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2 Improved finish, shorter machine cycle, and longer tool life... three reasons why Colonial Bushings specifies COPPERWELD 52L100 To manufacture liners and bushings from ^-inch to 6 inches in diameter, Colonial Bushings, Inc., requires steel that is free-machining. Their choice leaded steel from Copperweld. Uniform lead dispersal throughout the ingot produces a lubricating effect which improves machining characteristics. This built-in lubrication results in a free-machining, clean-cutting material that steps up part production and improves the finish. Better chip formation and lower friction reduce tool edge build-up to lengthen tool life. At Copperweld, spherodize annealing, cold drawing, and stress relieving achieve the proper degree of surface hardness and core ductility desired by the customer. If you would like information on how leaded steels can lower costs and improve the quality of your product, write COPPERWELD STEEL BAR DIVISION for NEW CATALOG Mahoning Avenue, Warren, Ohio EXPORT: Copperweld Steel International Company, 100 Church St., Room 1610, New York, N.Y COPPERWELD STEEL BAR DIVISION Circle 101 on Inquiry Card for more data

3 It's not how FAST we make 'em...but HOW we make 'em fast Low-Cost, Top-Quality Circular Forgings Bethlehem's unique Slick Mill (named for its designer, Edwin E. Slick) produces impressiondie circular forgings up to 55 in. OD faster than any other process. In just 55 seconds, it can turn out a finished forging with excellent grain flow, good machinability, and high internal soundness. And at a cost that's hard to beat. Here's how: Simultaneous rolling and forging action The Slick Mill operates in a horizontal plane. It is constructed with two revolving spindles on which face plates are mounted. These plates (one straight, the other angled) support the impression dies that shape a heated steel billet into a finished circular forging. As soon as the heated slug is centered between the dies, a 1,500-ton hydraulic ram actuates the spindle on the straight side of the mill to upset forge the billet. A 2,000-hp motor then actuates the spindle on the angle side to start the rolling cycle. This combination of upsetting and rolling action causes the metal to flow into the recesses of the dies to create the desired shape. The entire operation takes less than a minute. Low die costs... Quick die changes Efficient production rates are only one reason why Bethlehem circular forgings are such an economical buy. Others are low die costs and quick die changes. Since set-ups can be changed in 15 minutes or less, short runs (even as low as 20 to 25 pieces) can be produced economically. What's more, inexpensive die blocks can be used because contact time between the dies and the work is brief with no impacting. We ROLLING PIN 01E HOLDERS ANCLE DIE STRAIGHT DIE 2000 HP MOTOR FOR ROTATION also have hundreds of dies available for many types of standard circular products. Forgings made from these dies are free from the additional cost of new die equipment. If you use circular forgings gear blanks, fly wheels, crane wheels, sheave wheels, couplings, or almost any other forged part of symmetrical circular shape chances are good that you'll save money with a Slick Mill product. Sizes: up to 55 in. OD for a thin disc; 48 in. OD for a contoured forging. Weights: 200 to 2,000 Ib. For more information, just call our nearest sales office. BETHLEHEM STEEL BETHLEHEM STEEL CORPORATION. BETHLEHEM, PA. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

4 General Manager William Logozzo checks anode positioning on a set of dies to be plated in the Cromylite solution. Art Logozzo displays a ceiling tile mold, typical of the intricate A. hard chrome work done by Nutmeg Chrome. Some of the complex dies and molds. hard chromed by Nutmeg Chrome. r THE UDYLITE LOOK... IT LOOKS LIKE A MILLION "We hard chromium plate intricate dies, tools & molds with Udylite Cromylite and they come out right the first time!' Art Logozzo, President, Nutmeg Chrome Corporation West Hartford, Connecticut Difficult problems in hard chromium plating often find their way to Art Logozzo, a 40-year veteran "in the field of electroplating. And his company, Nutmeg Chrome, usually comes up with a good solution. The Logozzo "solution" to the problem of hard chromium plating intricate tool and die work is Udylite's Cromylite. Well known as a quality process, Cromylite proved it would perform equally well in covering complex surfaces and indentations with a uniform, brilliant hard chromium finish. "We found that Cromylite possesses superior throwing power," says Mr. Logozzo. "In addition to its ability to plate small and complex areas, Cromylite also adheres well to exotic or low-grade metals. We get a good plate the first time I" Chromium, nickel, copper, cadmium or zinc whatever finishes you require, Udylite processes can help your products and parts look like a million. Call your Udylite Representative for technical data on Cromylite and any of the other Udylite plating processes. THE UDYLITE CORPORATI ON Detroit, Michigan Subsidiary of Hooker Chemical Corporation Circle 104 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

5 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES A C H I L T O N (J) P U B L I C A T I O N VOL. 139, No. 3 PUBLISHED SEMI-MONTHLY AUGUST 1, 1968 Passenger Cars Trucks Buses Aircraft Tractors Engines Bodies Trailers Road Machinery Parts and Components Accessories Production and Processing Equipment Design Production Engineering Management FEATURES The Dana Sto y With sales exceeding $500 million in 1967, Dana rightly considers itself one of the largest independent suppliers of parts and components for the transportation industry. Page 49 COVER William D. Innes, Vice President- Manufacturing Group, North American Automotive Operations, Ford Motor Co., directs nine company divisions that embrace the Engine, Transmission and Parts Operations, Body and Assembly Operations and Basic Products Producing the Jeep V-6 Engine Kaiser has expanded its facilities in Toledo. A new 100,000 sq ft building there now houses complete facilities for making the 160 hp "Dauntless" V-6 engine. Page 53 Japan's Automotive Industry Part VIII There is virtually no sharing of technical know-how among Japanese manufacturers, and visits by engineers to a competitor's plant are rare. But here is an inside look at Toyota, Japan's automobile leader. Page 57 Producing Rear Axles at Rockwell-Standard The heavy-duty rear axle plant of R-S in Winchester, Ky., is one of the latest and most sophisticated facilities of its kind in the USA. Page 62 usmssnm. me. Business Publication Audit of Circulation Report from the Machine Tool Builders AFs latest quarterly survey reflects the current status of the machine tool industry with respect to order backlogs, inquiry activity, automotive orders and prospects, business outlook, etc. Page 68 Chilton Company, 1968 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES ii t consolidation of The Automobile (weekly) and the Motor Review (weekly) Mar 1902: Dealer and Repairman (monthly) October 1903; The Automobile Magazine (monthly) July, 1907, and the Horseless Age (weekly), founded in May EDITORIAL EXECUTIVE OFFICES, Chestnut and 56th Sts., Philadelphia. Pa U. S. A. Cable address Auloland. Philadelphia, AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES. Published semi-monthly by Chilton Co.. Chestnut and 56th Sts., Phila., Pa Controlled circulation postage paid at Philadelphia, Pa. Subscription price: To manufacturers in and suppliers to the automotive industries in the U. S. and U. S. Possessions. $5.00 per year; $8.00 for 2 years; all others $10.00 per year. Canada $15.00 Der year; Foreign $30.00 per year. Air Parcel Post in the U. S. $30.00 per year. Air Parcel Post. Foreign per year as follows: England or Great Britain $77:00; France $91.00; Italy $90.00; Germany $79.00; Spain $89.00; Japan $84.00; Australia $106.00; Mexico $6100; Sweden $80.00; Israel $99.00; India $109.00; Canada $ Other Foreign Air Parcel Post rates on request. Single copies Regular Issues $1.00: Statistical Issue and Products Guide Issue $3.00 each net. Construction and Farm Equipment Issue, International Issue, Machine Tool and Production Equipment Issue, National Auto Show Issues and Military Equipment Issue. $1.50 per copy net. Back Issue prices on request. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

6 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES CONTENTS Continued NEWS TOPICS Ford Engineering Teamwork 17 Ponhard's Armored Cars 39 Roads for Buses Studied 42 M-T Orders Rebound 42 Oliver Officers Promoted 42 Bendix Speed Control 43 GM Studies Power Sources 43 Aid for Motorists Test 43 DEPARTMENTS Calendar 8 Letters to the Editor 13 Automotive News 17 Industry Statistics 20 News Features 39 Men in the News 45 Editorial Page 47 Have You Heard 71 New Production Equipment 79 New Automotive Products 81 Free Technical Literature 98 Manufacturers' News 100 Advertisers' Index 104 Advertisers' Product Guide At Back of Issue Faster, easier assembly with fewer rejects. Thermopulse hot melt dispensing system. Could your assembly operation be easier, and faster, if you could just stick things together? It could with Thermopulse Model X Complete with rugged industrial hand applicator, this machine dispenses hot melts instantly, accurately, inexpensively. Whether used under an operator's control, or with added timing equipment for complete accuracy, you can be sure of longlived, dependable operation. The system comes tested and ready to use, complete with one gun and 10 feet of hose. It's priced at $2300, or can be leased, if you choose. Spraymation, Inc., 52 Sindle Ave., Little Falls, New Jersey SPRAYMATION Circle 105 on Inquiry Card for more data JOHN F. PFEFFER Assistant Publisher and Business Editor EDITORIAL STAFF HARTLEY W. BARCLAY, Editor and Publisher PHILADELPHIA Phone: 215, CHARLES A. WEINERT, Engineering Editor C. B. CAMPBELL, News Editor WILLIAM J. BICKLEY, Materials Editor MARCUS AINSWORTH, Statistical Editor HAROLD M. NELSON. Specifications Editor ROBERT P. HOMER, Editorial Production Mar. KATHRYN TYRRELL, Asst. Production Mgr. HOWARD KOHLBRENNER, Art Director CAROL PRAJZNER, Products Guide Editor LOS ANGELES R. Raymond Kay, Pacific Coast Editor LONDON DAVID SCOTT, European Correspondent BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Phone: 215, E. H. MILLER, Advertising Mgr. JAMES CADAGAN, Circulation Mgr. JOHN H. KOFRON, Chilton Research Dir. KENNETH D. LIPTON, Marketing Manager OVERSEAS ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVES DUSSELDORF-RATH M. F. Holsinger Eitelstrasse 32 Phone: LONDON S. W. #1 M. F. Holsinger 67/48 Jermyn St St. James, TRA 4318 PARIS 8e Stephen Brown-Joussard 70 Rue de Ponthieu Phone: Elysees MANCHESTER 22 D. I. Goulden Haletop, Wythenshawe Civic Centre Phone: MERcury 3293 TOKYO-C. T. Sakaguchi CPO Box No Phone: Classified Adv. Sales William Prohovich Philadelphia, Pa Phone: 215, REGIONAL MANAGERS CHICAGO-Carl A. Zehner, 120 S. Riverside Plaza, Chicago, III Phone: 312, NORMAN M. LLOYD Managing Editor DETROIT Phone: 313, M JOSEPH GESCHELIN, Detroit Editor KENNETH G. ELLSWORTH, Eastern Regional News Editor WASHINGTON Phone: 202, George H. Baker, Washington Editor and Chief of the Washington Bureau 1093 National Press Bldg., Washington, D. C Neil R. Regeimbal, Wash. News Editor Daniel G. Pennington Phone: 703, C. R. Wilhide, Defense/Space Editor DETROIT Thomas L. Pickrell, Boulevard West Bldg., 2990 West Grand Blvd., Detroit, Mich Phone: 313, NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA Nelson W. Sieber, Chestnut & 56th Sts., Philadelphia, Pa Phone: 215, ; and 100 East 42nd St., New York, N. Y Phone: 212, CLEVELAND George Kilbride, H. Charles Esgar, Suite 450 Investment Insurance Bldg., 401 Rockwell Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, Phone: 216, ATLANTA Joseph Carsillo, 1776 Peachtree St., N.W., Atlanta, Georgia, Phone: 404, DALLAS Harold E. Mott, 189 Meadows Bldg., Expressway at Milton, Dallas, Tex., Phone: 214, HOUSTON John F. Wallace, Room 209 West Loop Bldg., 4848 Guiton, Houston, Texas Phone: 713, SAN FRANCISCO Frank W. McKemie, 839 Mitten Rd., Burlingame, Calif., Phone: 415, LOS ANGELES L. H. Jackson, 1543 West Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif Phone: 213, HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA Frank A. Smith, 2419 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Fla Phone: 305, All unsolicited and contributed articles submitted without advance approval by the editors are sent entirely at the author's risk and the editors will not be responsible for safekeeping or prepaid postage return of such materials or photographs. As part of its worldwide automotive and aviation news coverage AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES is serviced by United Press International and has editorial correspondents in major United States and Foreign industrial centers. 0 CHILTON COMPANY OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS (J) Chairman of the Board: G. C. Buzby President: R. E. McKenna Executive Vice President: G. T. Hook Financial Vice-President: Stanley Appleby Vice Presidents: L. V. Rowlands, M. E. Cox, J. H. Kofron, L. F. King, H. W. Barclay, C. R. Wilhide Treasurer: James Miades Secretary: J. A. Montgomery, Jr. Other Directors: C. W. Hevner, T. J. Casper, W. A. Barbour, R. S. Davidson, S. H. Collmann Asst. Secretary: I. C. Holloway AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES is one of the Publications Owned by CHILTON COMPANY. Title registered In U S. Patent Office. Executive and Editorial Offices: One Decker Square, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa Publishing Services: Chestnut and 56th Sts., Philadelphia, Pa , U.S.A. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

7 This part was cold formed out of CYCOLAC plastic on a metal-working machine. Now you can cold form a thermoplastic much the same way you can metals: stamping, cold drawing, fluid forming, coining, cold heading. And you can do it on the same equipment used for metal. Thanks to CYCOLAC brand ABS. CYCOLAC is the first practical, cold forming plastic. It's tough enough io withstand a 50% diameter reduction. So you can form it into almost any shape. Plus you can pre-print it, paint it, vacuum-metallize or chrome plate it, post-decorate it any number of ways. In addition, CYCOLAC won't ever rust or corrode. It weighs far less than aluminum or steel. So you get more parts per pound. And save on shipping and handling. D If you have a good idea for using CYCOLAC but need help in developing it, ask us. We can assist you in everything from product design to processing techniques and equipment. For more information on CYCOLAC or our technical help, write Marbon Chemical Division, Borg-Warner Corporation, Washington, West Virginia 26181, Dept. A-8. CYCOLAC BRAND ABS BY MARBON CHEMiCAl Circle IGS on Inquiry Card for more data CYCOLAC* ii Q registered trademark of Borg-Womer Marbon chemicals

8 The new-generation 81mm mortar could weigh only 50 Ib. We can supply the parts today. Change for the better with Alcoa-Aluminum Barrel Though more rigid than older, ordnance, this barrel is light enough '. that a man can run with it easily. Base plate A tough aluminum atroy forging takes firing shocks without flinching. Its colored surface is a hard anodized layer that resists abrasion.

9 If you're designing tomorrow's portable equipment, Alcoa can help you now. We offer you: the benefit of our knowledge in choosing alloys, facilities for forming and machining to close tolerances, and a broad range of joining methods and finishing techniques. Use our corrosion research findings and ballistic performance information based on years of test firing. Don't forget that Alcoa handbooks and thousands of other technical publications are available for you. Alcoa knows aluminum. Alcoa knows military equipment. Remember us when you're ready to design tomorrow's ordnance. Call your nearest Alcoa sales office, or write Aluminum Company of America 557-H Alcoa Building, Pittsburgh, Pa Circle 107 on Inquiry Card for more data Rocket-assisted mortar shell The fins, like those on the M149.81mm mortar, are Alcoa extrusions. The fuse assembly parts are impacted and machined. Bipodpid aiming hardware Forged, impacted, headed and machined Alcoa Aluminum parts complete the new-generation mortar. Sophisticated manufacturing methods save time and money.

10 CALENDAR OF COMING SHOWS AND MEETINGS Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll AUGUST American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers, AST- ME Clinic On "Industrial Balancing and Vibrations Analysis, Holiday Inn, Milwaukee, Wis. Aug American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers, "ASTME/ELOX-ADVANCED EDM WORKSHOP," Upton and Suez Motels, Troy, Mich. Aug Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, (ACS, AIAA, AICHE, ANS, ASME, IEEE, and SAE), University of Colorado's Boulder campus. Aug University of Wisconsin, Short Course On "Principles of Construction Specification Writing," Madison, Wis Aug F. ambient. Trans-Arabia hauler keeps cool with Young This giant 496,000 lb. Gross Vehicle Weight K-W Dart Tractor hauls replacement pipeline pumps across the Arabian Desert. It often operates in ambients of 140 F. Cooling its Cummins VT hp diesel are two Young Mono-Weld Radiators with integrally designed bottom tank oil coolers which cool the converter-retarder. A Young Turbocharger Air Cooler cools the turbocharged air, and Young Oil Cooling Tube Bundles cool the crankcase lube oil. Young Radiators are used where the going is tough and for good reason: This Mono-Weld radiator has specially designed Young deaerating top tank, extra heavy-duty steel side members, highly efficient core with double-lock seam tubes and special contoured header with reinforced tube to header joints for tough, leak-free performance. Heat exchange is our business. We know it well. Write for Catalog 165 for more details. YOUNG RADIATORS ARE USED WHERE THE GOING IS TOUGH! y? YOUNG RADIATOR COMPANY GENERAL OFFICES: RACINE, WISCONSIN See us at Booth No. 105, SAE Show in Milwaukee SEPTEMBER Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc., 1968 SAE Farm, Construction, and Industrial Machinery Meeting, Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, Wis Sept American Society for Quality Control. The Greater Detroit Section, 23rd Annual All Day Forum, Angell Hall, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Sept. 14 Forging Industry Ass'n., 6th International Forging Conference, Washington Hilton Hotel, Washington, D. C Sept American Society for Metals, ASM/ASTME WESTEC/ NORTH, Brooks Hall and Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, Calif. Sept OCTOBER American Powder Metallurgy Institute's Symposium on "Practical Powder Metallurgy," Sheraton-Cadillac Hotel, Detroit, Mich Oct Circle 108 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

11 THIS IS Moto-Truc Territory! Moto-Truc TEL-S-R units are used by a leading manufacturer in a complete system built around the use of skid platforms. These TEL-S-R units feature 160" lift, 6,000 Ib. capacity, 4" side shift either side of center and work in 88" aisles. Mast is only 24" wide for maximum visibility. Magic Circle steering provides accurate steering geometry, maximum stability. Moto-Truc MTP platform trucks are in use in heavy precision machinery production where special 9' x 18" platforms carry 6,000-lb. assemblies up an incline and into shuttle street trucks docked 500 feet from where units are fabricated. These MTP trucks have a solid bed for added stability, 6" lift, SCR controls and operate on 24 volts. WHERE GOODS MOVE BEnER Moto-Truc PAL units are selected by a major auto maker simply because they are hard-working, easy-to-maintain trucks. PAL units turn in their own length, handle a wide variety of containers and are used here in short to medium-long runs feeding the engine assembly line. Easily accessible brushes and contacts, fast removal of entire drive unit speed maintenance. their 216" lift on a 3-stage mast (94" collapsed height). Moto-Truc TEL- HR-SP units do double duty in the warehouse of one of the world's largest manufacturers. Unique double forks are used to select two orders on one trip. Front forks have 98" lift; rear forks, 59" lift. TEL-EFR trucks are also used here for Plant to plant, right now as you read this, Moto-Truc units are staking their rightful claim as the quality lift trucks for the automotive industry. And quality is the name of the game. Durability. Ease of maintenance. Strength, speed, adaptability. Engineering 10 years ahead of lifttrucks-come-lately. That's what Moto-Truc is all about. The whole new world of That's why wherever you are, Moto-Truc should be. You are in Moto-Truc Territory. Ask your Moto-Truc dealer about low-cost leasing through ITF, the new financing division of Otis Material Handling Operations. THE MOTO-TRUC CO., Taft Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio MATERIAL HANDING OPERATIONS AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968 Circle 109 on Inquiry Card for more data

12 Broad temperature range. Excellent performance in 300 F oils and solvents. This, plus low-temperature flexibility, means an exceptionally broad temperature range. Conquers cold. New Hydrin elastomers stay flexible down to -45 F, can even go lower than -80 F when plasticizer is added. This is true ^ temperature flexibility, not just low brittle point. Good oil resistance is also retained at low temperatures. 10 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

13 BROADEN THE TEMPERATURE RANGE IN OIL RESISTANT RUBBER Weather and ozone resistance. A new Hydrin elastomer is about three times as impermeable to air as butyl rubber. Its combination of properties can improve products of many kinds: fuel pump diaphragms, gaskets, fuel hose, rolls, adhesives, elastic thread, coatings, flat belts, sheet packing, O-rings, oil seals, and other molded ' ^~ and extruded products. (Hydrin) If you can use a rubber that stays flexible and resists oil at a frigid 45 below, one that also resists ozone and weather and is gas impermeable, take a look at Hydrin elastomers. This is a totally new family of specialty polyether rubbers. For data, contact B.F.Goodrich L C h e m i c a l Company, Dept. AI-16, 3135 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio REGoodrich Chemical Company a division of The B.F.Goodnch Co BEGoodrich Extremely low swell in ASTM oils, aliphatic solvents and aromatic fuels. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968 Circle 116 on Inquiry Card for more data

14 HARDTRTSE He takes the pounding. He's going the distance. He's out to win. And hard-nosed ROADRANGER Transmissions go the distance. The heaviest loads, the roughest roads. Five, 10, 13, or 15 speeds pack the wallop. Twin countershafts divide torque loads and cut gear wear. Single-stick shifting, smooth and fast. Drivers take the long hauls in stride. You want performance and profit. ROADRANGER Transmissions deliver. You're out to win. So are we. EATON TOWN! FULLER TRANSMISSION DIVISION 222 MOSEL AVENUE, KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN 49001

15 INTERNATIONAL ISSUE Thank you for bringing to our attention the July 1 issue of AUTO- MOTIVE INDUSTRIES. We have found it most interesting, and the article on Italy's car production very accurate. Lucio Caputo Italian Trade Commissioner Philadelphia, Pa. BOOKLET DESCRIBES ALLOY STEEL APPLICATIONS The AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES "Applications for Alloy Steel in the Automotive Original Equipment Market" booklet is now available. This is the second volume of the AI Automotive Steel Applications series of booklets. The first covered carbon steels, and this covers alloy steels. There are 143 separate motor vehicle parts made from alloy steel grades listed in this booklet. It contains 23 pages of alloy steel grades currently used by the automotive manufacturing companies. The criteria used to arrange the list is based on carbon content. 1. Chapter 1 contains approximately 34 carbon percentage ranges 2. Chapters 2 through 5 contain an alphabetical list of engine parts, power train parts, chassis parts, and body and miscellaneous parts 3. Chapter 6 contains 45 AISI and/or SAE alloy steel grade numbers and parts made from these grades 4. Chapter 7 is an overall alphabetical list of all automotive alloy steel parts in the volume, cross-indexed several ways Both booklets are available by writing on company letterhead to the Editor, AUTOMOTIVE IN- DUSTRIES, 56th & Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa Price: $1.00. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR GUIDANCE Chronicle Guidance Publications provides high schools throughout the country with a monthly guidance service. An important part of this service consists of reprints of articles containing information of value to high school counselors. Boost output efficiency by 25% get balanced output and longer service life, with a Lincoln PileDriver pump. You'll add efficiency and trouble-free operation to application of sealants, as well as adhesives, coatings, plastisols and paints. Lincoln PileDriver pumps are for new applications or to replace old pumps in your present dispensing system. USE LINCOLN'S NEW P.L, E LINCOLN ST. LOUIS 4010 GOODFEUO* BlVD - SI LOUIS, MO ) TO PUMP We feel the article "Manufacturing Engineer" by J. J. DiPorio, from your February 15 issue would be of definite interest and value to high school counselors. We would like your permission to reprint for inclusion in our Chronicle Guidance Service. If such permission is granted, we would appreciate receiving two copies of the article inasmuch as we reproduce by the photo-offset method. L. Cornwell Chronicle Guidance Publications Moravia, N. Y. Permission granted Ed. DmVER A DIVISION OF MCNEIL CO>POR.IIO» Their simplified, rugged design adds new life and dependability to your production line. Available for all pumpable materials in balanced pressure ratios from 1.5:1 to 85:1. See how much you can improve your material applications. Mail the coupon or call for complete details on PileDriver pumps. SEALANTS LINCOLN ST. LOUIS Division of McNeil Corporation 4010 Goodfellow Blvd., St. Louis, Mo Send new Bulletin 415. Name_ Company Address City State Zip AI-8 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIKS, August 1, 1968 Circle 118 on Inquiry Card for more data 13

16 85& 105 amps of''tough/power99 in 21 pounds and 8 inches! S o 40 o 20 / i / r ROTOR RPM 8000 Now get all the power you need!... neatly packaged in these remarkable new "tough/power" alternators. They save space only 8" long to fit even the tightest engine compartment. They save weight only 21 lbs., about 50% lighter than machines of similar output. They cost less 25to40% less than comparable capacity models. New advanced design permits more power in a smaller frame size. And, universal spindle mounting brackets make replacement of smaller capacity models quick and easy. Upgrade your vehicle system with one of these new more powerful Leece-Neville alternators 85 or 105 amps. For all the new "tough/power" facts, write: Leece- Neville Company, 1374 East 51 St., Cleveland, Ohio Dept. AI-8 Accessible brushes Larger heat sinks Universal spindle mount from eece-...because it's getting there that counts S'NCE 14 Circle 119 on Inquiry Card for more data ' AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

17 miracle ring new enemy of vibration and wear in ball joints We call it the "miracle ring" because it does so much. An exclusive feature in Tourek's new "SR" Ball Joint, it... minimizes end play in the socket, reducing vibration and wear... prevents distortion and separation of socket shoulders under shock loads up to 3,135 pounds... widens angularity to 40 (instead of the usual 30 to 35 ). The new Tourek "SR" with the miracle ring inside is the strongest, most vibration-resistant ball joint you can specify. All components are heat-treated steel to assure long life and reliable operating performances under the most severe operating conditions. Socket is pre-lubricated and may be supplied with Neoprene grommet to provide positive seal against dirt. If wrenching is a problem, the "SR" can be shipped unassembled. Every way you look at it, the new Tourek "SR" is the answer to overcoming troublesome vibration and wear problems in linkages. Write or telephone for Specification Sheet covering the seven standard "SR" sizes from No. 10 to %" thread diameters. J. J. Tourek Mfg. Co., 1901 South Kilbourn Avc, Chicago, Illinois ourek LEADER IN BALL JOINTS SINCE 1920 Maximum protection where the action is Only Tourek'sHI new "SR" Ball Joint has the miracle ring! DESIGN PATENT PENDING AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968 Circle 120 on Inquiry Card for more data 15

