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1 . 000oo THS WEEK FEBRUARY 24, 2011 * A PONEER PRESS PUBLCATON * * S2.00 SUBURBODDTY AROUND THE SUBURBS Strange crimes and silly stories PAGE 21 FOOD WHOOPE PE Popular cookie sandwich remade; PAGE 29 Peop'e making a difference in business & finance BAMBOO BOOGE Matt Williams and Brooks McCormik try out the bamboo dance during a celebration of the Chinese New Year, Spring Festival and Lunar New Year on Feb. 17 at Maine South High School ìn Park Ridge. PAGE 6. 1 Rob Hart-Sun Times Media We're everywhere.. in your neighborhood and online. To subscribe call goc-itlog l S31N LS NOL>1tO P 0969 i_sa AeJtèei 3lSfld S1N 90i'oOooO.Lsc A11 18fld S1N 6T T0-3LO1 -è3cs _'(,; r"' ";.. ;. PONEER Pmss LOCAL SOURCE vww.pioneevloca1.eom

2 NL THURSDAY, FEBUARY f A PONEER PRESS PSELCATON 'NL / 3 s... s... s - e -.l- u. s- s --. s s. i - e -.. s s- s s.51. s s. s. s..s s Now ja the time to get your home's exterior ready for Spring. Why wart to do the Femode!rng your home really needs? New windows, doors, sidino, trim - ElevAtions is ready to do it all right now, with the best matedain on the market, the best prices you'11 find, ond the unmatched quality and energy standards of our oropnietory WeatherEzationt process. What's more, we'll doit all without touching the ioterlor, ond finish io os little as four weeks from She doy we ntart working." Aod r? you opt for a complete eotorior mobeoveri we'll Sake uy to 3,000 off the cost of motedols. So don't wait - call or oisrt Elevations to find out more today, Call for a free consultation with an exterior renovation expert. r ' EL 'VATONS" ExnEnron nrn00atrnn pon noun norn Llncolr,woxel Honro DOSOR Showroom 6025 N. Lincoln Aoo., Liocoln000d 'too-sat. H'S, Sunday by apyt. Noperoille HoroR DrNiOn Sh050Foorrr 2764 Aurora A0R, Naperoilla trion,-sal A'S, burdoy by Appt. 3,OOO N FREE MATERALS ON EXTEROR MAKEOVERS CONTRACTED BY 2/28/fl '12 MONTHS SAME-AS-CASH FNANCNG AVALABLE TO QUALFED BUYERS" ORG PRCES ARE OFFERNG PRCES, AND SAVNGS MAY NOT RE RAGED ON ACTUAL SALE5, 500E ORG. PRCES ROTN EFFECT DURNG TeE POSTRE SAYS, EXTEUSGONG5VALDTN0000R2/20/f.'Ulgpnfdìat, pyr,odudoo,,oayhoo beontak.cleotaroeilomeor0808ilablootileu,pppj306,recygs,,100, ogaing,. Perseo,, locations & Roars, iog or to mavye,000 tokonoffal,005yrfdu,ed prce,,'tnelcoet' priceo,efeoteea '01000ff rtrfsgoryo 105 0f 100 poet of 008fonGls on oatonjer eolooaor prolooto so c/os/if. op te SoSti encloue of $3, k Este opt NOSftttoedj goetol SinOfrstns 0f podere sufliorr to 0000EHsf0000iEi000, produpt 500isbjiiSU 800 SOYOnS of 000k moloso, "NO,Ooeost o, osyment oteo infissa P EU 0,0,050k UNU 00,ppnev500000le, OsEsUmmE f5,0,, 053V from 24 So fso opones,, f0tfsfj000 APR tortore '0 0080go. Uil OmrO ta 50 lob, 000E,ta 5e 2/20/ft. 0000f 0000ltiorg sod ioniege,0n, SuPlo Ari, VO FlsOsEi003,Smssootgojuo for OonoploSO 03381G.

3 BATHS BASEMENTS CUSTOM 0.1, NL - THSRSDAt, FEBRUARY 24. mii Managing Editor: Mato Snhmioo phone: (708) noenhmitnz pi000nnlecol.cens Local Xe3 5tt5bÍ THS WEE(n SCHOOL OeCHEsnRs naaps TO ROCH PDTCSO PAWN SHOP PLANS POSES TO POCtED SC}OOLSr 01578Cc ah RELAS the HEAT ON FOOT DEA OF SCHOOL COPOS HOW TO AVOD P1CtPO7tET5 A M Wi Linootoeeead Moma assign Shenroom 0055 fi. L,nroln Arm, Li000irt000d Open awn-sot 0-5, Sunday uy appt HOME ADDTONS KTCHENS With 53 years in the business, we know exactly what it takes; A team of top srchitocts, designers and craftsmen. Working with the best materials on the mafkot, ut the boot prices, Jelivoning your pnoject Optime and in budget, guatarrieed. Thotis what makes Airoom the boot in the business. Your homo deserves no less. - Call for a Complimentary in-home consultation Nnpnrsiiie Home Design Showroom Aunora Ace, Nupenollo Span Mon-Sat th5, Suodey by appt Shooucgsing hundreds of products end dosi 9fl combivetovo ir toit 00m sattiroo,hsit todayt HOMES COOK. COUNTY SHERFFS POLCE Surprise check finds county's sex offenders in compliance By JENNFER JOHNSON gohreo na pio n co rio o e loe m Orn 00000dorn liviog leseineorp5005ad 930Mo of Cook Cournty, teoludtog Mamo TownShip, gota surprise visit from tho Cock Ceooty OhortfOei slioe no Oeturdoy. AbouOiM Mhreitfb Deportmont doteettees 000deeted During the Feb.19 visits detectives verified that the sex offenders were living at the addresses they had indicated when they registered and were in compliance with other rules and regulations of the act. ieedom oompiiooee chocks of registered sex 000esders os their home addresses be- Oryeeo 5a.m. audi p.m. Ali of those contacted mere found tobo io nompliunoo reith the ebotek 0es Offonder Rogietretion Act, 0ko dapertmont said. TOt ere ore 70 registorod oes otfenderoieueiuoorponoted Sosie County aod 00 reside in usioeorporeted Motee Tomoohip, 000nrding to the Oltieoin Mee Offender Registration rvubeilr. OCulte OS, the reoca idestifiod au "sexual prodatons." e010tcr300oapooimeoos, Golf Road ard Golf Terrace, is homo to three of Maine Tewnohip's registerod see offeoders, while 0mo renide mithin Crestwoed Apartmento os the black of Holly Lone. urcardicg Os the rogistry. Tho romoisrcg ein offenders ene scattered oorossthr uniscorporeted Duorieg the Orb. 05 visits detectives varised that the sen offendere wore hying ut tite eddreeseo they hod iodioalrd when they registored aod were in rompli- Sere with ether ralos cod eegulntiosn of the cot. Additiooaily, She doteetimoe notimed the isdividoals of the year's erst required cherbio, which tu oohednied for Apd 0. At this time, offendei's mf i caro of nere omondmestato the Seo Offender Registration Aro, Ohr dopartmeot seid. The Cook County OherlOfs 0005cc reqoires sos offendere lu its jarisdietion to repon for urhedaled romplion000herles foes times a Teforeoution about where registered seo offenders raside coo ha fosad os the llinois Stata Polire ochotes, wnw.iep.stoto.il.ns/son Coorment:pierieeniernCcrrw CensUs 2010 breakdown The 0010 Ceceas date sore released bytes federal gooerorrent last week, felones campers alo nslghbeitnf sranitpslitins, sheoing their nhstgo in ntel pop'eietiori, os nell as teolsi/etlinie treekdoons. The radai and allele setegoiles erst distleguish boteern Hispanic sed non-hispanic ethridlioe, std thee Oho tiop-hispedo popolatier is further dirtied inte radai ostefutee, The 00ff Census recolla riso inviate reoisi btrskdants for the Hispatlo population, ttsoth those are sot itolufed ir ibis Otaphic. Tonen Year PaysAnne gem- 14,009 14,451 ef,3 Lissoln Wood Nate en peesentagese The ooelieatiar of ff5 Hispenie sed oowtieparic cofogodee eheuld appraaoh 100 petaca with any differsece belog the resait of roanding ios000rsdoe. tiree Afanes are touedet lo ho nearest 5.1 penorot ant penuontefe holed slog" shoald not Sc assumed teeren seers population os radai groun bal ene urden 0.05 psrceet scesa 2010 CENSUS stssssn hses Diversity on rise in Nues with Asian population up 4 percent By TRACY GROEN Co ntrib a to t Theslleoessnu fortho sillage of Nil co resealed mono diversity is the silloge, inclndisg co increase intha Asiao popolotion. The 2010 population in Nilro ovos SOMMO, camfrar'rd with 30,000 is soee. The omali deoreose is papato. BUSNESS BREF Hoes apptianes entallen ta Sit Hiles, aree The upplimoo reldier 00H- Oeegg Oca. h loyirg plms to anier the Citirago roarhat, prosidiog rympedtiun for Ahi-Mn-t and Moot Puy A apoheewomoc for Ehe 0- dimupubs'besed eompmy 10,209 10,590 alo ,451 Horten Gesse foto 25,020 s 3d 25,060 itrv- 29,1f: -0f ufttf Welts SOd 61.0 ff.t NO nl.6 - Blank 00.0 n.h 154 1,0 SS tien was MO porruct. n 0010 Oho white popoiati0000mprised percent of the total, compared with peroont io The Autan populotionwos 10.7 perreel le 2010, sp from parroci in "t's good oeus that we hoyo a more diverse ritmen boso," Villoga Manager George Vuc Seem said. "t's odd 25h. 1M it oho bono sisees by Obis foil io Oohouwbarg Vernos RiUs md Riles. Ohr said Ehe locations, un oonong aboot 00 storos it plano io hoer hare, reproseotieg o sotol osorio lome of obout 000. O-fHeregg is tddog odnoatoge ofevreoa spurro usciohlaasat-esult 020tsees Percent nan-hispanic f.t ,5 OL 27.9 LO 16.0 Ansecic:n , gierdng 'l'hutbo good sigo." Village T rusten Joseph LnVorde said, "We've seen wore dinersifiratico io Riles, ospacielly with H Muet asd Assi Ploes." Moth Asine soprrrnsrhels, Onpen ht Marl opeoed is Riles in Oeptamher and Assi Plasu opacad io Marrh LoVerde said that villageelruulered by Ch'oait ClOy, Linons 'R Thiegn, Wiebes lt'rurrrilxro nod other loges 000ratoea. The oewpooy said is Jonuary thot it is plseoimg obosl 40 atom opordogs this year and seat, wilh no emphasis os the Cidasge, Mlami und PiOtnbargh marhetov t curmstly has 174 storsoic Wlson' Moltienciat SO 0.1 Si D.f - la fa Percent Hmets5ale - V km , ko h.o fofo 00, OS ' f wide ofmriols try te curaseage diversity through serious programs and support multitiegoalioitiatives. He hehieves sharing rolsures cod huvieg diversity is very important. Also reported by the 1000 Cnosos, the Hispanio pspalalioc inrreased peroest in 2010 from 5.03 peranot io sioleo, moslip o tre South, Tha Aune sobarbas lora' ti000 Oho rompvoy vosfirtoed orn 1470M. Onf Raed io Oohoemhuge 055 M. Torte- Une Moad hr Vermo 0101e nod 0791W. huhy rn Rilas. hthoregg sto nos averege 00,000 uqnoee fett. - STM

4 F 6 SeWS DSTRCT 207 Maine S. celebrates Chinese New Year Maine South High School's Chinean Club aad Asian Club hosted a special Chieese New Year celebralion loch. 17 ai the Parir Ridge uchoel. Tb e event featured athnic foods and traditional notariaiosnoeias pari ofweicoming the Year of Sloe Rablaii. Chiueoe Neon Year, nvhich feline Feb. A, is typiostlyontobenoind during Todays. Caorcoecrarjoionrerloroi.eoor Alice Martina gioro a desenslralien se sorrel Sardane soararlers. Rab TenSar Tinos Metta CONTACT US AT RLES-HERALD SPECTATAR Allee Martina leeches Aeha AirohhnTl hacia sale a Macdunn ahanaoler loi sulco daring a celebration nl Chinese Neo Rear, Spring Festos and Lueur lies Veer el Malee ruoli High Scheel ir Pail Ridge or Feb.17, The pantp nosied bille schonte Chinate Ciel and Meile dab, had lacy deoaes, ganes and aller says tu celebrate tire Asian coitares. Tub Verl-tun Tiere Melle fury Sneireki cares hoe to nace missel lisners ras tance Tac, Rot Hart-Sue Tiene Media NL THURSORS, FEBOUTRTA4, Toll NJLES HERALD- SPECTATOR * YAARLOCALSOURCB * NSDE THS WEEK CALENDAR CR055NORD FLM CLPS io SSO AN oplyign 18 POLCE BLOTTER SCHOOLS SHOWTMES LAST WEEK S TR BO TOP WER OTARES 1. Compliments, controversy follow 'Check Please,' Super Bowl exposure T vnnlreaersiel Troopse sdvnrtseeenl daring hn Biper Suoi hes rei lets nngulioe hapert nor bitai Himalayen Reslourani n Riles. Z. New appliance retailer to hit Hiles, area The appliance retailer HHOregg leo, it laying plans tu coter the Clrieega markil praaltirr onrspctilior Tor Wal'Mart and Tesi Buy. Man allegedly pelote gun at husiness partner after deal gor Pialigureky, SR, ai 5045 R Mars01 Aun, Niles, was urresled loo eggroseled atsaalt incoming a handgur or Pet. A 0011e lsa 1100k al TasTo Candidate doesn't meet residency staodard Chuck Barbeglia, president 0111e Mier Park Board, said te would Te s canpleint il candidate lellony Soli riions spat no hn buord in the April nisotius 'Assistant Principal of Year' in llinois is Emerson's Benka Tiro Berla, assislani pninaipal at turn' aun Middla Scheel in hiles, lee bere naerd hunde lanciert pdnripel nl hn Tear bun PAllia Read dicos reodorlirrorlirlreol pionceerlacoliroirr/oilro 'e main. e000eiloaeiesssrisnsloes Be mir miare ra tos solai 5,is Oouiu-sesiiarun, unstedak, Aus, m io Ba sae lerci ses-7000 T'i button ssir reseed ysar seers, pure rsleaosr, ocelle' Aisles,rnileseeraldePsoialstisn A PONLBR PRESS PUBlCATON - NL HLES WEST Orchestra performs rock classics with electric violinist 0v PAT 05}lHAL piluah ma Spin roer ocol,00e The orchestral s000du oomieg from Hilas West High Aohool'uauditoriune no 7 peo. today 1Feb, Arti muy lcau000ihe oey huard before AbosO 400 soudent musicians from Hilas Went, as well as Culver Middle School, Lincoln Hall Middle School, Paiu-oieno Anaih Middle Aelonol, Porb View Middle School and Lincoln Junior High School will porform in concert wish electric violinist Morir Wood. The audience will heur Wood's own watoriol, on well as his arrangements of music by Led Zeppelin, Ce'eom, tho Seatlen and othera. And Wood will accompany the students on hin handeroited, neceo-sucio g, frotted, sienne Viper violin et tiro syromieg evoco, seid Hilan West Orchestra Direntor Steven Sdats. The nonoert is meant to troeniorm the student musinione into o teso curb orchestra, he ndded. "Thin io going tobe uery ditfereut than nvloot we unoally prosee t. When we're loihieg aboat lppieal school 0000arts, we're talbiog oboot Mnsort aod Brethevrs cod Hsydn. Bot we're going tobe doieg the musir of als binds of renlu groops," Kara asid. "St's goiog to boa greet concert S root wait. Si's goiog tobe wooderfall" he added. Wood, an iotereotionel recurding artist, is 0e ongleal member of the moltiplatinom selling prograscive rork group Trass- Siberian Orchestra. He studied ander Leonard Aernoteirs, and tuo Juillliardirsinedololinisi and Awwywinning composer who hes worhed with Ocher Dion, Lonny Krevite, Billy Joel end many other notables. Wood io sino the arcaici' ci the rnvolotioosry Viper electric niol'm and the 0000er and oporotor of Wood Violins, one of the lorgast aleotrin violin moaufoeturcng oompooiea ir the world, And now Wood is Srying to iospireynaobsiriegplay ers with "Elancnify Toar Strings," his own msain edoraoios program. Wood's "Blentnify Your Alriogs" program has buen featured as NBC-TV'n Thu Today Show, The CBS Avenings News and lunal lelovision saws broadcasts. And Wood has bees performing at schools oil unrors the cuantry, as wall on worhieg with orohasto'o dirsntors, Scorsoio hundreds ofstodrot roela orchestres, Kots said. Wood's guai is ta build on student musicians' strong Touodottoo in classical manic, while worloiug with musir louchons al each ochool. He formaopeetoorship with the aducatono to crootea leoreiogouyucieoeo for mudn students thai non grow aod avone avosy yaor, he added. "A few ycors ago, S heard about Wood baeausa my sou is aviolinint ord montad tu go toatonu-doy comp Wood was holdiog in Jolirt, SineS out thare io hoch uso dud, watching, and it was omaslog!" Catesoid. "Ha does o greot job nf teenhing Lheue bids music, hut Shroagh 'Atairnnay to Heaven' end'sleaoor AtAblO' and 'Live and Let Sie'," he added, Ta prepara fon the apeomng courent, Wood will leach iba otadrnis impravimatian, composition and persooal euprnssieo on Lhain nimbas, violas, cellos aod bouses doniog a rehaarnel juot before the eveet, Kolo said. And by uoiog Wood's macin arrangemeotu, nvhirh wana seat Do ba school befora hie visit, the studarts will be ready ta perform wttlu him, he edded, Three rellu players sodd Obey wara eagerly loobiog foo'wsord tottaaredaynightb 'We matched o vidne uf Woud marking wiih stadeets and they really saamed lo be enjoyiag what Sarah Ncrdir, Teuuy Np art KnEhne Msnipnr, all Riles Mesi eluded wielders, nl irr- heir siasdual sly!e len 50k Thoruday, Sobad humid OR harp were doleg, They were eves wovieg wilh tise wudc, onhich io someihiog Shot we dust usually da, aod they loohed lilia they were havieg Ton," raid Sorob Nordlu, o i7-yeoc'-old Moine Weal luchar ham Liaeolawuud. Cnistina Maulpon, 007- year-old Moine West sue lar Tnom Aloakia, said nba was raoitrd abaao pcnformiag with Wood, banassa she nuold relata mane eeaily to "ruai mauir" than the riassinai Orne she uaoaayplaynd, AuN Koohy Kantonea, 017- year-old Moine West Tudor frein Linrolowaud, sold playing millo Weud will give the eluden masialanos 0e nuperiesce tiory probably coaldo'o get anynoloere else. "St will provida a diffrc'ent perspoative uf who tan nrrhestra non do," she added, 'i iwd il will really befan," Tirhets will be RA for adobe and Bofan stridents at the door of the schoal, 5701 Oohtnn Ave. 5551M Caartesy at Rima Nest Oruheslrs Ohiacten tteusn Nets leads tlsssloal siutsrb nueiuiars during u nulesrsa! preparing an Canocnecntrpiooeenlocufreinr lh,ir appearance ase reck erchestra. F Cusrtnsli al Ssirssl DismisS AS T

5 8 llltplh NL' 0900t089, FRRO 14, lo O PiONEER fr801 POBLCTON 'NL news 9 By JENNFER JOHNSON j orson Pp on ne rl osaicnp Tise Maleo Tovhip Planning Commisnion will not rnnonnmend n formal oblaotian toa proposed pawn shop i n unisoorporn led Maies Township soar Fach Ridge. The nonowission voted 4- O ca Fob. 14 uguisotu ronommasdulion ban tino Moine Townsslsip Tonno "We 1504 sa enidence an fl,,.,n,,b,, p,,,,,,,, llonrnl and donino ajan. Olscan- hera to special state legno mmmi, to baso a decisionn thai tisere was going tobe coy negaboc optent on propentyn'alnan amy tine health, safely and nvnlfan'a nl the public, nr aoytlning clon." The Coob Counsty Zouing Bound ofappeols is nacrentlyconnsiden'togtlnecnnssund if lt decidas to csromnnond Commission nppcon'olniths spenisinse, Clsairwun Ducid,lnhssnn. ti ne rerunnoneudalion will Board of Trastees proton the spoetul-use permit snnglnl from Conk County is ordor for ths slsop to nporate srtthtns tne Artisan's Court Shoppinng Canter at 9584 Ballard Bnad. "Tine nitaatian was linut we nod on groands to protest against t," said Planning Come Here. Get Better. Go Home. Our rehab programs are famous for positive results. At The Abingtom of Glenview, we help people reguilo, the greatest extent possible, any fsmcriomslity loot becaune of nurgery, illness, or accident, Our one-on-osse thnnapy peogeums work because they're customized to fit yawn needs and goals. As one putiesal'n daughter nays, "Wham asked friends and moighbnrn lo recammennd a eehab facility, The Abisngton kept Coming up, eveey single time, Now know why," The Abington's got it all - skilled therapists, working together, stats-of-the-art facilities; and evidence-based, proven treatment protocol - you get it all: a bettee Outcome, os fast as possible. hn Abisgion olclonoienv 3911 Clennviaw Road Glnsvisnn, tllinuis nvww.thsabtngtos nom MANE TOWNSHP PLANNNG COMMSSON 'No grounds' to oppose pawn shop despite neighbors' pleas fors henni voto. Alomnsn:nl inng baiser lls Cask Coon- latines thot attempt tapmprobst lronnn tine Moinso my Z0A lhoyexpcensod non- vennt stolen trams mum Townslsils Town Boord nomos ubout tine poteultul bensg powsned. nsosld nove enqotrod Onu- tu:'rntnne, diwintslned prap- "Potential rrbsstnnls snow pernnn jocit.y vote owonng the only volves and the sagetive of thasa regulations and Coasly Board is order for pon'nopdon thst yuun shops vsryfrwwouldohoose logs thespeciul-ose R bsgronl- hove cannent. A petition so poma shop ucd fence od. signod by mors thon 189 stolsn gouda," he sold. "Tinny The Cook County Z0A is cesidunnmsnnosslso pensant- would mon's n'oodtly ehooso sot expected tores der o edto hn ZOAby tise ruedo louse the toterast." cenonnnnsdoltos until tine ossonistios's peosidont. johnson seid ha osden'- nnndstmocrin nr onnely-april, Monnyoltiss residents luft steods 1h n nssosrss of said Chairperson Torry hebra ihn start of the Plan,- Manne Township residents, OBvios, sing Commisstos's meoting bathe does nut believe tine Tine Moten Township Feb.14. paws shop will oaase the Plusstsg Comsnissioa mot A n'no-astute oppruiser types ofpi'oblams samubetononnsidsr a inossibis inies,lby the proposed pawn neve it will. protest to hn spesiol aso shop's operoton; OoottPorh, "We had to on, ot what oftoc ernnivinng objrationns bulled Monday thut he did was best for the nnmwositn'ommanymoinetonmship sut bell eva sarcoandiag tyonsdwhetwesbeotfor'tho cosidosts, johnssos esiti. A poopsety values would br ronamoatty woe sot ta nnonnber of redden, Cs living oeguttasiy trapunte4 by the protest this proposal," hr inn tino nnonncmny Losdings nus- pawn sinny. joy Veedugo, an sold. donnnivtom nlovolvpwest onu otton'nneyrrtoined by Purh, olnposod lutine pons sinop s,ntd ponys sinops onust od- Cornn,ne,,t:pioserrlorul.ronnn NEWSMAKERS Chrietlsu D,skalspostss, o llinois Pjoioansity, lsns bers popndur to-lear olieron oct dedmc,ntnd to the pablo oleas- sonhac :5 Nolsnu lisnoen- room br newly tlnnse tony Onnnol, mw bren nenni- nlanaden todo "5,155er leontnor" by 011v emoted md bolt no the Numbed Bnond he t'cs- ori pnagnwn st Nebon 11,01 hssios:n Trsnlninnglnonndasl. ras ynvdooed vatotoodiog Nuttonnol Owed Cortilod otadoat worin dispisywl byio- Toorinens uno niginly aurons- n9ta000 on tile Mtlohcll Mosspliolnod xlorotocs nslnv wert ans of tino,900rci050 sdise R nigh und ntgorsuusbosdornle. Bvanatonn nonni tine NOes Pub- Toonhens wino unlniovroolive- lin Libco,0n Wonidng sbil u dl bvund oerliirolou lonve Avene atsdcnnl body 'mo paused islcoomr'c osudo as- nboucmw nonvmnostty of pert osoloulio:n, sclt0000w- mon' iwgooges, sine loss snot :4 pso- nonios: bred tino nsntvsn'snnitty oper Dndndoynnninna who w- tube an inspinattosoi equalsseined her boohnlsr's rad on br sludesis is grades 1-8. mustes dognvnv Al Nnnvhcnv hn was pn-eviossly osnnnsd BUSNESS BREF Heijer makes moue Meier, xlnicln has n vtonn at toto w loll looud, Nimoy, hoy oc,noun:nonl n mmv online goons,)' mn-noun 't'ho now silo, Meïen'- 0000steylmnevyow, tutte culions lin-nt short to soll moo-bulb gr000dno ontse cod boisa the dolor's nni lbnuy ivto innllnostinnol onnlive mies, s news reloow stunod. "this is 'n von-y inopontost nmep for oar e-oomw0000 op. orations," s,nid link leyes, remoti nevico pnnaidevt of supply rhum opnnotiovs und c-osnomrrsr hr Meley "VOre we tova pnnsodnd boil gn'wsey osd wulti-puoh mnondsoba in tine post, Melee h :0w oho lo lemon O bnnudnruudinncn s gwotsr camber 005einotions." i hn Oppeonboutely 1,000 irnos,nvuilohle otnovnvweiisrdvnnnlepgn'onrroow, mum nuo 0,000 neo indi000asi-s'ne mnnodunlu. 'lino rsmubntng prudovia ion salo on hr sits Ore urailolole hi noulti-ponl,or luit, uioox s odnlition lo sos-psnishobis n00000',nl rad Meilentraed gloomy und bevomge produrla 0000ohlc, tine unione site eels baby suppbes, pet ltinno'o Ant Bdonotor foe 2001 Tne Notbouol Reseonvin Cosanillnes recogndeod Notiorel Board Ce,'linotivo us r boalar hi snod onldavw meut, teacher nntevtioo md peofessiooal development Stone 1907, mane thoo 82,000 toacham trovo onidroad nrnlifnnetios. is Oltnsots, n ansien teuninse is eligible for ra ununval stipend ucd hiamtives br prosidisg profesoinnal dannnpwsnt Or yenhin'rg to vea end eupodunoed hilovo edoxnhies. Cannsnnlrnntnpboorerlerntronnn food, olensing supples, mous,- thy peudanbo and haulth hod, ulon,g vvith evenydey hedtln und beauty itasos. The new ondisn gonne,) site silbe oaoilsbbe hn shop' pees in sil O stales. lldppivg nosto 5105V , und urn naloubolndbeued os lne volnno of the 'mstvidaul ordmn teten" nnotioend slnipping wit also br 0051uble terra sddiniooul ahsrge. Mefer is o Groad Bo1dds, blob-bused retallar 1mal apanotes 190 stereo tivnoaghonl Michigon, Ohio, lindiws, litnul, md Ksnurlqn. Addition' s isnfonmsnetioo ev inoa9nr coo 15e tosed at snovom010nnnom. DSTRCT 67 State grant, pact with Park District, could block sale By CATHRYN GRAN Certril,lsi Stete grast roouireraestt may have bruwn o wrench isntoapropssol lo sell sohoul prupanty is Murtas Oreos, Golf Snhsnl Distnint 87 of- dols goveoprenostotisu atibe Munton Onnvs Pnrh Distriut Bmrd meeting Feb. 17 in the dislnirthuilding, st 8994 Dempster Ava. Lost weal the snhosl district still was awaiting ward h-omits attorney shout the fessibilitp of n pruposul tu seil she property at 9401 Woukegas Raed end boild By TRACY GROEN Coitnibots, Porb Ridge-Nuns Behonl Diulrict 84 board mesnhees would libe to sae the school year star t shout o weeb lober slot ynar tu help 1- leviate heat isuanu al tao schools, Thr hourd did sat approve the nolendon es pceaculad with the normal start date at the board ererting oc Feb, 14. nstead, mrmbers isetranled the Calendar Committee to cosse hoch lu March with en altaruative nolanunto ond spgrode Hyans Schuol at 9008 Belefonte Amo., SoperistnndentJomie Reilly said, Al losan is u $410,008 geunt the Morton Grove Porh Diste'noi received from the llinois Dspantment uf Natural Resunenos to r000- vets Uran Pu,'h un tn east nids ollhu Golilnhuol peopenty Aspurl ulthe slate Open Land Anqsisition aed Develspmest grast-applinatian pmoness, the Posh Dis- nst and the sohoal district entored iuta av intemguversmestal agresmest. dan that wonid elimisots holidays such as Mactin Luther King Doy, Cslnmbus Day cod Prasidests Dey, ssd push the sturt st school bonis chaut a weah, The Calnodne Cummitloe did nut feel thu distrint shuald molle uuy quicio changes to thn nolesdar slnuctnne thot has been is plano for yeanu. But noith students heearning ill und hovisg difhrulty leornieg tise tu lbs ionh of oir noeditianisg at Pield old Compenser arhanle, bound membbrs iudiaotnd hey feet some- TmO,,n, DSTRCT 64 The Pemlo Disteici sllli hot at least O ynars left on the lease, anrunding to peels Direatur Orion lullivao, Aonuthmroumphinating fact am macour ans by State Rsp. John D'Asoiro, D-luth, that "if that if the salo gneo through, it will setapranodos fun the villinge of Mur- nn Grove when $ requests fanding fmom the state iu the foture," he notti io a letter read at apabilo hearing. D'Asoiro siso said he 'sus waiting labeur if the grunt agroewent "peohibited ba salo s peuponties improved through this pnugrom." GolflchoolDisinintsneeds money for spnratiauol/edunalinsaloosls and bum buildisg moinlesason, Reilly Oesenue geser.ntad fmom thr sole of the Golf Onhool pnspeety, the espossion nf the lavgth of time ortha eonrest Woalnagno Read len inoremoet Onosdisg district ond ti, moneo lion nb thind distnint mude np al the school prupertybvundonims wuald allow the district to improve the physimol peasanna, onnueding tu a feosibilitp study nnndonlmd by Wight and Company of Board mulls a later start to school year thing mont be done 10m saut pean "What ahoold he driving the denisins is what's best fon the kids," asid bsand mamber Sharus Lawsuo, Buaed wambers agreed that paeeetsoeeanuinsa ovd would lila tnseealsishad nolaudon as suns as possible, bat they loll thu health of the students is top ynisnity. Board Prasidest Johs Heyde said he was personally torn on the issue, but fall the board ahould do something for tha ohildeas, "This iso major under- "WeaN Heitere taking," Buperisteodent Philip Baudar eas'd uf ohanging hm f ameudar Ha maulioned that there is no guarantee that the weothee will ho cooler on thssr later days. Hm sold if changes we ne app novad mmmbens would have to danido whether to nompenoute taoalars 10m those hoidnys orto give them Sootisg holidays. A publin heoning is nennssunybmfureahonges to the neirndur csn be mode, Connnneatnpinoearlcrnlnonln tnsnonsosgwsoo0lns,- leer depean, 'ndsbsssp sasses Cta.,?' ases. Danims, Tho sahool dis trial st',i woold nead tu esab, tinnough nefeeendam, additional revenue Con the uperali000l/edoaetion fund, annurding lu infonmotianpronidudhy the distrirt,- Wilhsut hn Golf Smhool pnoperty sale the district must lilnely will hove to ash vaters to appmove two rof-,end of Season Sale From Fireplaces Plus, Your Fireplace Headquarfers. nhl tes Omleulìoo silos Lugo5, Glass Doors ord loners, Tool sels, fuldirsne, Wood Rollona, Coto Gnoins ort Mush 851w.?' 'sont,, Luau,, & asti, tn,.e finesf SholFum fe hsf 5Ff Onvee nao Velienie, Deperdstle, Tsaoted Famly 0,ossd & Operated Ose Doer Ou Vras, enosdoms - one fer Cha edoration fund and sae for the building fusti, Reilly said, Sha also noted donadas maye pensmd si ncc residants approved as tucreusa in funding. Several rasidnuts here spohan out against the pruposai us being e pateotial bad move fon Distnicl 87, Csrnooeulnpiarnacrlanafn000 FLEA MARKET SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26, :00 AM 300 PM Sponsored by, WOMEN OP SC ANDREWS AND "Matching fund donor" THR VENT S ANDRE PS L TUERAS CHURCH 260 North NsOhwee elyhwey Polk Rdge, 11600GB 50C ADMSSON SNACK BAR AVALABLE FOR ASP MONGER PANGS! BANKRUPTCY FROM $350 Total* Why pay more! Ta!k to a Lawyer! Know your options. Make the right choice Experience Counts! FREE Coosultatfore & Credit Repos-t Heller & Richmond Ltd. (312) 'Pise Caso CssrsA Denn nslisr Agasny SolO, 0m cnasor05l rl F REPLACESPWS isolo eones Mon, B Choir, ltsm.8pm Tuer,, Wut., FN,, Sui,!GAM-GPM Sas, 116M-6FB

6 lo gews local. orn Bullying prevention starts at home Battling bullies One dress at a time School bollyìngr What ovan nace considered o rite of passage an the playground has marphed listos national epidomic as social media and smart phones have put pooaecfol tools iota the hands of our children. Par. tunatoly many local schaolo and aommucitiesareoshiag artoo by lacarp000tiag holly preoeotirs programs iota school csrrioalsms. n feat, Gum Pot Qui on nanantlyput lagathacetasic force dedicuted to muhiog our schools suie. But ovhat can parrots do? foaming poceatol lanolvementis vital when noising reuponoiblo und renpronfsl children, t decided to pat togathermy nann iesh facce of eaperts to find out what parnotsoon do tn halp precoci bullylog before it starts. Pasara ta visit snoroo pienearlocel.com/mommy io meet many of oar ro. peris, non strofa gins firsthand ood leoro mora about Con Quima Bully Preunotion Tush Ponce from one of its rnnmbers. Encourage empathy V/bee la cornos tocoofliot resolution and dcoiaionmahing, few strotngias uro as powerful as cmpulhy lic. 000ragiog children lo think obool "how tce other par. cou feels" helps them seo the other nid eof on orgymccl as mallas gires them en und ersten ding of boo' their mords and actions im. pact others. To help foster empathy and oumpoasion, boos your little osas angegn is pretend pie y scene rias where they "bbc oana" ef stuffed animals, dalla or action figures. Likewise, older childres Csrïn Winters, 8,1511, end his srstsr Misisnls Wiefsis, f. tels play s sornar feenseh-sot-fiess Msdis Check out our sideos at esoaw.piosseerlonul.ccml mommy coo benegt from boolog the rcapcosihilityaftohiog cone ofo peo or rog ging io coleplay oatioitiru. For eon, mpla, mimo Play 0 Ltd. mmm. playonlid.00ml f050dern Lisa Bony-Winters aad Josh Aodrows visit schools, thay ose impron osd role playing games te toakla commac social i saurs auch os being eocloded horn a party or coi belog "allowed" to tebe o scot on the bus. Celebrate differences Soposieg chdres to diffor mhelher ihey are physicol, emotional help lhem upyraclolo lheie 0mo individuollip os scoli os giro them obetteruoderstuading of the uniqonnesnof their yoers. i VUPuLtZPsTl0N', acanales aft. Possscd 5ha5505 haca e shield. Ceeaseceas ese ieaee 5a ura ioeoarsmied- _P'". -1 jua, -, soneanan risolsi Oisoohsslres 150.,,,.fuss like lesa rrit, kiakung sases sway likc osasses ball) s help atildase sops eilt bollyisp hoscos enesel-fue-tinnss Media 000eidnrirgwr often fror thot mhioh we do 001 sedeoeiood, Jody S. Praodmoa,00thor of)fooiogtbe Shealog )wmu.nusingih atuos ng. corn), euggeeleen. posieg your chi)- droim lo diffcrocors in/ao and angogieg nope. Pun esomple, your fomily con learn about ditfernnt cultures by hontiegu Mexicuc fiesta on - its smf kils efe nay s safe mill bullfrof. tuoaeoe Jayanoea loo party muore you aurvo hod, fouts uod hie bonad 0000pacifc collyre. Coping strategies Accordimig lo Pmoodmaa, tc'on)og riad ba)lyiog diffec based oir irequoncy osddrgroe enhoce oomo.00lliog sod osclosios eon qoicbly esooluto nto peesintrot sod cenn behavior. Wheceon teso bullying ceqvic'aeodsli intervention, cb)ldrrn eon leoco to diffuso ynoomfoci, able tousiog halaco libe. 000cesu bigger problam nub sarotegiss noch as nl: evoliaatioo, tvrsing anissol t scovod oc using bsdy language to igoore the tess- Proedwon oleo encourages parents to help monitor ist0050tions botmssu dblingnue ahildrenwho feci a'ietho)sndstbome memore liholy to either "oct ont" by bullying Othera or might oonlinya to ploy the viotirn thus mshing them torgotu for other bullies. TdlWSStBtfypfy1111 Elcanur Estee' timoles5 tole of une girl's stenggle in gt isbas boon teonniocried into a ernosh mysioal,"fhs Handred Drnnses," yeo. dorad by the Chimp0 Chu. dreno Thoatro. f reoently had tha opportoaityto obst nnilh the he POFOsSObsut ihr hbf and how it holps promote bahr' prevention utraiegios. To learn muco end la wateh the video oleih wins iv ulluge. an rn/moms s. botthing-bolliee-oon-ilcrsstime/l-h-blflt?t. Active bystander Helpyoae hide undooslond fha difference boln'oao altlisg and reporting by orcooragiag thorn tabo urina bystundacs. Rcmirdllrsnil they sea somcrono hein1 trsand 0e eoialuded tha' can either stap lu to toy lo diffuso the sitoafion 0e ii, admit help. Help yoyo children huer thesc sltlile br playing "mho t if" gotees whrre you ont uyo "lnidnf scenario" sad bara your child act oat ovilet leo oc suie coold do. f poor oluld rs retirrot to ploy, usc peppets, staffed oeimclsoemtien ligares to mohr lis goma moi-e playful ooil loss perneas). Thnsh yanto my co/erl task forcer n Da OorsthyEnprlofe,sm cisl aggresalos und bull? pmnentioacnpsrt und cochee of Goy. Qoico'O Folly PcovantiOn TashPoi'ue. n Judy W. PrreihoOiO, ruultui of Emieg the Tsaiiog. n Lisa Bosy.Wi0t005 sod Josh,ssosdrems, founders el Play On Ltd. S Assale Puy, fauodae afilie is eel onlina forum Gnon1 Conl lnnlnw.fnoab0oce5/ CracleNstCoell M flnker PRES PUPLCMfON. NL Preschooles roots run deep in this area JENNFER JOH5O - )iebneorflpiooerrlssol.00e n 197G more thus SSO rhildren followed Moeyellcn Wo tocs us sine leib the Porb Ridgo Enareadoa and Pooh District's poesal000l progrorn to establish a school of bar own. TdoLy-Snaycars later that school, the Dugar Plum Tren, cemsioon port e/iba fobsie of Psob Ridge as arno genecatiuns-ofalomni roroll theie n'en nhiidnno io doyrora, presoheol oud hindregorten pregroms. And Watson, still ba schonl'n diosotor, plans to oontioos wslcoming them. "As bog sel ass beep galop h pisa to do that," Wetens sold, brushing off ooy thoughts of retire most. Waters bégon hoe acocee morhing with Pech Ridga ohildeoa io 1069 neben ehe dovoloped the Pock Ridge Pools Distoirt's preschool obesos. Tho pregrom Onmbersseaiehaogos, though, und Wo 1mm na atoced cutos bco 00cc, opeeisg Ssgaa Flow in the lomen-henal elosoroemo of Radeemor Lotbe005 Choroh, 1066 Gilhieb SL, whore it util aperutes ledey orrepdngclsilof reo from 18 meeths to psors old. The find earoilmeot tebaled its children - oenrby oli from the parli diste/ch peognem, Waters acid. The scheel, named by parent f/etby Joosby as pori of a 000tesi Waters meld, bss evolved from half-day preschool programs loomistons of preschool, doyeore ood hindergarten. Gaining acceptance The dayoareaompoonol won added an mure and more mothecs bagan returning to work, Wetsos said, bot not all pannais initially ovehoomed it. Thor: omuro p:reniu who said, dos moot my rhsldoro in lse same room onith doycereablldren,' libo they hod sums hind of torri'blm disesne," Watoro recalled. Gradually, thoagh, iba poensls were "mon over," ehe said, andan ba years mcvi on more sad morn hegen loqoiring aboni the dapeore pragrom. "11juni nevorsed. Nom f hava mere dryoare lohuldono) thon do preschool," Wotrrs uald. Bot maap bbogs oboot this school have changed libio si000 its start. Tb a circos, asopportuniiy fur children to dress up libo elewoe and onimohs, ahorn off thnie tomhung dad danea shills, end haves abanos to ploy ringmouìsa, is still held aenoatly for families. This paso's circos teak placeen Jan.11. "t's ornaniog so monynaill get up uniront thoer peuple," Watson remnehsed. Sugar Pbom also holds annual Morn and Dad Days whore parents get ochouce lo sen eunctly what their children du nach doy onda PihyPeetinelissaheduhed atibo stoot of the regalar school year for poocoin to mast othar moms and dads - nome uf whom thop might reco golan as foomonchasu- Genorations spanned Wut sonsosd n ournber nf otudantu h000 grows upto send their 0mo rhildoas tu Sogar Plum or rnrnnoorh ihsrr themnelvrn. Tim Coermioolso, who grew Opio Push Ridge, atteodod SagarPiam et agas oud decided to rosol hin son Alan, S, 1h10 pres Whew Ceartnionhse end hie mila shortad looking at pronokoels, choosing Sugar Pham "oros hind cf a no-bramer," he sold. "Thin isorohiabbe place we toast ood f hod a hot al fou those osa hid." Csernnioaho, mho onhoowledgad that goingbarh to the srhsnoh "men luir going bacio len finse maohiao," le still friends mith orluosmamn Parabais Riley Mc/oir airo halbe BelioOsi seika a pein talar flan roen Presreosh on Jar, is palan o datas lsr snilies. s rsdrliao 1h01 it lus kep geiop on reab a) its 31 yscon io ueirceu Je0 leoghaw-fnn San-frees Madia bernet at Smigar Plum and ho eren salmad foro Sager Puase T-shoiet to send to her in Loe Angrlas. "Wo still cugh about the fort that marrant ho Sogar Plum together nvay herb ir lbs doy," Caaowionho sold. Wo tors agroes tbect lasting frinmodehips ara comrnoo alongar Piom. "A lot of them molso friande that they hoep forover. hare lotn of students that cams hacho and sop 'You knew, 'm edil blonds youth no-yod-no,' " Wahoos said. damp logles, nlporbridga, who otlandrd Sugar Phom 20 years ago, now vislise hn school with eonriohalae, t, who in io his third ynar there. "The thing remember most woe the cirons, nod going in fleece mith Nieholas benegha bario shot of mcmorlen," she said. "lt was the Sont pleceltboaghtoboat onosdiog him because wool thore. Mrs. Waters mas my bacheo" Sugar Plom, said ngles, "lume e hind of homey feel to Family affair lt's cot suepeiniag, then, thou the schoel is o fanilly opsooniun. Waters' hynhond, Jerry, prrforms repairs, boudins the bashing, stonhe op oc supplies and dees other toebsoreund tier bailding. Daoghter Lyon Spita in ihn school's ao-dirarbor cod has enorhmad ubacs forts years. Ore of her do lion is piohing ap hindeogorinern from Roosevelt Sohool aedwolking thorn to Sugar Plum on altar-school da/rare. Woters, noha owed to snobs on teerher ucd diaretor, molts buppily steps in aso sobotliote teerher nohan seadod. The nahonl odvoootne thet children be as 00001mm as limp mont tebe and warb nl their orna poca, lassons Waters learned from matohiog her eones rhildran grow up. Enteoded playlimes ace ane advorotfrnsshosl liroslen Merysilen Solari hoohe olla) hn lunillas end f/ants for ooninq,j Jm Laoghsn-Fsr Surfnes Media "They're to sweet," Wotane neye ol tme ohildron vobo boys rome threogh boo doors during tise pani 55 ynars. "Thay'reinnoeeot, news YEARS ff1 BUSNESS Sugar Plum Tree sho s ho s eet school can be they lova urhuol and tlmay're envilod abootwhot 11sep aro dolog." Coeonmsrnmirpiooeerboeab.cuoo

