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Download "cell b l ^ In ruins. W auuwriues said today. r 'f llg lit, aluhg wlui UtfW pnbbb------- -------- b eo sto u u d d d u b s. rs sms"


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" n w ny replce; polce lzen n prol ( Ch :no( og Church, Sy Sl rde b >rb 5 Bllj ly probee y/ look dhro-lb )y e *, r 75h ye r, No. 208 TunFll ll;dho Surdy, July < 26,980 p er f o Gurd nd-off ne e on plne 4 By By DAVD MORRSSEY ccoun unl-hve-bdlced h-l -lbyn* clvletn e TlneNfrW w le e er h been horo horoughly red for yer, d P j TWN FALLS - ed Se go beyond he que [uelon of Blly Chrer nd 5 Tbe q>edl pnd now d Reerger, Syn ff lln, nd prevkuly h nvegng h e n l BlUy Crer cu elonhlp l wh Lby. New Neu ccoun hve encon n gen of be L > ldeosenjemcctur Clure, R-dbo.! Lbyn gov- loned d vj vrou ep on be e pr p of Lby o gn he lo exne con of Lbyn g of bn on he le of f C-30 lry rnpor!? lle nvolvehen of RF. Srun od Sen. McGure Frnk Church, D-dKo, chr b h.? e o Lby, cuvlue nvdv volvng Rober Veco, nd J w he reque of he! dho Fr Bureu, o ry nd Coee, d h polbl r e p o gn nfluence ewluu.s. culzen. negouedeolforleo le of dbo grn, he d. We bve. Churcb b o kl u h wttwyg dhon» «w plce where Lbyn cuvl cuvly h been evden for berd for be l colec pe of dy LUe.Churd ff b he U o n.. R Rep. Seve Syn, h r hree yer y own Ue< e of ddo,. Church d. been preng Ue co nllee very hrd o ndude Sy... opponen n h U y eleclon. Becue < ho locl reldm hdve! bed) bee nved o go o Lby * - n on ny nveuguon.. ThLdoen T upre roe enen n h nvegon, Chu E l n e d rde on Lbyn expene, where d Rebergerld. Doffer o erve on be pn d n Crer. Seo. Brch B ler hve been proed lr{ lrge grn le o Lby Lby nvdveen D-nd., chrn of n n U nlse pdllc goe bck nveuguoopnel, n d, uoclly offered SpSSwhere here h been lk ll* of ecurng hdp n n o 974. Th yer Pre ] reden Nbcon bnned Ue le of h b p n e l nlng he rd e e of he C-: C-3dl Ulfry rnpor.». e l5hlnjlve Q30 roop o p.r n r plne o he ocl B Foregn Rdon Coee h Preden Nxon ebrgoed n 974; Lbyn goveen of ve8lgum*lnvov~qukon f Col. Murd-Qudhflr cue he BUly Crer nve vegllon could ouch on Uoollgnlflcoce;- Dce;-.-: 0 n U77. Sy n dgh dy n Lby. 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Chpk ncury wlu Tbe Rev.] Prebyern Church l Rober Vn Ne gvng TWN FALLS ] The C h of Relglou here wll dul ordncq 5 - oc T onon TbePl of Sephen Sh nd P Nevw P, % «e Scence wu ee :O. rln be"sflw««f fou j - h wfe, Mrgre wrnbejunorer on.g M cle]ln.obe Gopel ChUdcre provded. Roo of Ue olld: [dy nn. Seron xc «pelm nryl8p.. Lfe,e Only ge leuerel." Ul C o h u n ly e h r T " F r B p : } Co u l u n j C h r ;(! n C h u r c h TWN FA L - Flr TWN P A L L S - Couny Con Fr BpU Church hdd. B u f lp b b.o n G rnjvl»w d Dflv.».«.Sou«h~ Mbg] y e rn WoglcVllySpljr " j - Chrln Churd» ornng worhp bodblbleschoosund Sundy 9:4n.. A ll p.... Sundy chool for BUL - TbeBhl- -P re b y e rn Churd WUl wul j, worhp hour por >r n. llge8l9:45. n..rrev. e Myer fler lc... S E R V C E S hve ubue pel erld kel wll delver pekerdr. W. D nld Kllngler wul b e Lvng A he ege "Arlng lnggree; Servn-of G o d T u e for he vcuonlng ; Rev. 