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1 CHEROKEE COUNTY S MOST TRUSTED NEWS SOURCE FOR 18 YEARS FREE Jauary 8, 2014 Vo l. 19, I s s u e 4 0 LEdgEr-Ews T H E C H E R O K E E 103 E. Mai St., Woodstock, GA (770) fax (770) New Cato coucil members swor i; catch up o what other city coucils have bee up to. ONLINE THIS WEEK The special electio for House District 22 was held Ja. 7. For electio results visit ledgerews.com. HOT TOPICS: Traffic cotrol GDOT Tea Party SOAPBOX 7 Etowah defeats Roswell to claim Regio 5AAAAAA Duals champioship SPORTS 11 INSIDE: ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT 20 CLASSIFIEDS 21 CROSSWORD 20 LAW & ORDER 9 OPINION 6 SOAPBOX 7 SPORTS 11 SPOTLIGHT 18 Wood abruptly resigs city maager job By JIll RIchStoE Te miutes prior to the start of the first Cato City Coucil meetig of 2014, City Maager Scott Wood tured i his resigatio letter. He did ot atted the meetig. The coucil approved, 5-1, with Ward I Hooky Huffma opposig, Ward III Coucilma Gle Cummis added ageda item of Wood s resigatio. I am ot agry with ayoe ad i may ways hate that this time has come, but the truth of the matter is that from time to time ew ad fresh perspectives are eeded i various positios, be they elected or appoited, Wood wrote i his resigatio letter, ad so it is with mixed emotios that I offer my resigatio as city maager of the City of Cato to be effective immediately, with the request that City Coucil agree to provide me with six moths salary ad all other beefits as stipulated i my curret employmet agreemet with the City of Cato. Wood did ot retur calls for further Wood commet. After the meetig Mayor Gee Hobgood said Wood s resigatio was ot a surprise to him. We appreciate the job that he did while he was here, ad we wish him well i ay future edeavor that he has, Hobgood said. The mayor said there were some discussios with Wood prior to his resigatio. Whe asked to elaborate o what was discussed, he said it was a persoel matter. I thik the basic situatio is that durig the last electio, I thik that the voters pretty much made a idicatio that they wated to move i a little differet directio, ad so this is a opportuity for that to happe, Hobgood said. SEE RESIGNS, PAGE 10 Harmo to seek seat o BOE By MEGA thorto With the New Year uder way, the Cherokee Board of Educatio already has oe cotested race for this sprig s Republica primary. Joh Harmo said he plas to challege Michael Geist for the District 3 seat. The primary will be held May 20 with the geeral electio Nov. 3. Harmo Geist did ot respod to a request for commet as to whether he would seek re-electio prior to press time. Brig Oe for the Chipper recycles Christmas trees ito mulch ABOVE: Trees doated to Brig Oe for the Chipper will be recycled ito mulch for playgrouds, public beautificatio projects, wildlife habitat ad homeower ladscapig projects. Pictured are Greg Rach ad Joel Bryat, with the City of Woodstock, stadig i frot of a moud of chippigs from recycled Christmas trees at the evet held Ja. 4 at Olde Rope Mill Park. LEFT: Rach is pictured loadig a Christmas tree ito the chipper. PHOTOs by Jill RiCHsTOE ledger-ews SEE BOE, PAGE 9 CherokeeYear 2013 IReview JULY Cherokee Couty Post 1 School Board Member Kelly Marlow ad her political cosultat, Robert Trim, each were charged with a feloy ad tured themselves i Saturday, July 6, after Cato Police cocluded that the pair lied to ivestigators probig a complait filed by residet Barbara Kowles. Police issued feloy warrats for Marlow, Trim ad Kowles o July 5 after a ivestigatio ito whether or ot the Superitedet of Schools Dr. Frak Petruzielo tried to strike them with his car followig a heated school board meetig o Jue 13 idicated the allegatio was false. Durig that meetig, Marlow aouced that she had filed a letter with the Cherokee Couty School District s accreditig orgaizatio, SACS/ AdvaceEd, accusig the district of beig uable to effectively gover the school system. A cadlelight vigil i remembrace of Dejairra D.J. Elrod was held July 11, at 7:30 p.m., at the Cato dowtow gazebo, located at 100 North St. i cojuctio with the Cherokee Couty District s Attorey Office ad the Elrod family i a fight agaist domestic violece. The Georgia Domestic Violece Fatality Review Aual Report raked Georgia No. 10 i the atio for the rate i which me kill wome i sigle-victim homicide. I Cherokee Couty last year, there were five deaths related to domestic violece, makig it seveth i the state for couties with domestic violece-related deaths, accordig to the same report. Elrod was murdered durig the early morig hours of July 15, 2012, after a argumet erupted at a River Ridge apartmet she shared with her boyfried, Trevar Nuckles. SEE YEAR IN REvIEW, PAGE 8

2 2 the cherokee ledger-ews News Jauary 8, 2014 MegaN ThorNToN Ledger-News Cherokee Couty s first baby of 2014 was Eid Rubi Villatoro, bor at 1:06 a.m. o Ja. 1. Pictured from left, Eid s 7-year-old sister Melissa; mother, Rubidia Flores-Perez; baby Eid; father, Sato Villatoro; ad 3-year-old sister, Julissa. Not pictured: 12-year-old sister, Miria. Heessy Hoda.com EXAM PREP HIGHER SCORES MEAN MORE COLLEGE OPTIONS Hutigto s oe-to-oe test prep programs ca help. Choose from three great optios: Premier Program: Persoalized aroud studet s stregths ad weakesses 28-hour Program: A cocetrated boost i all key subject areas 10-hour Program: Effective help i oe subject area Your Tutorig Solutio Woodstock.HutigtoHelps.com Woodstock, 6244-C Old Highway 5 By Mega ThorTo Just a little more tha a hour ito 2014, Cherokee Couty welcomed its first baby of the New Year. Eid Rubi Villatoro, who arrived at 1:06 a.m. o Ja. 1 ad weighed i at 7 pouds, 4.8 ouces ad iches log, was bor at Northside Hospital-Cherokee to Woodstock couple Rubidia Flores- Perez ad Sato Villatoro. Eid jois three other sisters, Miria, 12, Melissa, 7, ad Julissa, 3. Flores-Perez said she overheard the ame Eid, which has SAVE $100 off the SAT/ACT Evaluatio Fee WHEN YOU CALL BEFORE 1/31/14 Cherokee welcomed Baby New Year just after 1 a.m. By Jessica LidLey A Idiaa ma accused of murderig his accomplice i a botched carjackig pleaded several differet origis ad meaigs icludig spirit, soul ad life, while at a cliic, ad liked the way it souded. My middle ame is Rubi, so I amed her after my middle ame also, Flores-Perez said through a traslator. I decided o Rubi because oe of (my other childre) have my middle ame. Flores-Perez said she ever thought her baby would be bor New Year s Day. A doctor told her she could expect the baby Ja. 21, but a ultrasoud predicted her due date for Thursday, Ja. 2. Baby Eid, who flailed her arms ad squirmed toward her mother guilty last moth to the lesser offese of volutary maslaughter. A Cherokee Couty Superior Court judge seteced Maurice Perkis to serve 40 years i priso with the possibility of parole after 20 years. Aother co-defedat i the case, Jumar Greer, who was idicted with Perkis for the murder of 27-year-old Adre Rodriquez, has ot etered a plea i the case, accordig to Cherokee Couty District Attorey Shao Wallace. I a ie-cout idictmet haded dow by the Cherokee Grad Jury o Dec. 10, Perkis, 20, ad Greer, 20, were charged with feloy murder, kidappig, hijackig, armed robbery, multiple couts of aggravated assault ad possessig a firearm durig the commissio of a crime. Perkis pleaded guilty to the lesser offese of volutary maslaughter, armed robbery ad aggravated assault. Two brothers, Tavarus Arrigto ad Quovadis Arrigto, who were accused of hiderig law eforcemet officers from apprehedig the murder suspects, also were idicted last moth for their alleged role i the crime. They were ot preset durig the carjackig. The Arrigto brothers ad Greer, all of Acworth, are scheduled to appear before a Superior Court judge for a arraigmet hearig o Ja. 16. Perkis, of Gary, Id., ad whe cameras flashed, has bee a healthy, happy baby so far, Flores-Perez added. Older sister Melissa, a 7-yearold secod grader at Woodstock Elemetary School, said she is most lookig forward to helpig take care of the baby. Ad helpig my mom, Melissa said. Villatoro said despite beig outumbered by females i his family, he feels very protective of his daughters ad is happy to have aother little girl. Melissa showed off her homemade rubber bad bracelets ad rigs while little sister Julissa, 3, clug to her father durig family photographs. Perkis pleads guilty i murder case Greer were arrested for the murder of Rodriquez this past August followig a ivestigatio by the Cherokee Sheriff s Office ito a botched carjackig that occurred aroud 2:30 p.m. o Aug. 22. Early reports revealed that Greer, Perkis ad Rodriquez carjacked a 19-year-old i The Peaks apartmet complex off Bells Ferry Road. The victim reportedly was pistol-whipped, placed i the backseat of his ow car with oe of the suspects ad restraied. As the carjackig suspects were travelig dow Ga. 92, just west of Wade Gree Road, a struggle esued betwee the victim ad a suspect i the backseat. Accordig to the idictmet, whe the victim struggled to gai cotrol over the pistol, a bullet was fired, strikig Rodriquez, who was drivig the stole vehicle. A autopsy performed at the GBI crime lab revealed that Rodriguez died at the scee as the result of a gushot woud to the upper torso. Authorities have ot said whether Greer or Perkis fired the fatal shot. After the vehicle traveled off the roadway ad collided with trees, Greer ad Perkis reportedly fled o foot. Teessee State Patrol troopers appreheded Greer later that ight, ad Perkis was appreheded the Saturday followig the carjackig i Idiaa. Perkis curretly is i the Georgia state priso system.

3 Jauary 8, 2014 ews the cherokee ledger-ews 3 By Jessica LidLey New bride laid to rest after Tragedy struck a ewly married couple the weeked before last whe their vehicle crashed oly hours after their weddig ceremoy i Ball Groud. A spokesperso for the Georgia State Patrol said the bride, Kali Dobso Quito, died as a result of the accidet. The sigle-vehicle wreck occurred aroud 8:30 p.m., Dec. 29, whe Rya Quito, of Jasper, swerved to dodge a dog i the roadway, accordig to statemets he provided to GSP traffic ivestigators. GSP authorities said Quito, 27, was travelig orth o Ga. 5 whe he lost cotrol of his Potiac Firebird. The Firebird reportedly overtured after travelig off the roadway, ejectig Kali Quito, 25, of Ball Groud. GSP spokesperso Fraka Youg said the woma was trapped uder the vehicle whe it came to a rest. Kali Quito was proouced weddig day crash ews briefs dead at the scee, ad her husbad was trasported to Northside Hospital-Cherokee for treatmet, Youg said. The crash is still uder ivestigatio. Blood was draw to determie if alcohol was a cotributig factor, Youg said. Charges are pedig. As of press time Moday, o charges had bee filed. The case remais uder ivestigatio. Kali Quito, who was bor July 20, 1988, i Marietta, was a 2006 graduate of Pickes Couty High School. She was workig as a orthodotic assistat with Hiser Orthodotics i Cummig. A fueral service for the 25-yearold was held this past Friday at the Mt. Zio Baptist Church, with the Rev. James Thompso, the Rev. Grat Wade ad the Rev. Ala Caylor officiatig. Itermet followed i Log Swamp Baptist Church Cemetery. I additio to her husbad, Kali Quito is survived by her parets, Lida ad Day Doodle Jorda, of Ball Groud, ad Jim ad Liz Dobso, of Jasper; gradmother, Geita Taylor, of Jasper; sisters ad brothers-i-law, Kelly ad Toy Weaver, of Jasper, ad Katie ad Jody Poole, of Jasper; stepbrothers ad sister-i-law, Michael ad Melissa Jorda, of Ball Groud, ad Day Jorda, of Cato; ieces ad ephews, Ady ad Mykezie Weaver, of Jasper, Jorda, Loga ad Mega Poole, all of Jasper; ad step-ieces ad ephews, Haley, Tiffay ad Jacob Jorda, of Ball Groud. She also is survived by her mother- ad father-i-law, Diae ad Gary Quito, of Jasper; brothers-i-law ad sister-ilaw, Jodie ad Tiffay Quito, of Clearwater, Fla., ad Kayle Quito, of Jasper; as well as auts, ucles, cousis ad a host of frieds. The family will accept flowers, or doatios may be made to the Burt Moutai Ceter, 515 Pioeer Road, Jasper, Ga Arragemets were hadled by the staff of Roper Fueral Home & Crematory of Jasper. Olie codoleces may be set to the family at $40 OFF Purchase of 4 tires Valid o Toyota, Lexus & Scio oly & at Cherokee Couty Toyota oly. Caot combie w/ay other offer or coupo. Expires 1/31/14 LEFT: Kali Dobso Quito was laid to rest Ja. 3, followig a memorial service at Mt. Zio Baptist Church i Jasper. Doatios i Quito s hoor may be made to the Burt Moutai Ceter, 515 Pioeer Road, Jasper, Ga state, couty jobless rates drop The Georgia Departmet of Labor recetly aouced that metro Atlata s uemploymet rate decreased to 7 percet i November, dow seve-teths of a percetage poit from 7.7 percet i October. The metro area jobless rate was 8.1 percet a year ago. Cherokee Couty s uemploymet rate dropped to 5.7 percet i November, dow from the 6.3 percet rate i October. The couty s jobless rate was 6.5 percet i November Accordig to the GDOL, the metro area rate declied i November due to the umber of jobs icreasig ad the umber of uemploymet isurace claims beig dow. Metro Atlata employers added 14,300 jobs i November, icreasig the umber of jobs to 2.47 millio. Georgia s seasoally adjusted uemploymet rate for November was 7.7 percet, dow from 8.1 percet i October. The rate was 8.7 percet i November a year ago. For more iformatio, visit Totes 2 Tots to be held Ja. 17 Georgia Cacer Specialists, with a office i Cato, ad Northside Hospital will host the 12th Aual Totes 2 Tots suitcase drive ext moth. The collectio day for ew or getly used suitcases ad bags will take place Friday, Ja. 17, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at all 27 Georgia Cacer Specialists offices across Georgia. The Cato office is located at 228 Riverstoe Drive. For a list of other participatig locatios, visit or facebook.com/totes- 2tots, or call Cobb- Cherokee ad North Fulto Agets of the Moth BridgeMill/ Cato ad Cherokee Agets of the Moth Thor Goricki Now Iterviewig New & Experieced Agets! Bold Step. Bold Payoff! Darrell Clarke Art Worley Joi Our Wiig Team! Weekly traiig, competitive commissio splits, state of the art office, hads o Broker Support. Call for cofidetial iterview. Sarah Terrell

4 4 the cherokee ledger-ews News Jauary 8, 2014 Church to host blood drive i youg girl s hoor By Jill Richstoe What started as some bruises o a 3-year-old child s legs, tured ito her parets worst ightmare. Now, Hopewell Baptist Church, i Cato, is tryig to help aid i the child s treatmet ad it eeds the commuity s support. Caily Thompso, who tured 4 last moth, was diagosed with high risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) last July. Her mother, Shelley Thompso, of Woodstock, said Caily did t appear to be sick before she got diagosed. The oly abormality appeared to be some bruisig o Caily s legs that started to get bigger ad would t go away. At first, it looked like (the result of) a 3-year-old playig, Thompso said about the bruisig, addig that soo after she oticed the bruises, she foud red spots, called petechiae, o Caily s body. Everythig I looked up olie said leukemia, ad I was like o, o, o. She called her daughter s pediatricia to make a appoitmet for the ext day but was advised to take Caily to Childre s Healthcare immediately. The diagosis of high risk ALL came later that same ight o July 25. Caily s case is cosidered high risk because her white blood couts were extremely high whe she was diagosed. I would always pray over the kids, about leukemia ad ot havig cacer, because that s scary, somethig you do t ever wat your childre to have to go through, Thompso said about her two childre, Caily ad Loga, her 6-year-old so. All you ca do is pray we re just very lucky that we caught it ad we re able to have such a close hospital i Childre s. She said whe Caily first was admitted to the hospital last summer, Loga would t leave his sister s side. He s a really good big brother, Thompso said. Whe asked what has helped her get through this difficult time, Thompso credited her faith, family, frieds ad church. We would defiitely feel more aloe if we did t have Hopewell ad our family ad frieds, Thompso said. I could t imagie ot havig the faith that we have, ad the Lord, to trust Him, ad to have the support from the church. While the road to recovery has t bee a easy oe for Caily, she hopefully will be able to eter ito the maiteace stage of treatmets this summer. Her mother said Caily the would receive chemotherapy treatmets every four weeks. Curretly, Caily receives treatmets about every other week. Thompso said the chemo treatmets get rid of the cacer cells, but also the good cells, iside of her daughter s boe marrow. It s amazig how God allows this medicie to go i them ad ot hurt them ad get everythig out that it s supposed to, she said of the chemotherapy. As a result of the treatmets, Caily has to receive blood ad platelet trasfusios ofte. Whe the cogregatio of Hopewell Baptist Church leared that Caily is i costat eed of blood doatios, it decided to host a blood drive for the child. Christy Pope, the lead orgaizer for the blood drive, said Shelley ad Adam Thompso, Caily s parets, are members of the cogregatio ad the church wated to help i ay way possible. We ve had several parishioers with cacer, icludig myself, it was oe of those thigs that was close to our hearts, ad especially with a child, we just thought, whatever we ca do, Pope said. special Four-year-old Caily Thompso suffers from leukemia. Because of chemotherapy treatmets, she costatly is i eed of blood ad platelet trasfusios. Thompso said she thiks the idea for the blood drive is woderful, addig that without blood doatios, childre like Caily would t be able to survive. The blood drive will take place Moday, Ja. 13, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., at the Family Life Ceter at Hopewell Baptist Church, 78 Ridge Road, Cato. Caily will receive credit for every uit of blood doated durig the evet. Thompso explaied that eve if a perso doates blood that is t Caily s blood type, that blood still will be used for someoe else i eed ad a bag of blood i Caily s blood type would go to Caily istead. I m just lookig forward to it, ad I m glad that so may people are iterested i it, it s a blessig, Pope said about the drive. To schedule a appoitmet, visit ad eter sposor code Hopewell, or cotact Pope at hopewellbaptist.com.

