X ,1. The NVorld-ss Foremost Amusement Weekly. DECEMBER 13, Cents Vol. 53. No. 50 LAWRENCE. WELK and his. 'Champagne Music' ']tusk Corn

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1 X ,1 The NVorld-ss Foremost Amusement Weekly DECEMBER 13, Cents Vol. 53. No. 50 LAWRENCE WELK and his 'Champagne Music' Completing Theater Tour Returning December 25 Sixth Extended Engagement Trianon Ballroom Chicago DECCA RECORDS NBC Transcription Manly/pm:at: ']tusk Corn

2 WE 001$17 WANT TO SET THE WORLD ON FE BUT WE DO WANT TO KEEP OUR PLACE IN YOUR HEARTS SO we have prepared to take care of our clientele for the coming season as we have in the past. THE fact that we were awarded over $100,000 worth of contracts made it a happy and proud occasion for us. IT was nice seeing so many of our friends at the Convention. We hope you had a grand time. WE arc truly thankful and more determined than ever to render the service and satisfaction we know you expect. THEARLE-DUFFIEL "fitewroedtk4, gem. 155 NORTH CLARK STREET, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS

3 , Vol. 53. No. 50 Tho World's forrescil Amusement sails Decuuther 13, 1941 CLASS BALLET IN CLUBS EDITORIAL Death for No Reason BE/NO a martyr is a pretty thankless act at best, but to do the martyr act unintentionally and for no reason is worse than thankless_ It the hundreds of performers and musicians who have been involved in fatal road accidents this year hurl died so that their fellow professitenals could have been saved from such a futile end. ing, then their families sad friends could feel that at least these youths had not died in tinkle But that Is not the ease, and na consolation can be forthcoming from that quarter. These performers have litiirally thrown their iltolui away, either thru carelessness or because they have Ahmed themselves to be victimittsi by greedy 10 permmters into Making lung auto ;Unlike when they should have been getting Midi - needed steep and rest. The American Federation of Musicians at its last convention mused a resolution forbidding bands from making more than 41)0 mike in any 24 -hour period. This was a nobio move on the part of the union and certainly a restriction for the benefit of all of its member!, But neither the AFM nor those musicians who have already tossed away their lives on the highways Min put a stop to these accident casualties. It it up to each individual performer and musician who drives a car as a part of his business --Those who always have the feeling that it can't possibly happen to them? There in no union law in the world that can prevent a performer or musician from thinking that_ Th.at is why the unions arc helpless Ira combating these Useless deaths. E.Ven Ike deaths du not CRIMP the luckier ones to stop and think, That is why they are U A musician may shed a sear and bemoan the fact that our of his buddies met a gory end on a highway somewhere in Indiana, but two days later he will be oat the road himself, driving at night and doing better than SO because he's sure no one else is up at that time of night. I/ the performers and mtweinns do not think about these accidents and start organizing to prevent the causes-too many drinks. fatigue, late starts from the previous one - Mahler and just plain greed-than why should the bookerd or anyone else get excited? There are plenty of hands to hook, plenty of sidemen 1.1 Sill vacated chairs, plenty of hoofers and dance teams-but there are not plenty of YOU! Olsen in Former Browne Pest CPDCA00, Doe G.-AL a special meeting of Igeal 1, Clikago Theatrical Proteettme Union (stage ref Friday, Prank C. Obass was /1111t Mathew 'cent to serer until molar. ofectson Is bttd next May, Olsen. secertarv.treolitirer of the union. mammas the lob forinerty held by George R, Bromme, later - 161,t onion bawd recently otwouted 4,.New Yterk itt tha4rti011, Concert Hoofers Go Longhair to Long Green; Roy Started Them; Used More in Films and Legit, Too NEW RORK, Dm, B.-Madera coradtlaresi strictly longhair contort analf tip to a cowl' of years ego. In &honey becoming, established a. comment/4 In dony agile cluto, legit raustrala end Biwa Pioneer in the :Sort to transplant thl4 type of story -dancing from the concert hallo so club.fete lien bone the Radio City RaUttct Room, whlolit exprsi tainted teeth Its Met modem balite 1,91411_ Moons }lanais Mal J13.4 Fermen as pool Dc-apor, 1,a44(zIP 'Poops and holey Unice, hare beat meeting with grater success the ;oat tow yam too, Emergence of modern ballet as "upper club entertatnment mobility teems back to Radio City's Dance International tea- Oral vilikh ran for are 'smoke at the Critter Theater and the Rainbow Room early In ISIS. St was pr :1 by mod. Con dance forma working In ems satin soar. managing Mettler of the Rainbow den May le, Lo halnbrew Roan, Itheto and IlaIntim* and 15 dolma finding modern ballet dancers a welc000l neaps appeared In 15 =ding. performances In the Rainbow Itintra, Tile alms change/roue the more conventional bra: - room end nip seta hes booked right et the Gana drawn by then* peefiarraantes and the tact that they were not modem dance turns unto the Monte... Perminides debut, and Ilan three inure regular night club goers 466 an angle masons taunt booked *head, Other rural Eloy re-intent:trod when, Inter. he started spoan now that the thannow coporlsnenting with such talent for the prated 6ddb dancing f. acceptable, Wore Hoornk regard awning now dleertiede. been trying modem Oarsmen. Ea meta'. are the Parka Hotel. with the Jock= Jack Cole, who oddly enough eat. on Dancer* current: 6116 Plint, currently the Rainbow Boom'. premiere id,o'* October 4, as pert of the liallrelem with the Chandra -Italy Dancers, who nl a placed Elea Marden's Ritter*, truce of Cole and Dudley. really broke the Bearhonnber and many VAU610 the sec for modern dencem at the 0,0t)611 dates. and the D..ok-Cadillao Hotel, he /1.11d hit Ent Indian Dancers Detroit, which tesed remanded and tam- In Nele Y, -.lea eve lase. Ills thin Teteetta recently, Ballet -tap netlits,,v012$ f.Le7 on pope 23) "Ice Follies" Terrific in N. Y. Showing; Best Edition So Far; Sets All -Time Record in Cleve. NEW Tow be sixth mitnem of Ice Follies of winch opened lo-performrince run at Iladhon Square Carden Monday fil, has born drawing so average of per thaw, %lath Ps practically capacity. And at n 76 ernosto-/11.60 male fehliolren Sutf price at le - darn snotineel, its gross will be hefty, Thy "Coed Of PA SkatIng Stars" Wale we could only daeorit about 70 Asters the finale) dots Alpert; arcek and 'Ma Eislpabad and Jatinnatt produttam la the finest itt any big Ice Nome we have ever 10tH_ The chow la more cokiriftd. morn amusing, smoother end menu thoatrscril than 16.4 Felled edition, which Moo played here. The ahow opened Int annual tone to Das Anigeten September 4. Trak is the eighth engagement of Its 2t big -city tour fa 27,fgehentle trek), and lt hopes to ton Int ,66(111:11 record of a loaf lortnal attourience. The chow motes one tue of the huge Garden tank, tries 11.1,1/.1g1. b50 roatriliersi bt- Ing patterned to MI the big spoce tohally and aymmetrically, the specaltels lasting plenty of roam for fast rune and long, sweeping spectacular stoma. Blackout. are tued to get the cast on and oft and to enelleb pap+, with the result that the Mons realittsins a nut poets alt the way. A raft of opotiliduto sad flegolughta arc also used ehrewdly to ntiguant ati- W chl "1'3 011 and falorpell slating shwa dinudes. The direction of Mae rhoclu>n tof Welts L. arm rare, Erect Camerae. W ealthy, dinette, nod Mary inns lewlc depot dieraten, decors urger for the ezconvect, of their dapartaiwaree. The ensemble Winans, In portlallar, fa a 'freely eight, with the le girls doing fine preenion work. Emir eaten:not (by Helen Rae of Hollyinced) are excellent Eght thorns hwy. anginent Cilia gale wag. The tern-and-a-halt-hour Shaw, broken only by. a 10-minitto intemottoltin. tooturea the sraernd. meatesra "Sato - dandies of thrloardt, the dynamite (See "Ice Feiner' Terri/ea on papa 23) Park Men's Chi Meet Bows Out With 200. Attending Gala Dinner CHICAGO, her. A.-Approximately 210 peonse attendid the banquet of L166 ralionsl Ansottotrou of Altintatourni Parka. Pools and Benches In the smart ltd Taborth of the Hotel Sherman Mat MY. - wag, conctuding emit on the perk echtelute and winding up the week-long Ken -tuition of V, N-Conesikan aline industries. A gay note was Introduced with a prom's:on of bearing models of hoc Memo whkih spelled Out -Keep 'P.m Iteppy." Ithofilelat theme of the park men'. V011tlANT_ On the' heck "all or the ore/imam platform was the biennia of the amenhation with the Maoist theme. "Recreation for the Nation" fknege A. litamitt, Malin altnrjattnf as amass, Intel:slimed?MAKI) Want Mit Saran W. Ketchum nereettry Al Hodge. Peat Wroneent Arnold R. Onrarr', PM - gram Chalnran Peed L. Markey rind hit nal. Cy Routh Playinedin Herbert T. O'Malky, Woodside(' Noisnan 5. Alusuust der, Weidner!: Beach's Alex Toronto air miter ravened Bushes. ectie bee ExIstIntiorili Emery Iknicher, ESSA lailleni dyeable, Prin.:dem 3fIdgit Cohen and Mr. and lief. 7, W. and Prank R. Conklin. Conklin 816(r46.. A Sad note was Minch with the announcement that Mabel totally Humphrey, Euclid Bench, Cleveland, could not attend owing to Melo% of hex mother, It. A. neon' rmitinng the lque.r. Roy staten, bouquet chnifmnn,!par mthly atennie the members and thatr 111a616%. 11/611 then Goatee lamid tweeted the entertainment, whisk wed harniehed try Minot!, Music Melioration of Amer - kw (Hasten Itaisose0t1 and reederla Wino Young ea.pheyed fur the show and dancing. At around midnight all roods led the Crystal Room, Warm at.1 o'clock rivernittg the losirrity 441 mill pro - tonally/,. f arries- Herahttrtton 700 Orphans zieselience ITFISDUROIL Dec. -One or the most wthesial weddings ever was that of ork leader Ray Efoothertoo here last Wednesday. Be 100 Devonle Watson, formerly with net Ed Wynn show, ware teaseled In Eli Nulls Or - phonate, with entire band as hits bent man. and 10 nun*, thaw priests and 700 orphans 110. wino/woes. Mites -ling the ceremony HeaUferton end bit. crew staged a show for the orphan.- That evening. at Bill Often', Canino, where IfeatheN071 cloned tonight, he introduend hie wild to tho &norm Mira sang Ninth* an.4licet. The emningli wind-up inn a Walla, Olen a eau chain,. had by the beetle and groan. The orphanage ceremony ad arranged a couple of clays before, thru accident, when a friend of Heathereria peered to he brother -in -Mw of the Es. Paul'. pastel with performed the titan Paddock, Lipsky Buy Interest in Jones Exposition CHICAGO,. Dor- (L -R. Lowrance Phillips will e corner^ and operators Cie ten Johnny J, lithos Exposition, U4 74 now en-ererneris and opt:redone be will base Harold (Buddy) Paddoek anal Marls Lipsky, who hare operated the conseadons cm the show the pant fine years. Reports were current during convon- Eon Week that the Jona show would amalgamate with 4110 Sattaeawni, COP. pontoon of Anocelea. Comer:emcee to that end Baru bold. but the deal fell thro when Pinups decided to accept the aura Of Paddock and Lipsky to Mot an Liner - oil 10 the abow. ft a understood that under the dal consummated Ma wale Phillips wall own 47 per cent Of tea chow, Pocidosk and LipAcy 47 pee mat, Mid Sunnily S. J Jr- B low cent- A EVIIC1-311 nianastir for the show will be appointed. In This Issue Pam tummies., Bess,...., Bole coo 29 Ceenival Canes and Corral Cinaified neforreisoinois Coin Mae -Noes Crosaidds, The Deetoshoo. Newt... Fats-Eencenfoone ) Final Conan 11 Geneva nom%, Gavot Suedow Legiroodr.... Leiter Du 45-ta Mack. 21 hltethandoe-psues 54.9s 1404C Ni614 Club6-V16,66v,116, Sion:flinetried Mina 313 kites S; ti: 114 Goa 43 Veils Pita.. Y7-55 Paved Boded Code te-r-ed1e6-9 Fteoefioewt.int Shoot 27 liatiosistrea 47 Seal R14/ Stoup Woe. Mitt Redo eke. 12 loonsursel trews 39 Tea vr.tmx.12.ire-..,,. 7 beat 5. ft3sprt.tilia' Poilleese At2T.,-d Mudca4 24, be 5204, 14. M ngzun, 439 L-1at Candied 'A (*ma her 7.0 Werke, as. ik

4 3turtl:trtT 4 The Billboard GENERAL NEWS December 13, 1941 Hotspot Patrons Itch To Pilfer, So Owners Provide Loose Gadgets Mete FMK, Den Let them toluene aoiretiting cheep; It metes them feet better," Thors what night dub owners. bola spot nunsgera and theater and ballroom operators lay about patrons - They know well enough that most yeatronn will try to tako any senell trinket they IbUlk they call get away with- in feet, most smart night spot Operators eater to this instinct by leer. mg *round cheap ash trays, rave tangy match folders. otektini Weirs* OM. They don't entetriage patrons to steed, but they know customers wilt enjoy swiping them In flea One iropertant moultfacturet of night Club equipment enyn that ono of the three factors snaking for a noccestgui rapt club opens:um le letting the customers *Mal artmothing. Night club salters know that most patrona uetd swipe am many rumps; of auger ea they use in their oath*, Sinop the nugar lump Inappete contain the name ce the club, each lump Is an 0.4 for the club. Coated.] rttrotra. match Madera and cheap nth trays bearing the name of the club arc among the Mort common objecta atetell. Moat night club routaktments definitely Include awns ua part of the promotion budget. The more aspenstee slipper club and tunny hotel spots have a very smnli percentage of stealing by patron. Since them strata use expensive silverware end didawani, they monot afford too much anttehlag. Murat the only crams -spot potretas who awlpe things are eccentric old macho mad youilararea feeling high and taionholic, The terrace Of night club and hotel moth are patrone whom bobby La 6014 feeling table ehrkent cocktail *UMW*, cream cups. spoon* nalli troyr, knives, forts awl No tort& These ar.: the people Who allow their "col ceit:ate' to their mends. and Inspire others to do the Dame thing - Walton la oaths and arta:tog mobs e re usually tolatotteed to pretend mot to notice patrons Who do small -thee *oil - LAWRENCE WELK (This Week's Corer Subject) ON CHillinSAS DAY Liwrease Welk and Ma nines rin-1/iniaa add marl Melt Vans torpedod angagsontid al the Tth Badream, Chicago. Wages pattiout Wands at rho leo P eden, C WA, Odd his Whores in other imminent locations Omni the ceparrtey. he.* made him one of WChllautuars outstanding at 11,06Hvel. Not only In cadge Is WHIN star on the aat ending! We Doers mind. an bale Nand.. he hos speeded In nundraut Paramount add.. and, ;Atari al It may dew. IS an enitgaloshed horns drew en the strength et are tentstionet stand at the Runic Cabin, Indio -mead, N. I. Welk'. dads Is nolo isteiaa.-"chesepagns NNW" kr calls II-and M tearutes the "Champagne lady," Jayne Waltz++. The mantle nide/mind Min Watton two seam ago whew roe was saleing over Stalk,. WOW. O maha. Jones's leaning delirert has had muds to do wile the,feat Me of the Walk organisation. Sad h test known for net,!sear entellefire en It,. record, of "Mafia Moe," "'foe Am My SanteInt- and the Coro Min "Melte de Roads. - The band tesahlit <monk/elf a lour that The idea lo not to embarrass the patron. The welter tuition). 'weenies alarmed Only Over the awlinnir of memo mealy Item --end oven than the chances are that the patron will be allowed to leave unmolested, but Mil be dipterr.etkaly refused admitinsice the next One. Baireents. movie theaters and burlesque housen, where erowtin aro in. -go and lighting U usually dim, work On the theory that cuckoos:3 will wipe anything that la 1500 SENSTred down. Therefore, decorations, entplikew Yak% Mottoes, statuary and such are tountly either /Crowed or nailed to Um Roar or WAD, or ere 10 lawry that AO one pan= could possibly lift and tarry them out, Bulb enatehera are thwarted by vire nets Over exit bulb, and Tanning machines arc Usually screwed or chatted to the floor or wall. It's mop to catch the kleptomaniacs In the rummer, but It's bard to the winter when patrons wear big overcoats that can come Peaty of loot. But on one theater operator says, "The night clubs have the upper hand with the chiselers. The clubs atop them with a meth or to TAIALTILUM charge, then over - Don't Get Me Wrong! PHILADIILPMA, Dee. 0.-Ptarmoni Christmas oirda Pat Stanton, general manager of WITAB. itil send Old this nmetn mil feature picture of the new rap:sudan hirtrial(141 le.the titre exclusive suburban sector, But thee, card he is sending to his bow will hare the mimeo of the conagage hoidens hated en the back-just In ease the at prosy gets a notion that 01,0 Immoral manager lit leo, too atnitent, Pearce to NBC Jan. 8 NSW YORK, Dos. PPATDP, renewed Thuredey (4) by It J. 130)-001de Tobecce Company for Carnal Cigarettes, switches neturecke Tourertoy. Jenuary R. mortise Into tilt 7:90-3 pal- spot on the $00 -Had. Pearce was agned far Clonal* nbotit two yearn ago, and since them ha been broadcasting over Columbia Fridays at T Z0.8 put. charge them on drink,. and :huh them around-and then they let the dep4:4 etcal a totals -IL stirrer sod go 101 -lit, happy." WAD:ME:MS Times Square drugstore to watching with Interest the fire young octreines who hunk' :r In n West Side apartment and milt the teat with a Monist/1st who needs the place only 0113 Thursdey evenings. that Thursday the gals go their separate way*. rind turn up the noel rooming am lung mysterkath smiles. They haw a solemn house rule that no one IA to man - (ion the Thursday night whereetsolto of anyone else. Ice definitely known, however, that at. least one of the tocsin has been lodging at the YWCA.. In any case, the way or the young noireo, like that of the transgressor. is hard_ Cue punchier heed Conform csattroe svelte who hare so little tmegmation that they moil nos * gal for any given role unless Abe comma the part. tionaellinea that Mingo datkuttlep-illte thaw that befell a budding flues who beard that is producer toss casting a show that dealt with ladles of the evening. So she dressed the part to the beat Of her Ability, but made the mirtake at walking down to the greeter:era *Moorouting a continuous gamut of cat-salla, hoots, whistles SW unprintable rettleeks. PD.: Sho didn't get the job., Depertment of UMW* Fade; The mplemoose, despite its name, le an met Indian Dolt And now It's been Imnlaftallsed by Henri TOW). Musette Cerk fur Standard Records in ft ditty titled, appropriately enough, The Parnpreraome.. Theater Arts Monthly eliould be a bit more donut *bout the hketoriral stage pictures it displays with meet' fanfare In the ()Mid Theater lounge. One of theta Is labeled an then the Brock Pemberton production at Ms Characters in Searets Of an Author back In 1022; whenves It's actually a acme from the Tutu Val Dycke production nine yearn tater, with 'Unmet Powell, Eleanor Phelps. Wailer Connolly and Paul Outlfeyte Hy , p. s. lot Nee mwe. pulled noother cute one when he Included kettle* of peentme ea "tatuiter-odorants` with each platter of Tc.rnaty Dover -ye Skunk snag ho aunt to local edttora... clove or dente black smoke neared from tho roof of the Palace Theater Builahng the other day, droving a large crowd; and one alert citlorm put In an alarm and brought the engine to the seems. But when firemen rushed to the mot they dtscorered that it mos lust a wry smoky chimney, reaneca, key man of the singing OtUntones, quite the group next toter the army. Il-i brother Doting will rearms. maize the group In the capacity of singer-manage...hal Rorke. In town from the Coast. bar moots! hito Ma mat at Columbia an Lt. -mans to Louis Rupp*, chief 01 limo eaa pet. department Marty White made a novel tie-up last week ter MA hew song, keep PliErdant He got the Brooklyn Americana hockey team to make It their theme scare- and now they're playing it at an their 'WOOL The Horn Rebid -ens, hillbilly dame outfit, includes in lie instrumentation a half drown rare Perin automobile borna--and the boys get more music out of then than some bands tannage to get out of levainge Inthoiments.. Ray Bolger In currently doubling at. two Broadway spots-the Fanimannt and the mien eta... Out In Pittsburgh lest?delay On) Dorrieby woe the Bra guest of the College Olds' Club, Watch woo tot'med 10 that the rational kids could meet sucoesstut women in nil walk, na Ufa, Again, the stage Cline Mat... Daley D'Artega, tic pup who had a Trntio meet! foe a while. rates pretty hub In her masted thoughts, teat week Bob Honiara called time Inmate to congratulate him on bin Mugabe babel baring been algend for Teo *palled May bite erfiral for TS ane-n Felt Parade. and alerted off with, "Cm very happy for you: I think It's a torethe pianstan and held and theater nttnaand. break." And he was!somewhat confused when TYArteme antorroxi. ft sure inl And nettles Is by reederkk Cr...' Musk the stterinare mad he didn't hove to go bath to the hospital. Site's In floe con Corporatien. ditto's now." S PECIAL STOCK P RINTED ROLL TICKETS Goodmans Start New Firm or MACHINE ICKET C/NE 11:3(1. 1 ii NEW YORK. Dec. O.-Regent Mask. TEN lectit 3 to Denny end Harry Cloodmen'e DESERVED SEAT - PAU. STRIP 100,000 rimy mous tr.to. eat publinking boom, hen sp.. out COUPON boasts- ALSTADRAN1 c.ec.5--cm.it Tinos: AND 00{ EACA with an ASCAP Mistild to be known ea ru, $22.00 ALL at ilia PCIT...r. D./44. Harmon Miele, Inc. Benny Goodman 09 I.-Area:TIE ST. N. V. C. a Pt.,. thus joins Tommy Dorsey sod Clay W WASHINGTON' ST, CAdalan N. C. 0 D Lombardo among nano bend leadern ELLIOTT TICKET CO 1 CS/ ee CIAISTNIUT ST., Phila. Adoidd operating both ASCAP and non -MCAT' poblinhing hound. Talent Bookings Up in Pa. Area unmsreer. Pa_ Dce. 0.-The Hank. tan area may prove a laroot raglan for line talent, judging from the marten splurge of Loewe booked by chalk nod inmost In the are& for Thanksgiving. In odditton, several of the ballroom; booked special dances far the haiday, and It appears the paltry may I* con - time* until after New Year's. ante Krupa and his band were booked Into the Lakewood Ballroom at Mammy) City for Thanksgiving lowlit with the Meson* Tempte In Hallam. cording AT: Wendel end a.ohankeirlthis at the American Logien Mal Wasting "nappy' Jock Rotel and Isle orchestra, The Meta Grille In Lettlener rebooked Helene and Lou, Mine aseco.* Mated the return of Nate and Sill Smith and Tommy Shield" Singer Judy Calm appeared at the Citrystal Inn tit Weatherly, Mum.* Cat, en the Harielen-Preelarna mad, henditned Johnny Davin, white Bobbie's lined singer Nancy Leo. *reheat:* was booked for Parrs Ornk. Sunshine Haley and his unit and the Gross Brothers appeared at Jaffe'/ Tevo ern in Seybertsalla. At %shoat% In Mincroville, Sally (loading and Vice** Ilarkeddle were booked. Other spots which listed tiered% were Club Matwood In lismintoel, and Stings on the Etrodthorto Wilkes -Berm highway. Two in Hub Pull $41,000 BOSTON, Dec. (I.-Only two Hub hombre were alight this week, but the rearcity of shone seems to be coming to a quick end. Letters to 6,1111driln, the now Dwight Deere Wimnan show, cornea to the Plymouth Monday 1111, and both Pupa is CU and Poi Joey continue- The!arm*. originally scheduled for only two weeks, has now been extended for an Mrlitionel Ataron and poalbly more. Pal Joey, to for two weaker may move from the Shubert to the Majestic amw continuo torlenoltety. This week's grosees wens ea follows: Poi foci/ (Shubert, 1,100 Amax mail tap], Pirst moroa found good crowds at all Mow& Vothuslastlarally Modred. Grossed around B26,900. Papa to Al (Wilbur, wets: top). **Weld weak built slightly over Brat with an cattnneted 1115,00e. School Broadcast Conference Meets CRICA00. Dec. 8.-Pllth annual meeting of the School Broarkmat Confetione ended et Cotogrean Hotel yesterday. IRO - Rion ran three days, Banner turnout et estikathro. beciadestalere and directors at radio education look part In the pro - grain arranged by Major Handal W. Neat of the melba branch of the War Department, and Acting meet= gorge Jennings and their oorornitter. Purpose of the conference woo to provide a Laboratory fat the nouns where the development and deledenitlitt3016 of the uses of radio In (Audition might be noted. Twenty-four firms had exhibits. among them the three major natheorks. the National Auccbsticet of Broadcasted and eta. 'The Annual Award of Meat was awarded at the cleaving bemplet to Sterling?Wier, educational dtroctor of CO - hirable broaticastir4 System. Beaumont Cate Six SEAttMONT, TM. Dm. D.-Cancellation at two tentatively beaked attletionn lathes Mt legit productarms for this kwh MIA nennen. IT.. Etintenf Prfr.de and Roberto counliardree enr.w December 14 and Late April bookitaga respectively, leaves the follerstisg Claudio,?Maury 14 at opening avec Arsenic end Old Lace, February 211: Ofir Stymy Curer. March it; The Own it Groat, Worts on Miran mild Macbeth. In March and early April. The Billboard The World's Foremost Amusement Weekly Published at Cincinnati. Ohio, U. S. A. tukruntralleg mill.11, MANI owlet AND Poittarea woos*: 11 -IT OPfillt PlEd3 veranda, 0. 11/..., nom 0300,.meat(, 0FataLlii It K W Y OIL rittetarin TAMS.--, Ste PHILICILLPITIA LOA A/MC= II rnannat N.. Odle Aims. Amide Said Te! rrasiont w', Ala Si, 34C :01 Idle. cl0dsid. 0445, EIA Vilent. 61P3. / OPPreltee n Cdan...0 Ibsen, Penns* rtser, Lteha. W. O. L NTDVItY,.arternette-goie 131/cIlli II- at., Tsenewirs Kir. 15$ rii% suet SUisserfutfon R1yrl - e Copies, SI: 26 Copies, 531 One Year, 651 Two Years, Sit. Spatial Rate, In Foreign Countries Upon Request. satilemt w sa dtaaa matant,.tune 4,1107, at Pont Othkanciata upend Act Of Mango , Copyright IOU by 700 Billboard Pubiteltinti 03. 7/411.41,4 Li 1 -at - nowsloontr. P. W., CT ASP, riwnint Lei lissome.ilg, Jurs-Lps-ons, ray.leidaded sot Itcmnmt Mne W, D. Logi-wont,u. sm.t.n. hilt,..: lets.01 teerlart1t4-11 atureartainet eaves - FIN1_ ils t14 Tarr, IT per alum!nab. Md. Pad. 166e:11.11 Pda, el 7$: Qum! Pam ept.14. So eided rerollneen0 ritann*d IN* team 111 lied dirdin, Ind agnnlislag ken gad in vas aeon illail.r. Sfrohor re AMet Ihnran of Chidden.

5 December GENERAL NEWS TIir ilailmmrff S "Roller Follies" To Be Booked by AMA NEW YORK. Dec. 0. -late Roller Faller, new terge-wale rotier-skating show anthrax! by Harold Steinman. win bo booked excluelvely he t.130 A Man - agree' Amex:anon, amendleg to Otsego D. Team, man Ion, advice of the AMA. Felting la Mudded to open In Baltimore or 10, then going to the Maim. Cleveland, Jai:Autry IS to 23. Et will pea - ably play Chicago, alihraulree and Lice Monde. Gee Patter will shape the nrutnee, galth Jowl Kaye sill Seat tthayon rated the!swat. Lints will he made Up of 80 skated, 02 boys and 24 giale1. la &tea planned to coarerc leveed ideridlital amide meta Into eitetem for the thaw. AMA "Miss America On Ice" Contest Set NEW YORK. Dec. d.-tbe Viso Amer. toe as fee contest. *pondered by the Arece libuiegmee Ansocation, la under way. Id manes &trendy hawing been taped to partialoete, aceortung to Grerge D. Tyson, menegbig dircetcr of the AMA_ Arenas will hold finale to select their candidate for quoint of the tee March SO, National Omaha -111 be held In May 4 to 11. Frances Burke, of Philadelphia. tells wag utlected Mtn Americo et the lea. Ilona Beauty Pageant at Atlantic, City In 1140, la learailtag to lee atattb to that gee may participate In the content Veto; Yolanda 78C inillinne IlLvMEAPOLDS, Der. 6.--A socito *7 ev groat. tot four perform:men In the Teeth Cita* wee registeeed hero November 27-1e by Velem and Wendt., deuce teem. Appearing 1.11 Lieregm Theater, atinneepolla, for two evening perfeenagettee, Nrivembee the trim die* Leo Murray, house manner,. eight Mu o :Saturday matinee end evening they hit Meal at the He Paul Auditorium_ over which 74 Paula is manager. OPINiefe Madison Square alififeri CI -O 00 Placa* frost. R00 cite le tee,wart a Ow and 'hopping distact stn OspFlat It thateastas maws. ScusAtIs. hrs.. has Seal sallt 1100 taps triftert :00Frsd, 040kut nary [wean Sea 4 Styrm.0011 asat stacrtanti mat. Rahn From Day Writs for parlicirlars end boaeiri Wade" V. 11, elan.. HOTEL CAPITOL slot St. and 811, Ave,, N. Y. C. DIAMONDS from IN.efrrt,tvl &mem Now is the Time to Buy 11 Pracea You May Neeat Dapileata Sitippsd fee your irdpection. Wrist a. DIAMOND TRADING CO. 220 West 6th Se Lem Angelee, Calif. WANT ADVANCE MAN airlilerlsii `11.111kell tunas Mat T Miasmal. isw ands- se ow tarters, reetises4 soh Ft wee tied seed * ise lateen i.t=ggi Seth akar at mere sts ex Mae nittlar WO 41'14 war. AOtarTr0, OP: 41M -ft% 1%14,...perle OA ADVENTURE films, Mt., 1560 May. II, t. t. It 30:91.0,40.t. Church Rally Oasts SIIREVEPORY. lat MO. C.-rfrorro Shall Be No Nipat cast headed by Allred Lunt and Lynn POOt.ttliCFP, ) uniatnit experience here When the play was staged matinee only at the Municipal Auditorium, Originelly Arthur CuunlaViata, local booking agent. obtained the nee of the midis lealmat for both mistime livid nigh; petty:mance& but biter Dr, )4. pastor of the Fest Baptist Church and chairmen of the how. committee of the Caladium Baptist Ccinrentton, requested too of the Atlid103(11L11 the rime night for a teenhttr publio enceling of the Marv. Chet. Cunningham tainiferted with the *bowl reprreentathrec and the eight engage/fleet for I7Lere Skull Be No Melt was dthereed. 'The consideration shown by Mr. Cennieghern and the company re - cored widrepread omninvelatema, peradly from chinch fence The auditorium was filed, with the exception of n pc11031 er the tap gallery at the mailer& one of the largest Ferellticto audicimen ever men at this Smindies Give Acts A Break on Coast LOH ANGELES, Dec. tie -Night onab and elude pole:mem are being offered a new held by the icereated peodueueit of math* for remnant& Never of the formation of the new RCM Productive to Make dims ee the Went Coast end the annoutatemeat of lorreatied production by both recitals:coma and Peaturette Productive Ls a break tee twee looking for new fields in erlitell to work. RCM ProductIone el which Sam Cow - low is the exetudre producer, is making eloundice. with Mtnoco producing in the Egat, Jeny Hergen,. current at the Tatals, VW*. hum F100R signed fora IIGSItA eif MCP* as hare Weed from the It Club: Jut!. Greene. end DiarethY Dandridge. who res molly Marred In Julep for Joy. Andy lona. from 11uU Hut Cafe; Aire gpirita of Rhythm. from Club Capri: Peter Rey, Ttlanont Johnny 7bri0haa IthUrehteigite Lie 111t0n, manger with Bob Crosby, now at the TilitetOrg Dolores Gray, Tomato, and Doodler Weaver, Ortiee Payee' Lodge. are other 1145 set foe machine movie trill. Teehnimocese Prodieetktne. headed by Merle thatiteguare, hue produced films with igenia of the following talent: Head - each nom, who doubled tram the Arnica' Den: Gertrude Mem& who came here Creel a night 0140 dote do ban Pranciseac Jack Dieekgraln, Hollywood Tropics emode Guy manila. Mancha Grande and Firsts, Den emote; Frank E. Farr, mar - rent at RISditt/4)41 1hn, Ralltimi, Call!: therloile Raymond. who =metaled Mx weeks at the Fleetest' Den before doing e. lire Marlene Dean. now Mae Men In Ray Rauh production*. Zurek and gene& dame team at Oraoo 'Mow' Ledge are making alma for Penturottea *ions with QlIbed. Frye, veal - Lit wish Larry Kenth oak, elm ;viewed at the Mapiene Club In lionyweed, end Patallne Drake well Imam) to night duns and en Ste TO= radio /Juan.. While no figures were available oil paid talent. produellon 01st, of each throreenthatte valm Mine upward of SIAM "Eileen" 15G in Detroit DEPROIT, Dec. e,-detratt's arty aurrent legitintate Mitertng, Mai Slate et the Case listater. Abend In the genera Upturnof bustiorea over the Theakagteing week -end to do a good first week Mks nutted Le excess of * Show MO lowed week in which ell three lead legit home. were dark and one neer the present atason retard fit ftvo ww,bks sito by Chub by NOM In its. premiere at the Wilson. Cam La holding the show a dao- Orat week. Hammond Bans "Road" CHWACIO, Dec. e. - Tobacco Rood, which wet benned from Chicago by Mayor Edward J. Kelly in received the same treatment last week In Ilem. meet, hod, whore It was scheduled to play * there -day stand. lienumend'a League at Decency proteetod to Mayot?nu* R. Marlin. and the mayor, Etter conferring with flay Dunn- Paramount numeger. and Larry Shin, distort / nor for Werner latettiera owner of the thoder, an neintogil the play could bet snow. Haggerty Cites War Rationing; Demands Tax on Radio Profits WASIENOTON, Dec. 6, -War rationtlig of paper, Ink, meta] for pietas end /stapling ante for the plibliening Wainer wee fameeat this week -end by John B. Haggerty, president of the Interned -Meg Allied Printing Trades Aseaelatien, lb II circular letter to all reistribere. Itenewal of printer program to federal tax on profits of radio elation was deo:added by the labor chief, who reminded follow. era that radio ties been Melee leggy wail under the rational ameggesio7 There hoe been no curtailment of power necessary ter brireeleave-g, Hag - amity stated. while =erne types Cl paper and printing auppilett ere to be tut by the government et winch as 30 and 4o per cent. A shortage of electrical power commen knowledge. be wall. cuing the ratleceng of power In some *actions of the a/witty, even in photo producing far natineet defenne. the Union president Meth!, "yet the amp dramas and other similar radio program -train be heard deer as many as DSO or Mt separate radio *native at the same time." Diversion Of edeertidog to radio and war remelt - Karts on printing will few0r jobs far union menders he mill. Ittrminding his members that thogrregelonal Meehan' aro only' 0. fee loathes Away. Haggerty doeheed diet 32 mentor. will Mee the poll& "Those meting officer will seek your /Ampere" he eautiened. 'They eta nipport your lestaheice propagate and Onus protect your work opportunities providing the printing maw Orme:illations and seeekere make thole demands strong eneugh," he added. Tb gout hie members in a new attempt to encore taxes on radio is he re. viewed the =toms OttUTA In wearing co-operathau of lid Treattury Department and Baum; of Repreaentativeg dining drafting of the tax lee lest August, only to ha defeated by the Senate Pliwlet Committee. Profit. of vie network represents s return of 870 poi rant, be deelereth Quoting the Treasury Doper -vent. Haggerty stated that total evadtmeting revenue* lereems. ed from $103, ha 1037 to ib in to Not profits bolero peytawni Of federal Move taxers eras in 1912, S In M in 1030 and In 1940, be de - tiered. Contlwaing from a treasury aturty Haggerty sold. "A Legge portion, of the tadedtaetiox prolate meanie us a Vs' timely mr.ell number of operators. The princlanil operators Who oanduat la.-ge part of the budatese and earn sage part of the profits operate to the densely ovulated arose conditions appnieehleg monopoly." Way to remedy this eandition. he /Mg. gusted, le to tinged the Sanctora BUL H. R twm, before the House Interment* Commerce Committee. Doane Hein Is that the Sanders Bill was Introduced In response to the earneragn of William S. Pe :0.y, patatitent realumbia Broedcsat- Lng who sought to dip the wings of?edema Communicational Coma:Liston by diluting the ONMentluicalians act. Smell Wind program adraneed by Ileggerty would change the blowlere Ind to it whopping tax vita broadtastlug compentte, eliminate most of time selite diseautita eliminate monopoly, Hattie& leatience at license fort* 60 per wan of uoensed raentati, into nocoprofil operattou by labor, form, ethesatiociat and INIElOurs groups. and Itatlf, funatinta Of cammerefal time broadeaat 'comparable to reathotions Imposed upon printed pubtleettoin mime the malls," He segued that portal regulation* they Wend -clam mailing privileges io puldiretkine issuer] "primarily fee edam -tieing limo:awe" and prepated to hare the FCC limit time sad and to revoke neer-4m of station* violating Mete limits. Thrift Shop Sales Heavy NEW YORK, floe, de -Actors' Thrift Shop, newest medium for helping needy actors,, bold out almost ell of to denoted mrehandiee In It. that Men' clap, arid to now taking foe MOM dentributiona. 8.boo operates ou a non-profit hake, setting only boede that have been eontoeuted teeth by persona Interestad *eters voltam, and turning WOE all reeclos to the Actor"' Wardrobe. Pitt IA Contracts Set PITISSURON, Dec Coatracel each all theaters peceentuee atagethewe have been completed by Phil Doyle for the stegetande vide oral tarry Kate for the moving Medan, operators. Retronethe to August 31. the etagetialedli get rulers, ttelferont rata. are in Vora for the Nixon. illaidey and Casino, the 11011*. presenting Dealt hilts weekly. WESTERN UNt -- WESTERN UNION WILL PURCHASE ANYTHING ANYWHERE FOR YOU AND DELIVER IT, SELECTED TELEGRAM MAY BE INCLUDED WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE. When you advertise In 0 halide paper be sure you know It. efecul0110n. Tho ildlibeaed has the largest circuitstion et any thcayhusiness track page;.. a caa.iat400 checked and guarenteed by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. the orgenization the country's target/ advertlieca consult for accioalo circulafitei fisuras. awernambert Era only slow -busbies* Freda paper Hoof reacher oil the latest buyers fat all the fields you wont to work is.. Billboard." STOCK TICKETS S.T5 C Pomp ROM 2.00 AVALCADE OF TICKETS Tae 1100, 0.V 1111, Rant Rtes *OM T ICH T S r.: Try-4,...trla 0.:: Sir Listat.. itaassat. lap C's, In USA. tootle RAO gide In th Is* Ca *meta cart be 001 OtosaFt Dast ia0000% FOS% ttstartsta el weasaci roe Pears to _ Dram. OM Teteols elaarrr cieeleear Wu: file0a TM. Isir tide. <SUM aikri AeelAL MOWED awl era odd P/ISC.Ce ROI La eosins 10, , * 100,00S.. *4,00 5,09, %31. Otsmataarset Chssila

