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1 Professional University Programs

2 Directors foreword Each year, our graduates are trained not only to cross academic frontiers, but also professional and geographical ones. CIFFOP offers three leading courses in human resources management: its original Masters degree, an international Masters degree, and a continuing education program offered in Paris and Luxembourg. CIFFOP is developing other future projects in its innovation lab: an international continuing education program, and new teaching modules addressing changes in business and public administration. These activities are the fruit of a unique collaboration, a committed team directing the Center on a day-to-day basis, the dedication of the teaching body, and the constant support offered by our tutors and professionals to students, as well as our increasingly strong alumni network. Finally, we must thank our partners, because it is together we can achieve progress in human relations, to bring out the best in business and professional life. Muriel de Fabrègues Frank Bournois

3 ABOUT CIFFOP 1 Frank BOURNOIS Professor of Management Panthéon-Assas Co-Director of CIFFOP Muriel de FABREGUES Associate Professor Panthéon-Assas Co-Director of CIFFOP & Co-Director of the Master program Yasmina JAIDI Associate Professor Panthéon-Assas Co-Director of the International Master program Jean-Michel OLIVIER Professor of Private Law Panthéon-Assas Co-Director of the Master program Jacques ROJOT Emeritus Professor Panthéon-Assas Co-Director of the Executive Master (Luxembourg) program Catherine VOYNNET FOURBOUL Associate Professor Panthéon-Assas Co-Director of the Executive Master (Paris) program DIRECTORS OF CIFFOP Nicole CATALA Anne-Marie FERICELLI CIFFOP, leading Center in human resources CIFFOP (Intedisciplinary Center for Human Resources Education) was established in 1971 due to the visionary initiative of Professor Nicole Catala and the support of several Human Resources professionals, all possessing remarkable foresight on the future and the importance of Human Resources functions. The fi rst university institute dedicated to the education of human resources professionals, in direct cooperation with the business world CIFFOP is an institute forming part of the prestigious University of Paris, Panthéon-Assas, and the only dedicated center for human resources management training within the Sorbonne University Network. It offers several advanced master s degrees (Master 2) in human resources and coaching. CIFFOP s goals are to train students, graduates of business schools and post-graduate programs (Master 1), to meet the challenges of tomorrow and changes in the profession, in order to prepare them to take on responsibilities in all areas of human resources management and labor relations: HR management in businesses, multinational companies, international organizations, substantive servicing, business units, and consultancy firms. Pioneering leading degrees The successive diploma Directors have continuously engaged in innovative measures extending the pioneering role of CIFFOP, as evidenced by the increasing number of human resources professionals, the development of a highly qualified human resources professionals mentoring system (twenty-one mentors advise groups of four or five students), the internationalization of training programs (including one study trip abroad each year since 2004) and, since 1998, the establishment of a work-study apprenticeship program. The many educational innovations are the result of ongoing co-operation between CIFFOP lecturers and graduates. Building on this success, CIFFOP created its International Human Resources Management Master in 2007, which is taught exclusively in English. This degree is mainly intended for international students: To meet the needs of business executives wishing to develop their skills and knowledge in human resources management, CIFFOP established an Executive program in Paris in 2009, and in Luxembourg in January 2011: Ranked as a leader by specialized journals CIFFOP s original Master program is regularly ranked number one in the Liaisons Sociales & Kelly Service rankings of the best initial training programs in human resources. CIFFOP s Executive program is already ranked by «Management» journal as one of the best continuing education Master (November 2011). CIFFOP is therefore meeting the challenge of being a professional training school in human resources management within a university setting, in which students receive high quality academic training, in an exceptional environment, offering personalized facilities and the most modern teaching methods.

4 EDUCATIONAL TUTORS 2 Our tutor was always available to listen. I appreciated the richness of our exchanges at each of our meetings. Thank you for having established a tutoring system at CIFFOP. It is in my view a very precious relationship, allowing us to step back and truly refl ect on HR functions. Myriam Lacroix, Year 2011 HR Junior Manager, SWAROVSKI Each CIFFOP student is assisted by a tutor, a Director of Human Resources in a major company, or a recognized expert. This tutoring system is original to CIFFOP s educational strategy. Each tutor, depending on his specialization and area of competence, emphasizes a particular area of knowledge to impart Hervé BORENSZTEJN to students, for example, workplace relations or experience in managing a central works council. The tutor acts as a coach. He or she provides the wisdom of experience and helps the students develop critical judgment with observational methods. The students can therefore position themselves within their career or professional project. Cyril ACCARD Consultant Hervé BORENSZTEJN Expert RH Dominique PEPIN Group Director of Training Franck MOUGIN HR & Sustainable Development Director Anne de RAVARAN Legal Counsel, HR A small story...from the outset, it seemed natural...the transmission of knowledge, the links between generations, the partnership between Business and University, so many good reasons to agree to be a tutor. Then, you discover the richness of the subjects addressed, the ideas challenged, the truths that we don t always hear anymore, you realize the richness of the educational system built up by CIFFOP. The end of the year soon arrives and you know that you have experienced something wonderful. Philippe Louvet, Director of Human Resources in Research and Innnovation, L OREAL Gilles CAMINCHER HR Director, Commercial Branch PSA Peugeot Citroën Paul MAYER HR Director Southern Europe Alain MAURIES HR Director JACQUELCONSEILS François JACQUEL HR Consultant Denis DEGUILHEN HR Director, Organisation and lct Jean-François PILLIARD Deputy General Director Hubert MONGON Senior VP HR France & Southern Europe Lionel PRUD HOMME Lionel PRUD HOMME HR Consultant Philippe VIVIEN COO and General Manager Jean-François GARRIGUES HR Director lle-de-france Philippe CUENOT HR Director Sabine HAMAN Corporate Vice-President Head of Executive & Talent Management Foucault LESTIENNE Deputy Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations David DRAGONE Talent Management Philippe LOUVET HR Director Research and Innovation Véronique ROUZAUD HR Director Denys NEYMON Executive VP Human Resources

