University of Tartu Pärnu College Wellness and Spa service design and management Master degree program 1 st year students. Project

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1 University of Tartu Wellness and Spa service design and management Master degree program 1 st year students Project Wellness week in Pärnu Version in English Pärnu, 2012

2 Project Wellness week in Pärnu Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management Master degree program students in cooperation with are organizing the first Wellness Week in Pärnu from April 9 to April 13, 2012, which is a plan to start a long-term project that emphasises the need to inform, present and create wellness in Pärnu. The goal is to inspire local people to take one step towards their own wellness. During Wellness week, local people from Pärnu and across the country will improve their knowledge about wellness living, while exploring their talents, interests, social and environmental connections to incorporate eight dimensions of wellness. The main aim of the project is: To promote wellness among the local people, students and schoolchildren in Pärnu; To promote Wellness and Spa service design and management Master degree program in ; To develop cooperation between local spa hotels and in organizing Wellness Week. Regarding the Wellness week we have planned lectures and also workshops. The former is about specific topics such as spiritual wellness, time management and healthy food, the latter is mostly short, not longer than 10 minute overviews of things everybody can do to improve their own lifestyle and as well as other s. We have also planned a specific theme for each day regarding the spas around Pärnu every day from Monday to Friday would be about one certain spa. During those days there would be specific information running in the college TV (in front of the entrance) and an every-day competition which requires students to search for spa information from their homepages. For awards, we have figured to offer the winners discounts to those spas which will not only promote wellness but also spas in Pärnu. Organizing the Wellness week is not only something that is focusing on the college but it will be generally something that would promote wellness all over Pärnu. Therefore it is especially important to include spas into the process because they are the ones providing the opportunities for people to experience wellness.

3 Wellness week schedule, participants, short description of the lectures : : : Pärnu Yacht Club Spiritual wellness. Practical Training. Time management. Workshop. Wellness at sea activities. Korean food evening. Customer behaviour. Role play. Natural skincare. Physical activities. Healthy food. Workshop. Kaidi Suitslepp Estonia Viktoria Nikotina Ukraine Ieva Runge Santa Cabule Latvia Sun Mi Jin South Korea Kristina Belveber Daria Buyanova Russia Marina Sihancova Latvia Keme Epie Enone Africa Chawanok Fungsaichon Thailand :00 Short workshops for relaxation. Getter Trumsi Estonia

4 Emma-Ly Leesment, Pärnu, Estonia. I am studying Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management in. I have studied Landscape Architecture before and I am very passionate about the nature environments and human health. During the Wellness week, my mission is to inform people about the upcoming events. Our marketing approach is simple we will introduce our plan by designing posters and putting them up in the central area of the town (the most visited places) and of course in the college. The posters will have interesting wellness facts and they will give a full overview about the events during this week. Kristina Viikat, Tallinn, Estonia: everyday life. There is nothing better than having an interesting experience together with students who are passionate about the wellness and who could help you to achieve your goals regarding to the well-being and fitness. We are waiting to share with you our knowledge; experience the educational lectures, workshops and go home with necessary tips to improve your Monday at Spiritual wellness. Practical Training. Kaidi Suitslepp, Tallinn, Estonia. I m studying Wellness and Spa Services Management and Design. I have been involved in sports for all of my life and would like to mix wellness and sports together to give something for the body, mind and spirit. You have an opportunity to participate in a workshop that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. Controlled breathing and concentration on your mind creates the holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance. Come and make a gift to your body and mind.

5 Tuesday April 10 at Time management. Workshop. Viktoria Nikotina, Crimea, Ukraine. I m a student of Wellness and Spa Management Program in Pärnu College. I m originally from Ukraine where I was studying management for several years. When I was thinking about the topic for the lecture during Wellness Week I tried to think of something connected with wellness and management that will be in the same time very useful for everyday life. So my wellness focus will be on Time management. Time management is defined as the analysis of how your hours are spent and the prioritization of tasks to maximize personal efficiency. Knowing where your time is or must be spent will help you not only to organize your time but also to reduce stress in daily life and increase your sense of well-being. Wednesday April 11 at Wellness at sea activities. Ieva Runge, Riga, Latvia. My passion is the sea and I am close to sport activities since I am a team mate of one of the best Latvian sailing boats Spaniel and member of the Latvian sail training organisation. I would love to introduce to you with different sport activities related to the sea and show how they can improve your health and quality of life. Santa Cabule, Ogre, Latvia. I would like to introduce you with life on the board of a cruise ship, particularly on the Queen Mary II. I will give you a brief overview of the ship life, about leisure and wellness activities on board.

