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1 Vedlegg 6: Doktorgrader ved Det medisinske fakultet august 1989 juni 2014 Doktorgradene forklaring til betegnelsene i oversikten: dr. med. (doctor medicinae) Den medisinske doktorgrad dr. philos. (doctor philosophiae) Den frie, uorganiserte doktorgraden, uten opptak til doktorgradsprogram dr. philos.2 (doctor philosophiae) Doktorgradskandidater ved Det medisinske fakultet med annen fagbakgrunn enn medisin, men som har vært opptatt til og har disputert ved fakultetets doktorgradsprogram. Disse er her skilt ut med betegnelsen dr. philos.2, men den offisielle betegnelse er dr. philos., den samme som for den frie graden. philosophiae doctor (ph.d.) dr. polit. (doctor rerum politicarum) (Nummereringen er kronologisk fra første doktorgrad i I de avhandlingene som er trykket i fakultetets skriftserie, er angitt en annen nummerering som startet i 2001.) Etternavn Fornavn F-dato Grad Disputasdato 1079 Karterud Sigmund Wiggen ( Group Processes in Therapeutic Communities 1080 Lund Tore Eiliv ( P-piller og premenopausal brystkreft 1081 Godal Aslak (dr.philos.) Studies of the Pharmacological Properties of the Toxic Proteins Abrin and Ricin and on the «in vitro» Activity and their Conjugates with an Antimeloanoma Antibody 1082 Andersen Bjørg Marit ( Endotoxin release from Neisseria meningitidis. Relationship between key bacterial characteristics and miningoccocal disease 1083 Sanengen Truls ( Regulation of erythropoiesis in the neonatal mammal during the growth period. Studies in the mouse, rat and rabbit 1084 Alnæs Randolf ( Comorbitity of psychiatric disorders in an putpatient population 1085 Lindberg Harald Lauritz ( Early postoperative changes following cardiopulmonary bypass. A clinical study in patients undergoing open-heart surgery 1086 Nenseter Marit Sofie (dr.philos.) Endocytic uptake of lipoproteins in the liver. Regulation of the LDL receptor in parenchymal and non-parenchymal cell 1087 Olsvik Ørjan (dr.philos.) Genetic characterization of bacteria. Use of plasmid profiles, restriction andonuklease digest patterns, and DNA hybridization, with examples from Gram-negative bacteria 1088 Sandset Per Morten ( Studies of extrinsic coagulation pathway inhibitor 1089 Nesland Jahn Marthin ( Neuroendocrine expression in benign and malignant breast lesions 1090 Skar Viggo Øystein ( Duedenal diverticula, bacterial overgrowth and common bile duct stones 1091 Wiik Pål ( Vasoactive inestial peptide as a modulator in the neuro-immune axis; the influence of stress 1092 Steen Harald ( Experimental limb lengthening by external gradual distraction in the growing long bone 1093 Fjeld Terje Olav (dr.philos.) Experimental limb lenghtening by external gradual distraction in the growing long bone 1094 Attramadal Håvard ( Hormone regulation of Sertoli cell adenylate cyclase, - mechanisms of antagonistinduced desensitization 1095 Kaasa Stein ( Quality of life and survival in patients with non small cell lung cancer 1096 Carlsen Erik ( Studies on thromboplastin. Indoction in monocytes and endothelial cells by inflammatory and immunological agents with special reference to cyclosporin A 1097 Sæter Gunnar ( Cell proliferation and tumour promotion in experimental and human liver carcinogenesis Doktorskole og medisinstudium 615

2 1098 Wesche Jarlis ( Muscle blood flow and cardiac output in exercise 1099 Kvalheim Gunnar ( Immunomagnetic removal ex vivo of malignant B-cells from human bone marrow 1100 Blom Per Conrad Søren ( Exercise and muscle carbohydrate metabolism in man 1101 Gramstad Lars Espeland ( Atracurium and vecuronium: Comperative responses and interactions with other agents. Clinical and experimental studies 1102 Valnes Kolbjørn Nikolai ( Two-Colour Immunohistochemistry for Studies of Immunological Factors in Human Gastric Mucosa 1103 Garred Peter ( Neoepitope expression: A unique event to study complement activation 1104 Martinsen Egil Wilhelm ( Physical Fitness Training in the treatment of patient with nonsychotic mental disorders 1105 Østensen Jonny ( Mechanisms of proximal reasorbation of sodium chloride and water. Model analysis and experimental studies on dog kidneys 1106 Øyen Ole Morten ( Mechanisms of proximal reasorbation of sodium chloride and water. Model analysis and experimental studies on dog kidneys 1107 Husby Torstein ( Biomechanical properties of the femoral neck relative to osteosynthesis methods and bone mineral content assessed by computed tomography 1108 Midtbø Kjell Albert ( Studier over kalsiumantagonisten verapamil og ionisert kalsium ved essensiell hypertensjon. Et klinisk og klinisk-eksperimentelt arbeid 1109 Holm Ruth (dr.philos.) Cellular heterogeneity in endocrine tumours. A morphological and immunohistochemical study of medullary cacinoma of the thyoid and pituitary adenomas 1110 Rosén Leif Sverre ( Videophotometric skin capillaroscopy for assesment of microvascular disturbances 1111 Svenningsen Leif ( Measurement of the forces during spontanius delivery and under vacuum extraction. Their relevance for the clinical condition of the newborn 1112 Janbu Torunn ( Doppler ultrasound studies on the uteroplacental circulation in pregnancy and labour 1113 Nicolaissen Bjørn ( Experimental studies of the Human Pigment Epithelium 1114 Ilner Stein Einar ( Delustional disorders. A personal year follow-up study Opjordsmoen 1115 Engedal Knut Arne ( Mental impairment and dementia in old age: studies on diagnostic tools, epidemiology, and treatment through a day-care programme 1116 Emblem Ragnhild ( Straight ileoanal anastomosis in patients with familial polyposis and ulcerative colitis 1117 Weberg Ragnar Georg ( Lowdose antacids. Studies on clinical efficiacy and adverse effects 1118 Lindegaard Karl-Fredrik ( Studies on brain blood velocity in neurovascular surgery 1119 Haaskjold Erling ( Cell kinetics of the rat corneal epithelium 1120 Gill Harvindar Kaur (dr.philos.) Immune Responses to Mycobacterium leprae in healthy humans and leprosy patients 1121 Kindberg Grete Mørk (dr.philos.) Intracellular transport og endocytosed compounds in liver cells 1122 Grøttum Per ( Quantitation and monitoring of acute myocardial ischemia and infarcation 1123 Bjålie Jan Gunnar ( The visual corticopontine system. Quantitative experimental neuroanatomical investigations in the cat 1124 Bugge Jan Fredrik ( Renal prostaglandins E2 og I2. Aspects of metabolism and relationship of renal hemodynamics and renin release mechanisms 1125 Holte Harald ( Activation of normal and neoplastic B lymphocytes 1126 Aas Jan-Erik ( Subcortical projections to the pontine nuclei. An experimental anatomical study in the cat 1127 Tønnessen Tor Inge ( Regulation of cytosolic ph in mammalian cells 1128 Bergseth Steinar (dr.philos.) Studies on the Beta and Omega oxidations of long-chain corboxylic acids in intact metabolic systems. (Functional role of peroxisomes) 1129 Fladby Tormod ( Studies on Neuromuscular Development 1130 Larsen Frode ( Psycosocial outcome after horizontal gastric banding for morbid obesity. A prospective psychiatric study 1131 Røste Geir Ketil ( Oculomotor and auriculomotor projections to feline cerebellum. A light microscopic study using retrograde transport of WGA-HRP and fluorescent tracers 1132 Lunde Ottar ( Androgen Hyperfunction and Excessive Heterosexual Hair Growth in Eomen with special Attention to the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 1133 Ellingsen Ivar ( Delmekanismer i ventilasjonsreguleringen 1134 Sørskaar Dag ( Studies on natural killer cells activity and related markers in adult and childhood leukemia 616 Michael 2014; 10: Supplement 15

3 1135 Kett Kjell ( Immunopathology of coeliac and inflammatory bowel disease: Subclass and J-chain Alterations of IgA-producing cells 1136 Hytten Karsten ( Studies on stress and coping: Psychosocial and physical dangers. Establishment and manifestations of negative and positive response outcome expectancies 1137 Huitfeldt Henrik Sverre ( In Situ Studies of Aminofluorene-DNA Adducts in Experimental Carcinogenesis 1138 Boberg Kirsten Muri ( Metabolism and biological aspects of some plant sterols 1139 Gladhaug Ivar Prydz ( Epidermal growth factor receptors in hepatocytes 1140 Lundin Knut Erik ( T cell recognition of HLA-DQ molecules Aslaksen 1141 Tverdal Aage (dr.philos.) A mortality follow-up of persons invited to a cardiovascular disease study in five areas in Norway 1142 Myklebost Ola (dr.philos.) The molecular genetics of genes in lipid metabolism 1143 Rogne Sissel (dr.philos.) The molecular genetics of genes in lipid metabolism 1144 Endresen Knut ( Monophastic action potentials and interventricular conduction in patients with coronary artery disease: The effects of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions 1145 Tellnes Gunnar ( Sickness certification - an Epidemiological Study Related to Community Medicine and General Practice 1146 Nesland Aasve ( Erosive prepyloric changes 1147 Bosnes Vidar ( Human cyotoxic lymphocytes. A study of lymphokine-activated killer cells and gamma/delta T cells 1148 Tysvær Alf Thorvald ( Injuries of the brain and cervical spine in association football (SOCCER) 1149 Olsen Wenche Marie (dr.philos.) Studies on early effects of ultraviolet B irradiation on hairless mouse epidermis 1150 Myreng Yngvar ( Relaxation and filling of the left ventricle assessed by Doppler echocardiography. A clinical and experimental study 1151 Forsman Ulla Marianne ( Brain circulation and neurologic outcome in cerebral ischemia. Effects of nimodipine and free radical scavengers 1152 Helgestad Jon Erling ( In vitro hemopoiesis. A study of inhibitory activities under different culture conditions 1153 Heier Mona Fredrikke Jayne Skard ( Fluoropyrimidine neurotoxicity. Studies of the neurotixic effects of 5-fluorouracil and doxifluridine, and the possible relationship to thiamin (vit B1) deficiency 1154 Thoen Jørn Erik ( Studies on T cell subpopulations and natural killer cells in chronic inflammatory joint diseases 1155 Hu Guo-Yuan (dr.philos.) Prepotensials induced by synaptic activation, glutamate and current pulses 1156 Røise Olav ( Studies on endotoxin- and methylprednisolone-induced activation of the contact and complement systems of plasma. An in vitro study 1157 Christensen Erik ( Proxisomal beta-oxidation of fatty acids 1158 Lingaas Egil ( Phagocytosis of Escherichia coli by human neutrophils. The influence of some chemical and physical stimuli 1159 Hovdenes Jan ( A study of T lymphocytes isolated from rheumatoid joints with special emphasis on lymphokine production 1160 Rosenberg Margit ( On the realation between living conditions and variables linked to reproduction in Norway Værøy Henning ( Pain, neuropeptide, sympathetic responses and personality factors in patients with fibromyalgia fibrositis syndrome 1162 Glasø Morten ( A descriptive and quantitive morphological study of the dark cells both in normal mouse epidermis and after application of a tumor initiating and a tumor promoting chemical 1163 Hydle Ida Marie ( Kultur og helse i et lokalsamfunn. En flerfaglig studie av eldre i Oslo 1164 Aabakken Lars ( Gastrointestal mucosal toxicity assosiated with short terms use of non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs 1165 Andersen Frank Robert ( Left Ventrical Function and Metabolism. An experimental stud in pigs on the significance of myocardial ionic shifts for contractility and myocardial oxygen consumption during alterations in left ventrical function 1166 Eriksen Morten ( Arterial dimensions and blood flow measured by improved ultrasound methods 1167 Tanbo Tom Gunnar ( Assisted fertilization. Clinical studies with particular attention to ovarian stimulation, oocyte retrieval and transfer of gametes or embryos 1168 Matheson Ingrid (dr.philos.) Epidemiological and pharmacokinetic studies on drugs and breast-feeding Doktorskole og medisinstudium 617

