VENICE 2008 Second International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste November 2008 Fondazione Cini, Venice, Italy

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1 VENICE 2008 Second International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste November 2008 Fondazione Cini, Venice, Italy Organized by: IWWG International Waste Working Group Technical University of Dresden (DE) University of Padua (IT) Hamburg University of Technology (DE) With the support of: Regional Government of Veneto Environmental Policy Department, IT Promoted by: BBE, German BioEnergy Association, DE CIWM, Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, UK DEFRA, Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK GEOSYNTHETICA, USA REA, Renewable Energy Association, UK Resource Recovery Forum, UK WMAA, Waste Management Association of Australia PRESENTATION The production of energy from alternative sources and its impact on climate change are among the main strategic tools implicated in the sustainable development of our society. Accordingly, numerous types of biomass and wastes contribute towards the production of energy and reduction in the use of fossil fuels by means of biological, chemical and thermal processes. Further to the above, in modern integrated waste management scenarios the waste-to-energy process allows the cycle to be closed. Existing biomass and waste-to-energy technologies are currently undergoing rapid development: processes are being optimised and new ideas for technical application proposed. Despite the growing interest in the use of these technologies, in many countries their implementation remains limited, chiefly due to reasons other than those of a technical and economical nature (i.e. scarce public acceptance, negative past experiences, insufficient knowledge, to mention but a few). The aim of the Venice 2008 Symposium is to focus on the advances made in the application of technologies for energy recovery from biomass and waste and to encourage discussion on relevant aspects such as: 1

2 reliability of processes and technologies, full scale applicability of new processes, technical and economical optimisation, improvement of energy balance, environmental impact and potential health effects, information and education, selection of the appropriate process for the specific situation, adaptation of technologies to different geographical and cultural situations. The Symposium Programme will last four days (three days of scientific sessions and one day for technical tours) and will include oral sessions, a poster session and a small exhibition by companies working in the field. The Symposium is organised by IWWG and the Universities of Dresden, Hamburg and Padua. IWWG (International Waste Working Group, is a registered no-profit organisation aiming to provide an intellectual platform to encourage and support integrated and sustainable waste management and to promote practical scientific development in the field. The group was conceived in 2002 as a think tank, the work of which is based on scientific principles oriented towards practical application. The IWWG is structured in such a way as to allow it to focus on a range of subjects, to react promptly to problems in the field, and to communicate efficiently within the professional community. The official journal of IWWG, Waste Management, published by Elsevier, has the highest impact factor in the field. Among the activities of IWWG is the organisation of Sardinia Symposium (further information on the website in cooperation with the Universities of Hamburg and Padua. THE SYMPOSIUM STRUCTURE The Symposium is structured in four Parallel Sessions (A, B, C and D). General Sessions A, Main Topic Sessions B and C focus on the main Symposium topics while Specialised Sessions D are devoted to the in-depth discussion of topics dealt with in General Sessions. In Sessions A, B and C contributions (20 minutes) are presented following a strict schedule, in order to enable delegates to plan participation adequately. Twenty minutes are devoted to discussion. In Specialised Sessions shorter lectures (10 minutes) are scheduled to facilitate the presentation of a larger number of studies and to allow for more detailed discussion and debate. Executive Programme Board Bernd BILITEWSKI, Technical University of Dresden (DE) Raffaello COSSU, University of Padua (IT) Luis F. DIAZ, CalRecovery Inc., Concord, CA, (USA) Rainer STEGMANN, Hamburg University of Technology (DE) International Scientific Committee Bernd Bilitewski, Technical University of Dresden (DE) Antonio Branco, Impresa General do Fomento, Lisbon (PT) Raffaello Cossu, University of Padua (IT) Luis F. Diaz, CalRecovery Inc. (US) Roberto Fanelli, Istituto Mario Negri (IT) Martin Faulstich, Technical University of Munich (DE) Mikhail Fedorov, St. Petersburg State Technical University (RU) Evangelos Gidarakos, Technical University of Crete (GR) Michele Giugliano, Technical University of Milan (IT) Dagmar Juchelkova, Technical University of Ostrava (CZ) Evangelos Kapetanios, Association of Communities and Municipalities in Attica Region (GR) Avraam Karagiannidis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR) Martin Kranert, Technical University of Stuttgart (DE) Peter Lechner, Universitat fur Bodenkultur, Vienna (AT) Karl E. Lorber, University of Leoben (AT) Stellan Marklund, University of Umea (SE) Toshihiko Matsuto, Hokkaido University (JP) Rainer Stegmann, Hamburg University of Technology (DE) Kit Strange, Resource Recovery Forum (UK) Giordano Urbini, University of Insubria (IT) Hans van der Sloot, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (NL) Peter Weiland, Federal Agricultural Research Center, Braunschweig (DE) Organizing Committee Patrizia Codromaz Raffaello Cossu Tiziana Lai Maria Cristina Lavagnolo Roberto Raga University of Padua (IT) Giorgio Bonomi Viviana Salieri Bruno Sartorello Silvia Zotto EuroWaste Srl, Padua (IT) Michela Giangrasso MG Michela Giangrasso, Cagliari (IT) 2 3

3 Scientific Secretariat Luca Alibardi Department IMAGE University of Padua Padua Italy Tel Fax General Manager Anne Farmer EuroWaste Srl Via Beato Pellegrino Padua Italy Tel Fax Conference Venue and Location Venice 2008 will be held in Venice in the prestigious setting of the Fondazione Cini on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore (in front of St. Mark s Square). Detailed information on the location of the venue is available from the Symposium website. Continuously updated information will be also available on the Web site: For further information please contact the address: daily programme Monday November 17 - Morning OPENING SESSION - Sala degli Arazzi :00 Registration 10:00 10:30 Introduction and welcome address Introductory presentations 10:30 11:00 R. Cossu (IT) The Carbon cycle in waste management systems: opportunities for GHG emission control 11:00 11:30 R. Stegmann (DE) Potentials of biological waste treatments technologies on energy production 11:30 12:00 B. Bilitewski (DE) State of the art and public acceptance of thermal waste to energy technologies 12:00 12:30 L. F. Diaz (US) Waste to energy options in Developing Countries 12:30 13:00 13:00 14:30 Lunch 4 5

