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1 kandersteg international scout centre annualreport2008 english 8 5 y e a r s o f K a n d e r s t e g I n t e r n a t i o n a l S c o u t C e n t r e

2 Contents Welcome 3 Financial Information Guests 8 Programme 10 Guest Services 12 Environment 13 Staff 14 Next Generation Chalet Project 15 The KISC Association 16 The KISC Committee years of KISC 18 WOSM 19 Cover Picture The spirit of service at the Centre: Pinkies and the Spanish Work Party smiling, working together in the rain in the Kander-Lodge s foundations. Spring KISC is a EU-Eco Label awarded service provider Printed on environmental friendly paper

3 O p e n i n g o f t h e F r a c k H a u s, S p r i n g Dear Friends, It is with great pleasure that we present the Annual Report 2008 from Kandersteg International Scout Centre. After the Centennial Celebrations in 2007, the year 2008 was almost business as usual. Yes, almost, as we have seen more guests and overnights compared to 2007, hitting another record and we started a new building project for indoor accommodation: the Kander-Lodge. The Commission of the European Union certfied KISC as Tourist Accommodation with Reduced Environmental Impact, of which we are very proud of course! KISC was also very visible during the 38th World Scout Conference in Korea where we met with many old and new friends from all over the world and set up new relationships with NSO s. We are, therefore, proud to announce that the National Scout Organisation of Indonesia Gerakan Pramuka (based on the number of members the largest NSO in the world) became a Life Member NSO in During 2008 we celebrated the 85th Anniversary of KISC at the General Assembly in beginning of June. Realising how important this legacy is, we worked on the project of a KISC Exhibition that we hope to realise in 2010 and the KISC History Book which will be published in You will see parts of this project already in this Annual Report, where we took as theme the 85 years of KISC. The 1st ever World Scout Winter Games, organised by KISC, were a success and the 2nd edition is planned for In 2008 we had the pleasure of welcoming the Board of Scouting Nederland (April) and the leadership of the Boy Scouts of America - management and volunteers - (September) here at the Centre. This report outlines the challenges faced, the changes made and the high points of It tells the story of over 80 volunteers who donated 3 or more months of their lives to World Scouting and who are responsible for the approx happy Scouts and Guides who had the time of their life while annualreport2008 welcome at KISC. It tells you about our Members, our sponsors and all those who support us in our work. With the help of all these people we are able to keep Baden-Powell s dream of the Permanent Mini Jamboree alive. We are very grateful to all those who have supported us in the past year. Thanks to all of them, Scouts and Guides from all over the world can continue to visit us to experience the Magic of KISC! Kandersteg, Switzerland. March Thijs Stoffer, Chairman KISC Association Mark Knippenberg, Director

4 financialinformation2008 With more than 66,500 overnights 2008 has been the most successful year so far. The Centre operates on a non profit policy but still has to brake even to finance any operational needs and should be able to dispose of adequate reserves and equity in times of need. The financial strategy therefore is to keep the costs for our guests as low as possible to allow more Scouts the opportunity to come and enjoy Kandersteg at a reasonable price while ensuring to build up reserves whenever possible. In 2008 all aims have been reached and the accounts are closed with a surplus of SFr. 34, In addition to this development income also increased due to the refund from the European Scout Region for the director s salary. Expenditures The direct cost on the expenditure side for programme shop and catering developed in line with the income. However margins could be improved contributing to the good overall result. With the director s salary in the accounts for a whole year staff costs increased, however the compensation for this shown under donations has to be kept in mind. Income For the first time income exceeds SFr. 3 Mio. This is a reflection of the high number of overnights and a continuous demand for our other services. Especially programme was in high demand again exceeding SFr. 1 Mio. in turnover. The overall spending per night changed from SFr in 2007 to SFr in Except for Depreciation and Replacements costs could be kept at 2007 level. Additional costs occurred in order to replace the VW Van, the purchase of a snowblower, etc. Looking at the opening of the Kander-Lodge and the planned increase of comfort for guest staying at the Old Chalet (duvets in all rooms), an amount has been accrued to enable these projects in the first half of K a n d e r s t e g I n t e r n a t i o n a l S c o u t C e n t r e TOP: World Scout Conference 1926, Kandersteg. B-P with J.S. Wilson, director of the World Scout Bureau. Bottom: Postcard of The Chalet, 1924.

