April 29 th May 5 th RSPCA week. Visit the Dogs Trust and take a dog for a walk. Get a pet! Visit the Zoo

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1 Nursery Activities and Events Summer 2018 Here is a list of activities that we will be celebrating and discussing over the next term (May August 2018). Please take note of the 'Ideas for Home' box that will enable you to join us! Date and Event/Activity What we will be doing in Nursery Ideas for Home April 29 th May 5 th RSPCA week Talk about animals, what animals do we have at home? Find out about animal lives, animal families, animal homes, animal diets. Make an animal home with Junk Modelling Talk about how we should look after animals Visit the Dogs Trust and take a dog for a walk. Get a pet! Visit the Zoo 1 P a g e

2 May 1st: May Day (UK) May Pole Dancing Make a flower garland/hoop to carry Look at Morris Dancing. Look out for May Bank Holiday Celebrations May 1st May 7th: Children s Book Week Trip to the library Who is our favourite author? Create a book review Create a book display about our favourite book/authors Dress up as our favourite book characters Trip to the library Share our favourite stories at bedtime Have bedtime stories May 2nd Princess Charlotte s Birthday Make A Birthday card to send to the Princess. Make a birthday board and birthday wish list Who is in Princess Charlottes Family? Visit Kensington Palace. 2 P a g e

3 May 5th: Cinco De Mayo (Mexico) Find Mexico on the Map Listen to Mariachi Music Enjoy some Mexican Food, Tacos or Fajitas Have a Piñata Have a Mexican Meal Make a Sombrero May 4th Space Day Make a space rocket Have a trip to the moon. Find out about space and the solar system Junk Model Planets Trip to Chichester Planetarium. Star Gazing May 13th: World Play Day Children s Right to Play Day What are our favourite games? Spend the day at the park playing out favourite games Why is physical play so important? Let s play outside!! Go out for the day and play at the parks, beach, anywhere. Have lots of fun in the sun! May 15th June 15th: National Smile Month Have a visit from the Dentist Practice brushing our teeth Counting how many teeth we have Look at good/bad oral hygiene Sorting foods that are good and bad for our teeth. Visit a dentist Practice brushing our teeth Buy a new toothbrush 3 P a g e

4 May 15th: National Family Day Talk about who is in our family Make a family tree Paint family pictures/create a family display Talk about our Little Monkeys Family. Have a family meal Go on a family outing Visit family you haven t seen for a while Research your family. May 19th: Royal Wedding Make a Wedding Card for Prince Harry and Meghan Have a Royal Tea Party Make our own crowns Make the Union Jack Watch the Royal Wedding Attend the Royal Wedding Celebrations in Broadwater or the Town Centre Have a Street Party May 21st: Victoria Day (Canada) Find out about Queen Victoria Find a Canadian Flag Make a Canadian Flag Are they any other Victoria s in the world, eg Lake Victoria, Victoria Falls Have Maple Syrup Pancakes for breakfast. 4 P a g e

5 May 30th: Cheese Rolling Festival (UK) Taste different cheeses Look at how cheese is made What is our favourite cheese? Can we roll a babybel? Cheese Rolling Races Cheese Cooking cheese straws, cheese muffins etc Enjoy a cheesy tea!!!! June 1st National Donut Day Make our own Donuts Create our own flavoured donuts Make a graph about our favourite donuts Visit Krispy Kreme Have Donuts for tea? June 4th June 10th: Child Safety Week Talk about how we can keep safe Look at road safety Who keeps us safe? Police, lollipop people, drs,etc Discuss P.A.N.T.S. How do we keep safe at home? 5 P a g e

6 June 9 th : Trooping the Colour Talk about the Queen Make a Bearskin Hat March in time with each other Talk about the different Armed Forces Watch the parade on television June 14 th July 15 th : Football World Cup in Russia Where is Russia? Who do we think will win? Create our own World Cup Trophy Who will England be playing? Find out about one of our players/the manager? Watch a match June 15th: MacMillan Cancer Dress up and Dance Take Photo Booth pictures to sell Dress up as a dancer Take part in Dance activities Have a dance around the house to your favourite songs Buy your Photos 6 P a g e

7 June 15th: National Bug Busting Day: Go on a bug hunt What is our favourite bug? Butterfly Paintings Are there bugs in your gardens? Create a bug habitat box June 16th Save the Children Den Day Find out what the Songkran Water Festival is. Lots and lots of water play Find out about Thailand? Where is it? Can we learn to say a few Thai words Have a Thai visitor Have a Thai Banquet June 17th: Father s Day Make Fathers Day Cards Invite our Daddy s to tea Spoil our Daddy s with breakfast in bed Have a celebratory lunch ir dinner Go for a nice family walk somewhere special 7 P a g e

8 June 24th: Midsummers Day Talk about the longest day Make a calendar Learn our months of the year Have tea outside June 29th: International Mud Day Create Mud Pies Make Mud Painting Who lives in the mud? Make our own swamps and muddy puddles to jump in and explore Create a Muddy puddle to jump in 2nd July 15th: Wimbledon Go on a walk and take tennis racquets to play some tennis Make a trophy for the winner Look at Tennis Champions Find out about Andy Murray/Johanna Conta Watch a little bit of the Championship 8 P a g e

9 July 4th: American Independence Day Colour an American Flag Look at where America is on the World Map Have an American Tea (Pumpkin Pie, Blueberry Pie, Pancakes) Have an American Tea Talk about holidays to America you may have had Look at American Landmarks July 7th: Chocolate Day Make chocolate cookies/cakes Where does chocolate come from? What different types of chocolate are there? What is your favourite chocolate? Chocolate tasting. Have a chocolate tea party July 10th Teddy Bear Picnic Day Have a Teddy Bears Picnic Bring our favourite teddy to school Make a sandwich for our tea Create some cakes Find out about famous teddy s (Winnie the Pooh) Attend our teddy bears picnic Have your own Picnic at home 9 P a g e

10 July 15th: St Swithin s Day Make a Weather chart Investigate rain and drying measure puddles Splashing in puddles What is rain? What does it taste like? What does rain do and where does it come from? What happens if it rains today? Go for a walk in the rain Buy new wellies July 22nd Prince George s Birthday Make George a Birthday card Have a birthday party for him Have a tea party July 23rd July 29th: National Parks Week Find out what the National Parks are Visit the South Downs for a walk What makes the National Parks special? Trip to the South Downs or New Forest National Parks for the weekend Go camping in the New Forest 10 P a g e

11 July 30th: International Day of Friendship Who are our friends? Why are our friends special? What makes a good friend? Make a friendship card to send to our best friends Have a day trip with our friends August 1st: Lammas Day Talk about what Harvest is Look at flour and how it is made Trip to the windmill at High Salvington Make bread Taste different types of bread Make our own sandwiches Trip to High Salvington Windmill Make our own picnic lunch Look at breads on offer at the shops Visit a bakery August 16th Tell a Joke Day Create a joke book What is our funniest joke? What makes us laugh? Can we do practical jokes? Have a comedy show What it our funniest joke? Watch some funny shows Can we make each laugh. 11 P a g e

12 August 29th: La Tomatina (Spain) Find out what La Tomatina is? Where is Spain? Look at different tomatoes; plum, cherry, yellow, tomberries etc Taste tomatoes Tomato cooking: Tomato soup, Tomato Tart Visit Spain to experience La Tomatina Have a tomato fight as is traditional! August (T.B.C): - Graduation Graduation Ceremony at Nursery for all the children and their families Talk about going to school School displays Dressing up in school uniform and have a school day Talk about going to school School Visits Stories about going to school Buying school uniform 12 P a g e