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1 ise 11th congress of the interntionl Society of ethnophrmcology (ise 2010). Continuity nd chnge in Ethnophrmcology: Trnsdisciplinry science for our future ISE1. Ethnophrmcology nd Bioculturl Diversity ISE2. ISE3. ISE5. ISE6. Circum-Mediterrnen Ethnophrmcology nd Ethnobotny nd the mutul interctions with the Americs From trditionl remedies to modern medicines phytochemicl, phrmcologicl nd clinicl studies The interfce between History nd Ethnophrmcology The interfce of Medicine nd Food Plnts Fuente:

2 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) 95 ise1-o01 sustinble pproch to ethnophrmcology Biovision Foundtion supports pilot project in Keny s rinforest W. Lwnde, V. Albertin b, J. Bwire, H.R. Herren b, F. Nduguli, M. Nelim, F. Wrtmnn b, B. Frei Hller b, c Interntionl Centre for Insect Physiology nd Ecology icipe, Ksrni/off Thik Rd., Nirobi, Keny, b Biovision, Foundtion for ecologicl development, Schffhuserstr. 18, 8006 Zurich, Switzerlnd, c Université de Neuchâtel, Lbortoire de prsitologie moléculire, Rue Emile-Argnd 11, 2009 Neuchâtel, Switzerlnd Bckground: Est Afric s protected forests re home to mny rre or endemic plnt nd niml species. Driven by locl needs, pressure on the forests hs been incresing constntly over the lst decdes. Due to deforesttion nd over-exploittion of nontimber forest products, these vitl nd unique ecosystems re thretened with extinction. Objectives: Frming fmilies living in the vicinity of the forests re forced to use wood, plnts nd grss from protected res in n unsustinble wy to secure their livelihoods. In order to counter-ct to this trend whilst still enbling vitl dditionl income to be mde by the frmers, Biovision nd its locl prtner orgniztion icipe demonstrte in pilot project in the Kkmeg forest in northwest Keny how locl romtic nd medicinl plnts cn be plnted on-frm. The plnts re then sold for fir price to crete n dditionl, forest-independent household income. Methods: Locl co-opertives work closely with icipe to monitor cultivtion, secure stble selling price nd process the rw m- terils. The extrcts from the romtic nd medicinl plnts re used to crete rnge of products for vrious helth nd heling purposes, nd re sold t locl nd ntionl mrkets in Keny nd Tnzni. Results nd conclusions: This project dds vlue to nd motivtes utiliztion of trditionl knowledge. By generting new green jobs nd dditionl income, livelihoods of the locl community hve been improved. The project lso enhnces community prticiption in forest protection, especilly of women nd youth, by conducting environmentl eduction nd wreness on biodiversity conservtion. Technology trnsfer into the locl communities enbles new plnt-bsed mrketble products for improvement of helth nd nutrition. The thousnds of people in Keny, Tnzni nd Ugnd who buy nd use them is proof of the continuing success of this project. Keywords: Afric, trditionl knowledge, medicinl plnts, green jobs, technology trnsfer, women, youth empowerment, biodiversity conservtion, improvement of helth nd nutrition. ise1-o02 botnicl nd medicinl ethnogrphy of Vnutu G. Brdcs, J. Heilmnn b, O. Ullrich, C. Weckerle c Institute of Antomy, University of Zurich, Winterthurerstrsse 190, 8057, Zurich, Switzerlnd. b Dept. of Phrmceuticl Biology, University of Regensburg, Universitetsstrsse 31, 93053, Regensburg, Germny c Institute of Systemtic Botny, University of Zurich, Zollikerstrsse 107, 8008, Zurich, Switzerlnd Bckground: Vnutu is considered s the world s most diverse ntion in terms of the number of ctively spoken indigenous lnguges per hed of popultion, resulting in gret culturl diversity. The climte here vries from wet tropicl in the northern to dryer subtropicl in the southern prt, resulting in huge biodiversity compred to mny other islnds in this region. This biodiversity together with the huge culturl vriety mde Vnutu unique trget for n ethnobotnicl survey. Objectives: Investigtion of differences in the trditionl medicinl systems nd the use of plnts on the bsis of three cse studies - nmely islnds differing in floristic composition due to their loction in different climte zones nd discrimintive soil composition s well s ethnologicl bckground of the inhbitnts. Methods: During five months of fieldwork ethnogrphic dt concerning heling prctices nd the medicinl plnts used were collected on three islnds using the semi-structured interview technique. The dt obtined were nlyzed in context with (ethno) botnicl literture lredy vilble for this region. Results nd conclusions: A comprehensive dtbse on (ethno)botnicl literture of Vnutu ws creted listing bout 2000 plnt species of which bout fifteen percent re trditionlly used. Additionlly different levels of knowledge loss were observed in the three investigted res reflecting the sitution of the whole country. Keywords: Vnutu, Melnesi, Trditionl Medicine, Ethnobotny Acknowledgments: The uthors re indebted to the Culturl Centre nd the government of Vnutu for giving permission for this reserch. They lso to thnk the informnts nd fieldworkers for shring their secrets. Fuente:

3 96 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) ise1-o03 towrds dtbse on ethnobotny of the ctln linguistic re E. Crrió, M. Prd, J. Prd b, M. Rigt, X. Sobrequis b, T. Grntje c, J. Vllés Lbortori de Botànic, Fcultt de Frmàci, Universitt de Brcelon, Av. Jon XXIII s/n, Brcelon, Ctloni, Spin. b Dixibit. com, Giron, Ctloni, Spin. Institut Botànic de Brcelon, CSIC-ICUB, Psseig del Migdi s/n, Prc de Montjuìc, 080 Bckground: Dtbsing is one of the most extended ctivities in every field of reserch. In the fields of Economic Botny nd Ethnobotny, severl dtbses exist, with themtic or geogrphic foundtions, which mke it esy quntittive works nd comprtive pproches. Our reserch group (http://www.etnobiofic.ct) is performing ethnobotnicl surveys in different regions of the Ctln linguistic re in the lst 20 yers. Objectives: In this communiction we will present the frmework, the min chrcteristics nd the results lunched to dte of dtbse on the populr knowledge (nmes, uses, mngement) bout plnts in the Ctln lnguge territories. Methods: A tem of botnists nd experts in informtics hs worked together to design nd implement dtbse in MS-Access formt permitting to hold the results of our ethnobotnicl reserches (nd further on lso of other investigtions) nd to quntify nd nlyse these dt. Results nd conclusions: After crefully discussing the dtbse structure nd every term of the different thesuri (plnt uses, prts of plnts, procedures of preprtion, modlities of uses) we strted introducing dt. About 700 plnts, 2000 Ctln nmes nd 6,000 medicinl uses re currently vilble, nd this informtion will grow quickly. Although it is generl dtbse, significnt pool of dt belongs to the field of helth (medicinl, food nd relted uses). Keywords: Ctln speking territories, ethnobotnicl dtbse, food plnts, medicinl plnts. ise1-o04 the importnce of plms s medicinl resources in northwestern South meric M.J. Mcí, R. Cámr-Leret, N. Pnigu-Zmbrn Deprtmento de Biologí, Áre de Botánic, Universidd Autónom de Mdrid, Clle Drwin 2, E Mdrid, Spin Bckground: Plms re verstile nd useful plnts which hve been widely used s ethnomedicinl resources throughout the tropicl rin forests regions of South Americ (1). In Colombi, Ecudor, Peru nd Bolivi, mny ethnobotnicl studies report tens of medicinl species for indigenous nd pesnt communities in Amzoni, Andes nd Chocó (Pcific cost). Objectives: To review nd nlyze erlier studies on medicinl plm Ethnobotny in order to highlight the importnce of this group of plnts for the Ethnophrmcology nd bioculturl diversity. Methods: We extensively surveyed both literture in peer-review journls, nd regionl literture in mny locl publictions of the four countries. Medicinl informtion ws extrcted from 100 publictions nd orgnized into medicinl use ctegories by ecoregions nd humn groups. Results nd conclusions: We found totl of 68 plm medicinl species nd 590 use-reports grouped in 19 medicinl subctegories. The most importnt subctegories included species for the tretment of the digestive system, the respirtory system, nd for infections nd infesttions. The most used species were Oenocrpus btu, Euterpe prectori nd Attle phlert. Amzoni ws clerly the region where plms were more used, whers Andes nd Chocó showed similr number of species. Indigenous people reported much more medicinl informtion thn mestizo people. In summry, plms re of gret medicinl interest for people of the tropicl rin forests. Keywords: Amzoni, Areccee, Chocó, Ethnomedicine, Plm Ethnobotny, Tropicl Andes. Acknowledgments: To Pedro Armesill nd Mnuel Prdo de Sntyn for their help with the dtbse. This project ws funded by the 7th Frmework Progrmme of the Europen Union (grnt # ). references: 1. Plotkin & Blick 1984 Journl of Ethnophrmcology 10: Fuente:

4 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) 97 ise1-p01 the medicinl use of invertebrtes in northern Vietnm M. Tervinen, K. Dng Long b, N. Phuong Lien b, N. Huy Phong b, N. Duc Hiep b, J. Muon Finnish Museum of Nturl History, P.O. Box 17, University of Helsinki, Finlnd. b Institute of Ecology & Bioresources (IEBR), 18 Hong Quoc Viet Rod, Nghi Do, Cu Giy, H Noi, Vietnm Bckground: Animl-bsed trditionl remedies hve received less ttention in phrmcologicl reserch thn those mde from plnts. However, it is known tht especilly invertebrtes contin potent compounds tht could be utilized in medicine. Such medicinl prctices re lso found mong northern Vietnmese ethnic minority groups, who continue to rely on self-mde remedies. Objectives: This study presents the medicinl uses of insects, rchnids, molluscs nd erthworms mong indigenous ethnic minority groups in northern Vietnm, s well s findings on how these prctices evolved in the region. Methods: Interviews nd phylogenetic nlyses. Results nd conclusions: Some 40 invertebrtes or their products were identified for their medicinl properties. Phylogenetic nlyses revel the reltive roles of verticl nd horizontl trnsmission in the evolution of this prctice. Keywords: Ethnomedicine, invertebrtes, Vietnm. ise1-p02 Plnts used s pesticides in Hidlgo Stte, méxico M.A. Villvicencio Nieto, B.E. Pérez Escndón, B.N. López Gutiérrez, A.J. Gordillo Mrtínez Universidd Autónom del Estdo de Hidlgo. Crr. Pchuc-Tulncingo km 4.5, CP 42184, Pchuc, Hidlgo, México. Bckground: Plnts my provide n lterntive to the currently used synthetic gents to control pests (1,2). Frmers in Hidlgo Stte, presently use plnt mterils to control pests. The toxicity nd the environmentl impct of mny synthetic drugs justify the study of lterntive drugs. Objectives: The objective of this study ws to investigte the use of the plnts to control pests nd to test the extrcts of 32 species of plnt nd one compound s pesticide. Methods: Ethnobotnicl dt first ws obtined using semi-structured interviews of the inhbitnts of the stte. The insecticidl ctivity of 32 plnt extrcts nd one isolted compound were evluted in force feeding test with Sitophilus zemis. Results nd conclusions: In Hidlgo, 124 species of plnts, from which residents obtin 186 products re used to control 29 types of pests. The species with gretest importnce s pesticides were Trichili hvnensis, Psidium gujv, Menth rotundifoli, Ipomoe stns nd Tgetes lucid. In the tests crried out, lcohol extrct from Brkleynthus slicifolius, T. hvnensis, Dectropis bicolor, Schinus molle, Erythrin mericn nd Plumbgo pulchell showed high nti-feeding ctivity (AA) (ANOVA F=32.7 df 31 p=0.0001) nd mortlity (M) (ANOVA F=14.12 df 31 p=0.0001) ginst S. zemis. Plumbgin ws identified (by GC-MS) s the ctive principle responsible for the insecticidl ctivity from Plumbgo pulchell. Hidlgo residents re strongly dependent on the locl flor to control pests using multiple strtegies combined with trditionl techniques. Keywords: Plnts s pesticides, Hidlgo Stte, México. Acknowledgments: To the Progrm Ncionl de Posgrdos de Clidd PNPC CONACyT references: 1. Arnson, J.T. et l. Insecticides of plnt origin. Wshington. Americn Chemicl Society Ismn, M.B. Ann Rev Entomol : Fuente:

5 98 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) ise1-p03 B. Roy, S. Dsgupt North-Estern Hill University evlution of cestocidl efficcy of Acci oxyphyll (Leguminose) Bckground: Acci oxyphyll Grhm ex Benthm is commonly used medicinl plnt by ntives in North est Indi, the stem brk of which is reported to be nthelmintic Objectives: In this study the in vitro effect of crude lcoholic extrct nd ctive component of the plnt were tested using ultrstructurl, histochemicl nd biochemicl prmeters. Methods: Adult Rillietin echinobothrid collected from freshly scrificed domestic fowl were exposed to vrious concentrtions of extrct nd ctive component. Norml nd treted mterils were processed for histochemicl, biochemicl nd electron microscopic observtion following stndrd procedure Results nd conclusions: Time tken for prlysis nd deth of prsites reveled to be dose dependent nd significnt t pble deformity of tegumentl rchitecture, destruction nd deformtion of cytoplsmic orgnelles long with decline in level of trce elements (C nd Mg), mny mino cids like rginine, glycine, lnine nd glutmine, nd reduced ctivity of vitl enzymes in the prsite tissue. The isolted ctive component lso showed ultrstructurl ltertion nd decline in vitl enzyme ctivity. Ultrstructurl nd biochemicl chnges observed on the treted prsites my be due to generlised stress response. Considerble structurl nd functionl ltertions in the treted prsites re suggestive of n efficient vermicidl ctivity of A. oxyphyll derieved botnicl(s) ginst cestodes. Keywords: Acci oxyphyll, Anthelmintic. ise1-p04 evlution of the insecticidl ctivity from Tithoni diversifoli nd Clibdium sylvestre in the control of Att cephlotes L. N. Pino, E. Plcios, L. Pere Technologicl University of Chocó, block 6 Lbortory 316 Group Nturl Products, B/ Nicols Medrno, , Quibdó, Chocó, Colombi. Bckground: Tithoni diversifoli nd Clibdium sylvestre re used in vrious tropicl countries s remedy ginst mlri, intestinl prsites, chill, liver problems, lso s insecticides nd ictiotoxics. Nturl insecticides or nturl protection of crops reduce the risk of insect s resistnce, they hve less lethl consequences for nturl enemies, reduce the rrivl of secondry pests, re less hrmful to humns nd cuses no dmge to the environment (1). Objective: Evlute the effect of T. diversifoli nd C. sylvestre to control Att cephlotes Methods: Using the methodology proposed by Adoyo et l. (2) modified for the cutting nt control, which tkes into ccount spects such s: inventory, clening, mesuring, mrking, nd identifiction of the nest; descriptive nd explortory one-dimensionl nlysis, lso structure nd popultion density ws nlyzed, with Shpiro-Wilk nd Levenne test to homogeneity of vrinces. Results nd conclusions: We found 44 nests of A. cephlotes, the tretment tht showed more ctivity ws the mix of T. diversifoli nd C. sylvestre. Diluted smple 1:2 v/v with 93% decrese of the forge ctivity, significnt differences between the tretments ws presented t confidence level of 95.0%. These species re n importnt less cost lterntive to be used sustinbly by people in rurl res. Keywords: Useful plnts, Insecticidl ctivity, Astercee. Acknowledgments: Finncil support from UTCH, CENIVAM nd COLCIENCIAS re grtefully cknowledged references: 1. Gómez, A. L. Annottions for the environmentl mngement of ecosystems. Medellin, Colombi, Adoyo, F., Muklm, J. B. et l. Leis Agricultures Mgzine, (4): Fuente:

6 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) 99 ise1-p05 review of oncology-focused publictions in field of chinese Herbl medicine R. Kumri, J. de Lucio Czn b, L. Grci Bermejo b, S Wtson Division of Pre-Clinicl Oncology, University of Nottinghm UK, NG7 2UH. b Deprtment of Physiology, Fculty of Medicine, University of Alcl, Spin. Bckground: A series of 192 published ppers in the field of in vivo cncer reserch in Chinese Herbl medicines (CHM) were reviewed to llow n nlysis scientific qulity. Objectives: To review the qulity of experimentl method, dt nlysis nd scientific interprettion in the use of CHM in in vivo cncer models. Results nd conclusions: The most common cncer types studied were gstrointestinl, minly stomch nd colon, followed by brest nd prostte. The mjority of experimentl nimls were either conventionl or nude mice (82%) nd the mjority of models involved use of xenogrft, syngeneic cncers or crcinogen-induced models (94% in totl). The models were simple, i.e. subcutneous implnttion, mostly derived from cell lines nd treted orlly by gvge or vi the diet (51%).The min signling pthwys involved those ssocited with poptosis nd ngiogenesis. Biomrkers were infrequently used with PSA being the most commonly cited. Very few detils on ssocited toxicity were described, nd, where defined, were ssocited with weight loss. A smll number of studies (20%) compred test gent effects with Western stndrd of cre gents nd in terms of experimentl design, 50% of studies used group sizes >5, 40-50% hd pproprite sttisticl nlyses nd included relevnt control. However only 14% cited complince with regultory uthority. Vrition in tumor size within experiments ws not shown in 41% of studies but where shown ws >10% in 34% studies nd cliniclly-relevnt tretment of estblished lesions were only described in 19% of ppers. Overll the qulity of reserch ws insufficient/poor in 41% of ppers nd good/ excellent in 9%. ise1-p06 Significnce of Tovomit species in strict diets in chzut vlley (Peruvin mzon) J. Snz-Biset, S. Cñiguerl Unitt de Frmcologi i Frmcognòsi, Fcultt de Frmàci, Universitt de Brcelon. Av. Digonl, 643. E Brcelon (Ctloni). Bckground: Ethnomedicl reports for Tovomit species (Clusicee) re scrce in the literture. Nevertheless, they hve been detected s the min plnts used in Chzut vlley (Peruvin Amzon) in the trditionl heling prctices known there s strict diets (1). Objectives: Evlute the possible role of Tovomit species in strict diets. Methods: An ethnophrmcologicl field work on the use of plnts in strict diets ws performed in Chzut Vlley nd results were confronted to the existing literture. Results nd conclusions: In strict diets, plnt remedies re consumed with nerly fsting nd with some sort of seclusion. These prctices: ) lwys produce depurtive effects, b) usully originte other physiologicl or phrmcologicl effects, c) sometimes induce holotropic sttes of consciousness. The plnts more frequently used re Tovomit stylos (34 of 122 reports) nd T. foldtsii (29 of 122 reports). A wide rnge of medicinl uses ws recorded for the diets with these plnts, which re considered pnce in Chzut. In the literture, only cytotoxic nd ntimicrobil ctivities hve been described for Tovomit species, tht hve been relted to the presence of xnthones, benzophenones nd betulinic cid (2-4). However, other phrmcologicl ctivities tht could be relted to the use of Tovomit species in strict diets hve been reported for xnthones of the Clusicee, such s nti-inflmmtory nd psychoctive ctivities (5). Keywords: Tovomit, strict diets, xnthones, benzophenones. references: 1. Snz-Biset J, Cñiguerl S. 6th Europen Colloquium on Ethnophrmcology. Leipzig, Poster. 2. Seo EK et l. Phytochemistry 1999; 52: Zhng ZZ et l. Plnt Med 2002; 68: Pecchio M. et l. J Nt Prod 2006; 69: Bennett GJ, Lee, HH. Phytochemistry 1989; 28: Fuente:

7 100 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) ise1-p07 evluting the contribution of the reintroduction nd use of ygé in Sion indigenous communities in Putumyo, colombi L. Mtís-Hernández, S. Fustukin Institute for Interntionl Helth nd Development, Queen Mrgret University, Edinburgh, Scotlnd. Some fctors could explin the significnt improvement of helth nd socil indictors in few developing countries in Asi nd South-Americ. The integrtion nd complementtion side by side of ncient medicinl lterntives with llopthic medicine hs been identified s one of the fctors for improving wellbeing nd helth t community level. Among these trditionl medicine lterntives, the use of medicinl plnts is fundmentl component within the indigenous helth systems in mny prts of the world. The Amzon Piedmont region of Putumyo in Colombi, where the reserch project hs tken plce, due to its high degree of locl endemism is considered one of the regions in the world with more biologicl biodiversity. In ddition, the Amzon piedmont is home of gret diversity of indigenous groups tht live in symbiosis nd respect with their surrounding nture, keeping their ncestrl shmnic trditions. Despite their gret vribility of fun, flor nd indigenous cultures, the Amzon piedmont hs common element, which is the nthropologicl scred ceremony of ygé medicinl plnt consumption. Ygé or Ayhusc is either medicinl plnt or plnt of knowledge. As medicinl plnt, ygé is generlly used to dignose nd tret mentl nd physicl diseses, while s plnt of knowledge is used for understnding the problems nd relities of their socil-culturl orgniztion. Unfortuntely, the lost of indigenous res in the Colombin Amzon Piedmont due to uncontrolled lnd occupncy by rmed militis nd nrcotic industry in lst decdes hs hd direct negtive impct on sources for locl medicinl plnts. Consequently, some indigenous communities hve not been ble to conserve their ygé ritul nd other locl medicl trditions. In ddition, the difficulties in ccessing llopthic helth services in tht re hve creted poor helth sitution for mny of the indigenous communities in Putumyo. In lst yers, locl institutions hve fortuntely rected by protecting nd recognizing indigenous trditionl medicine s rel medicine s well s by strengthening nd promoting the trnsmission of the use of ygé knowledge mong different tribes. This reserch hs evluted nd elucidted, with humnistic perspective, the contribution nd impct of the reintroduction nd use of ygé in two Sion indigenous communities in remote re in the Colombin Amzon-Piedmont region of Putumyo. Results hs shown how fter seven yers of the ygé reintroduction either helth or well-being prmeters hs significntly improved in these Sion communities. ise1-p08 estblishment of Dynmic ethnomedicinl Dtbse bsed on encyclopedi of medicinl Plnts P. Guo, Z.Z. Zho, F.S.J. Hung, M.H. Wu, H.B. Chen School of Chinese Medicine. Hong Kong Bptist University. Kowloon. Hong Kong Specil Administrtive Region. P. R. Chin. Tel No: E-mil: Bckground: The 4-volume Encyclopedi of Medicinl Plnts (simplified Chinese version) hs been nmed one of the 22 most outstnding imported science books (2007) in Chin. The entire book is consisted of the Estern Chpter (volumes 1-2, commonly used medicinl plnts of trditionl Orientl medicl systems, such s those from Chin, Jpn, the Koren Peninsul, nd Indi), the Western Chpter (volume 3, commonly used Americn nd Europen medicinl plnts, such s those from Europe, Russi, nd the United Sttes) nd the Lingnn Chpter (volume 4, medicinl plnts commonly used nd produced in the Lingnn re, including those commercilly circulted vi this re). A totl of 500 commonly used ethnobotnicls (involving over 800 species of medicinl plnts) re recorded with the ltest botnicl, phytochemicl, phrmcologicl nd clinicl dt together with the chrcteristics nd perspectives of ech individul ethnobotnicl high resolution digitl pictures of the originl plnts, medicinl mterils nd their plnttion sites re included. Objectives: Estblishes n on-line ethnomedicinl dtbse, providing comprehensive informtion on contemporry medicinl plnts. Methods: Bsed on the contents of Encyclopedi of Medicinl Plnts, multimedi techniques re dopted to design the web pges, nd ethnobotnicl pproches re used to identify nd mintin the relted voucher specimens. Results nd conclusions: The ethnobotnicl dtbse is serving s bridge tht fcilittes cdemic nd culturl communiction regrding ethnomedicinl plnts. Keywords: Ethnobotnicl dtbse, Encyclopedi of Medicinl Plnts. Acknowledgments: Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Chinese Medicine Limited references: 1. Zho, Z. Z., Xio, P. G. Encyclopedi of Medicinl Plnts. Shnghi: World Publishing Corportion, Fuente:

8 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) 101 ise1-p09 mixtures of medicinl Plnts used in nvrr (Spin) R.Y. Cvero, S. Akerret, M.I. Clvo b Deprtment of Plnt Biology (Botny), Fculty of Sciences, University of Nvrr, Irunlrre s/n, Pmplon, Spin. b Deprtment of Phrmcy nd Phrmceuticl Technology, Fculty of Phrmcy, University of Nvrr, Irunlrre s/n, Pmplon, Spin. Bckground: This work provides significnt ethnobotnicl informtion on medicinl plnt uses in mixtures. Objectives: To collect, nlyze nd evlute the Ethnobotny knowledge bout medicinl plnts in northern Iberin region (Nvrr, km 2, inhbitnts). Methods: Fieldwork ws crried out from 2004 to 2007 (1). We performed semi-structured interviews with 667 informnts (men ge 72; 56% women, 44% men), identified the plnt reported nd nlyzed the results. The dt ws nlyzed using quntittive indexes. Results nd conclusions: Informnts reported 152 plnt mixtures, in which 102 different plnt species re used. 52% of mixtures were for internl dministrtion nd 48% for externl use (infusion nd ointment re the most employed, respectively). It worth mentioning the 39 mixtures recopilted for dermtologicl problems; 30 for respirtory trct infections nd 22 to tret digestive problems. Phrmcologicl ction from plnt mixtures should be ttributed to the synergy mong ll plnts more thn to individul medicinl properties, so tht the recognition of the contribution of ech plnt to the finl effect becomes somehow difficult. Keywords: Trditionl plnt Knowledge; Ethnobotny; Medicinl plnts. Acknowledgments: We thnk ll our informnts, who were hppy to shre with us their knowledge. This study hs been subsidized by grnt from the Nvrr Government, nd the Foundtion Universidd de Nvrr. references: 1. Akerret, S., Etnobotánic frmcéutic en Nvrr: del uso trdicionl de ls plnts medicinles su evidenci científic. PhD Thesis, Fculty of Science, University of Nvrr, 831pp. 1 CD. ise1-p10 ntibcteril ctivity of extrcts from endemic "montdo" species ginst multi-drug resistnt pthogens B. Li, A. Durte, G. Teixeir b, A.I. Correi c, N. Oliveir, A.M. Mdureir Med.UL, Fculdde de Frmáci, Universidde de Lisbo, Av. Prof. Gm Pinto, , Lisbo, Portugl. b Centro de Biologi Ambientl, Fculdde de Frmáci, Universidde de Lisbo, Av. Prof. Gm Pinto, , Lisbo, Portugl, c Centro de Biologi Ambientl, FCUL, ed. C2, Cmpo Grnde, Lisbo, Portugl. Bckground: The "Montdo" is unique Mediterrnen ecosystem, whose importnce is relted to its huge biologicl diversity. Medicinl nd romtic plnts re n importnt prt of "Montdo" flor nd it s scientific evlution will strengthen the interest on their biologicl pplictions. Objectives: The im of this study ws to evlute the ntibcteril ctivity of severl "Montdo" plnts: Adenocrpus complictes ssp. nisochilus, Snguisorb hybrid, Eric lusitnic, Quercus fgine, Lvndul luisieri nd Peoni broteroi ginst both sensitive nd resistnt stndrd bcteri. Methods: The minimum inhibitory concentrtions (MIC) were determined by using the seril broth microdilution method ginst S. ureus strins (ATCC 6538, nd ) nd Grm-negtive bcteri ( P. eruginos, S. typhimurium, nd K. pneumonie). Results nd conclusions: 70% of extrcts hd ctivity ginst S. ureus sensitive strins (MICs µg/ml). The ctive extrcts were screened for multiresistnt bcteri. 50% nd 84% of the extrcts showed ctivity, with MICs vlues rnging µg/ml ginst S. ureus meticillin resistnt (MRSA) nd vncomycin resistnt (VRSA), respectively. All extrcts of Snguisorb hybrid displyed high ctivity ginst both S. ureus sensitive nd VRSA strins with MICs vlues of µg/ml, while the methnol nd wter extrcts hd strong ctivity ginst the MRSA strins with MIC of 7.5 µg/ml. No ctivity ws detected ginst Grm negtive bcteri. Keywords: Antibcteril ctivity; Multiresistnt strins; MIC determintion; Montdo flor. Acknowledgments: The UL / FAD 2009/2010 for Binc Li s scholrship. Fuente:

9 102 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) ise1-p11 I. Csselmn, M. Heinrich b Slvi divinorum: its novel use nd representtion on the WWW School of Phrmcy - Centre for Phrmcognosy nd Phytotherpy, London, UK. b Centre for Phrmcognosy nd Phytotherpy, The School of Phrmcy, University of London, Brunswick Squre, London WC1N 1AX Bckground: Over the pst decde the novel use of the Mexicn psychoctive Lbite, Slvi divinorum, hs developed outside of Mexico (Csselmn 2009). Use by the Mztec, in Oxc contrsts this emerging, novel, worldwide use. While Mztec ingest the leves under the guidnce of curndero or curnder (Wsson & Hoffmn 1963), the novel use is chrcterized by users smoking the lef fortified with slvinorin A (Bggott et l 2004), the ctive psychoctive chemicl compound in Slvi divinorum (Orteg et. l. 1982). A predominnt mode of informtion exchnge regrding this novel use is through vrious WWW user generted content (UGC) interfces (often referred to s Web 2.0) such s YouTube nd Wikipedi (Csselmn 2009). Objectives: To understnd how user generted content interfces contributes to ethnophrmcologicl informtion exchnge on the WWW through UGC interfces. Methods: Digitl trce (Jenetzko 2008) ws utilized to collect dt for this project. This set of unobtrusive mesures combine the collection qulittive nd quntittive dt from WWW UGC sources. Results nd conclusions: ) The use of S. divinorum nd its representtion on the WWW, specificlly UGC interfces, is incresing. b) there re four distinct differences between the Mztec use of S. divinorum nd the novel use. Mztec use: leves chewed, endemic to Oxc, dministered by trined prctitioner, prt of ritulized prctice. Novel use: leves smoked, globl use, self-dministered, used outside of ritulized prctice. Keywords: Slvi divinorum, YouTube, Wikipedi, User Generted Content, Unobtrusive Mesures, Digitl Trce, Ethnobotny 2.0. ise1-p12 Diffusion indices s innovtive tools to compre ethnophrmcologicl dt. cse of ntileishmnil plnt species in mzonis G. Odonne,b, D. Stien, G. Bourdy b UMR EcoFoG, Université des Antilles et de l Guyne CNRS, Cyenne cedex, Frnce. b UMR 152 (Lbortoire de phrmcochimie des substnces nturelles et phrmcophores redox) Université de Toulouse UPS IRD, 118, rte de Nrbonne, F Toulouse cedex 9, Frnce. Bckground: Studies specificlly focused on phytotherpeutic tretments of leishmnisis in Amzoni re rre. However, it ws found from the literture tht 250 vegetl species re used in vriety of cultures nd plces ginst this disese. Objectives: The gol is here to design tool for the nlysis of these dt in order to ssess representtiveness of the useful species. Methods: Thus, three indices were developed. Culturl diffusion index gives the distribution rte of species mong different culturl groups. It is clculted s the rtio of the number of groups using the species to the totl number of groups cited. Geogrphicl diffusion index llowed us to quntify sptil distribution of the uses of species in the region. It is clculted geometriclly by mesuring the verge distnce between the points where uses re reported nd the brycenter of those points. The lst index is n rithmetic combintion of the previous two, giving informtion on both culturl nd sptil criteri. Results nd conclusion: Severl reprtition ptterns were highlighted: some species re used in restricted res while they re present on either side of Amzoni, nd other, widespred too, re used everywhere. Our work shows tht these indices, pplied to plnt species used ginst given disese, re n interesting tool to nlyze literture reltive to trditionl uses. Keywords: Leishmnisis, Amzoni, diffusion indices, medicinl plnts, trditionl remedies. Fuente:

10 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) 103 ise1-p13 comprison of the chemicl profiles nd nti-pltelet ggregtion effects of two "Drgon s blood" drugs used in trditionl chinese medicine To YI, Hu-Bio Chen, Zhong-Zhen Zho, Jing Liu School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Bptist University, Hong Kong Specil Administrtive Region, P. R. Chin Bckground: Imported Drgon s Blood is the prepred resin of the fruit of Demonorops drco Bl. (Fm. Plme). Hving reputtion for fcilitting blood circultion nd dispersing blood stsis, this resinous medicine is commonly prescribed for the tretment of trumtic injuries, blood stsis nd pin. Becuse of biodiversity, ntive medicinl plnts could be explored for similr therpeutic purposes in folk medicine. The prepred resin of the stem of Drcen cochinchinensis hs been used s "domestic Drgon s Blood" insted of "imported Drgon s Blood" in some res of Chin. The originl plnt of the two medicines re different, nd the lterntive use ech other should be bsed on chemicl nd phrmcologicl study. Objectives: The present investigtion is proposed to compre the chemicl composition nd the inhibitory effects of the two medicines on pltelet ggregtion. Methods: A UPLC-PAD-ESI/MS fingerprinting method ws developed to chrcterize the vrious constituents of two medicines. The nti-pltelet ggregtion effects of two medicines on AA induced rt pltelet ggregtion were evluted using light trnsmission, respectively. Results nd conclusions: The results reveled tht the developed UPLC-PAD-MS method could unmbiguously identify the two medicines, nd the chrcteristic constituents of the two medicines re found to be: flvnes in imported Drgon s Blood nd stilbenes in domestic one, respectively. From the result of nti-pltelet ggregtion tests, it ws shown tht the inhibitory effect of imported Drgon s Blood were more potent thn tht of domestic one. Keywords: Drgon s Blood; Demonorops drco; Drcen cochinchinensis. ise1-p14 medicinl plnts in the mrkets of Pucllp, Peruvin mzon X. Juregui Grcí, M. Clvo Perlt b, M. Prdo-de-Sntyn Universidd Autónom de Mdrid (UAM), C/ Drwin, 2, Cmpus de Cntoblnco, 28049, Spin. b Veterinry Institute for Tropicl nd High Altitude Reserch (IVITA), C/Dniel Crrión 319, Aprtdo postl 245, Pucllp, Peru. Bckground: Pucllp, the cpitl of the Amzonin province of Ucyli (Peru) is, economiclly speking, one of the most dynmic cities in the Peruvin Amzon, nd is considered to be the centre of the country s lumber industry. Objectives: To know the medicinl plnts sold in Pucllp, nd to understnd the functionl dynmic of the mrkets themselves. Methods: During the yers n ethnobotnicl survey of the populr mrkets of Pucllp ws crried out. Twenty stlls (71% of the totl) were selected, nd more thn 50 regulr nd occsionl suppliers were identified. Semi-structured interviews of the sellers nd their suppliers were conducted. Detiled informtion bout ll the plnts sold in the mrket ws collected using specilly designed questionnire. Photogrphs were tken of the plnt prts used, nd herbrium of ll the species ws creted. Results nd conclusions: 174 species belonging to 57 fmilies were identified, nd 300 different medicinl remedies used in the tretment of 113 subctegories of therpeutic use were registered. The prctice of trditionl medicine continues to be vible lterntive to conventionl medicine. The "ntive mind" does not fully trust in the medicl system prcticed in the hospitls nd clinics. Despite this, there is the risk of losing, in the ner future, lrge prt of the trditionl knowledge nd wisdom tht is product of thousnds of yers in close reltionship with nture. Keywords: Street mrkets, Medicinl plnts, Amzoni, Peru. Acknowledgements: To ech of the key informnts for his/her ptience, hospitlity nd receptivity. To Don Julio Ruiz Torrejón, President of the Biodiversity Foundtion of Peru, for his dvice nd hospitlity. To IVITA Pucllp for their collbortion in the identifiction of the species, nd to Jorge Ghon for prepring the plnt smples nd herbrium. Fuente:

11 104 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) ise1-p15 Sustinble use of wild medicinl plnts: cse study in nbnhe ntionl nture reserve, Yunnn/chin S.F. Bucher, B. Ghorbni b, Dr. G. Lngenberger b, J. Suerborn b University of Hohenheim, Institute of Botny (210), Grbenstrße 30, Stuttgrt, Germny. b University of Hohenheim, Institute for Plnt Production nd Agroecology in the Tropics nd Subtropics (380b) Grbenstr. 13, Stuttgrt, Germny Bckground: 87% of ll components in Trditionl Chinese Medicine (TCM) re plnts minly collected from wild resources. Previling collection prctices re often not sustinble which not only thretens plnt popultions nd ecosystems, but lso endngers the livelihood of the collectors. Although cultivtion is possible, mngement plns for sustinble collection from wild resources could be developed. Objectives: The im of the study ws to find out ethnomedicinl use, ethnoecologicl knowledge nd hrvest prctices of trget medicinl plnt species nd to find out wht the sustinble hrvest would look like. Methods: Five medicinl plnt species (Tcc chntrieri André, Pris polyphyll Sm., Stemon tuberos Lour., Asprgus subscndens F.T. Wng & S.C. Chen nd A. filicinus Buch.- Hm. ex D. Don) were selected. These species re used in TCM s well s in folk medicine by locl minorities. Dt on medicinl plnt use nd plnt collection ws obtined by interviews. To estimte the plnt popultion sttus, striptrnsects were conducted in forests, long rivers nd in fllow lnds round five selected villges. Results nd conclusions: The hrvest is not sustinble. Only the subterrnen prts of the plnts re medicinlly used nd the whole plnts re therefore excvted. Amounts hrvested re determined by mrket demnds rther thn ecologicl spects. The Asprgus species re rrely used in locl ethnomedicine, wheres Pris polyphyll is regrded s highly effective mong the people in the re. But highest hrvest mounts derives from the Asprgus species, lowest of Pris, since it s bundnce is very low wheres Asprgus is to be found in comprbly lrge numbers nd used elsewhere. Popultions re decresing ccording to the locl informnts becuse collection impct is too high nd nturl hbitts re destructed. Still sustinble hrvest of the remining plnts could be possible if existing hrvest methods would chnge. Keywords: TCM, non timber forest products, NTFP, wild plnt collection, biodiversity conservtion. ise1-p16 ntomicl chrcterizcion, nti-tripnocide nd free rdicl scvenging ctivities of Cstel tweedii Plnch. (Simroubcee) L. Pulido Grci, O. Di Spio c, I. Nocito b, M.N. Cmpgn c, M. Gttuso c Producción Vegetl y Tecnologí Agrri E.T.S.I.A. UCLM. Cmpus Universitrio, Albcete, Espñ. b Virologí y c Frmcobotánic. Fcultd de Ciencis Bioquímics y Frmceútics. UN de Rosrio. Suipch 531, S2002LRK Rosrio, Argentin. E-mil: unr.edu.r. Bckground: Cstel tweedii Plnch. is smll tree tht grows minly in South Americ. Decoction of leves nd brk ws populrly used ginst gstrointestinl disorders nd dirrhe. Objectives: The im of this work is to study ntomicl nd biologicl fetures to contribute to the nlysis of C. tweedii stem, brk nd leves. Methods: Longitudinl nd trnsversl sections stined with sfrnine-fstgreen were evluted. Results nd conclusions: Brk: remining rhytidome ws mde up of 1-2 peridermis. Phloem ws seprted by fibers in smll clusters nd limited by tngentil bnds of xil prenchym. Wood: diffuse-porous, prtrchel confluent prenchym nd rys of 1-5 cells wide, with bundnt oxlte crystls. Lef ws dorsiventrl nd hipostomtic. Epidermis single-lyered with unicellulr hirs nd mucilginuos hypodermis. Tripnocide nd free rdicl scvenging cpcity were studied in lef, brk nd wood dichloromethnic nd ethnolics extrcts. Wood nd brk diclromethnic extrct were ctive ginst Tripnosom cruzi epimstigotes, with percentge of prsite s growth inhibition of 78% nd 69% ech. Lef ethnolic extrcts showed the highest DPPH scvenging cpcity (IC 50 =60 mg/ml).the compounds responsible for this ctivity were of phenolic nture. The results of this work might contribute to identifiction nd stndrdiztion of C. tweedii. Keywords: Cstel tweedii, Simroubcee, Antomicl study, Trypnocide, Antioxidnt ctivity. Fuente:

12 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) 105 ise1-p17 trditionl ndlusin phytotherpy: synthesis nd comprtive nlysis between estern nd western ndlusi M.R. González-Tejero, J. Molero Mes, G. Benitez, R. Velsco, J. Vilches Dpto. Botánic, Universidd de Grnd, Espñ. Bckground: In Andlusi, ethnobotnicl studies strted in the 80s with work dedicted specificlly to recover the knowledge of medicinl plnts in the province of Grnd. Grdully, the reserch in this discipline spreds over to other res of Andlusi nd currently lrge res of our community re known in this regrd. In this pper, synthesis of Andlusin populr herbl medicine is done, tking s reference different published unpublished studies. Objective: To nlyze comprtively the ethnobotnicl resources of medicinl interest in Andlusi, with prticulr ttention to the differences nd / or similrities between the informtion known in western nd estern Andlusi Methods: The informtion hs been indexed in dtbse, including mong other informtion, the study site, listed tx, prts of the plnt used, preprtion methods, pthology nd pthologic groups ccording to Adjnohoun et l. (1989) nd when possible, number of references to its use. Qulittive nd quntittive technologies will be use for mking the nlysis. Results: The results re set out in the comprison of estern nd western Andlusi trditionl herbl medicine, estblishing similrities nd differences s well s possible vicrince in reltion to the species used nd diseses treted with plnts Keywords: Ethnobotny, Medicinl plnts Andlusi, Spin. ise1-p18 the medicinl use of corns in the iberin Peninsul E. Grcí Gómez, M. Prdo de Sntyn b, J. Pereir Sieso c Diputción Provincil de Toledo. Servicio de Medio Ambiente. Plz de Pdill, Toledo (Spin). b Universidd Autónom de Mdrid. Deprtmento de Biologí (Botánic), Fcultd de Ciencis, clle Drwin 2, Cmpus de Cntoblnco, Mdrid, Espñ. c Universidd de Cstill-L Mnch. Fcultd de Humniddes. Plz de Pdill s/n Toledo (Spin). Bckground: Although corns, the fruits of the different Quercus species, hve plyed very importnt role in humn nd niml nutrition since prehistoric times, their medicinl role hs been neglected nd is not well known. Objectives: To review the medicinl importnce of corns during history in the Iberin Peninsul: their medicl indictions, methods of preprtion, wys of dministrtion, dosge nd durtion of tretments. Methods: Extensive bibliogrphic review of references in rcheologicl, historicl, literry nd ethnobotnicl books nd journls nd ethnobotnicl semistructured interviews with 42 informnts of Toledo, Cáceres nd Bdjoz (Spin). Results nd conclusions: Only few references were found bout the curtive uses of corns. Most of them were from Quercus ilex subsp bllot (holm ok), the most widely spred species of the genus in the Iberin Peninsul. Other species used were: Q. suber, Q. fgine, Q. pyrenic, Q. robur, Q. coccifer, etc. Their min use ws ginst dirre, lthough it ws dministered in different wys. They hve been lso used ginst bones nd joints che, hertburn, to cure sores, to soften clluses, to relieve erche or s n ntidote ginst poisoning. It is n bundnt fruit tht cn be found homogenously spred in the Iberin Peninsul. Therefore people hve tken dvntge of it for mny uses. The most importnt re those tht meet bsic needs such s food nd helth. Keywords: corn, Ethnophrmcology, Quercus ilex subsp. bllot, holm ok. Fuente:

13 106 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) ise1-p19 medicinl plnt uses linked to the trnshumnce cttle trck of the cñd rel Segovin in toledo (centrl Spin) J. Rojo, F. Fernández-González, S. Srdinero, R. Pérez-Bdi Instituto de Ciencis Ambientles. Universidd de Cstill-L Mnch. Avd, Crlos III s/n, 45071, Toledo, Espñ. Bckground: Iberin Peninsul hs some geogrphicl nd climtic conditions idel for the development of trnshumnce. The cttle routes designed for this purpose, hve contributed to increse the biologicl diversity nd lndscpe richness. People in the old rurl society linked to the trnshumnce used the botnicl resources of their environment to solve helth problems. Objectives: To crry out n inventory of plnts with medicinl properties in the cttle trck of the Cñd Rel Segovin in the province of Toledo, s well s their documented uses. The study lso includes toxic plnts, plnts with culinry vlues nd plnts with veterinry uses. Methods: A floristic ctlogue hs been compiled for the study re, through extensive fieldwork long the cttle trck. After revision of the ethnobotnicl literture on centrl Spin, the medicinl, culinry, veterinry nd other uses of plnts were obtined through interviews with people linked to the Cñd Rel Segovin, like shepherds. Results nd conclusions: The study re presents n importnt floristic diversity which results in ctlogue of 695 plnts, mostly ntive. An importnt mount (33%) of the flor presents some kind of medicinl properties. 174 species cn bring benefits to the circultory, digestive, excretory systems, etc. 69 species hve culinry properties. On the other hnd, 51 species hve been used for livestock heling or feeding. Keywords: trnshumnce, floristic diversity, medicinl plnts, culinry plnts, toxic plnts. ise1-p20 medicinl plnts known s "rnic" in the iberin Peninsul (Spin nd Portugl): n ethnobotnicl review D. River, C. Obón b, A. Verde c, J. Fjrdo c, A. Vldés c Universidd de Murci, Deprtmento de Biologí Vegetl, Fcultd de Biologí, Cmpus de Espinrdo, Murci, Espñ. b Universidd Miguel Hernández, Deprtmento de Biologí Aplicd, EPSO, Ctr. Beniel km. 3,2, Orihuel, Alicnte, Espñ. C Jrdín Botánico de Cstill-L Mnch, Bckground: The concept of "Arnic" covers complex of different species of Astercee nd other plnt fmilies. It ws introduced in Spin nd Portugl by physicins nd phrmcists during the second hlf of the 18th century. It ws first used for Arnic montn L., pplied to the tretment of hemtom nd inflmmtion nd ltely for other species. Objectives: Identify the plnt species included in the complex known s "Arnic" in the Iberin Peninsul nd determine the common morphologicl nd ethnophrmcologicl fetures. Methods: A review of published dt nd of our own unpublished originl dt recorded in semi-structured interviews to informnts in SE nd Centrl Spin. Results: A totl of 31 species belonging to 6 fmilies re nmed "Arnic". Species with single nme ("rnic") re: Achille gertum L., Crepis pludos (L.) Moench, Doronicum crpetnum Boiss. & Reuter ex Willk., Doronicum grndiflorum Lm., Doro- nicum prdlinches L. & Senecio pyrenicus L.. However some species receive lso other different nmes: Chilidenus glutinosus (L.) Fourr. (up to 25 nmes) nd Dittrichi viscos (L.) Greuter (14). The folk medicinl uses re orgnized in two min groups: ) externlly for hemtom nd inflmmtion nd b) orlly for stomch ilments, fever nd flu. Keywords: Arnic, Antiinflmmtory, Herbl tes. Acknowledgements: Estudio Etnobiológico de l Flor Medicinl de Cstill - L Mnch PAC Fuente:

14 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) 107 ise1-p21 Wild food plnts used in Kfrhmm (Southern Lebnon) L. Attieh b, D. River, C. Obón b, F. Alcrz Universidd de Murci, Deprtmento Biologí Vegetl, Fcultd de Biologí, Cmpus de Espinrdo, Murci, Espñ. b Universidd Miguel Hernández, Deprtmento de Biologí Aplicd, EPSO, Ctr. Beniel Km 3.2, Orihuel (Alicnte) Espñ. Bckground: Kfrhmm is smll villge locted in the Hsby District in Southern Lebnon. The popultion ws bout 3500, however only very smll minority reside in the villge. The villge hs strtegic loction in the Hermon mountins (850 m.s.l.). Kfrhmm is originlly Syric word mening the "the house of pece". Objectives: To determine the vsculr plnt species nmed nd used by the hbitnts of Kfrhmm, prticulrly s food nd medicine. To nlyze the results within the context of the Arbic, Syric nd Plestine culturl trditions nd within system of globl nlysis. Methods: Review of literture, especilly locl ppers nd books. Interviews with frmers, housewives nd shepherds. Collection of voucher specimens in the different res. The use of globl dtbse of Gthered Food Plnts for comprison nd nlysis. Results nd conclusions: totl of 40 wild species of vsculr plnts re consumed t Kfrhmm. Up to 3 species re not yet reported s food plnts in the literture on the Lebnon, Syri or Plestine nd Isrel. A 55 % of the species (22) re reltively common s food in the Ner Est. A 65 % of the wild food plnt species (26) re used in the locl folk medicine, which is n extremely high proportion. Keywords: Ethnobotny, Folk Medicine, Ethnophrmcology. Acknowledgements: Proyecto CGL ise1-p22 Biologicl nd culturl heritge of ntive medicinl plnts in the South of Snt ctrin, Brzil: rescue nd communiction of knowledge F. Chechetto, C.W. Kffuri, A. Blbino Ferreir, Lin Chu Ming, G. Antônio Dmin,b, C. Trein b Universidde Estdul Pulist, Doutordo Horticultur, Fzend Experimentl Lgedo, Botuctu, São Pulo, Brsil. b Associção Ctrinense de Plnts Medicinis, Ru Felipe Schimidt, 303, Edifício Dis Velho, Florinópolis/SC, Brsil. Bckground: Since 1997, n interdisciplinry tem conformed by severl technicins of the nturl nd helth sciences, nd locl stkeholders s well, ws creted in the South of Snt Ctrin, Brzil, for studying the uses of the medicinl plnts. Objectives: Study the uses of medicinl plnts ccording to the Brzilin Ntionl Progrm of Medicinl Plnts to rescue nd communiction the trditionl knowledge. Methods: An exhustive bibliogrphicl review on Ethnobotny bsed on prticiptory pproch were crried out from 1997 to This meetings with the leders of the communities, medicinl plnts were identified nd were discussed s well. Results nd conclusions: 108 medicinl plnts hve been studied, whose 33 re lredy listed on the Ntionl List of Medicinl Plnts nd pproved for their use by the Helth Ministry of Brzil. Bulletins of botnicl, griculturl, phrmcologicl nd toxicologicl spects hve been published of Cecropi glziovi, Cseri sylvestris, Mytenus ilicifoli,cordi verbence, Alternnther brsilin, Solnum pnicultum, Mikni glomert, Pssiflor lt, Sphgneticol trilobt, Dichorisndr tyrsiflor. These bulletins hve been trnsferred to the community leders s wy of communiction nd divulgtion of the trditionl knowledge within the region. We my conclude tht the results hve contributed to enhncing the use of ntive medicinl species, indicting their therpeutic potentil, which hs been promoted the development of other studies on the production of herbl medicines. Keywords: medicinl plnts, Ethnobotny, Brzil. Fuente:

15 108 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) ise2-o01 Historicl nd moleculr evidence for dte plm introduction in meric (Phoenix dctylifer, reccee) D. River, E. Crreño, D. Johnson b, J. Delgdillo c, M.H. Crrillo, c, C. Obón d, R. Krueger e, F. Alcrz, S. Ríos f Universidd de Murci, b Cincinnti, c Universidd de Bj Cliforni, d Universidd Miguel Hernández, e Ntionl Clonl Germplsm Repository for Citrus & Dtes, f CIBIO, Universidd de Alicnte. Bckground: Dte plm (Phoenix dctylifer L.) popultions cn be found in severl plces cross Americ. Those ssocited to jesuitic missions in Bj Cliforni (Mexico) re specilly remrkble due to their mgnitude nd number of individuls. Objectives: Study of plm groves from n historicl point of view. Determine possible sources of genetic mteril. Methods: Smpling in different plm groves. DNA extrction nd mplifiction of SSR mrkers. Comprison with Spnish nd North Africn plm smples. Revision of bibliogrphy, specilly Colonil Ltin Americ Indin Chronicles nd descriptions of Cliforni nd Bj Cliforni missions. Results nd conclusion: Plm groves were locted in mps, rescuing the oldest references for most of them, some dting bck to the first hlf of XVI century in Cribe nd Mexico. Bj Cliforni plm groves re not ccounted for in jesuit missions (1). They could hve been the product of subsequent introduction by frnciscn nd dominicn orders in the lte XVIII century. Little genetic diversity ws detected mong smples from different missions, suggesting smll smple s strting mteril or succesive introductions from one of the missions to the rest. Key words: Crónic de Indis, Misiones Jesuits, SSR. Acknowledgement: Proyecto INIA RF C03 references: 1. Del Brco M Histori Nturl y Crónic de l Antigu Cliforni. Universidd Ncionl Autónom de México, México. ise2-p01 cypriot itrosophi nd Dioscorides De mteri medic in dichronic perspective A. Lrdos, J.M. Prieto, M. Heinrich Centre for Phrmcognosy nd Phytotherpy, The School of Phrmcy, Univ. of London, Brunswick Sq. London, WC1N 1AX, UK Bckground: A recent investigtion hs provided rguments for substntil influence of the De Mteri Medic (DMM) of Dioscorides on the development of the medicinl trditions in the Mediterrnen (1). Objectives: This study explores the reltionship of medicinl plnt uses in Cypriot itrosophi (2), type of historicl Greek literture rooted in the Byzntine Empire (3), to those in DMM. Methods: Focusing on dermtologicl nd gstrointestinl conditions we crried out one-to-one comprison of the respective species mentions in the itrosophi with the ones in Dioscorides" text. Results nd conclusions: The itrosophi include not less thn 169 tx relted to dermtology nd gstrointestinl uses with totl of 747 mentions. Of those, 28 tx re not included in DMM nd minly refer to drugs introduced to the Estern Mediterrnen t lter times. The remining 141 tx involve 650 mentions, 20.2% show no correspondence, 56.2% hve sme or similr uses nd 10.6% re relted to copies of complete recipes from DMM. Fifty-five (39%) of the tx included in Dioscorides" text were lso reported for dermtologicl nd gstrointestinl uses in n ethnobotnicl field study we conducted in the monsteries of Cyprus where some of the investigted itrosophi were compiled. Our comprison revels mny prllels between these two historicl sources suggesting both direct nd indirect influence of DMM on the itrosophi but lso emphsises the importnce of other influences nd the dynmic chrcter of the medicinl knowledge of this trdition. Keywords: Historicl texts, Ethnobotny, Dioscorides, itrosophi, Cyprus. Acknowledgments: This study ws supported by grnt from the A. G. Leventis Foundtion. references: 1. Leonti, M. et l. J Ethnophrmcol 2009, 121: Lrdos, A. J Ethnophrmcol 2006, 104: Touwide, A. In: Bowers, B.S. (Ed.) The Medievl Hospitl nd Medicl Prctice. Hmpshire: Ashgte, Fuente:

16 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) 109 ise2-p02 Plnts used in folk veterinry medicine in the rribes del Duero nturl Prk, western Spin J. A. González, M. Grcí-Brriuso, F. Amich Fculty of Biology, University of Slmnc, Cmpus Unmuno, E-37071, Slmnc, Spin. Prticipting group (Slmnc, Spin) in the "Red Iberomericn de Sberes y Práctics Locles sobre el Entorno Vegetl" (RISAPRET, CYTED). Bckground: The territory of the Arribes del Duero Nturl Prk (Slmnc-Zmor, Spin) cn be sid to be good exmple of Mediterrnen heterogeneous lndscpe with mrked lterntion of hbitts nd lnd uses, is chrcterised by strong demogrphic regression, nd is devoted minly to livestock Objectives: We studied Ethnoveterinry knowledge mong the inhbitnts of the re, documenting trditionl veterinry medicine prctices. The remedies used, their preprtion nd dministrtion were documented Methods: Informtion ws obtined in 116 semi-structured interviews (conducted from 2005 to 2009) of 80 non-specilist people (44 men nd 36 women; ge rnge, yers; men ge, 72) Results nd conclusions: A totl of 31 veterinry remedies bsed on the use of single plnt species nd cited by t lest three independent informnts were recorded. We observed the use of 25 species of vsculr plnts, belonging to 18 botnicl fmilies. Most of the remedies described by the interviewees referred to the tretment of mild ilments relted to the skin nd the respirtory system. A totl of 11 remedies (35%) re relted to clening nd tretment of wounds. Likewise, we recorded remedies comment on the influence exerted by superstition. Currently, mny people preserve rich trditionl knowledge bout useful plnts, nd it my be ffirmed tht the folk veterinry medicine is still very much live in the studied re. Keywords: Ethnobotny, Ethnoveterinry, Arribes del Duero, Spin. ise2-p03 europen plnts used by Brzilin communities in Sntigo (rio Grnde do Sul, Brzil) S.M.B. Volk, F. Llms b, C. Acedo b Ru Tito Becon, 960. Rio Grnde do Sul, Brsil. b University of León. Cmpus of Vegzn, 24071, León, Spin. Bckground: For long time, the communities of the South of Brzil hve incorported to their trditionl knowledge mny Europen useful plnts. Some of these communities were creted by the Itlin immigrnts rriving with their customs to Brzil in pst centuries, s occurred in the stte of Rio Grnde do Sul. This is the first ethnobotnicl study in Sntigo (RG, Brzil). Objectives: The min gol of our reserch ws to know which plnts re used by these communities, most of them not ntive, but nturlized or cultivted plnts incorported to their cultures. Methods: The fieldwork ws conducted in It consisted in interview surveys nd the collection of plnt vouchers provided by the interviewed. The groups of people studied belong to the griculturl sector or relted ctivities. Prior to the reserch, locl institutions nd orgniztions rrnged meetings to ensure the prticiption of the inhbitnts. Some 24 loclities nd 175 informnts were contcted. In order to obtin ccurte nd complete informtion, it ws necessry to mke multiple contcts with ech of the interviewed, s it ws difficult to process ll the mount of the informtion provided during single tlk. Dt were collected through semi-structured interviews, performed either to single informnt or to group of them. We registered s min informtion: the nme of the informnt, plnt nme, used prt, ppliction form nd use. We tried to register the exct spelling used by every informnt. We lso collected voucher specimen, preserved in the herbri LEB, or HERBARA. The obtined informtion ws compiled in dtbse, to fcilitte its mngeme. Results nd conclusions: We hve identified some three hundred tx belonging to 219 gener nd 81 fmilies. All of them hve multiple uses. The most frequent fmilies re Astercee, Fbcee, Lmicee, Pocee nd Myrtcee, reching up to 40 % of the recorded plnts. Studying the origin of the tx, we verified tht only some 51% re ntive plnts, nd tht 20% re nturlized nd 29% cultivted plnts. Most of nturlized (50%) nd cultivted plnts (80%) re ntive from Europe, or rrived to Sntigo becuse they were cultivted there. These results reflect the ethnic origin of the informnts nd the mixed culture of the investigted popultion. Keywords: Brzil, Rio Grnde, Ethnobotny, Europen plnts. Acknowledgments: We thnk the people who shred their knowledge with us nd everybody helped in our reserch. Fuente:

17 110 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) ise2-p04 trditionl medicinl plnts used in the region of Gorbeilde (Biscy, Bsque country) G. Menendez, V. Reyes-Grcí b, R. Morles c, M. Prdo-de-Sntyn Universidd Autónom de Mdrid. C/ Drwin, 2. E Mdrid. Spin. b ICREA-ICTA, Universitt Autònom de Brcelon, Bellterr Brcelon, Spin; c Rel Jrdín Botánico, CSIC, Plz de Murillo 2, E Mdrid, Spin Bckground: Although ethnogrphers hve been interested in Bsque folk medicine, few reserchers hve ddressed the topic with n ethnobotnicl perspective. Objectives: The im of the study ws to describe nd nlyze the plnts trditionlly used in the folk medicine of Gorbeilde, Bsque speking rurl mountinous region locted in the south of Bizki, Bsque Country. Methods: Seventy six semi-structured interviews hve been conducted between 2008 nd 2010 with 84 informnts born in the re. Informnts were selected using the "snowbll" method. Results nd conclusions: Eighty two tx were recorded, most of them were used for skin diseses (39 species), followed by digestive (32) nd respirtory (28) disorders. The most importnt species used to cure respirtory disorders were Euclyptus globulus, Urtic dioic nd Verben officinlis; Chelidonium mjus, Juncus sp.,, Allium cep re used for skin conditions; Plntgo lnceolt for musculoskeletl disorders; Chmemelum nobile nd Helleborus viridis ginst digestive diseses nd Urtic dioic for circultory conditions. Plnts scrcely cited or previously unknown to the literture include: Coronopus didymus (pulmoni bedrr) for pneumoni; Helleborus viridis (rio) for intestinl worms, nd Plntgo lnceolt ( snbedrr) for strins. Compred with the rest of the Iberin Peninsul nd even with other Bsque-speking res, Gorbeilde shows significnt specificity of remedies Keywords: Medicinl plnts, trditionl knowledge, Bisky, Iberin Peninsul. Acknowledgements: To ll the informnts, Dni Pérez. ise2-p05 n etnophrmcologicl review on the turkish Lbite species G. Bulut, E. Tuzlcı Mrmr University, Fculty of Phrmcy, Deprtment of Phrmceuticl Botny, Istnbul, Turkey. Lbite is one of the richest fmilies in the flor of Turkey. And it is lso one of the most importnt fmilies in which there re mny populr plnts used in trditionl therpy in Turkey. The im of this study is revision on the Turkish folk medicinl plnts of the Lbite fmily ccording to our investigtions nd scientific literture records. Our studies re bsed on minly locl ethnobotnicl investigtions. The ethnophrmcologicl informtion ws obtined from the locl people by personl interviews crried out fce to fce. The specimes of the folk medicinl plnts were collected during the field works nd then identified. In ddition, the scientific literture records on the subject were revised. According to the list bsed on our investigtions nd the literture records, 113 species of Lbite re used in therpy in Turkey. Among them, Teucrium polium, Menth longifoli, Teucrium chmedrys, Meliss officinlis, Orignum vulgre, Menth spict, Thymus longiculis, Menth pulegium, Thymbr spict, Lvndul stoechs, Orignum onites, Slvi fruticos nd Orignum m- jorn re the most populr plnts nd they re used in mny prts of Turkey. The plnts re mostly used for the digestive system diseses, the respirtory system diseses nd the crdiovsculr system diseses. Keywords: Medicinl plnts, folk medicine, Lbite, Turkey. Fuente:

18 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) 111 ise2-p06 ethnoveterinry knowledge in Grnd, ndlussi, Spin G. Benítez, M.R. González-Tejero, J. Molero Mes Botny Dep., Phrmcy School, University of Grnd. Cmpus Universitrio de Crtuj s/n, 18071, Grnd, Spin. Bckground: Although ethnobotnicl informtion vilble for Grnd Province is not scrce, few publictions hve been mke bout plnts nd other resources uses in veterinry medicine. Objectives: Bsed on previous ethnobotnicl works for Grnd Province, we review the used plnts in veterinry medicine, s well s the used prts, employment forms nd the nimls to which they re intended. Plnts with known ctive principles or biologicl ctivity re highlighted. Another section del with the ritul prctices of disese prevention nd on the belief system tht encourges this type of heling prctices. Methods: The informtion comes from diverse ethnobotnicl reserches, gthered through open nd semi-structured interviews with vrious informnts. Dt on Ethnoveterinry medicine mostly cme from people involved in breeding nd mintennce of livestock (mostly frmers nd shepherds) or relted to griculture. Results nd conclusions: Besides the development of locl dtbse of the species nd their uses in Ethnoveterinry medicine, plnts for which pplictions in humn medicine re similr re especilly discussed, trying to understnd the reltionship between those trditionl medicines. Species used in niml helth prevention re seprtely mentioned, such s those offered s fodder to different purposes, or used s n insecticide or insect repellents in feedlot sites. A list of species collected s fodder or identified s high interest for psture is given. Keywords: Ethnoveterinry, veterinry medicine, Grnd, Spin. ise2-p07 trditionl mngement of utochthonous endngered breeds of hen ( Gllus domesticus) in the iberin Southest (Spin): between the ethnoveterinry nd the superstition. J. Sánchez Blibre, P. López Brquero, J.F. Mrtínez Pérez Asocición de Nturlists del Sureste. Pz. Pintor José Mrí Párrg nº 11 bjo, Murci, Espñ. Bckground: The lost of biodiversity is especilly worrying concerning the utochthonous breeds of domestic nimls. Prllel to the popultion decrese of these breeds, its is vnishing the trditionl knowledge ssocited to their mngement. Objectives: The study ims to compile informtion bout the trditionl mngement of fowl diseses nd prsites in the Iberin Southest with specil focus on the use of both wild nd cultivted plnts. Methods: The informtion ws obtined through semi-structured interviews to old people nd breeders of utochthonous breeds which re t risk of extinction. The plnts tht, ccording to interviewed people, were used re evluted with published literture in order to determine the possible effects on fowl helth Results nd conclusions: Trditionl mngement of hens include the use of plnts whose function is not only simple nutrition of the nimls, s mny species contin ctive principles which were experimentlly shown to be useful for prevention nd tretment of diseses nd prsites which usully fflict to hens. However, we lso recorded orl trditions for the mngement of the fowl tht presents evident reltions to numeric superstitions nd mgic. Keywords: Hens, Ethnoveterinry. Fuente:

19 112 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) ise3-o01 evlution of the cholinergic pthwys in α-hederin-induced contrction of rt isolted stomch strips M. Mendel, M. Chlopeck, N. Dziekn, W. Krlik, M. Miechetek Wrsw University of Life Sciences. Nowoursynowsk 166, , Wrsw, Polnd, The extrct of common ivy (Heder helix) is extensively used in trditionl nd contemporry medicine in the tretment for ctrrhs of the respirtory pssge nd for the symptoms of chronic inflmmtory bronchil conditions. On the other hnd, ivy plnt cuses serious poisonings in humn nd nimls with the predominnt symptoms of severe dirrhe nd dyspne. Those clinicl observtions becme confirmed in in vitro studies which reveled the contrctile effect of two triterpenoid sponins extrcted from Heder helix ( α-hederin nd hedercoside C) on rt isolted gstrointestinl strips. However, the mechnism of the contrctile effect remined unknown. Thus, the im of the study ws to evlute the prticiption of cholinergic pthwys in α-hederin-induced contrction of rt isolted stomch strips. The experiments were performed on rt isolted fundus nd corpus stomch strips under isotonic conditions. The effect of tropine nd hexmethonium on α-hederin-induced contrction of stomch strips ws investigted. All results re expressed s % of the response to cetylcholine (ACh) reference contrctile gent. The obtined results reveled tht the dministrtion of tropine neither prevented nor reduced the response of stomch strips to α-hederin. The contrction cused by sponin (100µM) in the presence of tropine mounted to 96.02±23.06% nd ±11.01% of the rection induced by ACh for stomch corpus nd fundus strips, respectively, wheres the response to α-hederin without tropine pretretment ws s big s 94.79±75.91% nd ±27.75% of the rection produced by ACh for stomch corpus nd fundus strips, respectively. The ppliction of nicotinic ntgonist lso did not chnge the force of α-hederin-induced contrction. If the dministrtion of sponin ws preceded by tretment with hexmethonium the strength of stomch fundus strips" contrction ws ±11.90% of the rection to cetylcholine nd the contrction ws comprble with the one cused by α-hederin without prior hexmethonium-tretment. Summing up, it cn be ssumed tht the cholinergic pthwys do not prticipte in α-hederin-evoked contrction of rt isolted stomch preprtions. Keywords: α-hederin, isolted stomch strips, cholinergic pthwys. ise3-o02 Sfety ssessment of selected indin herbs through cytochrome P450 inhibition ssy S. Ponnusnkr, S. Pndit, A. Bndyopdhyy b, P.K. Mukherjee School of Nturl Product Studies, Jdvpur University, Kolkt Indi. b Indin Institute of Chemicl Biology, Kolkt Indi Bckground: Indin herbs re believed by mny to be sfe. Severl nturl products hve been reported to produce dverse rections due to interction of cytochromes, when simultneously dministered long with conventionl medicines (1). Assessing CYP inhibition of Indin herb extrcts hs importnt implictions for predicting the likelihood of their potentil herbl-drug interctions. Objectives: To ssess the sfety of stndrdized extrct of Centell sitic through drug interction potentil on drug modulting enzymes. Methods: Centell sitic extrcts were stndrdized through HPTLC nd HPLC. Cytochrome inhibition ssy ws performed using CYP450-CO complex ssy (2) nd fluorimetric screening on CYP3A4 nd CYP2D6 isoforms. Results nd conclusions: The effects of the stndrdized extrcts on cytochrome P450 concentrtion were determined using its spectrl difference nd the reduced form of its CO complex. Different extrcts, its frctions nd phytomrkers showed significntly less inhibition (p<0.001) p when compred with stndrd ketoconzole. This experimentl findings demonstrte tht selected Indin herbs cn inhibit CYP3A4 nd CYP2D6 (IC ±3.46; ± 4.56 mg/ml) isoforms. Assessing CYP inhibition of Ayurvedic plnt extrcts hs importnt implictions for predicting the likelihood of their potentil herb-drug interctions tht my led to drug induced toxicity, s well s determining cndidtes for further comprehensive nlysis. Keywords: Centell sitic; Cytochrome inhibition; herb-drug interction; sfety studies Acknowledgments: Centrl Council for Reserch in Ayurved nd Siddh (CCRAS), Deprtment of AYUSH, Govt of Indi, New Delhi. references: 1. Mukherjee PK et l. Expert Opin Drug Discov 2007; 2: Ponnusnkr S et l. Phytother Res. (In press). Fuente:

20 Revist de Fitoterpi 2010; 10 (S1) 113 ise3-o03 cholinesterse inhibitory potentil of Piper longum L. fruit lterntive mngement of lzheimer s disese Sntnu Bhdr, Stheesh Kumr N., S. Srvnn, B.C. Pl, Arun Bndyopdhyy, P. K. Mukherjee School of Nturl Product Studies, Jdvpur University, Kolkt , Indi Bckground: P. longum Linn. (Pipercee) trditionlly used in vrious centrl nervous system disorders like CNS depressnt, nti-inflmmtory, ntioxidnt, nticonvulsnt etc. It contins bioctive lkloid piperine s mjor compound. Objectives: Objective of the present study is to explore the nticholinesterse potentil of P. longum fruit. Methods: Liquid chromtogrphic stndrdiztion of the plnt extrct hs been crried out with reference to the piperine. The cetylcholinesterse nd butyrylcholinesrrse ctivity of hydro-lcoholic extrct nd its different frctions (Chloroform, n-butnol, Ethyl cette nd wter) were studied by TLC-bioutogrphy nd modified Ellmnâ s method. The results were expressed s IC 50 vlues. Glntmine ws use s reference nticholinesterse drug. Results nd conclusions: Ethyl cette nd chloroform frctions showed more ctivity thn the other frctions. The order of inhibition ws Piperine > Ethyl cette > Chloroform > Hydrolcoholic extrt > n-butnol. Specificity of the Piperine nd extrct ws more towrds cetylcholinesterse thn butyrylcholinesterse. Piperine found to be the bioctive compound in P. longum. Keywords: Piper longum; Acetylcholinesterse; Butyrylcholinesterse; Bioutogrphy. ise3-o04 Scientific monogrphs of medicinl plnts of mexico: Qulity, sfety nd efficcy of mexicn tr- ditionl medicines R. Mt, S. Cristins, A. Nvrrete-Cstro, P. Hersch-Mrtínez b, R. Bye c Fcultd de Químic, Universidd Ncionl Autónom de México. b Instituto Ncionl de Antropologí e Histori; c Instituto de Biologí, Universidd Ncionl Autónom de México. Bckground: In Mexico must of the popultion vil themselves of medicinl plnts in order to cover their helth problems. The biodiversity dded to the culturl heterogeneity genertes one of the most plentiful folk medicines of the world. Nevertheless, the lck regultion cuses severl problems such s substitutions nd dultertions of the most widely commercilized crude drugs, s well s nturl resource depletion. In this scenrio, is impertive to generte n instrument tht ssures the qulity, sfety nd efficcy of these plnts. Objectives: Develop scientific document tht gurntee the qulity, sfety nd efficcy of Hintoni ltiflor one of the most widely used nd commercilized medicinl plnt. Methods: Generte nd compile scientific informtion bout H. ltiflor. Results: The document comprises severl sections: Nomenclture, Definition, Populr Medicinl Uses, History, Loction, Antomicl Identifiction, Hndling nd Commerciliztion, Chemicl Constituents, Anlyticl Procedures of Identity nd Composition, Toxicology nd Phrmcology. This document indeed, will be very useful for helth uthorities, prctitioners of phytotherpy, physicins, nd ny scientist involved in the study of medicinl plnts. In ddition, this work could be useful tool for legisltion in sights to promote lws imed to regulte conservtion, production, commerciliztion nd consumption of medicinl plnts. Keywords: Qulity, Sfety, Efficcy, Medicinl Plnt Monogrph, Hintoni ltiflor. Fuente:

GLF. General Level Framework. A Framework for Pharmacist Development in General Pharmacy Practice

GLF. General Level Framework. A Framework for Pharmacist Development in General Pharmacy Practice GLF Generl Level Frmework A Frmework for Phrmcist Development in Generl Phrmcy Prctice GLF Second Edition October 2007 About CoDEG The Competency Development nd Evlution Group (CoDEG) is collbortive network

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Journal of Business Research

Journal of Business Research Journl of Business Reserch 64 (2011) 896 903 Contents lists vilble t ScienceDirect Journl of Business Reserch Reltionship mrketing's role in mnging the firm investor dyd Arvid O.I. Hoffmnn, Joost M.E.

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TheImpactoftheNation smost WidelyUsedInsecticidesonBirds

TheImpactoftheNation smost WidelyUsedInsecticidesonBirds TheImpctoftheNtion smost WidelyUsedInsecticidesonBirds Neonicotinoid Insecticides nd Birds The Impct of the Ntion s Most Widely Used Insecticides on Birds Americn Bird Conservncy, Mrch 2013 Grsshopper

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A National Look at the High School Counseling Office

A National Look at the High School Counseling Office A Ntionl Look t the High School Counseling Office Wht Is It Doing nd Wht Role Cn It Ply in Fcilitting Students Pths to College? by Alexndri Wlton Rdford, Nicole Ifill, nd Terry Lew Introduction Between

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Synthesis of Transportation Fuels from Biomass: Chemistry, Catalysts, and Engineering

Synthesis of Transportation Fuels from Biomass: Chemistry, Catalysts, and Engineering 4044 Chem. Rev. 2006, 106, 4044 4098 Synthesis of Trnsporttion Fuels from Biomss: Chemistry, Ctlysts, nd Engineering George W. Huber, Sr Iborr, nd Avelino Corm* Instituto de Tecnologí Químici, UPV-CSIC,

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Factors that Influence Student Selection of Educational Leadership Master s Programs at Regional Universities INTRODUCTION

Factors that Influence Student Selection of Educational Leadership Master s Programs at Regional Universities INTRODUCTION Fctors tht Influence Student Selection of Eductionl Ledership Mster s Progrms t Regionl Universities Pm Winn, Ed.D. Lesley F. Lech, Ph.D. Susn Erwin, Ph.D. Liz Benedict Trleton Stte University Grdute enrollment

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A New Data Set of Educational Attainment in the World, 1950 2010 *

A New Data Set of Educational Attainment in the World, 1950 2010 * A New Dt Set of Eductionl Attinment in the World, 1950 2010 * Robert J. Brro + Hrvrd University nd Jong-Wh Lee Kore University Revised: November 2011 * We re grteful to UNESCO Institute for Sttistics for

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Each copy of any part of a JSTOR transmission must contain the same copyright notice that appears on the screen or printed page of such transmission.

Each copy of any part of a JSTOR transmission must contain the same copyright notice that appears on the screen or printed page of such transmission. Do Artifcts Hve Politics? Author(s): Lngdon Winner Source: Dedlus, Vol. 109, No. 1, Modern Technology: Problem or Opportunity? (Winter, 1980), pp. 121-136 Published by: The MIT Press on behlf Americn Acdemy

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Provable Possession and Replication of Data over Cloud Servers

Provable Possession and Replication of Data over Cloud Servers Provble Possession nd Repliction of Dt over Cloud Servers Ayd F.Brsoum nd M.Anwr Hsn Deprtment of Electricl nd Computer Engineering University of Wterloo, Ontrio, Cnd. fekry@engmil.uwterloo.c, hsn@sisr.uwterloo.c

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Mill Road Area. Conservation Area Appraisal. June 2011

Mill Road Area. Conservation Area Appraisal. June 2011 Mill Rod Are Conservtion Are Apprisl June 0 MILL RO AREA CONSERVATION AREA APPRAISAL This publiction hs been produced by: Plnning Services, Cmbridge City Council, PO Box 00, Cmbridge CB 0JH Tel: 0 000

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Shading during the grain filling period increases 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline content in fragrant rice

Shading during the grain filling period increases 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline content in fragrant rice Mo et l. Rice (2015) 8:9 DOI 10.1186/s12284-015-0040-y RESEARCH Open Access Shding during the grin filling period increses 2-cetyl-1-pyrroline content in frgrnt rice Zhowen Mo 1,2,WuLi 3, Shenggng Pn 1,2,

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Contextualizing NSSE Effect Sizes: Empirical Analysis and Interpretation of Benchmark Comparisons

Contextualizing NSSE Effect Sizes: Empirical Analysis and Interpretation of Benchmark Comparisons Contextulizing NSSE Effect Sizes: Empiricl Anlysis nd Interprettion of Benchmrk Comprisons NSSE stff re frequently sked to help interpret effect sizes. Is.3 smll effect size? Is.5 relly lrge effect size?

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Financial Ties between DSM-IV Panel Members and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Financial Ties between DSM-IV Panel Members and the Pharmaceutical Industry Regulr Article DOI: 10.1159/000091772 Finncil Ties between DSM-IV Pnel Members nd the Phrmceuticl Industry Lis Cosgrove b Sheldon Krimsky Mnish Vijyrghvn Lis Schneider University of Msschusetts, Boston,

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Summary of Overburden Studies at Olkiluoto with an Emphasis on Geosphere-Biosphere Interface. Working Report 2005-11

Summary of Overburden Studies at Olkiluoto with an Emphasis on Geosphere-Biosphere Interface. Working Report 2005-11 orking eport 200- ummry of verburden tudies t lkiluoto with n mphsis on eosphere-iosphere nterfce nne-j hdenperä Jorm lmén irjo ellä rch 200-20, el -2-2 x -2-2 0 orking eport 200- ummry of verburden tudies

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Mephedrone, compared with MDMA (ecstasy) and amphetamine, rapidly increases both dopamine and 5-HT levels in nucleus accumbens of awake rats

Mephedrone, compared with MDMA (ecstasy) and amphetamine, rapidly increases both dopamine and 5-HT levels in nucleus accumbens of awake rats 1949..1958 BJP British Journl of Phrmcology DOI:10.1111/j.1476-5381.2011.01499.x www.brjphrmcol.org RESEARCH PAPERbph_1499 Mephedrone, compred with MDMA (ecstsy) nd mphetmine, rpidly increses both dopmine

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All-Atom Empirical Potential for Molecular Modeling and Dynamics Studies of Proteins

All-Atom Empirical Potential for Molecular Modeling and Dynamics Studies of Proteins 3586 J. Phys. Chem. B 1998, 102, 3586-3616 All-Atom Empiricl Potentil for Moleculr Modeling nd Dynmics Studies of Proteins A. D. McKerell, Jr.,*,, D. Bshford,, M. Bellott,, R. L. Dunbrck, Jr.,, J. D. Evnseck,,

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NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards and Accreditation Criteria & Guidance for Assessment

NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards and Accreditation Criteria & Guidance for Assessment NAEYC Erly Childhood Progrm Stndrds nd Accredittion Criteri & Guidnce for Assessment This document incorportes the lnguge of ll NAEYC Erly Childhood Progrm Stndrds nd Accredittion Criteri, including 39

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SCRIBE: A large-scale and decentralized application-level multicast infrastructure

SCRIBE: A large-scale and decentralized application-level multicast infrastructure !! IEEE JOURNAL ON SELECTED AREAS IN COMMUNICATIONS, VOL. 2, NO. 8, OCTOBER 22 1 SCRIBE: A lrge-scle nd decentrlized ppliction-level multicst infrstructure Miguel Cstro, Peter Druschel, Anne-Mrie Kermrrec

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Learning to Search Better than Your Teacher

Learning to Search Better than Your Teacher Ki-Wei Chng University of Illinois t Urbn Chmpign, IL Akshy Krishnmurthy Crnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA Alekh Agrwl Microsoft Reserch, New York, NY Hl Dumé III University of Mrylnd, College

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Your car insurance policy

Your car insurance policy Your cr insurnce policy If you hve n ccident...cll us stright wy on 0844 891 5391. For our joint protection, clls my be recorded nd/or monitored. Welcome. We ve got you covered. Together with your policy

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Maximizer CRM 2015 Overview. A comprehensive look at Maximizer Software s latest CRM solutions

Maximizer CRM 2015 Overview. A comprehensive look at Maximizer Software s latest CRM solutions Mximizer CRM Overview A comprehensive look t Mximizer Softwre s ltest CRM solutions The softwre just mkes it esy in fst moving environment for everyone in the orgnistion to know wht is going on nd who

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Target: 10 mg/day within several days Schizophrenia in adolescents (2.1) Oral: Start at 2.5-5 mg once daily; Target: 10 mg/day

Target: 10 mg/day within several days Schizophrenia in adolescents (2.1) Oral: Start at 2.5-5 mg once daily; Target: 10 mg/day HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION These highlights do not include ll the informtion needed to use ZYPREXA sfely nd effectively. See full prescribing informtion for ZYPREXA. ZYPREXA (olnzpine) Tblet

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A B O U T W O R K S A F E B C WHMIS AT WORK ABOUT WORKSAFEBC WkSfeBC ( Wkers Compenstion Bord) is n independent provincil sttuty gency governed by Bord Directs. It is funded by insurnce premiums pid by registered employers by investment

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Object Removal by Exemplar-Based Inpainting

Object Removal by Exemplar-Based Inpainting Oject Removl y Exemplr-Bsed Inpinting A. Criminisi, P. Pérez K. Toym Microsoft Reserch Ltd., Cmridge, UK Microsoft Corportion, Redmond, WA, USA ntcrim@microsoft.com, pperez@microsoft.com kentoy@microsoft.com

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On the Robustness of Most Probable Explanations

On the Robustness of Most Probable Explanations On the Robustness of Most Probble Explntions Hei Chn School of Electricl Engineering nd Computer Science Oregon Stte University Corvllis, OR 97330 chnhe@eecs.oregonstte.edu Adnn Drwiche Computer Science

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Point Groups and Space Groups in Geometric Algebra

Point Groups and Space Groups in Geometric Algebra Point Groups nd Spce Groups in Geometric Alger Dvid Hestenes Deprtment of Physics nd Astronomy Arizon Stte University, Tempe, Arizon, USA Astrct. Geometric lger provides the essentil foundtion for new

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THE INSCRIPTIONS FROM TEMPLE XIX AT PALENQUE DAVID STUART THE INSCRIPTIONS FROM TEMPLE XIX AT PALENQUE The Inscriptions fromtemple XIX t Plenque A Commentry The Inscriptions from TempleXIX t Plenque A Commentry By Dvid Sturt Photogrphs y Jorge Pérez

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