5 Jauary 8, 2014 News the cherokee ledger-ews 5 Scouts preset Fidig Kid By Jessica LidLey Oe commo deomiator betwee may of the girls i a Cato-based Girl Scout troop has ispired the etire group to come together i support of a ati-bullyig campaig. Troop 2758 decided to fight bullyig with kidess by offerig two free showigs of Fidig Kid, a documetary that addresses the mea-girl pheomeo ad how to fid a commo groud of kidess. Filmmakers Laure Parsekia ad Molly Thompso, who met while i school at Pepperdie Uiversity, set out o a jourey i 2009 to discover the uiversal truths about growig up as a girl. Fidig Kid is a result of iterviews the filmmakers had with wome ad girls across the coutry idividuals who opeed up about their lives ad persoal experieces with beig bullied. The documetary also icludes iterviews with respected experts ad authors i the fields of psychology, educatio ad the iterrelatioships of wome ad girls. Cato Girl Scout Troop 2758, led by Phyllis Miller ad Susa va Leeuwe, is ready to take a stad agaist bullyig ad show its support for the Kid Campaig with two free showigs of Fidig Kid o Ja. 12, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. ad 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., at Cato First Uited Methodist Church, located at 930 Lower Scott Mill Road i Cato. Girl Scouts of Greater Atlata had set out some iformatio about the Fidig Kid movie, ad we thought it would be somethig eat for the service uit to do because we had a girl i our troop who came to us i the fall ad told us about some thigs she had bee goig through with bullyig, Miller said. The troop member, Camille Darby, said she bega strugglig with bullies at the start of sixth grade. She is ow 13 ad wated to share her story. It ever affected me for a while; I simply shrugged it off, amused, she said. But as the ed of sixth grade approached, ad it cotiued to happe, I bega cosiderig the thigs they said. The Freedom Middle School studet said bullies would criticize how much she was eatig, what she was wearig ad how she styled her hair, causig her to feel as though somethig was wrog with her. By the time seveth grade rolled aroud, Camille said she received a ote i her locker that said, Kill yourself, but take pictures. To cope with the pai from such hurtful words, the local studet said she resorted to self-destructive behavior. The words from my bullies were diggig my grave, she said. My grades slipped drastically; I o loger cared about impressig my family or provig myself to ayoe. I believed there was othig i the world I could do to impress ayoe. This past September, Camille said she sought help from a school couselor ad received medical treatmet for coditios developed due to bullyig. While Camille still is recoverig from her experiece with bullyig, she decided to stad up i frot of her troop ad share her story a move that ispired others to share their experieces with bullyig, too. Other girls kid of chimed i ad expressed thigs they had bee experiecig through beig bullied o the bus ad i school, Miller said. The we started talkig about thigs we had heard i the ews about social media ad bullyig. The girls realized that this was t somethig that was just about them; it was about girls ad kids everywhere. The troop decided that showig the film would be a perfect project because it was somethig that they all could relate to. The troop member who shared her story with the Ledger-News said she hopes to make a differece. I wat people to realize what words ca do; what oe simple you do t look ice today ca do to a perso, she said. People, especially girls my age, do t realize what kid of impact they have o the world aroud them. Ad it breaks my heart more tha aythig for them to use that impact egatively. Sure, may girls will thik the documetary was stupid ad a waste of time. If it makes a bully stop, if it makes someoe speak up, if it gets someoe the help they eed, if it chages oe perso, it s worth aythig. The Cato troop is made up of 13 girls, ad while Miller said ot all the girls are the closest of frieds, they have agreed to stad behid oe aother i the ati-bullyig campaig. The girls made a pledge to step i or fid a adult whe they see someoe else, whether they kow the perso or ot, beig bullied. Whe they started sharig similar experieces, it was really eat to see how comfortig ad carig each were to oe aother, regardless if they were at differet schools or had differet sets of frieds, Miller said. They made a pact: Everythig that they shared was to be kept amogst the troop ad it was their decisio to share their story with who they wated to share it with. Miller said showig the film was a way to support her girls. These are girls I have kow sice first grade, ad I love them dearly, she said. Whe I heard all of the sad thigs they had bee goig through, it broke my heart. If I ca help them facilitate somethig that is goig to make them feel good about themselves the that is the whole poit of doig this. Va Leeuwe shared a similar setimet. I feel like the bullyig that goes o i middle school is so isidious ad damagig to the selfesteem of these girls, ad a lot of them ever really recover from it, she said. I thik there are a lot of girls that ever realize their potetial because at some time i their lives there was someoe tellig them that they were t good eough or pretty eough or smart eough. Miller said she ecourages her troop to battle bullyig by remidig them to follow oe of the Girl Scout s mottos: Be a sister to every girl. I tell them to treat each other with kidess because it is all a part of the Girl Scout law ad promise, she said. What I always tell the girls is that you do t have to be best frieds with everybody, but it s ot OK to be eemies with aybody. Troop member Alaya Dhaai added that it is very importat to be kid to others because you ever kow what they have bee goig through i their lives. Somethig as small as a smile ca brighte their etire day, she said. Fidig Kid, a 77-miute film, will focus o the issues of girl/girl bullyig ad the effects it has o girls. The documetary also addresses the eed for healig through beig kid. After the movie, which is aimed for girls age 11 ad up, we will have two facilitators who will take the girls (divided ito two groups) ad have discussios that will allow the girls to share or just liste, Miller said. The movie studio will provide the troop with cards, ad, as part of the Kid Campaig, studets are asked to fill out a apology, pledge or kid card. The apology card will be passed out to ayoe who wats oe, Miller said. I am sure after watchig this movie, every sigle perso i the room could thik of somethig they have doe to someoe else, whether itetioal or ot, that was t appropriate. Miller said the troop will make available to ay school or church i Cherokee Couty, copies of the Fidig Kid apology cards, pledge cards ad kid cards, i a effort to support the beig Kid Campaig. $3 OFF Covetioal or Sythetic Oil Chage *Toyota, Lexus & Scio models oly & at Cherokee Couty Toyota oly. Caot be combied with ay other offers or coupos. Expires 1/31/14 Tuesday Ope Mic $2 PBR all day/ight Wedesday Karaoke $3 Draft Beer Thursday Team Trivia $4 Wie $90 house cash give away Friday Free Appetizers 4:30pm-6:30pm Live Music Dier & A Movie Night o our 13 BIG scree! Call for movie of the week saturday Live Music suday Bruch & full meu $2 Mimosas The Laughig Pig at The Paited Pig Taver Comedy ight Every Saturday Night at 8pm Best kow comics aroud! Oly $15 per perso Brig this ad for $ 3 OFF admissio to Comedy ight

6 OPINION 6 the cherokee ledger-ews Maagig editor: erika elder Jauary 8, 2014 it should be to take care of the childre i dfacs. Joh Garrett Woodstock i thik it should be roads. some of our roads are i bad shape. ChErOkEE VOICE ISSUE: The Georgia Geeral Assembly covees Ja. 13 for the 2014 legislative sessio. QUESTION: What do you thik the top priority for Georgia legislators should be this year? Joe Akade Woodstock lower taxes. Joe Erstes Holly Sprigs Better educatio. those are our future leaders. Suzae Carlso Woodstock If tomorrow does t come L ife is short. That s a phrase that is ofte uttered i times of eed, sadess ad despair. But, it s the truth. While some get to lead log, healthy lives, others get cut short ad the issue is too complex for the mortal huma mid to uderstad. It s God s pla, ad it s ot somethig we ca ivestigate, break dow or research. I the last couple of weeks, I ve heard of three people who lost their lives way too early. The most recet is heartbreakig i what should have bee the happiest day of their lives, the Dobso ad Quito families were shake. Leavig their weddig veue at the Wheeler House i Ball Groud Suday before last, ewlyweds Rya ad Kali Quito had their whole lives ahead of them. They had just pledged to love each other all the days of their lives. But just miutes from the veue, tragedy struck ad a car crash claimed the life of Kali. I could oly assume her ewlywed husbad is beyod icosolable. Ad the day before that happeed, I leared of a old fried who died i a car wreck at just 32 years old. My old fried ad coworker, Cadice Cremeas, was drivig Friday, Dec. 27, i Marietta whe she reportedly accelerated ito the parkig lot of a automobile repair shop ad the hit a parked car. The press release issued by Dear Editor, People move out a lot at year s ed. Ca you imagie beig foreclosed o; or leavig your home, ad ot takig your kids with you? How callous would that be? Yet, every moth people are leavig their homes, closig the door behid them ad leavig their bewildered ad frighteed family pet behid ad just drive away. We have rescued family dogs ad cats left locked i basemets, garages, back yards ad houses with o food ad o water. They are may times starvig ad ear death whe we fially hear about their plight from a Cobb Couty Police said it was likely that a medical coditio she experieced caused the crash. I leared through a mutual fried Suday morig that Cadice had bee ill, ad, without divulgig her medical history without the permissio of her family, I ll just say that it is more tha likely that the medical coditio started the chai reactio that led to the crash ad later her DIALOGUE death. The week of Christmas I took vacatio time from work to sped with family. Durig that time, I got a text message Erika Nelder from a co-worker. It said oe of my logtime police cotacts had died. Iterestigly eough, we had just bee talkig about her the week before. We wodered what she had bee up to ad how she was. We kew Capt. Dolly McMaha retired from the Holly Sprigs Police Departmet a couple of years ago, ad I do t recall what it was that made her pop ito my mid that day. But, I do t believe it was LEttErs a coicidece. I thik it was a cue for me to try to reach out to her a cue I igored. Life ca be take i a istat. We do t kow whe the ed of our life will come just that it will come. I try to live i a way of havig o regrets but it s difficult, ad I ca t always say that is the case. While I had ever met Kali Dobso Quito, I truly regret losig cotact with both Dolly ad Cadice. We had tried to get our old group of frieds together several times over the last few years, but ot everyoe could come. I had hoped to see Cadice at the ed of the summer whe the old crew was set to see a bad we used to all like at the park i dowtow Marietta. But, she could t make it that day. Life defiitely is too short to ot do what you are draw to do or accomplish that thig you ve always wished. Istead of sittig o the couch ad readig a magazie, pick up the phoe ad call that relative or fried who you ve bee meaig to catch up with. Istead of rushig to get all the household chores doe, sped some quiet or loud ad rambuctious family time with your loved oes. The chores will be there tomorrow your loved oe may ot. Do t wait util it s too late to recoect ad ejoy your days kowig that tomorrow may ever come. Do t leave your pets behid cocered eighbor, Realtor or shelter ad rescue them. There is o excuse for this evil behavior today. If you have to move please take your fur kids with you. You do t leave your two-legged kids behid, please do t abado your four-legged kids either. Cats ad dogs are domesticated aimals ad caot survive locked up with o food, water ad love. If you caot take them to a apartmet the ask a eighbor, fried or relative to adopt them. Or call a local o-kill rescue to get them. Or at least call your shelter. But please do ot leave them behid to die a slow paiful death. Sometimes they are listless ski ad boes whe we get them. Your pets loved you. They feel fear ad pai just as you do. If life has bee ukid recetly to you please do ot take out your pai o your iocet aimal. Ma up ad do the right thig. For more iformatio or for those iterested i adoptig a aimal who might have bee left behid, me at Steve Moaha Woodstock (Steve Moaha is the executive director of the Cherokee Couty Aimal League based i Woodstock.) our top priority should be educatio, because we are ot supportig our teachers. Patt Bryat Woodstock o ew absurd regulatios. Ed Peterso Woodstock Publisher DAVE CAUGHMAN THE CHEROKEE LEDGER-NEWS Maagig Editor ERIKA NELDNER 2014 Lakeside Publishig Ic. All Rights Reserved. Articles ad advertisemets may ot be reprited i whole or i part without the expressed writte coset of Lakeside Publishig Ic. The Cherokee Ledger-News, published weekly o Wedesday by Lakeside Publishig, Ic., 103 E. Mai St., Woodstock, GA Periodicals postage paid at Moroe, GA ad additioal post offices. USPS Postmaster: Please sed address chages to The Cherokee Ledger-News P.O. Box 4932, Cato, GA Phoe (770) Fax (770) Sed to: Write us at P.O. Box 2369, Woodstock, GA Disclaimer: The views expressed o the Opiio page are ot ecessarily the views of the publisher or the staff of the Cherokee Ledger-News.

