HEALTH NOW ON SUMMER BEAUTY ESSENTIALS FOR LESS. better and better PROMOTION. Valid from 25 September 8 October Axe

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1 HEALTH NEW ml Axe Aërosol vir Mans SUMMER BEAUTY ESSENTIALS FOR LESS ml Axe Aerosol for Men 48HR ENHANCED PROTECTION ml Axe Roll-On for Men PROMOTION NOW ON Valid from 25 September 8 October better and better also at

2 SKINCARE BUY ANY 2 PRODUCTS Active solution to pure & healthy looking skin. Garnier Pure Active 3in1 Cleanser, Scrub & Wash 150ml Anti-Spot Exfoliating Scrub 150ml Deep Pore Unclogging Wash 200ml 40ml Garnier Even & Matte Face Cream ml Garnier BB Face Cream Pore & Shine Face Wash 200ml/ Face Scrub 150ml Pink Grapefruit Moisturiser 50ml/ Facial Scrub 150ml Blackhead Eliminating Cleanser 200ml GET ONE FREE! WORTH R119,99 FROM African Extracts Rooibos Advantage Gentle Refining Polish 75ml - R59,99 Day/Night Cream 50ml - R139,99 African Extracts Rooibos Dual-Action Moisturiser 75ml Spot-Control Face Wash 150ml Purifying Toner 250ml VANAF African Gesigwasmiddel Extracts Rooibos Gesigskropmiddel 150ml 150ml - - R39,99 R39,99 Bevogtigende Dag-/Nagroom 75ml - R45,99 2

3 FROM ml 50ml Pond s Pimple Clear Face Wash 50ml - R25,99 Face Wash 100ml - R39,99 Facial Gel 20ml - R33,99 Pond s Perfect Colour Complex Gesigroom 1999 Pond s Lasting Oil Control Vanishing Cream Oily/Very Oily Skin ml Pond s Lasting Oil Control Face Wash VANAF FROM 100ml Pond s Flawless Radiance Dag-/Nagroom 50ml - R89,99 Gesigskuim 100ml - R99,99 A S K I N P E R F E C T I O N B R E A K T H R O U G H BY T H E P O N D S I N S T I T U T E ml Clere Radiance Oil Control Gesigwasjel g Clere Radiance Oil Control Beauty Bar ml Clere Radiance Olievrye Gesigopknapper Pond s Age Miracle Facial Foam 100ml - R99,99 Day/Night Cream 50ml - R149,99 SKINCARE VANAF P O N D S.CO. Z A ml Clere Radiance Oil Control Vanishing Cream ml Clere Radiance Even Tone Complexion Cream ml Clere Radiance BB Cream Light/Dark Make a lasting first impression with ClereRadiance 3

4 SKINCARE ml Eskamel Acne and Pimple Ointment ml Eskamel Daaglikse Gesigopknapper 100ml Eskamel Bevogtigende Gesigroom ml Eskamel Moisturising Vanishing Cream FROM OXY Products 4 30ml Young Solution Wipe Out Spot Eliminating Drops ml Young Solution Scrub Clean Eksfoliërende Jelskropmiddel ml Young Solution Tone Down Oil Controlling Toner ml Young Solution Take Control Mattifying Anti-Spot Moisturiser with SPF15 Solutions for problem skin. FROM 9 99 Cuticura Face Soap 100g - R9,99 Petroleum Jelly 250ml - R26,99 Face Wash/Scrub 150ml - R29,99 Ointment 50g - R29,99 Camphor Creme 450ml - R29,99 Daily Face Wash Regular/ Sensitive 150ml - R27,99 Emergency Zit Blitzer 10ml - R29,99 10 Facial Lotion 25g - R49, g Clean & Clear Swartkoppieverwyderende Gesigseep 150ml Clean & Clear Swartkoppieverwyderende Daaglikse Skropmiddel 200ml Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser 150ml Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash

5 FROM 7 99 VANAF NOURISHING with cocoa butter NEW Gentle Magic Soap 100g - R7,99 Lotion 125ml - R9,99 Serum 50ml - R21,99 Johnson s Gesigveedoekies 25 per pak - R 39,99 Gesigwasmiddel 150ml Elk - R39, per pack SOOTHING with rose water Pure Travel Wet Wipes VANAF 8 99 REVITALISING with grape seed oil extract FROM Johnson s Vita-Rich Badseep 175g Elk - R8,99 Lyfwasmiddel 250g Elk - R19,99 Hand-&-Lyfvloeiroom 400g Elk - R29, Pure Gesigvee- 25 per doekies pak BRIGHTENING with pomegranate flower extract Johnson s Cleansing Bar Oil Control/Even Complexion 100g Each - R13,99 Even Complexion Day Cream 15ml - R14,99 Facial Day/Night Cream Oil Control/Even Complexion 50ml Each - R29,99 Facial Wash Oil Control/Even Complexion 150ml Each - R39,99 SMOOTHING with papaya extract REPLENISHING with raspberry extract FROM weeks*** ml Celltone Tissue Oil 60ml - R89,99 Cleanser 125ml - R149,99 Facial Wash 125ml - R149,99 Toner 125ml - R149,99 Pamper Starter Gift Pack - R449,99 NEW with green tea extract Johnson s Vita-Rich Tissue Oil Green Tea/Red Berry Each 5SKINCARE

6 BODY Real Beauty from Real Care NEW NEW VIR BEIDE HYPERS ONLY VANAF 2999 Dove Badseep 4x100g per pak - R29,99 Lyfwasmiddel 250ml - R32,99 6 FROM 1699 Dove Roll-On 50ml - R16,99 Aerosol 150ml - R22,99 for Ladies/Men VANAF 4599 Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand-&-Lyfroom 75ml - R45,99 Hand-&-Lyfvloeiroom 200ml - R69,99 Hand-&-Lyfolie 150ml - R99,99 Lyfroom 300ml - R99, ml Dove Hand & Body Lotion Each ml Dove Advanced Pure Care Treatment/Shampoo/ Conditioner Each 8999 vir beide Dove Sjampoe 400ml Opknapper 350ml

7 Nivea Stortroom/-jel 500ml Nivea Men Moisturiser 59 75ml Creme BODY Nivea Facial Creme SAVE 40% 2999 FROM 400ml in Tin 400ml Nivea Body Moisturiser Hand & Body Lotion Body Cream 39 FROM TRY NOW Daily Essentials 99 Nivea Cleansing Wipes Gentle/Refreshing 25 per pack R39,99 Extra Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover 125ml - R49,99 Refreshing/Gentle Toner 200ml Each - R49,99 Face Wash/Gel/Scrub 150ml Each - R49,99 39 FROM SAVE 33% x 150ml Nivea Aerosol for Men/Ladies ml Nivea Roll-On for Men/Ladies Nivea Perfect & Radiant 3in1 Cleanser Wipes 25 per pack - R39,99 3in1 Cleanser 50ml - R79,99 NEW 4999 VANAF ml Nivea Perfect & Radiant Gesigwasskuim 100ml - R49,99 Dag/Nag/Olievrye Gesigroom 50ml - R79,99 Mattifying Gesigreiniger 150ml - R79,99 Nivea Q10 Plus AntiWrinkle Day/Night/ Refine Cream ADDITIONS TO THE PERFECT & RADIANT RANGE ,8g Labello Lipsalf ml Nivea Men Gesigwasmiddel FROM 59 Men 99 Nivea Shaving Gel 200ml - R59,99 After Shave Balm 100ml - R79,99 After Shave Liquid 100ml - R79, Nivea Cellular Anti-Age 50ml Day/Night Cream 2 FOR ANY PRODUCTS 7

8 BODY DRY SKIN RESTORED 75ml Vaseline Hand & Nail Conditioning Lotion ml Vaseline Hand-&- Lyfvloeiroom ml Vaseline Even Tone Hand & Body Lotion g E45 Dermatological Body Cream ml Vaseline Hand & Body Firming Lotion ml Vaseline Moisture Spray Each ml Vaseline Hand-&-Lyfroom ml Vaseline Camphor Body Cream INSTANTLY RESTORES DRY SKIN ml Ingram s Lyfroom ml Ingram s Hand-&-Lyfvloeiroom ml Vaseline Hand & Body Cream ml Ingram s Velolieroom ml Ingram s Tissue Oil Lotion ml Ingram s Pure Tissue Oil Gel 8

