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1 AmongstUs A Siemens Southern Africa newsletter Vol 29 August 2009 AmongstUs is printed on environmentally friendly, chlorine free paper Siemens Africa cluster launched Our future is green Empowerdex level 4 contributer SHD provides new analysers Pg 3 Pg 10 Pg 17 Pg 20 From left, Stuart Clarkson, CEO Siemens South Africa, Dr. Siegfried Russwurm, Member of Siemens AG Managing Board and Chairperson of our local Siemens Limited Board and Dirk Hoke, CEO, Siemens Africa Cluster. Stuart Clarkson new CEO of Siemens South Africa Stuart Clarkson was announced as the new CEO of Siemens South Africa at a press conference in Johannesburg, attended by journalists from SA and around the world. Dr Siegfried Russwurm, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG with responsibility for the region of Africa (amongst other tasks), announced the appointment with effect from 1 July Stuart replaces outgoing CEO Sigi Proebstl who has returned to Siemens in Germany. Continued on page 4 Stuart is a born and bred South African who started his career with Siemens in He held both local and international positions with our company, fulfilling various leadership roles culminating in his appointment in 2007 as Divisional Director for Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services and later head of the newly formed Siemens Industry Sector in South Africa. As South Africa faces a number of challenges, including the effects of a worldwide economic recession, Stuart believes the prudent fiscal policies adopted by government in the past and increased spending in public infrastructure and power two of Siemens main areas of competence will ensure that our local operation continues to perform well. Comments Stuart: Given our extensive expertise and track record in supporting the South African government and the private sector in the fields of energy, industry, healthcare as well as information and communication technologies, I look forward to expanding our role and enhancing our contribution to the growth and development of the South African economy. He continues: Through our focus on renewable energy and environmentally friendly products and services across the value chain, our organisation aims to act as Continued on page 4 World Cup 2010 a catalyst for business success A delegation of journalists representing publications in Germany, France, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, The United Kingdom and Brazil visited South Africa in early July to get a first hand impression of the local company s role in supplying sustainable solutions to benefit the country in the broader context of the 2010 World Cup. Dr Russwurm and Stuart Clarkson, joined by Dirk Hoke, CEO Cluster Africa, and Graham Boyle, Managing Director of Osram South Africa, presented our company s business successes in the build-up to the World Cup and beyond. Dirk Hoke discussed our Africa strategy and the commitment we have for the continent. Major events like the World Cup are a catalyst for further key infrastructure investments in a country. Our goal is not only to make the World Cup in South Africa a success but also to contribute to the country s long-term, The panel of senior Siemens representatives at the press conference, from left: Greg Gibbons, Head of, Siemens Limited; Grahame Boyle, Managing Director, Osram South Africa; Stuart Clarkson, CEO, Siemens Limited; Dr Siegfried Russwurm, Siemens AG; Dirk Hoke, CEO, Siemens Africa Cluster and Constantin Birnstiel, Head of Media Relations, Siemens AG.

2 2 Amongst Our CEO s corner Dear colleagues, It gives me great pleasure to write my first AmongstUs column as the new Chief Executive of Siemens South Africa. We have a long and esteemed history in the country and in the region, and I look forward to doing my very best in building on this legacy with you, our valuable employees and most treasured asset. My immediate focus areas will include building a positive and shared company culture where teamwork is encouraged and rewarded and where working for Siemens is viewed as an exciting and fulfilling experience, as well as aligning our business structure to meet the demands of the challenging external environment which currently prevails. On that note, it s worth pointing out that we are not far away from our financial year end and I am pleased to report that in general we have performed admirably thus far. It is in times like these that the true value of our diverse yet integrated technology portfolio really comes to the fore. We are also fortunate that we began with corrective measures well in advance of the financial crisis and our ongoing drive to reduce our SG&A costs will ensure we are more efficient and competitive and able to emerge from the crisis in far better shape than many of our competitors. My appeal to you all, however, is that we retain our focus over the final few weeks of this financial year as there is still much work to be done. Globally, the company is also performing well and is well positioned for future growth. Our third quarter figures, released a few weeks ago demonstrate that we are still on track to meet our targets for 2009, although the decline in new orders does indicate that there are still difficult times ahead, especially in the short cycle businesses of our Industry Sector. I would like to echo the words of our global Chief Executive, Peter Loescher, who, in a letter to all staff stated that: Now, more than ever, we must further strengthen our innovation power to show customers that we are innovation leaders, ahead of the competition, especially in the green technologies of the future. I look forward to working with you in the weeks and months ahead. We are all part of a wonderful organisation that provides answers to the crucial questions of our time. Let s work together to achieve success, always mindful of our commitment to consolidating our best in class compliance status and our unwavering embrace of our values of Responsible, Excellent and Innovative. With kind regards, Stuart Clarkson Chief Executive: Siemens Limited One Africa intranet Effective 1 July the Cluster Southern Africa and the Cluster Western and Central Africa as well as individual countries from the Cluster Middle East (Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti) have been combined to form the Regional Cluster Africa with Dirk Hoke as Cluster CEO and Andrew Hall as Cluster CFO. To support the concept of a united continent, a One Africa Intranet site was recently launched. Although South Africa has been the only country with its own Intranet until now, a central platform for all the African countries to access important information and communication from the Cluster management was needed. In the initial phase, the new Intranet site must serve as a high-level portal with content such as information about the creation of the Africa Cluster, the organisational structure, information about the various countries and offices, key contacts, latest news and events, video clips etc. This content must also be translated into French. To visit the site: Dale Ladner,

3 Amongst 3 Siemens. In Africa. For Africa AmongstUs: Why were the previous African Clusters consolidated into a single One Africa Cluster? Dirk Hoke: The Africa Cluster gives us a singular focus and unity of purpose. The new Cluster, or One Africa as we like to refer to it, is a wonderful and most encouraging indication of just how seriously the Managing Board of Siemens AG takes the continent. Although Siemens has a long and proud history in Africa, the new Cluster makes a clear statement: Africa is firmly on the Siemens radar and the expectations are high. The market potential in Africa is extremely large and many countries are showing very impressive GDP growth, even in difficult financial times. Government investment in infrastructure was more than $30 billion in 2008 alone, all focused on closing the developmental divide. This investment trend is set to continue and even accelerate in the future. That s why we re very excited about our business prospects and One Africa will inject renewed vigor into our efforts. AmongstUs: What are the key objectives of the Africa Cluster and what changes can we expect to see? Andrew Hall: The Africa Cluster will offer us, and more importantly our customers, a number of advantages. Firstly it will facilitate stronger market exploitation potential due to the fact that we have a clearly defined continent-wide structure with a corresponding set of roles and responsibilities, be these customer facing or back office. This in turn will enhance our customer orientation whilst allowing us to become more competitive, faster and more flexible. Secondly, the new Cluster will allow for an increase in internal efficiency as we will be able to bundle a number of functions and tasks at the Cluster level this will ensure that internal synergies are exploited and cost savings are realised. Also, we will be able to transfer capabilities with regards to standards, processes and expertise across borders to the benefit of all countries on the continent and this will ultimately help ensure sales growth and stability. Lastly, I think our One Africa approach will allow for improved oversight in terms of continental business, thus improving corporate governance and increasing trust and confidence with our various stakeholders. AmongstUs: What are the key technology markets in Africa and where can we expect to see the most growth in the future? Dirk Hoke: We know there is a huge need for infrastructure development on the continent and accordingly we expect all of our Sectors to be successful, although we see the energy market as being particularly attractive. For example, energy supply in Africa is a major challenge. In many regions, 95% of the population is without electricity and, according to the United Nations, 530 million people in Africa currently have no access to the power grid. In 20 years, this figure could reach 600 million. With our energy portfolio, which extends from primary energy right through to power distribution, Siemens can be a key partner for the continent. In the area of Healthcare, the International Finance Corporation estimates that $25-$30 billion in new investments will be needed to meet demand for medical care in Africa between The Siemens Africa Cluster officially came into being on 1 July AmongstUs asked Dirk Hoke, our Africa Cluster CEO, and Andrew Hall, our Africa Cluster CFO, some questions related to this development. From left: Andrew Hall, Africa Cluster CFO and Dirk Hoke, Africa Cluster CEO and 2016 alone. We re the first fully integrated Healthcare company in the world, combining imaging and lab diagnostics, therapy solutions and medical information technology. It therefore goes without saying that we will continue to be a major partner in the development of Africa s Healthcare needs. There are also significant opportunities for our Industry colleagues as well, across their broad technology spectrum. When one thinks that more than 300 million Africans lack access to safe drinking water, with millions of people dying each year from preventable waterborne illnesses, it is very apparent that we have the ability to provide the crucial answers to many of the pressing challenges facing the continent. That s why we believe we are so well placed for the future. AmongstUs: What about the topic of the environment? Is it compatible to focus on green technologies when many parts of Africa do not even have access to the basics? Dirk Hoke: Absolutely and these things should not be thought of as being mutually exclusive. Our technologies are environmentally friendly not only in the area of renewables. Since innovation and technological revolutions have always been our specialty, no one is better equipped to lead the green revolution than Siemens. We re a green infrastructure giant, with the technologies in our Environmental Portfolio already generating sales of roughly 19 billion, accounting for about one-quarter of our total global revenue. Our Environmental Portfolio embraces nearly all relevant areas involving the generation, transmission, distribution and use of energy as well as other environmental technologies, covering nearly all divisions in our Industry, Energy and Healthcare sectors. At Siemens, sustainable development in environmental protection implies the responsible and careful use of natural resources a position which holds extra significance for a continent such as Africa. We can already present numerous examples of projects across Africa where Siemens has provided sustainable, environmentally friendly technologies. Here we can mention energy efficient power plants in South Africa, water treatment plants in Algeria, mobility projects in Tunisia and off-grid lighting solutions delivered from photovoltaic panels in Kenya and Uganda, to mention but a few. Andrew Hall: It is however very true that renewable energy is a particularly exciting field in Africa, especially since we are on the threshold of a new era in electricity. A good example of this is Siemens commitment to Desertec. Along with other industrial companies, Siemens Energy is participating in the Desertec initiative to provide sustainable power to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. A corresponding Memorandum of Understanding was signed recently in Munich. Although a technical and financial concept will still be developed, the idea is for environmentally friendly power generated at solar thermal power plants in the Sahara and wind farms in North Africa to be transported to the load centres where the power is needed. Desertec is a visionary project, but the technologies needed to implement it are already available. AmongstUs: Africa is a very diverse continent with numerous languages being spoken and hundreds of different cultures. Does this make doing business on the continent more difficult? Andrew Hall: On the contrary. It s true that Africa is an extremely diverse continent. Consisting of 53 countries (although our Africa Cluster excludes Libya and Egypt), it s the most multilingual continent in the world with approximately 2000 languages and dialects being spoken. However, Siemens is a company that celebrates diversity and thrives on the creative potential that is derived from multiple cultural and social points of reference. Indeed, we recognise diversity as a prerequisite to our sustainable success, especially in a globalising world. We understand diversity to be the creative interplay of different modes of thinking, backgrounds, experiences, types of expertise and individual qualities across all organisation levels. We have always said that we are In Africa. For Africa and this means that we are not business tourists we have been here for well over a century and are a truly local citizen, employing local people and engaging with local communities. A good example of this is our unwavering commitment to the transformation agenda in South Africa. Notwithstanding that it s the right thing to do; we recognise that to be successful in local markets one needs to embrace the local agenda. AmongstUs: What of our current business success? What are the key countries for us on the continent? Dirk Hoke: Well it s important to state that we stand willing and prepared to service the infrastructure requirements of the content as a whole, but it s true that there are certain countries with bigger market potential, and already established track records, than others. Here I think of countries such as South Africa, where we have been active since 1860, Angola, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Tanzania. However, let me repeat that the whole of Africa is important to us. We have more than 3,000 employees on the continent, with offices or manufacturing sites in twelve countries. We also have access to our global network of innovation and the collective knowledge, ability and passion of 400,000 employees. AmongstUs: What about our approach to corporate governance in Africa? Andrew Hall: There are no exceptions: only clean business is Siemens business. We will not compromise on this and we have a zero tolerance approach for non-compliant behaviour. Compliance is our top priority and is embedded in all our business practices. Globally, we have invested in a robust Compliance Programme comprising of the three pillars of Prevent, Detect and Respond. This Programme is applicable to all Sectors and regions including Africa. Our hard work has been recognised too: in 2008 Siemens s rating in the Codes of Conduct/Compliance category of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index shot up to 93%, a benchmark. Moving forward, we are also focusing on taking a leadership role in fighting corruption together with governments and other companies. AmongstUs: What is your message to our South African and Africa employees? Dirk Hoke: My message is to seize the moment. Siemens has declared its intentions in Africa and we are focused on our success on the continent. Now is the time for action. By embracing our global values of Responsible, Innovative and Excellent in everything we do, we will undoubtedly achieve our goals. We are one team One Africa and we must work for each other! Greg Gibbons,

