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1 Week 7 THURSDAY, 15 th MARCH LEADERS NEWS PUPIL FREE DAYS Monday, April 30th Friday, June 8th Friday, August 31st Monday, Nov. 5th Edwardstown Primary has been in the media this week for all the right reasons. It was lovely to see the Pannenburg family featured as a result of Jesse s fundraising, and what was equally rewarding was the generosity and kindness of all students and families in making the occasion special for everyone. Good luck to Millie Shepherd oyd who is shaving her hair for the same DATES TO REMEMER MAR 15 Commonwealth ank Information Session 23 Harmony Day dress up Whole School Assembly 2:20pm Rooms 1 & 9 hosting: HARMONY DAY THEME 30 GOOD FRIDAY APRIL 2 EASTER MONDAY 6 Sports Day 9-10 Year 6/7 Aquatics 13 LAST DAY OF TERM pm dismissal Tues MAY 1 Casual clothes day Gold coin donation Pupil Free day Monday. School starts Tuesday. CHECK OUT OUR SKOOLAG APP INFO cause this week. She has a collection tin in the front foyer if you would like to contribute. Our kindness awards at last week s Assembly were presented to Elke, Lily M, O Hara, Liam S, Jordan G, Leo, Josh S, Tyler V, Dhruv, Addison, Marley, Noah, Cooper W, Oliver M, John F, Amy G and raden H. Our Kindness jar is almost full so next week we will celebrate during Harmony Day with a shared play. ACARA, (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority) released the Literacy and Numeracy Learning progressions, and our Year 3 to 5 Numeracy results demonstrated substantially above average gain, as measured by NAPLAN, resulting in Edwardstown being one of 17 S.A public schools identified. This sustained gain in our Maths learning is a result of students being challenged and the growth mindset that is developed with our Learner Powers, and we are releasing ernie O Connor as a coordinator this year to transfer her excellent modelling approach in Maths into Literacy learning as well. Next week, 8 of our staff are attending the Future Schools conference in Melbourne. You may recall last year all our teachers had an opportunity to attend due to our Digital grant; this year teachers applied for the opportunity and will share their learning once they return. We have Junior, Middle and Upper Primary teachers attending, as well as leadership. The President of the Australian Education Union approached me to attend a briefing in Canberra to represent South Australia discussing future needs of education. Our school would have been significantly better off financially with Gonski funding, and Kendall Proud as teacher representative and Stephanie Hensgen as School Council parent rep. will accompany me to discuss our views with Nicole Flint, federal minister for oothby. I am sure it will be a worthwhile experience and an ideal opportunity to represent Edwardstown Primary and future needs of our students. After a long wait, the Strawberry Fair shed is ready for construction. and the paving of the front garden is happening, so please be aware of out of bound areas around the school in the next few weeks. Our School Pride Committee met this week and have updated our ideas for the Nature Play space and mural. This is a much bigger project than the initial funding from Fund my Neighbourhood, and the election Q and fundraising this year will directly impact on making this area child friendly and interactive. Please support the Q and raffles when you come to vote; thank you to those of you who have volunteered to help out, either with donations or working on the day.

2 Our School Council for 2018 has been elected, with all positions set for 12 months as we progress towards a Governing Council. The annual report and updated School Improvement Plan will be added to the school webpage in the next few weeks; once they have been endorsed by DECD. Hard copies are available on request ELECTION OF COUNCILLORS Councillors in their final year of term: Kim Freeman Scott Polley Athena Halatsis Narelle urns Michael Rodenburg Jo Laird Councillors who have renominated for a 1 year term: Kate ishop Stephanie Hensgen Craig Heidenreich Alistair Standish Amanda James Carolyn oyd Alison Handsaker New Nomination for a 1 year term Accepted: Troy McMellon Staff Members are: PRINCIPAL Kathy Papps DEPUTY PRINCIPAL Vicky ashford / ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Shane Atkins (1vote) STAFF REPS Caroline Fitzgerald / Sarah Newton (1 vote) USINESS MANAGER seconded onto School Council Jen Goodman (1 vote) Hands On Learning A ig Help To EPS Daws Road Transition Centre teacher Jo and her students have been busy in their fortnightly visits to the school. As well as general grounds care they have been dismantling the old Strawberry Fair and equipment sheds to make way for a new, larger shelter. The Daws Road team also managed to move the huge stump that was hidden in the old sheds to the oval playground and it is now being used by the children as a nature play element. Harmony Day - "Everyone elongs" Harmony Day gives us a chance to celebrate our Multi-cultural nation. On Friday, March 23 rd we will celebrate Harmony Day with a Dress in Orange or National Costume Day All students and staff (and visitors) are encouraged to wear National Costume or Orange Clothing on the day (NO FEE) There will be organised activities at 2.30pm on Wednesday, 21 st March when students will celebrate their kindness challenge together. There will also be a Harmony Day focus at a special 2.20pm on Friday, March 23 rd.

