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1 Monday Update October 7, 2013 The Monday Update is published weekly, on the John Bunter Memorial Computer by Harry Diavatis, who is solely responsible for its content. Please send correspondence, photographs and archival information to The Monday Update is posted every Monday on (Six years of back issues are available to view.) If you wish to have a free subscription and have the Update sent directly to your address, go to vhs62.com and click on Sign up for our newsletter. People corresponding with the MU should always include their complete name (including maiden, if applicable) and their school and grad year. The preferred font, color, and size is Ariel, black, 12. Please do not submit material that is in all UPPER CASE. Photographs and scanned images should be sent as a.jpg file when possible. Hello Classmates, Schoolmates and Friends: In this edition: Larry Asera 66, Juan Caducio,John DeLacy 60, Beth Dwyer-Barlow HH74, Glenn C Dyson 66, Janet Gholson-Bader SV63, Sue Giant-Baxter HH63, Rosalind Henry-La Briola 63, Carolyn Hewitt-Brown 60, Karl Jacque '60, Francene Laub '63, Don McDermott '48, Karen Price-Kording 60, Ted Roberts 67, Bobby Reynolds 66, Cheryl Rutherford-Thomas '63, Glenn Savoy, Dann Shively SV64, Suzie Schmutz 59, Charlie Spooner 60, Sandi Stewart-McCaslin SV63 and Michael Woods VJC Index This n That... 2 The Mailbag Apache Review of Arts by John Parks Comedy Corner Who You Callin an Old Geezer The Occasional Spoonful by Charlie Spooner On the Sidelines A Stroll Down History Lane Postcard Pals... 28

2 Newbies In Memoriam The Last Word The Monday Update Garage Sale MU Calendar of Upcoming Events Public Service Announcement Addendums The Fine Print This n that: It s sad to say but Kathy DeLacy-Merritt s battle with cancer has ended. From: John DeLacy 60 Kathy s son, Tim, called to advise that Kathy passed away at 4:45 AM this morning (Oct. 1). She fought a courageous battle with cancer, far surpassing the time her doctors expected her to live. Kathy is now with Jim. We ll likely hear about memorial services for Kathy in a few days and I will keep all of you informed. I m guessing these services will be in 2-3 weeks, likely in the Sacramento area. From: Suzie Schmutz 59 Courageous Kathy. Now she is in peace. 2 Saint Vincent Ferrer Class of 63 Fifty Year Reunion The 63 Hilltoppers came together for their 50 Year Reunion on September 28 at the Rancho Solano Country Club in Fairfield. The pictures in this section were provided by Sandi Stewart- McCaslin, Sue Giant-Baxter, and Janet Gholson-Bader. Thank you, ladies. From: Sandi Stewart-McCaslin The reunion started at 4:00 p.m.. with Mass celebrated by Fr. Martin de Porres. Cassy Nelson and Alan Wyle assisted. A large crowd attended with 60 members from a class of 98 gathering to celebrate. The total attending the Reunion was 93 including a few who graduated at Vallejo. Some went all through school and did not quite make it to the last day. It was a warm, light hearted affair. Rancho Solano is a beautiful facility offering comfort and elegance. The piped in music was supplied by Joie Spinelli and the MC was George Lyons. Cochairs of the event were: Kay Nash-Baughn and Yours Truly. Contributing to the effort were: Joyce Olsen-Coggburn, Judy Harris-Fritz, Linda Hicks-Dani, Kathy Hoffman-Buchanan, Alan and Rea Ann

3 Govi-Wyly, Susan Viviani-Hill, Dianne Lisle-Peterson, Paula Cavanagh-Tschida, Barbara Brennan, and Joe and Julie Valentino-Pramuk. The food was fabulous. A raffle was held of donated gifts, original art work, pottery, coins, a signed baseball, needle work, wood work, paintings, Dorothy Herger prints, and prints of Mary's Store across from SV, by Erin Bakke. (You can see copies of the paintings at the end of this section.) Dianne Lisle-Peterson won three works of art. From: Sue Giant-Baxter Our 50 Year Class Reunion was such a happy event. It felt like a little love-fest with a room full of lifelong friends. Some we see often, some every five years, and others we had not seen in 50 years! A great turnout. The highlight was having Father Martin de Porres (Jack) Walsh join us! He was our teacher, he was Jack Walsh, in high school and then became a priest. He said Mass for all of us, then joined us for the reunion. It was such a treat. I can honestly say he is my favorite teacher of all time! From: Janet Gholson-Bader SV63 I'm sending several pictures of the St. Vincent's Class of '63 50th Class Reunion. It was wonderful to see everyone again and we all had a great time. The Senior Banner 3

4 Sue Viviani-Hill, Barbara Brennan, Nancy Bonnifield-Pauly & Kathy Hoffman-Buchanan Herb Wimmer, John Vinateri & Tony Orlandini Brendan & Maggie Riley Daniel Brown & Tom O'Malley Yvonne Del Carlo-Crouse & Dianne Lisle-Peterson Ree Ann Govi-Wyly Judy Bunnell-Butt Julie Valentino-Pramuk George Lyons Bill & Sandi Stewart-McCaslin John & Jeanie Volke Jim & Joyce Olsen-Coggburn 4

5 Bill Tschida &Tony Orlandini Linda Hicks-Dani & Bo & Pat Stachon-Kearns Cathy Cocchi-Breschia Fr. Jack Walsh, Joan & Frederick Ward-Strong Kathy Hoffman-Buchanan, Susan Noveroske- Donegan, & Dianne Lisle John & Rita Fontana-Vinatieri Lou & Peter DelPaine-Flannery Bob Hay & George Lyon Christine Wimmer. Fr. Jack Walsh, Herb Wimmer & Alan Wyly 5 Pat & Bo Stachon-Kerns, and Gail & Gene Barret- Peterson

6 Jane Finley-Chambers Judy Brunnell-Butt John Hartsock Lew Comerford Carole Hogan-Edwards Case Nelson & Diane Lisle- Chris & Joan Montesano & Joie Spinelli Petersen Gail & Gene Barrett Fred & Dayle Kerstad Janet & Rick Bader Mary Lou & Bo Barkas- Keyworth & George Lyon Jeanette Musladine-Harris & Sharon Castro-Blean 6

7 Janet & Joie Rick & John Patty Lyon & Roberta Flagg Joan Ward & Fred Strong Mike Kramer & Brendan Riley Ron & Yvonne DelCarlo-Crouse Jackie Maloney-Hay, Judy Lyttle-VanGundy & Kay Nash-Baughn John Volke, Paula & Bill Tschida Julie Valentino-Pramuk, Steve Servante, Joe Pramuck & Kathy Cocchi-Brescia John, Charlene Petit-Brooks, Janet, Rita & Ron Duda 7

8 Kay, Sue, Janet & Rita Patty, Ron, Joie & Maggie Roger Peterson, Steve & Dianne Walt Weiser, Fr. Jack Walsh, George & John Susan Monaghan-Teeters & Walt & Sandi Steve & Janet Dan Browne L-R: Sue, Janet, Tom, Sue Monaghan- Teeters, Herb, Rita, John, & Tony 8

