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1 Sample Resumes The fllwing resumes are reprduced with the authrs' permissin. Infrmatin has been changed t maintain privacy. These resumes d nt carry any endrsement frm the firm in terms f cmpsitin, grammar, etc. and are nly included as a resurce.

2 Jane are 555 Law St., Trnt, Ontari A1B 2C E UCATION Osgde all Law Schl at Yrk University, Trnt, Ontari Juris Dctr Candidate Present O Mediatin Intensive Clinical Prgram Accepted int a select prgram where participants receive training t becme a certified cmmunity mediatr. Participants cnduct cmmunity and Small Claims Curt mediatins, prvide educatin n cnflict preventin and reslutin, design and carry ut a cmmunity engagement prject. 0 Mnash University at the Prat Centre, Italy June 2012 Internatinal Cmparative Family Law Frzen Osgde Open Mt 0 Fraser Milner Casgrain Negtiatin Cmpetitin February 2012 March 2012 Trinity Cllege at the University f Trnt, Trnt, Ontari Hnurs Bachelr f Arts, duble majr in English and Wmen & Gender Studies ACADEMIC AWARDS Cllege Schlar, Trinity Cllege 2011 Dean's List, Trinity Cllege L.C.A. Hdgins Schlarship fr Excellence in English, Trinity Cllege The Helen Gregry MacGill Prize in Wmen's Studies, University f Trnt Entrance Schlarship, Trinity Cllege 2007 EMPLOYMENT Parks, Frestry & Recreatin, City f Mississauga Assistant Supervisr f Aquatics (part-time) Effectively led a team f ten staff, perfrmed timely evaluatin, managed emplyee relatins, directed department cmmunicatin and meeting facilitatin, executed facility scheduling. Develped creative training prgrams t prvide rientatin t new and experienced staff, cnveyed plicies and prcedures, and enhance staff cmpetence. Cllabrated with cmmunity service prviders n crss-departmental prjects t deliver rbust prgramming fr different age grups and participant needs. Demnstrated resilience and calm in crisis situatins and prvided maximum safety fr participants resulting in n serius incidents. Lifeguard and Swimming Instructr Instructed varius prgramming t ver 150 children and adults per year, adapted existing prgrams t integrate children with special needs, managed cmmunicatins with parents and guardians. Successfully cmmunicated and wrked chesively with clleagues t execute emergency respnse strategies and prvide first aid treatment.

3 Jane De Lululemn Athletica, Trnt, Ontari Assciate Prepared daily cash and sales recnciliatin, cnducted receiving and inventry, and managed custmer returns. Effectively reslved prblems and prvided persnal prduct recmmendatins fr special custmer needs. COM1VIUNITY AND VOLUNTEERISM Osgde Wmen's Netwrk, Osgde Hall Law Schl 2012 Present Meeting Chair & Secretary Part f an executive that plan events t cnnect female students with lawyers. O Establish and cmmunicate pririties and the agenda, develp actin plans, take and distribute minutes t general membership. Osgde Orientatin, Osgde Hall Law Schl September 2012 Supprt and accmpany incming students t their first week at law schl thrugh events and cmmunicatin sessins. Cmmunity and Legal Aid Services Prgramme, Osgde Hall Law Schl 2011 Present Casewrker and Intake Vlunteer Immigratin Divisin casewrker: cnduct legal research, retainer meetings, and client interviews in rder t prvide legal access t refugees. O Intake vlunteer: perfrm client screening and intake interviews, appintment scheduling, data entry, and respnd t telephne and walk-in prspective client inquiries fr all services. Future Pssibilities fr Kids, Trnt, Ontari 2010 Present KidCach O Act as an assigned cach and mentr t a child frm an at-risk neighburhd assisting them t build self-esteem, wrk thrugh challenges, and prgress thrugh a curriculum designed t identify their leadership ptential. Humanities fr Humanity, Trinity Cllege, University f Trnt Mentr Acted as a student mentr and discussin facilitatr in an evening learning prgram fr yuth and adults wh were unable t attend pst-secndary educatinal institutins due t sciecnmic barriers. SKILLS AND INTERESTS Intermediate ral and written French Ryal Cnservatry f Music Grade VIII Pian, Grade III Musical Thery Standard First Aid with CPR-C certified, Targeted Autmated External Defibrillatr (AED) Site Respnder Travel (Mrcc, Cratia, Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, East and West casts f Canada) Ht yga, swimming, running, sailing Avid baker

4 Jane De 123 Blr Street, Trnt ON, M1K 4E5 (647) EDUCATION University f Trnt Faculty f Law Juris Dctr Candidate 2014 University f Winnipeg Bachelr f Arts in Criminal Justice (Hnurs) [Sept 2011-present] [ ] AWARDS AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (BASED ON ACADEMIC MERIT) The ABC Schlarship [2011] Jhn De Schlarship [2009] Jane Smith Memrial Schlarship [2008] Schlarship in Criminal Justice [2008] Academic Prficiency Schlarship [ ] University f Winnipeg Special Entrance Schlarship [2005] WORK EXPERIENCE Educatinal Wrk Experience Research Assistant, University f Trnt Prfessr Jim Phillips, Trnt ON [Dec 2011-May 2012] O Bigraphical research fr Osgde Sciety fr Canadian Legal Histry C-Authr, Criminal Justice Cnference Paper, Winnipeg MB [Sept 2009-June 2010] O Quantitative and qualitative data analysis; synthesis and analysis f large quantities f data Teaching Assistant, Research Methds in Criminal Justice (CJ-2102), Winnipeg MB [Sept 2009-Dec 2009] O Respnsible fr assisting students during statistics labs and marking assignments Develped leadership and time-management skills Teaching Assistant, Criminal Prcesses and Prcedures (CJ-3130), Winnipeg MB [Jan 2008-April 2008] O Respnsible fr marking assignments and examinatins, and returning them in a timely manner Bilgy Lab Demnstratr, Eclgy, Evlutin and Bidiversity (B ), Winnipeg MB [Sept 2006-Dec 2006] O Respnsible fr assisting students in labratry exercises, and invigilating and marking assignments and examinatins Law-Related Experience Research Assistant, Carpenter Family Law, Trnt ON O Researched case law and legislatin relating t different areas f family law O Drafted legal memrandums [July 2012-present] Research Assistant, Lundell & Hassan-Lundell Attrneys, Trnt ON [June 2012-July 2012] O Researched case law relating t evidence law fr a persnal injury case Research Assistance, Dr. Weinrath- University f Winnipeg, Winnipeg MB [June 2012-present] O Researched and drafted a summary n the use f therapeutic cmmunities in Canadian prisns Student Vlunteer, Artists' Legal Advice Services, Trnt ON [June 2012-present] O Attended vlunteer shifts that invlve phne intake, appintment call-backs, and bserving client meetings