4 Monday November 17 - Afternoon SESSION A1 - Sala degli Arazzi Incineration and co-incineration Chairman: B. Bilitewski (DE) A. Gerhardt, J. Maier and T. Glorius (DE) The RECOFUEL-project - Demonstration of co-firing of Solid Recovered Fuels in European lignite fired power plants F. Mark, J. Vehlow, B. Bergfeldt, H. Dresch, W. Grüttner, F. Kleppmann, B. Dima, M. Fischer, T. Lehner and K. Kramer (DE) Large scale demonstration of co-combustion of WEEE in the Würzburg waste incineration plant M. Frankenhaeuser, A. Klarin-Henricson, A. Hakulinen and F. Mark (FI) Co-combustion of solid recovered fuel and solid biofuels in a CHP plant at Seinajoki, Finland D. Juchelkova, P. Kolat, H. Raclavska and K. Koppe (CZ) Pilot combustion experiment of the coal and alternative fuels on the FBC unit SESSION A2 - Sala degli Arazzi Optimization of incineration processes Chairman: A. Bonomo (IT) S.N. Thomsen and K. Lundtorp (DK) Optimization of a municipal solid waste incinerator R. Schu and R. Leithner (DE) Waste to energy - Higher efficiency with external superheating C. Wünsch, G. Hoffmann and B. Bilitewski (DE) Improvement in energy efficiency and CO 2 -prevention at waste incineration - Technical and economical valuation in Germany G. Pfrang-Stotz, J. Reichelt, B. Bergfeldt and H. Seifert (DE) Operation problems during waste incineration: formation of deposits on superheater/evaporator walls and economizer SESSION B1 - Sala del Chiostro dei Cipressi Biofuels (I) Chairman: C. F. Mahler (BR) J.F. Dallemand and M. Vignali (IT) How green are biofuels from tropical countries? T.V. Lakshmanan (IN) Biofuel: scope of tax incentives in India D. Fino, G. Saracco, V. Verda, A. Carpignano, R. Zocchi, G. Dininno, S. Trini Castelli, D. Anfossi, B. Marcenaro, F. Federici, S. Fiorot, A. Graizzaro, A. Marigo and S. de Sanctis (IT) BioH 2 Power: from waste to renewable gaseous fuels for current and future vehicles E. Ehimen, G. Carrington, Z. Sun and J. Eaton-Rye (NZ) Biodiesel from microalgae: investigating reaction conditions for insitu transesterification SESSION B2 - Sala del Chiostro dei Cipressi Biodiesel Chairman: G. Genon (IT) F. Vilardo, M. Antonini, D. Fino, G. Saracco and V. Specchia (IT) Potential of vegetable oil and waste cooking oil supercritical transerification for the production of biodiesel D. Frascari, M. Zuccaro, D. Pinelli and A. Paglianti (IT) Alkali-catalysed sunflower oil transesterification: a comparison between the energetic efficienties of mechanical agitation and static mixing A. Bockreis, I. Steinberg and S. Meier (DE) Recycling of glycerine and soapwater from the production of biodiesel in biogas power plants R. Willson, Z. Wiesman and A. Brenner (IL) Evaluation of the potential of olive oil mill waste and municipal wastewater sludge for biodiesel production by the use of LR_NMR technology

5 SESSION C1 - Sala delle Fotografie Anaerobic digestion - processes and operations Chairman: M. Kranert (DE) M.A. Schön, D. Sperl, M. Goberna, I. Franke-Whittle, H. Insam and B. Wett (AT) Comparison of biogas plant start-up procedures based on lab and fullscale data and on numerical modelling F. Susanto, G. Pesta, A. Giessler and F. Kreuter (DE) Trace element supplementation in anaerobic digestion P. Scherer and B. Demirel (DE) The application of a fuzzy logic control (FLC) strategy for production of renewable energy from biomass through anaerobic digestion process F. Susanto, G. Pesta, A. Giessler and F. Kreuter (DE) Treating residues from biofuel production by means of anaerobic mono-digestion SESSION C2 - Sala delle Fotografie Anaerobic digestion - new applications Chairman: R. Stegmann (DE) R. Cossu, L. Alibardi and P. Codromaz (IT) Anaerobic digestion in decentralised sanitary system (EnergiaNova Concept) D.G. Ohandja, J. Gronow and N. Voulvoulis (GB) Will food waste disposal units help us meet landfill diversion targets? V. Cigolotti, R. Lo Presti, S.J. McPhail, A. Moreno, C. Paoletti, E. Simonetti and F. Zaza (IT) Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell fed with biogas: overview and preliminary experimental investigation M. D Abbieri, F. Massetti, M. Molinari and D. Riversi (IT) A new process for the reduction and energy recovery of excess biological sludge generated by wastewater treatment plants SESSION D1- Sala Barbantini Strategies and perspectives for biomass and waste to energy systems Chairman: M. Ritzkowski (DE) K. Fisher, R. Sakrabani and S. Aumonier (GB) Biowaste management: options for climate change benefit P. Champagne (CA) Canada s potential for deriving bioenergy and biofuels from the biochemical conversion of waste biomass C. Mollea, R. Conti, R. Martini, E. Conti and C. Ratti (IT) Energy from biomass: perspectives for the province of Torino K.J. Hennenberg, U.R. Fritsche, C. Dragisic, S. Haye, J. Hewson and A. Jering (DE) Sustainability standards for biomass: status in Germany, the EU and global perspectives M. Fedorov, V. Korablev, V. Maslikov and A. Chusov (RU) Solution of ecologic-economical problems of municipal solid waste landfills at their use in energy purposes (On example of Saint Petersburg) SESSION D2 - Sala Barbantini RDF optimization Chairman: G. Hoffmann (DE) R. Palazzolo, F. Coda, F. Coggiola, G. Porto and R. Giudici (IT) RDF ozone disinfection E. Kapetanios, I. Kontominas and D. Malamis GR) Design of a pyrolysis system for electricity generation by employing either heat from exhaust gasses or heat from steam condensation for RDF drying K. Kuchta and C. Dörnarth (DE) Market study on micro-rdf-incineration-units (1 MW) for heat supply for industry or households R. Visser, R. Zwart, J. Könemann, A. Bos and J. Kuipers (NL) Characterizing the use of RDF as fuel and solving the tar problem by an in-depth laboratory study T.J. Jaworski (PL) Modelling of mass transfer process in a fuel layer and the grate of waste incineration furnace D.E. Balampanis, N. Simms and R. Villa (GB) Transfer coefficients and organochloride load of a chlorine-class 2 solid recovered fuel in fluidized bed combustion 8 9

