4 MAP Navigate the Southeast! 24 CULTURE AND EVENTS You will be swept away by fascinating culture and world-class events.

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2 4 MAP Navigate the Southeast! 6 ATTRACTIONS A host of museums and attractive settings will bring moments of joy and wonder to all. 10 CHURCHES Moments of tranquillity can be found in many of the region's churches. 12 SCENERY AND PARKS Choose your favourites from the region's award-winning parks. 14 SEA AND ARCHIPELAGO The sea and gorgeous archipelago invite you on an adventure. 18 HIKING, FISHING AND OTHER ACTIVITIES Hiking and fishing opportunities and a huge range of activities will keep you active. 24 CULTURE AND EVENTS You will be swept away by fascinating culture and world-class events. 28 ACCOMMODATION You are guaranteed a good night's sleep in the region's high-quality accommodation. 31 RESTAURANTS AND CAFÉS Culinary pleasures for even the most demanding palates! 34 SHOPPING AND SERVICES Tourists are catered for by a range of small retailers, shopping centres and services. Download the free Southeast mobile guide from the Google Play Store, Windows Store or Apple App Store, using the searchword kaakko135 and select the route of your choice from the wide selection. Route information is also available on the internet. Publisher: Southeast135 tourism/2014 Production: Nitro ID Printing press: PunaMusta Oy Images: Image banks of the cities, municipalities and various actors: Juha Kärkkäinen, Pekka Vainio, Mika Honkalinna, Timo Vesterinen, Sininen Akka Oy, Pertti Illi, Mikko Nikkinen Translation: Semantix Finland Oy The data was compiled in December Subject to changes. Southeast135 is situated on the south-east coast of Finland on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It consists of the cities of and Hamina and the municipalities of Pyhtää, Miehikkälä and Virolahti. Close to everything but far from ordinary, Southeast135 includes some of Finland's most beautiful landscapes, through which international breezes blow. Rich culture, fascinating sights, countless shopping opportunities and authentic nature in the form of forests, rivers and the sea will lure you to the region and make you want to stay longer. Go to the following address for more information on mobile routes and more precise downloading instructions: 2 3

3 NAVIGATE THE SOUTHEAST! PYHTÄÄ Founded in: 1347 Population: 5,377 Surface area: 781 km² 15 min KOTKA Founded in: 1879 Population: 54,873 Surface area: 941 km² 25 min HAMINA Founded in: 1653 Population: 21,256 Surface area: 1,155 km² 25 min VIROLAHTI Founded in: 1336 Population: 3,487 Surface area: 440 km² 25 min MIEHIKKÄLÄ Founded in: 1887 Population: 2,177 Surface area: 559 km² MIEHIKKÄLÄ VIROLAHTI HAMINA PYHTÄÄ KOTKA 4 5

4 Southeast135 is a place for doing and experiencing things. Its many attractions and sights provide plenty of activities for people of all kinds: children and adults, families, groups of friends or single travellers. Visitors of all ages will be fascinated by local highlights such as the Maritime Centre Vellamo and the Maretarium. This year, a treat is in store for history buffs with the 125th anniversary of the Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge and the exhibition on the life of Russian Czar Alexander III at Vellamo. MARITIME CENTRE VELLAMO Tornatorintie 99, Tue, Thu Sun 11 am 6 pm, Wed 11 am 8 pm, Mon closed 8/6 Free entry for under-18s free entry for all Wed 6 pm 8 pm 4 Museum Ice Breaker Tarmo (open 15 May 31 Aug) Situated in the City Port, Maritime Centre Vellamo is bursting with stories, experiences and events. The exhibits in the Maritime Museum of Finland and Museum of Kymenlaakso tell fascinating stories of seafaring and life in general in Kymenlaakso. Information Centre Vellamo hosts a treasure trove of books, archives and digital material. Museum Shop Plootu and Restaurant Laakonki complete the scene with tempting fare, while in the summer there is an outdoor exhibition and the Museum Ice Breaker Tarmo can be boarded. EVENTS AND EXHIBITIONS AT MARETARIUM MARITIME CENTRE VELLAMO TEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS FROM ONE VENUE AND ATMOSPHERE TO ANOTHER Southeast135 is full of surprises, both big and small, around every corner. A hike in a park, or time spent exploring a museum or enjoying the peace of a church, will take you below the surface of life here. But there's more to life than tranquillity. Many venues also offer pulse-raising action and excitement. A selection of the best, unmissable pastimes in the Southeast135 is given in this publication. MARETARIUM Sapokankatu 2, /11/ adults + 1 child 6.50 for each child thereafter 1 Jan 1 Jun 10 am 5 pm, Wed 12 noon 7 pm, 2 Jun 24 Aug daily 10 am 7 pm (excl. 20 Jun 10 am 2 pm) 25 Aug 7 Dec 10 am 5 pm, Wed 12 noon 7 pm 8 25 Dec closed for maintenance At Maretarium, Finnish fish species are displayed in a life-like aquarium setting. Over 60 species of fish and small aquatic animals can be viewed. You can also explore a nature photography exhibition, watch nature films, engage in activities in the nature school, enjoy lunch in the café and buy souvenirs from the Meripuoti Sea Shop. In the summer, a diver feeds the fish in the Baltic Sea tank daily at 3 pm. The aquarium provides learning experiences, entertainment and fun for the whole family. 1 Feb 2 Mar Nature Photographs of the Year Apr 31 May Natural Scenery Around the Imperial Fishing Lodge: Nature Photography by Pekka Vainio 15 Mar Diving theme day 6 Apr Langinkoski Nature Photography Afternoon 1 Jun 31 My Nature: Nature Photography by Timo Vesterinen 4 6 Sep Closer Look at the Flora and Fauna of the Eastern Gulf of Finland 1 Aug 30 Sep Sakke Yrjölä, Fish Watercolours 5 Dec Night of the Fish 10 Jan 30 Mar Pilots of Light. through the Eyes of Four Painters. 14 Feb 18 May Alexander III and Finland - Imperial Summer Holidays 9 May 18 Jan The Jug and the Church Bell - Shipwrecks from the Middle Ages 13 May 21 Sep Photography Exhibition: Touching the Ground - Garbage from the Baltic Sea 6 Jun 12 Oct Veiled as Vampires - the Secret World of Bats 14 Nov Mar 2015 Ville of Suursaari - Landscapes from the Life of J. W. Mattila 6 7