5 THE NETWORKS AT THE HEART OF CIFFOP 3 I would like to give some feedback on the evening event organized by CEFOP. Super! We were not as many as expected and as a result, there were 20 CIFFOP students, and around 10 CEFOP experts present. The presentation on networking was interesting and the CV/ career advice was brilliant, given that an alumnus spent 30/45 minutes with each of us giving individual advice on points to improve... for some, it concerned the CV, for others, their presentation at interview or even their professional plans. I think that everyone benefi ted from it and was happy afterwards. Pass on my acknowledgments! Fanny Barutel, Class of 2011, Recruitment Officer PRINTEMPS HAUSSMANN CEFOP, an effi cient network of 1600 CIFFOP graduates This network is composed of the three CIFFOP human resources programs: the original Master program in Human Resources Management and Labor Relations, the Master 2 in International Human Resources Management, and the Executive Master 2 program. This community is an essential asset in an economic context of continuous transformation, where networks play an increasingly important role. The various committees or projects led by active members of CEFOP seek to promote exchanges with CIFFOP students and graduates of all generations, and to strengthen this community. In this spirit, two initiatives were undertaken in 2011, in complement to long established initiatives which have proven their relevance: the CEFOPot social events, which bring almost 100 CIFFOP students and alumni (from the oldest to the youngest!) together several times a year in convivial settings. The HR workshops, organized jointly with CIFFOP students. The goal of these workshops is to bring together persons involved in HR functions, by sharing perspectives with professionals from other backgrounds and promoting exchanges, in order to contribute together to renewing HR reflection on and identification with emerging issues in HRM offices. In 2012, CIFFOP is 40 years old! This is the occasion to celebrate our graduates in a spirit which is always synonymous with professionalism and humanism. CEFOP provides its members with tools adapted to the needs of business: an annual professional directory which is updated and edited by graduates and businesses; a Careers Network to accompany CIFFOP graduates throughout their professional lives, in a real spirit of networking; an interactive website: REFERENCE RH accreditation CIFFOP is accredited by REFERENCE RH, the leading network of professional university programs in Human Resources Management: Membership of REFERENCE RH is a guarantee to students and businesses of a program which respects the excellence criteria of high quality HRM university courses.

6 INTERNATIONAL TRAINING 4 20% of teaching is carried out in English. Taking the TOEIC test is obligatory. Conferences with foreign professors and experts. Organization of international professional seminars. This professional seminar was remarkably well organized! There is nothing negative to say. Perfect timing, excellent leadership, enriching professional encounters and a balanced division of time (conferences/free time), I think that it would be hard to do better! Nobody could deny that this professional seminar again allowed CIFFOP to fl y its colors high. For my part, I go back to work with lots of memories and openness towards this wonderful Asian culture which we encountered over one week. Thanks again to you and all of the teaching team Antoine Martinoli Remuneration and Employee Benefits Officer SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Since its establishment, CIFFOP has contributed to successive innovations allowing it to strengthen the excellence of its training. Attentive to developments in the HR professions and to the expectations of partner enterprises, CIFFOP is active internationally. In order to optimize its international presence and allow students greater opportunities to practice strategic HR management internationally, CIFFOP now organizes annual professional trips abroad: 2004 : LONDON : DUBLIN : HONG-KONG 2007 : MONTREAL : NEW YORK : MOROCCO 2010 : PRAGUE : SINGAPORE :QATAR & ABU DHABI 2013 : STOCKHOLM. As well as providing obvious personal enrichment, the professional seminars are the source of real professional knowledge in terms of human resources management and methods in the host country. Meetings with local managers and Human Resources Directors at various companies permit students to also understand cultural differences. This high-quality educational seminar assists them in adapting to the current socio-economic context thanks to deeper knowledge of the international stakes and sharpened intellectual curiosity. In terms of professional ambition, this experience abroad is often a motivating factor to pursue careers internationally.

