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2 A Message From The President DR. ALVIN O. AUSTIN President These are exciting days on the LeTourneau University campus! The most exciting happening is the achievement of our $15 million fund-raising goal for the S.E. Belcher, Jr. Chapel and Performance Center, thus qualifying us for the $1 million grant from the Mabee Foundation. On Feb. 16, we celebrated with our Longview area friends our going over the top in this campaign with $15,044,462 received in gifts and pledges, including $2.4 million from our local Longview area campaign. These are all-time record giving levels for a project in fact, more than double any previous project. The construction drawings have been completed, and we will receive bids within the next several weeks. Given what has occurred in worldwide shortages of steel, lumber and concrete, we are fairly certain that real costs will exceed our earlier projections. Our plan will be to award contracts and break ground this spring, knowing that we will still have some remaining fundraising to do during the construction phase. But we praise God for His blessings and the generous support of so many of our friends. While the Belcher Chapel and Performance Center project has captured so much attention, we should not forget that we have a new $7 million, 160-bed residence hall that is under construction with a planned mid-summer completion. For more than a decade we have not had a time when we were not planning, constructing or opening a new residence facility to house our growing student population. More praise! And soon we will break ground on a smaller project, the Martin Donner Engine Test Facility for our aeronautical science program. But, what is truly exciting at LeTourneau University is not in the building of new buildings, it is what happens within the buildings and on the grounds of the university and our outlying educational centers around the state of Texas that really matters. LeTourneau University is in the life changing business and it is through the transforming power of knowledge, real-world experiences and a personal relationship with Christ Jesus that the real mission of the university is accomplished. While books, computers and lab equipment all play a part in this, the heart of our university is in relationships relationships between student and student, student and faculty and staff, student and alumni, students and our community. This issue of NOW focuses on some of the relationships of LeTourneau University. We will walk through the early days of the first-year experiences of Brent Spork Bradbury, a freshman from Houghton, N.Y. We profile the admissions counselors who are often the first voice of LeTourneau to our prospective students. We share about the life of an admired former professor, Martin Donner, who we lost in a tragic accident, but who will now be remembered in the naming of a new aeronautical science engine testing facility. We will share the personal stories of members of one of our MBA classes who gather for a reunion, and we see the continuing loyalty in the lives of 1952 graduate and wife, Howard and Betty Anderson. As I visit with prospective new faculty and staff, I share with them the centrality of their role at the university. The quality and spiritual commitment of the university is not contained within the brick and mortar of buildings, in the words of our catalog or in the music played on the university carillon. Important as these might be, they only play host to the people who make up the institution the students, faculty, staff and the Board, alumni and friends of the university. LeTourneau University is PEOPLE and the relationships that flow forth from them! 2 DR. AUSTIN NOW LETOURNEAU UNIVERSITY SPRING 2005

3 NO W L E T O U R N E A U U N I V E R S I T Y ALVIN O. AUSTIN, Ph.D. PUBLISHER JANET RAGLAND EDITOR IN CHIEF AMY HALBERT WRITER / EDITOR BRENT BRADBURYCONTRIBUTING WRITER TOM BARNARD CREATIVE DIRECTOR / GRAPHIC DESIGNER KENDALL HARPER CLASS NOTES NIEMAN PRINTING PRINTING Board of Trustees Paul Abbott Dr. Alvin O. Austin Sheila M. Bailey W. Delbert Bright Dr. Richard C. Chewning Mike Childress Gary Crawford Jeffrey W. Dancer H. D. (Doug) Douglas, Jr. Dr. Paul E. Glaske Dr. Eugene B. Habecker Dr. Kenneth L. Hall Charles M. Jager Thomas Makil Dr. James E. Mauldin, Jr. L. V. Bud McGuire Nancy Mendez Dr. Larry Mercer Paul Montgomery Earl Roberts, Jr. John Solheim Billy Spain Merle Stoltzfus, Chair Steve Voelzke Mary S. Whelchel Dr. Ravi K. Zacharias 5 Life Outside The Box 8 Meet Your Counselor Contents 10 Martin Donner Engine Test Facility Administration Dr. Alvin O. Austin, President Linda H. Fitzhugh, V.P. for Enrollment Services Dr. Robert W. Hudson, V.P. for Graduate and Professional Studies Jim Hughey, V.P. for University Advancement Dr. William R. McDowell, V.P. for Business and Administration Marila D. Palmer, V.P. for Executive Affairs and Planning Dr. H. Glenn Sumrall, Provost and V.P. for Academic Affairs Douglas A. Wilcoxson, V.P. for Student Affairs 12 News and Notes 15 From The Alumni Office 16 Class Notes 20 MBA 77 Reunion CONTACT INFORMATION: PHONE: WEB: ADMISSIONS: PHONE: TOLL FREE: ADULT AND GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS: PHONE: TOLL FREE: ADVANCEMENT DEPARTMENT: PHONE: TOLL FREE: LETU ALUMNI OFFICE: PHONE: Contribute your story ideas and letters to the editor to 23 Solid Foundations BEHOLD, NOW IS THE ACCEPTABLE TIME; BEHOLD NOW IS THE DAY OF OUR SALVATION. II Cor. 6:2 LeTourneau University is an interdenominational Christian university located in Longview, Texas, offering academic majors in the aeronautical sciences, education, engineering, the humanities and sciences. LeTourneau University also offers business degrees and teacher certification programs at five educational centers around Texas in Austin, Bedford, Dallas, Houston and Tyler. NOW (USPS # ) is published four times per year by LeTourneau University, 2100 South Mobberly, Longview, Texas Sent free upon request to Editor, P.O. Box 8001, Longview, Texas Periodical postage paid at Longview, Texas. Postmaster: Send address changes to: NOW, P.O. Box 8001, Longview, Texas LeTourneau University s NOW magazine welcomes letters from readers. Letters must be signed, address issues or events raised in the magazine and may not exceed 250 words. All letters may be edited for length or clarity. Any letters deemed potentially libelous will not be published. Opinions expressed in letters in the NOW magazine do not necessarily reflect those of LeTourneau University. On the cover: Original artwork produced by Tom Barnard and alumnus Kazuto Ohtsuba ( 04 ME) depicting students in front of the Glaske Center for Science and Engineering on the LeTourneau University campus.

