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1 1 Michael Oak Waldorf School WEEKLY NEWSLETTER No Marlow Road Kenilworth 7708 Cape Town End of Term Closing Times Early closing 12:30 Together we will create a peaceful space and set some time aside to regain strength, and inspiration and insight. We aim to rekindle our enthusiasm for all that we do to bring healing into the world and to reconnect with our inner light and impulse. Star Tree Festival: Children to classes at 18:15 Parents to hall 18:15-18:30 so we can START the festival at 18: Thursday 8 December CHRISTMAS 11:30 close If as Herod, we fill our lives with things, and again with things. If we consider ourselves so unimportant that we must fill every moment of our lives with action; when will we have the time to make the long, slow journey across the desert as did the Magi? Or sit and watch the stars as did the Shepherds? Or brood over the coming of the Child as did Mary? For each one of us, there is a desert to travel. A star to discover. And a being within ourselves to bring to life. Anon. (Note change of time) AFTERCARE: A reminder that Aftercare closes at 4.30 on Thursday 8 December NO AFTERNOON SPORT or EXTRA-MURALS next week We will also be singing a French song. It fits well into the theme of our story and we've had interesting conversations about it. Here are the translated lyrics in case you wonder what it is about. VOIS SUR TON CHEMIN (from the 2004 film 'Les Choristes') Look out on your path for children who are lost and have been forgotten Give them a hand and lead them to another future. Feel in the middle of the night a wave of hope The untiring strength of life, The road to Glory This time you will also get some songsheets. You are all very welcome to sing and hum along. Parents are asked to be seated in the hall at 6.20pm. Children gather in their classrooms at 6.15pm. The Leaflet at end of term This is the last printed Leaflet of the year. There will be an E-Leaflet on Thursday 8 December. You are warmly invited to our Star Tree Festival on Wednesday 7 December, at 6.15 for 6.30pm. Wed 7 December: Please return your Parent Information Forms which were sent home with your children recently. We need those forms so we can update our records during the holidays. Thank You! Dear Michael Oak Community, PRIMARY SCHOOL: URGENT: Parent Information Forms Tel Fax December 2016 NB! NB! Children in the last year of Kindergarten are welcome. PLEASE make alternative arrangements for younger children. Kindly no cellphones and cameras. Artwork based on a painting by H N Werkman.

2 2 Dear Parents Please join us in witnessing the powerful Greek Tragedy that the Class 10s are performing tonight and Saturday night. Please see the poster below for details. CLASS 10 PRESENTS THE GREEK TRAGEDY HECUBA by Euripedes TONIGHT & TOMORROW Friday 2 and Saturday 3 December only Each year, Class 10, as suggested by the Waldorf curriculum, has embarked on the challenge of producing a tragedy from the golden age of Ancient Greek Theatre -- one of the supreme achievements at the birth of Western Culture. The Class 10 s have produced riveting and moving work each time, and this year s production (about an hour and twenty minutes) promises to be as vivid and enriching. The story takes place just after the Trojan War, as the Greeks are heading home and depicts the grief of Hecuba, queen of the fallen city of Troy, over the sacrifice of her daughter and the revenge she takes over the added loss of her son. Already suffering from the multiple deaths of her husband and sons in the Trojan War, she tips over into the role of vindictive aggressor, and the play concentrates on the psychological process by which a victim turns into an avenger. The major theme of the play, other than the misery and desolation caused by war, is that we alone (not the gods or Fate) are responsible for our own sorrows, and that we alone have the means to redeem our lives. There are no gods causing Hecuba s madness; she is brought low by politics, expediency and greed. A WORD ON AGE RESTRICTION: The subject of this drama by Euripides is the tragedy that was part of the Fall of Troy, and a queen s sorrow at the loss of her family in war. As this unfolds we witness a ghost, a human sacrifice at the altar of Apollo, a revenge gouging of the eyes and two murders. Determining whether, or what, the age restriction should be is difficult as none of these events is played gratuitously or for sensation and shock. In keeping with the serious tone of Greek Tragedy, these events are all portrayed stylistically with a higher purpose than mere entertainment. Bearing this in mind, a recommendation, therefore, to be safe, is that no children ten or younger should attend. For children older than that parental guidance is advised. Ultimately it is the exploration of human dignity and nobility that is explored in these tragedies and it is this, certainly as adults that we take away with us.