7 FIRST-CLASS TRAINING 5 OUR AMBITION: Provide training in HR management and practices in direct partnership with leading French and international companies. Master Degree in Human Resources Management and Labor Relations DIRECTORS Jean-Michel OLIVIER Muriel de FABREGUES Master Degree in International Human Resources Management DIRECTORS Frank BOURNOIS Yasmina JAÏDI Executive Master Degree, Paris & Luxembourg DIRECTORS Frank BOURNOIS Jacques ROJOT Catherine VOYNNET-FOURBOUL Master Degree in Coaching DIRECTORS Frank BOURNOIS Thierry CHAVEL

8 6 WORK/STUDY PROGRAM The objective of this training is to equip students to respond to the skills needs of businesses and to promote the employability of young graduates. A work/study program promotes quick access to management and leadership responsibilities in Human Resources Management divisions, both in private companies and in the public sector. Since 1998, the master s program stands apart from other university programs in offering a work/study alternation program with an apprenticeship period in a company. This format contributes to strengthening the professionalism of students and their integration into professional life. The apprenticeship is a great success with companies and the number of work/study contracts offered to students largely exceeds class numbers. PARTNER COMPANIES WHO RECRUITED AN APPRENTICE IN CHANEL I think that the CIFFOP Master program has become one of the most professional HR master s. Its work/study format, the involvement of numerous professionals and experts, the tutoring of students by HR Directors in major companies, and the creation of a network during and after training via CEFOP are all assets allowing CIFFOP students and graduates to quickly integrate and develop responsibilities within HR services. Alexandre LECHEVALIER Class of 2006 Human Resources Manager BRÉZILLON GROUPE BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION

9 ... FIRST-CLASS PROFESSIONAL TRAINING 7 Job fair The business partners and CIFFOP organize an annual job fair for professional recruiters. Interactive exchanges between the students and professionals are of great assistance in finding a host company for their apprenticeship. CIFFOP graduates are also attending to present the company s activities and the careers available and to respond to students questions. Since 2012, due to increasing international recruitment, the recruitment fair is also present virtually, in the form of a webinar allowing international students, admitted to CIFFOP but still residing in their own countries, to participate in the fair and benefit from a first contact with the partner companies. Tasks entrusted to apprentices HR development (reflections on annual interview appraisals, talent management, training, mobility etc.); Salaries and employee benefits assignments; Legal assignments: responding to various labor law issues, management of employee files requiring legal expertise; Labor relations assignments: managing relations with employee representatives; Recruitment of interns from the International Volunteers in Business program and apprentices: examination of CVs, conducting selection interviews autonomously; Participation in relations with universities and schools; Preparation of central works councils, monthly company meetings, monitoring committees, social audit reports, etc. Management of expatriate employees: calculation of their remuneration, drafting of expatriate contracts, management of relations with the expatriate employee throughout their assignment abroad. Employability Thanks to their industry experience and the achievement of specific tasks, CIFFOP graduates have little problem finding their first job. For example, despite the economic crisis in 2011, 91% of the class of 2011 was employed or pursuing a personal development project within three months of graduating. Work contract 73 % International Volunteers in Business 11 % Job hunting 9 % Personal development projects 7 % Positions held AXENS HR officer Recruitment & Skills AMARIS HR projects officer BOUYGUES IMMOBILIER HR executive, disability unit BOUYGUES TELECOM HR executive CHANEL International Mobility Officer DTP Terrassement / BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION HR Executive FAURECIA HR Reporting Officer FNAC Remuneration and Employee Benefits Officer GROUPE BEL Human Resources Officer Near and Middle East GROUPE SORIN HR Business Partner IPSEN HR Associate KURT SALMON Business Analyst L OREAL International Recruitment NESTLE General Human Resources Officer PEPSI Human Resources Manager PSA Peugeot Citroën Compensation & Benefits Analyst SAFRAN - MESSIER BUGATTI Local HR SWAROVSKI Recruitment and Training Manager TF1 Labor Law In-House Counsel TOTAL en ÉCOSSE HR Development/Expatriate Management VINCI Human Resources Manager VALEO HR Development Coordinator CIFFOP was a real stepping-stone to a professional career. Thanks to personal follow-up and the alumni network, I was able to fi nd my fi rst job. In fact, a CIFFOP alumnus contacted Bella Ferreira, CIFFOP Coordinator, when an opportunity arose at GE Healthcare. Bella passed on the CVBook of the graduating class, highlighting profi les that met the job spec. I was then recruited as HR Manager. The personal follow-up with graduates is a real plus of this course. Gwenaelle REMY Class of 2011 HR Manager, GENERAL ELETRIC