7 Jauary 8, 2014 OpiiO the cherokee ledger-ews 7 LetterS Far better editorial topics exist Dear Editor, Erika Nelder s editorial, Do t Expect a Hadout, published i the Dec. 11 editio of The Cherokee Ledger-News was a myopic look, heavy o emotio ad light o substatiatig fact, at miimum wage workers. The miimum wage has bee a itegral part of our society ad ecoomy for 77 years. Amog other thigs, it is a metric of how our society views a employer s obligatio to employees. There was a time i our coutry whe the miimum wage isured a worker could live at or above the poverty lie. At $7.25/hour, a perso workig 40 hours/week, 52 weeks per year (o vacatio) will gross $15,080. The poverty lie for a household of two (thik sigle paret) is $15,510 ad $23,550 for a family of four. The miimum wage reached its (iflatio-adjusted) historic high i 1968, whe it was raised from $1.40 to $1.60 per hour. Adjusted for iflatio (usig the Bureau of Labor Statistics olie iflatio calculator) that would come Dear Editor, As a local uit co-presidet of a Cherokee Couty elemetary school ad 13th District Officer of the PTA, I am writig to address the clearly misiformed ad sladerous statemets made by School Board Member Kelly Marlow regardig the Georgia PTA ad our legislative priorities, advocacy efforts ad tactics. Grated, the compesatio for my roles may ot be grad i fiacial terms; yes, it is a whole whoppig $0.00, for my 35-plus voluteer hours a week, yet I oetheless take my duties ad resposibilities very seriously. I my leadership materials, it clearly states: Partisa political activity, defied as participatig or iterveig i ay local, state or federal campaig, as represetative of PTA, for a elected political office, is absolutely forbidde. As I have watched the last year of the Marlow circus ufold, I have cried for our childre, I have screamed i frustratio, Dear Editor, to $10.72/hour i 2013 dollars. What s more, if our stadard for miimum wages had kept pace with overall icome growth i the U.S. ecoomy, it would ow be $21.16 per hour. If miimum wage had kept pace with the rise i CEO salaries sice 1991, the miimum wage ow would be $23/hour. Accordig to Ms. Nelder, miimum wage workers are teeagers, college studets or adults who lack ambitio. Yet, The Wall Street Joural reported i March that 284,000 college graduates were workig miimum wage jobs i 2012 ad research reveals this ufortuate reality will likely cotiue eve after full ecoomic recovery. I 2008 ad 2009, the U.S. labor market lost 8.4 millio jobs, or 6.1 percet of all payroll employmet the most dramatic employmet cotractio of ay recessio sice the Great Depressio. We have ot recovered all those lost jobs. Accordig to the Ecoomic Policy Istitute, there were 2.9 job seekers for every job opeig i September That meas, for early two out of ad yet I have maaged to remai silet to this poit. Why? Because I have attempted to exercise cautio i the kowledge that as a PTA leader, the perceptio may be that I am ot speakig or actig as a idividual, but as a represetative of the PTA. Ulike Ms. Marlow, I shall ot brig disgrace upo myself, my family or the orgaizatio which I represet. I light of the statemets by Ms. Marlow, i which she makes accusatios of scare tactics ad itimidatio ad masqueradig as a child advocacy orgaizatio, I feel justified i fially speakig my mid. Kelly Marlow should be ashamed of herself. She has besmirched our district, herself, ad sadly does ot show the itellect to eve recogize that while she has spet the last year tryig to destroy CCSD ad its paretal support all she has doe is galvaize it. Aalyzig ad sharig iformatio about legislatio ad commuicatig with legislative or other policy-makig bodies about every three job seekers there are o jobs, miimum wage or otherwise. As a jouralist, perhaps Ms. Nelder would cosider writig a opiio piece o why there are t more jobs i America despite the fact that U.S. corporatios are rakig i record profits? How about a editorial o why wages as a percetage of GDP are at a all-time low whe, accordig to the Iteratioal Labor Orgaizatio, U.S. worker productivity is tops i the world? Or perhaps Ms. Nelder could explore why corporate icome is half-agai greater tha proprietors (small busiess) icome whe the two were roughly the same i America s ecoomic heyday durig the 1950s ad 60s. A editorial offerig aswers to ay oe of these questios would reveal who is really gettig the hadouts i our ecoomy big busiess. It s certaily ot workers, miimum wage or otherwise, who are askig for a raise. Doa Logio Cato Advocacy is ot a masquerade decisios that affect the PTA are ot lobbyig activities. They are by defiitio advocacy. Ms. Marlow has o umerous occasios isulted ot oly the parets i Cherokee Couty, but each ad every costituet i Post 1. Oce agai, she has take aim at those who seek to serve our childre, ad I for oe ca o loger sit silet while she cotiues her reig of igorace ad terror. The Georgia PTA is my PTA, ad the parets i my PTA are strog. They are dedicated. Ad most of all, they are devoted to the wellbeig of our childre. The oly masquerade I see is the oe that happes every moth whe Ms. Marlow takes her seat at the school board meetig pretedig to be there for the beefit of our childre ad the bettermet of our schools. Daw Stasty Bascomb Elemetary Co-Presidet 13th District PTA Secretary/ Treasurer Presidet had Lie of the Year Oe week before the presidetial electio i 2008, former Secretary of State Eagleburger stated o Fox News: I ca t believe this coutry is about to elect a co ma ad charlata as Presidet. Those of us who had ot bee misled by the maistream media ito thikig that Fox News was evil, listeed to what he ad others had to say about the socialist backgroud ad associatios of the cadidate Obama. We the tried to get the more aive amog us to pay attetio to the alarmig associatios ad statemets of cadidate Obama, but they were caught up i the hysteria of the momet ad we were drowed out by their childlike chat of yes we ca. It was therefore, o surprise to those of us who do t get our ews from the maistream media (NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) that recetly, Politifact (the website dedicated to checkig the validity of political statemets) desigated Presidet Obama s emphatic ad oft repeated statemet of: if you like your pla, you ca keep your pla period as the Lie of the Year. Did you ever thik the presidet of the Uited States would be guilty of tellig the lie of the year? O top of that, Politico, the left leaig iteret ews orgaizatio, just came out with its Top te lies of the year ad presidet Obama is credited with tellig three of the top te lies of the year. Worse yet, uder Obama, the whole federal govermet has bee tured ito a lyig machie, from the NSA sayig the govermet is ot spyig o Americas, to the govermet lyig about iflatio ad uemploymet, to the State Departmet lie that Beghazi was caused by a video, to the Departmet of Health & Huma Services sayig that the Obamacare website is workig well ad your fiacial ad medical iformatio are safe. About that last oe, ask yourself, how ca a website that ca barely register you keep your iformatio safe? Now that the whole world kows that Presidet Obama is a prove liar, I would thik that those who fell for the co ma ad charlata Eagleburger wared us about, would at least questio what he says ad liste to other sources of ews. Coservatives have log bee aware of presidet Obama s lies, startig with: there will be o lobbyists i my admiistratio to this most recet whopper. Ad before it s too late, we hope that those who misplaced their trust i presidet Obama, will see him for what he is a co ma, pushig failed policies who ca ot be trusted to tell the truth. Corad Quagliaroli Woodstock Letters to the Editor may be submitted by fax to (770) or by to ledgerews.com. All letters must iclude a phoe umber to verify autheticity. We reserve the right to reject publicatio. Cotet ad accuracy is the resposibility of the letter-writer. To all the dog lovers i Holly Trace subdivisio: Please, the costat barkig is gettig to be a little much. Please cosider your eighbors ad keep your dogs i check. Thak you for publishig these woderful letters (Letters to Sata ad Holiday Memories, Dec. 25, 2013)! Our childre are youg adults ow, but we all ejoy readig these every year as it has become a much welcomed traditio for us. These letters ad drawigs give us a treasured glimpse of the joy of Christmas through much youger eyes. Thak you for sharig these. The Georgia Departmet of Trasportatio says that Ga. 20 from I-575 to Cummig eeds to be improved. I agree with this. What I do ot agree with is that oe of their solutios is to re-route a part of Ga. 20 through my eighborhood where houses are still uder costructio. Who wats to live i a eighborhood that is divided by a four-lae highway? The most simple, obvious ad iexpesive solutio is just wide the road that is already there. Maybe it is too obvious, simple ad iexpesive for the GDOT to uderstad. Have you wodered why they call it the March of Dimes? I did ad foud out that it s because oe dime out of every dollar goes to the childre. How about that, huh? Do t just call the health departmet. Call, the school pricipal, Dr. P s office ad the health departmet. That will get more doe. They say opiios are like certai parts of the aatomy, everybody has oe. But why is it that whe a Christia voices his opiios it is cosidered radical, harsh ad mea yet someoe who has a perverted idea for their opiio ca say it ad we are supposed to agree. I was thikig if the Board of Commissioers ca figure out a way to stall off this Bobo deal for aother year, the statute of limitatios will ru out ad they ca all walk away griig like mules eatig briars. The City of Cato dump o Ridge Road is oly ope several days a week. The city is makig a huge profit o garbage service o each Cato home at $6 profit per moth o each house. Perhaps the City Coucil ca ope the dump more hours to better serve the residets. I d like to thak the youg lady at the tag office Moday morig for beig so icosiderate of others waitig o the lie. First she had to leave the clerk waitig while she ra out to her car to retrieve somethig. She the eeded to use the ATM to be able to pay her bill. Do all of this before you get o lie. Be cosiderate of others by beig prepared. Whe liberals are wrog, they are simply mistake. But whe coservatives are wrog, they are evil. I fid it strage that I was ever o Jeff Duca s Christmas card list util he ra for public office. The Holly Sprigs City Coucil vote to dey the aexatio for the Summit Group for the gas statio ear Harmoy o the Lakes was aythig but a political move. I fact, they were all public servats of the highest order. They did what their costituets wated them to do. They did t cow-tow to his zoig request. That s just too bad. Sequoyah Regioal Library System, save moey. Elimiate the automated call we get sayig our book is i. Have a real perso call us. They are there workig ayway. Matthew Ayers, there is ot a day that goes by that I do t thik of you each time I pull up to the light at Sixes Road at Marble SOapbOx Quarry whe you helped me i my time of eed. It s 364 days till Christmas ad my eighbors already have their Christmas lights up. Saturday morig, Dec. 28, I-575 orthboud at Ridgewalk Parkway. Hats off to the two Woodstock Police Departmet patrol uits that stopped to remove debris from the roadway. Good job guys. Gives a Woodstock residet ad voter a good reaso to be proud of their police departmet. I apologize if I make you mad because I come to a complete stop at all stop sigs, but if you ever get stopped oce for ruig a stop sig, you ll make sure you stop. I hope they re goig to come back ad fiish Uiveter Road because it s very, very hard to see i the dark ad worse i the rai. They eed to put white stripes o the outside of the road ad the little reflectors i the middle of the road. I thik they put the three-way stop sig i the wrog place o Hembridge Drive ear Exit 14. They should have put it at 387 Hembridge Drive. That s a bad spot right there. Eve if there are o crossig arms at a railroad crossig, remember you still have to stop whe the flashig red lights come o. Tryig to beat the trai is a deadly accidet waitig to happe. Just last week, I saw seve differet cars try to beat the trai i dowtow Woodstock. Who gave the authorizatio to cut all the big beautiful trees dow i Waterford subdivisio? Why could t they have bee cut back? Now we have to look at a old fece. They eed to clea up the fece. Tea Party i this couty is goig to starve us of growth. No to trasportatio, o to educatio, o to ifrastructure. They are the o-growth populatio of the 1990s i a differet mask. We do t eed to be Clayto Couty. Just say o to them. Demad resigatio by a geeral? Techically, ay member, curret or retired, of the armed services who demads a resigatio of the Commader i Chief is committig treaso. You have the right to your opiio, but you also have the resposibilities of your office ad rak. Police work is the 10th most dagerous job. Coveiece store clerks have the fifth most dagerous occupatio, ad they ve ever harassed me. Also, costructio workers are at the top of the most dagerous jobs. Whe is the last time that you thaked a costructio worker for your comfortable home ad ice office? To the proud Democrat: thaks Presidet Obama for record umbers o food stamps, i poverty; a record deficit which will ever be repaid i our lifetime; record umbers ot employed, uderemployed or ot lookig for work; record umbers of foreclosures; lowerig the U.S. credit ratig; Fast & Furious; Beghazi; IRS scadal. So you ca spi it ay way you wat, but this is reflected i his record low approval ratig. The Ledger-News reserves the right ot to publish Soapbox items based o libel or other cosideratios the editor ad publisher deem valid. Commets may be edited for brevity. Please keep commets as brief as possible. Legthy opiios should be addressed i a letter to the editor. To submit a Soapbox, call (770) or

8 8 the cherokee ledger-ews year i review Jauary 8, 2014 Chad s Pritig Servig Cherokee Couty & Metro Atlata Sice /2 OFF o a 4 Wheel Aligmet With purchase of 2 or more tires at the regular price. Valid o Toyota, Lexus & Scio oly & at Cherokee Couty Toyota oly. Caot be combied w/ay other offers or coupos. Expires 1/31/14 WOW! Look at these Rates!! Wat to refiace but home wo t appraise? Camasii s Italia Sicilia Grille 97.75% Refiacig 100% Fiacig for purchase of your home FHA/VA Approved FHA/VA Stream lie loas No Closig Costs loas Specializig i Busiess Forms & Ivoices NOW OPEN Daily luch SpecialS pizza SpecialS (Take out or Die i with purchase of 2 driks) Daily: 1 Large 1 toppig, 1 salad $ Wed: 2 Large cheese pizzas, 1 doze garlic rolls $ DieR SpecialS Mo & Wed All You Ca Eat Pasta Dier $ Thur. Texas Hold em Poker 6:30pm & 9pm (Gift Certificate Prizes) 10% off Total Bill of $ 25 or more with this ad, die i oly, oe coupo per table Hwy. 92 at 575, Woodstock (Goodwill Shoppig Plaza) Mo.-Tues. 11am-8pm, Wed.-Sat. 11am-10pm HARP 2 is Here!! No Appraisal is Required* Ulimited Loa to Value No Out of Pocket expeses* (*) With the Property Ispectio Waiver 3.250% 15 year Fixed Cedar Mill Mortgage Call us today for a FREE, No Obligatio Cosultatio! APPLY BY PHONE TODAY!! (770) Check us out o the web at % 30 year Fixed Loa Amout 30 years 20 years 15 years $ 100, $ $ $ $ 200, $ $ 1, $ 1, $ 300, $ 1, $ 1, $ 2, Curret Rate 3.875% 3.750% 3.250% Paymets above are oly examples. Other loa amouts ad terms are available. Rates show above are First Mortgage rates as of 10/25/13. All loas have differet qualifyig areas, please cotact us for more details. The APR s for the above described programs are estimated as follows (30 yrs loa 4.125%), (20 yrs loa 4.000%) ad (15 yrs loa 3.500%) Georgia Residetial Mortgage Licesee #11884, NMLS# River Park Blvd Ste 201 Woodstock, GA CherokeeYear 2013 IReview The Cherokee Couty School District studets cotiue to outscore studets statewide o Georgia Ed of Course Tests (EO- CT) i all subjects. All district schools showed improvemet i 2013, icludig across-the-board steady or risig physical sciece scores. Both studets across the state ad local studets were challeged by the ew, more rigorous Commo Core Georgia Performace Stadards (CCGPS) coordiate algebra test 57 percet of CCSD studets passed, compared to 40 percet of state studets. The search for Cato Police Departmet s assistat police chief eded after the city s top cop aouced July 8 the hirig of Mark Mitchell, 41. Mitchell was swor i July 25. At the Ball Groud City Coucil meetig July 11, Mayor Rick Roberts admiistered the oath of office to Police Chief Bryo Reeves. Ball Groud officials promoted Reeves to the positio i Jue followig the retiremet of Daa Davis, who served as the city s top cop for more tha a decade. Woodstock residet Eda Specer celebrated turig 100 years old o July 12, a day before her July 13 birthday, with her family ad frieds at Colbert Square i Woodstock, the idepedet seior livig commuity where she lives. Bor July 13, 1913, i Wadesboro, N.C., Specer is the eldest of 11 childre. The Ball Groud City Coucil officially took its first step to surplus the former Ball Groud School at its July 11 meetig, the coucil voted, 4-0, to accept T.Y. Brow s bid of $150,000 to purchase the city ladmark. Brow plaed to move his scree pritig busiess ito oe portio of the school ad has plas to redevelop the other portio ito residetial lofts ad possibly a restaurat. The city maitais use of the gymasium for its parks ad recreatio programs. Cherokee Sheriff s Office ivestigators were attemptig to determie the idetity of skeletal remais that were foud off South Cherokee Lae i Woodstock the eveig of July 20. A spokesperso for the sheriff s office said there have bee o developmets i the case. Detectives lauched the ivestigatio shortly after 6 p.m. after a biologist lookig for sakes ear the Cherokee/Cobb lie came across the remais of what police have said are that of a uidetified ma O July 12, followig a 5-0 vote by the Cato City Coucil to better defie the positio of Mai Street Director, the city hired Megha Griffi for the job. District 22 state Rep. Calvi Hill, R-Hickory Flat, aouced durig the week of July 15 he was diagosed with a rare form of leukemia. I a media release, Hill, 66, said he faced boe marrow trasplats ad various SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! therapy ad chemotherapy programs desiged to put his disease i remissio. Durig that week, Hill was hospitalized at the Northside Hospital Boe Marrow Trasplat Uit i Atlata. The City of Holly Sprigs heard from idepedet auditor RL Jeigs & Associates durig a mii work sessio prior to the July 15 City Coucil meetig. City Loga Maager Rob Loga preseted the aual fiacial report for the 2012 budget year, i which the city received a uqualified opiio, meaig the idepedet auditor thought the fiacial records were accurate. I a highly detailed report, which ca be foud o the city s website at us, key fiacial highlights for 2012 were preseted, icludig that the city s combied et positio icreased by 4.6 percet ad that combied reveue icreased by 2.7 percet i 2012, from Cherokee property owers will be payig approximately the same amout of couty taxes ext year, as couty commissioers rolled back the millage rate to reflect the icrease i value of property i the couty. At the July 16 meetig, commissioers voted uaimously to set the millage rate at 9.947, dow from i fiscal year Motorists who traveled o Woodstock s mai thoroughfares, icludig a portio of the iterstate, over the weeked of July likely experieced traffic delays due to the outlet mall s grad opeig. O the ight before the July 18 grad opeig, several thousad people headed to the Outlet Shoppes at Atlata i Woodstock to take advatage of special deals what would become a medley of traffic cogestio ad severe weather. Progress regardig the sale or lease of the couty-owed Ball Groud Recyclig plat was discussed July 16 at a joit meetig of the Cherokee Couty Board of Commissioers ad the Resource Recovery Developmet Authority (RRDA). The couty was egotiatig with two firms ad possibly a third etity, all iterested i leasig the Ball Groud Recyclig plat, couty officials said. See Year i review, Page 15

9 Jauary 8, 2014 NEWs the cherokee ledger-ews 9 Cherokee Sheriff s Office deputies charged a 36-year-old Woodstock ma with possessig a cotrolled substace after respodig to a ukow trouble call. Deputies arrived at a gas statio o Kellogg Creek Road o Dec. 31 i referece to a ma slumped over iside of a parked car. The report said deputies located Christopher Syder iside the car ad that there was a drug-related pipe i his lap. Accordig to the report, Syder told a deputy that he smoked marijuaa ad methamphetamie. He additioally was charged with ot havig isurace o the vehicle. A 43-year-old Cato ma was take ito custody Dec. 23 o multiple drug possessio charges ad for takig more tha $700 from a coveiece store. Cherokee Sheriff s Office deputies arrested Kelly Pye o a misdemeaor theft by takig charge, as well as a feloy possessio of methamphetamie charge. He additioally was charged with misdemeaor possessio of marijuaa. The sheriff s office report stated that o the ight of the alleged crime, Pye etered a coveiece store ad wet ito the clerk s office, where the theft occurred. The report said the clerk kew Pye ad authorized him to be back i the office because he seemed visibly upset whe he etered the store. Accordig to the report, Pye stole $720 whe the clerk looked away. Two other idividuals, Beverly Shea ad Diae Shea, also were charged for misdemeaor Law & order obstructio after they allegedly told coflictig stories to the deputies about the icidet. Cato Police ivestigators are probig multiple eterig autos that occurred i the YMCA parkig lot last week. Accordig to the report, officers were dispatched to the YMCA off Waleska Street Dec. 27 after four vehicles had bee illegally etered ad damaged. At least two of the police reports filed with Cato Police idicated that the suspects smashed out widows ad stole cotets from iside the vehicles. Oe victim was missig a black leather shoulder bag that cotaied her wallet, ad aother victim was missig a ta purse that cotaied two small wallets ad a camera. Ayoe with iformatio about the four car break-is is urged to cotact ivestigators at (770) Followig a foot chase, a Cato Police officer arrested a 23-year-old Powder Sprigs ma, who reportedly stole from Walmart. Yomar Smith was charged Dec. 27 with feloy shopliftig after he allegedly stole a Niko camera ad the $10 security tag attached to the product. The report said a Cato officer arrived at Walmart after Smith already had fled the scee. He reportedly was located a short time later ad a foot chase esued. He was caught o Riverstoe Parkway ear Liberty Boulevard after complyig with the officer s commads to stop. The camera was foud ear a area hotel. FROM PAGE 1 BOE: Harmo, ower ad operator of H ad J Foods for the last eight years, said he hopes to share his etrepreeurial experiece ad help to brig more uity to the school board. It makes you worry about your kids futures withi the school district, Harmo said of recet public disagreemets amog board members. With three kids, I ve got a lot ivested withi the school district, ad I wat to make sure there is good collaboratio. Harmo, 41, said his goals also iclude makig sure the school district is headed i the right directio ad steerig toward solutios whe disputes might take the board off course ad away from its mai focus: educatig childre. You do t wat to move forward just to take a lot of steps backward because of dysfuctio, he said. I wat to make sure our schools cotiue to grow. As a busiess ower, Harmo said he has a good grasp o budget ad audit reports ad hopes to brig that to the table whe workig with the board ad superitedet of schools o district fiacial matters. Harmo serves o the Hickory Flat Elemetary School Foudatio ad is a active member of the school s PTA, where he has worked closely with parets, admiistrators ad teachers. If elected, Harmo said he would advocate for the expasio of Cherokee Couty School District s STEM ad Fie Arts academies, with a emphasis o addig more vocatioal courses ad lookig at ways to improve the graduatio rate. Harmo said he supports educatioal choice ad believes local tax dollars should be supervised ad maaged by the local school district. Harmo is a graduate of Pope High School i Marietta ad atteded Georgia Souther Uiversity, where he majored i busiess admiistratio. Harmo ad his wife of 11 years, Whitey, live i Hickory Flat with their three childre, Brady, who is i third grade, Adrew, who is i kidergarte, ad 3-year-old Hailey. The Harmos are members of the Watermarke Church i Cato.

