TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. Tu c. tae 9 Si,rimeaa Molorsport runs in the Bremner tastily PAGE 11. will also inform Rushesha as soon

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1 THE DAILY NEWS Established 1999 TELLING IT LIKE IT IS Registered at the GPO as a newspaper Tu c. tae 9 Si,rimeaa 1999 'Murdered' girl not aware she was reported missing DRC rebels accuse Kabila and his allies ot totaling the Lusaka peace accord Molorsport runs in the Bremner tastily K s ekm.e ios tor PAGE 3 PAGE 11 PAGE 17 Muchinguri divorces Court Reporter THE Minister of State Responsible for Gender Issues, Oppah Muchinguri (right), was yesterday granted divorce from her estranged husband. Harare businessman Thpiwa Rushesha. Justice Yunus Omerjee cancelled the marriage, with the consent of the two. Rushesha, who was initially opposed to the divorce, changed his mind and consented. Muchinguri was granted custody of their two motor children. Rusheshe was granted occasional access rights, Muchingurfs lawyer. Charles Kamba of Kantor and Immerman, filed a consent paper in which the two parties undertook to desist from publishing any scandalous or defamatory material about each other Muchinguri and her former husband were married in They have two children. In 1997, their marriage became strained and Murhinguri deserted the matrimonial home. She took the children away. Commuters stranded as drivers go on strike Staff Reporter THOUSANDS of Harare residents 'Fero stranded in the city yesterday afbsr commuter bus drivers boynetted carrying passengers in inntest against what they described ea unjustified harassment by the Zimbabwe Republic Police. /fan including schoolchildren, had to walk home m the dark. The drivers parked their buses at their ranks around 4pm following a dmular calling for the boycott is- Med by an unidentified group of Peel* on Monday. It was unclear, by last night, whether or not the boycott would continue this morning. The drivers claimed they were being tined as much as $600 daily by the Police through an exercise codenamed as Operation Nairn. limey% police said they would continuo to cheek on commuter bnmea whose owners and drivers a IPOkaaman accused of numerous traffic violations and offences. 'life will not be Mund wanting on coo duty because of pressure from She then triggered a number of Muchinguri to pay Rushesha $70 court battles in which she sued as costs incurred in the access dispute. Rushesha for maintenance and denied him access to the children. In the consent paper, the two Rushesha stated in the Supreme agreed to take joint decisions on Court that Muchinguri had used an the children's education and their armed guard to prevent him from welfare In general. Muchinguri seeing the children. will also inform Rushesha as soon Muchinguri submitted he was a as possible of any illness or rendition that may affect the children. danger to the good morals of the children because of his "night tune She is also required to allow him activities". She also alleged that he to check on their school progress sought to buy the children's love by and to speak with school authori. giving them unreasonably large ties. sums of money Each party was ordered to keep The allegations were denied by possession of his or her exclusive Rusheslia, who argued that Machingin-i had no time to be with the chil- would be payable to either of the property and that no maintenance dren owing to her busy schedule as parties. Rushesha shall maintain Member of Parliament and government minister. him and Muchinguri would also do the children while they are with The High Court ruled against her the same_ and granted Rushesha conditional Muchinguri, a former Deputy access to the children. He is entitled Minister of Information, Posts and to see the children every other weekend and during school holidays. politician. Last month, she was Telecommunications, is a senior Muchinguri took the matter to the elected deputy secretary in the powerful women's league of the ruling Supreme Court but lost the appeal. The court upheld the access rights Zanu PF party Her only opponent, granted by the High Court. Shuvai Mahofa. withdrew from the Yesterday, the court ordered race before the polls. one particular interest group," Superintendent Wayne ilvudgilena, the police spokesman, said last night Bvintijena, however, dismissed claims by the drivers saying they were the worst traffic offenders. -We have been treating them with kid gloves. They should be the last people to complain." He denied that the drivers were forced to pay fines. Police opened dockets when the drivers refused to pay fines. They were then taken to court City residents, however, bore the brunt of the conflict and waited in lung. winding queues They dispersed after it became clear that the drivers were not budging. Transport Minister Enos Chikowore last night said he was m a &mu PF meeting and would not be bothered. "Please phone me tomorrow if you are still interested in that issue." he said. As the drivers showed no slims of relenting. some residents from nearer suburbs chose to walk. Those from Mau-e, Kuwadzana and War- me Park were seen walking last night, hoping to catch transport along the way. There was chaos at most commuter bus ranks and on the city roads. Commuter bus drivers weaved through the streets at high speed, sounding limiters intermittently Malts and conductors hung out precariously from the vehicle windows. Riot police were called in to Chinhoyi Street where touts were blocking commuter buses carrying passengers. Some of the passengers were dragged out of the buses, At the Market Square rank - one of the biggest terminuses in the city - hundreds of people were also stranded. Meanwhile, fares for rural buses have gone up by 13,4 percent with immediate effect, the Zimbabwe Rural Transport Organisation (ZRTO) said yesterday Gandiwa Gombe, ZRTO's administrative officer, yesterday said the increase from 67 cents per passenger kilometre to 76 cents was necessitated by the lut. est increases in the diesel price. Till NI \t'1)1-.\1()( RA11( (()NsIllC Il()\ What should the age of majority be? It's a constitutional question. The Constitutional Commission is holding public meetings iiationwide. Your attendance means that your views will be heard! Zera ringanzi mwana abva zera nderipi? Ivi imwe yenyaya dzir ' i lcutariswa mukunyorwa kwcbumbiro remitemo idzva rezvido zvevanhu. Endai kumisangano irikuitwa nevcconstitutional Commission kumatunhu ese enyika kuti inunopa zvarnunofunga Drive kunyorwa kwebumbim =item i dzva. Kumele ibc yiminyaka emingaki cnika umntwana ilungelo lenkululcko yolcuzenzcla izinqumo czimayelana rigempilo yakhc? Le yezindaba czoxwayo elcubhalwcni kwesisekelo sombuso csitsha esigcwalisa izifiso zatrantu. Liyakhudsazwa ukuya emihlanganensvi cnziwa ngabc Constitutional Commission ezigabcni zonke zelizwc ukuthi livokupha imibono ycnu ngokubhalwa kwesisckelo sombuao esitsha. * A New Constitution. A New Era For more information contact the 00115I/TUCIOIlli Conumssinn on Tel /68 Far or waste so PO.Box 7733, Harare Visit our Website at - sinew,

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BUsitiess Travel Allowance, finch. eat Ti. Pmcrssmg Panama," and Sales of all types AMA 1218 fire Atm,* t river tourth 'inner A Ilf- e.!., THE DAILY NEWS 9 5E4E Nhema trial postponed for a wfoe rsie omk ilhonon Court Reporter THE State was yesterday granted a week's postponement in the ongoing case of Harare businessman Francis Nhema, to give the Attorney-General (AG), Patrick Chinamassi time to consider whether to proceed to trial or drop the charges. "The AG took an interest in the case because of the negative Press reports. "It is ill the interest of Justice for a decision to be made by the ultimate authority in the AG's office," said Dorothy Mapini hidze. acting director of public prosecutions. Mapimhithe said a definite Riot police (left) were called in to maintain order along Chinhoyi Street in Harare as commuter omnibus drivers went rowdy, protesting police harassment on the roads. WEATHER REPORT TODAY TOMORROW decision on the case would be be made by next Wednesday Harare magistrate Jetta Mak: me sta rul t edfothe at dtheleayreciwuaesstb reathe sonable considering the geeicoas iase. and complex nat of Nhema, his brother Austin. and Heironyimo Torongo are alleged to have defrauded a financial institution. Crown Securities, of $34,3 million on ytlireare occasions in April last She insisted all three counts against Nhema still stood. hscon'ibtreitila,ghthani e state M infuth ' webpprere' vir merely gave his own- BY THE MET OFFICE was $130 mujim keit tt dioema nnceopnifith onthth eidic esurn t:oc:cno,h.itc;nm counts." ' esabvhl she pe-- par, mill wyh i'oes.ncl:th:::,, uanstm11:1m: said. Rank. cheque for 515 mink:4go* "PhlaYucling sebeth feoner darec'pas fekrere tpd' t ontothcehm in7 following pligrrillryinhu sitheare s:::, :ion7 :14 mass they applicatino% on 17 April. apgiru ngesda e dnehfreanu iad, Acusroti:llandspeTur orinties gm. fneitl!woresssta,felro ternis an theegainem:that:10, 4 ni said they had no intention, on nothreeams onn' 17 April respectively, Z ri thhelereafuosrepictihoenretov'plsace Hwacha. remand. Dube and Ṡ elbdy three men signed the ". HHww.accha morpdreuseben, Manikai an cheques although they Ilwacha said when Nhema is- that their bank did t hs,. sued Crown Securities sicheque ficient fluids.._ 7:77 -- _ Zvobgo slams Thompson probe team Staff reporter SUSPENDED Harare City Council Director of Works Christopher Zvobgo has accused the team appointed by the Minister of Local Government and National Housing to investigate the Harare City Council of witch-hunting and of failing to identify the source of the council's problems. In his response to the Thompson Report, Zvobgo says council officials were not to blame for the city's woes. He accuses Thompson's team of what he calls its flawed investigative approach. Zvobgo is one of the 18 Harare city managers suspended in June following the presentation of a damning report on the city's affairs by a government-appointed team led by Harare businessman and former Public Service Commisstoner, Malcom Thompson. The team's investigations also led to the dismissal of the Harare City Council and the resignation of Executive Mayor Solomon Taweligwa. Zvobgo said the Thompson team approached its task with an assumption that council of ficials and councillors were to blame for the difficulties and problems the city was facing and did nothing else. "The team should have identified the city's problems and suggested solutions, not to investigate specific officials or specific instances of perceived irregularities," he says. The Thompson Report said of Zvobgo. "The Direr, tor of Works must hear bill responsibility for the shortemthlip exposed in the rr Port on the activities in his derailment. "On the other hand, he has been guilty of withholding or supplying mis- had adverse impact on the finances of the city" Zvobgo was blamed id failing to control elm*. Lure on the mayor's rely dence which was tinder construction and for pum. ing through the MIMI& tion of refuse colleetionao erations against the advice of the City Treasurer Tan City Council incurred losses because of the pri. vatisation. Zvobgo said: "Without money; the city cannot to pair or improve its rand network, it cannot replace ageing water or sewerage pipes or build new dams and sewerage treatment works. The city cannot pay consultants, contractors or suppliers of spares, and other materials. "Clearly, to lay the blame on any official is simply tc look for scapegoats, but Ire fortunately this will not re solve the city's problems." He says the city's 3 wars of water pipes are 21 years old and leaked 40 pert:mud the water. Road 'taints.- nonce and upgrading is now 15 years lstand schedule. The counc nerd, $155 million to maintain rtwds. About $180 million la needed for water and sewerage treatment works. "Of the arse lights in the city are not working and 40 peeved of the streets are unlit. Zvobgo defended the con tracting out of the councils refuse collection systern While the city needs 9a refuse trucks, it has rely 13 working refuse trudb,. Only seven tractors out a 56 are operational. he On the mayor"] inansit he said. "In law. the solo' sponsibllity for the supervision and oll,, lion of a building mu' with the appoun ea Oki ' tea The architect ic ph Sonailv liable for any 1r l eading information to negliient acts or ointall coluacil en occasions. There or commwion. OY. to is no doubt that the Director of Works has or any ar t iag r and the _.a p.'"' ea Messed Personalt y kir int- to the SnliFkaid 057' l all iting avtt i 4 lite

3 Isate Neia Sirtain 1999 FAIRS% A LIVING `Murdered' girl unaware she was reported missing Littdiwe Moyo collects plastics and used cardboard boxes from the dump behind Sunningdale shopping centre, Harare. She says she cleans the junk and resells it to a paper recyling company in Harare, supplementing the family income. For every kilogramme of plastic, Mayo gets $14. She earns S12 from a kg of carcboard. Victim seeks protection from alleged assailant Staff Reporter THE 15-year-old Ethiopian boy alleged to have been sodomised by Pastor Daniel Richard Curie yesterday said he was afraid of the churchman. claiming his life was in danger. Under cross examination by Curie's lawyer Puwai Chiutsi. the boy said Curie followed him to Marondera two weeks ago. The boy moved to a Marondera home after making a report to the police on the sodomy allegations in July. He said Marondera police Masvingo police assault case deferred Staff Reporter THE state yesterday asked for a postponement of the heating of a case in which two Masvingo Police officers are facing assault charges, to enable the court to assess evidence from a medical doctor who examined a shop worker who claimed to be a victim of police brutality Magistrate Solomon Jenya said it was the pre rogatnre of the state to call 00 many witnesses as it deemed necessary Dennis Guns, a detective sergeant and his alleged accomplice, Detective Constable Simon Chimombe appeared in court on :Aleph:ins that they assaulted Darlington Mikiri. 2A. before torturing him with a cigarette. They deny the Charge The two were investigat flea theft case which had occurred et Pelhams store In Massing where Mikiri is a general hand. Douglas Mwonzora, a lawyer for the detectives, said calling the doctor was tantamount en ineastigating the case Whlis the trial Bon. had been alerted of Curie's visit and they had agreed to protect him from the pastor "Curie has more than 12 guns in his house. He was once charged for shooting animals. He frightens me, and everyone at his house is scared of him," said the boy. who cannot be identified because he is minor. Curie allegedly drugged the boy before sodomising him on several occasions between August 1998 and May this year Chiutsi claimed Curie was out of the country for most of the time Guard charged Staff Reporter NYABERA security guard Edward Nyamufinarna, of Rowena Farm Fields on Tuesday appeared before a Harare magistrate facing an assault charge. He is alleged to have set a dog loose on a boy The boy was bitten by the dog on his private parts and thighs. His injuries were described by a doctor as likely to be permanent. Nyamufinama denied the charge, saying he was overpowered by the dog. The trial continues on la October From Takaitei Rote in Muria JULIET Fifteen, the girl from Marodza Village in Muda who was believed to have been murdered by her Harare employers yesterday said she never knew she had been reported as missing when she left her employers without Informing them. Juliet's former employers. Joyce and Shuplkal Karimazondo of the Chilturubi Support Unit, spent about six months on trial for murder after the girl went missing from their home. The couple was alleged to have Heed the girl's relative, John Mita, for $ to kill her. The charges were withdrawn before plea last week. Mita was released from custody on Tuesday The girl said when she left the Karimazondo family's Chikurubi home on 18 December 1998, she soon got another job at St Mary's Police Station. She had worked for the family for about nine months. She said she left the Karimazondo family without telling them because she had been ill-treated. She alleged she was -also given limited food during her stay with the family and Forget the rest, read the best The Daily News Zimbabwe Integrated Programme (ZIP) a Zimbabwe Integrated Party (ZIP) a true Zimbabwe Independent Party (ZIP) for Zimbabwe's Independent People (ZIP) To join, complete below and enclose $40.00 kilning fee to the following address: ZIP Box MPI208 Harare. In return, a receipt, membership card and a copy of ZIP'S manifesto will be sent to you Title and Name Contact Address, Tel 6, E-met was not being paid. Only $150 was sent to her hither in July Juliet said she did not steal anything when she left, but the Karimazondo family insist she stole $100 and some clothes. Juliet said she met her new employer at the St Mary's Police Station when she went to ask for a State warrant to travel to Mutoka. A woman police officer then offered her a job and she took it up, earning COO a month. "I was not allowed to leave the house by my new employer. Joyce Kausinamunda. I never knew I had been reported missing, My new employer asked me not to write to anyone about my whereabouts but I managed to smuggle three letters out of the house,- said Juliet. Juliet's father, Misheeir Fifteen, said when his father died in September last year and again when his brother died in December. he wrote to Juliet to attend the funeral ceremony but she did not turn up nor re ply He had then visited the Karimazondo family on eight occasions to find out what had happened to Juliet. but failed to see them. JESUS CHRIST IS THE LORD My name is Lcoletus Gunyere from Harare. Before I came to the Universal Church my family was miserable and destroyed. We did not have peace at home, our financial life was completely down and most of us had asthma. When we came to Universal Church we met the living Cad "LORD JESUS CHRIST', he healed my family and gave us life. He also blessed our financial lives for everyone in my family is now working and some are hack to school. Now there is peace in my family for we are all free and blessed through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. If your family is destroyed, no peace in your house, financial life destroyed, you're a victim of witchcraft, being tormented by evil spirits, had luck, lots of accounts to pay (come and determine your victory as the Lord said: "SURELY, AS I HAVE PLANNED, SO IT WILL RE, AND I HAVE PURPOSED, SO IT WILL STAND", Isaiah 14:24) COME THE VICTORY IS YOURS 1. UNIVERSAL CHURCH OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD 64!Maya Nehaada Street 1st Floor near The Gulf Harare lel.: Kaguvi Street, Ist Floor, Harare 3. Rainbow Vislarama Cinema, 1st Floor, Mulare 4. Rainbow Cinema/Meikles Hall, Second Street. Sandawana, Kwekwe, TeL: Tanaka House. Cur. 3rd/I.obengula. ecru th Jason Moyo, Bulawayo Robert Mugabe Way, Bulawayo:fel: Cooksry Memorial Hall. lown House (near The Park), Chinhoyl Meetings: Tharsdays 10:00 a.m. and 5410 p.m. and Sundays 10:00 am "On 12 February this say Mn Rarimmando who ma that Juliet had eloped somebody they did nor kn.'i. Again on 24 Poltroon I went I., see Mrs ICarixamondo who told roe Juliet had been semi In Murizi and showed me a letter written by John Mita, our rela tive," said Fifteen. Fifteen then started looking tbr Mita and sought the assistance of the village headman. In March, Mita told Fifteen he had killed the girl and had been paid MO for the murder by the Kari tnazondo Runny "We said he had been promised 014 WO if he killed her Mita took me to Chikurubi where he showed me a shallow grave. When we opened the supposed grave, we found nothing. I then reported the case at the Harare Central Police Station. I was referred to Highlands Police Station." said Fifteen. The Karimazondo couple was arrested on 12 March. After Mite's false confession Fifteen's family held a funeral ceremony for Juliet. The family also sold their three cattle to raise money to consult n'angas. They also spent about so 300 on transport TRIPAL ENTERPRISES tia :tug "an FILING CABINET, METAL. 4-DRAWER a se MILANO EVERYWHERE CHNR WITH ARIAS a ;1: WRHOUT ARMS CARINA CURVED L-SHAPED num 0 S r. 3-TIER FiUNG CABINETS as WASTE alt NADUT TRA Me,