6 Tuesday November 18 - Morning SESSION A3 - Sala degli Arazzi Anaerobic digestion of biowaste Chairman: R. Stegmann (DE) L.F. Diaz, L.L. Eggerth, G.M. Savage, R. Chiumenti and A. Chiumenti (US) Anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of MSW D. Novarino and M.C. Zanetti (IT) Anaerobic digestion of the MSW organic fraction V. Amodio, D. Panza and V. Belgiorno (IT) Anaerobic co-digestion of MSW organic fraction K. Hjort-Gregersen (DK) Biogas from animal waste and organic industrial waste Poster presentation SESSION B3 - Sala del Chiostro dei Cipressi RDF - quality and production Chairman: E. Gidarakos (GR) T. Marzi, P. Danz, A. Mrotzek, L. Di Matteo and G. Marotz (DE) Flight characteristics and combustion behaviour of refused derived fuels (RDF) in a cement kiln S. Yildiz, F. Saltabas and V. Enç (TR) RDF production from non-source separated MSW for cement industries: Istanbul case study A. Mrotzek, T. Marzi and M. Hiebel (DE) Model-based material flow analysis of RDF-production G. Rettenberger (DE) Influence of percolation on the quality of RDF Poster presentation SESSION A4 - Sala degli Arazzi Anaerobic digestion - dry and semi-dry processes Chairman: L. Diaz (US) W. Bidlingmaier, X. Li, E. Kraft, J. Liebetrau and K. Frank (DE) Dry fermentation - a key to improved capacity utilization? M. Wittmaier, S. Langer and L.P. Arcangeli (DE) Prospects for the dry fermentation of solid bio-wastes in Europe M. Molena and R. Goeeschl (AT) Anaerobic semi-dry process implementation in industrial scale for organic waste under thermopile conditions F. De Poli (IT) Energy recovery from mixed fraction of MSW through pressure separation and anaerobic digestion of the wet material Lunch SESSION B4 - Sala del Chiostro dei Cipressi RDF - utilization Chairman: A. Karagiannidis (GR) D. Schingnitz, G. Hoffmann, M. Gleis and J. Wagner (DE) Emergence and utilisation of RDF in Germany - current situation, prospects A. Wohlleben and C. Cord Homme (DE) First operating experience from thermal treatment of refuse-derived fuel (RDF, CDR) on a specially adapted MARTIN reverse-acting grate E. Gidarakos and T. Hionidis (GR) Waste to energy strategies of MSW management in the region of Crete S. Scotti, F. Barone and C. Minetti (IT) Integrated system of RDF production and cement factory utilisation: environmental analysis of an industrial example Lunch 10 11

7 SESSION C3 - Sala delle Fotografie Bioethanol Chairman: W. Clarke (AU) C. Silva and A. Magrini (BR) Evaluation of the environmental conditioning factor for alcohol production in Brazil L. Favaro, M. Basaglia and S. Casella (IT) Could Saccharomyces cerevisiae convert agricultural by-products into biofuel? A. Li and M. Khraisheh (GB) An integrated system approach to study biodegradable municipal solid waste (BMSW) as biomass M. Stöberl and W. Ruß (DE) Fermentative production of butanol by the use of whey Poster presentation SESSION D3 - Sala Barbantini Energy recovery from waste and biowaste Chairman: P. Champagne (CA) A. Bonoli and M. Nanni (IT) Efficiency of energy recovery from municipal solid waste T. Fruergaard and T. Astrup (DK) Consequences of energy demand for the environmental performance of waste incinerators E. Lategano, F. Lombardi and S. Cordiner (IT) Waste combustion in rotary kilns: an application of a simulation model S. Xara, M. Fonseca Almeida and C. Costa (PT) Energy from waste in Portugal: the state of the art A. Karagiannidis, N. Philippopoulos, B. Bilitewski and A. Malamakis (GR) Assessment of waste biomass utilization for energy production in agro-industrial and wood processing facilities in Greece A.S. Schueler, C.F. Mahler, R.A.A. Menedez and J.L. Rose (BR) Valorization of MSW as energy in Brazilian small towns Poster presentation SESSION C4 - Sala delle Fotografie Evaluation tools for biofuels Chairman: J. Gronow (UK) L. Luo, G. Huppes and E. Van der Voet (NL) Life cycle assessment of fuel ethanol from different regional feedstock N. Scarlat and J.F. Dallemand (IT) Biofuels certification schemes as a tool to address sustainability concerns: status of ongoing initiatives M. Bystricky, G. Weber-Blaschke and M. Faulstich (DE) The use of agricultural area as energy plantations - a comparison under technical and ecological aspects S. Pätäri and K. Kokkonen (FI) A 2-step approach in studying the opportunities and challenges related to bioenergy business - case forest, energy and bioenergy actors Lunch SESSION D4- Sala Barbantini Pyrolysis and gasification Chairman: S. Consonni (IT) P. Gilbert, C. Ryu, V. N. Sharifi and J. Swithenbank (GB) Homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions of pyrolysis vapour from biomass gasification over a bed of hot char M. Otaka, M. Ashizawa, K. Ichikawa and M. Tashiro (JP) Development of biomass carbonizing gasification power generation system M. Ragazzi, M. Ischia, C. Perazzoli, R. Dal Maschio, L. Tognana and E.C. Rada (IT) Pyrolysis study of worn-out tyres G. Elordi, G. Lopez, M. Amutio, M. Artetxe, R. Aguado and M. Olazar (ES) Continuous catalytic pyrolysis of polypropilene over HZSM-5 catalyst in a conical spouted bed reactor M. Ischia, R. Dal Maschio, L. Tognana, M. Grigiante, M. Baratieri and M. Ragazzi (IT) Effect of clay presence in the pyrolysis of wastewater sewage sludge Lunch 12 13

8 Tuesday November 18 - Afternoon SESSION A5 - Sala degli Arazzi Conversion technologies for solid waste Chairman: R. Cossu (IT) L.F. Diaz, G.M. Savage and L.L. Eggerth (US) Advances in solid waste conversion technologies A. Gasparella, G.A. Longo, P. Baggio and M. Baratieri (IT) Energy and environmental analysis of an innovative system based on municipal solid waste (MSW) pyrolysis coupled with combined cycle L.G. Ndiaye, S. Caillat, A. Chinnayya, K. Stiovova, D. Gambier and B. Baudoin (FR) Modelling the propagation of a front pyrolysis of porous media with the presence of a front flame in rotary kiln: Preliminary results for dynamic and combustion models G. Bettella, G. Porto and R. Giudici (IT) Oxygen enriched biomass gasifier SESSION B5 - Sala del Chiostro dei Cipressi Biomass to energy Chairman: B. Bilitewski (DE) I. Kaltenegger, G. Jungmeier, M. Lauer and R. Obernosterer (AT) Wood products of today are raw material and fuel for tomorrow - Design of sustainable wood products G. Nardin, P. Simeoni and A. Mattiussi (IT) Optimal sizing of a mixed (renewable/non renewable) power plant: an Italian case study M. Kranert, R. Gottschall, C. Bruns and G. Hafner (DE) Energy or compost from green waste? - An evaluation regarding CO 2 aspects K. Greiff, G. Weber-Blaschke and M. Faulstich (DE) Environmental impact assessment of land use change due to increased energy crop use - a Bavarian case study SESSION A6 - Sala degli Arazzi Gasification Chairman: S. Cernuschi (IT) C. Lasagna, M. Minetti and B. Bosio (IT) Energy production using biomasses from sewage sludge and agricultural waste H.J.M. Visser, M. Van Graafeiland, H. Klein Teeselink, M. Guesebroek and G.J. Herder (NL) Pilot-scale RDF tests in a circulating fluidized bed reactor with extensive gas and emission characterization G. Mancini, R. Tamma and P. Viotti (IT) The safe recovery of energy from non metallic components of endof-life vehicles J.M. Sánchez Hervás, F.I. Plaza, J.M. Murillo, A. Gómez, V. Pérez, J. Otero, J.M. Suescun and G. Garralón (ES) Experimental study of air gasification of sewage sludge in bubbling fluidised bed SESSION B6 - Sala del Chiostro dei Cipressi Pre-treatment of waste for energy production Chairman: D. Juchelkova (CZ) K. Kuchta and K. Haker (DE) The influence of different shredder input material and post-shredder-technologies on the caloric value of shredder light fraction and shredder residues G. Hoffmann, C. Wuensch, A. Schnapke, D. Schingnitz and B. Bilitewski (DE) Reduction of corrosion risks by biological pre-treatment of fuels R. Schu and K. Schu (DE) MBT concepts for a sustainable waste management E.C. Rada, T. Apostol and M. Ragazzi (IT) Convertible bio-drying as an option for the management of MSW in Romania after the entrance into the EU