7 12 news SilL - THDRSDAC FERROyRTO4, Stl S PONEER PETt PSBLC8TTN 'NL OeWS 13 At NorlhShore Neuroogica nstftute, excellence is all around you. To navigate through a neurological condition, you need the lernst aopenls. At the NorthShore Necrological nstituta, the nahen's best neurologists, neurosuryeons, researchers and rehabilitation speciaflsts are treating the most comples brain and spine conditions. They're perfectly coordinated around your caretrom diagnasis to rehabilitationand dedicated to helping you taire control of your file. Learn more about Northbhore University HsakhSystem's exceptional nesjrelagiaal aare at ncrtyshore.orglneurn +NorthShore University lealthsystem northshore.org Esa terraent drnctrr of lye hradrg trpsdnrrl elfte Crnlet rl Concert speaks durcog Director Mury tchsdrrs retirement rnlrbraluon sr lar ti. tsturfnl tes beer ruth hr rempary farts yeats. Tenora Beil-tun Tunes Media CENTER OF CONCERN 'Mary Schurder Day' a way to say thanks By JENNPER JOHNSON jjsftssar8 pinner titeaban The Cansen ciconnoraio Pooh Ridge cardad Dha loss day of soork on Exoostive Director Many Schundec srdthe small colefrrutioo J5o. oc- StetS cod soord members slrannds bocel on Dohurden who echoed lost tonale otter 2eD'caos otisonivamasisnlsh hn Centen afcciicario, the lest 10 oeils nrecchve diner- 0e Jen. 17, Moyar David Dchmidl 'end e p000lamsbics so Schonten's Dehutll NEWS BREF Nlst Ctssdesrt lents White Roach intsrrehip The White Rossa lasers. ship Pragnem recently annoosced the pcniinipoois borthespr'ingooll nossior, onda student from Riles was smssg them. Ansi Danok, of Niles, s student st DePact Univecrity, was sefeoted. The program's mission is to make the Wirite Hesse coceesibta to tsture leodarn all acosad tce cotisa and cultivate end prcpsre hose devotad to publia serr'iaa for sed deolot'cd J "Mary Dclrcrden Day" is the aityof Pooh Ridge. The proclamo. tiss recognised Schsndnc's leodenstrip sod her work to moho it pssdhla tar Ceetyr st Contero clients "io suslaie end maintaic their herons mlite reeping their escotiooul rtsbilitp" Acoordiog to the 0010 frs- 0cl Y000 anncsl report, l0,4o lt5oplo contented tire Caster otconcers foc assis. tonos. Oithot camber, aboct 6h00 people callad the Cccleo Toc help snitlt otfoodoble lrsoeirrg, c47 p coceas isorense avec the peavicue otuoa lendecahip sppsrls- Hoose toteresisip pcovidsscssoiqua oppsnbssity to gaio valsaste protescloset enpaciesce and bsild leadrcship shills. boteros rooch is one of serenet ite House daparimeete, iccluding the Office sfcobisetad. foins, the Otfine of the Chief olstatf, tire Office of Drhedsliog nod Advanne, the Office of Pohl io Rngagewcst nod lsteogsveromestnlaf_ lairs, the Ottice of Health Reborn, the Oîtiro of Lagisletive Aftsica, the OtOce ofmsoogsment and Admis- year', cad costu sod utility assistesoa was givas tool fasdiles. Manathac DOT lawiliasceeeivademeegacoyssnistance far haucing, food 000tificctes, ges nono hers and bus cerds, the report said. Boors of employmuni 000nselteg increased 84 peoaent anar tse pcnttwa posca. n accepting her prontametion, Saborder urged the oily end oammssdhr Tac their negoing help. "Condese to uoppoet tiro work abche Center beosusc sobad7 else is howe is doing the thingnwe dato help ocr setghbore," Srhsrdec scid. intration, the 010cc ofwfcita Bosse Cososel, the Ottica nf Snergy und Clirneto Ckssge, che National Saoosmio Csunrit, the 0180e at Pcesidentiul Csrraspsodance, the Presideotist Parsacad Office, the Corromin niaetioes Department, hn Demedio Paticy Cesneil, the Office cl the Pion Lady, end the Office at ihc Vice Pr'nnidrnt. Additianal iclarmatiso shoot the White Basse lotaraship Poagrem is avail. able herer httpr//rnsrromhilm housa.gav/abont/intacn' ships/. Tips offered on how to make pickpocket's job tougher The Miles Felice Department Crime Preeenlisn Unit wants ts rewiad everyone ta be aware nf theft, particularly sfpnueonnlist. White meny et us arc oigilnntwhen it comes to mading nec do ses end puttiug os tights et night, mnny more nf os ecc carefree when it cames to pcatecting theic wallets. n hosa tangh a000nmir times, bning'waltct cnnscisoe,' eupecinily while shappiefi is uvas more importent. The Mitas Palice Deportment mastaba provide ycu with Prints HrN pronte bsssnlhs'p 5U5 pachte pelt el Oral stimno Piegnrprbcts ch ni two Panic Ridge orime soasas lsd is tise arrest sta esulti-solo cu-bncc mmc who hrn oliagedly edadtiod to coneeitthrg et least fchccegfm'iee hi the Cidougs oulcuobs. these tips nc howls keep your wallet nod ito canteats away from thieves. Whenever you gais u public pince, scdytekewhsl yso need. Leave behind in the hotel safe unme mnnep und usy oredit nandlnj, D, etc. thus yno don't need to tube. That noy, if you dc get pich pncheted, yno won't lese nvceytldng UDo not carry peur Social Security nord so combar with pue, emires applying for sieb. YsDr Sociul Security comber is nc tos voloeble to jost rene in your Peak Ridge Police on Fab. 7 olcoeged Jarenry Ochoa, 25,01 ke 0100 block stdldrc'oyda, Oalslicmst, sdth Loo muoo of moidenlid conglory aher ulula nrhsc ch idastitied 'mgsrpchrto Ded Crow Owe Park Ridge homes 1mb peor us bcloogscsg to Ochos, Police T=1AJK YOU FROM THE HE'RT This February, miteh Oho support och geocrosity of nor ncstnmcrs, ebony mith our easoci000s, Macp's raised mere thee $t.t million ton the American Heart Asseciat'see's Ge Red Fer Wemen moeement, Since 2004, ysu'sc helped us raise more them $25 mil line. Thank peu far waking ir your mission ro Sight haart discesa in mamen. Te learn more, visir macys.acm/gered. * emagisof Toc * 5 Red tradenark rl OlO, End crear tradenark al 7h05. MLES POLCE DEPARTMENT porse sr wallet. Sensor poor porse. 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8 14 flows NL - f915059, Ff , 2011 S PO4EER PtOS FlLffSM - ilk nowo 15 Prostitution arrest is second in two weeks in Park Ridge By JENNFER JOHNSON j j the s0050isicerlo ial cori A ti-year-old Park Ridge woolen iras chat-gad with pi'attitution earlier ibis worth as part of ac urcorer shag by Cook Cauaty Sheriff's Polira. Orion Slagar, of the 200 block of Sortit Prora Avesse, was orcas tad Fab. S By JENNFER JOHNSON ilahosoespunnee ria t a lo a rn PurkSidgaPolirehoc-e srcriad o nidi lce' aliaga tole 050,000 acid score licor 541,050 ironc oljecs'- cy frasi oit aldoc'ly rasiaiiarloriitg o so-callad,holliroy Yoboar'irii, 22, filie 3700 brch cl West Addisoo Street, Chicago, i-os rliorgod.3ro. 01 critli alisar liaise after alce allegedly isitiatad ses for mocsoy fassi oa undarcoc'- er police ofdcar, sold Sicei-. iff's Dapealniant apokescc'omaa Liase Jocksos.,farksoc said poliaa ciare lad ta Stager's Park Ridga home after aassoeriag an listacocled tha aontaiaed baguage oflac used for lila aolinilslioa of sao. An oilslaloac' burglary and climinoi traspaso io r005eclios ic-ilk lice Jas. SS brident, inbicisoccurrad on lice SSO block ai North Merrill Sacral. Yobnoc'ich is baing iieid cc'lticoat hood at Cook Cocos, Jail. Hair-os sahedsied to leave appeared ia rosat Fab. Accoi'ditcg to police a 95- casa-aid Pork Ridge rasidosi i'oparted limosnean ter roiled tice cinchar liai. adia lice ad and spoke ccliii a cosemos cebo oiiegedit' qst6ed r prica nf 0200 par Wiceci lime ofsaeracrirtd at Ssegar's easidesca alce began ta occdraaa cad "pro. ceeded to initiait s sostai transaction," Jacksoci sold. Tice offeer lilao identified hinmself tod Sia gre citi come lober door and laid lier he had jost puaricased sa adjaceot lioasn. Tla ilion acode lila may hilo 1h coamao't liorna and udo bec kitchen, cod titar brief akt disaovseed lier coali cod jeic'alcy w'iasiccg, pouce sold. According ta psiloc, in i'aai'cgasors scare able t idacihilya suaparl ici 1h burglai'y acid took Yob soc'lcic into custody during a trailto slap at she Deciding to file for DVORCE is hard. Hiring competent COUNSEL is easy... Make your LFE what you want it to be. The Law Offices of Michael R Doman, Ltd. Practicing Divorce Law for 22 years. Now with an office in Northbrook Cal! Michael Doman (312) Concentrating in Child Custody, Orders of Protection, and Finding Hidden Assets. 200 N. LaSalle St, Suite Skokie Boulevard, SuBe 500 Chicago,, Northbrook,, www,chicago-diporce.cam COOK COUNTY SHERFFS POLCE plucod uodvc irreal, sha Muido the hooee, polira fosad a t2.i'nar-nld cc'nscais cidiag loo nasal, os cccli ossuatcortad lioroici, hashish acid drag p'ripliai'nal'ca, Jorksooiaid. Tice 22-yeoc'-oid, icivich. Sed os l,a0050 Sicaloinc's, iowa lokes litio custodi' aim occ,'irreslirori'cisioiclni sold. Heilbar hn woccey nar thajawelry 'apartad etolas from the iooisas'o home v'anc'ecovarad at ke time of Yokccovivlc'a arios, po- lice said. T io innnsl'igatiao ii'oonaid loica 0000icui'ng. Al lion time si his arrest Yohaovich aheady liad a pnvdisgresidaolial-buc'gla- oyrnsecgmimcst him, sold Andy Coskllic, sicokaspartaci foc ke Cook County Kennedy Copaostci'o'otici Addisoo Slacci. Pock Ridge Polirr Cccdr. L o Jogmen soìd Polciioi'irlc k alcnaci idaiclifed by Pvli e os hr ceoe icho diverte ba rasicleal's olialiliuto mod enlaced lico lionia. Jog. niait asid ha could lot dis. r ose i too' iiic'asl'lgulara endfad bboonicli at hr s spari. ts'osalsoucirlaar i o' scocy viiaciclaiau'era 'crc'oli'ed io lice theft, ka SoPoge County, as was Sradlay Paire, 27, cobo archiad at hie licosa mhilo palirici' ero present, Jackson said. Stager ciao hadasteocal s'ocrent ost ofsupaga busty, aba aoid, Thin coos tua sacood prostilulioo casa rapartad ice Park Ridge wilkia atinos'cali cariad. An arnployee ai Ticoiecul Spa, 712 Sig- giaa Road, was ehargad snitk prastilutina Jan.25, aranadiag ta Park Rhdgn Pollas. Tha Pack Ridge Pallan Daportm001 cies not ice. solved in thn arresta, sohialm warn orescred on Grana Avenan, sold Palme Crndo, Loo Jngrnan. Ccrnniecof:pinmiaerinrnf cacci Chicago man, 22, charged in $100K ruse-entry burglary N SN The Academy procides a compreh000ira, daily, dual language instrurilon ruedvulam, Tce appesurb in leaaniag pronidas for indinidooh allrn000, bsuods oa learning and a ohaileoging, wril-roandad ncadcaism. Studcais are covouesgad n develop ta his nr bee gecaiesf patesiiol. Sf. Sarna Academy ofleas language fiasses in Snabian and Russian. NOTCE OF NONDSCRMNATORY POLCY AS TO STUDENTS The St. Osta Siederny suhasi sdrnits siadasta nr nap raca, nahst, sstoaai and eihn'e tulia fa all the fthts, ptahlaors, prescris, aro mohines gavamolly a000cdat seriada alaciase o niademos st time sanmol, lt does rai dhsntwiosoa scorie tasio uf rams, malar, ratonei Oid cohobo odgìn a sdccchiislmafio sr ifs sdumnsonah pnhincas, admissions pohinirs, snhaiacnhip act laos programs, mrd athlete sed ollao Onhni-admuaioieced pragrams, Sontas Attarsey's DiSc Modinrnpnrls baia st' - ed Yobaovirk wat orinal d in Nonornber by Chicago Polira aftar he allegad t idecotified himself at Chiatga WatarDaparhme i ernpinyea tod gained orces to the borna alan vldnr i Nurwood Park ciarnos Coins, rhneks and jamal macn ba arnang tkn ham stolna from tha momo borna, repnrtn seid. St. Saya Academy Si. Sais kradcwp iso dual langsagr Seabise Orthodox Paanohlul Ochnol of Holy Oeoaaeectino Caihedral. The mission ai Sr Sosa koademy isis provide lea siudeals wioha chaiieaging and inoavalne educational peogeorn thai stll gaide them ibenugh life as respevifal, pra000hisa ilhisens and gond Orthodno Cheishians. fnaahiwaai obfeehngs bagia willi peesrhnai (age 3) and ionsouas f loacogh the eightic grade. Por 000ra ial'orrnnliaa, millo snioadaieanappoiataieiot NlgednnadDo Chinaga, L, Wa io.s ta ausonede rnp. o ap u u The fallorniag lanidants were listed in the ofsahal roports of the Silos Police Deparlmeat. Rand ers traenrniadedtkatanarraut daas nob canstitute e Siding nf guilt. Onlyaroarl afiasi eno wake tha dvterrnianthas. ROBBERYfRes pohne were dispuirhad Fab. 12 taspurkiag lot on the OSSO blanc nf Mii. ccuakeaaiaaae faranapart nf robbery and buttery fullosnisgahosse panly io Glenelew, Tena teenagers suid the offend ers were do'ising them home froto hn poc5 when onokpasla 'utihe vnhiciabag'unotrikinglboarn ci the head and back. The olfaaderseaportadly stole the victims' shnes oad one nf the victim's CS bill tod rnahiis phone balare dropping thaw sf251 Pour Flagos Shapping Casna aid drhvirg away. TSafhhlornictgisnidasto ici soisrorparaiadmaicca Towno/op were rampilad by the Cook Caucdty Shrriffb Dapartnmacmt. Read aro arr radios dad OSai os arreef dccc clot cnnstbtnta aficcdidig nf galli. Onlyoencircnf laco nos oiohc foal deferccacmatioa. BATTERY A22-yati'-old man taidpolice loe w as emoting on the aftecanan of Fab. id ulong Dnwpstnr Street neun Carlaub Stceetwken he was npproarhad by two man who identified therntaleanon members of a lanai 51mal gang. Acnnedisg ta pallan the victim caparted thuthe told the alleged gang members bernas not involved with a gang sad th'ty panrendad to panab bimba tite faoe several lirnae and kick lam after he fall ta the ground. Tice man was taraed foe hojarian otadvarate Lotherno General Hospital in Parlo Ridge said aeleused, pahhan said, No m'enetasoare muda. BURGLARY Sorneom000n Fab. 15 reportedly famed open lime xtoem donc and froat donc of o raso'deans an the f/s black of North Nain, The sintiw was niable ta determina if anything mas misahag, but said tha itomu inane manad urasad. PROPERTY DAMAGE Sornatime balweea Pek, ltad Fab. 171ko bottom part of ke frail window.of Panora Oread os the 7005 block of Want Dampslem Strati w os marked, police maparted. Poli ca wrra unable lo detrm'mine if iba isaident was onimloal ararnidanlal. DOMESTC BATTERY Maarnan Dalohoul, ST, of 7147 W. Nues Ave., Hilan, doua arrastad Fab. 140m ba 7500 hncho oh Went Tauhy Acanoa sod charged with ASSAULT AOS.yeuo'-uid wawua caslactad palice Feb.10 altar u mala acquainlaore allegedly mode a 1h rentant'ng ramunit o her on hr 9105 black of Slereesos Delia. Police said iba man followed ba mvasoon (corn bar catidente und wioen ehe 'elated ta spath tu bimba nilogedipseid, "Snot mulct ma hurt pua." The woman declinad ta oigas ramplaint aguissl ke man, pnban said. PROPERTY DAMAGE A criminal clamuga la praperty comploint has Shad Feb, S near the bpaseatino of See Rnud and Scoebtan Lane, A vahicba wus reported damaged Jan. 26 at 0ny Calnay Casdamialarns on iba 0450 hinab of Roy Colony Grime. A criminal damoge to property repart mas iliad Jan Crasi000d ros- POLCE BLOTTER two rosaio of domestic battory, The wooaasuliegadly scralahed her husband on the noek and han dtosgholer an her arms. Rond was sat at $10,000. She hes n l eb. 22 mart data. POSSESSON Amy Jabses, 22, of 7079 W. Oirohmond Ava., Riles, manaraestadpek.fl( far possession of marijuana nid drug pnmaphemnnihn so the 7200 block of Mosane. Soad was set at $1,005. Oho basa March14 anurt date. THEFT SHERFF'S REPORTS Sameonattale u wahoo contaisisgaaredio card, debit rard and ideahioratino li-orn o persas en Fab. 11 at Xopnrt Pitacos oie hn 9200 block of North Mii. mouimna Avasue. PUBLC NTOXCATON An intashnaled partas pairad oct oto gas station domboisms and apurtmnnts on ihn blech of Holly Lana. Plya oehicien miele rapoatad duwoged Feb. 3 at an aparlmanl anrnples just north of uniscnrpsratad Molan Township on tho bloch of Deorlone Road in NorticOald Poemaship. HT-AND-RUN Hit-nod- rua earl'deans mere oupartad Fab. 110v ba 9400 black nf Samoa Road aid Peb. 12 on the SOSO bloch of Rabin Driva. A kit-nod-c us accident sian raporlad Fab. loathe 9500 hinab of Potier Road, AGGRAVATED ASSAULT AodreBam000, 42, a the agog block of Golf Terrace, oniaaoc'poratnd Muino Tocenship, was ohuegedwith aggravated assoolt Fob. i. Rurasoo'omaommote raportedhy laid poliaa that Ram-anti tumnestaned to bill Fab. l4no hn 6900 black nf Ñnrth lilmiwoohea Acaeua, pollee nai'd. The man was mm pnrtadlytrnnsfermdto Renoaanatioa Medical Canter; bernas rilad foe public iotasiontioms and the cast of emeegasapseasices. HARASSMENT Tha lather of on il-yearnldhopanid his sos has bean harassod and thraalnnadbp osother rhild at sahool and as thobus ca Fob. 16 os hn 7900 blank al Oanntu Avenan. The man maid ibera have banc nagnisg issues, sorbas rocks being thrown uthisrasidason The offendnr nepnrtediycaontomad that ba rictim has facen pinldogon his friaad and ha boo baco defending him, The lothar mmpoatadiy rollad ba school o farn times msi year and mora ranersiy cod does ont feel the pm'oblam is boing toban noi'a of. Camciccmamit:piaocarrloraf000i bar and that he disployad a guobasido thaimnportmant. Tha 46-peal-old docmto macaged to bava the residence and inform o nnighhoe, who costarted pollen. Aoaom'diag ta polira, mikec ofhramsoc'nioed, R,'mmonov inoked himseli in n bedroom, but polira ware able tannas heim cui ta summen. dac Thi'oe guns were fosad cocida the aporlmesi; none w as meni, polica said. BO RG L OlY Arasidectiaibw'gint'p was reported Jan.20 at Crasiwood condawiciumsodod opomimeots na the bionh al Lindo Lone. A ratidenliol burglary seta reportad Jon the 9005 blonk nlotevonsep Di'ive, THEFT A eabirle meus i'epnated ntolen Feb, 4 from hn 9400 hnab nf Dna Rood. Coeioieiml:pianeerlorahicocmi st1hn 5 RE B E S F SCHOOL CCC,a iba ah ocie il Faith.. New Student Registration Famil and Open House Education... The strength of our Future. avaur.aaaoo,segcs mesas nani mahissa aae'saeoneae Sud meoanuonc 'rail cvi laicas/e lsdacaaesv 5Giadas 50e diosuge Cigli Registration for O12 Begins Sunday, February 27th 10:00am to 12:00pm N. Harlem Avenue Plaoaobsis,gc Nues, L sfiate RegisSstioia Foe o asatma,acaa sua Snos estesa 555cc iss sa 5e55i RUSH DE RMATO LOGY Lasasissiucms,sac in Shah in Odas K. Oar/sb, M.D., Ph.D. 000,4 Cafl]iiad O,iaaeolneoc lassia 5. Chaseg, M.D. Osnod 000usd Oa,oadoloacai Lada C, Bac MO, snail yecdic!aol nemasiolagism shaasal Mahas, M.D. 005,0 fss,iad laenadologlai Cmam05ewm5 TO SCHEDULE AS APPONTMENT, PLEASE CALL 1847) cc was, Coli na., laits iii, amica, s. UcinO0 sviolidaeni Ccvosoiaodiy i oiaied race ala Orctacd iiipocvo Vail. nasi cvucalca niaoiaoiapded. uddoicoal arroinerneno lncacaea Cad Rush Oa,wsdelosr 15mal ton.idsv ba-boo lsiel000.slss

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Sloe par'- di000larly enjoyo perfmrmiog 'un "Tha Women Beorrpsgn" which io 0400 h000mn os "0oty Food and Men." 00 tollo akout o emomonhece anly men ora uliamed to ha - und they bcoap mating. Pinaliy Oho women robai to goin a000m ta the roam, end dhro they oli oui togodhan She Shad the rang woo gi000a "Loo Mir" bel by composer Geoff Ricu Miiliino'o Eovac'itno n000y do metrc is "Gciag lo ihe Party" ovhich is aboulr001rv es"heibo Kitty aopdthdporbe]." n udditios to bon wor'b ooithbmrei ufm000beys, Mlltboo huno toll hre job in human raoour005. "'ve been leading o dooble lihndyie foco long tima," she said. "Onus o oleo-viog artist cod O decided end lo be stsroo'ng aoymonore oo0 abarled io lemp, mod 5h00 O gns thin job." lmpruv background Tha Mionesab005tive, who macnado Socioeiar of drin degree ho enacropobogy ham Gp'ionell Gebirge in umvn ends mamdom 00m-toto naciai nnienae h-ambe Univnrnity of Chicogo, begea performing hmprno comedy proond Dho hod beam involvodinlheoderonntega cod kockniage - in niemerotory school aod high nohool, and down kegau doing ho provorhile io college. Dha hen studied imp000 at sevoral plomen, hnclndhog the Ae000d City Connes'vnlory tairen pnioula vocal ovith'obnplronie Mpniqne CoOer mod studied obnsch mo'ithrg mt Dacond City Cannoenalory, NemPuturisto' WomeohWoo-hshop end 00f Meiodilln Villino 01100k Align in ono orlon cosoy cobea amie token so nrr Onrmol am Mankgys Off Compua ad Che Univeo'- oily uf Chicogu. Her shills imriode playirrg cella, world dermoocing, phologrophy tockeiool blroslar cod grapldc dedga. 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12 BZ \ / diversions Stea Jameson s Qriina1 ))» (Charhouse EST9i Best NOT JUST GOOD COOKNG... GOOD LOOKNG!! Rd. next to the Double Tree Hotel) PthatèPartis & Banquets Avattjor Charbroiled ncredibly Great Steaks & Chops! Fresh Fish! Burgers! By MYRHA PETLCK Ca strias is r A derent culture is velahestsd cash yeas' throssgh she "Csmiasg Together is Shohie" prsgcucs. Tisis peed sise iotas is ass ihe Phifp' pisses. 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Celebrate Seuss Yuordswon'tbescrocd Aseen eggs and hanta sels' beats Str Sense' bicthdat' n'esh, nstead, Sissy will manic Abs sacasinn mith Ss't upecisi stocytissuss und utah p55(5065 at the V'diage Cswssing Shopping Center's hat"ces sod Noble buch' otos'e, 5400 W Teolet' Ano, Disable. The creata m'e io am, Wrduaaday Macms 0, ando pm, Friday Macelli. Far debilen, call ' y4g505 visit snnsnubar'ec' sandssolais.eom. A PONEER PRESS PUBLCRO1 'Ulf MOVE REVEW Hurtin' party boys By BRUCE NGRAM Pliso frills HALL PASS * * 5(6 "Hall Poso," aessobially, is a comedy shoal paio. Yea, il's a comedy ebout a voopis nf hopelessly candy bot tlserooghlydomestinoted middle-aged husbands who get esto assonciol sflsuctsnhsethsieovinrs give than such e maslo-long seo pasa feom maritai Sdalltyo And theta isind ola bs'illiant premisa, bcreass it's lamely certain theme's not ans hosbsmd sas theme whose brain isn't lit ophy that idea, But when it cornea time logsesrate lsughs from ttis situalisu, weiler/amen' tous Pater cud Bobby Fercefly the aretims tanga of raunchy remedy who cashed op three guiltypleasnec classics in e mw with "Dumb assddambcsi" "Kingpin" and "There's Something about Mary," wow or ssu muiss do oe'ith the hart. 7e other words, es escoco best-buddias Rich und Feed 10mev Wilson and 'dusse Sadeihis af"satucdey Night Lisa"( step outside of lbs cele nouasse nf warmiago and sim'ubittin' on tisa beban, thry err beeten, shot at, acccelad and ganaroily franimeted, mortified und hsaniiietsd egoin nesd aglio end aguin eod aglio, Or thr soc hood, hst's fuir enough: Enemy clown with o pielrnp lina dunes-sos to hans u piano follan his head usw cud then, Os iba other hand, the moralistic ponishmcnt gota tresome prottyquiebty t's important ta vota that Riele und Fred arc est oatdglst pige, They's'ano'sc guys, besisslly, bai potniully deluded. Also pobnloily middla-agad, puinbslly while end psinfraily suburban (they upend them fast night an bushslors pcnwling for chicles at e nearby Appiabee's). Pend (Sadaihiel is cesso- "Hell Pose" Sally an ineos's'igiblc bal heemtaus lack, but Rich (Wilson, msdersd with short-sleeved shirts and o blonde Hitler bairoal(, han a mossi elerels biset makes him chia moco sympathetic and Tally L'docenisa, his mils Maggie (Jeena Pisahcrnf"Thr Office") is hansusiaedby bs'rnggsruineiyeancet'oetl and moauded by her huebandh roawing eye, while Fradh Gswcs (Christina Applegote, who played fha bombolsell Bandy dooghtar in iba mach Tuoni sesos and worciugatv sibouw "Murriad with Chitdrsu"( is little mora than a etnwsr-»- encapt for a lese-minute, helllhearlcd aelitudo adjustment. And tiosib oboat solar os attempts al shaeuctceiealion go, scan svhsn the situoticu becomes complicated by Maggie esci Gmcc's amn oppnrtunibies for ialldrliby. f the PlamesSys hod optad fac all-out lucca in "Hall Pass," that wouldn't accranasty bes problrm. Sul rcgrsiiebiy, they try to swing beth ways. There's just enough soul-scurclsing sed ob'amatia lsaros'ngof icssoae to slow dome the peer und bheow the thinness of lbs racs'oabasn istbo shsrp moud as the stos'y woriss lbs pcodictabla way tomacd a noap, arares'ed-lifauflhrwieg ntoroh, Of esursa, ihn nosy fuir mecaume sic Fert'slly music is the nusokuc uf laughs it produoce. Breu un thsb boule, huagh, "Hall Pase" ices-soot beet, Tb crc sea eas'prisiegiy few scf id acocas umung the aim osi mest'yirg, numerous eltamptuatruasohy hilerity (und lbs socs abat bib home usa for ton s'oonohy to describe berc, bui we ulno gala couple uf snappy une-lin res ond sight goge und a reliably lousy appearance S-am gewisy, slightly demented Stephen Met'ohont lof hn oeiginol Bt'itbsh "The Offea"l un soc of Risk sod Peed's despes'- ate middle-oged hosmdag puis. Thera's evouagrons-oel gag isrolviogcnooeeooa rightelub girl Frsd brirge bock lo his motel iheb coold polo etlially asti-oms edalioc otsythheg sacr brt'csn in a somady of this typm Bleich is appt'sprietc, aiu0500eegetwenl esuld bc neoda Tor the f aerallye inocnlirg the goose-oat geg. Oral irasi cslobliabisg it 00 o near-staple fec ary uowedy aiming fnc an adolesocoluc paei-adslrsecel dumugrophir. 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We can't romamber who ovan who' Despise dho deeeion, hbailonr enjoyed the nnpmoiones. Ho gol udditiomei portorwamee praclinoaroand bis time x'mging Oeles ut PTA meetings. "By the dimo 2 woo Odor 12, Phod coma anpodence 0mo toge," ho said. BROtRO beginnings When ire woods, inspired by tse Boodlas, Hollaee picked up agluilm ucd begon prr000mimg inn hood al teeo doncas. Wirilo alilo in his tesen, ha became iondosnotcd in folk mosin, parily loam lis000ing do olbomo Sent to his Pathos's s'odio sdahion. "Being a hid sos the 'WOn, WO tried do linteu to oil hiodo of musir,1' HaMmer soid. "Tha ynos hind of iba stlitudoyoo wore nupposed io have." Huther began reseacehimg the hiolory n/bib mrsntr when be woo in ensogo. " started doing papers on bivae, or lire history of corlo ond coil," he seid. "Then, wim000 gol to gi'oduods school, was par suing aemethiog libe Asneo'- dean politicoi hisdosy ora m000 trodidln001 Weld." Bal his inteoant in bib music altered the forum of his " had learned that lsera mas s body otwoehing class poedry and music ont there nobody hod mpent Sims on tha predates Wondy) Guthrie and (Pbdel Weagar," Hulker onoallod. "t Sumpad indo Shed. Pt woo o cice 000veegecre nf my intereot in w auir aod hislary. 've hind of beam going donar thut path one way er menthes ever since." Working musician HaOser earned a Ph.D. lu history from the Uuiversily of Minnesota, sed ira ganan aoadem'ic caceas - Srol teaching os the Uoiveroity olmisomasoln and thon ut e 000pie nf small liberai Ochs onlisges whiioa asili pes" Rorwing "21010 two tenure treob jobo und olsimotely decided 0h01 this was noto life mantad to pussoe beoadas O was buoy with the musir," he said. Sn addition topeesnemiog, though, Habser hes given huedmda af pre000- tassons acenso She 00000ry ondin Burepe aod Caoads no muslo history, address- ng unob inp'rrn os Woody Guihris aod the Great Depression and worbiag- cinas proteos manic Mcow 18MO-055W. About S yaors 0go, the 10mg-ene llinois resident reooiaed, "Tbcoo's 000b d'uvsrse manic in hn siete and o reos pooi of talent diwgfigrb Singer/historian mines llinois's musical heritage W000y paiher boso maouged l040eade0500- cessfal canoa by100ueing on his Wa greolaud sosaresso - muoio omd hiutory. il's 0m impeeouiee achievewool Don a gmstr mho ntaolasi bio profenebonai lime 0000e olsallia's haimreo'o, You can hear FluCher siog rod play, while gettiog u little muoio history less000, N p.m. Feiday, Feb, 20 ad dho Skokia Theotee wheo ho p000ento, 'Folk Muoia in the boeue5dood The Foibsouga of llinois?' HoOker is urs expect on dho Soplo os ps'odmsroc of"follmoongs ol iilismoio," aseries el soeordlego about liso bondage of SlLools foils maslo. He eeeeodly rompialad dhe lourib CD in thus serien and is doing research for a Dish. About that debut porl'oroasaocr... Hoiher was eight at She O/Ose ucd his job was io loud Sona Claus edles's Room bids. 20 loas 00 hiu Ramily's rodia odogion im Aahlsud, Wi500mato, whom HaCher geow up. "O gol eaevnas doing d, fha aoy lilaila hid who Wanne dhe oir with o mioeoph000," he ould. "My Travels With My Aunt - su * * 55 "DAZZLNG' - rimo our eltc000 "SOPHSTCATED AND WR'.. LGHT AND FANCFUL." cvreatu lobuno "VVD, SUPREMELY wgll-dcted. - DELGHTFUL." "HGHLY RECOJb1MENDED" "AS PERFECT AS A NGHT N THEATRE GETS." BR hot oros005 ail lmo wusie geerms, and don's dumb it's gotten the attention feom histoci000 enel Polkloriots noodjeurnadists thet it deserves." Halherisrd010')Abng that nidoetine with his CD series 00 POinois 0db music. " think thereb no mueb great music that madly shosod be eelebraied," he said. Como celebrate wijh him Priday Cemwendlpioneerlaruteew Dammee Ciisicagor Slepimess Bsrrrar of mmlcr'slmal irr/mm1 Nor Sursois Pm'ojera mori sise Essrcrron S ms/ Qrirm'rm'. \'\?i;1)nes).5y M SRCH 9 AT 6:30 PM SELLNG OUT FAST-ORDER TODAV Co sp o Cato Pnudnntian Spenses FOR ADDTONAL NFORMATON: CALL ,7777 OR VST HARRSTHEATERCHCAGO.ORG WRTERS' THEATRE

17 rt 812 iijnrb DC - ThURSDAy. F55404p PlAtEO POEtS PUFLCOTON - OlC There's More at the North Shore! 2011 GRAMMY AWARD WNNER FOR EESTAMERCANAALBUM MAVS STAPLES Sat, Mar 12 atopm l000nflerrrsr Oralnmrwls,gooy&050yalrorFomeryilsm erra blusa singer Movie Slap sa gives flor Chicago horrrobamirg CWLOREN'S LTERATURE COMES AL SE JUNE B JONES Sat, Mar5atllatgg &lpm Based on Oho lovable award winning serres by Barbara ParU penormancer cost miso rl! - i 4 S iço go. Lorlin000 rois PAGE BlD SoSO Share llaoeoni000. or isle psndtol ecutcobsrbt Ohopo orlo 10)150 no t r WOO loot lo o cg t 00P ailol000isarilsin ylosilt dci rorralo arr pm Thuradoyt vi bi. 00 Boor 050 liant corle aro Socolle. Bay alti ai coon topar,- nit labla lls nov so ledi boalar par 0000tallba AlambiC or al ornai on, vail (310) ill o vlolinilntrllihor laroratriiorr BENEFTS Parkaldgeneo brcdtalrt aillirrir Oro gola Mordr blab pu rab Oval Cale lo lavo yorolole Ovad Ca F aireo t desloo s ladeo isolo 63 trovo ron Oho Pal ct allos odtal toil oc a danohos.11005er pri000. Col (BAli 6230Cl 04 ridi birlo p orkrdgeoioiuorotsolra ai BOOKS & POETRY Oon00600hle. 330 Ob oho altlei 0604 t. lt4b 631-lolo Mars04 330ptr:Mororrati lian005doouoo to ata lp500cooroair lla011ll000 Msroho 080 pm. Ovoid boottydlol00000aaopto lls Trim Corrnairci warb lioirûorlloalurnranllmrral T001Carrllereeyad labor SabBia. Clbpnlcarrol kor50000ra 010es 0000'o Food Cala Mardtr Linaolte050 Patto libraba, b all Bot. (tall uaeilrarlreaod(lnollyornnaroiil4,il oa:sr Saoaliaiiae001yta000 leisure CHENS PLAT 0100 mad Pablo Litra 15, 4000 W. r oil Ors. (SOi ocrllirool cnood( araryoio MaraBO,lynPolaaotrarylrn000lehra000 b.seaov BrrhdahyOr pm..Bvrder BOF ito Camp hook T 060 Flea JaroOarokih-Opri1119,lbrOoa. nuotallo loritooboio,a rylims 1011 rl io liil505rtgstl i. Mar04 6-OgrilCO,iOo 5.05a00000l aegis sits till trovo ltailliirarroblaa 00h o011aoieo For lrl0010 O Mar85350mn Cectvrlarthe hartarositollit booiokckttiohokloie (401) lrelraoi to- 1001g Maoohl.ltn.onalpm.. Jurar. loteo0000roa Booed at lt Ay serbata AtrO suitable lt oh id COMEDY Okohaltsalre 0904 Liso soot loll (04h orao lrlrcu600etlitalrrooc ,55 pm Ola Edge ConrAl ut DANCE PARPO fits ACCES (bah Oaroa ChloagAl,aolsiroaor of 500s105 ODar roagaosit.b pn MerOhlehlOa(rish tcsoloar Ar, Papa Cerlec e Ct Oc go. Pomloraart cli leiht rin,ir Noed,sy 00 lo 5h Ooroe l050bor al foll Canot lia Ms OBmoflo myol iri000aour,botg a toly Ooadsayol rish Casco sloths Ba-- iace-aaalidndioy Soyaol 01 m ll borc 1106nlaillSlleeitmlhildmae arlerlb.caill700l ordi ene li050-aaalcsn.org tarhhoeeotero leiorrsiiysj000n louis Thsater. 08 ArlolirolaO 110 COararor Feb. 0B-Morth&-oam t torno dolo t000rflo loe 0r mal ncr ko dl barl lees baleo lame my olio ro tgroptero and perlariirar000 by or0 Semit darosro. (t010diro mots Omar boo old elbrio darle Psrlsrirucai are 5100.e ltlrotay lsl505ar.10.n Ourdoyo. lubeto. LS; bio lar so ti mioiseso;slbicolsll-fa,om000 lo For i0000aahor cali i841ldtl-050 r mori t4to loo orliror000ero odi. Raoeaoelmnedre Also RoaN 4000msel 11601v arr orailsdl 01 tena ootla000arotn or O ilot lhclioketp Ossi Oint bslsrla ach leobde salaba leso Falo an la mallos a la cl 110 Era moo mo l (Boll bi albltturaoenonilha abr500n 10b.Ob,2e 00bps. or 00 lou Da Ovo' ir oh ao io olor hokalt GBPS & L0000aa HOpp410ihitmoneonllsbp-ovdro mocad ad oqoara do eoiaq lye aaocmdsolumday ollas ava O through May14. so Lneolusi lle o go., PAGE B14 l E)8S pes%-- JB"1 OE U.flS ts tibica0'st Rock 'W Roll Musical lisp'1 j t The true StoV The Skokie Valley loo-sc jiq$joo5 & ipengie spells 100 ci wnda Feb,'00 2Z 201f ottsioopm brarhnraa Ccrioiou Ovurbaro w000ilcrec So'noohonp SCa. Sin FMajnr E001hnvtn Symphaa,000 Sin E-Oso Oialor ("Eoon CO5?JLOne Lip e foosyifül lele do?. Gilbert & Sullivan's pnrlornred by the Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Cempany nod the University am Chigaga Chasther Ornhestra VOTED A TOP ATTRACTON BY CONCEROESa Beethuven Box Office: Pas-Concert Lecturas ml Pdbpm. u5iiprnararno nra aoubaaco in roo Piancor Poo rollo Shuns Canteo Sucohe -rancune5 Ama vo skolda an Nmble Nuajaverd Sknlria,L eco n.ioaucthnupp accasaible Friday, March 11 at 8 pm Saturdayn March 12 at 8 pm Sunday, March 13 at 2 pm Mandel Hall, 1131 E S011o Street, Hyde Park Thrisa Hwdils, DirectOr. Timothy Semanik, Conductor TCKETS ON SALE NOW Ticket Hotljne: $5 Student $20 General $50 Patrian - All prucouda banap,t lie DOParOnanO np OlUoic Pernurmonna Prngram produnlofl 11..'nbAcm AuiÇ, yi500.;:i.:oao o -r lt NEW TCKETS ADDED - NOW EXTENDED THRU SEPTEMBER! APOLLO THEATER * T(KETMASTEROM * GROUPS (AL 31?.911.1O MLLONDOLLARUVAtTETLVECOM

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19 E16 DC TFUDSDDY, FEDRUA4Y 24,212) * JOFF REY BALLET CHCAGO ASHLEY C. WHEATE-R' P C' SEcT0Y : 'G; nd and gb;!ow -C7utiigo1 Vun!f'unL s e io e FARY is 27 VV 11 1,_s.' Paris A beautiful widow A dashing count An intoxicating love story z o -n m n' C z r n' C) C) C z H o z Cri AUDTOlUM THEATRE JOFFEYOORG/MERRY' Eebeeh F.'Cheney FeundeSion MergoS & Joeef Lekoniehok Lerne Fengseon &T.rryClerk Jene Ellen Muerey FoodeOinn

20 ODUCED BY CUSTO MEDA SOLUTONS FN N, PEOPLE WHO MnÉEADirrÈluNcEj BUSNESS/NDJSTRV.1 NSDE:FNANCE/EETflL Patrick Hayes unlocked the national Workl{eys program for the people of Elgin He has rallied the community to get the workforce trained with in-demand skills, and attract business to the area. SEE STORY PAGE 3 MUA HERO WHOLE FOODS FUNDRASER VOLUNTEER DYNAMO PONEERPRESS '7 q KENNETH :jjlj ASSOCATES NJURY ATTORNEYS - Wrongtul Death Brain & Spinal njur Slip & Falls r - M & Jobsite Accidents - Medical Malpractice - Vehicle, Truck, Bus, Railroad, Motorcycle & Aviation Crashes Mesothelioma & FELA - Burns & Explosions NO FEE UNLESS YOU WN! titen tops attoi' Y list gaifl "Jury orders Allstate to pay $20 million to insured driver." ABC7 NOW NEWS "Mr. Allen's $48M verdict in Nation's Top 10" Lawyers USA "$28.2 Million Awarded n Jet Crash" Chicago Tribune Accident& UA)RS (Wi Exclusively. rj O8A6O6292. Tiniey Park S, Harlem Avenue AME tïh6 or r"'. View fi & Ncws nterviews, Verdicts7 Cases and Accident Reconstruction Vidcos at r:r3 ; f3

21 rn.. z iuusoav. FERUAP V SPECASttOHS SUNM(5 COSi ROLUC(D BY CUSOM MEDA SOLUTONS FN, N, NW NCK!S KDS Waukegan broker supports Muscular Dystrophy Association DY TERRA COQUET CoTleNpondont lives a resident and btisnoss owner wino lainas peído in his phtlatntlsropic endesyors. Broker nwaukegain NtekNicketakis kas 40 years of real estate expert. oece ander his belt, mostly tin tino northern Lake County area. Alter ruening his own company tor to years, he ocquiced CBS Realtors in 1995,which has been in business for 40 years,tho ntl-servce brokeesgs ottico heavily emphasizes commercial properties. Nicketakss and CBS Realtors dedicate tine same amount olenergy tota supporting chaoitable orguntzxtionz. CBS has been involved with the Meucnolar Dyutcopky Assacistien for almost 20 years. MElA is a ero-pootat company linar supports reaoarck as welt as medocat and support services lar maccube dysiraphy, omyatraphic lateral scboresis (ALS) and other neuromuscular diseaxes. Children and adults assisted by MDA ore retened to asjort-ys Kids because Jercy Lewis is tte RDA national chaorman. CBS und Nicketulds have been involved in events sappotttngjottys Rids. include tine Sharn-Rocloin Bowl- A-Than held arruad St. Patrocino Day.Vabunteer bowlers raise money by reuniting pledges horn friends relatives and colleagues. Pledges are based or tine eurnlrer olpins the valuotoer hancha dawn. All donuttenu benefit MDA. For she last 15 years CRO has also participated in the MDAThaoka-lor-Giving Luck-Up,Nickotakis helps cuar. thronte the arrest olbocat protenainnals who are asked to make baìl.'the coot attrait is also the rout at sending ano oljerrys Kids to camp lar a week. Sarna aceesteee cuico donations balare tke event, wkfle ethers upend the altecasnn matting coas tar pledges. lt the aneslees cuccesstuuy make bail, they ace rewarded volk a Thanksgiving turkey au webt as bread und unter' (really piura sad doughnuts) whole behind bars. CBS raised mato thorn $ total in tke part S years. Food for thought Whole Foods Market teaches healthy lifestyles R? TERRA COONEY Correspondent Whole Fords?4urket in Palatine hus a strong company cace value ta care lar the carnmueity. George Ecanemac marking and camrnttnity outreach epeciabiet lives np ta tkut coronnotment by matting ii an annual gaol te ensure that the inetghbachaartu are a better place ta beta da this, he helps ta pranode customers with healthy. eating educutien and practical culinary instructtnits.wtthwttobe Fards Market, Ecenomes hasts many culinary pcesontatiens with local libraries ta teach recipe preparation tu kids and adults. "Seeing peuple learn and have uniqae experiences withwhnte Fonds Market re- Seme al the donations are put straight back in the cammumty because hga loegniently sendsjerry's Kids te a camp in Lake County. "We think this is a very gratitying and lallithag way te help lads und (amities ra oar curnmunity,"nicketalas said. Because al htn onvalvernent with MDA, Nicketateis kas heard many inspiring stortes and meet many local lamitien allected by nearemuscular diseases. lie also attended the annual Jerry Levas MDA Labor Day Telethon n Chicago and presented ikeir annual tundraistag resulta. "lt's only statistics until yea gai tu see the results lire1 hand," he skated. Nicketatus bollones that na matter what charity yuu keucht, doing something lar someone else teals ally keeps me motivated," ka said. Tino culinary contributor to Centcast's Community Caunection has been involved in many commarnty events through his position. An active partner with the Barrington, Lake Zurich and Patatine chambers ofcornmerce,wliale Foods Market sponsors programo nvith various rotarias and hasts eunprolit groups 1er meetings and tn-stare perlormancea. "Qaarterly, nne hold Certmurnty Suppart Days, where S percent at ono day's sales bandit a bacul SOlc3 orgarnratien,' Econamou said. Last year, the market donated more iban $55000 ta the community, a Wood independent tram ike lord they prow vide to mare than O local load pantries weekly. GET ORGANZED NEW DEAS FOR SAVNG TME AND SPACE An acclaimed 2-hour seminar by Deniece Schofield, nationally renowned home management expert. Finally A seminar designed to show you that it's really possible to manage your home, nurture your family and still have time for you! YOUWLL LEARN:. Hundreds of no-nag ways to have a neat house, happy kids, and calm parents all at the same time.. How to eliminate all scraps of floating paper.. How to calendar and schedule your time.. Household hints for more efficient use of your space and time. 'Deniece Schofield seems to be the most organized person on earth. f participants put to use even e small fraction of her advice, their lives will be, if not happier, at least less cluttered and harried." Publishers Weekly DENECE SCHOFELD Seminar leader, Deniece Schofield, is the author of Confessions of an Organized Homemaker, Confessions of a Happily Organized Family, Kitchen Organization Tips and Secrets and Springing The Time Trap. She han been the national spokesperson for Proctor and Gamble and has contributed to Woman's Day Magazine. As a noted expert on home and time management, Deniece has appeared throughout the United States and Canada on television and radio programs. Monday, February 28th, 7 to. 9 PM or Tuesday, March 1 st, i O to i 2 Nöon COMFORT SUTES i 775 E. Belvedere Rd. Grayslake, L The same material is presented at each seminar. if more information is needed, please call i 8OO835TME (8463) = NO RESERVATON REQURED. PRCE $25.00AT THE DOOR. CHECKS ACCEPTED Gel netabyeth tick ttickttakio, tonen rl CBS Yraltant on Snundkvonue a Vaukegan holdi r phrtognaph talon rl liv doting hn urroal bahut Bay Mutcular Dyttnrphytolethrn that ho tick part iv. t itou cientan - roe tie nett otra L. 44/' h/ Whttestme etficstoa Gernge Ecrnrnnrt, mailing oiidcrmmunityrutnesch opecnaliat frnaonatr Fnrdr Manc iv Palatino, educatet childrra un nuits and voltsbot at litai schreit i tupoiitnriitnr PROGRESSBUSNESS/NDUSTRY iget involved in doing good within your community.' NCK NCKETAKS, CBS Realtors great.11e also participates in the asonualy-me Race At Your Pace Mothers Day 5K race Bar breast cancer and tina flatted Run tar the Zen, which benefits Lincoln Park Zen. 'There are many worthwhile ongantautiana und eiferte that one can got involved woth,"he suid."ln my opinion, it doesn't matter which ano you get inoolved with, as lang us ilyou aro abbe,yes da get involved io doing good wtttun your caotmurnty' nvestigate why you may feel you hear fine, but simply have trouble understanding conversations. Take the first steps toward prevention or treatment; Complete a hearing selfassessment quiz, watch an educational vdeo on hearing and download your free Guide to Better Hearing on our website, Health care as community service Providing health care is a vital cunninttoity service, Dr,Jsaon Romeos, a clslcepracticphysiciurn baa been helping tumiaes stay healthy tar mere than O yeare.au along-time restdanl olgurnee, Romeos believes gientg back te the community is a responsibility of the people unit businesses. "Supporting local charities and people in need prevides a stronger sense ofcornrnamtç"rornatts said, 'Oar ottico has toed drives through. nul the year la help sspport otre bocal shelters. Oar neat laud drive is the weetrolmooch 14 tu l8.any patient who brings in a nan-pariskaltba taud item svt5 receive a compbtmentsry consultation and exann' Romano also provides fees treat. monts ta active noibitury.bst he behaves the most impurlont service is tree spinal exams loo children. "lt ts vital ta detect and correct spinal conditions o ckibdnea' he said. "Rids tend ta respond very favorably ta cluroproctic reatmenl, and tde spinal cam may prevent more serions, chonaic health issuaa in the tutore." A unique eervrce pravided by balte County Finmily Chiropractic _rn the DCX 9000 spinal docompression therapy syetem.the DRX is the moat advancodspmal decempressinn system avaobabte.this treatment hes sncreared the quality el he far peuple sulfating with law back paie due to disc issues and degenerative arthoittrissues.ramunn is providing a free spinal docempression cominee at 7 p.m. April B. Call te reserve year space today, (847) 672-gOAl, or gn te t'oottdedby Catie County fanta)y Chiropractic GOOD TO -' SP ECA LS CC B tssu NTM ES CO M Edlors Tammy Malthewo Cattle Shatwarko Pags Besga Arel Figura Cnvsr Photo: Ma Covylun tu Adaortias: Cito Walth (312) How do know if (have a hearing toss? [ndu flrmrosttyder, Won. Buctor ut ttiidiolry, Bound Contiliod in Wad rtwy, Pnotidenl md Foundet CALL TODAY FOR YOUR COMPLMENTARY 2010 Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids -.-- COMPARE i it ;,ni.1 Oo? ' Top brands New models '.,, Features Costs Did you know that 31 million Americans experience hearing loss? (n the United States, hearing loss is the third most common health condition for people over 45, Causes vary from ear wax build-up or side effects from medications, to prolonged exposure to loud noise or natural aging. Most hearing loss develops gradually, so the signs are difficult to detect. i. t Catty Smith, WaD. Broten otaiudnlwy, tourd Crditicd in Audiology ) PROGRESSBUSNESS/NDUSTìY FORCE for WO Elgin businessman pushes job skills effort RO DENSE MORON Correspondent There are jobs out there, but maybe not the people who can do them.this odd situation, considering the country is in a recession, is very real, according to Patrick Hayes. He likes te think tte carrent high uneniplaynienl situatior would change if ompfeyara wine wore hesitant ubat add. ing te their worhfarces could be assured that the people they hired woes shilted enaugh ta do the jeb,tha Rame degree et enthusiasm und ecpertioe that layes used ta grow his own business i, new being applied ta helping others became soccesslul. " am passianuta about putting llinois workers buck ta wark,"tlayeo said. "We need a werhforce capable et providing oar llinois lirms with the means el cempettng more ellectively en a global basis." He first saw the need far a pragram that would help employers lind good warhets whon ha relocated his company loom Elk Grane la Elgia. Hayea is tino launder and chairman of Fabric mages in Elgin, He started his company io Elk Grove in 1992 with two employees n o 6,OOt-aquare-f oat building, Fabric magos manufactures lightwoight, digitally pointed, tonsiened fabric archtecture fer retail, museum, arrkitectore and anbabito. "Our first market was trade show eohlbitsonn," Hayes said,"we saw a need te produce oohibtta out of a lightweight frame, with labric covering which would not anly be more economical linon the tradottenel baildiog materials being utilired bat also more cast eltectioe in transportation, ussembly, dismantling and stenag&' The company doublod is size wstkin its first twa years. Sy 1997, the company had 35 employees and added another 8,500 erguare feet. The company new occupies a lko,000-squure-luet larilitywitk foto employ000 in Etgin.The company has opened manutactursng fucilities in Moo. ice City and Milan, ftaly.tha company is wooksng en a third facility in Brard, which ekeold ha oparational linie year. "Alter manong the company, with enpectuiians uf an improved warkterce," EMPLOY MORE: PROGRAM PUTS PEOPLE TO WORK TheACtrr, WctlKoyo program uodenwayia ho Etgio area trim r doeelrp and drconntont hn skills o! thecunnenl and litote wntktonca to betesl job seekers und enptuyers, and sttengthoo econcolc dsvetrpnnent ellndl ja the togion. lt ollera online talning, Wotkteys ntsrtovrnts, und the National Coitar Readiness Cedirtcnla at no change n unenploynd lob errkrnr. t ella oilers online ltointng n rach al hr fiar uros high schnolr rr skill driolopnont, and makea the NCRC availabletathem, : Finally, it wonks n coneince local rmployuns to recognite ho cerltftcale pnesnntrd 7 hiropractic Physician.. o L ra. _.r,tti,r,.ia:cuiu;,od l's4idiftri Why Choose Our Office? As a long tarte residentofgnrrrno lake pride la netvdrg (he Samoa cotrrmnnt'. (pnrroaally 0atsAt0O lhalyottt fannily walroceive profnssiotra(, pnrrrrnalizod care and f prnmiae ynu ietllreceivo exhordrlryscrvfce. (tavo boon treating fanrltloslor over lsyuars and have mmd lirai lirehoof tvay o slay (toattltyls to conbino proper diet, erorciae und agularchlmpruarllc care into yourlifootyle. invite yoa andyuorfanray lo visit nur alaco lorpain retostar we/las wettrnesr care. ::, Or Jason Romano had Great Success in Jeatng:. Neck Pein. Hesdsches. Sfnouldsr Pale (Aotstor Cuff Strstns) e Arm Peleflngtlng. Low Deck Pain (Oleo Buigos). Hp Pain. Leg Pain/Numbness. Pnched Nerves.ps.v-1 Mesi resusses. aoa.pr.d i/ Ti P,.t.,5.dP,5a1d.,ta,,u,i. pece eas eta. :e C,s..St,i. stri.to. NEW, SAFE, PANLESS AND NONSUROiCAL LÖW BACK TREATMENT ,. : Now Available n Väur N.thborhood!.. ' i EFFECTVE N TREATMENT OF LUMBAR DlSk,HERNATOMS/BULGES. FACET SYNDROME. CHRONC BACK PAN. SCATCA NTRODUCNG ru TsDYGflflfl Lake County Family Chropractic s the only olfice n the Gomas aros to otter the BRX RuDO. The DRO s the most advanced lumbar dsc treatment system avalluhlo. Hayes said,"we neticed that although many of the upper-level positions were being tilled by quatilled skilled workers, Our entry as well as some mld.evol po. sitions Were being manned by less-thanacceptable prespectl" Hayes approached the Ogre Werk. lerce Cnmmitteo about the prablem, After being irnited ta sit en the rem. mutter, he nter served tor s ttme as the cheirmaa el the cemmittee and chairman of the Elgan Aseo Chamber's Ecanamic Denelepment 000ncsi. Hayes said the Nattosal WorlelCeys Conference gave him a better andarstanding of how ear national wnrkf erce can toe mproved. "We all assume thai unyene epply. ing lar a job has the shills needed er the ability te learn the shills el the eb' Hayes said."we lace a majar problem hora io America in the fact that the flach al) care shills required fer any leb may be at tine creo olear problema, We We all assume that anyone applying for a job has the Shills needed or the ability tu learn the skills of the job (but) employers need to know you have the ability.' PATRCK llaves, Fabric mages owner, Wotk0eynprcpnnenl may hoes a candidate whn might be a fantastic welder, hut he can't read at a level equal tu that which is needed unii enpected. He might net have the math aballe nereasury te lenctier, er he is seable n read a blueprint er hod needed inlermatian." Hayes was instrumental in bringing the national ACTWoekllays prrgoam ta Elgia en that people ran earn their Na. tional career Readiness Cortificates and ose them ra get a jab. WorkiCeys now armabas the Ogle Aseo Chamber, the city at Elgto,U-46 School District, area baustseoses and industry leaders, Elgin Community College, the state Depootmeol et Ewplayment Security, the Werkforce nvestment Board, Gail Burden Public Lrbrary, Unit- FN, tn. Net ponrucre ta costee ernie triarronit OPECtALStCtiONt SuNrtUrS cae niiapnnev merecen so. soin 3 Fabric ai lite: Patrick taint, pnrsidont of Elgin's Fohnic nagea and chsirmerofho Elginitues Chamber of Crirnnnnorcehocneomnc dovolrpmont committee, slondt inside orr cf hit lange promotional tenta he and hit employees dotiga Hateo araks with yeuth to help thrm uodenttard that wiling io tnday's industry tnquinrs mono spacialired and advanced skills t wsrcouvnce - rit tue nett edway el Elgin and the Grand Vadano Foundarton. "WorklCeys was the commua factor that we ceald all agree that, if implemented, would be e teal ra acetal us in supporting werkfnrce develapmear," Huyes said. "A barge number of the uaempleyod lark the shills needed 1er the labs that are being created," said Elgin Mayor Edward Schock."Dorens al cempanies in Elgir hove used the recession aso reosen te review their hiring practices. An excess ut 60 cnmpanieu have signed en ta oca thewarklleya program aso screening tool in their human resource departments." 'Parrich Hayes io just amusing an what ha's dens ta gar the wurinlurce gaing," said Julio MoClendan, CEO uf the YWCA in Elgin,"ll's impartanr because ab, are sa scarce these days." Hayes said that people seeking em. playmeot skeuld arrarh a copy el their National Career Readinoss Certihrate onto everyjab opplicatiso and tesoros mey hand ear. "magine that this has mare imparrande thon a repart cand ta prune your care shills," Hayes satd. 'An 'A' dees oat have the same valua from ene school ta another.the NCRC values are acncpted universally thoeughost 35 nf the United States," "One el end local employers recently hired their second certiticate holder," Hayes sait!. "They would not even have considered hiring the apptacanre belote G....-i-:.,Sj.... '"::, ci....,,,,..;::.: -...-,.: i L by eppttcuols. According lo on ACicate studyov the Elgin ytogram, it continuos to he succrsstal, FOrosampte u Mote than 1,500 area high achool tortora haar earnod Nulirnalareer-.u..,-' Resdinrss Certificales.,.,, iapproetmalrly 70 ateo ernplryons have sgned a cterai iotrnl and advrrliae lhsir oecognitlon of hn crdrricntes. Bacnera rnnnaa arc held lrwurnlly taacqualal rtherrrrplenns with Wo bonottis of hr ccttiflcate, und the Chamber uf Commence tauft the area's 'docuveotud' wrrkforce in economic devetuymont nffods o attract and retain employers. For note totarmation, contact ACtuc., fadeout Rogirv, 3DB Knlghlahrrdgoparlway, Sub 300, Lircolrshire, 6OO699lSt, OB iclglrriucu Chamhr i f the NCRC pragoum was adapted. The individuals came loam other industries and hod na enpenionco io the industry they wanted ta switch te. For the most part, employers need ta knew you have the abiltty.they ere happy ta train yea if yno can prene yaar cate skills." layes visited ke local emplayment encurity office in sedar fo tell unom. played peuple abaut the l,rrr Weiher Skills nitiative that was funded by UmtedWay ibis past year, "Once an indiosdoal reaches OS weeks nl unemployment, they are at tine end of financial assistance," Hayes said. "Havnng been involved per,000lly in poesenting ra these greaps, i must say it is eye-opening ta see greups ef highly daversiked, and io some rusos very talented, peaple going that long wothaut work. n many coses, they ore gaing ta hove ta switch prof esstnna.thts is whore we have found that ehe lananciel ruetribattens made by our local United Way and Elgin Community Cellego ere really putting oar pragoam into on acttsn made.we encouoago this group ta visit ECC and take tha assessments. Neot, meet with a counselor and view prolessienal optians. f needed, pregnams con be adapted te needs," "f we cao prove positive results," Reyes cancladed,"we can centinus this program either through the United Way Or ether aptians aher ate curnently being cenoideoed.we believe that this is samethng that wo need in llinsia, and we are seeking a program 1er all in ear stete," Oniw.M4K1 UNTED Top Centiiry2lAgent in llinoisfor 18 Years! Personally serving Lake County residents with all their Real Estate needs successfully for 35 years! mp Office Sales Agent For 35 Consecutive Years! iwww.larrydesmond.com C2lDesmond.com