4 UN to pull out of East Timor JAKARTA - The United No dons said it will pull out of strife-torn Fast Timor today because Its besieged mission was running nut of food and water, and martial law had done nothing to stop gangs of rampaging militiamen who had killed hundreds In the last week. Meanwhile, Indonesian armed forces commander General Wirantu was yesterday appointed new commander to take charge of East Theo, as Jakarta faced mounting world pressure to rein in loyalist militias that have killed hundreds. - Heater Egypt to probe senior cops after attack on Mubarak CAIRO - Three senior police officers in the Suez Canal city of Port Said will be investigated and moved to other posts following this week's attack on President HosnI Mubarak. newspapers reported yesterday They said Interior Minister Habib el-adli issued the order for an inquiry on Tuesday, a day after a 40-yearold man had reportedly attacked Mubarak with a sharp weapon as the presidential motorcade drove through the city centre. Mubarak's bodyguards shot dead the alleged assailant, EI-Sayed Sellman, a street vendor Private companies took out fullpage advertisements in newspapers yesterday to offer thanks for the survival of the 7f year-old leader, who has been in office for 18 years and is due to be confirmed in a referendum for a fourth six-year term on 26 September Mubarak has cancelled a trip to Libya. winch had been scheduled for yesterday to attend an Organisation of African Unity (0AU) summit, the government day Al' COLLIERY CORDAY'," LIMITEI, WORLD PRESS STATEMENT Akhbar said. waasnth0eanrs U sut tran tirstitmearil amk er thadyear al. tended since 1995, when Moslem militants sprayed his bulletproof car with automatic gunfire as he left Addis Ababa airport for the event_ He escaped without Injury ll ho wo du. ginthe t eaerni statema oerb dally netisht tr ahrg pica mh duw roi an: said dered an investigation of two ma- jor-generals and a brigadier in the Port Said police forte.- Reuter yesterday On Wednesday, I September 1999 The Herald and The Chronicle newspapers which form part of the Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) Limited published an article stating that the Wankie Colliery Company Limited was "in financial doldrums" and "nearly broke". The article contained allegations which are very misleading and have been repeatedly reported in the same newspapers for over a year. Wankie Colliery Company Limited is a public quoted company with its shares listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and also on the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges. The Government of Zimbabwe has a 39.89% shareholding in the company, leaving a balance of 60.11% shares held by the institutions and the general public. Government shares are not listed on any stock exchange. The Board of Wankie Colliery Company Limited appointed a committee on 23 June 1998 to investigate certain allegations of corruption and malpractices in the company which had been made. The Committee made up of Directors of the company, issued a report which was accepted and approved by the Board. The report of the Committee was discussed at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of the company on 3 I July Shareholders were satisfied with the steps the Board had taken and the recommendations which were implemented following the investigations_ After the Annual General Meeting, the Board issued a statement to the public through the press concerning these allegations detailing the findings and the steps which had been taken to address the issues raised. The Ministry of Home Affairs requested through the Ministry of Mines, Environment and Tourism to carry out an independent investigation on the allegations of corruption. The CID Fraud Squad and National Economic Conduct Inspectorate (NEC!) moved into the company to investigate allegations of corruption. Management were subjected to lengthy investigations, giving full cooperation to both the CID and NECI officials. The results of these investigations which started in September 1998 have not been known to the Board of Wankie Colliery Company Limited up to now. The Board recently approved the unaudited interim results of the company for the year ending 31 December 1999 on 30 July 1999 which were published in The Herald and The Chronicle newspapers on Tuesday, 3 August The article published in both newspapers on I September 1999 stated, without reference to these results, that the Board had manipulated the financial results in order to give a favourable and incorrect assessment of the financial situation of the company to shareholders and the general public. The Board would like to assure the shareholders and lenders that there is no substance in what was reported by The Herald and The Chronicle newspapers. The Board stands by the accuracy of the unaudited results as published and circulated to the shareholders. lnspite of the problems experienced in collecting cash from major debtor's as reported in the interim report the company is not "in financial doldrums" and "nearly broke" or "close to bankruptcy" as reported. THE Dan NEWS 9 -,ergdic"4* DRC rebels accuse government of violating ceasefire KIGALI - Rebels In the Democratic Republic of the Congo accused government troops and their allies of violating a fragile ceasefire deal by attacking two rebel-held towns at the weekend. Lambert Mende, spokesman fur the s Congolese i g o r eeel troops Democracy RaillyC (RCD), for repulsed the attacks at Kole on Saturday and Liokwigu on Sunday. The towns, lie about KO km east and northeast of the capital Kinshasa. President Kabila After months of tortuous negotiations, a padce dad was signed last week by rebel leaders and the six Afrids nations who have deployed troops on either side af ge year-old war. Mende said the new attacks had undermined theta) cord. -The situation is tense now and our commanders IA on high alert," Mende said. "We are becoming mantel more sceptical about the peace process because we se that everybody who signed the accord As not committal to seeing it implemented" Rebel conunander Bob Ngoy said a total of trireme! troops were killed in the clashes - seven Congolese's! two Zimbabweans. "It seems that (Congolese President Laurent) Kabes doesn't believe in the peace process and the ceasefire wu just something he did because of pressure from Wean allies and the International community He has takes** opportunity to prepare new offensives." Mende rail from the eastern border town of Goma. Under the peace agreement signed in the Zambian cep ital Lusaka, a ceasefire came into effect on 1 Septemer There had been no reports of violations before the al leged attacks at Kole and Bokungu. Uganda and Rwanda have backed the rebels to their campaign to oust habits, but the movement has split kale rival factions in recent months. Kabila has won In en support from Zimbabwe, Angola and Namibia. Rebel commanders said Zimbabwean and Congeal, troops and ethnic Hutu "Intendannw e" militia& whoa, also allied to Kabila's government, attacked RCD pee lions in Bokungu on Sunday but were beaten back wet two Zimbabwean and four Congolese soldiers killed le the fighting. - Reuter Quake toll reaches 55 ATHENS - More strong after shocks jolted ANDS I. teitlay as the earthquake death toll rose to 55 and ream teams searched for dozens of missing people AM falig trapped under the rubble. The Health and Welfare Itaft istry said the dead included 12 children, some a% when their nursery collapsed in the quake that elevela Greek capital on Tuesday afternoon Another Pfe pie were injured, 25 seriously, and 65 were still toles after the quake measuring 5.9 on the Richter sale Vs. tiled buildings, trapping people inside- Reuter 11 killed in Kashmir N. KUDENGA CHAIRAL4N Harare, 7 September 1999 SRINAGAR. India - Eleven people, including fha Prd ratist guerrillas mid three Indian soldiers. were,,, eeparatt at tali.); in India's -la MrtIll and Kashmir lee"' in lice soul testertlay Thwy said Mut militants and man soldier i,e)-; hiii),1 in separate gun battle& day evenme in the Eupwara dtetnct ,1, northwest id Srinagar. the summer capital sf, o thlietel "In an it, -r between socutity forces Me at CIO DO eh am Banthal ton Tuesday evening)) was killed. In the exchange 10 iawans (soldiers) also laid down dr spekennan said. - Reuter

5 THE pelf NEWS 9 SEPTEMBER 1999 NATIONAL Aspiring MP gets taste of politics Staff Reporter HARARE Lawyer Bruno Mugabe vying to become the next Member of Parliament for Waving(' North in next year's general election got a taste of the real world of politics when 10 men allegedly attacked his supporter! and tore off a policeman's uniform. The ten, John Mugari, 37. Jacob Murazvu.26,Johnsai Mudungwe. 32. F'ukai Machaka. 54, Cephas Marashanye. 39, Charles Mawarire, 28, Johnson Mutanha, 36, Davison Chinyāirata, at, Reales Mashoko, 35, and Silas Kwashire, 33. on Monday appeared before Masvingo magistrate Sunsley Zisengwe facing charges of public violence. The men represented by Charles Ndhlovu of Murenda and Partners wee not asked to plead. Foreign Affairs Minister Stan Mu. denite is MP for Massing North. Prosecutor Story Rushambwa told the court that on 4 September, the 10 went to Charumbira Business Centre just out - side Mewing( town. where Mugabe was scheduled to hold a political rally Before the rally started, the accused persons allegedly tried to force the sup porters who had gathered to leave They allegedly used catapults and stones to attack the supporters. They also beat up some of the supporters, it is alleged. A policeman at the scene was allegedly manhandled and his shirt was torn as he tried to restore order More police. including riot police, were called in from Masvingo rural police station to help quell the violence. The 10 were subsequently arrested. The men were all remanded to 20 September on IVO bail each on condition that they do not interfere with Mugabe's political rallies. ConstitutionalCommission to gather views from Zimbabweans abroad Staff Reporter to get submissions from whelming requests from Zimbabweans eared on the Zimbobweans in South THE Constitutional Consols new destitution for Zim- Athol and the 1.1 who want sin, holding consultative babwe. to hear from the Commis meetings throughout Zirn. The team Yews on 10 Sep sten and make their own habwe to gather people's tember for Johannesburg. contributions to the views, is arranging fir simi- South Afrea fir a meeting process," said commission lar meetings with?anibah with Zimbabweans in that spokesmul, Jonathan Moyer weans abroad country; premeds to Roma "The commission has A five-man delegation led Italy for censukations with been everywhem Zimbah by Constitutional Commis- tie Italian warmed and weanslisingoutsidethecamsion chairman. Godfrey civic reed= and meets 7Jni- try Few a osnparative ewe- Chirlyausike leaves Harare babweans In Landon at 25 tierce of different systems next week on a nine-day trip September which vecael rearporale into to South Africa and Europe "We have received oven ournewconstitution." STOLEN RlIVARD OFFERED A reward of $15,000 is offered for information leading to the whereabouts of an INFOCUS LITEPRO 580 Projector Serial Number ZAB Please phone or Ext 136. As economic conditions continue to worsen, people are now forced to improvise to make ends meet. Lindiwe Moyo rummages in a rubbish heap behind Sunningdale Shopping Centre for plastics and boxes which she sells for a living. Ministry completes policy framework to gag media Staff Reporter THE Ministry of Information. Posts and Telecommunications has completed working on art information and mass media Police framework that seeks to regulate the operations of the Zimbabwe media. Permanent secretary Willard Chiwewe said in an interview that the policy framework, arrived at after studying the practices in other countries, would soon be tabled before Cabinet and then taken to a stakeholders' convention in the form of a draft Bill for their input. Issues addressed by the policy inelude media freedom. access to public information. obligations of the rna&s media, the setting up of a statutory or non-statutory body to define media ethics and standards and the establishment and ownership of newspapers. Chiwewe said the document propose; that foreign ovmership of theme die in the country be between 20 and 25 percent only with the Masers being obliged to reveal theft financial capacity ham' embarking on any project He said "This way we Will protect our Journalists from being lured into companies that do not have a sound financial background. fn Zimbabwe we would be happy with a situation where foreign ownership is allowed but resnamed such that foreign in- Nestor, nay not own more than a stipulated amount of shares." Chiwewe aid the ministry had alised the maxi to take great care in determining the extent of foreign influence in editorial policies of various newspapers Sr the country On Press freedom, he said debate was now no longer on whether the media should be free but how re sponsibly the media should exercise this freedom, how far reporters were willing to accommodate and respect the rights of others to enable them to exercise their rights and freedom. Chiwewe said: "While media freedom is so important, it is essential in my view that certain information on national governance be kept confidential and exempt from being divulged in order fur government to ilmetion effectively "Our view having looked at other countries like the US, Germany and Norway is that as a matter of principle there should be mom in our Constitution for the provision of Pass freedom and outside the Constitution there should be legislation l0 deal with the issue of information" On access to information he said after careful scrutiny of policies in the UK, US. Canada and others, the ministry had recommended that the public and the media should have access to informal run such as government records. "We therefore rem/emend that an in. formation Act le put in place hosnuse free Roams to information is a prenq. utsite to dernocroy bur there would be other sections of information that would be classified. especially regarding intelligence. foreign policy strategic military: strengths and it would he supported by legislation to make it an offence to publish them." On the issue of a media council. he said the ministry had recommended a statutory' media council with the need for advanced journalism courses at university level. He said the media environment In the country was characterised by natural suspicion between the government and the Press emanating from their perceptions that government Is always hiding certain information while the Press thrives on rumour-mongering and speculation. He said government was aware of machtnations of "the unrelenting and nostalgic Rhodes and their British and South African white sympathisers who want tosauch for andcreate cracks and weak points in the governance of this country and actually: in a manner sealer collaborators among Zhntobidens far purposes of undermining the Zimbabwe government sad its leadership". Accusing some independent papers in the country of "taking the role ar the nostalgic elements of the whitedominated society under colonial rule*. he said it was sad to note that even Scandinavian countries that had supported the liberation struggle of this country hadloined the British in supporting independent media, civic groups and parties bent on tarnishing the country's linage. ANGLO AMERICAN ANGLO AMERICAN CORPORATION ZIMBABWE LIMITED Future Tenders Tenders are shortly to be invited for the supply and delivery on a contractual basis of the goods/services listed below. All interested companies should contact Anglo American Corporation through Hawk Ventures Ltd, the small and medium enterprise initiative, for prequalification purposes. The cut off date for pre-qualification is 17 September ENQUIRY NO. COMMOOMES/SER VICES R PROTECTIVE CLOTHING 223 WIRE SCREENING R 003 ROCKBOLTS AND WASHERS (ROOF SUPPORT SYSTEM' SODIUM CYANIDE R.195 GRINDING MILL BALLS R.008 WINDOW AND DOOR FRAMES R.017 COPPER SJLPHATE DRILLING RODS I RANSPOR1 OF OREICONCENTRAIE R.199A COMPUTER PAPER R.199B COMPUTER CONSUMABLES Smaller companies which would like assistance should cortact Messrs Christopher Thompson and Albert Mukechi Hawk Ventures Limited P 0 Box Samora Machel Avenue, Harare Telephone: Fax: A member of the Anglo American plc group

6 THE NEW DEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTION Their view They say that you should boycott your national proem and withoh dvour rims on the new constitution. They say that you should only talk to them in spite of the liter that they have no alltherity to turn your views into a nun, basely binding constitution. The C'outrtanonai 0, outrearb programme IS all Zimbabweans a chance to have their Nam heard and tccordril. At a (.'onanission, we speak n,eryone's language and 101(1. founnonntation is ouch that ropyone ran be happy in the knowledge that they are homag a real say. And that their opinions will contr.:bore to thr making of Zinibalnec's new democratic Constitution. ap AmmigMIIIE terememme A New Constitution. A New Era. Fur more Lnformata ('M,...r0r, on Tel /68 Fa, or unto to l'o.koz 7733, Harare. Visit our Websue at; %vv., W Ft WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT STRATEGY A VITAL ELEMENT FOR SUSTAINING LIFE. Water i* R 0044h* 4tell'ICAZly to au melons of bocaey i A mdustrial, rrerunp, terrnfog and uomemic (both Fuel and un jan, advirnrrem te concerned about the eqtrtnola dietrioutidn *au,.cry to *ft trews ;Wore end roe farinerietel on coneonv. Rung Rieler*.,,,ggithor the and Water INnimorgrent, the leaning sector end local communahm to improve water management and rah s of aoemty. is supply to all vialatier, known as the With Rosourcoo Management Strategy (VR448) ra 0110'60.1 to.curve ectuttanis distribution of *stir rig wear onntlervation *no oduftori centoi as anew the now milenreurn 4., Almon to outer *Maas oontso the oftlom of your p/ovi1cit sista, engineer or the Weary of Ruud ReMOOraSe IMO WOW Gemeiogenont rirfolf Sicretadat, Wee Resouroes Mt0a4Orttent Station Projedr,. Floor. Wale WMp, Kloiroa Moue*: SS Nelson Mande. Avenue in cousowsy. ewers.

7 Tqf DAILY NEWS 9 SEPTEMBER 1999 W O R L SA proposes tough law to combat rape CAPE TOWN - South Africa yesterday proposed tough new legatiatbm to address endemic rape in the country and improve on the current dismal rate of successibl prosecution of sexual offenders. The South African Law Commission handed a discussion paper crintalning a draft bill on seined offences to Justice Minlater Pennell Maduna who said he hoped legislation could conic to parliament next yeast "The atm of the draft bill Is to address mounting public con- VICTORY SALUTE... r _ cern over the unarceptably high level of rape and sexual offences in South Africa." Maduna told a news conference. South Africa has one of the highest incidents of rape in the world, with cases reported last year. Rare crisis groups say most cases go unreported and estimate two rapes occur every minute, with only one in a hundred resulting in a prosecution. The commission recommended that all types of sexual penetration should be censid ered unlawful when they occur under coercive circumstances including the application of force, threats, abuse of power or authority or the use of drugs. While current legislation puts the onus on rape victims to prove they did not consent to sex, the commission recommended that the accused should carry the burden of proof over consent. The draft law stales that sexual penetration of any child be- low the age of 12 should constitute rape, while a new crime of "child molestation" would apply to sex with children under 16. The commission recom mended that the law should allow for a husband to be convicted of raping his wife and said a separate offence of "per sistent sexual abuse of a child" should be introduced to deal with intra-familial cases. The commission also said the commercial sexual exploitation of children should be 'ambit,- 'led and special provisions be introduced for sexual offences against mentally disabled pea tile. In a separate discussion paper, the commission recantmended a change In the law to allow for compulsory 1-11V testing of arrested persons in sexual offence cases due to the mounting incidents of deliberate transmission of the Aids virus. Current law only provides for HIV testing with the informed consent of the person con- cerned and every person is entitled to privacy of their medical information. More than three million South Africans out of a population of annual 40 million are already HIV-positive. with I en new infections estimated every day The recent explosion of Aids has exacerbated the rape pmb lem due to the local myth that sleeping with a virgin Is a curt' for HIV A IS-year-old girl tiled earlier (his year after she was raped and infected bp her HIV posit ive cousin. - Reuter Sentence Your mom To Ham [boor! Linen leader Muammar Gaddafi salutes his armed forces during a parade in Tripoli on Tuesday. The parade marked Gaddafi's 30 years in power and the opening of an Organisation of African Unity summit. Gaddafi, 57, denounced by the United States as a sponsor of international terrorism, is enjoying a thaw in his relations with the West particularly Europe. Reuter Defence says Anwar has no case to answer KUALA LUMPUR The defence in the sex trial of Malaysia's Anwar Ibrahim said yesterday the Ammer finance minister had no case to answer because his accuser was a "brazen -ind unmitigated liar-. Anwar's lawyers 5,1j11 government prosecutors had also failed to prove their case by not culling Prime Minister Ma. huhu. Mohamed as a witness Mahathir sacked Anwar last September and called him morally unfit "Why wasn't the prune most minister called as a witness!" Karpel Singh, one of Anwar's law yl.f.s. asked the capital's high court on the 49th day of the trial. Anwar, now serving a six-year jail sentence for corruption, is jointly charged with his adopted brother with sodomising his family's former driver, Azizan Abu Baker Anwar says he was framed with sex and oarrintion chit des.iftte 1i:oho last Peel The prosecution has finished callow wit nesse, in the sex trial. Ono troth sides SLIM lip, the meg, udl,10,-id. It Now a na: a ease te ea! a.desc sk muse:. ty/rld l111::( A first : hr 15 7 but Muttehir saul thrxi that (once lied cksivil Sax fornre deputy any wrongdoing - Reuter If your money is not canting the best possible return, its a crime! Do something about it. Talk to us the investment people at Unillank. Our hand-picked squad of investment bankers will ensure that your money reaps the best possible returns within 90 days - or longer if you wish. Our investment banking team has devised tailor-made products to maximise returns for small. medium and large investors. V'e'll make sure your money's working hard. Very Hard! We'll guarantee that Call the l'nibank Treasuryur Fund Management Division right now' ETH FLOOR, KARIGANIOMBE CENTRE, Raw: 12b3-4) "50 822, 751 8(8 s ' UNIIOANK 4r11(11 NI va.e / en Your kind of people

