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5 5 First Annual Report of the Motor Accidents Board The Hon. J. F. Rossiter, M.P., Chief Secretary, Spring Street, Melbourne. Sir, 1. This is the first Report of the Motor Accidents Board pursuant to Section 86 of the Motor Accidents Act The Act received Royal Assent on 17th April, The main administrative provisions were brought into force on 19th September, 1973 (including the appointment of the Board) and the benefit provisions on 12th February, The members of the Board are- Victor Henry Arnold, F.I.A., A.A.I.L, A.S.A., Chairman ; Sir Benjamin Keith Rank, C.M.G., M.B., M.S., LR.C.P., F.R.C.S., F.R.A.C.S., F.A.C.S. ; and Jack Stanley Barwick, A.A.I.I., A.A.S.A. 2. THE No FAULT SCHEME The broad object of the legislation is to provide a substantial part of the personal injury losses and expenses incurred by road accident victims regardless of negligence. Such a system is commonly referred to as a' no fault' scheme, whereby payment is made to and in respect of practically all accident victims including what amounts to a pre-payment of the bulk of special damages to those who elect to proceed at common law. Thus common law rights are left intact and the ' no fault ' benefits should enable a common Jaw claimant to avoid any premature settlements due to the financial pressures caused by unpaid medical and hospital accounts and loss of wages. Under the previous system less than 55 per cent. of casualties received any benefit. To qualify for such payments the accident must have occurred in Victoria. Additionally the person concerned must have been a resident in Victoria or one motor car registered in Victoria must have been involved in the accident or the motor car concerned must have been unidentifiable. Persons in or on railway trains, tramcars, tram motors or omnibuses are not eligible unless an agreement as provided in Sections 71 to 74 has been made between the authority operating such railway trains, omnibuses etc., and the Motor Accidents Board. No such agreements have yet been entered into. Loss of income benefits are not payable in respect of a person who is injured as a result of an accident and is convicted of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or a drug or if being a driver he has never held a licence, or if his licence had been suspended or cancelled at the time of the accident, or being the owner of the car he was an occupant of an uninsured car ; also if the person had been using the motor car in the commission of certain criminal offences or was in the motor car and the accident took place other than on a highway taking part in a race or trial. Appropriate provisions have been made covering learner drivers. Where workers compensation benefits appear to be payable in respect of a person who is injured or killed the Board is not required to make payments in respect of that injury or death but it has the power to make payments ifit so determines. The intention is that the Board shall pay the benefits or part thereof not covered under workers compensation provisions. 3. The liability of the Board to make payments in respect of persons who are killed or injured falls under the following headings: (a) Ambulance Services (b) Medical Services (c) Hospital Services (d) Nursing Services (e) Therapeutic Services (/) Medicines and curative appliances (g) Replacement of housekeeping services (h) Other reasonable costs or expenses

6 (i) Funeral expenses (j) Compensation for loss of income to the injured persons 6 (k) Payments to dependants for loss of income in respect of deceased persons. To obtain such payments the initial application for benefits must be made within three years of the injury or death. 4. The Board's activities and policy under each of these headings is detailed below : (a) Ambulance Services Section 67 provides that the Board may enter into an agreement with an ambulance service in respect of the payment by the Board of reasonable fees for injured persons requiring ambulance service, in Victoria. Interim agreements have been entered into with twenty-one ambulance services as detailed in Appendix 1. The preparation of a suitable formal agreement is proceeding. The effect of the agreement is to provide ambulance service at no cost to the persons injured. Briefly the agreement provides that subject to the qualifications stated previously in this report as to residency, accident in Victoria etc., the ambulance service will submit accounts directly to the Board and the Board will pay the " reasonable " cost of the various services rendered in Victoria in full discharge of the patient's liability. If ambulance service is provided where there is no such agreement Section 30 provides that 70 per cent. of the reasonable cost will be paid by the Board provided it occurs within five years of the date of accident. Since the Act provides that the service must have been rendered in Victoria, only mileage within Victoria can be the subject of payment. This has caused disappointment to some injured persons who regard themselves as adversely affected when transport to another State is unavoidable. (b) Medical Services Section 68 provides the Board may enter into an agreement with a medical practitioner in respect of the payment of reasonable fees for medical services provided in Victoria for persons who are injured or subsequently die from an accident. Interim agreements have been made with 2,850 medical practitioners who represent by far the majority of doctors associated with accident cases and only about 2 5 per cent. of Board payments for medical services relate to doctors not under an agreement. Under the agreement medical practitioners submit accounts directly to the Board and provided the fee is not more than stipulated in the List of Medical Services and Fees published by the Australian Medical Association the Board accepts the fee as being " reasonable " pursuant to the Act and makes payment on a monthly basis. Such payment becomes a full discharge of the patient's liability. Preparation of a formal agreement is in the hands of the Board's solicitors. The effect of the agreement is to provide medical services at no cost to the persons injured. Section 30 provides that where medical services are rendered by a medical practitioner with whom the Board does not have an agreement the Board will pay 80 per cent of the reasonable cost of such services. Appendix 2 details the names of medical practitioners who provide medical services under interim agreements with the Board. The Board has encountered difficulties in relation to payments to doctors employed whole time in hospitals. Such payments are apparently payable to a Special Purposes Fund administered by a representative committee. Although these arrangements have been set up on principles established by the " Dillon " report in 1959 there are many aspects of the arrangements which the Board believes are unsatisfactory. The Board has written to the Chief Secretary seeking clarification of the issues involved. (c) Hospital Services Interim agreements have been entered into with 258 hospitals as listed in Appendix 3. The preparation of a suitable agreement has been completed and is being considered by the Hospital and Charities Commission. The effect of the agreement is to provide hospital services at no cost to the persons injured.

7 7 Where a person is injured as a result of an accident as defined in the Motor Accidents Act and there does not appear to be an entitlement to workers compensation the Board in respect of public hospitals will pay 80 per cent. of the daily bed cost or outpatient cost pertaining to the hospital as specified in the Appendix to the Annual Report of the Hospital and Charities Commission for year ended 30th June, Similar arrangements have been made with private hospitals and mutually acceptable fees agreed upon. Hospitals have agreed to provide a standard of hospital and medical service which is generally understood to include " intermediate " type accommodation but not a private room unless this is a medical necessity. If a private room is requested by an injured person the hospital may make an additional charge for this provided the Board agrees, and in general, the Board would agree to the difference between the intermediate and the private rate per day being paid by the injured person. Hospitals have agreed not to render accounts to patients for any of the costs for which the Motor Accidents Board has agreed to make payments. Hospitals further agree they will permit an injured person to retain a medical practitioner of his choice to provide medical services whilst he is in hospital subject only to the approval of the medical practitioner by the hospital. The agreement also provides for an officer of the Board to be allowed to examine records at the hospital, for the agreement to be revoked by either party on three months' notice and for the arbitration of disputes between the hospital and the Board. Interim agreements have been entered into with all public hospitals and the majority of private hospitals, but for those private hospitals which have not made an agreement with the Board, the Board pays 70 per cent. of the "reasonable " costs incurred as a reimbursement to the patient. In general "reasonable " can be taken to mean an "intermediate" accommodation charge. (d) Nursing Services A nursing service for the purpose of the Act means attendance by a registered nurse otherwise than at a hospital and a benefit of 80 per cent. of the reasonable cost of a nursing service will be paid by the Board. (e) Therapeutic Services Therapeutic services includes attendance by a registered dentist, physiotherapist, optician, masseur or chiropodist, and provision repair, adjustment or replacement of crutches, artificial limbs, eyes or teeth, spectacles, hearing aids, etc., medical or surgical aids to rehabilitation and the provision of curative appliances or apparatus, etc. The Board will meet 80 per cent. of the reasonable costs of therapeutic service. (f) Medicines and Curative Appliances Provided these are prescribed by a medical practitioner, the whole of the reasonable cost incurred will be met by the Board if such items are purchased from a registered pharmaceutical chemist in Victoria. (g) Replacement of Housekeeping Services Eighty per cent. of the reasonable costs of replacing the services of a person who was injured or killed who was engaged on a full time unpaid basis in housekeeping duties for a period of one month preceding the accident will be met by the Board for a maximum period of 104 weeks provided an amount of at least $20 is involved. The maximum amount payable by the Board in respect of such services is $2,000. (h) Other reasonable costs or expenses The Board will meet 80 per cent. of other reasonable costs or expenses. (i) Funeral Expenses The Board will meet 80 per cent. of the reasonable costs incurred in Victoria of the burial or cremation of the deceased person. (j) Compensation for Loss of Income to the injured person Where a loss of income results from an accident in respect of an employee, the Board pays a benefit of 80 per cent. of the pre-accident income lost after taking account of income tax deducted, for the period he is incapacitated as a result of the accident. The Act also

8 8 sets out a basis for compensation of loss of income suffered by self-employed persons and considerable difficulties arise for the Board in determining the losses suffered by such persons. If a person employs another to replace his services during his period of incapacity, the loss is much easier to define than if his work is merely delayed or altered to cope with the situation. The maximum benefit payable by the Board in compensation for loss of income is $120 per week. The maximum period for which compensation may be paid is 104 weeks. The injured person is required to forward medical certificates to the Board from time to time to enable the Board to establish an entitlement to the benefit and it is the Board's practice to arrange for an examination by a doctor appointed by the Board after a suitable period. The Board has appointed a panel of specialists to advise it with regard to the continuance or otherwise of loss of income benefits and this system is working very satisfactorily. If a dispute occurs regarding the state of health of the injured person in relation to his ability to return to gainful employment, Section 29 makes it possible for the Board to settle matters in dispute by making a lump sum payment to that person with his consent. (k) Payments to Dependants for loss of income in respect of a deceased person The rather complex formulae in the Act are designed to provide to dependants an income of 62-} per cent. of the net average weekly earnings of the deceased. The maximum payment by the Board is $93.75 per week for a maximum of 104 weeks. If the deceased person died some time after the accident and loss of income benefits in respect of the deceased had been claimed from the Board, the number of weeks of such benefit paid, if any, would be deducted from the maximum period of 104 weeks payable to dependants. Legally, the widow's entitlement would be one-half of the benefit and the other half would be payable collectively to the children if there are three or more. If there are two children, one-third of the total benefits would be payable to the children and two-thirds to the widow and if there is one child, one-sixth would be payable to the child and five-sixths to the widow. This permits the specific allocation of benefits when someone other than the widow is acting in loco parentis. If there are no children the whole benefit would be payable to the widow. To provide ready cash, a widow may receive 15 per cent. of future payments to all dependants in one lump sum, with a consequent reduction in subsequent payments to her. 5. APPEALS The Act provides that administrative decisions of the Board in regard to the payment of benefits which are regarded as adverse by the injured person or his dependants may be taken to an Appeals Tribunal which will make an appropriate decision after investigating the matter. The Appeals Tribunal consists of one person, being a barrister and solicitor of not less than seven years' standing. The first appointment is Mr. A. J. Scurry, Q.C. Questions of law may be referred to the Supreme Court by the Tribunal itself or by either party to an appeal. However, such questions of law may also be taken directly to the Supreme Court without first referring the matter to the Tribunal. So far only two claimants have given notice of an intention to appeal and one of these was subsequently withdrawn. The Board's policy is to endeavour to make the cost of an appeal as low as possible for the appellant. 6. FINANCE The Board, by written notice, is empowered to call upon authorised insurers for its funds (on a similar basis to the Nominal Defendant provisions in the Motor Car Act) and in calculating such calls or levies the Board must have regard to the various matters mentioned in Section 65, the general purpose of which is to require them to contribute pro rata according to their premium income and the periods during which they are authorised insurers. In addition to these levies there is a provision for a payment of an amount as prescribed directly to the Board by the Chief Commissioner of Police or by an authorised insurer from each third party premium received. At present this amount is $1.00 for motor cars and $3.00 for motor cycles. The purpose of this payment is to avoid the difficulties which would otherwise arise through the introduction of the scheme from the 12th February, 1974 in respect of road accidents on and after that date, having regard to the fact that the additional premiums required to finance part of the scheme will not on average be received until a period of six months from the commencement date, assuming registration renewals are spread evenly over the calendar year. These amounts are paid into a Special Account from which benefits appropriate to the loss of such additional premiums are paid.