4 Life Outside The Box

5 Written by: Brent Bradbury Photograph Illustrations by: Tom Barnard There is a difference between thinking outside the box and living outside the box. Besides the obvious chiropractic advantages, living outside the box brings with it the sort of mind-broadening experiences those in higher education constantly talk about. Take, for example, the first week of freshman activities at LeTourneau University. I was fresh off a mind-numbing 1,300-mile trip from Houghton, N.Y. Houghton is a college town surrounded by a community of faculty and staff who are, in turn, surrounded by miles of forested hills, cornfields and dairy farms. The village is sheltered from the precisely paced bustle of the city and becomes an example of natural beauty for the few summer weeks when drab gray clouds are traded for vibrant blue skies. Texas, I discovered, is where the vibrant blue skies migrate when they aren t trying to convince western New Yorkers that the weather isn t that bad. It is also a favorite spot for the sun, which heated up moving day to a toasty 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Armies of sweating professors offered disheartened looks at the tall piles of freshmen luggage as they hauled it from roadside to room. When I told them my room was on the second floor, I scored some unappreciative glares. I would come to find out that my room was on a floor, located in Thomas Hall, that is more commonly referred to as 41. There is a rich history behind the name, which dates back to acquisition of the university property from the U.S. Army by Mr. R.G. LeTourneau himself. Each 41er is assigned a floor name when he is newly arrived. I, after a requisite week of cadence-calling and watermelon football in the pond, was dubbed Spork. It didn t take long for my class work to become consuming. When I told upperclassmen of my chosen majors, engineering and computer science, they nodded silently, brows furrowed. In a melodramatic voice deserving of a reverberating surround-sound effect, 41 er Shroud told me, Many of those greater than you have fallen. Are you sure you can do it? He paused dramatically. Data structures. Software systems. It was as if he were calling spirits. ANALYSIS OF ALGORITHMS! Fog enveloped our feet. Thunder rolled in the distance. Somewhere, a dog barked. I mumbled something about being pretty sure and retreated to my room to ponder my fate. My fate, it turned out, was to help make a helicopter fly itself without mowing down rows of curious onlookers. I came to school with a fair amount of geek knowledge, and in an effort to make myself useful, joined the helicopter effort better known as The Phoenix Project. It s technically a senior design project, but the leadership didn t seem to have a problem with free labor. I was soon elevated from Documentation Ferret to Code Monkey, and now I spend hours slaving away in pursuit of the acquisition and interpretation of GPS data in a binary format. That means in layman terms that I am learning a lot more than I have in any class or project that I have ever been involved with. Not only that, but I can tell people I work on a flying robot. Engineering schools bring with them a unique subset of people students more interested in building stuff than partying. These are students who watch the international space station orbit on NASA-TV, and switch to The History Channel during the boring parts. These are students who, LETOURNEAU UNIVERSITY SPRING 2005 NOW OUTSIDE THE BOX 5

6 Winters in Houghton, N.Y. are a far cry from the 90-degree heat of an East Texas August. given nothing better to do, document every elevator shaft on campus from the inside out. It was this geek camaraderie that brought me here. While at times it spawns some odd wisdom ( You can t swear at your code, man... it s like your offspring! ), the desire to create also spawns the sort of creations that cause people to gawk and ask, What were you thinking? In the interest of the well-being of these people, we generally reply with a sort of verbalized ellipses. Shining examples of 41 s doit-yourself-in-the-lounge-whilekeeping-everyone-awake projects include a Trojan horse, built for Fall Fest, and the transformation of our lounge into a Swiss Family Robinson Christmas. Fall Fest is an annual LeTourneau tradition that occurs for no reason in particular, save perhaps to remind the student body of what season it is, since the climate offers no clues to speak of. The premise is this: Guys residence hall floors elect a queen, and girls residence hall floors elect a king. The floors then promote their monarch according to a theme. Our chosen theme was Helen of Troy. As such, we constructed a 10-foot-tall Trojan horse, and subsequently used it to parade our queen, Kelly of Troy, around campus. Floors are scored according to a final vote combined with points gained in various activities occurring throughout the week. These activities involved a rapidly contrived Italian opera skitthing, a siege of the berm around the Memorial Student Center and, of course, a week of dragging our plywood and cardboard monstrosity around campus. When all was said and done, Kelly of Troy was elected Fall Fest queen, much to our satisfaction. Hoping to outdo ourselves, and in blissful ignorance of the time wasted constructing a mere horse, our Christmas decoration plans called for the entire lounge to become the Swiss family Robinson s tree house. Despite all odds, and enduring a general shortage of free shipping pallets in Longview, we built the thing complete with thatched roofs, running water, a ship s wheel, a draw bridge, a (real, shockingly heavy) floor-toceiling tree trunk and live birds. We then added sound, lights and dry-ice fog. Some people happily giggled, It feels like we re in a real rain forest! Other people just bumped their heads on the bamboo. Too much time indoors, though, will drive anyone batty. Every so often, generally about the time my face starts to burn from my computer monitor s radiation, I take a break and LETOURNEAU UNIVERSITY SPRING 2005

7 Spork was here. Kelly of Troy embraces our Trojan horse A Swiss Family Robinson Christmas decor transformed the 41er s lounge. go camping. It turns out that West Texas a 12-hour drive from campus is home to the Guadalupe Mountains. It also turns out that with a half-day of planning, a car, some gas money and a whole lot of caffeine, four LeTourneau students can climb to the highest point in Texas. At 8,749 feet, Guadalupe Peak was my highest summit yet, offering a stunning view of the Great Chihuahuan Desert. A far cry from the crowded peaks of the Northeast, I found the range a welcome introduction to the great American West. Living outside the box has thus provided me with an education more broad than could be contained in a classroom, or even four years worth of classrooms. I have, for the first time, met like-minded individuals of equal and greater competence than myself, with respect to computers, of course. In my small town, I was regarded simply as a PC repair dude. Here, I am surrounded by people who understand the applications of computers and programming, but equally significantly, by the resources needed to utilize this knowledge. This atmosphere of knowledge is critical to any effective educational system. And because of it, I have found a home at LeTourneau University. The Phoenix Project, a flying robotic helicopter, has yet to decapitate anyone. A road trip to West Texas was a freshman year high point. NOW OUTSIDE THE BOX 7

8 Meet the LeTourneau Unive LeTourneau University Admissions Counselors travel the country and speak to students from all over the world who are int Linda Fitzhugh Vice President of Enrollment Services Admissions, along with the departments of Academic Records and Financial Aid, make up the Enrollment Services Division, under the direction of Linda Fitzhugh. What do you call carbonated beverages? coke Kelli Frealy Senior Admissions Counselor Fun Fact: The Houston area is our fastest-growing region within the state of Texas. Among our current student body, more students call the Washington/Oregon home than any other place (besides Texas, of course!). Per capita, we have more students per state resident from Alaska than any state other than Texas! What do you call carbonated beverages? Coke LETOURNEAU UNIVERSITY SPRING 2005 Vanessa Bogran Assistant Director of Admissions Fun Fact: More students come from California than any other state but Texas. What do you call carbonated beverages? I used to call them soda, but now I call them Coke. Brad Wilkerson Fun Fact: The greater Tyler area has experienced the second largest percentage of application growth within any metropolitan area in What do you call carbonated beverages? Coke

