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1 Immerse yourself in the Estonian spa culture AIRE TOFFER

2 Location

3 Did you know? Although Estonia is larger than Denmark, our population is only a quarter

4 Estonia in numbers Population size: 1.35 million. London is 5.5 and Berlin 2.5 times the size. Finland Total area: 45,228 km², which is more than Denmark andmonaco put together. Norway Sweden ESTONIA Russia Population density: 29 persons/km², which means we have plenty of free space and great places to rest and spend your holiday. Latvia Lithuania EU and NATO membership. Belarus NL Poland Germany Czech France

5 Northern Estonia will surprise you with medieval towns and picturesque fishing villages; well-preserved manors of German nobility; mighty waterfalls and the steep limestone coast; diverse cultural life certain to satisfy even the most demanding taste. In Northern Estonia you can stay at: Kalev Spa & Water Park Viimsi Spa * Laulasmaa Spa * Aqva Spa ToilaSpa Hotel MeresuuSpa & Hotel

6 In Western Estonia you can rest and explore the resort towns of Haapsalu and Pärnu that date back several centuries and were frequented by Russian emperors and the renowned composer Tchaikovsky among others; the island of Saaremaa with its distinctive culture; ancient moors untouched by civilization; nature reserves where millions of birds representing over a hundred species choose as their nesting places. In Western Estonia you can stay at: ThalassoSpa FraMare Spa Hotel Laine Viiking Spa Hotel Estonia Rehabilitation Centre Tervis Medical Spa Tervise Paradiis Go Spa * Grand Rose Spa

7 Southern Estonia invites you to discover its rolling hills with beautiful views; meditate on quiet lake shores; go adventuring in spectacular ancient valleys; enjoy the exceptional Setu culture. In Southern Estonia you can stay at: PühajärveSpa & Holiday Resort VärskaSpa Hotel Kubija Hotel NatureSpa

8 Statistical information Overnight stays at Estonian spas in 2010 by tourists countries of origin (%) 7,4 1,6 1,3 0,8 2,0 4,8 Soome Eesti Venemaa 49,2 Rootsi Norra 32,9 Läti Saksamaa Muud riigid

9 History

10 Did you know? While Estonian history is measured in millennia, the history of our spas is measured in centuries.

11 Centuries of experience! Due to numerous health springs, curative mud and clean nature, the predecessors of modern Estonian spas began welcoming local and foreign visitiors at the end of the 18 th century. Estonia has been a popular rest destination and our visitors included members of the Russian Imperial family and the prominent composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, later also Soviet cosmonauts and many other famous and ordinary people in search of new and positive energy or just some peace and quiet in a lovely environment.

12 From ancient to modern Estonians Estonians have been relaxing in saunas for centuries. Until the beginning of the 20 th century the only sauna type widespread in Estonia was the smoke sauna, without a chimney. People would come in only after the coal had turned into ash and the smoke had gone. The early 20 th century saw the beginning of the popularity of the Finnish sauna, where the air is hot and dry. The air is moistened for a short while when water is poured onto the heated sauna stones. As a rule, the temperature rises to70-95 o C After every period spent in the actual sauna the person cools down, either in cold water or simply by going outside. The first years of the 21 st century have witnessed the advent of immersion barrels of Japanese origin and suitable for use even in the cold winter weather.

13 Modern sauna culture in Estonia Present-day Estonian spas offer sauna lovers a wide selection of the best sauna types from around the world. The long list includes infrared sauna, various steam and vapour saunas, aroma sauna, salt sauna, Finnish sauna and cryosauna. Irrespective of the sauna option you choose, your body and soul will enjoy an invigorating and unforgettable experience. That is why saunas are so valued and popular in different cultures worldwide.

14 Early years of Estonian spas The first mud health establishments were opened in Estonia in the 1820s. The emergence of resorts was facilitated by Estonia s deposits of curative mud with excellent healing properties and the interest displayed by local doctors in researching and applying curative mud and medicinal bathing activities. The development of Estonian resorts gained momentum in the middle of the 19 th century. They were intensively operational by the start of the 20 th century. The rapid development of local resorts continued until the beginning of the First World War. Railway construction commenced in the 1870s and it boosted Estonian tourism. The regions of Haapsalu andnarva-jõesuuquickly became the preferred rest destination for Russian Imperial courtiers, rich entrepreneurs and the intelligentsia. At the same time Pärnu and Kuressaare also became resort towns. Bergfeldt s mud health establishment in Haapsalu in the early 20 th century Pärnu beach in 1930

15 Resorts during the Soviet time The authorities commenced rapid restoration of resorts after the Second World War. Later they were regularly further developed and expanded. The transition took place to inpatient sanatorium treatment. The buildings were equipped with heating systems. In addition to mud, balneoand climate treatment, the following treatments and activities were introduced at resorts: electrical and medication treatment, diet menus, remedial gymnastics and paraffin therapy. The predominant majority of visitors were not from the ESSR, but most were nonetheless citizens of the Soviet Union. For instance, as of 1980, theresort town of Pärnu received approximately300,000 tourists per year, of whom25,000 sought treatment. Laine Sanatorium in the 70s Pärnu beach inthe 80s

16 Spas after restoration of independence A uniform system of treatment and rest establishments has been created. Sanatorium buildings have been renovated and bed quantities for sanatorium treatment have been reduced. Cooperation with sister cities has been expanded and these cities have been offered opportunities for economic and cultural cooperation. Resorts are now being advertised more than previously. Laine Sanatorium in the 90s

17 Estonian spas today The Estonian Spa Association unites resort establishments with modern equipment and a wide range of accommodation and treatment possibilities. In addition to medical spa services, these establishments offer wellness services, beauty services and versatile leisure time options. Estonian spas are attractingmore and more customers, both domestic and foreign. Approximately 80% of all Estonian spa visitors are foreigners. Our spas are evolving into leisure centres where you can also pursue various healthy hobbies or just have a nice time. Tervise Paradiis: Water Park in Pärnu, present day

18 Spa Association

19 Did you know? Although water contains zero calories, it relieves hunger. Water is also indispensable when you want to have a healthy holiday.