22 . TuR5DY. rtruary? SPECASECTlONS SUNUMES COM PRODUCED Y CUS1O MLDA 501U11045 FN, FN. NW Nuts about helping Kiwanis Peanut Chairman also works with Boy Scouts BY T ER RA COON EV Coriespondent Sixty.eightyear-old Dave D000vao,owoer of Coyno neurance in Paik Ridgo, foamed early oowfent i(moant to give bock to bio conninuolty through the actiono and per000atities othin parents. " bnlieve each of tes has an example in fife that dimos no inwhat we do,' ho said."fn toy case lt was my mom and dad." Donovan's parents used to cunponcotne and spaghetti dattiers, biogn oneida and other varions fundraisang octivitles at St. Michael Cathofic Chnrch inwhoaton. Naturally we oil hetped onl:'he sold of his latently moniker.. The earliest memories Donovan lias aro of counting the change from tine Sanday coftectione at church.ho credits the experierco os giving tom and his hrothers and sister the ability to learn moth skills eatty on. Patently moant o lot in tho Donovan household, and it stef does.living on a furmotte, overyone worked together on common goulu anti) the evemogn, winch os Frtday oid Saturday nights mentit family tono.ttuougle some of the wuik ho now does around the romenonety, Donovan hopes his three Eagle Scout sons well contenue the tradttton Variety drives local college Eutabftshod en 1969, Oalntoo Community Collego otters o host of odnratinnaf opportunities io the heart nf Chicago's northern suburbs. Each term, the college provides more thus 2,100 sotecteons, from degieo programs to oso.ciedtt career onhootcomeot and personal enrichtient courses. lionne lo a rich community of peuple dedicated ti hfefong feoroing. Ooktsns 700 tuff- and port-time faculty member, haust tap ocademir credentials and their true passion t. teaching. fo small cfasses, faculty engoges students as tndividuofs and guides their learning enperionce. Organize your hfe Did you know that its possible ta hopo a float house, happy fads and calm p aft at the some timo? Did you fensw that you can got organized without hoeing ts got rtd of everything? Did you know that you cao get eid of off Students got to know their instructors and feffow corneto who have a wide range of goals.the colfege's 4R,000 credit and non-credit students represent off ages and SS nations os wolf os brtng a wuofth of purspoctives to campus. Fsr those seeking an onsartatoo degree, Oaklon ollera moni than RO areau of study eongtng from aihed health, ocience and techcology ta business, sociof scionce and liberal outs. Eocfnyuar, studont. transfer to more than 600 fnar-yoar catteges und universities aruund the country. n addstiao, 00mo 1,500 crotimung those 500ttng scraps of paper? Deruoce Schofield, author of live hoohs'oo hnmefaansgoment and orgaoiootion, wtff bo tn the Lake County area to tell you how. She'll be appearing from 7 ta 9 p.m. Monday, and fo aro. to noon March 1 at the Comfort Suites, tt?s E. Setvedere Ruad, Graysfoke. Bnth semts005 Ore the same.the cost, incfudtng handouts, tu 525. No reservations are requtrod. l more information to needed, call (000) or go to WANNA HELP KWANS? ThoKiwsoni. nape han teen ayntnyvtua wilh endooenrt hoi build chunocler, knowledge, crentporce, crwmonitlou, and throurh gooulno Concern for olhors. The Kiwanit Clab of Park Ridge-Stun has sowed the community tinco Thmugh membershp, individuals ioo their talent, time ond bao lo thoto in nnud.tho Kiwanis Club cf Path Ridge-Soon cnnttibutrd moro than $20,000 annuolti to urgsviaotinns und pnngrsoi in the enea that aereo children and odulin, Visit trriwucin.patk-ridgo.it.ut tomme iofonmntlrn np how to loin. of giving bucle os wett.that importance of tannify hves on to the harineas owoor, and he notos that none of his ectracorricufar activities would have been possible if he hod sot had a sponse,judy, when was just as giving and as involved as he has been. Donovan continues his work once o weokwith the group nts surs were involved to Boy Scouts of Aotnerica - as no Eagle Coordinator. fe is alan highly involved with the tawanis Club nfpark Rtdge-Nson, a group nvelanleers who contributo aferir, time and love to those in need. n his 20th year as Peanut Charamso for the club,the gtvnog senior cnilected f350 pairs ofehuos for the Save a Sate fruardalium. C edocatton courses each term cover diverse subjects such as conhang, personal finance, landscape painting and Engftsh as a Second Language. Oatitort alsu provides programa at 240 ol-site locations throughout the community au well os eutensive distance-learning opttoos. Students at Oaktoo partictpate in orme 50 clubs and orgaauzataoos and take an activo noie in colteto governance through the Student Government Ausociotion and other leadership groups. The Higher Leoruirg Commissinn nf the North Central Assoiiation of Colleges and Schools accredito, Oaktnn. Pronidedby Oafiru Ccirvrwr;ny Ciliege PubliahersWoehfy said, "Deniece Schofield seems te be the moat orgateioed per000 on earth. ft participants put to ose even a small fraction uf hen advice, their livea ivtff be, at not happier, at least fesa cluttered and harried." Schoftefd readily ndrnitts sho was once o disoagamood perann, outtertng from a chrono case of cluttered cloaets and negative attitudos.wtnen wishful thanking didn't wnrh, she derided to at- Let's Loop Lake Coun A silent rovolution la occurring in Lake County. lt is coiled the Hearing Loop. and it is changing people's fives. ndividuals with hearing loss, even beginning hearing loss, have always hod difficulty hearing in poor acoustical environments: rooms with high ceilings, ralf windows and hand 500ra with lark of sound deadening such os draperies nr acoustical tite. Such placeo are prone ta reverberation echoing of soand and the barkgrouod nniso that ie preaent couses a disruplion in a fiotenor's ability to hear what s boang said whether it's loom a podium, from a pulpt, or from o television located across a high-ceiling family roam. The Hearing leep allows individuals with a hearaug aid to trurh a button (called a telopteone coil or Y-cef) un the hearing aid and hur directly toto a tacif. dy's sound system.the individual hears clear, pure anand. Sockgnuuod nuise is reduced, reverberation ta eliminated and suitability is significantly improved. For those who do not have hearing oido,tnop listening devices nro ovailabte te ose at so charge. As a Doctor ufandiotogy,dr.linda Remenanyder has elected n facilitato the placement ofhieoruig Loops in moni than 25 area places otworstnip and in three aenior-citizeo-fanality gathering rooms aooand Lotee Cuanly.Another S facilities have been measured, and poteottalty thoy may receive tony instellalioo.alinoet every religious denomination has been represented and loop satisfaction surveys hove shown incredible Consumer satisfaction levels literally off the charts. For moro informatlue on the Hearing Loop, contact Hearing Aueociotes, P.C., (047) ero-7sro or (847) , visit Remeasnyder hua a private prectice in Audiolngy with attires in Libertyville, Gansee and at Sedgebrook Ruttrerneot Center in Lincoloshire. Pruwdvdby Dr Lerda Renovnisuydvr LOOP SEMNAR tack the problems directly, She tried and retried variaus techniques, refined and adapted numerous strategies, and eventually come up with soluttons that let her hoidle heme management whale giving her time and freedom lo enjoy other activities. n rho workahup. Schofield waf share what she learned from her eoperieoce. You will caro: u Hundreds at os-nag woyo fo have a neat house, happy kids ed ealm pecnots - all ut the Whah Let's Lnopdnrrico Seminar Wheo f200 p.m. Wedneoda, March 23 Whars Thotictiao Senior Copo, 1060 Eeat Peterson Road, Grayoloke atiçofic. emeteries PROGRESSBUSNESS/NDUSTRY some,ttrtet HÒ5- to elimieste all Soaring scraps of paper. How tn calendar and schedalo your rime. Househotd hints and ideas (or more efficient ose of your space and time. You've probably eren Schnheld entv or read ono of the many articles she's ivores. Here's a chanco for you to see for yourself seme nf the many ideas shea demonotratod. P,oindr'dby Devearr Schofield Top office agent for 35 years Uno would think tho most saccosoful real estate agent is o slick, fast-pared, super-charged posses ander o lot of pressure fo prove himeeff, sale afteraale.tlris la not the cose with Lorry Desmond, the No. aguor olwaskegan'o Century 2f Metri United. Ho s low key, faldbock and never oses high-preosaro safes tactics. " like to work close with ponpte. f try ta Satan n what peopte oro looking for and nevor ge ovar their bounds' said Deamond,whoae veine is on eaft that one is al ease fnarowiog he will never fry fo sell you anything you dent really Want 05 s beyond your mears."f don't think you can be successful that ovoy' to cfsoud S tranaucli005, totaling $19 million, fast year. His record is nufjuot local, but atan of notional prupsrtions.he, for litoranee: received the National Centurion award, the highest honor from Ceofury 21. the international real entole hoot, loo 2? consecutive years. s o Grand Centurion for 14 years.this is ke highest award lo the Century 21 oyarem an agent can receive. u is the fop ogeot in llinois fur 18 years. u was inducted into he Century 2f nternational Hall of Fame n Ho's ono of only 57 ogents to over receive this honor to date. u won of the Ausaciatieo of Realtars award for 2f conuocutive years.. is a top Century Of egent in hn United States in 1089 and one of the top 40 ogenta io closed more than 8,000 Real Estare salos over the fast 35 years with his onportrne and advice. While Desmond, a tearher-tarnodaalenmoo, lu non-pressuring, he said once he loaras what a buyer is looking fur, he will pursue it until he linda the right propeoly.fn selling, he said is aggressive enough to give the property the moot possible eoposure lhrough nowopoper and nternet odvortising,roterrals and listings. However, the fanal decision always reals with the client, he said. A confessed oeff-startor,he said he always tries harder and woaho f0 hours o doy, six days a week. "Aa an any businees, only S per- COn ofpeople are doing RS percent uf the buaineea' he sald enjoy whot 'm doing and get great sodsfaction in helping clients." lind and sell properties." Wltat'a the future for real ealate agents in the area? "Creati" Desmond said. Pruededby Cortuiylif Nah tetuled cheeac Catholic ceirteurimforpeace efetisd new aeaiifaryeor loved arie:, peace oferairad lacer The Order of Christian Burial 'kìa" Why not SM Perpetually positive, Realtor Mary Robinson s a member of the Optin'iist Club. But the group isn't just for good tintes. t gives hack to the conununity through many programs, something that attracted Robinson to become a member. SEE STORY PAGE 3 vwv '' ' """" leiy) :/'' e' :. ;io, qjnbut.t ROTARY HERO SCHOOL SWEEPSTAKES CE CREAM ASSSTANCE J foeerp8ss c sn....o,-,. L,:izJ, an: Start Here. Go Anywhere. s Associate degree and certi!icttte progrítms lt 80 areas of study incitfding ioetith OtfOd science careers; rnotthetoiatics and techno'ogies; aflguagcs, itufuiflijies, otnd the arts; otffd socioti sciefoces and busifoess.. Transfer credits ttccepled at hundreds of four-year coiieges otnd ufoiversities The Wake This vigil for the deparced ja the ficus step jan site lure ofchrjotjan Burlai, A prayerservicc ja held with readinga selected from Scripture. This ja a way to altare our faith and give hope ro grieving family and friends The Funeral Mass Celebrating the fatnerailiturgy ra the parish chtirchr ja tine customary way most Cenrhnohicu honor tine deceased from bapaiam co deaths. Tite readings, gospel, aod songs are usually chosc-in to fir their npirit arid their lífu, The Committal Service Tire Catholic Cemererien arc sacred places atid toast fiteiing au aine final resting piace for all noito have died, ir iu a lasting tribute and a great coinsolation to litase who coneintie without their loved one, s Ufobeatabie tuitiofo ($9 i /credit hour fol ill-district studefots). More tilitfo 40 student ciub,s otnd orgitfoi'litlions Summer registration opens Mai-ch 28, Apply and register online al ove/,,-eg, OUkioll. edt t. s\ ( Communtty College t (r011 East Gittf fvttiit, f)c llifjtfcs 7701 Nirrttt fittctrttt Avettac, Skokie W?N'NV.(tttkttttt.L'ittt N,m, AJ.t,eo D,iv,, 'too, icn,cl MJ,o, The wake, fiuterai nzass5 and committal service set us Oil oli path to tille hea1ing wholeness, peace, and eternal lijè. Followyourfaith andyour heart to Catholic Cemeteries, Cvv,,,eynítv,e,m C,,p!sir,JZ,p Esento5 Pon, lies i)ipflime incan,,r l'evo,,ali,,fneee.a, o,i,vciud,eg,.ma,ladjrea,villtciqn coefl&veiilaedwedon!yfor nvpood,egto inqaida) Catholic Cemetericn Soueh WohiRoad. Hillside, L Español. urato Serri 1 ZLoi;r3iii21 us.:'....«a1 R t i'o; ù'p'é Who mak&our0wàrfliaudffiendyatflïós i i i i 'F il V n. 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23 '. 2 1HURSOY. VEBRUY 4. 10U SPECASC1OHS 5uHtllES CON PROUUCED BY CUSTOM MEDA SOUllONS N, UN, NW linie mlraces Sieve Gordon (center)joins his children, GNg Cordon and KellyGardon in one ot about 13 yoars Steve Gordon has boon a sponsor al Ciidron the toen at thridnon byraising lundi orcbildnon heir DNiryOueens in South Eiern. roi Mraclo Netavik, a nonprolit organization thai s dedicalod to improving boapitalo, i MWycnarPioo -0005W lnosnool4 Blizzard of support Dairy Queen owner backs chd cancer survivor program, chudren's hospitals BY DENSE MORAN Correspondent Wrie a winter buzzard at this tirite of the year ja unwelcome a Datry Queen Blizzard io a special treat, eapoctafly for chitdreo who are deafjeg wirft evocar and often cannot entoy deoaarta due ta dretary restrlctjona. For the past aine yearn,aouth Elgm Dairy Queen owner Steve Gnrdanttaa served an a traard mewber afpxomdeea et the fleart.the organroatron was launched by Daey Queen ra arder to bring DO Bitaraids to cbiidieo ages 7 to 19 at the annual One Step at a Thee aununee cutup Acid at GeergoWifliams College nfaurora Ummeroity in lake CenovaWis. 9th a product f oea-ve eeery day. but to Areca tddo, lt's hite Sl000Gordonaatd.Last ourannerwe dclivered 600 Btaasards to the camp. Cordon's DO store parncipated ties ouromee atrog with two DO Stores io 01gm, one in Pddrson and ene n St. Charleo on order to brong RW&dB te tre campero.the camp io ron by Clnildrene Oncology Services cf Chocago.ln 2010, 239 children who were either cancer survvors or m therapy far cancer camera the camp tram fflnnislndrana,wrsconsin, lawa and Michigan. Pcnmtieo at the camp jactada arta and cnatts, owiotmiag, boating, scuba diving, team building, teama. galt and camyfitco with Smares and sing-a.tango. Partantes pay what they can attard far the camp eapertccce.tlto neat et the money is aaiderwritiea by daaationa. Na child is ever tanned away due ta the inability ta pay Goidao aaod.fuudcatscro.saclt as gas auttcgs and orteat aoct,oas, are trotd te hetp et(aet the ceato. Steven Cari executive director at Childneaa Oncology Serstres void that Gardan aadjim Heart, cozy cosi CAMPNG Childnens Oncology Services nc. (COS) and One Sfeplil d TtmcPmgnania normalize experiences astociatcd with cancen roch as balding, amputations and visible scans. Children with cancer havi a chanci tncapcniecce a wool citen nl cantico tun with other kids facing similar challcnges. u to 2010 COS provided camping experiences and programo (ormone than 350 chiidncn. COS began in 1978 and cawoperater 12 Camps thnnughout the year rcluding Family Camps. Some tacts about chiidris end cancer lin 2007, 10,500 kids under the age of 15 were diagoascd with cinccr (National Cancer instituid. One fr two chiidnco develop cancer each year fonevemy 10,000chiidncn te the United Statct (National Cancer institute) Abrut 15O0 ei)) die trra the distase (National Cancer nstitute) Surnlvai retes have increased to 79.6% (o 2003 (National Cancer tnstiiute) Siblings o) pedlateic patirntt ute padicu(ariy susceptible te doptension, anger. ertiety, tocilego at guilt, and social isolation (Grundy and Orett-Wyton, Fadher nlormation, vuiunleer and contribular lolonmation s available at evwvoneolepcamporg. MeLok. ink Screenprint Embroidery Promotions Division at Efegant Eiiilroidenj New Look And Sty'e Same Great Service And Prices Rhinestones ow 9lvai(ablTe rs Wtng s Tang Your One Stop Shop For Custom Apparel. Teams Field Trips Clubs Letterman Coats Events Gifts Less Than 5 Mnutes from Lake Zurich High School : O003t: Meónnkcom 100 Oakwòod Rd,Lake Zurichi L 10:00.6:00 M-F Elegant Embroidery nc. is proud to anlwvmce ils all i,,clt:sie'e identity uns "MELON NK" Scree,tpri,it, Embroidery, J'ro,,wlio,as. Saute great..gert'iee, owlers/aip and qtta!ity yerta late CUtlet! t) k,etttv, heal wille our,ecw,. snazzy eeadline Look for near all heim "ONLNE 1S1!lT DESGNER". lo aeaiecla liais ee:neneer. Servi,eg (lac local co,te,teeanily fiar over 15 years!.z;.: :i: :' :-a ::-: preaident ntpcamrsee at the Meant, are the priecipala et the program that brongo DQ Blivoardo ta the camp. KeitbAanlnolt,whe vn-rna the Egen DO at 704 Weat Chicage Srio atan very involved ja the pragoam. '(im saud thai it there were other opparturutico ta donate Blizzards, they would give 1,000 BlizZards a year," Can caed. Cam added that Gardon is "the epitetee of anecioretraces." "en ttots day and age when business owners are teeitong ra maourrrize their prattia, Steve manta te tare care et hua community," Cats said. Cerdeo recatled delivering the Blizzards ta the camp woth Antnatt two yearn ago when the campera were holdung a cardboard regatta, "Keith and watched the cace tor ever twa hovra Gordon aaid."ttrere was one blind child and one child with only ace aren in the graap, but all et them participated. Ct was tua watching them have tun." Garden has ewncd and operated a Dairy Queen along McLean Boutepard ter the past 13 yearn with witejudy and their ctutdren,keuy and Greg. Daring 'lt's a product serve every day, but to these kids, it's like $1,009.' SEVE , local lialmy Bucen cenci that aame ame, Geodnahas been a apoersor et Chitthen's Miracte Netwartr,wtrach helps raise tunde tar chatdrea'a hospitals. Cerdan aise supporta South Cigon Parha N Berreatiene FllOddntien, i peivate noe.pcoht geevp rua bye melvarteer hoard. Gardan baa been a FUNdatian sponoar tar Ove years, He is the bayed's voce president. "Steve io alwaye walling re veiurrteec,"oaid ehm Wascher, superintendent et Soatti EtginPartra and Recreannn."He ea a very generous and guvung man. He has been involved en the yaath echolarohrp remmittee and ths Harvest Haste (7KRuniO-mile walk) cownutree. tie donares ice cream sandaea ta eon events arch as the Daddy-Dvaghter Dance." Gordna'8 DO store hua been involved witt, local enea schools end rporting events that oeil DO Bbsronda en arder to rune money ter their programa. "Our orare hes openaered ihesooth Cigar Little League' Gordon eaid."we have also sold Bliasaids te the tuttle League at a discount so they un tarn can nell the Blizzards and ase the protits ro huy new equipment and ho up the bett hetda.wv have worked with the Little Leagao tnr the past eight years." Gordon's orare was at 1022 S.Mrean Blvd. far eli yearo,laat Octaher, the atare moved ta its new address at 712 McLean Blvd.lths brother Bell owns ant operates a DO etere ra Hottman Estates with his moto and Ave children. The new etere io neon HeritageWooda, an aerated living renter that hetpe sewers wha Cive on fixed incomes. ta addition io selling DO treats ta the residents at a discount, Gordon raid they atoo deliver the treats te the resudeirts' deers, Gordon ence operated a eandwrrh ohop hut decided that servung ire cceam would he atore tua, People who came ro tar ice cream ace etien cetebrating a spcciat occasion euch au a birthday, anniversary, nr wonmeg a sparta team game. 'Since we slated the buuiness,we've been open year 'round," Gordon saud come to mark every day." Thai happens whether there'o a btiraacd or a Oliocard being served op. Slice of service Chesse business aids community through customers BY TER RA COO NEY Cv,,espoedeirt Bromees owner, manager, salesperean and cheese enpert are only o tew et the titles hetd by Rene Capoto atwiscan Corp. and Capote Cheese Mortret in Metreee Park and take Forent. As enperlers (thraugh their tracy-based Capuin tracia), the company atan imperto, manutac- Caret, processes and distributes chceoes, spices and talian spenatty items. n 1910, Cupule unit her husband, Pasquate, opened Wiscon Cnrp.Todoy, their can Nat and daughter Caterina are atan envolved. "Fortunately, the commumty has accepted us with open arms," Capota said."we talk with (them) and know what they eat and drink," The statt here alan lrrrowo aboul whatli going on in their cosromars' lives, includrng orme et their charitable endeavors. "There are many regular Park Ridge chamber star Banker helps light up the community ey TERRA COONEY Ridge Chamber et Commerce Cv,nespo,rdeei Cammunety Star Award winner led the charge at lighting up the Vice president of bvoicoes commanity through Christmas banking at Chase Bank in Park lights.thraogh hes involvement Rudge,jim Bruna macku with Cecal neuth the Park Ridge ludian Scouts, business emnreers, n his spare he helped assemble a coalition tinte, he maintains drang support et rnmmuuity graapr te complete far the cummumly by giving buck ander-tunded protects. tireleesty. "ti seemed to me that ihie was This past year, the Park an appartonity to take soonethicg patentiotly detrimental and turn it into u saurce et pride' Bruno 'deally, 'll help said, these girls become Au president el the ludran Scoute, which Brano lamed oevan strong, confident years ago with his daughters, he and successful.' also helped to raeoe an astonishing 515,000 thraugh the annuat 11M BRUNO, vice ptesident at Christmas toce sate. hutinets banking, Chace Bank However, lit in the liceo at tes te Lank Oidgc, rn msnegirg hida that Brano makes the torgoot tilo daagirtnis' sotibsil trams differences. He takes great pride in managing his daughters' satt- Schools: win a 21 st-century classroom Scteesls have until May 6ta eater thewin awireleos Lob 2011 oweepotakes being otfered by CDW Governuieni LW (CDW-G) and Diucovery Education. The program's grand prizes Rise K-10 schools the appontamty ta win one et three mobile 21st-century classrooms. Each classroom includes 00 tablet or natebank computera, au rateructine whiiebovrd, student reepome syatem, prolocter, printer, docament camera and $0,000 Drurwiery Education dugital moitis grant CDW-G and Jiacovery Education eisa will provide 00-otte training ta all Win a Wuceteeo haar grandprize winners. Public and privare arheot teachers, administrators, scheel technology specialisls and district einpleyeeo are eligible is enter Refresh your look for spring Founded io Les Angeles in lblil,merle Norman Cosmetics is O leading brand cf premium akin care, touudatinaa and color cosmetic predacts that aie barbed by a lull sateatartiou guarantee. lis founder, Meile Narman,was one nl the first mamen ta cermetiro and o true innovator. la addition to ceeaticg breakthrough predacta, ehe empowered other mamen to begin their own harineas selling her cosmetic preducto.jenuiter Pleifer opened her stadio io Bahnte Grane in lobo and is celebrating 01 ycura in business this year,she and her tally trained oisif are proad to utter personalured sorvrco and eccauruge caulorceru ta try beirre they buy, a long-slanding tradution at Merlo Norman, New federal laws and regulatians are changing iba stroctaro and face of the linoncial services indoutry. n ihie timo of accelerating change, it is important te troly undoratand how medie unions are unique acid dittorent and why they are an eatremely popolai financiel altornalive for over 00 million Americans, Nonprofit. Cls da nul issue stock er pay dividends ta outside stockholders. nstead, earninge are returned ta membero in tre term oflewer loan rates, higher savings nains and tower fnes,that saves maney. PRO GRESSFNANCE/RETAL Charity crewrlhc ciro at CepulnChecsc Markct,with localiono is Odiose Purk and Lake brett, lielcot lo tlinmncoolovcio and ohm drnaiet lo lacre communilychanrllen. ouvra t n iv ono customers rhot we donvle to," ehe oaid,"we have been fortunate enough to be able ta give hack." Au inembors of the Charetrer at Commerce, they leek leeward to participating the Fourth uf J uly parados in Lube Forest and ence a day during the contest period: ordire at ham the entry page by posting ahautwm awicelets Lab on their Twitter account to double their entry each day CDW-G,boued invernea Hilla, ll,, to a promoter et technology oslatina to gavernment, education and heatiheare customers, OtucaveryEducatiou provides minciralam-based digital content services and protessionat development resources to lis. rlasarnoreo. CDW-G and Diecaver-y Eduratiec have partnered en tlusoritiative organuzatranu have awarded more thun $2 million io educational 'We have been fortunate enough to be able to giva back.' RENE CAPllO, Wiscon Coip. and Cepuin Chcflo Merkrt, := GOOL,TO icrow Fiom Newyarb ta Mitait, the me000ge for apriag is ihiclo pink. Tho spring Calot Collection combines the newest hues el pink with the trendrest shades al violet and apricot to recroate looter that are right offihe foehiea nanwayo. The seasan'a must-have shadows are avattabie ra two limited edition Catar Qunds. Cemptete your look with any ai the row eye pencils, cheek and lip culero, Retresh year took ter spring and visit Merlo Narman today tar a tree mvkcaver. to alat is happy ta update your look with the latest color trends, Pleiter's studio is conveniently located ea Route 83 jun north uf Laite Cook Rood in hcautitul Ouftala GroveTowa Center,Check out horweb dite tor mure information Reasons to choose credit unions Owuerstop.Ctls ore an erooemic democracy, Each member boo equal owuerotrip and one voto regardless of the amount of money the member has ou depesit,this means member voicco can he heard. Volunteer boords,ooard menibers al CUs ace elected by the meoebernhip and serve voluntarily No outlandish ezeculive calories. Ftnancisl education far reamhors. CUs assist members ta become bctter-cdacated conaumero ofnuancial services, Members get the resources they aced la improve their hoacctal,ituutian. ': :. R,,, i7tl7,1tryatv -:'. Moirure Park and 11ko Feroci Luke Oloff,The Capotas donata to and participate io events at their grandrhildreno' Lure Forest echoels. Caputo Cheese Market also holds an usnual fall testival with u petting roe, kids ridee, samples and specials. A rent roornuntty baoherriinr Otuns, vice preoideni nl hutinets booking, Chote Bunk, Park Ridgn ball teams. "lt's a venue lo teach them about tevmwerh, commitment and giving everything they have," lie ssid,"ldeally 'll help thooa girls become among, confident and sucressluu' technology to schools natieowode, "TheWin awireleoslub sweepstakes hou uwaxded new wireless lobs in 28 schools nationwide, and provided valuable tecturelegy lo nearly 200 ethers.we have aeon hrsihund the tun and engaging lausana that teachers cao create when givea the right toots," said Bob Kirby, voce president for E-O education, CDW-G."By cambiaing he technology with teachers' eapeotentne and students' erntement, we have a model that can he easily replicated accese the winning schools." Source Discoivnyeducaunn rem Go aknwtv nron'idrscowryeducalmnn corn cdwg la voler lhvwrn uwuelous tab oweepslakes ' Cosmetics ceniultant lonniter Pleitee rp000d konolndin in RulisloGnave in 1011 isurviltl Pillo wviw.merlcnormunutudjo.cone/een er call her at (047) &nededtiy divi/e Normas Cc,nrreumcs Sociul Purp000:CUe enist to serve their members weil, without the pure prufit motivation, hence members atan fiercely loyal, Meroberc know their CU well be there far them in byd times, as web os good. Lastly, CUs ramo out ai the pinnacle eftho 2010 American Customer Satislactien loden, web aboye big bocos, as ms(or nona media outloto and financial gunus continue to recommend savvy caasumera check eat their local Credit Union. Tb research Cls go to CUNA. org or NCUA.gov. Proinderlby Great Likvs Ceedul 1/rijan PROGRESSFNANCE/RETAL DEALSTC philanthro Deerfield mother finds charitable avenue through the Optimist Club Charitable opportunities present themselves daily. According to Mary Robinson, a 17-year Realtor with Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate ire Deerfield, Ws up to community members to do what they can because making time to help others is critical and gratifying. " Nod that 'm a happier and wore fulfilled person bocausw of what dolo kelp otheeo,"roblnson said. "tin very rewanding' Tho 20-year-lang resident of Deerfield began serving the community otter she attendng ou Optimist Club meeting 16 years ago.lmpresood with the variety of programa the club oltered, she joined immediatnly.throughout the years, she lias eerved as an elected member cl the baand, a nog-term chairperoon for a few pregnamn and a committee member for ay TERRA COBRE? Co,,espondent neyera others, Currently Robinson holds u chair posi. tion with Comp One Step at a Time Famuy Day, which benefits children bottling cancer. Robin000 coordinates upp000i. mutely 30 volunteers that spend time womb kids, run games, give out prizes and help with kvraoke and cunhing oar. "lt was a wonderlul eeperience, and wanted to make it osen better for the chttdeeu"ahe seid el her first time al the event,whirh she has now been chairing for the last lo years. nitially, Robinuen erught donations from local businesses, friends and family to add ra Optimist Club funds. She held a ralbe at her Cotdwell Banker otlice to raise moray far the camp. Since then, her ellorts helped increase the quantity ol games, prices and valanteers fac the pregeam. Tho volunteer has also been co'chaicing or chatriog the annuel Deertield Easter Egg Hunt ter 16 years, as welles ca-chairing tho Optimist Club Scholarehip Awards for the pase tow years.tho tatter progeam gives monetary awards te otudents based on their community service. She said, as a mother, seeing un active younger person io the community is wondeotul. "Whcn volunteer, it teaches my children by example," she shared. 'Once hey were old enough, my husband and sten included them in many of these programs. Later they started in find Celebrating 21 Years of'beauty As Merle Norman Cosmetics marks its 80th year as ari ndustry leader n skin core, foundations and colar cosmetics, we announce with pride and gratitude our own 20 years in business. To our old friends and new- we look forward to many opportunities of making your world even more beautiful. n celebration of our onniversory, we invite you to join us for a pampering service of your choice) 202 McHenry Road Buffalo Grove Town Center Buffalo Grove ifierle nomnna MADE N THE USA MERLENORMAN.COM Merle Norvon Cu,vel,c,, nr Mesi, Nervov Coivol,c tluilos linee been ivitvpevdeell,owned end operoled serie PN. Cii, NW i rebuten ev CUStOM CtOiA rouerons uprcr0000crt000 ruliilmts Cue i niiuesnovttopveov 20. bt t S xl truly heiev0 that we are here to help each of her, and by doing so we become better people.' 'MARY 005NSON, Coldiwill Ranker Roldoetial 0es) Estafe le Drertield M;._.. Thenk yaz Mrs. Rrbinsenr Mey Robinotn, e colla in Coideoll Oankero Deerlirid ollicevalenleero hcntivoto lhncoanmuolty Robinson is vniyiowlwd mn he teertield Opliviol Club with Camp One Slep et a lime. Euch tuly, the bellida Oplimiot Club envio volunloers to Camp One Slop al a 0mo io Wisconsin r ealunteet ri lao trsnortrrsul prcnc torchiidnrn wrlhcancrr Robinron alta uviuvinenu with A Sate Place, a hove irr baltelrd woman und hrir children leerecleprut - rlrsvn nomo elote sorne of their own projects." The giving realtor has also purticipaled in the Relay for lae for several years. She has participated in Gleoview, Doerheld and Hightund Park with Coldwell Banker and Optimist Club teamu. She hes volanteored al Deerheld ocheelo for many years and has been involved tu the annual Optimist Club Christmas 'l'reo sale. Fer this emani, Robinson incorporaled the Angel's ofnecesuity eree.the tree is decorated with paper angels en which are weilten necessity items, such as soap, diapers, toothpoute, etc., people can buy O beoelitthe Oele Place, u shelter ter battered mamen and children. Robinson and her ocra deliver the iteme to the oheller just before Christmas. Robinson r'.'r-'2:t' ":-"-- -'-" also desales items during rho year to litio organization. Robinson helps wherever ehe can.when she heard that a friend, wha io a restaurant ewner, became ill with cancer and was having trouble attordiog iearirarce, ohe stepped in. By emalliog Optimist Club members, friends, ca-werkers and family to encourage patronage at the restaurant, she holped barai business ta help tre evvoer Ret out of the rut. '1 mealy beltnve that we are here ta help each other and by doing an we become helter people, and the world becomes a )beiteo) pluce," she said., f T /J TAKE THE CREED Optmlet international Creed Promise l'vorre) r br os strong thai rothing can diotoeb ynan perce cl mind. To talk health, hsppineos and prooperity to every poison ynu meet. On make ail your friends tool that thon io samilhing in them. To (roh st the sunny ride et everything and makeycun optimism come true. r think enlyct (he heal, to wotkrnly tar the host sod ta repent enlyiho bert. Te be (usi as onthuslaalic abrut the succos at albori as u tie ahuuiyrunswn, Ta ingot the mistakes el the pest and press ro io the greaten echioutments clihefature. Tu wear u chcertul crunlrnunce al ali limeo and give every living cecatano you meut a smile. l'o give ro much limo te ihr lvrpnavomrnt e) yourneit thatyru havt oat time to criticize ethers. n be tao large taranta, loe nabir tar anger, trnsimng on iran, and too htppy lo penmit the prosence rl trouble. Visiideodioldaptimistrngtor mare io)rmaticn n iheüplrmiet Club of Reenlield. D,ovbe 7g,l,,, '

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26 p', i A SubaruChicagocom NissanChiULÇ.O. MSRP: $75,99 TOWN & COUNTRY LX NO PAYMENTS FOR 80 DAY SAVE $8800 0FF AlRP' $24,792 NEW2DOD LE GRAND CARAVAN» 3Ø% OF BRAND NEW 2011 NSSAN VERSA 18 M.SR.P. $14,425 NOW ONLY... New 2011 Nissan Sentra CONSTRUCTON EVENT! 9% AVALABLE! New 2011 SubirE mpreza 2.Si SHERMAN PRCE $1 NEW E 7 P,ss,rge etleg J0RNE'V' St9 #4634 M$RP $22, ,, MS0P $10, minutes or LESS or it's FREE' 4anges The At NEW Redesigond 2011 DODGE DURANGO 96,61995 SHERMAN PRCE NEW 2010 CHRYSLER PT CRUSER s 91k #9972 MORO $25,435 SHERMAN PRCE 9: MORE $29,045 SHERMAN PRCE NEW 2010 Dodge CHARGER NEWSDDDoA5e DAKOTA Extended Cab 4x4 _.- L S A L E S E V E N T MD CuY NSSAN New 2010 Nissan 'VV ii 60 25s Altimas to Choose Mrotay bbbcselktifn nr/pnrli,es:.o,n :boeo:tannrarnt,arq,u,oljorn Laws #s1,dc,l$ze l,aocnnnb:l8lsnksnbcnrt1nol9cn:lnlnnlnch9i:nr 05 1V445' flo4 '5,408' Nis,s 9,flt:, '6955 '05 C151'l,5111' 9,,, '9,995' FNANCNG ON USED NSSANS!" '039,45940, 9,096 O3GMC 64k,, X. '19 595; 6,,,SE 14595: 35 9,00,, 09 '15555' 4444 W. RVNG PARK CHCAGO Alt:11000t95t189.$14d191r2469,SFRNjBO69O '11X19X1115 l5bi#50.%?l, l905lll1:5lnc l90d9l1l:llleqnislllncn nl nslrs:lll$c:oo:o:vhls,lo *lbstpnonh,6csloncioopinslao (Lnl9onrn,.n0k::, ll,:olooxwlielina H900$B 035ll91Ll60451ll.5ll4F114dll4y:l,4 M.i4ÇityN.ssançOm. 3 FR OhelBsASnl9sreO En b.; dlla#n115l l5,,:ibn,n CTY 4330 W. RVNG PARK CHCAGO FOR MORE SAVNGS & ÒUR PEE-OWNED NVENTORY, CUCK: SùbàruChicago.co New 2011 DODGE RAM QUAB CAB 4X4 SLT $29975 S90E $0500 0FF ESOP BRAND NEW 2010 CHRYSLER Psw#eo,l.Neooe Po,s,W,tsw, 300 C-LX 005 Henle 4oh " Limited Edition SAVE: s22,995* 14 CHERNAS PRCE 995_ NEW 2010 Dodge AVENGER EXT WE SPOON POLSH, SPANSH, RUSSAN, OREAR, SER5ON , BOSNOS, HNOBBSOLS! JeepTHE ALL NEW 2011 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LAREOD SHERMAN S PRCE LEASE 7601 N. Cicero Ave. DRVP'VFPVNO Jeep LA J'7 JrL c z9 'A4L PC'UPSVRVCV C) L a Ck 1o.-/o L ENSEbO Hours: Mon.'Eri. Ham' Hpm Extended Hours Sal. 9am-7pm ' Mon.-i. 7ama, 6pm Sa1um' 4pm 299 e'l 9e1,6ce4,: 'El iospltes4, 1111, i,sr,wv$1v6.08 do fees oppeeve fuctsynbsleavecocles,*ied V%APRlrnndsgforll sonth,anafalr o aeledmwe:oen, lcqoated boyes od eenllnecethotl,ec, 6,1159,1 ccl, hole. Fsoned :nocnlb$l2 Vt/VOLE bn,owsd. l, passela n: VV dsyn o poised b,en AgCh6slso Vi chongo olleros wc,londdo. [nc. AecE&,ynlhatos V ql. esa, Sr, dedo: for nossyisle dafels. Sohegn len MSRP.dSRP e,ymlbnfhsscicolp:osaxhxhthelehbln in soeiethrbedeasoo. VoVieeucntuhi:bsond, prsns desdio, sodsi,eholeo 59*0110 plorsde. DelarealloVs lnypogrsptlodsoo:n Ellis ad. Send,dsrlorl,cenood #oedb,os, $W'FT. OOso espion 3 dogo lone p41.

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28 Das Auto. The Autobarn Volkswagen Chicago Auto Show Specia 2002YEA[ 2011.JEtÎA SEDAÑN S And to sweeten the deal, all three Autobarn Volkswagen dealen ships have agreed ta pitch is and make your first month's auto payment. This unbeatable offer is only available at The Autobarn during the month of February. APR F NAN C N G FOR MONTHS ON AL 2011 JETTA SEDANS WTH GAS ENGNES* late DELVER 2011 CC 2011 Tivan 2011 GT 0% 60 'L9%60 60MO Oi'. ol CO,.' "5?%:0101 COt,r.4, (' YNs CC. M..J,o V. 0* 20'.,.. MO,. 000e us Mod,, STOP BY OR CALL YOUR FAVÒRTÉ, LOCATON TODAY! COUNTRYSDE E V A N ST Ó N tount PROSPECT: 1r 6191 JOLET ROAD 1033 CHCAGO AV 333 CD Volkswagen 1H EAUTOBAR N.COM -- 3 Years or 36,000 Miles of No-Charge Scheduled Maintenance. Carefree Maintenance' whlshevel uscvr f ';'tsus. See d 21 sor pmgmm for del': -, 51' NEW2OÍOTOYOTA COROLLA ROU TAONS MSS' 52 0, U1 YARS LFTOACK p139: l9.' PRUS Moss' seseo 12ES VENZA 2102' 120,005 MSS' SEE 1H00 VEHCLES NOW AT i OVER 300 TOP QWOLOTY esel) TOYOTA NEW 2011 TOYOTA. CAMRY AUTH TRANS 1U45 ONeROSOS ÄiJ RAV-4 MORS' SENNA 491l5x MSS' 100,01 f29' 'vllglld MRS' V' 2i''i., ,,,.,, '5,9912 1EHOCLES 10 CHOOSE FROM,000so. 'loge o410s ,,,,. 9,091' a....,, dM... '26,090' , '0601g 19141' roe ToyotaCare '. LuosllKedn0000s. 01T090' 10O95' 2O95',. '202"..'279'..,,'3411'., ' ' i o 95,005 Aen ? Ot Ott R í000'909'0244 GROSSFÌNGER TOYOTA NORTH 7225 N. Cicero Avorue, Lincoinwood, L '15..f, GROSSNGERTOYOTA.NORTH.COM TOYOTA ' ' 45451O.'.. ''., '1,sL.1iw.lO,ll,,,l1,,ol,1ll,ill,S1l,0Ol1'51''2,,'5''1',00ll0l1'S1Ml ,1,41,eo 5M,2r'2'5, 'i,,,s.. llsllljl,lo''lllovooillllllllllilll,'ll...l''u,;'.-,0ljll,li0ï,2o0. 01,,o,wlso,1150.,,,,,,.52J1,lo.000.'.i,Mii,41 im 5,,9,j,':,4Cko,o0,tU,eo,wo0fl0100U0EOSOQWOlN Gos t 4RUNNER. SRS MSRP' GROSSNGERKACOM GROSSNGERKA.COM %x72 PS NEW EQUPPED ! AUTO, 02, 5'.11,495.11,995' NEW CA TOMA 2011 gola SOREDTO,189 'l979o D OlA AGE '.i 'co 19.49O' SAVßR'GNORG$TSLCW1ON'Or QJnuc t USED! P001OS SOSOMSES ''UU'BL LAPPRO VEO! S NThECOUNTRY DOWN?' ALL 8UO.R71G7 2h, 0,,004eo, Foe Wood to KO,,, MONTHS' YOU KEEP THE REBATE!' 6750 N. LinColn Ave. Lincolnwood, L Gross in g e rkia co m / KALNCOLNW01019 ' l ,l01o2m0r0i5o0l 10012,099 ew12m1ll,non0,0oim20llllml w0l001m e EEjM2'looll0llg,lslO06ge0ol0000ol56Al!6e180o 0002llOeSl!llglsrgoi leh)hoflogor;001ioe.l,0120l,0l!,000501!0!,[050012l A o,eooeoloso,, o2,o6fl9loesM050fll1l1922LO0,o 50ol,oe5r,20 DM0011 l*m.10,lmis0omim60oll0mormodo

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33 'l today s homes PRODUCED DR CUSTOM MEDA SOLUTONS RRTH EDTON FEORUARR lo, 20)) BULDERS SHOWCASE WEEK 3 CHCAGO SN 1'M l's PONEER PRESS N Sun No need to compromise at Millbrook Pointe E o' E. w î ERROR ERR the ti FiRUL MOABEdWrãuier CHALLENGE YOU TO FND A BETTER DEAL THAN THS! R 'BRANDNEW D DODGE RAM REARO NEW2810 CERSER letrlla BRUPJD PFE 2)1) JEEP COEJPPSS 1 6,995 BRAND NEW2010 R DODGE CHARGE1 9795* ;:_.r' ORAND TVEW2010 Bii,N PE'.'2010JEDP'1'r /P,JlJ,L UJL'TED DR so: S EEP ABORTE 4X1 2Oi995*: CR355200' ltpp,t'eilllhsi R GRABT) )0 CHRYSLER D Owne4t'réasures same añiéì-tities as old single-family home en TArie Dorobeo' two edo)) cid)- droo lea the nest, She AroideA it Wee time lo eldopo mviooennesefree lifestyle, So she dowosised from mo 80-yemr old" eiogle-femily home io Perk Ridge 00e oem tosowhome 'm U'heeliog 1 did no) wont 00 oompromiee nod rop0000dmymehotenmoe-free torosdoome to hove the seme qoelity amenities oea supeetorooee)roetioo es my rrdotiogwoll-boilt home, the seid. Alter n yeor of 500seloiog for the perfeel reoidr000, Oho disrorrred MUlbrooh P00000 ho Whertog. Here oho found e 2200.oquoro-fool, three-bedmom, 00-beth Heritoge model pocked with oteodard ioehtvieos Oho) the could not Dod aoywhere else for the pdoe. Nothioger000eooerlosr,wheolloohed' etwi the oopgoodee io my row homo" ehe 100)0 io delighted millo Sloe oli brick nod s000ee000rior, Pelle wood ododome, solidsore six-paoel wood doero, stowiescotesl eppliancee,gseeits 000eteetopo, resi wood Dorer, D'A-molo bssr-noodiego md oesings. srouod the osardoilb end doom, loges berk: deok, Toisked hedème000 ood kro ver go- ''(ein Boeobs lever hn fatly appileoded kile005n te loor new howe el Millbseoh Feiere in Wheeling. Tier ki100en lealenes eta101eso steel ODE 011LRR0000 PONTE, PUG) 6 epplienses, eoz.ineh sherry wood rabinele, gracile se551eeteps, and Pelle Wend wisdewn end weed Roser. j RBETEO URDDO SPECALZNG N iti-. MA(S & LL MODELS FOR ALL vou ssnvlcs NES0 BRA000EW2OTO4 DODGE GE CARAVAN E S T. C H A R LE s Wo rpria O.00.0w&Ut0leo &b0S RXTE000EOSERVOCEHOEeRS! SALES: M-F: Va-Op Sat: Sa-Op SERVCE: M-Thur:?:3Oa-Op Eri: 7:31a-Rp Sat: Sa-Op edt BOARD NEW2O) REP GR CHEBOBEE *BflE0Etoslra klwo1ewruowmr EU )r050VS etlolo 1(1100 rlrosifsskorr)r5o)on(e034 0O)O) )005 peong role lo No obed050rl Piolo re )) ron dole S Ethel)) 0500e) or osllho)redro (speso lob loe tooler lo dosa MUh Modelo Oper DeilyGem'Spos To lind Out more about this community ontthe;vtsit miltbrookpointe.com Luxury Townhomes $269,900.l'.'l BD., 2.5 la, -All. ECN Du STONE, PULl. 3'5SEMERNT Alleched 2-ver geeugr Desigrer42".cebirelo io $25 roeple orcheçey wood N UP( Feigidaiseolairlrosolrsl fully eppliurced kitchers Pelle wood wird ows end solid cow dooe Aocrss to Metre, l-294, Leke Cook Rd., Rl. 53 lvwhssïrrg, roes 2249, osi Lake Cmb Ed., gon005lo Mileou050 Orle, eorot000woll EU, oighlovwoelomlk rrileloovloeoserlet..,, llh1lli

34 SESRCHCHCYGE.500TMCO/HOSES 2 SEARCYCYCAAO.AUNTEOHOSUS ThURSDAY. FEBRUARY 20, Multi-property auction March 6 Residential, commercial properties up for sale Rick Lacia & A000ciateo, 0cc., tice Ehicagc.hased Real catate auctios mat'ketiag Arm, cdli cotcdnct a multipleycopecty auction Of meidet,- liai and com,vcccitt propecuea in llocc000d Haigloto, Abonne, Schiller Pact, und Cidoago. The auclioc oct11 tare place ut 11 c.m. on Sunday MarchO, al Hyatt.000nmcct at OSON. RiYcrOondtoRosemoat. Propertlea io hr continu punk-diractad/davetoper cannot of 29 otro coud000iaiurne Located at The Clock Tower Peinte in Snr,000d Heightn. These meary two-bedmom, twa-loath cnudomioi. ace w ateontur boildioga at 4822 and 4822 N. Alcott ucd hava op tu 1,424 aqanor feet. Aooeoities include a Storm cantan, bolcuealao, geaaïto cnuctertnps, huedovond floors, ululemos stasi appliaacas and lu-unit t000dmtn ndtor porloing is included, pias Option far ssnondpacldogapuca. Cinch Tower Pointe is boo blocbnwaelofhanlsm Avenue 00 thu ourlheaot cocoer of Lrwesuca und Siculo jun Son minutas tram S'tRuce empor mcd major wqwessways, und june ntepa fmm public umnuportotiun, nhoppinlo Aiuta11 rod cightilta. Preciously pdced ap ta $275000, them unito aun being otfsrad subject uo mlniuuurn bids nlorliog at $180,500. The propsisauce FHA.appeuved and qoolised buyers muy purcboann oes of Hô'íifle Auction Friday & Saturday, March 11th & 12th at 1pm at the Hilton O'Hare, 5550 N. River Rd, in Rosemont 200+ Chicagoland Area Bank-Owned Homes! Soot wait far homo peicet op. Tuday'o houoing market und record ow interest Toles mohr 1h10 hn boat tiran to get yude vnot howe ut thn FrCO Yod ont with 010 STARTNG BDS. Euch borne 01h feutoceo title vaurerco paid by the ueller, orn hack Duren, end vo lleno. Get The Details & BidNow! At BidNowL.com Or call Up to 2.5% to Buyer Agents! OPEN HOUSE: Sat & Sun, March 5th & 6th, from 1-3 pm. HUDSON & MARSHALL -GH.PERFOaMANCE AUCTONEERS oavuo 000w r acahn,a chuck breech n'oner. 05 orewiuwcr ScOLaRe Len Suolo arokurara,uauru. aococcearo40000nbo. Lo uswoal Webb Manh$i SOl00000tb nll,cu Lv cccjuecticruofl today's homes theta recito focea 11111cm 0.5 yowant dorm. Snhtdaled npen houera ore 00 Polo. 2f nod 17, aed Mami, 5, from l um. tnlp.m.; ucd 00 Maroh 2 from 4 to 5 p.m. Aowgte-00001yhnmeut5til Smenmood Assose hr Otearon. Tins Orno.ntoay 00100ml couch hume with Obesa bedmoma ucd tfwee baahn is on n prrhsaionaoy landscaped fanned-in yucd. Other motores inriode a Acing nuom with Sesplans mcd bey oeboodowo 1h01 evarloob Ohs guedeo, tosuoyeoom that opero ta the puso hoot-in booluroose in the Obmey too-cur attaohcd gomge and Stdohed boue. msot with 0100e, bedroom nod bath. t oedeualy pdced to $7e5,000, Obb apuelnus huma io being sold subject ta a actaimuon bid uf 5422,000 Srhedoled upeu boone taon Pelo 01 loom O am. talpau. Other pmporties io the aantiuo include c000meenial 000dnodnioms at 242f, 2442, 2444 und 244f W Modimn in Ehinoge, commercial anudo. miolmeu md 1735 N. TRANSACTOf S Codeos about more home Mendtsn Woy, biete, BuCato Urone g 410 ndias Hilt Dr, 0001g, t t ai Edword A & Pacay S; ut ocuoc.soaeohofdeegocuau' $242,500 bernes. Search by address, 500td Oak Dr 214, Outeranu, 0000ly, ZP rode, pdre rouge Aleraudot; $92,000 or pene 02001e. Oes Plaines Antisch 144 ARhtOnidr Od, Lapa, 956 Elfsslsg n: Ebsrh,edt, Wojoieuh; $230,000 Erich L & amie Nl $232, Clark Ls: jouet, ewes 10aus$ twa-bedroom, tone-balto eondsmitriums ase seated in ste0000r buildings at 400 and 4H Utsott le $esaasods Heights, red hone apro 5,414 sqeare fart of lioing apago. Westero io Ehirugo, n corn. dowiolam in ea Ogn.35.plos nuction, roll Rieb Ledo,h-So' marcial properly ut 7000-ASE c5000aoily al 0250W r000og nociotea, lun. alto W Salmon in Cldragu, 0040 PurkiuSobOlerPueb. or doit Ohs Web site ut oe0000 tmo.bndmom, tnnu.bath con- Poca color brochare ue the drldadn.rnm. 8; $195, EMber Dr, Ssleen, bolina Syed & Qndir, OyeS 55105mL $240, Elhesknr 50609, Lnjaeice, Mlader S haube; $123, Eaeegraes Soeo boo, Otease j; $253, Fargs Ace, Cahill, Paule Werk; $345, Sruselood 40e 403, Moeje,,, Daniele -f; $107,000 PRSOSCES BY CUSTOM MEDA SOLUTONS 8905 (sight Ase 101, Temas, Stose; $109, E Mill 513HZ, Boalnoich, Llaca &Zuhoolui005. Eveline; $170, Rsan Aver Ple,aeiah, Mutthuw C Aboyen, lubie Em $400,000 Eoansleon 2229 Clnoalasd st, Mactiers, Onrafie & Rtals; $110,000 SEE SalSa, PACO u PRODUCES S' CUSTOM MEDA SOLUTONS Special pricing offered on two Lexington Square rowhomes Lealag es in Chiergab Sddgopart aaighborbondis offering aseo speniafly turned roochumea fuauhornsdi. Neemsily priced woo into the $400,0000, especially with 1ko oppoinlmeets thot hone beau budodad, both homes see belog offered ato diur000l und 0110w boyero to romb malos all final iuteoiur sa- Priced at.9070,740, the lea. medmnte-dellnery Orant boa hoya upgeedad to barbudo a Orepbace, while the Sarhingham also buss Seaplane pias as aopaaded rouf docto. t io priced no 8400,465. "rabbtb, Obeso tono homes, boyero coold be moved in and eojeytoogghlyognb t'ori roano dopa frorn their pebuats coot denk or heating s barbecue tu door the Onu guono t'oawuebt," said Jeff S0000h, nu-principal ullnrdag000000rnao, dsoabopne afheudogtenflqoere. Located SougaoousoL,aightbluehoweotul U.S m 55014, Leobug100 DqO,Oa obra grast oily 010w,, including the Srewoeta user each buona Wtobta Ausgome. "Sridgeport io ouch o OmeR- c Chicugo nelghbaehtod that hua molly rame into its 00m," odd Reosch. "WiOb all the ).fal lit' Hí.htl S A :Ar.1.0Ail pusitl rhaogeo looppenbog such au oew shopo, Sr000ry stares aod raota,000ta, sod its SEE LEBHBOOH SQUARn, today's homes 00 f , FlB0USO 25, Lesingten Horn,, te oflede loo :rlslol:c, lurinooneroata srose.ts et Lesdorgt,n Sqoree in Cloieago',Bnidgeportseighheslrosd.Pdsad eeor000,n htnse,edfatr.,bullrn,r r.,r,,r,odtadaeøannbadeaoeor, Z½ballrs, andhonbeen upgradedtoinsludeanreplase. SNGLE-FAMLY RANCH HOMES LOCATED N PCTU2,ESQE2E SETTNGS Basements inaloded With lookout er walkout opdono aoailabbe Euch 1/3 -aces hume site bocho On woodland nemutrroiewo Nu voutly uouneitinu ncludes mncredibln features & an array of optiano ta oostamize your heme C005eeieetlp locaoed $0012 collet icaco l-90 3 DSTNCT HOME DESGNS STARTNG FROM THE MO- $3506 LFE AT YOUR PACO WaST oas udte 20 ANO EGHT ON CHO0Cl 0.0 1d559 CH 00ES RO, HUNTLEY. A0542 MODELS OPEN 7 DAYSAWEEK SAM - 5PM HENNNGESTATES.COM SO

