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3 TABLE OF CONTENTS HIGHLIGHTS Strike! Management Team Key Milestones Key Figures Presentation of Each Entity BUSINESS REVIEW Our Expertise Software Development Business Intelligence Digital Trust Enterprise Architecture and BPM Infrastructure Our Services Our Business and Industry Know -How BetterBank Partners Customer Top List FOCUS ON... Managing Projects, Delivering Quality Investing in Young and Talented People Spreading our Expertise to the World Providing the Best User Experience When Work Meets Fun Creating The Best Possible Working Environment Promoting Excellence FINANCIAL OVERVIEW Financial Review Financial Statements 63 66

4 HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS Strike! Management Team Key Milestones Key Figures Presentation of Each Entity

5 Strike! 2014 was expected to be a year of contract renewals and thus uncertainty. It was specifically the case for DESIS-III lot 4, the main framework contract of the European Commission for fixedprice based software development covering all their units. In 2013, this contract represented around half of all of our fixed-price activities. It was a similar case for FITS DEV, the DG TAXUD framework for development of applications related to taxation and excise. Even if Arηs was not the leader of its previous consortium, the DESIS lot 1 framework (software development in time & materials mode) also represented an important business volume during the past four years. In parallel with those mega-frameworks, the Publications Office launched a series of new calls for tender related to their main production applications (Eurlex, Cellar, TED website, TED apps, Digital Signature). Arηs was involved in all those matters during the previous years and put those calls for tenders as our main targets for this year. Beside those renewals, we targeted large business contracts including the CUST DEV framework for the customs applications at DG TAXUD. And last but not least, we intended to attract new customers such as NIKE through our branch Arηs Data, and the Court of Justice, ENOVOS or Crédit Agricole through Arηs Cube. And it is a strike!!!! All (yes, all!) of those contracts have been awarded to Arηs!!! It represents a global value of 780 million EUR revenues, mostly over a period of 4 years but some (like FITS DEV and CUST DEV) are foreseen over a period of 8 years. And further to figures, the two frameworks awarded to Arηs Cube at Court of Justice represent new customers for the Group. Cust Dev DESIS 3 Lot 1 TED Website DSS Court of Justice DESIS 3 Lot 4 Fits Dev TED Apps EUR-Lex 09

6 In 2014, we also put emphasis on the corporate culture. In our society, we are convinced that the necessary stability of our workforces will be enhanced by the quality of the working environment and the powerful enthusiasm of our young engineers. With a continuous focus on recruitment from the best Universities of the region, we expect to further strengthen the attractiveness of Arηs as an employer in the market. We also believe in team effort and not individualism. Large projects are only achievable through a team, never by an individual, as strong as he or she may be. The evolution of the Group is visible through the expansion and success of our branches and subsidiaries Arηs Cube, Arηs Data or Arηs Consulting. We have also started a brand new branch in Luxembourg: Arηs SpikeSeed. Each entity is expected to develop activities on its own territory but benefits from the Group services and capacities. In 2014, we have seen specific successes in new areas: Support and infrastructure services at Arηs Cube; Business Intelligence services at Arηs Data; Digital Trust services and products at Arηs SpikeSeed. In addition our services are evolving towards more specific business knowledge, for example in the areas of taxation and customs. It represents a further step in the maturity of Arηs. GLOBAL OBJECTIVES In terms of revenues, 2015 will most probably show a big step forward with an expected enormous growth of 30%. Investments will be tightly controlled and focused on people with strong potential. As far as the market is concerned, Arηs will become a vital player on the European Institutions and Luxembourgish markets. In addition, through the strategic award of the Digital Signature at the Office of Publications, Arηs will be invaluable in this key domain with our own open solution. Business Intelligence remains also a strategic domain of expertise, and major business successes in 2014 should attract further talents to support our projects. The international development of our customers is also at the heart of the agenda for CONCLUSION With this incredible strike of successes, Arηs showed once again that its unique model, based on on-shore talents, is the way of success, for our people, for our customers and for our society. Let s upgrade our society! CHALLENGES Jourdan SERDERIDIS WRC France Mulhouse October 2014 The Fiscal Year 2015 will represent a totally different challenge for the Group. Considering the DESIS frameworks - Arηs being Leader in the three awarded lots - the ability to manage the different partners, in a constructive and dynamic atmosphere, will be a key success factor in the scope of addressing thousands of requests. The cohesiveness of the several entities of a continuous growing structure will be an ongoing and daily effort to establish. A special focus on the corporate culture will be realized. We may count on a small but complementary Management Board, where all strategic decisions are made. The career paths of our talented young engineers are at the top of my personal agenda. These people are the future of our company and the future responsible managers in operations. Special trainings on methodologies, management and presentation skills will be intensified through a new major internal program. «Let s upgrade our society!» Jourdan SERDERIDIS Founder 11

7 MANAGEMENT TEAM (from left to right) : Pierre NOËL, Nathalie VANDERVELDE, Paulo APOLINARIO, Christophe GROSJEAN, Marc SALM, Jean-François PITZ, Jourdan SERDERIDIS, Jean-Philippe ROCH, Pierre SAUNIER.