5 Jane De- Page 2 f 2 Member, Trial Advcacy Grup, University f Trnt, Trnt ON [Jan 2012-April 2012] Develped trial level litigatin skills relating t direct examinatins, crss examinatins, and clsing and pening statements thrugh preparatin fr and participatin in a mck trial First Year Casewrker, Dwntwn Legal Services- Criminal Divisin, Trnt ON [Sept 2011-April 2012] Attended weekly phne intake shifts that invlved btaining intake infrmatin and prviding legal assistance referrals Learned substantive law and legal prcesses relating t criminal law Carriage f client file and respnsible fr legal representatin in curt and pre-trial negtiatin Member, IHRP Wrking Grup- UN Wmen's Prperty Rights, Trnt ON [Sept 2011-April 2012] Cnducted cnstitutinal and gender research n the Guatemalan and Afghanistan cnstitutins Prepared a mapping assignment using prvisin f the Guatemalan and Afghanistan cnstitutins regarding gender equality and issues Member, University f Trnt Wmen and the Law Student Grup, Trnt ON [Sept 2011-April 2012] Attended and participated in grup meetings and discussins relating t the issues facing females in the practice f law; invlved in lcal netwrking Arts Cmmittee, University f Winnipeg Student's Assciatin, Winnipeg MB [January 2010-June 2010] O Elected by my peers, and while in the psitin I tk the initiative t develp a "Psitive Space" Campaign at the University f Winnipeg Pilt Study C-Ordinatr, Headingley Crrectinal Center, Headingly MB [Oct 2009-April 2010] Successfully crafted and implemented a pilt study t quantitatively and qualitatively assess the effect f auricular acupuncture n the mental health symptms f incarcerated males Participant, University f Winnipeg Criminal Prcess and Prcedures Mt, Winnipeg MB [May 2009] Oral and written presentatin f legal arguments Received the highest scre fr my ral advcacy Other Wrk Experience Server, Jey Eatn Centre, Trnt ON [June 2012-present] Respnsible fr greeting and serving guests in a highly efficient manner and mney management Shift Leader, Earls Restaurant, Kelwna BC [May 2010-May 2011] Prmted t shift manager; led a team f emplyees with weekly sales in excess f $200,000 Bartender and Server, Earls Restaurant, Kelwna BC [May-Aug ] e Respnsible fr preparing beverages in a highly efficient manner and recnciliatin f cash at day's end Educatr, Lululemn Athletica, Banff AB [May-Aug 2006] Respnsible fr develpment and grwth f the Banff stre lcatin PUBLICATIONS De, Jane (2010). The Criminal Justice System in Canada. Canadian Jurnal f Urban Research (submitted). INTERESTS Sprts- I enjy participating in utdr activities such as wake surfing, camping, and snwbarding. Music- I enjy listening t classic rck, including Led Zeppelin, The Drs, and Neil Yung.

6 J 123 Law Street 1 Mississauga, Ontari, L5M 2K91 T: (416) E: E IIlUCATION 2011 Present Queen's University, Faculty f Law Juris Dctr Candidate, Yrk University, Schulich Schl f usiness Internatinal Bachelr f Business Administratin Specializatins: Ecnmics, Marketing Kingstn, ON Trnt, ON Winter 2008 ESADE University Undergraduate Business Exchange Barcelna, Spain AWARDS AN SCHOLARSHIPS Winner f 5 rav Awards, A C Fds Canada Mississauga, ON Given mnthly fr excellence in custmer management and develpment Super Brav Award, A C Fds Canada Mississauga, ON Fr creatin f ABC Canada's natinal small frmat executin guide 2009 Catcher f the Perid Award, A C-QTG Canada Fr excellence in custmer-fcused sales slutins Mississauga, ON 2007 usiness Case Cmpetitin Winner, Schulich Schl f Business Trnt, ON 2005 Entrance Schlarship, Yrk University Trnt, ON EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE Summer A C Fds & everages Canada, Legal Department Mississauga, ON Legal Department Summer Student Revised manual n cmpliance with cmpetitin and trademark legislatin Drafted new by-laws and cmmenced recertificatin prcess fr The ABC Fundatin t ensure cmpliance with current nt-fr-prfit legislatin A C Fds Canada, Categry Management Mississauga, ON Shelf Manager Negtiated prduct assrtment strategies with natinal retail clients Cllabrated with marketing teams t drive in-stre vlume fr new prducts Analyzed cnsumer databases t identify high-prfit prduct pprtunities ABC QTG, Natinal Retail Sales Trnt, ON Territry Manager Small/Large Frmat Managed sales relatinships with ver 200 key retail custmers in Trnt O Negtiated with custmers t generate ver $50,000 in incremental sales

7 Summer 2008 Gas Cmpany, Business Services & Lttery Mississauga, ON Categry Specialist and Marketing Intern e Led executin f the 2008 prmtinal strategy fr Gas Cmpany O Managed all retail cmmunicatins relating t business services and lttery Summer 2007 Summer 2006 XYZ, Medical Prducts l ivisin Trnt, ON Assistant Prduct Manager O Assessed and enfrced cntractual agreements with buyers fr purchases Cllabrated with natinal sales team t better target sales resurces A C I, Credit Card Marketing Karachi, Pakistan Marketing Summer Student O Cnducted a cmpetitive analysis n Karachi's credit card prducts market VOLUNTEE AND EXTRA-CURRICULA ACTIVITIES 2011 Present Queen's University, Law Students' Sciety Kingstn, ON President Leading the L.S.S. Cuncil t develp initiatives t imprve student life Cllabrating with the general L.S.S. Cuncil t address student cncerns 2011 Present Queen's Law Club Gvernance Cmmittee Kingstn, ON Cmmittee Representative Analyzing new club prpsals t assess viability and impact n student life 2011 ABC Fds Canada, PFC HQ Events Cmmittee Kingstn, ON Cmmittee Member Cllabrated with directrs f all departments t select cmmittee members Organized initiatives such as a sftball turnament, and themed Fridays 2010 ABC-QTG Canada, United Way Silent Auctin Cmmittee Kingstn, ON Sales Team Representative Negtiated with custmers and partners t btain prizes fr charity auctin Schulich Schl f Business, APEX Cnference Trnt, ON Member 2009 APEX Cnference Executive Team 17 persn team that rganized the 11 th Annual APEX Cnference Develped the cnference's first cnstitutin addressing cmmittee prtcls O Held accuntable fr $60,000 in spnsrship funds t create the cnference INTERESTS Sprts played/cached AAA Baseball and am currently playing in a divisin-1 men's league; passinate ftball and basketball fan Languages prficient in Spanish and Hindi, Cnversatinal in French O Travelling aspiring t backpack thrugh every cntinent in the wrld Autism Awareness Enjy bth researching autism individually and attending seminars n this disability

