This last week I attended the National Christian Schools Policy Forum in Canberra where the main theme

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1 June 2018 Newsletter From our Principal This last week I attended the National Christian Schools Policy Forum in Canberra where the main theme was freedom. The concept of freedom is an overwhelmingly positive thought. However, true freedom isn t autonomy, or doing what you like without constraint. If this were so we would soon come to the conclusion that freedom is a terrible thing in the community. People living without constraint would soon act in ways that are detrimental to others. Take our driving laws for instance, I m not free to speed through town, as doing so may cause damage and even death to others. If I was a train, perhaps I d dream of being free of the tracks that restrict my movements. The picture on the right illustrates that freedom doesn t necessarily lead to a good outcome. I imagine that this train, on leaving the tracks and enjoying its new found freedom, initially would have enjoyed the experience until it crashes and comes to a standstill. Galations 5:13 "For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another." A better way to think about freedom, is the freedom to do what we were created to do, we are free to do what is good and right. This train lives out its good and right purpose when it s on the track, not off it. In Christian language, God made us to know Him and serve Him and created us for good works in Christ. Unfortunately, we are slaves to sin. That is, we often pursue things outside of God s plans which may feel liberating but ultimately take us off track like this train. Psalm 119:45 "I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts." For the student who can often see school as anything but free, you have a wonderful freedom to learn and grow, and to do what is right and good as a student. This freedom can easily be taken for granted rather than treasured. If you're able to embrace and enjoy the tracks of school life and arrive at the station in good shape, I believe you ll be all the better prepared for the next set of tracks in life where you can continue to express your freedom in serving Christ. God bless, Stephen Wilson College Principal

2 Primary School Developing Literacy Last week students undertook the NAPLAN tests. Over the next few weeks, students have the opportunity to take part in the Premier s Reading Challenge. Recently Channel 7 News reported First Five Forever where the same book was read simultaneously in a number of places. All of these initiatives are designed on varying levels to promote literacy in children. Literacy is about more than just reading words. It is about understanding the meaning of language that is found in written forms. As parents, you can have a significant role to play in helping your child become literate and grow in their literacy skills throughout their school life. Below I have listed some things that you can do as part of your daily life that could assist your child. 1. Talk with Your Child. * Research shows that listening and speaking to others are foundational for developing reading and writing skills. * Talk about what they are reading. * Have them retell the main parts of the story. 2. Help your child understand what they read. * It is important that your child not only reads the words in the text, but also understands the meaning of it. You can help with this by:- o Talking about the connections with what they are reading and what they already know or have experienced. o Determining important points in the story. o Summarising information from the story. o Help them figure out difficult words. o Help them find the meaning of unknown words. o Talk about the meaning of words. 3. Listen to your child read. 4. Talk about books. 5. Talk about favourite authors. 6. Be a positive role model. Marie Skerman Head of Primary Your involvement and support as a parent can influence your child s attitude and their interests and achievement in reading and writing. * Talk regularly about things you have read in the newspaper, magazines, books or on the internet. * Show that you read for a variety of purposes e.g. to find information, for enjoyment. * Show that you write for a variety of purposes e.g. lists, s, letters and cards. 7. Bring critical literacy into your home. Critical literacy is the practice of examining and discussing the underlying messages in print or other media in order to have a better understanding of our world and the formation of our own views. This becomes even more important if you want your child to develop a Godly way of thinking. * Talk about the purpose of a book or article and author s reason for writing it. * Help your child understand that materials in print convey a particular viewpoint or perspective. * Share your point of view about an article. * Discuss how they feel about the book.