10 10 the cherokee ledger-ews NEWs Jauary 8, 2014 RESIGNS: FROM PAGE 1 While Wood s cotract does ot stipulate a severace package upo resigatio, the coucil approved his request for six moths salary ad all other beefits, which, accordig to his cotract, he would have received had he bee termiated without cause. Just as a example, ad I m ot sayig aythig like this was the case, had he bee termiated without cause, he would have gotte that ayway. I m ot sayig he was threateed or aythig else, I m just sayig that he would have bee etitled to that, Hobgood said regardig the severace. The mayor said he did ot wat to commet o whether or ot there were ay coversatios with Wood about the possibility of him beig termiated without cause. There were discussios, but I would t wat to go ito detail about the discussio we had, Hobgood said, addig that he thought the coucil probably felt Wood s resigatio was a opportuity for movig i a differet directio, ad it was t aythig ecessarily egative agaist Mr. Wood. Huffma said he opposed Wood s resigatio because he does ot agree with it. I m very upset, it s a huge step backward, he said after the coucil meetig. Huffma told the Ledger-News last Friday that he believes there were discussios cocerig the city maager s resigatio prior to last Thursday s meetig. Whe I joied the coucil two Huffma years ago, right before I... was swor i, the mayor had a series of two or three or four, I ca t remember how may, meetigs of the ew coucil people that were comig aboard, he said. What he was lobbyig for, i a ice way, at that time, was to fire Scott Wood. Chief Fiacial Officer Natha Igram will serve as iterim city maager for up to two weeks. Hobgood appoited the three ew coucil members, Ward I Coucilwoma Sady McGrew, Ward II Coucilma Bill Grat ad Ward III Coucilma Joh Rust, to a committee to look at how to proceed i the absece of a city maager that committee was expected to meet for the first time Ja. 6. Grat said o actio was plaed to be take at the first meetig ad most of the meetig would be held i executive sessio to discuss persoel. All three ew coucil members were swor i at the begiig of the Ja. 2 meetig. Grat said he was t aware of Wood s resigatio letter util the meetig. I was t privy to (a) coversatio that I was told that the mayor had with Scott Wood prior to the meetig, he said. Grat also said he did t read the letter util after the vote. I thought his resigatio letter was very professioal ad courteous ad respectful, ad I thought it was very well doe, he said. Rust said he did t kow what precisely was goig to be doe i regard to the city maager s decisio util the meetig. He said he was sittig i the mayor s office aroud 5 p.m. Thursday whe Wood came by ad asked to speak to Hobgood i private. He expected to be fired so his expectatio was oly fulfilled, Rust said about Wood. I m sure he was t very surprised that it happeed. Rust reiterated that he was ot officially a part of coucil util the meetig, so aythig I did before that is kid of ot relevat i terms of me beig a coucilma. Igram said he was surprised by Wood s resigatio ad he oly leared of it durig the meetig. He said his mai duties as iterim city maager will be employee maagemet ad to sig off o appropriate requisitios. It s really a isigificat chage as far as my perspective, Igram said, addig that he has worked as iterim city maager wheever Wood has bee abset. Over the ext two weeks, the committee that was appoited by Mayor Hobgood will be lookig ito where the city (is) goig to go ad do they wat to appoit a differet city maager for the short term util oe s foud, those are the tough questios they ll be tryig to aswer. Rust said the committee would work to fill the temporary positio of iterim city maager i a way that is cosistet with the curret charter. There s a limited umber of people to select from, you have to be a officer of the City of Cato, there s really oly a few people that ca do this, three of which of us are brad ew o Coucil, ad the mayor s oe of them, ad the mayor s actually filled that role oce before, he said. The more critical decisio will come whe a search committee is put together. Kowig About Log Term Care I have bee i the home care busiess for 10 years ad I have see may cliets who were able to receive assistace i their home oly because they had log term care isurace. I-home care is usually paid for by private pay, log term care isurace ad Medicaid. If you qualify for Medicaid, it pays for a few hours a day as does Medicare. We use certified urse aides. You could ed up payig as much as $2,000 per week if you had to have 24 hour care. Someoe called me last week askig about log term care isurace. His isurace aget was tryig to get him to purchase this isurace. So we wet over the pros ad cos of LTC isurace. Some of the cos would be that LTC isurace is very expesive ad you have to pay the premiums eve while you are receivig home care. But, uless you have savigs set aside for this, it could mea the differece i your beig able to stay i your home or have to go to a low cost ursig home (ot oe of the icer oes). You should ot have to purchase this isurace util aroud age 65 uless you have a family history of a disease that could strike you early. The missio of my compay is to help people stay i their homes so I would recommed purchasig log term care isurace. Writte by Sherry Gheeslig of Guardia Agels Home Care This advice is that of Sherry Gheeslig ad does ot ecessarily reflect the views of the Ledger-News ad/or its staff. Mid-City Pharmacy Prescriptio Service Diabetic Shoes Major Isurace Cards Accepted Greetig Cards Cato Souveirs We Measure for Support Hose Billy Cagle - Registered Pharmacist East Mai Street Historic Dowtow Cato Gift Shoppe Seiors get 10% OFF etire purchase the 2d Moday of every moth! Proudly carryig Legacy Cards... every card sold helps feed a child. No card over $ 2.99! Mo-Sat 10-8 Su Cummig Hwy. Suite 715 Cato Marketplace 575 at Exit

11 cherokee sports Jauary 8, 2014 SportS Editor: Brado MichEa x203 fax: the cherokee ledger-ews 11 PREP BOYS BASKETBALL ROUNDUP 13 PREP GIRLS BASKETBALL ROUNDUP 12 SPORTS REGISTRAIONS & BRIEFS 13 FOLLOW US ON PreP GIrLS BASKeTBALL Mlaska igites Lady Kights comeback By Brado Michea For more tha two quarters of play, Cherokee had River Ridge uder cotrol, leadig throughout the first half ad ito the third quarter. But with Lady Kights seior post Jessica Mlaska domiatig i the pait, the Lady Warriors could ot hag o. Behid a game-high 19 poits from Mlaska all of which came i the secod ad third frames River Ridge kocked off its crosstow rival for the secod time i 15 days, 49-38, o Ja. 3 i Woodstock. Mlaska, who coverted 7-of-8 free throw attempts, also pulled a gamehigh 11 rebouds, while fellow seiors Lucy Stoe (six rebouds, five assists) ad Jessica Baker (three steals, 4-for-4 free throws) added 11 ad ie poits, respectively, to the Lady Kights cause. Lore Ware topped Cherokee s scorig list with ie poits. Bailee Gilbreath ad Akilah Roach had six poits each. After the Lady Warriors closed out the first quarter with a 11-8 lead ad exteded their edge to early i the secod, River Ridge (9-7) bega to plug away at the deficit, with Mlaska scorig seve cosecutive River Ridge poits, before a Baker steal ad layup ad a Mlaska free throw drew the Lady Kights eve at 20-all. Cherokee, which lost to River Ridge by 38 o Dec. 20, respoded with a surge of its ow with Gilbreath sadwichig a pair of buckets aroud a 3-poiter Hayv Wilso to give the Lady Warriors a lead with 1:15 left before the half. That, however, is where Cherokee bega to reliquish cotrol, as River Ridge scored the fial three poits of the first half, the opeed the third quarter with a 10-0 ru behid seve poits from Mlaska ad 3 by Stoe. PreP WreSTLING: region DUALS Brado Michea Ledger-ews Pickig up a 15-6 major decisio i the 182-poud bout, Etowah s Broso Rechsteier (right) helped the Eagles defeat Roswell, 31-30, i the fials at the Regio 5AAAAAA Duals o Ja. 4 at Milto High School. The top-two regio fiish eared EHS at berth i this week s Class AAAAAA State Duals. Eagles soar to top Etowah holds o to edge Roswell, 31-30, i fials By Brado Michea of 5AAAAAA With Brado Reibly ad Broso Rechsteier comig through with back-to-back major decisios to give Etowah a four-poit lead, Ray Hardig eeded oly to avoid losig by a major decisio or a pi. Ad after fallig behid 6-0 early i the secod period, the Eagles 195-pouder did his job. Battlig back to challege for a wi, before droppig a 9-5 decisio, Hardig deied Roswell of the rally, as the Eagles held o to defeat the Horets, 31-30, i the champioship match of the Regio 5AAAAAA Duals o Ja. 4 at Milto High School. We re excited because this is somethig we ve worked hard for, Etowah head coaach Charlie Higdo said. We put a lot of work i to climb this hill. Roswell has bee the team to beat i our regio... So, to see this group get better ad step up ad wrestle the way they did, it s excitig. Startig with the 220-poud weight class, where the Eagles gave up six poits due to a forfeit, Etowah fell behid 15-0 after the Horets wet o to claim the 285, 106 ad 113 divisios. Fortuately for the Eagles, however, the damage was limited, as Roswell maaged oly mior decisios i each match wiig 7-4, 3-1 ad 8-6, respectively. I wrestlig, some of those guys that lose but work their tails off for you ad keep the score close is huge, Higdo said of the close decisios. It s almost equal to them wiig because it ca be the differece i wiig ad losig as a team. SEE SOAR, PAGE 14 Grizzlies repeat as 7AAAAA ruer-up PreP BOYS BASKeTBALL Warriors drop River Ridge o Gill s buzzerbeater By Brado Michea Overcomig a dismal third quarter that left them i a eight-poit hole, the Cherokee Warriors rallied to pull eve with rival River Ridge with less tha 3 miutes remaiig, the put the ball i the hads Jeremiah Gill to take care of the rest. After a 2-poit bucket by Jo Karli put the Kights back o top, 41-39, with 2:10 to play, the Warriors juior poit guard coverted both eds of a oe-ad-oe 21 secods later ad fiished off the comeback whe he drove the lae for a cotested layup with 2 secods remaiig, allowig Cherokee to escape with a victory o Ja. 3 i Woodstock. I have a lot of cofidece i him, Warriors head coach Roger Kvam said of Gill. He s wo a lot of games for us. He did a good job of attackig the basket ad gettig all the way to the rim. Highlighted by his game-wier, Gill fiished the ight with 16 poits, four rebouds, three assists ad a pair of steals, while Jova Morris added a 10-poit, ie-reboud, five-assist performace to Cherokee s effort. Kights seior Nick Masterso, who etted 21 cosecutive River Ridge poits betwee the secod ad fourth quarters, led all scorers with 26 poits. After battlig eve i the first half, with Gill tyig the game at 22-all o a 3-poiter 22 secods before the break, Cherokee stumbled to start the secod half. Behid the shootig of Masterso, the Kights outscored the Warriors 14-6 i the third frame ad carried a edge ito the fourth. SEE BUzzER, PAGE 12 Photo By greg spell River Ridge s Jessica Mlaska scored a game-high 19 poits ad pulled 11 rebouds durig the Lady Kights come-from-behid, victory over rival Cherokee o Ja. 4 i Woodstock By Brado Michea Earig a retur trip to the Class AAAAA State Duals, the secod-seeded Creekview Grizzlies wo their first two matches i the Regio 7AAAAA Duals, before settlig for a ruer-up fiish to reigig state champio Pope o Ja. 3 i Marietta. Opeig agaist Riverwood i the quarterfials, the Grizzlies coasted to a 71-3 victory, the battled eve with Cambridge, 34-34, before wiig the semifials bout by virtue of the eighth tiebreaker criteria total umber of first poits scored i each match. I the fials, however, Creekview struggled to keep up with the top-seeded Greyhouds, droppig a decisio. SEE 7AAAAA, PAGE 14 Photo By greg spell Cherokee freshma Jack Carroll (30) draws a foul from River Ridge seior Nick Masterso durig their couty rivalry bout o Ja. 3 at River Ridge. Cherokee defeated the Kights, 43-41, o a layup by Jeremiah Gill with 2 secods remaiig.

12 12 the cherokee ledger-ews SportS Jauary 8, 2014 By Brado Michea Holdig rival River Ridge to just three poits i the secod frame ad 13 poits over a 16-miute stretch, the Woodstock Lady Wolveries tured a 10-all cout at the ed of oe ito a easy, victory o Ja. 4 at home. With a game-high 18 poits to go alog with seve rebouds, Jessica Alexader led the Lady Wolveries, who wet ito halftime with a advatage ad stretched their lead to by the ed of the third. Ashto Sutto (six rebouds) ad Kidole Pettway (five rebouds) added 12 ad 10 poits, respectively, ad Chadler Sutto fiished with seve rebouds ad five assists. Although limited to just oe poit through three quarters, Lucy Stoe etted a team-high 10 poits for the Lady Kights (8-7), while Jessica Mlaska had ie, Sydey Rodie scored seve, ad Jessica Baker had six. The wi was eighth i the last ie outigs for Woodstock, which improved to 8-6. Lady Chiefs stay perfect i 7AAAAA Kelley Hartma poured i 21 poits, grabbed 12 rebouds, swatted four shots ad picked up four steals ad the Sequoyah Lady Chiefs cruised past Sprayberry, 55-33, to improve to 6-0 i Regio 7AAAAA play o Ja. 3 i Hickory Flat. Mega Garcia (three steals) ad Ashly Wallace added 10 ad six poits, respectively, for the Lady Chiefs (12-4), while Laure Hartma had four poits, 10 rebouds, ad a pair of blocks, ad Julie Mitchell dished out four of Sequoyah s PreP GIrLS BASKeTBALL roundup WHS gets defesive i wi over River Ridge Olde Towe Learig Ceter seaso-high 16 assists. Prior to returig to regio play, the Lady Chiefs wet 2-1 i the Pickes holiday touramet, Dec , i Jasper, fallig to Collis Hill, 41-31, before defeatig Wheeler, 53-41, ad Cherokee, Pacig Sequoyah i touramet play, Kelley Hartma averaged 10 poits, seve rebouds, three steals ad two blocks a cotest, Tori Rogers scored seve agaist Wheeler ad ie agaist Cherokee, Garcia ad Kaitly Brado dropped i 12 ad seve poits, respectively, agaist Wheeler, ad Mikayla Miles had seve poits ad eight rebouds i the wi over Cherokee. EHS tops Lady Greyhouds Tori Jaos etted 23 poits ad Shakya Paye logged a double-double with 15 poits ad 17 rebouds, as the Etowah Lady Classes Are Now Formig For February 2014 Tutorig Available Now Fid a list of classes i the classified sectio of this editio or visit our website for a full list of classes & dates. Professioal ad certificatio classes provided by LUKATESON Cosultig OldeToweLearigCeter.com Eagles kocked off visitig Pope, 67-57, o Ja. 4 i Woodstock. Maya Opera Nadi (11 rebouds) ad Alexis Jackso added eight poits apiece for the Lady Eagles (6-7), ad Jei Karpowich fiished with six poits, four rebouds, three assists ad two steals. The wi came o the heels of a loss to Marist o Ja. 3 i Woodstock. Leadig Etowah i the defeat, Paye had 22 poits, 16 boards ad three blocks, ad Jaos fiished with 11 poits ad four assists. Lady Grizzlies split Regio 7AAAAA bouts Opeig the 2014 portio of their caledar with a pair of Regio 7AAAAA affairs, the Creekview Lady Grizzlies domiated Riverwood, 69-27, o Ja. 3 i Cato, before beig edged by Osbore, 65-61, o Ja. 4 i Marietta. Laure Johso paced ie differet Lady Grizzly (12-4) scorers with 13 agaist Riverwood, while Asley Heso etted 12 poits, Dee Blakiship ad BUZZER: FROM PAGE 11 photo by GreG Spell River Ridge s Athoy Odom goes up for two of his ie first-quarter poits agaist Cherokee o Ja. 4. Alliso Luly scored 10 poits apiece ad Natalie Ashworth fiished with seve. At Osbore, Johso agai led the way, scorig 20. Blakiship ad Luly also scored i double digits with 18 ad 10 poits, respectively. Lady Kights split at St. Pius tourey A 40-poit outburst by 5-foot-10, juior poit guard stadout Asia Durr was too much for River Ridge to overcome, as the host Lady Lios kocked off the Lady Kights, 72-50, i the opeig roud of the St. Pius X Christmas Classic o Dec. 27 i Atlata. Scorig ie i the opeig quarter, Jessica Mlaska led River Ridge with 23 poits. Lucy Stoe added 14 poits, ad Leoor Nickell pitched i 11. Reboudig from the loss, the Lady Kights defeated Archbishop Carroll out of Washigto, D.C., 64-57, o Dec. 28. Stoe (10 assists) ad Nickell (ie rebouds) shared gamehigh scorig hoors with 19 each. Jessica Baker etted 14 poits, ad Mlaska had seve. But sparkig a Warriors rally, Willie McClure (seve poits, four rebouds) dropped i backto-back buckets to start a 11-3 Cherokee ru that icluded four poits from Morris ad a 3 by Jack Carroll his secod of the ight. That set the stage for Gill s lategame heroics, as the Warriors swept the seaso series from River Ridge ad improved to 6-1 agaist couty oppoets with cotests agaist Etowah (Ja. 17) ad Woodstock (Ja. 24) remaiig. We wet dow by ie i the third quarter ad there was t a sigle guy o this team that did t thik we could come back ad wi, Kvam said. This group has a lot of heart ad toughess, ad that goes a log way. We had a bad stretch o offese, but they kept fightig ad makig plays, ad defesively we did a outstadig job i the fourth quarter. The wi was the Warriors fifth i a row ad improved the squad to 13-1 o the year, as they prepared to retur to Regio 5AAAAAA play this week with dates agaist Walto (Ja. 7) ad Wheeler (Friday, at 7:30 p.m., i Cato). Complemetig Masterso, Athoy Odom scored ie poits all i the first quarter for the Kights (9-7), ad Karli had five.