5 Ivan Kramskoi: Portrait of Aleksander III The Russian Museum, St Petersburg SALPA LINE MUSEUM Säästöpirtintie 70, Miehikkälä 8 for adults 5 for children (7 16 years old), conscripts, students, senior citizens, May Wed Sun 10 am 6 pm, the unemployed June August 10 am 6 pm September Wed Sun 10 am 6 pm, open for groups throughout the year by reservation You can explore the fortification equipment at the museum site along guided routes threading through varied forest terrain. A café and BUNKER MUSEUM Vaalimaantie 1318, Virolahti 5 for adults 2 for children (7 16 years old), conscripts, students, senior citizens, the unemployed June August 10 am 6 pm, 10 family ticket and at other times upon request (2 adults and 1 3 children) You can explore the exciting bunkers and other fortifications, nestling in the lap of nature in the outdoor museum area. Indoors you can learn about the fascinating history of the Salpa Line's construction extending from Virolahti, and view temporary exhibitions on themes ALEXANDER III AND FINLAND 14 Feb 18 May Maritime Centre Vellamo The Russian Museum of St. Petersburg, the Museum of Kymenlaakso, the National Museum of Finland The exhibition includes oil paintings and watercolours, as well as articles from the Imperial Porcelain Factory and Fabergé. Some of the exhibits are on display in Finland for the first time. National Board of Antiquities museum shop offer their services in the museum's service facilities. relating to the natural world. Experience the Salpa Line on a mobile device: We are celebrating our 125th anniversary! Welcome! LANGINKOSKI IMPERIAL FISHING LODGE Keisarinmajantie 118, Group reservations: Kymenmatkat Oy FLYING MUSEUM OF KARHULA FLYING CLUB Lentokentäntie 234, HAMINA CITY MUSEUM Kadettikoulunkatu 2 B, Hamina SHOPKEEPER'S HOUSE MUSEUM Kasarminkatu 6, Hamina HAUKKAVUORI LOOKOUT TOWER Keskuskatu 51, Open daily May Sep 10 am 4 pm Open daily Jun Aug 10 am 6 pm Closed on 21 June and in winter 6 for adults 5 per person (for groups of at least 10 people) 3 for children (6-14 years old) September May Wed Sat 12 noon 4 pm, June August Tue Sun 10 am 4 pm, Situated in the Langinkoski Nature Reserve, the fishing lodge of Alexander III, Czar of Russia, is Sun 12 noon 5 pm, otherwise during exhibition seasons, the only building formerly owned by the Czar that has been preserved outside Russia. Here, the Jun Sep Tue Sun 11 am 6pm June August Tue Sun 10 am 4 pm, group reservations by order Czar relaxed by fishing and chopping wood, while the Czarina enjoyed preparing meals for her May, Oct Dec Fri Sun 11 am 6 pm May September 10 am 6 pm, family. An imperial atmosphere still envelopes the fishing lodge and its environs. The fishing 5/4/3 lodge's 125th anniversary is now under way, accompanied by a range of events in the museum and at other times upon request, area and. The Maritime Centre Vellamo is also running an exhibition on this period, free entry 2/1/0, 5 combined three-museum ticket 2/1/0, 5 combined three-museum ticket The old water tower is located on the highest Alexander III and Finland. point of nsaari Island. The tower s vantage The only aviation museum in Kymenlaakso In 1783, Russian Empress Catherine the Great Completed in 1841, the wooden building point is 72 m above sea level and offers great was created when members of the Karhula and Carl III, King of Sweden, held negotiations housing the Shopkeeper's Museum is of high 14 May Anniversary Seminar at Maritime Centre Vellamo views over and the archipelago. It also Flying Club had the idea of preserving old in 'Catherine's Palace' built around The value in terms of its cultural history. The Main speaker Professor Emeritus Matti Klinge. Other speakers include Archbishop Leo of houses an Italian restaurant, Restaurant la gliders. The special mission of the museum is museum moved into the building in It museum presents Finnish-Russian retailing Karelia and All Finland (Finnish Orthodox Church) and Juhani Kostet, Director General of the Majacca, and temporary art exhibitions. to preserve the heritage of Fighter Squadron includes an exhibition on the history of traditions from the early 1900s. National Board of Antiquities. In the afternoon, the archbishop will bless the renovated facilities 34, which operated from Kymi in Hamina and various temporary exhibitions. Part of the outbuilding is open to the public. at Langinkoski and declare them open to the public. 8 during the war. 9

6 SHRINES OF SPIRITUAL HISTORY ORTHODOX CHURCH OF ST NICHOLAS Isopuisto Park, Jun Aug Tue Fri 12 noon 3 pm, Sat Sun 12 noon 6 pm, guide available ST JOHN'S CHURCH Raatihuoneentori 10, Hamina This was the third church built for the town s inhabitants after its predecessors were de- ST MARY S CHURCH Pikkuympyräkatu 36, Hamina The medieval stone church dedicated to St Mary is the oldest building in southeastern stroyed by fire. The church yard contains a Finland (form 14th century). During a structur- Southeast135 is home to churches from different eras. The fabulously renovated St Mary's Church in Hamina has been reopened to visitors. If you are seeking a few, tranquil moments visit this church and marvel at its magnificent organ and that of the Church of. Almost all churches in the region also serve as 'road' churches, being easily accessible to stop-over visitors. Picture: the new organ in St Mary's Church The Orthodox Church of St Nicholas was built between 1799 and 1801, based on plans drawn up by architect Jakov Perrin. A neo-classical shrine with Byzantine features. This church is modern 's oldest building and Finland's second oldest Orthodox church. soldiers graveyard with memorials of soldiers who died in the Winter War and those who were left in Karelia during the war. Designed by Carl Ludvig Engel, this church was consecrated on Midsummer s Day 1843 and named after John the Baptist. See the Southeast on a mobile device: Architecture, Art and Culture al renovation in 2013, the church received e.g. a splendid new organ and altar. Ecclesiastical items from the 18th century onwards are on display in the museum room in the southern wing of the church. churches CHURCH OF SAINT HENRY Harjuntie 11, Pyhtää Jun Aug 11 am 4 pm (excl. 20 Jun) The atmospheric grey-stone church of Pyhtää was built around Its original exterior has remained almost intact, and its interior is decorated with wonderful medieval frescoes. CHURCH OF KOTKA Kirkkokatu 26, Jun Aug Sun Fri 12 noon 6 pm, Jun closed. Guide available. This Neo-Gothic church was completed in 1898 and was designed by architect Josef Stenbäck. The narrow tower of this red-brick church is 54 metres high. CHURCH OF KYMI Suntionkatu 18, visits by separate agreement, Completed in 1850, this clean-lined, neoclassical empire-style building was consecrated as St John s Church in Midsummer ORTHODOX CHURCH OF ST PETER AND ST PAUL Raatihuoneentori 2, Hamina Dedicated to the apostles Peter and Paul, this Orthodox church was built at the beginning of the 1830s. This round place of worship designed by Italian architect Louis Visconti represents neoclassicism and the Byzantine style. The church hall contains almost 60 icons and paintings of various sizes and ages. CHURCH OF VIROLAHTI Kirkontie 500, Virolahti This wooden cruciform church was built in under the supervision of the famous church builder Tuomas Ragwaldinpoika Suikkanen of Ruokolahti. The church's ground plan is unusual, since the arms of the crucifix it forms narrow towards the tip. CHURCH OF MIEHIKKÄLÄ Muurikkalantie 6, Miehikkälä Jun Aug Mon Thu 9 am 3 pm, Fri 9 am 1 pm This church was consecrated in November The exterior of this brick church combines Neo-Gothic architecture and other architectural styles of the late 19th century. The original organ, made by the Zachariassen Organ Factory, still has its 10 original organ stops and exterior

7 For information on the area's amazing parks, see: THESE SURROUNDINGS ARE JUST ASKING TO BE EXPLORED JOKIPUISTO PARK Karhula, DON'T FORGET THESE PARKS Southeast135 is all about fascinating surroundings and intriguing places. The range of sights worth exploring date from the distant past to the present day, including creations by the greatest architects of our time as well as 's award-winning parks. Hamina's city centre, based on an almost unique circular town plan, is one of the region's most fascinating sights. Above: Hamina's unusual circular town plan was created by Axel von Löwen in Built in 1789, the Town Hall is the centre point of the circle. Jokipuisto Park, under construction on the shore of Korkeakoskenhaara on the River Kymijoki, is worth a visit. Although not yet finished, its unique character is already evident. The park's key themes are the river, the park s extremely high-level environmentally friendly construction, its impressive namelabelled seating, its sculptures and the meandering, burbling stream which feeds the lily pond with river water and crowns the park. Water lilies of various colours bring splendour to the pond. The park also has picnic tables with barbecue facilities, and a playground for small children in particular. Kumparepuisto Park The best sledging hill in Herb Garden Redoubt Herbs for all tastes, plants labelled in braille Visitors can enjoy a broader view of the City of Hamina and its history from the ramparts of the fortifications surrounding the city centre. The outward pointing corners of this star-shaped fortress's outer walls form six bastions named after the six Finnish citadels of the time: Helsinki, Hamina, Savonlinna, Lappeenranta, Hämeenlinna and Turku. HAMINA BASTION Raatihuoneenkatu 12, Hamina HAMINA TATTOO INTERNATIONAL KATARIINA SEASIDE PARK nsaari Island, SAPOKKA WATER GARDEN nsaari Island, SCULPTURE PROMENADE nsaari Island, MILITARY MUSIC FESTIVAL The largest of Hamina's bastions is the central bastion built in Its 58 casemates (reinforced vaults) were originally designed as The Seaside Park offers exceptionally open The Sapokka Water Garden has won more The Sculpture Promenade is a large outdoor See page 25 for bomb-proof storage areas. and wide vistas, dominated by the southern awards than any other park in Finland. gallery in which, during both festivals and further details horizon. Suursaari island s rocky form can be Water, stone, lighting and varied greenery ordinary days, the sculptures come to The arena built in the Hamina fortress provides an amazing, unique clearly in the Gulf of Finland on most days. formed the basis of its design, as did the people rather than the other way around. It's setting for various events. The largest, regular events held here There are also activities for all tastes, from a idea of one park containing several smaller 'backbone' is formed by the Linden Boulevard include the Hamina Tattoo featuring international military bands, half pipe to a labyrinth of reflection. In 2012, ones without disturbing the harmony of running parallel with Keskuskatu, whose DON'T FORGET THESE VENUES Night of Lights and Christmas at the Old Arches. The arena was built the park was given the ELCA International the overall impression. Due to its variety of renovation earned it a national environmental in 1998, by erecting Europe's largest summer canopy, with stages and Trend Award and the environmental Structure microclimates, from strong heat to deep structure award in The Sculpture Park William Ruthin katu, Karhula. spectator areas, within the Central Bastion of Hamina's fortress, which Award. shade, it has a broad range of labelled plants, won the Pro Sculptura medal of the Association Alvar Aalto's Sunila. Stockfors Mill Area, Pyhtää was mainly built in the 1700s. some of which are highly exotic. of Finnish Sculptors in

