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1 SIVECO GROUP BP 41 F St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France (33) (0) (33) (0) FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW COSWIN 7i


3 STANDARDS The concept COSWIN was developed after a detailed study of several asset management software implementations; the software was designed to eliminate the possibilities of failure that affect many significant investments in long term projects. The aim was therefore to ensure that business benefits were maximised (and achievable), and to guarantee the successful delivery of these benefits by ensuring user buy-in, i.e. making the system easy to use (and ensuring it is seen as a benefit to the day to day users as well as management). Throughout the development SIVECO GROUP has strived to ensure the continuity of the interface style - to ensure navigation is intuitive and training needs are minimised. Please find below, some examples of the key features of COSWIN: We can access by a simple double click of the mouse any information related to the asset/item (e.g. work orders outstanding, safety information and spare parts for an equipment). As information is displayed on the screen it is linked directly to all of the appropriate module in Coswin using ICONS (e.g. an equipment is linked to its spares, their location and suppliers), so without needing to memorise or to understand a complex coding structure or learn lengthy software menus a user can immediately find the correct information needed to complete their task. COSWIN S direct access functionality allows the user to navigate to a field referenced from another module. For example you can navigate directly to the Cost Centre details referenced on an asset. We always strive to ensure that the most important data for each user is visible on single screen (this is always configurable - see Screen Editor) or in shortened list, rather than having to search throughout the system. All of the lists in Coswin are easily filtered according to one or multiple criteria, e.g. the zone, the category, the priority or the asset description (with free text). COSWIN information can be accessed in several different ways (making the system easy to use): Creating a personalised menu by using photographs or drawings of your own facilities to drill down and display asset details without needing any knowledge of the systems menus (e.g. click on a site to display the plans, click on a room to display a list of assets within). Using icons to open a screen, i.e. the equipment details or the spares list Users can choose to display the icons they use most often; Using contextual navigational, to launch all the information related to an asset, stock item, supplier or employees: when an asset displayed a simple click will display: its place in the technical/geographical structure, the available spare parts, any outstanding Work Orders, the History, any planned tasks... COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 3

4 It is possible to navigate through a graphical display of the asset/geographical structure Via a Windows Explorer style (expanding) menu. The list (selectors) Throughout COSWIN and indeed any asset management solution users will encounter many lists: lists of assets, lists of Work Orders, lists of stock items, lists of contractors, etc, etc, indeed it is a lot of time spent by users in such a system is spent locating information rather than actually doing any useful work. Siveco have spent many man years and invested significant R&D revenues to reduce the time lost and the danger of users rejecting the system because it takes a long time to find what they need. Within Coswin every time information needs to be selected from a list a new screen is accessed by simply pressing the list button. The typing of the first characters of the code of the data item will position automatically the cursor over that item to be selected. To rapidly find a data item, it is possible to reduce the number of rows/items displayed in the list using a combination of filters and sorting by entering search criteria (location, priority, function etc). Once a list has been sorted to display information for a particular user the criteria can be saved for use in the future (e.g. a saved list of all the fire related assets, in a specific building, which being with the code A23 ). COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 4

5 Sort Ascending 1 Sort Ascending 2 All the columns can be used to reorder the list. These possibilities are available on all lists (there are many such lists in Coswin: e.g. equipment, work orders, stock items, suppliers. ) COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 5

6 Cockpit Manager The COCKPIT MANAGER displays key performance indicators in real time, e.g. the current value of stock, the number of outstanding safety tasks, the number of work orders in a queue The indicators are easily configured to suit the needs of different users (with different indications). According to each user profile these indicators can be displayed automatically on opening COSWIN. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 6

7 Transaction validation circuit (Workflow) The list of transactions for a particular user to approve will appear immediately on opening COSWIN. It is possible to customise the Workflow of various transaction types (Work Request, Work Order, Part Request, Part Transfer, Purchase Request, Purchase Order, Invoice) for each organisational entity (see multi organisation). You can follow the progress in the different steps of the workflow. To find out if/where it has been stopped, who needs to authorise the transaction and to remind the users of the actions to take. Workflow can involve multiple (user defined) steps in serial or parallel. The workflow can be configured differently to meet the needs of different entities in the multi organisational Management Module. This is version 6 not 7i. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 7

8 Multi-organisation management Assets, stores/stock, personnel and transactions (workflows) can be attached to separate entities of your organisation (either internal or external). Data can be separated by Entity (multi-company) Transaction validation circuit can be defined by entity Therefore a company with multiple operating entities can allow each entity to operate their asset management solution independently, yet all of the data is stored in a central integrated database COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 8