3 * Discuss ways that language can be used for persuasion. * Discuss whether the opinions in the book are fair. * Discuss what they think of the author. Developmental Reading Assessment It is that time of year in the school where all primary school students have been tested using DRA. This test is a test of reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension. These 3 areas should all be at the expected standard in order for students to be allocated a level. If one or more of the areas are low, then students will be moved back a level until they test where all 3 areas are to the appropriate standard. It is important that students can, not only read the words with accuracy and fluency, but that they have an understanding of what they are reading. If speed and accuracy were the only areas considered, some students would have the potential to achieve at a higher level. However, these students would not understand what they are reading. The same can be said of a student who has good accuracy, but is not fluent and reading with the correct speed. Whilst, they can read the words they could lose meaning because it takes so long to read a passage. All 3 areas are taken into accounted when levelling a student s reading. The other area that may affect whether a student progresses in levels is whether they are tested on fiction or non-fiction texts. DRA testing is alternated between fiction and non-fiction texts i.e. if a student was tested on a fiction text last time they should be tested on a non-fiction for this testing. Non-fiction texts are generally more challenging for students and they usually do not do as well on these in the 3 areas as they do on fiction texts. This sometimes prevents students from going up levels as might be expected. However, generally this is not an area for concern, particularly if they are at or above grade level. Once all students are tested and the data analysed any of the following could happen depending on the results: - * Students may move to different reading groups within class reading. * Students may enter or be removed from extra support programs i.e. reading aide or learning support. Teachers will communicate with parents if any of the above happens. Students will be bringing their results home and if, after looking at these, you have any concerns or questions please contact your class teacher or myself. Year 6 - National Assessment Program Science Literacy (NAP-SL) Our Year 6 students have been selected to participate in NAP-SL field trial test. Our school is one of approximately 70 schools selected by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) through a random sampling process. The field trial will test the performance of a range of NAP-SL items and will inform the design of the final tests for the main study which will be held later in the year. The data generated by this field trial will contribute to future directions for Science testing in Australia. This online test for our Year 6 students will take place on Tuesday 19th June.

4 Secondary School Examination Block The examination block will start in Week 10 on Monday 18th June. Students should be preparing for exams by revising the work covered throughout the term. During the exam block, parents will have the choice of allowing their child to study at home or sending them to school to study under teacher supervision. More information about exams, including the exam timetable will be communicated next week. Uniform Jeromy Wainwright Head of Secondary There are times throughout the year where students need to be reminded of some of the uniform expectations. Uniform expectations can be found on page 34 of the College Handbook. Please read the following expectations in relation to boy s hair and girls jewellery. Boy's Hair o o o o To be worn off the face (clear of eyebrows), short sides (clear of ears), above the collar. Not to be cut shorter than Blade 4 length. No dreadlocks, or other fashion statements. Faces to be clean shaven. Jewellery Allowable jewellery for girls is to wear one pair of small plain gold or silver sleepers (not hoops) or small plain gold or silver studs (not shaped eg hearts, stars, butterflies etc). Earrings are to be only positioned in the ear lobe of each ear. I ask parents to support the uniform policy to maintain consistency throughout the College. Year 7 & 8 Camp The Year 7 & 8 s will travel to Burleigh Heads on Wednesday 18th July (Week 1 of Term 3) to participate in an Adventure Camp. With a number of new students in the College, this is a great opportunity for students to work together and develop team building skills. More details about the camp will be communicated in the following weeks.

5 Early Learning Centre MAY was National Family Reading Month and to celebrate we had a number of events: our annual book fair, Can you read 10 books this month? challenge, Read with Me corner in the foyer and on the deck, and two Grandparents Read with Me mornings! Our Pre-Prep students also went on an excursion to Thomas Jack Park to participate in Simultaneous Storytime with the Dalby Library. Engaging with books in the early years of life is critical in the development of language and literacy skills and we love being able to support our families as they do this. Erica Whittle Centre Director Left: Lily builds her confidence and resiliency on a Bush Kindy excursion Right: Pre-Preps have started their Letterland journey Can you see the letter they are learning this week? COMING UP IN JUNE Friday 1 ST - Wednesday 6 th - Friday 15 th - Wednesday 20 th Friday 29 th - Pie Drive Forms due back Guiding Your Child to Success Seminar 9am Vacation Care booking forms due Pies arrive for collection Last Day of Term; College Athletics Day; Superheroes and Princesses Dress Up Day Above: Alex practises pre-reading skills as he decodes maps to play pirates! Above: Grandparents stayed and played for a whole day!