4 4 Amongst Stuart Clarkson, new CEO Continued from page 1 transformation of South African society and Continued from page 1 the economy. With a substantial BEE an essential partner in the search for shareholding and employment equity sustainable solutions that provide answers to practices that both predatd existing legislation, the many problems faced by developing we aim to remain an employer of choice and countries today. Through proactive continue to fulfill our role and meet our organisational policies and in line with global obligations as a good corporate citizen, best practice, Siemens will continue to play a committed to sound corporate governance leading role in the development and and ongoing social responsibility. Local and international journalists were given the opportunity to engage with senior Siemens representatives at a press conference held in Sandton. The delegation visited Soccer City stadium, under development for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Employees pull together for the SPCA As part of our employee volunteerism programme, Siemens employees from our various office locations around Midrand dug deep into their pockets to donate dog and cat food, and blankets for the animals in need at the Midrand SPCA. Coordinated by Sherrie Eddey from our division, approximately 300 kgs of dry and tinned food, numerous blankets and a R2000 cash donation was delivered to the Midrand SPCA. Sincere thanks are extended to everyone who gave so generously. A catalyst for business success sustainable development, commented Dr Russwurm. Successful major events require an appropriate infrastructure not only temporarily in the stadiums. An important lever for a successful major event is the infrastructure of a country, e.g. the network for power supply, transportation and logistics solutions and the healthcare sector. Dr Russwurm informed the journalists that Siemens AG landed orders totaling about Euro1 billion for infrastructure projects in advance of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Most of these orders are connected with the expansion of the country s energy infrastructure. He commented that our infrastructure solutions are supporting our partners in South Africa in ensuring the 2010 World Cup will be an emotional highlight for the country. Long after the World Cup is over, the solutions we re providing in South Africa will continue to bring sustainable improvements in the quality of people s lives. The products will support the further development of the economy and enhance environmental protection. He added that besides contributing a large number of solutions in the areas of power generation and transmission, Siemens is participating in the design of traffic management solutions for mass transit systems and in the improvement of healthcare services. In addition, OSRAM our associate lighting company, has enjoyed significant success and has provided lighting solutions for eight of the ten World Cup stadiums, including the lighting for the state of the art Durban Stadium (also known as the Moses Mabhida Stadium) and its distinctive arch. The 30 storey high arch measures 350m and weighs 2,600 tons. Together with local manufacturers, OSRAM designed a luminaire to meet the high demands of the Arch lighting specifications. Projects in our Energy Sector account for some 80% of our company s World Cup orders. Siemens has built efficient new power plants in Cape Town and Mossel Bay. These plants will help manage peak loads in the national power grid during the World Cup and secure general energy supplies for the local population and businesses. Other Siemens solutions will ensure the efficient distribution of energy in the South African grid. Says Dr Russwurm: These orders demonstrate the strength of Siemens portfolio across the entire energy field. The improvement of power supplies is one of the most urgent challenges facing the entire African continent. Sustainable expansion will be one of the key drivers of the continent s future development. The needs are immense; according to the United Nations, some 530 million Africans currently have no access to a power grid. In 20 years, this figure could reach 600 million. Due to aging and poorly maintained power grids, outages are frequent in many regions, lowering the quality of life and directly burdening economic development in the countries affected. The World Cup stadiums in South Africa are expected to play host to more than 3.5 million people during the World Cup. More than 50 venues, airports and hotels must be linked together. According to a joint study by Siemens and Roland Berger, a major event like the World Cup with investments in long-term infrastructure measures serving as a catalyst generates sustainable growth. The positive effects include a sustainable increase in a county s GDP and job creation. In South Africa too, infrastructure solutions from Siemens will continue to support development after the last whistle blows in the 2010 World Cup. A visit to Soccer City The delegation was invited to visit SAFA House (South African Football Association), where they got a glimpse of the awe inspiring Soccer City stadium under construction. Danny Jordaan, Chief Executive of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee, addressed the delegation on the preparedness of our country to host a successful world cup. Piet Boer, senior associate from Boogertman Urban Edge and Partners, the architects who designed the Johannesburg stadium, took our visitors though the process of design that led to the final approved plans for the stadium. The group also visited Energy s manufacturing site at the N1 Business Park in Midrand where Dion Govender, Head of our Energy Sector, gave them an insight into Siemens activities and capabilities. There was also some time for leisure activities, with the journalists visiting local tourist attractions and sampling typical South African cuisine. A notable highlight was a visit to Siemens Park, where the journalists were impressed by our corporate headquarters and its focus on work/life dimensions. All in all, the press event was a major public relations success for the organisation with extensive media coverage received across the world. Greg Gibbons, Danny Jordaan, Chief Executive of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee, addresses delegates on their visit to SAFA House. The ladies loading the car for the trip to the SPCA, from left: Sarita Gouws; Sherrie Eddey and Lesego Sekhu. Sherrie Eddey,, Dion Govender, CEO, Siemens Energy Sector, addresses the delegation at their site visit to one of Energy s premises at the N1 Business Park.

5 Amongst Our new CEO addresses staff for the first time 5 Letter from the Editor Dear readers, Since the last edition of AmongstUs, I am pleased to be able to recap on some key milestones: the appointment of our new CEO, Stuart Clarkson; the announcement of the Siemens Africa Cluster as well the improvement of our Empowerdex rating. Addressing staff at the Open Forum, from left: Kevin Rogan, RCO; Stuart Clarkson, CEO and Andrew Hall, CFO. Colleagues gathered in the Siemens Park auditorium and listening attentively to information shared Stuart Clarkson, newly appointed CEO of Siemens South Africa, addressed staff at Siemens Park for the first time in his new position at an Open Forum held at the end of July. He emphasised his enthusiasm for, and commitment to, his new position and informed staff that he will work tirelessly with the team to ensure that Siemens South Africa reaches all business targets and makes a significant contribution to the Africa Cluster. Stuart was joined by our CFO, Andrew Hall, who commented that the business environment is still very challenging and asked all employees to actively look for cost savings in their day to day activities. Stuart also used the opportunity to formally introduced Kevin Rogan, new RCO for South Africa. Kevin, an American lawyer with vast experience, will have responsibility for compliance across the Africa Cluster. Kevin commented that he is excited to work with a very capable team and that they will build on the excellent work already done in the area of compliance. To view a recording of this Open Forum visit the intranet at Greg Gibbons, SpoDoM a multipurpose tracking tool for sponsorships, donations and memberships Effective July, all Siemens activities related to sponsoring, donations, and memberships must be recorded and approved in a standardised manner, using the new Siemens-wide Sponsoring, Donations and Memberships (SpoDoM) tool. Siemens supports many organisations all over the world through sponsoring, donations and hospitality packages. Memberships in various associations and organisations are another major part of the Corporate Social Responsibility programme and a prerequisite for our leading position in industry initiatives. These activities are not only strategically important for Siemens, but as with other contributions to other organisations, made without concrete consideration must under certain circumstances also be uniformly checked from a compliance viewpoint. More transparency The new SpoDoM tool documents not only sponsoring activities and hospitality packages, but also facilitates the tracking for approval of donations and memberships, along with any other contributions provided to other organisations even if nothing is received in return. This process, which is uniform throughout Siemens, will ensure greater transparency and that all activities optimally support the company s strategy. In addition, this is an important step to simplify implementation of compliance rules. For the first time, users can now enter all activities in the tool and have them implemented on the basis of uniformly applicable compliance rules. Tested and deemed sound The new tool not only ensures that various activities can be categorised according to standardised criteria, but it also guides users in a simple and reliable way through the application process. The type and scope of the information required are based on the monetary value of the requested activity and the information provided on a standardised compliance questionnaire. Furthermore, the tool allows individual Siemens units to set up customised approval processes and documentation. Over the course of an extensive pilot phase, users from 24 countries as well as Sector organisations reviewed the tool s practical utilisation and the process s acceptance. Link to SpoDoM: As the current Siemens financial year draws to an end, we need to tackle the new 2009/2010 financial year with positivity and a compulsion to challenge the way things have been done in the past. The current economic climate dictates to a large extent the necessary steps we need to take in order to remain successful, and to enhance our internal processes and customer satisfaction levels. Amongst other core focuses, Siemens is striving to be the most admired company in the world, to quote Dr. Siegfried Russwurm. Skills development, retention of talent and attraction of new blood into the company are still top of mind. An organisation s success is determined primarily by its people, with each individual bringing unique talents and strengths to the resource pool. It is also imperative that we consider ourselves ambassadors of the Siemens brand. The brand is not just a logo on a building, brochure or billboard, or the quality of its products and solutions it encompasses the opinions expressed by its employees around the water cooler or over the dinner table when engaging with family and friends. How we dress and how we interact with customers and colleagues our conduct represents the Siemens culture and is just as important to cultivating Siemens identity and brand values in the market place. I hope you enjoy reading this edition of AmongstUs as much as we took pleasure in putting it together. Don t forget to visit the AmongstUs Intranet site to enter the competitions and to comment on editorial and features. In addition, an electronic version of AmongstUs is available for download both on the Intranet and the website. Until next time Regards, Sherrie Eddey How to contact us: Tel Post: Siemens Limited. Corporate Communications, AmongstUs, Private Bag X71, Halfway House 1685