3 SPORTS DAY NEWS Sports Day is on Friday 6/4/18. Students will participate in class groups for most of the time. At the end, the whole school comes together for the Championship Races and Earth all races. Sports Day will be finished by 1:10 pm. Parents may take their children home then but please let class teachers know. Upper primary students remaining at school will assist with packing up and junior primary students will be supervised in their areas. Sports Day Championship Races All the students listed below are in the Championship Sprints. All A students from Years 2-7 are in the Championship Relay. There will be 2 practices Tues 20/3 and Wed lunchtime on the oval for all of these students. Please let me know if your child is not going to be at Sports Day or does not want to compete in these races. Thanks, Sue oggiano R A 1 A 2 A 3 A 4 A 5 A 6 A 7 A Ari T (20) Johnny G(19) illy (11) Louie W (11) Aaron A (10) Declan V (8) Rhys (4) Elijah O (4) Kynan S (17) Jake T (17) Alex P (1) Josh A (2) rodie M (15) Aldin R (15) LachlanW(13) Levi H (14) Dolphins Eagles Kangaroos Koalas Nova A (20) Lily W (19) Yuana W (10) Annabelle (8) Emma M (7) Piper K (8) Ginger (6) Winter H (4) Mia (5) Summer (5) Jazmin W (2) Abby S (2) Kasey S(15) Georgia W 14) ella H(13) Marissa C (14) Ian (18) Wolf H (19) Nikola V (11) Eli M (9) Campbell G (7) Micah L (10) Connor G (6) Sage P (4) Cian C (17) Oli F (17) Jaxon I (1) Xavier S (2) en P (13) ardia K (15) Dimitri T (15) Jayden H-S(13) Chelsea M (19) Jade H (20) Jade C (9) Vegas (10) Asha I (11) Jaimi M (11) Emily S (17) Lily E (17) Maddison Z (5) Catalina T (5) Gisele P (1) Amber (1) Amy G (15) Kelsey S (13) Marwa K (14) Lila S (14) Lincoln S (20) Caleb F (20) Cooper L (8) Jordan V (9) Leo K (8) Ryan W (7) Alex K (4) Isaac M (17) Jacob H (5) Luka J (17) Finn S (2) Jackson H (2) Jackson H (13) Max K (14) Tom O-D (14) Mattheus (13) Lily S (18) Ava W (19) Matilda H(11) Indiah K (11) Annika P (10) Jordan G (10) Andina P (4) Addi (17) Millie S (1) Isla-Cate (5) Despina (16) Maya R (16) Punsisi (14) Millie (14) Shari F (13) Rhyme M (14) Luca M (19) Andrew H 19) Edwin Y (8) Finn H (9) Lucas C (8) Aadil J (8) Harry P (4) Finn M (6) Rhys M (5) Max P (5) James (16) Skilton C (2) Jensen P(15) Jesse P (14) Ethan R (14) Dylan (14) Isabel R (18) Jazmine (18) Colbie J (11) Jasmine W(8) Angelina H (11) Isabel S (10) Jade H (6) Charli S (6) Faye S (1) Amber W (1) Ella S (2) Nicole A (16) Amelie (13) Anqi C (15) Ava S (15) Poppy S (13) THE CANTEEN WILL E OPEN. The canteen will be open all morning on Sports Day for coffee, cake, sandwiches, pies and pasties for parents to enjoy WALKING SCHOOL US So now we have four buses walking again, each from a different part of our neighbourhood. If you want more information how you can join in on the fun, please pop into the front office or look on our website for contact numbers to ring. Congratulations to Will, Audrey, Paton, Colbie, Guillaume, Addison, Lily, Stella, Connor, Olivia, Owen, Kiera, and Violet who have walked to school 10 walks. They will receive a voucher which entitles them to a free ice block from the office any lunch time. Yum Yum on a hot day. Well done walkers, what a great start to the year on our buses.