9 rsity Admissions Counselors erested in the university s unique approach to learning. But who are these tireless ambassadors of goodwill? Take a look. James Townsend Director of Admissions Without a question these are the finest admissions professionals I ve worked with in the 16 years I ve been in higher education. What do you call carbonated beverages? Soda Chris Perot Beth Rountree Dan Buller Fun Fact: 1.5 out of every 10 LeTourneau students is from the Midwest or North Central States. What do you call carbonated beverages? Pop Mike VanBrocklin Fun Fact: Three out of last year s Heritage finalist came from the Southeast US. What do you call carbonated beverages? Coke Fun Fact: East Texas is unique in that it s the smallest territory represented but the most students come from this territory than any other! What do you call carbonated beverages? Coke Fun Fact: The Northeast sends us lots of wonderful students. We always look forward to spending time with alums and prospective students at the Willow Valley Resort in Lancaster, Penn. What do you call carbonated beverages? Soda NOW COUNSELORS 9

10 University to build new Engine Test Facility Written by Amy Halbert Front Elevation Side Elevation LeTourneau University s School of Aeronautical Science will soon have more room to spread its wings as construction is scheduled to begin this spring on the new Martin Donner Engine Test Facility where students can disassemble and reassemble airplane engines. The new building will be named in honor of Martin Donner, the former aeronautical science faculty member who died in a tragic fireworks warehouse accident in July The project had been in the developmental stages for about four years, but started in earnest in 2003 when a member of the aeronautical science advisory committee donated $50,000 in honor of Donner. Responding to that challenge, more than 140 people, including LeTourneau friends, faculty, alumni and students, have made gifts and pledges, totaling more than $150,000. The 2,400-square-foot engine test facility has been designed to improve safety and enhance the learning experience for LETU students. The estimated cost of the new facility is $194,000. It will be located on the Longview campus behind the university s business office and will include: Three large test cells for reciprocating engine testing. An enclosed engine test area complete with control room used to test turbo shaft engines such as the Pratt & Whitney PT-6. Computerized data acquisition hardware and software for both the turbine test room and the reciprocating engine test cells. A storage area to hold engine test stands and other bulky equipment. This new facility will be much more flexible than what we have now, said Fred Ritchey, dean of the School of Aeronautical Science. Every LETU aeronautical science student will use the new facility. Each student in the program is required to take Introduction to Aircraft Reciprocating Engines, in which they disassemble, reassemble and run an aircraft engine. Under the close supervision of their instructor, students work carefully to take an engine apart, piece by piece, taking note of what each part is, what it does and where it goes. When the engine is fully reassembled, it is time to see if their engine runs. Currently, much of the engine testing is performed on an airplane affectionately known as the Snow Goose (it was called the Blue Goose until a paint job necessitated a name change), which has been used by LETU student for nearly 30 years. LETOURNEAU UNIVERSITY SPRING 2005

11 In Memory Martin Donner Floorplan In the new facility, students will use portable stands that will hold the reassembled engines and a laptop computer that will monitor engine performance. Students can roll the stand with engine to the test cell, latch it in place, connect a ground power plug to the stand, and in 10 minutes, the engine should be up and running, Ritchey said. By using a digital data acquisition system and notebook computer, more detailed engine testing can be performed and the data collected can be stored for future reference. We have a unique approach at LETU, said Ritchey. It s a thrilling thing for a student to be able to take an engine down to its basic parts, put it back together again and then run it. Some of these students have never performed even basic maintenance on an engine, so for them to do this is phenomenal. Martin Donner s memory and contribution to the LeTourneau University community will live on through the construction of a new aeronautical science research facility for testing airplane engines, which will be named in his honor. The new Martin Donner Engine Test Facility will ensure that all of us, from our alumni to current students, staff and faculty and those still to come, will remember Marty as a beloved professor and godly role model, said Dr. Alvin O. Austin, LeTourneau University president. Donner was one of three summertime employees of Pyrotechnics by Lamb who died in a fireworks explosion in Kilgore, Texas, July 3, He was a licensed pyrotechnician and had worked for the company during a portion of several summers. Donner was born Aug. 20, 1944, in Elmira, N.Y., where he lived for over 30 years. He earned his private pilot s and soaring certificates in 1967, became a certified airframe and powerplant mechanic in 1971, earned an inspection authorization license in 1974 and qualified as a designated mechanic examiner in He came to LeTourneau University in the fall of 1975 as a mechanic and enrolled in the aeronautical science program. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree at LeTourneau University in 1979 and a Master s of Science degree at University of Texas at Tyler in He was involved with the Federal Aviation Administration s initiative to revise the testing procedures for the airframe and powerplant mechanics licensing. He later became an associate professor of aircraft systems at the university, a position he held for 28 years. He was the faculty sponsor for LAS, the university service society of aeronautical science students. He served the university as Teaching Faculty Organization executive committee from 1997 through Six times he was nominated for Who s Who Among America s Teachers. Before coming to LeTourneau, Donner had been a mechanic and part owner of MPH Aircraft Specialties, Inc. and was an airframe and powerplant mechanic for J & G Aero in Tyler, Texas. Marty truly cared for the people he worked with and the students he taught, said Fred Ritchey, dean of the School of Aeronautical Science. NOW MARTY DONNER 11

12 News and Notes AROUND CAMPUS UNIVERSITY RECEIVES CHAPEL SUPPORT Keith Honey of AEP Swepco, right, presents LeTourneau University President Dr. Alvin O. Austin with the first payment of their $35,000 pledge to help build the university s new S.E. Belcher, Jr. Chapel and Performance Center. LETU HOSTS ANNUAL READING CONFERENCE LeTourneau hosted the annual Texas Association for the Improvement of Reading (TAIR) conference Jan. 28. This year s event celebrated the life and works of the late New York Times bestselling children s author Bill Martin, Jr., who is best known for the kindergarten classic, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Keynote speaker was John Archambault, who co-authored with Martin the children s book Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom which became a popular alphabet book in the 1990s. INVENTION AND DESIGN CONTEST SET APRIL LeTourneau University s annual Invention and Design Contest will be held April Young inventors from all over the East Texas area are invited to enter and show off their imaginative inventions. The contest is open to elementary through high school students. All entries will be on display at the Solheim Arena. ALASKA LT. GOV. LOREN LEMAN SPEAKS AT LETU LeTourneau University alumnus and Alaska Lieutenant Governor Loren Leman spoke on Why America Needs Alaskan Oil at the Longview Partnership Quarterly Membership/Governmental Affairs Luncheon Feb. 2. Leman became Alaska s seventh lieutenant governor in December 2002, after serving 14 years in the Alaska legislature and completing services as the Senate Majority Leader. KECK FOUNDATION AWARDS $300,000 TO ENGINEERING PROGRAM LeTourneau University s engineering department was awarded a $300,000 grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation of Los Angeles to fund laboratory equipment and development of a new laboratory-based curriculum to improve engineering education across disciplines. The Keck Foundation supports breakthrough achievements in science, engineering, medical research and education that are intended to produce important long-term benefits to society. Some of the items the grant will fund include laboratory equipment for materials testing, a wind tunnel, instrumentation, computer software, a digital weld monitor and vibration equipment. Pictured from left are Jim Hughey, vice president of Univeristy Advancement; engineering professors Robert Warke, Dr. Greg Reynolds (as principal investigator), Dr. Paul Leiffer; Dr. Tom Hellmuth, dean of the School of Engineering; and Paul Boggs, director of the Office of Sponsored Programs. LETOURNEAU UNIVERSITY SPRING 2005