8 EDUCATION JANE OE XXX Avenue I Apt XXX I Windsr ON I N9B XXX I (519) XXX-XXXX XXX Blvd I Trnt ON I M5M XXX I (416) XXX-XXXX 2011-Present Juris Dctr Candidate (2014) UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR Exchange: MONASH UNIVERSITY, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Summer 2012) Award: "Pass with Distinctin" fr Legal Research & Writing Mt (2012) BScE, Electrical Engineering (2009) QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY Graduated with Secnd Class Hnurs (2009) O Awards: Dean's Entry Schlarship (2005), Dean's List (2006) EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE Electrical Engineer ABC INC. Wrked at an internatinal research and develpment cnsulting firm in the Distributin Asset Management grup within the Transmissin and Distributin Technlgy grup Presented a research prject at the Canadian DALCM Cnference in Ottawa Led multiple prjects in the electrical pwer industry, including Asset Management, Asset Cnditin Assessments, Asset Amrtizatin Analysis, IFRS, Arc Hazard Analysis, Distributed Generatin Prjects (including Cnnectin Impact Assessments fr FIT), and Failure Investigatin (Fuses, Cables, etc) Led meetings with clients, managed technical staff, and met billable hur targets Summer 2008 Sle Prprietr XYZ TUTORING Develped a sle prprietrship tutring business, taught mathematics and science t grade 7-12 students, hired tutrs, and rganized scheduling with students Electrical Engineering Intern ALBERTA INC. Wrked at an electrical distributin utility t update their grid mdels using sftware Develped transmissin planning prjects, five year frecasts, custmer planning, large area planning, and created develpment dcuments fr the Alberta Energy Bard Summer 2006 Law Clerk ABC BARRISTERS Served dcuments and prepared affidavits and statements f claim Cmmunicated with clients, defense lawyers, insurance cmpanies, dctrs, and health specialists t prepare case briefs Summer 2005, Cunselr, Activity Head, Outdr Educatin Instructr 2006 & SUMMER CAMP Managed a staff f 8 cunselrs and taught wilderness survival skills t campers and staff

9 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Jane De I Page 2 f Present C-Chair, EXTERNAL OUTREACH COMMITTEE O Organize events and a cmmittee that encurages students t get invlved in the Windsr cmmunity utside the Law Schl O Cmmittee initiatives: Sup Kitchen, Bys and Girls Club, Fashin Shw, Crss Prfessinal Night, and Parkinsn's Walk 2011-Present Member, STUDENT LAW SOCIETY O Member, Law Games 2013 Cmmittee and Scial Cmmittee O Leader, Scial Orientatin Science Frmal Cnvener, QUEEN'S ENGINEERING SOCIETY Led a yearlng prject and a cmmittee f 5 Chairs, 15 Managers, 100 Designers, Security, Engineers, and Cnstructin cmpanies t cnvert a 7-rm Hall int The Queen's Science Frmal (mentined n David Letterman's Tp 10 University Black Tie Events) O Had an $80,000 budget t build 2 three stry tree huses and a 2 strey airplane inside the Hall, had 3 bands and 5 DJs playing inside the student-built structure Athlete & Cach, VARSITY SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING TEAM Award: Glden Q Award fr Queen's Cmpetitive Varsity Athletes O Trained fur days a week and versaw chregraphy f a Natinal cmpetitin rutine COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Casewrker, COMMUNITY LEGAL AID O Cnducted client intakes, legal research and trial preparatin Vlunteer, WINDSOR BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB O Vlunteered at the after-schl prgram, and was n the cmmittee t run a mvie night Cach, TORONTO SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING CLUB O Cached girls ages 8-11 in cmpetitive synchrnized swimming (paid psitin) Vlunteer, WOMEN IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING (Queen's Chapter) a Ran science prjects, experiments and lessns fr girl guide grups in Kingstn SKILLS & INTERESTS Prfessinal Develpment O Engineer-in-Training registered with Prfessinal Engineers Ontari t btain PEng qualificatin O Cmpleted Prfessinal Practitiner's Exam n Legal and Ethical Issues fr Engineers (April 2010) O Cmputer Skills & Prgramming: Micrsft Office, Excel, Visual Basic, C, Java, Turing, machine cding Athletics & Recreatin Running (Trnt Half Marathn, Sprting Life 10 km), cane trips (Algnquin Park, Temagami, Clunge River), ski trips (Panrama, Whistler, Tremblant, Jay Peaks), scuba diving (Cambdia, Brunei), rad biking, tennis, glf Travel Cuba, England, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cratia, Czech Republic, Austria, Vietnam, Cambdia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Indnesia