9 BODY CARE To enter purchase a bottle of Connie Body Lotion, Body Butter, Connie Men s Body Lotion or Shower Gel. SMS the word Connie plus the last 4 digits of your barcode to * SMSs charged at R1,50. Free SMSs do not apply. Competition starts 23 October and ends 04 November Terms and Conditions Apply. The prize includes travel costs around the Gauteng area, 3 full meals and snacks, autograph and picture moments with Connie as well as a surprise hamper to take home to your family and friends. ENTER AND STAND A CHANCE TO WIN A DAY ON THE FILM SET OF THE QUEEN with Connie Ferguson COMPETITION RULES: 1.The name of the competition is Win a day on set with the Queen. 2.The competition will start on 21 September 2017 and close at midnight 08 October No late entries will be accepted. 3.The draw will take place on 11 November For full T&C s go to ml ml Renew 100% Pure Glycerine Renew Camphor Cream Original/ Herbal Each ml Renew Aanrol vir Mans/Dames 500ml Renew Vloeibare Handwasmiddel Elk ml Renew Body Lotion for Men Each 400ml Renew Lyfwasmiddel Elk ml Renew Body Lotion ml Renew Shampoo Anti-Dandruff Menthol Citrus 2in1 Anti-Dandruff Each FROM ml Connie Body Lotion R16,99 Men Body Lotion R26,99 Men Shower Gel R26, ml ml Clere Pure Glycerine Clere Body Crème Each ml/500ml Clere Hand-&-Lyfvloeiroom 9BODY

10 SPECIALISED SKINCARE ml Everysun SPF 50 Singles Sunscreen Lotion ml Everysun SPF 50 Kids Sonvloeiroom ml Tropitone Bronze It Medium Self Tan Spray ml 50ml Everysun SPF 50 Teenverouderingsgesigsonroom Everysun SPF 50 Sunscreen Invisi Spray 1 250ml Everysun SPF 50 Sport X Sunscreen Invisi Spray ml Tropitone Move It SPF 30 Sunscreen Invisi Spray

11 SAVE R ml Nivea Sun Kids SPF 50+ Sun Spray OR 300ml Nivea Sun SPF 50+ Protect & Moisture Sun Spray + 50ml Nivea Sun Kids SPF 50 Pocket Size Sun Lotion (Worth R59,99) FREE! WORTH R59,99 BETTER PROTECTION, MORE CARE TRY NOW ml Nivea Sun Kids SPF 50+ Protect & Sensitive Sun Lotion ml Nivea Sun Kids SPF 50+ Sonvloeiroomaanrol NEW NIVEA SUN KIDS AND AFTER SUN SOS 1 300ml Nivea Sun Kids SPF 50+ Swim & Play Sun Lotion ml Nivea Sun After Sun SOS Lotion SPECIALISED SKINCARE 1 200ml Nivea Sun SPF 30 Protect & Refresh Verfrissende Sonsproei ml Nivea Sun SPF 50 Protect & Refresh Refreshing Sun Spray 1 200ml Nivea Sun SPF 30 Protect & Moisture Moisturising Sun Spray ml Nivea Sun SPF 50+ Protect & Moisture Sonsproei ml Nivea Sun After Sun Moisturising Soothing Spray 11

12 BATH VIR BEIDE g Protex Badseep Elk ml Lifebuoy Handwasmiddel & 175g Lifebuoy Badseep g Protex for Men Bath Soap Each Protex for Men Shower Gel 500ml Healthy skin feel for an even better you ml Dettol Vloeibare Handwasmiddel Elk Nonova Body Sponge 3 per set Robin Essentials Guest Towel Set g Dettol Bath Soap 40 per pack Dettol Wet Wipes Original/Sensitive Fashion Leopard Print Bath Gloves per pair 149 Weekender Set 99 Toiletry Bag per set

13 BATH ml Sanex Shower Gel 2 BUY ANY BOTTLES 5499 FROM Buy any 2 Sanex Shower Gels and get a 200ml FREE 39 GET THIS SANEX 50ML ROLL-ON for Ladies/Men Each (valued at R21,99) Free Fenjal Body Wash - 54,99 Bath & Shower Cream - 99,99 Foam Bath Oil - 99,99 Stortjel 99 Palmolive FREE! 500ml HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL? PERFUME THAT LASTS UP TO 8 HOURS g Lux Bath Soap & 400ml Lux Body Wash FOR BOTH ml Radox Liquid Hand Wash Each ml Radox Lyfwasmiddel ml Radox Bath Oil Each 250ml Radox Skuimbad Elk 500g Radox Bath Salts Each 13