6 Devotion A prayer for success at work 'Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings.' Proverbs 22:29 NIV Here s a prayer for success at work: Lord, I thank You for the way You ve made me, for the many gifts and talents You ve placed within me, and I trust that I m the best person for this job. I am grateful for each and every one of the personalities I work with, even the ones I don t particularly like or understand. I ask that my focus would be on accomplishing the goals You have set forth for me toperform during my time in this position. Give me wisdom and discernment on the job, even in the midst of a hostile environment. Help me to learn what You want to teach me here, and give me patience as You prepare me for the future. Help me to do my best, and to always remain positive Prayer Points Please join with us in: and hopeful. Please quiet the complaints and disappointments of my heart with Your perfect peace, and allow me to trust You with my job. Dress me in the garments of praise and the righteousness of Christ that I may bring You glory where I work. Allow me to know my true identity, to walk in Your favour, and to seek to please You more than those with whom I work. Where there is contention, let me be a peacemaker. Where there is deceit, let me speak truth. Where there is despair, let me bring hope. Where there is fear, let me bring faith. Where there is darkness, let me bring light. Where there is sadness, let me bring joy. These things I ask in Jesus name, Amen. - praising God for the new students and staff at the College; - praying for Senior teachers as they work on developing new curriculum for Senior Subjects in 2019.

7 Tuckshop Tuckshop Roster 2nd Term 2018 April - June April May June 20/04/18 04/05/18 01/06/18 Dalby Show Day 27/04/18 Chelsea Jones & Myf Schenk Baking: Myf Schenk Carly Rockliff & Camille Town Baking Jo Bulow 11/05/18 Beryl Turner & Michelle Nolan Baking: Beryl Turner Jane O Regan & Francine Gosden Baking: Nicole Horchner Music Camp 08/06/18 Tenika Wilson & Anna Mickleborough Baking: Joy Keyte Let me know ASAP if I have rostered you on for a day that doesn t suit you Volunteers Wanted! Please consider if you are able to give just 5 hours a term to help out at the tuckshop. It is a great time of fellowship and chance to meet other parents and get to know the students. No experience needed we all help each other and learn as we go. Please wrap baking individually before delivering to the tuckshop and provide a list of ingredients. Thank you. Amended 01/12/17 18/05/18 Rebecca Smith & Pauline Kruger Baking: Rebecca Smith Year 11/12 Camp 25/05/18 Corrine Wilson & Liesel Walton Baking: Trina Sands Paper Planes Comp 15/06/18 Myf Schenk & Melissa Seebaran Baking: Delma Neuendorf 22/06/18 Jo Bulow & Cherie Riches Baking: Camille Town Exam Week 29/06/18 School Athletics Carnival Tuckshop TBA Calendar JUNE Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd June Music Camp Saturday 2nd June Music Concert 3pm Wednesday 6th June Prep Seminar 9am Wednesday 13th June ICAS Spelling Thursday 14th June ICAS Writing Monday 18th - Friday 22nd June Secondary Exam Block Tuesday 19th June NAP Science Literacy (Year 6) Monday 25th June CCM Sports Day Tuesday 26th June Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program (Year 11) Wednesday 27th June Pizza Day Fundraiser Friday 29th June Athletics Day LAST DAY OF TERM TWO

8 Boarding Already we find ourselves in Week 7 of Term 2. Some of our Boarders have been involved at recent Cross Country events. Jack, Charla, Jess and Siobhan all enjoyed participating in the various competitions here, at Ipswich and in Toowoomba. Ken Pedler Head of Boarding The Paper Plane Competition gave everyone the opportunity to be creative. Once again the Boarding House students scored well. Most families have two or three children, some maybe six or seven. Here at Boarding we have twenty teenagers all of whom have their own place in our Family. Like all families, each day requires a commitment from each family member to consider each other so that we all get along, enjoy each other s company, and contribute to a lovely home. I am reminded about the love verses in 1 Corinthians 13 v 4: Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. I believe as we continue to put these scriptures into practice we will see ongoing improvement within the Boarding Family s ability to grow and learn through life s daily challenges.