5 Balance Sheet Accounts Closing in Closing in 2007 % 2008 % Assets Cash Accounts 604, , Accounts receivables 33, ,553 1 Taxes receivables 2, ,427 0 Accruals 112, , Receivables Foundation -5, ,870 1 Stock 60, ,288 9 VAT -1, ,609-1 Total current assets 806, , Furnishing/Equipment/Vehicles 3, ,003 1 Loan to Foundation , Total fixed assets 3, , Total assets 809, , TOP: Baden-Powell walks on the rail tracks, after welcoming Rovers arriving at Kandersteg for the 1st Rover Moot, Liabilities & Equity Accounts payable 143, , Advance payments 355, , Provisions 161, , Reserves Projects 70, , Total liabilities 730, , Equity previous year 75, ,433 9 Surplus current year 4, ,586 3 Total equity 79, , Total liabilities & equity 809, , annualreport2008

6 RIGHT TO LEFT: First Chalet Badge, Kandersteg Shield badge, and the actual Chalet Badge including the New Chalet. Finances in history KISC has always been good at raising money and funding projects. The initial asking price for the Chalet was SFr. 49,000; The Home Association paid SFr. 15,100 in the end. Thanks to generous contributions, the campsite of 11.4 hectare could be purchased for SFr. 6,148; This was a price of 5 Rappen per square meter. National Scout Organisations from all over the world have made KISC their home away from home by supporting the renovation of rooms and decorating their national rooms. Dutch Scouts were the first ones to do this, followed by Hungarians and Swiss Scouts. By now, all rooms in the Old Chalet and some in the New Chalet are sponsored by National Scout Organisations, federations or regions. Foundation The KISC Foundation also had a good year and closes the accounts with a result of SFr. 12, Again the Foundation has invested in the long term improvements of our facilities and maintains a equity of SFr. 1,972, Income K a n d e r s t e g I n t e r n a t i o n a l S c o u t C e n t r e Profit and Loss Account Closing in Closing in 2007 % 2008 % Overnight fees 658, , Programme 937, ,052, Shop 333, , Catering 674, , Operational income 76, ,635 3 Membership fees 37, ,985 1 Donations 62, ,642 1 Miscellaneous 96, ,264 4 Foundation 112, ,309 3 Total income 2,990, ,052,

7 Tommy Shepherd, Ireland. From the First Alpine and Climbing Week, Expenditures Account Closing in Closing in 2007 % 2008 % Staff Costs 648, , Programme 741, , Shop 226, ,591 5 Catering 356, , Rent & Bank Costs 331, , Operational Costs 92, ,778 3 Maintenance 113, ,433 4 Energy 105, ,520 4 Advertising 98, ,549 2 Administration 118, ,401 3 Depreciation / Replacements 28, ,413 2 Cantonal Accomm. Tax 29, ,298 1 Miscellaneous 56, ,231 0 Project 40, ,000 2 Total Expenditures 2,986, ,018, Operational result 4, ,586 1 Net Result 4, ,586 1 annualreport2008