14 FEMININE & BATH Lil-lets Dik Sanitêre Doekies 8/10 per pak per pak Libresse Lang Broekievoerings per pack per pack Libresse Pantyliners Scented/ Unscented Lil-lets Tampons /20 per pak Libresse Duo Sanitêre Doekies Lil-lets Pantyliners Scented/ Unscented per pack /10/12 per pack Ultrex Ultra Sanitary Pads g Vinolia Badseep ml Vinolia Liquid Hand Wash Each ml Vinolia Skuimbad l Satiskin Foam Bath Each ml Satiskin Stortjel Elk ml Satiskin Liquid Hand Wash Each

15 WITH UP TO 100% PROTECTION, THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN'T DO KNOW YOUR FLOW. AVAILABLE IN NORMAL, LONG AND EXTRA LONG FOR SOFTNESS AND PROTECTION FEMININE 16/20 per pack Always Ultra Maxi Sanitary Pads Always Ultra Sanitêre Doekies 14/16/18/20 80 per per pak pak Always Gewone Broekievoerings ml Revlon Deodorant for Ladies ml Coty Ladies Deodorant Comfort Everyday Try them for 20 DAYS & see for yourself per pak Stayfree Broekievoerings per pack Kotex Tampons /10 per pak Kotex Maxi/Super Sanitêre Doekies /10 per pack 24 Kotex Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads per pak Kotex Broekievoerings Gegeur/Ongegeur 16 per pack Kotex Maxi All Nighter Sanitary Pads /10 per pack Stayfree Maxi Sanitary Pads Scented/ Unscented 15

16 DENTAL 6 99 Oralwise ProTotal Tandeborsel 9 99 Oralwise Baby 0-1 Years Toothbrush 9 99 Oralwise ProClean Tandeborsel 9 99 Oralwise Kids Toothbrushes Step 1/Step 2/ Step 3 EXTRA CAVITY PROTECTION vs BRUSHING ALONE Oralwise ProTector Tandeborsel Oralwise ProPolisher Toothbrush Oralwise ProWhitening Tandeborsel Oralwise ProPlatinum Toothbrush BUY NEW LISTERINE GREEN TEA & CHECK YOUR SLIP FOR USSD ENTRY DETAILS Exclusive to Checkers Valid from 18 September 2017 to 29 October THE NEWEST ADDITION TO OUR LISTERINE RANGE ml Listerine Mouthwash Teeth & Gum Tartar Sensitive Stay White Total Care Each Oralwise Kids Power Toothbrush 500ml Oralwise Mouthwash Pro Care/Fresh Mint/ Whitening Each 500ml Aquafresh Mouthwash Each

17 g Pepsodent Cavity Fighter Toothpaste g White Glo Koffie & Tee Tandepasta DENTAL ml Closeup Toothpaste Red Hot/Cool Breeze Each ml White Glo Toothpaste Sensitive Smokers Professional Each TOOTHBRUSH BRAND RECOMMENDED BY DENTISTS* ml Oral-B Pro-Expert Toothpaste Mint Fresh White Sensitive Mild Each Brush like a Pro. 2 per pak Oral-B Natural Fresh Tandeborsels per pack Oral-B Delicate Whitening Toothbrushes per pak Oral-B Pro-Expert Tandeborsels per pack Oral-B Pro-Expert Anti-Bacterial Toothbrushes 17

18 DENTAL ml ml Colgate Toothpaste Colgate Toothpaste Sensitive with Sensifoam Max Cool Mint Clean Mint Whitening MultiProtect Each Max Clean Mint Total Advanced White Each 75ml Colgate Toothpaste Optic White Pro Gum Health Pro Whitening Pro Breath Health Pro Clean Pro Interdental ml 75ml Colgate Toothpaste Sensitive Pro-Relief Whitening Enamel Repair Each Colgate Toothpaste Sensitive Pro-Relief Repair & Prevent #1 BRAND USED AND RECOMMENDED BY DENTISTS 50m Colgate Total Tandvlos per pak Colgate SlimSoft Tandeborsels Colgate Optic White Tandeborsel Colgate Gold Charcoal Toothbrush per pack Colgate Toothbrush 360 Surround FROM 69 Colgate Optic White Restore Toothpaste 75ml -R39,99 Mouthwash 500ml - R49,99 Power Toothbrush - R79, ml Colgate Plax Mouthwash Peppermint/Spearmint Each ml Colgate Mouthwash Pro Relief/ Pro Gum Each