8 Key Milestones This year 2014 will remain as a major milestone in Arηs history! We were awarded in many different sectors and fields. This confirms our unique capacity to deliver high quality services in various complex environments. It also demonstrates the capacity and potential of each of our 6 different entities. The newest, Arηs Spikeseed, has been launched this year. August 2013 September 2013 October 2013 January 2014 March 2014 April 2014 Arηs Developments has been awarded for the maintenance, support and development of the data warehouse at the European Investment Bank Arηs Cube has been awarded at the Publications Office of the European Union for the development of IT applications in the field of production and reception chains. Arηs Developments, part of the IASis Consortium, has been awarded for the specification, development, maintenance and support of customs IT systems (CUST-DEV3) at the DG Taxation and Customs Union Arηs Developments, in the CENTAUR² consortium, has been awarded by the DG Research and Innovation for the external services provision for development, studies and support of information systems (Horizon 2020 Lot 2) Arηs Developments created a new branch, Arηs Spikeseed, to cope with its growth and to promote innovation Arηs Spikeseed has been awarded for the maintenance and evolution of the CELLAR at the Publications Office April 2014 May 2014 June 2014 July 2014 Arηs Consulting signed its 200th contract, reaching an important milestone after more than 7 years of existence Arηs Data started its first assignment in IT Security at BICS Arηs Spikeseed has been awarded by the Publications Office for the maintenance, evolution and assistance of EUR-Lex-2012 Arηs Cube reached an important milestone after 1 full year of Professionnel du Secteur Financier (PSF) accreditation Arηs Data granted a new customer by providing services to AG Insurance Arηs Developments, leader of the Eurora-1 consortium, has been awarded for the service provision for development, studies and support for information systems (ESP-DESIS III Lot 1), representing an estimated value of about 452 million EUR over 4 years, by the DG Informatics July 2014 Arηs Cube, part of the awarded consortium, has been selected for the helpdesk, telephone switchboard and supply of technical personal for the Court of Justice of the European Union Arηs Spikeseed has been awarded for the software maintenance, evolution, assistance and consultancy services for information systems using electronic signature and related technologies at the Publications Office Arηs Spikeseed has been awarded for the dissemination of the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union using TED Arηs Developments has been awarded for the external service provision for development, studies and support for information systems (ESP-DESIS III Lot 4), representing an estimated value of about 79 million EUR over 4 years, by the DG Informatics Arηs Data started the Teradata Appliance Integration project for NIKE Europe

9 Key Figures The fiscal year 2014 has been exceptional for Arηs! As since several years we have overcome an ambitious budget and we will still be increasing it for next year. We also keep hiring young and experienced people with an exceptionally low turnover. With the expected upcoming growth, 2015 will the beginning of a new era for the Arηs Group! Debt ratio EBIT on Turnover increase in headcount in 2014 nationalities work at Arηs Arηs Group BY MARKET SECTOR

10 Developments Developments Belgium Pierre NOËL Partner Karlien GLADINÉ Sales Manager Developments Developments Belgium Arηs Developments is the founding company of the group and has experienced a constant and strong growth since 2003, year of its creation. Arηs Developments Belgium is a Belgian company incorporated in Arηs Developments Belgium is a subsidiary of Arηs Developments. Since the beginning, we focused on large and complex long-term framework contracts especially for European Institutions. We are now recognised as a reference and market leader for successful and on-time delivery of challenging Software Developments. This has been achieved thanks to a long-term investment in our main strengths: our commitment to deliver on time and within budget, our unique capacity to adapt ourselves to the expectations of our clients and to meet them, and our quality minded approach, embed in our Arηs Methodology and endorsed in 2013 by our CMMI appraisal to Level 2. This new decade for Arηs Developments starts in the best possible conditions. To ensure our future successes, we will continue to provide valuables services to our customer and in particular to the European Commission. Our main objective is and will remain to improve the life of our citizens, and first of all for our employees and customers. We will reach that objective by being the European reference on quality and competences. The main purpose of the company is to hire IT consultants to execute Arηs Developments large framework contracts on the Belgian territory. One of the success factors to contribute to the execution of these contracts is that Arηs Developments Belgium hires each year, as the other entities of the Arηs Group, several young graduates. They are recruited mainly from the top Universities and High Schools from Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg. This characteristic of the Arηs Group, unique on the market, allows young people to work in close relationship with experienced people, building powerful teams capable of delivering complex and innovative solutions to support different types of businesses. In addition, Arηs Developments Belgium succeeded to develop its own commercial initiative, targeting the Belgian market for short and mid-term projects within the same activities, as its mother company. Thanks to these own commercial initiatives, Arηs Developments Belgium builds its own reputation and credibility on the Belgian market, successfully growing in its main activities. SUCCESSFUL AND ON-TIME DELIVERY OF COMPLEX AND TAILORED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTS PROVIDING THE RIGHT INFORMATION, WHEN YOU NEED IT, TO ADDRESS YOUR BUSINESS CHALLENGES THANKS TO BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SUCCESSFUL AND ON-TIME DELIVERY OF COMPLEX AND TAILORED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTS MANAGING AND EXECUTING LARGE FRAMEWORK CONTRACTS, MAINLY WITH THE EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS OR THE EUROPEAN GOVERNMENTS PROVIDING THE BEST SERVICES TO THE BELGIAN MARKET

