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1 WARRADALE PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER March 30 th 2017 Week 9 Term 1 No. 5 DATES TO REMEMBER: Week 9 Friday 31 st Pupil Free Day (TOMORROW) Week 10 Monday 3rd April Three way Interviews start Tuesday 4 th April Three way Interviews Wednesday 5 th April Breakfast Club Three way Interviews Thursday 6 th April Three way Interviews Friday 7 th April Yr. 2 & 3 Ride a Bike Program Week 11 Wednesday 12 th April Breakfast Club Thursday 13 th April Newsletter Casual Clothes Day End of Term 2:10 Dismissal Friday 14 th April PUBLIC HOLIDAY Term 2 Week 1 Monday 1 st May Term 2 Starts Wednesday 3 rd May Breakfast Club SAPSASA Cross Country REMINDERS: Materials and Service Charges can be paid at the front office. Instalment due date is: Upfront payments 30 th March 2017 Second Instalment 6 th April 2017 Third & Final Instalment 5 th May 2017 Online NAPLAN Test Our school is one of 50 government schools selected to trial the new Online NAPLAN testing program. All students in Year 3, 5 and 7 are required to participate in the NAPLAN tests and can only be exempt if parents forward a letter requesting their child s exemption from the tests to the Principal. Traditionally the NAPLAN tests are conducted over three days, however the online tests will be conducted over a slightly extended time to allow schools to manage the sharing of electronic devices. The only test that will not be conducted electronically is the Year 3 writing test which will be hand written by the students. The NAPLAN test will begin in Week 2 of Term 2, starting on Tuesday 9 th May. Teachers have been familiarising themselves with the online test to help them understanding the mechanics of administrating the online processes of the tests. To support the implementation of NAPLAN Online, ACARA has launched a public demonstration website. Parents are encouraged to go to the Website, find the tests for all year levels, follow the prompts to access the test suitable for your child. As this is only a demonstration site the results are not recorded or graded. It is only there to enable the students to become familiar with the new format. In March Parents received a letter detailing the processes of the tests and security systems used to protect information of the participants. Car Boot Sale Success Last Saturday the school held the very first Car Boot Sale as a major fundraising activity for the school. We had over 30 sellers with cars and trailers loaded will an array of bric-a-brac ranging from children s toys, clothing, books collectables, tools and plants. Also on site was a sausage sizzle and cake stall, which helped satisfy the hunger of the many buyers and stall holders. This event was organised by one of our parents, Shannon Wright and supported by the Governing Council. Many thanks to all of the parent volunteers who helped out by setting up the stalls, guiding the sellers to their sites, cooking the BBQ, donating a huge variety of cakes and biscuits, selling the cakes and cleaning up after the event. Apart from the selling aspect of the sale, the socialising amongst our parents was a pleasing by product of the day. The total amount of money raised was $1,400 which will go towards equipment for whole school assemblies. Well done to all involved! Greg Graham 1

