All reports. Date 16/04/2008. being constitutionally appropriate. Date 22/04/2008. complete) Date 22/04/2008. obtained (report author to complete)

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1 DELEGATED POWERS REPORT NO. SUBJECT: Control sheet All of the following actions MUST be completed at each stage of the process and the signed and dated report MUST be passed to Democratic Service for publishing All reports 1. Democratic Services receive draft report 538 Name of DSO Nick Musgrove 16/04/ Democratic Services cleared draft report as being constitutionally appropriate 3. Finance clearance obtained (report author to complete) 4. Staff and other resources issues clearance obtained 5. Trade Union response received (Staffing issues only) 6. Legal clearance obtained from (report author to complete) 7. Policy & Partnerships clearance obtained 8. Equalities & Diversity clearance obtained 9. The above process has been checked and verified by Director, Head of Service or Deputy 10. Signed & dated report, scanned or hard copy received by Democratic Services for publishing 11. Report published by Dem Services to website 22/04/2008 Name of Fin. officer Jayne Fitzgerald 22/04/2008 Name of Res. officer N/A Name of TU rep. N/A Name of Legal officer Steven Strange 22/04/2008 Name of P&P officer Andrew Nathan 18/04/2008 Name of officer Andrew Nathan 18/04/2008 Name Nick Walkley 24/04/ /4/ /4/2008 Officer reports: 12. Head of Service informed report is published and can be implemented. Name of DSO Cabinet Member reports: 13. Expiry of call-in period 14. Report circulated for call-in purposes to COSC Name of DSO members & copied to Cabinet & Head of Service Nick Musgrove 24/4/2008

2 ACTION TAKEN UNDER DELEGATED POWERS BY OFFICER (EXECUTIVE FUNCTION) Subject Officer taking decision Burnt Oak Library Appointment of DESIGNED DISABILITY ACCESS LIFTS LIMITED Executive Director for Resources of decision 24 April 2008 Summary Officer Contributors To enter into a contract with Designed Disability Access Lift Limited for the provision of a lift at Burnt Oak Library. Kirsty Elderton Head of Customer Services Justine Fletcher Project Manager Status (public or exempt) Wards affected Enclosures Reason for exemption from callin (if appropriate) Public Burnt Oak None Not applicable Contact for further information: Kirsty Elderton Head of Customer Services Tel : Serial No.538

3 1. RELEVANT PREVIOUS DECISIONS Cabinet 26 July 2007, Dec. 8, Library Strategy Cabinet Resources Committee - 6 December 2007, Dec..9, Temporary Closure of Burnt Oak Library 2. CORPORATE PRIORITIES AND POLICY CONSIDERATIONS 2.1 Customer Access Strategy The new Customer Access Strategy, approved by Cabinet on the 12 June 2006 makes a commitment to provide customers with a choice of access to council services, to shape our organisation around the needs of customers and to work with our partners to provide more integrated services. Following on from the above strategy the Customer Access Delivery Plan was approved by Cabinet Resources on 28 November This plan details how the commitments made in the strategy will be realised for the residents, businesses and partners of the Council. It specifically refers to the development of Burnt Oak Library into a new Customer Service Centre, where we are designing a facility that will enable our most vulnerable customers, to access the services they need most, close to home and in a safe and secure environment. 2.2 Libraries Strategy On the 26July 2007 Cabinet approved the new Libraries Strategy. Specifically it agreed recommendations for the strategic approach to develop a network of Leading and Local Libraries. This included Burnt Oak as a Leading Library and the development of customer service centre with in it, enabling a wide range of council services to be available from the library. The strategy also aims to enhance the civic and the community role of libraries that are currently under used and are a valuable capital asset. Libraries also have a key role in promoting the values of choice for customers, especially in respect of access to council services. 2.3 Accommodation Strategy and Organisational Vision The organisation vision describes Barnet as likely to be a smaller entity with a smaller, but more efficient, corporate support function and a greater concentration of resources on service delivery; to be achieved through the use of systems and automation and the adoption of remote and mobile working To achieve this vision the council has needed to reconsider its current and future accommodation needs. This has included: Considering partnership arrangements Using existing accommodation better to meet corporate aims and objectives Working towards a smaller but more strategic organisation Increasing and changing the channels customers can currently access services Changing working practices including more flexible and mobile working 2.4 How do these come together?