9 The class reunion decorations were based on the yearbook. In the yearbook there is a picture of the senior boys at Mary's Store, which was kitty-corner from the school. Before school anyone could go in, but at lunch, only the senior boys were allowed. Artist Erin Bakke, daughter of Brendan Riley, made a painting of the yearbook photo and donated it for the raffle. Brendan made prints of his daughters painting, and prints of Dorothy Herger's Santa Clara Street with permission, and donated them to the raffle also. A second painting of Mary's named 1963 Hilltop by Dr. Joseph Pramuk was also donated 9

10 Brendan ran a contest to see if anyone could name everyone in the picture. Tony Orlandini did. The class was very generous with donations and ticket buying. We earned quite a bit of money to donate to Fr. Martin de Porres and St. Patricks/St Vincent's from the class of MORE VHS/HOGAN 63 From: Rosalind Henry-La Briola 63 Dear Harry, All my best wishes to Sally. My step-daughter has been through it and, I'm happy to report, came out the other side in good health. May the same be true for Sally. (Thank you, Rosalind.) Been a while since I checked in. My sister, Carolyn, (Class of '66) forwarded all those unidentified pictures of us ol guffers from the Class of '63. Here are a few names to add to the unidentifiable ones. (Thanks, Rosalind. I ve added them to the pics below.) By the way, the Class of '63 Reunion was fabulous! Reconnecting with old friends is just the best. How much we change but really stay the same. A gigantic thank you to all the Reunion Committee members who worked so hard to put it all together. Sue Giant, & Gordon Zlot Rosalind Henry & Linnie Harris 10

11 Paul Williams, Sue Giant & Gordon Zlot Sandy Irwin, Corky Miller with husband, Terry Chuck Linthicum, Dennis Henkel, Keithann MacDonald- Linthicum, Carl Haworth, Karen Menzies- Hilleman, Bruce Hilleman, Rosalind Henry-LaBriola Karen Menzies-Hilleman, Bruce Hilleman Rosalind Henry & Sandy Irwin 11

12 12 The Mail Bag From: Glenn C Dyson 66 Harry, I believe we are all grateful that you have as few problems as you do with publishing the Monday Update. Although if push came to shove, I would pay a small subscription fee just to have it delivered each and every Monday without missing an issue as it is does now. When I was a kid at Vallejo Sr. High, I threw/delivered the SF Chronicle to my customers until I graduated. It was one of two jobs I had every day at that time. The other was working pumping gas and fixing flat tires and changing the oil and filters on cars as John Varni's Shell Station. I worked there with Bill Pendergast who is married to Denise Feenan. By the way, my father was the SF Examiner/Chronicle Dealer/Distributor in Vallejo from 1963 through 1967, until he lost his dealership to a pricing dispute with the Chronicle Management. In the end, he and several other dealers, after numerous years of litigation, won an anti-trust case against the Chronicle for about $7MM+. This was back in the early 1970's when the case was settled. The Alioto office of attorneys in SF, of which Joe Alioto was mayor at that time, were their attorney s. Damn, Glenn! I hope your old man cut you in for a few thou... LOL. From: Dann Shively SV64 Hello Harry, First, all the best to Sally as she s going through her chemo treatments. Enjoyed the new kitty saga and hope the calico is on the mend and is not too traumatized. I learned at an early age not to mess with a dog and its food; especially not to grab a bone from its mouth. Fortunately the bite was small and I learned a good lesson. Pet names can be a challenge and sometimes there s no rhyme or reason. Although we have no pets right now I m enclosing a picture from the 80 s when six Siamese cats lived with us. It s the only picture of them all together. Their names were Amelia, R2 Boots, Earhart, Jensen, Rentoo, and Cubby. And we had a Sheltie also. I m sure the cats and dogs will soon become friends again. Echoing a lot of other people, I have to add how much I enjoy the Monday Update. Although a Saints kid it s great see and hear news of many former Vallejo friends and even of those I didn t know personally. Vallejo was such a small town that if you didn t know someone, you knew who they were or had friends who knew them no matter where you went to high school. As I ve mentioned before, Vallejo JC was a great melting pot.

13 It s good to still see Vallejoans from different eras; some who were friends of my parents. For example I m always happy to see Gordon Shaffer enjoying life. He probably doesn t remember me but he and Wes Gibson probably photographed everyone in Vallejo, me included. Whenever I stumbled across him working he was always kind and engaging. Anyway, thank you for all you do to keep the Vallejo glue strong. Dann, I agree, Wes and Gordon were the best. They were everywhere. They came in, did their job quickly and efficiently, and were gone to their next assignment. From: Don McDermott '48 Hi Harry, I just want to tell you that my wife Doris and I certainly enjoyed your very interesting description about the antics of the two cats that you and Sally have adopted. The various photos that you included were just great. Your love of animals is certainly evident. We certainly got a good laugh from your many choices of possible names for the two cats. Many of those names sounded like good choices so we are anxious to find out which ones will be your final selection. It was sad to hear that one of your dogs decided to take out his anger at the cat that was partaking of his chow, at great expense to you. I would like to ask a question. There was a photo of Lillibeth and Larry Asera who were shown at a class of 66 reunion and I would like to know if that couple happen to be related to a fellow that I worked very closely with when I was a Loftsman in the Shop 11 Shipfitter shop mold loft, many years ago. The fellows name was Henry (Hank) Asera. Hank was a special guy. He was a skilled mechanic who was very well liked by myself and all of his fellow Loftsmen. Larry responds... From: Larry Asera 66 To: Don McDermott 48 Yes, Hank Asera is my father. He was a very proud member of the Shop 11 Mold Loftsman trade. A graduate of Vallejo High School, Class of '37, my Dad immediately became an apprentice Shipfitter, took a break in World War II to fight in Guadalcanal, and then came back after the war to resume his job on Mare Island where he transferred to the Design Division, Code 252 (Arrangements); he retired in 1975 after 38 years at MINSY. I was born and raised in Vallejo and after graduating from Vallejo High School in 1966 also came to work at Mare Island to work with my grandfather and father, at the time. I remember very vividly your name being mentioned by my dad as he spoke highly of you along with a Mr. Gamba and a Mr. Cameron. Although I was in elementary school at the time I heard many stories of the guys on the top floor of Shop 11. He taught me how to "draft" and read plans. I would like to meet you in person and hear stories of my dad in his days with you in the Mold Loft. FYI, my Dad passed in Harry, your MU has a way of reconnecting old Vallejo ties, like this one. 13

