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1 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April 2015 page 3 page 4-6 page 10 page 11 When the best is not good enough Measure the salary settlements that Sasbo achieves and they compare favourably with the best in the world. Nedbank disappoints with sub-par salary settlement Nedbank Hard as Sasbo s negotiators battled with Nedbank, they could not persuade the bank to bring its 2015 salary offer in line with either its 2014 offer or that of some of its main competitors. Initially, we would not accept the bank s offer and forced it to negotiate further, explains Sasbo assistant general secretary, Wayne Hattingh But, despite our passionate and well-motivated arguments, the bank remained unrelenting. Faced with an obstinate bank it was a great help to be able to show via our salary survey that we had a strong mandate from our Nedbank members. I thank those members who responded to our survey for giving us that support. I also thank the other members of our negotiating team Manny Captain, Shawn Cole, Shadrack Morake and Rosa van Staden for their steadfastness under difficult circumstances. Absa Winning Absa employees decent 2015 salary adjustments was not easy. The salary negotiations between Sasbo and Absa started early in January and because Sasbo would not allow its members to be short-changed - the settlement could only be reached by the middle of March. Measured against present economic Key messages from UNI Global Union s Fourth World Congress Wayne Hattingh, Sasbo assistant general secretary. Frustrating and disappointing though the talks were, we still managed a reasonable, inflation-beating conclusion- a total spend of 15% on employees in the Bargaining Unit that will be divided equally to funding salary increases and productivity bonuses. Continued on page 3 Absa settlement matches 2015 norms circumstances and pay settlements elsewhere, it is a good settlement. It must be borne in mind that it applies to the bargaining unit members only. The settlement comes into effect from 1 April 2015 until 31 March Here are its salient points: The overall increase in the remunera- Continued on page 3 Important guidelines from Nedbank case Ignorance of the law cannot be an excuse. Although they finally resulted in a fair settlement under present economic circumstances, Sasbo national secretary, Myan Soobramoney, described this year s UBank salary negotiations as difficult. Before we settled, we held feedback meetings across the country. Our members input into the negotiating process definitely made a positive impact on the result. In evaluating the settlement the following factors need to be taken into account: The latest CPI (Consumer Price Inflation) figure, as published by Statistics South Africa, is 3.9% (for February 2015). Salary settlements in 2015 are generally trending lower than settlements in 2014 due to, among other reasons, the lower comparative inflationary environment. The bank has advised the union that it projects a financial loss for the current financial year. This is mainly attributable to the protracted strikes in the platinum sector in 2014 that placed their affordability and liquidity under severe constraints. Following the last year s restructuring exercise, which resulted in retrenchments, the bank put in place various cost saving measures. Through their higher productivity employees did more with less. Bringing this point home motivated pay Final Performance UNI women speak Members input at difficult pay talks boosted final settlement UBank Myan Soobramoney, Sasbo national secretary. increases that were closer to last year s settlement than what the bank originally wanted to offer its employees. Salary Increment & Distribution It was agreed that employees in the Bargaining Unit will receive performance based salary increases as follows: Based on the projected performance ratings that the bank has shared with the union, as many as 92% of employees are expected to get salary increases of at least 6.80%. All permanent staff employed before 1 December of the financial year will qualify for the full annual salary increase on condition that they meet the minimum performance level of an F or NYF2. The performance rating and related increases are as follows: Minimum Guaranteed Salary Appraisal Rating Increase Percentage E 7.30% F+ 7.10% F / NYF2 6.80% NYF1 / NYF- 0.00% Continued on page 3

2 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April Editorial Towards a fairer distribution of wealth Europe s élites are behaving Beginning with organised labour s paying 400 euros [ 336; $534] a month. today as if they understand call that the world needs a pay rise.. I want it to play fair with an economic neither the nature of the crisis and followed, perhaps, by Europe s model that isn t based on a competition of that they are presiding over, nor its implications for the future of European civilisation. Atavistically, they are choosing to plunder the diminishing stocks of the weak and the dispossessed in order to plug the gaping holes of the financial sector, refusing to come to terms with the unsustainability of the task. Those words were penned by Yanis Varoufakis, the noted economist who, almost overnight, has found himself charged with the nigh-impossible task of rescuing the precarious Greek economy. Whether or not he can succeed remains to be seen. But it is good to have someone at the core of the international economic debate who thinks this way. readiness to bend over backwards to rescue the impoverished (and frequently delinquent) Greek economy, there are signs that a fairer distribution of wealth might be on the cards. In perhaps the most incisive attack on the free marketers winner-takes-all policies, US President, Barak Obama, is working to expand his country s economy from the middle out, instead of from the top down. Last September, French Social Economy Minister, Benoit Harmon, delivered this sharp rebuke to Angela Merkel s call for France to cut wages to become more competitive. I want Germany to have a social policy where competitiveness doesn t rely on jobs who can pay workers the least. If it comes to power in the May elections, Britain s Labour party has pledged to incentivise a fairer spread of earnings by offering tax breaks to those employers paying higher minimum wages and offering better deals to those in the middle income range. Here in South Africa Finance Minister, Nhlanhla Nene, is moving to liberate small business enterprises to become a significant engine of job creation. To this end he has allocated R3.5 billion to the mentoring and development of small business. True, many small businesses pay slave wages. But not being hidebound by regulation they are also the first to recognise value and adjust earnings accordingly. Backing British Labour s pledge, Peter Mandelson, a former British employment minister, says that fairer distribution of wealth will significantly expand the productive potential of the British economy. That is the strongest argument for wage reform. For its own sake, the world must have a pay rise. If austerity is allowed to continue the way it has been going these past few years, who will buy the goods and services that keep economies moving? And how will those in power be able to distinguish the fires of discontent that are already all too prevalent? S Sasbo Head Office Fourmall Office Park West, Sasbo House, Roos Road, Fourways. Private Bag X84, Bryanston, Tel: (011) Fax: (011) Sasbo News Fax (011) e mail The Sasbo News contact number is specifically for matters regarding the newspaper (changes of address and non receipt of newspapers should be advised to Sasbo Headquarters). When should you become an active trade unionist? Most finance workers enroll as Sasbo members soon after entering the finance sector. But comparatively few young members opt to play an active role in union affairs. There are reasons for this. When you are starting out on your career, every task you are asked to perform is new and exciting. Compared to the zero earnings of your youth, whatever you are being paid seems like big bucks. And, not yet ready to be overly serious about anything, who wants to miss out on partying and dating to sit alongside all those serious faces at meetings. Understandable though those attitudes are, they miss some vital points. Sasbo is not just one union. It is the voice of all races and both genders; of all age groups; of all sectors from the lowest paid service worker to highly remunerated senior executives; of the disabled and disadvantaged. Being a member-driven union, its achievements for each segment depend on the quality and commitment of those prepared to stand up to speak out on behalf of their colleagues. As Sasbo has demonstrated through past initiatives the Promising Young Banker award amongst them finance companies can be taught how to better fast-track their promising young talents. There is another important point that no ambitious young finance worker should miss. Playing an active role in Sasbo is the quickest and surest way to develop managerial skills. Where else can young workers speedily gain in-depth knowledge of employment conditions, attitudes and problems; discover what turns finance workers on and switches them off? Where else can they quickly acquire such leadership skills as learning to examine and evaluate key issues; debate them, speak in public; influence their peers and superiors? One of Sasbo s most perpetual problems since it was founded in 1916 has been the high number of able activists it loses to management. Frustrating though that can be, the union does not regret that. Rather, it values the fact that it has been able to contribute to the good sense and humane balance that has made the finance sector so stable and rewarding a sector for almost a century (95 years to be exact, because the sector s turn for the better resulted from Sasbo s famous 1920 strike the world s first). S 2

3 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April When the best isn t good enough Measure the salary settlements that Sasbo achieves for its members against any yardstick and they compare favourably with the best in the world. Starting off a high base, the pay increases Sasbo has negotiated with the major banks since 2008 have been among the best in SA. We won t provide details of Sasbo s SA superiority as that could demean the achievements of sister unions. Let s rather compare Sasbo members increases with those of their UK colleagues. Bank of Ireland staff was recently awarded 3.75% pay increase (their first pay rise since 2008) plus a 5% one-off lump sum payment. They certainly wouldn t agree that the average 8.2% per annum pay increases against an average 5.9% inflation rate achieved by Sasbo at the four major banks during that period was under-performing. Nor would Barclays staff members in the UK who have been given a 3.4% increase against an inflation rate of between one and two per cent. This year, one-third of the British workforce expects to receive either a below inflation pay rise or see their pay frozen yet again. The situation in other EU countries is not much different. Being a top trade union is much like being a sports star. If you don t score a goal or make a century at every outing your fans start questioning your ability, says Sasbo acting general secretary, Ben Venter. Ben says in order to judge a good salary settlement it is imperative to keep the following points in mind: Salary adjustment should never be evaluated on a one-year basis. Much like a marathon race, salary progression is a long-term process with up hills and down hills. Years of economic hardship like this one which has a power crisis to add to the other economic negatives naturally slows the progression down somewhat. Pushing too hard for more pay in difficult years could trigger profit declines that result in job losses. Our negotiators always have to protect members against that possibility. The salary increases that Sasbo has been managing for its members are consistently ahead of inflation and are about doubling their salaries every nine years without merit increases. Added to those must be the productivity bonuses. That s a pretty good achievement in anyone s book. Sasbo is its members union their union. Sasbo s almost 100 years of consistent achievement has been managed not by its dissidents but by those members who involve Ben Venter, Sasbo acting general secretary. themselves in the union s structures to acquaint themselves with the bigger picture and to criticise and steer from within, not from without. S Nedbank disappoints with sub-par salary settlement Members input at difficult pay talks boosted final settlement Continued from page 1 Those employees rated 3.0 to 3.4 will, in Continued from page 1 A further plus was our achievement in getting the bank to confirm that possible retrenchments would be an action of last resort. exceptional circumstances, be considered for an STI payment. Employees 3.0 will not be considered for a bonus. Other adjustments It was agreed that the Medical Aid Subsidy be increased from R725 per month to R800 per month. NB: The Bargaining Unit is defined as: All employees in Paterson B1 to C5 except those earning more than R p.a. Staff in Paterson Grades D1 to E1 earning less than R p.a. The detailed settlement: Guaranteed package: Nedbank s remuneration bill for those employees in the Bargaining Unity will increase by 7.5%. The individual distribution of the increases is based on performance as measured via each individual s 2014 PA rating as set out in the table below. However, it is important to note that the percentages listed in the table are absolute minimums. At management s discretion, employees in each category might be awarded more than the listed minimum. Short Term Incentive Scheme: It was agreed that Nedbank would spend a further 7.5% of its remuneration bill to create an STI pool for employees in the Bargaining Unit payments to be accorded at management s sole discretion in line with individual performance and that of the Group, Cluster and Division. NB: Subject to the foregoing provisos, employees with a rating of 3.5 and above will receive an STI payment. Minimum of Earnings Range: Employees whose remuneration is below the minimum of the job Earnings Range and are rated 3.5 and above will have their remuneration moved to at least the minimum for their particular job. Employees whose remuneration is below the minimum of the job Earnings Range and who are rated between 3.0 and 3.4, inclusive, may at the discretion of management, have their remuneration moved to the minimum. All employees who are on a PCP and who were rated below a 3.0 do not qualify to have their remuneration moved to the minimum for the job. NB: Employees who are unsure as to the minimum GP for their role are encouraged to engage with their immediate management who are obliged to provide them with the information. Guaranteed Minimum Remuneration: Nedbank s guaranteed minimum remuneration has been increased to R p.a. with effect from1 April 2015, excluding staff on Flexible Work Practices and commission earners. Employees earning below R and on a formal PCP will only have their GP adjusted to R on the successful completion of the PCP. S The minimum Annual Cost to Company salary for the Non Clerical and Clerical Job Functions in UBank with effect from 1 March 2015, will increase as follows: Continued from page 1 tion bill amounted to 8.33%. Our Absa members will receive an across-the-board increase of 7.6% only applicable to categories of exceptional, above expectations and fully meets expectations performers. Those who fall within a needing improvement category will receive 3%. The remaining 1% of the total increase amount will be distributed at the discretion of management. Medical aid subsidy will increase by The agreed salary increases are effective as at the review date of 1 March 2015 and will be paid on the 26 March. Thank you to all the UBank members for your input and participation in this challenging and difficult process. A special thank you to the negotiation team consisting of Fedi Ncwana (shop steward from Rustenburg) and Cornelius Mpe (shop steward from Sunninghill Services). S Current Minimum CTC Revised Minimum CTC Non Clerical R R Clerical R R Absa settlement matches 2015 norms R50 from R726 to R776. This increase will be backdated to 1 January 2015, and will apply until 31 December The above minimums only apply to permanent full-day employees. Those performers who do not meet expectations are not eligible to participate in this settlement. Sasbo s negotiating team was made up of the following members: Andre Gerber, Janice Canny, Joe Kokela (Sasbo president), Moses Lekota, Akona Makalima, Noxolo Jonas and Francina Peteke. S 3