10 MASTER IN HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 8 The fi rst French post-graduate diploma, today a master s program, in the fi eld of human resources. Since 1971, this course has been supported by ANDRH, The National Association of Human Resources Directors and Managers. CIFFOP provides the opportunity to meet with numerous HR professionals with a passion for their job. The work/study format combines practical and academic training, and CIFFOP s partner companies provide opportunities to land very interesting assignments during the apprenticeship. Cécile du Chaffaut Class of 2008, Task Officer, SM/LE Objectives The principal objective of this master s program is to prepare students having already completed four years of post-secondary education training (University or top-tier school) to meet the challenges of tomorrow and changes in the profession, and to occupy roles: - in human resources management for major national and international companies; - in substantive servicing; - as Human Resources officers in business units; - in consultancy firms. The teaching provided by CIFFOP is thus intended to train future HR executives, while also developing their personal managerial skills. Selection criteria The students admitted to the Master degree come from a wide range of disciplines: they all hold a Master 1 level degree (four years of post-secondary education) in fields such as Management, Law, Economics, Political Science, Pyschology, Philosophy, History. Students having completed degrees in Commerce or Engineering are also eligible. Applicants should meet the following criteria: - Proficiency in English (level assessed during the selection interview); - If possible, have completed internships in companies, preferably in a HR department; - Genuine desire to work in the field of human resources management. - Time spent working or studying abroad is also desirable. Candidates can register and download the application forms each year on the Panthéon- Assas University website: Program The Master is intended as a bridge between predominantly theoretical studies (around 500 hours over 18 weeks) and the progressive exercise of responsibilities in a professional environment (around 1,000 hours). Calendar - September - November: full-time training at CIFFOP; - November - May: alternate between 3 weeks spent on site in a company and 1 week in the classroom; - From mid-may until the end of the contract: full-time at the company. Acquisition of academic and methodological knowledge in classes divided into four main fi elds of study Management modules: HR strategy, finance, employment policy, statistics, skills management, remuneration policies. Finance and accounting Statistics and data analysis for HRM Employment policy Management skills Remuneration policies Management of training Personnel administration IT systems for HR management Management of recruitment Retirement policies Innovation and company monitoring Labor relations scoreboard statistics Human resources strategy

11 AND LABOR RELATIONS 9 Law modules: individual and collective labor relations, practical exercises in law. Introduction to private law Criminal employment law, Psychosocial risks Social protection International and comparative labor law Human Resources management modules Organizational theory International human resources and management Introduction to Human Resources Management Leadership Information and communication Collective bargaining and company negotiation HR risk management modules Employee representation, labor conflicts and crisis management Leading change Mergers and acquisitions transactions practices Labor relations in France and in Europe Ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) Codes of conduct Talent management Professional skills modules: integration seminar, apprenticeship mentoring, integration into professional networks, lectures by experts. Coaching and personal development Induction seminar Professional transition seminar Series of conferences Integration into professional networks CIFFOP students are required to complete three term papers during the year: an observation report, a dissertation on a particular topic, and an apprenticeship report which is the subject of an oral examination. For their observation report, CIFFOP students must spend a short period in an operational role in a company, at the lowest level of the business hierarchy. The goal of this short internship is to allow the student to understand the feelings, perspectives, attitudes and behavior of persons occupying operational positions. These persons will be their future clients. A student who has spent a week in a factory alongside the workers, doing the same job and sharing the same tasks, will certainly have a new perspective towards the people that he or she will one day manage. Cyril Accard Director, ORES 5EARCH CIFFOP was one of the best years of my studies, both in terms of the quality of the training and teaching as well as the openness of this Master towards professional life and the world of business. My undergraduate studies were in political science and I had no experience of HR, either academically or through internships. This year allowed me to really specialize and to acquire professional skills - thanks to the apprenticeship - in this fi eld, while working in a very warm and supportive environment. Motivation, clear professional goals and a real openness of spirit are to my mind the main qualities required to join this master s program. Charlotte des Courtils Class of 2006, HR Manager, YUM BRAND5

12 MASTER IN INTERNATIONAL 10 Obtain a master s degree in International Human Resources Management (HRM) while adding valuable professional experience in a leading international company based in France. Entering CIFFOP and its world of opportunities was one of the best decisions of my life. The practical knowledge of the lessons and the very valuable quality of the professors and tutors make this master unique. Ema Vlatkovic Croatia Objectives Worldwide companies need well-trained and seasoned operational HRM officers. This program will help you: Acquire the necessary HRM skills in areas including: global staffing, training and development, compensation and benefits, mobility, skiils management, employee relations, and diversity management. Design and implement HRM policies and practices at corporate/country/site/business unit levels. Operate effectively in a multicultural environment. Develop concrete experience in an international setting. A Unique Postgraduate Degree Some of the benefits offered by this course include: No tuition fees for students (apart from an administrative charge of 450 for students over 26) as the 10,000 tuition will be paid by the partner company. An opportunity to carry out a 9-month assignment in either an international company within France, a French company in France or a French subsidiary outside France (when full-time in the company). A monthly salary (if administratively registered as an Apprenti ) or alternative monthly compensation ( Stagiaire ). A carefully designed HRM program led by academics from all over Europe and industry professionals. A valuable addition to your CV, offering an attractive profile for multinational companies. Each Year, A Highly Selective International Intake ln 2011, 21 students were selected, out of 150 applications coming from all over the world. These students came from 16 different countries: Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great-Britain, India, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Montenegro, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, US. A One-Year Program taught entirely in English Our classes are taught by top-notch academics coming from ail over Europe and by cutting-edge professionals holding strategic positions in international companies. Classes are organized around 6 main broad themes: Understanding the HR environment and giving the students the general knowledge to work as a strategic business partner. Attracting, selecting and developing people. Involving people in the workplace involvement. Mastering the HR tools. Being a sustainable employer. Mastering the legal context and industrial relations.