19 54 99 Revlon ColorSilk Hair Colour ml Gill Anti-Dandruff Shampoo ml Marc Anthony Sjampoe/Opknapper Elk HAIRCARE 150ml Kair Styling Mousse 200ml Kair Haarbehandeling Fish Styling Wax 100ml Gel 150ml ml Jane Seymour Wonder Set Hairspray Each ml Perfect Touch Mousse Styling Gel Hairspray HYPERS ONLY Renew Intense Naturals Hair Colour Crème Renew Perfect Colour Hair Colour Crème YOU RE ONE SHADE AWAY FROM AMAZING 19

20 HAIRCARE NEW 2 BUY ANY PRODUCTS x TRESemmé products Shampoo/Conditioner 750ml/900ml Dry Shampoo 250ml Styling Aids 300ml Treatments 70g/180ml/300ml *compared to previous head & shoulders formulas. **visible flakesonly, with regular use Pantene Shampoo/ Conditioner 400ml Split End Serum 75ml 24hr Frizz Treatment 140ml Deep Moisture Treatment 150ml Moisture Pro-V Treatment 200ml 20 BUY ANY PRODUCTS & Shoulders 99 Head African Scalp and Hair Care Shampoo 250ml Head & Shoulders Sjampoe/Opknapper 360ml/ 400ml 2 x 1l Organics Shampoo/ Conditioner

21 NEW ml Dark and Lovely Oil Moisturiser Anti-Breakage Oil Moisturiser Olive Oil Moisturiser Each L'Oréal Elvive Sjampoe/Opknapper 400ml Haarmasker 300ml Ottimo Hairdryer 1400W HAIRCARE Dark and Lovely Haarverslapperstel Platinum Hair Straightener 38W NEW Crafted with indulgent textures and divine fragrances, of our 5 signature blends is a powerful fusion with 2 complementary ingredients, carefully hand-picked for their restorative virtues ml Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo/Conditioner Garnier Color Sensation Hair Colourant Garnier Nutrisse Crème Haarkleurmiddel 21

22 MEN 8999 per set Brut Gift Set for Men VANAF 1499 Brut Aanrol 50ml - R14,99 Aërosol 120ml - R19, Shield Roll-On for Men 16 Shield Deodorant vir Mans 150ml Elk Each VANAF ml Adidas Aanrol vir Mans Playboy vir Mans Aanrol 100ml - R13,99 Aërosol 150ml - R19, ml Adidas Aerosol for Men 22 50ml 99

23 MEN 150ml Old Spice Deodorant vir Mans 50ml Old Spice Deodorant Stick for Men Each ml Old Spice Whitewater After Shave Spray for Men MEN WITH ACTIVE LIFESTYLES NEED ml Clere Active SPF Dual Protection Body Lotion ml Clere Active Ginseng Ultra Energising Body Lotion FOR HIM ml Clere Active Petroleum Jelly ml Clere Active Body Creme 23

24 LADIES GROOMING ml Mandy s In-Shower Hair Removal Cream ml Veet Hair Remover Lotion Floral/Sensitive Big Apple Slant Tip Tweezers per pack Veet Face, Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips per pak Veet Wasstrokies Piece Big Apple Emery Board Gillette Venus Snap Skeermes Gillette Venus Swirl Razor per pack Mandy s Soft-Feel Wax Strips for Legs 100ml Mandy s Hair Removal Lotion ml Mandy s Facial Hair Removal Cream Duo per set Big Apple Pumice Stone & Brush ml Scholl Velvet Smooth Voetroom Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File

25 ml Schick Hydro Skeerjel Schick Hydro 5 Razor Pack FREE YOUR SKIN per pak Schick Hydro 5 Skeermeslemmetjies Big Apple Body Sponge 59 Men s Large Toiletry Bag 99 MEN S GROOMING Piece Big Apple Nail Clipper Set 129 Wahl 99 Hair Clipper per set Set ml Gillette Mach 3 Shave Gel Smooth/ Sensitive Each per pak Gillette Blue 3 Ice Weggooiskeermesse Gillette 1Up Fusion Flex Ball Razor 1 Gillette 2up Mach 3 Turbo Razor FROM DX Smooth for Men Hair Remover Zero Hair 100ml - R36,99 Face Wash Bump Shield 100ml - R39,99 Face Lotion Bump 50ml - R49,99 25

