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1 For the full Staff Directory, please visit or see the TV in the lobby of the Welcome Centre For specific questions regarding academic dates and deadlines, please see either your individual class syllabus, contact your professor or contact Enrolment Services: For specific questions regarding enrolment, tuition and fees, please contact Enrolment Services: Corpus Christi College Student Information Guide 2016/2017 For specific questions regarding courses and transferring, please make an appointment with an Academic Advisor: For specific questions regarding payment of tuition and fees, please contact the Welcome Centre: For specific questions regarding college events, please see either the website ( or call the Welcome Centre at Follow

2 Paying For School Applying for Student Loans Visit to start your online application for student loans. You can find semester start dates and end dates on MyLION: Contact if you have any questions during the process. Scholarships provided by Corpus Christi College Archbishop J. Michael Miller Scholarship Eligibility: Students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and Catholic leadership. An applicant must submit an essay (not exceeding 1000 words) describing their involvement in Catholic leadership activities in the past 12 months, a reference letter from a leader in such activity/activities confirming the student s participation Amount: $2500 The Archbishop Exner, OMI Scholarship Eligibility: Catholic students from any secondary school with a strong academic record and commitment to service. An applicant must submit an essay (not to exceed 1000 words) detailing their involvement in parish or social justice causes and what they hope to bring to Corpus Christi College, and a letter from their parish pastor or a supervisor confirming student s active participation Amount: $2000 SUMMER TERM Monday, May 15 th : Summer 2017 classes start Monday, May 22 nd : Victoria Day, College closed Monday, May 29 th : Summer 2017 Add/drop deadline Monday, June 5 th : Summer 2017 tuition and fees due Monday, July 10 th : Summer 2017 Withdraw deadline Friday, August 11 th : Summer 2017 Last day of classes August 14-18: Summer 2017 Final exams For details about particular events, please visit our website: SMC Room: Oliver Room: Music Room: CCC Room: Community Room: CLASSROOMS: Room 100 (lower level) Room 101 (lower level) Room 102 (lower level) Room 308 (upper level) Room 300 (upper level) To set up a printing account: Come to the Welcome Centre with the following information: Full Name You must load a minimum of $5.00 onto your printing account at time of set up PARKING: Please note that students are NOT PERMITTED to park in the college parking lot.

3 FALL TERM IMPORTANT DATES Monday, September 5 th : Labour Day, College Closed Tuesday, September 6 th : Orientation Wednesday, September 7 th : Fall 2016 CCC classes begin Monday, September 19 th : Fall 2016 Add/drop deadline Monday, September 26 th : Fall Tuition and fees deadline Tuesday, September 27th: Change of AMS coverage for fall Monday, October 10 th : Thanksgiving, College Closed Monday, October 31 st : Fall 2016 Withdrawal deadline Friday, November 11 th : Remembrance Day, College Closed Friday, December 2 nd : Fall 2016 Last day of classes December 5-16: Fall 2016 Final Exams December 23-January 2: Christmas Break College closed WINTER TERM Tuesday, January 3 rd : Orientation, Winter 2017 term begins Wednesday, January 4 th : Winter 2017 classes begin Monday, January 16 th : Winter 2017 Add/Drop deadline Monday, January 23 rd : Winter Tuition and fees deadline Monday, January 23 rd : Change of coverage period for AMS extended health ENDS (for new students only) February 20-24: Winter break, no classes Jim and Penny Rogers Scholarship Eligibility: Students who have demonstrated active involvement in social justice causes. An applicant must submit a 500 word essay detailing the student s involvement in parish or social justice causes, and a letter from the parish s pastor or a supervisor confirming student s active participation. Amount: $1000 Mitton Family Scholarship Eligibility: Students with English as a second language An applicant must submit a 300 word essay on why they have chosen Corpus Christi College and what they hope to contribute to this vibrant Catholic community Amount: $1000 Bursaries and Grants General Bursaries Eligibility: Students with demonstrated financial need AND students must complete a Canada student loan application Amount: Various amounts Mimi and Douglas Tang Access to Success Grant Eligibility: Students who are the first in their family to attend a postsecondary institution. Amount: Up to $5000 For information about dates and deadlines, please visit our website: Monday, March 6 th : Winter 2017 Withdraw deadline Monday, April 7 th : Winter 2017 last day of classes April and 18-21: Winter 2017 Final exams