8 -8 Zanu PF proposals welcome but... SINCE spa rent lit pther mt dence throughout the country, the Consu.thondlCommt,itet men treporttri pro posals some of which. truce supposed!) unsophisticated nil lagers, must have astounded the commissioners for the elo quint testimony they bas on the astonishingly high level of political canselousners that obtains among peasants. In particular what must have hit them hard In the face as being extremely instructive Is the repeatedly-echoed displeasure voiced by people everywhere over the Executive arm of goyertunent as It is presently constituted - its size and make-up, the manifestly unlimited powers vested in the President, as well as the worrying impression the nation has gained that he is above the law In Chirumanzu, for example, the people suggested that the Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Act be abolished as it entrenched "draconian legislation" such as his power to declare a State of Emergency under which bass: human rights can be violated with impunity Elsewhere, alter also suggesting that the President should have limited powers "so that he doesn't become a dictator'. people have called for inclusion in the new constitution of a clause limiting to a maximum of two the terms any person will be aliened to serve as President and that it be clearly stipulated that Augment twa the power to remove from office a sitting Praddentlf he violates the constitution or commits a serious anal. B4nellg frequently expressed sentiments were those to do with the size of Cabinet which people feel is far too big and should be reduced to 15 posts at most, without deputy ministers idea, In any case, are never made to act in the absence of their ministers; that there should not be provincial governorscuin-resklent ministers and that there 1w only one Vice-President. It is on the last suggestem that the ruling Zanu PF has dal feted completely with other interest groups and indivel,d, that have given submissions en the need to transform the cut rent vice-presidency and, in the proces.s. rein., up wah what 5, think is the bete proposal. While tile ruling imrty agrees V everyone else that the present set up where we enjoy the dubious uniqueness as the only country in the world that boasts two vice-presidents is untenable, it goes one step better than simply suggesting that one of the two posts be abolished. - The party has proposed that both posts of vice-president be abolished, to be replaced by one new post - that of prime minister We think it is an excellent idea, especially when they say he would be accountable to Parliament and as such, unlike the President. be "a person at whom mud can be thrown and who can betaken to task on any issue". Unfortunately; that is where our concurrence with Zanu PF on the matter ends. We differ on the finer details. Dar instance, the party says the prune minister would be appointed by the "Executive President" who will also have the power to appoint ministers. We beg to differ Ina number of aspects. Firstly, as in all normal democracies, apart from the rare event of polls producing a hung parliament, the leader of the party winning a majority of seats in parliamentary elections automatically becomes prime minister and his "appointment" by the head of state would merely he a formality This is what happens in, among other democracies, Britain, India. Israel and the Republic of Ireland. Secondly when we have a prime minister, the post of executive president would, ideally, have to be abolished and replaced with that of a simple, more dignified, ceremonial president with no executive powers, who does not dabble in party politics. It is the prime minister who, being the leader of the winning party will appoint a cabinet. It is also our considered opinion that the present process of choosing a president - by the popular vole - will have to go. A ceremonial president will have lobe chosen by Parliament, sitting m an electoral college, from a list of names of highly respected people from civil society - with no known party political leanings - submitted by the prime minister. THE DAILY NEWS Publeded by Auccuted Nereastaen of Zimbabus (Ps. Lad trwme lissier.15 Salem barbel Arena P D Bea 1040 Harare lot , , 75444a Iel b..c.3ated News rk:allarif : W MUMMY 0,76. 7M,Ftw -A!))slue: Sber Ant. Meets Chenten. Herbert Chilefe Sheetaed Avenue tat thtlintsys lime Budging 7401u. Moo street Tel OCL-34014n Gwen: No 3 a 4 Shaped Collar. Car Wimp/W.3 ArefuetT.rnin Sum Tel solo, MP/ %Infer :9 Hegel Sweet Cleilbegerliss Eaprela Home N43 160N6 Stales Shown; Costa iii it3,217,54 DIrtvlors: lb blumene Lb,,Cluarinmpl. Mocludeyi?dawn& Invevy ('Nola Age. (s busr. YAP 311seve. (kerne) Pl5artee. M,141C1 LIADIER HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF... EAST TIMORESE EAST TIMOR MILITIA P AGE INDONESIAN POLICE INDONESIAN ARMY THE DAILY NEWS 9 SEPTEmBER INDONESIAN GOVERNMENT "" ;;;-t VN se-cuor y COUNCIL world stood by as the Rwanda genocide unfolded. Today, the same world stands by as another genocide Five years ago, the unfolds in East Timor. Five years from now, the world will stand by again. New constitution: what citizens ought to be asking themselves MOST people have welcomed the Constitutional Commission, for Zimbabwe certainly needs a new constitution. But the commission has not asked the nation what Ls to be the priority purpose of this new constitution. They should be asking: "What do you want the new constitution to achieve?" Instead, they ate seeking opinions on the details; these are important, but the experts can debate them, once the people have established its purpose. The citizens must answer the question on what they want the new constitution to achieve it is the single most vital function confronting them. The first thing to be slated to the Commission, clearly and in great numbers, is that the people want a new constitution to "develop a fully functioning democracy". This must he its purpose, for nothing else mat tees There should be at least two political parties that can alternate as the government. There should be a choice at each election between two parties that are each able, by their policies, their experience and the calibre eif their candidates, to form the government. The second vital issue is to enter the debate on "how the constitution can develop our democracy". There Ls only one way to establish political parties capable of governing. The constituency system of electing Members of Parliament in Zimbabwe has to be abandoned and the proportional representation method adopted in Its place. Namibia and South Africa have chosen the proportional representation method and they are the two newest constitutions in the world. In Rhodesia and in the new Zimbabwe, the constituency method failed the people badly. The constituency system of electing Members of Parliament in Zimbabwe has to be abandoned and the pro- portional representation method adopted in its place... BY LANCE REYNOLDS It produced civil war in the l960s and and entrenched one-party rule in the 1900s arid 1990s. At Lancaster House, a group not Included in the official talks urged the nationalists, the Rhodesian Front (RF) and Britain to adopt proportional representation. But Britain has never handed over to a colony proportional representation, for the entrenched parties - Labour and Tory - do not want it at home. Along with Britain, no one else wanted proportional representation: sot 1..anu PF, PF Zaps, or the RE Fortunately, for Namibia and South Africa, Britain was not at their constitutional discussions and they chose the modern system, used today In most successful countries. They chose proportional representation, to achieve a government of mod. erotical, inclusive of all groups, held in check against excessive power We have the constituency system. Poor Zimbabwe! What happened? The result was exactly as most had predicted - tribal voting. In Zanu PF and PF Zapu mounted national campaigns, claiming to be nationwide parties, with pollelei to benefit every citizen did ever,' region. The vote was entirely tribal; the result was a dividing line from Mashonaland West, through the Midlands, to Masvingo and Mann:eland; north of this line all the seats went to Zanu PF; south of the line, the vote was solid PF Zapu. In simple terms, Shona and Ndebele. Tribal. What a disaster! The much larger Shona group swept the seats in Parliament. The tribal conflict boiled over into the Matabeleland and Midlands atrocities: Zanu PF swallowed PF Zapu. We had a one-party state. By the second general election, voters knew they could not change anything and apathy set in, and the parties retreated to their tribal bases. The tribal party in the south, having won some 20 percent of the votes in the Shona north, in fact, had a zero insult - not one seat from the Shona areas. They abandoned the concept of a national parte In the rivalk areas. It was Impossible, for the five tiyears on, totohol the d tonteteih xt egtengood eral people, to form active committees, to raise funds. to find a rv, sate, ally good candottt, cstite dhena slaving r;wan n: :non ye :ne paper, un zi_ art: democratic bbr. el for the next ection. Pb' Zaps rerniatial into its tribal the Surely ettocorti,inoher we dono stronghold. the did in could use government largesse to threaten the Ndebele with second-elass treatment. With tonal repr,en ration. Zineml,../1111i sided hots regams akin to each of the present administrative roues -- Mash West, East, Cen- tral: Midlands; Matabelelnd South and North; Mowing and Manicaland Each region would elect, sag 15 MPs Party A may win the totes of 27 percent of those who mud this party would then get per. cent of the 25 seats. which would be seven MK not the zero, as now They can build on this Stlecesb, experience m Par. liament -,v-rnaps as oppostnon new members. populanty from a job well done, more funds This is "growing democracy" This is what we need. From the first game eke tion, if fought under Alan, tional representation, there will be opposition MPS, to inn trot the extravagant ri government, to seek cat =MP Lion, to learn by experience how to govern, By the next general electioe, we the citizens of Zimbatne will have a real choice of Am we want to govern us. We will have seen and heard them m ac tion In Part mment fur five Years. A few of the parties will have prospered. grown their Policies I hex people, their urgent:slime We then can Judie them not on their tribal link but clearly On their worth. in the sixth year of the new roost Milton (2905) we should have an excellent Paritemeek representing the various TWO ot our citizens. containing Mt perumced people It Will Pre vide to with both a government and an opposition - the altefter 1110 etaientnent we may Asa be our govenunent at the net general election. To stunrnar see. First, went insist that the prime purpor _.! the new constitution is MT"' meg democracy" Second ,1 props11/ n tation, for 11 LS ti'w only rilew,,, ihat break the stnnigien, at the one-truly state. ar0 - will quickly -grow Please taro to Page.4

9 TIC w Ntws 9. 1TEMaral 1999 T TES ODITOlt Comment only showed dislike for government Yausiku faces We refer to your editorial of 28 ment. Is It not the independent an impossible task August We note with dis- Press that is always criticising appointment that everything is the government for its stance blamed on the government and on the censorship board that is in this case, the government Is very strict? being blamed for "screening, Our question is Is it not true Mortally professional A CHEMISE, a biologist and an electrical engineer were on death row waiting to go In the electric chair. The chemist was brought forward first "Do you have anything you want to say?" asked the executioner,.napping him in. "No," replied the chemist. The executioner flicked the us itch and nothing happened- Under State law, if an execution attempt fails. the prisoner is to be released, so the chemist was released. Then the biologist was brought forward "Do you have anything you want to say?" "No, just get on with It." The executioner flicked the switch, and again nothing happened. so the biologist was released. Then the electrical engineer was brought forward. "Do you lime anything you want to say?" asked the executioner. "Yes," replied the engineer "If you swap the red and the blue wires even you might it this thing work," on a daily basis, soap operas that the statistics in terms of with heavy doses of sex. mostly Aids are shocking in Africa illicit, thereby encouraging than in the western world? Is it SO Zanu PI, is going to put for- against the vote of the party? people. particularly young peo- not that the West produces constitution is that he must ward to the Constitutional Lower House) anti the Presi- pie, to do exactly the opposite of these soaps and pornographic Will he try to find a compro- "act on the advice of his Cabi- dent, but no power to introduce what they should be preach- movies, and yet their numbers Commission the case in favour mice which will satisfy both net". But he appoints all the legislation. Parliament must be Mg". of en Executive President? ( those who contract Aids) are sides, if such a thing is indeed members of the very Cabinet the supreme authority tali- The paper did not do its small, smaller than the African I would like to warn future possible? Or does he conclude that should advise him! generations of the dangers of that Zanu PF represents the He also happens to be the moiety, and so if the Senate op- homework. This is in light of scenario? In Zimbabwe, the an executive presidency with- majority and therefore he en- head of the ruling party and so poses the President and sends several researches which were movies we watch are not exsome of his Bills back for re- carried out on Aids, sex and plicit as compared to those of out attacking President Mu- dorses their wishes, when this the limitation that if 100 pasha- consideration, the ultimate de- pornography. One research the West. The movies we see on gabe because his status is fait accomplf. must be far from certain and, in mentarians vote against him he cider must be Pariiament, but states that poverty and racism ZTV are sometimes censored my opinion, would be another may be removed, is also open to not before the proposed Bill has play a large role in determining even to the extent of deleting But first I must say I mistake in the ruling of this manipulation. been well debated by all stake- who contracts Aids. There is, the four-letter words. would never be in the shoes country by this party? He provides an example of holders. according to the research, a We couldn't agree more with of the Honourable Justice How does he weigh the tee- the dangers of creating an exec- Finally. the executive Is by strong correlation between the comment when it said that Chldyausiku for all the tea in ommendation of the National olive president who is virtually far the most important arm of poverty and health. Evidence ZTV should be screening local Chipinge I suspect that he has Constitutional Assembly? answerable to himself No one government and so I do hope it showed that blacks were more drama, documentaries or plays. an impossible task. Now for executive presidency amnia see that Zimbabwe has is given very careful consider& likely than whites to contract Not because of the promiscuity Let us suppose that the ma- They are only safe if a great gut itself into a real mess due- Lion by all, and if it is not put Aids. but for promoting our country jotity of people in Zimbabwe deal of care is.taken to ensure Mg his period in office. right in our next constitution, Another research concluded We thought democracy, which are against an executive prest that they follow the will of the All the above is negative, but it can be thrown out by a refer- that pornography is not di- your paper promotes, is all dent and they say this individu- people and cannot take over the now we have the opportunity of endum. Indeed, I would go so redly related to promiscuous about giving the people the ally and collectively at meet- running of the country I don't having a new constitution and far as to say that this part of the behaviour. The paper reached right to choose what they want tags around the country need to list all the executive my solution to safeguard Zim- constitution should form the this conclusion only by to watch. Do we get a sense of Certainly they did so at the presidents in Africa who have babwe in the future would be a basis of just one part in the ref labyrinthine logic. Farther, the double standards on the part of only meeting I have attended so become out and out dictators separation of powers with a erendum, so that the people can past decade has demonstrated your paper? far So what does the chairman and, in many cases, totally con Senate (the Upper House), con- throw this part of the constitu. that sexual images do not pro- Is it not true that it is the Inof the Constitutional Commis- rupt, and who have ruined their slsting of 20 members, who Lion out, even if they are pre- yoke aggressive behaviour or dependent Joy TV station sion do with a known loaded countries. would be the executive heads of pared to accept the rest influence other forms of anti- which has more soaps than the commission in favour of Zanu You can take the case of our the 20 most important national social behaviour ZTV? PF? How does he weigh the own president. He is the head of bodies in Zimbabwe, which J M Morten If this is anything to go by P Murima and P D votes of the people who attend government. The only limita- would have delaying powers Cranborne then the comment is nothing Palasida his meetings across the country [ton put on him in our present over both Parliament (the Harare hut a dislike for the govern- Marondera UZ students behaved improperly `Westlea' resi dents are ON 2 September. as part of the undertake this important con- rupled the meeting should have ongoing Constitutional Com- stitutionat making exercise. restated this. To them I say mission exercise. commission- The constitution is a bistro- comrades you have displayed ers visited the University of ment of utmost paramountcy your immaturity for all to see. victims of mental slavery Zimbabwe to hear the views of as all laws inconsistent with it Lastly, to whosoever apthe students. They were. how- become null and void. Why pointed the Commissioners, I IT IS does not serve any par- The residents do not want the tween a high-density and lowever, ordered to vacate campus then should this exercise be ask: Were there no "competent pose to spend most of our pre name Warren Park since the density dweller? What we by so-called student "cadres " treated in the same manner students at universities or ter- Mous time debating names as is original Warren Park is a high- breathe, eat, drive and do is vir- The only information they with lesser commissions of yes- tiary institutions in the cows- the case between the local au- density suburb. tually the same except where got was probably a string of ob- teryear such as the Sandura's, try to make it as commission- thorities and the residents of Their suburb is classified as we put our heads. scenittes shouted at them. Rea- Garwe's and others? era? Or should we call this place Warren Park and New Maribor- middle class. However, their Matsheurnhlope and Kumalo. son: "Zany PF cohorts posing The partisan nature, unrepre- :Rhodes University of Zini. ough. minds are not so enlightened. Bulawayo's most posh suburbs, as Commissioners are not al- sentative composition and babwe? Or were you afraid that If the reason advanced by Of course, we had black have vernacular names. lowed at campus" other issues would have been hungry as we are, we would Warren Park North residents, brothers during the Ian Smith Professor Gordon Chavun In my opinion this approach raised and the commissioners keep on collapsing at your however, to change the name to regime fighting their own dear deka is a champion of tradiwas improper. unintelligent, would have been uneeremoni- meetings? Westlea is because of its goo-black brothers at the front due- [tonal African medicine in unwarranted and immature. ously dismissed for their lack of Somehow, the right will pre- graphical situation, then it is ing the war of liberation. But spite of his high academic The Commissioners had come the way forward. nail. erroneous. they can be excused because achievements. He unot a mento hear students' views as is Even if the constitution is In real geographical terms, Smith induced them to enlist eel slave! happening elsewhere through- eventually made, the reservethe area is to the north-west of through compulsory military Thabisa "Ka Malume" Warren Park, hence the name call-up for able-bodied adult Aaron Pondani Nkomo out Zimbabwe. tions of the students would Personally I have problems have been heard. That Is our amanita Warren Park North makes males. New Mobs uku accepting the eligibility of the right The right to be heard. University of Zimbabwe sense. What difference is there be- Harare commissioners called upon to The few "cadres" who dis- Harare. Let aspiring future leaders be warned WHILE browsing through an superficial words and do not old copy of "Harvard Business penetrate deeply into the souls Review" one Sunday morning. I of the people to hear their true came across an article on lead- opinions, feelings and desires" ership which is pertinent to the Is this nut all very' true, when prevailing socio-political situa- only 5-10 percent of the election in this country torate vote and those so elected i hat compelled to share the claim that they have the man- Mowing passage with the rest date of the people, when only a of the nation: handful of the people make 'lb hear the unheard is a contributions to the new consunecessary discipline to be a lotion and we proceed to claim good ruler For only when a that thls is what the people say ruler has learned to laden and want. Need I say more, the closely to the people's hearts, list is endless. nearing their Relines uncoil, I hope that the current leadmunicated, pains unexpressed reship or any aspiring future and complaints not spoken of, leaders who read this article can he hope to Inspire the con- will be guided accordingly faience of his people. understand when something is wrong D Verenga and meet the true weds of his Emerald cittslena. The demise of states. Harare conies when leaders Listen io r BUREAU DE CHANGE FOREIGN EXCHANGE DEAI.ERS Holiday Allowance Business Travel Allowance ' Credit Card Advances Processing of drafts & TTs 169 Fife Avenue (Between 6th & 7th Streets). Harare Contact: Arnold Makanga or Patrick Cochran Tel.: , /8 Fax: Cell No Or visit one of our other Branches in Harare. Victoria Falls. Bulawayo & Mutate Our Rates Make A Change!

