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2 B O S T O N S Cover Shot by Scott Indermaur Administrative...4 Alternative Dispute Resolution...4 Appellate...4 Arbitration...4 Asbestos Litigation...5 Automobile Accidents...5 Banking & Finance...5 Bankruptcy...5 Business & Commercial...6 Civil Litigation...9 Civil Rights...11 Class Action...11 Collections...11 Commercial Litigation...12 Communications & Media...12 Construction...12 Consumer...12 Corporate...12 Criminal...12 Debtor and Creditor...14 Dental Malpractice...14 Discrimination...14 BOSTON S TOP RA TED LAWYERS BY SP E C I ALTY T his list of Top Rated Lawyers was created by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell, the company that has long set the standard for peer review ratings, sharing its list of local lawyers who have reached the highest levels of ethical standards and professional excellence. Generations of lawyers have relied on LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell as the authoritative resource for information on the legal profession worldwide. With a history spanning 140 years, the Martindale-Hubbell database consists of more than 1 million lawyers and law firms in over 160 countries. Thousands of people refer to the database every day to find attorneys across town or across the globe, confirm their credentials based on independent evaluations of their skills and experience, and then select firms and lawyers that are the best fit for their personal and professional legal needs. To create this list of Top Rated Lawyers, LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell tapped its comprehensive database of Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings to identify E D I T I O N Divorce...14 Education...14 Elder Law...14 Eminent Domain...14 Energy and Natural Resources...14 Entertainment...14 Environmental...14 ERISA/Employee Benefits...15 Estate Planning...15 Family...16 Franchise...16 General Practice...16 Government...18 Health Care...18 Immigration...18 Information Technology...18 Insurance...18 Intellectual Property...19 Internet...20 Labor and Employment...21 Legal Malpractice Arbitration...21 Litigation...21 M E T H ODOL O GY Maritime...21 Mass Torts...21 Mediation...21 Medical Malpractice...21 Personal Injury...22 Products Liability...23 Plaintiff s Personal Injury...24 Professional Malpractice...24 Real Estate...24 Securities...26 Sexual Abuse...27 Social Securitiy Disability...27 Taxation...27 Transportation...28 Trusts and Estates...28 Whistleblower Litigation...28 White Collar...28 Workers Compensation...28 Wrongful Death...29 Zoning, Planning and Land Use...29 lawyers who have been rated by their peers to be AV Preeminent the highest Peer Review Rating available. Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings are driven by the confidential opinions of lawyers and members of the judiciary who receive invitations from LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell, via an online survey or by mail, to provide reviews of lawyers of whom they have professional knowledge. Peer Review Rated lawyers are not required to have a paid listing on Lawyers.comSM or To learn more about Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings, please go to These lawyers can be found online at and, in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory in print and CD-ROM formats, and online through the LexisNexis services and at The selection of Areas of Practice featured in the listings published here is composed from the top 60 searched Areas of Practice online at and To find all additional Areas of Practice please visit these sites. Publishers do not warrant that the information contained herein is complete or accurate. ALM Media, LLC (or either party s affiliates, employees, officers, directors or agents) does not assume, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any person for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions herein, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident or any other cause. This magazine includes paid attorney advertising. Consumers should contact the state bar for verification and additional information prior to securing the legal services of any attorney. ALM, Top Rated Lawyers, and Top Ranked Law Firms are trademarks of ALM Media Properties, LLC. 2 BOSTONS S TOP RATED LAWYERS For more information, go to

3 COVER Changing Civil Litigation s Landscape Lubin & Meyer PC has dominated medical malpractice verdicts and settlements in Massachusetts and New Hampshire SPOTLIGHT Since 1974, Lubin & Meyer has been regarded as one of the country s leading medical malpractice and personal injury law firms representing injured victims and their families. The firm s unparalleled results speak for themselves. In the last decade alone, Lubin & Meyer has achieved more than $600 million in verdicts and settlements, transforming both the lives of its clients and the landscape of civil litigation. In 2011, the firm achieved the seemingly impossible an incredible 36 verdicts and settlements of $1 million or more. In comparison, the individual firm that came closest in terms of results only achieved five verdicts and settlements of $1 million or more. Widely respected by their peers, Lubin & Meyer s highly skilled lawyers and their groundbreaking results distinguish the firm from would-be competitors. Founding partner Andrew C. Meyer, Jr., and partners Krysia J. Syska and Robert M. Higgins have all garnered a Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent rating for the highest level of professional excellence. Unrivaled in their scope of knowledge and experience, the firm is distinctively unique in their ability to dominate in two formidable practice areas of the law; medical malpractice and personal injury. Their mastery was illustrated in 2011 when the firm achieved both the largest jury verdict in Massachusetts for a medical malpractice case and the largest jury verdict in New Hampshire for a personal injury case. The precedent-setting medical malpractice case involved the wrongful death of a newborn. The eight-day-old twin baby girl died from a massive bowel infection while at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston. The Suffolk County Superior Court jury found a physician and nurse practitioner negligent in the infant s death. The result was an $11.48 million jury verdict. The highly complex personal injury case involved a 38-yearold father of two who was killed while cycling in August 2008 when he was run over by a tractor trailer. The driver of the tractor trailer attempted to pass the bicyclist on a left curve in the roadway, but had limited visibility. When a vehicle appeared traveling in the other direction, the tractor trailer had to move to the right leaving limited clearance for the bicyclist and forcing him off the road. The cyclist lost control, and fell back under the tractor trailer s rear tires. He was killed instantly. The trial lasted seven days and the jury deliberated for four hours before reaching an $8.5 million verdict. Respected for its innovative approach, thorough preparation and commitment to quality, the firm s premiere multidisciplinary team comprises 12 lawyers, four nurses, paralegals and assistants. The results that we have achieved are due to the skills we have developed over the years in analyzing, researching, preparing for and trying cases, says Meyer, the consensus go-to guy for medical malpractice and personal injury lawsuits. Each and every case is handled and prepared from its filing as if it will go to trial. The education, background, and years of experience of our lawyers make all the difference. The top notch firm is very selective in the type of cases it accepts. Though every case is different, and presents its own unique challenges, they are always hard-fought. Good cases are made, not born, maintains Meyer, who says that the reasons for our success are multifaceted. Meyer credits the lawyers and nursing staff at his firm, as well as the thorough, thoughtful, creative and understanding discovery, and endless preparation. Plus, Meyer says, it helps when insurance companies know you are willing to go to trial and have a track record of success there. Consistent achievement of verdicts assists you in achieving good settlements. With award-winning attorneys licensed to represent victims of medical malpractice and personal injury in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, the firm s elite team of trial lawyers has built a legacy of exceptional client service. I m proud that we have been able to put together a team of attorneys and professionals who, through their efforts, have truly changed the lives of the clients we represent, says Meyer, whose name has become synonymous with medical malpractice and personal injury law. Every client who comes through our door has had some tragedy befall them. They have been let down by someone or have been harmed. As a result of that, it s upon us to gain their trust and show them that we will give them the best representation that can possibly be offered. Clients can expect individualized attention offered by a team of caring and dedicated professionals, Meyer notes. The attorneys are often very familiar with their plight, and their type of case. Lubin & Meyer s clients receive compassionate personal attention; their calls will be returned and their questions will be answered. We do everything we can to help our clients understand the process as they go through it. We also do a top to bottom analysis of all the facts, Meyer says. Often times our clients don t necessarily understand or know what went wrong or why. Often they are unaware of certain aspects of their treatment and details relating to what occurred to them that we discover in our investigation. The professionals at Lubin & Meyer don t rest idly on their past accomplishments. Every year they consistently raise their standards and goals to deliver the best results to their clients. Our attorneys, nurses and professionals commit to continuing education and learning about new methods of analysis, review and investigation, Meyer says. We use only the most advanced courtroom techniques including computerization, visualization, and documentary evidence to help clients. Every case is critically important to us. Ashley Cisneros From Left: Krysia J. Syska*, Robert M. Higgins*, William J. Thompson, Andrew C. Meyer, Jr.*, Adam R. Satin *AV rated OOD CASES ARE G MADE, NOT BORN. ANDREW C. MEYER, JR. Lubin & Meyer PC 100 City Hall Plaza Boston, MA ph: For more information, go to BOSTON S TOP RATED LAWYERS 3

4 BOSTON S ADMINISTRATIVE Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C. JOSEPH DEANGELIS Albert G. Tierney, Jr. ALBERT G. TIERNEY Boston University School of Law MICHAEL BARAM Brody Wilkinson PC JAMES E. RICE Casner & Edwards, WALTER H. MAYO Cronin & Leonard CHERYL M. CRONIN Finnegan, Underwood, Ryan & Tierney DAVID I. FINNEGAN Judith S. Yogman Attorney at Law JUDITH S. YOGMAN Keegan Werlin BARRY P. FOGEL Krokidas & Bluestein ROBERT J. GRIFFIN Michael Fredrickson Attorney at Law MICHAEL FREDRICKSON Nixon Peabody ROBERT L. DEWEES Pierce Atwood JOHN D. DELAHANTY, JOHN W. GULLIVER Robinson & Cole DAVID W. BOGAN Shipman & Goodwin JOAN W. FELDMAN, SHEILA A. HUDDLESTON Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo GARRICK F. COLE Thomas M. Joyce Attorney at Law THOMAS M. JOYCE Tillinghast Licht PETER J. MCGINN Turo, Naccarato & Fracassa JOSEPH T. TURO Zuccaro, Willis & Sipples, P.C. EDWARD R. ZUCCARO ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C. PAUL V. CURCIO T O P RAT E D LAW YERS Asquith & Mahoney, JOHN R. MAHONEY Boston Law Collaborative, LLC VICKI L. SHEMIN, J.D., LICSW, ACSW Page 31 Bowditch & Dewey, LAUREN STILLER RIKLEEN Burbank Mediation Services DAVID O. BURBANK Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC JOSEPH F. DASCHBACH Fletcher Tilton PC DOUGLAS Q. MEYSTRE Foley Hoag PETER B. ELLIS, JOHN H. HENN, MICHAEL B. KEATING Goodwin Procter STEVEN J. COMEN Grumbach & Royal, LLC JAMES E. GRUMBACH Holland & Knight GORDON P. KATZ, STEPHEN STEVE YOUNG Mary DeLano Attorney at Law MARY DELANO Murphy & King Professional JAMES J. MARCELLINO Nixon Peabody JONATHAN SABLONE Reid and Riege, P.C. DOMINIC FULCO Shipman & Goodwin ROBERT J. CATHCART, BARRY C. HAWKINS, CHARLES L. HOWARD, ROBERT L. WYLD, ANDREW M. ZEITLIN Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen, P.C. EDWARD J. BARSHAK, JEAN A. MUSIKER, JEFFREY S. STERN Urbelis & Fieldsteel, JOHN W. FIELDSTEEL APPELLATE PAGE PROOF -- FOR APPROVAL ONLY Alan F. Scribner Attorney at Law ALAN F. SCRIBNERber JOEL H. SCHWARTZ, P.C. AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS, PERSONAL INJURY, WORKER S COMPENSATION Arrowood Peters KEVIN T. PETERS Bingham McCutchen JONATHAN M. ALBANO, FRANCIS H. FOX, S. ELAINE MCCHESNEY, MATTHEW D. SCHNALL Brister & Zandrow, L.L.P. LEONARD F. ZANDROW Cetrulo & Capone LAWRENCE G. CETRULO Curtin, Murphy & O Reilly, P.C. PAUL M. MORETTI Daniel J. Johnedis DANIEL J. JOHNEDIS David Rosen & Associates, P.C. DAVID N. ROSEN Davis, Malm & D Agostine, P.C. LAURENCE M. JOHNSON Day Pitney DANIEL L. DAN FITZMAURICE, JAMES JIM SICILIAN, ALLAN B. TAYLOR Douglas, Leonard & Garvey, P.C. CHARLES CHUCK DOUGLAS Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC WILLIAM P. BREEN Fish & Richardson P.C. FRANK P. PORCELLI Gary D. Buseck Attorney at Law GARY D. BUSECK Gould, Killian & Wynne MARTIN A. GOULD Holland & Knight GAEL MAHONY Horton, Shields & Knox, P.C. BRENDON P. LEVESQUE Jackson Lewis VICTORIA WOODIN CHAVEY James W. Sahakian Attorney at Law JAMES W. SAHAKIAN Linda E. Buffardi Attorney at Law LINDA E. BUFFARDI MacFadyen, Gescheidt & O Brien JOHN A. MACFADYEN McCarter & English, CHARLES D. RAY McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, DANIEL J. KLAU Prince Lobel Tye DONALD G. TYE Pullman & Comley, LLC RICHARD C. ROBINSON Robert A. Stolzberg Attorney at Law ROBERT A. STOLZBERG Robinson & Cole LINDA L. MORKAN Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green Professional WALTER M. FOSTER Sherin and Lodgen ROBERT J. MULDOON Stephen D. Clapp STEPHEN D. CLAPP Thomas A. Butler Attorney at Law THOMAS A. BUTLER Wiggin and Dana AARON S. BAYER Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C. THOMAS W. BUCCI ARBITRATION Allan W. Drachman ALLAN W. DRACHMAN Arnold & Kangas, P.C. THOMAS B. ARNOLD Bernstein Shur EDWARD E. SHUMAKER Donnelly, Conroy & Gelhaar, T. CHRISTOPHER DONNELLY Edwards Wildman Palmer PHILIP D. O NEILL James O Connor Shea JAMES O CONNOR SHEA John Lloyd Anner III JOHN LLOYD ANNER Martin, Magnuson, McCarthy & Kenney RAYMOND J. KENNEY Murray, Plumb & Murray PETER L. MURRAY Plimpton & Esposito DAVID PLIMPTON Rome McGuigan, P.C. JOHN R. DOWNEY Sandak Hennessey & Greco STEPHEN J. CONOVER W. Bradley Ryan W. BRADLEY RYAN Brian Smith Founded nearly five decades ago, Joel H. Schwartz, P.C. has become one of the largest personal injury firms in the region, with 30 professionals and more than 185 years of collective experience. The reason the firm has grown over the years is that the process is just as important to us as the final outcome, says founding partner Joel Schwartz. We want clients to walk away feeling like not only did they get a great result, but that our legal team took care of them the entire time. The firm has successfully handled more than 30,000 personal injury claims, including auto accidents, slip and falls, worker s compensation, nursing home abuse, defective products, social security disability, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and all other personal injuries. Often, these cases involve catastrophic injuries that result in sixor seven-figure verdicts or settlements. We handle everything from small fender-bender cases to Seated From Left: John Vlassakis, Joel Schwartz, Thomas DiBiase, Christopher Mohan Standing From Left: Constance Toomey, Steven Schwartz, Angela Wieremann, Jerome Fox multimillion-dollar brain damage cases, and everything in between, Schwartz notes. Schwartz credits the firm s success in these cases to its network of accomplished experts, its considerable litigation resources, and the care and concern it shows each and every client. In addition, the firm s attorneys are some of the most distinguished in their field, with honors including Super Lawyers, the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers, Avvo rating Superb, and the AV Preeminent peer rating by Martindale- Hubbell. Through their efforts, the firm has been able to recover hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients over the years. It feels good to know that while we can t make their injuries go away, we can make sure that our clients are taken care of, Schwartz says. Boston One Washington Mall Boston, MA ph: Brockton 450 Pleasant St. Brockton, MA ph: TOP RATED LAWYERS TOP RATED LAWYERS Toll Free: TRL LAWYER NAMES Framingham 945 Concord St. Framingham, MA ph: BOSTONS S TOP RATED LAWYERS For more information, go to

5 ASBESTOS LITIGATION McTeague Higbee Case Cohen Whitney and Toker, P.A. G. WILLIAM HIGBEE Robinson & Cole ERIC LUKINGBEAL Thornton & Naumes MICHAEL P. THORNTON AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS Joel H. Schwartz, P.C. JOEL H. SCHWARTZ Page 4 BANKING & FINANCE Bogle & DeAscentis, P.C. PETER C. BOGLE Bowditch & Dewey, JANE V. HAWKES Carol Hempfling Pratt Attorney at Law CAROL HEMPFLING PRATT Cetrulo & Capone BERT J. CAPONE Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Company RAYMOND G. BAGHDADY Craig and Macauley Professional MARY P. BRODY, JOHN C. CRAIG, DAVID F. HANNON Davis, Malm & D Agostine, P.C. GEORGE A. HEWETT Drummond Woodsum RICHARD A. SPENCER, E. WILLIAM STOCKMEYER Duffy & Sweeney, Ltd. PATRICK A. GUIDA Dunn McGee & Allen, JOSEPH W. ALLEN Edwards Wildman Palmer NEIL P. ARKUSS, JOHN A. HOULIHAN Ethan Schaff, Esq. ETHAN SCHAFF Finn Dixon & Herling EDWARD A. WEISS Goodwin Procter MARGARET B. CROCKETT, ERIC R. FISCHER, PAUL W. LEE, WILLIAM P. MAYER, REGINA M. PISA Hermes, Netburn, O Connor & Spearing, P.C. JOHN R. FELICE Hinckley, Allen & Snyder WILLIAM W. BOUTON, STEPHEN E. WEYL Hinshaw & Culbertson BRADFORD R. CARVER, CHARCRETIA V. DI BARTOLO, ERIC H. LOEFFLER Hudson Cook, ELIZABETH C. YEN John D. Mullen Attorney at Law JOHN D. MULLEN Law Offices of Michael C. McLaughlin MICHAEL C. MCLAUGHLIN Mary D. Chaffin Attorney at Law MARY D. CHAFFIN McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, ROBERT C. HUNT Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. ANN-ELLEN HORNIDGE, GREGORY A. SANDOMIRSKY Murtha Cullina MICHAEL T. PUTZIGER Nancy L. Conlin Attorney at Law NANCY L. CONLIN Nixon Peabody ROBERT J. COUGHLIN Norman J. Shachoy Attorney at Law NORMAN J. SHACHOY Paul A. Kramer Attorney at Law PAUL A. KRAMER Pierson Wadhams Quinn Yates & Coffrin, DOUGLAS C. PIERSON THE SCHREIBER LAW FIRM, LLC A N A T I O N A L B U S I N E S S A N D T R I A L L A W F I R M BANKRUPTCY, CIVIL LITIGATION, COLLECTIONS PAGE PROOF -- FOR APPROVAL Berkal, Stelman & Davern ONLY Randall A. Huffman Attorney at Law RANDALL A. HUFFMAN Rath, Young and Pignatelli, P.C. OLIVER (WOODY) STALTER Page 31 Robert H. Gaughen Attorney at Law ROBERT H. GAUGHEN Robert H. Hale Attorney at Law ROBERT H. HALE Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein & Peirce Incorporated EDWARD D. FELDSTEIN Samaraweera Law Offices ROHAN J. SAMARAWEERA Talarico, Frizzell & Olivo RICHARD W. HANNA The Rucci Law Group JOSEPH J. RUCCI William F. Hague Attorney at Law WILLIAM F. HAGUE Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker WILLIAM T. BOGAERT Wolfson, Keenan, Cotton & Meagher A Professional JACK L. WOLFSON BANKRUPTCY Ablitt Scofield, PC STEVEN A. ABLITT Advanced Bankruptcy Legal Services, Law Offices of Charles A. Maglieri CHARLES A. MAGLIERI Alderman & Alderman MYLES H. ALDERMAN Alexander L. Cataldo, P.C. ALEXANDER L. CATALDO Anderson Aquino JOHN J. AQUINO, DONALD F. FARRELL Assiran Ellis & Devlin HENRY C. ELLIS Bacon Wilson, P.C. EUGENE B. BERMAN, MICHAEL B. KATZ, PAUL R. SALVAGE Bartlett Hackett Feinberg P.C. JAMES M. LISTON LEONARD A. BERKAL Blumsack & Canzano RICHARD M. CANZANO Bodoff & Associates, P.C. JOSEPH S. U. BODOFF Boscarino, Grasso & Twachtman THOMAS C. BOSCARINO Bracewell & Giuliani SAMUEL M. STRICKLIN Brian J. Spero Attorney at Law BRIAN J. SPERO Burns & Levinson VICTOR BASS, JOHN F. DREW, GEORGE P. FIELD, WILLIAM V. SOPP Casner & Edwards, MICHAEL J. GOLDBERG, A. DAVIS WHITESELL Choate, Hall & Stewart PETER M. PALLADINO Christopher T. Katucki Attorney at Law CHRISTOPHER T. KATUCKI Coan, Lewendon, Gulliver & Miltenberger, LLC CARL T. GULLIVER, TIMOTHY D. MILTENBERGER, CHRISTOPHER M. ROYSTON Cohn Whitesell & Goldberg DANIEL C. COHN Day Pitney DANIEL J. CARRAGHER, THOMAS D. TOM GOLDBERG, JOHN B. NOLAN, JAMES J. JIM TANCREDI Demeo & Associates, P.C. ANNE J. WHITE Devine, Millimet & Branch Professional DANIEL J. CALLAGHAN Drummond Woodsum DANIEL AMORY, BENJAMIN E. MARCUS Duane Morris JEFFREY D. STERNKLAR Edward J. Bertozzi Attorney at Law EDWARD J. BERTOZZI Edward P. Frey, Esq. EDWARD P. FREY Fletcher Tilton PC STEPHAN M. RODOLAKIS Brian Smith After the world s largest gaming concern s Gulf Coast riverboat casinos were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the company searched for a national law firm that could recover millions of dollars lost when gamblers failed to honor markers. At the conclusion of its search, the conglomerate hired The Schreiber Law Firm. When gamblers lose money, it s usually in a casino; but when casinos lose money, they call me, notes Jeffrey A. Schreiber, who has since served as the company s national collections counsel, collecting almost $20 million for the company since For decades, the firm s attorneys have handled complex bankruptcy and reorganization work. Schreiber has participated in bankruptcy cases involving real estate, technology, securities, manufacturing, lender disputes, and the hospitality industry either as debtor s counsel, lender s counsel, trustee, or creditors committee counsel. While the firm focuses on bankruptcy, reorganization, and business From Left: Edward C. Dial, Jr., Jeffrey A. Schreiber litigation, it also represents people in distress. For example, Schreiber secured a settlement of more than $1.3 million in today s dollars for an elderly woman who had her leg amputated after she fell off a treadmill unequipped with an emergency shut-off. He obtained another million dollar settlement in today s dollars for the family of a young quadriplegic who suffocated when a makeshift shower cap slipped over his face while he was unattended. When the heirs of an estate discovered that their Beverly attorney absconded with millions, Schreiber was appointed as a Superior Court Receiver and recovered all of the stolen money. When the mayor of a Midwest City and his brother were named defendants in a securities fraud case, Schreiber defended them, obtained a dismissal of the lawsuit, and stabilized their financial reversals. The mayor is now the frontrunner in a Congressional race and his brother has made a financial comeback. Presently, the firm is working with private investigators employed by O.J. Simpson s murder defense team to recover a multimillion-dollar judgment against a businessman serving time for a wire fraud conviction. Schreiber says he has enjoyed representing clients during his first 30 years of practice and looks forward to doing the same for the next 30 years. TOP RATED LAWYERS TOP RATED LAWYERS JEFFREY A. SCHREIBER TRL LAWYER NAMES 53 Stiles Road Salem, NH Boston: NH: fax: For more information, go to BOSTON S TOP RATED LAWYERS 5