13 HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 11 Besides the classes, the programme also offers: On-site learning expeditions at the offices of some of our partner companies. This is an opportunity for the students to meet HR professionals on the field and share with them the key business and HR stakes of their company as well as the challenges of their specific job position. A one-week seminar abroad to better understand the HR practices of a specific country (e.g: Singapore in 2011, Qatar and Abu Dhabi in 2012). An opportunity to learn about themselves and others through a personal development track including collective and individual coaching by executive coaches and HR professionals. General Calendar October - December: full-time classes at the university. December - End of April: part-time work in the partner company and study at the university (regular alternating period of 2 weeks on the field, 1 week at the university). May - End of September: Full-time work in the partner company. Application Requirements & Selection Process It is to be noted that the French legislation on apprentissage (work/study) allows students under 26 to sign a contrat d apprentissage (work/study contract). Students over 26 will carry out a traineeship instead. Applicants will preferably have the following profile: A first degree in Management, Law, or Humanities from a top-tier school or university (Master 1 or equivalent to 4 years of higher education. Some work experience in an international company Fluency in English (min. TOEIC score: 860). Some knowledge of French (to ease the possibility to get an assignment in a partner company). A high degree of motivation for a career in HRM. Relevant applications will be pre-selected by the academic direction of the program and alumni holding a top HR position in an international firm. Selection interviews are conducted in June by the academic directors and HR professionals to select the new intake. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of the CIFFOP s master s degree program. It was a very intense year through which I learned to discover the HR world. I shared nice moments and had interesting discussions with my international colleagues and teachers and the most important is that I met people that inspired me and gave me the desire to strive for the best and search for different opportunities! Adina Blaga Romania

14 MASTER EXECUTIVE 12 CIFFOP, the leading university school in human resources management and labor law, established a continuing education Executive Master degree in In addition to the quality of its higherlevel teaching, CIFFOP s strength is its ability to bring together students from diverse backgrounds and a variety of academic disciplines. This made the program very interactive and enriching. My training provided me with the necessary skills to take on a managerial role in human resources which I have held since 2010 in a subsidiary company of Groupama. Gérald Alexandre Roffat Human Resources Manager, PRESENCE VERTE Profi le This program prepares students to take on human resources management roles in large and medium-sized companies, in public organizations and in associations. The program calendar is adapted to employees, and interns are supervised by leading experts in HR. This program is intended for persons who wish to deepen or to bring up-to-date their knowledge and to develop their skills in human resources management. Classes are organized in order to suit executive employees or similar, whether currently employed or job-hunting, where they wish to validate their professional experience with academic credentials, reorient or accelerate their careers. Criteria The qualities required for this program are the following: Personal abilities as a manager (organizational skills, openness to others, capacity to learn); Ability to adapt (group work); Interest in the organizational, managerial or human dimension of companies. Good knowledge of English is required so that the student can work comfortably with certain written course materials and case studies. However, classes are delivered in French. All CIFFOP students must make the necessary effort to achieve a level of English equivalent to TOEIC 800 during their studies. Courses in English are available to those who wish during the year. This program is open to candidates: who have completed four years of post-secondary education or Master 1 level; at least 3 years of professional experience in the fields of HR/management is desirable. who have completed two years of post-secondary education recognized by a national diploma, with significant professional experience in a managerial role for at least 5 years, subject to acceptance by the academic committee and validation of their professional experience. Candidates are shortlisted on the basis of their written application. The final selection is made following an interview with a panel of academic directors and HR professionals. Career paths Organizational Development Officer HR Development - Human Resources Business Partner Recruitment Consultant Training Unit Officer Executive, Mobility Department HR Development and University Outreach Officer HR Manager, Industrial Sites Training Officer HR Manager Expatriate Management Officer Junior Recruitment Manager HR/ Communications Officer Compensation and Benefits Analyst International Mobility Manager Pay Consultant.

