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1 KEYSTONE STARS SOUTH CENTRAL REGIONAL KEY Annual Report 00-0 To The Community F I S C A L Y E A R HIGHLIGHTS ERS Scores Show High Quality in Family Care Homes, Groups and Centers Number of STAR and STAR sites increase 99 new sites Join STARS INSIDE THIS ISSUE: ERS Summary Health & Safe- School Age 5 Technical 6-7 PA s Quality Initiative Works in South Central Regional Key Fiscal Year 00-0 heralded many successes in the eight counties served by the South Central Regional Key (SCRK), including independent ratings that show high quality of care and early education and moves to higher STAR levels by providers, bringing the Key total of STAR and to over 7%. Utilizing available resources and developing tools specific to needs, SCRK Keystone STARS has provided practitioners with necessary support to advance in the quest to offer experiences that benefit the child. Both quantitative and qualitative measures prove that success and encourage the STARS team and providers alike to concentrate on Continuous Quality Improvement with plans to Tick Tock Early Learning focus on growth. This year, 766 child care providers in the Key demonstrated commitment to STARS through attention to Standards. The fiscal year validated a commitment to improvement through safe and productive environments, carefully considered planning and employee education and trainings. Through collaborative efforts with practitioners, institutes of higher education, professional development organizations, community resources, and technical assistance from experts in the field of early child care and education, Keystone STARS offered rewards in the form of measurable high quality ratings and support of regulated providers in the field. Standards, Training, Assistance, Resources and Support County News 0-7 Visibility 8-9 Contact Us 0 Keystone STARS is a Pennsylvania state initiative to improve, support and recognize continued quality improvement efforts of early learning programs. Research based performance standards allow for voluntary participation in the program at any of the four measurable levels. Each builds on the previous level and utilizes researchbased best practice to promote quality early learning environments and positive child outcomes. The standards address staff qualifications and professional development, classroom environment and curriculum to enhance the early learning program, partnerships with family and community, and leadership and management.

2 PAGE South Central Regional Key Serving 766 Child Care Sites across 8 counties Covering 58 square miles or % of the state, the South Central Regional Key encompasses both rural and urban areas, serving a population that includes representation of varied ethnic, religious, economic and cultural differences. With a growing population, increasing demands for the accessibility of high quality childcare, in areas with a range of low to high risk of school failure. St. Paul s Children Center, Franklin County Designed To Meet The Needs The Regional focus on customer service yielded on-going conversation with practitioners in the form of phone calls or face to face visits, minimally two visits per year, regardless of location. In fact, most practitioners benefitted from - visits and found quick and easy access to information and support through the Key s policy for return phone call and contacts. Fourteen Keystone STARS Specialists serve providers in the 8-county region, including those concentrating on Health & Safety, School Age Programs, Groups or Center based programs and Family Child Care. Specialists with varied educational backgrounds all bring child care experience to their positions, averaging years in the delivery of child care and early education. Throughout the year, Specialists call on practitioners to assess their needs and to assist in raising levels of quality, last year making a combined total of over 00 field visits. Unique to our Region, a full-time School Age Specialist is on hand to offer support and specialized trainings; a licensed nurse and certified playground inspector available to schedule and conduct in-depth trainings and to meet oneon-one with providers. Additionally, the Region s Community Engagement partners worked to strengthen community relationships and new to the Key was the addition of a Specialist to focus on Infant/ Toddler programs, developing individualized approaches to delivery of care and education for our youngest clients. Two STARS designators round out the team, enabling practitioners to make the move to higher STAR levels, and a Recruitment Specialist who received and processed new applications, are all now a part of the Key s active team to serve Families, Groups and Homes. The Key provides resources, information and support to practitioners in varied formats to increase awareness and understanding. In fiscal year 00-0, Specialists hosted over 50 workgroups scheduled across all counties, to ensure understanding of Standards, to preview new tools and resources, to establish collaborative efforts and to highlight efforts of community agencies. Additionally, weekly newsletters help practitioners to keep abreast of opportunities and priorities, and quarterly reports are sent to inform, summarize, announce and enthuse. ANNUAL REPORT 00-0

3 00-0 PAGE Measuring Quality Keystone STARS utilizes the Environmental Rating Scales to promote the Continuous Quality Improvement Process for Pennsylvania s quality initiatives. Developed by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, this system is designed to assess through observation, found to be more predictive of child outcomes. the Scales provide actionable information to sites, indicating areas of strength or those providing opportunity for improvement to improve. The system assesses schedules that address cognitive, emotional, physical, and individual interests of the child; interactions; accessibility of materials; space management; and health and safety. Fiscal Year Ends With Higher s STAR STAR STAR STAR and A SCRK Celebrates High Quality Child Care In assessments conducted in fiscal year 00-0, high quality is measured by scores of over 5.0. All categories, including Preschool, Infant/Toddler, School Age Programs, and Family Child Care providers averaged at least 5.0 of a total possible 7.0. Over 85% achieved scores necessary to move to the next STAR level. Quality reigns with combined average scores over 6 in Language and Reasoning skills at 6. which include listening and talking; Parent and Staff interactions at 6.09; and Interaction at 6.7, a rating that reflects levels of quality in interaction between staff, children and parents. Individual Group Score Averages SCRK ERS ECERS R FCCERS R ITERS R SACERS R Combined St. Paul s Children s Center Small Fry s Child Care

4 PAGE Rosaria Polizzi, Lancaster The Health & Safety Specialist spent numerous hours reviewing all of our current play structures and our surfacing. She provided us with a detailed report informing us of changes to be made to remain in compliance with current codes and made recommendations for layout of our new playground. It s exciting now as new equipment is delivered, and comforting to know that our play area considers safety, play value and codes! Beth Semple, Dir. Freedom Valley The majority of practitioners in the South Central Regional Key had access to health and safety expertise and assistance through onsite visits, professional development events or easy access to the Key s Health & Safety Specialist, LPN and certified playground Scheduled throughout the year in each of the eight counties serviced, Pediatric First Aid Certification was available to all practitioners Health & Safety 00-0 Health & Safety Technical Assistance Outdoor Play Areas Infant/Toddler Programs ERS Preparation All Others SAC Programs inspector, Anne Dodds. In fiscal year 00-0, Anne logged direct hours of health and safety TA in addition to the many resources she provided at workgroups, through weekly updates to STARS Specialists, and timely distribution of news and materials. Pediatric First Aid Available For All STARS at the affordable cost of $0. Over 575 practitioners chose to take advantage of this opportunity at one of the trainings offered in ERS Scores Prove Success Anne conducted play ground inspections and consulted on plans for upgrades and replacements, visited families, groups and centers, and scheduled professional development events to address a variety of needs, including illnesses, safe play and Pediatric First Aid. Outdoor Play Infant Toddler Programs ERS All Others SAC Programs The Key was flexible in offering opportunities during the workday, evenings or during weekend events. ERS scores for Personal Care Routines measure levels of safety in cleanliness, hand-washing routines, sanitizing, safety of equipment and environment. The South Central Regional Key delivered an overall average score of.5, a reflection of the attention to details that address the children s safety and address practices to promote health. ANNUAL REPORT 00-0