26 HEALTH SUMMER HEALTH ESSENTIALS FOR LESS per pak Herbex Fat Burn Tablette vir Dames en Mans ml Herbex Detox Concentrate ml Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate for Ladies/Men ninety9cents GNFOCLANTZ/E&A PROMOTION NOW ON Valid from 25 September 08 October better and better also at

27 VITAMINS per pack per pak Berocca Vital Men Multivitamin Capsules Vital Kapsules vir Dames 30 per pack Vital Gold Ultimate A Z Plus Capsules per pack Effervescent Tablets 15 per pak Linctagon Keelsuigtablette 15 per pack Linctagon Throat Lozenges Regular per pak 12 per pack Linctagon-C Effervescent Tablets Linctagon-C Junior Bruistablette per pak Cal-C-Vita Vitamien C Plus Bruistablette per pak 60 per pack 60 per pack 200ml Turbovite Focus Energy Syrup Turbovite Focus Energiekapsules Vitaforce Ultra Vitamin A Z Tablets Vitaforce Nutri-B 2 Phase Release Tablets per pack 30 per pack Centrum Multivitamin Tablets OsteoEze MSM Joint Pain Support Capsules

28 per pack Créche Guard Gummies Multi-Vit ml Créche Guard Baby L-Reuteri Probiotic Drops ml Créche Guard Probiotic Oral Spray ml Créche Guard Baby Probiotic Multivit Spray per pack Potent B Vitamin B Capsules ml Créche Guard 1 12 Years Immune Multivit Syrup 1 25ml Créche Guard Baby Skin Probiotic Spray per pak Bettaway Multivitamientablette vir Dames per pack MenaCal.7 Calcium Supplement per pack Omega Select Salmon Oil Omega 3 Capsules per pack Omega Select Omega 3:6 Combination Capsules per pak Omega Select Vlassaadolie Omega 3:6:9 Kapsules per pak Vita-Thion Energietonikumsakkies per pack Viral Guard Fizzi Chews 3VITAMINS

29 GENERAL MEDICINE per pak Liver Plus Kapsules g Cipla Alka Fizz Bruiskorrels g Citro-Soda Granules Each ml Flush Tonic Kidney & Bladder Stomach & Colon Lung & Airway Liver & Blood g The Wonder Worker Hamburg Tea for Constipation Relief ml Iberogast Dietary Supplement per pak Soflax Sennosied Tablette per pack ProbiFlora Adult Intensive Rescue Probiotic per pack Black Forest Herbal Tea ml Gaviscon Vloeibare Teensuur Trust TENA The Bladder Weakness Expert Did you know? 1 in 4 women and 1 in 8 men will experience bladder weakness in their lifetime, no matter what their age. Purposemade incontinence products are the correct products to use for bladder weakness as they are specially designed to absorb urine. TENA s purpose-designed products will protect your skin, and offer the best protection against leakage and odour. 4 That is why we are the No. 1 incontinence brand globally per pack Tena Lady Extra Pads Tena Adult Pants 10 per 20 per pack pack Tena Men Level 2 Adult Pads

30 ml Benylin Hoesstroop Elk g Deep Freeze Rheumatic Cold Gel PRODUCT 100ml Doktor Mom Cough Syrup 25g Dermadine Antiseptiese Salf FILL YOUR CHRONIC & SCHEDULED PRESCRIPTIONS 50g Moov Rapid Relief Massage Gel WHILE YOU SHOP A doctor s prescription may be required for some of the advertised lines below. PRICE BECLATE AQUANASE NASAL SPRAY EACH R69.99 BUSCOPAN TABLETS 10 R49.99 CORYX EFFERVESCENT 12 R47.99 DAZIT TABLETS 10 R34.99 FEXO 120mg TABLETS 10 R per pack Doktor Mom Lozenges ml 35g Deep Heat Rheumatic Rub PRODUCT Deep Heat Rheumatic Spray per pack Disprin Regular 24/ Extra Strength ml JointEze Rheumatic Sport Warming Gel PRICE FLOMIST NASAL SPRAY EACH R72.99 IBUMAX COLD & FLU TABLETS 12 R22.99 INFLAMAX SYRUP 100ml R34.99 TENSOPYN TABLETS 40 R32.99 TEXA TABLETS 10 R per pack Panado Blister Pack Tablets g Zam-Buk Herbal Balm g Germolene Antiseptic Ointment per pack Panado Paracetamol Capsules per pak Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Pleisters 10ml Eye Gene Oogdruppels 5GENERAL MEDICINE