4 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April Key messages from UNI Global Union s Fourth World Congress Here is a summary of the key messages emerging from the UNI Global Congress held in Cape Town from December 7 and 11. A separate report covers the UNI Women s Congress which preceded it from 4 December. How UNI sees the role of the State UNI Global Union and its affiliates have demanded a more active role for the State and the proper use of effective labour market policies to create a fairer and more inclusive global economy. The Global Union and its affiliated trade unions have committed themselves to persuade governments to: Increase public spending to promote growth. This includes a halt to austerity measures and cuts in public spending, and promoting domestic consumption to remove trade imbalances in the world economy. Invest in infrastructure and public works projects to create decent jobs and have a long-term impact on growth and wealth distribution. Invest in education, health care, justice, public services and to adopt equality legislation to build more equal societies. Reverse trade liberalisation, specifically through the elimination of Export Process Zones, and the prevention of further free trade agreements which undermine equality, workers rights and the ability of states to regulate their economies and labour markets. Increase government power over foreign investment by imposing conditions and flows, especially for developing economies, as rapid capital market liberalisation is often followed by a banking crisis. Promote collective bargaining and/ or minimum wage legislation to institutionalise both formal and informal workers. Promote a flexible fiscal policy that evolves in line with the economic cycle and is not based on a rigid and permanent budget discipline or the respect of arbitrary deficit levels. Working on the principle that sustainable growth is based upon increasing household purchasing power, UNI Global Union and its affiliates have also committed themselves to fight for a wage-led global recovery based on wage increases in line with productivity and inflation. UNI Global Union general secretary, Philip Jennings. Forward ever backward never In a rallying call to the UNI delegates gathered in Cape Town, UNI Global Union General Secretary, Philip Jennings, said that UNI was sticking with its Breaking Through mission no ifs or buts. Breaking Through which began life at the last world congress in Nagasaki 2010 will continue to be the road map UNI will follow all the way through Cape Town to Liverpool 2018, he said. Our Breaking Through plan was and is a call to action to build our organising power. A call to action to: Change the rules of the game in the global economy, from financial regulation to supply chains. Commit to union growth in the growing services economy. Grow union rights and influence in business. Win the fight for gender equality in our own UNI Global Union. The call to action was adopted. We have put it to work. Jennings paid tribute to the UNI family: The World Executive, UNI Africa, UNI Americas, UNI Asia & Pacific, UNI Europe, each of our Sector Global Unions who are all working in alignment, single minded, focused on specific goals. Quoting Martin Luther King, Jennings said: The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. Breaking Through lives in that ambition. At a time when the corporate world is coming out of hiding, crawling out of the swamp, stock market casino fever is back. Do not bend. Do not submit to resignation or despair. Jennings called the theme of the Cape Town Congress Including You as UNI s alternative vision for a more just world. Our approach with Global Unions was to say: learn from the crisis, to drive home the message our democracies are not here just to serve the wealthy. The coin has dropped. Trickle down is economic fraud. Neo-liberalism is economic and social fraud. Neo-liberalism: market failure, financial failure, climate failure, equality failure. Our theme Including You is our alternative. We have: Focused on inequality. Drawn attention to the falling share of wages in wealth produced. Helped create sense economies wage-led. Been relentless in using the evidence to show that income inequality is bad for our economies, is bad for growth, is bad for communities, is bad for people. Jennings rounded off his address by quoting from a recent encounter with an SABC television producer who had neatly summed up the challenge for UNI and all of us: Share the wealth more evenly or the world will burn. Jennings rounded off his address with a reminder of the old African saying, Forward ever, backward never. The World s job creation challenges The world will need 1.8 billion new jobs by 2050, a report by UNI Global Union and the New Economics Foundation has found. The report launched in Cape Town, 9 December 2014 at the 4th UNI World Congress formed the basis of discussions with 2000 global trade unionists during the New World of Work session on Wednesday, 10 December. Workers can expect a dramatic shortage of jobs within ten years and a critical slide in the quality of work for billions of people, it also warns. The Future World of Work report examines labour market conditions such as the jobs gap, job polarisation and skills demand in order to predict likely future trends. The report predicts that the key changes to impact on the labour market will include the following: As the working age population rises 4

5 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April the world will need 1.8 billion new jobs by 2050 to have a 75% level of employment. While previous estimates predicted 600 million extra jobs would be needed globally, this will only sustain employment rates at 61% of what we have today. If employment levels are to reach 80% then 2.3 billion jobs need to be created. Speaking at UNI s 4th World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, General Secretary, Philip Jennings, said: Let this report sound the warning. A technological tsunami is rolling towards us that will wash away many previously-held perceptions of the world. The labour market, trade unions and, indeed, the entire world must innovate and engage in facing up to this challenge because it will not go away and it will affect us all. We must see massive job creation and a huge new investment in education and skills. The report identifies a number of mega trends driving change in labour markets including weak and uncertain economic performance; population change and demographic shifts from developed countries to emerging economies; technological transformation and digitalisation; fragile international finance and business models, as well as environmental stress. The report also identifies the following key findings about workers conditions: Globally, more than 200 million people were unemployed in The number of unemployed people is set to rise to 215 million by Almost half of all working people today are in vulnerable employment that is insecure, temporary and/or poorly paid. Almost 840 million workers 27% of all employees earned US$2 or less per day in Massive workforce demographic change will take place from 3.1 billion workers today to 4 billion in 2050, and a shift from 533 million workers in OECD countries to 3.7 billion in emerging economics like Asia-Pacific and Africa. Labour movement more important than ever On the closing day of the UNI World Congress in Cape Town, Tarja Halonen, former President of Finland and trade union activist, told the Congress: Our involvement and our contribution to the future is both relevant and necessary! Some claim that the labour movement is a thing of the past. They are simply wrong! She also called for inclusivity, reminding delegates of the close roots of the political labour movement and trade union movement, saying: The political labour movement and the trade unions are like sisters. The birth and consequent efforts to fight for justice and equality have been a struggle, but we have been fairly successful. Some old challenges persist and today s globalised world has also brought new challenges. Urbanisation, unemployment, gender disparity, climate change and environmental degradation shake the foundations of our societies and hinder sustainable development. Humanity facing a crisis The world faces the prospect of massive job losses as human workers are increasingly replaced by computer-based automation or robots. This was a crucial point raised at the UNI Global Union World Congress in Cape Town in debates on the future of leadership and the world of work. In an introductory input, guest speaker, Jay Naidoo, the first general secretary of Cosatu, noted that humanity faced a crisis. The knowledge revolution has had a bigger impact than the industrial revolution, he said, pointing out that two thirds of work was now in the informal sector. A number of delegates mentioned how jobs were being lost to automation and machines and workers in some sectors were being forced into retirement. This was a world that was volatile and insecure and workers and their unions should be planning ahead now to cope with this new world of work. A German delegate claimed that even high-quality jobs will be jeopardised, pointing to developments at international retailer, Amazon. The way ahead, he said, was to ensure democratic and participatory structures. We must determine our future or capital will, he warned. However, representatives from the strong Unionen Union in Sweden that organises professional workers felt that the threats of digitalisation could be balanced by new potentials. This required greater stress on education. Inequality the scourge of our time Written for Huffington Post by Philip Jennings, General Secretary of UNI Global Union. When the historians of the future reflect on the world of today, what will the history books say? How will they describe this period in the long life of our planet? Will they speak of the millions of impoverished workers stuck at the bottom of the global supply chain -- those victims of modern-day slavery? Or explain why a Bangladesh factory collapsed and killed thousands who were producing cheap clothes for our high streets? They might struggle to understand how, centuries after the pyramids were completed, a thousand migrant workers were allowed to die during the construction of stadiums for a football tournament we appear to value more than life itself. In those grim revisions there will be a word that appears more than most - inequality. Today s world, historians will note, is a world twisted out of shape. Between 2009 and 2014, at the height of a financial crisis forced upon working people, the number of billionaires doubled. SASBOsure Exclusive Personal Insurance The Perfect Union of Trust and Care. Call SASBOsure on for a quote. 5