5 00-0 PAGE 5 School Age Child Care Recognizing the need and importance of programs for school age children, the South Central Regional Key utilizes the expertise of SAC Specialist, Mary Jane Hostetter to offer on-site assistance and to deliver professional development opportunities to programs serving school age children. Working with community leaders to understand the needs for this unique child care segment, training events and mini-conferences draw upon experts in the field to educate and inform practitioners. In fiscal year 00-0, MaryJane hosted Directors Clubs to provide professional development and offer networking opportunity, conducted 7 Directors training series for new directors, maintained a communication pipeline with SAC newsletters carrying information specific to SAC programs, and reviewed 6 SAC new staff orientations. A member of the SAC committee for the PA Key, she offers her experience and input on SACERS and SAC documents, STARS worksheets, and new school age professional modules. Her accessibility to SAC practitioners has contributed to SACERS scores in the high quality range, with an average overall score of 5.67 and 6.67 in Staff Development. As a site coordinator for a school age care program, I have seen firsthand the benefits of joining the STARS program. Not only has STARS provided us with essential funding to allow us to enhance our services, but they have also provided us with guidance, recommendations, and resources to advance STAR levels. STARS has laid the groundwork for continuous quality care improvement, without seeming tedious or overbearing. Thank you, STARS, for everything you have encouraged us to become. Matt Heisey, Brownstown SAC Site Coordinator Hildebrandt Learning Centers ERS Scores Highlight Success space and furnishings health and safety activities interactions program structure staff development special needs supplementary items SAC Programs Offer Opportunities Recent research by the renowned and respected National School Age Child Care Alliance suggests that children involved in quality care programs before and after school have higher self esteem, higher rates of attendance in school programs and higher completion rates of work required to succeed. SAC providers take advantage of opportunities to bring enhancements to programs to engage kids. Their continued attention to program quality, individual needs of the children and staff training are reflected in ERS scoring. Waynesboro Day Care Center

6 PAGE 6 Technical Assistance For all s Assistance was available for all centers, groups and families and nearly 00 sites requested and received this service. Over 900 visits were made to assist with requests from practitioners, a combined total from our technical assistance partners, Capital Area Early Childhood Technical Institute and Delaware Valley Association for Education Of Young Children. Of the requests received, a proportionate number was received by families, groups and centers. Assistance was requested to prepare for moves to higher STAR levels and to address needs identified on Continuous Quality Improvement plans. A tracking system implemented in 00-0 solicits feedback from practitioners and enables TA partners to adapt strategies to better serve practitioners. Results have been favorable, measuring assistance from somewhat to very helpful. Partnering with STARS Specialists provides the opportunity to coordinate efforts to better serve providers. Waynesboro Children s Center Sometimes a new voice and a fresh set of eyes helps us see the obvious and that can spark creativity as we work together to find solutions. Laura Grill, Hansel & Gretel, Dauphin County Technical Assistance in Order of Requests ERS Guided Practice PDR Support CDA Support ELS/Lesson Plan Support Room Arrangement WSS/Ounce Scale Assistance Business Management Leadership Support Janet Simmons Family Child Care Technical Assistance Requests in Order of STAR STAR STAR STAR STARA By participating in Keystone STARS, I have been able to add learning materials, toys, furniture and equipment, otherwise unaffordable. Following FCCERS guidelines, lessons learned through ERS assessments and with input from TA,I was able to easily identify my needs and to address them with my grant. Rosaria Polizzi ANNUAL REPORT 00-0

7 00-0 PAGE 7 Early Childhood Mental Health Offers Assistance Chester County Intermediate Unit Toddler Center Of the reasons for request for service referred to the consultants, the majority focused on childhood behaviors that presented barriers for individual child success, including selfregulation and aggression. Attachment 0% Communication 0% Aggression % Self-regulation 5% Interaction 5% STARS Pride In fiscal year 00-0, mental health consultants worked with children, staff and parents to educate, assess, refer and to provide resources for staff, children and families in centers, groups and family child care homes. Consultants addressed concerns on-site and through consultation, assessing needs and recommending a course of action for parents and staff to ensure each child s successful, continued inclusion in the classroom. Kids Academy shows their STARS pride with a beautiful piñata which was created by Ms. Selene, a native of Mexico. Sharing with her class, the children learned about her culture and STARS. Consultants offered guidance when it was determined that children would benefit from early intervention services or evaluation by a medical expert, referring nearly one-third for additional services, thus addressing children s needs in preparation of further school experiences and other environments. Communication Aggression Self Regulation Interaction White Rose recipients at a reception organized by YAAEYC, were recognized for excellence in their field, as nominated by peers. "Having the ECMH staff and educational materials as a resource for our center this year was amazing. Our consultant was always willing to go above and beyond helping our staff conquer difficult behaviors and sometimes uncomfortable family conversations. Regardless of the situations our teachers found themselves in, the ECMH consultants always had some kind of advice or resource that helped our student move a little closer to a positive outcome." -Charlotte Brady, Cocalico Care Center