6 The Billboard GENERAL NEWS December 13, 1941 L A. AC VA 3 -Month Report Stresses Collections, Pacts HOLLYWOOD. Dec. 0.-The American ThiMt Of Variety Attiela brat here trowel liticenteln querto- oadtin October 31, Ladle Lthatuy, exaeutore essermary, re - to the boil board :i=es ncrattbanthip c of nearly no. the alai:deg of 24 Mode unite and cotes. and the Micros of r FES minimum to 6.30 In 00 me colt Of Chat Li epics- Apredinuitaty In augo cialma Ware inspected for AOVA nue-wens 1.41oeny Moo marled that Inc night mertloo eatablikhed by Lou 'laser, throes Astons' Guild rep In claim' Matta Litonsfa arrival hem from New York. and now augmented by on the *pet" Complaint adruotinent service. hod eliani. wind aionliktteno, contract beobahes And other viable -rem AOVA distributed 0037 to rack and needy from Its Omni OS Ttleatte Allthozthy funds Outstanding rallsity woo establiabmeat, of dentsitd for one -week bond for ell new enterpthert. Polley wee Inotituted by AOVA ono thter -pleicsd up by the lkderattrd Irlatuted. land Anted Clair& A highlight of the swath: wee the men of horrah Mthavitch, Current et tyre ConoWs since Juno. allneviteb. skewed of undersceling. agreed to pay 6623 to he, Harmonica Rascals also to reirstato I:Menthe Quagerat end to re. peind cketest notices of Roy l'ankerniey and 104wary Clicerterty flnenelal report ogeln alauwed AOVA here la twisting to the black. ile.splth Increase In operating eaponsia of We office. Load x111 hoed a membership mesithig Nosteether 111 In Muoletairs' Bait and sill Waft new eleethat plueseetire. AOVA hob entorced teasels en Rhionaboogle. winch Urea orplan talent end which, It war chimed. lased fated to give odequate notice to We Three Rocketo, torte lane and Lola Oalloway. William Morrie Agency had booked the new show into the aped but held out the aritfry, Until Ighombonele hid AOVA cowed no tither kropilig the *eta on co paying them Iri Philly FM Hyped With WCAU Sked PEITLADELPHIA, Dos gat another Intel hype when WeAll, sate fen - fate retro-ha ttornentulon of WrSielt on Welts lard &fonder (1} after 30-sisy tact ininsralision. Operating loom 2:60 to 9 90 pm. dilly. It makes the mould reviler echeuvite of PM brood - auto for the seers. than sot owner. lit the load arm. wriv., warn started dally opriutlen on Nil ember 10, tieing temporary watt transmitter, thiamin to be ready to ctep up to settee by December 16, WCAU eteritit off Ho PM Odianieselail tattoo' telth Lan apeauons, Henry thirst. keel linen al-rop, milag daily spoilt. platted dirtet mad The failladathhla inquirer ambling tan five-mlrado ambrosia each dor, pleased direct, Inetivirrr becomer the Mat nnaripapee In talc caution of the actintry to employ PM for the diteemennikrn of 1103, NNW Y043edOURese N fell ne,...0.7n40sh Players Repertory Co. Offers Play in Verre NgW YORK. Dm, 12.- me. Fact, me drone In bimuk moo by Fromm Orin - nerd vow presented Pun rftday might (231 by the PIM-cm Relsertin, CoMpetry as the &biter Theater here An intorobillig If timehronimic biterpretatton of the amt,ry behind The Lett Stepper and Xaee Wm, The Face de- Richt the imiritord oberkiiim arclag Leonardo Do Viral before hie be greoteth ninablypieemi could be completol. A leek of lore's thartninneut at lint proven:ma Leonardo lroat oebiesing it "truly Unmet -Mr fate of Christ. This falling las remedied by ertibrequent apirttwal 3434 *nth for La Gloconde, Moroi Lime. Irboao untimely death loomed the dew become* en Instgrateen rather than ail trountrmotintable blow to Leonard. Frederic Berea. 'Tor 10 vans InitirtietOr tat drama at MTV and repertory actor at huge' phoot Leoriante'a role Mee ati 1m -14 -actor In Manta sit NYC. Indeed at times Instead or Lesuartio's foul being -worn toe nil to ore, his anal began to weer on ell who could Me, A mem raputabb: contrthatten was mode by M- enzel Wee. As MD rebellious student who tessent* hie own plecelebancsa In the attn. Roth Manning, an La Oiocotacin. per - harmed beatitlfully Wotan* the blankest Verse. J, R. C. Henie Ices Advance Sale Big in Buffalo BUFFALO. Dee, 6.-The mdso.nee robe for the retend mound sweat:won of the Betela Hula Medlydired ice Scylla (3942 edltionl hem le The heavier than previously antlatheted. "Meer wilt ploy hero December at Memorial kletatorimin, which seeta about persona. heel year show grairsexl *besot It le expeeteat to raupara the mark ibis Weren. Already the apireafier., the Dmollie,?empty of the &Seim bore. report. oror "20 tho tith wi. mcee ardent poeuta.0g0 I0 ninevery myll, accommg to Treamwer Chris Schwab, 'Memphis Op Adds One rillimpbtr. Dec, 0.-Following word - breaking patronage of 1041 mason, Memphlo Open -Air Theater Moen= voted At rogular fall Meaning IC expend IBM schedule from five to elk week*. aluatols selected me Rose Marie, Madame Stlierry, Red Mill, Imam 01,1 Crazy, or Bit the Der* And grearthedels (hoop hoe lunatic* 10 bunk this time, Milk Brown.. treasurer, reported. "Life".910,000 in Dayton DAYTOLI, 0, Dec. 11.-tour perform - Micro brought total receives of nearly for Life With Talher at the Victory N'ormaree 3043, it can the Pint thus a legit attacetten lied played the how for war then etas dey Mitt the -Woad old WM" Bourreir neat legit atteetuon cult be Mukha January IL WILMENOTON, Del, Dee, c..-prank J. Poems Mariam agent he the IA etrigehrliade' Mod, arm renorninetreel for the proridency of the Central Labor Ilnkin at the stoned antalnattoo of of - Mere "Amadei tight. AR thew iminoss Is waiting for the HOLIDAY GREETINGS NUMBER of The Billboard. Be sure you are rem-exert:leen Weller or phc.in rite office of The eillboord mercer row. now! CINCINNO11 LT LOCI" I ra In 4/V441 rom, oat, Arran lists Its. w, aitn ist, ties 330d 41,euest U443 1., ,43 Poscibilitia CLEANED BY MEMBERS OF THE BILLBOARD STAFF lea noirese of trr3 cerotheset h 10 beaelit 04,54tXtfa, te.olont, sours and othet tonerrned with Ihp orateitrekso pl inset in the mace estor Mid* tem The oaerode of every brunch or the thew hearer..., 1140WMIN INTDGS710 IN Siettliiit "POO le it MAY Annelid lrleru CARS Of THE eiter YORK OFFICE or Tlif gill -Ideals 1564 'ROADWAY. For FILMS UMW), ADM - you:water wito did a terrific eating job in a short - lined legit Wow,. Ihmk Horse, which played at the John Golden Theater, New York- A tiny tat, ha managed to project a Wily rounded nod mrapotheile Maracterniattam mid let those with comedy readings waant peso and tindr.g might la the despair a. pleas, of adult perform - eta. A cute 10014tVg kid, WO. and all outstanding perform: who anapesers fweerably With any kkl, solar now on the screen. For RECORDINGS Dio..moNT BAL.LAD , Eralep at sepia tinging Mama led by Fsitr, Weller, who for long hem been a mainsday of the entertainment et the Ohm Hat of the Belmont Plena Hotel, Neap York. A well-drilliel And excellently dlaylphired Oggregothill, cs." pubic or giving Out with tine line - monk, elects. Many of the takitshtual valeta are also Meelleat, our member of the group haring recently YPIleeriati In a concert rendttlon of lkathoveuse Ninth, under Stoitowakt's (baton. OsoUp would be nut in re. norginge of ripletutola Or stn tared Making ter a name rodoira Alm tee. unneeded far learworiptione and. U011-4V4141. For VAUDE ALONZO 8QVIRM-3-rmestt mat on Fred Allen's program rim the cotlege-prometion Mont on the air Munro, 8qutra, a student at the University of Nerds Carroll-rm. saute oe the meat talented eeltrttlao yet to &I/Pmt On the gimmick_ hairline <smudged Of vocal inaltationa or an eriremaly Mareentienly Terkel and bearing complete orightaitty, A talented red who should Wok handily In mode at the start of whet may la a wry enemata) thaw burin:reel Meter, "Arsenic" 56C in Prov.; 47C in Rridgeport PROVIDENCE. Dec_ 6.-Arernio end Ohl Lace In one -Mentor at MatiopoRtrici here Novradier 24..played to SRO bull. hoe, graining $0.400 in Oren eeeforteatsce, Top of OM brutht out petrol:nee MUMS! by MAO attnictions Itere issuer In maim. DRTDDFXODT. Conn, Doe. B.-Arr.:10e otx. Old Lem In for a marittee *111 One. Wag at the Klein Memorial, rnonleigally opertited pleybotwe here Nowsnalice 20. did tile best Milanese of any aitrecthan no for this meson, vowing 04.77*- Meal" nee min rather light, but lilt0 sign woo hung 0111 at night chow, with many stragieta. tiprincipim,d, Mass, Dec, Os -Anemia and Old Lace draw "weer ," mid Daniel J. Moloriey, reaniuring therator Of the Plallecem of SpriniffteliL at the u ct lea two-day stop at the Court inners here the 25th and Milt TM* marked the that tins that the, Melchior:II have tried ICU asirtalbs moire then a erne -day stand. end the packed 'mime at both performances end the martinet prow l- the city ran and will support legit for tc g4. Moloney said. There wasn't en empty seat et the evening performance and, by actual count, Ni. J. Stations Plan Regional Network TR.224TON, N, J, Dee. O.-First map In the setting tip of A New JOraiir regatdakt L4, was token lest PfUltry (Mt) when officuis of a majority of the radio stations In the State huddled at Note/ Hildetmeht and organised the New Jar - my Broademsters' Arerocietlari. A. Harry Zoog, president of WPPC'. Atlantic City, wars elected peer. Immediate purpose to astabluh fileter-wide boodesatiug ',Miele* 'Pesardlttg Pert:Iwo. govaramenial. Charitable and other proglaina. Ateareling to Zoog. Mote of Neer Jury bee bron neglected In radth ehebs, di* eolith the tact that It hos corms extremely oggreadvo and worth -Chile station' uithcn lie bankers Plato eventually cell rum' the rotting up Of t -pecriconeati flat*-selde brouieresting network." general menages' Of WPAT. Peterson. and 0, G Mosey. gmmai moaner of WSW. Briehltdon, were elected rite-prealdente. and Walter Patrick Kelly, of WART, Jersey City sen't'ry *tad treardirce. The executive hoard will Include Jelin C. Rini. of WCAP. Adattry Perk, anti WB11B, Red Dank: CreCKge V , of WPAT, Pate:room George O. Meotruey. of wrrm. Trentoo, and A. B. &hiulu. 0f WAAT. Jersey City, Third "Claudia" Company Looks Okuy in Buffalo BUFFALO. Dec. 0.-Keteave Thorax ham presented the third company Of Olaadie November 17. and ilnesniglit audience, which almost fined the hatisw. watt well plowed, fitl1ut11 ubsierplesing seised the day, rapechdly for the *tree petactpaie, whoa tuturahoceming be. intim behind the footlights bumph'. warmth to the otherwtae Milted rimy. Poet time days of the Claudio run mire' Theater Guild auhacriptffeht, Gm fallowing three troth. pobornanani (Mug Indepeurtmtly promoted by trlimugur momagement. There's little douht that the premnuilian will earn Its salt. &rabid Tallaterro gives a veil -tailored senesce as Clautticio mother, seleithg t the tight touch 01 frothuisti to the very appealing role. Croletrinding rmpree ion was created by Stephen Cramer limit Chins:We suffering husband, a niaaterful exhibition of m- otto:art and UnderstandIng. Mane Mita 3114 tufa oat ileooderay *$ Pearl In IV - /morn Anne, mai:deco to remain water of the 'rations Claudia motainutplaxce. damite souse trying momenta. the'a ruuclow blonde who Call go completely deadpan in comedy Irdirsienta to taut reaventagis yet tow... wed-it...ward tilt. - :untie utility to the dile ICOR port. lake f lap pact a glean by Lied?acumen and Murray OZTolll la the servants. ato Clark is the "other" crude, mid doers okay. Susanne Coubaye, se PlArlarne Danuelite, ghee her part a alight lowdeal Coined/ air. bit Matte fir Oelltrirat anyway. B. At W. BOPPALO Dee. 0.- Latest 'thew at toad land legit TM*, the Erineagar, seemed pretty Welt aided by Thanks, airlog holkloy and Theater Ciollol subscription let-up for drat bell or stand. Claudine. third company, here November for right performances, garnered *11_000. Weltard Xernme, house hulasger, teas plruotel With Sao take elth0 Properrhemotely ITO not ne big ems pruclotia three-day Mends which ranged from to * "Down" Down to 67C HOLLYWOOD, Dec Can't Chet Pau Dross did a Ude 08,71110 for LW lifth mask at fir abode Box. Roast Itait 4220 top Ana 084 seta, Figure woe divers compered with preview week* "Hellza" 7G in D. M. Return DES 610tNiNi. Der -liellievapve, playing here for the semen' time, groosal oppitaimately $1,000 at the Maine MIelltortam November It. A total of curturners field pekes ranging from $ *330. Playing tiros foe the tint time n year ago, the shore vetoed 0100 to $900. only Id on:little* lit the laatinee Memo titivating room ma demanded by long boa -alike Imes, but bed to be refusal because Maatochusietta law prohlbile It. Cliddlroe employees et the Court square *aid It weir the limpet. =Otero limise?mb Wen there,

7 11e4.Porber 13, 1941 RADIO -TELEVISION Coadacred by PAUL ACKLIEMAN-Cs'mosseenestroes re 1564 lirearlway, Nur Vera The Billboard Clay WAX ADJUDICATION COMING Mutual Billings Break Records NEW YORK. Dec. a inte rer tio Mutual Broadcasting System fee the month e# Navensber. tea, and the 11- moeth cumulative huth broken an prevalent, 1413S records. Pligare for Nonsenbee, 1941, totals This' i. the hialatat monthly nese: ruched since the network aim onutured In 1934, The figure Mao repreeenta an inceefte of per earn over Neeforater, iato. when the bating* totaled Not eenering the political time add. the b111194* far November. 1940, totaled , which brings. thia year's In - cream to SKI per cent Cumulative 01111r44 lee the 11 menthe of 1941 totats 14.1$ topping latfee cuentaistive of fat per tent. If 1.940* political moose 1* deducted, the total foe the arra II menthe of tea Tear would be , Thie would be s 120 per Cent Inereeme In the clematis* far The total blainipt far 11 inmates of I94 t, mthantleg to ea , exceed laillye Maine* Of by Mutted. during hes Incrustd it. tailings every month over the ouruturetog month of late. The itreamome. 111 trete:cam order. here been es' per cent. 33 per ernt 31.3 per mot per cent, per cent, 765 per cent, 1111 per cent, per cent_ INA par cent, '7 per rent and 52 per rent CBS Short Wave Men In Writers' Guild NEW 'YORK, Dec a1110 Weriera' (Mild, unit of the Anthem' reeve of Antertra, hoe tosothead a contract with Cobambila nroadeasting System covering four employees' In the Mort Wave News Depiatment fthild already ham n contract meeting the numbefra of tonttintley and dracenela writers, end hat April tie. notated a cointrat covering neon men. This latter Us how being rimesegotated. Radio Wretere Oulid total membership tt new hes aterted a drive to cat all peterallat members on stratum thrnout the country. According to Cluitd arca, the With la Mired primarily *e station* In Chicago and the Coast Tooke KD KA Program hpger PI TTSBD R 0 H. Dee. Tooke. progrocu manager ht WOW0- :NUL, Fore Wayne. will suceed (Merge Reid In n limiter lamitlen at KORA De - Malibu 1. Mad *111 return to taitereting a recording antelto, wsitch Ms wife managed durtng the two mutt he wee ea KDKA, Rill Ikea fortraray Centinuity dinsetor at KDISA_ has opened a thoordlog studio following his magma= from Ilse station two smoke ago. Bud will aim earrialleh a Prifebergh *that for Meta near Buller. Pa., Beaton, Reed Kennedy, anger formerity at ithea, has joined VITAE a a ataff Jetta. KDICA added Router* to lea new* teryleta. that nice Include Associnted Prow United Prase and Western tnon. 3Ihry Marlin for Kraft HOLLYWOOD. Dec. G.-Mary Martin viii take over from Connie Boswell on the Naar MOMC Nee Program New Vara Illy. Mira Martin Ina heel] ele-ned far the ant seven broadauta of and rase Marital* to the *pot irirdoudy. mut Boswell Anal prow= will be Clartatin es Day. A CrifiC? PHILADELPIIIA. Doe, fa-that woo am treshman rooting In the rubbish same the other day In the +detour of WM.. That wail Jock Stec k, WWI, temerancer and einem. :Neck told the nonce that a brief Mae full of ht* net maraca arrangements wee stolen harm 11.1a parked ear. On the thenty time the thief, dassovering nothing hat Mast mule in the dm might have elmanied It III the name treat bin, Mick opera the rest of the day. that Mahe, toe, himeing tbru the recce:. tales near where the then occurred_ Announcers Arc Persons, Says Detroit Newspaper DETROIT, Dee. Sr. -The importance rf peraonalty on the ale Eters-rang to agitate the lettimilsoac entanne Of the twat papera. Pamela ooneratriatou la On bating ell announcers Identity therm:else* no that the Isriectem earl feel they get to know them. Typical of the point of view was the ataametat of Ralph E. WM Its The Detroit Neu. "To mety mato!lather, en We tr le a -eery real perm:a We like to know who they am. we watch their work with real intereet, it la thaw their perm:tatty we recognize them as friends." NBC Press Returns To Mimeos; Plans improved Service NEW YORK. Doe_ 0.-Prins department 81 the National hrtedee.kung Company. beginning Decenatte 16, will riluontlnue lta poletreted clip enact and will go back to eelleg athincographed releases_ "True-talse" Expands Net NEW YORK. Dee. ea -The J. B, WC - linens Company has thoured Tree or Faroe en the NBC -Rive network end hest added eight otatatra :taking a total of 40. Deal I4 effective darnittry 6. J. Waller 'Thomism' is The agency. ET Men Plot Test on 2c Royalty; Unregulated Disk Use a Weapon; Publishers May Sue in Showdown NEW YORK, Dec Showdown between trameription Librery COmpallledi e nd musts' publuaters owe royalties Is expected to Cana attnaly oaten the turn of Ma you'. rr men have decided on O plan of strategy which they feel will force a deciaton on the Moot pant, of whether, the was catagranles should pay a royalty of 2 aria * Petteing IteSUad Of the present rats of 413 annually fee perantearal to roasall. tarry 7Re. pots - lathers: agent and trustee, queried this week, stated he knew that the ET men were bolding wasaings, but that he had te Indication that they were peamstag "iattein." He indicated that he mad the pubs would not take lying down the royalty cut antidpateid by the wax companies. Situation has the following enaket (11 Contracte between transcription comparata end waste puts for muale Neared by Harry Pox expthae at the end Of the year: (2) >rv Onapeobes,!Otte of *Melt bath been agitating for roamed rates, are going right ahead and analog ASOAP tune*, plan being to release there tithe: Mee the Aret of the year, when atekly. press Una. flguree the mire o4 ore preferred by mato editors', being Maar 10 edit and rewrite. the current royalty peel wilt leave NEW YORK. fee On Tuesday Uwe S) or op: compazted ex - Of NBC's prow depnetrreat will Meet then refuse two to pep a replay Waite In with NBC department heaths to woe% out ethos of 2 curia a pausing. whiela 13 motheda of better co-operation and Intcauttilon et the drpartmenos with navel for "ratordinge.' whet le epee:med the Copyright Act to news coverate. Chaniatke Wit be held let Toots Mere Pabs V1111 See TO the Feria thls swoure, the transcription conmattim Can expect to be Imo,. according to Pose. Fox, raiding that as yet no indication of such a plan had come to Wm, neverthricas told tbet the pub* knew. the ET men wore holding Mama Mewling*. according to emalp around the street. and tbase the ET men -know they ran be charged with eoneyernere Ho added, aloe, that In the Advertisers, Agencies, Stations NEW 'YORK: IJRNRY CLAD:ITC:NE, Willi an- 1-3.nouncer has concluded a aerie* of treeserthed *pole for Ploligh. Inc. John Whitmore, formerly program director of WIAM Orlando, 915-, Joined Compton Adel:Mang. Inc. no a radio program anemias'.. Bill Pennell, formerly of WIOD,Illwal, ha Jollied the annonwere aria at Wan... delta Lee added to the Wane office staff u secretary to Norman H. Warembuti, pro - grain obanater, 'Patch him Metalled a Vaolltrar pipe omelet 428,000. Intern:inane will be ready for heralerassring neat month My Daughter and Deng, the aerial sow. sponsored thrice weekly our WIEN by Itekimeh Conde:teed Soups. Bet ter 53 weeks Unli Advert:are Broadcasting Company.... Eaten Cowen - Sion of the Asieseelattent of Admitting Agencies scheduled for the Walrlori-Arioria Tuesday 0), Agency RINI expected to attend train New York. Seaton. Philadelphia. Baltimore and other eitleut, Ratarld Wagner, format,' Program Weeder for WENT Eicare, N. Y.. appointed mistime to Adolph printer, prograns artglor of tine Nettled Piroadmating Srilem. Wagner replaces George Clapp, who has Joined the Withal Sales Swath Depatalent... laser northera, Md. has appointed Ituthrauff fir Ryan to handle radio adartirin fee Sunlight Soap 111 Canada. ertfeeilte Immediately. PHILADELPHIA t TilaW SPONEORING a eanteat to select el the beet pa:au exprestent tite place of rah, isi guntanteriet the prep:tune lion of -Freedom of lapeeths" Wolter K. NINO, Young Ps Rublatha vlos.pregy. corning down to head the beard of Jheiget.... Les Vthra, 97TP rometuncer, doubling ae harry meow making lute bew et the Venice Cafe.. rue Kate end meth Brett, of she Ida Agency, lu town huddling with KTIL ease*, stntiva W be reprtoontat tationally by lb* eautey Mamba. Barry A, Ethinnrek, formerly with Ketchum. alasetesal c afiancl, joins Mohan' A. Foley agency here... DIdie reliant takes tate the For Ire's Only shoo* en WPM Pet P. B. VTInteaTation, Must Lawrence reigning to demote rill his time to the Pep Boys' Dawn Ferrel on ',VIP_ WPEN, for the third year, has inked a new contract -wills the ACA, coveriag en - Magnum and cella help,. John Murray. air perneriner fit near -by boa 'anal the WCAE announcing staff in Pittsburgh. _ 9NIKI has tompleted plans for moving audleet Into the Make city from at:urban Clettaido, end l akedaled to be howsed In new home MTAI (Wore Mt Divorce., Thomas before neat April. Army. of Moyer' 11 Eckhardt In town eio talk over Clam R nanbraest LOS ANCELISI Contract for May Ithtetall to appear a; a regular on the Bob Hope wan aimed VRANK INNOMAN'S tamtoethseaffnute diming tha work, Deal ties l3 tacky I: Mire bits been renewed for another option and boara Doortober weeke by Bristca-Myers Conspany. ZukoCa. Inc., has etipird for add broad. Nwormeitetve hoard Nalletais.Weallitedart mats over NCO, San Poinciana. from and Prielays from Hollywood Radio City 013 to 0;30 a.m. Deal rams from over the Paetfle Coast and Rocky!dolma December 1, IOU to November R, 1042.!*ten Red or (IBC, Agency handlleg war and wad handfed by WIWI Wetness:1g Young & Rabarana Group of 400 Agency and road lean NBC Maywood. Pervania tenants of Title InAlaninee... Hoagy Carmichael and Pan Webster Bitiltdirwr era their friends. attended * are writing The fantsplfpbeer's Sererniede, broadcast of Romance of the Rattelkoa which will be used as a theme by Ted aponfored by 1.01 Angeles Mae Insurance -renal for his Kiel Lamplaphaer peers= and "Treat Company over NNE %Moot - Kerry It, Ltaixto, Don Lao teleinsbut dip, Next week add whoolteachers director. eddreaseet a convention at will attend the isroadeat, Frances Southern California chapters of Delta Scully. NBC feehlon reporter heard en Cencgs. Modesty dnaretle Speaking of Oforamer, woe trawl of Maw recently at hoots Ala Junior COblifil, at the Sari Diego hearertadttg Club Santa Ana Calla tumeheson Weelneaday. Following the luncheon alba Benny was utteovitared by At:ft 01104rt on FUND. NBC'* San Diego Slue _New radio program to be offered proeptetive sponarra was waxed during the week by JI7TLIII4F GSM - son and NBC comedian Penny Leutan Simaipted by Marion and Cora Irorman_ scary deals with a fight manager and a couple of puta.. Trennen Aridity, atalreluseer on the Red Skelton Mow, haw been signed to appear in a detective role In 9011, CuararpFalels The meat of such a thcalnaoan. the pub. would begin to etherize rights which they litmus athrelexl barons-awn as control et ereangamenea of totes. Pox wad nude a For --al hut never been *welted be - caner It *marl have peeved * Intaltraei hindrance,-but in the event of a beetle the pubs' 'would invoke theaa rights, Draken' Aroma* Ace In the bole which thetranartptlen men have --or CaLuk they have-la the fact hut use at phonograph record. by radio atatima h ommerition for tritinscriptaana. Parridey rate for record. Inge. acererelfate to Copyright AM, le 2 cents. alarces the pubs want 515 annually for me et a tune on a transernm tion library. Tine ET men ask_ "What's' the radon for the AUT.:ran:0 In royalty Mesa" Conerate example pointed out le the of WHEN and WIEN, which tie) recorda and are also terraced by trieweelption lawarfea. The mow hands can he heard on the eremite:atop and ten the traramtptlans. And, draplto the vaunted bettor quality of transcriptions as against records. one wax eve defy any as'-ealled expert to cal um the elthartenes." ftemasitet traattrita- Maga, It IS Claimed. have aa lentatered their product that there la tittle eta - femme tneguality betstvolf the usual run of Inaray trenseripturne and mood* Even It it daletenes In quality is die' thigwashable, the wax two ask, "Wino ta going to have the Berea to penalise quality?" Wax compardes offer another argument ealratated to break down the rap - partner' of pubtiehere hadlog out for the, old taloa They point out that. pubs end El' drone eanuirt get together. ST companies ran but down C4I t124 number of ASCAP tunes recordra and eats get' by with about Ilse UMW monthly, or 50 On the basis of Its royalty pm tune annually, Ude %Ionia e4ttre Up SO 4003 per tempera -- w hich is not much money. atranahlte. their use of EMI haws would be ireeneratoualy 160reaseel, giving EMI ancaber tratudwien. Marton of the Warner music Imam cent (Wirmark. Harms and Renick) adds another uncertain ariatmne to ate glue - Lima end ore which the trr peon like to feel la favorable to them, They ate now trying to work out dealt web Berman Starr, representing Wararre, and figure they nay be *MO to get enuale on a per -pace Moak with Mew varying aeon:tee to value of the tune CANADA: HOWIE TUOMPEON. CISCS, Regina. arzak., announcer. as,e to salter staff, and George Davies. announcer, has joined the Royal Cenettlart Aar Prue Male Caeca has!weed the trotters:nero ear( of C Reams-!enlacing Nate Prankehou, now with rue RAP. ()trey Meta, recuparatuts trom an operation.