35 110 vr dr HC 0G 0 SU NDlEtbSlEt OCH Live in the Ost Beautif / w14o Upper $400,000s Same upscale amenisies Deon combo comrsochor2 roryhasre.rgeanna000g W 'mio eedoanprooabnn naaneenpro se rasaron. Enjoy ris saceqaurjonsnranoon, operas peednota and sopnner finahna ao aime go Tamtrdedmedolandmeoenseryhoren G nanteec, Pall odoanndea'e&m e 0,900-3,000 ufer Semble loamy Geendnramneeneaee-freelserng SroundodbpMenhClabgoifeoossn HU0SOAV.FOcnlOOV Oft t [l t's the right time choose the right place? Start your new lifestyle today! LuxuRy condominiums in downtown Lincolnshire, now from the mid $300's (only 5 remain*) for the best value in new constmction!!í7eiss Development Prenoten toree suolo' ypisr 520m. -imi'nuinmm-tf. Theodore's Ridge offers... single-family homes FLANEELD SCHOOLS' Build a new home or choose from a Selection of completed homos. lsjeolotmtoknl-rsss Hwy 52aedoottwentlomniglmtlNamthl on Rn. 00. At Theodore SOest, turn infloweorl eeetieoo paon Ridge Rd.. and pernod te the mreorooity entrance on night...bfla Home5:.- Os ew ry'-d's s PRODUCED BY CUSTOM MEDA SOLUTONS Developers warn of pitfalls in condo conversion market Tout such communities as Heritage of palatine The hune these os is tondo hoegnins ven ho hed shopping ehe foreolotmeno marhst, bue eoperts say buyeesehooid hewore of doom Oient sound too good nahe trole. Thcoccieot Lohn rxptesoi000 "reveal emptor" or "Oct Oho boyer beware," perrolon more thon ever in today's noon senate 000choi, coperte "Time neatly is thu bayons biggoat oee000ynoheo chopping ihn toredonava end short-sain menhniu for bargain," said 0oy Fcnoneah or R. Franvenk & Aonooinhen, rtev010per of The Hoettage nl Palatine and o veteran developer sobo hue bailo snore ebano o,oso noedominiome in wore thon 00 Chinago-erea densiopmoeto in Ohohie, Orn Plaines, Ar. ilegnon Hoigbov, Whe0000 end Polotine Sinne lobt "Too realty sever horno how tong it holt tobo to obtain ncan title nod close 0000veectoted onto bereuen linon often c100d hn title," Prnvceoh said. "Will lobe sono months nr Orso yronet While yoo molt you vonid he missing movh betten clone-vol offre-inno io Oho vnvnenti0001 hovaing mnr'hrt." When bayons ohovee crew condominium boul bynrepooabin de. compro, lion R. Freegsnh & Aaaoni- 00es, they will obtain a nrcreantee nodo gu005000e ohabyno will move toto o home of qutiiey in r timely Oashion,asaallyooitbie Doto on deys for nro inoemotory ovil st The tieniteg500fulotine, Fosnrasioaeid. "Ones lin foreolveed roado's lintirg price is appealing on itt fers, o punohaner months owens nf hidden roste,' seid ithinegn eroi calote y William P. Dlmowonth of Joy Ztbel & A000rietee, Led. 'ymftlraagh o pocvironee may hone wnlhed nhnoogto Oho unit When it 000toioed ltohoreoavd epplinnoes, the lender dons 000 gonrasty 1h00 thrne will be Obero st closiof." torbe nonnirl of fnnaclnaonreaod short entro, very tinti e 000nomso p000ection nomon. Despite gnvnroment rrgrolati050, malo,' nicha cevenin, seynniolly in ponchusiog n condominium, Mooy of Ohene hidden nitha ore onenloohod by even eovoyi005ntons. "Foneclotore proyretien nro germnnnliy sold io 'os-is' rooditine noisim. aus enywnrn500ies," sold Frennesh. "mero ose ty'yinelly no property dioctonares tnd na surnoy" Fnreosmple, e lorenmoned tonobadnoóm, tnro-bnth rsnob condo on Chiosgo's North Aide lnvhsd like e oteoi netto, o hering pnine ot$g0,too, doomet Anew ihn oniginol sois pries nf $100,000. Upon closer inspection by s netenmn Realtor, Ohs unit wes missing ali nppbaones, alvins, light livtoron, and Oho nonfat' g was 0bhp Do addihinn, hn boileling hod bmkss hoodanotardunaofe psorhee. Bofort peonpenlioe buysne gel inoolved in Ohr porohuss ors Oars, oboted property Penvranh ednined that they should c050iden otean bacio qosntionebeiorowastingtioorsov a pntaetieilyrisioytmonsrtiosr WOno holds title? How 000g boa ba aoje beso oa tire mnnhat? How bog has the aale been vonons? nitnoislenieedthnnitbnenvondo'osed? 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NO THU lobdu005 20, 2011 oeorçhchmc lrnfo/uoe100 1 Osmolee io them too, toa, dos and 00e," sold Campbell. "The Heritage nf pulecoo neo lip opynain 10.0 wide voniely of broyses ood Obero is sorerthing bono 000 nvsryooe." Wich the mmmonisy approachbog cloud-nut, boyrno h005onhoire of distinctive bee-bedroom aod Onvo-bednoom-pius-den Soon ploya with two baths. T hoy nos go in h-em lash to 1,710 sqoone yeso 01 lioiognpnooa,od pnìceeraogefrom $D4y,eoo to ytuo,000. Anoothsnoltenrostive for bayons who draine msintrosvnn-fene lioiog ove the nnw-eonstr'uotioo Hasitags of Foiutmor Brow,mstnoee else being developed by R. Fo'000neeh Os Aaeoni- The Oma'nseoors - cheer-ton,-,' Ourn-ot-thn-00000cy-ntyis rowhtmns-.- area privote coliectino 00 only seven homne pbmond fon novnnnaationosor dow000ovo Polatine't Tenon Oq000re Fork end just stepe from the Meere, shopping ond roseoon000a. 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Combining o poned OreO with denigonred side sonnets, F0105ior 0H00 provdes eocrss in eckools, Hanper Congs, nnighbeckoad pocha, Polothno HOla 000 Cnornn, and nnsnsoi other northwest soborhan boos trs,lo. Fsintioe Parir Diatniot hoe some 40 pocho and 000iliOles. mero eneeboottlnetfthenepsnlmooeìthin melinog ditloena of The Henitsge nf Folahlua. Ainn eserhy in 100e Senior Center et 0Db 0. Qorotin Road. "O in seny fonoboyer ho fed enocsly whot they one looldog foc in Poiohine," sold Campbell. The Heritege of Falottos Condominiums nod DrooennOeens salen ceetor in at DO Soutb Gowelsy St, ood is open dolly Omm te am. 00 t p.m. For more ioformotioe cdl or ottimo oun'oon.nfcuacreh,

36 THURSDAY. J SEARCHCHCAGO.SUWNESJHOMES FEBRUARY 24, O T H E R S THE LEGACY AT MLLETNJUM PAP. today5s homes MLLBROOK PONTE BaBy oew hame la veas, apa. nous so all say Barattare sod orhvarhfltperlrctlp"ahesaid. stand whey her grams chudma corse for a visit, there's plealy ofroam lar them la stay ovar eight. "ts a grast house for ea' tarteiniog ved mivgllag" said lacia. "The cuchen and frailly room 11cm tagether, ead people ave accesa tisa dach tram ba llaodym000. Brasa 01 aiaa pmpli aroeed mp lachen table, and them's pleats, al rematar apace the meal propaaafiea. Last aasamor bachrrard ant on the darla lar a creeed?' Duarisig ihn halidsy seseos, ehe had her avteadad lamly for thaler ved coohed brio people very comlartably. Os the that snowfall al the mesan, Pris, es operativos manager br Cmlv st, Parmi, leg her haase early oea Seterdeymamiafi Th bar delight ved marprias, hic daioewey end aiarraaodhag math were lously elearrd, "The low-loalatenasca as' pert al hlag at Milbroak Palato fila my boss, achadele campletely lo the aoaoaaar time, lsadaoap'mg is moies. Bathed ved loche fall the lavora FROM PAGEl err ml,rd aad s new faoataio adda sestbeeic eppeal Ba the Aerardg Ba lais, balider Gary Looitsl io extremely ec' conoaodnliofi "i sold my home qoiricy and he mooed me Baia his modal home sod has hero very m- aposaive Ba all my aveste." When it came Ba maldeg Anegas, ehe derided vo as entes havie el oshloela Ba the Baicbra for edditiacnl sevrage which aran co problem stilla the baldee "lt's e great ealomooiil' Bar aicgla wemea beraons libel nain here, lise ton bane e lam, ved t'so close Ba lisa aaspmalmay ved tovoaeythiageerd." Rais is visa happy Ba ve cloartewheelicg'nrosisoaoel 150w sad liboe the 0000asiasace of sheypthg at Nocthbraok loom ved the llliiwvohee Aro oni like lria, peteoiial bayera ves iaopersand by ehe Bavoratim leor plena ved 00mpine coatomiaetioe oilaa'ad ne Millb000hyathta,Moatoorvera agree sathh Reis hel speciale towoboaoes are crafted te Baal libe athgla'ialeïy hoases, With ap Ba 2,011 oqusaw PRODCE BY CUSTOM MEDA SOLUTONS New Model Coming Soon. MEA2t1JDGE / tome see why Meadow Ridge 15 Still UDO of the top developments io Chicagolaod. Private Attached Residenries starting from jest $495,000. Ask about nur incentives by calling or inlelmeadnwridgenortbhrnnkcnm Hours: Wed-Fri 1 1-6pm Sat. & Sun pm or by appt. Onsite sales center located le Northhrook at the cerner at Techey and Founders Drive. last el specr, they baos ve ebvedenae eleotndoeaa tha let the autdaare Ba. lgtlahesa arr mamy end aeeasesedolr Ors- Bar Balveds, sahle maalar bedmama are qaile sieeeble end ere aepemled from the other hedeaoma far added palaaay Palcas steel at $269,900, SBaee vvaey bayer bas their Omas set al Waste sed oaeda, Narlhtisld mep offers bayait veatesafiatiesa enlbba thy laolpriaot at their leer plan, They cee redesign o ileorplan loycat, medify their ldtehrc, revamp sbslbreamarrelsage s bedroom. Bayrea cas choose from bao taemsleosoe pisen. One affare leur bedrooms end B baths with e first-fleer mentar soler. The ether is elbese-bedroem, 11-both tendibenel lsyoot. Or bsyeee can ape 10e a hrer-seey cmohame desigas lactario0 te000rlhcsebedeasmo mdll baths. To viale Millbmoh Pateta, fi'ambeterabatelo4thoelh,exil Lohr Cook Raed, ge meet Ba MlwaaherAvenas, hm eoalh ax Mthvenhas to Wog Prod. Go sight os Wolf hr 'Oville te ihr aeleevee oc left, The siles oltre ix apro daly fsvm O am. Ball p.m. Call 047-d-l010 or vieil oeillb000hpobate,00m. u D u PRODUCED BR CUSTOM MEDA SOLUTONS SALES CONTNUED 100M PANE Fewlee Aars Rions, Jasephu $561,500 91e Gesy Ases Feekier, Rabart & Aegrla $105, Nessun St: Teebyfill, Aelaieetlr $140, hillside Lea Knrppee, Meek & Amy $242, e St2l Atkiev, lesee L $310, Mspleoseil2e Mavdoe' aid, Kathy Beau $620, Mosres Ste Tema, Eseadu $190, Oak Bee 403e Zhseg, Chao & lles, Reoqiel $256, Prairie Ase: Chadhs, Dsmsn & Kemsl $11, Prinsetso Becs Clare, Christopher & Patanrenmsrsn, Prsbhs; $440, Ridge Ase 3C: Tsygae, Leo B & Borin L $168,100 Alavcoe 35 Creosest Dr: Merk, Mat' them B & Pskksla, Gisais l $1,248, Msodow vds Eilrr, lobe A $400,000 ONO Weslaeerth Aces Flohs, Aodrewl & Betrat, lsais L $450,000 Glroeiew 3001 Appian Way 509: Cieli, Sesrglrs $103,020 20DB Ciseoteal Ase 510: Blend, Gerald F & lodith $310, Depso 00112, Christopher, Babeo L $127, Elm ts Restlifls, Rioherd A & Arai $655, Lsremie Bar, Yo, Pok Bess Wsllp & Borg, Yo Cho $391, Linden 00es larron, Menan R &lasenl $092, lineemos Sis Perte, Jreemy P & Osrielle L $385, Lsngmesdew Das Mechar, Euh till Alter P $345,010 Arsyolake 661 Oroekotasa0ds llesla, buoy & LorS $224, Cosebsidse Des Bisse, Jarees & Maeinelsl $270, PetiSas Lo: Aegesy, lohe AO Mrlssie L $ hhighlend Park 1220 Park AaeW109, Pivvhietti, Raoaoa $540,000 Lslea Forest 730 Oestre Ens Pislteer, Dermli & Orares K $1,005,000 Leke Villa l8vllwslenheroh Ors Rebel, lstïedrr & Dhesi, Nselaml $335,000 Lindenhoetl 506 Forct Viler Od: Estrada r, Pedso & Esleede, Nivale fy $130,000 Mertnn Creee 9329 MorroyCt, Loo, Hasp & Hgeyoe, Oseh A $305, Oleander Ose: Abraham, Tiudoess & Eashla, Amies $191,000 Moant Pevspect SPS N Slesiag nsok Len Mathrx, Sena Eles $322, Plase Ct ts Tasi, Mief hebel $135, SWr BO Trs Briekmae, Tetryl & Cheryl J $260, Wille Ses Gligera- Juan, Goarge & Elisabeth S $270, elaskhawk Cre Wille, PudriR & Ultiku M $301,000 N2lWDebO Liskvds Svhsb, lend & Plago Svhab, WiOlrlta $186, W Leseqeiotolad. Shererse, RilaR T & Bube H $460,000 Maodelein N Wslsatdees Blob, BrsedarT $125,000 Oiles 79eo2N vanesio Ase: Slsoanl, Plate & Aeee $145, N Preeprot ts Rodrigo, 0sv $507,000 O325WCharelr Uts Shsh, Ksebael & Kelpseabrthl $515, W HeetheeasdCirs gier iekwsng $550,510 Nerthhreok 4504 Concord Le: Rosal, rayo Barrot P & Suber Pl $210, Cosoard Le: Bectai, Jal- Beryll $267, Desdes vds Les, Chal Wva & Lise Lee, 1001g BeC $200, Siegers Le: Peeve. Joseph & liohy $350, Liases Ase: Lis, Statuslew & Maris A $106, MoadeasOds Heesrsy, Senil & Eneieliea $fi40,011o 2150 seelsch 5e 401: Gehttel, llempon h Osi. Rather' mel $117, Wentase Ase: Deletny, Briar A $255,000 Northfirld 1865 Old Willow vd2zl: Rogire, Esive Ni $370,000 Park City 624 Thared,fe Rds Balstreer, Denial A $ Perk 061ge 101E Saeresit 65e: Rae Malee, Kelherirr S $200, vlmoar St: Myers, Lauise Au $270, tmperinl Ut: Pedgorrey. Kslhryr C & Osberl A $473,000 today's homes Knishthsr: Wsblyrawaki, WaJvieah $445, NPeospret000:losksae, Todd 5G Rdrbeeer El $925,000' Pork Plaine Are: Krieger, Ardeew b & lachos Tr $216,000 41GO Rior Baa: 0015cl, leciti $500, GHise Bac: Dsoifoy, Redoatie BG Rslie l $202, Torrean.dee De: Sober, Meodebrec & Kisieb, Rerligieg $290, Wsadlsnd Bar, LaBis, George N & Larrra $300,000 Roand Leke SNS Senson Lee Ooln,rdoel, Dsoid $226, vd Lake Oeagh FsirBeld ed, Psolsvvl, Rits $225,000 Skohie 7500 LoeawioAsrl2: OWN FOR LESS THAN RENTNG HUGE PRCE CUTS! JUNOR ONE BEDROOM $1 5385/MONTH0 TWO SEDROOMS $1 e998/month* DOWNTOWN EVANSTON LOCATiON! Large living spaces with granite kitchens and baths, outdoor balconies and indoor heated, secured parking space with each unit. Custom Penthouses available, FHA APPROVED There has never beers a better time to buyj www. Grand Bend L ving.com ErrtersOn Streel EYaoneo, L $ paseisee5iesalsd assi includes pvrvìpsl, irlesasi, leseo, BOA lors & PM. fosad 00 URSDOY, FEBRUAR h SRARCHCHCA65uOTOESH0eES b * O,l,',,yAlss, usi esda7r oh 3.09% sosa 3.5% dao,o peysesri. PAvas insight Auwuri, mrul & 80555m, Sarah A $271, Mediceo St 611: Bacolin. Gbadisbeo & Alakssrdoei'$114,500 94Cv Skekie Oled C: Taro, fran N & Le, Haueg Pl $135,000 V5elo 11S6 Bawqao Aros Week, Philip AG Mibbor, Slephaeme Tr $233,500 7 SEE SOLES. P05111

37 SEORCHCHCA0036NT900009ES 8 5EA000CHC000.S/NTrAESHOMES THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 201E NO HOME FRONT BY BLOCKSHOPpER French twi t WHERE WE LVE Development in Palatine resembles French city Developer RosseS Moglovaio soid he gut the idea for the Preonh-iespirrd Maison Ola Coole subdivision io Felat'mo while he wee dr'mhiog out oto 00lre moag ovith i005gro Of POnS drawn On it. "ThEe mag had those really oroete caricatures ofopanioieoe nitronepo, 0041 started outtiog mod poetiog together the ideos 1h01 t hod from thot wog mod rveotoallyturord theol over lo ea aroloi000t to droigoe it," he By the wed 2000s, that visito bed como On Troitioo ashlnftbnabo, o loogtimo builder io iba Revolt ooburbs oea founder of bo-ao-- londruoseli davetoywent. The 100-notO i0000home dovelupmeot has 22 loto left Otro of which ace bolt mod loro of whiob ore belog bollo. The droelopmeot 'w e quentrr-ooilr from Ohr i000roentioo OfAlguoquin 004 Otuorte raudo und io across the otreet from Oho Pool Douglas Purest Proservr. Moi000Du DATA PONT MCAENRY REAL ESTATE BY THE NU-BERS City Ro ir, vo io t 5L Tire oomben of Dorsaluooveo io 0010 io Mn0100rp dowu from 50 io 20t0. MARKET WATCH Bullait Gruye 2.36% 0es P/o,reo 269% Do, % Gore,, 2.50% Pori 329% lolo Fo000t 3,95% Pork Ridge 2.07% Siol/a 219% Consulting CEO spends $840,000 BRf8058 Plenos The CEO Of e olor noesoeltiog nompeny bes purnhooed e 150mo lo the eaotern pert of Wilmetto. Erice Robos cod Lise Fahne paid $840,010 for the Ovo-bedroom, 0.0-both home io the 0-tOO blonh of Woodhion Avoue Joe. A. flor 1,00 1-sgoene-Ao ot house woo built io gnon twos livo C0000lfing Billonne, which helps reohopa hors Ohr oily worbe tbroogh pro-boon t f bosioeeo enponts aod guneromnot londers n form ideos 0060w ta wehe Ohinegn more livable, otford, Ohio, mod globally competi- Ove. Olnimo Febo, earned bio boolselnr'o mod Ph.D-io motenui, Oni000eoodeogioeeriog from the Memonhoseito 1000itiote of'lhnhoolugy. Rateuf 880f Aof For sale Median price forectosure sates foreclosures 327% 1397,900 0% % 0410, % % s, fereursdmereno Comte'o PROA dose ene roughly $100 per month, Susmo Gould of Froodeotiol 000enh Reeltore la lisloga hume of 1410 Roo Porlo ho's. for $4o9,goo. The tovo-bodroom, 1,0-both hes hendwood flooring, e wolb-net lower lovai o hitabso 'sitio etoledess 010cl opplinones ood grunito n00000rtops ,0% 10 7 $502, % $ % ,09% , % Wi/nets 292% % 23 3 tóda' 's homes P000UCE0 BY CUSTOM MUltA SOLUTONS Averituble tmehouser The too-bedroom, 3,5-bath tomehome es0415 Run Pari, Au,, is llorad too $499,000, erd allers multipla bobones ord hardwood floors, oueoo'reo vu000o euekraoaeoa5 MORTCAssereoodhUobveeo Ao,eLeos.ees, nFulmow.ei001eae Ceo o_ro 4.00 SORO Teat % OSeE rtyr Hehl 4, $ % 4331 La,r soak ,00 4,00 toit ARM , % /1 ARM jlost near n_er 4,01. o.n $730f 00% C,trl,O Lenten e,l,,0 OPE 001,0, 10/7! le/sln100000aoeeo O,,0000, 00,tle, as010rle RATES & NFORMATON AVALABLE DALY AT B httprlls,ntln,u,.ntorest,,m LENDERS, TO PARTCPATE N THS FEATURE CAL BANKRATe.00M OSS.50S.4E30 - P0000CED BY CUSTOM MEUlA SOLUTONS today's homes 'Distressed' property threatened by change in state condo law rt'hì lobby lighie ovare affendanonrap.1. p,uradtobehomeor o cenano eveoing ut e 10-omit 000dominloom boildiog 00 Clo/oogo'o North Sido, The dev,lopar noovertod iba three-etory building, a alotege eOyla woib-op, io noodos 01000, shea gol caught io ba jaws ollhe Gv001ftenra,o'oo, nosed the cole, allant ood qsiauly diruppeored, reol renar loor oesite were sold ood ornupiod, the romoinhog boo-bedroom 00040e are 00m 0000adby Oho book ocio the Bocadocure povnao,, Baeeneo there io no orgonisedhomeoosooers umociatioo, ibr eleotnie bill h000'l been paid, nmd there one 00 lighl, io the hallwaya cod sloiruoallo, Tisis nosdo devalopmenl i, noneidored o diotneseed peoparly" and could soon be lovgetad for nenoivocehip und oole by ba oily of Chi- 00go uodrro oawprnvioioo of ba llinoi, Condominium Pvnpsriy Art, enponto soy "Wloeo a rondo io dis- Oveseedu reolty agent com'o 000ntioely chow the ynop to prospeotirrbayaeoif hn ligioloare 001lo the lobby sed hollmeyn," soled Chicago Eealfor lar, Ba0005, president of Be000s Stooley Seolty, dithoogh the buildiog maybe deoloerd a distrosoed property because hollor more of the onitn are 0000nopied, eoodi000 of the lodiniduol rondo mey vaco Be000n seid, "Oume 0010, maybe vacated beosuso the booh offenedraob far bayo, 0h00, 1h 00e oeils fe0000eoewre Aprii oseen codera io broomcb000randitioo foc momodial, mova-io," ehe said, "Sib aro cooldbeiof000olacoro, stripped mf applisnrao end trs,hrd by ihr poetloun 000ose who is oogry et the book, oevaodolioed sod pinked olsmo by thiaves," A d'releooead condowiniom property mesmo Ohs 000dominiumbooildiogiu belog "openaied is a mennen Or hove randitiasa which mop c000tiluisodaogrr, blight, oeooieenrr lo Ohr nuncoueding community or lo the g000nolpublic," oncording to Berlino 14,0 of ba Don DeBat Oc 16e looms boni Jlllnoio Coodomiolum Ano, 000mandmestpaeordby ba llodu Legislotleo end aenclod loto low im Jnooarnu Nhbe declorad odioorassodpnopactybythe m000inipolity o dt0 cilege or 'mcoeporolod lows - in which 06e property io bested, ocoordiag to the ant the baudio5 most ha nufforing from at laust twa uf hn follossing monditions, noted Chioogo noodominbum 0110enay David Sogar cf Aroetebn fa LobO LLP, Fifty perneot of the nasid000eo cr0001 ocoapiedhy psce000ositbo o sgal right to reelda in the rondo union. The building boo aorn'ouo boildiog roda oiolmli000, or oiolotioo, of ba aonio5 ordinonon, B'mty-peeceot or mona of the coodoe anela foroclasuce or cre 0000e ogeinsiovhinh a judgmani of foreol000re woo caleced within hr last 18 months, Bay of th a 005nntiolotilities lo ke bulldog de so4o percent or melo of the modo onion is either teradooted on ibrootroed mallo ecmi000ion, Tbere leo del'mqeenoy 00 Ohs property fon et leant SO poncent el Oho condo UntO daunt lods Obst the building in o dislcaeeod candominiumynep0000, it mey oovlar iba oppointmeot alu rareivon loe the peoporop," Oeo,00 said, "f eher a heed' 'mg the 000nt Sods that ihr pcoperty le mot olobla m n logo1 roodomisiom, it oould dadora shut the building is no longene condo," 00 01h00, the boildieg would become oreotolpaaparty moomgod for o fee by the receiver, who would be empowered 00 issue loose,, nouvel canos, moba copelen nod moiatcbn the buildiog, The recomer mop plane a lien om hn property for ooy unpoid expccneo lo be paid 0500 Oho asia Of ihe boildiog, f the oomoero of the building lioclodiog individual noedo oomoore or thebanhi wbub, Obey coo vota for anulo alobe pcaporiy Before iba nela, il muso he Oppeuisadto loor market velor. f ibera 'osodioagreaoneol osto the of no irdisidaol condo oolt, a paoml of thcao eupano opproboeco will dalarmine due onh's volo, by ovule, Arcardiogio B,m000, who formerly woo a 0000e.oecti. Sed oppcdnor, the origloal noe price os 0-bodorom rondo ea iloo North Side noald hava been $250,000, so 0ko velue 0f the,ggragaoa 10-Ooit build/mg mould boom boer $4,05 willion co noodoo. Howovav, osona000l oporlmeni building, the op. premed macbet 0010e tu no inv000ur mighl noly be $1,4 milliom, er $T0,Oed peo apont mont uoit, "Thia menos aboyen who paid $050,000 for0000do mod ploord $10,000 down ood owe, the book $00000g oc iba mortgage might uoly recebo $73,004 if she modominium la do-canoerted and cold as uo sp000mesi bo/dlo" 500,00 sold. "The bupor moold sfili owe Oha rodar 9120,3W mod ito possible the landen might ah o judgmant in acaro for the balcone doe or ube morlgege," 0ko eid. 000 Orado 100ekly/'eoi rulete oulumo iuoyoodicoted iy2000tffedicseeciooa. Foc onore Romo-buyiog Oformo' tian diuitois Wrb olor et uomo, duo del o 0, 000. todays homes is prodooe3 ho Media Oolun/000. EDTORAL PASO. to ELMO Sor-Timas Modio / pkeiwab oto ed/a r eta o 0 k,o a n 050EVTS1S RTA 51030ER sles Mev,rr / So, 2, Na , lo, 2011 E S Claim Your New Home Freedom Fundl 10,O00 Add options & upgrades Cover closing costs Lower your interest rate Buy out your lease ln juno mhol you coped from $he ose homeboilder that offeen you fool freedom fram high energy bills, fifed tinorplamo, and infleaible designo, Como see for yourself o$ Amy William. Ryoo Horneo nawwaoity -- - and claiw poule $10,000 Fveedaw Food oo any home you chaooeb CLOtH Bandy Crook es 'warn lse '23Bu 847, ? LAKCMOOR Daatmvell Place from the $47.201,7953 LNDENHRST - Thn Peesonvas woos the '270e ,7N52 SHOREWOOD es nflllddno Ceookfrum tho '23Bs Single Family Homes \\iil0tt -ob WilliamRyanHomes.com EL3N Plgldesd Woodo 'woos, the ' LOERT'RmO'LLE.lbrry Gonce frnm the NAPERVL E From ehe $ , VOLO Ause,sau Grove from th 017es 847,2O Building energy-e$ho/nrt homen lh0008hout Chicogabond

38 - Thn 5fOOCllCi/CObO O SEARCCHCAO SUNTMESHOFES THURSDA11 FEBRUARY 2 Builder Showcase Directory 0o AuliogOoro Oloarurr - Ooocuoo Fsmhsmss $ $290, Cr50200rflo Way/Or009lon , LsflFcAoofl A O O 004-LOFA fu 010V 4r,$0160VO 0rf5m0crinn7L&Fr20 T222 F2ou um Nor, YuokM/0 0000,00 l060hsuos 9100, , Vr0005rOr L000,Aurcra, mlol.mlloaloc.00m 06F 00,1 S :520,16 Hr,ulooc Cirro, - P207173, Hioloro, Jur. 0mo6 Famio and Villas 140, , W , 00000cr, l Es7ApH062002hl rn Poo,oir, Pork Caallrtorrro Ho,uoc Famly Homos, Forcir cc, sod 2 olor, From 16e $10 Os msrcolOr., 00006cr.1L CaollelomnHar000, Boirgr.iorr PL,uo-Lor,rrr,o HonrO 0 ilas 0140,040 -$ $ '$200, LCoridqs.000/Ori100liaH.1L lb Fc7.0.L000ar.00m (cr ,1 r r Ea1o, O'ouk MO brou, sw020mao $100,006 $245, W $10000, Carol Slrrsm, ouow.oli ritmi 11 C,,ffuu CuuL - l'hillippo HolM.,,, Jur. 61, , F POmol lo ouoro.10lll04500id000.00m l. 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Fluoro ofcom,,00,onoim O,r',,,l,,O Co00100otmc 04ro.so L050ry and ADo From Tosend info for one of the listings to your phone see the codes below each listing! Oonmoor 3H00, OoototaWOFOr L Tlo E,,rO,,or 00,,' honors 0 02,0 SOurit 200, - 74,-rit 74oi,,oc Siels , , Pas Wfu LborlyrdlO. 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The Femomoinghcriuee olforthn bort lncetiour ro/ohio ke community, across from Donovan Park, 000 n ke af000 most ortive,eig000rhood city purkr into yoor-,'onrd upor0000d "WhO mirs muw upen in ke lat bailding, Lcringon A 1700Fb will 000A be complata," huid DAnach, "2ko usiodow otoppnefuhl'p is cloning lo become u pnrl cl this groat cam moniay." All lbree-rlory homos in tills Anal phoso oume with throf bedroomr, 21/ bethr, roof. lop docks with rompiese MOWS 017ko Chicogo okyhino), grooila countnclnps is, 1ko klicken, choice of groolite nr l'no marble io 1ko bulks, hoedwood flooring, 0-loot noi/lago nu 1ko mein and upper floors, end etbocked Oroor gecogos. 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Up one brei, boyefr mill Bode odde open finar pialo ononmrensing she living nod dining areas andan erl-im hitohon, Thio l0- rl0000 nhalf.both end lanadry afas, "This molo l'nel in corp open nod brighl, with lorg voindows olleniug groan exposare," said Becnrh, "t', armnndorlm,l spore for octerloioirg with Oho Opel,, eat-in kitchen nod bolcnny, ond boyero men cad a mploro lo blo lend, los," third level kos lhmeo bedrooms ond wo foil botho, lorlodlog n monter ouise with u walk in clnsnt, Prom Oho tlord 101cl, lhore ir d'leect accore to e Asoce roof deck wilb green vie005 in oil diremtinor, hmoladisg the loll Chicago skyline and CA, CellolnF Field, "Another popoloc festovo ablel those homes io ke ability lo roolomine the floor pion. mock libo ningir-family home," nolod B000ck, "Oc the Graos, 1h01 moca, oddiog e powder mcm ucnfolrlb bedroom and foil bath io the Orsi floor, or combiviog hr two socnndarp brdraoms sod 0011 both an the third floor lo mobeoracond longo bodroom sed private mssof Seile." Tb, other door pian at Looioglon Sqoaro is The Buckioghoni. While larger 1110v The Ornot, it feolureu n similor lay001 with a famlip room oud rc6fe' nu ihr Scot Aoor and oo opo, second lrvnl wi7h dialog oreo, dining arce, rot-in kilrheo, /aocdry and helcuoy. Thin lnoel nlaa hoe o holf'bnth, n addisiar, today s homes Builder Showcase Directory1 0/ itl'/ too m L,,r,,n,m lli,gv 0,117 H000llse 70,, 0FB, 11110mo, Cl,,stmol,o,, Cs'r,,,o,,e, lv' Family. Md Soleo l o WWWH553ODWES.GOM SEr H,rO,ec TJ.Csol,nmBsildoeo,lor,1100,d O,,oss C,,c,oemeOia,,Ceaq,,,,ur,S, Pos/lO.7209, e 00eS-Y SB ole 01 brood 000V S o ,0.005 l/oylec Cao d,n,olno.hneros Oo,e, Siels F $hdo'a , 502 losco, L lSO o o,rleotn.0050lol-5000naorn ,1,, Cl,reer ,01, T,J,Cooh,.mB,oiOdvos,lnv. l 0/eolo Folsle.004, , O1S o 000n ilSOlOOcO 000odao loidoe llerlo,,eank 32 Bssohno,o,o,, mo/nonasos Foso Listos 0400E-$0005 2/cool/al ollo/ss l0O1,oO,,iTl,l0101, 0, enO-0050 o e,ovmeoloo,loos0500srooloom te101folt BNTNUEB FROM P14523 Wolf boi,sgo C,,odo,,,i,,'O,,,,la LLC Wolf Oidgv C,,,odeo led. Boll Rd. 50r101540, L leov0003lso, ,000 SS oa,s,.00l055000dco.000 Da Oi,i,,l,roek llota C,,o,sen,,0i,,s C,,,, lc,s. Tae $400,000-$004, L1000F200 Blde OSS,200-s505 O WOO.H0$TS0000 COO Solord Polk C,,lloOle lioodal,da T,,r,,lll,,,,l Ti. C,,ol,op B,lild000, lac l S0000moo.5010, lsos Raso ob000000oolo.som Omen lsoo,'s elsl.00m 0,,,lmre LbO Famly Homos OlSlOS loom 0S19,900 lso F e 0,1,01 raro, L Fl00000Homos eso '10$1003S Wl,O,too 0510oo 10 UOAR, F , lt/i eli Suchirghom homes febre windawo so thooa sides, mnn/mieing lighl 170w ned oat. Bo the third bevol Obero ore three bedmomo, including wo secno dal/ bedroomo thot Limaco o loll boll kook. The macler Saite baso wolh-in doss end privato bath with o orporato Shower cod osnkiog Sob nod vompeolmeatolined toilet roam. Options ovo/labio io The Sorkioghem io' nudo adding n pomdor room or full bosh to the fr01 lovol, er srsnslormiag the sp000 loan a completo, eddilioaal mauler mlle. "These bowel amo vos, opovieos. 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O(rool,,,fl l0,,slei,,1i7,ro'o Sloolo-lomly Mornes' 9157,000 lo 0310,500 SOl oehicl101 0,/c, Plo101101d, 11004cc W,Os.4F r r1 eon 'flit Tce A0,oaloe 0 Sl,alinloc l ail,le N,'o E,,o$,,,,,4 Ccndomiolemo. 5100, O,600 S Oas/OS tovo m S/5ESJO0EU 11 SALES CBOJTOT4OEB FORM PASE? Weelswsrth 3W33O N Ceshmoee Nd, Aothovg Sanar M1 $lhk,soo N sroiosh0000r Ndm Sedo1, Rebiv & Fish' mar, Shelnr $125,000 W010S0550 0ho,e000d Sl,,,evoo,,,t Stool 5,7 Wshll 0/salo rosily S0rl,05 15m 1MO o 1051,0e a000100,09000,lln0030 )57ll ' ore,odo/0004 oml,lorom ,,, 2232 Ebma050d Aso, falcon Orer000borgov, boner & Chrtntoph $575,000 4B61 Felossey loo, Dolor, Bimo $btb4o00 WON Arse000af Sos, Cigonek, Williem fu $gto, w boroiomaeoh Sor, Mashell, Robort 5/ $000, Falb Asmr 570F, Lc0000 Hl $ Tlroremond Aver Lattkls, Keith & TrocO St,aab: $1,200, Wa060ngtam Sao, Kaunleu, Paolo & Oitouieporb, llavlekom $107,500 W151hrop Harbor 2005 StO Str Peeenck r, Aibnil Lenoordl $ 0001,0 0 A Soovve,brformoYovprosidedbyorravdfqhrmotilo 5p0,iresbvc, ciferirfi p00110 rcrorddeto l'orgleolercticofa irdbodiogforedlooarev, er«hommwoero listo, opio basioes400, bevkraptcien, merlgogrrecordivgs, Aaildiogpermilo no/seo 110mb drce000veilobloosaaour.public-rrcevd. mow, cenoamrv.patliv-oecnrd.cnm rod «01db, pal/ic-merard.00m. orteil 63f'557-DDO. To send info for one of the listings to your phone see the codes below each listing! 01,11,,, Old Ooel,,,,,l 5',a,loOrli,.,o g0000rnlilom'orae 5100,050loSl,005000r 5109 SoaSo 0005, , L louolo.,p rloav,rao,rmo 00,0,,F,, rinbl 0, altt ula0005,oloo,sla lanma,,a,ur ill, 100m rr 1, S lt 00 /1 0,0 00H t 1, S,ya550 OlTh,WOadOr,Sc,ll,E00000lOO Tag Oseac7oceo 011o ,0-OSoS' 1,000e/loOSlO,$ete , 00,16 Oal,ioolee, l,0000 oe,wl1000ceoosom504,ol000l400vlslolsom e,o,ls,ltho,a,llil m,,sa,e005 Ol d 0550a,, SO1JEe MO llameo 005l OerS,90S.305l , 5000ms000, L OOA4Oh0005 o 0000,ml , ,5 co101ulloeoorl,00, 'ti'4ffo4 Wl,',l,voeo PO,,es S/ lomo, , lor leo 7,100, rlos, ,117,0070' 0100.rni00005,,om loibbill h 5,5 Ololoc of S, i,,he O0l,dOL,Ole Bo,llrl000, loon 0/sola F , , Ordl5000d , S. 105e. 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44 - 101nyataCamlia Ltala,Ee:wol RLNGTON-HE1GHT5 FOCUS 40R ONLY: $779 A MONT- NEW 2011 FORD FUSON SE MO :ittte:t 949 FESTA SE 40 To9 A MONTH ' $ : 1j.----] 22;R6z 'f f $1 1UZ987 St&10009EN t.2t. YRDY OtO fof: n:.: no: '37: Z6' rr :., '5970) 3 996?%a' 9 TALMM HOWOÒ Y na«,.n -Y....Sà22ion '8983 '8770 ' 'U O0 '496? f7900 p23976 ARLNGTON HEGHTS (/ Ciit X 60 Customer Sutlsfa«tioo o Sales and Servce for 22 Consecutive Yeats. "Nean:iathgth: Enmflana po- Wattaap. doatfeal p,ttto-ad r:fraa:ao TheyWvEaA a a,y atap :f the way. COd annoi 09,077-nfl: *ÇY mt % sinn APR FNANC001a t2.ø 42 $ ;- Sales: M-F: 9,0-gru Sat: 9no-oea g -,,UJJo OWNER LOYALTY BONUS CASO- ::aaenyfawyamafll:spy,an,tt::, Service: M-F: 7,0-7:«Sat øau-5ts npl : On nslre:::-;. 9nA A aaa:oa:t,rnrm Parts: M-F: 7na-6e«Sat: tao-ive BUYiFORD0:M notto ALL NEW 2011 FORO EXPLORER XLT R22, «- _.. j WRDR lLUS edt $ 1'500 NEW 201! FORD ESCAPE XLT n---4::.- 1ÖÚD'COM A MONTH i f5988 ' s979.-2l468 fflr(d PlE-OWNED DEjLE1 N WNOS tatot000. r cray-- - n cat ' T.NECEP$ANY.nL4ftMAJ(Es & M ECS di,ove WHEN A GREAT DEAL MATTERS, SHOP ROB PADDOR'S... EVANSTON SUBARU in 5KO PUBLC After the Auto Show tjn( NEW 2011 SUBARU MPREZA 2.51 SEDAN 027 MPG HWY 19% 'APR Actual Auto Show Subarus from McCormick Place are in Skokie & DSCOUNTED BELOW normal prices. cvflaslctn NEW 2011 SUBARU LEGACY 2.51 SEDAN '31 MPG Hwr 'c«n L i/ Airbags MP3, lcñjrlfl. Airbags, MP3, " Fall Power :7a:nY_,n ui: Power :0 secastt stessa: NO SECURElY DEPOSat lo tent l:b:e. tzttt ate at acea::. EJnaw:tt 55 mats nao:. 9Z72: du: 5:8150e:. amps:,: MPORTS & POMEST Cs tt 95 ff0401 SantO ft BeSARlO...748am Fil Fra:, notad, Pta29 Sf9, ADala FltptlliwllSR... t:9stslo:t :nct,tra:c::o,tts: $14,965 SUASARU NEW 2011 (JBARU FORESTER 2.5X 016 ALLOYS OROOF RALS AWt':.' (t Y,Yra1 All-Wheel-Brise, ABS, Side Carais.c:-,L' Í1 SUBARU PORESTER :jry /MO AS, at ones Aaa:. sa.,:, :0 at nennt. BES nta:ta D Ftmalot PantE,-----t-::-nnaflmwt:lPa:t:.i-fnna.,lt...S6,9S5 rx-ptao,ln:6::trnsc,ta,ot,fatayat&tcatt UBARU MPREZAS ' Flaaa:SJtota 2,5 SL leaS490toA,Sla Uteau,onnipsma $54,995 'D RitaotSeaa aiahbaakt Ya:ttü: esu:tt,ttptpsll $12,995 loinpftaa P800,9-n ::aatl BUO:wtvaaAtta:ea, $16, yyea:ppaettqn:,esnima:lse.,::l,eap:t9 $11,499 '101opmuS-De kse*5,pn,:twsdm&laassiae:sfb... 16,495 oseamnpetteantec,ity:t:eupsst -.512,155 'FSlmpnaaaPeSv. 4-Be SataoLtCS.SaNRtivflu P'PaS ,196 - tllatddawatdesl-atcatpa AA: a::theaaesta:l,tvy tesa $11,596 'lblepmaao-se..joa,ptse9995e:h:-f:9596w599ts4pt4 159W 55 Raala5taand95t-SdStdan LtM.a:l :t::,ata:.511,495 UPSDE.DOWN?iNO?CEDT? 9tRT060laCtmtaLt ya&,5:P:nnn,snF9Efaat fl59aa..$lt,' -- not- r *+ RAD DEALORSJUP /S1tLLA 95 MP5ßfJlY. to55 tw NEPAttrWee:. tsaaeó :t Rev hubo, tare loin, ::, tua, i: tilo::, nraauf2oo, alun etan fldon.:nl:tat:ta Event THE DEAL OUTBACK FORESTER. LEGACY TRBECA MPREZA NEW 2011 SUBARJ OUTBACK MPG 19% UAPB - fl 1:1.- li J Nn ato All-Wheel-Drive, ABS, Side Curtsin Airbags, MPS, Fall Power two asca: SUBARU LEGACY OUTBACKS ' Calat S. L:tlanl:antU 6:a::ath 0l::ustuuttlo 23,495 'S Outback Ptntt...kt:n::;alW:::ttt.No,:sl.ttton,Psae 22,555 'AlathaakS«a SiSlaal...L:ast:,Moel tuo an, st mao 19,255 'O bocoy P :9:: f:wt:enal,3-epstnlottacst 11,955 'ttsabamsalbaek ttstetl:ta:l'ans:n.t.latakzo:stçp5e5t...16,105 '69 Sebosa k Ltd...:vn:la:eslt:tltdl::5,07-Eltta...17,905 't SuSana Legtet LW...taCa, lasted tall P:::,,tlu.ttt.Fitae 17,999 'D9OalbaA 5,ORlLEsanllladlSda...it:,,Sntt:l,tlnt,tllÇF0lte - 6,999 '56 tubaneleyatysltd. - '07 Rasanleakal St a7«ao aaat:eaumaw Als EVANSTON SUBARU in SKOKE.3340 OAKT0Ñ STREET SK0KE,.L 60076: Tase t le,:::tç es: - 14,995 SUBARU TRBECAS Ld - Otite, En:t::ltCYin. lota - 22 OAKTON