6 BOSTON S Francis, O Neil & Del Piano, LLC MICHAEL S. SCHENKER Goodwin Procter DANIEL M. GLOSBAND, MICHAEL J. PAPPONE Hendel & Collins, P.C. JOSEPH B. COLLINS, PHILIP J. HENDEL Iurillo & Associates, P.A. CAMILLE J. IURILLO Jager Smith P.C. MICHAEL J. FENCER, BRUCE F. SMITH James C. Gross Attorney at Law JAMES C. GROSS James E. Howard LLC JAMES E. HOWARD Janet E. Bostwick, PC JANET E. BOSTWICK Joan E. Pilver Attorney at Law JOAN E. PILVER John S. Rodman JOHN S. RODMAN Judy K. Mencher Attorney at Law JUDY K. MENCHER Kiernan, Plunkett & Redihan ROBERT N. HUSEBY Law Offices of Whitton Norris, WHITTON E. NORRIS Looney & Grossman STEWART F. GROSSMAN, ADAM J. RUTTENBERG Louis A. Geremia Attorney at Law LOUIS A. GEREMIA Madoff & Khoury DAVID B. MADOFF Marcus, Clegg & Mistretta, P.A. GEORGE J. MARCUS Melvin S. Hoffman Attorney at Law MELVIN S. HOFFMAN Molleur Law Office JAMES F. MOLLEUR Murphy & King Professional CHARLES R. BENNETT, KATHLEEN R. CRUICKSHANK, DONALD ETHAN JEFFERY Murtha Cullina MARK G. DEGIACOMO, ROBERT E. KAELIN, ROBERT A. WHITE T O P RAT E D LAW YERS Neil D. Warrenbrand NEIL D. WARRENBRAND Nelson Kinder + Mosseau PC RICHARD L. LEVINE Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough PETER J. HALEY Nixon Peabody MARK N. BERMAN, RICHARD C. PEDONE, DANIEL W. SKLAR, JOHN V. SNELLINGS, DEBORAH L. THAXTER Ossen & Murphy NEAL OSSEN Partridge Snow & Hahn CHARLES A. LOVELL Paula Bonnell A Professional PAULA BONNELL Peters & Sowyrda R. NORMAN PETERS Pithie & Associates, P.C. HOWARD N. GORNEY Polivy & Taschner, LLC RICHARD B. POLIVY Posternak Blankstein & Lund DAVID J. REIER Pullman & Comley, LLC ELIZABETH J. AUSTIN Reid and Riege, P.C. ERIC A. HENZY, ROBERT M. MULE, JON P. NEWTON Richard S. Hackel RICHARD S. HACKEL Richmond & Co., LLC STEPHEN M. RICHMOND Riley Law Group, LLC JACOB AARON ESHER Robert J. Shea Attorney at Law ROBERT J. SHEA Rogin Nassau LLC BARRY S. FEIGENBAUM Ropes & Gray STEVEN T. HOORT, JAMES M. WILTON Rosenberg & Weinberg HERBERT WEINBERG Salter McGowan Sylvia & Leonard Incorporated MATTHEW J. MCGOWAN Shatz, Schwartz and Fentin, P.C. STEVEN WEISS Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green Professional BRUCE A. HARWOOD Shipman & Goodwin IRA H. GOLDMAN, JULIE A. MANNING, JAMES P. RUGGERI, JAMES C. SCHULWOLF, MICHAEL L. WIDLAND Silverman & Kudisch, P.C. SUMNER DARMAN, PETER L. ZIMMERMAN Sullivan & Worcester JEANNE P. DARCEY, RICHARD HIERSTEINER Swiggart & Agin, LLC WARREN E. AGIN The Gordon Law Firm STEPHEN F. GORDON The Schreiber Law Firm, LLC JEFFREY A. SCHREIBER Page 5 The Schreiber Law Firm, LLC JEFFREY A. SCHREIBER Thomas E. Pitts Attorney at Law THOMAS E. PITTS Verrill Dana THOMAS O. BEAN Vincent J. Canzoneri Attorney at Law VINCENT J. CANZONERI William S. Gannon PLLC WILLIAM S. GANNON WilmerHale PAUL P. DALEY, JOHN D. SIGEL, C. HALL SWAIM BUSINESS & COMMERCIAL Abate & Abate LLC ERNEST N. ABATE Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C. PHILIP Y. BROWN, SUSAN LEACH DEBLASIO, MICHAEL C. GILLERAN, ROBERT I. STOLZMAN Al P. Trebing & Associates AL P. TREBING Albano & Szumowski, P.C. PATRICIA A. SZUMOWSKI Albert D. Saunders Attorney at Law ALBERT D. SAUNDERS Albert L. Hutton III ALBERT L. HUTTON Allen M. Bornheimer, P.C. ALLEN M. BORNHEIMER Andrew Branz Attorney at Law ANDREW BRANZ Andrew J. Calamare Attorney at Law ANDREW J. CALAMARE Andrew J. Newman Law Office ANDREW J. NEWMAN Andros, Floyd & Miller, P.C. CARL W. ANDROS, TIMOTHY J. FLOYD, STEPHEN J. MILLER Arrowood Peters LISA G. ARROWOOD Atlas & Hudon, DOUGLAS M. THOMAS Axcelis Technologies, Inc. LYNNETTE C. FALLON Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LAUREN S. ALBERT, STEPHEN M. AXINN, JOHN DEQ. BRIGGS, JOHN D. HARKRIDER Bacon Wilson, P.C. GARY G. BRETON, STEPHEN N. KREVALIN Baker O Sullivan & Bliss PC WILLIAM J. O SULLIVAN Bartlett Hackett Feinberg P.C. HOWARD M. BROWN, DAVID C. PHALEN Beck Reed Riden RUSSELL BECK Bernstein Shur LESTER F. WILKINSON Berthold H. Hoeniger, P.C. BERTHOLD H. HOENIGER SEXUAL ABUSE VICTIMS DESERVE A FAIR FIGHT When we were kids, the playground had rules. One of the most important ones was that every fight had to be fair: no biting, gouging, ganging up, or picking on someone smaller than you. Once in a while, there might be a bully who didn t get it. We would carefully explain the rules, and usually, he wouldn t make the same mistake again. Simple rules. Simple justice. The adult who sexually abuses a child is the ultimate bully, and it is the most basic violation of those rules. The child is defenseless, and often there is no one who will stand up for him, or make things right. For that child there is no justice. When an adult sexual abuse survivor reaches a point in her life when she is ready and able to fight back, things only get worse. The rules for such fights are neither fair nor simple. Prosecutions are impossible because of too short criminal statutes of limitation. Civil suits are blocked for the same reason. And charitable immunity laws assure that any blow successfully landed by an accuser will be just a light tap, instead of a knockout. Survivors of sexual abuse are only asking for a FAIR FIGHT. It isn t fair when an adult abuses a child. It isn t fair when, as an adult, the child can fight back, but statutes or court rulings prevent him from getting justice. If we care enough, we can end this injustice. The Massachusetts State Legislature has reported favorably House Bill No. 469, which would eliminate civil and criminal statutes of limitations in child sex abuse cases, as well as charitable immunity. If Penn State, Syracuse, the Boston Red Sox, Dr. Melvin Levine, and the daily stories of coach, camp, clergy, doctor, and educator misconduct make you want to scream Enough Abuse!, please support this bill. Find your state Representative & Senator at Call, write, and talk to them. Tell them you want a FAIR FIGHT on H. 469, and you want them to vote for it. Do it for the victims we don t know about yet: the uncounted victims of incest; the Center for Disease Control s estimate that 1 in 4 girls, and 1 in 6 boys - about 1.3 million in Massachusetts - will be sexually abused during their lives. They all deserve simple justice. Stop the bullies. Say Enough Abuse! Help child sex abuse victims get a FAIR FIGHT. Thank you. LAW OFFICE OF CARMEN L. DURSO 6 BOSTONS S TOP RATED LAWYERS For more information, go to

7 Berluti McLaughlin & Kutchin ROBERT R. BERLUTI EDWARD D. KUTCHIN Page 9 Bingham McCutchen WILLIAM N. BERKOWITZ, JOHN J. CURTIN, STEVEN J. FRANK, DANIEL L. GOLDBERG, DAVID O. JOHANSON, THANE D. SCOTT, WILLIAM G. SOUTHARD Birnbaum & Godkin, DAVID S. GODKIN Block & Roos, SIGMUND J. ROOS Boardman Lloyd Attorney at Law BOARDMAN LLOYD Boies, Schiller & Flexner RICHARD B. DRUBEL Bourgeois, Dresser, White & McGourthy, ROY A. BOURGEOIS Bowditch & Dewey, PAUL C. BAUER, JAMES D. HANRAHAN, RICHARD P. MANDEL, GEORGE W. TETLER Bracewell & Giuliani JANICE Z. DAVIS, CHRISTOPHER H. RENTZEL Breslin, Sweeney & Earle ROBERT H. BRESLIN Brian J. Crush, P.C. BRIAN J. CRUSH Brouillard & Brouillard P.L.L.C. RICHARD P. BROUILLARD Brown & Welsh, P.C. HOUSTON PUTNAM LOWRY Brown Rudnick PHILIP J. FLINK, LAWRENCE M. LEVY BTM Capital MARK A. HELMAN Burak Anderson & Melloni, PLC MICHAEL B. ROSENBERG Burns & Farrey FRANK S. PUCCIO Burns & Levinson LAURA L. CARROLL, STEPHEN Y. CHOW, JERRY COHEN, ROBERT C. CORRENTE, SHEPARD DAVIDSON, LAWRENCE G. GREEN, DAVID M. LOSIER, JEFFREY R. MARTIN, PAUL T. MUNIZ, RICHARD G. PICHETTE, PAUL M. SANFORD, MARK SCHONFELD, PAUL E. STANZLER, SUSAN E. STENGER, LAURA R. STUDEN Cameron & Mittleman E. COLBY CAMERON, ERNEST HUMPRHEYS, RICHARD S. MITTLEMAN, JOSEPH F. WHINERY Casner & Edwards, JOHN H. ASHBY DONNA BREWER PETER A. CARO DAVID J. CHAVOLLA ROBERT E. COWDEN STANLEY CYGELMAN MICHAEL J. GOLDBERG CHARLES M. HAMANN TERRANCE J. HAMILTON ANDREW M. HIGGINS HASKELL A. KASSLER ROBERT S. KUTNER DOUGLAS K. MANSFIELD WALTER H. MAYO ROBERT A. MURPHY STEPHEN M. PERRY JOANNE E. ROMANOW A. DAVIS WHITESELL VINCENT D. MORGERA, LTD. & THE LAW DOCTORS MEDICAL MALPRACTICE, PERSONAL INJURY, MARITIME PAGE PROOF -- FOR APPROVAL Day Pitney ONLY Page 17 Charmoy, Stolzberg & Holian, L.L.P. STANLEY CHARMOY Chin Augen Law Group RUSSEL L. CHIN Choate, Hall & Stewart STEPHEN M. L. COHEN, STEPHEN A. HURWITZ, CHARLES J. JOHNSON, W. BREWSTER LEE Clark Law Offices ROBERT B. CLARK Clarkin & Phillips, P.C. PAMELA J. ANDERSON, JOHN R. CAVANAUGH, ASA E. PHILLIPS Cohan Rasnick Myerson ROBERT D. COHAN Cohn Birnbaum & Shea P.C. RICHARD J. SHEA Collins Deans & Melocowsky JOHN E. DEANS Collins Hannafin Garamella Jaber & Tuozzolo P.C. FRANCIS J. COLLINS Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson, P.L.L.C. THOMAS P. MANSON Cooke Clancy & Gruenthal PAULA M. BAGGER, KEVIN W. CLANCY, BARBARA GRUENTHAL Cooley, Shrair, P.C. DAVID A. SHRAIR Craig and Macauley Professional WILLIAM F. MACAULEY Craig, Deachman & Amann WILLIAM H. CRAIG David E. Babson DAVID E. BABSON David L. Dephtereos DAVID L. DEPHTEREOS David M. Call Attorney at Law DAVID M. CALL David R. Pokross Attorney at Law DAVID R. POKROSS Davis, Malm & D Agostine, P.C. CAROL RUFFEE COHEN, ANDREW D. MYERS FORREST LEE GRIFFITH Dechert TIMOTHY C. BLANK Denner Pellegrino, ROGER D. MATTHEWS Devine, Millimet & Branch Professional STEVEN COHEN, BENJAMIN F. GAYMAN Donald N. Sweeney Attorney at Law DONALD N. SWEENEY Donald R. Dubendorf DONALD R. DUBENDORF Donovan Hatem JOHN B. CONNARTON, WILLIAM D. GILLIS, DARRELL MOOK Dowdall & Associates, P.C. J. PATRICK DOWDALL Duane Morris MICHAEL R. GOTTFRIED, MARTIN B. SHULKIN, RICHARD J. SNYDER Edward J. Ashley EDWARD J. ASHLEY Edwards Wildman Palmer MATTHEW C. DALLETT, V. DUNCAN JOHNSON, STANLEY KELLER, STEPHEN O. MEREDITH, JAMES I. RUBENS Etheredge & Steuer, P.C. EDWARD D. ETHEREDGE Fidelity Investments JAY FREEDMAN Floyd H. Anderson, P.C. FLOYD H. ANDERSON Foley Hoag ARLENE L. BENDER, ROBERT L. BIRNBAUM, DAVID A. BROADWIN, HEMMIE CHANG, MARK F. CLARK, EDWARD N. (SANDY) GADSBY, MICHAEL N. GLANZ, DEAN F. HANLEY, BRUCE A. KINN, NICK LITTLEFIELD, PETER M. ROSENBLUM, SANDRA SHAPIRO, JAMES A. SMITH, ROBERT W. SWEET Scott Indermaur Over his career, Vincent D. Morgera has become known for representing individuals who have been victimized or oppressed. I m committed to helping the underdog, he says. Many of the cases we take on aren t for the money, but to do the right thing. Indeed, Morgera s career has been defined by his commitment to his clients. He started out practicing law in Harlem, where many of his clients couldn t afford legal fees. Instead of turning them away, Morgera took a second job as an insurance adjuster so that legitimate claims could be heard. He also managed the first legal service clinic in New York City. I don t like to see anyone with a decent case not have access to the courtroom, he says. Morgera serves victims of personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, and admiralty and maritime negligence in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York. He personally handles every case from start to finish, while working closely with knowledgeable legal medical consultants to secure the best results possible. We have a leg up on other law firms because we have an experienced practicing surgeon on hand to evaluate cases and review medical records, he notes. By combining the disciplines of medicine and law, Morgera has been able to achieve significant results in breakthrough litigation. For example, Morgera became the first lawyer in the United States to establish a connection between low blood sugar and brain injury in newborns through a landmark medical malpractice case. Morgera has also been a leader in promoting efficiency and ethical standards in the legal community as a past-president of the Rhode Island Trial Lawyers and a member of various bar organizations. TOP RATED LAWYERS TOP RATED LAWYERS VINCENT D. MORGERA Providence One Turks Head Place Suite 1110, Providence, RI fax: TRL LAWYER NAMES Newport One Court House Square fax: For more information, go to BOSTON S TOP RATED LAWYERS 7

8 BOSTON S T O P RAT E D LAW YERS Franchek Law, LLC JAMES S. FRANCHEK Frank J. Teague FRANK J. TEAGUE Franklin H. Levy Attorney at Law FRANKLIN H. LEVY Friedman & Atherton JOEL A. KOZOL, LEE H. KOZOL Garrity, Levin & Muir DOUGLAS A. MUIR Gennari Aronson, LAWRENCE H. GENNARI George D. Caruolo Attorney at Law GEORGE D. CARUOLO Gerald A. Hamelburg Law Offices GERALD A. HAMELBURG Gerard P. Richer Attorney at Law GERARD P. RICHER Giarrusso Norton Cooley & McGlone, PC EDWARD C. COOLEY Goodwin Procter MARK E. TULLY Griesinger, Tighe & Maffei, ANDREW C. GRIESINGER, THOMAS F. MAFFEI H. Lawrence Tafe Attorney at Law H. LAWRENCE TAFE Halloran & Sage GEORGE D. ROYSTER Harold J. Carroll Attorney at Law HAROLD J. CARROLL Haronian, Paquin, Bramley & Harrington, Inc. HOWARD R. HARONIAN Henry L. Murphy Jr. Esquire HENRY L. MURPHY Hinckley, Allen & Snyder AARON A. GILMAN, KEVIN J. O CONNOR Hirsch Roberts Weinstein SCOTT A. ROBERTS Holland & Knight THEODORE F. HANSELMAN, ALLAN LANDAU, RICHARD M. YANOFSKY Holtz & Reed, THOMAS A. REED Hugh A. O Reilly Attorney at Law HUGH A. O REILLY Hurwitz, Sagarin, Slossberg & Knuff, LLC DAVID L. BELT Israel & Silberman PC NANCY D. ISRAEL, ROBERT A. S. SILBERMAN Jager Smith P.C. JOANNE D ALCOMO, EDWARD GERARD JAGER James E. O Connell Attorney at Law JAMES E. O CONNELL James L. Buechl JAMES L. BUECHL James W. Kambas JAMES W. KAMBAS James W. Rappaport JAMES W. RAPPAPORT John B. Harkavy Attorney at Law JOHN B. HARKAVY John M. Boehnert Attorney at Law JOHN M. BOEHNERT Jonathan Bangs Attorney at Law JONATHAN BANGS Jones Day JEFFREY J. UPTON Joseph Friedman Attorney at Law JOSEPH FRIEDMAN Kenney & Sams, P.C. DAVID R. KERRIGAN, MICHAEL P. SAMS Krattenmaker O Connor & Ingber P.C. MICHAEL A. GAFFIN Krokidas & Bluestein SAMUEL NAGLER Kurlat Associates GITTA M. KURLAT Landay & Leblang BRUCE M. LANDAY Langrock Sperry & Wool, WILLIAM B. MILLER LaPlante Sowa Goldman BRIAN LAPLANTE Laredo & Smith, MARC C. LAREDO Larry D. Sharp LARRY D. SHARP Law Firm of Michael P. Healy & Associates MICHAEL P. HEALY Law Office of Edward M. Stern EDWARD M. STERN Law Office of George W. Thibeault GEORGE W. THIBEAULT Law Office of James Budreau JAMES BUDREAU Page 8 Law Offices of David J. Fine DAVID J. FINE Law Offices of Keith A. Minoff, Esq. KEITH A. MINOFF Law Offices of Lee D. Flournoy, PC LEE D. FLOURNOY Page 25 Law Offices of Marc Redlich MARC REDLICH Page 31 Law Offices of Robert Sullivan ROBERT J. SULLIVAN Law Offices of William M. O Brien WILLIAM M. O BRIEN Page 30 Lazan Glover & Puciloski DAVID M. LAZAN PETER L. PUCILOSKI Page 21 Lesser & Lieberthal, P.C. ROBERT K. LESSER Lewis & Kaplan, ADAM N. LEWIS Looney & Grossman ROBERT C. BARBER, RICHARD J. GRAHN, WILLIS H. RICCIO Lourie & Cutler, P.C. EDWARD F. FAY Lyne, Woodworth & Evarts GEORGE E. DONOVAN MacDermid, Reynolds & Glissman, P.C. PETER R. REYNOLDS Marshall L. Tutun Attorney at Law MARSHALL L. TUTUN Martin Chioffi, CHRISTOPHER G. MARTIN Martin E. Greenblatt Attorney at Law MARTIN E. GREENBLATT Martin, Lord & Osman, P.A. WILLARD G. MARTIN Matthew P. Poppel MATTHEW P. POPPEL Matthew R. Gilson Attorney at Law MATTHEW R. GILSON McCarter & English, JONATHAN C. GUEST McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, GARY S. HAMMERSMITH McKinnis Law Offices GEORGE C. MCKINNIS McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton Professional ANDREW P. BOTTI, GREGORY H. SMITH Merritt & Merritt & Moulton H. KENNETH MERRITT Michael N. Sheetz Attorney at Law MICHAEL N. SHEETZ Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. LINDA D. BENTLEY, ROBERT DUGGAN, STANFORD N. GOLDMAN, DENNIS I. GREENE, IRWIN M. HELLER, RICHARD R. KELLY, JOHN R. POMERANCE, STANLEY A. TWAROG, WILLIAM T. WHELAN Miriam H. Kanter Attorney at Law MIRIAM H. KANTER Morrison Mahoney DAVID A. BAKST, PETER C. KNIGHT, DOUGLAS B. OTTO Mountain, Dearborn & Whiting DALE R. HARGER Murphy Law Group, LLC DANIEL J. MURPHY Page 30 Murphy & King Professional JAMES COYNE KING, HAROLD B. MURPHY Murtha Cullina ANNE HANFORD LAW OFFICE OF JAMES BUDREAU Experience, Integrity and Results. AV PREEMINENT RATED BY MARTINDALE-HUBBELL FOR OVER 10 YEARS Legal Representation Your Clients & Families Can Trust 20 OVER YEARS OF CRIMINAL TRIAL EXPERIENCE 8 BOSTONS S TOP RATED LAWYERS For more information, go to