14 ...and Don, what Larry doesn t mention is that he was Student Body President at VHS in his senior year, is a former member of the Vallejo City Council, the Solano County Board of Supervisors, current trustee of the Solano County Board of Education, also taught with me at Cal State Maritime, very active with his Class of 63 Reunion Committee, and more importantly... is a good friend of mine. Think his dad would be proud? From: Michael Woods VJC Harry: Thanks to you and others submitting photos of the Vallejo/Hogan 63 reunion. Like previously submitted events, I recognize numerous folks who attended VJC when I was there. A Vallejo baseball fan, I found the golfing picture of Darwin Frey and Jim Trower interesting because they were rival shortstops on the two public high school teams of that year. If I remember correctly, Vallejo High won the championship, as Darwin Frey and Gary Encerti were standouts on that team. Mayor Osby Davis and Jim Coggburn were also team members, and they played at VJC as well. I worked under Stan McWilliams at VJC. The championship Vallejo JC team of 1964, with Tug McGraw, would have been even stronger had Frey/Encerti elected to attend. Which brings up a few questions: Did Darwin Frey ever play professional baseball? He was a gifted player and I think he played college ball, but I can't remember if he ever played professionally. 2. Someone told me, or I read, that Gary Encerti passed away. Is this true? I know more than one member of that Vallejo High School baseball team is now deceased. Is there a reader who can elaborate on this? Thanks. 3. I don't recall Jim Trower ever being called "Zip", even at VJC. Do you know what this means? Speed? The Update seems to only get better, I had only a few years in Vallejo, and I look forward to getting on the Internet and getting my "Vallejo" fix. Thanks for all you do. Michael, I believe that Darwin Frey went on to play baseball at Fresno State and certainly had the potential to play in the bigs had it not been for an auto accident that curtailed his playing years. Yes, Gary Encerti passed a few years ago. I don t know how much you know about Gary but, even though he was a good guy in many ways, he had a major drug issue and ended up doing prison time for it. I liked Gary a lot and considered him a friend but I m afraid he suffered from this feeling of entitlement that because he was an outstanding athlete he could pretty much do as he wanted. He paid the price for that. From the VHS 63 baseball team, the following are gone: Cris Parks, Gary Encerti, Bob Perruchon... and from Hogan, Mike Cooper is gone. I ve heard Jim Trower being called Zip but I don t know why. I m sure someone will fill us in.

15 From: Beth Dwyer-Barlow HH74 Just read the first newsletter and enjoyed it! Your name sounds familiar but I don't think I know you. I was thinking maybe you were active with the Mira Guild? My father-in-law, Dick Barlow SV44, has been enjoying your news for some time now. Thank you for all the effort! Yes, Beth, I was involved with Mira Theatre from 1962 until 1965 when I left to go to college. I was once again active between 1996 and 2010 when I directed 6 plays for Mira and even served as president of the group for a year. I last directed Diary of Anne Franke for Mira in Your dad is one of our 5 oldest readers. I would love it if he could send us a story from his days at St. Vincents and maybe some of the mischief he and his friends got into. From: Karl Jacque '60 Our hearts and prayers are with you two at this time. Wow! Thank goodness your kitty cat survived the encounter with the dog. We had a scary thing happen the other day too. We have two indoor Siamese cats that share the same father. They are 17 years old. Our 2 year old yellow lab has the run of our long kitchen and our laundry room. Two baby gates separate the dog and cats. We have always had Siamese and consider them the "Mike Tyson" of cats. Our male cat "Chip" is in failing health and yet he jumped over one of the baby gates while our dog was eating her dinner and joined in. We almost had heart attacks! The dog backed off and looked at Cindy and me. We quickly put "Chip" in the other room. We have raised large dogs for years. There is an old proverb "They get along like cats and dogs." So we do the baby gate thing. What a pain in the you know what. I'll tell you what probably saved our cat. When we raise our dogs we teach them manners at the dog dish. We put our hands in the dish when the pups are eating and teach them we are not a threat. We teach them not to hog down their food it's not a race. With grandkids on the way it was important. As far as training a cat: Good Luck. From: Francene Laub '63 Harry. I m hoping that Sally is holding her own, bless her heart. Your kitties are sooo cute! I love cats (and dogs) and have had many wonderful years with a few of them in my life -- most notably Mister Puf, a white short hair with a few black spots, and Prissy Kat -- a little black Persian Angora -- for cats, and Starlett for my long-time blonde yellow lab. OMG -- I still have to catch up with many MUs!! Love to all... 15

16 16 From: Charlie Spooner 60 Loved the pictures of your new cats. I have a little calico who is going on 14. Love her to bits. Hugs and best wishes to Sally. From: Suzie Schmutz 59 Harry, you can devote as much time as you want in the MU to your new kittens. I love animals. I had a little Lhasa Apso for 18 years. In my current residence, I have 6 cats. Two were chosen when I moved here. The other 4 were all thrown out somewhere in my neighborhood and I managed to move them in. I love all 6 of them and am glad I can help them survive. Suzie, if Sally lived alone and had her way, she d own dozens and dozens of dogs, cats... tame, feral, you name it. And when she died and they broke the door down to find her, the stench would drive the EMTs away. LOL. From: Ted Roberts 67 I really enjoyed reading about the Cat Tales. They are cute kittens. I pretty much have had one or more Siamese cat(s) in my house since around 1970 and I am not sure if it would be the same without one. I've also had an Abyssinian cat and he was really cool (that equates to a real pain in the ass). From: Bobby Reynolds 66 Harry, I thought that the condition of Teddy Williams 66 would be widespread in the Greek community, however, I have not seen anything concerning Teddy in the MU. Teddy Williams is fighting a battle against " Mesothelioma". I have talked almost daily with his wife Teresa, and Teddy is losing the battle. Teddy's wife and children are asking for prayers. I suppose I could use up a large volume of space extolling the character of my dear friend, but suffice it to say "I Love This Man" and I am pre-grieving his departure. As a believer, I accept the promise that I'll see him again and get the hug we always exchanged. Bobby, Teddy Williams didn't really have much to do with the Greek community and I haven't been too involved with it either so if there is any chatter about his health, I haven't heard it. I did see Paul Williams at the Class of '63 Friday night party and he didn't mention anything either. In any case, Bobby, thanks for letting me know and please keep the MU informed. From: Juan Caducio da Best to you all from da Juan mon. All is well wit ur Caribbean Classmate. Now n da Beautiful United States of America. It's a wonderful change. Love living da Belizean Lifestyle (Doing nada) but Gr8 C N how life goes other than N a 3rd World Country. We have so much more of everything here. Making my annual trek up 2 da States visiting wit family and friends and trying to get my Golf Swing bak on trak. (Isn't working very well but what the Hell not gud 4 fishing 8 months out of da Year. Dang!!!!!