4 1169 Storm- Mathisen Ardis Ingrid ( Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Outpatients 20 Years Later. A personal follow-up study of patients mainly referred from the Oslo Child Welfare Council 1170 Videm Vibeke ( Biocompatibility of cardiopulmonary bybass: Measures to reduce complement activation 1171 Ekeberg Øivind Roar ( Flight phobia: Prevalence, sympathetic responses and treatment 1172 Bjørndal Arild ( Forbruk av psykofarmaka i Norge 1173 Kravik Stein Erling ( Cardiovascular, renal, Electrolyte, and Hormonal Changes in Man During Gravitational Stress, Weightlessness, and Simulated Weightlessness: Lower Body Positive Pressure Applied by the Antigravity Suit 1174 Karlsen Steinar Johan ( Accute effects of extracorporeal shock waves on kidney function and morphology. An experimental and clinical study 1175 Vandvik Inger Helene ( Psychosocial Factors in Juvenile Rheumatic Diseases with recent onset 1176 Moskaug Jan-Øivind (dr.philos.) Translocation of Diphteria Toxin into Cells 1177 Roald Borghild Barth ( Neuroblastoma - Diagnostic and Prognostic Evaluation Heyerdahl 1178 Strømskag Kjell Erik ( Interpleural regional analgesia: Clinical and experimental aspects 1179 Seem Egil ( Transcapillary forces and arterial blood flow in lower limbs with deep venous thrombosis 1180 Geiran Odd Ragnar ( Right ventricular function: Dynamics of the ventricular free walls and the interventricular septum during acute ischemia and interventricular shunting in open-chest dogs 1181 Stenmark Harald Alfred (dr.philos.) Interactions of Diphteria Toxin and Related Proteins with Cells 1182 Petursdottir Gudrun (dr.philos.) The development of specific axonal projections in the brainstem of the chicken 1183 Tretli Steinar (dr.philos.) Epidemiological studies of breast cancer. With special emphasis on sex, anthropometric measures, child-bearing pattern and comparison with uterine corpus cancer 1184 Abeler Vera Maria ( Endometrial carcinoma in Norway. Morphology and prognosis 1185 Sager Eli-Marie ( Contrast-enhanced computed tomography of the primary tumor in muscle invasive carcinoma of the urinary bladder 1186 Hammer Hilde Berner ( The L1 protein (Calprotectin); Biochemical aspects of its subunits and studies of its importance as a marker of inflammation in rheumatic diseases 1187 Johnsen Jon ( Alcohol Sensitising Drugs. With Special Reference to Studies of Implanted Disulfiram 1188 Brinchmann Jan Engelsen ( Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection. Immunological and Virological Studies 1189 Holte Arne (dr.philos.) Studies on family communication and psychopathology 1190 Dale Inge ( The Human Leucocyte L1 Protein (Calprotectin): Purification, Characterization, and Distribution Analysis in Blood and Tissues 1191 Smith Pål Johan ( Long-term Treatment with Warfarin after Myocardial Infarction 1192 Nakstad Britt ( Local Activation of Coagulation and Fribrinolysis in Lung Disease 1193 Riddervold Fridtjov ( Atrial mechanical and endocrine function during changes in heart rate and loading. Clinical and experimental studies 1194 Hysing Einar Sorterup ( Cardiovascular effects of an interaction between volatile anesthetics, calcium blocking drugs and ionized calcium 1195 Halstensen Trond Sundby ( Immunopathology of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Mucosal Complement Activation and Autoimmunity 1196 Iversen Olav Hilmar (dr.philos.) Experimental Carcinogenesis Research. Some Basic Carcinogenesis Studies, with a Supplement Containing a Brief Discussion of their Bearing on the Public Domaine 1197 Hall Kirsten Sundby ( Contributions to the Treatment of Primary Liver Cancer. 4'-epidoxorubicin and cisplatin studied in hepatocarcinoma cell structures and in partially hepatoctomized rats 1198 Wiker Harald Gotten ( Secreted antigens of «Mycobacterium tubercolosis» and «Mycobacterium bovis» BCG 1199 Aass Nina Kathrine ( Malignant germ cell tumors: Survival and side effects 1200 Sandberg Mårten ( Molecular Cloning and Primary Structure of Mammalian Cyclic Nucleotide- Dependent Protein Kinases 1201 Rønningen Kjersti Skjold ( HLA Associations in Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus 1202 Bahr Roald ( Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption - magnitude, mechanisms and practical implications 618 Michael 2014; 10: Supplement 15

5 1203 Berg- Johnsen Jon ( Mechanisms of inhalation anaesthesial. The effect of isofluranse studied in rat hippocampus and human neocortex in vitro 1204 Kongerud Johny Steinar ( Occupational exposure and asthma. An epidemiologic study of aluminium potroom workers 1205 Borchgrevink Marit ( Psykiatriske langtidspasienter 10 år etter. En personlig etterundersøkelse av pasienter utskrevet fra psykiatrisk sykehus 1206 Holen Are ( A long-term outcome study of survivors from a disaster, the Alexander L. Kielland disaster in perspective 1207 Iversen Per Ole ( Blood flow distributions within single skeletal muscles in awake and in anesthized rabbits A study based on the microsphere method 1208 Hammer Torild Wenche (dr.philos.) Risk factors related to use of alcohol and cannabis in the general population: A longitudinal study of the influence of employment, unemployment and mental health 1209 Slagsvold Carl Erik ( Postischemic transcutaneous oxygen tension response in the evaluation of obliterating atherosclerosis in the lower limb 1210 Kongsgaard Ulf Erik ( Changes in the Plasma Protease Systems During Open Heart Surgery 1211 Dahl Eilif ( Renal osteodystrophy in Norway. Aspects of Pathogenesis and Treatment 1212 Nordal Knut Paul ( Renal osteodystrophy in Norway. Aspects of Pathogenesis and Treatment 1213 Thommessen Maria Hjort (dr.philos.) Feeding problems in disabled children. A study of feeding problems, growth and nutrition in different groups of disabled children 1214 Sollid Ludvig Magne ( Coeliac Disease. A Study of Immunogenetics and Immunopathogenesis 1215 Roald Ole Kristian ( Isofluranse, nitrous oxide, benzodiazepines and some of their antagonists. Effects on cerebral blood flow and metabolism 1216 Pedersen Willy (dr.philos.) Drugs in adolescent worlds. A longitudinal study of adolescent drug use socialization 1217 Michelsen Svein Sigvard ( Influence of age and gender on parameters obtained during a maximal exercise test and echocardiography. A study based upon observations at rest and during maximal exercise in apparently healthy individuals 1218 Magnus Øystein ( Studies on the Etiology and Diagnosis of Asthenozoospermia in men 1219 Foerster Arnold Otto ( Human Heart Transplantation. A Morphological and Epidemiological Study 1220 Müller Fredrik ( The Immunopathogenesis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection. Immunological Studies in Patients with Different Clinical Stages of HIV Infection 1221 Bjørnerheim Reidar ( The myocardial β-andrenoceptor system. Regulation, pharmacological spcificity, species dependent differences 1222 Børmer Ole Petter ( Immunoassays for Carcinoemryonic Antigen. Specificity and Interferences 1223 Gundersen Svein Gunnar ( Studies on schistosomiasis and other infections in the Ethiopian Blue Nile Valley with special emphasis on diagnostic improvements 1224 Onstad Sidsel ( A twin-family study of schizophrenia 1225 Westheim Arne Severin ( Importance and limitations of stress tests in hemodynamic studies 1226 Flindt- Henrik ( Photocarcinogenesis in Mice and the Effect of a Sunscreen, paraminobenzoic acid Hansen 1227 Lindahl Anne Karin ( Blood coagulation inhibitor in malignant disease with particular emphasis on tissue factor pathway inhibitor and its interaction with heparin 1228 Stiris Tom Arne ( Ocular Blood Flow in the Newborn. Effects of Light and Blood Gas Variations on Retinal and Choroidal Blood Flow in the Newborn Piglet 1229 Hartveit Espen ( Lagged and Nonlagged Cells in the Cat Lateral Geniculate Nucleus. Visual Response Properties, Synaptic Mechanisms, and Influence of Modulatory Brain Stem Input 1230 Stake Gunnar ( Estimation of the glomerular filtration rate in infants and children using iohexol and X-ray fluorescence technique 1231 Danielsen Håvard Emil (dr.philos.) Premalignant Changes in DNA Organization in Mouse Liver after Diethylnitrosamine Treatment 1232 Skyberg Knut ( Occupational health risks in high voltage cable workers exposed to oil mist and elecromagnetic fields 1233 Lothe Ragnhild Adelheid (dr.philos.) Suppressor Genes Involved in Tumourigenesis of Colon and Testis. A Molecular and Cytogenetic Study 1234 Zhang Nianhui (dr.philos.) Synaptic localization of excitatory amino acids: An electron microscopic, immunocytochemical study using the rat cerebellum as a model 1235 Hovig Johannes Eivind (dr.philos.) Development of Methods for Mutation Detection: Their Use in the Analysis of Human Tumor Suppressor Genes Doktorskole og medisinstudium 619

6 1236 Holmboe- Ottesen Gerd (dr.philos.) Nutrition, Household Food Security and Agricultural Change - With Special Focus on Gender Issues 1237 Wandel Margareta (dr.philos.) Nutrition Household Food Security and Agricultural Change - With Special Focus on Gender Issues 1238 Rogde Sidsel ( Complement Components C8: Genetic Aspects 1239 Nicolaysen Bjørn Kristoffer ( B Lymphoid Cells: Studies on Growth Control and Cell Surface Antigen Expression 1240 Davanger Martin (dr.philos.) The Schiøtz tonometer. Aspects of its history 1241 Meling Gunn Iren ( DNA and Large Bowel Carcinomas. DNA Ploidy Pattern and Genetic Alterations in Relation to Clinicopathological Variables 1242 Aksnes Gunnar ( Shortlasting Myocardial Ischemia; Effects on ion balance and contraction 1243 Grønn Morten ( Metabolism of N-3 Fatty Acids. Studies of beta-oxidation and Desaturation in Isolated Hepatocytes and Human Fibroblasts 1244 Watne Kjell ( Intra-arterial and Intra-venous Chemotherapy combined with Radiation in the treatment of Brain Tumours 1245 Holmen Jostein ( Blodtrykkspasienten, legen og samfunnet. Utprøving av intervensjons- og evalueringsstrategier i Nord-trøndelag Paulssen Eyvind Jakob ( G Protein-Coupled Transmembrane Signalling in Rat Pituitary Tumour Cells 1247 Paulssen Ruth Erika (dr.philos.) G Protein-Coupled Transmembrane Signalling in Rat Pituitary Tumour Cells Hildegard Hracky 1248 Veel Terje ( Tubulovesicles and Secretin-dependent Pancreatic and Biliary HCO3 Secretion. An experimental study in the pig 1249 Vergote Ignace (dr.philos.) Adjuvant treatment of ovarian carcinoma. A clinical and experimental study 1250 Hysing Jan ( Tubular handling of small Proteins and Peptides. Studies on renal degradation of «trapped label»-iodinated peptides 1251 Farup Per Grønaas ( Aspects of pharmacotherapy of acid-related upper gastrointestinal diseases 1252 Fjeld Jan Gunnar ( Preclinical Evaluation of Radiolabelled Monoclonal Antibodies Prepared for Radioimmunotargeting 1253 Joner Geir ( The Epidemiology of Insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus in Norway Incidence, Prevalence, Microvascular Complications and Mortality 1254 Krajci Peter ( Molecular Biology of Human Secretory Component (The Poly-Ig Receptor). Characterization og cdna and Genomic Clones, Schromosomal Assignment, and mrna Expression 1255 Sletnes Kari Elisabeth ( Detection and Clinical Significance and Antophospholipid Antibodies including Lupus Anticoagulants 1256 Haugen Guttorm Nils ( Endothelial cell function and vasoactivity in human umbilical vasculature 1257 Brandtzæg Petter ( Meningococcal endotoxin in human pathophysiology. A study of 45 patients with special emphasis on quantitative measurements of lipopolysaccharides and mediators 1258 Hjortdahl Per Olav ( Continuity of care in general practice: A study related to Ideology and Reality of Continuity in Norwegian Practice 1259 Jacobsen Anne Birgitte ( The Prognosis in muscle invasive bladder carcinoma with emphasis on DNA flow cytometry 1260 Christensen Geir Arve ( Atrial natriuretic factor. An experimental study on release mechanisms and on cardiovascular and renal effects 1261 Solheim Eirik Johan ( Effects of bioerodible polyorthoester on heterotopic and orthotopic bone induction in rats 1262 Duckert Fanny (dr.philos.) Alcohol problems and treatment: Follow-up studies of problemdrinkers with special reference to drinking behavior 1263 Hellebostad Marit ( Leukaemia and Erythropoiesis. Influence of Leukaemia on Erythropoietin Production and Erythropoiesis in Children and AKR/O mice 1264 Stanghelle Johan Kvalvik ( Physical exercise in the management of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients 1265 Dahl Solveig ( Rape a hazard to health 1266 Sorteberg Arne Wilhelm ( Methodological and technical advances in transcrainial Doppler ultrasonography 1267 Næss Frode Johannes ( Modulation of mediator-induced responses in experimental endotoxemia, with special emphasis on the plasma kallikrein-kinin system 1268 Ottestad Lars Olav ( Human Breast Carcinoma - Clinical Relevance of Cellular Proliferation, DNA Ploidy and Proto-Oncogene Activation 1269 Tasken Kristin Austlid (dr.philos.) The CAMP signal transduction pathway in cultured rat Sertoli cells. Molecular Mechanisms for protein kinase A and protein kinase C dependent regulation of gene expression 620 Michael 2014; 10: Supplement 15