3 3 An Open Invitation to The Shepherds Play Monday 5 December at 7pm, in the Small Hall The Christmas play performed at Michael Oak came originally from a tiny community that used to live on the small island of Oberufer in the middle of the Danube River not far from the modern city of Bratislava, the capital of Slovenia. It is very near the Austrian border and for centuries was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The play is one of a trinity: the Paradise Play telling the story of Adam and Eve, the Christmas Play or nativity play and the Kings Play which tells the story of the wise men and Herod. We understand that the parts were carried by different families and that this was passed on from one generation to the next for centuries. It was Rudolf Steiner s teacher at University, Professor Schroer, who had gathered up numerous folk tales, songs and plays in remote parts of the widespread German speaking community, who introduced Steiner to these folk plays. This year the play is being performed by a cast including present staff, past pupils and past staff. The nativity tale is told in simple pictures, without embellishment, in the folk tradition. Regardless of one s spiritual orientation or religious affiliations, Christmas has a universal meaning. In addition to the historical story of the birth of the Child Jesus in the freezing hills around Bethlehem, there is an archetypal message contained within the symbolism of the familiar tale. The nativity, set in the depths of winter, symbolizes the birth of light in the darkness, the awakening of love, within the human soul. It is a representation of the birth of a new consciousness. The birth of the Christ child in conditions of outer poverty represents the awakening of the spirit of love within the heart of each individual. Yea! poorly is he born this day so that from pride men turn away. The nativity symbolizes the emergence of light and love the universal child within each one. The manger holding the newborn infant represents the life of the soul in earthly existence. The characters around the crib may be seen as images or aspects of the human soul and the dawning of spiritual awareness. Mother Mary, the universal divine feminine, clad in the contemplative blue of soul depths and the red of love, represents the awakened soul that gives birth to love, the universal divine child. Joseph represents the earthly strengths that long for and reflect on the mystery of love s becoming. The animals in the stable are emblematic of our instincts, our compulsive longings and fears that are transformed in reverent observance of the miracle of emerging spiritual life. The shepherds symbolize higher human feelings wonder, devotion and reverence. Thus the traditional imagery associated with the nativity may be seen to have a universal meaning, regardless of one s particular orientation to spiritual matters. Let the pictures speak further for themselves. Sports Wrap Basketball U14 champions... Super 7s after their win against Constantia, What a lovely way to end their sporting year together! Fantastic team work, and let's not forget Koffi, our wonderful coach! Ultimate Frisbee We played our first ever Ultimate Frisbee match on Monday and though we lost 15-1, the one point we scored was the best-played point by either team of the entire game! Our team did well, but the opponents had more boys and more hunger, and weren't as tired as a result. Their skills were not as good as ours. Unfortunately we had fewer scoring opportunities than we deserved. All said I think it was fantastic, a great learning experience and, as Dharma said, we played with an undefeated attitude to the end. That encapsulates Michael Oak, and it cannot be coached. Well done, we are so proud of you all! Lastly, to our wonderful coaches, Ross and Brad: Thank you for the coaching and all the encouragement. Claudia McCaig

4 4 Some 'Thank You' Letters to sponsors and donors Dear... Thank you so much for helping with my lessons to teach me reading and English. And I know how to do Maths now. I like this school because there are kind teachers and I learn very much, and there is lots of sport. I learned everything I wanted to learn this year in Class 3. Next year there will be more things I want to learn in Class 4. I wish you a happy year. Thank you very much for all you did for me. Dear... Thank you for giving help so that lots of children at Michael Oak get more lessons, including me. I have learnt a lot and I thank you very much. Next year I'm going into Grade 5 and I'm looking forward to it. I wish you happiness.... With love... Dear... Thank you for helping me with my school fees. I love being at this school. In the morning I come to school and I play outside with my friends until the big bell rings. Then we go inside and we sing our morning songs and say our verses. Then we do main lesson. Right now we are doing map work in main lesson. My favourite main lesson this year has been history, but I have enjoyed everything. I am looking forward to learning about Egypt next year in class five. We are going on our camp next week and I'm excited and very happy about this. Our school fair is also soon, and that will be fun and exciting as well. I wish you happy Christmas and a happy holiday and a new year full of joy. Warm regards,... Dear... It's been a good year for me at school because of what we have done in Class 5. It's hard work but I can handle it. My best things in class are Maths, writing, drawing and reading. I am learning about Ancient Greece at the moment. I am enjoying it and I am presenting my project on the Greek god Apollo today. I you don't go to school, it doesn't help, that's why I like school. Thank you very much for funding my extra lessons. I appreciate it very much Have a lovely Christmas,...