17 So sorry I was unable to attend da last reunion. ooks like I missed a Gr8 time and not CN so many smiling faces from Christmas Past. Was trying to attend the Class of 63 event but had to head down South to San Diego and C my Grand Babies and Kids. Things are gud wit me minus da aches and pains of gettin old. Think da warmer weather of Belize is kinder 2 dis America Filipino Belizean Botty. Talked to Harry about the passin of our Dear Classmates. Makes one thing about keeping n contact with all ur Family and Friends. Ya just don't know Right????? Well Y'all gotta get going. Time is a wasting. Oh yeah!!!!!!! Giving U Classmates a chance of a lifetime owning your own Caribbean Island (Caye ). Check out my ad below. Here's a few pics of my wonderful Grand Kids, Elias 7 and Carmen Elise 4. Da Best 2 U all, Ur Caribbean buddy da Juan mon The Apache Review of Arts. Coming to you on time in spite of the Government shut-down! By John Parks PUTTING MY "FURLOUGH" TO GOOD USE ---- this past Friday I attended this event. Waterford is a quaint village nestled out in Loudon County. It was settled by Quakers spreading out from Philadelphia starting about It was so well preserved that the entire community was designated a National Historic Landmark. during the Civil War this was the only area of Virginia where a unit was formed to fight for the Union. 17

18 At any rate, getting to see the interiors of four colonial-era middle class homes was fascinating. And I bought a small cutting board made from six different colored woods. Some kids and a teacher from local elementary classes dress up in period costume and hold lessons in this old oneroom school. One of the old homes. photo courtesy of Jann Belcher WHO KNEW? ---- The author of this very interesting new book, A Christmas Flight, is a local woman, who just spoke to our Burke Historical Society. Turns out that Dr. Christmas was the third person ever to fly and it happened near Fairfax Station, only a mile or so west of my house. MOVIETONE NEWS ---- The film, Enough Said, stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini (in one of his last roles). Julia communicates more in her self-defeating role with just her eyebrows than most actors say with their entire bodies. It's a modern Californian love story with an interesting conclusion which you're sure to enjoy. 18

19 BE LOVED ---- is the ARA song of the week. It s a lovely ballad by the Pentagons (not a Government agency that closed down October 1 st ). Enjoy it here: All the best to you, John Comedy Corner Join the battle of the sexes by sending your idea of what passes for humor to the Monday Update. Please try to keep it clean. After all we have old people reading this stuff. for the hers Anonymous A woman goes to the local newspaper office to ask that the Obituary for her recently deceased husband is published. The Obit Editor informs her that there is a charge of 50 cents per word. She pauses, reflects, and then she says, "Well then, let it read "Fred Brown died." Amused at the woman's thrift, the Editor tells her that there is a seven-word minimum for all Obituaries. She thinks it over and in a few seconds says, In that case, let it read, Fred Brown Died... Golf Clubs for Sale." 19 for the hims Glenn Savoy Several men are in the locker room of a golf club. A cell phone on a bench rings and a man engages the hands-free speaker function and begins to talk. Everyone else in the room stops to listen...

20 MAN: "Hello" WOMAN: "Hi Honey, it's me. Are you at the club?" MAN: "Yes." WOMAN: "I'm at the shops now and found this beautiful leather coat. It's only $2,000; is it OK if I buy it?" MAN: "Sure, go ahead if you like it that much." WOMAN: "I also stopped by the Lexus dealership and saw the new models. I saw one I really liked." MAN: "How much?" WOMAN: "$90,000." ; MAN: "OK, but for that price I want it with all the options." WOMAN: "Great! Oh, and one more thing... I was just talking to Janie and found out that the house I wanted last year is back on the market. They're asking $980,000 for it." MAN: "Well, then go ahead and make an offer of $900,000. They'll probably take it. If not, we can go the extra eightythousand if it's what you really want." WOMAN: "OK. I'll see you later! I love you so much!" MAN: "Bye! I love you, too." The man hangs up. The other men in the locker room are staring at him in astonishment, mouths wide open. He turns and asks, "Anyone know whose phone this is?" What a guy! Reminds me of a story... When Sally and I were living in Benicia we would frequently get calls intended for the Card Room. I finally got tired of explaining to people that they had the wrong number, and I began to mess with them. On one occasion I answered the phone and a man s voice drawls out Hey... I respond Hey. He says Wassup? Is there a game goin? I said Yeah, get your ass down here, we re waitin on ya. He said I ll be right down. LOL. But that s not the worse thing I did. A lady called and said that she had left her contact lens in a glass of water on the bar counter. She asked me if I saw it and could I save it for her? I said, Yeah, I see it and I ll save it for you. I can just imagine the conversation that took place at the bar when she went to pick up her contacts. Double LOL! I m such a meany. 20

21 Who you callin an Old Geezer?! (This feature will appear in large font to make it easier for some of you to read.) (This is supposedly a true account recorded in the Police Log of Sarasota, Florida.. but it s not. Just another urban legend... but a funny one anyway.) An elderly Florida lady did her shopping and, upon returning to her car, found four males in the act of leaving with her vehicle. She dropped her shopping bags and drew her handgun, proceeding to scream at the top of her lungs, I have a gun, and I know how to use it! Get out of the car! The four men didn t wait for a second threat. They got out and ran like mad. The lady, somewhat shaken, then proceeded to load her shopping bags into the back of the car and got into the driver s seat. She was so shaken that she could not get her key into the ignition. She tried and tried, and then she realized why. A few minutes later, she found her own car parked four or five spaces farther down. She loaded her bags into the car and drove to the police station to report her mistake. The sergeant to whom she told the story couldn t stop laughing. He pointed to the other end of the counter, where four pale men were reporting a car jacking by a mad, elderly woman described as white, less than five feet tall, glasses, curly white hair, and carrying a large handgun. No charges were filed. 21 Submitted by: Karen Price-Kording 60 Please send your submission of Senior Humor to the Monday Update and, if we remember, we might just run it in this section.

22 The Occasional Spoonful This story is dedicated to Elvira Campos of North Highlands, CA. She was shot and killed on May 18, 2013, as she sat watching television in the front room of her home. She was ten years old. No arrests have been made. Warning: The following contains strong language and violence. If such things offend you, read no further. And Spare Them Not By Charlie Spooner 60 Conclusion Sonny had been easy to find, along with the two bangers who d been with him that night. The three of them were being held without bail pending trial. It turns out that Sonny had confessed, which was good news for Max. Roy Combs assured him he would not have to testify. They had the confession, they had the murder weapon, and the District Attorney was planning to seek the death penalty. Ellie was dead; no way to change that fact. Even though the death penalty was a joke, at least her killer and his pals would be going away for a long time. He hoped to see life return to normal on Chestnut Lane. So why did Combs want to meet with him? Were there new developments in the case? Max walked into Gordy s Club, a working class bar not far from the corporation yard where he d reported to work for nearly thirty years. He took a seat at the bar, ordered a beer, and waited for Combs to arrive. It was mid-afternoon and the place was nearly empty. He didn t expect to see anyone he knew, not until after quitting time. Roy Combs walked in and stood near the door, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the dim light. He was about six feet tall with a solid build. He wore a rumpled pair of slacks and a short sleeved shirt that revealed powerful forearms. His tie was loosened and the shirt collar unbuttoned. His hair was cut high and tight, military style, and his expression was that of a pissed-off football coach. He saw Max and nodded toward a booth against the wall. The men shook hands and exchanged a minute or so of awkward small talk. So what s up, Roy? 22