9 9 In the period 12th February, to 30th June, 1974 insurers were levied $764,000. It should shortly be possible for the Board to make accurate short term forecasts of the cost of the " no fault " scheme and it will therefore become practical if so decided to discontinue using the " levy " system of financing the Board's operation by amending the Act so that increased amounts are paid directly to the Board. 7. WORKERS COMPENSATION As stated in paragraph 2 if a person is or appears to be entitled to workers compensation, the Board is not liable to make payments but may do so if it so determines. This discretion was given to enable the Board to make payment of any difference between a particular workers compensation benefit and the amount payable by the Board as if no entitlement to workers compensation existed. Furthermore, a person seeking workers compensation payments may have to await determination by the Workers Compensation Board before receiving payments and in these circumstances the Motor Accidents Board may exercise its discretion and pay the injured person pending such determination and then recover any amount payable from appropriate employers or insurance companies. Payments by the Board other than for loss of income are also effected by this aspect and medical practitioners and hospitals have been made aware of the need to distinguish between workers compensation cases and other cases when issuing accounts in respect of motor car accidents. It has become obvious that it is not always possible to determine whether workers compensation is applicable or not and in these cases accounting by doctors and hospitals can be difficult. In due course it may be that consideration should be given to the Board paying benefits in all road accident cases and recovering from insurance companies handling workers compensation on an overall formula basis each year rather than looking to recover on an individual basis as now provided. Since there are areas of benefit covered by the Motor Accidents Act which are not covered by workers compensation legislation such a system would ensure workers received maximum benefits. 8. ExcLUSIONS f'rom BENEFITS Section 16 provides that the Board is not liable to make payments in respect of loss of income to a person who was injured if he were (a) convicted of driving under the influence of liquor or drugs at the time of the accident, (b) never licensed to drive a motor car or was driving whilst his licence was suspended or cancelled (appropriate provisions have been made to cover learner drivers), (c) in an uninsured car owned by him, (d) using the car in the commission of a serious crime, (e) using the car for a race, competition or trial and the accident occurred other than on a highway. Some problems have developed in administering these provisions in that prosecutions for driving under the influence usually take place many months after the accident, by which time payments are likely to have been made and there is no simple way of ascertaining the cases in which recoveries should be attempted. Similarly, there are difficulties in ascertaining whether a car involved in an accident was at the time engaged in the commission of a serious crime. 9. EARLY PAYMENT OF BENEFITS One of the prime concerns of the Board has been to endeavour to make payments as soon as possible after an application for benefits has been made. In most cases, because most medical practitioners and hospitals have agreements with the Board, the early payment aspect has no impact on the injured person. However, when it comes to payments in respect of loss of income, early payment becomes very important. In addition to an application for benefits, the injured person must provide confirmation of his loss of income and medical evidence as to his incapacity and it is these aspects which delay the Board's assessment. Once the forms required have been lodged with the Board they are dealt with immediately and, in fact, if they are lodged personally at the Board's office, a cheque is made available within a few minutes. 10. STATISTICS AVAILABLE FROM BOARD'S FILES The Board is in a unique position in regard to the provision of information relating to persons who are killed or injured on the roads, particularly in regard to the nature of injuries suffered. The Board is classifying the injuries reported which are described by the injured person in his application, by the treating doctor in his account, and by the hospital when the account is rendered. The injuries are coded in terms of the 8th revision of the International Classification of Diseases and can be related to the type of vehicle as stated on Motor Registration Branch records in respect of the registered number of the vehicle reported to the Board as being involved in the accident, to the status of the

10 10 person concerned, i.e., whether he is a driver or passenger (and the particular seat occupied in the vehicle), pedestrian, etc., and to the type of accident, e.g., rear end collision, head on collision etc., as reported on the application form. The type of accident is coded in accordance with the system in use by the Road Safety and Traffic Authority. Of course, the data is not absolutely complete in respect of road accidents, since there will still be cases where persons are injured, probably mostly minor injuries, who did not claim on the Board and there will be workers compensation cases where no claim on the Board is made. Also there will be a number of cases where claims have not been notified by the time the statistics are produced. However, it is the first time in Australia that it has been possible for a statutory authority to bring all this information together and it should be of significant value in the efforts to reduce both the number of accidents involving injury and the extent of injuries suffered. In Appendix 4 various experimental tables and statistics have been produced covering accidents which occurred in the period 12th February to 30th June, In this period the Board was mainly concerned with setting up an organisation to deal with the payment of benefits and the provision of statistics was a secondary consideration. It should be emphasised that much of the data and coding has not been checked and that caution should be used in drawing specific conclusions from the information in the tables. It should be noted that if a person suffers two specific injuries, for instance, a broken leg and a broken arm both of these will be counted as separate injuries. The number of injuries suffered will therefore, be greater than the number of persons injured. Although caution is advised in the use of the figures it is possible, even now, to gain some useful information from the tables, for instance :- (a) an approximate idea of the extent of serious injuries occurring on the roads. Table 6 shows that there were 5,078 serious injuries such as fractures, dislocations, amputations and head, spinal and internal injuries, noting as previously mentioned that one particular person may have suffered more than one injury. These injuries occurred among the 7,954 persons shown as injured in Table 2. (b) of 7,954 casualty claimants 1,166 were not mentioned on police reports. This means that in some cases there was not a police report for the accident or if there was a police report, the person's name was omitted from it. (c) Although people suffering head injuries comprise 30 per cent. of people seriously injured further analysis from other unpublished tables shows that for pedal cyclists injured, 42 per cent. of them suffer head injuries. A similar situation exists in relation to fractures of arms and legs for motor cyclists. For vehicles other than motor cycles the proportion of fractured and amputated arms and legs is 15 per cent. of all serious injuries but for motor cyclists the proportion is an alarming 47 per cent. However, of all serious injuries suffered by motor cyclists, head injuries comprise only 29 per cent. whereas for motor cars the proportion of head injuries suffered is 52 per cent. The Board intends to produce a periodical statistical bulletin and if researchers need additional information or statistical tables it will generally be possible to provide for such requests in the subsequent bulletin. For instance, in relation to the current interest in casualties among children under 8 years of age a special analysis of injuries suffered by children of various ages is being carried out. 11. DATA PROCESSING The Board is expecting that a computer terminal will be installed in its city office in March 1975 and the provision of statistical information should be on a much improved basis in respect of the year from 1st July 1974 to 30th June AccouNTS Audited accounts to 30th June 1974 are attached as Appendix COST OF THE "NO FAULT " SCHEME In order to ascertain the approximation to the average cost per injured person receiving benefits under the Act, accidents which occurred between 12th February and 28th February, 1974 were individually examined in September Estimates were made of the likely payments still to be made and the average cost including administration was expected to be about $330. Since September some further applications have been received that the Board was previously unaware of. For various other reasons it can be argued that the estimate of $330 is likely to be exceeded but even so the cost will be significantly less than the original estimates. The major factors which affect the amount of third party premiums required for Board payments are medical expenses, hospital expenses, average weekly incomes and injury rates. Graphs of these factors over recent years are shown in Appendix 6.

11 PROPOSALS FOR IMPROVED HOSPITAL FACILITIES The Board is very concerned about the effect of the new National Health Scheme in 1975 on the hospitalisation of accident victims. When most beds in public hospitals are free, the demand will certainly exceed supply and since the number of accident cases varies widely from day to day there will be uncertainty as to whether all cases will be able to be immediately admitted. The Board is therefore currently developing proposals to be presented to the Government for the construction of additional accident facilities for use in conjunction with public hospitals which could be temporarily financed from Board funds on a basis which would ensure the new facilities would not fall within the ambit of the proposed new scheme. The Board regards this matter very seriously and it is hoped that a plan satisfactory to the Government and the Hospital and Charities Commission can be agreed early in the New Year. 15. REHABILITATION The Board believes there is a substantial deficiency in the active rehabilitation of motor accident victims and a lack of communication and co-ordination between the applicant, the Board, the medical profession and industry. To guide the Board in planning policy to motivate and generate effective rehabilitation, it has been decided to engage a medical practitioner on a sessional basis to advise on this important but defective area. Furthermore our experience to date has convinced the Board of the need to employ a counselling officer to aid applicants, particularly widows, and an appointment has been made. The responsibilities of this position will be to ensure that proper advice is available to applicants in regard to the financial management of their own affairs and to ensure they are aware of any benefits available to them irrespective of the source of those benefits, for example, Social Services, Legacy, Canteen Services Fund, Friendly Societies, State Welfare services. The re-arrangement of domestic financial affairs such as mortages, sale of houses etc., can also be troublesome for inexperienced people. The Board's function is to assist road accident victims and their dependants. 16. COUNTRY REPRESENTATION Arrangements have been concluded with the Hospital Benefits Association for their branches or agencies to act as advisory centres for the benefit of country applicants. Information regarding payments together with application forms and other necessary details to support an application can now be obtained at the following addresses- Town. I Address. Telephone Number. Ararat.. Bairnsdale Ballarat.. Bendigo.. Camperdown Casterton Castlemaine Colac Hamilton Hors ham Korumburra Leongatha Maryborough Moe Portland Sale.. Shepparton Swan Hill Traralgon Wangaratta Warragul Warrnambool Wodonga 185 Barkly Street 120 Main Street.. 6 Lydiard Street Pall Mall.. 74 Manifold Street 128 Henty Street Barker Street 196 Murray Street 148 Gray Street Baillie Street.. Commercial Street 1 6 Bair Street High Street.. 24 George Street.. 89 Bentinck Street.... Shop 4 Loughan Arcade MacAllister Street 100 Wyndham Street 119 Campbell Street 63 Hotham Street 105 Murphy Street 20 Palmerston Street 94 Liebig Street High Street The Board hopes to conclude similar arrangements with other organisations at Geelong and Mildura. Thus road accident victims will not be unduly disadvantaged by reason of residing outside the metropolitan area. 17. AMENDMENTS TO THE MOTOR ACCIDENTS ACT In our practical administration to date, serious anomalies have become manifest in the legislative provisions applying to loss of income benefits for self-employed applicants. Appropriate amendments have been developed which the Government has agreed to introduce in the next session of Parliament.