9 SESSION C5 - Sala delle Fotografie Anaerobic digestion - analytical and monitoring parameters Chairman: M. De Bertoldi (IT) J. Heerenklage and R. Stegmann (DE) Test systems for the evaluation of the biodegradability and energy potential of biomass and waste material P. Scherer (DE) A new concept to prove the degradation rate of solid biomass during anaerobic digestion C. Dornack, P. Kullavanijaya and B. Bilitewski (DE) Comparison of digestion of biowaste and the biological fraction of munipal solid waste N. Krakat and P. Scherer (DE) Molecular fingerprinting of a methanogenic community in a biogas reactor with energy crops proved the predominance of hydrogenotrophic methanogens SESSION C6 - Sala delle Fotografie Anaerobic digestion - case studies Chairman: P. Scherer (DE) G. Busch, J. Großmann and M. Burkhardt (DE) The 2-SLB Process: A universal technology for biogas from solid waste and renewable resources D. Mainero (IT) An advanced example of anaerobic-aerobic integrated system P. Bozano Gandolfi (IT) Practical experiences in the production of biogas and energy from wastes SESSION D5 - Sala Barbantini Anaerobic digestion of special waste Chairman: L. Alibardi (IT) G. Zupancic, M. Ros and G. Grom (SI) Biogas production from tannery waste in a thermophilic anaerobic sequencing batch digester S. Tait, J. Tamis, J. Keller and D. J. Batstone (AU) Methane production from anaerobic digestion of deep litter piggery bedding T. Herfellner, G. Bochmann and W. Ruß (DE) Energy recovery in breweries by anaerobic digestion of organic production wastes M. Dareioti, S. Dokianakis, K. Stamatelatou, C. Zafari and M. Kornaros (GR) Exploitation of olive mill and dairy wastewater for biogas production through anaerobic co-digestion SESSION D6 - Sala Barbantini Sustainability assessment and decision-making processes Chairman: E. Gidarakos (GR) G. Genon, E. Brizio, D. Russolillo and F. Becchis (IT) Environmental compatibility of energy production at global, regional and local scale P. Luria (GB) Stigma, anxiety and public acceptance of RDF plants: some lessons learned I. Marnane and C. Fahy (IE) Improving access to information on the environment F. Belfiore, A. Daniele and G. Narvaez (IT) Feasibility study for sustainable energy measures involving biomass resource development at a local level M. Ritzkowski and R. Stegmann (DE) Generating CO2-Credits through landfill in situ aeration S.M. Loureiro, E.L. La Rovere and C.F. Mahler (BR) Avoided emissions inventory of green gas of municipal solid wastes in Rio de Janeiro City M. Arnold and T. Kajolinna (FI) Online measurement and removal of biogas trace compounds

10 Wednesday November 19 - Morning SESSION A7 - Sala degli Arazzi LCA of waste to energy systems Chairman: T. Astrup (DK) K. Pikon (PL) Environmental aspects of municipal waste to energy systems T.H. Christensen, E. Gentil, A. Boldrin, A.W. Larsen and M.Z. Hauschild (DK) C balance, carbon dioxide emissions and global warming potentials in LCA-modelling of waste management systems M. Grosso, L. Rigamonti, M.C. Sunseri, C. Dainese, F. Figundio, F. Viganò, A. Bianchini and M. Pellegrini (IT) Optimal strategy for the recovery of material and energy from MSW E. Davoli, E. Fattore, V. Paiano, R. Fanelli, A.N. Rossi and M. Il Grande (IT) Integrated risk assessment of waste management: a case study of a solid waste landfill in South Italy Poster presentation SESSION A8 - Sala degli Arazzi Evaluation tools for biomass & waste to energy systems Chairman: G. Rettenberger (DE) K. Kokkonen, S. Pätäri and T. Kässi (FI) Future prospects of the bioenergy field for the forest and energy industries - A multi-method scenario approach P. Izquierdo Lopez, A. Cripps, R. Clift, S. Jefferis and C. France (GB) A decision support tool for the integration of energy from waste technologies within the built environment L. Luo, G. Huppes and E. Van der Voet (NL) Energy analysis of bioethanol production from biomass F. Mark, A. Schanssema and K. Wittstock (BE) Synergies of biomass and waste - co-firing of biomass from wood with plastics rich waste in Europe Lunch SESSION B7 - Sala del Chiostro dei Cipressi Treatment of gaseous emissions Chairman: R. Cossu (IT) A. Colombo, E. Benfenati, M. Lodi and R. Fanelli (IT) Air monitoring in the proximity of a municipal solid waste incinerator S. Cernuschi, M. Giugliano, S. Consonni, G. Lonati, S. Ozgen, G. Sghirlanzoni, R. Tardivo, A. Mascherpa and G. Migliavacca (IT) Experimental evaluation of ultrafine and nanoparticle emissions from biomass, fuel oil and natural gas boilers S. Andersson and P. Lindgren (SE) Adiox for dioxin removal in wet scrubbers and semi-wet or dry absorbers C. Cord Homme (FR) Different BATs for dioxins treatment in flue gas different waste to energy plants in Europe Poster presentation SESSION B8 - Sala del Chiostro dei Cipressi Solid residues of biomass and waste to energy systems Chairman: R. Raga (IT) J. Vehlow, B. Bergfeldt, C. Wilen, J. Ranta, H. Schwaiger, R. Visser, E. Gyftopoulou and J. Brammer (DE) Management of solid residues in waste-to-energy and biomass systems H. van der Sloot, A. van Zomeren, H.C.L. Meeussen and P.F.A.B. Seignette (NL) Application of leaching tests, statistical evaluation, quality control and chemical speciation modeling as a basis for impact assessment of MSWI bottom ash re-use options T. Astrup (DK) Full scale test incineration of special waste fractions: residue quality and environmental aspects R. Baciocchi, G. Costa, E. Lategano, A. Polettini and R. Pomi (IT) Accelerated carbonation of different size fractions of bottom ash from RDF incineration Lunch 18 19