4 ADTRANS GENEROUS IPAD DONATION Last year, Room 9 decided to extend their kind actions further than the school grounds and out into the wider community which resulted in the most unexpected result! The students from Room along with Miss Davies made the collaborative decision that they would like to give to a local organisation that helps others, so they chose ackpacks 4 SA Kids. ackpacks 4 SA Kids collect donated goods that are placed into backpacks and deliver them to children who are placed in emergency foster care, kindship and domestic violence shelters. All Room 9 students were really excited to start bringing in donations so that they could start filling the backpacks! They ended up putting together EIGHT backpacks!! Soon after Miss Davies received a phone call from Adtrans who have been donating yearly for 31 years to a variety of organisations and schools with a focus on special needs. They rang to firstly acknowledge the good deed that Room 9 had done for an organisation that they too support as well as offering an amazingly kind gesture of appreciation by donating 12 ipads to Edwardstown Primary School s Intervention team. On Friday the 2 nd of March Kerrie, rendan, el & Sherisa delivered the 12 ipads at the school Assembly. Liza and her team look forward to introducing the ipads into their learning activities with the students. Although we don t do things expecting anything in return this was a lovely act of kindness demonstrated by Adtrans as a result of the genuinely kind hearted and giving Room students and families. Miss Davies will be organising another collection for ackpacks 4 SA Kids as requested, so watch this space! Remember to be kind and compassionate!! If you would like to donate go to. Communication Channels Skoolbag App DON T MISS OUT ON SOMETHING SIMPLE AND A GREAT WAY TO E IN TOUCH WITH EVERYTHING! Did you know that you can now do your student absence via Skoolbag? How easy. The Skoolbag App is able to give you instant notifications and is an easy means of accessing our regular newsletters. The App can be downloaded from the App Store (iphones), Google Store (android) and Windows Store (Win8.1 phones) on your phone, tablet or laptop. When installing, please make sure you allow push notifications because this enables us to get messages to you in the fastest way possible. You can now notify the school of your child s absence through this app and also notify change of address/phone number. Should you have difficulties accessing the App, please talk with our Front Office staff. School Facebook page for parents is also available if parents would like to join, please follow the prompts: Edwardstown Primary School Parent Group. Name: CHANGE OF ADDRESS FORM address: PLEASE RETURN TO THE FRONT OFFICE AS SOON AS POSSILE OUR SCHOOL WE ADDRESS IS: Our school newsletters are always available on this website. PARENT FEEDACK I WANT TO KNOW. Your views are important to us! views. Please send an to to ensure that we understand your

5 SPORT NEWS asketball is well into the first term now with lots of students enjoying their games. We have had big wins and games forfeited with hot weather, but most of all learning new skills and being part of a team. Thanks to the coaches and also for putting in the time to take training, giving our students more skills to improve their game. Year 1/2 Mixed Vanitha Year 1/2 Kerri-Anne Year 3/4 boys gold CRICKET NEWS TEEALL - Games 3/3/18 Red Div. Pk played a great team game and are learning patience (to be in the position the ball is hit to). We had some great hits into the outfield and made 2 outs at first. Gold div had just Jake and Tyler from EPS in the combined Eden-Town team. Games 10/3/18 Red Div. welcomed Kaylee back who showed consistent form with the bat. Everyone hit well and we got 2 outs in out 3 fielding innings! WEEK 5: EDWARDSTOWN VS EDWARDSTOWN This week the Gold C Grade cricket team played lue C Grade. The teams did a great job batting and bowling, taking a few wickets. The captain, Finn Pammenter and his team had a 53 run win over blue. Everybody had great fun. WEEK 6: C GRADE TEAM GOES FOR GOLD A match against St John the aptist school was a difficult game for Gold. Although the game was nearly cancelled due to lack of players on St John s team. They still managed to smash E.P.S. by 56 runs. ( ) Captain Jackson Holly (and the whole team) did brilliant batting and awesome bowling. SCHOOL FEES 2018 School Card are organized quickly for School Fees, Event Levy, Camps and any major fees! Come and see me in the Finance Office. A Payment Plan can be spread over a long period; but the sooner you come in to set it up, the longer YOU have to pay! Win / win! can be applied for now online OR come in to the Front Office for a form. Want to pay online? Head to and click on the Payments tab on the right hand side. Then click the big, white SCHOOL button and presto! Jen Goodman usiness Manager

6 ASSEMLY NEWS FROM WEEK Student Leaders Walking School us Kindness award recipients Litter is lessening because of the school s ECO WARRIORS from room 15 and everyone making an effort