8 EASTERN GULF OF FINLAND NATIONAL PARK The park comprises the outer archipelago of the most easterly municipalities, whose hundred islands and islets are scattered far from the mainland and inhabited islands. This is part of the network formed by the Baltic's key protected areas. The Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park is best experience by the boat of your own - or just hop on a scheduled service boat and enjoy the bracing sea air. Boaters will find beautiful natural harbours and quest marinas. A regular passenger boat service travels to Ulko-Tammio Island during the summer. To protect the nesting sites, half of the islets may not be entered during the summer. On the other hand, some have services such as camp-fire sites with firewood. Anniversary Year for Gulf of Finland For the Gulf of Finland's Anniversary Year of 2014, Finnish, Estonian and Russian experts will assemble to develop cooperation in securing the sustainable exploitation of the Baltic Sea. You can participate through environmentally friendly actions both large and small reduce your footprint and recycle more. Participate in the Gulf of Finland Year 2014 events the Maritime Festival and the Hamina Tattoo! DOWNLOAD THE ARKTIKA ROUTE! Birds and sounds for the whole family on your mobile device: ON THE SEASHORE AND ON RIVERBEDS Southeast135 is about breath-taking sea views, a diverse archipelago and fair winds. The sea offers everything from rugged islets to inhabited islands with authentic fishing villages. What better way to celebrate the Gulf of Finland's theme year than by embarking on an archipelago outing? You can enjoy an adventure with your own boat or a scheduled boat service. WHY NOT WADE ASHORE ONTO THESE SOUTHEASTERN BEACHES? We take good care of our swimming beaches! On many, you will find changing cubicles, a WC, refuse bins, picnic places and playgrounds. In addition, plenty of wild shorelines can be found on the islands and the mainland. ARKTIKA DAYS Leerviikki, Virolahti Arktika, the mass migration of birds, is one of the most spectacular sights provided by Finland's bird life. In May, millions of waterbirds and hundreds of thousands of geese migrate via the Gulf of Finland to their nesting places in the Arctic tundra. Virolahti is one of their main migration routes. PYHTÄÄ Huutjärvi KOTKA Santalahti, Mansikkalahti, Äijänniemi HAMINA Pitkäthiekat, Rampsinkari VIROLAHTI Valkjärvi MIEHIKKÄLÄ Myllylampi 10th anniversary of the Arktika Days! 14 15

9 EMBARK ON A CRUISE! SUMMER CRUISES Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun 2pm-3pm on 16 Jun-15 Aug Guided cruise around nsaari Island on the Tekla III tour boat. Outward/return journey on the archipelago ferry boat, Thur 1pm 3 pm on 3 31 July island cruise to Kukouri and Varissaari in the company of role-playing guide Joe Jordan. Tekla III tourboat. Outward/return journey on the archipelago ferry boat, Wed 7 pm-around midnight on 11 Jun-20 Aug Song Cruise to Kaunissaari On the Kajava. Outward/return journey on the archipelago ferry boat, INDEPENDENTLY BY THE SEA HAAPASAARI ISLAND Haapasaari is around one and a half hours from by boat. The island has a shop, guest landing stage and a 19th century church and school. During the summer, the school building hosts art exhibitions and the Nature Information Hut of Metsähallitus. LEHMÄSAARI ISLAND Transport Services in the Archipelago In summer, regular boat traffic runs from to islands Kaunissaari, Varissaari, Lehmäsaari, Kuutsalo and Haapasaari and from Hamina to Tammio and Ulko- Tammio islands. Kaunissaari and Haapasaari are served by business transport services throughout the year. In addition, various theme-based archipelago cruises are organised and you can book your own private cruise. Independent travel is a comfortable, low-priced way of exploring nature and the archipelago. You can decide on the schedule yourself, with no one creating a cruise programme on your behalf. The south-east archipelago and other destinations are within easy reach for independent travellers. You can easily reach the archipelago using your own or a rented boat, or in local style by scheduled motorboat service. Lehmäsaari is a popular island for outdoor activities. Its lagoon-shaped boat shore is sheltered and the island is criss-crossed by several shoreline paths. There are no services on the island, but it is a great place for a picnic. You can reach the island by a scheduled boat service. M/AUX VIVAN TRADITIONAL SAILING BOAT Experience the time-honoured galeas atmosphere and sail to the archipelago of the Eastern Gulf of Finland! Cruises by reservation around the clock. EAST ISLAND OY Virolahti , Sales: JaPi-matkat The Charlotte cruise boat offers cruises by order for companies, organisations and private customers, from spring to late autumn. Catering can be ordered, we have a license to service alcohol, plus a sauna and the option to stay overnight. C-ADVENTURE We offer sailing trips in the Eastern Gulf of Finland on our Lagoon 440 luxury catamaran. Theme cruises, meetings, occupational wellbeing cruises, weddings, anniversaries etc. Enjoy a relaxing, luxury day-long cruise with friends or customers on a sailing trip, anchored in the shelter of the islands or including a restaurant visit. Follow your day at sea with a relaxing sauna or an enjoyable dinner in a restaurant. Our vessel is fully AV equipped. We provide the perfect catering, in line with the customer's wishes. Welcome to sailing with a difference! KAUNISSAARI ISLAND Pyhtää With its shoreline storehouses and boatsheds, this lush island has a historic atmosphere. In the summer, the island bursts into flower. The island has a shop, cafe and restaurant, as well as a beautiful archipelago. Gallery Mari has an exhibition of summertime art. Boat services to Kaunissaari island run from Sapokka harbour in several times a day, in June-August. For further details see TAMMIO ISLAND Hamina In its day, Tammio was the most southerly outer island village in Hamina. Its natural landscape is formed of glaciated and rocky shores and shoreline meadows. The island is still inhabited year-round. Housed in an old fishing hut is a local museum devoted to life in the archipelago (open in the summer). In summer, a scheduled boat service runs from Tervasaari in Hamina. VARISSAARI - FORT ELISABETH ISLAND Directly off the coast of, this island is quarter of an hour from the mainland. It has a summer restaurant and small swimming beach with barbecue facilities. You can explore the island's history on a signposted trail. Varissaari can be reached from May to August, between 9 am and 8 pm from Sapokka harbour in

10 SALPAPOLKU TRAIL The Salpa Trail is a 50-kilometre long one-way hiking trail in Virolahti and Miehikkälä. This trail traverses landscape typical of Southeast Finland, partly following the Salpa Line. You can experience the imposing presence of Finnish military history along the trail by exploring the fortifications and museums. STAY ON THE MAP! Get your own Southeast trail map from the regional tourist information service! Download mobile route maps from: ACTIVITY COMES NATURALLY Southeast135 is about a range of activities within arm s reach. You are just moments away from the rippling sea, freely flowing rivers and the whispers of wild forests. Struck by the dazzling beauty of the waterways, everyone is sure to find a destination to suit their preferred activity, be it hiking, fishing or bird watching. There are countless alternatives, from shooting the rapids to gentle walks and quiet appreciation of nature. VALKMUSA NATURE TRAIL Harjuntie 886, Pyhtää The Valkmusa National Park is enchanting at any time of the year. The expansive bog areas provide a habitat for an abundance of birds and butterflies. The national park has a 2.5 km duckboard trail with an observation tower. See SANTALAHTI NATURE TRAILS The Mussalo district in has two nature trails of around 2.5 km. One of them traverses virtually untouched forest terrain and the area s western shores. The shoreline trail takes you to the rocky southern shores of the Gulf of Finland. PORTIMO TRAILS Hamina The network of hiking trails connecting the villages of Husula, Kannusjärvi and Kitula on the northern side of Hamina concists of over 40 km of hiking trails. They are marked in the forest with blue dots and with signposts at junctions. Shelters and look-out towers are located on route