11 Consulting Cube Sébastien BRAUN Operations Director Paulo APOLINARIO Managing Director 3 Consulting Cube 2014 was a milestone year for Arηs Consulting. Major projects in the public sector are in progress. Major from a quantitative aspect with almost 60% of the workforce of the company involved in them and from their strategic importance for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Hard work, commitment and respect! These are some of the key elements that contributed to make of Arηs Cube a serious company with the capacity of delivering quality during the last 4 years. In the private sector, many new customers have decided to entrust us with their projects, mainly in the financial sector, validating our business strategy and strengthening our brand image. These successes have allowed Arηs Consulting to achieve a turnover of almost 4.9 million EUR. A reason of satisfaction on its own, yet we see these results as the groundwork for future investments. The focus for 2015 is to concentrate our efforts on the development of our BPM activities: Business Process Modelling and Redesign, Business Analysis, Process Automation, Business Activity Monitoring. Because BPM isn t just about technology, our teams are dedicated to help our customers to understand their business better, then take this understanding and use it to identify the business strengths and weaknesses and finally find the quickest and smartest way to fix when it s broken and improve when it s not optimized. Leveraging our renowned quality of service in Software Development and Business Intelligence, we aim to create powerful IT Systems based on business processes enabling our customers to improve the service delivered to their customers and making them more agile in a context of perpetual mutation. This strategy is based on three main pillars: strong partnerships, key people and a pragmatic approach based on recognized methodologies. In a nutshell, our unique motivation is to continue to innovate and deliver new value to our clients through creative services. The first year with the PSF status was a real success and we managed to take-over the responsibility on risky and complex projects for major actors of the financial sector. Since the beginning we believed in building strong partnerships. Last year we succeeded in renewing our main framework contracts and won 2 additional ones opening thus the door to a major growth in the next months. Arηs Cube is pursuing its way on the local market and consolidates its position within the Group. The founders continue with the same determination to address the local market with local resources and delivering a work of high quality. One of our hallmarks is definitely and will continue to be the capacity to deliver high-quality fixed-price projects. For the next year, we will continue improving our processes and organisation in order to constantly increase the quality of the work. Priority will be given to the most recent framework contracts in order to build strong and stable teams, really service oriented and equipped to deliver high-quality. Replying and winning new framework contracts will also be an additional focus, both on the EU and also on the private sector. With this dynamism, we created an environment where it is fun to explore ideas and incubate concepts. This is true for us, for our collaborators but also, and especially for all our customers. SUPPORTING COMPANIES TO IMPROVE THEIR ORGANISATION BY PROVIDING BUSINESS PROCESS MODELLING SERVICES SUCCESSFUL AND ON-TIME DELIVERY OF COMPLEX AND TAILORED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTS SUCCESSFUL AND ON-TIME DELIVERY OF COMPLEX AND TAILORED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTS PROVIDING THE RIGHT INFORMATION, WHEN YOU NEED IT, TO ADDRESS YOUR BUSINESS CHALLENGES THANKS TO BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE PROVIDING THE RIGHT INFORMATION, WHEN YOU NEED IT, TO ADDRESS YOUR BUSINESS CHALLENGES THANKS TO BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ALIGNING IT SERVICES WITH THE NEEDS OF YOUR BUSINESS BY DESIGNING, MIGRATING AND OPERATING YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE

12 Data Spikeseed Gunther ROOBAERT Director Christophe GROSJEAN Director Data spikeseed The Arηs Data model is a perfect fit for high expertise and high flexibility demands including fixed price models. Arηs Spikeseed is the newest member of the Arηs family. Founded in March 2014 as a branch of Arηs Developments, Arηs Spikeseed leverages the unique expertise of the Arηs Group in order to boost innovation for its customers, applying cutting-edge technologies, agile and lean practices. The mission of Arηs Data started in March 2012 with one objective: to expand the success of Arηs Developments Belgium into the Belgian private market. In a time span of 18 months Arηs Data won contracts with AXA, BNP Paribas Fortis, AEXIS, NextiraOne, Belgacom, BICS, NIKE Europe, Mutualité Chrétienne, Electrabel, Comparex, Today Arηs Data is proud to have grown to a team of 15 highly motivated people almost doubling the team of last year. Companies are finding the added value they are looking for when it comes to swift execution and timeliness while controlling cost. On this proven path, Arηs Data is already building its next successes. Our goal for 2015 and beyond is to further expand the success in the private and semi-private market in Belgium. Our understanding of the business models in the finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and retail businesses, in combination with solutions in the area of Business Analytics and Big Data solutions makes us a powerful partner to our customers. Secondly we will continue to expand our cost effective open source solutions and developments for the JAVA segment. Thirdly, this strong presence in Open Source development as well as Business Intelligence in combination with trends such as Hadoop is giving us an incredible opportunity and a unique position in the market place. Last but not least, we will extend our portfolio with services in the domain of information security and compliance. In the past months, Arηs Spikeseed has already been awarded the management of several framework contracts in some of these areas in particular for the maintenance and evolution of highly-available web sites, web semantics, search platforms and Digital Signature services. For its first full year of operations, Arηs Spikeseed will concentrate its efforts on the following three pillars: Digital Trust, Web 3.0 and connected devices. People have been discussing about Digital Signature for many years now. International standards have gained maturity. What we see is that the market is now becoming aware of the technical challenges and business opportunities brought by paperless customer relationships backed by the strong legal security of the Digital Signature. We are already working on many business opportunities and partnerships that will boost our Digital Trust competence centre during the next year will see the extension of our effort on app developments for mobile and connected devices. IoT is not only a technical matter and we are ready to help our customers to explore the new use cases implied and how these can bring them value. We are really excited to start this new initiative inside the Arηs Group and committed to collaborate with customer on promising solutions. PROVIDING THE RIGHT INFORMATION, WHEN YOU NEED IT, TO ADDRESS YOUR BUSINESS CHALLENGES THANKS TO BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS LEVERAGING THE DIGITAL TRUST (DIGITAL SIGNATURE, STRONG AUTHENTICATION) SUCCESSFUL AND ON-TIME DELIVERY OF COMPLEX AND TAILORED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTS SYSTEMS EMPOWERING LARGE DATA SETS VIA INNOVATIVE AND EFFICIENT TECHNIQUES LIKE WEB SEMANTICS, SEARCH-AS-A-SERVICE ARCHITECTURES AND BUISNESS INTELLIGENCE PROVIDING THE BEST SERVICES TO THE BELGIAN MARKET MOBILE OR ANY CONNECTED DEVICES APPLICATIONS IMPROVING THE DAILY LIFE OF YOUR TEAM MEMBERS, CUSTOMERS AND COMPANY

13 02. BUSINESS REVIEW 02. BUSINESS REVIEW Our Expertise Software Development Business Intelligence Digital Trust Enterprise Architecture and BPM Infrastructure Our Services Our Business and Industry Know-How BetterBank Partners Customer Top List

14 Our Expertise Successful project delivery depends heavily on the technical and functional expertise of the team. The Arηs Group has gathered the best experts in its BeLux local Development Centres. We deliver top quality from local locations. Arηs holistic approach to the delivery of IT solutions covers all business layers, technical domains and service types. Our expertise covers Software Development, Business Intelligence, Digital Trust, Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management. It is completed by our service delivery model in Fixed Price, Time and Means and Quoted Time and Means mode. Finally, the last piece to a complete IT solution provision is realised through our competences and offerings in Infrastructure design, realisation and operation. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT INFRASTRUCTURE DIGITAL TRUST Group BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE AND BPM 27