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WANTEDBUYERS" onwgon, oxr, low w 80UTKWND 977 2S; 440 f u cheln lre, huch u-.s! echncl cond. con D odoe, & l exrl SOOO 00 *nyl e. - p enon & bel, - 900X20 «* hrp 97 VWSquro- lege. $ N eed pn. $400/be b M bck orsb. fer.b37-64b. ~ equy & ke bver py- ly YAMAA; fhrno. en. C ddle b, engne gurd;! OTOFbck : 76 CEVY: Lo* llooo, 8 SPECAL SUMMER RATES S new Conrnenlr re, 6,000 S: 0.00x20 rubber horh 989 Fbck, new re- box, r, crulo, 4 new ol MOTOR OME for ren; by brlgln lle ~ obr hb, (2) yr bd S.-. bul. oor rodlre f3lerO; w /rdewnd dup bed, gvW B ug.new pn M dvbrwek.cll543-42to. 967V W Buo.rungoO d B lu e L k eo Blvd. N S 0 WANTEDl 25 Cl A Moor J, Z *970 Ope, 2-door, clen be. New o r ued. Cll 3l 978 YAMAA ENDURO 500. *974 Dun Wgon 76 AuoDelor Of* 75 AuloDeler ler Excellen condon. S000. S: S 2F lh ob ojrller. TT W Moble Trveler,»r, br bre nfo, cll , vxcelen condon; 538- Mb -97g-KAWASAKULTO-000, ; e ve * ju broken n. Akng $ ! 070 CEV on; 78, SWNQER blor o r * lle, V-8. uoc, 3 ho e. 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20 B -0T e3>n wle.,t Twn Fll, dho.r-r:--" Surdy rz -, cly,ju y20.ot A Touchc :h of Locl c ory, f l TWNFALL! ALLS COUNTY ARCTEC TECTURE JUD Now... > Book & Trdh dng Supple D o w n l oown w Mll LSTORAC lg UNMT SALE B [jaetal ONLY...; - * Sx* 3 0 x 6 6 e CREDT TER TERMS AVAAB labls 453/MANAV E. TWN FAU FALLS genunernbrd DAL SPRNKLER.; ADJUSTABLE S o S O.d l o o r 9:9S n o w * 9 * *! PRCE.$ u f VoodGonlrlcKllcnlrpe rpl Reg SAlEMOl >0 Eh Ru M. De. $ S»U4 ColredSlrlpllMWef ( R e j.p.#.... SE 57 y-tnlrsbrplrlslm g. Reg. $ SAEMB2 6? RBPll.Re.S32S.«l..,... SALE 53 53* rxdv RnlyWo rcrlklbcpl-r l-reg. $93:24.. S»l 78 :8:> BnTlgMWen.Re., $ (7 SAEMW Go n n S M o rchl 2«0 rerl-m SodJlclBnXrpCRe-ll.453J S*l»2l - -2«72B«eDu Ml]rlPl.R8.J«4:42, ;42...S«lE>24ff 248" 23 Cedr «B lldweoldsnlpm.sg.l Reg. $ SALE >J x 9!-G>»nlr o BrJjjjpbrlSlBE.Reg.:: :eg.;$ffl.94;.;. ;v:.;e S >9»- h n SdBr rro Kllclw CrpgL Reg..$95.26 J6!...nr 22TLSU»MLS CneenSlpod Slg.. [. Reg. $ SAE OT / 2x9S" plknl vnue W 42 2xn9" Dp l Z -,2xC BleSel "l2xl09" dcrr 2 xsb": Glood - 27S»cond-Av NFA r - - Be/nf eu S C d JL-TRADE-NS SAV VEUPTO...,. BevLlcr- // Sewng g C e n e r,...* 3 0 *! -Be n j (N ox o nkloy) , - W Spec E l -, Br< ffeg.40 Do * cl Purche j Dre Shoe ) r J r n r Brown-Tn-Blck...:.-Soverl. l.pu ern o chooe fro ncludng.d re S l 2 e 7 v T f o 2 N-M-Wldh 9 f KDS & Al MS.»»f n h o W o Shop o. Sff For h o bo»f A v. Sou :! o S On n >ooh» o on <> *lop ~CARTET SATURDAYJSU SUNDAY----- " 7 " \ ONLY RECEVE A N ADC DDTONAL 0% o ny ngo group pureho* > vv vvlhn hochlldronf l r en l. G ood only hrougl ough Sundy. July 27 on«pufchoo only. Pro «.«r > h l» C 0 u p o r lo g > pqnon. C e*hv elw J/20o 2 0 f *. T REMNANT NOW 9 REG.»T4 T 9 8 r $ 5 «o... Twn Fol Fol*, Phon» 3-79 r ~ ~ NBWpnen-- Ju Arrved! 9 8 C! O P Y VOURMl WrTAKT PAPERS - EVENPCTURES! lowleyp PARMACY c On The 3 < 0 N L Y l e M o l l J.