6 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April During those same years so many of the rest of us were losing our homes, pensions, jobs, welfare, wages and rights. For years - no, decades - the labour movement has warned that if we did not fend off massive income inequalities, we would wind up with a world torn straight from the pages of a science fiction novel - a dystopia consisting of an all-powerful super-rich and an increasingly desperate impoverished underclass. Well, the richest remain untouched by austerity - their wealth increases by a sickening half a million dollars every minute. Meanwhile, around 30 million jobs have been lost since the financial crisis began, incomes have stagnated for decades and debts have risen. The middle class is disappearing and that fantasy world does not seem so far away. This spiralling in income inequality correlates directly with a fall in trade union density, fuelled by a nasty right-wing policy push. The erosion of labour market institutions has left workers without a seat at the table and unable to bargain for fairer wages and a better life. We cannot take back our economies as individuals, we can only create the change we need with a strong, united labour movement. It can be done. At the turn of the century I became the General Secretary of the all-new UNI Global Union - now one of the world s largest labour federations. Today membership and influence continue to grow and the organisation, which represents the services sector, counts 20 million members in 150 nations and 900 unions. We have negotiated 54 global agreements with leading multinationals and co-created the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety - a deal signed by over 180 global brands that will save thousands of lives. Referring to the labour movement s efforts to create fairer societies, Philip Jennings continued: If we fail, the super-rich will keep getting richer by living on the returns of their wealth, while the rest of will slip further behind. If we win, then perhaps the history books might look back on us just a little more kindly. retary. I never forget the mandate that you have given me. Reflecting on what has been the largest and most ambitious global union congress ever to be held on African soil, Jennings praised his South African hosts for their work. Thank you, South Africa. Thank you for the work we have done together. You have inspired us. The Mother Continent and Mother City have changed us, he said. We know why we are UNI Global Union. We know what job needs to be done. We will not leave the task to others. We assume the responsibility. With Cape Town 2014 now at a close, Jennings was already looking ahead to 2018, when the conference will head to one of the world s great union cities. I look forward to Liverpool. We will celebrate together with our UK affiliates the 150th anniversary of the first Trades Union Congress, he said. From Mandela s Long Walk to Freedom to Liverpool s You ll Never Walk Alone. We shall walk together. Finland s Ann Selin elected UNI Global Union President On accepting her Presidency of UNI, Ann Selin thanked congress for their confidence saying to be elected President of a huge international organisation is both humbling and exciting. Ann Selin, the President of PAM the biggest union in Finland, went on to outline the challenges facing the movement in the future: Although we have accomplished so much, there is still so much to do. The same idea of inclusiveness must be built from the bottom up! We need to listen to what workers need their unions to do for them. We need to make participation easy. We need to organise, organise, organise! Only together will we succeed and gain the leverage that we need and deserve! them as equals. I miss him every day of my life. I literally grew up under him. We miss him for his humanity and for his companionship. Madiba regarded all of us as equals regardless of colour and age in his presence we all felt comfortable. Tribute to Mandela On the first anniversary of Nelson Mandela s death, UNI Global Union General Secretary, Philip Jennings, and Deputy General Secretary, Christy Hoffman, were accompanied by UNI affiliates to lay a wreath at Mandela Gateway in Cape Town. Sharan Burrow raised the roof At the 4th UNI World Congress, General Secretary of the ITUC, Sharan Burrow, raised the roof with an impassioned speech that endorsed and commended UNI s Breaking Through plan. You are breaking through. You are organising against injustice and you are inspiring workers everywhere to hope, to act and to organise for rights, safe work and fair wages. You are inspiring working people to fight to tame corporate power. Owen Jones barnstorming speech In a barnstorming address to the UNI World Congress in South Africa, author and journalis, Owen Jones, delivered a stinging appraisal of global capitalism, oppression and injustice. In what UNI General Secretary, Philip Jennings, called one of the all-time great congress speeches, Jones offered hope in the face of adversity, urging: If Apartheid can fall, then all other oppression can fall as well. He also issued a rallying call to workers around the world: The cry of our movement must ring loud and clear: an injury to one is an injury to all! We must overcome our divisions and become ever more co-ordinated, ever more united, to build a different world. The congress brings together people from over a hundred countries. Jones urged delegates to unify in their push for inclusive economies and societies. Whether we are Argentinian or Malian, French or Malaysian, Nigerian or Japanese, we are one people. We have one struggle. Together we will build a world of justice, of equality, of dignity. We stand together, we fight together, and we will win together! Emma Mashinini honoured Emma Mashinini joined a long list of trade union heroes to have received the UNI Global Union Freedom from Fear award after she was honoured at the World Congress in Cape Town. The South African trade unionist and political leader brought the crowd to their feet in song when she received the prize in recognition of a lifetime of bravery and of building the trade union movement in South Africa. Speaking to a packed Congress Hall, Mashinini said, I want to say thank you for this honour and for the recognition given to me because all my life I ve been fighting for recognition the recognition of trade unions and other organisations. During an era when political organisations were banned and union leaders were forced to go underground, Mashinini or Mama Emma as she is known in South Africa, was elected to the national executive committee of the National Union of Clothing Workers. She was arrested in 1981 under section 6 of the Terrorism Act and spent the next six months in solitary confinement at Pretoria Central Prison. She was a key figure in the formation of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) as well as AFRO FIET, the forerunner of UNI Africa. The first time I voted, it was myself, my daughter and my granddaughter, and believe it or not when I put the cross on my first ballot paper, I used a FIET pen. (FIET was the organisation from which UNI flowered). S Philip Jennings to serve fourth term Philip Jennings was re-elected as General Secretary of UNI Global Union on the final day of the UNI World Congress in Cape Town. Jennings, the founding General Secretary of UNI, will preside over a fourth term at the helm of the 20 million-strong global union. I promise to bring all that I have to the task - my energy, industry, commitment, creativity and desire, he said in his acceptance speech. I am proud to be your General Sec- Congress briefs Kathrada lit up Congress Anti-Apartheid activist, former Robben Island prisoner and living legend, Ahmed Kathrada, received the Freedom from Fear award during an emotional opening day of the UNI World Congress in Cape Town. The stand-out moment of the opening day was Kathrada s opening address, which brought over people to their feet in an emotional moment. In his tribute to Nelson Mandela Ahmed Kathrada said: No matter who he spoke to kings, queens, peasants, aristocrats, he spoke with 6

7 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April The Sasbo Black Women Chapter calls for bursary applications The Sasbo Black Women Chapter, which creates educational opportunities for the children of Black, Coloured and Indian women whose joint income is R or less per annum, is inviting bursary applications. The closing date for applications is 30 April Under no circumstance will a late application be considered. A Selection Committee is appointed by the Sasbo Black Women s Chapter. The funding provided by the scheme will be determined on an annual basis by this committee for a single student at any South African State high school or tertiary education body. The decision of that committee will be final. Qualifying criteria The definitions and criteria covering the selection process are: Applicants must be African, Coloured or Indian women resident in the Republics of South Africa and Namibia, or in the Kingdoms of Lesotho and Swaziland Sasbo Black Women Chapter Education Assistance Scheme Name of Applicant The remuneration threshold of applicants must not exceed a joint income of before R per annum. Applicants must be Sasbo members in good standing, as defined by the union s constitution. In order to qualify for the assistance on offer, applicants must be able to demonstrate the ability to advance to the next level of education. In the event where a learner fails to demonstrate the ability to be promoted to the next level of learning based on the learner s year-end results, the committee of this Scheme reserves the right to decline or withdraw such assistance. Assistance will be limited to only one learner per family. The committee may consider the number of learners per family in relation to the household income. The Sasbo Black Women Chapter Committee will have the sole discretion to make decisions that it considers to be reasonable and fair under the circumstances. Applicants are urged to fill in their applications neatly and accurately as unclear applications will not qualify for consideration. Supporting documents An application will be considered only if the following certified copies are submitted to the Committee within the stipulated time period as mentioned above to: Private Bag X84, Bryanston Please don t hand it to individuals who may be visiting your branch as this may result in it being a late application: Closing dates for all applications is 30 April 2015 The learner s latest results. Both parents most recent payslips. The learner s copy of birth certificate and/or identification document and/or passport. The identification document of the mother or guardian. An original letterhead of the school or institution containing the following banking details: - The name of the bank - The branch - The bank code (six digit number) - The account type - The account number - The school/institution fees S Sasbo Membership No. Name of Bank / Institution Name of Student Student No. Name of School / Institution Grade / Course Contact details Tel Home Tel Work Cell No. SASBOsure Exclusive Personal Insurance The Perfect Union of Trust and Care. Call SASBOsure on for a quote. 7

8 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April Pensioner s Corner Bankmed cares about your health Preventative care is an important aspect of securing and maintaining healthy ageing. Only when you know your health status, can you manage your health risk (if any). Use your Bankmed wellness and preventative care benefits to effectively manage your good health. Bankmed is now offering its pensioner members with the option of receiving the very best in wellness and preventative care screenings at their homes. You can expect a call from Bankmed to discuss the importance of your wellness and preventative care screenings and vaccinations, and to schedule an appointment with Biofitt Wellness at your place of residence. BPS Benefits BANKMED Call Bankmed on their toll free number from 8:00 to 16:30 every day of the week on FUNERAL COVER Competitive premium available from AVBOB. Call (BPS Office) or or , fax (Kobus Bruwer of Be Wise). Financial Institutions Pensioners Society (BPS) BENEVOLENT FUND Apply to the National Council for financial assistance expenses in deserving and exceptional cases. INSURANCE Pensure from firstequity especially for BPS members. Call A FREEcopy of SASBO NEWS will be posted to each member of BPS every month. Bank Pensioners Society (BPS) Membership Application Form PO Box 1871, Saxonwold, Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, 2193 Tel: Fax: or E mail: Please enroll me as a member of the BPS and debit my Account no. at (bank) Branch name: Branch code no. Full names: ID number: Address: Home tel: Date: Enrolled by:m With your approval, Biofitt Wellness will be conducting the following integrated screenings and vaccinations: Personal Health Assessment (PHA) HIV/Aids counselling and testing (HCT) Prostate specific antigen (PSA) finger prick methodology Influenza vaccinations Pneumococcal vaccinations (vaccination against pneumonia) The screenings and vaccinations will be paid from your insured benefits. It will not affect your day-to-day benefits or your savings. annually with the amount of R57,00*. Fax: Cell: Signature: embership no. TRAVEL Be your own Travel Agent Travel Choice offers simple online travel arrangements Anytime : Anywhere. Flights; Travel Insurance; Accommodation; Car Hire; Worldwide Visas; as well as UK Permits & Visas. Visit: or send a message, from the Contact Us option on the website; alternatively call Andrè on or Barbie on We strive to bring you more! Postal code: * This amount may be adjusted annually A registered nurse or biokineticist will assist with conducting the various screenings and vaccinations. All consumables will be provided by the clinical team. Should this option not suit your required needs, you are more than welcome to visit your general practitioner or local pharmacy should that be your service provider of choice to perform your wellness and preventative care screenings and vaccinations. This offer applies only to Bankmed registered members and their dependants over the age of 60. S Vacancy: Regional organiser Johannesburg A vacancy exists at the Sasbo s regional office in Johannesburg for a Regional Organiser who will be responsible for assisting the Senior Organiser and/or the Regional Secretary. Preference will be given to employment equity candidates. The successful applicant will report to the Regional Secretary. The incumbent will be expected to deal successfully with all matters that arise within his/her regions, i.e. branch visits, organisers itineraries, disciplinary enquiries, grievance hearings, etc. It is also the incumbent s responsibility to ensure recruitment into Sasbo, and in so doing ensuring that the highest standards are maintained and the membership consistently grows. Suitable experience at supervisory level would be an advantage and interpersonal skills are paramount. The successful applicants should have a good understanding of the trade union movement, and a thorough knowledge of Sasbo, with particular emphasis on its structure and Constitution policies and structures and the terms and conditions of service of employees in the financial institutions, is necessary. External study at tertiary diploma level and practical experience in the field will be an advantage. Specialist knowledge required include a comprehensive knowledge of industrial relations structures and a good understanding of all relevant labour legislation, in order to provide the best possible service to members. The ability to communicate effectively with people at all levels, especially employees of financial institutions who are union members or potential union members and with management of financial institutions, i.e. up to Human Resources Manager level, regarding grievances, disciplinary hearings and dispute handling. This position involves travelling at times with overnight stops and abnormal working hours are sometimes necessary due to the Regional Organiser having to attend Committee meetings and undertaking other duties in a designated area. There is a sustained requirement to resolve conflict, listen carefully, respond with empathy and sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of members and, where applicable, represent the view of members. Members wishing to apply for the vacant post, should address their applications and CVs to Regional Secretary, Venessa Botha at The closing date for the applications is: 15 May