18 How about GE thermistors for low-cost air-conditioning control? Sure! Economy thermistors, with extreme sensitivity to temperature change and compensating capability, are ideal for air-conditioning systems. Three disc units are used, from " to " in diameter. Two are located in duct work. One senses incoming air. Another monitors conditioned air. Third, in dashboard, detects inside air. Response currents are fed into an amplifier. The control adjusts automatically to maintain specified temperature even under dramatic outside changes such as a trip from desert to mountains. Circle Number 110. Cut your automotive relay costs with GE's power Darlington amplifier The D28C offers advantages in versatility, reliability and size over comparable auto relays at about half the present 70^ price. D28C features very high current gain, 60k typical at 200mA, 4W P o, Ic continuous of 500mA, 800mA peak and input impedance of 500k ohms typical. Voltage selections are available to 50V. These versatile amplifiers can drive a mechanical device, such as a latch, directly from a heat or light sensor. Circle Number 111 to find out more. EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT Actual Siie D28D For economic 11 control circuits, try this 1-amp transistor Economic applications for the reliable D28D are: audio-output circuits; solenoid and small motor controls; switching; high-power transistor drivers; other systems. D28D's price: in the 30f< range. It's NPN, planar, epitaxial, passivated in the economy GE C106 power tab package. Power dissipation capability is 4 watts at 70C case; 1-amp continuous, 1.5-amp peak collector current. Voltage: from 30 to 75V CE o- Features excellent linearity, low saturation V, fast switching (85mHz F, typical). Class B audio output to 10 watts. Leads are formable to TO-5 configuration. Circle Number 115. New unijunction performs as both timing threshold and load driver TIME DELAY SECS WITH COMPONENTS SHOWN Component Capsules C106 Lodex magnet improves fuel gauge accuracy and readability Lodex rotor in "air-core" gauges has extremly close physical and magnetic tolerances, provides 3 times the torque (energy to move indicating needle) of "iron-core" designs. Result: improved pointer stability at all gauge positions. The air-core circuit also permits more needle sweep, from about 60 to nearly 90 arc. A larger dial face, showing the increased arc, is much easier to read than standard-size dial. Variations in ambient temperature or changes in voltage from the auto's electrical system do not affect the circuit. I nstrument positioning is flexible too... there's no Control ignition, motor speed and light-flashing with this low-cost 4-amp SCR magnetic interference from adjacent gauges. Circle Number 112 for more on GE Lodex. Timing Circuit with D13T1 as threshold and driver With General Electric's D13T1 and D13T2 programmable unijunction transistors (PUT), you can now program unijunction characteristics to your specific needs by adding two external resistors. Total circuit costs are further reduced with the PUT functioning as circuit timer and load driver. These low-cost, versatile PUT's can handle many different kinds of loads, and will give greater economy, higher repeatability, and greater accuracy than standard UJT's. The D13T2 is specifically characterized for long interval timers and other applications requiring low leakage and low peak-point current. The D13T1 has been characterized for general use where low peak-point current is not essential. Circle Number 114. Ideal automotive uses for GE's time-proved C106 include: gas ignitions, motor control, sequential light systems and malfunction sensing. This planar, passivated SCR has a reputation for low cost (in the 35^ range). And, it's tops on reliability. Now, the RMS rating has been extended to 4 amps; peak current has increased to 75 amps and surge current to 20 amps. All at no increase in price! And, it takes only 200/uA/0.8V max signal to control 4 amps or a current gain of 20,000. The C106 has versatile lead configurations. Voltage ratings are available to 300V. Circle Number 113. For the new ideas in electronics, look to General Electric your best single source for electronic components ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS SALES OPERATION GENERAL ^- ELECTRIC

19 NEWS Teamwork at Ford Engineering-Manufacturing Ties Hailed (Cover Story) By William D. Innes vice president Manufacturing Group, Ford Motor Co. The past 10 years have provided ample opportunity to prove the value of a new concept in engineering-manufacturing relations at Ford Motor Co. Let's first go back to the mid- 1950s and examine the engineering-manufacturing relationship as it was at that time. Product engineering activities, such as engine engineering and electrical engineering, were responsible to the Engineering Staff organization, while the production and assembly operations necessary to produce engines and electrical equipment were the responsibility of the manufacturing divisions. Led to Divided Interests This arrangement led naturally to a condition of divided interests. Product engineering activities were primarily concerned with design.... Blueprints were turned over to manufacturing and the engineering work was considered complete. This is an oversimplification, of course, but it describes the basic situation as it existed at that time. When our engine and other systems engineering operations were merged with their respective manufacturing divisions early in 1957, it marked the beginning of a very beneficial relationship for our company. If a production problem existed which could not be solved by normal production techniques, it became the responsibility of both the product engineer and the manufacturing engineer to change the design or the process or both- so that the desired degree of product quality could be assured. This was one step in improving the relationship between the engineer and the manufacturer. The second step was the utilization of engineering talent to design, develop and produce engines and other systems on a "concept-to-delivery" basis. Normal continuing-engineering efforts tend to develop specialists e. g., piston and ring specialists, cylinder block specialists, induction-system specialists, etc. These individuals, through experience, have developed a broad knowledge of both the design and manufacturing aspects of their particular subsystems. The same holds true of manufacturing personnel. In every area of production from the foundry to final assembly there are key men who either know the answers to a problem, or know how to work out a solution. These people became the source from which to select and build the "team" concept to work together in the development and production of a new engine design. One of the first engine projects to utilize this approach was for the new Falcon which was introduced to the public on Oct. 8, 1959, and became an immediate "hit" in the marketplace. A team was formed during the advanced planning stage, and the members of that team literally lived with the project from the time the first experimental drawings were made until the engines were well into high- AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

20 volume production at our Lima, 0., engine plant. Launching and validation programs for new engines and engine components might well be considered the third step in the relationship, and are essential to maximum reliability and durability. Prior to mass production of engines, a team of engine engineers, in conjunction with quality control and manufacturing engineering, is assigned to the manufacturing plant to approve pre-production samples, gaging equipment and inspection methods. They also review the manufacturing processes, tools and equipment, and assist in determining the capability of the equipment to produce parts to specification. Engine performance and oil consumption are checked continually during the launching program, and at completion of the pre-production engine tests the engineers assist in the tear-down and inspection of components to determine their durability potential. Quality Control Tests Design action, whenever required, is taken immediately to correct any problems. In addition to the preliminary performance and oil economy checks, quality audit checks are made. The audit checks and dynamometer tests are continued throughout the year. Continuous durability tests of 500 hours' duration are conducted by quality control, and corrective action is taken whenever defects are indicated. Vehicle tests are conducted under normal customer driving conditions. All during the design period, our service engineering personnel INNES OVERSEES 9 FORD DIVISIONS William D. Innes, vice president Manufacturing Group, North American Automotive Operations, Ford Motor Co., was named to that position Oct. 11, He directs nine company divisions which comprise the Engine, Transmission and Parts Operations, Body and Assembly Operations, and Basic Products Operations. Innes joined Ford in Early in his career with Ford, he held positions in layout, designing and supervisory work for company engineering activities. In 1956 he was named engine development manager for the Engineering Staff. He joined the Engine and Foundry Div. in 1957 as an executive engineer. In November, 1959, Innes was appointed chief engineer and head of the Product Engineering Office for the Engine and Foundry Div. He was named general manager of the division in April, 1963, and was promoted to group executive to direct the Engine, Transmission and Parts Group in February, He was elected a company vice president the following April. Innes was born Sept. 8, 1921, at Aberdeen, Scotland. He received a bachelor of science degree from Lawrence Institute of Technology, Detroit, in 1953, and an honorary doctor of engineering degree from LIT in He is a member of the board of directors of the Coordinating Research Council, Inc.; the Society of Automotive Engineers; the Detroit Rubber and Plastics Society; the Engineering Society of Detroit; the American Ordnance Association and is a member of the board of trustees of LIT. He is also a member of the Detroit Athletic Club and of Plum Hollow Country Club, Southfield, Mich. Innes served in the Navy during World War II. He lives at 6839 White Pine Road, Birmingham, Mich. analyze parts and assemblies for serviceability. These people are trained to search our problems that may occur in the field, and to advise of any actions necessary to assure maximum durability and reliability. The "team" concept has been further developed and refined since the Falcon project. It was used in the design and manufacture of the 221-cu-in.-displacement Fairlane V-8, and this basic engine, which has grown from 260 to 289 to 302 cu in., served as the pattern for the "pushrod engine" that challenged the "masters" at Indianapolis in The engine's achievements speak for themselves. The "team" effort also was utilized in producing the 240-cu-in.- displacement 1-6 and in the development and production of our new line of tractor engines. Integrated Teamwork The new Lincoln and Thunderbird engines of 429 and 460 cu in. displacement also were developed through the "team" system. The Lima facility which produces these engines, known as the 385 series, is one of the most modern in the industry, and its concept-to-production story is one of completely integrated teamwork by selected groups from all phases of the manufacturing and engineering activities. The new engines were launched into full production with literally no problems. The past 10 years of teamwork has resulted in an engine designed from a product and manufacturing viewpoint in total every phase handled as if it were one operation. 18 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

21 CONTINUED NEWS There is a very real gain for our customers in this close cooperation among all levels of management. Some engineering decisions must be delayed until the most exhaustive testing and development work has been completed. Able to Plan Ahead These decisions frequently involve the procurement of new machines and provisions for stations in the process of layouts. Such a decision with the "385" series involved the use of "angle" and "vertical" bolting of the intake manifold to the cylinder head. Since manufacturing personnel knew early in the developmental stage that a change in the original plan might be necessary, they were able to plan ahead. This "insurance" made it possible to incorporate the necessary equipment with only approximately three months' notice prior to the start of production. Had the old system prevailed, the change which definitely resulted in a product improvement would not have been available to the customer for many months, or possibly for another year. Personnel communication at all levels means that all problems become common problems. This is the key to the whole idea. Real Team Effort Some of our product divisions, such as Transmission and Chassis at Livonia, Mich., maintain their product and production engineering staffs at the major manufacturing facility. When this is possible, the integration of processing engineers, plant engineers, tool designers, and automation engineers with the product engineers creates a relationship that makes the final product a real team effort. Our resident engineering program also plays an important role in establishing a meaningful relationship between product engineering and manufacturing. Carefully selected product engineering ENGINE WALL CHART NOW AVAILABLE A quick reference 1968 Engine Wall Chart now available lists the principal specifications of most United States generalpurpose gasoline and Diesel engines. It includes small air-cooled and water-cooled gasoline engines. Tabulated by engine make and model number the information in the 37 x 48 in. chart concisely lists the type of application, number of cylinders, bore and stroke, piston displacement, maximum rated brake horsepower and specified rpms. Also, it describes compression ratio, maximum torque in lb/ft, type of cylinder liners, crankcase construction, valve arrangement, valve sizes, port diameters, and valve seat materials and angles. Other data includes camshaft drive types, piston material and weight, piston pin diameter and length, number of rings per piston, connecting rod material, crankshaft material, crankpin diameter and length, main bearings, their number and sizes, lubrication, carburetor makes and sizes, or make and type of fuel injection, engine weight, overall engine dimensions, clutch housing and starting method. Send orders on company letterhead with $2.50 each postpaid to Hartley W. Barclay, Publisher, AUTOMOTIVE IN- DUSTRIES, 56th and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa personnel are given permanent assignments and maintain offices at our component manufacturing plants, foundries, and assembly plants. This assures day-to-day engineering representation and action whenever necessary to resolve manufacturing and assembly problems. These resident engineers, who have the authority to effect engineering deviations, automatically become members of the "team" when new production projects are scheduled at their plants. Resident Engineer Vital The resident engineer at our Green Island, N. Y. radiator plant is an example of the close relationship maintained throughout our operations. The combinations of "down-flow" and "cross-flow" radiators in various sizes and fin densities required to match the assortment of product lines and available customer options, add up to a sizeable mix. With this array of radiators, fan shrouds, oil coolers, and connectors, the resident not only aids in interpreting design intent on new components, but also follows every step in the manufacturing process. He is concerned primarily with plant quality control testing, but his interests go further; for example, he watches the material handling and shipping methods closely to assure that the finished product is delivered to the assembly plant undamaged. Today the "team" concept is in full force in the final stages of work on a new series of 351-cu-in. V-8 for some of our 1969 cars. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

22 INDUSTRY STATISTICS By MARCUS AINSWORTH, STATISTICAL EDITOR WEEKLY U.S. MOTOR VEHICLE PRODUCTION As reported by fhe Automobile Week Ending Make "~July 6 June 29 Manufacturers /Association Month of June PASSENGER CAR PRODUCTION American 1,225 2,121 9,312 AMX ,420 Javelin 697 1,163 4,513 Rebel 802 1,289 5,235 Ambassador 887 1,518 6,111 Total American Motors 3,796 6,419 26,591 Valiant 2,966 3,860 12,652 Barracuda ,282 Satellite 4,271 5, Fury 5,731 7, Dart 3,978 4,914 20,726 Coronet 2,683 4,833 19,086 Charser 1,592 2,246 8,914 Polara 1,897 2,547 10,555 Chrysler... 2, ,345 Imperial Total Chrysler Corp 26,886 37, ,249 Ford 15,802 21,617 85,885 Fairlane 7,489 12,239 49,201 Falcon 1,027 1,241 6,574 Mustang 1,335 6,231 23,908 Thunderbird 1,058 1,421 5,690 Mereury 1,825 10,045 Montego-Comet 2,550 3,962 15,326 Cousar 469 2,840 11,128 Lineoln ,308 Mark III ,197 Total Ford Motor Co 32,353 50, ,262 Chevrolet 22,164 29, ,076 Corvette ,049 Chevelle 8,911 11,816 49,794 Camaro 4,779 5,473 20,525 Chevy II ,894 22,283 Corvair ,263 Pontiac 7,709 8,505 36,289 Tempest 7,187 8,905 37,558 Firebird 1,609 2,648 9,836 Oldsmobile 4,982 6,500 26,234 Toronado ,697 F-85 5,036 6,967 28,226 Buick 4,661 8,140 33,269 Riviera 1,224 4,900 Special 3,061 5,116 20,730 Cadillac 3,156 4,024 16,369 Eldorado ,964 Total General Mot rs 78, , ,062 Checker Motors Total Passenger Cars 141, , , Year-to-Date 52,746 6,402 29,174 33,374 31, ,103 64,161 19, , , ,532 57, , , , ,487 35, ,191 79,755 96,383 75,723 24,981 7, ,597 27, ,452 59,577 37,466 83, ,975 93, , , , , ,591 20,753 1,429,421 1,108, ,064 16, , , ,628 7, , ,212 16, , ,145 29, , ,610 13, ,078 15, , ,395 67, , ,951 77, ,210 8, , , , ,493 11,599 2,552,547 2,291,330 2,559 2,868 4,984,848 4, TRACTOR SHIPMENTS Industry Division, Bureau of the Census WHEEL TYPE Four Months Hp Ratings April P.T.O. hp 1,667 6,156 5, P.T.O. hp 2,937 11,029 13, P.T.O. hp 1,852 7,504 10, P.T.O. hp 3,105 11,607 13, P.T.O. hp 2,298 9,249 9, P.T.O. hp 2,218 9,371 13, P.T.O. hp ,622 20, P.T.O. hp and over 2,090 7,896 7,208 Total , ,613 s TRACKLAYING TYPE net engine hp 1., n]b.. eu net engine hp J ^ m B i J ' net engine hp net engine hp \., } 4,927 5, net engine hp and over / ' J Total 2,305" 6,943' i Valued at $89,566,000. «Valued at $45,419, Valued at $363,066,000. 5_valued at $135,064, Valued at $377,696, Valued at $136,587,000. SHIPMENTS OF CRAWLER-TRACTOR SHOVEL LOADERS Industry Division Bureau of the Census Hp Ratings net engine hp 60 net engine hp and over... Total -Valued at $14,492, Valued at $45,950,000. April , ' 3F0662 Four Months 3 Valued at $42,829, TRUCK TRAILER SHIPMENTS Industry Division, Bureau of the Census ,149 3,1493 TRUCK AND BUS PRODUCTION Chevrolet 12,634 16,377 65,193 GMC. 1,192 3,231 14,858 Dodge 3, Ford. 10,917 14,183 57,191 FWD International 2,507 3,198 13,039 Kaiser-Jeep 1,592 4,275 10,852 Mack ,591 White ,647 Other Trucks and Buses Total Trucks and Buses 33,817 47, ,880 Total Passenger Cars 141, , ,593 Total Motor Vehicles 175, ,061 1,000, ,130 82,973 97, , ,268 66,905 9,642 16,077 6,092 1,071, , , , ,308 57,596 9,658 14,099 5, ,884 4,984, , ,106,432 Type of Trailer Vans Tanks Bulk commodity and dry material... Pole and logging Platform Low-bed heavy haulers (over 10 ton).. Dump trailers and dump chassis Dollies or converter gear All other trailers and chassis Total Complete Trailers & Chassis 10,835 47,576 $244,352 Detachable trailers 1 1,375 6,948 $16,342 Detachable trailer chassis ,608 $7,422 Sold separately. 2 Add 000. May , Units 30,508 2, ,430 1,591 1,798 2, Five Months Value? $156,691 25,668 8,154 3,028 23,500 9,086 10,296 3,327 4, U.S. TRUCK AND BUS FACTORY SALES BY GVW as reported by the Automobile Manufacturers Association 6,000 Ib. Period and less First Quarter 270,957 April 91,983 May 110,347 6,001-10,0001b. 99,138 33,874 38,315 10,001-14,000 Ib. 1, ,001-16,000 Ib. 4,359 1,260 2,037 16,001-19,500 Ib. 19,497 6,217 9,986 19,501-26,000 Ib. 34,259 13,189 13,787 26,001-33,000 Ib. 10,932 4,176 3,870 Over 33,000 Ib. 21,497 7,781 7,785 Total 462, , ,626 5 Months ,287 5 Months , , ,592 2,450 1, ,761 35,700 44,364 61,235 57,463 18,978 17,727 37,063 39, , , AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

23 MACHINE S CREW m m SQUARE-FLO m why does SQUARE-FLQ solve this problem? Because A Square-Flo Thread-Forming Screw forms its own female threads. This results in a perfectly tight thread fit. 2. The "memory" of the metal in the holding member provides an even tighter grip on the Square-Flo screw. 3. The resulting thread tightness and metal "memory grip" are working together to provide prevailing torque through the entire thickness of the holding member... not just at the ends. These three facts make Square-Flo virtually invincible against the loosening effect of vibration. Here you see how the solution looks in a classroom. But the acid test is in use, on your product. SQUARE-FLO meets the VIBRATION challenge rajnational LOCK CO. Circle 121 on Inquiry Card for more data Square-Flo accepts the challenge to pass any vibration test you care to put it to. Write Dept. RHM, National Lock Co., Rockford, III LICENSEES Everlock Chicago, Inc., A Division of Vare Corporation, Chicago, Illinois The Ferry Cap & Set Screw Co., Cleveland, Ohio Rockford Screw Products Co., Rockford, Illinois Screw and Bolt Corporation of America, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Towne Robinson Fastener Co., Dearborn, Michigan. NATIONAL LOCK ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS

24 TheQi Isn't there a faster way to inf eed Jrind these Darts

25 The Answer: Cincinnati's New TWIN GRIP Centerless. It's ideal for high production infeed grinding jobs. Gives you capacity previously unattainable on ;i No. 2 centerless. With this new heavy-duty TWIN GRIP centerless, you can double your stock removal rates. Typical example: A Twin Grip centerless removed.150 stock from a 3 A" dia. cast iron shaft in only nine seconds, holding roundness within A scaled down version of the original Twin Grip centerless which has revolutionized thru-feed grinding, the Twin Grip gives you all the features of this proven design. A grinding wheel supported from both sides, like a rolling pin, makes it the most rigid centerless made. (Over 10 times more rigid than conventional centerless grinders). You'll also find that the new Twin Grip is a highly productive thrufeed centerless grinder. Specifications: Work capacity. V dia. Grinding wheel drive: 30 hp (optional 40 hp) Maximum wheel width: 10" Maximum wheel dia.: 24" Regulating wheel speeds (inf. var.): rpm For full detaifs, write for Publication G-852, or contact your nearest Cincinnati-Heald field representative. The Cincinnati Milling Machine Co., Dept. A-3, Cincinnati, Ohio CINCINNATI The Cincinnati Mil/ing Machine Co. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968 Circle 122 on Inquiry Card for more data 23

26 THERESA New IN Baker Territory! BAKER'S NEW BOBCAT 020 DELIVERS FASTEST LIFT SPEED IN ITS CLASS FPM LOADED! Speed is the name of the game in material handling today and Baker's new Bobcat electric-powered lift trucks deliver more lift speed than any other trucks in their class. These new Bobcats, with capacities of 2,000, 2,500, and 3,000 pounds, travel fast too... up to 9 mph and climb 16% grades. With wide-track wheels on a 42" wheelbase, Baker's new Bobcats operate nimbly in tight quarters where their 59" turning radius is a distinct advantage. For complete specifications on these new Bobcats and for pocketbookpleasing facts on leasing arrangements through ITF, our newly-formed financing operation, call your nearby Baker dealer (He's in the Yellow Pages) or call us - collect - (216) BAKER DIVISION, 8000 BAKER AVENUE, CLEVELAND, OHIO The whole new world off TMs MATERIAL HANDLING OPERATIONS

27 16 HOURS BETWEEN CHARGES is possible with Baker's new Bobcat 020 designed to use 36 or 48-v battery. Compartment hinged at sides and top for fast battery change. Low profile of Bobcat 020 permits operation in trailer bodies, yet gives ample operator room. SCR TRAVEL CONTROLS that provide smooth operation, full battery power and longer battery life are located in one, easily-accessible compartment for fast maintenance. Compartment is at rear of Bobcat 020, shown here with panel cover removed. Look ati these BOBCAT 020 Features! ELECTRICALLY-WELDED box frame is shot peened and underrated with zinc chromate. Dust-sealed 8" pump motor provides more efficiency, longer life. Lift and tilt cylinders have chrome-plated piston rods for abrasion resistance. Hydraulic wheel brakes are internalexpanding, self-adjusting. BAKER'S HAND-WIRED, HIGH-TORQUE travel motors develop more direct power, operate cooler, require less maintenance than any competitive lift truck motors. Heavy-duty drive axle is designed specifically for Baker by Rockwell- Standard. One-piece cast steel steering axle is trunnion mounted to cushion road shock. SLIDER-TYPE TRIPLE LIFT masts are featured on Baker's Bobcat 020. Rolled channels provide maximum strength, while nested telescoping construction gives excellent operator visibility. Welded cross members provide rigidity, eliminate distortion from off center loading. Easily reversed or replaced bronze wear strips for low maintenance costs. Circle 123 on Inquiry Card for more data

28 THE 12,000 RS.I. ENGINE BEARING It's called Clevite 77 "Plus" (our engineers call it F-112). If you know Clevite 77 as the long recognized high performance bearing material, then you know that Clevite 77 "Plus" stands for today's ultimate in load-carrying capacity. It sits right at the top of the broadest range of engine bearing materials in the business. Why a 12,000 psi engine bearing? Simple. We knew that someone would build an engine that had to have it. So we had it ready. A bearing that would handle 12,000 psi loads under the kinds of conditions and warranties facing high performance power plants. You may never

29 need Clevite 77 "Plus" but we thought you'd like to know we make it. Besides, the skills behind this fine bearing go into all of our bearings. (Our range of aluminum, babbitt and sintered or cast copper-lead materials gives you maximum design flexibility.) Remember, Clevite is building 12,000 psi bearings today. And when higher loads come along, the bearing to handle them will come from the same place. Clevite Corporation, C.G.B. Division, Cleveland, Ohio In Canada: Clevite Limited, St. Thomas, Ontario. 1. a high physical strength steel back for consistent standards of fatigue resistance. 2. a special cast copper-lead intermediate layer for the ultimate in load-carrying capacity. 3. an exclusive nickel dam is used to keep the tin in the surface layer from migrating to the intermediate lining, maintaining overlay fatigue strength. 4. a plated.0006" lead-tin-copper overlay for superior surface action and embeddability. Circle 126 on Inquiry Card for more data

30 . * # > AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

31 Remember when these solutions were problems? En jay's Automotive Task Force is ready to help you with tomorrow's. Our automotive task force has only one purpose in life. Helping designers, automotive engineers and suppliers find new and better ways to use our plastics, elastomers, chemicals and lubricant additives. It's been a fruitful association. For example, the new high performance Dexron automatic transmission fluids. These are formulated with as many as 10 different Enjay additives, and were developed through the joint efforts of the auto, oil and Enjay research people. The filled polypropylene "squirrel cage" blower wheel is another mutual success story. We formulated a special Enjay resin to give it good stiffness and high temperature characteristics. And suggested the fabrication techniques that would produce a tough part ready for assembly, without further operations. We could go on. With VISTALON closed cell extruded sponge. With Butyl tapes for sealing windshields. Enjay has worked with rubber compounders continually to make these elastomers more and more useful to the automotive industry. If you see a problem coming up, justwriteorcall. We'll be glad to collaborate if we can be of service. Enjay Chemical Company, Automotive Development Department, W. Eight Mile Road, Southfield, Michigan (313) (While you're at it, ask for your copy of our new Automotive Capabilities Brochure. It'll give you plenty of ideas!) AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August I, 1968 Circle 125 on Inquiry Card for more data 29

32 auto is a fussy (But that's the way we like it.) We're pretty fussy, too. That's why our top quality steel wire and cold rolled strip meet the industry's most demanding specifications. Everything fro^n lock washers to hose reinforcement... push controls to fasteners... springs for clutch cushions, upholstery, door locks, valves, window regulators and hood hinge assemblies... can be manufactured to exacting specifications with CF&l's wide variety of wire and strip. CF&I Steel Corporation. Plants in: Palmer, Mass., Pueblo, Colo., So. San Francisco, Calif,, Trenton, N.J. Sates offices nationwide. SERV STEEL 30 Circle 124 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

33 The shift lever that does the work of two. New single stick air shift now available for SPICER* auxiliary transmissions. I Now the time-tested, use-proved splitter air control introduced on our compound transmissions is available on our auxiliary units. A Spicer auxiliary coupled to your 4 or 5-speed unit power transmission permits your drivers to closely match gear ratios to terrain and load conditions. Lets them shift with almost light truck ease. Eliminating the second shift lever can shorten trip time, increase safety and reduce driver fatigue. You'll benefit from greater economy of operation and maintenance, too. The new air shift feature is available on any of the following popular auxiliary models: Iron- P8341-C P8341-D P8341-F P8341-G. Alum-P8345-C P8345-D P8345-F P8345-G. This wide selection of ratios allows you to select the one best suited to your total drive train needs and provides the best combination for all road and operating conditions. These ratios are ideally matched to the Spicer 4 & 5 Speed 8500 series transmissions. For more technical data on Spicer Air Shift Auxiliary Transmissions and help in selecting the right one for your needs, write to Dana Corporation, Department 86, Toledo Ohio, SPICER CON-V EL PARISH PERFECT CIRCLE VICTOR

34 -, -/; -. i-'i'a; -,,'. &,0*-*,,- 't:/,^-j ;;j;.,;i^i;

35 Leading jewelry merchant We're talking about your screw machine parts producer. He really does make and sell "jewelry" automatic machined parts that are masterpieces of gleaming precision. In every shape and size, too, from grain-of-sand to larger than a man can lift. Yet, as painstakingly made as they are, these "jewels" must be produced in large volume and at lowest possible cost. So he's an expert at both design and value analysis. Weigh his advice seriously when he suggests a change in part configuration, or a conversion from other methods of production. It could, and probably will, mean big savings for you. Take his suggestions on materials, too. He's fussy and usually right. We know, because we've been supplying his steel bar needs for a long, long time everything from stainless to alloys to fast-machining MULTICUT bars. And they have to be good, whether it's steel for conventional machining rates or steel for the new superhigh-speed cutting methods. Next time you have a problem with automatic parts production, see your jeweler the screw machine parts producer. You'll find he has some ideas that are real gems. You Can Take the Pulse of Progress at REPUBLIC STEEL CORPORATION MEMBER OF NATIONAL SCREW MACHINE PRODUCT?^ ition CLEVELAND, OHIO Circle 127 on Inquiry Card for more data

36 We make 120,000 wheel products a day. That's BUDDABILITY. ; Hubs, drums, steel disc wheels in all sizes and weights. Drum and disc brakes, and brake parts. Budd makes them all better with a lot of Budd-only features ; that have made us the leader to follow. s But we're bigger than wheels. Automotive stampings and assemblies, frames, tools and : dies by the millions roll out of our plants and into 2 out of every 3 car models and 16 of the 17 leading trucks. Our engineers in testing, research, and production furnish ; the ideas and services to help make Budd the largest : independent parts supplier to the automotive industry. ; The only outsider that works like an insider. ^OMPANY 34 Circle 128 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

37 Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1313 new SCR TYPE regulated speed drive 1-5 KR This newest Allen-Bradley regulated speed drive combines a NEMA re-rated integral horsepower motor, an easy-towire operator's control station, and a rugged controller matched to provide superior performance. Built to NEMA industrial standards, all three provide traditional high quality for trouble-free service. The SCRs for full wave conversion of the single phase supply are conservatively rated and amply protected. And there's a horsepower rated contactor. Operating speed of the Bulletin 1313 is infinitely adjustable over your desired speed range, which is set by built-in maximum and minimum speed adjustments. And its regulated circuit will hold your preset speed within 2% of the motor base speed for load variations up to full rated load. The controller also features both timed acceleration, adjustable from 2.5 to 10 seconds, and current limiting, adjustable from 80% to 150% of motor full load current. These new A-B packaged drives offer wide versatility with the many options available. There's dynamic braking, reversing with anti-plugging protection, jog at set or independently set speed, and speed indication, to mention a few. Please write to Henry G. Rosenkranz for complete details, or better still, let us know your requirements: Allen-Bradley Co., 1201 S. Second St., Milwaukee, Wis Export Office: 630 Third Ave., New York, N.Y., U.S.A In Canada: Allen-Bradley Canada Ltd. Designed for ease of installation, inspection and maintenance Vented NEMA Type 1 enclosure has knockouts at bottom. Deep cover opens for easy accessibility. White interior affords clear visibility. Controller can be removed from enclosure as a unit during wire pulling. Hinged front panel swings out of the way for controller wiring and inspection. External wiring connects to fixed terminal blocks on the base of the controller. ALLEN-BRADLEY QUALITY MOTOR CONTROL Circle 129 on Inquiry Card for more data MC 6811