4 As strategic decisions have been made about the Hendon Town Hall Campus there has also been the need to reflect on what impact this has on the customer access arrangements for those people living in the west of the borough. The redevelopment of Burnt Oak Library into a Leading Library and customer service centre will be a visible manifestation of the Council s commitment to the strategies referred to above. With a clear focus on outcomes for customers, the project will also embody the corporate priorities of more choice, better value. Choice, by providing customers with a real choice in how and where they access the services they need, value, by better and more flexible use of council buildings. 3. RISK MANAGEMENT ISSUES 3.1 The risk of the contractor not performing to acceptable standards will be closely managed by the project team. By providing the contractor with a clear list of deliverables and deadlines we will be monitoring the contractors achievement against these deliverables including to time, quality and cost using the council s project management methodology. 3.2 I have considered whether the issues involved are likely to raise significant levels of public concern or give rise to policy considerations and it is considered that the issues would not raise significant levels of public concern. 4. EQUALITIES AND DIVERSITY ISSUES 4.1 Establishing a new customer access facility in the West of the Borough will make a major contribution to equalities and diversity aspirations and objectives. The designs developed by the architects will enable the statutory obligations relating to equalities and diversity to be met, as well the more general context of achieving an inclusive approach to access and use of services. 4.2 The installation of a lift at Burnt Oak Library compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (as amended) ( DDA ) will ensure that the entire building is accessible to all members of the community. 5. FINANCIAL, STAFFING, ICT AND PROPERTY IMPLICATIONS 5.1 The funding for the appointment of the provider of a lift will be provided out of the capital budget of 1 million that has been allocated to the West of Borough Project. The cost of the lift is 25, The installation of the lift will ensure that the building is compliant with the DDA. 5.2 If further works are needed then we have built in a 5% tolerance in the budget process and this will be met out of the existing capital budget. 6. LEGAL ISSUES 6.1 None other than those referred to in the body of the report 7. CONSTITUTIONAL POWERS 7.1 Responsibility for Functions: paragraph Chief Officers (i.e. the Chief Executive, Directors and Heads of Service as listed in Article 12) can take decisions, in

5 consultation with the Cabinet Member concerned (or without consultation where it is a decision authorised to be taken by the Chief Officer under the Contract Procedure Rules. to authorise and accept quotations for contracts to the limits placed on Chief Officers by Contract Procedure Rules for approved schemes with sufficient estimate provision 7.2 Contract Procedure Rules: paragraph A contract for the provision of supplies, services or works where there is only one reasonable source of supply does not require competitive tendering but must be approved by the Director/Head of Service and Executive Director for Resources and is still subject to the Authorisation and Acceptance procedures. 8. BACKGROUND INFORMATION 8.1 The agreed Library Strategy set out plans for six Leading Libraries, including Burnt Oak Library. Redevelopment plans include upgrading the building to make it DDA compliant and also developing a customer access centre that will serve the community. Burnt Oak Library does not currently have a lift and in order to ensure the building complies with the DDA and is accessible by all it is necessary to install a lift. However, following site investigation it has been determined that a traditional pit style lift (where a 1400mm pit is required) will require additional structural work in the form of concrete piles to help support this due to the state of the hardcore. This will present considerable additional expense. Additionally pit lifts have a considerable lead time of approximately 20 weeks and this lead time would be detrimental to the project delivery date. Accordingly the installation of a platform style lift is considered the only viable alternative. 8.2 Designed Disability Access Lifts Limited are the only supplier of platform lifts that are able to supply and install the lift in the required timescales. They also offer the best value to the project and the council. 9. LIST OF BACKGROUND PAPERS 9.1 Quotation from Designed Disability Access Lifts Limited 9.2 Any person wishing to inspect this document should telephone OFFICER S DECISION I authorise the following action 10.1 That subject to the completion of all necessary legal and other documents, Designed Disability Access Lifts Limited be appointed to provide a lift compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (as amended) at Burnt Oak Library. Signed [signed by Nick Walkley] Executive Director for Resources 24/4/2008