11 FISHING ON THE ENCHANTING RIVER KYMIJOKI... The River Kymijoki offers a varied choice of activities and magnificent wilderness scenery, with coastal forests and meadows. Local service providers arrange activities such as rapids swimming, river cruises and rafting and fishing trips. You can also try fishing on your own; all you need is a fishing permit.... OR IN A VARIETY OF WAYS AT SEA The Southeast135 also offers a range of sea fishing options. You can go salmon trolling on the open sea in summer, sea trout fishing or trolling in the autumn, and fishing for inner-archipelago pikeperch, perch and pike in the Eastern Gulf of Finland. Baltic herring and burbot fishing during the spawning season also provide unforgettable experiences. You can fish on the rolling billows of the sea, or on a peaceful rocky shore with a rod the choice is yours. Did you know that 2,900 kilos of salmon and 1,300 kilos of trout are caught each year in the River Kymijoki. It is also Finland's most southerly river, in which activity lovers can raft, swim and canoe down the rapids. GONE FISHING! Buy your fishing licence and enjoy a worry-free fishing experience. KYMIFISHING OY Kymijoentie 2, Mon Sun, 8 am 6 pm Kymi Fishing is one of the leading companies in Finland specialising in river fishing of salmon and sea trout. We are also experts in sea fishing of pike, perch, sea trout and pikeperch. Sauna and accommodation facilities under construction along the River Kymijoki in 2014 guarantee a convenient, high-quality package. ERÄMYS-KEISARINKOSKET OY Whitewater rafting excursions and fishing on the River Kymijoki, meeting services, catering and sauna services are available in two superb rapids venues in the Kymijoki wilderness. FISHING CENTER KOTKA Kymijoentie 55, Fishing and nature excursions on the River Kymijoki and in the sea area, plus whitewater rafting in the Kymijoki wilderness. We also supply fishing gear. VIMPA ISLAND Vimparaitti 29, Hamina open daily, year-around by appointment Gain memorable experiences on Vimpasaari Island and the eco-archipelago village of Rakinkotka. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while fishing or arrange a meeting with a difference, pamper yourself in a smoke sauna and take a dip in the clear seawater. Crown your evening with delicious local food based on the island's delicacies. Holiday cabins are KARHUSAARI Karhusaari, open by reservation during the open water season With its full range of services, Karhusaari Island fulfils the most demanding requests! Gorgeous surroundings provide the setting for a memorable day, with log buildings providing hotel-standard accommodation and unique dining experiences. 20 also for hire. 21

12 UUPERINRINTEET Hamina Viirankankaantie 237, Hamina DOWNHILL MOUNTAIN BIKING IN SUMMER Uuperi doubles as a ski resort in winter and a downhill mountain biking park, the Uuperi Ghost Bike Park, in summer. The winter slopes have an altitude difference of 77 m, with six slopes and four lifts. AHOLAFARM Kirkkovuorentie 291, Hamina Open by appointment HEVOSHOVI OY Myllykylän kartano 30, Hamina KOTKA GOLF CENTER Niinilahdentie 2, / SIRIUS SPORT RESORT Kotitie 10, Pyhtää Tue Thur 10 am 8 pm, Fri 10 am 10 pm, Sat 9 am 10 pm and Sun 9 am 7 pm. On Mondays open to groups (min. of 20 persons) and pro-flyers only, by advance reservation. Flying is Sirius! A totally new kind of experience-based sporting venue was opened in Finland in July Flying, humankind s oldest dream, has become a reality with fun and safety guaranteed. Besides flying, both beginners and pros can ride the surf laid on at Sirius. After dizzying performances, why not relax in our quality restaurant or celebrate the evening in our champagne bar? Sirius is about experiences, togetherness and fun. New experiences for work and leisure time! On offer is a passenger ride in a rally car and services ranging from off-roading to forest weddings. In our idyllic converted barn, you can arrange an event, an inspiring meeting or even a family reunion in a congress environment with a difference. FUN FOR THRILL ADDICTS! Approved by the Finnish Equestrian Federation, these active private stables and riding school provide a framework for riding of all kinds. ENJOY A REFRESHING SWIM IN OUR SWIMMING POOLS! KATARIINA INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL Puistotie 9-11, KARHULA INDOOR SWIMMING POOL, Karhulantie 46, HAMINA INDOOR SWIMMING POOL, Puistokatu 1, Hamina RUISSALO INDOOR SWIMMING POOL, Ruissalontie 10, Hamina ENJOY AN ACTIVE LIFE! Why not try out gliding, karting or wall climbing? Items such as skis, snowshoes and bicycles are for hire locally. An 18 holer in varied terrain. Plenty of water hazards and challenging greens. Golf Restaurant

13 THE KOTKA MARITIME FESTIVAL FINLAND'S LIVELIEST MARITIME CARNIVAL JULY Great music of all kinds, fun and the warmth of summer, a fun fair and Finland's largest opening parade, culture and joyful children, the maritime spirit and an international atmosphere are all on offer. This is what the Maritime Festival is all about, as well as many, many other unforgettable experiences. Finland's largest carnival of its kind, the Maritime Festival is centred around the Maritime Centre Vellamo, with its amazing architecture, in City Port. The festivities include culture with a maritime flavour, such as concerts of all kinds from rock to church music. The Sea Song of the Year competition, Maritime Festival Jazz, various exhibitions, street theatre and the Children's Maritime Festival. There will be a total of 200 events! GANGUT REGATTA JULY The Gangut Regatta is a sailing boat race which will set off from on 22 July It is held in memory of the battle of Riilahti, which will be commemorated in Hanko on 27 July, on the three hundredth anniversary of Peter the Great's victory. CULTURE, ACTION AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES Southeast135 is about song, theatre, music, art, countless events and everything in between. The region s cultural life is exceptionally strong due to its long international past. A breath of air from far-off lands mixed with local creative power leads to something unique. The summertime in particular is a golden period for culture, with Finland s top events drawing tens of thousands of people to the region year after year. HAMINA TATTOO MILITARY MUSIC FESTIVAL 29 JULY 2 AUG This major international celebration of military music will be held on 29 July 2 Aug this year. The theme is the Baltic Sea, which can be heard and seen in the form of Baltic-themed art and, of course, music inspired by the Baltic Sea. International music and joyful celebrators will fill the streets, parks and shores of Hamina. Military bands around the world will perform music with both a military and lighter flavour in a number of concerts. The highlights of the week are the March Shows at the Hamina Bastion. There will also be numerous free concerts in the Kesäpuisto (Summer Park), a Tattoo parade and a Tattoo street with market stall and musical performances. The gardens and courtyards of the old fortress town of Hamina will open to the public for the first time. The Tattoo Club at the Market Place will be open daily, with an evening programme including everything from pop hits to jazz