9 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April Advice and planning can lift retirement outlook Many South Africans feel they don t earn enough to save. It s a mistaken belief that can lead to hardship later in life. Today s breadwinners need to be proactive, writes Anele Mbuya, senior actuarial specialist at Old Mutual. Around a third of the South Africans now approaching retirement age have made no formal provision for retirement. That means that they won t have enough money to live on after they retire. Their problem becomes even more serious when one takes into account that life expectancies are growing. Many of South Africa s so-called Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) face the prospect of outliving their money. Their experience provides a cautionary example for Generations X and Y to get good financial advice from an early age and take control of their futures. The 2014 Old Mutual Savings and Investment Monitor (OMSIM) found that 63% (70% in black households) believe they will in future have to support family members, and 46% of Baby Boomers believe their families should care for them. The survey, which is now accepted as the leading indicator of the financial attitudes and behaviours of working metropolitan households, makes it painfully clear that today s breadwinners need to be proactive. They need to set aside time to take a cold, clear look at their future finances, and take positive steps to strengthen them, where necessary. Despite the fact that 80% of survey respondents say that they want to learn how to save, up to 30% haven t seen a financial adviser and about 30% do no budgeting at all. Many South Africans do try to save: around a quarter of respondents have a retirement annuity and six per cent have unit trusts, mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. In households earning more than R a month, 18% have these products. But 50% believe saving for death, funeral and disability cover is more important than saving for retirement. The economic slowdown, weak currency and rising living costs have all 9 had their impact. Only nine per cent of respondents say that they re living comfortably. Confidence in making financial decisions has slipped from 7.2 out of 10 in 2013 to 6.9. Baby Boomers have the lowest level of confidence in the economy, at 47%. Ironically, a breadwinner earning a modest wage who gets good advice and who harnesses the power of compound interest is in a far better financial position than someone earning big money who doesn t know where it all goes. Our task as an investment house with nearly 170 years of wisdom is to help people in both positions do great things with what they have. But here s a very worrying trend: working South Africans in lower-income groups are reluctant to get financial advice because they don t believe they earn enough to warrant it. This means that the very breadwinners who are the most in need of help with their modest incomes aren t getting that help and are losing out on opportunities to start earning compound interest, for example. And as we know, lack of planning lies at the root of many problems. The simple truth here is that financial planning counts - regardless of your income. What s also troubling is that while 44% of OMSIM respondents believe their financial situation will improve in the next six months, many still don t have a real idea of the state of their finances. Asked how they keep track of their finances in their main transactional account, 71% say they check their balances, 20% compare slips against statements, 46% regularly check incoming and outgoing transactions, 22% look out for suspicious or unusual transactions and 16% compare spending between one month and another; 10% do nothing at all. Knowing better provides an opportunity to do better, so good, accessible, relevant advice is paramount. It is a key responsibility of a leading savings and investment provider such as Old Mutual to help build a strong savings culture in South Africa. S Time for FNB and Wesbank members to speak up on salaries The first round of the 2015 salary negotiations with First National Bank is scheduled to start towards the end of May. As our FNB members attitudes and contributions will be vital to the success of the talks, it is imperative that members inform their negotiators of their pay expectations well ahead of the talks, says Sasbo assistant general secretary, Vanessa Hattingh, who will lead the union s negotiating team. Vanessa provides the following guidelines: The most recent CPI (inflation) figure was3.9%. This is the lowest inflation result in over four years. The lower inflation rate has largely been driven by February s decrease in petrol price Salary Questionnaire (Individual responses will be confidential) Fax no Having considered all the circumstances, I believe that an increase of % would be a realistic minimum increase for acceptable performance. Recent salary increase settlements with three other major banks have been in the region of 8%. Although this does not necessarily determine the exact level at which your negotiating team will settle, it will no doubt be used as a barometer. These and various other relevant factors affecting members income will also be considered by the negotiating team as a basis for their talks with the bank at this year s negotiations. Vanessa s message to FNB members is: Your thoughtful and realistic contributions are crucial to the final outcome of salary negotiations. Therefore please complete the questionnaire and return it to us by 22 May 2015 by faxing it to or First Name Mr Mrs Miss Surname Employee no Job Title: Grade address Sasbo membership no Institution Branch/Division Department Telephone I am prepared to participate in a strike (no work, no pay, no discipline) should my employer s final offer on increase to salary bill be below % NB: This is not a strike ballot. The information is required only to assist your negotiation team. S

10 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April Labour Logic Nedbank case in Labour Appeal Court offers important guidelines We recently had two very important cases involving Nedbank and Absa that were referred to and decided on by the Labour Appeal Court. In both instances the Labour Appeal Court has given us important guidelines to follow. Let s first discuss the Solari v Nedbank Ltd and Others (2014) 35 ILJ 3349 (LAC) case. The facts of this case are as follows:- The area manager, who is the appellant in this case, was charged with dishonesty. He had three home loan accounts with Nedbank relating to immovable property. The appellant worked with a junior employee to approve and release unsecured loans from Nedbank without the necessary signed documents, thereby causing potential financial and reputational risk to the bank. The appellant, with the assistance of this junior employee, withdrew during the period February 2003 to 25 June 2008, a total of R in excess of the registered bond amounts, from the three bond accounts. Nedbank dismissed him. He referred the matter to the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA). After unsuccessful conciliation proceedings, he referred the matter for arbitration. The arbitrator found that the appellant s dismissal was substantially unfair and ordered his reinstatement. Nedbank took the matter on review to the Labour Court. Nedbank reviewed the arbitrator s award. The Labour Court reviewed and set aside the arbitrator s award. The appellant appealed against the Labour Court s judgment. Here follows what the Labour Appeal Court decided. During the proceedings the following was inter alia presented: The appellant had 26 years experience in the banking industry. The appellant knew that an increase in a bond amount can only be obtained after a formal process had been followed. The junior employee was transferred from the home loan department at the end of October On 12 October 2007, the appellant wrote to him and stated that the 11th hour has arrived and that he better get his last bit in before the world end (sic). Those words were followed by a request that his bond be increased to R This meant that the appellant had to have his bond increased by the junior employee for the last time, because thereafter the junior employee would not be able to do so. Even after the junior employee s transfer, he made another change on the appellant s bond. It was asked why he sent it to a junior employee who was no longer working in the home loans department. Even the code language employed by the junior employee in his dated 19 October 2005 that only R available, because of you know what! If everything was above board, one would not expect such a response to a formal and legitimate application for a loan. Such language is mostly, if not only, employed if one wants to hide something in case someone else, other than the intended recipient, reads the . The appellant sought to portray himself as being a naïve banker who assumed that the junior employee was doing everything in accordance with banking practices. He could however not explain how loans could be approved within 10 minutes! How could this junior employee do a risk assessment and have the property valued in 10 minutes or even two hours? How could the risk assessment be done without the income, if any, of the appellant s wife? How could it be done without the appellant s expenditure? Nedbank s policy, as the appellant correctly conceded, is clear; if a client wants to increase the loan amount a new agreement of loan or re-advance form must be completed. The appellant did not enter into any agreement neither did he complete any form. Nedbank would suffer a loss as a creditor. It was a fact that the mortgage loan agreement makes it clear that all debt incurred would be covered by the bond provided that the debt does not exceed the amount of the registered bond, but the appellant used a method which he knew was not in accordance with the bank s policy and practice in order to gain an undue advantage viz. saving time and money. He saved time in that he did not have to wait for the credit department to do a risk assessment; he did not have to wait for a valuator to evaluate his properties; he did not have to wait for the formal approval of the loan and he did not have to wait for the bond to be registered. He saved money because an additional bond would not have to be registered. So he and the junior employee circumvented the bank s procedures to save time and money. The Labour Appeal Court s judgement The Court ruled that the appellant deliberately used an improper procedure to gain an advantage, i.e., time and money. In this case he was being dishonest because he deceived in order to get the advantage. The Labour Appeal Court also stated that had the commissioner applied her mind to all the material facts, she would not have reached the decision that she did. Her award does not remotely fall within the reach of reasonable outcomes. It is not a decision which a reasonable decision-maker could reach. The Labour Appeal Court agreed with Labour Court to set aside the award. The appellant lost the appeal with costs. Let s highlight the lessons learnt from this case Ignorance of the law cannot be an excuse. Don t rely on naivety because of your years of service and position that you re in, in fact, if you have acquired much knowledge and skills over years, it can weaken the merits of your case. Follow bank s policies and procedures because if you circumvent the rules or deviate from the procedures you may encounter serious trouble. Don t try to short-circuit procedures i.e., to save time or money to your advantage, it will come back to haunt you. Even potential financial and reputational risk can become a serious charge. It is easy to blame others, especially juniors, for the mistakes made but the final accountability lies with senior staff. Your messages on social networks including s may be used as evidence to prove facts and intent. Finally, honesty is the best policy. To be dishonest or mislead others in order to benefit from the deceit is a serious offence and the courts are not sympathetic towards employees who are dishonest. The second case is just as interesting. So look out for the next edition of the Sasbo News where we will discuss the case of Absa in full detail and highlight the lessons learnt. S If you have a problem, write to Labour Logic at Private Bag X84, Bryanston, 2021, or send a fax to (011) SASBOsure Exclusive Personal Insurance The Perfect Union of Trust and Care. Call SASBOsure on for a quote. 10

11 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April Global Labour Briefs Influencing a healthier approach to job creation Speaking at a recent high-level conference on the Future of Work in London, UNI Global Union General Secretary, Philip Jennings, said the key word missing on the global debate on the jobs revolution was solidarity. He urged leaders not to try to whitewash over the seriousness of the jobs challenge, saying: Over 60 million jobs have been lost since the beginning of the financial crisis in With the addition of new labour market entrants over the next five years, 280 million more jobs need to be created by Half the world s workforce is employed in precarious work and one in three jobs pays less than $1.25 per day. To just maintain the status quo 1.8 billion jobs must be created by We are seeing levels of inequality in income distribution back to the scale of the 1920s. We are living through a boom period but only for the 1%. UNI women speak At the 4th UNI World Women s Conference in Cape Town hundreds of women came together to discuss the fight for fairer and more equal societies. Among the topics up for discussion across two days were the global gender wage disparity, health, equal societies and equal pay, as well as domestic and workplace violence. Head of UNI Equal Opportunities, Veronica Fernandez, welcomed delegates with a call to action. For four years we have not stopped working to eliminate discrimination, gender wage gaps and gender inequality. Women across the world - join hands and stand up for fair and just societies. It is time for women to take up their rightful positions in the workplace, to enjoy equal pay and to live with freedom from fear. Ann Selin s call for level playing fields It is high time that everybody has the same opportunities regardless of gender, Ann Selin, President of Service Union United PAM of Finland, insisted in her speech at the UNI Global Union Women s Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Women s capacity and competencies are still not sufficiently utilised in the world - even if we constitute half of the population and we hold half of the human capital. It should be self-evident by now that gender plays no role when it comes to how we are treated, for example, at the workplace, at home, in society and in unions. Women account for a hugely growing share of higher education but this is not reflected in the labour market. We also know that women are not on an equal footing with men when it comes to pay and decision-making positions - 46% of the Ann Selin, newly elected president of UNI Global Union. largest worldwide companies have no women on their Boards. We should improve networking. But if the number of women is not increasing through other means, quotas should not be excluded as a possible remedy. Moreover, women should seek business responsibilities in their companies rather than just striving for traditional posts in HR or communications. The labour movement has a lot to do to promote gender equality. UNI has adopted a goal to have at least 40% representation of both genders in all UNI bodies. I am content to say that this goal is almost accomplished. We women must help each other to climb the union ladder. We need to encourage women to be organisers, union officials and stand for elections of union leadership. I urge us all to work together. Working for women is not working against men. S Pointing to solutions to the problems, Jennings continued: We need a new social safety net which has new component parts from basic income guarantees, through lifelong learning, to climate change measures. A safety net requires a reconnection to the idea of an employment relationship; we see too much abuse in changing from a responsibility model to one of independent contractors which shatters trust and feeds insecurity. Why International Women s Day is so important Women have long struggled for a recognition of their rights and, more importantly, to be recognised as equal to men in all areas of life. Since the 1700s women have gained the right to vote, the right to equal education, the right to own property, etc. But even now, in the 21st century, women are still subject to many forms of discrimination because of their gender. In the workforce, they represent 50% of the total existing labour force, but they are more likely to work in vulnerable employment (60%) or in parttime employment (50%). They make up 60% of all new university graduates, but only 17% hold managerial and senior positions in Europe. They are employed in the same jobs as men, but globally they are paid 23% less. On March 8th, International Women s Day, UNI Equal Opportunities launched its new UNI Equal Pay campaign (, to raise awareness of the fact that although women have gained a place in the workforce, discrimination is still present. The 300-year struggle for women s rights is far from over, but if we work together we can help close more than the gender wage gap, said the Federation. ITUC s Uber attack The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has described an announcement by the United Nations gender body UN Women of a partnership with the Uber company to create a million jobs for women as undermining the very principles of the United Nations. Uber has come under fire in countries around the world for undermining incomes and working conditions of women and men who drive taxis for a living, and faced a string of accusations of union-busting, breaches of privacy, and risks to health and safety. Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, said: Uber does not create jobs it replaces existing, regulated, taxi jobs with low-paid, precarious and exploitative work. It seems that UN Women is selling its principles to, in this case, the lowest bidder. This important UN agency should not be hijacked by big business it should be engaging with trade unions, the organisations that represent working women and help unions in their every-day fight for women s rights and decent jobs. Many taxi drivers have enough difficulty making ends meet already. Replacing a million existing jobs with the kind of employment arrangements that Uber requires will marginalise women, driving them into one of the most aggressive examples of informalisation of work in existence today. The international trade union movement calls on UN Women to recognise that it has made a bad mistake and stop itself being used as a public relations tool for a corporation which cares only for its profits. 11