9 Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough ROBERT B. CROWE Nixon Peabody JEFFREY S. BRENNER, CHARLES F. CLAEYS, JACK H. FAINBERG, ANDREW I. GLINCHER, FREDERICK H. GREIN, DAVID A. MARTLAND, MARY ELLEN O MARA, MARK D. ROBINS, RICHARD M. STEIN Norman G. Orodenker Attorney at Law NORMAN G. ORODENKER Norman Jay Bolotow Attorney at Law NORMAN JAY BOLOTOW Ohrenberger Associates WILLIAM H. OHRENBERGER Pabian & Russell, LLC JAY M. PABIAN Parese, Sabin, Smith & Gold, MARK S. GOLD Partridge Snow & Hahn HOWARD A. MERTEN, MARVIN S. SILVER Paul G. Roberts Attorney at Law PAUL G. ROBERTS Paul J. Hartnett Attorney at Law PAUL J. HARTNETT Pavelic Law Firm LLC RADOVAN I. PAVELIC Pessolano, Dusel, Murphy & Casartello, P.C. JOSEPH P. DUSEL Petruccelli, Martin & Haddow, GERALD F. PETRUCCELLI Pierce Atwood BRUCE A. COGGESHALL, GAYLE P. EHRLICH, WARREN E. WINSLOW Posternak Blankstein & Lund JOSEPH P. CRIMMINS, DUSTIN F. HECKER, LAUREN JENNINGS, ERIK LUND, KEVIN J. O CONNELL Prince Lobel Tye WALTER B. PRINCE Pullman & Comley, LLC MORRIS W. BANKS, ANDREW C. GLASSMAN Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster Professional STUART T. FREELAND, MICHAEL F. O CONNELL, RALPH J. RIVKIND Ramsey & Murray GORDON P. RAMSEY Rath, Young and Pignatelli Professional JOSEPH C. KENNEDY Rath, Young and Pignatelli, P.C. OLIVER (WOODY) STALTER Page 31 Reasonover & Olinde, LLC KIRK REASONOVER Reavis Cianciolo LLC JAMES O. REAVIS Reid and Riege, P.C. SCOTT A. JUNKIN, MARK X. RYAN, CRAIG L. SYLVESTER Rich May a Professional JEFFREY B. LOEB Richard A. Calame Attorney at Law RICHARD A. CALAME Richard A. Van Wert Attorney at Law RICHARD A. VAN WERT Richard D. Leggat Attorney at Law RICHARD D. LEGGAT Richard Heller Attorney at Law RICHARD HELLER Robert M. Mendillo Attorney at Law ROBERT M. MENDILLO Robert M. Raives Attorney at Law ROBERT M. RAIVES Robert Snider ROBERT SNIDER Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. JAMES S. HARRINGTON, MARK S. LACONTE, ALAN R. MILLER Robinson & Cole JOSEPH S. AYOUB, JOSEPH L. CLASEN, FRANK F. COULOM, ERIC D. DANIELS, LAWRENCE P. HEFFERNAN, GREGORY J. LIGELIS, BRIAN E. MORAN, EDWARD V. O HANLAN, JAMES A. WADE Roger S. Davis ROGER S. DAVIS Ronald H. Kessel Attorney at Law RONALD H. KESSEL Ronan, Segal & Harrington JACOB S. SEGAL Roney & Labinger JOHN M. RONEY Rose, Chinitz & Rose MICHAEL L. CHINITZ Royal FREDERICK D. ROYAL Ruberto, Israel & Weiner, P.C. GENE K. LANDY Sally & Fitch JONATHAN W. FITCH Sassoon & Cymrot WILLIAM R. MORIARTY, LAUREN A. PUGLIA Saul Ewing RICHARD D. DIONNE Seegel Lipshutz & Wilchins RICHARD L. SEEGEL Shatz, Schwartz and Fentin, P.C. STEVEN J. SCHWARTZ Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green Professional PETER S. COWAN, JANET B. FIERMAN, EDWARD A. HAFFER, JOHN H. PERTEN, MARIA-EUGENIA RECALDE Sheldon M. Drucker Counselor at Law SHELDON M. DRUCKER Sherin and Lodgen EDWARD S. CHENG Shipman & Goodwin FREDERICK S. GOLD, STEVEN M. GOLD, CHARLES B. KAUFMANN, JOHN H. LAWRENCE, ALAN E. LIEBERMAN, KENT S. NEVINS, WILLIAM G. ROCK, PAUL D. SANSON, LOUIS B. SCHATZ Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo GERARD A. BUTLER Steiker, Fischer, Edwards & Greenapple, P.C. ROBERT W. EDWARDS Stephen Lichatin III & Associates P.C. STEPHEN LICHATIN Stephen W. Carr Attorney at Law STEPHEN W. CARR Stephen W. Rider, P.C. STEPHEN W. RIDER Steven M. Rutstein Attorney at Law STEVEN M. RUTSTEIN Steven P. Rosenthal Attorney at Law STEVEN P. ROSENTHAL Steven R. Kanes Attorney at Law STEVEN R. KANES Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen, P.C. DAVID A. BARRY, WILLIAM L. BOESCH, ANTHONY M. DONIGER, NATASHA C. LISMAN, CHRISTINE M. NETSKI, PAUL E. WHITE Sullivan & Worcester SUSAN M. BARNARD, PAUL F. BEATTY, HARVEY E. BINES, CHRISTOPHER CABOT, JOHN B. FRENCH, JOSEPH G. HADZIMA, PETER G. JOHANNSEN, WILLIAM A. LEVINE, PATRICK K. MIEHE, DUNCAN T. O BRIEN, RICHARD TELLER, CHRISTOPHER M. WELD, CAROL G. WOLFF Sumner J. Chertok Attorney at Law SUMNER J. CHERTOK Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers THOMAS C. CAREY Susan Ackerman Goltz Attorney at Law SUSAN ACKERMAN GOLTZ Suzanne L. Glassburn Attorney at Law SUZANNE L. GLASSBURN Swiggart & Agin, LLC WILLIAM F. SWIGGART Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers, P.C. JEFFREY P. HART, ROBERT J. KERWIN Tedeschi & Associates PC THEODORE TEDESCHI The Feinberg Law Group, LLC ADAM SONNENSCHEIN Thomas A. Wooters Attorney at Law THOMAS A. WOOTERS Thomas J. Ahern Attorney at Law THOMAS J. AHERN Thomas J. Cahill, P.C. THOMAS J. CAHILL Thomas M. Zimmer Attorney at Law THOMAS M. ZIMMER Tillinghast Licht EUSTACE T. PLIAKAS Todd & Weld ANDREW M. PORTER Trinity Law Group LLC Legal & Strategic Counsel WALTER WRIGHT Page 31 Tucker Drummond Attorney at Law TUCKER DRUMMOND Verrill Dana DENNIS J. WHITE Wadland & Ackerman JOSEPH J. WADLAND Wadleigh, Starr & Peters, P.L.L.C. WILLIAM C. TUCKER Waters Law Office PATRICK G. WATERS Wensley & Jones, P.L.L.C. C. RUSSELL SHILLABER Wescott, Dyer, Fitzgerald & Nichols, PA RODNEY N. DYER White and Williams WILLIAM C. SAWYER Wiggin and Dana ROBERT M. LANGER William A. McCormack Attorney at Law WILLIAM A. MCCORMACK William D. Weeks Attorney at Law WILLIAM D. WEEKS William S. Hawkes Attorney at Law WILLIAM S. HAWKES Winograd, Shine, Land & Finkle, PC MICHAEL R. GOLDENBERG, MELISSA M. HORNE Withers Bergman /Withers JAMES M. CAROLAN, EDWARD A. RENN Yolen & Perzin, LLC TIMOTHY B. YOLEN Yurko, Salvesen & Remz, P.C. SANFORD F. REMZ, DOUGLAS W. SALVESEN, RICHARD J. YURKO Zimble & Brettler, L.L.P. I. AARON COHEN PAGE PROOF -- FOR APPROVAL ONLY In January, 2011, Robert R. Berluti, John T. McLaughlin and Edward D. Kutchin joined together to form Berluti McLaughlin & Kutchin. BMK continues the legacy achieved by each partner, providing sophisticated, value-oriented representation to entrepreneurs and businesses in its areas of expertise: corporate, real estate, commercial finance and complex civil litigation at both the trial and appellate level and all forms of alternative dispute resolution. CIVIL LITIGATION A. Lauriston Parks A. LAURISTON PARKS Abrams & Verri RICHARD I. ABRAMS Adkins, Kelston & Zavez, P.C. DAVID L. KELSTON Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C. JOHN F.X. LAWLER, TODD D. WHITE Alan D. Hoch ALAN D. HOCH Alan G. Miller ALAN G. MILLER Alan P. Biederman ALAN P. BIEDERMAN Albert F. Cullen Attorney at Law ALBERT F. CULLEN Alexandra Davis DiPentima Attorney at Law ALEXANDRA DAVIS DIPENTIMA Alfred S. Bryant Attorney at Law ALFRED S. BRYANT Allen C. B. Horsley Attorney at Law ALLEN C. B. HORSLEY Anderson & Kreiger ACHESON H. CALLAGHAN, SCOTT P. LEWIS Andrea W. Gargiulo Attorney at Law ANDREA W. GARGIULO Andrew A. Rainer Attorney at Law ANDREW A. RAINER Andrew F. Caplan Attorney at Law ANDREW F. CAPLAN Ann M. Donovan ANN M. DONOVAN Ansel B. Chaplin Attorney at Law ANSEL B. CHAPLIN Antell & Associates PETER ANTELL Antonucci & Associates FRANK E. ANTONUCCI Berluti McLaughlin & Kutchin has established itself as a boutique business law firm that provides exceptional legal services customized to each client through its coordinated team approach and with an emphasis on developing and maintaining close, long-term relationships with clients. BMK prides itself on repeatedly producing successful results for its clients. BMK congratulates its colleagues and the other attorneys on their selection as AV Preeminent Top Rated Lawyers for For more information, go to BOSTON S TOP RATED LAWYERS 9

10 BOSTON S Bai, Pollock, Blueweiss & Mulcahey, P.C. CHARLES W. FLEISCHMANN Baluch, Gianfrancesco, Mathieu & Alger DENNIS S. BALUCH Barbara J. Macy, Attorney at Law BARBARA J. MACY Barrett & Sullivan EDWARD J. BARRETT Barry J. Kusinitz BARRY J. KUSINITZ Bartlett Hackett Feinberg P.C. RICHARD E. GENTILLI Bell & Falk, P.A. ERNEST L. BELL Bello, Lapine & Cassone, L.L.P. LAWRENCE M. LAPINE Bennett & Belfort, P.C. DAVID E. BELFORT Bernstein & Stern, LLC WILLIAM E. BERNSTEIN Birnbaum & Godkin, SCOTT A. BIRNBAUM Blish & Cavanagh, JOSEPH V. CAVANAGH, WILLIAM R. LANDRY, STEPHEN J. REID Bloomenthal & Associates P.C. LESLIE E. BLOOMENTHAL Bouchard, Kleinman & Wright P.A. KENNETH G. BOUCHARD Breakstone, White & Gluck, P.C. RONALD E. GLUCK Brendan J. Perry & Associates, P.C. BRENDAN J. PERRY Brendan M. Connors BRENDAN M. CONNORS Brennan, Caron, Lenehan & Iacopino WILLIAM E. BRENNAN Brennan, Recupero, Cascione, Scungio & McAllister, EDMUND J. BRENNAN Brian A. Gillis BRIAN A. GILLIS Brister & Zandrow, L.L.P. JOHN W. BRISTER Broderick, Bancroft & Goldberg DANIEL A. BANCROFT Brodigan and Gardiner, JOSEPH J. BRODIGAN Brown Jacobson P.C. WAYNE G. TILLINGHAST Burak Anderson & Melloni, PLC MICHAEL L. BURAK Callahan & Associates CHARLES T. CALLAHAN Carmine W. Di Adamo Attorney at Law CARMINE W. DI ADAMO Casner & Edwards, DONNA BREWER, TERRANCE J. HAMILTON, ANDREW M. HIGGINS, DOUGLAS K. MANSFIELD, ROBERT A. MURPHY, STEPHEN M. PERRY Cetrulo & Capone RORY FITZPATRICK Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick J. SCOTT KILPATRICK Clark, Hunt, Ahern & Embry WILLIAM F. AHERN, WILLIAM J. HUNT, JOSHUA D. KRELL, DIANE SWIERCZYNSKI, JEREMY Y. WELTMAN Clarkin & Phillips, P.C. LEONARD F. CLARKIN Claudia A. Hunter Attorney at Law CLAUDIA A. HUNTER Cleary Shahi & Aicher, P.C. DAVID L. CLEARY, JOEL P. IANNUZZI Cohen and Wolf, P.C. G. KENNETH BERNHARD Coia & Lepore, Ltd. GEORGE L. SANTOPIETRO Collora DAVID A. BUNIS Coogan, Smith, McGahan, Lorincz, Jacobi & Shanley, PAUL F. LORINCZ Cooley DONALD K. STERN Cosgrove, Eisenberg and Kiley, P.C. MARTIN S. COSGROVE, LEWIS C. EISENBERG, PETER M. MCELROY Crowe & Dunn WILLIAM D. CROWE, LEO J. DUNN Dana F. Strout, P.A. DANA F. STROUT Dane & Howe, WILLIAM A. RYAN Daniel J. Driscoll, Esq. DANIEL J. DRISCOLL Daniel J. Hourihan, P.C. DANIEL J. HOURIHAN David A. Wallace Attorney at Law DAVID A. WALLACE T O P RAT E D LAW YERS David A. Wylie DAVID A. WYLIE David F. Cavers, Jr., P.C. DAVID F. CAVERS David J. Hart, P.C. DAVID J. HART David Shaughnessy Attorney at Law DAVID SHAUGHNESSY Davids & Cohen, P.C. RONALD M. DAVIDS Davis & Steadman, LLC HARRY A. BLACK Davis, Malm & D Agostine, P.C. THOMAS FRISARDI, MICHAEL D. WEISMAN Denner Pellegrino, BRUCE D. LEVIN Devine, Millimet & Branch Professional ANDREW D. DUNN Doherty Ciechanowski Dugan Cannon PC MICHAEL P. DOHERTY Donahue & Cross, P.C. JOHN F. DONAHUE Donahue, Durham & Noonan, P.C. PATRICK M. NOONAN Drummond Woodsum GEORGE T. DILWORTH, MELISSA A. HEWEY Duane Morris ALBERT P. ZABIN Duggan & Caccavaro TIMOTHY J. DUGGAN Edward J. Mahan EDWARD J. MAHAN Edwards Wildman Palmer ROBERT J. DURANT, JEFFREY SWOPE, JOHN J. TUMILTY Edwin John Carr EDWIN JOHN CARR Egan, Flanagan and Cohen, P.C. JOHN J. EGAN Elliott J. Mahler Attorney at Law ELLIOTT J. MAHLER Ellis & Rapacki FREDRIC L. ELLIS, EDWARD D. RAPACKI Engel & Schultz, STEPHEN SCHULTZ Eric B. Carriker Attorney at Law ERIC B. CARRIKER Feinberg & Kamholtz MATTHEW H. FEINBERG Ficksman & Conley, SEAN E. CAPPLIS, JOHN D. CASSIDY Fitzgerald Law Firm LLC WARREN F. FITZGERALD FoleyCerilli A Professional PETER J. CERILLI Fontaine, Alissi & Knapp P.C. JAMES A. ALISSI Foster & Eldridge, MARTIN C. FOSTER Frederick B. Hayes, III FREDERICK B. HAYES Friedman, Newman, Levy, Sheehan & Carolan, P.C. ARTHUR D. FRIEDMAN Gargiulo/Rudnick, EDWARD R. GARGIULO, RICHARD A. GARGIULO, MARIELISE KELLY, CONSTANCE L. RUDNICK Garrity, Levin & Muir W. ARTHUR GARRITY Gazerro and Richardson G. JOHN GAZERRO Gelinas & Lefebvre, P.C. RICHARD D. GELINAS Gensburg, Atwell & Greaves ROBERT A. GENSBURG Gerstenblatt Law Offices, Ltd. JOEL K. GERSTENBLATT Gervais & Davenport, P.C. WILLIAM J. DAVENPORT Gilbert & Renton LLC EDWARD J. DENN, JEFFREY B. RENTON Gilman, McLaughlin & Hanrahan, DONNA E. COHEN, MICHAEL EBY, ARTHUR M. GILMAN, DAVID G. HANRAHAN, ROBERT E. MCLAUGHLIN, ROBERT E. MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM F. YORK Gilmore, Rees & Carlson, P.C. JOSEPH D. KROPP Goodwin Procter FRANCIS C. LYNCH Gregg S. Blackburn Attorney at Law GREGG S. BLACKBURN Griffin, Goulka, Evans and Magher LLC JOANNE L. GOULKA, J. KENNETH GRIFFIN Gunning & LaFazia, Inc. RAYMOND ALAN LAFAZIA Harvard Law School MARTHA L. MINOW Harvey, Carr & Hadfield WILLIAM R. HARVEY Healy & Healy, P.C. THOMAS F. HEALY Hemenway & Barnes SUSAN HUGHES BANNING, EDWARD NOTIS-MCCONARTY Higgins, Cavanagh & Cooney STEPHEN B. LANG, JAMES A. RUGGIERI Hirsch Roberts Weinstein SANDRA SUE MCQUAY Holahan, Gumpper & Dowling MICHAEL A. DOWLING, EDWARD J. HOLAHAN Horton, Shields & Knox, P.C. KENNETH J. BARTSCHI, KAREN L. DOWD, KIMBERLY A. KNOX Howard E. Walker HOWARD E. WALKER J. Elizabeth Cremens Attorney at Law J. ELIZABETH CREMENS James E. McGuire Attorney at Law JAMES E. MCGUIRE James Martin LaChance Attorney at Law JAMES MARTIN LACHANCE Jamie W. Katz Attorney at Law JAMIE W. KATZ Jeffers Cowherd P.C. CAROLYN R. LINSEY Jeffrey F. Jones Attorney at Law JEFFREY F. JONES Jennifer L. Wood Attorney at Law JENNIFER L. WOOD John A. Graustein Attorney at Law JOHN A. GRAUSTEIN John E. Bowen Attorney at Law JOHN E. BOWEN John E. Keenan, Jr., P.C. JOHN E. KEENAN John F. Kehoe Attorney at Law JOHN F. KEHOE John F. Palmer JOHN F. PALMER John J. Barter JOHN J. BARTER John J. McNaught Attorney at Law JOHN J. MCNAUGHT John Joseph McArdle JOHN JOSEPH MCARDLE John W. Dineen JOHN W. DINEEN Jordana B. Glasgow Attorney at Law JORDANA B. GLASGOW Joseph G. Abromovitz, P.C. JOSEPH G. ABROMOVITZ Joseph H. Burke Attorney at Law JOSEPH H. BURKE Joseph M. Delaney Attorney at Law JOSEPH M. DELANEY Kathleen C. Stone Attorney at Law KATHLEEN C. STONE Katz and Seligman STEVEN L. SELIGMAN Kenney & Kenney RICHARD D. MACIOLEK Kevin F. Driscoll Attorney at Law KEVIN F. DRISCOLL Kevin P. Sweeney Attorney at Law KEVIN P. SWEENEY Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, ANNE L. JOSEPHSON, NICHOLAS M. KELLEY Krasnoo / Klehm JAMES B. KRASNOO Krasnow, Keller & Boris, P.C. STEVEN B. BORIS LaTanzi, Spaulding & Landreth, P.C. JENNIFER S.D. ROBERTS Law Firm of Jonathan D. Light, P.C. JONATHAN D. LIGHT Law Office of Carmen L. Durso CARMEN L. DURSO Law Office of Gerald E. Bodell GERALD E. BODELL Law Office of John P. White Jr. JOHN P. WHITE Law Office of Michael A. Pezza Jr. MICHAEL A. PEZZA Law Office of Philip Weinstein PHILIP M. WEINSTEIN Law Office of Stephen J. Brown STEPHEN J. BROWN Law Offices of Andrew Keith Goldstein ANDREW KEITH GOLDSTEIN Law Offices of Carol A. Zangari CAROL A. ZANGARI Law Offices of Dennis J. Roberts II DENNIS J. ROBERTS Law Offices of Howard Friedman, P.C. HOWARD FRIEDMAN Law Offices of Lee D. Flournoy, PC LEE D. FLOURNOY Law Offices of Leonard A. Simon LEONARD A. SIMON Law Offices of Raymond F. Gregory RAYMOND F. GREGORY Law Offices of Robert Aronson ROBERT ARONSON Law Offices of Updegrove & Gontarz RICHARD E. UPDEGROVE Law Offices of William M. O Brien WILLIAM M. O BRIEN Page 30 Lawrence Moniz Law Offices LAWRENCE MONIZ Lazan Glover & Puciloski DAVID M. LAZAN PETER L. PUCILOSKI Page 21 LeClairRyan KENNETH J. DEMOURA, MICHAEL P. GIUNTA, WARREN D. HUTCHISON, MARGARET P. PENNY MASON Lecomte, Emanuelson and Doyle ROGER A. EMANUELSON Levett Rockwood P.C. MADELEINE F. GROSSMAN Lionel H. Perlo Attorney at Law LIONEL H. PERLO Locke, Fullerton & Lundwall DAVID H. LOCKE Lurie & Krupp, DAVID E. LURIE Lynch, Brewer, Hoffman & Fink, JOHN P. DENNIS Lynch, Trembicki and Boynton ALEXANDER J. TREMBICKI MacDermid, Reynolds & Glissman, P.C. PAUL W. ORTH MacDonald Rothweiler Eisenberg FREDRIC S. EISENBERG MacLean Holloway Doherty Ardiff & Morse, P.C. JOHN E. BRADLEY, ROBERT L. HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM H. SHEEHAN Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks, P.C. THOMAS O. MORIARTY Marien & Hodge, P.C. DAVID M. HODGE Marilyn D. Stempler Attorney at Law MARILYN D. STEMPLER Martin L. Aronson Attorney at Law MARTIN L. ARONSON Mary Rose Palmese Attorney at Law MARY ROSE PALMESE Matthew M. Hausman MATTHEW M. HAUSMAN McBurney Law Services, Inc. JOHN F. MCBURNEY McCarter & English, DAVID A. REIF Mccarthy Bouley Barry, P.C. EDWARD D. MCCARTHY McCormick & Maitland EDWARD J. MCCORMICK McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, H. JAMES PICKERSTEIN McGrath & Kane Attorneys at Law, Inc. DEAN AMROSE McKenney, Quigley, Izzo and Clarkin, ROBERT J. QUIGLEY McNeil, Leddy & Sheahan, P.C. JOSEPH E. MCNEIL Melick, Porter & Shea, JENNIFER B. HARDY Melvin Norris Attorney at Law MELVIN NORRIS Menard & Walsh JOHN S. LEONARD, JOSEPH H. WALSH Merolla & Accetturo AMEDEO C. MEROLLA Michael A. Avery Attorney at Law MICHAEL A. AVERY Michael C. Wilcox MICHAEL C. WILCOX Michael J. McHugh, P.C. MICHAEL J. MCHUGH Michaels, Ward & Rabinovitz, PETE S. MICHAELS Michienzie & Sawin, LLC JOHN B. RACICOT Mitchell & DeSimone JOHN C. DESIMONE Monica & Associates, P.C. LINDA A. MONICA Montstream & May, L.L.P. FRANK A. MAY More Phillips & Duncan, P.C. WILLIAM A. PHILLIPS Morrison Mahoney JOHN G. BAGLEY, ANDREW IAN DOUGLASS, LEE STEPHEN MACPHEE, JOSEPH A. SECKLER, GORDON L. SYKES, KEVIN M. TRULAND Mountain, Dearborn & Whiting CHARLES B. SWARTWOOD 10 BOSTONS S TOP RATED LAWYERS For more information, go to

