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1 MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL Dear Parents Digital Devices Thanks to the P&C Association which this week committed a significant proportion of the fete proceeds to the Purchase of ipads, robotics and ipad aps. The total sum committed is $ This will purchase, 52 ipads, provide $5000 for robotics as well as providing $2000 for aps. The ipads will come with cases and keyboards. My thanks too to Andrew White who very effectively presented the case for the acquisition to the P&C. I know too that Stephanie Williams has been working with Andrew in developing a scope and sequence of skills and concepts to be applied across our 7 year levels. We are looking at the implementation of digital pedagogies for the long term and our resource base will grow as further funds become available and our capacity increases. Air conditioning The next round of air conditioning is about to be rolled out with the top of L Block and the classrooms on the bottom of H Block to be air-conditioned Active School Travel Congratulations to Melanie Cox and the AST Committee for winning a significant grant which will increase the number of bicycle/scooter parking bays as well as providing training for our students to ride or scoot safely.

2 FROM THE PRINCIPAL Cont d NAPLAN Results I had promised to give a summary of our NAPLAN results in this newsletter. It is difficult to get a clear copy from our data base so please let me explain the graphic below. The following table shows the results of our 111 students in Year 3 and 121 students in Year 5 who took the tests in May this year. There are five strands: Reading Writing Spelling Grammar and Punctuation Numeracy Each strand has three scores: 1. Mean scale score 2. Percentage of students whose results were in the top two bands 3. Percentage of students at or above the national minimum standard. Our results are shown in this table against national and state scores. The green fields show the areas where we are significantly above national scores, the blue fields show where our scores are similar to national scores. There are no red fields which would show areas of lower than national averages. In focussing here just on the percentage of students in the top two bands, I am pleased to say that we have achieved our targets in most areas by increasing the number of students in the top two bands and decreasing the number of students in the lower bands. Our results in most areas are significantly above those of like schools. Having said that the blue fields shown for Year 5 writing and spelling will give us two areas to analyse further with a view to lifting these results to be commensurate with the higher levels in other strands.

3 STAFF NEWS We welcome Ms Mary Bobek back after some extended leave, we also welcome Ms Kate Bishop to 2TG. Ms Bishop will teach this class until the end of the year. FROM THE DEPUTY Acve School Travel Technology Through exploraon, design and problem-solving, students learn how technologies work. Typically, students will: * in Design and Technologies -design and create soluons to challenges through guided play and by safely using materials and equipment * in Digital Technologies-work safely online, represent data as pictures, symbols and diagrams, and sequence steps to solve simple problems. Acve School Travel is being enthusiascally embraced at our school. Thanks to all parents who are making such an effort to support this worthy iniave. Every Wednesday moring our school leaders man the five stamping checkpoints across the school. Next Friday2 September, is extra stamp day to celebrate Father s Day that weekend. It would be great to see Dads in parcular, accompanying their children next Friday. To learn more about the Australian Curriculum, visit the Parents secon of the Australian Curriculum website. Acng Deputy Principal Leigh Harrod PARENT NOTICE Creave Dance Disco This year we are trialling a shorter more streamlined format for our September disco. The P&C will again be selling sausages sizzles, glow scks, drinks and other refreshments on the night. This evening is a great way for parents to see the creave dance program in acon. Please see later in this newsle/er for more informaon. Each year level has a parcular theme make sure you remember yours: Prep The 5o s Year One Movie characters Year two Any Year three The 80 s Year four Hip-hop Year five The 2000 s Year six Any Parents are reminded that if students have not been collected from the Wilbur St footpath by 3:15pm the school staff on duty will have the remaining children go the office to wait for collecon. We realize that parents can be subject to traffic delays and so this procedure will be followed to ensure the safety of our children. SCIENCE CLUB Joseph Science club was the best experience ever. It was all about how light can reflect, refract, transmit and how it can also be absorbed. We did lots of experiments on how we can change the direcon of light and even make a rainbow using white light and a glass triangle. One the best experiments we did Curriculum for Parents The Australian Curriculum ACARA-Foundaon year (prep) The Arts Students share their experiences and understanding of themselves through exploring the arts and artworks. Typically, students will: * in Dance, watch others dance and respect those around them when they are dancing * in Drama, use role play to act out familiar events or stories * in Media Arts, use a camera to record images for others to view * in Music, explore sounds when listening, singing and making music * in Visual Arts, respond to and create a variety of artworks by drawing and painng. was discovering who stole the secret recipe book in Ratatouille, we did this by finding fingerprints, hair and dirt evidence. Leading us to the culprit. Master Teacher Julia Whi/aker