9 TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT OF ASSETS Coswin uses specific icons to differentiate between geographic and technical (assets) entities. A powerful graphical diagram-tree displays integrated geographical and technical structures the next level of any structure being displayed after a mouse click. By selecting any asset (room, building, equipment) in the structure it is possible to use the icons to display useful information such as work orders, history and safety information. By selecting an asset or a location a new (customisable) screen will display all of the related information e.g. bar code, work permits, defects, function, spares, group, linked documents, text etc. For a repairable item the asset will also have a unique serial number: COSWIN then manages the life time movements and tracks the history of the asset, allowing users to easily track its movements, details and all the costs. Identification of equipments COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 9

10 Costs Costs Costs Zone Function Cost Centre Category Costs Equipment Technical Specifications Manuals / Drawing Calendar List of spares COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 10

11 Asset Structure The diagram tree representing your own sites, buildings, rooms, assets and subassemblies is configured in the structure program. From the outset it is necessary to define the basic units for your structures. But it is important to consider the consequences of a mistake (remember the asset register is the foundation of your whole solution) e.g. you have defined a unit that is too big or too small and you need to modify the structure? COSWIN has specific answers for all these problems and frees you from the traditional constraints of such software. Indeed, we guarantee that you "will never make a mistake" while defining your equipment, because if you do change your mind, you will be able to make modifications very easily. The base module allows you to define the equipment of level 1 for each organisational entity. Using the structure program, this equipment can be divided in 99 levels. Each "parent" of the structure can have as many "children" as required. COSWIN is completely flexible: The configuration of the structure is simple: you just have to select with the mouse the equipment to be connected and to add it in the structure (drag and drop). COSWIN numbers automatically the levels and counts the components at each level. The "movement" function allows you to assign equipment to other place (and COSWIN keeps the movement history). The "Alter code" function allows you to easily modify the equipment code, without losing the history, financial or other information linked to it. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 11

12 Maintenance costs are accumulated at each level of the structure and it is therefore very easy to identify the most expensive sub-equipments. Each asset has the same analysis options (cost centre, budget, job creation / Work Order, planning, history...). Groups of Assets COSWIN allows you to group several assets in one unit to make the maintenance procedures easier or rationalise work taking place on several identical equipments. A group has the same treatment options as an individual asset with Functions, Categories or Cost centres. A calendar is available for a group: a group can for example represent a production line that will then have its own work schedule. The cost of each work order can be allocated to the group or to the components (individual assets) of the group - according to the cost splitting key. The work orders, the planning and the history can executed on a group rather than needing to create individual work orders. The configuration of a group is very easy: You can simply "mark" the assets in a list. To simplify the task further the list of assets can be sorted by zone, function, category or cost centre. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 12

13 Technical specifications Technical specifications are used to manage specific technical data for the assets. The information that is to be recorded can be predefined (by the users) with a total of 20 fields for each category of specifications (a category is a page/window), a total of 999 specifications categories can be created. An equipment can be connected to one or several categories. It is possible to search for an asset (or many assets) in the database according to their technical specifications (size, power, pressure...). COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 13

14 List of spare parts For each asset an unlimited list of spare parts can be created. The spare parts can be stock items, non-stock or bought on demand. The list of spare parts can be updated automatically on issuing the spare part on a Work Order. By using this feature we will always know the consumption of spare parts by task/asset. The list of spare parts does not require the use of the stock module. The availability of the spare parts in stores is linked to this program. A list of spare parts can be printed on the Work Order and can be viewed during the job preparation. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 14

15 Drawings and manuals You might need to find the drawings, manuals for an asset or the plans for a building in a hurry? On which shelves are they stored, who has borrowed them this time? The drawings feature is very useful, because it centralises the locations of all the asset related documents. It includes the following information: List of all the information about the buildings and assets: sub assembly plans, technical manuals, operating documentation Version, location of the drawings/documents, a short description. Safety instructions This program allows users to define the safety instructions to be followed for a specific asset. An unlimited number of instructions can be stored in the library. A parameter allows you to print these instructions on the work order. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 15