7 1270 Ree Anne Hansen ( Regulation of estrogen and glucocorticoid receptors. Novel regelatory mechanisms in mammary adenocarcinoma cells and tumor Leydig cells 1271 Thrane Per Stanley ( Normal and Aberrant Markers of Immunity in Human Salivary Glands. Expression in Ontogeny, SIDS and Certain Inflammatory or Neoplastic Conditions 1272 Kirkeby Ole Jørgen Rise ( Incorporation of bone grafts. An experimental study in rats 1273 Dale Per Olav ( The polycystic ovarian syndrome: Studies on pathophysiology and ovulation induction 1274 Kærn Janne ( DNA ploidy in epithelial ovarin malignancies. Prognostic value and therapeutic implications 1275 Moum Torbjørn Åge (dr.philos.) Quality of Life and Health in the General Poplulation 1276 Søyland Elisabeth ( The effect of very long-chain fatty acids on immunerelated skin diseases and some immune reactions 1277 Medin Walther Birger ( Endothelial functions in cultivated rabbit corneas 1278 Thoresen Hege ( Positive and Negative Hormonal Regulation of Hepatocyte Growth: Effects of Cyclic AMP and Transforming Growth Factor B 1279 Spurkland Anne ( HLA Associated Genetic Susceptibility to Multiple Sclerosis and Coeliac Disease 1280 Opdahl Helge ( Aspects of polymorhponuclear neutrophil granulocyte (PMN) activation, and the possible contribution of such activation to the pathogenesis of lung injury in rabbit models of the adult respiratory distress syndrome 1281 Poulsen Jan Peter ( Extracellular oxypurines during hypoxia and reoxygenation. An experimental and clinical study of their concentrations, and a study of the effect of free radicals formed during their metabolism on synaptosomal dopamine release 1282 Tønjum Tone ( DNA Probing into Fastidious Gram-Negative Bacterial Species. A Search for Diagnostic Criteria 1283 Bjerke Knut ( Human Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue: Epithelial Characteristics and Distribution of Different B-Cells Phenotypes, T Cells, Macrophages and Granulocytes 1284 Nebb Hilde Irene ( Hormonal modulations of fatty acid stimulated peroxomal B-oxidation in cultured liver cells 1285 Tallaksen Chantal Marie Elisabeth ( The concentrations of Thiamin and Thiamin Phosphate Esters in Patients with Alcohol Dependence Syndrome, and in Reference Populations 1286 Hvattum Erlend (dr.philos.) Metabolism and metabolic effects of sulfur substituted fatty acids 1287 Danbolt Niels Christian ( The high affinity uptake system for exitatory amino acids in the brain 1288 Yoganathan Thillainathan (dr.philos.) Identification and characterisation of transcription factors of the mouse ribosomal protein (rp) L 32 gene 1289 Makar Amin ( Prognostic studies in cancer of the ovary and fallopian tube. With emphasis on the CA 125 antigen and c-erbb-2 oncogene 1290 Wichstrøm Lars (dr.philos.) Family communication and individual dysfunction 1291 Skålhegg Bjørn Steen (dr.philos.) Isozymes of cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase in human cells, expression, regulation and isozymespecific effects in human T lymphocytes 1292 Nilssen Dag Egil ( Immunology of the Human Gut in Primary B-Cell Deficiency. A Clinical and Immunohistochemical Study in Patients with Various Types of Humoral Immunodeficiency 1293 Næss Pål Aksel ( Influence of atrial and endothelial factors on renin release and renal hemodynamics 1294 Krohg- Sørensen Kirsten ( Laser Doppler Flowmetry in Evaluation of Colonic Perfusion. Studies with Reference to Colonic Ischemia after Abdominal Aortic Reconstruction 1295 Qioa Zhi-Gui (dr.philos.) Measurements of electrodermal and microcirculatory activities and responses in the human palm, a sensitive indicator of peripheral sympathetic activity in vivo 1296 Guldvog Bjørn Dagfinn ( Evaluation of Epilepsy Surgery in Norway Gullestad Lars Lysgaard ( B-adrenoceptor blockade and exercise performance in healthy subjects 1298 Skeie Bjørn ( Branched - chain amino acids and cerebral functions 1299 Olsen Egil (dr.philos.) The Use of Recombinant DNA Techniques to Study Allergens from Kentucky Bluegrass Pollen 1300 Bangstad Hans-Jacob ( Early Diabetic Nephropathy. The Relationship between Kidney Function and Morphology and Blood Glucose Control 1301 Veddeng Odd Jarle ( Cardiac mechanical effects of selective positive-end-expiratory-pressure ventilation. An experimental study 1302 Strand Per (dr.philos.) Radioactive fallout in Norway from Chernobyl accident. Studies on the behaviour of radiocaesiums in the environment and possible health impacts Doktorskole og medisinstudium 621

8 1303 Stenersen Tom Christen ( Prognostic factors in laryngeal preneoplastic lesions 1304 Grøn Berit (dr.philos.) Studies on soluble, cross-linked Fibrinogen/Fibrin Complexes with special reference to normal plasma and fibrinaenic patient plasma 1305 Hannisdal Einar ( Host markers and cancer prognosis 1306 Randen Ingrid (dr.philos.) Hybridomas Generated from Rheumatoid Synovial Tissue. Variable Region Gene Usage of Rheumatoid Factors 1307 Wickstrøm Egil ( Comparative clinical testing of hypnotic drugs. Flunitrazepam in a 15-year perspective 1308 Skjeldal Sigmund ( Acute Skeletal Ischemia Microcirculation and Histological Changes in Rat Hindlimbs 1309 Rostrup Morten ( Awareness of high Blood Pressure and sympathetic Activity 1310 Jakobsen Jarl Åsbjørn ( Renal effects og nonionic x-ray contrast media. A clinical study 1311 Tasken Kjetil ( Structure, function, and regulation of cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinases 1312 Claussen Bjørgulf Norderhaug ( Deprived of work and health? A two year follow up of long term unemployment from Grenland, Norway, Røtnes Jan Sigurd ( Digital imaging of intercellular calcium signals 1314 Gerlyng Per ( Hepatocellular Growth Patterns during Liver Development, Regeneration, Carcinogenesis and Tumour Promoter Treatment 1315 Nordsletten Lars ( Muscle Protection Against Fracture. A Biomechanical Study in the Rat Tibia 1316 Sandvig Kjell Ulrik ( Regeneration of the Corneal Epithellium 1317 Taubøll Erik ( Epilepsy Biorhythms and hormones; Seizure patterns, thyroid and steroid hormones in relation to epileptic activity 1318 Fahlman Cecilia Ulla Maria ( Regulation of Haematolymphopoiesis: Effects of Cytokines and Retinoids 1319 Kirkebøen Knut Arvid ( Shortlasting Myocardial Ischemia and Blood Flow Regulation. An Experimental Study 1320 Peng Qian ( A Preclinical and Clinical Study of Distribution and Photodynamic Effects of Photosensitizers in Cells and Tissues 1321 Skrede Steinar ( Thia fatty acids as tools in studies on rat liver lipid metabolism 1322 Åsheim Hans-Christian (dr.philos.) Characterization of Genes and Gene Products in B Lymphocytes 1323 Paus Albert Collett ( Arthroscopic evaluation of the knee joint before and after open synovectomy in patients with chronic innflammatory joint disease 1324 Sundby Johanne Sommerchild ( Infertility - causes, care and consequences. Studies of frequency, risk factors, psychological consequences and health services for Norwegian women with reduced fertility or childlessness (dr.philos.) Preeclampsia and endothelial cell function 1325 Endresen Marit Johanne Rindahl 1326 Heier Tom ( The effect of mild hypothermia on the adductor pollicis temperature and twitch tension in the presence and absence of vecuronium 1327 Samdal Frode Adolf ( Suction-assisted lipectomy. A clinical and experimental study 1328 Solberg Rigmor (dr.philos.) Human type I regulatory subunits of cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinases: Structure, function and chromosomal localization 1329 Gedde-Dahl Tobias ( Immune responses to p21 ras oncoproteins in man 1330 Roald Helge Einar ( Human ex vivo thrombogenesis - clinical studies with an experimental model 1331 Hongslo Jan Kenneth (dr.philos.) Genotoxic effects of paracetamol 1332 Steine Siri ( The use of double-contrast barium enema in an outpatient clinic. Referrals, diagnostic outcome and patients' experience of pain 1333 Ingum John ( Impairment of psychomotor and cognitive functions after intake of benzodiazepines. Importance of drug dosage and plasma concentration 1334 Larsen Frank (dr.philos.) Studies on CpG islands and genes in the human genome 1335 Drolsum Liv Kari ( Registration and analysis of patient data. A method for quality improvement and clinical research in cataract surgery 1336 Risøe Cecilie ( Changes in splanchic vascular capacitance during experimental and clinical heart failure 1337 Skrede Bjørn ( Vitamin A and acute myeloid leukemia 1338 Bjørnstad Hans Halvor ( Studies on Sport Cardiology 1339 Høglend Per Andreas ( The relationship between patient characteristics, treatment variables and long-term outcome: A follow-up study of 53 patients evaluated for brief dynamic psychotherapy 622 Michael 2014; 10: Supplement 15