5 5 Eurythmy Performance by Grade 11s PHOTOS: Luke Younge

6 6 M A N E N B E R G: Taking back their children We're heading into holidays and with that comes more time for the children on the street. Let's make a big effort to give the children in Manenberg something to do. Besides the cooking classes there are music groups, exercise groups, activity groups ---- it's time to clear out those cupboards of old art equipment, scrap fabric, sewing kits, board games, easy readers; recorders and tekkies too. There are about 100 children who participate in the various activities. Let's support the parents in this initiative. The yellow crate is mostly empty. Please try to remember to bring that bag of flour, rice, cooking oil, a tin of something, instant yeast, spices, vegetables... It's a long 6 weeks and they need supplies. If you'd prefer to donate money to this cause (R50/month?) or if you have ideas on how to help, please contact me. Fiona or Not Collected after Fair Many items loaned by parents for our Fair remain uncollected in the office, including this large patterned cloth. Speak to Genevieve. Appeal for Sewing Machines Unused sewing machines needed please. We have an increasing number of Matrics doing Consumer Studies and they need a dedicated machine for their practical elements. We are in need of more sewing machines that can do straight and zigzag sewing. Please contact Winifred Bond if you wish to sell or donate. FOUND: A suede brown pencil case with lovely calligraphy and fountain pens, etc. Contact Gillian Mathew in the High School. OPEN DAY TOMORROW Saturday 3 December We invite you to our final Open Day for Get a first-hand impression of our way of training teachers. Student work will be on display and you will be able to speak to us about the various programmes, the contents and the approach. Coffee and tea available. Our programmes next year comprise: Certificates in Early Childhood Development Bachelor of Education (Foundation and Intermediate Phases) Bachelor of Arts (dance) in Eurythmy We hope to see you at our Open Day, Saturday morning! domination that has replaced formal apartheid. She identifies the challenge as lying in structural racism. Social racism grabs the headlines Penny Sparrow, the coffin attack but it is the deeply entrenched structural racism created by the apartheid state that condemned the people of South Africa to be imprisoned in their class boundaries, and still impacts lived reality and perceived power to this day. What if there were no whites in South Africa? A controversial but thought provoking question. And also the title of a recent book by respected journalist and editor Ferial Haffajee. It is a title that may push buttons, elicit anger, fear or intrigue I recently read the book wondering what Ferial s answer to this question was. The book does pose this question, but does so in a myriad ways through a range of stories, anecdotes and insights from a cross section of South African thought leaders. It is a somewhat autobiographical account too of Ferial s path from a poor background to her politicisation at Wits and through her contribution to the overthrow of Apartheid in 1994 the start of the Rainbow Nation! She observes however that even though there have been significant advancement and upliftment of people of colour in this country in the past 20 years, the narrative of blackness as oppressed and whiteness as powerful are still entrenched. Haffajee wants to find out why there is a simmering resentment about a perceived white cultural and financial The structures of Apartheid may have fallen, but the tentacles of structural racism the norming of white / western superiority still have a firm grip. The rebellions of 2016 at universities and at schools was largely against the underlying structural racism of institutions born in the colonial and apartheid era. The book never answers the question, it is not meant to it is rather described as a thought experiment. If you are in any way looking to explore your own and other s views on race in South Africa, I would recommend conducting this thought experiment And for our Michael Oak community? What are the elements of underlying structural racism that persist despite our best intentions? And how do we fight them? To our growing consciousness. With love the Diversity Group This is an opinion column. Views expressed here are of the individual who wrote the article. Please contribute your feedback or an article of your own to