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46 MonsmO 'New Car Buyers Guide Travel well - into the future. The att.row 2011 Audr AB representing the best of f Audi er grosexog, tetheotogy, pertororaooe cod Luoury A here row. The flagship At a the Luxury stats ceder, cati 'if i,7 che bexrhrrrark by whith aft others witt tow betuudged. (7!!'7s Arroi, Aanrrs,,ge to test s" toe today. Esperieoce SR: f, hid ko1%te1% NvtleASacra HYUflOP W soxodam5tviun0a) esmoliolie Ortoesuror SssraaokOiva yesosi O'HARE HOLNDA Riser Rd avadasen, Das Ylairos. Fur Tira P4651 Dall CrcO PATRCK HVUNOA 1020E. Sof Bd. Ouh006bur 022u.05lolsksaiaoxw R OERS RYJNOA Msl a Our DDAS3seC005nsOposaluiotrsup,oa ROSEN HYLNOA N ALGONOBTN ea. V64JAGUAR AGUAR ELMHLRST PSTRFCJÇJBOCAR OF NAPEOVLLE er ava. orrkrrvexawueirs.psrrruutaguardvo Jeep loch CHRYSLER JEEP DODOE 16401, ,0x DOPAGE DODGE CHRVSLCB'JCEP awfl,050aesor3o.)vnl SlrrilssWasvtOSV) Oupsgcis 000hroalaCracavo Mercedes-Benz - Mercedea.Benz at Weatmoer 2GO E, Coder Osa. 000YOe'souvobvroaorerpro.uuor MN Lr0000StO2DDvseoOWciObse204'Cuo.t. MTSUBSH MAO MADSEN MTSUBSH evw.maesacsro 25m rr NSSAN AKtobare sisean of elonatsn 1032 Chluago Ose, OtOarSv200roNs.Oneeslsbsoaom BERMAN'S MD CTY NSSAN 4444W. ruing Parlo 04. TOgo osnwupyvorrridvo)srleaar:oror BERMAN'S STAB NSSAN 07570, Osory, Slla 1000) no-2?00 aons.a000r)asvo2sm w0olao uso Macelo Nissan f Road, Schte Se.maYonlorar uso ROSEN cansan N OURNEE OE000rd 305. dmrwsa000 ' ci OARBROOE SCONT000YA 5500.OJov4or., aorr '-. JAPR 't FNANCNG 00 s J'rj. - - OUTLANDER HeoJOfMUaatlatlt SPORT r wsdr,510ede,1a,rea,cosoaslouecearaara leeorly OrulZCffMlt00010d OUTLANDER '1mo 36 moo 3DAU6i uro s,!bmw Bill Jacobs BMW 24es turro use. tuapeolile. 1032) arrutar. bllra000etoo.srm Bill Jacobs BMW 24W aurora Axe. Napsoile. 164x1 45r.12w. brilesuiabrno,uoo BMW OF ORLANO PARK , Criard Paw, 0dwr A000000xr ELMB.RS1' BMW 440 A, yaks st clorurar OtSSusrurs.oirrxurorbmo,rao 40 L 703er 30e i oraoesrou no sou, PATRiCK BMW OWE. lolroxsu,oxraumburg ro rx005.oarrrxlrbmw Corn PATSCs CADLLAC tuo Sail Dr,, Ssiaurrourg aoou.o aufs Asuallias aso A uso As0sesiss BOOERS BUtCB 2720 S. Maclalgae Ace. Cortto ORwu7s.50sluoaso.rugeraeurogrouyrcs ew ar BLL JACOBS CADLLAC DUal W. usflsrsoo St usriar, li, roirotl)irsoiaoudrilex,oxm HERTAGE CADLLAC 303 W, RasseyeS RO.. Lombard 500d2034Wur'srs.Rerlragesadll)asaum AD VA NAG E CH Et RO LET r or a roula to APPLE CHEVROLET N TNLEY PARK 1700) ants o. toxin wsuu.spplsuflsu'y,rom BLL JAC005.CREVROLET 2wuW. 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HorsY Ace BLL KAY FORD MOLOTHAN Dxiu-5j S. filer, Ase, rrar.syilrksrtsra.55rr 1ld5FR4AçLinCOffl5lerCary Odd?) k udo - MCCARTHY FORD, NC 1144x0. Turasti), TAiras rro.530r s,evx009uOuocros Oar GMC Truck ROGERS 800E 2720 S. Michigae ADD. Thlsagr 092fS-OsOloruua os000soutogroup 2er C 04e,rrnur4,nz OiTD WESODON OL sso O'HARE RONDA 'RruerOd&OeSrxp 005 mare. F00707 Lomear Pilons. Car) 0052/ PaulA Honda t.11dooula Mrlooaukecaun LibcoAnille 047) roto p129-hoots Duo BOSEN 0ONBA N SOnSEE, 7453 Soarru Cue., to,d Wear 57 OsOso 2Es RGOAotsanabHea"A Bill Jacobo Ria 265V to, Jaoeraor St Cono e rrso,ciliu050bcdurv.00w EO)ERSRECN KA 9205 S. Western Ave., Oio,oego )3, ooeo,rucrtrf7aha.05tr,._, RAYMONB 101A DO vo,crolnhr )300-00W. lr002somonurnaorvlatucm ROSEN KA OF ELVN SOS tisai rjsago SOylrVc414OVOa s?pvcsv0w Bill acolo Lend Roser Haft Est W. 000ro la70000coa.ssm PATRCK LAND ROVEB 1559W. 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51 S.. S S S S 24 Pioneer Press (DC) Thursday, February 24, 2011 S Answers to Super Crossword AR D MACAWS GENA ARABA ORC TLC PAF SHEA H GHSOC ETY T LL TERM ADELE NTH SLE ENOS t NCA SERUM ASTRAY SARATOGA RASA SHANK A D. WES GULF MEETS TRA EASER RDE DP,...H...::. Li.',PTA 'PHOTOS ETE,'COAXES.í.UGO O'OR ED E SANG:SHlPOFFo.Ls EGAD LJRGETOR.FED DARR EN GRS::..L. REDO.TEDLE : A,:A EN.;.HEAD R DELLA REòDY.iEBAN... UR..'SAM Ru PT RS THE ': p ATSY SN PE RADAR ROEG HYP ':.CRD ''y'.sea.sages ERO }i V D::::.,THESH0OT ST L NT EMO EASTE HATE PAD:;y,».LAG..YAYEAY..:ANEW Search the homes network with ïjee 3rr dp4 1,none ' the oca edge R C -1 CF-JCAGO.COM/HOMES and th most rental listings in Chicagolnd. SEARCHcHicAG Pearson sthe rur YòL ;ments prduct,semceandsvtutons. We are looking for huodredoí collegegraduawoto reaiand soore owdenesaysona temporory basiot nur(hicagosreñng (enta Poidtraining wilibegin atthe end ofmardr for these oxineightweek soorfog eosicns SLreceosfu empl000nrybeaekndrowwkndddionalpoj&rs. Werealoo mcniiting bitingualspanish scarcs re rho day&evening shiít Al/degrees welcomed! Coînpenso:ionmayvarjbosedon rbe project.. Hourly-$13/bour. Empoyeescompensatedaflahoudyrtefortime woileed.pay inaeass on the hourly rate (Milestones) arre awarded at various threholds. Performance Pay by Response - Earn setamount breach sludentrosponsescored. Emptoyeescan earn on avera $13/hourwith the poentiatoeam moie.. Bi-lingual (Spanish)scorerseam 10% more per hour. DayShift8OOa.m. to4:3op.rn.m-f. EvenlngShfft 6:OOp.m.to loop.m. M-F(plus 1O%shiftdifferential). Hadrelor'%degreerequired, butitmay be in anylield. Will he requiredta provideproofofeligibilitytowork in the US. ToApply,please gato homes You vll need anorwwldege Oiplcenaorüffdal Transarpt& dreomentation loran MainStLornbard L olf-ver,fy.í(oiníf/v/d Asadug(rrewcrkpfac ali employou are rethjeato ouednjgtestingpnjwm. He'p Wanted Full-Time SUN-TMES MEDA GRAPHC DESGN NTERN Candidate should be outgoing, self-motivated, crohvo detail and deadline oriented. Excoliont communication oklln and the abiliw to identity customer, venoor, and company need's a must, Candidaton ment have a minimum nl three yearn et college and be enrallad in an accredited institution pursuing a bachelorn nr manier's degree in visual cammunications, graphic design, or related held (andjdaie must be proficient on Mae plattarrn using Photoshop, itiustrator, inoesign, Microsntt attice apps and related sottware. Dreamweaeer, and Flash exyerience a plus HTML and CSS knowledge also desired, but noi required. The San-Timex Media Graphic Design etere will work with the lead creatlue, other graphic designers. and marketing coordinaiers, to denign and yroduce marketing pieces and advertisemeets tor bath print and online. Thin person wilt be an important part ot the produciion process, tinairzing tites betnie they aie pristed or published, as weil no crenting cow concepts it needed. Please your resume and online porttolio samptes to. ipruttwpianeerinca.cnm Sun Times Media s ari Squat Opportunity Omptoper Trànsportatlon Drive r- Compnro/Owneraps/Teamst Tango Trasoyen est in f991 has year-round drieer-triendiy 0Th routes throughout Midwusrh South Competitivo pay ucd benefits, paid vacation, matching 40t1<, arid ucheduted home time. Our copeneuced statt s committed in your successtut caneur, COL-A w! i 5 mo 0TH eno, required. Recruirurs uvailubtu M-Th 8 am - 7 pm, On s-a pm, Sun 1-5 pm cam STO PACE A C1ASSFED AD, (AL Help Wanted,Fùl-Time WRÁt'STF E BUZZ? : OJaUflCflggÇittn9COflCe,iot1r4a're)axìig flng p.. al.,r, Positions Available: Servers Hosts Hostesses Transportation MAJNES PAPER & FOOD SERVCE, NC. COL-A Licensed Drivers - Provide sale and timely delivery of products to restaurants. Candidates should be self-motivated with a ready for anything attitude, Our drivers currently average $62,000 with our incentive based pay program. Minimum requirements are a COL-A license, one-year experience or driving instruction, and be able to lift 50 lbs, Customer Service - Looking for people with pleasant personalities to loin our team in our newly re-engineered customer service department. Successful candidates will be working with a variety of food service accounts taking orders and processing customer requests, Applicants should possess good telephone, PC and time management skills. Purchasing Analyst - Position in a growing company in the areas of pricing, order confirmations, placing purchase orders with vendors and other administrative duties. Responsible for purchasing major product lines. The ideal candidate will have the following skills: PC skill, data entry, customer service, acute attention to detail and time management. Experience in the food service industry a plus. nterested candidates, Apply in person at Mames Paper & Food Service - Chicago, nc Muirtield Drive, Hanover Park, L, or fax your resume to EOE HelpWontedFúl-TiÁie Transportation Hours of Operation: 7:OO-2:30r 7 days/week Barista Counter Breakfast all day Lunch from i 0:30-2:3 0 Table service & Carry-out i'! k inow is the perfect time to make plans and set goals for the upcoming year. This year, resolve to make Schneider the focus of your getwhereyou. wanttogo strategy, Schneider National Kostner Chicago, L -. BEGN YOUR:BEST YEAR TOPAY' all App nye schneiderjobs com/newyea OO 44 PRDE for more nf ormto llinois Central School Bus LLC s Competitive Wages Benefits. Paid Weekly Guaranteed Hours ' Paid Training Waukegan 415 N. Green Bay Rd 1-tiring # WO NORTH Chicago: 3412 W. Touhy Hiring # WEST Chicago: 901 S. Central Hiring CENTRAL Chicago: , Wabash Hiring # SOUTH Blue sland: 2739W 139th Hiring 4 (708) OSWEGO 2020 Albright Rd. 1-liring # (630) CHANNAHON Riverside Dr, Hiring # (815) GARY NDANA US2O Hiring # (219) FOR MORE NFO ON THthrFA GROWNG CO ri VSTtJSAT.9.,., : Transportation OR VCRS Dedicated Solo Run HOME WCCKLY/ NEW PAY PACKAGE Wo have an immediate need tor SOLOS to ran dedicated trifle wit consistent milun. Great Payt Must traue Clans A COL S 4 mas, OR aep. HazMiri required Day one health insurance offered. Cull: mico truespertnmericndnvom.mm g4ngm?r -#MERfC4- Eon Adult Care, Provider Adult Care, Wanted Child Care, Provider Child Care, Wanted iadûltcare Prövider Caregteer avattabte. come & Go or 2417 ttumln. Bust prtoe, Att Loca, No Fees, Eng,Spkn Bonded/innur Careyiveri CHA Availnbiu Live in, Relerencen Aeailabln. Hoe Smuker Call tf t33 *COMFORTKEEPERS * Exp. Caregivora, CNA5 Live n, Como & Go. Scroonod Bonded naurod (847) For employment call: EXP'D CAREGVERCOMPANON n Leaking Fer A Commun Gaul Jab Excellent Referencen Cati Ashtey: wilt take cure ot eidory person. Speaks English. Polish, S Russian. Goad rets avail upan request. is yr0 exp Teresa j;ctilld Car&Prbvlder.. NANNY AVAtLABLE. f4 YEARS eeporience. Excellent references Call 8't7-360'8601 USNESS DRECTORY eanng. HOME DELGHT, NC Cleaning Semice Dotait Oriented, Altardabta, f5 Vro. Exp. usi0undud Exc. Reto. 3r Homo & Ofltco CioanlnG Exporioncod Team ci 4 Cull Hatina Computer Service COMPUTER PROBLEMS? Friendly, cup. prott comon to your door to help. Joo Byrd 1708) , Coñcrete.'CONCRETE, ETC. DriuesFatina. teps ur Fir Eecavaiiun.Ramoeut Feundation Cracks Waterpronting Oforin Drnina.a : ÇáiitructlonRemodellng NEHAUS CONSTRUCTON Generai Contractors - 29 Vra. Drywall tocs WALL WOROS Repair/Alt Fhaueu ai Drywall cult Electricà. AN EXPO. ELECTRtCtAN Leaking loi sido work. No Lob tria big or small OREE ESEl Vne/MC/Amen QUALTY HANDS ELECRtC Llceeserilinsured Lowest Pnceu Honest O Raiiabla Ati Work Guararynird. Senior Discount Free Eslimalea Cull ; Fenòing BRECKENRDGE FENCE Cbeln, Link &,Woad Fencen nutaitatiorj & Repairs BEST PRCES Business for Sale Business nsurance Business Opportunity Distributorships Financal Services Franchise loans Work at Home. Business fr Saie * Curviash unit 4 Ba Auto Sm. * Business ai Property wilt separato. S tot< tor busness. 6 monlhs treo rent. Call torlrrto, Business Opportuñity BE YOUR OWN BOSS MEPARDS has great opporturritiao tor individuata looking to atari their own delivery busness, This would nclude owning & operating a Truck w/lortvtrtt set up or 16' box van. This GREAT opportunity comes with SUPER SECURTY & UNLMTED earning potential, This is YOUR opportunity to work with the ll Home tmproverttertt Canton Call: Be Your0wn Boss in ll Oltice Cteaninq Franchise CLEANNET OF1LLNOS Lowest Franchise Fee Earn $500-$3oKlmunth guaranteed contractul Equipment & trureing included. Calf Dan: Truck Drivers Wanted- Best Pay and Name Timal Apply Online Today veer 750 Companlest One Application, Hundreds et Olera Work at Home NOW HRNG: Companies Desperately Need Empisyvea to Assemble Products at Heme. No Setting Any Hours. SSotl Weekly Fotuntiut. nto Dept. AC-8055 Constructon-Remodeling Elmhanst Estate Salir. 237 Jackson, 2/O O 20, 9-3. Lovely sale. See estatesalus net tor pics and dnt. Timasuvars Estatn Sates To PLACE A CLASS F ED AD, CALL ConstructionRemodellng Air Conditioners Antiques, CollectibleS Appliances Arts, Crafts, Hobbles Auctions Building Material Business Equipment Clothing, Furs Electronics, Accessories Estate Saies Exercise Equipment Farm and Gardening Farm Equipment Firewood Flea Markets Food, Produce Furniture Giveaways Horses Jewelry Lawn, Garden Equipment Machinery, Tools Medical Equipment Misc. Merchandise Musical nstruments Office Furniture Resale Shops Snow Removal Equipment Sporting Goods Swap, Trade Swimming Pools, Supplies Tickets Wanted to Buy Antiques and Colledtibles Collectibles For Sate. Primitive art collector is liquidating his house held at treasures. Art trom AOrta, Suuth Pacific, China and ndia. You won't want to miss this Open House Saterday 2)26 and Sunday 2/27 from 9.00 n.m. n 2 to p m SOnni/an Read, Glencae, L Construction-Remodeling. Full service builders since The highest professional standards. Reasonable pricing with 2 years warranty. Over 2 Decades of experience Antiques and Collectibles Coiecors Corner Mall 901 Rldqe Rd. Wttmette, L k * * WNTER SALEt * * * February 'SO% Ott On Setectud tems end Dusters. OLD PANTNGS WANTED 1850-ig5b OLS, WATERCOL- ORS, DRnWNGS Also artists' lavieats, totters, STUDENT ART 1t930s-1950's) Appliances For Salo : Appliances. Whirlpool Gas Dryer, 3 yrs old, used e manths eocellent condition, white w/blsn Control Panel $200 GE Portable Dishwasher, $150. Ostagun Wend Poker Table wicup Haldar O Poker Chip Holder $300 Ueittamd Propano Doubla Burner to,000 BTU Hinged Lid. Flame Canna $20. bali nto) f Aüction "A SUCCESSFUL SALE" "When You Ward The Beat' PHYLLS REFMAN Trio House Sales Electronics, Aáessorles WANTED HOME STEREO Equip S Recards, es Will pick-up Cash S Estate Sales AN OLD FASHONED HOUSE SALE. Slant your spnng cleaning and head ta this sain. Beau' tiful items tar sale, pieces that have been handed down br geeenatisns. Prrmit,ves, untiqses, lsrmlure, silver, Aesru wale, runs, artwork, all priced te sell Fri March 4th 0 Sat March 5th 9a-2p. 723 Forest Avenue, Wilrnrxtte Nv/market Sains Chicago, Big Eatale Sala Liquidabino Anhiqaes, furniture, household items, situer, deoigner clothing mere. Priced to sell thin weekenril Saturday S Sunday, Feb 20th 0 27th. loam-4pm. Numbers ab 9am W Belmont, Chicuga ConstructlonRemodellng Park Ridge's Remodeling and Construction Professionals Extensive references, fully bo :Çc.! ,,.for., 'i Thursday, February 24, 2011 Estate Saies Lake Bluff t Warnngtoo Orion (Townhouse n Armour Woods - Go North Ot n76 On Green Bay To Warnington, Eas) Frl S Sat, Feb , Numbers 9:00 Wvdgwood. Watertord, Belleek, Lladros, L, DR, BR's, Porch, Rugs, Lamps, Clothing, Misc. Lord S Nuble Estate Sues 1847) e LOR REFMAN TRO LMTED Estate Saies ob Distinction MCMAHON'S OF WNNETKA SeL Numbers 9:30. Nonthtteld 'rhackeray. Wagnet to Besworth, W. to Thackeray Empire sn S s puld chis c 18412, Sheraton bl c.1830, antq wing chi. srs 20's sdbrd COB sola, Sm. aetq. mirrors, Wurtibzer Console plano Artwork Eng School c two, C.J. Schumacher n. taso, orn. Hudson Rieur Valley 0 others China, crystal a glass. silner pluto, books S more. Maying Sald Euerylhing Must Gol Glenviuwl Friday February 25th 9:30am '3 80 pm. Saturday Fabiomy 20th 9 303m - 3 OOpm Sunday February 271h 935am - 3 OOpm. Lscalisn Vanbage Lane, Glenview. Beautibul Furniture, Glassware, Drapery, Decorative Pieces, Lighting, Clothes. Toys, Gamos, etc. NEW TRER SALES Estate Sabes-AnErp.. Art, 50e Oeslgner t-urn. our speclalty.gtiarrties. Clean-up availabte. Walter Wrimotte, 1500 Foresl, Sat Feb 26, 9-4pm 1 btk NW nf Green Bay & Lake, fine aetiqlvint, full house tsrniture, beds, clocks, rugo. rane copper weather nane, books, linens, pie safe, babys. iiadrns, mirrors, unique Collectibles, Chnstmas, crollo, No children. y Lois Paul. : : Exercise.Equipmeñt BOWFLEX EXTREME $650. Never uoed Eawbine Eutreme. Addibional attachments S on line training guide wlcd included Construction-Remodeling. Design build services. nterior and exterior work. Home additions. Kitchen and bath renovation free. ded and insured èstirnàtejcàm S,: Furniture 2 Bedroom Condo FumlshieG Sale in Park Ridge one dyy only Sat. 2/15th 18A-l2Naonit 3 Piece LR sot includes sota, loves seat O chair- $200, wood S glass cottee table - $150, 2 end tableo, Lie wood hitchen abb with chairs O lnaves-st75, Lto wood bedroom sut that includes dresser W mirror O 2 eight stands- $130. Cash n Carryt Must cama prepared to take menchandize the same dayl Addrnso: 1445 Touky Ave, 4A Contact y: Circ(e TAis!,' Bedroom or Living Raom SET'S PC Cherry or Micnnfiber oota S love Never Been Usedl S399 Cao Delivert Pioneer Press (DC) Mattress - Factary Sealedi Kinn Piltswtvp 3oc ncludes t5íllowtap Mattress and Split Bee WTH WARRANTY $2t5 Can Delivort Sectionet Sofa, 3 pece, Tebbe Set, 3 pleca, Glass Shell Well Unit, 2 pece, belge, bthtod, Obesa Dtnetbe Set, 5 pece, Sofa Lamp. $ a7t-7637 SOFA BED, leather, dark green, re- Clisen $200 Schwinn P1.401 treadmill, d400. China cabinet and cre. denza, $200. Ns Hardwood DR rabin wl0 chairs. $300. Rallan fami. ly roam sola bed, 2 chairs, 2 end labies, $t Misc.Merchandlse. - AREA RUGS. 2 matching regs, tota2o.5tt, 0.Stt.af4bt, held is goldibeige with terracotta border, 000d condibion, $1500 for bath. 70e DPERS Largo Size. Men or Wsmns. 50 cents each. 70v available 8473a0-8e72 Resale Shops Nr, KidZ Spnng Resole Event Seeking Cnnsigeors Earn Up to 80%. regis tui Online xswsv.herewheegoagion.c em Ouestiens BUSNESS & SERVCE DRECTORY Flooring' DANEL'S FLOORNG Co Sanding Repairs - Finiahing nstallation - Good rebenence nsured Free Esbimates 7008e7.0 toi DEAL FLOOR CO. Sanding S Fieishing nsulabino Staining Our Specialty Servicing this area lar euer 35 years or Garage Doors, Openers FOREST DOOR CO. Garage Doers O Openers Sales-Servtce.tnatabtatton Free Euttmale Handyman A HANDYMAN Mr. FXER ALL REPARS Ene, Faucets O Water Hn. Clouds JAY Hauling RED'S HAtJLtNG SERVCE Complete Clean out Service. Family owned lot over SO years MAJOR MESS TRASH CLEANOUTSt 25 VRO. EXP SVC : Painting-Decorating Al FRTZ O SOld PANTNG tnt/ext Free Est. Waltpeper A. SANCHEZ DECORATtNG Ousttty tnt/out Ponting Restd/Comm - Fe/by ins. Wallpaper Hangng, Drywalt Repebr, Tepteg COLORSBV MARC DECORATNG SOLUTONS Speciellzlng n, Palnhin Kitchen Cabnets, ni/es Free Color Consultetton Free Est, 20% ott with ad Cat Marc at ( Sporting Goods Y " 25 Pso Table, NorthbrOok, 7 Fl, Wo hington Model, mahagony, $950 Call Paul, Wanted to Buy Market Freeb Books pays hn most for your newer teat 00005/ books OVOs, CD's A video games Church St, Evanelon L. Cats Dogs Misc. Pets PETS Cats two adorable and trieedly 12 yo cats available tar tree adoption. Brother ved sister are neutered and spayed, with oil vaccines and doclawed. Must lind a new heme with canng pet lovera soon. Contact ,.. Dogs AOC Golden Relniever Pappies-25 Years Breeding Golden Rutnevers- All puppies vet checked, dewclaws removed. ful shots. AKC(OFA M/F ynb'chscilrl tab pups $o5oe0o Chi area websrte: abradorv.com Call e30.305'e792 s aiesghvtabradors cam AKC REG CHOC LAB PUPPES. BORN MALE AND FE- MALE. GOOD WTH KDS. 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NEWLY DECORATED HEATED HARDWOOD FLOOR, MMEbATE OCCUPANCY. 1BR To View ApL Call Zalko Hahlmark&Johnson Chicago Belmont and Central. bright and sunny 3 bedrooms. $1200/mo 2 bedrooms. $950 Hardwood floors. living and dining room laundry and basement. boaahrtu andscapa.. Heal and water indudes. Security dep Chicago. Belmont and Harlem. 2 Bedroom, $750 * Utils, Studio $500 Utils md. Both Newly Remodeled. No Peto f Smoking Chicago - FonterlCumbedond. Spacious 2br. 2nd.. puts oh, ook trs. heat. a/c. trum. Erkg, utorugn $935/mo. Cull e47-i38-ege3 Chicago Narragansett and rvin Park. bright and nanny apartrncn 4 rooms, 2 bedrooms, hardwood floors. living room, laundry availsble, $925 heat and water included, Sncunty deposit DES PLANES Odori $700; 2 EditTi $900, litchis heat, lasodry E parking. tormediafo Occp. GRE prop * EDSON PARK AREA * Otmsted i Overtrill 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath. No pets, Near Metro, Near Shopping. SB7Omonth, 1 MoLennan Boundary Park Area Park Gables Apis. A rare Opportunity o rent in Prestigious Park Gables Co-Op Aota. Clone to ndian Boundary Park, Convenent to shopping, tranoportation, etc No Smoking. 2 Bedroom $895 Heated Hallmark & Johnson NLES Close to Milwaukee S God, Newly remodeled lbdrm. Heal & water ncluded. $7S0/mo. Agent Owrrnd. (708) PARK RDGE BUsse lbdrm ibeh. Avaltable mmcd. Near ielra & Shoppng. $745/mo McLennan $koko 3 bdrm., i bath in two-flat. $1285/mo. inct. heat & water, off- 51mal pkg.,waoher/dryer; hardwood floors, great locaton. Contact Roolyn at FND YOUR PERFECAPARMENT N THE CLA5SFEDS. Apartments, Unturn'd. Cook County - Chgo. Ñ Wfn-Hod Apartments Petersen/Damen Avenue Location Newly decorated heat A electncity nro included. Onu car parking space available. Convenient lo publid tranup., schools, shopping, etc. 2ßedroom $825 Haltmark & Johnson Cook County - Chgo. S 83rd/Kedsie area 1&2 Bed tech. Heat. Updated units $599-$768. Credit check, $250 Move n tea. Sect 8 ok Chgo, 87th St. west of Haloted: Stadio Apt $825 lbr $S7SSeOO + 1 nro. Sec dep Heat & Cooking gas mdl Near CTA & Metre e ONE MONTH FREE W. Bryn Mawr Beaatitul newly remodeled apart. meets, mast be seenl New hutchens, newly tiled baths. New wall to wall carpetun9 and hardwood floors, etc. Heated.lnrmediatn occupancy See tort ayhl One Bedroom $790 To stew Apt. Cati Lubo Hattmark & Johnson ONE MONTH FREE N. Lncoln Rare opportunity to rent newly remodeled apta at below market rental. Mast be seent New kitchens, newly tiled baths, new wall to wall Carpeting and hrdwd trs, etc Heuted. mmcd. Occupancy. See todayl i Bedroom $750 2 Bedroom S850 To view Apt. Call Lubo Hallmark & Johnson Çook County Suburban BELLW000 1 bedroom apt Nice location $700/month plus Security. ncludes heat, water, upds. Doll Jon DOLTOH: 2 & 3 BR, $825-$1150. Heat & appliances included. New carpet & loorung. Section e Welcome. Call Chris, EVANSTON AUSTN Deghttu OBB on Ridge Ave neun St Francis Hospital Central a/c, nel heat hot wr resumed prkng, modurn et W ow and disposal Avail now. $1150. Chadie, EVANSTON newly renovated 2BR, near school and transportation, heat included, $ ES FOREST PARL Deluse 1 BR Apt. HeatlEss ncluded, NC, New Wndwo, Tule Kit, Cbnts, Lnauy Fac $6091Mo, Mr Luis: Gtenvtew- i 2,3 Bds LUXURY ASDENCES Vatfey Lo Towers t 1910 Chestnut Ano. Cati (847) x200 Mon. Pr 9:30-5pm * HARW000 HEGHTS * HARLEM & J\WRENCE 2BR, 2nd Floor. 140 Pets. Available t.towt Call Morton Grove N Pernand Ave, 1BR, lea, 2 parking spaces, cloue to transportation, $789/month, heat included. Call e MORTON GROVE mmed. 0cc 2BR, 2BA, else. bldg 1 heated indr. prkg. op. All apples. led. wfd iv unit. No pets allowed. Near train station, 2 er.ease. $t4so'$ NLES, bedroom. A must sed Owner occupied building beautitally remodeled, hibctiun with new cabinets, coashurs, and appliances. New a/c unit, Ceiling tans, carpets, floors, + window treatments. $850, rrctudes boat. Laundry on premioeo No smoking pela. Credit application and reterencea re0uired NLES - MLWAUKEE/OAKFON. Modem 2ER, 2nd Flour. Heated With Apohiances. No Peto Available Now. Call For lots: NORRDGE Large BR $700 + attiities, parkliog inch, no pets. Newty decorated & carpeted, appis, NC. Laundry avail Park Ridge, Gd Lac. 20R+ dent oftice, spacious, bright, crpt, AC, priv prkng, min from train & ahoppia secure bbdng, $ RVER GROVE 1 BR Gardes Apt, 8e60 W. Fullerton. Heated, Appia, No petal $ or t 73 St(OKE: Grove Outstanding Building Spacious 5 Room- 2 Bedroom Light, any/remodeled, calhingu fans, Garage avail. Heat included. Janitor on premises, close o Devonshire Park. Call Gabby or Hullmark & Jotin SKOKE: 4937 CHURCH Large & 2 Bdrroa. Heat tnchuded, parking. avait., fleet to park, close to Old Orchard. Call Barbara sr Hallmark & Johnson Thursday, February 24, 2011 Apartments, Unfurn'd. Cook County - Suburban 51(010E N. KNOX Deluse 1ER ept w/ac, cab kit, newer apptc, prkg, laundry tac., near tranop., parka und stteppinq. $520. Call Jerry Ettinger, 3f eltingnrrkhallmark.)ohnnon.com SKOKE 8218 N Larumle, st floor, 1 BR, newly remodeled hitch, laun- We facility, heated, $850 + sec, Skokfe Lotus Condominums Bcdroom/$820 For Appls. Cati Spacious bedroom apt. with cat-in kitchen, 1 lull bathroom, end 1 designated parking space. Building is conveniently located near Kennedy Enpresuway, O'Hare Airport, and CTA subwa line Lake County HGHLAND PARC 2nd Fr Apt 2ER, isba. $1250/Mo + Mo Secunty Deposit. beluden Heat, Water S Garbage Condos-Townhomes Cook County - Chgo. N GLENVEW CT CONDO 1ER $850; Availabtn Now. Heal nctadod. GRE ro CookCounty - Suburban DES PLANES 2 BR condo, Cortlund Square. Avail Apnl ist 2nd tr, 1.5 bu, end unii, launaiy, new oven & stove, pooi, parking. $975. Cull Mac New Condo Building, larga lbclrm w, large den, living/dining room. Jaesuli tub, washer/dryer, new apphiances W/ htgiac. heated indoor pañrin & health facililies. Cail Park Ridge, Ertotul Court Condo. Lrg 3BRJ2BA Crurer Unit, 2 ndoor Parking Spaces, Near Maine Soath, Avait. Ummed /Month, Homes Cook County - Chgo. S Chicago, West Englewond House 3 Bedroom tor rent, $1050/month, no security, new rehub. Cail e ank tar Bill Cook County - Sburban NORTHBROOK SFH, 3ER, rasch, not uppls & wo, hdwd bm, newly deocr w! fireplace, laundry room, garage, $1600/mo. e Park Ridge, 3 br, 2.8 ba brick ranch, 2 car gar, hdwd tirs, trplc, new apphs, tall tin bsmt w/ull ha + oflc/br, avail now South Suburbs, RENT TO OWN Buy with No chosinq conto und Ou he1 with your credit. Coli or niait Garages Cook County - Subzrban Store Your Specal Car Healed, oecute. Month or Annual Ails Storage EQUAL HOUSNG OPPORTUNTES All real estate advertised n this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegai to advertise any preterence, limitation, or discrimination baoed err race, Color, religion, see, handicap, familial status or national origin in the sale, rental or Onancing of houu/ne. n addition the illinois Human Rights Act prohibits discriminatian based on age, anceslry, marital status, sneuuh orientation or untaaarable military discharge. This paper will riot knowingly accept any advertising tar real eatete whch lu n violation nl the law. All persons are hereby nformed that all dwellings ddverhued are available on an equal opportunity basia. f you believe yes have been discriminated against in ConneCfloe with the sale, rental or financing of houaieg, Call: West City and Suburbs: HOFE Fair Housing Center G-6500 South City und Suburbs: South Suburban ilousine Center North City und Suburbs: tnterfailh Housing Center of the Northern Suburbs Comm-ndustrial Cook County - Suburban GLENVEW-Olticea & Warehouses 900 t300,2000&3300$f, sadie0 dock dove-in doom Katz Mgml óreup Offices Cook County - Suburban Lfncotnwood-Skokte-Nltcs SFT0p Notch Otfice uiteo mperial t00 Morton Grove. 2 Room Private Ottice in eaisling nsurance Ottice ideal for Lawyers,accountanhs, etc Call Agent/Owner Century 21 Marino O'HARE AREA. Office Space - elevators, cate, health club, BEST RATES ,000 SF. Katz Mqmt Group Skokte- istmo. rent $1 2nd mo. rent $2, LTL. Dllicea tor Rvnf. Nr Touhy & Edens 300tt- 400t1-8001i-12001t. May combine, no entran, einhtiv clean-up. Call 847-6ES-6622 Wilmetie, Beautitul downtown 3 oflice asile, 2 therapist tenanta Shared wailing room, kitchenette, copy/fax machine S BA. Contemporary, hdwd tloora, loor to ceiling windows, secluded courtyard, private doit well managed, 3 yr lease, starting Apel iot '848i. REAL ESTATE Houses Townhomes Condos, Lofts Duplex Open Houses Mobile Homes Manufactured Homes Apartment Buildings Co-Op Apartments Senior Housing Commercial, industrial Farms, Farmland Homes Built to Order Vacant Property Vacation Property ncome Property nvestment Property Lots Real Estate Auctions Real Estate Wanted Real Estate Misc Out-Of-Town Real Est. Out-Of-Town, Commercial Lakes, Resort Property Mortgages, Loans Homeowners nsurance Real Estate Seminars Real Estate Services Judicial Sales - Legal Vacant Property Cook County Chgo. N Land For Sale Own 20 Acres Only $129/ms $13,900 near growing El Puso,Teaas (safest city n Amencat) Low down, NO Credit Checks, owner linancing. FREE map/pictures / core Real Estate Auctions Cook County - Chgo. N FREE Foreclosure Listingu Over 400,000 properties nationwide, LOW Down Payment Call NOW! i Out-Of-Town Real Est.' ARZONA BULDNG LOTS FULL ACRES AND MOREl Guaranteed Finanonot HO CREDT CHECKr $0 DowruiSO nterestb Starting E Just $59/monthh Cloue to Tucson nt'l Airportt 24hr Recordinq Code Otter Ends 2/28/2011 BREEDERS, SELL YOUR PETS N THE CLASSFEDS. CALL TO PLACE YOUR AD SELL YOUR CAR FAST WTH A CLASS FED AD. CALL To PLACE YOUR AD Judicial Sales-Réai Est MORTON GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A; Plaintiff, es. KYONG B. HWANG NE/A KYONG 601< HWANG' KWANG JU HWANG, UNKNOWN HERS AND LEGATEES ot KYONG B. HWANG. t: ANY; UNKNOWN OWNERS AND NON RECORD CLAMANTS; Detendanis, ea CH PUBLC NOTCE is hereby given hat pursuant to a Judutment st Foredlasore entered in the abave entitled cusan on Decun/bor ti, 2010, stercoanty Judicial Sabes Corporation will on Manday, March 21, 2011, at thn hour uf lt am. in keir ottice al 120 West Madison Street, Ssile 7t8A, Chicago, llinois, sell to the highest bidder for cash, ke tollawivq described properly' PN Commonly known as 9042 MAJOR AVENUE, MORTON GROVE, L The improvement en the property conoiots ut a single family residence. the avbledl mortgaged real estate is a unit of a cemmun ntereat community, the purchaser of the soit other than a murlgagee strahl pay the usseusmeets required by subsection (g-1) of Seelinn 1850f the Condominium Property Act Sale termo 25% down by certitied tands, balance wilhin 24 hours, by certitied tundo No retundo The property will NOT be Opes tsr inspection. Upan payment n tall of hn amounf bld, the purchaser will receive a Certificate ot Sale which will entitle the purchaser to a Dyed la hn premioes alter conlirmahion et the sale For ntarmalion' Visit our weboite at http //service ally-pierce cam. Be- Wenn 3 orn. add 5 p m only. Pierce & Associates, Plantiff's Altarneya. t North Dearborn Street, Chicago, llinois Tel No. (312) 47e-8500 Reter to Pile Number NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Selling Otlicer, (312) Pub: 2117, 2/24, 3/3/i i (362i6)C Júdicial SalesrReal Est. TO PLACE A CLASSFED AD, CALL OR VST PONEERLOCALCOWASSF[OS Jtidicial SaleReal Est; Jdiòial Salès-Real Est. SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLHOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT. CHANCERY DVSON JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NATONAL ASSOCATON Plaiatift, 'V. - CORNELA BABAN N/JA CORENELA BABAN, el al Detendant 09 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN hat pursuant to a Judament at Foreclosure and Sale entered n hu above cause on Ayn 28, 2010 an agvnt of The Judicial Salen Corporatiun, will ah 10:30 AM on March ie, 201 1, al the The Judicial Sabes Corporalion, Ove 5051k Wacker Drive - 241k Floor CHCAGO, L, 60606, oel at public auction to the highest bidder, an set tnrttr below ke tolluwipg dnscribed real estala: Commonly known an 7417 LOWLL AVENUE, SKOKE, L Properly nden No The real estate is improved with a residence. Sale terms' 28% down et the highest bid by cerlulied lands al the close st the auction, The balance, including the Judicial sale fee lar Abandanud Reoldential Property Municipality Relief Fund, which io calculated at the rate of $1 tor each $1.000 or traction thnreot of the amount paid by the purchaser not lo enceed $300, n certihied funds, io due within twenty-tour (24) hours. No tee shall be paid by the mortgagee acquiring the residential real estate pursuast to ils credit bid at the sale or by any mortgagee, judgment creditor, or other tinner acquiriny hn reaiduntial real enlate whose rights in and to the residential real estate arose prior to the sale The subject property in subledt to general real estate tunes, special assessmenta, or special lanes levied against said real estelo and is uttered for san wulhost any representation an te guulity or quantity of tilbe and without recourse to Piainhtt and n AS 15 condition, The hale s tsrther sublect n coetirmation by the court. lt the sale is set aside lar any reason, he Purchaser at fha sale shall be enhitled only to a return of the deposit paid. The Purchaser shall have no further recourse anainut he Mortgasor, the Morfgauree or the Mortgagee's attorney LUpus paymvnt in fell of the amaunf'bd, hn purchaser will recnioe a Certilicate uf Sale that will entitle the purchaser to a deed to the leal enlate alter contirmation of tire sale The property will NOT be open tor inspection and plainlill makes no represenlalion an to the condition uf the property. Prospectme bidders are admonished to check the court tile to venty all ntormation. lt ihm properly a a cendamivism unii, the purchaser of the unii at the toreclosure sale, ntrer than a mortgagee, shall pay the assessments and the henal tees required by The Condominium Property Act, 765 LCS 60515Jg)(i) and (g)(4). t this properly iu a condominium unit which lu part nr a commue interest community, ke purchaser of the ovil al the foreclosure sabe nlhnr than a mortgagee shall pap the asonssmvnls required Ev The Condominium Property Act, 765 LCS E0S/te.5(n-i). F YOU AiRE THE MORTGA- GOR (HOMEOWNER), YOU HAVE ThE RGHT TO REMAN N POS- SESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POS- SESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW. For information con. tact Pluintill's attorney: The Sale Clerc, CODLS & ASSOCATES. P.C. iswo3o NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGt L 60527, (630) between the hours of 1 and 3 PM only und ask tor hn aalen department., Please roter to tile number THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Dove, 24th Floor, Chicago, L (3t2) 236-SALE You can also visit The Judicial Sales Corporation st for a 7 day status report at pendinq sales, CODLS & ASSOCATES, P.C. 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L (630) Allamny File Nu.: 14-ES-22457,yRDCe Attorney Code Case il 09 CH NOTE; Pursuant tu thu Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you ere advisod that Plalnlitf'u attorney is deemnd to be a debt collector attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will Ev oued tor hat purpose Pub: 2/24, 3/3, 3/iO/i i (39077)C To PLACE A CLASSFED AD, CALL OR VST PONEERLO CALCO WCASSFEDS Jùdiciai Sales-Real Est. SAY T N THE CASSFEDS, CALL TO PLACE YOUR AD Judicial Sales-Real'E CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON US BANK NATONAL ASSOCATON, AS TRUSTEE FOR THE STRUCTURED ASSET NVESTMENT LOAN TRUST, Plaintiff, 'DY T. BENJAMN A/C/A CNDY BENJAMN, et al Detendanl 09 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN hal psi. suant to a Judgment of Foreclosure und Sale entered n the above cauoe en November 17, 2005, an aqent otthe Judicial Sales Careurulion, will at AM on March 14, 2011, at ke The Judicial Eles Corporation, One Snulh Wecker Drive - 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, oel ut public auction to the higheot bidder, as net forth holow the laflowinn deocribed real estate: Commonly known as met t CRAWFORD AVENUE, SKOKE, L Property ndue No Sai The real estate s mproved with u residence. Salo terms 25% down of the highest bld by certitied fundo al the cloue ot hn asetian; The balance, including the Judicial sale leu tor Abandoned Resi dentisl Properly Municipality Relief Fund, which is calculated al hn rate s S for each $1,000 or traction hereof of the amount paid by the parchaner nul s exceed $300, in certitied funds, s due Wilhin twenty-four (24) hours. f40 fee shall be paid by the mortgaqun acqueng the residential real estate pursuant to its çredit bld at hn sale nr by any mortgagee, (udgmont creditor, or ether hienur acquiring the residontial real enlate whose dghta iv and fo he residential real eslahv arone prior le the uale. The aublect property s subject to teners rovi estate lanes, special assessments, or special tases levied againsl said real estate and is uttered for sale withosl any represenlation as to quality or quanlily al title and wilhnot recourse lo Plaintll and in AS 1S condilion. The sale la farther subject to cunlirmuhlon by hirn court l the sale is net aside tor any reason, the Purchaner al the san shall be entillnd only to a retare of the deposit paid. The Purchaser ahahl have no further recourse aganst the Mortgagor, ke Martgagev or the Mortgagee's altnmey. Upon paymenl n lull of the amobnl bid, the purchaser will receive a Certiticate ut Sale that will entille the pur. chaser lo a deed to the real estate aller confirmation of the sale The property will NOT he open 1er inspection and plarntitf makes no reply OenlutiOe un o the condihiun of the property. Prospectree bidderu air admonished to chuck ke ceurt file to venty all nformahon. t hm prop erty is a condominium unit, 1ko purchaser of the unit at the toreclnsure sabe, olher ban a mortgagee shall pay the assessments and the le gal teen required by The óondomlerum Property Act, 765 LCS 605/a(g((( and (g((4(. lt bis properly is a condominium soll which is par et a common nhereut community, the purchaser ot the unit ah hn foreclosure sale olher than a mortgagee shall pay the essesoments re. osired be The Condominium Property Act 768 LCS 605/i8.5(q-ii F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEÓWNER), YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN ltd POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER EN. TRY 0F AN ORDER OF POSSESSON N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNO MORTGAGE FORECLO SURE LAW. For intormation, conlact Plainlitf's atlomey; The Svo Clerk, COOLS S ASSOCATES P.C., 158/030 NORTH FR0141- AGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) e be treuen the hours nl 1 and 3 PM only ucd ask for ihe sales departmen. Pleaoe ruler to tile number THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Drive, 24th Floor, Chica. no, L 6o6064e5a (312) 236-SALE You can also viuit The Judicrul Sales Corporation at for a 7 day status redort 01 pevd ion salen CODLS S ASSOCATES P.C. 15W030 NORTH FRONT- AGE ROAD, SUTE 100 URR ROÒE, L (630) Al' fumed File No.; ARDC# Attorney Cody Caue y ge CH NOTE; Pursuant lu the Fuir Debt Calleelion Prachices Act, you are advised hat Plaintitf's aftorney is duemod s be a debf cohleclor attempting to collect a debt und any ntormahinn obtained will be used for that purpuse e Pub. 2117, 2/24, 3/3/il (36356(C MORTON GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON CTMORTOAGE. NC. Flaiehiht, haseem A. HASHLAMOUN NE/A WASEEM HASHLAMOUN, nl al Delendanl 09 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOT10E S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant o a Judgment et Foreclosure and Sale entered in the abose cause on January t, an anent of The Judicial Sales Corporalion. will at 1030 AM on March 03, 2011, at the The Judicial Sales Corporaban, One Soslh Wacker Drive - 24th Fluor CHCAGO, L, 80608, soll al public asdhroe lo the highest bidder, as set forth boluw, ho following described real estate: Commonly known as 7940 LOt/O AVENUE, MORTON GROVE, L Propedyledva No , Prsperty nden No. 10' , Property loden No, ho' The leal estate is improved with a residence. Sale terms 25% dawn ut the highesl bid by certitred funds al the close et he auc lise, The balance, including he Judicial sale fee for Abandaeed Reni deehial Property Municipality Reliel Fund, whch lu calculated al he rate ut Si tor each $1,000 or traction thereof of the anrnunl paid by the purchaser not to enceed $300, in certilied tueds, is due wilhmn twenty-tsar (24) hours No tee shall be paid by ba mortgagee acqair ing the resiaeehrah real esste psronant o its credit bld at lee nav er by any mortgagee, (udgmenl creditor, or other renor acquiring the rosi' dunliul real estate whose sghts n and to the residential real eshale arose prior o the sube. The subject property in subject to general real enlate tanes, upecial aosessmonlo, or special taxes levied agornul said real estate and io uttered tor sale without any representalion os ro quality or quantity ut tille and without recourse to Plaletill urli r AS S" coridihion, The sale s terther subjecl to corutirmaline by lre court. it the sale is nei aside fur any reason, the Purchaser ut hn sale shall be enlilled only lo a return el the deposit paid. The Purchaser shall have eu further recourse against the Mortgagor, the Mnrlgapeo or the Mortgagee's altorney. Upon payment in lull of he amsunt nid, hn purchaser will recoivu a Certificate of Sale that will enritla hn gur' clraser o a dned tu he real estate after contlmration ut the sale ilie praperly will NOT be opon for inspection and plaietilt makes so lepresenlalian as s the cendillon ut hn property. Prospective bu/dom uro admonished to check the court file to verity all inlormallon. t thin prop' erly is a condominium uni, the purchaser el the uni al the tsreclasiiio sale, other than a murtgagee shall pay he asueasmenlu ayo hn lo' gal toen required by The áorrdomlniam Property Act, 785 LCE b05/a(g)(1( and (g((4). l this property lu a condominium soil which is part el u common nterest community, he purchaner of the uni al ho loredlonure sabe other ban a mortgaeee shall pay the asaeasmeets ii' quired by The Condominium Pruperfh Act 76$ LCS e q-i) F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HÖMEóWNER) YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 bays AFTER EN' TRY OF AN ORDER OP POSSESSON N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OP THE LLND MORTGAGE FORECLO SURE LAW. For nlormation, contact Plainlill's attorney: The Salo Clerk, CODLS 8 ASSOCATES P.C., 15W030 NORTH FRONT' AGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (030) e tin' tween ba heurs uf i end 3 PM only and ask for the sales dopail' mont., Please roter lo tile number THE JU2(ÀuL SALES CORPORATON One Soulh Wecker Drive, 241k Fluor, Chica' go, L 60606'4650 (312) 236-SALE You can also visit The Judicial bales Corporalion at com for a 7 day status report of pond' ng sales. CODLS E ASSOCATES P.C. 15W030 NORTH FRONT ASE ROAD, SUTE too BURR ROáE, L ( e Al' furney Fila No.: ARDC Attorney Cedo Case e oa CH NOTE; Pursuant to the FairDeb Culled' lion Practices Act, you are advrsnd hat Palntitl'a aoorney a deemed o be a dobt colledler atlemphng to collnct a debl end any lnternrahino obtained will be used tor that purpose 13408e7 Pub: 2117, 2/24, 3/3/11 (3621 l)c SAY T N THE CLASSFEDS CALL TO PLACE YOUR AD Jùdlôiál Säles-Real Est., SELL YOUR CAR FAST WTH A CASSFED AD. CALL TO PLACE YOUR AD Judicial Sales-Real Est. NORA loge N THE CRCUT COURT 01 COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NATONAL ASSOCATON Plaint/f, OARBK PJAHOWSK, el al Detendant lo CH NOTCE 0F SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuanl to a Judarnuvot of Foreclosure and Sale entered in the above cause On May 5, 2010, an aseet et The Judicial Salen Corooralioe, will al O 30 AM on March 23, 001 1, ut ba The Judicial Salua Comura- ron, One South Wacher Drive. 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, 6060$, sell al public auchine lo ke highest blddsr, an set forth below, the ahlvwrnrr described real esfale'commoely known as 4117 N. OTTAWA AV NUE, NORRDGE, L Properly ndue No The real estala is improvud with a residence, Sale fermo: 25% down ut the hrghvst bid by certilivd funds al ke close of hn auction; Thu bahance, including hn Judicial sale tee for Abandoned Resideellal Property Municinality Rnliuf Fend, which is calculated at the rate of $1 tor each Sl,buO or radhinn lheresf ut the um050f paid by the purchaser nut to uvcced 5300 v corlilied tends, s due within twenty-four (24) honro. Nu tee shall do paid by the rnortaaove ocqulnng he residential real eshale pursuant lo its credit bici aï lee sale or by any mortoagee, ledemort credihor, or other honor acquiring the residential real dotate wlrnsn riglrls in ansi lo the residential real enlate arose pdar s the svio. The nubject prupertyis subject to general real estate laves, opecol assessmonls, or special tanes levied against said real estate and is ollered 1er salo wilhovt any representation es lo nuahily or quantity nl lilla and wilhoul reconrse lo Plaletitt and in AS 10 condition The vale is lurlher subject tu contirmulion be the court. lt ke sale is set aside ter ano reason, the Purchaser at the sale shall be enlilled only te a relurn o! the depusil paid. The Purchaser shall bave no lurther re- Cosmo against lre Mortganor the Mortgagee or the Mortgagee's altarvoy. Upon payment io sil o) thu amount bid, hn purceaner will recvive a Certilicale 01 Sale thai will entitle ke purchaser lo a deed lo hre roui dotale aller conlirmallua of the sale The property will NOT be open tar inspeclies Sed plaint/f makes no representation as to ke condihian al the property. Proseective bdders are udmoeished lo chock the court tile lu verity all in(ormalion. f bis property s a coedsminium unit, ba purchaser of he unit at the torucloaare sale, other than a mortgagee, shall pay the asneosmeola und the henal tees requaed by Thu Condominium Property Act, 765 LCS 6051h(g)(1) and qj4 this property is a Condominium seit which s part 01 a cornmae lnlernst community, the purchaser of the unit at lee toreclosere san nhheo ban a mortgagee shall aun the assessmeeta requred by Tre Condominium Property Act, 76$ LCS 605/ie.5(g-i). F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR 4OMEOWNER) YOU HA/ra THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 OM'S AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER 0F POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) DF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW. For inlormalisn, cantad Plainhitl's 9110mev: The Sale Clerk CODLS & ASSOCATES, P.C., SWO3O NORTH FRONTAGE RbAD, SUTE too, BURR RDGE, L (630) betweoe the haare ut 1 and 3 PM 001v and ask for lh saben deparlmeot.. Please mer to tibe number h THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Onu Sosltr Wucher Orivv, 24th Floor, Chicago, L (312) 23e- SALE Yea can also visil Tire Judicial Sales Corporation at wnvw.liuc c em lar a 7 day shavs resort et uendina sales. COOLS & ASSÖC- ATES. P.C. 15W030 NORT- F1ONTAF5E ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L ( Attorney Fila No.; AROC Allorrryy Code Case li 10 CH NOTE' Pursuant o ba Pair Debt Collection Practices Act, you are advisod hal Plarelilts attorney is doomed lo be a debt collecter allompling n collect a debt and any rntormairon obtained will be used far that p Pub. 2,/24, 3/3, 3/10/il (39i25)C 5X0X10 N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT. CHANCERY DVSON WELLS PARGO BANK. N A. AS TRUSTEE OF WAMU MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTFCATES, SERES 20g5-PR4 Fluinhitl, SANAZ ESKAFYAN, el al Delondant 00 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant O O Jadgmenl al Foreclosure und Sale onlered le the above causo on March io, 2010, an errent of The Judicial Salen Cuoporalion, will at 1030 AM on March 3, 201 1, at ke The Judicial Sues Corporalino, Onu Soutir Wacker Drive - 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, 60606, sell al public auction lo hn highest bidder, so set blk below, ba tulbowiny rlevcribud real eslale: Commonly known as 7825 CRAWFORD AVE- NUE, 51<01/lE, L Ploperty ledeo No. io i, Property ndes No, Thn real enlate lo improved wilh a reni. denca, Sale lerms: 25% down el ke highesl bld by cerhlred feeds at lire clase et ihn auction; The balance, including the Judicial sale leu nr Abandoned Residential Property Msnrcipahily Relief Fund, which io calcubaled at ke ralo of Si for each S 000 or fraction hereot et ke arnosnl paid by thy purchaser nul to exceed $300, le cerhitied funds, rs lse wilhrn fwevty-tnur (24) hours. No lee shall be paid by lhu rvorhgagoe acquiring the residential real estate purouanl to la credit hid al he salo or by any mortgagee, ludgmeel creditor or other honor acquiring thy residential leal estate whose nghts n und to the residen- rai real oshale arose prior to ke salo. Tha sub1vdt property is subject s general real estule lunes, special assusumonis or special laves levreo agarnul said real entalo and la otfered tor sale wrthoul any repre. sevlalrnn as s quality or quantily ut lile and without recourse lu Pramtill and in AS S" condilion, The sabe s turther subjedl lo canlirmalron by ke court l he sale s nel asirio br any reason, ba Purchaser at ke sale shall ho entilled only lo a retem oflhe dopusil paid, The Pur- Cliasnr shall haue no turlher recourse against the Mortgagor, ke Msrlgagee er ke Mortgagee's allarney. Upon paymeel le lull nl the amount bld, the purchaser will receive a Certiticate ut Sale hal willenbilly ke purchaser lo a deed to ke real estate aller cuslirmatiuo ut ba salo The properly will NOT be upes tor inspection and plainlrlt makys es represeelation as lo the condition of the properly. Pronpeclive biddors aro admonished lo check the court tibe lo verify all inhormatron. f ibis property is a condominium nell, hn purchaser ut hn unit at the nreclovere sabe, Other ban a mortgagee, shall pay ha unaessmvnls avd lre legal lees required by The Condominium Property Act, 765 1LCS 6051a(g)(i( und (gx4). f thin properly is a condominium evil wlrrd is part et a commue interest cnmmuvily, ke purchaser of ke unit at hn srecinsure sabe other ban a mortgagee shall pay the as' sessmento required Ev The Condominium Proorty Act, 7b5 LCS COl9/tO,dlg.l) F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEOWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER DF POSSESSON, N AC- COFOANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORT- GALlE FORECLOSURE LAW. For information, contact Plaintitl's alterne,y. The Sale Clerk, CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC, 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, 030) 7e4ga76 between ke (50515 of and 3 PM only and ank 1er the sales dopartmuel,, Please ruler to he number THE JO' OCAL SALES CORPORATON One Saulh Wacker Olive, 24th Floor, Chicago L ) 236-SALE You cae also visit The Judicial Sales Oulpuralise al for a 7 day slatus refut cl goeding salen, CODLS & ASSOCATES, P.0 SWO30 NORTH -RONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE. L (630) Allurony Pila Nu ARDC# Attorney Code, Case e os CH NOTE; Purusanl lo ke Parr Debt Calbecline Pradlices Ad yos are adorned that Plaintitt's attorney is doomed fo be a duet cuhleclor aflempling lo collect a debl end any ntermahien ublaleud will be used for that our Pub: 2/to, 2/17, 212/ 1 (34002)C SELL YOUR CAR FAST WTH A CLASSFED AD. CALL TO PLACE YOUR AD Judicial Sales-RealEst.' SAY T N THE CLASSFEDS, CALL TO PLACE YOUR AD Jdlcial Sales-Real Est. MORTON DROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON CHASE HOME FNANCE LLC Plaintill, iñtonos LAL000AKS, el ab Delenciant 09 CN NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant lo a Judgment of Forecboaare and Sale enlered n the above cause on April E, 2010, an agent of The Judicial Sales Corporation, will at AM on March 10, 201 t, al he The Judicial Sales Corporalion, One 5051k Wacker Drive - 241k Floor CHCAGO, L, 60600, sell at public acchen lo the highest bidder, as sel forth below, lhv telbnwioq described real 05101e: Commonly known as 9042 N. OLEANDER AVE- NUE, MORTON GROVE, L Property n/eu No. OS t-026 Thu real estate is improved wrlh a residence. Sabe tormo: 25% down ot the highest bid by certified tands at ke class et he auction; Thu halunce, including the Jadicial sale lee tor Abandoned Rysrdeehial Prsporly Municipality Remt Fund, which is cabculahed at ke rule el $1 tor each $1,000 er traction thereol nl lbs amount paid by the purchaser not lo euceed $300, n cerlilisd funds, ru due within twooly-losr (241 hours. No fee shall be paid by ke mortgagee acquiring ke residential real estala pursuant o n credit bid al the sale or kv any mortgaeee, judgment creditor, or elher honor acquiring the residential real eslale rehuse righla n and lo ke resvienhial ruai eslube arose prior lo the sale. The oublect properly is osbjncl lo general real estate tanes, opedial assusumenta, or special lanes levied againal said real doble and is elfered tor sale Without any represenlalrse au lo quality er quantity of title and wilhuat recourse lo Plainlill and in AS ls coodihian The sale s further sublect O canlirmalise by the court l ke sale s set aside for any reason, he Purchaser al the sale shall be entilbed only o a return of hn deposit paid. The Perchasor shall have eu lurthor recourse against he Mortgagor he Mortgagee er ke Mortgagee's allsrney. Upon payment ro lull ni he amosnl brd, the purchaser will receive a Cenrtrcale el Sale kal will enhlo the parchaser lo a deod o ke real eslalu altur cuntirmahian ut hn 501v The property will NOT he upen for inspeclion and pluintill makvu no represyntahron as lo ke cundllrsa of thu pruporly. Prospective bl//ero are admonished la check the court rla lo verily all intormalrun. bis property is a condominium unit, ke purchaoer nl the unit al he foreclosure sale, other than a msrtgaoee, shall pay ke assesumeels and hn loyal lees reqaired by TheCondomlnism Properly Act, 7eS LCS 6055(g((i) and (g)(4(. f thin properly rs a coedamrnrum unit whch is part ut a corn. mus etereot cnmmunihy, ke purckaavr at the unit al 15e foreclosure sale ether than a mortgagee shall pap the assessments reqairod by The Caedamrnlum Properly Act, 765 LCS 605/to Slut-i). F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR OMEOWNER), YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OP POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For nlormalien, contact Plsiehill's 5110mev: The Sale Clerk. COOLS & ASSOCATES P.C., i5wo30 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RbGE. L 60527, (630) e botweon lire hours uf and 3 PM only and ask tor he solos departrnonh, Please relor o file number THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Ove Sooth Wacker Drive, 241k Flour, Chicago, L g (312) 23E- SALE You can abo visil The Judicial Sales Cnrparalrarr al wswe.llsc e um ter a 7 dan stoles report 01 pending aubes. COOLS A ASSOC- ATES, P C 15W03O NOTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 10E BURR RDGE, L (630) Allorney File No AROCe Allorney Code Case e os CH NOTE: Pursuanl lo hn Pair Deb Collection Practices Act, pou are adyioed that Plaintiffs allurney is doemed lo be a debt colndar allenrpt. leg lo coled a debl and any information ublainod will be used tor hat purpose Pub: 2.117, 2)24, 3/3/i i 3E2a4)C Júdicial SaléRea Est. JûdlciàlSales-RéaiEst. LNCOLN WOOD N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON CTZENS NA, FKA CTZENS BANK NA, SBM TO CHARTER Plarvhitt, : GUADALUPE OCHOA Nil/A GUADALUPER J. OCHOA, al al Oelendani 10 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN hal persuon lo a Judgrnonl nl Foreclosure nerf Sabe enlered in ba above cause un Fnbrnary t an arent of The Judicial Sales Cornera- ron, will al 10:30 AM on ls(arch fa, 2011, al ke Tire Judicial Salen Corporation, One Saslh Wacker Drive - 241k Floor CHCAGO, L, sell al public auction o the highest bidder, as set larlh bylaw, he toliowing descnbud real eslate-csmmanly known au 3621 W. MORSE AVENUE, LNCOLNW000. L Property ndus No The real estate is improved wilk a candnllownhnuso Sale terms' 25% down ot lire highest bid by certilied funds al hn close el the auction; The balance, includreg hn Judicial sale tee ter Aband000d Rusidunhial Property Municipality Relief Fund, which is calculaled at lire rate st 51 far each $1,000 or rachan thereol et ba amount paid by he purchaser eut s encoed $30g in corliliod lun/u, io day within twenly.lour (24) hours. Na lee shall be paid by he mortgagee acquiring hn ruurdnelial real osate pursuant la ils dedil bid al ke sabe or by any mortgagee, 1udgmurl crudrbor, sr other honor acquiring the residneliab real eslahe whose sghls in and ta the resrdenlral real es- sle arose prior o the sale. The subiect properly io subject ho general real estate laves, special assesomeola, or special lanes leered against said leal dotale and io otlered for sabe wrlhnut any repreuenhahron as o qualrly or otuaelilv at tille and without recoarse lo Plaintril and io AS 1S condition. The sala rs arthur subiecl la csntirmahiao by ke court. f the salo is sel anide for uny reason, ke Purchaser at the sale shall be enhlad only o a relem of ke deposit paid. The Purchaser shall liane os furlhor recourse against he ijortgagar, ha Mortgagee or the Martgagee's ahtorney Upan paymuel in lull of the amount bid, ke purclraser will recuise a Certilicale et Sabe kal will enhle ha purchaser to a deed tu ke real colate alter contirmalion nf ke sale The property wrl NOT be upon far irspedhiso and plainhill makos ea replusenlatron as o ke con/ilion nl ke properly. Pruspeclive bidders are admonished o chock ke court tile lu verily all nturmatian f bis prop. orl' is a condominium evil, ke purchaser et he spit al the foreclosure sale, other ban a mortgagee shall pay the assessments and the legal teen required by The óondomrnium Property Ad. 765 LCS 683/510)11) and )g)(4). l this praperty s a condominium noi which is part nl a common inlereol community, lee purchaser of ke unit al the foreclosure sale albor llrao a martgagne shall pay the assessments reguend by The Condominium Property Ad 765 LCS 605/te 5(g-r). F YOU AlE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEÒWNER). YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER EN- TRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE PORECLO- SURE LAW Fur inlormalren, contact Plarelill's allamey. Tre Sale Clelk, COOLS 9 ASSOCATES F.C.. 15W030 NORTH FRONT- AGE ROAD. SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60827, ( be- w000 ba hours et i and 3 PM only and ask lar the sales departmeet.. Please ruler lo libe number THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Soulk Wacker Drive, 241k Floor, Cinca- lo, L i21 23e-SALE You cae also wail The Judicial Sales Coiporalivn al core for a 7 day stans repod el pendloo sales CODLS & ASSOCATES P.C. tswo3o NORTH FRONT- ACE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR ROàE, L (630) E At- 10mev File No : ARDC# Allernay Code Cano 6 10 CH NOTE: Purssanl to he Fair Deb Couve- ron Practices Ad, you are advised that Plaint/f's abtorney is deemed o be s debl collector uttumplrng lo collect e debt and any rnlurmahioe nbtainnd will be coed tar tha purpose Pub' 2124, 3/3, 3/1001 (38760)C SEL YOUR CAR FAST WTH A CASSFED AD. CAL TO PLACE YOUR AD Judicial Sales-Real Est. Thursday, February 24, 2011 TO PLACE A CLASSFED AD, CALL OR VST PONEERLOCALCOWOEASSFEDS Judicial Sales-Real Est. HARW000 HEGHTS N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON ASTORA FEDERAL SAVNGS ANO LOAN ASSOCATON Plainlilt, PASOJE SPASOJEVC, el al Delondanl 09 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN 1h51 pur. suant o a Judgment et Foreclosure and Sale entered in hn above cocue on April 12, 2010 an agon ut The Judicial Sales Corporation, will al AM on March is, 201 1, at ke The Judicial Sales Corporaliso. Ona South Wacker Drive - 241h Floor CHCAGO, L, E0606, soll at psbllc auction to hn higheol bidder, as set lush below, lhv following described real estale: Commonly keown an 7437 W. WNONA STREET. HARW000 HEGHTS, L Property le/ev No The real colate is impruved with a resin/once. Sale lerms' 25% dawn el he highest bid by cegifred tue/s at ke close uf ke aselion; Thu balance, indludrn9 the Judicial sale toe for Abandoned Residontral Property Muencrealily Rouet Fund, which is calculaled al ke rate ut S tar each $1,000 or traction thereet of the amount paid by he psrckaoer est le eeceed $300, in cedilied lends, is due wrlhrn lweoly-fnur (241 bourn No tee shall be paid by ke mortgagee acqurrvg ke resideniral rou estate pursuant lo ils cr0/il bid al the sale or by any morlgagee, judgment creditor, or ulhvr lienor acquiring the resi. dvntial roal eslale whose rrghlo in and o hn residoehial real estale arose prior to the salo. The suhlect pruporty rs Oublect s general real eulale laven, special as500smeels, or special taons henred against said real osate and io olfered tor sale without any represenlatron an lo quality or quanlily of lilly and wilhual recosrsn o Plarnrl and e AS ls con/ilion. The sale is further oublect to coolirreallen by lho court. t ke sale io sel aside lo aey reason, ke Purchaser al hn sale shall be enlilbod only n a relum 01 1ko dopesit paid. The Purchaser shall bevy no leriher recusroy eguiesl the Modagur, the Mortgagee Or ho Mortgagon's attorney Upan payment in lull al the amounl bid, ke purchasor wrl receive a Cerlilrcalu et Sale 1h01 wnil enhle ke purchaser to a dood lo hu real estate aller contrrmalren et ke sale The property wrl NOT he upes lar rnspocrron and plainhill makes os reprosuntalron an to the condihion nl lee property. Prespective bidders are admonished tu check ke court tile to verily all relorroatian lt hio propvrty is a coedsminlunv uni, hn purchaser 01 ke unit at hn foreclosure nulo. olher ban a modgagoe shall pay hn assessments and he ngal lees required by The ónndomrnium Property Act. 765 LCS 605/8(g)(1) and (9)14) his properly rs a condominium unit which is part ut a commue inleresl community, ke purchaser v ke asir el he loreclosure sale ulher ban a murtgaqee shall eue hn ussesomonts ro- Ourred by The Condominium Propon1, Act 705 LCS 605/18 51g-l F '(OU ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOMEOWNER). YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER EN- TRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON ta-ltot(c OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLO- SURE LAW Fer inlermatian, cenlact Plurohl's ultorney: The Sale Clork, COOLS & ASSOCATES, P C. SWO3O NORTH FRONT. AGE ROAD. SUTE 1110, BURR RDGE, L e0527, ( au76 be- ween the hours ut and 3 PM only and ask lar the sales department. Please retor o bile nember THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Soulh Wacker Drive, Flour, Chica. go, L ( E-SALE You cas also visit The Judicial Sales Curpsrahion at sews lse corn lar a 7 day slalus rqpurt 01 penden sales COOLS S ASSOCATES. P C. i8w030 NORTH FRONT- AGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L (630) e Allereev Filo Nu : ARDC Athorney Code Case il OS CH NOTE Psrssanl la the Fair Oeb Colloclisa Practices Act, you are advised that Plaietill's atlsroey io deemed lo be a dehl collector alhernplrvg le collect a debt and asy relormahron oblained will be used br tha purpose Pub: 2/24, 3/3, 3/10/ (39055)C SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY. LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON CTMORGAGE. NC SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO ABN AMRO MORTGAGE GROUP, NC Plainirl, 1UCE ZMMERMAN, el al Oelen/un 10 CH 02702e NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN hul parsuant lu a.jedgmenl ut Foroclusure and Sale enhnrod in ke above cause on Oucymber 20, 2010, an aqenl nl The Judicral Sales Corporalien, will ut io 30 AM on March 22, 201 t, l the The Judicial Sales Corporation, Oro 5051k Wacker Dove - 24th Floor CHCAGO. L, 6000e. soli al public auchrnn o 1kv hrghesl bidder, as sul bob bylaw, the lullawiurn described real eolaln: Commonly known as 4853 OAKTON STREET UNT # X16, L Property le/ev Np e, Fr50054 n/no No 10-2e t052, Property ndex No o-2a-2ot-u54.1o73, Property ndos No io-2a-20-02a Uodurlyrngl 71ro real enlate rs improuod wrhb a rosi/esco Sale torres: 2h% dawn el leo hrghesl bid by curlrlred lun/u al lry clase ut lre auc. tian. The balance, including ke Judicial sale loe tor Abandoned Rosi' denbal Property Municipality Relief Fund, which io calculaled al hn rato cl Si ber Ouch $1,000 or ractron thereol al he amount paid by he purchaser val lo eeceod $300, in cenilied tundo, is due within wenty-sur 1241 hours. Na lue shall be paid by he mortgagee acqurrvg the rosi/unra real ostato pursuant o ils credit bid al ke sube or by any mortgagee, udgmenl creditor. er olker henar acqurnog he resi. devlral real dotale whose 09h15 ro and to ke rosrdunhral real estate arose prier lo ke sale Thy sabloct preporty is subloct to general real oslahe ranos, opocial as5055nronls, or special laves levied againsl said real eslale and is ollerod 1er sale Wilhuul any represenlatnen as la quality Or quantity al lilie and wrlhoul recourse lo Plarntilt and no AS 15- cundilron The sale is lurlher subiecl s conlirrnalrae by ke court. t the sale is nel asido lar any reason, lire Purchaser at hn sue shall be eolrtbod only lo a relurn el he deposrl paid The Purchaser shall have eu lurlhyr recourue agarnsl ke Morlqagur, lev Morlgaqon or the Mortgagee's atlsrney. Upon payment re /ill at the amount bid, the purchaser will rocoruo a Certrhrcala nl Sale that will eolrtle hn purchaser lo a dyed s hn real eulale aller conlirmalron st ke sale The property isill NOT be open lar inopychran und plainlill makes ea reprosenlalren as O ke cvrrdrlian nf the prsperly Prospective bidders are admeershed O check hn court lilo to verify all nformativo. hm propdrp s a condominium arrt, the purchaser s the vert al ke toroclosurn salo, ulher ban a mortgagee shall pay the assesomenls and hn ngal nes required by Thu 000darrlinium Properly Ad. 765 LCS 608/0(01(11 sed (g)j4(. l bis property is a condominium sert which is part ut a coromav releresl cnmmunrly. the purchaser of the unir al ke loreclosure sale olier than a mortgagee vhali pay the assossrnonls reqarrod be The Condominium Property Act 765 LCS 605/16Mg-l F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEOWNER). YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON OR 30 DAYS AFTER EN- TRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON. N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE PORECLO. SURE LAW. For iolermatren, contact Plainhufs atloroyp The Salo Clerk, COOLS a ASSOCATES P C., 15W030 NORTH FRONT- AGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RjDGE, L 60527, be- w000 lire heurs et i und 3 PM only and ank tor ke sales depart' mon Please rober to tile nonrber THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Suulh Wackyr Drive, 24t1r Fleur, Chrcana. L ( SALE Yea can also visit The Judicial Sains Carporulrun al mme risc corn fer a 7 day status report el pond- ng sahus. CODLS & ASSOCATES P C 1SWO3O NORTH FRONT- AGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDOE, L Allerneo File No, AROCe Altomey Cede Case e 10 CH NOTE: Purusaot to ke Fair Debt Collectren Prachrces Ad, yeu ara advised that Plainlill's attorney is deemed la be a debl colleclor attempting to collect a debl and any relurmulion obtaned will bui used for that purpose Psb: 2110, 2)17, 2124/l (33635)C TO PLACE YOUR GARAGE SALE AD, CALL Judlcial SalesReái Est. Pioneer Press (DC) 27 FND MORE LOCAL JOBS AT PONEERLOCALCOM/?VWNSTER Judicial Sales-Real Est. BUFFALO GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON CENTRAL MORTGAGE COMPANY Plarnlrtf, OLEG A. SHLEPAKOV, el al Oulendant 10 CH 0176f NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN kat persuanl tu a Judgmvnl el Foreclosurd and Sale entered n hn above casse ne January 8, 201 1, an aoent of The Judicial Sales Corporalion, will al 10:30 AM on April 7, 201, at ke The Judicial Sales Corporation, One Sualk Wacker Doce - 241h Floor CHCAGO, L, 60608, nell al public auction lo he highest bidder, as set took below, ke followie described real estule Commonly known as 70 OLD OAK DRVE APT 121, BUFFALO GROVE L Property odes No The real eslale ro improved wrlh a blown bnck mulhr soit wrlb no garage. Salo terms: 25% duwe of the highest bid by certrlied funds at the cloue of the auction; The balance, rncluding hn Judicial salo tee tor Abandoned Residenlial Property Mueiciçrality Rebref Fund, which is calcahulod at hn rate of $1 tor euch $1,000 or fraclien kereof el the amoest paid by hn purchaser not o naceed $300, in cerhlied lunds, is due wilhie weely-osr (24) boum. No lee shall be paid by he marlrtagee acqureng the residenlial real estule pursuant to ils credit bid at hn salo or by any mortgagee, sdgment credilor. or ulhor honor acqurrrng ke residential real enlate whose righls in and lo hn residential real enlato arose prior lo ke sale. The osb1ecl property io oublech to general real eslale faoea, apecral assessments, or Opecial tauen iovrnd agareot said real estale and is otlered for sala without any reprenenlutron an o Quality or quantity ut tille sed wilhsut recourse to Plarnitlf and in AS S condition. The sale s further subject lo coetirmalion by ke court. Upon payment in lull ut ke amount bld, the purchaser will receive a Cortilrcale ut Sale hal will entitle the purchaser o a deed o ke real 05101e alter cuntirmation of the sale ihn pruperty will NOT be opon ter inspection and plarnlrll makeo no reprosenlalrun as to the coedilron al the property Pruopeclive bidders are admonished s check hn court rn s verily all elormatron. f hm propnrti is a condominium unit, the purchaser ut he sert at the toreclonern sale, elbor ban a mortoagee, shall pay the 055essrnOels and the leou lees required by The Coedomrnrum Property Act, 755 LCS 050/S(g)(t and (g)(41. l bis property rs a condominium unit which is part ut a common inherest community, the purchaser of ke unit at the tereclosure salo OlbOr than a mortgagee shall puy the assessments re' osrred b-, The Condominium Properly 4cl, 7eS LCS 605/18 51Q-ll. P YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEOWNER), YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER EN- TRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLO- SORE LAW For rnlarrnahran. Visit our webs/n al oervice.altypierce corn between ke huaro ut 3 asd 5 pm. PERCE & ASSOC- ATES. Piaron/ls Altereeys, One North Dearborn Sroel Surte 1300, CHCAGO, L 60h02 Tel No (312) 47E-5500 Please refer te file nomber PA THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Sourh Wacker Deve, 24th Floor, Chrcaqa, L 60e06-4E50 ( SALE You can also visit The Judicial Sales Cerpvrulivn at seem tlsc.com for a 7 duslaus report ol peoding salen. PERCE & ASSOCATES One NoOk Uoarborn Streel Surly 1300 CHCAGO. L (312) go Allereep File No. PA093?e23 Attorney Code Case i 10 CH Pub: 2/24, 3/3, 3/10/1 i (3a517)C SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OP COOK COUNTY. LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON CTMORTGAGE, NC. Plainlill, ENA REYNLB, el al Debendanl lo CH NOTCE OP SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant o a Jadgereol p Foreclasure und Sale colored in hn above cause on January 5, 20th. un agon ut The Judicial Sales Corpora- ron, Will al 10:30 AM on Apr 7, 201 r, al he Thn.Judrcral Sales Como' rahine, One Saulh Wacker Drive - 24th Fluor CHCAGO, L, 6000e, sull al public audlian O ke nighest bidder, as nel lorth below, the fol- awrnq doscribed real corale Commonly honren as 9516 LOWELL AVE1rtUE. SKOKE, L Pnoperry loden Na g The real eslalo rs improved willi a srngle lamrly residence. Sale lerneo: 25% down el hn hrghesl bid by cerhilied lungs al he close 01 the eac- ras; The balance, including lee Judicial sale loe tor Abandoned Residerrhnal 'rspaoiy Municipality Rouet Fund, which rs calcululed al the rabo el Sr lar each $1,000 or traction hereol of he amooel paid by he purchaser no 15 eccood $300, e certrined lends, is due wrlhln twenty-tour (241 hours 14v lee shall be paid by the mortgagee acqurrng lire rosrdentnal real eslahe eursuunl o ils cre/i bid al the 001e er by any mortgagoe. iudgmeel creditor, or other honor acquiring ke renidonhral real estate whaso rrglrls ro ucd lu 1ko residesliul real eslala arose prier tu the sala Thy subledh property io subiecl to general real eshale lanes, special aosessmorlo, sr special loues levied against said real ostalo and is ollered br sale wrlhoul aey representation as to quality nr quantrly ut lilie and withaul recnurse lo Plainlill and n "AS 1S csndihruv The sale is srlher svb1edl s canlrrmalion by hn court. l ke uube rs set aside br any rousse, the Psrchasnr al hn sale shall be / only n a return st lire deposit paid The Purchaser shall hase no lurther recourse against hre Mortgagor, ba Mortgagee er he Mortgagee's allsrney Upon payment in full et ke amount bid, hn purchaser will recorve a Certrlrcale ol Sale ha will enhle the purchaser to a deed o line real enlate aller conlnrrrnahrsn el the sale The properly will NOT be opon br inspection,rsd plarolill makes eu represenlation as to the cendrlron et the properly. Prospective bidders are admonished lo check he court tile lo verily all inlormalise. f this proporti' is a condarereiunr uni, he purchaser at the unit al the foreclosure sale, nther ban a ernrtgagve. shall pay rho as505umonlo and the lea leen required by The Coodaminium Property Act, 765 LCS E05./9(g(i) and ln)l4) l lrio property is a cvetlaminrum acr which rs part al u connmerr nob-rest community, hn purchaser uf ke uni at hn loreciasvre sale viher ban a nrartgagoe shall pay hn assessments reouired by The Cundamipisirr Properly Ad, 7ES LCS 605/la 5(a-1, F '/00 AlE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEOWNER. YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN 11/ POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER EN- TRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON cl OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLO- SURE LAW. For rnlorrnatiov, conladt Plaint/'s allvrney. The Sala Clerk, COOLS & ASSOCATBS, P C. 1SWO3O NORTH FRONT- AGE ROAD, SUTE too, BURR RDGE, L 60527, ( be- ween he hours nl und 3 PM ovly und asc lar ke sales department Please retor o tile vumbur THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Saulh Wacher Orrue, 24th Ruor, Chicayo, L (312) 236-SALE You can also srsil The Judicial Sales Corporalion al www,sc cam ter a 7 day status report of peedloo sales. CODLS & ASSOCATES. P.C. i5wo30 NORTH FRONT- AGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L ) Attornee File Na : i4-io-2598i AROC Aoorney Code. 2i760 Case 6 10 CH NOTE. Puruvanl to hn Fair Oeb Calleetine Practices Act, you are advised tha Plaintrl's atlomny is deemed ta En u debt collector attempting o coled a debl and any let rrrrealion ublained will be used ter that purpose ? Pub: 2124, 3/3, 3/10/1 1 (38529)0