9 1340 Jacobsen Frede Wælgaard ( Interleukin 7, Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha (TNF-alpha), and TNF Receptors: Role in Hematopoiesis 1341 Malaba Lucie (dr.philos.) The mechanism of uptake of vitamin A and retinol-binding protein by the liver 1342 Eikvar Lars Kristian ( Non-gonadotropic regulation of cyclic AMP production in Sertoli cells 1343 Stoltenberg Lauritz ( Biochemical, immunological and experimental studies of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) (SIDS) 1344 Flørenes Vivi Ann (dr.philos.) Molecular Studies of Factors Putatively Implicated in the Development, Progrssion and Metastasis of Malignant Melanoma and Sarcoma 1345 Løberg Else Marit ( Plasma proteins in damaged neurons. Early markers of neuron damage 1346 Hanem Sigrid Elisabeth ( Some Aspects of Mechanisms Involved in Alpha-1-Adrenoceptor Stimulation of Rat Myocardium 1347 Berner Aasmund ( Carcinoma of the Prostate. A Multivariate Analysis of the Prognostic Significance of Grade, DNA Ploidy, Prostate-Specific Antigen, p53 Expression, Extent of Disease and Age 1348 Halvorsen Sigrun ( Studies on soluble fibrin with special reference to its stimulatory effect on plasminogen activation by t-pa 1349 Birkeland Kåre Inge ( Type 2 diabetes mellitus - Studies on insulin secretion and action in relation to metabolic control and cardiovascular risk factors 1350 Ranheim Trine (dr.philos.) Lipid metabolism in cultured intestinal cells. Effect of eicosapentaenoic acid (20:5,n-3), tetradecylthioacetic acid and a coffee lipid (cafestol on the lipid metabolism in CaCo-2 cells 1351 Davanger Svend ( Amino acids as intercellular signal molecules: colocalization with other amino acids and with hormones 1352 Eskerud Jens Ragnar ( Studies on fever: Clinical aspects in general practice, perception, self-care and information 1353 Haugen Alice Margareta (dr.philos.) Diet and Rheumatic Diseases. Possible modulation of disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis 1354 Wu Pengfei (dr.philos.) Study on activation of fatty acids and their incorporation into phospholipids in vitro using thia fatty as experimental tools 1355 Torp Reidun (dr.philos.) Neuronal and glial handling of glutamate in the ischemic hippocampus. Immunocytochemical and in situ hybridisation studies adressing the «glutamate hypothesis» of ischemic cell death 1356 Karlsson Bente Elisabeth Ruud ( Cerebral ischemia: Effects of pharmacological interventions on cerebral blood flow, neuronal damage and neurologic outcome in models of complete or nearcomplete ischemia 1357 Husebye Einar ( Motility Patterns of Small Intestine and the Microflora of Upper Gut 1358 Strømsøe Knut ( Mechanical strenght of distral femur related to bone mineral importance for internal fixation of fractures 1359 Ravndal Edle (dr.philos.) Drug abuse, psychopathology and treatment in a hierarchical therapeutic community. A prospective study 1360 Mehlum Lars ( Clinical studies of suicidal behaviour in the young with special reference to personality disorders 1361 Toska Karin ( Short-term cardiovascular control in humans 1362 Ellingsen Dag Gunnar ( En epidemiological study of chloralkali workers previously exposed to inorganic mercury 1363 Jacobsen Morten Bjørnar ( The Norwegian carcinoid study. Therapeutical options in midgut carconoid disease Evaluations by clinical and cell culture studies 1364 Eskild Anne ( Progession of HIV infection epidemiological studies 1365 Stugaard Marie ( Intraventricular filling pattern and diastolic function. Clinical and experimental studies by color M-mode doppler echocardiography 1366 Veiersted Kaj Bo ( Stereotyped light manual work, individual factors and myalgia 1367 Berg Jens Petter ( Vitamin D A novel hormonal regulator of the TSH/cAMP signaling pathway in thyroid cells 1368 Holm Tor Halvor Axel (dr.philos.) Soybean proteinase inhibitors and regulation of human pancreatic secretion 1369 Høgåsen Kolbjørn ( Terminal Complement Pathway Activation and Its Fluid Phase Control Proteins 1370 Gjertsen Henrik Anun ( T Cell Recognition and HLA Class II Molecules. Implications for Alloreactivity and HLA-Assosiated Diseases 1371 Dueland Aud Nome ( Varicella Virus Infections; Clinical and Molecular Aspects of Pathogenesis, Latency and Reactivation 1372 Meltzer Helle Margrete (dr.philos.) Selenium bio-avalibility and interactions in humans. Experimental studies Doktorskole og medisinstudium 623

10 1373 Lossius Kristin ( Impact of spontaneous skin blood flow fluctuations on cardiovascular variability 1374 Kjeldsen- Jens ( Diatery Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Kragh 1375 Steen Torkel ( Noninvasive evaluation of left ventricular diastolic function. A critical investigation of two proposed methods 1376 Østenstad Bjørn ( T-Cell Activation and Cytotoxicity in Malignant Disease 1377 Søyseth Vidar ( Bronchial responsiveness in workers and children exposed to pollutants from an aluminum smelter 1378 Olstad Ole Kristoffer (dr.philos.) Expression, Purification and Characterization of Recombinant parathyroid Hormone Like Peptides 1379 Sanderud Jon ( Oxygen Radical Induced Pulmonary Hypertension. An experimental study in openchested pigs 1380 Vaage John Torgils ( Biological properties of rat large granular lymphocytes MHC control of NK allorecognition 1381 Rusten Leiv Sindre ( Bifunctional Regulators of Human Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Growth In Vitro 1382 Viken Helge Dag ( HLA Molecules. Studies of Polymorphism and Epitope Mapping of HLA Class II Molecules Using Murine and Human Monoclonal Antibodies 1383 Førde Reidun ( Fron antenatal control to antenatal care. A case study in clinical reasoning and methodological fallibility 1384 Mortensen Berit Marie ( The influence of vitamin D3 on bone remodelling: In vitro and in vivo studies of bone turnover in the normal and ureamic conditions 1385 Dullerud Reidar ( Percutaneous automated nucleotomy and imaging with CT, MR and diskography in lumbar disk herniation 1386 Warloe Trond ( Photodynamic therapy of human malignant tumors. A study of epithelial tumors of the skin, gastrointestinal tract and malignant pleural mesothelioma 1387 Lundblad Runar ( Immunotherapy and Host Defence Reactions in Gram-negative Sepsis 1388 Villanger Olaug Ingunn ( Secretion from liver and pancreas under normal conditions and during hyperbilirubinemia. An experimental study with empasis on bicarbonate secretion 1389 Rootwelt Helge ( Studies on the Molecular Genetics of Tyrosinaemia Type I 1390 Oshaug Arne (dr.philos.) Cornucopia - Diet and cardiovascular risk in the land of milk and honey. An example of community nutrition assessment, intervention and evaluation on oil platforms in the North Sea 1391 Lund-Larsen Per Gerhard ( ECG in health and disease. ECG findings in relation to CHD risk factors constitutional variables and 16-year mortality in 2990 asymptomatic Oslo men aged years in Løland Beate Fossum ( Tumor-Specific Immune Responses in Man. p21 ras Oncoproteins as Targets for CD4+ and CD8+ T Cells 1393 Hegstad Elisabeth ( Amino acids in the human brain. A study of possible roles in synaptic transmission and ischemia with special reference to glutamate and GABA 1394 Hassel Bjørnar ( The cerebral metabolism of amino acids and related metabolites as studied by 14C and 14C labelling 1395 Kaldestad Eystein ( The relationship among religiosity, personality and mental health. Development and standardizing of assessment instruments, and empirical studies of such relationship 1396 Søreide Eldar ( Anaesthesia and gastric content new methods and new trends 1397 Falnes Pål Øystein (dr.philos.) Mutational Analysis of Diphtheria Toxin Entry into Cells 1398 Gjærum Bente ( Development of a test battery for neuropsychological and neuromoter examination of developmentally disabled and mentally retarded children. NPM-X. A theoretical and clinical study 1399 Høgåsen Anne Kirsti Myrvang ( Biosynthesis and release of complement factors by human moncytes and granulocytes; Modulation by cytokines and microbial agents 1400 Skretting Grethe (dr.philos.) A molecular study of the human lechithin:cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT) gene 1401 Modalsli Kristin Rasmussen (dr.philos.) Coxsackie B1 Virus Effect on Shigella Flexneri Invasiveness in HEp-2 Cells 1402 Carlsen Karin Cecilie Lødrup ( Lung function by tidal breathing in awake neonates, infants and young children. Evaluation and clinical application, especially in relation to abstructive airway disease 1403 Lutzow-Holm Claus ( Growth and Differentiation Kinetics of Hairless Mouse Epidermis. Effects of Topical Application of Retinoce Acid and Calcitriol. 624 Michael 2014; 10: Supplement 15

11 1404 Rootwelt Terje ( Resuscitation with 21% or 100% oxygen. A study of hypoxemia and resuscitation in newborn pigs and a prelimenary clinical trail in newborn infants Knutsen Helle Katrine (dr.philos.) Cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinases (PKA) in Sertoli cells: Regulatory effects on transcription and mrna stability 1406 Moser Edvard Ingjald (dr.philos.) Field potential changes in the dentate gyrus during spatial learning in the rat 1407 Moser May Britt (dr.philos.) Structural correlates of spatial learning in the hippocampus of adult rats 1408 Raastad Morten Jan ( Transmission properties of individual excitatory synapses at CA1 pyramidal cells 1409 Trommald Mari ( Dentric spine changes underlying synaptic plasticity in the rat hippocampal formation 1410 Pedarzani Paola (dr.philos.) Mechanisms of neuromodulation in hippocampal pyramidal neurons 1411 Paulsen Ole Kristian ( Central excitatory synapses: Properties of importance for their efficacy Heimtun 1412 Farstad Bozena Teresa Polanska ( Lung mechanics in acute and chronic lung disease of the premature infant. Clinical, physiological and technical considerations 1413 Kerty Emilia ( Ocular and cerebral circulation in carotid occlusive disease 1414 Offstad Jon Thomas ( Hemodynamic and metabolic consequences of myocardial low flow ishemia. Importance of Endothelial ischemia. Importance of Endothelial Factors, Ion Channels and Wall Stretch 1415 Schlichting Ellen ( Gut ischemia and reperfusion. An experimental study with particular emphasis on the role og endotoxin 1416 Myklebust Arne Thormod ( Development of Monoclonal Antibody-Based Procedures for Diagnosis and Treatment of Small Cell Lund and Breast Cancer 1417 Ploski Rafal Tomasz ( Genetic Predisposition to Juvenile Chronic Arthritis 1418 Storm Hanne ( Beta-endorphin in victims of sudden infant death syndrome 1419 Valbø Annelill ( Smoking cessation in pregnancy. Effects of different intervention strategies 1420 Leistad Elisabeth ( Effects of arterial fibrillation and tachycardia on atrial function 1421 Gundersen Vidar ( The synaptic handling of aspartate at excitatory synapses in the brain: quantitative light and electron microscopic immunocytochemistry 1422 Høgevold Hans Erik ( Studies on the acute phase response in total hip replacement surgery. Effects of high-dose corticosteroids in a standarized musculoskeletal trauma 1423 Tjønnfjord Geir Erland ( Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Differentiation 1424 Barstad Rolf Marius ( Impact of Disturbed Laminar Blood Flow, Fibrillar Collagen and Tissue Factor on Thrombus Formation 1425 Skibeli Venke (dr.philos.) Structural and functional aspects of Atlantic salmon growth hormone and prolactin 1426 Rokkones Erik ( Expression of heterologous peptide hormone genes in cultured cells and in animals 1427 Bentdal Øystein Hagen ( Immune responses in Protein - Energy -Malnutrition. A study in patients with Anorexia Nervosa, Carcinoma of Cardia or Oesophagus 1428 Meyer Haakon Eduard ( Risk factors for hip fracture - Epidemiological studies in middle-aged and old Norwegian women and men 1429 Bjordal Kristin ( Quality of life in patients treated for head and neck cancer - methodological and clinical issues 1430 Øvrum Eivind ( Cardiopulmonary bypass with heparinized circuits. Clinical experience with two different systems 1431 Kongsgård Erik ( Characteristics of radiofrequency current catheter ablation. An experimental study in vitro and in vivo 1432 Tønnessen Theis ( Effects of ischemia on endothelin processing 1433 Holm Inger (dr.philos.) Quantification of Muscle Strength by Isokinetic Performance 1434 Major Ellinor Berta Charitte Fraenkl (dr.philos.) War Stress in a Transgenerational Perspective. Norwegian Concentration Camp Survivors and Two Other Resistance Groups and Their Children. A comparative investigation Cappelen Inger (dr.philos.) Coffee and health. Is high coffee consumption a risk factor for cardiovascular disease or cancer? 1436 Engdahl Bo Lars (dr.philos.) Clinical applications of otoacoustic emissions 1437 Nordby Gudmund ( Pathophysiological aspects of essential hypertension in premenopausal women 1438 Bøhler Erik ( Impact of mother's subsequent pregnancy on the previous child's health 1439 Eide Anne Lill ( Development of intersegmental connections in the spinal cord Doktorskole og medisinstudium 625