12 18. THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT PROPOSALS 12 A Bill has passed the House of Representatives titled" National Compensation Bi ". Its object is to create a system of Social Service payments, referred to neutrally as " compensation " without regard to fault, covering death and all types of sickness and injury for all persons over 18 and under age 65 without regard to the circumstances in which the injury or illness occurs. However it is quite clearly a Social Service scheme and not an insurance scheme. Briefly the main features of the proposal are as follow : A. The payment on- (a) total incapacity, of 85 per cent. of previous weekly income (minimum $50 maximum $500) to age 65 years (b) partial incapacity, of 85 per cent. of average weekly earnings per employed male multiplied by the proportionate incapacity (c) death, of widows' benefits which are divided into classes A and B but generally are 60 per cent. of the rate of husbands' benefit for total incapacity. B. The abolition of the right to seek damages for personal injury or death By far the most serious criticism which can be levelled at the scheme is the proposed destruction of the ability of a citizen to sue another citizen or company or institution or Government which causes personal injury or death by its negligence. This right arose in England about 1,000 years ago as a method of keeping the peace and it is accepted as a fundamental concept of justice of democratic countries that compensation should be paid for damage wrongfully inflicted. This system produces a natural environment where safety is striven for because these rights exist. For instance, if industry does not provide reasonably safe working conditions its workers compensation premiums will be very high. In Victoria a " no fault " system has been created in respect of road accidents which provides further specific legal rights which injured persons and the dependants of deceased persons can enforce without in any way destroying any of their existing common law rights. Surely it would be preferable for the Australian Government to follow the same course at least until the New Zealand system has been given a thorough trial. It can at this stage be confidently stated that no fundamental problems have arisen in Victoria by allowing the co-existence of both rights. The low cost of the additional " no fault " scheme (see paragraph 13) is one of the unexpected features which has emerged. This is not withstanding that the Victorian scheme appears to provide considerably better benefits in many areas and has better features than is the case under the "Woodhouse" proposals. For instance, the Victorian Motor Accidents Act 1973 and Workers Compensation Act 1958 provide for the payment of " reasonable " costs and expenses incurred as a result of the injury whereas the National Compensation Bill uses the words "losses resulting directly from the injury". The combination of free ambulance, medical and hospital services of the highest level, regular payments to replace income and a lump sum some time later to compensate for pain and suffering and future economic loss, where the injury or death arises from negligence, seems to provide an extremely satisfactory method of compensation. Additionally social service benefits are payable on a means test basis to meet a future situation when such compensation proves inadequate. Further the lump sum and Social Service payments are not taxable whereas under the proposed National scheme the income benefits are taxable. Although income earners are to be provided with benefits in lieu of their present rights, the persons who will receive no benefits because of their age, who comprise at least one third of the population, are apparently not to have their common law rights destroyed but it is the object of the Bill to dismantle the various State compulsory third party insurance systems so that road accident victims cannot then be sure of enjoying the financial satisfaction of any Court judgments in their favour. This would take Victoria back to the pre 1941 days when third party insurance was voluntary and for those who did not insure, their personal assets including their homes were at risk. Logically there seems to be two options open:- (a) since the present proposals are virtually a copy of the New Zealand system without the benefit of experience, (the New Zealand system did not commence until April 1974) await the results in that country, especially the public reaction to it, or (b) set up an enquiry to determine the weaknesses and gaps in the Australian situation and apply acceptable remedies without reducing existing rights.

13 13 The National Compensation Bill 1974 was based on three Reports by the National Committee of Enquiry headed by Mr. Justice A. 0. Woodhouse, D.S.C., a Judge of the Court of Appeal of New Zealand. This Committee was not charged with the task of ascertaining the need for a scheme but only with reporting on the scope and form. Thus no enquiry as to necessity has been carried out. The Reports are voluminous and give the appearance of being comprehensive and fully researched. However they contain a large amount of unsubstantiated assertions many of which are incapable of proof. The Board is also particularly concerned to note that in relation to simple facts which could have been checked, the Reports contain serious errors. For instance, in referring to the Victorian Scheme on page 120 et seq of Volume I it is stated the insurance industry administers the " no fault " scheme, that the extra premium to be paid was $9 per annum for private cars, that the scheme commenced on 14th February, The facts are this Board administers the scheme, the extra premium was $5. 90 and the commencement date was 12th February, In Volume 3 a large number of examples is given comparing benefits paid under the present damages basis and those expected under the new proposals. In no case has any allowance been made for any Social Service payment after settlement and before age 65 yet it is common knowledge that once the lump sum from a settlement is utilised in an acceptable manner e.g., reduction of a mortgage on a home, and subsequent incapacity, partial or total, temporary or permanent, as a result of the accident prevents employment the average case will be entitled to sickness or invalid Social Service benefits. Having studied the Australian Government proposals the Board is convinced that the present overall basis operating in Victoria provides greater benefits for road accident victims than the system proposed by the Australian Government and should not therefore be lightly abandoned. 19. DIFFICULTIES WITH AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT AGENCIES Unfortunately the Board's initial relationship with two Australian Government agencies has been somewhat difficult. Firstly a statutory notice has been received from the Department of Social Security claiming reimbursement of cost of services rendered to an injured person at a Rehabilitation Centre notwithstanding that no charges have been paid by the injured person and that services are generally understood to be free. Further, advice has been received from the Commissioner for Employee's Compensation which in effect denies Australian Government employees the benefits provided under the Victorian Motor Accidents Act because any payment by this Board would terminate an employee's right to workers compensation and furthermore would expose the employee to a claim for recovery of any workers compensation benefits already paid. Act. The Board has suggested to the Commissioner he should seek an amendment to the appropriate 20. APPRECIATION The Board wishes to place on record its thanks for the contributions of all concerned with the successful inauguration of the first" no fault "road accident scheme in Australia. Melbourne, 21st April, V. H. ARNOLD, Chairman. B. K. RANK J. S. BARWICK

14 14 APPENDICES APPENDIX 1 : APPENDIX 2 : APPENDIX 3 : APPENDIX 4 : Ambulance Services which provide services under an interim agreement with the Motor Accidents Board. Doctors who provide medical services under an interim agreement with the Motor Accidents Board. Hospitals which provide hospital services under an interim agreement with the Motor Accidents Board. Motor Accidents Board statistics of claims reported to the Board on or before 30th June, APPENDIX 5 : Motor Accidents Board Accounts to 30th June, APPENDIX 6 : Injury and death rates and trends over previous decade. Hospital costs over previous decade. Ambulance costs over previous decade. Medical costs over previous decade. Average weekly earnings over previous decade.

15 15 APPENDIX 1 AMBULANCE SERVICES WHICH PROVIDE SERVICES UNDER AN INTERIM AGREEMENT WITH THE MOTOR ACCIDENTS BOARD. Air Ambulance Services Alexandra & District Ballarat &; District Central Victorian District East Gippsland Geelong & District Glenelg District Goulburn Valley Heyfield & District Latrobe Valley Mid Murray District North Eastern Victoria Northern District North West Victorian Peninsula South Gippsland District South Western Victoria Upper Yarra District Victorian Civil Wimmera District W onthaggi & District

16 16 2 MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS WHO PROVIDE MEDICAL SERVICES UNDER AN INTERIM AGR MENT WITH THE MOTOR ACCIDENTS BOARD AARONS, Barrie John, 13 Martin SI Harnilon AARONS, Joseph Raymond, 528 Station Box Hill AB BOTT, John Laurence. C/- Warburton Sanitorium Warbu-ton ABERDEEN, John Douglas. 70 Coli ins St Melbourne ABERY, Colin Richard, Hamilton Medical Group Box 'i60 Hamilt:Jn ABUD, Rodney Edward, Lister HoJse Horsharl ABUD, WilliaT 1\rthur, Flat Rock F{d Hurslbridge ACHESON, Jack. C10 Ballarat Base Hospital Ballarat ACTON, Christine Mary. 15a Coolullah.Ave. South Yarra ADAM, Robert John Shedden, P 0 Box Lismore,\DAMS. Colin Hobert, 9 Luck St Eltham ADCOCK, Alwyn Joseph, 204 Aberdeen St Gee;ong West ADEY, Frederick Douglas, 20 Collins St Melbourne ADEY, Wil!iam Jo~Hl. Murray Valley Hwy VValwa ADIE, Ross McMillan, 1 Townsenc St lvanhoe AGAR, John McDonald, Latrobe Tee Geelong AGAR, John William Macdonald, 282 Latrobe Tee Gee!ong AHERN, Andrew Patrick, 213 Hare SI AHERN, Clement William. 51 Wateriield Coburg AHERN, Thomas Francis, 635 Riversdale Fld Camberwel' AITCHISON, Roderick Mailer, 4 Wills St Kew AKEROYD, John Finch, 11 Beach Stree: Frankston ALBERRY, Gordon Waiter Fabian, 1 Ellesmoro Ave Croydon ALBISTON, Norman Arthur, 14 Parliament Place Melbourne ALDER, Ronald Milton, Cabr;ni Medical Centre Coonil Cres M<;lvern ALDERSON, Ber:~ard Selwyn, 85 Nicholas St Newtown ALEXANDER, Keith l'anson. Kan<;ngra Mt View Rd Montmorency.ALEXANDER, William "ohn Heriot, 30 Nunn SI Benalla ALEXEYEFF, Sergei, W;llrarnson Rd Doncaster ALLCHII'>:, Eric Ecward, Centre Rd Clayton r,llen, lan Vincent. 43 McMahcn St SI Arna0d ALLEN, Peter Sydney, 19 SI Melbourn2 ALLEN, Roberl Brcce. Yarra St Warrandyle ALLEN, Robert James. ChisholrYJ Col:ege Latrobe L:niversity Bundoora AMATO, Filippo, 1 Kennedy S; FaHfield AMES, Gord:)n Alfred, P 0 Box 61 Apoiio A'v10S, Bruce David, 13' 6 Plenty Rd Bundoora AN.ASTASIOS. James John, TO Ovens SI Wangarat:a ANCHEN, John Brian. Devonshrre Rd Sunshine ANDERSON, Brian John, 1 Davey St Frankston 1\NDERSON, an Henry WiliiaT. 13 Cromwell Street Scuth Yarra ANOERSON, Keith Daubert Chapel SI East Kr!da ANDERSON, Malcc:m James. 4 Margaret Box Hrll ANDERSON, Maico~n Miller, 16 lthaca Rd Frankston /\NDERSON, Stan!ey Turtle, 13 Harsen East Brighton ANDRE, MichaeL 163 Beverley Rd Rosanna ANDREvV, Oavid John Doidge. Box Whittlesea ANDRE\NS, Basrl George, Ryr:e SI Gcelong ANSTEE, Edward John. 11 Cailantina Rd Hawtnorn ANTONIE, Thomas Emanuel, Coli ns St Meibowne APPLEBY, Bruce Douglas, Te'ang Cl nic H:gh SI Terang APPLEBY, Robert Willian Hrgh St Glen lrrs APPLEFORD, John Marcus, 253 Latrobe Geclong APTED,,John Heath, 251 Latrobe Tee Geelong ARCHER, Erancis Leo, 66 Litticwood St Hampton ARISTIDOU, Geor ;;e John, 1486 Norti1 Rd Clayton ARKLES, :..lonel Barry, 41 Lower >ieidelberg Rd Hetdelberg ARMSTRONG. Harold John Maxwell, 18a Sydney Ave Geelcng ARMSTRONG, Philip John. 400 A!berl St East Me!bourne ARMSTRONG, William louther Hunter, 44 SwanshYr SI Gee!ong ARNDT, Peter Maurice, 299 Lygon Street East Brunsvick ARTER, Cha~les Anthony, Morning~on Medical Centre Main Mornington ASHTON, John Winter, 62 Erin St Richmond 1\ TKINSON. Antr:ony I lewitt. C 0 Margaret Clinic 34 Margaret Moonee Pones ATKINSON.,James Henry, 1 tvurrumbeena Rd Murrumbeena ATKINSON. Peter Brooks. 1 Doncaster Rd North Balwyn AULDIST. Alexander Wiliiam. Private Consulting Suite Royai Childrens Hospital Parkv lie!\usti~j. William Piercy. Harold St Midd e Park AWBURN, George Thomas. 196 L:ebig St Warrnarnbool BACKWELL. tan 2ri:< Latrobe Tee BACON. Andrew K:0nneth, Langmore BADE. Rcnald Werncr. Edcnhope Ri'.!LEY. 10 Queen St Nhill BAIN, Norman Bcander. Murray St Wr,nthaggi BAINBfiiDGE. Fred, Hervy Elmorc BAKER, Bcrnard Alien. Stuct St Gallarat BAKER, Geoffrey Joseph. 82 Beach SI Frankston BAKER, John 8 Davey St Frankston BAKER, Paul, Cornrnorcral Rd Yarran' BAKER. Tl1omas Gcorge Wiliiam, 21 Rnnfur:io Cres Glen Iris BALABIN, lgor, 258 Main Road St Albans BALL Hicoard Baldwin. Parkville Psychiatric Unit Box66 Parkville BALL, Kenneth R chard, P 0 Box Frankston BALLA, ~ohn lvan, 206 Albert St East Melbourne Kenneth tan Arthur, Maryborough Group Practice Clarendon St Maryborough BANKS. Trevor filbert. 196 High St Bslmonl BANTit~G. 2Q C:JIIrns St \1elhourne BARBARO. Domrnic Anthony, 1 Messrnatr? Si Lalor BARBOUR. Hanry Ju ius, 22 Kelp Warrnarnbool LlA.RDSL[Y, Alfred. 95 \>Var'igul Oaklergh BARE, Nrcholas Rudolph. 1 VVandil St Mulgrave GARHAM. Gran! 1 Robern Pdc East Rosanna BA.RKEfi. tan l ynton. 11i1diology Dep: Ham'lton Hospital Haniill;)n BARKER. Jon 1 Rt.lherford. 123 ~Jcr ~ Balwyn BARNES, John Slanley. Collins St Melbourne BARNETT. Alfred,John, 55 Summerhill Rd Iris BARNETT. John Saaler, 167 Vtctcria Pdo Fitzroy BARR.A.CLOUGH, Bryan Henry 28 Paisley St Footscray BARRACLOUGH, David Rny 372 Albert SI Melbourne GARRETT. Bnar Maurice. Cabr:ni Med:cal Centre C:lonil Cres Malvern 13ARRETT. Jotm v\iilliacd, Cobden BARRETT, \.1ichael Rupert Mitcho I, to Ros!yn tld Gelmont G.ARRETT. W 11 am Mervycr, 12 Holroyd Kew BARi"lY, Williarn Carrell. P 0 Box 308 BARTAK 25 Kooyonc; Read North Caulf:eld BARTHOLOMt::USZ. Jarnes Freclic M:chnel, C - Box Cranbourne BARTLETT. Robert John. 1 Thoe1as St Kew BARTON, David Charles. Victorin St vvarrnamboo! GARTRAM. Alexancer Roy. Swift Street Albury BARTRAM, John 371 Burwood Rd Bcrrwood BARTY, Gcoffrey Me:v.lle Ely St Wangnrmta B.A.TE, Ernest \NilliBm,.t45 Toorak Re! BATH, Jillian Lorr:Ji~e. P 0 Box 116 Parkv'lle BATH, Thomas, P 0 Box 116 Par'v lie E"in SI Richmond BATISTICH.,\nlhony Bendi ;;o & Northen Distr,ct Base Hospital Bendiqo BATTEN. Charles Geoffrey. Medical Ciini:: Benalta BA.XTER, Royce GordrJn, Lot 100 'Narrrna Delacoccbe Village Ballarat BA.YL, Vivian V ern on, F 15 G35 Drummond SI Norlh Carlton BAYTCH. Henry. 81 Grey St St K:lda BEACH, Micllael Ja:nes, 81 Grey Si Si Kilda BEARHAIJ George Bankrn, Collins St Me'bourne Thomas Owen, Nonga Hospital Rabaul New Guinea