13 Jauary 8, 2014 SportS the cherokee ledger-ews 13 PREP BOYS BASKETBALL ROUNDUP Masterso heats up to lead Kights By Brado Michea Shakig off foul trouble that limited him early, River Ridge seior Nick Masterso hoisted his team o his shoulders i the fourth quarter, scorig 17 of his game-high 21 poits over the fial 8 miutes, to lead the Kights to a victory over homestadig Woodstock o Ja. 4. With his squad watchig its eight-poit halftime lead shrik to just two, 30-28, by the ed of the third, Masterso draied four threes i the fourth, icludig covertig a four-poit play that gave River Ridge a advatage with 4:11 remaiig, ad assisted the Kights other two baskets both by Jo Karli i the frame. Sparkig the Kights offesive efforts early, Athoy Odom ad Steve Spears combied for 15 of River Ridge s 23 first-half poits ad fiished the ight with ie poits apiece. Chris Mowery ad Zack Case paced Woodstock with 11 ad 10 poits, respectively. Karli ad the Wolveries Thomas Carroll each scored six. The wi over WHS brought a ed to the o-regio portio of the Kights schedule. Lookig to make a ru at the 7AAAA-A title, the Kights (9-7) were to ope sub-regio play with a trip to Pickes o Tuesday, before hostig reigig 7AAAA-A champio Gilmer o Friday at 8:30 p.m. ad visitig Cedartow o Ja. 14. Richitelli jumper pushes Eagles past Pope Cappig off a 15-poit effort, Date Richitelli buried a 15-foot jumper with.7 secods remaiig ad the Etowah Eagles SPORTS REGISTRATIONS & BRIEFS edged Pope, 61-59, o Ja. 4 i Woodstock. Richitelli, who dished out three assists, was oe of three Eagles i double figures, with Jack Shaughessy postig 18 poits, eight rebouds ad four assists before foulig out ad Desti Porche cotributig 17 poits ad six boards. Also addig to Etowah s output, Josh Fullewider had six poits ad 14 rebouds. The wi made for a perfect start to 2014 for the Eagles, who defeated visitig Marist, 52-47, o Ja. 3. Shaughessy led EHS with 20 poits ad three steals, while Richitelli scored eight ad pulled five rebouds, Fullewider had seve poits ad five boards, Cole Dotso tallied six poits, three assists ad four rebouds, ad Trevor Head added seve rebouds ad four assists. Etowah (7-6), wiers of seve of its last eight, were to jump back ito Regio 5AAAAAA play with a trip to Roswell o Ja. 7 ad host Lassiter o Friday at 7:30 p.m. After travelig to Blessed Triity o Saturday (5 p.m.) for a o-regio bout, the Eagles will visit couty- ad regio-foes Woodstock (Ja. 14, 7:30 p.m.) ad Cherokee (Ja. 17, 7:30 p.m.) ext week. Chiefs secod at FCA Gold City Classic Pickig up wis over Moutai View, 80-60, ad White Couty, 88-79, the Sequoyah Chiefs reached the fials of the FCA Gold City Classic, where they were edged out by Mout Vero Presbyteria, 69-62, o Dec. 30 at Lumpki Couty High School. Agaist White, five differet Chiefs scored i double figures, led by 20 each from Nile Williams (9-for-11 from the field) ad Dalto Satterfield (8-for-11). Jorda Usher chipped i 16 poits, seve assists ad five rebouds, Christia Hillhouse had 12 poits, Loga Taylor fiished with 10 poits, six rebouds ad three assists, ad Levi Biddy totaled eight poits, four rebouds ad three assists. Satterfield also posted a teamhigh 11 boards. Gettig back ito Regio 7AAAAA actio, Sequoyah suffered a loss to Sprayberry (6-10, 3-3 regio) o Ja. 3 i Hickory Flat. Warriors perfect at Pickes Uchalleged most of the way, the Cherokee Warriors wet 3-0 at the Pickes holiday touramet, defeatig Northview, 43-29, Our Lady of Mercy, 66-29, ad North Forsyth, 49-33, Dec i Jasper. Leadig the way for the Warriors, Jova Morris averaged 15.3 poits ad 9.3 rebouds a game ad haded out five assists agaist North Forsyth, while Jeremiah Gill averaged 11 poits ad five assists over the three bouts, posted a 11-reboud effort agaist Northview ad came up with four steals agaist North Forsyth. Addig to a all-aroud team output agaist Our Lady of Mercy a game CHS led 21-2 at the ed of first quarter ad had all 10 of its players get ito the scorig colum Willie McClure scored 12, Christia Vies etted ie poits, Kash Jackso had eight poits, ad Jack Carroll tallied five poits, four assists ad three steals. Carroll also added ie poits ad four rebouds agaist North Forsyth. FUNDRAISERS EHS WONDERFUL WINTER 5K/ FUN RUN: Registratio is ope for the Etowah Soccer Woderful Witer 5K/Fu Ru. The evet will be held Feb. 1, at 8 a.m., with the start ad fiish lies at the Etowah High School stadium, 6565 Putam Ford Road, Woodstock. Cost of registratio is $25 ad everyoe registered by Ja. 20 is guarateed a race T-shirt. The registratio form ad more iformatio ca be foud o the Etowah soccer website, WINTER AUCTION: The Creekview High School softball program will host its iaugural Witer Auctio with guest speaker Toy Igle o Ja. 25 i the Creekview gymasium. The auctio will begi at 6 p.m., followed by Igle, a two-time atioal basketball coach of the year ad curret head coach at Dalto State, speakig at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 each ad are available at TRYOUTS GIRLS LACROSSE: Tryouts for the Fast & Furious Girls Summer Lacrosse program will be held o Ja. 11 at the Avery Elemetary School field, i Cato, for middle school ad high school select players ad high school showcase players. Tryouts for players with graduatio years will be oo to 2 p.m., ad for players with graduatio years from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Tryouts are free. For more details or to register for the tryouts, visit 6TH-GRADE GIRLS BASKET- BALL: The Cato Flames 6thgrade girls basketball team 2011 AAU State ad 2012 YBOA State ad 2013 AAU Natioal Elite Eight will hold tryouts o Su., Ja. 26, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., at Cherokee High School. There is a $10 per player tryout fee. For more iformatio, coach Tom Maso at or visit shutterfly.com. SENIOR SOFTBALL: The Cherokee Seior Softball Associatio will be holdig sig-ups ad evaluatios for the sprig 2014 seaso Ja , Feb. 1 ad Feb. 9 at 2 p.m. at Hobgood Park (Field No. 4) i Woodstock. Rai out date if eeded will be Feb. 8 at 2 p.m. Registratio is ope to me 50 years old or older ad of ay ability level. For more iformatio, visit or cotact Ro O Doell at HeessyHoda.com

14 14 the cherokee ledger-ews SportS Jauary 8, 2014 SOAR: Heessy Hoda.com FROM PAGE 11 Fially puttig Etowah o the board, Alex Rusk (120 pouds) came away with a 9-5 decisio to start a strig of five-straight Eagles wis. Followig Rusk, Dyla Wager quickly pied his oppoet i 36 secods at 126, 132-poud Joey Payto eared a pi i 3:45, Zeke Durham edged out his Horets foe, 7-6, at 138, ad Jake Wager domiated at 145 with a 18-1 tech fall to put EHS out i frot The lead, however, was shortlived, as Roswell pied at 152 ad picked up a secod victory by forfeit at 160 to go o top But each bumpig up a weight class, Reibly (170) outscored his oppoet 8-1 i the secod period e route to his major, ad Rechsteier (182), after jumpig out to a 2-1 lead, fought off a potetial secod-period pi ad rolled his oppoet over ito a reversal ad back poits for a 7-6 score, before coastig the rest of the way to give the Eagles a four-poit spread. Hardig took care of the rest. I m proud of him, Higdo said of Hardig. There was a lot of pressure o him right there, kowig he had the job to make sure we did ot lose. A lot of guys will fold uder that, but he did t. He did what he had to do. Recoverig from a 44-28, secod-roud loss to Roswell, Woodstock, which defeated Wheeler, 37-25, i the opeig roud, kocked off Lassiter, 38-33, ad Walto, 46-33, to come away with a program-best third-place fiish. Cherokee wet 0-2, fallig to Walto ad Lassiter. To reach the fials, Etowah domiated Lassiter, 50-19, i its opeer ad Walto, 51-22, i the secod roud. Rechsteier, Scott Morga (285), Blake Wilso (106), Josh Thomas (113) ad Rusk (120) all picked up wis by pi agaist Lassiter, while Payto (132) ad Reibly (160) posted majors, Jacob Alarco (138) ad Karl Davis (152) secured decisios, ad Dyla Wager received a forfeit at 126. Just as they would do agaist the Horets, the Eagles fell behid early agaist Walto, trailig 16-6 through five matches, but wo eight of the fial ie bouts to post the easy wi. Thomas, Payto, Davis, Reibly ad Rechsteier all wo by pi, Hardig, Morga ad Jake Wager eared decisios, ad Rusk ad Durham had forfeits. Highlightig Woodstock s overall effort, 145-poud Zach Shareef (three pis), 170-poud Woodstock s Duca Morris picked up this late, secodperiod pi to seal the Wolveries victory over Lassiter i the Regio 5AAAAAA Duals o Ja. 4 at Milto. Brado Michea Ledger-ewS Duca Morris (two pis, two majors) ad heavyweight Daiel Beitez (two pis) all wet 4-0 for the Wolveries, while Tristia Watso (120 pouds), Chris Gilmarti (126), Rudy Lamerique (132) ad Lodo Demetriou (182; three pis) posted 3-1 marks, ad Alex Gomez (113) fiished 2-1 with a pi. Etowah opes the 16-team, double-elimiatio AAAAAA State Duals actio o Thursday at 8:30 p.m. agaist East Coweta at the Maco Coliseum. The wier advaces to face the wier of Chattahoochee vs. Collis Hill i the secod roud, while the losers of those two bouts face off i the elimiatio bracket both begiig at 11:30 a.m. o Friday. Semifials for all classificatios will take place at 5 p.m. o Friday, cosolatio semifials will start at 9 a.m. o Saturday, cosolatio fials begi at 11 a.m. o Saturday, ad fials for all classificatios are slated for 3 p.m. Other first roud matchups iclude Archer vs. Lowdes, Newto Couty vs. Keesaw Moutai, Camde Couty vs. Meadowcreek, Roswell vs. Rockdale, Grayso vs. Douglas Couty, ad Marietta vs. North Forsyth. Follow State Duals actio at Brado Michea Ledger-ewS Etowah s Joey Payto cheers o a teammate durig the Eagles Regio 5AAAAAA Duals fials match agaist Roswell o Ja. 4. Recordig oe of two pis for EHS i the bout, Payto helped the Eagles to a victory. 7AAAAA: FROM PAGE 11 Bryce Davis (106 pouds), Joseph Sorretio (182) ad Brock Tupma (285) all recorded victories by pi agaist Pope, while Grat Slater (120) had a major decisio ad Loga Ridigs (195) wo by mior decisio. Boucig back from a loss to Pope to begi touramet actio, Sequoyah defeated Osbore, 48-18, i the elimiatio bracket, but was kocked out by Sprayberry, Creekview begis its ru i the AAAAA State Duals agaist Lee Couty o Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Maco Coliseum. The wier of the first-roud bout moves o to face the wier of Flowery Brach vs. Effigham Couty i the secod roud, while the losers of those two matches face off i the elimiatio bracket both begiig at 9:45 a.m. o Friday. Semifials for all classificatios will take place at 5 p.m. o Friday, cosolatio semifials will start at 9 a.m. o Saturday, cosolatio fials begi at 11 a.m. o Saturday, ad fials for all classificatios are slated for 3 p.m. Follow State Duals actio at OPEN HOUSE Jauary 13th 7pm Hickory Flat Hwy. (Hwy 140 & E. Cherokee behid Walgrees) Havig a Hard Time with Your New Years Resolutio? It Should Have Bee to Come to Bedoe s Bar & Grille! 10% OFF Your Total Purchase Excludes alcohol. Caot be combied w/ay other offer. Die i oly. Oe per table. Exp. 1/15/14