15 Software Development Diversity empowering first class IT solution development MOBILE APPS ACCESS ENTERPRISE-CLASS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS WHEREVER YOU ARE Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have reached a significant market penetration and are now also commonly used inside corporations and organisations for business use. Therefore, it is important to include a mobile vision into modern IT projects. Arηs consults its customers on the right mobile strategy ensuring a well-balanced approach between costs and benefits gained from mobile accessible business solutions. The mobile platforms have in the past years shown a convergence towards Android and ios, but recently a diversification has restarted including Microsoft Windows Phone, Sailfish OS and others. We promote therefore a write once, play everywhere concept utilising cross-platform frameworks for native apps. Furthermore, we design web applications to be mobile ready to achieve the ultimate benefit with the least cost. Arηs has developed several mobile optimised web sites and web applications, some reaching the usability of native Apps while staying cross-platform thanks to HTML5 and frameworks like Sencha Touch. Transforming the needs and ideas of our customers into production-ready state-of-the-art IT systems is the mission of Arηs. By applying the best analysis models combined with a clear and closely connected communication with our customers, Arηs is able to design systems that perfectly match our customers expectations. Our Senior IT Architects carefully analyse our customers application landscape and consult in the selection of the matching technologies and architecture for the new solution or for evolutions of existing systems. Such decisions are based upon the lessons learned from our long track record of successful projects that applied these technologies in similar environments. The Arηs project teams implement production-ready solutions based on the requirements and the design defined by our Analysts through a close collaboration with the business and technical units of our customers. We combine highly specialised experts in fitting teams based on their specialised expertise, e.g. in specific technologies such as Java EE, Oracle,.Net. WEB PORTALS AND CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS PUBLISH INFORMATION EASILY, ACCESSIBLE, MANAGEABLE Web portals or websites in general are today one of the most important communication channels for corporations and organisations. They need to be user friendly, appealing and accessible, but also manageable and well integrated into the business processes. In addition, an increasing amount of services is offered to customers, users, employees or the general public over the internet. It is therefore necessary to carefully analyse the services and to integrate them into a unique harmonised experience for the user. This is where modern web portals and Content Management Systems (CMS) reveal their strengths. Arηs masters a wide area of web portals and CMS, not being limited to a single vendor. We provide well-tailored custom solutions based on Open Source as well as commercial packages, ranging from Drupal, Liferay, Wordpress to Oracle Portal or Microsoft SharePoint. COMPLEX (ENTERPRISE) SYSTEMS ANALYSING COMPLEXITY DELIVERING SIMPLICITY Over the time, IT solutions have become highly complex systems. They provide end-users with userfriendly interfaces to complex business processes, easing their daily work and increasing the overall productivity. Such IT systems nowadays have to cover a wide range of technical requirements, ranging from the interaction with legacy systems, over the enterprise-wide integration in a service bus, to the implementation of user interfaces on mobile devices. Arηs has the necessary competences and practical experience in all those technical areas. We analyse the existing systems, define clear and precise interfaces, design integration layers, reduce redundancy and add modern technologies to realise maintainable solutions for complex enterprise systems. In 2014, Arηs has successfully delivered and put in production several complex IT systems, including massive distributed systems that implement country-wide data synchronisation across dozens of installed systems via a secure, reliable and robust asynchronous communication. SEMANTIC TECHNOLOGIES OPEN DATA FOR REUSABILITY FOR A BETTER SOCIETY Data gathered by European Institutions, organisations and enterprises has a significant potential of re-use in new products and services, if provided in a machine readable and understandable way. Such new products and services could create new business opportunities or leverage benefits for the society, e.g. combining environmental measures with geographical information and statistics on local industry and citizens could guide future spatial planning. Semantic technologies provide the tools to link related data and to prepare them in a machine readable way, which cultivates their usability for new services. Arηs is a leading provider in semantic expertise covering technologies such as ontologies, RDF, triple stores, CKAN and SparQL. Several major projects related to Open Data Portals, data provision layers or meta data enrichment in the compliance with the Digital Agenda for Europe allowed our experts to gain a wide knowledge in semantic technologies. Additionally, Arηs has in the past designed, developed and deployed several enterprise scale search layer solutions, based on both Open Source and commercial technologies, e.g. Apache Solr and Autonomy. Combining strong search technology with semantically prepared data opens a world of powerful data-driven solutions. DATA GATHERING, STATISTICS AND DISSEMINATION GATHER, TRANSFORM AND ANALYSE YOUR DATA RELEASE HIDDEN INFORMATION Gathering data without the ability to understand its meaning and to derive real value from it is a waste of budget. Unfortunately, such a situation is still very common since modern IT systems generate large amounts of data, making it impossible to correctly analyse without a powerful approach of gathering, consolidating, cleansing, statistical analysis and streamlined dissemination. Arηs has the competences and experience to build systems based on powerful workflows that can handle, analyse and prepare large volumes of data. Our experience includes major statistical systems in European Institutions, consolidating raw data from all Member States of the European Union. Our systems valorise this data to foster cooperation between citizens, economic operators and institutions. GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS VISUALISE DATA MAKE IT ACCESSIBLE Maps are a very efficient visualisation for data that may be linked to location information. Such visually appealing presentations allow a quick overview of large data sets. The integration of data with geolocations allows a different angle of view, which fosters an efficient analysis. This approach is especially useful when large data volumes need to be disseminated to a non-expert audience, for example for public data dissemination. Such Geographical Information Systems (GIS) may be implemented using Open Source as well as commercial packages. These packages range from Google Maps APIs to enterprise tailored packages like ArcGIS. Arηs is vendor independent and has the necessary expertise to choose the right solution depending on customer needs and budget