10 10 YOUR DAILY STARS With CELESTA VIRGO 22 AUGUST - 21 SF.PTEMFIER There is a New Moon tonight encouraging you to look at your I de. and to get rid of things that are no longer valid. These could he am thing from relationships to old clothes and other junk! You will fist so much better met rarin' to get on with the new you LIBRA 22 SEPTEMBER - 21 OCTOBER A bit of a vulnerable day for you (the new moon) - you could feel like a sponge, sucking up the atmosphere around you, especially all the problems and emotions of everyone around you, leaving you totally overwhelmed. If it all gets a bit too much, Just leave, go home alone! SCORPIO 22 OCTOBER - 21 NOVEMBER If you have anything to say or communicate especially to groups: clubs, associates today is the day. Pot everything across with enthusiasm and confidence, and everyone will be 'eating out of your hand* Your credibility will increase a hundredfold SAGITTARIUS 22 NOVEMBER - 21 DECEMBER The new Moon is affecting you today - especially issues to do with your career which seem to be mixed up with disappointments from your childhood. Isn't it time to let these go? You can achieve what ever you want especially if you don't take set-backs or criticism too _j Personally CAPRICORN 22 DECEMBER - 20 JANUARY INA The new Moon should he showing you the truth about your life - listen and learn. Trust your intuition. It could be time to start your holiday or travel plans - or even to begin learning about or studying your new religious or philosophical ideas. AQUARIUS 21 JANUARY - 18 FEBRUARY You could well be involved m debts today - either the payment of them, or the collection of money owed to you. Inheritancesijmnt income with your partner could also be issues that need attention - the New Moon could bring up some emotional problems too that will eventually lead to a better understanding of each other. PISCES 19 FEBRUARY 20 MARCH The New Moon will be bringing marriage and business partnerships Loa head and you will have to look at how you deal with all the issues involved. Perhaps a new approach is necessary. Try not to take any criticism too personally - difficult far you, but necessary if you want to avoid disappointment. ARIES 21 MARCH -21 APRIL What is the New Moon up to? Inspiring you in new direction, with determination and increased self-confidence - which, to gether with some really hard work will bring you whatever you want. today 06,2 baba* Wel POP..,21. rp liegstastly 09.0D CNN Wald arra 09 Vaasa Mai Domsentan Annul Talk we Wagon laboiles Wanted toe Went ,6aner7,sas IN Iwe Dar 1330 sea k ix low gala Shur CM 1111we liale U1011, 1536 Swims at the Sun Emelt the Sea ree Upon A Ise.. use.626 lantern Maus and meades urges the Montan Datong plus 1/ 40 Follsotwo Avatars 1/.45 ilwandaba to 15 Perpaiene leaw 1816m/Dall ,641wraraWaranisine gearkedo Programa Um ns 19 it Mardian (hanem1 War.' MO fa 70 Ou Neon at Myr 2015 Weashe Rnssal NV Font...ono Mumma 2115?maxim spews 2016 Wart hopthafn /11 51 Mom of TM Net nathernq 01 rid M Land and %win 2110WaeC Ocala / Mauna maim t Clwe Doan radio today 1,0st 1009E90r s 7102 OK '0' 71 JO brow., JOY TV MOW o 062 thane Chiniatricersevois 0/30 trismata 0600 Dos OW lies CaSOlieboldandthellesiold 091S Inbeartie 1015 Geseasisa Goldin (Jowl Om gake rm 1tiStkanel Mal Games Pavan/ow tam lie add rod Ileavolu rd Ant Sow Saw I930 Hews VI 20 CO (aemigans /0.30 lkeneo beard 712 Undone teen 0 COMP 72 00Brd Na ce) 1999 NOM. owls Oggcte awn 0 SUPERSPORT ne,stes Maga Ova Use na lose Spots Bettina Suwallabial News Updat Warr 5parWcoli d ens ank News aerobes ce 40 StoesSmn Worry and Maw. 09 en Ssoedron Gold Satin pigs.* On ea Motasport World Supable exec pest ken Nethalwals Salieb Golt Roman PCA woe - BMW Mate. tow 1, Ma) 192 taws Steedost Bono* 1910 Own &Ong YupetBet Opine Moiorsoort lop Ca 1945 Crider Eon Cue Wow Emmaus,. Swoon; Waft C.,* 21./0CeB0te tad a Baer Ii 40 stemma voihum lararoon Sew foxbd Mosta WM. awn Unlaced 01 IV Sky Scow Neal Sionlmart saws Ow) enon. 115 (Oen day I I. We) B8C PM.* ni lee a kri,5strie (Mesa,.; ChangeThat is magas Rogahaa a -as Eastman Jo the areispin septum 03 Malin lagmrs fa Dom,,, [2 lo Nada Seats [ 1 i Ou :angina tare 13 /5 ChangeThat kile lhadahlak Esiandes Bar Canlassm bra Soad Some Mogen De mei 4 dad Cniuler Plawass IOS Smort 5sirsaus arw sr.,,,, 16 CO km (Marge 4.30 flead4aamarrwa '9 00 Demean s 30 Ise annitas goer Ls5 Some Mogen Do Me'be SworWomeni 100 Cismilerand Co 2230Aioe aerie, WO 2230 Shame Sias 2300M nano 1104N intillesiotai 2.307op 0 rvs Pro ET aohenan M sa 17 oo ReotorGraws Nam ildsgair Eva 0,41 rs74 ars, of On it, a Vem to lm' 2130 gore Cower The1ad Moisten [Pr 04.00/Irs1001tiot [ [ Os likens 1.60h- 211G RADIO ONE am Thought toe the New Daa. tos Good Morning Show oat Nowa S5aGardliljig Show 6155 CADS Saying of the flay TOCI News 7:12 Good Mardis Show Morsts4 Show 730 Westicatelkstants Association TIE Good Morsstoi rw. 612 Good Morning Show ft ta A Stitch In lime 020 Goad Margin Raw MOW* Minor 9130 Instrumental Corner News 1000 Compiler's Chrdas Potter Collection 11:1,5 Eco.Watch 1200 News 1= Guidelines tar Stokes Lb* ail Music While We Work Agrllao 1320 News 122)Lunchthae LIMO/ wasp Horizons 15:01 Melody Time 1530 Emirs, Focus MO News les) ljabs Todi ITP Dr we Ttnve Men News 1015 Newsreel tos0 Lost and Found Meows tolf lo SIOWS. of God MO News ^3.15 Musical Interlude 7030 Swing Time 2100 Ares Paget xi Women In Music 222 News 27.I5 Thursday Night Beat MB Naas 9Bd8 Lob SUS Listening will Close Down ZBC RADIO TWO 5790 Sots. 111entin00lion and National Anthem 506 Rutangimi Zuva Rashoal 6.11 Kama:lea 660 Mum ihistdoba 6101Gwoho OS Joan Man 650 Waned= 7:2 banns' hindaba 7.10 Kwamtui 730 Ziva Motolotri Yalin 736 Kwandra ROO NIMUllinadahn tlnrrhdm Seri/plane 9.45 lbandakuminutnrai 1060 Tin Psmhepo Nev6DMB 1030 Nimbly& Kam NhcU /Izindaba Ewa* I sod ikiela 122 )(sumo Nhau.17 gwavissi '11khutsingelana Ovavanagwensambira 1560 tigatlidast Maddld [tiri fat rota nemaggt C, I(. Kovere riga kw, Manhulat 1 's as I Mandak wiarusleirai 15 wi Essabataba 16:00 Nbaullindsba MIS TAURUS 22 APRIL - 21 MAY The New Moon is heralding a new romance for the sol id 'Ora t lot I Kandy 1. 6hfusin 17:(1 Po/ermine 1,acrs bast Pukka Announcements t62 Assembly Tobacmi News Bulletin Statham Sprats of a present relationship) with some extremely stone: Report is :31 Sa tors Rudirhu undone Inn:dude 1945 (Ufa letho 1920 Swerungoma PSMAS 1130 &Wan flowing in this direction I Intimacy is the keyword toduv Tht- Lwrulu 20 Ou Nhau 111:10 lonslaba VON Inhlupo Zolamithla Rock Ginlando Werikolo 2akitte MOO Motu limdake 2210 only problem could be your perfectionism don't nag your Emmuli Nhaichusdalia i 12 Nhahltahi Ihengoina M50 Monaniato Weiroutheni Close Down Annotuvamant NOMl spouse/lover or you could spoil the magic, [ Anthem into Close!Wein ' e/ol ZBC RADIO THREE GEMINI 22 MAY - 21 JUNE 0000 News in Brief Nivel hag 100 News 1:02 Requeets Write-in 200 News In Breed 2 n is affecting your home life. There could be a con- - t2requests (Phonelid 3111 Na." Bp wweeman I Gone Searching COO News in Reef 492 Mbar Bag 500 News In Brief Live in Concert 5.7r Pout Van geo. LigoNswa 61Mho* Riot between'your need to express your affection fi ir your children fort Mow 625 city Glass and Paint 610 Unnersal Rubber and Hose 020 Sounds Alarming 710 News sodshwthor Tad IITII and your natural diffidence. You will have to make an extra ef- by maths) 731 Car Guard to Lannon Lineup 73Z Shandong CD of the Weak 720 Central Atrium Inman Miffs MU" fort if you want it all to run smoothly of Tiles 7:47 thatkfmt Show 1110 Square OW Breakfast Slam cont. 900 News 002 Thursday Motolog Requarga 9.W OslkI ton Mid Morning Music 10:00 Golden Oldies 1160 New, 11 hdr _ TM talsimorning Sounds 1201 News WS Haw Mures Maw* - CANCER 22 JUNE - 21 JULY The new Moon today is affecting your need to communicate your emotions, especially with a brother or sinter Your writing talents should be enhanced today; n you need to du something put it in Writing. The LEON22 ew JULY m,2,01daburg thgus and Weather 1210 lautchtline Classics (Anon Contemporary) 12a0 Bon Appath Lgaa New, m and Emig cation& 1600 Mid.Aftes glom awl Sit swami News 1.63:6 New Loral Releases 1700 News 1791 lave at Vim 1721 Radio Three Tnple Beat 1630 Cocarola Hitsville Top 21) MO News 1902 UK Top Hits MOO News 20[10 Baron's Fashion SAM map M2 News 2105 Radio Three LP Hit Parade MOO Jazz Half Hour ZBC RADIO POUR sac Station Identification 5fr, Monamato / Umthandaus 5:10 Mama& Set, Livuke Nam 660 glahungo IS/iw acenkankchews Newst6:10Mainukat SesLisiuke Mani 702 News (Ratanga Venda Tonga Nemo Bin Eradish New* iroalr4, tom (Venda Varavy Show) Rae Zimbabwe Information Servicos Reports to or School Quu tm Iaw school Peri Paton Uwe& linodcasts 1229 Ihemanobsbee. Waakuleti 1241Taknha Mallsandi Moe tchateindata News 13.0 Muslod lmlk I hornela yeznhokuthuka Mho Nimittatabum Neshasha law Nhau..17torlaba Zwinart 1.6:30 High School Sod* money s'rorign News) rn Zviri kubva Kurimpunsa 1 (A[ 7.,[.;...tam,. (dififei,), 01- togyekmalesusiviii sr Ns- Shangaunr Chewa 30 Rialio0innibus IS 00 News, AS, News, 1St la Mare tdalmniolve.h.)._,,,, "" reparsmende 192in Lanthls SlItheltele n Goss 920 Nov i 2" opinion Over YOUr budget, debts, etc.) to bead. You will probably [ cakr sows 20 gmenga gua,shaagwaru 2s, no Ertiaatiou on Air Mut) N ha n need to talk to someone to help put your finances beck into order. If act tovounbelanhukals,abahalieleb lahnirfaunirgi 50 Munro m any doubt consult an expert. mud. BOB ras"."-- Titz"inA14.4.d.124cOr'47.tznitlig,',141g.P.'gb:;,,mgvARZraWii

11 _ 1",a- pars Kfrtvc 9 5r,'9, MO1'08 ING Motorsport runs in the Bremner family Bremner stumbled at the final hurdle of the 1997 Shell Driver of the Year 11 Name: Mike Boar nor Date of Birth: 30 Novem ber Exeter. UK Marital Status: Married to Lin Occupation: General Manager. AIM' Auctions Racing Debut: 1961 Disciplines: Main Circuit ( ; MS-present) Rallying (1985). Bremner stopped racing after 1985 in order to concentrate on starting a family: he and Lin were blessed with a son. Jason, now 11. After a 10-year Lay off, Bremner Snr made what he described as a seamless return to the circuit His flirtation with rallying lasted only one season. largely in response to his wife's concerns about the dangers of careering headlong Into the unknown. His flirtation with rallying lasted only one season As if to emphasise the point, Bremner's one and only Cestrol Zimbabwe Challenge Rally ended when his Ford Anglia hit a tree and he was time-barrett Early Memories: Bremner currently the owner of five cars, has bought, retrofit and sold more than 200 vehicles - Ferrari to face stiff competition from steam-rolling McLarens ITS A tough race in prospect for Ferrari at Moon this weekend. Not only are they Schumacherlees, but they are facing even stiffer competition from the steam-rolling McLarens, who have just came off double one-two successes in Hun gary and Belgium. The MN/ 14 is now doing what the makers wanted it le do months ago and. It anyone had not noticed, it is datigetoualy fast, as well as having ballet-proof reliability Mows is also a circuit where you abed power. power and more power If you are oil for a strong result. Melanin's Mercedes.11mor has that 111 Plentiful supply But McLaren are nova completely troubletree affair, after their squabble in Belgium at the first corner flakkinso has admitted it was his one a week at one stage, over the past 25 years. His passion began almost out of necessity, to supplement the meagre income he earned as an apprendos toolmaker, and gave rive to his interest In motorsport. "1 favour sports cars - I've rebuilt MGAa, MGEls, a Porsche 914, a couple of Sprite Alpines, a Jaguar" he said. "At the moment Ism nobuilding a Berkley a fibreglass micro-sportscar powered by a motorcycle engine -. and a very old Villiers motorised bicycle with the registration number Safe?. (hark ing back to the days when Harare was called Salts bury).- Motorsport runs in the Bremner family. Plikess father Ken tested cars for Branham Ford at Brands Hatch. UK. while his younger brothers Andy and Paul, now living in South Africa, have both raced in Zimbabwe. Current Machine: A Super 7 bought as a rolling non-runner and which Bremner totally rebuilt, fitting it with a Toyota twin-earn motor - after evicting a snake After two seasons competing In a twolitre Opel Superboss saloon. Bremner sold it, unable to afford spending $ on slick tyres for each niggling. His Super 7, Mike Bremner... gets great satisfaction from rebuilding wrecks hilly committed to his title hopes fur the Maranello stable. You will no doubt see Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Jordan also figure on Sunday, as the increasingly confident driver/team combination continues on their merry run. Look out also for Rubens Barrirhelln, who is on top of the world after signing for Ferrari during the week Another driver with podium credentials is Ralf Schumacher. fresh from a morale-boosting points finish to Belgium. Aside from the top contenders, it is hard to see anyone eke challenging for major placings this weekend Monza, like Spa. is a track where car performance is everything. and it is difficult to envisage resins like Benerton, Sauber or Print giving the top men any trouble Ecclestone was planning to float Farmula One Holdings (Foils) on the stock market mid-year but a probe by the European Union into Fears business dealings with the FIA dampened investor confidence McLaren chief sponsor West, has refuted claims It will bow out of its partnership with the Woking team. Rumours surfaced recently that the Germany company were to cut their ties with McLamn alter they found tt to be too expensive, at tear 973 million per year However. head of West's Formula One department Conrad Ram said they wen- irk Fl for the long run. niistake, but relations are strained between him and David Couhluted. ebrmula One bass Bernie Eerie Damon Hill could decide to hang With dear instructions from the stone is on the verge of selling half up his helmet for good after Sunday's Italian Grand Prix. Woking team that both drivers can his FDA company to a private im race br position, it will be en. vestor, according to retains in the The Briton. who was o!tgioaity tbralllnit to tee how both deal with British newspaper, Sunday Business. planning tl/ I A.1,1:111 each other in hely The mum which is Genii; made by Eddie Irvine will still be out to the Englishman so that he can spend son. may le tic now tax h, train challenge the silver machines and. more time with its family will ste have sewn up third place in the themte his likely signing ter the him net US/2.41 billion (about constructors' championship. MO- Naar earn. the Ulsterman Is still bill from the sale. I,n.spurt Now, International Schhh.. you know who proudly presents by contrast, uses only one set of slicks a season. National Titles: None so far. In 1991 Bremner was bridesmaid to Ian Mc- Fadyean in the twolitre saloon class. Bremner was unable to capitalise on McFadyean's absences, particularly in Butawayo. since na- tional points could only be awarded to classes with three or more. competitors. Bremner also stumbled at the ltnal hurdle of the IR97 Shell Driver of the Year, a club title, which PRI Showing at Reps Theatre Performances start at 7pm he led going into the final round but which slipped from his grasp when one of the re treads be had fitted as a cheaper alternative failed spectacularly He rated it as the biggest disappointment of his career. This season Bremner who with two rounds remaining is lying second in the 1600 sports car class, the William Penn Clubman Championship and the Dunlop Super 7 Championship, is even better placed to land his first club and-or national title. Funniest Moments: It perhaps falls under the category of "hair-raising moments", hut the steering wheel of Bremner's Super 7 sheared off the steering column as he was negotiating Tingles Corner at Shell Raceway. Harare. "The steering wheel came clean off in my hand." said Bremner, who braked hard before hitting a tyre wall. Earlier, while testing the car, the left-front wheel came off through The Sweep -- the first and last time Bremner entrusted his gardener with tightening the wheel nuts, "11 took us an hour to find the wheel - it took off towards the firing range." Future Goals: Bremner, who packs a lot into his weekends, is considering retiring from main circuit at the end of the season and taking up 'tar, Ina so list h.,..,n class EXTENDED BY PUBLIC DEMAND TILL 18 SEPTEMBER Starring the ANTI PPD KINGS Stephen Hanly Fraser Mackay David Scoble No Under 18. Bookings at Spotlight. (No phone bookings) S 0 S 0 U 0 S

12 IRE DAILY NEWS 9 SEPTEM Constitution : What citizens should be asking themselves From Page It demumacy". We want to end tribally.based support; we want good alternative parties and policies: we went a strong opposition in Parliament. We want a real choice at the election, between two or more ea. liable parties. We want democracy - ideas. opposition in Parliament to control the excesses of government. alternative governing groups. From this, We expect to get economic prospernk the removal of corruption. a people well educated, employed, health), and proud to be Zimbabweans. If we do not seize this chance to change to proportional representation, we shall have 7.1nu PF for the next 20 years, with no democracy though they will say we have a de mocratic constitution yet again. Most voters will stay away from the voting polls, and Zane PF will. again and again, claim -mass support", having won most of the seats, but, as happened in the last general election, with only 11 percent of the adults having voted for it. Massive public support far proportional representation now will persuade the commission that what the nation wants is proportional representation and a truly derma-rote. Nene. They will have to recommend proportional representation to Cabinet. President Mugabe and Zanu PP will tied it dimcult to have what they want - the constituency system and power forever - in the face of a huge public demand for propor. Lionel representation. People in favour of proportional representation can do three things: go to the c'ommission's publie meetings mid speak out for tint pornunal representation: write to the commission, stating they believe that the new constitution should achieve, before all else, the growth of genuine democracy, and that they want proportional representation lo be the method of elec. tion for MN; and they should speak to as many people as they get them too, to ivp-erese thehir support ca to proportionalgrepresen- tation. If thousands do this, the commission must report that proportional representation is the nation's preference; and Zeno PF will have to accept that verdict. Then Zimbabwe will heroine, at last, a great country. Lance Reynolds was vicepresident of the Centre Party during the But era of Rhodesia. He fought elections against Ian Smith in Rhodesia and helped launch Enoch Dunibutshena's Forum for Democracy in Zimbabwe ZRP to dim,,,tioirma no tht l: Staff Reporter the for ABOUT members of the l state en* Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) special constabulary will lose their jobs unless they Etc. quire a General Certificate of Education with five Onliniu-y Level passes before the end of the year, police spokesman Wayne Byudzijena has said. mein*, % THE NEW t low.nen. Aufastils' to tonal**, ' Those,.. liar I,iii,tittitional CommUsicg: j KtoilTD:b e : YOUR PATIENTS TRUST YOU. WUO DO YOU TRUST? DAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY 0809,99 08/09/99 08/09; (99 08/ /09/99 08'09,99 08/09e94 08/09/99 08/09/99 09/09/99 09/09, / y9 09,09/99 09;09/99 W /09,99 0, i ,99 019(99 0/09/99 0/09/99 0/09/99 SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY 1:09/ , 09/ /99 1,09/99 1,09.99 I ;0999 (/09/ /99 I/0%99 it As tine of the largest mantel:al-hirers of diagnostic aids in the world. Philips Medical Spstettm continue to win the confidence and trust of medical professionals the world men Philips Medical Systems arc involved in all aspects of the Health sector mid can supply diagnostic aids for Radiography. Computer 19 graphy. l'itrasound. Magnetic. Resonance. ardiology and Angingraphy. When Sou want to put )our trust in initeoile - put Philips first. PHILIPS MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY 3'09/99 3/09/99 3, /09/ ,99 3'0999 3,09'99 3,0999 3' , /99 4/0999 4/09/ '99 4/0999 4,09/ %99 4/09199 wards Fur more ink, WOW