53 28 Pioneer Press (DC) Thursday, February 24, 2011 Thursday, February 24, 2011 Pioneer Press (DC) 29 T WORK PAT T ON THE BACK. Now Monster works with Pioneer Press, so you can warmly embrace the work week in the suburban Chicago area. Your calling is callingfind it at pioneerlocalcom/monster. - PONEER PRESS TlOnser MONSTER AND PONEER PRESS NOW WORK TOGETHER. p io n e e r o c a J. c o m m \ \N st r BREEDERS, SEL YOUR PETS N THE CLASSFEDS. CAL TO PACE YOUR AD Judicial Sales-Real Est. FND YOUR PERFECT PET N THE CLASSFEDS Judicial Sales-Real Est. s! CiRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPAHTMENT - CHANCERY OVSfON NAO ACQUSTON 3, LW Plains, iene ELLYN, et al Defendant lo CH NOTCE Ol SALE PUELC NOTCE S HERESY GVEN that pursuant O a Judgment of Foreclosure and Safe entered n ba above cause on January 4, 2011 en agent of Thu Judical Sates Corpora- 110v, will at 10:30 AM on April 8, at tre The Judicial Sales Corporaan, One South Wacker Drive - 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, 60608, sell al public escoas to the hghest bidder, as set forth below the lot' sauna described real natale: Commonly known as 8129 ENTON AVENUE, SKONE L Property ndes No ttO Tre real osate is improved wih a yellow bock arre story With B 050 car detached itarnos. Sale terms: 25% down of the hghest bid by cor- ilioii funds aloha diosa of the auction; The balance, ncluding thu dadivial vale lee lar Abandanod Residential Properly Muncpality Reflet Fund, which s calculated at tre rats 01 $1 for each $1,0011 or traction llieroef ut the amount paid by the purchaser sot to exceed $300, n certified funds, lv due within twonty4osr (24) hours. No fee shall be paid by hn mortgagee acquiring ke residential real estate pursuant la ils credit bid at the saie or by any marlgagee, tudgmn.nt creditor, or alkor henar acquiring the residential real estate whose rights in and to tre residential real estate arose prior to the sain. The subject property is sabiocl to general real estate lanes, special assessments, or spncisl laxos levied against said real Ostato and s ottered for sale wilhnul any reprosenlatlas as lo Quality or quantity al title and Without recosine to Plaintill and n S condition. The san s farther oublect ta confirmation by the court. Upon payment in luit nl the amount bid, the parchasen wilt recebe a Cerlilicate al Sale that wilt enhle the purchaser to a deed lo the real enlate alter Canlirmalion of the saie The properly wilt NOT be open tor inopeclinn and pisintill makes no repro. nvnlalion as la the condilian st the properly. Pronpoclive bidders are admosinhvd to check the court tile to verily all inlormallon. lt thin prop- Orth 5 a corrdnminiurn unt, the purchaser of the unit at ke tnreclesure nate, other ban a mvrtgpgen shalt pay the as505smeels and he ioal lees required by The áondnmleium Property Act, 768 LCS 605iOtg)(1) and (g)(4). ths properly is u condominium unit which s part el a common interest community, the purchaser of the cell at the lareclnsaro saie other than a mortgagee Shaii pay hn asnesnmsnls rewired kv The Condnminium Prspertv Act 765 LCS 605/ fl. F 'OU AlE THE MORTGAGOR thomeòwner), YOU HAVG THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER EN. TRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON lg-t701(ct OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLO- SURE LAW. For inlormaliom Visit our webnilo al service allypierce cam. betwxen ke hours ol 3 and S pm. PERCE & ASSOC- ATES. Piaivtilln Attorneys, One North Dearborn Street Suite 1300, CHCAGO, L Tel No ( 'S500. Please refer to lite vornbar PA THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Osee, 24th Floor, Chicaqo, L (312) 236-SALE You can also viol The Judicial Salen Corporation at corri lar a 7 day nlatun report 01 pending sains. PERCE & ASSOCATES One North Dearborn 51mal Sulle F300 CHCAGO, L (312t Allninoy Pile No.. PA Attorney Code Cane k O CH Pub: 2/24, 3/3, 3/10111 (36505)C Sl(OKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NATONAL ASSOCATON Pluivil, CLAUDELLE OAOUO, el al Dol endanl 10 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN lra porsuad lo a Judgment ol Foreclosure and Sate entered n ke above Cosse on Axusl , en agent of The Judicial Sates Corporalion, wiii at AM on March 18, 2011, st the The Judicial Sains Corporation, Onu Saalh Wacker Drive. 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, eokoe, sell al public auction lo hn highest bidder as net buh below, ho siiowiert described real enlate: Commorry known us 8450 SKOÇE BLbD. UNT 11307, SKO<E, L Property ndus No. ls2r o31 The real n improved with a cnndoílownliouse. Saio terms: 25% dawn of 1ko hihesl bid by Certitied tondo at ke dons of the aocion The balanco, including the detticial saie leu lar Abandoned Rosidenlial Property Municipality Rafiot Fand, Which s cutcalutod at hn ralo of $1 tar each $1,000 or troclinn inro of 1ko amount paid by ho purchaner not o eoceed $300, n Covilind tundo, in duo Wilhin twenty-tour (24) honro. No tea shall be paid by 1ko mortgagee acquirieg ho resictenliat real osate pursuant to ils credit bid al hn sate or by any morlgagae, udgmonl creditor, or elhvr lianor acquiring tro renidenliaf real enlate whose righe n and to ba rosidentiat real enlale arose prior o the naiv. The sobjncl properly is subject lo general roal enlate laven, special annesnmsnln, or spaciai lunes leviodagainnt said roal enlate asd is offered tar nata withoul any rvprennnlaliori on to quality or quantity 01 tilisand wilhoat re- Course lo Plainlilt and n AS S condilion, The salo in further sol4ocl la Confirmation by hn Cont. lt the saio s sot aside lot any reason, ho Purchaser al hn sala shall be onlitled oely o a return at hn doposil paid. The Purchaser shall have no urlhnr recourse against ho Mailyaynr, the Mortgagee or the Mortgagee's allornny. Upon payment n lull nl the omnorrt hid, the purchaser will recomo a Corliticale of Sale llralwill entitle the porchaser to a deod la the real enlate aller conlirmalinir of the safe The property will NOT be open tor lnspsclion and plainlift makeo na ropreoerrlatron as la the cosdihon et the properly f-'ronpecliva bidders are admonished ta check the Coati tilo to verity all iirinrmslinn. f this properly is a condominium unit, the purchaser al hn uni al ba foreclasaro salo, olhor lhan a mortgagee, shall pay the assessments and hn legal loon required by The Condominium Properly Act, 765 LCS 605/9lrt)(1) and (g)(4t. lt bis properly is a Condominixm oeil wnch in pari ora common inleresl community, ke purchaser al ke ovil al ba loreclonuro sale other ban o mortgogeu shalt pa tus assessments renoired by The Condominium Properly Act. 6 LCS 605/le Slq-11. P YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEOWN- Eli), YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN 0110ER OF POSSESSON, N AC- CORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORT- GASE FORECLOSURE LAW. For nlormolion, Conlact Plaislilt's anarev_y, Thu Sale Clerk, CODLS & ASSOCATES, P.C., l5wo30 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (030) belween ke hours of 1 and 3 PM only and unh lar the sirles doparlmant Please roter la tile numbor f. THE JU OCAL SALES CORPORATON Ono South Wacker Drive, 24th Floor, Chicago L ( SALE You can also vinil The Judicial Sales orporulion al fer a 7 dop status report el BendinG sales. CODLS & ASSOCATES, P.C. 1SWO3O NORTH RONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L ) Allerney File Na.: A1OC Alloreey Cedo, Cane e io CH NOTE: Pursuant to the Fair Dub Csileclinn Pracl,cen Act you aro advised 1h01 Plainlift's ellorney n deemed to bn a debt collector atlompling to Collect C debt aed any n' lermalien eblaleed will be used br tha purpose Pub: 2124, 3/3, 3/lB/l (39066)C REACH OUT TO MORE QUALFED LOCAL CANDDATES N CHCAGOLAND WTH MONSTER, CALL Judicial Sales-Rea' Est. FND YOUR PERFECT APARTMENT N THE CLASS F EDS. Judicial Sales-Real Est. 51(010E ld THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT. CHANCERY DVSON BANKUNTED Plainlilt, torentna HERNANDEZ AKA FLORENTNA N. HERNANOEZ, el tlelendant 10 CH NOÌ10E OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that parsnant ta a Judgment at Foreclosure and Sale enlered in hn above cause an December 16, 2010, an agent el Tro Judicial Salen Cerpora. lion, will al 10:30 AM as March 18, 2011, al ke The Judicial Salan Corporation, One Soulh Wacker Dries - 24th Fleer CHCAGO, L, sell at public aachen to the highest bidder, as sel lerlh below, lhe lotlowing descebed real enlala: Commonly known as 8926 LA CROSSE AVENUE, 51<01<18, L Properly ndea No ' The real enlato is improved Wih a brawn beck wo slow sin9le tamily home wilh no garage. Sale terms: 25% dawn et the highest bid by certified lunds al ba Clone el the anchan: The balance, ncluding the Jxdicial sale lee lar Abandoned Residential Property Mu. nicipalily Pchel Fond, which s calculated at he rae at Si lar each $1,000 or baclan hereof at the amount paid by the purchaser not la enceod $300, in certified lands, s due wilbin wenty-leur 124) hours. No leo shall be paid by the morlga5ee acquiring hn renidonlial reales' lae pur500nl n ils Crodil bid al tee sale or by any mortgagee, udgmeet credilnr or other honor acquiring the residential real enlate whose rights in and lo ba residential real eslale arose prior to the sale. The subject property in sub)ect to gnneraf real enlale 130es, spadal asueosmonts, er special ta000 levied against said real estate and lu oflered for sala without any represonlalias as lo qpality or qaantily Ql lile and wilheul recaarne la Plainlill and irr AS S Condilion. The sala in further nubject la confirmation by the ceurl. Upen payrileet n lull al ke amount bid, hn purchaser wilt receive a Cerlilicale al Sate hat will enhlo ho purchaser lo a deed la hn real eslale aller conlir' malien at ke nulo The property will NOT be open lar inspeclisn and planlill makes no repreoeelalioe os to hn cnndilion of ke property. Pronpeclioe bidders are admonished to check the caarl life la verity all informalion. lt this preperly is a condominium unit, ke purchaser al ke uni st he nreciasore sole, olher ban a mortgagee, shall pay he assessments and the legal tees required by The Condominium Property Ad. 765 LCS 6OSletg)(it and (g)(4). f bis properly is a condominiem unit which is part efa common nterest community, the purchaser el the uni at ke foreclosure sale elher harr a mortgagee shall pa the assesnmnnls required by The Cendnmieixm Properly Ad 6 LCS 655!18.ele-11. F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HOM6ÓWN. ER), YOU HAVE l'hp RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N AC- COROANCE WTH SECTON ts-t7olc) OF THE LLNOS MORT- GAGE FORECLOSURE LAW. For inlormalion: Viol our websile al service altv-eierce.com. belwovn ke bourn el 3 and 5 pm PERCE, ASSOCATES. Plalnill'a Allarneys, One North Dearborn Slreet Suile CHCAGO, L Tel Na. 1312) Please refer n tile number PAtOi233e. THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Soulh Wacher Dove, 24h Floor, Chicago, L (312) 23e.SALE You cas also visit The Judicial Sales Corporation at www lt nc.cam lar a 7 day Ofalus report nf peeding sales. PERCE 6 ASSOC- ATES One North Dearborn Streef Suife 1300 CHCAGO, L ) Aflame File No.: PA10l2336 Attorney Codo baso u io CH 3396e l355o3 Pub: 2/10, 2/1 7, )33607)C BUFFALO GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY. LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON TCF NATONAL BANK Plaielil,?)CHAEL CHENEY, el al Oefendant 10 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant n a Judgmvnl at Foreclosure and Sala oelerod in 1ko abano causn on November 9, 2010, an onset s The Judicial Salon Corneralion, will at 1030 AM an March 22, 2011, a 1ko The Judicial Sales Corpnratinn, One Saulh Wacker Orina - 241h Fieni CHCAGO, L, 60606, sell al pubiic auclian ta ke highest bidder, us net tech below, ke oiiowinct described real 051db: Commonly hnnwn as 640 MACARTHUR DRVE. Balfala Graue, L Prenerly ndex No l00lt0O The real eslalo is improved wilh a sinçjte lamil residence. The udgmont amaunl wan $167,491 24, Sale terms 25% down uf ke higkesl bid by ceilitiod tundo al the close el ke Cachan: The balance, including ke Judicial sale fee lar Abandened Residenlia Property Municipality Reliel Pond, which io calculated al ke ralo el $1 lar each $1,050 er raclion horeel of hn amnunl paid by ba purckaoor no la eaceed $300, in cerhilied tondo, is doe milhia wenly.lour 124) bourn Ne tee shall be paid by ke morlgagee acquiring ba rouidenlial reel osate pursuant o ils dedil bid al ke sola or by any marigagee, judgment creditor. or elber henar ocqaieng hn rosideelial real entole whose rights io and la horenirtenliol real entole arase prior o he sala. The subject properly in subject la general real enlate louas, special a000ssmonls, or special laxes levied agaienl said real enlate and is offered lar sale wilhaut any ropresenlalien an o qualily or qoanlily el tillo and wilbsal recourse la Piainlill and in "AS ls condilion The saio is further ouhiect la conlirmaliov by ke court Upen poement in lull al 1ko amounl bid, lue purchaser wilt receive o Certificate of Sole that will enhle tre purchaser to a deed n he real 05101e aller contirmalian of he sote The properly will NOT be epen lar inspeclion and plainliff makes na ropr050nlahion as la he condilien el ke properly. Pronpeclive bidders are admonished o check the court tile lo veri- p ali inlorivahion. bis prnpelly in a condserieiom ovil, the purchaser al lbs usil al ho lereclesure sala, albor ban a macgown, shall pay the a0500smonls and the lertal leen required by The Condominium Property Act, 765 LCS 605i9)g)(l) and (g)(4) l this property is part el o common inlerenl community, the perchonar el hn uni al lue lareclosure sale. Olher ban a mortgagee, shall pay ke a050ssniosls renuirod be The Coedominium Properly Act 765 LCS 605/lC Slit-) F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEÓWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER EN- TRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON. N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (Ct OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLO- SURE LAW. For informalion, 00510cl Plainlifls 0110mev: DAVD T CO- HEN. DAVD T. COHEN S ASSOCATES, WEST asth STREET ORLANO PARK. L 80467, ( e-771. THE JUD- CAL SALES CORPORATON One Snulh Wacker Drive, 24lh Floor, Ckicogn, L (312) 236.SALE You cae also visit The dadidol Solos Corporulien al tar a 7 doe report et pending soleo. DAVD T COl-tEN S ASSOCATES WEST 159TH STREET ORLANO PARK, L 604e7 (7081 4es-771 Allorney Cede Case io CH NOTE: Pursuant ta he Fair 001st Collection PochicOs Act. you ore advised 1h01 Plainhilt's attorney is deemed la be a debt colleclor allemphieg la coliect a debt and any ivtermallon oblalned will be used for tha purpose Pub: 2/O, 2117, (33624)C To PEACE A CLASSFED AD, CALL Judcal Sales-Real Est. FND YOUR PERFECT APARTMENT N THE CLASSFEDS. Judicial Sales-Real Est. LNCOLN WOOD N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON ONEWEST BANK, PSE: Ploinlill, vs. YA<OV GOLDN; NATALYA GOLDN, CHARTER ONE RANK, N A.; UNKNOWN OWNERS ANO NON RECORD CLAMANTS: Del endanls, CH PUBLC NOTCE is hereby given thal pursuant ta a Jurigmenl pl Fore. closure enlered n ha abose enlitled cause on December io, 2010, nlercoonty Judicial Salas Corporation will on Friday March 18, 201 i, al the hour cl 1 i a ra. in their allico at 120 Went Madison Slreet Suile 78A, Chicago, llinois, sell to ke higheol bidder tar cash. the ollnwna dascribod properly: PN. io Commonly heown an 6545 NORTH LAWNDALE AVENUE, LNCOLNW000, L The mprovement on he properly cnnsisls of a single lomily residence. ke subject mortgaged real eslale is a uni al o common 51erest cemmonily, lee purchaser 01 lbs unit olber ban a martgagee sholl pop the asseosmonls reqoired by subsection (g.1) at Seclion 18.5 of ba Csedominium Property Ad. Sale lerms: 25% down by certified lands, balonce wilhio 24 hours, by certified lands. Na refonds, The properly will sot be npen for inopechion. Upon payment in lull of he omsanfbid, the purchaser will receixa a Cerliticale ol Sale which will eelillo ba purchaser la a Deed ta ke promises aller conlirmalion at hn sola. For inlormalioo' Visit oar websile al htlpj/service.oty-pierce.com Be' tween 3 em. and e p m. only Pinrce S Asnocialen, Pialnlitt's Atlornays, i North Dearborn Sred, Chicons, llinois To Na. ( Refer la Fila Number NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Selling Olhicer, (312) Pub: 2117, 2/24, i )38208)C 51(010E N THE CRCUT COUNT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT. CHANCERY DVSON CTMORTGAGE NC., ASSGNEE OF MORTGAGE ELECTRON- C REGSTRATÖN SYSTEMS. NC., AS NOMNEE FOR AMER. CAN BROKERS CONDUT, Plolelill. vs DAVD F. ROTH NATONAL CTY BANK. UNDER MORTGAGE RE- CORDED AS DOCUMENT NUMBER , KENTON PARK CONDOMNUM ASSOCATON, Ouf endoels, lo CH 9827 NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that pur500nl n a Judgmeel ob Fareclonsre and Sale enlered in the above eelilied causn on July 12, 2010 nlercounly Judicial Sales Corporafion will on Fndoy, March h 1 at the hour of i a m. in their oflice at 120 West Madison Sreel, Suite 7ieA, Chicano, llinois, sell at public ouclion ta ba highest bidder lar conk, as set orth below. the lellowing descnbed mortgaged real noble: P.1 N 1O-15-llO-0e Commonly known os 9445 North 1(001ev Avenue, Unit 11459, Slrohie. L The macgaged real enlate is improved Wilk a condominium residence. The purchaser oh the and Olher bas a morloagee shall po bbc a50005menlo and ke legal leen reqsiled by subdivisions 18)11 and (gll) ob Seclion g at ke Cendomieiom Property Act, Sole lerms 10% dawn by corlilied lands, balance by certilierl bonds, wilhin 24 boors. No refunds. The pioeerlv will NOT be spen lar inspeclisn Fer inlormatiee call Soles Clerk at Law Olhices 01 ra T. Navel, 175 Nenh Fraehlin Sheet. Chicorro, llinois 'l 120. NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORA'flON Selling 011icer, 312) 444-h Pub: 2117, 2)24, 313/ )C SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY. LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON WELLS PARGO BANK, NA Plaielilt, SvLAWA YOUHANNA NE/A SLAWA S. YOUHANNA. el al Defendant 10 CH NOTCE OP SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN tha pursuon o o Judgment el Foreclosure und Sala enlered io the above causa en Seplember 14, 2010, an agon of The Judicial Sales Corpsrallan, will al 10:30 AM on March lo, 201 1, at ke The Judicial Soles Carporalion, 00e Soulh Wacker Orion - 241k Floor CHCAGO. L, hoasa. sell at public auchion la ke highool bidder, an sal lerlh below, tle following described real eslale' Commonly known as 8014 KEDVALE AVENUE, SKOKE L Properly ndas No e-059'OOOO The real eslale is improved wilh brick house: dulacked 2 cor garage. Sale lerms 25% down al the highest bid by certitiod lands ut ke close of ke asclion: The balance, including ba Judicial noia loe lar Abandoned Reoidenliol Properly Municipality Relief Fond which is calculaba al lee rule el $1 lar each Si 550 or lrachisn hereo( el hn amount paid by ke purchaser no lo eeceed $300, in certiliod funds. is due wilbis wenty-boar (241 hours. Ho loe skull be paid by ba rosrlgasee acqoirieg ba residenhial real eslale pursuant la ils credit bid 01 ke sole or by any mortgagee. udgmont creditor, er other raner acquiring ke residential real enlale whose eghls n and la the residenliai real 05101e arose pner to ba sale The sablent property is subject la general real 65101e lacen, spvcial assessments. or special 100es leoiedueoinsl said real 55101e and is offered lar sale wilkout any repre seelalioe an la qoolily or quaefily of lile and wilkael recourse o Plaintiff and in A9 S ceodilion. The salo is silber oabect o conlireralion by the court. Upan payment in boll ol ke omnonl bid. ba purchaser will receive a Cartificale al Saie hal will oolithe he purchaser la o deed la the real entole aller confirrrralion ob ke sale The properly wilt NOT be open or innpochinn and plainlill makes na reprasonlolion us la lire condilien s hn property. Prospeclivo bidders are admonished le check he caur tile le veefy ail inbermolinn l this property is u condeminium unit, ke purchaser el he unit al ke lereclasure sole, Other 1h05 a niorlgagee, shall pay ke asnessmeals und he legal tees reqoired by The Cendaminiom Property Act, 765 LCS EOOfe(gt(tt and tgtl4t t bis properly is a condominium unit which io part ob a cornmoe inlerest commuvily. hn purchaser al ke unit at hn loreclesuro sale olier bas u mortgagee shall pay blm 050nosmenls required by The Condominium Properly Ad, 765 LCS 605/is alit-l. t YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR NOMEOWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY DF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For isbormalian: Visit cor wehnde at service alypierce corn belween he hours el 3 and e pm. PERCE & ASSOCATES. Plainliff's Allorneyo. One North Dearborn Street Sode 1300, CHCAGO, L 60h02. Tel Na Please refer lo tile number PA101O92e. THE JUD- CAL SALES CORPORATON One Snulr Wacker Drive, 241h Roar, Chicago, L 6080e-4680 (312) 236-SALE You can also visit Tro Jude cial Sales Carperuhinn al wevw.11sc.cem far u 7 day ululas repart of oendino sales. PERCE & ASSOCATES One Worth Dearborn Sreel Salle l'oso CHCAGO, L Alaban Fila No: palolog2a Altorney Code Cose n to CH e ub: 2/17, 2/24, 3f31t 1 (3E289)C Judicial Sales-Real Est. Judicial Sales-Real E. LNCOLN WOOD N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON LASALLE RANK NATONAL ASSOCATON AS TRUSTEE UNDER THE TRUST AGREEM6NT FOR THE ST'UCTURED ASSET N- VESTMENT LOAN TRUST SERES Plaintill, vn. BARRY R. GOLDSTEN: JUDTH K. GOLDSTEN: BELL AUTO LEASNG, NC.; Debendants, 07 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN 1h01 pursuant o a Judgment of Fereclosore and Sole enlerad n the above enluten cause on January 14, 2010 nlercaunly Judicial Sales Corporation will on Thursday, March lo, 201 i at the hoar of i i aro. n their clice at 120 West Mactisen Sreel. Suila 7l8A, Chicago. llinois. sell al public puctlon ta the highest bidder tor cash, as set forth below, ke lolbowing deocnbed morlgacted real 05151e P.l.kL e-64e. Commonly known an 4258 West Touhy Avenue, LlncalewOod, L The mortoarted real entole is improved wilh o siectle family resdence. THE SAL'S 'SHALL BE SUBJECT TO GENERAL TAXES, SPECAL ASSESSMENTS AND TO PROR RECORDED FRST, SECOND AND THRD MORTGAGES. Sole lesos: 10% down by cortilied bundo, balance. bi corlilied tundo, wilkln 24 hours. No rebonds. ThÓ property will NOT be open tor n- PPoclion Fer nlorenulion call Kara Findlay at Piaintilt'a Allomey, Freedman Anselmo Lindbero LLC, 1807 West Diehl Road, Nopervilte. llinois (868) Fo Bidding rrslrucllons call (630) 453' hours enor la sale. WO NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON SellisgOfflcer, ( Pub: 2110, 2)17, 2124/11 (33951)C Judicial Sales-Real Est. Judicial.SalesReal Est. SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON WELLS FARGO BANK. N A., Paini, CELYN B ANO: UNKNOWN HERS AND LEGATEES OF doce- LYN OF JOCELYN B, ANG, P ANY; UNKNOWN OWNERS AND NON RECORD CLAMANTS; Debendants, 89 CH PUBLC NOTCE is hereby given that parseanl o a Judgment of Foreclosure enlered io the abose entilted caoso on May , nlercounty Judicial Soleo Carporalise will oir Frrdoy,March , al the hour s 1 1 a ro. io their office al 120 West Madison Street Suite 78A, Ckicaqo, llinois, soll lo the highesl bidder tar cash, the (allowinr described property: 'NORTH NLES CENTER ROAD, SKOKE, L 60078, The improvement on the properly consists al a single family rosidente. ba sublim mortgaged real estate is a uni of a common nter. os community, he purchaser of the unit olher thon u mortgagee shall pay the assessments required by subsection (g.t 01 Seclion 18.5 of the Condominium Property Ad. Sale terms: d5% down by certilied bands, bolsace wilbin 24 hours, by cerbilied lands. No retando. The property will NOT be open br inspoobon. Upon payment irr lull of the amousl bitt, the purchaser will receive a Certilicalo of Sole which will entitle the purchaser o a Dead la the premioes alter coofirmation of he sole. For ietormalion' Visit our weboito at hlp'j/oervice.atty-pierce.com. Be- Wean 3 pro und 5 p m. only. Pierce S As500iales, PlalolS's Allorsens. North Dearborn Sred, Chicago. llinois Te.No. (312) 47E Relee lo File Number NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Selling 011icer. ( f Pub 2/17, 2/24, 3/3/1 1 )36207)C JudlcièlSales-RealEsL Judicial Sálés-Real Est MORTON GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY. LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT ' CHANCERY DVSON US BANK NA11ONAL ASSOCATON, AS TRUSTEE FOR MASTR ASSET BACKED SECURTES TRUST, 2006-WMC2 Plainlill, HONG WON YOO, KEUM SEON YOD AKA KEUN SEON YOO; Del endanls, 08 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN 1h01 pursuasl la a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale onlered in the above onlilled cause on March 31, 2009 ntercounly Judicial Sales Corporalion will en Monday, March 14, at ke hour el i i u ru. irr ban silice at 120 West Mathsen Sreet. Sude 718A, Chicago. llinois, sell at public auction to the highesl bidder lar cash. us set bilk below, the lollowing deocnbed msrtriaoed real enlate. P N: Commonly keown an 9442 Ovorhill Avenue, Morton Grove, L The mortgaged real enlate s improved wilk a sngle lamily residence, l the suhiect morlgagod real nuble io a uni ob a common interest community, ke purchaser at he Uni other ban s mori0a000 shall pay the as500sr000s required 1sy sabsoclion 1g-i) et Sachan 1850f hn Condominium Property Act THE SALE SHALL BE SUBJECT TO GENERALTAXES. SPECALASSESSMENTSANOTO A PROR RE- CORDED FRST MORTGAGE. Sala lerms. 10% down by certilied funds, balance, by certilied funds, wilhìn 24 haars Ne refunds, The property will NOT be open tor inspeclian For ivlermohion call Kara Findlay al Plainfifl's Altornny, Freedman Anselmo Liodberct LLC West Diehl Road, Naperville, llinois ) 452-8Eel. For Bidding iaulructions cali ( hours prior o sale. W NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Selling 011icer Pub: 2/O, 2117, 2124/l (3395e)C 5KO KE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY. LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY DVSON BRDGEVEW BANK GROUP; Plainlill, vs MARCEL OLAR. UNKNOWN OWNERS ANO NON RECORD CLAMANTS, Defendaolo, 10 CH NOTCE OP SALE PUBLC NOTCE is hereby given tha pursuant o a Judgment of Peredosare cnlered io ke abaco eahilled cause on December 2, 2010, vlercounly Judicial Salas Corporation will en Monday, March 7, 2011, al ke heur of 1 a m in hoir olhice at i 20 West Madison Street Suite 7i8A, Chicano, llinois, sell la he highest bidder for cash, he (allow-- ing descebad mortgaged real estate: Corsmenlv koown os 5301 West George Streel. Skabie, L 60077, P N. lo-28'1l3' , The improvemeol on the property cenniols of a residencial properly. Sale larios. Bidders must p105551, a ke birne 01 sale a cauhier's or cerlilieti check far 10% el the successful bid amount. l'ho balance of hn successlal bid shall be paid within 24 heurs, by similar lundo, The property will NOT tre opon bar inspeclian For inlormahisn call Mr. Jason A. Doran at CARLSON PARTNERS LTD Seulli Highland Averree, Lombard, llinois 60148, (630) 92e'OOdO. NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Selling 011icer. ( Pub: 2/10, 2/17, 2124/1 1 (33674(C ' b;