12 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April Current Add-On B Please note that these are only available to paid up Sasbo members. s Sasbo Benevolent Fund The Sasbo Benevolent Fund, which draws its resources from union funds and member donations, renders assistance to members who are suffering extreme hardship. Funeral Cover Your Funeral (included in union membership) Since 1 January 2005 all paying members of Sasbo under 63 years old are covered in the event of death. The cover increased to R in January An additional R will be paid out in the case of unnatural death in the line of duty. This means a potential total cover of R per member. Claims should be directed to your nearest Old Mutual Servicing branch or contact the Old Mutual Call Centre on for assistance. Please relay this information to your family members. Old Mutual Educational Trust scholarships Sasbo has been admitted to the Old Mutual educational trust that promotes tertiary education by providing scholarships for worthy causes. The scholarship provides funding to study on a full time, part time or on a distance basis, for a time undergraduate degree or diploma (including BTech) at an accredited Higher Education Institution. You may apply only if you are: A member or staff member of one of the participating trade unions. A child of a member or staff member, and are under the age of 25. A grandchild or other child blood relation of the member or staff member, and are under the age of 25, and are solely dependent on the member. Old Mutual Group Schemes During their 20 year association with Old Mutual, Sasbo members have invested in the wide range of plans (investment, education, capital accumulation and funeral plans) made available to members at competitive rates. Their collective stake in Old Mutual the members with Old Mutual investments for shares worth an estimated R40 million when the company privatised its operation in Old Mutual continues to offer an expanding range of investment opportunities which members would be wise to investigate. Sasbo Smalls This shop window in Sasbo News enables members to advertise free of charge for a prescribed period and at a modest cost thereafter their goods, services, properties of sale or rent and other items. Sasbo Legal Line This is the union s popular free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year legal advice through europ assistance service to members. During its three years in existence, Sasbo callers received professional guidance and collectively saved millions in legal costs Sasbo News Members are kept up to date about Sasbo personalities and activities through its own newspaper, Sasbo News. Sasbo News keeps them abreast of developments in the local and international industry, international socio economic trends and developments in the labour movement. Sasbo Study Grants Each year the union offers study grants (on a rand for rand basis) to members or their children undergoing second year tertiary education or beyond. In 2014, 50 such grants were paid out. Sasbo Holiday & Travel Sasbo members now have two options to enjoy affordable and discounted holidays. For Southern African & European Destinations The Sasbo Holiday Fair with Chakela Hotels KashBack option caters for Southern African and European destinations. Contact Chakela Central Reservations: or or visit For Mauritius, Spain and Canary Islands Toucan Travel Promotions offers travel and accommodation packages to Mauritius, Spain and Canary Islands. For info contact Lauren at Sasbo Head , or visit and Sasbosure Sasbosure is an exciting new insurance offering from. Designed exclusively for Sasbo members, it s takes into consideration your individual insurance needs without loading you with unnecessary frills if you would prefer to contain the already very competitive costs. The choice is yours. Not only is this particular product designed to accommodate your current circumstance, lifestyle and pocket, but it is backed by the excellent reputation and strength of Santam, an A-rated Insurer. A few of the nice-to-haves include (and are free of charge for Sasbo members) a unique Retrenchment an excesshield, free 7 day car hire and a premier claims service. In addition the exclusive Sasbocare emergency assistance program provides full membership to the AA and emergency household assistance, a helicopter evacuation service following an accident and legal assistance. Sasbosure encourages a proactive role in containment of premiums where you are positioned to reduce your personal monthly premiums or excess with acknowledged behaviours or by referral incentives on an ongoing basis. Website: Tel no

13 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April For the Record Trick or treat? That cliché might well describe the parents who take their children on exciting outings. How often has not that first exposure to air, sea or train travel; that first visit to an opera or ballet, a stage play, a game reserve, a museum, an art gallery, a big cricket, football or rugby match, not generated the passion to launch successful careers in those fields. Inspiration happens in the simplest of ways. Transnet s first female electrician developed her craving to become a sparky after being impressed by a gadget at an electrical exhibition. A noted British composer discovered his innate musical talent at age six after being dragged kicking and screaming to ballet lessons to accompany his twin sister. An eight-year-old Maritzburg boy was floundering at school because of his learning difficulty before someone gave him a book on fishing. He was so passionate about fishing that he forced himself to read the book s every word and went on to become a professor of literature. We parents are our kids most influential role models. And enthusiasm is the launching pad of all achievements. Therefore the more enthusiastic we are about the events and experiences to which we are exposing our children, the greater the chance there will be of them having a worthwhile impact on their lives. There is no failure here. Even if our children do not connect with any of the aforementioned stimuli they will still grow up to be better informed, more interested (and interesting) individuals than they might otherwise have been. Keep Sasbo updated All Sasbo members need to keep their contact details updated to ensure that they receive all communication. Ask yourself these questions: Do you receive Sasbo News regularly? Do you receive s from Sasbo? Do you receive SMSs with news updates? Does your branch/department receive fax messages from Sasbo? Name: Sasbo membership no: Managerial/General staff: Bank and department/branch: Postal address: address: Cellphone number: Telephone number: If your answer to any of the above questions is no, then you need to complete the form below and or fax it to Sasbo on or as soon as possible. If you retire you can no longer be a Sasbo member but you can become a member of the Bank Pensioners Society (BPS). See page 8 for their contact details. If you make yourself a part of the communication chain, you will never again have to wonder what your union is doing for you! Fax number: Coffee Break Crossword Across 3. Point to a tree with this tied round (4) 5. Floored at this point by a ship s officer (4) 7. Where clatter has a striking effect (5) 8. Aunt Rosa has tea with a space traveller (9) 9. Unspoken, I have to act it out (5) 10. They re a knock-out! (9) 11. Even the French have a cricket team (6) 14. Teacher! It s in the stream! (6) 19. I m to see the doctor and I just can t wait! (9) 20. There s a finer way to imply something (5) 21. Regulates it when almost due for a change (9) 22. Luxury of a centre attraction (5) 23. The United Nations has it but only one! (4) 24. Yes! There are 500 stains (4) Down 1. An alien gives out a trace of it (7) 2. How to appease a pal etc. (7) 3. Be astute about tea that s the law! (7) 4. They re arranged to cause embarrassment to an alien cat! (3.4) 5. Threatens adults with his best cards (7) 6. Looks after property and trees in 50% of Utah (7) 12. My pal is seen on the moon in this satirical representation (7) 13. Crossing by way of the Tube (7) 15. It includes stars put there by painters (7) 16. A fee for soft sweeties? (7) 17. That old king has to steer but wishes otherwise (7) 18. Those of fine breeding try to obtain the inside information (6) SASBOsure Exclusive Personal Insurance The Perfect Union of Trust and Care. Call SASBOsure on for a quote. 13