15 CONTINU ING EDUCATION IN HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 13 Objectives The program offered by the Master Executive is intended to provide the skills necessary to occupy managerial roles in human resources and to prepare students for careers as Human Resources Directors in large and medium-sized companies, public organizations and associations. The skills targeted relate to acquiring and mastering: the fundamental knowledge necessary to make decisions in human resources management, and to analyze the business context, workplace situations and developments; the tools and methods necessary to construct HRM approaches and mechanisms, an understanding of the place of HRM within the organization, its strategic challenges in altering contexts or in the development of the company Teaching The Master in Human Resources Management and Labor Relations involves 220 teaching hours in the form of seminars or lectures and individualized sessions which take place over one year. Courses take place 2.5 days each month, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning, as well as three one-week sessions with courses from Monday to Friday. Lectures in methodology and individualized sessions addressing the writing of the term paper take place throughout the teaching period. Class attendance is mandatory. Management 60hrs Human resources strategy 14 hrs Accounting and HR scoreboards 18 hrs HR information systems management 14 hrs Jobs, training and skills management 7 hrs Remuneration policies 7 hrs Law 60 hrs Individual and collective labor relations 42 hrs Case studies - employment law 18 hrs Organizational behavior 60 hrs Organizational theory 14 hrs International and HR management or public management 7 hrs Labor relations in Europe 4 hrs HR management 7 hrs Leadership 7 hrs Information and communication 7 hr Leading change 7 hrs Company bargaining 7 hrs Professional skills 40 hrs Induction seminar 7 hrs Mentoring 15 hrs Conferences 6 hrs Term paper methodology At the start I was looking for a toolbox. Nevertheless, I completed this program with a much better understanding of HR functions and the role of HR within the company. In my view, this is essential. I think that the mentoring system helped a lot of people. The advantages are a network which I never had before within the HR community and a very rich and varied conceptual training in HR. Samson LOUFRANI Senior Associate, recruitment officer, PROGRESS SEARCH I have fl ourished professionally in the fi eld of Human Resources. When the Luxembourg Chamber of Employees decided to enter into a partnership with University of Paris II and CIFFOP, I didn t hesitate. Having grown up in Paris and completed my studies there, I had only one thought: GO FOR IT. It seemed to me possible to follow a program which would provide me both with professional knowledge and with an enriching human experience. These were my goals in entering the Masters and I am delighted with it. Irène M. Class of , CIFFOP Luxembourg

16 MASTER IN COACHING 14 The fi rst State diploma created in France, the Master in Coaching is an interdisciplinary program allowing exploration, experimentation and progress in the career of professional coaching. Since 2003, a team of academic instructors and leading practitioners have trained more than 250 graduates, each accompanied in their studies by professional mentors from the world of business. An outstanding university program, a real fi eld of experimentation in coaching, where theory and practice are perfectly combined. Olivier Louche Valedictorian, class of 2011, Executive employees coach Objectives Faced with the strategic challenges currently experienced by businesses, technical approaches are no longer sufficient as a vision for management. At the same time, the boundary between the professional and the private sphere is increasingly narrowing in the demand for individual performance, in particular from company leaders. Far beyond whimsical trends, this degree program is the first course in France dedicated to persons wishing to embark on professional careers as coaches. This program meets the current expectations of companies by: Revealing the challenges and the specific aspects of coaching due to expert advice on the one hand, and personal development on the other; Putting into perspective the ethical challenges of the coaching profession, both within and outside the company; Providing a space to share experiences regarding methodologies and coaching tools, through contact with human resources development practitioners in business, etc. Admissibility Criteria This program is mainly intended for: HR, management and organizational consultants, coaches, placement officers and managers exercising personal influence; HR executives engaged in internal coaching; Persons with training and coaching responsibilities in companies. An initial level of education corresponding to four years of post-secondary education (Master 1) is required, whatever the area of specialization, as well as one year of professional experience. Employees with at least 8 years recognized professional experience may request to be admitted without meeting the educational criteria above. * Professional experience in a managerial role or in project management is required Classes 280 teaching hours over 9 months: Thursday evening and Friday evening from 6pm to 9 pm plus eight Saturdays in the year from 9am to 6pm + one full week (from 9am to 6pm). The tutorial cycle is organized by a prestigious team of highly experienced practitioners in business management, management consultancy and human resources. Overall number of hours for each student: 280 hours divided into modules from 6pm to 9pm, plus eight Saturdays and one full week. Core curriculum coaching theory (86 hrs) The symbolic field in coaching 16 hrs Philosophy of coaching 6 hrs Corporate coaching: the learner company 16 hrs

17 15 Psychotherapy and coaching 6 hrs Epistemology and coaching 3hrs Fluidity and coaching 6 hrs Coaching and Gestalt 8 h Symbolic modeling 16 hrs Tools and posture of the «NLP» coach 6 hrs Core curriculum specific approaches (54 hrs) Team coaching 6 hrs Using your voice 6 hrs Individual roles in teams 5 hrs Writing and narrative 3 hrs Individual and collective creativity 6 hrs Coaching and essential states 16 h Business clusters 12 hrs The Master program accelerated my transformation and allowed me to achieve my dream of becoming what I really am and to do what is right for me in every way, even if there is still a long way to go. Sylvie Lauden Class of 2011 Coach, ALTERETHIC Core curriculum Exchanges in professional practices (56 hrs) Developing talent 6 hrs Managing psychosocial risks 3 hrs Development of the person, abilities and responsibilities 8 hrs Coaching and leadership 2 modules 6 hrs Coach-coachee relationship 12 hrs Limits on internal and external coaching 6 hrs Coaching without boundaries 3 hrs Holistic coaching 12 hrs Small group workshops on finding professional opportunities (84 hrs) Collective supervision 24 hrs Exchanges with coaching practitioners 9 hrs Exchange of practices among peers 21 hrs + 2 hrs Individual mentoring workshops 28 hrs The Master 2 in Coaching, due to the quality and diversity of its instructors and students and the interaction between them, offered an exceptional university year in terms of discoveries, refl ections and experiences. It really paves the way for coaching. Cyrille Destribois Class of 2011 Consultant/Coach & Director, MICHI COACHING