11 Murtha Cullina SUSAN J. BARONOFF, JAMES R. DEGIACOMO, DAVID P. FRIEDMAN, THOMAS S. VANGEL, JOHN C. WYMAN Nathanson & Goldberg A Professional ALVIN S. NATHANSON Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough JULIANE BALLIRO Northeastern University School of Law STEPHEN N. SUBRIN Oakley, O Sullivan & Eaton, P.C. ROBERT J. O SULLIVAN Oliverio & Marcaccio RAYMOND A. MARCACCIO Olson & Gould, P.C. BRYAN K. GOULD Ottenberg & Dunkless JOHN C. OTTENBERG Paul A. Anderson PAUL A. ANDERSON Paul G. Farrell & Associates PAUL G. FARRELL Peabody & Arnold PHILIP M. CRONIN, ROBERT T. GILL, HARVEY WEINER, REBECCA J. WILSON Pessolano, Dusel, Murphy & Casartello, P.C. JOSEPH P. PESSOLANO Petrarca & McGair, Inc. JOSEPH J. MCGAIR Petruccelli, Martin & Haddow, MICHAEL K. MARTIN Petrucelly, Nadler & Norris, P.C. JEFFREY PETRUCELLY Philip W. Riley Attorney at Law PHILIP W. RILEY Phillips, Silver, Talman, Aframe & Sinrich, P.C. DAVID A. TALMAN Pierce Atwood JOHN J. AROMANDO, DAVID E. BARRY, BYRNE J. DECKER, JARED S. DES ROSIERS, MALCOLM L. LYONS, DANIEL M. SNOW, LIAM J. VESELY Pingitore & Fitzpatrick, LLC PETER J. PINGITORE Plante & Hanley, P.C. MICHAEL F. HANLEY Pojani Hurley & Ritter, JOHN F. HURLEY Posternak Blankstein & Lund STEVEN S. BROADLEY, ROSANNA SATTLER Powers, DiCicco & Sahagian DAVID R. DICICCO Prescott & Pelletier JOHN C. PRESCOTT Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau & Pachios, WALTER J. SULLIVAN Prince Lobel Tye ELLIOT D. LOBEL R. Daniel Prentiss PC R. DANIEL PRENTISS Reed & Giordano, P.A. BARRY REED Regan & Kiely ROBERT E. KIELY, JOSEPH A. REGAN Reynolds, Rappaport, Kaplan & Hackney, LLC RONALD H. RAPPAPORT Rich May a Professional J. ALLEN HOLLAND Richard D. Clarey, P.C. RICHARD D. CLAREY Richard F. McCarthy Attorney at Law RICHARD F. MCCARTHY Richard F. Wholley RICHARD F. WHOLLEY Richardson, Whitman, Large & Badger A Professional JOHN S. WHITMAN Riley Law Group, LLC MICHAEL ALTMAN Rindler Morgan A Professional ALAN B. RINDLER Roach, Ioannidis & Megaloudis, LLC STEPHEN A. ROACH Robert H. Erdmann Attorney at Law ROBERT H. ERDMANN Robert I. Feinberg ROBERT I. FEINBERG Robert J. Rubin, P.A. ROBERT J. RUBIN Robert James Bonsignore ROBERT JAMES BONSIGNORE Robert M. Brady, Attorney at Law ROBERT M. BRADY Robert S. Molloy ROBERT S. MOLLOY Robert T. Harrington ROBERT T. HARRINGTON Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein & Peirce Incorporated R. KELLY SHERIDAN Ron S. Jansson RON S. JANSSON Ropes & Gray JOHN T. MONTGOMERY Rose, Chinitz & Rose ALAN D. ROSE, ALAN D. ROSE Rosenberg & Schapiro A Professional DAVID W. ROSENBERG, SAUL A. SCHAPIRO Rosenblum & Newfield LLC JAMES B. ROSENBLUM Rudolph Friedmann JAMES S. SINGER, MICHAEL G. TRACY Ryan Ryan Deluca ROBERT C.E. LANEY, CATHERINE S. NIETZEL Sally A. Vander Weele Attorney at Law SALLY A. VANDER WEELE Sanford A. Kowal SANFORD A. KOWAL Sankey Law Offices JEFFREY M. SANKEY Sbrogna & Brunelle, ROGER J. BRUNELLE Seder & Chandler KURT L. BINDER Segalini & Neville THOMAS M. NEVILLE, ROLAND SEGALINI Sherin and Lodgen THOMAS P. GORMAN Skelton, Taintor & Abbott A Professional JAMES E. BELLEAU, JOHN B. COLE, ALAN G. STONE Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo JOHN B. SAVOCA Sperandeo & Donegan HAROLD C. DONEGAN Stanley W. Wheatley Attorney at Law STANLEY W. WHEATLEY Stephen A. Moore Attorney at Law STEPHEN A. MOORE Steven A. Sussman STEVEN A. SUSSMAN Sullivan & Worcester LAURA STEINBERG, EDWARD WOLL Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers LISA M. TITTEMORE Sweder & Ross MITCHEL S. ROSS, KENNETH A. SWEDER T.W. Stevens Law Firm, PLLC TODD F. STEVENS Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers, P.C. ALBERT A. DENAPOLI Tate & Elias LLC ALAN R. TATE Tennant & Ewer, P.C. RAYMOND S. EWER The Law Offices of Joyce A. Faraone JOYCE A. FARAONE The Law Offices of Robert E. Greenglass ROBERT E. GREENGLASS The McLaughlin Brothers, P.C. GEORGE A. MCLAUGHLIN The Murphy Law Group, LLC DANIEL J. MURPHY The Schreiber Law Firm, LLC JEFFREY A. SCHREIBER Page 5 Thompson, Bull, Furey, Bass & MacColl, LLC, P.A. NICHOLAS BULL Tina M. Traficanti Attorney at Law TINA M. TRAFICANTI Todd & Weld HOWARD M. COOPER, J. OWEN TODD Tommasino & Tommasino MICHAEL REILLY Urbelis & Fieldsteel, THOMAS J. URBELIS Vena Truelove & Riley GEORGE C. DEPTULA Verrill Dana ROBERT W. LANGLOIS Vincent F. Ragosta, Jr. VINCENT F. RAGOSTA Walter A. Costello, Jr. WALTER A. COSTELLO Warren, Hensley & Bowen KEVIN M. HENSLEY Weinstein & Weinstein SEYMOUR WEINSTEIN Weinstein & Wisser, P.C. RICHARD P. WEINSTEIN, KERRY MARC WISSER Whitman Breed Abbott & Morgan LLC CHARLES W. PIETERSE William J. Crowley WILLIAM J. CROWLEY William R. Stokes Attorney at Law WILLIAM R. STOKES Williams & Associates CHRISTOPHER S. WILLIAMS Winograd, Shine, Land & Finkle, PC MELVIN L. ZURIER Wofsey, Rosen, Kweskin & Kuriansky, STEPHEN A. FINN, STEVEN M. FREDERICK, EMANUEL MARGOLIS Wolfson, Keenan, Cotton & Meagher A Professional JOHN F. KEENAN, ANDREW C. J. MEAGHER, MICHAEL JAMES MICHAELES Wright & Associates, P.A. STEVEN WRIGHT Zeichner Ellman & Krause BENJAMIN H. GREEN Zeldes, Needle & Cooper A Professional EDWARD R. SCOFIELD Zelle Hofmann Voelbel & Mason CATHERINE M. COLINVAUX, WILLIAM GERALD MCELROY Zwicker & Associates, P.C. ROBERT W. THUOTTE CIVIL RIGHTS Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C. ROBERT P. BROOKS Cheryl D. Bezis CHERYL D. BEZIS David M. Teed Attorney at Law DAVID M. TEED DeSisto Law Offices MARC DESISTO PAGE PROOF -- FOR APPROVAL ONLY Civil Litigation Max D. Stern* Jonathan Shapiro* David L. Kelston* Alexandra Deal John Cushman Civil Rights Jonathan Shapiro* Lynn Weissberg* Employment Law and Litigation Lynn G. Weissberg* Alexandra Deal Environmental Law Martin E. Levin Nora Chorover Henri Alexandre Attorney at Law HENRI ALEXANDRE John Reilly & Associates JOHN B. REILLY, ESQ Page 31 Law Office of Donald J. Fleming DONALD J. FLEMING Lesser, Newman & Nasser, WILLIAM C. NEWMAN McTeague Higbee Case Cohen Whitney and Toker, P.A. JEFFREY N. YOUNG Nixon, Raiche, Vogelman, Barry & Slawsky, P.A. LAWRENCE A. VOGELMAN Pierce, Davis & Perritano, JOHN J. DAVIS Richard W. Cole Attorney at Law RICHARD W. COLE Robert S. Sinsheimer ROBERT S. SINSHEIMER Rodgers, Powers & Schwartz HARVEY A. SCHWARTZ Roney & Labinger LYNETTE J. LABINGER CLASS ACTIONS Berman DeValerio KATHLEEN M. DONOVAN-MAHER Drubner Hartley & Hellman, LLC JAMES E. HARTLEY COLLECTIONS Gold & Vanaria, P.C. JEROME S. GOLD Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen, LLC ALAN M. COHEN Criminal Litigation Max D. Stern* Jonathan Shapiro* Patricia Garin* David L. Kelston* Jeffrey Wiesner Business Litigation David L. Kelston* Max D. Stern* Intellectual Property Litigation; Trademarks; Copyrights John Taylor Ike Williams* Paul Sennott Kathryn Beaumont *Included in this Edition of Boston s Top Rated Lawyers 90 Canal Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA For more information, go to BOSTON S TOP RATED LAWYERS 11

12 BOSTON S Peter A. Johnson Attorney at Law PETER A. JOHNSON Rossi Law Offices, Ltd. ROBERT V. ROSSI The Schreiber Law Firm, LLC JEFFREY A. SCHREIBER Page 5 COMMERCIAL LITIGATION Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C. R. BART TOTTEN Bartlett Hackett Feinberg P.C. THOMAS M. LOONEY Berluti McLaughlin & Kutchin ROBERT R. BERLUTI EDWARD D. KUTCHIN Page 9 Blue Cross & Blue Shield of R.I. JAMES E. PURCELL Brickley, Sears & Sorett HENRY P. SORETT C. Peter R. Gossels, Esq. C. PETER R. GOSSELS Page 30 Cain Hibbard & Myers, P.C. LUCY PRASHKER Carta, McAlister & Moore MARK R. CARTA Christopher, Hays, Wojcik & Mavricos, JOHN A. MAVRICOS Ciulla & Donofrio, JEFFREY M. DONOFRIO Cohen and Wolf, P.C. DAVID A. BALL, STEWART I. EDELSTEIN, MONTE E. FRANK Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, RUSSELL F. CONN, THOMAS J. GALLITANO, ERIN K. HIGGINS, JAMES F. KAVANAUGH, JAMES B. PELOQUIN, JAMES GRAY WAGNER Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson, P.L.L.C. ARNOLD ROSENBLATT Cooley Manion Jones PAUL F. BECKWITH, CHRISTOPHER J. CUNIO, JONATHAN F. TABASKY Cooley, Shrair, P.C. MARK D. MASON Cowdery, Ecker & Murphy, L.L.C. STEVEN D. ECKER Craig and Macauley Professional MARTIN P. DESMERY, CHRISTOPHER J. PANOS Cramer & Anderson DAVID P. BURKE Crawford Law Office IAN CRAWFORD Demeo & Associates, P.C. JOSEPH L. DEMEO Devine, Millimet & Branch Professional OVIDE M. LAMONTAGNE Diserio Martin O Connor & Castiglioni RICHARD E. CASTIGLIONI Duffy & Sweeney, Ltd. ROBERT M. DUFFY Edwards Wildman Palmer DEMING E. SHERMAN Fletcher Tilton PC WILLIAM D. JALKUT Fontaine, Alissi & Knapp P.C. CRAIG A. FONTAINE G. I. Goverman GEORGE I. GOVERMAN Gilbride, Tusa, Last & Spellane LLC BENNETT H. LAST Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan GERARDO (JERRY) H. GONZALEZ Goodman, Shapiro & Lombardi, L.L.C. MARK A. ROSEN Goodwin Procter DON M. KENNEDY Graeber, Davis & Cantwell, P.C. JEFFREY M. GRAEBER Grasso & Associates LINDA M. GRASSO Griesinger, Tighe & Maffei, DANIEL P. TIGHE Griffith & Associates JOHN P. GRIFFITH Hardcastle & Shober JOSEPH F. HARDCASTLE, CINTRA S. SHOBER Hearts On Fire Co. LLC TISH L. BERARD T O P RAT E D LAW YERS Higgins, Cavanagh & Cooney JOHN T. WALSH Hinckley, Allen & Snyder MICHAEL J. CONNOLLY, TIMOTHY P. JENSEN Hirsch Roberts Weinstein ANDREA C. KRAMER Houghton Mifflin Co. SHARON R. BURGER Hurwitz, Sagarin, Slossberg & Knuff, LLC DAVID A. SLOSSBERG Jager Smith P.C. HOWARD P. BLATCHFORD James A. G. Hamilton Attorney at Law JAMES A. G. HAMILTON James E. Higgins PLLC JAMES E. HIGGINS Jody E. Forchheimer Attorney at Law JODY E. FORCHHEIMER John J. Kuzinevich Attorney at Law JOHN J. KUZINEVICH John Reilly & Associates JOHN B. REILLY, ESQ Page 31 Jones Garneau, MICHAEL K. STANTON Jorden Burt JEFFREY L. WILLIAMS Joseph Jaworski Attorney at Law JOSEPH JAWORSKI Law Office of James Budreau JAMES BUDREAU Page 8 Law Office of Wayne H. Scott WAYNE H. SCOTT Law Offices of Vincent M. Amoroso VINCENT M. AMOROSO LeClairRyan RICHARD W. DEKE BOWERMAN, GERALD F. LUCEY Levett Rockwood P.C. ROBERT A. HARRIS, FRANK J. SILVESTRI Linda Gerstel Attorney at Law LINDA GERSTEL Little Medeiros Kinder Bulman & Whitney, P.C. JOHN E. BULMAN, CHRISTOPHER H. LITTLE, CHRISTOPHER C. WHITNEY Lola S. Lea Attorney at Law LOLA S. LEA Lynch, Brewer, Hoffman & Fink, ALAN R. HOFFMAN Marianne E. Brown Attorney at Law MARIANNE E. BROWN Mark L. Haley MARK L. HALEY Mello & Clefch ROBERT A. MELLO Mountain, Dearborn & Whiting JAMES D. O BRIEN Murray, Plumb & Murray PETER S. PLUMB O Connor, Carnathan and Mack, LLC SEAN T. CARNATHAN Orson and Brusini Ltd. THEODORE ORSON Parker Scheer BARRY S. SCHEER Partridge Snow & Hahn MELISSA E. DARIGAN, BRADLEY F. GANDRUP Peter F. Kearns PETER F. KEARNS Petrini & Associates, P.C. CHRISTOPHER J. PETRINI Pierce & Mandell, P.C. MICHAEL C. FEE Pierce Atwood LARRY L. VARN Pierce, Davis & Perritano, MARIA E. DELUZIO Posternak Blankstein & Lund NICHOLAS J. NESGOS Prince Lobel Tye HUGH J. GORMAN Randi Levine Attorney at Law RANDI LEVINE Richard W. MacAdams Attorney at Law RICHARD W. MACADAMS Rogin Nassau LLC MARK A. ROSENBLUM Ropes & Gray JOHN D. DONOVAN Salter McGowan Sylvia & Leonard Incorporated HARRIS K. WEINER Sandak Hennessey & Greco GARY S. KLEIN Shapiro Haber & Urmy EDWARD F. HABER, THOMAS G. SHAPIRO, THOMAS V. URMY Taylor, Duane, Barton & Gilman, JOHN J. BARTON The Badger Law Group LAWRENCE J. COHEN The McCormack Firm, LLC MICHAEL J. MCCORMACK Todd & Weld CHRISTOPHER R. O HARA, CHRISTOPHER WELD Upton & Hatfield, RUSSELL F. HILLIARD Virginia Lee VIRGINIA LEE W. James Cousins Attorney at Law W. JAMES COUSINS Wadleigh, Starr & Peters, P.L.L.C. JAMES C. WHEAT Wayne S. Henderson, PC WAYNE S. HENDERSON Weyman I. Lundquist Attorney at Law WEYMAN I. LUNDQUIST Zeldes, Needle & Cooper A Professional MARIE A. CASPER, MAXIMINO MEDINA Zimble & Brettler, L.L.P. EMILIE F. ATHANASOULIS COMMUNICATIONS & MEDIA Paul Edward Cohen Attorney at Law PAUL EDWARD COHEN CONSTRUCTION Babcock Power Inc. MICHAEL T. MCINERNY Brown Rudnick EDWARD S. HERSHFIELD City, Hayes & Dissette, P.C. MICHAEL J. DISSETTE Colby Law Office, P.C. DREW W. COLBY Cooney, Scully and Dowling VINCENT J. DOWLING Corwin & Corwin CHARLES F. AHERN, EMANUEL N. BARDANIS, JOHN M. CURRAN, CAROLYN M. FRANCISCO, EDWIN J. FREMDER, JERROLD A. OLANOFF, JOSEPH A. PISARRI, DAVID E. WILSON Day Pitney GERALD GARFIELD DiNicola, Seligson & Upton, JOHN W. DINICOLA Domestico, Lane & McNamara, PAUL M. LANE, JOHN J. MCNAMARA Duane Morris MICHAEL B. DONAHUE, STANLEY A. MARTIN Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC DAVID M. MCGLONE Foley & Lardner THOMAS I. (TOM) ELKIND, ANDREW R. (ANDY) STERN Francis P. Donelan Attorney at Law FRANCIS P. DONELAN Gagliuso & Gagliuso Professional RICHARD C. GAGLIUSO Heafitz & Sullivan HARVEY B. HEAFITZ Heald & LeBoeuf, Ltd. THOMAS W. HEALD Hinckley, Allen & Snyder JARED COHANE, TIMOTHY T. COREY, JOEL LEWIN, ROBERT V. LIZZA, JEREMY RITZENBERG, CHARLES E. SCHAUB Holland & Knight DEBORAH GRIFFIN, PAUL M. JAMES, MARK C. MICHALOWSKI John Crosskey Attorney at Law JOHN CROSSKEY Kenneth I. Gordon KENNETH I. GORDON Law Office of Anthony Cipriani ANTHONY CIPRIANI LeClairRyan ANDREW W. DANIELS, BRIAN J. DONNELL, JAY S. GREGORY Levett Rockwood P.C. REGINA M. FLAHERTY Mass. Bay Transp. Auth. WILLIAM A. MITCHELL Massachusetts Port Authority ALBERT B. DALTON, RUTH M. PAVEN McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, LOUIS R. PEPE McNamara & Flynn, P.A. LEO S. MCNAMARA Murtha Cullina LORING A. COOK, MAURY E. LEDERMAN, RICHARD J. SALETTA Nelson Kinder + Mosseau PC PAUL T. MILLIGAN Noble & Wickersham CHRISTOPHER L. NOBLE Peter M. Zuk Attorney at Law PETER M. ZUK Peter R. Huntsman Attorney at Law PETER R. HUNTSMAN Pierce Atwood JOTHAM D. PIERCE Richard K. Allen Attorney at Law RICHARD K. ALLEN Robert A. Dickinson ROBERT E. DICKINSON Robert P. Garrity Attorney at Law ROBERT P. GARRITY Rubin and Rudman SCOTT A. AFTUCK Seyfarth Shaw LEAH A. ROCHWARG Stephen J. Gill Attorney at Law STEPHEN J. GILL Vena Truelove & Riley ROBERT E. RILEY, EDWARD F. VENA Visconti & Boren, Ltd. GIRARD R. VISCONTI Walter K. McDonough Attorney at Law WALTER K. MCDONOUGH Warren G. Miller Attorney at Law WARREN G. MILLER Welby, Brady & Greenblatt, THOMAS H. WELBY Wofsey, Rosen, Kweskin & Kuriansky, HOWARD C. KAPLAN Zetlin & De Chiara MICHAEL S. ZETLIN CONSUMER Barbara B. Anthony Attorney at Law BARBARA B. ANTHONY Dwight Golann Attorney at Law DWIGHT GOLANN Leslie Davies Attorney at Law LESLIE DAVIES Roddy, Klein & Ryan GARY KLEIN CORPORATE To find all attorneys in this area of practice, visit Casner & Edwards, JOHN H. ASHBY DONNA BREWER PETER A. CARO DAVID J. CHAVOLLA ROBERT E. COWDEN STANLEY CYGELMAN MICHAEL J. GOLDBERG CHARLES M. HAMANN TERRANCE J. HAMILTON ANDREW M. HIGGINS HASKELL A. KASSLER ROBERT S. KUTNER DOUGLAS K. MANSFIELD WALTER H. MAYO ROBERT A. MURPHY STEPHEN M. PERRY JOANNE E. ROMANOW A. DAVIS WHITESELL Page 17 Stern Shapiro Weissberg & Garin MAX D. STERN JONATHAN SHAPIRO LYNN WEISSBERG PATRICIA GARIN DAVID L. KELSTON JOHN TAYLOR IKE WILLIAMS Page 11 CRIMINAL Alan J. Cronheim Attorney at Law ALAN J. CRONHEIM Alfred E. Nugent ALFRED E. NUGENT 12 BOSTONS S TOP RATED LAWYERS For more information, go to