14 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April SMALLS Your contact person for Sasbo Smalls is Stephne Anders. She can be contacted during working hours at HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION TO LET AND FOR SALE/TIMESHARE ACCOMMODATION TO LET Knysna Self-Catering, fully equipped two bedroomed house. Spectacular view of Heads and lagoon. Reasonable rates. Visit for more details. Contact Anita or Cape Town/Milnerton Ridge Fully equipped, self-catering, one bedroom apartment with separate lounge. Suitable for 2 adults and 2 small children. Minimum 4 nights, own parking bay, with use of swimming pool and tennis court. Near Century City, golf course, beaches and 15 minutes from Cape Town Central and Waterfront at R450 per night. Call Dave at or (021) Cape Town/Panorama Fully equipped, immaculate self-catering flatlet with secure parking and braai area, sleeps 2. Near Century City, 15 minutes from Cape Town, Waterfront and Bloubergstrand. R250 per night out of season. Contact Fransie at or North Coast Contact Eileen or East London Niki-Nana Backpackers dorms, doubles and camping available up-market, exclusive. Contact Lee on or Visit our site: www. or us: Knysna Fully equipped self-catering unit, sleeps two (double bed) full bathroom, (shower and bath), TV and off- street parking, own patio with braai facilities and magnificent views of lagoon and mountains, R350 per day out of season, R400 per day in season, Contact or Durban North Comfortable, fully furnished one bedroom flatlet/ granny cottage to let. 6 Months lease (1st May or 1st June) private garden/ braai area, parking. Rent R3 600, suitable for young couple. Contact Priscilla work or home or Durban North Spacious one bedroom flat let/granny cottage. Comfortable, fully equipped self-catering with private garden braai area and parking. Sleeps 6, colour TV. R550 per day out of season and in season R650 per day. Phone Priscilla or home or or Uvongo: South Coast 4 and 6 sleeper beach front flats to let at very competitive rates. Within walking distance to main beach, fully fitted units including, TV, microwave, dishwasher etc. Secure complex with braai and laundry facilities. Tel Johan at Gordons Bay House of Pearls Free standing upmarket 3 bedroomed house, large private enclosed garden, stunning mountain view, 800 m to beach, shops and restaurants, bathroom with full shower, lounge, dining room, plus fully equipped kitchen, TV, Hi-fi, DVD player. Braai area, bedding and towels supplied. Beach towels not included. Contact Pearl Jason net. View photos on 10 St Ellen Great Brakriver Fully equipped self-catering holiday accommodation. Pool in complex. Sleeps 4 in cottage R500 per day and sleeps 6 3 bedrooms R800, situated near Hartenbos/ Mossel Bay & George. TV, DVD (DStv with card) and braai facilities. Contact Erna at or or Langebaan Accommodation 2 Bedroomed fully equipped self-catering ground unit suitable for 6 people, 700 m from Club Mykenos. R500 per night. Call Gideon or (oh) Hartenbos Fully equipped 1 bedroomed self-catering. TV, DVD, braai area and parking. Sleeps 4. Walk to beach. R500 per night. Call Erna Le Roux Jeffreys Bay 2 x fully equipped units. Sleeps 10 per unit, 800 m from beach. Fully enclosed with electric gates. Contact Marlene on or or fax. Margate Accomodation Immaculate, upmarket apartment with sea view in secure complex, 5 min walk to Margate beach, sleeps max 5, pool and covered parking bay. Daily rates: Low R350, High R550, Peak R700. Contact Colin or Lyn at or Strand Strand (W-Cape) safe and quiet, 1 bedroom, large Granny Flat for 2. Available for holiday/permanent. Please no smokers, children or pets. Walking distance to beach and shopping centre. Please call/ SMS Waterford House in Clarens Luxury 4 star graded self-catering lodge on golf estate. Very special mid week rates for bank pensioners. Phone Jean web: Zia s Accommodation Holiday apartments available Sea Point, Rondebosch Village and Green Point. Modern tastefully furnished and fully equipped. Close to beach. Contact Ruby Bake or South Coast Margate Uvongo KZN Self-catering houses and cottages. Close to beaches and entertainment, 1bedroom cottages, 2 and 3 bedroom cottages and 5 bedroomed houses. Group bookings up to 30 persons. Corporate bookings welcome, team building also welcome. Sports teams, club bookings. Rates on request. Sea Spray and Eagles Nest or or Margate Fully equipped 6 sleeper flat with fantastic view, not even 50 m from main beach, two rooms and sleeper couch, TV in all rooms, big braai on balcony, dishwasher, washing machine and 2 secure parkings. Contact Bernadette or Flexiclub Points Flexi holiday club points for sale, price negotiable. Market value per pt R11,40. Points up for sale Please contact Johan Visser Timeshare for Sale Global Grand Vacation Package with RCI, which is a yearly holiday for sale points available immediately, contact (w) or Mosselbaai/Tergniet Netjiese 2 slaapkamer huis te huur, slaap 6, 4 volwassenes en 2 kinders, branderuitsig, besigtig walvisse en dolfyne uit die bad, stapafstand van die see, toesluit motorhuis, kontak Joey of Chakas Rock (Ballito) Self catering holiday accommodation, magnificent sea views, air con & ceiling fans, pool in complex, 5min walk from the famous Thompson Tidal pool and beach, 7min drive to all shopping centres, 4 sleeper from R650 per unit pn and 2 sleeper from R450 per unit pn contact or House to Rent Alberton, Mayberry Park 2 bedroom, lounge, dining room, 1bathroom with shower, separate toilet, single garage in complex R Contact Estelle Holiday in Knysna Self-catering, luxury flatlet for couple. Stunning views, 5 min walk from town, private lock-up garage, full DStv. R480 per night/unit incl l & w. Contact Irene or Wanted Looking for 1 bed or bachelors flat or garden flat around Sandton Area to rent. Contact Carol Fearick Kruger Park Home from Home Stay in private house in your own en suite bedroom. We are 5 min drive from Kruger National Park, with or without breakfast, very reasonable rates, suitable for 2 people sharing. Contact or Christopher. Banana Beach Fully equipped self-catering flat, 2 bedrooms, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, and shower, fully furnished, 300m from beach, undercover parking, remote gate, sleeps 5, laundry, gym, games room, TV and DStv. R700 out of season, and R900 in season per day. Photos on request. Phone Piet Jeffrey s Bay Holiday Accommodation Situated on the beach of Jeffrey s Bay, Eurentia is ideal for holidaymakers looking for sun, sea, sand and to experience the famous Jeffrey s Bay waves. Walking distance to the main beach and central town. Units sleep from 2 6 people. Contact Thea Sumiz Vacations You work so hard you need a break. The experience is worth it. For holiday + mini breaks specials in SA contact Somayya or or B&B New fully furnished secure B&B self-catering flat, Hayfields Pietermaritzburg, for conferences, Argus, Comrades etc. Contact Chanel (photos on request). Amanzimtoti Stunning sea views, sleeps 4-6 people, walking distance to Amazimtoti shopping centre, restaurants are within walking distance, secured underground parking, braai facilities are available on the ground floor, a swimming pool in the complex, washing machines and dryers on the roof of the building, contact Denise on or Denise. Franskraal Woonstelle vakansie of Naweke 2 slaapkamer woonstel te huur ten volle toegerus, slaap 6 persone, 100 tree na see. Stapafstand na strand en Suprette, 40 km vanaf Hermanus en 3 km na Gansbaai. Woonstel aan seefront met pragtige seeuitsig. Ten volle toegerus, slaap 4 persone. Kontak Roseline of Jeffreys Bay Self-catering, sleeps 4, fully equipped, close to beach and shops, R900 pd in season, R600 pd mid-season, R400 pd low season. Contact Hartenbos Accommodation Fully equipped 3 bedroom house, with braai and lock-up gates, walking distance to beach. R500 per day out of season and R1 300 per day in season. ATKV Waterwurm in Hartenbos contact Diana Margate/Umzumbe Beautiful self-catering 3 bedroom timeshare chalets to let from 16 Dec to 1 Jan. The chalets are fully serviced, have a 180 degree sea view, 24 hr good security with lots of facilities, like swimming pools, restaurants, hairdressers, gym etc. Contact or Blue Horizon Bay Port Elizabeth 2 bedrooms, 1 study, sleeps 3 to rent, R300 per day, sea view, self-contained with towels. Contact Hantie KZN South Coast Margate Uvongo Fully equipped, self-catering 4 sleeper situated 200 m from Uvongo s main beach in a secure complex with under cover parking from R350 per night. Contact or KZN North Coast Stunning 1 bedroom self-catering granny cottage, fully equipped private braai area, partial sea views, ideal for a couple and 2 children under 10 years old. R600 pn. Contact Nalini between 6-8 pm. Plettenberg Bay Retired bank manager will let his holiday cottage at Keurboomstrand (Plett) and luxury flat in Goose Valley Golf Estate (a golfer s dream) both fully furnished, to Sasbo members at half price, out of school holidays, also available in school holidays. Phone or Property for Sale Vacant stand for sale in established area m? of prime land in Umhlatuzana, Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal. Close to Chatsworth Centre, Schools and Highways 7-58th Avenue Umhlatuzana, asking R neg contact Millicent on or Winston or or House in Margate to rent for Holiday Accommodation R500 per day, sleeps 8 people, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, DStv available. Contact Thea/Leon Rautenbach or after hours. Timeshare Accommodation Kruger National Park Fully equipped 6 sleeper self-catering cottage, 100m from Paul Kruger gate, next to Protea Hotel, 23/05/14 to 06/06/14, available as weekend, week or 2 weeks, DSTV, fully equipped kitchen, services daily. Call Biba Somerset-Wes Ruim een-slaapkamer woonstel met balkon, berg uitsig, toesluit motorhuis, hysbak, moderne kombuis en sekuriteit in die pragtige Somerset Wes, lae heffing en belasting, naby Kaapstad en see. R Kontak Janet Albertinia House for sale, 3 bedrooms with BIC, 1 and a half bathrooms, 1 garage, R or nearest offer. Contact Elize Mossel Bay Mossel Bay at Twee Kuilen/Diaz Beach. Situated 500 m from the much sought after Diaz Hotel and Resort. 2 bedrooms (1x en suite), kitchen, open plan lounge. Xtra braai area, shower, toilet, deck, sleeps 6, swimming pool in complex, 24 hr security with surveillance camera. Price R Contact Ronnie For Sale R : two bedroom, one bathroom house for sale in Hlanganani Village, Springs close to N17 toll road. Phase two houses sold for R School and clinic are planned for the development. Ideal first home or investment property to rent. Contact Melanie Flat for Sale Pretoria between Schoeman & Hamilton street, one bedroom, sitting room, kitchen & bathroom on the 1st floor, only working class allowed on premises. Contact James or Te Koop Erf te koop, Hartenbosheuwels, Mosselbaai, vierkante meter, uitsig onbelemmerbaar. Kontak Magda Noordwyk 3 bed home on very large plot for sale in Noordwyk, Midrand JHB, R neg. Contact Indhra for details or Property for sale Stand 786 square metres for R , opposite Silver Star casino, great view and a lot of development in the area. For more info please contact Jose or Yvonne Mtunzini KZN North Coast 2 bedroom, fully equipped park home, open plan kitchen/dining/lounge with sleeper couch, plus second separate lounge, swimming pool and games room on site, five minutes drive to Umlalazi Nature reserve with fishing, boating and unspoilt beaches. Contact Sharon Goose Valley Golf Estate: Plettenberg Bay Luxury 2 bedroom unit overlooking the golf course, with lock-up garage. R or best offer. Contact or Te Koop Aftree en/of vakansiehuis te Keurboomstrand, Plettenbergbaai, volledig gemeubileerd en geleë binne? vakansieoord (The Dunes) teen R Baie goeie huurinkomste reg deur die jaar. Bejaarde pensioenaris moet verkoop. Skakel of House for Sale Ballito Double storey house with two cottages for sale as an investment or family residence with swimming pool and sea view. R2.2 million. Contact Ken or Special for Sasbo members Stunning 2 B/room/4 sleeper self-catering apartment including secure parking on Durban s Golden Mile. R580 pn (normal R680 pn off-peak/r780 pn w/end/ peak excl school holidays). Like FB page Holzjust4u for pics/info. Call Soni House to Let- Verulam 3 bedroom fully furnished house to let for R4 600 excl L/W close to MtView High School, R102, King Shaka Airport, Gateway, Umhlanga Gumtree Ad Id Contact Soni House for Sale Pretoria West 3 bedroom, close to mall and schools, contact Colleen Jefferey s Bay Fully equipped 2 bedroomed townhouse. Close to shops and beach. Sleeps 4. Stand Lydenburg Vacant stand in Lydenburg (Mpumalanga) 866sq.m corner stand in new security area on Sabie Road, hour s drive from Kruger National Park and opposite new shopping centre, plans was approved for a double storey house. Owner transferred price R Call Lorraine or Huis te Koop Redelinghuys 5 slaapkamers, 3 badkamers, garage, putwater, 1486 m2. R neg. Kontak Loretta Deceased Estate Flat for Sale Completely renovated 99 square metres flat Casseldale Springs, new luxury kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, lounge/dining room with new laminated floors and venetian blinds, new light fittings and plumbing, enclosed balcony, carport. contact Dave Boksburg 2 bedroom ground floor townhouse for sale in Boksburg, Klippoortjie, it has 1 bathroom (bath and shower), lounge and kitchen, private garden. Price R contact Maloko at , Vaal River Have you always wanted to own your own farm as well as live the life of luxury - boating on Millionaires Bend on the Vaal River? Now you can have both - small holding / farm 12 hectares on Millionaires Bend for sale. Main house consisting of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms plus 1 bedroom cottage with bathroom plus smaller bachelor cottage with bathroom. (All under thatch). Boat shed / workshop for 4 cars or boats. Stabling for 3 horses. 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom staff quarters. R7 Million. Land alone worth R5 million. Phone Matt or 2 Bedroom apartment at Manaba for Sale R neg 180 sea and beach view tastefully furnished spacious two beds, two baths flat, which is opposite rock pool at Manaba and 100 metres to Lucien beach. Less than 5 kms to Shelly Beach & Uvongo, 2 km to Margate. Lounge with large cane suite, six-seater dining table and chairs, beautiful kitchen, 2 spacious bedrooms (sleeps 6), 2 tiled bathrooms. Levy R1 537pm, rates per month R817 pm, selling price R neg. Contact owner Russell on or House for Sale Tivvit Suburb Golden Gardens, Vanderbijl Park, Gauteng. Two Bedroom house, walled, gate and battlers. R Contact Sikhumbuzo Roodepoort flat for sale 2 bed, 1 bath (Eagles Grove complex) in Honeydew on Zeiss Road. Neat condition, easy lock-up-and-go lifestyle with security. Close to Clearwater Mall and the mega FNB building. R440K, contact or or Timeshare Margate Villa de Sol, fully furnished apartment, 2 bedrooms, 12th and 13th week usually in March, prime time, high time, R8 000 per week. Contact Joy Robbison or Flat for Sale Scottburg R , 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, secure undercover parking, north facing, overlooking golf course with some sea view, walk to beach, secure complex. Contact John Boggomsbaai Erf te koop met seeuitsig, R of naaste aanbod. Kontak Hannerie Townhouse for sale in Roodekrans Spacious double storey, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & guest toilet, separate kitchen & scullery, garage & carport, near primary schools. R contact Geoff Tumber Port Alfred Eastern Cape Self-catering 2 bedroom townhouse, sleeps 4, 5 min to beach, R500 per day out of season, R900 pd in season. Contact Ellen Jeffreys Bay Self-Catering 6 people fully equipped, 3 bedrooms, 500m from main beach and shops, fully enclosed complex with pool and tennis courts, R800 per day in season, R600 mid-season and R300 low season. Additional once-off domestic fee R350. Contact Simon Timeshare Margate Villa de Sol, fully furnished apartment, 2 bedrooms, 12th and 13th week, usually in March 2015, prime time, high time, R8 000 per week. Contact Joy Robbison or Townhouse for sale in Roodekrans Spacious double storey, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & guest toilet, separate kitchen & scullery, garage & carport, near primary schools. R Contact Geoff Tumber Roodepoort flat for sale 2 bed, 1 bath (Eagles Grove complex) in Honeydew on Zeiss Road. Neat condition, easy lock- up-and-go lifestyle with security, close to Clearwater Mall and the mega FNB building. R440 K. Contact or or Flat for Sale Scottburg R , 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, secure undercover parking, north-facing, overlooking golf course with some sea view, walk to beach, secure complex, Contact John Boggomsbaai Erf te koop met seeuitsig, R of naaste aanbod. Kontak Hannerie Flat for sale Somerset West Beautiful spacious one bedroom modern kitchen, large sitting/dining room, balcony, mountain view lock up garage with space for 2nd car on outside, no transfer duty or agent fees. Levy R620 pm, price R Ideal for retirement or holidays. Contact Janet on Retirement Cluster Lodge Musgrave Magnificent Study apartment with glass fronted porch, panoramic views of Durban. All meals and teas daily, maid, bed linen towels supplied, free daily transport to shopping centres and evening shows. Guest suite available R , reasonable levy R7 300 pm. Contact Mildred or Tulbagh Visit scenic Tulbagh (125 km from Cape Town) and stay at Alfa Apartments, clean, spacious well equipped apartments with secure undercover parking, twin, double or king-size beds. S/C or B/B, R550 for 2 sleeper unit and R850 pn for 4 sleeper unit. See info or contact Mandy at or or Accommodation to swop Owner of Holiday cottage in Plettenberg bay will swop his holiday cottage in Keurboomstrand/Plettenberg Bay from time to time for accommodation at another resort or timeshare anywhere except Dec and April, school holidays. Phone or Timeshare for Sale Formosa Bay Resor,t Plettenberg Bay to own week 47 (flexi white season). It consists of 2 bedrooms & sleeps 6. The levy for 2015 is already paid. Sale includes 4164 points that can be used any time at any RCI venue subject to availability. Price R Contact House for sale Southbroom Southbroom retired bank manager selling lovely home and garden, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and separate flat, best street close to beach and golf course. Contact Melkbaai Gemeubileerde 2 slaapkamer grondvloerwoonstel met toesluitgarage en DStv op kusweg regoor Melkbaai, slaap 5, minimum tydperk 3 aande. Skakel Rassie of Umzumbe chalets KZN south coast Week 11 (16-22/3) unit bedrooms all with bathrooms en suite. Self-catering chalet. DStv, take your own sim card and book your decoder before you go. Recently renovated. Contact Debby FOR SALE 4 previously used burglar bars of different sizes, plastic coated and 1 metal gate size width 135 cm, length 199 cm bars, R500 and gate R500 neg. Contact Ilona or One left and one right light fittings for a Volkswagen car Jumbo Golf R200 for both negotiable. Contact Ilona or Mercedes Benz C320 Elegance, White with grey leather. Full House FSH only km. Price R Contact Louis Jazz l/p s wanted must be in good condition. Contact Kenneth Chevrolet Spark LT 2007: R40 000, kms, manual, front wheel drive (FWD). Contact Charlot or or Four wheeler 150cc special edition Suzuki, 300 km on the clock, in good condition, Price R but negotiable, contact Leana or Escort panel van merk 2, lime green mags, and radio CD Player R on the road Contact. Mr Vosloo white Escort merk 2, 2lt Mazda turbo engine, mags. R on the road. Contact Mr Vosloo Single Golf Cart 9 white excellent condition R8000 cash contact Hennie ChellinoBaby Stroller, almost brand new, R400, Gauteng based, contact or for further details. Stand for sale at Bathurst, Port Alfred R70k neg, 289 sqm oner is Joburg based, municipal valuation R155k, contact or Opel Corsa 1.4 Lite Sport, A/c, p/steering, cd player, alloy wheels, R63 000km, Price R neg, contact Ismail Flexi club points for sale, price negotiable. Market value per point R11.50, points for sale Please contact Faeza ; GENERAL Birth Chart Interpreter: You will be amazed at what you will discover about yourself, partner and your children. Read how you could develop in both your personal and professional life as every aspect of your character is analysed in detail. Focusing on life path, identity, emotions and mentality + 12 additional character traits. R150 per birth chart. To order reply mail with your name, surname, place and time of birth to Come fishing with Tigerfish Tours on the Jozini dam in KZN. Packages incl accommodation, b/fast, small lunch, boat, skipper, all fishing tackle and 1 tank petrol for the boat. See or contact Shaun at googl .com. Maid 4 U: For a reliable, screened and trained domestic worker, maid, nanny or helper, call Maid 4U or visit our website on www. Robert Mkuba , professional and reliable gardener currently working for Sasbo in Johannesburg Regional Office is looking for a job. Any opportunity in the Gauteng Region will be welcome. For reference contact Venessa Botha /1. Vacancies available in Dubai for Retail Sales Associate Fashion. Requirements: Female, 1-2 years of experience in sales, between 23 and 29 years old. Provide excellent customer service at all times and assist customers throughout their time in the store. Will be responsible for customer service and ensuring display is as per company set standards. Maximize retail sales of the store through the implementation of efficient selling techniques. Should have excellent communication skills. Have to be well-groomed with a good personality. Salary: AED This is a great opportunity with excellent benefits. Kindly forward a copy of your CV with a recent passport size photo and a full length photo to or fax to For more information contact Zara Global Career Solutions. Cooking Demos The Ray Marcie Lifestyle Club meets every second Sat of the month. The Club features a Mediterranean cooking demonstration by renowned chef Marcie G. & a variety of demos & lectures on décor, crafts, self improvement, health, beauty. Al this is rounded off with a scrumptious lunch, music and dancing. R150 pp 11:00-16:00. Cash bar. Marcelle With the art of laser engraving we reproduce artwork, photos, logos, as well as create keepsakes and memorials. Laser engraving is a way to make a truly lasting memory. Call and let Laser Tek change your image in stone. Clive or Professional Photographer Couples Shoot: 1hr from R450, families up to 5 people from R550, extras R50, studio or location Southern Suburbs within the 15 km or extra travel applies, wedding specials, book before end September. Contact Jacques or or www. Health, Nutrition Financial Freedom: Hebalife, join for 25% discount or buy any products. Lose weight, ask me how. Be healthy. Contact Yash or Sphamandla Curtain Designers - We make all types of curtains, cushions and bedding, pinch pleat, goblet, beaded curtain, eyelid, bullnose. Contact Esther Msimanga or IdahMsimanga or or facebooksphamandla curtain designer. Gravestone, tombstone and memorial engraving, photographs of the deceased loved ones etched into a tombstone by laser. Honour your loved one in a truly special way, amazing wedding mementoes engraved on mirror or glass. Branding and logo engraving also done. Clive or Adult stainless steel folding wheelchair R500 o.n.c.o. Tel Binks Jukskei Park area. Black hairdressing basin for sale R2 800, very good condition. Contact Bernadette or Vivian Kiaat tongue and groove panelling: 30 square metres of 2.5 metre length square-cut tongue and groove panelling. Used but in excellent condition. Ideal to upgrade bar area, study or man-cave. R5 000 negotiable. Contact Gordon Fraser Piano: John Spencer and Co London upright burled walnut piano made in about Very good condition. Beautiful piece of furniture. Will need tuning once moved. R4 000 negotiable. Contact Gordon Fraser Dining room chairs, solid oak and upholstered, finished in distressed technique in light grey, R500 each. 2 Tub chairs,1 cane/upholstered, 1 wood/upholstered, R600 each. Sleigh baby compactum, pine with antique stain, 3 drawers and shelves/hanging space,113cm wide x 60cm deep x 90cm high, good condition. R Contact Manny Cabrita or or or (w). 14

