PI KAPPA PHI FRATERNITY Seven Objectives of Chapter Excellence Report Explained!

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1 Seven Objectives f Chapter Excellence Reprt Explained! The Seven Objectives f Chapter Excellence have been develped as a resurce t assist yu in the develpment f yur chapter. In each f the seven bjectives yu will find tw different types f questins: quantitative and prgrammatic. The first type f evaluatin is dne thrugh the quantitative questins. Here we ask yu t hnestly cmpare yur chapter t the rest f the Greek cmmunity and campus. In rder t be the leading chapter n yur campus, yu must be able t prve yur claim with statistical data. In additin, it is unfair f the Natinal Office t cmpare chapters t ne anther. A chapter at a small, cmmuter schl is ging t have t achieve different levels t be the leading chapter unlike at a large, state schl with a prminent Greek cmmunity. Since the quantitative data is campus specific, it gives everyne a clear picture f where yu stand amngst yur peers. The secnd type f evaluatin is dne thrugh prgrammatic questining. Althugh we are very prud f ur chapters when they tpple the cmpetitin in the quantitative sectin, it is ur intent t have leading chapters n every campus where Pi Kappa Phi is present fr the duratin r ur existence. The cntinuatin f success is cntingent n the prgrams a chapter regularly cnducts. It is ne thing t achieve success, it is anther t knw hw yu have dne it and lay the grundwrk fr its cntinuatin! Each semester yur chapter will cmplete this Seven Objectives f Chapter Excellence Reprt and wrk with yur leadership cnsultant and Reginal Gvernr t identify the needs f yur members and leaders. Yur annual leadership cnsultant visit will be based n meeting the needs f the areas that challenge yur chapter the mst. This will enable yu t maximize yur relatinship with yur leadership cnsultant and use the best ideas frm acrss the cuntry t succeed n yur hme campus. When yu cmplete the reprt yur chapter will be assigned a level f 0 (zer), I, II, r III. The fur levels are meant t help yu determine yur chapter's current status and cntinued prgress in each f the seven bjectives. Level 0 (zer): perfrming belw the minimum expectatin and is nt in gd standing with all fraternity standards. Level I: perfrming abve the minimum chapter standards and in gd standing with all fraternity standards. Level II: perfrming abve the average and practicing the cre cmpetencies necessary t mve t Level III. Level III: leading yur campus and perfrming at a high level f prficiency. The fllwing dcument will explain, in further detail, the prgrammatic questins s that yur chapter may begin the jurney f implementatin.

2 Recruitment Success: When it cmes t fraternity, size des matter. A larger chapter membership can mean a myriad f things: mre men t interact and learn frm, mre ptins t build lifelng friendships, mre brthers t shulder the financial burden, and mre men t help with practically anything the chapter wants t d. Size is als ne f the primary indicatrs f being an excellent chapter. When yu enter the quantitative data, be hnest with yurself; hw many men can yur chapter really cunt n at any given mment? If yu find that yur chapter is nt as cmpetitive as it wuld like t be, then it is time t begin fcusing n the fllwing items t help yur chapter in the area f recruitment. Des yur chapter have an annual recruitment retreat/wrkshp? It is the Vice Archn s respnsibility t rchestrate the recruitment effrts f the chapter. It is highly advised that he des this in cnjunctin with a cmmittee f men s that multiple ideas are expressed and utilized. When this cmmittee has cme up with the game plan the chapter will use fr its recruitment effrts, it is critical that every member f the chapter becme infrmed f this game plan. It is at this pint that the recruitment cmmittee shuld cnduct a recruitment retreat t infrm the chapter n their respnsibilities during recruitment and educate them n techniques f hw t share the fraternal experience with prspective members. Yur chapter shuld cnduct a recruitment retreat at least nce a year, hwever if yur schl has tw different recruitment perids, there shuld be ne fr each f these. Des yur chapter have a written chapter-adpted recruitment prgram? It is imprtant t recrd yur trials, errrs, and successes fr the next generatin f Pi Kapps at yur chapter. In the recruitment prgram yu will need t utline the bjectives, gals, and actin plan f yur chapter s recruitment effrts. Als, prvide infrmatin n hw and why yu came t these cnclusins (s that the next fficer des nt discard what yu have written as yur pinin). The written recruitment prgram shuld be cmpiled by the Vice Archn in cnjunctin with his cmmittee. Once written the prgram needs t be presented t the entire chapter t be vted upn befre being cnsidered adpted. Des yur chapter recruit year-rund? There is a fundamental difference between recruitment and rush. The term rush cmes frm the rigin f fraternity recruitment, when fraternity and srrity members used t rush t the train statin at the beginning f each schl year in rder t help mve the new students int their huses and eventually make them members. Fraternities that still practice rush tactics have a difficult time finding quality men because they have nt laid the grundwrk t find these men. If yu sit arund and wait fr men t cme t yu wanting t jin Pi Kappa Phi, then yu will nt be a quality