12 1440 Aukrust Pål ( Role of tumor necrosis factor and oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of human immunodeficiency. Studies in primary hypogammaglobulinaemia and human immunodeficiency virus infection 1441 Eggesbø Jan Bertil ( A study on persons with high or low levels of serum high-density lipoprotein (HDL) 1442 Heimdal Ketil Riddervold ( Genetic Predisposition to Testicular Germ Cell Tumors 1443 Opdal Mimmi Stokke ( Modulation of cardiac Ca2+ antagonist binding by drugs, nucleotides, divalent cations and ischemia 1444 Eritsland Jan ( Graft occlusion after coronary artery bypass surgery, with special emphasis on the effect of n-3 fatty acids 1445 Lorentzen Bjørg ( Preeclampsia: Lipid Metabolic Alterations 1446 Kirkhus Bente (dr.philos.) Cell Kinetic Studies of Normal and Perturbed Growth in Mouse Epidermis. A methodological and analytical study based on flow cytometry 1447 Bjørge Tone ( Epidemiological studies of uterine cervical cancer - with emphasis on time trends in incidence, survival and mortality, risk factors, prognostic factors and screening Pedersen Hans Kristian ( Electrolyte addition to nonionic contrast media. Cardiac effects during experimental coronary arteriography 1449 Opstad Per Kristian ( Medical consequences in young men of prolonged physical stress with sleep and energy deficiency 1450 Skatvedt Olav ( Continous pressure measurements in the upper airways and oesophagus, and surgical treatment of sleep related breathing disorders by palatoplasty 1451 Halvorsen Bente Evy (dr.philos.) Metabolism of Low Density Lipoprotein: Relation to certain nutrients, drugs, and proteoglycans 1452 Nortvedt Per (dr.polit.) Sensitive judgement- Nursing, moral philosophy and an ethics of care 1453 Kopjar Branko ( Occurence and consequences of unintentional injuries 1454 Haugstad Tor Sigbjørn ( Mechanisms of amino acid release during cerebral ischemia 1455 Kjærheim Jenny Kristina ( Alcohol and cancer in the restaurant business 1456 Istre Olav ( Transcervical resection of the endometrium clinical and pathophysiological consequences 1457 Aune Arne Kristian ( The muscle stabilized knee. Significance for anterior cruciate ligament injury and reconstruction 1458 Sioud Mouldi (dr.philos.) Down-Regulation of Gene Expression by Catalytic RNAs (Ribozymes). A molecular understanding of protein-ribozyme interactions may lead to the design of specific anti-cytokine agents 1459 Tynes Tore ( Elecromagnetic fields and cancer. Residential and occupational studes - epidemiological approaches 1460 Sandvik Leiv (dr.philos.) Prediction of cardiovascular mortality, with special emphasis on physical fitness. A 16-year follow-up study of 2014 healthy middle-aged men 1461 Line Pål Dag ( Laser Doppler assessment of limb perfusion Physiological and methodological aspects 1462 Dahl Arve ( Cerebral hemodynamics studied by transcranial doppler ultrasonography and single photon emission computer tomography 1463 Johansen Bente Helene (dr.philos.) Peptide Binding to HLA-DQ Molecules 1464 Wik Lars ( Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Effects of improving the early cardiopulmonary resuscitation and early advanced care links in the chain of survival for cardiac arrest victims 1465 Lauritzsen Grete Fossum ( Cytotoxicity of Idiotype-Specific T Cells to B Lymphoma and Plasmacytoma Cells In Vivo and In Vitro 1466 Heyerdahl Sonja Helene ( Development and growth in early treated children with congenital hypothyroidism. A longitudinal study 1467 Jablonski Greg Eigner ( A study of uraemic bone disease in a rat model; Evaluation of diagnostic tools and treatments 1468 Eri Lars Magne ( Medical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Clinical studies of the LHRH agonist leuprolide depot (Procren) and the nonsteroidal antiandrogen bicalutamide (Casodex) 1469 Arntzen Annett (dr.philos.) Sociodemograpic factors and outcomes of pregnancy. Epidemiological studies based on the Medical Birth Registry and Cencus data 1470 Dybwad Anne (dr.philos.) Peptide Phage Libraries as a Tool for the Selection of Ligands for In Vivo Produced Antibodies: Identification of Potential B- and T-Cell Targets in Autoimmune Diseases 626 Michael 2014; 10: Supplement 15

13 1471 Skrondal Anders (dr.philos.) Latent Trait, Multilevel and Repeated Measurement Modelling with Incomplete Data of Mixed Measurement Levels 1472 Xu Bang Qian (dr.philos.) Characterization of Ethylmorphine Metabolism. Studies on Metabolism of Ethylmorphine in Rat Liver Preparations In Vitro 1473 Brunborg Gunnar (dr.philos.) Alkaline Elution of Damaged DNA 1474 Natarajan Vasanti (dr.philos.) Interactions of the plasma retinol binding protein: Functional analysis of the C- terminus in secretion and receptor binding 1475 Årsland Dag ( Language and the Cholineric Hypothesis of Alzheimer's Disease 1476 Holme Pål Andre ( Studies on human-platelet-derived microcesicles with special reference to their mode of formation, procoagulant properties and clinical relevance 1477 Samersaw- Lund Miriam May-Brit ( Pulmonary and cardiac complications after high-dose radiation and/or chemotherapy: a study of patients curatively treated for breast cancer, leukemias and Hodgkin's lymphoma 1478 Mælandsmo Gunhild Mari (dr.philos.) Studies on Genes Involved in Tumorigenesis and Metastasis of Human Melanoma and Sarcoma 1479 Haraldsen Guttorm ( Functional Studies of Cultured Human Gut Endothelium. Characterization of Biological Properties with Special Reference to Inflammatory Bowel Disease 1480 Brorson Sverre Henning (dr.philos.) Immunoelectron microscopy of resin embedded tissue. A study of the mechanisms for antigen detection with the aim of improving immunogold labelling of epoxy section 1481 Hafstad Anne Marit (dr.philos.) Provocative anti-smoking appeals in mass-media campaigns 1482 Tonstad Serena Nasif ( Clinical implications of familial hypercholesterolemia in childhood Hasso 1483 Aaberge Ingeborg Aase Sundsvalen ( Vaccine against Streptococcus pneumonie: immune response and protection. Studies in man, mice and mice with a human immune system 1484 Saatvedt Kjell Johan ( Studies on the inflammatory response following open heart surgery in children 1485 Seljeflot Ingebjørg (dr.philos.) Studies on the Fibrinolytic System - with Special Reference to Laboratory Methods for Evaluation of Global Fibrinoanalysis and to some Regulatory Mechanisms of t-pa and PAI Moen Oddvar ( Blood Activation and Biocompatibility Evaluations of Cardiopulmonary Bypass Systems. The Importance of Pump Modus and Heparin-coated Surfaces 1487 Rugtveit Jarle ( Mucosal Macrophages in Human Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Subsets, Functional Markers, and Synthesis of Cytokines and Other Mediator Substances 1488 Gaard Maria ( Nutritional aspects of cancer of the breast and colon. An epidemiological study 1489 Hustveit Olav ( Studies on the Receptor Specificity of Strong Analgesic Drugs with particular reference to the possible role of muscarinic cholinergic receptors in the side effects of fentanyl and ketamine 1490 Jahnsen Frode Lars ( Human Mucosal Eosinophils. Identification and Regulatory Mechanisms of Extravasation in the Upper Airways 1491 Moan Andreas Dynge ( Insulin resistance, sympathetic activity and blood pressure control 1492 Kværner Kari Jorunn ( Genes and environment in the aetiology of otitis media 1493 Abildgaard Andreas ( New techniques for the diagnosis and evaluation of arterial stenosis. Pressure measurements with a fibre-optic guidewire, and Doppler ultrasonography with contrast enhancement 1494 Wærsted Morten ( Attention-related muscle activity - a contributor to sustained occupational muscle load? 1495 Røger Magnus Trygve ( Morphiological and Functional Studies on Blood Platelet Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa and Interaction with Vitronectin and the Soluble Terminal Complement Complex 1496 Zahl Per Henrik ( Long-term survival of cancer studied by means of an addidative regression model and correlated frailty models 1497 Ma Li Wei (dr.philos.) Approaches to Improve Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer 1498 Berge Viktor ( Studies on factors regulating the expression and synthesis of functional components of the alternative and terminal complement pathways by human umbilical vein endothelial cells in vitro 1499 Klemsdal Tor Ole ( Transdermal kinetics and nitrate tolerance. Measurements of vasodilation by photoplethysmography 1500 Moum Bjørn Allan ( Epidemiology of chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in south-eastern Norway. A prospective study of the incidence and risk factores 1501 Larsen Laila Norrheim (dr.philos.) n-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acid derivatives: Incorporation into call lipids and effects on eicosanoid synthesis Doktorskole og medisinstudium 627

14 1502 Tølløfsrud Stein Gudbrand ( Evaluation of fluid therapy. Studies on healthy volunteers and in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery 1503 Selmer Randi Marie (dr.philos.) The Bergen Blood Pressure Study - methodological issues and long-term outcome 1504 Undlien Dag Erik ( Genetic Predisposition to Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM). Susceptibility and Resistance Conferred by HLA Complex Genes and Polymorphisms in the Insulin Gene Region 1505 Hallmo Petter ( Extended high-frequency bone-conduction audiometry - a clinical study with the KH-70 bone vibrator 1506 Lømo Jon ( The Regulation of Apoptosis in Resting Human B Lymphocytes Risum Øivind ( Risk factors of mortality and morbidity in coronary artery bypass surgery 1508 Bjerkebæk Eirik (dr.philos.) Energetics of submaximal isomeric contraction in human skeletal muscle 1509 Aksnes Jon ( Morphological and physiological effects of lipid based parenteral nutrition with special emphasis on the mononuclear phagocyte system: an experimental animal study 1510 Brox Jens Ivar ( Rotator tendiosis of the shoulder. Some aspects considering muscle performance, treatment and prognosis 1511 Ekstrøm Per Olaf ( The use of microdialysis to investigate extracellular pharmacokinetics of methotrexate 1512 Farstad Inger Nina ( Adhesion Molecules on Human Intestinal Lymphoid cells: Implications for Potential Trafficking Properties 1513 Reichborn- Kjennerud Ted ( Patients with seasonal affective disorder. A study of the clinical picture, personality disorders, and biological aspects 1514 Dahl Ola Einar ( Effects of hip replacement surgery on the heamostatic system 1515 Kristensen Petter ( Perinatal Health and Cancer in Farmers' Offspring 1516 Klemp Marianne ( Specific Cancer Immunotherapy with Oncogene Peptides. Induction of immunity in pancreatic carcinoma patients after mutant p21 ras peptide vaccination 1517 Ikdahl Tone ( Molecular Genetic Alterations in Human Breast Cancer 1518 Bechensteen Anne Grete ( The early anaemia of mammals : the role of erythropoietin and of protein and iron supplementation : studies in premature infants and young mice 1519 Dissen Erik ( Recognition of allogeneic lymphocytes by natural killer cells - a molecular genetic study in the rat 1520 Vinje Morten ( Isoflurane: effects on synaptic release and uptake of glutamate and GABA 1521 Blomlie Viggo ( Radiation-induced injury of the female pelvis : the value of MR imaging in the detection of injury and its potential impact on patient management 1522 Reiertsen Ola ( Quality assurance and research methods in digestive surgery 1523 Viko Håvard ( Myocardial Potassium Uptake and IP3 Response after a1 and B-Adrenoceptor Stimulation; Receptor Subtypes and Mechanisms Involved, and a possible Interaction between the Receptor Sysrems 1524 Stigum Hein (dr.philos.) Mathematical Models for the Spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Using Sexual Behavior Data 1525 Gjone Inger Helene ( A twin study of behaviour problems in children and young adolescents 1526 Trondsen Erik ( Treatment of gallstone disease: aspects of surgical treatment in the early laparoscopic era 1527 Trumpy Ida Gjessing ( Internal derangement of the temporomandibular joint. Clinical, radiographical and experimental investigations 1528 Nilsen Ellen Mathilde (dr.philos.) The Cytokine Network in Human Gut Mucosa. A Study of T Cells, Macrophages and Endothelial Cells with Reference to Coeliac and Inflammatory Bowel Disease 1529 Magnusson Anders ( Seasonal Affective Disorder: Epidemiological, clinical and methodological studies 1530 Bjelland Svein (dr.philos.) Base Excision Repair of DNA Damage Induced by Alkylating and Oxidative Agents 1531 Teixeira Manuel Antonio ( Intra- and Intertumor Cytogenic Heterogeneity in Breast Cancer Rodrigues 1532 Karlsen Frank (dr.philos.) Analysis of the Human Papillomavirus in Intraepithelial Neoplasia and Carcinoma of the Cervix Uteri 1533 Meling Torstein Ragnar ( On Torque - a theorectical and experimental study of factors influencing precise delivery of torque 1534 Nafstad Per ( Tobacco smoke exposure in early life: Assessment of exposure and health effects 1535 Fagerlund Tore Hind ( Genetic studies of Scandinavian families with malignant hyperthermia 1536 Holven Kirsten Bjørklund (dr.philos.) Characerization of vitamin A storage and secretion 628 Michael 2014; 10: Supplement 15