15 YEAR IN REVIEW Jauary 8, 2014 the cherokee ledger-ews 15 What board members said were difficult choices highlighted the July 24 called school board meetig, but the outcome was i favor of restorig istructioal time for Cherokee s 39,000 schoolchildre. The budget was approved, a budget which restores a full 180-day caledar for istructio ad reduced furlough days for school faculty ad staff from eight to three, all scheduled o workdays. The millage rate for the geeral fud ad debt service will remai the same as last year, mills, which is below the district rollback rate. The aoucemet that a full caledar was approved brought a stadig ovatio from the crowd of more tha 500 at the meetig, held at Cherokee High School s auditorium, ad the budget was approved by board members, 6-1, with Post 1 Board Member Kelly Marlow opposed. A Woodstock Police officer will o loger serve o the departmet s K-9 uit after a ivestigatio ito his city-issued dog s death cocluded that he violated policies goverig the resposibilities of K-9 hadlers a icidet that ow has Woodstock Police reviewig its policy. Brittay Duca, public iformatio officer for Woodstock Police, said July 26 that Ofc. Chad Berry has bee suspeded without pay for 80 hours (or 10 days), followig the ivestigatio ito K-9 Spartacus death. Berry, who has bee with the departmet for ie years, seve of which have bee with the K-9 uit, was reassiged to the Traffic Eforcemet Uit after returig from suspesio. With the reassigmet to traffic eforcemet, Duca said Berry will lose $6,000 a year i special duty pay. A possible private sector parter for the $840 millio state project to build reversible toll laes o the shoulder of Iterstate 75 ad Iterstate 575 i Cobb ad Cherokee couties was aouced i July, ad costructio could begi by ext year. Northwest Express Roadbuilders (NWER) was selected July 23 as the potetial private sector parter for the 30-mile maaged laes project. The State Trasportatio Board voted to accept NWER as the project s apparet best value proposal ad istructed the Georgia Departmet of Trasportatio (GDOT) to prepare a fial cotract. The Public Private Partership (P3) agreemet is expected to be fialized later this year (2013). The Northwest Corridor (NWC) project is scheduled to ope to traffic i Ivestigators with the Cato Police Departmet charged Nelso City Coucilwoma Edith Portillo with misdemeaor theft after she allegedly stole a little less tha $200 Portillo worth of merchadise from a store off Riverstoe Parkway. Portillo, who has served o the City Coucil sice 2011 ad was up for re-electio this year, was arrested July 23, more tha a moth after the alleged crime occurred due to a legthy ivestigatio. CherokeeYear 2013 IReview AUGUST The Cherokee Couty Board of Commissioers, at its Aug. 6 meetig, issued a resolutio hoorig the life of Katie A Hamli, a 16-year-old who died i Post 3 Commissioer Bria Poole preseted the resolutio. A bridge o Kemp Road crossig over Kellogg Creek, ear where Katie s body was foud after she was murdered, was amed i her memory, at the request of her father. The bridge is iteded to serve as a tribute to victims of violet crimes. Uder a cotract to outsource custodial services, most of the 200 school custodias employed by the Cherokee Couty School District took a substatial pay cut, cotract details revealed. Although, uder a $5.33 millio cotract with Aramark, all employees were offered a full-time job ad a beefit package, may became 10-moth istead of yearroud employees. At the July 24 school board meetig, whe the Cherokee Couty Board of Educatio chose Aramark as the custodial provider for the district, board members ackowledged the situatio for the workers was ot ideal. The Cherokee Couty Grad Jury idicted a 45-year-old Ball Groud woma accused of straglig her father ad the cocealig his death. Adrea Blato was charged with both malice ad feloy murder, accordig to the four-cout idictmet. The Ball Groud woma also was charged with aggravated battery ad aggravated assault after she allegedly stragled her 77-yearold father, ultimately breakig his hyoid boe. The Cherokee Couty Board of Educatio voted 2-5 Aug. 15 ot to approve District 1 Board Member Kelly Marlow s motio that public fuds be used to pay for her attorey i regard to the school board ethics charges she faced. Marlow ad Post 3 School Board Member Michael Geist, who secoded Marlow s motio, voted i favor of the measure. Cato citizes voiced their opiios o the proposed 2014 budget at the Aug. 15 City Coucil meetig, pleadig for o tax icrease. While some residets addressed budget cocers about the recetly approved $291,840 budget amedmet for the ew amphitheater at Etowah River Park, most of the public speakers, ad some of the coucil members, egaged i a debate that revolved aroud the proposed ie ew firefighters. Cherokee Sheriff s Office ivestigators said the fial suspect sought i the Aug. 22 carjackig had bee arrested i Idiaa. Maurice Perkis, 20 of Gary, Id., was arrested o Saturday, Aug. 25. He was charged by Cherokee Couty with murder, kidappig with bodily ijury ad aggravated assault, accordig to Lt. Jay Baker, public iformatio officer for the Cherokee Sheriff s Office. I all, there were three suspects ivolved i the Aug. 22 carjackig icidet oe died ad two have bee arrested. Jumar Greer, 19, of Acworth, was arrested overight Aug. 22 i Jacksboro, Te., ad charged with armed robbery. His charges were upgraded to murder, kidappig with bodily ijury ad aggravated assault, Baker said. The third ma ivolved i the carjackig died at the scee of the crash o Ga. 92 i Acworth. Adre Rodriguez died from a gushot woud i the back just before the car he ad the other two allegedly stole crashed ito a tree o Ga. 92 ear Wade Gree Road. Rodriguez, accordig to court records, had appeared before a Cherokee Couty State Court judge earlier the same day. Two other idividuals, who reportedly were ot preset durig the carjackig, were arrested Aug. 22. Quovadis Arrigto, 23, ad his brother, Tavarus Arrigto, were charged with hiderig the apprehesio of a wated ma. Days after AdvacED/SACS determied the Cherokee Couty School District (was) ot i violatio of AdvacED accreditatio stadards or policies, a hearig was set for the school board ethics hearig regardig Post 1 Board Member Kelly Marlow s actios. The Cato City Coucil decided to keep the city s millage rate at mills, at the expese of ot addig ay ew firefighters ad cotributig less moey to the city s reserves by usig more of the city s uassiged fud balace. At the Aug. 22 special called meetig to discuss the budget, the coucil approved, 5-1, with Ward I Coucilma Hooky Huffma dissetig, to approve the 2014 budget with some chages. The city of Nelso had util December to amed the phrasig of its ordiace madatig lawabidig citizes to keep a firearm i their home for the purpose of protectio to reflect that the law is ueforceable ad shall ever be eforced. The Family Protectio Ordiace, which was adopted by the Nelso City Coucil o April 1, also was ameded to read that o citize will be pealized for choosig ot to ow a firearm, accordig to a settlemet agreemet the city reached with the Brady Ceter to Prevet Gu Violece o Aug. 22. The parets of a 16-year-old Etowah studet, who was shot ad killed by a Cherokee Sheriff s Office deputy last sprig at his parets Towe Lake home, have filed a federal wrogful death suit agaist the marksma. The lawsuit filed Aug. 9 i the Uited States District Court for the Norther District of Georgia said the parets of Adrew Messia are demadig a jury trial ad are askig that a jury determie proper damages. Molly Lewis, Joh Rust, Farris Yaw ad Tom Saders qualified for the Ward III Cato City Coucil seat; Clit Weatherby, Sady McGrew ad Bob Reilly qualified for the Ward I seat, while Bill Grat ad Ari Durham qualified for the Ward II seat. I Woodstock, Warre Johso ad Joh Szczesiak qualified for Ward 1, Judy Davila for Ward 3 ad Susa Joes qualified for Ward 5. Ward 3 Jessica LidLey FiLe Smiles, laughter ad eve the occasioal scream echoed through the Legio Fairgrouds i Cato durig the 87th Aual Cherokee Couty Fair. The fair, which featured rides, games ad exhibits, was held Sept. 15 through Sept. 22. Two-year-old Austi Lesuer ad 8-year-old Amber Figueroa joied 4-year-old Lily Meeks o the teacup ride. icumbet Bob Mueller ad Ward 5 icumbet Bud Leoard both qualified for re-electio. Mayor Doie Heriques qualified to ru for re-electio. He will ru uopposed. Followig a half-hour executive sessio durig the Aug. 26 meetig, the Woodstock City Coucil approved, 5-0, with Ward 1 Coucilma Rady Brewer abset, a emergecy moratorium to be placed o the Ridgewalk area of the city covered by the SmartCode, with a exemptio of a apartmet complex proposal by the Prestwick Compaies. The moratorium was a effort followig the opeig of the ew outlet mall ad Iterstate 575 iterchage developmets for the city s goverig body to make sure multi-family housig projects to get coucil approval before movig forward. Pickes Couty deputies were dispatched to a home off Waleska Highway i Tate just before 1 a.m., Aug. 25, ad leared that a 44-year-old Cherokee Couty ma had bee shot ad killed iside the home. Scott Terrell, accordig to spokesma Kris Stacil with the Pickes Couty Sheriff s Office, was proouced dead at the residece, which is owed by Alex Rebo. Prelimiary reports released from the sheriff s office reveal that a argumet esued betwee Rebo ad Terrell at the home, ad ivestigators later leared that this cofrotatio led to the shootig. At the time of the report, o arrests had bee made ad the ivestigatio remaied ogoig. Nelso, Ball Groud ad Waleska all saw seats up for electio this year. I Nelso, icumbets Jackie Jarrett ad Edith Portillo qualified for reelectio. Thad Thacker ad Larry Ray also qualified for the at-large electio. I the City of Ball Groud, Coucilme Joh Byrd ad Mickey O Malley will remai o the coucil, ad Mayor Rick Roberts will cotiue to serve behid the dais, as they were the oly oes to qualify. Ad, i Waleska, icumbets Hill Cochra, Melissa Fourier caroly Mathews FiLe State School Superitedet Dr. Joh Barge talks with studets Athoy Getile, left, ad Giovai Cueto i the school s STEM (Sciece, Techology, Egieerig ad Mathematics) lab, as PTA Presidet Malada Kashai looks o. ad Paul Ice all qualified to ru for re-electio. State School Superitedet Dr. Joh Barge preseted Woodstock Elemetary School with the Georgia Departmet of Educatio s 2013 Family-Friedly Partership School Award durig a visit Aug. 23. Oly four schools statewide were selected for the award, which recogizes the Title I schools the schools with the highest levels of low-icome studets that maitai the best customer service statewide. CherokeeYear 2013 IReview SEPTEMBER Seior citizes of Cato were expected to see a icrease i the cost of their trash collectio i October. The City Coucil approved, 4-2, with Ward III Coucilma Gle Cummis ad Ward II Coucilma Jack Goodwi dissetig, to icrease the seior trash collectio rate from $7.50 per moth to $10.50 per moth. At the Sept. 5 meetig, Ward I Coucilma Bob Rush made a motio for the icrease, explaiig that sice the seior rate was established i 2000, the rate has ot icreased. However, the rate for o-seiors has icreased from $13 to $ See Year i review, Page 16

16 16 the cherokee ledger-ews year i review Jauary 8, 2014 CherokeeYear 2013 IReview Couty commissioers ad the property ower of the future 1,800-home Etowah developmet i orther Cherokee were still iroig out details of a developmet pla at the Sept. 3 Cherokee Couty Board of Commissioers work sessio. The proposed 1,300-acre developmet located off Creighto Road, east of Ga. 372 ad orth of Ga. 369, is desiged to iclude 15 acres of commercial developmet. Se. Barry Loudermilk, R- Cassville, vacated his Seate District 14 seat to ru for 11th District Cogress. Loudermilk aouced his resigatio from the Georgia State Seate effective Sept. 4, i order to focus o his campaig for the 11th District U.S. House of Represetatives seat. Bruce Thompso, of $300,000 Lakefrot rach; Dock; Floor-to-ceilig brick fplc w/vermot stove isert; Tile kitche; Keepig rm; Tos of widows; Wood floors; Deck & Patio; Storage rm above garage; Lake-Arrowhead-GA.com! $185,000 Private, level law w/apple trees; 4BD/3BA; Vaulted family rm w/stacked stoe fplc & bayed sittig area; Lower level tee/i-law suite; Treyed master suite w/garde tub bath; Hdwds; 2 story foyer; Arched doorways! Cartersville, former Cherokee Couty educator Dwight Pulle, Woodstock residet ad former Cherokee Sheriff s Office Cpl. Nicole Ebbeskotte ad Cartersville busiessma Matt Laughridge all aouced they would vie for the seat. The special electio was set for traditioal Electio Day, Nov. 5. Pickes Sheriff s Office ivestigators charged 38-year-old Marty Gaddis ad 51-year-old Deise Patterso after they allegedly abadoed the body of 20-yearold Taylor Smith outside of a mobile home i Jasper. Smith, the daughter of Holly Sprigs Police Lt. Taya Smith, died Aug. 29 from a severe asthma attack ad possible seizure, said Pickes Sheriff s Office Capt. Frak Reyolds. Prior to police discoverig her body, authorities said Smith had bee with frieds the ight that she died. She allegedly stopped breathig at some poit that ight, ad the people she was with reportedly tried to $274,900 Magificet updated features; Massive chef s kitche w/tile floor, gorgeous cherry cabiets, stailess appliaces & islad; Guest o mai; Master w/sittig area; 5BD/4BA; Super private; Sequoyah HS! $169,900 Seasoal lake views; Mai house + Guest house; Ope & vaulted; Huge islad kitche; 2 fplc; Master o mai; Partially fiished bsmt; Breezeway to garage & 1BD/1BA guest house; Lake-Arrowhead-GA.com! revive her by placig her i a cold shower. Whe that attempt failed, police said Gaddis ad Patterso dropped her body outside of a mobile home located off Robi Lae i Jasper. The Pickes Sheriff s Office charged Gaddis ad Patterso with abadoig a dead body, cocealig the death of aother, reckless coduct ad tamperig with evidece. I the followig days, Dusti Cox, 25, of Cato, ad Darlee George, 51, of Cartersville, each were charged with possessig methamphetamie ad reckless coduct i relatio to the case, accordig to Reyolds. The Cherokee Couty Board of Educatio said o to Post 1 Board Member Kelly Marlow s multiple requests to cap board expeditures for her ethics hearig, set for Oct. 2. She had four items o the school board ageda at its Sept. 5 meetig, three of them regardig the hearig, ad askig that the cost of attorey fees to represet the school district at her hearig be capped at $500; expeditures o a court reporter be capped at $250; ad expeditures for a hearig officer for her hearig be capped at $250. Holly Sprigs City Maager $200,000 Reovated 3BD/2.5BA Craftsma beauty; New stailess kitche w/staied cabiets; Huge detached garage w/half bath, septic system, pait room & loft; New pait i & out; Newer HVAC & roof; Wrap-aroud porch; Mud rm! $115,000 Immaculate! Tos of warm staied cabiets; Family rm w/frech door to huge deck overlookig wooded backyard; Oversized closets; Staied bath vaity; Leaded, beveled glass frot door; Hdwd foyer; Prime locatio! Rob Loga proposed a rate of 6 mills to the City Coucil at its Sept. 5 meetig, statig the rate is a reductio from last year s rate of Loga said Holly Sprigs, over the last year, witessed a spike i the digest with the costructio of ew homes ad several aexatios ito the city. If the coucil adopts the proposed rate, et taxes levied would be aroud $1.62 millio, which is a icrease of roughly $18,100 from last year. Oe mill is equal to $1 for every $1,000 of assessed value ad property is taxed at 40 percet of its assessed value. Therefore, the ower of a $200,000 home assessed at the same value will experiece a savigs of aroud $4 o ext year s taxes. Almost a year-log ivestigatio ito the death of a 17-mothold child Kaylee Johso, who was foud uresposive at the bottom of the basemet stairs, culmiated Sept. 13 whe the child s mother ad her former boyfried were charged with murder. Michael Naples, 31, of Woodstock, ad Jamie Beck, 23, of Bartow Couty, were take ito custody Sept. 13 by ivestigators with the Cherokee Sheriff s Office o feloy murder ad first-degree cruelty to childre charges. They both remai i the Cherokee Couty jail without bod. As the real estate market picks up, more developers are lookig to build i the City of Woodstock. O Sept. 5, Oak Hall Compaies LLC submitted a revised applicatio to the city, requestig to aex more tha 80 acres ad to brig 216 ew homes with it. The property curretly is located i uicorporated Cherokee Couty. As studets aroud the couty were gettig ready for fall break, some at Creekview High School istead were mourig the loss of their classmate. A spokesperso for the Georgia State Patrol said Friday that Cheyee Heard, 17, of Cato, was killed i a Sept. 13 crash. Cheyee was a eergetic studet who was kow as a fried to all. She came to class i a good mood with a smile o her face, Pricipal Adria Thomaso said. Cheyee was always willig to help out her classmates ad loved ridig horses ad barrel racig. The $400,000 foresic audit examiig all the facets of the failed Ball Groud Recyclig deal has arrived at the Cherokee Wallace Couty District Attorey s office, District Attorey Shao Wallace cofirmed Friday, Sept. 20. The Cato City Coucil decided to move forward o the proposed reovatios for the assembly room i City Hall. The coucil approved, 4-1, with Ward I Coucilma Hooky Huffma dissetig ad Ward II Coucilma Bill Brya abset, the $758,414 proposal from architect Mark Robillard at the Sept. 19 meetig. The fuds will come from Special Local Optio Sales Tax (SPLOST) VI fuds. Mayor Gee Hobgood said the moey that will be used was specifically allocated for buildigs. The Ball Groud City Coucil voted at its Sept. 12 meetig to keep the city s millage rate the same a decisio that might lower a residet s tax bill slightly, depedig o how much, if at all, their property value fluctuated. The coucil voted 4-0, with Coucilma Mickey O Malley abset, to set the 2013 millage rate at 6 mills. The Uited States Departmet of Defese aouced Sept. 24 the deaths of three soldiers who were supportig Operatio Edurig Freedom i Afghaista, oe of Stricklad them from Woodstock. Killed were Spc. Joshua J. Stricklad, 23, of Woodstock, assiged to 1st Battalio, 1st Special Forces Group, Joit Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.; Staff Sgt. Liam J. Nevis, 32, of Dever, Colo., assiged to 5th Battalio, 19th Special Forces Group, Watkis, Colo.; ad Staff Sgt. Timothy R. McGill, 30, of Ramsey, N.J., assiged to 2d Battalio, 19th Special Forces Group, Middletow, R.I. They died Sept. 21, at Forward Operatig Base Shak, Afghaista, of wouds suffered whe eemy forces attacked their uit with small arms fire while coductig rage traiig i Gardez, Paktia Provice, Afghaista. The City of Woodstock cotiues to pay off its outstadig debts, accordig to City Maager Jeff Moo, who gave a presetatio o the city s curret debts to the coucil at the Sept. 23 meetig. While the city still had about $44.6 millio i debts, as of Jue 30, Moo showed that it is less tha half of the city s costitutioal debt limit, which would be about $90.1 millio. Cherokee Couty 2013 graduates have upheld their reputatio for stellar SAT scores by tyig with Fulto Couty for the highest performace i the 10-couty Atlata Regioal Commissio area. The school district tied with Fulto Couty for the top metro- Atlata rakig with a score of 1567, which is the secod highest score i the state. Cherokee s Class of 2013 beat the atioal average o the stadardized test that measures college readiess by 69 poits ad the state average by 115 poits. See Year i review, Page 17 $4 OFF ANY HAIRCUT Coupos caot be used together (Oly oe per visit) Expires 1/31/14 $15 OFF ANY COLOR or FULL CHEMICAL SERVICE Coupos caot be used together (Oly oe per visit) Expires 1/31/ Hwy 92, Ste. 103, Woodstock