38 R call the originator! ACCO... your partner in creative control k Smooth action, positive response transmission control cables are an ACCO specialty... matched to advanced design requirements for unsurpassed driver-pleasing performance. ACCO has the answer for just about any remote control... conforming to your safety standards... bringing your ideas off the board to the road, quickly and economically. Let ACCO put controls wherever you want them. We'll do the research, build a prototype, and design for trouble-free assembly. And we're known for on-time delivery, here, and in principal countries throughout the world. Our capabilities are described in Brochure DH-463. Call (313) or write: American Chain & Cable Co., Automotive Products, 601-C Boulevard Center Building, Detroit, Michigan AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS AMERICAN CHAIN & CABLE CO. 36 Circle 130 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968 Circle 132 on Inquiry Card for more data V

39 This man once thought his need for precision couldn't be served by automatic assembly -, <* Today his special Gilman assembly machine serves up precision accuracy in six-foot lengths folding rules that stretch out far beyond the handling capabilities of ordinary systems. Gilman machines do a lot of different things that couldn't be done just a short time ago. And they serve a lot of different manufacturers who once thought automatic assembly wasn't for them. Imaginative Gilman engineers have come up with better, more profitable assembly systems for everything from watches to washing machines, radios to roller bearings, clutches to cotton picker spindles. In fact, nobody can offer you more opportunities for improving results with your assembly operations than Gilman. That's because Gilman experience includes every type of assembly system goingi Maybe you too should give lutomatic assembly a second thought If you'd like to explore the advantages automatic assembly can achieve with your particular product without obligation just give us your... NAME_ TITLE_ TYPE OF ASSEMBLY. COMPANY ADDRESS GILMAN A DIVISION OF GIODINGS & LEWIS INC. 305 W. Delavan Drive, Janesville, Wisconsin Phone ^

40 Peerless Gear plus Torrington Needle Bearings combine to create top transaxle design. Peerless Gear and Machine Division of Tecumseh Products Company makes transaxles a combination transmission and differential for riding mowers, small tractors, and personnel carriers where compactness counts. Unit size must be kept to a minimum; and with this in mind, Peerless engineers designed the transaxle to incorporate thin-section closed-end needle bearings. This eliminated the need for end caps and gaskets and, by replacing bushings with needle bearings, increased effective horsepower. Peerless Transaxles come in six series. The 400,600, 1200,2300, and 2400 series use Torrington needle bearings and needle thrust bearings with races to carry radial and thrust loads. Torrington needle bearings helped Peerless Gear achieve its design objectives. Need help in your gearbox design? You'll find it at our Bearing Divisions, Torrington, Conn , or South Bend, Ind Torrington has the precise answer. Left: D. E. Lunders, Torrington District Engineer,* and R. L. von Kaler, Director of Engineering and Sales for Peerless Gear and Machine Division of Tecumseh Products Company. THE TORRINGTON COMPANY 18 manufacturing plants in North and South America, Europe and Asia BEARINGS MACHINE NEEDLES METAL SPECIALTIES STITCHING AND SWAGING MACHINES 38 Circle 133 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

41 NEWS FEATURES Panhard Armored Cars Eight-Wheeled AML Used by 10 Nations By Richard M. OgOrkiewiCZ Consulting engineer and author of 'Design and Development of Fighting Vehicles' (Macdonald, London) Ever since it abandoned armored cars after World War II, the U. S. Army has shown little interest in this type of automotive equipment. Several other armies have, however, followed different policies. The British and French, for instance, have continued to develop &nd successfully employ wheeled armored vehicles. The Soviet Army is also using vehicles of this type on a large scale. Wheeled armored vehicles deserve attention, therefore, and none more so than the armored cars produced in France by the Panhard Co. the Societe de Constructions Mecaniques Panhard & Levassor, to give it its full title. The Panhard Co. claims the longest record of producing wheeled combat vehicles of any organization in the world. Its first, an unarmored vehicles, was produced as early as remarkable armored reconnaissance vehicle is not only capable of 62 mph on roads, but off-highway its ground pressure of 10 psi is as low as that of any battle tank. Consequently, the EBR is not only competitive with but, in many respects, superior to tracked armored vehicles. Its production was terminated in 1960 but it has been refitted recently with a more effective 90-mm gun and it continues to be the basic vehicle of French armored cavalry regiments. The vehicle currently being produced by the Panhard Co. is the AML, or Automitrailleuse Legere. Its production started in 1961 and since then the AML has come into service with the French Army and the armed forces of nine other nations in a variety of security roles. In addition to those produced in France, several hundred AML have also been built, under license, in South Africa. A Design Is Simplified Compared with the EBR, the AML is a much simpler vehicle. Eight-Wheeled EBR More recently, Panhard produced the eight-wheeled EBR. This Panhard EBR With Four Center Wheels Raised for Road Operation AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

42 The simplification achieved in its design is illustrated by its hull which is welded of only 13 pieces. However, the AML retains some of the best features of its forerunner. Like the EBR, it is powered by a horizontally-opposed air-cooled engine. The model 4HD engine, has four cylinders and as in other Panhard engines these days valves with torsion bar springs. The connecting rods also have Panhard patented big end roller bearings and the built-up crankshaft is carried in three ball bearings, which further reduces engine friction. The 4HD engine displaces 122 cu in. and produces 90 bhp at 4700 rpm. This is sufficient to give the 10,500-lb vehicle a maximum road speed of 56 mph. Electro-Magnetic Control From the engine the drive is through a Gravina centrifugal clutch with electro-magnetic control which disengages the clutch whenever the driver grips the knob of the gearshift lever. This eliminates the need for a clutch pedal. Behind the clutch is a transversely-located gearbox. This is made up, in effect, of two gearboxes arranged in series, that give six forward speeds and one reverse. The output shaft of the second box drives the cage of a cam-type differential from which two halfshafts transmit the drive to the two sides of the vehicle. The Panhard differential consists of a row of balls between two plate cams fixed to the inner ends of the half-shafts. Normally, the balls and plate cams rotate together, but if one half-shaft is slowed down by increased resistance on one side of the vehicle the balls cause the other halfshaft to move faster in the opposite direction. Like Limited-Slip Differential This gives differential action but, because of friction built into the system, there can be no relative motion between the two halfshafts unless a certain minimum torque is applied to each. As a result, if the wheels on one side of the vehicle lose adhesion they cannot spin. Instead, they are made to rotate at the same speed by what is, in effect, a limited-slip differential. Each half-shaft drives the cage of another cam-type differential which distributes the drive between the front and rear wheels on each side. The two side differentials are basically the same as the central differential but have an additional frictional plate. The resulting increased friction torque prevents either of the two wheels on each side of the vehicle having a speed different from the other unless its tractive effort is at least one-tenth of the other wheel's effort. Consequently, neither wheel will spin, but there can still be differential action between the front and rear wheels on each side which reduces tire wear during road operation. Thus, the design of the AML represents a significant advance on the driveline layout of other military off-highway wheeled vehicles. Original Version of the AML With HE.60 Turret 3 Important Advantages The driveline components on each side are similar and include two universal-jointed shafts with a central bearing, as well as a bevel gear set at each wheel station. From the bevel gears the drive is through a train of three double-helical gears housed within 40 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES. August 1, 1968

43 CONTINUED NEWS FEATURES cast steel trailing arms which locate the wheels. The drive then goes either directly to epicyclic hub reduction gears or, in the case of the front wheels, indirectly through a Tracta constant-velocity joint. The mounting of wheels on the trailing arms which house the driving gears offers at least three important advantages over the alternative system with double transverse wishbones used in several other military vehicles. First, it eliminates the need for wheel drive shafts with sliding splined joints. Second, it reduces the number of constant-velocity joints: other four-wheeled vehicles with independent suspension need as many as eight but the AML has only two. Third, it makes it possible to bring the hull much closer to the non-steered wheels. Cushion of Nitrogen The wheels of the AML are independently sprung by single coil springs with concentric telescopic dampers which contain a cushion of nitrogen separated from the hydraulic fluid by a floating piston. All four wheels are fitted with 13 in. Bendix drum brakes; but only the front wheels are steered, by a rack and pinion mechanism. Another interesting feature of the AML are its tires, which are much more supple than the conventional stiff-walled tires used in most military vehicles. They are, in fact, Michelin x 16 XL tubeless tires which are inflated to 31 and 42 psi at front and rear respectively for road operation, but which can be deflated to as little as 10 and 16 psi for operation on sand with obvious advantages. Gas Inflates Tire Cells The use of such relatively flexible tires has been made possible by the adoption of Hutchinson inner tubes which enable the AML to run in the event its tires are punctured by bullets. The Hutchinson inner tubes contain a large number of small cells permanently inflated with gas and only partly fill the tires. They do not, therefore, affect the functioning of the tires under normal running conditions and only come into operation when a tire is punctured. In one such case an AML covered more than 60 mi. at 20 mph without damage to the tire or the tube. In addition to its automotive features, the AML also possesses two interesting alternative weapon installations. The original version is fitted with the HE.60 turret which mounts the unusual combination of a 60-mm breech-loaded mortar and two 7.5-mm, or one 0.5-in., machine guns inspired by the French Army's experience in counter-insurgency operations. Could Engage Tanks The second version is fitted with the H.90 turret which mounts a 90-mm smooth-bore gun and a 7.5- mm machine gun. The 90-mm gun fires fin-stabilized shaped-charge projectiles capable of penetrating 350 mm of armor, making the AML capable of engaging tanks. The installation of a 90-mm gun in a vehicle as small as the AML is a considerable engineering achievement, made possible in part by adoption of a highly-efficient double-baffle muzzle brake. Inevitably, the 90-mm gun installation has increased the weight of the second version of the AML to 12,- 000 lb. Both types are manned by Panhard AML With 90 MM Gun in H.90 Turret AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

44 a crew of two and are traversed manually. The weapons are also elevated manually, power operation having been rejected in favor of simplicity and lightness. Michelin tire with Hutchinson inner tube partly sectioned to show gasfilled cells. Bus Highway Study The Dept. of Transportation will help finance a two-year study of a four-mi, highway to be constructed for the exclusive use of buses as part of a rapid transit system. The highway, to be built in Milwaukee County, Wis., will be partially funded by the Bureau of Public Roads. Total cost of the two-year study aimed at implementing a bus rapid transit system is estimated at $550,000, with the Bureau of Public Roads and the Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation providing half the total. The bureau's share will be $220,000, and Wisconsin's $55, The Dept. of Housing and Urban Development will contribute $220,000, and Milwaukee County $55,000. Federal Highway Administrator Lowell K. Bridwell said the study was the first attempt to develop a bus rapid transit system that included a highway constructed solely for bus transportation. M-T Orders Rebound After a decrease in April, bookings of orders for machine tools in May rebounded to the March level. From the latest statistics of the National Machine Tool Builders' Assn., total net new orders (gross new orders, less cancellations) in May amounted to a preliminary $ million. The gain over April's $109.8 million was $6.65 million (6.1%) but April had been down $7.15 million from March's $ million. May orders of $ million compares with May, 1967's $122.7 million a decrease of $6.25 million (5.1%). However, the monthly average, during 1967 was $118.5 million closely approached by May, '68. So far this year (5 months), net new orders now total $550.1 million compared with the $ million booked in the same period of Thus, 1968 orders are behind 1967 orders by $53.65 million (8.9%). Shipments of machine tools this year amount to $ million for the five months a decrease of 1.7% from the $ million shipped in last year's period. Changes at Oliver Several changes among top officers of the Oliver Corp. have been announced by James D. Wormley, Oliver's new president. Robert W. Bird has been named vice president-administration and secretary. He had been assistant to the president and secretary. Herman L. Johnson was promoted to vice president-special projects. He had been general sales manager. George A. Franklin was promoted to sales manager. 42 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

45 CONTINUED NEWS FEATURES Bendix Speed Control A new automatic speed control for 1969 Fords and Mercurys has gone into production at the Bendix Corp.'s Automotive Electronics Div. in Towson, Md. The new system is one of several solid state electronic devices on Ford Motor Co.'s 1969 cars. The speed control will be offered as optional equipment. Designed to reduce driver fatigue, especially in long distance driving, the device includes built-in fail-safe features. The speed control senses aceleration and deceleration needs and automatically adjusts the throttle to maintain a speed selected by the driver. It will maintain the set speed until the brakes are applied or the control is switched off. The new system consists of a speed sensor connected to the speedometer cable; an amplifier assembly which compares the actual vehicle speed to the set speed selected by the driver; and a throttle actuator which advances or reduces the throttle on. signal from the amplifier. "The electromechanical components used before worked satisfactorily, but we think the solid state system is better," said John A. Betti, chief engineer-car electrical systems engineering for Ford's Car Engineering Office. "For one thing, the use of solid state systems permits a simpler design. In the speed control, this means a new microelectronic amplifier which eliminates the mechanical switching components used before. "Also, we were able to save space and weight. And the new design permits the location of all the fingertip controls in the steering wheel cross bar." Power Sources Studied General Motors Corp. is "heavily committed to the study of new or improved power sources, including gas turbines, Stirling and Diesel engines as well as the electric car." This was the statement of James M. Roche, GM board chairman, to stockholders at a Detroit meeting. "Other power sources... do not meet the demanding performance standards of the gasoline engine which is, without question, the most flexible power source we now have," Roche declared. "Our research to date supports the conclusion that a fully satisfactory alternative is not just around the corner," he added. Roche asked the stockholders to approve a plan to finance overseas expansion without adding to the Nation's balance of payments problems. "Although no specific program has been adopted for its use, approval of this proposal will provide GM with a sound alternative way to carry forward out overseas expansion if needed, and to do this in a manner consistent with the (Johnson administration's) mandatory controls program," Roche said. The proposal called for GM to issue obligations convertible into GM common stock without first offering them to stockholders. Roche said GM's worldwide activities produced a favorable balance of payments every year since World War II. "This has ranged from a low of $160 million in 1946 to a high of $782 million in 1967," Roche explained. "The excess from 1946 through 1967 of General Motors' exports over imports, together with net earnings remitted, contributed a favorable balance to the United States of almost $11.7 billion." Aid for Motorists A system to enable passing motorists to summon aid for a driver in distress without getting out of their cars or even stopping is scheduled to be tested before the end of the year. Developed by the Airborne Instruments Laboratory of Deer Park, N. Y., under a $450,000 contract with the Bureau of Public Roads, the system will be installed and tested on Interstate 4 in Florida between Tampa and Orlando. The Florida State Road Department, the Florida Highway Patrol and the Bureau of Public Roads will cooperate in the experiment. The system known as FLASH (Flash Lights and Send Help), depends on cooperating motorists flashing their headlights at electronic detection units when they see a driver who needs help. The units will be activated by the flashing. They will be linked by telephone lines to a highway patrol headquarters which will dispatch assistance. For the Florida experiment, detection units will be installed at 22 stations along a 50-mi. stretch of highway. Each station will cover about a five-mi, segment and will be located near an exit ramp. Signs will be erected at ramps to inform motorists how to report a driver in need of assistance. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES. August 1,

46 Incredible moments behind the plate... PART 1 V "Calling for a curve is easy with new Multigrip Floor Plate:' It's not so incredible to put the strength, safety and economy of new USS MULTIGRIP S-400 Floor Plate in play for your team. It's designed for precise bending and forming. This makes it economical to use on the tough jobs where considerable bending is required. Here's the line-up of sizes: 16 gage to 1 inch, widths up to 90 inches, lengths up to 50 feet. It's also available in stainless, alloy and high strength steels. Send for our S-400 score card or, for more detailed information, call your local Steel Service Center or write to United States Steel, P.O. Box 86 (USS 5572), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USS and MULTIGRIP are registered trademarks. Multigrip Floor Plate 44 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

47 National Machine Tool Builders Association Donald H. Mclver has been elected president. MEN IN THE NEWS Bendix Corp., Hydraulics Div. Joseph D. Dresser has been appointed director of manufacturing. Clark Equipment Co., Industrial Truck Div.-James A.Campoli has been named manager of quality control. Lehigh Valley Industries, I nc. Ralph J. Weiger has been elected a vice president in charge of automotive and truck business. Bliss & Laughlin Steel Co.-Gilbert F. Greenwood has been promoted to general manager of the Mansfield, Mass., operations. Gould - National Batteries, Inc. Charles S. Strauch has been elected a vice president. ACF Industries, Inc.-William J. Jackel has been appointed vice president manufacturing. International Harvester Co., Motor Truck Div. H. A. Ehrman has been appointed manager of the Port Wayne, Ind., Works; W. H. Smith succeeds him as manager of the Springfield Works; R. J. Pielsticker replaces Smith as assistant manager of manufacturing, and Samuel D. Thomas has been named manager of the supply and distribution dept. Borg-Warner Corp., Mechanics Universal Joint Div. Lester G. Evans has been appointed director of sales and marketing. Ford Motor Co. Alfred P. Piziali has been appointed director of car engineering for Ford of Europe and Stuart M. Frey succeeds him as chief engineer of the Body Engineering Office. Colonial Broach & Machine Co. Edward A. Long has been named manager of marketing and sales. Lift Parts Mfg., Inc. Leonard W. Szymanski has been appointed chief engineer. American Motors Corp., Automotive Mfg. Staff Harvey J. Gamble has been appointed director of industrial engineering. Detroit Gasket & Mfg. Co. John R. Nyland has been named president and chief executive officer. Hercules Galion Products, Inc. John F. Reed has been elected president and chief executive officer. Chrysler Corp. John R. Green, Jr., has been appointed manager of the Indianapolis foundry. Clark Equipment Co., Trailer Div. John B. King has been appointed vice president-engineering and manufacturing. Anchor Coupling Co., Inc. Roger R. Luther has been named assistant to the president, systems and procedures. National Electric Welding Machines Co. Harold Bach has been named plant manager and Albert W. Plaehn, Jr., succeeds him as manager of service and test. Ford Motor Co. John W. Baughman has been promoted to manager of the Service Research Center. Motor Wheel Corp., Foreman Mfg. Co. Ford Hatfield has been named general manager. Federal-Mogul Corp., National Seal Div. Floyd D. Cross has been promoted to manager of the Frankfurt, Ind., plant. American Motors Corp. William G. Kancian has been named manager of the Milwaukee body plant. Pullman, Inc., Trailmobile Div. J. F. Rozner has been appointed vice president-manufacturing and labor relations; R. P. McArdle has been named vice president-field sales and G. G. McManis has been promoted to vice president-rail, container and government sales. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. D. B. McMicken has been appointed quality control manager of the Houston, Tex., synthetic rubber plant and E. W. Campbell has been named to succeed him as plant technical superintendent. Molded Fiber Glass Cos. Earl Carley has been appointed manager of materials and process engineering. Mack Trucks, Inc. Franklin R. Nail has been appointed director of warranty and has been succeeded as engineering director by John Lehoczky, Jr. Clark Equipment Co., Trailer Div. L. M. Anderson has been appointed chief engineer and John R. Woods has been named manager of the Reading, Pa., plant. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Elmer C. Snyder has been named production manager of the foam products plant in Luckey, O.; William Latcheran has been appointed manager of quality control; Richard G. Hudson has been promoted to manager of general merchandising and material control; John D. Fisher has been named manager of engineering, and Theodore B. Burkholder has been promoted to technical superintendent. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

48 New. The Cleco rpm free speed. 6 inches long. Ideal for draw applications. Cleco's new WP-420 impact wrench provides the perfect tool for draw-type applications involving V2 in. bolts. The 420 develops full 27,500 lbs. tension in only 3 seconds. High speed rundown of 7000 rpm and 800 powerful blows per minute speeds any job. More power is delivered directly to the fastener through the impact mechanism that gives full hammer and anvil engagement. Through-bolt construction the strongest possible forms a unitized package. The steel spindle support and steel backhead make the entire tool more durable with less maintenance. Light weight (only 6 lbs.) and short overall length (only 6 in.) gives excellent maneuverability, reduces operator fatigue. For a demonstration or more information, contact Cleco Pneumatic, P. O. Box 40430, Houston, Texas a W MURPHY INDUSTRIES Cleco Pneumatic Division 46 Circle 134 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August i, 1968

49 An Editorial How Engineering Societies Aid Consumers BIG POLITICAL PRESSURE has been exerted to create the illusion that science and engineering as well as the fields of manufacturing, have little concern about consumers. This illusion can be perpetrated only because it is projected by mass media which know very little about science, engineering, consumer quality standards and related subjects. When political big-wigs of any party, curry popular favor by discrediting reputable classes of products, a disservice is done to the public but equal time and space is seldom if ever provided by mass media to correct the record. It is always easy for an ex-prosecuting attorney or an ambitious lame-duck to create a hullabaloo about something to attract attention. Seldom if ever does the real motive appear, such as an ambition to form a national business service to help protect consumers for a substantial fee. Just how much benefit consumers can get from self-appointed fee-minded "protectors" is a question which is obscured by the smokescreens of propaganda. Now AN EXAMPLE of a society which for decades has provided tested and reliable consumer protection is the American Society for Testing and Materials, among others. This organization develops standards which evolve as the joint product of committees consisting of producers, consumers and "general interest" members. There are strict requirements that the producers shall not out-number the combined consumer and "general interest" members on any standards setting committee. As a result, the consumer voice is loud and clear and is effective without national newspaper headlines or TV broadcasts or Congressional Committee press releases. After "Standards" are approved by a committee, this approval must be confirmed by a letter ballot of all society members. As of April 15, 1968, there were 4073 ASTM Standards and Tentative standards. The 1968 Book of ASTM Standards will be published in 32 parts and total some 27,500 pages. This is a monumental task of public service to consumers. It is supplemented by other and comparable standards by other technical societies. We suggest that governmental officials and propagandists urging consumer "standards" legislation, study these massive exhibits of the genuine interest of science and engineering in the best interests of consumers everywhere. Editor and Publisher AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

50 Economical Formsprag Roto-Cam Mechanical Clutches The price is right for all-around savings Formsprag Roto-Cam mechanical clutches are the only rotary cam actuated mechanical clutches on the market... the only ones that give you real feel of engagement. They require no wear adjustments, no torque adjustments, no lubrication... no attention of any kind for the life of the machine on which they're installed. How's that for maintenance economy? And how's this for real installation savings? Formsprag Roto-Cam clutches require no hidden extras. Their integral rotary-type ball and cam actuating mechanism eliminates any need for external, separately mounted fulcrums, yokes and/or trunnions. These economically priced clutches are one integral, compact all-steel package that hooks up quickly and easily. They can be used with equal effectiveness as a clutch or brake on gas engine drives and power take-off systems on agricultural equipment, compact tractors, automobile air conditioners, etc. Formsprag Roto-Cam mechanical clutches are immediately available from stock in more than 35 models and styles with a wide range of standard bore sizes with torque capacities from 7V 2 to 375 Ib.-ft. For additional information, send in the coupon below. AI-6811 Name Title Firm Warren, Michigan Address City State Zip Yes! I'd like a free copy of the current issue of Formsprag's new MOTION CONTROL DIGEST. 48 Circle 135 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 2, 1968

51 J. R. Miller, president of Dana Corp. He joined Dana in 1953 and the following year was appointed vice-president-manufacturing. In 1961 he was elected executive vice-president and member of the Board. The DANA STORY By Joseph Geschelin Detroit Editor Editor's Note: Mr. J. R. Miller was elected Vice-Chairman of the Board on July 22; Mr. R. C. McPherson replaced him as President and Chief Operating Officer. WITH SALES EXCEEDING $500-million in 1967 Dana Corporation rightly considers itself to be one of the largest independent suppliers of parts and components and replacement parts for strictly transportation customers. Presently it numbers among its customers companies in the passenger car field; trucks and buses; farm tractors; industrial and construction equipment; small vehicles such as golf carts, riding mowers, snowmobiles. And Dana supplies replacement parts both to the domestic trade and throughout the world. Dana is a growth company in every sense of the word. But it is not a conglomerate. J. R. Miller, Dana president, emphasized that the corporation intends to remain in the transportation field and to expand with transportation in every new form in the future. For example, the corporate marketing activity is in constant touch with the advance marketing divisions of automotive producers, laying the ground work for participation in new fields such as electric vehicles and gas turbines. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

52 DANA CORPORATION DIVISIONS Atlas Forge Division Dana International Service Parts Divisions 0. E. Service Parts Division Parts Craft Division Wholesale Parts Division Parish Divisions Eastern Frame Division Midwest Frame Division Perfect Circle Divisions Perfect Circle Controls Div. Perfect Circle Piston Division Perfect Circle Piston Ring Div. Perfect Circle Sleeve Division Perfect Circle Valve Division Salisbury Divisions Axle Division Clutch & Marine Division Power Take-Off Division Spicer Divisions Con-Vel Division T & G Division Transmission Division Universal Joint Division Victor Divisions Victor Gasket Division Victor Seal Division Lansing, Michigan Toledo, Ohio Toledo, Ohio Reading, Pennsylvania Reading, Pennsylvania Ecorse, Michigan Hagerstown, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Chelsea, Michigan Toledo, Ohio Detroit, Michigan Warren, Michigan Toledo, Ohio Toledo, Ohio Chicago, Illinois VICE PRESIDENT FINANCE AND SECRETARY L. L. Dodge GROUP VICE PRESIDENT SERVICE PARTS DIVISIONS D. D. Minshlll O. E. SERVICE PARTS DIVISION PARTS CRAFT DIVISION POWER EQUIPMENT DIVISION WHOLESALE PARTS DIVISION EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT R. C. McPhenon GROUP VICE PRESIDENT SPICER DIVISIONS M. R. Gkvin CON-VEL DIVISION T & G DIVISION TRANSMISSION DIVISION UNIVERSAL JOINT DIVISION THE DANA STORY continued According to J. R. (Rudy) Miller, the corporation is out to constantly increase its business opportunities by means of acquisitions of related companies. A study of sales over a period of many years shows that by 1967 internal growth would have accounted for only about $325- million sales for the year, the higher figure being credited to acquisitions. Today Dana consists of 21 divisions and four wholly-owned subsidiaries, and employs around 20,- 000 people. By the time this article is in print they may have one or more new acquisitions to add to the list. To conserve space and time we have shown in tabular form the present line-up of divisions and general line of products. The organization chart reproduced here will aid in visualizing the corporate set-up as well as the mechanics of operating an enterprise of this character. At the head is the chairman John E. Martin (who was president in 1962), and J. R. Miller, president. Close communication with the divisions is maintained through the two executive vice-presidents indicated on the chart. At the operating level are the group vice-presidents as well as presidents or general managers of individual divisions. It may be emphasized at the outset that each division is an autonomous profit center. It has its own sales, engineering, purchasing, marketing, etc., in short a complete organization for running the business on its own. From a corporate standpoint the control of the entire operation is exercised through operating budgets established at the corporate level. One of the working tools is the Corporate Planning Committee which includes the group vice-presidents. This Committee reviews such matters as budgets, plans for expansion: new plant construction, new equipment programs, allocation of new products to the manufacturing divisions, etc. We mentioned earlier that each division has its own engineering department. Its function is that of improving the current products, and the introduction of new models. This effort is bolstered on a corporate level, by the corporate engineering staff which handles advance engineering on entirely new lines of products. Such engineering activities are 50 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