11 SESSION C7 - Sala delle Fotografie Biological hydrogen production Chairman: W. Clarke (AU) L. Alibardi and R. Cossu (IT) Biological hydrogen production from organic fraction of MSW P. Chairattanamanokorn, P. Anurakpongsatorn, M. Ukita, S. Pultanakit and T. Imai (TH) Production of biohydrogen from distillery wastewater by mixed culture D. Rechtenbach, M. Meyer and R. Stegmann (DE) (Dis-) Continuous production of biohydrogen and biomethane from organic raw and waste materials by fermentation A. Giordano, R. Farina, M.C. Lavagnolo and A. Spagni (IT) Biological hydrogen production from mixed cultures using an aeration pre-treatment Poster presentation SESSION C8 - Sala delle Fotografie Biofuels (II) Chairman: A. Muntoni (IT) B. Bilitewski, A. Schnapke and G. Hoffmann (DE) Production of biofuels from biowaste through wet processing M.R. Boni, S. Sbaffoni and L. Tuccinardi (IT) Lab-scale tests for biohydrogen production from OFMSW W. Bidlingmaier and M. De Bertoldi (DE) Energy from biomass: integrated production of bioethanol, methane, compost T. Tommasi, B. Ruggeri and G. Sassi (IT) Preliminary investigation on the effect of ph on BioH2 production under ambient temperature variations Lunch SESSION D7 & D8 - Sala Barbantini Agroenergie sostenibili Promosso da Legambiente e Associazione Chimica Verde. Workshop in Italian 9:40 10:00 Beppe Croce, Segretario dell associazione Chimica Verde Introduzione 10:00 10:15 Enrico Bonari, CRIBE, Centro di ricerca interuniversitario sulle biomasse da energia La combustione di colture dedicate e residui lignocellulosici: valutazioni economiche e ambientali 10:15 10:30 Sergio Piccinini, Centro Ricerche Produzioni Animali, Reggio Emilia Il biogas, il digestato e la gestione dell azoto 10:30 10:45 Marco Mazzoncini, CRIBE, Centro di ricerca interuniversitario sulle biomasse da energia) Biocarburanti e filiere lunghe. Punti critici 10:45 11:00 Sofia Mannelli, CoSePa Normativa e incentivi per le agrienergie: stato attuale e prospettive Le problematiche economiche, tecniche ed ambientali della produzione del biodiesel da due punti di vista diversi: l industria e l agricoltura 11:00 11:15 Luca Lazzeri, CRA-Istituto Sperimentale per le Colture Industriali, Bologna Non solo energia. l uso integrale di colture per bioraffinerie industriali 11:15 11:30 Guglielmo Donadello, CoSePA Produzioni alimentari e non: un modello integrato di agricoltura locale Dalla parte dell agricoltura - esperienze 12:15 12:30 Marino Berton, AIEL - Associazione Italiana Energia dal Legno Impianti a misura di azienda agricola 12:30 12:45 Maurizio Lapponi, presidente ANVE Le iniziative delle aziende florovivaistiche italiane per ridurre le emissioni serre 12:45 13:00 Luca Roscani, assessore Comune di Apiro (MC) Accordi di filiera integrati per utilizzo locale di biomasse a colture dedicate: il caso di Apiro 13:00 13:15 Stefano Ciafani, Responsabile Scientifico di Legambiente Conclusioni 20 21

12 Wednesday November 19 - Afternoon SESSION A9 - Sala degli Arazzi Public involvement and acceptance of waste to energy plants Chairman: P. Luria (IT) C. Liebenberg (ZA) Public acceptance of incinerators: are we addressing the right issues? D. Singh (GB) Waste treatment and public acceptance: a hot topic? R. Bergman (FI) Social acceptance of waste-to-energy technologies in Finland S. Montanari (IT) Combustion-generated particulate and health SESSION B9 - Sala del Chiostro dei Cipressi Incineration of special waste Chairman: H. van der Sloot (NL) A. Chiumenti, R. Chiumenti, L.F. Diaz and R. Gava (IT) Poultry manure to energy: combustion plant G. Sanida, A. Karagiannidis and P. Samaras (GR) A review and preliminary assessment of thermal processing practices regarding hospital wastes in Greece F. Tatàno, N. Acerbi, G. Mangani, C. Monterubbiano, S. Pretelli, L. Tombari and F. Mangani (IT) Shoe manufacturing wastes: energy characterisation and emissions from combustion tests T. Sekito and Y. Dote (JP) Energy recovery from chicken manure incineration in Miyazaki SESSION C9 - Sala delle Fotografie Waste to energy options in Developing Countries Chairman: L. Diaz (US) G. Wehenpohl, D. Ziegler, M. Hora, D. Mutz and E. Rubertus (DE) Co-Processing a WTE option in developing countries Y. Voegeli and C. Zurbruegg (CH) Decentralized anaerobic digestion of kitchen and market waste in developing countries - State of the art in South India A. Karagiannidis, M. Wittmaier, S. Langer, B. Bilitewski and A. Malamakis (GR) Thermal processing of waste organic substrates: developing and applying an integrated framework for feasibility assessment in developing countries F. Oliveira, M.A. Avelino, A.C. Delbin and T. Nascimento (BR) Biogas Thermoelectric plants in developing country SESSION D9 - Sala Barbantini Anaerobic digestion - pre-treatment of substrates Chairman: E. Kapetanios (GR) B. Wett, P. Phothilangka and A. Eladawy (AT) Systematic comparison of mechanical and thermal sludge disintegration technologies K. Schu (DE) Anaerobic digestion of waste: problems with contraries and innovative solutions A. Teghammar, F. Talebnia, I. Sárvári Horváth and M.J. Taherzadeh (SE) Biogas or ethanol from paper tube residuals? B. Bilitewski, C. Dornack, A. Schnapke, and P. Kullavanijaya (DE) Biogas potential in biowaste through different ways of wet pretreatment 22 23