4 FROM THE OFFICE Please advise the office of any changes to your or other contact details. Families at our school with younger siblings commencing in prep 2017 are asked to complete the Enrolment Application Form as soon as possible and returned to Karen in the Admin office; along with the original Birth Certificate for photocopying. 5C TIP OF THE WEEK CO-OPERATION Show compassion towards those in need Aug Sept 7 SCHOOL CALENDAR Father s Day Stall Excellence Expo night Prep Enrolments 2017 will be finalised on September 2nd. Finance News Please find a/ached the Voluntary Contribuon Form to be completed. All payments should be directed to the Holland Park State School General Account BSB: ACCOUNT NUMBER: It is also an audit requirement that all contributions are accompanied by a completed and signed Voluntary Financial Contribution form. These forms were sent home with the youngest in each family or can be obtained from the school office. Please find attachment. Sept 9 Sept 14 Oct 14 Oct 24 Oct 25 Oct 26 Oct 31 Oct 31- Nov 4 Nov 2 Creative Dance Disco Year 6 to Nudgee Beach Year 4 to Science Centre 5 AW to Pullenvale 5GO to Pullenvale Year 3 Raw Art Clay Animals Incursion 5MT to Pullenvale 5KO to Pullenvale Year 6 Camp 5FFto Pullenvale SCHOOL WATCH TUCKSHOP Please remember our office hours are 8am to 4pm. Finance Reminder! Credit Cards: Minimum payment is $10. Credit on your account: Please remember to deduct your credit from your next invoice payment, in particular when you pay by EFT. We appreciate your patience with excursion notes and invoices as we are transitioning our payment process through BPoint and in the near future QParents. We will be holding information sessions for parents in the very near future. PLEASE DON T FORGET TO CHECK LOST PROPERTY IF YOU ARE MISSING WINTER JUMPERS SCHOOL RULES STAYING SAFE IN ALL AREAS OF THE SCHOOL Avoid hurng others by keeping hands and feet to yourself THE TUCKSHOP NEEDS YOUR HELP Due to parents going back to work, we are in need of volunteers once a month on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday. If you are available once a month from 9am am please contact Melisa on by txt with your details. Helping at tuckshop is not hard and your children enjoy seeing you during break time. You will be needed 4 times maybe 5 till the end of the year. TUCKSHOP NO LONGER AC- CEPTS BAGS OVER THE COUN- TER. ALL ORDERS MUST BE MADE ONLINE. If you haven't signed up online yet, now is the time to do so. Go to and register.hpss registration ID:

5 P&C NEWS ACTIVE SCHOOL TRAVEL CONGRATULATIONS TO JUNIOR WINNERS PTS AND SENIOR WINNERS 6PS FOR BOTH ACHIEVING 96% Junior Senior Class % Class % PTS 96% 6PS 96% 2JC 75% 5FF 84% 2TG 68% 6NA/4JC 80% 2MB 60% 4MG 74% 1DB 52% 5/6AW 73% Fathers Day Stall Tuesday 30 & Wednesday 31 August HPSS is helping you get organised for Fathers Day with a great selection of gift options for dads. Priced at $5 and $10, a variety of gifts will be available for purchase in the hall on Tuesday 30 August and Wednesday 31 August from 8:30am on both days. UNTIL STOCKS LAST! Active Travel with Dad On Friday 2nd September, the Active School Travel program celebrates Dad's who participate with their children. While children receive their passport stamp, dad's will receive a free coffee voucher from our friends at Flute Coorparoo. Remember with younger children, it is a good idea to put cash in a named, sealed envelope (watch out for the corners where coins can easily fall out!) and children will visit the stall with their class. On occasions where siblings may choose the same gih (it happens!) - double ups can be exchanged on Wednesday.








13 EXCELLENCE EXPO 2016 CATEGORIES, NOMINATION AND JUDGING DATES Instrumental Solo Prep to 6 Judging will take place week commencing August 22 Vocal Solo Prep to 6 Judging will take place week commencing August 15 Public Speaking Prep to 6 Judging will take place week commencing August 22 Dancing Solo Prep to 6 Judging will take place on Tuesday, August 23 Reading Australian Verse Prep to 6 Judging will take place week commencing August 22 Japanese Speaking Japanese Native Speaking Prep to 2 Prep to 2 Judging will take place on August 19 Judging will take place on August 19 Japanese Speaking Japanese Native Speaking Yr 3 to 6 Yr 3 to 6 Judging will take place on August 23 Judging will take place on August 23 Writing Prep to 6 Entries due Friday August 19 Mathematics Prep to 6 Entries due Friday August 19 Technology & Design Prep to 6 Entries due Tuesday August 23 Science Prep to 6 Entries due Monday August 22 S.T.E.M.(Science, Technology, Prep to 6 Entries due Monday August 22 Engineering, Mathemat- ics) Visual Art Prep to 6 Entries due Thursday September 1 Asian Studies Prep to 6 Entries due on Thursday September 1 Thank you to parents and students for your wonderful support and co-operation Yours in excellence, Gifted and Talented Education Committee, 2016