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1 Bst Cperatin in Slidarity ecnmy WeZer glbal white paper Sybille Saint Girns Assciatin Valeureux WeZer is an pen surce platfrm built t make businesses and cmmunities mre effective. It is a prduct f Valeureux, The Factry f Cmmn gds Wealth Actualisatin Tls, which is studying, designing and teaching fr many years abut cperatin and sharing value. As a sftware prduct, WeZer aims t bring many tls nrmally fund separately int ne envirnment, where they will be mre effective, mre integrated, and easier t use. versin 1.0, August pages. Persnally r in rganisatins yu are invlved in: D yu have ideas that can make a better wrld? D yu challenge t cllect resurces needed t manifest them? D yu need mre participative prcesses while nt knwing hw t escape frm hierarchical r chatic systems? As a platfrm, and a distributin f Od (ex Open ERP), anyne is invited t cntribute plugins. Are yu fed up f sharing pinins, and wish t create effective slutins? As a tl, WeZer supprts the latest thinking in rganisatinal management and cllective intelligence. Is that yu can n lnger stand t see attentin put almst nly n cmpetitin, glry and shrt term prfits? WeZer is mre than a tl, it s a full device cmpsed by a web app, an implementatin jurney, a cmmunity and a research prgram. WeZer is a systemic slutin t bst cperatin, t dynamise the We! In the case yu ve replied Yes t sme f them, WeZer is fr yu and yur rganisatin!

2 Table f cntents Table f cntents...2 Prblematic...2 Technlgical slutin chice...3 Technlgical slutin prblem...3 What is WeZer?...4 WeZer is a Cllective intelligence sftware...5 The pillars f WeZer...6 WeZer: a Cre and 4 packages...8 Why Od?...9 Open surce licence...10 Data philsphy...10 Technical infrmatin...11 Useful links...11 Implementing WeZer...11 Methdlgy...11 Overview...11 Design Prcess...12 Develpment strategy...14 Bigraphies...14 Next steps...17 Get and Cntribute t WeZer...17 Prblematic WeZer is a respnse t a whle series f systemic prblems facing rganisatins bth prfessinal and grass-rts: lack f resurces: mney, skills, tls, methdlgies, time, stuffs dispersin f energies: vlatility f wrkers and vlunteers (absenteeism, gegraphical separatin), cut ff tls, cmpetitin with peers, verlapping prjects Blind and lnely navigatin: inapprpriate navigatin tls and impact indicatrs, islatin, dependency n utside, weakness f sharing, cmmunicating, partnering and recycling Benevlent scial and eclgical actins are mtrs t create a fair and jyful sciety. Unfrtunately, in ur current western wrld, these essential wrks are nt receiving resurces, expertise, tls, visibility and impact they deserve and need t make it happen. Mainstreams d nt respect scial mvements, which are thus unsupprted and unattractive. Mrever we all think smewhere inside f us that these peple are utpian, irrelevant, needy, charity washers, burdens, crazies Even amng them Scial rganisatins need cnstantly t cmprmise, t cmpete, what islated them. They have t make miracles with tape and scissrs, t cpe with high staff turnvers and cnstant grants cut and all these disperse their energies. As slidarity actrs we dive frm hpe and energy, t dubt and depressin. As daily citizens we cmplain and hpe smene, smewhere will change The System. Hw much psych-sci-ec damages are needed t shift? Hw lng will we wait t dare t include quality t quantity, feminine t masculine, subjective t bjective and frm there, create empwering slutins t live well all tgether? Hw d we manifest ur prfund wish? Sybille Saint Girns 2 / 17

3 Technlgical slutin chice Discncerted by this diagnstic, we chse t listen and fcus where it s the mst empwering, impactful and feasible. Cperatin appears as a MUST t bst benevlent actins impact. Decades f designing and engineering cperative tls1 (IT and human) shws us that Innvative pstures, rganisatins and relatins request a daily-rted system t manifest what is learned during cperatin wrkshps. Smething is needed t help us being cngruent between ur intents and ur actins. We then decided t equip ur belved cmmunities with a pwerful all-in-ne web platfrm as pwerful as big cmpanies and as cperative as pssible. We believe that a crdinated effrt arund ne handy platfrm might be prductive, and usable fr all the actrs cncerned. Technlgical slutin prblem This decisin came after having tried several existing web apps, nt finding smething effective and accessible, even fr ur wn team. Many slutins prvided bth by Silicn Valley finance and by lne scripters are mnfunctinal, and mst attempt t be glbal in scpe, but shallw. They try t build new cmmunities with peple arund a single tl, technlgy r issue. Users are tired f remembering passwrds, and filling in user prfiles fr every new tl that cmes alng. These tls are nt integrated with each ther f curse, and they knw nthing abut the rganisatinal cntext f their users, such as their appintment diaries, rles in their rganisatins, supply chain lgistics, reputatin systems, etc. Thse wh are wrking, ften fuelled by passin, are thus disempwered and demtivated by a sftware ecsystem which arse frm an bslete capitalist ideal which required that sftware cmpanies shuld cmpete rather than cllabrate. Here are issues we bserve in the current attempts t reply t these needs with a sftware: sil effect inaccessibility ld paradigm apprach Many web apps prvide marketplaces fr gds and services (Ebay, Priceminister, Task Rabbit, Zelc ) which help needs t be satisfied. Here it is still necessary t have resurces befre needs are satisfied, either in the frm f fficial currencies, r gds in case f swapping system (MyRecycleStuff), r trust in gifting exchanges (YuGiveGds, Dnnns). In additin, sil effect wrks here, making yur space f exchange very specific, and thus yu feel scattered as well as yur reputatin. There are als sme gd marketplaces with cmmunity currency included (Cmmunity Frge, CES, Cycls ). Here islatin is cming als frm discnnectin frm daily administrative wrk, such as sales, accunting, supplying, shipping, making it difficult t integrate within an rganisatin. Mrever, mst f them prpse nly ne currency, whereas we prmte mre diversity. Multitude f crwdfunding platfrms exist and succeed. Nevertheless, pwer f crwd is nt yet fully activated due t restricted rules and ephemeral campaigns with n cnnectin t cmmunities real life. Here prmting skills verpass rightness f the calling prject. Furthermre very few apps prpse quality indicatrs, either t evaluate a transactin r t weight prjects glbal benefits. Fcusing nly n quantities factrs will nt make apprpriate actins nr cllective trust t emerge. Different aspects f cllabratin are helped by web apps, sme free (Facebk, Ggle Apps, Basecamp, Trell, Ddle..) and ther payable (Cisc, SalesFrce, Ltus Ntes, MS Prject ). The first are handy 1 See presentatin in bigraphy Sybille Saint Girns 3 / 17