13 SESSION a10 - Sala degli Arazzi Round Table Health-related issues and public acceptance of thermal treatment In spite of the growing role played by thermal waste treatment in modern waste management strategies, in particular due to advantages in terms of reduction of waste volume and production of energy, strong opposition is frequently manifested by citizens, political parties and associations, and public concern is in general high. The aim of this round table is to stimulate discussion between a panel of experts from various disciplines on the scientific aspects of healthrelated issues and other controversial aspects. The following experts will take part in the discussion: Thursday November 20 TECHNICAL TOURS Thursday November 20th is devoted entirely to Technical Tours. Guided tours of real-scale plants situated in the North-east of Italy operating in the production of energy from biomass and waste both by means of thermal and biological processes in a context of integrated waste management will be organised. Tours will focus on illustrating to delegates available options and technologies for use in the production of energy from biomass and waste. Tours should be booked in advance and delegates should choose one tour only, in line with their specific interests. Antonio Cianciullo (IT) Moderator Journalist, La Repubblica Riikka Bergman (FI) Expert in Environmental Technologies, Lappeenranta University of Technology Bernd Bilitewski (DE) International Thermal Treatment Expert, University of Dresden Alessandro Bratti (IT) Member of the Commission for the Environment of the Italian Parliament Luis Diaz (US) World Bank Consultant, CalRecovery Massimo Federico (IT) Oncologist, University of Modena Michele Giugliano (IT) Expert in Atmospheric Pollution, Politecnico di Milano Chris Jacobus Liebenberg (ZA) Environmental Consultant, Kwezi V3 Engineers Stefano Montanari (IT) Expert in Nano-pathologies, Nanodiagnostics srl Federico Valerio (IT) Environmental Chemist, National Institute for Cancer Research Manuela Zublena (IT) Councillor for the Environment, Regional Government of the Valle d Aosta Region 24 25

14 POSTERS Poster discussion will take place in Padiglione delle Capriate in the presence of authors, Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning, from to A. Anaerobic digestion A1 C. Mateescu, G. Baran, C. A. Babutanu and L. Mandrea (RO) The present state and perspectives for anaerobic digestion as organic waste management option in Romania A2 G. Valentini, A. Bazzichi, M. Calderisi, F. Turchi, S. Bonari and E. Paoletti (IT) AnaeroBIO: A new model for the sustainability of the generation of energy by biomass anaerobic digestion A3 C. Pinotti, J. Rodrigues Giemenez, V.E. Schneider and M. D Agostini Silva (BR) Integrated system of collection and treatment of swine effluents for generation of biogas and electricity in a small town A4 P. Scherer, K. Lehmann, O. Schmidt and B. Demirel (DE) Some experiments with a low buffered and acidic biomass to prove the feasibility of a fuzzy logic controller for anaerobic digestion A5 T. Pastore, D. Birtolo, M. Notarnicola, L. Liberti, G. Cornacchia, M. Ferraris and D. Miccolis(IT) Anaerobic co-digestion of OFMSW and swine manure waste with biogas valorisation A6 E. Agante and N. Brandon (GB) Challenges in the use of anaerobic digestion gases in solid oxide fuel cells for the production of heat and power A7 H.C. Dubourguier, M. Luna del Risco and T. Leydier (EE) State of the research on biogas production in Estonia A8 L. Alibardi and M.C. Lavagnolo (IT) Biological hydrogen production from agricultural waste A9 T. Lai, P. Codromaz, L. Alibardi and R. Cossu (IT) Reactivation of unfeed anaerobic sludge A10 K. Omine, N. Yasufuku, T. Kobayashi and H. Ochiai (JP) Development of air cell using MSW incinaration ash and organic matter A11 R. Chamy and E. Vivanco (CL) Methanization potential of subproducts and wastes from the poultry industry B. Incineration, pyrolysis and gasification B1 A. Bahillo, L. Armesto, R. Ramos and R. Perez (ES) Energetic valorization in a bubbling fluidized bed of biomass waste generated from herbal extracts industry B2 M. Otero, X. Gómez, A.I. García and A. Morán (PT) Co-combustion of coal and sewage sludge: a TG-MS approach B3 M.E. Sánchez, M. Otero, X. Gómez and A. Morán (PT) Thermogravimetric analysis of biowastes during combustion B4 K. Haker and K. Kuchta (DE) Modelling, simulation and evalutation of energy and material flows of the shredder process considering ecological and economical effects such as energy consumption and the recory of shredder residues as a potential fuel B5 H. Akiho, M. Kobayashi, M. Nunokawa, A. Yamaguchi, Y. Tochihara and S. Ito (JP) Mercury removal from biomass and waste-gasification gas with a reusable sorbent B6 N. Cerone, L. Contuzzi, S. Cavaliere, F. Zimbardi and G. Braccio (IT) Biomass Gasification in downdraft reactor for power generation B7 L. Contuzzi, N. Cerone, D. Barisano and G. Braccio (IT) Modeling of the Biomass/RDF gasification process in an updraft reactor B8 A. Jovovic, M. Pavlovic, G. Vujic and M. Stanojevic (RS) Low temperature oxidation of municipal solid waste C. Biomass to energy C1 E. David (RO) Available biomass resources in Romania for to use as renewable energy C2 T. Varzakas, M. Martinov, D. Karamousantas and G. Zakynthinos (GR) Renewable energy and its contribution to the rural development - Case studies for Greece and Serbia C3 E. Argese, L. Iuzzolino, G. Bordignon, F. Minello, C. Bettiol, P. F. Ghetti, C, Dejak and E.F. Orsega (IT) Evaluation of potential biomasses and biofuels in the Venice lagoon area C4 L. Manzone, V. Garbero, E. Maltempi and P. Pinazzi (IT) Environmental impact of biomass on air quality: pollutant dispersion modelling in three case studies C5 D. Arapoglou, T. Varzakas, C. Israilides, A. Vlyssides, S. Mai and M.S. Barampouti (GR) Ethanol production from potato peel wastes (PPW) 26 27