7 7 Michael Oak Calendar NB: Class Parents Meetings are usually at 7.30pm Monday Tuesday ::: PG Playgroup ::: Wednesday 2016 / 2017 KG Kindergarten ::: Thursday PS Primary School Friday 2 DECEMBER GREEK PLAY 'HECUBA' 7.30pm 5 Shepherds' Play 7pm Small Hall 6 HS Soiree 7 Star Tree Festival 6.15 for 6.30pm 8 TERM 4 ENDS ::: HS High School Saturday 3 Sunday 4 GREEK PLAY 'HECUBA' 7.30pm KG Festival JANUARY TERM 1 Starts PS & HS PG & KG Term Starts COMMUNITY NOTICES ADVERTISEMENTS: Donations for Community Notices Please note that all advertisers are expected to offer a contribution towards our Bursary Fund. There is a Donations box at Reception for a donation of your choice. Alternatively please use the bank account details below for an EFT transfer: Standard Bank, Branch code: Acc. No.: Acc Name: Michael Oak School Fundraising. Ref: Leaflet-Ad Please note that all adverts (classifieds or display) will only be published in the Leaflet for a maximum of 3 insertions per term. GARAGE SALE Dear friends:) We are having a garage sale this Saturday: 3rd of December from 10 am to 3.30 pm at our home (14 Goldbourne Rd Kenilworth). There will be clothes of all sorts and sizes, some kitchen equipment, a lawnmower and other exciting finds! All very reasonably priced and negotiable. See you on Saturday! Talia and Jess Mayson PEDAL BIKE WANTED I am wanting to buy a pedal bike for a 4 year old boy. Does anyone have one to sell? Please phone Ann Kantey on / HOLIDAY HOME AVAILABLE Betty s Bay Holiday Home. 3 Bedrooms (Sleeps 6-8). Well maintained. Walking distance to the coast/beach. Rent period 7-21December. R2500 per night. Contact Stuart on VIOLIN LESSONS Violin lessons from age 7 at school or at home. Waldorf class teaching trained teacher. Also trained music teacher. Accompaniment on guitar for extra fun! Call Marilyn or SEEKING DOMESTIC WORK Vuyiswa Feni She has work on Mondays and Thursdays so she is looking for domestic work on Tues, Wed and Fri. Her number Call Jean Cohen for a reference. CHATAMA MALIRO... is looking for extra gardening jobs during the school holidays. will look after your house when you are away. Chatama's niece Alice is looking for a job during the holidays; also available to look after your children. Phone Chatama CAR WANTED Philo is wanting to buy a car. Contact him on / NEED A CAR GUARD FOR THE NIGHT? If you are hosting a party or other function and need car guards, Philo can organise them for you. Speak to Philo on / CAR WASH SERVICE If you need a car wash service contact Philo / HOLIDAY ART WORKSHOPS Sue Nepgen will be holding some very special art workshops this holiday at her home which borders the beautiful riverine green belt in Constantia. Children who come during the term as well as all other children may attend. They will enjoy being creative with a variety of techniques, media and themes which will be different to those explored in the term classes, or will take what has been explored further and to the next level. There will be no repetition from week to week, so children can attend all three and experience new art activities each time. They will take home worthwhile artworks after each session which can used for gifts. The age grouping is flexible to allow for convenience and for families to come at the same time. The groups will be small so early booking is advised. Bring refreshments for a break. Wed 14th Dec 10 am to 2 pm (mainly 5 to 8 years) Thurs 15th Dec 10 am to 2 pm (mainly 9 to 13 years) Tues 20thDec 10 am to 2 pm (mainly 5 to 8 years) Wed 21st Dec 10 am to 2 pm (mainly 9 to 13 years) Mon 9th Jan 10 am to 2 pm (mainly 5 to 8 years) Tues 10th Jan 10 am to 2 pm (mainly 9 to 13 years) Cost: R300 per session, including all materials and firing (a good value fee) To book contact Sue Nepgen [MPhil in Education (Teaching) UCT] on , or

8 8 EXTRAMURAL ART CLASSES AT MO 1st TERM, 2017 We have a vibrant, varied and packed programme planned. Projects will be chosen from painting on canvas, paper mache, creative clay sculptures, tonal and coloured sketching, creative work with inks, mixed media artworks, drawing and paintings on personal themes, as well as oil pastel drawings inspired by SA artists. The programmes are inspired by contemporary South African artists, suitable current exhibitions, stimulating appropriate topics with a variety of themes, and particularly the natural environment (Sue s speciality). Days and times, 1st term's art classes (1 session per week). Children may come to the classroom used for art straight after school (classroom and times to be confirmed before start of term) Friday pm 1.55 pm (Kindergarten, Classes 1 and 2) Friday 2 pm 3 pm (Classes 3 and 4 mainly, but also Kindergarten, Classes 1 and 2) Friday 2.30 pm pm (an overlap class for Classes 5, 6 and 7) Friday 3.00 pm 4.00 pm (Classes 5, 6 and 7 or higher, as well as all other classes) Saturday am am or am (6 13 yrs) Also in Constantia (the Wynberg side) for all age groups on a Thursday. Fees are R790 a term, including materials and firing. Visitors or try-out pupils are welcome at R100 a lesson. Detailed newsletters and flyers can be found in the foyer. For more information contact Sue on , or