6 6 Amongst As part of a programme aimed at getting closer to our customers, highlighting our considerable competence and extensive expertise in the power distribution area and showcasing our latest products and services, our Energy Sector Power Distribution (PD) division held the first of its Customer Days earlier this year at our new manufacturing facility at the N1 Business Park. Olaf Krieg, PD Divisional Director and General Manager for the Medium Voltage business, says the Customer Days were held as a way to inform both internal and external customers of the types of business that PD offers, to showcase our new factory, and to demonstrate our ability to meet local requirements linked to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) and competitive supply chain procurement. By creating awareness among our customers of the substantial resources devoted to local manufacturing as well as offering technical presentations and practical demonstrations, we want to show our extensive knowledge to our customers and the extent to which this can be applied to help the customer be more successful, he says. Olaf says the feedback from those attending was overwhelmingly positive, with some larger customers expressing their surprise at the size of our operation and the range of our products and solutions. While some customers were unaware of exactly what we were doing or how much we are capable of, they were very impressed with our facilities, the way in which we structure our processes and how organised these are, he says. The orderliness and cleanliness of our manufacturing environment also made a huge impression. Having consolidated our manufacturing business at the new state-of-the-art factory premises at the N1 Business Park, Olaf says PD is now able to deliver a variety of different solutions manufactured to customer requirements from a single location. Working from a single, unified facility, we are also able to consolidate engineering, sales and marketing for the business units under one roof, making it easier for us to handle the often complex requirements specified by the customer, says Olaf, adding that customers appreciated the benefits of having a reliable supplier that understands the needs of their business, and that by addressing these correctly, how PD is able to help them to meet their objectives successfully and profitably. This was further reinforced by the variety of products we can deliver and the solutions we offer based on core customer needs, ranging from low-end to high-end functionality that can be made available at any time, he says. We were also able to highlight our competence as a manufacturer as well as our ability to answer some tough questions. This was thanks in part to our colleagues from Germany and the USA, who used the interactive forum as an opportunity to demonstrate the In the news A customer solutions showcase for Power Distribution Cutting the ribbon to officially open the Power Distribution factory premises at the first PD Customer Day, from left: Dr. Heuring, CEO Power Distribution Medium Voltage, Siemens AG; Silas Zimu, CEO, City Power and Dion Govender, CEO Siemens Energy Sector. advantage a multinational like Siemens has in using international best practice and the ability to draw on global expertise to the benefit of local manufacture. Looking ahead, Olaf says that following the success of this first Customer Day which will be repeated at least once a year - the initiative will be rolled out across the country. Rather than have our customers from other regions having to Mobility takes top honours at Africa Rail Awards Gregor Kaulhausen (middle) proudly receives the Best Technology award for Siemens Mobility at the Africa Rail gala dinner. Our Mobility division received the Best Technology award at the prestigious Africa Rail gala dinner held at the Sandton Convention Centre. Says Gregor Kaulhausen, Senior Vice President of Special Projects from Siemens AG Mobility, This award is the Oscar of the sub-saharan rail industry and emphasises our role as a key technology partner to the industry. Adjudicated by a panel of rail experts, the award was given for Railcom Manager, Mobility s integrated station management travel to Johannesburg to attend our annual event, in the future we will hold a series of regular road shows across the country that will allow us to take our solutions and services directly to the customers, concludes Olaf. Jennifer Naidoo, software that provides operators with immediate control of all the station assets including closed circuit television (CCTV), public address, passenger help points, customer information system and digital voice announcements. These features will be installed at strategic stations on the four major rail corridors in preparation for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Keshin Govender, A new standard in paper-based record management A new mandatory filing system has been implemented in Siemens with the aim of establishing a standard set of guidelines, processes and methodologies for paperbased record management to ensure all business areas follow a universal filing and archiving system using top retrieval filing cabinets. The new system consists of three interlinked elements. Firstly, a new universal Records Classification System (RCS) to make filing and retrieval of paperwork easier, increase productivity, save space, time and improve daily management activities. The RCS is a carefully constructed hierarchical set of codes to classify records based on the business activities that generate the records. It comprises a two-digit alphabetical primary code, which describes the function of the records within the file, followed by a secondary two-digit numerical code that specifies categories within the function. Another optional secondary code can be added using a hyphen to group records further, resulting in either a 4 or 7- digit code describing the record type. The second component of the new system is a Document Retention Schedule that explains the retention time for each record type (as per the RCS) including onsite retention, offsite storage and finally disposal procedures. Offsite storage and retrieval of these records is the third aspect of the new paper-based record management system. Nico Swanepoel, Information Technology A great return rate The Siemens Employee Satisfaction Survey (SESI) is conducted on an annual basis to gauge employees feelings or opinions on a number of topics. Comments, Braam Meij, Director Corrporate Development, This year we noted the highest return rate ever of 78%. This is very encouraging as it shows us that employees view the survey as a credible and valuable process within our company. The company s overall results also improved from 3.4 in 2007(SESi Lite was conducted in 2008 due to organisational restructuring) to 3.7 this year. This again shows a very positive result, that in general employees are happier within our organisation and view Siemens as a preferred company to work for.this also indicates that management is taking the results seriously and making significant effort to address the areas of concern. Healthcare came out tops amongst the Sectors with an overall rating of 3.8. On the corporate side, achieved the highest rating of 4.4 this year. Areas with the most improved rating was Communication knowing what is going on with the least improvement category being Compensation & Benefits and Performance Management. Braam concludes, The SESI survey is conducted annually in order to ascertain how employees are feeling about our organisation and to give an indication of areas that need improvement. The process is anonymous and the participation of each employee is valued. Now that the results are available, each area must review their score and put action plans in place with employee buy-in, to address areas that need improvement. Natalie Venter, Corporate Development

7 Amongst 7 Harry Hollier, Executive Director (front centre) with the group of enthusiastic learners visiting Siemens Park as part of the Cell C Take a Girl child to Work Day Young ladies learn all about Siemens Siemens is a longstanding supporter of the Cell C Take a Girlchild to Work Day initiative and participated again this year by hosting 30 students at Siemens Park in Midrand. The theme for this year s initiative was Change the World and emphasises how learners should use available opportunities and resources to empower themselves with information, knowledge, experience and understanding in order to make changes that will pave the way to a brighter, successful future. Explains Emily Molefe, Corporate Social Responsibility manager, As part of our Generation 21 programme, we invited learners from our partner school, Inqgayizivele High in Tembisa as well as learners from the Abraham Kriel Children s Home to spend the day with us at Siemens Park. We exposed them to a programme designed to inform them about Siemens career and training opportunities with our company as well as inspirational talks by female colleagues, talking to the girls about challenges in the working environment and inspiring them to follow their dreams. Siemens adds cherry on top at Process Show 2009 Our Industry Sector Industry Automation (IA) division recently showcased their Process Instrumentation (PI) hardware and Simatic software at the biennial Process Show. Says Ryan Chetty, Manager Sensors and Communications at IA, This event brings together a select crowd of customers and end clients and gives us an opportunity to directly market and communicate our offerings on a face-toface level. In preparation for the show, the PI team made provision for the design and manufacture of static demo units - one of the main attractions on the stand which allowed visitors a hands-on opportunity to view the range of products with helpful and knowledgeable product experts on standby. Apart from the products and solutions on display, the Siemens stand featured lots of entertainment. Visitors were treated to Siemens Dancers and football tricksters. IA staff also held competitions throughout the day, where Siemens branded prizes were awarded to those brave enough to challenge the football stars or those that could answer a football related question. In keeping with the corporate campaign of Sustainability and Answers for Industry, both international and local product presentations and Siemens video trailers were looped on Plasma screens which further added to the detail of the stand. In addition, important customers and VIP guests were invited into the Siemens hospitality area for snacks and coffee. Concludes Ryan, We were also able to showcase our recently awarded claim as being the number one Automation Company in the world. The result was a dramatic increase of visitor enquiries and sales leads compared to previous shows. I believe our work ethic and general sense of team spirit contributed to the success of the Siemens offering. On the left: The Industry Automation stand at the 2009 Process Show displayed our Instrumentation hardware and Simatic software. Keshin Govender,