17 Jauary 8, 2014 year i review the cherokee ledger-ews 17 The Cherokee Couty Board of Educatio, i a four-plus hour ethics hearig held Oct. 2, foud District 1 Board Member Kelly Marlow guilty of violatig state board policy both by actig as a idividual whe ethics policy requires that Georgia school board members act as a whole ad by takig private actio that could harm the system. Accordig to the board vote, Marlow broke the rules by sedig a letter demadig ivestigatio of the school board s goverace to Advace Ed/SACS, the district s accreditig orgaizatio, i Jue without cosultig her fellow board members. The vote related to the first violatio was 5-2, District 3 School Board Member Michael Geist ad Marlow opposed. As to whether Marlow, by sedig the letter, also violated the state ethics rule by takig a private actio that would potetially compromise the school board or the school district, the board also voted that Marlow was i violatio of policy, 6-1, Marlow opposed. The board voted to sactio Marlow by chargig her $3,600 related to coverig the costs of the ethics hearig, 5-2, Geist ad Marlow opposed. Marlow s attorey, Tom Salata, who also is her brother, said he plaed to appeal the school board s decisio to the State Board of Educatio. A uaimous vote by the Cherokee Couty Board of Commissioers to adopt the proposed 2014 couty budget of $167.3 millio marked the first time i five years that couty employees will receive a cost-of-livig raise. The Holly Sprigs City Coucil cosidered applicatios to aex 3.2 acres of lad o Hickory Flat Highway ad also to rezoe the property from R-40 (residetial) to Geeral Commercial (GC). The same applicat also is requestig a coditioal use permit to operate a 4,000-square-foot Flash Foods gas statio ad coveiece store o the property. The applicatios made their way to the City Coucil Oct. 7 followig a od of approval by the Holly Sprigs Plaig ad Zoig Commissio. The Cherokee Couty Board of Commissioers also voted 4-0 o Sept. 17 ot to protest the aexatio request. The proposal, however, was met with oppositio durig the Oct. 7 City Coucil meetig whe Harmoy o the Lakes residet Da Asperger urged the coucil to review ad hoor the subdivisio s master pla. The foresic audit regardig the failed Ball Groud Recyclig situatio will top out costig $500,000 Cherokee commissioers approved the fial $95,674 charged by the foresic accoutig firm McCledo & Associates at their Oct. 15 meetig. The vote to approve the fial amout of the audit, which iitially had a price cap of $100,000, was uaimous. Couty Attorey Agie Davis said the accoutig firm had essetially writte off a additioal $75,000 i expeses it had i relatio to performig the audit. Couty Commissio Chairma Buzz Ahres said Cherokee Couty District Attorey Shao Wallace told him the audit cosisted of about 2,300 pages. The audit, commissioed a year ago followig the directio of the Cherokee Couty Grad Jury ad the District Attorey s office, examies all fiacial facets of the failed veture. The Cherokee Couty School District offered a accoutig of its fiacial records reviewed i the 2012 audit to school board members at the Oct. 17 work sessio, ad, at the meetig that followed, the board voted, 5-1 (District 6 School Board Member Robert Wofford opposig) to sped a additioal $1,280 to pay the auditig firm that performed the 2011 audit, Mauldi & Jekis, to provide a review of that year, as well. District 4 Board Member Rick Steier was abset from the work sessio ad meetig, ad District 3 Board Member Michael Geist was abset from the work sessio. School Board Chair Jaet Read made a motio to cap the cost for the presetatio at $1,280, which is the fee the auditor cited for a oe-hour presetatio ad his preparatio ad travel time. That motio was approved 5-1, with District 1 School Board Member Kelly Marlow opposed ad Steier abset. There have bee several recet talks about the roads that are i eed of improvemet i Cato. Residets have spoke about their cocers with roads i their eighborhoods, ad city officials have ackowledged a problem with may miles of Cato roads. Now, the City of Cato is movig toward addressig those problems by hirig a roads program cosultig egieerig firm. The City Coucil uaimously approved the recommedatio from City Maager Scott Wood to eter ito a agreemet with Statec as the city s egieerig firm for road problems at the Oct. 17 meetig. May residets of Harmoy o the Lakes let out cheers at Holly Sprigs City Coucil meetig after it was aouced that discussios o a applicatio to costruct a gas statio i frot of the subdivisio had bee pulled from the ageda. The applause, however, might be short-lived as Commuity Developmet Director Nacy Moo cofirmed the applicat still has his eyes o the property. The applicat requested that his applicatio be deferred i order to address some cocers raised by the residets of Harmoy o the Lakes subdivisio, Moo said, addig that the applicat, Jim Rollis of Peach Cosolidate Properties, gave otice o the afteroo of Oct. 21. Moo further clarified that the applicat had ot withdraw his requests to aex 3.2 acres of lad o Hickory Flat Highway ad to rezoe the property from its curret residetial zoig to geeral commercial (GC). The City of Woodstock Parks ad Recreatio Departmet recetly was recogized for excellece i the field of parks ad recreatio maagemet, whe they joied the raks of oly 125 agecies throughout the coutry to curretly hold atioal accreditatio from the Commissio for Accreditatio of Park ad Recreatio Agecies (CAPRA). Parks ad Recreatio Director Presto Pooser ad City Maager Jeff Moo were recogized for this accomplishmet i Housto, Texas, durig the aual Best of the Best Awards Ceremoy at the Natioal Recreatio ad Park Associatio (NRPA) 2013 Cogress ad Expositio o Oct. 9. Special Amy ad Todd Stormat (pictured above) have dedicated coutless hours to coachig youg athletes through programs at the YMCA their passio for shapig childre ito resposible youg adults recetly eared them oe of the worldwide orgaizatio s highest hoors. The Cato couple recetly was amed this year s recipiet of the YMCA of Metro Atlata s Voluteers of the Year award. For a recap of the happeigs i November ad December, see Year i Review at HeessyHoda.com Servicig Guitars & All strig istrumets Certified Luthier Set ups Structural Repairs Crack Repairs Fretwork & Refrets Neck Resets Re-fiishig Custom Electroics Nuts & Saddles WoodstockGuitarShop.com Located o Mai Street i Woodstock Witer Special 3 FREE Laser Treatmets with the purchase of a Laser Package. Receive 10% off Botox with this ad. BEFORE & AFTER MEDICAL SPA Doa C. Haley, MD, FaaFP Marietta Hwy., Cato (across from Cato Elemetary School) Towe Lake Family Chiropractic Dr. Kirk Pusey Board Certified Chiropractor Licesed Physical Therapist 32 Years Experiece Dr. Deborah Pogrelis Board Certified Chiropractor Low Force Specialist 35 Years Experiece Dr. Vicet Williams Board Certified Chiropractor Extremity Specialist 16 Years Experiece Icluded I Most HMO & PPO Plas We File Isurace For You Massage Therapist O Staff Walk-Is Welcome Saturday ad Eveig Hours Emergecies See Immediately (770) Wygate Parkway at Towe Lake Parkway, Suite 200 Woodstock, GA

18 cherokee commuity 18 the cherokee ledger-ews Jauary 8, 2014 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT 20 CROSSWORD 20 CHEROKEE RELIGION 19 RESTAURANT REPORTS 20 FIND MORE CALENDARS & pet of the week cherokee spotlight sweet pea 5693 Sweet Pea is a 3-year-old Labrador mixed-breed dog. She is up-to-date o her shots, has bee spayed ad will be microchipped upo adoptio. Sweet Pea has bee stayig at the shelter sice Dec. 19. Visit her i ru 611. Adoptios cost $100 for cats ad dogs ad iclude spayig or euterig, microchippig, vacciatios ad a free office visit at a participatig veteriaria. The shelter, located o Uiveter Road, is ope from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Call (770) for more iformatio. $30 OFF Timig Belt Replacemet Valid o Toyota, Lexus & Scio oly & at Cherokee Couty Toyota oly. Caot be combied w/ay other offer or coupo. Expires 1/31/14 Georgia Spie & Disc Spial Decompressio Laser Treatmets Massage Therapy Pai Maagemet Medical - Chiropractic - Physical Therapy CALL ABOUT OUR $17 EXAM SPECIAL! Expires 01/22/ Gold Creek Trail, Woodstock Spotlight items must be typed ad submitted to The Cherokee Ledger-News by oo the Wedesday before publicatio date. Sed items by fax to (770) or to Please be sure to iclude the address of the evet ad a cotact umber. For the complete Spotlight caledar, go to LIBRARY The Sequoyah Regioal Library System will host the followig story times: Tuesdays, Ja. 14, Ja. 21 ad Ja. 28 at the R.T. Joes Library (family story time) at 10:30 a.m. ad 3:30 p.m. ad the Rose Creek Library (family story time) at 10:30 p.m.; Wedesdays, Ja. 8, Ja. 15, Ja. 22 ad Ja. 29 at the R.T. Joes Library (lapsit) at 10:30 a.m. ad the Woodstock library (lapsit) at 10:30 a.m. ad 11:30 a.m.; Thursdays, Ja. 9, Ja. 16, Ja. 23 ad Ja. 30 at the Ball Groud Library (family), at 10:30 a.m., at the Hickory Flat Library (family) at 10:30 a.m. ad 3:30 p.m., ad the Woodstock Library (family) at 10:30 a.m. ad 3:30 p.m. Super Saturday Story Times at R.T. Joes will be held Ja. 11 at 10:30 a.m. (family story time i Spaish ad Eglish), Ja. 18 at 10:30 a.m. (family) ad Ja. 25 at 10:30 a.m. (family). For more iformatio or for special evets throughout the moth, visit sequoyahregioallibrary.org. SPECIAL EVENTS Summit Fiacial Solutios will host a free documet shred day, Ja. 25, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at 1816 Eagle Drive, Suite 100-A, Woodstock. For more iformatio, visit or call (770) CLASSES Papa s Patry ad the Master s Traiig Ceter will host the followig classes, from 9 a.m. to oo, at 6551 Commerce Pkwy., Suite 100, Woodstock: Ja. 13, Employer Psychology, Job Search Orgaizatio, Ja. 14, Computer Class Basics, set up a , Ja. 15, Resume Writig, First Impressios, Ja. 16, Computer Class: Word, ad Ja. 17, How to aswer tough iterview questios. To reserve a seat, call (770) or The ew AARP Smart Driver safety course will be held o Thursday, Ja. 30, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Syergist Fitess Ceter, Ga. 92, Woodstock. Completio of this course may qualify drivers for a three-year discout from the auto isurace compay. The cost for these classes, which is set by AARP, is $15 for members ad $20 for o-members ad icludes a course guidebook; participats should be at least 25 years old ad a licesed driver. Registratio is required ad classes fill-up quickly. To register or for more iformatio call Paul Galaek, istructor, at (770) The Cherokee Beekeepers Club will host Bee school 2014, Feb. 15, from 8:15 a.m. to 4 p.m., at First Baptist Church Holly Sprigs, 2632 Holly Sprigs Pkwy., Holly Sprigs. The cost is $40 through Feb. 7. Day of evet registratio is $45 ad is at 7:45 a.m. To preregister, call (770) or Cidy at NETWORKING The Juior Service League of Woodstock is hostig a New Member Mixer o Tuesday, Ja. 21, from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Leaig Ladder, 105 E. Mai St., Suite 126, Woodstock. The league welcomes wome of all ages ad all types. It is a very diverse ad fu group with oe commo goal: improvig the commuity through voluteerism ad fudraisig. For more iformatio, visit www. jslwoodstock.org or fid them o Facebook or Twitter. Cato Mai Street Morigs are held the secod Tuesday of the moth at 8 a.m. O Ja. 14, the Cato Fire Departmet, 190 W. Mai St., Cato, will host a program o fire ispectios; o Feb. 11, at 8 a.m., DreamKey Realty, of Palmer House Properties, 120 E. Marietta St., Cato, will be the host. For more iformatio, cotact Megha Griffi at (770) BLOOD DRIVE Hopewell Baptist Church will host a commuity blood drive i hoor of a 3-year-old member of the cogregatio. Caily has cacer ad requires blood frequetly. She ad her family will get credit for the doatio drive. The blood drive will be held Ja. 13, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., at the Family Life Ceter at the church located at 78 Ridge Road i Cato. To schedule a appoitmet, visit redcrossblood.org ad eter the sposor code Hopewell or cotact Christy Pope at christy. GARDENING Cherokee Couty Master Gardeers Semiar: The Georgia Master Gardeer Extesio Voluteers of Cherokee Couty is presetig a semiar, How to Make Seed Tapes for your garde, Ja. 16, at 10 a.m., at the Cherokee Couty Seior Services Ceter. Call the Cherokee Couty Extesio Office at (770) to register ad get directios. The Sixes Garde Club meets the third Moday of every moth at the Historic Rock Bar, 658 Marietta Hwy., Cato, at 7 p.m. The group is for ay level of gardeer. The first meetig is free; yearly membership is $22 for a idividual or $27 for a couple. For more iformatio, The Ball Groud (Aetsa Ga-Da) Garde Club, started i 1951, meets mothly September through May of each year. The group has ogoig projects, oe beig the baskets i dowtow Ball Groud i partership with the Ball Groud Busiess ad Commuity Associatio. For more iformatio, The Trayletaah Garde Club of Cato, established i 1947, has a active membership ad has made sigificat cotributios i beautifyig the commuity. For meetig dates ad times ad for more iformatio about the club, The Laurel Garde Club of Cato meets the secod Tuesday of each moth for a iformative lecture or a field trip. They also have several cotiuous projects i the Cato area. Membership is ope to ayoe with a love of gardeig ad a desire to help beautify the area. For more iformatio regardig the club, meetig dates ad locatios, com. WEIGHT LOSS TOPS GA 0273 holds weekly meetigs o Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at Church of Christ. For more iformatio about the chapter, A at A TOPS weight loss chapter meets o Thursday morigs at 9 a.m. at Woodstock Commuity Church, located o Rope Mill Road. For more iformatio, cotact Tia Dougherty at (770) or A TOPS weight loss chapter meets o Tuesdays, at Sosebee Fueral Home, 191 Jarvis St., Cato. Weigh-i is from 5:30 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. For more iformatio, call Hele at (770) TOPS 0390 meets o Thursdays at 6 p.m. at Woodstock Christia Church, located o Ga. 92 i Woodstock. For more iformatio, cotact Laura Cor at (770) SENIORS The Cherokee Seior Softball Associatio will be holdig sig-ups ad evaluatios for the sprig 2014 seaso Ja , Feb. 1 ad Feb. 9 at 2 p.m. at Hobgood Park (Field No. 4) i Woodstock. Rai out date if eeded will be Feb. 8 at 2 p.m. Registratio is ope to me 50 years old or older ad of ay ability level. For more iformatio, visit or cotact Ro O Doell at (404) VOLUNTEERS A Voluteer Ope House will be held at the Fuk Heritage Ceter of Reihardt Uiversity i Waleska o Wedesday, Ja. 8 from 10 a.m. util oo. Visit the ceter to lear about rewardig voluteer opportuities. Docets are eeded to coduct guided tours for school childre i the Beett History Museum. Become a pioeer. Livig history voluteers dress i period clothig ad preset programs i historic log cabis i the Appalachia settlemet. People who ejoy crafts, icludig basket weavig, quiltig, woodworkig, kittig ad other hadicrafts, voluteer to demostrate them. Orietatio ad traiig classes are held regularly. Call (770) or visit fukheritage. For the full Spotlight caledar, icludig support groups, visit ad click o Commuity.

19 Jauary 8, 2014 COMMUNITY the cherokee ledger-ews 19 cherokee religio Religio caledar items must be typed ad submitted to The Cherokee Ledger-News by oo the Wedesday before publicatio date. Sed items by fax to (770) or to ledgerews.com. Please be sure to iclude the address of the evet ad a cotact umber. For the complete Religio caledar, go to MUSIC Liberty will be sigig o Suday, Ja. 12, durig the 11 a.m. service at Mill Creek Baptist Church, located off East Cherokee Drive i Woodstock. Luch will be served followig the service. For more iformatio, call Tim Reed at (770) Uiveter Old Time Gospel sig will be held Ja. 18, from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., at New Light Baptist Church, 1614 Uiveter Road, Cato. Previously held o Friday ights, the gospel sig has bee moved to the third Saturday ight of each moth. MINISTRIES Orage Uited Methodist Church has a miistry desiged just for youg adults i the post high school years. Pathfiders meets every Suday at 10 a.m. for a coffee ad coversatio time of fellowship ad study. Other activities iclude service projects, worship, Bible study ad recreatioal activities. For more iformatio, cotact Steve Matta at (404) or Hickory Flat Fellowship, located at 5301 Hickory Flat Hwy., Cato, holds a Youth Group meetig o Wedesdays at 6:30 p.m. i the blue buildig. The first Saturday of the moth, the church hosts a me s breakfast at 8 a.m. For more iformatio, Pastor Scott Smith at Cherokee Christia Schools will host a ope house o Ja. 13 at 7 p.m. Light refreshmets will be served ad childre are welcome to atted. For more iformatio, cotact Kim Howell at or (678) FUNDRAISERS A eighborhood swap meet will be held Ja. 11, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., i the Arbor View subdivisio (Highlads Drive off East Cherokee Drive i Woodstock). Brig ay uwated items tagged ad reasoably priced (clothes, shoes, toys, baby items, household goods), the shop what others brought. All proceeds go to Harvestig Hope Miistries. Fid more iformatio about the oprofit at org. First Woodstock Uited Methodist Church holds a thrift shop every Friday ad Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., i the lower level of Latimer Hall, 109 Towe Lake Pkwy., Woodstock. For more iformatio, call (770) Triity Church Road, Cato, will offer a free itroductory exercise class of pilates, stability ball ad/or stregth traiig Moday, Wedesday or Thursday at 5:30 p.m. Subsequet classes are $6 each. For more iformatio, call Sara at (678) Hickory Flat Uited Methodist Church, 4056 E. Cherokee Drive, Cato, offers a preparatory course for the GED test. Classes are free to ayoe 18 or older, ad the class duratio depeds o the idividual s eeds ad skills. For more iformatio about times ad dates of classes, call Roie Holbert at (770) Celebratio of Grace Luthera Church, (a ELCA church) at 411 Scott Mill Road, Cato, offers Suday school classes, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. every Suday, for childre ages Cotact the church office at (770) for more iformatio. CAREGIVING The Stephe Miistry, a Christia support group for people i a crisis, provides oe-o-oe, cofidetial, same geder emotioal ad spiritual care. Call (770) , ext. 123 for more iformatio. For the full Religio caledar, icludig fellowship groups, visit Aquatic Therapy & Neuromuscular Therapy for Pai Maagemet Specializig i Rehab & Ijuries Dr. Sharo Johsto, NMD Board Certified by America Naturopathic Medical Associatio Adaptive Attitudes I Fitess 1480 Hickory St., Cato, Locally owed ad operated. UPS authorized shippig facility. BallGroudPharmacy.com Corerstoe Commuity Church, 503 Hickory Ridge Trail, Woodstock, offers LifeSave Statio, a miistry aimed at reachig youg adults ad tees through Jesus Christ. Meetigs are Modays at 7 p.m. For more iformatio, Rya Wauford at or Emily Wauford at The Pillars Girls Coferece will be held at First Baptist Church Cato Feb. 7-8 for girls i fifth through 12th grade. It is part of the SURGE Studet Miistry. The church is located at Oe Missio Poit, Cato. The cost is $50-$70. For more iformatio, cotact Cadace McDowel at or call (770) , or visit pillarsgirlscoferece.com. SPECIAL EVENTS City o a Hill Uited Methodist Church, 7745 Mai St., Woodstock, hosts a coffee bar at 6:30 p.m. o Saturday ights. Ejoy a free coffee bar while ejoyig worship service. For more iformatio, visit PRESCHOOL Mt. Zio Baptist Preschool will begi commuity registratio for the fall 2014 classes o Ja. 21. Classes will be available for ages 18 moths through age 4 pre-kidergarte. Visit mtzb. org, or call Jeaie Stephes at (770) CLASSES First Baptist Church Woodstock offers a free paretig class Wedesday eveigs at 6:45 p.m. at the church s warehouse buildig, room oe. The class is for tees ages Participats will receive a free gift for their child at every class atteded. Upo completio of the eightweek course the participats will receive a special gift. The class is taught by a registered urse ad covers a variety of topics, icludig early educatio o paretig, life skills ad ifat care. Free child care is available. For more iformatio, cotact Cidy Holder at or (678) Triity Presbyteria Church, WILKES FINANCE CORP. Hometow Leders Sice 1966 Three Ways to Apply: By Phoe, i Perso, or Olie We Do All Types of Loas: Vacatio Cash Cosolidatio Car Repair Emergecy Starter Loas Auto Purchase Home Improvemet Motorcycle/ATV CALL PHYLLIS Maager at **All loas subject to our liberal credit policies & limitatios**