18 THE TEACHING TEAM 16 Professors Frank BOURNOIS - Professor of General Management Panthéon~Assas University Co-Director of CIFFOP Franck BRILLET - Professor of Management Science, IAE, Tours Véronique CHANUT - Professor of Management Science, Panrhéon-Assas University Jean-Michel OLIVIER - Professor of Private Law Panthéon-Assas University Co-Director of the Master of Human Resources Management & Labor Relations Jacques ROJOT - Emeritus Professor of Management Science Panthéon-Assas University Associate Professors Françoise BOUSEZ - Panthéon-Assas University Muriel de FABREGUES - Panthéon-Assas University / Co-Director of CIFFOP & Co-Director of the Master in Human Resources Management & Labor Relations Yasmina JAïDI - Panthéon-Assas University / Co-Director of the Master in International Human Resources Management Quentin LEFEBVRE - Panthéon-Assas University Maurice LETHIELLEUX - Panthéon-Assas University Etienne MACLOUF - Panthéon-Assas University Yannick PAGNERRE - Panthéon-Assas University Catherine VOYNNET-FOURBOUL - Panthéon-Assas University / Co-Director of the Master Executive Adjunct Professors Thierry BAZOT - General Director- ADVANCED PARTNER Hervé BORENSZTEJN - Tutor - - Senior HR Leader GE ENERGY Thierry CHAVEL - Director ALTER & COACH BTC PARTNERS Jean-Pierre DUDÉZERT - Director of CFA Jean-François PILLIARD - Tutor - Deputy Director General UIMM Jean-Louis SCARINGElLA - Deputy Director General CCI Visiting Professors Yochanan ALTMAN - London Metropolitan University Charles-Henri BESSEYRE des HORTS - Professor HEC Business School Chris BREWSTER - University of Reading Mick MARCHINGTON - University of Manchester Alan NEAL - University of Warwick Mustafa OZBILGIN - BruneI University Stefan ZAGELMEYER - International University of Bad-Honnef-Bonn Professional Speakers Cyril ACCARD - Tutor - Consultant ORES SEARCH Michaël AMADO - Attorney & Counsel - AMADO Avocats - Law firm Stéphane BOUCHER - Head of Training Unit, RENAULT Network Hugues BOURSIER de SAINT CHAFFRAY - Director of Training RENAULT Network Pierre BOUVET - Business Manager - ADP Marc CAILLE - Accounting Expert Consultant - ADE Conseil Gilles CAMINCHER - Tutor - Hr Director of the Commercial Division, PSA CITROËN Sylvie CHAMBERLIN - Consultant - CHS Conseil Thomas CHARDIN - Founder of the social networking HR communications agency «PARLONS RH» Pierre COLLIGNON - Director of IRCOM Philippe CUENOT - Tutor - HR Director BOUYGUES TELECOM Denis DEGUILHEN - Tutor - HR, Organisation & ICT Manager SAIPEM SA David DRAGONE - Tutor - Talent Management / People Development and Operations, CGG Veritas Jean-Marc DULOU - Training Officer État-major HR division - ARMEE DE TERRE Frédérique DURAND - Founding Partner - GlobeWorkers Daniel FABBRO - Tutor - HR Expert Carlo FELTEN - Tutor - HR Expert Catherine FRANC - Consultant - Savoir-Faire & Cie John GARCZYNSKI - Consultant - AREVA Henry GARNIER - Accountant Jean-François GARRIGUES - Tutor - HR Director, Ile de France - BOUYG UES BATIMENT I.D.F Sabine HAMAN - Tutor - Corporate VP Head of Executive & Talent Management - SAFRAN Gwenaelle HAMELIN - Consultant - IFAS François JACQUEL - Tutor - HR consulant - F. JACQUEL CONSEILS Michael LAMLA - Director - LANDESBANK HESSEN - THÜRINGEN Vincent LAVAUX - SCHLUMBERGER Cécile LEFEBVRE - Labor law counsel - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION Foucauld LESTIENNE - Tutor - HR and Labor Relations Director LA POSTE Philippe LOUVET - Tutor - HR Director, Research and Innovation L OREAL Eric LUCAT - Human Resources Policy Advisor - ARMÉE DE TERRE Jean-Pierre MAGOT - Director MERCER Human Resource Consulting Bernard MAMESSIER - Pay and International HR Director - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION Michel MARCHAND - Consultant Laurent MARQUET DE VASSELOT - Lawyer and Partner - CMS BUREAU FRANCIS LEFEBVRE Alain MAURIES - Tutor - HR Director Groupe POCHET Paul MAYER - Tutor - HR Director, Southern Europe - TETRA PAK Alexandre MICHENTEF - HR Consultant, NEXTT Hubert MONGON - Tutor - Senior VP HR France & Southern Europe - McDONALD S Franck MOUGIN - Tutor - HR and Sustainable Development Director - VINCI Denys NEYMON - Tutor - Executive VP HR - SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT Serge PANCZUK - Vice President HR - Europe EDWARD LIFESCIENCES Dominique PEPIN - Tutor - Director of Corporate Training and Development - SAINT GOBAIN Catherine PICQ-RICARD - Consultant - PALETTE HR Lionel PRUD HOMME - Tutor - HR Consultant Anne de RAVARAN - Tutor - HR Legal Director - THALES Véronique ROUZAUD - HR Director, AREVA Roselyn SANDS - HR, Labour and Employment Law Partner, ERNST & YOUNG Jérôme SCAPOLI - Lawyer CAMPBELL, PHILIPPART, LAIGO Christian SCHARFF - Tutor - HRD, PWC Thierry SCHUMAN - Tutor - HRD, BNP PARIBAS Sonia STYGER - Executive Coach, SATYA Loïc TOURANCHET - Lawyer - Cabiner ACT ANCE Cyril TRUONG - Ajdunct Pay Director - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION Stéphane VALLÉE - HR DIrector - BOUYGUES BÂTIMENT INTERNATIONAL Philippe de VAUGIRAUD - HR Development Manager - REUNICA Philippe VIVIEN - Tutor - COO and General Manager - ALIXIO Philippe VIVIER - Associate Director - CREAC H Consulring Zhiwen ZHANG - Direction for Strategy - LVMH

