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1 NTIONL ERTIFITE (VOTIONL) FOO PREPRTION NQF LEVEL 2 NOVEMER 2009 ( ) 25 November (X-Paper) 09:00 12:00 This question paper consists of 12 pages and a 4-page answer sheet. opyright reserved

2 ( ) -2- N1080(E)(N25)V TIME: 3 HOURS MRKS: 200 INSTRUTIONS N INFORMTION nswer LL the questions. nswer LL the questions in SETION on the attached NSWER SHEET and SETION in the NSWER OOK. Read LL the questions carefully. Number the answers according to the numbering system used in this question paper. Write neatly and legibly. opyright reserved

3 ( ) -3- N1080(E)(N25)V SETION QUESTION 1 Various options are given as possible answers to the following questions. hoose the answer and write only the letter ( ) next to the question number ( ) on the attached NSWER SHEET. 1.1 equipment can spread bacteria to other food that is prepared. roken heap Old irty 1.2 is the simplest cleaning agent of all and when applied under pressure, it cleans hard surfaces such as floors and walls. Sanitiser brasive powder Water General-purpose cleaner 1.3 rain off excess oil on all fried foods with a paper. brown foil absorbent wax 1.4 should be reassembled after cleaning. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) blender tilting pan bain-marie Grids (i) & (iv) (ii) & (iii) (i) & (iii) (ii) & (iv) 1.5 Ensure that food is before it is fried. par-boiled dry frozen wet opyright reserved

4 ( ) -4- N1080(E)(N25)V 1.6 Vegetables often carry which may be contaminated by animals. spots leaves water soil 1.7 and are examples of root vegetables. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) elery abbage arrots eetroot (i) & (iv) (ii) & (iii) (iv) & (ii) (iii) & (iv) 1.8 Which is the best cooking method to retain the nutritional value of vegetables? oiling Steaming Poaching Grilling 1.9 can be blanched to loosen their skins. Sweet pepper Tomatoes Marrows Potatoes 1.10 Glazing as a finishing method can be applied on carrots. mealies. mushrooms. broccoli storage should be cool and dry, with preferably no direct sunlight. ry Refrigerated Freezer Kitchen opyright reserved

5 ( ) -5- N1080(E)(N25)V 1.12 Food stores should be secured against any pest infestation. Which of the following does NOT cause pest infestation? Poisonous substances Mice Rats Weevils 1.13 Eggs are high-risk foods. It needs careful storage to prevent bacteria like from multiplying. fungi salmonella staphylococcus cocci 1.14 When deep-frying, use oil that can be heated to without smoking Pre-prepared and convenience foods that are popular for quick service are salad ingredients. onions. potatoes. bread dough aked food was not cooked in the centre because the cooking time was sufficient. the baking sheet was placed on the centre rack. the oven temperature too high. a moderate temperature was used Which of these is a fusion of frican and Western cuisine consisting of maize porridge, tomato-and-onion relish and mushrooms? Paptert Polenta ouscous Risotto opyright reserved

6 ( ) -6- N1080(E)(N25)V 1.18 These fruits are characterised by a thick rind, which has a bitter white pith and a zest: Soft fruits Tropical fruits itrus fruits Exotic fruits [20] QUESTION 2 Give ONE word/term for each of the following descriptions by choosing a word/term from the list below. Write only the word/term next to the question number ( ) on the attached NSWER SHEET. FIFO; compote; condiments; Granny Smith; freezer burn; putu porridge; apricots; braising; trimming; deep frying; cross contamination; uchess potatoes; dusting; apple pie; steaming; lemon The cause of most outbreaks of food poisoning and is the result of incorrect food processing or handling methods This helps to ensure that the food we produce is of the highest quality and wastage is minimised ried-out patches where food was exposed in a freezer Fruit prepared or cooked in syrup seasoning or relish for food Icing sugar, castor sugar or cocoa powder may be lightly sprinkled over the surface of baked products orn meal which is boiled into a stiff, thick porridge or a crumbly or dry porridge Starch vegetable which is fluffy, mashed, piped and then baked combination of stewing and pot-roasting vegetables This method is used to enhance the appearance of vegetables stone fruit stewed to make jams popular fruit pudding with a pastry crust The juice that may be used instead of vinegar to prevent browning of pears tart apple that is well suited for cooking opyright reserved

7 ( ) -7- N1080(E)(N25)V 2.15 Popular method of cooking French fries. [15] QUESTION 3 Study the picture below and answer the following questions. Write only the answer next to the question number ( ) on the attached NSWER SHEET. ivide the items that you may buy at the above store into TWO groups of fruits and vegetables Use the table in the answer sheet and name FIVE examples of fruit and FIVE examples of vegetables that you can buy at FRUIT N VEG ITY. (5 x 2) lassify or categorise each item you listed in QUESTION 3.1 for fruits and vegetables. (5 2) Identity ways to minimize waste when preparing vegetable dishes. Which FIVE guidelines are you going to follow to ensure that you select the best quality when you purchase vegetables? (10) (10) (5) (5) [30] QUESTION 4 Indicate whether the following statements are TRUE or FLSE. Write only 'true' or 'false' next to the question number ( ) on the attached NSWER SHEET. orrect the statement if it is FLSE and give a reason why? When preparing foods for quick service use one chopping board to cut up all ingredients. It is best to remove kitchen waste from the kitchen in open refuse bags. Inadequate reheating is a cause of food contamination. Store outside bins in sunny areas so that waste does not start decomposing. opyright reserved