17 17 2 BEAVIS, Edward Leslie George, 386 Albert St East Melbourne BEEBE, Daniel Stephen, 999 Glenhuntly Rd South Caullield BEECH, Allan Montgomery, 20 Collins Street Melbourne BEESTON, Hugh Olivey, 11 Mostyn SI Castlemaine BEETHAM, William Ronald, Orthopaedic Dept SI John Of God Hospital Drummond St Nth Ballarat BEGG, John Darnell, 124 Power SI Hawthorn BEHAN, Felix Cornelius, 75 Royal Pde Parkville BEISCHER, Norman Albert, 26 Linda Cres Hawthorn BELCHER, Alan Robert, 35 Charteris Dve East tvanhoe BELL, Alastair Dodge, 48 Queen St Bendigo BELL, Alexander Crawford, Flat 3 52 Hopetoun Ave Canterbury BELL, John, 251 Latrobe Tee Geelong BELL, Kevin Waiter, Radiodiagnostic Clinic 111 Collins St Melbourne BELL, Neil Williarn, 12 Collins St Melbourne BELL, Richard George, Warrandyte Clinic 44 Warrandyte Rd Ringwood BENHAM, Edward Simon, Clunies Ross House 191 Royal Parade Parkville BENJAMIN, Marcus Kingsley, 163 Myers St Geelong BENNETT, Alexander Lister, Leongatha Medical Group Box 231 Leongatha BENNETT, Basil, Post Office Box 60 Bendigo BENNETT, Bernard George, 33 Dunstan St Clayton BENNETT, Garry Edward Wilbur, 302 High SI Windsor BENNETT, Gilbee Wilson, 47 Balaclava Rd East SI Kilda BENNETT, John Barkly, 61 Koornang Rd Carnegie BEN NETT, Richard Clayton, Dept Surgery SI Vincents Hospital Victoria Pde Fitzroy BENNETT, Winfield Robert Curtis, Preston And Northcote Community Hospital Bell St Preston BENNETTS, Clive Samuel, 82 Beach SI Frankston BENSON, Michael Selwyn, 254 Latrobe Tee Geelong BENTLEY, Alan Bertram, 56 Marianne Way Mt Waverley BENWELL, William Samuel, 248 Queens Pde Clifton Hill BERGER, Peter Alfred, 182 Collins St Melbourne BERGMAN, Frederick, Durham Road Clinic 141 Durham Rd Sunshine BERGMAN, Michael, Durham Road Clinic 141 Durham Rd Sunshine BERKLEY, Reginald Maurice, 3rd Floor Westfield Tower Doncaster Shoppingtown BERNARD, Eugene Emil, 728 Sydney Rd Brunswick BEST, James, 33 Dunstan SI Clayton BEST, James Donovan, 36 North Rd Brighton BETHERAS, Frank Rex, 1 7 Lansdowne SI East Melbourne BETHERAS, Gytha Wade, 15 Lansdowne St East Melbourne BETIGERI, Vamanrao Anantrao, 151 Lancefield Rd Tullamarine BETTER, Fred Cyprian, 131 South Rd Brighton BEVAN, Constance Mary, Cl- Anz Banking Group Ltd 230 Swanston St Melbourne BEVAN, Lewis Lancelot Oxley, 37 Main SI Pakenham BEVZ, Peter Andreas, Austin Hospital Studley Rd Heidelberg BEYNON, John Edward, Robinson SI Medical Group 63 Robinson SI Dandenong BHOWAL, Abhoy Kumar, Flat Curzon SI North Melbourne BHOWAL, Amita, Flat Curzon St North Melbourne BIALESTOCK, Dora, 954 Lygon SI North Carllon BIGGS, Charles Victor Grainge, 357 Springvale Rd Glen Waverley BIGNELL, Allan Gordon, 168 Booran Rd Glenhuntly BIGNELL, Bernard Hugh, 448 Plenty Road Preston BILLIET, Antony Chester Graham, 145 Prospect Hill Rd Canterbury BILLIMORIA, Phiroz Homi, 72 Princes Hwy Dandenong BILLINGS, Evelyn Livingston, 141 Grey SI East Melbourne BILLINGS, John James Patrick, 141 Grey St East Melbourne BILLSON, Francis Alfred, 1-39 Erin SI Richmond BIRD, Geoffrey lan, 167 Victoria Pde Fitzroy BIRMAN, Samuel, Codrington St Cranbourne BIRNIE, Norman Campbell, 118 High St Glen Iris BIRRELL, James Anderson, 19 Erin SI Richmond BISHOP, Frank lvor, 173 Canterbury Rd Heathmont BISHOP, James Frank, 175 Powlelt St East Melbourne BISHOP, James William, 1 0 Wallace SI Newtown BISHOP, John Dean, 14 Malva St Ormond BISHOP, Lois Alison, 1 73 Canterbury Rd Heathmont BISHOP, Mary, 10 Wallace St Newtown BLACK, lan William, 136 Tooronga Rd Glen Iris BLACKBURN, William John, 20 Hotham Si Traralgon BLADIN, Peter Francis, 392 Albert St East Melbourne BLAIR, John Murray, 123 Langtree Av Mildura BLAIR, Neil Leonard, St Vincents Hospital Victoria Pde Fitzroy BLAKE, Douglas Harold, Senior Specialist Geriatrician Caulfield Hospital 294 Kooyong Rd Caulfield BLANKS, Graham Keith, Box 426 Warracknabeal BLAUBAUM, Peter Eric, 28 Paisley St Footscray BLAUBAUM, Rex Vivian, 14 Collins St Melbourne BLAZE, Theodore Lucien, 15 Sydney Rd Brunswick BLOCK, Max, 96 Broadway Elwood BOBINSKA, Halina Zolia, 68 Mcintyre Rd Nth Sunshine BOLITHO, Olga, 71 Collins SI Melbourne BOMFORD, John Powell, Bendigo Psychiatric Centre Bendigo BONNER-MORGAN, Barbara Mary, 6 Church SI Morwell BONNER-MORGAN, Robin Peter, 6 Church St Morwell BOON, Kok Yong, Flat 3/823 Rathdowne St North Carlton BOOTH, Arthur William Harold, 1033 Whitehorse Rd Box Hill BOOTH, lan Stanley, Medical Centre P.O. Box 1 os Newborough BORGER, James Paul, 20 Collins St Melbourne BOROWITZ, Ariel, 296 Glen Eira Rd Elsternwick BORS, John Kasper, 203 Noble St Geelong BORTEN, Arthur Murray, 319 Nepean Hwy Frankston BORY A, Skendor A lex, 85 Armstrong SI Middle Park BOSSENCE, William Henry, 101 Allan SI Kyabram BOTHROYD, John Strahan, 195 Deakin Ave Mildura BOTTCHER, Richard James, 127 High St Glen Iris SOUL TON, Thomas John Carson, Royal Childrens Hospital Flemington Rd Parkville BOURKE, Denis Michael, 82 Mackie Rd East Bentleigh BOURKE, Michael Joseph, Box 231 Leongatha BOUSFIELD, Brian Nicholson, 95 Warrigal Rd Oakleigh BOUVIER, Frederic Nicolet, Morwell Medical Clinic Morwell BOWEN, David Alan, 9 Luck SI Eltham BOWEN, William Fenton, Carlaminda 577 Toorak Rd Toorak BOWES, Glenn, 2/2 Pasley SI South Yarra BOWMAN, Clive, 183 Deakin Ave Mildura BOX, William Mitchell, Capital House Suite 89 8th Floor 113 Swanslon SI Melbourne BOXSHALL, Maxwell Garratt, 49 Victoria SI Warragul BRADLEY, Joan Penelope, 63 Victoria St Ballarat BRADLEY, Keith Campbell, 421 SI Kilda Rd Melbourne BRADTKE, Waiter John, The Avenue Ferntree Gully BRAITHWAITE, Frank Russell, Box 5 Skipton BRAND, lan Allan George, Manager Preston & Northcote Community Hospital 205 Bell SI Preston BRAND, Sol, Suite 2 2nd Floor 15 Collins SI Melbourne BRAND, Victor, 4/106 Wellington Pde East Melbourne BRAY, Henry Michael, Deep Dale Cleveland Ave Lower Plenty BRAYSHAW, John Austin, Box 210 Camperdown BRAZENOR, Graeme Alexander, 5 Lloyds Ave Carnegie BREARLEY, Kenneth Stewart, 110 Collins St Melbourne BREEN, John Thomas, 316 Carlisle St East St Kilda BREEN, Kerry John, 7 Derwent Sq Bulleen BREEN, Maria Ludwiga, 7 Derwent Sq Bulleen BREHENY, James Ernes!, Medical Director Mercy Maternity Hospital Clarendon SI East Melbourne BREIDAHL, Harold Dean, Basil Kilvington Medical Centre 421 St Kilda Rd Melbourne BREIDAHL, William Frederick, 227 Koornang Rd Carnegie BRENAN, John Andrew, 2 Collins SI Melbourne BRENNAN, Julian Joseph, 492 Abbotsford St North Melbourne BRENNAN, Kenneth Francis, 38 Jacka St North Balwyn BRENNAN, Margaret Harvey, 116 Errard SI Ballarat BRENTNALL, Edward Williams, 925 Whitehorse Rd Box Hill BRENTNALL, George Rex, P 0. Box 158 Yallourn BRETHERTON, Kenneth Noel, Flat Wood St North Melbourne BRETT, Percy Maxwell, 20 Grange Rd Toorak BRETT, Peter McDonald, 497 Whitehorse Rd Balwyn BRETT, Peter Ronald, 882 Whitehorse Rd Box Hill BRICKELL, William Ronald, Belvedere Park Shopping Centre Cnr Seaford & Dandenong Roads Seaford BRIDGE, Alan Lancaster, 14 Davey St Frankston BRIDGES-WEBB, Charles, Deakin St Traralgon BRIESE, Robert Theador, 11 Beach SI Frankston BRIFFA, Gaetan, 11 Leake St Essendon BRIGGS, Geoffrey Winton, 56 McCrae St Swan Hill BRIGGS, Lorraine Margaret. 63 The Centreway Mt Waverley BRISTOW, Vincent George, 20 Collins SI Melbourne BROMBERGER, David Francis, Durham Road Clinic 141 Durham Rd Sunshine BROMBERGER, Neil Arthur, 20 Collins SI Melbourne BROOKE, Graham Henry Barnard, 47 Murrumbeena Rd Murrumbeena BROOKS, Edgar Peter, Wonthaggi Medical Group Murphy Si Wonthaggi BROOKSBANK, John Whitelaw, 26 Tashinny Rd Toorak BROOKSBANK, Mary Alice, 26 Tashinny Rd Toorak BROOME, Gerald Douglas, Main Rd Point Lonsdale BROPHY, Desmond George, 2 Home Rd Newport BROSNAN, Gerald, 100 Coli ins Si Melbourne BROUGHTON, Peter Percival, Standish St Myrtleford BROUS, Michel, 7 Collins St Melbourne BROWN, Arthur Graham, 11 Cullen St Kerang BROWN, Frank Phillip, 70 Ovens St Wangaratta BROWN, Geoflrey Duncan, 65 Desailly St Sale BROWN, John Gordon Ellwood, 11 Turner Street East Malvern BROWN, Keith Edgar, 21 Kerferd Rd Glen Iris BROWN, Lance Mervyn, 5 Glenard Dve Heidelberg BROWN, Martin Roger Charge, 275 Ryrie St Geelong BROWN, Peter Leon, 26 Mitcham Rd Mitcham BROWN, Roger Wilke, Hamilton Medical Group Box 560 Hamilton