8 8 The Billboard RADIO -REVIEWS December "Cclebritica at Alta night's Rectested Thursday, 11 :30 men.- 12 m. Shyle--Gstest interviews and recorded main. S000kof-Toffonelli Reltmetanta. Station--WhiCA INOw Yoshi, WMCA inaugurates nn entertaining lour hovel new rerun of programs., heard Tuatwaya. Thin -Mays Mtid Saturdayn, from the Toffenettl Restaurant Anne window to Times Swum*. Slow Li mooed by Om Phillips and tonalats at hatravlaw& of readnitaat patrons and reeorded mode, Cetera -Item dining to the eatery are hi -might to rho mike by Phillip& for Informal chute. limed at Ulla listening were Ann. Barrett, of Panama Rent, and Dotty Dawn, famine bend tender. Phillips also.411 WiltvIrone of dinern and na a reward for the correct mowers, troy are given free dthrtere on future date* Recorded portion of the broodesat features request numbers froth patrons to On retteurneth pinged ty top bands. A pnrialitt rrannollng null la Installed In the whitlow of the eatery, with spend turntables, and oorriptete transcription Minty le on display from winch flit motion numbers are plekod. deretaila the oommerelais neatly Into the program, ecenlithing them with his Intention end chatter, Brondroat thauld be a trorign draw for Tenement's, In new of the fact %hot It More than ever before inittley Spirit la important to tory Arneddln! loin In the greatest canyons:in of the Holiday Spirit In Shaw Dtatintss, HOLIDAY GREETINGS NUMBER of The Billboard. Write or phone the office of The eilthesicel neatest you, now! NOW TOOK CUlt-AlSO 5G1 Itratdbbt 151!Co t Iti SACK orient woo etivetivehill Si, LOC 21 Oran Mow 1110 krretoisol Nino Cr...arca 0115 Wei CP1 ill W. 07 /OHL tone 6401 Program RevicUJS EST Unless Otherwise Indicated Ikat monolog with a eltety aucertment of patter. Lack of *Motto math: ice tens ltosentien as his arra IOU against an empty tookaround. Prom Balt name they sot the intent term the Illppoettonuo Theater, with Date Apollon raseatellsottng a =sadden task) and Lee Siam and Raney Utley do - lent their pronciont piano and song work. In Cleveland, Motto wed Music by Willard, with nestentoto Of Lillian Eller - man and Marc Arnold, As program (rands today. bon beta appear along mused lines, ea ittudio ans- Menem nrotraary to cocotte PrIcIrr praelical dung the afternoon_ Jae CAM. "Shirley Temple Time" Rovievrad Friday :30 part. Style -Drama. Spcosot--Elgin Watch CCMpony. Agency-William Div'. Stators -WAK Mew York, CASI. Vow that Shirley is a Ms girl. the can stay up post 10 phi. Unfortunately, the type of eller:mi6 her progre--n would agora] to gots to bed much before. 52A5 hour. Slim Temple le on for feat week*, with comtalon to put together a oar -studded ProsentatIon is entirety Informal and show, Layout was cortattily one of the creates a cotintrafted annoophere. Oath Mott lrer202 Ill the Watery of local Mena is not confined to music and eating, sod was pratillated by Prank Roohnenbent, station manager, snd Fred Raphael. doughnuts ere screed to studio dnncera but touches the gags. Apple alder and raindueled at a time when Broadway program director. 131fost station and network dedicatory programs are excessively pate In the dance* by writing Bodice for between minis. Lifterltril can partici- crowds are Waviest Eiliott prominent film eureka". Initial along long end most of them suffer from lack tratiomion thu-eta. Issued beraee each hod Wartiet Baxter mad a Milano COO. of farm. WENS program could Nava broadcast, "Muhu Goes Culling" Intent at Artnn ork and the been ranulented to good odrantasti but Prom the standpatnt Of emote deuce Mellowairen (fornatoly the QuirManoi. tilts fact notmthniauding. 11 had Intelligent thematic trratmtot and a wealth from being a good -will builder, has party, show Is the McCoy. and, astens Rovlowcd Monday, 3-3:30 p.m, Style Productton. pacing and performances ars -Variety, Sustaining owe WOR OJOS =frostily grad. of talent. proven a oval Jonah', for old.fathloned dancing, Glum those who like this typo network), First prograni pro:tented a one -actor, Emcee work MIA Melded between litutuaint now show raigthating A Boone for Joan, the typo of thing In Prank Pay and Bret Lytell, the latter of errian Mont= o line opportunity to Ile has St home. flesh Treekmma therein= hen Pinky Buttes peeing which slater has been seen strum she inking Over lust 'with a review Of the fast mitoup that aside the mike was three let an taming on the eintloons latently, tying it tip With general hiatortal highlights. This acipt, avoiding to corbels ends on the MSS Lachrymal glands end. as such. to right millets tat As It kends now. It looks In Slanley'a groove. Warner Oster Is Job. light and tweet. was written by "The Women's Place 'Coday" Like valtdot beak thru the toad -speaker, no tooth at that son of stuff either. Robert Stalked and eseeittegly daltverod Reviewed Wednesday, I0:15-10:30 Minter honk -tip picked up Philadelphia, when litany Youngman, appearing Oft could present mean probleino yang the s,roompaniment of spend gaunt ar- p.m. Style-Woman's commentator. With Shirley *pan:elating maturity, real In ttioightfactrard teenier, by Lytell, to at Rao Fade, went down a few blocks to that line There's lots of ploys that ranged by Dick Ration, Matins's Moot the W1P Mutton to Mr natioantly. Joa ran he dotted to indicate a dramatic Mooted PrasettoS house ink readributral a few progroadon in Wm Templet ever. But Pay's emsee was of twitter typesettere and coolie and full of chuckles. humbent. Oat Is defloitaly of tiotwork to far they're sticking to the name rapid caliber. Youngman's eiontitiauteini was a In fact, Pay delivered better on this show In Boone Shirley l a month:lose than be has been delivering en his own child, with Baster ea a taring but stern NBC -Red program. Probabiy a libstroc parrot who forma her to atop Indulgence nr ecotone`. In worldly pleartirm. An *.trident happens becawe of Baxter's adlneratore to plentlful. Stram.atio and alnens talent was kits wire's memory. Tha PISTIlolefires1 The warbles were Jane Fromm, elfect produces a condition which learn Yvette, Joan Edwards, Dick Tenth anti n Shirley botridlen. *It= that is nothing choir of 10 anted veleta. Prom= de- phyteally wrong with her. Baxter IS atittled by the family medico, and submatemitly remora Al soon as he makes Ills new Intentions known to Shinty, to and behold. the scampers. Mt thu nt a time usually aimed at adult aitelltrices_ Support of nitro %tenanted players Ls okay. Shirley olio chimes Ln with a mencroorial. while Trumen Bradley bandits his arinotiamineent and pitons effectively. Joe, Cohen, "Quiz of Two Cities" Reviewed Suoday. 3:30-4 pm. Slate - Quiz thaw. Sot:titer - Hoszeme Chemical Company, Baltimore. Agency- Ririhroulf & Ryon, Inc., New York. Stator* - KYW /Phileilalphisl and KDKA fpltettsoohl, It's en hitro-allots belts al Witt he - Moen teleoton trams in Philadelphia and Pltleburgh, each tackling the none set of queninges for the either Minim put u p so stokers each Undo/ In tho Interests of lemmerna facet producta. And the tram Ls little for the home town ni to get tatted about In rnotiat for the 110I150 team to hold tip eine glory, tint phase of the battle exhaling manly in the imagniatiost of the script writers. program dam provide a new twist Co use qula craze. PrOgrbrb is aired )01.2tly by both an - from In both tithe, tole nititteloftle awl bear bow the competing team in Moocher city stacks up against the tame set of trumpets tenni the Onal mores are In. When might. nom from the Clertmantowno Theater Ound. piths Irate theater group, woe pitted wind a Sedan Roam the Pitaburgh Playhouse. Raab team member gete thele queries, the newt two paying off Ore theft dollara, with the third a bonus question. paying an extra flea phut 20 extra paints for the team. Dicta also gem a pu or tatentorn produtt, shoving or faro eresrn arateding to tex, LIthroers tending In question Used ae testi- Morns! Lettens Deering far the oomntercot coley get sor.plea at Nomonte Quanta Ara of a general nature, Donn Bennett, of the KYW program department, enowea Announcer Jim Mc. Cann lo Phlladetplesla and SIR Mugs M Plitabliegh enema 141 their isithrts In gratifying manner to build up rivalry between the two allies. James Hervey, of the KYW program depart:mot, In Marge of production. Tiono-elty Mid tanks* It stand head over about:oars above the bumper crop of toad outcome. Plenty of Innings provided far sponsor to get in Its due, Meturio Orrelenkon "WI IN Dedication" Reviewed Monday, 9-10:50 pro, Style--Cedicatorc. Stollen-Sustaining on WHN Now York). WILN, celebrathig Its boat In power to 60,003 waste, took advantage at the livered Met, doing two numbers, Dramatic Wee, with Burgess Meredith and Ruth Gordon In the Bodo. watt screpted by Stnfford and ;Mod An Announcement Form the Admiralty. A topical, poignant yam of lives scram. bled by the war, lq aaltila0an Pmgraro included a batch of dedicatory speeches. one by Herbert In Pettey, station's director. IOW another by Newbold Manna, acting mayor. Thera was also a sketeh delivered by Bert Dick PLUMS and Clem Mc- Carthy. Voiding the *taboo. Scripted by Lee from Ideas worked Up by the three WHN emit, the stuff was good, belt over lams, Other comedy additions were Colonel 131..)eimagle, who Joshed with Prank Pay. end the Stroud TWhis. Others who appeared worn Owego Ilaralton Combs. atinton Lawn Jt. and Fulton Oumier, all news analysts On Vie station and all telling something of their erode. nest on the show war. the biotin talent layout. On the debit nide waft elm toodency toward windiness that la Inherent to programs of this type. Paid Aektrman. The Job Detective Reviewed Thursday, 9:03-9:30 P.m. Style -- Iniennervi, chewier =Myth. Station-WMCA rnavr Program Is a minim of fancy hump reading. conducted by Bernard liantsuse, baled as a vocational counselor and personate Oommitent who formerly worked se. ten Investigator for the government on labor end economics- What Mn, Ilatdone noes La to take a gander at n person's fithe and figure out what he or she enjoys doing. Person analyrral can then, preatrnalty, attempt to plan his life accordingly. Persons analysed are In the studio midienco. They team up one by one and Haldane diramirato On the MINI Of theft noses, chin -line and other physical chatectertatles. telling what earh of two denotes Perim analysed thou tall* lama tutu nmlattlone are and Ittittane this with kiln own otarneticht. Stiff Is announced se a new Wawa. 'Tnia tiny or.may not be so. he an aoilipoca builder. however, show baa aomo portentlatittea. An attempt should be made. however. to makes tin pruored. Loge a bit humorous, and certainly there Is opportunity to do thin. litaidarso will do ntsoe-rothierr Of listeners trim song al photos. Pouf Ackennan. "KLZ Square Dunce Party" Renewed Wednesday, 8:15.9 P.M, MST. Style-Source dance. Station- Sustaining aver KLZ Menotti. Capitalizing tan Mr returning Paint - tatty of square dancing. Produethoi Stmoger Derby Sprout decided to try the Kies over the edr, stub dancers taking part at 120 astodlos Studio attendance hoe troctemed so that show bad to be month to the YMCA gym until a suitable 'horn' can be Ronal to bold Mb Crowds. Carl Bitta calla the draicon Jtm Sandleld is trams and the?our inimeatroppers, Roily Chettney, Onard Otheso, to Westbrook nod Flaky Preto provide the Mate. Sponsor-Astra Jewelry COM:VIM, Phitdolphin. Attento--Placed tared. Sta* tlon-wcau (Philledelphaa)- Adding to the social tone Philadelphia radio!a taking on lb thopo dine tonal defense prospalty, WCAU Mem forward with the prim sonal ditch of thn meads Mra Gouge IL. Earle ITL This prosninent note= is wife of U. S. nohlator to Bulgaria rind ondtliner ambastader to Amnia and Governor 01 PennstiVanitt Phrgettang tin podlgrew. Mrs. Bade brings to rndlo an Informal and chatty quarter-hour earth week that reprilicrtlb Use troosterlf.2 Of a definite radio per - =Malty. petimating an oral charm Shot czcapa right out of the londomeaker and molten jou alt back Starifiat billing is misleading. twitted of minor -the -nun banter detagneell to make fern linemen tithes cuddle or cantle. Mra, Pone draws on her awn rich experience* Atlroa the pond and Intimate newelstionn with name that dill make frontpage news. It's on eye -Witted, raniunt of tappet -rigs In Europa Past Wien the dart clouds were begthillun to torte. And she not only gives a vivid account Of the InOldente 5205 mule front-page finales but oleo fills the gape left by cable ransom. Local costume Jewelry hone eporeor has a gem In Mrs. Earle, who would aporkle all the more If the ocaunter.ctel palaitto wore derided_!es afro thrill.* that crock at commercial radio and she Is a Muth for network favor, Janine OrOdenker. RCA -Victor, WQ,LII Tie -Up NEW YORK, Doe. 0.-RCA Sinnuftic. luting Company and Vintatit hero cenithtdoel A special dad whereby the record company will promote records eta the Mattoon natal:nag monrems, hi (addition, a nightly program. tilted The framed Album, will use Linear records eartusimety from 10-10:30 p.m. Monday then Saturday :24-br run team December NBC in "Dimes" Clunpaign NEW YORK. Dee. Od-atattemol Broad' mating Company will coroperais In tar Mlle of Diann Campaign this year. se -- cording to a sts t omen t by team 'Trammel, RUC Mean. Charles C. Berry notatant program manager of the Slut Network, alit be National Radio Director of the cernosign. and Clay unman_ a.. &latent to Trammel. will be diteitee-ot Orator New York Mile of Dubai delve-

9 lb-co.oribu-r l a, 1941 RADIO The Billboard 9 Radio -talent new Licitiz A DVANCC talent besikinge for J. Walter Thompialria Chase & hat:horn program include LANA 17JRNER and CHARLES LAUGHTON, December 14 and al respectitely. Jody Onelenel appeased Sunday f71. On Stere Lux lgortto Theater. Berra DAVIS and CHARLP4 BOYER ore set for Alt This and Waren Too on CBS twat week,... Bellentinea beer program switches from NIBS to the NBC -Hive December 12. with Loom-st and feet. intact. Slow alit air ono Bair earlier, however. at 11:30.9 pin_ CHARLES 1-MRHITON on the opener will root the Belt of Rights. the oceroslon betas tha 150th omirersary of the document.. FRANK PARKER, tenor, guest of Coe*. Cotaa Peluso Tket Refreshes on C1315 Sunday 114)... F.AY LORRAINE suited.* on LANNY ROSS'S CBS progrnan WoeVriendaY (101. Sertimers will soon publish an nutolgograpity of JOE HOWARD. who comters with REATRICR KAY on Cotumbles Gay Madge's. Tome le titled Jos nowent's Life-f Wonder Waxer Rlssin9 Her Now... WOR:a Oen You Top This celebrate* Its Pest anniversere Tuesday 43), nips estimates that LOIS gems hare been told on the show by HARRY HERSHFIELD, SENA- figlitiwoo BINO CROSBY tete permuted with a boor, Thanks runt, by the oily oh Spokane in appreciation for his work In selling the town. Book contained the eignistures. of Spokane citizens... PENNY ifinolvton, ister of the Riorteree antic car crt3. recently muter - Went a minor operation at Cowl Samtal. tan Herpital here.... Smokiest as &mit the eb tnvltahen mark.. BOB BURNEVS uncle. Om Rothe. of Bidville. Ark., visited him recently on a trip seat Es/INLET CLAIRE, 12 -year -old singing liar. has been Melted to rethem to inetesened Park Cowen user BNB far another mom appearance... Lull AND AtiNgti, Lasing completed their.coed picture of Pine Ridge life. returned to NBC'S Rolla City here hietwiny for thetr foura-terek broadcasts. While the picture Election Returns On NBC Committees For Red, Blue Nets NEW YORK. Dec. 0.-Final return+ from cheek:nu held by NBC adillated tuitions foe permanent number. for the Red and Blue Network Vitalising and Asivlaory Cominitime on Nattottal Defense have been reedeed from 12 out. of the 14 Onettletei. Members elected to the committee rep- Meet:tend the Red net laelude Paul W. Iforenay, arm. Hartford. Coon, Dn. but it James D. Snows, WI.W. Cincinnati, 0. District 3: leunley lielbbard. cars. St. Pent Mime., DUiriet 4; Harry. Stone. Wald. Nashville, Term., District 4: 0. I., Taylor. RONC, Amerilto, Tex. 0: Ed Yoctim. KOHL, Binitsge. Mont, District 6: Arden N. Partgborn. ROW Portland, Ore. Dietriet T. isternbrea elected to permanent Wee - mitt*. representing the Blue network include Harry Wilder. WiTYRATIMY. TroyEyeartust. N. Y Dtetrict 1: Berry Wilder, WXYZ, Detroit inetriet 2; Mad R'MA. ebenandoeh. la, linearset Remy P. Jobieston. WRON. Birmingham, Ate.. District I: Harold Haugh, KOKO. Skirt Worth, TeX., DIsteMi.5, and pawned Lane, WPDX, autramento, Calif. Dia- Inlet 7, District. 6 not beard freer yet, The two entarrinteee feintuent wenn trident into which Inc country host been diviatd. 'rho permanent. contnatue will held their Lest etelflbe January 0 end 7. and alit meet quarterly. Tont Hutchinson to R&R NEW Tonic. Dec. et-tern thitentnson. fern:indy director or the National Pitoenteasetang Company. telerinon de - HY JERRY LESSER TOR FORD and JOK LAITHIE. By actual count, eceeteitr.g WOR, the joke- Lttlllsrg h,t gone then gene Submitted in the prsigransb weakly mail. CIL-SA MAXWELL sell do quarto,- E.J Ment geostp program on she NBC- Bine network for RY-Krisp Meattner January 1 at 10 p.m.. MA/WOR/E stracasoa, femme lead an Miami's Tile Shadow, has grabbed another daytime serial, Portia Facer MM. PARKS JOHNSON and WALLY BUTTER. W take their Vas Pop allow to Sweet -Mier College, Lynehburg. Vs.. for the December 15 broadcast en Columbia... JIMMIE FLYNN goes bath to Itle home town, Oklahoma City, Decenr.ber 20, with his Spin and 'Win program on the NBC -Blue metes:wk. The be. will originate from the hangar at Will Roger* Field, with en andienes or 3,500 servicemen present.. WALTER WINCRELL this Sunday 47) alerts bemeleasting news show from Mimes Wash via WKAT- Tae MOLLY P1CON program on WEIN, presented heretofore Root One Carnegie Lyceum, will be cared from the Carnegie Chamber of Dineto Tuesday nights at 1-0:30 By SAM ARROTg wee shooting. Lune ewe Abner broadcast train e. sound surge at IWO-lathe in Culver City, with Lou Crosby's ennmanceenesites and Sybil Chlernia pipe Organ baciwnigund being cut Jo from Ifoliprood.... UNA MISISCE2.. will forego camera apfearessams white on the Mr In the et/11m mks of Charles MAMMA Nancy Baton Refine/14p. Bb e will re. mein In New York.. CLINTON JONES. ntenaging editor at the ORS- ILNIC Radio Nees Bureau, moved Inks his new Sherman Duke home rermetty. Route has nom built-in entenuan to acoomodate powerful long and.host -wove units watch Jones will Metall ea a listen. mg pest to handle hemdeeeta from the Orient, DYNE AlITRY, of Melody Ranch. arrteed back In Hollywood by plane ante addreeeing mb members In ChiCage. Business Up on Participating Shows PHILADELPHIA. Dec Bumper crop of *Fenno& Is beaming Om one-tnnel participating elms* nn NYW. Addition of titres now eporao.nt to LeRoy htilles's JIROff411 Met show ham the program ecnnistertely Aoki nut six day. a week from 7 to LI n-tel. Preth cola eons** from Iowa &Alf Company, Camden. N. J., for Magic Washer Stop. thru James G. Lamb agency here; Simon R Schnot.er, New York, for Mecum tax book, thru Northwest Radio Advertising, Belittle, end the Horn Its iteretart reetelarehes. thru local Clemente Agency. DUO to increased demand for pordeyellow., two osiditilletel minter -hour broaclersie o week hare been added to the previous schedule of five for Ruth Wele' femme allows Now handling 15 ennounennesele Per week, Pnelcra apeneara Include Iowa Soap Company for Nola Plaket 0, Washington Coffee, Grapenute Wheatmeel, Ineetzleal ASSOelation of Phtlestriphin. Abbott' Asitles And Wok/lance boa Children. In mill - lion, Betty Joreon's Flitter rnarenng shot for F. 0. Veleta meats here hen been renvesed thru the fees/ Clome-nte Agency. Wheat Pool Sponsors Hockey HEWN& Dec. -trot the Marta tellteetitter wasen the Sallenichewati Wheat Pool to sponeoeing hockey broad - elude over CJRIL elreadcgste are also fed to CHEM Prince Albert. Chant Cite win norrounere About 24 broadcasts are expected. pertmcnt, a poet lie had held same the inception et tele driltirtmeitt nt talc% ilea joinrel the nano department of Rudiment( St Ryan, Inc. Hutehlmon tote NBC a few nionthu ago. ASCAP Outlook Optimistic; Revamps Classification System sew vona... Dec. 6.-Despite rate be the Amertcan Society of Composers, Anthers and Penlight:re scessiersea by tee radio-tritir40 fight, Mere apthinistio nods within the Society are looking forward to heavy final:wel emninge, greatly nictemedi membership and A long period tel peace. Dtscontent coming to the.tatrface now la reeinrded as a eruntlesta- Mon of changing times for the Society and Is Ire the nature at purge. but es110714elg the erections In April and the working out of new eleonficaden eye. teme for the welter snit publisher groups, a long period of posse and proapaity le expected. Important change* now being worked on concern retraminng the alaialfteatteu systems. A committee on elmalfication of the Aerates Is expected to work up a report within 00 days.. at which time all Writer* in the Society will be notified and asked /or eilliocht A pladieher toninsittee a also working out changes in the irssn rating nyetent The Society always lacked a good mathematical yardstick to determine rating* or lia numhen. What MCAT, U opting for now la nn automatic merit system whereby the writers will not have to be pinged by lama fellows. In the case of publisher aserethent ratings on the old sweiten awe always subject to squawks owing to left that. the vague term, "erallthility." counted for 30 per cent of dui pliblisher income, ea &plust 60 per cent lee ger. formanot and 20 per cent seniority. Pub ainstinittem had presiounly tried to work out a more rnallsernatical formula, but 7he new elsisdfleatielii eyetsee. partten Italy for The writer group to mark ed. vi -.able owing to the feet that SWAP', Writer Wemterslap In the next few year. tit cape eted to soar to between 2.6OT and 3,000. This la regarded OS inevitable because of the llberraraing of member -!rifle cement:mu, owing to the consent decree, Insteed of the published sonde tieing required for members. only one tune is necessary-the esettoittlon being that the writer be a professional. Currant writer membership lu the Eeseety Is about as zgalast hut year. In trip years it Ja expected to go to Feet that the Society took a booting front radio dam not present soma ASCAP execs from bettering that Income front nth* wilt nererthetees break all records IN P111,101DELP/1/4 I Nr during the durattou Of the new contract. This Wild Is predicted on faitb In the progrem of frequency -modulation Hatton' and telerlaton. SRL rneen-shile, continues dineruntrig ins its case et the district meeting. a the National Assoeletion tel Broarteaestere. 'Thirteen sessions hate lelfesely NMI bolds' orpertitig unanimous approval at EMI. Four sessions remain. BHT wilt send out entreat forms shortly Wm the DessiOrl& arc over. These rentittistisi, for eight -year tram, overlap Use exalts. Don of the AJICAP centred* by three months. tale fact figured as giving ranks -breather" In event of another Wow. demo. SWAP. at Its acrimonious election recettr4ge Monday, delayed smell April the matter of chase/stag a new prosidont,.r Intelning Omit buck. Months aro Dock had been reported on the way wit. Others mentioned for the job betng Otto Ina: hatch, Johnny O'Connor and 044,1 Harr.nierstetn. WINS Increases Rates NEW YORK, Dec nalan WINS annotanon new rate card offentree January I, 104.2, increasing the base este to 0300 Mt a Class A hour and the (Jaynes* lamer to ISOM shortly miter the mart of the year, jumps to wage. Thle year it carrier 22 national *mounts, as compared with Use throe nationsej amounte It carried last peer. Level business allows ablest 4102 per cent Increase. Ina nor Class A rate. Pont 6 pan, to aigholf, for one hour to as Win - paned with the old rate of The new Claw B daytime tate la is200 lac eon hair. as esenwerel to the old rata of 11110, Rates for a fraction of en home are In propentton. istsavista inas PRIM CUPPIIG IMMO, fat. WoeleTeetre.. 1,115.5 lea SLAPS+, et. ens me, et V. elleeire 7-04T1 tor SELL mow WFIL for THEATERS HOTELS RADIO BIGHT RIMS OTIE-RIGHTERS FAIRS PARKS BALLROOMS RE(ORMAGS EHPOSITIOAS PRIVATE FURLTIORS rends ma wanted ia is Ohne brow -low of whew bawl - as, let hew owns el Mom hove tree amine In the Pile yew) b9 sou want to ow Into env you've aster overtire below... &aureola yaw wowing weeks? Theme one oluisa. aura. Weeponwve way lo Ito :Ivethernet in the one and ssfy. all-inchithe chow banners WOWS weekly therm read by ALL. talent Billboard boyars in ALL Holds.

10 10 The Billboard MUSIC Decernher 13, 1941 Conducted try HAROLD HIUMPHRCY-Coremweerstions re 1564 aroadway. Now Yoga City BLUEBLOOD BOOKERS BEEF Mrs. FOR Hakes Toss Dough Into NEW YORK. Deo. a-dr:civil Wakens are challrig at the tat becumse their ,000-a-yeer market Is crumbling natter their soars and they era rumble to do enetang about IL Lora la earn - lag about in the Ilona of repeated canoellatlaw blueblood onrenightent, expensive debutante paean. and bhp poolitty feint:jo:16 which MOLD VOItAg f fat' bands, and heel hell - Payoff, however. 1. the the blame Ice the drop In society bookleaa b bet. Meted on Mae. Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose late -mum provide the leads and elms of aociel entertatenicat be - heeler,name cartate eeellone of the hetty-trety set *Vaal weeks ago the First Lady wee haterammat by the preen and wetted wide ptiblkity on the statement '"/ should think eeerybeerly would hare diftkrulty in &Wing time to do purely social things there days," According to society promotent and bookers, who avouldett bt quoted for fair of rafferating Hata Prat *Kitty worm In Weaningten, New 'Perk, Chi - taro and other terse villas took the statement Delany and bees annulling high-priced deb porde:a balls rad spectacular Asocial events where bands were 10 reedy. Iran 61g90 to Vid per ni0e, DrwieM this statement lateens high 10- tirty more than any other brunet' 0 heed booking to that the 400 has level. aped habit of easing big clambakes et the drop of ha , to enable a lot of bebriebblas with gmenument and dintontatle dignitaries, thane new, the big theta aro a &tee& donna but aro Waring their metal activates In the Mr -calm of niti-leetingland and the detente effort. As a result nodal homers, who en - Warmed catrusleophte (Beets If didn't tom their warmer belle. are now clerviting their time to functime for war relief. Get Itivaatataus now bury a high adineweem tab. And proceeds go to the Many defense 115,,VD711,15150, T J. Long Hits Ritz for $1,570 BRIDGEPORT, Coma., Dec. 6.-Johnny Long, In Ma het apnearratee of the sea - eon at the Rite lathruoist Iwt month, draw n big 1,1710 Medea. With ad - math upped to 88 tents, gram totaled 61, tang drew }Warms on hisatrust apparent:me et the Ritz. May II at 70 cents, greening SO. &ace Pleas Comes In leoverater 23, 'rsddy Parsed Deermiate. 7 and Melee Barnet leosember 90. Darnell Back With Chester ARMONK, N. Y., Dee et-bial Dental teas rejoined the Itch Cheater ore at Log, Cabin niter; hero after tarring 10 Morelia In the army. Danteila release Dorn the Army came a few deye after Charter and event -let Bob /repress Tweed compeny. teasing the opening Ice Dena, who bed preceded Haynie' with the IM Mt, Derneel le now rehearrang end well get beck Into Beira weelaling service next Friday (12). BRIDGFMORT, COMP., Dec.8.-By a unanienoue T54..5, all Weer; of , Aramaean Fedenttion at Mv.14t4ang. tome reelected this week. CallIcera are latimtate Derry, president: Jack McCaw& vimeident: Fred Benner. anent-fel oxeye Jeer) Sclunidt, wording senator/. Jeee AdeCture, buertneaa neat: Jahn Portar, ttrassearert Samuel Resnerwetu. Harry Itrittalthed William Herten, Hare old Hartley. Ralph Korlf. -tuba Itayisalds and Wiliam Illetealf, execrate honed. Diet He Doesn't Pay Taxes! filica430. Dee. 0.-Charlie Broad. ringing drutniner With the Del Courtney band, betted by isspuseon the other night. After re- CleVerlier froth the hada shock tie Oil *55% eat dashed off a granted Entrybodir's Eakitt9 Money ;pat Techatkostakt. High, Society Another Pot bowel's', to working at sharply acted mien, mustreans at scats and tho band leader usually donating to the partkolar ability weed might hero been a healthy chunk of :limey for linmelf. They figure that W. brat SPe good wlu, peat end futuna ateryar Davies leading tanker and band trader lie the society Bod..b.mt queued. wouldn't go braved saylug that hie butt - Mee for the coming rearm her been a$ - Tooted advenely because fewer parties era being planned. Also affected by the deep In porno. are waiters. Itipaor deraere, rionata, pi -interne castrowest and the betels where many of them emotion& take pima. Columbia Burned At CRA for Dipsy Deal on Simiier NEW YORE. Dec. it-aelsiggra; Spinier ora. currently playing at II& Arcadia Ballroom bent was LnadeerteralT the alma test week for a dux -up over a remedies% contract, whit* Wound tip With Columbia dint *see Kanto iambi elalmnza to be the victim of a curve thtewn by Charles C. Own. of Carlson - dated Radio Artiste. Green reportedly lied been ploadluie with Huta to lake on apenterte bend for the ken label. seeks spent Joe. Higgina to beet the band. and, aaeordilig to dna wee act to hem Spanner cut fear Melba with epitome ter two menthe and a year, Price was set at easta Art lgiersodnalt Spaniees manager, claimed that deal wan for just one neraion with no options. Own could not be reached for a atedemant hitranwhile. Orton get to teach with Deena, alees sera, and asked Met OM I1 IL 91115).1t1 make bu a better deal on thernier. This was eater the maestro had armed to sign with Colturibia. Hacks enema. A day or so later Spanker walked Into Connate* to elate the Nutley but Columbia eviortwvi hadn't delivered lt to Becks yet Before the Colerinbta con - beet wee reedy, 015ISO had Dave veld on giving Sewer: a yearn contract at 420 above scale, and the leader signed It, Mix-up may make it tough /or CAA to anot env of lie hands with Columbia In the Altura Comte touch wee added to the agate when it vast imam] that Cahrmbla bad already iehtelittlect Iduagey to cut hie mamba arrangement of Columba; the Gen 0 the Ocean. Now that It's Deem he's cutttuz for this tune la Deny, insineree. DODO. sale its mom to that a patelotic wage ahould not be Meng. Hoar About Mirrors? PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 0,---Funnieat story making the local round, la on the operator of a mid-etty night epot. l' * at $15, r1451 the *op.'s5q alai 12 neon end stwamay had to cot down the bend unlit! It now numbers only Eve tooliers. When the nee eurvirces earns to work the other night. they huddled together on the large,tan's end started Malang out the nieda rhythms. Niteey op mine running from back et the roots and, rushing up to the bandstand, yolk& "Spread out and make It look like eight men," Shaw Mate Fold Up After Jan. NEW YORK, Dee. 0.-There are rumors anound that Artie Shaw es again toady to hang up Me eua7 Imo get away from It all. CoicllrtnatIten that Something of the sort Wax in the wind came from Gerierel Ammement Corporation this week wheal the Mika canceled Shaw's week at the Capitol Theater, Worthing - too, which wart net for January fel. The Coletena and Bob Dupont Are out, too, beesiese of the ratamilation. GAO 4poktemen say they do not attain' know theonelms Nut what Shaw mules to ISO. but the maestro bee already Informed them that be Intend, taking a venetian right saw the ant of the year. Mastro opens at bow's Stade here Trwrmstly Illy, and CAC Papeete to ;nut him down to Dame seat of 11 deatko5 then. Reporta ore that Mort", In tired duo to the strain of his road tarn. Kenton Slaying Hollywood mu:mom Dee 0.--Beem Kenton elated hie flat of a Pee and a bail week engagement at. the Hollywood Palladium with a ening turnstile reading. Opening on DUveday f23) Kenton drew an compared with Jarmo' Daraers 8,600 on a Wailer ethertala. Spot changes da cents and le 64ton:bye per pawn, Band Policy for Top Hat MOON CTTY, N. J., Dec Ton Hat nitery here is picking up same of the dance trade which toed to go to the recently dearreyod Ituatle Cable, in Dear - lay Englewood CI055. 'euresarly Ill Jain Windt& owner of Tem Hat. zwitelied 10 a band pinky by bringing In the new Call Hoff crk. Spot used to operate with a floarshow end a band conducted by biota who now Miele the relief oat J -Bugs Open Up `Western Front' In Philly, But Suffer Reverses PHILADELPHIA, Dec, S.-JIM/begs dominated the total eaugeal scene lea, week, but not without disastrous, tee Hieptalt eneltenlent was the PSeult of an anseterile tomcat for hot bond* sponaored try The Jitterbug Wool& hical fan Meet for the Jsbuge. et the Tk-ga Mobster. Contest got under way Mat Monthly ffl, plan ceiling for different beside (tieuelly aelseol mita) to perform each trailatay far the Mat IS worka- Locei ulnae: the' Union Ticketed the opening event. One picket, lamp Riccardi, brother of the bend's aeceetary, A. Rea Rneardi, wise bert when renal aittertrugt bombarded the plektria with talk bettor. 'Eaton seeretery denied anerttou of COO tr5.5 FP that they'd hove to lour the or pay tiandby fees of 48 to 112 each. Rieman mid the t oppoied the COMM!' because it wee a matter of "erepatriting team In the form of school betide" and at the eanse Dun depriving union performers of work. Pere litterbug nsualciens of Mail school age got a hue nee of nteme :eat bearday (88) whim they were azimeted and charged with breach of the peace for picketing the midtown Dole Theater. The algria aimed at the union mundane Heade and not amine. the Made WWI. *aid: "All mosielerus aro created meant- "Give jitterbugs a chrme.' Hide 'trio finally releameet Riccardi atm to fight the jabot; issue to the Hatch, He hoe lamest a read Mai to the matte projectionists at the Moan Toaster on charge that note -omens IMP cleans are performing et the heusen. Road can, If approved by the notional body of the SATRE., will virtually place Reuse Ott the unfair lit, Wham the atarterg band Contest la brewing, the jmaes got a aetback lest Saturday 138) when Jimmy Martin. who promotes the moos bared dances at Ehx*Iine COUntry Club, honed the Meade for the deriora t'11555 to /1145:1I.hereafter Wilt only he mid pare andwide MVO peeved plenty bemuse Matte Barnet was the bandstand attractaoo. Herten said the nag atierbuse, ilk, 51/5511 0,0.net they may be melt ware Menem were a ellettlehing itilltanger for the enjoyment Of the thinceal. Fazola Having Trouble; Can't Fluff Thornhill NEW YOWL. lire. d.-after many denials, accusations arid much equate Wing over a contract It Lisa oided that Irdad ereartellbeestoimtk-star carnotite% and eparteping of the Claude Thoen-allt heat will be released ea soon as. a replaorment can be found_ When thin happens, Parole will go to the Muggay apnoea ark, reportedly for loos money than he Irmo getting froze Thornhill, Pinola lire been grureallug for see: veal swim. and Iola grumbles turned CO ['Dale when he was told he couldn't go with Sprinter, whose matte be admires. Tboratalt, attar (Vet accepting the 'Muer'?travailed's. changed his mind. Plante felt that, 040, his 501:55501 With TIVOthhill had but born flied with the Willem. it mend not he lecalttriler0 la. Union preevecellaga A repokerentso fog the Arai seal, however, Unit the Union recognizes any contract that le "not Inequitable? Latent. Isullean Irmo the Fuevate front meets* from Don Hare& aliortadila menegisr-tri-ohler, a ho &tient% that Pria014 ado be la hie seat en the Thornhill bandstand "until we get MOW - body to tette his place, oven It It takes tie three or Mar months to rind the repines - manta Farnham heart la eel on anntag Statham next week_ NEWYORK. Deb de-claude Thothal Et In tho ports5 of replactna three mein. bees of My band, end it Is reported that three, pa rsibly four, additional edemas seta be working elembere by the Mat of the yen!. Els corps of rozzingers glees HA the reason for the contemplated wholasele departure of troalkera Thera - dente that etreallang be "Net right" Irving Frorela, chief rebel m the Tlionitriti ranks, cialme that some of the Wolters ere <patting voluntarily, Goodman's N. Y. Holdover Gives MCA Booking Headaches NEW Nona. Dee. O.-Music Capons -.ton of America was hum Dela week try - lag either to cancel Benny Goodman', concert dates idler the fiat of the yeas or sandwear them In on flying aurelay trips - Donation in the Hate Hew Teeker's request that the maestro be held Weer there hodellnitely. AIM Goodman could garner much more coin an the concert and donee dates lined up after January I, the awing king deckle/i Isis net would be just se big staying on at die NOW Yorker, whet with the Mehra tate of ttancati taxes now, Fire concert was sot foe Cleveland JAI:al but MA is dickering to change It to Sunday. Jemmy 4, same Orxemente day off at the New Yorter Ls fianday. Stmaer amingenzenia will be made with es many of the Other tines an portable. Washington date him been postponed. but Dayton end Pittsburgh may be aeletvgrat for tamaley kande, afneetro wee ma to play beta 51 emend and a dance HI Deleon.. Lothar wee can - cetera but no arrangement of aettlement has been reached yet on the Magee Tucker One-Nighter Clicks; Gromes $1,210 hi Scranton SCRANTON, Pa. Dee 'Denny Tucker pocked 1,400 tato Tardorae Tani - Pie Thanksgleing Eve for a of al the Buddy Club dance. One thousand trekete Were wild Were B20 at Ht ante tea paid. and 400 later et 10 cents plus tax. Maker had etrineerlition from the Annual Purple Club dancn load charity molladatcluti Area attracted 1200 to rho donee Taivi Inter - Preteretty Night et 040 per 00Uale, franrnkn gate,