8 guests S The unique international atmosphere we experience here at KISC is very much dependent on the Scouts and Guides that come to share their experiences and enthusiasm for Scouting and International Friendship. Because of them, Baden-Powell s dream of an international Permanent Mini Jamboree continues to thrive. This year, we have enjoyed celebrating with our guests the 85th year of operation here at Kandersteg International Scout Centre. Again this year, we surpassed the number of guests we welcomed in previous years, with 66,695 overnights recorded at the end of During the year, we hosted 11,391 guests from 40 different countries. The largest percentage of our guests came again this year from the UK (30%), with Switzerland coming second (15%), closely followed by the United States of America (13%). In 2008, approximately half of our guests (6,076) stayed on the Campsite, contributing a total of 42,240 overnights, with the majority of these happening over July and August. The average length of stay of our guests in 2008 was 5.4 days. We are very encouraged to see that, even after an exceptional year in 2007 with Kander- Jam, in 2008 our guest and overnight numbers continued to increase, with a marked increase in guest numbers in the lower seasons of Spring and Autumn. ES 2% DK 6% GB 30% u p p o r t e r s W e e k e n d, W i n t e r IE 2% IT 5% NL 7% PT 2% Overnights Figure 1 Year Guests Overnights ,391 66, ,462 65, ,755 62, ,122 53,536 8 DE 8% CH 8% K a n d e r s t e g I n t e r n a t i o n a l S c o u t C e n t r e Other 10% US 13% Top 10 countries - people Figure 2 Great Britain Denmark Switzerland Portugal The Netherlands Spain Germany Italy Ireland United States

9 Willy Braun, Basel. 8 th Climbing Week, July This year, we again welcomed the BSA s Transatlantic Council for the Klondike Derby in January and Camp Alpine in July. Our Winter overnight numbers also experienced a boost in March when we held the first World Scout Winter Games, which was a resounding success - plans are already in place to repeat and expand the event in March Throughout the year, many groups also came to KISC to celebrate special events of their own, including 39th Sunderland (UK), who celebrated the 50th anniversary of their Scout group here during the Summer season. We also welcomed many special events for groups in Spring and Autumn, including the SCENES Conference, Aladdin Stiftung, Südtiroler Scout Association and the European Scout Region Network. annualreport2008 Guests in history The first guests to visit the Centre were from the Netherlands and the UK. In the first year of its opening, already more than 200 young Scouts visited the Centre. KISC quickly gained its reputation as an international home for Scouts by hosting the First RoverMoot, which was organised by the Swiss Scout Organisation. More than 2,500 Rovers from 23 countries joined this event, and also Lord Baden-Powell visited it with his wife. Today KISC welcomes more than 11,000 visitors per year from all over the world. Until today, big events attract many visitors from many countries, as KanderJam showed in 2007.

10 programme H 2008 was another busy and successful year for Programme. The numbers taking part in the Centre s Programme continues to increase and Winter 2008 was by far the busiest so far. The Winter season finished with the first World Scout Winter Games. 54 People from 8 different countries competed in Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Downhill skiing and more events over 3 days with the Swedish team the overall winners. 18,000 16,000 14,000 The next World Scout Winter Games will be in March 2010 with more competitors, more teams and more events. The Advanced Ski Weeks had 48 participants and fit in well with the traditional Ski Weeks and Winter Activity Weeks. The Winter Extreme Week was introduced for Winter 2008 and should become a popular Winter package in the coming years i k i n g i n t h e A l l m e n a l p, S u m m e r Summer was again very busy and many activities introduced in 2007 are now well established parts of our Programme. These include the Zip Wire, Jacobs Ladder and ½ Day Pioneering. The new Three Valleys Hike proved popular as did the 85 Years of KISC award. The aim of the award was to encourage Scouts to learn about the history of the Centre. From the graph you can see that the Ueschinen Hut has grown in popularity in the last years. Participation in some areas is down on This is because 2007 had lots of additional Programme for KanderJam and comparisons to 2006 are more useful. 12,000 10,000 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 0 Upper Hut In Camp Day Trips Alpine Activities Awards & Badges Team Building & Crafts Unguided Hikes Eco Adventure 10 K a n d e r s t e g I n t e r n a t i o n a l S c o u t C e n t r e