53 CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD John E. Martin PRESIDENT J. R. Miller VICE PRESIDENT - ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP VICE PRESIDENT CORPORATE STAFF DIRECTOR INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS BXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT PRESIDENT DANA INTERNATIONAL C. C. Dybvig R. K. Lowiy T. J. Raleigh G. B. Mitchell E. D. Leon LEGAL COUNSEL W. E. Pavlick DIRECTOR - MANUFACTURING V. R. Kaufman DIRECTOR- MARKETING F. J. Vo»«DIRECTOR - RELIABILITY AND QUALrrY CONTROL: I. E. Callcoat DIRECTOR - PRODUCT RESEARCH AND ENGINEERING W. W. Rasmuasen PRESIDENT PERFECT CIRCLE DIVISIONS PRESIDENT VICTOR DIVISIONS GROUP VICE PRESIDENT PARISH DIVISIONS GROUP VICE PRESIDENT SALISBURY DIVISIONS GENERAL MANAGER ATLAS FORGE DIVISION PRESIDENT HAYES-DANA LTD. G. R. Bier CONTROLS nvdsion PISTON DIVISION PISTON RING DIVE10N SLEEVE DIVISION W. D. Neathery GASKET DIVISION SEAL DIVISION SMFTH & KANZLER CO. H. B. Bartlett EASTERN FRAME DIVISION MIDWEST FRAME DIVISION F. B. Graper AXLE DIVISION CLUTCH it MARINE DIVISION POWER TAKE-OFF DIVISION J. E. Starich W. M. Falihurn VALVE DIVISION SCHELLBN5 TRUE CORP, coordinated through the corporate marketing group. This group is the one that maintains close liaison with present and potential customers and is constantly on the lookout for the needs of the customers. A potential need may well trigger activity on the part of corporate engineering for the development of a new product. The marketing group also works with individual divisions to aid them in an overall study of marketing potential of products manufactured by a division. This includes studies leading to an expansion of the uses of the product into related industries. Dana is constantly on the lookout for sources of new product development. At the present time close contact is maintained with all manufacturers concerned with electric cars. If parts and components of special nature are required Dana is on hand to do its share. The company also is keeping a close watch on developments in the field of gas turbines. One of its wholly-owned subsidiaries is the Schelleris True Corp., a specialist in the manufacture of turbine wheels and blades. This organization is prepared to produce such components for vehicle gas turbines. Another project right down the alley for Dana is an investigation of the possibility of developing new, high speed drive lines for gas turbines. This could make it possible to have a higher speed output shaft on the gas turbine, in turn making possible a smaller, lighter turbine for the same application. Recently Dana announced a new line of clutches with lower pedal pressures and constant plate loading despite lining wear. The company is about to release soon a striking new advance in truck transmissions as well. Another area of development here is in the application of a road speed regulator, a simplified and lower cost version of Cruise-Control. The aim is to equip working vehicles such as taxicabs, school buses, delivery trucks, and the like where the operator is interested in maintaining reduced road speeds. About 18 months from now Dana expects to have in operation its new engineering and R & D center just over the line in Michigan. This is a corporate operation which will provide a variety of test tracks for road testing complete vehicles. A corporate purchasing department is centered in Toledo under AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

54 THE DANA STORY continued the jurisdiction of the manufacturing staff. As mentioned earlier, each division has its own purchasing department and orders its own materials, parts, and supplies. However, such requirements are reviewed at the corporate level to permit bulk buying at better economic levels where this is feasible. Quality control naturally is one of the most important functions in the manufacture of Dana components and assemblies. Each division has its own quality control set-up and is aided by the corporate quality control group in establishing the best methods and inspection equipment. Reliability is the key to the manufacture of Dana products. The level of reliability for products made by each division is tested and approved at the corporate level before new products are released for production. A good machine tool and equipment program is implicit in the economic operation of modern manufacturing facilities. At Dana, the management of existing equipment is handled according to established guide lines. As in many other automotive industry plants, the physical age of a machine tool does not constitute a basis for replacement since many old machine tools can continue to operate satisfactorily on certain jobs. The criteria for replacement involves, among other considerations, the following: 1. History of maintenance if maintenance costs become too high the machine is replaced not only because of maintenance cost but also to eliminate down time. 2. A machine tool is replaced if it is no longer capable of maintaining the desired level of quality control. This involves the problem of rejects as well. So quality control becomes a determining factor. 3. One of the most potent reasons for replacing older equipment is cost economy. If a new type of machine tool comes on the market with capabilities of cost economy, it is studied and if it proves to be capable of amortizing the cost of the installation within a specified period, its installation will be approved. J. R. Miller G. B. Mitchell R. K. Lowry F. B. Graper F. J. Voss L. G. Stohler F. C. Lacy L. F. Stuckey P. J. Mazziotti M. J. Hermanns R. J. Rohloff DANA CORPORATION PERSONNEL Press Conference, April 5, 1968, The Toledo Club PRESENT DANA Transmissions Power Take-Offs Universal Joints Rear Driving Axles Front Driving Axles Frames Piston Rings Cylinder Sleeves Valve Seals Oil Seals Speed Controls Truck Body Components Turbine Blades and Wheels Agricultural Shafts Logically, new equipment is indicated wherever there is an expansion program or a new building program for any division. Dana maintains a pool of old equipment which is either retained or sold. Some items from this pool may be employed in a new program if they suit the requirements. To implement the regular program of equipment replacement in line with the criteria mentioned above, the corporation provides a Capital Budget for each year to supply the necessary funds once the replacement has been authorized. Justification for such purchases is presented to the Corporate Manufacturing Staff for approval before the replacement is authorized. President Executive Vice-President Group Vice-President, Corporate Staff Group Vice-President, Salisbury Divisions Director of Marketing Manager of Public Relations and Marketing Public Relations Supervisor Chief Engineer, Research Planning General Manager, Clutch & Marine Division Chief Product Engineer Clutches, Clutch & Marine Division Product Sales Manager Clutches, Clutch & Marine Division PRODUCTS INCLUDE: Auxiliary Transmissions Clutches Propeller Shafts Limited Slip Differentials Lock-Out Hubs Pistons and Pins Camshafts Valve Train Components Gaskets Chassis Parts Marine Inboard-Outboard Drives Forgings for Industry Miscellaneous Custom Castings The purchase of new equipment for new programs or expansion of facilities is handled separately, however. The new projects are reviewed with Manufacturing Staff, then go to the Corporate Planning Committee for further action and final authorization. Finally, advance economic planning at Dana indicates that if the corporation is to grow at an accelerated rate over the years, it will be necessary to follow the pattern of acquisitions most aggressively. The normal internal growth of current products will not suffice without acquisitions. Yet the corporation is determined that future growth will be in the area of transportation not by conglomeration. 52 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES. August 1, 1968

55 Producing the JEEP V-6 ENGINE By Joseph Geschelin Detroit Editor KAISER JEEP CORPORATION has expanded the facilities at its 230-acre Stickney Avenue site in Toledo. A new 100,000-sq ft building there now houses complete facilities for manufacturing the 160-hp "Dauntless" V-6 engine. Production is at the rate of 30 engines per day. Despite being a high-performance option, the V-6 is specified by more than 75 per cent of "Jeep" sports-utility vehicle buyers. Moreover order volume is increasing from the boating industry where OEM's are finding the compact power plant to their liking. With V-6 public acceptance so strong, Kaiser has arranged to assure its steady supply by moving basic V-6 manufacturing equipment from the Buick engine plant in Flint into a brand new plant erected adjacent to its "Jeep" Universal assembly facility. Transferring such equipment to a new locatioh required resourceful planning and techniques for dismantling and reinstallation. Some of the machinery could not be adapted because of capacities involved. Substitute machines had to be engineered into the system. In other instances obsolete machines could not be utilized and were replaced with new ones as the most profitable alternative. And, as a matter of course, every piece of equipment incorporated into the new layout had to be tuned and aligned and shimmed to suit the operation. In addition to the transfer machines and other equipment related to block and head machining operations, KJC also obtained other equipment through its original purchase agreement and from separate sources. This included tooling for machining intake and exhaust manifolds, for machining and balancing crankshafts, for grinding bearings and camshafts and for producing connecting rods. KJC also bought a battery of the latest type GMR solid state controlled mass balancers. These are used to mass balance assembled engines. The engine final assembly line runs the length of the building down the center, taking blocks and heads from one side and camshafts, crankshafts and other components from the other side. As illustrated, engines are built on pedestals riding the power-driven floor conveyor. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

56 PRODUCING THE V-6 ENGINE continued First step in the machining of cylinder blocks on the transfer line is the milling -of cylinder banks and top surfaces in the large Ingersoll mill seen here. The plant is completely conveyorized for flow of parts and components. A large Hoffman filtering unit serves the grinding department as a centralized coolant system, removing chips and impurities and recirculating the coolant to the grinders. The investment in plant and equipment involves something over $6-million. It will be readily understood that this represents only a fraction of the cost of tooling for a new engine today. A great saving in cost naturally may be credited to the availability of the original transfer lines. Even though the expense of rebuilding such used equipment is high, it is obviously justified by virtue of the long useful life afforded by production tooling properly maintained. With machines virtually new again and set up in an extensively automated plant layout, the most important fact is that the availability of this equipment has enabled KAISER Jeep CORPO- RATION to begin building its own V-6s about two years earlier than 54 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

57 On the cylinder head transfer line the various surfaces of the heads are milled in two successive stages in Producto milling machines. Perspective view of the long engine final assembly line. As shown, assembly is performed on pedestals mounted on a power-driven floor conveyor. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

58 PRODUCING THE V-6 ENGINE continued Assembled engines are mass-balanced on the group of GMR solid-state controlled machines seen here. These mass balancers represent the latest development of the art: compact and precise in operation. could be expected. To conserve floor space as well as to facilitate maintenance, all of the control cabinets for the transfer machines are mounted overhead. One of the interesting features of the transfer lines as set up here is that the initial machining of blocks and heads is handled by milling instead of surface broaching. This is due to the smaller volume required by KJC. Accordingly, blocks are milled first in an Ingersall which takes the banks and top surface, followed by a Producto milling machine for the panrail and bearing line. Producto milling machines take care of the initial milling of cylinder heads on the transfer line. On the cast camshaft bearing grinding is accomplished in Cincinnati grinders while cam-grinding is handled in a battery of Landis grinders. 56 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

59 JAPAN'S AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY American Style Assembly Techniques Blended With Original Ideas PART VIM By David ScOtt European Correspondent FINAL ASSEMBLY METHODS in Japanese car plants are as varied, and in certain cases as unconventional, as some of the foundry, machining and body-production techniques reported in the previous articles in this series. This stems in part from the unusual degree of secretiveness within the industry, prompted by intense commercial rivalry. There is virtually no sharing of technical know-how among manufacturers, and visits by engineers to a competitor's factory are rare. Labor mobility within the industry is almost non-existent, and there are no technical journals in Japan that describe production highlights at different auto plants. While this self-imposed isolation undoubtedly handicaps progress, there is evidence that it also stimulates original thinking. At the same time the Japanese have had close contacts with American and British auto manufacturers, and are using a considerable amount of American handling equipment on their assembly lines. A mixture of these two influences was in evidence at all the factories I visited. Toyota, Japan's automobile leader, uses elevator trolleys to mate the engines and axles with bodies on the separate lines for the Corona and Corolla sedans, its two best-sellers. Trimmed bodies suspended from fixed-height conveyors pass over a sequence of two loop tracks, each with a train of trolleys circulated continuously by underfloor dragchain at a synchronized speed. Rear axle assemblies are installed at the first loop. As the work-support fixture is progressively raised the leading rubber-bushed eyes of the two leaf springs are first joined to their under body mounts, followed by the rear shackles. The fixture is elevated by hydraulic rams, and for simplicity of installation the built-in motordriven oil pump is powered from an external electric cable plugged into each trolley as it approaches this section of the track. When the springs are secured the U-bolts clamping their central portions to the axle tube are tightened. This is done with a pair of upturned multi-spindle nut-runners rolling on short lengths of track on either side of the loop. Engines and front suspension assemblies are lifted into place by a similar train of trolleys on the second circuit. Wheels are now added AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

60 Toyo Kogyo's new body and assembly plant is built on 179 acres of land reclaimed from the Japanese Inland Sea. It is linked to the main Hiroshima factory by a bridge spanning the Ohta river. Separate loop circuits of elevator trolleys for engines and rear axles are used for final assembly of the Toyota Corolla. The Corona line employs a similar system. Indexing merry-go-round conveyor links the two sections of the assembly line for the Toyota Corona. Designed by Jervis B. Webb, it is manufactured in Japan under license. 58 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

61 Detachable cowl top panel on the Toyota Corona simplifies installation of the wiper spindles and washer jets and tubing. Secured by screws concealed by the hood, this air-inlet grill can be easily removed for cleaning the plenum chamber below. Elevating fixtures on a slatconveyor circuit at the Nissan Oppama plant install engines and rear axles in the Datsun 1000 Sunny. Electric power for the hydraulic lift pumps is fed from below the track. JAPAN'S AUTO INDUSTRY continued and the car is lowered onto a floorlevel conveyor. This "reverse body-drop" arrangement facilitates marshalling of the major front- and rear-end components in separated areas, and their pre-loading on the individual waist-high fixtures simplifies subassembly and minimizes underbody work. It also permits the bodies to remain on the same overhead conveyor throughout the trim and a major part of the assembly line, thus reducing the risk of damage. In the case of the Corona line, after the wheels are added the car is transferred to the second parallel leg of the track by an overhead merry-go-round transporter, which avoids blocking the aisle between the two sections. This was designed by Jervis B. Webb of Detroit and built under license in Japan by Diafuku Machinery of Osaka. A cable hoist with suspended claws at each of the four positions picks a car off the end of the first conveyor, lifting it to the carouseltype wheel, where it is held rigid by telescopic tubes. The carrier on the indexing turntable is rotated by cog-wheel drive, and after a halfrevolution it lowers the car onto the second conveyor. An interesting detail on this final length of the Corona track is the detachable cowl top panel, which both speeds assembly and simplifies access to the windshield wiper spindle bolts and washer tubing and jets. This air-inlet grill is located along its trailing edge by five tabs seating in rubber-grommeted holes, and secured in front by screws. The panel can be easily removed for cleaning out the plenum chamber when necessary. Nissan varies the assembly techniques at its Oppama plant, which last year turned out 320,000 passenger cars on four final lines. Elevating fixtures to position the engine and rear axle are used for the small Datsun 1000 Sunny, an arrangement regarded as advantageous when production is standardized on one engine. Here a loop of 20 pedestal-carriers on a single articulated slat conveyor circulates beneath the bodies suspended from an overhead track. Fixtures alternate for power units and axles, and are raised by a hydraulic cylinder forming the supporting base. Electric power for the pump motor is supplied from beneath the floor. For the Datsun Bluebird, however, an advanced body-drop system is employed. This is Nissan's highest-volume model, and is produced with two engine options and three different bodies. Specifications for individual cars are teletyped from the programming center to the start of the trim line, where painted bodies on a slat conveyor are protected by cloth aprons taped around the waistline. These are removed at the end of the first section of track, when the body is picked up by a four-point underslung carrier and raised by monorail to a bridge connecting with the second track section. In an unusual operation, the Macpherson-type front suspension is installed on this elevated platform. Units complete with disc brake are transferred from a passing monorail conveyor to a tricycle trolley with a ratchet jack. The spring top flange is then positioned by the operator in the wheelhouse of the suspended body and bolted to its under-hood seat, the lower links being left for later attachment. There are identical manual stations on either side of AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

62 Strut-type front suspension units are fitted to the Datsun Bluebird by castor-based ratchet jacks. Here the suspended body is being conveyed over a bridge linking the two sections of the final line. RIGHT Body drop on the Datsun Bluebird line at the Nissan assembly plant. The trimmed shell with front suspension already in place is lowered in a stable descent by a counter-weighted section of the carrier monorail. JAPAN'S AUTO INDUSTRY continued the track for left- and right-hand units. This assembly method simplifies installation of the upright struttype suspensions, whose upper ends are joined directly to the body rather than to a subframe. It also makes productive use of otherwiseunutilized off-the-floor space. Loaded carriers leaving the bridge make a 90-deg turn to overhand the final stretch of line. Engines and independent rear suspensions on their subframes are supported in fixtures on the waisthigh indexing conveyor below. At the automatic body drop that follows, the trimmed shell in its carrier is lowered in a stable descent by a counter-weighted section of the monorail. A limit switch starts the drop, which stops when the body is 2 in. above its mounting points. Final lowering is manually controlled, but precise alignment means that little manhandling is necessary. Wheels are added at the next station, where an automated conveyor delivers them to both sides of the line from the tire-fitting and inflating machine. Commissioned in 1963, the Oppama plant is located 20 miles south of Nissan's Yokohama headquarters. It is built on 250 acres of waterfront land reclaimed by the Japanese Imperial Navy before the war for use as a naval airbase. Nissan purchased the land in 1948, when it erected workshops for reconditioning U. S. Army jeeps and trucks. One of six factories in the company, Oppama has 7200 employees, and incorporates an 8000-ft test circuit and docks for loading its own fleet of coastal freighters that deliver cars to distributors throughout the country. In addition to the Datsun Sunny and Bluebird it assembles the larger 4- and 6-cyl Cedric and the V-8 engined President. Layout and installations are described by engineers there as "American oriented." An uncommon production facility at the factory is one for wheels. Three different types are made on two lines, the first built by Nissan five years ago and the second purchased from McKay. Combined output is 400 an hour, or 150,000 a month. The saving is said to be the equivalent of 15(* a unit over bought-out wheels. Toyo Kogyo's manufacturing program embraces a wide range of catalog models. As reported in the previous article, at its single vast plant in Hiroshima it makes 12 basic Mazda car, truck and bus bodies in 39 variations, and 10 different engines, providing an exceptionally large number of permutations even excluding color, trim and mechanical options. Since the combined output is only some 400,000 vehicles a year, and some of the available models are made in relatively small quantities, the company's answer for economic production is computer - controlled assembly. Toyo Kogyo claims to lead the Japanese auto industry in the use of electronic computers, and its latest IBM installation calculates one week's scheduling of components in four hours. Punched tapes then control the marshalling of parts and the movement of conveyors at both old and new assembly buildings. Completed only two years ago, the latter is sited on 179 acres of reclaimed land on the delta of the Ohta River, and incorporates some of the most modern facilities in the country. Toyo Kogyo builds vehicles for stock, not to customers' orders, and employs a further computerized integrated data processing system to assist in market research as well as in coordinating the complex sales activities. The system links the Hiroshima head office with the Tokyo and Osaka branches and key points in the nation-wide sales network. In all, Toyo Kogyo is now operating 11 sets of computers, of which five are third-generation IBM-360s. 60 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES. August 1, 1968

63 Wheels are delivered to the Datsun Bluebird final line by a bridge conveyor terminating in elevators flanking the track. All wheels are produced locally at the Nissan factory. BELOW Control center for the assembly of Mazda vehicles at the Hiroshima plant of Toyo Kogyo. The company is the most advanced in the Japanese auto industry in the use of computers for controlling manufacturing operations. Honda has a simple assembly problem, since its production is conr fined to a single high-volume model the N360 and larger-engined N600. Final assembly of these baby sedans uses the body-drop technique, with the front-drive engine and suspension unit and the rear beam axle with leaf springs carried on fixtures on a slat conveyor. The track starts at floor level for easy loading of the running components on the waist-high pedestal fixtures. It then rises to a height of about 4 ft for the body drop, so that the attachment points are aligned with the underbody mounts at a convenient level for the operattives. After three stations the track returns to the floor for completion of the assembly work in the engine compartment and body interior. Honda is currently turning out 800 cars per two-shift day at its Sayama plant, 20 miles north of Tokyo. Additional lines are being installed at the Suzuka motorcycle factory, and when these are in operation by the end of this year the production capacity for this one model will be doubled. BELOW Final assembly for the Honda N360 minicar combines a body drop with a rising slat conveyor carrying engines and axles on high pedestal fixtures. Part IX will conclude this series on the Japanese motor industry with an analysis of the latest production figures and a picture roundup of production highlights

64 PRODUCING REAR AXLES at ROCKWELL-STANDARD By Joseph Geschelin Detroit Editor THE WINCHESTER, KY. heavy dutyrear axle plant of the Rockwell- Standard Division which was in its final stages of completion when we visited the operation late in March, 1968 is undoubtedly one of the latest and most sophisticated facilities of its kind in the USA. It incorporates the latest versions of familiar machinery, individual machine tools as well as transfer machines; it employs some items of unique equipment such as the Bullard Templaturn lathes and others to be noted later. Looking both to economics as well as freedom from pollution, the plant embodies noteworthy arrangements for the recovery of water (which represents dollars), for the recovery of cutting fluids, and the very latest technique for chip collection and disposal. Winchester, located on the eastern edge of the bluegrass country away from any large industrial development, had to recruit workers from the surrounding counties. When the entire operation is working at full production it will employ some 1000 people. Since few, if any, have ever seen the inside of a manufacturing plant, the management is supplementing recruiting with an intensive training program of as long as six months in duration, where necessary, to educate the workers to make them capable of handling the various operations. The plant covers an area of some 527,559-sq ft of floor space, and represents an investment of $38- million. Since it is designed to produce some ten series of rear axles, including tandem drives, all of the equipment has the necessary flexibility to facilitate the changeover from one axle to another with the minimum of down time. The floor plan has a logical arrangement of departments with finished parts and components feeding to the left of the final assembly line. One of the interesting features of the layout is the establishment of a quality control center, adjacent to the receiving docks. Here they have concentrated receiving inspection; customer inspection (final acceptance) ; customer returns ; and extensive metallurgical and chemical laboratory facilities. Thus, all of the functions of quality control are concentrated in one area. In visualizing the plant layout and equipment program, the management drew upon the experience gained in the operation of the Newark and Kenton, Ohio axle plants. However, the capabilities of the latest versions of machine tools plus some unique machinery available for the purpose made it possible to reduce the inventory of equipment by some 10 per cent from original estimates. For example: at the extreme left on the floor plan is a department for forming axle housing sections, welding, and machining. Besides the latest design of Agnew automatic housing welding equipment which employs Lincolweld heads, this plant is installing special equipment for the friction welding of the spindle to the end of the axle housing. This procedure permits an engineering redesign that both simplifies welding and reduces machining cost and time. In this design, the flange is only a ring which fits over a pilot on the end of the housing and is ring-welded in place. The spindle becomes a simple cylindrical piece, without the usual flange, and this is the part that is friction-welded to the end of the housing. Noteworthy piece of equipment in the inspection department is a Boice gaging machine for checking the alignment in the differential carrier between the bore for the driving pinion and the axis of the carrier. This is a vital relationship since it governs the accurate mating of the drive pinion and ring gear. The carrier is checked in this gaging machine to assure the accuracy of the set-up in the machining stages. The set-up is adjusted to the proper conditions by the readings in the gage. According to the management, setting up the Boice gage for checking the carrier is a matter of minutes for the trained operator. Conventional methods of layout and 62 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

65 checking on a surface plate presently require as much as two hours. The economy of time inherent in this technique is so great that the company has ordered another machine for this department. When the plant began tooling last year for initial production, they installed two Bullard Templaturn machines Model 8TCA the type then available. Since then they have acquired two more of these machines but of a later model 8TCB. These machines have a turret type indexing head which marks a further improvement in this equipment. According to the management, Templaturn is one of the most valuable acquisitions they have made. It is flexible and versatile; changeover from one part to another is accomplished simply by changing the tools on the turret and sliding in a new template. The entire operation for changeover takes a matter of minutes. The machines are of two-station type and so flexible that the company is scheduling a variety of unrelated This is the pay-off at Winchester: perspective view of the long final assembly line. Midway in the background may be seen the station for installing the differential carrier assembly in the rear axle housing. The two new Bullard Templa-Turn lathes are shown in this group. The Model 8TCB has an indexing turret and is so versatile that R-S is able to schedule a variety of parts in batches. Seen here is the pallet type Buhr Economatic transfer machine for finishing operations on differential carrier housings. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES. August 1, 1968

66 Turning of drive pinions is handled at high speed with single-point tooling in late model New Britain tracer lathes. Incidentally, the operation is performed without cutting fluid. One section of the grinding department is highlighted in this view. Above is a Cincinnati grinder; at the far right a Landis grinder. In the background, above, is a Heald internal grinder. A corner of the extensive heat treat department is seen here. At the left is one of the large two-row Surface Combustion gas carburizing furnaces mentioned in the text. ROCKWELL-STANDARD continued parts over the four machines. A heavy duty version of the Michigan Tool Roto-Flo machine is installed here for spline rolling. Heat treating of axle shafts has been arranged in a fully automated system to reduce operator attention. Following straightening and turning, axle shafts proceed through the heat treat furnace, then into a caustic quench, a cooling tower, a straightener, and finally through a Pangborn shot peening machine to impart additional fatigue resistance. The principle of caustic quenching is a Rockwell-Standard process to endow the axle with high Brinell all over. It is interesting that the flange is required to be softer than the rest of the axle shaft. This is accomplished by air quenching of the flange end as it leaves the exit end of the furnace, thus making it softer than the rest of the shaft, softer when it leaves the caustic quench. The heat treating department is located at the extreme right of the 64 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES. August 1, 1968

67 One section of the Gleason department, other Gleason equipment may be seen at the right in the next bay. The group in this view contains roughing and finishing hypoid generators. floor plan away from the rest of the plant. This is done not only as a safety provision but also because the entire plant, except heat treat, will be air conditioned. Noteworthy feature here is the installation of four, large two-row Surface Combustion furnaces, gasfired and served by a manifold from the gas generators to provide the controlled gas carburizing atmosphere. The specified temperature range in the various zones of the S-C furnaces is maintained within fine limits of accuracy by means of the latest type of infrared temperature control. Besides the continuous hearth S-C furnaces, the department also has a battery of batch type Dow furnaces for parts produced in smaller lots and requiring special heat treat cycles. Ring gears are quenched in a battery of Gleason quenching machines of the latest agitator type. Both soft and hard grinding of various parts is handled in a compact grinding department equipped with Cincinnati and Landis external grinders; and Heald internal grinders. This group has its own centralized cutting fluid system, circulated constantly through a large filter unit and returned to the coolant reservoir. Since these axles require a variety of types of gears: hypoid ring gears and pinions; helical gears; and bevel type differential gears, the gear department is quite extensive and exhibits many items of familiar equipment. For one example, there is a large Gleason department containing three of the latest type 608 ring gear roughers and three 609 gear finishers; three hypoid generators for roughing pinions and three for finishing pinions. A number of Gleason Revacycle machines also are being installed. In addition, there is the usual line of Gleason gear lappers and testers. The company is completing a sound test booth at the differential carrier assembly line for testing of complete assemblies. This will incorporate an unusual arrangement for checking drive, coast, and reverse function in the same setting. There are two rows of the latest type heavy duty Barber-Colman gear hobbers: some are of the short, compact bed style for hobbing helical gears, others are of long bed type for shafts. Clutch collars with internal splines are processed over Fellows gear shapers. At the present time a single Red Ring gear shaver suffices to take care of the finishing of helical gears before heat treat. Differential pinions are blanked from solid bar stock in a bank of the large Conomatics, then fed directly to the Gleason generators. One departure from the conventional : previously the spherical formation on the back of the differential pinion was ground to form; now the formation is finished rapidly and more accurately on a New Britain lathe. New Britain tracer lathes are employed for turning the drive pinion in one setting with a singlepoint tool. It is of interest that AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES. August

68 66 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968 Portion of the Cross Transfermatic pallet type transfer machine seen in this view. This machine handles final operations on the differential carrier mounting in the rear axle housing. Note the large pallets required to accommodate the long housing. Here we see the two parallel rows of Barber-Colman hobbing machines. Due to the narrow aisle it was not possible to show a close-up of any of the individual hobbers. this high speed job is done dry without cutting fluid. The most modern types of P & J heavy duty turret lathes are employed for the machining of differential cases and carriers. P & J 400 lathes machine differential cases; P & J 600 lathes much larger machines handle differential carriers. In each case the machines are installed in pairs: one for roughing, the other for finishing. The rear axle housing is machined in a group consisting of an initial operation for drilling the flanges; then it is transferred into a Cross Transfer-Matic of pallet type for boring, facing, drilling, and tapping of the differential carrier ring of the housing. This machine has seven working stations, plus stations for loading and unloading as well as for washing the pallets. The differential carrier is finished in a number of steps, starting with preliminary roughing operations performed in an 8-station Bullard Mult-Au-Matic of latest type. Then it goes into a five station indexing type Michigan R & B machine for boring, facing, drilling, and tapping of the lugs for the bearing caps. The caps are assembled after the machining cycle and the part is ready for final machining. Final operations are handled in two Buhr Economatic transfer machines: one for roughing, the other for finishing. Then there is a sophisticated robot, now in training, providing one of the brightest touches of modernity. The Unimate (Unimation, Inc., Bethel, Conn.) machine is of turret type with extensible arms terminating in an articulated grasping hand. It is designed to serve as an automatic loading and unloading system capable of tending two or three machines. The first unit now being programmed has a grasping hand suitable for transporting a ring gear. At first