15 1537 Stokke Eirik Schram ( Mechanisms of electrolyte transport in the renal tubules with particular emphasis om lithium reabsorbation. An experimental study in the dog 1538 Bjørgan Elisabeth Marie Børretzen (dr.philos.2) Structural and Genetic Studies of Auto-and Allo-Antibodies Produced in the Normal Immune Response. Comparison of Rheumatoid Factors from Healthy Donors and Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis 1539 Engeland Anders (dr.philos.2) Smoking-associated cancers in Norway 1540 Diseth Trond Haaken ( Adolescents with congenital malformations in the anorecto-urogenital region - a clinical bio-psychosocial study 1541 Garred Øystein ( Entry of Shiga Toxin into Cells - Intracellular Transport of Protein Toxins 1542 Waage Halfrid ( The identification of previously asbestos-exposed subjects and the modification of lung cancer risk. Experiences from a Norwegian community 1543 Wyller Torgeir Bruun ( Consequences of cerebral stroke 1544 Olsen Anne Olaug ( Human Papillomavirus and high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplaisa- a case study 1545 Hauff Edvard ( The Stresses of War, Organised Violence and Exile: A Prospective Community Cohort Study of the Mental Health of Vietnamese Refugees in Norway 1546 Ranhoff Anette Hylen ( Functional impairment as an indicator of disease and a trigger for medical services for the elderly 1547 Mowe Morten ( Nutrition in the elderly. Studies on selected aspects of protein-energy undernutrition anf hypo-vitaminosis in an aged population 1548 Sverre Jan Marcus ( Trends in mortality in the aged Norwegian population, Schjetlein Rune Ivar Sindre ( A study of the prognostic value of markers of hemostasis, fibrinolysis and thrombosis in preeclampsia, with special reference to lupsus anticoagulants 1550 Norheim Ole Frithjof ( Limiting access to health care: a contractualist approach to fair rationing 1551 Grøndahl Tor Øivind ( Ion fluxes during cerebral ischemia with special emphasison measurements of intracellular calcium: an experimental study in vitro 1552 Håheim Anne Lise Lund (dr.philos.) Epidemiology of stroke in middle-aged men 1553 Holm Jan Øyvind ( An epidemiological study of hand eczema 1554 Brage Søren Karl ( Musculoskeletal Health Problems and Sickness Absence 1555 Brunvand Leif Inge ( Migration, vitamin D and health. Vitamin D deficiency among pregnant Pakistanis in Oslo and possible consequences for their infants 1556 Tjemsland Lars ( Psychobiological aspects of operable breast cancer 1557 Mengshoel Anne Marit (dr.philos.) Pain, fatigue, and the effects of aerobic exercise and patient education programs in patients with fibromyalgia 1558 Fløgstad Anette Kvistborg ( Pharmacotherapy of growth hormone and prolactin producingpituitary tumors 1559 Sponheim Eili ( Epidemiological and Diagnostic Aspects of Childhood Autism 1560 Semb Svein Ove ( Restitution of sodium overloaded heart cells 1561 Eriksen Willy Bjarne ( Smoking by young adults 1562 Stoltenberg Camilla ( Birth defects, stillbirth and infant death- epidemiological studies of the effects of consanguinity and parental education on births in Norway Berge Knut Erik ( A study of candidate genes for control of blood pressure in healty people and survivors of myocardinal infarction 1564 Osnes Terje Andreas ( A study of common duct gallstone disease, with special reference to brown pigment calculi. Methodological aspects and studies of endoscopically obtained bile and calculi 1565 Smeland Sigbjørn ( Metabolism of Plasma Retinol-Binding Protein 1566 Bernstein Roger ( Coronary and Myocardinal Consequences of severe Hypothyroidism 1567 Andersen Geir Øystein ( ax1-adrenoceptor Mediated Effects om Potassium Efflux from Rat Myocardium 1568 Lerang Frode ( Heliobacter pylori infection and peptic ulcer disease - evaluation of diagnostic methods and treatment regimes. A prospective study in the county of Østfold Johansen Bjørn ( Unilateral bronchial occlusion: Effect on single lung ventilation and perfusion 1570 Smith- Sørensen Birgitte (dr.philos.) Alterations in the Cancer Assosiated Genes TP53, CDKN24 and c-myc. Development of Mutation Detection and Some Functional Aspects 1571 Aas Vigdis (dr.philos.2) Simulation of human neurophilic granulocytes with interferon- y 1572 Langberg Carl Wilhelm ( The Influence of Time, Dose, and Fractionation on Development of Chronic Radiation Enteropathy 1573 Moen Atle ( Circulatory effects of surfactant replacement: an experimental study in surfactantdepleted newborn piglets Doktorskole og medisinstudium 629

16 1574 Lindbæk Morten ( Acute sinus infections in adults in general practice 1575 Bentsen Håvard ( Predictors of expressed emotion in relatives of patients with schizophrenia or related psychoses 1576 Tomasson Kristinn ( Psychiatric comorbidity among treatment seeking alcoholics. Importance for course and treatment 1577 Nordal Randi Reiersen ( Uterine sarcomas in Norway Kirkengen Anna Luise ( Embodiment of sexual boundary violations in childhood : a phenomenologicalhermeneutical study of the health impact of childhood sexual abuse 1579 Midtvedt Karsten ( A clinical study of some major early complications following renal transplantation 1580 Aasmundstad Tor Aksel ( Studies on morphine glucuronides 1581 Aasland Astrid ( Multidimensional outcome in juvenile rheumatic diseases. A nine-year prospective follow-up 1582 Grund Frank ( Ischaemic preconditioning. An experimental study of cardioprotection in anaesthetised pigs 1583 Bergan Stein (dr.philos.) Azathioprine monitoring in renal tranplantation 1584 Andreassen Arne Kristian ( Pheripheral microcirculation in human heart transplantation. Laser doppler perfusion measurements of skin microvascular reactivity Myhre Anne Margrethe ( Retinoylation of proteins 1586 Berstad Audun Elnæs ( Immunopathological mechanisms in Helicobacter pylori infection 1587 Gulbrandsen Pål ( Social context in general practice - disclosure, recognition, and management 1588 Molberg Øyvind ( T cells of the human small intestinal mucosa. Studies of HLA restriction and antigen-specificity with particular reference to coeliac disease 1589 Wanderås Eva Hoff ( Testicular germ cell cancer. Incidence, risk factors, subsequent cancer and treatment associated late toxicity 1590 Grue Lars Petter (dr.philos.) På terskelen. En undersøkelse av funksjonshemmet ungdoms sosiale tilhørighet, selvbilde og livskvalitet 1591 Vege Åshild ( Clues to understanding the death mechanism in sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Immunological, biochemical and epidemiological investigations 1592 Harvei Sverre Ingemann ( Epidemiological aspects of prostate cancer. Studies upon nation-wide registration in Norway 1593 Finstad Hanne Serine (dr.philos.) Very long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and leukemia cell lines: Effects on proliferation, differentiation and death mode 1594 Reisæter Anna Varberg ( Alloimmune Responses. Experimental and Clinical Studies 1595 Nagelhus Erlend Arnulf ( Water and volume homeostasis in the central nervous system: role of glial cells 1596 Feet Bjørn Aage ( Resuscitation of hypoxic newborn piglets with different oxygen concentrations 1597 Berg Tore Julsrud ( Advanced glycation and products. Studies on advanced glycation, oxidation and glycoxidation products in the circulation of patients with type 1 diabetes and their association with micro- and macrovascular complications 1598 Andersen Lene Frost (dr.philos.2) Evaluation of food frequency questionnaires among different groups of the Norwegian population 1599 Landmark Brynjar Fowels ( Characterization, regulation and effects of camp-dependent protein kinase. Protein phosphorylation in rat testicular cells 1600 Aase Audun (dr.philos.) Human IgG Subclass Effector Functions. A Study of Complement Activation and Phagocytosis Induced by Chimeric and Polyclonal Antibodies 1601 Holt Even ( Excitation-contraction coupling in normal and failing cardiomyocytes 1602 Mundal Reidar Olav ( The significance of exercise blood pressure in cardiovascular epidemiology 1603 Sauer Torill ( Determination of prognostic markers and ploidy in breast carcinoma cells obtained by fine-needle aspiration 1604 Rian Edith (dr.philos.) Parathyroid hormon-related proteins (PTHrP and PTH): Studies of cellular expression and biological effects in bone target cells 1605 Brækhus Anne ( Clinical aspect of mental impairment and mild dementia in old age 1606 Brude Ingeborg Rossebø (dr.philos.2) w-3 fatty acids, antioxidants & homocysteine in relation to development of atherosclerosis 1607 Mathiesen Iacob ( Nerve-muscle interaction: The role of electrical activity 1608 Bjørnland Kristin ( Studies on proteolytic enzymes and their endogenous inhibitors in relation to tumor invasion and metastasis 1609 Jenum Pål Arne ( Diagnosis and Epidemiology of Toxoplasma gondii Infection among Pregnant Women in Norway 630 Michael 2014; 10: Supplement 15