13 Andrews & Updegraph, PC JOHN ANDREWS Anthony M. Cardinale ANTHONY M. CARDINALE Arlene Beth Marcus, Attorney at Law ARLENE B. MARCUS Balliro Mondano JOSEPH J. BALLIRO Barbara Hurst Attorney at Law BARBARA HURST Bello, Lapine & Cassone, L.L.P. ROBERT S. BELLO Berne & Bischoff, LLC RICHARD S. BERNE Bourbeau & Bonilla, MICHAEL C. BOURBEAU Brown, Paindiris & Scott, RICHARD R. BROWN Bruce M. Merrill, P.A. BRUCE M. MERRILL Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin, P.A. JOHN EDWARD DURKIN Byrne & Drechsler, L.L.P. THOMAS DRECHSLER Carney & Bassil A Professional J.W. CARNEY Cataldo Law Offices, LLC JOSEPH P. CATALDO Cathleen L. Bennett Attorney at Law CATHLEEN L. BENNETT Charles K. Leadbetter Attorney at Law CHARLES K. LEADBETTER Charles M. Hughes CHARLES M. HUGHES Christopher F. Bator Attorney at Law CHRISTOPHER F. BATOR Cloutier, Barrett, Cloutier & Conley NEALE A. DUFFETT Cohen Kinne Valicenti & Cook LEONARD H. COHEN Collora MARIA R. DURANT, KATHY B. WEINMAN Cosgrove, Eisenberg and Kiley, P.C. WILLIAM J. CINTOLO David F. Egan Attorney at Law DAVID F. EGAN David R. Yannetti DAVID R. YANNETTI DeGrinney Law Offices JOHN PAUL JP DEGRINNEY Diane S. Juliar Attorney at Law DIANE S. JULIAR Donald E. Clark Attorney at Law DONALD E. CLARK Donald William Macomber Attorney at Law DONALD WILLIAM MACOMBER Donovan & Morello, JOHN R. DONOVAN Edward F. Spinella Attorney at Law EDWARD F. SPINELLA Edward J. Lee EDWARD J. LEE Elizabeth A. Keeley Attorney at Law ELIZABETH A. KEELEY Elliot M. Weinstein ELLIOT M. WEINSTEIN Feinberg & Kamholtz MATTHEW A. KAMHOLTZ Gallagher & Cavanaugh EILEEN M. DONOGHUE Gerace & Associates WILLIAM T. GERACE Gerald E. Gaffin Attorney at Law GERALD E. GAFFIN Gerard A. Smyth Attorney at Law GERARD A. SMYTH Gerard B. Sullivan Attorney at Law GERARD B. SULLIVAN Gerard T. Leone Attorney at Law GERARD T. LEONE Gillis & Bikofsky, P.C. MICHAEL K. GILLIS Good & Cormier PHILIP G. CORMIER, ANDREW H. GOOD Gould & Ettenberg, P.C. PETER L. ETTENBERG Green & Utter, P.A. CATHY J. GREEN Harvard Law School CHARLES J. OGLETREE Hrones & Garrity PAUL J. GARRITY Jack M. Atwood Attorney at Law JACK M. ATWOOD James J. Cipoletta JAMES J. CIPOLETTA James M. Doyle Attorney at Law JAMES M. DOYLE Joan C. Stanley JOAN C. STANLEY John C. Hayes Attorney at Law JOHN C. HAYES John DeVito JOHN E. DEVITO John F. Cicilline Attorney at Law JOHN F. CICILLINE John J. Bonistalli JOHN J. BONISTALLI John J. Hardiman Attorney at Law JOHN J. HARDIMAN John Mee JOHN F. MEE John T. Redway Attorney at Law JOHN T. REDWAY Jonathan J. Einhorn Law Offices JONATHAN J. EINHORN Joshua M. Dohan Attorney at Law JOSHUA M. DOHAN Judith L. Lindahl Attorney at Law JUDITH L. LINDAHL Katz, Sasson, Hoose & Turnbull DAVID P. HOOSE Kelmar Associates LLC DAVID P. KENNEDY Kenneth R. Tremblay KENNETH R. TREMBLAY Kevin J. Reddington Attorney at Law KEVIN J. REDDINGTON Kevin S. Nixon Attorney at Law KEVIN S. NIXON Kimberly Homan KIMBERLY HOMAN Kurt Nathan Schwartz Attorney at Law KURT NATHAN SCHWARTZ Laurel H. Brandt Attorney at Law LAUREL H. BRANDT Law Office of Daniel C. Mullane DANIEL C. MULLANE Law Office of David P. Linsky DAVID P. LINSKY Law Office of E. Peter Parker E. PETER PARKER Law Office of Jack Diamond JACK DIAMOND Law Office of James H. Budreau JAMES H. BUDREAU Law Office of James J. Coviello JAMES J. COVIELLO Law Office of John Wall JOHN WALL Law Office of Martin G. Weinberg MARTIN G. WEINBERG Law Office of Randy Gioia RANDY GIOIA Law Office of Robert H. D Auria ROBERT H. D AURIA Law Office of Robert M. Casale ROBERT M. CASALE Law Offices of Daniel W. O Malley, P.C. DANIEL W. O MALLEY Law Offices of James Merberg JAMES M. MERBERG Law Offices of John W. Laymon JOHN W. LAYMON Law Offices of Kirk Y. Griffin KIRK Y. GRIFFIN Law Offices of Lee D. Flournoy, PC LEE D. FLOURNOY Page 25 Law Offices of Norman A. Pattis, LLC NORMAN A. PATTIS Law Offices of Rosemary Scapicchio ROSEMARY CURRAN SCAPICCHIO Lawrence M. Herrmann LAWRENCE M. HERRMANN Leslie Feldman-Rumpler LESLIE FELDMAN-RUMPLER Lewin & Lewin ROBERT D. LEWIN Libby O Brien Kingsley & Champion, LLC GENE R. LIBBY Louis P. Aloise Attorney at Law LOUIS P. ALOISE Lurie & Krupp, PETER B. KRUPP M. Fred DeCaprio Attorney at Law M. FRED DECAPRIO MacFadyen, Gescheidt & O Brien LISE J. GESCHEIDT, C. LEONARD O BRIEN Marcotte Law Firm ALBERT J. MARCOTTE Margaret Caroline Parks Attorney at Law MARGARET CAROLINE PARKS Marian T. Ryan Attorney at Law MARIAN T. RYAN Mark G. Miliotis MARK G. MILIOTIS Martin R. Rosenthal MARTIN R. ROSENTHAL Massachusetts Attorney General MARTHA COAKLEY McCue, Lee & Greene, LEONARD J. HENSON McEvilly & Curley THOMAS F. MCEVILLY Meehan, Meehan & Gavin, EDWARD J. GAVIN, MICHAEL T. MEEHAN Michael C. Andrews MICHAEL C. ANDREWS Michael L. Tabak Attorney at Law MICHAEL L. TABAK Michael M. Monopoli MICHAEL M. MONOPOLI Michael O. Jennings MICHAEL O. JENNINGS Miriam Conrad Attorney at Law MIRIAM CONRAD O Boy & Dingee, FRANCIS M. O BOY O Neil Law JAMES E. O NEIL Owen S. Walker Attorney at Law OWEN S. WALKER Paul F. Markham PAUL F. MARKHAM Paul H. Carrigan PAUL H. CARRIGAN Peter A. Di Biase, Inc. PETER A. DI BIASE Peter A. Mullin Attorney at Law PETER A. MULLIN Peter G. DeGelleke PETER G. DEGELLEKE Philip A. Tracy, Jr. PHILIP A. TRACY Pingitore & Fitzpatrick, LLC JOHN D. FITZPATRICK Prince Lobel Tye JAMES W. LAWSON R. Michael Cassidy Attorney at Law R. MICHAEL CASSIDY Randy Hawkes Attorney at Law RANDY HAWKES Rankin & Sultan CHARLES W. RANKIN, JAMES L. SULTAN Raymond Buso RAYMOND BUSO Richard C. Neuhoff Attorney at Law RICHARD C. NEUHOFF Richard D. Grundy Attorney at Law RICHARD D. GRUNDY Richard W. Murphy Attorney at Law RICHARD W. MURPHY Boyd & Boyd, P.C. Estate, Trust & Retirement Planning, F. Keats Boyd, Jr. BOSTON S TOP RATED LAWYERS E D I T I O N TOP RATED LAWYERS Administration & Management Providing Boston quality services from the convenience and affordability of Cape Cod. Serving the simple to complex estate needs, and providing trust portfolio investing for families primarily from Cape Cod, Eastern Massachusetts, and Florida. Sophisticated estate planning and trust portfolio investing are fundamentals of this firm, with settlement of estates, probate, asset protection, elder law, special needs planning, charitable gifting, business & succession planning and trustee services as important areas of practice. To learn more visit: Robert J. Zanello ROBERT J. ZANELLO Robert L. Sheketoff ROBERT L. SHEKETOFF Robert M. Axelrod ROBERT M. AXELROD Ronald Gold Attorney at Law RONALD GOLD Ruane Attorneys At Law JAMES J. RUANE Salsberg & Schneider JOHN R. SALSBERG, MICHAEL R. SCHNEIDER Santos & Seeley, P.C. HUBERT J. SANTOS, HOPE C. SEELEY Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green Professional W. MICHAEL DUNN Stephanie Page Attorney at Law STEPHANIE PAGE Stephen L. Jones STEPHEN L. JONES Stephen T. Jeffco, PA STEPHEN T. JEFFCO Stern, Shapiro, Weissberg & Garin, PATRICIA GARIN, JONATHAN SHAPIRO, MAX D. STERN Stetler, Allen & Kampmann BRADLEY S. STETLER Steven J. Sack STEVEN J. SACK Sullivan & Borges KENNETH L. SULLIVAN Sullivan and Sweeney WILLIAM F. SULLIVAN Sweeney & Griffen WILLIAM J. SWEENEY The Law Office of Pamala J. Favreau PAMALA J. FAVREAU ONE SENTRY PLAZA, 1185 FALMOUTH ROAD, SUITE 101, CENTERVILLE, MA For more information, go to BOSTON S TOP RATED LAWYERS 13

14 BOSTON S T O P RAT E D LAW YERS Law Office of Richard C. Bardi. RICHARD C. BARDI Page 29 The Law Offices of Thomas G. Guiney THOMAS G. GUINEY Theodore K. Hoch THEODORE K. HOCH Thomas E. Landry Attorney at Law THOMAS E. LANDRY Timothy H. Everett Attorney at Law TIMOTHY H. EVERETT Todd & Weld DAVID E. MEIER Vito A. Castignoli Attorney at Law VITO A. CASTIGNOLI William N. Brownsberger WILLIAM N. BROWNSBERGER Zalkind, Rodriguez, Lunt & Duncan INGA S. BERNSTEIN, DAVID DUNCAN, ELIZABETH A. LUNT, HARVEY A. SILVERGLATE, WILLIAM B. VAN LONKHUYZEN, NORMAN S. ZALKIND Zisson & Veara EDWARD E. VEARA DEBTOR AND CREDITOR Andrew A. Cadot Attorney at Law ANDREW A. CADOT Charles J. McGovern Attorney at Law CHARLES J. MCGOVERN Cohn Birnbaum & Shea P.C. SCOTT D. ROSEN Dechert ROBERT A. BAIME Patrick M. Reagan Attorney at Law PATRICK M. REAGAN Reisman Law Firm GLENN M. REISMAN The Law Offices of Christopher W. Parker CHRISTOPHER W. PARKER DENTAL MALPRACTICE Meehan, Meehan & Gavin, RICHARD T. MEEHAN DISCRIMINATION To find all attorneys in this area of practice, visit Kazarosian Law Offices MARSHA V. KAZAROSIAN Page 32 DIVORCE Bacon Wilson, P.C. STEPHEN B. MONSEIN Boston Law Collaborative, LLC VICKI L. SHEMIN, J.D., LICSW, ACSW Page 31 Broder & Orland LLC CAROLE TOPOL ORLAND Bruce E. Vealey BRUCE E. VEALEY Carlo Forzani LLC CARLO FORZANI Dworkin & Smith ALAN T. DWORKIN Grindle, Robinson, Goodhue & Frolin FERN L. FROLIN Kazarosian Law Offices MARSHA V. KAZAROSIAN Page 32 Law Office of Barbara Stark, LLC BARBARA KAHN STARK Law Office of Richard C. Bardi. RICHARD C. BARDI Page 29 Law Office of Stephen G. Linder STEPHEN G. LINDER Law Offices of Wayne D. Effron, P.C. WAYNE D. EFFRON Louden Legal Group LLC WM. BRUCE LOUDEN Mavrides Law MARCIA MAVRIDES Page 15 Nissenbaum Law Offices GERALD L. NISSENBAUM Owens, Schine & Nicola, P.C. ROBERT J. NICOLA Partridge, Ankner & Horstmann, TERRI L.B. PARTRIDGE, ESQ x11 Page 31 Rosenberg, Freedman & Goldstein HOWARD I. GOLDSTEIN Schmidt & Federico, P.C. W. SANFORD DURLAND, PHYLLIS E. FEDERICO, MARY H. SCHMIDT Skelton, Taintor & Abbott A Professional RONALD P. LEBEL Tepper Dardeck Levins & Gatos, STEPHEN ALAN DARDECK The Law Offices of Patricia A. Sullivan PATRICIA A. SULLIVAN Thomas M. Shanley P.C. THOMAS M. SHANLEY Van Dam & Traini, GERALD H. VAN DAM Witmer, Karp, Warner & Ryan RONALD A. WITMER EDUCATION Berchem, Moses & Devlin A Professional MARSHA BELMAN MOSES Brennan, Recupero, Cascione, Scungio & McAllister, ANDREW D. HENNEOUS Broderick, Bancroft & Goldberg MICHAEL R. GOLDBERG Carolyn Stafford Stein Attorney at Law CAROLYN STAFFORD STEIN Constance M. Hilton Attorney at Law CONSTANCE M. HILTON Dennis J. Yesalonia DENNIS J. YESALONIA Drummond Woodsum DONALD A. KOPP, GERALD M. ZELIN Edwards Wildman Palmer DARYL J. LAPP Elizabeth S. Hendler Attorney at Law ELIZABETH S. HENDLER Holland & Knight JAMES D. J.D. SMEALLIE, C. THOMAS TOM SWAIM Johnson & Wales University BARBARA L. BENNETT Joyce A. Kirby Attorney at Law JOYCE A. KIRBY Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, ROBERT K. CRABTREE, EILEEN M. HAGERTY, DANIEL T. S. HEFFERNAN, LAWRENCE KOTIN Mirick, O Connell, DeMallie & Lougee, DEMITRIOS M. MOSCHOS, RICHARD C. VAN NOSTRAND Richard F. Howard RICHARD F. HOWARD Robert J. DiLibero, Attorney At Law ROBERT J. DILIBERO Page 29 Robinson & Clapham STEPHEN M. ROBINSON Robinson & Cole BRUCE B. BARTH, PAMELA K. ELKOW, MICHAEL S. GIAIMO Steven J. McDonald Attorney at Law STEVEN J. MCDONALD Wadleigh, Starr & Peters, P.L.L.C. DEAN B. EGGERT Wayne M. Kezirian Attorney at Law WAYNE M. KEZIRIAN ELDER LAW Beasley & Ferber, PC EDWARD D. BEASLEY Boyd & Boyd, PC F. KEATS BOYD, JR Page 13 Braunstein and Todisco, PC AMY E. TODISCO Butenhof & Bomster, PC ANN N. BUTENHOF Coan, Lewendon, Gulliver & Miltenberger, LLC WHITNEY M. LEWENDON Cohen & Oalican, STEVEN M. COHEN Julia E. Merkt Attorney at Law JULIA E. MERKT Kearns & Kearns, P.C. JOHN F. KEARNS Law Office of William J. Brisk WILLIAM J. BRISK Margolis & Bloom, HARRY S. MARGOLIS Maryellen C. Sullivan MARYELLEN C. SULLIVAN Moschella & Winston, ALEX L. MOSCHELLA, NEAL A. WINSTON Oppenheim & Cole, IAN S. OPPENHEIM Rosenberg, Freedman & Goldstein DONALD N. FREEDMAN Ruggiero, Ziogas & Allaire STEPHEN O. ALLAIRE Spano & Dawicki, Elder Law & Estate Solutions STEPHEN SPANO EMINENT DOMAIN Masterman, Culbert & Tully NEAL C. TULLY ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES Charles Harak Attorney at Law CHARLES HARAK Craig L. Eaton Attorney at Law CRAIG L. EATON David A. Fazzone Attorney at Law DAVID A. FAZZONE Gillis & Angley, RALPH J. GILLIS Holland & Knight DIANNE R. PHILLIPS, WARREN E. TOLMAN James W. Stetson Attorney at Law JAMES W. STETSON Robinson & Cole PETER V. LACOUTURE Rubin and Rudman JOHN A. DETORE Timothy D. Jaroch Attorney at Law TIMOTHY D. JAROCH ENTERTAINMENT Alevizos and Alevizos THEODORE G. ALEVIZOS Fierst & Kane FREDERICK U. FIERST GAGLINI LAW GROUP LLC SALLY GAGLINI Page 29 Ken Fishkin & Associates KENNETH R. FISHKIN ENVIRONMENTAL Alan W. Armstrong Attorney at Law ALAN W. ARMSTRONG Anderson & Kreiger ARTHUR P. KREIGER, WILLIAM L. LAHEY Anne S. Rogers Attorney at Law ANNE S. ROGERS Benik & Associates, P.C. GREGORY L. BENIK Beveridge & Diamond, P.C. STEPHEN M. RICHMOND Boston University Office of the General Counsel WILLIS G. WANG Brennan, Dain, Le Ray, Wiest, Torpy & Garner, P.C. NANCER H. BALLARD Brody Wilkinson PC BARBARA S. MILLER Burak Anderson & Melloni, PLC JON T. ANDERSON Burns & Levinson FREDERICK S. PAULSEN, DAVID P. ROSENBLATT Cabot GERARD A. CARON Carey Law Office AUSTIN CAREY Christopher P. Davis Attorney at Law CHRISTOPHER P. DAVIS Connors & Bliss, PC MICHAEL D. BLISS Craig H. Campbell CRAIG H. CAMPBELL Cronin & Leonard STEPHEN M. LEONARD Cynthia K. Berliner Attorney at Law CYNTHIA K. BERLINER David W. Hess Attorney at Law DAVID W. HESS Davis, Malm & D Agostine, P.C. PAUL L. FELDMAN Deirdre H. Robbins DEIRDRE H. ROBBINS Dennis H. Esposito Attorney at Law DENNIS H. ESPOSITO Donahue, Tucker & Ciandella, PLLC MICHAEL J. DONAHUE Donegan & Associates, Ltd. MICHAEL P. DONEGAN Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC PETER D. VAN OOT E. Michael Thomas, Esq. E. MICHAEL THOMAS Edward J. McCormack Attorney at Law EDWARD J. MCCORMACK Edwards Wildman Palmer RICHARD A. SHERMAN Foley Hoag MARY BETH GENTLEMAN, SETH D. JAFFE, ADAM P. KAHN, MARTIN C. PENTZ George B. Henderson Attorney at Law GEORGE B. HENDERSON Giarrusso Norton Cooley & McGlone, PC ROY P. GIARRUSSO Glick and Associates P.C. NEAL B. GLICK Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan WILLIAM L. PARKER Goodwin Procter GREGORY A. BIBLER, ELISE N. ZOLI Goulston & Storrs A Professional NED ABELSON Hanson Curran JAMES T. MURPHY Jeffrey A. Thaler Attorney at Law JEFFREY A. THALER Jessica A. Graf Attorney at Law JESSICA A. GRAF John W. Arata JOHN W. ARATA Laurel Mackay Attorney at Law LAUREL MACKAY Laurie Burt LAURIE BURT Law Office of Donald L. Anglehart, LLC DONALD L. ANGLEHART Law Office of S. Paul Ryan S. PAUL RYAN Lynch, DeSimone & Nylen, RICHARD A. NYLEN Mackie Shea O Brien, PC THOMAS A. MACKIE, MICHELLE NADEAU O BRIEN, JOHN F. SHEA Marc A. Silver Attorney at Law MARC A. SILVER Margaret R. Stolfa Attorney at Law MARGARET R. STOLFA Mary B. Griffin Attorney at Law MARY B. GRIFFIN Mary Jude Pigsley Attorney at Law MARY JUDE PIGSLEY Matthew Watsky Attorney at Law MATTHEW WATSKY McCarter & English, LEIGH A. GILLIGAN, JANE K. WARREN McDermott Will & Emery JEFFREY C. BATES, SUSAN M. COOKE McGregor & Associates, P.C. GREGOR I. MCGREGOR McRoberts & Roberts, L.L.P. MARK W. ROBERTS Michael Rubin Attorney at Law MICHAEL RUBIN Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. RALPH A. CHILD, SUSAN P. PHILLIPS, JEFFREY R. PORTER Miyares and Harrington J. RAYMOND MIYARES Morrison Mahoney WESLEY J. MARSHALL Murtha Cullina DAVID PLATT, GREGORY A. SHARP, MARK R. SUSSMAN, MICHAEL A. ZIZKA National Grid KIM HERMAN GOSLANT Nixon Peabody DONALD D. COOPER Northeastern University School of Law LEE P. BRECKENRIDGE Pamela D. Harvey Attorney at Law PAMELA D. HARVEY Patrick A. Parenteau Attorney at Law PATRICK A. PARENTEAU Peter L. Koff PETER L. KOFF Pierce Atwood PHILIP F. W. AHRENS, THOMAS R. DOYLE, KENNETH F. GRAY, MATTHEW D. MANAHAN, DIXON P. PIKE, WILLIAM E. TAYLOR Prince Lobel Tye JO ANN SHOTWELL KAPLAN Pullman & Comley, LLC GARY B. O CONNOR, DIANE W. WHITNEY Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster Professional RICHARD J. GALLOGLY, MICHAEL P. LAST, SANFORD M. MATATHIA Readnour Associates, P.C. JON S. READNOUR 14 BOSTONS S TOP RATED LAWYERS For more information, go to

