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1 LWV nonpartisan election material HARRIS COUNTY VOTERS LWV GUIDE L e a g u e o f Wo m e n Vo t e r s o f t h e H o u s t o n A r e a Primary Election MARCH 2, 2010 Polls Open 7AM to 7 PM WHAT S ON THE BALLOT? On March 2, Harris County voters will cast votes to elect their party's candidates for national, state and county races. ABOUT THIS VOTERS GUIDE The League of Women Voters of the Houston area published this information to help voters cast an informed vote. Inside you will find candidates qualifications, answers to our questions and photographs. Each candidate is solely responsible for the content of the material submitted. Our state organization, League of Women Voters of Texas, provided the statewide candidate information. Races and candidates are listed by political party and in ballot order. Candidate replies are published without editing or verification. Replies exceeding word limit requirements are indicated by (///). No portion of this Voters Guide may be reproduced for use in political campaigns or advertising. Other proposed reproduction uses of the Voters Guide must have permission of the League of Women Voters Houston Area Education Fund. DEMOCRATIC PARTY: U.S. Representative Governor Lieutenant Governor Attorney General Commissioner - Gen. Land Office Commissioner of Agriculture Railroad Commissioner Justice, Supreme Court Justice, Court of Criminal Appeals Member, State Board of Education State Senator State Representative Chief Justice, Court of Appeals Justice, Court of Appeals District Judge INDEX TO VOTERS GUIDE Family District Judge County Judge Justice, County Court at Law Justice, County Probate Court District Clerk County Clerk County Tax Assessor-Collector County Treasurer County School Trustee County Commissioner Justice of the Peace Harris County Democratic Chair REPUBLICAN PARTY: U.S. Representative Governor THE PRIMARY ELECTION PROCESS IN TEXAS The March 2 election is a Party Primary Election and only Democratic and Republican candidates are on the ballot. You may vote in either the Democratic Party or Republican Party Primary election on March 2 or during the early voting period. When you vote in a political party s primary election, you become a member of that party for the current calendar year. Your voting certificate will be stamped at the time you vote with the name of the party in whose primary you vote. If there is a runoff, you may vote only in the same party s runoff election. However, it does not commit you to vote for that party s candidate in the General Election in November. In November the Democratic and Republican winners of this election will be on the General Election ballot. Also on the November ballot will be Libertarian candidates and, if successful in obtaining enough petition signatures, Green Party, other party and independent candidates. The Libertarian Party has already gained access to the November ballot by meeting the required percentage of votes in the last General Election. Its candidates are not subject to petition requirements. Political parties in Texas - other than the Democratic and Republican Parties - select their candidates at conventions rather than through a primary election. Independent Lieutenant Governor Attorney General Commissioner - Gen. Land Office Commissioner of Agriculture Railroad Commissioner Justice, Supreme Court Justice, Court of Criminal Appeals State Senator State Representative Chief Justice, Court of Appeals Justice, Court of Appeals District Judge Family District Judge County Judge Justice, County Court at Law Justice, County Probate Court candidates gain access to the ballot through an individual application and petition process. If you vote in the March 2 Democratic or Republican Primary Election, you may not participate in another party s convention or sign a petition for a candidate from another party or an independent candidate. Shortly after the polls close on March 2, the Democratic and Republican Parties will hold Precinct Conventions to conduct party business, pass resolutions for the party platform, and select delegates to their Senate District or County conventions. You may attend the Precinct Convention if you voted in that party s primary. The Libertarian and Green Parties will hold Precinct Conventions at 7 pm on Tuesday, March 9. You may participate in either of these conventions only if you did not vote in the Democratic or Republican Primary Election or sign petitions for Democratic or Republican candidates. The Green Party will hold its Precinct Conventions at 7 pm on March 9 at 4822 Spellman, Houston, For additional Green Party information and for Libertarian Precinct Convention locations, visit their websites, which are shown on Page 39. District Clerk County Clerk County Tax Assessor-Collector County Treasurer County School Trustee County Commissioner Justice of the Peace Harris County Republican Chair VOTER INFORMATION: Voting in Texas Primaries Voter Information Telephone Numbers/Web Sites Early Voting Locations/Schedule Candidate replies are published without editing or verification. Each candidate is solely responsible for the content of the material submitted. The League of Women Voters is nonpartisan. It DOES NOT support or oppose any political party or candidate. We thank and acknowledge contributors who fund the Voters Guide. See page 41 for a list of contributors. League of Women Voters of the Houston Area

2 VIEW YOUR SPECIFIC BALLOT! 1 - Go to 2 - Click on English, Spanish or Vietnamese 3 - Click on Find your Election Day Poll and View Voter Specific Ballot. 4 - Select Republican or Democrat and enter your name, your address, or your voter registration certificate number. 5 - Scroll down to your information and click on Sample Ballot. 6 - You will see your Voter Specific Ballot for the party you selected. 7 - To view the ballot for the other party, go back to step 4, select the other party and follow the same steps. Facts about Voting You are qualified to vote if you meet the following requirements: You are a U.S. Citizen, at least 18 years of age, and a resident of Harris County. You are not on parole, probation, or in prison for a felony. You have not been declared mentally incapacitated by a court of law. You are registered to vote in Harris County. (February 1, 2010 was the last day to register for the Primary Election.) How do I register to vote? Each county has a Voter Registrar. In Harris County the Voter Registrar is the County Tax Assessor-Collector. You may register in person at 1001 Preston Avenue 2nd Floor, Room 200, in downtown Houston; any of 16 Tax Office substations throughout the County; any Texas Department of Public Safety Office (DPS); each Public Library, including any branch or service outlet; or several other state agency offices. Or you can mail in your application to Leo Vasquez, Tax Assessor- Collector and Voter Registrar, P.O. Box 3527, Houston, Applications are available at those sites, on line at or by calling to request one via mail. During voter registration drives you can register with a deputized volunteer voter registrar. After you register, you should receive your Voter Registration Certificate (VRC) within 30 days. Every 2 years you will be mailed a replacement VRC. To maintain your registered status you must notify the Voter Registrar of any address or name change. Where do I vote? During the Early Voting Period, February 16-26, 2010, you may vote at any of the designated Early Voting Locations. Go to page 40 for a list of these locations. They are posted on line at or you can call On Election Day, you must vote in the polling location designated for your precinct of residence. Polling locations for each precinct may be listed in the newspaper the week of the election. Also, they are on line at or you can call Where do I find my Precinct Number? Your Precinct Number (Pct. No.) shows in the middle of the left side of your Voter Registration Certificate (VRC). Check the precinct number on your VRC before going to the polling location. Or, you can contact the Voter Registrar, / or the Harris County Clerk s Elections Office, / What do I take to the Polls? Take your Voter Registration Certificate (VRC). This is all that is needed unless this is your first time to vote in this county for a federal office and your original application was sent to the Voter Registrar without proper identification. Other documents accepted for voter identification purposes include: 1. a driver s license or personal identification card issued to you by the Department of Public Safety or a similar document issued to you by an agency of another state, regardless of whether the license or card has expired; 2. a form of identification containing your photograph that establishes your identity; 3. a birth certificate or other document confirming birth that is admissible in a court of law and establishes your identity; 4. United States citizenship papers issued to you; 5. a United States passport issued to you; 6. official mail addressed to you, by name, from a governmental entity; 7. a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address. You can take this Voters Guide or other written material into the Voting Booth. However, voters are not allowed to display or share any campaign material in the polling place. What if my name is not on the list of registered voters and the Voter Registrar has no record of my registration but I think I have registered? If your name is not on the list and you think you have registered, the Precinct Judge will contact the Voter Registrar. If the Voter Registrar cannot verify your registration, you may vote a provisional ballot. First, you must complete an affidavit stating that you are a registered voter in the precinct in which you are attempting to vote and that you are eligible to vote in this election and you must present valid identification. Your ballot will be counted only if state or local officials determine you are eligible under State law. You will receive a letter after the election notifying you whether your provisional ballot was accepted or rejected. What is provisional voting? See answer to previous question. For more information on the provisional ballot process visit: VOTER INFORMATION What can I vote on in this election? You may vote for candidates running for U. S. Representative for your district, Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller of Public Accounts, Commissioner of the General Land Office, Commissioner of Agriculture, Railroad Commissioner, Texas Supreme Court Justice, Court of Criminal Appeals Justice, State Senator and Representative for your district, State Board of Education Trustee for your district, Court of Appeals Chief Justice, Court of Appeals Justice, Civil/Criminal/Family District Judge, County Judge, County Civil and Criminal Judge, County Probate Judge, District Clerk, County Clerk, County Tax Assessor-Collector, County Treasurer, County School Trustee, County Commissioner, Harris County Party Chair, and, in some precincts, Party Precinct Chair. The Republican ballot includes five Referendum propositions. To find out which U. S. Congressional, State Senate and Representative, County Commissioner, and Justice of the Peace District you are in, look on the right half of your Voter Registration Certificate or contact the Voter Registrar, or the County Clerk s Voter Information Line, The County Clerk s Elections Office has Your Specific Ballot on line at You may view which races and candidates will be on your specific ballot. See instructions at the top of this page. To obtain this information via telephone, call , the County Clerk s Voter Information Line, during regular hours. When can I vote? You may vote: On Election Day - at your assigned precinct s polling place. Early - at designated times and locations from February 16-26, 2010 see schedule on page 40 By ballot-by-mail if you are at least age 65, disabled, confined in jail, or if absence from the county will prevent you from voting early or on Election Day. For this election your application to get a ballot-by-mail must be received between January 1 - February 23, 2010 (received, not postmarked), and you must follow the requirements for voting by mail. Contact the County Clerk s Office, or visit to print an application for a ballot-by-mail. How does a student who is a registered voter and attends school outside the county vote? A student can return home to vote on Election Day or during the early voting period. A student can vote absentee by using a ballot-by-mail. For ballot-by-mail instructions, see the answer to the previous question. What do I do if I change my address and still live in Harris County? Promptly notify the Harris County Voter Registrar of your address change. You can change your address online at or in writing by completing a voter registration change form or by correcting the information on your current voter registration certificate and returning it to the Voter Registrar. Voter registration change forms are available from the Harris County Voter Registrar, , on line at or the Texas Secretary of State s office, , or on line at You will be able to vote in your new precinct 30 days after your notice has been received by the Voter Registrar. Meanwhile, you may vote a full ballot in your former precinct if your registration has not become effective in your new precinct. You will need to complete a Statement of Residence form. What do I do if I change my address and move to another county? You must reregister. Complete an application and mail it or take it in person to the voter registrar of your new county. You will be registered 30 days after your application is submitted. You may be eligible to vote a limited ballot, i.e. on measures in common between your former and new county, in your new county of residence after moving if you were qualified to vote in your former county at the time you moved, and if your registration in the new county is not yet effective. You must apply for a limited ballot and vote by personal appearance with the early voting clerk conducting the election in your new county during the early voting period not on Election Day. What does the term suspense mean on a voter s record? The term suspense is used to designate those voters for whom the Harris County Voter Registrar does not have a current address. A voter in suspense status on the rolls will be allowed to vote after completing a Statement of Residence form. Once the address is corrected, the suspense designation will be removed from the voter s record. On November 30 of even-numbered years, the Voter Registrar cancels registrations of suspense list voters if two general elections have occurred since the voter was first listed as a suspense voter and the voter has not submitted an address correction. 2 League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide

3 The races are listed by political party. Democratic Party candidates begin on this page (3). Republican Party candidates begin on page 22. U.S. REPRESENTATIVE / Democratic Party Member of U.S. Congress. Serves in the House of Representatives. The House originates revenue bills and, by tradition, appropriation bills. The House brings charges of impeachment for trial in the Senate. Both the House and the Senate count electoral votes following a presidential election and, if no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes, the House chooses the President from among the top three candidates. The member is elected for a two-year term. Rank-and-file member salary $174,000. Speaker of the House salary $223,500. Majority and Minority Leaders salary $193, DISTRICT 18 Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) What reasonable measures can be taken to reduce the risk of terrorism? AL GREEN RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR DISTRICT 9 TED ANKRUM RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR DISTRICT 10 JARVIS JOHNSON I am currently serving my third term on the Houston City Council representing District B. As a council member I have focused my energies on bringing $1.9 billion to my district for infrastructure, parks, and senior citizen projects. I earned a Bachelor s Degree in Communications from Texas Southern University. SHEILA JACKSON LEE Yale University, Political Science Honors; University of Virginia Law School; Congresswoman TX; Chairperson Transportation Security and Infrastructure Protection Committee; Authored major legislation on transportation and chemical security; added Homeland Security new transportation jobs to Houston. Served on City Council; Associate Municipal Court Judge, Practiced law and I care about people! (///) SEAN ROBERTS B.S. Economics 1993; Juris Doctorate 1996; Lawyer for 15 years representing individuals and businesses in a variety of transactional and litigation matters I support the President s initiatives in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere to defeat Al Qaeda. The recent Christmas Day terrorist attempt exposed coordination issues within national security agencies that need correcting. We must continue to provide assistance to partner nations to improve their capability to help us defeat terrorism worldwide. We must continue to assist local law enforcement coordination efforts. Reducing terrorism involves a comprehensive approach: increased funding for human intelligence; more behavioral assessment of individuals vs. profiling; increased funding for air marshals; implementation of new technology such as body scanners and increased professional training of Transportation Security officers. My bill HR 2200, is a comprehensive approach to reducing terrorism. America must spread peace and hold true to the ideals that make us a great democracy, while still never dismissing attempts to understand other s positions from legitimate and acceptable differences. What are your recommendations for reducing harmful emissions into the air? What specific legislation would you support? I embrace the goals of the American Clean Energy and Security Act. This legislation puts us on a path of reducing harmful emissions, reduces our dependence on foreign oil, and creates clean energy opportunities. Let s make sure though that our local industries economic impact concerns about the legislation can be accommodated and incorporated. New forms of energy and transportation modes are required. I helped jump start Houston s hike and bike trails with $6 million. I invited Transportation Secretary LaHood here; he then submitted Metro Solutions to the President s budget. I helped Houston secure $150 million for the rail; another billion is coming. We must work with our refineries to improve air quality. Massive research, investments an initiatives in biofuels, wind energy and nuclear energy. What measures, if any, should the federal government take to stimulate job growth? My priority is job growth in the 18th where double digit employment is the norm in good and bad times. We need to reform education, eliminate the drop-out rate and better prepare our students for college and jobs of the future. The 18th has an abundance of affordable undeveloped land that can be used for clean energy job creating industries. Our economy will not have fully recovered until Americans are back to work. I support President Obama s stimulus bill to create jobs. I organized two federal job fairs attracting over 10,000 Houstonians. I am working to ensure that new infrastructure projects and job re-training programs promote hiring in District 18. I also help to pass a new jobs bill. Promoting small business lending, as well as encouraging joint ventures between larger institutions and small businesses. DOUG BLATT 25 years of experience in information systems development required me to analyze and solve problems efficiently and effectively. Earned a MBA from TX A&M at Commerce. Owned/ Managed a small profitable business. Also worked for all 3 branches of government at state and local levels. Convince the wealthy nations of the Middle East to provide more support for the Palestinian people who have been living in camps for decades, and accept them into their countries as citizens. If the Palestinians had better living conditions, many would be less likely to join terrorist groups. Finish building Iraqi and Afghani infrastructures and bring our troops home. Invest more in clean energy and mass transit solutions. Create incentives for businesses and individuals to switch to cleaner energy sources through more tax deductions and implement stiffer penalties on polluters. Keep raising the café standards for the automobile industry. Offer tax incentives for business whose workers telecommute, ride-share or ride mass transit regularly. Ratify international global climate change agreements. Give tax incentives to business that hire. Create a nationwide unemployment database that employers hire from before asking for a visa-holder. Invest more in education and retraining for the unemployed. Invest more in small business startups and growth using grants, loans, and business expertise. Expand the role of the small business administration to help small businesses survive and grow. DISTRICT 22 KESHA ROGERS I ran for Texas Democratic Party Chair in 2006, recruiting youth into politics. A political organizer with economist Lyndon LaRouche since 2002, I ve worked to restore the tradition of Hamilton, Lincoln and FDR. I hold a B.A. in Political Science and Speech Communications. Full biography: Lanzé una campaña para la ser presidenta[líder] del partido demócrata en el estado de Texas en el 2006, reclutando jóvenes a la política. Organizando políticamente con el economista Lyndon LaRouche, he trabajado para restaurar la tradición de Hamilton, Lincoln y FDR. Tengo una Licenciatura en Ciencias Políticas y Comunicación oral. Reveal the illegal flows of black market derivatives, narcotics, and weapons by offshore banks to stop terrorism s funding. Orient the USA toward anti-colonial policies of sovereign national development with Russia, India, and China. These four powers will lead the peaceful buildup of nuclear power, water desalinization, mass transit, modern sanitation, etc., alleviating the poverty that recruits people into terrorism. Revelar los flujos ilegales de los bancos extraterritoriales -de los paraísos fiscales- hacia el mercado negro de derivados financieros, narcóticos y las armas, para detener el financiamiento del terrorismo. Orientar a los Estados Unidos de América, hacia políticas anti coloniales de desarrollo nacional soberano, en conjunto con Rusia, China e India. Estas cuatro potencias, dirigirán la construcción de plantas de energía nuclear con fines pacíficos, desalación de agua, transporte público masivo, servicios de saneamiento modernos, etc., aliviando a la gente de la pobreza, para que no sean reclutados por el terrorismo. Since carbon dioxide is primarily plant food, no matter what the EPA says, I propose massive increases in anthropogenic emissions of CO2, legislated by nationwide infrastructure development, nuclear power, high-speed rail, urban reconstruction, and agriculture. The biggest cause of ecological degradation is globalization, both via the looting of resources, and the enforced poverty of green jobs and green energy. Puesto que el dióxido de carbono es el principal alimento de las plantas, no importa lo que la Agencia de Protección al Medio ambiente EPA diga, propongo un aumento masivo de las emisiones antropogénicas de CO2, legislado para el desarrollo de la infraestructura nacional, energía nuclear, trenes de alta velocidad, reconstrucción de centros urbanos y la agricultura. La mayor causa de la degradación ecologica es la globalización, a través del saqueo de los recursos y la pobreza forzada de los empleos verdes y la energía verde. End the bailout, and put the Federal Reserve System through Glass-Steagall bankruptcy reorganization, transforming it into a Hamiltonian-style National Bank. Use Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution to issue longterm credit for nationwide infrastructure development, manned space exploration, nuclear power, high-speed rail, urban reconstruction, and agriculture. Employ youth in productive Civilian Conservation Corps-style jobs. Acabar con el rescate financiero y pasar por medio de una reorganización por bancarrota tipo Glass Steagall al sistema de la reserva federal, transformandolo en un banco nacional al estilo Hamiltoniano. Utilizar la sección 8 del artículo I de la Constitución para emitir el crédito a largo plazo para el desarrollo de la infraestructura nacional, la exploración espacial tripulada, energía nuclear, trenes de alta velocidad, reconstrucción de centros urbanos y la agricultura. FREDDIE JOHN WEIDER, JR. NO RESPONSE RECEIVED 29 GENE GREEN RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR DISTRICT 29 League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide 3