2 GOVERING COUNCIL NEWS Pupil Free Days Approvals At this week s Governing Council meeting, the members of the Council gave their approval for the set Pupil Free and School Closure Days for the year. There have been 4 Pupil Free days granted by the DECD for training and development purposes of staff and one School Closure Day for a day of local significance for the school community. On the Pupil Free days, students will not be required to attend school while staff are required to attend professional training sessions. To assist you with your forward planning the dates for these days are listed below:- Term 2:- Week 6 - Friday 9 th June (attached to Queen s Birthday Long Weekend) - Pupil Free Day Week 7 Monday 12 th June Queens Birthday Public holiday Term 3:- Week 1 Monday 24 th July Pupil Free Day (Combined Schools) Week 7 Friday 8 th September - School Closure (Show day) Term 4:- Week 4 - Friday 10 th November Pupil Free Day Our OSHC Service is available on Pupil Free Days but not on School Closure days (i.e. 9 th September) 2017 Materials and Service Charges Dates to remember:- If you have chosen to make Full Payment of $310 this is due by Thursday 30 th March If you have undertaken an instalment plan here are the important dates for payments: 2 nd Instalment of $100 due Thursday 6 th April. 3 rd and Final Instalment of $110 due Thursday 25 th May. If families are applying for School Card, and you have not already returned your application please return as soon as possible. Please note that the Governing Council will be pursuing outstanding fees after the final payments dates through a Debt Collection Agency. Parent Group News We had a fantastic turnout on Wednesday afternoon last week to unpack and price items for the Mother s Day stall. It was great to have enough volunteers to get all of the Mother s Day gifts organised so quickly and efficiently, we finished in record time! Thank you to all of the volunteers who gave their time to support this school tradition. The Mother s Day stall will be held in the first week of Term 2, on Friday 5th May SCHOOL INFORMATION ANZAC Day Dawn Service ANZAC Day falls on the second Tuesday of the school holidays, the 25 th of April. The Brighton RSL invited representatives from the local schools to attend the Dawn Service at the Brighton Arch of Remembrance adjacent to the Brighton Jetty. During the ceremony, Leah and Ella, our Student Leaders, will be representing our school at the ceremony and will be laying a wreath as a sign of respect to the fallen soldiers of World War I and subsequent wars. STUDENT VOICE NEWS Casual Clothes Day On Thursday 13th April (last day of term) The Student Voice Team have organise a Casual Clothes day. Students are permitted to wear casual clothes on this day but it will cost them a gold coin donation. The money collected on the day will go towards a Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF). All funds raised by this group go directly to research for the prevention of Type 1 diabetes in children. Posters advertising the Casual Clothes Day are posted around the school. Alexandra -Events Officers Emu Award The Emu Award was presented to the students from Room 10 for their efforts in keeping their designated class area free of litter. Keep up the good work! Well done for keeping a clean schoolyard. Over the next few weeks please bring in bottle tops and place them in the labelled bin in the hall. Later on we will be using these to work on a project at recess and or lunch. Tessa Environment Officer

3 Lost Property There are over a dozen unnamed Bomber Jackets, windcheaters, hats, shorts and trousers in the Lost Property baskets located in the hall foyer. That equates to about $400 worth of clothing just lying around! Any unclaimed clothing will be cleaned and placed into the second hand clothing pool at the end of the term. Please check for lost items before the end of term. Resilience Robbers (Con t) Continuing our understanding of how easy it is to become a Resilience Robber (refer to our previous newsletter, check out the second part of the common parenting mistakes that reduce children s resilience: Robber # 4: Put unrealistic or relentless pressure on kids to perform. Expectations about success and achievement are important. Too low and kids will meet them. Too high and kids can give up. Too much and kids can experience anxiety. Resilience Notion # 4: Keep expectations in line with children s abilities and don t put excessive pressure on them. Robber # 5: Let kids give in too easily. Resilient learners link success with effort. They don t give up because they don t like a teacher or when confronted with multi step or more complex activities. Similarly they don t bail out of a sporting team half way through the season because the team is not winning or they are not enjoying it. Resilience Notion # 5: Encourage kids to complete what they have started even if the results are not perfect. Robber # 6: Neglect to develop independence. Don t wait until they are teenagers to develop the skills of independent living. Start early and promote a broad skill set so that they can look after themselves if you are not around. Resilience Notion # 6: Don t routinely do for kids what they can do for themselves. Robber # 7: Rescue kids from challenging or stretch situations. There are many times kids are put in situations that are outside their comfort zones for a time. For instance, giving a talk, singing at a concert or going on school camp, may be challenges for some kids. They are all situations that kids usually cope with. Show your confidence in them and skill them up rather than opt for avoidance. Resilience Notion # 7: Overcoming challenges enables kid to grow and improve. Conclusion: Sometimes the manageable hardships that children experience such as friends moving away, not being invited to a party or completing a difficult school project are great learning opportunities. They help kids stretch and grow. Dealing with them effectively also teaches kids that they are capable of coping when they meet some of lifes curve balls. So are you a Resilience Robber or a Resilience Promoter? These ideas came from Michael Grose, a leading Australian parenting educator. End of Term Dismissal Just a reminder, that school finishes on Thursday 13 th April with a 2:10pm dismissal (one hour earlier than normal). Parents of students who may need the OSHC service because of the early dismissal may need to book a place for their child / children. School resumes on MONDAY 1 st MAY CANBERRA CAMP Entertainment Books Entertainment Books are here again. You can purchase your digital or book copy at the Front Office or online at s/1610x75 for $70. Fundraising from these books go towards the 2017 Canberra Camp, so make sure to let family, friends and workmates know that they can be purchasing both the books and the electronic version from us. Make sure you enter Warradale Primary School as the fundraising organisation. SPORTS NEWS UPCOMING SAPSASA EVENTS Term 2 Cross Country: Week 1, Wednesday, 3 rd May, 2017 Soccer(boys): Week 3, Wednesday, 17 th May, 2017 SAPSASA Netball On Monday the 20 th of March a group of year 6/7 girls went to Westminster to play in the SAPSASA Netball South West District carnival. We all played really well and we were very happy to have won all of our games.