8 PAGE 8 Grants and Awards Keystone STARS provides financial awards to child care facilities serving children who are vulnerable and at risk and practitioners striving to improve levels of quality. Child care providers consider the effect or the consequences of spending when applying for the award, considering how The award will be a part of a long term plan for positive outcomes for the children and quality of the program. Using multiple sources of evidence to justify requests for spending is an important step in the application process and includes review of ERS, child assessment data, program surveys, financial review, risk management assessment, safety review, technical assistance plans, strategic plans and Good, Better, Best, a useful tool in planning for continued quality improvement. Grants have the potential to make immediate impacts on quality and practitioners are counseled to consider outcomes when considering expenses. Our Keystone STARS grant enabled us to comply with new federal guidelines to purchase compliant, safe cribs for the babies. We were able to make a computer and port available for staff, and new room dividers helped us to construct literacy corners in our toddler classrooms, providing comfortable space for even our youngest to begin to enjoy books. Christelle Thaw- Bolton, Center Director Child Dev. Center YWCA Lancaster 00-0 Grant Summary Start with STARS grants provided resources for sites to begin the quest for higher quality. Site supports and professional development were addressed by Support grants available to STAR practitioners and MERIT grants for STAR, and, enabling sites to address site supports, program resources, staff bonuses and employee retention through specialized awards. Total Number of Awards By Category Support MERIT ERA Total # Grants 6 Support 9 Merit 6 ERA 88 For many years I enjoyed purchases with Keystone STARS grants, our teachers delighting in the compilation of wish lists for grants. Oh, how I wish that I d known then! Now I would never consider filling out a grant application without input and consultation with a technical assistant. My applications now reflect my goals. We purchase materials that fulfill needs rather than wants, materials that last year enabled us to move to a STAR! My advise to every center is this: Don t fill out a grant application without assistance from TA or your STARS Specialist. They can help you to look beyond the day-to-day to make thoughtful, purpose-driven purchases. That s what makes for quality. - Mandy Wtulich, Beautiful Beginnings ANNUAL REPORT 00-0

9 00-0 Professional Development Opportunities PAGE 9 A lot has changed since 00. Now with nine years experience in the field, this single mother welcomed completion of her CDA coursework at Harrisburg Area Community College and has just completed her visit with the CDA Council. Appreciating the knowledge and enthusiasm she brings to her class, the YWCA of Lancaster, Child Development Center at McCaskey counts one more success story and adds another name to their request for Employee Retention Awards. Quality Early Childhood programs rely on the employment of staff who are educated and specifically trained for the dayto-day requirements of their positions. Early success for children is directly linked to the quality of their educators and Keystone STARS and its partners continues to make training and professional development enhancement events available, sourcing opportunities for CDA s, Associates Degrees and coursework towards completion of Bachelors programs. I am very pleased with the results of the CDA Program on my staff and center. I have seen an immediate change in the candidates teaching styles when they started the class and I could not be more impressed with the amount of knowledge they were given. I especially enjoyed the "Ahhh moments the staff had during the class when they realized " WHY" I asked the staff to do certain things in the classroom. I would recommend the program to any director and I wish I could have sent all of my staff. Maryann Huzvar - Director, Aa to Zz Child Care and Learning Center, Hummelstown CDA A Success story SCRK Sponsors Career Enhancement The CDA classes offered through Penn State/CAECTI have been so beneficial to my staff (and therefore, my program) over the years. I think part of this is because they focus on intentionality. The classes make people think intentionally about what they do day to day in our profession. As classes focus on the eight content areas throughout the CDA program, they generate an enthusiasm from our staff to want to bring back what they've learned and try it in their classrooms. I am always thrilled with this prospect! To me, it means they've internalized what was presented and want to make it a "part of them" and what they offer to the children in our program. Along with this, there is time spent on re- flection. When this reflection pertains to best practice and professionalism, the field of early childhood is sure to benefit. The manner in which the weekly CDA sessions are organized and presented makes it easy for the participants to succeed. Assignments are monitored and personal assistance provided, where needed. Each of my staff members has talked enthusiastically about going to class each week; this is difficult to imagine when classes run for nine months. They have always spoken highly about their CDA instructor, with comments like "She's great!" "Some day I hope to be like her!" "I love the way she presents things and talks about children". Director Credential programs with 6 students completing the courses. CDA programs adding 58 new CDA s to the Key. School Age Professional Credential, with 7 graduates of the series. What may seem like an overwhelming task, will be broken down into easy to handle pieces. Laura Grill Hansel & Gretel, Our school went from zero to three CDA s and an Associates Degree in two years, all from a school that valued heart over degrees. Without STARS I couldn t have afforded this. Now with a staff ranging from Masters Degrees to those building skill through training, we look forward to trainings specific to our individual needs. Donna Thornton, West Chester UMC Children s Center

10 00-0 PAGE 0 Adams County 0% of Children Under 5 served by STARS % offer quality care and early education at STAR &. Adams County hosted a Bridging The Gap seminar to bring together early learning educators, elementary school kindergarten teachers and administrators and community partners to address transition practices. Planned by the School Readiness Transition Subcommittee, this is the only county wide effort to in- volve all six school districts with early childhood practitioners. To further community relations, practitioners participated in the annual Heritage Festival to reach families, and hosted on-site celebrations during Week of The Young Child, drawing stakeholders attention to early education, as parents, community leaders and service workers read to young children. The annual awards dinner was held in May, thanks to sponsorship by Adams County CCIS, and the YWCA of Gettysburg. This welcome event honored practitioners with an evening of networking and door prizes. Quality improvement gives all of our teachers goals to aim for and work towards. STARS provides grant dollars for meeting standards which has provided us with quality equipment, especially on our playgrounds. And, thanks to help from STARS, we have raised our staff educational levels. -Clark Agapakis, Little Life Enrichment Center Little Life Enrichment Center Babes In Arms Connie S. Feaster Donna M. McDannell Adams Cumberland Migrant Child Adams Cumberland Migrant Preschool Biglerville Elem. School Day Care Carol L. Few Child Care Unlimited Commerce Park Child Care Center Hanover Area YMCA Conewago Kidz Kaboose PreSchool & Child Care Leslie A. Bartlebaugh Lisa Anne Rufalo New Oxford Elementary School Age Rolling Acres Elementary SAC Gettysburg YWCA Day Care Little Life Enrichment Center Robin L. Deitch YWCA Clubhouse Program at Fairfield Kidz Karousel Day Care St. James Lutheran Church Child Care Gettysburg s Growing Place A Adams County child care and early education providers are committed to quality, committed to achieving higher levels of STARS. Working together and sharing resources, practitioners take pride in the overall levels of quality in the county, hopeful that more will achieve STAR and in the new year. ANNUAL REPORT 00-0