18 18 Appendix 2 BROWN, Ronald Bruce, 20 Collins St Melbourne BROWN, Thomas Christopher Kenneth, 13 Alfred St Kew BROWN, William Ross, 29 Booran Ave Glen Waverley BROWN BILL, David Scou Barrington, 1 7 Walsh St Balwyn BROWNE, Noel John, 14 Wills St Wangaratta BROWN FIELD, Robert Maxwell, 1011 Main St Ballarat BROWNSTEIN, Edward George, Lister House Horsham BRUMER, Martin, 678 North Rd Ormond BRUNTON, Felicia, 1 Grange St Sth Oakleigh BRYAN, Francis John, 2 Collins St Melbourne BRYAN, Peter Kaye, 11 Fairbairn Rd Toorak BRYCE, John Rollo White, 30 Anzac Ave Seymour BRYGEL, Maurice, 733 Malvern Rd Toorak BUCCHERI, Victor Paul, 54 Pascoe Vale Rd Moonee Ponds BUCHANAN, James Athol Pender, 11 0 Coli ins St Melbourne BUCKERIDGE, Patricia Caroline Eyre, 1 0 Kerr Cres Camberwell BUCKLE, Donald Fergus, 4 Oshaughnessy St Kew BUCKLEY, Paul Thomas Richard, 7 Milne Bay Close Puckapunyal BUCKMASTER, Neil Stanley, 520 Swift St Albury BUCKWELL, Geoffrey Leighton, 18 Hillcrest Ave Kew BUNTINE, John Allan, Consulting Suite Hartwell Private Hospital 15 Cornell St Camberwell BUNTINE, Robert Douglas, 225 Charman Rd Cheltenham BURBIDGE, Mary, 107 Ferguson Street Williamstown BURDON, Jonathan Gareth William, 16 Falconer St North Fitzroy BURGER, Henry George, Prince Henrys Hospital St Kilda Rd Melbourne BURGER, Oliver Paul, 240 Latrobe Terrace Geelong West BURGESS, John Anthony, 11 0 David St Dandenong BURKE, Dav1d Collis, 5 Pembroke Rd Balwyn BURKE, Francis Raymond, 944 Burke Rd Balwyn BURKE, lan Lambert, 402 Albert St East Melbourne BURKE, Peter Francis, Wightholme 944 Burke Rd Balwyn BURKE, Richard Brownlow, 183 Deakin Ave Mildura BURKETT, Morgan Leo, 14 Hill Rd North Balwyn BURNE, David John, 244 Burwood Highway Upper Ferntree Gully BURNS, William lvan, 62 Neill St Carlton BURNS, William James, 4 Mount View SI Croydon BURNSIDE, Kennedy Byron, 92 Powlett St East Melbourne BUSH, John Peter, 39 Millswyn SI South Yarra BUTEL, Hugh Cameron, 114 Grey St East Melbourne BUTLER, Barry Lawrence, 466 Victoria St West Brunswick BUTLER, tan John, Cl- Dept Of Neurology The John Hopkins Hospital Baltimore Maryland U.SA 2088 BUTTERFIELD, Louis John Harrison, 3 Outlook Or Eaglemont BUXTON, Brian Fowell, 6 Graeme Crt Bulleen BUZZARD, Anthony John, Flat Dandenong Rd East St Kilda BYATT, Noel Bradley, 393 New St Brighton BYERS, James Scott, 882 Whitehorse Rd Box Hill BYRNE, Henry, 20 Collins St Melbourne BYRNE, John William, 32 Stanley St Wodonga CACEK, Jose ph John, 1 05 High SI Hastings CADE, David Charles, 54 George St East Melbourne CAIRNS, Barry John, Post Office Box 160 Yallourn CAIRNS, James David, 83a Main SI Greensborough CALDWELL, William Patterson, 825 Smith SI Warragul CALLAGHAN, Brian Desmond, 1 0 Bright St East Brighton CALLAGHAN, Frank Page, Sale Medical Group P 0. Box 308 Sale CALLAN, Noel John, 290 Springvale Rd Glen Waverley CALLANDER, Robert James, 383 Warrigal Rd Burwood CALLISTER, Alan Douglas, 393 New St Brighton CALVERT, James Murray, 24 Collins St Melbourne CAMERON, Donald Richard Alasdair, Geelong Hospital Geelong CAMERON, Donald Ross Macauley, 181 Moreland Rd Coburg CAMERON, lan Henry, Cr Ellesmere Ave & Railway Pde Croydon CAMERON, Robert Alexander, Chelwood Ct Metung CAMILLERI, Joe George, 773 Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn CAMPBELL, Ann Felicity, Flat 5171 Edgar SI Glen Iris CAMPBELL, tan Eskdale, 265 Riversdale Rd Hawthorn CAMPBELL, John Dunn, Melbourne Radiological Clinic 60 Parliament Place East Melbourne CAMPION, Peter John, 525 Main Rd Tecoma CANTWELL, John Thomas, Sale Medical Group P.O, Box 308 Sale CAPES, Anthony George, 28 Paisley SI Footscray CAREW, John Patrick, 476 Kooyong Rd Sth Caulfield CAREY, Robert, 23 Edward SI Kew CARLILE, Kenneth John, 18 Ronald Rd Croydon CARP, Leon, 139 High SI Prahran CARR, Kenneth Alan, 60 Matthieson SI Highett CARROLL, Arthur James, 131 South Rd Brighton CARROLL, Graham Edward, Kangaroo Ground CARROLL, Lawrence Arthur, 2 Collins SI Melbourne CARROLL, William Stanley, 1 0 View St Canterbury CARTER, Alan Noel, 800 Sydney Rd North Coburg CARTER, Phillippa Helen, 39 Wills SI Kew CARTER, Willon Campbell, Dept Of Orthopaedic Surgery SI John Of God Hospital Ballarat CASHMORE, George Herbert, 172 Clarke St Northcote CASHMORE, Harold Samuel, Forest Hill Medical Centre 385 Springvale Rd Forest Hill CASS, Mervyn, 141 Bridge St Port Melbourne CASS, Noel Morris, 114 Grey St East Melbourne CASSIN, Phillip Louis, 6 Joy St Mt Waverley CASTALDI, Peter Anthony, CIO Austin Hospital Heidelberg CASTLE, Robert Norman, 46 Byrne St Stawell CATCHLOVE, Leonard Hugh, 41 Balcombe Rd Mentone CATO, Graham William Stuart, 8 Karma Ave East Malvern CATTANACH, John Francis, 68 Manningtree Rd Hawthorn CAUST, Leslie James, 50 Nelson Rd Box Hill CH'I, Richard Chih-Ta, 10 Hankow Rd 9th Fl Flat C Kowloon Hong Kong CHAMBERLAIN, Norman John, 342 South Rd Moorabbin CHAMPION, William Leonard, High SI Maldon CHAMPNESS, Leonard Torr, 60 Sydney Parade Geelong CHAN, Donald Pui-Chee, 'Andrew Villa' Lot 1 Western Ave Tullamarine CHANG, Allan Mang Sing, 89 Heathfield Rise Box Hill North CHANI, Szmuel Henoch, 365a Hawthorn Road South Caulfield CHAU, Edmond Sai Choi, 5 Rowan St Vermont CHAZAN, John Jacob, 25 Woodland SI North Essendon CHAZAN, Samuel, 18 Raheen Dve Kew CHEAH, Hoong Ching, 1931 Malvern Rd East Malvern CHECCUCCI, Reme Paul Vito, 25 Mathoura Rd Toorak CHESHIRE, Neil Thomas Worth, 599 Riversdale Rd Camberwell CHESLER, Benjamin, Sunbury Training Centre Sunbury CHETTY, Kusla, 11 Scoresby St Kerang CHEUNG, Chi Kwan, 1st Floor 115 Bourke SI Melbourne CHEUNG, Joseph Yee-Tun, 184 Glenroy Rd Glenroy CHEUNG, Titus Tai Dor, 72 Poath Rd Hughesdale CHEW, John Keng Choon, 141 Grey St East Melbourne CHEYNE, Gordon McLeod, 3 Horseshoe Bend Rd Keilor CHIAPPALONE, Joseph Steven, 224 Moreland Rd Brunswick CHISHOLM, Donald John, Cl- Dept Of Medicine St Vincents Hospital Fitzroy CHIU, Frank Tjie Sien, 929 Doncaster Rd Doncaster East CHIZIK, Ullian, 50 Hoddle St Elsternwick CHMIEL, Rudolph Leopold, 30 Prospect SI Gtenroy CHONG, Elaine, 272 Springvale Rd Glen Waverley CHONG, Terry Min Sin, 8;46 Locksley Rd lvanhoe CHOO, Eric Poh Boon, Doncaster Rd Don caster CHOONG, Lee Son, Domain Rd South Yarra CHOW, Joseph Wai Paw, Clarendon St Maryborough CHRISTENSEN, Brian Reginald, Crimea St Caulfield CHUEN, Che Wai, 464 Grimshaw SI Bundoora CHURCHES, Clifford Kelvin, 14 Parliament PI Melbourne CLANCY, James David, 31 Mitford St St Kilda CLAREBROUGH, John Kevin, Albert St Med Centre 5th Fl 372 Albert St E Melbourne CLARIDGE, Eric Julian Carre, 53 Vincent St Ararat CLARK, Maurice, 270 Wingrove St Fairfield CLARK, Ralph, St Vincent's Hospital Fitzroy CLARK, Rodney Russell, 46 Swanston St Geelong CLARKE, Alfred Murray, 1 0 Crest Ave Balwyn CLARKE, Bernard George, 20 Collins St Melbourne CLARKE, Graeme Leslie Turner, 118 Doncaster Rd North Balwyn CLARKE, Maurice Vivian, 20 Collins St Melbourne CLARKE, Stephen Julian, 72 Malmsbury SI Kew CLARKE, William Harold, 27 Harold St Middle Park CLAYTON-JONES, Robert Edward, 28 Langhorne SI Dandenong CLEEVE, Damien Maxwell, 2 Brown St East Brighton CLEEVE, Laurence Keith, 418 Wellington Street Clifton Hill CLEGG, Henry Roy, 9 Melville Rd West Brunswick CLEMENS, Laurence Elliott, 192 George SI East Melbourne CLIFFORD, Adrian Roger, 251 Princes Hwy Morwell CLIFTON, Shiela, St Vincents Hospital Victoria Parade Fitzroy CLOKE, John Herbert, 141 Grey St East Melbourne COATES, Allan Stuart, 41 Owens SI East Doncaster COATES, Anthony Albert Anderson, 2 McLennan St Mooroopna COATES, William Hick, 1119a Fordham Rd Hawthorn COCKS, John Robert, 20 Collins St Melbourne COCO, Franz, 177 Barkly St North Fitzroy CODY, Patrick Hamilton, 41 Carri Ave lvanhoe COGGINS, Geoffrey Leigh, 168 Glen Iris Rd Glen Iris COGLIN, William Stephen, 1906 Malvern Rd East Malvern COHEN, Bryan Ernes!, 16 Baynton St Kyneton COHEN, Jeffery Myer, 42 Milcham Rd Mitcham COHEN, Philip Henry, 438 Glen Eira Rd Caulfield COKER, Julian David, 112 Railway Ave East Ringwood COLAHAN, Richard Francis, 3 Beauview Pde E lvanhoe COLE, Edward Shorland, 34 Queens Rd Melbourne COLE, Owen Russell, 404 Albert St East Melbourne COLE, Russell Geoflrey, Dept Anaesthetics Royal Melbourne Hospital COLE, William Geoffrey, 362 Auburn Road Hawthorn