8 8 Amongst Movers & shakers Leading Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics into the future A born and bred South African of Greek descent, Helen Brown, CEO of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, boasts an impressive resume with a National Diploma and National Higher Diploma in Medical Technology, a diploma in Purchasing Management and Manager Development Programme, as well as a Masters Degree in Business Leadership (MBL) where she majored in transformational leadership. Furthermore, Helen is a qualified mentor having completed an eighteen-month training programme with Reach Africa in 2003, in addition to being a certified Board Director with the Institute of Directors of South Africa. She is a registered professional with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and also sits on the Executive Board of the South African Laboratory Diagnostics Association (SALDA) which is affiliated to the South African Medical Devices Association (SAMED). Helen commenced her career in 1987 at Ampath Trust Laboratories, one of the largest private pathology groups in Africa, as a Medical Technologist in Haematology. She quickly progressed to Assistant Head of the Laboratory before taking up the challenge to move into Ampath s Procurement and IT Systems department in 1992 as the Divisional Purchasing and Materials Manager. Her success in streamlining this area of the business opened the door for Helen to apply her skills in another field: that as Group Information Systems Manager where she oversaw the upgrade and enhancement of Ampath s entire IT system. Her studies were also furthered with a Diploma in the Introduction to Computer Networking during this time. In 1997 Helen became the National Support Manager for Procurement and Materials Management when the merged Drs Du Buisson, Bruinette and Kramer Diagnostic Pathology Labs, now Ampath Trust, was affected. She was responsible for negotiating all the major contracts for everything the company procured and became involved in the development of the first e-procurement system for the pathology industry in South Africa a system which is still used today. Leaving Ampath in March 2004, Helen joined Bayer Healthcare Diagnostics as Business Unit Manager for their Sales and Marketing division. In the first eighteen months, she increased sales by approximately 20%. In November 2005 Helen joined Dade Behring as country manager for its local operation. Within two years, she had increased the business s profitability and sales from approximately $3 million turnover per annum to $6.5 million. In July 2006, Siemens acquired Bayer Healthcare Diagnostics and a few months later, with the acquisition of Dade Behring, the two companies were consolidated into Siemens Medical Diagnostics Solutions with Helen at the helm as CEO. Effective 1 May 2009, the new Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics (SHD) (Pty) Ltd. was born. With a passion for empowering people and a special interest in technology development, Helen has commandeered the business through the expected complications of a merger. The foundation for our smooth integration has been the establishment and acceptance of our company values: QC-TRIBE (quality, customer-focus, trust, respect, integrity, bias for action and excellence). One of our secrets to success is that our people have really bought into these values, says Helen. I feel very privileged to work for Siemens - a company that has a great culture and is a brand leader. Our service offering complements that of Siemens Healthcare and to date our transition into Siemens has been reasonably seamless with great cooperation all round. Speaking of her future goals for SHD, Helen emphasises the importance of achievement and growth in terms of both people development and business results. Despite comprising of only 85 people - the SHD team is a well-oiled machine that is maintaining the business s growth of 15% year-on-year whereas the market s growth is only 6%. In its respective industry, SHD is currently number three in South Africa with respect to revenue: a goal that Helen already plans to improve on. Although our biggest challenge is to continue to grow the business while still keeping our costs under control, we have set our sights on becoming the number one leader in-vitro diagnostics company in the market, she says. When not focusing on driving the SHD business forward, Helen plans to further her Masters degree by specialising in International Marketing. To de-stress and relax, she loves retreating to the bush, bird watching and playing golf. She also has a long term personal goal to write a book. Profile Awards winner tours Germany As reported in the April 2009 edition of AmongstUs, the overall winner of the 2008 Profile Awards, Sean Woods, was announced at a gala event held earlier this year. As the overall winner for his Life s a Gas magazine entry, Sean was awarded a trip to Germany. This is what he had to say about his experience: Being given the opportunity to visit Germany was a big deal for me. I already knew Siemens was a respectable global concern with diverse technology-related interests, but it was only when visiting your various operations around the country that the scale of it all really sunk in. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. I was also struck by the good-natured, cando attitude displayed by everyone I interacted with. More than anything this illustrated the Siemens ethos to me in no uncertain terms, and in such a pleasurable way. I would specifically like to thank Dr. Stephen Heimbach for making time to see me. Markus Zapke, your tour through the gas turbine manufacturing plant in Berlin was without a doubt the highlight of my trip; my only regret is that we couldn t spend more time together - after all, good company along with fine German beer is a combination that s hard to beat. To Ursula Fassl, thank you for being so organised, the entire trip ran flawlessly. Lastly, I d like to thank Greg Gibbons for being such an excellent travel buddy. I will definitely be entering the competition again next year. Regards, Sean Woods Profile Awards is Siemens annual competition for journalistic excellence in the field of science and technology. The delegates at the IA / DT annual Automotive Users Forum held this year at a game reserve in the Eastern Cape. Fifth Users Forum is biggest yet Our Siemens Industry Sector Industry Automation (IA) and Drive Technologies (DT) division recently hosted their biggest yet Annual Automotive Users Forum this year in the Eastern Cape. Product specialists from our head office in Midrand, along with several colleagues from Siemens in Portugal and Austria, joined forces with team members from our Eastern Cape branch to host 43 companies from industry. Delegates were transported from Port Elizabeth and East London to a game reserve for a day of technical presentations and live demonstrations which showcased available innovations and products from our comprehensive portfolio. The day s proceedings were concluded with a game drive for all delegates followed by an African themed buffet dinner and drumming activity which provided a social environment for networking. Grant Nel, Industry Automation

9 Amongst 9 Success depends on strategy and people According to recent research on organisational success, an average of only 10% of a company s workforce knows and understands its vision, strategy and goals. Most companies experience a gap of 40% between the desired results and the final outcome during strategy execution. In order to reduce this risk for Siemens, our Corporate Development team is coordinating the Siemens Performance Matrix project to drive strategy development, alignment and implementation on all levels within the organisation and to cascade strategies, objectives and responsibilities consistently down to operational level. A scorecard/dashboard tracks strategy execution and monitors key performance indicators on all levels of the organisation. The project is supported by specialist company, Stracienta, and their innovative matrix-concept and web-based management platform called THENEXTSTEP TM. AmongstUs spoke to various participants in the roll-out to gain a further understanding of this project. AmongstUs: How does this Matrix- Concept work? Braam Meij, Director, Corporate Development: The concept is based on using a matrix to clearly understand and articulate the various dimensions: Firstly, the destination of the company (e.g. FIT42010/ GP2012); Then the objectives and performance measures (what do I need to achieve?); Thirdly the roles and responsibilities throughout the organisation (what do I do?); and lastly the contributions to get to the destination and achieve the objectives (how to achieve?). Once objectives, responsibilities and contributions are aligned, Stracienta s unique matrix-in-a-matrix approach is used to break down every contribution into a next level with sub-objectives, sub-areas of responsibilities and sub-contributions and so forth. AmongstUs: What is the benefit for the Industry Sector? Stuart Clarkson, CEO: We place a lot of emphasis on strategy development but we are still not effectively tracking the successful execution our strategies. This matrix enables each manager at every level of the organisation to get an immediate overview of the performance of that area and where necessary, drill down into problem areas. The Matrix concept is supported by THENEXTSTEP TM, which provides each manager with an individualised portal to map, manage and monitor their strategies. Most importantly, this will become the base for all management meetings on all business levels as it provides an excellent overview of the current status of our organisation. AmongstUs: Is this the same as the Balanced Scorecard? Natalie Venter, Project Manager, Siemens Performance Matrix: Stracienta s unique matrix approach goes beyond the balanced scorecard, because it does not limit us to the standard four perspectives of the balanced scorecard but allows for flexibility regarding company specific objectives. More importantly Stracienta s matrix approach provides a clear framework to cascade strategies and scorecards down to operational level whilst clarifying roles and responsibilities on all levels. AmongstUs: What is the scope of the project? Natalie Venter, Project Manager, Siemens Performance Matrix: Phase one of the project covers Executive Management, Industry and SIS Sectors including their divisions and business units. Procurement and IT have also been included in this first phase. A further roll-out to other areas is under discussion. AmongstUs: What are the types of activities that will be measured? Stuart Clarkson, CEO: In the Industry Sector we have focused on the main pillars of FIT , namely People Excellence, Portfolio, Operational Excellence and Corporate Responsibility, which provides the foundation for us to achieve our Performance goals. We first defined the importance of each of these pillars for Industry in Siemens Southern Africa and then further divided each pillar into business specific contributing objectives as well as the responsibilities per business area. For each contributing objective we have defined key performance indicators to measure and track progress. AmongstUs: What have some of the benefits been so far for SIS? Tebogo Sehume, Head of Strategy & Business Development, SIS: During the workshops the matrix approach helped us to clarify and align our objectives with the overall SIS strategy (which is aligned with the Siemens Southern Africa strategy), get T-shirts from Germany a common understanding of our roles and responsibilities, identify critical focus areas and to develop ideas on how to address them. I also enjoyed the rich discussions and debates during the workshops in order to clarify our contribution to the SIS strategy. AmongstUs: Who has access to the new Siemens Performance Matrix? Natalie Venter, Project Manager, Siemens Performance Matrix: The different management levels all have access. Each manager is able to access his/her responsibile areas and all areas linking into that. Access to the system is determined by line management. Natalie Venter, Project Manager, Siemens Performance Matrix Our colleagues at Siemens Caring Hands in Germany donated 500 t-shirts for distribution in South Africa. The shirts were distributed to our existing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Pictured below are children from the Maranatha House in Port Elizabeth, the Youthspace House in Johannesburg and students from the Funda Community College in Soweto. Children and Housemothers from the Maranatha House in Port Elizabeth Students from the Funda Community College The boys from the Youthspace House in Mayfair The Siemens Performance Matrix. Emily Molefe,,

10 10 Green technologies will account for 40% of Siemens planned order volume by 2012 Siemens expects to win new orders of around 15 billion in the next three fiscal years 2010 until 2012, which will be generated by government stimulus programmes already announced around the world. Green technologies are expected to account for 40% or approximately 6 billion of this total, which will significantly increase the share of the company s revenues from its environmental portfolio in the future. Siemens based this forecast on an initial systematic analysis of the largest stimulus programs. With their programmes, governments worldwide are sending the right signal. Against the backdrop of the worst global economic crisis in decades, these government measures are at least partially cushioning, in some cases, sharp declines in private-sector demand. They should also have a stabilising effect on our business, said our global President and CEO Peter Löscher. In addition, the government programmes will safeguard jobs worldwide. The large portion of the investments in environmental technologies will probably create new green jobs as well. This applies particularly to Siemens as a green infrastructure giant, Peter Löscher added. To overcome the global economic crisis, stimulus programmes of around 2.0 trillion have been announced and, in some cases, already initiated. Roughly one third of this total or some 700 billion is slated for investment in infrastructure projects. The remainder is accounted, for example, by tax cuts for private households. The total volume of planned infrastructure expenditures relevant for Siemens comes to approximately 150 billion in the next three fiscal years. Given our current average market share worldwide, these expenditures can be Is it only grass that makes a city green? With sustainable infrastructure solutions, Siemens helps big cities become even greener. Ask any big city resident how to improve everyday life and you ll hear plenty of ideas: cleaner air, purer water, better public transport, crime-free streets, reliable power supply, affordable and efficient healthcare. Our answer: an extensive range of innovative products and solutions that help to make city life a greener, healthier and a more enjoyable experience. Our future is green expected to generate new orders of roughly 15 billion, of which some 6 billion will likely come from environmental technologies. In fiscal 2008, Siemens environmental technologies generated revenue of about 19 billion and we intend to increase this figure to 25 billion a year by Our company has strong roots in the majority of the local markets we operate in and have had these, in most cases, for over 100 years. Local valueadd, a reputation as a respected and important employer, social commitment and our employees make Siemens a trusted and valued partner in regions all around the world. We re firmly rooted in Germany. Our Scan QR-Code with your mobile and learn more about our environmental portfolio. partners who are often small to mediumsized companies will also profit from the stimulus programmes in Germany and other countries around the world, said Peter Löscher. In a country-by-country comparison, the shares of the stimulus programme that Siemens can address are the largest in the United States, where they total slightly more than 85 billion. China comes next with a Siemens-relevant share of around 25 billion, followed by Germany with a share of roughly 5 billion. Major parts of these stimulus programmes are earmarked for green technologies. For example, investments in green technologies account for nearly 50% in China and for about 60% in Germany. The various governments are strongly focused on sustainable investments. Siemens can help other countries reach their climate protection targets, particularly in close partnership with local communities, said Peter Löscher. Around 420,000 Siemens employees in 190 countries are working to provide answers to the toughest questions facing society. We have oriented all our activities toward the megatrends of climate change, urbanisation and shifting demographics. New CRM solution for Siemens Our Information Technology (IT) division has successfully implemented the new Siemens customer relationship management (CRM) application, Philos. The application, operated by Oracle, replaces the current preferred local CRM solution, Maximizer, and was first rolled-out in the Energy and Industry Sectors in June this year. The CRM solution by Oracle was initially chosen as the preferred application for Siemens globally in the last quarter of 2008 and was pre-empted by the cancellation of the then CRM solution, CONCORD, earlier in the year. The decision was based on several criteria: cost-efficiency and its ability to meet Siemens requirements with out-of-the-box functions and integration options as well as a fast roll-out. Initiated in March 2008, a benchmarking study was conducted in the first phase of the initiative to obtain a clear picture of the current situation on the CRM market. During this survey, several companies comparable with Siemens were analysed with regard to their current CRM solutions and their experiences with typical CRM challenges. The survey showed that the CRM solutions available on the market provide a wide range of standard functions and are used out-of-the-box by many companies. In most cases, only small adaptations to the standard functions were necessary. The survey also indicated that an increasing number of companies are optimising their cost structures by using on demand solutions. In the next step, the detailed Siemens requirements in terms of functionality, architecture, security, rollout and operation of the solution were defined in close cooperation with our Industry Sector. Together with the market standard functionality, these requirements resulted in a joint tender document issued to various suitable vendors. After an analysis and negotiation phase, Siemens decided in favour of the solution from Oracle and initiated the roll-out of the new application. Rithaygono Hammond, Information Technology