16 Management of Facilities The maintenance department will sometimes use facilities or tools which are also assets (fork lift trucks, cranes, etc) in the course of their work. Such facilities can be reserved for the period of work and incur an hourly rate. You can manage the allocation of facilities on a new work order or for planned maintenance. The cost of the facility is automatically transferred to the work order. A facility might also need to be maintained, it is possible to issue a work order or planned tasks for a facility as for any other asset. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 16

17 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF ASSETS Purchase Order- Depreciation This feature provides information on the original purchase order and the delivery of an asset, as well as on the supplier and any guarantees or warranties. Linear, digressive depreciation rates can be selected or more (as defined by the user). The depreciation calculation takes into account any improvements made to the asset and the possible extension of its life. Management of the guarantee/warranty and important information on the supplier. Budgets Cost Control For any business it is important to understand the real costs and the profitability of assets. Having a full record of the costs and performance of each asset will enable management to make solid, justifiable business and investment decisions in the future. Thanks to its extensive financial and budgeting functions (and a very simple display) COSWIN provides you with up to date, accurate and a very powerful financial data and reports. Cost centres are defined per assets (at every level) and cost consolidation/management can be done in real time. It is also possible to associate several additional cost centres for each asset, these being defined by the work that is done on the asset. Costs are calculated in a 4 x 3 matrix: including the costs of planned and unplanned activities, projects and subcontracts: by resource, material and miscellaneous costs. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 17

18 Many graphics and reports allow analysis of the results in a format to meet with the requirements of individual departments or management. The costs, in 4 x 3 matrix, are accumulated at all levels of the structure, from the lowest level of a subassembly up to the highest level, by function and by zone. So, the detail of the accumulated costs can be viewed at any level, for any period. Subcontractors COSWIN allows a complete record, management of and follow up of all of the subcontracted activities: Definition of all subcontractors. Definition of the contracts (open purchase order or annual contracts) Separation of internal and external costs (subcontract), in the financial follow up (Zone, Function, Equipment and Cost centre). Subcontractor activities make use of all of the standard features of Coswin, yet rather than using internal resources they are linked to the subcontractor (contracts and costs). In managing subcontractors it is common to make use of COSWIN automated generation and other alerts to ensure communication of tasks and information to external organisations is efficient. As well as managing the work internally. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 18

19 DIAGNOSTICS Symptoms - Defects - Causes and Actions COSWIN allows you to collect and analyse information about incidents and failures that affect your assets (and business continuity). The reliability of assets can be improved by recording any such events in COSWIN. Any incident or defect can be defined at any level of the structure (an asset, sub assembly or a geographical location). COSWIN proposes the graphical diagram tree of Symptoms, Defects, Causes and Actions. It is possible to customise this to meet your own needs (e.g. only to use symptom and action). The information (symptom, defect etc) to be entered can be selected from the defect tree itself (showing the history for each equipment or category of asset) or from user defined, structured lists (for each category of asset). This ensures the data entered is structured for reporting. The report of the incidents / defects does not require the creation of a work order as it can simply be recorded against the asset. However, if a work order has been created the information can also be entered. To simplify the solution the defect information and work can also be entered at the time of the fix on any PDA equipped with COSWIN MOBILE. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 19

20 Display and Interrogation When you need good information in order to diagnose and fix a fault, you need COSWIN. This diagnostic module provides you with all of the information you need, in one place and simply click on the defect tree, recall the effects and actions taken for similar faults and see how they have been rectified. In addition to the diagnostics, COSWIN offers many reports and different displays on screen, which will help you to access historical information and documents. List of equipments by category. Analysis of defects /incidents by category. List of defects /incidents by equipment. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 20

21 OPERATION OF ASSETS Calendars; Assets and Groups The calendars for sites, locations and assets have an easy-to-use interface, dedicated to recording their availability (for tasks), and to display information on the jobs planned for each asset or group of assets. An individual calendar for each location, asset and sub-equipment is created. This calendar status is taken into account by the planning module. For production purposes the calendar indicates the normal and peak production, downtimes COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 21

22 Meters Meter readings The amount and type of maintenance needed for an asset is mainly based on its running hours (the time an equipment is actually operating), the number of operations it has performed, the number of kilometres covered, etc COSWIN also gives many other possibilities to work with meter readings: An unlimited number of meters can be defined and then related to an unlimited number of jobs. It is possible to reinitialise a meter at any value. The jobs of reading meters can be transferred onto a hand held computer to reduce the amount of time that is lost typing data from a paper count. (and the associated risks of errors) COSWIN acts "intelligently" with the different meters, and, on this basis, plans the date when a task has to be performed. The user can control the forecasting algorithm by giving a smoothing coefficient. COSWIN provides reports on the meters and can estimate the running hours, and the date of the next meter reading. It is possible to give minimum and maximum dates (days and weeks) to a task. These values will also be taken into account with the meter reading. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 22