15 C6 A. Bonoli and F. Pantaleoni (IT) Life cycle assessment of woodchips C7 A. Bonoli and F. Pantaleoni (IT) Comparison the environmental impact between woodchips and pellet C8 R. Tize, D. Ringoot and M. Goemans (BE) An integrated concept for Belgium s largest biowaste power station D. Greenhouse gas emissions in waste management D1 M. D Agostini Silva, V.E. Schneider, C. Echevengua Teixeira, A. Rodrigues Finotti and F. Ben (BR) Evaluation of potential carbon recovery from municipal solid waste in the state of Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil D2 J.L. Allard (CA) The residual waste of greater Montreal: recovering a resource for the reduction of greenhouse gases D3 A. Papageorgiou, J.R. Barton and A. Karagiannidis (GR) Assessment of the climate change impact of technologies used for energy recovery from municipal waste: a case for England E. Waste characterization E1 E. Marañón, Y. Fernández-Nava, L. Castrillón, V. García and J. Rodrígues-Iglesias (ES) Composition and heating value of municipal waste in Asturias, Spain E2 L. Castrillón, Y. Fernández-Nava, G. Quiroga and E. Marañón (ES) Characterization of waste from poultry farms E3 V. Goryunov (RU) The program of research of bioenergetics development E4 M.P. Pires de Oliveira, E. Pugliesi and V. Schalch (BR) A case study of waste characterization in a low-income city in Brazil F. Waste management systems F1 G. Eörsi-Tóta and I. Tóth (HU) Situation of energy from public waste in Hungary F2 S. Bhailall, S. Piketh, J. Bogner, K. Ross, J. Shamrock, E. Gombault and S. Devine (ZA) Estimating landfill gas generation and utilisation in South Africa F3 T. Iqbal and S. Fatima (PK) Municipal Waste management - A neglected area in Pakistan F4 K. Gaska and A. Generowicz (PL) Numerical modeling of the waste management systems F5 V.E. Schneider, D. Peresin, M. D Agostini Silva, C. Echevengua Teixeira and A. Rodrigues Finotti (BR) Municipal solid waste management in Bento Gonçalves - Brazil: practices and perspectives F6 R. Bendere, J. Kalnach, A. Orupe and O. Achihmina (LV) Elaboration of the implementation schema for energy recovery from solid waste in West Latvia region F7 M.E. Mollaret and A. Le Bozec (FR) Production s cost assessment method applied to mechanical biological treatment plants F8 C.F. Mahler, V. Guedes and R.L.S. Izzo (BR) New equipment for measuring gas plows in sanitary landfills F9 E. Roche and C. Connery (IE) The management of municipal waste in the Dublin region and the role of waste to energy F10 A. Karagiannidis and N.J. Themelis (GR) Expanding the waste management hierarchy for reducing methane emissions from landfills E5 V. Grilc, G. Zupancic, R. Marinsek-Logar and M. Sezun (SI) Municipal waste as a potential source of alternative energy E6 R. Schu (DE) Low temperature drying as key technology for waste recycling E7 H. van der Sloot, P.F.A.B. Seignette, H.C.L. Meeussen, O. Hjelmar and D.S. Kosson (NL) A database, speciation modeling and decision support tool for soil, sludge, sediments, wastes and construction products: LeachXSTM Orchestra E8 E. Gidarakos and F. Simantiraki (GR) RDF evaluation inthe region of Chania, Crete 28 29

16 INFORMATION Official Languages The working language of the Symposium is English. Simultaneous translation into Italian will be provided only in Session A in Sala degli Arazzi. In all other sessions only English will be used. Registration Conference Registration will take place in the Fondazione Cini (Sala Bianca) on Monday November 17th 2008 from and from Proceedings The Symposium proceedings in CD format will be distributed to delegates at time of registration. Oral Sessions Oral Sessions A will be held in Sala degli Arazzi; Sessions B in Sala del Chiostro dei Cipressi; Sessions C in Sala delle Fotografie; Sessions D in Sala Barbantini. Halls will be signposted throughout the Fondazione. Company Exhibition A small Company Exhibition where organisations and companies will display technical literature and associated material will be held in the Padiglione delle Capriate. s s will be held in the Padiglione delle Capriate. For details of times please consult the daily Symposium Programme. Working Lunches Working Lunches will be served in the Sala del Cenacolo to all registered delegates. Lunch coupons provided at time of registration in the conference should be handed to duty staff at the entrance to the hall. Coupons are colour-coded on a daily basis (Monday lilac; Tuesday green; Wednesday - yellow). For details of times please consult the daily Symposium Programme. Help Desk Staff at the Help Desk in Sala Bianca will be pleased to assist you and provide information. Poster Session The Poster Session will be held in the Padiglione delle Capriate. Speakers Room Computers for use by Speakers in viewing their presentations will be available in the Speakers Room in Sala del Noviziato (adjacent to the main registration hall). Speakers should refer to duty members present in the room for assistance with their presentations. Headsets Simultaneous translation will be provided in the Sala degli Arazzi. Headsets should be obtained prior to entrance to the hall from the desk in the registration hall

17 contents Supporting bodies Presentation International Scientific Committee Organizing Committee and Secretariat Daily Programme Posters Information

18 VENICE 2008

End-of-waste criteria for biodegradable waste subjected to biological treatment (compost & digestate): Technical proposals

End-of-waste criteria for biodegradable waste subjected to biological treatment (compost & digestate): Technical proposals Report EUR 26425 EN End-of-waste criteria for biodegradable waste subjected to biological treatment (compost & digestate): Technical proposals Hans Saveyn & Peter Eder 2014 European Commission Joint Research

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Industrial Biotechnology and Biomass Utilisation. Prospects and Challenges for the Developing World STOCKHOLM ENVIRONMENT INSTITUTE

Industrial Biotechnology and Biomass Utilisation. Prospects and Challenges for the Developing World STOCKHOLM ENVIRONMENT INSTITUTE Industrial Biotechnology and Biomass Utilisation Prospects and Challenges for the Developing World STOCKHOLM ENVIRONMENT INSTITUTE UNITEDNATIONS NATIONS UNITED INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION

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Was t e an d Cli m at e Ch a n g e

Was t e an d Cli m at e Ch a n g e Was t e an d Cli m at e Ch a n g e Global Trends and Strategy Framework U n i t e d Na t i o n s En v i r o n m e n t Pr o g r a m m e Copyright United Nations Environment Programme, 2010 This publication

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Technology Roadmap. 20% by 2020

Technology Roadmap. 20% by 2020 Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap 20% by 2020 Introduction Introduction In March 2007, the Heads of States and Governments of the 27 EU Member States adopted a binding target of 20 % renewable energy

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Assessment of actual framework conditions and potentials for Biogas investments in Turkey

Assessment of actual framework conditions and potentials for Biogas investments in Turkey Assessment of actual framework conditions and potentials for Biogas investments in Turkey This project is part of the International Climate Initiative. The German Federal Ministry for the Environment,

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Current Anaerobic Digestion Technologies Used for Treatment of Municipal Organic Solid Waste

Current Anaerobic Digestion Technologies Used for Treatment of Municipal Organic Solid Waste California Integrated Waste Management Board March 2008 Contractor s Report To The Board Produced Under Contract by: Joshua Rapport Ruihong Zhang Bryan M. Jenkins Robert B. Williams Department of Biological

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The Biorefining. in Emilia-Romagna

The Biorefining. in Emilia-Romagna The Biorefining Opportunities in Emilia-Romagna Prepared for: ASTER S. Cons. p.a. by Dott. Luciano Vogli in collaboration with: CIRI Energia e Ambiente Interdepartmental Industrial Research

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Biogas Opportunities Roadmap

Biogas Opportunities Roadmap Biogas Opportunities Roadmap Voluntary Actions to Reduce Methane Emissions and Increase Energy Independence U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Energy

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Diverting waste from landfill