11 Amongst 11 The committee members from ACSA Park, from left: Anthony Mnisi (Fire Marshall); Paula Mfulwane (First Aider), Sam Khoza (Alternative Coordinator); Theo Schroen, Luis Coutinho (Coordinator Evacuation) and Brenda Khokhoba (First Aider). Safety first at all times! Our health, safety and environmental committee, which comprises of more than 30 members from all the Siemens sites, strive to create and maintain a healthy and safe working environment that benefits all Siemens employees. One of the ways in which this team attempts to reduce injuries and diseases in the workplace is by meeting at least once every quarter to address occupational health, safety and environment issues. ON THE RIGHT: The Siemens Park health, safety and environmental committee members, back row from left: Dean West; Alan Derham; Craig Naude and Godfrey Maoko. Front row from left: David Netshiavha; Lorraine Makgobe; Yolanda Lekgothwane; Henda van der Wath, Ria Rheeder; Anne du Toit; Mardelyn Brown; Jimmy Mabaso and Thanyani Nedzingahe. The Wadeville fire fighting members, from left: Tshepo Mphole; Dirk Swanepoel; Peter Steenkamp; Hasani Maluleka; China Nkadimeng; Wally Harris; Nicky de Villiers; Alfred Chambers; Jandre Van Wyk and David Mahlo. Site specific Emergency Evacuation Plans can be found at: file:// The Siemens Health and Safety Principles are on the Intranet: CQM Home page: The First Aiders at our Wadeville branch, from left: Emely Magane; Peter Steenkamp; Dirk Swanepoel; James Magane; Dawid Muller; David Mahlo and Jandre Van Wyk. Innovations offer advantages for mothers-to-be The ACUSON X300 Premium Edition is the latest Siemens Healthcare ultrasound solution. Our Siemens Healthcare Sector has showcased the latest in ultrasound solutions featuring innovative knowledge-based workflow and 4D applications that increase diagnostic confidence and improve clinical workflow with the latest edition of the ACUSON X300 Premium Edition (PE). Incorporating syngo Auto OB measurements, an advanced clinical tool that automates routine biometry measurements of the foetus, Tremayne Ramballie at our Healthcare Sector, says this latest development offers significant advantages for both mothers-to-be and physicians. The application also addresses the challenges related to user-dependence and variability, as well as consistency and reproducibility in foetal biometry. Syngo Auto OB measurements are available exclusively on Siemens premium performance ACUSON S2000 and the ACUSON X300 PE systems. Tremayne says that while several of these machines have been installed at both public and private healthcare facilities across the country, upgrades are available for older machines that will enable them to take advantage of this new technology. Drive Technologies showcases their answers for industry Colleagues from our Siemens Industry Sector Drive Technologies (DT) division participated at the Switchgear and Drives conference and exhibition held earlier this year at Gallagher Estate. As one of the lead sponsors, DT showcased their full range of products and solutions to a niche market consisting of industry professionals, competitors and customers. In addition, Rob Ritchie and Willie Rynboom from DT spoke at the conference on Energy Efficient Drives and High Voltage Motors. The picture above shows the DT stand at the Switchgear and Drives conference and exhibition. Keshin Govender, Until now users needed to perform biometry measurements manually, but with automatic measurement, workflow rates are dramatically improved in addition to the advantage of greater measurement accuracy. Syngo Auto OB measurements eliminate the time-consuming manual process by saving up to 75 percent of the keystrokes in routine fetal measurements which may also help to reduce repetitive stress injury. Jennifer Naidoo,

12 12 Amongst Building Technologies provides security solutions for the Ngqura Sea Port Grintek Ewation (GEW) has chosen our Industry Sector Building Technologies (BT) division as the preferred hardware and software vendor to provide services on its portion of the contract to supply, install and commission the closed circuit television (CCTV) and access control at the new Ngqura Sea Port. The deep-water port, a venture by stateowned Transnet Port Terminals (formerly the South African Port Operations) and the National Ports Authority, is situated at the mouth of the Coega River in Algoa Bay, 20km from Port Elizabeth. It is the deepest container terminal in Africa and is South Africa s eighth and latest commercial port development designed to serve the rest of southern Africa. The project entailed the building of the modern deep-water port, while the Coega Development Corporation developed the entire landside infrastructure for the Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ), vast areas of land adjacent to the port for industrial developments. Although GEW initially contracted Siemens as the component supplier to only deliver access control equipment, namely K32 controllers, MiFare SmartCard readers as well as MiFare Biometric readers, it was soon realised that extensive integration would be needed into other deployed systems and technologies. As a result, our contract was extended to include the software delivery, implementation and integration. The total value of our contract is estimated at approximately R6 million and currently the Siemens access control system has been deployed at the port. Jacques Bezuidenhout, Building Technologies An aerial view of the Ngqura Sea Port in Algoa Bay, 20 km from Port Elizabeth. Economic Crunch? Who says manufacturers need to bite down! Siemens IT Solutions and Services (SIS) provided some of the answers to the manufacturing industry s toughest questions at an event hosted at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in Sandton. Executives from best of breed companies in manufacturing, from the likes of De Beers, PPC Cement, Premier Foods and BHP Billiton, to mention just a few, attended this event. Guests were exposed to the true science behind the development of solutions that have and are saving manufacturers money every day and helping them to stay a step ahead of the economic crisis. Jayesh Ranchod, SIS Divisional Director, gave insight into the current global and local economic climate with key challenges faced by executives in keeping their enterprises afloat. He pointed out that a bleak outcome is guaranteed if organisations don t have industry specific solutions to leverage during the economic turnaround. South African scenario and forecast guru, Clem Sunter, who boasts fantastic insights and real global vision, was the guest speaker of the day. With his manufacturing background and experience as former Chairman of Anglo American, he painted various scenarios that could be expected from the industry as a result of the economic crisis and suggested potential flags that industry should keep in mind when working on strategies to keep afloat. A strategic answer was provided by Siemens Account Director, Anel Parkin. With over 20 years experience in the IT field it was a simple matter of reflecting the science behind creating innovative solutions being provided to manufacturers globally every day. Saving of escalating costs created by inefficient IT solutions and by not having the solutions in place was made exceptionally clear to the executives in attendance. Our IT Solutions and Services team not only presented solutions for current challenges, they also presented pictures of the future with scenarios for 2010 and beyond, scenarios for which Siemens has the Answers. Michelle Barnes, SIS Digital media for Broadcasters Conference Delegates at the Digital Media for Broadcasters Conference. The Siemens Media Solutions team from Siemens IT Solutions and Services (SIS) showcased our company s offerings at the Digital Media for Broadcasters Conference held in Johannesburg. Topics discussed ranged from tools to enable multimedia content, streaming, podcasting and vidcasting, generating revenue from your digital property, gaining competitive edge and the future of digital media. Merlin Naicker, Siemens Head of Media and Telecommunications presented a Siemens case study on the success of the i-player at the BBC and the role of Broadband Media Platform (BMP). The i-player is a web-based content driven service that permits consumers to download and store programmes for up to 30 days from both TV and radio. This gives the user the freedom to select their own desired content and review it at their own convenience. Since consumers determine their content requirements, the BMP solution offers the ease and functionality to upload and access content therefore making the consumer the producers and vice versa. Comments Merlin, This conference provided us with a great opportunity to network, inform the media and media related industries that Siemens has a presence in the media space and the solutions provided by Siemens are of world-class standards. Our tagline for Media Practice is creative media solutions and, judging from this event, there is an abundance of solutions available in the market but none as creative and innovative as Siemens media solutions. Michelle Barnes, SIS

13 AmongstUs Roundabout A roundup of sport, healthy living and entertainment The canteen at our head office, Siemens Park, recently opened its doors to employees after an extensive upgrade which now features a separate function area for casual events, stylish décor and upgraded menu options to match. New flooring, wall panelling and seating create a vibrant atmosphere in which to enjoy breakfasts, lunches and tea breaks. From dull to wow a new dining experience at Siemens Park The upgraded food court serves a selection of quality hot meals and includes a dedicated callorder area where stir-fry and other meal of the day dishes such as pizzas, baked potato, grill and pasta options are prepared. Meals are pre-plated for convenience and presentation, and a variety of side dishes to complement the main meal are available. With a focus on healthy eating, the menus include low fat or vegetarian options while dividing proteins, vegetables, starches, salads and sweets into separate serving stations with three options of each in ready-prepared single portions. A convenience store offers cold drinks, magazines and pre-packed sandwiches, amongst other items, as well as the essentials like bread and milk. In addition, a brand new coffee shop, complete with coaches and easy chairs, provides an ideal meeting place for informal discussions over a cup of coffee. Besides coffee, an array of cakes, scones and other treats are on offer. Both the convenience store and the coffee shop remain open until 18:30 to accommodate staff working after hours. Chris du Preez, SREM Cutting the ceremonial ribbon to officially open the newly renovated canteen, from left: Harry Hollier, Executive Director; Sigi Proebstl, former CEO and Andrew Hall, CFO. Back row from left: Sigi Proebstl, former CEO; Chris du Preez, SREM; Thinus Griessel, Managing Director, SREM and Nomaan Khan, Financial Director, SREM. Front: Carol Palani, SREM. Above: Sigi Proebstl with Beauty in the new coffee shop. Below: The convenience store is fully stocked with cold drinks and snacks.