69 PRODUCING REAR AXLES AT ROCKWELL-STANDARD continued it will serve two Bullard Mult-Au- Matics. It will load the gear in the chuck, later will unload the gear, turn it over for the second operation in a second Bullard. When positioned properly by motion study it can serve at least three machines within the radius of the extensible arms. By means of the robot it will be possible to run the set-up without operator attention. Considerable imagination and skill were brought to bear on the problems of reusing water, reclaiming certain cutting fluids, and chip handling. Water is a problem since the plant is built entirely on a rock formation, ruling out a well supply and making it mandatory to buy city water. Much of the water they consume is used in the washing machines. Instead of dumping the water into a sewer as waste, it is constantly circulated from the washers through a special settling tank. This flow contains dirt and oil removed from machined parts. Dirt particles drop down to the sump of the settling tank while the oil rises to the top. A small diameter rubber tube is arranged like a snake on the surface of the liquid and is moved constantly so as to trap the oil within the coil of rubber tubing. The trapped oil is then constantly skimmed off into a steel barrel, while the water is returned to the circulating system for reuse. The oil collected in the barrel is found to be perfectly suitable for reuse as a cutting oil. Thus the single simple system conserves both water and cutting oil. In general machining operations in transfer machines and other metal cutting machines use a sol- uble oil consisting of a Sunoco HD base mixed with from 15 to 20 parts of water. The grinding machines employ a grinding compound consisting of a semi-synthetic base mixed with 100 parts of water. Heavy cutting operations such as broaching, threading and tapping, and gear cutting employ a straight paraffin-base mineral oil to which they add certain other additives. The next step then is chip disposal and cutting fluid reclamafon. For chip disposal there is main trench traversing under the floor, terminating at the top of the floor plan where it discharges into the chip disposal system. Branches traverse the machine lines and discharge into the main trench. It is of interest that both steel and malleable iron, chips are mingled in this system. As the load of chips reaches the chip disposal system, the soluble oil mixture is permitted to drain off and is carried separately to a settling tank; the heavier cutting oil is mostly retained on the chips. The chip conveyor now enters a coarse crusher to break the chips into smaller pieces. Then it goes through another unit where large pieces such as gear blanks that may have been dropped into the trench are removed by blowing the chips onto another conveyor. Chips then go into a fine crusher where they are reduced to small particle size. Eventually, the chips are collected in a hopper and dumped at intervals into the centrifuge where the oil is removed completely, leaving the chips dry. Chips then are blown by air blast through a 6-in. pipe overhead which runs out of the building to a large hopper directly over open freight cars. It is notable that the hopper holds enough chips to constitute a car load. It is estimated that when the plant is running at full capacity they will dis- (Turn to page 88, please) Close-up of a pair of giant-sized P & J 400 turret lathes: one is used for roughing, the other for finishing; or to finish one end, then the other, depending upon the work piece. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

70 REPORT FROM MACHINE TOOL BUILDERS By A. Engineering Editor FOLLOWING A DECREASE in 1st Half orders of close to 10%, new business activity in the machine tool industry at the beginning of the 2nd Half appears to have changed but little perhaps slightly improved. At least that is the impression gained from AI's latest quarterly survey of what is happening in this industry. Before making our report, however, the background needs to be mentioned in order that the current situation might be better understood also to bring out that the over-all situation of the industry is not as "dismal" as the recent downs might indicate. In 1967, total net new orders from the statistics of the National Machine Tool Builders' Assn. amounted to $1422 million, 3iy 2 % less than 196G's $2076 million. But 1966 was a peak-level year and even with the large drop, 1967 doubled the average annual order volume for the years Shipments of machine tools in 1967 were undoubtedly at the highest rate in history. At $1806 million, the gain over 1966 shipments of $1685 million was 7.2 % and the 1967 volume was 2% times the average annual volume of shipments in Thus, 1967 shipments exceeded incoming new orders by $384 million. Nonetheless, a substantial order backlog of $1.3 billion was still outstanding as of January 1, In the 1st Half '68, net new orders were below those booked in the same period of At this writing, the statistics of NMTBA for only the first five months of 1968 are available. For that period, net new orders totaled $550 million almost 9% less than the $604 million booked during the same time of Thus far, however, the annual net-new-order rate in 1968 has been $1.32 billion much higher than many previous years. At the same time, shipments in the first five months of 1968 (as in 1967) continued to exceed incoming orders with a 5-month total of $736 million, versus the $550 million of orders. (Shipments so far this year are only a little less than the $748 million shipped in the first five months of 1967.) As a result according to estimates of NMTBA the industry's order backlog was reduced from the $1,317 billion of , to a stillsizable $1,131 billion at the end of May '68. With the above background in mind, this report has to do generally with the business conditions in the machine tool industry as of July 1 based on the reports from the builders which we have received during our latest calendar-quarter survey. As will be noted in the detail which follows, the individual positions of the various machine tool companies continue to differ widely. Therefore, we wish to caution that when presenting the end results of our survey they are intended to be in terms of the whole industry and not individual company conditions. In other words, the 25 responses from officials of leading builders of machine tools were consolidated and averaged out in an effort to give the over-all picture. Among the aspects reported in the following are the situations on order backlogs, automotive shares of orders on hand, inquiry activity, business outlook, automotive prospects, equipment deliveries, and prices: ORDER BACKLOGS In the questionnaire sent the machine tool builders, the first item requested the status of unfilled orders on hand as of July 1 compared to that at January 1, Order backlogs of "about the same" volumes were reported for 8 of the 25 companies. One comment here was, "About the same for period in question, but down from last year." Increases in order backlogs were given for 4 of the companies. The gains in the six month period were 3%, 10%, 10% and 35% which average +14 a /2%. Decreased order backlogs were listed for 13 of the companies ranging from 5% to 85%. For all of these companies the average down is 24.6%. Comment on an 18% decrease was, "General machine tool activity remains depressed, (along with) record shipments." On another 18% down the comment was, "New orders received off about 5% remainder of backlog drop due to cancellations." A third comment (25% lower order backlog) was, "Increased shipments have reduced delivery times for surface grinders." Over-all, the combined average for the 25 companies shows a decrease in order backlogs, July 1 versus January 1, 1968, of 10.4%. AUTOMOTIVE ORDERS Next, the builders were asked, "Percentagewise, how much of your total orders on hand as of July 1 is represented by orders from automotive companies?" One company had no automotive orders on the books while the other 24 had automotive-order shares varying from as little as 68 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES. August 1, 1968

71 2% to as much as 100% (all orders automotive). The latter company, incidentally, had no change in order backlog, July 1 versus January 1. Companies having automotiveorder shares of 50% or more numbered 7. In these cases, the automotive portions of total orders outstanding as of July 1 were 50% (two), 60% (three), 90%, and the 100%. One comment (50% automotive) was, "Aircraft and helicopter more active than automotive as such." A second comment (10% automotive) was, "No activity by automotive companies." Another comment (15% automotive) was, "Very few new programs and austerity drives are cutting down on automotive orders." When the figures are combined for the 25 companies including the zero for the company with no automotive orders the average automotive share of total orders on hand as of July 1 is 34.4%. Although more than one-third of all the outstanding orders, this is less than previously. For example, during the past three years or more the automotive share in some calendar-quarters (from our surveys) exceeded 50% and for the 5-year period averaged close to 45%. So while still sizable, automotive orders apparently have from the comments above and the current average declined somewhat during recent months. INQUIRY ACTIVITY Like the question concerning order backlogs, the relationship of inquiry activity at July 1 to that at January 1, 1968 was requested. Once again as in the case of our prior reports we get into some complications because the answers to this question cannot be taken at "face value." By way of illustration, the company with the largest order-backlog increase of 35%, July 1 versus January 1, is stated to have inquiry activity at the "same" level. In this instance, inquiry activity would seem to be continuing at a very good pace and represent much more than might be judged from just the word "same." On the other hand, a company with a down in order backlog of 18% is said to have an increase in inquiry activity of 15% indicating a rebound, but perhaps not as much of a gain in new-business prospects over the past as the 15% added inquiry activity itself might indicate. Consequently, in an effort to evaluate the replies to this inquiryactivity question to at least some degree, they will be related to something which the individual companies have been doing in the way of booking business namely, the changes in order backlogs which occurred during the 6-month period. Among the 25 replies, seven were to the effect that inquiry activity at July 1 was at the "same" level as that at January 1, These include the company with the higher order backlog of 35%; and two with downs in order backlogs of 5% and 22%. The other four companies had both the "same" inquiry activity and "same" order backlog (difficult to evaluate). More inquiry activity at July 1 ranging from 6% to a large 100% was reported for 10 companies. Most of these gains were less than 30% averaging for the 10 companies 23.6%. One of the 10 companies had 15%, more inquiry activity with the "same" order backlog. Two with increases in inquiry activity of 10% and 15% also had higher order backlogs of 10% and 3%, respectively. All of the other seven companies with more inquiry activity had lower order backlogs, July 1 versus January 1. Four of these had ups in inquiry activity of 6%, 10%, 10% and 15%, with downs in order backlogs of 12%, 15%, 50% and 18%. The remaining three companies had rises in inquiry activity of 25%, 30% and the 100%,, related to decreased order backlogs of 20%, 14% and 25%, respectively. Comment on the 15% increased inquiry activity (18% lower order backlog) was, "Our measurement is based on proposals which have definitely increased." For the company with 25 % increased inquiry activity (20% lower order backlog) the comment was, "Solid inquiries give hope to most builders that lag is temporary." Less inquiry activity at July 1 from January 1 was given for eight companies. Two of these reports were just checked "down" (no figure). The range on the other six is from 5% to 40% and the average -16%. One of these six companies, with a down in inquiry activity of 10%, had the "same" order backlog. Another had 15% less inquiry activity and an up in order backlog of 10%. Four companies reported downs in inquiry activity of 5%, 10%, 15% and 40%, along with lower order backlogs of 10%, 85%, 18%, and 25%, respectively. For all of the 23 companies reporting numerically, the combined average is +6.1%. If the effect of the unusually big gain in inquiry activity of 100% is not included, the average for the other 22 companies is +1.9%. Therefore, it would appear that inquiry activity at July 1 on the whole was slightly better than it was at January 1. BUSINESS OUTLOOK In the next survey question, the builders were asked what they thought the prospects were for new-order receipts in the 2nd Half, compared with 1st Half results. On this aspect also the individual responses may be measured to some extent by comparing them with the changes in order backlogs which took place during the 1st Half. The "same" volumes of orders as booked in the 1st Half were predicted for the 2nd Half by 10 of the 25 officials. Five of the 10 likewise had "no changes" in order backlogs. The other 5 had decreased order backlogs of 5%, 10%, 15%, 18% and 18%. One of the latter (18%) commented on the business outlook, "Difficult to predict under present political, economic and world conditions." Gains in 2nd Half over 1st Half new business were forecast by 10 of the officials. These range from 5% to 100% and average 25%. Two companies anticipating gains in 2nd Half orders of 15%. and 25% had the "same" order backlogs. Two others expecting gains of AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES. August 1,

72 REPORT FROM MACHINE TOOL BUILDERS continued 5% and 25% had higher order backlogs of 3% and 10%. All of the other six companies had lower order backlogs apparently foreseeing an upswing in 2nd Half orders. Three expected order rises of 10%, 15% and 15-20%, after reduced order backlogs of 14%, 50% and 20%. Three forecast 20%, 20% and 100% order gains, following decreases in order backlogs of 25%, 22% and 85%. However, comment on the 100% order rise was, "No new orders received in first six months." Decreases in 2nd Half orders from 1st Half orders were foreseen by four of the executives. Two of these expecting losses of 15% and 25% had higher order backlogs of 35% and 10%. For the other two, order drops of 2% and 20% were accompanied by lower order backlogs of 12% and 25%. One of the executives did not make a numerical prediction, but commented, "Surtax and tight money won't help." When combined for all of the 24 companies reporting figures, the average on 2nd Half order prospects works out to a foreseen gain of 7.8% over 1st Half '68 orders. In this instance, if the large 100% anticipated gain in 2nd Half orders is weighted-out, then the average for the 23 companies is a +3.8%. AUTOMOTIVE PROSPECTS Query as to whether any sizable new automotive business was "presently in sight" gave the following response: Among the 24 who replied, 10 checked "yes" and 14 checked "no." Two of the "no" reports had these comments: "Standard transmissions down automatics up." "Quotes outstanding, but held up for sundry reasons." Comments in the "yes" reports are: "Con-rod grinders indicates addition to engine lines. Abrasivemachining of housing and large casting (new method in place of milling)." "Two projects, accessories one in expansion, the other cost-reduction." "Automatic assembly is of great interest." "Possible purchase for cost-reduction." "Several large pending orders amounting to approximately 15% of current backlog." "About 30-40% of new business will be automotive." EQUIPMENT DELIVERIES For procurement-planning purposes, those addressed were asked whether they anticipated the delivery time on orders placed during the 4th Quarter '68 would be longer than that "now being quoted." Only one longer delivery of eight weeks was foreseen. No changes in deliveries were expected by 14 of the officials. One commented, "Increased manufacturing capacity will hold present delivery which is shorter than a year ago." Shorter deliveries on 4th Quarter '68 orders were forecast by 10 of the officials. The reduced delivery times named were 3, 4 (three), 4-5, 4-6, 6, 6-8, 10 and 16 weeks. Comment on one of the three 4 weeks' shorter time was, "Varies with product average 6 months, down from 7-9 months." Another comment (6-8 weeks less) was, "Depending on machine. Increased production expected from new manufacturing facility occupied April, 1968." PRICES With respect to the possibility of new price increases on machine tools, the builders again were very cooperative in responding to this confidential type of inquiry. The tabulation of replies shows 12 very recent or prospective price increases and 13 "no changes in prices." Comment on one of the latter was, "It is hoped that more productive manufacturing machine tools, plus abrasive machining techniques, wiil negate increased costs." The 12 indicated price rises are: "Went up 5-10%. selective on May 1, 1968." "3%" with no effective date given. "3-5%, effective immediately." "5%" without an effective date. "5-10%, effective Shop rate change already negotiated into our labor contract." "Have already increased prices on OBI's from 5% to 15%, July 1, Expect larger presses to increase before end of year, but do not know what per cent." "Prices have been increased 7 1 /2 %, effective July 1." "5-8 r ;" no effective date stated. "10%" no effective date. "10% within a month. Cost-push effect of union bargaining, plus increase in material costs, will force price rise." "5%, effective 3rd Quarter '68." "4%, effective January 1, 1969." RECOMMENDATIONS Finally, the machine tool builders (as heretofore) were asked, "Do you have any personal recommendations to make at this time to automotive industry officials which should be taken into account by them when planning for nearfuture machine tool acquisitions?" Typical comments submitted are the following: F. C. Means, sales manager, The Fellows Gear Shaper Co. "When considering a change in production methods, compare the new with current best practice in the old not with in-house equipment that may be obsolete. Economics may look different in an 'apples to apples' comparison. For example: Compare gear broaching with the very latest in gear shaping practices and equipment. Don't compare with shaping as it may exist in your shop on a 1922 machine." Company Spokesman "Look hard at significant advances already offered by surface grinder production, and accuracy using abrasive machining application." Company Spokesman "Longer lead time. Stabilize designs before releasing order." Company Spokesman "Place orders well in advance of scheduled requirements." Company Spokesman "A vote of thanks for their efforts towards allowance of sufficient lead time for machine deliveries. We are hopeful this will continue." 70 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

73 HAVE YOU HEARD By BILL BICKLEY, Materials Editor USI-CLEARING ENTERS PLASTICS FORMING MARKET Karl E. Peglow, President of USI-Clearing, Division of U.S. Industries, Inc., recently announced the company's decision to enter the plastics forming equipment market. Clearing will manufacture and market a standard line of vertically designed injection molding machines ranging from 200 to 5000 tons in clamp capacity. NEW NAME FOR AZI Because of its increasing international activities the American Zinc Institute has announced it has changed its name. As of April, 1968 the association is officially called the Zinc Institute. CHEVY TRANSMISSION Chevrolet has introduced a new low-cost transmission that eliminates the clutch pedal. The system called Torque-Drive allows two-speed shifting of gears and is available on the four and six-cylinder Chevy II Nova and the sixcylinder Camaro. BIG TEETH-CUTTER A metal-chewing unit, 50-tons by 90-in. stroke broach, can cut more than forty internal teeth simultaneously into a ring gear in less than a minute at Eaton Yale & Towne's Eaton Axle Division in Cleveland, Ohio. The ring gears are key parts of a 2-speed axle assembly produced at Eaton Axle. CHEMICALLY STRENGTHENED GLASS A fastback rear window that is pushed into the roof of a car on curved tracks.... ventilating a car by simply springing open one edge of the glass, these were a few ideas recently outlined by J.R. Blizard, Product Development Manager at Corning Glass Works. He also said that an advantage of using Chemcor chemically strengthened glass in fixed side and rear windows is weight reduction from standard thicker glass. Faster defrosting also would result from use of the thinner glass, he said. MORE SOLID-STATE AT FORD The switch is on to solid-state circuitry for some Ford Motor Company 1969 models. The brain of the Auto-Linear skid-control braking system, to be optional on the 1969 Thunderbird and Continental Mark III, is a paperback-booksized computer mounted beneath the glove compartment. Transistorized radios and stereo tape players have been available already. The recently introduced Continental Mark III premiered Ford's microelectronic voltage regulator, which also will be offered in the 1969 Thunderbird. The new optional automatic speed control, with solid-state components, will be offered for 1969 Fords and Mercurys. And an electronically-controlled sequential turn signal will be standard on the 1969 Cougars and later on in the model year on the Thunderbird. continued on next page AUTOMOTIVE IMDUSTRIES, August 1,

74 Continued from previous page MAGNESIUM CRANKCASE ON SIX-CYLINDER PORSCHE The six-cylinder Porsche automobile engine now has a magnesium crankcase which is the largest and most complex magnesium production die cast assembly ever made, according to one of Porsche's chief engineers. The crankcase weighs 36.6 pounds. The magnesium is supplied by The Dow Chemical Company, and the crankcases are pressure die cast by Mahle G.m.b.H., Stuttgart, Germany. FORD'S SKID-CONTROL BRAKING SYSTEM Ford Motor Company will offer the "Auto-Linear" skid-control braking system on some of its 1969 models. Made by Kelsey-Hayes, the computer-controlled unit will be available as optional equipment on 1969 Thunderbirds and Continental Mark Ill's. PLASTIC PLATING LINE A new equipment installation for electroplating plastic parts is now operational and in production at the Bay City, Michigan plant of The Prestolite Company, according to Gerald Brock, Bay City Plant Manager. It is running only ABS parts at this time, but it is equipped to handle polysulfone and polypropylene materials. BIAS/BELTED TIRES J.F. Hutchinson, Manager of Auto and Special Tire Engineering for The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, and T.E. Dow, Section Head for Radial/Ply Development authored a paper comparing the performance characteristics of bias-ply, radial-ply and bias/belted tires at the annual summer meeting of the SAE in Detroit. They concluded that tires of bias/belted construction, particularly those incorporating polyester body plies and fiber glass cord belts, will become the most important type of tire on the market within the next two years. 130-MPH TIRE A tire, three inches wider than conventional tires, has been developed by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. for its line of long-wearing Polyglas tires. It is currently being track tested on an experimental basis. J.J. Hartz, Vice President of Tire Development said it has a speed capability of more than 130 mph. TURBOCHARGERS AT INDY 500 AiResearch turbochargers boosted Offenhauser-powered cars to a record-breaking win at this year's Indianapolis 500. Not only was Bobby Unser's winning car turbocharger-equipped, but nine of the eleven finishing cars relied on the power boosting unit. The turbine unit is an exhaust-driven turbo-supercharger built by Garrett's AiResearch Industrial Division, Los Angeles. 72 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

75 HAVE YOU HEARD 72-IN. GALVANIZED STEEL STRIP LINE Galvanized steel strip up to 72-in. wide started rolling off the Inland Steel Company's fifth and largest galvanizing line.recently. It is located at the company's Indiana Harbor Works, East Chicago, Ind. FLOATING DISC BRAKE U.S. Patent No. 3,358,793 entitled "Compact Floating Disc Brake," has been issued to H-H Products Co., Inc. The mechanically-actuated caliper-type disc brake is primarily intended for light and medium duty applications. The floating mount arrangement accommodates misalignment of the disc and enables the disc to be attached rigidly to its shaft or axle as the case may be. SILENT CHAIN ON TURBINE CAR The STP-Lotus Turbocars rode on Morse Hy-Vo transmission chains in their power transfer cases in this year's Memorial Day "500" classic. The Hy-Vo chain, made by Morse Chain Div., of Borg-Warner Corporation is made of the same type of components used in the transmission chains of the front-wheeldrive Cadillac Eldorado and Oldsmobile Toronado passenger cars. STEEL GUARANTEE A "money-back-plus" guarantee of mold and die steel was announced by Crucible Steel Corporation. Crucible's warranty on its CSM-2 steel for plastic molds and die-casting dies says that if a customer runs across an irreparable defect, caused or overlooked by Crucible, then Crucible will reimburse the buyer for cost of the steel plus his direct labor. ROTARY ACTUATOR A medium, single vane, end mount Hyd-Ro-Ac hydraulic rotary actuator swivels a bucket to any desired digging angle on the all-hydraulic Rotograder excavator-grader built by Hein-Werner of Waukesha, Wisconsin. The 3000 psi Hyd-Ro-Ac actuator is produced by the Houdaille Hydraulics Division of Houdaille Industries, Inc., Buffalo, N.Y. ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROL A new automatic speed control for 1969 Ford and Mercury cars has gone into production at The Bendix Corporation's Automotive Electronics Division in Towson, Md. "The electromechanical components used before worked satisfactorily, but we think the solid state system is better," said J.A. Betti, Chief Engineer-Car Electrical Systems Engineering for Ford's Car Engineering Office. For one thing, the use of solid state systems permits a simpler design. In the speeds control, this means a new microelectronic amplifier which eliminates the mechanical switching components used before." AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

76 Exclusively Tinnerman... T-MARKEDTO PROVE IT PRODUCT: 12,000 varieties of SPEED NUT fasteners BENEFITS: Dependability. Versatility. Economy. With over 12,000 different sizes and types to choose from, you can fasten practically anything... better... with Tinnerman SPEED NUT brand fasteners. Spring steel SPEED NUTS have been used by the billions for years. They provide vibration-proof, low-cost fastening for all types of assembled products. The unique Tinnerman fastening principle eliminates lock washers, simplifies full-torque tightening of fasteners, prevents annoying "freezing" of the screw or bolt. Plastics-molded SPEED NUT fasteners provide additional forms of vibration-proof, shock-cushion fastening. are easy to use, cannot rust or corrode... ever. If your application requires a SPEED NUT fastener not available from the 12,000 varieties already developed, Tinnerman designers will help you get exactly what you require.. they develop over 25 new designs each week. Call your local Tinnerman sales office for information, samples, and recommendations. You will find it listed in most Yellow Pages directories under "Fasteners," also in Sweet's Product Design File. Or write to Tinnerman Products, Inc., Department^, Box6688, Cleveland, Ohio AUSTRALIA: Firth Cleveland Ply. Ltd., P. 0. Box 198, Ballarat, Victoria. CANADA: Dominion fasteners Ltd., Hamilton, Ontario. GERMANY: Mecano Slmmonds GMBH, P. 0. Box 1206, Heidelberg. 6REAT BRITAIN: Firth Cleveland Fastenings Ltd.. Trelorest, Walts. TINNERMAN Look for the Tinnerman"T" the mark of total reliability FRANCE: Rapid S. A., 3 rue Salomon de Rothschild, Suresnes (Seine). MEXICO: Resortes Mecanlcos S. A., Apdo. Postal , Mexico 14, D.F. 74 Circle 136 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

77 wmm ijpn Zinc. Make something of it. A talking point. Like the conversation pieces of functional and decorative die-cast zinc that 1968 Chevrolet Bel Air gives to its dealers and salesmen. Front-end parts and trim that give him his openers,- and rear-end appointments that back up his closing. A die-cast zinc instrument panel bezel that reflects value across-the-board. Windshield-washer motors and wipers for instant fingertip foresight; rear-view mirror frames to contain reliable hindsight. Die-cast zinc horns to blare the sound around them; radio housings to surround the sound within them; and shiny, ever-new nameplates with an unmistakable Be/ Air about them. Your salesmen have to talk top value at minimum cost; give them something to talk about. Give them zinc. Zinc die castings are used extensively on all new automobiles. Why zinc? Because they can make something of it. AMERICAN ZINC INSTITUTE AMERICAN METAL CLIMAX AMERICAN SMELTING AND REFINING ASARCO MEXICANA ' AMERICAN ZINC ANACONDA BALL BROTHERS BUNKER HILL CERRO SALES COMINCO DAY MINES EAGLE RICHER ELECTROLYTIC ZINC IAUSTRALASIAI GENERAL SMELTING HUDSON BAY MINING & SMELTING IMPERIAL TYPE METAL MATTHIESSEN & HEGELER ZINC NATIONAL ZINC - NEW MARKET ZINC NEW JERSEY ZINC NORANDA SALES OZARK-MAHONING PEND OREILLE MINES & METALS PLATT BROTHERS ST. JOSEPH LEAD SOCIETE METALLURGlQUE DU KATANGA (AFRICA) SUPERIOR ZINC U. S. SMELTING REFINING & MINING Circle 137 on Inquiry Card for more data

78 Theres a lot we know about polyester tire cord that you should know. After all, we helped pioneer polyester tire cord. We know it resists deterioration by heat and fatigue. And it fights stretching, so you have greater tire uniformity. No lumps, no thumps, just a smooth, quiet ride. And since we know what we're talking about, we'd like to talk to you about our high-tenacity polyester. When you specify Celanese polyester, you're going to make good mileage in the tire cord market. We have all the facts. Write: Celanese Fibers Marketing Company, Industrial Marketing Department, Room W-110, Barclay Downs Drive, Charlotte,North Carolina. Q. ELANESE Add a fiber from Celanese and good things get better 76 Circle 138 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968 Circle 139 on Inquiry Card for more data ^-

79 Racing cars are our "labs on wheels fatigue tests.screenin "' SKF's They blaze down straightaways at ^ Now, and in your cars of the future. three miles a minute. Four-wheel I Only SKF makes every type of n 'Hinu, drift through curves. In a few hours 180 ^ mph h bearing. For family cars.sports cars. theirhearingstakestressesgreater ' trucks and Grand Prix racers. tlnm in years of normal driving. Jg { (Hngines,forexamplt\reach9(}00 bearing For details on SKF :: bearings for 4 the automotive industry, write homework. Metal tests. Life and Pa., Dept. 889.