4 while time cnsuming and visibility restricting due t their scattering. The secnd are t expensive in mney and time t implement int slidarity rganisatins. Enterprise resurces planning is served by big ERP (SAP, Sage, Oracle Crpratin ) while SMEs and nn prfits must satisfy themselves as best with Ciel r EBP, and as wrse with Excel r Open Office. Furthermre cnventinal accunting, sales and supplies management accept nly cnventinal currencies and hierarchical prcesses. Innvative rganizatinal ways are served by participatry innvatin platfrm (Tinkuy, Imaginatin Fr Peple, IdeasMine) and demcracy platfrm (Delibera, ClicknSign ). Beynd their usefulness, they are als islated and discnnected frm the real life f the prjects. Sil effect creates a functinality centred view, where user s wealth is sucked frm frtunate startup basting their free services while frgetting t tell us what they d with ur data. Internet fatigue is emerging, peple being tired t replicate their prfile everywhere while having n glbal visin n their actins, nr their fellws. Sme very prmising apps came alng and disappeared. We were lucky t have used them and get lessns frm them. BetterMeans2 was a gd attempt fr cllabrative wrkflw. Flwplace3, the mst pwerful Numeric Exchange System viewed fr nw, using Metacurrency4 prtcls t give a multiple currencies maker and a wrkflw-based-marketplace. Bth were nt cmmercially successful, ahead f theirs time Glassfrg5 is a pwerful web app t supprt Hlacracy gvernance, unfrtunately quite expensive and again discnnected frm prject wrk. Open Atrium6 culd be a gd slutin, but after 1year--testing with Cmmunity Frge s team7, weakness f wrkflw hlds us ff Drupal framewrk. What is WeZer? a free pen surce cperatin platfrm created frm Od t empwer cllective actins and cmmunities svereignty. It integrates several ppular existing IT cllabrative tls with prfessinal rganisatinal sftware, making an effective wrkflw framewrk. WeZer OPERATION WeZer EXCHANGE WeZer WeZer EMERGENCE WeZer ACTION WeZer Cre and 4 packages versin 1 - Sept. 2014, versin 2 - Feb. 2015, versin 3 - Sept https://github.cm/bettermeans/bettermeans The French innvatr Jean Francis Nubel experimented extensively using different srts f currencies t track and expse value flws within rganisatins. https://github.cm/zippy/flwplace, but never released any sftware. 4 metacurrency.rg 5 https://glassfrg.hlacracy.rg 6 penatrium.cm 7 Cmmunity Frge team, Matthew Slater and Tim Andersn has develped Alliance, an attempt t cnnect Open Atrium and CF Hamlet 2 3 Sybille Saint Girns 4 / 17

5 Ecnmical, scial and technlgical innvatins are built in the DNA f WeZer t ptimise success and wealth actualizatin8 : Cnnecting cmmunities members n a pen surce Scial Netwrk Mutualising resurces and needs n a Marketplace Using multiple currencies external and internal; tracked9, sufficient10 and abundant11 Using multiple indicatrs bth bjective12 and subjective13 Unleashing crwd svereignty: cntents14 participatry emergence system, reputatin matrix, transparency, clear gvernance prcesses Flwing effrtlessly frm EMERGENCE t ACTION t EXCHANGE t OPERATION, thanks t the wrkflw Relating with ppular Scial Netwrks: scanning psts and reputatins, publishing actin campaigns Imprving user friendliness and share helping by designing ERP t becme NRP 15 with empwered wrds and ffering cllabrative HelpDesk Sn, cnnecting cmmunities t interexchange and useful apps t interperate. Business Accunting Supply chain Pint f Sale HR Inter Operability WeZer EXCHANGE WeZer OPERATION WeZer Participatry Innvatin Participatry Demcracy Organic Invvement WeZer EMERGENCE WeZer ACTION Scial Netwrk Scial CRM CRM Dashbard MarketPlace Payment Emergence Inter Operability Space management Prject management Participatry Gvernance WeZer detailed packages WeZer is a Cllective intelligence sftware Nt much exists s far in the field f sftware t supprt cllective intelligence. Last decade has made emerged innvative researches and experimentatins n cperatin beynd hierarchy. Integrating ancient wisdm and mdern efficiency, Cperative Intelligence is a new discipline a discipline as a knwledge field, as physical practisse and as set f rules 16 which invites us t make an evlutin step as human and as sciety. Nw that critical mass is nearby and IT 2.0 is well sphisticated, we are ready fr quantum leap. Pssibility is here t create an effective tl cmbining structure and spntaneity, effectiveness and peple caring, inner and uter cperatin, security and transparency, rules and freedm, gratis and prfessinal, simple and cmplex WeZer is hlding the mre effective empwering cllective practises and will allw plugins t be built fr further cllective prcesses. Raisn d être f Valeureux «Actualiser les richesses», $, Bitcins, Sl Vilette, Banc Palmas, WIR, cmmdities 10 Mutual credit, Ripple, basic incme, TRM 11 gratitude, energy, jker, like, FIAT 12 balance, vlume 13 quality, fun, alignment, empwer 14 prpsitins, decisins, best practises, ideas, infrmatins 15 Netwrk Resurces Planning 16 Cllective Intelligence, let s cnsciusly c-create tmrrw wrld, «Intelligence Cllective, C-créns en cnscience le mnde de demain», C. Marsan, M. Simn, T.E. Gérard, S. Saint Girns, J. Lavens, E. Julien, G. Chapelle, Ed. Yves Michel, t be published in ctber Sybille Saint Girns 5 / 17