8 ( ) -8- N1080(E)(N25)V When using chemical energy, sterilisers kill all living organisms. Wash wall tiles with clean water and a mop. [10] TOTL SETION : 75 SETION : LONG QUESTIONS QUESTION s a safety officer, which health and safety characteristics will you advise your manager to consider regarding the following when purchasing chef uniforms and give reasons for each answer: Jacket Shoes Hat pron (4) riefly explain the steps in the baking of an apple. s a kitchen supervisor, write instructions for cleaning an oven to be followed by new staff members. (4) Which cooking method will be used to cook meat kebabs? Name TWO safety measures that must be taken when cooking the kebabs. Which garnishes are appropriate for the following foods cooked by the method named in 5.4.1? (a) (b) (c) hicken Fish Porterhouse steak Time and temperature are extremely important when cooking. What will be the influence on your customers if food is overcooked or undercooked? (3) 5.5 How will you respond appropriately to the following unexpected operational situations? fire starts in the industrial kitchen The oil in the deep fryer is dirty 5.6 Which basic principles will you follow when preparing and cooking stirfried vegetables? (3) [27] opyright reserved

9 ( ) -9- N1080(E)(N25)V QUESTION You are working at the Tiny Tots daycare centre as a cook. How will you cook the following dishes? Name and explain how you will prepare each one reakfast starch at a daycare centre Starch dish of frican origin normally served during winter with stews (3) (3) 6.2 t the Spur they always ensure that they give excellent service to their customers to keep them happy Why is it important that they cook some food in batches? What will be the result of cooking too many Spur Ribs above the capacity of the grill? Which food item do you think is mostly prepared in batches at Spur? 6.3 It is always important to minimise wastage when preparing vegetables. Think of potatoes that have been boiled in their skins For which dish can potatoes be boiled in their skins? Why is it a good and healthy way of preparing vegetables? Explain the term skinning of vegetables. How will you finish the dish in QUESTION so that it is more appetizing and not dry? Vegetables are very versatile in our diet. Identify FOUR ways to prevent the loss of nutrients during preparation and cooking of vegetables. When you are about to start chopping the vegetables you noticed the chopping board is mouldy and unsatinised. What action will you take? (4) [20] opyright reserved

10 ( ) -10- N1080(E)(N25)V QUESTION To avoid cross-contamination, it is important to clean knives correctly. State FIVE points on how to clean knives. lunt knives are dangerous to use. You need to apply more pressure with them. How will you sharpen a knife for safe use? Which knives/equipment can be used for completing the following tasks: (5) (4) ut steak and dice pie meat Skin and trim fish Scoop out balls of melon flesh 7.4 Some serious cuts are caused by inappropriate handling and caring of knives and cutting equipment in the kitchen. Explain how you will use the following equipment safely: Knives Electrical cutting equipment, for example a meat slicer (4) (4) [20] QUESTION 8 Read the recipe below and answer the questions that follow: Ingredients Suitable bread Grilled hicken fillet strips Mayonnaise Mozzarella cheese rushed garlic Salt and pepper opyright reserved

11 ( ) -11- N1080(E)(N25)V Method Fill the type of bread with the listed ingredients. Grill in sandwich toaster for about 5-7 minutes or until golden brown Which bread is used to prepare a tramezzini? Is tramezzini a hot or a cold sandwich? How will you store the bread four days before preparing the sandwich? Which FOUR ingredients were used as the filling? Explain the following preparation methods that were applied when preparing filling ingredients and state which ingredients for the tramezzini were prepared by this method: (4) Grating Slicing Which accompaniments can be served with the tramezzini to make it more full and attractive? Name TWO other types of cheese that may be used as a sandwich filling. guest requests a vegetarian tramezzini. What filling will you prepare? Which type of bread product is normally used for burgers? If one of your colleagues accidentally cuts herself/himself with a knife while preparing the tramezzini, how will you deal with the situation? [20] QUESTION To avoid cross contamination during quick service what steps will you apply when cleaning work surfaces before preparing food. (4) 9.2 Name FIVE preparation utensils that may be used for quick service and state the function of each. (5 2) (10) 9.3 t most fast-food services pre-prepared or convenient foods are used. Which convenient foods are used for preparing the following: Pizza hips 9.4 Which fried item may be coated with batter prior to deep-frying? opyright reserved

12 ( ) -12- N1080(E)(N25)V 9.5 What method of cooking will you choose to cook the following dishes: rumbed chicken and sausages roissants and pies How will you prepare the oven and oven racks prior to baking? You try to pre-heat the oven for baking and find that it is not working. What actions will you take? (3) (3) Name TWO ways to finish baked goods. ulky foods are delivered in bags or sacks. What action will you take if the packaging is damaged when delivered by the supplier? t the end of quick service it is necessary to dispose of leftover foods. Give THREE ways in which to dispose of leftovers with a reason for each step. (4) (6) [38] TOTL SETION : 125 GRN TOTL: 200 opyright reserved

13 ( ) -13- N1080(E)(N25)V NSWER SHEET EXMINTION NUMER: SETION QUESTION , [20] QUESTION opyright reserved

14 ( ) -14- N1080(E)(N25)V NSWER SHEET EXMINTION NUMER: [15] QUESTION FRUITS VEGETLES (10) 3.2 ategorise in the correct sequence as in QUESTION 3.1. FRUITS TEGORY VEGETLES TEGORY (10) opyright reserved

15 ( ) -15- N1080(E)(N25)V NSWER SHEET EXMINTION NUMER: 3.3 (5) 3.4 (5) [30] QUESTION opyright reserved

16 ( ) -16- N1080(E)(N25)V NSWER SHEET EXMINTION NUMER: [10] TOTL SETION : 75 opyright reserved