80 From this point overspray turns into wrap-around This Ransburg electrode does away with hit-or-miss spray. Electrostatic force goes to work on each paint particle. Spray hunts out the target, curving around recesses and into corners. Overspray turns back in midair. With paint that conventional air guns waste in overspray, Ransburg gives you electrostatic wrap-around on the sides and back of the work. Paint savings are startling: from 25% to 50% with R-E-A* air electrostatic... and from 30% to 70% with the super-soft spray of R-E-H* airless electrostatic. Equally important, you can get these savings with either manual or automatic equipment. Get the facts now. Write: Ransburg Electro-Coating Corp., Box 88220, Indianapolis, Indiana Circle 140 on Inquiry Card for more data

81 MCUI EQUIPMENT for PRODUCTION & PLANT FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, please use reply card at back of issue By BUI Bkklejf, Materials Editor Presses This standard line of straight side presses consists of two point to point models. It has tonnage capacities of and 300. The existence of a standard line allows Clearing to stock parts and eliminate special engineering costs, thus providing customers with improved delivery time at a lower price. USl-Clearing, Div. of U.S. Industries, Inc. Circle 40 on Inquiry Card for more data Electric Tools These high cycle electric tools have continuous outputs of up to 200 watts per pound of tool weight. Included in the lines are straight grinders with wheel diameters ranging from 4 in. to 8 in.: angle grinder-sander-polishers with wheel diameters from 4 to 9 in. and 7 and 9-in. pads; and drills with steel drilling capacities of 3/16, i/ 4, % and y 2 in. High cycle tools are operated by increased frequency three-phase current. They are offered in 360 cycles per second and varying revolutions per minute (depending on the type of tool and cps) up to 1,300 rpm. Robert Bosch Corp. Circle 41 on Inquiry Csrd for more data Flat Cable Connector Flexible flat cable can be terminated without cable preparation and without heat with the use of AMP-UNYT flexible flat cable connectors. They use an insulation piercing clip to make physical and electrical contact with the cable. The crimp-on, snap-in contacts avoid the uncertainties caused by heat of soldering or welding, and reinforce the end of the relatively fragile cable rather than weakening it by removal of the structurally necessary insulation. AMP Inc. Circle 42 on Inquiry Card for more data control panel with dual volt-ampere and wire feed speed adjustments, two motor-gear box combinations, a support arm with provisions for two wire spool adapters, and short lengths of control cable. The unit can be modified to accept No. 1 and No. 2 wire coils. A 75 to 1 gear ratio is standard and will feed wire in a range from 50 inches per second to 400 inches per second, but other ratios are available. Hobart Brothers Co. Circle 43 on Inquiry Card for more data Test Grips Universal Type "CA" Grips, called "RULE," can be used to test virtually any round or flat material for tensile strength. This includes plastics, glass, steel, aluminum, wood, rubber and many others. Wire Feeder The AGH-36 Dualmatic wire feeder is for manufacturers whose operations involve frequent changes of automatic welding wire. The feeder has separate wire feed speed and volt-ampere controls for each feed head. The standard Dualmatic includes a The grips have inner wedges which work on the eccentric principle: the greater the load, the tighter they hold. The wedges accommodate three different sizes of round specimens: % to y 2, y 2 to %, and % in. to 1 in. Wedges are for flat specimens up to 1 in. thick by 1% in. wide. W. C. Dillon & Co., Inc. Circle 44 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

82 When should you tell your wife about Kelsey-Hayes disc brakes Before you buy your next car. Then let our disc brakes do the talking. On a test drive. Right away, she'll feel the instant response, the firm, smooth stop. There's no lag. No mushiness. She'll have a new feeling of confidence underfoot. Your wife will like the gentle handling of your budget too. You will lower maintenance costs get more miles between relines. Another thing Kelsey-Hayes disc brakes are virtually unaffected by dust, water, ice and snow. A nice big load off her mind. And yours. For 1968, Kelsey-Hayes disc brakes are standard or optional equipment on: Thunderbird, Lincoln, Mercury, Ford, Barracuda, Valiant, Dodge Dart, Toronado, Eldorado. Kelsey-Hayes Company, Romulus, Michigan. KELSEY-HAYES 80 Circle 141 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

83 NEW PRODUCTS... AUTOMOTIVE-AVIATION FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, please use reply card at back of issue Bjf Bill Bicklejf, Materials Editor Fastener CARR-FLEX is a vibration damping fastener. It is made of a polyurethane elastomer that can be modified to fit a variety of uses. Variations can change vibration damping characteristics, strength of seal, abrasion resistance, temperature range and durometer. is unaffected by the presence of oil, lubricants, or coolants. S. Himmelstein & Co. Circle 71 on Inquiry Card for more data The fasteners can be applied in the plant with hand or power drivers requiring minimum torque. It can be attached blind. It is said to be impossible to over-torque. Besides damping vibrations, the fastener is ideal for holding components together, sealing holes, insulating components, and distributing clamp loads. Carr Fastener, Div. of United-Carr. Circle 70 on Inquiry Card for more data Shaft Torquemeter The MCRT 6-02T is a high speed, non-contact shaft torquemeter. It is used for continuous measurements and in torque feedback and adaptive control systems. Its short overall length (4% in.) and small diameter (4*4 in.) permit installation in the drive line of cars and other vehicles without structural modifications. The unit measures transmission shaft torques regardless of shaft speed, direction, acceleration or the presence of bending or axial loads. It Drain Plug This stripless drain plug was developed for the automotive and industrial field. The plug is made of Hycar nitrile rubber which withstands temperatures ranging from 70 F to 260 F. It is not affected by oil, acids, sludge, water, gasoline, or crankcase additives. The bulbous nose of the plug extends up into the inside of the oil pan. In the center of the nose, and in the center of the circular body of the plug which fits up against the outside of the pan, is a long hole which has been threaded to receive a bolt. When the bolt is screwed up into the plug, it stretches out the bulbous nose into a straight line so it can be inserted into the drain hole. Then the bolt is backed out of the plug so the nose returns to its round shape and seals the hole from the inside, as well as locking the circular body of the plug into place on the outside. The same procedure is used to remove the plug. In addition, a dustcap is inserted in the bolt hole to keep the threads clean during service. Accurate Products, Inc. Circle 72 on Inquiry Card for more data Battery Container This hard rubber battery container is claimed to enable battery manufacturers to produce standard size batteries with up to 35% more power capacity or smaller, lighter units that produce as much power as those presently in use. The key to the development is the ability to make high-strength, thinwall containers and covers using a modified hard rubber material. This frees space in the container for additional power generating elements and makes the container less susceptible to damage during battery assembly, shipping and operation. Molded Products Div., Amerace Corp. Circle 73 on Inquiry Card for more data Coating M/360 is designed for exterior and interior use on integral skin foams and synthetic rubber. It makes a chemical bond with flexible or hard substrates; and, it withstands heavy abrasion and severe stretching and flexing. The coating is highly resistant to water, salt, detergents, acids, alkalies, oils, gasoline, alcohol and most other solvents. It does not yellow, fade, chalk, peel or lose gloss. And it is flexible even at -40 F. Midland Industrial Finishes Co. Circle 74 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

84 SiSS structural pipe and L-50 tubing Another product with all the traditional Laclede qualities is in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Two grades are now available... L-36 structural pipe with 36,000 P.S.I, minimum yield strength and L-50 tubing with 50,000 P.S.I, minimum yield strength sizes, 1W' through 4" square... wall thicknesses up to W'- lengths up to 42 feet cut to your precise requirements. Write for your copy of 8 page design data bulletin. Precise lengths are saw cut assuring clean, burr-free ends LACLEDE STEEL COMPANY St. Louis, Missouri Programmed for Progress in Steelmaking Circle 142 on Inquiry Card for more data

85 New Products (Continued from page 81) Adhesive Hot-Strength Retaining Compound 40 and a Rotary Autobonder have been developed. The new adhesive resists temperatures as high as 400 F, and the new machine automatically applies the single-component adhesive to shaft-mounted assemblies such as rotors, gears and pulleys at 1,000 parts per hour. Use of the adhesive for mounting shafts permits slip-fit assembly and eliminates press fits. Major production-line savings are achieved by elimination of shaft-straightening operations needed with press-fit methods. Clearances between bonded shafts and other parts can range between in. and in. Cure time of new Hot-Strength Retaining Compound 40 is 30 seconds if parts are pre-heated to 250 F-300 F. For non-automated applications a cure-time of 30 minutes is obtained without pre-heating if Locquic Primer T is used, or a cure time of hours is obtained at room temperature without the primer. The adhesive has a shear-strength of 4,000 psi with pre-heated curing and a strength of 2,500 psi with primed or room-temperature curing. The assembly and bonding procedure with the non-indexing Rotary Autobonder begins with loading of rotors, gears or other parts on to the 36-position index table. As the table turns it carries the parts through an electric induction heater which brings them to 300 F. The heated parts then pass a station where adhesive-coated shafts are hand-inserted, then fall into a calibrated position. A fingertight bond strength is achieved almost immediately. The assemblies are removed from the table by the same operator who is loading the table with new parts. Loctite Corp. Circle 75 on Inquiry Card for more data Solid State Inverter Wico is a solid state inverter package. It is used for powering electroluminescent panels for ornamental, indicator or light source purposes in aircraft, tractor, bus, truck and passenger car applications. The unit is used with either 12 or 24 volt engine electrical systems. It is designed to perform with inputs from 12 to 16 vdc in a 12-volt system, and 24 or 32 volts in a 24-volt system. The device changes dc battery power to the high-voltage ac output required to power electroluminescent panels. In terms of circuitry, the inverter is a transistorized oscillator with a step-up transformer. The Prestolite Co. Circle 76 on Inquiry Card for more data Foot Brake Actually two valves combined into one unit, the Lockheed Model FGB is used on air braked vehicles with spring set brakes. The foot application valve allows the driver to make immediate emergency brake applications in the event of failure in the service brake air system. The upper section is a standard air application valve present on all air braked vehicles and used to actuate the service brake system. The lower or modulating section is made to control the release of air from the spring brakes in the event of an air supply loss in the service brake system. During an emergency the driver is able to keep both hands on the steering wheel and is then in complete control of the vehicle. Wagner Div., Wagner Electric Corp. Circle 77 on Inquiry Card for more data Nylon Fastener A shock absorber as well as a fastener, TITE-GRIP is unaffected by vibration, corrosion, or weather, and sets easily with a few taps from a hammer. As the fastener is tapped into place, a nylon web splits, forcing the nylon legs to separate at a wide angle, an action which is said to produce great holding strength. Designed for a variety of blind, hollow core, and solid applications, the unit is expected to find wide use in mounting liners, scuff boards, rub rails, plates and reflectors in transportation and other industries. The Molly Co., Div. of United Shoe Machinery Corp. Circle 78 on Inquiry Card for more data Fasteners Vibresist is the name of a line of locking screws and locknuts. They create frictional resistance to back-off with large areas of thread flank contact. Primary applications for the fasteners are in all types of equipment where loosening from dynamic or vibratory loads is a constant threat. Their resistance to vibration-loosening results from controlled axial deflection of threads rather than non-metallic coatings, plastic inserts, deformations or spring wire. Russell, Bursdall & Ward Bolt and Nut Co. Circle 79 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

86 Two different problems: PULL EMERGENCY BRAKE Built to take it. Control knobs like these Butyrate ones made by Shakespeare Products Division for '68 cars, trucks and airplanes have to be more than stylish and modern. They have to be tough. Particularly so since many of them are forced on over metal rods on the assembly line. Eastman TENITE Butyrate can take this rough assembly treatment and stand up on the job, too. Available in an almost infinite variety of colors, easily moldable and durable, Butyrate has proved itself for control knobs. Back-up blackout. When one major car manufacturer's back-up light lenses (which are close to the gas tank opening) began to fail because of gasoline spillage, back-up lighting was a real problem. That's why he switched to Eastman TENITE Butyrate for clear lenses. It's tough, durable, impervious to gas spillage. Developing materials with special characteristics to meet special problems is part of Eastman's Extra Effort. One answer. Common to solving these automotive problems was Eastman's Extra Effort. What is it? Different things to different customers. It might be a design or production tip. Even a marketing suggestion. Over-all, it's an assurance that Eastman is going to help solve your problems. You can count on EEE when you place a materials order. Call in your Eastman man. Or write: EASTMAN CHEM- ICAL PRODUCTS, INC., Kingsport, Tenn Subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company. Eastman Plastics Circle 143 on Inquiry Card for more data

87 Here are our four basic gear hones We make a full line (actually the broadest) of hones*. So you're always sure of getting the right hone for the right job. Basically, we offer four types: epoxy, epoxy-nylon, carbide-sprayed steel and polyurethane. Plus 59 formulations. As if this weren't enough, we'll even custom formulate hones to meet any specific need. How good are they? One manufacturer switched to our hones and cut honing time by more than half. We can show you how to put a better finishing touch on the gears you build. Ask us to prove it. Too bad we can't show our 59 varieties If you'd like more information about our gear hones, mail this coupon to: Michigan Tool Co., 7171 E. McNichols Rd., Detroit,,"' Michigan / o,. Manufactured under U.S. patents ^ 3,212,869, 3,183,638. ^' Make & Type of honing machine State Zip - MICHIGAN TOOL, A UNIT OF EX-CELL-O CORPORATION AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968 Circle 144 on inquiry c«d for more data 85

88 What solvent insures absolute cleaning of needle bearings? Torrington says: The Torrington Company of Torrington, Conn., must manufacture and deliver absolutely clean needle bearings. Only FREON solvent meet Torrington's rigid standards of productcleaning. Infact,FREON's superior performance actually raised the general quality of the needle bearings. FREON is a selective solvent it cleans without affecting materials of construction. Its low surface tension penetrates the smallest pores and crevices. Its high density floats away all contaminants. FREON is nonflammable and relatively nontoxic. And its excellent stability permits reuse after simple distillation. Chances are you can clean faster, better and more economically with FREON. For more information, write Du Pont Co., Room 6652, Wilmington, Delaware (In Europe, write Du Pont de Nemours International S.A., FREON & VALCLENE Department, 81 route de l'aire, CH 1211 Geneva 24, Switzerland.) Better Things for Better Living... through Chemistry 86 Circle 145 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

89 MM In eight years, we haven't found a single reason why you shouldn't switch to Stopmaster Brakes. Stopmaster Brakes have been on the road longer than any other wedge brake. Long enough to have proved themselves superior to any other brake you can buy. And now that other manufacturers have tried imitating them, Stopmasters are still superior. Because none of the others have our double-lip actuator seals. And they don't have our single-source supply capability. And they don't have eight years of field experience to back them up. For some more reasons to specify Stopmasters, write: Brakes, Rockwell-Standard, Clifford at Bagley, Detroit, Michigan ROCKWELL-STANDARD NORTH AMERICAN ROCKWELL CORPORATION Circle 146 on Inquiry Card for more data

90 PRODUCING REAR AXLES AT ROCKWELL-STANDARD (Continued from page 67) To stop premature paint failure Don't paint over metal and get a better bond. CrysCoat makes metal more receptive to paint; more tenacious in retaining it. It also makes metal more resistant to underpaint corrosion. Not a single process, CrysCoat is a whole line of specialized phosphate coating materials. One to suit every pre-paint need. For example, there are CrysCoat Processes to establish iron or zinc phosphate coatings; processes applicable by spray washer or tank immersion, in three or start with CrysCoat 'Oakite process that prepares metal for paint.. Paint over CrysCoat more stages and at low as well as high temperatures. Finally, CrysCoat offers an additional unique advantage Oakite in-plant service through our own local Technical Service Representatives. There are 300 Oakite men in the field, so Oakite service is always there when you need it. Nights and weekends included. That's to insure you get out of CrysCoat all the benefits we build into it. Try us. Call the Oakite Action Line or write. OAKITE, OAKITE PRODUCTS, INC., 50 VALLEY ROAD, BERKELEY HEIGHTS, N. J Cable: OAKITE, BerkeleyHeights In Canada: OAKITE PRODUCTS OF CANADA, LTD., ONTARIO pose of 100,000-lb of chips every other day, equivalent to 25 tons of chips per day. Incidentally, the oil from the centrifuge is pumped into a filtering and settling tank where it is heated to a temperature of around 180F to destroy bacteria. Then the filtered oil becomes suitable for reuse. By the time this article is in print the company will have in operation a comprehensive TELE- CONTROL center for monitoring the operation of major machines in the plant. The Telecontrol Center, housed in the office area, is connected to 200 or more machines each of which has a small control panel plus a counter activated by the operator as a piece is finished. The small console on the machine has a pointer which can be moved into position by the operator to indicate a shut-down due to lack of material, or need of a tool change, or maintenance, or for other causes. This signal is received at the Center where the operator then calls for a supervisor to check the machine. When the supervisor determines the cause for shut-down he plugs in his phone jack and reports to the Center. The operator at the Center then communicates with the proper supervisors to get the machine back to work. All of the information relating to the shut-down is recorded on the memory circuit of the computer; also the number of pieces produced. At intervals this information is run off on tape for quick analysis by supervisors and the general manager. This recap provides the information as to the efficiency of the machine, i.e., its performance against standards; a record of down time and reason for down time. It also serves eventually as a means of appraising the value of a given make of machine in terms of efficiency and freedom from maintenance problems. Its most important function, however, is to keep management informed of machine performance by the end of a shift rather than a day later. 88 Circle 147 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

91 Hydraulic Valve lifters... mass-produced with toolroom precision by EATON SAGINAW DIVISION The ability to achieve tolerances uncommon in high-volume production... tolerances as close as 1/100 the diameter of a human hair... has made Eaton Saginaw the world's largest independent manufacturer of hydraulic valve lifters. And every valve lifter in every set of eight, twelve, or sixteen is a perfect match for every other lifter in the set. EATOI^f hydraulic valve lifters provide a cushion of oil to quiet the metal-to-metal action of cam, lifter and push rod. Engine noises are greatly reduced. The same technical know-how and technique are applied to the manufacture of a wide variety of other Eaton Saginaw products. Like the other Eaton Yale & Towne divisions listed below, this division is an important supplier to the automotive, aircraft, diesel, marine, industrial and tractor fields. Quality is built into every Eaton Yale & Towne product. m? Mt EATON YALE TOWNE EATON EATON EATON EATON SAGINAW AUTOMOTIVE MARSHALL PRECISION DIVISION SAGINAW, MICHIGAN CANADA LTD. LONDON, ONTARIO DIVISION MARSHALL, MICHIGAN PRODUCTS CANADA LTD. WALLACEBURG, ONTARIO EATON SPRING DIVISION DETROIT, MICHIGAN EATON SPRINGS CANADALTD CHATHAM, ONTARIO EATON VALVE DIVISION BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968 Circle 148 on Inquiry Card for more data

92 RIVER BRAND Galvanized Steel Sheets Have It AVAILABILITY... both electrogalvanized and hot-dip galvanized in a wide variety of coating weights. RIVER ZINC, Kawasaki's new electrogalvanized steel, offers both superior paintability and formability the ideal combination for manufacture of fenders, sills, gasoline tanks, heaters and many other auto components. Treated with phosphate or chromate, and oiled if desired, RIVER ZINC is supplied in wide coils, hot or cold rolled. Kawasaki produces continuous hot-dip zinc-coated sheets in two types: KTG and KAG. Use KTG Grades where especially high corrosion resistance is prerequisite. KAG Grades are recommended where paintability and formability are more significant than corrosion resistance. FORMABILITY... through fine quality RIVER BRAND Steel Sheet and Strip base metal. Few other brands match RIVER BRAND Galvanized Sheets in formability. Coated on modern galvanizing lines by specialists of long experience, KTG and KAG Sheets offer superior mechanical properties. KAG Sheets, in particular, retain the excellent formability of top quality RIVER BRAND Cold Rolled Steel Coils. And RIVER ZINC, produced on the latest electrogalvanizing/chemicaltreating line, exhibits formability even superior to that of the base metal itself. Furnished to any internationally-acknowledged specification, RIVER BRAND by Kawasaki Steel measures up to the severest of requirements. Write today for detailed information. KAWASAKI «vslmand STEEL CORPORATION KOBE & TOKYO, JAPAN Cables: "KAWATETSU KOBE" "RIVERSTCORP TOKYO" New York Office: 29 Broadway, New York, NY Los Angeles Office: 530 West 6th Street., Los Angeles, Calif Duesseldorf Office: 4000 Duesseldorf, Graf-Adolf-Platz 3, West Germany Main Products: Plates Hot & Cold Rolled Sheets & Strip Galvanized Sheets & Coils Tinplate Silicon Steel Sheets & Strip Stainless Steel Stainless-Clad Steel Pipe Bars & Bars in Coil Wire Rods Parallel Flange Beams Light Gauge Steels Wire Rope Welding Electrodes 90 Circle 149 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

93 Foiled again, by a Thinline-X Seal. It's the closest thing yet to a "dry Seal." Perfect for applications which require the containment of highly-volatile or gaseous liquid chemicals such as Freons. And the Thinline-X Seal gives you the superior qualities of a mechanical seal in the same space normally required by a lip seal! Superior properties? Full 360 load distribution, pressures to 300 psi dynamic and 800 psi static, temperatures to 500 F., shaft diameters to 2W' and speeds to 15,000 rpm. And because it takes up no more space than a lip seal, you save money with shorter shafts, lighter support bearings, less complicated castings and machining, resulting in more compact over-all design. If you're designing for anything from air conditioners to aero-space applications, you should know about Thinline-X Seals. And you can. By writing for full engineering, specifications data on dimensions, materials, and other pertinent information, to: *Du Pont registered trademark artist. Brummer Seal DIVISION OF BORG-WARNER CORPORATION 1320 McKinley Avenue, Chicago Heights, Illinois industrial products B0RGXWARNER AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968 Circle 150 on Inquiry Card for more data 91

94 Armco ideas in steel for the automotive industry Examples: Armco Cold-Rolled Steel makes these tough-to-form parts at least cost

95 This door frame and exhaust pipe are two extra-tough parts to form. But using Armco Cold-Rolled Steel, the manufacturer fabricates them with no difficulty, at lowest overall cost. Rejects are practically zero. What's more, Armco Cold-Rolled provides the excellent surface quality needed for the automotive quality paint finish on the door frame. These results are possible because Armco applies creative steelmaking know-how and 65 years' experience to produce "Job Tailored" Cold-Rolled Steels. On each job, your specific needs are carefully determined. Then Armco tailors the steel to most effectively and efficiently meet your design and fabrication requirements. Armco Cold-Rolled Steels also help cut costs because they have consistently uniform high quality. Produced on the most modern steelmaking facilities in the industry, they meet the highest possible standards of surface quality, flatness and uniform thickness. Use the advantages offered by the combination of Armco ideas in steel and Armco's many automotivequality steels. They can help meet your specific design and fabrication requirements at least cost. Just call your nearest Armco Sales Office or write for complete information. And be sure to ask for our new "Armco Hot- Rolled and Cold-Rolled Steel" catalog. Armco Steel Corporation, Dept. E-2378, P. O. Box 600, Middletown, Ohio Circle 151 on Inquiry Card for more data

96 Seven manufacturing shortcuts you can use with Malleable Iron. Many money saving production techniques are possible with Malleable iron castings. Here are just a few of them. 1. Minimize Chip Removal. The short Malleable chip can be removed from the cutting area far more easily than spiral turnings. With most materials, chip removal is a manual operation which requires at least some downtime. The Malleable chip is so small, however, that the coolant flow usually is sufficient to keep the cutting area clean. On a vertical lathe, for instance, coolant washes the chips into a storage bin, after which they are collected on a belt conveyor and deposited into a transfer cart. 4. Built-in Wrench. A special recess to 2. Take a Deeper Cut. When a steel chip fit a hex-shaped bolt head can speed turns blue, it is at or near its optimum assembly time by as much as 40%. This temperature. This usually means the part is a Malleable tool bar clamp production rate is also as high as it can go. But this isn't necessarily true in which is removed several times during a day to accommodate tool changes. The internal design keeps the bolt from turning, giving the operator a free hand to position tools while he tightens the nut with the other hand. 5. Carbide Tooling. Carbides give superior results with most materials. For Malleable, tests sponsored by Malleable Founders Society show carbides provide 3Vi times the cutting speed of high speed steel tools when cutting the machined surface, and twice the speed when removing the casting surface. Steel cutting w ii._ TM- w,,.i _ u grades of carbide K(such as C-6) provide Malleable. The Malleable chip, being,...., the best tool life. small, concentrates heat in a limited area., , 6. Thread-Rolling. Automatic thread- It s possible to increase production at...,.,,.,.., rolling is not limited to production of the same speed by simply increasing the feed rate. This creates a bigger chip, which in turn can absorb more heat. 3. Punch Holes. It is usually more economical to punch rather than drill holes in Ferritic Malleable castings. Guide: The diameter of the hole must be greater than the thickness of the metal section to be pierced, and the hole must be at least the distance of the radius away from the edge of the casting. standard screws and bolts. It can be used equally well to form precise low cost threads on Ferritic Malleable iron castings. This steering gear adjuster nut for an automobile is 2.5" in diameter and has 18 threads per inch. 7. Double Life of Milling Cutters. When ) kf. i _ n hl i F ii 3 l milling Malleable iron, the microstructure of the material permits the use of negative radial and axial rake angles. This tool geometry gives best results for deep cuts and heavy feeds, and also permits the use of all eight corners on the carbide insert. (Using positive rake angles in this situation permits the use of only four corners of the insert.) For more cost saving ideas, send today for your free copy of "22 Production Shortcuts With Malleable Iron Castings." MEMBER E R s S O MALLEABLE FOUNDERS SOCIETY UNION COMMERCE BUILDING CLEVELAND, OHIO Circle 152 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

97 SPICER CON-V EL PARISH PERFECT CIRCLE VICTOR New Spicer driveshafts survive torture test. Spicer inter-axle driveshafts showed few signs of wear after 2800 laps on a test track that normally destroys truck components within 1500 laps. These shafts incorporate two new developments never before available for fully articulated tandem and tri-axle installations. One development is the Spicer wide-angle universal joint which permits full articulation of the suspension system through 45 angles in either direction. The second development is the Spicer Glidecote Spline that reduces sliding friction and practically eliminates spline galling. A new plastic coating reduces thrust loads and permits the critically needed rapid extension and compression of the slip member. This coating is so tough that even make-or-break torture tests reduced the thickness of the coating by only.001 of an inch. For more information, write Dana Corporation, Dept. 86, Toledo, Ohio Spicer Glidecote Splines cutslidingfrictionupto75%. Spicer wide angle universal joints pivot up to 45 degrees.