11 From the 29 th Climbing Week log book, August 1955 The Summer Evening Programme (In Camp) continues to grow in popularity and impact. The International Evening & BBQ, Campfire, Disco and Flag Break all had record number of participants and offered a truly International Jamboree experience. Over 1,200 Scouts and Guides from around the World joined us for a more traditional August 1st following the Scouting Sunrise in Guests enjoyed activities on the Campsite and around the village in the morning, a carnival on the Sport s Field in the afternoon and a colourful parade to the village in the evening. KanderActive 2009 had the addition of new International Friendship activities and a renewed Eco Adventure Programme. The amount of text for activities has been reduced with more information on how to build a balanced Programme from Guided and Self- Guided activities and encouraging Guests to use the website for more information. In 2008 a project position of Programme Development Assistant started to look at how we can develop our Programme for groups coming from our target countries and maintain the Programme for our current Guests. Part of this was looking at how the current Programme fits our 3 themes of International Friendship, High Adventure and Eco Adventure and laying a solid foundation for the development of Programme for the coming years. Programme in history Programme today is based on the three themes of International Friendship, Eco Adventure and High Adventure. High Adventure, especially rock climbing and hiking, were Scout activities that Baden- Powell had in mind for a permanent home for Scouts. Alpine and Climbing Weeks were organised from 1934 to the 1960s and brought together a challenging outdoor programme with international friendship. Rovers from all over the world experienced one week of mountain climbing and Scouting. Today, High Adventure is still very popular and many Guests come to KISC for the Alpine experience. annualreport

12 guestservices K KISC welcomed over 11,000 guests in 2008, and all the signs tell us that this number is set to keep growing. The Guest Services Department is responsible for looking after all the guests basic needs; from their original booking to where they sleep and what they eat. The main areas of responsibility are: Reception The first point of contact for all guests. Reception is responsible for making bookings, welcoming guests, managing all incoming post and telephone calls to the Centre, and many other things that help the Centre to run smoothly for both Staff and guests. Shop Turnover Year Turnover Margin ,494 46% ,376 32% ,834 46% ,559 42% 12 House Staff working in House have a number of responsibilities. They are responsible for checking in and out all groups staying indoors, for management of all laundry facilities at the Centre, for stock-control and management of all cleaning and personal hygiene products, and ultimately for the appearance of the Centre - which means a lot of cleaning at times! We still have the tradition of duty cleaning for the groups that stay with us, and these groups offer valuable support to our Staff during their stay to help look after the Centre. Catering Guests have several catering options: full catering, self catering, catering for certain meals and to do food orders through the Centre. They can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Centre. Guests spent SFr. 710,540 on catering in Our catering hall can seat 120 people and, during high season, we often have up to 3 sittings for dinner to accommodate the number of guests who want to avail of full catering during their stay at the Centre. K a n d e r s t e g I n t e r n a t i o n a l S c o u t C e n t r e i d s a n d P i n k i e s p l a y i n g d u r i n g t h e G e n e r a l A s s e m b l y, S p r i n g Campsite Our Campsite is officially open for 4 months of the year, from June and closing at the end of September. However we do have guests who camp with us at other times; even in the freezing temperatures in winter! A lot of work needs to be done over the months of April and May to prepare the campsite for opening, and again after the closing in September, to make sure that the Campsite is ready for Winter. From our 11,391 guests who stayed in the Centre in 2008, 6,060 of them camped. The Campsite accumulated 42,224 overnights (of which 39,160 were in July and August). During the summer season we have a dedicated Campsite Department that is responsible for everything on site, from cleaning the toilets to looking after the recycling. Shop During busy times, the shop has fixed opening hours, but it can also be opened, upon request, by any Staff member. In the shop we sell Swiss, KISC and WOSM souvenirs, some items people may need for their stay, sweets, soft drinks and now also traditional scout books.

13 N a t u r e a n d b e a u t y a l l a r o u n d, S u m m e r The environment has always been important to Scouts around the world and, today, pollution, destruction of the ozone layer and climate change seem like insurmountable problems saw a renewal of the work KISC does to minimise our impact on the environment through the Environmental Coordinator project position. During the 6 months of this project the Eco Adventure Programme was revised and a new Environmental Policy with an Action Plan for the next 5 years, to ensure that KISC remains a leading Centre for the environment, was developed. KISC has always been a core member of Scout Centres for Excellence in Nature and Environment (SCENEs) and with the introduction of the World Scout Environment Programme in 2008 the SCENEs network is again active. The SCENEs network is made up of 9 Scout Centres in 7 countries around the world. All SCENE centres provide environmental education, have high standards of environmental management and are in areas which allow Scouts to access a high quality natural environment. environment European Union Eco Label awarded! After 18 months of work KISC was finally awarded the European Eco Label in recognition of offering environmentally sound services in a sustainable manner. annualreport