11 December 13, 1941 MUSIC The B1Mom-a 11 Krupa's Negroes Barred From Pa. Cafe; Call Cops YORIC., Pa., Dm Gene Erma for- -MUM n 010 bend pooled loth kcal ponce the night of November let when he failed to septa: In policy court on a charge of Memos/tele Maim% lodged agnime hint after be came to the detente of two oetelood members of his told when lettere Itmteurant refused to serve three. The Midge reentlied let an exeltenge of woe& between Krupa and a city Policemun Who mitered into the yeebral dispute. Local newspaper...mint to the defame M Krupa In the natter. and charged the keel police with codas to enforce the Oteloa brand $Usbta Law. Neb. Dansant Op Hits on Plan To Cut New Tax 50% LINCOLN, Neb., Dec. 4.--Ineentleation by R. FL Feulee, 'Turnpike Caere men- *ler here. Info the tax assessed Agatitat Ilffeesti Mame has brought to light a face lo the new tax processes wherein the merage terpery un [Ate money. Tax Islip. which to flited out each month. Meted* ono braolost which pro. Milos fed "esberete, roof gardens, etc." P.M per 01,111 Is charged roe tax purpose's for eh* elaseitleatlen. Howeeer, the average ballroom pay to per emit On the tele* odd at the Stunt gate. and that' all Ṗauley dhoorerod there is an tipper - tunny for a habomm whbeh has en Interim timente-eheek stand, tot -drink bat or fair nale--to throw ilaelf newttarily Into the "cabarets, Mot gardens, etc" teethe. and pay tax on fire per cent of the total income. Oa* adentiebon let throe mars Ia al - way al* bittg01. 11A-111 the note* stuff bang Wee] and dime expenditures meetly. by pooling the whole take from all eect0711 the mull ballroom operator find.. he can make a sehatedattal saving in leeway. Pieett7 figured his taken bath way& on the Month of limey:dor. which was a bed one. and mine off with about $250 saving. He oath fetid the *vino voted malty be that. much each month. token en the average, ate l a texersving Item annually to any business to be metaled at. Check with the Internal wont* department how Dada that No dance opcretoes seem to know About any kind of toes. because they've been operating Under the 40 cent maidemare. which la mix free, on the go*. Now, with mu* tinning et the first pollee. Ode will give it iron who Mona already got LOOCCi >lone a chance to build thorn on the money he'll lave In teem. Kaye Booked Ahead CafeNaude 7 Months NEW YORE- Dee, 0. Sammy Kayo now knows every dote in advenee for the next WV011 =tuba Starting inntaary 0 he goes on a theater tour at the Central. Pasaate, N. J, and move into tht Metropollten, ProMelenor, and tattles. Bridgeport, week of Jammer 15: State. ilarttord. and Plymouth, Wm -ember, January 23 week; Dario, Weehleatton. Jaetury art Palace, Clevelead_ February tl, and Shubert. Cinelmiatt, rebrintry 20. Harry Ealeheim. Paramilikint tooter. Weer him over from that pond and bas (et hint for the Paremouat, Toledo, Peblittle 27: four ono-piglt thartera at Rockford, Joliet, Mechem, South Bond; ()mature, Minnespolle, March 4; Des Mateo and Dareoport March Otahecon. Omaha, March 20; Newman. Kann* City, Mereh 27; Chieng0. Chicago. april Buffelo, buffalo. April 10: bilchigan. Deirect, April 17. Kaye then goes to the bleadowbrook Cmiatry Club. Cedar Drove, for four week* eternise April 23 and followx sitil the Does Howe here May 33 for tai wear. MUSIC Corporation of Amines ern the mitts. Singer Bite); Publisher NEW YOKIC. Dec. 0.-Along the lines of maroldtmodog, Lou Levy wan :hooked out of hie erne lest work *hen Dinah Shore rolled him up to plug a scant ant W Dar by a al:tidier. Levy. echo bid been trying to get hold of lee Shore to plug one of hts own tune* started to talk Mashoess right away., but eke gam hem n Mat pitch before he Mead get a word In. and dereonatrated the am* orrr the phone. After she roneleted eight Imo of eve Got To de h'oedurre bp NO*, Levy bought the song, Seems bud the needier boy, one Private Mogarty. hita Own sending her Malta for a year lel the hope ohm dm 'light like ant and ring It. She not only liked end tang Chia ono-abu elm said it, Williamson Back To Fred'k Bros. NEW YORIC. Dec. 0-Fred C, Wutfam-.an, who coogned from Frederick Broth - ere Mimic CotporaMon laat year to open n radio production end penalized Mau., agement agency *with Herb Chicalextt tste lot- Irredeteick Brother* one -nigh booker, completed a dial this reek whereby he all abut up hie office and become manager of the Neer York otbro of Prederiek Brother s. Gordon and the entire personnel' of fl-vit will alto go tam to Frederick Brothers It sill announced by I.. A. Preen:Ark, prealdent of the firm D. W. Preetrick will'heriestarth deride hie time beacon New York mod Chicago, offending to deal+ inialting radio, recordingr end theater dates for the e gency'e <Ming Of bode Cordon SDI become heed of the radio and trawl-m.1in non department: Joe Manoolda will book cocktail Wei*, end Harold Weaver Jr. sent laxbk malt canal, as they did for 0-W. Personnel Of the Peet*** brothers.' New York Moe will remain toned. with Stitt Deutsch ae Otte -tight booker and Montreal Going for U. S. Name Maestri MONTREAL, Doe. 0.-Ilere Cooper. lmel agent. It *coking an American name band Into the Danes Auditorium hem Once a r110111:1 co a result of the kw:- ctraftil ahroring of Oeue Noma November 13 and 13 Krupa drew 3.2e0 on hie two-day maul. compared with the Auditorluml normal a night budnem, Admiration fee the Krupa dote wee al plus 15 cents Lea, compered with the normal SO and.10 -cent price. On the!stet name band date now boing let by Cooper, admin.-ton will probable be $120. Tltie city to doing boom teriainesa, due to war prepanittona and Cooper feels American Wade cam once morn do immesh bunters to WfliTata bookl*g- Csb 043lowey okayed a flue -night stand at the Arena hem recently. draselog before 3,000 'attendance. AMID border reattectiono are tougher, due to war conditions. American bands hare to put up 'with very little red tape going in and out of Canada. Army Gets Batch of Records and Phonos NEW YORK. Dec. S.-17, S. Army has beset Mum Cotionbea and 0.keh recolds nod 05 WMIltzer automat% Pbonogriphe tor use In Decree% based The time tone of difit.. wore presented with ennsiderebte pomp by Cogurrate at a minfonly conducted Tuesday 42) In hunt of the platter, mummy's Mikes here. A fleet of army truck* and a sepladron Of eoldiere retied alp In front of Ills place, grabbed ilia cartons loodtd them Into trucks and Move off. not however, before aerating a dock or Columbia and Olteh lotraffilog aettisa. The phenoe donated ht WOrtitzer hate been Minded so that they can be played without insertion at nick**. AFM Orders Leaders To List Full Salaries for SS Payment by the Theaters; Situash More Complex NEW YORK, Dec. S.-The American Plckait1011 of idnaclana bad to Map into the ork Scelal Securtte-Uteater frame *gain that meek in in attempt to dear tap the contusion over *dory listings. The Form ft contract which makes theaters liable for the tax as employers, and which they mooed to use a few Wcrtt awl. calla far the kwh'!" fi* 011 In the 'winces" of tact, sideman. 13tri, Mtnet bemuse of contradictory Information from Load 803 or an unwilliugnewl to dttillge erldemen's smarts; same Peelers mein plat liatiug theater mole for their toottera. Attontem for the APM Montt tint lost only throurre, but all looatioasporat and olmedshters must pay thee mat of the SS tax on the rotary and not the male foe the Job. Leo Careeman, of the Ale-iL said a intmoderstanding among some band looters may harp cropped op over the fart that the 10 per vont tratroltng tax Ia paid on scale rather than salerne, load Ma, however, had been thatruating me hers to 1111 to the "wage- ip.ittd with scale for the fob played, The local here tool wider the Imprein don that the only way to keep the recarda ottratelt was for each employer to pay the I per rent au acme only. Onerratte, when a bond played several Jobe In one reek. deb employer xchitht be paying the tee on a!warman's one. week salary', Irony Is that that la pox -lady WIWI bopped*, and. standing to tho And, wilt oontititie io Ifs the core ranks employere can get some other Interpretation freest the leareetiment. Cam in point le that of Harry Janis. doubting the peat three Week' bet-noi the Hotel Lincoln and Paramoloot Theater, A $150-soweek Waller In the James ark Mast, tee Instunco be put down on bath the Lincoln end Paramount contracts at that nary; and each spot pie* I per cent on the $150. Slum the government steamily only rapine's I per Roy Johnson se location booker. John Cell:then and Helm* Wilcox continue cent each from the employer end the as form. employee. In thin ease the Deportment L. A. Frederick slay. ended that the of Internal nevem* eolleeta an extra I persouthel in the Clittaeo office would be pr cent. or $140, What hoppene to this augmented MU-. January I. Wellarnmina contract with the firm la a long - BUt It does not moan any more men for the government has not even derided. the tootler when he poor* 65. Ammer conapelcailon Ootttned to Jain up the hooka to the one whereto a baler pays a eidemen mote than his minimum Falory,oule week* when the orka wale Jobs come to mere par man than the natal salary. Malty leaden have aromponents with their sidemen whereby if nub Is the case the aleletuan colloota the ortaroge- But NO one lose figured out yet who pays the t per emit on trot overages Conversely, of mutat. If sea* does not fin a week's timed come up to a sideman's Wary. he mould be short on ins 88 emote% If the employee* I per cent were only paid on mile and not on lee actual mime. as the AFM tirdeta le correct Theater, are 0111 trying to Satire 0110 DUO seiner heeppena when " and/ or tea tootlent hare passed the required 0,000 mark required by the $8 Beard In any given year. Mualkers are allowed to get a rebate on all tax paid ex after the 30 point peered, but emp3oyeela have no such rementre and would mob - Barnet His Bridgeport for $1,419; Pinny Take, $800 BRDX1IffrOITO ). Dec. O.-Commit In to the Ritz ballroom lore lad Sunday <301 for a one-nnthtee. Marne Darnel drew 1,494 hooters With admish at at OD emus, Mem totaled Same ins-retro drew 2348 porsoits 0e - totter 27,- mooing and On March 23 tugged precious at $5 mate fors erase 01 * 'Doti:arrow 47) Teddy Powell; Will Osborne the 11th. PHILADELPHIA. Dee. Go-Charlie Usenet ported et profitable attraction hot Saturday 1201 at Jimmy Martina dance etrerootten at lirooklioe Country Club. t'uliod to 400 eceiplee at 42 pet pair to make foe an IMO gate New pallet of reetrieling tibige and milli* dticato only In polo held down the draw a bit. Coon!. Dade taken seer tonight OH. and for etremecther Saturday prom Seto, will be tented by Al Doetithele Mid Xavha Crape. ably go DU* anyway trying to dope out whether or not tboy were peynig litea end of tba tax an a tonere who bad already mote hie req0lierli Anyway. the APM Is lintruming all locale and members this work that the tax he be paid run salaries rather than scale. Harry lestelielm. ParaineMat booker here, ways that up to new that "um' lute booh Prifiregoon both, In nee of a better *elution. The chain, wean - while, has He attorney* In a huddle to ace What kind of an interprenalea they can dope out. Some ark monegent were crying this work over the fact that they din had to figure all the In separately When It came to their 0Alled'st VCC-014.1A. CLOT -pens are not member* at the AIM. so teeny Wider AVIS are reredos to pay the tax for them and the Nader hen to ahell out lor his own vocal:rim Songwriters' Guild Sets New Structure NEW YOltb, Inc. 0.-lifore than 100 seauthere of the theepehrlent. Chethattre seeking formation of a tleirex-ratie organization of weagwriter* met et the Capitol Hotel hoe Monday (4) end de - Meted to *Toler Ire own oreanirational el, -velure within the next rook or to Dread principles laid dowel nt the teetering were (1) every aonsprolth la to hate one vote; (2) org is to wock exclusively for aomocrsterse Intareeta: 43) all eon' writers may Mtn. Decision to Joon a dearly defined nit coma two weeks atter Committee Junked its title. Soap/0*W Onlid, In order that mention, be *Wood greater freedom of action and not feel that they are working In competition with other bongs -Mee =IOWA or mile. Meeting will be held Teeilday COO no eeleet tame and cdnami. All %how business la walling for the HOLIDAY abet"' troe4 NUMBER of the billboard Be tore you are repeesented!! Vitale Of phehe th Witt) hi The BillbOard reared lees... now! sew flue, iltlea Se. ciao. St. NM/Ono a tale memo aiee euectieleam Leierms Awe& baon bb4l. am* meenert Law xellat.ta I ye esalleo

12 The Billboard MUSIC Deseraniscr r Y, 19-3 TralOon Tilde Fraellabar Mope IMIN. (d wort Ca ta ,11 le Wk. VP. Elem.) MAGIC OF MAGNOLIAS 1E1.. Parememt IS - 2. ORANGE 0( LANE Mdlre 33 a 7 3. AUTUMN Wlhorark 4. TEMIR'S TONE ROAN% - 4, 1,11,111pTy Cr,111PTY HEART PORIZINFIWhEto Conn Fl.... S 5. CHATTANOOGA C/400 CHOO Pohl , MACIILAINS Seleer 1/ 4-5. WHITT CLIFFS Of DOVIR Shaphs.aterneteln 34 6 it TWO IN LOVE W/then 2_2 4 T. HART MINI III F. I COT IT gap Rabbler IR IS II TR4PE SERV/CE FEATURE 1311!boqrd 4 IL SINNER KISSED AN ANGEL. Faotow II If E. THIS TIME THE MILAN'S ON ME tf1 Remick SHEPHERO SERENADE MateraMonto 17 1* 10. I FOUND TOO 1/4 THE RAIN Fergie SINTITTNING I LOVE 1411 CAappel IS 3 - I L MOONLICHN MAS011t/IADI T.R. Harem TROPICAL MAGIC IFS DretalenVore0. Cohn IL RY-U, Irlt0 IdalarlIc-Orrono- Homo MA MA MARIA Ittanhoollernileha wal-f- MUSIC MIDUIARITY CHART SONGS WITH MOST RADIO PLUGS tottostelg Az* the 30 gem *110 the moat plugs Oatt the :our melon New York outhie MCAT, WJZ, WOO., WA0:11 lor the ant 1: /1992, IforrAbee 2$, and enema Friday, Dereconee 2. TIN are hued eci..perk mupplled by De. John 0. POAM1111, threllr{ir011t Of payenoloty, Collect of ant MO' et New Yolk, and ITIvitotor et 0131A, at Rcovatets-Itodlo Oralaton, and toter ell bread. caste green a a.m. to I an. dilly. The Iltunher Of ploy. ear Warm DO Naas. over *3. Indrpendenl. ration twill'. WMGA, 4171RW, WOn avetra only LOA petted from 0 p.m. to t km, daily_.*clef theme. and oignahma are not linchaded. Part tunes are denta 'noted by AA roueleal asenedy woes with ne 1641: I 32 It a AMP' WEEK ENDING DECEMBER NATIONAL AND REGIONAL BEST SELLING RETAIL RECORDS ruts corayalation ta booed upon report. nom the 1011mirlad Moroi of Slew :0 AM Wpm 1 -overdo 51 1Lo raak reek. New V.46 Guy: Center Mona &era: Liberty mute Shop: Caleey Music Shop: Etelnon's DROP: IL 11. AtAcy of Co.; Abraham Is Othotat, BraitOOrt, Bonn M.:And 0r7 0906s Co.; Whims Raab SWAN: &Okla Dirac. Pastoton. Monon Mode co.:.224 Melody AMA: Martin MONO Co.. lot. DUBOW WRUNDAD 84Cht 010P: 61040,1rigy Mdtla 87.80: Menne Record ShOp. Pittsburgh: Yolk. Mtn 11raw. Sm. P lithliei Whoolohkee'l licoftroont thee*: Dowittaan ANON Mop; Alex A. cletulia_ DIANN! The Ala, CO; Tne Retard neap; chart*. C. Weill MUM Co Late Cur A 0. M. 1, Rotolo Dept. Melee A hank Do.;.1, 1K. mil co. Los Anralest trautbern California Musk Ca.: Ilottiatoo4 Mom 65 HUM; 01ton waltich's Steuic city. Den Plasenets: Sehrenacher-Fray. ammo; Sean, Roane* * Co: Msnhen 71414: Worlitaters; Lyon At Hotly; ClOidelatt neon Cincionatt: : W11121 MINN Co; RZWIPII W4V1t.f.er 131e1111aor4'e, DOG: C !Bast 49011, etllotelon: 8017.Wer'6, Harm of Iran% 2. O. Daadtial Plano 0o, On Molnar. Pea Maine. Maude Room 1:14V1dbX1 W. 1.1.;roill Wart:tart* Orinnell Deo M. Mn.: Maas 111. WW1 Mellen Co. of Munk; ranott. B17. Paril: W Moe.; 3y ger Nor411.7 Co. OpeingOt16. Ma: L. Z. Lime SPAIN Co. allnistaitiii Radio Ira Rhos; Z. R. Rows & Son.; Monarch SOLI GO.' Ligall Ftilee Goods Co Atlanta: Cos Proatelpison Italtelen, N. O.; R. Thiess, neepliranon Mum Co. Miami; Rloharda OA: Bardith, hid. New [Irian.: Lenin LINUW Oa, I1=-: CI. &Pieter. Inc TM: IdtCrOrtal Drat' ION.Datro Co.!WO 110:0010: Alamo 1111/1/0 Co.; San Antotne Matti. 04 WailinglOn, U. C.: E. IF Snoop; to Awls Grid. CoMpeo,T NATIONAL MIIRYN IRL Pflt: I A I. CHATTANOOGA CHOO GUNN MILLER 2. ELMER'S TUNS r-clinfi WILIER 2.I, PIANO CONCERTO -FREDOT MARTIN LOVE OF MINI -TOMMY DORSET 6 S. FONICHT WE LOW -TONY MARTIN 5 6. YOU MADE MI LOVE T011-1AUES 3 7. SHEPHERD SURINAM -HORACE MIDI' - 3. SHEPHERD SERENADI - C , I DON/ WANT TO SET THE WORLD ON MI...INK SPOTS - ID. ELMER'S TUNE -DICK I LI RCE141 -mllomminer21:5=m k NATIONAL AND REGIONAL SHEET MUSIC BEST SELLERS AitriplloWn le treed Iron riaporm Proolvrel *cal the rano/arty anent jobbers and OWN. at their II brat..wily tongs of the pal 'Net. Dem York City' Mori Olialerr ISNYIte, 111A; A Do. P1141burl-ta: VOL4V Inc 1940 'rename* Praillo Came Muolt aradyery. 82acterin. Clay A Go. toe Augykr. Moto M. Freeman. Ion &MIN: Craptled WA a Co. Dorgan& Orlf.: Ulm, Meek Chteeeo. Lyon & HP117: CAN PINJaer. Inn.; Omen* Mated Maur Co.: A. C. WORN- 81, Loot.- Its. LOUIS %hale Supply Co Mania City, Mo.: JrADIEN More 00 Wadi : Grinnell Brother., Ban Anion*: flootterrn Stance Co. New Oviteane O. Relidrroer at Loulgena. Atlanta: Cable Nem Co. notate, ANL; Deems Male Go. MST NATIONAL pootttion err. '0 la teitton kh_ Wit, WI Shepherd $03,,R , Tonight We Loral 2 1, ELMER'S TUNE 6 3. Fleara1/2 Tem 5 4. Cisetlanotsta Choo Cho CHATTANOOGA CHOO 5. TIM Love Of Mine Doet Want To Set the Worild on 11n 3 3. SHEPHERD SERENADE 7, y.u, fpyo 9 8. COneillo For Toro 4, TONIGHT Wt LOVE - BON of tan Rewocl I 10. TE4 And I DON'T WANT TO HT - I1, THE WORLD ON FIRE 15 While Ii. I Crelee of Derv. found Teo In the Rain 1 5. I THIS LOVE OF MINI Tro In low AND 1 I2 15. Why Den!, Wa Elo Thh Mote Wien? 8 ft PIANO. CONCERTO MIDWEST 4 1, Dereth Thor 13 0, /T Z. Chattenosfe Cleo Chao 3 3. Tonlalet We Low - 10, WHITE GI.1111 Cl DOVER Ihroed!vaned* S. I Otani WPM 'To Set the World on foe PILLS OF SAN RAQUIL 0 6. TON Lore of Alan* 7, Piano Conterto 10 IL TWO IN LOVE 10 8, CMG/ft for Too II Y-0 '1 11 IS. CONCERTO FOR TWO 10. Jim I 31, Too end I ot San Raquel M - IS. Two le Lora 14. Clay Celled Nene* - 15 a/adilaine I Soo a o WEST COAST FMITION Lad Tab na. Wk. 1. Shedleml Some& Dome. Tomo 6 3. ChMemega Cam Ghee thol Want T. Set fee Wadd on tire 7 5_ Yoe feet 1 5 C. Toolght We Lore 8 7. Tare Sere of Mee IL 08* 01 San limml Two le Lem Meacham 4 It IL. WM.. CM!. of Dane It IS. Men. Comeach. O 14. Toil Are My Martidoe - IS By -0 SOUTH a 1. Elmer'. Ve44 O 2. Cluittaneelta CNN CIN 2 S. ink.. Leer of Mine 1 4. Nam CeeraceN 3 5. I Slant Wane To Sel Ihe Woil4 on FIN 8 6. Shephvid Saranida - 7. trallahl We Son 11, Yea eed I 7 9. Two h Lore 6 10, Thee Wee White CIO. el Mora /fedi, Ily I See a lannen Pr9014 II II. Cloy Celled Herm Yet,. EAST Alt Tan L Wt. 2 1, thariantraga Chao Close -GINA Mier 3 2, lame. Time -Ohm Mier 1 3. Plena CANorte --Freddy Morale 4 4, Too Made K. Lore You.1111`141artiel 7 S. Tontine W. Love -Tony Mahn 6 6. TIM Lore el Wet --gramme Dom" 7. Shepherd Scapriade Ceortay R, Sheiakeril Tratrade -Hemet Helen - 9, A turret Rioted an Ante! -Harry Mee 'Tit Autumn -L,, Imam MIDWEST r, cnonesee7 Chia Chia -Clem Milk, 2 2. Plow Coraert*...Freddy Merlin 3 3. TIM lore el Mine Tama? Dorsey 4 4. L'Ime. Tune -Crane Millet S S. Elmer's Tune -Okk Parpons R. Shepherd Terotrdai Shepherd SeNtrade -11oroce Heide 7, helnlia-ssomy Raye Den'! Weer To Sol the World On fire -Into Sixth ThAtetunet -Les Seem : Oroczes nacho, Inc 3011eralr.117,. :91eMart IV/MT-ink LonWe. nut Wia SOUTH 1 I. Chattanooga Chloe Cl.....Glom Miller.2 2, Plano Conevria -Freddy MaNlo 4 3. lanarh Van. --cltost huller 1 4. Tomah. We Lam -Tony Marlin 5 S. I Don't Warr To Set Phi Ward on flee -Ink Sotto 6 6. This IAN 4.1 Ml,. -Tommy Corso, - I 0 7. Shepherd Screetede -HAM, 110dt 7 IL Pen-11eneny Caney - 9, Yet. Indeed -Toomey Dorsey 10. You Made Me Love Yeo -Nor WEST COAST 4 1. Elreer's Tone -aeon MIlley I 3, Chet/moor, Clove ChM -Glenn < Plano Ceara -No -Freddy Martin 4 4. This Love op Mine -Tom., C44, You Moto Ma Len Teo -Nary lame, I d. 1 poll Want To SO Me World av Fier -Mcrae Holds I 7. Mum In Me Wahl....Woody WIMP% B. Toniete We 144* -Tem Mettle 9 9. Shepherd Saccade -140rott HMO Shepherd Setteral -Mee Cloak, LEADING MUSIC MACHINE RECORDS Rovidn111115Aird WAR am verrently lb. woes; rAIFIkFT., II moonnalle phonographa IMINglenk nee the of report* ;tethered roll met by reporratttaima or The foe th DiTleof Outdo 1Po1414 Mat appears In hide MeMelne 8e Morale en arthered from at least low Hearse idetermaiin orarstore In [nth of the M mom Important phonograph operanne centers in the ramify. Notatm of nerl+ etecerlinge hero :approved 111 'Logo, ht. hratirattel ID posehirrea tollourad 113.1m In that *Mon. GOING STRONG I DON'T WANT TO SIT THE WORLD ON FIRE. 1121h Week) Ham* PIMA, Ink Spoti. Tammy Tartar. JIM_ 111th Work' Downy Carley. Dinah MAN, CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO. Idlh Wesel Glom Minor, ELMER'S TIME. lath Week, Glenn Mater, Ark:evert Sheen, Dial With% PIANO CONCERTO_ THIS LOVI OF MINE. STIEPHERD SERENADE, rsah Wwkl MesOln. 123 Weak. Tamil* Dorsey. COMING UP Pled [sooty, Homo Reid!. WHY DON'T WE DO THIS MORE 0111/17 Km lq ',MUT 1.1.,"*. Aerhoere Sialtre THIS TIME THE DREAM'S ON Mt. Weld* Hena*. Cleo* AMIN. THE WHISTLER'S MOT N.tAW, Herat. Held!, Nita Wert ITALCIVS, Andiron Shama Bing CroIhr DELLS OF SAM RASDAL, Dirk Glen Cam. BT.U, ' Weedry Hama. /teddy Meth& Kay Klan.