13 FACULTY HIGHLIGHTS LeTourneau University kinesiology professor and department chairman Dr. Wayne Jacobs presented a workshop titled Childhood Obesity: What We Can Do Jan. 21 in Berry Auditorium. Jacobs discussed the causes of the epidemic and provided resource materials and solutions for educators, parents and community members. Dr. Bob Roller, dean of the School of Business, was elected to a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the Christian Business Faculty Association. He has presented papers on internships and strategic planning at professional conferences. Engineering faculty member Robert Warke gave an invited talk titled Reflections on Weldment Failure: A Retrospective at the annual ASM Materials Solutions Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Business professor Dr. Juan Castro and two of his finance students, Jeshua Johnson and Skyler Harper, had a paper they authored on international investment in Latin America accepted at the upcoming 85th annual meetings of the Southwestern Economics Association Conference. Dr. Harvey Solganick, English professor, presented a paper on teaching with technology at the 2005 Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts Annual Conference in January. Dr. Bill Graff, engineering professor, presented a paper at the 2004 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition in Salt Lake City, Utah. The paper is titled, Forty Years of Teaching Circuits I: A Tribute to Dr. Hayt. Education professor Dr. Chris Calvin, of the Houston educational center, was awarded a multi-year external research/project grant to examine the impact of wireless laptops on student achievement. The grant was awarded by First Franklin Federal Mortgage Co. in collaboration with the Center for Digital Equity. Tim Baker, adjunct professor in the Biblical Studies Department has been LETOURNEAU UNIVERSITY HOSTS FREE HEALTH FAIR More than 400 community members attended the LeTourneau University annual free health fair Feb. 18 at the Solheim Arena. The health fair was sponsored by LeTourneau University and Longview-area organizations including the American Red Cross, Good Shepherd Medical Center and the Longview Fire Department. The blood drive produced 44 units of blood, 12 marrow-donor registrations and 250 lab draws that included lipid profiles and glucose testing. interviewed by Focus on the Family about his book, Going Out Without Freaking Out. Baker s interview aired on the national Weekend Magazine radio program with clinical psychologist Dr. Bill Maier. STAFF PRESIDENT AUSTIN REELECTED TO SACS BOARD LeTourneau University President Dr. Alvin O. Austin was recently reelected to this third term with the Executive Council of the Commission on Colleges, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the governing board for the association. The Executive Council is comprised of 13 members who provide leadership over the accreditation process for the almost 900 colleges and universities in 11 southern states and Latin America. Dr. Austin also has been elected to serve on the board of directors for the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas which represents all private colleges and universities in the state. He also has been selected to serve on the board of directors for the Educational Foundation of East Texas for Encouragement FM. LETU MARKETING SERVICES TEAM WINS AWARDS LETU Web Manager C.J. Cunniff, left, and writer Amy Halbert, received a Silver Addy award from the East Texas Advertising Federation for their work on the high school micro-site of the university s Web site. The site was also named Best of Interactive. Halbert and Creative Director Tom Barnard won a merit award from Admissions Marketing Report for their work on the student activities brochure for the Admissions Office, competing against over 1,000 colleges worldwide. The university also was notified that it was selected to receive a CASE District IV Award for best low-cost major gift campaign. The team is led by Director of Marketing Frank Griffis. NOW NEWS AND NOTES 13

14 News and Notes STUDENTS PAINTBALL TEAM WINS 1ST PLACE LeTourneau University s paintball team won its first competition in January and took first place at the Feb. 5 Lone Star Bowl, which put them in the top five in the National Collegiate Paintball Association. LETU will compete in the Kansas State Open and the Oklahoma State University Open in March and the South Central Collegiate Championship in April. The team then goes on to compete in the National Collegiate Paintball Association s championship in Florida April 16. An estimated 100 teams from 50 colleges across the country are expected to compete in the national competition. The paintball club has 25 members. MEMORIAL DR. PAUL R. BAUMAN, Dr. Paul R. Bauman, vice president emeritus for special ministries at LeTourneau University, died Feb. 8, 2005, in Amarillo at the age of 97. Born Jan. 7, 1908, in Portis, Kan., Bauman began working for LeTourneau University in August 1962 and retired in January 1977 at the age of 69. Bauman was an expert on biblical prophecy and was known for his travels through the Holy Land, leading guided tours for people who often became friends and donors to LeTourneau College. He was very active in public relations for the college and led over 50 tours to Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Egypt. He was a dear friend and companion in the faith, said Dr. Ken McKinley, professor emeritus, who assisted Bauman on a number of his tours. McKinley, along with Bauman s son-in-law, Arch Rutherford (pictured at right) were among those who spoke at the service. ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME Cross-country runner Justin Rodes ( 98) and LeTourneau University mathematics professor Dr. Roger Erickstad were honored as the 2005 inductees to the LeTourneau University Athletic Hall of Fame at a recent banquet at the Pinecrest Country Club in Longview. Rodes was an NCCAA All-American in 1996, an NCCAA and NAIA Academic All-American in 1996 and 1997 and was the NCCAA Wheeler Award recipient in He ran the Boston Marathon in 1998 with a time of 2:41:50 and finished in the top 200 out of more than 10,500 finishers. Justin was joined at the ceremony by his father and grandfather who traveled from Idaho for the event. Erickstad, who has been a mathematics professor at LeTourneau since 1969, was honored for his dedicated service as a faculty athletic representative since 1977 and on the faculty athletic committee since He also served on the Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee from 1995 to Erickstad was surrounded by numerous family members, including his son, Brad, a Hall of Famer, and his son, Mark, a Longview physician, who served as master of ceremonies. LETOURNEAU UNIVERSITY SPRING 2005