11 PAGE West Chester Area Day Care celebrates their commitment to move to STAR. Alphabet Soup Family Care Catina Parker Family Care Downingtown Academy East Hannah Mae Tyler Family Care Michelle Dillard Family Care Sandra Baxter Family Care Sharon L. Williams Family Care Teach & Learn Day School West Chester Area YMCA Airport Rd. A Child s Place # A Child s Place # A Child s Place New Eagle A Child s Place Valley Forge A Child s Place Beaumont A Chjild s Place Devon A Child s Place Hillside A Child s Place TE Middle A Child s Place VF Middle ABC Kidz Kare Avon Grove Charter Brandywine YMCA-Beaver Creek Brandywine YMCA Day Care Brandywine YMCA Friendship Brandywine YMCA Reeceville Brandywine YMCA West Bradford Brandywine YMCA Wallace Building Blocks Caln Elementary SAC Catherine Carl Chester Valley Learning Center Coatesville Day Care Dawn Armstrong East Fallowfield Elementary SAC Freedom Valley YMCA French Creek Freedom Valley Y Renaissance Freedom Valley Y Barkley Freedom Valley Y E. Pikeland Freedom Valley Y E. Coventry Freedom Valley Y N. Coventry Freedom Valley Y Vincent Freedom Valley Y W Vincent Garfield Commons George Fox Friends Hillendale Elementary Kennett YMCA Jennersville YMCA ELC Just Children Kathleen Clery Kembleville Elementary Jennersville Y Kennett Area YMCA-Greenwood Elem. Kennett Area YMCA-Pocopson ANNUAL REPORT 00-0 CHESTER COUNTY 5% of Children Under % Served by STARS Kennett Area Y Chadds Ford Kennett Area Y Promising Star Kennett Area Y New Garden Kennett Y Unionville Kidde Academy of Phoenixville KinderCare Learning 0709 KinderCare Learning 008 LaRosa Davis-Baptiste Linda A. Kelly Family Care Lionville Community Y-Shamona Lionville Community Y-Springton Little Flock Child Care Maranatha Christian Mom s House Nottingham Elementary SAC Octotara YMCA OES Our House Early Learning Pat Brown Child Care Home Pat Brown Child Care II Phoenixville Area CLC Rainbow Elementary School SAC SCC YMCA-A.Grove Int. SCC YMCA-Penn London SCC YMCA-Avon Grove Elem. Step By Step Children s House Stepping Stone of Phoenixville The Goddard School-Malvern The Growing Place The Learning Experience The YMCA at Eagleview Tommy Tinkers UMLY Carriage House West Chester Y Day Care West Chester Y East Bradford West Chester Y East Goshen West Chester Y Exton Elementary West Chester Y Fern Hill West Chester Y Glen Acres West Chester Y Penn Wood West Chester Y Starkweather West Chester Y Mary C Howse West Chester Y Westtown West Chester Y MCA West Grove Day Care # Young Men s Christian Association Bright Beginnings Child Care Carmella Young Family Care Clowning Around Day Care Creative Kids Learning Center Ducklings Early Learning Center Ducklings Early Learning Center Ducklings Pre-School Freedom Valley Y-Schuykill Chester County s community engagement group coordinated activities for practitioners and the community to support a cohesive effort among school districts, practitioners, parents, legislators and corporate sponsors. In addition to efforts with the Kindergarten Readiness project, the Coalition hosted Week of The Young Child Events to honor practitioners and family-friendly workplace, organized community events that included a night at a Phillies game, provided advocacy avenues for the community, sponsored meeting opportunities for networking and created opportunities for professional growth. The new LEARN teams will continue to support events to create a well-represented community. % Centers, Groups and Families at STAR and Kathy Hawk s Day Care KinderCare Learning Center KinderCare Learning 0008 KinderCare Learning 0709 KinderCare Learning Center KinderCare Learning Centert LaPetite Academy Rainbow Valley Child Care Teddy Bear Play School The Children s Treehouse The Goddard School Chester Springs The Goddard School W.Bradford The Goddard School West Chester The Learning Experience Tick Tock Early Learning Wee Care And Cuddle West Chester Area Day Care West Chester United Methodist West Grove Day Care Building All God s Child Day Care Beautiful Beginnings Chester County IU Infants Chester County IU ECE Chester County IU Infants Curiosity Corner Day Care Freedom Valley Y Spring City Magic Memories Phoenixville Area Child Learning Phoenixville Area CLC The Goddard School Strafford West Chester University Child Care Westtown Children s Academy Creative Play Day School Grace Assembly Day Care Nottingham Country Day School Tel Hai Child Day Care Warwick Cedarville Warwick Charlestown Warwick Frazer WarwickLionville Warwick South Coventry Warwick General Wayne Warwick KD Markley Warwick North Coventry Warwick Sugartown Child Time Children s Center KinderCare Learning 0055 KinderCare Learning 065 KinderCare Learning 05 Our Kids Academy at Eagleview The Goddard School Exton The Goddard School W.Goshen The PreSchool Workshop The Whole Child VerTykes Learning Place A A A A A A A A A A

12 PAGE Cumberland County 0% of Children Under 5 Served by STARS Dickinson Children Center "I feel a sense of pride when I tell families that I participate in the Stars program. I feel more professional about myself and my business, knowing that I am providing quality childcare.". Joanne Fry, Small Fry s Family Child Care 8% Families, Groups and Centers at STAR and STAR ANNUAL REPORT In 00-0, Cumberland County was successful in building Kindergarten transitions, combining efforts of school districts, early education practitioners and the community to develop a consistent approach for Building Blockz Academy Carlisle Family YMCA SACC Christian Youth Ministries Creative Young Moments Eisenhower Elementary SACC Green Ridge Elementary SACC Hampden Elementary SACC Highland Elementary School Hillside Elementary School Kera s Kids Lori J. Krick Lower Allen Elementary School Monroe Elementary School SACC Washington Heights LatchKey SAC Beautiful Beginnings Best Friends Day Care Best Friends Day Care Center Children s School of N.Cumberland Donna Malenich KinderCare Learning 7 KinderCare Learning Center Susan Fearnbaugh Family Care Broad Street School Age Program Children s Center at Camp Hill Children s Family Center Churches Affiliated Child Care Dickinson College Childrens Center E. Pennsboro SAC West Creek Hill Elmwood Elementary God s Little Ones Jack & Jill Day Care Center Kids Kount Kids Kountry Kids On Campus KinderCare Learning Center KinderCare Learning 0706 KinderCare Learning 068 KinderCare Learning Center Lamb s Gate Children s Center Mechanichsburg Learning Center River of God Child Care children. Breakout meetings enabled groups to address specific strategies. Community engagement additionally supported CDA programs with a campus store to reward new graduates and to provide funding streams for scholarships for children and staff wishing to continue education. A Chamber of Commerce breakfast recognized and honored the importance of early education, while this group continued advocacy for early care and education. Shepherdstown Elementary SAC Small Fry s Family Day Care Tender Years Child Development IV The Children s Garden of St. John The Goddard School The Goddard School Trinity Day Care Center Upper Allen After School Uriah United Methodist Church Watch Em Grow Child Care st Church of God Learning & Play East Pennsboro SAC Learning & Sharing Little Lambs Day Care Mechanichsburg Learning Center II Northside Elementary SAC Small Steps Day Care Center Wee Little Lambs Day Care Bethel PreSchool Carlisle Early Education Center ChildTime SAC-Mt. Holly ChildTime SAC LeTort ChildTime SAC Bellaire ChildTime SAC Crestview ChildTime SAC Hamilton ChildTime SAC Mooreland ChildTime SAC North Dickinson Little Angels PreSchool Mary Loreman Group Day Care Shelley J. Kolln Usha Ramamurthy YMCA Child Development Capital Area Children s Center Child & Family Center at Shippensburg Cumberland County Learning Center KinderCare Learning 076 KinderCare Learning Center Messiah College Early Learning PSECU Child Care Labor & Industry Child Care Londonderry School A A A A A A A A A