3 rganizatin. If yu actively recruit, year rund, always seeking the best and brightest men at yur University yu will cntinue t imprve and eventually becme the leading chapter n yur campus. Des yur chapter give ut a rush schlarship t incming Freshmen? It is extremely hard t get ahead f the game when it cmes t rush. The mst exceptinal students (the nes that we want t becme Pi Kappa Phi s) are rarely interested in jining a fraternity because f the negative steretypes assciated with fraternities. Therefre, it is ur respnsibility t g ut and actively recruit them and give these students a reasn t jin Pi Kappa Phi! One way that yur chapter can d this is by ffering a schlarship t incming male students. Oftentimes, the Admissins Office will prvide yu with a list f all incming male students if yu tell them it is fr a schlarship mailing. Yu can als send the schlarship applicatin t area high schls s that they can reference it in their Guidance Office. This is a great way t intrduce Pi Kappa Phi t incming students and their families. It is imprtant t establish clear criteria t receive the schlarship and put tgether a panel f judges in rder t evaluate the applicatins based n the selectin criteria. This is als a great way t get a jump n the cmpetitin by asking fr each student s schl cntact infrmatin. D yu prvide a written cpy f yur chapter s bligatins f membership? Yu were nt given a bid t membership in Pi Kappa Phi until we were sure yu knew what yu were getting yurself int. Althugh we culd recruit mre men by requiring less f them, the truth is that Pi Kappa Phi des demand a lt f every member s time, energy, and mney. It is nt acceptable t welcme a new member int the rganizatin until yu have clearly infrmed him abut what accepting yur invitatin will mean. Des yur campus have deferred recruitment fr first semester Freshmen? At sme institutins, freshmen are nt allwed t participate in recruitment events until after their first semester r term in schl. At still thers, freshmen are barred frm jining the Greek cmmunity until their sphmre year. The reasning behind deferred recruitment is grwing cncern ver the effects f Greek life n students, especially new students. Deferred recruitment refers mre t the timing f when rush ccurs rather than the actual prcess f recruitment. In mst cases with deferred recruitment, fraternities are simply nt allwed t hand ut bids t ptential members. This may nt prevent yu frm getting t knw peple, hlding events, and recruiting in general.

4 Des yur chapter adhere t alchl-free recruitment, bid night, big brther night and initiatin? Dry recruitment is self-explanatry, meaning n alchl during any type f recruitment (frmal, infrmal, etc.). It is als mandated by the Nrth- American Interfraternity Cnference (NIC) which Pi Kappa Phi is a part f. Jining a fraternity means jining an rganizatin fr which yu agree with what they stand fr as an rganizatin and what they believe in. Alchl free recruitment will allw chapter s t fcus mre n their values and what they can ffer t ptential members in areas f leadership, academics, and service. Des yur chapter require a minimum 2.3 HS GPA fr first semester freshmen? Des yur chapter require a minimum 2.5 GPA fr rushees? These GPA requirements are als mandated by the NIC. It is unfair t the chapter and t a new member if yu d nt evaluate a ptential member s prbability f meeting this gal befre yu extend him a bid fr membership. Student s are in schl fr ne reasn, t graduate with a cllege degree. If they are nt able t fulfill this requirement, then it is nt the right time fr them t jin Pi Kappa Phi, and shuld cncentrate n their studies. Des yur chapter supprt the NIC pen expansin plicy? N member f the NIC is able t prhibit anther NIC member frm establishing a chapter n a campus f a hst institutin. This als means the IFC f the hst institutin is nt able t prevent expansin f an NIC member by withhlding membership t the campus s IFC. Every member f the NIC is in the same situatin when expanding, recruiting, etc. It is nt acceptable fr NIC members t hinder the chance f anther NIC member frm expanding when we are all wrking tgether t always enhance Greek cmmunities thrughut the cuntry. Superir Assciate Member Educatin: It is impssible t verstate the imprtance f an effective member educatin prcess. Teaching men abut Pi Kappa Phi and training them t be Pi Kappa Phi s is an abslutely AWESOME pprtunity. With this rle cmes an unbelievable amunt f respnsibility. It has been prven, time and again, that new members will take n the characteristics f their educatr. In mst cases the member educatr is the warden, hwever, in the ideal chapter, every member takes respnsibility fr the educatin and well-being f the chapter s new members. Yu have the pprtunity t mld these men int better men, while at the same time becming a better man yurself, take this pprtunity, and accept the respnsibility that cmes alng with it!

5 Is yur assciate member educatin prgram n mre than 12 weeks lng? This stance is mandated by the NIC and every fraternity must nw ensure their chapter prgrams are 12 weeks r less. If the prgram ges n fr any lnger then chapters run int the universities academic calendar, ther respnsibilities the assciates will have t accmplish befre the semester is finished, r the ptential t lse assciate members because they are still ging thrugh the assciate member prcess. A prgram that is less than 12 weeks will be lng enugh t accmplish the tasks that are set frth, it will allw the brthers t get t the knw assciates, and will enable them with the knwledge t be prepared fr initiatin. Are all f yur assciate member activities alchl-free? This is anther stance the NIC has taken. The entire assciate member prcess is t be dry. This includes but is nt limited t events, meetings, philanthrpic events, and the daily duties f an assciate member. Remember, mst f the time assciate members are nt f age; therefre, they can nly participate in alchl free activities. Is the assciate member educatin prgram apprved by the chapter? It is imprtant fr the chapter t develp an up-t-date and cmprehensive member educatin prgram using the The White Diamnd and the Superir Assciate Member Educatin manual as a guide. This will be able t help the Warden facilitate a better educatin based lessn plan and enable the assciate members t understand what they will be cvering n a week by week basis. A written prgram will als infrm the assciate members as t what they will be expecting thrughut their assciate membership. Des yur chapter perfrm the Pledging Service as utlined in the Gld Bk? Als called Pre-Initiatin, it is expected that every chapter perfrm the same Ritual using the Gld Bk t prvide the same experience while making a rushee an fficial assciate. This ceremny shuld take place n mre than tw weeks after the rushee has accepted his bid.

6 Des yur chapter use at least fur sub rituals in yur assciate member educatin prgram? Sub rituals are intended t prvide the participants with a deeper understanding f ne anther and f the fraternal experience. Yur chapter is encuraged t develp yur wn sub rituals s that they are mre meaningful t yur members. Attentin t this area f develpment will unite yur chapter and give yu a true meaning f the brtherhd yu shuld be develping. Des yur chapter have a current written assciate member educatin prgram? It is imprtant t have a current, within the year, written prgram t identify small changes that have been made t the prgram ver the years. Yur warden s curriculum shuld nt change much frm year t year, but it is imprtant that assciates are given crrect and up t date infrmatin. Des every new assciate receive a current versin f the The White Diamnd? Per Supreme Law XIII, Sectin 3c, all assciate members shall be prvided with a current versin f the The White Diamnd as part f their assciate membership prgram. D yur assciates have t cmplete a written exam prir t Initiatin? Per Supreme Law XIII, Sectin 3b, an assciate member/pledge shall pass an examinatin relating t the principles and histry f the Fraternity prir t being elected t membership by the chapter. D yu utilize the member educatin prgram utlined in the The White Diamnd? As yu develp the chapter s versin f yur member educatin prgram, refer t the The White Diamnd fr an utline f what it shuld lk like using the chapter reviews and questins in the back f each chapter. Is there a Scial Issues (STD s, Sexual Vilence) mdule in yur member educatin prgram? It is imprtant t embrace the cncept f being leader s by chice by expsing yur membership t new and exciting ideas and cncepts. Intelligent cnversatin and debate abut cmplex scial issues is an imprtant part f the fraternal experience whether it is expertly mediated r nt.

7 D yu have a written Big Brther prgram? It is imprtant t prvide yur newest members with experienced mentrs frm the beginning f their time as a Pi Kappa Phi. Big Brther prgrams are s varied that there is n template t prvide yur chapter. The cre bjective f a Big Brther is t help assimilate a new member int the fraternity. Sme chapters develp Big Brther cntracts, listing the expectatins f a Big Brther, that a member must agree t if he is t take n this respnsibility. Other chapters develp a multi-week prgram based arund Big and Little Brther events. This is an area that yu can immediately begin t start yur wn traditins as an assciate chapter. Des yur chapter have a minimum GPA required t initiate? It is up t yur chapter s discretin if it wishes t adpt a higher standard f what the required GPA fr initiatin is. At the very minimum, per Supreme Law I, Sectin 9, individuals must have a term r cumulative GPA f a Academic Achievement: As a student at yur cllege r university, yu are there first and fremst t get an educatin. It is the gal f Pi Kappa Phi t enhance this experience withut hindering yur academic perfrmance. In additin, the single biggest indicatr f chapter success t the faculty and staff at yur cllege r university is hw yu cmpete with the rest f the campus ppulatin in the area f schlarship. Yu can t becme the leading chapter n yur campus by achieving belw the all-fraternity r all-male GPA fr yur campus. Des yur chapter have a written schlarship prgram? Per Supreme Law VI, Subdivisin 4, Sectin 24, each student chapter shall be required t submit annually t the Natinal Office a written chapter schlarship prgram. A written schlarship prgram addresses hw yur chapter will cnsistently be the tp achieving fraternity n yur campus in regards t academic achievement. This prgram shuld include a clear listing f yur chapter s standards and the prcess fr dealing with individuals wh fall belw these standards. It shuld als cntain practive prgrams t deal with the adjustment new members are ging t have t make in regards t studying with the added burden f being in a fraternity. This is yur pprtunity t establish a traditin f excellence.

8 D all f yur executive cuncil members have a minimum 2.5 GPA? Per Supreme Law VI, Subdivisin 3, Sectin 13 t be eligible t hld an fficer psitin, a student shall have attained and maintain a term grade pint average (4.0 scale) f 2.5 thrughut his term as an fficer, r a cumulative GPA nt within the lwest 1/3 f his chapter during the mst recent grading term enrlled full-time. If the student s cumulative GPA is belw this standard he shall be eligible t stand fr ffice if he meets the abve standard based n an average f the tw mst recent grading terms enrlled as a full time student. Des the chapter nminate eligible members fr the Order f the Lamp? Per Supreme Law XII, Subdivisin 2, Sectin 13, Order f the Lamp shall be recgnized as an academic hnr sciety within the greater Fraternity. Assciate members and brthers shall be eligible fr recgnitin in the Order f the Lamp during each academic year they achieve a grade pint average f at least 3.25 n a 4.0 scale during at least ne grading perid enrlled as a full time student. Senirs wh achieve a cumulative GPA at least 3.25 as f their fall grades shall be recgnized with a special Order f the Lamp seal suitable fr display n their membership shingle. Is the chapter GPA abve the required 2.5 NIC guideline? The chapter must achieve a chapter GPA f 2.5 as mandated by the NIC. Chapters need t wrk t their ptential f being a great chapter. Academics is ne f the key elements that make the fundatin f Pi Kappa Phi. Des yur campus r IFC prvide chapter grade reprts every term? If s, have the grade reprts been turned in t the natinal ffice? Mst Greek Affairs, Greek Life, Student Develpment ffices r IFCs keep track f yur chapter GPA. It is imprtant that this reprt is cllected by a natinal staff member when visiting, a reginal gvernr, r sent in by the chapter itself when yu receive it frm the university.

9 Sund Chapter Operatins: When we cnsider the develpment f leading chapters, a key cmpnent in this prcess is hw the chapter functins n a day-t-day, year-t-year basis. Because yur chapter membership changes by apprximately 25 percent each and every year, it is abslutely critical t establish standard perating prcedures that will cntinually keep the chapter mving n the path t imprvement. It shuld be yur gal t feel like the chapter is better ff at yur graduatin than it was when yu jined. It is hard fr undergraduate members t grasp the big picture; what yu d tday affects the chapter tmrrw. This bjective f chapter excellence helps yu fcus n and develp nging chapter prgrams fr the cntinual grwth f yur chapter. Des yur chapter have a written and apprved Cnstitutin and Bylaws? It is impssible t perate as a chapter withut clear expectatins f membership. Yur chapter Cnstitutin and Bylaws prvides this structure. Nwhere in yur chapter Cnstitutin r Bylaws can yu cntradict the Supreme Law. Des yur chapter adhere t the restrictin n any little sister prgram/clubs? Per Supreme Law XIII, Sectin 20 a. Subrdinate chapter bylaws shall make n prvisin fr auxiliary rganizatins cmpsed f female persns. This sectin is nt intended t prhibit relatins with independent rganizatins cmpsed f female persns. b. Subrdinate chapters shall nt affiliate female persns t any status f membership within the subrdinate chapter. This sectin shall nt be cnstrued t prhibit emplyment r cntractual relatinships, such as with husemthers. c. Any such affiliatin in vilatin f this sectin shall nt delegate nr be binding n the Fraternity. Des yur chapter have a functining cmmittee system? Per Supreme Law XIII, Sectin 5b, each chapter have a functining cmmittee system cmpsed f a sufficient number f cmmittees, as determined by the student chapter, which are necessary t assist in the business f the student chapter. The fraternity s rganizatinal structure lists a number f recmmended permanent cmmittees. These can be fund n pages f The White Diamnd.

10 Des yur chapter hld an annual Officer Transitin Retreat? Oftentimes, valuable experiential knwledge is lst t the chapter because there is nt an effective transitin by the utging executive cuncil t the newly elected executive cuncil. Use the Chapter Retreats manual and yur chapter advisr r reginal gvernr t schedule and plan an Officer Transitin Retreat, this will keep the new fficers frm reinventing the wheel and help them t sharpen the stne with their new psitins. Did yur Archn attend Mid Year Leadership Cnference, Pi Kapp Cllege/ Supreme Chapter? Per Supreme Law XIII, Sectin 5d, a student chapter shall have its Archn, r a representative designated by him in writing, in attendance at each Supreme Chapter, Pi Kapp Cllege and ne f the Mid Year Leadership Cnferences. Des yur secretary recrd and distribute weekly chapter minutes? Per Supreme Law VI, Subdivisin 2, Sectin 8 the Secretary shall keep a just and true recrd f all prceedings f the chapter. He shuld distribute the minutes after every meeting t ensure effective chapter cmmunicatin, even t thse members wh happened t be absent. Is yur chapter in gd standing with yur hst institutin? The first step t accmplishing this bjective is determining what the standards f yur cllege r university are. After yu knw what is expected f yu and yur chapter it is imperative that yu stay in the gd graces f yur Greek ffice. Des yur chapter have a written and functining strategic plan? The chapter strategic plan can either be develped at a Chapter Strategic Planning Retreat (CSPR) crdinated by the natinal ffice and facilitated by a staff member r reginal gvernr, r the chapter and its advisrs can develp this n their wn and submit it the natinal ffice fr review.