9 9 December Market Sunday 4th, 10am 2pm Come and join us for Camphill s biggest market of the year and our last market for This is your opportunity to stock up on your favourite Camphill goodies, fresh produce, bakery, dairy and natural cosmetics products at Camphill prices. There is also a great selection of handmade gifts, candles, wooden furniture, jewellery, clothes, bedding, books, art, gardening equipment and much more to see and buy. Entertainment: This month's magical musical performance will be brought to you by the popular duo Jean and Tamara who always hold the crowd spellbound with their beautiful melodies and captivating voices. Santa: Of course Santa Claus would not miss an opportunity to be at Camphill s Christmas Market so he will be around with a couple elves to take photos with all the boys and girls who ve been good! Plus there will be tractor rides, Camphill tours and our playground and jungle gym is always a favourite. Food: Our cake and coffee stand is always packed with delicious indulgent treats and cakes made here at Camphill with the best possible ingredients and as much of Camphill goodness as we can squeeze into them. Our lunch stand brings you delicious and wholesome meals fresh from our garden and store. Our vendors will as always be offering a great selection of snacks and foods such as shawarmas, breakfast rolls, burgers, boerewors rolls, pancakes and fresh juices. Can't wait to see you all there. Camphill Market - come experience it! DIRECTIONS & CONTACT DETAILS Directions: From the N1 take the N7 towards Malmesbury, travel approx 35km. At the sign R304 Camphill Village / Atlantis turn left, drive another 4,5km and we are on the left. or visit Contact & 8641 on market day

10 10 Michael Oak Waldorf School Upper-Primary Assistant Part-time, January 2017 Michael Oak requires a part-time assistant to work in the Upper Primary school, for We require a dynamic, qualified teacher, with a love of children, who is prepared to work across a range of subjects in support of the class teachers. Please send your application and CV to The Secretary, Creative Beginnings a hands on innovative approach to artmaking for adults and children. Ideal Christmas gift for parents of young children ( aged 3 to 8 years old) or for anyone working with children or keen to develop their own creativity. I am selling the books at R340 and can be contacted at or for interested buyers. Lindy Solomon

11 11 The Art of Being How do you spend your days? Does it feel as if you are living your life? What do you occupy your life with? Socrates said: "The unexamined life is not worth living and the unlived life is not worth examining." The Art of Being gives you an opportunity to do both - to live and to examine. If you are serious about your life this is an invaluable course. It is a very deep and intensive course. It is not a quick-fix. It requires commitment. It will challenge you in unprecedented ways but in ways which make you feel alive and connected with yourself. If you are ready to go to the edge of your experience in a grounded and practical way this is a good course for you. If you want to wake up to your soul/spiritual purpose this course will awaken you to it. Why would you want to wake up? Life in 21st C is challenging us in ways which require awakening. Waking up is the most creative, joyful, fulfilling and important activity that is humanly possible. Waking up is embracing, loving, honouring and individualising your special soul capacities which cannot be duplicated or replicated anywhere and by anyone. Waking up requires inner development.inner development brings a new attitude to the world. This is needed today when there is so much fear present. This fear permeates all areas of our lives. Unfortunately most people desire to escape this fear and do so by filling their lives with things, media and busyness. The Art of Being works to address fear in a constructive and realistic way. This entails development and maintenance on a day to day basis, rather than a quick fix, or engendering emotional catharsis which brings instant relief but doesn t last. We always have areas in us that can be transformed. None of us is fully developed or whole. When we accept this we open ourselves to waking up, and to transforming. How - in the face of our resistance to pain, in the face of our fear, doubt and deadening routine can we awaken ourselves to a more enlivened, awake and conscious life? The Art of Being is an intensive journey of 12 months. This is a cycle like the birthing process which takes 9 months. This too births you to a new experience of yourself in unprecedented ways. You will encounter intimate closeness with others in ways that is rare in this world of superficial social media connection. Art (pastels, clay, body maps, eurythmy and gesture) is used as a complementary tool for engaging with your heart intelligence. This is NOT AN ART COURSE but art is used as a very powerful instrument for selfobservation. Modules: The Three-Fold Levels of Being The Four Levels of Existence The Four Temperaments The 12 Senses Biography work Childhood and adolescent work Course times: Tuesday evenings from 6 10 p.m. Includes one Saturday; a long weekend away; and one weekend intensive. Contact: Karen Rootenberg or Visit: In 2017 the Art of Being will come into its 21st year of being! 2017 course starts 17th January Michael Oak Term Dates 2017 Term 1 Primary & High Tuesday 24 January to Friday 31 March (Kindergarten starts Wednesday 25 January) Term 2 Tuesday 18 April to Friday 23 June Term 3 Tuesday 18 July to Friday 22 September Term 4 Monday 9 October to Friday 8 December See our website (Latest Posts) for a full-page Term and Holiday Planner Thank You for using your MySchool Card!