23 Okay here s the deal, Max. We are gonna need you to testify. What? You re shitting me. I told you I won t do that. You want me to get my family killed? We don t have any choice. The judge threw out Sonny s confession. How the hell did that happen? Sonny s got some young hot shot lawyer. They claimed the confession was coerced. The judge ruled in their favor. It s out. Wait a minute you tape those things, don t you? You have it all on tape. Combs looked away, agitated. We don t have a tape. The camera malfunctioned. Malfunctioned? Malfunctioned my ass! What did you do, Roy? You didn t tape it you didn t even try. You beat it out of him! Combs glared at him, furious now. That little motherfucker spit in my face! Spit in my face and called me a faggot. You re damn right I beat it out of him. And this is what I fought for, in that rotten fucking Vietnam? Life, liberty, the Constitution, the American Way? So that you can beat confessions out of gangbangers? Don t throw the Constitution at me, old man. I served in Desert Storm. I put my life on the line against Saddam s Elite Guard. Don t play holier than thou with me. The bartender called in their direction, telling them to keep it down or take it outside. They glared at each other now, both of them breathing hard from shouting, their fists clenched on the table. Combs broke the silence. Look, we ve still got the gun. And we ve got your testimony. The DA says he can get a conviction. He paused for few seconds. One more thing: with the confession thrown out, they set bail. Sonny is out on the street. Max felt sick, as though he could vomit his beer right there on the table. He felt like breaking the longneck bottle over Combs s head. And what if I won t testify? Come on, Max. We have your statement. We can subpoena you, treat you as a hostile witness, force you to tell the truth or go to jail for perjury. Max had no way of knowing if this was true. He stared at Combs for a long time. You knew this all along, didn t you? That you d force me to testify. You lying bastard! And how long before Sonny finds out that I m a witness? I don t know. It s in the DA s hands. It s called discovery. They have to let the defense know all the evidence against him. And what will you do to protect me and my family? 23

24 We ll do what we can, increase patrols in your neighborhood Increase patrols? That s it? That s all you got? Hey, it s all we can afford. Our budget is cut to the bone Max couldn t take any more. He bolted out of the booth and headed for the door. He sat in his car for a long time, his head resting on the steering wheel, fighting for composure. He did not see Roy Combs leave the bar. It was the same dream, over and over again, through all the years since Vietnam. He was standing on a muddy jungle road, watching the flamethrower reach out and ignite a hut, the flames leaping into the sky, black smoke billowing upward. One hut after the other. Women and children were streaming down the road, some trying to carry a few meager possessions, the children crying, the women wailing. No men. Where were the men? Were they all dead, fuel for the inferno? Or in the jungle, watching, waiting? This is what it had come to in a place where you couldn t separate the friendlies from the hostiles, where the guy next to you died at the hands of a child with an AK-47, where all the natives had become, simply, gooks. The same dream, over and over, until tonight. Tonight one of the children on the road turned to him, holding out a plate of cookies. It was Ellie. Max usually jolted awake from this dream drenched in his own sweat, his breath coming in great gasps. But tonight was different. Tonight he could only lay there and cry. He was awake for a long time then, trying to push the images and the questions out of his mind. How was he any different from Sonny? Who was that brilliant general who said, Unfortunately, we had to destroy the village in order to save it.? And how many villages had they saved? He refused to remember; he would not count them. And so the dream would come again and again. The District Attorney s office called Max to let him know that the trial date had been set. Jury selection would begin in two weeks. They would meet with him beforehand to go over his testimony, and to prep him for a brutal cross examination. It had taken more than two years to reach this point, the wheels of justice grinding away, slow but relentless. Max was ready; at least as ready as he could be. His daughter and granddaughter were settled with family in Minnesota, two thousand miles away. His house was nearly empty now, everything he owned donated or sold off on this thing his daughter showed him called Craig s List. There were a few pots, pans, and utensils in the kitchen, his meager wardrobe in the bedroom closet, and his recliner in the living room. His footsteps echoed as he walked through the house. 24

25 An eerie calm settled over Max, now that important decisions had been made. He filled his days with reading, going to lunch at favorite cafes, or stopping by Gordy s for a cold beer or two. And of course there was his beloved garden. This year s crop of tomatoes had been exceptional, even by Max s standards. He d given away so many that he was sure the neighbors were sick of tomatoes. Some of the rest he d turned into soup and filled his freezer with plastic containers of the red-orange liquid. He had sold his bed, and so now he slept in the La-Z-Boy. Among the small stack of books next to his chair was Stella s dog-eared volume of Tanakh The Holy Scriptures. In Deuteronomy 25:19, he had underlined these words: you shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under the heaven. Do not forget! And in the Book of Samuel: Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not He knew these passages by heart: Amalek, who attacked from the rear, who plundered the sick and the weak, who murdered women and little children. He would not forget. Propped against the wall, just behind the chair, was his Winchester The twelve-gauge shotgun was a relic of his days as an avid duck and pheasant hunter. Max had given up the sport when most of his hunting buddies either died or moved away. Now the well-maintained stood loaded and ready one shell in the chamber, four in the magazine. With the trial date set, he was sure they were coming for him. The night they came, he was wide awake. He d developed the habit of setting an alarm for a little after 2:00 AM when the bars closed, figuring they would get a load on before heading his way. He saw the old black Honda Civic with the faded paint job and the bright chrome wheels roll slowly past the house, then circle the block and roll by again. He heard car doors slam and that was his signal to turn the recliner sideways and position himself behind it, one knee on the floor, the shotgun resting on the arm of the chair. Two figures walked across his front lawn, directly up to the low shrubs that grew between the lawn and the living room window. One of them was carrying a heavy tool with a long handle. They peered in through the window, and then, unable to see anything or anyone, they went to the front porch. A moment later came the sound of a sledgehammer blasting the wooden door frame to pieces. The door swung open and the two figures moved cautiously into the room. Oh, Maxie? Old ma-an? Where are you? The man in the lead called out in a sing-song voice. The one behind him laughed softly. It was then that Max squeezed the trigger. The first man flew back against the wall and crumpled to the floor. A new shell was in the chamber and he pulled the trigger again. As he did this, he saw a series of bright muzzle flashes and waited for the shock and burn of the bullets heading his way. The shock and burn never happened; the slugs slammed into the wall behind him. Both of the men were down on the floor, moving, but just barely. Max stood up and walked the few steps across the room. The second one through the door, the one who had returned fire, was Sonny Amalek himself. He thought about firing one more shell into the chest of each man but could see that it was not necessary; they were no longer moving. He waited to see if someone from the Civic would come running to provide backup. Then he heard the sound of the engine racing as the car sped away from the curb. Max placed the shotgun on the recliner and went through the kitchen and into the garage. He retrieved a five-gallon can and brought it into the house. Starting at the front door, he doused the two 25

