytechnic West Hayman Rd Bentley Polytechnic West Hayman Rd Bentley Polytechnic West Hayman Rd Bentley Polytechnic West Hayman Rd Bentley Members $130 Student Members $130 Non Members $190 Members $130 Student Members $130 Non Members $190 Members $130 Student Members $130 Non Members $190 Members $130 Student Members $130 Non Members $190 * Polytechnic West (Formerly Swan TAFE) is opposite Curtin University Closing Date for registration Friday 25th February Friday 8th April Friday 20th May Friday 12th August Friday 16th September Friday 8th April Friday 8th April Friday 24th June Friday 24th June 20 Westward Home

21 Professional Development 2011 Food Choices Software Update 4.00pm pm Wednesday 2nd March Repeat Session: To be advised Methodist Ladies College (Resource Centre) 356 Stirling Highway, Claremont The Food Choices Curriculum Resource is the successor to the popular Food choices the IT way. This workshop will be a hands-on workshop where you get to work with all of the different features of the package. It will help you to cover several content areas for Food Science and Technology. World Home Economics Day pm pm Monday 21st March Polytechnic West (Formerly Bentley TAFE) Level 4 Building B Hayman Road Bentley Members $30.00; Student Members $10; Non-Members $50.00 This event will provide an opportunity to network with other Home Economics Teachers and celebrate World Home Economics Day. A preview into the Polytechnic West professional development program for Home Economics teachers will be provided along with opportunities to network with TAFE lecturers and learn more about the Fashion and Textiles Department and courses offered at Polytechnic West. Find out what is current in the fashion industry and what opportunities are available for students here in WA. Finger food and drinks provided. Please register using the Professional Development form. Semester 1, January - July

22 HEIA(WA) PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 2011 REGISTRATION FORM TAX INVOICE ABN Photocopy or download from our website and complete the form below and post, fax or to: Post: HEIA (WA) PO Box 196,Subiaco 6904 Fax: Att: Jenny McGillivray Methodist Ladies College to: Phone: By the closing date for the first session you wish to attend. Name: Contact Address: Telephone: (W) (H) Fax: (required for confirmation of booking) School / Workplace: Membership Category (Please Tick) Member Non Member Student Member Student Non Member Workshop Title Participant Name Date Cost Please tick payment method: I enclose a cheque made out to HEIA WA for $ Please debit my credit card account by $ Card Type: Mastercard Visa Credit Cart Number: Name on card: Expiry Date: Card Holder's Signature: Date: / / 22 Westward Home

23 HOME ECONOMICS INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA INC. WESTERN AUSTRALIAN DIVISION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE NOMINATION FORM All executive positions for 2011 will become vacant at the Annual General Meeting to be held Wednesday 9th March Any member may be nominated for a position. Nominations close on Tuesday 1st March 2011 Nominations should be forwarded to; Carol Elias HEIA (WA) PO Box 196 SUBIACO WA 6904 FAX: Proposer I, (Please print full name) Being a financial member of the Home Economics Institute of Australia Inc. (WA Division) Nominate: (Please print full name) For the position of; (please circle) President Secretary Treasurer Executive Member Signature of Proposer Date: Nominee I, (Please print full name) Being a financial member of the Home Economics Institute of Australia Inc. (WA Division) accept/do not accept nomination for a position outline above, for the Home Economics Institute of Australia Inc. (WA Division) Signature of Nominee Date Semester 1, January - July

24 HEIA(WA), PO Box 196, Subiaco, 6904 Phone: WA Executive 2010 PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER CONVENOR EDUCATION & NATIONAL COUNCIL DELEGATE EDITOR WESTWARD HOME Noelene MATTHEWS Shenton College Carol ELIAS Shenton College Barbara WOULFE John Forrest Senior High School Marilyn YATES Department of Education Denise CULLEN Hampton Senior High School PH: PH: FAX: PH: FAX: PH: FAX: PH: FAX: PD TREASURER Lyn DIVER Kent Street Senior High School PH: FAX: EXECUTIVE MEMBER Lyn DYMOND Edith Cowan University PH EXECUTIVE MEMBER Cheryl LUNDY Methodist Ladies College PH: FAX: EXECUTIVE MEMBER Jennifer MCGILLIVRAY Methodist Ladies College PH: FAX: EXECUTIVE MEMBER Kelly JOHNSON La Salle College PH: EXECUTIVE MEMBER Susan LEACH Iona Presentation College PH EXECUTIVE MEMBER Leesa NEALE PH: FAX: The Mission of the Home Economics profession in Australia To educate, inform, and to act as an advocate to government, industry and the community for families and households, so that individuals can make informed choices in order to enhance their everyday living.