4 GOVERNOR / Democratic Party Four-year term. Must be at least 30 years old, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Texas for the five years immediately preceding the election. Among duties: executes all laws and conducts all business with other states and the federal government; fills appointive offices; fills vacancies in state or district elected offices by appointment; calls special sessions of the legislature and sets their agenda; approves or disapproves every bill passed by the legislature. Annual authorized salary: $115,345 What training and experiences qualify you for this office? (50 words) What policies do you support to create jobs and assist those who are unemployed? (75 words) FELIX (RODRIGUEZ) ALVARADO NO RESPONSE RECEIVED What do you see as the state government s role in increasing the use of alternative fuels and energy conservation among Texas residents? (75 words) Aside from the issues above, what do you consider the two most serious and pressing issues facing Texas during the next four years and how would you address them? (75 words) STAR LOCKE As a home builder & rancher for 35 years. I have tremendous experience in dealing with all people and solving problems. As US Army Veteran I spent 14 months living inside Mexico so I can understand/fix this border & immigration problem. My Complete Report to Texas is on Feb 15 (///) Interest free loans to small business that wish to manufacture any Wind or Solar machines. Also free home installation of Wind & Solar power devices designed to power homes. Interest Free loans to farmers or ranchers for land, tool, equipment and expenses to raise grains for fuel. I will place import tax on all Chinnse & foreign goods where Labor Laws & Human Rights Laws are not used with foreign workers. We close Texas Ports goods built with salve labor. This will return the 35 million jobs we lost. Also I create the Texas Defense Force; half million new jobs will be created and Veterans hired. A new Texas Army. Property Taxes. Stop renting our own property! We pay all commercial property taxes for banks, oil companies, wal marts and the malls each time we buy gasoline, groceries, a shoes or a burger. They just passed-it-on in higher prices. Lets replace Property Tax. Mexico. I will build a new Texas Defense Force like the Israel Defense Force. I need 30,000 Combat Troops to close this border and defeat & kill the drug lords & corruption. E. GLENN NO RESPONSE RECEIVED FAROUK SHAMI I came to America with $71 dollars in my pocket and through hard work and determination achieved the American dream. The company I founded is worth over a billion dollars. We do business in over 106 companies. I will bring my business skills to this office to solve Texas problems. The state should strongly encourage conservation and energy use reduction amongst the government, business and Texas residents. This will not be enough to solve all of our problems, though. I have a plan to research new technologies, train Texans to work in green jobs and utilize solar and wind technologies to create new sources of energy. Doing so, we can put Texans to work and close coal fired power plants, cleaning up our air and (///) First, we should have accepted the federal government s offer to help subsidize our unemployment insurance fund. Beyond that, I have a plan to build small business incubators, create green energy jobs, promote industry development clusters along the border, put people to work modernizing core infrastructure, create high paying jobs in economically distressed areas, and modify tax incentive policies so we re not competing against ourselves to encourage companies to move. The Border: We need to embrace Mexico as a trading partner and negotiate and encourage Mexico s Government and their people to establish jobs on their side to help solve legal immigration long term. Furthermore, I have a plan to get serious on apprehending the drug distribution gangs and stop wasting time attempting to apprehend all undocumented workers. I plan to populate the border by bringing jobs from overseas to the Texas border. Transportation: I have (///) STATE BILL WHITE With a long business career, I ve met a payroll, balanced budgets, and increased efficiency. In six years as Houston s mayor, I brought people together to get results. We led the nation in job growth, cut crime, cut property tax rates, and helped the city become a clean energy leader. Durante mi larga carrera empresarial, manejé nóminas, mantuve presupuestos balanceados, y aumenté la eficacia. En seis años como Alcalde de Houston, uní a los ciudadanos y obtuve resultados. Lideramos a la nación en creación de empleos, redujimos el crimen, disminuimos los impuestos de propiedad, y colaboramos para ser líderes energéticos. Texas is a national leader in traditional energy, and we must be an international leader in energy efficiency and energy supplies for our future. Leadership starts at the top, and as Texas Governor, I will promote more clean sources of energy and energy efficiency standards. With a Governor experienced in the energy business, we can attract new jobs, bring down electricity bills, and protect our natural resources so that our children can enjoy them. Texas es un líder nacional en energía tradicional, y debemos ser líderes internacionales en eficiencia energética y energía renovable. El liderazgo se ejerce desde arriba, y como Gobernador de Texas, yo promoveré un mayor uso de fuentes energéticas limpias y mayores estándares de eficiencia energética. Contando con un Gobernador con experiencia en el campo energético podemos crear nuevos empleos, reducir los gastos eléctricos, y proteger a nuestros recursos naturales para que los disfruten nuestros hijos. As a former businessman, I know firsthand how state government affects business. As Houston s mayor, I helped our area lead the nation in job growth. Jobs with a future come from attracting new businesses and allowing small business to grow. We must ensure an educated, skilled workforce and invest in critical infrastructure, including transportation infrastructure. Finally, we must use tax dollars for incentives more wisely and have accountability for the results of incentives. Como empresario, yo sé como el gobierno afecta al negocio. Como Alcalde de Houston, ayudé a que nuestra región liderara a la nación en creación de empleos. Los empleos con futuro se crean atrayendo a nuevas empresas y fomentando el desarollo de pequeños negocios. Debemos garantizar la educación y el entrenamiento de nuestra fuerza laboral, e invertir en infraestructuras básicas, incluyendo al transporte. Finalmente, debemos utilizar los estímulos fiscales sabiamente y poder contabilizar sus resultados. Education and long term economic growth. For the first time, young Texans entering the workforce are less educated than the previous generation. Our long term economic future depends on the investments we make in students today. We must improve achievement in public schools, cut the dropout rate, and reduce barriers to higher education. Examples of potential solutions to improving achievement include: voluntary summer programs, expanded pre-k, closing the digital divide, attracting and retaining great teachers. La educación y el crecimiento económico a largo plazo. Hoy por día, los jóvenes Texanos ingresan al mercado laboral con menos educación que la generación anterior. Nuestro futuro económico depende de nuestras inversiones en nuestros estudiantes. Debemos mejorar el desempeño académico, disminuír el abandono escolar, y reducir los obstáculos para la educación superior. Algunas soluciones que propongo son: programas veraniegos voluntarios, expandir la educación preescolar, eliminar la brecha digital, y retener a nuestros mejores maestros. BILL DEAR My experience of being an investigator, businessman, author and rancher, all while raising two sons as a single parent has given me insight into the reality most Texans deal with. I know their struggles and I will truly represent them and will listen to their concerns. Texas needs to utilize the resources it already has, include solar and wind options for utilities, and alternative fuels for transportation. Educate residents as to the cost, as well as the pros and cons, of each source of energy. Our state government should be able to keep our citizens informed about pollution in our state and ways to live cleaner so we can care for our resources. Give tax breaks and incentives to companies who bring their business to Texas. We have a large population with plenty of talented, innovative workers and no state income tax. Texas citizens would welcome a company into their communities. We need to market what Texas has to offer, in our small towns, metropolitan cities and suburban areas, because it is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Education and unemployment. Empower teachers to teach their students by taking violent and extremely disruptive students out of the classroom. Stop standardized testing because Texas wants an above standard education for children. Address the lack of graduates furthering their education by offering technical classes in high schools, introducing students to the option of attending college or a trade school. Many problems can be resolved by better educated children and workforce ready adults. ALMA LUDIVINA AGUADO NO RESPONSE RECEIVED TO FIND OUT WHERE YOUR PRECINCT VOTES ON ELECTION DAY: Call or or 4 League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide

5 LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR / Democratic Party Four-year term. Must be at least 30 years old, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Texas for the five years immediately preceding the election. Among duties as part of both the Executive and Legislative branches: assumes powers of governor when governor is absent or unable to serve; acts as president of the senate; by statute, the Lieutenant Governor is a member of several Legislative branch boards and committees. The Lieutenant Governor s salary is that of a state senator when serving as President of the Texas Senate and that of the governor when serving as Governor. STATE What training and experiences qualify you for this office? (50 words) RONNIE EARLE I have a proven record of fighting for ethics in Texas government, reducing crime, and bringing communities together to solve problems. A former Staff Assistant to Governor John Connally, Presiding Judge of the Austin Municipal Court, and Texas State Representative, I was District Attorney of Travis County for 32 years. Tengo una trayectoria comprobada de pelear por el sentido de ética en el gobierno de Texas, de reducir el índice de crimen y de incluir a la comunidad para resolver problemas. Mi experiencia incluye haber trabajado para el Gobernador John Connally, haber sido Juez Municipal, haber representado a Austin en (///) MARC KATZ I have owned an award-winning business, with more than thirty years of experience in management, marketing, sales and training. I am skilled in determining, developing and securing funding for successful business growth, attributes that are essential for this office. What policies do you support to create jobs and assist those who are unemployed? (75 words) I would implement the President s health care plan, fully fund the Children s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and invest in hospitals, nursing homes, and medical infrastructure statewide. I would create incentive programs to increase the number of primary care physicians and to recruit doctors to all areas of the state regardless of the local socioeconomic conditions. Implementaría el plan de seguro médico del Presidente, dedicaría los fondos necesarios para el programa de Seguro Médico para Niños (CHIP) e invertiría en hospitales y en la infrastructura médica al nivel estatal. Crearía programas con incentivos para incrementar el número de doctores de primer cuidado y programas para reclutar doctores a todas partes del estado, sin importar las condiciones socioeconómicas locales. The federal government is in the process of passing a national health care plan that will help cover all Texans, however we must implement it correctly to make it work for us. First of all, I would make sure that the state insurance commissioner that is appointed to oversee the federal process, is not a political appointee who has very close relationships with the big insurance companies. Next, I would push to overhaul the current (///) LINDA CHAVEZ-THOMPSON NO RESPONSE RECEIVED What specific actions would you support to ensure that Texans of all ages and circumstances have access to health care according to their needs? (75 words) I would: - Reform the tax structure that is shrinking the middle class and punishing small business; - Abolish insider deals that create stealth taxes like exorbitant utility rates, insurance premiums, and college tuition; - Accept the federal government s return of Texas tax dollars for unemployment benefits and economic stimulus; - Invest in retraining programs; - Invest in green energy, not pollution-belching coal plants, and use cleanburning Texas natural gas that generates severance tax dollars. - Reformaría la estructura de los impuestos que está disminuyendo la clase media y castiga a los empresarios de empresas pequeñas. - Me deshacería de los tratos epeciales a las empresas que crean cargas adicionales para la clase media, como seguros caros, el alto costo de la educación universitaria y las altas tasas de servicios de utilidad. - Aceptaría el retorno de impuestos del estado en la forma de fondos federales para el estímulo económico (///) I support the implementation of alternative power policies to help create jobs for the future. We must look to sources of power other than oil, and by creating them ourselves we will also help create green jobs for Texans, along with lightening the load of utility bills. I also feel that along with unemployment, unemployed Texans should have access to free classroom training that promotes green energy. We should teach our citizens how to build (///) ATTORNEY GENERAL / Democratic Party BARBARA ANN RADNOFSKY RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL Aside from the issues above, what do you consider the two most serious and pressing issues facing Texas during the next four years and how would you address them? (75 words) Texans must retake their government from the forces of corruption and greed that have been in control for the past 15 years. We need ethics and election law reform to reduce the temptation for corruption and ensure an ethical, transparent, and accountable government that works for all of its citizens. Our failing public education system must be adequately funded. All-day education must be available for all Texas four-year-olds whose parents want it. - La gente de Texas debe de tomar el gobierno de las fuerzas de la corrupción y codicia que han controlado nuestro estado los últimos 15 años. Necesitamos un sentido de ética y reformas a las leyes electorales para reducir la tentación de corrupción y asegurarnos de que nuestro gobierno sea transparente y responsable a las necesidades de todos los habitantes de Texas. - Nuestro sistema de educación necesita los fondos adecuados para funcionar y (///) Education and immigration are the two most pressing issues. Our children need access to better education at a younger age. We should be more diligent that all of our children, not just a portion of them are allowed to attend pre-k and kindergarten classes. Teachers need to be treated like professionals and more attention paid to their values and ideas in the classroom rather than a standardized test. Immigration reform has also reached a critical (///) COMMISSIONER OF THE GENERAL LAND OFFICE / Democratic Party Four-year term. Must be at least 18, a citizen of the United States, and a Texas resident for at least the 12 months preceding the election. Among duties: management of state lands and mineral-right properties totaling 20.3 million acres; repository of state land documents; responsible for the prevention of and response to oil spills that occur on submerged lands out to 10.3 miles in the Gulf of Mexico. The Commissioner also serves as a chairman of seven state boards, including the School Land Board, the Veterans Land Board, and the Coastal Coordination Council. Annual authorized salary: $125,000 STATE What training and experiences qualify you for this office? (50 words) BILL BURTON I am a Texas Veteran, Real Estate Broker for 23 years. Former Judge, Real Estate Educator, teaching Real Estate Law, Law of Contracts, Lease Agreements; and former Mortgage Broker;. Appeals Arbitrator on behalf of the Texas Comptroller for Public Accounts in Property Tax Disputes and Mineral Right s Issues. HECTOR URIBE Thirteen-year veteran Texas house and senate. Member Natural Resources, Water Committees. Represented coastal district with oil and gas reserves on state land, beaches, bays, and estuaries. Authored laws to protect beaches, coastal lands and environment and to create Texas Enterprise Zone Act to promote economic development and create jobs. Attorney. What changes do you support in the General Land Office s management of state owned lands and mineral rights properties? (75 words) I would have the Texas Legislature to designate a funding source through the CEPRA ACT and FEMA to clean up the Coastal Lands. I will enhance current efforts dedicated to Erosion and Long Term Plans. I will assign an environmental Ecologist, and Geologist to conduct an oceanographic study and evaluate the cause and affects of existing debris and soils to determine the most conducive method for aquatic care. Coastal lands: replenish sand on our hurricane ravaged beaches and plant native flora that accelerates beach and sand dune growth. Correct inappropriate engineering efforts to create sand accretion that actually accelerates beach erosion elsewhere. Submerged lands: assure the free flow of water to bays and estuaries from Texas rivers and streams to submerged lands and attempt to restore the appropriate salinity levels in our bays and estuaries for habitat restoration for fowl, fish and crustaceans. What changes would you make in the management of Texas coastal lands and submerged lands to minimize the effect of destructive natural causes? (75 words) The first change I support is putting the Permanent School Fund money back where it belongs. I will stop using the PSF money to promote business ventures. I will find alternative methods to general and increase funds to the PSF through other natural resources such as Natural gas and Wind energy, (better known as Renewable Energy). I will conduct a bi-annual site inspection to confirm the appropriate process is followed as outlined in the Lease (///) More emphasis on the idea of stewardship for the long term; would manage oil and gas leases to ensure that the Permanent School Fund enjoys like revenues in Would immediately audit leases to ensure oil and gas companies are paying fully. Would lease land for wind and solar and seek legislative support for electric grid needed to move green power where needed. Would emphasize carbon reduction, conservation and energy independence. Aside from the issues above, what do you see as the two most serious and pressing issues the Commissioner of General Land Office will face in the next ten years and how would you address them? (75 words) (I). The GLO purchased more than a half billion dollars worth of Land in and near the South Texas, El Paso area which caused a negative impact on tax revenues. (A). I will determine the best use of the property. I will offer residential property for sale first to the Texas Veterans. (I). Texas Veteran Home Improvement Loan limits them to $25,000.00, which has not changed in over twenty years. (A). I will work to (///) How will the Land Office join the battle against global warming and promote the harnessing of renewable energy sources, wind, solar and geothermal? How will it assure that in the transition from 20th Century to 21st Century technologies that there is no negative impact to the revenue streams that flow into the Permanent School Fund from the leasing of state mineral rights? Econometric models that predict the impact of policy changes may be the answer. League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide 5