13 seellewle Harare. (including Epv.orth and liatcliffe,..xtension). 1 hese ft,' to be hem* it lie making of our country's new democratic constitution. Sonic of ing venues and almeas:- rn n en w A L a a a a a a a cers without five 0' Levels in in ined they oli; on to air ill augular ce The government has allowed the ZRP to increase police oftlmei; by 20D3 over the next three 083. The ZRP has about police Ricers. "Those without the needed academic qualifications will not be employed. They might come in as members of the neighbourhood watch committee?" Members of these commit AREA Mulakose Mt&iko,c Mufakosc Kambuzuma 5 & 6 Kambuzuma 4 Mufakose Nos Atanmhe Kaniburunta I & 2 Westwood Cold Comfort Farm Dan arasekwa Ext. Mabelreign,Nslidown Park DZ1V:trasekwa Barracks. lynwald North Lincoln Green Milton Park St. Martins Ardhcnnie Alexandra Park Eastlea Hillside Eastlea Trans Tobacco Complex Braeside Arcadia Amalinda Crest Breeders Odar/Stonendgc Farm Irvine Breeders Manyame DOE Mainway Farm Manyame S Base Danckworth Farm Airport Compound Kutsaga Avondale West'Strathaven Widdecombe Chadcombe Athlone Hatfield Manressa Zimphos Highlands Chistpue Mandara Borrowdale Borrowdale Borrowdale Hatcliffe Extension Vainona.Pomona Groombridge Mt. Pleasant Marlborough Marlborough Avondale West tee, are not pant Some police constabulary members receive allowances of PM a month. Chihuri told a Press conference where he announced measures to restructure the police force: "We have been allowed by the government to increase the establishment. "As we do so, the post of special constabulary will shrink. CENTRt Area 'H' Community Centre Area Community Centre Rutendo Hall Roman Catholic Church Hall Wadzanayi Pnmary School Rutendo Hall Mufakose High No. 3 Kambuzuma 2 Community Centre YWCA Centre Cold Comfort Farm Hall Dzt(arasekwa Play Centre Hallingbury Primary School Ashdown Shopping Centre Officers' Mess Sanganat Inn Belvedere Teachers College Blakiston Park Primary School St. Martins Convent School Ardbennie Primary School Alexandra Primary School Dzidzo House Eastndge Primary School Zimre Flats Complex Compound Hall Nettleton Primary School Moffat Primary School Oxfarm Primary School Crest Breeders Rec. Centre Blackfordby School Derbyshire Primary School D.D.F. Training School Admore Primary School Manyame Primary School Danckworth Primary School Airport Compound Centre Kutsaga Primary School Boy Scout Hall (Kerry Road) Widdecombe Primary School Theological College Danhiko Centre Kentucky Ediseca Hall Circle Cement Club Zimphos Hall Lewisain Primary School Whaley's Scout Hall St. Johns College Helensvale Shopping Centre Neomarch Farm Beehall Hatcliffe Extension Clinic Vainona Primary School Ciroombridge Primary School Bullock Ham Compound Standard Bank Sports Club Civic Centre St. Johns High School 'Us fur ffirtia.r information on future venues and dares. The idea is to have members of the special constabularywho are not on paid. They have to increase their knowledge base, so they should get five 0 Levels so that they can join the force as regular members of the force" Chihuri said the conditions of service for special constabulary members were unlikely to improve. TEAM S 10 II I i I 6, iiri m THE DAILY NEWS 9 SEPTEMBER 1999 To All Advertisers and Advertising Agencies INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FEATURE The Daily News will on Thursday 23 September 1999 publish an in-depth feature on INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. The feature will amongst other articles look at developments in software, hardware, communications and Year 2000 compliancy. This is an excellent opportunity for all computer suppliers, solution providers and related services to advertise their products and services. Editorial contributions arc ing bookings please,ontar- Patricia C. lyacha on cell tele one numbers: , , Fax: 024/26. The!)-44-1Q and material - day 20 September We look forward to -our support. - NRZ SERVICE TO THE DRC National Railways of Zimbabwe wishes to advise that it has now taken advantage of business opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. - NRZ will be introducing a Weekly Scheduled train to DRC from Harare with effect from 15 September Security arrangements for the train will be arranged from Harare to DRC for the safety of traffic movement. Special rates for this service shall be advised soon. the anticipated transit time for mt..vement of tr.,otic Harare and DRC is 7 days. Please contact the follinking for further details Con, et1.!flg the above service: -p-,s,1;1n g er, rket Development Tel.. are ;:joi marketing Officer, Harare Tel_ : H Custoroer Serene Manager, Harare Tel.: Chief traffic Manner riulawavo Tet.- '..umomers art- ivi, krket Ucv,zner : :,1/1 1%i mfonded tor trawl): irmtion lb. - train. --e All ()pi-rational issues should be directed to the Chief. Trato. Manag,,r. Bulawayo, and Customer Service Harare. 3 A New Creurirution. A New En oi wive to PO.Bui 7733, Harare. Corrmaisston au Tel: /68, Nvebime wv/

14 THE Dab, Near, SEPTEMBER 1999 INDEX =3=11111 as ores MU Bene, 103 :eletselee. OM Owe 005 femme MI %we on knee Nom eleseseers Meow Unser 01. terepers 611 raveled 012 Owniregerltyboaces 013 Poseur 014 lee Fore 015angsweicre 010 Fawn CotwAreerna 017 ricotta t Ate Ora A t' gyi EN IIIIMICIEM= YI2 Te, ra, i Properly sat to r. We, 401 atca-mcoms ev Fete w Saw 402 Wail waled 404 Pee la BB 403Pets Fla Mead 407 Hama lee Deo 401 Haw lo ie ge Homo wad 410 uniaper Wave 411 lexailair Were] 412 Elio Aorta &nibs 413 Crierwm Homes 500 Aetna 501 Arms 6 Airmunown 502 ewe 503 Bulekg C BROW 501 Ciboria 511 embers i Icressetlas 507 DenerecAtulenew 011cs EggereW SW Medi teplarewla 511 Babe IllailleleneViletel 511 Barb I View 512 Soars Ewe tateleetteet. let=5113= = gums Prewar lot Ses WI News Oppetirees 7111heme Premise worm 28$ eneenee 7910ace 71110lose Wood Mew ler Eale MI Swam IA 7a MI=* Need = *feta semiou ,0, WISOtese Sar OW AridereessiiM WS Nosseles leireetteseesee :10 WEInerelhoWeler E EM irger e We $20000 NI Wee leirenrce ellesimwsiteesoin 4.1/4 INIECIEI= Nes hs IIICeepee e., 965 n 906 A Classified M arket BY PHONE , Welcome to the Market Place BY POST - cwaeaa sale. Deperknent PO Box 104,, o t- i BY FAX f to Pow, Uinta House, Union Awn., Harare. P501, /4 Fax Solo Salting Agent HIGHF161.13, Neat 8 roomed Mooed and gateo Tee 0e0v NEW MARIMBA PARK: Cornbrew. 3-bedroomed home, feed kitchen etc Carport Walled and galled , HIGHLAND& Neer 4-0e0rearned house mes. 2 tamps i sunken. kited loschen. scullery. %need and hedged Otters $3.4 matron accepted. KWEKWE, Busse Park: 4- bedroomed house m e s. study. separate loungerearangs feted When, iodt-up garage. Mee quarters $ MSASA PARK: 3 bedrooms. Were. lounge and dining. kitchen, sparate bath eat man $700 COO BuLAwAYD Derebelerea: 3 bedrooms, separate image and dining, krtchen. combined role and bath. Tide deeds KL1WADZANA: Neat 4-bedrooms, sperms lounge Ohne, feted liechen, separate bath toilet eremite:1 and gated Trtle deeds $ nag Phone Edson Mutoclaiwa. MASYINGO/Rujeko TishIpi 2- roomed house, approved bra plans. NM deeds Phone Cherumblre after hours , HATFIELD: 4 bedrooms m 0.1. dintrg. lounge. When, and bath, 0.10orned college. MO COO UNIT It 2 bedrooms. me 6. bung. and dining. lutchan. Id el and Ulmer, on 300 dip wrought eon fame. Deeds in process /1417 0: 5 bedroonw, lounge. kechtan, betta and Adel, 2- bsdrooned wage Deeds in proms. $ MILTON PARK: 3-be0loonsed, combined lounge end dining ware. lowdmorned cortege, staff pianos. woke are fined. We deeds rep. KWEKWE, fabler Newly NM 4-bohooned. condoled bog. end dlnen "panda ben Woad and geed. TWe Deeds neg. NARONDERA, 341/0.1001' bed roomed =raga wall 3 rooms, 2 toilets And 2 showers nog. HIGHFIELD, MinteMen: 4.1comad hare see toilet. lanced and gelid nee Phew Area lateings mew. REDCUFF, Meeker.: 31Wroomed hone cornered slinnip and lounge, feat kitchen. impose batiroom and toilet De sled quote Lock-up gimp. Fenced and geed $ en 4-0M corned house 0641 mss-. mipeeh Mures and done Wien and prey soh Moon semen Meet and biehroom. Collage els 2 moons and elect** ludo-up gorge $1,8 Neon Imp MUDIRE ag ra Nand 60. hard. Deeds awe, Me nee Contact Miss Marshobe IN PERSON - At OUr daces Trustee He Forst From 55 Senate Mitchel Avenue Vex Howse, Anges Street Fidelity House. Jo,?'... Nyerem Mei 407 HOUSES FOR SALE BORM REAL ESTATE R MASVINGO: (RIVERSIDE): New prestigious low-dons-ty sot,rtt only 7 or born 6laaang0 Town Centre. Your unique golden opooriuruty to be a NEW MILLENNIUM PROPERTY OWNER STANDS BEING SERVICED, RESIDENTIAL STANDS, Halt acre (2 000 square Metres) S with $ deposit. One acre (4 000 square metres) $ with $ deposit spread over 3 (three) months. Oneone-a-hall-acre ( square metres) wilh depose spread over 3 (three) months Balance payable over 24 months Note: Deposit payable term can be flepatiable to sue your pocket 2.1Boblaw_diosiorists - Nos guide 2,5 hectares, $ hecta tes, acharch_ce._,price guide $40:square metres ratemorcialaili 5:15 hectares - PnCe gu:cte $ Mink sic 3,46 hectares - Price guide Place HOW TO PAY Caen or Desk Cannes ChiciaMe. Cheque.49 homed. ravel* M ANZ!PTO Ud REACH THOUSANDS OF POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS 013 PERSONAL EALLOONs anal decorator all suppler Procne FUNERAL SERVICES 301 SITUATIONS WANTED ACCOtiNTANTMookkeeree' berme end edrnmetrebon manager Glentemen 30 rem, C 1 S melt LoN of es, perm., compute Nene Phone Constance, n MOONLIGHT 404 FUNERAL ASSURANCE AND SERVICES ISO Keg,. Street. House. HARARE Phone /0. Cm Celt , , FLATS FOR SALE twee.. aimeurt m a lb Floor, leisure House DAY/MORT Union Avenue Branch. countrywide. Phone Fax JUST FOR WOMEN EIRR1614 wed,11,erg iwbuy gownsp,,ar oz: 01 r. 0elaso on ,estter 102 HOLIDAY & TRAVEL MOUNTAIN VIEW GUEST HOUSE NYAN GA 3-0edroorned lolly lernisned 'men colony pro0ded Seaga, 70 S2 000'eignt TW or SITUATIONS VACANT TEST h-g 557.5,,,t'reft. ie e CHIYHUA.ANCHIRE: hectares, good soils, great potential, farm house, general dealer. deal joc., tobacco. maize etc $ neg. Phone 6. Mutodawe. steeple 1st F1oof. Tatars House Union Avenue Phone , Fax Sole selling agent AVONDALE Bachelor flat Allk,tcueu "1 Phone Cherumbire after hours or THE MUD-MAN EMPIRE (PVT.) LTD. T/A BLUE CHIP AGENCIES CHITUNGWIZA'S LEADING PROPERTY MARKET TOP FLOOR BATANAI BUILDING STAND NO MAKONI SHOPPING CENTRE CHITUNGWIZA CELL: SELLING OR BUYING PROPERTY IN HARARE/CHITUNGWIZA? SEE US FIRST. 407HOUSES FOR SALE 410 LAND/PLOTS FOR SALE BORN REAL ESTATE 111 ROW. TakUle House Union Avenue Phone , /4 Fax GREENDALE: 1.2 acre Wand 25% 4ep0s14 balance to be paw over 12 months BORROWDALE: 10,4 acre $850 MO. Early nag. terms 25% deposit balance osier months 1',4 MO 000. BULAWAYO: Upmarket double storey Matched house comonses 2 bedrooms. lounge and dining-room, bathroom 4 roamed '19 000,:01 MO y: each PI1011* Edson Nutodswe 503 BUILDING MATERIALS ABATE N Transport, 134 WIllotwele Rd. Phone Top sot S1300 Coal nibble SI 300 ROad gravel SI 400 Prt send. S1400 Brick rubble Ouarry dust S2 150 River sand $ stones Ci settee runner $2 700 Measured trucks sarne-day debeery. Transport Included. PAINT. Top quality Deka and Galaxy paella and *Mb economy paints tat lackey price Telephonic cod. orders scooped. In-hotee ening. Frently end elhient einem at Berms Apostle.. 60 Chinhofl Street. Phone or noun le The Daily News At your service Style kw, Clesseted Please note Pnces toe. ed tnclude Sale, To CONTACT OUR SALES TEAM/SALES OFFICE AT 97 Hellet Street (next to Ritz Night Club) Masvingo. Phone or Harare /4 and rate. A Atiorase leyeateve,tee 416etett,-,t el Ds Sty. Now.

15 1 NEWs 9 SEPTMER 1999 CRYPTIC CROSSWORD LI n ACROSS 1 Here's a tip for you on how to make a gain 16) 8 Pressed into getting slams? (8) 9 The way to look at a scene of an event (6) 10 Haphazard way to moan to your doctor (6) 14 To take notice of an ugly amphibian? (4) 15 Cure provided by Dyer arid me (6) 18 So there's one cult that's very destructwe? (6) 19 Want a rebate? Scold until you get 4! (6) 21 We see a seal with another creature (61 24 Otherwise. Lee's put out (4) 25 Re uncle's wife and her inborn character (6) 28 I angle for a kindly approach to it (6) 29 Told to be small or make one appear so? i81 30 Method employed by my Tess (6) DOWN 2 Get Vera in and how shell gorge, (6) 3 Get a flea in and that's the end of it! (6) 4 Luxury and why It takes negobation to obtain it (6) 5 Leh in Pans winding d (6) 6 Little brother has a pant, Refuse grain! (4) 7 One the lady nothing, Het the brave oriel (41 11 Take the road to the east, You'll love 41 (5) 12 Rough artwork used on a bus ad IS) 13 Encountered Capone - a hard one. that! (5) CHIKWAMA I'M AFRAID OF DEATH. CHM! NYATI Is 2$ HOW MUCH IS THIS NICE SUIT HERE? D E YOU SHOULONT SE AFRAID OF DEATH. BECAUSE ONE DAY YOU WILL DIE. Classified Market F T HOW MANY words of four letters or more can you make from the letters shown here? In making a word, each letter may be used once only Each word must contain the centre letter, and there must be at least one nine-letter word in the list. No plurals or verb forms ending in -s. no foreign words: no words The Daily News millennium countdown 113 days to go TARGET with Initial capital letter: no hyphenated words. Every word's root is in the Chambers Concise Dictionary TODAY'S TARGET Good. 14 won's. Very good- 19 words. Excellent 25 word& Solution to Yesterday's Target abele able ably Mee alley ally uncle bale baleen ball belly belay bell belle belly enable eyeball Jebel jell jelly JELLYBEAN (ale') lane lean leanly nnlls yell Sdottion to Yesterday. Cryptic Crossword man 1 cuaessono ARABHiEnu ft 6 E D b i SB AND iiir MART SEE irs SA LVA E IILMMID T li ABC;ITIASPEN NI ISLE MN RET1151 Co V ES NIVEL' r L: ElliRL A T i TUDE me R6EillyaNiblipi ISEDE s 1 GNeR 5 16 What's a broken timer svorth? IS) 17 Prevent Ted meeting the queen (5) 20 Choose a select variety (6) 21 Gee' Weeds in lams? (6) 22 Said no to such a handsome youth? (6) 23 Make me angry - Give me a green one) (6) 26 Animal taking ten seen at the point (4) 27 The United Nations - n is a single entity (4) BIEN I WILL COMMIT SUICIDE BEFORE MY TIME IS UP'! ( Tony Narrate Watson Mukutinva I DIDN'T SAY. HOW MUCH IS THIS ROW OF SUITS' \A 503 BUILDING MATERIALS AWED ACTION Send Suppliers Phone /14, SS Kaput Onset Row I S Pt Coe( Gravel Site Slee 82e0 AMALGAMATED SAND SUPPLIERS Phone Cell days' crdlf facility Ace, sand 1250 P. sand $210.terms $, $300 S170,rasei 1320 Materials to view, huge stock pile. Corner Cripps/ Seke Road, Opposite Cote-Cola I 251.1, AMERICAN AGRICULTURE SAND COMMERCIALS Phone Rwer sand $250 Pt sane 3,4 stoles Coat (3n3 Gray. P IA Ce ovilldale $210 $350 S170 $ Manufacturer. of quality clay bricks SPECIAL OFFER for the month of September 1999 CASH PURCHASES only 17,5% discount ad Plum Brown Rustle and Plum Brown Smooth bricks 10% discount oft Commons, Red Multi Rustics and Blue Multi Rustic bncks Purchase your bricks now whilst stocks last Phone WIDOW. Sales Odin, , , ,308062, , The Tile Factory (Musa) ,4 Chitunowizo amok Suppose , BUILDING MATERIALS N.H.BRICKS Broke horn $2 000 per occluding transport and tot Phone /8, or for quotations 156 Bake lib., Omitsside. lam., 505 CELLPHONES e 1/006,_ re2,06:7- AINPUT ENTERPRISES trading as VODACOM Me.. GA628 Free Nat One One, only Free thievery Phone / , a, At ROBSTER Ericsson GA628 S6 500 Nokia Nokia Nokia douche 5300 Batteries S1000 Wall chargers Car chargers....._.$450 Ire ChInhoyl St./N. Mandela Ave Phone Fax E-rnatt robaliamittentodaill aeooao EXPERT CELLULAR Nokia Noku &mem Move Star Pouches MOO Car Chargers, Sarah 5350 Wa0 chafgets batten., S1 000 Net One lines evollabh Phone OM or call in at NOCZI61 Houk, 4111 floor, North Wing. 1-firow Blocks 09 m Rwer Sang Si cu m Pt Sand SI 400 /5 cum Coal Rubble Ferrn Bricks 5450 PHONE , COMPUTERS & ACCESSORIES BUILD We charge her, Phone 76'4' if, Mom 10..m.114 ArdOhrir OPENING SPECIALS WHILE STOCKS UST.. NEPTUNE 433 MHz MULTI-MEDIA MACHINE Intel Celeron 433 MHz Intel Colston MaInboard 14-Inch. 28 Screen 44 Speed CO Rom MInl Tower 32 MB Ram 4,3 GE Shay 8 MB AGP 16-Bit Creative labs Genius Keyboard Mouse Y2K COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE 3-YEAR CARRY-In WARRANTY 0$36 100,00 Neptune's Now Millennium Bug Tool Kit Tests, Fixes and CertIfle. Your Machine 0S2 A00.00 Call in at Access Management Technology 3rd Floor NCR House 65 S/Mache) Avenue Cnr. First Street P. 0. Box 4536 Haring Or Phone The Sales Team on: /5/94, , , J22444: Technical : Consumables Shop Fax: Phone /9 Easy Access to Management Technology Space for sale Phone the Sales Team on Trustee House , Fax Apex House Atte these Nth Inflation rater Those of it who will be ate in the next 91111riMM Noah Porno Are hotter off learning to count from one up to one mahon MAIO Music Shop ilisefa%. P. T.Nratenn. Audit,.1fixerh Inverters, Iraeeconer. Ilarrus. Revisers-gen., hi, I:arteries dic Arcs-tray highrsyttents. 134 ChinhoVi Street/Snake Avenue, Tel Harare, Zimbabwe. Cell C T 023