6 The pillars f WeZer Cperatin matrix as explained abve has been wven by 20 years f research. It can be seen as an rganic matrix where cells live, resurces flw, tensins are prcessed t get mving actins and creativity. Svereignty empwerment is included in the DNA. Each members and grups can define their wn gvernance and plicies: data transparency rules, means f rewards, fcus, dashbards, access rights Respnsibility, as capacity t respnd, is ur main drive here. Le plus imprtant [ ] n'est pas de gagner mais de participer. Pierre de Cubertin Emergence matrix System is an rganic way f structuring energy t fcus n gals. It can be seen as a ludificatin17 framewrk where winners are the best invlved. It allws cmmunity members t create indicatrs abut what they attune n: what is essential fr their rganisatin, fr themselves, which values, behaviurs, intents, actins they wish t prmte. Then they define rules as usages, levels, rewards, and algrithms using bth quantitative and qualitative metrics. Data are thus cllected and prcessed thrugh flws mnitring and participatry inputs, transfrming them int qualified infrmatin. Awareness is then spntaneusly attracted n what is prmted. Mtin is needed t reach an bjective, and sme infrmatin shw steps dne (number f actins dne, vlume f currencies exchanged, sales amunt ). We call them activatrs. Nevertheless, t be sure t aim the gal, we need aligners. Quality and alignment evaluatins frm users give ways t encurage fcus. Thus we g frm data t infrmatin then t knwledge Emergence matrix applies in mst cntents, such as transactins, prpsitins, demands, wants, best practises, ideas r any flwing infrmatin. It is a System because it s ffering a cmbinatin f several emergence matrix linked by custmisable algrithms. Assessment / Feedback tls. T ften in rganisatins the exuberant is the mst recgnised either persn r cntent. By encuraging users t recgnise each ther's qualities and smetimes rate each ther's actins, the real value creatin is better expsed. Mutual acknwledgement encurages tasks t g t their best likely executrs. By allwing users t subjectively express their feeling f quality, data will be transfrmed in infrmatin, ging ut f Facebk nise t reach Wikipedia s wrth. Supprting wrkflw is critical because this is hw tasks can be shepherded acrss the rganisatin frm cnceptin t realisatin. Even the best supprted rganisatins drp balls because f pr wrkflw prcesses. Here we prpse usual status flws (draft, published, accepted, paid, abrt) and mre cmplex slips. A prject Task can becme a Demand, an accepted Reply may create a Task, an Invice and Accunting recrds, an event may be an Offer Using wrkflws save data entry cnsuming time and give cnsistency by traceability. It als allws innvative flws t be integrated in frmal business, fr instance sales and accunting in cnventinal currency and in cmmunity currency. A multiple custmisable currencies framewrk is set in Marketplace, and sn in all functinalities implying mney such as invice, expenses and accunting. Cmmunities can chse their means f exchange and acknwledgment amng cnventinal and alternative mechanisms. Three categries are ffered: rare, sufficient and abundant. Currencies can be issued within the platfrm r tracked. Members 17 Ludificatin mre than gamificatin, using the whle play dynamics t emulate rather than nly cmpeting rewards Sybille Saint Girns 6 / 17

7 can define limits and interests by grup, by persnal reputatin r by any needed algrithms. The cmmunity defines als name, symbl, usage, scale f values, cnversin rules... Each transactin can hld several currencies accrding t rules established. We prne diversity and intercnnectin f currencies t verpass eurs scarcity. This mnetary cnstellatin shuld be useable and efficient t insure viability18. Sn WeZer EXCHANGE Cmmunities will be allwed t inter exchange amng themselves. Later an API will pen intertrading with ther systems. Tracked Issued by the Cmmunity Rare Eurs, Dllars, Bitcins, Sl Vilette Cmmdity mney, FIAT Sufficient LETs units, Ripple Mutual credit, TRM, Basic incme Abundant Facebk Like, videgames pints Like, Thanx, Supprt, Energy Crwdsurcing is supprted by the Marketplace. A Demand can call fr dnatin in any currency exchanged n the cmmunity platfrm. It can be time limited r nt, linked t a prject r nt, generating tasks r nt, allcating gdies r nt. We bet that a multi-currencies exchange system prvides an effective crwdsurcing tl. Grups, such that all the members f the platfrm will be able t frm and jin fr specific purpse. Frm a cllective intelligence perspective, grups are the 'rgans' f the Cmmunity rganism. Seven types19 f fractal grups allw cmplex ecsystems t be hlarchically structured. Custmisatin is available fr each grup, such as scpe, membrane crssing rules, members duties and rights, managers, wallet Finally 'Rms' plugins, where each rm has the tls fr a grup t d different kinds f activities. An API extending the basic grup will allw develpers t build rms aware f the whle system. The first rms envisaged are: - Deliberative rms prpse cllabrative dcument editing with rles, evaluatins, cmments, side discussins, versining - Decisin making rms with prcess types, rles, evaluatins, cmments, side discussins, alerts, prject cnnectin - Prject actins rms - Standard meeting rms with rles, minutes and actin pints Bernard Lietaer: an ecsystem is viable when efficiency and resilience are balanced. Resilience cmes frm diversity and intercnnectin. This can be apply n mnetary, see system 19 see cming White paper WeZer Grups 18 Sybille Saint Girns 7 / 17

8 WeZer: a Cre and 4 packages WeZer is a set f integrable mdules. Each cmmunity can determine its apprpriate packages, and mdules. Of curse new needed packages can be set anytime. Minimum Viable Prduct has been launched in May 2014 and here are planed milestnes: versin 1 - September 2014 versin 2 - February 2015 versin 3 - September WeZer EXCHANGE WeZer ACTION Members Suscriptins WeZer CORE is included in all versins. WeZer OPERATION It s a cmmunity Scial Netwrk similar t Facebk r Ning. Grups Reputatin Categry & Tag News Scial Netwrk WeZer Public web site Mail Chat Library WeZer EMERGENCE Blg Scial Netwrk API Scial CRM Scaning & Integratin Cmmunicatin campain Cntact Relatin CRM Event Bking Cmmunicatin campain Dashbard Offers & Wants Replies & Prpsitins Alerts MarketPlace Units f measure Gelcatin Multi-currencies Multi-indicatrs Payment WeZer EXCHANGE cmbines a Marketplace, a Payment system and a Reputatin System. Transactins Evaluatin Banking WeZer EXCHANGE Accuniting generatin Reputatin prfile Emergence er Reputatin matrix Credit matrix Tasks Accunting Inter Operability Cartgraphy Inter exchanges Marketplace API Semantic WeZer ACTION Sybille Saint Girns 8 / 17