13 December 13, 1941 MUSIC The Billboard 13 Just Completed 3 SMASH WEEKS! HAVE YOU HEARD PARAMOUNT THEATRE The * NEW YORK * World's No. 1 Trumpeter! HARRY Olb/le ;$ 61;4 AA MADE A, LOVE yoi7f. COLUMBA N,3,529e at the 1.110l11 HOT 1, N. Y. to Dec. 31 AIIIES and his MUSIC )TAKERS featuring HELEN FORRESTDICK HAYMES and CORKY CORCORAN Get these latest COLUMBIA releases! "He's 1-A in the Army and "You Don't Know Whal A-1 in My Heart" Love Is" "Make Love to Me" "Melancholy Baby" PERSONAL MANAGER Exclusive Management FRANK MONTE Most Ilep Maestri Using Vocal Combos; Pays Disk Dividends NEW YOBS:. Dm, C. --Litre Lends ate thing vocal combinations than ever be - tore, which to taken as a algn of Menne- Inn prosperity In the tick ha- When tunes wee hard and the Ulna pawned. culy the tap outfit.* Muni sited, lissurf of amine emanate. let mime the sansei el mate and female chimera Those days, t-swever, tt to a latfo OA which deer not 0 quartet or trio In addition to the gal and bey Opera In the min, haat without roam amboa fall Into the out -and -omit rains ntlitilerf. trying to sell onistelanthip lather then shmarianship. and even two Or them. Artie Shaw and Harry James, have tasked string Waren% onto their NY Vella, by war Of loading added efetwarle to their offerings. That the!main gobbles up the barmottosing La proved by an examination or but week's Bawd Buying Outdo, tp the rondo machine *Maori or The OM - Tiorioty-Ave tome were nea- blame. tened, either as "Gang Strong."' -Coming an.- -Pomebutues- or "Beat Be. leases of the Week" for can phones. Of the AS preferred Wake, 213 furtive vocal blending of one sort nr another, liven more sivilficant Is the filet that Harry fanilio and Benny Coodionn were MS Only eels which never use vocal combine,. The ahem go In for the hersormlet on a high percentage of their waxing,. The preferred typo Of WO 6:921OloR thine days Is the tbrec-larys-andwine-glrt fort. oath as the Pied Piper* who ling with Tommy Dona. Such combos are Rani to Mesta, but a Sew band. have managed to tom the tack. Amour the foromeast ere: Charlie Spleatie Mori:110Am, Stank ktuterli Iltringinaltent, Sake abldt's Donna and Iler Den Juan, end Glenn Miller. who gas a isialtar luarnionte clime reel the Vacran lifodernalree. Bend* who pastas no Vocal combo hired ptenluty for taint mire -ore aro going In more and more tar mumble Engine by the sidemen. and there rire ley mks. if any. who Merril at least ate choral arrangement In their books. Beat *mown Toad combos. in addition to those trientlithed. Include King Sisters (Mirth Bey). Murphy Staters (Carl HeCI. flourly Satent and Donnie Baker and the Hangnails (Oath Tucker V, Three Etude& (Sahel' ISAy0.1.Ornbardo Trio (Guy Loreiaela, Other bards Using vocal ensemble effects are Pad Waring. Kay Kura, Mc - Portend Twins. Pall Slittenif. Mitchell Ayres. Ben Bernie, Johnny Messner, Deb Chester, Lea Brown. Priddy Marna Woody Berman, Art Jarrett- Dick Kuhn. Jimmy Liaticefool And Dick.Turgens, among many others, not to omit Jimmy Dorrey. toslque CeConneal-Eberly duo. Tommy Tucierk Three of tie has recently grown into the levee of tie. IMerkhawk Renews Brown CHICAGO. Dec 0.-Blackliawk Cafe lila Man Lee Brown orb another renewal. labial will keep band here until January la Brown has added Butch Stone, forreer lorry Clinton and Vat Alexander venallaalidetnan to the rag wrettent, making eta reeds to all. Sleek. hawk has upped Dames teko 10 atworb added Cost or having Sterne littipstlatlans aro Ilnater eny tb sot arta Titan' ike the meet band. Tucker la =dome to got the WON as time from Ito spot.' F Music Items slitheine. Lis New York. Sweet Mute will release ditties Independently. with Bar - Melly PublIcationa as Its Asom, autold. Dori Teeters. Telerio, mato sikrre and rorisanalth, has started a ptiblishing house CRUad itheinaudy Song Company. Analier hew OW116616,1 Om Is Better Publithets and People HANK KUTON, la beading his own publtalthis trot Enact Mule Pen.- Eking* Publications. in New York. Outfit IS headed by tholey hams and Jay Gordon 'PLutle, Colonial Music Loa released Orebtatro.- tione on Old CAW WcUa Ifoo, smite by Clarence Stout, of Vinceonra Incl. Itobbleu Music has engaged Larry Adler. harmonica virtuoso, to write an In sanction book and manual a bet - Menial Choruses, Impacts:} new pea it Geese fa Revel, tic...rah Mikes In New Yak, Chasm and Maihrensiel. The 1 -ma famed tuna, amliht *111 wattage In tam ciavikaalem 01 fain ddilei_ OMI ha) a Vim vl Owl rim, tint yelbdiatta Veal 14 scads of RKO'a "Cal, Oaf tai. 141Irres." Songs and Ssieli D'AItCY. Joe Vanua vocalist boa DON written something called me rme Thal FoUotor the Ste's. to esolltstimetiort with Ken "WOE and Hid Beira &animal Music has puldlalted It. Sincerely Yratirl, by Lyn Mlaray and Curley Mille. arta be published by Nationwide Made. Aiwast Be a Seem MOW. by Sean Habert and HJdd to trotter- bas been published be Herbert PublIcatthnit who report that cline Crosby has cut a Decs-a desk or tt for Chrietrou ramose:see More If art' With You. by Al Son - dims and W. Et Williams, Mao been accepted fee publication by Will fluetter. Chicago Hamm. Inc, hay a set Cream Shoe aneasswante el Cower Odatimairea "Rlaaps044 In Blue," fir Net alma Km the seivvei pattitahlas In 192d, Km int fire movrtriced or Me "Ithips47" AU* new avaia07.1* am claelnal, alto Lass curet 0.4 silt% W111 lame steempaelmast. Phifly Pickiazs MACKIE HARTMAN. brad of Creek) AM Mule Company. In town to purchase * tons by maestro?rankle Mutate AM Otadys &icily. Urns. glee. Jack goiter had 011vo Santoro lam - duce Isle In Comber fend on hle POO ahem. Athena Charlie Oalnee, at Carrara has a new tuns tetygtd Get Arep to he Sire. Mats Mimic has pirrauned Prank (spare's patriotic ditty. Lell Go. USA, Two More for Freflerieks CHICAGO. Dec_ it-two noire flail were announced by Frederick Beta.' Made Corporation here had walk Caine Gardena, Omen Park. Calm, lad en Nita allot. tetra Tiny Flal beginning Decanter II, and Beck' Doren moan Into the tirade Hotel, Seethe. +raked in the put try William Morrie. This III the that time either apor has need a PO ottreation. Charley Trithardai thaw, Charley Agnew nthis the Ariermans Cafe. SRO Diego, Deerreher 16. "Einbessedor" PIIIIAMPIGA. Den_ - Bob Troup, who Sitnurtall sitentima las Daddy conspanaret bsa enteined mimeo from Ins two-year eavittalee saints contreet with Sistinor Kaye* paglabingrim. Itepublie!Koala and well taraie him latent ditty. axsootie /Mao Carta, Ihru Tenant thswarg gateman Mote. AD of which la oath. cistental, sense It she at the load OA. Wino Club that Kaye Ant beard the Daddy any atilt diddled go the Kau Ina It saes hit parade whet,

14 14 The Brinicrard MUSIC -REVIEWS December 13, 1914 On the Records A stolen amity. of OR heat i,..,VSI IMO Ile Ala and tentworslel 4111 at 6.4h disk erweset R.,bwa et (realm 1061A ant paw It WARIIIRCII Aar Patera unusual Infirm} I la tent. telothon, Or beth. RaRIViltRia Is heart type t,. Orweite ler termer. tt arteriole mermemem at a ralra patential ulna a/ wcordings La music nitelawir. Kepi RT-Irair Toon W-Watin; VC-Vocal Cheer; V-keel ROOMIA& dy F.1 H ORODENKER WOODY HERMAN idotea Don't Be Blur, Mirk A31, Dolt': Be Blue-F1' VO. Three Weirs TO Smoke e Fine-FT WCDT 11 IAN la the latest of the Are experts to then to hillbilly Wens. Arai he dote right by the Ben Kanter.WILI Jennies ballad. Don't Bet Blue. Bong story le of timely tampon, title ImplIcatum being Wet hell be away for year mewing Inn country, and at the same &Wasting that the terfeipeeere collabersted before It became R twe-anda-half-year hitch. Woody's clan -nee gob the awning chorus off et lively clip, air the mitestrwa vocal chant 11 next t-oindocing. -Rae hand that plays the blur no well oleo 'tenet out of minten character for the plat - tamale, getting Into a groove pioneered by Duke nvmalegt. Instrumental to Its winding. It ghee no cue to the title entgirm. Jungle rtlythasi as proposed W An Pipe now catch the Woodmen og guard Ocoee 10 atm" MIA. kerne heavily on the I. Illy lee Its arm ember but high *stark I. tratterne, le highly accertbk flee is, ewe rusk KAY KYSER fcaftitabia The While CND of Docer--leT; VC. The NoAcv.kw-Fr. VC. eantinuoital war ballad Is * natural to mar to bit parade heights. And In righurry. It deplete a pasta* scene of bluebirds instead of /nukes over the white cliffs or the Drat eb Isles. The song quality doesn't lekt the KO meta of melt earlier Maur en Bergery Sgliene and Lail Tram I to.. Pens. hat it atilt packs * terrific omirdisercial appeal. Illywer makes It all the nets appealing, with Harry Illebbilt pointing a pretty twat picture. enhanced by the ruirea of the Minn. Oleo Club. Minaret finds the Spier crew In a way mood with a polkas -type of tune, with Harry. tiorothy. Trudy, Seek and Max hi/aiding voices for a Key blt *C miligtha Walter a dart, fee -Whit* CNN." aide Is Chub re Herr le tee male Ritchie.. ler Mee ohm. TM Oise rem wre to he Make "nth minim. el the billed, Mir already omits eel el At* wan faellary, and.11 tarellme, Kerr wake, At Met at At AM. and bla entry Is bees/ re noun math ler IM Meer. GLENN MILLER (01tiablrill thomptir Humph, tfrort-rri VC, This la No Luastittap Matter-PI VC. TWO ballad bite that tannin& to rata high In the song tilt het are coupled by Atom Taller for Win Wm. Pompey Humph will depend howdy on the picture plugs. coming to It from the Playmate, score, while Lut.phirtg Matter Mut Ito trouble in nintkilile on Its own manta. Miller mats them both in the MUM. light, stetting a aloe tempo, with the hand eterilble introducing the theme In each OM. and then turns tt over entirely to Ray Eberle. Mud the song *alter a Ln excellent voice for throe toyer' laments lin arairegn Hume" Ow -Laureate Natter" all. tanks error reatede opus' Is. murk erehlat pity, with Pb. ertlarette mewing as meet Warm el its Ochre Re. ARTIE SHAW (View flake Lore to Me --r1; VCr Sund sa-m-rr, PAM. KELLY makes her bat at SIMIest canary with the Make Lore to Me ballad. 81nro She garbed her song Career with AI Donahue, Max Kelly has never failed to homer?for In the Shaw temp, elle la moot InSproristre, her eapabliwire being In Merinos with the requiremente of the baud. Unfortunates'. Shaw era a homy rhythmic her foe this hillad, end the arepged.up tempo ellispelle the yr:iodic trinities a Oa true. He gets th rem of his choice clan:letting he the first chorus, and Ontrata Auld gets a chance to rho his trim sax In the Let refreln. gotta Saes Is on the mold tilde. Shwa Applying the jump rhythm. for Freddy ifermsn'a InstromentaL Onset, the orchtwire bent* not the them% It settles down to the solo Rashes of Shaw, A and trumpeter Hot Ups Page. The 'Yaw" side, ringing Iris Kelly tack en Me warn, k At One ihn neer Per earrenetti seed ler Me rams, bee ff Sr. bee lees teal Me retire Mr ter, Ha thamer It the K. that weer be ism toff KENNY GOODMAN SEXTET loksh / 1 flail Fon-Fr. Limchaute Efurs-VT. naltitle0 long pioneered that thumbs inner sebool of Intimate toting monde, AA Denny Goodman has rounded up g sestet for his new label Afellanon, dhattng his clarinet capers with the ecinfellmong fingerings of file plannt, Mei Powell, the ersome I. an unorthodox onnebinetion that Is completed with roller, bean dean and WM:31)011W The sparkle and morrturity that characterized ha Trio end Quartet otcertnge on wax ton not rais yet found here, with only the piano atul clarinet allowing a singlet:oat of mualcal thought In Insprovhaticin. Instead. tea an littrillilt,ed Jam setrann by sextet of unatictilianably Merite jero. mutlehattn. The NIX ride high mill wide. but hardly enough kirks to make one romp Per Joy. The ff 1 Had Von ba1wl I, tined rightetnialy tit a moderele tempo. stepped lip a bit for the Linehotiar standard. Fr IM are Muer, Maw et Its I. bawd te suer Weil. ltanienwr, teadr-.ode Intense In Cottlette's new tliataltwe MYR will OOOOO t ashram. EDDY DLICHIN 1Columble The Annfrertery VC. Around mad Around Sri, coel-w: VC. whin dips Inn) the three-quarter temp" with Macy waltzing to Mark the Anniversary music and the tempo more spirited to make foe a py Arowsder. Paced by bin own istenology, the A side has the voice of Tiny Leonard for the Meath mooting, The 111LI Ittto folk ditty that etiardelerira the Amsted Rise Goes MIMIC IS provided with a OM. Ninety netting_ with ended mot In the Dutch-dlalect angina of the novelty lyric* by trumpeter tem Hberwcod. And Ws rolling M the It'it Ik enliamed by ilia bertelidee trio hermemiring of the Dmhrnders. Completing the impresslen LI the band thorn, with Dutch beer - garden band effectt While IM weer ci Deckle is new Mere treelated with Me Istria hetet, err wok - tin puppet clubs, hie eileteretatim et AO -Aroma Pot Coal' wait, mayday I. way day., Is ram tea estritulaly mining to the toter. mink *1 Its. 140 and Is,.,. an*. Pima 000 ON THE RECORDS on pays 1-1) Iliniony Honey (attadouttrook. Cedar Groat, N..7, Mutual Network, tel NOTesiber 12,90-12:30 4,n.) QHOT offered a roma/watley take of ml what.1, Dorsey Is Wailes out them daye-pleny of blaring been* numbers end name highly arranged ballads which spotlight the stylized ptplogis Retell O'Connell and Deb Steely. Tt to tin redertebn Upon the prowess and thewnsiterilp of this moil glamor - OW of arks to nay that it ritual he teen to be fully appreciated. Thle apatite particularly to the vecallring of akierly and Vowed!, allow standing as two of the top baud warbler, mere in wants. Whelan err the ether. Mar O'Connell Is a diffeernt propose. Icon In meson then over the alt. Bee fierier dells eve Le not neartv na oneetie Dim a loud-trim:aka as *tun emanating weal Cu the Stand Inner te rehears priline brat night OM. end bacon.. toselkant and ongwarnithell. CeentnAt s based opaa Oa Frown, or petwittal telmeatisl raise el Me bbl, r Sil tymeleal RuateiT Henry Khig (Rntiereed at the elifintorti hotel, Bow. MIN Anent, Nero York) VERT much of a date aggrspallen displayed by the King ark. Music produced is melodious_ =oath and lull. (Wed effects are gotten from the unique listtniairotation of three flentee. gutter, pecordlon, three KA-n, double piano, bast, drums nod trumpet- Mach act -up could be plenty wetly, but wider the capable direction of mairrits Xing It is all wound together fur subtle end very danerable Minoru. Pandas doing a lot of nimble an rippling. Nina doublet nu it otlene oats. shmally and tiro does emir etralglit fronting. He hay an affable peniouality, too, and Is a natural In at elm. hotel CMOS Whet* the tteid customers like is be chucked under the chtn `by the Rader." An Infrequent viral chores is. carried by tiddler Tommy Smith. who MacWrite. WI duty Lit a char, straight Myr. Strom come in for a lot of somping ripentith on riumbers 11kn Corwerfo. floya are all goo], arm King has one of the few bass nun al» rill bring a bow to rho stand. When caught oak cut alit On a couple of :silty rumba concoction", too, to the Latin minded htp-ewingere pitvavo Library is a full one all around, and King WW1 that It Is ail Ideas peppy, lilting Unea, Humphrey. Raymond Scoti (Rmacircd at Hata iirunttelek Beresuda Termer. Bonen) Scorr bee been hero scent temikt now. land A look* tut If he'll be abla to stay as tong os he wants to. The beget In making a definite bit with the denting public. rind An Arta is enjoying very good limmeas, Mott't new baud teems to be the rutarm- to whet the &MOO public It antra a happy medium between wringeroo and sweet said holds It. It le an easily danceable band end is also gnat tee IletenIng, with plenty of attention placed co melodic ematinntlorm. Instramentat5on emulate of six braes. four sax and tour rhythm. ate flectes arrangements h are been carefully Worked out to proved., unusual tonal effect*. AlUirtaate use of the clam and the bans Clary In the reed section provide" Interest and gilts the bind a fine balance. In addition_ Wear are unusual effect. *Mir:vat thru use of the braes end say combination& Band hoe n largo library and rents each set pleetingly. MIMIC In on the teacloth danceable Aide end yet the Unpremien of swing W crested OM the arrarmemente. There are, too, many opportunities for the bey* In the band to tide. Lfewice YAWN= on the bass done tome tietnatunag work, most of It as backgroand effect, Whit* Dote Barbour on wilier. Glebe D'Atolco on tenor end Cu the Air COAlleant Rine. remote Rraltralne trap Pb. ltentlpenit al IPwwwaytAln, aimpryte11611 and mew* liadmati metal triwr then IF,. wankel ability ei the basis reviewed fly DICK CARTER front lt. r very gorgeoute face, blmilarty the godly throollngs of Bob lawny are not guile as gripping by alr a In We Cosh. All of which Is merely another Indictment of radio se the ordost of ii.er tedrimant, nettitinne. Despite the meditlrit tbo. the Jimmy Dorsey band sounded like the swell band ft la Stan Keeton (Palladium. Hollywood. Nile -Mee Network, Saturday, Itsrember is, 17: amt.) erg= Kenton band le a aditt musical arcrefietten with at teem one raneettonal totoint, a hatch of fine lump orrencententa and. best of ell from the ale standpoint, It tensility istitideafeinne any or iveleigtog out. At lewd, Woes. heim 11 thaort no when much,. Vocals ere handled by Red Duns and.larkto Mil on trumpet get a chair* tea Mow Muir wane often. Vocals ere *sty capably handled by Roberta and Billy ldwcoi. Roberta a a comely lase with a nice set of pipe* and very Wed delivery. Ms plenty Of ant - coati= and nationality end makes a definite lot. Leach has a fine voice and does a great Job with pop, and hallede. Replan. Dick Kuhn (Sctremed of Hotel Astor. Nett York) stork in trade it the ability KlktO 'third dub up any of about pope. chorea, *tenon ds, welters, tanipia, rumba/. conga, or sambas on notnetlung leas than a moment's wake In addltion to the LS tunes on immediate tap, the band bay a rearm stork of elate to arrangements width can be hauled out of the flies within a Winne or two. This It unquestionably the Most amain{ library In ea:nem*, but It accounts only In part for Xithere eanlnale0 in ids field. A bend might very well hare 8500 arrangemente na Its Woke without offer - Lug Its Wieners anything but over. wheleomg quantity. Not so with this *meet fleapit& combo. The men ere ou ROCOMplilitled, erioue muairlette, hare been together for eight years, hem faith In Welt' etre and are hard workers. Result is it tnotst savory outpouring of distinctively arranged material. Kuhn fronts with lits flexible tenor fax. phasing leads with Lenity Rennin on Accordion. Herman. In *Milton to playing one of the most lautgloatire tglauctie-hoses aroundi. has k pleaaant vocal delivery and takes mon of the solo vocals. Latin ssocals are handled by buss player Hugo Melange, who also jotut m tele hannonixtrig with!lemma and Kuhn. Charles Slime $000. end Roy geyinour, drums, complete the corn. hinathen. This la baud's fottrth stamen at the Mtor cocktail lounge. It in taller -made for the apot or for any other class location 4 Carter. Eddie Young (Bertram! at Oreon*, Ihrfourenti entraps) VOUNC.1 Is a youllsfm, cheerful aura - Ito from Denver who hat been leading a band slum his sophomore days tat the University of Dearer. A recant chimp In ItittrIline I1 OVA the outfit four satin. thrte Max' and three rhythm. It strikes a happy medium iti etre, playing nicely enough sweet arid awing with a smattering of rhythms from RIP. The boys, judging by their perfonnance, play because they like to play. Eddie hintaill dodder. handle an Metro. meet but lends an Interesting vet& to pop turret and wider In the vocal quartet. which Suet bed at all. Other Nogeaa ern Piaterem Dols, elearolooktng and pleattant ballad diaper/eon Benny Xtetcr (Intranet).?ening scat eange ably. slid Eddie Flue Wesel, et:looming:us on W- WII. 171ey also form a harmonium, Ulu hand should do well In laillnionn and untie, end It line the Rtiltf,in Islowe the yoimgrttera as well IA older dine*. Aka re all. there In An happy Young fronting. et all timm worklng for Use customers who always like nitentien. IIA) Bewboic Is the hood, chief arranger. limitybertr, Kay 01 y. The pi in boner then fair. and Dorris la excellent on Mew ballads, Renton glee* feature billing to two of Ws mulikent. Jae! Cirdean, *len tax. and Chico Alrerer, trumpet. Ordern mounds as thts he might develop Into the ming entire nest rage. ate realty gets off. Ahem wax net too remarkable. Programing wet good, announcementa wordy, at Is the emstom ou UK' West Coast. MI Ili all. a mew astialawary idiot R011 a real appellate for such time an the balk COWIN 1Itsle to be catqad W parson.

15 fanceinsor 1.4, 1941 MUSIC Thr 102Ibeerri Orchestra Notes Of Mantel and Mae BILLY IfuTnatEl.l.D, meat recently wltb Denny Goodraara a ailing in me trumpet for Claude 'Thornhill atoll the letter can and a pe_nefiateat aisematoe for Bob liprentefil., )411T HA MM to back for he third engagement at the 'RagaInane. Boltimeen, Mtn making * few pictures for Haireent SREP FIELDS is thoptchar. for s girl *collat... TED STI4AKTER may bob up with a Deo= regortang cone:ant very tamely.. KORN ROBaLEIRS open at the Flagahlp December far eat Olden:an run. Lag year they coot In for a tam-vretra waxen:meat nod *AVIV held over far 11 mantba.... LOU atindlind replaces Cy Maui in the Xis tar eilitm.0 pablielty department, TOMMY -MCKIM bat added Jimmy Cur j, tanner Larry Clinton 61aLm0611, 61 trombonist JOSEPHINE MON- AHM4, W11. bade 0.11 sal -male ark / at the &Wanda Rota Albin:grime, N. Id. RAY EZOINEY has Just awnelstent Ma 94th month In the HawatInit Boma of the Iletel lexingiou, New York.... JOHNNY LONG tion ble four. v.erker at the afradowbercal, Ceder Omen N. J. December 12..., BENNY SYRON orb boon lte third engage - meat In one year at Ansley Hotel. At - December S... _ JOHNNIE MESS. NER held OW at Hotel Matilde. New York. anti: end of February ,. RUSS MORGAN balked for four weeks et Edgewater Basch Hotel, algal's* January ALVfNO HEY Pore Into the Meiseleatrook. Cedar Grove. January 9.. ORBIN TUCKER yellows Harry Jarmo into Paraenrant Theater, New Yen... TED WEEMS le letting Jeanne Brawn go Mtn Chriatmat. Wad will use 110 imam gal rangers. HARRY JAMES gees Into the Shand Theater. Brooklyn, January lea SAM - MY KAYE winds up lit gar's HOLM% New Yana January 4, tied hita the reed. Reek at lame Huey after Inaler HENRY =NCI Cana a lease -month engasecrmt at Mark Hopkins Hotel. San Pnmelacea January 1,... BERT DOLAN cot tela remain at Haul Worthy, field, Moata mini January BUDDY CLARKS In hie,let ccaisecutiee month ei Cocoanut Grove, Park Central Hotel, New York,. HEAR NORRIS on cons Into jeffareon Hotel, IN. December 10.. HARRY IPPSI w tending his ark 03 Club COUN/113,.K1.?? York_. MEL MtRVIN booked bald thru Nan -mina 1042, Midwest Melange DEL. COURTNEY draws an We/11700 thou January at latevena llama Chinn,. 11BR8IE KAY *Ill be the holiday feature at Haverty Min Country Club, tow -part. Ky.. opening December 17..., BOBBY P TEN -E taken Vas combo Oita Olbsou Hotel, ugh:luta, for an PHOTOS a" In' 4' 20 Anna Offal, Prina as dennene erase Mein elo asowaree 100 $4.50 I Sari TO n Pen roe Cl,. PPM Mk/Q MN or iyanma<466 If 7., him,ns semmi, dd }sr.? ;18 r,:m-hras, P n PNaTO see, se eats ere, Kan priseeteas me. if tun anon. 1.. nth YIKOMEEIt S111010S. 422 W. 451b. II. Y. C. 4 M100'1 fele NEW PHOTOS FOR MI Ota:Pn?rota V hat 000 ALL FOB $8.50 '7,4 NMI lid reeve nre One 0.21 MA sr engin Plmae. roe grdtartatand dlvallt ter apayhtnatzt This See -air wag vitoir? 31, 1042, ROHM '1,71T STUDIO inar co e1 ann an0inat UNW V PK a, T. WANTED Potty JOIKINS AND HIP PLOWBOYS Main anhot Ilan, h. Y. WANTED ow a a tents Cron hand eilh nemontala. t'..< mmr1,6*.?int 001h. nay BOWEN mead Nowt orriron. MOON, indeflalla nay. a:tiara-4 Johnny Bowman, local ark_. 3lESf8Y KING, OM bla way to the Wed Coast, folio= Out Arabetut Salta Netherland Play Deencribn 10 for is newt. BILLY t sad /11s Kentucky Colonels reptile.) Chris Chriatemen at Gam Rem Mariam, Nowpart. Kr,. Docember fool. COLKUAN gem Into the Maraalaig Nona Claicago, when It unahuatans foe the mainei.j.s.nuary D... JOHN B. SULLIVAN , MOTe into the Ph. &for MaIrcom., Kamm City, Mo., Deem. bey 9 for a tifomivcipmy.,. ROY BEN- SON moves Into the Pump Roam at the 05:011X1/M ebh?wipa., Ja4"/%12' MUM= KRIM ttebrack there "*et Sae Ginter Milos at Fraukftrrt, lfukonta mut Thar, all in Indiana. January nnd 7 reepectively before entiaar down alt the Club lepodltight.... RAY PEARL goes into the load Manage, Memphis, December HOWARD BECKER follow, May Hai at the Raint, Retutemant, ant Lake City. Allardic alithgeerhiga MICKEY PMT yentas hie new artneetra, with Ana Smiley far the song., at Clua Con:lade, Trenton. N. J... ROBERT ROBERTS packed up Me ma and tell DICK WHAR'PON'S Motet Phtl actenbla location In that city to Join attlaltat MAWS alt Philedelahna Belleruo-Stratford Irate. at the time Mat DANNY DOCVELE4Ty quit Dana to Join %neaten.. BA'rfal, CURRY drama al holtaas. at Ornualand Can. Inwraide, N. J.... LARRY. PRESS at Phthateipbtaa Aragon. with GT WyWil and Jimmy Stalling., for the meg selling. FRANKIE KAY arts the tart at White Lake Motel. feriodenthan. Pal. BY BISHOP the 1:anat.-laud Mature at Hubby's Inn, Trenton, N. J.... BILLY Me.LAURD1 and Ma Rhythm Ana he Derma Gen. PhdNdelphla,, JIMMY PRIGSTON at Hotel Moan Glow. Chester, 11a, GENE VRABEL gets the nad at Caorribarai Cafe, Pottsville. Pa... BOBBY LEE and bin Cotton Mame take Over at Philaelelphial 4-17 Ear... MARIE NANETTE and her band raw at hake. vine Inn, Hariumontets. la, J... - RAY WAIL. et Monterey Inh, Allentown, Pa.. PHIL VINCENT at. Lillian on the Lake, Hammonton Lake. N. J.... LEONARD FalSTFX41, formerly pit membar at the thane wall P110 lament* Palledelphia. Is the new mitslciaus' Manna - tar for the Erlanger Theater in that city.. 1.JsURO BROTHERS beck at Plifiessialphina liallaxmf MOORE Tall0 at Datigina Elbow Boat Oran, PhindelphilL.. JACK WHITE Beta the call at Cat & Eddie Ian, Waterford. N. J. Coast Catatekany ITORACE HELOT nano* Ted Weans dinto Casa Smears, Calvet City, open - tog Mannar: st.seter J-(VICteS It mediated to the LOortmetta Sanitarium lauene... MILL CUSHMAN mad ark alga at the dealt* Rita In TIM:6011 December 13.. CUPP GILLET. TR sot for a Phoenix ran beginuing Detioreadr 10. DUKE FIAL/NOTO:11 wir Illm I Cot it Sat old That AM'S Fiantinao, Yoke Mt "A" Frain and!aft A-Settin' dad et-rck-artn' for RCM Pro. attettona of SOAIIItt LY LAWSON, Hob Crvabra treeribonist at Janina Oentrateoli latenota flew to Trenton, Mo., wheel adnaed that ha mother had Igen killed amid 1110 father named In an autommbile nee -Mesa there. BOB GOODRICH subbed for him.,.. TOMMY SOOTH, who boa Jest completed ruts at Dm Del Mar Clab, his opened alt the nee El Rancho Rana Las Vegeta. ORADY KENO arid ark recently o pened at the Cinnabar Cafe, San Diego... FLOYD RAY bee reaggatel with the Rea Marshall agency and begins a tour Disamober 25 in Lem Angolee. Ray will play the Dractan Theater In Vaacenver week of January. 0., LARRY HER- MAN playa Salt Lake Clay Jantiary 10 en route to the Weat Coast, where be opens at the Ptaereas Ballitame abort dummy HARRIET' ilialiard has bean etyma for Camel lama, to ho filmed et Coltman, Lincoln Spot Likes Becker LINCOLN. Nett_ lac 6. - Reword Shag, playing the Turnpike tline days Igoe 211.2G), nartared &tang earn to the drat cold weedier Meat at the gaga, prtess at 41 silt leas R. fi. Polley, Thathike mermen. vane it goad enough to haul him 'Mak fig Gm following germ - any week-sald. Kula? NEW YORK, Dee Veicre laaters. leading a LOUD ark at Rainbow Room bun. have Just written parody an Old ancalemald NM a Fern bOt, which they call Cava la rho Cam. Tfpleal lint ia "Wtth a chick -Wink here and a eidektchiek then, every IIttle Mick eons erne-twosathee-klatl" Their publlecty wan my that the song -Iff already badn4 atiranarted In mama] elrelat no the nett maga whale Oman ta inelliamous to Mangan Me" Strome Relief 9 Years Old NEW YORK. Dee. S.-Tba Seaga RetJaf Fund sal he nag yease 01p3 tomorrow. Taw 11$ laimaat parfornialget, mostly on suncuty nights. Mee greased paid by resa-ly psopia. B.616 Mann ar-,son I. the I4t Oen, with atanday gerforereatent of lean to the t1046 Watek Oaa the Mind. aeasala and Old Loon and Panama Hann groning el1.286, from admianionn: Executive committee of the wallere group Includes Brook Peraheston. An. Sweet Disks Liked For Morning Airing NEW YORK. Dec Dial Water* go for Wayne King, Leo MN/ Eddy Dacha) early to the meaning and Duke Eli:lag:an. Jimmie Lurcelord and Count Basle late at night, according to ft teeny of recorded mince' recently ea:maned by Paul Schemer, teentable exec of WAWA MIA Aneeillate to Smaistnten eitarta, graphs arid tables of flyarts, the sweet mune to seaxnpluty theta duatiag raid erwmping Costing the preenueo beans - The tempo racht up a Mtn Naar ota. Until nomad 1 p.m., when the (mega - Olaf swans bairn ore moat popular. In the early corning. smooth dux* rhytlime are quite the Aura and later OR On pttobuy get. going_ Vary Me at talent to the tam isvcced for eplmilnif of the Hoban Mena toltette Petry Jana Cowl. Minnie Dupree and Mare Connelly. Pron.:at rx..,,nilard lancrdihry is inah1ny Mant, whin Mre. Pricatly Marano seta as mat riaareisce. Selling the ['and Exploits -Hon. Promotion and Sitawinanthip Ideal By M. H. OROD1NKER Renal Promotions TWO met record istetivotiona ere 1. completed fast month hf RCA -Manta oat in mamma= with the paned Core. ran and the father 6 triple-mongesa adverttaixig and palmation campaign 10 push Victor'. Earth of Me Phaea noun via album, beak and DIM The Lama Cannata patterned alter Monte Proaens illafated Damao Carairef at Now yenta Mediums Stamm Garden last au-mrige offned Maine:Mate benefit for the record deniers In allehlgrin. Ohio. Indiana and Kentucky. 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Now Hetzheon, PA, 2'b Medlar:dot' Ma NalloorLbelpt :tom Mae)! Chi ton, SI: Apollo Ttonter. New York, Jan, 1011Vt, *,40" 144.dis z WILL SHADLEY: Central Zialmrno. Cl"cicT 044'W 111;r"tet. PaoroLle, N. J., Doe : Ptaltnith The/ IY11, Jan, 1 IOW'S). EARL 11114/23; AtKlUtadula , 11: EttattIttel &Mottos Bluth Mlidtpoird, N. C., le: Oommuntty Centtr. Gratitse barn, N. C.. 111: ToimobIp AUdttortUm, 031ti1nb1a. B. 0., 10: Madrid Italkoom, Hotrloburg. Pa., 241, TED LEWIS: Oriental Throtkr, Cttlmien_ 24 (*.Nall: 1114tralder Theater. POW Wayre. Ind. Jon. 2 I wekki ; T'alkor Thot 142. Pert Wayele (0011 mum WPM ito, MVO, 241: UAL linholontb, Dow 30. Howard bun Chi Aragon CHICA00, Doc, 8. -Eddy nomad. reantomboar Idth Eilek JU1'Iv1114 and Darr fronting the former Dilly Met etrk. otme MUD the Aragon Ballroom 6ov DeS4,41- bor 2 for three Wet**. He fe3lownd non boo. otpo *All return tor nnatticr VIM Chrlatrotan Day. net Arafat" Glatt 13 n trot (or Nenetted. 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17 MS1%07014' 1:1, LEGITIMATE The fliflboterti 17 Condeettel by EUGENE BURR -CoreinueleatiOrkt en 1564 eraadwxy, New York Oil NQUJ Plays Reviewed WINTER GARDEN cn Ercaduudy New School Workshop Offers Tryout of Gabrielsou Play by Eugene Purr p"(rarvi4--g-ba.e.dth-tal!)e tete 1: noed7res itleittlwadflt Merle*,,onTrhYel}"I'Dayip"of om.supt.randeauxrul.61:14israt Beiperune Monday [theme Cecathicer qui quitermrsi It otitlet, away the On* teeth the our' when it wan than Foe* are so thumedkagly heyand boon agenuncel Yeawn by as The Bo Tree, teat good Sleuth who falls UI 10be with the SONS 0' FUN a cumber et elltee hunks) but le Meath of eleriliallg beyond clrecelptlen that the thew tenet/ aver and teetered en in., lenge of productwai A enteleel storing Oro Oaten and OW felerthe imam quite to nee up to thee,, her own Welted ephere of experience: a ail daunt tienat teeny roman the the daughter of n emit] -town hutch[[ Marva by Obeli and iderten. arena red tree tyr holt 'tenth and Sem E. 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LI., etc rennee,_ lel the Jar- the iertht and, at the Urea thought It Marna mid beauty, Nedra Woe, and painted by KtiVeden. Ceeeneen heeltgeoued Peath. Lomt,r4uti vou'a tom lth Pieces; metaled Ly Kereake eel proem Cettione a really bernitiful phew of waling, but of the eronang loath of Um theelog. van - In the Went' lace, Coenewer. Addleoner meth by Wei anon, IC KTIritne. Yoe wouldn't behere doomed to thresh cereith felltire in the ernetly menthe to reduce there ell to it ray Lenten and Ray twee Snkri40. 71,00 ItteeeteKe Wirt w colniemen.s1 Broadway Meath After the- eentaten-m they Othencort-ethormuetheterettm enter the home. Instead of tag It. amhig. In the ethellent prod -1m. the rents by Pernbonte Devtenen. CkthcUra. tithe by D. Serino and Yaw C. Cookie being!mown to thew splits). they're ecel- Lien dineeted by J Llght, WS rronseer, jermatone. 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Albert Rua, Tron Rock In the pleelurtarie days when recanderthal matt ethencel the teeth and ifefialpoppft wee fleet presented, this reporter wee One of thee/ hardy folds who reread It with deltemetv deleght-even In berweptint. Thee being the ease, I'm probably pelylleged to report lea none of the thethettrel weeriththeasers ere prink lethal that Saw, o' Firm the tollort.up to Ifriteltpeppbt, 00 good as the original. Mare money wire spebt on It -and that may be One Of the trouble,. 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Wernher of toe ballet zeruationet feelthere Richert, Craig, re einger 1010 crepe! only to the final number but who meld hats been Mod at eedelleht MIVenteire on Ithell/nnia perilous thaudenr, AD extreeedlnertly lovely dieter named Diane Sinclair. she net only appears area 'number of the teetered ethanol bee thin, hoofe to the Meerut: no kw than few sits of talented twine, *Ma x* 'ban you'd Donk meld fit Into a single theater. Osi lop et rmerethileg plat, dons o' Fun most emphatically girth you your money's worth. Etoalesed ettatemera Melt peertel- MR linpromptn taught et 8 o'clock. and lire Mud eateta etherall rtes down 'until Mermen 12. Tee interim provldem mare then this review the potaltrily etm dole; know he.c ^1 what went en: I only know that L had a etherdienelly mall tartly difecult to make theelal euelleras. Philip Brown, Immente, del one of the ducat miting lobe of the einem lie 1216 lane! Ise. and Ruth Daub, U. nee.. Keener. offered Beledliett, beautifully decent work Y. the Use ID ent13 the Intr.. boll player, As the football player hue - self, Peter Melba wee exec -Omit -but then, ter were Curt tenreay, Nanunl IVO:. Hine Keret. Norman Weillecee. Janney, Tony McVey end a both of ahem. The only weak spot La the entire line-up was the playing at %elm Scott as the girl who eanted to help ahem. The role wealth with tenderuren, theight. end MIRIAM malty, relight here provided a certain feces toe OM e ntire pier Mtn Seee4b heed. dat end II [belle yenfermaarce let It down pretty tr. Sugelea Burr. LITTLE Beglerting 'Tuesday Evening. December Z 1941 TWELFTH NIGHT lathed.tfe moan va...mom by A Cbmmo re-wo:owe Dielesei. Werth! meet antheed by teethe R. Ward jr, Slower eye arid teeth. Corthrer ewe - woe Chelebt Siorftt. Slaty eieruisne, Aldred Berfen. Mew ether, Iona 0,P -wee. Pee tented by the Derma! Mayen. Were Beyerice eireent S ee Caplan Fore Woe Sr065.7W1 Rowel. Semen Seeeerel Sal Capture Charles Wereet One*... Win WW1 Neiem theme Vainly Leder awlesech Se Toby eekh rod 'lathy Merle May KVertneetlel ler Andrew Agteltheet Had Ha Weld Fells Alan eteeknew Seen Schatz Otern Misty Lou Taylor edam Teal fanner &noel: Ermine Moore, Eleanore Uwe. boil kerne. Margaret Iloyien ano Ponesoon Warmth. PROLOG! Sammie of thrles ACT 1 -Boyne I:At-Aver:wee in Deletes Pacalat Sewn 2! heree tiekee Otenes leorte. Scow 3: A Room le Dulte's Name. Seen 4: A Rowe Ofengs Horst Scow 5: A Cello 1-, Olheth teeth. Scow 5! A Roth le Dukes Peace. Steve 7: Oryies Ceram ACT 11.-Mcnee I: lame Belem DeciFis Ilene. Scene 2! A Preen Roo 3: A Amen tel 0114th Ikeite. The Cbekbor 'nuter Plerere hemsght Cale wertlen of Tireffia Niger to the Leath Theater Tuesday. and nude it them like all the it prim...ling nightly menitland. S eldom Lana players mere theoetholly mail* two hams TAM eke two welt.. The Nandi Acme from alleketel Ch.* bore wheal of fleeing et RhIgeleed, perm. which ant n mellow athxliy down to affright Weatherly a couple of etheena beck, That the coped Yee Piur.r.nect. and wee ewe worse then the current Offering: *C heed this time, tee script le good. The Obekhoe method ed acting and threetthel sodded by 11* math Merit of theme telfieoluclomi system. Dint Wart" speneatielty end benet In the melee, Abel Kerr* Meat* treated:7 bent on Wang the customer's atteettho away theta the play. Weft Patron* Ulm a