15 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April Sasbo Membership Application Form A TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF ID Number Title Surname Male Female Full First Names Code & Tel (W) Code & Tel (H) Cell No Race (Govt Statistics) Black Coloured Indian White B Address Status Title Code Payment Type Acc Type Bank AT Work AT Label Recruiter Area Code Deduct Subs FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Private Postal (as alternate address for Sasbo News)** Postal Code ** Absa & Nedcor receive Sasbo News at workplace address C Institution Department Employee Number Job Grade D Name of Bank Branch Account Number Branch Clearing Code WHERE DO YOU WORK? Branch Code (Nedcor) Cost Centre (Absa) BANKING ACCOUNT DETAILS Type of Account Cheque Transmission Savings Sasbo OFFICES Headquarters: Fourmall O Park West, Sasbo House, Roos Road, Fourways. Private Bag X84, Bryanston, Tel: (011) Fax: (011) Headquarters staff, Administration, Research and Information, Training and Legal Department: Tel: (011) Fax: (011) Johannesburg and Bank Pensioners Society: 159 Jan Smuts Ave, Parkwood. Tel: (011) Fax: (011) e mail: Pretoria : 18 Botano, Cnr Embankment Street & Lenchen North Ave, Centurion. PO Box 11912, Centurion, Tel: (012) Fax: (012) e mail: Cape Town 42 Burg Street, 6th Floor, Cape Town, PO Box 2256, Cape Town, Tel: (021) Fax: (021) e mail: E F Signature Signature Debit Authorisation Indicate which is applicable I agree to pay Sasbo monthly subscriptions as determined by the Union from time to time, and authorise you to recover my subscriptions from my bank account via ACB Magtape. I hereby authorise my employer to deduct from my salary each month and pay on my behalf, my subscription fee to Sasbo as determined by the Union from time to time. Enrolled by: Bank: Branch: Name of member recruited: Date One month s written notice is required for the cancellation of membership. Date Durban 10 Sookhai Place, Derby Downs, Suite 3, Grosvener Square, Westville. PO Box 337, Westville, Tel: (031) Fax: (031) e mail: Port Elizabeth : 4 Ascot Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth, PO Box 63708, Greenacres, Tel: (041) /2/3. Fax: (041) e mail: Bloemfontein : Unit 14, Westdene Centre, Cnr First Ave and Reid Street, Bloemfontein. PO Box 12310, Brandhof, Tel: (051) Fax: (051) e mail: Sasbo News: Fax (011) e mail: The Sasbo News contact number is for matters regarding the newspaper (changes of address and non receipt of newspapers should be advised to Sasbo Head quarters). All other enquiries should be directed to the relevant numbers on this page. SECRETARIES DIRECTORY COMMITTEE NAME BANK FAX NO CELL NO E MAIL ADDRESS Diamond Fields Gakebabope Platinah Nedbank Tumelo Str, Kimberly, 8345 Goldengate Nomvula Kubheka BSA PO Box 53, Bethlehem, 9700 Phindiwe Mbakza Ubank PO Box 16, Odendaalsrus, 9480 Upington Brendon Gallant SBSA PO Box 20, Upington, 8800 Boland Louisa Muller SBSA PO Box 207, Paarl, 7646 CapeTown Colin Goldberg Landbank PO Box 15236, Vlaeberg, 8018 Langeberg Sandra Horsfall SBSA PO Box 607, Swellendam, 6740 SWD Melissa Labuscahagne Nedbank PO Box 201, George, 6530 Tygerberg VenetiaTrantaal Old Mutual Koppiesdam Road, Bishop Lavis, Cape Town, 8000 Drakensberg Shaheda Asvat SBSA P O Box 22, Ladysmith, 3370 Durban Janice Canny Absa School Road, Bluff, 4052 Natal South Coast Sanke Duma Absa PO Box 836, Margate, 4275 Newcastle Inge Schirge Absa PO Box 12512, Newcastle, 2940 Northern Natal Charmain Strydom SBSA PO Box 4, Vryheid, 3100 Pietermaritzburg Vino Naidoo SBSA Dunveria Heights, Raisethorpe, Pietermaritzburg, 3201 Zululand Carol Fearick FNB PO Box 13, Empangeni, 3880 Johannesburg Sasabona Monganye Nedbank th Avenue, 259 Venue, Bezvalley Rustenburg Trienie Steyn Landbank PO Box 22, Rustenburg, 0300 Vaal Triangle Connie Semono FNB Plot 20, Loutratz Str, De Deur East London Claudia van der Westhuizen SBSA Elizabeth Court, Quigney, East London, 5241 Port Alfred Sylvia Ndzima Nedbank PO Box 52, Port Alfred, 6170 Queenstown Bukelwa Damana Absa Hexagon Cathcart Road, Queenstown, 5319 Port Elizabeth Bianca Madliwa Absa Cape Road, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, 6502 Uitenhage Martie Laas FNB PO Box 43020, Kwadwesi, 6004 Polokwane Netta Buchanan Absa Nagel Str, Westernburg, Polokwane, 0699 East Mpumalanga Thando Masinga Absa Box 3020, Nespruit, 1200 Pretoria Gobusamang Moilwe Absa Montagu, 447 Reetz Str, Sunnyside,