15 From the Alumni Office Written by Allison Gardner, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations New Mentor Program I am excited to share with you a new program that we are launching through the Alumni Association. The finishing touches are being applied to a new mentor program in which alumni can share their experience and expertise with younger graduates still trying to establish themselves, and current students who are just beginning to think about life after LeTourneau. If all goes as planned, the new program will launch at the end of March. Our first audience is current aeronautical science students and alumni, and we have plans to expand the program to serve all of the schools at LeTourneau. Wendy Paver ( 94), member of the Aeronautical Science Advisory Council, has been championing this idea for almost a year and has already recruited a number of alumni to serve as mentors in the new program. The purpose of the program is not placement, but help for those coming after you to navigate the development of their careers. Most of the mentoring is designed to occur through or the telephone, and there will be guidelines articulated for the mentor and the mentee. To find out how you can become a mentor, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at ALUM (2586). Parent and Family Weekend 2005 Thanks to the many parents and families who came out to support students during LeTourneau s annual parent and family weekend. We had a great time together and look forward to seeing you again next year! Upcoming Events Spring is a busy time at LeTourneau, and we have several events that will soon be upon us, including: Hootenanny April 8 It s time again for that old LeTourneau favorite Hootenanny! Come see our current students, faculty and staff perform humorous drama and music in an evening of fun and laughter. Tickets are available through the Office of Student Affairs by calling Intersociety Rope Pull April 9 The society houses will square off once again during the intersociety rope pull down at the pond. Dig out your old jersey and make your way to the back side of campus for this annual springtime event. American Welding Society Dinner April 26 All welding and materials joining alumni are invited to campus Tuesday, April 26 for a special reception in the materials joining lab, with dinner afterward in the Memorial Student Center. Our guest speaker for the evening s event will be LeTourneau University President Dr. Alvin O. Austin. Transportation will be provided from the 2005 AWS Show in Dallas on a university charter bus. The cost for this special one-day event is $20 per person. Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at ALUM (2586) for more information or to register. Homecoming 2005 October Plans are already in motion for Homecoming Weekend Events will include class visits and a talent show. A variety of reunions are in the works, including a decade reunion for the classes of with Will ( 65 MT IE) and Dorothy Hyslop and a look at student government through the years. Save the date and make plans to attend! NOW ALUMNI 15

16 Class Notes MEMORIALS Clinton A. Barham ( 65) died Jan. 31, 2005, in Longview, Texas. Clint is survived by his wife of 69 years, Oleta. Thomas Nutzman ( 74 ME/WE) died Nov. 4, 2004, from leukemia. He is survived by his wife Phyllis ( 74 EN), his children and grandchildren. Tom worked as an engineer for Medtronics. BIRTHS Jeff ( 83 ET) and Debby LeCureux welcomed their fourth child, Eric Norman LeCureux, who was born Nov. 1, He joins siblings Kevin, Laura and Greg. The LeCureux family lives in Guam where they serve with Trans World Radio. Jeff ( 86 EE) and Gisele Stout announce the birth of Jeremy Alexander Stout, born Dec. 13, He joins older brother Jason. Jeff ( 88 ME) and Dawn ( 88 ME) (Gregg) Pearson adopted Trinity Angelina Lee- Ann Pearson, who was born June 2, Trinity joins siblings Gabrielle, Isaac, Elijah, Chloe and Malachi. Michael ( 89 IM) and Cindy (Franklin) Stephenson adopted another child, Noah Michael Stephenson, who was born July 25, He joins Mikayla, 1. The Stephenson family lives in Bonney Lake, Wis., where Mike works for Boeing as a systems administrator and Cindy is a stay-at-home mother. Alex ( 89 WE) and Debbie Pollack adopted Elijah Joseph Pollack, who was born Nov. 27, The Pollack family lives in Indonesia. Nathan ( 92 ME) and Michelle Roden welcomed son James Aaron Roden, born April 29, Nathan works as an engineer for Lone Star Steel in Lone Star, Texas. Charles ( 96 EE) and Ann West announce the birth of daughter Tru West, born in December The couple also has a son, Kee. The West family lives in Broken Arrow, Okla. Sarah ( 97 PSYS) (Shields) and Brian Morale announce the birth of Harrison Douglas Morale, who was born Feb. 6 in Sachse, Texas. Harrison is the first grandchild for Eugene Shields ( 65 ET), an assistant professor at LeTourneau University. Seth ( 98 ME/WE) and Shiloh Norton welcomed Josiah Allen Norton Dec. 21, Josiah joins brother Caleb and sister Faith. The Norton family lives in Columbus, Ohio. Kurt ( 99 ME) and Johanna Metzger have a daughter, Kassia Adriana Metzger, who was born Jan. 4, Michelle ( 01 ISEL) (Rommel) and Luke Bader live in Vancouver, Wash. They have one child, Hayden Luke Bader, born July 7, Isaac ( 00 ATDT) and Krista ( 02 BI) (LeTourneau) Nelson announce the birth of Kathryn Grace Nelson, born Jan. 9, The Nelson family, including older daughter Hannah, lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where Isaac works for Alpha Omega Aircrafters. Mike ( 01 MGIM) and Kimberly Webber announce the birth of Kevin Scott Webber, who was born Oct. 25, 2004, in Longview. Alejandro ( 04 BBA) and Jennifer ( 03 BBM) (Kelley) Betancourt welcomed son Daniel Alejandro Oct. 25, 2004, in Mesquite, Texas. The Betancourt family, including daughter Alexis, now lives in Colorado. Stephen ( 03 HIPL) and Noreen Casey announce the birth of their daughter, Hannah Katli Casey, who was born Dec. 21, The Casey s have three sons and live in Virginia where Stephen is in graduate school at Regent University. MARRIAGES Christopher Pratt ( 91 EE) married Peilin Yu April 3, 2004, in Los Angeles, Calif. Several LeTourneau alumni attended the wedding including Shawn Lohstroh ( 89 EE), Steve Olsen ( 89 ME), Walter Waweru ( 89 BYBS ACCT), Pat Bertsche ( 89 IM), Scott Blomgren ( 91 EE) and Jose Carcamo ( 92 EE). Nathan White ( 96 MT) married Valerie Lynch Nov. 13, 2004, at Soldotna Church of the Nazarene LETOURNEAU UNIVERSITY SPRING 2005