18 18 The Billboard LEGITIMATE PArrnaher 13, 1941 good Mel of this Ot 14:010. )0020, moat of it eaueleig from Rules end Ifilemt.leaeopt:' read only sterritly have most Mak:elegm awakened to she feet that 1Ve the sort of stuff that the Aireetisensi dlsceded se phony years ere it violates every tenet of lemesty In OA approach_ white the play merger an e springboard for the director's ego end deetroylug any elfemlite or simpileity of performance to the players. lug efftet eel ErneUthItrAt t. herellie. The comedy, If Ice to be played et ell thee Wm, We parrenteri lightty, godly Rod emedily, with the rhythms of fitting sunk. Tee Cbekhoe Moroi Ogee It sea met of combination of bur - league and immotorioine tragedy g Morevhrprel and over -blown, kens the tow comedy to Lire high poetry: and armee of the proton:terrors ass eo bad Chet they'd be ruled out of the annual fresh - Men predticetent In a lantor high etheal. The reakeim. which it het as letup:idly hurkequed as everything Mal, mike* the Meeks look like something loft wee from Sone et Pon: but there the eimilniity rower. They're elmee unfunny it collection of Shakespeseeen clowns as ever brouget groom where Intstaus /4 spring. Ford Rainey make a lusty,. bellowing fur Toby. offeeitig o perform - mom as obvious end seddenefeeming as ble Own yeabottpoenti Also,Harkness, lugubrious Peels with mine thee sounds err the It tenth estril web gram -mould, ticks the elighteet conception Otthe lyric (Mann of the role: Hurd Eatfletere fer Andrew heruseheek looks as tho it had pot mete In from a tour of the burlesque elmeutts: rind. tho Mary Bayne:worth its* moments of throne ea Marta. the elleibt her performance with the cove-pestueing that enema Inevitable under Mt. Clickliova direction_ Ae toe the more emlatas performeneem. they are. with a Mentle exception, almost thibeiteneedy Mid. The Angle player allowing menthe le Inottice rpreight, wheat VIn4. Les nimple end straight. forward ea the ctecumetatues Mee*. and Who them 'demi of real fitting quality. Her chief toilet la a teliclettey to ICI teen* and Individual speeches drop badly *- nerd the end. but that could realty helve been corrected type competent director. Most of the rest ate beetled Seed^. Thorr303 Mattered by John Plynn's Desna, which same like is aettile teriltation of A barnetrowthes Randet, end Mary Lou Taylor'e motherine and utteety inetreetive 011th.. As a matte, of fact. the players seem On able oven to IMO mum IMO the Mire, beeeking them off end erniphaalrene them in mob Wheedle Were an SO ninny of them seem merely chaos hunks of temecepe The noting* are changed In full Mew of the nutinetce by enienhere of the own - pithy, who ere dreaded --.end RRe-111re P kilee. They mere Weevil end mow ground with exaggerated ballet motione, and annoyingly hold up the Mart Of each seethe with their Fes mentions. The whole *lithe seems the height ed phony WEtromeJeuretom In the theater. The suggested *Menge therneetree. lifeweren, *hoe they're in piece. are excellent. The script used la a much -hit version, AM TOM( ratthaftal Ilsortes. P.ot aliple Pt. irmanke stele ertand ST. JAMES Itsp.ne A Thunder Esnon-q. Deternter SUNNY RIVER A nsr-ass1 with boot and frri-o by Ote-w rim, itpin Ier and mess try kneed goober" rem deemed try Stewart Chew/. bah by T.. MaDenaid end minied * Tent& femme BS hdo Common designw by None Sharer.- and oreeusod by brooks Ceittarts td111002i, Once irsseed Ihr Cad Winded, Onetserleitent br Dan Walker. Melded cm - doter. Moe Scho.nyezekirf. Root staged by Oita. Hists d, RS Wpm. shed by John Ferree Anderson. Lightelg KIS by Al Altshr. Company manager, Edward Cobol. General 0400 sem& KU N. Mermen. Press , tnasths Deltnatt end leek Ontah. Hem essname, Pefeold but that's no hardship. I should think the bent veretett of Trreterri felphe tot the Chatehee Player* would be one cut Into campleee nosoeletstence. The revere le althouneed foe only s limned Broadway Mint Out the finteallielemetit stems superfluous lilenstserstaint fklittrael ataste trassupsons [ddb groranun and Method Showssn. Preterites/ by Mae Gordon. Childeen: Cool Renee. in., Shediefel, Einem linen Mother Cuisine Late Alleemeet 1e06. ACT 1-Seele Peek of Me Cafe Des Ofeendres. The [vering. Sams 2: bottom 510th.. Pion' in the KW* 01 M. and Mew. Dstet Cervins, Sams 3: I610's Derain 000. letenenately Mere. Scene 4: Peep - ten Net h taw remea Have. Michigni, ffie Si.s Day, ACT 11-keee I: Pat* et Cale Des Mandrel_ Doe o'cieek, Next Mareeret Snow 2: Lens 'Prem. An WA. -1. Lake. Scene 3: Pat* 01 Cafe Dee Olereekcs. An Men - neon In tole, aro reedutionary a thins i.e ah Opetstalds 0130 nn idea would prebahly shako the foundations Of the muelent Magri and leeve wattliona of Anserleana feeling that them was nothing left to depend Upon. Moms Max thardon. Cower SlantemersteM II and Sigmund Romberg, ptedlext, Illeatilat and efeepreet empoetively of Sunny Rine, mach opened at the at. JametTbureday night, sue kindly /those alto would hardly get out to mune emelt dies disuses: but they Met eetch thenp melees in time on freginitt WIN* the final teertain of Sunny Rime comet down the hero le dead, end the two women who fought over him are sitting together In the reellentleet that it clemetet much matter now which of them MO lam while he Wed * the memory Of him belongs to them both. An old New Orleans bordello witerme, sitting war by amid comp'etriteg alroet operettas CINCINNATI Oprra Mare lesio 1,30.1 Say HAPPY HOLIDAYS the impressive, Inexpensive, they w.ly through e Derniefel fernntffacrrent In HOLIDAY GREETINGS NUMBER 11 The Billboard Write or Ocoee the offleet o1 The Billboard marine yea. mewl ST. Lorin Loh Reif 13.M1 7r011 Atende 244. aim 0 nts St, steam, nest..fee T0122 planar fler sr ISR()ADWAY Itt7NS 0. Ine.. &formula Opened Pert, seam 0, VW, - P.1610 sat Eft iaam ITd teal Zee Orith 110ftesteL Nor, 1. an 240,1101e W124 )0f1. 9:. - ba r`towdhs Ilkento 3:- Est Cces I cisna es Us. Item le Cl Item We ft-. 1 Item ter a 1ire,et freew.lror. :4-14 beta f Lsoreet - Cue. I* ZS Lust 1s , /1.0 Merit pawl OW ItAre With robe tesseres- Nee riesio 510 Lamb I trallsosal _ It 141 thstor *S. 11, Sport.14: MM sets 114r, JO 37 Thnetsf telowei 12_ ell Tstrill Mott _13st 2_ lere els Nese rem >tie lir_ 21 woe% so 14., 1110w Ate / Old Remy Rlehrd Hwy Arlie& Omar Polk Medal Cowell AlnwrOsith Amok! W.N.Ari, Yee thneseeno-mot Lee Medic/ el; ivy Smelt ger, Lawrence dttfatera Comedy DonDonaldClark am rent Iratessi t'fr any Ceofm Renew 1114S [mil Co0100 Odwarth trins flirradtantt- Oct &rem te Ile Mak 12.4ear Vicki Charles mesa 2--- II 1 Latta Ethel Lee* Le 4 rars CO I tarperts11 4Irt 9 to Cowie Menhall Dudley Clefeerm Nth fileitenti 11.:SO ass Judge Peer Me:team Frederic Paysson roams Haul.teeth *LI_ , A1006 Smirked Muriel Armlet 004.' Peal (W1010 Gs', Meld Manlerfl Tem Ewell Cache Molehill Helen Claire thaw ILNyr SP_ 1St - ZIPPi Itte. 4 Watchman Owen Milligan Madettene Lorene tors Retests that end molly, Is tout tint no plop et e "Despite weak third act and the Kariba Porgy Atimindes usual finstotight dragging, opening 14604s400 end: C meetly papa Map to them 1341/ Mane ahem premise good play,' Hoist, sett Cakettbine Hisiest s Le'Neal Vene et the authome eilm-retrom while the thee C. Louisa Seekaot4 of The Onanyton Aden* Canna* O Sams, perforce, live on. Marone* Muer, The Meek Rowed Freemen The Deface Kenneth Teem Perversely, too, there I. Muth IltidleAtiet of o probing of 40311Cris in love and he10.4 another hit heeding for the "Chthgwey. Arnim His. and C INeEMOLC-Lad-w todeva bares,. Komi Creoles. Seely C.tpairek, taken LegsGwen netertage. despite MOW- miller ripe pee. boards." says William P. Peenk In The =Ann Malroo, Krim. Marl, ehologteel strokes perpetrated by Mr. loorrod-seery Evening. Prank'. rumpitutattots! maim: play, a mare then MI, May Muth, Ethel Taylor, Stephanie Mainencretrin. In 411 operetta en af fete Turath. Wien Wagner..Centionen:?Amy 1. Mutgermerly rerolutionery ewe. teeedik Cant, clever curtain ilues-o 1111 Ahhon, jay Arnim, Russ Moaner., Atreado idiefer 41 WinCastello. Cdward Mnbor, Warne, 'The Mary, whet there is oe IL omens gene. of the notmoeilap. laague. Philip tones. lohn Mantua. eon.sterilly to be trying to write new timpe third net anti the leg 10 the eeeond retry Allem' points" Suet einem knew Clerrieten, Fred floirtelies at. the end of the old 'stereotype. In Hew Orli-line Percent, Inichind Suer. Ray Watt sea. Snarly The: current wee!ravishes only to WO back In 1307 Wont.. young jests Clervale buys it mire hialorkal decisions which the young heeler Oil PICTORIAL, 04?PTI.111[--eervoe Mime New , played by Alfred re. Lent* Street In which to lodge Merle, %mem In the war gomea. The Meek of kerma alten who le. behave It Or net. whet Mr. Pico descrt.bres ne apis9lat as pure as what Used lo be Celled the drama is Hama. and the sotien center* d/it03% snow, and whom be saute to mound Ilia aeledtlem there of 1.1. IL Natal marry. SW Cerille. daughter of a pushing American who plena to lake over the Melly the letter. Who doe* run the CHICHI and Men and their estom--ea. town, in In love with him, and tell. Marie Navy'? Pardon us, this is weere we ses2110 that ales b 41%)ut to hare a [AIM by Min. to Henry L. Chary. 8o Merle sadly guess off to tremendireas triumphs as 60 opera guar, Pour yokel later aim returns to Jan Pieced Into smug woe he abeam. need CoMille a robing young matron, CtelLie heraelf, In a buret of bravado, tells Ja0,17 Or he and. netunilly enough, he makes piens nine niece I* 0114'02030 Marie on let pla0: y Dallied a triune. faze as youll RIld 113 thst annals of the drama. Wit, lb the titaett of Mr. Ilenenememin's eseurrioor Into female poyeleeloge. Cecil* If that alto Malty love. Jean and mints With ell her heart to We thereafter as he meld* She!Mute on the doorstep of the house on Levee Street. preettinably botause She lies shouted "Mork" once too often. and Mule gees off split to her fted opereue triumphs. Thor year* litter. Idler Jena hen been killed fighting the British in the bailie of New Orleans. Meek teed Cecilia meet again In the final 110[11e shore deemi bed The yarn actually theeteme to lime efecnething to say an Mcnelon: but more often It.theentralet to the traditional damp eitecharinity Itt operetta pious. ft Khmer:nee tremendowly boineired by the performsocee of ti number of Feepie mauled from the legitimate stage, who prove estelehleively that them Is for operetta acting to be es appallingly bail 01 It Meetly le. Mkt 01 teem is Mein Mere. who literally holds the piece together sad!lithe in a Melly eine Manteca performance to the stupid role of Coeille. Tem Kalil glees Went, humor and reel effect to the Ippleally rithelne comedy. making you forget lust how foolish it La nn etualnl etage comedian could weer do. Alm helping mightily I. Howard Merman so an Ineklental drunk. Sit In 0 operetta the made is really the tinny end Mr. Romberg km orratard long eerier of loyely anti lilting melodies for thle Orly, They mellardlotes mina their effeete. partly Mealier Or ellefettoreinge among main ed the singeri but chiefly become of luefteetise armingeleente and the fact that Jacob Behwerteneerl. who conducts, never manners to get [ rounded tome from him orchestra or precision in his reuelent peaffermenne There MO plenty dt liieltly relledie nistnbere- Morey the galaaln* Rood. Let NO Mire Today. MU It a Demme Time h fttattelley Stilt and melons others --Lit they Meer Out -of -Town Openings "The Admiral lictd a Wile" (The Playhouse) WILMINCITON.HEL. A comedy by Lesiren Bereleyfon. pee. rented by Jame Ferrer ill emeofertion iota Roth Welk Stayed by Are. Femme Satiny by John Reente. Crate elieledee efeellor Madge, Peter Gael Chang, Den 011sgeors. Mtn* brake, *tear Thar. leo. Jahn Maecreade, Joseph Storms, E J. ' Praleallnc, Rfercerd Here, John Before!, Shiro Takerinia, Blefrod Dusinock, Rol , Reariatate Petintatora, Alyea Pone talaon and Jedrit Wang. Meantime to the program notes of The Adnllral Nod it Wife, "lug reeemblenee In this play to actual navies, page prr.etht or fileare, is patently ebaual--tiele hem far people, too." In that mirk. Wilmington entelleneer found ta deal of enjoyment to this entertaleturt remedy, keynoted by Re Admirer O. 7C Yermouth, who tells his wife: -Ely god. madam, the wives do nat. run the name by gad. r the else paants ora that "Waters has orate tab! what Idea Peery *mad ham ;lane tt the Aderikel had wet won the battle.' "Banjo Eyee" (Cotorilel) 80.4EPTI A murkier Co ell en "Three Non em * Masc." Rack by cisitifati and Renee., Meek by Vernon Duke. LyirieS bp Jaen Lo Touche Vatted by thosard Shari. Prtsettled by Albert Lewes. Dencea by Charles Weber* Can include. Eddie Clothe.. fit Mr Clyde., likhord Reber, Johrorm. tenni Ann McCabe, Sally end They Dr/dorm. Lionel Itronder, /tieer OritojeToont Openings lie poet :so (-null to the perfemitance igen:fere of which they're camber_ Muriel "meatus and Bob Vetere:me, as Mane and Jenu. handle. Mast 01 them. Min Angelo,. tun Vets" nice qtielity in her Mem along with a number of diatoming defects -a bad vibrato. shrillnem In her upper register end on inelellity to hold the Meth anal. It sounds like a potentially excellent yoke that Miller bra weer had auflkient training or else tam began to crumble boomer of Incorrect production Withal*. he for Mr. Lawrence. his tome are Meeting but light. Re frequeetly loch prone:mon, but eni number of plenbeime pmeame lit dem redly beautiful work. Vicki Cherie+, who wed to he Mimeo as Vileltl Cometinge, ghee a therreileg performance, the beat Pm yet men her otter..e 0* ria. de loin: BThel Levey, ea the kipboase keeper. roteene to the American range to do a ark. joh. and. eat bee one song nomber. weeks. herder then any of the yeungetem and shows them how a sang 'Mould be mad. The ethers are. moat of them. pkesent but entirely Itiebentind. Stewart Cramer, setting; and Irene Ohnre.Tre tedinernsa boo longer, ("meridiem et best are pretty dull altatm where tunes hover in the nemmeererlatfel between real made and Tin Pun Ailey. and wham libretti are childish end Maine operettas to, Sunny Refer slacks Up ery well. The Meek le lovely of IM type. AM the story really reenethoes thresitees to ge places, *Mlle Who Irks eprevitas it al mould!ike 11th One MIT Much Indeed,

19 Deernitce 13, 19,11 NIGHT CLURSVALIDIEVILLE The MI:board 19 Gond car by PAUL DIM'S -Cemesionweborin ro 1564 lirsodway. N. York Cita-4AA4 ItONIGBIBC, oaresimi Actor Wins First AGVA-ARA Agency Arbitration Award NEW YORK. Dee. 0.--Cnrio Crow ft_ C. Chneteitneno des been awarded the &fettles, by a panel of the Meer icon Arbitration MOXIstiall. In his ins - pule with Halt Aoravta and Charters Allele- The owned was dated "Ineerity 181 but the vortnue parties tostived nottilenuon yesterday. The AAA tribunal. einvitsting of T. ReoineId Cloaks-. litriain L. Poses and M D. ininrroine, rube{ that Coosa ear 11.0t Mae: Celutres46 to Alien and Monte by virtue of CO -day ataborteetton slgntd Agall M. MOIL Karla IA bow under boritracit to liktelo Corporsalon of MostricaS. The AAA ruled MCA's contract vend and bindlog- Thin wee it rearmed of the derlicon reached by e losial M TellegentattOra tram the Anatelean OullO of tao.ely /CUM* mid Artiste Repreeentatorre slannelation. the Oro. frame to reach sit MA tribunal. Other AOVA moo new pending before AAA loeltide Wiliest Horne Agency OR. Rape and Nadi. Mina LeVerne vs. Arthur Wirth. Other artsitteutou at AOVA now on filo awaiting beaninot are Tlentaa Kettering vs, Oeetyn Ferrite. and Mionloe Caliten re Merlon lastlatt 'the ARA- AtIVA joint Mending Onminittee In mbettitlecl to Item Al Ortemnuan va Itonect and Reim Ihrittarson Mee Eirshard vs. Kiwen Cooper. Mika tomtit.. ve. Melia Rio earl Brothers. Max Richer& vs. Cons! mei koala. and Otheral Ammoineht Cortharetion ea. Pernik nod Jean trubelt. Bill Miller Opening Los Angeles Office NEN YORK. Dee. MIRO' I. set to open a lea Mentor *Moo Upon Ma return from a. Florida VallitIgn. MOM' wrpt. to Pleeltta titan the Court, where he got on otitholzation to submit Richard Arlen toe personal apgbarsoorat. Milhn will make IUa latadquartere et the flow Com% office. Mt will mime here in the stammer CO Olivet aellvitiet at!aria Park. Edward.1, and parr/ Lee fainalger root hribitle the New Beek of- DeWolfe Build -Up NEW YORK. Doc O.-lb:Id-up of Hilly DeWolfe he Po Wane Corporation of Miasma L conimuing with hie t! -week banking at the Vermilion Martino January 8. DeWoife Prato ire eel for tino gloom! appearartom At the Iteloboir Boon for the Mot three peter. DoWolfer otraram nt the Vermilion ChM him the right to okay the stlppog- Ing aria, Spode* teetteltet le beaus wraith for the entire show, composed of three different mono litehtill MOM Balland gill Maim It, Uellrolfel. Rainbow Room engislierniest for February DI has been Ocetpaned until May It. DeWafe tom OVA It =It Century -Fox teat Wednestby.181. lielt'ailainilton incorporates DOVER, Del.. Doe, 0.--i-biota Montikn. inc hoe been mented n norporatfon elittrier. Mrs. Hamilton *penile, a :MOO club In Wisabiltoton, la C. Piro' capitalised or 100 Marto of ow par value cue*, The brio/cleat oillov at. the CeePerelleel Trutt Cloomauy rod the Incorporators named are R. P. lesion. Remnala arid W. T. CUtthingtunia. Wilmingtoo, Del, Grebea's 2 Miami Spotti CRICACIO, flee. 0,-horny Groben la ettheare bittker for two Miami night dohs. the Militate and the AM Club, bath porting Deb -other 14. Troi Sky MOO. opening Mime will Include Dolly Roy, AOC and Jill Warner. Leinty Chile and the Faber firie. bob act net on Ise for the?amble Is Ceresbo Clomien, OOP. Ilan!Wag Film* arm:tonna um... Dot. 3.-Tho ]'boil., Village, Meal titter', Uwe mond ploturei oldtimers ethane end nerrelpea &today to leradoya In place 01 the BOorthOW. The Oilier nighty. of the week Boma dhow la put oil (*lee nightly. Mukt Act Clicks RIO DE JANEIRO. Dm. 0.-As a publicity stunt. Caste* Lova brought in an odurated mule named Canaries, that nbawered guest -tom requiring number aa aramme. Ounight man and the Pn1743 got ea to Mow Man III grill mom, but maciaminect Wet nopipoki Mtn pombelitist end honied the mantel marvel In the mama of Cimino, where eiggellog OO1I41 pin MI bitrestrioal prebtetinn to the mule. Ono lariat a mumbler sabolled nitss the mflirh dilireirile to demand "a good number to play." Cantata re - intended by pawing out "strap,:" Clent then returned to gaming roams, de. positing chip. On ounther amen for MOM saressite. VIM% Dtagtodol. ne paved the remainder of chips on on - other number, and of course the paved on that turn of the Wheel 'am number seven. $500,000 Monthly Defense Pay Roll Hypos Sacramento BACRAMEOTO. Dee. 0,-An edited pay roll of monthly thou Sacramento neon Mr depot sod Mather Field here has bowned night cloth Mutnem, The town, however. can Ann um another fintmlare night eh* with a floorithow. bole one La this eatogore 1* Prank Ralatraiat's Caro Donovan, and this spot Is doing excellent ttuelono, Since Since Bowl. emote the Siorammito giver In Yolo County, Was cloned Mental two peon ago, and the Pat? Paget, anether Toni root.. bunted dcrau moms! triciothn back. there bee boot rho noonthow spot nava Dotnermob, Cooktall lounged are doing a brisk busincie. retying On mode InlebInna with a three -Mom orebeetre hem and there and about four photo -Mager wt -rim spotted arouorl. But coralomlog the Itquor extort lb the ookooty and the.table poptilaum (170,000) In imeation acne flying cadets who are good spenders, MIN territory ke pretty Innen of Utah talent. Colored Names Set For Detroit House masorr. Dec. 0,-Bookinge for two months have heel act for the bloodline Theater.!omens' the Than, *blob Ogg no a Sande flat -ran end picture boom Deventer PO. trounmed by Bon and LOCI Wien. W111 One colonel mamba. Booktage are tieing halielle0 by rseil Berne who met book. the Colonial and Bovril% Painental emote /mullet. to loan. Louie Anottotior opeola the!mum, folios/rot by Andy /ark. Deep Rase. Rorer. Lamm Sullivan, Bill Roblumn Mtn Lumetord. Count Thule Oreeu and Tiny Brallanale, Cab CitHoiray and Sort Ulnae. Jack Hawse)! feline GAG CHfCAGO, Doe. sti-loge Nioa.nit, m- are:dated with the Drru O'Malley office hnto the prat Me years. muted over kg% week to the betiorot Amusement Corporation office as head of lian dub banking department. leek Miattney temporarily bikes over Rowell" former duties rat the O'Malley office DR JA11E1I30. Dee. 6.-WIth the renown drawing to a came, opermors of mummer apota are prepadallt toe the heeneet bustileina In limn. Itertela are operettug at almost top capacity. Di Prhopolls, a nsountrut trent shout One hour's. drive from Rio. Testae Club will open Deteinbee 15 Wider the mime Militagetaelit an UM In ltlo. CaT100 Machado and band, mane& at the thee. will be traneterred to Tenets Mob until April I. Club hag horn operattlig week - emits (Wing the niquilat season. The Atlentleo, Whieb Ina the Codas, of mune Peng to Pete0P014, Oper- 3liami Agents Claim Shortage of Talent as Season Gets Under Way; Gambling Ban May Hurt Names MIAMI BEACH, Phi. Dec. 10.-Bookers here arc woodertray at the abiance of the annual pligoloutito Of mia at thla time of the ammo. With fewer seta consino dawn and more spots opening. the shortage of talent 1.1 becoming acute. &rico it's butoning to look like the goveroosee no -gambling ban IA hero 10 duty. the Lesser antalim mete WUt be ebb to play mirk apote that Othervaga vsomid have Used name* only. At the to-menbling ban Cog?. nifty bootee Miami and Its maim conoty. Boomed, many slab oisamteent toll be altittins to friendlier isouldiont AlotedY new elute have been opening alt ono thei Stem, inoludiem the Embernmel and the anowbont In crin.ncta, Ileamb Jacksonville, and ta Concha In Key Weatn Mother Kelly opened November IS w ith o now Morte. three times aa big RA it \bad to be, New show tociudie Mite* Beal. Doug GAR -omen Duke MIMI, Or ell end Smiley and en mutters:1y mitigated ehorna of ex girls and them kora. Boob McKenna handled the prolitnion. Fretless club opened lint week Muter management of Art Childers Maya Ia made up or 'roomy and Rely Wooster, Duke Melish.. Ike ORM% EatrIcia Motet Lane and the Simon** and Athold Ohtw am Barker.. Mee o'cloek Club. New York to One lip tair.111.,. Danny and ICIItY DOTI" have return(d Boni ChteOgo,... De tityltai Tirfrot Mire offered a, COPPert. to 3.1.1Vn W title Airurier to January. liomad-parsite DOnCOTn COW alto under wartageoninit Of Judith Law - Mu... Colbert Wolf In beau with Mem for It eruct circuit... AI Wilison ia bock wills Al Drab. Rooth Convocil teas tarred down Mao Ructriliekll recurs to operete a burly allow at Omit Gaither Thanter, Coin book. nom. formerly. the Remise Guam. given Detroit First Runs Up Admish Prices DO ROOT, Dee. G.-Rim-run theaters bombed mina Mb Week 10 ma cent. While MI Muses lout arawne sauna for the week, iwo of them. the allieblean oast Pox, hate Intermittent etamebowa, with.the tilith4sn operstng yeeterday with Folks Arrverw to be to/lowed by Erotism Hawkine and the Pour Initepote_ afor.clay thee Thursday. price tut be 64 crate nights. with 40 mob matioare, RS at proton. FrOdam, 40 cent* to port and 66 cent* at night. Ontirrdaya, 30 clots to 6 pro. and 43 tenni levee_ and as win dear. Sunder. end holiday& 1.0 mate to 1 p.m. Phillv Clubs Again To Try Organizing, PlitLADELPLIIA_ Dec. 8.-Leal niter; ope aunt persoirelon to stay open oiler henna durtul the holiday mimeo. Az result 20 operators Of the tow'n's top spots met Wednesday to form a Cabaret Owners' Mooklation. so that "Om mire will tor hermit in the lagialative bane and oxocuttra reanelonr A Pennorylvarde Ceharet Owners' Oseocietion wee organieed tact Oiler. loot It failed {(elate 01 -Knee opendldre bile of interne. - Rio Season Still Big, as Talent Dins Switch to Alo-tmtam Spots sting over sack -ends. WIN tawy full -week talent mining late in December. 'Tiae Oreod hotel will sea taleot OOCaaIOCMIO. The Casino karat In )11v.cered, Mil Mcattoto Rau the outcome tieing talent - The Palms!focal and Casino al twos de Ceiba Men. Mien WARM early In January, Thr Caolesat libt do Pomba.' and Taub. ROW Olataill at Fentos wilt operate dining the eomenser loans full - week atirectiona. Combo Mu In Couraftio. and Omoble WWI. Soo Pedro. ere toweled 1a toe ndisartert blew. Play Saba me eel {loan local beckon.. the Monageolents1 At BMW MAWR Md. IRKnetnly, alga% *hit Ora Vote the okay foe a lietaues attor council we. natured that the debt* agelnal Tim Cnitare'. Rusithe Canino wore &MIAOW.. Gebe Moto; will take Mar the 13 Chico In Downier calling It My Inlet Romeo. Don and Denny have opened.thelr Jewel box 1n the Fleetwood Hotel.... J Ohniay Plink feu opened the larcdran Room In the Enseketono Hoof with Benny Cash Mid Tony St. CUM, Kernel isle Meter lump a saga of the ROCIonisopplo variety when be enema hie Nut Club December lei.. Dave S inger hr.* Orally been printed a night club hector, Enron Mertedee has honked the Turves Potato Doge, Ohio Phoriereteoll, latex Pyvainen end Curley Satter:eta Into Charlie's TOISS.CCO Road. Delmar and Denim to OeftEell W ag Petra Smelt. Canoe leouclia oeven.piece oak new to Italtmosed Desch Hotel.. Bid Togo ties billed BM White's. boatharn Thelitstral AiteracT as now inerieme. MIAMI. Dee_ Rey Bourbon hi harel.moir at Crooner 'reamers) Roost.. Joe Itorazei. Sky Club, any.. he tia honked Eon Raker anal lens MOM for the corning semen,. V1111 Istaaomo. Jr.Is Kitty Davies latest diatryntry. Chamosiel open, member 10 with Boas Nettleton% Bon Brooks end Lew Tonettre as. portonra Talent ceostam plating work in Miami should relabel, local club owner". or local agent* direct The best premature fa eta Una Olymple Theater. booked by thirty Kalchnna. New York. Cafe moues ben pick many RetA frog lit. Olympia. Jimmie's on the Trail la Clam A oput, nen-aova. that we. ad:robot', toosialora pemblere and theme Acta Kitty Latvia to *loess in the ormaket suloatantlal aungsiers. tapatera, bonder Mince meta and mules. Wows) Road. a new spot, IA good tee The Mat: le a bed MOM. Latin strollers can th.yn' Into El Bolero. UM Roue ark leers Charlitea Tobacco Road to go into the Tepee Club Corseeribee S. Conked by rin...n Mercestiot Op to Math II. Moe and Def.:amp also to Tepee for two week,. Other alarerdra bookings inctude John halo tel Girona WaelaIngtem ROW In Jeoksionville: Iamb and lioelentle to Dultesdread Conlon Club In Orlando Aloha Dean to fthowhont In Orlando. Mee Oilier and the Polo nocallaris 10 the Hollywood Beech Hotel. Hollywood Beach. Rap Barring of Soldiers in Cafes WASIENCITON, DM. 0.-The bantog or medima In uniform in rthitit and hotel dining room wee tamed pmterday by fingedeke CeleleTed P 11, Or. been, chief of Army tnorfr. MOP/ s Saute DdglielnVOstrinting Cklyentittate- *gaga' Meld of New York and Herring of Iowa claimed In on tom *Iamb elect Mead Lowden:I Ono he mu. a miram. WA. denied Mmtainon in night dtlta amid hoteb. and that blost wank places were faring -womert to eberme Into civilian clothing. Ostrom raid laic son, AIRS plant& Was retti.sed entratsoe In the PUDIIe dining room nt a local baba howeire Yid that Me non. atao In am army, told tom that "tea the price on the menu cards Dust imps tam out of that. pilot* more than II I. the uniform." Sullivan Again NEW YORK, Dec. 13-AI Sullivan. Broadway ottlitrootot of the New York Dolly NM,. 1. 'et for Iscew's Stale Re week starting Christmas Day. iligillrao will alas be at the glue In &Wit for two weak, during the alumna lliwootz Moon show. Fel Zeliner L-1111 NNW YORK. Dm. en -RI nohnor. Brooklyn sae talaraa. matuanin for The New Turk Herne.. vita head a moths unit set for 1il20 Memo DAUM alging lined up inehide Akron. Jamaica and Blehnlood KID Bally haelmott le eitottag