19 19 COLE, William Harold James, 114 Grey St East Melbourne COLEBATCH, John Houghton, Haematology Research Unit Royal Childrens Hospital Parkville COLEMAN, Kevin John, 46 McKillop SI Geelong COLLIE, Donald Lindsay, 132 Bay St Brighton COLLINS, Dunstan William, 176 Springvale Rd Nunawading COLLINS, Edmund Bryant, 41 Camp St Beechworth COLLINS, lan Alexander, The Clinic Altona 55 Blyth SI Altona COLLINS, John Paxton, 4/202 The Avenue Parkville COLLOPY, Brian Thomas, 20 Collins SI Melbourne COLLOPY, Kevin Edward, 8 Davey SI Frankston COLMAN, Jack, 162 Buckley St Essendon COLVILLE, Henry Cecil, 1045 Burke Rd Hawthorn East COLVILLE, Peter Langtree, 24 Collins SI Melbourne COLVIN, John Llewellyn, 251 Grattan St Carlton COMBES, John Bertrand, 320 Wattle Tree Rd East Malvern CONE, John Charles Proctor, 21enn SI Richmond CONNARD, Allan Barrie, 245 Hampton St Hampton CONNAUGHTON, Frederick William, 141 Grey SI East Melbourne CONNELL, Francis Xavier, 12 Nantes SI Newtown CONNELL, John Fletcher, 6 Baynton St Kyneton CONNELLAN, Joseph Donal, 19 Jennings St Kyneton CONNELL Y, Damien Patrick, 15 Southey St Blackburn CONNOCK, Richard Hugh Shepherd, 400 Albert St East Melbourne CONNOR, Frank, Ocean Grove CONNOR, Michael Thomas, Connor SI Colac CONNORS, Terence Jarnes, 11 Leake SI Essendon CONRON, David, Hamilton St Gisborne CONROY, David Mayo, 400 Albert St East Melbourne COOK, James Wilson, 'Alexander' Castlernaine COOPER, Eric, 5 Bickleigh St Glen Iris COOPER, Graham Windham, 24 Collins St Melbourne COOPER, Jean Lilias, 712 Yarra St Hawthorn COOTE, Barry Desrnond, 20 Collins St Melbourne COPLAND, Colin Russell, 146a High SI Ashburton COPLAND, John Maurice, 6/160 Lee St North Carlton COPLANS, Robert Michael, FSb/381 Toorak Rd South Yarra COPPEN, Barbara Phyllis, 53 Gipps St East Melbourne CORBETT, David Albert, 53 Glenard Dve Heidelberg CORBETT, Graharn, 291 Mitcham Rd Vermont CORBETT, John Lindsay Miller, 21 Wantirna Rd Ringwood CORBY, Peter Vincent, 3 Beauview Pde East I van hoe CORONER, Donald Pruen, 'Tarawera' Diamond Creek CORONER, Edward Pruen, 23 Grimshaw SI Greensborough CORMIE, Bernard John, P.O. Box 66 Manangatang CORRIGAN, Margaret Louise, 10 Rob my Street Glen Waverley CORRY, Francis, 47 Cotham Rd Kew COSGRIFF, Peter Francis, 79 Thomas SI East Brighton COSGROVE, James Alphonsus, 1 Fairhills Pde Glen Waverley COSSAR, David Francis, 8th Floor Albert St Centre 376 Albert St East Melbourne COSTELLO, Brian Walle, 74a Orrong Rd Elsternwick COSTIGAN, Francis Eugene, 311 Hawthorn Rd Caulfield COTTRELL, Gavin Mcgregor, 20 Collins St Melbourne COUNSELL, Waiter Duff, 428 SI Kilda Road Melbourne COURT, John Maurice, Royal Children's Hospital Pelham SI Parkville COUSINS, David Treasure, C/0 Moe Hospital Moe COUSINS, John Ritchie, 626 Sturt St Ballarat COUTANCEAU, Henri Rene Paul, 14 Grey St East Melbourne COVENTRY, Donald Alexander, 15 Collins SI Melbourne COWEN, Percy Harris, 2 Collins St Melbourne COWIE, Robert Williarn, 114 Grey SI East Melbourne COWLING, David Crosby, Room 203 Clinical Science Building C/- P 0 Royal Melbourne Hospital COWLING. Nancy, Unit 13 1 Monaro Rd Kooyong COX, Bruce, Main St Pakenharn East CRAIG. Colrn Jackson, 187 Lygon St Carlton CRAIG, Ellen Meeson, Conara 47 Prospect Hill Rd Camberwell CRAMER, Gregory Elrno Justin, 213 Charman Rd Cheltenham CRANKSHAW, David Pilkington, P 0 Box 73 South Yarra CRANSWICK, John Edward, Knox Medical Centre 649 Mountain Hwy Bayswater CRAVANA, Angelo John, 1591 Ferntree Gully Rd Knoxfield CRAWFORD, Bruce Alexander, 251 Grallan St Carlton CRAWFORD, Julian Nicholas, 9/305 Dandenong Rd Windsor CRAWFORD, Matthew Scott, 21 Wantirna Rd Ringwood CREEDON, Allan Timothy, 19 Alpha St North Balwyn CRELLIN, John Royston, Wonthaggi Medical Group Murray SI Wonthaggi CRICK, Frederick Selwin, Glenhuntly Rd Glenhuntly CRICK, Selwyn John, I 3 Coringa Close Vermont CRISP, Ernes! Reginald, 12 Collins St Melbourne CRITCHLEY, John Edward, 34 Queen's Rd Melbourne CRITTLE, Claire Winifred, 22 Burwood Rd Burwood CROATTO, Mario Anthony, Leongatha Medical Centre Box 231 Leongatha CROMBIE, John Moir, Box 139 Berwick CROMIE, George Pentland, 63 Victoria St Ballarat CRONIN, Keith David, 69 Royal Parade Parkville CROOKE, Peter Athorne, 197 Gilbert Rd West Preston CROSBY, Williarn Moncrieff, 7 Stephen SI Newtown GROSSER, Russell Edward, 1 Mast Gully Rd Upwey CROZIER, John Edwin Digby, Barnoolut Casterton CSORDAS, Stefan Eugen, T B Bureau Health Department Lt Lonsdale SI Melbourne CULLEN, Neil Graeme, Stanhill Medical Centre 34 Queens Rd Melbourne CULLEN, Norman Benjarnin, 3 Burgundy St Heidelberg CULLEN, William, Hobson Park Hasp Traralgon CUMMINS, James Thomas, 20 Collins St Melbourne CUNNINGHAM, Mark Laurence, Alcaston House 2 Collins St Melbourne CURRELL, James Holrnes, 145 Glen Eira Rd Ripponlea CURRIE, Blair McCielland, Cl- Private Bag 2 Ararat CURRIE, Robert Anchew, 270 Wingrove St Fairfield CURRIE, Trevor Talbert, 114 Grey St East Melbourne CURRY, Ralph Hobart, 64 Christowel St Camberwell CURTIS, Joan Marie, Mansfield CURTIS, John Bryant, 376 Albert SI East Melbourne CURWEN-WALKER, Peter Dermott, 417 St Kilda Rd Melbourne CUSSEN, Kevin Richard, 126 Queen SI Melbourne CUTHBERTSON, Alan Morton, 14 Parliament PI Melbourne D'AMER-DREW, Joseph Harold, 38 Wadham Pde Mt Waverley D'APICE, Anthony John Frederick, Cl- PO. Royal Melbourne Hosp D'SOUZA, Joaquim John Santus, Western General Hospital Footscray DABB, Stewart Charles, 9 Carinya Crt Mt Waverley DADE, John De Berri Johnston, 2 Railway Pde Mornington DALEY, Peter Henry, Norlane Medical Clinic 77 Melbourne Rd Norlane DAL Y, Thomas Joseph, 110 Coil ins SI Melbourne DAMMERY, Edward Robert David, 47 Murrumbeena Rd Murrumbeena DANIEL, Williarn John, 1 05 Lucan SI Bendigo DANIELSON, Greta A1ice Marie, 7 Mount SI Eaglemont DANKS, David Miles, 12 Mountain Gve Kew DARBY, Edward James, Royal Park Psychiatric Hosp Pie Bag 3 Parkville DARVALL, William Anthony, 149 Upper Heidelberg Rd lvanhoe DAS, Nagaratham Paramanantha, Ballan Hospital Ballan DAVEY, Derek Frank, 33 Dalmor Ave Carnegie DAVEY, Marjorie Elaine, Aftercare Hospital Victoria Pde Collingwood DAVEY, William Wilkin, P 0 Box 375 Portland DAVIDSON, George Ronald, 622 Sturt St Ballarat DAVIDSON, Zacharia, 259 Gower St Preston DAVIE, Brian Percy, 53 Erin St Richmond DAVIES, Francis Christopher Henry, Victoria SI Warragul DAVIES, lan William, Cnr Mundy & McCrae Sts Bendigo DAVIES, Peter Joseph James, 81 Collins St Melbourne DAVIES, William Macleod, Canner St Colac DAVIS, lvor Michael, Prince Henrys Hospital Melbourne DAVIS, Morris Gael, 110 Coil ins St Melbourne DAVIS, Norman Alexander, Post Office Box 207 Mount Waverley DAVIS, Peter Hannay, 376 Albert St East Melbourne DAVIS, William Munro, 476 Warrigal Rd Ashwood DAVOREN, Ruth Alfreda Mary, 16 Sevenoaks SI Balwyn DAWBORN, John Kingsley, Austin Hospital Heidelberg DAWS, Joyce Margaretta, 421 SI Kilda Rd Melbourne DAWSON, John Harris Mclean, 20 Collins St Melbourne DAY, Arthur Joseph, 2 Collins St Melbourne DAY, Cephas, 33 Reserve Rd Beaumaris DE CRESPIGNY, Francis Philip Champion, 55 High St Ararat DE CRESPIGNY, James Vivian Champion, 550 Centre Rd Bentleigh DE GAlL, Phillipe, 20 Tattenham SI Carnegie DE GARIS, Colin Noel, 17 Lansdowne St East Melbourne DE KRETSER, David Morritz, 1 Leura SI Surrey Hills DE SOUSA, Olympia Bray, 18 Bedford Rd Ringwood DE VOOGD, Egbert Cornelis, 281 Main St Bairnsdale DE ZILWA, Percy, 14 Riddle SI Bentleigh DEACON, Owen William, 24 Collins St Melbourne DEERBON, Murray Karel Francis, 91 Canterbury Rd Heathrnont DEERY, Arthur, Mooroolbark Medical Centre Cnr Hull Rd & Charles SI Mooroolbark DEERY, Roland Arthur, Mooroolbark Medical Centre Cnr Hull Rd & Charles St Mooroolbark DELAHUNTY, John Edward, 3 Highfield Gve Kew DEMPSTER, Douglas Theniel, 5 Pearson St Maffra DEN HOUTING, Peter, 11 Mostyn St Castlemaine DENEHY, Wallace Hugh, 55 Kyarra Rd Glen Iris DENISENKO, Richard William, 508 Swift Street Albury DENNIS, Peter Miller, C/0 Department Of Chemical Pathology Prince Henry's Hosp SI Kilda Rd Melbourne DENNIS, William Lawrence, Geelong Hospital Ryrie St Geelong DENNY, Edward Lewis, 24 Royal Ave Sandringham DENT ON, Derek Ash worth, Dept Of Physiology Melbourne University Parkville DERHAM, Harry Alfred, Larundel Hospital Plenty Rd Bundoora DERMER, Edward Gascoigne, Flat Toorak Rd South Yarra DESMOND, Harry, 5 Stanley SI Wodonga

