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1 The Top 5 Sedona Red Rock Wedding Sites Printable Guide by Sedona Destination Weddings

2 The following Sedona venues are our top picks for your red rock wedding,, elopement, vow renewal or commitment ceremony. Please watch the accompanying video for a better look at each of the sites and some of the beautiful people who made the red rocks of Sedona their ceremony site choice. Site Choice #5: Merry Go Round Merry Go Round site (above), Merry Goo Round view (below) Merry Go Round is the "roof top" of Sedona It has a bird's eye view of the entire Verde Valley And amazing scenery on the drive in and at the actual site It has wonderful dawn and sunset lighting And is accessible only by a Jeep tour entrance

3 Site Choice #4: Lover s Knoll Lover s Knoll site (above), Lover s Knoll view (below) Lover s Knoll is one of the more private red rock sites It has a beautiful drive in and easy site access It provides a stunning overlook with captivating sunset lighting It has the perfect name for a place to get marriedd or renew your vows

4 Site Choice #3: Bell Rock Bell Rock view (above), Bell Rock site (below) Bell Rock is Sedona's most famous official vortex site and a well known landmark It has powerful, uplifting vortex energy It has spectacular views with fantastic dawn and sunset lighting It s the perfect site for weddings that take place rightt on the red rocks

5 Site Choice #2: Huckabee Huckabee site (above), Huckabee view (below) Huckabee has sensational overlook views And the easiest site access (the only wheelchair accessible site) With a wedding site both on the red rocks and on an historic trail And because it s less well known, it s also very private

6 Site Choice #1: Red Rock Crossing Red Rock Crossing with Cathedral Rock (above), Redd Rock Crossing creek view (below) Red Rock Crossing is a stunning creekside venue It s framed by Cathedral Rock, the most photographed landmark in Sedona Cathedral Rock is a vortex site that emits a calming and inviting energy The landscape has amazing lighting at sunset

7 Thank you for your interest in The Top 5 Sedona Red Rock Wedding Sites! Here again are our top 5 picks for red rock weddings in the enchanted land of Sedona, Arizona: 5) Merry Go Round; 4) Lover s Knoll; 3) Bell Rock; 2) Huckabee; and 1) Red Rock Crossing. If you re considering a wedding or elopement, vow renewal or commitment ceremony in Sedona, these sites are available for your ceremony only through a provider such as Sedona Destination Weddings, one of the few companies who knows how to officially and legally get you permitted for a red rock site. There are also a number of other stunning indoor and outdoor venues in Sedona that may provide the perfect fit for you for your Special Day. Please call us at 1 (928) to discover how we can help make your Sedona wedding the spectacular, joyous and unforgettable day it s meant to be. And now, we d love to give you two more top 5 lists to helpp you with your wedding planning. The Top 5 Reasons to Get Married in Sedona, Arizona Reason #1: Sacred vortex energy. Theree are very few places in the world with the kind of spiritual energy found in Sedona. Vortex energy can be used to amplify your vows and intentions and create a very high atmosphere for your sacred union ceremony. This is Sedona s unique wedding gift to you.

8 Reason #2: Sedona s unsurpassed natural beauty. USA Today put Sedona, Arizona in their #1 spot on The 10 Most Beautiful Places in America list. The red rock buttes and spires contrast against blue skies and high desert greenery, creating natural outdoor cathedrals and stunning vistas as far as the eye can see. What this means for you is a perfect outdoor venue to uplift and inspire you, breathtaking photography, and a serious wow factor for you and your guests. Reason #3: The Sedona return factor. Sedona is a charming and romantic place people want to come back to over and over again to celebrate anniversaries, to take vacations and to renew their vows. People often say they are called to come here for various reasons from all over the world. It s the perfect place to remember where you began your journey together a touchstone to remember your love for one another. Reason #4: As a premiere tourist destination, Sedona has something for everyone. Shopping, restaurants, hiking, art, photography, old West history, hot air balloon rides, and on and on. You and your guests will not be bored! It also has everything you need for the perfect wedding, including a number of day spas and salons, amazing hotels and resorts and a great selection of wedding vendors. Reason #5: Sedona is an easy to access, friendly locale. With just two main roads through the center of town, Sedona is super easy to navigate, safe and hassle free. You and your guests will not have to find your way through a city maze or wonder if you ll make it to the ceremony on time. It s also a central point of access for other tourist destinations that include the Grand Canyon, Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona and the Northern Arizona cities of Jerome, Flagstaff and Prescott. The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Sedona Destination Weddings for Your Sedona Wedding Reason #1: The people of Sedona Destination Weddings truly care. It s true. We love what we do and it shows. We love the beauty and energy of Sedona and we love bringing that together with your special day to make it a magical and unforgettable experience a day you will remember for the rest of your life. We listen to your needs and desires and then always do our best to exceed your expectations. Meet us here. Reason #2: You want a stress free wedding. Our knowledge and experience, our attitude and our absolute love of what we do ensures you a hassle free wedding experience. This is not a time for you to be feeling like you want to rip your hair out trying to get things to flow, finding

9 the right information, and attending to endless details. Our married couples often comment on how easy and how much fun they had working with us. Let us take care of everything, so you can concentrate on your love for one another and being present and joyous on your big day. Reason #3: No one knows Sedona better. Sedona Destination Weddings is made up of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who love the magic and mystery of this unique red rock enclave. Our staff is intimately familiar with the town, the land, its charm and lore, as well as its scientific and mystical properties. We can advise you on any and all aspects and details of your Sedona wedding from the best places to stay to where to get your hair done to the where to have the perfect reception dinner or how to use the vortex energy to empower your ceremony and your new life together. We are both Sedona experts and wedding professionals and that means you don t have to be. Reason #4: We do it right. Sedona Destination Weddings is one of the few companies that knows how to officially and legally get you permitted for a red rock site. We guarantee that you and your wedding party and guests are in the best hands possible for a safe, smooth and professional wedding. Beware of companies who could place you in harm s way with unsafe practices or lack of knowledge. Reason #5: We offer the best value in Sedona. You won t find a wedding service provider, planning and officiant services anywhere else in Sedona with our expertise and professionalism. Our wedding and elopement packages are affordable and priced with you in mind. They contain all the elements you need for an amazing Sedona red rock or chapel wedding. And they are completely customizable, so it s your wedding done your way.