13 Cn Under 5 Served by Keystone STARS 00-0 PAGE Dauphin County % of Children Under 5 served by STARS.5% Capital Beginnings, is comprised of a variety of citizens in Dauphin County, all sharing an interest in supporting and promoting quality early learning for Pennsylvania s children. Serving as a resource for families, school districts and child care providers, this group offers support for practitioners as well, coordinating events to recognize family, group and center staff throughout the year. Involvement in planning Week of The Young Child celebrations and rallies, interactions within the community and the annual banquet to share success and highlights. The county celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a meeting of providers and school district personnel to discuss Kindergarten transitions to help parents and students, a great forum to forge valuable alliances with mutual understanding. % Families, Groups and Centers at STAR & Adventure Zone Aisha Queen Best Idea Child Development Cntr. Catina Childcare Services Ebony Seegers God s Little Angels God s Little Angels Heather Grimwood Loving Hands Family Care Loving Handz Family Daycare Praise & Play Early Learning Rogers Family Daycare Safani Stepping Stone Inc. Tracy Marshall Trinity Early Academic Learning Cntr. Watch Me Grow CDC AA to ZZ Child Care All God;s Children Childcare Best Friends Daycare Carol Lynn Krahn Family Care CCLC at Hershey Chambers Hill Elementary SAC Christian Love Ministries Day Care Colleen Kwiatkowski s Daycare Constance A. Hocker Crosspoint Christian Childcare Deborah A. Nickoli Daycare Derry Twp. Parks/Rec E.H. Phillips Elementary SAC Eat Hanover Elementary Garden of Learning Child Development God s Little Angels Daycare Irene Grab Keystone Math & Science Academy Kiddie Line Express Kim s Kids Kim s Kids II Lawnton Elementary SAC Lil Blessings Daycare Linglestown UMC SAC Little Blessings Early Learning Millersville Community Nursery Mountainview School Age CC Napper & Clark Campus Nye Elementary School Paxtang Elementary SAC Paxtonia Elementary SAC Penbrook Learning Center Premier Community Services Premier Learning Center-CEB Sandra M. Sawyers Group Daycare South Hanover Elementary School Southside Elementary SAC Stepping Stone Daycare Strawberry Garden Early Childhood Suburban East Shore Branch CC "I love to learn and anything pertaining to helping a classroom of rowdy one year olds is wonderful news. Many changes have taken place in recent months that have caused me to view practices in a different light. Taking the series for credit on attachment (while not my favorite knowledge area of learning) caused me to do some self evaluation. In light of this process, some changes were made in the way I approach the children, their families, and the way I try to meet the caregiving and educational needs. Changing the paradigm from which I approach each day helps things immensely. Some times, after doing things the same basic way for many years, one loses the spark and enthusiasm that is needed to engage the young mind." -Wendy Temble-Bright Beginnings in Harrisburg. Southside Elementary SAC Stepping Stone Daycare Strawberry Garden Early Childhood Suburban East Shore Branch CC The Sonshine Learning Station Thomas Holtzman Elementary Tomorrow s Children Daycare Tri-Community Elementary SAC Watch Me Grow CDC West Hanover Elementary SAC AA to ZZ Childcare and Learning AA to ZZ Childcare and Learning AA to ZZ Childcare and Learning All About Kids Early Learning Basic Steps Day Care Bright Futures Learning Centers Bright Futures Learning Centers III Calvary Kids Childcare Discovery Kids Childcare Center East Shore Montessori School East Shore YMCA Fishburn Flock Christian Child Care God s Angels Home Day Care Growing Center Day Care Hansel and Gretel Early Learning Happy Hollow at Hope Childcare Heaven Sent Academy JCC Early Childhood Department JO JO s Playhouse & Learning KinderCare Learning #070 KinderCare Learning #08 KinderCare Learning #8 KinderCare Learning #75 Little Blessings Early Learning Mikayla s Place Neighborhood Center of UMC New Life s Tender Moments Patricia J. Palm Family Care Paxton United Methodist CC Praise and Play ELC Suburban East Shore YMCA Sylvan Heights Science Charter Tender Times Childcare Tender Years Child Devel. II Turner s Academic Academy U-GRO Learning Centre U-GRO Learning Centre U-GRO Learning Centre Capital Area Head Start-Granite Alphabet Express Early Learning Angela Oakley Bright Beginnings Child Devel. Capital Area Head Start Marshall Debra A. Washington Follow Me Child Care Hansel & Gretel Early Learning Hildebrandt Learning-PSA Hbg. Imagination Island Learning Janet Simmons Jelly Bean Junction Jelly Bean Junction Before/After Kenney s Latch-Key Kids Academy McLamb Memorial Church Pollock Childcare Center Retiki s Open Arms Child Care Robbin R. Cox Brenda L. Fryer Bridget Heinl s Family Child Care FLH The Goddard School Jeannette Reeves Patricia Hicks Hildebrandt Learning Center Auditor General Child Care Labor and Industry Child Care Londonderry School PHEAA Child Care Center PSECU Child Care Center Happy Hollow at Hope Child Care Center A A A A A A