17 in Soldotna, Alaska. Many LeTourneau alumni were part of the wedding party and wedding guests. Todd Harkins ( 98 MTAT) married Julie Kruit Nov. 27, 2004, at Immanuel Baptist Church in Wausau, Wis. Todd and Julie have been accepted to work with New Tribes Mission. Benjamin Mark Johnson ( 99 BUBS) married Mary Katherine Chamblee Nov. 20, 2004, at First Baptist Church in Denton, Texas. Ben is the son of former LETU baseball coach Elliot Johnson and Judy Johnson, and the brother of alumnus, Todd Johnson ( 98 PEE2). Ryan ( 01 MGHR) and Danielle Voumard were married Dec. 11, 2004, in Bernice, La. They currently live in Nacogdoches, Texas, where Ryan is the area rental manager for Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Glenn R. Edwards ( 04 ME) and Jennifer Lynne Davis ( 04 BYBS) were married Jan. 1, 2005, at Crossroads Community Church in Longview s Birne ( 59 IE) and Lynella Wiley live in Longview, where they work with Missionary Tech Team. was killed in Iraq where he served with the United States Marine Corps. Jesse was born on the LeTourneau campus when Nate and Vicki worked as resident directors for Tyler Hall. The Rev. Jerry Falwell led the funeral service at Liberty University where Jesse graduated. Darrel ( 75 MT) and Cheryl Eppler live in Duncanville, Texas, where they work with Wycliffe. Darrel works with computer systems as they relate to language translation and Cheryl works with international students. Jeff Hoffart ( 78 WT) was promoted to senior vice president and general manager for ESAB s Florence, S.C., operations. Jeff will be responsible for equipment, cutting and steel industry product businesses and assume profit and loss accountability for the Florence operation. Jeff has worked for ESAB for 21 years s Creative Services Media Group. He recently received a finalist certificate from the New York Festival and the Communicator Awards first-place Crystal Award of Excellence for producing Is Christ in Our Kids? He received a second Crystal Award of Excellence for producing S.A.F.E. Go to aspx for more information. Ben ( 84 ATBS) and Gigi Benedick live in Papua, New Guinea, where they work with Wycliffe. Otto ( 89 MT) and April ( 86 CHBS) (Jones) Habeger live in Anderson, Calif., where they are on furlough from their work with Wycliffe in Kenya. While in the states, Otto is working with Restoration Enterprises, a ministry that seeks to help ex-drug addicts and former prisoners acclimate back into society. April and Otto have four daughters: Angela, Cathy, Elizabeth and Becka s 1960 s Lloyd Smith ( 63 IE) received the same Christmas gift, 36 years apart. In December, Lloyd s son Keith presented him with a 1957 Chevy exactly like the one Lloyd had while he was in school at LeTourneau. A local cable news program interviewed Lloyd about the gift. Lloyd lives in Longview, Wash s Nate ( 75 MI) and Vicki (Murano) ( 78 MI) Strong live in Irasburg, Vt., where Nate is a pastor. On Jan. 26, 2005, their son Jesse Dan ( 80 EE) and Lillian Hoobyar live in Boa Vista, Brazil, where they work with CrossWorld. They have three children: David, Joel and Sarah. Dan ( 81 MT) and Karen ( 81 BYBS) (Herzog) Dudeck live in St. Joseph, Mo., where Dan is the facility manager for Word of Life Church and Karen is the office manager for Subway, Inc. Two of their children, Josh and Jessi, are currently attending LeTourneau University. Contact the Dudecks at: Kevin Robery ( 82 ET) works as a video producer for Awana Clubs International David ( 91 ATBS) and Claudia Carman and their sons, Joel and Timothy, visited the alumni center recently. The Carman family lives in Cameroun where they work with Wycliffe. Paul J. Wilson ( 91 ATBS) has been accepted with New Tribes Mission and plans to go to Papua, New Guinea. Paul is currently living in Colorado and raising support. Contact him at NOW CLASS NOTES 17

18 Class Notes Continued Daniel Wynja ( 03 ASFL) works as a flight instructor for Marshall Aviation Center in Michigan. He recently began flying a Michigan congressman back and forth to Washington, D.C. Mark W. ( 94 CST) and Dawn Davis live in Edmond, Okla., with their children Sophia, 6; Daniel, 4; Annie, 3; and William, 1. Mark works for Sonic Industries as a computer engineer. Dale Crownover ( 97 BSBM) is one of only three repeat recipients of the prestigious Baldridge award, first winning in 1998 and again in Dale is president and chief executive of Texas Nameplate, and will be officially presented the award by President George W. Bush in March. Philip Vernon ( 97 MTAT) returned from Iraq in the fall and will be rotating back over as a contractor in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Philip lives in Bridgewater, Va., and works with Dynamic Aviation. Chris Mammen ( 98 MBA) is president of Mammen Glass & Mirror in Austin, Texas. His company was featured in the November 2004 issue of Glass Magazine. Chris s family started the company in 1956 and it successfully transitioned to a third generation in A link to the article can be found at Stephanie Emerson ( 99 ENE1) graduated from nursing school and is employed at Children s Medical Center Dallas as a cardiology nurse. Jason ( 99 ATFL) and Shawna Phipps live in Syracuse, N.Y., where Jason works as a flight instructor. Shawna works as the children s pastor at Faith Chapel. The Phipps have one child, Zachary. Gavin ( 99 ATFL) and Carrie Jones are preparing to leave for Papua, New Guinea where Gavin will work with Wycliffe/JAARS as a pilot/mechanic and Carrie will work in community health. They have one child, Isaac, who is one s Kevin Bowden ( 00 BBM) was named the 2004 Citizen of the Year by the Rusk Chamber of Commerce in January. Kevin is the city manager of Rusk, Texas. Jeramy ( 00 PSYS) and Kathryn ( 99 PSYS) (Wilson) McPhetridge live in Longview, Texas, with their daughter, Alyssa Kathryn, who turned two in Jan They are expecting their second daughter, Sarah Grace, in April. Jeramy has a remodeling, repair and construction business, Trinity Construction, and Kathryn works from their home. You may contact Jeramy at Joe Philip ( 02 MBA) has written a book entitled God and Man in Perfect Union, which was published by Publish America. Joe lives in Bedford, Texas. Tina Walker ( 03 BBM) received an MBA from Texas Woman s University in December Tina is a member of the TWU chapter of Sigma Beta Delta. Mathew Maitland ( 04 EE) currently lives in Lake Orion, Mich., and works for Johann A. Krause as an electrical controls engineer building engine/power trains for several major automobile manufacturers. Class Ring Program What s shiny and looks great on your hand? The new official class ring of LeTourneau University! This new symbol of pride and loyalty to alma mater was designed with great care and attention to detail. The top of the ring displays our seal while the sides include campus icons and the graduate s personal degree and class ring information. Although students have to meet set academic criteria before they are eligible to purchase a ring, graduates of LeTourneau Technical Institute, LeTourneau College or LeTourneau University are immediately eligible. Contact the University Bookstore at (903) for more information or for a color brochure displaying all the sizes and finishes that are available. LETOURNEAU UNIVERSITY SPRING 2005