98 0 Like that galvanized steel? We don't blame you. Galvanized is one of the most versatile steels in our repertoire. And the galvanized samples you see in the act aren't all. We make hundreds of different kinds of galvanized sheets. All kinds of widths. All kinds of gages. All kinds of surface finishes. You ain't seen Why so many different kinds of galvanized? Customer dissatisfaction! We started with just one kind of galvanized, 63 years ago. As we saw the uses for galvanized grow, we knew that our customers would be demanding different kinds of galvanized. Different qualities. Different coating weights. Different spangles. And a variety of characteristics like various

99 fc * I J^^^^^^fc, nothin'yet! formability and fabricating properties for hundreds of different end uses. So we made 'em. What have we done for you lately? This year we've installed another new galvanizing line. Our fifth. This gives us more galvanized capacity, in one place, than anybody. And when we think you'll be wanting even more, we'll be ready to deliver. You ain't seen nothin' yet! Inland Steel Company, 30 West Monroe Street, Chicago, Illinois AC 312 Financial Inland Steel Our 75th year. Circle 153 on Inquiry Card for more data

100 Free Technical Literature... for Your Free Postcard Inquiry Service. Circle the number you want on the fold-out inquiry postcard at back of issue and mail promptly Machining Centers 1 Catalog No. C-401 discusses case histories of 11 companies using the Cintimatic N/C Machining Centers. Testimonials are backed up by detailed explanations of how each machine does its planned job. Cincinnati Lathe and Tool Co. Fasteners 2 Booklet AS-711 is a selection guide showing a line of Shakeproof selfdrilling fasteners. It aids specifying the correct fastener for a wide range of material types and thicknesses. Shakeproof, Div. Illinois Tool Works Inc. Oil Cooler 3 Catalog 3568 discusses the Type OCH air cooled oil cooler. The 10-page catalog presents data on oil coolers for hydraulic circuits, reduction gears, torque converters, machine tools and process fluids. The Young Radiator Co. Tools 4 Publication H-102 describes a line of reciprocating Di-Profilers, Rotary Hand Pieces and accessories for filing, lapping, honing, polishing, deburring, scraping and sawing applications. The Hyprez Div., Engis Equipment Co. Pipe Tap 5 Besly SAE short Dryseal taper pipe tap is covered in this bulletin. It is a bottoming chamfer tool for tapping holes of restricted depths. Stock items tap sizes from 1/16 through 3 A in. with medium hook angle for general purpose tapping. Typical applications in automotive and farm tractor manufacturing operations include production of carburetors, fuel and hydraulic fittings and engine accessories. Besly- Welles Corp. Controls 6 Pub. LN-180 is the Cutler- Hammer Power Distribution and Control catalog. Added are 8 new product lines of motor starters, pushbuttons, relays, and reed switches. Also included are circuit breakers, load centers, safety switches, timers, busways and power centers, brakes and solenoids, panelboards and switchboards. Cutler-Hammer. Needle Bearings 7 "Bremen Needle Roller Bearings" catalog contains 16 pages. The line described in this catalog includes open and closed end caged drawn cup needle roller bearings, grease retained drawn cup needle roller bearings, needle roller thrust bearings and races, and loose needle rollers. SKF Industries, Inc. Snap-Action Switches 8 Feather-Light Force Miniature Snap-Action Switches are covered in this 4-page brochure. Operating forces approach %th that of previous standards on the company's amp versions. The 3-amp series with operating force as low as 1% grams maximum, with 2% in. long external actuator is also covered. Cherry Electrical Products Corp. Adhesive Sealer 9 No data sheet discusses the Cycle Weld K-182 adhesive sealer. Formulated for controlled thixotropy, the material extrudes readily and bonds aluminum to itself or to glass. It also serves as a sealant between any porous or nonporous surfaces, becoming tack-free in 3 to 5 minutes, offering 1 low-temperature flexibility down to 40 F, and showing no flow or loss of adhesion when heated as high as 300 F. Chemical Div., Chrysler Corp. Broaching Machine 10 Type T 3-way broaching machine is the subject of this 6-page bulletin. It is for internal and surface broaching, plus arbor, assembly and straightening work. Capacity is 6 to 15 tons, with 32, 42, and 48 in. strokes. Sundstrand Machine Tool Div., Sundstrand Corp. Coil Conversion 11 Comprehensive study on justifying the purchase of a W&S Coil Conversion System. It compares savings in sheeting operations before and after installing the system. Lima Div., The Warner & Swasey Co. Electroforming 12 "Facilities For Production Of Electroformed Nickel Shapes And Molds" is the title of this bulletin. It contains six examples of Budd Electroforming. Capabilities and tolerances are described. The Budd Co. Foundry Equipment 13 Bulletin FY-182 discusses foundry equipment. The 16-page bulletin covers induction and Hydro-Arc electric furnaces, cupola continuous melters and ladles, from hand-held to 200-ton models. Also shown are details of a complete melting and holding system at Chrysler's Huber Avenue Foundry. Whiting Corp. Aluminum Wheels 14 "Alcoa Aluminum Forged Disc Wheels Service Manual and Operating Instructions" is the title of this publication. It contains data on care and handling of Alcoa's precision forged and machined drop center wheel for tubeless tires, and conventional flat rim for tube-type. Aluminum Company of America. 98 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

101 Engineering Library Tube End Forming 25 Eight-page illustrated brochure describes capabilities of Vaill machines. They form almost any kind of flare, flange or bead on the end of tubing ranging from % to G in. diameter. Machinery Div., The Torrington Co. Iron Castings 15 "22 Production Shortcuts With Malleable Iron Castings" is the title of this 10-page booklet. It offers some tips on machining and other processing of malleable castings. Malleable Founders Society. Milling Machines 16 Complete line catalog on milling machines contains 16 pages. Eight mills are included ranging from the basic No. 1 Half/Mill to twin headed Hy-Flex heavy duty production units. U.S.-Burke Div., Houdaille Industries, Inc. Wire Feeder 17 Bulletin PA-5 covers a portable automatic wire feeder for flux-cored and fine wire welding in 4 pages. Compact dimensions, and a detachable drive unit permit entry through openings down to 18 in. diameter. The Mc- Kay Co. Hydraulic Power Unit 18 Bulletin No. VJ-68 describes the capabilities of a portable, 2-stage hydraulic power unit called the Vanguard Jr. The high-pressure motor driven power unit provides a source of power for numerous applications usually performed by hydraulic hand pumps. Otvatomia Tool Co. Spark Plugs 20 The 1968 spark plug catalog covers 18 engine categories for plug applications. The 48-page catalog also has a buyer's guide and a cross reference section listing plugs with other manufacturers. Automotive Parts Div., Borg-Warner Corp. Drill Jig Bushings 21 Form lists more than 2000 types of drill jig bushings available in stock for immediate delivery. The bushings are machined from highcarbon, chrome-bearing steel with 59- deg lead-in chamfer for proper tool entry and bore hardened to Re. DoALL Co. Rubber Parts 22 How to improve the resistance to oxidation, fatigue life and processing safety of rubber parts by correct compounding is described in two technical bulletins published by the rubber chemicals group of Monsanto Company's Organic Chemicals Div. Magnetic Metalforming 23 Bulletin #110 details the features of the M-Series MAGNEFORM machines. They are designed for maximum flexibility to meet the energy, production, and installation requirments for a wide range of magnetic pulse metalforming and assembly applications. Gulf General Atomic Inc. Portable Sprayer 26 Bulletin F discusses the Model 674 sprayer. It has a solution capacity of 4% gallons, and an adjustable spray nozzle which can apply detergent solution in a non-splash "whivlspray" pattern. Effective range is in excess of 8 ft. Oakite Products, Inc. EDM Machine 27 Bulletin 14G discusses the Lectra- Form Model 242 EDM machine. The general-purpose machine has a multipositioning workhead. Case histories, machine description, specifications and floor plan are included. Lectra-Form Dept., Ex-Cell-0 Corp. Gear Tester 28 Gleason No. 513 Hypoid Tester is discussed in this 12-page bulletin. Capable of testing spiral bevel and hypoid gears, the machine automatically identifies gear sets as acceptable or reject, on the basis of running quality. Gleason Works. N/C Lathe 29 Bulletin 470 discusses a slant-bed N/C lathe called the Numeriturn II- 20. It has a 6-station vertical turret with curvic coupling indexing, current sensing devices for automatic overload cutoff, and closed loop turret positioning where one portion of the sequence must be completed before another can begin. Lodge & Shipley Co. Test Equipment 19 Bulletin CA-8401 details the activities and products of this company's automotive test equipment department. It presents many of the test stands already built for a wide variety of applications in the automotive and off-road equipment industry. A special section describes the new carburetor test and adjustment stand. Cox Instrument, Div. of Lynch Corp. Robots 24 Newsletter No. 8 details the production of structural shapes by high frequency welding, the economics of employing industrial robots, and advances in welding of ultra-thin materials. Guidelines to determine the point at which Versatran industrial robots should be employed in plant production operations are included. AMF Thermatool, Inc. Torque Sensors 30 Bulletin 518 describes BLH torque sensors. The electronic transducers produce electrical readouts directly proportional to applied torques without changing the shaft speed or torque. They are coupled directly into a line of shafting and use the bonded strain gage principle to derive torque readings. BLH Electronics, Inc. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1,

102 MANUFACTURERS' ALWAYS man SELF-THREADING THE NO-CHIP SELF-THREADING INSERTS THAT LOCK THEMSELVES IN SpeedSerts represent a wholly new concept in the field of inserts. The wave form threads extending the entire length of the insert, except for end chamfers, "roll" their way with a zero tolerance fit through the base material without cutting. This action prevents the formation of chips. Due to the wave crest of the thread, the base material is pushed back gently and then returns behind the wave crest to lock the Speed- Serts from backing out. This depression between the wave crests relieves the outward pressure which, in its absence, would distort the base material. The long wave crests provide substantial shear values that assure high resistance to pull-out forces. SpeedSerts are provided with chamfers at both ends, making them easily installed from either end. This facilitates hand feeding and simplifies automated arrangements. AVAILABLE In... (1) Carbon Steel (2) Stainless Steel (300 Series) (3) Brass (4) Internal Thread Lock (5) Studs, too SpeedSerts may be installed easily into cored or drilled holes from either end Write TODAY for Eight Page Illustrated Brochure JLTRWffiR /fwljstr/es FHSTEHER DtiftSiO/1 NEWTON INSERTS / CALFAX FASTENERS 3000 W. Lomita Blvd., Torrance. Calif (213) / TWX Office Building Started Construction has started on a 10,500 sq ft office building at 2150 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y., for the Caplugs and Mokon Divs. of Protective Closures Co., Inc. A 6000 sq ft addition to the plant and warehouse was recently completed increasing the floor space to 86,000 sq ft. Ernest W. Dormeyer, president, said the new offices would have twice the space of the present administration building. The additional area, he added, will permit a 50% increase in office personnel and provide room for a complete electronic data processing department. Avco New Idea Laboratory Construction has begun on a $250,000 engineering test laboratory at the Avco New Idea Farm Equipment Div. in Coldwater, O. The 50 by 181 ft building represents the third expansion at the plant in three years. The facility is expected to be completed in October. Thread Plug Gage All Vermont Products, including Gage Rebuilding Services, are available across the country exclusively through authorized industrial dis. tribute rs. fl SERVICE FOR SPECIAL GAGES VERM Vermont's Gage Division now makes available special custom types and sizes of both Thread Plug Gages and Ring Gages in half the usual time. The installation of additional equipment and skilled craftsmen make this fast service possible. In fact, Vermont guarantees to ship most special Thread Plug Gages in 10 to 14 days or less... and special Thread Ring Gages in 14 to 20 days. A new Gage Circular and additional information are available upon request. l/edi\yioivit TAPAND DIE V C H IVI LJ l\l I COMPANY LYND0NVIUE. VERMONT AREA CODE 80S/ Circle 154 on Inquiry Card for more data Circle 155 on Inquiry Card for more data AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

103 Here's more evidence of total toughness in silicone rubber Abrasion tests prove outstanding wear-resistance Rugged laboratory tests prove that new, high performance Silastic silicone rubber is at least 6 times more abrasion resistant than the best previous high strength silicone rubber. We subjected samples of both rubbers to the same punishing wear conditions on a standard test abrader. Photo shows the result... only one-sixth as much rubber worn from the high performance silicone rubber (right) as from the other. Greater resistance to abrasion and wear means that parts made from Silastic brand silicone rubber suit tough applications better than ever before. Engineers can count on more dependable performance, increased service life for parts even those subjected to continuous movement. Improved abrasion resistance is only part of the story. High tensile and tear strengths, genuine resilience and strong environmental resistance, combined in one rubber... that's total toughness! That's high performance Silastic silicone rubber. For complete data and a list of manufacturers who make parts from Silastic silicone rubber, write Dow Corning Corporation, Dept. E-8487, Midland, Michigan DOW CORNING AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968 Circle 131 on Inquiry Card for more data 101

104 Towmotor is a registered trademark of Towmotor Corporation, a subsidiary of Caterpillar Tractor Co. This Towmotor Model 462 fork lift truck looks small. And it's short in length, tight on turns, and very handy in close quarters or low clearance areas. But it acts big lifting, stacking, or hurrying a steady flow of 4,000-lb. loads. It acts tough, too. Tough enough to save you a lot more than it costs to run. Maybe our Model 462 can help solve some of your weightier problems. Ask for a test drive to see why it's our biggest selling fork lift truck. Call or write Towmotor, Cleveland, Ohio TOWMOTOR the small lift truck that isn't. Circle 156 on Inquiry Card for more data

105 AY Bearings «WAYS friction, GREATER LOAD CAPACITY from se/f-a/igning feature which guarantees uniform load distribution. EASY INSTALLATION due to adjustable height and self-alignment in every direction. LOWEST FRICTION and WEAR as ro//ers cannot rub or skew. DOUBLE LIFE obtained from invertible race. STANDARD ROUNDWAY BEARINGS and WAYS available from stock. ECONOMY of continuous high speed thru feed centerless grinding makes Round Ways much less expensive than flat ways. SUPER PRECISION obtained by simple adjustment. EASILY REPLACEABLE WAYS in the event of wear or damage. QUALITY and PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED by world's largest manufacturer of linear bearings. * For use in applications which exceed the load capacity of BALL BUSHINGS. We witf promptly send, on request, catalog containing complete technical information, prices and name of our representative in your city. Circle 157 on Inquiry Card for more data Tit Ik IMA Dept. R 2 8 MANHASSET NY Manufacturers of BALL BUSHINGS, 60 Case, BRONZE Case, NYLINED Bearings, WAYMOUNTS, MILL-DRILL Tables.

106 Alternate Auto Power Systems Fossil Fuel Burning By Alexander Bloch, Asst. Prof. Department of Manufacturing Engineering College of Engineering UNIVERSITY OF BRIDGEPORT An Al Engineering Report $1.50 Limited Table of Contents Edition Revised Abbreviated Historical Review of Engines and Fuels, Present Power Units 4 cycle, 2 cycle, Gas & Diesel, Alternate Power Units Rotary Combustion Engine, Gas Turbines, Sterling Hot Air Engine, Steam Engine, Fuel Cell Electric Drive. Transmissions, manual, automatic, hydrostatic, Electric Drive, Hydro-Mechanical, Belt Drive. Typical Purchasers of the Report Dominion Road Machy. Corp. Mallory Metallurgical Co. Sun Oil Company Maximum Performance Engr. Automobile Mfrs. Ass'n. Eorg-Warner Corporation Chevrolet Motor Div'n. Clevite Corporation Dow Corning Corp. The Cates Rubber Co. CM. Research Labs. Hendrickson Mfg. Co. International Packings AVCO Lycoming Div'n. Maremont Corporation New Britain Machine Rogers Corporation Stewart Warner Cprp. Sync-Ro-Tor Laboratory Texas Instruments, Inc. TRW Inc. URS Corporation Wausau Motor Parts Co. Young Radiator Co. Republic Engineering ORDER BLANK Hill Associates American Bosch-Arma Chrysler Corporation Allis-Chalmers Bendix Corporation The Bullard Company New Process Gear Div'n. Donaldson Company, Inc. F.M.C. Corporation CM. Tech. Center Heald Machine Co. Peat, Marwick, Mitchell LaSalle Steel Company Manhattan College Monsanto Company Reincke, Meyer & Finn Scott Research Labs. Sundstrand Machine Tool Tecumseh Products Co. Torrington Company Twin Disc, Inc. Viking Design & Sales Eaton Yale & Towne, Inc. Ford Motor Co. Vickers, Inc. Div'n. Automotive Industries Magazine. 56th & Chestnut Sts.. Phila.. Pa Gentlemen: Enclosed please find check, cash or money order for $1.50 for one copy of ALTERNATE POWER SYSTEMS by Alexander Bloch. Name- Company. Street -Title- _Product- -City- Zip Code- INDEX TO ADVERTISERS This Advertisers' Index is published as 9 convenience and net as a part of the advertising contract. Every care will be taken to index correctly. No allowance will be made for errors or failure to insert. When writing to advertisers please mention AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES To get catalog, engineering data, or other additional information from advertisers please circle appropriate number on postcard at back of this issue An inquiry card number usually appears at the bottom of each advertisement. Allen-Bradley Co 35 Aluminum Co. of America 4.7 American Chain & Cable Co 36 American Zinc Institute 75 Armco Steel Corp Baker Div. Otis Elevator Co Bethlehem Steel Corp Bliss & Laughlin V.V.V.'.V.'.V.'.V.Baek' Cover Borg-Warner Corp. Brummer Seal Div o Marbon Chemical Div 5 Budd Co. Automotive Div 34 CF&I Steel Corp 30 Celanese Fibers Co 74 Cincinnati Milling Machine Div Cleco Pneumatic Div. G. W. Murphy Industries, Inc 46 Clevite Corp. Cleveland Graphite Bronze Div Copperweld Steel Bar Div 2nd Cover DANA CORP. Air Shift Transmissions 31 Convel Universal Joints 95 Dow Corning Corp g Du Pont Co. Freon Div 86 Eastman Chemical Products 84 Eaton Yale & Towne Inc. Automotive Parts & Accessories Group 89 Fuller Transmission Div 2 Enjay Chemical Co Formsprag Co. 48 General Electric Co 0 Gilman Engineering & Mfg. Co 37 Goodrich Chemical Co., B. F Inland Steel Co Kawasaki Steel Corp 90 Kelsev-Hayes Co 80 Laclede Steel Co 82 Leece-Neville Co. 14 Lincoln St. Louis 13 Malleable Founders Society 94 Marbon Chemical Div. Borg-Warner Corp $ Michigan Tool Co. a Unit of Ex-Cell-0 Corp 85 Moto True Co. Div. Otis Elevator Co 9 National Lock Co 21 Oakite Products Inc 8fc R Ransburg Electro-Coating Corp 7J Republic Steel Corp Rockwell Standard Corp. Brake Div 87 SKF Industries 77 Spraymation, Inc 4 Thomson Industries, Inc 03 Tinnerman Products, Inc 74 Torrington Co. 38 Tourek Mfg. Co., J. J 15 Towmotor Corp 102 Tridair Industries 100 Udylite Corp 2 United Shoe Machinery Corp. Girder Div 3 rd Cover United States Steel Corp 44 Vermont Tap and Die Co 100 Young Radiator Co AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, August 1, 1968

107 Guide to Servi Open this flap for Free Technical Literature Listed belov ature adver If you are ir on any one < of the att( promptly. Ir BUSINESS REPLY MAIL No Postage Stamp Necessary if Mailed in the United States POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES P.O. Box Philadelphia, Pa FIRST CLASS Permit No. 36 New York, N. Y. Readers Service Depf. FOLD OUT FIRST CLASS Permit No 36 New York.N. Y. BUSINESS REPLY MAIL No Postage Stamp Necessary if Mailed in the United States Circle No. PARTS 119 Alternators. Supp! lb and are 8 in Ball joint. Free standard "SR" thread diameter: Bearings. Needle a ton Co. Page Bearing, engine. ( 12,000 psi load; Pages Bearings & ways. Eliminate frictio son Industries, I; 146 Brakes. Stopmaste tuator seals. Bra Brakes, disc. Virtu: ice and snow. K< 121 Fasteners. Square forms its own f< Co. Page 21. See reverse side POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES Readers Service Dept. P.O. Box Philadelphia. Pa BUSINESS REPLY MAIL No Postage Stamp Necessary if Mailed in the United States POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES P.O.Box Philadelphia, Pa FIRST CLASS Permit No. 36 New York.N. Y. Readers Service Dept.

108 FREE LITERATURE - USE THf^K POSTCARDS Circle No. Description Circle No. Description MATERIALS AND AND SUPPLIES Adhesives. "A Bostik film adhesive gives a strong, permanent, uniform bond for a wide range of automotive applications." Girder Div., United Shoe Machinery. Inside back cover. Aluminum. "The new-generation 81mm mortar could weigh only 50 lb." Aluminum Company of America. Pages 6-7. Elastomers, Hydrin. For fuel pump diaphragms, gaskets, fuel hose, rolls, adhesives, elastic thread, coatings, flat belts, sheet packing, 0- rings, oil seals. B. F. Goodrich Chemical Co. Pages Iron. Free Bulletin: "22 Production Shortcuts With Malleable Iron Castings." Malleable Founders Society. Page 94. Metal preparation. "CrysCoat makes metal more receptive to paint; more tenacious in retaining it. It also makes metal more resistant to underpaint corrosion." Oakite Products, Inc. Page 88. Plastic. Cycolac brand ABS can be formed on a metalworking machine. Marbon Chemical Div., Borg-Warner Corp. Page 5. Rubber, silicone. "Rugged laboratory tests prove that new, high performance Silastic silicone rubber is at least 6 times more abrasion resistant than the best previous high strength silicone rubber." Dow Corning Corp. Page 101. Steel. Free Catalog leaded free-machining steel for liners and bushings. Steel Bar Div., Coppenveld Steel Co. Inside front cover. Steel. Bliss & Laughlin. Back cover. Steel. For lock washers; hose reinforcement; push controls; fasteners; and springs for clutch cushions, upholstery, door locks, valves, window regulators and hood hinge assemblies. CF&I Steel Corp. Page 26. Steel. Free catalog: "Armeo Hot-Rolled and Cold- Rolled Steel." Door frame and exhaust pipe are illustrated examples. Armco Steel Corp. Pages Steel. Free 8-page data bulletin on steel pipe and tubing-. Laclede Steel Co. Page 82. Steel. "Everything from stainless to alloys to MULTICUT Bars." Republic Steel Corp. Pages Steel sheets, galvanized. Kawasaki Steel Corp. Page 90. Steel, galvanized. Inland Steel Co. Pages Tire cord, polyester. Celanese Fibers Marketing Co. Page 76. Zinc. "Used extensively on all new automobiles." American Zinc Institute. Page 75. PLANT AND PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT Assembly machines. Gilman, Div. of Giddings & Lewis Inc. Page 37. Dispensing system, hot melt. "Thermopulse Model X84300 system dispenses hot melts instantly, accurately, inexpensively." Spraymation, Inc. Page 4. Fork lift truck, Model 462. Holds 4000 lb load. Towmotor. Page 102. Fork lift trucks. Bobcats have capacities of 2000, 2500 and 3000 lb. travel up to 9 mph and climb 16% grades. Baker Div., Otis Corp. Pages Fork lift trucks. Four different models, in four different auto plants, are described and illusstrated. The Moto-Truc Co. Page 9. Gages. Thread ring gage and thread plug gage. Vermont Tap and Die Co. Page 100. Gear hones. Four types are epoxy, epoxy-nylon, carbide-sprayed steel, and polyurethane. Plus 59 formulations. Michigan Tool. Page 85. Paint spray. Air and airless electrostatic. Ransburg Electro-Coating Corp. Page 78. Pump, PileDriver. For sealants, adhesives, coatings, plastisols and paints. Free Bulletin 415. Lincoln St. Louis, Div. of McNeil Corp. Page 13. Speed drive. Bulletin 1313 SCR type regulated speed drive combines a NEMA re-rated integral horsepower motor, an easy-to-read operator's control station, and a rugged controller. Allen-Bradley Co. Page 35. Tools, air. Cleco WP-420 impact wrenches for draw-type applications involving %-in. bolts. Develop full 27,500 lb tension in 3 seconds. Cleco Pneumatic, Div. G. W. Murphy Industries. Page 4P.

109 Challenge us. Want to fasten an engine-turned kickplate to a vinyl door liner? Or a chrome-plated plastic inlay to the arm rest? Or how about bonding script nameplates to the lacquered metal exterior with a pressure-sensitive adhesive... instead of using conventional and costly metal fasteners? Our Bostik pre/set film adhesives can handle just about any interior trim piece you can design... and more of the exterior bonding jobs than you probably think. A Bostik film adhesive gives a strong, permanent, uniform bond for a wide range of automotive applications. And it does the job in seconds. Whether you use it by the roll or by the sheet or die-cut to match the shape of an intricate panel or part you can rely on the thickness and strength of a Bostik bond, because the adhesive film is pre/set. You get uniform bonding strength throughout the assembly surface, prevent edge-lifting and crazing... even on contoured surfaces. We make film adhesives to bond the widest range of materials and laminates. Metals, plastics, chrome-plated plastics, glass... to themselves or to each other. A choice of many pressure sensitive films, or heat or solvent activated types, lets you select the best application method for your production line operations. If you have a bonding problem let us recommend the Bostik pre/set film adhesive that can solve it. Or develop the one that will. Or show you how our film adhesives can do fastening jobs you didn't think an adhesive could do. Challenge us. We'll make it stick. Write for design and performance data: Transmount* unsupported film adhesives. Plasmount supported film adhesives. If you can make it sell, we can make it stick. Circle 102 on Inquiry Card for more data PRE/SET FILM ADHESIVES GIRDER DIVISION United Shoe Machinery I CAHLTON AVE E RUTHERFORD N J 07073

110 For a cool job use B&L cold finished They're the bars we've spent better than 75 years improving. Improving machinability. Improving finish. Improving tolerance and straightness. We've even improved service. Our eight mills coast to coast plus the hundreds of Steel Service Centers throughout the country that stock B&L bars assure you prompt and speedy delivery. The result? You stay cool and calm when using our bars. SPECIALISTS IN THE PRODUCTION OF COLD FINISHED STEEL BARS LAUGHLIN steel co. Division of Bliss & Laughlin industries ^ Executive Office: Oak Brook, III. MILLS: iuffalo Cleveland. Detroit Chicago Houston Los Angeles Boston Seattle Mexico Citv Circle 103 on Inquiry Card for more data

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Wynn s Extended Care Wynn s Extended Care Every car deserves to receive the very best care... especially yours. How Do You Keep Your Reliable Transportation Reliable? Count on Wynn s Because Wynn s has been caring for cars

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M52TU Introduction Overview Technical Data Crankcase Crankshaft Pistons and Connecting Rods...

M52TU Introduction Overview Technical Data Crankcase Crankshaft Pistons and Connecting Rods... Table of Contents ENGINES Subject Page M52TU................................................. 3 Introduction............................................ 4 Overview..............................................

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SAMPLE TEST QUESTIONS TRUCK AND TRANSPORT MECHANIC - ITA WEBSITE 1 How should oxy-acetylene tanks be stored? A. Chained vertically. B. Capped and vertical. C. Capped and chained vertically. D. Capped and chained horizontally. 2 Which checks are performed to verify low

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Kobelco Extended Warranty Program. www.kobelco-europe.com Kobelco Extended Warranty Program www.kobelco-europe.com Kobelco Extended Warranty is a convenient, value added way to give your Kobelco customers added security and peace of mind. Benefits of the Kobelco

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LIFT TRUCK SPECIFICATIONS LIFT TRUCK SPECIFICATIONS RT50 2-Wheel Drive 4-Wheel Drive RT60 2-Wheel Drive 4-Wheel Drive RT80 2-Wheel Drive 4-Wheel Drive TABLE OF CONTENTS RT50 / RT60 / RT80 2-WD / 4WD Specifications / Dimensions.

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LOADING DOCK EQUIPMENT. A. Section 03100 - Concrete Forms and Accessories: Placement of anchors into concrete.

LOADING DOCK EQUIPMENT. A. Section 03100 - Concrete Forms and Accessories: Placement of anchors into concrete. LOADING DOCK EQUIPMENT PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SECTION INCLUDES A. Loading dock equipment of the following types: 1. Dock lifts. 2. Control stations. 1.2 RELATED SECTIONS A. Section 03100 - Concrete Forms and

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UNIT 1 INTRODUCTION TO AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING UNIT 1 INTRODUCTION TO AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING Introduction to Automobile Engineering Structure 1.1 Introduction Objectives 1.2 Definition 1.3 Classification of Vehicles 1.4 Layout of an Automobile Chassis

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4000 Series 4008TAG2A Diesel Engine ElectropaK 947 kwm @ 1500 rpm

4000 Series 4008TAG2A Diesel Engine ElectropaK 947 kwm @ 1500 rpm The Perkins 4000 Series family of 6, 8, 12 and 16 cylinder diesel engines was designed in advance of today s uncompromising demands within the power generation industry and includes superior performance

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Engineered for Safety. Pentalift Dock Lifts Model HED Pit Mounted Dock Lifts

Engineered for Safety. Pentalift Dock Lifts Model HED Pit Mounted Dock Lifts Pentalift Dock Lifts Model HED Pit Mounted Dock Lifts The ultimate in versatility and reliability for shipping and receiving operations Engineered for Safety Pentalift: The best choice for Dock Lifts Since

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MTH II, HIGH PRODUCTION, HYDRAULIC PRESS BRAKES MTH II, HIGH PRODUCTION, HYDRAULIC PRESS BRAKES HYDRAULIC CONTROLLED FORMING, AT MECHANICAL SPEEDS Fabl;cation facilities throughout the country are realizing the production advaritages of owning a Wysong

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KEYSTONE. Keystone MRP and MRA Pneumatic Actuators

KEYSTONE. Keystone MRP and MRA Pneumatic Actuators KEYSTONE A comprehensive range of pneumatic actuators, providing compact, reliable and economical powered operation for all types of quarter-turn valves Features Direct mounting to all Keystone butterfly

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GE Marine. Clean, lean marine. GE s L250 EPA Tier 3 inline diesel engine. GE imagination at work

GE Marine. Clean, lean marine. GE s L250 EPA Tier 3 inline diesel engine. GE imagination at work GE Marine Clean, lean marine GE s L250 EPA Tier 3 inline diesel engine GE imagination at work GE s marine-class engines A history of proven performance GE Transportation has been serving the transportation

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Platinum Coverage Gold Coverage Powertrain Plus Coverage. d Engine. Cylinder Head. Cylinder Block. Piston. Piston Rings and Pins.

Platinum Coverage Gold Coverage Powertrain Plus Coverage. d Engine. Cylinder Head. Cylinder Block. Piston. Piston Rings and Pins. BMW Financial Services bmwusa.com/fs The Ultimate Driving Machine Platinum Coverage Gold Coverage Powertrain Plus Coverage d Engine Cylinder Head Cylinder Block Piston Piston Rings and Pins Crankshaft

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3-Way Temperature Control Valve

3-Way Temperature Control Valve 3-Way Temperature Control Valve l G, Version G and Accessories Charge air cooling Secondary cooling systems Fuel and lube oil preheating Co-generation Engine jacket water GG valve Waste heat boilers Product

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- ISO Pneumatic Cylinder

- ISO Pneumatic Cylinder Installation, Operation and Maintenance January 2000 - Series P1E (Lightweight Aluminum Design) 32 mm through 100 mm Index Introduction... 1 Technical Specifications... 1 Constructive Specifications...