14 FRANKLIN COUNTY 9% of Children Under 5 Served by STARS Franklin County practitioners and partners collaborated to unite the childcare community and stakeholders, ensuring that early care and education remain a focus. Community engagement coordinated a children s fair to draw parents into the network, making efforts all the more meaningful and providing community resources for families. Quarterly meeting provided an opportunity for information sharing and networking. Celebrating The Week of the Young Child, practitioners invited a variety of special guests, from parents to community leaders, to read to children, thus familiarizing stakeholders with our goals. Providers took a leadership position in promoting STARS benefits and educating the community of its rewards. I like STARS because it helps me to be a better provider. I teach Mother Goose preschool and I really want my little ones to be ready for school. With everything that I have learned with STARS, I feel more comfortable that I am doing my best to support learning and the families in my care. And, parents and kids notice that I care! Bonnie Bumbaugh,Group Child Care Home Dinen J. Sanders Family Child Care Montessori Academy/Chambersburg Rouzerville Romper Room Amy Elliot Family Child Care Bonnie L. Parson Family Child Care Chambersburg Memorial YMCA Chambersburg YMCA/Ben Chambers Chambersburg YMCA/Fayetteville Chambersburg YMCA/Hamilton Hghts. Chambersburg YMCA-Scotland Child Care Connections Diana Dick Family Child Care First United Day Care Good Shepherd Day Care Jane Auchmoody Family Child Care Kellie Cooper s Day Care Little Adventures/Chambersburg East Little Adventures/Chambersburg South Mercersburg Elementary School Montgomery Elementary School Mountainview Elementary School Nancy West Family Child Care Sandra Perry Family Day Care Stitely Group Day Care Home Stopyra Family Day Care Wendy Main Child Care Wilson College Child Care Bright Beginnings of Waynesboro Buds of Promise Childcare Clubhouse Kidz Greencastle Child Care Kidz First KinderCare Learning Center Maria Rodriguez Family Child Care My Place Too Noah s Ark Wee Kare Child Center Bumbaugh s Day Care Earnestine Artis Family Child Care Home St. Paul s Children s Center Waynesboro Day Care Center St. Paul s Children s Center We worked hard to reach a STAR because we know that quality really makes a difference and everyone benefits by being held to a higher standard, says Beth Jones, Director of Mercersburg First United Daycare. As with the growing number of STARS providers in Franklin County, Beth knows that moving up a STAR level tells parents that their children are in a developmentally appropriate and supportive environment. Beth Jones, First United Daycare, Mercersburg Bonnie Bumbaugh Family Day Care 0% of Families, Groups and Centers at STAR and STAR ANNUAL REPORT 00-0

15 PAGE 5 LANCASTER COUNTY % Children Under 5 Served by STARS Bountiful Blessings Caridad Calnick-Aguero Heather Ann Chesnet Hildebrandt Learning-Hempfield Luz E. Rodriguez Lydia Serrano Marilyn Marquez Monette P. Sheaffer Nanny s Playschool Pace After School Program T.R.S. Home Child Care The Wonder Years ELC Wee Care Day School Adamstown YMCA Blanca I. Garcia Busy Hands Day Care New Providence Carmen Ludia Rivera Cathy Doulin-Brotzman Centerville Elementary SACC Chesterbrook Academy Clara M. Guzman D & G Daycare Diana Caraballo Group Daycare Dorothy Shockley East King Daycare East Petersburg Elementary SAC Ephrata Church of the Brethren Farmdale Elementary Fresh Start Childcare Fresh Start Childcare Gamalier Nieves Good Start Daycare Center Grace Place Child Care Katrina Lindemuth Family Daycare Kinder Haus Nursery Day Care Kinderhook Children s Center Landisville Primary Center Marva s Little Diamonds Family Care Melisa Altagracia Mateo Millenium Child Development Mom s House Day Care Center Monica Landis Morningstar Day Care Center Mountville Elementary School New Holland Early Learning Nina Evans Patricia E. Hodges Reyes Family Daycare Rohrerstown Elementary School Salvation Army SAC Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center Sunshine Corners The Crayon Box Daycare Center The Golden Rainbow Daycare The Mustard Seed Bethany School Age Care Bright Star Academy Central Manor Day Care Chesterbrook Academy City Line Child Care Dr. Michael K. Curley EC Envisions-Neff Elementary Envisions-Bucher Envisions-Bitrauer Envisions-Reidenbaugh Envisions-Schaeffer Easleman Child Care Center For Your Child Day Care God s Little Gifts LC Hempfield Family Child Devel. Hildebrandt Learning-Leola Hildebrandt Learning-Maytown Hildebrandt Learning Riverview Hildebrandt Learning-Fritz Hildebrandt Learning-Brownstown Hildebrandt Learning-Donegal Hildebrandt Learning-Smoketown Jacqueline P.C. DuBey JCAL Academy at Lanc. JCC Judith A. Holler KinderCare Learning #070 KinderCare Learning #050 LeTort Before & After SAC Lucret Group Day Care Martic School Age Program Maryline Lamourt Neyda Luz Santiago Nuvia s Daycare Open Arms Christian Child Care San Juan Bautista Learning Center Sara Astheimer Shining Stars The Children s Center The Early Learning Center of Gap The S. June Smith Center Tomorrow s World Tracy Adams U-GRO Learning Centre U-GRO Learning Centre U-GRO Learning Centre Chesterbrook Academy Donna s Kids Gears Kids Center at Banbridge Gears Kids Centerat East High Gears Kids Center at Mill Rd. Gears Kids Center at Rheems Gears Kids Center of Community Hambright After School Center Marisol Malave Nubiola Salazar Owl Hill Learning Owl Hill Learning V Park Afterschool Program Pequea School Age Program Pequea Valley School Age Reamstown Child Care Shepherd s Flock Child Care Steps To Success YWCA at McCaskey Ayala Group Day Care Ayala Group Day Care Buchanan Elementary SAC Burrowes Elementary SAC Children s Learning at Landis Community Action Program Diamond Street ECC Four Roses Child Care Fulton Elementary SAC Grandview Heights Christian Care Hamilton Elementary SAC Junko Wright King Elementary SAC Lafayette Elementary SAC Lancaster Day Care Center Lancaster Rec. Commission SAC Lillibeth Santiago Little People Day Care School Martin Elementary SAC Owl Hill Learning Center Rosaria Polizzi Ross Elementary School Sonshine Child Development St. John s-cocalico Center U-Gro Learning Centre Washington Elementary Wee Care Day School Wee Care Day School II Wharton After School Wickersham Elementary ASC College Hill Children s Center Elizabethtown Child Care Hildebrandt Learning-Park City Hildebrandt Learning Centers KinderCare #0709 KinderCare Learning Centers Masonic Homes Childcare St. Paul s Christian Child Care The Children s Corner Rosaria Polizzi s Home Care Center The recognition dinner in May for providers and staff was only one of the ways that Lancaster involved the community. In association with LAAEYC, this year practitioners attended the annual conference, rich in resources and trainings, encouraged participation in a Transition webinar to coordinate efforts among childcare professionals and kindergarten teachers, and provided networking opportunities throughout the year. A A A A A A A A A 7% Centers, Groups & Families at STAR and STAR