20 20 The Hu!board NIGRT CLUIIISNAUDEVILLE Derember 13, 1941 lit New York ratent polrey: bartor ands straw hand arid batirs mire1 band: madreertria poor - thou at 8:30, 12:30 ang J.Mo. afaurtawmeat: Darla, awl Jimmy Veretet.ateners; that Samoa, predumr; Douglas MAYA% Press ageott Harry /Men. Mutat detect tor; Pam Dintrnatict. ipticetit material. Prams: iti.ge minimum foperangill: ottleratice-a earth. PoHawing the Mut ot the CAVA-steam mug Ilya Versailles. thin Ineuenea the Mint clime Atter,' this beal00 to drop the policy of alcagin Mane perranalitlea In favor of girlie Harm- LA Martiedque, alien it Opened for the roar Marna, expected to elicit with the Molting" a Jae tt.00 end?muth Pay. brat Boom expentataana dtein't yield carserielly. Stmultaneuitity with the,wash Jn litailey, LA Martinique is indulging in a Leary aderstiaing bant140e. [On= good pray to producer NAt learreat. obblille denigner Mr Bartle City Muttio Ban. The tsrual diamond -Wadded audience wax on for opening night. Despite tba lierbthitem Ot Ramernaa eatables and the very tarn itifid eight leis who till them up so currarloutalt lath WS, trl Clitanos (Mame team) end Carlo, Ramiro'. Irsaterl. Meat the them. Ramona gowns and trappings theating 110,0201 are unusually beautiful and different from elan the batter night club body nrap61- The aye -Clime Open the IMO*, cat with a dance that just a talk routine, that banderval oh being Geyer. me ma. total thrtheat the thaw Is not boo goad. Gala Mang as cute ea they are. Hint they make. It more palatable. al Mama are thla reeleweea candidates as the top balisturat team of nem Vag. Girl low a dens -Me beauty,. worios Toads. foot and head to the very best aisintritsite, and portcesna oath cream and agility. tram did two papa And a Latin number with Mall, showmanship and subtle era. appeal. Stepped the thaw, Mr. Frank Barbaro. The Bowery Night Club, Detroit. Mich. Dear Mr. Barbaro: Nicht Club Revieuus and lost to talk their leas adf- Merrie Vee Johnson, teemarly a. Meeenee 4 liaise were several) of the dance team of Florence and Alvarez. makes her Now as a stager, alma a very pretty Worst, but can't wing n pallbahle The latent of Imogene Gam wax speared 10 a Pooshonim number that atartod out with peoshenlies. Pour show gala, catchlly drowd in ha -tannin Ai - 'abut easturam, and Witham At_albald,,aa John Smleht were on the.7* --:14_ bid lite niimbor pat didn't Ito any -r^. -^ Another number, natirtang a suffered the tame fate. Out her last two, a one -girl fur faabion how and a lairlesquas of n aomitst!inning ;As, were howls. Last altrabars. gala het e (Mamie to bilred out wit plenty or mitnicry, oast Mat takes. Omuta Ramie*, itrattlt Minds -an bar:- WM% a nand Click -Ma atint hot. meson, Is just that Diplal 'tine dm:wm Russian and Spanish numbers. with a AMA at ftgaro. It4y A a groat showman mid lam o citor, powartni. belt -tinging voice and natural personality. Tim eight ptrin (Iris Marshall, Betty Motley, Wotan Seamy, Norma MOW, Jerre Lowe. Ctelattne Carol. Jeanette Walden and Charlotte I...wrathy: Mirth 4110 show with a Bauth American hat tea by blbo Coca ma:nth* Cermen Miranda, Cr Waller), Mk I. diattngulthed by the snitialcolt excellent leery tickling and nythinka danaapation. tong Marlin conducts the.bow and H. Curbela Mallen nut the, rumba rhythms. Zoll Zatt_ Club Bali, Plullaclelphla?Went policy: Baum end show band, rumba band, proavettian firmrshowe at 7.30 and I. Marmimmenti Mar, S11 anti Joe Wainer, proprielorm; St Scathe,. I wish to thank you for a very pleasant eleven weeks within the past six mend's. Sincerely, Yvette Dare and her sacred parrots P. S. --Also Mr. Pete Iodice, my Detroit agent. * * * * * * * * **** ** * * * * * RAVAYE and Presenting Dances of Latin America TIIE TROPICS DeMoirs Newer/ and Mao Wriest* tiled drab * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * BARRY DAVIS FRIENDLY SINGING EMCEE Now motel at CLUB BALI. Miami. Florida. Thanks no SAM COLLINS and WINCV CP.OBSR MARCO* manager; adoligt Giordano, assistant: Storms. Tone, maitre cr. Barney Vows, headrealstr: Mitt ciricpirta; Tony Philtlyd, booker, Prices: Dinners pant ft: ilsfrigu fames dg Wed; blinindalt neekdayr, 12 week -ends: no corm. - 'r wiry thoplead nitery packing plenty of Latin incitement. Dynamic, icaniy Josephine Det Mar to in lop spot. Crum rhythmic and Biting song Lnterpretas liana at Cuban lullabtres, plan may hip swaying. &team and bond lei offer puhating Cublth thitninl, Maestro Ia a WM-Amer bate and bite authentic rattail:at style gum far In fostering the Pan..Arneriellit CROW. Dillateleg the Cuttart cheke ate LAO Three Nulty Acre. huller, with itharaeter comedy maths that aril ilite a million. Rave good voters are high shatentanahip, aim setter Ittameat with nicer sang IanpresHan of a Harlem prayer meeting,ltd ti earl ittlidi of melba money., givemerty proparius Porto and Ranee are eon tit the moat air sing ballroom duos aver to grace the raised Bali floor. roe/load and shoulder opine battler an the whottional, Weakest la Lee Noble. youthful maid with standard tricks that tend to prove that the hand in. ialabee than stet syn. Depending on the flash tintsh. atringing razor blade, out err hie mouth. Lad in sectlucally proftelent, but talc abort ill Wittig. bit gartdba mike gab detcan't help any, Tytng It all together A trio Litre of eight ),10-11-ty Demme* for the opening and closing routines conceived by Mildred Ray. Oats are young, which Make* up for moth ot their Mattes-ortaat thotwork. Alan Fielding'. crew ( on tap, sharing the bandstand with Smassirs. Hamar Orodenker. Bob Brookb's Seven Seas Cafe, Hollywood Talent parley: Amami band mad gl,or-, trend at 2, 11:10 and I. /damactimmaii Sob Brook% earner: Nate Shap/ro, heed. SeatireS, Dinner, 11.25: drink, from ea cents: no corer: no minimum. Hawnlirtn thaws hate is Mtge foltrerdrig In thin netton.. and nob ISTooke spot amass from Granman'a Chinese Timmer, IS one of the outstandlng fatea effertir ton type of chew, llowntinn waiters and bartenders add to the atmosphere of the red Utialoolcilte and galventice. roof Cal which min pitter-patters airing the staged infrequent bland stirraie Mille Bush and Ills &Mem islanders, turnialt thew music. and tot Cleeide guitar b tnattired hastrament Bath scree& none too serail he Lb Seed enough n an announcer only. 40.1annuite thaw got under way *1111 Priadonnal taanti. and Plianisni. with Chief Banal offering a spicy. precise Hawaiian step atop alt Hatodmit drum, Girl. MC eke (Oakum, hatnal failerrnt with a hatilelal gourd dance that fatted to Math, centrally because patrons don't know the aigntfls eenee Of -PM ceremonial. Prlooma Pintos/LI Offers hand moveinemin to Lowly hula //ands, unlit the handmaid hum a hatagroittal. ;lumber dorairt WM, SpOlial lighting and acme ahhoitetting would hare helped. A atrthingly clever number, My alexer of thr JainyA, lb offered by Chtvf Banal aila OM of the girl dermas. Jun& drums are WWI sad the dancing is accentuated by black light, - Berney Kithan. hula drawer, wake hard to get over. Princely Luang fa eh tarn PAM oho dance. To tad. Sweetheart', Moho. Finale * group number, Bush's lalandrra to a good lob of show playing and general etatertalninent. Sem Abbott. Vanderbilt Hotel, Pago.Pago Room, Miami Beach, Fla. raw potiop.!' f-todasefgon lloontliosas of 4:30, II:S0 and 2:30; Mose and dance bend. Management: Sea Cialers. W. d ire; Les patitiefiy; Prank Penn- headwatter. Pricer: Wows ;rem 31.50: drinks from do mats; intitirnam $ 1 ḃhow opens with the. George Libby Girls tat dottig a lively Aline:MS roll. tine ivith wowed. and military costumes Girte can step and are cosy eh Dee in the Mule, the girls come up before the mike. Inf101dually Ringing, Sagnp, Edgewater Beach Hotel, Romeo, Sating. Munn- HOW manatee, pretty atria and clever routines man Marine Dining Room, this the best Line Libby boa mat here Chicago front Boston, The hew V composed Of Vora Shea. captain; aerate Micah. Mary Talent.991tow. Production goorthotes Inn gasuge. itharlay Shear. Mary Alien at $:40 and 10:30:.0,101C arid dance band; and Jule Atwood negautsi durietg 1010thasions Stoners Spenser and Porcine -a. sirirtappeartog. mixed dance leam. el -hated with scent:. William Dewey. manager; Dorothy Dorhen, predneer. erdeer: dinner feet namboogle egittleat* Ma encored from $2: stepper reed, SO read: adode- with a botnoorta-garl tap nurobo-, Rion for dancing St (LI 30 Saturdays). [Rona King, dark-haired, did okay Richard tlitnher end band me pining with a Can't Gire YOU Anything ilia the early winter mason here. and hia affante From Trinidad, And I Went smooth, danceable Innate La going over 001 of My Way. Miami hats seen many imincsalaatais and mimic; but nehrl 'there Is an excellent flocealaow that have err come time to At Carney ht Ltieludes the Three Deana WU Mid achieving an almost perfect almilarity Dad and the Dorothy DOTI:we Dialed*. of voice on FOR. AL Smith, Lionel Darryl:once and Major- Boum Show open. with a Clay Ranchero pros dilation number. the eight girls appearing In ahlstortated ninth deem for a liwg. trumpet. piano, ham and drumil 92tOW band, beaded by Tam Lawler lively and entertaining denim Margery has been hell over until September. Lei. nand rontatresi, soma nicely. tine breaking records at this Awes* la attiettpro, has a Senaltig %MM, and hotel The relief band of Jimmy Chrinie knows bow to sell. Is tops Tar ruinerns and congas. A 121 Mate and Hari, mixed datum team, polite If WHIM Wednesday flights fa hteii a partirttlarly novel prong, in the whiner of the rumba mintesits. panwentme, they simulate baking. running_ fencing, golf and other sports, the feet the Dempsey name had to be Butiontaa lure U vary Mesa. In spite of giving them a comedy tondo that. puts taken Off sign ariel theta 11e7014 blg- Harry S. /IOW. Throe Deana Ma 10 a feuat and eland aerated:c. minx that invitidea novel tips, brad and bendatands and other Balalaika, Washington attune neatly executed. Itlailam, withat, Tateat pottcy: Slaw Wei Jar._ -n- hood: avocation A Maglc, rg WW1 some Suaram favorshows as ant mid 12:00; hanstaly Cant tricks. Coneluding production number ts, one of the host Ind fear weeks afanoperneat: attalla Bess, Chitur.e Souris atecort", ntemped retry (non novel Dorothy 00titen Itati produced. The eight girls. In East India nwtansky. massager and maitre d'horel. eaffiee end Akeeo producer; Oatlept Os- costunare, carry huge Woken,' of Monson Prices: $1.50 minimum weekdays, 02 eat their heads atxt do a caterfill Sato -Maya Then Mats and Hart appear, the former Making Ile debat, RA, Balalaika borne aloft by four traillan Waren. and II a lavishly decorated basement club in the they proceed to do a novel and funny swank Par; of Commetimit Avenue. Completely Rittman In kttchan, deconitione Oriental dance Mariam:pie. Number ho elemrly eanortvetl and executed. 4:,x and ensarialmment. Music Ls ditheilled During interodestorat. Betty Gray sokyn by a balalaika <animals -a, Mai oil/mitred told rind new popaumbere and light opera by Malta Be,, It Paarl And subsequently selections un the tegma. Nat deem. /mantra in revere! morimt Plve men Manage the Felaillaft ituttnitnents [Including A mini -piano) and. for dance IMIS AND BANDS WANTED Dust ho high cloy OW 1,041i naleste iedadl LelinJaracie -neon - THE TROPICS "Mere theta a Men Chris" Contact C. I. torassen Nadi Watdelna Itivrteic Mich.

21 Prrembor! NIGQT CLUBS -VAUDEVILLE The Billboard 21 imeriusles. ono 01 trw Men aer:trhes to MA!neat Calor-NI Throe reeds de sulieh trap advantage. with the enlist eatt doing drums. glop the bead no attractiveness'. Trial Permanent con of Russian entertainer.. to Matured in ensure Souris Nitta Any Bonds Todayr In a lock finish. adds oiletralonal vocals in pleasant hour lath Weller and Jenne Lee miry the yoke. prennted on show moat lid the way, amen lichee srlah oss It's a comedy VfoOraltsYR s akar, with Poppy Below. swims and wenety. teem, with Wailer end Lee netting all thandly light In fn rustic get-up. opening the show and ebtancter. the skits are the -rely understood by pontomline. Singine Ea pleasing the Laughs In the Mow_ Wallet ribe warming up the customers a bit 'and then ousioaters while in doublers on the giving Way to Coruna Marten alone. guitar, ninth and mix. and pretheatonelly The heckling Move, bided SS "protege of Al Jolson' Show opens with out einging At the redhead, lerrte Lee. from a table off and recently In the Jolson Mew road Mal.12Ofka tram the Olm of that namenage, nits pinny notice with her wtattour. La a tall, good looking, likable sag Cracking_ Very ruttsfactory. Ilve first Mit, firemen oonteres little l Cllr. and U1SPeraotsatar but he La Atilt Batty Ann Jordan t: a cute little trick peaaant, gin who Lim an affair with a Awkward bit delivery and his gaga aza who can really Min. She did Criatte- soldier, end her regrets. Pali:wing rho eku, Dena Lanais, bland eoprann. arras In Rthstan while necery is being changed, 151w rum a Waentitston totlawing non working et Other clubs In the city. The nett Ant le most ambitious for a nth elub because there Is littler nglitneun to It. Five men in overalls eti.j about the Mechanical Ago amid sombre settings of anvil*. Utah furnaces, lathes. etc, Nemarthelow, It proved entertaining. 'nsclutikowsky's Plena Con - eerie provided mink for en interpretative dadce by One of the Bussalso :Ono, nut this didn't seem to click. Ftnne, a gypsy ramp. tindaght beak gayety and Coma dancing, boisterous mingin.g snit cheerful tortes. Cast tneindee Tonna, end Thin. dilitome; Dena Leeena, Monk Dibmins, Mrs. Gmentn, Vern Rogan. Vein Pen- Jenko. Kaler'Grouldileo, ARM Boned& and Hetes/ Warten, singers; and Leta Leirk add Vern Siniska, addlisonsil deniers, SingleRtualan let* area added from time to time. Edgar Jones. Leon & Eddie's, New York Talent penny: Dance and thole band and penile:1km driershow et 5.10, 12 and 2, Management' Leon Brame and riddle Doris, Osetiets; Robby Sanford, ynefuecin Dorothy Guinan, pub/lefty; Louis?Cats, trenderatier. Prteet Dinner front :LSO, With a fanqineynne Oen end the superior shonneranlp of leddie Dens. nth -most aolvent of SRI Street niwrine continues to pack them In weekday nights wino other ninny cnimers aria thiging the latuns bans Is a smooth showman and wrap* up the audience with Untried delivery, a practiced method of handling Moine, ara heenon of a hilerione, intimate atmosphere. Ills range. jokes. sent:non< end nostalgia give customers a wallop fee their dough. Tele MOW includes Rai and Honey BM an eneraetic litterbug team who certainly neve [lads entrapeed, and nee renown by Les Manning- and Mtn la aegl doing a lallatielog act that Mamas Went over well with three numbers which caw the pooches 43) in full them %On In Hero Mena Marcella llendrick*, farmer vocalist in Dick inulinns oh, la doing a single nth I technically good lob et winging. het lust ordinary etilltia, Did fry, Neigh. two. I COottei Write a Book and It There Lotto In the flame? Nothing much in the way of style. In line with the usual injection of Min, an exotic Minor. Bann, perthemed mint nemi maneuvers in ontrapiele tanstany with other gestlentations, Drew vend applethe Trim and Trudy Wilkie erlin Golden Pair: perform softie beenitnul ecrehatle btlatim work In waits titer. Chnuthe elms entertainment. Boy and girl did Wen graceful lund-to-hand stint and lx10.1teted Lifelkatt Pinking hintrel work with. Mee and polish. Stlffenect posture mearethe were standout, Noel Toy, Chinese fen dancer. Ls the ctly hotdener to the shun On law week) And still pulling a good hand enti her flash number. Mehi-gal chorus milt opens end ciente the show, Loa Merttnn music has bennie thin sod larg, mentally far tinning, Sa4 Zeit. Village Burn, New York Taient policy: Show and dance band; Cowboy retire st 7:43. 10:45 end 1:4S; bobbyioer horses and motifs pier paettalgest(ort goner bet item shows. Management: Meyer Normals, operator; Jay leturrell, pens agent. Priem; Dinner frost a/. In MO 13th year. "New Tort's may wnriley deb" IA getting along Mech. The ettniation I. and a contbleinton of htftaing flingehow: good., sweet dance ludience participation gam % advtitg decoration*, end the Infannel, friendly pensomillty of the club. Anthony Trent's fiddling leads the fight mat band. 'Mich dishes out jun. Tight rent elenple dance rhythm. This :Nos Trial threp move men than be hod at the Village Um bunt mason. and WitUrally the band It to much littler often too V.A. Affects a thy personality. end made a fair Imminent, Teem Fletcher and Westerners, rout -man cowboy musical enitillt Witter. sterns bah. accordion and violin', goes thru the usual Out -West tunes, with Pletenoth l'indle and singing as Rack Music le okay, boys are nth looking. ow/taming neon but their presentation Is not partimileriy punchy. Pete White Cloud, to Indian costume, is brought Into the act for Utak rope spinning that drew applause. Ratthasna and Martin,. bay -girt Wain, mons: with their nimble, higit-ineking, spinning. tap routines_ They perform refreshing math" and the boy is piaticultaly handsome. Drew plenty of applenee. FA Rickard. "orginistee of Maslow Cartes:31A" does his novelty Mallow routine, forming figures and -putting them thrit panto routines be -!MW a whlte screen gen set. Pout nod Plante ernitninglaran. features M the name and very popular hare, mug mine of Paul's own song*. including Am an Anteefeen, exuding a nice nvotalgic personality, end winding up with a novelty. X4r the Fops Goodbye. Bands ales over WOR-Mutual wire. Pen: Dente. 1.ake Club, Springfield, III. relent policy: Band; Mower at 10:30 p.m. 1 am-, 240 &on. Management; Owner* and managers, Harold Henderson and Hugo Oforagnolf, Priors: Onmem from $1: drink: fron 23 Oents. This club continues' to attract hundreds of Central Illinedl Meth clubberit as lierble itelmea and orcheatrsi. serving Tousle "Southern eer.e.- set new records. Dolmen concludes Decensberi and er-alene a two -neck rood tour before opening. Albany, N. Y. 413 the first Miens November 25 the Cromwell Slaters eviam. Clermont. and Lamina) soap Moral! Be Sews Changes Made and a opened arrangement of Alec- Ofirkel Rosanne Band and sus an encore /lined /when They clicked nulekly and were esallart bock a second than At the second encore Berms Joined the trio In novelty. What'. Cookie', Cookie:, end stopped the show. Two mole riumbere, the first helmet's 'neon of his ChM recording, Ida. Sweet as Apple Cider, end the second, Chattanooga Choc-Chao, Mil felled to satisfy. Beimee tied to beg off for the gins. Wilfred DuBen. juggler. smoked down to his audience and drew some of the bathed applause ever given Melee appearing At the club, "Wild Stir Smith, band's bats player, pre...en:mg hie remise of Hon Momma, coon:notch Leek the crowd. Icon end Mary Norman. ID and 20 years old. drew geed appleinie Me their rollerstattng routine end their tap and gm element& The club'., low milling balked the pair but didn't stop the crowd's pleaamm. Neon Hutson (1.1oharesh wife) put Mime two songs to excellent manner, Cfly Called if moan and The Lady Is Trasep. Per a third number. with Mer- Mait GUI. band singer, appliqued tne crowd wins You and I. HOLTIOnni Mee Club concluded [Lie show with three mambas, which else plea:med. The eels were Meted b7 Peal Men. Clucaga. Deaner It; Tapp. Jeff's Club, Miami relent policy: Shoo And darter bond; shears et 9;30. 11:30 and 2:10. Management: Jell Lortir*, earner: harry STatiE0, gaerawors; hen Burgher, publfetty; At Posh. hooter. Pricer /Hater Front $11$, drinks fienn SO neat; risteinesine 11. Settings of palms, blinking oars mid hive moon Antigen a tropial night In Miami. Th.0 elennted stage is perfect for the that few Toes of Dinh* but that's all BeefsUse the biggest part of the mom is behind the line of Wslo' it. the room Is tough to work in ttlatko's seine Murata plenty Of thought, good hate and tionlinem But that's where it orirle. Ills line of glehr Moat hare been pkted end trained in the dart. leveu the snappy costume they wear fall to help. In the Mate the als eleglxinthe are anown to best, nocee Chino Choo, ithyflain and KU* the Bryn Goodbye. A swing singer olio really delivers. Royce and!.sport do there original tap that are okay. Dewey Lientliarn dote one tap Meth okey. too. Welly Jain dont standard eery tunes tlint bave won him a long list of engagements here. Mimic by limy Lopes and relief band Of Den Quintana completes the show. /lorry B. Pirates' Den, Hollywood twit whitey: Dente band, r.oarshors at 9:30, 11:10 end I. itanegement: men. Ogee, Joe Bart; htedweller, Percy Ethic pubhafty. Nennol Same and Harvey Scynour, Primo; Dinner foist 52; etre /min 50 Cents; no MeTiltl.taitl, nn Impel", Pirates' Dan taattsthata on movie and!mtn name by slapping on menus alit postnt mine the names and pictures of Rudy Vann, Bob Rem. Wag Crosby. Johnnie Weinman and Jimmie Fidler as "pirates" Publicity has been given the fin that then peopie are connocted with the spot. Spot la decorated with Whin nett and ClAtLIA*01, Walter, and nwatelans dress As buccaneers. Torn Harty mane the show, which has been sloppily thrown together, Harty uses same good trutterhi. Met some that's not no good, Its has a manner that goes wen. and he bandies the hecklers well. Reggie Dvorak, in cutaway without shirt but with tie, fiddle for a lot of Onempley. Insteed of phying. ha whistles while pulling the bow anon the strings. Comedy. what little there le, Comes from Dvorak's beating With Nick Cothran., 0111 leader, that ben not doing the ninntrert right, John Arden, baritone. clicked singing rn Raripteg Song end Lover Come Tech to Me and encored with Chloe. Has powerful and pleasing mite. Cochrane. with bend pan. singe Football, Tae Body In the Bag and My Wflen P`Ird Hatband, John. Ork leader puts Little Audrey twin LA bun NAN: that pure nor the novelty songs, D14 well ample. le:ciders Ohow runs 55 minute& Johnny Hohtsta, pianist end ginger. tented heavily with intearnlinkni numbete. Re plays a grad piano and In et - :es -the on meals, Cochrana's five-mem oh dote a good - Job of accompanying the Shaw and play. leg for denotrdt. arra Abbott. Torch Club, Caution, 0. relent milky; Dante and show bend; flisondsowe at 11, 17:30 and 1.45; Joe Schwan.r managing ettin-tor; Butrifeeirta & Gruber, booker. Prim: AdroWN. :nerve, LS cents; rtrtnha from :0 Malts. (Who pirernment defense al:ending the provided luareabed wages, granter employment and oeiv security for Meer - sands of minion numorechnied luting a decade of eatnafilla) atalthntiou- Oda (My does not boast a 'Ingle top-notch night club. Frequent thisnitpte to laismb Inentty night club hem La remelt years have bean without avail, Apparently there L not anificinn clientele to imp - pert a Chas A Whey. Moat ambition effort at the moment La the Torch Club, about five miter won of Canton Cat the Lincoln Highway. Thla spot has had Its Opel and clonal the We extend our most sincere thanks to the New York Newspapers Particularly to Mr. Walter Whither Mr. Inch Kertny Mr. Ted Friend Mr. Robin t Dana His Ontolley 15:10310 Kr. Louis Sobel Hr. Gone InIghl Malcolm Johnson Mr. lonard Lyons Ridged Manton. Ilw INA Bee khelner Because Each One of These Members of the Press Has Given Us Most Favorable Mention,. To Them We Owe More Than We Can Repay * * * * r. * * * * To the SI. Moritz HoIrl Mr. S. Gregory Taylor To Our Friends HUI were io extremely kind No on diming our 7 amok** engagement. Mr. Bob Revd conehided Idea to 414nago previous commitments) Ford /Wilson Deeember 6 at the A it, 1.1 ta 15 C11 Cabo Do La Pah, r*11 u nn r,1ar weft. *11 *GIs ern,s.'. Mal HOTEL ST. MORITZ, To Miss May Johnson & Music Corp. of America For arranging oar booking to epee December 8 for three weeks at Hog NORMANDIE ROOF of the MT, ROYAL HOTEL, Mordecai, To All the Above We Are Deeply Grateful Szle 6g/1e ROBERTS MENTALISTS en MAGICAL MASTERS

22 MANAGE 22 The Billboard N I GUT CLUES -V A ItDEVILLE fleeertther Darto five years but It keeps strugining. tin beet habanero week -ends. Being Ontabla the city It cars operate ?Warshaw it nothing to write home about. *Rho ft terms Lo keep the crowds him lateen! of Cleveletalt and elsewhere. June Lamar, n peraonnble young want does a rhythm tap that 11 okay. A good looker, elth met wareirolte, La Rae VAL10g. tin and blond. of/mo an Egyptian dance that is a Mt out of the oreltitary. Bays dancer, gem thru a fairly Creole but etlectite mutate, and bows Off alter a untileitalp. Mtn Launte returns for her comedy offering which Is minim. (tett-111g the best loupe of the evening. DIM Valley bee a hoe Of shakos, Meng ihrm to her nenetly dance. A bit evaggeertlye, hut patrons apparently ap Wired le Idles Williams, peelinwn en 111* o-orn, mut. ttibewontg do moat baglitlfal body. Ruddy Marttn, teleran imam. DID acme stories that bring a few blushes In some In the crewel, then attets in Omani* cola*. Com a ldt of ahownisnthtp, 'Dimples" Halm conduct' a crew of Pine for the show, and their demon music Des MoCtraeell, VPIlgtlitiFil, New York Tarewe palely; Flemattows. of $0, 12 and 3; donee band. Nanneerment: afar Clanton, Damen Jay Ruyeti, press agent. :elide:we after Id pm.: ;fay Saturday, and holiday $140, Haring recently ushered out a show Teeturtiog the desperate rhyming,. of Mott lodian Celypao preotttionert. thl* Babomilan nook now turns to a contd. of genuine Are Arco minstrels, Hudelte (WLoad Belly] Ledbetter and Joan.. hite. Lead Belly D an elderly colored man_ Josh It lilt mot!beta e, and they alas the blues, acrompenytog themsolree On guitars. Their blues are denote of Malmo Influence, stemming froen tina herrn; thee-nein gangs, the/cotten fielete and from the umeophietleated spirits of Lend Belly and Josh. There seems every likelihood that them two trattboadeter* will he "die. comaird" ono of thee* erranntr and de - tyke 11 Into a rent mgr. Iney hero nametlisng to otter alters' patron.. over and *bare the abelour folk -M.1101 Importune of the stuff they clog. Their Mann hate the nmoticossi mettement inherent tit all blues, and night clobbers :Mould be able together an extra thrill tit realising that Mime Mum once not from Tin Pan Alley but front oation cabin trundles rod thefts -gang barracks. Others en the po_grain are Ana Robin - eon, a Mischiereans brown gal Who aisles Rzeicilii Like Tors mid Or!fen Direr In styic, bringing down the honor, and Debbie Net, who tines the more polished bible Old MOD. ea Om she might turn Into a good perforator with a little more extrefiettee. Eddie lierwood'e trio unartrien accompaniment and dance rhythm. Met Cerro, Follow Lp Review NEW 201)1 CENTURY CUM PHILAr DELP11111A-7rito muter city rhythm for operated by?rank Palumbo continuen 1116 n favorite awl. Nav011fais midge In center of the giant bar holds Or parade of entertainers. And men when patrons ern eight Prep around the maim May 611 hate "rhopalde sm.." heading the net bs 1.1ra brio bassoonist - lag of the Three Peppers, MOM and *Do Distruntental, as plane. bass and paler. Belga tniiteta seeks- 'lament. Mike Pertielede OL Rhythm, paleface four - /man Ned much with their Bath; and sweet mandetwarthlp, ROTS. mart adopt In Marsding Weir clarinet. (MIMI% iihmplione stud bean. atilt- Lela afternoon cocktail bowie:um Rally Latiteer is alleging at. the mill - piano. T)loat It together me Litt Arthur Ittrnhman Trio 04 boogie-woo:po omperts, with Blanche b4undere taking eno, or tite genre. Jimmie Orodamker, TrAteley ft1c11are 5, Nome. has bean held a amend wort at the Wagon Wbrel. Illast Akron. 0.,. DALEY AND MA - LONE are 10 their third seek at 613V0Va. facitolo. WHEN WE SAID "FAIR",h19.1kitn:PaLTuthr Mew e'weareh;rif Fre, a hollusa hooter, but he, oily worked theaters and club,. Every WIRIT141 he's laid off at lout truce. week,. Na could bare been working at State and County Fair grandstand shows, but he didn't know they used acts, No didn't know all sow had to do so roach Fair Seetttarro,who hay seta was ailvertlso ceeithrenely in The Billboard. the ooly thew hwalseen sews weekly that teethe. lair sacratariet and all other talent buyers nt s1. beknehro 01 vliort betimes. Near York: Club Talent LET combo opener! 12 KILCIZOAUDR return to the Hoeoy Plans /Drell 11 et 1,2.001 a week. Bile Marts at the Hotel Abrbeamdar, Chicago, January M.,. PAUL AND ORACE lialttmali pi to the Waldorf-Astoria Jimandy 9 let four cook.,, HOTSBAITI to the Savoy Para anuery J KAY PARSONS now leading the Coniumnity alyt at the Taft Rater.... NOVAK WOMBS 45)!toned for a data at the Urea. Rio do JaneltO, Friday (01. Bet by *z.1 ahaatro, PC Ufa William Montle eft lee.... Chicago: 111:111 PETTY, Jackie firma. Ted and Mary Telt, Claire Mermen and Selman Marlowe's Starlet, will be In the new *hew at litsterrt New Yorker December IT. Cincinnati: JOHNNY IgAAIIIVES HAWAIIANB ottt7o AL the for their third lettira eagnipment December 11. moving from the treats Syracuse. Philadelphia: HARRY 1,101AY, local enure and wan of We 0. D. Mork, agent. to et sisrloem ermention front on nuto crack-up.. TOMMY MONROE back at Latimer Club for n filth ktabeett... THE THREE 0000 SCOUTS rtirtlio Won:oss mak their 1004 bow at Stemple. Conk. HelikratteliOeir MURRAY filatsi PART= ti I just comoteled ant weeks at the It Co.' hen-, In addition to pieylag, the rule the Metinly Juggler in tbn Jolifi Mane phi. tore. The Fined fo liefildirese... THE KEWNrc rwina are Zurek together eter a yearn alsomie from Um adage.!tiring Witch dine one of the team Mull a non... PANSY SANBORN has been signed for tbe near EMI Carrell Mims to open Deoember 2t1 Tax filitildsaires open December' II at the Royal Palen Hotel, Palm Sprangs. elluck DIFT21. Yeoman Mary Lonbe Tatum, Knott recently at the Showboat In Sea Diego.... THE PLAYBOYS opened neently At the RI Mirmintr Hetet, Palm SprInge PATRICIA MANNERS and NEW PRAY ere notr at the Top Hat in San Diego.. LYNNE MARTIN opened at the ri Cotta.. at. :Yam Nore.bt, TIM CALIFORNIANS ere act for the steak Drew, Phoenix. Mir-, opeultm Denroluer. JOHNNY HOWARD, of Peer 1014, Billy Binders Box, hue been signed by Lou Brea and Jack ffelivrevte fee the am).* lead In Mott drat Proferatioe production. Girls' Town. JOHNSONS are let for a Cleantland Ride sheet, to go into product:ma Jammer 1. They hare abo N ailed work Lu Yankee Doodle Dandy (Wareiral with Jame* Cagiley., TRUER ClIC)COLATI: DROPS hnvo opened et the 131 Club.,.. THE F01311, FITT BELOTHERJ9 are cornea at 'heal nn lit death 000 STUMP AND STUMPY toll appear In I'll Take Mn BARBAKINA AND PODS. Put halted on the bnirenel lot mad C0614 Mode destes. will head coat LEE DOWN and Sybil Varne May join Ignite. RArtoOND estertrta AND OAT pot uoimpleted six Weeks with Court Comeau, Pleling Wort Coatt camper Until will ploy Arizona, New Memoo and Tex** Monist In January,,. MARC LINDEN, ranee*, filet Meant 101 weeks at- the IiIppodromo, Inc Angeles. Reheard. a recited Of not midi - lug.w beteg tardy Ice the diarat TIMMS JAYS. current the Los Angeles Paramount, were out with Camel Comtism foe Mg Weeks and pet eentplailin1 is Start iti Call Out the Nneiwee film... man INIRININt Immo far the Enna after Wai Loa Angeles Paramount date.,. OBEY AND DIANE pww,ne etairmeti after a turn at the Toe Angeles Orpheum. ARMAND NOME, mix. year -old performer, has ezenplotod hie fleet pilettare. Stec* Of Tontorrinr...akiteh premieres December 20,.. reacuorat TRIO will work night claim following vioade s- DIE Etat.nrrTm AND MISS LUCILLE urn-ed Into the It Cafe after a turn ne the "Manville. Will lime mot alter Chrtetnuse.... MAVIS MftLit U dolga-lug eirtama the It Cafe e nd the ParamoUnt Maga.. DORN BROTHERS AND MARY vet to make more Bounelles DID month.. FRANKLIN D'AMONI: and the White Ounrrls opened at Cocoanut OTOTO. Arabmanctor Hotel, December S., JOEL' tittoat Phoenix. Mt.',, December F01311 PLAYBOYS opened at- 12 Minder HOW, Palm Spri.nae, Calif recently, Here and There: J ACX MARSHALL at the Chme HMS, St. Labia., Lane -up for the Club Tuara,elaro Ilteindernort Xy.l. Norembre 20 tornado' Leroy mid Sharp. llotel land WIND, Wotellie aid Betty, Booked by Leo Balkan- Waitron Cbseagu ONIcan, NICK LUCAS apron at the Club Rialto, LoonvElle, December 13 for a week with optioat. DALE HALL elated flea creeks at Hotel Mooned, annneapolta, November 10, and the following day opened at the new Ohm Plates. Sioux ay. Is.,,. WOODS AND BRAY are back at Hotel Jefferson, Be Loeb, for their sixth return angtgemeta.... NIX NEVIN hare opened at Ye Olde Rip TST(111. Yotiogstaorm, O. sot by MCA. PAUL REOAN IA being hold Oter tleth weak tit the Clime Club. St. Luria Item where he is doubling on a hello commercial sir nights as week. ES opens at We Moan. Hotel, Cincinnati. December la.. NADINE AND CHARLES hove pat cooenieltol a nine. week stay et Pete iterman'a Plantation Club, New Orleans, o record for a dolma Ream lit that at the 1101c1m- Der, CASINO Oponsa Orimbee MIAMI Bench. December Itl for ale weeks.. BROTH121.8 open et the Oriental, Chiemgo, Dmember b. WANTED CHORUS GIRLS 11.8eig Pleasant!mpg:marl. Sabre. $ Write or Wino DAVID HAMILL National Theater. Detroit. Mich. AULGER BROS. WANT e 'Wm Onseare 'Werth to ilea pine 'rs lacer lb ea ceau-arlar Alm C-aearlte ew Titetio.0. itmtels et eft Oar oard Piheete 10.10, yawing" beta. Tate "..0.1.*.ale wilt* and el Feta We, T ebetae. weld; te111 erten-log t renetr wine Andont let. /WON tat Ulm tla bareeutee let., amts., AWL ARTISTS, ATTENTION! Irvington Hall Apartments aali11,40 11.aor a te, 3 bolnams. I ,1101 t311atif tad strlitbblagni *SWIM NM*.01Y.. See *SOT /11IT 111W Yang Meat GIL M. I WAN GOOD V411A Mate, Ikyme, wtryi aperwom tic.. few 416-e-t.E.Lelle.e.1.-e Oka% ** t1ke:.-t Ware e, slew (*Mt (Al,* Osageel eakereerees. et..evear, 'Peet Test. ht. rrm...4aressalc"*.sw- 1511,10 tes,4 tree rum ANTHONY CANON/CA 101 Mom Innen *oat genet. Mantle. NOW avaitaetc CABARET R RESTAURANT ang. Ronny tote,ete - rumour. -0,,ournowtooro-r..rnrar. MON MIL Tea glelbeard 0555 Croy. n.- WANTED Fr am; (1101 Glatt '--eare-aeraelt,1{', sal tem...rt. 4;414 w1,4 te-st. -AT+ 0 MAX VILA!, 111EAMIU/ MET 1.1.-nee.ed nal egg M, wens It.. arcane. N. V.