20 Estonian Spa Association Estonian Spa Association: Founded in All our medical spas have licences issued by the Health Care Board, allowing them to render rehabilitative treatment services. 16members are privately owned enterprises and 1companies are owned by local governments. Our spas now have over 2,300 employees.

21 Our spas We have an amazing amount of resort towns and regions with a rich historical background for such a small country. TALLINN Kalev Spa & Water Park Viimsi Spa Toila Spa Hotel Meresuu Spa & Hotel NARVA-JÕESUU TOILA HAAPSALU KURESSAARE PÄRNU GOSPA Laine Spa Hotel Fra Mare Thalasso Spa OTEPÄÄ KUBIJA VÄRSKA Värska Spa Hotel GRAND ROSE SPA Estonia Rehabilitation Centre Tervise Paradiis Tervis Medical Spa Viiking Spa Hotel Pühajärve Spa & Holiday Resort Kubija Hotel Nature Spa

22 Come and rest at our spas! Our 15 world-class spas offer you: 3500 comfortable rooms; 100 swimming pools; 200 masseurs; 50 different procedures; countless possibilities for an unforgettable rest and holiday experience.

23 EuropeanSpasAssociation The Estonian Spa Association is a full member of the European Spas Association(ESPA). The ESPAwas founded by 21 European countries and their national spa associations and individual spas. AllESPAmembers spas comprise a vital and irreplaceable component of the health care system in their respective countries. They play an important part in the regional cultural system, and are economically and socially influential institutions and viable employers. The most notable objective of the ESPAis to create clear and effective structures to substantially improve cooperation between the member-countries, at the same time facilitating preservation of the national individualities of spasin different regions.

24 Categories of Estonian spa-hotels Medical spa-hotel: a recognised hotel that has the corresponding activity licence enabling it to offer, in accordance with its specialisation, primarily versatile rehabilitation treatment, dietary and other medical spa services. Spa or wellness spa-hotel: a recognised hotel that offers, in accordance with its specialisation, versatile care, relaxation and other spa services.

25 Classification of Estonian spa-hotels The applied class (number of stars) is assigned for any category subject to compliance with both the hotel class requirements and the spa class requirements in the corresponding category. Estonian spa-hotels use the same rating systems as conventional hotels and stars are applied for classification purposes: ***** five-star hotel or luxury hotel **** four-starhotel *** three-star hotel ** two-star hotel * one-star hotel or recognised hotel The stars are always quoted alongside the logo of the Estonian Spa Association.

26 Unique curative mud Estonian curative mud: creates a pleasant feeling of relaxation; cures inflammation and alleviates aches; removes excessive liquid and toxins from your body; improves blood circulation; makes you feel warm inside; has many other good and useful properties. Excavating for curative mud inhaapsalu,19 th century The sensible and scientific approach to sea mud as a means of curing people is closely connected with the activities of medical doctor Carl Abraham Hunnius.

27 Natural resource akin to gold Mudis a special gift of nature that can be used to cure more than just oncological diseases. Estonia has vast resources of sea and lake mud. The mud of Lake Värskais especially unique as it is not so active, allowing its application to treat people with heart conditions. Estonian curative mud has no competitors in Europe because elsewhere mostly peat mud is used, as well as fango (volcanic mud). Curative mud is considered to be one of the most important natural resources in Estonia. Karl Schlossmann was the first thorough researcher of the chemical composition of Estonian curative mud.

28 We will pamper you in 50 different ways SPA TREATMENTS Hands-on massage Other types of massage Body treatments Face treatments Hand treatments Foot treatments Bath treatments Capsule treatments Salt chamber Children s treatments TESTS ECG Laboratory tests Health checks Ultrasound Podometry Sleep tests THERAPEUTIC PROCEDURES Mud therapy Mineral wax or paraffin th. Therapeutic gymnastics Therapeutic showers Physiotherapy Ultrasound Electric therapy Laser therapy Aqua therapy Hot and cold therapy Movement therapy Doctor s consultation Specialist s consultation BEAUTY SERVICES Hairdresser Manicure Pedicure Beautician Solarium SAUNAS Finnish sauna Infrared sauna Steam sauna Salt sauna Sanarium Aroma sauna POOLS Swimming pool Bathing pool Children s pool Water park attractions Jacuzzi ACTIVE EXERCISE Group exercises Water aerobics Yoga Nordic walking Gym

29 Our spas

30 Did you know? Water contains the secret of youth. The older you get, the less water remains in your body. A good immersion always rejuvenates you.

31 It is good to stay at our spas! It is good to stay at our spas, because: we practice a personal approach to every guest s needs; we have so much space for a small country; our spas are new and world-class; our spa traditions span several centuries.

32 Come and enjoy the freshness of Estonian spas!