14 staff It is the volunteer Staff at Kandersteg International Scout Centre who make it possible for Baden-Powell s dream to stay alive. They come here and spend 3 months, or more, of their lives creating the Magic that makes this Centre so special and that keeps BP s dream alive! The Staff work in all areas, keeping the facilities up to date and serving our guests. With their many duties, they all have an important part to play from cleaning the toilets to guiding the thousands of guests who take part in activities with us. Most of all, the Staff form the basis for the international Scouting atmosphere present here at KISC. Staff statistics Year Staff total Countries * * Including the new High Season Staff 14 The Staff organisation is quite unique, structured to facilitate a tailored programme to meet the needs of the Centre. We have a full time Director, and Short Term and Long Term volunteer staff who come from all around world to work for World Scouting. The Staff Team is constantly evolving and, in 2008, we created four new Long Term Staff positions: Front Office Assistant, to support the smooth running of the Reception during Winter; and three new fixed-term project positions Project Manager, Programme Development Assistant, and Environmental Co-ordinator. We also changed our Programme In-Camp position to International Friendship Assistant, to lend greater support to our International Friendship programme. All five of these positions have allowed the Centre an opportunity for growth and development, and have greatly enhanced the Centre s overall operations. Another new staffing development for 2008 was the introduction of Summer High Season Staff, which lent extra support to the overall staff team during the six busiest weeks of the Summer season. K a n d e r s t e g I n t e r n a t i o n a l S c o u t C e n t r e P a u l a ( F I ), D e n i s e ( N L ) a n d O t t ( E E ), S u m m e r S t a f f The time a Scout or Guide spends at Kandersteg International Scout Centre as Staff is an experience of a lifetime. Here, the Staff build life-long international friendships, while experiencing and learning about many different cultures and all while having great fun! We thank all Staff for helping to continue the Permanent Mini Jamboree at KISC, and for making the 85th year of operation at KISC such a special one for over 11,000 Scouts and Guides who visited us during the year! Staff in history From the early Swiss Alpine Club members to today s Committee, voluntary commitment has always kept the Centre running. The first full-time director, Kurt Metz was employed from 1973 and since then, more and more international volunteers helped provide the best service to our guests. In 1977, 14 volunteers from 13 countries worked in KISC. By now, every year more than 80 Short Term Staff, from almost 30 countries, volunteer for three months at the Centre, supported by Long Term Staff members.

15 K a n d e r - L o d g e, A u t u m n saw two sub projects completed as part of the Next Generation Chalet Project. In the spring The Nordic Room was renovated by our Staff. The room was stripped completely down to its structure and rebuilt with new materials. More storage space and better beds were put in and the room is now brighter and more usable than before. The room was officially opened at the General Assembly in June by Jaakko Weuro of the Nordic Council. On the Campsite sites 83, 84, 85 were completely renovated. This involved digging out the campsite and remaking it with a new, better draining construction. The result are campsites that will not flood as easily and will provide a more pleasant stay for our guests will see the completion of the Kander-Lodge. The Old Chalet Ground Floor renovation is planned for autumn. Kander-Lodge Work began on the Kander-Lodge in early July. The first job for the KISC Staff and helpers was to strip the Kander-Lodge of all its material. This took place in Mitholz where the building had been used as an exhibition centre for the new NEAT train tunnel. Throughout July and into August Paul Lawerson and a team of helpers worked on making the building ready for its move to Kandersteg. In September the Kander-Lodge made its way up the S bends to Kandersteg where it was assembled in September. Once the walls and roof were on it was time for Paul and the Autumn Short Term Staff to get to work. Over autumn they worked on preparing the ceiling and walls as well as making all the parts for the Kander-Lodge beds. As winter started there was a rush to get everything finished in time for the first snows. The insulation and ceiling of the building were finished and the Kander-Lodge was ready for the cold winter season. nextgeneration chalet project Over the autumn many companies from Kandersteg and further away did work on the Kander-Lodge. The electrical, plumbing and heating work was all done by local companies and although there is still much to do, work has progressed quickly. The installation of a wood pellet system was completed and the heating system is already running to keep the Kander-Lodge at a temperature suitable for the work to continue. N o r d i c R o o m c e r e m o n y, S p r i n g annualreport