15 Reid and Riege, P.C. NICHOLAS J. HARDING Robert D. Kilmarx Attorney at Law ROBERT D. KILMARX Robinson & Cole TIMOTHY D. BATES, EARL W. PHILLIPS Roger Beers ROGER BEERS Scott J. Nathan SCOTT J. NATHAN Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green Professional JOHN E. PELTONEN Shipman & Goodwin TIMOTHY S. HOLLISTER, JOSEPH P. WILLIAMS Stephen H. Schroeder Attorney at Law STEPHEN H. SCHROEDER Sullivan & Worcester VICTOR N. BALTERA Thomas B. Bracken Attorney at Law THOMAS B. BRACKEN Thomas F. Harrison Attorney at Law THOMAS F. HARRISON Verrill Dana HARLAN M. DOLINER, KAREN A. MIGNONE William Lyon Pardee Attorney at Law WILLIAM LYON PARDEE WilmerHale ROBERT C. KIRSCH ERISA/EMPLOYEE BENEFITS To find all attorneys in this area of practice, visit The Wagner Law Group MARCIA S. WAGNER Page 31 ESTATE PLANNING Alan S. Novick Attorney at Law ALAN S. NOVICK Alevizos and Alevizos SUSAN B. ALEVIZOS Ansell & Anderson P.A. CHRISTINE S. ANDERSON, RUTH TOLF ANSELL Bacon Wilson, P.C. HARLEY M. SACKS Barradale, O Connell, Newkirk & Dwyer, P.A. COLLEEN D. O CONNELL Bingham McCutchen EDWARD A. SAXE, LAWRENCE I. SILVERSTEIN Blair & Potts NANCY E. BLAIR, ARTHUR G. POTTS Boudreau and Boudreau PHILIP M. BOUDREAU Boyd & Boyd, P.C. F. KEATS BOYD Brody Wilkinson PC DOUGLAS R. BROWN, S. GILES PAYNE Caffrey & Smith, P.C. THOMAS F. CAFFREY Cameron & Mittleman KAREN G. DELPONTE Carmody & Torrance DAVID L. SFARA Casassa and Ryan H. ALFRED CASASSA Casner & Edwards, CHARLES M. HAMANN Chipman, Mazzucco, Land & Pennarola, LLC RICHARD S. LAND Christopher A. Webber, Jr. CHRISTOPHER A. WEBBER Correira & Correira DAVID J. CORREIRA Cummings & Lockwood LLC EDWARD F. RODENBACH Currier Law Offices LLC DIANE L. CURRIER Cushing & Dolan, P.C. LEO J. CUSHING Czepiga Daly Dillman LLC D. J. HARRY WEBB Dane & Howe, ARNOLD W. HUNNEWELL David E. Richheimer DAVID E. RICHHEIMER Davidson, Dawson & Clark ALAN DONALDSON, BERKELEY D. JOHNSON Devine, Millimet & Branch Professional ANU R. MULLIKIN Donahue, Tucker & Ciandella, PLLC NICHOLAS R. AESCHLIMAN, ROBERT B. DONOVAN Drew & Mersereau, P.C. JOHN E. DREW, PAUL E. MERSEREAU Drohan Tocchio & Morgan, P.C. DAVID H. DROHAN Eckel, Morgan & O Connor G. MITCHELL ECKEL Edward J. McDermott Attorney at Law EDWARD J. MCDERMOTT Edward W. Foster Attorney at Law EDWARD W. FOSTER Edwards Wildman Palmer KINNAIRD HOWLAND, DANA T. PICKARD Epstein & O Donovan, EILEEN M. L. EPSTEIN, DENNIS J. O DONOVAN Fedele and Murray, P.C. JOHN E. FEDELE Fernald, Taft, Falby and Little, P.A. RICHARD R. FERNALD, ROBERT TAFT Fiduciary Trust Co. JILL I. CABITT, ROBERT G. HOLDWAY Fletcher Tilton PC RICHARD C. BARRY, ROBERT F. DORE, THERESA M. VARNET Flood, Sheehan & Tobin, PLLC ANN MEISSNER FLOOD, MARCIA HENNELLY MORAN Frederick K. Plumb FREDERICK K. PLUMB Friedler Law Group WILLIAM N. FRIEDLER George A. Page, Jr. GEORGE A. PAGE George B. Bickford GEORGE B. BICKFORD Gilmore, Rees & Carlson, P.C. BRUCE J. BETTIGOLE, PAUL D. BISHOP, CHRISTOPHER T. CARLSON, ROBERT J. MORRILL, LISA M. RICO, SIDNEY A. SLOBODKIN Glovsky & Glovsky LLC JOHN E. GLOVSKY Goodwin Procter GEORGE W. BUTTERWORTH, MARY-KATHLEEN O CONNELL Gould, Larson, Bennet, Wells & McDonnell, P.C. JOHN E. LARSON Haddleton & Associates, P.C. RUSSELL E. HADDLETON, ROBERT S. HEPPE Hamblett & Kerrigan, P.A. JOSEPH W. KENNY Hays & Skerry WILLIAM C. HAYS, JEFFREY J. SKERRY Henry B. Dewey Attorney at Law HENRY B. DEWEY Highmount Capital LLC SUSAN MILONA Page 30 Hinckley, Allen & Snyder RICHARD G. ASOIAN, LEON C. BOGHOSSIAN, NOEL M. FIELD, KEVIN MCCANN, RICHARD H. PIERCE Irving M. Fanger IRVING M. FANGER Jackson and Sutherland, P.C. WILLIAM D. JACKSON Jeffrey L. Crown Attorney at Law JEFFREY L. CROWN Joan F. Beer JOAN F. BEER Joanne D. Levy Attorney At Law, P.C. JOANNE D. LEVY John A. Stichter JOHN A. STICHTER John J. Bowe Jr. Attorney At Law JOHN J. BOWE John L. Harrison Attorney at Law JOHN L. HARRISON Jonathan P. Rice Attorney at Law JONATHAN P. RICE Judith Jarashow JUDITH A. JARASHOW Keith L. Hughes KEITH L. HUGHES Kerstein Coren & Lichtenstein, KENNETH S. FEDERMAN King & Navins, P.C. RICHARD R. NAVINS Lahti, Lahti & O Neill, LLC STEPHEN T. O NEILL Lander & Lander, P.C. JAY J. LANDER LaTanzi, Spaulding & Landreth, P.C. LAWRENCE O. SPAULDING Law Office of David E. Hunt DAVID E. HUNT Law Office of Helen H. Stewart HELEN H. STEWART Law Office Of Michelle B. Carron MICHELLE B. CARRON Law Offices of Joseph J. Nicholson JOSEPH J. NICHOLSON Law Offices of Richard A. Sarner, LLC RICHARD A. SARNER Law Offices of Robert A. Gorfinkle ROBERT A. GORFINKLE Lawrence Blacker LAWRENCE L. BLACKER Lyon & Fitzpatrick, WILLIAM D. FITZPATRICK Martin Chioffi, MARK P. CHIOFFI Martinelli, Discenza Legal and Investment Counsel JOHN MICHAEL DISCENZA Maurice F. Lesses Attorney at Law MAURICE F. LESSES McCandless LLC ELIZABETH T. MCCANDLESS McGowan Law Group PAUL A. MCGOWAN McIntyre, Tate & Lynch, JERRY MCINTYRE McLaughlin, Richards, Mahaney, Biller & Woodyshek, JAMES A. MCLAUGHLIN Morrissey, Hawkins & Lynch MICHAEL G. LYNCH Mountain, Dearborn & Whiting ANN K. MOLLOY, THOMAS R. MOUNTAIN Murtha Cullina CHARLES E. DRUMMEY Nixon Peabody DEBORAH LYNN ANDERSON O Brien Stuart Eppinger & Collier, LLC FRANK N. EPPINGER Partridge Snow & Hahn DEBORAH DINARDO, KATHLEEN A. RYAN Perry, Hicks and Deshaies, L.L.P. DANIEL C. PERRY PROVIDING CLARITY IN FAMILY LAW MATTERS Marcia J. Mavrides CONTACT ph: fax: BOSTON 160 State Street, 6th Floor Boston, MA QUINCY 21 McGrath Highway Suite 402 Quincy, MA Phillips, Silver, Talman, Aframe & Sinrich, P.C. JAMES J. PHILLIPS Pierce Atwood EVERETT P. INGALLS, WILFRED L. SANDERS Prince Lobel Tye PATRICIA M. ANNINO Ralph T. Lewis Attorney at Law RALPH T. LEWIS Rice, Simon & Simon CLEAVELAND J. RICE Robert G. Stewart ROBERT G. STEWART Robert J. Hughes Law Office ROBERT J. HUGHES Robinson, Boesch & Sennott PA KATHLEEN M. ROBINSON Ronald L. Sheiman RONALD L. SHEIMAN Ropes & Gray VIRGINIA F. COLEMAN Rosenberg, Freedman & Goldstein PAULA J. MORGAN Rubin, Hay & Gould, P.C. MEREK S. RUBIN Sally H. Mulhern Attorney at Law SALLY H. MULHERN Salter McGowan Sylvia & Leonard Incorporated ARTHUR J. LEONARD, LESTER H. SALTER Seder & Chandler BURTON CHANDLER Shatz, Schwartz and Fentin, P.C. ANN I. WEBER Shipman & Goodwin STUYVESANT K. BEARNS, JAMES T. BETTS, DANIELLE P. FERRUCCI, STEPHEN K. GELLMAN, BRYON W. HARMON, LYN GAMMILL WALKER For more than 28 years, Marcia Mavrides, founder and lead trial counsel of Mavrides Law has helped people in the Greater Boston area resolve family law problems, including divorce, paternity, custody disputes, interstate child removal, prenuptial agreements, post-divorce modifications and enforcement of judgments. Mavrides Law operates on the belief that a strong client-attorney relationship forms the foundation of every successful legal effort. At the firm, you will work closely with a team of attorneys, led by Attorney Mavrides, who will empower you with the information you need to give direction and shape to your future. Strong, smart advocacy and above all: clear, timely communication. From the start of your case through its conclusion, Mavrides Law will be your strong advocate so that you can move past your legal troubles and move ahead in your life with confidence and clarity. The choice of lawyers matters greatly: For over 28 years clients have learned that toughness, compassion, experience, knowledge of the law and court system, as well as unbending dedication to her clients, makes Mavrides Law the choice for family law matters. For more information, go to BOSTON S TOP RATED LAWYERS 15

16 BOSTON S T O P RAT E D LAW YERS Simonds, Winslow, Willis & Abbott ROBERT S. GULICK Sjoberg & Votta Law Offices MARK A. SJOBERG Skelton, Taintor & Abbott A Professional BRYAN M. DENCH Stebbins Bradley, PA NICHOLAS D. N. HARVEY, WILLEMIEN DINGEMANS MILLER Steffensen Herman Doggett & Fleming JON E. STEFFENSEN Steven K. Riemer STEVEN K. RIEMER Stuart A. Hammer Attorney at Law STUART A. HAMMER Sullivan & Worcester JOHN C. EMERY, ROGER B. HUNT, CORNELIUS J. MURRAY, JOSEPH C. ROBBINS Susan C. Dawson Attorney at Law SUSAN C. DAWSON Susan Clyatt Lybeck Attorney at Law SUSAN CLYATT LYBECK Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, L.L.P. WILLIAM F. KEHOE, JOHN A. LEITH The Beliveau Law Group DANIEL V. BAKINOWSKI The Law Firm of Ellen A. Petersen ELLEN A. PETERSEN The Law Office of Frederick M. Sembler, PLLC FREDERICK M. SEMBLER The Law Offices of Matthew J. Lefevre, Esq., P.C. MATTHEW J. LEFEVRE Theodore E. Daiber THEODORE E. DAIBER Thomas J. Reagan Attorney at Law THOMAS J. REAGAN Thornton Thomsen Cavaliere & Arsenault, Inc. WILLIAM B. THORNTON Waller, Smith & Palmer, P.C. WILLIAM W. MINER Wealth Strategies Counsel JEFFREY R. MATSEN Whitman Breed Abbott & Morgan LLC CHARLES E. COATES Whittemore & Carlson DAVID O. WHITTEMORE Winokur, Serkey & Rosenberg, P.C. FREDERICK KUHN Woodman & Eaton, P.C. BYRON E. WOODMAN Wynn & Wynn, P.C. JAMES F. MCGILLEN Zuccaro, Willis & Sipples, P.C. DAVID L. WILLIS FAMILY Alfred Factor Attorney at Law ALFRED FACTOR Ann T. Baum ANN T. BAUM Arthur C. Ryley ARTHUR C. RYLEY Asack & Asack GEORGE N. ASACK Atwood & Cherny, P.C. DAVID E. CHERNY, MARK T. SMITH Avratin, Okstein & Queler ALAN H. OKSTEIN Benjamin & Benson ROBERTA F. BENJAMIN Berid & Schutzbank, LLC MAXA S. BERID Berman, Bourns, Aaron & Dembo, LLC BARBARA D. AARON, COURTNEY B. BOURNS Boston Law Collaborative, LLC VICKI L. SHEMIN, J.D., LICSW, ACSW Page 31 Bowman, Moos & Elder, JON BENSON, JUDITH FARRIS BOWMAN, JINANNE S. J. ELDER Bozenhard, Socha & Ely MARY ANTOINETTE SOCHA Broder & Orland LLC ERIC J. BRODER Cacace, Tusch & Santagata PAUL T. TUSCH Carney & Bassil A Professional JANICE BASSIL Casner & Edwards, HASKELL A. KASSLER, JOANNE E. ROMANOW Cataldo Law Offices, LLC PAUL A. CATALDO, LINDA A. OUELLETTE Cheryl A. Tracy Attorney at Law CHERYL A. TRACY Christine M. Whitehead Attorney at Law CHRISTINE M. WHITEHEAD Cohen and Wolf, P.C. JOCELYN B. HURWITZ Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, GEORGE M. FORD Daniel G. Hovanesian DANIEL G. HOVANESIAN Daniel J. Finn DANIEL J. FINN David S. Bischoff DAVID S. BISCHOFF Diane W. Spears Attorney at Law DIANE W. SPEARS Dianne S. Burden, Esquire DIANNE S. BURDEN DiMento & DiMento CAROL A. G. DIMENTO Efrem A. Gordon EFREM A. GORDON Elga Ruth Wasserman ELGA RUTH WASSERMAN Ellen B. Lubell ELLEN B. LUBELL Elliot M. Sherman Attorney at Law ELLIOT M. SHERMAN Esdaile, Barrett & Esdaile SHAUN SPENCER FORSYTH, NORMAN I. JACOBS Family Law Collaborative Solutions, LLC PAULA H. NOE Fowlkes, Jacoby & Kaplan HONORA A. KAPLAN Freeman & Freeman, Attorneys at Law PAMELA S. FREEMAN GAGLINI LAW GROUP LLC SALLY GAGLINI Page 29 Gargas & Associates, P.C. MELANIE J. GARGAS Gersten & Gersten AARON L. GERSTEN Ginsburg & Leshin, JULIE E. GINSBURG, MICHAEL L. LESHIN Giuliano & Richardson, LLC ROSEMARY E. GIULIANO Gould & Gould RICHARD A. GOULD Grindle, Robinson, Goodhue & Frolin STEVEN H. GRINDLE Hamblett & Kerrigan, P.A. KEVIN P. RAUSEO Haronian, Paquin, Bramley & Harrington, Inc. RUSSELL BRAMLEY Hart Law Offices, P.C. JOSEPH L. HART, PATRICK M. HART Healy, Fiske, Richmond & Matthew JOHN A. FISKE, REGINA HEALY, BARBARA ZICHT RICHMOND Herbert Pitta Attorney at Law HERBERT PITTA Howard I. Lipsey Attorney at Law HOWARD I. LIPSEY Hyman, Cantor & Klau, P.C. DONALD J. CANTOR J. Todisco, Jr. J. TODISCO Jeanne J. Speizer Attorney at Law JEANNE J. SPEIZER Jeroll R. Silverberg JEROLL R. SILVERBERG Jessup & Conroy P.C. RICHARD JESSUP Joanna E. Scannell Attorney at Law JOANNA E. SCANNELL Kahalas, Warshaw & Friend, P.C. DAVID A. KAHALAS Karen Tosh Attorney at Law KAREN TOSH Kates & Barlow, P.C. PETER M. BARLOW, MARC J. COOPER Kazarosian Law Offices MARSHA V. KAZAROSIAN Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum ALBERT JOHN MAINELLI Kirshenbaum Law Associates ALLEN M. KIRSHENBAUM Kristin A. Gustafson Attorney at Law KRISTIN A. GUSTAFSON Lack & Cogan GREGORY M. COGAN Laurence & Iwon LISE M. IWON Law Office of Beth S. Herr P.C. BETH S. HERR Law Office of Morris S. Shubow MORRIS S. SHUBOW Law Office of Rosemary Purtell, LLC ROSEMARY PURTELL Law Offices of Eliot J. Nerenberg ELIOT J. NERENBERG Law Offices of Gary I. Cohen, P.C. GARY I. COHEN Law Offices of Ilene B. Belinsky P.C. ILENE B. BELINSKY Law Offices of Lee D. Flournoy, PC LEE D. FLOURNOY Page 25 Law Offices of Sharyn T. Sooho SHARYN T. SOOHO Law Offices of Shirley A. Doyle SHIRLEY A. DOYLE Law Offices of Susan W. Archer SUSAN W. ARCHER Lee, Rivers & Corr KEVIN M. CORR, DAVID H. LEE, ROBERT J. RIVERS Legasey & Niarchos, P.C. JOHN S. LEGASEY Leilah Anne Keamy Attorney at Law LEILAH ANNE KEAMY Lian, Zarrow, Eynon & Shea ROBERT G. LIAN Liccardi, Crawford & Ogden, P.C. JOHN S. LICCARDI Lisa A. Roberts Attorney at Law LISA A. ROBERTS LoDolce Family Law ANN C. LODOLCE Looney & Grossman PATRICIA A. SAINT JAMES Lynch, Lynch & Friel JOHN D. LYNCH Lynda G. Christian LYNDA G. CHRISTIAN Maiona & Maiona, P.C. JUSTIN G. MAIONA Margot Ames Clower MARGOT AMES CLOWER Marilyn Ray Smith Attorney at Law MARILYN RAY SMITH Marvin and Ferro GAETANO FERRO, MORTON E. MARVIN Mary Anne Sahagian Attorney at Law MARY ANNE SAHAGIAN Mary Ellen Wynn MARY ELLEN WYNN Mavrides Law MARCIA MAVRIDES Page 15 Mayer, Antonellis, Jachowicz & Haranas, WILLIAM H. MAYER McGrath & Kane Attorneys at Law, Inc. PAUL M. KANE, JOAN E. KOLLIGIAN, ROBERT F. MCGRATH McIntyre, Tate & Lynch, DEBORAH M. TATE McLellan & Zack GERALD D. MCLELLAN, ELLEN S. ZACK Meyers Breiner & Kent, L.L.P. RICHARD G. KENT, MICHAEL A. MEYERS Moxon & Devaney, JEFFREY N. MOXON Murstein & Rutecki ROBERT J. RUTECKI Newton H. Levee NEWTON H. LEVEE Nusbaum & Parrino, P.C. EDWARD NUSBAUM, THOMAS P. PARRINO Otis & Associates, P.C. GAIL P. OTIS Partridge, Ankner & Horstmann, TERRI L.B. PARTRIDGE, ESQ x11 Page 31 Patricia S. Fernandez PATRICIA S. FERNANDEZ Paul Chill Attorney at Law PAUL CHILL Paul John Sweeney, Attorney at Law PAUL JOHN SWEENEY Perocchi Family Law Group, JOYCE G. PEROCCHI, PAUL P. PEROCCHI Peter C. DiGangi Attorney at Law PETER C. DIGANGI Phyllis K. Kolman Law PHYLLIS K. KOLMAN Phyllis M. DiCara PHYLLIS M. DICARA Piazza, Simmons & Grant, LLC ANTHONY A. PIAZZA Prince Lobel Tye PASQUALE DESANTIS, NANCY A. FREED Robert J. DiLibero ROBERT J. DILIBERO Robert J. Donahue ROBERT J. DONAHUE Roberta S. Friedman ROBERTA S. FRIEDMAN Roisman & McClure, P.C. GERALD A. ROISMAN Ronan, Segal & Harrington MARY PIEMONTE HARRINGTON Robert J. DiLibero, Attorney At Law ROBERT J. DILIBERO Page 29 Rubin and Rudman FRANCES M. GIORDANO, ALAN K. POSNER Ruth R. Budd Attorney at Law RUTH R. BUDD Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, L.L.C. KATHLEEN A. HOGAN, SARAH S. OLDHAM, ARNOLD H. RUTKIN Ryan & Faenza MARILYNNE R. RYAN Samek & Associates PETER L. SAMEK Sandra A. Lanni SANDRA A. LANNI Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo REGINA SNOW MANDL State Street KEVIN L. COURTNEY Steven L. Fuchs Attorney at Law STEVEN L. FUCHS Stone, Stone & Creem GAYLE STONE-TURESKY Susan G. Lillis, Attorney at Law, P.C. SUSAN G. LILLIS ext. 12 Page 30 Tennant Lubell, LLC DORIS F. TENNANT The Law Offices of Lee Marlow LEE MARLOW The Law Offices of Miriam G. Altman, P.C. MIRIAM G. ALTMAN Thomas B. Concannon Attorney at Law THOMAS B. CONCANNON Todd & Weld ELAINE M. EPSTEIN, GARY OWEN TODD Travers Dombroski PC MARGARET S. TRAVERS Valerie Browne-Matherly VALERIE BROWNE-MATHERLY Verrill Dana GENE D. DAHMEN, REGINA M. HURLEY Walters, Lipson, Pollak & Popkewitz RITA S. POLLAK William H. M. Beckett WILLIAM H. BECKETT William M. Levine Attorney at Law WILLIAM M. LEVINE William T. Fitzmaurice Attorney at Law WILLIAM T. FITZMAURICE Witmer, Karp, Warner & Ryan STEVEN J. RYAN, MARK J. WARNER Young & Bayle SHIRLEY D. BAYLE Zalkind, Rodriguez, Lunt & Duncan BARBARA EQUEN RODRIGUEZ Zaltas, Medoff, Raider & Levoy, LLC IRVING I. MEDOFF FRANCHISE Allan R. Curhan & Associates ALLAN R. CURHAN Burns & Levinson LAWRENCE P. MURRAY Gilman and Pastor, JOHN C. MARTLAND Law Offices of Harold Brown & Associates HAROLD BROWN Nixon Peabody ARTHUR L. PRESSMAN Witmer, Karp, Warner & Ryan ERIC H. KARP GENERAL PRACTICE A. David Tammelleo & Associates A. DAVID TAMMELLEO A. Reynolds Gordon Attorney at Law A. REYNOLDS GORDON A.T. Cross Co. TINA C. BENIK Alan D. Graves ALAN D. GRAVES Attorney Michael F. Horan MONICA HORAN Avram G. Hammer Attorney at Law AVRAM G. HAMMER Bai, Pollock, Blueweiss & Mulcahey, P.C. GARIE J. MULCAHEY Bernard V. Buonanno Attorney at Law BERNARD V. BUONANNO Bingham McCutchen JEREMIAH J. BRESNAHAN, ROGER P. JOSEPH, FLETCHER H. WILEY 16 BOSTONS S TOP RATED LAWYERS For more information, go to