6 COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE / Democratic Party Four-year term. Must be at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Texas for the twelve months preceding the election. Among duties: heads the agency and chairs the nine-member board charged with overseeing pesticide regulation. Annual authorized salary: $125,000 STATE What training and experiences qualify you for this office? (50 words) RICHARD KINKY FRIEDMAN I ve been involved with ranching in Texas all my life, and I care about rural issues. Echo Hill, the ranch I live on and manage in the Texas Hill Country is a defining element for Kinky Friedman. I also served as Agricultural Extension Director in the Peace Corps in Borneo. HANK GILBERT I have lived and worked in agriculture my entire life. After graduation from Texas A&M, I taught high school agriculture for 13 years. For the past 5 years, I have been a citizen lobbyist for private property rights, against eminent domain abuse and against the Trans- Texas Corridor. How would you balance environmental concerns and economic interests of Texas farmers and consumers? (75 words) Candidate s response did not meet the criteria listed in this Voters Guide. We have to do all in our power to enhance agriculture and keep it profitable. By creating a viable marketing campaign within the agency, and expanding domestic and world markets, this is possible. The TDA should also take a pro-active role with municipal governments to encourage productive growth patterns as opposed to urban sprawl, thus reducing the losses of agricultural lands. I will also work to prevent TXDOT from taking new agricultural lands for new (///) RAILROAD COMMISSIONER / Democratic Party JEFF WEEMS RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR RAILROAD COMMISSIONER How do you propose to protect agricultural lands and rural communities in Texas with its high rate of urbanization? (75 words) The Texas Department of Agriculture deals with the business of farming and ranching as well as consumer safety. The current commissioner allowed tainted beef to be sent to school cafeterias. On his watch an unlicensed peanut processing plant caused a national salmonella outbreak. The key to balancing the farmer s interest and consumer safety while preserving the environment is to remember that they go hand in hand. Agricultural producers, just like our energy manufacturers, have to become better stewards of our environment. I would work closely with our research universities to in continuing to improve upon cleaner and more efficient farming techniques, broadening organicbased substitutes, and less-invasive pesticides. Besides farming, I will take the lead in developing more alternative energy through wind, solar and bio-mass technologies. SUPREME COURT JUSTICE / Democratic Party Aside from the issues above, what do you see as the two most serious and pressing issues the Commissioner of Agriculture will face during the next ten years and how would you address them? (75 words) I believe the two most serious issues before the commission will be preserving the family farm and protecting the consumer and ranchers and farmers from the excesses of big agri-business corporations. Farmers are facing a few companies that have a monopoly on certain seeds. Consumers are getting hurt because the lobbyists are in control at the Ag Department. We need to get some competition back into this business model, and be a watchdog for consumers. Stopping the loss of family farms by increasing markets and marketability of Texas agricultural products. The agency can, and must, take a more proactive approach in this area, and will, under my leadership. We must also offer better consumer protections, both in the grocery store, and at the gas pump. For too long, Texas consumers have been subject to rip-offs, due to a lack of oversight by this agency. This will change when I take (///) 3-9 JIM SHARP RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR SUPREME COURT JUSTICE, PLACE 3 BILL MOODY RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR SUPREME COURT JUSTICE, PLACE 5 BLAKE BAILEY RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR SUPREME COURT JUSTICE, PLACE 9 COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS / Democratic Party 6 KEITH HAMPTON RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR JUDGE, COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS, PLACE 6 MEMBER, STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION / Democratic Party 4 LAWRENCE A. ALLEN JR. RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION, DISTRICT 4 STATE SENATOR / Democratic Party RODNEY ELLIS RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 13 JOHN WHITMIRE RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 15 STATE REPRESENTATIVE / Democratic Party Member of the House of Representatives must be 21 years of age and a legal resident of the state for at least two years and resident of the district from which they are elected at least one year. All bills for revenue and appropriation of funds for operation of state government originate in the House. Members duties include initiation of proposals for constitutional amendments, serving as an advocate for citizens in their home district and bringing any charges of impeachment for trial in the Senate. They are elected for a two-year term CASEY MCKINNEY RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 126 JOE A. MONTEMAYOR RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 127 ALMA A. ALLEN RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 131 SILVIA MINTZ RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 132 KRISTI THIBAUT RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 133 ELLEN COHEN RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 134 SCOTT HOCHBERG RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 137 KENDRA YARBROUGH CAMARENA RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 138 SYLVESTER TURNER RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 139 ARMANDO LUCIO WALLE RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 140 SENFRONIA THOMPSON RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 141 HAROLD V. DUTTON JR. RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 142 ANA E. HERNANDEZ RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 143 RICK MOLINA RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 144 CAROL ALVARADO RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 145 League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide REGISTER! DECIDE! VOTE! It counts!

7 CHIEF th STATE REPRESENTATIVE continued / Democratic Party Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) BORRIS L. MILES I have a degree in criminal justice from Sam Houston State University. I am a former law enforcement officer, and for 14 years have owned and operated the Borris Miles Independent Insurance Agency. From 2007 to 2009, I served the people of District 146 as State Representative. AL EDWARDS I my BA from Texas Southern University. I am a certified Corrective Therapy and a Real Estate Broker, along with an Honorary Doctoral Degree from the University of Belize and a Doctorate of Divinity from World Bible Christian University. Considering the current state of reduced tax income, is the current tax policy sufficient to finance state government needs, such as public education, public safety, health care and bridge and road maintenance? If not, what measures would you support to pay for these services? The new business margins tax is not sufficient to meet state government needs. The 81st Texas Legislature would not have been able to balance the state budget, as constitutionally required, without approximately $15 billion in federal stimulus money. A similar deficit is projected for the next session, and we must look at all funding options to meet our state s needs. The current tax policy is not sufficient to finance state government needs. I would advocate sin taxes to subsides for the difference; have a in-depth study done for possible solutions; and welcome reasonable suggestions from constituents. GARNET F. COLEMAN RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 147 JESSICA CRISTINA FARRAR RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 148 HUBERT VO RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 149 BRAD NEAL RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN DISTRICT 150 What measures, if any, should the state government take to stimulate job growth? Texas remains a very attractive place for businesses to create jobs. Much of the nation s job growth in the last few years has been in our state. However, unemployment in Texas today is 8.3%, and many are out of work. State government must ensure that Texans are educated, so they have the knowledge and skills needed to get good jobs. The state government should help lower education tuition; offer technological and job training course; required big business to take economic responsibility for their wastefulness; eliminate wasteful government spending; make it easier for unions to organize; and offer incentives and tax breaks for small businesses. We should do everything in our power to bring jobs back to America. COURT OF APPEALS / Democratic Party CHIEF JUSTICE, 1ST COURT OF APPEALS MORRIS OVERSTREET RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR CHIEF JUSTICE, 1ST COURT OF APPEALS 1ST COURT OF APPEALS JUSTICE MICHAEL GOMEZ RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR JUSTICE, 1ST COURT OF APPEALS, PLACE 4 ROBERT RAY RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR JUSTICE, 1ST COURT OF APPEALS, PLACE 8 (UNEXPIRED TERM) 14TH COURT OF APPEALS JUSTICE NORMA VENSO RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR JUSTICE, 14TH COURT OF APPEALS, PLACE 2 WALLY KRONZER RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR JUSTICE, 14TH COURT OF APPEALS, PLACE 5 (UNEXPIRED TERM) TIM RILEY RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR JUSTICE, 14TH COURT OF APPEALS, PLACE 9 (UNEXPIRED TERM) DISTRICT JUDGE / Democratic Party JUDICIAL DISTRICTS 55TH-113TH DION RAMOS RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 55th JUDICIAL DISTRICT If elected, what two issues do you feel will need the most attention and resources during your term of office? Please explain. Dealing with the state s budget crisis will be the top priority next session. We are likely facing a $15 billion deficit, without additional stimulus funds to bridge the gap. Balancing the budget without gutting basic services will be a major challenge. Additionally, revitalization of neighborhoods in District 146 is an ongoing challenge that will require considerable attention and resources. The two issues that I feel needs the most attention and resources during my term of office are education and the increase of jobs. District Courts are the state trial courts of general jurisdiction. Twenty-two criminal courts have jurisdiction over felonies punishable by death or by incarceration in state prison or death, and over misdemeanors involving official conduct. An additional three courts deal exclusively with juveniles accused of crimes. Twenty-five civil courts have jurisdiction over civil actions, which include disputes over personal or real property, civil rights, contractual matters or other business dealings, and personal injuries. In addition, there are nine specialized civil courts dedicated solely to family matters such as divorce and child custody. 4-year term. 113 th Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) JEROME FJELD I am qualified by my life experience and education. I proudly served my country in the U.S. Navy earning the Navy Achievement Medal as well as other accolades. I worked my way through law school and appreciate what working men and women go through in the justice system. I worked (///). CHRISTINA BRYAN I graduated from Harvard Law School with honors, from University of Texas with Highest Honors, and worked for a federal appellate judge. I ve practiced law in Harris County for 18 years, representing plaintiffs and defendants, individuals and large and small companies and have trial and appellate experience. Me gradué de la Escuela de Derechos de Harvard con Honores; de la Universidad de Texas con los Honores más altos, y trabaje para un juez federal de las corte de apelación. He ejercido la práctica de leyes en el Condado de Harris por más de 18 anos, representando todos tipos de clientes, los individuos y empresas grandes y pequeñas. Tengo experiencia con juicios y con las apelaciones What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? Protracted litigation is the most critical administration of justice facing the courts. While everyone deserves their day in court, often the cost and expense of litigation does not make it feasible for legitimate cases to be heard. I word work with attorneys and litigations to make sure the cost of litigation is decreased and justice is not delayed. In the civil courts, I believe the costs of litigation for all parties are one of the most critical issues facing the courts and citizens. I would focus on increasing efficiency and reducing costs for all parties. In the criminal justice system, I believe a criminal defendant s access to good qualified legal representation is a critical issue. En los juicios civiles, creo que los costos de litigar para todos es uno de los temas más graves enfrentando las cortes tanto como los ciudadanos. Me enfocaría en aumentar la eficiencia y en bajar los costos para todos. En el sistema criminal de justicia, creo que el acceso de un acusado a representación adecuada es un tema central de nuestro sistema de justicia. What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? Judges are very important to the democratic process. There should be a system implemented that takes the money and politics out of the judicial selection process. There should also be more stringent qualification standards and stricter limits on campaign financing for judicial races. I think a non-partisan election system would reduce the importance of party affiliation in elections, but would not always ensure an independent judiciary. Elections keep judges accountable to the voters, but in any elected system, it is up to the citizens to elect judges of good moral character who they can trust to remain independent and not be improperly influenced. Creo que un sistema de elegir jueces no basado en afiliación política disminuiría la importancia de partidos pero no aseguraría absolutamente un judicial independiente. Elecciones mantienen a los jueces más sujetos a los votantes, pero en cualquier sistema, los votantes deben de elegir jueces de buen carácter y juicio, quienes se pueden confiar ser independientes. League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide 7

8 DISTRICT JUDGE continued / Democratic Party Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) CHUCK SILVERMAN As an Eagle Scout, successful lawyer, small business owner, committed husband and father I have the demeanor, skill, work ethic, impartiality, courtroom experience and legal knowledge required for the position. I earned my B.A., M.B.A. and J.D. from Tulane University. I ve represented parties in federal and state courts since What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? JUDICIAL DISTRICTS 157TH Frivolous lawsuits, the cost of litigation and judicial impartiality. I will actively manage my docket and promote mediation to reduce litigation and costs. Also, courts must be balanced and independent. Judges must not pander to politicians or special interests. Parties must receive a fair trial from an impartial judge. I will apply the law fairly. What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? We need to reform the campaign finance laws to reduce the perceived influence of large contributions from lawyers and corporations to the judges before whom they appear. To accomplish this I would like to see public financing of judicial campaigns. The administration of justice must be fair and impartial and not subject to special interests. 157 th 180 th SHAWN THIERRY For over thirteen years, I have protected the rights of citizens and businesses. I am a graduate of Howard University, and obtained my Juris Doctorate from the Thurgood Marshall School Of Law. Both my legal and diverse life experiences make me uniquely qualified for the position of civil district judge. Por más de trece años, yo he protegido los derechos de los ciudadanos y de los negocios. Yo me gradué de la Universidad de Howard, y obtuve mi Doctorado en la Jurisprudencia de la Escuela De la Leys Thurgood Marshall. Mis experiencias legales y diversas me hacen extraordinariamente califiqada para la posición de juez civil de distrito. Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) LORI GOOCH I am a 2001 Howard Law Graduate and 1998 Spelman College and Georgia Tech graduate. I am a former Harris County Assistant District Attorney with 8 years of criminal law experience. 5 years as an ADA and 3 years as a criminal defense attorney, I have handled cases from Murder (///) DARRELL JORDAN Education: BA, History University of Missouri, JD, Thurgood Marshall School of Law. I am a JAG officer in the Army Reserves. In this role I serve as the Recorder (Prosecutor) during Separation Hearings. I practice criminal defense law exclusively. Last year I handled over 100 cases. A critical issue that currently prevents justice from being served is the failure to move the case docket and/or make rulings timely. Some judges allow motions to remain unaddressed for months. This creates an administrative backlog which delays those needing legal relief. I will read pleadings timely, and also help the attorneys obtain and submit forms more easily. Un asunto crítico que previene actualmente la justicia es el fracaso de mover el registro del caso y/o resoluciones rapidamente por la corte. Algunos jueces permiten que casos se queden sin resolucion por meses. Esto crea un atasco administrativo que demora esos en necesidad de alivio legal. Leeré casos y resoluciones de una maner oportuna, y también ayudaré a abogados obtener y someter formas más fácilmente. JUDICIAL DISTRICTS 180TH 185TH What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? The most critical administration of justice facing the courts is the number of indigent defendants and number of attorney s to defend them. I am in support of a public defender office for Harris County in addition to the appointment of attorney s for indigent defense. I believe that hybrid system would help alleviate the problems of case-load for attorneys that represent (///) Repeat drug offenders. Currently many courts place low level users in jail for 60 days. This does not address their problem with addiction. Many return to jail within a year. I would use the tools provided by the probation department and outside agencies to treat their addiction. This would cut cost and make Harris County safer. What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? Elections are the best way to select judges to ensure an independent judiciary. I believe that these elections should not along partisan lines, but like the mayoral elections for the City of Houston, with the candidates with the most votes having a run-off election. Partisan politics in judicial races only push political agendas and not necessarily the best independent candidate (///). I believe electing judges is the best way to ensure an independent judiciary. Elections place the power in the hands of the people. If the people feel that a judge has lost his or her independence, they have the power to remove the judge with their vote. I believe that judges are public servants. Therefore, they should be elected by the voting citizens who live in the county in which a judge intends to serve. Democracy is best served when a majority of the people selects their local judiciary. Through the voting process, all voices are heard. Creo que jueces son funcionarios publicos. Por lo tanto, ellos deben ser elegidos por los ciudadanos que viven en el condado en el que un juez piensa servir. La democracia es servida mejor cuando una mayoría de las personas selecciona su magistratura local. Por medio del proceso electoral, todas voces son oídas. How would you select attorneys to represent indigent defendants in your court? Currently in Harris County, there is a system called the Fair Defense Act Management System to select attorneys to represent indigent defendants. This system allows attorney s to review their availability and request cases based on their schedule. The system then selects names of attorneys at random who have requested work for that week. That is they way that I would (///) Attorneys would be selected using a random selection process. Any attorney that has exceeded the case load limits developed by the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals would be removed from the pool of attorneys. 182 nd th BRANDON DUDLEY RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 182nd JUDICIAL DISTRICT MICHAEL GOMEZ RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 183rd JUDICIAL DISTRICT JAY W. BURNETT RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 184th JUDICIAL DISTRICT VIVIAN KING RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 185th JUDICIAL DISTRICT Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) JUDICIAL DISTRICT 189TH What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? URSULA A. HALL My legal knowledge, judicial demeanor and temperament, and history of public service qualify me: Associate Municipal Judge, Houston, 2005-Present; sole practitioner, thirteen years (criminal defense, personal injury; state, federal courts); Wellesley College B.A.; South Texas College of Law J.D.; University of Texas School of Law. The most critical administration of justice issue is fairness (which includes issues of access to justice; expedition and timeliness; independence and accountability; equality, fairness and integrity; and public trust and confidence). This is best addressed by electing qualified judges who are also humble, fair, courageous, hard working and whose integrity has earned the public s trust as I have. Judicial independence would improve with a merit selection system that includes: a bipartisan selection entity to recommend appointments; senate confirmation of all appointments; and subsequent yes-no retention elections. However, neither a merit selection-retention system (which may hamper diversity and opportunity fairness) nor elections (which require private funding) would ensure an independent judiciary th 8 ANDY PEREIRA BA Spanish/Economics/Ibero-American Studies Univ. Wisconsin; JD South Texas College of Law, Order of the Lytae, American Jurisprudence Award legal research/writing; intern, Texas SC Justice Lloyd Doggett; 1995-present, Litigation Attorney--mass tort/product liability/consumer/ aviation. Licensed in Texas, Florida, numerous US District & appellate courts. Diversity of the jury pool. An ideal jury closely mirrors the community in which it sits and embodies all of its collective values. Diversity in education, profession, socioeconomics, race, age, gender, disability, and sexual orientation/identity among jurors ensures justice for all litigants. I will advocate for increased juror compensation and try cases efficiently to expand opportunities to serve. Un jurado diverso. Un jurado que refleja la comunidad y un jurado que refleja los valores colectivos de la comunidad es el mejor tipo de jurado. Diversidad de educacion, profesion, nivel socioeconomico, raza, edad etc. asegura justicia por los litigantes. Si soy elegido quiero aumentar el sueldo del jurado para aumentar las oportunidades para servir. League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide While no method is problem free, I believe in the democratic process and the rights of the voters to determine who serves in government. Therefore I feel the electoral process is the best option and ensures the greatest independence. Ningun metodo es sin problemas, pero yo creo en la democracia y el derecho de los votantes en determinar quien debe servir en el gobierno. Creo que el proceso electoral es el mejor metodo para seleccionar jueces y asegura independencia. JUDICIAL DISTRICT 189TH CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