54 ' Adoption Assumed Name Auction- Real Estate Bid Notice Divorce Foreclosures Foundation Notices Judicial Saies Mechanics liens Name Change 1 Probate Public Hearings Public Notices Storage - Legal Take Notices ; MstimedName: ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuan o An Act in relation to the use of an Assumed Business Name m he conduct or transaction ol Eusiness irr the Siate, as amended, that a cortitication was filed by the undersigned with the County Ciert< of Cook County. File No. D on February 16, Under the Assumed Name of 20 to 12 at 1038 E. Cooper nve, Palatine, L The true name(s) and residence address of the owner(s) Okan Anter E. Cooper Drive, Palatine, L Pub: 2/24, 33 3/10/ )C ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuant to An Act in relation fo the use of an Assumed Business Name n the conduct or transaction of Business irr the State, as amended, that a certification was tiled by the undersigned with the County Clerk of Cook County. File No on February 1, Under the Assumeri Name of ALPER & ASSOCATES CONSULTNG at 535 N. Michigan Ave., Apt 3001, Chicago, L The true flame(s) and residence ad dress of the owner(s) Jonathan B. Atper, 535 N Michigan Ave.. Apt 300f, Chicago, L Pub: 2/O, 2117,3/24/11 (33329(C ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuant to An Act in relation to the use of an Assumed Business Name in the conduct or transaction of - Business in the State, as amended, that a certification was tiled by the undersigned with the County Clerk of Cook County. File No, Dl on February Under the Assumed Name of Brurrtng Secretarial et Wing Street, #306, Arington Heights, L The true name(s) and residence address ot the owner(s) <datino A. Loawe, 1109 W. Oakton Street, Arlington Heights, L Pub: 2/17,2/24,3/3/11 (37499)C SAY T N THE CLASSFEDS, CALL r-3400 TO PLACE YOUR AD Assumed Name ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuant to An Act in retation fo the use pl an Assumed Business Name in the conduct or transaction of Business n the State," as amended, that a certification was filed by the undersipned with the County Clerk of took County. File No. D on February 14, Under the Assumed Name of Buatneas Finance Consul tanta at 119 S. Emerson St., #163, Mount Prospect, L and 461 Vassar Lane, Des Plaines, L The true name(s) and residence address ot the owner(s) Thomas G. Siska, 461 Vassar Lane, Dea Plaines, L Pub: 2/24,3/3,3/10/11 l4o477tc ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuant to An Act irr relation to the use of an Assumed Business Name in the conduct or transaction of Business in the Stale," as amended, that a certification was filed by the undersigned with the County Clerk of Cook County. File No. D on February 16, Under the Assumed Name of FHB LGHTNG at 1038 E. Cooper Drive, Palatine, L The true name(s) and residence address of the owner(s) Pechan S. Anter, 1038 E. Cooper Dnve, Palatine, L 60074, Pub: 2/24, 313, 3/10/11 (39283tC ASSUMED NAME Notice ta hereby given, pursuant to "An Act n relation to the use of an Assumed Business Name in the conduct or transaction of Busìneas in the Stale," as amended, that a certification was filed by the undersigned with the County Clerk of Cook County. File No on February 14, Under the Assumed Name of MARUSZ PANTNG at 443 W. Wilson Street, Apt., 203, Palatine, L The true name(s) and residence address of the owner(s) Madusz Stanislaw Dobek, 443 W. Wilson Street, Apt. 203, Palaline, L Pub: 2/24,3/3,3/10/11 (40379(C ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuant to An Act in relation to the use of an Assumed Business Name in the conduct or transaction of Business in the Slate, as amended, that a certification was tiled by the undersigned with the County Clerk of Cook County File No on February 3, Under the Assumad Name of Nu Mecca at 235 East Slat Street. Chicago, L The true name(s) and residence address of the owner(s) Vernelta Nanee saac, S. Mmgan Street, Chicago, L Pub:2/17, 2/24, 3/3/11 (36731) SUBSCRBE TODAY CALL OR VST PONEERLOCAL.COM SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - CHANCERY OVSON BANK OF AMERCA, N.A., SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO LASALLE BANK, N A., Flaintilt, es. RVNG ALEXANDER, ESTATE OF CHARLOTTE ALEXANJER, UN- KNOWN HERS OF CHARLOUE ALEXANDER, NCHOLAS G. GRASPAS. PUBLC ADMNSTRATOR AS SPECAL REPRESENTA- TtVE, CTBANK SOUTH DAKOTA N.A, UNDER JUDGMENT RECORDED AS DOCUMENÌ NUMBER , Defendants, 09 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursaant o a Judgnlnnt el Foreclosure and Sale entered in the above enlilled causa onmay 27, 2010 ntercaunty Judicial Salas Corporation will on Tuesday, March 8, 20f t al hn hour of i n.m. in their office al 120 Mes Madison Street. Salte 7lBA, Chicago, llinois, sell at public auclisn lo the highest bicider for cash, sa sel forth below, lte following descnbed niortgagnd real estala: PN Commonly known as 8433 Keystone Avenue, Skokie, L 6007e. The mortgaged real estate is improved with a single family residence. f the annuel mortgaged real estate s a uni S S common nterest community, the purchaser of the unit olher than a mortgagee shall pay the assessments required by subsection (g-l) al Section le 5 of the Condominium Property Act. Sale terms: 10% down by certified fundo, balance, bj' certified funds, within 24 hours. No retundo. The property will NOT be open for noì'maion call Sales Clerk at Law Offices of ra T. Neva, 175 North Franklin Street, Chicago, llinos ) NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Selling Officer, (312) Pub: 2/10, 2/17. 2/24/11 )33700)C Assumed Name ASSUMED NAME Notice la hereby given, pursuant to "An Act in relation to the use of an Assumed Business Name in the conduct or transaction of Business ìn the State," as amended, that a certification was filed by the undersigned with the County Clerk of Cook County. File No on February 15, Under the PGC Landscaping at 835 Pearson St., #202, DeaPlainea, L The true name(s) and residence address of the owner(s) Patrick Cusack, 835 Pearson St., #202, OesPlaines, L Pub: 2/24, 3/3, 3/10/11 t39635)c ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuant to "An Act in relation to the use of an Assumed Business Name in the conduct or transaction of Business in the Stale," as amended, that a certification was filed by the undersigned with the County Clerk of Cook County. File No on February 16, Under the Assumed Name of SLG Ventures at 207 E. Willow Rd., Prospect Heights, L 60070, The true name(s) and residence address of the owner(s) 5/tercie L. Griochow, Willow Rd., Prospect Heights, L Pub: 2/24, 3/3, 3/10/ C Bid Notice.. PARK RDGE RECREATON AND PARK DSTRCT LEGAL NOTCE Sealed bids will be received by the Park Ridge Recreation and Parti Dislnct, 2701 West Sibley Avenue, Park Ridge, llinoìs, telaphone for repair and color coating of ten tennis courts and one basketball court in wo locations in Parr Ridge, llinois until Thursday, Maceli 10, 2011 at 11:00 ann. at which time such bids will be publicly opened and announced irr the Board Room at the Administralive Offices of the building located at 2701 West Sibley Avenue, Parr Ridge, llinois. The successful bidder shall and all subcontractors shall be required fo pay the general prevailing rafe of wages in the locality for each craft or type of worker or mechanic needed to execute the contract or perform the work. Specifications are available at the above address. Board of Park Commissioners Jim O'Brien, President Pub: 2/24/1 1(40556) C BD NOTtCE Skokie School Oistnct 73 5 seeks bids lar hn cleaning comices al Skskle School Oistsct 735: McCracken Middle School, Middleton Elomentay School and Meyer School Bid Specs may be ava/u blu ori Thursday, February 24,2011 al coco East Prairie Road, Skokie, L or by culling Lorraine Lewundowski al A mandatory pro-bld meetng will be held on Tuesday, Mard 15, 2011 a 2:38 PM at McCracken Mddle School at above address Dunng ke mandatory pro-bid meet- ng vendors will have ke cpporlunity to inspect all three schools. Sealed bds must be submtted by 9:00 AM on Frday, March 25, 2011 alke above address. Pub' 2/24/ f38729lc BO NOTCE Evanston! Skokie School Ois. bic 65, wilt accept sealed bids for the following: ONE-2011 FORD ECONOLNE COMMRCL CUTAWAY To be received prior fo March 8, 201 land opened at 2 P.M. At the Evanston School Oistnct 65, Joseph E. Hill Adminrotralion Center, 1500 McDaniel Avenue, Evanston, L al which time they will be opened publicly und read aloud st time noted. Specifications may be obtained from Evanslon/Skokie School Diatnct 65, 1500 McDaniel Ave, Evanston L, 60201, from Bonnie Kent, Purchasing Agent beginning Februari 24, t is the policy of School Diatnct 85 to provide equal opportunity to all qualified businesses in awarding of coetmcts, anti accordingly promotes the utilizalion of diversified and local businasses to fha maximum extent feasible in any contract issued against this solicitation of bld. The owners reserve the rght to waive any or all bids, or o occept that bid which n their )udgment is for the beat inlerest of the Board of Education. Pub: 2/24/1 1 (39538)N,C Mechanics Liens On Apnl 7, 2011 at 10:00 AM. al About Automotive nc S. Elmhurst Rd, Mount Prospact, L A public sale fo enforce a lien under the laws of the State of llinois for labor, malenals, storage, lowing and other tees associated thereto. Storage charges continue to accrue. Successful bidder required to pay with certified funds The sale may be continued from time to time without further notice except for parties attending sale or parties requesting said information; Owner: Denns Jones, Owner: Dennis Jones, Lientiolder: Greater Chicago Finance Co., Vehicle: 2001 Chovrolol, VN# 2G1WX15K , Amount Owed: $1, Pub'2/24/1 1(40410).Aùctlon- ReaEEstate NOTCE OF PUBLC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell, s satisfy lien of the owner, at public sale by competitive bidding on March 9, at or aher AM at the Extra Space Storage facility located at McCorrrrick Blvd Skskie, L Unit #1095 Thomas J. Dybas Furrrït uro Unit tuona Cavasin Bones Unit #3001 Tyrone Gibbs Tools, Clolhus, Begs Unit #3023 Kevin Cheatom Totes, Bags, Shelf Unit #2208 Janice Cnixell Fumiture + Boues Purchases must be made with cash only and paid et the lime of sale. All goods are sold as is and must be removed at the time of purchase. Extra Space Storage reserves the right to bid. Sale is subject to adjournment, Pub: 2/17, 2/24, 3/3/11(36940)C3s LLNOS CLASSFED ADVERTSNG NETWORK ADOPTON ADOPTiON Love, Family, Support & Security, a)ong with Hugs & K)sses. These are the th(ngs we')) prov)de your ch(d. Chr(st(ne & Anthony Expenses Pa(d. A Baby to LOVE: Adopt)on «Act(ve, Íun-ov)ng. lawyer and nurse. ftnanc)a))y secure We promise to give your chi)d a wonderfti) fu)ure; encouraging honesty, education and open-mindedness. Call Kristi & Jeff AUTO DONATONS DONATE VEHCLE RECEVE $1000 GROCERY COUPONS. 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CALL Aviation nstitute of Maintenance HEALTH HP REPLACEMENT SURGERY: )fyou had hip replacement surgery between present and suffered problems requiring a second revision surgery, you may be entitled to compensation, Attorney Charles Johnson F YOU USED THE ANTBOTC DRUG LEVAQUN AND SUFFERED ATENDON RUPTURE, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Attorney Charles Johnson HELP WANTED Now Hiringl THR & Associates a multi-national company has hundreds of buyer positions available that offer salary+bonuses. Looking for professional, friendly, self motivated individuals, Customer service oriented with sales experience, Many salaries starting at $45,000. To learn more & apply visit: Probatè STATE OF LLNOS N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS PROBATE DVSON n the glatter of the estate of Robert J. Haack, Deceased Case No. 10 P 7337 PUBLCATON NOTCE Notice is hereby given ol the death of Robed J. Haack of Arlinglon Heights, L. Letters of office were issued on February 10, 201f to Mr. Jay Robert Haack, 1815 East Hawthorne Street, Arlington Heights, L 60004, whose attomey is Cary A. Lind, 121 S. Wilke Rd. Suite 407, Arlington Heights, L 60005, Claims against the estate ma be tiled in the ottico of the Clot of the Circuit Court in Room 1202, Richard J, Oaley Center, Chicago, llinois 60802, or with the representslive, or bolli, on or belore August 17, 2011, which date is not lesa han 6 months from the dale of the first publication of this notice and any claim not tiled within that pesod is barred. Copies of any claim tiled with the Clerk must be mailed or dulivered to the representalive and to the attornay within 10 days aher it is tiled. /s/jay Robert Haack (Representative) (a/ Cary A. Lind (Attsmey) Pub: 2/17,2124,3/3/11 (37133)C Pröbate STATE OF LLNOS N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS PROBATE DVSON n the matter of the estela of Edward R. Hetwig, Jr., a/k/a Edward R. Hewig, Sr. (Deceased) Case No. 20fB P PUBLCATON NOTCE Notice is hereby gives of the death of EDWARD R. HELWG, JR., NKJA EDWARD R. HELWG, SR. of Chicago, llinob. Letters of office were issued on January 6, 2011 to DOREEN TOLBERT, 2748 N. Rutherford Avenue, Chicago, L 60707, whose attorney is VN- CENT SANSONETT, SANSONETfl S ASSOCATES, LTD., 552f N. Cumborland Avenue., Suite 1109, Chicago, L Claims against the estate ma be tiled n ke office of the Cler of the Circuit Court in Room 1202, Richard J. Daley Center, Chicago, llinois or with the representative, or both, on or before August to, 2011, which date is not less than 6 months from the date of the first publication of this notice and any claim not filad within that period is barred. Copies of any claim tiled with the Clerk must be mailed or delivered fo the representativa und to the attornay within 10 days alter it has been filad. Pub: 2/10,2/17,2124/11 (34710) W (40 FASWf f (fssno fu. 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Mitlis Transfer Public Notices BOND SSUE NOTFCATON ACT NOTCE OF PUBLC HEARNG Please take notice that hn Skohia Parle District will huid a public hearing before the Board of Park Commssioners of lire District on March 15, 2011, al 7:30 p.m. The hearng will be held at the Weber Leisure Can. ter, 9300 Weber Park Piece, in the Village of Skokie, lllinni The purpose of the hearing will be to receive public commnvls on the proposal o sell general obligation altemate bonds in lira amount of $2,100,000 for lire purpose of financing capital im. provemerits for parir purposes /s/marta Schneldemran Secretary Skokie Park District Pub:2/24/ ) PUBLC NOTCE Representativos and parcelo of pnvate and parochial sclrnul students are invited by the Nilv Township District for Special Education (NTDSE) to allend a special meeting ott Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 9:110 AM, al the Molloy Education Center, 8701 N. Menard Ava., Morton Grove, L The paip000 of the meeting will be to cundid timely and meaningful Consults. tian relating to the sewices el fared to pnvate/parochial sctiuul or home-school students by lire NTDSE. Dated this 24th tny nl February, Governing Board of the Hiles Township Dialect for Special Education #807. Amy Frankel Goveming Board Secretary Pub: 2124/ )0 Drivers - Flatbed OWNER OPERATORS Up to $1000 Sign on Bonus Earn $1.85/mi or more! No age restriction on tractors trailers. CRST Malone to' piace yóu sd in rrìore than 8O newspapers STATEWDE?, i.i.i!:!os Pre irtisinervic' 21 7;24i17OO.:' LEGAL SERVCES NEED A LAWYER REFERRAL? llinois Lawyer Finder Courtesy of llinois State Bar Association MUSC/NSTRUMENTS UP to $250,000 Paid Vintage Guitars and Amps CAS- TODAY FOR your guitars, banjos, mandolins and amplifiers. No one pays more than we do. No one makes ìt easier for you. One piece of whole collection. Will travel to anywhere in US. 888 accredited Call Joe G Creamcitymusic,com POOLS/SPAS Melt away stress, aches, pains, detox and lose weight in your own affordable personal infrared sauna. A+ BBB rating. Ships FREE. Visit or call , The llinois Classified Advertising Network (CAN) provides Pioneer Press andthe Doings with advertising of a national appeal. To advertise in this section, please call CAN directly at (217) Both Poneer Presa ard The Doings recommend discretion when responding. Please refer questions and comments directly to CAN, Public Notices LEGAL NOT10E NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that a Public Hearino en the Tentative esitunt and AxproPrlalion Ordinance tor the TOWN OF NORW000 NOTCE OF HEARNG ON ROAD S BRDGE FUND TENTATVE BUDGET AND APPROPRATON ORDNANCE PAPi<, in ke Ceunly of Cook State et llinois, for tira tiucel near beginviny April 1 201f, and ending March 31, 2012 will be hold ut the Town Flail, '7833 West Lawrenca Avenue, Norrldgn, llinois for hn anca willi hn lollowino: Read unit Bridgn Fund. 7:10 P.M- Public Hearing on Road and Bridge Fund Tns Public Hearing will be held on Frday, March 25, 2011, n accordrinal action will be taken on ke atoremenllonod Budsnt sect Aoproprlailnir Ordinance aller ba Public Nearing on Friday, M'arch 2,2011. C/izenn allendien his henrios hove ke nyh to provide maltea and orai cnirrmenls unifa ask questions regarding ke Tentativa Budget. NOTCE S FURTHER G1VEN hereby that said Tealtrtive Budget and 4ppraprialiun Ordinance will be on f)e esd conesniantly availably to niibhic inupvclisn at 7833 W. Lawrence Avenan, Norridga, llinois, rons and aller 10:00 o'clock AM. Thursday, February 24, 201 t. Fulluwivg is a Tentativa Budgnt Summary of lre Rend and Bridge Cauti in hank bnginniny of Fiscal Year S 390, rund tsr said fiscal year. Tuons s be received oaring Fiscal Year s 95, Estimated Receipts nlerest su nvoxlod tunde TOTAl. FUNDS s 490, OATEDTHS Febraarv ESTMATED APPROPRATON AND EXPENDTURES THOMAS E. LUPO, SUPRV5OR $431, Rocca Secco, Town Clerk Pub: 2/24/1 1(3a28alC,Ribid'Nòtiáeè..:,,: Publicl.Nthicis'. To PAOE A HELP WANTED AD N THE CLASSFEDS, CALL ' Pùbic'Notices ', LEGAL NOTCE NOTCE OF PUBLC HEARNG ON GENERAL TOWN FUND GENERAL ASSSTANCE FUND, WORW000 PARK SPECAL POLCE DSTRCT TENTATVE BUDGET ANO APPROPRATON ORDNANCES NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that a Public Hearing on ke Tentatlee Budynt and Appropriation Ordinancn tar the TOWN OF NORW000 PARK, n the Counly et Cook, State of llinois, for ba lineal your beginning April 1, 201 t, and ending March will be trola ut the Town Hall, 7833 West Lawrence Avenue Narridga llinois nr 1ko General Town F1und, tke General Assistance Fund, and the Norwaod Park Tovinstlp Special Police District fer the Unincorporated Area et Norwoad Park TownuNp Tins PiAlic Hearing will be hold un Frday, March n amor anca with the following 5:48 p.m. - Public Hearing os General 'town lund 6:na p.m. - Publc Hearing ori General Assistance Fund 7:00 p.m - Public Hearing en Special Police District tar Unincorporated Aras Final activo will be taken on the atoremestioned Budget und Appropriatlos Ordinances alter the Public Heanvp on Friday, March 25, Cuvons slencing this hearing have the right to provide wrrtteo and oral comments und fo ask quuslions regarding lire Tentative Budaelu. U TCE S FURTHER GV N hereby that asid Tentativa Budget and Approprialiaa Ordinances will be ori tile and coneenionllv available o rublic inspection at 7833 W. Lswrencn Avenue, tdarridga, llinois from und oller am. Fe ruor 24, Fulluwing is a Tcntalina udgel Summary of all funds for said fiscal year: Estlmoted Rece)n GENERAL ASSS ANCE SPECAL TOWN FUND POLCE FUND DSTRCT CASH N BANK BEGNNNG OF FSCAL YEAR $700, $11,000.0a TAXES TO BE RECEVED DURNG FSCAL year s4ee, , NTEREST OH NVESTED FUNOS S 1, S TOTAL $1,191, a, Estimated Appropratons end Enpendltures TOWN PUNO $ GENERAL ASSSTANCE FUND S 36,50000 SPECAL POLCE DSTRCT -0- DATeD THS February 24, 2011 THOMAS LUPO, SUPERVSOR Rocca Secco, Town Clerk Pub: 2124/1 l(36266lc ei's Party Advertise your Avon, Lia Sophia, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, or any Personal Party Consultant business in our "Let's Party" special section! Publishes each week starting March 10th Deadline: Wed. theweek prior to publication Only $20 per column inch! *Minimum ad size is 2 column inches For more information, please call (option 2) PONEER PRESS thi Î. SAY T N THE CLASSFEDS, CALL TO PLACE YOUR AD Public Notices ' SUBSCRBE TODAY CALL i OR VST PONEERLOCALCOM Public Notices SKOKE PARK DSTRCT ALTERNATE BONDS PUBLC NOTCE Please take notice that on February 1 5, 201, the Board of P94c Commissioners of fha 3/cokie Park District adopted fha within published ordinance entitled: "Ordinance Authorizing the ssuance of $2,100,000 General Obligation Altemate Bonds of the Skokie Park Distnct for hn Purpose of Financing Capital mprovements for Park Purposes." The revenue sources that will be used to pay the hondo authorized by said ordinance are recreation program fees, facilities feas, and all other rentals, permits arid tees imposed by the Distiict, f the rovenue sources are insufficient, then ad valorem property toues may be extended for collection to pay the beodo authorized by said ordinance. The specific number of voters required o sign a paliliort asking that the question of ssuing general obligation allemale bonds under lre provisinno of the Local Govemment Oeb Reform Act for capital improvements for park purposes, es provided in the Ordinance, be submitted to the electors of the Dislnct is 2,710. Such a petition must be filed in tire office of the Secretary of the Olutnct within 30 days after the date of publication of the erdinasce and this natica. t a petition s tiled, the referendum with respect o such eglinance will be held on March 20, /5/ Macc Schnaidarn,an Secretary Skohie Park District ORDNANCE NO. 1 l-bol OnONANCE AUTHORZNG THE SSUANCE OF $2,100,000 GENERAL OBLGATON ALTERNATE BONDS OF THE SKOKE PARK DSTRCT FOR THE PURPOSE OF FNANC- NG CAPTAL MPROVEMENTS FOR PARK PURPOSES BE T ORDANED BY THE BOARD OF PARK COMMSSON- ERS 01 THE SKOKE PARK 0STRCT, AS FOLLOWS: Secllorr 1. Authorty and Purpose. This ordinance is adopted pursuant o The Park District Codo, 7B llinois Compiled Slaluteo 1205, and the Local Bovemment Debt Reform Act, 30 llinois Compiled Statutes 350, tor the purpose of financing the following purposes (herein called the "Project"): 1 Various park and playground improvements, at an eslimated cost of $1,000, Resovationa at the Weber Leisure Center, ut an estimated cost of $100, Ffeplacement of vehicles and equipment, al an estimated coot of $820, Variouo lighting and HVAC improvement pro)ects, at ari astimatad cost of $80, Rerrovationa o and lmproeemenfa al vanous recreation facilities, at on estimated cost of $400,000. Section 2. Authorzaton of Bonds. To meet part of the $2,100,000 estimated total cost of the Prolect, including the cost of issuance of the bonds herein nuthoozed and proeiaion for capitalizad interest on bonds and bond reoeme funds, all as permitted cedar the Local Govemment Debt Reform Act, the District is hereby authorized to loose general obligalios bonds of the Dislndt (the "Bonds") in one or more senas and in the maximum aggregate original pnncipal amount of $2,100,000. The Bonds shall constitute "Alternate Bonds" under Section 15 of the Local Government Debt Reform Act, t io anticipated that all or a portion of the Bonds will be issued us capital appreelation bonds, euch benong steres compounded semiannual- p and payable only on the maturity date of the bond. Secton 3. General Obligatons. The fall faith and credit of tle District are hereby irrevocably pledged to the punctual payment of the psscipal of and interest on the Bonds. The Bonds shall be direct and general obligations of fha Disnc, and the District shall be obligated to levy ad valorem taaes upon all the taaabla property in the Oislnct tor the payment of hn Bonds and the interest thereon, without limitation as o rata or amount. Secton 4. Alternate Revenue Source. The Bonds shall be payable from recreation ptogrum tees, facilities fees, and all olher rentals, permits and fees imposed by the District (couaclively, the "User Fees"). Thu User Fees are not limited in their purpose or application and constitute e "Revenue Source" withis the meaning of Section 15 of the Local Govemment Debt Raform Act. All User Fees of the Distodt are hereby pledged for the paywant of the Bonds. The Board of Park Commissioners covenono to provide for, collect and apply such User Fees to the pnyment of lta Bonds and the provision of not leso than an additional.25 timas the annual debt pernice on the Bonds. Secton 5. Supplemental Proceedngs. f no polities meeting the requirements specified in Section 15 of the Local Goyamment Oeb Reform Act s filed during the applicable petition period, then hn Board of Park Commissioners may adopt addihano ordinavces and proceedings supplementing or amending this ordinance so long as the maximum amount of Bonds herein authorized io not exceeded and there is no material change in the Project and the purpose doocnbed in this ordinance. Such addilionol ordinances or proceedings shall in all instances become effective ìmmadiately without publication or pout- ng or any turthar act or requirement. Secton 6, Publcaton. This ordinance shall be published in he "Shokie Ruviaw", a newspaper of general circulation in the District. The publication of this ordinance shall be occompamed by the publication of the notice required by Section 15 of the Local Government Debt Reform Act For a penod of 30 days after such publication, a petition may be tiled with the Secretary of the District signed by electors nambeeng the greater of li) 7.5% of the registered voters irr the Olstnct or (ri) 200 et those regiuteted voters or 15% of those registered valoro, whichever is less, asking that the issuance of the Bonds be submitted to referendum. t no petition is filed within such 30 day penod, then the Bonds shall be authonzed to be ssued, ' Secllon 7. Effectve Date, This ordinance shall take effect in the manner provided by law. Pub:2124/l 1 (38740) Storage. Legal Notce of Publc Sale et Personal Property Metro Sell Storage Notce s hereby given that he undersigned pelt storage unit(s) will be sold al n public sale by competitive bidding, n their entirety to the highest bidder, on or after 3/16/l fo satisfy the lien of Metro Self Storage for rental and other charges due from the undersigned. The said property has been stored and generally descebad below is located al the respective address. The sale will be hold nf the first of the following addresses, listed in order, and will begin at 8:30am or after on said date and will continue hour by hour until all unito are sold. Wednenday, March 16, 2B11 Metro Sell Storage W. Grand Ave, Frankln Park, L Unit 187 Stephen Kesser aofa, mattress, lv's Unit 451 Eddy Ries: refrigerator, misc it ems. Metro Sell Storage - 60 C. Lake Streel, Northlake, L Unit F14 Tra Fencing nc: ladder, ohelving, mioc tools. Thursday, March 17, 2011 Metro Self Storage N Desplalnes, Chcago, L Unit 527e nvestment Really Services: dryer, rug, night stand. Unit 5235 Edward Renner. boa stereo, monitor, file boues. Unit 5202 Denise Mouley: dulio bag, floor lamp, desktop compeler Unit 4209 Renne Holmquisf: bookcase, microwave oven, kitchen table. Unit 3219 Jim Johnson: boues. p of boses, dollies. Unit 3217 Jim Johnson: boues, hitchen chairs, dropper. Unit 2188 Mark Stephens: mattr050, clothing closet, end table. Molro Sell Storage W Harrson Street. Chcago, L Unit 1 1 O Susan Cloud: bones, chair, suitcase. Unit 465 Robert Jacobs: china closet, fool boa, trot wafer heater. Unit 627 Marqaita Harns: bags, boues, coat. Unit 755 John Aawood' bags, boxes, fishing pole. Unit 770 Gregory Linear: bags, bones, clothing. Unit 812 Weaver Development Corp: cases of boltled water. Unit 1075A Timothy Lee: bags, book, boses. The terms of the pale will be cash only end must be paid for at the time of sole. All goods are uold as is. Metro Self Slorugn reserves the right to withdraw any or all unils from the sale at any lime. All contents mast be removed within 72 hours or sooner. (38247fPub: 2/24, 3/3/1 1 C Notce el Sale The goods listed below and stared al Storage Today 500 W. Carmak Rd., Chicaqo, L 6061e, will be sold to the highest bidder or otherwise disposed of al this aile os March 10, 201 1, at 9:00 AM, fo satisfy owner lien in accordance with the state statutes. Only cash will be accepted and goods ara sold "na is " Tas must be paid or resale number furniahed, Goods must be romoved at the lime of purchase. Seller mserves the nght to overbid vil items. All items or unito may not be available on data of sala Unit 2015 Casmir Palferson - bes spnn9s, mattress, suitcase, table, chair, boxas Unit 2031 Kelli Cook -bicycln, lan, misc household items. Unit 2050 Roman Lorecto - bed, bones, mattress, sink, tabla Unit 2141 Lawrence Washingfon - boses, misc household items, Ouilcaoe Unit 6040 Anthony Hill - doors, insulation, shop yac, pipa, windows. Unit 6081 Accenna While - bugathoveo, clothes, lv, dresser, misc household items. Unit 6106 Alkanoas Johnson - dressers, mattress, lotes, v Unit 6243 Katnna Shelton - bags, boaes, healer, totes, mattress Unit 6329 Raphael Hannah - bones, couch, tan, lodge Unit 6337 Maunco Thomas - boues, crates, pictures, tires Unit 8077 Antonio Vann - dresser, 3 bikes, grill, chest of drawers, table, tolesibocas Unit 8286 Cherry Bullock -futon, bedroom tum, misc toles, wine tndge, pnnter, fax, misc. items Unit 043e Nicholao Henry -bogs boses, cohvs, misc. llanto Pub: 2117,2124/11)37416)0 NkCH 0111 to MOB OUU1D 101*1 C*KtiOAltS a oniotoattit #111* MORR, 1* l lilt Storage - Legal NOTCE OF PUBLC SALE 01 PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice s hereby given that purpuant to Section 4 of the Self- Service Storage Facility Act, State of llinois, the underaigned will soll al a public sale by competitive bdding on: 3/4/1 1 at 4:00 p.m. On the premloa where said property has been stored, end which are located at Public Storage FOSTER- RAVCNSW000 SELF- STORAGE LLC, 1800 W. POS- TER AVE., CHCAGO, L 60640, The personni property s described below, in the matters of: Space #128 Lorrainrre Deon Misc personal items, clothes Space #217 Andrew Delarooa Misc household items, tumiture Space Guadalupe Regan Mattresses, Bedroom fumiture Space #908 Carol Jones Misc peroonnl items, mattrepaes, Segway Space U Victor Crown Misc personal temo, boues, paperworts Space #528 Victor Crown Misc personal items, bones, paperwork Space #30 Robert Walton Misc personal ilems, paper'worta Space #757 Susan Lawrence Misc personal items, golf supplies Space #1014 Marvin Harris Misc personal items Pub:2/17, 2/24/1 1(354S6)C SAY T N THE, CLASSFEDS, CALL TO PLACE YOUR AD ir 30 Pioneer Press (DC) Thursday, February 24, 2011 Thursday, February 24, 2011 Pioneer Press (DC) 31

55 32 Pioneer Prosa (PC) ThurSday, February A PONEER PRES PULCATO) 'NL flown 21 SUBJRBODDTY a a a hat anger management problem? A Velos Priai is s repeoatactioo 00 laigh-qoafity semi-gloss paper SUNMEDA Our Keepsake Package includes: (1) 11" x 14" Velox* Print (1) 8W' x 11" Velox Print (1) Pdt Digital File all for just shipping included To order yours TODAY, contact Marcy Goldstein phone: 847/ PONEER PRESS F0115 t,ol'rti, SPUCF Frrr uf charge, co offer laico '(stupid criroieals, slrsrige rrimes, odd news oedatlierwise ailly Stories from round Chirageieed. BJPPALO GROVE, JAN. - An endear pateollieg fohe oreo of Aberdeen Loso 'udhighlasdgcovofdcive 00ev ai Jeep puss by doieg 27mph le u 25 roer. 10e pulled 11h caer Ovei', ed Ehe driver 'oponediy seid hr hud lehre oli 'ilheut h'is licence er le' cracra osrd, bel bondad ar officer his boniness srd, suying, "'m well looms is Buffelo Grove." Upee redioing the mene humo, 1heetOcrri'eperl 'edly learned tha he ia meli 1iauowe le hie police fer being bollicose, recrying /.ecupons nod, after appearu000sinreurt, fellow' /ng officers' squad cuis.,rtlro ofiicei'oo licol ter hoch' up, lires mreto hobels fer ep0edg sod alriving mith. "Re lhsn become ex' i,trrmely heiligoreet oed Toocoeperetive," en officer ferole la the i'epei'l. 'f The driver, 47, refused 'FO sign the hohem, rollad riais lampar, and aursed at the cops. 0e they left hr lichais en bio mindshiald rued cesurieed le ba'ir ears. Bot he "was nom stand. ing in ba middlo afilie road talking os his ph000, seemingly ti'pieg to bloch loor palh," oie oflieor wrote an his raped. The raps mes euverrd 1nceund him, bot begot ira fiels Jaop and ahasod tlrsm, 'rtoilgatieg oies silbe patrol rcern, lhes trylog ta secerne io heal ond block ile path. Tian oflirrrsreperledty tired al thia gemo, polled luma ever agole and ai" ldorod him from his Jeap 01 gunpoint. Ra ecos nrresl- ('cd fercen hi ess Son duct, Digital future will be populated by dummies of past BUPPALO GROVE, FOB. 3A iimid ilifoftnoin de. veloci1 into o furieux Right of Oslo for two ii'iends, Bel' fols Gravo poilor sad. 'l'hey mere rl'ding home iroieo Polalior bar whos lbs momon dricieg leal cosirof ead slid inleovoeb, dowuging hr cor. Though thoy rasi-e silting la tian some vehirlo, the viro bird orgoing vio trot message En setllo evhe ocoeld puy foe the dnmoge. Put so hey orrivod st ihoic Buffalo Geove desti' sollen, ano punched Ehe other in the fore, poyan said, end the 1mo ceded op ligleliog os the groond. Aller ba momuo polled them port, the guy mho iaoie he Prat 000iag gol bscb in 1hr ear end diane eocans000corbed by pofirrood chorged with bollei'y. Facebouk 'em, Da000 PARK RDGE, PEP. 14- Polico arrooled the snaoxd soil third ei darer leeres idrntiped os oraron g h000 soeshicg intnonoffioa kuilding it 211 W. Touhy Ave. PourS have boda buid lime outching trenp055ers ta (ire ioeg'vucostboaildiog, bat Eho naspectn, nr someace thoy mighl lenom, way hans hoiped ties sops by posting piotocas of heic oc' liviliaeeo Puarboola. We need that stuff far the processed cheese GLENV4W, JAN.10 - A snaurity oitcer at Kraft, 801 Wuobegan Road, saw 1h roe sers loadisggaeboge from o aompany Pompnlee foto heir piohop trarla, and oedered them o re. Arrested development NOBT4BROOR, JAN.13 - Folien oh i'roers vishindu Norahkroah home t o sorno On arrose marrast oso SAyaon'otd won, ond his mow ausmecad the door, Not home, she laid them. Daspilo bar ausonsoara, they nheahad oui the heose oimyaney. Thay found the me in thin basement, where he epritsed nor of them with pepper spray. foe olaimed ho did not ks000 hiny mero copa, but they churged 1dm milk 0gg rano ted batiary to a palisa 0000eraaymoy, Remember me? 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Siosburs North Share Unitarian Church Narwaad Park Lutheran Church 4435 Pablar, lkn)de, (847) 6( Cellar OellaminWorochaouski Dm111514, L Folte: l, Oms Ave, w000e.beneshellm.otg tobbi NM) Ble, wmw.00un.n Chicago, (L FAdey habbe) Striures yl3opm; lusty Temple Roth lsraet Feoribylhsbbei 6:30pm, Fl/noAh 360) W. Ormplet St t:l589 & ll:i5am Fas: KsbbahioAe Fruyan Soraiop m , L Sunday Sergice loam 200 SaL/meSh A-E9A V.-. Cenaral Cotre' Sunday Schol 9AM lo Elugleo Soidbomot MORTON GROVE )Soplembelthrb May) lest. Rabbi 1580 Dccc & ushton dutcher, popcloips president ti Po P culturo, is hiring his op. Thinir 900es got whet it OSces to s the unis pnenldsot at pap culturo? Gnr your finger on the pe]se? 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61 Buyrno Usoo Guos 000 6go COLLECPOWS PerhArnlislsypo6 ll6f4ll MAC'S BAT SHOP 2322 E7Sri SirocO Cisags,L (773) sels Ownership Friendly Oerojot Operare 2002tgeth t.0 iii N ' By JENNFER JOHNSON oh n s o no pio nne r lo ca Loo n Perk Ridge veeaiderrts hoping to aove u local artic studio from damolition hove raised more thou $40,000 tornord the purchase of the property, hire group announced last month. The "Save lannolli Studios" preservo tino groop, an oft-shunt uf Porlo Ridga's talo Poondution, is hoping ta purclrose the former home and stadio nl sculptor Alfonso lonoalli, locused at Nonthwest Highrr'uy ned Rm Straeh, re the building end honnit into o museum ehewoasing Park Ridge ortiets. According to members nf the group, an neonymeos donor has prnnriscd to donate $1 for nono-y $0 that ike gr Oup naisea iknosglr July. Save anonu Studioa her Oele god nf naising 0400,000 so the donor will provide n cranimum nf $200,000, meiring the purchese and recovelion possible. NL , ff , 227 Residents raise funds to save sculptor's studio The 040,000 roas noised m'nudiduot include thedote released lest roaeh. " ovili within tiro Sr-sl hreercecks and time of tse public hear- srnveasufocal point to loll cl the ieiliotive'a boccio,, log, seid Cathy Docaekale- net only ShnstoryufAlloo. said Solsy Peuwell, presi- n, m000gec of commoeity so foonelli, but the largor deotoflkekelopouedolioc devalepment 004 preservo- noerulive cf the ortlais' which w as orce Sting ba lion foc ke rity of Pork culney 0h01 000riehed al lilo contnibulione, Ridge. Tbe notcen wenr turo 021kv 20th Century Membsra of Soon bonn- mailed by the potitioser and keyond." li Studion ncrcepeciedte ookoissoeloirrgthener000s- fnnnslli, un artist, sculp- hove eoceno 5e puna0 ncchiuee, drewings nod ocigmol blueprints nf the build- kahn keeo rescheduled tu Tire public heerieg woo ho lug 1h01 will beuceaounon 0ko pooh Tuendoy, fer them is the ceonvotioo. lj0000kalshì acid. The knilding, meat ocrenty losown sa Audrey'a Coli- ke lunnelli howe aed ata- Supportecs of ronnoalieg en and Old Leen, is on cole dio holieoaamoseosn rolling attention le the city's and und er considnrolieo by o devalaper who boa propoand demolishing the nid-200k Century will gan- aclist colony uf 1ko early lo strootune und cansiructing ar-ate odditiosol loterentin loon, wo-story townhouses Porlo Ridge. un ke properly "Cuve rastoned, nnoelli A ceqoest io manne the Studica could be lo Parlo pnoperty from Sl, bostones Ridge what the PranbLloyd ucd 07170e, lu 04, moti-l'arnuy nesidenilal, had bcen co- ta Och Porh, bringing yao- Wright Howe and Studio is peoted to go before don Pork pie from all nom the wonid Ridge Pinneing und Zoning whsanco'nlereoted in She Commissine on Tuesday, roots of Amaviron Modcnoism tu non toros to spend bol he meehieg was aunoeled b0000ss noti000 sant their limo and money," lo property uwoncs in the Poornell seid inc statement tor aed designer, lived orni wenked in Pack Ridge fcornr about 1319 unhil his doathic He collaborated tlrere with his wife Margaret, or artico and illustratov Lenally, fonnelli is bosi roowa for bio art darn riesign 021ko Pickmioh Tho. ehre. His wonlo also mobil. rd the Roch of Gibralter ro. lief on the laos of the Pro. dential building io dono. town Chiongo ond scul1o. turco leutured duciug tim 1323 Chicago Wonid's t0uir. Coato'ibatiouato Suyo looudii Studios moyhe srolir the Kola P000datioc, P_0- S00 05f, -Parla Ridge, L Pon mona infocorolion, call Cornrnerrl:picoecrlenol.eoo j 'r r1 A P FlEht PLC0ON NL Notre Dame not fond of favorite's rqle Will defend top seed at New Ti-icr Sectional By BRYAN BONdR Conto bu to - BOYS BASKETBALl. - t's a good thing teams weren't seeded for tho HSA Clusa 4A Noon Trier Secliouci hosed solely on enrol they did during tiro month uf Paloruffthui were floe coon, Notre Down weold be ruukud somewhere in the teens and lucoedt000ina pluy-ingeme juot to reach tira nogioeol srmisnalo. That's how poorly things rove boon goieg of lute for vuooh Tom Les' squad. Sul after losing three of 1 lrn-tomunlh,thedantre. rovacad Saturday nonviviog olmohmeniogoinsloisiheg r North Chicago io eoni confernnce oc tino. Whh the who, Nalca Dame iwpnoved 1025-S overall. 1. The Dons ore the No. seed o iotheoectionulbasodeeu cl to 1100 seoaon. "We have siroggirdolittle i kil. Part cf it la that io ba four peers l've becor alhlobm Dume, we'va ulways bees the bunion," eaid Len. "We got somepobliciiythio yeor,0005 some gomas curly,endme herawn the hoolad. " dov't think we'vm doae cao-y well in 1h00 role." bnoluded in the straggles woo Pnidey's '13-63 loss lo Munist in 110CC anulan hol deopped bbc Dono 506-Sin the loop. - Satucdai"agumervaamuou like il Thoagh Nardo Chirago led after cor quor000', Notrn Danse bolo the leod foc good os emly io doc ocrondqaertrrono lruopkyjoo The Dons pallrdehaad3ß- 23 athallliwnondwrorhorru 15-Z cunmidwuy thnough the third quorter la pal ke Howbo sway "North Chica go isavery octior,cggr-mraive000w,"srid Los. "At times, they g-vous o lot of traubla getüng luto our sels und gntliog she hell ioto lre co'ght apolo at tire ciglrt timm. Trsic record is nah indicative ai ike quali- P of lireic 150m." North Chicago jaoioc guard Aeree Simp000, a buwbor mho was just shooting, ivaludicg l-nt-s fo'omkchindllormv, lnisloud milk S points. fcoiuc learnmate Mourice Gordon ddlled Ove ulroen-puiol000 ir She karik qoaroor,innloding four struight. "Borouse of their quirb- poinl-hlunhlaynapsraclybm- cause wo were mosking thym," L ea acid. "Their alhlolicism oud quichness - 000srd as io rash carshots." RoduopPcyarenenod2lof his gewe-high 25 pololo in ke second raif to hey the victory Rn ovas 3-for--8 from behind thm aro ond 9-for--01 from lhefalduverut.healuo grabbed six cokorreds. Qomnion Chi000ua addod S poids and flor reb000da fac the Dons, und Ryun Tompkins mngmnlecnd lb poinle. Doota Stmploeosuo came elf hr bench len 0500n pci010, Ove unsisbo uud tlorea sinela; end friboon rnurmvr ddio Darcano hod 000mo points and S rebooedn. "Rodney toaba couple of quick sire s naciy, and his shot molly w050't going mall," nuid Lao. "Thon, he stnntmd going lo hr kasket uud o'ebcuodiug. -2e'o avery othirtlo hid. He con da o loi moco things 1h00 jou shoot the mey "We hado few nc crony turnovers tonight thut gone iham 00mo 500y buot-001 kasloets. boche toucorooesb, thut's somclhiagyoa hovels prncnnl." Notre Dame mea 00000e JolieO Calhoun on Wedacudoy in Ohr 05CC Sonic. "Moo-iso ood Curmel lmo recent lonsnsl were much mona aggnnssivo than us," L es sold. "We hocco couple vrcygoodplayecs, butme'ra onotlhelypeofleawthobran count en oppooeola just laying doer foc us. We boon lu come ready to ploy" Pryor said he Dono hove oct been focused of luts. "lt otaro io pcaoticc. Too mcey timns snn've been vomisg into produce thinking we'nr olrrody pmnpamed foc our aus b opp00001," the 000 'oersoid. "That's how yoro get baut at lse kigir-sclneal rvel. We hove be woo-k bord orno-y doy." KaM of Fame Before hn game, Notre Dome induoled 0mo iodinidoals and the 1955 baseball ieam melo lire ochool'sathclic Hall of Pomo. badootad mnecr RichTosch 11900, laonbeill,mohhsernnfa , hockey goalie far state cirumpol, Kovin Hoeeghon 11976, mnmstienl, Anthony Nupolituno 11953, loetboll, mvnestlingl, Scud Toloans 11998, busoballl end Mike Jcloubowshi , baskathuill. sport 33 Note Dinas Nous laepkino ririrri olerlo beoni seriar Mail Pomiol lominq SCC action. ever Feqtloe-lrin'lives seda autious Wallenberg still returns with state medal S'io U,,0Uu Turn your favoritefléws ap.. Tping into your favorite keychàin. ' - Oeder reprints et vower tenente Pioneer Press pisotee in u - sariety of sizes und one Wide COeflO et medie, from teaoditi050t photo papen 50 t-shirts, mu Os ande amputer mouse pads. J i i By HAT HARNESS cm ha mo os sop i o ne e ro r 510 s n WRESTLNG - All , NoSre Domo has locused ils ub100tiuo co hr team. Thol's mloy eben Jim Wullroknrg solfarad an injury duniag bis oemi9oul mrtvh oltheflloss3abtatrmedl lost wreheod agairmol Providenoe'a Edwin 000pon, Nabos Dame ooaclr Aug10 Cr000esi didn't hoaitcle tu pull tire standout cot of the Sournemnnl. "Belier sufe thou oonry" ooid Gmnovosi, whoas tyorn mus scheduled to nompebu uguinnt Semningtao os Tunaday in the Dundrr- Ccowe 40cl leum sectional. The mieoov advomnoes io the miele qonniro-000le brlo mvemlreod in Sloomingbaor. "ta impontront n bevo brim is ti oc liorcomp, se why Orno roomy ohuunns? t won u pneoauiionar'y thiug." After 1ko 143-poaodnr mua boih his Snot rvo molvkrmby non-point ncolsinors in Ckumepaigu, Wolleaboo'g dislucated ds knee uguioai Coopec uod boued not millo un injury defuolt. "f-so's getliag scmn 110crapy," Genovesi mod Monday. "There's utili smnllirrg. We mill gel him u ksec Notre Enei Je YellerlemQ nelebralee aller healing Chope al Mumbo in lbs Class quenlrnlrrels. 65k Herbhon-Puns 5080 broce und ruco 10mm o'oody toga, il needed." Weiloahoo'g noii Snished siollo lo earnanoedol. Cou por monotono to coplure the vhumpiuvohip. 'Che Dons' loon 500ior ut Stoic, Wullcnbcvgmvosunc ni loon Nasce Dama vnpcn livro 01 Ausembly Hull Smibh, ol ill p005do, 000m hoe only olhnc Dúo to mirra moich. 'Cloe juoioc boat Sub Paclm-Ricoc Parnal's Dorios Henry l-s io bbc ope000' bofare losing le ovectime to JuCei'a Troyvno Zobalu. Smilir heo dropped his foul mutok o cud his tourna- "Ho let hin guord domo end gol Oehemo dawn," See- ni Scrub's OT loss. "S moos u gond enden- 000e inn him.",luoiona Jur Corinte, a 152-p000dno', and 175- paundnl' Kevin Stohmer n- halb Soished S-1 al ke tnurooeon. "Ho didn't emendo osovoli uomo or1anld have hoped," Oe500asi said ocolahmeo-, mho molo 000nl'ounab drampi000hip. " heow he didn'l ovreotln ao well ashe moould-. beve Sled," Oennvnoi is lornppy he'll hove Shroe mcemtiecs hack milk sllolersprm'ieece, "That mciii loom5 us oct o - lo," loo acid.

62 34 sports Dons go to wire HOCKEY - Notre Dome opened its Kennedy Cep Cetholir Lengue pinynff series egeinet St. Victor with ostonsing, 3-S overtime virieryotthehoffmnnbstotns loe Arene on Feb St. Vinier's Patrink Gre- 'gory Consisted by Jeremy O'Donnell) nonred the gerne's Srs t geni with FO left in the Ors ported. NOb Jeff L ever eoswrred witte n winked nient pent St. Victor goolie Roben Sohrnidt, essiated by Mireb Orchard end tools Golden. Thot buy was the Srst of teen pnener-ploy gneis for the Dono in the SmC period, es Gold ne nonred SS seoneds nter (Alen Morphyl forezlined. Tien Lions tied it is flee opening levo wi000es of 'oh e sennod period one gnnl by Turkey Gettone Jerewy Liscio5, Anthony Shinoerl. ternsnnrsiens tloirdpn. nod, the gerne went loin sodden deeth ovortirne. Behind eggressive forooheehing, ND's Kevin Senetre peppered Srhmidt with e law blest, nesd nester Devidpebnis folleoned with o cerin shot that bounoed off the ohnat of the netmisder end dieentlytoevhsgervawe Pergonde, who Sred inasiep ahnt for the gerne-winsen just SS seonnds je. Notre Deme goolie Ryen Metes mode 44 enves end SrhmidlBnished with 28. SL Victor then tied the series with Notre Deme by posting a 2-Sods no Feb. 1G. With RES gone in the Brei peeind, St. Vicera Robert Renner feand the net, ensioted by Keegen Thornton. Gettone Minhele Sentarenle edded a pnener.ploy geni in the second period, follownd by agoni hy Bantersolo Kevin Young, Petnirh Geegoryl. Meten haished evith 56 noves, while Schmidt stopped 28. The Peel gerne of the series wee sehedoled for Teasdey, with tien whmee adunan. leg in the Kennedy Cup. * * NOW ON DECK * * * SNGLE-GAME TCKETS ON LUEB25ÎH. 7 TWO-HOUR SALE STARTNG AT & AM AT WRGLEY FELD. JgVCgtSVELY ftp WRTTATD FOR few PRSCEDtRES SRS TOTALS VST Wolves look scary for tournament By BRYAN BORATO Corlltiloter BOYO BASKETBALL - lo teonis, someone reelly gond who's seeded molly low is relied e dengernus goatee. Thet perfently deenribes the 2SS-ll Kites West boys heskeahnil teáw. With Fnirley's S-56 niotouy ever highly regerded Weuhegon, the Wolves leopeeved te 14-ll overoll und finished o solid 4-Gin tice cogged Central Sobarbos Seoth. Vet, when it reme time to seed the HSA Cines 4A Noce Trier Sertinani, the Wolves w ere relegated to the No.11 hole. They'll opon regional play' Mendsy with e pley-in gerne sgeinni lnevly Moine Beet, end they hope to feue Loyale Aredemy in the Meine West Regionul semis Wednendoy. Moine Sooth is the tap teem in the reglanal, erhiob means there's 00. body in lice Geld that Nibs Went cent ploy with. "We're piuyiog orni end we're feeliog very vonlident," neid Nilen West couvis Bob Williome. "As longas we tobe oare nf our own basi ness and beep gelttog better, we'll be in good nhepo." Agninst Woehegen, Nuco Wast ont only tonionere nf its buaineas, bot, la the p000rse, oas Wauhegen a shore of the division title. Wauhegan had noter ed Pridey's notion lind for Grat evith Beenslon ond New Trier But the loes, roupled with Evanston's win nver Glenbenok South, meant the Wildhilsoorned hn eight lo play Kites Novak on Wodonadny io the leegon olsompionship game. teilen West wee to finish its regela r 55050e ne Tues. dey with a home gerne ogoinot Gleabroob North. "'m happy enith the way eve yleyed ogeinet the ron- eraooe," seid Williams. "Oat of oar sio loases, Ove ofthem were nose. We ware right there and jost didn't woke pinys down the niretob. "Against Wauhegen, we did woke those pleys so was happy with that. thieh we're grown ase teem bereuse w e nonn throagh those pernee. The one thiog ibis leew has nlways done is nompete. They've never' given ap... never ntl sorry for themselvas. Those kids pley hm'd nnd try n da uncir jobs." Thai wen evident in both meetings this ycer with Wuakegon n pair nf Viking oiotanias egoisel the wo-time defending division champion. Wauhegan cras Onto tell tenne, ond neither is Nuca West, salbe Saildogs preceded a faroeablo matohup. "We're more of a perime- Miles Waste Tany feces, sta accerti) paiole reite) is hr 11510es' ein sans lfaakegee leiaes alaise) Sasbceoh leak's tinter rai Treat Sien-lcr nshore Ostie ter teem," aaid Williams. "Thnre's no qunetina ubaut licei, so ugelosla team like Weukegoo, i l'a snon gib a gaina strength. They skill hod nome sine an as, bet in terme of galling ap and dawn tiac Tone, wo recicloiy enjoyed doing thel" teiles Wed led seees'ly tisa diasanoeegekaetwaakegnn. Bamsen Younelham and Dontr Logen each contributed lt peints, nod Tory Flenne edded 16 for tre win- Nues Went led 4G-35 nitnr three quartera before Wauhegen want ahead S- SG anith 5:45 left oes threepnintcr' byabrenor Springe 125 potete, O rebounds, geadata). Bot five errands later, Spniags wer oolled for goaltending on e shot by Ynaralbam end the Wolves nover gene op its advontage the rant of the way. " thooghi we played a leirly complete game," acid Williams, aoknse loom hen won four straight. " was happy with 1h01, Weuhegen'on tough teem to hold e leed agalont. They revean meek qeirhnaee, hey really wake yea keep eanekiag." The Bnlldags played neilbont sua i arelar Aaron Johnsan, who woe an the bcnrh io street olothes NL' HETDE), Ff ,100 BOYS BASKETBALL pn. Myreh T Ne. i Ned lane ne, Sehula/Toi( 7:30 ye. MoreS 2 65,8Sf Patrinie as. 603 Cenas), 1:30 ye. MoreS 4 fepierol nni, f30 por. MANE WEST REGONAL Feb, 2G Baiee Weal ea. Ma. ltan 11001es, tipa. Na li fijes Weal es. Na li titee Fasi, S psi, Mooch 603 Molos Sooth os, Maire Weal/los hecken, 1:35 501, Morato 2 Not Loyeia es lites Westitaiss Casi, f30 pv. MHTGh 4 hogioral lori CtS pce. GLENBR000 NORTH REGONAL Fob. 2H Mal) Lehr Penh as. fol) fell' eon Eslatas, gro. Mn, il Mellen as, Mali EN teaae, 0:10 pen. Mooch i 604 MEses tenis 0e. lome Parh/Hslnnlone teleles, 6 Pn. 600 tiorksorh Neelh os. Msk' re/en Odour, OS po. Mooch 4 Rafiooel Tool, 1:35 po. ESANSTON REGONAL Feb. 20 Nell )abeorsntaq an. Na lt tlrekooeh Seul, t pn. Na lo Freeman as Neeh' site. 8:10 pn. Mooch i 1)0.2 facretco es. ehannlerg/olentnsab leal, 1:33 pc. Mercs Z 6078es Tries os. Fnieoas/Norlloide, 7:00 pn. Macoh 4 Rofjenal sa) 7:00 p.c. HEW TRER SECTONAL Mooch Canent Ra/arai nioser as lles' 6100k Hustle Re/arel missel 1.00 Rerch 9 Maies West Regienel aisser 05. Enrollan fr/neal aissrr. 7:10 l'e. March TO lenliana) Osa, 7:30 po. OE SAPEBTECTOBAL Aastnglan leetbosk elopes as Nra Ter Senlbanol cincel CS) pm ' H PONEER PEtt EALCRON 'NL sports 35 Mlynarski gains chance at redemption Konner to swim two individual events at State By BOB AOSMAB Caolrjbotac BOYS SWMMNG Ase freshman, telles North's Nomi Mlyonrobi missed e well in the 1GO-yard banlonmbe during seotianels aced felealto qeelify bar the Stole Meet bye hale-censad osa " trained bard bcenane eonnted te redeem myanif Toe eat Fr00" he aaid. This tisa enronorl, Mlyrrarahi lobt ne doubt. Mlynearshi planad ro-st'rn dnniseg Oaterdey'a 'Oleobrook Narth Sectional, advancing to the tosa State Mmi, Friday and Saturdey et New Trier'. Mlyaarahi will barn pleato' al company. Juntar Olchond Gomen cod sopho. vare toyed Aedic qaniloed ir irdividoal ovcatn. Thc Vilringa elan udv000ed thair 005 medlay relay nod 400 ierestylerclay. telles North ltt pabolni pinned Ohird at the scotiooa). Loyola Acudewy iglt.sl odged out O)erbswak Obnrsh (Sigi for the title, telles North'a Selbr Ori onn wee THS WEEK ASChE EST Todoy tills tashnlall loste tea' liooel 5:65 nri. Ed dam tell snioeniso oli/s uds Arel, el ties nies,9 ao. Solosrsloy bals neincirl stillt Stria Meet,, el Mee Oriel,) p.m. MendeR rle baslealkell at Ntl Maine Most fegiasai. as. Murs West. 8:11 pm Toeedey Aals lvnnoilias el Nilea MeSh. 6:50 pm Wednesday Maya basneltall el 1H10 Gaina Milos Meet's Flint Neskoi asine the 200 lens/s is slate qeolityirny lele at Satelday's lenbeouk Nono SediacoeL nomad Sectianul Couds of the Year Mlyaneski also qunibsed in lire 10G F00esty)e, his tiwa 001:43.05 good far shird piura. Last peur, ho swom the 100 free in nonlianels.' "We hopt hn 2GO na 1ko rodar nf aient loo wighu do tisiayeano" Orinar odd. "No's ecrynaransalel wills ilsol 0000L tels times hove gott mn noasist000y heater." Joniar R'eolnord Carnee quotilied in tino SO free 14:45.19) und the 15G huller- By )52.f01. lls krat-ylane shooningin hn 5GO Oree naos 0011 feolcoal as, EnfriO, 1:30 pouf neneseasyl M011it SOUTH Today tills SasNetoll f Maire Snetiasak 1:30 p.m El orees' Foi doy layo trash se, Hiles NellO 15011e al Nulel Mro). Spc. Erle onirenisl al 141E Stole Wool, al lien ner, law, Satarstey 006e 5O015A st 1H11 Slats MeS,, attira 1/ef ipe. tisis noon at 05001kg Oriels,) Meedey Gioie kaokelbail at lse Loyale worn thoo 1,0 amanda rieur olh'rsaloeeetcompetiiaar. Anaauab, Comer puehed ten poco on his way On e persoanl bnsl " loira i tua as last aal coabenause lonnerlhovo cseugh loft io sad oco it," he enid, " like ottenkiog." Andin ploaed ee000d is tno 1GO Sr " wetnierd him as hm br' ginning nf Lier meet codo could tell he lookmd reolly str'oag," Ori ovo said. "Wo nono leoping that al) ihm rhips wanid loll in Ube 'iglou plane for balm, bt'nsepninlieg Univ SuperseauirneL 1:50 pn. it il000doy Bale kaokotkali ou o Waise Weal Ne/noel, 00, West/len lla010e, TOS pw. Wsdaenday Eolo saon i, Patlok ant ti. Jase/e 4:30 pn. totr DONE Fridoy lela armiornisp al 1H13 Slab Wsel,o Nae lce. Name. S0000doy taon onioniog 01151E talo Meet,, al Men TOr, On, Eolo onesilial et 1115E bean Stele qnartrrlinal Cellules Caiseco, Elsamnisplon. 90m. i sesessarll ebiklyncully nhowad le the 10G baltorsy." The 5GO wodlay relay of Mlyncnnbi, Damez, Ardin und Bean Blagedara 11o Toinhed boorth and k/loaned its noreerenme chompiaosk)p turne by.5. The 40G modlay rally al Mlynon'ahi, Oaweo, Avalle cad Awaeac 0kmh aloacd not Oho ment nyith o thirdpcan showing io 3:15.13, mare thor wo oernado Tooler 1h00 their timo otilen ranier'eoanoo'hampicoallp, which also w ese league o.oeo'..mbn!re'ocarmapn cod bow to atilioe wy timo to grt u bettor sevirn," ko said. "l're doom some tepeniog bail stl haven East swim in mn." Tha Vikiegs are oat patting preesamm ne theme' seinen by esteblishing npenor goals regarding wheen lhrywnot tapiare. testead, they will 0000motrote an the seme thing they hove nil rsoy Alles-ton tro'hiseos Media "'m erstatin," Orlava said. "t will be geese far oar goys to cop nrianma nohat ralayo one like ot the Onte Meet." Added Mipoemslaio "Onas'pone got their best times in Ohm roboys. lloros 0 She cahrdaler Nilen North rant noi lo test u- sci uguioal ube kent io lilinais altier Stone Mcml. Domen said he coraed a gnons deal imam his enpen'ieeeolastyoay - "i)rnoa erbot to nopent ir htoecday tos, Voire bull, 6:10 Pn. Boys baakelkall at 1115E Carornt - Wedeecdey Ro/cor, al lohans/lall, lo 'Oolr pynoantiss cl Palatien, pn. = nilh Ralliel Meedaso. po. NLES NORTH MLES WEST Feidoy Tedoy Aayoenineirg el HA Slate tiria bunketball al lsa 0010e Mes, at Mes bier, 90e, loot laolieral Cheopiusohof, SeHoedny 7:50 fn. 01 ratesoeryl Rays seinoriorf el ihtn State Frldey Mccl.. ob Nen Tan, i pa. Mols seinniog ab 1H55 Stale kls tran ut lirolrank Snail Mestal Meo leier, f an, Tan Orleys. PS n.e. Setsedoy TMoecdoy 5090 ssionmeirl at 1H53 Star Befo toskebball at 1H15 Abs' Arel., at 10011er, pu. boron Nant Ragionai nr. Luke ' Bays lranl 01 Nnleo Henil leber Parllycllvao lotateo.o p.o. Orni po. Orle rark nl Gb000ranh Narlh, SatordeR M:S0 poe. Boys eninnisq et 1HSO 1101e laya ynsastico bacio Melor Mes, 100 UWmr:e Encasing no swimming fest," Orleve said. "f medo that, everything will tobe raen afitseib." at Nues West Wzivma senior Scali Kannen will cep his sachar darner bis wrekend le tré New Trier pan. He olorhed the eiath'íostcst sertional time in mincing the 000 fa'eectyla 15: end 101kbestie the 1GO fece (47.31) ta labo runner-up. Senor leammela BiuieLl Kerhel clac edvenned in the 2GO frac, io 1:43.11, cc nod es ir the SO butterfly Zark Bathslnie nrnred and evnn among the inoradibbo aine divers mho qoalilud 0010f Olcnbmooh Nonio, - Nitos Went, whirh plened forn'hie the scorn otand'mgs evith 150 paints, qualiood ile 2GO lrovl:07.lt) cad 40G frac relays 13:15.13). C000nenrol:pieomren)anal.ranr Buys noeatlic5 al 1H55 seo Slab seoterinel, at 3.1. Cellular CrlioelO, Blsayisgtno, 9 ay. ill M001doy tiria kaofsibail al 1810 Burley' tas loperserlianel, 7130 pohl Bays bc5srbai Mnee Moat Oc/moel no. Mdoe East. EdO von. Teecday girls tran nste 01500,4:30 p.c. Baye catas pala bola Pasemos. S p.m Wedneoday Bays basnetlall at 1H06 leine Weot feginsul, al. Laysls, 1:30 an, il ora000uorh Boye gyms eolias at transt's tito.e.