16 Business Intelligence Digital Trust Trust your users Empower your users to trust you Knowledge is power - Understand the long-term, deliver today Since 2003, the Arηs Group has focused passionately on providing unrivalled expertise in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing strategy and implementation. Arηs is a group of passionate people in a quest to improve society by leveraging hidden business values for our customers to realise concrete value and advantages, making them a stronger player on the market. From the start of any relationship with Arηs our customers will deal with consultants, adding real value. And, as actors on all levels of the Business Intelligence lifecycle, we are driven to deliver the best solution. Our Business Intelligence Service to Competence Centre (BIs2C) is made up of different profiles, with at its centre several Business Intelligence experts who average 15 years experience in the field. VENDOR NEUTRALITY We master the full Business Intelligence lifecycle, from databases, such as SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle to Teradata and even up to Hadoop. We have a wide and long experience in using reporting tools, such as Excel to in memory tools like QlikView and Tableau and up to enterprisewide Business Intelligence tools like MicroStrategy, Business Objects, Microsoft and Cognos. We also master the entire process, from custom coded ETL code to open source ETL products like Talend and on up to enterprise-wide favourites Informatica and Datastage. We have experience with the full range of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and big data technologies. At the same time, our approach is vendor neutral and not driven by the agenda of some hardware or software vendor. TAILOR-MADE SERVICES A key element of our strategy is to help organisations those just getting started in Business Intelligence or those who need advanced consulting and guidance to optimize their infrastructure. We do this in a way that is customer specific, each of our customers being unique, meaning we find and apply the best fit for each particular situation, rather than reselling technologies from specific vendors. UNIQUE FINE-TUNED APPROACH Since 2003 we have developed a unique approach to Business Intelligence one that quickly delivers powerful, pragmatic, costeffective systems. Rather than diving right into data and tools, we like to start with a discussion about what a business really needs - what it s lacking today, and how providing it will make it more profitable. Only then can we move on to a conversation about data and technology. The core of this approach is what we call: understanding the long term, but delivering in the now. We are extremely proud on being able to deliver usable results, while still in the process of building our customers architecture following the agile methodology. This provides quick Return On Investment (ROI), while keeping management interested in the long-term, enterprise solution. In the digital age an increasing number of business processes is implemented in IT systems involving the realisation of contractual relations and transactions using electronic communications. Trust in the authenticity of the communication partner and in the integrity of the transferred data is the foundation for the realisation of a digital agenda. There are several means to implement digital trust in IT systems including electronic signatures and smartcards. On the other hand, there are also multiple challenges to face when implementing digital trust, especially in cross-border scenarios, e.g. interoperability, trusted lists... Arηs has gained a remarkable experience in this sector over the past years. We have realised major European projects related to electronic signatures, e.g. the implementation and maintenance of the Open Source SD-DSS (Services Directive-Digital Signature Service) library for digital signature creation and validation. The Arηs expertise in electronic signatures has empowered several of our customers to implement digital trust into their IT systems, e.g. signing documents in a paperless process or providing strong authentication. Enterprise Architecture and BPM Analyse your organisation s processes and needs Rise to the next level Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the organising logic for business processes and IT infrastructure. It standardises the operation model and business processes of an organisation. The purpose of analysing an organisation by applying EA standards such as TOGAF, and by formalising its business processes through Business Process Modelling (BPM) is ultimately to build more effective organisation. This is achieved by documenting an as-is cartography, analysing process improvement, performing risk and impact analysis, and finally developing and implementing a strategy to improve the organisation and processes. The result of such an analysis is then transformed into IT systems that finally streamline the organisation s processes and bring effective cost benefits. For the realisation of these IT systems, Arηs uses several modern technologies including Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS)

17 Infrastructure Our Services Fixed Price Projects, Provision of highly skilled Profiles, Management of large Framework Contracts, Managed Services Arηs has the right offer for you! Transforming business needs into reliable infrastructure Infrastructure services complete our full IT service offering. They provide the means to operate IT systems, including physical hardware, transmission media (telephone lines, network infrastructure, etc.), software, security (firewall, intrusion detection, etc.) and other support related activities. In addition to our excellent expertise in this area, we also offer the unique model of providing infrastructure services in a Fixed Price mode. We are able to provide this service thanks to our highly efficient operation model combined with our experience from past projects. This allows us to provide reliable infrastructure solutions in a very cost efficient and low-risk way to our customers. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of Arηs. Therefore, we adapt to their operation model and provide the best fitting service. This includes sourcing strategies following the esourcing Capability Model for Service Providers (escm-sp), where we provide guidance for our customers on their sourcing approach and life-cycle. Our service management approach is based on ITIL to guarantee high efficiency and quality. Arηs enforces the expertise of our service management staff through a rigorous training and certification strategy including ITIL certifications. Our infrastructure services include architecture definition, migration (e.g. SCCM, Active Directory, Exchange), security assessments and implementation, application streaming, Mobile Device Management (MDM), telephony and much more. It is completed by our Managed Services offerings including service desk, full infrastructure management or hosting. FIXED PRICE PROJECTS Managing Projects, Delivering Quality Arηs has a long and strong experience in managing Fixed Price projects. Since the beginning, this capacity to manage complex projects has been a major differentiator for our Group. Today, we successfully run more than 90 Fixed Price projects in parallel, for different customers, in different environments, using different technologies. With more than 10 years of experience, we developed an exceptional capability to provide the right teams to realise your ambitions. We make the difference in the deep commitment of our Top Management in each and every project, the exceptional high quality of what we deliver and the remarkable capability to work on time and within budget. The ability to correctly analyse the customer s requirements, understanding the real need and designing the best fitting solution is key to the success of a Fixed Price project. We built a unique Project Management Methodology, which combines best practices from PMBOK, PRINCE2, Rational Unified Process and Scrum. Our implementation of the agile principles provides the necessary flexibility to adapt the development lifecycle to the changing environment of our customers. This capability and maturity has been proven through the CMMI Level 2 appraisal of Arηs Developments and also through the successful management of several large framework contracts (e.g. FITSDEV, CUSTDEV, ESP-DESIS ). SERVICE DESK PROFESSIONAL SERVICES The right people in the right place at the right time To develop internally their complex IT systems, more and more organisations need to rely on partners that are able to fulfil short-, medium- and longterm sourcing requests for very specific profiles. Arηs has always been an outstanding partner to provide such services. Since the beginning, we established a large pool of top-level experts in a lot of technical and business domains. Our Service Centre concept, built around expertise pooling in competence centres and perfection of competences through trainings, enables our customers to hire dedicated and adequate services without the expenses of maintaining their own expert pools with long-term contracts. This unique expertise on the European market has been recognised by several key organisations. Arηs has been for several years a major provider of specialised profiles to the European Institutions, like recently on the Lot 1 of ESP-DESIS III. MONITORING MAIL SYSTEM MANAGED SERVICES Express your IT needs, let us maintain and operate them Outsourcing the management of IT infrastructure helps our customers to reduce costs and to focus on their day-to-day activities. Arηs provides services covering network and security management, IT service management (up to a 24/7 Service Level Agreement), production support, build/maintenance activities, hosting or even software-as-aservice (as a reseller of Microsoft Office 365). Arηs covers the whole ITIL oriented lifecycle of IT systems, ranging from defining a strategy to IT Service Continuity Management and IT Operations Management. Arηs currently provides hosting, maintenance and operation services for the Publications Office in the scope of the TED project. The TED website is hosted in a fully redundant and clustered environment, currently providing access to more than 30 million documents and serving up to hits per hour