10 Jane te 314 Legal Street, Apartment #2, Trnt, ON M5H 2A5 I I (416) EDUCATION Sept Present Sept Apr Juris Dctr Candidate (2014), Osgde Hall Law Schl, Trnt, ON Hnurs Bachelr f Cmmerce (B.Cmm), University f Trnt, Trnt, ON Graduated with Hnurs with a specializatin in Finance University f Trnt Entrance Schlarship - Entrance Average % Dean's List Schlarship - Academic Average f 80.0% r abve Jhnsn & Jhnsn Award - Participatin in Exchange Prgram t Hng Kng Jan April Internatinal Exchange, Hng Kng University, Hng Kng Cmpleted a fur-mnth Internatinal Study Abrad Prgram in Hng Kng fcusing n Business Curses frm an Asia-Pacific perspective WORK EXPERIENCE May Aug Oct Aug July Sept Jan Apr Assciate, MINT Cmmercial Banking, Trnt, ON Cllabrated with a Relatinship Manager and Credit Manager t underwrite credit analyses fr crpratins (deal size ranging frm $250K t $15M) acrss several industries including legal, financial services, mining, and healthcare Cnducted due diligence f cmpanies by reviewing financial statements, interviewing principal members, discussing cash flw management, and applying internal financial mdels t assign credit ratings and t prvide recmmendatins Wrked clsely with MINT Legal and utside cunsel t btain the required security dcuments fr ur mutual clients Attended client meetings t maintain strng rapprt with existing clients and t slicit new business Financial Analyst - Tax and Accunting Divisin, ABC Canada Inc., Trnt, ON Key analyst in assisting Finance Manager and Directr with develping the cmpany's annual benefit budget Mnitred and maintained cash/debt balances and freign exchange maturities n a daily basis C-chaired the Mentring Prgram Cmmittee and headed the launch f ABC Canada Inc.'s Nrth American Mentring Prgram by giving a cmpany-wide presentatin, verseeing the registratin prcess, and acting as the general spkespersn fr the prgram Teaching Assistant - Intr t Business, University f Trnt, Trnt, ON Prepared and led weekly tutrials and held ffice hurs fr students seeking additinal understanding f the curse Acted as a key liaisn and effectively cmmunicated curse-related matters between students and the Prfessr Respnsible fr grading assignments, exams, and evaluating presentatins

11 Jane De Page 2 f 2 May Aug Financial Analyst, ABC Canada Inc., Trnt, ON Led a 4-mnth lng prject t reduce ABC's wrking capital which resulted in savings f ver $5 millin; persnally presented results t the VP f Finance Strengthened analytical skills by using Excel t drill dwn large quantities f data, generate graphs, and prduce cmprehensive mnthly and quarterly treasury reprts t supprt management analysis EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Apr Present Sept Present Sept Present Jan Present May Sept Nv Dec Sept Dec Vice President f Finance, Osgde Law Students Sciety (LSS) Respnsible fr cntrlling the funds, assets, and prperty f the LSS: including maintaining accurate recrds f all LSS spending, managing the disbursement f funds accrding t the budget, verseeing the club funding prcess, and maintaining financial transparency Acting as key advisr t each f the year treasurers and varius cmmittees Executive Member, Osgde Crprate Law Club (CLC) Organized an all-day firm tur allwing first-year students t cnnect with several Bay Street law firms Fundraising Crdinatr, Osgde Law Cancer Sciety (OLCS) Respnsible fr leading the Cmmittee's varius fundraising prjects t prmte awareness fr cancer research within the Osgde cmmunity including a bk sale and annual charity race Osgde Hckey, Osgde Intramural Sprts Member f an intramural Hckey team Member, Team "Batter Up", Weekly Sprts Club Attended weekly practice and cmpeted intermediately in a reginal sftball league in the Greater Trnt Area Delegate, University f Trnt Finance Assciatin Cnference (TFAC) Executed superir trading strategy t place first in simulated stck exchange at the ld Trnt Stck Exchange building Attended a series f panels, speeches, and netwrking events led by executives f the Financial Industry Team Captain, University f Trnt Intramural Indr Sccer Mtivated and led the 2010 team t play a successful seasn ADDITIONAL INFORMATION / PERSONAL INTERESTS Lived and studied in Hng Kng fr 4 mnths while traveling arund Sutheast Asia including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Las, Singapre, and Indnesia. Accmplished pianist - Obtained Grade 10 Pian Degree (Hnurs) with the Ryal Cnservatry f Music Theatre, Travel, Skydiving, Yga.

12 Jhn D Schl: Randlph Avenue, Windsr ON N9B 2V Permanent: 10 Bay Street, Trnt, ON M3B 1H Educatin: Sep 2001 Present Sep 1994 May 1998 Candidate fr LL.., expected graduatin 2004 University f Windsr, Windsr, ON Hns. B.Sc. with majrs in Ecnmics and Psychlgy University f Trnt, Trnt, ON Awards and Achievements: Mar 2002 Oct 1999 "Pass with Distinctin" award, Legal Writing Mt Prepared memrandum f law and factum regarding the cnstitutinality f the Mney Laundering Act and its impact n slicitr-client privilege Canadian Securities Curse Canadian Securities Institute, Trnt, ON Related Legal Experience: June 2001 Present Sep 2001 Present Research Assistant t Prfessr David Jnes, University f Windsr Prepared research memranda and supplementary curse materials n cvenants, adverse pssessin and tenant prtectin Grup Advisr/Case Wrker, Cmmunity Legal Aid, Windsr, ON Filed dcuments and appeared in curt n varius client matters Assisted in the supervisin f a grup f case wrkers Cnducted client intake, research and file clsing Emplyment Experience: Dec 2000 Aug 2001 Nv 1999 Dec 2000 Investment Specialist, TD Asset Management, Trnt, ON Cnsistently exceeded sales and service targets in a declining market as a licensed mutual funds representative Ensured cmpliance with industry regulatins when authrizing and prcessing mutual fund trades President, OPSEU Lcal 598 Ontari Teachers' Pensin Plan Bard Trnt, ON Negtiated Ht-Skills retentin bnus in a jint management-unin initiative t retain key emplyees in IT and Investments Instituted Lcal Missin, Visin and Values statements Set and realized annual rganizatinal bjectives