16 COMPUTERS & ACCESSORIES A A /WM \1l THE HOME OF SANCHI For UnbeatabM deals Greet tmence Uasti moseyed quality and senesce Call sow Open on Saturdays II 30 ern. la p 3D CEHTPF EIFK7ATING DRIVE STRATHAVEN SHOP. Phone: , SALES DIRECT: Fee, same, SAN gill 511 SOUND & VISION METRO SYSTEMS Protes.sionsi DISCO / PA SYSTEMS Selling on hal ms at 9 WIlliams Way Musa Harare Phone PUNAGE AUDIO CENTRE For sales, seraces and repass to CTVe. Videos, Callphonea Microwave Orient Flak Car Radio Inetlaleal/ne. Car Alarms. Aerial inetalletions, and all your Electrorucs and Electrical requirements We also buy working ano nonworking CTVs. Videos Microwaves etc Room nd Floor, Daventry Hee Cnr Anima St/ South Avenue Phone , , DRIVEWAYS WALLING 605 HIRING SERVICES AFFORCABLI RA"-:- -iii. Wonderland Hong Sermons (01 TAAL 6MMOS Me Ames (Matel. early.. mew. bars snealwy, mamma Wan etc. Phone ] E2 Bey No 2, Cot Kelvin Road Sours/Ramon Rd., Caltnialode. Harem SLUFF HA Hump Serwme Hews of lents chairs, cutlery crockery, Amon castles, and muck much rms., roc Mai sponal OCCAPC, Yeti.nt SEMBEL IT) L, fated salestene kwh.. YOU VET1411 MST Make the night choice for a quality fitted kitchen. Sembel-il are proud to offer a revolutionary kitchen al competitive prices. There is absolutely no (Scutt that a sembel-it 'Complete Wrap" Technology kitchen * of world-class standard and is regarded as real value. 25 years in the business and a member of the Kitchen Specialists Association. Finance available. VISIT US AT: Shop 95. Gloria Close Sam Levy s Borrawdale. Phone Classified market Platt 611 SPECIALIST SERVICES BOREHOLES R.A. LONGSTAFF P/L "The Leading Borehole Contractors" For the finest service at competitive rates, contact us! Phone Fax Cell: , CHASE Secunty (PM) La. 24-! hour security guard. under cow gyyd netralas- 1 bona tracts goad doge, sheo %area lecture IVY. wads plea clothes We hoe lowed hour helm Vast to Railway SWIM, &Mot Road near arm Cs* PION, E, Mier ours , Box 195,,4 Goes of E8 or 011- E GLASS. New glazing and remiss Compare. rases SPECIALIST Phone Salaylile. Nerve SERVICES or A HOME MANTAJNERS painting, partituning and 6105n8 Phone ( PLUMBING: Ineiletbra. a/- *alone.rte MOM. ProMssionalty done st elated* Wes Phone DICPLAY WONEttfilitle "We make a look better- SCREEN PRINTING... T-Slirts IeNillett CM Saparise YaaNlas 110dils BONSISSISAMISOS Call: p SARI nesudecirc eecluave Bay Number 2, Corner pally P'd'" 24-hour dr y. Kelvin Road South/Rana 5-yeer wean guarantee loon Road, Graniteside. WALLING by hones htv Me. Phone Mend-A-Salk end eliding pat my. (04177 system Harare Phone M at tey FURNITURE OFFICE desk, Theo eldd Ms mow Phone , HIRING SERVICES LMD FORE SERVICES. Cava try pea. cutlery Phone E17 c.,a,.. UNEXY HIRE SERVICES: Tana talaes Oilers pates maw/ Phone PEST CONTROL PEST control Agncora P.C.S for quick efficam persona service end Iota contra. Phone GUTTERSFAST P/L. Specialists iong length seamless. prepainted. maintenancefree ChrornadelOPVC, gutter installations Phone / Aimmtio: Free Ea/donna A wide range of pet/3 all at lactory brews 'nay incsoneme labour chines Procne apenome I Chalks's-M., Hatere 612 TUITION TCT COLLEGE. Computer teewitron, receodonel tours es Phone mscoor Phone the Sales Team on Trustee House Apex House , TUITION TUITION,/ )?Eci51 COLLEGE INSTITUTE OF BANKERS ZIMBABWE nista a Vomit course offered lw The Institute of Bankers tanbabwe) for people who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in financial accounting, management and banking. The IOBZ Diploma qualification lands to lucrative promotion prospects In a banking carrier Course commences early September. Contact the Dept of Further Education Chitepo Campus H Chitepo Ave. Tel: / Flegeleres in mina Eds.. Act 1967 Stab Meeporaa Raw. AM 1: rv PEC113 COLLEGE INSTITUTE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT OF ZIMBABWE FACE-TO-FACE TUITION starling 1 October 1999 for this course leading to excellent prospects in the world of personnel Contact the Dept. of Further Education Chitepo Campus H. Chitepo Ave. Tel / Rain Fan amebae et was el ea Eriatera Aa teed we ese Mereaser Pane., era Dowbwrevi Act MN It,/ PEC15.) COLLEC-E EVENING SECRETARIA COURSES SINGLE SUBJECTS (PITMANS) Course starts early September Typing & Shorthand Bookkeeping & Accounts Office Procedures (All Levels) English for Business Communications Receptionist Person Friday Course DIPLOMA COURSES (LCCI) Start early September Admin Secretarial Admin. Private Secretaries Diploma Executive Secretary's Diploma Contact the Dept of Further Education Chitepo Campus H. Chitepo Ave. Tel ( min an mut, rewnol R.O.M der Ecluzsb. Act Y... Ammo AAA 1: Ad TUITION TUITION /".1PECIS) COLLEGE IATA COURSES Enrolments still open for course starting early September The following courses will provide you with excellent knowledge of the travel industry, preparing you for employment in this exciting field. IATA STANDARD DIPLOMA COURSE IATA ADVANCED DIPLOMA COURSE Contact the Dept of Further Education Chitepo Campus H. Chitepo Ave. Tel: / TRAM Row.. in E Am OW less er Illeeposew lawram AM Dwelfornent Id. lila INVESTMENTS IGENERATIONSSHOPFITTERS GENERATIONS SHOPFITTERS Phone /10 or Cell The man to contact is Mr. Mahava We are situated at No. 6 Dam!. Road, Workington, Harare There is a warehouse to let (627,90 sq. m) Price Negotiable. Ttir liaav NEWS 9 Sernatie TOURISM & HOSPITALITY COURSES DAY & EVENING COURSES STARTING EARLY SEPTEMBER trn TOVRIIM c.ourses. Certificate in Travel & Tourism. Diploma in Tourism & Business Slides. Advanced Diplome in Tourism & business Studies HO_SPITALITY colifista. Certificate in Hotel & Catering Supervision. Diploma in Hotel& Catenng Supervision Contact the Dept of Further Education Chitepo Campus H. Chitepo Ave. Tel: / rain call ISO 71 kw M1 his 1110 Oa All taro ea ant D*Mlpe9lq lilt TUESDAY Property, Tuition, Health and Beauty day For this service, our rates will be as follows: $9.78 per line Super smalls will be charged at $48,88, and classified blocks will be $67.85 per column centimetre. Please book 2 days prior to publication to avoid delays.

17 THE DAV NEWS 9 SEPTEMBER 1999 If NI T 111 R T A I II Pi II R T 17 Moreen Dube vies for national beauty honours 'I thought the contest was a good entry point because it promotes beauty with a purpose' From Shepherd Samasuwo in Gweru OFTIMIST1C but realistic, that is how Moreen Dube, the reigning Miss Kwekwe, rates her chances at this year's Miss Zimbabwe finals to be held Moreen, who describes herself as selfless and down-to-earth, also likes the outdoors. In Harare on 25 September. "I am quite optimistic about my chances but at the same time, I am realistic that in this pageant there are other contestants vying for the same honours, "said the 20.year-old beauty queen. An executive secretary with a company in Kwekwe, Moreeo did a deportment and grooming course with a Gweru college in 1997, but only entered the Miss Ziny babwe pageant after friends talked her into doing so. "1 thought the Miss Zimbabwe competition was a good ttot ry point because it is a pageant which promotes beauty with a purpose. However in any competition one should expect to win or lose and tam expecting anything." As Miss Kwekwe. Moreen has alreadystarted working fur her community and in July organised a successful car a-ash in aid of charity with help from members of the Kwekwe Youth Club. If everything goes according to plan she hopes to launch the Miss Kwekwe Junior pageant next month. and organise more Bind-raising activities for less privileged people in her community Moreen believes that children, as the future, should be nurtured: "Children have the right to education and it is wrong for society particularly some whom she receives a lot church organisations. of support in her peepeto bar their children rations for the Miss from attending school Zimbabwe finals "It is unfortunate that "My mother is my role model. She 'Children have a taught me that even when my life ri ht to education is difficult sometimes one has to and it is wrong mod, hard to Ito for some churches p. umapvew pyremityl Cato bar their reer and hope that I will go far in my children from chosen work. I will continue with my attending school' modelling but I some parents send only their male children to school while the girls are expected to forego school and kept busy at home with household chores. Education is very important and is a right,- she said Dube relies a great deal nn h, mother from will not let it go to my head" she said with a smile. Moreen has one strong message fur her peers; "Maintain good morals and strive to achieve Hard work and self-respect are virtues that wort( for any person." Moreen was educated at Cecil Primary School and Regina Mundi Girls High d t TUITION BUSINESS FOR SALE )PECb5 COLLEGE LCCI DIPLOMA IN MARKETING Course starts early September Prepare yourself for an exciting career in the dynamic world of Marketing. Contact the Dept. of Further Education Chitepo Campus H. Chitepo Ave Tel: / Beemere0 Me.l. m ext an sea, anew Mina. Prone tom On. mmetre Ate tea4 1ST Floor. Tekura House Union Avenue Phone , , /4. Fax Wel stand Ode deeds Phone Edson Mat odzwa COIEGUTLI sqm. phone. industrial lend Title deeds 5450 COO neg Opposite Mosier. Stada, i 500 sq in of serviced land deeds avalleble Phone Chtuumblre After hours a.m. I 701 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ABOUT Mans. enerld Wanes, guararesewellatetel. Otto can register for CAW Prens.06 Centerline for November, ipplx.bons me also Waned- Contact Sharowobtl on Cell COMPUTERS. COmPle111 Cl one week. SO00 Phone 091' Classif led Marke t Place 701 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FOR company Formation depose. 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18 Transformation made possible by CBZ If you need to change money, you can't do better than visit a CBZ Bureau de Change, where the rates really work in your favour. To provide maximum convenience for visitors to Zimbabwe as well as local residents, CBZ have a Bureau de Change in Victoria Falls and have recently opened a new one in Masvingo. Visit the CBZ Bureau de Change in Masvingo at Shop 3, Old Mutual Building, Robert Mugabe Road, Masvingo, or call them on 039) 62933, Masvingo. CBZ MP' Coammadal leak Of Zimbabwe limited The Jewel Bank With Vision

19 Page 19 INESS - - September 1999 The Daily News Tobacco floor sales Government urged to below target consult on trade issues Agriculture Reporter THB 1899 flue-cured tobacco WM* assail, which was expos' to Inject more than MIMS minion (about 520 WI- ** into the ailing Zimbabampaconcany officially doses oap 11 September. with only Nont$18,4 billion earned from liens:awn Ea Seem Maned In Awn with to earn more than Won. By Monday the bed saki More than 80 of the 185 million kg of tobacco originally Mpleted from farmers this yea About 157,8 million kg of Beached tobacco valued at 1eM7 383,034 (about.vomni) had been sold up to *ISIS The industry expected "TA at about 185 million kg this MAIM but there were chances That more could be sold. By fakaitei Bole Agriculture Reporter ZIMBABWEAN scientists have criticised government representatives who sign international trade agreements without consulting other parties involved. The scientists claimed that government representatives. who are mostly ministers, had a tendency to sign trade agreements they were not familiar with, resulting in them agreeing to issues that the country was against. The scientists were attending a two-day workshop on the im pact of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) technologyon agriculture and human health in Kadoma. last week. Zimbabwe, as a result of poor consultation, is a signatory to the World Trade Organisations (WTO) regulation, Article 27, which protects multi-nationals seeking to intnxince new technologies, while farmers have no say The country is hoping to slip against the Article 27 of the VITO regulations in November, this year. in Seattle, United States of America, to give farmers rights to their produce The Biosafety Board chairman, Dr Robbie Mupawose, urged government to involve the private sector before any decisions were made on new technologies or any trade agreements. "It has happened many times that people go out of the country as Zimbabwe representatives and sign some issues with- Budget deficit in 10-fold rise out consulting others back home. On government level, they go mid sign scientific issues without consulting the scientists themselves" Dr Mupawose said. lie said the issue of GMOs needed much consultation as it was a complex subject and had raised eyebrows in other countries that had adopted It. The scientists agreed to study the technology first before its implementation in Zimbabwe. The scientists, which included some from government departments and the private sector, have said that they would not adopt the Terminator Technology; which is defined as the bad part of the GMO technology that sterilises seed and makes it not to germinate if replanted, Mazda says tariff drop won't affect car assembly lines Business Reporter WILLOWVALE Mazda Motor Industries IWMMI) says the recent tariff changes, announced by government. will not affect the vehicles locally-assembled, because kits are exempt from duty The chief executive officer of WMMI, Dave Gibson said: "The recent changes in tariffs do not have any impact on the vehicles locally-assembled, as the kits are currently exempt from duty We expect more intense competition as the imported completely-built units (CBU) will land at slightly cheaper prices due to the duty reduction." The Department of Customs and Excise recently reduced the tariff rates payable on en ported vehicles of all classes, by different percentages. The director of the department, Range Mumaradzi, said buses which used to attract 50 percent duty had been reduced to 30 percent. Luxury motor vehicles such as Pajero. BMWs and Landcruisers, which used to be 100 Percent. would be charged 85 percent. Other vehicles would attract 65 percent duty from 90 percent "We expect our market-share against CBU Imports to improve because of the intensive new model introduction programme, not only for Mazda vehicles, but also the new range of Nissan Pick Ups and Bard products. We believe these will be more competitive than C111.11rni ports.- said Gibson Ile said the company was improved,: its production systems, and controlling costs 'at order to be competitive "We realise that most of our existing and potential customers were expecting a price reduction in tandem with the duty reduction." he said. Deputy Business Editor the early 1990s," RBZ said. probable - it might be pos- "By 1995 it had jumped to sible to restrict govern- ZIMBABWE'S budget $24.7 billion. As of 20 Au- meet spending to $70 bil deficit stood at an alarm- gust domestic debt lion and the deficit to ing s653 billion as of 20 stands at $65252,9 million, $16 billion. August, representing an representing an almost 10- Standard Chartered alraost 10-fold increase on fold increase on its 1990 Bank Zimbabwe Limited its 1990 level, the Reserve level." recently said with GDP Bank of Zimbabwe (1113?), The soaring budget projections upgraded to has said. deficit comes at a time SOW billion from $163 bit- "Year-on-year sharp in- when the International lion at the time of the budrmse of debt is among Monetary Fund (IMF). as get last October, the deficit ter major sources of the part of its pre-conditions would be 8 percent of GDP. current macroeconomic for Zimbabwe to continue "However, this is uninstability which have receiving USS193 million likely to be achieved withshovel up in high inflation balance-of-payments sup- out major cuts in public tad high interest rates - port, clearly pointed out spending, some further resulting in low invest- that the country needed to carry-forward of paresittent, employment and reduce the deficit to 5,3 meal losses, and domestic economic growth," the percent of GDP from 6.4. debt assistance from the RBZ said. percent in The IMF donor cotnmunity in the In the 1990s, RBZ has already released the second half of the year" the said there had been a con- first $34 million tranche Standard Chartered said "fts growth in govern- and the balance is to be in its August issued Busitin ness Trends. meat barrowing from the paid quarterly "Central government &mastic financial sector The IMF estimates the 'Intel domestic debt out deficit at only 4,4 per- debt has risen by two- GDP, implying a thirds in the last throe standing at the end of 199() cent of was 86,7 billion or 31,2 per- deterioration during 1999, years, reflecting the ini. nt of gross domestic rather than an improve- pact of currency depre.ciace lion on foreign borrowing, P 4nut (GDP) meet. along with a surge in do- Because of large for Economists said assumeign in-flows to finance ing that some p roportion mane borrowing from the 5.3M Mie reforms, dames- of parastatal losses wen. Treasury Bat market. borrowti debt remained low in carried forward - as seems- When parastata Strike %old Chanakira AN EXTENDED strike at ` Kern Highlands Planta- *r Limited IEHP1.) "wn-lt this Year, resulted a bas of tea production 94 some 500 tonnes, the " 014 1Y has wi id_ its unaudited results ~f the me months ended..unn.laripl said despite sat ant the Oral hair plays havoc with tea production of this year was much bet ter than for the same period last year. the situation was very difficult because of the strike action. de. pressed rommodity prices. and high inflation in operating costs ill relation to the exchange rate of the Zimbabwe dollar. operates an integrated ten coffee and tan bar estate and a to and coffee packing company which retails into the local market. The total estate area is hectares, of which igt permit is under tea, eight percent coffee, and eight percent under timber production. The rompan>"6 Wombs Tea Factory is runently undergoing g $Bt redesign and expansion peoeranune which in. ings are added, the total of around $135 billion exceeds 1998 GDP, estimated at $136 billion." The RAZ said the main sources of the sharp increase in debt were persistent budget deficits which had, in recent years, averaged around 10 percent of GDP and, parastatal losses which were estimated at $11 billion last year During the 1997/98 fiscal year, the budget deficit was $10,2 billion, 6,6 percent of GDP but was expected to come down to 4.9 this year. In the 1997/98 fiscal year, interest payments on domestic debt amounted to $14.7 billion, 20,8 percent of total expenditure and, constituting 7.5 percent of GDP This compares with $3,7 billion, 5,7 percent of GDP in 1994/95. Daring the first half of this year alone, interest an domestic debt amounted to $8,4 billion, 24.3 percent of total expenditure. "This is well in excess of the 57,4 billion target for the year." the RBZ said. valves relocating machinery to a more efficient production flow, the entailslion of another production line, as well as the expansion of the withering capacity Tea production at EHPL for the first six months of 2. *54 tonnes was 22 percent up from the 1,884 tonnes produced during the same perkrt last year NOW OPEN in Muta re COLCOM MEAT MARKET THE PORK SHOP Please note our new telenhone nurnher