20 20 Appendix 2 DEUTSCHMANN, Peter William, 61 Rushall Cres North Fitzroy DEVINE, Terence Joseph, 56 Park Rd Middle Park DIAMOND, Nicholas Charles, 19 Hastings Rd Frankston DICK, Heather Daphne, 1 08 Clarendon St Ballarat DICK, John Chesterton, Anaesthetic 11 0 Sturt St Ballarat DICKENS, David Robert Vernon, 179 Victoria Pde Fitzroy DICKINSON, Pamela, 4 Grange Rd Canterbury DICKINSON, Ronald Leslie Schorey, Suite 6 50 Nelson Rd Box Hill DICKMAN, John William, 11 Beach St Frankston DIDZYS, Waiter, 192 Queen St Altona DOBBIN, Malcolm Douglas Hamilton, 467 Station SI North Carlton OOBSON, Alan Robert, 12 Holyrood SI Camberwell DOBSON, Michael Gibson, 222 Drumond SI North Ballarat OOCHERTY, Eugene Donald, 23 Como Pde Mentone DODO, Glenville Palliser, 7 4 Alma Rd St Kilda DODGE, Erwin Arnold, 20 Collins St Melbourne DODGSHUN, John Wills, Clarendon St Maryborough OOIG, Ronald Keith, 1087 Hoddle St East Melbourne DOIG, William Grant, 417 SI Kilda Rd Melbourne DOMAINGUE, Francis George, Glenhuntly Rd Caulfield DOMINIKOVICH, Ernes! George, CJ- Royal Childrens Hospital Flemington Rd Parkville DONAHOE, Simon Ross, 68 Harold St Hawthorn East DONALD, Alexander Osborne, 209 Alma Rd East SI Kilda DONALD, Charles Douglas, 11 0 Collins St Melb DONCASTER, John William, 222 Noble St Newtown DONNAN, Alys Esther Patricia, C/0 Dept Social & Preventive Medicine Alfred Hospital Prahran DONNAN, Laurence Frederick, 1 07 Coulstock St Warrnambool DONNAN, Meredith Gordon Francis, 111 Collins St Melbourne DONOHUE, James John, 184 Glenroy Rd Glenroy DOOLEY, Brendon John, 141 Grey St East Melbourne DORAN, Brian James, Bookside Cottage Mount Macedon DORAN, Terence Malachi, Box 44 Glen Waverley DOREVITCH, Abraham Phillip, 693 Burke Rd Camberwell DORMAN, John Herbert, Industrial Medical Service 24 Gladstone SI South Melbourne DOTI, William Alexander, 5th Floor 15 Collins SI Melbourne DOUGLAS, Allan Sholto, Langton Medical Centre Cnr Langhorne & Foster Sts Dandenong DOUGLAS, John Campbell, 37 Main St East Pakenham DOWLING, Donald Joseph, 51 Waterfield SI Coburg DOWLING, John Timothy, 71 Nungerner St Balwyn DOWNES, John Graham, 1007 Malvern Rd Toorak DOWNIE, James Russell Ferguson, 24 Collins SI Melbourne DOWNING, Bruce Graham, 33 Maxwell Grv Caulfield DOWNING, Bruce Jacob, 135 Synnott St Werribee DOWNING, David Milton, 9 Livingstone St lvanhoe DOYLE, Francis William Malachy, 925 Whitehorse Rd Box Hill DOYLE, John Coundley, 24 Collins St Melbourne DRAKE, John Barry, C;O Peter Maccallum Clinic 278 William St Melbourne DRAKOPOULOS, Dimitrios, 78 Willesden Rd Oakleigh DREW, Leslie Raymond Hill, Suite 6 2 Collins St Melbourne DRISCOLL, lan Beavis, 24 Carson SI Kew DRUITI, Douglas Marshal!, 1 7 Central Park Rd East Malvern DRURY, Harrie Denison, 63 Victoria SI Ballarat DRURY-WHITE, Jean Mary, 24 Green St Wangaratta DUFF, Peter Julian, 16 Hayes Rd Strathmore DUFFY, Douglas Burland, 14 Parliament PI Melbourne DUGDALE, Leslie Morgan, C/0 Alfred Hospital Prahran DUGGAL, Gobind Singh, Thomastown Clinic 351 High St Lalor DUIGAN, Gwynne Elizabeth, 46 Swanston St Geelong DUKE, John Swinnerton, 190 Warran}lyte Road North Ringwood DUNCAN, David Ross, 34 Park Place South Yarra DUNCAN, George, 18 Magnolia Drive Ternplestowe DUNGAN, Rae William, 11 7 Millswyn St South Yarra DUNN, Bernard Leslie, 400 Albert SI East Melbourne DUNN, Robert Henry Levinge, Binney SI Euroa DUNNE, Robin, 25 Woodland St Strathmore DUNSIS, Astrid, 64 Gatehouse SI Parkville DUPUCHE, Rene Henri, 20 Collins SI Melbourne DURBRIDGE, Thomas Keep, 151 Langtree Ave Mildura DWYER, Mary Elizabeth, 32 Becketl SI Balwyn DZIUKAS, Unas Joseph, 11 0 Creswick St West Footscray EAGGER, Ronald Joseph, Box 231 Leongatha EAGLE, Geoffrey Allan, 73 Boundary Rd Mt Eliza EBELING, Peter, 213 Church St Brighton EBRAHIM, Ebrahim, C/0 Medical Centre 80 Power Rd Doveton ECCLES-SMITH, Charles Bernard, 6 Glyn Cl Cheltenham EDDEY, Howard Hadfield, Dept Surgery Austin Hospital Heidelberg EDEN, Arthur Roderick, 43 Edwardes St Reservoir EDESON, Robert Oliver, Cl- Bank Of New South Wales Clients Mail Dept No /15 Sackville SI London W1x 2ab U K EDMONDS, John Frants, Hamilton Medical Group P 0 Box 560 Hamilton EDWARDS, Barry Noel, 348 Ryrie St Geelong EDWARDS, Bruce Condell, 151 Watlletree Rd Malvern EDWARDS, Keith Edward, Nepean Hwy Rosebud EFRON, Lionel, 3 Anderson SI E Malvern EGAN, John Celesbine, 21 Alfred Rd Essendon EGAN, John Patrick, 81 Canterbury Rd Blackburn EISEN, Peter Ronald, 42 Princess SI Kew EISENBRUCH, lsaac Maurice, 3/12 Dudley SI lvanhoe EIZENBERG, Harry, 218 Waterdale Rd lvanhoe ELAM, Denis Roy, 1448 High SI Glen Iris ELDER, David Dillon, 716 Brunswick St Fitzroy North ELISHA, Benjamin, 246 Dandenong Rd East SI Kilda ELLIOTT, Barry Gilbert, Cabrini Medical Centre 5 Coonil Crt Malvern ELLIOTT, Peter Ross, 23 Tyrone St Camberwell ELRICK, William Lindsay, 541 St Kilda Rd Melbourne ENG, Peter Peng Han, The Glenroy Clinic 849 Pascoe Vale Rd Glenroy ENGLAND, John Richard Fountayne, 100 Collins St Melbourne ENNIS, Gordon Colwell, 111 Collins St Melbourne ENNISS, Harley John, 124 Power SI Hawthorn EPSTEIN,!van Samuel, Epworth Medical Centre 62 Erin SI Richmond EPSTEIN, Joseph, 994 Drummond SI Carlton EPSTEIN, Zygmonl, 285 Ballarat Rd Footscray ESCOTT, Richard Norman, 1 Wheatland Rd Malvern ESNOUF, Ernes! Stuart, 1229 Hoddle St East Melbourne ESSER, Alfred Adolf, 92 Church SI Hawthorn ESSER, Humphrey Rolleston, P.O. Box 48 Leongatha ESSON, Francis Alexander, 403 Broadway Wycheproof ETHERIDGE, Maurice James, 41 0 Albert St East Melbourne ETHERIDGE, William Napier, P 0 Box 46 Kew EVANS, Brinley Lightfoot, 2a Kalimna SI Essendon EWING, Maurice Rossie, University Of Melbourne Parkville EYLES, Philip Sydney, 518 Barkers Rd Hawthorn FABB, Wesley Earl, 12 Westminster Ave Bulleen FABRIKANT, Harold, Prince Henrys Hospital SI Kilda Rd Melbourne FAIL, Leon, 581 Canning SI North Carlton FAIRBANK, Christine Elizabeth, 71 Ullimur Rd Carnegie FAIRBANK, Eric Charles, 21 Riverview Tee Warrnambool FAIRLEY, Keith Douglas, 421 SI Kilda Rd Melbourne FAIRLEY, Kenneth Fairburn, 421 SI Kilda Rd Melbourne FAIRWEA THER, Alastair James, 76 Somers SI Burwood FAIRWEATHER, David Leonard, 82 Beach SI Frankston FALCONER, tan Gordon, Knox Medical Centre 649 Mountain Highway Bayswater FAN, Shing Tung, 800 Sydney Rd Coburg FARAGHER, Brian Sangster, 4 Grange Ave Canterbury FARAGHER, Richard tan, 130 McKinnon Rd Mckinnon FARMER, David Rex, Suite 4/106 Wellington Pde East Melbourne FARRAN, Egbert Armytage Cunninghame, 78 Park SI Sth Yarra FARRELL, Thomas William Osbourne, 3 Collington Ave Middle Brighton FARROW, Howard William Searle, 39 Bay Rd Sandringham FAULKS, Allison Diane, 188 Mountainview Pde Macleod West FAVALORO, Felix Giovanni, 174 Union Rd Surrey Hills FAVILLA, tan, 43 Ringwood SI Ringwood FAWNS, Rosemary Anne, Trinity College Royal Parade Parkville FEDDERSEN, Alan Stuart, 3 Denmark SI Kew FEDERMAN, Jacob, 6/180 Sycamore SI South Caulfield FEIGLIN, David Howard tan, 37 Lucas SI South Caulfield FELDMANN, Marc, 87 Hotham SI East St Kilda FENNESSY, Leon Anthony, 2 Closeburn Ave Windsor FENNESSY, Shane Stephen, 4 Morris Rd Upwey FERGUSON, Austen Stewart, 386 Albert SI East Melbourne FERGUSON, Nancy Lillian, 110 Collins St Melbourne FERGUSON, Nina Margaret, 1 a Grange Rd Toorak FERGUSON, William Frederick, Princes Hwy Trafalgar FERNANDES, Philip Jerry, 4 Beach Ave Elwood FERNANDO, Nelun Maheswarie, 30 Dickens St Lalor FERWERDA, Peter Andrew, 46 Cuthberts Rd Alfredton Ballarat FETHERS, John Bernard, 41 O.Aibert St East Melbourne FIDDES, Patrick James, 38 Green St Wangaratta FIELD, Edward Wolf, 1108 Glenhuntly Rd Glenhuntly FIELD, James Edward, 19 Belmont Ave Kew FIELD, Peter Llewellyn, 38 Fordholm Rd Hawthorn FIELDING, Christopher John, Johnson SI Maffra FIELDING, John Mathew, Parkville Psychiatric Unit 35 Poplar Rd Parkville FIGGINS, Loris Freda, C!O South Eastern District Hospital Princes Hwy Noble Park FILDES, Peter Grant, 9 Dorset Rd Croydon North FINK, Roy Laurence Willis, 20 Collins St Melbourne FINKELSTEIN, Ernes!, 34 Paisley SI Footscray FIRTH-SMITH, William Alan, 15 Albion SI Surrey Hill FISCHER, Alfred John Kevin, 388 North Rd Ormond FISCHER, Stephen Rodney, SI Vincents Hospital Victoria Pde Fitzroy FISHER, John Watt, 1 Worland Gve Warrnambool FISHER, Leonard David, 86 Mont Albert Rd Canterbury FITZGERALD, David Joseph, 262 Latrobe Tee Geelong FITZGERALD, James Edward, 1Oth Fl 20 Collins St Melbourne