19 Have you seen me? LeTourneau University Alumni Missing People You can help to make the reunion a success by helping us to locate some alumni that we have lost touch with through the years. Below is a list of alumni that we do not have a current address or telephone number for. Contact the Alumni Office at if you have current contact information for anyone listed or if it s you who is missing Leonard Leroy Brenner James Craig Richard Forsyth James Naylor Donald Wirth Philip A. Young 1958 Ronald L. Burns Leroy Davis Glen Donald Gordon Dorman Hutchison Marvin Kukuk Lloyd McClurg Jim Henry Meyer Joseph J. Niessen Chester Ridge Leander Scrivener Robert Lincoln Webb James Westfahl 1959 Willard Detwiler Ivan A. Funk Gary Glenn Frederick Byron Hapgood Walter O. Herndon Randall Herring James M. Keys Carl Mathews Kirby Nelson Lowell J. Smith John R. Zimmers 1960 James Babcock Lynn H. Blakely Norm Dittman Walter Engelmann Earl A. James Norman Kiefer C. Dan Lefler Don Longhofer Don McGuffie Ralph Pettersen William E. Smith Raymond Standiford Rodney Stauffer David Toon Arley Turner William Waddell Peter Walhof Larry Wier Jerry Womack 1961 John Dennis Dreyer William D. Feller David Paul Fox Gary Hahne William Henderson Dale Hoover Ronald Hull John McMillan Thomas McPeek Doyle E. Meeks John A. Shaw Norman M. Shick Bernard Smith Franklin Stone Jerry Truss William Van Pelt John Arnold Voehringer James Willis 1962 Kenneth Ball Kenneth Bergstrom Ron Campbell Alvin Clinton David Goodrick Ken Gray Milton Hackett James Holditch Jose Lecusay Wayne Nissley Randolph Parks Thomas Pharr Lawrence Randall Thomas Riddel Samuel Roper Sandra Sartain David H. Tobelmann Ron Vanbeuning Morrell Ward Roger Whetstone Terry Woodbridge 1963 Robert Lee Allen Bernard E. Bancroft John Chambers William D. Cobb Charles M. Cromer Morten Eriksen John Hooks Henry Wayne Hooten Calvin Klatt Charles Lynch Charles McLeod Tommy Modrall James Mullaney Glenn Packard Don Potts John O. Randall Joseph H. Richman Linton Warner Robert Worcester 1964 Raymond Bartlett Robert Blackwood Samuel G. Cameron Philip Chandler Kenneth Conner Jerry Conwell Dale Gwin Jesse Harshbarger Victor Hawthorne Jerry Housden John W. Klein Dennis Looper Bert McDaniel Rita Miley Larry Montoya Delbert Murphy Max Rice Bert Rountree Thomas Sakach Robin Thompson 1965 Andy Alexander Ellen Bancroft George A. Bender Stanley Bigham Harold Bitner Judy Cajas Charles Cooper Paul Davis Douglas Diamond Joseph T. Dupuy Douglas I. Ford James Griffith Paul Ireland Jack Keeney Ardella M. Kemmler Curtis Lee Larry Loyd Pat McConnell Cullen McDavid John Milam James Moody Ralph E. Nelson Paul Nettinga Keith Packard Ellen Page Bruce M. Peterson Sherman Pharr Douglas Shedd Philip Soncarty Henry Unger Jerald G. Vander Kooi Patricia Watson Jerry D. Weatherall Jacquie Whidden Carl E. Wilson Henry Wray Don Yocum Harold Yost Ronald Zoellner 1966 Ralph Altig Donald A. Auchey Keith Black Jerry Boeve Marvin Brandstetter James Clifton Allen Dick R. Daniel Fohringer Gary Halterman David Henderson Robert Hughes Luther Jentes Donald Kraus Kay Lightle Charles Lindholm Stephen Lorimer Michael J. Mercer Leslie Minter Robert K. Peterson Nels Timm Jean Titlbach Frank Waggoner Smiley Whittington Kenneth W. Axt Ellis C. Babbitt Lowell Booker Stephen Brower David Cajas Paul Cocking Ivan Cornell Michael Duvall James Eastman Don Fanning Roger Harrison Gerry Jordan Dennis Kinsey Dayton Lewark George J. Meyer Michael Middleton Larry Minter Malcolm F. Ratcliff Vincente Sarria David Searight H. Lee Spilman Kenneth L. Trayer Byron Williams Paul A. Zimmerli NOW CLASS NOTES 19

20 MBA Class Gathers For Annual Reunion The MBA 77 class from LeTourneau University s Bedford educational center graduated in December 2002 and gathers every year with a reunion at a local restaurant to celebrate the friendships and achievements they have shared. Class members are, back row from left, Craig Watson, Jeff Byrne, Jeff Kirby, Joe Phillip, Stacy Myers, and front row from left, Joel Carathers, Marilu Castillo, Crystal Scott-Riser, Gloria Roberts and class representative Diana Martin. Not pictured were Beth Baikley, Melissa Axton and Roy Burkhalter. Written By Janet Ragland 5 babies. 2 weddings. 2 new homes. 2 lay offs. 1 new business. These are just a few of life s significant events that a LeTourneau University class of students shared during the two years they worked together pursuing their Master s of Business Administration degrees at the Bedford educational site. MBA 77 is the 77th MBA class to come through LeTourneau University since the university began offering graduate degrees in The first MBA 77 class began in December 2000 and exactly two years later, in December 2002, the students celebrated together as they received their diplomas. But long after the caps and gowns were put away, the congratulations ceased and the diplomas were hung on their walls, the class of MBA 77 continued to be actively involved in each other s lives, having become an extended family. The students of MBA 77 recently held their second annual class reunion at a Bedford-area restaurant, organized by class representative Diana Martin. Our group meets each year and we rent a room big enough to include all the families, said LETOURNEAU UNIVERSITY SPRING 2005

CONNECTION. Deep in the Heart of Texas. LU to D2 Campaign Completes Phase One. A PUBLICATION OF LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY FOR THE ALUMNI [Spring 2011]

CONNECTION. Deep in the Heart of Texas. LU to D2 Campaign Completes Phase One. A PUBLICATION OF LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY FOR THE ALUMNI [Spring 2011] CONNECTION A PUBLICATION OF LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY FOR THE ALUMNI [Spring 2011] Deep in the Heart of Texas Page 11 LU to D2 Campaign Completes Phase One Page 21 1 Pro Christo et Agape Dear Alumni and Friends,

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2001-2002 Honor Roll of Donors

2001-2002 Honor Roll of Donors 2001-2002 Honor Roll of Donors Wake Forest M A G A Z I N E Volume 50, Number 2 D e c e m b e r 2 0 0 2 Editor: Cherin C. Poovey, poovey Associate Editor: Kerry M. King ( 85), Senior

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Also inside: Student callers Health care mission trips The renovated

Also inside: Student callers Health care mission trips The renovated Saint Louis University Also inside: Student callers Health care mission trips The renovated Rec Center A professor s Irish discoveries Fold out for a view of the Edward A. Doisy Research Center and the

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Frank Mondo 94 Flexibility is the key 6 ALUMNI SPOTLIGHTS. Dr. Daniel E. Banks Joining the Army at 62 10

Frank Mondo 94 Flexibility is the key 6 ALUMNI SPOTLIGHTS. Dr. Daniel E. Banks Joining the Army at 62 10 Hokie presence in Afghanistan: Tom Whitlock 95 sent this photo of a Virginia Tech mini-reunion of personnel assigned to Combined Joint Task Force 435 at Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan (from left): Capt. Jordan

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WHEATON. For the Short Term. Rethink and reform the short-term mission experience.