20 20 WASHINGTON - The International Monetary Fund will revalue some ef Its gold to hind debt relief thereby avoiding open-market gold sales, a politically difficult proposition that spooked gold markets, documents posted on the Internet revealed yesterday An agenda for the fund's up coming annual meeting, to take place later this month, revealed that It would revalue 10 million ounces of its 103 million ounce gold stockpile to market values, yielding "11,1 bidbr (about $41, lion) in net cash value". "This proposal replaces the previously agreed sale of a maximum 10 million ounces from the IMP's gold reserves," according to a draft agenda. copy of which was available an the Dutch finance iatry's Web site. The IMF had originally planned to sell the gold to finance its obligations under the Highly Indebted Poor Countries Initiative, which aims to reduce the debts of 41 of the world's poorest nations. The sales were also pegged to fund its Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility law-interest loan programme. The proposal had received strong political opposition from US lawmakers and others who had claimed openmarket gold sales would harm poor gold-producing countries and hurt gold prices. The new plan should calm gold markets which were nervous about the effect on prices train a gold sale from the world's second largest holder of bullion. The 134Fs open-market sales plan suffered a blow when gold hit a 20-year low in July after the Bank of England sold 25 tonnes of gold as part of its plan to cut its reserves by 415 tonnes. The document said the new proposal has two advantages over the previous plan - It would not disturb gold markets and was politically achievable. It said the proposal was still being discussed. The documents released on the Internet provided few details on the new plan but sources said the latest plan had already been approved by the Group of Seven nations. Under the plan. countries which owe the IMF money from past loans, such as Mexico, would buy IMP gold the day before loan payments are due and then repay the instalment the next day with the same gold, sources familiar with the scheme said. The plan raises cash for the IMP because the fund values the gold on its balance sheet at about USS46 an ounce. Since gold is actually worth about USS255 an ounce, the transaction would net the IMF profits of about USS209 an ounce, or about USW.] billion. After selling the gold, the fund would return USgtri per ounce back to its General Resource Account and then transfer the 12,1 billion in profits to a trust fund. The trust would invest the $2,1 bil- BUSINESS IMF to revalue gold and High-performin g stop open-market sales SAID '99 BUSINESS EXHIBITION 3-6 OCTOBER 1999 IN VICTORIA FALLS. An invitation is being made to Zimbabwean companies to exhibit and where possible sell their products and conduct business meetings at the SAID '99 meeting scheduled for October 3 to at Victoria Falls. The main purpose of SAID '99 is to accelerate equitable economic growth in Southern Africa and enhance closer relationships among governments, business and labour leaders so as to establish a new Southern African identity in the global marketplace through interns tion. Participants have been drawn from Southern Africa and beyond. This forum brings together people from around the globe to share their experiences and develop a more cooperative win-win approach in the competitive business. lion and use the proceeds to fund both the l-iipc debt relief initialise and Esaf. The new plan will likely ale pease the gold industry and lawmakers from US geld Producing states since the ISIF's gold would probably never leave its vaults. But the plan would require approval from the US Congress since gold sales are still involved. The debt relief plan, which builds on an earlier framework. was agreed by the G7 this summer in Cologne. The INIFs obligation under the expanded Highly Indebted Poor Countries Initialise debt relief plan is USg2,3 billion. The $21 billion in profits from the gold revaluation plan would generate profits over time which would allow the IMP to fund both its IOPC obligations and make up the funding shortfall in its Esaf loan programme, sources said. The overall HIPC plan agreed to m Cologne calls for debt relief of UStr3.7 billion. Reuter Companies that would like to expose or export their products are urged to take advantage of this event. Exhibition space is available at a nominal fee. Companies are urged to urgently express their interest and provide details of their businesses in order to arrange meetings with their foreign counterparts and space for display. ZimTrade is cooro mating the exhibition. Companies are expected to arrange and pay for the transportation of their samples and make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Stand display and design will be done by ZimTrade. Companies interested in participating should contact Stanley Tupiri at ZimTrade before Wednesday 15 September ZimTrade address is Fourth Floor Kurima House, 89 Nelson Mandela Ave. Telephone /7 Harare. This is a rare export opportunity - Dont miss out!! LONDON - Mining giant Anglo American Inn unveiled a 2.5 Percent fall In underlying first half profits yesterday, but predicted better times ahead and said it was actively seeking acquisitions. Maiden results from the new. look group, formed from the merger of Anglo American Corporation and Nitnerco. showed preexceptional attributable earnings in the six months to 30 rune down 25 percent at USS51 4 mill ion (about $20,05 tin). Finance Director 'Piny Lea said the performance was creditable in the light of weak,roweed. mmodity prices - and anelys analysis "It's a good result Commodity prices have been the major influence hut it's nice to see that the company has remained cash positive. even with commodities dawn," said Daniel Maitre Mining analyst at HSBC Securities. Analyst, had forecast earnings in a US$ million range with the consensus at US$4130 million Total operating profit decreased 17 percent to USSMO million while post-exceptional profit row, four le 'at Anglo gears for major growth percent to USS560 million,baceed by asset disposals. Anglo, which inured its prje ė. listing from Johannesburg te don in Mae said interest (ate in SA were likely to stimulate '" mood and lead to some lti meat there In the second Itor while commodity prim appegp to have httomed. "We're conservatively ogee, but we're not anticipating aey math- increases tin commodity prices) during the second half the year -' Lea told reporters. Anglo signalled Its emblem-a ha base metals by announcing a US$240 million expansion al ie wholly mimed Canadian rinemp per operation, Hudson Bay Meek and Smelting Company exterae, its life to 2016 Coupled with get, feels In Ireland and southern Africa. the move will win Attgle a place as a major player in the riot market in a few years time Lea said Anglo was looking hr. ward to growing by acrelistdoos and had the firepower tu mem take a deal running into "bithoor, - Reuter EU to scrutinise Air Liquide/ BOC deal BRUSSELS The European Commission Is set to scrutinise the proposed acquisition by France's Air Liquide of part of British industrial gas company BOC Group Plc, outgoing European Competition Commissioner Karel Van Miert said Speaking to reporters after a chemical Industry event. Van Mien said: "It needs to be looked into very thoroughly." He added it was too early to say whether the Commission would need to extend its probe of the deal between its routine one-month review, but he said: "I can't exclude that" Air Liquide and US-based Air Products and Chemicals Inc agreed in July to buy BOC for USSItz billion (about $425,6 billion). Air Liqulde notified the Commission of the deal for regulatory approval on 16 August. The Initial one-month review period expires on 17 September Van Mimi also said he expected Exxon and Mobil to be able to solve remaining competition problems related to the European Commission's review of their merger But he warned that after the current oil merger wave, another tie up between Nigeria to revive smelter trios Nig,rat has agreed a plan with r meet Fot in,tal and US-based M. tl 1 loyalty to reopen the IR, or t,,rint, 1, I liar ikon Abash alu- ' tenpany statement said /ta tag, flip 0AlorsAn1 aluminium Smelter n AI S1-1 /N1,.11 tielet it, at al ago. ot. oil super major; could possibly be blocked by tin European Union's oompe titian s Atoh0oA1 you Mert a as speaking about my oil mega-merger that may be announced in future. The Commission has already signalled that it would grant regulatory clearance to BP Amoco's proposed takeover of At Richfield. A final verdict un tilts merger and the rival deal between Exxon and Mobil is expected by the end of September On the Exxon/ Mobil merger, Van Miert said: "On the assumption that they will offer the proper remedies, we ten gu along with that... There Is no reason to say 'no' in principle." But he warned that if, after this wave of mergers, other "big brothers' gut together, this could lead "to a situation where WO s ill has, to &la, litt'." he said On the 11 ght between l'unidena and Elf Aquitaine over who controls whom - a possible merger which was notified to the Commission recently -- Van Mien said: They know there are certain Dab leas but there is no need to take a vela tire view" Reuter said the st itement. stitch Nickel a medal would be held to two weeks to deckle as funding Bleb 'II Ii,' cast IA' an (*etiolated ligi2 ad lion 1,11,0Al SIC hr), the ALSCON $Ir1 which boa:01 operating In inst. weed C 7S.S4.-1 nation suiting at under 30 PO c. tits to. and v..15 ;hat down basal IS t 1, `tato, o IlAr,ort111111,3011- eel II,..o IOu, 11-11Alg the share ' ' t do AA.1111,111, sus sell 1.111,LII, a, that forced :IS 1,0 010 her Oa-0 "Op, tent 10-0,1011 of output'. 1".', the Naaernan gtnernaramt Iertostal In ha, t) LU Judy; Nigerian Power and Snort peso-rot gal, leaving 10 Irortl/IT R"i ault1.4 for erten Bola lige, proposed increasing shareholdulg of the foreign 0,0..e11 0 A Paginersl,i nuniber 4,11.1, 1,, rateing paid ep see, meal 10 1,mwe to siphon vtith a V II,llartalat it,- another in the tanning million from ['SUM al as lnslali r** weeks or month- " lop bunts Reuter

21 D.itTiWiiiritwoi 1949 _. 411/1iiikets Commercial Banks' Foreign Exchange Rates 07,41 CUNUNCY US GPO WNW (1010W S ( Rome 004. S 4010 Aperee er PIA Wools, $ =Ow =0 740,9 =re= $ 06= In= 000 Nib Guider 160 Kronor bored Kroner MI6 Ian= Kw= Ws Ran =wen bmbr / / NW !Zimbabwe Agricultural Commodity Exchange (3. =We Nal AO% = 11 WOW at IP IP 11 a "V.". Mann 15014CLAPS 1140 SfLL 37 WM WU me , Sine ' ,232 x = % i i i a wawa +0 I kwn IOWA x9665 =w / an S ION sort W OPER CBI MU $ = , = x NOT FEST BANK / $ 7, IVO 60231$ NW TWO ABM ROM x $ telter 531W 550/0 0 ern Is NW Alen , OA= tam / Unit Trusts 5227K T x OM 0331 $ nee x x $ W One bad M7-aged , fund Net nwne Fund 065E bed Goon Inca WWI Oen= Fords Dala World 504=0 furor Workl MIW / FM HA Gen= Fund fla Money San Gemal Fund ' am Soon rsed t tran Abney Ftrnd Wen 041 Fund , Fund inwpdan -non Wm= Specral , and y hen Old =We Ew Old 54a Rod B SeInts Spew= NM Mom ,44030=04 fund Wad = Fdd 1 KW and Vann Equity Fund Vend Mon exam Ftsntl 100 inn mn ice tm IM erket Comment K 114/3 WU. lothakall The equilles was geon=ly ma. Barclays bad. unchanged ROUX Emnet, Imam and ad. unchanged Old Muluel amed 50c lo does at 0250c Radar gated 10c to 4100 MOW 5004$ c lo came at 270c and Feign* bat 20 to 520 The rut of the nark* ea unshaved iniumuuon Andrei.* cowing Int Saw Enna= I'd = pm) LW 14=bere D41 Mom Enema Ica Perin Paw. San= Arenw. POI= 21, Felt ZSE Indices 3040= Index In= 1 ' It 5%1 II 1,A )1 /1511! i Znibabwe Stock Exchange i L 0nd Own+ MIN , Maw BAT 1930 &cat Coop 400 CAPS 500 C ,173 're, ) 11411= Sr. two. RV 25C ( =S CFI Chornco an C., Cien Co= ) ( DPIllead DU.* Eccnsl ) 680 EOpsrs EHPL Finhold FMB WOD CAW MIS n Inn= 0300).0375) IWO 1100 Wow = X) / , : PITS =Mu= , P01 -IWO) 170. P011, Radar nonnwn MOO srreennie -inki soidco ) -450) 55 D lenge= Tecco 4= WIZ -( Tr T uck anwpor WC , 310 AM.+ MP =WI con raged 144: Wrrann Buy= Art 2146 J81 Polls ZIAAL F4040 Pew= TA Pr= ( Sellm 17C 17= 40000, = a bee s Mee I = $ON * PIE / a 24 tersbusiness Briefs: 8 September Precious Metals BOK pad wee MP quoted at 00ftwoliele troy ounce 6400' allt0a Neertak does at BIE W. lies het maid / A1 tram II. New 304 Now S.20. FIRM. and pa50d4an deo PRIM. ins Mit quoaft el what the saosassmas _ _,_ 50 Nee Wirk close '8001/a, Sal ahm d / mot. ISURB "W15. Meal a L "koleksseisttes. Wel after susatossmi =fton u&esits oust ow 74**01 cos.*. Rebury Markets LONDON -T7. Bank of England on Werke.. Weed '1 key nn Mama, ret. by 225 adage point to 5.25 percenl The central Mae Monetary PolloY Commit. cited =FPI demand en961 of consumption. ba homing market end continuing hohl conditions In the labour rat LONDON Eon.. posa1 were weali tan the Mood soggy saw dec.. S. and Awn Mar 5 Ge'ma0 wad mita Oa,' The Garman dam 500e 60b tund prima 1100, 0010 =vs 50 the 10year, Ideel Anon, (lemon July tr=0/ a pod.' KO*, t P."01 CANBERRA. Chine. Ihreldent Jiang Zemin taming point In Matta. dee with 50. Unit. Stitae. sad ho woad Om cm* Clate's bid to Nan 8066 WOO a Nano. alb Pmeldent BIN Clinton mud sue. But la d the ba ow In She U.S. court over Re mobs.. at lhe %Vora Trade Orgeliallort. BONN - Gann= OA= grew '01'0164'. arl the =0 end re nada brae. Kooning So aelsonallyalmeled dae released by be Fiance Mashy Econonvele pd. a Bea. ltd cat pre.d a need 1 7 pet. 6,05.96 I (0, , 10 a dnapporn percent maw. In Jos* AMSTERDAM - Neiraiten, the Naas tactincsargeet brewer, laid...ion* helped propel net prang hefty 10.5 percent In the Met haf and *epeef 4 hall year 1590 earning. to grow by at le. a muck The Dula... comp.. posted Ma-itelf nat gaming. of 210 ma. Slon Mena ($222 nilllion), up front 100 Mann in W. yea-earlier herl. on nkva peso. higlwr turnover of 3.39 billion mum HONG KONG -aftporible lo hese an 15:01110 recovery of IN crleiehl Asian ewer. ea. =Nerd and ft* kricanire tanking system, InC y M IT= Macke manta * 'No'. ( mar* 3.36 region have a Man banking N. but ih. speod of the ptcmes 0 hee Ian dame. ad Were we vowing Moe la aloe paa16,00.0 YdAw5 wow* LONDON - Darnond giant Oe Boers Ned that dams. for dl had rentalmd *tong since he-yesar 4Ne figura. reamed 121/ wry pld with she vary the market's going,' Channen Mcky OppaNtar. told Rau.. 'Th. diamond now. keg mon.. good (3r. Jona.. npect good yew,* Ise added. ZURICH - COlde SW on I/0.n.. 4 vas continuing to name Mk al 40 Inemen. bank Credit Sole. Fat Beam (GSM). reducing Mmendwaa on a vols. ram. Puna. O. . Ma LA93 kluenlerann, mg.g the anew lot Me tam group Ma pawning Maar malt pod 'se den went to be too strongly nt ange koala Ininainael banking ' BRUSSELS - Europe's outgoing wwloyrnent wennwaelow Flynn 0041 E ( would have 50 quicli. Me ace of labour raw. mien. If rl woad to Irenefele in enonontic mown/ Into mom lobe. 'Growth a root enough. Ws issed the Mackerel then lerv nlernd kr over 0. ye.' Flynn sold No laa nese conleance 001x9 00 ounent saps dawn not 6600 SICCKHOSAI - Loading 0054 lat. poi.. Pargarela WINN9 kw down ine groat on ear lenlordo$ bag 6000 ciamera ages mom emu. haat samains. or Moe Swie lo Mae chenfie