^ ' ^ , n - B - 4 7 x.,. V'V. I/A ^... 1C an d P ro m o tin g tho g r o w th ol Nine. (Vth ol Nloo Irrigated Idaho Counties

^ ' ^ , n - B - 4 7 x.,. V'V. I/A ^... 1C an d P ro m o tin g tho g r o w th ol Nine. (Vth ol Nloo Irrigated Idaho Counties ;:, Weahe.. Fa a n d W a e VOL.- 63, N O. 31G. \Cadave Uage U By FRANK C AP clcnce DURHA. N. C,. (A P)~A Duk oday ha anplnnaon of hea (hc dead lo hc deaed lvng 1: onal efon pul no he qul. ndeed, ad D.

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* D cdicatcd to B ervinu nnd IVoinollnir 1! I ^ D / V Y, S 1 2 P T E M I 1 U U a^t lo G S. ^ ^ U ^ C e i

* D cdicatcd to B ervinu nnd IVoinollnir 1! I ^ D / V Y, S 1 2 P T E M I 1 U U a^t lo G S. ^ ^ U ^ C e i W eahe P a l y e o u d y lealy Suga; gaves Ug gays P k n A na Cnnccn h n lu s w e e k s fc..n nolucon f M u c V n llc y s h S f. T u esd ay nr h b y E n e s,. c o AnlRnM cd S U R C o., B.Bccllalon pl""

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i. ' v v v rviog and PromoHng the Growth ol Nlni D A H O, M O N D A Y. A U G U S T 2 2, 1968 2 2, 1966

i. ' v v v rviog and PromoHng the Growth ol Nlni D A H O, M O N D A Y. A U G U S T 2 2, 1968 2 2, 1966 W eahe Fa, Paly Cloudy Tuesday V O L. 4 8, N O. 129 R T O Q U K E R E F U G E E S ll e o h e ew buldlngs le s ohnson Sa s L o WSHNGTON ( P) P e s s a e al l o w w e beca he eans o unl ed des have he owe

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I- V. ; :... . PageA6 s i s. I. e. W henw egobackin,w cd< /c don t ^ >imi ihdenvbrldin S ^ H. 5 L ife ; p re s s. S rill,.

I- V. ; :... . PageA6 s i s. I. e. W henw egobackin,w cd< /c don t ^ >imi ihdenvbrldin S ^ H. 5 L ife ; p re s s. S rill,. - V. ; :... ṃ j lt C" tl7 : 1 C 7 S c t tl C. Eho/92hd year. No. 1292 9 -.. Frday, K 50 ccncs n c s G o o d m o r q x RNNG [Je rome re ejects $ >13 mll lonsch( lool boe d ssue W e a t h e r... y. " ~ -

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The Dozenal Society of America

The Dozenal Society of America The Dozenal Society of America Multiplication Tables of Various Bases by Michael Thomas De Vlieger Ever wonder what multiplication tables might look like in alternative bases? The dsa Updated 6 February

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Campus Sustainability Assessment and Related Literature

Campus Sustainability Assessment and Related Literature Campus Sustainability Assessment and Related Literature An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide Andrew Nixon February 2002 Campus Sustainability Assessment Review Project Telephone: (616) 387-5626

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Territorial Disputes and Their Resolution

Territorial Disputes and Their Resolution Territorial Disputes and Their Resolution The Case of Ecuador and Pe r u Beth A. Simmons United States Institute of Pe a c e Peaceworks No. 27. First published April 19 9 9. The views expressed in this

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the im pac t of the arts on l earning

the im pac t of the arts on l earning C H A M P I O N S O F C H A N G E the im pac t of the arts on l earning ARTS EDUCATION PA R T N E R S H I P The Arts Edu c a ti on Pa rtn ership (form erly known as the Goals 2000 Art s E du c a ti on

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Sadly, t h ere are few re s traints on the

Sadly, t h ere are few re s traints on the Justice after War Brian Orend* Sadly, t h ere are few re s traints on the en d i n gs of w a rs. Th ere has never been an intern a ti onal tre a ty to reg u l a te war s final ph a s e, and there are sharp

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The play wright August Wi l s on live s

The play wright August Wi l s on live s PROFILES BEEN HERE AND GONE How August Wilson brought a centu ry of bl ack Am eri can cultu re to the sta ge. BY JOHN LAHR If anybody asks you who sang this song Tell em It was little Jimmy Rushing, H

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Ottoman Contributions to Science and Technology: Some Examples from Medicine, Astronomy and Geography

Ottoman Contributions to Science and Technology: Some Examples from Medicine, Astronomy and Geography Ottoman Contributions to Science and Technology: Some Examples from Medicine, Astronomy and Geography Salim AYDÜZ, PhD a a Senior Researcher at the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC)

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ARE CONSTITUTIONS LEGITIMATE?* Andrei MARMOR PROBLEMA Anua rio de Fi lo so fía y Teo ría del De re cho 1 ARE CONSTITUTIONS LEGITIMATE?* Andrei MARMOR Re su men: Aun que la idea del cons ti tu cio na lis mo ha sido ex ten sa men te di fun di da y