9 WeZer EXCHANGE WeZer ACTION is a gd prject and resurces management with Hlacracy mechanisms. Planning Resurces Space management Custmsable Favur matrix Cllabratrs WeZer OPERATION Prjects Tasks Prject management Tickets WeZer Expenses WeZer ACTION Circles Rles and accuntabilities Plicies WeZer EMERGENCE Decisin making Participatry Gvernance Meeting rms Smart meeting minutes Prject integratin Reputatin prfile WeZer OPERATION ideas WeZer EXCHANGE prpsitins prjects Cntents best practsies WeZer EMERGENCE prpses a cmplete WeZer WeZer ACTION participatry emergence framewrk. Participatry Innvatin infrmatins Reputatin prfile Emergence matrix Wiki WeZer EMERGENCE Wiki Emergence matrix Cllabrative writing Deliberatin rms Participatry Demcracy Decisin making Assembly Favurs Assembly matrix Organic Invvement Actin campain Prducts Sales Business Purchase General Auxiliarry Accunting Cst Prducts WeZer OPERATION is a daily business manager. Supply Orders Supply chain WeZer OPERATION Shipping Pint f Sale Payrll Presence & Leave W HR Talent Annuncement Multiple currencies Prject Inter Operability Favur Why Od? WeZer EMERGENCE Befre ERP sftware was envisaged as using a currency apprach, the leading pen surce cmmunity currency sftware was discuraging in its supprt wrkflw and grups. Od hwever, had wrkflw based in, and grups well supprted. Pythn prgramming language and OpenObject framewrk used by Od makes the platfrm effective fr quick management f apps develpment, and greatly facilitates cde maintenance. Sybille Saint Girns 9 / 17

10 Od is a cmplete framewrk with thusands f integrated mdules including sales, prjects and supplies management. Accunting mdule brings a lt t the prject because it allws us t trace the currencies respecting the state f the accunting art. Here we are way ahead f cncurrence, because mney management is difficult t maintain, in terms f develpment, if it is nt based n sufficiently prven functinal basis. These mdules als pen ur utlk because we can easily integrate the mst interesting features thereafter, such as internal instant messaging (livechat), billing r CRM. In versin 8, Od has als its wn web cntent management system, and prvides equivalent f CMS Wrdpress, Drupal r Magent tls. This will allw us, nt nly t easily meet demands n internet website part, and als t be at the state f art n the pssibilities in terms f design, which was previusly the lw pint f Od. V8 launch is expected in September 2014, and as Od develpment takes place seamlessly, we already have access t it and can engage web and graphic develpments. It is reasnably mature being based n cmmercial Enterprise Resurce Planning sftware, and with a vigrusly grwing cmmunity f experienced develpers. We are cnfident this is the right platfrm and that Pythn and Od will be arund fr yet many years. Open surce licence Od, and WeZer by extensin, are under AGPL 3.0 license, which is the free license that brings the mre guarantees t the user n the prvisin f the cde and its derivatives. It is a viral license, meaning that all develpments realized in the future will necessarily be under the same license. If ever a cmpetitr had t use ur develpments fr its wn prducts, then we wuld be legally bliged t cmmunicate changes and vice versa. Od develpments and WeZer are visible n these platfrms, which cntains the histry f the prject and facilitates the participatin f cntributrs: https://launchpad.net/wezer and https://github.cm/yannickb/cmmunity-management Valeureux remains the wner and authrship f all instructins, prcedures and prgrams develped in this prject. The designer can use all infrmatin and lessns learned frm the develpment f prgrams. The client will have the enjyment f the prgram that is intended under the Affer GPL. The GNU GPL "GNU General Public License", is mainly characterized by its Article 2, which states the right t mdify the prgram and redistribute these changes, which are derivative wrks, prvided that it is under the same license GPL. In additin, the Affer General Public License GPL prvides the same cnditins fr service fferings hsted Sftware as a Service SaaS. Data philsphy Data svereignty is primrdial in this prject. The Data will always be the prperty f The Client Cmmunity, and their prtectin is ensured in accrdance with the recmmendatins f the CNIL, and their pssible explitatin must be agreed by bth part. The Client gives database annymus access t allw impact researches. Client Cmmunity takes full respnsibility fr the legality f trade and activities hld n WeZer platfrm. When Web 3.0 P2P distributed framewrk will be ready, WeZer will evlve t give mre svereignty t cmmunities and peple. Sybille Saint Girns 10 / 17

11 Technical infrmatin Od 8 Pythn Useful links Ask fr an access t ur dem website: All the cde is accessible here: https://github.cm/yannickb/cmmunity-management Mre infrmatin: In French: launch the 4th f September: Od editr: Implementing WeZer WeZer is custmisable. Each cmmunity can determine its apprpriates settings. A standard setup will be prpsed t allw quick start. Nevertheless we warmly recmmend t take pprtunity f necessary custmisatin s decisins t include all yur rganisatin. Valeureux prpses a participatry implementatin jurney where purpse, bjectives, rules, currencies, indicatrs will be cllectively defined. Sme light settings can be made by yur lcal admin, thers may request Valeureux services (r any Pythn-Od cders). Admin training is ffered t allw yur lcal admin r cmmunity manager t garden, maintain and mnitr WeZer life. Pwer users training is prvided t train few users in yur cmmunity. These champins will then train and assist all yur members. Methdlgy Overview Several methdlgies are used accrding t each phase f develpment: - Situatin diagnstic and slutin design 5 steps Design prcess: 1. Empathy 2. Definitin 3. Ideatin 4. Prttyping 5. Test Systemic apprach AQAL: integral visin that includes individual / cllective & subjective / bjective Mindmap: rganic, left & right brain Evlutin U Curve: t understand that innvatin = past + present Principles f Human develpment accrding t Institute f Netic: INTENTION + AWARENESS + REPETITION Principles f Organisatin 3.0 develpment as Hlacracy = distributed, fractal, transparent, inclusive, dynamic steering, autcracy + Scicraty Sybille Saint Girns 11 / 17