4 4 girls got picked for the SAPSASA South West Squad, these girls were Elisha, Piper, Ella and Olivia. We would love to say a huge thank you to Ms Maddigan for coaching (more like putting up with) us amazing girls. We would also like to say a big thank you to all of the parents that came out and supported us at the event. We had a great time and loved playing against the other schools. Neriah, Jade, Ella, Elisha, Piper, Alex, Olivia and Nevina SAPSASA AFL Football On Monday march 27 th our boys SAPSASA football team represented Warradale well in the recent District football trials, showing sportsmanship, courage, respect and perseverance. Games were played in both wet and then warm conditions and at the end of the day Warradale had won four of the five games played. Congratulations to Michael, Samuel, Xander and Thomas for being selected into the initial South West District squad. Thank you to Mrs. Brett for attending the day and Mr Peter Roach for training and coaching the team. Game results Warradale, defeated Darlington, Warradale, defeated Marion, Warradale, defeated Seaview, Warradale, defeated by Paringa, Warradale, defeated Brighton, SAPSASA Softball Congratulations to Cooper who was selected to the South West District boys softball team recently. Cooper and his team will be participating against other district teams at West Beach in Week 10. CANTEEN NEWS A very big thank you to everyone who has returned their form to volunteer in the canteen. I would also like to thank Tracy Smith for organising the drive to get volunteers, the response has been amazing. I am sorting through them at the moment and will be giving you a call shortly to discuss a time for you to come in. Sarah A Note From Jo Hi Everyone! On Friday April 7th, Lifesaver an Easter Seminar about what Christians believe will be presented. The whole School is invited, but anyone who would like to attend needs to bring a signed permission slip from home (sent home last week!) by Friday March 31st. The Easter Story is presented in an ageappropriate and sensitive way using visual media and interactive activities. Any questions - please ask me or Mr. Graham. Thanks muchly! Jo Chapman, Pastoral Care Worker Premier s Reading Challenge Students are making a great effort at completing their challenge for 2017! Well done to the following students for their enthusiasm and commitment: Rm 3: Cailin, Emma and Tara Rm 7: Jasmin and Blake Rm 8: Makenzy, Madison and Malachi Rm 11: Tessa Rm 14: Amalia Rm 15: Edwin and Jack Rm 17: Amy, Estelle and Santosh COMMUNITY NEWS Table Tennis Competition Saturday Mornings at Glenelg Primary School commencing on the 20 th of May. Cost $10 for a professional racquet (to keep) and $2.50 per game. All enquiries to Allan Richards on

5 Car Boot Sale Success

6 The Year 2 students have been studying Biological Science Watch it grow! Each class has had Mealworms in their classroom, and have been recording their lifecycle. Here is some information some students would like to share. They like the dark. Mealworms have 6 legs Mealworms get their water from their food such as oats and vegetables. Mealworms shed their exoskeleton, turn in pupa and then change into darking beetles. Mealworms Darkling Beetles Exoskeleton