14 14 AmongstUs Roundabout Snap happy. Send us your interesting photo This edition s chosen photograph was sent in by Shrikant Agre from our Energy Sector Fossil Power Generation division. Shrikant, who is based onsite at the Camden Power Plant in Ermelo, is photographed here at the Cape Point in the Western Cape, South Africa. If you have visited any unique or interesting places lately, send your photo to and in addition to having your photo published in AmongstUs, you could win a R250 Woolworths gift card. Images should preferably be in highresolution and the person submitting the image should be pictured in the photograph frame. Please also include a brief description of where the photo was taken along with your contact details. Lets meet... Anne Petricevic Benefits Manager at Siemens Corporate Human Resources A motivation to others, Anne s frank and go-getter approach to her personal life and career demonstrates the importance of having the right attitude. AmongstUs chatted to this inspiring woman for some tips on how to achieve success in all facets of one s life. Your career history? I did a short stint with government after finishing high school before joining Old Mutual in 1991 as a retirement fund administrator. I systematically worked my way up to being an Account Executive for a portfolio of large corporate clients. During my career there I had the opportunity to live and work in Durban for two years. In 2008 I joined Old Mutual Actuaries and Consultants as a Fund Consultant for almost a year and then took up an opportunity to move to Siemens. Your qualifications and where did you study? Life has been my university. I have a matric and have been studying part time in the retirement fund line. I currently require three subjects to obtain my Diploma in Insurance Studies through UNISA. Unfortunately, with the change in job, I have given studies a skip for this year but will hopefully finish next year. Where were you born and bred? People always look at my surname and wonder so here goes: The ancestry is Croatian (both parents were born there). I was born in Canberra, Australia and bred in South Africa. We moved to South Africa when I was a child and I grew up in Bethal, Mpumalanga. I moved to Pretoria after high school to start working. Why did you decide to join Siemens? Work to me needs to be more than just a job that pays a salary at the end of the month and after so many years with Old Mutual I started feeling as if I was stagnating and needed a new challenge. Several Old Mutual colleagues and friends have been very complimentary about Siemens, so when the opportunity at Siemens arose, I decided to see what it feels like to be the client rather than the service provider. So far no regrets. How do you spend a typical work day? Depending on my diary, I get to work between 07:00-09:00 every morning. I try to first check my s before settling into a day that usually consists of meetings with colleagues and service providers as well as telephone calls (this takes up quite a bit of my day as my Siemens colleagues are my customers). In between these, I have to focus on a number of projects and investigations. As I am still fairly new on-the-job, it takes a while to fully understand the intricacies of a new organisation. Right now I am still sorting out my office and getting to know my new colleagues better. What has been a highlight in your career to date? A highlight was my appointment as the first non-actuarial consultant within Old Mutual Actuaries and Consultants. I always thought the fact that I didn t have a tertiary education was a problem and when this happened I realised that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. What characteristics do you think is most important to possess in the workplace? Attitude, but this must not be confused with ego. If you approach things with the right attitude and are open-minded, you will get far. I also believe in being a team player as one cannot achieve success without the support of colleagues. What interests or hobbies do you have outside of Siemens? As most of our days are spent in an office, I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible. My hobbies are things that can take me back to nature such as scuba diving, water sports and walking. Whenever the opportunity arises I will be off to the coast or a dam that is away from the city lights. How do you manage to maintain an effective balance between your work and home life? I regard my weekends as my off-time and I spend as much time as I can with family and friends. Although right now I don t feel like a good example of someone practising effective work-life balance - as my weekdays consist of work and home only I hope to change this once I ve settled down and sorted myself out in my new job. I do try though to get to gym a few times in the week to shake off the stress of the workday. Your favourite saying or motto? I recently heard a definition of honesty and integrity that has remained with me. Honesty is being true to others and integrity is being true to oneself. I don t believe you can be true to others if you are not true to yourself first. Any good advice for people wanting to achieve success in their chosen careers? Success is when you have a sense of achievement in your chosen career. It doesn t necessarily mean having to climb the corporate ladder. If you are true to yourself, success will definitely come your way. In the process, be open to ideas and willing to take that chance - you never know what lies around the next corner! Siemens Golf Society update The Siemens Golf Society (SGS) is fast becoming one of the most popular Siemens employee sports clubs with Sunday afternoon golf days growing on a month to month basis, with the last golf day at CMR on 26 July being the best attended yet. Below are the results from the previous months games: 26 April Kempton Park 1st Hilde Meyer 2nd Marius Van Niekerk 3rd Siyabonga Manqamane 31 May 2009 Benoni Lake 1st Marius Van Niekerk 2nd Wayne Van Wyk 3rd Dale Ladner 21 June Glenvista 1st Anton Kotze 2nd Hilde Meyer 3rd Dale Ladner/Marius Van Niekerk The SGS is open to all Siemens employees. For more informaton, visit the SGS Intranet site. Did you know? The muscle that lets your eye blink is the fastest muscle in your body. It allows you to blink 5 times a second. On average you blink 15,000 times a day as women blink twice as much as men. Not all our taste buds are on our tongue; about 10% are on the palette and the cheeks. African elephants only have four teeth to chew their food with. An ostrich can run up to 70 km/h Before the year 100, the word she did not exist in the English language. The singular female reference was the word heo, which was also the plural of all genders. The word she only appeared in the 12th century, about 400 years after English began to take form. She was probably derived from the old English feminine seo, the Viking word for feminine reference. The living does not outnumber the dead: since the creation about 60 billion people have died. An onion, apple and potato all have the same taste. The differences in flavour are caused by their smell. The Walt Disney company was founded in 1923, and in 1927 Walt came up with the idea for an animated mouse called Mortimer Mouse. His wife Lillian convinced him to change the name to Mickey Mouse. Orville Wright numbered the eggs that his chickens produced so he could eat them in the order they were laid. The high jump method of jumping head first and landing on the back is called the Fosbury Flop. The longest war in history is the so-called 100 year war between Britain and France. The war actually lasted 116 years and ended in 1453.

15 AmongstUs Roundabout 15 Submit your opinion for publishing Have an opinion you would like published? Submit your article in writing to For further information, visit the AmongstUs Intranet portal, which can be accessed via the landing page. b pc - the 411 on txtspk The manner in which we communicate is evolving. I say this because if you read a text message or chat online, the language used might not actually look like any English terminology you ve ever come across - but rather some foreign gobbledegook. Although I would like to consider myself abreast of this latest communication media, Textese is a dialect of the English language I find cumbersome to master yet oddly fascinating. According to the Internet (what did we do before Wikipedia), Textese, also known as chatspeak, txt, txtspk, txtk, texting language or txt talk, is a term for the abbreviations and slang most commonly used when mobile phone text messaging and on the Internet, including and instant messaging. The objective of Textese is to use the fewest number of characters needed to convey a comprehensible message which explains the lack of punctuation, grammar, and capitalisation. I read with interest an article where linguists and teachers lamented that the use of Textese could be considered the death of the English language. The fact remains that the English language will change whether we wish to acknowledge it or not. Just as William Shakespeare modernised the English language around the turn of the 17th century - in fact, today his plays, sonnets and poems are considered the greatest in Western literature - so too could Textese do the same for English in the future. Researchers now claim that texting boosts literacy and is producing a generation of Sudoku for life better communicators. Although I reserve judgement, I ve decided its best to board the 21st century language bus and familiarise myself with some of the most popular txt abbreviations: 2moro tomorrow 2nite tonight 2G2BT too good to be true 411 information 4COL for crying out loud 4EVA forever A3 anyplace, anywhere, anytime ABT2 about to AITR adult in the room AML all my love B4 before B4N bye for now BRB be right back BI5 back in five BIBI bye bye BD big deal BEG big evil grin BCOZ or CUZ because BFF best friends forever BM bite me BTW by the way BWL bursting with laughter BZ busy C-P sleepy C4N ciao for now CLM career limiting move EZ easy EVRE1 - everyone F2F face to face FF friends forever FYI for your information G1 good one G2G got to go G4N good for nothing GOL giggling out loud GR8 great HHOK haha, only kidding HUGZ hugs IOW in other words K okay KISS keep it simple stupid KIT keep in touch L8R later LOL laugh out loud LY4E love you forever M4C meet for coffee MSG message MIA missing in action N1 nice one NE anyway NOYB none of your business NUFF - enough NVM nevermind OMG oh my goodness OTH off the hook OTT over the top P-ZA pizza P911 parent alert PLZ please POS parent over shoulder QL quit laughing QT cutie R&R rest and relaxation right back at you RBTL read between the lines ROFL rolling on floor laughing RU are you SEC wait a second SMH shaking my head SO significant other SOZ sorry SRSLY seriously STR8 straight SUL snooze you lose SUP or S^ what s up? TLK-2-U-L8R talk to you later TMI too much information TX thanks U - you U2 you too W8 wait WTF what the f*** W2G way to go WYS whatever you say XLNT excellent XOXO hugs and kisses Y why YR - your ZZZ bored, sleeping ^5 high five ^URS up yours Editor s comment: Sjoe - TFS If you would like to post a comment, visit the AmongstUs Intranet portal. Improve your mental aptitude with this edition s Sudoku puzzles. For tips on how to complete a Sudoku puzzle visit the AmongstUs Intranet portal which can be accessed via the landing page.

16 16 AmongstUs Roundabout Long Service Anniversaries 10 years June 2009 Sherrie Eddey Melinda Godden Record your memories Solve the AmongstUs puzzle below and one lucky person will win the RCA-EZ205 Small Wonder Digital Camcorder with two hours of video (expandable with memory card), a flipout screen and flip-out USB connection, plus Memory Manager Software. July 2009 Andries Martinus Groenewald Thea Le Roux John Monama Simtha Nkosi Dean Nurden Martin Taverner October 2009 Gert Van Der Merwe November 2009 Devan Govender Mphikeledi Moses Dubazana Phillip Khumalo 20 years July 2009 Rui Paula Da Silva Melanie Donohue Albert Juhnke Lot Zulwane Kubyane Derek Phillips August 2009 Edwin Malcolm Johnson Helen Kekae Errol Retief Veronica Voges October 2009 Malepa Ezael Motumo November 2009 Sipho Job Matlala Bheki B Mhlanga David Jabulani Ntuli Jurica Anderea Zupanc How to enter: Send your answers to Submit your entry via the AmongstUs Intranet portal which can be accessed from the landing page. Cut out this entry and fax your answers to or send via internal mail to AmongstUs, Corporate Communications, Siemens Park, K1 Terms and conditions: The competition is open to all Siemens employees, except members of the AmongstUs editorial committee Only one entry per person will be accepted.closing date for competition entries is 23 October Winners of the environmental word search puzzle Mardelyn Brown from Industry Solutions and Janine Roberts from Mobility are the lucky winners of the hottest green gadgets on the market, the OSCAR USB hub and the LILI webcam. In addition, Chantall Harker from our Western Cape branch, Ingrid du Preez from Human Resources, Carol Palani from SREM, Berdine du Toit from Accounts Receivable and Ruby Chetty from CQM each take home a copy of Simon Gear s book, Going Green 365 Ways To Change Our World. The ten words hidden in the word search puzzle are shown on the right. 25 years July 2009 Quartus Dorfling Andrew Harle Boris Krull Jimmy Mabaso Reginald Bhekinhlanhla Mthinyane Which of the seven black shapes are identical to the red one? Note: there may be more than one which is exactly the same September 2009 Roy Elliot Michael Hewett Reuben Matlala October 2009 Joel Sibiya November 2009 Michael Peters 40 years October 2009 Reinhard Rasch First name: Employee number: Location: address: Surname: Division: Telephone number:

17 Amongst 17 I remember describing last year s BBBEE rating result as the achievement of another milestone on the transformation journey. The good news is that we are still going from strength to strength, however the last twelve months have seen our conversations shift from scorecard development to scorecard sustainability. We have progressed to a level 4 status (up from level 6 in 2007) which highlights our success from a scorecard development perspective. More importantly, we now need to sustain this competitive position. Firstly, by continuing to provide excellent technology solutions and services to our customers we will remain successful and sustain our organisation s health. This, in turn, will prove our commitment to maximising shareholder value thereby contributing towards empowerment in our ownership structure. Secondly, our procurement system is aligned with, amongst others, the BBBEE framework. New and existing suppliers are consistently assessed to determine their capacity, technology, quality standards and empowerment status. In addition, monitoring mechanisms are applied to ensure that our policy and other standards are met. Thirdly, our employment equity and skills development initiatives will continue. We have seen a steady improvement in our scores as a consequence of target Transformation corner Level 4 BBBEE contributor - another answer for diversity setting, defined recruitment, development strategies and retention schemes. The continuation of these key aspects will sustain us in the empowerment space. We are a responsible organisation aiming to remain competitive by meeting our customers requirements, returning value to our shareholders, developing our staff and contributing towards society. Marvin Benjamin, Diversity Manager ens Corporate Social Investment New CSR video. Siemens South Africa Answers. Siemens Corporate Social Investment A new Corporate Social Responsibility video is available, showcasing our company s commitment to the various projects in the Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio. The 30 minute production, features segments on our flagship programme Youthspace, featuring children from the Mayfair house in Johannesburg, the partner school initiative with Inqgayizivele High School in Tembisa, and our Arts and Culture project, the Funda Community College in Soweto. Copies of this production are available from Godfrey Maoko at. Emily Molefe, Corporate Social Responsibility Capitalising on strong growth and looking to the future Although the current global economic downturn is a cause for concern, companies and organisations need to adopt a positive approach and use this period to prepare for the inevitable upturn in orders to take advantage of future opportunities. This is the position of Kevin Pillay, Divisional Director of Mobility in our Siemens Industry Sector. Kevin addressed employees at the Mobility Open Forum held earlier this year and further congratulated them on a job well done thus far. In addition to the division s current projects in rail signalling, automation and information communication systems, airport electrical system upgrades and road traffic management solutions, Kevin says Mobility is expecting further ad hoc projects relating to maintenance, repairs and project extensions to be awarded in the short to medium term. Our position as a leading provider of rail, traffic and airport solutions has enabled us to capitalise on the massive investments being made by national, provincial and local government in addressing the backlog of investment in transportation infrastructure, says Kevin. Keshin Govender,

18 18 Amongst Punting Unified Communications Keeping up-to-date with emergency medicine ultrasound training Felix Honigwachs, SIS UCS Product Manager Siemens IT Solutions and Services (SIS) is partnering with Microsoft to deliver a Unified Communications (UC) solution. With this solution, companies can save more than 40% on communications costs. Unified Communications is a converged approach to collaboration and communication across various media, including desktops, business and office applications, fixed and mobile voice. Comments Felix Honigwachs, SIS UCS product manager, The solution that we and Microsoft created is customer-driven, because our clients expect us to be continuously innovative. With this UC solution, organisations can save on communication and travel costs, as well as increase productivity. Using UC applications such as telepresence, instant messaging and videoconferencing companies can eliminate the need for expensive business trips and off-site meetings, and also reduce carbon emissions emanating from all the travelling. Felix concludes, There are a number of savings which companies can make with UC and we are excited to work with the public and private sector. Felix Honigwachs, SIS On the road again Siemens is a longstanding participant in the Rally to Read project, a joint initiative by the McCarthy Group, Financial Mail and the Read Educational Trust. The programme aims to promote reading in underprivileged communities and schools by donating books and learning material. In addition the Read Trust conducts an extensive training programme to ensure teachers have all the knowledge and skills to teach learners to read. This year, the Siemens team participated in the Northern Cape Rally, delivering books to schools in the rural area around Kuruman. Above and below: Emergency/trauma practitioners attend the Emergency Medicine Ultrasound course hosted by the College of Emergency Medicine, Siemens and Netcare. The course, held at Siemens Park earlier this year, featured practical demonstrations using one of the Siemens ACUSON ultrasound systems. Emily Molefe and Sbahle Kgobe from Siemens amongst the volunteer group who donated books to schools in the Kuruman area. Siemens Healthcare Imaging in conjunction with Netcare has initiated an Emergency Medicine Ultrasound course designed for trauma/emergency doctors. Due to the rapid developments in the field of Sonar, the need for relevant training was realised some two years back culminating in the development of a course by Dr. Mike Wells from the College of Emergency Medicine. Together with Siemens and Netcare, the first two-day course was conducted in December 2008 with a select group of emergency department practitioners. The course is internationally acclaimed and with the pre-course test and post-course evaluation, candidates can complete the second phase of the training and receive a certification in Emergency Ultrasound. In addition, the training includes practical demonstrations of the Siemens ACUSON ultrasound systems for abdominal, vascular and cardiac examinations. Thus far, 60 candidates from emergency departments in government and private institutions have been trained in ultrasound in the emergency rooms. By the end of 2009, 25 more candidates are expected to be fully trained and certified. Jennifer Naidoo, Arts and culture Nurturing young talent As part of Siemens programme to promote Arts and Culture in previously disadvantaged communities, our company is financially assisting the South African Ballet Theatre Katlehong Outreach Programme. Photographed are ballet students from various schools in Zonkisizwe, Katlehong. Comments Emily Molefe, our Corporate Social Responsibility manager, In total 3234 learners from the Northern Cape will benefit from the programme this year. Over the weekend we delivered 40 boxed library units to schools. In addition, 16 teachers in the Northern Cape region will be exposed to the professional development programme. We have been participating in this programme since 1998, and are proud of the part we play in this very worthy project. Children from a school in the Kuruman area visited by the Rally to Read group. Emily Molefe,, Young ballet students from the Katlehong Outreach programme, with their teacher.

19 Amongst 19 Artis zeego brings surgery and industry together In a development that offers greater operating versatility for minimallyinvasive surgical procedures, advanced imaging, and improved patient comfort, our Siemens Healthcare Sector recently introduced the Artis zeego. Artis zeego is a floor-mounted robotic x-ray angiography system that maximises the benefits of using hybrid operating rooms. Graham Maritz, CEO, Siemens Healthcare Sector, says the Artis zeego offers surgeons significant advantages when performing procedures that normally require open surgery. An increasing number of procedures can now be performed with minimally invasive surgery, either by working through a blood vessel or with very small incisions, he says. These interventions, which require improved imaging technology to help navigate the procedure, generally result in reduced morbidity rates and faster recovery for patients when compared to open surgery. Recent developments in surgical techniques such as endovascular aortic repair or transcatheter valve replacement, promise far better therapeutic possibilities by combining interventional procedures. Now patients that had previously been considered too old or too sick for open surgery can be treated. Graham says the ideal environment for these procedures is the hybrid operating theatre, an integrated operating room with high-end imaging capabilities for interventions. One of the strongest points for a hybrid room is that the patient does not need to be transferred to a dedicated room with an imaging system in order to perform an intervention but can be treated in the same room, on the same table. With the Artis zeego, an angiography system based on robotic technology, Siemens delivers the most advanced imaging for the hybrid lab. The surgeon has the choice between two fully integrated table systems. First, an endovascular table with a floating table top. Second, a conventional OR table system with two different exchangeable table tops a radiolucent one-piece carbon table top and a breakable table top. As a floor-mounted robotic angiography system, the Artis zeego allows for previously unknown degrees of freedom and flexibility as it is the first system equipped with a multi-axis robotic arm, he says. Conventional C-arm systems restrict the position of the patient isocentre and limit the amount of coverage for 3-D acquisitions. The Siemens Artis zeego, a floor-mounted robotic x-ray angiography system. An ongoing partnership The Siemens Partnership programme with Ingqayizivele High School in Tembisa is growing from strength to strength.since the formation of the partnership in 2007, Siemens has embarked on a number of initiatives to improve the conditions at the school. These include providing much needed equipment for the Science lab, provision of stationery and computers as well as the installation of a state-of-the-art security system. More recently, additional computers were donated to be used for administrative purposes. In addition, a digital data projector and workstations were installed. comfort for the surgeon rather than technical limitations are in the focus during a procedure. The unique positioning capabilities of the Artis zeego allow C-arm positioning from the side. This way the head side can be kept free and interference with anesthesia can be avoided. Furthermore, Siemens offers syngo DynaCT, a special imaging modality producing CT-like images from a series of images and projections, acquired as the x- ray tube and detector rotate around the patient. These can then be reconstructed to form 3-D visualisations, Graham says. To date, the CT images obtained with conventional angiography systems have a small field of view - circular diameter of 24 centimetres - which is insufficient to image for example the complete thoracic aorta. However, the Artis zeego s unique option landscape DynaCT makes it possible to almost double the field of view - elliptical centimetres - by performing two rotations in rapid succession. This allows imaging e.g. both femoral arteries at a time. The unique software syngo ipilot also provides 3-D road mapping, in which previously obtained 3-D images (e.g. acquired with syngo DynaCT) are superimposed over live fluoroscopy images. This leaves the clinician free to concentrate on the intervention. As a result, complicated interventional procedures become less timeconsuming, more accurate and practical to perform, and will result in improved patient outcomes. Simply put, Zeego brings surgery and industry together, concludes Graham. Jennifer Naidoo, Francis Sehloho, Principal, with learners from Ingqayizivele High School receiving computers for the Administration office. The isocentre is the area where anatomy being imaged must be positioned for the best image quality. This means the patient always has to be right in the middle between tube and detector. Changing the table height in conventional systems brings the patient out of the isocentre and consequently affects image quality. With cardiac and vascular operations being highly complex and time consuming, ergonomics for the operating team require a variable table height. Consequently, the best image quality can only be guaranteed by a variable isocentre, as uniquely realized in the Artis zeego system. Now, clinical needs and Lesego Sekhu, presents the new Data projector to school principal, Francis Sehloho. Newly installed workstations in the Technology Laboratory. Emily Molefe,,