7 SAPSASA CRICKET The SAPSASA cricket team took on a bigger and more experienced Westbourne Park in Round 1. We bowled first and our Vice Captain Aiden broke through early when he had one of their best batsmen caught behind by keeper Ryan Gilly rkic. Some big hitting from Westbourne Park was slowed when aedan took a courageous catch on the boundary line, and followed this up with another catch in close. Dhruv was inspirational in the field stopping plenty of fours, and a flurry of late wickets saw Edwardstown get back in the game. When Jackson knocked off stump flying on the last ball of their innings the momentum had swung our way. aedan and Xavier opened our innings with some quick runs, with aedan hooking the first ball for 4. 3 quick wickets saw our Captain Tom join Jackson at the crease to settle the innings down. A great partnership followed between Dylan (23) and Jackson (27) and we were right back in the game. Jesse (17) played a controlled innings with great support from Ryan and James to get us within 2 runs of victory. Fred scrambled a single to tie the scores and then it was all up to Ollie who was on strike for the last over. When he smashed the 2nd ball of the over for a single the boys rushed onto the field to celebrate a fantastic win. A true team effort! Craig Heidenreich A big thank you to Craig Heidenreich for coaching the boys, Matt urton for umpiring, Nicole Heidenreich for scoring, all three for transporting as well and to John McQueen for helping us out at the last minute with transporting. Our next game will be played at Sacred Heart next week. TAG RUGY CARNIVAL On Friday 2/3 fifty-six of our Year 6/7 students participated in a tag rugby carnival at ailey Reserve. Here is a quote from one of the organisers :- The behaviour of the Edwardstown students was exceptional. I watched lots of the boys and girls games throughout the day and the sportsmanship, teamwork, positive attitudes and respect for the opposition was faultless. Our volunteers had said that the kids behaviour was great. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the day and were very successful. One of our boys teams came first and one of the girls teams came second. A big thank you to en rady, Nicole Heidenreich, Lee Harris, Karola Laventure, Sarah Reichman and Fiona rady for helping with managing the teams. A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY SCHOOL PHOTO DAY FRIDAY 18th MAY School photos will be taken of every child, on Friday 18 th May, more information will be sent home later. CANTEEN NEWS HOT CROSS UN DAY will be on Thursday, 29 th March at recess. Children can pre - order a fresh buttered hot cross bun for $2.00. Order forms have been sent home, more available from the front office. Last day to order, Friday 23 rd March.

8 FUNDRAISING NEWS EASTER RAFFLE We will be having a Easter Raffle. Notes have been sent home asking parents for donations. Can these donations be put into the white basket outside of your classroom. Raffle books have been sent home these need to be back on Monday, 26 th March as it will be drawn at school on Wednesday, 28 th March before we break for Easter. ELECTION DAY SAUSAGE SIZZLE Saturday, 17 th March This will be a big day and a great way to make money for our school. We will be having a wheelbarrow raffle, a sausage sizzle, coffee, soft drinks and a cake stall so we will be asking parents for lots of help on this day. If you can volunteer for an hour, please record your name on the roster at the money window. This can be fun working together so join in and help out! Kytons Hot Cross uns and Lamingtons Fundraiser Order forms for our annual Kyton s Fundraiser Event have been sent home this week. Please hand them around to friends, family and work colleagues and help us to raise funds for continuing improvements to Edwardstown Primary School. If you would like additional forms, please talk to Judy in the front office. Order forms and money, are due to be returned to the bookroom by end of school day TUESDAY 20 TH MARCH (late orders cannot be processed) Thank you for your support, the fundraising team! Coles Sports For Schools - help us get free sports equipment We are registered as part of the Coles Sports For Schools Program. For every $10 spent at Coles, customers will receive a voucher. You can then deposit the vouchers directly into our EPS collection bin at the Castle Plaza Coles or bring them to school to deposit into the collection bins in the Front Office area. The promotion lasts for 8 weeks and we hope you can help us get free sporting equipment. The more vouchers we collect, the more equipment we receive, so ask friends and relatives to collect for us too. Thanks! Now, that s what you call a docket!


10 righton Secondary School Year 7 - Out of School Zone Volleyball Trials The Initial trials for a position in the righton Secondary School Volleyball Program will be held on Monday 7 th May (Term 2, Week 2) at the following times: 10:00am or 11:30am Students who meet the required standards at this trial will be invited to attend the Final Trial on Monday 21 st May at an advised time. If you would like to attend the trial, you must ring righton Secondary School Ph to book a trial time and request an application pack. Applications must be received Monday 30 th April. Netball SA are offereing a netball Umpires course being held March 9:00 am - 12:00 pm that anyone can attend at their own cost. Netball SA s eginner Umpires Workshop is a starting point for anyone who is interested in becoming a Netball Umpire. The course covers the basic concepts of umpiring, establish an understanding of the rules and demonstrate the techniques of umpiring through theoretical and practical components. Cost Registration Fee $15.00 (Includes only Participant Workbook and Certificate) Registration Fee and Participant Pack $50.00 (Includes Participant Workbook, Certificate, ACME Thunderer Whistle and Official Rules of Netball Rule ook) To register, enquire at