9 DISTRICT JUDGE continued / Democratic Party JUDICIAL DISTRICT 189TH 234TH Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? 189 th continued JUDICIAL DISTRICT 189TH CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE LARRY HINOJOSA Graduated from University of Houston College of Law in 1981; I am an attorney/mediator; I have practiced civil law for 28 years as a trial lawyer, appellate lawyer and mediator. Successfully argued before the Supreme Court of Texas. Mediated over 500 cases. Teach at all three law schools in Houston. The time and expense of litigation have made it difficult for some individuals to seek redress in court. Money is a definite advantage. A judge has the responsibility to make sure the litigants are on a level playing field. I would work to be as efficient and organized as possible to keep cases before me on track towards quick resolution. There should be an appointment process for judges. This would insure competent and experienced individuals would be on the bench. Under our elected system, anyone can run for judge, including individuals with little or no experience. Experience and qualifications mean nothing when running for judge in Harris County. It is not what you know but who you know. JIM P. WROTENBERY 26 years of State and Federal Civil litigation/appellate experience. 150 cases to verdict and 100 published decisions in Texas. AV rated, highest peer rating. Honors graduate of Rice and UT-Austin Law. Certified mediator and arbitrator. Above all, a judge must be fair, impartial, ethical and consistent. Hard working, experienced and prepared. A judge should never forget what it is like to stand in the shoes of those on the other side of the bench. A judge must know and understand the law, rules of procedure and evidence. A judge must be efficient, decisive and timely. First, statutory minimum requirements should be strengthened to set much higher standards for judicial candidates to run for certain types of benches. Then, non-partisan elections. Alternatively, non-partisan appointment followed by retention elections. However, I believe that citizens should elect judges. Strict controls on campaign finance. 190 th OLAN BOUDREAUX Graduated first in law school class; highest grade on Texas Bar Exam. 25 years experience in civil litigation; board certified in two trial practice areas. Elected to the American Board of Trial Advocates, recognized in Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers and Top Lawyers in Houston. I believe the parties have to be concerned about the cost of litigation. I would take a proactive approach to streamline the process to get cases resolved quickly and efficiently. The parties have a right to have their cases tried fairly and impartially without unnecessary burdens and costs. For more, see www. I believe judges should be answerable to the people they serve. Therefore, I favor election of judges. While there may be ways to improve the current system, I would not favor any method that takes away the right of the citizens to choose those who serve in these important positions. 208 th 232 nd LORETTA JOHNSON MULDROW RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 208th JUDICIAL DISTRICT KATHY CHENG RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 209th JUDICIAL DISTRICT HARRIS WOOD RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 228th JUDICIAL DISTRICT GARLAND MACK MCINNIS RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 230th JUDICIAL DISTRICT GREG GLASS RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 232nd JUDICIAL DISTRICT NILE COPELAND I hold a B.S. in Biology, M.ED in Education Administration, and a J.D. I am an attorney, certified mediator, Civil Service Grievance Examiner and a licensed Real Estate agent. My experience in business, law and conflict resolution gives me a well rounded perspective for the bench. Judiciary Integrity! Judges need to uphold and raise the current bar for professionalism, integrity and courtesy. Citizens should expect and demand nothing less. I will work hard to rebuild the community s trust and expect a high degree of decorum of those in the courts. After all, we are one of the oldest, noblest professions and we should act accordingly. Judges should be elected by voters, not appointed. Judicial races should be non-partisan and term-limited. These races are a prime example of where we need a healthy dose of campaign finance reform State funding of these campaigns will eliminate the appearance and practice of partisanship and undue influence by disallowing contributions from interested parties or with pending cases. 234 th JIM PEACOCK Born and raised in Houston. Graduated from Rice University and Texas Tech University School of Law. Attorney for 28 years. Represented both plaintiffs and defendants. Successfully tried nearly 200 juries to verdict in extremely diverse and complex areas of law. I am stable, hard working, honest, compassionate, intelligent and fair. The trend away from open and equal access to the courts must stop. I will do everything I can to insure all litigants have an equal opportunity to a fair trial. This requires efficient, but also compassionate operation of the court. I would use mediation extensively, but not at the expense of a litigants right to litigate. Full voir dire. Public elections, however I disagree with partisan elections like our present system. What political party you are a member of, has nothing to do with being a competent judge. An appointment system would destroy independence of the judiciary and separate it from the trust of the people. We need non-partisan election of judges. TANNER GARTH South Texas College of Law, cum laude, 1987; Law Review; Order of the Lytae and Barristers. Principal Garth Law Firm. Handled and actually tried many cases from injury and death to contract disputes, mass tort cases and environmental contamination suits. Experience on both sides of the docket for balanced perspective. Universidad de derecho de South Texas, cum laude, 1987; Revisión de la Ley; Orden del Lytae y Abogados. Bufete de Abogados Garth. Dirigí y he llevado muchos casos de lesión y muertes con conflictos de contrato, casos civiles y casos de contaminación del medio ambiente. Experiencia en ambos partidos para una perspectiva equilibrada. Our courthouses must be open to all without regard to their race, creed or sexuality. There should be a fair reflection of county demographics in our jury pools. Courtesy and respect should be shown to all lawyers, parties, witnesses, and court personnel. Motions should be ruled upon promptly. Lawyers must be allowed to present their cases fully and completely. Nuestras cortes de justicia deben estar abiertas a todos sin consideración alguna de su raza, credo o sexualidad. Debe haber una reflexión justa demográfica en nuestra selección de jurados en el condado. La cortesía y el respecto debe ser demostrado a todo abogado, partido, testigos y personal de la corte. Las mociones se deben gobernar puntualmente. Se debe permitir que los abogados presenten sus casos completamente y en totalidad. Extensive, actual 1st-chair trial experience in the type of court the candidate is seeking should be required and verified. Ten years in practice and 10 trials completed through verdict should be the minimum required to seek office. Candidates should be appointed by applicable bar associations, elected by a non-partisan election with strict limits on contributions or public funding of campaigns. Selección extensiva, experiencia directa en el tipo de corte que el candidato está buscando debe ser requerido y verídico. Diez años en la práctica y 10 casos juzgados terminados con un veredicto final debe ser lo mínimo requerido para buscar una posición judicial. Los candidatos deben ser designados por las asociaciones de abogados, elegidos por una elección independiente con límites terminantes de contribuciones o financiamiento público de campañas. League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide 9

10 245 th DISTRICT JUDGES continued / Democratic Party JUDICIAL DISTRICT 245TH 247TH Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) RAYMOND L. (RAY) FISHER I am a graduate of Thurgood Marshall School of Law. I am running for the 245th Family District Court. I have over 34 years of experience in Private Practice pertaining to Family Law. I have served as an Associate Juvenile Court Judge and as an Associate Municipal Court Judge. I (///) JANIECE HORN With a B.A. and law degree from the University of Illinois, I moved to Texas as quickly as I could. Licensed here in 1980, and Board Certified as a Family Law Specialist since 1991, I ve tried cases, handled appeals, substituted as associate judge, and mediated nearly 3,000 family law matters.. What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? I am running for the 245th Family District Court Because I believe in the Power of the Judiciary. I believe there should be a Judge on this bench who knows the law and who will apply the law fairly and impartially. Too many cases, too much paper; too little attention to critical community issues. I would join the FOCAS monitoring program to increase efficiency in child support collections. I would explore additional venues for mediating CPS cases to reduce that docket. I would encourage e-filing and other methods of reducing paper. I would offer a fair, open forum to all litigants. What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? Judges should be selected based on their Credentials and commitment to serving the citizens of Harris County who appear in Court. I will treat everyone with the respect they deserve from a public servant. I will be fair, honest, courteous and respectful. I will always apply the law above divisive politics because Justice knows no political party. Although problematic, I think the present partisan system for election of judges may be the best method, but prohibitions or limits on contributions from lawyers practicing before a judge make sense. Non-partisan elections would be very expensive. If judges were appointed, there would be contention about who was doing the appointing and why and the length of the term. 246 th 247 th SHERRI COTHRUN RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 246th JUDICIAL DISTRICT MARY KAY GREEN J.D. University of Houston. Lawyer, 22 years litigation experience primarily in family law, handling adoptions, child custody, child support, child and adult protection, divorces and CPS cases. Member Family Law Section, Texas and Houston Bar, regular attendance at Advanced Family Law seminars, court master, volunteer through La Rosa and HBA. CLINTON ( CHIP ) WELLS I graduated from UT in 1974 and South Texas College of Law in I have been a Texas Trial Lawyer for over 32 years. I have tried well over 100 jury trials all over this State in matters involving family law, personal injuries and to some extent criminal defense. In the family courts, dismissal of cases, without a sufficiently compelling reason, forcing reinstatement or re-filing, wastes the resources of the parties, creates ill will in the community and contributes to the size of the dockets. I would not dismiss cases without a sufficiently compelling reason. Encourage creation of more statutory family courts in Harris County by legislature. We must move the tremendous caseload through the courts as quickly and efficiently as possible. At the same time lawyers and their clients should be able to establish an appropriate pace to resolve their family related issues. Moving the court=s docket should not be at the expense of the best interests of the litigants and interested parties. Voters electing judges directly. The appointment and retention by voters method raises questions of who appoints the committee who would make the recommendations. If the governor, it is likely to reflect one side no matter who is in office. Any group or interest could dominate the selection committee or be reflected in the appointments. Voters should make that choice. Election of judges in the present format is best short of a fully developed process to do otherwise. Non-partisan elections without proper screening could be disastrous. Selections made by appointed committees gives no protection against special interests. The question must be carefully studied and cannot be based upon proposed legislation from the political party in power. JUDICIAL DISTRICT 248TH Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? How would you select attorneys to represent indigent defendants in your court? 248 th JIM SULLIVAN I graduated from South Texas College of Law and Baylor University. I have been a trial lawyer in criminal and juvenile courts for over 15 years. I am Christian. I primarily represent the poor. I speak Spanish. I am board certified in juvenile law by Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Me gradué de South Texas College of Law y de la Universidad de Baylor. Como abogado he litigado tanto en los tribunals penales como en los tribunals para menores por más de quince años. Soy cristiano y represento mayormente a los pobres. Hablo español y estoy certificado por la Junta de Especialización Legal de Texas en Derecho para el Menor. The most critical issue facing the courts is dealing with the overwhelming number of defendants and the struggle to achieve justice without overburdening taxpayers with endless tax hikes to build more jails and prisons. I will use more community supervision and restitution options for non-violent defendants, so they can remain productive citizens while still answering for their offenses. El problema más critico que enfrentan los tribunals es lidiar con el agobiante número de acusados y la lucha por hacer justicia sin agobiar a los contribuyentes con interminable alzas en impuestos para construír más cárceles y prisiones. Usaré más supervisión comunitaria y opciones de restitución para ofensores no-violentos para que puedan seguir siendo ciudadanos productivos pero al mismo tiempo respondan por sus ofensas. Our current system of electing judges ensures that they are not beholden to the politics of the sitting governor. However, I believe that the elections should be non-partisan. Judges should not be elected because of what people believe they will do based on their political affiliation. Political beliefs have no place in a courtroom. Nuestro sistema actual para elegir jueces asegura que estos no esten comprometidos con la política del gobernador vigente. Sin embargo, creo que las elecciones deberían ser no afiliadas. Los jueces no deberían ser electos por lo que la gente cree que harán basados en su afilición política. Las creencias políticas no tienen lugar en un tribunal. I will select attorneys based on their demonstrated levels of experience in defense work as required by the Fair Defense Act. This system prevents inexperienced attorneys from handling complex cases. I will further narrow the pool of appointed attorneys by refusing to appoint any attorney whose performance I know falls below professional standards. Seleccionaré abogados basándome en los niveles de experiencia que hayan demostrado como defensores, tal como lo require el Fair Defense Act. Este sistema evita que abogados sin experiencia manejen casos complejos. Más aún, reduciré el grupo de abogados de oficio al rehusarme a asignar a cualquier abogado cuyo desempeño sea por debajo de los estándares profesionales. JUDICIAL DISTRICT 248TH CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE INVESTIGUE DÓNDE VOTA SU PRECINTO EL DÍA DE LAS ELECCIONES: Llame al ó al or 10 League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide

11 DISTRICT JUDGE continued / Democratic Party Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) JUDICIAL DISTRICTS 248TH 269TH What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? How would you select attorneys to represent indigent defendants in your court? 248 th continued JUDICIAL DISTRICT 248TH CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE TRENT GAITHER Twenty three years as a trial lawyer, trained by Racehorse Haynes and Mike Ramsey. Former briefing attorney for Texas Supreme Court. Recognized nationally ( AV professional rating) and locally as a Top Houston Lawyer for both Criminal Defense and as Lawyer for the People. Law degree from the University of Houston. Veintitrés años como abogado, especialmente presentando casos legales en frente del juicio jurado, educado directamente de los legendarios abogados Racehorse Haynes y Mike Ramsey. Abogado anterior para el Tribunal Supremo de Tejas. Reconocido nacionalmente (máximo grado posible, AV profesional del sistema Americano) y localmente grado de superior de Abogado Primero de Houston (Top Houston Lawyer) para la defensa criminal y igual clasificacion del grupo reconocido abogado para la gente. Graduado en estudios de la ley, la Universidad de Houston. The public has lost faith in our criminal justice system because of crime lab scandals, jail conditions, and the perception of inadequate representation for the indigent. That confidence can be restored by making the crime lab independent, efficient use of bonding, probation, and treatment programs, and implementing the public defender program so that it is efficient and productive. El público ha perdido la fe en nuestro sistema criminal de la justicia debido a escándalos del laboratorio del crimen, condiciones de la cárcel, y la opinión que los indijentes accusados reciben la representación inadecuada. La confianza puede ser restaurada haciendo el laboratorio del crimen independiente; adoptando mas eficiente, programas bajo fianza para los acusados, personas bajo de la libertad condicional, y personas en programas del tratamiento. También de poner una programa público del defensor en que sea eficiente y productivo. Bipartisan elections because the focus should be on the background and qualifications of the candidates, not preconceived notions of a party label or affiliation. Judges should be selected based on their individual ability to apply the law fairly and objectively and to serve as stewards of the justice system, free from political agendas. Elecciones bipartidarios porque el enfoque debe estar en el experiencia y las calificaciones de los candidatos sin nociones o preconcebidas de una etiqueta del partido o la afiliación. La seleccion de los jueces debe ser basada en su capacidad individual de aplicar la ley objetivamente y servir como administradores del sistema de la justicia, libres de agendas políticas. With or without a public defenders office, appointments will be necessary. I would appoint lawyers based upon: (1) my personal observation of their integrity, legal ability and diligence; (2) their standing and reputation among peers; (3) compatibility with the case and client; and (4) past performance as evaluated by the clients, a customer satisfaction survey if you will. Con o sin una oficina pública de los defensores, las citas de abogados asignados por la corte serán necesarias. Designaría a abogados basados sobre: (1) mi observación personal de su integridad, capacidad legal y diligencia; (2) su situación y reputación entre pares; (3) compatibilidad con el caso y el cliente; y (4) la manera en que trabajan con sus clientes, según lo evaluado por los clientes, como una encuesta sobre la satisfacción de cliente. 257 th- 269 th SANDRA PEAKE RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 257th JUDICIAL DISTRICT TOM BERG RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 262nd JUDICIAL DISTRICT ALVIN NUNNERY RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 263rd JUDICIAL DISTRICT KATIE KENNEDY RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 269th JUDICIAL DISTRICT Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) BOB THOMAS I have been a civil attorney in Harris County for two decades, and I retired from the Houston Police Department with twenty years of service. My 40 years of work experience, as a twelve year mediator and as a thirteen year hearing examiner equips me to judge fairly. JUDICIAL DISTRICTS 270TH 280TH What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? I believe the role of a Judge is to apply not make the law, by listening, understanding and acting as a neutral referee. My commitment to the citizens is to serve the 270th court wisely and with impartiality, to treat every litigant with respect, and to operate my courtroom with efficiency as a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars. What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? The current method of selecting judges has been in force for more than 40 years. The State Bar and the Texas Supreme Court have not been able to create a better method of selecting judges after more than ten years of consideration. 270 th CHARLES SPAIN Sharpstown H.S., Rice University, Baylor Law School. I have served the Texas judiciary as a staff attorney for twenty years, reviewing trial records and drafting over 800 opinions for the courts. This experience has given me a deep understanding of the judicial process. Learn more: La escuela Secundaria de Sharptown, la Universidad de Rice, la escuela de Derecho de la Universidad de Baylor. He servido como abogado para la judicatura de Texas por veinte años. Las responsabilidades consisten en revisar los expedientes de los procedimientos judiciales y componer la primera forma por más de 800 fallos. Esta experiencia me ha dado una comprensión profunda de los procedimientos judiciales. Se puede aprender más en: I believe the constitutional right to trial by jury is under attack. The use of binding arbitration in consumer transactions and other tort reform measures are conditioning the public into effectively abrogating that right. While the courts cannot change these statutes, they can help draw attention to the problem and encourage the legislature to protect this fundamental right. Creo yo que el proceso de derecho constitucional con jurado está siendo atacado. El uso de arbitramiento vinculante relacionado con las transacciones del consumidor y otros actos con el fín de reformar los remedios civiles, han acondicionado al público y esto a su vez se refleja en que no se tiene ese derecho. Aunque las cortes no pueden cambiar los estatutos escrítos por la asamblea legislativa, las cortes de todas formas pueden llamar la atención al problema y fomentar en la asamblea un interés para conservar ese derecho. There is no perfect way to select judges. But requiring judges to campaign helps keep them connected with the public. While working for the Texas Supreme Court, I asked Justice Kilgarlin about this. He believed meeting with voters was a humbling experience that made him a better person and judge, and far outweighed the negative aspects of campaigning. I agree. No hay una manera perfecta de seleccionar a los jueces. Se requiere que los jueces hagan campañas para que les ayuden en comunicarse directamente con la comunidad. Cuando yo trabajaba para la Corte Suprema de Texas, conversaba sobre esto con el Juez Kilgarlin. El a su vez creía que al comunicarse con la comunidad, era una experiencia de humildad que se sentía ser una persona mejor y un mejor juez. Esta experiencia tenía más valor que en vez de hacer campañas. Yo estoy de acuerdo con este punto de vísta. LEE ARELLANO Board Certified, Civil Trial Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization, 1991; BBA, University of Houston, 1975, cum laude; JD, South Texas College of Law, 1981; Fellow, College of the State Bar of Texas; Lawyer; 29 year civil practitioner; State and Federal Court mediator, 20 years. Court integrity. From a judge refusing to keep a court open to accept an afterhours petition to stay an execution to judges' sex scandals, the public views this branch of government, as the others, with a jaundice eye. Term limits of all elected officials would help limit the corruption that develops in elected officials who remain too long in office. Everything is political. Whether judges are appointed or elected, politics in the judiciary is rampant. Elected judges should serve one 6-8 year term and be forced to retire. Similar time limits should apply to appointed judges. This policy would reduce the number of elections and relieve judges from perpetually having to raise money from those who appear before them. 280 th KATHY VOSSLER RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 280th JUDICIAL DISTRICT League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide 11