20 20 Amongst New analysers for Ampath and PathCare PathCare Laboratories: Back row from left: Monique Smit, SHD and Jackie van Tonder, PathCare. Front row from left: Rosie Botha; Karen Usher and Lilian Smit, all from PathCare. Primary school kids discover science and technology the Siemens way Jerminah Ramogale Principal of Entshonalanga Primary (left) receiving a Discovery Box from Emily Molefe, Siemens (right). As part of an ongoing programme that aims to assist under-resourced educational institutions and encourage learning in mathematics, science and technology, Siemens has equipped three Tembisa primary schools with a total of twenty Discovery boxes, a complete educational concept that includes experiment sets on Energy and Electricity and Environment and Health as well as a DVD with instructions for teachers. Emily Molefe, our Corporate Social Responsibility manager explains The key to enable learners to successfully master mathematics and science later in life lies in exposing them to these increasingly complex subjects as early as possible in their school career, and presenting the material in a practical and exciting manner. This is not text-book learning, but rather a practical and fun way of giving children their first experience of scientific and technical phenomena, which even the very small already find highly interesting, she says. The child-friendly, fun experiments in the Discovery boxes make science real and are thus an important element of early childhood education. The three recipient primary schools, Endulwini, Entshonalanga and Tlamatlama, all act as feeder schools to Ingqayizivele High, our partner school in Tembisa. Emily continues, As a knowledge-based company, Siemens aims to encourage the next generation to investigate the world around them starting at a young age, and the Discovery boxes allow children to have fun finding out all about a variety of exciting everyday scientific phenomena as the kits have all the equipment necessary for exploring water, air, colour, sound and electricity. Early science education by means of experiment kits is an important part of Siemens global commitment is to interest young people in science and technology. In this way we are meeting our responsibilities and fulfilling our obligations as a good corporate citizen as education is a prerequisite for the cohesion and successful development of society. Emily Molefe, Showcasing the RAPIDLab 1265 system for Ampath Laboratories, from left: Sister Ntombi and Candice Cullingworth. Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics (SHD) was recently awarded the contract to equip PathCare Laboratories throughout the country with 42 Stratus CS Acute Care Diagnostic Systems. The Stratus CS analysers provide quantitative cardiac analysis for fast, cost effective evaluation of patients with suspected myocardial ischemia, a condition characterised by insufficient blood flow to the heart muscle via the coronary arteries which often results in chest pain (angina pectoris). When a patient enters the hospital emergency room with chest pains suggestive of myocardial ischemia, a rapid evaluation is vital to ensure the patient receives the correct treatment and monitoring. The Stratus CS instrument offers a broad menu of tests that allow better chest pain differentiation from a single sample, on a single run, in order to ensure speedy completion of a cardiac profile in only 25 minutes. Many extra benefits include, among others, the reduction of wastage, reduced maintenance and a simple three-step operation for all skill levels. In fact, the system is so cost effective that smaller laboratories can now offer all seven of the cardiac tests whereas previously they could not afford to do so. Our SHD colleagues implemented the project within two months and hosted training sessions for all relevant The Siemens Mobility stand at the ITSSA conference and exhibition. In conjunction with colleagues from Siemens Intelligent Traffic Solutions in Austria and the United Kingdom (UK), our local Mobility division participated at the International Transport Systems of South Africa Conference and Exhibition (ITSSA). Christoph Wondracek from Siemens in Austria and Ray Wood from Siemens in the UK joined forces with our local Mobility representative, Derek McMaster, to promote Siemens international PathCare laboratory personnel all ahead of schedule. In another project, SHD has upgraded all blood gas analysers in Ampath Laboratories from the previous 800 series to the new RAPIDLab 1200 systems and RAPIDPoint 400 systems. Blood gas analysis is an important part of patient care and is used primarily to determine the concentration of O2 and CO2 in the blood, blood ph, or to indicate an acid-base imbalance due to a metabolic or renal condition. Arterial blood gas analysis is performed to evaluate respiratory diseases and other conditions that affect the lungs, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of oxygen therapy. The new blood gas analysers boast low maintenance, easy operation with very little technical experience required and 60 seconds to a full panel result which allows for faster treatment times. To date, 35 blood gas analysers have been placed and 400 laboratory staff have been trained over a period of nine weeks including training of night staff after hours. Jennifer Naidoo, An international contingent for ITSSA experience and technologies at the South African event. Says Derek, The conference afforded us the opportunity to successfully create awareness in terms of Siemens solutions to resolve South Africa s ever increasing traffic problems. Keshin Govender,

Sustainability Report Sonae SGPS, S.A.

Sustainability Report Sonae SGPS, S.A. 06 Sustainability Report Sonae SGPS, S.A. 05.Index 1. Chairman s Statement 07 10 10 10 13 15 16 16 16 17 18 18 19 22 24 25 27 29 33 33 38 46 50 56 62 69 74 2. Sonae Group business approach and portfolio

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International Paralympic Committee. Strategic Plan 2011-2014

International Paralympic Committee. Strategic Plan 2011-2014 International Paralympic Committee Strategic Plan 2011-2014 From the President Since the International Paralympic Committee s (IPC) first Strategic Plan in early 2003 we have come a long way together within

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ST. JAMES S PLACE ST. JAMES S PLACE PLC ANNUAL REPORT & ACCOUNTS 2014 ST. JAMES S PLACE ST. JAMES S PLACE PLC ANNUAL REPORT & ACCOUNTS St. James s Place plc Annual Report and Accounts CONTENTS Strategic Report 1 Highlights of the Year 2 Chief Executive s Report 6 Our Business

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HP people. Tracy Keogh, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, HP. Work environment. Building careers. Pride in HP. Rewards and benefits.

HP people. Tracy Keogh, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, HP. Work environment. Building careers. Pride in HP. Rewards and benefits. HP people HP s people are integral to the company s success. Recruiting, developing, and retaining the best employees provides us with a competitive advantage, so we strive to create supportive, motivating

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Leading Business by Design Why and how business leaders invest in design Leading Business by Design Why and how business leaders invest in design ARE YOU MISSING SOMEONE? Design Council Design Council champions great design. For us that means design which improves lives and

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Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably

Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably to refer to any manager from any department responsible

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Contents. Company Report 6 Chairman & CEO 9 Our people 16 Our business 32 Our market opportunities 40 Our social responsibility 50 Our shareholders Annual Report 2007 Contents Company Report 6 Chairman & CEO 9 Our people 16 Our business 32 Our market opportunities 40 Our social responsibility 50 Our shareholders Financial Review Adecco Group 60 Operating

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Helping make tomorrow 2012 Helping make tomorrow This pdf is interactive. The content is clickable so you can navigate through this document. We have included a lot more information online. Whenever you see a yellow box like

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A Survival Kit for European Project Management Advice for Coordinators of Centralised Socrates Projects

A Survival Kit for European Project Management Advice for Coordinators of Centralised Socrates Projects A Survival Kit for European Project Management Advice for Coordinators of Centralised Socrates Projects 2 nd revised edition: For projects of selection round 1-3-2002 and later Contributors: Editor: Holger

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CLARITY. ANNUAL REPORT 2014 MAGAZINE GfK GROUP GROWTH FROM KNOWLEDGE CLARITY ANNUAL REPORT 2014 MAGAZINE GfK GROUP GROWTH FROM KNOWLEDGE Clar ity SPELLING Word type: noun Line break: clar ity MEANING The quality of being clear, in particular: 1. The quality of being coherent

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Advanced Techniques for Work Search

Advanced Techniques for Work Search Advanced Techniques for Work Search Target your work search Develop your network Market yourself effectively Stand out in an interview Government Career Practitioners This workbook was developed to help

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EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE... Annual Review 2012-13 EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE... Annual Review 2012-13 Contents 1 We are Norland 2 Operational highlights 3 Financial highlights 4 Our mission & strategy 5 Our business 6 Chairman s report 8

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Annual Report 2013. For a better working life.

Annual Report 2013. For a better working life. For a better working life XING is the social network for business professionals. Fourteen million members worldwide and more than 7 million in the German-speaking region alone use the platform

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Change agenda. What s happening with well-being at work?

Change agenda. What s happening with well-being at work? Change agenda What s happening with well-being at work? Introduction The concept of employee well-being has grown in popularity over the past few years, but is it something new or just a clever relabelling

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Are you innovation ready? Plotting your journey on the Innovation Readiness Model

Are you innovation ready? Plotting your journey on the Innovation Readiness Model Are you innovation ready? Plotting your journey on the Innovation Readiness Model Message from Andy Green CEO, Logica I believe that the future success of our global economy relies on building a dynamic

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Annual Report 2014. Visit

Annual Report 2014. Visit Annual Report 2014 Visit 14 Contents Company Report 2 About us 3 2014 in brief 4 Letter from the Chairman & CEO 6 Interview with the CEO 8 The HR services industry 14 Our strategy

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Clear answers for real benefits.

Clear answers for real benefits. Clear answers for real benefits. 2012 Sustainability Report Customer testimonials are the common thread of this year s annual report to illustrate the concrete solutions we provide every day. These true

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Making the right connections across Australia s innovation ecosystem to support our future growth and international competitiveness

Making the right connections across Australia s innovation ecosystem to support our future growth and international competitiveness Making the right connections across Australia s innovation ecosystem to support our future growth and international competitiveness Welcome 4 Introduction 5 Research findings and recommendations 9 Next

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The Civil Service Reform Plan

The Civil Service Reform Plan The Civil Service Reform Plan June 2012 Foreword by the Rt Hon David Cameron, Prime Minister I have worked with civil servants both as an adviser and as Prime Minister and I know how good the best can

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Internal Auditing Around the World

Internal Auditing Around the World Internal Auditing Around the World How Internal Audit Functions Develop Great People VOLUME VIII Introduction Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their

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Computer aided facilities management The definitive guide FMX in partnership with FSI

Computer aided facilities management The definitive guide FMX in partnership with FSI Sponsored and co-written by Facilities Management Excellence Computer aided facilities management The definitive guide FMX in partnership with FSI Visible gains Benefits of a fully-fledged CAFM system

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John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO. The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo

John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO. The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo 2 Regardless of our growing size, scope and reach, our common vision and distinct values form the fabric that holds us together

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CompuGroup Medical AG Annual Report 2013

CompuGroup Medical AG Annual Report 2013 CompuGroup Medical AG Annual Report 2013 Our vision CompuGroup Medical stands for the best possible healthcare. Our vision is the best support for healthcare through intelligent IT. We facilitate diagnosis

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Business Overview. Technology & Resources page 16 People page 20 Brand & Distribution page 22. Vodafone Business

Business Overview. Technology & Resources page 16 People page 20 Brand & Distribution page 22. Vodafone Business Vodafone Business Business Overview This section explains how Vodafone operates, from the key assets it holds to the activities it carries out to enable the delivery of products and services to the Group

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