17 1610 Angelis Paula Mary de (dr.philos.) Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of Colorectal Carcinomas 1611 Tornquist Eline (dr.philos.) Conceiving function. An investigation of the epistemological preconditions, conceptualizations and methodologies in physiotherapy 1612 Mangschau Arild ( Studies on cardiac function in left ventrical aneurysm. Effect of surgical treatment 1613 Johansson Lars Ragnar (dr.philos.2) Norwegian dietary habits, methods for nutritional surveillance Krister 1614 Oldereid Nan Birgitte ( Studies of the effects of environmental factors on male reproductive function 1615 Haug Charlotte Johanne ( Old wisdom, new disease. A possible role for vitamin D in the pathogenesis of mycobacterial infection and HIV-disease 1616 Bjørtuft Øystein ( single lung transplantation. Surveillance and functional outcome 1617 Sirnes Per Anton ( Angioplastry and stenting of chronically occluded coronary arteries: A clinical and angiographic investigation 1618 Andenæs Kjell ( Plastic surgery and postoperative wound infection 1619 Flatø Berit ( Outcome and predictive factors in juvenile arthritis and allied disorders 1620 Mundal Håvard Holth ( Blood platelets and cardiovascular risk factors: A clinical study on hypertension, mental stress and cigarette smoking 1621 Raabe Nils Kristian ( year survey of invasive breast carcinoma in Oslo Eken Torsten ( Tonic motor activity in a physiological extensor muscle 1623 Hofstad Bjørn ( Growth and Recurrence of Colorectal Polyps. A follow-up and intervention Study with Calcium and Antioxodants 1624 Madsen Jan Erik ( Neural regulation of bone repair. Experimental studies of fracture healing, posttraumatic osteopenia and bone graft incorporation in the rat 1625 Walberg Mette ( Flow cytometry in medical microbiology: rapid staining protocols and measurement of drug susceptibility 1626 Bukholm Ida Rashida Khan ( Molecular biological alterations in primary breast tumours and metastases 1627 Hagen Egil ( Metabolism of chylomicrons and retinyl ester 1628 Sorteberg Angelika Gabriele ( A transcranial Doppler study on cerebral hemodynamics in atherosclerotic- and therapeutic carotid artery obliteration 1629 Bach- Gansmo Edvin Tore ( Degradation of fibrinogen and fibrin by human neutrophil elastase- with special reference to its effects on coagulation and fibrinolysis 1630 Helgeland Lars ( Thymic and microbial impact on intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes in the rat. Development, phenotypes and T-cell receptor repertoire 1631 Woldseth Berit ( Incorporation and stability of some fatty acids in phospholipids studied in isolated liver cells 1632 Djupesland Per Gisle ( Acoustic rhinometry optimised for infants technical properties and clinical applications 1633 Strand Øystein Anders ( Nitric oxide in sepsis. An experimental and clinical study 1634 Baksaas Svein Tore ( Studies on leukocyte depletion and surface coated systems for cardiopulmonary bypass 1635 Heldal Magnus ( Effect of exercise training after myocardial infarction. Predictors, mechanisms and influence of betablockers 1636 Berg Siri Fuglem ( Induction of immune responses - a study on antigen presenting cells and leukocyte receptors 1637 Naper Christian ( MHC class I control of rat natural killer cell alloreactivity 1638 Al-Aoukaty Ala (dr.philos.2) Regulatory mechanisms of guanine nucleotide binding (G) proteins in natural killer cells. Role of chemikines and stimulatory molecules 1639 Fiane Arnt Eltvedt ( Pig-to-human xenotransplantation. Inhibition of hyperacute rejection 1640 Odden Jan Petter ( Cerebral and ocular blood flow responses in the posthypoxemic newborn piglet 1641 Kjelsberg Ellen Marie Brun ( A long-term follow-up of adolescent psychiatric in-patients 1642 Aaserud Olaf ( Investigations of the nervous system as a target for organic solvent toxicity in occupation 1643 Gundersen Reidar Yngvar ( Modulation of nitric oxide values in endotoxaemia. An experimental study with special emphasis on hepatic circulation and function 1644 Lehne Knut Gustav ( P-Glycoprotein - A target for circumvention of multidrug resistance in cancer 1645 Norderhaug Inger Natvig (dr.philos.) Molecular basis for generation of human secretory immunoglobulins at mucosal surfaces 1646 Hvaal Kjetil Harald ( Attenuation of ischemic skeletal muscle necrosis 1647 Jørgensen Trond ( Prognosic factors in metastatic prostate cancer. Experience based on the scandinavian prostatic cancer group study no.2 SPCG-2 Doktorskole og medisinstudium 631

18 1648 Loge Jon Håvard ( Health-related quality of life in Hodgkin's disease survivors methodological and clinical issues 1649 Boulland Line Margrete Levy ( Glutamate transporters in the central nervous system: Regulators of function and functional regulation 1650 Lehre Knut Petter Dæhlin ( Localizations and concentrations of excitatory amino acid transporter proteins in the central nervous system 1651 Skomedal Hanne (dr.philos.) Molecular biological studies of gynaecological cancers 1652 Wassdal- Irene (dr.philos.) Cellular effects of the kallikrein-like enzyme rk10 and bradykinin in the rat Mithassel 1653 Indahl Aage Jan ( Low back pain a functional disturbance: physiology and treatment 1654 Røseth Arne Gustav ( Faecal granulocyte markers in inflammatory and neoplastic disorders. A study of calprotectin in man and GMP in rats 1655 Laake Jon Henrik ( Glutamate as transmitter and toxin: Synthesis, compartmentation and pathophysiology 1656 Kaastad Trine Sand ( Osteoporotic fractures relative to strength of bone and muscle experimental rat models for studying means of prevention 1657 Dunlop Oona Borghild ( Brain affliction in AIDS 1658 Jensen Vidar (dr.philos.2) Elements of expression mechanisms of long-term potentiation 1659 Andersen Solveig Norheim ( Prognostic significance of classical versus immunological and molecular cancer markers. A study of the large bowel 1660 Klingenberg Olav Inge ( Translocation of acidic fibroblast growth factor from the cell surface to the cytosol and nucleus 1661 Risberg May Arna (dr.philos.) Evaluation of knee function after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Godaker 1662 Sommerschild Hilchen Thode ( Myocardial low-flow ischemia. An experimental study in pig hearts with special emphasis on the role of endogenous adenosine 1663 Johansen Odd ( Studies on coronary angiplasty, restenosis and very long chain n-3 fatty acids 1664 Elgjo Geir Ivar Følling ( Small Volume Hypertonic Fluid Treatment of Trauma: Experimental studies on Hemorrhage and Burns 1665 Yu Xiang-Qing (dr.philos.2) Hemodynamics and metabolic effects of nitric oxide. An experimental study in newborn piglets with acute lung injury 1666 Johansen Per Wiik ( Regulation of prolactin and growth hormone secretion and synthesis in cultured rat pituitary adenoma cells (GH cells) with emphasis on dopaminergic mechanisms 1667 Breistøl Knut (dr.philos.) Studies of new chemotherapeutic agents in human tumor models in vivo 1668 Wergeland Ebba Louise ( Healthy working conditions in pregnancy. An epidemiological study of work load and job control in pregnancy, in relation to maternal health and pregnancy outcome 1669 Matre Vilborg (dr.philos.) The human thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptor: cdna cloning, genomic organization and functional characterization 1670 Wang Xiuli (dr.philos.2) Regulatory aspects of murine granulocytopoiesis as studied with peritoneal diffusion chamber of blood and bone marrow cells. An ectopic haematopoiesis study 1671 Jonsbu Jørgen ( Better selection of patients in need of coronary care observation 1672 Nakken Karl Otto ( Physical exersice in epilepsy. Need, ability, benefit and risk 1673 Bergersen Tone Kristin ( A study of arteriovenous anastomoses in human skin with special references to their response to local temperature 1674 Hald John ( Pre- and postoperative contrast medium enhanced MR imaging of pituitary macroadenomas and craniopharyngiomas 1675 Almendingen Kari (dr.philos.2) Risk of coronary heart disease with special emphasis on intake of trans fatty acids from hardened fish oils 1676 Bergem Astrid Liv Mina ( A twin study of senile dementia 1677 Alseth Ingrun (dr.philos.2) Enzymatic Removal of Oxidized and Alkylated Base Residues from DNA 1678 Satas Saulius (dr.philos.2) Pharmacokinetics, posthypoxic hypothermia and microdialysis in newborn pig 1679 Wold Sture (dr.philos.) Regulation of Chromosomal Replication in the Bacterium Escherichia coli 1680 Helseth Sølvi (dr.polit.) Hjelp i skrikende stund. Utvikling av en modell for helsesøsters tilnærming til foreldre når spedbarnet har kolikk 1681 Hilberg Thor Arthur ( Postmortem drug redistribution: extent, mechanisms and implications 1682 Krohn Claus Danckert ( Pathophysiological aspects on postoperatively drained untreated blood for autologous transfusion 632 Michael 2014; 10: Supplement 15

19 1683 Vilming Steinar Terje ( A study of post-lumbar puncture headache. Clinical characteristics and predisposing factors 1684 Røttingen John Arne ( Intracellular calcium signals induced by tissue factor and coagulation factors VII and X 1685 Skaane Per ( Ultrasonography as adjunct to mammography in the evaluation of breast tumor 1686 Kontny Pawel Fredrik ( Left ventricular thrombosis and arterial embolism in acute myocardial infarction Tadzic 1687 Sandanger Inger ( Occurrence of psychiatric disorders: an epidemiological study, conceptual, methodological, and empirical issues 1688 Ruud Torleif ( Distress and mental health during cross-cultural adjustment 1689 Steen Rita Hølmebakk ( Characterisation of Human Haemopoietic Progenitor Cells 1690 Larsen Tor Ketil ( First episode of non-affective psychosis: A study of conceptual and ethical considerations, premorbid functioning, duration of untreated psychosis and clinical outcome 1691 Steine Kjetil ( Mechanisms of early diastolic left ventricular intracavitary flow: A study of flow patterns by color M-mode Doppler echocardiography and mesurements of intraventricular driving pressures 1692 Stubhaug Audun ( Ketamine in the treatment of spontaneous ongoing pain and evoked pain. Studies in humans with chronic neuropathic pain, acute postoperative pain, or experimental pain 1693 Aase Ottar ( Computer aided diagnostics of acute chest pain 1694 Tyrdal Stein ( Elbow problems among goalkeepers in team handball handball goalie s elbow 1695 Abrahamsen Arne Tellef Foss (dr.philos.) Clinical studies in Hodgkin's disease. With special reference to treatment results and medical and psychosocial sequelae 1696 Sørgaard Knut (dr.philos.) Studies in psychiatric help-seeking 1697 Mæhle Lovise Olaug ( Genetic changes induced by nickel and influence of n-3 fatty acids on tumor cell growth 1698 Graver Vibeke (dr.philos.) Long-term results and predictors of outcome in lumbar disc surgery 1699 Anfinsen Ole-Gunnar ( Radiofrequency catheter ablation: A study concerning electrode configuration, lesion size and potential complications 1700 Løken Kirsti ( Patient satisfaction with mammography. The development of an instrument for measurement of care quality 1701 Hjermstad Marianne Jensen (dr.philos.2) Health related quality of life in cancer patients treated with high-dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation 1702 Kanellopoulos George ( Laser treatment of the myocardium. An in vivo experimental study 1703 Kristensen Gunnar Svenningsen Balle ( Studies on prognostic factors in cervical cancer with special attention to early disease 1704 Forsen Lisa (dr.philos.) Hip fracture. Risk factors and excess mortality. Epidemiological studies in the Norwegian county of Nord-Trøndelag 1705 Hosaka Junro ( Preclinical evaluation of the temporary venous «spring filter» for prevention of pulmonary embolism 1706 Haaland Kirsti ( Hypothermia as treatment of asphyxia in a newborn piglet model 1707 Roberg Bjørg Åse (dr.philos.) Mitochondrial glutamine transport and phosphate activated glutaminase in pig kidney and rat brain. Properties and possible funtional relationships 1708 Wiborg Ida Marianne (dr.philos.) Patients with panic disorder. A study of relapse rate after treatment and possible etiological factors 1709 Arvesen Alfred ( Mocrocirculation ad sequelae following local cold injuries 1710 Haugen Torbjørn Saksenvik ( Studies on lung inflammatory reactions. With special reference to the role of alveolar macrophages and blood phagocytes 1711 Zeiner Pål ( Clinical characeristics and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children 1712 Hatløy Anne ( Methodological aspects of assessing nutrition security. Examples from Mali 1713 Lindeman Birgitte (dr.philos.2) Cellular stress responses during chemically-induced tumor promotion 1714 Aarflot Trygve ( Is chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain part of a multisymptom-syndrome? 1715 Kirkeby Ingunn Ragnhild Rise ( Cerebral blood flow during high intracranial pressure and blood loss Doktorskole og medisinstudium 633