16 thekiscassociation G The KISC Association supports the International Scout Movement by operating, through a volunteer staff team, a World Scout Centre in Kandersteg. In 2008 we welcomed 89 new members of which 8 are Life Members and Gerakan Pramuka (ID) as Life NSO Member. Besides Life Members we also welcomed 4 Groups, 51 Individual Members and 25 Youth Members. By the end of 2008 the Association totalled 699 Members in 43 countries across the world. WOSM in Kandersteg history Hubert Martin, the first director of the World Scout Bureau, committed his time and energy in finding and raising the funds to create the Centre and later became the president of the Scout Alpine Club in He was therefore involved in the strategic planning of the programme at KISC. Until today, members of the World Scout Committee and the European Scout Committee are appointed members of the KISC Committee and so guarantee a close connection to the institutional bodies of the World Scout Movement. Honorary Members The Association, at present, has 11 Honorary Members: John Beresford (UK) Pierre Bodineau (FR) Arthur Eugster (CH) Desmond Fay (MT) Hans Beat Gamper-Hess (CH) Heinrich Graf (CH) Andreas Henrici (CH) Nicos Kalogeras (GR) Wilhelm Mezenen (CH) Michael Pat Patterson (UK) Walter Hoffstetter (CH) With great sadness we said goodbye to Peter Eigenmann (CH), Honorary Member, who has Gone Home in September The aim e n e r a l A s s e m b l y, S p r i n g In providing an International Scout Centre, the Association aims to: Promote the growth of international friendship among Scouts and Guides from around the world. Contribute to the personal development of each individual by using the methods and principles of Scouting. Further International Scouting and Guiding according to the principles of the World Organisations (WOSM and WAGGGS). Provide practical opportunities to enjoy a real Alpine experience. Peter will always be remembered as a dedicated Scout who embraced KISC and who not only is responsible for the New Chalet but also helped KISC through a less easy time. In 2009 Peter (scout name Hächu) will get his own building Hächu s Lodge on the Campsite, as a tribute to his dedication. K a n d e r s t e g I n t e r n a t i o n a l S c o u t C e n t r e

17 T h e C o m m i t t e e m e e t s a t K a n d e r s t e g, A u t u m n thekisccommittee The Kandersteg International Scout Centre Committee met three times in in March, in June before the General Assembly and in November. Together with a successful volunteer staff structure we have all the resources necessary for an exciting time at Kandersteg. We would like to thank all present and previous Committee Members for their hard work and continuing support of the Centre. At the General Assembly we said goodbye to John Gemmill World Scout Committee representative, Davide Capecchi Italian Scout Federation representative and Mikko Lamminpää Nordic Scout Council representative. The General Assembly elected the replacements for the NSO representatives: the last empty seat for Individual Members was filled when Eliane Baumann was elected. An important change to the KISC Statutes was approved as well as the accounts for 2006 & With 84 members present, representing in total 157 votes, the 2008 General Assembly was a success. The realisation of the Kander-Lodge, the budget 2009, the programme development and the history projects are amongst the many subjects that were on the agenda for the 3rd Committee meeting in November Thijs Stoffer (NL) Individual (Chairman). Mr. Simon Rhee (KR) seat World Scout Committee. Felix Strebel (CH) seat Swiss Scout Movement. Stefano Della Torre (IT) Italian Scout Federation. Mads Hansen (DK) Nordic Council Chris Wanley (UK) The Scout Association Dan Ownby (US) Boy Scouts of America. Beat Wenger (CH) Individual (Chairman of the Steering Committee). David McKee (UK) Co-opted (director WSB-ERO). Tania Roach (UK) Individual. George Hourdakis (GR) Co-opted. Marc Lombard (CH) seat Swiss Scout Home Foundation (Vice-Chairman). Paolo Fiora (IT) seat European Scout Committee. Danny v. Houtum (NL) Scouting Nederland Klaus Legler (DE) German Scout Federation. Res Küttel (CH) Individual. Adrian Straubhaar (CH) Individual. Eliane Baumann (CH) Individual. annualreport Members of the Committee