WHEATON. For the Short Term. Rethink and reform the short-term mission experience. SPRING 2013 WHEATON For the Short Term Rethink and reform the short-term mission experience. Inside: Make Career Connections New: Humanitarian Disaster Institute Students Tour Nashville Wheaton College

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INDEX F2 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012 WWW.THESTATE.COM THE STATE, COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA F2 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012 WWW.THESTATE.COM THE STATE, COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA INDEX Young leaders making an impact on the Midlands Building a community takes leaders who are dedicated not only to building

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President s Report to the Community

President s Report to the Community President s Report to the Community President Tom Foley March 21, 2014 There are three parts to this President s Report to the Community: 1. An Introduction 2. A Baker s Dozen of Highlights 3. An Update

More information ABC Texas Merit Shop Journal October 2009 1 ABC Texas Merit Shop Journal October 2009 1 ABC Texas Merit Shop Journal October 2009 1 Turnarounds and revamps with special emphasis on HF Alky Units. RepconStrickland companies support the Associated Builders and Contractors of

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Madonna Now Summer 2006. Madonna University Livonia, Michigan

Madonna Now Summer 2006. Madonna University Livonia, Michigan Madonna Now Summer 2006 Madonna University Livonia, Michigan contents 3.................Madonna Memories 4...................Commencement 6..............Environmental Science 7..........Madonna Around

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Congratulations to All 2010 Graduates!

Congratulations to All 2010 Graduates! Congratulations to All 2010 Graduates! IMMOKALEE Five Immokalee residents celebrated their 2010 High School Graduation during commencement exercises from three learning institutions. As we travel down

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A Historic Visit to Buffalo

A Historic Visit to Buffalo UB The Magazine of the University at Buffalo Law School The State University of New York LAWFORUM A Historic Visit to Buffalo Court of Appeals Invited by UB Law Alumni Association F A L L 2 0 0 5 UB Law

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Alumni News. GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet. Spring 2006

Alumni News. GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet. Spring 2006 Alumni News Spring 2006 GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet Back by popular demand, GSC alumns from far and near will be returning to campus for their special reunion weekend on April 22, 2006.

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MAGAZINE. Then and Now Cannon School Celebrates 40 Years of Excellence SUMMER 2009

MAGAZINE. Then and Now Cannon School Celebrates 40 Years of Excellence SUMMER 2009 CANNON MAGAZINE Then and Now Cannon School Celebrates 40 Years of Excellence > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > SUMMER

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Building Effectiveness Through Continuing Education. page 2. Insights. IECA Set for Texas Spin as We Celebrate 35th Anniversary Conference

Building Effectiveness Through Continuing Education. page 2. Insights. IECA Set for Texas Spin as We Celebrate 35th Anniversary Conference Building Effectiveness Through Continuing Education page 2 Building Blocks to Independent Living page 6 Remembering Leslie Kent page 7 The Newsletter of the Independent Educational Consultants Association

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Safety In Numbers. Tech Quarterly. in this issue: Education For Life. I SPY: Staying Cyber Safe. FOREIGN EXCHANGE: Fulbright Scholar s Tale

Safety In Numbers. Tech Quarterly. in this issue: Education For Life. I SPY: Staying Cyber Safe. FOREIGN EXCHANGE: Fulbright Scholar s Tale Education For Life 2100 Silas Creek Parkway Winston-Salem, NC 27103-5197 Non Profit Organization US POSTAGE PAID Greensboro, NC Permit #1068 Vol. 7, No. 2 } Tech Quarterly in this issue: I SPY: Staying

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shining a light on the william paterson family for seventy years

shining a light on the william paterson family for seventy years T H E M A G A Z I N E O F W I L L I A M P A T E R S O N U N I V E R S I T Y W I N T E R 2 0 0 6 shining a light on the william paterson family for seventy years T H E M A G A Z I N E O F W I L L I A M

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Life With SIFE. Outreach Programs Make All the Difference to Students, Communities. Spring 2006

Life With SIFE. Outreach Programs Make All the Difference to Students, Communities. Spring 2006 Life With SIFE Outreach Programs Make All the Difference to Students, Communities Spring 2006 2 President s View It warms my heart not only to see the Franciscan sculptures and the value banners attached

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LINES 2014/2015. in the community where students give back by helping others through Habitat for Humanity. See story on page 4

LINES 2014/2015. in the community where students give back by helping others through Habitat for Humanity. See story on page 4 NITTANY LINES 2014/2015 in the community where students give back by helping others through Habitat for Humanity. See story on page 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Message from Interim Chancellor Dr. Nancy L. Herron

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UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK. Bridges SPRING 2008. Crime and Imprisonment: How Social Work Can Help Break the Cycle

UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK. Bridges SPRING 2008. Crime and Imprisonment: How Social Work Can Help Break the Cycle UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Bridges M A G A Z I N E SPRING 2008 Crime and Imprisonment: How Social Work Can Help Break the Cycle Bridges Table of contents Dean s Message... 1 School

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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12 Incredible Customer Service ICE Awards applaud outstanding customer service.

12 Incredible Customer Service ICE Awards applaud outstanding customer service. Grand strander Issue 670 April 2009 The Official Newsletter of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Five Chamber MBACC awarded top accreditation by U.S. Chamber of Commerce The United States Chamber

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AMSTERDAM, N.Y. A PORT JACKSON MEDIA PUBLICATION 75 CENTS 70 and sunny The Amsterdam High School class of 1963 gathered last week to mark a milestone. Page 7 Taking the field The Amsterdam Rugged Rams are back at it for another season of high school football.

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McKeesport Area. International Village. McKeesport Celebrates. School & City News Page 27. Calendar of Fall Festivals Page 20

McKeesport Area. International Village. McKeesport Celebrates. School & City News Page 27. Calendar of Fall Festivals Page 20 An INCOMMUNITY Magazine McKeesport Area McKeesport Celebrates International Village School & City News Page 27 Calendar of Fall Festivals Page 20 FALL 2014 Special Section: Trends in Education

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ST. NORBERT COLLEGE NEW EMPLOYEE CAMPUS TOUR SCRIPT ST. NORBERT COLLEGE NEW EMPLOYEE CAMPUS TOUR SCRIPT GENERAL INFORMATION Founded October 1898 by Abbot Bernard Pennings as a school to prepare men for the priesthood. Type Coeducation since 1952 Catholic

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The Boca Raton Tribune

The Boca Raton Tribune Community Gov. Scott Promotes Business Rent Sales Tax Reduction see page 3 Community New Homeowner Help Initiative Launched see page 4 Municipal Boca Raton man Convicted in Most Lucrative Insider Trading

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Connection. Embracing. meet Head Football Coach Pete Shinnick. public Piano Project Downtown. inclusion

Connection. Embracing. meet Head Football Coach Pete Shinnick. public Piano Project Downtown. inclusion Connection SPRING 2014 Alumni & Friends Magazine meet Head Football Coach Pete Shinnick 15 public Piano Project Downtown 24 Embracing diversity and inclusion 28 Connection UWF President Dr. judith bense

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One Bear Place #97310 Waco, TX 76798-7310. Change Service Requested

One Bear Place #97310 Waco, TX 76798-7310. Change Service Requested One Bear Place #97310 Waco, TX 76798-7310 Change Service Requested Introduction / Questions & Answers with Dr. Truell Hyde Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative: A New Beginning The Whole Picture

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