23 RESOURCES Resources - Employees - Supervisors - Shifts and Calendars The resources can be defined and managed by the COSWIN supervisor. COSWIN will support an unlimited number of resources, for each resource the number of associated employees is unlimited. A calendar indicates, for each employee, the hours worked or absent, holidays etc This information is taken into account by the planning module. It is possible to book a percentage of the working hours to corrective or not planned jobs. The costs can be calculated according to 9 different rates (overtime, weekend, nights etc) and are configurable by the users. This definition of the "effective hours" (working days / hours of absence, holidays ) allows for very precise planning in COSWIN. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 23

24 Shift Management and skills Shift management allows you to allocate an employee in the planning process. For a Work Order it is possible to define the type of shift (day, night, etc), the resources that are required (electricians, mechanic) and the number of persons. The Skills Management feature allows you to register the qualifications of the employee for comparison with those needed for the work. Workload The workload function tracks the availability of personnel. This will provide an optimisation of the employee's allocation to Work Orders and can display the situation in several different ways. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 24

25 PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE The COSWIN planning functions are used every day by thousands of people to manage millions of activities.1.73 cm COSWIN allows you to easily create a full list of maintenance activities and other tasks that are needed to ensure the smooth operation of all of your assets and maximise their availability. You can easily review your planned maintenance activities and view the planned workload, then it is simple to reorder in line with reactive tasks and to manage changes on a day to day Jobs Whatever the information required, it is this module that allows you to define repetitive or unique jobs. Repetitive jobs can be weekly, monthly, annual or at defined dates (where the periodicity is fixed in terms of days or weeks). The number of jobs per asset is unlimited and the same job can be assigned to several different assets. In order to save time when creating a new job it is possible to review and select the existing jobs that are defined for the asset category. A job can be based on meter readings, on a periodic basis or a combination of the two, with the maximum and minimum values. Seasonal period can also be taken into account. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 25

26 The job description can be simple or with a complete work description, and can include any schemas, plans, documents and attachments. The parameters will allow you to choose, and print additional information together with the WO: such as spare parts, health and safety instructions and any other remarks listed on the asset. It is also possible to define a chain of tasks in order to create sequenced jobs and/or to structure the jobs with a parent/child relationship. You can assign the required resources to a job. The number of employees by resource is unlimited. You can also indicate the starting date of use of each resource. It is possible to subdivide a job into its elementary actions. These actions can be sorted, and resources and spare parts can be assigned to them. The feedback can be for the individual actions. The spare parts management is easier thanks to the ability to define kits and to consult the list of spare parts of each asset. It is also possible to define the planned duration of the work and the tools that will be required. By default, the costs of jobs/tasks are allocated to the cost centre of the asset, but of course, any other cost centre can be defined. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 26

27 Planning and Releasing Work Orders COSWIN allows the creation of multiple plans (based on a plan number and a planner code). COSWIN can also manage the overlap of plans and will recall jobs that have been postponed. For a large organisation it is possible to define several planners, each of whom can create an unlimited number of plans. Special functions manage the possible "collisions" and doubling of various plans. The plans can be simulated in the short or long term. These simulations, for financial, budgetary or logistical goals, can take place for any period and will not affect the plans in progress. A plan is built by a multi-criteria selection allowing the planner to include only the jobs satisfying defined conditions (e.g. on assets in a specific location or requiring a particular resource profile, or both). On release of the plan the jobs/tasks due are transferred to work in progress, it is then possible to possible to print a Work Order, or for the engineers to see the work order in their list. In the plan COSWIN indicates any jobs that appear redundant because the same job already in progress. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 27

28 The jobs can easily be transferred into the work in progress for any period, irrespective of the plan. The global plan displays the plans by planner and indicates both jobs planned and those that are already in progress. Purchase requests can be generated automatically after calculation of the spare parts availability and required parts for planned work. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 28

29 Job chart The COSWIN graphical planning screen probably looks very similar to the one you currently use: it is very user friendly and offers many possibilities. It displays all of the tasks for a given asset(s)/location and /or of complete structure. The Work orders are identified by different coloured symbols, which allow you to identify immediately those that are planned, in progress or finished. The display includes also the unplanned tasks, for which a work order has been created. If you are working in a production environment the use of colours can be used to highlight important information from the calendar (shut downs, peak times etc). The jobs can be scheduled earlier or postponed by using the mouse to drag and drop the relevant task. COSWIN will also automatically cancel a passed job. It is possible to export a plan to MS Project, to optimise the plan and import back into COSWIN. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 29