20 20 the cherokee ledger-ews COMMUNITY Jauary 8, % OFF Two Wheel Brake Service (does ot apply to replacig rotors) For Toyota, Lexus & Scio models oly & at Cherokee Couty Toyota oly. Caot be combied w/ay other offer or coupo. Expires 1/31/14 David Farrow Appliace Repair & Parts ACROSS 1 Kid s summer spot 5 Ai t it the truth 9 Melville s Billy 13 Craft see at may a 1-Across 14 Baed apple treatmet 15 Curret about 16 Family Matters erd 17 dry eye i the house 18 Hidu music style 19 Outdo other guests seekig a party drik? 22 Hotel aex? 23 Carso s lateight predecessor 24 Thurmod who was a seator for 47 years 26 Facy eckwear 29 Bay Area airport letters 31 Lux. locale 32 Pitcher of milk? 34 Size up 36 Order oe so-so ice cream drik? 39 Throw i the directio of 40 oe s game: performig below par 41 Bribe 42 Slice of history 44 Hardly silk purse material, i a idiom 48 Buildig brick 50 Bearig 52 Uamed degree 53 Activate a dispeser for a fruit drik? 57 Civil rights ico Parks 58 You bet, señora! 59 Rye fugus 60 A very log time 61 Lobe adormet 62 Slasher s title hagout, i film: Abbr. 63 Schools of whales 64 Pops the questio 65 H.S. juior s exam The Weekly Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris ad Joyce Lewis DOWN 1 Job, ad the some 2 Asia capital o a peisula 3 Champage brad 4 Assail (with), as sowballs 5 Classic film with dacig hippos 6 Hawaiia hi or bye 7 Works a weddig 8 Catch 9 Too well-doe 10 Where ot to be paddleless? 11 Whece a frot yard growl 12 It may be used to ID a perp 13 Like dice, shapewise 20 Chooses 21 G.I. etertaimet 25 Robiso of sog 27 November hoorees 28 Support group for kids of substace abusers 30 Scam that s pulled $ 10 OFF Service Call Oe coupo per customer. Not valid with ay other offer. (c)2012 Tribue Media Services, Ic. 33 Hamburger s article 35 Without 36 All set 37 Champioed, as a cause 38 Fruit used as a vitami C supplemet 39 Airport safety org. 43 Preatal tests, for short 45 Bafflig problem Weekly Puzzle Solved Arts & Etertaimet items must be typed ad submitted by oo the Wedesday before the desired publicatio date. Sed etries to or fax them to (770) For the full A&E caledar, go to www. ledgerews.com. ON STAGE Woodstock Drama presets Woodstock s Got Talet Ja. 16 at 7:30 p.m. Come see the taleted studets of Woodstock High School show off i a variety of performaces. Tickets are $5. Visit for more iformatio. ANNIE the musical, is comig to The Cato Theatre i historic dowtow Cato this moth. The River Ridge Theatre Compay, from Woodstock, will be presetig the musical Ja Tickets cost $12 for childre ad seiors ad $15 for adults. They are available by callig the 46 Not marked up 47 Classic role for Clark 49 Military bigwigs 51 Everythig s fie 54 Worker protectio agcy. 55 Cherokee maker 56 www addresses Cet s gere arts & EtErtaimEt box office at (770) The Elm Street Cultural Arts Village, 8534 Mai St., Woodstock, will host Tom Sawyer Ja. 17 ad Ja. 24, at 7:30 p.m., ad Ja , Ja at 2 p.m. All seats cost $10 i advace for ages 2 ad older ($12 at the door). A portio of the proceeds will beefit the tee programs at Family of Cherokee Uited i Service. For more iformatio, call (678) or visit LIVE MUSIC The Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree is held the first Saturday of each moth at Woodstock Commuity Church, 237 Rope Mill Road i Woodstock. Cocerts will begi at 7 p.m. ad will feature the Jot- em Dow Boys ad aother bluegrass bad each moth. Tickets cost $7 at the door. Childre 12 ad youger are free. For more iformatio, go to AUDITIONS Together i Harmoy will host commuity chorus auditios by appoitmet oly through Ja. 28. All auditios will be held i the music room of Heritage Presbyteria Church, 5323 Bells Ferry Road, Acworth. After auditios are completed, the commuity BrUSTEr S ICE CrEAM 6870 Hickory Road, Cato Ispectio date: Dec. 2 Curret score: 89-B Previous score: 89-B Violatios: Observed o had washig at the required times. The maager was traied o whe, where ad how to wash her hads ad hads properly washed (corrected). Observed hose bibb behid yogurt ad ice cream machie missig the back flow device ad oe must be istalled. ChINA GArDEN 6199 Hickory Flat Hwy., Suite 118, Cato Ispectio date: Dec. 2 Curret score: 90-A Previous score: 82-B Violatios: Observed employee improperly washig hads ad with o kowledge o how to properly wash his hads. The maager was educated o whe, where ad how to wash hads ad hads properly washed (corrected). Kife maget ot approved for kives to be stored i. The maager must use a approved kife box for kives to be stored i. DOMINO S PIzzA 6175 Hickory Flat Hwy., Suite 175, Cato Ispectio date: Dec. 2 Curret score: 93-A Previous score: 94-A Violatios: Observed stero fuel improperly stored with food utesils ad pizza boxes. The maager corrected ad relocated stero fuel to the office (repeat, corrected). Observed equipmet improperly stored o the floor i the hot water room. The maager must store equipmet six iches off the floor for cleaig choir will rehearse every Tuesday eveig from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The first rehearsal, with a meet ad greet, is Ja. 28, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. For more iformatio or to make a appoitmet, call Kaye Mero at (404) , or visit DANCE Cherokee Squares Square Dace Club holds classes every Tuesday ight, from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., at the Jaycees Hall, 216 Rope Mill Road, Woodstock. For more iformatio, call (404) or (770) Cherokee Rhythm & Smooth, 6238 Old Ga. 5, Suite C-3, Woodstock, hosts a Friday Night Dace Party, from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. The cost is $10. A begier level lesso starts at 7:30 p.m. For more iformatio, go to or call (678) Zumba classes are held at the Uio Hill Commuity Ceter, 1780 AJ Lad Road, Cato, o Tuesday eveigs at 7 p.m. The cost is $5 per class. Cotact Jeifer at (407) for more iformatio. For the full A&E caledar, visit ad click o Commuity. restaurat reports ad pest cotrol. GhIrArDELLI ChOCOLATE AND ICE CrEAM ShOP 915 Ridgewalk Pkwy., Suite D450, Woodstock Ispectio date: Dec. 2 Curret score: 98-A Previous score: 99-A Violatios: Food service permit ot posted. Perso i charge located ad posted permit. Clea food utesils hagig above threecompartmet sik. Store clea utesils i protected locatio. MOUNTAIN road ELEMENTAry SChOOL 615 Moutai Road, Woodstock Ispectio date: Dec. 2 Curret score: 100-A Previous score: 98-A Violatios: Noe. CArMEL ELEMENTAry SChOOL 2275 Bascomb Carmel Road, Woodstock Ispectio date: Dec. 3 Curret score: 98-A Previous score: 96-A Violatios: Observed sigle service items ot protected i dry storage. The maager corrected ad discarded sigle service items. Observed buildup o the wall fas. The maager must keep food ad o-food cotact surfaces clea to the sight ad touch. CLArk CrEEk ELEMENTAry SChOOL 3218 Hut Road, Acworth Ispectio date: Dec. 3 Curret score: 100-A Previous score: 100-A Violatios: Noe. For other restaurat reports from the moth of November, visit www. ledgerews.com.

Child. Is Missing: When Your. A Family Survival Guide

Child. Is Missing: When Your. A Family Survival Guide U.S. Departmet of Justice Office of Justice Programs Office of Juveile Justice ad Deliquecy Prevetio you are ot aloe; families ca ad do survive there is o right or wrog way to respod; there is o right

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www.nacacnet.org Guiding the Way to Higher Education: Step-by-Step To College Workshops for Students Late High School Curriculum Grades 11 and 12

www.nacacnet.org Guiding the Way to Higher Education: Step-by-Step To College Workshops for Students Late High School Curriculum Grades 11 and 12 www.acacet.org Guidig the Way to Higher Educatio: Step-by-Step To College Workshops for Studets Late High School Curriculum Grades 11 ad 12 www.acacet.org Copyright 2008 These materials are copyrighted

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HOMEBUYING STEP BY STEP. A Consumer Guide and Workbook

HOMEBUYING STEP BY STEP. A Consumer Guide and Workbook HOMEBUYING STEP BY STEP A Cosumer Guide ad Workbook CMHC HOME TO CANADIANS Caada Mortgage ad Housig Corporatio (CMHC) has bee Caada s atioal housig agecy for more tha 65 years. Together with other housig

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Child: Family: Place: Radical efficiency to improve outcomes for young children. Croydon

Child: Family: Place: Radical efficiency to improve outcomes for young children. Croydon Child: Family: Place: Radical efficiecy to improve outcomes for youg childre Croydo 2 cotets Foreword...5 Executive summary...7 1 Cotext...13 The public sector eeds ew models to improve public services...14

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GOALS FOR THE COMMON GOOD: EXPLORING THE IMPACT OF EDUCATION. MEASUREOFAMERICA of the Social Science Research Council GOALS FOR THE COMMON GOOD: EXPLORING THE IMPACT OF EDUCATION A joit publicatio of Measure of America ad Uited Way. MEASUREOFAMERICA of the Social Sciece Research Coucil Goals for the Commo Good: Explorig

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No One Benefits. How teacher pension systems are failing BOTH teachers and taxpayers

No One Benefits. How teacher pension systems are failing BOTH teachers and taxpayers No Oe Beefits How teacher pesio systems are failig BOTH teachers ad taxpayers Authors Kathry M. Doherty, Sadi Jacobs ad Trisha M. Madde Pricipal Fudig The Bill ad Melida Gates Foudatio ad the Joyce Foudatio.

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When the People Draw the Lines

When the People Draw the Lines Whe the People Draw the Lies A Examiatio of the Califoria Citizes redistrictig Commissio by Raphael J. Soeshei with Geerous Support from The James Irvie Foudatio Whe the People Draw the Lies A Examiatio

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Step by Step. By the staff of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Step by Step. By the staff of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Step by Step A Itroductio to Walkig the Appalachia Trail By the staff of the Appalachia Trail Coservacy Eighty-five years ago, a dreamer amed Beto MacKaye imagied a footpath ruig alog the easter moutais,

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Spin-out Companies. A Researcher s Guide

Spin-out Companies. A Researcher s Guide Spi-out Compaies A Researcher s Guide Cotets Itroductio 2 Sectio 1 Why create a spi-out compay? 4 Sectio 2 Itellectual Property 10 Sectio 3 Compay Structure 15 Sectio 4 Shareholders ad Directors 19 Sectio

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A guide to benefits and financial help for people affected by cancer. Benefits rates apply April 2009 April 2010

A guide to benefits and financial help for people affected by cancer. Benefits rates apply April 2009 April 2010 A guide to beefits ad fiacial help for people affected by cacer Beefits rates apply April 2009 April 2010 1 Cotets Itroductio to the beefits system... 2 Help for people of workig age... 5 Help for carers...

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Adverse Health Care Events Reporting System: What have we learned?

Adverse Health Care Events Reporting System: What have we learned? Adverse Health Care Evets Reportig System: What have we leared? 5-year REVIEW Jauary 2009 For More Iformatio: Miesota Departmet of Health Divisio of Health Policy P.O. Box 64882 85 East Seveth Place, Suite

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Indiana University Health Benefits Guide 2014

Indiana University Health Benefits Guide 2014 Idiaa Uiversity Health Beefits Guide 2014 Idiaa Uiversity Health Team Member Beefits 2014 Packig luches ad cartig the kids off to school. Puttig i a full day s work. Whippig up dier, the catchig up with

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REPORT OF THE Consultative Group on the Past

REPORT OF THE Consultative Group on the Past REPORT OF THE Cosultative Group o the Past 2 REPORT OF THE Cosultative Group o the Past REPORT OF THE Cosultative Group o the Past 3 Preseted to the Secretary of State for Norther Irelad, i accordace with

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Supporting medical students with mental health conditions

Supporting medical students with mental health conditions Supportig medical studets with metal health coditios Supportig medical studets with metal health coditios Cotets 02 Geeral Medical Coucil Supportig medical studets with metal health coditios Published

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Our Health Begins with: The Michigan Health and Wellness 4 x 4 Plan

Our Health Begins with: The Michigan Health and Wellness 4 x 4 Plan Our Health Begis with: The Michiga Health ad Welless 4 x 4 Pla J U N E 2 0 1 2 Table of Cotets Itroductio... 1 Ackowledgemets... 2 Public Health Crisis - A Call to Actio... 3 Compoets of the 4 x 4 Tool...

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are new doctors safe to practise?

are new doctors safe to practise? Be prepared: are ew doctors safe to practise? Cotets What we foud 02 Why we ve writte this report 04 What is preparedess ad how ca it be measured? 06 How well prepared are medical graduates? 08 How has

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Consumer and carer experiences of stigma from mental health and other health professionals

Consumer and carer experiences of stigma from mental health and other health professionals Cosumer ad carer experieces of stigma from metal health ad other health professioals Metal Health Coucil of Australia ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Foreword This report was prepared by the Metal Health Coucil of Australia

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Student Handbook. Regulations, Policies, and Procedures

Student Handbook. Regulations, Policies, and Procedures Studet Hadbook 2014 15 Regulatios, Policies, ad Procedures This hadbook complemets the uiversity s Studet Maual of Uiversity Policies ad Regulatios ad provides a statemet of policies ad academic issues

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Global Debt Offerings 5,940 3,249 82.8% U.S. Debt 5,093 2,257 125.7% Global Other Debt 338 1,377-75.5% U.S. Other Debt 275 1,364-79.

Global Debt Offerings 5,940 3,249 82.8% U.S. Debt 5,093 2,257 125.7% Global Other Debt 338 1,377-75.5% U.S. Other Debt 275 1,364-79. Vol. 3, Issue 4 April 2013 I This Issue Focus o: Policy Moth i Review BIO s policy ageda A move agaist IPAB ad the Medical Device Tax UK turig to Value Based Pricig Budget cuts ad NIH, FDA fudig Biggest

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Workers Rights OSHA 3021-09R 2014

Workers Rights OSHA 3021-09R 2014 Workers Rights OSHA 3021-09R 2014 Occupatioal Safety ad Health Act of 1970 To assure safe ad healthful workig coditios for workig me ad wome; by authorizig eforcemet of the stadards developed uder the

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A Parent s Guide to College and Career Readiness:

A Parent s Guide to College and Career Readiness: A Paret s Guide to College ad Career Readiess: A guide to help you support your child s dreams Produced by the Uiversity of Miesota College Readiess Cosortium i partership with the Uiversity YMCA 1 INTRODUCTION

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Sweet Deals is available online (free of charge) at .

Sweet Deals is available online (free of charge) at <www.cspinet.org/schoolfundraising.pdf>. Ackowledgemets The Ceter for Sciece i the Public Iterest (CSPI) thaks Nadie Feistei, Katharie Coo, Jaso Smith, Cheryl Kovalsky ad Lara Khalil for their cotributios to the cotet of this report. Jim Bogde,

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Big Data. Better prognoses and quicker decisions.

Big Data. Better prognoses and quicker decisions. Big Data. Better progoses ad quicker decisios. With Big Data, you make decisios o the basis of mass data. Everyoe is curretly talkig about the aalysis of large amouts of data, the Big Data. It gives compaies

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Young People Attracted to the Same Sex or Both Sexes

Young People Attracted to the Same Sex or Both Sexes Youth2000 Survey Series The Health ad Wellbeig of New Zealad Secodary School Studets i 2012 Youg People Attracted to the Same Sex or Both Sexes Fidigs from the Youth 12 atioal youth health ad wellbeig

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By Deloitte & Touche LLP Dr. Patchin Curtis Mark Carey

By Deloitte & Touche LLP Dr. Patchin Curtis Mark Carey C o m m i t t e e o f S p o s o r i g O r g a i z a t i o s o f t h e T r e a d w a y C o m m i s s i o T h o u g h t L e a d e r s h i p i E R M R I S K A S S E S S M E N T I N P R A C T I C E By Deloitte

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Turning Brownfields into Greenspaces: Examining Incentives and Barriers to Revitalization

Turning Brownfields into Greenspaces: Examining Incentives and Barriers to Revitalization Turig Browfields ito Greespaces: Examiig Icetives ad Barriers to Revitalizatio Juha Siikamäki Resources for the Future Kris Werstedt Virgiia Tech Uiversity Abstract This study employs iterviews, documet

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TIME is ENEMY. the. The surprising truth about why today s college students aren t graduating... and what needs to change. Time Is the Enemy n 1

TIME is ENEMY. the. The surprising truth about why today s college students aren t graduating... and what needs to change. Time Is the Enemy n 1 TIME is the ENEMY The surprisig truth about why today s college studets are t graduatig... ad what eeds to chage Time Is the Eemy 1 September 2011 Goverors Who Get It Some leaders ru from challeges; others

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Grade 12 Current Topics in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies. A Foundation for Implementation

Grade 12 Current Topics in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies. A Foundation for Implementation Grade 12 Curret Topics i First Natios, Métis, ad Iuit Studies A Foudatio for Implemetatio G r a d E 1 2 C u r r E t t o p i C s i F i r s t a t i o s, M é t i s, a d i u i t s t u d i E s a Foudatio for

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Leadership Can Be Learned, But How Is It Measured?

Leadership Can Be Learned, But How Is It Measured? Maagemet Scieces for Health NO. 8 (2008) O C C A S I O N A L PA P E R S Leadership Ca Be Leared, But How Is It Measured? How does leadership developmet cotribute to measurable chages i orgaizatioal performace,

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