Diverting waste from landfill EEA Report No 7/2009 Diverting waste from landfill Effectiveness of waste management policies in the European Union ISSN 1725 9177 EEA Report No 7/2009 Diverting waste from landfill Effectiveness of waste

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Е.В.Семчук АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК. Учебно-методическое пособие для студентов факультета «Промышленная теплоэнергетика»

Е.В.Семчук АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК. Учебно-методическое пособие для студентов факультета «Промышленная теплоэнергетика» Е.В.Семчук АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК Учебно-методическое пособие для студентов факультета «Промышленная теплоэнергетика» Санкт-Петербург 2014 МИНИСТЕРСТВО ОБРАЗОВАНИЯ И НАУКИ РОССИЙСКОЙ ФЕДЕРАЦИИ ФЕДЕРАЛЬНОЕ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОЕ

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Recommendations for a Mexican biodiesel standard and the infrastructure required for its handling

Recommendations for a Mexican biodiesel standard and the infrastructure required for its handling Recommendations for a Mexican biodiesel standard and the infrastructure required for its handling The Ministry of Energy (SENER) thanks the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH

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PUTTING CARBON BACK INTO THE GROUND PUTTING CARBON BACK INTO THE GROUND This report has been produced by the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this report,

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AtlAs of GHG Emission And EnErGy PotEntiAl by Waste Destination in brazil

AtlAs of GHG Emission And EnErGy PotEntiAl by Waste Destination in brazil AtlAs of GHG Emission And EnErGy PotEntiAl by Waste Destination in brazil Atlas of GHG Emission and Energy Potential by Waste Destination in Brazil SUPPORT This publication was developed under Assistance

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Sustainability of products What it s all about

Sustainability of products What it s all about Sustainability of products What it s all about 1 Introduction 2 The 3 Managing 4 Evaluating 5 Going Contents 2 1.1 What does the future hold for chemical supply chains? 2 1.2 Planning ahead what can your

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Biomass Feedstocks for Energy Markets

Biomass Feedstocks for Energy Markets Biomass Feedstocks for Energy Markets This feature article provides an overview of the work of IEA Bioenergy Task 43: Biomass Feedstocks for Energy Markets IEA BIOENERGY TASK 43 IEA BIOENERGY: ExCo: OVERVIEW

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Summary for Policymakers

Summary for Policymakers SPM Summary for Policymakers Coordinating Lead Authors: Ottmar Edenhofer (Germany), Ramon Pichs-Madruga (Cuba), Youba Sokona (Ethiopia/Mali), Kristin Seyboth (Germany/USA) Lead Authors: Dan Arvizu (USA),

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LIvestock manure to energy. Status, Technologies and Innovation in Denmark

LIvestock manure to energy. Status, Technologies and Innovation in Denmark LIvestock manure to energy Status, Technologies and Innovation in Denmark Livestock Manure to Energy Status, Technologies and Innovation in Denmark Published by Agro Business Park A/S, Niels Pedersens

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bioeconomy? Where next for the European

bioeconomy? Where next for the European Where next for the European bioeconomy? The latest thinking from the European Bioeconomy Panel and the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research Strategic Working Group (SCAR) Research and Innovation

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CONVERTING WASTE PLASTICS INTO A RESOURCE CONVERTING WASTE PLASTICS INTO A RESOURCE Compendium of Technologies U NITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME Copyright United Nations Environment Programme, 2009 This publication may be reproduced in whole

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Green Urban Denmark. Low Carbon & New Energy Cities in Denmark. Copenhagen Aarhus Sonderborg

Green Urban Denmark. Low Carbon & New Energy Cities in Denmark. Copenhagen Aarhus Sonderborg 1 Low Carbon & New Energy Cities in Denmark Copenhagen Aarhus Sonderborg 2 Foreword: Cities and Regions - Key Players in realizing Green Urbanization Denmark has a long tradition of active energy policy,

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Two Novel Floor-Scale Anaerobic Digester Systems for Processing Food Waste

Two Novel Floor-Scale Anaerobic Digester Systems for Processing Food Waste Two Novel Floor-Scale Anaerobic Digester Systems for Processing Food Waste Part 1: Multi-Reactor, Liquid Recycle System for High Solids Part 2: Moderate Solids Digester System June 2012 Publication no.

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Towards sustainable production and use of resources:

Towards sustainable production and use of resources: Towards sustainable production and use of resources: acknowledgements Key authors of the report are: Stefan Bringezu Helmut Schütz Meghan O Brien Lea Kauppi Robert W. Howarth Jeff McNeely Martina Otto,

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Sustainability in the value chain

Sustainability in the value chain Sustainability in the value chain Brazil 2010 PURPOSE, VALUES AND COMMITMENTS purpose To enhance lives, by improving the global agribusiness and food production chain. Commitments In all of its business

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FACCE-JPI Call for proposals

FACCE-JPI Call for proposals FACCE-JPI Call for proposals FACCE SURPLUS Sustainable and Resilient agriculture for food and non-food systems Call Announcement Submission of the pre-proposal on Deadline:

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Regional Innovation Monitor Plus

Regional Innovation Monitor Plus 9 December 2014 Regional Innovation Monitor Plus Thematic paper Regions in transition towards a circular economy To the European Commission Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General Directorate B Sustainable

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Scaling up Renewable Energy in Africa. 12th Ordinary Session of Heads of State and Governments of the AFRICAN UNION. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Scaling up Renewable Energy in Africa. 12th Ordinary Session of Heads of State and Governments of the AFRICAN UNION. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Scaling up Renewable Energy in Africa 12th Ordinary Session of Heads of State and Governments of the AFRICAN UNION Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Scaling up Renewable Energy in Africa 12th Ordinary Session of

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Reducing air pollution from electricity-generating large combustion plants in the European Union

Reducing air pollution from electricity-generating large combustion plants in the European Union EEA Technical report No 9/2013 Reducing air pollution from electricity-generating large combustion plants in the European Union An assessment of potential emission reductions of NO X, SO 2 and dust ISSN

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Overview of the Systems Analysis Framework for the EU Bioeconomy

Overview of the Systems Analysis Framework for the EU Bioeconomy Overview of the Systems Analysis Framework for the EU Bioeconomy Myrna van Leeuwen, Hans van Meijl, Edward Smeets, and Ewa Tabeau (editors) LEI part of Wageningen UR Report D 1.4 Overview of the Systems

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Publishable result-oriented report

Publishable result-oriented report Project number: EIE 2003 031 - Grant Agreement EIE/031/S07.38597 3 Publishable result-oriented report WP 1 Co-ordination and Management PUBBLICATO 08001001 (PAD - 775040) Deliverable D 1.9 Progressive

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Providing global energy solutions

Providing global energy solutions Providing global energy solutions Welcome to our world Welcome to our world The wisdom of reducing carbon dependency to boost environmental and cost performance is universally accepted, but the best route

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