12 IT develpment Lean develpment Agile methd Dynamic steering Open surce Nt reinventing the wheel, cpy best apps Mdules APIs Surcing C-funding: gathering beneficiary cmmunities arund cmmn needs, and thus share funding and bids applicatins C-develping: gathering cntributrs, partners, cders, and acknwledging all cntributins, then sharing wealth accrding t level f invlvement Using WeZer EXCHANGE, WeZer ACTION (asap WeZer EMERGENCE) with 2 currencies (eurs, VALs20) and 2 indicatrs (quality, alignment) Spreading Valeureux cmmn gds tls factry Our surcing strategy White papers Ambassadrs team Start in French and English Using Cllabrative Helpdesk Cllabrative Imprvement needs Using WeZer EXCHANGE and WeZer ACTION and asap WeZer EMERGENCE Design Prcess As Cllective Intelligence explrers, we knw we cannt frce cperatin t be. We can nly build favurable cnditins s it can ccur. Starting frm prblems explained abve, we have defined effects desired then needed leverages t reach them. Prblems Desired effects Needed leverages Lack f resurces Sufficient Resurces Mutualise resurces and needs Dispersin f resurces Ratinalised Resurces Fcalise energies Blind and lnely navigatin Wven and Rippled Actins Clarify impacts and cmmunicate Hw t Clear visin f what have t be attained helped us identifying actins required. Then it was easy t gather and cnnect apprpriate functinalities. 20 Valeureux cmmunity currency based n mutual credit mechanisms: 60 VALs = 1 hur (= 10 eurs) Sybille Saint Girns 12 / 17

13 Leverages Mutualise resurces and needs Required actins Exchange services and gds A marketplace with Offers and Wants f services and gds Pay in several currencies A multiple custmisable currencies framewrk rare tracked : eurs, dllars, bitcins, Sl Vilette sufficient issued : cmmunity mutual credit, TRM, ripple abundant issued: Like, Thanx, Supprt Acknwledge in bth bjective and subjective ways A multiple custmisable indicatrs framewrk bjectives: balance, vlume subjectives: quality, alignment, sustainable Call t crwdsurcing An annuncement in the marketplace Imprve user share helping A cllabrative HelpDesk Cnnect cmmunity s members A cmmunity scial netwrk Insure transparency and security Develp trust frm real relatins Federate cmmunity arund shared visin and gals Structure members invlvement Fcalise energies Functinalities t implement A custmisable user rights framewrk A svereignty n data cntrl A multiple custmisable indicatrs framewrk linked t a custmisable invlvement matrix t set reputatin, alerts, duties and rights based n activities Integrate within rganisatinal and administrative flws Multiple and autmatic relatins between Annuncements and Prjects, Sales, Supplies, Accunting management Save time and data entry A wrkflw framewrk Integrate cmmn functinalities Take the best f existing apps and integrate them Organise actins Unleash members creativity and svereignty An event manager A resurces management A prject manager A cmmunity relatin management A library management A sales management A supplies management A payrll system adapted t natinal laws An accunting system adapted t natinal laws A custmisable participatry emergence matrix Prpsitins Ideas Decisins Infrmatin A custmisable gvernance prcesses framewrk A deliberatin rms framewrk Sybille Saint Girns 13 / 17

14 Leverages Required actins G beynd hierarchical patterns An Hlacracy management fractal circles rles, accuntabilities and plicies custmisable decisin making assisted meeting minutes Imprve user friendliness and share helping A design ERP becming NRP with empwered labels Ease cmmunicatin bth intern and extern Clarify impacts and cmmunicate Hw t Functinalities t implement An event manager A message and chat system Bridges t cnnect with usual scial netwrks Generate and rganise quality cntents (best practises, prjects, lessns ) A Knwledge Management Prvide navigatin tls Prvide evaluatin tls a Business Intelligence system, with custmizable dashbards Cnnect with thers cmmunities Inter exchange Cnnect with thers apps Inter perability, API A Wiki emergence framewrk Develpment strategy We have made first the minimum viable prduct (MVP) in May As a prf f cncept, it integrates multiple currencies in an rdinary ERP. Its layut is Od s and wrkflw are separated frm prject management. After versin 1.0 is delivered new features will be determined by a bunty prcess. A list f new features with prices wuld be maintained and stakehlders, mstly clients, wuld say hw much each feature was wrth t them. When the target is met, the feature wuld be develped. One type f new feature, will be 'rm types'. In mst cases we wuld lk t existing web services fr the data mdels and prcesses. Other request fr additinal functinality wuld be mdularised as much as pssible t keep the system ptinal clean and t keep cncerns separated. Bigraphies Valeureux has started as a cllective f 10 French mney transitiners in Since 2013 it s a nn prfit assciatin based in Paris. Its purpse is revealing, attuning and sharing all frms f wealth in the service f Life. Its piliars are Wealth actualisatin, rganic Gvernance, integral Visin and serving Life. Valeureux designs, engineers and spreads human and technlgical cperatin prcesses, particularly thrugh games, awareness and subtile cmbinaisn f fun & prfund. It prpses events, wrkshps, trainings, caching, cnsulting and publicatins in France, and abrad thanks t Cmmunity Frge partnership. Fcus is n wealth actualisatin, as making them real, updated and empwering their ptential. It cvers gvernance, cmplementary currencies, alternative indicatrs, clective intelligence and human develpment. Sybille Saint Girns 14 / 17