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Supplier Of Garden Tractor Pulling Products 2015 Volume 1 Contact Information

Supplier Of Garden Tractor Pulling Products 2015 Volume 1 Contact Information Supplier Of Garden Tractor Pulling Products 2015 Volume 1 Contact Information Owners Peter, Wanda, and Ben Barbeau Telephone Answering Machine 860-234-4285 Home 860-774-1990 Fax 860-774-2583 Postal Address

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1100 Series M300C Marine Propulsion Engine 225 kw ( rpm

1100 Series M300C Marine Propulsion Engine 225 kw ( rpm These are the latest addition to the common platform concept of 1106 Series diesel engines. Assembled on a new high technology production line, these ultra clean engines will provide a superior replacement

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Firewood Processor Design Considerations

Firewood Processor Design Considerations Firewood Processor Design Considerations Introduction When a person or company is designing a firewood processor there are many constraints that need to be considered. The design choices made based on

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equipment overview High quality dispensers, shakers and mixers corob equipment Overview cps color

equipment overview High quality dispensers, shakers and mixers corob equipment Overview  cps color corob equipment > dispensers > shakers > mixers > overview corob equipment Overview High quality dispensers, shakers and mixers equipment overview CPS Color s range of corob dispensers, shakers and mixers

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4500 SERIES. 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating 98% Customer Loyalty Rating. #1 Selling Tractor in the World 5-year Powertrain Warranty

4500 SERIES. 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating 98% Customer Loyalty Rating. #1 Selling Tractor in the World 5-year Powertrain Warranty 4500 SERIES #1 Selling Tractor in the World 5-year Powertrain Warranty 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating 98% Customer Loyalty Rating DEMING PRIZE 2003 JAPAN QUALITY MEDAL 2007 ECONOMY - 4500 Series The

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9 POWER TAKE-OFF 9.1 FRONT MOUNTED POWER TAKE-OFF REAR ENGINE POWER TAKE-OFF (REPTO) ASSEMBLY 9 POWER TAKE-OFF Section Page 9.1 FRONT MOUNTED POWER TAKE-OFF... 9-3 9.2 REAR ENGINE POWER TAKE-OFF (REPTO) ASSEMBLY... 9-9 (Rev. 03/02) All information subject to change without notice. 9-2 From Bulletin

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emax SERIES 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating 98% Customer Loyalty Rating #1 Selling Tractor in the World 5-year Powertrain Warranty DEMING PRIZE 2003

emax SERIES 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating 98% Customer Loyalty Rating #1 Selling Tractor in the World 5-year Powertrain Warranty DEMING PRIZE 2003 emax SERIES #1 Selling Tractor in the World 5-year Powertrain Warranty 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating 98% Customer Loyalty Rating DEMING PRIZE 2003 JAPAN QUALITY MEDAL 2007 SUB-COMPACT VERSATILITY -

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RE POWERING GUIDELINES If replacing a Briggs & Stratton engine with a Briggs & Stratton engine, provide the original engine s model and type numbers to assure the correct replacement. If replacing a competitor s engine with

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Pipe Cutting and Beveling Clamshells

Pipe Cutting and Beveling Clamshells Pipe Cutting and Beveling Clamshells Who We Are One Company, Total Support, Complete Solutions For more than a century, Hydratight has provided world-class bolted joint solutions and continues to set international

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PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR TECHNOLOGY Pneumatic Actuators In its basic form, a pneumatic actuator is a device which translates the energy from a compressed air supply into a linear or rotary movement. In essence, actuators generally represent

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S590 SKID-STEER LOADER SPECIFICATIONS Loader Dimensions S590 SKID-STEER LOADER SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions are given for loader equipped with standard tires and 68 in. Construction and Industrial bucket and may vary with other bucket types.

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A Partner for Tailor-Made Rubber Machinery Manufacture and Technology

A Partner for Tailor-Made Rubber Machinery Manufacture and Technology A Partner for Tailor-Made Rubber Machinery Manufacture and Technology Rubber Extruder Extruder-Gear Pump Combination Continious Vulcanization Lines, Material Feed and Down Stream Equipment Laboratory and

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RE POWERING GUIDELINES If replacing a Briggs & Stratton engine with a Briggs & Stratton engine, provide the original engine s model and type numbers to assure the correct replacement. If replacing a competitor s engine with

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TUTORIAL. REbUILdING. front CALIpER O-RING CONVERSION CORVETTE 1965-82. Part #: HT-1 Part #: HT-1 1965-82 CORVETTE O-RING CONVERSION front CALIpER REbUILdING TUTORIAL Choosing a Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit Standard Lip Seals vs. O-Ring Seals Lip seal design seals are used on 1965-1982 Corvette

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Jaw Couplings COLLAR LOCK BORE/KEY & SPLINE NEOPRENE BORE & KEY TAPER LOCK Hayes Jaw Couplings COLLAR LOCK BORE/KEY & SPLINE SPLINE Hayes Jaw Couplings NEOPRENE BORE & KEY TAPER LOCK METAL RING HYTREL Hayes Manufacturing, Inc. 6875 U.S. 131 Fife Lake, MI 49633 Phone: (231) 879-3372

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Jeep Renegade Technical specifications

Jeep Renegade Technical specifications Jeep Renegade Technical specifications Specifications are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. All dimensions are in millimeters at curb weight and with standard

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Maxi-Stamper. 200 to 1,000 Tons STAMPING OUT DOWNTIME

Maxi-Stamper. 200 to 1,000 Tons STAMPING OUT DOWNTIME TM Maxi-Stamper 200 to 1,000 Tons STAMPING OUT DOWNTIME Standard Features Steel Fabricated Construction Drive Capacity Rated 1/2 Above Bottom of Stroke Self-Diagnostic Solid State Controller Moveable Operator

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TITAN Fuel Tanks. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS G e n e r a t i o n V TITAN pt. no.: 02 0000 0128 Important: Please read these instructions carefully and completely before starting the installation. TITAN Fuel Tanks INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS G e n e r a t i o n V Extended

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High Performance Electric Fuel Pumps

High Performance Electric Fuel Pumps COMP PUMP Series 60FI HIGH PERFORMANCE ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP The COMP PUMP 60FI Series Electric Fuel Pump is a high pressure 12-volt electric fuel pump intended for gasoline powered fuel injection applications.

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RT100 ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE DATASHEET - IMPERIAL. Features: ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE DATASHEET - IMPERIAL Features: Rated capacity: 100 ton @ 10 ft working radius Maximum boom length: 174 ft Maximum tip height: 183 ft Maximum hook height: 174.5 ft CONTENTS Key............................................................................................

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James M. Pleasants Company


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Foundry Sand: A Recipe for Beneficial Use

Foundry Sand: A Recipe for Beneficial Use Foundry Sand: A Recipe for Beneficial Use Mike Lenahan, Resource Recovery Corp. Dan Oman, RMT, Inc. Midwest Industrial By-Products Beneficial Use Summit August 19-20, 2002 Chicago, IL Outline! Profile

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Scraper Flight Distribution Conveyor

Scraper Flight Distribution Conveyor SERPENTIX CONVEYOR CORP. 9085 Marshall Ct. Westminster, CO 80031-2920 Phone: 303.430.8427 Fax: 303.430.7337 www.serpentixconveyor.com rob@serpentix.com Scraper Flight Distribution Conveyor SERPENTIX CONVEYOR

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Series 68. Closed Air Chucks FITTING 1/4 NPT. With closed air chuck CLOSED BALL FOOT AIR CHUCK CLOSED CHECK LOCK-ON AND CLIP AIR CHUCK Closed Air Chucks FITTING 1/4" NPT CLOSED BALL FOOT AIR CHUCK Thread 68.1110 1/4 (F) NPT 68.1120 1/4 (M) NPT - Offset angle for the most convenient and versatile inflating positions - General purpose inflating

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Inmate Security Transport Vehicle (ISTV) Bid Specifications

Inmate Security Transport Vehicle (ISTV) Bid Specifications Inmate Security Transport Vehicle (ISTV) Bid Specifications 1.0 INTRODUCTION This specification describes the caging requirements for a 12-Passenger Van (Make/Model: 2013 Chevrolet Express C2500) to be

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PRODUCT RELEASE CKMTA12 / 24. Copyright 2011 by ARB Corporation Limited

PRODUCT RELEASE CKMTA12 / 24. Copyright 2011 by ARB Corporation Limited PRODUCT RELEASE CKMTA12 / 24 Copyright 2011 by ARB Corporation Limited ARB 4x4 ACCESSORIES 720 SW 34Th Street Tel: (425) 264-1391 Renton, Washington 98057 Fax: (425) 264-1392 USA North and South American

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Engine. 204-1890 Strobe light, 110V 204-1891 Strobe light, 220V 204-458 Replacement bulb. 204-1057 Compression gauge. 204-166 Dial indicator

Engine. 204-1890 Strobe light, 110V 204-1891 Strobe light, 220V 204-458 Replacement bulb. 204-1057 Compression gauge. 204-166 Dial indicator The Strobe light checks the unit for: Balance of operating machinery RPM of motors, engine pulleys, fans, etc. Observe belt slippage Strobe light will stop action at speeds from 200 to 6000 RPM 204-1890

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C18 ACERT Fire Pump CATERPILLAR ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS FEATURES. 522 bkw/700 1500 rpm CATERPILLAR ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS I-6, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel Bore...145.0 mm (5.71 in) Stroke...183.0 mm (7.2 in) Displacement... 18.1 L (1,104.53 in3) Aspiration...Turbocharged Aftercooled Compression

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Technical Specification Spec. number TH Discharging time. Payload capacity kg lb. Dumping angle 62 º

Technical Specification Spec. number TH Discharging time. Payload capacity kg lb. Dumping angle 62 º Technical Specification Technical Specification Spec. number TH663-02 2013-08-13 APPLICATIONS The Sandvik TH663 is a high productivity 63 tonne articulated underground dump truck for use in 6 x 6 meter

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TRUCK MIXERS. Truck-Mounted Conventional & Booster Concrete Mixers

TRUCK MIXERS. Truck-Mounted Conventional & Booster Concrete Mixers TRUCK MIXERS Truck-Mounted Conventional & Booster Concrete Mixers SCHWING-STETTER MOVES CONCRETE. WORLDWIDE. Wherever concrete is produced and moved is where you will find Schwing-Stetter machinery. With

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C18 ACERT Fire Pump Tier 3 448 bkw/600 bhp @ 1750 rpm

C18 ACERT Fire Pump Tier 3 448 bkw/600 bhp @ 1750 rpm CATERPILLAR ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS I-6, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel Bore...145.0 mm (5.71 in) Stroke...183.0 mm (7.2 in) Displacement... 18.1 L (1,104.53 in3) Aspiration...Turbocharged Aftercooled Compression

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V6 Duratec. Jaguar AJ-V6 engine/aj-30. The Engine

V6 Duratec. Jaguar AJ-V6 engine/aj-30. The Engine The Engine V6 Duratec While Ford has reaped the Duratec's benefit, it was not an original design. The primary input for the design of this engine was Porsche, which was already developing the configuration

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Work Smart - Not Hard with a Blue Giant Lift Table

Work Smart - Not Hard with a Blue Giant Lift Table Lift Tables Hydraulic Lift Tables Eliminate the need to bend, twist and pick up heavy loads manually. Let BLUE GIANT Lift Tables increase productivity and decrease costly injuries caused by overexertion

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10 SERIES. 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating 98% Customer Loyalty Rating. #1 Selling Tractor in the World 5-year Powertrain Warranty DEMING PRIZE 2003

10 SERIES. 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating 98% Customer Loyalty Rating. #1 Selling Tractor in the World 5-year Powertrain Warranty DEMING PRIZE 2003 10 SERIES #1 Selling Tractor in the World 5-year Powertrain Warranty 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating 98% Customer Loyalty Rating DEMING PRIZE 2003 JAPAN QUALITY MEDAL 2007 ECONOMY - 10 Series The Mahindra

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DRIVING CLASSICS INTO THE FUTURE DRIVING CLASSICS INTO THE FUTURE ENGINE OILS GEAR OILS FUEL ADDITIVES DRIVING CLASSICS INTO THE FUTURE Millers Oils is one of the few companies to offer a range of engine oils, transmission oils and fuel

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890 SERIES. Tork-Mate Pneumatic Actuators. Up to 15 Million Cycles. Heavy Duty Rack and Pinion Extended Life...

890 SERIES. Tork-Mate Pneumatic Actuators. Up to 15 Million Cycles. Heavy Duty Rack and Pinion Extended Life... Tork-Mate Pneumatic Actuators 890 SERIES Heavy Duty Rack and Pinion Extended Life... Up to 15 Million Cycles Design Features 1. Piston Aluminum alloy, designed for the most demanding applications. 2. Piston

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Sandvik TH230L. General Arrangement

Sandvik TH230L. General Arrangement Technical Specification TH230L-Revision 2 1/8 General Arrangement 60 4700 1962 1937 282 9633 4774 3467 3012 40 8680 4451 5.5 m Revision Date: -5-05 Copyright Technical Specification TH230L-Revision 2 2/8

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LINEAR MOTION CONTROL LINEAR MOTION CONTROL Technical Data Sheet Static Locks RLSS Series Nexen s new generation of linear holding/locking devices take rod locking technology to the next level. With superior performance, these

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ENGINE COOLING (6VD1 3.2L) ENGINE COOLING (6VD1 3.2L) 6B 1 RODEO ENGINE ENGINE COOLING (6VD1 3.2L) CONTENTS Service Precaution...................... 6B 1 General Description..................... 6B 2 Diagnosis..............................

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TITAN Fuel Tanks. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS G e n e r a t i o n V TITAN pt. no.: 02 0000 0143 Important: Please read these instructions carefully and completely before starting the installation. TITAN Fuel Tanks INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS G e n e r a t i o n V Extended

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CHAPTER 4 OUTLINE MAJOR CLASSES OF MATERIALS PART 1. Metals Ceramics Semi Conductors (Electronic Materials) Polymers Composites

CHAPTER 4 OUTLINE MAJOR CLASSES OF MATERIALS PART 1. Metals Ceramics Semi Conductors (Electronic Materials) Polymers Composites CHAPTER 4 MAJOR CLASSES OF MATERIALS PART 1 1 OUTLINE Metals Ceramics Semi Conductors (Electronic Materials) Polymers Composites 2 1 THE MATERIALS PENTAGRAM METALS SEMI CONDUCTORS CERAMICS NATURAL RESOURCES

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TUTORIAL. REbUILdING. REAR CALIpER O-RING CONVERSION CORVETTE 1965-82. Part #: HT-2 Part #: HT-2 1965-82 CORVETTE O-RING CONVERSION REAR CALIpER REbUILdING TUTORIAL Choosing a Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit Standard Lip Seals vs. O-Ring Seals Lip seal design seals are used on 1965-1982 Corvette

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CONTENTS. Gold Bond Fasteners Bolts 1 Clamps 3 Nuts 4 Washers 5. Hoist Rings Center Pull 6 Side Pull 7. Socket Head Stripper Bolts Inch 8 Metric 9

CONTENTS. Gold Bond Fasteners Bolts 1 Clamps 3 Nuts 4 Washers 5. Hoist Rings Center Pull 6 Side Pull 7. Socket Head Stripper Bolts Inch 8 Metric 9 DIE ACCESSORIES CONTENTS page number Gold Bond Fasteners Bolts 1 Clamps 3 Nuts 4 Washers 5 Hoist Rings Center Pull 6 Side Pull 7 Socket Head Stripper Bolts Inch 8 Metric 9 Punch Holder Shanks 10 Roller

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QUICKTIME SAFETY BELLHOUSING Form #INSTBELL 07/12 QUICKTIME SAFETY BELLHOUSING INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Congratulations on your purchase of the finest quality steel bellhousing available today. 100% Manufactured in the USA! Please

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Engine Performance 1500 RPM

Engine Performance 1500 RPM CUMMINS ENGINE COMPANY, INC Basic Engine Model: KTA-G3 Curve Number: FR-62 Page No. Columbus, Indiana 4721 Engine Critical Parts List: Date: ENGINE PERFORMANCE CURVE CPL: 2227 12Jan1 Displacement :.3 litre

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2013 SCORE/HDRA UTV RULES OFFICIALLY RELEASED 013 SCORE/HDRA UTV RULES 2013 SCORE/HDRA UTV RULES OFFICIALLY RELEASED 013 SCORE/HDRA UTV RULES UTV PRO CLASS 1900 to 1949 The UTV Pro Stock Class vehicles are built using production UTV s, manufactured by registered companies

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STORAGE SYSTEMS PUSH BACK RACK SYSTEMS. Innovative Solutions for Storage and Material Handling Systems

STORAGE SYSTEMS PUSH BACK RACK SYSTEMS. Innovative Solutions for Storage and Material Handling Systems STORAGE SYSTEMS PUSH BACK RACK SYSTEMS Innovative Solutions for Storage and Material Handling Systems Konstant.com PUSH BACK OVERVIEW Konstant patented Push Pack rack system provides selectivity in the

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Focus. Casting Application PUMPS AND VALVES

Focus. Casting Application PUMPS AND VALVES Focus Casting Application PUMPS AND VALVES INTRODUCTION In pump and valve manufacture, the casting process plays an indispensable role as it lends itself readily to produce the very complex shapes of pump

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AIR COMPRESSORS. Your 1st Choice for Fuel Efficient, Quiet & Dependable Air Compressors.

AIR COMPRESSORS. Your 1st Choice for Fuel Efficient, Quiet & Dependable Air Compressors. AIR COMPRESSORS Your 1st Choice for Fuel Efficient, Quiet & Dependable Air Compressors. When you buy MMD Equipment, you get much more. The cornerstone of a great buying experience is a high-quality product.

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Green Machine- 920 Owners Manual

Green Machine- 920 Owners Manual Green Machine- 920 Owners Manual The Green Machine - 920 Manufactured by: Action Coupling & Equipment, Inc. Key Features Actions Green Machine - 920 Commercial duty Floor model with fork lift slots. Motor:

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28.3 Mechanical Systems

28.3 Mechanical Systems Most mechanical systems such as automobiles, simple and complex machines, and power generators contain many moving parts that are in contact with each other. In addition, some of these mechanical systems

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The Mopar advantage Diesel engines and parts

The Mopar advantage Diesel engines and parts The Mopar advantage Diesel engines and parts When most people look at an engine, they see the whole engine. Mopar Remanufacturing, however, sees the hundreds of parts that are necessary to provide reliable

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3 Colvilles Road Kelvin Industrial Estate East Kilbride Glasgow G75 0RS Tel: Fax:

3 Colvilles Road Kelvin Industrial Estate East Kilbride Glasgow G75 0RS Tel: Fax: 3 Colvilles Road Kelvin Industrial Estate East Kilbride Glasgow G75 0RS Tel: 01355 223 888 Fax: 01335 571304 Email: info@prestige-fabrications.co.uk www.prestige-fabrications.co.uk CAD/CAM CNC machining

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VIKING HYDRAULIC GEAR PUMPS & MOTORS SERIES GP-04, -05, -07, -10, -14 Section 341.4 Page 341.4.1 Issue B OPERATING RANGE: GP Pumps (Cast Iron, Lip-Sealed) Displacements No. 24 Flow Range GPM 0.06 to 190 M 3 /Hr 0.011 to 43 Pressure PSI to

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TURBO KIT INSTRUCTIONS (22RE) 9700054 Revision 12/20/10 TURBO KIT INSTRUCTIONS 1071012 (22RE) This turbo kit consists of the necessary parts to upgrade or add a turbo to your 22RE 4-Cylinder Engine. This kit does require some fabrication

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REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION 303-01C-1 REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Engine Body On Special Tool(s) Adapter For 303-D043 303-D043-02 or equivalent Special Tool(s) 303-01C-1 Turbocharger Lifting Bracket 303-1266 Wrench, Fan Clutch Nut 303-214

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AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC STUDENT INTERNSHIP SKILLS LIST Provo School District AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC STUDENT INTERNSHIP SKILLS LIST Provo School District Repairs and overhauls automobiles, buses, trucks, and other automotive vehicles: Examines vehicle and discusses with customer or

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Workshop Compressors CLASSIC Series

Workshop Compressors CLASSIC Series www.kaeser.com Workshop Compressors CLASSIC Series Displacement: 210 to 40 l/min Pressure: 10 bar What do you expect from your CLASSIC workshop compressor? Quality results can be achieved only by using

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Important: Please read these instructions carefully and completely before starting the installation. TITAN Fuel Tanks

Important: Please read these instructions carefully and completely before starting the installation. TITAN Fuel Tanks TITAN pt. no.: 03 0000 0120 Important: Please read these instructions carefully and completely before starting the installation. TITAN Fuel Tanks INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS G e n e r a t i o n V Extended

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-GAL -DOM -S80SS316 -GALS80

-GAL -DOM -S80SS316 -GALS80 General Information Steel Pipe Fittings & Nipples For desired part number, use the 5-digit Class 150 or Schedule 40 part number and the corresponding suffix. i.e. 1/4 Galvanized 90 Elbow would be 42102-GAL.

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Selection of Materials Definition of Testing Methods

Selection of Materials Definition of Testing Methods Selection of Materials Definition of Testing Methods Robert O Rourke is a Product Engineer and Metallurgist at Dura-Bar, with experience in production, quality management and applications research. He

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20 SERIES STANDARD FEATURES AND OPTIONS 20 SERIES STANDARD FEATURES AND OPTIONS BRANSON 3520H Welcome to Branson Tractors and the 20 Series Branson designed their 20 SERIES tractors with rugged, dependability in mind. The company is owned by

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Model 362A AURORA. 340A/360A Series SINGLE STAGE END SUCTION PUMPS. www.aurorapump.com

Model 362A AURORA. 340A/360A Series SINGLE STAGE END SUCTION PUMPS. www.aurorapump.com Model 62A MODEL 41A MODEL 44A AURORA 40A/60A Series SINGLE STAGE END PUMPS www.aurorapump.com SINGLE STAGE END PUMPS AURORA 40A/60A Series Single Stage End Suction Pumps Capacities to 4500 G.P.M. (1022

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1.1Vacuum degree Vacuum degree has cold vacuum degree and hot vacuum degree. Cold vacuum degree is to prevent soldering welding parts and components i

1.1Vacuum degree Vacuum degree has cold vacuum degree and hot vacuum degree. Cold vacuum degree is to prevent soldering welding parts and components i Development of High temperature Vacuum Brazing Equipment Abstract: Describe the development of vacuum and high temperature brazing alloys and brazing process characteristics. According to Inconel718 super

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COUGAR TRUCK VIBRATORS COUGAR TRUCK VIBRATORS MOBILE VIBRATION SOLUTIONS L3608 visit martin-eng.com call 800-544-294 email info@martin-eng.com THE MOST RUGGED, RELIABLE TRUCK VIBRATORS ON THE MARKET. Cougar The pioneer in truck

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SERIES ASM NEOPRENE/EPMD FLANGED SINGLE SPHERE CONNECTOR CONNECTORS. Pressures to 225 PSIG (15.51 barg) Temperatures to 230ºF (110ºC) APPLICATIONS Process Industry Weak Acids Alkalies Compressed Air Pulp & Paper MODELS ASM - Flanged Connection OPTIONS Control Rods Oil & Gas Water & Waste Pump suction & discharge Sea water Chemical lines

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Pump Trailer Submersible PTS-60000

Pump Trailer Submersible PTS-60000 Pump Trailer Submersible PTS-60000 Technical specification Table of contents: 1. TECHNICAL DATA 2. GENERAL 3. ENGINE 4. FIRE PUMP 5. SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS 6. PIPING 7. OPERATING PANEL 8. LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL

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2003 ACCORD - Automatic Transmission Removal

2003 ACCORD - Automatic Transmission Removal 2003 ACCORD - Automatic Transmission Removal Special Tools Required Engine support hanger, A and Reds AAR-T-12566 Engine hanger balancer bar VSB02C000019 Front subframe adapter VSB02C000016 These special

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COLD AIR INTAKE SYSTEM COLD AIR INTAKE SYSTEM Installation Instructions for: Part Number 21-448 2002-2004 Chevrolet Cavalier/Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L Ecotec READ INSTRUCTIONS! Pay special attention to steps: 3.b, 3.g, 3.n, 3.r ADVANCED

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Product catalogue. Hose Assembly Machines, Crimpers, Cutters, Test Benches & Accessories.

Product catalogue. Hose Assembly Machines, Crimpers, Cutters, Test Benches & Accessories. Product catalogue Hose Assembly Machines, Crimpers, Cutters, Test Benches & Accessories www.customcrimpeurope.com About Us Custom Crimp Europe is a subsidiary of Custom Machining Services Incorporated,

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DUGARD. Machine Tools Since CNC Turning and Milling Centres Dugard 52 Twin Turret SY - Twin Spindle Dugard 52 Triple Turret SY - Twin Spindle

DUGARD. Machine Tools Since CNC Turning and Milling Centres Dugard 52 Twin Turret SY - Twin Spindle Dugard 52 Triple Turret SY - Twin Spindle DUGARD Machine Tools Since 1939 CNC Turning and Milling Centres Dugard 52 Twin Turret SY - Twin Spindle Dugard 52 Triple Turret SY - Twin Spindle www.dugard.com Structure Design Assures Outstanding Stability

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HIGH PERFORMANCE ALUMINUM RADIATORS HIGH PERFORMANCE ALUMINUM RADIATORS ABOUT DeWitts aluminum radiators are made in Michigan and 100% of the manufacturing process is managed in house. Our CAB brazing furnace allows us to produce the finest

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DieMax XL TM Maximum Life Springs. Meets ISO Standards

DieMax XL TM Maximum Life Springs. Meets ISO Standards DieMax XL TM Maximum Life Springs Meets ISO Standards DieMax XL TM Maximum Life Springs SERVICE WE DELIVER AND QUALITY YOU CAN DEPEND ON IEM is a leading manufacturer of die and mold components supplied

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Light Vehicle Safety Inspection Methods and Standards Section 4 - Steering

Light Vehicle Safety Inspection Methods and Standards Section 4 - Steering Light Vehicle Safety Inspection Methods and Standards Section 4 - Steering Item and Method of Inspection Reject If 1. Steering Lash Tests a) With front wheels in the straight ahead position turn the steering

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RE POWERING GUIDELINES If replacing a Briggs & Stratton engine with a Briggs & Stratton engine, provide the original engine s model and type numbers to assure the correct replacement. If replacing a competitor s engine with

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NTN Sensor Units for Construction Machinery

NTN Sensor Units for Construction Machinery New Product NTN Sensor Units for Construction Machinery Shoji ITOMI Hiroyoshi ITO Recent construction machines use a lot of electronic controls and it is expected that in the near future an even greater

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EVERY PROOF. DURABILITY. HIGH-MILEAGE ISX TEARDOWN EVERY PROOF. TM DURABILITY. HIGH-MILEAGE ISX TEARDOWN EVERY PROOF. DURABILITY. While Cummins 2002 engines have yet to reach their full life expectancy, Cummins has inspected multiple high-mileage cooled-egr

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Design of Cast Parts Avoid sharp corners, angles & fillets They act as stress raisers Select fillet radii to reduce stress concentrations and ensure p

Design of Cast Parts Avoid sharp corners, angles & fillets They act as stress raisers Select fillet radii to reduce stress concentrations and ensure p Metal Casting Design, Materials, Economics Text Reference: Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, Kalpakjian & Schmid, 6/e, 2010 Chapter 12 Design of Cast Parts Avoid sharp corners, angles & fillets

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WILLHOIT AUTO RESTORATION. 4-Cam Engine Tests. 692/3A 1755cc. /

WILLHOIT AUTO RESTORATION. 4-Cam Engine Tests. 692/3A 1755cc. / WILLHOIT AUTO RESTORATION 4-Cam Engine Tests We have dyno tested a number of 4 cam engines in the last several years, and below are listed four of those tests and some comparisons. None of these engines

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