13 Jhn De, page 2 f 2 Emplyment Experience Cnt.: Aug 1998 Dec 2000 Oct 1997 Jan 2000 Prject Analyst, Ontari Teachers' Pensin Plan Bard, Trnt, ON Anticipated and reslved pensin reprting issues t ensure accurate payment f members' entitlements Wrte quality cntrl prcedures t ensure effective departmental cmmunicatin with external clients Patient Administrative Assciate: Emergency Department Sunnybrk & Wmen's Cllege Health Sciences Centre, Trnt ON Crdinated patient flw by priritizing admissins and discharges Extracurricular Activities: Sep 2002 Present Sep 2001 Present Nv 2000 Present Sep 2002 Sep 2001 May 2002 Mar 1997 Sep 1999 Jun 1996 Feb 1997 Treasurer, University f Windsr Pre-Law Sciety University f Windsr Prpsed budget fr an undergraduate club with a mandate t infrm students abut the study and prfessin f the law Vice President/First Year Representative, Asian Law Students Organizatin, University f Windsr Organized a prvince-wide cnference f law students and practitiners with a fcus n access t justice and equity issues Mentr, Management Alumni Assciatin Mentrship Prgram University f Trnt Prvided career guidance t an undergraduate business student Grup Leader, Scial Orientatin, University f Windsr O Welcmed and mentred a grup f first year law students Assciate Editr, Windsr Review f Access t Justice University f Windsr Presented pinins n jurnal submissins t the selectin cmmittee Receptinist, The 519 Cmmunity Centre, Trnt, ON Prvided general ffice help in a busy dwntwn cmmunity centre Friendly Visitr, Queen Street Mental Health, Trnt, ON Prvided institutinalised schizphrenic patients with an pprtunity t scialize utside f the lcked ward Interests: Cmmitted t training in Wad Ryu Karate and have achieved the level f brwn belt Hbbyist black & white and digital phtgrapher

14 Jhn Schl: 215 Graduate Residence, Queen's University Kingstn, Ontari K7L 3N6 Telephne Hme: 66 Wellingtn Street West Trnt, Ontari M5K 1N6 Telephne E I UCATION Bachelr f Laws Candidate Queen's University, Kingstn, Ontari Newtn Rwell Entrance Schlarship in Law Distinguished Oralist Hnurable Mentin, Fasken Martineau First- Year Internatinal Law Mt Bachelr f Arts with Hnurs in Plitical Science University f Alberta, Edmntn, Alberta Hnurs Thesis The Rad Twards the Internatinal Criminal Curt : Vice-President Academic, Students' Unin (mandatry curse reductin) EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE May 2002 August 2002 May 2000 April 2001 May 1999 April 2000 September 1999 February 2000 Summer Law Student Jnes & Smith LLP, Calgary Prepared research memranda, ntices f mtin, clsing bks, watching brief, case summaries, drafts f letters and researched the prper prcedure fr demlishing an entire neighburhd Met with clients, summarized evidence, analyzed testimny, prfread agreements, filed dcuments at curthuse, calculated share price data, argued files with lawyers, bserved hearings, meetings and discveries Directr f Cmmunicatins University f Alberta Students' Unin, Edmntn Public relatins crdinatr reprting directly t the President Advised executives n plicy and planning fr $9 millin rganizatin Vice-President Academic University f Alberta Students' Unin, Edmntn Represented 26,000 students t the university, cmmunity and media Viced student cncerns, chaired cmmittees, wrte university plicies Cmmentatr Canadian Bradcasting Crpratin Televisin, Edmntn Wrte, prepared and presented cmmentaries n-air

15 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Jhn De Page 2 f Present Vice-President, Law Class f 2004 Implemented new student-driven seminar fr Legal Skills curse Develped new fundraising events; verhauled clubs funding plicies Member, Queen's Debating Unin Vice-President, Suth Asian Law Students' Assciatin Organized guest speakers, scial events and fundraisers Treasurer, Intellectual Prperty and Infrmatin Technlgy Assciatin Raised funds fr firm turs, guest speakers and innvative webpage Registratin Cmmittee, Queen' s 8 th Annual Business Law Sympsium Assisted firms, participants and speakers during the sympsium Member, Articling Cmmittee, Crprate Law and Investment Club, Criminal Law Assciatin, Internatinal Law Sciety, Queen's Internatinal Affairs Assciatin. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT March 2002 March 2003 President Canadian University Sciety fr Intercllegiate Debate Wrking with executive team t versee turnaments and university teams; representing Canada n the Wrld Cuncil Directing rganizatinal review; expanding pst-secndary debating January 1997 Member, Bard f Trustees July 2001 Chair, External Cmmittee (January 2001 July 2001) Edmntn Public Library Prvided unique (student) perspective n gvernance and the future f the library; invlved in the develpment f three new library branches January June 2000 March 1997 March 1999 August 1998 April 1997 May 1998 INTERESTS Mentr Partners with Kids Prgram, Nrwd Elementary Schl, Edmntn Wrked with a student t imprve his reading and hmewrk skills Member, Bard f Directrs Alberta Debate and Speech Assciatin Develped new plicies and rganized fundraisers Prepared extensive research packages n varius public plicy issues Vlunteer Supervisr Heritage Days Festival, Edmntn Crdinated vlunteers fr amphitheatre shws and presentatins Member, Bard f Directrs United Way f the Alberta Capital Regin, Edmntn Invlved in strategic planning and new prgram develpment Helped generate and allcate resurces Swimming, sccer, travel (Australia, New Zealand, Singapre, Sri Lanka, United States), drama, cinema, jazz, debating, internatinal relatins, maps, ice wine

16 JANE K. DOE Schl Address: Hme Address: First Street 66 Wellingtn Street Halifax, Nva Sctia Trnt, Ontari B3M 2T4 M5K 1N6 (902) (416) E 1 UCATION Dalhusie Law Schl, Halifax, Nva Sctia Currently in secnd year f the Bachelr f Laws Prgram. Expected graduatin: May Present Wilfred Laurier University, Waterl, Ontari Master f Arts, Majr in Histry Graduate Schlarship University f Western Ontari, Lndn, Ontari Bachelr f Arts, Majr in Histry Entrance Schlarship University Canadienne en France, Nice, France Eurpean histry and the French language WORK EXPERIENCE Jnes & Jnes LLP, Waterl, Ontari Student-at-Law Full-time summer student in a firm specializing in Crprate/Cnunercial and Litigatin law May 2002 Present GEOS Language Crpratin, Osaka, Japan April 2000 August 2001 English Teacher Taught English as a secnd language t students f all ages, frm elementary schlchildren t executives f Japanese crpratins. Effectively prepared students fr freign university examinatin and verseas wrk psitins. Interviewed prspective students, prvided student cunselling and encuraged students t renew cntracts Need Help Persnnel, Trnt, Ontari Sept April 2000 Persnnel Cnsultant Cnducted interviews, resume screening and jb search seminars fr prspective applicants. Prescreened applicants t client's specificatins fr bth temprary and permanent placements. Assisted in the develpment f a new client base thrugh prspecting, sales calls and presentatins ABCDE Technlgy, Mntreal, Quebec May 1999 August 1999 Human Resurces Trainee, Generalist Psitin Cntract psitin assigned t the develpment f jb descriptins and salary specificatins fr an emplyee base f 600. Cnducted interviews and resume screening, reprting t the Directr f Human Resurces Jump Café and Bar, Trnt, Ontari Sept April 1999 Bartender and Server Prvided service in a high prfile, fine dining restaurant. Given additinal respnsibilities f training new staff and daily bar inventry and rdering