17 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Inc. SANDRA JESSE CARTER Boyajian, Harrington & Richardson JOHN BOYAJIAN, ALDEN C. HARRINGTON, ANDREW S. RICHARDSON Breakstone, White & Gluck, P.C. MARC L. BREAKSTONE Bruce G. Ledoux BRUCE G. LEDOUX Burke, Smith & Jaikes, P.C. WALTER R. SMITH Cahill, Goetsch & Perry, P.C. GEORGE J. CAHILL Capineri, Capineri & Almeida JOSEPH A. CAPINERI Carty & Carty JOSEPH B. CARTY Casner & Edwards, JOHN H. ASHBY DONNA BREWER PETER A. CARO DAVID J. CHAVOLLA ROBERT E. COWDEN STANLEY CYGELMAN MICHAEL J. GOLDBERG CHARLES M. HAMANN TERRANCE J. HAMILTON ANDREW M. HIGGINS HASKELL A. KASSLER ROBERT S. KUTNER DOUGLAS K. MANSFIELD WALTER H. MAYO ROBERT A. MURPHY STEPHEN M. PERRY JOANNE E. ROMANOW A. DAVIS WHITESELL Page 17 Cetrulo & Capone CATHERINE A. WHITE Charles G. Edwards CHARLES G. EDWARDS Charles P. Flynn, P.C. CHARLES P. FLYNN Christine J. Engustian Attorney at Law CHRISTINE J. ENGUSTIAN Christopher, Hays, Wojcik & Mavricos, DAVID A. WOJCIK Cooke Clancy & Gruenthal MARJORIE SOMMER COOKE Cramer & Ahern ALLAN P. CRAMER David C. Williams DAVID C. WILLIAMS David D. Patterson DAVID D. PATTERSON Davis, Kilmarx, Swan & Bowling, ANDREW H. DAVIS Decoulos & Decoulos NICHOLAS J. DECOULOS Demopulos & Demopulos HAROLD W. DEMOPULOS DePiano, Gentile, Czepiga, & Soares, P.C SALVATORE C. DE PIANO Deppman & Foley, P.C. JAMES C. FOLEY Donahue, Durham & Noonan, P.C. MICHAEL G. DURHAM Donald J. Evans Attorney at Law DONALD J. EVANS Edward A. Woolley Attorney at Law EDWARD A. WOOLLEY Edward A. Zito Attorney at Law EDWARD A. ZITO Edward L. Kirby & Associates, P.C. EDWARD L. KIRBY Edward R. Dean, Jr. EDWARD R. DEAN Edward T. Burns Attorney at Law EDWARD T. BURNS Edward W. Kirk EDWARD W. KIRK Edwards Wildman Palmer TERRENCE M. FINN, ARTHUR W. MURPHY, MARK A. POGUE, CHARLES F. ROGERS Englander & Chicoine, P.C. EDWARD S. ENGLANDER Eugene F. Sullivan Attorney at Law EUGENE F. SULLIVAN Evans J. Carter, P.C. EVANS J. CARTER Fratar, Kern & Kelly, ROBERT N. FRATAR George E. Richardson GEORGE E. RICHARDSON George R. Desmond GEORGE R. DESMOND Gerald P. Dwyer Esq. GERALD P. DWYER Giles Law Office GERALD F. GILES Goldstein and Peck, P.C. WILLIAM J. KUPINSE Goodwin Procter DAVID J. APFEL, RAYMOND P. BOULANGER, STUART M. CABLE, MARTIN CARMICHAEL, ANTHONY M. FEEHERRY Gordon M. Lucey GORDON M. LUCEY Gordon R. Paterson Attorney at Law GORDON R. PATERSON Gregory J. Wenger Attorney at Law GREGORY J. WENGER Gregory W. Swope Attorney at Law GREGORY W. SWOPE Gregson Law Office GEORGE O. GREGSON Guido R. Salvadore, Esq. GUIDO R. SALVADORE Herbert L. Emanuelson, Jr. HERBERT L. EMANUELSON Herner & Associates DONALD A. HERNER Higgins, Cavanagh & Cooney KENNETH P. BORDEN Ivey, Barnum & O Mara, LLC PAUL M. O CONNOR James J. D Ambrose Attorney at Law JAMES J. D AMBROSE James M. Lewis, P.C. JAMES M. LEWIS James M. Rabbitt Attorney at Law JAMES M. RABBITT John A. Notte, III JOHN A. NOTTE John F. Reed Attorney at Law JOHN F. REED John H. Campbell JOHN H. CAMPBELL Joseph H. Spain Attorney at Law JOSEPH H. SPAIN Judith Inge Harris Attorney at Law JUDITH INGE HARRIS Kenneth Pearson Attorney at Law KENNETH PEARSON Kieran B. Meagher KIERAN B. MEAGHER King & Gilpatric DAVID L. GILPATRIC Klebanoff & Alfano, P.C. HOWARD M. KLEBANOFF Kline, Gardner & O Connor A Professional DAVID B. GARDNER Law Office of James R. Hopkins JAMES R. HOPKINS Law Office of Michael D. Tracey MICHAEL D. TRACEY Law Office of Philip E. Silberberg PHILIP E. SILBERBERG Law Office of William G. Schaffer WILLIAM G. SCHAFFER Law Offices of Colette Manoil, P.C. COLETTE MANOIL Law Offices of E. Howland Bowen E. HOWLAND BOWEN Law Offices of Edward A. Gottlieb EDWARD A. GOTTLIEB Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone JOHN J. MCQUADE Law Offices of Michael D. Greenberg MICHAEL D. GREENBERG Law Offices of William M. O Brien WILLIAM M. O BRIEN Page 30 M. Hatcher Norris M. HATCHER NORRIS Manning & West ALBERT B. WEST Mark J. Coltin, P.C. MARK J. COLTIN Martin W. Gitlin Attorney at Law MARTIN W. GITLIN McGuire & McGuire JAMES C. MCGUIRE Melissa D. Philbrick MELISSA D. PHILBRICK Merton Sarnoff Attorney at Law MERTON SARNOFF Michael R. Hoff, PC MICHAEL R. HOFF Michael Wischkaemper Attorney at Law MICHAEL WISCHKAEMPER Mickelson, Barnet & Associates, P.C. HARVEY B. MICKELSON Miller & Smith EDWARD A. MILLER Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton, P.C. JEFFREY P. SOMERS Nance Lyons NANCE LYONS Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough WILLIAM T. HOGAN Nicholas A. Felici NICHOLAS A. FELICI Nixon Peabody RIPLEY E. HASTINGS Nourse & Bowles, JOHN B. CONWAY Pappas & Pappas CHRIS I. PAPPAS Pappas and Lenzo DANIEL F. LENZO Paul Antinori, Jr. PAUL ANTINORI Peter A. Carfagna Attorney at Law PETER A. CARFAGNA Petruccelli, Martin & Haddow, JAMES B. HADDOW Petrucelly, Nadler & Norris, P.C. BURTON A. NADLER Philip G. Peters Attorney at Law PHILIP G. PETERS Potter Stewart, Jr. Law Offices, P.C. POTTER STEWART Randolph T. Lovallo, P.C. RANDOLPH T. LOVALLO Raymond J. Devlin Jr. RAYMOND J. DEVLIN Regnier, Taylor, Curran & Eddy EDMUND T. CURRAN, RALPH G. EDDY Richard J. Cain, Attorney at Law RICHARD J. CAIN Richard M. C. Glenn Attorney at Law RICHARD M. C. GLENN Richard P. Howe Attorney at Law RICHARD P. HOWE Robert A. DeLeo Attorney at Law ROBERT A. DELEO Robert B. Wise Attorney at Law ROBERT B. WISE CONGRATULATIONS to our lawyers recognized in Boston s Top Rated Lawyers Stanley Cygelman Robert Christy Attorney at Law ROBERT CHRISTY Robert J. Rosen Attorney at Law ROBERT J. ROSEN Robert W. Harrington ROBERT W. HARRINGTON Roger M. Rodwin Attorney at Law ROGER M. RODWIN Roger V. O Day ROGER V. O DAY Romanow & Romanow LEE ROMANOW Ross & Ross, PC JOHN D. ROSS, JOHN D. ROSS Rossman & Rossman PAUL F. DENVER Salvatore F. Stramondo SALVATORE F. STRAMONDO Schlichte, Johnstone & Henry, P.C. MILES J. SCHLICHTE Scott A. Lathrop & Associates SCOTT A. LATHROP Seder & Chandler DARRAGH K. KASAKOFF Shea & Shea GERALD C. SHEA Sheila Tobie Swan Attorney at Law SHEILA TOBIE SWAN Sheldon H. Ganz SHELDON H. GANZ Shipman, Sosensky & Marks, LLC MARK S. SHIPMAN Stephen L. Sanetti Attorney at Law STEPHEN L. SANETTI Stephen R. Morse STEPHEN R. MORSE Personalized Attention From Experienced Lawyers Casner & Edwards represents businesses, individuals, and provide clients with hands-on advice from seasoned attorneys For more information, go to BOSTON S TOP RATED LAWYERS 17

18 BOSTON S T O P RAT E D LAW YERS Stern Shapiro Weissberg & Garin MAX D. STERN JONATHAN SHAPIRO LYNN WEISSBERG PATRICIA GARIN DAVID L. KELSTON JOHN TAYLOR IKE WILLIAMS Page 11 Stewart T. Herrick & Associates STEWART T. HERRICK Stinson Law Offices, P.A. CARL W. STINSON Sugarbrook Law Center WILLIAM F. L. RODGERS Suisman, Shapiro, Wool, Brennan, Gray & Greenberg, P.C. MATTHEW SHAFNER Swartz & Swartz, P.C. DAVID P. ANGUEIRA, ALAN L. CANTOR, JAMES A. SWARTZ, JOSEPH A. SWARTZ Thaddeus R. Beal Attorney at Law THADDEUS R. BEAL Thomas J. McNulty, Jr. THOMAS J. MCNULTY Thomas M. Geisler, Jr. THOMAS M. GEISLER Thos. L. Marcaccio Attorney at Law THOS. L. MARCACCIO Ursillo, Teitz & Ritch, Ltd. MICHAEL A. URSILLO Urso, Liguori and Urso NATALE LOUIS URSO Victor Brogna VICTOR BROGNA Vincent J. Panico Attorney at Law VINCENT J. PANICO Wadleigh, Starr & Peters, P.L.L.C. RONALD J. LAJOIE William D. Chin WILLIAM D. CHIN William H. Gorham Attorney at Law WILLIAM H. GORHAM William K. Danaher, Jr. WILLIAM K. DANAHER GOVERNMENT Bernstein Shur LEE K. BRAGG Bikofsky, White & Benjamin AARON K. BIKOFSKY Blish & Cavanagh, EDMUND L. ALVES Boutin & Altieri, P.L.L.C. EDMUND J. BOUTIN Brackett & Lucas JUDITH PICKETT Brenner, Saltzman & Wallman CAROLYN W. KONE Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten LEONARD H. KESTEN, JOCELYN M. SEDNEY Charles J. Zaroulis Attorney at Law CHARLES J. ZAROULIS Conway & Londregan, P.C. THOMAS J. LONDREGAN Cosgrove, Eisenberg and Kiley, P.C. CARL VALVO Cramer & Anderson D. RANDALL DIBELLA Day Pitney DOUGLAS W. GILLETTE, EDMUND M. TED SEE Deutsch Williams Brooks DeRensis & Holland, P.C. PAUL R. DERENSIS Devine, Millimet & Branch Professional DAVID H. BARNES Drummond Woodsum WILLIAM L. PLOUFFE Eaton Peabody PETER M. GARCIA Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC WILLIAM D. DELAHUNT Edwards Wildman Palmer JAMES R. MCGUIRK, JAMES J. SKEFFINGTON Ferriter & Ferriter LLC MAURICE J. FERRITER Gelerman Cabral, LLC RICHARD A. GELERMAN Grindle, Robinson, Goodhue & Frolin ALBERT S. ROBINSON Herbert P. Gleason Attorney at Law HERBERT P. GLEASON Jackson O Keefe JAY W. JACKSON Joseph I. Mulligan JOSEPH I. MULLIGAN Keegan Werlin H. THEODORE COHEN Killian & Donohue, LLC ROBERT K. KILLIAN Knott & Knott, LLC JOHN K. KNOTT Laurence F. Gardner Attorney at Law LAURENCE F. GARDNER Law Office of Edward Smith EDWARD J. SMITH Law Office of Michael D. Ford MICHAEL D. FORD Law Office of Suzanne E. Durrell SUZANNE E. DURRELL Law Office of William Joseph Grannan WILLIAM JOSEPH GRANNAN Leonard L. Lewin Attorney at Law LEONARD L. LEWIN LibbyHoopes, P.C. FRANK A. LIBBY Lynch & Fierro BENJAMIN FIERRO Mark S. Westergard Attorney at Law MARK S. WESTERGARD Neuse, Duprey & Putnam, P.C. KARL W. NEUSE Norman P. Cohen Attorney at Law NORMAN P. COHEN Paul W. Johnson Attorney at Law PAUL W. JOHNSON Quinn & Morris ROBERT H. QUINN Roche and Murphy NEIL J. ROCHE Soule, Leslie, Kidder, Sayward & Loughman, P.L.L.C. BARBARA FULTON LOUGHMAN Suisman, Shapiro, Wool, Brennan, Gray & Greenberg, P.C. THOMAS B. WILSON T. Philip Leader Attorney at Law T. PHILIP LEADER The Law Office of John F. Murphy JOHN F. MURPHY Tillinghast Licht JOSEPH W. WALSH Tobin, Sullivan, Fay & Grunebaum DAVID S. TOBIN William F. Carr Attorney at Law WILLIAM F. CARR HEALTH CARE Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C. RICHARD R. BERETTA Ankner & Levy, P.C. PETER BRAUN Behar & Kalman KENNETH A. BEHAR, EDWARD D. KALMAN, GARY A. ROSENBERG Boston Medical Center EDWARD J. CHRISTIANSEN Bruce G. Goodman Attorney at Law BRUCE G. GOODMAN Catherine Mahoney Attorney at Law CATHERINE MAHONEY Chace Ruttenberg & Freedman, DON E. WINEBERG Clifford E. Elias Attorney at Law CLIFFORD E. ELIAS Coel Law Group, PL MARK A. COEL Collora PAUL CIREL Connor & Hilliard, P.C. JAMES T. HILLIARD Del Negro & Del Negro, LLC JOHN T. DEL NEGRO, BARRY FELDMAN Donoghue, Barrett & Singal, P.C. PAUL M. BARRETT Doris A. Harnett Attorney at Law DORIS A. HARNETT Elia Germani Attorney at Law ELIA GERMANI Felicia DeDominicis Attorney at Law FELICIA DEDOMINICIS Foley & Lardner ALAN H. EINHORN, LAWRENCE B. LITWAK, LAWRENCE W. (LARRY) VERNAGLIA Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. EDWARD E. WHITE Hinckley, Allen & Snyder THOMAS ROBERTS COURAGE, GERARD R. GOULET J. Michael Eisner Attorney at Law J. MICHAEL EISNER Jones Day LYNN LELAND COE Kozak & Gayer, P.A. GORDON K. GAYER, JOSEPH M. KOZAK Law Office of Eve T. Horwitz EVE T. HORWITZ Law Office of Lee W. Doty LLC LEE W. DOTY Law Office of Michael D. Cutler MICHAEL D. CUTLER Lee J. Dunn, Jr. LEE J. DUNN Littler Mendelson P.C. ANTHONY D. RIZZOTTI Mass. Eye & Ear Infirmary BARBARA F. KATZ Mass. Gen. Physicians Corp. ANNE J. DUBITZKY McCullough, Stievater & Polvere, JOHN C. MCCULLOUGH McDermott Will & Emery HARVEY W. FREISHTAT, DAVID G. SPACKMAN McDonald Hopkins LLC JANE MARIE PINE WOOD Michael Broad MICHAEL BROAD Michael D. Seitzinger Attorney at Law MICHAEL D. SEITZINGER Michael J. Astrue Attorney at Law MICHAEL J. ASTRUE Michael J. Kelly, PC MICHAEL J. KELLY Michael K. Loucks Attorney at Law MICHAEL K. LOUCKS Michael T. Kogut Attorney at Law MICHAEL T. KOGUT Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. THOMAS S. CRANE, ELLEN L. JANOS, STEPHEN M. WEINER Murtha Cullina H. KENNEDY HUDNER Neil L. Chayet NEIL L. CHAYET Neubert, Pepe & Monteith, P.C. JUDY K. WEINSTEIN Nicholas J. Messuri Attorney at Law NICHOLAS J. MESSURI Nina J. Rosen Attorney at Law NINA J. ROSEN Nixon Peabody STEPHEN D. ZUBIAGO O. Stevens Sughrue, Jr. O. STEVENS SUGHRUE O Brien, Tanski & Young, ROLAND F. YOUNG Office of William S. Carroll WILLIAM S. CARROLL Paul E. Levenson, Attorney at Law PAUL E. LEVENSON Pierce & Mandell, P.C. WILLIAM M. MANDELL Posternak Blankstein & Lund GERALD J. BILLOW, BARRY L. MINTZER Pullman & Comley, LLC MICHAEL A. KURS Reid and Riege, P.C. TUCK MILLER Richard L. Trembowicz Attorney at Law RICHARD L. TREMBOWICZ Rogin Nassau LLC PETER V. EVANS Ropes & Gray WILLIAM A. KNOWLTON, NANCY R. RICE Rosenfeld & Rafik, P.C. S. STEPHEN ROSENFELD Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green Professional WILLIAM J. DONOVAN Susan G. Winkler Attorney at Law SUSAN G. WINKLER The Beliveau Law Group ROBERTA T. BROWN UMass Memorial Health Care, Inc. ROBERT J. LAMBERT Valerie M. Welch Attorney at Law VALERIE M. WELCH Verrill Dana MARK A. BORRELIZ, JEFFREY L. HEIDT IMMIGRATION Avirom & Associates, JONATHAN E. AVIROM Cashman & Lovely, PC DANIEL F. CASHMAN Chin & Curtis, GUNNAR A. SIEVERT Costa & Riccio RICHARD M. COSTA Flynn & Clark, P.C. STEVEN A. CLARK Foley Hoag KEVIN J. FITZGERALD Gerald C. Rovner GERALD C. ROVNER Globman & Marcus, P.C. DANIEL E. MARCUS Greater Boston Legal Servs. JOHN E. WILLSHIRE H. Daniel Hassenfeld H. DANIEL HASSENFELD Iandoli & Desai, P.C. RICHARD L. IANDOLI Kaplan, O Sullivan & Friedman, JEREMIAH FRIEDMAN, HARVEY KAPLAN, MAUREEN O SULLIVAN Krasnogor & Krasnogor JULIE B. KRASNOGOR Law Offices of Brian T. O Neill, P.C. BRIAN T. O NEILL Law Offices of Jeff Goldman JEFFREY W. GOLDMAN Law Offices of Michael Boyle MICHAEL BOYLE Leete, Kosto & Wizner, ELIZABETH B. LEETE Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. LAWRENCE D. BASTONE, SUSAN J. COHEN Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton, P.C. JOHN J. GALLINI Pampanin Law Offices ALAN M. PAMPANIN Page 31 Pappas and Lenzo GARY A. PAPPAS Paul E. Levenson, Attorney at Law PAUL E. LEVENSON,ESQ Page 30 Ross, Silverman & Levy SHARRYN E. ROSS, HOWARD A. SILVERMAN Savitz Law Offices, P.C. BENNETT R. SAVITZ Vard R. Johnson VARD R. JOHNSON Watson Law Offices ROY J. WATSON INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton, P.C. HOWARD G. ZAHAROFF INSURANCE Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C. MICHAEL D. RISEBERG Alan H. Robbins Attorney at Law ALAN H. ROBBINS Amy R. Snell Attorney at Law AMY R. SNELL Anderson & Kreiger STEVEN L. SCHRECKINGER, TAMARA S. WOLFSON Anderson Kill & Olick, P.C. CHARLES T. LEE Andrew J. Bernstein Core, Inc. ANDREW J. BERNSTEIN Armstrong, Gibbons & Gnys, ROBERT W. SMITH Boutin & Altieri, P.L.L.C. JOHN L. ALTIERI Boyle, Morrissey & Campo, P.C. JOHN DELANO BOYLE, ANTHONY M. CAMPO, MICHAEL W. MORRISSEY Cetrulo & Capone MICHAEL F. SOMMERVILLE Choate, Hall & Stewart MARK D. CAHILL, JOHN A. NADAS, A. HUGH SCOTT Cogavin and Waystack GERARD A. BUTLER, JOHN P. FITZGERALD, DANIEL S. MCINNIS Corrigan, Johnson & Tutor, P.A. JOHN B. JOHNSON Coughlin Betke CHRISTOPHER G. BETKE, EMILY G. COUGHLIN Curley & Curley, P.C. DAVID D. DOWD Daniel M. Wrenn Attorney at Law DANIEL M. WRENN Dolan & Regan THOMAS D. DOLAN Dunn and Dunn CHARLES J. DUNN Dwight D. Valentine Attorney at Law DWIGHT D. VALENTINE Edmonds & Bruno, P.C. CHRISTIAN P. EDMONDS Edwards Wildman Palmer ALAN J. LEVIN Eugene G. Coombs, Jr. EUGENE G. COOMBS Feinberg & Alban, P.C.. ROBERT I. FEINBERG Page 30 Finan and Grourke JEFFREY P. FINAN, JOHN J. FINAN Finnegan, Underwood, Ryan & Tierney JOHN G. RYAN 18 BOSTONS S TOP RATED LAWYERS For more information, go to