6 Wednesday April 11 at Korean Food evening. Sun Mi Jin, Seoul, South Korea. Do you know Korea? Korea is a major global economic power, having the 12th largest economy in the world and the third largest in Asia, forming the "Big Three" economies in Asia along with China and Japan. The Korean culture is quite unique in its approach to food. Food seems to permeate every aspect of life. For Koreans food is much more than something to fill the belly it provides taste, medicine, and a connection to the country. Join this fascinating and healthy Korean food evening! A once in a life time opportunity to taste and hear about how influential Korea is in your everyday life. Told and cooked by the only Korean living in Pärnu. Wednesday April 11 at Customer behaviour. Role play. Kristina Belveber, Chertkovo, Russia. I am studying in the in the faculty of Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management. Customers always want to receive good service and enjoy their staying in a hotel, so it can be very useful for them to visit our lecture to know more about how to make the right choices. Lack of knowledge in choosing the best hotel to relax and revel your holidays, and the variety of brands and advertisements in the Internet and newspapers, can mislead the non-sophisticated customer. Marketing is a very powerful tool in attracting clients to the unreliable services. Daria Buyanova, Kaliningrad, Russia. I am studying in the in the faculty of Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management. During this lecture we will show how to avoid disappointment regarding your leisure experience and to get positive emotions from it. We will describe the features of the good and bad service and how can customers evaluate the hotel staff s attitude according to the international standards. Our lecture will be accompanied by a

7 Power Point presentation, video materials and visual tools. In addition, we would like to make a small role-play to interact with the auditorium and show an example how service should be performed. The handouts will be given to the listeners during the role-play. Thursday April 12 at Natural skincare. Marina Sihancova, Riga, Latvia. I am a graduate of Pharmaceutical Sciences and as a current student of University of Tartu. Pharmaceutical and Wellness and Spa industries are closely related to herbals and natural ingredients. Nowadays many people are using chemical creams and masks to improve and nourish the skin. Of course, holistic wellness feeling cannot be without good care of skin, but more people started to pay attention to ecoand natural cosmetics. Nature has huge resources to take care of our skin. It is possible to find thousands of recipes for hair, lashes, nails, face and body, hands and foot skin care. This lecture will provide information about skin care and its ingredients which you can find from the nature and from everyday life. During the lecture a few recipes of masks for face and hair will be introduced. Friday April 13 at Physical activities. Keme Epie Enone, Cameroon, Africa. I am a first year student of the Department of Wellness and Spa Service Design Management. Physical activity will be the topic of presentation. Its influence on our lifestyle is of great importance especially to our physical health and wellbeing. The benefits and different types of physical activities as well as some common places in Parnu where such activities are practiced shall be discussed. Exercise, sport, play, games, dance, recreation, and many other terms have been used to describe the wide variety of physical activity. Most significantly, regular physical activity greatly reduces the risk of dying of coronary heart disease, the leading cause of death today. Physical activity also reduces the risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, and colon cancer; enhances feelings of general wellbeing; is important for healthy bones and joints; and helps maintain function and preserves independence in older adults" (Corbin and Pangrazi, 1999).

8 Friday April 13 at Healthy food. Workshop. Chawanok Fungsaichon, Phuket, Thailand. I am Chawanok or simply call me Pim. I m 28 year-old - friendly, easy going and young at heart! My previous study was in Hotel management and I ve been working in hospitality and tourism industry for 6 years until now. My particular interest is about healthy food and nutrition which currently known as Spa Cuisine. This special gastronomy is essentially taking my food preparation and cooking methods back to the simpler and less refined ways of the past, and also the natural processes of storage and cooking have been replaced with chemicals and microwaves etc.; with spa cuisine I try to use the natural elements in food to assist the body in its day to day processes without placing unnecessary strain on it. Come and let experience the new dimension of healthy living. In the workshop, I will introduce healthy appetizers, Thai style dessert, and herbal drinks. The nutrition and recipe will also be provided in the workshop for all attendees. April 09 April 13 at Short workshops for relaxation. Getter Trumsi, Viljandi, Estonia I am one of the students studying in the international Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management course in. I am also one of the organizers of the upcoming wellness week. Workshops during the entire week will be focusing on easy-tofollow tips for people to do at school, home or where ever. They are focusing on the body, giving little tips for instance how to get rid of the feeling of wanting to fall asleep: pintching your little finger, or your eyebrows. Also doing good for your fellow person - hand massage or head or if you like to get up and personal - face massage! All the tips would be coming from the Swedish classical massage which has been broken down into small parts, little massage tips that are easy to do for everybody as a fun workshop. Also telling people to smile. One side of the mouth goes up, the other follows and there it is - A SMILE!

9 Wellness week organizers: Marina Sihancova Responsible person Emma-Ly Leesment Creative information posters Getter Trumsi Article, information Kaidi Suitlepp Viktoriia Nikotina Kristina Belveber Daria Buyanova Chawanok Fungsaichon Keme Epie Enone Santa Cabule Ieva Runge