26 bodies and the walls with gasoline until the can was empty. Then he stood back, took one last look around, struck a match and tossed it into the room. He went out through the sliding glass door and onto the patio. There he picked up his work gloves and started across the lawn to his tomato patch. A ninety-gallon trash can was waiting next to his garden plot. Slowly, deliberately, he began to tear out his tomato plants, first the wooden stakes and wire cages, and then the crisp green vines still loaded with fruit. The flames were roaring through the house now, licking under the eaves, smoke beginning to billow into the night sky. The little wood frame house was saved. [Dear Reader: here is an alternate ending. Choose the one you like.] Max placed the shotgun on the recliner. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed The dispatcher led him through a series of questions, confirming his name and address, and the fact that two men had been shot while breaking into his home. Do you need and ambulance, Mr. Silver? No no ambulance. They re both dead. But you should call Police Detective Roy Combs. This is his case. As he spoke calmly to the woman on the phone, his finger traced the bullet holes in the wall behind his chair. He thought about Minnesota and realized how much he missed his daughter and granddaughter; he couldn t wait to be with them. Several questions played in his mind. It was late September now: were the leaves starting to turn color? Would they need to purchase new clothes for the Minnesota winter? And what tomato varieties grew there? He heard the sound of a siren, growing ever louder, as he ended the call. The End On the Sidelines The latest news on athletes with Vallejo roots Jeff Gordon began in14th at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Kansas and had a great race ending in third place which brought him up to fourth in the overall standing for the Cup. Great job, Jeff! I ll bet that gives Jeff great satisfaction, particularly since so many people are saying he s washed up. Authors note: As of this date, there are no arrests in the murder of Elvira Campos. 26

27 A Stroll Down History Lane A place to share your memories before they disappear forever. From: Don McDermott '48 Hello Harry, I have had a glimmer of a memory which has caused me to ask if you would possibly include a kind of trivia question in an issue of the Monday Update which relates to the Mare Island ferry boats that carried shipyard workers to and from the shipyard night and day at the foot of Georgia St. and at the Ryder St. wharf long ago. My question has to do with the names of those boats. My faded memory tells me that they had bird names which I may be totally wrong about. So, I suspect that one or more of your MU readers can verify if I am correct or mistaken about this. I have thought and thought about what the names were and I have come up with "Heron", "Robin", "Swallow", "Penguin", "Mallard", "Pigeon". Another question I suppose would be how many boats were running in those days? I have many memories about Mare Island of course after spending close to forty years there and the little ferries are special to me in that I was involved with them even as a young lad and as a shipyard employee too. First, I had a job at the old ferry building as a coin/ticket/token taker and I also tied the boats up when they came in to the docking float. I was about twelve years old at that time. After I became an employee at the yard at eighteen I rode the ferries many times over the years as did thousands of other workers. It was a neat ride I have to say. When there was inclement weather I made sure that I was able to find a spot toward the forward end of the ferry so that I could sit on the diesel engine cover and enjoy the warmth from the engine and the exhaust stack. I knew one of the pilots whose name was Dennis Sullivan and when he was driving the boat he would let me sneak into the pilot house which was pretty cool. Dennis drove ferries when he was off duty as a Vallejo police officer. He was very skilled at handling those boats and he could bring the them in to the landing float as slick as a whistle even when the water in the channel was very choppy and rough. I am fairly sure that there was another boat pilot who was a female and she handled the job very well. I wish that I could remember her name too. I have the name Vic Raahauge in mind as the person who owned the ferry company but I am not totally sure of that or am I sure of the spelling of the name. Seems to me that this fellow also piloted the ferries too. From: Cheryl Rutherford-Thomas '63 I wanted to thank Brian Biggs for sending in the picture taken at the Mare Island Administration Bldg. I don't know what year it was taken, but the guy in the third row center with the dark suit and glasses (the short one) is my dad Charles Rutherford. He started on Mare Island as an apprentice and retired as an Industrial Engineer after 42 years. I come from family of Mare Islanders, my maternal grandfather, my paternal grandmother, my dad and I all worked there. I was there on the last day of closure after 23 years, it was a great place to work, great people. To bad they closed it!! My husband who also worked there about a year (Doug Thomas, ' 61) says he thinks the guy in the first row left corner is Ray Kay. Thanks for the memories!!! 27

28 Since there seems to be considerable interest in this photo which Brian Biggs provided, I am going to run it again and, this time begin to add the names that have been submitted. Front Row: Roy Squat Lawson, Dave Heitz, Harold Diefendorf, (Shop 38 Senior General Foreman), Lou Burgelin (maybe), #5, #6, Ray Kay (maybe). Middle row: #1, #2, #3, Collie Biggs, #5, #6, #7 Back Row: Rear Adm. J.H. McQuilkin (Shipyard Commander,) Leonard Weishauer, Charles Rutherford, #4, #5, From: Carolyn Hewitt-Brown 60 Aloha. Here s the view from our Lanai in Kauai Simply gorgeous, Carolyn 28

29 This week s Newbies The Monday Update welcomes Karen Menzies-Hilleman 63 and Sondra Holm-Schnee. In Memoriam We re still waiting on Karen DeLacy-Merritt s obit. The Last Word From: Suzie Schmutz 59 Harry, please let everyone know that I completed my one mile swim for the Women's Cancer Resource Center in 54 minutes. We raised $6, for the WCRC and I had Deanna Del Rosario's name all over the chalk board that I was swimming in her honor. I thank everyone who gave from the bottom of my heart!!! Just wanted you all to know that I was interviewed for my one mile swim in the Montclarion. Here is the article: Good for you, Suzie... congratulations and well done. While at Kaiser in Vallejo recently, to get a flu shot, I ran into Sidney Baldini-Spear 64 who came up to me and introduced herself. She has just recently returned from visiting Australia as the guest of a friend and promised that she would send a little story and some pics of her visit. I m holding you to it Sidney! Sally has finally hit that rough patch as a result of her chemo treatments. She s had a miserable last few days but, she s tough and she ll persevere. Sally and I both thank you for all your expressions of love and concern... and for your prayers. It means a lot... truly. 29

30 This headline in the local rag caught my eye... Cat's canines and other critters blessed at Vallejo church ceremony Father Bayani Rico of the Ascension Episcopal Church in Vallejo, will perform a Blessing of the Animals on Saturday, October 5 to honor St. Francis of Assisi's Feast Day The article reminded me of an old joke: Muldoon, the farmer, lived alone in the countryside with his pet dog of many years. Eventually, his dog died of old age. Muldoon went to the parish priest. "Father, my dear old dog is dead. Could you be saying a mass for the poor creature?" Father Patrick replied, "Muldoon, I'm sorry to hear of your dog's death, but we can't be holding services for an animal in the church. However, the Episcopal hurch down the road, might do something for the animal." Muldoon said, "Thank you, Father. Do you think $500 is enough to donate for the service?" The Father quickly responded, "Son! Why didn't you tell me the dog was Catholic?!" I came across this drawing in the VHS 66 Yearbook. Can you imagine them allowing something like that in today s yearbooks? Here s more evidence of how idiotic our society has become: 1. Two first-graders were reportedly suspended for forming imaginary guns with their fingers for a game of cops and robbers during recess. The disciplinary action against the 6-year-old boys at White Marsh Elementary in Trappe, Md. aroused controversy. 2. Earlier this month, another 6-year-old boy was suspended from Roscoe Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring, Md. under similar circumstances. 3. A 12-year-old student in advanced math who had perfect attendance last year made the mistake of bringing a ridiculously small, silver keychain shaped like a gun to Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School in Coventry, R.I. The two-inch keychain fell out of the boys backpack while he was at school. Apparently fearing that the roughly quarter-sized hunk of cheap metal was somehow a danger to life and limb, school officials sprang into action. They suspended the seventh grader for three days. He has also been banned from an upcoming class field trip. My, my... how times have changed... sadly, for the worse. 30