14 FROM CELEBRATIONS TO EMOTIONAL MOMENTS February 1 Feb Critics' Day, theme: The Peacetime Frontier at Pähkinäsaari two Finlands, Main Library, 2 23 Feb Children's Culture Weeks, Pyhtää,, Hamina, Virolahti, Miehikkälä 9 Feb Old-time Family Celebration, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä 9 Feb 3 pm Valentine's Concert, Restaurant Kairo, 14 Feb Our Day, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä March 2 Mar Shrovetide Celebration, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä April 21 April Easter Celebration for the Whole Family, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä May 1 May May Day Reception and Spring Concert, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä May Hamina International Dog Show, Hamina 13 Jan 29 Dec Mon 7 pm East Coast Jazz Club Meri Cafe Kristina, Sapokankatu 2, 10 May Diorama Competition based on a Salpa Line Theme, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä 11 May Mothers' Day, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä 14 May Anniversary Seminar for the Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge and Inauguration of the New Facilities, Maritime Centre Vellamo/Langinkoski, May Arktika Bird Excursion, Rakinkotka Ecovillage, Hamina 17 May Arms Fair, Hamina May Maretarium Fish Marathon, May Arktika Days, Virolahti May Arktika Bird Excursion, Rakinkotka Ecovillage, Hamina 24 May Athletics All-stars Competition, Karhula Sports Field, 25 May Summer Season Opening Service, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä 25 May Opening of Monrepos Exhibition, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä 31 May Activity Display, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä 12 Jun Stockfors Art Fair 2014, Pyhtää 31 Aug Jun Rollo Swimming, Katariina Swimming Pool, 13 Jun Devotional Concert of Orchestra Korsuorkesteri, Church of Miehikkälä 15 Jun Midsummer Market, Klamila Port, Virolahti 15 Jun Kesä-Heikki s Medieval Market, Pyhtää Jun Salpa Hike, Virolahti and Miehikkälä 28 Jun Little Markets of Little Villages, Suur-Miehikkälä Social Centre, Miehikkälä 29 Jun Trotting Practice, Pellinkangas Trotting Track, Miehikkälä 11 Jun 13 Aug Park Concerts on 30 Jun Kymenlaakso Folk Art and Wednesdays, 6 Jul Music Festival, Miehikkälä Sapokka Water Garden, July 1 6 Jul Kymenlaakso Folk Art and Music Festival, Miehikkälä 5 Jul Kaunissaari Day, Pyhtää 5 Jul Home Region Festival, Miehikkälä 7 9 Jul Django Festival, French Gypsy Music, 7 12 Jul Finnish Petanque Championships 2014, Hamina 7 13 Jul Virolahti Week, Virolahti 9 Jul Battle of Svensksund Anniversary Cruise, traditional sailing ship m/aux Vivan. Outward/return journey Kantasatama, City Port 11 Jul Summer's Day for Children, Bunker Museum, Virolahti 12 Jul Vastila Regatta, Pyhtää 12 Jul Fish and Soul, Klamila Port, Virolahti 13 Jul Picnic of the Czar, Langinkoski, 13 Jul Sour Gruel Festival, Klamila Port, Virolahti 16 Jul 's 135th Anniversary, Day, Jul Finnish Women's and Men's National Golf Championships, Mussalo Golf Course, Jul Southeast Chamber Music, Virolahti 19 Jul Wilderness Hike, Virolahti Jul The Gangut Regatta, 2 Aug Aviation Day, Flying Museum, 7 10 Aug Nordic Cadet Meeting NOCA, 9 Aug Kymijoki Day, region-wide Aug Pyhtää Week, Pyhtää 15 Aug Tango Concert, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä Aug XXII Pyhtää Archipelago Market, Pyhtää Aug August Tango, Pyhtää Aug National Athletics Championships for year-olds, Karhula Sports Field, 30 Aug Ancient Fires of Kaunissaari Island, Pyhtää 30 Aug Ancient Fires, Katariina Seaside Park, September 5 6 Sep Fashion Night & Culture, 6 Sept Light up our Evening, Miehikkälä 19 Sept Night of lights Cultural Festival, Hamina September: Lecture Series on Military History, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä November 1 Nov Halloween Celebration, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä 9 Nov Fathers' Day, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä Nov Organ Music Week, 29 Nov Opening of Christmas Season, Market Place, December 5 Dec Independence Day Dance, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä Dec Christmas at the Old Arches, Hamina 14 Dec Christmas Market, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä 31 Dec New Year Celebration and Fireworks, Hamina Subject to changes THEATRES AND GALLERIES KYMI SINFONIETTA Keskuskatu 33, Office address: nkatu A top international orchestra in Kymenlaakso! Celebrating its 15th anniversary, this orchestra gives concerts performed with fiery passion, from beloved classics to swinging melodies, conveying the joy and energy of live music! Concerts are performed on Wednesdays in and Thursdays in Kouvola. See the fantastic concert programme at UUNO KLAMI COMPOSITION COMPETITION This internationally renowned Finnish competition highlights and promotes modern European composition in honour of Uuno Klami, the cosmopolitan composer who gave the competition its name. The III International Uuno Klami Composition Competition will culminate in autumn 2014 with a tremendous final concert played by Kymi Sinfonietta. Uuno Klami Composition Competition, c/o Kymi Sinfonietta, Keskuskatu 33, , KOTKA CITY THEATRE Keskuskatu 15, City Theatre Spring Opening Nights Stockfors Exhibition Hall, Harjuntie 111, Pyhtää Mon Fri 11 am 5 pm Jul Maritime Festival,, 1 Feb Voitto kotiin (Victory), Neighbour Stage See page 34 for Gallery Mari, Kaunissaari Island, Pyhtää Mon Fri 9 am 4 pm 15 Feb Susi sisällä (The Wolf Inside), Main Stage Art Port Taidesatama, Tornatorintie 124, June Jul Children's Maritime Festival, Market Days! 12 Apr Aladdin ja ihmeellinen lamppu (Aladdin and Photographic Centre, 4 8 Jun Kymijoen Lohisoitto Music Festival, and Pyhtää, Vuorelankulma 2, the Magic Lamp), Main Stage 29 Jul Hamina Tattoo Military Music Festival, Gallery Uusikuva, Satamakatu 9, Professional theatre specialised in musicals and quality drama, performed on 29 Apr Räjähdysvaara (Danger of Explosion), 7 Jun Children's Saturday, Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä 2 Aug Hamina Kyminlinna Summer Theatre, Sutelantie 84, 8 13 Jun Church Music Week, Miehikkälä Neighbour Stage Gallery Savarte Art, Kirkkokatu 13, three stages: the large main stage in the 9 Jun Church Music Week, Church Concert, Miehikkälä August Gallery Nikolai, Keskuskatu 9, Theatre House and the Neighbour 11 Jun Church Concert by Jukka Hallikainen, Miehikkälä 2 Aug Aino and Reino Road Race, Pyterlahti, Virolahti Karhula Workers' Theatre, Stage, as well as Restaurant Kairo. 11 Jun Park Concerts on Wednesdays, Sapokka Water Garden, 2 Aug Day of Events for the Whole Family, Eteläinen Karjalantie 3, 13 Aug Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä Gallery Ruutikellari, Roopertinkatu 11, Hamina Hamina Theatre, Isoympyräkatu 30, Hamina For an up-to-date round-up of events, see:

15 ORIGINAL SOKOS HOTEL SEURAHUONE KOTKA Keskuskatu 21, open 24 h At the heart of the city, in the midst of life. Our facilities are infused with history and culture, being equipped with spacious and comfortable rooms and adjustable meeting and group work spaces. We provide flexible first class opportunities for successful meetings and effective working hours and leisure time. A central location, bustling atmosphere and varying list of additional services guarantee a successful stay. SANTALAHTI HOLIDAY RESORT Santalahdentie 150, open year round Holiday cabins and luxury apartments by the sea. The apartments are located on the southern slope next to the beach. All resort services and the golf course are within walking distance. Santalahti is Southern Finland's only five-star camping site. WONDERFUL FOOD, SWEET DREAMS AND GREAT SHOPPING Southeast135 is about delicious food, great shopping and a wide range of accommodation options. While a variety of fish treats are provided in this shoreline region, there is a great deal more to try in the Southeast. Your taste buds are sure to appreciate the flavourful sour gruel of Virolahti and the traditional posso marketplace pastry sold in. The region's many shopping areas, the second largest shopping centre in Southeastern Finland, busy market places, boutiques and service providers all ensure that tourists have plenty of choice. After an active day, be sure to enjoy a good night's sleep. Accommodation options vary from hotels to holiday cabins, and from manor-level accommodation to locations by the sea. The region also includes Southern Finland's only five-star camping site. HOTEL LEIKARI Haminantie 261, reception open 24/7 CUMULUS KOTKA Tiilikuja 9, online reservations 24 h accommodation A varied service package in Rantahaka,. Turris Hotel Leikari provides accommodation, catering and meeting services. It also has two saunas and a pool area. We are located at the junction between the E18 and Highway 15. This cosy hotel, ideal for both business and leisure trips, is located 7 km from the centre of, by route E18. Friendly service and a cheerful atmosphere guarantee that you will want to stay longer in! 28 29