18 Our Business and Industry Know-How Since its foundation in 2003, the Arηs Group has gathered a large portfolio of business and industry knowledge. The execution of major and trend-setting projects and framework contracts allowed our experts to gain practical experience and in-depth knowledge directly at the source. Our customers take advantage of this exceptional know-how bringing additional value to their projects. TAXATION AND CUSTOMS FINANCE AND BANKING In an exceptionally long and trusted relationship with DG TAXUD, Arηs is providing analysis, specification, design, development and maintenance services in the area of Taxation and Excise through the FITSDEV framework contracts for more than 10 years. The award of the CUSTDEV3 contract in this fiscal year completes Arηs portfolio in Taxations and Customs. The current FITSDEV3 and CUSTDEV3 framework contracts strengthen Arηs position in this area beyond Member States have recognised our unique expertise in this area and approach Arηs to design and implement their national systems in compliance with the EU central specifications. Since its foundation, one of Arηs key sectors in BeLux is finance and banking. Our customer portfolio covers a wide range of banks from private to European institutions. Our experts master the essential business knowledge in the key financial areas such as investments, funds, rate management, loans, etc. In that scope Arηs is providing, since several years, IT services to the European Investment Bank ranging from Business Intelligence to framework architecture and Java EE development. The services provided by Arηs in finance and banking range from software development to Business Process Management, Enterprise Application Integration and Business Intelligence. The European Union is with big steps evolving into one common job market. Citizens in the EU are moving between countries, changing their place of work and their residence more freely. The European Commission has identified the need to support the EU citizens in their life and work. This lead to the creation of EURES, the European Job Mobility Portal. Arηs is providing analysis, design, development and maintenance services in the scope of this initiative since years towards the European Commission. A large team of Arηs experts has been assigned on the related projects and tasks on a longterm basis. This allowed them to gather an in-depth expertise of the underlying legislation and directives, the involved parties (both at the European Commission and at the Member State level) and the related business processes. Managing procurement processes in public institutions is a complex process involving many stakeholders. European directives need to be correctly applied to avoid potential legal issues for the procurement. Therefore, the trend is to rely on online publication and collaboration platforms to ease the overall process (both for the consumer and the supplier). Arηs has gained practical experience over the past years in designing, implementing and maintaining eprocurement and etenderning platforms. Since 2009, Arηs is in charge of the development, maintenance and hosting of the TED website for the Publications Office of the European Union. With the award of the follow-up specific contract to Arηs in 2014, we will continue to provide these services for the next four years. Our strength lies in our global overview of all steps of the procurement process from publication of the call for tender to the submission of the offer and the publication of the award decision. Further practical experience gained through contract management from the supplier s perspective using the e-prior platform (including einvoicing) completes our expertise in the electronic management of public procurements. The telecommunication business is a very quickly evolving area of high versatility in terms of service types (landlines, mobiles, cable TVs, terrestrial TVs, or internet connections). To stay ahead, telecommunication companies have to continuously diversify their services and adapt to market developments, e.g. VoIP, Video-on-Demand, audio and video streaming, or einvoicing. Therefore, efficiency in business processes is the key to profitability for telecommunication companies. Arηs provides consultancy, development and operation services to leading BeLux telecommunication companies. We have successfully performed Enterprise Architecture studies, Business Process redesign, setup of Business Process Management systems, Business Intelligence and much more. Arηs combines telecommunication industry knowledge and technical expertise. EUROPEAN JOB MARKET PUBLIC PROCUREMENT TELECOMMUNICATION 34 35