30 Resource availability What is the optimum work schedule given your available resources? It is a daily problem solved by COSWIN in just a few minutes. Let COSWIN take into account, a sophisticated algorithm, suggest to you which jobs you can do and when. COSWIN takes, for instance, into account the following elements: The available hours of all the employees by calendar and resource. The hours required to finish the planned works. The hours available for the work orders. The Priority of the planned jobs, calculated by COSWIN (you can modify this algorithm with weights). List of jobs sorted according to their priority and to the date of the resources availability. Smoothing factors (defined by the user) manage the contradictory requests for long or short jobs. Graphics and reports are available at each analysis step. The resources availability can take into account the stock availability in order not to reserve unnecessary resources and vice-versa (where spare parts are missing). Availability of the spare parts This program will run only if the stock module is configured: It is a powerful tool that will check that the spare parts required for a job are actually available. The stock availability can be limited to critical items by defining inferior/superior limits for the group, category and ABC class. The purchase orders and deliveries in progress can be taken into account to calculate the available quantity. The planned jobs are processed according to the planned date and their priority. The stock availability can also take into account the resources availability. So the planned jobs that can not take place because of missing resources don t block unnecessarily spare parts. It is possible to automatically manage Purchase Requests after calculating the spare parts availability for a plan. COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 30

31 WORK IN PROGRESS Job Requests Managing and answering helpdesk calls and job requests is a key task for the maintenance department and can be very time consuming. This module allows employees or the originator to enter a job request and automatically create a work order (based on some rules and processes). Using its powerful functionalities, you can: Manage the job priority through its life. The requestor (or the help desk) can enter the request on the screen. The only mandatory data is the user s code. The job request number is automatically generated. Word processing tools for comments, linked correspondence, Coswin lists,.. All of the COSWIN user-friendly features are available in this module. Several requests can be combined into one job. The requests can also be planned, refused or transferred directly into a work order On reviewing or creating a job request it can be allocated to a supervisor or to specific resources for further actions/review (based on your own processes). It is also possible to define the COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 31

32 resources and spare parts needs, as well as to give the list of activities or the job description (either specific to this job or from the existing list of Jobs). Where multi organisational management is implemented it is possible to run a central or distributed helpdesk, where calls are logged against an asset, location or entity and will automatically transfer to the workload/queue for that entity. Job request Reject and archived Planned for future release Work Order Follow up and feedback COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 32

33 WO: Creation Printing - Report This module allows creating and printing rapidly work orders according to different criteria. COSWIN makes this task easy using with selectors and windows allowing to display all the useful information: The printing of Work Orders is made easier by the integrated report generator that will allow you to review and choose the information to be included (from many different places), like the equipment description, the already defined jobs, the cost centres, pictures etc. Using the integrated Screen Editor it is also possible to reconfigure the work order screen to meet the needs of different users: planners, contractors, engineers, cleaners etc. A complete or partial report (feedback) can be made for each work order including: actual hours, spare parts and material / tools used, direct purchase, stock items, recorded incidents and defaults, comments. The graphical diagnostic tool: diagram tree Symptom, Cause, Defect and Action can be used to record feedback. Calculation of the work duration and the costs of material with a total cost field (automatically calculated). The Work Orders are chosen from searchable lists according to defined criteria, for example by location, supervisor, cost centre... It is possible to sort the jobs on the screen according to COSWIN 7i : Functional Overview : 03/11/2005 Page 33

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DocuFire for Windows. User Manual. Version: 5.20 Date: February 19, 2010 Web:

DocuFire for Windows. User Manual. Version: 5.20 Date: February 19, 2010 Web: DocuFire for Windows User Manual Version: 5.20 Date: February 19, 2010 Web: TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction to DocuFire for Windows... 4 Contacting Technical Support... 4 Getting

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A Step by Step Guide to Email Marketing Success

A Step by Step Guide to Email Marketing Success A Step by Step Guide to Email Marketing Success Using the Wizard Table of Contents Introduction... 3 Quick Start Guide... 4 Step 1: Setup Your Account... 7 How Does Pricing Work?...11 Step 2: Upload Your

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