18 85yearsofkisc B This past year, we celebrated 85 years of Kandersteg International Scout Centre. KISC has a rich history and many stories to tell. Let s take a short look at how it began and what the future might hold. The World Scout Centre was founded after Lord Baden-Powell stated his wish of having a Permanent Mini-Jamboree. The Swiss Chief Scout, Walther von Bonstetten, made this dream come reality, together with Baden-Powell and the first director of the World Bureau. After sorting out the financing details the Chalet was bought and developed. Scouts from all over the world visited Kandersteg, experienced high mountain hikes and enjoyed international friendships. a d e n P o w e l l a n d v o n B o n s t e t t e n s h a r e a c a m p f i r e. K a n d e r s t e g, members. In the coming years the newly built Kander-Lodge and newly purchased Sunneblick Chalet will continue to allow us to offer extra facilities to more guests. The programme offered to guests has also changed and became more diverse: high adventure in the mountains is, of course, still an important element of programme activities. In the last year we have specifically developed and created History activities. Kandersteg International Scout Centre is prepared for another 85 years of fun, adventure and Scouting. 85 years of support We would like to express our sincere thanks to both WOSM and MSdS for their constructive and continuous support of KISC in the past 85 years!. Until today the magic of Kandersteg remains unbroken and every year attracts more than 11,000 guests from all over the world to this special place. More than seventy young Scouts and Guides volunteer every year at the Centre and keep Baden-Powell s dream alive- and today it is more alive than ever! The Centre keeps growing: every year more visitors are cared for by more staff 18 K a n d e r s t e g I n t e r n a t i o n a l S c o u t C e n t r e

19 F l a g B r e a k, S u m m e r The year 2008 was an intense year in which there were a few excellent possibilities to tighten the relationship between WOSM, MSdS and KISC. The 38th World Scout Conference was an important conference in the history of WOSM, both showed in the number of delegates present and the agenda. The KISC presence was well noticed and gave us ample opportunity to strengthen relationships with these 2 important Founding Partners was also the 1st full year in which the position of Director of KISC was part of the KISC Association, while still keeping some work on a World and European level. All parties involved are happy with the results of this change. MSdS and KISC In 2008 we had the pleasure of hosting 3 events of the Mouvement Scout de Suisse 1 on national level and 2 on Cantonal level. We also saw a slight increase of members of MSdS who came with their group as a result of the special packages we are offering. Work continued with the World Scout Bureau on the re-launch of the SCENEs programme (Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment) as part of the task of the Environment Educational Task Team (part of the Educational Methods Committee of the World Scout Committee). Work also continued with the European Scout Region in preparation of the 11th Joint Guide & Scout Centre Manager s Conference Thank you! We would like to thank the following organisations and individual donors for their financial support to KISC: Fontes Stiftung. Arthur Eugster / Frack. The Nordic Scout Council (Nordic Room). Stiftung für das Behinderte Kind. wosm Lotteriefonds Kanton Bern. Gemeinde Kandersteg. Stiftung Denk an mich. PTA Fonds. Donald & Carolyn Thom. All donators to the Peter Eigenmann Tribute Fund. Marion Polak Fund. annualreport

20 Production Text: Mark Knippenberg, Gillian Farrell, Jens Sheeran, Tom Sweeney, Kerstin Riedl, Conny van Zuijlen. Design: Ricardo Rodrigo Pérez (Tati). Translation: Res Küttel. Printing: Tanner Druck AG, Langnau i. E. Kandersteg International Scout Centre CH-3718 Kandersteg, Switzerland Tel (0) Fax ++41 (0) Copyright 2009 KISC E u r o p e a n S c o u t R e g i o n a l M e e t i n g, W i n t e r