17 JANE K. DOE Page 2 WORK EXPERIENCE cntinued Wilfred Laurier University, Waterl, Ontari Sept May 1998 Teaching Assistant Assisted prfessr with curse planning and marking. Slely respnsible fr cnducting biweekly seminars fr 25 students and staffing ffice hurs Air Transat, Trnt, Ontari Flight Attendant Respnsible fr safety and cmfrt f passengers n dmestic and verseas flights Seasnally EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Dalhusie Law Schl, Executive Vice President May 2002 Present Elected psitin. Liaisn between students and faculty, c-rdinatin f events at the law schl and rganizatinal rle reprting t the President Pr n Students Canada, alifax, Nva Sctia Sept Present Matched with a wmen's shelter t prvide law-related supprt, including research and prductin f a publishable reprt n funding needs and gvernment cutbacks, presenting wrkshps and attending curt sessins with residents. Weekly cmmitment f three t five hurs Dalhusie Law Schl, Cmmunity Outreach Sept Present Prvided supprt fr cmmunity prgrams including fd drives, a weekly sup kitchen and fundraising Dalhusie Law Jurnal Sept Present Citatins editr and member f the reading grup respnsible fr reviewing submissins and advising editrial staff Dalhusie Law Schl, Academic Cmmittee Sept June 2002 Member f the Law Students' Bard f Directrs. Respnsible fr cnsidering prpsals fr new curses, reviewing existing curse structure and cntent and advising the Dean and Faculty Cuncil n curriculum and marking structures Big Sisters, Waterl, Ontari Jan April 2000 Invlved in a Big Sister/Little Sister match. A minimum weekly cmmitment f three hurs Trnt Public Library, Literacy Prgram, Trnt, Ontari Sept April 2000 On a weekly basis met with a six year ld child in activities designed t prmte enjyment f reading and an increase in reading and writing skills Terry Fx Run Chairpersn, Nice, France Sept May 1994 C-rdinated a French versin f the Teary Fx Run. Raised $15,000 that was equally divided between L'Institute Curie in Paris and the Canadian Cancer Sciety. Organized spnsrship by Air Canada, Air France and Evian. Cmmunicated in French with the lcal media t prmte the race ADDITIONAL SKILLS/INTERESTS Fluency in ral and written French Ryal Cnservatry Grade 10 Vilin, Grade 8 Pian Cycling, drawing and hrseback riding

18 Jhn A. De Permanent Address Sessinal Address 152 Any Street, Unit Schl Lane crn Trnt, ON Kingstn, Ontari Mbile M6P 1P4 K1G 1P Educatin University f Ottawa, Faculty f Law, Cmmn Law Sectin Dctrate f Laws, anticipated 2013 Ottawa, ON Queen's University, Schl f Plicy Studies Master f Public Administratin Graduated with Distinctin Queen's Graduate Award fr academic achievement Queen's University, Faculty f Arts and Sciences Bachelr f Arts with Hnurs Gegraphy Graduated with Distinctin Dean's Hnur List, Kingstn, ON Kingstn, ON Law-Related Experience Jan May 2012 Canadian Intellectual Prperty Office Ottawa, ON Intern, Trade-marks Oppsitin Bard Under the direct supervisin f Chair, Trade-marks Oppsitin Bard, drafted a number f sectin 45 decisins Analyzed and summarized litigants' affidavit evidence, in preparatin fr drafting decisins Cnducted extensive research int different pints f trade-mark law Sept May 2012 Ottawa Law Review Senir Editr Evaluated articles, bk reviews and case cmmentaries f Canadian and internatinal legal schlars t select submissins fr publicatin Ottawa, ON Sept May 2011 Ottawa Law Review Assciate Editr Prfread and revised successful submissins t cnfrm t the OLR guidelines Perfected the ftntes therein t cnfrm t the latest editin f the Canadian Guide t Unifrm Legal Citatin Fact-checked the evidence cited in the successful submissins Ottawa, ON Nv Feb Harld G. Fx Mt Curt Cmpetitin Trnt, ON Mt Curt Cmpetitr C-authred the respndent's factum and delivered clsing arguments Nv May 2011 University f Ottawa, Faculty f Law, Cmmn Law Sectin Research Assistant Cnducted a Canada-wide survey f high-speed Internet availability in rural cmmunities and prepared a reprt f the results theref Dcumented the prceedings at the CRTC New Media hearings Ottawa, ON

19 Jhn A. De Page 2/2 Wrk Experience May Aug Canadian Institute fr Health Infrmatin Trnt, ON Summer Student Interviewed department heads and directrs t discern the prcedures f fur departments fr publicatin in a flwchart Develped an executive summary, dcumenting the duties f multiple branches and departments, t explain new rles after a restructuring May Aug. 2005, 2006 Sept May 2006 Cancer Care Ontari Cmmunicatins Officer, Public Affairs Drafted and refined internal bulletins n CCO's public image, Ontari cancer drug cverage and pharmaceutical research and develpment Queen's University, Faculty f Arts and Sciences Teaching Assistant Planned weekly tutrials with three prfessrs and seventeen teaching assistants and wrked with a small grup f first-year students t help them develp individual learning strategies Trnt, ON Kingstn, ON Extracurricular and Vlunteer Experience Sept May 2012 Business Law Sciety Academic Officer Crdinated fundraisers and ther events with faculty, including a cncert and panel discussin Sept May 2012 Ontari Bar Assciatin Law Schl Ambassadr t the University f Ottawa Sept May 2011 Student Law Sciety First-Year Representative O Organized and hsted "Life after Law Schl", an interactive panel discussin with lcal practitiners abut emplyment pprtunities available t graduates Crdinated an electrnic waste ("e-waste") dispsal drive with the Envirnmental Law Students' Assciatin Ottawa, ON Ottawa, ON Ottawa, ON Dec Mar Queen's Internatinal Affairs Assciatin Delegate, Natinal Mdel United Natins Addressed the First Cmmittee f the Natinal Mdel UN General Assembly n the subject f the small arms and light weapns trade New Yrk, NY 2006 present Canadian Cancer Sciety Trnt, ON Participate in annual fundraiser Chair, junir vlunteer cmmittee Persnal Interests Acting; Cars; Film; Glf; Music and Travel