15 The Factry f Cmmn gds Wealth actualisatin tls is emerging, gathering best tls and best peple frm everywhere. Wezer is its prduct and its cmmunity will use it, as Valeureux actrs apply first n them what they recmmend t thers. Sybille Saint Girns, WeZer designer, Valeureux c-funder Frmer Infrmatin System Cnsultant21, she is designing and engineering cperatin tls fr 25 years. She prpses an empwering Organic System t unleash ur ptentials, individually and cllectively. She calls it ntggy 22 meaning t lead the Being" frm ὤν (ôn, nts) : being and άγω (ggie) : lead, train, guide. It integrates flw ptimisatin, business management 23, human ptential develpment, ancient wisdm 24, spiritual teachings 25, arts and humur t create wealth in all frms. Her wish is t cntribute t create favurable cnditins s we can build a fair, beautiful and jyful wrld! Passinate frm childhd abut ways f living well altgether, she investigated all arund space and time t find apprpriate slutins. Her jurney makes her fcus n cperatin as way t attune urselves, having certainty that there is enugh fr all t live well, we just need t agree n hw 26. Adventurus and quite early aware abut hw the system wrks, she sees mney system as a heavy leverage, and started t spread awareness since Driven by Law f Ecnmy, she als chses t serve nly benevlent actrs and grups, and at the same time she gives awaking sessins t Business Schls and writes bks. In 2009 she c-funded Valeureux NGO in Paris with 9 fllwers f JeanFrançis Nubel, and she is nw the frmal president. She became a Cmmunity Frge NGO assciate in She is ffering all ver Eurpe awaking games27, active trainings, team facilitatins, cperatin design and new paradigm cnsultancy. Free frm cnstraints, she devtes herself t bring a wind f hpe, and t prvide cmmn gds svereignty tls t citizen cmmunities. After 16 years betting n IT slutins and then 10 years n human develpment, she s back t a frm f technlgy including human develpment! Thanks t Julien wh mtivated her, she is nw birthing WeZer she had been pregnant with fr years. Julien Dussart, WeZer engineer, Valeureux cntributr He carries cperative prjects in Saint-Ouen (France): Audnien LETs, slidarity repairshp and cperative grcery shp. Graduated frm ESCEM Business 2008 with a specializatin in management cntrl and infrmatin systems, ERP cnsultant Julien was in cntrl f purchasing and lgistics management fr fur years. He jined Valeureux in 2013 and get level 1 cperatin facilitatr training. (2 M, 22 cuntries and currencies, 3 idims, 200 netwrk users, 500 nmads); bespke SA (200K, 3 sites); (friendly ERP fr theatre peple) 22 Quted by Abraham Maslw in «Etre Humain» p. 73, James Bugental (December 25, September 17, 2008) suggests that we call cunselling r therapy "ntggy," which means trying t help peple t grw t their fullest pssible height. This prminent existential psychlgist facilitated a wrkshp n "Ontggy: Educatin fr the Human Frntier" in ESALEN. 23 MBA DHDO «Human Dynamic and Develpment f Pygmies, Laktas, Indian masters 25 Her Hliness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, psychsphy, Christianity 26 see Pierre Rabhi 27 Flr Trading Game in English in French 21 Sybille Saint Girns 15 / 17

16 Christphe Cesetti, WeZer IT gardener, Valeureux c-funder He is Valeureux c-funder and secretary-treasurer. He graduated frm EICD 3A schl and MBA "Auditing, cnsulting and management cntrl" at ISC Paris. Christphe values the wealth previusly invisible in rganizatins beynd the accunting cnfrmity and cnventinal tables edge. It is cmmitted t prmte respnsible management tls and cllective intelligence methds that prmte ur best t live tgether twards a desirable future. Yannick Burn, WeZer IT expert, Valeureux partner Member f Od cmmunity since 2009, he funded his first Od services cmpany at 19y and graduated frm SUPINFO Paris in He prpses technical slutins and develps/integrates Od mdules used by WeZer platfrm28. In this sciety where everyne is fcused n his wn interest, his passin is t find and create disruptive technlgy allwing peple t pen t each ther, t have a better cntrl n their life and n the wrld itself. Matthew Slater, WeZer IT expert, Cmmunity Frge c-funder Cmmunity currency engineer29, he wrte the Cmmunity Accunting mdule fr Drupal and c-funded Cmmunity Frge NGO in 2008 which prvides free, hsted, supprted, pen surce sftware fr ver 100 cmmunity grups. Flrent Bardlle and Franck Genissel, WeZer IT supprters, Valeureux cntributrs Just arrived in Valeureux frm last level 1 cperatin facilitatr training, they cntribute t design WeZer helpdesk and supprt team. Flrent is a supply chain management expert and lean manufacturing graduated belt. After being manufacturing directr it g frward t put n new prcess and IT tls t initiate alternatives slutins. Ready fr a better tmrrw. Franck is a IT geek, frmer Grupe SOS cnsultant. He is trained in Hlacracy and wish t cntribute t a better wrld. Irina Jaubert, WeZer IT supprter, Valeureux partner Active members in NGO Chant des Pssibles which is the 1st WeZer funder and client, Irina is invlved t make WeZer friendly and useful. Engineer, she wrked 25 years in aviatin industry and 4 years in enterprise envirnment as innvatin manager. Engaged in several assciatins: Aviatin Withut Brders, Aquassistance, CODEGAZ and ATD Furth Wrld. Bard Member in Scial and Slidarity Ecnmy at Ecle Centrale and Central Business Angels. Web by Brains, WeZer CMS dresser It is an Eurpean Mbile Applicatin & Web Develpment utsurcing studi with ffices in several Eurpean Cities. It fcus n User Experience, Web develpment, Mbile Develpment and have specialties in Od, WrdPress, Magent, ios and Andrid applicatins. Dici, WeZer beautifier It supprts the develpment f SMEs by wrking n the cnsistency f their verall mark hlders. Dici is making WeZer lg and graphic universe. He s created Yl SAS last June, https://yannickburn.wrdpress.cm/2014/05/25/presentatin-f-d-frmerly-penerpcmmunitytls/ 29 Matthew Slater: blgging abut WeZer 3 years ag and 28 Sybille Saint Girns 16 / 17