9 Classroom News Food & Fibre In 9 & 10 Food & Fibre this term we have been investigating different cultures from around the World and the foods they eat. We have had the privilege of having a few special guests come in to share some of their cultures with us, including Thulie Msimango sharing about South Africa, Joy Keyte sharing about the Philippines and Melissa Seebaran sharing about Sri Lanka. As part of their studies, the students have had the chance to cook and sample an array of yummy foods from around the World. For their assignment they are each researching a different country and the eating traditions associated with it, and are looking forward to sharing in a multi-cultural feast together when they each cook a main meal from their selected country. Mrs Pethybridge Band Camp In some super exciting news the Dalby Christian College Concert Band will be going on their very first band camp this week. The camp is being run at Warwick Christian College from Wednesday 30th May through to Saturday 2nd June. Over 60 students from Dalby, Chinchilla and Warwick will be part of making great music together. This year is a bit of a trial run and only involves bands from the Western Downs region but it is our hope that in future years it will be a big camp combining choirs, rock and jazz ensembles, string orchestras and bands from all the different CCM schools. While on camp the students will be split into 2 different ability levels. The junior band will be learning the songs: Dragon Dance, Pirates Cave and Ancient Voices. The senior band will learn: Mission Impossible, Wallace and Gromit Theme, It don t mean a thing if it ain't got that Swing and Celtic Air and Dance. All students will also combine to sing 3 songs: Football Frenzy, Why we Sing and Da Pacem Domine. Following the camp students will return to Dalby Christian College for a free concert in the MPC beginning at 3pm on Saturday 2nd June. Everyone is welcome to come and watch so feel free to invite your friends. Mr Schenk

10 Dalby Christian College To educate, nurture and disciple PREP 2019 We understand that deciding where to send your child for school and preparing for Prep can be overwhelming. Let us take some of the stress out of it with our Preparing for Prep Program. Preparing for Prep FREE Seminar Series Guiding Your Child to Success Wednesday 6th June :00am Early Literacy & Numeracy Friday 27th July :00pm Developing Positive Partnerships with School Tuesday 21st August :00am Prep at Dalby Christian College Wednesday 19th September :00pm Seminars will be held at the College Prep Classroom Come & Try Prep Mornings Would you like to come and spend time in a Prep classroom? Would you like to see what a normal day looks like at Prep? Please contact the College Office on to make a time that suits you and your child to visit our Prep class. For more information or to RSVP to a Seminar session please contact the College Office on or by

11 Notices CYC winter junior 2018 GRADES4-6 $ July CYC WINTER SESSIONS 2018 Don't miss your chance to order the optional winter uniform Polar Fleece jacket. Orders are due this Friday 1st June for delivery by the end of this term. GRADES 7-12 $ JULY

12 February 2018 Page 1 of 15 Notices STUDENT ABSENCES When your child is absent or is going to be absent from school, parents must inform the office. Phone: Text: Parent Portal: Please remember to include your child's name and reason for absence in your communication. STUDENT MEDICATION Parents are reminded that the following rules apply for medication at school: * parents are to inform the office in writing if their student needs to have prescribed medication at school. A form is available at reception for this. * medication must be in the original container on which the doctor/ pharmacists instructions are clearly labelled. * medication is to be held at the office and will be administered to the student as prescribed. * over the counter medications including Panadol and Nurofen cannot by law be administered at school unless the same procedure as for prescribed medication, as above, is used. PRIVACY POLICY Please be advised that an updated Privacy Policy for Christian Commuinity Ministries, Colleges and Early Childhood Education & Care Centres can be found at the following link: Christian Community Ministries Colleges and Early Childhood Education & Care Centres Privacy Policy pdf 2a Mary Street Dalby QLD 4405 Phone: Web Facebook: