Boy Scouts of America's internal "perversion" files: alleged child molesters in scouting. BSA Case# Troop # City State Comments Attorney Notes

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1 /24/84 Michael J. Abidiwan T Nutley NJ d in 14-count indictment with subject at file CONF for endangering the welfare of children and aggravated sexual assault, and making terrorist threats. Belonged to a cult. 10/16/87 Steve Allen Adams T Schriever LA In the summer of July 1987 gave the Scouts rub downs called a attitude adjustment. He then would lure the Troop to a remote area and molest him. He was found guilty in 1989 of committing sexual battery two times during a Scout camp. 09/28/89 Julian Adams Berkeley CA Court-martialed and found guilty on all counts of child molestation. Sentenced to 45 years of imprisonment. Registration suspended. 11/12/71 Royce Lee Adkins 1833 Huntington WV Registrant registered with West VA Troop; resigned in 11/71. He was District Training Chairman; became a member in Accusations made by 3 different camp staff that Adkins molested them. 07/11/90 Joseph A. Agarand P; Bentonville AR Registration denied after being convicted of child abuse in St. Louis. Served two years in prison and just released. 11/06/89 Stephen Edward Ahern T Ft. Hood TX Older Explorer sexually abused 14-year-old. 07/20/84 David Aiken T Miami FL Unnatural relationship with a minor, alleged homosexual relationship with underage male. Not permitted to register. [HOT DOC]. Was charged with molesting two former Scouts during a three-year period. Doc. #2649, "Priority Separation" on file. Filed a lawsuit against BSA in Florida. 01/25/89 Karl A. Alberga Schenectady NY Limited information. 10/23/84 Charles F. Albright P Dallas TX Registrant was previously charged with sexual Doc. #2607, "Priority Separation" on file. abuse of two children, had past history of arrests including felony theft arrest and served 8 months of a two-year sentence. 03/12/87 Arthur W. Alexander 944 Brinklow MD Indicted and arrested for 12 to 15 counts of sexual abuse of a female in November, 86. Pled guilty to all charges of child abuse in the third degree. 10/25/91 Ray Alexander T Wilmerding PA Accused of "fondeling penis of scout years Letter from scout troop to treating doctor of victim states " Unfortunately Scouting like all of society, was not addressing this issue in the time this occurred. I can say that Scouting has now made this a priority." 09/16/87 Kenneth Lyle Alford T Odessa TX Was indicted in September 1983 with sex abuse charges. The charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. 04/25/90 Robert Allan C Chicago IL Convicted in April of 1989 of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Sentenced to four years of probation and mandatory psychological counseling. Membership revoked. 1 of 138

2 /22/72 Girard H. Allen T New Port Richey FL In 11/72, Registrant was witnessed having a homosexual act with a boy; he had also made homosexual advances towards other boys. A meeting was held between the leaders and he was asked to resign. 05/31/90 Jeffrey Allen P Worcester MA Ordered to undergo intense psychiatric treatment when found guilty of three counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under the age of 14 (scout). Registration denied. 10/13/88 Ronald William Allen T Washougal WA Convicted of indecent liberties with a child under the age of /07/91 Lawrence N. Allen 2 Chicago IL Charged with molesting a 13-year-old Boy Scout. 05/05/87 Larry K. Alpren 946 Illegible Illegible CT Was charged in March 1987 with sexual assault in the third degree, sexual assault in the fourth degree and two counts of risk of injury to a minor. 04/01/88 Michael R. Alter Indianapolis IN Convicted of two counts of child molestation (girl). 09/21/89 Joseph F. Altomere 375 Cinncinati OH Ejected for homosexual activity/behavior. 08/22/85 Richard Augusths Aluise ; 99 Proctorville OH Guilty on several counts of sexual abuse of Boy Scouts. Sentenced to eight to 25 years in prison. Membership suspended. 09/21/72 Thomas Anderson Akron OH Registrant admitted to sexually molesting a boy in his Troop during the summer of /03/90 William J. Anderson 145 Windsor Ontario Was suspended previously in Canada. There were concerns voiced regarding subject back in May of 1984 when he was a Weblo s leader in Michigan. 03/08/90 Frank R. Anderson P; C 01/30/84 Charles O. Anderson (aka Edward Leon Elder) 12/01/89 Russell C. Appler (aka Goodfellow, Applegate) 03/20/86 Jesus Nathaniel Arce C; 0043-C Grandfield OK Charged with lewd molestation of a 15 year old boy. Re-charter not updated and currently not registered and will never be registered with BSA T Las Vegas NV Was an Assistant Scout master in California. Registrant had his registration denied due to kidnapping, burglary, possession of stolen property, oral sex perversion, and lewd behavior between the years Doc. #2599, "Priority Separation" on file ; 73 Valley Forge PA Pled guilty to eight counts of indecent exposure and corruption of minors and endangering the welfare of children. Registration denied. Lancaster PA Charged with involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, statutory rape, indecent assault, indecent exposure and corruption of a minor. 08/17/83 Richard H. Ardrey T Riverside CA There was a noted incident of inappropriate See Doc. # 1276: a Priority Separation form. touching at a World Jamboree in Alberta, Canada in /01/89 Alexander Dalton Argyris Austin TX Inappropriate and unacceptable pattern of behavior by attempting to develop physical relationships with Scouts. 2 of 138

3 /30/79 Vaughn A. Armstrong T; 102-T Leon IA Had party for boy scouts and gave them Playboy magazines and instructed them to read them naked in front of him. Was forced to resign. 04/10/91 Isaiah Armstrong 4 Ft. Pierce FL Ex-police officer. Found guilty of lewd assault and contributing to delinquency of a minor. 01/17/91 Larren Bybee Arnold Pocatello ID Accused of sexually molesting Scouts. 10/27/87 Willard Henry Artusy 947 Sunrise Beach TX Was arrested in October 1987 on child sex abuse charges involving three boys. Then in March 1988 was charged with indecency with a child. This abuse occurred in mid-february. 07/22/83 Lester A. Ashbrook T Deleware OH Registrant was accused of homosexual overtures. 11/14/89 Travis Asbjorn Ashmore (aka Travis Madison WI Arrested for petty theft. Registration denied. Poling) 03/07/84 Dale Lawrence Astleford Bloomington MN Was charged in connection with child pornography. Pled guilty to first-degree criminal sexual conduct. He was part of a national pornography network; there were more than 30 boys involved. 09/20/71 Edsel Ray Atteberry T Lawton OK Subject registered with Troop No. 105 in OK in 5/70. He resigned in 3/71. He was charged with sodomy of a 12-year old boy; the charges were dropped in Other charges were filed in 1971, for lewd molestation of another young boy. No information available on the outcome of those charges. 08/22/91 John Atwood P; 210-T Camarillo CA Molested Scouts after getting Scouts intoxicated. Registration denied. 04/05/88 Donald Aubin C ThreeRivers MA Accused of sexual molestation of younger boys in troop. 07/21/88 James Andrew Auclair C; S Groveland MA Convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage boy. Sentenced to house of corrections for six months. Registration suspended. 10/17/88 Robert Kenneth Auleb C; 264-T Pacifica CA Molestation of boy met while on camp staff at Wente Scout Reservation. 05/09/88 Eric Patrick Ricky Avant C Virginia Beach VA Was charged with sodomy in 1979 and under a plea agreement was placed on probation. In 1986 parents of victim said they would not prosecute if subject got psychiatric treatment and in 1988 he HOT DOC. #22468 Is from Virginia PTA who was sentenced to 26 years in prison for 9 counts of says that local units should discontinue sexaul misconduct of scouts. sponsorship because of recent occurrences. 09/09/89 Daniel Aviles Brooklyn NY Wife reports that he is not mentally prepared to work with youth because he has sexually molested stepson. 07/19/89 Wilfred J. Ayotte Ishpeming MI Charged with sexual assault of two underage females with the intent to commit murder. 10/12/89 Tom Azzalina T Belvidere NJ Registration denied. Specifics not known. 3 of 138

4 /31/89 Donald R. Babyak T Stamford CT Molested 11-year-old nephew. Has violent temper and keeps guns in his house. Registration Suspended. 07/09/84 Richard Allen Backes P Medford OR Was arrested in 1978, for first-degree sodomy and convicted in March1979. In 1984, re-registered; this was not granted. 03/22/91 John A. Backoff C Boyne City MI Methodist pastor found guilty of a minor sexual offense. Registration denied. 07/11/84 Timothy J. Bagshaw T State College PA Registrant was indicted on 13 counts of indecent assault/endangering the welfare of children/ corruption of minors. Pled guilty to 2 counts of corruption of minors. Sentenced to 1-3 years in prison. He was a former police officer with 22 years of Scouting experience. 06/07/91 Michael John Bahaus T Tulsa OK Record of child abuse (lewd molestation, anal sodomy, oral sodomy). Registration denied. 12/12/84 Michael Edward Bailey 1319 Dallas TX Registrant was arrested for aggravated sexual assault. In 1984, his registration was suspended. 04/25/78 Harold E. Bailey T Bucksport ME Charged with gross sexual misconduct, unlawful sexual contact, sexual abuse of a minor. 06/01/87 Thomas Lee Bailey S Salem OR Was charged a pled no-contest to charges of sexual abuse in May /18/89 William N. Bailey T Philadelphia PA Resigned from the Boy Scouts. 03/29/72 Rupert M. Baird T Albany GA Registrant was arrested in GA for 2 counts of sodomy. 12/03/90 Douglas L. Baker Fairfield PA Accused of alleged child abuse and declared ineligible. 05/10/90 Charles S. Baker T; 120-T; 62-T Shirley Mills ME Accused of child abuse by school students (inappropriate touching). Similar charge made five years ago. Membership terminated May of /15/89 Claiborne B. Baker Montgomery AL Accused of sexual misconduct. 10/24/88 William D. Baker C; Blasdell NY Suspended due to child molestation. Registrant S sentenced to 26 years in state penitentiary for molesting nine boys between the ages 9 and /12/86 John A. Baker C Fairborn OH Currently serving five years probation on an aggravated assault charge. Original charge of gross sexual imposition with a minor female was reduced in plea bargain. Registration suspended. 09/02/83 William Mark Baldwin T; 911-P Tampa FL In 1991, Gulf Ridge was advised that registrant was on the ineligible volunteer list and should not be permitted to register with the BSA. There was a July 12, 1983, camp incident where registrant was a staff member; the campers accused him of being "queer" and proceeded to play a tape that had been recorded of registrant in the bathroom having oral sex with another camper. 09/07/88 James Richard Balles C Fredonia NY Accused of child molestation. [HOT DOC]. A separate claim was filed against the Director of the Juanita Valley Council/BSA for failure to notify authorities (see Docs. # ). Also see Doc. #2522, "Priority Separation" on file. Extreme case. 4 of 138

5 /31/88 Norman Carl Barber Layton UT Convicted of two counts of forcible sexual abuse of a minor (two 15-year-old girls). 10/10/90 Chris Barden 148 Seattle WA Registration denied because of deviant sexual behavior. He confessed to being gay. 09/22/87 Michael J. Bardy T Schiller Park IL In January 1988 pled guilty to two counts of importing child pornography. 08/10/84 Bryan A. Barner 1320 Tully NY Admitted to deviant sexual intercourse with a Doc. #2479, "Priority Separation" on file. person under the age of 14. A grand jury indicted him on 9 counts of second-degree sodomy, seconddegree sexual abuse, and endangering the welfare of a child. 06/01/90 Walter C. Barnes 149 Bellingham WA Classified as a sexual predator by authorities. Has conviction and has served prison time for child molestation. Added to confidential file. 07/01/88 Matthew Barnes ; CA Investigated for possible child abuse. Also displayed behavior in Scouting activity that is not acceptable for a Scout leader (foul language, boasting about arrest record, authorized midnight skinny dipping). 06/11/87 William Barney T UnionCity CA In June 1987 a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was charged with eight felony counts of child molestation and three or four misdemeanors. 07/23/84 Thomas Barnhart 1321 Youngtown OH Unfit to be around boys due to psychological Doc. #2460, "Priority Separation" on file. problems. Made strong advances towards a 12- year old Scout. 07/23/84 Thomas Barnhart 1321 Youngtown OH Unfit to be around boys due to psychological Doc. #2460, "Priority Separation" on file. problems. Made strong advances towards a 12- year old Scout. 09/09/85 Richard V. Barone Amsterdam NY Pled guilty to sexual abuse involving Scouts. Registration suspended. 10/16/73 Mike L. Barrett T Smyrna GA Charged with kidnapping and five counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Pled guilty to five counts and sentences to five years. 11/20/91 Timothy B. Barrett Hill AFB UT Convicted of sexual intercourse with a minor. Case court-martialed. 06/14/83 Benjamin Reese Bartel 1462? 51-T; 12-T Anna Maria Island FL Registrant was charged with sexual contact with a Priority Separation slip included. minor, disposition uncertain. 02/01/90 Lavern J. Bartelt Janesville WI Bartelt had relationship with individual over the age of 18. Used poor judgment. 10/31/85 Edward Bruce Bartholomew Oxnard CA Arrested on two counts of child molestation. Sentenced to 12 years. 07/17/86 Pasquale J. Bartiromo T New ark NJ Attempted to register again following suspension. Arrest record for burning a building, arson, stolen property, child molestation. 08/02/88 Jeffrey A. Bartlett T Providence RI Alleged to have sexual relations with a 14-year-old girl. 12/19/83 James D. Barton T Lexington NC Registrant resigned after being accused of sexual fondling and oral sex. 5 of 138

6 /10/91 Edward George Bath C Wilkes-Barre PA Convicted of sexually assaulting ten-year-old daughter of his girlfriend. Registration denied. 11/24/87 Denis Baugh T Pasco WA In November 1987 pled guilty to sexual activity with minors. 11/13/80 Robert E. Bauman 1521 Easton MD In 1980 was accused of soliciting sex from young boys (he was a U.S. Representative at the time). 12/20/88 James Allen Baxley T San Fransisco CA Found guilty of committing a sodomy with a child under the age of 16 and committing indecent acts with a male under 16. Discharged from Air Force. 05/25/89 Harley David Beahm T Tucson AZ Accused of sexual molestation. 02/04/88 Ronald Beard T Alexandria VA Registrant is to have no contact with juveniles other than his own due to child sexual abuse charges that are not related to Scouting. 08/03/72 David J. Beardsley T St. Paul MN Registrant molested a young boy on several evenings in a row in 7/72. 10/10/90 Charles E. Beasley Wellsville PA Accused of child molestation in Registered in June 1987 and registration suspended in October 1990 when the scouts learned of the 1974 trial. 09/28/77 Steven D. Beasley T; 112-T Guild TN Registrant resigned after being accused of molesting Scouts. 08/18/76 Rodger L. Beatty T New port PA Registrant was accused by several Scouts of molesting them, performing oral sex and having intercourse with them during /22/87 Charles Beaudoin T; 601-S Lubbock TX In February 1987 during a campout he began giving a boy a backrub and then rubbed his private area. 01/29/90 Albert W. Beauregard Gainesville FL Registration suspended due to sexual child abuse. January 1990 registration refused. 11/08/77 Charles O. Beck T New ark OH Physically masturbated a Scout. He resigned. 12/28/72 William N. Becker C Cleveland OH In 10/72, registrant admitted he was a homosexual and had had several affairs. He resigned. 10/30/89 Ronald A. Becker T Monmouth Beach NJ This priest volunteer had relationships with alter boys in his parish. Six of the ten were Scouts. 04/15/88 Donald Charles Becker C; 487-E PortSt. Lucie FL Molestation of child under the age of /24/91 Samuel J. Becker C Winnetka CA Prior arrests on three to four occasions for flashing, abuse and is under psychiatric care. Registration denied. 06/08/89 William Ernest Beckham T Olympia WA DSHS revoked his foster home license. 03/17/88 Douglas Eugene Beeching P St. Paul MN Convicted in March, 1988 of second degree criminal sexual conduct with his daughter. Suspended from Boy Scouts but registrant appealed. Suspension upheld. [HOT DOC: #4560: Confidential document: admitted that he had used his status as a Scout executive to try to entice a young boy.] 6 of 138

7 /13/90 Chris J. Beers 153 Riverside CA Charged with fondling the private parts of Weblo scouts. Pled guilty to one count of child molestation. April 1990 registration suspended. 12/04/85 Stephen P. Belford 1222 Poughkeepsie NY Jailed for larceny. Confessed to gay lifestyle. 01/07/80 Earl Belke Kansas City MO Was accused of sexually molesting several Troops as well as being too rough on them, i.e., pushing them around, scratching them, and holding them underwater far too long during life saving training. Registrant was also accused of molesting kids in 1979; as of 1991 had not been suspended. 01/07/80 Earl Belke Kansas City MO Accused of sexually assaulting his nine-year-old son. 06/07/90 Harry E. Bell Zanesville OH Sentenced to 15 years in prison on charges that he had sexual relations with at least seven boys. June 1990 registration suspended. 02/20/89 Ronald Edwin Bell S Clermont FL Pleaded no contest to two charges of performing lewd act in the presence of a minor. Will serve 12 years on probation including two years of house arrest. [HOT DOCS/Attorney Notes: Docs # : Letter to National Council re individuals who should have been suspended based on allegations, but had not as of the date of the letter 5/10/91.] [HOT DOCS #17880] Newspaper article making reference to allegations Boy Scouts made about their policies. [HOT DOC #17885] newspaper article. BSA hopes that the Church is another organization select people with good character. 10/19/90 Donn T. Bellavance Ft. Lauderdale FL Incident of child abuse which occurred approximately three years earlier. Registration suspended. 10/11/88 Donald D. Belmer C; 355 Payette ID Pled guilty to a felony charge of lewd conduct with a 12 year old boy. 09/13/89 David R. Bencaz Livingston LA Accused of inappropriate and excessive attention shown to 15-year-old boy. Review committee denies registration. 09/20/90 Clifford Bendler 156 Marble Falls TX Suspected of abuse and registration denied. 09/23/91 David William Bennett APOSF CA Misdemeanor conviction. 02/01/90 Scott Benson T Brooklyn NY Indicted for sodomizing younger boy. Registration suspended. 06/26/79 Gregory A. Benson E Portland OR Accused of sexually molesting a boy scout. It was decided that prosecuting the case would not be the best for the boy and the case was filed without adjudication. 01/01/90 Byron Berger 158 Lawrence KS Shared the values of masturbation and encouraged Letter which states that the original letter of several campers in the program to join in a group suspension dates back to masturbation session. 09/16/88 Wilfred H. Bergeron T Rochester NH Indicted on 11/10/88 on two charges of aggravated felonious sexual assault. Found guilty and is in prison. 06/26/85 Robert Bobby Bernstein 1223 Davie FL Charged with lewd behavior upon a minor. Membership suspended. 7 of 138

8 /02/77 Jacob H. Bethany T Kingsport TN Registrant was found guilty of committing six counts of homosexual acts during a camp-out. He was sentenced to 30 to 45 years in prison. 03/31/87 Donald L. Betz T; 139-P Hicksville OH Pled guilty in August 1983 to gross sexual imposition. 02/08/88 David A. Bibeau C Albuquerque NM Charged with sexual abuse. September 87 letter to Paul Ernst states that there were complaints years ago about sexual abuse. 10/26/78 Ray L. Bieber T Boulder CO Arrested for sexual assault on a child (Scout). 10/28/89 Mark William Bilger T Vancouver WA Accused of incest. Sentenced to serve 16 years. 07/11/89 Aubrey Eugene Bird T; 120-E California MO Sentenced to 12 years for sexually assaulting California Scouts in four Missouri counties. Registration suspended. 03/11/82 Albert Bischoff ; 86-T Bergenfield NJ Registrant was a merit badge counselor who was Priority Separation slip included. accused of making sexually inappropriate comments to some of the Scouts from Troop /28/73 Robert F. Bishop P Nashua NH Convicted and found guilty of molesting six-yearold female. 07/26/89 Edward Bishop C; 33-T Action MA Sentenced to eight to ten years on sexual abuse charges. 02/12/88 David A. Bishop Southington CT Alleged child sexual abuse. Sentenced to five years. Pled guilty to multiple sexual assaults against Troop members. Registration suspended. 09/05/89 Lewis T. Bivins 394 Monroe LA Arrested on oral sexual battery and carnal knowledge of a juvenile. Pled guilty. Serving seven year sentence followed by three years probation. 11/21/88 Lewis T. Bivins 127-T Monroe LA Was charged with several counts of sexual abuse against a young girl. 03/08/88 Buford E. Bjorklund P Houston TX Accused of sexually abusing his son. Registration suspended. 11/27/89 Cody Calvin Black T Tacoma WA Accused of rape, assault, criminal trespass and sentenced to 112 weeks. Registration denied. 09/05/91 John William Blackiston Salem VA Self-proclaimed minister. Pleaded no-contest to aggravated sexual battery of a seven-year-old girl. 10/07/83 Russell Blacklock 1400 Dallas TX Was accused by two boys (ages 12 and 14) and their parents of fondling while staying overnight at Registrant 's apartment. The incidents occurred in August 1983; Registrant resigned in October /29/90 Terry Blackwell T Lathrop CA Registration denied. Allegation of child sexual abuse from family member. 10/14/87 B. Christy Blaine T; Illegible Savannah GA Asked another Scout if he wanted to mess around. 8 of 138

9 /27/87 William E. Blaskovic S Weatherford OK Charged in October 87 with 14 counts of sexual abuse against young males. Pled guilty to six of the counts. The six counts he pled guilty to Blaskovitz stepson, Larry Payne, was also charged with sexual abuse counts, came out that Larry was abused by Blaskovitz prior to included four counts of lewd molestation, one count his abusing other boys. It appears that both of oral sodomy and one count of possession of were leaders in the Scouting program. obscene photographs of minors. 08/26/91 Henry H. Blauvelt T Tonganoxie KS Guilty of child abuse of a sexual nature. 11/15/71 William Henry Blazer WildwoodCrest NJ Registrant was registered with Unit No. 72 in New Jersey in November 1971; he resigned in November 1971, due to a previous criminal history. 08/20/88 Lois Ann Blevis C; 776-E SanJose CA Registration suspended. Retraction requested, but denied. Allegedly molested a 34-year old male with Down s syndrome. 12/10/90 John J. Bliley South Bend IN Sentenced to four years in prison for child molestation. Registration denied. 05/07/86 Guy P. Blodin T Vernon MI Arraigned in 1986 on one count of third degree criminal sexual conduct. Found guilty and sentenced three to five years. 05/10/88 Elmer L. Blough T Smithville OH Pleaded guilty and convicted, and sentenced on three counts of gross sexual imposition and two counts of sexual imposition. Registration suspended. Sentenced to four years in prison for molesting Scouts. 07/08/88 Harvey Louis Blow S Shelburne VT Record of past convictions for child molestation. Registration suspended. 10/14/71 Jon Michael Blum T Phoenix AZ Blum was registered with Troop No. 206 in Phoenix AZ as a Scoutmaster in He resigned in In 1966, he was charged with child molestation and sodomy; he pled guilty to aggravated assault and placed on 5 years' probation. 08/11/87 Winston Blythe 956 Illegible OH In March of 1987 he was found in a compromising situation with a minor and admitted to having homosexual tendencies. There was also speculation that he had molested several boys including his two nephews. 02/02/72 James E. Boardman T Ft. Hood TX Registrant was found guilty of fondling and was sentenced to 2 years' probation in TX, 2/71. Was originally charged/indicted with 2 counts of enticing a minor for immoral purposes, fondling, and 2 counts of sodomy. All victims were boys under 14 years of age. 08/26/81 Michael L. Boardman P Beloit WI Registrant was charged with two counts of sexual contact with minors in 6/77. In 1981 he was placed in the confidential file. 9 of 138

10 /19/82 Allen L. Boblitt T Philadelphia PA Registrant was charged with sexually assaulting an 11-year old Boy Scout. Interestingly, file contains a letter from Paul Ernst dated 10/1972, to the Philadelphia (PA) Council concerning Alan Boblitt, questioning his eligibility for registration, and putting him on a two-year probation (no follow-up from that letter). 10/19/87 Gene Paul Bobo 957 Big Springs TX In February 1973 he admitted to a problem with perversion. 07/24/87 Kenneth John Bobrowske T Howard Lake MN In July 1986 was charged with criminal sexual conduct in the first degree. Pled guilty to three different charges of sexual conduct in the second degree. 11/06/72 James A. Bodak Lorain OH In 10/72, pled guilty to enticing a minor; he was ordered to undergo psychiatric examinations. He masturbated in front of a 13-year old boy and then masturbated the boy. He was asked to resign. 09/18/89 Donald M. Boder T; 396-P Huntington Station NY Allegations of attempted sexual abuse. County Council did not reinstate registration. 03/08/72 Bradley Bogart ; 9007 Chicago IL Registrant took campers in his vehicle to site and required them to sleep in the camper instead of [HOT DOC: #4521: Recommended that Bogart be put on confidential files for 3 years tents. Then provided brandy to teen campers (both and then have the right to re-instatement. "It male and female) and fondled them after they drank. This occurred in is my studied opinion that he probably just did not have the ability to handle a coed group of teenagers."] 11/11/74 Paul J. Bohrer 1705 Troy NY Registrant confessed to police in 11/74 that he forced a boy to submit to homosexual activities while on a camping trip. There were at least five victims from this trip. 06/06/77 Ernest P. Boland T; 2-T; 3- T Athens GA Registrant resigned after molestation accusations were made. 10/19/90 Stephen Boleware T Kennewick WA Convicted of sexually abusing minors. Reinstatement denied. 11/06/89 Richard V. Bolog T; 453-E Houston TX Accused of inappropriate behavior. Registration suspended. 10 of 138

11 /14/87 David Lee Boone E Franktown CO Accused of molesting scout. A Sheriff was quoted as saying law enforcement officers should be held to another standard. The bottom line is that this man took advantage of the Explorer Scout program and violated a trust. Document and is an article dated November 8th, 87 indicating that the problem (of sexual molestation of boys) has become so acute that preventing child molestation ranks along side promoting citizenship, camping skills and other traditional Scouting concerns are a top priority of the organization. - I ve seen more reports of sexual abuse in Scouting in the past few years than ever before. 10/09/87 Wayne Spowyer Booth T Salinas CA Arrested in October 1987 on suspicion of child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Pled guilty in November /05/83 Jerry A. Borchardt Cedarburg WI Registrant was arrested and convicted for sexual relations with young boys and physical abuse of young boys. He was convicted of nine counts of first-degree sexual assault involving the sexual molestation of five boys. This occurred between February 1981, and July 1982, while he was a Boy Scout leader. 10/05/90 John K. Borelli C Fruitland MD Registered in December Resigned in October 1990 due to alleged child pornography. Registration denied. 06/06/89 David James Borg T SierraVista AZ Accused of molestation within the Troop. Had prior [HOT DOCS #17733] states that because involvement at a Troop he was at before. there was no confidential file it was easy for him to move into the next Troop. Twenty separate instances of sexual misconduct or molestation. Sentenced to 24 minimum years in prison. 03/22/82 Joseph John Bornschein T Bellaire MI Registrant was convicted of fourth-degree sexual assault against multiple members of Troop 15, and others. He submitted a letter of resignation. He ultimately plead guilty to one count of sexual assault. 03/30/71 Dennis R. Bottesi P Milwaukee WI Registered as a neighborhood commissioner and WEBELOS leader with Pack No. 56 in WI. He resigned in 1971, due to a disorderly charge (sex) from 1966, involving a 13-year old boy. He was fined $ In 1967, he was charged and given probation for lewd and lascivious conduct involving a 17-year old boy. 11 of 138

12 /17/89 Stephen C. Bouchard T Rochester NY Accused of child molestation. Registrant is developmentally disabled and Troop 327 is a special scouting troop. 09/18/85 Robert Crawford Bowden T; 210-T Nashville TN Pled guilty to aggravated sexual battery of minor boys. Resigned from Scouts. 10/19/87 Thomas Neal Bowen 962 Fort Smith AR Arrested on 10 counts of rape and sexual abuse of a 1several boys aged The offenses occurred over a four year period included forced oral and anal contact. 07/01/87 Arvin R. Bowen S North Platte NE In June 87 was charged with first degree sexual assault for subjecting a minor to sexual penetration. Found guilty in February 88. Was declared a mentally disordered sex offender. 07/23/83 Ronald Dean Boyer Indianapolis IN Registrant pled guilty to the charge of child molestation, class C felony. 09/22/89 Carl Polk Bradley C Bellingham WA Registered in Bellingham in At that time arrested for child molestation and was court martialed. Investigated by CPS. Registration suspended. 03/13/88 Michael T. Bradley T; 105-T 235 MI Charged with molestation of child. Suspended. 05/10/89 James O. Branscomb T Willits CA Originally suspended in 1960 due to homosexuality. 05/06/87 Dale Thomas Brant New Manchester WV Suspicion was raised in 1986 that he might be a homosexual. The rumors were investigated and nothing was done until 87 when a letter was received by a former Scout that indicated that he had been molested by Dale years ago. 05/29/86 Larry Woodroe Branyan S; 3035-C Toledo OH Sentenced to five to fifteen years in prison for the attempted rape of a 12 year old boy. Pled guilty to second degree felony offense. [HOT DOCS #17723] Makes reference to a time to tell video. Registration denied. 11/13/89 Ezra E. Braswell Midland TX Homosexuality revealed and 32 police charges (theft, burglary). Registration denied. 10/10/84 Robert E. Breen P Lynn MA Registrant was charged and arrested for the rape Doc. #2442, "Priority Separation" on file. of three boys. Was considered "dangerous to self and others" by a psychiatrist. Was sentenced to 6 to 10 years in state house of corrections. 03/31/78 Robert J. Breglio P Staten Island NY Picked up in New York on a complaint of second degree sodomy. 11/15/85 Lawrence O. Brehaut Wakefield MA Sentenced to 12 to 15 years. Charged with raping young boys, posing them in the nude, and showing them obscene materials. Membership suspended. Priority separation on file. 12 of 138

13 /17/76 John Brewer P Wyckoff NJ Paid Scouts to engage in sexual acts with him in 1/76. 09/16/88 William M. Brezza C Claymont DE Accused of sexually molesting a Scout on a trail from the campsite in daylight and in view of other Scouts. Suspension appealed but upheld. 08/07/90 Steven V. Brier Jacksonville FL Registration denied in August 1990 after charges were filed for him molesting his four year old daughter. 02/22/91 Walter E. Briggs T Downsville LA Registration denied for molesting Scout. 01/13/89 Donald M. Briley 403 Spokane WA Accused of sexually molesting four people in his Troop. Incident took place 14 years ago. 02/16/89 Charles W. Bristol ; 204; 3204 Akron OH Lawsuit filed against registrant and Boy Scouts of America alleging abuse of various kinds. [Attorney Notes: He registered in 5/87 and within several weeks, his registration was suspended. In 9/87, it was found that he went on a camping trip without the Council's knowledge, but with the sponsor's knowledge and endorsement.] [HOT DOC: Doc. #8509.] 11/18/86 Donald C. Brock T Camas WA Convicted of taking liberties with a 12 year old boy. Sentenced to one year in jail and ten year probation. 08/01/88 Robert O. Broddle S Madisonville KY Pled guilty to one count of second degree sodomy and two counts of second degree sexual abuse of a minor. Registration suspended. 08/29/83 Don Brooks T Mobile AL Registrant committed sodomy with a young Scout See Doc. # 1196; Priority Separation slip. not in his Troop, and was arrested and had charges filed. He also confessed. 05/16/89 Allan L. Brooks T; 700-T Goochland VA Complaint of child sexual abuse. 10/22/85 Danny Edward Brooks P Petersburg IN Resigned and denied registration. Arrested and charged with 11 counts of child molestation. 12/15/87 Daniel Ray Brotherton 963 Cloverdale CA Was arrested in 1985 and was a child sex offender. Doesn t look as though he was ever actually registered. Charged in August 1984 with ten counts of rape. Raped a ten-year-old boy over a period of years. When he was free on bond he was then arrested for carnal abuse of a 15-year-old boy. He was found guilty in November /17/84 Ronald Gene Brown 1326 Dallas TX Registrant was found guilty of indecency with a child; sent to prison for two years. Videotapes were found; he also had a previous conviction in /10/84 Michael Raymond Brown Constantia NY Was accused of attempted fondling of Scout members. Was placed on probation. [HOT DOC #2385: Texas Boy Scouts directs letter to National Headquarters of BSA wanting to know 'how they can prevent people like Ronald Brown from slipping in as a volunteer there are no written guidelines for us to follow.'] Doc. #2406, "Priority Separation" on file. 13 of 138

14 /25/84 John Henry Brown T Russell NY Was charged and pled guilty to sexual abuse, second-degree misdemeanor. Had been associated with BSA for 25 years. 05/10/84 Edward C. Brown T Worcester MA Pled guilty to six counts of soliciting a child to pose Doc. #2429, "Priority Separation" on file. for pornographic purposes, and three counts of unnatural child rape. Was sentenced to Bridgewater State Hospital Sex Treatment Center. 07/20/72 James H. Brown 1788 Lakeland FL Registrant "initiated" a 14-year old counselor in training by hitting his private areas and putting a massager on his testicles, etc. The boy's father decided not to press charges because of undue harm to the camp and to Scouting. Initiation events occurred on several occasions. 03/25/77 William B. Brown T Westbrook ME Registrant was convicted of fondling a 14-year old girl. 06/05/87 John D. Brown 965 Illegible Loveland OH Molested a Troop several times in the Spring of /17/89 Robert K. Brown Mableton GA Arrested and charged with child molestation (stepchild). 05/26/89 Gerald L. Brown T St. Anne IL Charged with aggravated criminal abuse and assault. Charges dropped. Registration suspended. 07/26/88 Scott Douglas Brown T Lincoln RI Appeared in juvenile court on child molestation charges and was given two month probation sentence. Registration suspended. 03/08/89 James Randolph Brown T WalnutCove NC Registration suspended after being accused of molesting Scouts. 09/11/84 Tom Brownscombe P Hyattsville MD Was convicted of third-degree sexual offense Doc. #2374, "Priority Separation" on file. against a Cub Scout. 10/31/83 David J. Brunette D Kitterby ME Registrant was sentenced to 10 years in prison for See Doc. # 1156; Priority Separation slip. sexual misconduct with minors. He masturbated in front of a 13 year old, and provided alcohol to under aged youths. He was also arrested in Maine for endangering the welfare of a child (providing alcohol). 12/27/77 Antonie Brus T; 101-T Orlando FL Registrant was convicted of unnatural and lascivious conduct; received a 60-day jail sentence. 08/16/89 Charles Bryant S Fresno CA Arrested for child molestation with Scouts. Registration suspended. 07/03/91 Richard Dale Bryant 16 7-T Benton AK Registration denied for too much touching and closeness. 09/15/88 Darryl L. Buckingham 702 Rosharon TX Currently incarcerated in Texas Department of Corrections with a 60-year sentence for indecent and sexual assault of a minor. Dishonorably discharged from Navy due to child molestation. 06/10/74 Robert Bucko Balboa Panama Had sexual relations with one of the female members of his Pack in of 138

15 /22/91 Steven C. Bulleit 17 Northampton MA Confessed homosexual. 05/07/79 Mark F. Bumgarner T Lenoir NC Plead guilty to two counts of sexual battery against a minor in Virginia. 05/04/89 Jeffery Lloyd Bump P Crockett TX Never allowed into the Scouts because he appeared suspect. Suspicions correct. Moving from town to town trying to become a part of the program. Pled guilty to indecency with a child and given five years probation. 06/20/90 Paul Burdulis Worcester MA Registration denied in November of /01/85 Mitchell P. Burgess 1228 Aiken SC Pled guilty to two counts of committing lewd acts upon a child under /15/81 Gerald W. Burgie 1496 Ogden UT Was convicted in 1981 of attempted sexual abuse of a young boy. He pled guilty. 06/24/75 Tom M. Burke T Elmhurst IL In 6/75, it came to the Troop's attention that registrant had been conducting initiations that included rubbing ice all over boys, and he also tried to have oral sex with several of the boys. 01/09/81 David Burke 1497 Illegible Illegible Illegible In 9/80 registrant had inappropriate contact with a boy: sent him letters, grabbed him by the crotch, showed him a pistol, etc. 12/12/86 James A. Burke T Calhoun GA Special education school teacher accused of molesting Scout. 07/22/83 Richard Burkhardt 1405 Westminster MD Registrant was accused of homosexual acts. 01/11/90 Jimmy D. Burnett 165 Illegible Pampa TX Charged with child abuse but not convicted. Registration denied in January /28/83 Kenneth A. Burns Eielson AFB AK Was accused of sleeping nude and showing boys pornographic books. He was court-martialed in 1981, and convicted of willfully permitting and condoning two males under 16 years of age to engage in sexually-oriented activities. See Doc. #1134: Council Executive Letter to Western Alaska Council BSA, suggesting that they provide training to their youth so that they have the ability to recognize a stereotypical abuser. 08/17/77 William J. Burr T Richfield NC Registrant resigned after being confronted for making improper advances towards boys and exposing himself. 08/17/88 Peter H. Burr S; 218- C Kennebunk ME Admits to having unlawful sexual contact with a sixteen-year-old boy and sentenced to 364 days in jail. Registration suspended. 06/19/85 William Alva Burris T; 526-T Wichita KS Involved in Scouting but not registered. Involved in child pornography. Subject resigned from Boy Scouts. 05/25/89 Robert W. Burt Tucson AZ Accused of molesting Scout. 11/20/78 Leavitt L. Bush T Colesburg IA Police chief who gave beer to a young boy and then sexually molested him. 08/06/85 Donald E. Bushard Eagle MI Convicted of third degree criminal sexual conduct and sentenced to eight to 15 years. 02/20/91 Ronald Eugene Bussey T WichitaFalls TX Janitor for elementary school investigated for indecency with children. Registration denied. 06/26/90 Alton G. Butler 166 Castle Hayne NC Removed from volunteer list. 02/15/89 George Butler S SanJose CA Accused of molesting his own children. 15 of 138

16 /24/85 Frank J. Butler T Chester MA Arrested on morals charges. 05/21/91 Scott E. Butner T Mansfield OH Sexually abused pre-school youth at a church in town. Registration denied. 10/17/90 Curtis Buttel OakRidge NJ Registration denied in October of In December of 1990 he is reminded of this denial since he continued to unofficially continue with the troop. 11/21/88 James J. Buxton S Twenty- NinePalms CA Under arrest for criminal charges of lewd conduct with a minor (several counts). Registration suspended. 09/28/77 David J. Buzzek D; D; 2904-D Chicago IL Was charged with contributing to the sexual delinquency of a child and distributing materials harmful to children. The police discovered thousands of photographs of nude young boys performing homosexual acts. Was part of a porn ring. 04/25/85 Robert N. Bye T; 527-T Wilmington DE Pled guilty to one count of sexual assault. Volunteer service no longer needed at BSA. Resigned. 12/11/90 Wade S. Cadle Knoxville TN Registrant was accused of sexually molesting and raping seven young girls. He was ultimately charged with two counts of sexual battery. In January of 1991, he was charged with three more charges of sexual battery. He pled guilty and received six years in prison. 11/05/90 Robert J. Cagle P; 8660-D 03/07/88 Larry Calabro C; 208- C; 208-S; 213-E Rockwall TX Registrant was arrested in 1990 on charges of child molestation; the victims were boys who were members of a Royal Ambassador church group for which he was a leader. He pled guilty to the charges. Gainesville GA Accused of child molestation, seven counts, pled guilty. 08/25/88 Waverly T. Calamia T LittleRock AR Under investigation by Colorado police department for possible abuse of a child that lived with Calamia for a time. 05/08/87 Bruce K. Callahan T Wichita Falls TX He was apparently charged in June 87 with molesting a youth. Handwritten statement from the victim shows that he put his arm around the youth and then touched him. 11/09/77 Patrick C. Calvert 1609 Billings MT Registrant pled guilty to sexually assaulting an 11- year old girl. Letter from another council wherein they stated that between 1980 and 1984 they suspended Buttel s registration. Attorney Comments: Article dated 12/12/90 states that most of the members of the Explorer's Post 911 knew about the alleged sexual misconduct by Cadle; the post was run through the Sheriff's Department but was affiliated with BSA the newspaper article states that one of the Sheriffs knew of potential sexual abuse at least six months prior to when allegations were made, but did nothing and told others in the Department to do nothing (Docs.# 5744, 5746, and 5748). 16 of 138

17 /18/89 Arthur Ronald Campina T SaukRapids MN Accused of sexual abuse at school of an 11-yearold mentally handicapped child. Plea agreement reached for psychological counseling. 12/26/89 Steven J. Cannon E Peachtree City GA A scout was interviewing him for a project and registrant stopped interview to play a pornographic movie and tried to convince scout to have sex with him. This happened to another scout as well. An investigation was conducted and registrant was suspended. 05/01/00 Conrad T. Capasso Illegible MA In 2/77 was accused by an adult member of the Cub Scout Pack of being gay and having affairs with boys. Information came out that some of the boys in the Troop were having problems and the boys who were not having problems with the accused were aware of the sexual issues. [Attorney Notes: Information was not sent to National Council until 1980.] 05/10/84 John R. Capra T; 116-T; 3116-P Olathe KS Registrant was convicted of two counts of taking indecent liberties with minors. He sexually molested three Scouts in his home. 03/22/88 Mario Joseph Cardemas C Chicago IL Arrested in 1971 for child abuse of six-year-old girl. Has used many aliases and was booked on numerous traffic violation and carrying concealed weapon charges. Currently charged with attempted murder. 07/05/79 Coley T. Carl T Madisonville KY Sentenced to 7 years in prison for 1st and 2nd degree sodomy and 1st degree sexual abuse. 09/29/88 Randolph Carlisle C Midlothian TX Charged with sexual abuse of a five-year-old relative. Arrested, pled guilty and was given probation and fine. 09/03/81 David J. Carlo 1520 In 1981 it came out that he had been molesting boys in his Troop for years, and also acted irresponsibly with them. Registration was then revoked in 7/81. The actual molestations took place in 1980 or so, but that information has been redacted. 05/31/89 Louis D. Carloni T Athens OH Registrant requested reinstatement. Complaints were that registrant took boys on trip without parent consent. Poor judgment in sleeping with boys. 05/11/89 Melvin Douglas Carlson C Salina KS Fifteen to 20 years for aggravated sodomy and five to 15 years for four counts of indecent liberties with a child. Registration suspended. 02/03/88 Richard Butch Carlson T Bayport MN Admitted to sexual abuse of his stepdaughter. Is in counseling. Resigned September 21, Wanted to lift his resignation but the suspension remained. Doc. #2338, "Priority Separation" on file. [ HOT DOC #2345: A letter from a parent, stating that he reported a problem three years ago and was ignored. Capra was sentenced to serve 4 to 15 years in prison. The Appeal Board later granted probation.] [Attorney Notes/HOT DOCS: Docs. # 9260 and # When confronted with the information, he was removed from the Troop but then started his own troop. This should not have been allowed.] 17 of 138

18 /17/74 Arthur C. Carmean 1707 Muskegan MI A Scout reported in 3/74 that he had been the victim of homosexual acts between himself and the accused. These acts apparently included sodomy. Priority Separation Notice in file 03/08/90 Donald K. Carpontier D Milpitas CA Quit suddenly from the Scout Shop in San Francisco and disappeared. The next day, detectives came by and told the shop that he was a suspect in a child molestation case. 10/21/87 John J. Carr P Jamesville NY Boy Scouts were advised in October 1987 that subject had been convicted of sexual abuse. 04/18/84 Edgar A. Carroll T; 280- T Glastonbury CT Registrant was found guilty of sexual assault, two counts. 06/15/87 Joseph Carroll T Miami FL In October 1988 he was found guilty on 13 counts There are several deposition summaries of sexual battery, two counts of lewd and lascivious within this file of the victims. conduct and acquitted on two counts of sexual battery. 04/06/90 Gary A. Carson-Hull LosAltos CA In 1990, was confronted with an incident which happened 6 to 8 years prior to that; details are [HOT DOCS: # : Letter indicating that a Troop leader knew of the abuse and unknown, but what happened was serious because allowed him to keep working in Scouting.] he was removed from the ministry and told to get help. When this came out, because he stated that he was cured, those involved allowed him to stay in Scouting. When the Council was informed of the situation, he was confronted again and resigned. 12/27/84 John F. Carter T; 95-P Manson IA Registrant pled guilty to lewd behavior; was placed on two years' probation. 07/02/85 Clemens George Carter 1233 Winnebago WI Sentenced to five years in Wisconsin for second degree sexual assault. 12/09/85 Timothy G. Carver E; 27-T Seneca SC Pled guilty to lewd act upon a child. 05/10/72 Nelson E. Casanova T Miami FL Registrant confessed and was charged with lewd and lascivious acts on a minor; he touched the privates of a boy and kissed him in 3/72. The victims were an 11-year old and 12-year old boys. 03/30/72 Roy L. Case T Summerfield NC Registrant molested at least two boys in his troop; no charges were brought. He was not asked to resign but was replaced. 05/25/89 Joseph G. Casey T Bensalem PA Pled guilty to indecent assault charge and sentenced to three to 23 months. Registration suspended. 04/10/73 David E. Cates T North Highlands CA Convicted of certain acts of sexual perversion and presently confined to California state medical facility for the criminally insane. He is an Episcopal clergyman. 03/29/88 Dieter Cathcart T; 18-T MapleShade NJ Sexually molested three Scouts. Sentenced to 15 years. Registration suspended. 11/05/85 Robert W. Cavanaugh P Fairbanks AK Pled guilty to sexual abuse of a minor. Doc. #2312, "Priority Separation" on file. Carter pled guilty to lewd behavior; was placed on two years' probation. Confidential record sheet does not show a date when he registered or resigned, but instead states registered as a Cuban Nationalist. Was he registered? 18 of 138

19 /31/90 Charles R. Ceballes 172 Illegible ThousandOaks CA Resigned on 1/09/90, as the result of being charged with molesting his daughter. He was eventually charged with 91 counts of molesting two girls, aged 11 and 15. The molestation dated back to He was convicted on 89 counts and sentenced to 38 years in prison. 02/19/91 Arthur Centrella T WestBerlin NJ Registration denied. Records sparse. 04/15/86 William J. Challberg P Phoenix AZ Accused of molesting boy. 08/25/87 John Thomas Chamblee 969 Melrose FL The Boy Scouts received a letter in June, 87 from the Sheriff s Department indicating that Chamblee was under investigation for sexual abuse of several pre-teen boys. The letter also indicates that he was also currently incarcerated after being charged and convicted of other sexual misconduct crimes. 01/14/71 Oliver Carl Chandler P; 7-T SanAngelo TX Registrant was involved with Pack No. 304 in TX. Red Flag. He admitted to homosexual activity with a boy in the Cub Pack; he resigned from all positions dealing with boys in exchange for lack of prosecution. He was registered 1968, through He obtained registration with Troop No. 7, District 3, Council 741 in TX in 1974, in spite of his terminated registration in /11/89 John F. Chapman T Liberty SC Received anonymous information accusing registrant of being a child molester. He resigned. 04/02/86 Leonard H. Chapman-Anderson T Jacksonville FL Convicted in 1972 of child molestation under an Alias was Leonard Anderson. alias. Council unaware of the conviction until another organization urged them to check out his criminal record. Pled guilty. Sentenced to 10 years probation. 12/10/82 Maurice S. Chappell T; 19-T Brockton MA Registrant had been involved in Scouting since 1974, in various capacities. After the initial sexual assault allegation, he attempted to register again with the Scouts and was refused. 02/13/89 Everett A. Chappell E Nashville TN Convicted of charges using a minor for obscene purposes and making sexually explicit videotapes. Placed on three years probation, ordered to undergo counseling, and perform 300 hours of public service work. 04/02/86 Herbert W. Chase T Lansing MI Charged with soliciting sex. Unclear if it was from a Priority separation slip. prostitute or what? Registration was suspended for this 10 year veteran Scoutmaster. 04/20/88 Robert L. Cherry T Philadelphia PA Accused of sexual child abuse and confessed to such acts during campouts and other activities. 08/01/88 Kyle J. Cherry C Chugiak AK Accused of abusing Scouts. 19 of 138

20 /12/84 William A. Chiappini T Egg Harbor NJ Scout was initiated at campout (Camp Edge) by being stripped naked and rolled in the sand then shaving cream was placed on genital area to shave area with a straight razor. Boys pants were pulled off by adult leaders. See also, CONF Both registrant and another accomplice scout leader were suspended then reinstated to the Boy Scouts after a committee had meetings on this issue. Three years later, applied for re-instatement. Committee decision issued, registration denied. Both Local and National were involved in the decision. 08/12/83 Alan M. Chiappone T Syracuse NY Registrant was an Eagle Scout 11/71, and a 23- year veteran. He was accused of having oral sex with one of the boys and making homosexual advances to members of the camp staff while he himself was a member of same camp staff. 06/11/76 George Childs T RapidCity SD Registrant was charged in 5/76, with two counts of child molestation and three counts of committing crimes against nature. He confessed to unnatural relationships with at least two boys. 07/19/90 Bruce W. Chrystie T Arlington TX In 1993, registrant pled guilty to fondling a 13-year old Scout in He was still serving a six-year probation sentence that involved fondling a Scout Attorney Comments: The Scout executive was quoted as saying that they rarely have a pedophile occur. during a TX outing. The TX case involved fondling of 11 and 12-year old victims a few weeks after the other offense. 08/10/89 Bruce E. Church Hedgesville WV Charged with first degree sexual assault.registration suspended. 06/05/84 Michael Stephen Clapp 1333 HighPoint NC Subject resigned effective 6/05/84. A parent Doc. #2242, "Priority Separation" on file. reported unacceptable behavior with their Scout son. 06/24/84 Gregory M. Clark T OpaLocka FL Registrant was arrested in June 1984 and charged Doc. #2224, "Priority Separation" on file. with one count of sexual assault on a minor. Assaulted son of family friend who was five years old. 05/06/87 Nathan Albert Clark SanJose CA Was convicted in March of 1983 for oral copulation with a minor. Was registered with the Boy Scouts and was a committee chairman until May 1987 when they found out about the prior charge. 06/14/89 Kenneth Clark T CanyonLake TX Indicted on six counts of indecency with children. Involved five boy scouts. 10/25/91 Jesse Steven Clark 21 Prescott AZ Committed child abuse while with the Big Brother program. 01/06/75 Stewart Clayborne P Cleveland OH Registrant was arrested and charged in 2/75, with gross sexual imposition. He had a history of prostitution and was known to be a female impersonator. [Attorney Notes: If he had had several prior prostitution charges, why did BSA not know this?] 20 of 138

Eleventh Office of Independent Review Annual Report

Eleventh Office of Independent Review Annual Report Eleventh Office of Independent Review Annual Report Michael J. Gennaco Chief Attorney Robert Miller Julie Ruhlin Deputy Chief Attorneys Cynthia L. Hernandez Angelica A. Samaniego Diana M. Teran Bita Shasty

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The National Registry of Exonerations. January 27, 2015. 2014 was a record breaking year for exonerations in the United States, by a large margin.

The National Registry of Exonerations. January 27, 2015. 2014 was a record breaking year for exonerations in the United States, by a large margin. EXONERATIONS IN 2014 The National Registry of Exonerations January 27, 2015 2014 was a record breaking year for exonerations in the United States, by a large margin. The National Registry of Exonerations

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Mission of the District Attorney

Mission of the District Attorney Mission of the District Attorney To pursue truth and justice by employing the highest ethical standards in vigorously prosecuting the guilty, protecting the innocent, and preventing crime. Cover photo:

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Jury convicts Lafayette man on drug charges

Jury convicts Lafayette man on drug charges 2011 Tippecanoe County Prosecutor s Office in the News December 19, 2011: WLFI TV Jury convicts Lafayette man on drug charges Kristin Maiorano LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) - A jury finds a Lafayette man guilty

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To the children who have been, or will be, abused because of the Franklin cover-up.

To the children who have been, or will be, abused because of the Franklin cover-up. To the children who have been, or will be, abused because of the Franklin cover-up. Second edition 1996 1992 AWT, Inc. ISBN: 0-9632158-0-9 Library of Congress Catalog Number: 92-070074 First Edition: First

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Understanding the Legal System When Your Child Has Been Sexually Abused

Understanding the Legal System When Your Child Has Been Sexually Abused Understanding the Legal System When Your Child Has Been Sexually Abused P.O. Box 8782, Silver Spring, MD 20907 301-565-2277 877-496-SALI fax 301-565-3619 This booklet is not intended to and does not provide

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SOURCE: Comstock/Thinkstock.

SOURCE: Comstock/Thinkstock. C H A P T E R 5 Prosecutors SOURCE: Comstock/Thinkstock. Introduction Historical Evolution of the American Prosecutor The Federal Prosecutor State Prosecutors Selection of the Local Prosecuting Attorney

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The Rest of Their Lives

The Rest of Their Lives The Rest of Their Lives Life without Parole for Child Offenders in the United States Amnesty International Human Rights Watch Copyright 2005 Human Rights Watch/Amnesty International. All rights reserved.

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GAO. SECLUSIONS AND RESTRAINTS Selected Cases of Death and Abuse at Public and Private Schools and Treatment Centers

GAO. SECLUSIONS AND RESTRAINTS Selected Cases of Death and Abuse at Public and Private Schools and Treatment Centers GAO For Release on Delivery Expected at 10:00 a.m. EDT Tuesday, May 19, 2009 United States Government Accountability Office Testimony Before the Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives

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Prosecutors Perspective on California s Three Strikes Law. A 10-Year Retrospective. Summer 2004

Prosecutors Perspective on California s Three Strikes Law. A 10-Year Retrospective. Summer 2004 Prosecutors Perspective on California s Three Strikes Law A 10-Year Retrospective Summer 2004 CALIFORNIA CDAA JUSTICE I AT I O N CD I S T R I C T AT T O R N E Y S A S S O Published by the California District

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Texas Death Penalty Developments in 2011. The Year in Review

Texas Death Penalty Developments in 2011. The Year in Review Texas Death Penalty Developments in 2011 The Year in Review Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty December 2011 Texas Death Penalty Developments in 2011: The Year in Review The Texas Coalition to

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Informant. Honoring the Fallen. Initiative Qualifies for Ballot

Informant. Honoring the Fallen. Initiative Qualifies for Ballot The Informant The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association T Volume XXXII, No. 6 June 2012 Inside: Memorial Activies Honoring the Fallen CASE Act Update Initiative Qualifies for

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H U M A N R I G H T S W A T C H WHEN I DIE THEY LL SEND ME HOME. Youth Sentenced to Life without Parole in California, An Update

H U M A N R I G H T S W A T C H WHEN I DIE THEY LL SEND ME HOME. Youth Sentenced to Life without Parole in California, An Update H U M A N R I G H T S W A T C H WHEN I DIE THEY LL SEND ME HOME Youth Sentenced to Life without Parole in California, An Update When I Die They ll Send Me Home Youth Sentenced to Life in Prison without

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The media called Dan Randall Leach, II, the Passion

The media called Dan Randall Leach, II, the Passion THETEXAS PROSECUTOR The Official Journal of the The Official Journal of the Texas District & County Attorneys Association Volume 34, Number 6 November/December 2004 It shall be the primary duty of all

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time out hard time From Young Children in the Adult Criminal Justice System by Michele Deitch Amanda Barstow Leslie Lukens Ryan Reyna

time out hard time From Young Children in the Adult Criminal Justice System by Michele Deitch Amanda Barstow Leslie Lukens Ryan Reyna From time out to hard time Young Children in the Adult Criminal Justice System by Michele Deitch Amanda Barstow Leslie Lukens Ryan Reyna Special Project Report Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

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SASS. I Think I ve Been Sexually Assaulted...What Can I Do Now?

SASS. I Think I ve Been Sexually Assaulted...What Can I Do Now? SASS I Think I ve Been Sexually Assaulted......What Can I Do Now? We hope you find this information useful. If you decide you do not need it any more, you can return it to SASS and then we can hand it

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TNDAGC ADMINISTRATIVE LICENSE REVOCATION TNDAGC D U I N E W S Issue 21 PUBLISHER: Tom Kimball, A.D.A. LAYOUT AND DESIGN: Sherri Harper I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E : Recent decisions 2-3 Governor and ALR 4 Drugged Driving issues 5 MADD Court

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R E S T O R I N G T H E RIGHT TO VOTE R E S T O R I N G T H E RIGHT TO VOTE Erika Wood Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law ABOUT THE BRENNAN CENTER FOR JUSTICE The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University

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TOO HIGH A PRICE. The Case Against Restricting Gay Parenting. The Price 1

TOO HIGH A PRICE. The Case Against Restricting Gay Parenting. The Price 1 U P D A T E D S E C O N D E D I T I O N TOO HIGH A PRICE The Case Against Restricting Gay Parenting The Price 1 TOO HIGH A PRICE TOO HIGH A PRICE: The Case Against Restricting Gay Parenting U P D A T E

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A COLLABORATIVE EFFORT AMONG National Technical Assistance Center for Children s Mental Health at Georgetown University Center for Child and Human

A COLLABORATIVE EFFORT AMONG National Technical Assistance Center for Children s Mental Health at Georgetown University Center for Child and Human A COLLABORATIVE EFFORT AMONG National Technical Assistance Center for Children s Mental Health at Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development Technical Assistance Partnership for Child

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United States. No Easy Answers Sex Offender Laws in the US H U M A N R I G H T S W A T C H

United States. No Easy Answers Sex Offender Laws in the US H U M A N R I G H T S W A T C H United States No Easy Answers Sex Offender Laws in the US H U M A N R I G H T S W A T C H September 2007 Volume 19, No. 4(G) No Easy Answers Sex Offender Laws in the US Acknowledgements... 1 I. Summary...2

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Foreword: The Past, Present, and Future of Juvenile Justice Reform in New York State

Foreword: The Past, Present, and Future of Juvenile Justice Reform in New York State VOLUME 56 2011/12 STEPHEN A. NEWMAN Foreword: The Past, Present, and Future of Juvenile Justice Reform in New York State ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephen A. Newman is Professor of Law at New York Law School.

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Consumer s Guide to New Jersey Law A Free Public Education Service from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation

Consumer s Guide to New Jersey Law A Free Public Education Service from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation Consumer s Guide to New Jersey Law A Free Public Education Service from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation One Constitution Square, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1500 1-800-FREE LAW This bo oklet

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LEGISLATION CLEMENCY LANGUAGE. May, 2012 Volume 26 No. 2 LEGISLATION CLEMENCY LANGUAGE W A S H I N G T O N C R I M I N A L May, 2012 Volume 26 No. 2 Editor Teresa Mathis Associate Editor Christie Hedman COPY EDITOR Fred Rice Editorial Committee Anne Daly, Maggie

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Cases Against Doctors

Cases Against Doctors Cases Against Doctors This is a listing of investigations of physician registrants in which DEA was involved that resulted in the arrest and prosecution of the registrant. Last Updated: June 25, 2014 Abbey,

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Dallas County Conviction Integrity Unit and the Importance of Getting It Right the First Time

Dallas County Conviction Integrity Unit and the Importance of Getting It Right the First Time VOLUME 56 2011/12 MIKE WARE Dallas County Conviction Integrity Unit and the Importance of Getting It Right the First Time ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Adjunct Professor of Law, Texas Wesleyan University School of

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