19 BetterBank Arηs is keen to provide added-value services to its customers. In that spirit, the Arηs Group has further developed its BetterBank initiative to bring innovation in the financial sector. BetterBank develops solutions to help banks and other financial actors to provide an amazing experience to their web and mobile banking users. We provide banks with intelligent services that can be smoothly integrated into their existing ebanking applications. These services include automated transaction data enrichment, automated categorization, budget management, analytics and account balance prediction. TRANSACTION ENRICHMENT Automated transaction data enrichment augment your raw transaction date with clear identification of counterparty, geolocation, addition of information coming from external databases and user-specific enrichment. CATEGORIZE IT! Transactions are automatically categorised based on our knowledge database but also taking into consideration the preferences of each user. CONTROL YOUR BUDGET Budget management helps you define maximum amounts to spend and automatically track the consumption. EASY VISUALIZATION Analytics provide user-friendly, set of graphs to easily control income and outcome by drilling down your financial data. Finally, account balance prediction provides you insights about the amount which is safe to be spent today by predicting your future income and expenses. PERSONAL FINANCES MANAGEMENT APP Benki is a front-end web and mobile application built on top of these intelligent web services, forming an integrated personal finances management tool empowering users to ease control of their financial life. Benki is already live! A free, beta version, of Benki is available at Hundreds of enthusiast users already manage their finances with our platform and provide to us essential feedback to make our product even better. WHAT S NEW? Our transaction enrichment engine has become even smarter by incorporating information from public databases, directly displayed in Benki to our user next to each transaction. The analytics module provides the ability to manage via attractive and intuitive graphs one s financial life from the high-level to the details with easy-to-use drill-own capabilities. 36

20 Partners In order to provide to our clients the best possible solutions in each field, we partner with some of the top solution providers. In addition to those strong partnerships, we provide and master a wide range of other solutions, specifically targeted to our customers. As referenced Microsoft partner, Arηs offers a complete portfolio of Microsoft products and services. With a team of Microsoft certified experts, Arηs offers a complete service going from the preparation of the architecture matching your needs, reselling the necessary licences until the final tested implementation. Recently Arηs realised projects implementing System Centre Configuration Manager 2012, Setup and upgrade of platforms to Exchange 2013 but also tuning and consolidation of SQL Server Databases and definition and implementation of SharePoint architectures. Nexthink is the innovator of End-user IT Analytics for security, ITSM and workplace transformation. Nexthink maps all the IT services, how they are being consumed, and how the IT infrastructure is operating, from the only perspective that matters most, the end-users (workers). As Channel Partner of EMC in Luxembourg and Belgium, Arηs resells, distributes and provides a variety of value-added services to its customer for EMC products. Among others, we combine the document management and web content management capabilities of EMC products (e.g. Documentum) in order to manage editorial content of large public websites. As Service Partner of HP Autonomy, Arηs provides services, including consultancy, development, technical assistance and support, for search-as-aservice solutions based on HP IDOL in Luxembourg and Brussels. SAP is the historical Technology partner of Arηs for the Business intelligence domain. In 2014, Business Objects remains the reporting tool for most of our projects in the European institutions and in the private sector, both for ETL and Reporting instances. Our competences in this domain include the development of large Data Warehouses with Data Services as ETL, the Reporting on top of those Data Warehouses and the migration and conversion methodology to the new 4.1 version and the mobile area. Dashboards have been added to our expertise in many different projects. Integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and older has been one of our priorities. Informatica is largely used in our Telecommunications Sector activities. Arηs has one of the largest pools of competences and experts in Informatica powercenter in BeLux. Trainings are organized on a regular basis to keep our consultants up to date with Informatica s latest products. In that scope, Arηs realized recently projects with T-Mobile and Johnson & Johnson. Arηs, as a Silver Partner of Liferay, proposes to its customers reliable and high-quality services for one of the leaders in Gartner s Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals. This partnership allows us to offer extra advantages to our customers. Our consultants are trained by official Liferay trainers. This cooperation allows us also to offer the Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition (EE) subscriptions to our customers. Arηs is a Silver Partner in order to ensure the smooth and regular work performed on Oracle databases and middleware (i.e. jee Server, Portal and Fusion) for its different projects. The alliance of Teradata and Arηs started in The partners share the same customers and are both focused on large accounts. They team up to provide the best Business Analytics solutions. It represents a key element of the Arηs Business intelligence Strategy. SAS is our main Technology Partner for statistical projects related to the European institutions and in private sector (AG Insurance, FEI, Sécurité Sociale Belge, ). Arηs has built, since 2006, a dedicated competence centre to support those projects. Arηs can help you to implement and optimize your analytic platform for Datamining and data management projects. Arηs has a successful track of implementing Datamining with SAS Enterprise Miner to build descriptive and predictive models that drive better decision making for data exploration, fraud detection or scoring. The data exploration techniques are used to find functional relations between variables (e.g. linear regression, logit, decision tree, neural networks, Bayesian models)

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