A Guide to Workers Compensation in Tasmania

A Guide to Workers Compensation in Tasmania A Guide to Workers Compensation in Tasmania DISCLAIMER This information is for guidance only and is not to be taken as an expression of the law. It should be read in conjunction with the Workers Rehabilitation

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Personal Injury Self Help Kit

Personal Injury Self Help Kit Personal Injury Self Help Kit Supported by The purpose of this kit This kit has been developed to help people pursue public liability personal injury claims, where the injury sustained is due to another

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ACCIDENT COMPENSATION ACT REVIEW A GUIDE. Peter Hanks QC ACCIDENT COMPENSATION ACT REVIEW Peter Hanks QC AUGUST 2008 ACCIDENT COMPENSATION ACT REVIEW 1 This guide is designed to provide an overview of the final report of the Review of the Accident Compensation

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Management of major injury claims by the Transport Accident Commission

Management of major injury claims by the Transport Accident Commission V I C T O R I A Auditor General Victoria Management of major injury claims by the Transport Accident Commission Ordered to be printed by Authority. Government Printer for the State of Victoria No. 100

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WORKPLACE ACCIDENT CLAIMS A GUIDE TO YOUR ENTITLEMENTS WORKPLACE ACCIDENT CLAIMS A GUIDE TO YOUR ENTITLEMENTS This guide includes the following: Who is a worker? What is the Victorian WorkCover Authority? Who can make a WorkCover claim. When is employment

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Claimant s solicitor loses out insurance policy since failure to recommend that policy could lead to a termination of their panel membership.

Claimant s solicitor loses out insurance policy since failure to recommend that policy could lead to a termination of their panel membership. 06 Defendant Insurer Forbes save client 1million on Claimant costs Forbes specialist cost lawyers recently passed the 1million savings figure on Claimant solicitors charges for a Metropolitan Borough Council

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HOTTOPICS. Personal injury 1 Overview 2 The law of negligence 3 Public liability insurance 5 The public liability crisis

HOTTOPICS. Personal injury 1 Overview 2 The law of negligence 3 Public liability insurance 5 The public liability crisis HOTTOPICS 2005 > TOPICS 51 LEGAL ISSUES IN PLAIN LANGUAGE This is the fifty-first in the series Hot Topics: legal issues in plain language, published by the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC). Hot

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THE CONSUMER S GUIDE TO CAR ACCIDENT CLAIMS IN NOVA SCOTIA THE CONSUMER S GUIDE TO CAR ACCIDENT CLAIMS IN NOVA SCOTIA Why Most Nova Scotia Car Accident Victims Don t Receive Fair Compensation John A. McKiggan Arnold Pizzo McKiggan 306-5670 Spring Garden Road Halifax,

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All you need to know of retirement funding

All you need to know of retirement funding All you need to know of retirement funding Contents Introduction 5 1. General 6 1.1 Establishing a retirement fund 6 1.2 Eligibility 13 1.3 Fund administration 17 1.4 Benefit structure 28 1.5 The Surplus

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Personal Injury Compensation in Sweden Today

Personal Injury Compensation in Sweden Today Personal Injury Compensation in Sweden Today Erland Strömbäck 1 Introduction The general rules on liability and compensation in Sweden is to be found in The Tort Liability Act (Skadeståndslagen, Law No

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Your Rights and Benefits

Your Rights and Benefits THE MICHIGAN NO-FAULT AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE LAW: Your Rights and Benefits A Practical Guide For Patients and Providers 7 th Edition By: GEORGE T. SINAS SINAS, DRAMIS, BRAKE, BOUGHTON & MCINTYRE, P.C. Attorneys

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A Handbook for Litigants in Person

A Handbook for Litigants in Person A Handbook for Litigants in Person HHJ Edward Bailey, Editor-in-Chief HHJ Neil Bidder QC HHJ Peter Bowers HHJ Alison Hampton HHJ David Hodge QC HHJ Peter Hughes QC Contents Foreword Preface i ii Chapter

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More information



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Personal Injury Protection Plan. Your Guide

Personal Injury Protection Plan. Your Guide Personal Injury Protection Plan Your Guide Section 1 Medical and Personal Expenses Your Reference Page Date of Accident Injury Claim Number Personal Injury Case Manager Telephone number Best time to call

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WORKERS COMP LAW FIRM, LLC MATT M. PAAVOLA, MANAGING ATTORNEY 2113 OREMS ROAD BALTIMORE, MD 21220 1.800.600.6563 BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO MARYLAND WORKERS' COMPENSATION LAW Introduction The purpose of this information booklet is to enlighten you

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Pennsylvania s Limited Tort Option

Pennsylvania s Limited Tort Option Pennsylvania s Limited Tort Option Jonathan Ostroff, Esquire This book is solely intended to provide public legal information regarding personal injury claims and insurance. None of the information in

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Stress and mental injuries how to compensate?

Stress and mental injuries how to compensate? Stress and mental injuries how to compensate? Prepared by Andrew McInerney and David Gregory Presented to the Actuaries Institute Injury Schemes Seminar 10 12 Gold Coast This paper has been prepared for

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Workers Compensation & Injury Management: A Guide for Workers

Workers Compensation & Injury Management: A Guide for Workers Workers Compensation & Injury Management: A Guide for Workers WorkCover WA 2 Bedbrook Place Shenton Park WA 6008 Telephone: (08) 9388 5555 Facsimile: (08) 9388 5550 Advice and Assistance Unit: 1300 794

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PENNSYLVANIA WORKERS COMPENSATION GUIDE FIRST EDITION 2008 PENNSYLVANIA WORKERS COMPENSATION GUIDE FIRST EDITION 2008 MISSION STATEMENT Freeburn & Hamilton is committed to providing excellent legal service in the pursuit of the maximum compensation permitted by

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Dear New Jersey Driver,

Dear New Jersey Driver, Dear New Jersey Driver, Auto insurance is required in New Jersey. As a New Jersey driver, you have many choices when it comes to purchasing auto insurance. Each choice you make affects the coverage you

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KENTUCKY. Guidebook to Workers Compensation

KENTUCKY. Guidebook to Workers Compensation KENTUCKY Guidebook to Workers Compensation Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Workers Claims 657 Chamberlin Avenue Frankfort, KY 40601 Commissioner Dwight T. Lovan

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South Australia s Compulsory Third Party Insurance Scheme 2012 Green Paper

South Australia s Compulsory Third Party Insurance Scheme 2012 Green Paper South Australia s Compulsory Third Party Insurance Scheme 2012 Green Paper Contents Foreword Page 03 South Australia s Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP) Scheme Page 04 Issues confronting South Australia

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Presidential Guidance General Case Management

Presidential Guidance General Case Management Presidential Guidance General Case Management The Guidance is issued on the thirteenth day of March 2014 under the provisions of Rule 7 of the first schedule to the Employment Tribunals (Constitution and

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Pitfalls in Personal Injury Litigation MAY 2005 EDITION

Pitfalls in Personal Injury Litigation MAY 2005 EDITION Pitfalls in Personal Injury Litigation MAY 2005 EDITION Contents Introduction 1 The Causes 2 The Best Risk Management - An Informed Client 2 The Most Common Mistakes 3 1. Missing VWA time limits 3 2. Failure

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The Law on Damages Consultation Paper

The Law on Damages Consultation Paper Consultation Paper CP 9/07 04/05/2007 This consultation will end on 27/07/2007 A consultation produced by the Department for Constitutional Affairs. This information is also available on the DCA website

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Justice for the Injured

Justice for the Injured Justice for the Injured A consumer guide to Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Law 3580 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1800 Los Angeles, California 90010 Tel: 213.739.7000 Fax: 213.386.1671

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WORKERS COMPENSATION AND YOU WORKERS COMPENSATION AND YOU INFORMATION FOR INJURED WORKERS The purpose of this web brochure is to give a brief explanation of some basic information that you should know if you are injured on the job.

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Tort personal injury claims statistics: Is there a compensation culture in the United Kingdom?

Tort personal injury claims statistics: Is there a compensation culture in the United Kingdom? Tort personal injury claims statistics: Is there a compensation culture in the United Kingdom? Richard Lewis, Annette Morris and Ken Oliphant * This article seeks to identify the most reliable sources

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