11 Des yur chapter hst an annual Chapter Strategic Planning Retreat/wrkshp? The Chapter Strategic Planning Retreat shuld be held annually t ensure that the strategic plan is updated and added t, that the dcument is a living, breathing dcument in the same manner as the chapter bylaws. The CSPR guide and utline can be fund in the Chapter Retreats manual, use yur chapter advisr and reginal gvernr t help yu plan and prepare fr ne f these, there is a gd chance a natinal staff member will facilitate this retreat fr yur chapter if enugh preparatin and frethught are given. Des yur chapter have a chapter apprved functining visin statement? Per Supreme Law XIII, Subdivisin 4, Sectin 26 each chapter shall design and implement a custmized chapter visin statement (assciated t the strategic plan) that identifies and utilizes apprpriate resurces available t the chapter thrugh its respective cllege r university as well as the natinal fraternity. The chapter visin statement and assciated strategic plan shuld be implemented by each man in the chapter fr the frward prgress f Pi Kappa Phi in becming Leaders By Chice. Des yur chapter have a written and apprved Budget? Yur chapter is a small business. It wuld be irrespnsible fr any business t spend mney withut regard t where it is cming frm and if the mney is currently present in the chapter accunt. Every member in yur chapter shuld have say n hw much they will be paying in chapter dues, therefre the budget must be presented t and apprved by the entire chapter. Des yur chapter perate in the black financially? It is impssible t perate as a successful business if spending is greater than yur cllectin. Des yur budget include a five percent cntributin t yur savings? Any gd budget includes a cntributin t lng-term savings in rder t make a large purchase in the future. Getting yur chapter in the habit f planning fr the future is ne f the mst difficult challenges that yu will face, hwever it will create the pprtunity fr yur chapter t becme a leading chapter n yur campus.

12 D yu have an utstanding balance with the natinal headquarters? It is imperative that yur chapter stays current with the natinal ffice. Financial bligatins t the fraternity include, but are nt limited t: member dues, Pre-Initiatin and Initiatin fees, cnference fees, and insurance. The csts incurred by the natinal ffice are easy t anticipate and plan fr, hwever mst chapter s struggle with delinquency because f pr transitin frm ne executive cuncil t the next. Des yur chapter use written member cntracts r agreements? When yu agree t jin Pi Kappa Phi yu sign a bid card, and then a Pre- Initiatin and Initiatin card, all f these are examples f cntracts and agreements that yu have with the natinal ffice and Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. Yur chapter shuld als develp specific cntracts and agreements fr its membership. Examples f pssible member cntracts include: prmissry nte fr chapter dues, Big Brther respnsibilities and expectatins cntract, executive cuncil and cmmittee chair respnsibilities and expectatins cntract. Has yur chapter cmpleted an IRS 990 frm and sent a cpy t the Headquarters? Per Supreme Law XIII, Sectin 6a in additin, each chapter shall submit t the Natinal Headquarters a year-end budget variance and a cpy f the Internal Revenue Service Frm 990 each time it is filed with the IRS. If yu need help with this cntact the Pi Kappa Phi Chief Finance Officer r the Directr f Chapter Operatins, als g t Des yur chapter have a written and apprved Risk Management Prgram? Every campus is different when it cmes t what it takes t effectively manage the risk. Yur chapter needs t develp a specific Risk Management Prgram that fits yur campus and chapter needs. Yur Risk Management Prgram cannt cntradict any f the requirements utlined in ur insurance prvider s plicies (FIPG plicy). Des yur chapter have a Risk Management Specialist? Per Supreme Law XIII, Sectin 5a, each chapter shall have a Risk Management Specialist. He is t be the liaisn between the Natinal Headquarters and the student chapter in all matters pertaining t risk management. He is t submit fr review by the Executive Directr a risk management guideline fr his chapter.

13 Des yur chapter have a Web page that adheres t Pi Kappa Phi plicies? In an effrt t break dwn the negative steretypes assciated with fraternities, all chapters f Pi Kappa Phi are encuraged t develp a website celebrating the wnderful things yur individual chapter des. This site als prvides yu a reference t use during recruitment. A list f plicies can be fund in the Risk Management dwnlad sectin f the Pi Kapp website. Living the Ritual: The Ritual f Initiatin is the ne bnd that the ver 98,000 initiates f Pi Kappa Phi have in cmmn. Every member f Pi Kappa Phi since 1906 has undergne the same experience befre they were allwed t wear the Black Diamnd badge f ur belved fraternity. Yu and yur chapter have been entrusted with the hnr f preserving this traditin. Des yur chapter have a functining Standards Bard? Our chapters are arranged similarly t the United States gvernment system with an executive branch (the executive cuncil and the Natinal Cuncil), a legislative branch (chapter meetings and Supreme Chapter), and a judicial branch (the standards bard and a tribunal). The chapter Standards Bard will help each chapter handle discipline within the chapter. Reference the Standards Bard Manual n pikapp.rg fr help creating ne. Des yur chapter have a written Cde f Cnduct? A chapter Cde f Cnduct is abslutely necessary fr a chapter t functin prperly. Hw can yu expect yur members t attend every chapter meeting, strive fr a high GPA, lend a helping hand r get invlved at all if yu d nt clearly explain that these are the bligatins f membership? Creating a chapter Cde f Cnduct is yur pprtunity t define what an ideal Brther f yur chapter wuld d in rder t help make yur chapter an ideal chapter f Pi Kappa Phi. Des yur chapter have a written Member in Gd Standing status? Yur Member in Gd Standing status shuld be develped in crrelatin with yur Cnstitutin and Bylaws as well as yur chapter Cde f Cnduct. Every member f the chapter shuld knw what is expected f them and given this at the beginning f their new member prgram.

14 Des yur chapter practice and perfrm the frmal ritual every term? Student chapters shall make prper prvisins fr initiatin f candidates wh have been regularly elected t membership. This includes a practice initiatin t insure that the real initiatin runs smthly. The initiatins may be held at any time selected by the chapter. Per Supreme Law XIII, Sectin 7a, the frmal ritual f initiatin is described in the Ritual f Initiatin bk distributed by the natinal fraternity. The ritual shuld be practiced and perfrmed each semester t ensure a prper perfrmance f the Ritual f Initiatin as well as t ensure a cntinuing flw f student and alumni members int each chapter. Any deviatin frm the written instructins r language f the Ritual f Initiatin bk des nt qualify the perfrmed ritual as fficial. Des yur chapter perfrm a ritual debrief every term? A ritual debrief ensures that all newly initiated brthers fully understand what the ritual entails. It is an imprtant step in the prcess f becming a full brther. Des yur chapter hld a frmal meeting each mnth? Per Supreme Law VI, Subdivisin 3, Sectin 14, chapter meetings shall be held weekly during the regular academic year and at least ne such meeting each mnth shall be cnducted accrding t the frmal prcedure. Members shall attend all meetings unless excused by the Archn fr sufficient reasn. Special meetings shall be called by the Archn upn written request f six members. The Archn may cancel any chapter meeting fr gd cause. All persns shall be challenged and recgnized as initiated members in the usual manner befre being admitted t any frmal chapter meeting, r any chapter meeting at which esteric matters are t be discussed. Des yur chapter enfrce the FIPG n hazing plicy at all times including all rituals and sub rituals? Per Supreme Law XIII, Subdivisin 2, Sectin 14, there shall be n cnduct permitted in any fraternal setting at any time, including pre-initiatin, which is actually r ptentially demeaning r dangerus t the physical r mental health r safety f any persn, as such wuld be judged by a persn f rdinary sensibilities wh applies reasnable standards. Per FIPG plicy n chapter, clny, r student r alumnus shall cnduct nr cndne hazing activities.