17 Next steps WeZer v 1.0 will be launched in Nvember Fur rganisatins are WeZer pilt cmmunities: Valeureux NGO is using WeZer t develp WeZer; Chant des Pssibles NGO is develping a specific package fr cities (CIEDESS); Essé 20e, a netwrk f nn prfit rganisatins frm 20e district f Paris is setting an exchange system XX Sel, LETs Sel Audnien is migrating frm Cmmunity Frge t WeZer. Sn early adpter cmmunities are cming: ECP a participatry cmmunicatin agency wish t ratinalise actins and cperate easily within its wide ecsystem; TERIS an ecvillage wish t acknwledge cntributins and d all paper wrks; EGPC cmmunity f 140 citizens mvements wish t unleash cperatin and decentralised actins. Cming specific WeZer white papers: fractal grups, wealth peratins, rganic invlvement and emergence matrix. Get and Cntribute t WeZer Share yur feedback Try WeZer MVP and sn v 1.0: dem.wezer.rg Write me t becme an early adpter cmmunity and participate t WeZer birthing. Send a blessing Spread the gd news Make a dnatin Becme a Valeureux member Becme a Wezer cntributrs, seek ur wants n In brief we need: Ambassadrs, Testers, Cders, Integratrs, Supprters, Trainers. We wish als peple helping us making vides, articles, tutrials, interviews We wuld be enthusiast t partner with similar r cmplementary prjects. Dynamize ur We! WeZer white paper Versin 1.0 August 2014 Sybille Saint Girns Sybille Saint Girns 17 / 17

Promoting your organisation

Promoting your organisation Prmting yur rganisatin Overview Welcme t this tlkit n prmting yur rganisatin. The aim f the tlkit is t help rganisatins t achieve their aims and bjectives using the active prmtin f their wrk as ne f their

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How to use Moodle 2.7. Teacher s Manual for the world s most popular LMS. Jaswinder Singh

How to use Moodle 2.7. Teacher s Manual for the world s most popular LMS. Jaswinder Singh Teacher s Manual fr the wrld s mst ppular LMS Jaswinder Singh Hw t Use Mdle 2.7 2 Hw t use Mdle 2.7, 1 st Editin Teacher s Manual fr the wrld s mst ppular LMS Jaswinder Singh 3 This bk is dedicated t my

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RISING TO THE CHALLENGE. Re-Envisioning Public Libraries

RISING TO THE CHALLENGE. Re-Envisioning Public Libraries RISING TO THE CHALLENGE Re-Envisining Public Libraries RISING TO THE CHALLENGE Re-Envisining Public Libraries A reprt f the Aspen Institute Dialgue n Public Libraries by Amy K. Garmer Directr Aspen Institute

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THE INTERNATIONAL <IR> FRAMEWORK THE INTERNATIONAL FRAMEWORK ABOUT THE IIRC The Internatinal Integrated Reprting Cuncil (IIRC) is a glbal calitin f regulatrs, investrs, cmpanies, standard setters, the accunting prfessin and NGOs.

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TOWARDS INTEGRATED REPORTING Communicating Value in the 21st Century

TOWARDS INTEGRATED REPORTING Communicating Value in the 21st Century TOWARDS INTEGRATED REPORTING Cmmunicating Value in the 21st Century ABOUT THIS DISCUSSION PAPER Cntents Abut this Discussin Paper 1 Summary 2 What is Integrated Reprting? Why d We Need Integrated Reprting?

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newsletter Codes of conduct have become RRN Codes of Conduct: Who Needs Them? In this issue...

newsletter Codes of conduct have become RRN Codes of Conduct: Who Needs Them? In this issue... Number 13 March 1999 R ELIEF AND R EHABILITATION NETWORK 13 RRN newsletter Imprving aid plicy and practice in cmplex plitical emergencies In this issue... Articles... 1 Cdes f Cnduct: Wh Needs Them?...

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Applying for a Job. Learning Resource. Contents

Applying for a Job. Learning Resource. Contents Applying fr a Jb Learning Resurce Cntents Intrductin 2 Step 1: Create an Accunt n Civil Service Jbs website 4 Step 2: Persnal Details 4 Step 3: Writing Cmpetency Examples 4 Example One Applying fr a Level

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Better Care, Better Health, Lower Costs M U L T I - Y E A R A C T I O N P L A N

Better Care, Better Health, Lower Costs M U L T I - Y E A R A C T I O N P L A N A Plan t Transfrm the Empire State s Medicaid Prgram Better Care, Better Health, Lwer Csts M U L T I - Y E A R A C T I O N P L A N TABLE OF CONTENTS Intrductin... page 3 Health System Redesign in New Yrk:

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The Capacity Development Results Framework. A strategic and results-oriented approach to learning for capacity development

The Capacity Development Results Framework. A strategic and results-oriented approach to learning for capacity development The Capacity Develpment Results Framewrk A strategic and results-riented apprach t learning fr capacity develpment The Capacity Develpment Results Framewrk A strategic and results-riented apprach t learning

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Towards Supporting the Adoption of Software Reference Architectures: An Empirically-Grounded Framework

Towards Supporting the Adoption of Software Reference Architectures: An Empirically-Grounded Framework Twards Supprting the Adptin f Sftware Reference Architectures: An Empirically-Grunded Framewrk Silveri Martínez-Fernández Universitat Plitècnica de Catalunya Jrdi Girna, 1-3 08034, Barcelna (Spain) +34

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Learn Start Play. Learning the game. Starting up the organisation. Playing in different ways

Learn Start Play. Learning the game. Starting up the organisation. Playing in different ways Learn Start Play Learning the game Starting up the rganisatin Playing in different ways Table f Cntent INTRODUCTION... 3 WHY CHOOSE FLOORBALL?... 4 Alternative sprt... 6 HISTORY OF FLOORBALL... 7 VALUES

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The Gender Dimensions of the Green New Deal - an analysis of policy papers of the Greens/EFA New Deal Working Group. Mara Kuhl

The Gender Dimensions of the Green New Deal - an analysis of policy papers of the Greens/EFA New Deal Working Group. Mara Kuhl The - an analysis f plicy papers f the Greens/EFA New Deal Wrking Grup Mara Kuhl Study cmmissined by The Greens/EFA Grup in the Eurpean Parliament, initiated by Elisabeth Schredter in cperatin with Prf.