19 CIFFOP teams Directors of CIFFOP Masters degrees Frank BOURNOIS Professor of Management Science Muriel de FABREGUES Associate Professor Yasmina JAÏDI Associate Professor Jean-Michel OLIVIER Chair of Private Law Jacques ROJOT Emeritus Professor of Management Catherine VOYNNET FOURBOUL Associate Professor CIFFOP Sorbonne Université - Panthéon-Assas Management Sciences House 1, rue Guy-de-la-Brosse Paris Tél. : + 33 (0) Fax : + 33 (0) Conception et réalisation Atelier Martine Fichter, Paris Management team Bella FERREIRA Liaison Corporate Partnership and Development Carla PICARD Assistant, Master in International HRM Élodie SOHIER Assistant, Master in HRM & Labor Relations Caroline RACINE, Assistant, Master in Public Management Maud MAZERAND Coordinator, Master Executive, Paris Jocelyn BOUDINOT Coordinator, Master Coaching , place du Panthéon Paris Service scolarité : rue Blaise Desgoffe Paris

20 Sorbonne Université / Panthéon-Assas CIFFOP Management Sciences House 1, rue Guy-de-la-Brosse Paris Tél. : + 33 (0) Fax : + 33 (0)


SAMPLE COPY NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION U.S. CULTURE SERIES: U.S. Classroom Culture MICHAEL SMITHEE SIDNEY L. GREENBLATT ALISA ELAND Funded by a grant from the Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State About NAFSA:

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For more information about this report please contact Dr Abigail Diamond at CFE T: 0116 229 3300 Email:

For more information about this report please contact Dr Abigail Diamond at CFE T: 0116 229 3300 Email: The project team would like to extend particular thanks to all of the employers, universities and other stakeholders that participated in interviews as well as Ian Robinson and Rajeeb Dey for their input.

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Engineer Generalist! 134 / 20 / 20 123 /en

Engineer Generalist! 134 / 20 / 20 123 /en 2013 2012 / 2014 2013 S c e a u x ( P a r i s ) T r o y e s M o n t p e l l i e r Tomorrow s Engineer is ageneralist! Water, Energy, Environment, E-Health, Mechanics, Information and Communication technologies,

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Report on Progress. Fascicule 1 : 2012-2014

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Strategic Plan 2011-16

Strategic Plan 2011-16 Strategic Plan 2011-16 LSE in Profile Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (ESRC) LSE Health and Social Care Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion Centre for Analysis of Time Series LSE Ideas:

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The motivation and satisfaction of the students towards MBA at Karlstad University

The motivation and satisfaction of the students towards MBA at Karlstad University The motivation and satisfaction of the students towards MBA at Karlstad University Business Administration Master s Thesis-One year program (FEAD01) 15 ECTS Academic Year Spring 2011 Thesis Advisors Inger

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EUA CASE STUDIES 2007 MANAGING THE UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY: EXPLORING GOOD PRACTICE EUA CASE STUDIES 2007 MANAGING THE UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY: EXPLORING GOOD PRACTICE Copyright 2007 by the European University Association All rights reserved. This information may be freely used and copied

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Haagse Hogeschool. Master International Communication Management

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Graduate Student Handbook

Graduate Student Handbook 2014-2015 DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES POLICY AND MANAGEMENT Graduate Student Handbook Revised November 2014 This Handbook of the programs, policies, and practices of the Department of Health Services

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Using student input to develop a marketing strategy for an Executive MBA Program

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Women Matter: A Latin American Perspective

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Start-Up Manual. HIPPY USA 1221 Bishop Street Little Rock, Arkansas 72202 Phone 501.537.7726 Fax 501.537.7716 Start-Up Manual HIPPY USA 1221 Bishop Street Little Rock, Arkansas 72202 Phone 501.537.7726 Fax 501.537.7716 TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents Page Introduction 1 Support Available from HIPPY

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