15 Cmmitment t Service: Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity is the nly natinal fraternity t create, wn, and perate its wn Natinal utreach prgram, Push America. Because f this distinctin it is imperative that every member embraces the missin f Push America; it is yur chapter s key t becming the leading chapter n yur campus. Has yur chapter participated in ne revenue generating event fr Push America? Per Supreme Law XIII, Sectin 8b each student chapter shall participate in at least ne (1) revenue generating event per year fr Push America. All funds raised must be submitted t Push America within tw weeks after the chapter cllects the funds. Des yur chapter have a functining Vlunteer relatinship? It is imprtant t create the hands-n experience that brings yur chapter membership face-t-face with the reasn Pi Kappa Phi prmtes awareness, raises funds, and helps peple with disabilities. Yu can find lcal facilities fr peple with disabilities by lking in yur phne bk under Human Resurces r Services. If yu are unable t find a facility in this manner, cntact yur cllege r university almst all have a prgram fr develpmental disabilities r the lcal high schl. The imprtant thing is t establish a meaningful relatinship that is beneficial fr bth yur members and the facility yu are assisting. Have chapter members participated in a natinal Push America event this year? Push America ffers numerus events thrughut the year that yur chapter can becme invlved in. It is participatin in these prgrams that can earn yur chapter psitive publicity fr the Greek Cmmunity and Pi Kappa Phi, as well as, an unbelievable experience fr the brthers that participate. Natinal events include; The Jurney f Hpe, Build America, Gear Up Flrida, Give-A-Push Weekends, Push Camps, and The Push America Challenge. Des yur chapter have a Philanthrpy chairman? Per Supreme Law XIII, Sectin 8a, each chapter shall have a Philanthrpy Chairman wh shall be respnsible fr directing r supervising all philanthrpic and service riented activities f the chapter. These activities shall include, but are nt limited t, thse directly aligned with the spirit and missin f Push America.

16 Des yur chapter have a written Push America prgram? Just like yur ther written prgrams, this will ensure that yur Philanthrpy r Push America chairman has a successful transitin and can adequately plan and prepare fr upcming events. Des yur chapter have a Push America cmmittee that meets at least mnthly? T ensure success in the Cmmitment t Service area yur cmmittee shuld be meeting n a regular basis t effectively plan yur chapter s success. Effective Chapter Alumni Relatins: It is never t late t lay the grundwrk fr the future when dealing with yur chapter s alumni. What yu d tday in the area f Alumni Relatins will directly affect hw the chapter treats yu when yu are an alumnus. Hw many chapter based alumni events did yur chapter hst this year? Each chapter is recmmended t hld at least ne chapter based alumni event. That event will be left up t the discretin f the chapter, but requires adequate ntificatin f all alumni in gd standing n the chapter s alumni rster. Des yur chapter maintain an annual histric scrapbk, web-based pht archive, and/r electrnic file that may include phts, descriptins, etc.? The histrical scrapbk is the chapter and alumni s link t their years in cllege. The chapter histrical scrapbk shuld be cmpleted each year dcumenting the significant events f the chapter, individual and chapter accmplishments, alng with bigraphies f the brtherhd. This scrapbk des nt have t be t hard r cmplex, perhaps yu get sme friends frm a wmen s rganizatin t help yu r even make it electrnic by placing pictures and a Wrd dcument n a CD. Has yur chapter actively recruited all available legacies? Per Supreme Law I, Sectin 4, the student chapters shall aggressively recruit any legacy that has been brught t the attentin f the chapter fr membership int the Fraternity. A legacy is any male direct descendent, brther, adptee, legal ward r charge, f a member.

17 Has yur chapter fulfilled the Alumni ntificatin requirement cncerning Legacies? Per Supreme Law I, Sectin 4 d, if the chapter has declined t extend an invitatin t assciate membership/pledge-ship t a legacy, the Archn must infrm the brther related t the Legacy. Such ntificatin shall be after cnsultatin with the Chapter Advisr r the Natinal Headquarters immediately, but n later than ne week that the legacy was duly cnsidered but nt accepted fr membership. Ntificatin shall be in persn r by telephne and then fllwed by a letter prepared in triplicate, with ne cpy sent t the Natinal Headquarters and ne cpy retained by the chapter. Des yur chapter use a graduating senir ritual? Althugh there is a graduating senir ritual in the Gld Bk f Pi Kappa Phi, we encurage chapters t develp separate and special traditins t hnr their utging members. In chapters that d have a graduating senir ritual it is usually created by alumni r a grup f graduating senirs and it is smething special t lk frward t upn graduating frm yur cllege r university. Hw many alumni initiates has yur chapter recruited and successfully initiated this year? Per Supreme Law I, Sectin 2 d, an alumnus initiate is a man wh brings credit t a chapter r fraternity thrugh service r guidance t imprve the welfare f the fraternity. Alumni initiates may include, but is nt limited t: fathers f undergraduate students; relatives f fraternity members; civic r campus leaders; advisrs r any ther males wh bring credit t the fraternity.