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A Call for Clarity: Open Questions on the Scope of FDA Regulation of mhealth. A whitepaper prepared by the mhealth Regulatory Coalition

A Call for Clarity: Open Questions on the Scope of FDA Regulation of mhealth. A whitepaper prepared by the mhealth Regulatory Coalition A Call fr Clarity: Open Questins n the Scpe f FDA Regulatin f mhealth A whitepaper prepared by the mhealth Regulatry Calitin December 22, 2010 Authrs Bradley Merrill Thmpsn Epstein, Becker & Green P.C.

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The Total Economic Impact Of KPN s Managed Video Services

The Total Economic Impact Of KPN s Managed Video Services A Frrester Ttal Ecnmic Impact Study Prepared Fr KPN The Ttal Ecnmic Impact Of KPN s Managed Vide Services As Used By A Large Financial Service Organizatin Prject Directr: Sebastian Selhrst March 2012 TABLE

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SECURITY GUIDANCE FOR CRITICAL AREAS OF FOCUS IN CLOUD COMPUTING V3.0 SECURITY GUIDANCE FOR CRITICAL AREAS OF FOCUS IN CLOUD COMPUTING V3.0 INTRODUCTION The guidance prvided herein is the third versin f the Clud Security Alliance dcument, Security Guidance fr Critical Areas

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IMD. Finding the Way: A Discussion of the Swedish Migrant Integration System

IMD. Finding the Way: A Discussion of the Swedish Migrant Integration System Finding the Way: A Discussin f the Swedish Migrant Integratin System Finding the way: A discussin f the Swedish migrant integratin system OECD 2014 1 July 2014 Finding the way: A discussin f the Swedish

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MEASURING AND/OR ESTIMATING SOCIAL VALUE CREATION: Insights Into Eight Integrated Cost Approaches MEASURING AND/OR ESTIMATING SOCIAL VALUE CREATION: Insights Int Eight Integrated Cst Appraches Prepared fr Bill & Melinda Gates Fundatin Impact Planning and Imprvement Prepared by Melinda T. Tuan P.O.

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A Beginner s Guide to Successfully Securing Grant Funding

A Beginner s Guide to Successfully Securing Grant Funding A Beginner s Guide t Successfully Securing Grant Funding Intrductin There is a wide range f supprt mechanisms ut there in the funding wrld, including grants, lans, equity investments, award schemes and

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Social Media Use by Governments

Social Media Use by Governments Please cite this paper as: Mickleit, A. (2014), Scial Media Use by Gvernments: A Plicy Primer t Discuss Trends, Identify Plicy Opprtunities and Guide Decisin Makers, OECD Wrking Papers n Public Gvernance,

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European Investment Bank. Guide to Procurement

European Investment Bank. Guide to Procurement GUIDE TO PROCUREMENT fr prjects financed by the EIB Updated versin f June 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS Intrductin 1. General Aspects...4 1.1. The Bank s Plicy... 4 1.2. Eligibility f Cntractrs and Suppliers

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No Unsafe Lift. Workbook

No Unsafe Lift. Workbook N Unsafe Lift Wrkbk Cver and Sectin Break image prvided curtesy f Arj Canada Inc. Table Of Cntents Purpse f this wrkbk... 2 Hw t use this wrkbk...3 SECTION ONE A Brief Review f the Literature...5 SECTION

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PCI DSS Cloud Computing Guidelines

PCI DSS Cloud Computing Guidelines Standard: PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Versin: 2.0 Date: February 2013 Authr: Clud Special Interest Grup PCI Security Standards Cuncil Infrmatin Supplement: PCI DSS Clud Cmputing Guidelines Table

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Smallholder Oil Palm Production Systems in Indonesia: Lessons from the NESP Ophir Project. Idsert Jelsma, Ken Giller and Thomas Fairhurst

Smallholder Oil Palm Production Systems in Indonesia: Lessons from the NESP Ophir Project. Idsert Jelsma, Ken Giller and Thomas Fairhurst Smallhlder Oil Palm Prductin Systems in Indnesia: Lessns frm the NESP Ophir Prject Idsert Jelsma, Ken Giller and Thmas Fairhurst Plant Prductin Systems, Plant Sciences Grup, Wageningen University, Wageningen

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Not in Cully: Anti-Displacement Strategies for the Cully Neighborhood

Not in Cully: Anti-Displacement Strategies for the Cully Neighborhood Nt in Cully: Anti-Displacement Strategies fr the Cully Neighbrhd Prepared fr Living Cully: A Cully Ecdistrict June 2013 Nt in Cully: Anti-Displacement Strategies fr the Cully Neighbrhd June 2013 Acknwledgements

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guide minimising the cost of personal injury claims arising under employers and public liability

guide minimising the cost of personal injury claims arising under employers and public liability guide minimising the cst f persnal injury claims arising under emplyers and public liability cntents Intrductin... 2 Target audience fr the guide... 2 The authrs credentials... 2 Why publish the guide

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Best Practices Guide for Provisioning Services and XenApp

Best Practices Guide for Provisioning Services and XenApp White Paper Citrix Cnsulting Best Practices Guide fr Prvisining Services and XenApp Designing an enterprise slutin fr the fast prvisining f XenApp servers Table f cntents Best Practices Guide fr Prvisining

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An Introduction to Statistical Learning

An Introduction to Statistical Learning Springer Texts in Statistics Gareth James Daniela Witten Trevr Hastie Rbert Tibshirani An Intrductin t Statistical Learning with Applicatins in R Springer Texts in Statistics 103 Series Editrs: G. Casella

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The Global Partners MBA

The Global Partners MBA The Glbal Partners MBA FOUR CONTINENTS TWO DEGREES ONE GLOBAL EXPERIENCE J. Mack Rbinsn Cllege f Business Gergia State University IAE de Paris Srbnne Graduate Business Schl COPPEAD Federal University f

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New Zealand s Climate Change Target. Our contribution to the new international climate change agreement - summary of consultation responses

New Zealand s Climate Change Target. Our contribution to the new international climate change agreement - summary of consultation responses New Zealand s Climate Change Target Our cntributin t the new internatinal climate change agreement - summary f cnsultatin respnses Disclaimer All reasnable measures have been taken t ensure the quality

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