31 INTIMATE CARE ml Durex Play Intieme Smeringsmiddel ml Durex Play 2in1 Lubricant Massage Gel per pak Durex Kondome 3 per pack Durex Condoms per pak Lovers+ Kondome 12 per pack Lovers+ Condoms per pack MediRite Libido Amino Capsules per pak Trust Kondome per pack LifeStyles Condoms 6 3 per pack Contempo Condoms per pak Contempo Kondome per pack Rejuvenesse Libido Extra Strength for Men/Women Capsules per pak Casanova Kondome per pack Skyn Original Condoms

32 ml Vitaforce Vita-E Skin Lotion ml Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Lotion ml Cetaphil Gesigwasvloeiroom ml Nutraderm Bevogtigende Vloeiroom g Zinplex Combo 3 Facial Wash/Treatment Gel/Tablets ml Cetaphil Gesigreiniger vir Olierige Vel ml Cetaphil Lyfwasmiddel ml Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Lotion ml Zinplex Gesigwasmiddel g Cetaphil Moisturising Cream ml Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser g Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion 7SPECIALISED SKINCARE

33 SPORTS NUTRITION & SUPPLEMENTS 8 454g per pack Evox GCC Lean Tone & Tighten SLIMMING per pack Closemyer Slimming Green Tea ml Evox Lean Slim Slimmers Liquid Syrup m/500ml Aminoliq Vloeibare Dieetaanvulling MUSCLE BUILDING OR OR OR OR ml 90 1kg 650g 205g LEAN SHAKES SLIMMING FAT BURNERS BODY TONER MASS GAINER STRENGTH & GAINS MALE PERFORMANCE 1 454g USN Diet Fuel Ultralean Nutrition Shake Each per pack USN PhedraCut XT Burn Weight Loss Aid ULTIMATE BODY MAKEOVER per pack USN Garcinia Cambogia Capsules ml USN PhedraCut Liquid per pack USN CLA Pure kg kg USN Hard Core All-in-One Hyperbolic Mass kg Lifegain Aanvullingspoeier g USN Creatine Transport System x205g USN Pure Creatine Micronized Powder kg Evox Synergy Whey Protein 1kg tablets USN Core Series Fast Grow Aminos Muscle Support Stack tablets USN Core Series Testo Tribulus Multi-Testo Complex

34 LESS THAN 5g SUGAR PER SERVING THIS RANGE IS EXCLUSIVE TO OUR NEW SAUCES ARE WHEAT AND CORNSTARCH FREE ml Banting Revolution Tomato Sauce NEW NUUT NEW 450g Banting Revolution Kalahari Desert Salt g Banting Revolution Himalayan Rock Salt g Banting Revolution Rainbow Peppercorns ml Banting Revolution Avokado-Olie 1 1l Banting Revolution Ekstra-Suiwer Olyfolie ml Banting Revolution Soetrissiesous ml Banting Revolution Sweet Vegetable Chutney g Banting Revolution Original Porridge 250g Banting Revolution Bread Pre-Mix g Banting Revolution Flaxseed Powder g Banting Revolution Klappermeel g Banting Revolution Psyllium Husks g Banting Revolution Xylitol 1 350g Banting Revolution Amandelmeel 9

35 FIND THESE AND MORE IN OUR SECTION At selected stores SUGAR FREE/ALTERNATIVES g Tantalize Suikervrye Jellie Elk g/50g Tantalize Sugar Free Sweets ml Health Connection Wholefoods Stevia Vloeistof kg Health Connection Wholefoods Xylitol-Versoeter GLUTEN FREE SNACK IDEAS g Lemcke Gluten-Free Coconut Flour 500g Sam Mills Spaghetti/ Penne Rigate g/250g Ryvita Biscuits 10 Glutagon Wheat & Gluten Free Chocolate Muffin Mix 375g Dairy & Gluten Free Soft White Bread Mix 400g Wheat & Gluten Free Flour 500g g Health Connection Wholefoods Psyllium Husks g Thistlewood Low GI Jam Apricot/ Strawberry/Orange Marmalade 100g Health Connection Wholefoods Goji Berries