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Reading 5 AE2573. [American reprint of British document]

Reading 5 AE2573. [American reprint of British document] Reading 5 AE2573 [American reprint of British document] Anonymous ONANIA; OR, THE Heinous Sin OF Self-Pollution, AND All its Frightful Consequences, in both SEXES, Considered. W ITH Spiritual and Physical

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Vom prozessorientierten Wissensmanagement zum intelligenten Engineering-Portal

Vom prozessorientierten Wissensmanagement zum intelligenten Engineering-Portal Vom prozessorientierten Wissensmanagement zum intelligenten Engineering-Portal Praxisbericht aus der Entwicklung von Hochauftriebsystemen für Verkehrsflugzeuge KnowTech Stuttgart, 24.-25.10.2012 Thomas

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Nothing is more po l i ti c a lly important

Nothing is more po l i ti c a lly important Rep i n ted from Et h i cs & In tern a tional Af f a i rs 1 6,n o. 2. 2002 by Ca rn egie Council on Ethics and In tern a ti onal Af f a i rs. D E B AT E : G LOBAL POVERTY RELIEF More Than Charity: Cosmopolitan

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Zebra. Programming for Page Mode Printing. Programer's Guide. Part #980352-001 Rev.E

Zebra. Programming for Page Mode Printing. Programer's Guide. Part #980352-001 Rev.E Zebra Programming for Page Mode Printing Programer's Guide Part #980352-001 Rev.E FOREWORD This man ual pro vides pro gram ming in for ma tion for print ers fea tur ing Ze bra s EPL2 Pro - gramming and

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OUR ICEBERG IS MELTING KOTTER. Changing and Succeeding Under any ConditiorlS

OUR ICEBERG IS MELTING KOTTER. Changing and Succeeding Under any ConditiorlS OUR ICEBERG IS MELTING Changing and Succeeding Under any ConditiorlS KOTTER OUR ICEBERG IS MELTING Changiog Hnd Succeeding Under lilly Condition:; KOTTER Holger Ralngeber Om Iceberg Is Melting \VItat People

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Value of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Audiology in the Emergency Department in Differential Diagnosis of Peripheral and Central Vertigo

Value of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Audiology in the Emergency Department in Differential Diagnosis of Peripheral and Central Vertigo ORİJİNAL ARAŞTIRMA Value of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Audiology in the Emergency Department in Differential Diagnosis of Peripheral and Central Vertigo Engin ÖZAKIN, MD, Msc, a Figen COŞKUN, MD, Assoc.Prof.,

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Most contracts, whether between voters and politicians or between house owners and contractors, are

Most contracts, whether between voters and politicians or between house owners and contractors, are Americn Poliicl Science Review Vol. 95, No. 1 Mrch 2001 More Order wih Less Lw: On Conrc Enforcemen, Trus, nd Crowding IRIS BOHNET Hrvrd Universiy BRUNO S. FREY Universiy of Zürich STEFFEN HUCK Universiy

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G Redes I P de N u ev a en er a c i o n ( I P N G N ) Habilitando la tr ans ic ion h ac ia los N u e v os s e r v ic ios p e r s onaliz ados y de V alor anadido Junio 2 0 0 7 Walter Sanchez C i sco Sy

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An ti-glia din IgA kit. An ti-gliad in Ig G k it D I A G N O S T I C S. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent ass ay ki t For in vitro diagnostic use only

An ti-glia din IgA kit. An ti-gliad in Ig G k it D I A G N O S T I C S. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent ass ay ki t For in vitro diagnostic use only Labmaster ELISA tests: Anti-Gliadin Ig A kit 1 00 4 Anti-Gliadin Ig G kit 1 00 3 Tro po nin I ELISA kit 1006 Labmaster TR-FIA test s: Enter ola cton e kit 2001 Equol kit 2 00 2 Genistein kit 2 00 3 Daidzein

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Ur ban De sign and Out door Ther mal Com fort in Warm Cli mates. Stud ies in Fez and Colombo

Ur ban De sign and Out door Ther mal Com fort in Warm Cli mates. Stud ies in Fez and Colombo Ur ban De sign and Out door Ther mal Com fort in Warm Cli mates Stud ies in Fez and Colombo Arid zones Built environment Cli mate Cli ma tic de sign Colombo Developing countries Fez Keywords Humid tropics

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K Country Names and Two-Letter Codes K

K Country Names and Two-Letter Codes K PCT Applicant s Guide International Phase Annex K Page 1 K K Annex K includes a list of short names and two-letter codes accepted for use in indicating States, other entities and intergovernmental organizations

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A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Probability Theory and Related Fields

A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Probability Theory and Related Fields A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Probability Theory and Related Fields Nelson H. F. Beebe University of Utah Department of Mathematics, 110 LCB 155 S 1400 E RM 233 Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0090

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