20 1716 Sunde Kjetil ( Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Quality of performance and how to further improve haemodynamics 1717 Mesna Ole Jørgen ( Metallothionein as a Part of the Body's Protective Respons to Acute Stress 1718 Beiske Klaus Hermann ( Phenotypical and functional properties of normal and neoplastic lymphoid cells 1719 Osnes Liv Toril Nygård ( Studies on activation and regulation of tissue factor (TF) activity in human monocytes 1720 Semb Karin Agnethe ( Studies of novel anticancer drugs in patients with metastatic malignant melanoma 1721 Farmen Ragne Kristin Bentsen (dr.philos.2) The relationship between exposure and uptake of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and the quantitation of biomarkers in occupationally exposed workers 1722 Bjørk Ida Torunn (dr.polit.) Hands-on nursing: New graduates` practical skill development in the clinical setting 1723 Berner Jeanne-Marie (dr.philos.2) Molecular studies of gene aberrations in human sarcomas Christine Schmitt 1724 Nøvik Torunn Stene ( Validity and use of the child behavior checklist in norwegian children and adolescents 1725 Tigalonova- Waliszewska Maya ( IgG-receptors and cytokines in skin and serum from healthy individuals and patients with psoriasis 1726 Xie Xin (dr.philos.) Prognostic factors in squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck - a study with particular emphasis on proliferation and apotopsis 1727 Aarvak Tanja (dr.philos.2) The Th1/Th2 Balance in Rheumatoid Arthritis 1728 Østberg Bjørn Christian ( A study of secretion in vitro using a cell column optimised to provide high time resolution 1729 Hobbesland Ånund ( A study of mortality and cancer incidence among workers in the Norwegian ferroalloy industry 1730 Wahlqvist Rolf ( Ultrastrucuture of the accessory sex glands of the male rat under various conditions 1731 Steineger Hilde Hermansen (dr.philos.2) Studies on nuclear receptors in lipid metabolism. Regulation of gene expression by fatty acids and hormones 1732 Forseth Karin Maria Øien ( Musculoskeletal pain and fibromyalgi: Prevelence, incidence, natural history and predictors. A 5,5 year prospective study of women living in a small norwegian coastal town (Arendal) 1733 Andersson Stein (dr.philos.2) Apathy and psychophysiological hyporeactivity in patients with acquired brain damage 1734 Rønning Ole Morten ( Striking effects of stroke treatment. Acute care and rehabilitation 1735 Jørgensen Bjørn ( Clinical and angiographic outcome in patients undergoing percutaneous transluminal angioplasty. Amlodipine, quantitative coronary analysis and exercise testing in a prospective clinical study 1736 Øiesvold Terje ( Psychiatric health care utilization - A Nordic comparative study on sectorized psychiatric 1737 Sindre Hilde (dr.philos.2) Pathogenesis of human cytomegalovirus infections. The role of bone marrow stem cells and vascular endothelical cells 1738 Wilberg Theresa ( Clinical studies of personality disordered patients treated in a psychotherapeutic day unit, with emphasis on assessment, treatment and course 1739 Brækken Sigrun Kierulf ( Detection of cerebral microembolic signals using transcranial doppler ultrasonography 1740 Strømme Petter ( Epidemiological, genetic and neurological aspects of mental retardation: a Norwegian population-based study of children born Breivik Jarle ( On the evolution of cancer. An experimental and theoretical analysis of coevolution between genetic and non-genetic replicators in colorectal carcinogenesis 1742 Roy Sumit Kumar (dr.philos.2) Interventional radiologic management of deep vein thrombosis 1743 Røsby Oddveig ( Studies on the LPA gene: A search for DNA structures influencing Lp(a) lipoprotein level 1744 Melsom Morten Nissen ( Mechanisms for the distribution and matching of perfusion qand ventilation within normal lungs in goats and sheep 1745 Dammen Toril ( Psychological factors in chest pain patients referred to cardiological out-patient investigation. With emphasis on panic disorder 1746 Grøholt Berit ( Suicide and suicide attempt among children and adolescents. A clinical and epidemiological study from Norway Mjåland Odd ( Quality assessment of surgical and non-surgical treatment of the gallstone disease 634 Michael 2014; 10: Supplement 15

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Scientific Foundations for Future Physicians Scientific Foundations for Future Physicians 2009 Report of the AAMC-HHMI Committee To request additional copies of this publication, please contact: Jodi B. Lubetsky, Ph.D. Association of American Medical

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For Health Science Students. General Pathology LECTURE NOTES For Health Science Students General Pathology Mesele Bezabeh, Abiye Tesfaye, Bahiru Ergicho, Mengistu Erke, Seyoum Mengistu, Alemayehu Bedane, Abiyot Desta Jimma University, Gondar University

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Position Statement Part one: Immune function and exercise

Position Statement Part one: Immune function and exercise 6 Immune function and exercise Position Statement Part one: Immune function and exercise Neil P. Walsh 1, Michael Gleeson 2, Roy J. Shephard 3, Maree Gleeson 4 Jeffrey A. Woods 5, Nicolette C. Bishop 2,

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Bankhead-Coley Cancer Research Grants

Bankhead-Coley Cancer Research Grants Principal Principal Investigator s Investigator Organization Project Title Alan Pollack University of Miami Integrated Biomarker Profiling for Individualized Prostate Cancer Therapy General Project Abstract

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So depression is an inflammatory disease, but where does the inflammation come from?

So depression is an inflammatory disease, but where does the inflammation come from? Berk et al. BMC Medicine 2013, 11:200 OPINION So depression is an inflammatory disease, but where does the inflammation come from? Open Access Michael Berk 1,2,3,4*, Lana J Williams 1,2, Felice N Jacka

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Glucagon-like peptide-1 and glucagon-like peptide-2

Glucagon-like peptide-1 and glucagon-like peptide-2 Best Practice & Research Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 531 554, 2004 doi:10.1016/j.beem.2004.08.001 available online at 6 Glucagon-like peptide-1

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Curcumin: From ancient medicine to current clinical trials

Curcumin: From ancient medicine to current clinical trials Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 65 (2008) 1631 1652 1420-682X/08/111631-22 DOI 10.1007/s00018-008-7452-4 Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, 2008 Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences Review Curcumin: From ancient medicine

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RESEARCH ISSUE JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2009. Also Inside: Cancer Biology Research at LSU SVM. Double-Teaming GI Disease. Parasitology Research in Thailand

RESEARCH ISSUE JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2009. Also Inside: Cancer Biology Research at LSU SVM. Double-Teaming GI Disease. Parasitology Research in Thailand RESEARCH ISSUE JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2009 Also Inside: Cancer Biology Research at LSU SVM Double-Teaming GI Disease Parasitology Research in Thailand LETTER FROM THE ASSOCIATE DEAN FOR RESEARCH AND ADVANCED

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Review article. Vitamin D in preventive medicine: are we ignoring the evidence?

Review article. Vitamin D in preventive medicine: are we ignoring the evidence? British Journal of Nutrition (2003), 89, 552 572 q The Author 2003 DOI: 10.1079/BJN2003837 Review article Vitamin D in preventive medicine: are we ignoring the evidence? Armin Zittermann Department of

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The renin-angiotensin aldosterone system (RAAS) plays an

The renin-angiotensin aldosterone system (RAAS) plays an The Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone System: Pathophysiological Role and Pharmacologic Inhibition Steven A. Atlas, MD Abstract Background: The renin-angiotensin aldosterone system (RAAS) is a hormonal cascade

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ABMS Guide to Medical Specialties

ABMS Guide to Medical Specialties ABMS Guide to Medical Specialties 2015 Published by Elsevier 3251 Riverport Ln. Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043 In cooperation with American Board of Medical Specialties 353 North Clark Street, Suite

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During the past decade, important advances in the study. High Prevalence of Vitamin D Inadequacy and Implications for Health

During the past decade, important advances in the study. High Prevalence of Vitamin D Inadequacy and Implications for Health VITAMIN D INADEQUACY AND IMPLICATIONS REVIEW FOR HEALTH High Prevalence of Vitamin D Inadequacy and Implications for Health MICHAEL F. HOLICK, PHD, MD During the past decade, major advances have been made

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USMLE Step 1. Sample Test Questions

USMLE Step 1. Sample Test Questions USMLE Step 1 Sample Test Questions A Joint Program of the Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States, Inc., and the National Board of Medical Examiners This booklet updated March 2015. Copyright

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16 Effects of Female Reproductive

16 Effects of Female Reproductive 16 Effects of Female Reproductive Hormones on Sports Performance Constance M. Lebrun, MDCM, Sarah M. Joyce, BEXSC, and Naama W. Constantini, MD CONTENTS Introduction Physiology of the Menstrual Cycle Oral

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Gefitinib versus Placebo in Completely Resected Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Results of the NCIC CTG BR19 Study

Gefitinib versus Placebo in Completely Resected Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Results of the NCIC CTG BR19 Study The following protocol information is provided solely to describe how the authors conducted the research underlying the published report associated with the following article: Gefitinib versus Placebo

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HEROIN ADDICTION & RELATED CLINICAL PROBLEMS Pacini Editore & AU CNS Seminar Heroin Addict Relat Clin Probl 2011; 13(2): 5-40 HEROIN ADDICTION & RELATED CLINICAL PROBLEMS Basics on Addiction: a training package for medical practitioners

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Special Section: Cancer in Children & Adolescents

Special Section: Cancer in Children & Adolescents Special Section: Cancer in Children & Adolescents Overview The news of a cancer diagnosis is never welcome, but may be even more unexpected and difficult when the disease is diagnosed in a child or adolescent.

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PRODUCT MONOGRAPH. Pr Prolia. (denosumab) 60 mg/ml solution for injection Prefilled Syringe or Vial. Professed Standard

PRODUCT MONOGRAPH. Pr Prolia. (denosumab) 60 mg/ml solution for injection Prefilled Syringe or Vial. Professed Standard PRODUCT MONOGRAPH Pr Prolia (denosumab) 60 mg/ml solution for injection Prefilled Syringe or Vial Professed Standard RANK Ligand Inhibitor (Bone Metabolism Regulator) Physicians should become fully familiarized

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NSW Health Nursing and Midwifery Office. Transition to Intensive Care Nursing Project. Steering Group Report

NSW Health Nursing and Midwifery Office. Transition to Intensive Care Nursing Project. Steering Group Report Steering Group Report January 2008 Background Recruitment of registered nurses (RNs) to work in critical care and the retention of an experienced critical care workforce have been identified as a significant

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USMLE Content Outline

USMLE Content Outline USMLE Content Outline A Joint Program of the Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States, Inc., and the National Board of Medical Examiners This outline provides a common organization of content

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Nanobodies. inspired by nature

Nanobodies. inspired by nature Nanobodies inspired by nature ANNUAL REPORT 2010 Content 01 Introduction 02 03 Letter to the Shareholders 05 Highlights 2010 02 The Nanobody product engine 06 07 Products in the clinic 17 Pre-clinical

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Geriatric Dentistry: Reviewing for the Present, Preparing for the Future

Geriatric Dentistry: Reviewing for the Present, Preparing for the Future Geriatric Dentistry: Reviewing for the Present, Preparing for the Future Natalie Kaweckyj, LDARF, CDA, CDPMA, COMSA, COA, CRFDA, CPFDA, MADAA, BA Continuing Education Units: 4 hours Online Course:

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Cancer Facts & Figures 2015

Cancer Facts & Figures 2015 Cancer Facts & Figures 2015 CA 172,090 OR 22,410 WA 38,180 NV 13,640 AK 3,700 ID 8,080 UT 11,050 MT 5,950 WY 2,860 CO 24,540 MN 29,730 IA 17,140 AZ OK 32,440 NM 19,280 AR 9,970 15,830 HI 6,730 ND 3,840

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Academic Excellence in Biomedical Research at Semmelweis University Budapest, Hungary

Academic Excellence in Biomedical Research at Semmelweis University Budapest, Hungary Rector s Secretariat Üllôi út 26, H 1085 Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 317 2400 Fax: +36 (1) 317 2200 E-mail: Directorate of International Relations Üllôi út 26, H 1085 Budapest Phone:

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Advances in diagnosis and treatment of malignant mesothelioma

Advances in diagnosis and treatment of malignant mesothelioma Advances in diagnosis and treatment of malignant mesothelioma Joost Hegmans Promotiecommissie Promotoren: Prof.dr. H.C. Hoogsteden Prof.dr. B.N. Lambrecht Overige leden: Prof.dr. P.A.E. Sillevis Smitt

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Partnering with Pfizer Worldwide R&D

Partnering with Pfizer Worldwide R&D Partnering with Pfizer Worldwide R&D Partnering with Pfizer Welcome to Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development (WRD), where strategic partnership is at the heart of fulfilling Pfizer s purpose as we work

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The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) provided the following definition in 1952:


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Regulation of Body Weight in Humans

Regulation of Body Weight in Humans PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS Vol. 79, No. 2, April 1999 Printed in U.S.A. Regulation of Body Weight in Humans ERIC JÉQUIER AND LUC TAPPY Institute of Physiology, University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland

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Overcoming Cancer in the 21st Century

Overcoming Cancer in the 21st Century Embargoed until 00.01 hours Wednesay 14 January 2015 EMBARGOED UNTIL 00.01 HOURS WEDNESDAY 14 JANUARY 2015 Overcoming Cancer in the 21st Century With increased cancer risk awareness and better access to

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