19 Frank A. Smith, III & Associates P.C. FRANK A. SMITH Fuller, Rosenberg, Palmer & Beliveau, JOEL B. BARSHAK Goldstein and Peck, P.C. DENNIS M. LACCAVOLE Halloran & Sage JOHN W. LEMEGA Hanson Curran DAVID P. WHITMAN Hassett & Donnelly, P.C. GERARD T. DONNELLY DAVID F. HASSETT Page 25 Hermes, Netburn, O Connor & Spearing, P.C. PETER G. HERMES Hinckley, Allen & Snyder ERIC F. EISENBERG, MICHAEL T. MCCORMACK Hines & Corrigan, Inc. JOHN G. HINES Hines & Patz, Inc. RICHARD L. PATZ James P. Whitters Attorney at Law JAMES P. WHITTERS Jeanne Oleary McHugh Attorney at Law JEANNE OLEARY MCHUGH Joanna B. Connolly Attorney at Law JOANNA B. CONNOLLY John E. Tener Attorney at Law JOHN E. TENER John F. Donohue Attorney at Law JOHN F. DONOHUE John Reilly & Associates JOHN B. REILLY Keegan Werlin SUSAN A. JACKSON, RICHARD B. KIRBY Kenney & Conley, PC J. MICHAEL CONLEY Kenny, Brimmer & Mahoney, LLC SHANNON K. MCCARTHY Kevin T. Gormley KEVIN T. GORMLEY Lasala, Walsh & Wicklow ANTHONY J. LASALA Lash & Associates, P.C. STEPHEN H. LASH Law Offices of Amy Beretta KEVIN M. CAIN Law Offices of Cahalane and Stefani, P.C. VINCENT P. CAHALANE Law Offices of Ephraim F. Horvitz EPHRAIM F. HORVITZ LeClairRyan ANDREW J. FAY, MICHAEL WEINBERG Lesa M. Stramondo Attorney at Law LESA M. STRAMONDO Liberty Mutual Group KENNETH A. LATRONICO Lynch & Lynch Attorneys FRANCIS J. LYNCH Martin, Magnuson, McCarthy & Kenney EDWARD F. MAHONEY, DOUGLAS A. ROBERTSON Mary Ellen Burns MARY ELLEN BURNS McDonough, Hacking & Lavoie, LLC MARK B. LAVOIE McDonough, O Shaughnessy, Whaland & Meagher MICHAEL B. O SHAUGHNESSY McGair & McGair JAMES J. MCGAIR McNamara & Flynn, P.A. F. JAY FLYNN McNamara and Kenney THOMAS R. ROWE Mediation Solutions PAUL R. KELLEY Melick, Porter & Shea, ANDRE A. SANSOUCY Merrill I. Hassenfeld Attorney at Law MERRILL I. HASSENFELD Milton, Laurence & Dixon GERARD R. LAURENCE, PAUL P. O CONNOR Monahan & Associates, P.C. MATTHEW MAHONEY Morrison Mahoney DENIS F. DRISCOLL, RICHARD R. EURICH, CHRISTOPHER A. FIORE, JOHN P. GRACEFFA, RALPH C. SULLIVAN, BRENT A. TINGLE Mulvey Professional WILLIAM A. MULVEY Murphy & Beane MARK A. TEEHAN Nixon Peabody JOSEPH C. TANSKI Nuzzo & Roberts, L.L.C. RICHARD A. ROBERTS O Connor Redd STEVEN M. O CONNOR Odyssey American Reinsurance JEFFREY M. RUBIN Partridge Snow & Hahn JOHN J. PARTRIDGE Paul A. Scholder Attorney At Law, P.C. PAUL A. SCHOLDER Peabody & Arnold GEORGE A. BERMAN, FREDERICK E. CONNELLY Prince Lobel Tye CRAIG R. BROWNE, MITCHELL S. KING Richard J. Poliferno Attorney at Law RICHARD J. POLIFERNO Richardson, Whitman, Large & Badger A Professional FREDERICK J. BADGER RiverStone Claims Management, LLC CHARLES G. EHRLICH Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. WILLIAM N. ERICKSON, JOHN N. LOVE Ryan Ryan Deluca GINA M. VON OEHSEN Scannell & Crowley, FRANCIS J. SCANNELL Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green Professional JAMES Q. SHIRLEY Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo BARBARA HAYES BUELL Smolak & Vaughan MARY L. CATAUDELLA Steven B. Stein Attorney at Law STEVEN B. STEIN Stuart G. Blackburn STUART G. BLACKBURN Susan K. Scott Attorney at Law SUSAN K. SCOTT Szilagyi & Daly FRANK J. SZILAGYI Taylor, Duane, Barton & Gilman, JAMES J. DUANE, ALLAN E. TAYLOR The Law Offices of Leonard Y. Nason, PC LEONARD Y. NASON Page 30 Tucker, Heifetz & Saltzman, RICHARD E. HEIFETZ Unum Group GAYLE FLANDERS WEISS Wadleigh, Starr & Peters, P.L.L.C. JOHN E. FRIBERG Weinberg & Garber, P.C. PAUL S. WEINBERG Weston Patrick, P.A. RONALD E. HARDING Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker JOHN P. MCGANN Zelle McDonough & Cohen STEPHEN J. ABARBANEL, BARBARA A. O DONNELL, ANTHONY R. ZELLE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Alix, Yale & Ristas, L. JAMES RISTAS, GUY D. YALE Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider FRANCIS H. MORRISON, JAMES D. VELTROP Barlow, Josephs & Holmes, Ltd. DAVID R. JOSEPHS Barry R. Lipsitz Attorney at Law BARRY R. LIPSITZ Biogen Idec, Inc. BART G. NEWLAND, ALPHONSE R. NOE Blair L. Perry Attorney at Law BLAIR L. PERRY Bourque & Associates P.A. DANIEL J. BOURQUE Brown Rudnick EDWARD J. NAUGHTON Cantor Colburn VICTOR E. LIBERT Cesari and McKenna, L.L.P. JOHN F. MCKENNA, MARTIN J. O DONNELL, THOMAS C. O KONSKI, RITA ROONEY Charles G. Call CHARLES G. CALL Choate, Hall & Stewart ROBERT S. FRANK, DANIEL C. WINSTON Clark & Elbing PAUL T. CLARK, KAREN L. ELBING Daniel J. Ashley Attorney at Law DANIEL J. ASHLEY Devine, Millimet & Branch Professional PAUL C. REMUS Duane Morris D. DENNIS ALLEGRETTI, MARK A. FISCHER Edward J. Handler Attorney at Law EDWARD J. HANDLER Edwards Wildman Palmer F. ANDREW ANDERSON, DAVID G. CONLIN, PETER F. CORLESS, MARK W. FREEL, BARRY KRAMER, RALPH A. LOREN, GEORGE W. NEUNER, JOHN E. OTTAVIANI Fish & Richardson P.C. PETER J. DEVLIN, DAVID L. FEIGENBAUM, JOHN W. FREEMAN, ROBERT C. NABINGER, FREDERICK H. RABIN, JOHN N. WILLIAMS Foley Hoag BETH E. ARNOLD, DONALD R. WARE Fox Rothschild ERIC CHARLES OSTERBERG George A. Herbster GEORGE A. HERBSTER Goodwin Procter KENNETH A. COHEN, HENRY C. DINGER, J. ANTHONY DOWNS, JOHN C. ENGLANDER, EDMUND R. PITCHER, SHEPARD M. REMIS, PAUL F. WARE Greenberg Traurig, VICTOR H. POLK Grimes & Battersby L.L.P. GREGORY J. BATTERSBY, CHARLES W. GRIMES GTC Law Group & Affiliates THOMAS M. S. HEMNES IT S NOT WHAT YOU LOOK AT THAT MATTERS, IT S WHAT YOU SEE. HENRY DAVID THOREAU Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds PC DAVID J. BRODY DAVID E. BROOK JOHN L. DUPRE SUSAN G. L. GLOVSKY LEO R. REYNOLDS JAMES M. SMITH Page 19 Hayes Bostock & Cronin LLC PAUL J. HAYES Hayes Soloway P.C. NORMAN P. SOLOWAY Holland & Bonzagni, P.C. DONALD S. HOLLAND Julia D. Hart Attorney at Law JULIA D. HART Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, WILLIAM S. STRONG Lambert & Associates GARY E. LAMBERT Lando & Anastasi, PETER C. LANDO, JOHN L. WELCH Lathrop & Gage GIULIO A. DECONTI Law Office of Arthur Z. Bookstein ARTHUR Z. BOOKSTEIN Law Office of Thomas A. Briody THOMAS A. BRIODY Linda M. Buckley LINDA M. BUCKLEY Mark A. Hofer Attorney at Law MARK A. HOFER Mark G. Lappin MARK G. 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20 BOSTON S T O P RAT E D LAW YERS Mary S. Consalvi Attorney at Law MARY S. CONSALVI McCarter & English, LEE CARL BROMBERG, RICHARD M. LUCASH McCormick, Paulding & Huber JOHN C. LINDERMAN McDermott Will & Emery TOBY H. KUSMER McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, PETER L. COSTAS Michael Weins MICHAEL J. WEINS Millipore Corp. JOHN DANA HUBBARD Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. A. JASON MIRABITO Murphy & King Professional DANIEL J. LYNE Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough WILLIAM A. SCOFIELD Nutter McClennen & Fish MICHAEL A. WALSH Ohlandt, Greeley, Ruggiero & Perle, PAUL D. GREELEY, CHARLES N. J. RUGGIERO Paul E. Kudirka Attorney at Law PAUL E. KUDIRKA Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer SIBLEY P. REPPERT, MOREY B. WILDES Pearson & Pearson, JOHN H. PEARSON Pierce Atwood MARGARET MINISTER O KEEFE, GLORIA A. PINZA, WILLIAM L. WORDEN Robert J. Eck Attorney at Law ROBERT J. ECK Robert K. Tendler ROBERT K. TENDLER Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. ANTHONY A. FROIO, CHRISTOPHER P. SULLIVAN Roche Pia LLC GERALD C. PIA, BRIAN C. ROCHE Ronald J. Kransdorf Attorney at Law RONALD J. KRANSDORF Samuels & Hiebert LLC TIMOTHY H. HIEBERT, I. STEPHEN SAMUELS Seyfarth Shaw STEVEN E. LIPMAN St. Onge Steward Johnston & Reens LLC STANLEY H. LIEBERSTEIN Stern, Shapiro, Weissberg & Garin, JOHN TAYLOR WILLIAMS Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers ROBERT L. KANN, JOEL R. LEEMAN, STEVEN G. SAUNDERS, BRUCE D. SUNSTEIN, KERRY L. TIMBERS The Law Office of Zick Rubin ZICK RUBIN Thomas M. Saunders Attorney at Law THOMAS M. SAUNDERS Trinity Law Group LLC Legal & Strategic Counsel WALTER WRIGHT Page 31 Ware, Fressola, Van Der Sluys & Adolphson, K. BRADFORD ADOLPHSON, JAMES R. FREDERICK, ALFRED A. FRESSOLA Weingarten, Schurgin, Gagnebin & Lebovici CHARLES L. GAGNEBIN, VICTOR B. LEBOVICI, STANLEY M. SCHURGIN William E. Booth Attorney at Law WILLIAM E. BOOTH William H. Lee Attorney at Law WILLIAM H. LEE WilmerHale HOLLIE L. BAKER, BARBARA A. BARAKAT, JAMES B. LAMPERT, ERIC L. PRAHL, DONALD R. STEINBERG Wm. W. Rymer WM. W. RYMER Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C. JAMES J. FOSTER, LAWRENCE M. GREEN, GEORGE L. GREENFIELD, STEVEN J. HENRY, JASON M. HONEYMAN, EDWARD F. PERLMAN, DAVID WOLF INTERNET Aresty International Law Offices, P.C. JEFFREY M. ARESTY Kenneth L. Carson Attorney at Law KENNETH L. CARSON Lora C. Pepi Attorney at Law LORA C. PEPI LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C. LORI CARON SILVEIRA Alvin M. Glazerman ALVIN M. GLAZERMAN Angoff, Goldman, Manning,Wanger & Hiatt, P.C. JOHN F. MCMAHON, E. DAVID WANGER Armand E. Sabitoni Attorney at Law ARMAND E. SABITONI Barry J. Rubenstein Attorney at Law BARRY J. RUBENSTEIN Beck & Eldergill, P.C. KATHLEEN ELDERGILL Bello Black & Welsh, KENNETH M. BELLO, JOHN F. WELSH Berluti, McLaughlin & Kutchin ROBERT R. BERLUTI Bernstein Shur ANDRU H. VOLINSKY Bingham McCutchen SCOTT C. MORIEARTY Block & Roos, JESSICA BLOCK Bracewell & Giuliani ROBERT E. SHEEDER, LON R. WILLIAMS Brody & Associates, LLC ROBERT G. BRODY C. Robert Knight Attorney at Law C. ROBERT KNIGHT Casper & detoledo LLC VICTORIA DETOLEDO Charles V. Ryan Attorney at Law CHARLES V. RYAN Choate, Hall & Stewart ARTHUR S. MEYERS, THOMAS E. SHIRLEY, M. JAMES SHUMAKER Christine J. Wichers Attorney at Law CHRISTINE J. WICHERS Cohen and Wolf, P.C. STUART M. KATZ, DAVID B. ZABEL Collora JODY L. NEWMAN Constance P. O Neil CONSTANCE P. O NEIL Constangy, Brooks & Smith, ELLEN C. KEARNS, WILLARD KRASNOW Craig L. Cohen, LLC CRAIG L. COHEN Cunningham, Machanic, Cetlin, Johnson & Harney, WILLIAM M. ZALL Dane & Howe, JOHN V. WOODARD David M. Law Attorney at Law DAVID M. LAW David Shaiken LLC DAVID M. S. SHAIKEN Davis, Malm & D Agostine, P.C. GEORGE L. CHIMENTO, GARY M. FELDMAN Davison Law, LLC JULIET A. DAVISON Day Pitney GLENN W. DOWD, DANIEL L. SCHWARTZ, ALBERT AL ZAKARIAN Dechert SUSAN M. CAMILLO Deutsch Williams Brooks DeRensis & Holland, P.C. PETER J. BERRY Devine, Millimet & Branch Professional MARK T. BROTH, NEWTON H. KERSHAW Diane M. Saunders DIANE M. SAUNDERS Donnelly, Conroy & Gelhaar, JAMES B. CONROY Douglas F. Seaver Attorney at Law DOUGLAS F. SEAVER Drummond Woodsum HUGH G. E. MACMAHON, HARRY R. PRINGLE Durant, Nichols, Houston, Hodgson & Cortese-Costa, P.C. E. TERRY DURANT, CHRISTOPHER M. HODGSON, DONALD F. HOUSTON Dwyer & Duddy, Attorneys At Law, P.C. MATTHEW E. DWYER Edwards Wildman Palmer MARK E. SCHREIBER, MARC L. ZAKEN Elizabeth P. Seaman Attorney at Law ELIZABETH P. SEAMAN EMD Serono, Inc. ROBYN B. KLINGER Epstein Becker & Green, P.C. BARRY A. GURYAN, DAVID S. POPPICK Fidelity Investments HOLLY C. LAURENT Fisher & Phillips JOSEPH W. AMBASH, PHILIP J. MOSS, JONATHAN SHAPIRO Foley Hoag JAMES W. BUCKING, BARBARA S. HAMELBURG, JONATHAN A. KESELENKO, WILLIAM B. KOFFEL, MICHAEL L. ROSEN, MICHELE A. WHITHAM Framme Law Firm, PC LAWRENCE H. FRAMME Gleeson & Corcoran ROBERT P. CORCORAN, RICHARD W. GLEESON Goodman, Rosenthal & McKenna, P.C. EDWARD F. ROSENTHAL Goodwin Procter WILFRED J. BENOIT, ROBERT M. HALE, JAMES W. NAGLE, BRADFORD J. SMITH Goulston & Storrs A Professional ADRIENNE M. MARKHAM Greenberg Traurig, TERENCE P. MCCOURT Halloran & Sage THOMAS P. O DEA Herbert L. Turney Attorney at Law HERBERT L. TURNEY Hinckley, Allen & Snyder LORI RITTMAN CLARK, MICHAEL F. KRAEMER, RICHARD D. WAYNE Hirsch Roberts Weinstein EDWARD N. PERRY, JEROME N. WEINSTEIN Holland & Knight MIRIAM MCKENDALL Hollender & Carey L.L.P. MARY JO HOLLENDER Jackman & Roth NORMAN JACKMAN Jackson Lewis PATRICK L. EGAN, SUSAN K. KRELL, ANDREW C. PICKETT, DANIEL P. SCHWARZ, THOMAS ROYALL SMITH, DEBRA WEISS FORD Jane K. Alper Attorney at Law JANE K. ALPER Jerome H. Somers Attorney at Law JEROME H. SOMERS John F. Rossi, Attorney at Law JOHN F. ROSSI John J. Pendergast Attorney at Law JOHN J. PENDERGAST Jorden Burt JAMES M. SCONZO Judith A. Malone Attorney at Law JUDITH A. MALONE Judith Ashton Attorney at Law JUDITH ASHTON Kainen, Escalera & McHale, P.C. DIANA GARFIELD, BURTON KAINEN Karen E. Ludington Attorney at Law KAREN E. LUDINGTON Keegan Werlin MAURA A. GREENE Kimball, Brousseau, NINA JOAN KIMBALL Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, SHAREN LITWIN Krokidas & Bluestein PAUL HOLTZMAN Law Office of Barbara J. Collins BARBARA J. COLLINS Law Office of Henry T. Goldman HENRY T. GOLDMAN Law Office of Peter E. Gillespie PETER E. GILLESPIE Law Offices of Marc Redlich MARC REDLICH Page 31 Law Office of Stephen Horner STEPHEN HORNER Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Newman & Associates JEFFREY A. NEWMAN Law Offices of Roslansky & Magee MACON P. MAGEE LeClairRyan MICHAEL J. DORNEY Little Medeiros Kinder Bulman & Whitney, P.C. DANIEL K. KINDER, SARA A. RAPPORT Livingston, Adler, Pulda, Meiklejohn & Kelly, P.C. GREGG D. ADLER, DANIEL E. LIVINGSTON, THOMAS W. MEIKLEJOHN Loretta T. Attardo Attorney, Arbitrator, Mediator LORETTA T. ATTARDO Lyon & Fitzpatrick, ARCHER B. BATTISTA Madsen, Prestley & Parenteau, LLC JACQUES J. PARENTEAU, PETER B. PRESTLEY Manchel & Brennan, P.C. JULIE B. BRENNAN McCarter & English, PATRICK J. BANNON, JOHN M. MCKELWAY, RICHARD VOIGT McDermott Will & Emery ANDREW C. LIAZOS McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, BERNARD E. JACQUES Melanie N. Aska Knox Attorney at Law MELANIE N. ASKA KNOX Melinda Milberg MELINDA MILBERG Messing Rudavsky & Weliky, P.C. ELLEN J. MESSING Michael S. Bearse, P.C. MICHAEL S. BEARSE Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. ALDEN J. BIANCHI, ROBERT M. GAULT Moniz, Cooper & McCann, JOSEPH A. MONIZ Morgan, Brown & Joy PHILIP G. BOYLE, NICHOLAS DIGIOVANNI, LAURENCE J. DONOGHUE, ROBERT P. JOY, WILLIAM F. JOY, NATHAN L. KAITZ, JACLYN L. KUGELL, KEITH H. MCCOWN, KEITH B. MUNTYAN Murphy Law Group, LLC DANIEL J. MURPHY Page 30 Murphy, Hesse, Toomey & Lehane, ARTHUR P. MURPHY Murphy, Lamere & Murphy, PC RICHARD W. MURPHY Murray, Plumb & Murray RICHARD L. O MEARA Murtha Cullina THOMAS M. CLOHERTY, WILLIAM J. KEENAN, HUGH F. MURRAY Najjar Employment Law Group, P.C. DEBRA DYLESKI NAJJAR Nathan S. Paven Attorney at Law NATHAN S. PAVEN Nelson Kinder + Mosseau PC CHRISTOPHER T. VROUNTAS Nixon Peabody THOMAS J. MCCORD, NEAL J. MCNAMARA, GARY J. OBERSTEIN, STEVEN M. RICHARD, DAVID S. ROSENTHAL Noonan & Noonan KATHRYN M. NOONAN Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. MARK H. BURAK, MICHAEL CLARKSON, JOSHUA M. DAVIS, DEBORAH HESFORD DOSSANTOS, NEIL V. MCKITTRICK Otis Elevator Company JOSEPH C. ZEMETIS Paul A. Hahn Attorney at Law PAUL A. HAHN Paul Edgar Smith Attorney at Law PAUL EDGAR SMITH Paul H. Merry PAUL H. MERRY Paul V. Lyons Attorney at Law PAUL V. LYONS Paul V. Mulkern, Jr. PAUL V. MULKERN Peter H. Jacobs Attorney at Law PETER H. JACOBS Philip C. Schneider Attorney at Law PHILIP C. SCHNEIDER Pierce Atwood CHARLES S. EINSIEDLER, JAMES R. ERWIN, MARGARET COUGHLIN LEPAGE, BROOKS R. MAGRATTEN, S. MASON PRATT 20 BOSTONS S TOP RATED LAWYERS For more information, go to

Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C.

Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. a special advertising supplement to the WasHinGton post PRESENTS PRESENTS wa s h i n g t o n d. c. & b a lt i m o r e s Wa s H i n G t o n D. c. & b a lt i m o R e s TOP RATEDLAWYERS TOP RATEDLAWYERS 2

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LEGAL LEADERS. presents West Virginia s top rated lawyers of 2013. the year s top stories in the legal community

LEGAL LEADERS. presents West Virginia s top rated lawyers of 2013. the year s top stories in the legal community presents West Virginia s top rated lawyers of 2013 WEST VIRGINIA LAW 2013 the year s top stories in the legal community also inside A Special advertising supplement distributed with the charleston daily

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LEGAL LEADERS. Wisconsin. trial process Page 8. presents Wisconsin s top rated lawyers of 2013

LEGAL LEADERS. Wisconsin. trial process Page 8. presents Wisconsin s top rated lawyers of 2013 LEGAL LEADERS presents Wisconsin s top rated lawyers of 2013 Steve Kailas President & Managing Shareholder more than 75 years building a reputation for success... a tradition of results. also inside Wisconsin

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BestLawyers. Walkup, Melodia, Kelly and Schoenberger. A San Francisco. Worldwide Approach

BestLawyers. Walkup, Melodia, Kelly and Schoenberger. A San Francisco. Worldwide Approach s a n f r a n c i s c o s BestLawyers 2 0 1 1 E d i t i o n THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION IN the greater san Francisco area Gillin Jacobson Ellis & Larsen Defending Victims of Defective

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TOP RATEDLAWYERS. Southern Law 2012. Meyer, Olson, Lowy

TOP RATEDLAWYERS. Southern Law 2012. Meyer, Olson, Lowy THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION IN southern California PRESENTs SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA S 2 0 1 2 E d i t i o n Girardi Keese Class Action & Mass Tort Giants SHERNOFF BIDART ECHEVERRIA BENTLEY

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Salsbury, Clements, Bekman, Marder & Adkins, LLC. some medical devices can hurt more than help Page 12. Washington D.C. & Baltimore LAW 2014 Page 8

Salsbury, Clements, Bekman, Marder & Adkins, LLC. some medical devices can hurt more than help Page 12. Washington D.C. & Baltimore LAW 2014 Page 8 A Special advertising supplement distributed with The Washington PosT LEGAL LEADERS presents washington D.c. & baltimore s top rated lawyers of 2014 Salsbury, Clements, Bekman, Marder & Adkins, LLC demonstrating

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Some law firms shy away from bet-the-company cases. We built our reputation on them.

Some law firms shy away from bet-the-company cases. We built our reputation on them. Some law firms shy away from bet-the-company cases. We built our reputation on them. When it s a bet-the-company case, there are no second chances. This is why your first choice should be Morrison & Foerster.

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TOP RATEDLAWYERS. Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen & Lucey. Achieving Major Personal Injury Verdicts. san francisco S.

TOP RATEDLAWYERS. Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen & Lucey. Achieving Major Personal Injury Verdicts. san francisco S. PRESENTs san francisco S TOP RATEDLAWYERS 2 0 1 2 E d i t i o n THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION IN san francisco Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen & Lucey Achieving Major Personal Injury Verdicts

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The marathon between marathons

The marathon between marathons Remembering the Marathon bombing 2014-15 MBA officers and delegates announced 10 7 See page 2 for a complete listing of this issue s contents. WWW.MASSBAR.ORG Volume 21 NUMBER 8 April 2014 The marathon

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presents new jersey s top rated lawyers of 2014

presents new jersey s top rated lawyers of 2014 presents new jersey s top rated lawyers of 2014 PRESENTS NEW JERSEY S TOP RATED LAWYERS OF 2014 BRUCE H. NAGEL NAGEL RICE COURTROOM WARRIOR: ACE AT ACHIEVING MULTIMILLION-DOLLAR VERDICTS AND SETTLEMENTS

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The Lawdragon. The Leading Lawyers in America

The Lawdragon. The Leading Lawyers in America The Leading Lawyers in America So, how is this list different, you ask? Simple. The Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America is one-stop shopping for the legal consumer. A single guide to the best lawyer,

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Trial Court Orientation special offer See page 11. by Bill Archambeault

Trial Court Orientation special offer See page 11. by Bill Archambeault Trial Court Orientation special offer See page 11 MASSACHUSETTS BAR ASSOCIATION WWW.MASSBAR.ORG VOLUME 13, NUMBER 5 JANUARY 2006 The threat of terrorism cannot be greater than the curse of tyranny In December,

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Rhode Island Bar Journal

Rhode Island Bar Journal Rhode Island Bar Journal Rhode Island Bar Association Volume 60. Number 6. May/June 2012 The Haymarket Riots and a Legacy of Injustice Riggs Case: Clarity on Net Metering Energy Family Limited Partnerships

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RECORDER TOP VERDICTS. April 25, 2011 ESSENTIAL CALIFORNIA LEGAL CONTENT. California s Million Dollar Verdicts


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g{x MIDDLESEX COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION Middlesex County Court House, circa 1840, New Brunswick, N.J. g{x MIDDLESEX COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION DCCà{ TÇÇ äxüátüç June 1914 - June 2014 THE HELDRICH NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY JUNE 13, 2014 Message

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Another Successful PAC Golf Classic I N T H I S I S S U E: Trial Academy Spring 2014. Annual Meeting Westin Harbor Resort Savannah, GA November 7-10

Another Successful PAC Golf Classic I N T H I S I S S U E: Trial Academy Spring 2014. Annual Meeting Westin Harbor Resort Savannah, GA November 7-10 S.C. D e f e n s e T r i a l A t t o r n e y s A s s o c i a t i o n I N T H I S I S S U E: Judicial Profiles of the Honorable Shiva V. Hodges & Honorable William H. Seals, Jr. 16 Jade Street v. R Design

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PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION November 2008 Bar supports the Palm Beach County Literacy Coalition The Palm Beach County Bar Association placed 9th out of 24 in the Great Grown

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SPONSORED BY. SPONSORED BY Welcome to the Best of the Bar. In side these pages, you ll find the results of our second annual Best of the Bar survey in which South Florida attorneys nominated their peers.

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Photo by Karen Brune Mathis. New Jersey-based bank buying CNL

Photo by Karen Brune Mathis. New Jersey-based bank buying CNL Financial News & Daily Record 35 Vol. 102, No. 141 Two Sections Monday, June 1, 2015 Bringing evidence to life in 3-D Local company adds new dimension in courtrooms By Kevin Hogencamp

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PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION July/August 2005 Tri-County Appellate Seminar September 16 Mark your calendars now for the Tri-County Appellate Seminar An Afternoon with the Judges

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Rhode Island Bar Journal

Rhode Island Bar Journal Rhode Island Bar Journal Rhode Island Bar Association Volume 60. Number 1. July/August 2011 Rhode Island Bar Association Officers 2011-2012 Association Annual Report and Committee Reports Annual Meeting

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Professor Emeritus Charles Ehrhardt to Speak at BCBA Criminal Law Section

Professor Emeritus Charles Ehrhardt to Speak at BCBA Criminal Law Section April 2013 Professor Emeritus Charles Ehrhardt to Speak at BCBA Criminal Law Section Also in This Issue: Important Officer & Board of Directors Election Information serving the citizens and legal community

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RBH Races for the Cure. ABA YLD Conference Here a Huge Success

RBH Races for the Cure. ABA YLD Conference Here a Huge Success November 2007 Volume 34 No. 5 From the President Bob Stephens, MCB President WANTED: District Court Judges Many of you know firsthand how swamped our courtrooms are and so does the North Carolina State

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