20 EDUCATI N Jhn De, POE zr g 202 Bay Street, Ottawa, ON K4E-7B9 a University f Ottawa, Ottawa, ON Faculty f Law, Juris Dctr (J.D.) Candidate Present Queen's University, Kingstn, ON Faculty f Applied Science, Civil Engineering PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATIONS AND CE l TIFICATIONS Prfessinal Engineers Ontari 2011 Prfessinal Engineer Designatin (P. Eng) Cnsulting Engineers f Ontari 2007 Cntract Administratin Certificatin LAW RELATED EXPE ENCE Law Student, ABC Legal Department - Operatins Summer 2012 ABC Grup Inc., Trnt, ON Acted in varius small claims matters including cnducting a trial and representing Aecn at several settlement cnferences. Drafted pleadings, affidavits and legal research memranda. Prepared cnstructin cntract claims including assessing cntractual and statutry entitlements, drafting ntice f claim. Cnducted cmmercial risk reviews f cnstructin bid dcuments and cmmunicated risks t business units. Redlined an IP Master Service Agreement t include mre favrable cmmercial terms. Reviewed recent case law, identifying and synthesizing legal principles affecting Aecn peratins. Obtained a cntractr's license fr ABC in the State f Virginia which invlved the crdinatin f several ABC departments, liaising with state fficials and ensuring all licensure requirements were met. Law Student, A C Legal Department - Crprate Summer 2012 ABC Grup Inc., Trnt, ON Drafted Directr, Officer and Sharehlder reslutins fr varius ABC subsidiaries. Crdinated the extra-prvincial registratin f several ABC subsidiaries. Crdinated the revival f a number f disslved ABC subsidiaries. Aided with the rerganizatin f several ABC subsidiaries t accmmdate the labur regimes in varius prvinces. Cnducted legal research and drafted legal memranda. Aided in preparatin f Senir Credit Facility dcument. Addressed a number f Annual Reprt Crrectin Requests thrugh investigatin and the executin f apprpriate changes t annual returns. Reviewed and prfread dcuments prir t being sent t external parties. Participant, Nelligan O'Brien Payne First Year Mt Curt Cmpetitin Nvember 2011 University f Ottawa, Faculty f Law Drafted an appellant factum. ri Prepared ral arguments and participated in mt curt. Jhn De, P.Eng Page 1 f 2

Strategic Plan for Human Resource Management. 2007-08 to 2009-10

Strategic Plan for Human Resource Management. 2007-08 to 2009-10 Strategic Plan fr Human Resurce Management 2007-08 t 2009-10 Cmmissiner s Message Human resurce management is increasingly imprtant in tday s changing wrkfrce. Sme f the challenges CSC currently faces

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ACEN Accreditation Manual GENERAL INFORMATION. A publication of the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. UPDATED: July 31, 2013

ACEN Accreditation Manual GENERAL INFORMATION. A publication of the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. UPDATED: July 31, 2013 ACEN Accreditatin Manual A publicatin f the Accreditatin Cmmissin fr Educatin in Nursing. UPDATED: July 31, 2013 ACEN 3343 Peachtree Rad NE, Suite 850 Atlanta, Gergia 30326 Phne: 404.975.5000 Fax: 404.975.5020

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TRUCKEE MEADOWS COMMUNITY COLLEGE TRUCKEE MEADOWS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MAXINE S. JACOBS NURSING PROGRAM STUDENT HANDBOOK Truckee Meadws Cmmunity Cllege William N. Penningtn Health Science Center 18600 Wedge Pkwy. Building B Ren, Nevada 89512

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RISING TO THE CHALLENGE. Re-Envisioning Public Libraries

RISING TO THE CHALLENGE. Re-Envisioning Public Libraries RISING TO THE CHALLENGE Re-Envisining Public Libraries RISING TO THE CHALLENGE Re-Envisining Public Libraries A reprt f the Aspen Institute Dialgue n Public Libraries by Amy K. Garmer Directr Aspen Institute

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IMD. Finding the Way: A Discussion of the Swedish Migrant Integration System

IMD. Finding the Way: A Discussion of the Swedish Migrant Integration System Finding the Way: A Discussin f the Swedish Migrant Integratin System Finding the way: A discussin f the Swedish migrant integratin system OECD 2014 1 July 2014 Finding the way: A discussin f the Swedish

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Certification Handbook. The IIBA guide to gaining the CBAP designation.

Certification Handbook. The IIBA guide to gaining the CBAP designation. Certificatin Handbk The IIBA guide t gaining the CBAP designatin. April 16, 2014 Table f Cntents Table f Cntents... 2 1.0 Abut this Handbk... 3 2.0 Abut Internatinal Institute f Business Analysis... 3

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Better Care, Better Health, Lower Costs M U L T I - Y E A R A C T I O N P L A N

Better Care, Better Health, Lower Costs M U L T I - Y E A R A C T I O N P L A N A Plan t Transfrm the Empire State s Medicaid Prgram Better Care, Better Health, Lwer Csts M U L T I - Y E A R A C T I O N P L A N TABLE OF CONTENTS Intrductin... page 3 Health System Redesign in New Yrk:

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newsletter Codes of conduct have become RRN Codes of Conduct: Who Needs Them? In this issue...

newsletter Codes of conduct have become RRN Codes of Conduct: Who Needs Them? In this issue... Number 13 March 1999 R ELIEF AND R EHABILITATION NETWORK 13 RRN newsletter Imprving aid plicy and practice in cmplex plitical emergencies In this issue... Articles... 1 Cdes f Cnduct: Wh Needs Them?...