16 NEXT HOTEL KARHULAN HOVI Ahlströmintie 26, open by reservation NEXT HOTEL PATRUUNANTALO Harjuntie 111, Pyhtää open by reservation INN KUNINKAANTIEN MAJATALO Kierikkalankatu 33, Welcome to the wonderful Karhulan Hovi! Spend some time with us in downtown Karhula, by the River Kymijoki. We cordially welcome you to hold your major and everyday celebrations and meetings here. Bed and breakfast accommodation is available between May and August. Patruunantalo is a versatile manor for lodging, meetings and parties, to which you can bring even your most demanding clients. Only an hour s drive from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area! The Inn Kuninkaantien Majatalo provides rooms for 1 3 sleepers at affordable prices. There are communal bathrooms, toilets and a kitchen. 40 per person per night. RESTAURANTS AND CAFÉS RESTAURANTS IN KOTKA/MERETA OY Mereta Oy is a service company from whose local entrepreneurs spare no effort in making sure that every Finn is well fed. Our boys and girls give a 100% promise of individual and delicious experiences, both during the working week and on special occasions. Mereta has several restaurants in and on Kaunissaari, Pyhtää. Peruse our menus, try our food and fall in love with it! CAFÉ MERITUULI Summer café by the sea. Try our famous Kaunissaari stone-oven pizzas and other café delicacies. Kaunissaari, Pyhtää KAUNISSAAREN MAJA A summer restaurant in the midst of the gorgeous Gulf of Finland. Kaunissaari, Pyhtää MAJATALO TORPPA Mäenpääntie 144, HARJUN HOVI Katariinankuja 19, Virolahti SPA HOTEL HAMINA Sibeliuskatu 32, Hamina This newly renovated hotel has 31 high-quality and well-appointed rooms. Its wonderful pool section will be opened in February New licensed hotel restaurant. Welcome to enjoying our hospitality! Enjoy the comfort of this cosy inn in a countryside setting close to the rich fishing grounds of the River Kymijoki and near an outstanding location for outdoor activities, a motorsports centre and the centre of. Ideal for group and family accommodation. HAMINA SEURAHUONE Pikkuympyräkatu 5, Hamina This hotel has 12 comfortable rooms, for both single travellers and family groups. Within the hotel, both the Czech style beer restaurant Hostina Kompas and Restaurant Seurahuone are at your service Office open Mon Thu 8 am 4 pm, Fri 8 am 2:45 pm Beat a path to Harjun hovi! Idyllic manor surroundings offer a great setting for parties, training sessions, excursions and occupational well-being days. Accommodation and catering services for larger groups too. Welcome! PYHTÄÄ RENTAL CABINS Munapirtti, Pyhtää Welcome to enjoying the sea breeze and natural tranquillity, in cosy shoreline cabins within the setting of Pyhtää's most stunning archipelago. RESTAURANT VAUSTI Concert Hall, Keskuskatu 33, Wed Thu 3 10 pm, Fri 3 11 pm, Sat 4 11 pm Welcome to temptation! We offer trendy world flavours within delicacies befitting a port town. Local and Finnish raw ingredients are a priority for us. Selected with love, prepared with affection and enjoyed with all the heart! Click here to read the verdicts of our guests: eat.fi/kotka/vausti RESTAURANT LAAKONKI Maritime Centre Vellamo, Tornatorintie 99, Tue, Thu Sun 11 am 6 pm, Wed 11 am 8 pm Restaurant Laakonki handles all food and beverage services on behalf of Maritime Centre Vellamo. A cup of coffee with Finnish sweetbread between enjoying a stroll, a sip of wine as a break from sightseeing, services for a large seminar or an office party all under the same roof close to the sea. RESTAURANT KOTKAN KLUBI Kirkkokatu 2, open weekdays 10 am 3 pm, otherwise by advance reservation Our banquet table is ready for both everyday and special events! n Klubi is a versatile lunchtime restaurant that also caters for meetings and private bookings, in a classic, beautiful milieu in the centre of

17 restaurants CAFE TULIKUKKO Sapokankatu 3, RESTAURANT & CHAMPAGNE BAR SKYFALL Kotitie 10, Pyhtää Tue Thur 10 am 9 pm, Fri 10 am 10 pm, Sat 9 am 10 pm and Sun 9 am 7 pm Rest your mind by the sea, admire the boats glimmering in the sun and savour our aromatic specialist coffees. Enjoy the heat of the sun on our shoreline terrace and raise a bubbling glass to your excursion. In addition to flying and surfing, Sirius' charming Skyfall restaurant and The broadest range of teas and coffees in, home-baked cakes and luxuriant champagne bar offer amazing culinary experiences. Business our famous salmon soup will tempt you to stop by. On a full stomach, and pleasure are best mixed by kicking off your busy day in one of you will be ready to continue on your journey from our berth directly Sirius' three modern meeting facilities, with room for 1 60 people. to the archipelago. We offer breathtaking excursion experiences and delicious catering packages for companies and groups. RESTAURANT KEISARINSATAMA Metsontie 41, Mon Fri 11 am 4 pm, Sat 12 noon 8 pm From 1 May Mon Fri 11 am 10 pm, Sat 12 noon 10 pm, Sun 12 noon 8 pm Restaurant Keisarinsatama is a family restaurant established in an old brewery in In the summer, you can enjoy a meal on the terrace. You can also enjoy gorgeous sunsets while sipping a glass of the Ukko beer brewed on the premises. HOTEL LEIKARI Haminantie 261, A café-restaurant on the E18, 15 minutes from City Centre. The restaurant has 240 seats and the café has 100. Buffet every day, from 11 am 6 pm, a la carte menus in Finnish, English and Russian. A child's menu is also available and the main restaurant facility has a small play area. BAR&CAFE PAUSSI Marketplace, open every day, check service hours A cosy café and bar in the very heart of, providing the ideal place to relax with a coffee or drink. Paussi offers a wide range of quality self-service products and salad lunches, from 11 am. You can rely on Paussi by 's covered market. RESTAURANT CAR PÄÄTEPYSÄKKI Tornatorintie 99, open May to September, check opening times An authentic 1950s mail car by the sea has been converted into a comfortable summer café restaurant, next to Maritime Centre Vellamo. Upon request, Päätepysäkki also serves customers in the winter. There are 35 seats inside and 150 seats on the terrace and an outdoor counter during the summer. RESTAURANT WANHA FISKARI Juha Vainion katu 2, Mon Fri 11 am 10 pm, Sat 2 pm 8 pm (from 1 May 2 pm 10 pm) Take time to enjoy and savour the wonderful flavours of real food. We source the raw ingredients for our culinary experiences from local fishermen, organic producers and responsible producers. Our professional staff guarantee an excellent dining experience. KAMU! Sibeliuskatu 32, Hamina open every day This quality restaurant will open in February 2014, as part of SpaHotel Hamina. As well as culinary experiences based on great food and wine, Kamu! offers a haven for tea and coffee lovers