4 How to Pay Tuition and Fees Check the tuition deadline on the Corpus Christi Website or in this guide Tuition can be paid one of four ways: Cheque (made out to Corpus Christi College) Debit Cash Wire Transfer (please contact the Welcome Centre for bank transfer information) *NOTE: a 2.5% charge will apply to payments made with credit card* For questions regarding Student Loan payment please contact For deferred payment options please contact the main office Tuition and Fees Breakdown Success Program Optional Recreation Fee Keeping fit and having fun is a big part of what we do here at Corpus Christi College. CCC students stay active by taking part in UBC intramural leagues; joining strength, fitness and dance classes; competing in tournaments; participating in special events; or just dropping in and trying out new sports. The optional recreation fee is $ and can be paid at the welcome centre. Bird Coop Ice Rink Swimming Pool Tennis Courts Gyms For more information or to register for any of the programs, visit the UBC Recreation website at or talk to Enrolment Services. Domestic Tutition Tuition per course (including Summer University Preparation 099 courses) Cost $ Tuition per BUSN course $ Tuition per Audit/Non-credit course $ International Tuition Tuition per course (including Summer University Preparation 099 courses) Cost $ Tuition per BUSN course $ Tuition per Audit/Non-credit $

5 How to link your UPass to your Compass Card THE FIRST TIME YOU GO ONLINE TO REQUEST YOUR MONTHLY U- Pass BC Benefit you will need to link it to a Compass Card by doing the following: 1. Visit 2. Select UBC as your Post-Secondary Institution 3. Enter your affiliate CWL login and password when redirected to UBC 4. Request your UPass BC benefit for September (and subsequently for each month) *Allow up to 24 hours for activation* Fees Fees (Domestic and International) Success Program (paid to Saint Mark s College) ** This fee must be paid BEFORE students can get their compass card and UBC affiliate card** Breakdown of SMC Success Program Fee: Upass (4 months): $ UBC AMS Fees: $ Extended Health and Dental: $ Fee $ How to load your UPass BC 1. Sign into 2. Link your Compass card: enter the 20 digit number and the 3 digit CVN on the back of the Compass Card 3. Request your UPass BC: once your card is linked, you can request your UPASS BC. The system will confirm your eligibility and then LOAD your pass Reminders: Always make sure to request your next month s benefit in advance It can take up to 24 hours to activate your UPass BC onto your compass card You will NOT be eligible to ride transit until this request is processed Your UPass BC is NON TRANSFERABLE You must always carry ID with you when travelling See more at Success Program Recreation Fee (Optional) $ Student Activity Fee (per semester) $ Deferred Exam Fee: $50.00 (per instance) Grade appeal: $25.00 (per instance) Transcript request, regular: $10.00 (per request) Transcript request, rush: $20.00 (per request) Confirmation of Enrolment: $5.00 (per request) Letter of Permission: $5.00 (per request) **If you plan to enroll as a visiting student at another institution, you must request a Letter of Permission through your My Lion account, send a copy of your invoice for the course at the other post-secondary institution to Admissions & Records before the add/drop deadline each semester, and send your final transcript from the other post-secondary institution to Admissions & Records. Replacements or duplicates of official documents: $10.00 (per instance) NSF fee: $25.00 (per instance) *** If a cheque is returned for non-sufficient funds after the tuition deadline, the student will also incur the late payment fee of $ Late Payment Fee: $ (per instance) Wire Transfer Fee: $25.00 (per instance)