16 The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est Vol 37 No 2 March/April Eastern Cape AGMs burst at their seams Sasbo s Annual General Meetings in East London, Port Alfred and Port Elizabeth were so well attended that the meeting rooms ran out of space. The more than 100 members who showed up at the Port Elizabeth meeting overflowed the venue and some had to queue all the way down the stairs. Eastern Cape regional secretary, Paul Lubbe, was naturally delighted. Our members positive reaction to the opportunities to gain more information about their union s activities and to interact socially meant that the attendances at all of our AGMs far exceeded their necessary quorums, he said. Sasbo national secretary, Myan Soobramoney, who represented head office at the meetings, echoed Paul s view. It was wonderful to see that many of our members together. It is always a good sign when the members take an interest in their union s activities and want to participate. We are looking forward to a great year. S The Port Elizabeth meeting was very well attended. Meeting in East London. Solution to Crossword on page 13 More AIDS victims benefit from Sasbo s care Sasbo s Mahikeng and George BECs launched the most recent of the union s hundreds of interventions to provide relief to Aids orphans over the past 20 years. The Mahikeng Branch Executive Committee, which conducted its charity drive in February, focused its initiative on Tsogo Projects and Kagontle Child Care in Mmabatho, organisations that care for 35 and 50 children, respectively. The BEC donated television sets and DVD players, a rug, duvet sets, bath towels and linen. The appreciation we received was deeply moving, said a spokesperson for the BEC. In George - an area riddled with HIV orphans and children who are HIV positive - Sasbo s BEC handed over a classroom to Rooibootjie Preschool in Pacaltsdorp. The school, which is supported by the ACVV in George, provides two meals a day to the children and only closes for four days of the year. Again, Sasbo s effort was received with unbounded gratitude. S The children of Kagontle Child Care in Mmabatho were overjoyed with the gifts from Sasbo's Mahikeng BEC. A new classroom for Rooibootjie Pre-school with compliments of George BEC. 16

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making work better: an agenda for government An independent inquiry into the world of work by Ed Sweeney and supported by the Smith Institute making work better: an agenda for government An independent inquiry into the world of work by Ed Sweeney and supported by the Smith Institute The Smith Institute The Smith Institute is an independent think

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Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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Business Result Upper-intermediate

Business Result Upper-intermediate Business Result Upper-intermediate Student s Book Answer Key First impressions Starting point Possible answers Answers will vary, but students might say that the business is modern and forwardthinking,

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Code of Business Conduct. Compass Group PLC. February 2011

Code of Business Conduct. Compass Group PLC. February 2011 Code of Business Conduct Compass Group PLC February 2011 CONTENTS Page Introduction Message from Richard Cousins 3 Code of Business Conduct 4 Getting Help and Advice 5 Speak Up 6 Visions and Values 7 The

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Improving cash flow using credit management

Improving cash flow using credit management Improving cash flow using credit management The outline case sponsored by sponsored by Albany Software focuses on developing award-winning software to transform financial processes and is the market leader

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John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO. The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo

John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO. The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo 2 Regardless of our growing size, scope and reach, our common vision and distinct values form the fabric that holds us together

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Employing people: a handbook for small firms. handbook

Employing people: a handbook for small firms. handbook Employing people: a handbook for small firms handbook We inform, advise, train and work with you Every year Acas helps employers and employees from thousands of workplaces. That means we keep right up-to-date

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A New Vision for Older Workers: Retain, Retrain, Recruit. Report to Government by Dr Ros Altmann CBE Business Champion for Older Workers

A New Vision for Older Workers: Retain, Retrain, Recruit. Report to Government by Dr Ros Altmann CBE Business Champion for Older Workers A New Vision for Older Workers: Retain, Retrain, Recruit Report to Government by Dr Ros Altmann CBE Business Champion for Older Workers A New Vision for Older Workers: Retain, Retrain, Recruit Contents

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Your Business. A Guide to Owning and Operating a Small Business in New York State

Your Business. A Guide to Owning and Operating a Small Business in New York State Your Business A Guide to Owning and Operating a Small Business in New York State A Guide To Owning and Operating a Small Business in New York State Contents CHAPTER 1: Foundations

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The Lyons Housing Review. Mobilising across the nation to build the homes our children need

The Lyons Housing Review. Mobilising across the nation to build the homes our children need The Lyons Housing Review Mobilising across the nation to build the homes our children need Contents Foreword 3 Executive Summary 6 Roadmap for Delivery 11 Chapter 1 A housing crisis of our own making

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The good councillor s guide

The good councillor s guide 4th edition The good councillor s guide Essential guidance for local councillors The good councillor s guide Essential guidance for local councillors Contents Page Introduction 8 Part One Where are you

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Good Work and Our Times. Report of the Good Work Commission Lucy Parker and Stephen Bevan, July 2011

Good Work and Our Times. Report of the Good Work Commission Lucy Parker and Stephen Bevan, July 2011 Good Work and Our Times Report of the Good Work Commission Lucy Parker and Stephen Bevan, July 2011 Contents Executive Summary 5 Chapter 1: Work In Our Times 8 Chapter 2: Meaning and Purpose 13 Chapter

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i n pursuit of The Rt Hon the Lord Heseltine of Thenford CH

i n pursuit of The Rt Hon the Lord Heseltine of Thenford CH O STONE UNTURNED R O i n pursuit of W TH The Rt Hon the Lord Heseltine of Thenford CH Unless I can secure for the nation results similar to those which have followed the adoption of my policy in Birmingham

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Disability Insurance Marketing Guide Personal and Business Markets

Disability Insurance Marketing Guide Personal and Business Markets Disability Resource Group, Inc. Disability Insurance Marketing Guide Personal and Business Markets For producer use only Not for use with the general public. Table of Contents Disability Income Insurance

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UNCORRECTED PAGE PROOFS Chapter 5 The human resource management function the employment cycle Why IT is important The promotional photo opposite is part of a recruitment drive for the Australian Navy. The advertisement called

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Our Labour Our Communities

Our Labour Our Communities Our Labour Our Communities EDITED BY LISA NANDY MP PUBLISHED BY LABOURLIST Contents Foreword from Arnie Graf Introduction - The politics of community, by Lisa Nandy MP ii iii Chapter 1 - The rise of the

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How reading can help children escape poverty

How reading can help children escape poverty How reading can help children escape poverty Front cover: Alexandra enjoys reading with a volunteer helper each week. Her school is part of the Born to Read programme. (Photo: Jo Metson Scott/Save the

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A difficult relationship?

A difficult relationship? F e b r u a r y 2 0 1 1 i s s u e 9 Stress and work Flexibility is not a dirty word interview with Steven D Haeseleer, BusinessEurope Under pressure: work intensity on the rise Working longer requires

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The good councillor s guide

The good councillor s guide The National Training Strategy for Town & Parish Councils The good councillor s guide Essential guidance for town and parish councillors Second Edition foreword I AM THRILLED to introduce this second

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The right to run. A practical guide for public sector staff thinking about setting up a mutual or social enterprise

The right to run. A practical guide for public sector staff thinking about setting up a mutual or social enterprise The right to run A practical guide for public sector staff thinking about setting up a mutual or social enterprise Since becoming a social enterprise we are much more in tune with our stakeholders, and

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21 hours Why a shorter working week can help us all to flourish in the 21 st century

21 hours Why a shorter working week can help us all to flourish in the 21 st century 21 hours Why a shorter working week can help us all to flourish in the 21 st century nef is an independent think-and-do tank that inspires and demonstrates real economic well-being. We aim to improve quality

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An Equal Place at the Table for Children and Young People

An Equal Place at the Table for Children and Young People An Equal Place at the Table for Children and Young People National Participation Strategic Vision Participation Works enables organisations to effectively involve children and young people in the development,

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PORTLEDGE SCHOOL COLLEGE PLANNING HANDBOOK PORTLEDGE SCHOOL COLLEGE PLANNING HANDBOOK Elisabeth Mooney Jane Zisa Director of College Counseling Secretary (516) 750-3215 (Phone) (516) 750-3210 (516) 750-3103 (Fax)

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Britain only succeeds when working people succeed. This is a plan to reward hard work, share prosperity and build a better Britain.

Britain only succeeds when working people succeed. This is a plan to reward hard work, share prosperity and build a better Britain. Britain only succeeds when working people succeed. This is a plan to reward hard work, share prosperity and build a better Britain. Britain can be better The Labour Party Manifesto 2015 The Labour Party

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tax us if you can Edition

tax us if you can Edition tax us if you can 2nd Edition Introduction to the Tax Justice Network The Tax Justice Network (TJN) brings together charities, non-governmental organisations, trade unions, social movements, churches and

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A UCU report on the new cross-party consensus and the Americanisation of UK higher education. Privatising Our Universities

A UCU report on the new cross-party consensus and the Americanisation of UK higher education. Privatising Our Universities A UCU report on the new cross-party consensus and the Americanisation of UK higher education Privatising Our Universities February 2010 Privatising our universities A UCU report on the new cross-party

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Foreword 2. Introduction 5. Finding the Noncustodial Parent 12. Child Support Handbook CONTENTS. Establishing Fatherhood 15. Where the Money Goes 31

Foreword 2. Introduction 5. Finding the Noncustodial Parent 12. Child Support Handbook CONTENTS. Establishing Fatherhood 15. Where the Money Goes 31 CONTENTS Foreword 2 Introduction 5 Finding the Noncustodial Parent 12 Establishing Fatherhood 15 Establishing the Support Order 19 Collecting Support 23 Where the Money Goes 31 Working Across Borders 33

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