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The Global Partners MBA

The Global Partners MBA The Glbal Partners MBA FOUR CONTINENTS TWO DEGREES ONE GLOBAL EXPERIENCE J. Mack Rbinsn Cllege f Business Gergia State University IAE de Paris Srbnne Graduate Business Schl COPPEAD Federal University f

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European Investment Bank. Guide to Procurement

European Investment Bank. Guide to Procurement GUIDE TO PROCUREMENT fr prjects financed by the EIB Updated versin f June 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS Intrductin 1. General Aspects...4 1.1. The Bank s Plicy... 4 1.2. Eligibility f Cntractrs and Suppliers

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FORMAT FOR APPRAISAL OF NETWORK SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS FORMAT FOR APPRAISAL OF NETWORK SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS September 2004 Cntents Acknwledgments...iv Intrductin...1 Methdlgy...3 1 Summary Analysis Reprt...7 1.1 Overview f the Netwrk...7 1.2 NSO Services

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1 Two focus groups were held in November 2011. Nine members of the community participated. Individual phone

1 Two focus groups were held in November 2011. Nine members of the community participated. Individual phone New Prgram Prpsal: Spiritual Wellness & Cunseling Certificate Prgram Submitted by the Departments f Educatin and Allied Studies and Thelgy and Religius Studies, and the Office f Graduate Studies, Cllege

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Mental Health Job Description Position: Mental Health Counselor The SEED School of Miami

Mental Health Job Description Position: Mental Health Counselor The SEED School of Miami Reprts t: Directr f Student Supprt Services Team: Middle Schl Hurs: Sunday: 4:00 pm 11:00; Mnday: 1:00 pm -10:00 pm; Tues/Wed/Thu: 3:00pm 11:00 pm; Fri: Off Agreement Perid: July 01 2015 June 30, 2016

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TOWARDS INTEGRATED REPORTING Communicating Value in the 21st Century

TOWARDS INTEGRATED REPORTING Communicating Value in the 21st Century TOWARDS INTEGRATED REPORTING Cmmunicating Value in the 21st Century ABOUT THIS DISCUSSION PAPER Cntents Abut this Discussin Paper 1 Summary 2 What is Integrated Reprting? Why d We Need Integrated Reprting?

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Applying for a Job. Learning Resource. Contents

Applying for a Job. Learning Resource. Contents Applying fr a Jb Learning Resurce Cntents Intrductin 2 Step 1: Create an Accunt n Civil Service Jbs website 4 Step 2: Persnal Details 4 Step 3: Writing Cmpetency Examples 4 Example One Applying fr a Level

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BUSINESS OVERVIEW Second Quarter 2014. 2014 JGWPT Holdings Inc.

BUSINESS OVERVIEW Second Quarter 2014. 2014 JGWPT Holdings Inc. BUSINESS OVERVIEW Secnd Quarter 2014 2014 JGWPT Hldings Inc. 1 STATEMENT OF DISCLOSURE This presentatin cntains frward-lking statements within the meaning f U.S. federal securities laws. Frwardlking statements

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INDIA SPAIN PROGRAMME OF COOPERATION ON INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT A Bilateral Framewrk prviding financial supprt fr cllabrative R&D ventures Request fr Prpsals Terms, Cnditins & Guidelines fr Applicatins Indian Implementating Agency Indian Funding Ministry/Department

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Working with Native American Tribes

Working with Native American Tribes Wrking with Native American Tribes Overview The Federal-Tribal-State relatinship The Tribe s inherent pwer f self-gvernment Seminle Tribal Curt The Seminle Tribe and DCF s State t Natin tribal agreement

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Learn Start Play. Learning the game. Starting up the organisation. Playing in different ways

Learn Start Play. Learning the game. Starting up the organisation. Playing in different ways Learn Start Play Learning the game Starting up the rganisatin Playing in different ways Table f Cntent INTRODUCTION... 3 WHY CHOOSE FLOORBALL?... 4 Alternative sprt... 6 HISTORY OF FLOORBALL... 7 VALUES

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Check the GRE website (link to for registration and test writing dates and locations. Register online, by phone, or by mail.

Check the GRE website (link to for registration and test writing dates and locations. Register online, by phone, or by mail. Applying t Graduate Schl I. General 1. Backgrund U f S Psychlgy students are bth able and well-trained. Over the years they have had measurable success mving n t graduate schl. They d well n the GREs,

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ORGANISATIONAL, MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL MODEL Pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001

ORGANISATIONAL, MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL MODEL Pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 ORGANISATIONAL, MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL MODEL Pursuant t Legislative Decree n. 231 f 8 June 2001 Apprved by the Management Bard and by the Supervisry Bard n 6 March 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 THE

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THE INTERNATIONAL <IR> FRAMEWORK THE INTERNATIONAL FRAMEWORK ABOUT THE IIRC The Internatinal Integrated Reprting Cuncil (IIRC) is a glbal calitin f regulatrs, investrs, cmpanies, standard setters, the accunting prfessin and NGOs.

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Promoting your organisation

Promoting your organisation Prmting yur rganisatin Overview Welcme t this tlkit n prmting yur rganisatin. The aim f the tlkit is t help rganisatins t achieve their aims and bjectives using the active prmtin f their wrk as ne f their

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LIFE AFTER STUDY. International students settlement experiences in New Zealand DOL11566 NOV 10

LIFE AFTER STUDY. International students settlement experiences in New Zealand DOL11566 NOV 10 2010 LIFE AFTER STUDY Internatinal students settlement experiences in New Zealand DOL11566 NOV 10 Authrs Angie Wilkinsn, Statistics New Zealand Paul Merwd, Department f Labur Anne-Marie Masgret, Department

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The Total Economic Impact Of KPN s Managed Video Services

The Total Economic Impact Of KPN s Managed Video Services A Frrester Ttal Ecnmic Impact Study Prepared Fr KPN The Ttal Ecnmic Impact Of KPN s Managed Vide Services As Used By A Large Financial Service Organizatin Prject Directr: Sebastian Selhrst March 2012 TABLE

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No Unsafe Lift. Workbook

No Unsafe Lift. Workbook N Unsafe Lift Wrkbk Cver and Sectin Break image prvided curtesy f Arj Canada Inc. Table Of Cntents Purpse f this wrkbk... 2 Hw t use this wrkbk...3 SECTION ONE A Brief Review f the Literature...5 SECTION

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