16 PAGE 6 Lebanon County % Children Under 5 Served By STARS 7% Families, Groups and Centers at STAR and STAR ELCO Child Care Lebanon County s Night Of Networking provided an opportunity for child care and early education practitioners to visit STAR sites and to build relationships within the community. Viewed as most important to children, through distribution of a checklist, providers and all five county school districts coordinated information and developed consistent methods that will assist children as they transition from early education to further grades. Keystone STARS joined the child care community in participation in the annual LVAEYC conference, sponsoring professional development events and providing tools, and during Week of The Young Child, STARS joined in to recognize providers. What STARS means to our staff, children, and their families: our center and staff are held accountable to maintain the quality of our facility and our program to assure the best possible start for our children s futures. Serena Moore, Director, ELCO Child Care Corrine s Preschool Place Jennifel A. Rodriguez Kelly Gassert Chris M. Houck Crystal Christian Child Care ELCO Child Care Karen Showers Daycare Lebanon Catholic Child Care Linda Sweigart s Day Care Michelle Pete Showers Group Day Care Home Southeast Elementary School SAC Special Friends AA to ZZ Child Care Annville Elementary Child Care Bonnie Mease Carpenter Family Daycare Cornwall Elementary Day Care Crystal R. Herr Discovery Junction Ebenezer Child Care Forge Road SACC Harding Elementary Child Care Henry Houck Elementary Jonestown Elementary Lathkey Kochenderfer s Christian Day Care Linda M. Smith Group Daycare South Lebanon Child Care Southwest CCC Tender Heart Day Care Center U-GRO Learning Centre U-Gro Learning Centre Union Canal Pre-School Emma C. Berger Child Care Gravel Hill Church Noah & Company Day Care Sonshine Child Care Center St. James Child Care YMCA Northwest Children s Rainbow Learning Center ELCO Child Care Center A ANNUAL REPORT 00-0

17 VOLUME, ISSUE York County % of Children Under 5 Served by PAGE 7 Brenda s Early Sprouts Family Care Connie Wingard Fishing Creek Elementary SAC Hermon Mussie Karen Lucas Family Child Care King Street Kids Club Little Lads and Ladies Child Care Lots of Love Daycare Mt. Zion School Age Child Care Newberry Latchkey Program Red Mill Elementary School Age Saginaw Community Church Child Care Sunshine Christian DayCare & Learning Susanne Groupe Family Day Care The Imagination Station Angela E. Ruby Blessed Kids Childcare Brenda Schopf s Family Daycare Children s Center at S. Mountain Elem. Creative Roots Early Learning Center Cynthia Hankinson Dani s Day Care Danielle L. Rodkey Dover Bethany United Methodist Church First Church of the Brethren Friendship Elementary SACC Center Q Grow-N-Love Learning Center Jessica R. Gillin Karen McElwain Katalina Urresta Kreutz Creek Elementary School Lisa Strong s Family Home Daycare Little Leprechaun Daycare Loganville Elementary School Lots of Love Daycare Lots of Love Daycare Center McKenna Rodriguez Miss Mary s Play Castle Scheivert Family Daycare Shrewsbury Elementary SACC Spring Grove Area Community Center St. Paul s Chapel Christian Daycare Stewartstown Elementary After School Stonybrook Kids Club Sunbeam Station Child Care The Shepherds Fold Tiny Tots Family Day Care Today s Toddlers Wanda T. Rosado Wrightsville Elementary School YMCA Downtown Kids Club York Hospital Child Care Center YWCA School Age Learning Center Bethany Christian Learning Center Billie Ort s Laugh-N-Learn Canadochly Elementary Children s First Learning Center Christ Church Child Care Center Clearview Elementary School Age Day Care by Robin s Nest Day Care by Robin s Nest II Dover Kid s Club End of the Rainbow Day Care Center Hanover Area YMCA/Park Hills Hanover YMCA/Baresville Hayshire Kids Club Heavenly Hands Day Care Jennifer Peck Damily Day Care Kids First Daycare Kidsville Junction Kindercademy Early Learning Center Kindercademy LTD N Elementary KinderCare Learning # 0700 KinderCare Learning #08 Leib Kid s Club Little Dreams Learning Center Little Dreams Learning Center II Little Lambs Learning Center McKercher Group Day Care Nanny s Kids Child Care Center Nanny s Kids Child Care Centers New Creation Station New Salem Elementary School Paradise Elementary School Punkin Patch Childcare Rainvow Junction Child Care Center Roundtown Kid s Club S. Hanover YMCA Childrens Learning Southern Elementary SACC Center Spring Grove Elementary School St. Jacobs UCC Child Care Center Stillmeadow Nazarene Child Care TLC Montessori Toni Newman U-GRO Learning Centre Weigelstown Kids Club West Manheim Elementary SAC Wonder Years Child Development Step At A Time Alisha s Little Rascals Brenda F. Clinton Creative Kids Day Care Creative Kids Day Care II Delta Christian Academy Good Shepherd Day Care Hanover Area YMCA Child Care Jennifer H. Doll Kidsville Junction Childcare & Preschool Kindred Spirits Little Blessings Day Care Otterbein EEC-SACC Program Pamela L. Westbrook The Early Learning Center Delynn M. Bickle Donna L. Apicella JCC School for the Early Years Otterbein Early Education Center YMCA Child Care Center YWCA of York Day Care Center YWCA S. Queen Street Early Learning Barbara J. Tompkins Crispus Attucks Early Learning Evelina s Reach Teach Education KinderCare Learning #005 Tracie England York Day Nursery YWCA of Hanover Day Care YWCA Early Learning Center % Family, Groups and Centers at STAR and STAR JCC School For Early Years A A A A A A A A I entered the STARS program to learn new ideas and how to create a better environment that will enrich and foster a love for learning for all the children and families I serve. Lori Canella Creative Roots Early Learning In York County, community engagement focused on professional development and coordinated efforts among all stakeholders, including representatives of school districts, higher education, practitioners, and professional development agencies. Regularly scheduled networking provided opportunity to share information and ideas and for discussion of enrichment topics. A result of the wide representation in this group is a cohesive effort to address long term goals for children, which is to promote their continuing success through completion of their education. A Night of Networking and Week of The Young Child Celebrations are examples of well received events to recognize and involve practitioners, encouraging collaborative efforts.