6 How to take placement tests (Math, English) Math Placement Test (MPT) Students planning on taking Math during their studies at Corpus Christi College will be required to show a completed course in Pre- Calculus 12, Calculus 12 or equivalent with a grade of 70%; OR if students have completed one of these courses with a grade below 70%, they must successfully challenge and pass the Math Placement Test. Students who have completed only Foundations of Math 12 cannot challenge the Math Placement Test and MUST enroll in MATH 099 (a non-transferable course) before they can enroll in MATH 110 (transferable, university-level Math). English Placement Test (EPT) EPTs are recommended for students with less than 80% in English 12, or who want to be confident they have the English skills needed for academic success. How to book English and Math Placement Tests Tests are scheduled every Thursday from 4:00pm 5:00pm There is a $50 fee for each test If you meet the conditions for either of the placement tests, and would like to book a time, message How to Register for Courses Login to your MyLION account by entering your address (used in the creation of your MyLION account) and password: On the left menu, choose the semester for which you want to register You will see the list of courses available; hold the cursor above a course title to see the days and time it is being offered Choose a course by clicking the Register button How to Obtain your UBC Affiliate Card 1. Pay your SMC Success Program Fee 2. Student goes to the UBC Card Office located in the UBC Bookstore (bring identification) 3. Receive your UBC Student Affiliate Card How to obtain your Compass Card You can obtain compass cards at all sky train stations, as well at various other vendors ( Where-to-buy-FareDealer.aspx) or online ( How to Create an Affiliated CWL (Campus Wide Login) NOTE: ALL STUDENTS must create a CWL. For TRANSFEREES: Students who already have a Compass Card must first unlink their UPass from the Compass Card from the previous institution in order to link their UPass through their affiliate UBC student card On the website, click on the heading Getting Started 3. Click on CREATE A CWL ACCOUNT 4. Click to PROCEED 5. Read the terms and conditions and then click on I AGREE 6. Click on AFFILIATE then continue 7. Enter your information and select a CWL login name and password (NOTE: your default affiliate password is your birthday in YYMMDD) NOTE: Find your UBC Student Affiliate Card Number *Log in to UBC and verify your new credentials using your new CWL login and password. Keep your password safe and never share it with anyone.

7 Health and Dental To opt out of the Health and Dental Plan (included in the Success Program fee) Use the secure, online opt-out processing system at Upload proof of your alternative health and dental coverage (such as a copy of our benefits card or a letter from the employer of your parents or spouse Have the plan fee reversed from your student account shortly after the change-of-coverage period. For more information about the Health and Dental Plan, visit the Welcome Centre to pick up a brochure, or contact the Health and Dental Plan office: UPASS/Compass Card Room 3128, The Nest Building 6133 University Boulevard Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z Students who have paid their SMC Success Program Fee can obtain their compass card by doing the following: Step 1: Obtain your UBC affiliate card (see how to obtain your UBC affiliate card) Step 2: Obtain your Compass Card Step 3: Create an affiliate CWL (campus wide login) Step 4: Link your U-pass to your compass card Step 5: Load your UPass Forms To view your class schedule, click class schedule on the left menu (online courses will not appear on your schedule grid) Enrolment Services Contract (Mandatory) (each term of study): This outlines the important dates for your courses as well as Corpus Christi Enrolment Policies Event Waiver (Mandatory) (1 academic year): This is a release for events that occur off the Corpus Christi College campus Third Party Authorization (Optional): Effective the dates of your choosing, this form allows information of your choosing to be released to people you have specified on the form Media and Photo Release (Optional): This allows the college to use photographs and videos of a student in marketing and promotional materials for the college How to Request Transcripts Login to your MyLION account by using your address and password On the left menu, choose Official Transcript Select recipient by either clicking the re-populate the address with...button, or manually filling in the name and address of the recipient Select your reason for your request Select either a normal or rush request: a normal request takes 5-7 days for the office at Corpus Christi College to process before it is sent in the mail; a rush request is processed within 1 business day and then mailed to the recipient (or left at the main office for you to pick up) Select Add this request now Pay for your request either online or at the main office

8 ** If you can t remember your login information, contact our Admissions and Records office at or by calling and asking for admissions and records** How to request Confirmation of Enrolment Letters Login to your MyLION account by entering your address On the left menu, select Confirmation of Enrolment Fill in the recipients name and address Select Add this Confirmation of Enrolment Request Pay for your request either online or at the main office How to request exam accommodations There are two types of exam accommodations: exam conflict, and accommodations recommended by the UBC Access and Diversity Centre: Please submit your accommodation request to enrolment services at the beginning of the term if applicable for mid-term examinations, or BEFORE the last day to confirm exam accommodations for final exams if the accommodations only pertain to final exams. How University Transfer works Most Bachelor Degree programs offered at universities require 120 credits. Up to 60 of those credits (generally first and second year courses) can be taken at another post-secondary institution. Corpus Christi College offers transfer eligible courses that enable students to take up to 60 credits that can transfer to the Bachelor s Degree program of their choice at another university. It is important to note that not only do you have to have the correct number of course credits, you must also attain a certain GPA to enter the university of your choice. Please ensure you know the application deadlines, GPA, and credit/ program/graduation requirements for the university of your choice. You can usually discover these on their respective websites. Saint Mark s College is the Catholic theological college at the University of British Columbia. It offers graduate degree programs to teachers, administrators, health workers, and other professionals, including master s degrees, and certificates in Religious Education, Theological Studies, Pastoral Studies, and Catholic Ministry Leadership. Saint Mark s College is affiliated with UBC, and full time Corpus Christi College students enrolled in 3 or more courses each semester are required to participate in the Success Program offered through Saint Mark s College (SMC).