63 36 sports Young Blue Demons share belief in their future By DAN SNALN Cetrihit0r SWMMNG - Maioa East head couch Mike Foscos Oratse550n moyhave ended without any stato qoalillere, but heads stood high after o solid neotional perforceonce, and there's plenty of optimism ohoat the program's futuro as wet. The Bina Dee,oeeernrcd 22 peints daring Sntacday's d-maso HSA Gleebronk North Sectional. "(Saturday> wanagreat dey," Fosco said. "Overall, ear gaps did earaliant. We did antelondiegia the pani. We bed drape from two to nia to eight secondo." gophomere Kevin Tom reprasnsated the Blue Damons' top hupen for a berth at Stata. Mocedad ap 12th io the 100-yard backstroke ) uod ninth in the 200 M, dropping time in both events. "He was our hast chonae to qaalii>7 and he didn'tgat the time ha macted," Maine East assistant conok Paler Preekota said. "(n the 100 baciai, be want Out l'cui nice, hut didn't baing it haoh. Bat he's only a sophomore, sobe has two mane years ta build. off it. htapofaily, he anas it oed that Eres him ap for neot year." Puaras respaose Won aimilor sviano nihing about sophomore dinero Danny Sieghartllth, paints> and Jeremy Rnhrmaa 18th, ). "They'll diva in the alfanaans and we'll lank lier them> tebe topil (in the state> neat year," he said. neyas captüres rst all-around edal at State Also advances to state finals in vault, floor By DCK BUAGLMNO Cnnirba)ar Meise 11551's feil Msshafekhi scies le brnsslsirahs da(e5 its fol Msi slurdsl's limtan SnOt Saaiíansi Tsch Alise-lar Sol-Tiens Onde Other sertiosini highlights lar East: >aalen Alen Herosndea dropping nino seconds ta 2: in (ho 200 freestyle and twasacanda ta in the 200 frse jsaìar Amir Mnskayehki cemieg threogh with a sia- SGLA GYMNASTCS Nues North's Citali Canvas apyhed lacy Seal mask on the Vihings' girls gynnaastirs pro- Cuevas became the first Nues North gymnent to placa le tkr oil-around at the girls ulala gymnastics finals, Pridoy at P01011cc. Cuevas pat togethcc the beat meet of her canees', soaring e blab fifth. Prairie Ridga's Jenny Covers won hn avent with a " waslast laoping ta laish in the lop 10," Cuevas said. " came tata the mont laid hook. Sut citar Sear jast pichad op ron0doace." The Vikings niandoat scored va vault, on Ooor enarrise, 9.10 On bars and 9,20 on beam. Her mach secand drop ta 2:22.57) io the 200 1M and junior Pusan Scdsnovir slashing four seconds ta 1:07.00) in tha 200 buch. n canent weeks, Mateo Tant had bean (arcad loto an unusual troining sabed- ML' flordas, FEBRUAR) 04, f011 on Soar was tise seac od idghost ornoog oll-aroandecs, while her vault tied for 0kb-host daring prelims. Cuevas retarand Satarday for the individuel Bonis an two ensote. Her floor routine sparialed und she srored a 0.425to finish s'mtk. The senior took ninth oaths ruat with a " had n great Soish," asid Cuanna, who will attend UC neat year. "i conids'l ask for anything wore." " started as hand esnob when nba wane frenhmua," Nues North ranch Charlie Friedman said. " try natta think about hrn ironng. Bat she peowisen o come back and help oni?' Neon Trier's Manica Wolf and berry Scalini both competed on tha vaall during Friday's preliminarias. (Voli scored a and Wolf had a 0.10, hai neither score meo high anoagh la wehe it to hr finals. "t was u groat year for us," Neo' Trier reach Jenny Finiorioa neid. "Wr had two girin make itta Stato, Andan every vault they finished on their (rol. Sa thot iu goad." they've acremplishcd odr.a month ego, all 150,000 gallons drained foam the great amoant with bvsa Maine fient pool into the moahthoy'negoeetlsroagl. urhool after meter escuped The seniors have helped oui thi'oughobrohen pool light. getting hn philnsophl' 10 Aso rauuit, mho Slue gather, and the jooiors. Drmoos hod to ponction et sophomarea und frenhmeo Melon South. ui-son the right touch." The trowh focos through F0500 isa ow looking loethe ordeal is jou onathor weed to opraduotive alfarosigo of ihr uwimmore' non. growth, Fosca iadiootad. "Oar kids need ta train 01 "Tb ose aro the aida who o club libe sil thesa schools ore boyleg io," ho said, "Theybooghi into onhut we did 1kb year it's keenalong time slora Maleo Ocal kids have done doublon over winterbraoh,butlknydid'fosr soorsa day, and (throughout tho season) did moro- ingandnigktsthreedaysa menlo. They moot from huyingupool, io ihn peal break' ing und huviog ta swim ut Matee Onuth ut night. Bat da here in the lsorlbarv sobsrbnh" Fosan said. "Ossi other iddn caed tobo 001ro. We aced loba etblatea av4 smisoroore. You win oc lone in the offneonon. Wa'vc novar had offsoasans(ol Meine East>, asd sow we do.wo'rrgoieginthericn direction. The mba bnii000s what ba raschen hoiies'o, asid thet'n why we're site. orasfal right cow." fR PRES PUBLCSTON 'Nit Vikings earn berth in CS! title game Crown is first since 2000 ihree-po'mleru( und Moloahi Nix (li poiniul. With hn arare liad ut 40-dg, Show hit O gowe-wianiag corner jumper at the bacuor off u G MARTY FARMER, pcclert'ship'pess front Nia. Cuirfribalar BOYS BASKETBALL - NOces North geiuhed anuonightly 3-SS before Glane Oison teak over au ihn Viheings' head aoaeh two paars ago. After registuring oil-s rerord during Olson's Nilees North bench debut last sua-.000, the Vikiags fastirarked ihn rood to renperlubililyiaseerseidpoiday night. Hiles North edged the hesi Warrions 48-4g io shvm uf the Central Sabor- >hoi: North ohampionship sailh Gleobruolo North. t i ivarkad tho Vikings' first ovvionenon tila dors 2000, ion full aoofirwation thut Oman has the progrom tousled isavsry positiva di- "The bottom lina for oor nierass has been tho bay-in h'vns our bids," Olson sold. "lsey have put iou lot of 1usd wock ovar the last two l'mra. haveagesat dccl ob inspeat far them." lieranu lar Hilas North iiml-g, S-filon Friday rnuoo ilisdre Show (l pointu, S Dy MKE BUDA Co 010 bulo GRLS BASKETBALL snonon, nay ancona ' ace the Vihiogu euperienrad A llio'o'ahara ofnps nod domas. Oviilwasmerelibedownn and tipa, abre what appe000d dendoad 20h00 dis- >tiyyvialiogncnaoataraed iiriiuod widsroy through hr eolo ya go. Par lse scrond straight Pour, ba Viloingenaffered o luogllingiotoal seodgotil loua liet liad 00 roasno to koog teli' h oodu The Vilaissgs bald mho bail almost u minote anda hclfbafera STANDNGS rullingo tiweoui BOSS BASKETBALL with il noaasds remaining to drum up their conforoaro 1111erilorloleg pley. "We run )Abdeil Hedor affe few soinres, bat Peerfieid ubowud haip os him," Olson said. "Malachi did ais coistanding job of finding Show. Andre did a nuca job of stepping CDL SOUTH bassine T-3 950ksgan f'a SAne Sooth 1-4 See Trier 6-4 Siles Neil 4't Gisnbrash Saul's 1-S into the abet und abviausly moda a huge busbot 1er us." The viatery placed Hiles North in Wedoasday's nahedoled COL crossover championship gown against (oust- Bvuauton. "Tite teadiiiian of Bvaostoo's buskatbuil prograw speebs far lisell," Olsannuo'd. "They produce great ployens year alter peor, but oar play cru ci 'e looldog forsoard ta the 0h01- longa." Glnnbraoh North, which CSL NORDS Al001moal Ned's B-1 Siles Noofh B-1 AserAsid t-4 Asien Nest 4-1iy1ise8 sst 4-0 Moies Best S'O also loishad 0-bin ba CSL North aflrrrooliegtoaioe Eos173-SsonFriduy played in the title game more roreatly ban Nilea North, svhirh allowed the Vikiegs tauecare the dale onith Evunstos. The Vihirgs' fats didn't Oppeor noarly an promising is ihr Seul half ogniant Seorliald. Wiih Heder saddled the bonek os with foul troublo for cesen holly ba autan n000ad qoarles; the Was'- nuoio took fall od. vanluge, fergisg 027-O loud behindu O-O run. Hilen Norib shol S-fov3fl from hr Sold during the Warriors' onsloaghl, yat amasiegly only roiled 25-O at half- " 100am our abats maold erenlaallyfao," Olsoa sold. "We last liad le keep ployisig bord aod geloding lt out dofeosinoly. n ba locker room lot halldmel, the first thingtold ear PO pers won 1h01 onere golog samia this Olsoss'u prediction proved trae au the Vilsiogs went ou a 22-4 spurt to qairidporose " frei badino (hew," said ally stepped it np und we Nibs North head eoarhsoo mode big steiden." Fooson. " ioaom basa hued All er elnuin gaol the Woe. thap warb ond i boca' botonen Slue Devil Classivvos'1h modi done we potis, nod a nicloell the Vikings began 105am every nam does, bal n turn ba'te 000S Ox or000d ibis wos dilferaat. These with a Soc-game winning lads reully playod hard." otreulo und rlkohed to.500, Tbaseoaoii bogos svilk o Hilos North's dadioeiion dad far Hiles Norih, with loolsongingilogomeatleaai' 1h ree sicaighi losses ood a ed (ho atleetian alilo head difheuhl noananloranoraourh. schedule, "lthhoh oar enorgy our ut' " hink hat one boughi iitoda and oar loostle in bord," saidjooior farioo,rd pi-orlionia ialiatlnnlll' stood Mas'iyaio Henley. "Tito les out S-am hm s soasox and wo of 1he uoasoo, we playa4 oeollp mode a commitment not as ovni as ove wootadlo, tldsyrtie lo pick up full rouet bol Eh e halt, were- aud ta playa Ouil.00uatgome sports 37 biles Refile feti yeshiellne pois bsoy his oes rebind es Denolsids leon Csrney defends. Jon tenghsn-lao ioe'pess Medie their defiril. Hilen North Denn-leid reupooded sailli coh hr load 0132-Sl O ilse nia 000sasuerod points by lbis'd quarici', loeled by Jack Cui'aoy to tuba liso lead Sloosv's eight points and atoo-st befos'eniiesnoeth Nadar's cina. 5x001 oaa9-0 ruo nf its asno Nues North carries momentum into next year offensively aad doleesivalp," Paoson said. Canin foil, the Vihoingo willi be wilboat seoiors Kunbi Adel'eno, Molla,,cante and Kaillyo Srhiaudeitdillhough um offseauao was joui cue moeb oid, Fisounts reisiotaal- p begats ploossbag for next "liseoongaingialo aesi your, ovare gabeg to lune three seniai-u told them, Ou o (usci loss, bat lela ano what hoy cita do," said Povuosi. "Oar oesiot'u ore going o lsam000o'ything to do onilim our sacress nest poor bvoatoen hoop eoalip sat lise foaodnliox in lorma of leudershipuod baso to maslo in prorlioe." The Hilos North ,6-4 CSL) paetse0000 came o un sad Fob-iS oh the bundu ofereatuol i'egiatsal 0110mpion Gbrobs'ooh Soalh S'i-SO at Loyola. Wih one qustrtno lago and dosro'lo-33, tise Vildogs turned on ba ignition. Srhluodrs', who urorod 15 pulisils, along souls jlsnior goorddiuisoehirsh,opoiiad up lse barls odtlt apt ir of tlsree-poinlein to sparii hn i-0115v " bsoesn lucy would )cowr tu regain Ube advantage at 43-ST. The teornn battled beni and forib, fas-giag e tie with obaat 1mo minutes enwuinieg. Hiles North went irlo its ball control offesue with 1:40 loft, sottiug ap Show's deumotin cloning shot. - "n the second half, we mused soma turnovers, got o faon cony bashets and fed oli our dalansivs energy," Olson said. "Deerfield playad well, but wo jost kept plo3'ingondgoyndelhoita- p nlepped ap faros." Sinoe u 5-4 start, hn uui'ging Vihiegs horn won Bd of 16 garnes. Mantreel Sykes, Sarn Sherpies, fieri Washington, Hin, Nader aod Show - among others, - hava igaitod Nileu North. Curney 119 points) and laub Sobar 151 led Deorfield , 6-41, whieb Saished lunule possession ofsurond piare in the CSL North. "t mou u gesch game tabeen both learns played ut a (tigl level," said Deerheld noumb Brat Just. "Wn had a ohaxan te win, but jsst raulda't Snish bluff. think 00e 00i feccone invecy usdemoted, lome peopie might thiob it's just GBH aud everybody elan, bot a - lot of leums have been camhog up." Cott0000l:pictmnori000f coni buch beroune 1jun know hiu loom mod 11100w lse doinoiathistaam,"pa,xsas uaid. "Au a ooholn, 've novel' boda team lain this, uad thin a bu eel to dies'ospect other scams, bal bis eomjuslrefuannlo quit." Fbestley, mba Oninhed with lpobalu, moasuk'mg furbo in kecpiug lse goma close, but errordiog io thin juelol; woliroubanoasna from the man - onith the olipbout'd. "Honestly, it tvau joui nor monis pomping its up und he toldos hul too're sni000rs 0x0 tool lcd iou big run," sold Hoalap.

64 BOYS - 30 FCHER FR001 PUBlCATON 'Nit 39 Mmlaging Editor: Rich Martin Ptear: (547) Loca' Sp6i55115 BOYS BASKETBALL: VKNGS CAPTURE FNS CSL NORTH CROWN SNCE 2000 GRLS GYMNASTCS: CUEVAS TAKES SXTH AT STATE EN ALL-AROUND SWMMNG: CHANCES FOR STATU AUDtS LOOK GOOD Wo1ves get third crac a kylai e Sou Meet Hawks in sectìonal final for second year -S Oy MATT HARNESS ey o: s ess Op ils ce slava Lo s m GRLS BASKETBALL - Jewell Loyd und Hiles West get another shot ut Maine South. The No A-seeded Wolves cached a teip bask Sn the sectioeel noel Monday vaiolo tissue win over nixihseeded Gleske0015 South in Eke semissals of the Maine goat Snotional. The title game in 7:00 pm. today st Moine EeuU Loyd soared Od of hoe game-best 20 points in Oho fissi half. The standooljasito got help Vram Dreshwae OctUor Shuesate, who added 10 pointe. Nues West (20-81 will try So beet Meise aneth, the sectional's top seed, Toe the AceD time this season. With levo mino agoisst Nilee West, the COL South okampisn Slamhs are ose oï the Dew teams that has Ogucad Out u muy is stow dome: Layd. Nibs West deíeuted Meise South is the seofisoal samilsuis Tust season be- Asen copturiog the seodsuai title over Glosbr001s 000th. Maies South beat Nues Weal torioe during the regalar season, moat enocutly an Je "We will keep it simple," Loyd said of the champioeship gems pion. "WAnt. ovar the dedensa gives ma, t'il taise. T trust my girls to gel it deve. "Dt's going ta hna greet g Up'SAOS al iba half ogaisst Glenbeuoh Asuth. Loyd sioried the third gear- Allee Wesi's leech Loyd d(bbles atoar Ale005toN Soelh's L:slsey Thcker busy the 8010es' nb stile Aenv foot Seoli000l eelri005l. Osso Lt005rl-Sat-Onos Asle ter with a black, sleet osd vyap io spark au 8-Orso. The Tuyas 120-SU sever gol closer then 10 the eesi of tise male Cellee led Glenbrook Osuils with 14 p0mm, 10 eumiog is (he SesO quo:-- me oould Failli off." Dovs'o 04-SG with 4:1010 go, Nino Durio coached dame 1mo fece throws nod Regen Cucmivksel'n nient vodlumpor lied the scorn. Mukee then soiled ihrev Oree ibruwo is the AseO 52.8 secondo to help ke Huwke 12V-S) e500pe the upsat elfort. Suri coles vence ap big is the Sont half. The jocior'n Ovo peinis before lolermiodas were pact efe 10-O run (hut okusged the gomo's momentam end allowed ke Homhs Togo mio the half leading kv lollowod Maker with osso poistu. Jecqai Gr vai scored eighl, ved Meehenoin DoRy con- tribated Ave pointe. "We didn't play our heut, bui one bottled oui o mia," said Moine South ooaoh Muelo Smith, mho guided the progeam to a booth- piove Snish in 110e nas is 1008, his cookie scasos. Meise South will play Hiles West for its firs see- Game i Michelle Maker's elder brothee Pal wonu000t:unulbusketboll ohempionehip with tha Hawks last season. Little uìulec is is positivo to secure household bragging rights. Os Monday, Dho Meine Aewthlusioe scored eight of hergeme-higk loin the saoand helf vs ke No.0-seeded Hawks held ofooeoauthseeded Renareection 09_SS io the semifisuls 001ko Maine Heat Seotioual. "You, lovas e little serrown," said Molter, whose taem trailed by ve mussy os eigkl io the Scot belt und by four midmuy through the fourth quormne. "Sull knew Ailes West's Sosie Sly osetrelse loose 0011 Oct tses pest tlesbtook SoRt's Abb llellet.l Dso Ltsfsoh-Sor0oses Asole liosal title sisee the O8.svvsos. "Jemeli ceo go off wkoo- Onere he wvois," seid Maker, who's drawn She defeosivo ossigomeelageiesi 1ko steodootjunioe istmo meetings this ueaoon. Smith woe pleased his pioyecs dido't bolo past Seeucrootiso and mus ebb ta labe aoothrr olep doova hn playoff coud. "We loused ekoul. bis kologu leop g0000," he seid. "Wc spends st of time tokio6 teem s seriously. "f we lose this game, we gol celaras lost yeoe'o l'i 15 teem, We had our eyes or on getting to ke title gesso especially oller golfing liso No.1 need. Uitimutelo,005 wested 5v play is this gesso (tunighll." Cemmeot:Pieseerivvoonl AVnlox Print io aropeoduntiso os kigk-qoskty snmo-gloos papeo SUN1 MEDA Óur Keepsake Package includes: (1) 11" X 14" Velox* Print (1) 8Vo" xli" Velox Print (1) Pdf Digital File all for just shipping included To order YOtfS TODAY, contact Marcy Goldstein phone: 847/ PONEER PRESS 10)018 1,11f) L 801:0CL

65 . Clea.t7w;:Rp t. / went to ClearChoice in the morning with missing teeth and i left that afternoon with Dental mplants and a full set of great looking, fully functioning teeth.. t all happened in one day!/* ClearChoice Changed Their Lives in Just ONE Day!* Stop Suffering With the Probkms of Missing Teeth, Failing Teeth or Dentu ClearChoke Changes Lk'es Every Day With Dental mplants! For a FREE Consultation with 3D CAT Scan (a $700 Value) Call (Schaumburg & Suburbs) , (Chicago) Nell B. Hagen, DOS, OMS Daniel L thin, DDS, OMS Scott Frank, DDS, OMS Brian Shah, DDS, MD, OMS Mark W Adams, DDS, MS PatrlckJ. Pierre, DDS Robert E. Galliani, DOS' Michael C. Rodbro, DDS Kevin P. Ryan, DDS Abraham E. Stein, DMD, MS tljce,,sej lo praclice as general dentists u llinois *Q:,alfied p1iens can lsaa'c tlsdr procedure in tue day after uíía1 workup,vitlw,it additional bonegraft surgery. Results,,iay vary in hidluidual cases. +Li,niled servíce. availabic at satellite offices ClearChoice Dental mplant Centers " was impressed by the techno!ogj at ClearChoice. They had a 3D CAT Scan that showed where to place the Dental mplants withoutaiiy bone grafting while avoiding the nerves and sinuses. They even had equipment to make my Beautiful New Teeth at the same location!" rcho, DENTAL MPLANT CENTÉP:1

1.- L a m e j o r o p c ió n e s c l o na r e l d i s co ( s e e x p li c a r á d es p u é s ).

1.- L a m e j o r o p c ió n e s c l o na r e l d i s co ( s e e x p li c a r á d es p u é s ). PROCEDIMIENTO DE RECUPERACION Y COPIAS DE SEGURIDAD DEL CORTAFUEGOS LINUX P ar a p od e r re c u p e ra r nu e s t r o c o rt a f u e go s an t e un d es a s t r e ( r ot u r a d e l di s c o o d e l a

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SCO TT G LEA SO N D EM O Z G EB R E- SCO TT G LEA SO N D EM O Z G EB R E- EG Z IA B H ER e d it o r s N ) LICA TIO N S A N D M ETH O D S t DVD N CLUDED C o n t e n Ls Pr e fa c e x v G l o b a l N a v i g a t i o n Sa t e llit e S y s t e

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C o a t i a n P u b l i c D e b tm a n a g e m e n t a n d C h a l l e n g e s o f M a k e t D e v e l o p m e n t Z a g e bo 8 t h A p i l 2 0 1 1 h t t pdd w w wp i j fp h D p u b l i c2 d e b td S t

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Put the human back in Human Resources.

Put the human back in Human Resources. Put the human back in Human Resources A Co m p l et e Hu m a n Ca p i t a l Ma n a g em en t So l u t i o n t h a t em p o w er s HR p r o f essi o n a l s t o m eet t h ei r co r p o r a t e o b j ect

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Campus Sustainability Assessment and Related Literature

Campus Sustainability Assessment and Related Literature Campus Sustainability Assessment and Related Literature An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide Andrew Nixon February 2002 Campus Sustainability Assessment Review Project Telephone: (616) 387-5626

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H ig h L e v e l O v e r v iew. S te p h a n M a rt in. S e n io r S y s te m A rc h i te ct

H ig h L e v e l O v e r v iew. S te p h a n M a rt in. S e n io r S y s te m A rc h i te ct H ig h L e v e l O v e r v iew S te p h a n M a rt in S e n io r S y s te m A rc h i te ct OPEN XCHANGE Architecture Overview A ge nda D es ig n G o als A rc h i te ct u re O ve rv i ew S c a l a b ili

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BLADE 12th Generation. Rafał Olszewski. Łukasz Matras

BLADE 12th Generation. Rafał Olszewski. Łukasz Matras BLADE 12th Generation Rafał Olszewski Łukasz Matras Jugowice, 15-11-2012 Gl o b a l M a r k e t i n g Dell PowerEdge M-Series Blade Server Portfolio M-Series Blades couple powerful computing capabilities

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Online Department Stores. What are we searching for?

Online Department Stores. What are we searching for? Online Department Stores What are we searching for? 2 3 CONTENTS Table of contents 02 Table of contents 03 Search 06 Fashion vs. footwear 04 A few key pieces 08 About SimilarWeb Stepping up the Competition

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First A S E M R e c to rs C o n f e re n c e : A sia E u ro p e H ig h e r E d u c a tio n L e a d e rsh ip D ia l o g u e Fre ie U n iv e rsitä t, B e rl in O c to b e r 2 7-2 9 2 0 0 8 G p A G e e a

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Victims Compensation Claim Status of All Pending Claims and Claims Decided Within the Last Three Years

Victims Compensation Claim Status of All Pending Claims and Claims Decided Within the Last Three Years Claim#:021914-174 Initials: J.T. Last4SSN: 6996 DOB: 5/3/1970 Crime Date: 4/30/2013 Status: Claim is currently under review. Decision expected within 7 days Claim#:041715-334 Initials: M.S. Last4SSN: 2957

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I n la n d N a v ig a t io n a co n t r ib u t io n t o eco n o m y su st a i n a b i l i t y

I n la n d N a v ig a t io n a co n t r ib u t io n t o eco n o m y su st a i n a b i l i t y I n la n d N a v ig a t io n a co n t r ib u t io n t o eco n o m y su st a i n a b i l i t y and KB rl iak s iol mi a, hme t a ro cp hm a5 a 2k p0r0o 9f i,e ls hv oa nr t ds eu rmv oedye l o nf dae cr

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FORT WAYNE COMMUNITY SCHOOLS 12 00 SOUTH CLINTON STREET FORT WAYNE, IN 468 02 6:02 p.m. Ma r c h 2 3, 2 015 OFFICIAL P ROCEED ING S Ro l l Ca l l e a r d o f h o o l u e e o f t h e r t y m m u t y h o

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Collaboration in Public H e alth be tw e e n U niv e rs ity of H e id e lbe rg and U niv e rs ity of D ar e s S alaam How t h e c oop e r a t i on e m e r g e d Informal c ont ac t s from e arly 1 9

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G S e r v i c i o C i s c o S m a r t C a r e u ي a d e l L a b o r a t o r i o d e D e m o s t r a c i n R ل p i d a V e r s i n d e l S e r v i c i o C i s c o S m a r t C a r e : 1 4 ع l t i m a A c

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B I N G O B I N G O. Hf Cd Na Nb Lr. I Fl Fr Mo Si. Ho Bi Ce Eu Ac. Md Co P Pa Tc. Uut Rh K N. Sb At Md H. Bh Cm H Bi Es. Mo Uus Lu P F.

B I N G O B I N G O. Hf Cd Na Nb Lr. I Fl Fr Mo Si. Ho Bi Ce Eu Ac. Md Co P Pa Tc. Uut Rh K N. Sb At Md H. Bh Cm H Bi Es. Mo Uus Lu P F. Hf Cd Na Nb Lr Ho Bi Ce u Ac I Fl Fr Mo i Md Co P Pa Tc Uut Rh K N Dy Cl N Am b At Md H Y Bh Cm H Bi s Mo Uus Lu P F Cu Ar Ag Mg K Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility - Office of cience ducation

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Application Note: Cisco A S A - Ce r t if ica t e T o S S L V P N Con n e ct ion P r of il e Overview: T h i s a p p l i ca ti o n n o te e x p l a i n s h o w to co n f i g u r e th e A S A to a cco m

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THERE IS ONE DAY THAT IS OURS. THERE IS ONE p T w o T h a n k s g i v i n g D a y G e n t l e m e n THERE IS ONE DAY THAT IS OURS. THERE IS ONE day when all Americans go back to the old home and eat a big dinner. Bless the day. The President gives

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1. Oblast rozvoj spolků a SU UK 1.1. Zvyšování kvalifikace Školení Zapojení do projektů Poradenství 1.2. Financování 1.2.1.

1. Oblast rozvoj spolků a SU UK 1.1. Zvyšování kvalifikace Školení Zapojení do projektů Poradenství 1.2. Financování 1.2.1. 1. O b l a s t r o z v o j s p o l k a S U U K 1. 1. Z v y š o v á n í k v a l i f i k a c e Š k o l e n í o S t u d e n t s k á u n i e U n i v e r z i t y K a r l o v y ( d á l e j e n S U U K ) z í

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G ri d m on i tori n g w i th N A G I O S (*) (*) Work in collaboration with P. Lo Re, G. S av a and G. T ortone WP3-I CHEP 2000, N F N 10.02.2000 M e e t i n g, N a p l e s, 29.1 1.20 0 2 R o b e r 1

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G d y n i a U s ł u g a r e j e s t r a c j i i p o m i a r u c z a s u u c z e s t n i k ó w i m p r e z s p o r t o w y c h G d y s k i e g o O r o d k a S p o r t u i R e k r e a c j i w r o k u 2 0

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Enterprise Data Center A c h itec tu re Consorzio Operativo Gruppo MPS Case S t u d y : P r o g et t o D i sast er R ec o v er y Milano, 7 Febbraio 2006 1 Il G r u p p o M P S L a B a n c a M o n t e d

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i n g S e c u r it y 3 1B# ; u r w e b a p p li c a tio n s f r o m ha c ke r s w ith t his å ] í d : L : g u id e Scanned by CamScanner

i n g S e c u r it y 3 1B# ; u r w e b a p p li c a tio n s f r o m ha c ke r s w ith t his å ] í d : L : g u id e Scanned by CamScanner í d : r ' " B o m m 1 E x p e r i e n c e L : i i n g S e c u r it y. 1-1B# ; u r w e b a p p li c a tio n s f r o m ha c ke r s w ith t his g u id e å ] - ew i c h P e t e r M u la e n PACKT ' TAÞ$Æo

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Come stà. Domenico Maria Ferrabosco (Bologna 1513-1574) Cantus. - ta, _e vo - lon - tie - ri M'al -le-gro _e can -to _en. Io mi son gio vi.

Come stà. Domenico Maria Ferrabosco (Bologna 1513-1574) Cantus. - ta, _e vo - lon - tie - ri M'al -le-gro _e can -to _en. Io mi son gio vi. Cantus Altus Io mi son giovinetta Come stà Domenico Maria Ferrabosco (Bologna 1513-1574) Io mi son gio - vi -net - ta, _e vo - lon - tie - ri M'al -le-gro _e can -to _en Io mi son gio - vi - net - ta,

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IN A SMALL PART OF THE CITY WEST OF p T h e L a s t L e a f IN A SMALL PART OF THE CITY WEST OF Washington Square, the streets have gone wild. They turn in different directions. They are broken into small pieces called places. One street

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m Future of learning Zehn J a hr e N et A c a d ei n E r f o l g s p r o g r a m Cisco E x p o 2 0 0 7 2 6. J u n i 2 0 0 7, M e sse W ie n C. D or n in g e r, b m u k k 1/ 12 P r e n t t z d e r p u t

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U S B Pay m e n t P r o c e s s i n g TM

U S B Pay m e n t P r o c e s s i n g TM U S B Pay m e n t P r o c e s s i n g T h a t s S m a r t P r o c e s s i n g TM USB was simple to enroll in. They had competitive rates and all the fees were listed clearly with no surprises. Everyone

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CSTA- Oracle Academy 2014 U.S. High School CS Survey: The State of Computer Science in U.S. High Schools: an Administrator s Perspective.

CSTA- Oracle Academy 2014 U.S. High School CS Survey: The State of Computer Science in U.S. High Schools: an Administrator s Perspective. CSTA- Oracle Academy 2014 U.S. High School CS Survey: The State of Computer Science in U.S. High Schools: an Administrator s Perspective Methodology: The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), in

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ACE-1/onearm #show service-policy client-vips

ACE-1/onearm #show service-policy client-vips M A C E E x a m Basic Load Balancing Using O ne A r m M ode w it h S ou r ce N A T on t h e C isco A p p licat ion C ont r ol E ngine Goal Configure b a s ic l oa d b a l a nc ing (L a y er 3 ) w h ere

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Frederikshavn kommunale skolevæsen

Frederikshavn kommunale skolevæsen Frederikshavn kommunale skolevæsen Skoleåret 1969-70 V e d K: Hillers-Andersen k. s k o l e d i r e k t ø r o g Aage Christensen f u l d m æ g t i g ( Fr e d e rik sh av n E k sp r e s- T ry k k e rie

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S OAPY MOVED RESTLESSLY ON HIS SEAT T h e C o p a n d t h e A n t h e m p The Cop and the Anthem S OAPY MOVED RESTLESSLY ON HIS SEAT in Madison Square. There are certain signs to show that winter is coming. Birds begin to fly south. Women

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From Quantum to Matter 2006

From Quantum to Matter 2006 From Quantum to Matter 006 Why such a course? Ronald Griessen Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam AMOLF, May 4, 004 vrije Universiteit amsterdam Why study quantum mechanics? From Quantum to Matter: The main

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Bonn Declaration on Regional Cooperation in Quality Assurance in Higher Education Adopted on 20 June 2007 during the Conference Enhancing Quality Across Borders R egional Cooperation in Quality Assurance

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Excel Invoice Format. SupplierWebsite - Excel Invoice Upload. Data Element Definition UCLA Supplier website (Rev. July 9, 2013)

Excel Invoice Format. SupplierWebsite - Excel Invoice Upload. Data Element Definition UCLA Supplier website (Rev. July 9, 2013) Excel Invoice Format Excel Column Name Cell Format Notes Campus* Supplier Number* Invoice Number* Order Number* Invoice Date* Total Invoice Amount* Total Sales Tax Amount* Discount Amount Discount Percent

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CUSTOMER INFORMATION SECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING CUSTOMER INFORMATION SECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING IN T RO DUCT ION T h i s c o u r s e i s d e s i g n e d to p r o v i d e yo u w i t h t h e k n o w l e d g e to p r o t e c t y o u r p e r s o n a l

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EM EA. D is trib u te d D e n ia l O f S e rv ic e

EM EA. D is trib u te d D e n ia l O f S e rv ic e EM EA S e c u rity D e p lo y m e n t F o ru m D e n ia l o f S e rv ic e U p d a te P e te r P ro v a rt C o n s u ltin g S E p p ro v a rt@ c is c o.c o m 1 A g e n d a T h re a t U p d a te IO S Es

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C e r t ifie d Se c u r e W e b

C e r t ifie d Se c u r e W e b C r t ifi d S c u r W b Z r t ifizi r t Sic h r h it im W b 1 D l gat s N ic o las M ay n c o u r t, C EO, D r am lab T c h n o lo gi s A G M ar c -A n d r é B c k, C o n su lt an t, D r am lab T c h n

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A Parents Guide to Understanding. Reading

A Parents Guide to Understanding. Reading A Parents Guide to Understanding Reading Dear Parents, After teaching first grade for many years, I was always faced with the same questions at the beginning of the year: What is Pathways to Reading? How

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Positioning 40 and 100 GbE in data center inter-sw itch l ink ap p l ications and 40GbE PM D recom m endations Adam Carter, Cisco Al essan dro B arb ieri, Cisco 1 m Data Center inter-s w itc h l ink ap

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LISTENING REVOLUTION THE. 3rd 6th Grades THE LISTENING REVLUTIN TECHNLGY, MUSIC AND YU 3rd 6th Grades Lesson 4 ye bjective Students will learn the song ye by James Papoulis and prepare to sing it together at the BP concert. This piece includes

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UNDERSTANDING FLOW PROCESSING WITHIN THE CISCO ACE M ODULE Application de liv e r y pr odu cts can distr ib u te tr af f ic to applications and w e b se r v ice s u sing v ar y ing le v e ls of application

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Unit 16 : Software Development Standards O b jec t ive T o p r o v id e a gu ide on ho w t o ac h iev e so f t wa r e p r o cess improvement through the use of software and systems engineering standards.

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It is a court order against someone who has abused or harassed you. That person is ordered either not to abuse you or not to have contact with you.

It is a court order against someone who has abused or harassed you. That person is ordered either not to abuse you or not to have contact with you. WHAT IS A RESTRAINING ORDER? WILL IT PROTECT ME? It is a court order against someone who has abused or harassed you. That person is ordered either not to abuse you or not to have contact with you. A restraining

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W Cisco Kompetanse eek end 2 0 0 8 SMB = Store Mu ll ii gg hh eter! Nina Gullerud ng ulleru@ c is c o. c o m 1 Vår E n t e r p r i s e e r f a r i n g... 2 S m å o g M e llo m s t o r e B e d r i f t e

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101 Characteristics of Americans/American Culture

101 Characteristics of Americans/American Culture 101 Characteristics of Americans/American Culture To help you compare and contrast what you observe of American culture and your own, mark the similarities and differences between your culture and what

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ONE DOLLAR AND EIGHTY-SEVEN CENTS. T h e G i f t o f t h e M a g i p T h e G i f t o f t h e M a g i ONE DOLLAR AND EIGHTY-SEVEN CENTS. That was all. She had put it aside, one cent and then another and then another, in her careful buying

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d e f i n i c j i p o s t a w y, z w i z a n e j e s t t o m. i n. z t y m, i p o jі c i e t o

d e f i n i c j i p o s t a w y, z w i z a n e j e s t t o m. i n. z t y m, i p o jі c i e t o P o s t a w y s p o і e c z e t s t w a w o b e c o s у b n i e p e і n o s p r a w n y c h z e s z c z e g у l n y m u w z g lb d n i e n i e m o s у b z z e s p o і e m D o w n a T h e a t t i t uodf

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T c k D E GR EN S. R a p p o r t M o d u le Aa n g e m a a k t o p 19 /09 /2007 o m 09 :29 u u r BJB 06 013-0009 0 M /V. ja a r.

T c k D E GR EN S. R a p p o r t M o d u le Aa n g e m a a k t o p 19 /09 /2007 o m 09 :29 u u r BJB 06 013-0009 0 M /V. ja a r. D a t a b a n k m r in g R a p p o r t M Aa n g e m a a k t o p 19 /09 /2007 o m 09 :29 u u r I d e n t if ic a t ie v a n d e m S e c t o r BJB V o lg n r. 06 013-0009 0 V o o r z ie n in g N ie u w la

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How to Subnet a Network How to use this paper Absolute Beginner: Read all Sections 1-4 N eed a q uick rev iew : Read Sections 2-4 J ust need a little h elp : Read Section 4 P a r t I : F o r t h e I P

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III Bienal de Autismo Página 1 / 43

III Bienal de Autismo Página 1 / 43 III Bienal de Autismo Página 1 / 43 A Direcção da APPDA N ort e dá -v os as B oas V in das à I I I B ien al de Au t is m q u e es t a corres p on da à s v os s as ex p ect at iv as com o t em a em deb

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LYXOR ASSET MANAGEMENT THE POWER TO PERFORM IN ANY MARKET LYXOR ASSET MANAGEMENT THE POWER TO PERFORM IN ANY MARKET ETFs & INDEXING Stan din g am o ng t he mo st e xp e rie nc e d ET F p ro v i d e rs, Ly xo r ETF r a n ks 3 rd in E u rope w i t h mo re t ha

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A. Dentist s office B. Eye Doctor s office C. Doctor s office

A. Dentist s office B. Eye Doctor s office C. Doctor s office Alex hurt his leg. He and his mom went into an office. There were chairs around the walls. There were things to read on the table. Where were Alex and his Mom? A. Dentist s office B. Eye Doctor s office

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Crime and Older People

Crime and Older People National Institute on Aging AgePage Crime and Older People Lucy is worried. She s lived in the same neighborhood for 50 years, but things seem to be changing. Last week, her friend Rose was walking to

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HR DEPARTMENTAL SUFFIX & ORGANIZATION CODES HR DEPARTMENTAL SUFFIX & ORGANIZATION CODES Department Suffix Organization Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, VP AA 1100 Admissions (Undergraduate) AD 1330 Advanced Ceramics, Colorado Center for--ccac

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Weaving the Pieces Together

Weaving the Pieces Together Weaving the Pieces Together By Annette Unten Life is a woven tapestry. All the people and the events that enter my life become a part of the threads in my tapestry. Bright colors are woven with pastels.

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Data Center end users for 40G/100G and market dy nami c s for 40G/100G on S M F Adam Carter Ci s c o 1 W Now that 40GbE is part of the IEEE 802.3ba there will be a wid er array of applic ation s that will

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w ith In fla m m a to r y B o w e l D ise a se. G a s tro in te s tin a l C lin ic, 2-8 -2, K a s h iw a z a, A g e o C ity, S a ita m a 3 6 2 -

w ith In fla m m a to r y B o w e l D ise a se. G a s tro in te s tin a l C lin ic, 2-8 -2, K a s h iw a z a, A g e o C ity, S a ita m a 3 6 2 - E ffic a c y o f S e le c tiv e M y e lo id L in e a g e L e u c o c y te D e p le tio n in P y o d e r m a G a n g re n o su m a n d P so r ia sis A sso c ia te d w ith In fla m m a to r y B o w e l D

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Future Trends in Airline Pricing, Yield. March 13, 2013

Future Trends in Airline Pricing, Yield. March 13, 2013 Future Trends in Airline Pricing, Yield Management, &AncillaryFees March 13, 2013 THE OPPORTUNITY IS NOW FOR CORPORATE TRAVEL MANAGEMENT BUT FIRST: YOU HAVE TO KNOCK DOWN BARRIERS! but it won t hurt much!

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Assessment Directions for Preschool Teachers & Parents:

Assessment Directions for Preschool Teachers & Parents: Assessment Directions for Preschool Teachers & Parents: Literacy Resources, Inc. created this Phonemic Awareness Assessment, aligned to the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards to assess a

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So, Honey, you no longer will be able to park your car in the garage. That is roughly how my warehouse idea went down.

So, Honey, you no longer will be able to park your car in the garage. That is roughly how my warehouse idea went down. 1 of 5 5/10/2010 8:58 AM Integrator Shawn Hansson knows all too well the perils of insuring gear, receiving shipments, navigating through cluttered garages and dealing with nosy neighbors. By Julie Jacobson

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B R T S y s te m in S e o u l a n d In te g r a te d e -T ic k e tin g S y s te m

B R T S y s te m in S e o u l a n d In te g r a te d e -T ic k e tin g S y s te m Symposium on Public Transportation in Indian Cities with Special focus on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System New Delhi 20-21 Jan 2010 B R T S y s te m in S e o u l a n d In te g r a te d e -T ic k e tin g

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PSTN. Gateway. Switch. Supervisor PC. Ethernet LAN. IPCC Express SERVER. CallManager. IP Phone. IP Phone. Cust- DB

PSTN. Gateway. Switch. Supervisor PC. Ethernet LAN. IPCC Express SERVER. CallManager. IP Phone. IP Phone. Cust- DB M IPCC EXPRESS Product Solution (IPCC - IP Co n t a c t Ce n t e r ) E i n f ü h r u n g Ü b e r h u nd e r t M il l io ne n N u t ze r - P r o g no s e n zu f o l g e w e r d e n e s in d ie s e m J ah

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For details of the format in which the data is provided and the method of supply, see Data Format & Supply below.

For details of the format in which the data is provided and the method of supply, see Data Format & Supply below. Independent Healthcare Establishments & Groups Head Office Datasheet Data Sets Independent healthcare establishments are available in four different data sets as below, according to whether or not all

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The Results of Implementing an ESL Orientation Class

The Results of Implementing an ESL Orientation Class The Results of Implementing an ESL Orientation Class SJSU Action Research Project by Elizabeth Cunningham, Cathy Diaz, Kim Iwasko and Cary Keisler Prepared for the Meeting of the Minds II Saturday, December

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Intralogistics Solutions Little space. Plenty of room. - Innovative packaging producer relies on the combination of planning know-how and modern

Intralogistics Solutions Little space. Plenty of room. - Innovative packaging producer relies on the combination of planning know-how and modern Intralogistics Solutions Little space. Plenty of room. - Innovative packaging producer relies on the combination of planning know-how and modern technology for efficient logistics. Philipp Hoops, Rhea

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L a h ip e r t e n s ió n a r t e r ia l s e d e f in e c o m o u n n iv e l d e p r e s ió n a r t e r ia l s is t ó lic a ( P A S ) m a y o r o

L a h ip e r t e n s ió n a r t e r ia l s e d e f in e c o m o u n n iv e l d e p r e s ió n a r t e r ia l s is t ó lic a ( P A S ) m a y o r o V e r s i ó n P á g i n a 1 G U I A D E M A N E J O D E H I P E R T E N S I O N E S C E N C I A L 1. D E F I N I C I O N. L a h ip e r t e n s ió n a r t e r ia l s e d e f in e c o m o u n n iv e l d

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This document was prepared for the Federal Emergency Management Agency s U.S. Fire Administration under contract number HSFE20-13-P-0275.

This document was prepared for the Federal Emergency Management Agency s U.S. Fire Administration under contract number HSFE20-13-P-0275. Family Guide This document was prepared for the Federal Emergency Management Agency s U.S. Fire Administration under contract number HSFE20-13-P-0275. For more information about the SESAME STREET Fire

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JEWELERS SECURITY ALLIANCE JEWELERS SECURITY ALLIANCE 2014 ANNUAL CRIME REPORT Jewelers Security Alliance 6 East 45 th Street New York, NY 017 Tel: 212-687-0328 Tel: 800-537-0067 Fax: 212-808-9168 Email: jsa2@jewelerssecurity.org

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Bus Rider Activities

Bus Rider Activities 1. To easily divide campers into two teams or groups, split down the middle of the bus, so that the campers on one side of the aisle are one team, and those on the other side are the second team. But if

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ROLES TO ASSIGN. 1. Judge. 2. Courtroom Deputy. 3. Prosecutor 1 opening statement. 4. Prosecutor 2 direct of Dana Capro

ROLES TO ASSIGN. 1. Judge. 2. Courtroom Deputy. 3. Prosecutor 1 opening statement. 4. Prosecutor 2 direct of Dana Capro ROLES TO ASSIGN 1. Judge 2. Courtroom Deputy 3. Prosecutor 1 opening statement 4. Prosecutor 2 direct of Dana Capro 5. Prosecutor 3 direct of Jamie Medina 6. Prosecutor 4 cross of Pat Morton 7. Prosecutor

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Summary of State Laws Related to Auto Insurance

Summary of State Laws Related to Auto Insurance Summary of State Laws Related to Auto Insurance Rate Filing Laws for (Prior Form Filing Approval, Use & Laws (Prior File, File & Use, Approval, Use No File, Flex & File, File & Rating) Use, No File) Fault

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Beverlin Allen, PhD, RN, MSN, ARNP

Beverlin Allen, PhD, RN, MSN, ARNP Pressure Ulcers & Nutritional Deficits in Elderly Long-Term Care Patients: Effects of a Comprehensive Nutritional Protocol on Pressure Ulcer Healing, Length of Hospital Stay & Health Care Charges Beverlin

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Girl Meets Boy. And suddenly there he was, this tall, quiet boy in a blue and white shirt... I'll always remember the first time I saw him.

Girl Meets Boy. And suddenly there he was, this tall, quiet boy in a blue and white shirt... I'll always remember the first time I saw him. Girl Meets Boy And suddenly there he was, this tall, quiet boy in a blue and white shirt... I'll always remember the first time I saw him. Donna is on a boat. She is going to Spain with her family for

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insurance for your house and personal possessions

insurance for your house and personal possessions Insurance Information Institute insurance for your house and personal possessions If your house burns down or if your possessions are stolen, you don t want to find out that your homeowners insurance policy

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e-global Logistics Harald Lundestad February 14, 2001

e-global Logistics Harald Lundestad February 14, 2001 e-global Logistics Harald Lundestad February 14, 2001 Learning objectives Definition of e-global Logistics Types of e-global Logistics Software Trends in e-global Logistics Software Software Vendors Application

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GENERAL UTILITIES TRANSPORTATION. MEADOW CREEK BUSINESS PARK Locust, Stanly County, North Carolina MEADOW CREEK BUSINESS PARK Locust, Stanly County, North Carolina GENERAL Meadow Creek Business Park is a 165 acre fully served and developed existing industrial park. UTILITIES Electricity: Provided by

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PRE-TOURNAMENT INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 PRE-TOURNAMENT INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 LYDIA KO MODERATOR: Happy to be joined in the media center by Rolex Rankings No. 2, Lydia Ko. Lydia, you're coming off winning the CME last

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Georgia State University Police Department Operation Clean Sweep

Georgia State University Police Department Operation Clean Sweep Georgia State University Police Department Operation Clean Sweep Crime Reduction Task Force THE PROBLEM: ANALYSIS: RESPONSE: Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia State University is a growing

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ORTEC DET-SW-UPG. Latest Software Features. Ease of Use. Source Location with the Detective V3 Software

ORTEC DET-SW-UPG. Latest Software Features. Ease of Use. Source Location with the Detective V3 Software ORTEC DET-SW-UPG Latest Software Features Three Search Modes: Gamma/Neutron total count rate. SNM search mode. Sliding average "monitor" mode. (NEW) User choice of identification schemes: Classify mode

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Ben Cohen. Your Expert Lender

Ben Cohen. Your Expert Lender Ben Cohen Your Expert Lender Guaranteed Rate s Story Guaranteed Rate was founded in 2000, and has since become one of the ten largest retail mortgage companies in the U.S. Since inception, Guaranteed Rate

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Creative Art Electives 45 minutes (choose one or more)

Creative Art Electives 45 minutes (choose one or more) Summer 2013 Music and Arts Program For students entering 4 th -12 th Grade July1st July 26th (School closing: Thursday, July 4) Location: Paramus High School Starting time: 9:00 am (Grades 4-8), 10:00

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Cisco Security Agent (CSA) CSA je v í c eúčelo v ý s o f t w a r o v ý ná s t r o j, k t er ý lze p o už í t k v ynuc ení r ů zný c h b ezp ečno s t ní c h p o li t i k. CSA a na lyzuje c h o v á ní a

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BABIES FEBRUARY 2015. Basic Truth: Hold or rock a baby and sing the following song to the tune of Are You Sleeping.

BABIES FEBRUARY 2015. Basic Truth: Hold or rock a baby and sing the following song to the tune of Are You Sleeping. BABIES FEBRUARY 2015 Basic Truth: Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Hold or rock a baby and sing the following song to the tune of Are You Sleeping. Jesus loves you. Jesus loves you. Yes, He does. Yes,

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Sænk kun dit hoved du blomst Senke dein Köpfchen, du Blume, Lay down, sweet flower, your head.

Sænk kun dit hoved du blomst Senke dein Köpfchen, du Blume, Lay down, sweet flower, your head. Carl Nielsen / Johannes Jørgensen Senke dein Köfchen, du Blume, Arranger: Arne Dich 010 If you use this score, lease send a mail to: arne@dichmusik.dk Get more free scores on www.dichmusik.dk www.molbohistorier.net

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <soapenv:envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"

<?xml version=1.0 encoding=utf-8?> <soapenv:envelope xmlns:soapenv=http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/ Applicazioni Java W S con Ax is sistema di tr ac c iab il ità ag r o al imen tar e Ing. Mario G.C.A. Cimino M.G.C.A.Cimino, Applicazioni Java-W S con Ax is, D ipar t ime nt o d i I ng e g ne r ia d e ll

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It takes four quantum numbers to describe an electron. Additionally, every electron has a unique set of quantum numbers.

It takes four quantum numbers to describe an electron. Additionally, every electron has a unique set of quantum numbers. So, quantum mechanics does not define the path that the electron follows; rather, quantum mechanics works by determining the energy of the electron. Once the energy of an electron is known, the probability

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PROFILES IN PARTNERSHIP. With the right post-acute care partner, anything is possible.

PROFILES IN PARTNERSHIP. With the right post-acute care partner, anything is possible. PROFILES IN PARTNERSHIP With the right post-acute care partner, anything is possible. Touching the lives of APPROXIMATELY 0,000 patients nationwide every day... in more than 0 inpatient hospitals, in nearly,000

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Opis przedmiotu zamówienia - zakres czynności Usługi sprzątania obiektów Gdyńskiego Centrum Sportu

Opis przedmiotu zamówienia - zakres czynności Usługi sprzątania obiektów Gdyńskiego Centrum Sportu O p i s p r z e d m i o t u z a m ó w i e n i a - z a k r e s c z y n n o c i f U s ł u i s p r z» t a n i a o b i e k t ó w G d y s k i e C eo n t r u m S p o r t us I S t a d i o n p i ł k a r s k i

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Như ng kiê n thư c câ n biê t vê giâ y phe p cư tru điê n tư (eat)

Như ng kiê n thư c câ n biê t vê giâ y phe p cư tru điê n tư (eat) Như ng kiê n thư c câ n biê t vê giâ y phe p cư tru điê n tư (eat) www.bamf.de/eaufenthaltstitel Mu c lu c Mu c lu c 1 Giâ y phe p cư tru điê n tư 5 2 Tâ m a nh va ca c dâ u ngo n tay 7 3 Ca c qui đi

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the future of entrepreneurship at the U

the future of entrepreneurship at the U the future of entrepreneurship at the U LASSOND NW VNTUR DVLOPMNT PROGRAM 197 students $1.3M+ scholarships ngaged 39 departments 38 startup companies Lassonde New Venture director and students meet with

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Trouble at Recess STUTTERING FOUNDATION THE PUBLICATION NO. 0034 Trouble at Recess THE STUTTERING FOUNDATION PUBLICATION NO. 0034 Did you know... 1 2 3 Over 3 million people in the U. S. stutter. There are 3 or 4 boys who stutter for every girl who does. People who

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TIME. Orologi con cinturino in pelle. Watches with genuine leather strap. COLLECTION VIENNA 078002 018 VIENNA 078001 017 VIENNA 078000 019.

TIME. Orologi con cinturino in pelle. Watches with genuine leather strap. COLLECTION VIENNA 078002 018 VIENNA 078001 017 VIENNA 078000 019. U n e l e g a n t e s t i l e r e t r ò e d u n design c on tempor an eo c on tr addistin guon o l e due nu ove proposte Ti me Nomi nati on. D u e m o d e l l i c a r a t t e r i zza t i en tr ambi dal

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Manger Mania. Script. Summary. Characters. Scene 1. Song #1 Friendly Beast (2:32) 2/3 Room with audience while kids play instruments

Manger Mania. Script. Summary. Characters. Scene 1. Song #1 Friendly Beast (2:32) 2/3 Room with audience while kids play instruments Manger Mania A musical by Raymond J. Lombardi (with adaptation by Susie Hostetler, Abby McCune, and Christina Johnson) (Note: a royalty is required for this script. For conditions, see details at the foot

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Twins hope to provide depth

Twins hope to provide depth Twins hope to provide depth Stephanie and Natalie Yanasov want to help bring tennis championship to Cherry Hill East By MIKE MONOSTRA The Sun 1 FREE FREE FREE Small Cone or Water Ice! Bu 3rd y 2 Items,

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Admitting Foreign Trained Lawyers. National Conference of Bar Examiners Chicago, May 2, 2015

Admitting Foreign Trained Lawyers. National Conference of Bar Examiners Chicago, May 2, 2015 Admitting Foreign Trained Lawyers National Conference of Bar Examiners Chicago, May 2, 2015 Professor Laurel S. Terry Penn State s Dickinson Law Carlisle, Pennsylvania LTerry@psu.edu Overview of Remarks

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