18 00-0 PAGE 8 Tracie England, Family Child Care Family Providers Recognizing the importance of Family Child Care and Group Homes, Keystone STARS develops plans to address unique needs of practitioners. In 00-0, two mini-conferences provided a full day of professional development and opportunities for networking. Conferences provide the necessary support to explain standards and procedures to assist practitioners to move to a higher STAR level. Providing support, Specialist encourage continued quality improvements, dispensing information, providing resources and coordinating efforts for providers to remain active in the childcare community. In 00-0, Specialists hosted workgroups and trainings that recognized schedules and needs of practitioners, assisting with organization, grant writing and reconciliation, and topics that relate to delivery and maintenance of a quality program. Specialists actively pursued trainings to enable them to identify with family providers and to relate information to specific circumstances. Marilyn Ayala, Family Child Care Visibility In addition to participation in conferences sponsored by each county s Association for The Education of Young Children, Keystone STARS maintained visibility throughout the year, educating parents about the value of the accessibility of high quality care and education and practitioners about Keystone STARS. LAAEYC Conference Action Day Networking Night in York LVAEYC Conference YAEYC Conference CAEYC Conference Healthy Kids Day, Waynesboro Children s Fair, Franklin Co. Children s Fair, Dover Spring Charity Fair, Park City Children s Ed. Coalition-Chester Co. Kindergarten Readiness Fair-Hbg. Family Fun Fair-Harrisburg Bridging The Gap-Adams County Children s Festival-Lebanon County Conference participants take advantage of the availability of resources and information provided by a variety of sources. McLamb Memorial Church Daycare sponsors an outreach event to partner with parents and the community. As the mother of three, I understand how important quality care is and that inspired me to open my own center. From the beginning, Keystone STARS has been my guide, with a helpful, pleasant staff and standards put in place to ensure the best possible care. Though I have just begun the process, I feel well on my way and beyond motivated to moving up in STAR ranking. STARS supports me to do better and I feel confident that I have guidance when I need it. I look forward to the day that I can proudly say that I am a toprated STAR daycare center providing the best quality care. Glendalie Traverso,Creative Young Moments, Mt. Holly Springs ANNUAL REPORT 00-0

19 PAGE 9 PARTNERSHIPS LEARN is comprised of individuals and agencies that are committed to the children and families they serve by combining efforts and creating a continual comprehensive quality early learning stems. Tammy Barnhart, LEARN, Franklin County Partnering with United Way to provide opportunity for quality advancements through Success By 6; to deliver training to advance knowledge and skill. Partnering with higher education to provide non-credit and credit based opportunity toward career advancement. HACC, Penn State, West Chester University, Arcadia, Delaware County Community College. Partnering with community stakeholders to promote childhood safety, staff retention, reward and training, and to support providers to continue to make available a high quality experience for all children. Partnering with the PA Department of Public Welfare to develop efforts of mutual support. Partnering with school districts to support providers in establishing alliances that enable children to transition to a school setting and continue growth, development and success. The South Central Regional Key provides supports to local community organizations to form community engagement groups, providing training, support and inclusion for all STARS providers, and to engage legislators, families, and community organizations in the process and importance of early childhood care and education. Each county sponsored an organization that engaged leaders in the field to provide a collaborative effort to strengthen quality. In addition to professional development and networking events, counties supported sites and engaged families through visibility events, advocacy and forums to promote involvement. The year s highlights included the celebration of Week of the Young Child, during which each county hosted provider recognition banquets and staged community events to heighten awareness. Focusing this year on transitioning children to Kindergarten programs, Community Engagement Groups were successful in partnering with school districts to bridge the gap from early education to At the Ready Freddy Kindergarten Readiness Program, a father stated that he wasn t participating in the six week program to prepare his child for kindergarten. He was there to prepare her to be the first in their family to graduate from high school. The goal bring the community together to ensure that all children get the best possible foundation to succeed in school and life, explains Christy Renjilian, Director of Community Initiatives, United Way York County. York County Providers have embraced opportunity to engage families and to build alliances with parents and the community, embarking on new initiatives in 00-0, furthering STARS successes. elementary environments. In the new fiscal year, these groups will transition to LEARN teams, Local Education and Resource Networks, and focus on the family as a key contributor to a child s success. As a resource of Keystone STARS, LEARN teams will promote quality programs and access to early learning opportunities. Community Engagement Groups were successful in organizing special readers to visit sites. ANNUAL REPORT 00-0

20 Keystone STARS South Central Regional Key West Market Street York, PA 70 Contact Us at: The Changing Face of Childcare Almost forty years ago, as the world focused on Watergate, the Vietnam War, and the new Broadway play, Grease, and as Mark Spitz took gold for swimming and Bobby Fisher became the new champ of chess, the FBI hired its first female agents and the Concorde previewed as the fastest passenger plane. While states defeated the Equal Rights Amendment, and Brando and Minnelli walked away with Oscars, we rushed to buy the first hand-held calculators and were amazed and entertained by the innovative Atari Pong, which unknowingly forever changed the meaning of leisure. While 97 was indeed a year of change, add one more name to the list of those to make an impact: Nancy Lear. 97 was the year that 9 year old Nancy walked the two blocks from her parent s house to Phoenixville Area Children s Learning Center and began what would be a 0 year career. Things have changed. Kids are the same in many ways, but things have changed, she recently explained. They re curious and eager to learn just like then, but now we re prepared to take advantage of every opportunity and moment. We don t just happen into plans that work and kids who respond. I draw on my experience and instincts and tie that to learning standards. Nancy has transitioned across the last four decades, watching childcare emerge from a non-directed social experience social experience to the outcomes based experience that it is today. Her experience and enthusiasm are a resource to those she welcomes to the field. But with 6 brothers and sisters, childcare to her came naturally. Following her mother who was on the center s board, Nancy soon found that childcare was not just a job, but a vocation. Over the years, Nancy has worked with every group from toddlers through kindergarten. Hard to believe that her toddlers sometimes drop by to visit with grown kids of their own. And there they find her..happily overseeing her fan club in dramatic play activities, reading some of their favorite books or playing one game or another on the playground. Within the year, add one more name to the list of CDA s. She s working hard and looking toward completion in the near future. Look for Nancy at every school function and volunteer s not a job, but a calling. The rewards are better than money. The kids heal me. They make me feel like a queen. Here, I can do no wrong. Kids offer unconditional rewards. So add another to 97 s mark on the world: Nancy Lear has made an impact on thousands of little lives and in that she makes a positive mark on the world, giving kids a better future. Thanks, Nancy.

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