22 Venus sets up semi-final showdown with Hingis Venus Williams of the United States waves to the crowd after defeating Barbara Schett of Austria at their US Open tennis match in Flushing Meadows, on Tuesday. Williams defeated Schett The victory propelled her into a final-hour show-down with world number one Martina Hingis in a rematch of the 199i final. Reuter BORDER TIMBERS LIMITED Tender Invitation Border Timbers Limited is a company engaged in the growing and processing of timber. The company is based in Manicaland and has five forestry estates - Charter, Tilbury and Sawerombe which are approximately 160 kilometres south of Mutare in Chimanimarm Imbeza and Sheba which are approximately 60 kilometres north of Mutare in Penhalonga. The company also has two factories in Mutare - Paulinqton which is engaged in the manufacture of boards and veneer products; and a wholly owned subsidiary company Border Timbers International Limited which manufactures solid wood engineered products. Tenders are invited from established transporters to move products to destinations within and outside Zimbabwe. Them me several routes and bids that may be submitted for one or more routes. In addition, tenders are also invited for the purchase and removal of wood chips from the two factories. The tender documents for the projects may he obtained between 13 and 16 September 1999 horn. - The Business Development Manager Border Timbers Limited P 0 Box Aberdeen Road MU TARE A member of the Anglo Amin-man plc group NEW YORK Venus Williams has never missed a US Open tennis semi-final and this year will be no exception. The tremendously athletic American ended the Impressive run of 12th seed Barbara Schett of Austria with a victory on a windswept Tuesday night at Arthur Ashe Stadium to advance to the semi-finals for the third consecutive year. "Last year I was unable to go past the semi finals but this year Ern looking forward to doing better," said the confident third seed. The victory for the 19. year-old propelled her into a final fourshowdown with world number one Martina Ilingis in a rematch of the 1997 final Hingis captured that title, but it signalled a coming-out for the then 17- yearold Williams, who be came the first player to reach the float in her US Open debut since Pam Shriver 19 years earlier. "fin ready to go, I'm sure she's ready to go. Who knows, maybe she's out on the practicing court right now," joked Williams. Hingis claimed her fourth consecutive finalfour berth with a stunningly easy victory Trainer denies doping horses over unseeded German Anke Huber earlier on Tuesday Huber had planted seeds in her previous two matches Jana Novotna (5) and Amehe Mauresmo (15) - and had visions of upsets dancing in her head after taking the first two games from H mots. Those thoughts quickly evaporated as the Swiss sensation, having figured out the stadium's swirling winds. pmeeeded to reel off 12 straight games to claim her fourth successive semi-final berth here. "I thought maybe in these conditions, she's going to miss a little bit more," Huber said. "But she rust didn't make any easy mistakes or any mis takes at all." "I was surprised by myself how easy it went," admitted Hingis, who conceded ail of 12 points in the second vol. "I think Pm just playing well here I feel confident and also I have reason to," added the top seed. Schen also had reason to feel confident, but it didn't help her in her first match on the US Open's main stage The Austrian, toiling amid the chaos on the sprawling tennis centre's outer courts, had dropped HONG KONG Suspended French trainer Patrick Biancone denied yesterday giving or ordering the use of prohibited drugs for his horses. "I have nothing to du with the use of this medication," litanoone told a news conference. "If I had used it myself ur if I had ordered anybody to use it. I would not be in front of you today because I would be disqualified." the French trainer said. adding that he had been suspended because of what had happened in his stable. The Hong Kong Jockey Club said on Monday it had suspended the trainer's licence because two of his horses had tested positive for banned substances. The suspension, valid only in lion Kong, applied for the current racing season in June 2000, it said. Prohibited substaneys were found in samples taken from Whytellyou after a race on 10 April, and from Richfield after a race on 15 May Riancone said police and the Jockey Club, which holds the monopoly on horse racing In the territory where betting is big business, had been tumble to find out who was behind the doping. Biancone came to Hong Kong 10 years ago after a glittering career, including winning the Prix de l'arc de Triomphe in 1983 and 1984 lie said he would still like to end his career in the territory - "My plan is to stay in Hong Kong for many reasons I am a Hong Kong resident. "My wife and kids are citizens of Hong Kong "1 have no intention to go anywhere but Hong Kong for the tune being," he said. Buincone said lie was optimistic that the Jockey Ciub would renew his licence after the -oispereii,n expired and hopid that horse ow -n rs would --iay with his stable during his suspension. He said he would try to buy horses fur his clients for next season to build up a good table Reuter a total of Just nine games in her first four matches and had lost her serve only once on the way to her first caner Grand Slam guarter-flnal. But under the lights in the huge stadium, Williams's remarkable ability to cover the wart and her more extensive big-match experience proved too much for the talented 23-year-old from Innsbruck. "I was nut nervous at all. I stepped out there and knew I had nothing to lose," said Schett. "I had my chances in both the sets. She just played better at the big point," Schett also said she had trouble dealing with the wind in her first visit to the stadium, while Williams was Playing there for the fourth time this year alone "Every match Pee played I had to play in the wind except fur one, su I was ready for it," Williams said. Williams who drilled 27 winners to just 10 for Schett, took the tight first set with a single service break us the seventh game and broke Schett right out of the gate to open the second set. Schett battled back, say. Toshack backs troubled Anelka MADRID - Real Madrid soccer coach John Toshack has come out In full support of his troubled striker Nicolas Anelka, saying the French international is ready and willing to prove his talent to a sceptical Spanish public, The US$35.7 million (about billion) signing from Ar. senal, who has struggled to adapt to his new team since his arrival just ahead of the current campaign, found himself at the centre of a storm this week as he was quoted saying he was prepared to quit football if the pressures on him continued to build. However Toshack, who pushed hard fur Real to sign Anelka, continues to show faith in the youngster and is convinces' that he will triumph over the long-term at the Bern SOFIA Former Bulgarian Football Union chief Hristo Dante,- has beer, iiottinitl on fsrpo auk'.1),mains'rw'a"s' reaportleodlias ce saying front the Bulgarian capital yesterday. Danov, a renowned busthessmen and former banker is being investigated together with his partner for allegedly ['Celts in third game and breai u ' Williams in the sasjr,- level the set atass But,.7. determined Amgen posed her will after winning Stew of etil the ;j m; five games She raci id down sea,.) mu, ha y. or oodlit woo stirs vv Williams also had apot success with bar slonal volley winning the poket of her forays to lb' gsk "I don't las bothers me," yam, said. In in.,n's fourth razd Pith seenec Brawl. Ian Gustavo &mile% ices seeded Moline and Czech Slava Dowd ) I quarter Head faci14 the peer in the tour,,..rn,,rn in Magnus Norman. liar Sued, who had won four 1:99 ti des and 21 of his previous 23 matchea was furred quit in the second set alter hurting his back in the first "I was very very lucky I think he was playing a ht tie bit better than me." admitted Kuerten. the 1997 French Open champion. - Reuter aheu Stadium. "Anelka knows he is Li, it the great players and he has tremendous desire to prove that," Toshack said in an inter view with Spanish spurt dale Marra, published yesterday "You have to take into account that he is only human he is 20 years old and we haw signed him for seven years, cot seven weeks" Added Toshack, "This is cot something that worries es. What surprises me, though is that some people doubt the talent that he has. "He's a young player.. and he's spent the whole summer with his future in doubt, mint ing with a couple of friends In a park in Parts. "He still needs time to MO his fitness and to fit in with the rest of the team," Reuter Former Bulgarian football union boss detained for fraud forging documents throagh which some US1420 i>t70 (about 115,9 millions was alleged11 diverted to their beak ter count:- in 1995, the s.pfikespe son Ailed. hu re,d. c o tort trtiii. [1,tr:,,g) ohvear t Int; d so, most two years, trom 1994 to December - Reuter

23 T f D,uV NEes 9 SEPTEMBER 1999 SPORT Bandits hijack rally team service van in Uganda py,fryin mulligan and Chipangano Buten, who were asleep but awoke to catch.-amea I ive E'S Abe Smit and Pe- a glimpse of a bandit hurriedly ter Marsh were forced to con. disembarking. test last weekend's Pearl of It was only after several min- Aesca Rally in Uganda without uses that they managed to get iambs/neat back-up after their the attention of the driver, Rob service van was Wicked while McKenzie, who was in the cons weeding the MIU Escarpment gamy of a Kenyan Customs offs in western Kenya. cod charged with ensuring the According to Marsh, the van contents of the van were not be win trundling up the escarp- ing imported. men' at approltbnately 33 kph The Zimbabweans, warned last Friday when it was boarded by the official that the highwayle an unknown number of ban- men were probably armed, re des, who offioaded tools, spare turned to the scene with the loparts and a generator while the cal police but by then the hl. vehicle was still moving. Pickers had scarpered. This was despite the presen This was one of several deco the main compartment e service crew encoun. two crew members, Hugh route to Uganda in- DEJECTED... BERLIN - Kenyan st' er Bernard Barmasai failed to Cori- Site a dean sweep in the Golden League series when he was beaten Into second place in the final race on Tuesday World S 000m steeplechase record holder Barmasai, who had won all s ot Previous races, was surprisingly "4 ṫxpeinted by Moroccan Ezzine Ali. Barmasai was disqualified from the million (about 1,18 lull for those who win all seven events after he said he had asked alnpatrkit Christopher Koskei to let 'ma tin in Zurich last month has since said he was misun 7atood and made it clear he would tbr the money if tie won in li arroasat's manager. Dutchman 21,*rnveris, saki before- TtendaYs that he was considering.,,a nt.alnna the International AmamIxleate Federation (IAAFt's dr `ukn to rwe the athlete out. The Kenyan entered the final straight in the lead but Ali produced a storming finish to dip ahead at the line in eight minutes 6,70 seconds. Barmasai had to settle for second place in flmin 07.02s. Meanwhile. fresh from yet another world athletics record. Hicharn El Guerrouj plans to rule supreme from the to the 5 DOOM. The Moroccan looked awesome when he added the 2 000m mark to d records in his collection of worl Berlin oneesday last won well ahead of Racing the rest of the field, he docked four minutes 44,79 seconds to heat the old mark by more than three seconds. FOOT days earlier in Brussels. the old had run over 3 000m for 24-yrin- since his days in the ju the first rime flair ranks. The result was a mart of 7min veils which made ben the second best performer ever over h' der fits. re bo lance after world recto Daniel Koinen of Kenya, who eluding one caused by the They completed the thirdbreakdown in Tanzania of from-last stage but exceeded their pantechnicon-van, which their allotted service time arid was substituted by a Itilly en- were time-barred while lying closed three-tonne truck - the 12th overall. bandits' target. The event was Won by local Instead of arriving in Ham- driver "Chipper" Adams (Toypals four days before the start ota Supra) but second-placed of the rally (and a day before Charles Muhangi (Subaru Im- Srnit and Marsh, who flew to preza) stole his compatriot's the Ugandan capital via Johan- thunder by taking an anassallnesburg), the service crew able lead in the FIA African showed up only after the first Continent Rally Champi. leg of the two-day event had onship. been completed. The Equator Rally. Kenya, the By then the sump of the Zim- penultimate round of the charnbabweans' VW Golf Tdi, poorly pionship, will be staged from 7- protected by- a makeshift guard 9 October Marsh described as an "alu- The members of Smit and minium sheet", had been exten Marsh's service crew could not ninety damaged. be contacted for comment. Swimmer Heyns denies miracle drug allegations JOHANNESBURG - South African swimmer Penny Heyns yesterday denied use of the controversial food supplement creatine was behind her nine world records in the last seven weeks. "tf creatlne was the miracle wonder substance or whatever, then surely everybody else would be swimming better because 1 know everybody else is using it," Heyns said. "But no one is paying attention to that Met. No body has bothered to ask any other swimmers or athletes if they use creatine. Kenyan Bernard Barmasai (left) hes dejected on the ground after coming second in the 3 000m steeplechase at the Golden League track and field meeting in Berlin, Germany, an Tuesday. Barmasai won six of the seven Golden League competitions and missed a chance to take part of the US$1 million (about $40 million) jackpot. Reuter can-sweep bid flops clocked 7min 20,67s three years ago. "It was a good experience." he said. "I didn't know what to expect but I know now that I can get that world record. "Running 7min 151 should be possible but not just yet." In the German capital, he shattered the previous best mark Ibr the rarely-run a of amin 47,88s set by Algerian Noureddine hforcell in July 1995 In Paris. The 1 500m world champion, who had already taken the 1 500m and mile world records from hforcelt, removed Moreeles last mark from the record books. -That's the sort of time I had in mind.- El Guerrouj said after becoming the only athlete to hold the world record for three individual events. Die conditions were perfect." he added "I just concentrated on my race anti I knew it would be a world record.- P111.1t, "Then on the other hand, would they be honest in view of the fact of what has been said in the media?" she asked. Creative, a performance-enhancing drug that builds muscle strength, does not appear on the International Olympic Committee list of banned substances but has been the subject of widespread controversy "Really I just think the truth is people don't want to know. They don't like to hear that I give glory to the Lord. They don't like to know that is the reason for my perfnrmance." - Reuter Au OMh ;Free pouch $6 500 Sevens' Series kicks off Sports Reporter THE Zimbabwe Summer Sevens Series, currently seeking a title sponsor. gets under way in Harare and Gweru on Saturday morning with matches between the country's division two rugby dubs. The series kicks off at the Police Grounds in Harare and Gweru Sports Club and will be based on a knock-out format, with pool games leading up to semi-finals and the final. The division two competition will span over two consecutive Saturdays, after which two select sides will be selected to pley in the division one league, scheduled for the following three Saturdays. The Black Panthers, an amalgam of free agents and last season's division one champions, will not be defending their tale as the series Is now restricted to club sides registered by the provinces. A national team will be selected after an inter provincial tournament next month and the sevens season will culminate in the Dubai Sevens in early November. Cyclists get $ kit Sports Reporter SIX Zimbabwean cyclists, who will take part in the All-Ahica Games which begin today in South Africa. got a boost when they received a kit worth $ on Tuesday While presenting the kit, Rowland Parker, the managing director of Data Tech said: "Cycling is one of the sporting disciplines Zimbabwe Is hoping to get a gold medal from and we thought by giving this money we would inject confidence in the team." The team leaves today by road end comprises roach Gary Mandy; Liam Somers, bronze medallist at the 1995 Harare All-Africa Games. Tim Jones. Gareth Barry, David Dickinson. 'fonderai Nyadongo. David Sterling and manager Paul Elms, Ebnes said the donation came at the right time as they were trying by all means to bring a gold medal from South Africa "This is really fantastic. We applaud Data Tech for their efforts and hope to complement their noble support by bringing the gold medal home," he said. Convicted Ntini gets jersey EAST LONDON. South Africa - Convicted rapist Makhaya Ntini. the first black cricket player to turn out for South Africa, was selected yesterday to represent Border in a friendly provincial game this weekend. Ntini was dropped from the national side before this year's World Cup after he was found guilty of raping a 21.year-old woman in December. He is out on bail pending an appeal against the conviction due lobe heard next month. United Cricket Board managing director Alt Becher said he had been surprised by the selection "I understood that he was to train with Border and play some club cricket until his appeal was heard." Becher told the Johannesburg daily Sportsclay. "I would have thought it was in Makhava's best interests to stay out of the spotlight until the o,trfa,r '' Cuter ERICSSON GA628 NOKIA 6110 Free pouch Free car charger Free walk and talk $ Tweed Road, Eastlea, HARARE Cell I IN*111 Free pouch Free car charger Free walk and talk $ $ ALL PHONES FREE DELIVERY '12 MONTHS' WARILANTY ON ALL PHONES. AM) FULL BACK-UP SPRVICE 5110 SECURE PARKING Nolaik. "1

24 ORT SP I Page 24 1 Ituridity V tie010,40/ IWO Dynamos out to restore lost pi idt, By frzwanayi Nyandoro EIXIB.4171.ED Dynamos will aim to restore lost pride when they play Arradia United in a Madison Trophy soccer match at Rufaro Stadium tonight Dyrrunos, the country's most popular team. are going through turbulent times having won only one of their last five matches. The peer resold culminated in She reelgnadan of caw& Sen. day Malmo an Sudsy after they leat 20 to Tunisian dumpier's Esperance at the National Sports Stadium. Dynamos now have to fare life without Martmo and tonight they will be hoping for the best as victories these days have become very rare to the team. Many will be wanting to find out tonight if former player David George, who was asked to take charge of the team for their next two matches. is going to inspire the club to a marls needed win. Since being shocked 20 by Eiffel Flats in their opening match in the Madison Told,- tournament in Harare lost month, the Glamour Roy!: hove non been the same. Following hard )nt the heels of their defeat to EitTel flats was a 1-0 away loss minnows SI Leuisinme of the Reunion In an African Champions League match three weeks ago. But a ray of light filtered through the gloom when BYnames beet Black Area 2.0 in a Madison Trophy match al Rufam Stadium a fortnight ago. A 2-0 defeat by bitter rivals CAPS United and the 2-0 loss to Esperance in the team's next two games.. left Dynamos repo tat ion in tatters. The Dynamos midfield of Menton. Mucherahowa, Ronald Sibanda, Desmond Maringwa Minimum Lending Rate (MLR) Standard Chartered Bank announces its MLR will increase by 3% to 52.5% per annum htalerneasenctran co Ne Stardertlarrarad Beak Imbibes tensed Regetsrad GanIrreffaril Bet Standard IChartered and I.1, Indrd In Ir. I. i) 1, 1111,,i11, ;1 lir woo 1110 irr.11,. r r. lirar111,1 11; r,,,11 Ir't r. I tr I. r. Ir Irl ginng I have nu., genie Mole i,. -rr haw not goals with effect from Saturday 11th September. Savings and call rates have also been increased by 3%. The rate increases reflect the impact of changes in monetary policy on market interest rates e.g. Treasury Bills. The Minimum Lending Rate has been calculated from the 2 week average of Treasury Bill yields plus 2,5%. Standard Chartered Bank will review the MLR at least monthly. ee Artalbil are an imprediclablo teem who oould lows Dynamo." deeper in misers They have a knack,4 -' ' c to the occeabin Ewe Dynamos &stew Aresdie at. r.. strong an they were tut because they have low...,... key players, anions then) 7.vmtpayl who mewed t'apb empacraa their wank, it the Totemeigestici twita wridwit wens nue Ileum The Seal. Atreceinord las oldhiled via a mm the mama Noway Wimp oa abaft eineei TIN neck driller huntere dad as adedeika to Game iliegdad as as ism dais litresatber Megan= hided it Sur AlkIddra ciadaa mad paw Some a Passage awe Wagered _. adatiandidea= District Ilingiat far They vatsdam reirrned Remo reitetra limplal a Tee* want* Cosmos withdraw trophy sponsorshi By linchwe M hunt, Le la day ArIthdlIM their span airship of the Cosmos Cellular Challenge Cup and creed to have noth mg in do with the Premier 8,elrel lasagne and its we retail general. 1 esln tram& The Net One venire pleader aboo anteamtve the euspenalon id Nand nag and Intended waver misled whines M the tune of PI a inallen sad melted Ittshiendete, the untold Isildets id the Varner cialleoge cat te mama theta allveratani Parton* Nimble the nalautre matledirat red She mantart, man* ditativ phowee Nana tti %two egmarbrob/callat as the eal - hot (Num.: niryi 111,0,!toil II ,.. VOS`,Or rend thu lefeett d money has been downright unprofessional. I 11.3 MX the 1 don't we a mat ifs one d Inuring goal posts and makmg sure thin ma apooworabsp nut successful - Nrube said be had asked Gwuwli if the low meant could be whet idea for 12 Smonsfrr bait had not melted a le Mims 'Oettadi did ail lerat the comma a agora as of the devaiipmeass, mai be gam tbe dear we VISMS4 a saetec mho we tar tainpallarn' aserh ipalsratea nalipawria Canagami sas: Madam, wan *a Ida ran sir sedan Mit earwigs. gigs*, ggegos v he 111"" ge : 11; the ie Bi,. Ak to the 'welt,. loiallti604.-tti t. t, x it the sprx.or aw sa beamed a the peechnia ar his trans garti_ggerimandallea lad asaisgrintaa uses as lag as he doe pliiinia oangamai_ hada* ad 'lb le a pmeessieemigy rue come nog umfgralf Ned bore decided Uwe we int7 awe seduag farther a ear ao the PSI. and Ba easettaat- Ipairat Neither la rain a raw ream k- id Wanes - akin he alalmaliers lie agit ear ag Ma& Oak pa he wont air law nod nistars ^Or wilt he Ihriarlegg Oa Imam* assn Wei air acintearrint alma* gradhered la ear Sada taw ars. Ceara Alias utt lad *Kr Ind aalia Wag wee( a - Naga we bok. FT*. *elk NM aver% makta. bbompbtidw *int bet MI allksard vbibbibillettkonwipt. Iambi aalimia tisk WO' mask tate cineneters gable Molds Grit sod le YAM ammo as ale alai ism mica tillada drama Inge add amass der the liaia bola Maidua bray de matt araraineir spa* to tie eglealopea and he ail me he satin anal he 1 do at Mat aid of a therms la is. have been erldeggli war hat a attar tars la ream ad 1 km woe WNW Mau salt Ira the Pa boa dr Blot Vaa" Male nit Oalmelir Men tbsubill$10. bat awabotaro4 g assobano or wild am wer 69.1". sees / t,t hold,. Saudi A acre, rat)ia to goalless draw m. Alga lalitiedar agaddided peso *eke wile ale ere *giefeellilek UM Ow 1114"4 twifi art mow but abeeillow 1114hkUkiebbt how tk tabbies* * Neu vim* faded no Midi NO it mei Imeasitatt4 %ado Wit tat woo *NW