12 DISTRICT JUDGE continued / Democratic Party Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) JUDICIAL DISTRICTS 281ST 295TH What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? JULIET KATHY STIPECHE I am a Latina litigator. I attended Rice, graduating magna cum laude with three majors. My law degree is from UT Law. I have practiced exclusively in complex civil litigation for over a decade. I have tried cases, published opinions and worked on hundreds of cases from inception to appeal. Novel ideas to promote efficiency are desperately needed. For instance, the Harris County District Clerk s office has used technology to allow unprecedented access to court records via electronic means. Courts can continue this trend by ensuring timely on-line access to relevant case information. Mediation should be used to move cases to resolution, and judges should work diligently to reduce backlog. Lady justice wears a blindfold. Judges must be fair, independent and impartial. Politicized elections and campaign finance issues have the potential of wearing away the independence of the judiciary. A merit selection with a retention election may be best to ensure independence. A judge would be appointed and after serving a term would face the voters in an up-ordown vote. 281 st Soy una litigante latina. Asistí a Rice, graduándome con honores magna cum laude con tres especializaciones. Mi licenciatura en Derecho es de la escuela de Derecho de UT. He ejercido derecho exclusivamente en litigación civil compleja por más de una década. He procesado juicios, publicado opiniones y trabajado en cientos de juicios de inicio a apelación. DONNA ROTH I am a 1987 cum laude graduate and a 22 year civil trial litigator. I represent the people of Harris County. I represent abused women, pro bono, in obtaining protective orders or custody of their children. I serve as judge at the law school for students participating in mock trial. Soy graduada cum laude de 1987 y litigador de juicios civiles por 22 años. Represento a la gente del Condado de Harris. Represento a las mujeres maltratadas, con trabajo pro bono, en la obtención de órdenes de protección o custodia de sus hijos. Sirvo como juez en la escuela de derecho de estudiantes que participan en juicios simulacros. Ideas novedosas para promover la eficiencia son necesitadas urgentemente. Por ejemplo, la oficina del Secretario de Distrito del Condado de Harris ha usado tecnología para permitir acceso sin precedentes a archivos del juzgado vía medios electrónicos. Los juzgados pueden continuar asegurando acceso en línea sin demoras a información relevante a juicios. La mediación debería ser usada para llevar juicios a una resolución, y los jueces deberían de esforzarse diligentemente para reducir el trabajo atrasado. The most critical issue is balancing the administration of justice and fairness to the litigants before the court with the expediency of moving the court docket. The balance is achieved through a full days work/five days a week, mediation, encouraging parties to talk, ruling fairly and promptly and having an efficient hard working staff. Lo más crítico es el equilibro en la administración de justicia y la equidad a los litigantes que viene ante las cortes con la conveniencia de mover los expedientes de corte. El equilibrio se consigue a través de días enteros y semanas completas de trabajo, mediación, alentado a los dos partidos a hablar, hacer un veredicto justo y rápido junto con un personal eficiente y capacitado para el trabajo. Doña Justicia tiene los ojos vendados. Los jueces deben ser imparciales, independientes y justos. Elecciones politizadas y asuntos financieros de campañas tienen el potencial de perjudicar la independencia de la judicatura. Una selección de meritos con una elección de retención podría ser lo mejor para asegurar independencia. Un juez seria nombrado y después de servir un mandato estaría en las manos de los electores en un voto de sí o no. I believe that judges should be elected by the people and then subject to a retention process every four years. The retention process should include a board made up of lay persons and lawyers. The public should comment and participate. The judge s record thoroughly reviewed. Lawyers should testify in a matter where they should not have to fear retaliation. Preguntas para jueces de tribunales civiles del distrito, tribunales de familia, cortes civiles y cortes de sucesiones del condado Creo que los jueces deben ser elegidos por la comunidad y ser sometidos a un proceso de retención cada cuatro años. El proceso de retención debe incluir un consejo compuesto de personas laicas y abogados. El público debe opinar y participar. El registro del juez revisado minuciosamente. Los abogados deben testificar sin temor que tendrán algún tipo de desquite o represalia 295 th PAUL SIMON I graduated college and law school near the top of each class and have handled a wide variety of cases, just like this Court hears. I have an excellent reputation as a skilled lawyer, and to prove it, I was endorsed by the Coalition of Harris County Democratic Elected Officials. Me gradué con muy buenas notas de licenciado y obtuve mi doctorado en leyes; tengo experiencia en varias clases de litigios como los que esta corte usualmente trata. Tengo excelente reputación en mi profesión como abogado, tanto que he sido reconocido por la liga de oficiales electos del condado de Harris por el patido demócrata. The length of time it takes to go to trial. Unlike TV, it takes about two years to go to trial. Today, most courts order parties to mediation just before trial. I would encourage parties to mediate earlier. This would help the parties who settled their disputes; it would unclog dockets; and it would get the other cases tried quicker. El tiempo que toma para ir a juicio. A diferencia de lo que se ve en television, toma aproximadamente dos años para ir a juicio. En la actualidad, la mayoría de las cortes ordenan a los disputantes que entren en algún acuerdo antes de entrar a litigar. Yo recomendaría a los disputantes que traten antes de mediar. Ello ayudaría a ambos partidos a resolver sus disputas y por lo tanto descongestionaría el número de expedientes y llevaría otros casos a corte más rápido. Elections are the best way to ensure a fair, diverse and independent judiciary because, with the help of groups like the LWV, voters can learn about the candidates and make their voices heard. Appointing judges, by contrast, increases the chance that the judiciary is dominated by one party or another and increases the risk of influence by special interests. Elecciones es la mejor manera de lograr un sistema judidial que sea justo, equitativo e independiente. Con la participación de grupos como la Liga Femenil de Votantes, los electores pueden informarse sobre los candidatos y hace que sus voces se escuchen. La asignación de jueces por nombramiento aumenta la posibilidad de que el sistema judicial sea dominado por un partido u otro; como también aumenta el riesgo de ser influenciado por intereses con agenda especial. REGINALD MCKAMIE J.D., University of Houston Law Center; Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Attorney; M.B.A., University of Southern California; Certified Public Accountant, 23 years private practice trial attorney; business experience, Human Resources and Finance at an oil and gas company, Retired Navy Captain. The most critical issue is the selection of fair and impartial jurors. I would address it by giving attorneys a full opportunity to listen to jurors in the voire dire (selection of jurors) process. Election by the people. FAMILY DISTRICT JUDGE / Democratic Party These courts in this division handle family matters: adoptions, birth records, child welfare and custody, child support, and marriage annulments and divorce. Judges are elected for four-year terms. JUDICIAL DISTRICT 308TH 308 th JULIA MALDONADO I received a Bachelor in Business Administration Accounting from the University of Houston-Downtown (1995), a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Thurgood Marshall School Of Law (1998). Licensed to practice law in the State of Texas for 11plus years, employed as attorney/mediator through my own firm, the J. Maldonado Law Firm, P.C. There are many critical administration of justice issue facing the courts today, particularly the unfair and unbiased rulings being handed by the current judiciary. I would apply the law to the facts of the case. I come with no predisposition. I will ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and without discrimination regardless of which attorney is representing the litigant. Judges should be elected by the people as provided by the Constitution of the State of Texas. To ensure an independent judiciary, candidates should run non-partisan and should not receive contributions from attorneys practicing in said courts. Candidates for the judiciary should only be endorsed by organizations with a legitimate purpose and not set-up to evade the right to vote. JUDICIAL DISTRICT 308TH CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Your vote is your voice. Be Heard 12 League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide

13 308 th continued FAMILY DISTRICT JUDGE continued / Democratic Party Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) JUDICIAL DISTRICT 308TH CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE PORFIRIO POPPI DIAZ South Texas College of Law, 1979, University Of Houston, 1974, Economics, Texas A&M University, History, Solo Practice of law from 1970 to to 2005, Gulf Coast Legal Foundation to present, solo private practice. I have handled Family Law, Criminal Law, Worker s Compensation and Appellate cases. BRUCE KESSLER I graduated from Rice University and the University of Houston Law Center. I am a family law attorney and mediator. I am Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I am a former Family Court Associate Judge and a visiting Family Court special master. JUDICIAL DISTRICTS 308TH 311TH What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? Courts should function with the idea of dispensing justice without bias toward the litigants and their attorneys. Outward appearances and mannerisms should not be used or tolerated against any litigant. Further, the cost of litigation should be reduced when appropriate to do so. Under certain circumstances the children caught in the litigation may require counseling. Having one s day in court takes too long and costs too much. Parties should know they will be heard, they will be respected and that their time is valuable. I have formulated specific plans to make the court more accessible, to reduce the costs and time involved and to ensure that everyone is given the attention required by their case. What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? The Missouri Plan. If the judges are elected, then those judges should face retention elections in order to keep their bench. Elections are the best way to ensure an independent judiciary but they need to be de-politicized as political party affiliation appears inconsistent with the concept of an unbiased and independent judiciary. Judicial races should be nonpartisan or, alternatively, should be exempt from straight ticket voting so that voters will focus more on a candidate s qualifications rather than political affiliation. 309 th BILL RICE RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 309th JUDICIAL DISTRICT TAMMY CRAFT DEMMING I attended Texas A&M University, University of Houston- Downtown, and South Texas College of Law. My degrees include a B.S. in Criminal Justice, a J.D, and a Certificate of Mediation. Today, my practice focuses solely on civil, criminal, and family law issues. As a child I witnessed family members be murdered (///) One of the most critical issues facing the administration of justice that I see is in criminal courts. There are alleged offenders that must wait months sometimes years for a trial. However, a judge that is accused of a misdemeanor offense of official oppression can receive a speedy trial. Harris County literally has thousands of inmates accused of more serious (///). A judge whose campaign is not 100% funded by attorneys and organizations with an agenda would ensure a more independent judiciary. 310 th JUDY DOUGHERTY Practiced Family Law for 30 years with Dougherty and Dougherty. Taught mediation and dispute resolution at UH Law Center, have a BA and MSW from UT, a JD from UH. Built my career on service, integrity, respect and real solutions for families in need. He practicado la ley de Familia por 30 años en la firma Dougherty & Dougherty. Enseñé Mediación y Resolución de Conflictos en la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Houston. Tengo grado en Artes (BA) y Maestría en Trabajo Social (MSW) de la Universidad de Texas, y Doctorado en Jurisprudencia (JD) de la Universidad de Houston. He construido mi carrera sirviendo con integridad, respeto, y con soluciones reales para las familias necesitadas. Delays in family court hearings are partially due to overwhelming case loads. The delays are expensive for families and cause prolonged emotional turmoil. Currently, there are over twice as many civil courts as family courts and their caseloads are much smaller. A pilot program could be jointly developed to utilize civil judges as resources for overflow hearings. Las demoras de las cortes de familia son debidas en parte a la gran cantidad de casos. Las demoras son costosos para los litigantes, y causan un prolongado precio emocional. Actualmente, hay más del doble de cortes civiles que cortes de familia y la cantidad de casos es menor. Un programa piloto podría desarrollarse conjuntamente para utilizar jueces civiles que ayuden a agilizar los juicios. There are too many candidates for most voters to make informed decisions about qualifications of all of them. An independent, bipartisan organization that reviews candidate experience, temperament, and legal qualifications might be a reasonable solution with retention elections implemented to eliminate judges who do not meet the necessary expectations of their judicial role. Hay muchos candidatos para los votantes determinar cuales son los candidatos mejores calificados. Una organización independiente bipartidista que revise la experiencia de los candidatos, temperamento, y calificaciones legales, podría ser una solución razonable, con elecciones de retención implementadas para eliminar jueces que no llenan los requisitos esperados para el trabajo judicial. DAMIANN CURVEY BANIEH I am a family law attorney whose experience as an Adoption Recruiter with DePelchin and a teacher in Aldine ISD have provided me with real world opportunities to help repair families in crisis. I am a graduate of UT Austin and received my law degree from Texas Southern University. Equal access to the courts seems to be the biggest problem in our courts. Non-English speaking pro-se litigants are limited in their ability to represent themselves in Family Court. I pledge to make courts more accessible by utilizing community resources to ensure interpreters are available for non-english speaking pro-se litigants who wish to represent themselves in court. Partisan elections are the only way to ensure an independent judiciary. Judicial candidates do not have the independent ability to draw voter interest in their races, which is why political parties are necessary. If non-partisan elections were held, only wealthy people who could afford expensive campaigns would be able to run for office. This would not ensure an independent judiciary. 311 th DEBORAH WRIGHT I have practiced exclusively in the area of Family Law for more than 30 years. Board Certified in Family Law in 1987, and trained in Family Law Mediation and Collaborative Law, I have served as Associate Judge in the 310th Family District Court and the 257th Family District Court. Overcrowding in the Family Law courts, both in the halls and on the daily docket, makes it difficult to conduct hearings and final trials on a timely basis. I will encourage resolution of cases through mediation and collaborative law, work to revive plans for a new Family Law Center, and support legal services and counseling for low income families. The broad discretion afforded to Family Court judges must be exercised carefully and without regard to any personal agenda shaped by political affiliation or beliefs. Non-partisan elections are the only way to insure an independent judiciary, and the election of judges in each county and/or judicial district should be independent from other state wide elections. STEVE HERSKOWITZ I earned my BBA and JD from UT. I m a 20-year lawyer, former CPA and recognized expert in family conflict. As an attorney/mediator for the Harris County Domestic Relations Office for ten years, I ve mediated over 2,000 family cases exactly like those I ll handle as a judge. The greatest challenge facing our family courts is keeping pace with the changing face of American families. We re diverse culturally, ethnically, economically, and ever evolving socially. Nuclear families are no longer the rule. Judges should be knowledgeable of these societal differences and how they impact family values, then take them into account when deciding cases. Partisan elections give voters some idea of the values and beliefs of the candidates based on party affiliation, but too often party affiliation is the sole basis for their vote. A better method would be to choose judges in non-partisan elections. This approach should motivate more voters to educate themselves on the qualifications of the individual candidates. JUDICIAL DISTRICT 311TH CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide 13

14 311 th continued 312 th FAMILY DISTRICT JUDGE continued / Democratic Party Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) JUDICIAL DISTRICT 311TH CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE BRAD MORRIS Rice University 1972; South Texas College of Law 1976; Licensed 1977; 33 years civil transaction and litigation experience: 17 years private practice civil litigation and transactions; 3 ½ years Family Court Associate Judge; 11 years practice focusing on family law litigation and mediation; Board Certified, Family Law 1998; Credentialed Distinguished Mediator. JUDICIAL DISTRICTS 311TH 312TH What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? For family courts it is handling the volume of cases in manner that permits individual attention each case deserves; the cases are many, the courts are few; families need and deserve a ruling that considers the uniqueness of each family; also the explosion in the number of cases attributable to children born to children that are not equipped for parenthood. ROBERT HINOJOSA RUNNING UNOPPOSED IN 312th JUDICIAL DISTRICT What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? A system that combines some form of local selection sponsored by the legal community to insure sufficient experience combined with elections not to exceed a specified maximum term of years for judicial services to insure turnover of office holders would be preferable. JUDICIAL DISTRICT 313TH Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? How would you select attorneys to represent indigent defendants in your court? J. ANTHONY REFERENTE I attended Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and the University of Houston Law Center. As a prosecutor for the Harris County Attorney s Office and as a defense attorney for the last 9 years, in 13 years, I ve tried over 500 cases and 13 jury trials. Estudié la prepararoria en Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, la universidad en Georgetown University en Washington D.C., y en la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Houston. He ejercido en Derecho para el Menor durante 13 años, al principio como abogado acusador para Harris County Attorney s Office, y en los ûltimos 9 años como abogado defensor. He enjuiciado más de 500 casos y 13 juicios por jurado. The courts need greater transparency and accountability in order to ensure that they remain independent, impartial and maintain the highest level of integrity. As a judge, I would never engage in discriminatory practices, consistently rule fairly and ethically, and apply the law on an independent, individualized case by case basis. I will always stand for integrity and justice. Creo que los tribunales necesitan mayor transparencia y responsabilidad para asegurarse que permanezcan independientes, imparciales y mantengan el más alto nivel de integridad. Como juez, no incurriría en ninguna práctica discriminatoria, formularía decisions justa y éticamente y aplicaría la ley de manera individual segûn se requiera caso por caso. Defenderé siempre la integridad y la justicia. An independent judiciary is best ensured through the election process. Elections guarantee that the people, over whose cases the judges preside, maintain the power to qualify the effectiveness of the judiciary. The people, through guidance provided by groups such as the League of Women Voters, should determine who decides some of the most important issues in their lives. Pienso que el proceso de elección de jueces asegura un poder judicial independiente. Este proceso garantiza que la gente, cuyos casos preside el juez, mantengan la abilidad para calificar la efectividad del poder judicial. La genta, con la ayuda de grupos tales como la League of Women Voters, deberían determinar quien decide algunos de los problemas más importantes en sus vidas. In the Juvenile Courts, the Fair Defense Management Act System manages the appointment of attorneys to juvenile defendants based on a rotation system. Attorneys must apply for and qualify to be added to the System. I would strictly adhere to that system. For CPS cases, I would ensure that indigent clients receive representation fairly based on needs. En los Tribunales para Menores, el Fair Defense Act Management System manda la asignación de abogados para menores de edad acusados de conducta delincuente se base en un sistema rotatorio. Los abogados deben solicitar y calificar para ser incluídos en la lista. Yo me adheriría estricamente a ese sistema. Para los casos de CPS, me aseguraría que los clients indigentes reciban una representación justa basada en sus necesidades 313 th MARC ISENBERG I am an attorney who graduated from the University of Houston Law School in I then worked for legal aid for 5 years. I am the only candidate board certified in juvenile law, having tried every case from trespass to capital murder in juvenile court. Yo soy un abogado graduado de la escuela de leyes de la Universidad de Houston en Después, di cinco anos de servicio a Legal Aid. Soy el único candidato que esta certificado en leyes juveniles y he representado a jóvenes en todo tipo de casos. Juveniles facing criminal charges need attorneys who are the best qualified to handle their cases. The court must be streamlined to allow parents to return to work and juveniles to return to school as soon as possible. Jóvenes delincuentes enfrentando cargos criminales necesitan ser representados por abogados quienes so los más calificados. La Corte debe ser simplificada para permitir que padres regresen a sus trabajos y que los jóvenes regresen a sus estudios lo más pronto posible. It is unlikely that either major party will change the law to eliminate partisan election for judges. Therefore it is critical for organizations such as yours to educate voters on the competency of any candidates seeking election as judges. Es improbable que ningún partido político cambie la ley para eliminar elecciones partidarios para jueces. Entonces es crítico que organizaciones como la suya eduque a votantes sobre las calificaciones de candidatos para juez. I would appoint only the best qualified attorneys to represent juveniles according to the seriousness of the allegations against them. The Texas Fair Defense Act was passed to assist in this process but I have found judges in the juvenile courts ignoring the requirements of this law. Juveniles need the best qualified attorneys to represent them. Designaría solamente los abogados mas calificados para representar a jóvenes según la seriedad de las alegaciones contra ellos. El Acto de Defensa Justa de Texas fue creada para asistir en este proceso pero creo que jueces en las cortes juveniles ignoran los requisitos de esta ley. Jóvenes necesitan abogados más calificados quien los represente. NATALIE OAKES I am a parent of a teenage boy; I understand kids. I am a former schoolteacher; I understand the educational system. I've spent my entire legal career working in Juvenile Courts handling felonies, misdemeanors and cases for abused and neglected children (CPS cases); I understand the law. I want to focus on effective rehabilitation programs and fairness to achieve optimum results. Even with no support at home, juveniles can be guided to see their potential and contemplate their future. Juvenile Probation will track the success of these programs. Resources will be used on rehabilitative measures to prevent them entering the adult system at later date. Judges can continue to be elected, serving with term limits so as not to become entrenched in their power. When a Democrat or Republican is selected as judge, due to the party affiliation, the public has a good idea where this person stands on certain issues. The public should have a choice of which judges are affecting their lives. Lawyers certified to practice in Juvenile Courts are currently chosen on a rotation basis with a choice of 5 eligible lawyers for each appointment. The Court chooses one of those lawyers. Only lawyers qualified for that charged offense can be selected (Misdemeanor, 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree felony). When a court uses this rotation properly, the appointment system should work. Candidate replies are published without editing or verification. Each candidate is solely responsible for the content of the material submitted. 14 League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide

15 FAMILY DISTRICT JUDGE continued / Democratic Party JUDICIAL DISTRICTS 314TH 315TH Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? How would you select attorneys to represent indigent defendants in your court? JOHN STEPHEN LILES Graduate UT, South Texas College of Law; 27 years criminal and juvenile courts protecting children, preserving family, preparing juveniles as contributing members of society, promoting job training and after school activities through partnership and mentoring with the city, business community, neighborhood and community groups, school districts and churches. Recidivism of juvenile respondents due to untreated mental heath issues which can be addressed by increasing the participation of private sector mental health professionals. In addition, we need more job training programs to enhance respondents self-esteem and allow them to become contributing members of society by soliciting job internships and training from the private and corporate sectors. Publicly funded, non-partisan judicial elections drawing from candidates screened by a state bar of Texas qualifications committee. Preferably through a public defender system; however, until such system is in place, I would appoint language appropriate attorneys based on their certification, experience and ability, but never based on their political contributions, if any, to my campaign. 314 th DAVID LONGORIA BBA, Texas A&I, 1970; Juris Doctor, UofH, I am an Associate Judge with over 16 years of full-time judicial experience including 11+ years in Juvenile Court and currently 5+ years in Child Support Court. Please visit my website for more detail: BBA Texas A&I, 1970; Doctor en Jurisprudencia, U de H, 1972 Yo soy un Juez Asociado con más de 16 años de tiempo completo con experiencia Judicial incluyendo más de 11 años en los Tribunales Juveniles y actualmente más de 5 años en los Tribunales de Manutención de Menores. Para más detalles por favor visite mi página en la red (Website): Competency and advocacy of participants in and outside of the courtroom including lawyers, caseworkers and probation officers. I would work to make all participants in my court more accountable by requiring the highest standards of ethics, and attempt to remedy any deficiencies in their legal training by teaching and encouraging them to achieve a higher level of performance. Competencia y defensa de participantes dentro y fuera del Salón del Tribunal incluyendo abogados, asistente social y oficiales de probatoria. Yo trabajaré para que todos los participantes de mi Tribunal sean más responsables exigiéndoles los más altos niveles de ética e intentar remediar cualquier deficiencia dentro de su entrenamiento legal enseñándoles y alentarlos a alcanzar un nivel más alto de funcionamiento. I believe judges should either be elected in a non-partisan election, or be appointed by a Judicial Commission comprised of lawyers and lay persons, and then stand for retention elections every four years. These methods, although not perfect, could help minimize politics, emphasize qualifications, and help towards establishment of an independent judiciary. Yo creo que los Jueces deberían ser electos en elecciones apolíticas (non-partisan), o que sean nombrados por una comisión Judicial compuesta de abogados y personas seglares y luego quedarse e ir a elección cada cuatro años. Estos métodos, a pesar de que no son perfectos, pueden ayudar a minimizar políticas, enfatizar calificaciones y ayudar hacia el establecimiento de un sistema Judicial independiente. I would select only attorneys who have the required amount of legal training including drug, alcohol, and mental health components; meet with their clients sufficiently in advance of hearings; and truly perform well in court. I would limit the number of cases they are handling in my court so they can devote the appropriate time each case deserves. Yo seleccionaría solamente abogados que tengan la cantidad requerida de entrenamiento legal incluyendo drogas, alcohol y componentes de salud mental; que se reunan con sus clientes con suficiente antelación a las audiencias que actúen verdaderamente bien en el Tribunal. Yo les limitaría el número de casos que ellos estén manejando en mi Tribunal para que puedan dedicar el tiempo apropiado que cada caso merece. 315 th BILL THURSLAND BA Georgetown University 1976; JD, South Texas College of Law; 1981; 28 years of trial experience. Specialized in handling CPS cases representing both children and parents at the trial and appellate level. I am qualified to represent juveniles in all levels of delinquency cases, including capital murders and appeals. 28 años de experiencia en juicios. Especializado en el manejo de casos de CPS en los cual se representa a ambos los niños y los padres al nivel del juicio y la apelación. Estoy calificado para representar a los menores en todos los niveles de casos de delincuencia, incluidos los homicidios y las apelaciones. The most critical issue is restoring people's faith in the justice system. The integrity of the judiciary was tarnished by a local judge's recent conviction on an official suppression charge. Particularly, in the juvenile courts, where the majority of the litigants are indigent, justice must be administered indiscriminately and compassionately because every decision has a profound effect on children's lives. La cuestión más importante es restablecer la fe del pueblo en el sistema de justicia. La integridad del poder judicial se vio empañada por la reciente condena a un juez local en la supresión de un cargo oficial. En particular, en los tribunales de menores, donde la mayoría de los litigantes están en la indigencia, la justicia debe ser administrada de manera indiscriminada y con compasión, porque cada decisión tiene un profundo efecto en la vida de los niños. The current method of selecting judges in partisan elections is flawed. In order to run a viable campaign judges must solicit contributions which often come from attorneys who practice before them. This gives the appearance of impropriety. I support a system where judges are first elected in non-partisan elections and then stand for re-election in retention elections. El método actual de escoger jueces en las elecciones partidarias es errónea. Con el fin de ejecutar una campaña viable jueces tienen que solicitar contribuciones, que a menudo provienen de los abogados que se presentan ante ellos. Esto da la apariencia de impropiedad. Yo apoyo un sistema donde los jueces son elegidos por primera vez en las elecciones no partidistas y luego presentarse a la reelección en las elecciones de retención. I support the establishment a public defender's office which removes the responsibility of selecting attorneys from the judge. Under the current system, I will strictly adhere to the requirements of the Fair Defense Act and appoint only experienced and competent counsel to represent indigent juveniles. I will also appoint spanish speaking attorneys to spanish speaking families. Yo apoyo la creación una oficina de defensor público, que elimina la responsabilidad de seleccionar los abogados de la juez. Bajo el sistema actual, adherire estrictamente a los requisitos de la Ley de Defensa Justa y nombrar solamente abogados experimentados y competentes para representar a los menores indigentes. También voy a nombrar a los abogados que hablan español para representar a las familias que hablan español. KEITH BRANCH I have a Bachelor s degree in Sociology, Master s Degree in Social Work and Doctorate of Jurisprudence. I am licensed by the State Bar of Texas, United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas and certified by the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission. Since 1990 I practice civil, criminal and (///). Why there are myriad of important issues the most expense issue to taxpayers is court efficiency particularly docket resets. For instance each time a youth in detention case is reset it cost the taxpayers in access of $ per day until the case is deposed of. I plan to reduce the practice of automatic resets and to personally handle all (///). Judges should be elected by single member districts similar to Justice of Peace Courts. Through single member districts the judges would be representative of the people that they serve and not concentrate from one particular section of the county. Judges should non-partisan. First of all I support a Public Defender System however in lieu of a PDS I would select attorneys using the following criteria: Attorneys would be required to undergo an extensive training; Rank attorneys by levels based on their experiences and certifications; Attorney must successfully pass an annual performance appraisal. Appoint attorneys for Juvenile and CPS earlier in the process. COUNTY JUDGE / Democratic Party This judge resides over commissioners court, which has budgetary and administrative authority over county government operations. This office is responsible for calling elections, posting election notices and for receiving and canvassing the election returns. The county judge may perform marriages. This office is also head of civil defense and disaster relief, and county welfare. The County judge is elected for a four-year term. COUNTY Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) GORDON QUAN Gordon Quan was raised in Houston and is a graduate of H.I.S.D, UT (BA), UH (M.Ed) and the South Texas College of Law(J.D). He served on Houston City Council ( ) and was voted Council Member of the Year by HPOU, Friend of the Homeless, Bridge Builder. Gordon has consistently (///) What are three important issues facing the county at this time? How would you address them? Economic development: We need to recruit more large companies and make helping small and medium sized businesses a priority. More small and medium sized businesses will provide the rapid job growth Harris county needs. Justice System: We need to stop the revolving door system at county jails, and work on removing the homeless and mentality ill from the criminal justice (///) QUESTIONS TO Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) AHMAD HASSAN I have a Juris Doctorate in law, a Bachelor of Science in human resources management and have an undergraduate degree in engineering. I am a natural and responsible leader. Furthermore, I am a people s person, with a talent that allows me to arbitrate and mediate between various situations. Please see (///) What are three important issues facing the county at this time? How would you address them? Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Economic growth and fiscal responsibility. Improved quality of life. Addressing property taxes (Formal and informal review, should be the same day). League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide 15

16 COUNTY COURT AT LAW JUDGE / Democratic Party Has jurisdiction over all civil causes and proceedings, original and appellate prescribed by law for county courts. Each judge is elected for a four-year term. Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? ERICA M. GRAHAM I graduated cum laude from Tulane Law School. I have practiced civil litigation in Houston for over 12 years. I have represented clients in both state and federal courts in counties throughout Texas in litigation involving toxic tort, environmental, employment, personal injury, oil and gas and general commercial claims. Docket overcrowding and backlog, which I would strive to alleviate by: 1) creating a submission docket, which allows motions to be decided upon the papers submitted, unless a hearing is requested; 2) utilizing pre-trial diversion methods early in the life of matters; and 3) giving serious consideration to and granting viable motions for summary judgment in appropriate cases. I believe that holding public elections is the most appropriate mechanism for selecting an independent judiciary, because the citizens of the community have the opportunity to be involved in the selection process and are ultimately the ones who decide which Judges will preside over the cases that directly affect their lives. COURT 1 STEVE REILLEY Law and undergraduate degrees from the University of Texas. Mediator certification from University of Houston. Lead counsel representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in nearly 2,000 cases. Jury trial experience in federal and state court. Volunteer lawyer for those in need, including Hurricane Ike victims. Licenciatura en leyes de la Universidad de Tejas. Certificación de Mediador de la Universidad de Houston. Abogado principal representando demandantes y demandados en casi 2,000 demandas. Experiencia en juicios de jurados en cortes federales y estatales. Voluntario como abogado para aquellos con necesidad, incluyendo victimas del Huracán Ike. We must restore trust in our courts, which are tarnished by scandal and concern that those who contribute the most to judicial campaigns have an unfair advantage in court. We need experienced and unbiased judges, who acknowledge this problem. We must bring transparency to the courts all contributions, appointments, and court orders should be published on the internet. Debemos restablecer confianza en nuestras cortes, cuales están empañadas por escándalo y preocupación que los que contribuyen más a las campañas judiciales tienen una ventaja injusta en las cortes. Necesitamos jueces imparciales y con experiencia, que reconozcan estos problemas. Debemos traer transparencia a las cortes - toda contribución, nombramiento, y mandato judicial debe ser publicado en el internet. The judicial selection process should be considered and controlled by Texas voters not by judges. As long as we have an elected judiciary, we must restore trust in our courts by bringing transparency to process all contributions, appointments, and court orders should be readily available for public scrutiny allowing the voters to make a more informed decision. El proceso de selección judicial debe ser considerado y controlado por todos los votantes de Tejas. - no por los jueces. Siempre en cuando tengamos una judicatura elegida, debemos restablecer confianza en nuestras cortes trayendo transparencia para procesar - toda contribución, nombramiento, y mandato judicial debe estar fácilmente disponible para inspección pública permitiendo que a los votantes hagan una decisión más informada. CHERYL ELLIOTT THORNTON I have my BA from Trinity University, MA from St. Mary s University and JD from Thurgood Marshall School of Law. I have been a practicing attorney for over 23 years, serving as Administrative Law Judge and Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas and General Counsel for a university. The most critical area is fairness within the courts. In order to address this issue, I would issue summary judgment motions only when warranted, and allow both parties the opportunity to be heard. Further, I would not formulate opinions based upon the color of one s skin, one s gender or one s economic circumstance. Currently, we have the system of electing judges because the system of appointing judges disproportionately discriminated against ethnic minorities and women. Until such history is corrected, the election of judges, as hard as that process is, is the best system in place. COURT 2 DAMIAN E. LACROIX I received a JD from Southern Methodist University School of Law in 2000 and a BBA in Finance from Texas A&M University in I am a litigation Attorney. My practice focuses on commercial and civil litigation and business and real estate transactions. I represent both plaintiffs and defendants. Recibi un doctorado de los juris de Southern Methodist University School of Law en 2000 y un bachiller en finanzas de Texas A&M University en Soy un abogado de litigacion. Mi experiencia enfoque en litigacion comercial y civil, y en tramitaciones comerciales y de bienes raices. Crowded dockets. There are only four County Civil Courts in Harris County. A case can linger for two years before going to trial. This increases the cost to the parties and overburdens the courts. In this regard, it is my goal to resolve all cases within eighteen months by way of mediation or trial. Listas de causas pendientes llenas. Hay solo 4 cortes civiles del condado en el Condado Harris. Un caso puede tardar dos anos antes de llegar al corte. Asi aumenta el costo para los participantes y sobrecarga los cortes. Por eso, es mi meta de resolver todos los casos entre 18 meses por medio de mediacion o jucio del corte. Elections. The right of the people to elect their judges based on each candidate s qualifications, experience and temperament better ensures an independent judiciary. Elecciones. El derecho del pueblo de eligir sus juezes basado en las calificaciones, la experiencia, y el temperamento de cada uno, asegura mejor una judicatura independiente. 4 COURT 3 DAMON CRENSHAW For 24 years I have practiced civil trial law representing plaintiffs and defendants, giving me a balanced and fair perspective. I have had over 1000 cases and over 50 trials. Certified mediator. JD South Texas College of Law; BBA, Accounting, Texas A&M University. He practicado las leyes civiles por 24 años, y he representado a demandantes y demandados. He manejado más de 1000 casos y más de 50 juicios. Soy mediador, también tengo un doctorado en leyes de South Texas College of Law y un título de contador de la Universidad de Texas A&M. JAVIER VALENZUELA I graduated from TCU and South Texas College of Law. I am a civil litigator of nearly 10 years with trial experience. I am a certified civil and family mediator. I have a general law practice and I am committed and dedicated to creating a positive professional environment in court. Me recibí de TCU y de la Escuela de Leyes de South Texas College. Tengo cerca de 10 años de experiencia en litigio civil. Tengo certificaciones como mediador civil y de lo familiar. También cuento con experiencia de leyes en general y me he propuesto y comprometido a crear un ambiente positivo y profesional en la corte. BRUCE MOSIER RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR COURT AT LAW 4 The courthouse must be open and fair to all, regardless of personal traits or community status. All staff, lawyers, and parties should know this is the people s court. I will be fair to all, honest and hard-working. Appointment of special commissioners should reflect county diversity. Court administration and rulings will be impartial and efficient. Las cortes deben de estar disponibles y ser justas para todos. Las cortes le pertenecen a la comunidad. Yo trabajaré duro y seré justo y honesto. Para las disputas de valores de propiedad, Yo asignare a las personas que reflejen la diversidad de la comunidad. Las decisiones legales serán eficientes, imparciales y justas. The most critical issue involves the human factor. Judges must be consistent in their administration of justice. They must make the choice to consider each case conscientiously without ideological predisposition. I will make the choice everyday to listen to the litigants and base decisions on facts and law rendering swift, just and impartial judgments. I am committed to this proposition. La cuestión más importante es el factor humano. Los jueces deben demostrar un modo consistente al administrar la ley. Deben elegir el considerar cada caso conscientemente y sin predisposiciones ideológicas. Yo tomare la decisión de escuchar a los litigantes diariamente y basar mis decisiones en los hechos y la ley de representación de una manera pronta, justa e imparcial. Estoy comprometido a esta propuesta. Each method of judicial selection has benefits and flaws. I prefer non-partisan election of judges. Citizens, rather than political insiders, would choose the judges. Candidates would be compelled to reach out to voters rather than political insiders. Elections would not be overly influenced by straight party voters who have no interest or knowledge of judicial candidates. Todos los métodos de como seleccionar a los jueces tienen ventajas y desventajas. Yo prefiero que las elecciones sean sin ninguna afiliación a partidos políticos. Si fuera de esta manera, los candidatos tendrían que buscar el apoyo de los votantes y no de los políticos. Las elecciones no serian tan influenciadas por los votantes que votan por un partido o por el otro sin conocimiento de las calificaciones de While there are pros and cons with any method of selecting judges, Texas has opted to elect our judges. I feel that if the public has enough information about us as candidates and our individual judicial philosophies then they will make wise choices. For more information about my candidacy please visit Aun cuando hay pros y contras con cualquier método de selección de jueces, Texas ha optado por el método de elecciones. En mi opinión, si el publico tiene suficiente información sobre nosotros los candidatos y nuestras filosofías judiciales, entonces la elección de la población será optima. Para información de cómo contactarme favor de dirigirse a 16 League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide

17 COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT AT LAW JUDGE / Democratic Party Has jurisdiction over all criminal causes and proceedings, original and appellate prescribed by law for county courts. Each judge is elected for a four-year term. Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? How would you select attorneys to represent indigent defendants in your court? BEVERLY D. MELONTREE Education: Tyler Junior College, A.A. (Cum Laude), 1980 East Texas State University, B.S., 1983 University of Houston, J.D., 1990 Occupation: Travis County and District Attorney s Office, Austin, Texas ( ); Director of the Oil Spill Division (Environmental Law criminal prosecution) at the Texas General Land Office ( ); Linebarger, Heard, Goggan, Blair, Pena (///) I feel that the bond schedule, mandatory interlock devices and pre-trial services are the most critical. First time offenders should be entitled to a personal bond on minor crimes and more serious crimes committed should have a reasonable bond. At all times, the victim s and defendant s welfare should be taken into consideration. Also, repeat offender s bonds should be reasonable so (///) A bipartisan election system ensures an independent judiciary. It gives the judge the opportunity to rule on his or her beliefs by following the law and the evidence presented and not in compliance with his or her party affiliation. I will use the court system s wheel. I will control that process and not the court coordinator. Favoritism is very apparent amongst certain attorneys and coordinators. This favoritism at times is not beneficial to the defendant. I will select competent attorneys that appear on the wheel for the month. Also, I will be fair and give each and every attorney (///) COURT 1 ANTHONY LIMITONE I obtained a Master s Degree in Criminal Justice. I obtained a law degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law, ranked fifth in my class. Initially, I worked as a Senior Trial Attorney for the U.S.E.E.O.C. I have been practicing law for 26 years; 20+ of which are primarily criminal law. The congested court dockets delay administration of justice. Reducing the docket by limiting the time and number of resets of cases and creating ancillary courts exclusively handling the large volume of DWI cases will ensure a more efficient and fair processing of defendants and protection of victim rights. I believe that nonpartisan election of judges would ensure a more diverse field of judicial candidates and minimize partisan politics and promote independent interpretation of the law. I would follow the computerized rotation system established from a public appointment list of qualified attorneys. If a defendant had special needs, e.g.,mental llness or unusual language or cultural needs, I would appoint attorneys who are trained or familiar with the issues so as to properly manage and facilitate the accused s progression through the criminal justice system. LOUIS MCWHERTER I have a Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University and a Juris Doctorate from Texas Southern University, Thrurgill Marshall School of Law. I have been a practicing attorney for 34 years from 1976 until the present. I have represent over a thousand clients, and have tried all classes of (///). One is the most critical issues facing the courts throughout the country is citizen interest and participation. I believe that our schools should emphasize the need the importance of citizen participation in the jury system as well voting in national and local elections. Of course we need to take an interest in the election of good judges. I think the present system works when our citizenry take an interest in our judiciary. There has been a lot of talk about a blue ribbon panel selection of judges, but such a system probably would name qualified candidates, but may omit a true cross section of our society. I would select attorney that would well represent their client rather than one that might try to enter into a quick deal that may circumvent the rights of the accused. COURT 2 MILES J. LEBLANC I am a Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School graduate. I served as an Assistant District Attorney for over six years in Taylor County, Texas, where I prosecuted felony offenses ranging from DWI to murder. As a prosecutor, I handled over 1000 criminal matters and tried almost 60 cases. MARY CONNEALY ACOSTA I have a BBA, MBA and J.D. I worked my way through school and raised my child as a single parent. I have been practicing criminal law since I was licensed in I work in both state and federal court. I support the creation of a Harris County Public Defender s Office. There is a wide degree of variability in competence and experience among court appointed attorneys. The administration of the criminal justice system in Harris County would be more efficient and equitable if there were a Public Defender s Office to provide indigent defendants with effective counsel. Dockets are really large at this time. I would be available to have afternoon dockets. I would also be willing to come to court earlier to start court at an earlier time to get more case heard. I support the creation of an independent and bi-partisan judicial commission that would screen and appoint judicial candidates for appointment to a court for an initial four year term. Appointed judges would earn reappointment for subsequent terms by winning retention elections in which voters would mark yes or no on a ballot as to whether the judge should be retained. Judges should not be selected based on their political party but their qualifications. I would require that any attorney seeking court appointments in my court to provide me with a resume detailing his/her criminal law experience and to schedule an interview. I would appoint only attorneys who I deem to be competent. It is my duty as a judge to ensure that defendants with appointed counsel are well represented. The county has a screening process for attorneys to be appointed to represent indigent defendants. From the list of attorneys selected I would choose the most qualified from the list. COURT 3 JUDITH SNIVELY I have a B.A. from Ohio State University and law degree from South Texas College of Law. I have practiced law since 1987 and have handled over 3,000 criminal cases as a defense attorney in the Harris County Criminal Courts. I speak Spanish which is an invaluable asset. Soy diplomada de Ohio State University y he recibido la liceciatura en derecho de South Texas College of Law. He practicado como abogada desde He manejado más de 3000 casos criminales como defensora en los tribunales penales del condado de Harris. Hablo español, lo cual es de incalculable valor. We need to implement a system whereby more pretrial bonds are issued. We have overcrowded jails. In proper situations we should take the burden from the tax payers and release more individuals pending resolution of their cases. I would strive to get these individuals back to their families and jobs. Deberíamos implementar un sistema donde se otorguen más fianzas previas al juicio. Nuestras cárceles están con su capacidad excedida. En casos apropiados, deberíamos reducir la carga del costo al contribuyente y dejar en libertad a más individuos con casos pendientes. Me esforzaría por conseguir que estos individuos puedan volver a sus familias y trabajos. The voters should continue to elect their judges so that we maintain our democracy. A possible improvement could be the nonpartisan election of the judiciary much like the system used presently to elect municipal officials in Houston. Los votantes deberían continuar eligiendo a sus jueces para mantener nuestra democracia. Una posible mejora sería la elección de jueces sin afiliación a partidos políticos, como lo es en el sistema de elección de cargos municipales en Houston. Until such time as we have a Public Defender s Office I would use the method set up by the Texas Fair Defense Act passed in 2001 by the Texas Legislature. In order to be selected for the program a defense attorney must apply and meet certain criteria to be qualified and eligible to represent indigent defendants. Hasta que tengamos una Oficina de Defensoria Pública, yo usaría el método establecido por la Ley de Defensa Justa de Texas aprobada en el 2001 por la legislatura de Texas. Para poder ser seleccionado a participar en el sistema, todo abogado defensor debe aplicar y cumplir con ciertos criterios para ser calificado y apto para defender a acusados indigentes. LLOYD WAYNE OLIVER NO RESPONSE RECEIVED 4-8 ALFRED G. AL LEAL RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR CRIMINAL COURT AT LAW 4 ALFRED BUD VALDEZ RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR CRIMINAL COURT AT LAW 5 DENISE SPENCER RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR CRIMINAL COURT AT LAW 6 SHELIA ACOSTA RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR CRIMINAL COURT AT LAW 7 EUGENE NEWSOM RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR CRIMINAL COURT AT LAW 8 League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide 17

18 COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT AT LAW JUDGE continued / Democratic Party Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? How would you select attorneys to represent indigent defendants in your court? JUANITA JACKSON BARNER B.A. in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama, J.D. from Thurgood Marshall School of Law Over 11 years legal experience Former Texas Assistant Attorney General Handled over 850 criminal cases. Practice dedicated exclusively to criminal law. Certified for court appointments in all Harris County courts The most critical administrative judicial issue facing Harris County courts is the overcrowding of our county jails with non-violent defendants. I will address overcrowding by assuring that qualified defendants accused of minor offenses receive personal bonds and that non-violent mentally ill defendants are evaluated timely to receive the help that they need instead of languishing in our county jail. I believe to better ensure an independent judiciary, our judicial elections should be non-partisan, similar to our city elections. An innovative, beneficial idea would be to have each candidate evaluated by an independent board which would determine if they meet minimum qualifications. The qualified candidates would then run for election without any political party affiliation. Although my selection of court appointed attorneys will be somewhat limited by the Fair Defense Act, I will require each attorney accepting appointments in Court #9 to thoroughly represent their client. Each will be required to determine the defendant s mental health status, their qualification for personal bond and community supervision and to thoroughly investigate the facts. COURT 9 SILVIA PUBCHARA-MUNOZ 24 years exclusively practicing criminal law, first as Ft. Bend assistant district attorney and later as a criminal defense lawyer. Handled thousands of cases and over 60 jury trials in State and Federal Courts. BA University of Houston, Law Degree, South Texas College of Law, Por 24 años he practicado solamente las leyes penales. Primero como Fiscal en Fort Bend County y luego como abogada criminalista. He manejado miles de casos criminales y he tenido más de 60 juicios por jurado. Obtuve mi título en Ciencias Políticas en la Universidad de Houston y mi Doctorado en Leyes en South Texas College of Law Currently in misdemeanor courts the main issues are proper representation of indigent defendants and adjustment of bail system. Personal recognizance bonds should be used when appropriate. These changes would help prevent innocent people from pleading guilty just to get out of jail. I would not assign too many cases to court appointed lawyers. El principal problema de las cortes que manejan los casos de crimines menores como en esta corte, es la representación legal adecuada de los acusados indigentes. Las fianzas dadas por la corte deben ser usadas cuando el caso lo amerita. Estos cambios ayudarían a que las personas inocentes se declaren culpables solo por salir de la cárcel. No le daré a un abogado de oficio demasiados caso para que puedan representar al acusado propiamente There are good and bad points to the different systems. I prefer non-partisan election of judges. I would prefer higher levels of relevant experience before a lawyer can run for judge. Now, 5 year lawyers who have never done criminal defense work can run for criminal benches. Under the present system I would select the most qualified lawyers. I will not accept contributions from lawyers I appoint in my court. I favor a properly funded public defenders office. COURT 10 GRANT U. HARDEWAY, SR. I have a B.B.A concentration in Accounting School of Business, TSU 1969; Thurgood Marshall School of Law, I am a Lawyer who has been licensed in excess of 36 years. I have had the privilege of representing the citizens of this and other counties within the state of Texas (///) LORI CHAMBERS GRAY I receive the doctor of jurisprudence degree from South Texas College of Law. Over the past 20 years I have handled many criminal cases. I have defended people from all walks of life and desire to serve all people in the spirit of justice with compassion. It is my belief that the most critical issue to the administration of justice is the lack of proper usage of a courtroom. When elected the courtroom will be utilized from 9am 5pm Monday through Friday in order to decrease the backload of cases, thereby better serving the administration of justice as well as the citizens of Harris County. A critical issue facing the courts is the mentally ill and homeless that enters the revolving door of the Harris County courts. I would implement a computer program to identify and track these individuals and provided services to them. Over time this would save the taxpayers of Harris County. It is my fervent belief that judges should be elected by district, i.e. if you live in a district such as Independent Heights, Woodland Heights, Studewood Heights and little adjacent districts thereto, then you would have a candidate from that area running to represent that district court and the people that constitute that district like the state of Louisiana. Which (///) Incorporating peer review with community input would be helpful and add oversite. The more the public knows about the judiciary the more they would become involved. The public is smart. We can do a better job of letting them know about the inner workings of the courts. We must be accountable to the public and not special interest. I truly believe in order to circumvent lawyers feeling obligated to the court we should enact the public defender system. This would keep total independence between parties, that is the district attorney, defense attorney and the court. The fair defense management system is a good start. I would personally invite the attorney s working in my court to a monthly afternoon brown bag lunch to discuss our respective concerns and goals. Currently there is no such dialog between the attorneys and the court. I believe communication is the key and would be very helpful. 11 MARK DIAZ RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR CRIMINAL COURT AT LAW 11 COURT 12 CHERYL HARRIS DIGGS I am a graduate of Georgetown University (5/1992) and the University of Houston Law Center (12/1997). I have been licensed since 5/1/1998. I handle criminal cases in state and federal court. I speak Spanish. I was a bilingual pretrial officer for Harris County Pretrial Services from 1992 to Graduo de la Universidad de Georgetown mayo 1992 y la Universidad de Houston Facultad de Derechos diciembre Recibio mi licencia 1 de mayo Soy abogada de ley criminal en las cortes estatales y federales. Yo hablo espanol. Trabajaba para el Condado de Harris desde 1992 a Docket management. Ensuring that every defendant gets their ay in court is more important than the number of pending cases on the docket. Defense attorneys, prosecutors and defendants are pressured to resolve cases quickly. It takes time to investigate cases. I will not force quick pleas or quick trials in my court. Gestion de los casos. Es mas importante para los acusados a recibir justicia. Abogados defensores, la fiscalia, y los acusados son presionados a terminan los casos rapidamente. Ellos necesitan tiempo para investigar los datos de los casos. Yo no voy a fuerzar declaraciones de cupable rapidos y no voy a fuerzar juicios con jurados rapidos en mi corte. I believe that electing judges ensures an independent judiciary. Non-partisan elections could ensure even more judicial independence. Limiting attorney campaign contributions in courts where attorneys regularly practice would impact judicial independence. Appointing judges sets a scenario where appointees would feel obligated to be loyal to the governing body s political party. Yo creo que elecciones de los jueces asegura poder judicial independiente. Elecciones sin los partidos politicas pueden asegurar mas poder judicial independiente. Un sistema de jueces designados pueden crear un sistema donde los designados van a ser fiel al partido politica que esta en el poder. I would refer to the approved list of attorneys eligible for appointments provided by the administrative office of the Harris County Courts. Once a public defender s office is established, then I would use public defenders if their services are available for use by the county criminal courts. I would also use third year law students in clinical programs. Yo voy a usar el guia de los abogados aprobados a recibir cases designados del Condado de Harris. Cuando el oficina del defensor publico se abra, yo voy a usar los defensores publicos si los jueces en las cortes criminals del condado pueden usarlos. Tambien, yo voy a usar los estudiantes en el tercer ano del studio de los derechos. ROBERT 'BOB' CARDENAS Educated at UT-Austin, Michigan Law School. Native Houstonian, bi-lingual, experienced trial attorney. I have worked as a prosecutor and public defender. I am a mediator and arbitrator. I have practiced in over twenty-five counties throughout the state and know what makes a good court and judge. Probation. Probationers are currently being given probationary conditions on a an assembly line basis, as though one size fits all. I would screen all individuals seeking probation. I would tailor their probation conditions to meet their needs. I would review their progress every two months. I want them to succeed. I want probationers to leave my court knowing they ve changed. The Missouri plan, where attorneys chose judges and only had them face periodic recall elections, is entirely too secretive. Voters should choose their judges. The problem is money. The source of each campaign contribution should be posted on the internet. I want to know each donors employment and have candidates post their donations weekly. I would interview them. I would ask them about their experience. Specifically, I would be looking for attorneys who were combining their criminal law experience with their knowledge in areas such as mental health, immigration law or substance abuse. I would pay attention to their enthusiasm and make sure that the attorneys chosen had a genuine interest in the welfare (///). 18 League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide

19 COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT AT LAW JUDGE continued / Democratic Party Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? How would you select attorneys to represent indigent defendants in your court? COURT 13 JOHN O SULLIVAN BA: JD: Practicing attorney for the past 25 years in the Criminal and Civil Courts. I have handled thousands of cases and have an in depth knowledge of the Substantive Laws: the Penal Code and Codes of Procedure and Rules of Evidence. DENNIS SLATE I have a BS from Texas A&M and a law degree from University of Houston. I have practiced criminal law since I am currently an Associate Judge for the cities of Houston and Pearland. You can read about my qualifications and judicial philosophy at Clogged dockets: the arbitrary application of the laws: the disparate dispensation of justice among the courts and slow elevators in the Justice Center. I would adhere to the principles laid down by the Constitution, the objectives of the Penal Code, the Rules of Criminal Procedure and Evidence. This would promote judicial economy and fairness to defendants and victims. Indigent defense. We need to have a public defender s office in Harris County; set up in the model of the Federal Public Defender. The judges, citizens, and the County Commissioners need to push for this reform. We can use the tax dollars paid to appointed attorneys to fund the PD s office, to ensure better representation and services to the indigent. The election process as we have today. I believe voting for judges is better than appointing judges. Citizens need to have a voice in who makes the types of decisions judges make. I believe that if the party identifier was removed from the races, which would then eliminate the ability to vote a straight ticket, that people would study the ballot more closely before placing their votes. The current protocol assures a fair and qualified pool of attorneys. These attorneys are screened and tested to determine a level of competency. They have to maintain mandatory annual continuing legal education in criminal law. The judge selects attorneys from a computer generated array. (I oppose the creation of a public defender office.) I would personally interview any attorney interested in indigent appointments in my court. I would ensure they were capable and experienced for the type and nature of the cases I may appoint them. I would maintain a list of the qualified lawyers and monitor their cases. I would require these lawyers to maintain their continuing education requirements in criminal law LEE HARPER WILSON RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR CRIMINAL COURT AT LAW 14 TONI MARTINEZ INGVERSON RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR CRIMINAL COURT AT LAW 15 HARRIS COUNTY PROBATE JUDGE / Democratic Party This court has jurisdiction over the probation of wills, appointment of guardians, and the settlement partition and distribution of estates. Probate Courts Nos. 3 and 4 share processing of the mental illness dockets with staff support by Court No. 3. Each judge is elected for a four-year term. Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? 1 KATHY STONE RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR COURT NO. 1 COURT. NO. 2 JOELLEN SNOW Law Degree: UT School of Law, 1978; Master of Public Affairs: LBJ School at UT, 1979; attorney in private practice in Houston, 30 years, exclusively in probate, guardianship, and estate planning for the past 20 years; Associate Municipal Court Judge, City of Houston, for the past 27 years. Titulo de Derecho: UT School of Law, 1978; Titulo de Maestría en Asuntos Públicos: LBJ School at UT, 1979; Abogado con Bufete Particular en Houston, 30 años, exclusivamente en asuntos testamentarios, de guardián, y planeamiento de herencia por los últimos 20 años ; Juez Asociado de Tribunal Municipal, Ciudad de Houston, por los últimos 27 años. MICHAEL J. SKADDEN International probate and corporate lawyer in practice since Fluent in Spanish and French; offices in Houston and Madrid. Courses taught on probate and other matters. MA, Rice (1977), PhD, Texas (1984), JD, Texas (1986). Extensive pro-bono civil rights work. Very active in Democratic politics: legislative candidate in Abogado empresarial y de sucesiones de derecho privado desde Español y francés corriente;despachos en Houston y Madrid. He enseñado numerosos cursos sobre el derecho de sucesiones y otros temas. MA, Rice (1977), PhD, Texas (1984), JD, Texas (1986). He hecho mucho trabajo gratis en pro de los derechos civiles. Muy activo en el partido Demócrata: candidato legislativo en Impropriety when judges favor attorneys and parties who are major campaign contributors. The probate courts should establish a uniform system for appointment of attorneys, maintain the maximum fee schedule, and limit total fees. Judges should be required to recuse themselves in cases where a participant is a major contributor. Campaign contribution limits should be made mandatory. Impropiedad cuando jueces favorecen a abogados y a partes quienes son contribuyentes notables a campañas. Los Tribunales Testamentarios deben establecer un sistema de una forma única para el nombramiento de abogados y mantener el límite máximo de la lista de honorarios y poner un límite al total de los honorarios. Se debe requerir a los jueces a recusarse en tales casos cuando un participante es un contribuyente notable. Limites a contribuciones a campañas deben ser mandatorios. First, reform to make the probate courts more user friendly and cheaper for those who resolve their estates by streamlining procedures. Second, the filing system must be computerized. Third, the courts must be welcoming to all persons, regardless of class, race or gender, and strictly impartial. See www. and Primero, reformas para que el tribunal sea de uso más fácil para el ciudadano y mas económico para los que tienen que resolver sus sucesiones. Segundo, los archivos han de ser informatizados. Tercero, los tribunales tienen que estar abiertos a todos, sea cual sea su clase, raza o género, y absolutamente imparciales. Vea y It is nearly impossible for voters to cast educated votes in all 65 contested judicial races on the Harris County ballot. I favor selection of judges by a bipartisan diverse commission with retention elections allowing voters to terminate them if necessary. This system would produce more consistently qualified judges and eliminate the influence of campaign contributors. Es casi imposible que los votantes votan de una manera informada en cada una de las 65 carreras judiciales con contendientes que aparecerán en la balota del Condado de Harris. Yo prefiero una selección de jueces por una comisión diversa y bipartidista con elecciones de retención que permiten a los votantes de terminarlas si sea necesario. Este sistema produciría jueces calificados con más consistencia y además eliminaría la influencia de de los contribuyentes de campañas. It would be best for the governor to appoint judges, subject to approval of the State Senate and to voter recall by referendum. The current elective system leads to the suspicion of corruption and influence by contributions to judicial elections, and voters generally don t know the candidates. The most popular lawyer will not necessarily make the best judge. Sería mejor que los nombrara el gobernador, sujeto a la aprobación del senado del estado y a la posibilidad de destitución por referendum popular. El actual sistema de elecciones lleva a sospechas de corrupción y influencias por las donaciones a las campañas judiciales, y los votantes generalmente no conocen a los candidatos. El abogado mas popular no es necesariamente el mejor juez. YOU MAY TAKE THE VOTERS GUIDE INTO THE VOTING BOOTH! Since 1995, there s no law prohibiting printed materials in the polling place. League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide 19

20 COURT. NO. 3 HARRIS COUNTY PROBATE JUDGE / Democratic Party Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) PRISCILLA WALTERS I m a native Texan with a Nursing degree from TWU and a law degree from the University of Houston. I ve been a civil trial lawyer for 19 years. I can do a better job for this community as Probate Judge. I will provide fair, common sense, financially efficient service. Favor describer su educacion, su ocupacion y capacitacion de experience que lo qualifique para esta posicion. Soy nativa de Texas con una Licenciatura en Enfermeria de TWU y una Licenciatura de Leyes de la Universidad de Houston. He sido abogada civil por 19 anos. Yo puedo major ayudar a la comunidad como Juez de Sucesiones. Seria yo justa y mi servicio seria eficiente financialmente. MARY GALLIGAN A graduate of the University of Houston Law School, Mary Galligan is a board certified attorney who has been practicing in probate courts for over 22 years. Mary is a founder of law firm, Galligan & Manning, and an adjunct professor at South Texas College of Law. Graduada de la Universidad de Houston Escuela de Leyes, Mary Galligan es una abogada certificada por la comision que ha estado practicando en cortes de legalizacion por más de 22 años. Mary is fundadora de la agencia de abogados, Galligan & Manning, y profesora adjunta en South Texas College of Law. What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts? How would you address it? The Courts are too expensive and the judges play favorites. In Probate Court 3, I would start a pro bono program for those who cannot afford a lawyer. I would also start an Ombudsperson program so that there is system to address public complaints and suggestions for the Court. Las cortes hoy en dia cuestan demasiado y los jueces hacen muchos favores. En el Juzgado Testmentario Numero 3 yo empezaria un programa realizado gratuitamente para las personas que no tienen suficientes fondos. Tambien empezaria un programa de defensor del pueblo para tener un sistema para dirigir quejas y sugencias para la corte. Campaign contributions to judges by attorneys who appear before them create the impression that justice is for sale. I have taken a pledge not to accept campaign contributions from attorneys who regularly practice in probate court. If elected, I will continue this pledge for future elections. Las contribuciones de campaña a los jueces de parte de abogadas que aparecen en frente de sus cortes da una impresión que justicia está a la vente. Me compromitdo a no acceptar contribuciones de campaña departe de abogados que regularmente practican en cortes de legalizacion. Si elegida, continauare con esta promesa en futuras eleciones. What method of selecting judges do you feel best ensures an independent judiciary? Public election of Judges ensures the most independent judiciary. In Texas, appointed Judges serve in the Federal Courts for life. If they are not doing a good job, there is no way to fire them. If an elected Judge is performing poorly or unfairly, the people can vote them out of office. La eleccion publica de los jueces seria lo que mas daria aseguranza de un juzgado independiente. En Tejas, los jueces son designados por vida. Si estos jueces no estan haciendo su trabajo bien no hay ningun metodo de despedirlos. Si este juez fuera seleccionado por la gente, la gente misma podria votarlos fuera del juzgado. The two most important goals in judicial selection are independence and accountability. Independence could be achieved through the creation of a commission which selects candidates eligible for appointment by the governor. Accountability could be achieved by requiring that the commission be elected, then after a term of years, the public would vote on whether to retain the judges or not. Los dos objetivos más importante para la selecion judicial es la independencia y reponsabilidad. Independencia puede ser alcanzada por la creación de una comisión que selecciona candidatos que luego pueden ser designados por el gobernador. Responsabilidad puede ser alcanzada si la comisión es elegida, y despues de un período de años, el público vota si conserver o no los jueces. 4 CNTY TAMMY MANNING RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR COURT NO. 4 DISTRICT CLERK / Democratic Party LOREN JACKSON RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR HARRIS COUNTY DISTRICT CLERK COUNTY CLERK / Democratic Party This department keeps the public records of the county, including those filed by the general public with the County Clerk and all records of actions of Commissioners Court, the probate courts, the county court and county civil courts-at-law. The clerk handles all special and general elections called by the county and provides for assignment of voting equipment and supplies to polling places. This office also trains and coordinates election officials and tabulates election returns. The County Clerk is elected for a four-year term. Please describe your education, your occupation, and the training and experience that qualify you for this position. (50 word limit) What do you think are the primary challenges of this position and how will you address them? How would you improve the Harris County voting process to optimize convenience and surety? COUNTY ANN HARRIS BENNETT 14 ½ years Court Coordinator State Civil District Court 12 years legal secretary in defense and plaintiff law firms 12 ½ years genealogy research The National Center for State Courts Texas Center for the Judiciary Sam Houston State University Harris County Resources and Risk Management SUE SMITH SCHECHTER I am uniquely qualified for the office based on my educational and professional background of a BBA from University of North Texas, J. D. from South Texas College of Law, being a former State Representative and Chair of Democratic Party and a lifetime community volunteer. Moving the County Clerk s Office into the 21st century. I will bring modern digital technology needed to manage an organized, productive, efficient, technically functional user and customer friendly Harris County Clerk s Office. As a user and a former elections officer, I know the problems in the various departments in the office, such as the real property records, probate court filings and the election system, that need to be fixed and will work diligently and quickly to correct them by bringing efficiency, accessibility and accountability to the office. I would like to see more days of early voting, computerized internet voting, computerized kiosh voting places, progressive digital storage capacity and security that would assure that every legal vote is counted. First, I would make sure Harris County is proactively preparing for the next generation of voting machines by having a bi-partisan commission review our present system and recommend improvements for the next generation of machines. I would appoint an IT committee to review ballot security measures and recommend safeguards. Voting locations should be reviewed for accessibility and visibility. COUNTY TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR (Unexpired Term) / Democratic Party CNTY CNTY DIANE TRAUTMAN RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR COUNTY TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR COUNTY TREASURER / Democratic Party BILLY BRISCOE RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR COUNTY TREASURER 20 League of Women Voters Houston Primary Election 2010 Voters Guide

The Arizona We Want 2.0

The Arizona We Want 2.0 WHAT S INSIDE what arizonans want what s changed in 3 years? where do we go from here? The Arizona We Want 2.0 The Case for Action The Case for Action The rapid transformation of Arizona

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the Legislative Process MICHIGAN a student s guide

the Legislative Process MICHIGAN a student s guide the Legislative Process in MICHIGAN a student s guide This booklet is designed primarily for high school students who are interested in learning more about the Legislative Process in Michigan. Depending

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Executive Legislative Judicial Executive Legislative Judicial Executive. Legislative Judicial Executive Legislative Judicial Executive Legislative

Executive Legislative Judicial Executive Legislative Judicial Executive. Legislative Judicial Executive Legislative Judicial Executive Legislative Legislative Judicial Executive ABOUT Legislative Judicial Executive Legislative Judicial AMERICA Executive Legislative Judicial Executive Legislative Judicial Judicial How Executive the Legislative United

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THE DECISION TO CONTRACT OUT: THE DECISION TO CONTRACT OUT: UNDERSTANDING THE FULL ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL IMPACTS Daphne T. Greenwood * Colorado Center for Policy Studies March 2014 *Daphne T. Greenwood, Ph. D. is professor of economics

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NEED. Group Home Board of Directors FACTS YOU TO KNOW. California Department of Social Services. Community Care Licensing Division

NEED. Group Home Board of Directors FACTS YOU TO KNOW. California Department of Social Services. Community Care Licensing Division FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW Group Home Board of Directors California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division Children and Family Services Division Acknowledgements The Group Home Board

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The Baltimore Sustainability Plan

The Baltimore Sustainability Plan The Baltimore Sustainability Plan The Baltimore Sustainability Plan Adopted by the Baltimore Commission on Sustainability February 3, 2009 Adopted by the Baltimore City Planning Commission February 5,

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Starting a Business Checklist (Required) Refer to Page:

Starting a Business Checklist (Required) Refer to Page: 1 Starting a Business Checklist (Required) Refer to Page: Select a business structure 08 Register the business name with County Clerk 02 Register the business with State of Illinois 03 Obtain a Federal

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Your Family. Your Future. Your Canada.

Your Family. Your Future. Your Canada. Your Family. Your Future. Your Canada. Liberal Party of Canada, Ottawa 2011 Published by: Liberal Party of Canada 81 Metcalfe Street, Suite 600 Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6M8 Ce document est aussi

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3-1. We Believe in America

3-1. We Believe in America 3-1 We Believe in America R E P U B L I C A N P L A T F O R M This platform is dedicated with appreciation and reverence for: The wisdom of the Framers of the United States Constitution, who gave us a

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STATEMENT OF COMMON PURPOSE STATEMENT OF COMMON PURPOSE On the 25th February a democratic revolution took place in Ireland. Old beliefs, traditions and expectations were blown away. The stroke of a pen, in thousands of polling stations,

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FROM MAYOR VINCENT C. GRAY PLAN We are on our way to becoming truly sustainable, but there is much more to be done. This plan is the playbook that our team city government, private sector, and residents working together will use

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To the People of Puerto Rico:

To the People of Puerto Rico: English Version To the People of Puerto Rico: In November 2008, you elected me as your Resident Commissioner, your sole representative in Washington. You placed your trust in me. I, in turn, pledged to

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National Economic Council MAY 2011

National Economic Council MAY 2011 n National Economic Council MAY 2011 Introduction This report focuses on the vital role that America s entrepreneurs and small business owners play in strengthening the U.S. economy. The Obama Administration

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FLORIDA DEPARTMENT of CORRECTIONS An Equal Opportunity Employer FLORIDA DEPARTMENT of CORRECTIONS Governor CHARLIE CRIST Secretary WALTER A. McNEIL 2601 Blair Stone Road Tallahassee, FL 32399-2500 Dear Fellow

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Consumer s Guide to New Jersey Law A Free Public Education Service from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation

Consumer s Guide to New Jersey Law A Free Public Education Service from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation Consumer s Guide to New Jersey Law A Free Public Education Service from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation One Constitution Square, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1500 1-800-FREE LAW This bo oklet

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HOW TO START A QUALITY CHILD CARE BUSINESS U.S. Small Business Administration MP-29 HOW TO START A QUALITY CHILD CARE BUSINESS Management and Planning Series How to Start a Quality Child Care Business replaces "Quality Child Care Makes Good Business

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The Homeless Court Program: Taking the Court to the Streets

The Homeless Court Program: Taking the Court to the Streets The Homeless Court Program: Taking the Court to the Streets Steven R. Binder Deputy Public Defender Law Offices of the Public Defender of San Diego County Bringing the law to the streets, the court to

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TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE SETTING UP THE BUSINESS INTRODUCTION Starting a new business can be both exciting and frightening. There are many practical things to consider -- location, size, employees, quality control, etc. And then there are the anxieties

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BUSINESS START-UP & RESOURCE GUIDE BUSINESS START-UP & RESOURCE GUIDE STARTING A BUSINESS IN NORTH CAROLINA Published by the University of North Carolina s Small Business and Technology Development Center Get your free download of this

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Guide to Doing Business in. New Jersey

Guide to Doing Business in. New Jersey Guide to Doing Business in New Jersey Table of Contents Section 1 Starting a New Business 3 Getting Started 3 Elements of a Business Plan 4 Construction of a Business Plan 4 Sample Business Plan Outline

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Foreword 2. Introduction 5. Finding the Noncustodial Parent 12. Child Support Handbook CONTENTS. Establishing Fatherhood 15. Where the Money Goes 31

Foreword 2. Introduction 5. Finding the Noncustodial Parent 12. Child Support Handbook CONTENTS. Establishing Fatherhood 15. Where the Money Goes 31 CONTENTS Foreword 2 Introduction 5 Finding the Noncustodial Parent 12 Establishing Fatherhood 15 Establishing the Support Order 19 Collecting Support 23 Where the Money Goes 31 Working Across Borders 33

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Strategy Research Project


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2011 annual report. Providence Service Corporation. Competitive StR e NGtH

2011 annual report. Providence Service Corporation. Competitive StR e NGtH 2011 annual report Providence Service Corporation Competitive StR e NGtH We are recognized for tackling two of the most challenging pieces of the Medicaid benefit, mental health and transportation, and

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Colorado Commissions on Judicial Performance

Colorado Commissions on Judicial Performance Colorado Commissions on Judicial Performance 2014 Training Garfield County Courthouse Denver City & County Building El Paso County Courthouse (Historic) Weld County Courthouse Montrose County Courthouse

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The good councillor s guide

The good councillor s guide 4th edition The good councillor s guide Essential guidance for local councillors The good councillor s guide Essential guidance for local councillors Contents Page Introduction 8 Part One Where are you

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Your Business. A Guide to Owning and Operating a Small Business in New York State

Your Business. A Guide to Owning and Operating a Small Business in New York State Your Business A Guide to Owning and Operating a Small Business in New York State A Guide To Owning and Operating a Small Business in New York State Contents CHAPTER 1: Foundations

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Becoming a Landlord Rewards, Risks, and Responsibilities

Becoming a Landlord Rewards, Risks, and Responsibilities Becoming a Landlord Rewards, Risks, and Responsibilities October 2008 2008 Fannie Mae. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means

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The Coalition: our programme for government

The Coalition: our programme for government The Coalition: our programme for government The Coalition: our programme for government 3 Freedom Fairness Responsibility 4 The Coalition: our programme for government The Coalition: our programme for

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CONSUMER PROTECTION GUIDE CONSUMER PROTECTION GUIDE Prepared by the Michigan Legislature Dear Friend: In today s complex marketplace we, as consumers, often run into problems. The questions are: What do you do about them? What

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National Quali cations SPECIMEN ONLY

National Quali cations SPECIMEN ONLY N5 SQ31/N5/01 National Qualications SPECIMEN ONLY Modern Studies Date Not applicable Duration 1 hour and 45 minutes Total marks 60 SECTION 1 DEMOCRACY IN SCOTLAND AND THE UNITED KINGDOM 20 marks Attempt

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