31 As promised last week, it s time to reveal the names of our new additions to Casa Diavatis. Sorry, folks... no winners from our MU readers! We decided to follow a different path... one that just sort of... happened. The white male lynx is just a handful... gets into everything and is as mischievous as they come (or mis-chi-vi-ous for those who prefer the incorrect pronunciation). We found ourselves saying Here come trouble whenever he would saunter into the room so we decided to go with Mr. Trouble. The female calico (who by the way seems to have fully recovered) is a sweet little thing and we found ourselves referring to her as Kallie, as an obvious abbreviation of calico. Of course, with my Greek background and love of the arts, I decided that her full name would be Kaliope who is the Greek Muse of Poetry. And so I give you Miss Kallie. Okay... it s no big surprise the men and women/boys and girls are different... way different. It turns out that cats/kittens are no exception. Here are a couple of examples right off the bat. Our Miss Kallie is far more gentle than the Mr. Trouble. The lynx will climb all over you with its little sharp claws gouging entire sections out of your arms and whatever other part of your anatomy it encounters. Also he likes to bite... not real hard but hard enough. I ve had to slap him on the nose a few times to get him out of that habit. And now here s the real annoying difference. When little Miss Kallie does her business in the litter box, she will go to great lengths to cover it up, whereas Mr. Trouble does his duty and simply walks away as if to say Kiss my fluffy white ass... you want it covered? You cover it. I find that somehow analagous to the toilet seat dispute, between men and women, that has been going on ever since there have been men and women and toilet seats. Oh yeah...one more thing; Mr. Trouble passes gas and doesn t even bother to apologize, or even attempt to blame it on the dog! hd 31

32 The Monday Update Looking to clean out that Garage and make a couple of bucks? Post it here. Posted Posted Contact On by or phone (Optional)* Item Asking 10/7/13 Juan Caducio ½ acre Island in Belize $165,000 firm (619 ) Description: Beautiful 1/2 Acre Island (Caye ), Lots of trees, Mangroves. Some of the best fishing in Belize. Great for snorkeling and diving. White sands and tons of exotic birds. Have clear title. Own your own Island. 10/7/13 Harry Diavatis (707) Antique living room furniture $1000 obo Description: Sally and I purchased this beautifully restored antique sofa, love seat and arm chair from Norm and Joanne Anderson back in Sally now wants to change the look of our formal living room (which we hardly ever use) and we are looking to find a good home for this furniture. If you want to come by and see it, just give me a call. 32

33 9/30/13 Joseph Padua Bally 777 slot machine $699 All items in Lake Wildwood, CA Description: Bally 777 slot machine in working condition. Pull handle or push button. All lights working and sounds. Great add-in for a rec room. Have all keys to doors. Can use bag of token coins. Takes 2 tokens for max bet. Since 2005, all Bally electromechanical slot machines are now legal to be privately owned in the State of California. Pin Ball Machine $750. OBO Description: Bally Old Chicago Pin Ball Machine in good working order. Have all keys, lights, sound, and flippers working. Fun for a rec room. Asking Can see in LWW call Wurlitzer juke box $1,299 OBO Description: AMI 200 Select stereo Computer Controlled Wurlitzer record juke box in good condition. Comes with 1,650 each 45 records from the 60's, 70's, and 80s, all categories, pop, rock, soul, instrumental. Great for rec room or club room. 9/23/13 MU Reader Contact Home in Vallejo $365,000 Description: Single level 3 bedroom 2 bath house for sale in Vista area of Vallejo. View of Sonoma County hills and Napa river. 503 Valle Vista. Send serious expressions of interest by to Harry -- for forwarding. Principals only. 33

34 9/11/13 Joyce Lamb-McClary Invader 25' $10,950 Aft Cabin Cruiser Description: 410HP OMC Cobra outdrive, 72 gallon fuel capacity, full delta canvas, full electronics, electric down riggers, low hours, excellent condition, many extras 9/9/13 Mike Coakley XJS Classic Prized Jaguar. $20,000 show stopper! Description: One of the few left of this model. New 350HP Vette engine with only 5000 miles. Automatic. EXCELLENT CONDITION. Transmission, brakes, everything, well taken care of. Drives like a dream, but seldom driven. Too many cars, too little time. 9/9/13 Eileen Bell-Thompson 1986 Corvette $12,000 Description: Dark Red Mettalic Corvette. Engine: 5.7 Liter T.P.I. V8; Six-way Power Seat; Power Door Lock System; Air Conditioning; Electronic Speed Control; Automatic Transmission with Overdrive; Radio Equipment: Delco-GM, Bose Music System; Defogger System; Roof Panel: Transparent Removable, Blue Tint; One Owner, Low Mileage: 48,000, Garaged. 8/26/13 Jerry Orr ' Day-Cruiser, $ 11,000 OBO Description: 350 ci. Merc- cruiser motor, very nice shape, always garage d or under shed, never in salt water, always in the delta, maintained perfectly its whole life. I've had this boat since

35 8/5/13 Donna Wiggin-Barth 58 (209 ) Alto Mat Cutting Tools $ Description: NEW IN BOX Complete kit, including: Straight Cutting System, Oval Templates, Circle Cutter, Instructions, and Extra Blades. I purchased this new after a quilt show demonstration the salesman was so good I didn t think I could live without it but after a couple of years of not even opening the box I have decided I need the shelf space more than the mat cutting tools. I purchased it new for over $300 and am asking $150 obo, plus shipping from Sonora, CA. *If the seller does not wish to post contact information, other than name (which is required), the buyer can send me an asking me to forward bid to buyer. If your class is having an event within the next year let us know and we ll keep it posted on the Calendar. MU Calendar of Upcoming Events Date Event Place Time Oct. 12, 2013 SP/SV Hall of Fame St. Patricks HS Vallejo TBA VHS/HHS Combined Class of Year Reunion Aug. 8, 2014 Golf Tournament TBA TBA Aug. 8, 2014 No Host Cocktails TBA TBA Aug. 9, 2014 Reunion Dinner/Dance USA Classics Museum. Vallejo Aug. 10, 2014 Picnic in the Park TBA TBA 35

36 36

Longman Communication 3000

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the events in this book are real. names and places have been changed to protect the lorien six, who remain in hiding. take this as your first warning.