18 SHOPPING AND SERVICES MARKET PLACES IN KOTKA market place city centre, Kustaankatu 2. A market is held on the first Thursday of each month, except May 8. Karhula Market Place Vesivallinaukio. Goods for sale on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 6 am to 2.30 pm. Hamina marketplace Summer markets during May to August and an evening market on Fridays, programme begins at 4 pm. Midsummer Week Thursday 19 June. Virojoki summer markets In the courtyard of Virojoki Municipal Hall from 7 June 13 September on Saturdays 8 11 am, and on Midsummer Eve during Midsummer week. Pertunmarkkinat (St Bartholomew s Day Market) Saturday 23 August (no market in Virojoki). Klamila Summer Market by Uuno Klamin Road on Fridays from 6 pm to 7.30 pm on 6 June 15 August, except Midsummer week. Miehikkälä summer market Organised in Kirkonkylä village centre on Fridays, 6.30 pm 8 pm, 6 June 22 August (excluding Midsummer week Thu 19 June). No summer market on Pelimanni Day, Fri 4 July. MARKETS OF THE SOUTHEAST 20 Jan Heikin markkinat - winter fair, Hamina 8-9 Mar Kymen Grand Market, Ruonala Sports Hall, 27 Apr Spring Fair, Hamina May Fish Market, 24 May Karhula Spring Festival, Karhula Market place, 29 May Hela 2014 Boating Supplies Market, 4-8 Jun European Food Market, Lehmuskuja, 14 Jun Aholafarm Country Fair, Kirkkovuorentie 291, Hamina Jun Sepramarkkinat, Traditional Fair, Hamina 15 Jun Kesä-Heikki's Medieval Market, Pyhtää 7-9 Aug Elomarkkinat Fair, Hamina 23 Aug Pertunmarkkinat (St Bartholomew's Day Market), Virolahti 31 Aug Karelian Market, Miehikkälä 28 Sept Herring Market, Klamila Port, Virolahti 9-10 Oct Autumn Fair, Hamina Oct Fish Market, Sapokka, 1-2 Nov Kymen Grand Market, Ruonala Sports Hall, 22 Dec Tuomaanmarkkinat Fair, Hamina Thursdays 3 Apr, 2 May, 5 Jun, 3 Jul from 12 noon 1 pm Guided tour based on various themes LOCAL DELICACIES Lähipuoti Onni Kaivokatu 15, Kalamiehet Halonen (fish) Juha Vainion katu 99, Kuusinen, Kalamaja Kari Lampinen (fish) Juha Vainion katu 99, Kuusinen, Takaladon liha ja kala Pikkuympyräkatu 34, Hamina Finnish meat and fish Savu-Kari (fish) Satamakatu 1, Hamina Ellan Kala (fish) Katariinankuja 9, Virolahti Fish and Caviar Somerin Kala Kurkelantie 5, Virolahti Vaalimaan kala ja herkku (fish) Lappeenrannantie 11 A, Virolahti shopping PASAATI SHOPPING CENTRE Keskuskatu 10, Mon-Fri 7 am 9 pm, Sat 7 am 6 pm, Sun 12 noon 6 pm Pasaati is a diverse shopping centre right in the heart of. Our welcoming milieu has 90 businesses providing shopping, entertainment and various services. As the 15th largest shopping centre in Finland and the 2nd largest in south-east Finland, we can offer you an extensive selection of shops, restaurants, cafés and services all under one roof. Our high-quality brands and easy shopping are sure to bring a smile to your face. Pasaati is easy to reach by car, bus or even train. Parking in the 'Toripark' within the shopping centre is free for the first hour. PASAATI'S WIDE RANGE OF FASHION RETAILERS Fashion and beauty product brands at Sokos and Pukumies. Sokos Pasaati, Mon-Fri 9 am 8 pm, Sat 9 am 6 pm, Sun 12 noon 5 pm Pasaati Shopping Centre, Floor 2,, Mon-Fri 9.30 am 7 pm, Sat 9.30 am 4 pm, Sun 12 noon 4 pm Hakamäentie 1, A hypermarket for the whole family, with a regularly refreshed, affordable and broad selection. PEPITA Raatihuoneentori 14, Hamina Mon Fri 10 am 5 pm Sat 10 am 2 pm Fashions and accessories for ladies of all sizes and for little girls. SISUSTUS LAVENTELI Raatihuoneentori 12, Hamina Mon Fri 10 am 5 pm, Sat 10 am 2 pm Fresh interior ideas and quality products. LIVING HOME Keskuskatu 25, Mon Fri 10 am 5 pm, Sat 10 am 2 pm Interior design and gift shop. Our range includes Gant, Lexington and Linum. We also sell fabrics and sewing services. Welcome! VADELMATARHA FLEA MARKET Edelfeltinkatu 13, Irresistible shop for all the family. 34 on market days, 35

19 SOUTHEAST135 IS ALL THIS! MIEHIKKÄLÄ Pyhtää offers a vast range of activities. The fascinating Kaunissaari Island, hikers, or skiers favourite Valkmusa National Park and the Sirius Sport Resort are sure to raise your pulse rate. is the most beautiful of seaside cities. Established where the River Kymijoki meets the sea, this city has long traditions in seafaring. city centre is situated on an island. The City Port, dripping with the atmosphere of the past, is located on the northern shore of. E 18 HAMINA VAALIMAA VIROLAHTI KOTKA PYHTÄÄ Hamina is one of the oldest cities in Finland. Due to its location, it has also been of great military importance. The 360-year history of the town can be appreciated by exploring the city centre s circular town plan and fortifications. Virolahti represents the most authentic aspect of the Southeastern corner of Finland. The region is animated by its busy border crossing point and the associated services. Virolahti is an ideal spot for bird watching, due to the avian mass migration routes directly above Virolahti. ARCTIC CIRCLE HELSINKI STOCKHOLM TALLIN ST PETERSBURG Miehikkälä offers a beautiful rural landscape and Finnish military history in a single package. The municipality is crossed by the Salpa Line a defensive line from the Second World War. Finnish military history can be explored along the Salpapolku hiking trail, which winds its way along the Salpa Line. 36 HELSINKI 115 KM ST PETERSBURG 188 KM Southeast135 Tourism Tourist Information Hamina Tourist and Event Service Keskuskatu 6, Open Mon-Fri 10 am 5 pm 2 Jun 24 Aug Mon Fri 10 am 5 pm, Sat 10 am 3 pm Raatihuoneentori 16, Hamina Open Mon-Fri 9 am 4 pm 2 Jun 24 Aug Mon Fri 9 am 5 pm, Sat-Sun 10 am 3 pm Information Services Sales: ABC Majakka Pyhtää: Pyhtääntie 38-40, Pyhtää Jumalniemi / Anttila: Jumalniementie 7, Harry s River Cafe: Virojoentie 13, Virolahti Virolahti Vaalimaa Rajahovi: Rajahovintie 10, Virolahti KYMENMATKAT OY

Fermanagh Lakelands I Visitor Guide 2014 fermanagh lakelands.com

Fermanagh Lakelands I Visitor Guide 2014 fermanagh lakelands.com Fermanagh Lakelands I Visitor Guide 2014 fermanagh lakelands.com Cruising & Boating Visitor Attractions Arts & Crafts Activities Shopping Eating Out ransport ourist Services Accommodation & much more...

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Marshalls. Day Trips & Holidays 2015/16. of Sutton on Trent Ltd Working with the community for the community IMP TRAVEL. www.marshallscoaches.co.

Marshalls. Day Trips & Holidays 2015/16. of Sutton on Trent Ltd Working with the community for the community IMP TRAVEL. www.marshallscoaches.co. Marshalls of Sutton on Trent Ltd Working with the community for the community Day Trips & Holidays 2015/16 IMP TRAVEL 01522 513009 Working together for our passengers 01636 821138 www.marshallscoaches.co.uk

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Must see Attractions and Sights

Must see Attractions and Sights Must see Attractions and Sights Highlights Tips Great Heights - Top Sights Rupertiwinkel Bad Reichenhall Berchtesgaden Königssee www.bglt.de u1 Bad Reichenhall 1 Respiratory Rehabilitation Center Breathe

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Under the spell of Maaseik. > Maaseik information brochure > 2010 edition > Price: v 3,10

Under the spell of Maaseik. > Maaseik information brochure > 2010 edition > Price: v 3,10 Under the spell of Maaseik > Maaseik information brochure > 2010 edition > Price: v 3,10 Maaseik, keeping you on your toes 4 culture 6 4 A voyage through time at the Regional Archaeological Museum 6 The

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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Secrets of the Wild Atlantic Way...Go where the locals go

Secrets of the Wild Atlantic Way...Go where the locals go 50 Secrets of the Wild Atlantic Way...Go where the locals go CONTENT S 1 Introduction 1 2 Map of the Wild Atlantic Way Route and Discovery Points 3 3 Signature Experiences 4 4 North West Map 15 5 North

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Festivals: Challanges of Growth, Distinction, Support Base and Internationalization

Festivals: Challanges of Growth, Distinction, Support Base and Internationalization Festivals: Challanges of Growth, Distinction, Support Base and Internationalization TABLE OF CONTEST PREFACE 4 PART ONE An overview of the festivals involved in the project 10 1.1. A presentation of the

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The best shopping tips, sights, restaurants and hidden treasures.