9 Student Services Staff Directory Main Office: Enrolment Services: Shawna Buhler, Enrolment Services Coordinator Kevin Elderkin, Student Records Officer Rosemarie Santos, Enrolment Services Assistant Academic Advising: Ext. 116 Rm. 302 Ext. 133 Rm. 302 Ext. 133 Rm. 302 Aiden Wickey, Academic Advisor Ext. 104 Rm. 208 Jimmy Lam, Academic Advisor Ext. 134 Rm. 209 Sarah Scali, Advisor, Experiential Ext. 137 Welcome Centre: Nenette Estrada, Operations Manager Allison Baker, Operations Coordinator Patrick Armstrong, Welcome Centre Clerk Campus Life and Ministry: Alexandria Fung, Director of Campus Life and Ministry Sister Angela Marie Castellani, Campus Minister Ext. 141 Ext. 100 Ext. 111 Ext. 112 Rm. 206 Rm. 200B Credits needed to qualify for transfer Students need at least 24 transferrable credits in order to transfer in to university. Typically, a student transferring in to 2nd year university has credits. If a student has at least 24 credits, then they their admittance will only be based on their college academics. If a student has less than 24 credits, then their applications will be grouped in with high school applications. It is important to keep in mind that you are only allowed a maximum of 60 transferrable credits to your university of choice as universities require students to complete at least half of their degree at the university. If Courses are Full You can sign up for the waitlist through MyLION. If a spot in the class becomes available, you will automatically be enrolled. How to know which courses are transferable to your chosen university It is paramount to ensure that that the courses you are taking are transferrable to your desired university. The best and easiest way to do this is to visit BC Transfer Guide. By using the tools on this website, you are able to search if the course you are taking here at Corpus Christi will transfer to your desired university. Transferring Courses to International Universities If you are interested in transferring to a University out of the province or country, then the best way to see if your courses will transfer is to contact the admissions department at your desired university. This is done at a course by course basis, and they will most likely ask for course syllabi to determine transfer eligibility. Deciding which courses to take If you re still in the process of discovering your passions, then it s a good idea to try a variety of different courses. If you have a specific program/university in mind, then it is best plan your course selection around the requirements for that program, along with any pre-requisites you might need to take. The requirements and pre-requisites are almost always listed on each university s website.

10 If you need assistance with course selection, please don t hesitate to book an appointment with an academic advisor. Transferring Credits and Timing There is a common misconception that students have to complete their credits within a certain time frame, whether it be for transfer or for graduation. That is simply not true! While it is definitely possible to finish your transfer credits in 2 years in order to transfer in to year 3 of your chosen university, you can actually take as much time as you need. It all depends on what type of course load is right for you. Full Time vs. Part Time Schedule A full time schedule is a course load of 3 or more courses in one semester. This will qualify you as a full-time student. Anything less than that qualifies as a part-time student. Retaking Courses Per our school policy, students who pass a course are ineligible to take it again. This rule is firm and no exceptions will be made. In the event of Class Failure If a student fails a class, it will be entered in to their transcript as a Fail and the student will not receive credit for that course. Their cumulative GPA will also be lowered, which puts the student at risk for Academic Probation. If you fail a course, you are eligible to take it again. If you are struggling, it is advised schedule an appointment with an advisor. Online Courses An online course at Corpus Christi College is a full credit academic course that has no classroom component. The entirety of the course materials are distributed online by the professor and it is up to the student to complete the course work as planned by the professor. Communication with the professor will be done either during office hours, or online. There will be scheduled examinations that will happen on campus. It is advised that students taking an online course study on campus where there will be less distractions as well as access to peer support. Taking Courses at Another Institution While Studying at Corpus You will require a letter of permission before you can take a course at another institution while taking courses at Corpus. You can request one through your MyLION account. It is highly advised to book an appointment with an academic advisor before you enrol in courses outside of Corpus Christi. They can assist you in managing your course selection and course load. Taking Courses at Corpus While Enrolled at Another Institution You will be considered a visiting student here at Corpus Christi College. However, you will have to check with your program and ask them for a letter of permission in order to take courses at an institution outside of your own. If you have any questions with regards to a specific course you are interested in, please contact the professor. Professor Contact information is available through MyLION and the Corpus Christi College website