the events in this book are real. names and places have been changed to protect the lorien six, who remain in hiding. take this as your first warning. the events in this book are real. names and places have been changed to protect the lorien six, who remain in hiding. take this as your first warning. other civilizations do exist. some of them seek to

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MARGIN CALL. by J.C. Chandor. Before The Door Pictures Zachary Quinto, Neal Dodson, Corey Moosa. July 12, 2010 MARGIN CALL by J.C. Chandor July 12, 2010 Before The Door Pictures Zachary Quinto, Neal Dodson, Corey Moosa 1. 1 INT. LARGE INVESTMENT BANK TRADING FLOOR - DAY 1 The frame is filled with the face of SULLIVAN,

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This film is set in New York City, 1981: Murders: 2,228. Forcible Rape: 5,405. Violent Crime: 180,235. Aggravated Assault: 60,329. Property: 1,029,749

This film is set in New York City, 1981: Murders: 2,228. Forcible Rape: 5,405. Violent Crime: 180,235. Aggravated Assault: 60,329. Property: 1,029,749 This film is set in New York City, 1981: Murders: 2,228 Forcible Rape: 5,405 Violent Crime: 180,235 Aggravated Assault: 60,329 Property: 1,029,749 Vehicle Theft: 133,041 Robbery: 112,273 Burglary: 360,925

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Copyright 2007 Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. 475 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10115

Copyright 2007 Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. 475 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10115 Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

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DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION LECTURE SERIES MICHAEL McMANUS. 01:29:21:22 MS: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Susie, I 01:29:21:22 MS: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Susie, I think you re right. I think this is the biggest turnout we ve had for the lecture series in a long time, and more people with notebooks. Mike,

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IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK JAMES BALDWIN IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK JAMES BALDWIN Copyright 1974 by James Baldwin for YORAN Mary, Mary, What you going to name That pretty little baby? ONE Troubled About My Soul I look at myself in the mirror.

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F O R Y O U R C O N S I D E R A T I O N BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY F O R Y O U R C O N S I D E R A T I O N BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY Written and Directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY Written and Directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash 2011 TWENTIETH CENTURY

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Volume 9, Issue 3, Winter 2006

Volume 9, Issue 3, Winter 2006 Dear Chris, It has been a while (8 years) since we last spoke, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know once again how much I appreciated the work you and your top notch crew did for me.

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For selected topics, see the table of contents on the following page. Robert D. Ross Davis, CA

For selected topics, see the table of contents on the following page. Robert D. Ross Davis, CA The following pages were selected from Cesar Chavez: Autobiography of La Causa, written by Jacques Levy. This is one of the best books ever written about Cesar Chavez, and is the closest thing available

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Where There s Smoke. Jodi Picoult. A Short Story f BALLANTINE BOOKS * NEW YORK Where There s Smoke A Short Story f Jodi Picoult d BALLANTINE BOOKS * NEW YORK Where There s Smoke is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author s

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Clam Digger Attempts to Survive Alaska Experiment By KAREN NANI Second Class Permit Paid at Bronx, N.Y. USPS 114-590 Volume 38 Number 3 April 2009 Clam Digger Attempts to Survive Alaska Experiment By KAREN NANI One Dollar Filming on City Island: Nice or Not? By BARBARA

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DEC. 7th, 1941 DAY OF INFAMY. free. visit militarypress.com. Volume 37 #23 December 1, 2013

DEC. 7th, 1941 DAY OF INFAMY. free. visit militarypress.com. Volume 37 #23 December 1, 2013 Military Serving Active and Retired Military, DoD Workers and Civilians for Over 35 Years free Volume 37 #23 December 1, 2013 visit militarypress.com DEC. 7th, 1941 DAY OF INFAMY For advertising information,

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THE SPECTACULAR NOW. Scott Neustadter. Michael H. Weber. Based on the novel by Tim Tharp. GREEN Production Draft July XX, 2012

THE SPECTACULAR NOW. Scott Neustadter. Michael H. Weber. Based on the novel by Tim Tharp. GREEN Production Draft July XX, 2012 THE SPECTACULAR NOW by Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber Based on the novel by Tim Tharp GREEN Production Draft July XX, 2012 OVER BLACK, we hear a teenage voice: VOICE (O.S.) Question number two. Describe

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ILLUSIONS. Richard Bach. The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Notice!

ILLUSIONS. Richard Bach. The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Notice! ILLUSIONS The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah Notice! This electronic version of the book, has been released FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. You may not sell or make any profit from this book. And if

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Tributaries. Our Mission 2 TRIBUTARIES 3. 2012-2013 Staff. Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by the mediocrities.

Tributaries. Our Mission 2 TRIBUTARIES 3. 2012-2013 Staff. Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by the mediocrities. 1 2 TRIBUTARIES 3 Tributaries Our Mission 2012-2013 Staff Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by the mediocrities. Oscar Wilde Editors-in-Chief: Ian Holt and Deidra Purvis Fiction Editor: Chase

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Person of Interest. written by. Jonathan Nolan

Person of Interest. written by. Jonathan Nolan Person of Interest written by Jonathan Nolan Bad Robot Warner Bros. Television February 4 2011 VOICES. Millions of them, all at once. Hushed conversations; panicked calls to 911; pleas for help. Over SURVEILLANCE

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PROJECT 81 ONE STEP UP. Consumer Director Housing and Care for Disabled People. The experience of three people PROJECT 81 -ONE STEP ON

PROJECT 81 ONE STEP UP. Consumer Director Housing and Care for Disabled People. The experience of three people PROJECT 81 -ONE STEP ON PROJECT 81 ONE STEP UP Consumer Director Housing and Care for Disabled People. The experience of three people Published by: HCIL Papers, 39 Queens Road, Petersfield, Hants. GU32 388 (c) One Step On PROJECT

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The Place Beyond The Pines

The Place Beyond The Pines The Place Beyond The Pines Written by Derek Cianfrance, Ben Coccio & Darius Marder Producers Jamie Patricof Lynette Howell Alex Orlovsky 8409 Santa Monica Blvd Official White 6/14 West Hollywood, CA 90069

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ANOTHER YEAR. A film by. Mike Leigh

ANOTHER YEAR. A film by. Mike Leigh ANOTHER YEAR A film by Mike Leigh Title: SPRING A big close-up. A middle-aged WOMAN. She is in pain. She wears no make-up. Another woman speaks, out of vision. We will discover that she is a DOCTOR. DOCTOR

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Praise for A LONG WAY GONE

Praise for A LONG WAY GONE Praise for A LONG WAY GONE Beah speaks in a distinctive voice, and he tells an important story. JOHN CORRY, The Wall Street Journal Americans tend to regard African conflicts as somewhat vague events signified

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all these things i ve done

all these things i ve done BIRTHRIGHT: BOOK THE FIRST all these things i ve done GABRIELLE ZEVIN farrar straus giroux new york Copyright 2011 by Gabrielle Zevin All rights reserved Distributed in Canada by D&M Publishers, Inc. Printed

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