The best shopping tips, sights, restaurants and hidden treasures. The best shopping tips, sights, restaurants and hidden treasures. with 2 walking tours & map 2014 4 26 60 80 104 4 CITY from north to south and east to west 26 CULTURE all over the place 60 SHOPPING till

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Secrets of the. Wild Atlantic Way

Secrets of the. Wild Atlantic Way 150 Secrets of the...go where the locals go Wild Atlantic Way 2014 / 2015 Edition Download the FREE Wild Atlantic Way App now - your official guide to the journey of a lifetime! INTRODUCTION CONTENTS 1

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Tall Ship Cruises That Dreams Are Made Of STAR CLIPPERS Tall Ship Cruises That Dreams Are Made Of CARIBBEAN CENTRAL AMERICA BALTIC SEA MEDITERRANEAN PANAMA CANAL OCEAN CROSSINGS November 2011 - April 2013 1 Welcome to STAR CLIPPERS I must down

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United States of America USA United States of America Land of opportunity San Francisco Amongst the many surprising things about the USA is that most first-time visitors find it very different from what they expect it to be. After

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GOOD TO KNOW. Step into a big little town.

GOOD TO KNOW. Step into a big little town. Big little town GOOD TO KNOW Step into a big little town. map of ikaalinen public offices, institutions And ServiceS. Town hall, Valtakatu Tourist office, information point Valtakatu Sata-Häme Soi office,

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ISSN 2086-2539. B a l i. Green. APRIL 2011 Rp. 30.000 www.nowbali.co.id

ISSN 2086-2539. B a l i. Green. APRIL 2011 Rp. 30.000 www.nowbali.co.id ISSN 2086-2539 LIFE ON THE ISlaND B a l i GOING GREEN APRIL 2011 9 7 7 2 0 8 6 2 5 3 9 3 9 APRIL 2011 Rp. 30.000 www.nowbali.co.id Going Green April 2011 www.nowbali.co.id 1 APRIL 2011 CONTENTS 6 OPENING

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United Kingdom. United Kingdom. An island heritage

United Kingdom. United Kingdom. An island heritage United Kingdom United Kingdom An island heritage For such a compact country the United Kingdom offers outstanding variety from London, a truly international city and the world s capital of theatre, fashion

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annual report 2013/2014

annual report 2013/2014 annual report 2013/2014 Annual Report of Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. and its subsidiaries as of 31/10/2014 2 Commentary from CEO 5 Operations Review 6 Content Consolidated Financial Highlights 8 Our History

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Welcome to the experience of a lifetime. We would all like to go on holiday all the time, but if we did, there would be nothing to look forward to,

Welcome to the experience of a lifetime. We would all like to go on holiday all the time, but if we did, there would be nothing to look forward to, CONTENTS PAGE 02 - CONTENTS PAGE 03 - WELCOME PAGE 04 - ERASMUS PAGE 05 - THE BOLOGNA PROCESS PAGE 06 - AUSTRIA PAGE 07 - BELGIUM PAGE 08 - BULGARIA PAGE 09 - CYPRUS PAGE 10 - CZECH REP. PAGE 11 - DENMARK

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G3713. Attracting Tourists to Local Businesses. Bill Ryan, Jim Bloms, Jim Hovland, and David Scheler

G3713. Attracting Tourists to Local Businesses. Bill Ryan, Jim Bloms, Jim Hovland, and David Scheler G3713 Attracting Tourists to Local Businesses Bill Ryan, Jim Bloms, Jim Hovland, and David Scheler Tourism and Retail Development Attracting Tourists to Local Businesses Bill Ryan, Jim Bloms, Jim Hovland,

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Take a Break Travel Inc.

Take a Break Travel Inc. Take a Break Travel Inc. 93 Wharncliffe Road North London, Ontario N6H 2A7 Phone 519-858-9985 Toll-Free 888-552-7444 www.takeabreak.ca TICO Retail #04485090 New Tours: Ray & Friends - Sep 16, Kinky Boots

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annual report 2012/2013

annual report 2012/2013 annual report 2012/2013 Annual Report of Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. and its subsidiaries as of 31/10/2013 2 Commentary from CEO 5 Operations Review 6 Content Consolidated Financial Highlights 8 Our History

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YEAR:15 NUMBER: 2014/5 SEPTEMBER 2014 YIL:15 SAYI: 2014/5 EYLÜL 2014 ISSN: 1301-4587 FİYATI: 8 TL

YEAR:15 NUMBER: 2014/5 SEPTEMBER 2014 YIL:15 SAYI: 2014/5 EYLÜL 2014 ISSN: 1301-4587 FİYATI: 8 TL turizm aktüel YEAR:15 NUMBER: 2014/5 SEPTEMBER 2014 YIL:15 SAYI: 2014/5 EYLÜL 2014 ISSN: 1301-4587 FİYATI: 8 TL What makes Istanbul one of world s Top 10 conference destination? İstanbul is one of the

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Recreation Guide Spring & Summer 2015

Recreation Guide Spring & Summer 2015 West Point Grey Community Centre Recreation Guide Spring & Summer 2015 4397 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6R 1K4 P: 604-257-8140 westpointgrey.org vancouver.ca/westpointgreyrec OPERATED JOINTLY BY THE

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DISCOVER FOUR SEASONS HOTELS AND RESORTS DISCOVER FOUR SEASONS HOTELS AND RESORTS WHO WE ARE We have chosen to specialise within the hospitality industry, by offering only experiences of exceptional quality. Our objective is to be recognised

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LET s GET. Uk, MALTA. TOGETHER and. CUBA, Mexico ITALY L A N G U A GES P L U S. 1 Organisation 7 Languages 32 Destinations Countless Memories

LET s GET. Uk, MALTA. TOGETHER and. CUBA, Mexico ITALY L A N G U A GES P L U S. 1 Organisation 7 Languages 32 Destinations Countless Memories 2013 & 2014 Uk, MALTA USA, Canada SPAIN CUBA, Mexico Ecuador, Costa Rica FRANCE GERMANY LET s GET TOGETHER and TALK! ITALY MOROCCO CHINA 1 Organisation 7 Languages 32 Destinations Countless Memories LEARN

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TheBurg. Free. June 2009. Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper

TheBurg. Free. June 2009. Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper TheBurg Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper June 2009 Free Glamorous Women in Paradise opening June 5 for Harrisburg s First Friday event, 7-9 PM Featured artists: Joanne Landis, Renee Weiss Chase,

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VisitLappeenranta. www.visitlappeenranta.fi. Brahenkatu 1 tel. +358 5 667 788. Open Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-16

VisitLappeenranta. www.visitlappeenranta.fi. Brahenkatu 1 tel. +358 5 667 788. Open Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-16 www.visitlappeenranta.fi VisitLappeenranta 2015 REGION Tourist Info Brahenkatu 1 tel. +358 5 667 788 Open Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-16 lappeenranta@gosaimaa.com www.visitlappeenranta.fi 2 i+ Tourist Info devices

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Public Spaces: How They Humanize Cities

Public Spaces: How They Humanize Cities TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction... 4 Public Spaces: How They Humanize Cities Authors: Debra Efroymson Tran Thi Kieu Thanh Ha Pham Thu Ha Editor: Lori Jones Photography: Debra Efroymson HealthBridge - WBB

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THESE FAIR SHORES. MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME Exclusive rental properties that you won t want to leave EASTERN AIRWAYS IN-FLIGHT.

THESE FAIR SHORES. MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME Exclusive rental properties that you won t want to leave EASTERN AIRWAYS IN-FLIGHT. EASTERN AIRWAYS IN-FLIGHT 39 Spring 2012 THESE FAIR SHORES We take a look at the South Downs from Hampshire to the Sussex coast ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: LOST IN TRANSLATION A LESSON IN CREATIVE WRITING DESTINATION

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Dear Exchange Student!

Dear Exchange Student! Guide to ELTE TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome 4 Legal matters (visa, residence permit, healt care) 7 Registration 18 Student id 20 Dormitories, housing 24 Libraries 30 University life 36 Budapest matters 38

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