23 Decenmiter 13, MGM- CLUBS -VAUDEVILLE The lialboard 23 Mack Se SILL SACIff VC11.1.1: AND EDDIE ItODERTS closed.fron-week willergament at the et. Mot tta Kre York. tfaturdity fel and MendaY began a themooek rand at Mount fea-ia Heart. Montreal.. HOLLZINUENTIC and Company. ;larvae! turn, After eglat eerie at the Oran. termer night club, Rarer Cry, 1o,. nen It, for (talilight al Use lanpirr C.aw..Tets SF Lerida, from where they move to the Jrcthrely Hoist Manaville. Ind, for folsr-reneker. Webbed IL Wood Is bur - new tnedarger and Once Munay rani' asstresot,. LIPPINCO11"rRE M.M31CIAN *anti lingle etrem ehamod ene outdoor season November ; and named tuderwe Nevemher Ph O. C. laltebell I. the new agent and bin the LIMOIncott ettrarlen net In Southern tbeatere Wad Junta...era. Working with LippMoat, bin wife end a femme Assist. eat are Prank Dom and Ms trained rat - mote, Including four porno... BILL NEFP., otter IOW Woekm of.0110 booking* In Virginia and Wed Viegintra tochunts e nd colleges. the doted Into (Min fee them week. o the Ramo kind of dates. Eta piers toe the Resuary Chub at Hotel Olboon. Cincinnati, December 11. Neff hap recently added as hialetante Eve Mark and Bill Hutchison... / RILEY. remnant Ott., reties ee W the first magician to be Intarellyard by a Workout white performing In the U.S. A. Pt berjpened 'rale echcoving for a grobp of thenbermen recently In Willamette, Ore.. when all the Lighter were doused foe ra Karim atranid alarm. 'There was manna to no for Tilley but ad Illa and pat until the ligiste went tip 4: RANK rmlt, Opens December 12 at Jefferson Hotel. SC Lean, to retrain thru Ctirletnles Day.... DON COPAN Its featuring Ida magic at 11u' Mae. Phtheielphle.,.. PRIM= PHILLIPS, rearateliet headlines the deormirout at the 111 -Rat Oaf* Gamlen. N..1,. NVINRY orttrryaiouset toot his niagia into lintel IllItesore Providence. Monster 101 to rental:1 Own De. (ember PORTLAND TORSI 8OCTR1'S or MAGICIANS recently is..freett for Cllr realm% of Barbee ifos. Poet Vshnall er, Walk Chs the t411 were Bill Brier, Chandter &dem. Jtmmv StoliPard. Bert Rayner. Oeorge IPIrlen. nob Heed east Hush Inlay, enure.... g IONEL KAY who haa been presenting Is We made and dairy auction In 'Midwestern theatre and chaw in recent menthe b doing his rany auelkincering with Olsson coil a.00's Orw Rws epna, whirl opened December 1 et the Winter Orden. New York.. AI.Data. AND PATRICIA youron.!intoning the recent panning of their him band and father. Women P. Holton. are continutng with liver ramtal nun, mammoth* plartag theutfo Ind globe In the Pardo Northam*.... IMO' At.- LERTDN. appearing in the Cotillion Boma of the Pierre hotel, New York. Lt manna a donalten to the initith Cause lay entertunsing groups of 8111" MI' dem ewer week at wane preminent New York liesta. Ifs hag newated a repertdm Of kiddie mere for the occesicr.... TIPS NELSON, of Nelson Enterprises Co - %Imbue, 0.. eretbset the November IN tistio of The CaltatttniS Star with st tea:trate panne speed by John Bingham *hawing Krems presenting various w- het. eind feet* Of vangir. Netted we. Metier desk VIsItar late lest Tiveredat whide In attiring** to catch the )mus mental act nt the Hotel Otheent Berarkellar., HARDELY, 101 his 1311r Month with the towing company of NelLaspopplet emenitpanted by another of the thew'. feature*. AI Gordon- cyclist West a VISIt0C to the maple desk last Thursday. Monty the *heat' a engagement at the Tan Theater, Cincinnett Hetteapoppfn' Icy.. off * week before Cheirtme, at *Web *tie Bardeen will Isis home In New 'York... ALEX- ANDY11. mentalist, dated a dm -seeker at the Terre Saute Hood, Tr, -,sr /Mute, end. Deneridarr Q /1 D. leiteinges. Atinnta shard. V getting three week, with his Santo Claus tangle at the ;thew. tacinent Punsittien Stan- lh bta borne town. In a comma -al - orlon to the mode desk, Ritzinger eon - lama the pro maglelente foe tot 'lending Ih their route* regularly to Ilse 31/1board ftf inflaticataan In the rmetc Bat. The fault ter not en-dtag In rune route* doeen't organs. Ile with the trideasio. hat with ale booker sus, mat turn the last rloy to book him On allothw mono; It illaparlire leer the =SWAP -` 1C FOLLIES- TERRIFIC r COnira used from pope 3) * ninths Dortyn. Chandler, Ina.11". prfolag.anal punchy evade ius.itlsioss nt Veldt and Prude. the 6MC011i. twatrotr altatale Of m y Wilpstaa and the rollicking cionorly of Shtpstad end Jolth mson, Valerie and Janne. pre skater*, are armful beyond question. Mee Boma, billed... a 'Hollywood Sterol," Is a cute end competent skater, Osborne Cobra Ls a arcat news sketch MIA) Isle teeming velth Penn CI:valet Ia ahighlight_ bluer Mature e mwerly. purieby fafftro skater. whoro pair work with Maas Chandler is excellent. 'lemma and. Plaine Legge stilt molly la a ttsoroly enjwyahte number. and Hareleeriale. run phaniann Itratrangopted Oldie end greet leapt b a.bow-stoppme. Ruby end Bobby Menedi ere n date teem wham 1nalmc-dark routine drew ape MAsia, flabby Windburn's burlesque of ies Arnetlen drew 'Mich leughter and *Waive, The two Galbraith Ehother surferso with VW: aniblunieotra Mg: u standout specialty. The McKnitato Beolltera football comedy. ateludirat tandatial ein0 stunts. Is *napes Omar/oat. The Moot:us Twins. yottite Charming brunettes, offer grecena pedalo' work. }tenth Brocre ementric downing le sarong stuff, drawing much laughter pod show-ropming. Pape and Erode, mixed team, do a waltz along ballroom stylus. Including lire vat o aths. Arrestutst Paul floansai, trtattr. ininouiness for afsoetottlems eta; the nuke atiotl singe anc.nnpanlinent on wine of the numbers. lie worm unseen. Okay. absow music to arrunged by Charge Hackett and the large antbeetre in led by lanan thetringer. 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The wane ccanpany set the old Arena record of 641E9 In 1910 to open the building_ John P. Propel, bounty commander of the VPW, mid the oompany would Yeti -tat In Demenber. 1042, for Its sometith VIalt in Cleveland. The afar mooed.mt Is mold to top any meek showing in Clevelond for nor in - doer meat Modern Ballet Invades Niteries; Rainbow Room Began Trend; Pit, Legit Also Like Concert Terpers (Continued front pope 3) K am a opectactslar sherariaapper, bad be wee hooked for the Room's Nay and Angina necomm in 193S, returning In and (Rainbow Room those nut alx weeka.) Roy amps be had Ire foe some tame that Ws audieuces were Mini of ball - rood thane. and that ballroom Mumma Lad become too standazdammed-learring rentleara from the wane teachers, buying prune from the sense arteasellskete., ern. ploytals the name runts, and thing the **me musk. Limiter by the.home seatttug and lash uswirating coda, due to In. Ming In the Astb door of layeeillpest. 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Ca touret, Ise had such problems en baring the madam dancers Moms* muttered to the round Coot illpormt of the foorlabta and rage they knew) and their getting used to Mania andienon at tables. lite dancers. thereigre, had to -thesorleolieem their toocert style so as to emit ottaatiosa more quiekln they lied to use lighter make-up duo to proximity of cafe colt - mere, and then had to use shorter, ann. per, inure forting Ocoee from titdr ennerthminh ThSse dement tow hod to income noestatoland to working tit pews. compared with the usual soloa beelor by Jorge group, required 171 Gealatato earl Teem elan had 1.0 bensme ROMS. [mood to having a Mime bend as et- CeemParattleilt, CAM:arra to the large symphony onthcatrai an one bend and single Otatias go the other. Tina Dar dillicult period of sdrumatmerit. Roy arid lit. weststent, Eldsord Sissy. encouraged and ismantained faith in the potnottalttles of modern Manama NOV they hook some of than fee repeat ertgagementre knowing that the damesa are more cenonserral on their meant dreg. Jw.e. Fernando:a who marks his cafe debut at the Rainbow Room with Manna Menem reburied with Miss Waite* hoar months Iran with Tamed' eta months after that, cent...ter, Juanita Deering eight maaths haler. Pernmanden and Deering ream April I, Mins Montag returns whib Mesh Dolan. making his cede debut. Primary la. Jack Coto Dollessiss return May 13, Charles Weld. man sod Cetbteine tax mem a. -y 7. Other modern denote 11a made their night club debut at. the Rainbow Boon the past yens' hate Moo Mans De Mille rat Thigh Icing, latelem Wlinices and Form Pitim-bilmonn. k9t. Kern snit Demetrius Yuan and. currently. Ruth Page and Bentley Stone. More U. S. Acts Returning to N. Y. From Rio After Successful Runs 1110 DE JANEIRO, Dee. S. -Kenneth. rind Norf.* acrd clue. flutshol 12 seeks et the Canna Ulm end ratted far. New York Nemealiber 19. Boys will miter minter' preface In the States.. Clay Vaughn. of the 17. S. gni line at the olden ROOM of the sftpacabena, Wei discharged from Mt hospital following nn appendectomy and returned to New York,. Shirley Sheldon. of the!me. walled for New Pak Now -mbar St!ray - tog four girt; In the Item at the Cope, landellne Cote, Mary Lou Graham. Birth and Betty Lau Graham.... The Obormour Opts, 11. S. hue, doped at the Cannes Maenad. NOTenther 14, Marlene 15.meler. Cackle tier and Matte Flynn returning to New York November ID, the rest of the. athle Estallitallag over until lire boat sailing December 1..., Bart Permen, who fronts the that. hand at to 'mud In hie route in time foe publf - cotton. MYSTIEU01714 MIt. *Me C. still reeneittng his tatitle at VO11111" 0/04 canape, the Coo, secured pm/age On the.11raell for Mir Penmen and tom Pranciess0 Maria do Sousa. torsi looker and tepee. sentatto of the Oterg. Ocakanea Acsetlean Aft:KCVOS:al hteo. mule for New York December Augiantln Lam, Mexican composer. Wia added to the g naw at the Atlentleo Nor nib 10. The Oarr Brothers hero dribilord four smoke itt the Crate* Allattroe and arc currently at the Gratielo nom Guartre, Sento* Meworth and Eleanor. dame teem, opened at the Attention NovslAbec T for fear Woks WILT %Mona, backed on the racesremondation. of Jean Etabtett, Who caught teem In New 'Vent. Ica Brady. II. Et ergurdst at the Ores. two unable to open as febnittled, dun to NW difference in thin evoke of rectri" Marna here, Mint Shady bmught, down tzar own Hammond organ. but on installation found tt we, nversnare to transform the current: Mal 1..1 treatfanner, avidiebla In Mo. She has cabled New Writ for shipment of transformer to be: made by plane, rxt kdaiteun, the natiiws. 1,O..n hue IMMO Wadi other non -ballroom dancers aa Letts Oodir, Dorothy Pol. Smite, Leta 'loaner sad 117.-gtele Vail COWLS, Manta Telma and Paul Ceaper, Ruth Page, currently at the Room and too years a modern dente name, I. typical III bar reaction to Ire Rainbow ousel/femur hilt. tech the Oslo will build up her onteett triune by kettiatog her Into rooted isith out-ofritignere Wine ordinarily weadd not pstrotilleo MUM empiart. "My etyma arment bra te enloralny nay :audience she mfr. "It alma aharpons ray dance technique." Rainbow Room audience* are becoming educated to modern denote*, Roy. star noel the maitre armlet Joseph Nora - tell, all woe that their mitilintreea pa, elope attention to modtan dandle twat total they don't arra "to maw the mem Connwitlonel type of dance act." This mar be due to Rainbow Roma prime being coursopollean and more likely to spree' 4330 far a Millet or concert than patrons of a big. law-prloed Miry. Roy semi Ill. cumerit modern aithems. Page and Janes, are ems example of Toni - ern damn' taring able to hold river club ratimincee. They do nn elsareminiag nerour dance to Wagner's Ltebostodt CO big applame nightly. Modern dancers, fu IUStatellg 1011,1 - berm, are =Mita the lump room belitt mourplanies. and ogeserram to legit nrintrals und Mina rue. Vern Troths hue been Ut IMIt natl.!umw -remora Tokumanova, mom In Shim It.. Your Syne: Jack 0:40 1.)msaarrm are Met. :Ca the new POUtea; Ion knoll end Velastizood are In Send 4' Fan; Engem Von Orman, Maa Reran, Dorothy Pox end mho roarer* cinuccre lame been In Bemetwer show., r3terne Bahmeschine. of the modern sichool has direeted dances for many ranwa. ear haim Catherine Littialleld, of the Philadelphia Saari: the Humphroy.Weldmen Dineen were among the eery first whore modern ballet Induence We, fell In Venial about 10 Yearn ago, Natilfeire did the. Anneal; few Cabin fn the SW. ROM* wan formal In Gerefeeten roe. 7fee (Golsitegm mid now In /entrant Pantheate rennurnosinti, and modernistic belled scenes have crept Into occaeional other dime. In addition, a nrrlen of abectly ballet isbotte is 310W Mang r0.kneed floe. 0-11Ime 'rattler line at the Latin Quarter ban born repriced by a classical ballet troupe eon -doting Of eight femme Dad One main lite outftt was orletnelty emet for tee week* but four wore of onthott weep poked lap alter the fart tight. 1.Ine la predated by Carts.. Outman% with wardrobe evaluated al.14,003. Buffalo Club Owners Plan Organization BUTTALO. Dec. 11.-Pollarteing mare at local Mama CO Onarsthe an Entertain. :nut Managers' An -oration. local nary owners felt they thould aim get together, James &wage Operator of the Onno Club. In the moving sprit behind the oadrifene rem Ides He says he Its. been named of support by the important apes Neat important invuee et hand are mhry solos for ell. tertnionra and audition privtlopes. FOLLIES* MUMS \ 209 W,48th St..N.Y.C. PHONE ; CIRCLE FITET VAIIETT OF RIM UMW ( E OFIJILEI FOt 52 KM Ii * AMY VIE UM III TO 71 1AE1. * S HOLD RIDIVICES PRISOUllt WYTJ 11 0 II I. I T E wen*. s. sesseent.obet Wiest Cho Devse.t..s.,... ETROILITM CO., ate W. Br. 10. Y.

24 . Careslia 24 The Billboard NIGHT CLUBS -VAUDEVILLE Peaverdbrr 13,, 1941 Monte an raw ralreat week when ae Wks are ;heat A AMIN, inertd.s.:eos Attstduty. ka twel. L Lrthn Borger0 1"ala lann 5 in 1 Sul 11192, Aelrionsgs Monti Ces. h_ Anima 'rho inweaneni :roe Ortrano. h. Almoner, Can larynx' Ornoinasal I.U. laralturp Dayton an -14. f. /Coe ighleacol cat L =44"ot:ratty larrnamels'ar NYC. Ian Alien & Kent toorpholl winhinglon. Minton. Dora Marto arra. b. Asentinadoeulea Marro :Minn 1110, 11. Naattledl, Albert. & Pen Johnora Kraft Ca` nifty rtnanal Poer, 1,T Anotaeo banes tanweerii Cincinnati, t. Archdale& ficaini Wonamicm. e. Aponen. Dan (Rola' Waaninglein, Antueon Thy Of111.1 NYC. TIP awns. VIrgtala thtniet Naomi Ctn. b. /later. Joory icindesenai NYC, Pt. Mango, India (Old Plearilantrt) lotc. re, Nana. Capp/.!Co-i Alllacklaawk) Chi, ht. IHreettp, Ileteelk Cabal NYC, De. NAOMI, lbsold IRiIYI NYC I., Iliarran Noy ilayland Moon, Paw eltocol 11,.. loot., Zany,. The ileenallleal NYC. no. Ileharry. Cam tkelandi NYC. ro. Saimaa 13,03. INT:00041AI efwelltuove. Web-. ErtMethl. Bolladttra illehront.phaa) NYC, h. litnrion Freddy 40Id Iteumanlant NYC, CC. Items Urea. 4tuaniali Ontrinian, L Bum Cairn, Sodoey Daendoen1 NYC, Nanarly. Ana. Marion roar) l'tala, h , 6 belly Lon wee/vino/on! TC, b. bl glarlytt Ilahainand atongonoei NYC. Mann Titian ikielmeel.flani NYC. h. Stair. & Bavaria, and Banal Xarmedal Tunica, & can Norpor Clint uvv Iss,stte, ALM, Catt.. haissiina, Nan 4.1toidin Etuctel New Ortennic gilvenharos; Tbo Mani. 775n00111r nun a. Pa, RntdP. Bonn* Team iielletron Inn) Chervil. ea_ Tarim Penny Was, JO= Pillta, Orton Nay iyalagnounta NYC, t. m, ila Conant NYC, on mtoloallea YOPter3.3 Meath.31.13,e01, rb., an Chnrlie ipara Coining! NYC. to. Win,lg Stinortide. litaisnatrea, e. Jerry ttititit IOW NYC. 1. yep ictrutll'tt NYC, re WPM, Praha. Or Carmel Orandomar nei, b- anyan. Into loaatai Unman Ind, ne. &via, A White 4hColphui. 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Dann Trio iliarmineimarn NYC nr. gli41% &Mc tationwsa Malta Plaint, N. no. NW a01 TCI.EDtni M Ct.V1110, NINO enatart NYC'. Canal *Duna alreerty 11134; a7qst, 333r W. Clarinleginun. PAW a Mona ( Man) NYC. no. " DArs.y. Ronne III&Urinl NYC. It, Dimon, Pranktra IMI1b1.28.6d$111 Lea M ale P- Dann/a NON Stahl,. NYC, as, ragrallo, Chorus lklettillo Ronal NYC. Ca. oarlaion. ICon ilhede nallr NYC C.!hon. Kenn dams a =-.Mell NTd.., Meta loemay -Scar Kalman Chi Dr Anse** Porno Ilarot.Cgalillogi Intent. P.. rata, Thom loses Caste/di NYC, It. neonta Nalln Indtalo, ae. Die Plana lies itlionnwhintirld) NYC. no. Pangano, babel Mot:4ra L'Aielcon Chi. 01. Delano, Newt Were+ Varna Carol NYC, no. De107. war* Ie tannin reinvonam) Wan,. Oration ,7b0 4711,tteledng 15n3anan, P1rti 1.111, Dc DIBeach, PYINI Tr11111 Inn. DeWitt!, Wily <Ram NW, C. latananact Wen Iabu1 NTO. INYC, LL:iii1116:11AwItt4CLW"..1 yaknt WiarltiLcon Di, iginiipoeytaniectillt1 Miami Kr=dea OitoreWo Ocirolt..nn 1barall %Yr, fie. thr,1. ardireerk, Coloany 4t1C. Welt! 1).1,4:11) Gast b - Sliest 14.+0,0 Club% Dini nether, In., roan. =11, IOLA,* W 01,4,10, 4Maylalri ms. nc; Wino - Nat RA/chi thlt,tat no. Mama. TOO 1031 Ohl, pc. Thahr. Ittarelka dreoirtraderoi NW, b. Lhirokee, Mara ICr11u1 NYC. 14, ral'ail Raring Mateo, laniewellla rm.. at. arra-bronca. Wawa iltaatia Mau) NYO, 0.4,. Fame. RaY Irealcarleania N4/12, 0. Itortair' Rigs ilaisic N10. 1_ tidy, Pad Dallainagar Baltheints, an. For Orchestra Routes, Turn to Music Department) TRADE SERWEE FEATURE El.. ',will Acts -Units -Attractions Routes Following each listing sppews 3 symbol, fill in rho slosienation sponsling to the symbol when scideossing. (Kiwi:Winn, or inellaidinilt EXPLANATIONS OF SYMBOLS et -auditorium: b -ballroom: cb--calearct: cc -country club; h -hotel{ mh-ntusir hall: no -night club: p --amusement park; ro-rosslhouno; rc--coutessrsnti s --showboats 0 -theater, NYC -Now Yes. City: Phill, dolPhIsl 04-CAInagb. Telttr0 IStea/1 NYC, e. 33:011.4 at Nay inetneatarni Karst Cando. win. 1, k(1.1)11. boa ctecon99 P all& Roadie.. as past' rutiantali ern. NAIL 44 Z eValial IttletLO, CC, Fort., To==y iduktapigal Cid 0. aeon 1131Irerehre, rinti. t* 4Le K a NYC, se, run a Gold rtatteeta CorriganYC, nc, rdebrian Jaeta I1, WW1 Bann teed- a. 111th* Sena* ichinagis Gbh 1. Fontana. 0.negsa tmhwmld Itornabo0 NYC.ea Inman n rceln14v NTC..al NYC. ne. Pori*. Posh clinliepa 7panne. Joanna da OM Oreaeon- as 7rodatUn, Can 11/1Gle Aral PTO. IL Prank103, siono NYC. tl VT044. lags ICINC4391 Clue I- /qt./40, Ito IleDelea001) KY - at rears, only (Coro & annul NYC, M. DlY111. fib:mall. cannot Cal, Dl. IPIICOD, Jan, lhooacaddlaci 041, 75 a (labels at Leenutla NIA N- OM,. Ann ) NYC, re. Cliallarran Nag & Juno War Strand /kw. ne- O rinali!rumba Chi. De. Oarcluer. (101,4 rciailre Pectlaltd, Orr., c: 4440e01 Supper Clubs A,1.11* 1S-11. Charrna to Bann ern -Toni Idlligninet. Cary, Rimini* mentos kanigai PTO. no. Oa/. Piar, intacanark) con no, Orddle, Orono 41411! COLS) Laninica, L.. a-11. Nenerleas, leartein 4Leo11 4 RAMOS NYC, ne. IllIrtegarde 189,or Masai NYC, b. Itell.ko0k. Dr, rei al Loins alb, Cl, u oilynood Ctorala. troirial Kansas Coy, its- I IroilyiNand Blonde*. Theta Winans' close. hand. Itolmari, Markin illuenaret I CM, IL honey Pamn1 41Caltet Posse s. novelly winros. Dow iris IscO.EOl. grosaril ninny (Diane Canaan NYC, h. norard, Joe X. Mossinessallocseigool NYC. sae Howard. Wattle irnroca Cannot CO. Pa. Nor, Katlianiho itteninneang askivaad. h. h. IIP:L7'4= , 3111.AP, L0. - Acs. Boa. Wynn 1We7tta1 NYC. h. Pot SOM. 70= larienterna 13,41011 t: tlarichannundi Yawn 0, 1.1.n, L Jain, Tin ichievagoi 0141, I. Jana_ Bet4. i0141 noutioninnl NYC, re. /ran. Wilson hart Cantrell NYCtaaavact, rallta '/100.4 Ulm! NY0 III, Jat Frelleal atc. Larallas. Amstar lain dooti Dalta, no. Leach, aka I2.Nree.'LID! i1tuo11, In Shun Nordrannal Tuntart... pa. Len leggy iltaie Tooker NYC, It NYC. Lennon Jerry larrea-ela Orn11 Ca leomasik Jack lortettealt Chi, L Le , 301m tchleagal Ohl, C. keley07 Pi Sharpe ecnia Trowslainid Nondaren, it no, 1--"410. Rcabala & Nair/ (Men Belli 1.11aml. Eta- ne. :r +ler. Cron clteecioni canner mill, no. Lewis, Nino tconaleatin MI, Ile , Our0INY ISt. Kroll NYC, Leah, Ralph tleangton glastnor 1.11, no. Lacs a Can I11=1..* OIL I, L Libby [anode, Damen (01 00 littaketrailet Ky., no. Lind VellaN I nesenele r NYO, ett. wile Men& rotran *AnalRa Inanimate, ne. /Alga & WUIJ. LTronaderor Ilendetron, 1.11, no Long. Walter Inominortarel NYC, III. Ural bon. ai Music Unreal Obarraelatard no, ise. Chaltain, Plaingmoo Vaneera Moo Prztlt Loge. Lapifaktli, 2)C. s & Lantana Mal Tabaelogi. NYC, Ito. Low, & Chant IM alas Supper CP.01 Acharin. Ora Wes, Illea le Inanity Osivandi 1410, Lon, Nun Oberman, NYC, IL "Awn.. Norms ow:a.; XertOnnal 1010, na. Loonnear a Accra emu-aro) Clit,t. LIZA Boyce & Vanya!Frain) Cleertand McCabe. einro Ann Moly) 1,10 t, maerarland, 71.ink Illorney Da aortal NYC, ne. Marakyi. T e glinerhanei NYO. noifeleueria. Joe & Jana Morello RUM Nato peen Xy ar&nrina, Mwarg 1034 el NYC. ne, 34eNscunna Iteoeswi lam 74o/was NYC. no. Matt. Mao 40roinct ,011 Iltatb. 71a. li. laantra. Nedra Ictub caotaoi 1100, Madison. Ruby ;Day inio NYC. ne. nu, Dirlt ichcoupi Chi, a Arran rtyrn, Cuing. af Ana itacbt Manl POLLY JENKINS Vinlr he. - Plats lo clainn Orleans Mann 1-13, en AND HER MUSICAL PLOWBOYS Stahalkalli Griteta 41hamond Rairrettoel NTO. an Par hen" one date'. &lbw. Parer jermak A Illannim Ilan Or hada Rom & mimeo NYC. Net wires+ 7144eann. $ Man 0c., 11440, N. 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Spartan/atm O:Mmt, Clam & Win ineatleel Cirettrool. h. ATTENTION, THEATER MANAGERS P. 0, 10; 011) , , Goliath Pile Orion 010. yatee7i ClarWrlon, 4. Cl d. i. striaell etredik/ Donanka, Saya tooingbanal NYC, ea. Ciceeinnd. 0. tlernolt. Routine/ 1-004let.' AIL.STAR flve.aci VAUDEVII1E alt. re Marton l4141 Cbl. sin taps bon, (Ovirraira Cont. Nanny lig. Nagler NY0 ararlahla to Ono Night le 1411 Wfwa ,1 menrayr, Orantr. Panto ittny Vila) NTO. &horsy, Cagy SAW Howl Darinti, 0,, Or - outantior noway NTO. tn. we motrelt Adeline Often] NTO. b. Cray. Onda 101aseand!Neter/Wel NYC, pa. ern mown Nal Mild Can. net Mean pray. Wtto Karig/ Rallanor JOLLY JOYCE po. mantra runs Wrangel Monte Cunt *YO. na Greens Janie iiistrarlatati /Canna City. W cog. Thuds, 0,40 Mown Meow! NT45. Wane% Hal riniaraiano, Patna. Mortar, Eddy 1313t3.3..larlteat Aleact% 011y, S. MO., it. Outwit', 1114 Moon Canna, Chl. ha alarlart Trip Srahlol. NYC. 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Lane, Tona ita cninsi NTO, r14. Bradford, Psi., I iltillittelniidinloim. N. lit teerent Erie. Pa_ 11. Ccogrit Katherina talziaq1 Nab Palaelsen Kinn Inn, pi* Van Tend. 0. la ae1rs Si Scalleas 170,41 BaltInwon NNIMpOpp.In,t.,p1 Dethelt, Advance 13ookincs Come4 herosit Otbutavell?kr Wenn. Conn- 11/11. louses Lo Loreto) rplyincruhi Iloston. Lonenna Pureagso irrlanireni MIL Lunt Jo Fontana, Molnar Oalanoina LI.CYD AND WILLIS: Ch1Cago, Chl. MAUDE TISOlt-tillEDAs: Pynnisth. la -t1: troeurnr Ittisnsw Eno.. DI caao, Worcester, Maw Feb. 2; Metropalktars, IV'', IL WAI.J.ACE PUPPETS: Olympia , Sty and Ages. North Irearldrosi Illernsuine. Fetreathrnet. 7411obary ILL Iry MUT Wean kratzlat Dec_ ALVDPO REY: Pained:, Dioetlhnsti. Pon. Rs. so; essonissoi meanest n; mut- WATEON SISTEICS: Loam Senn. New 2. car) NIA&... wo_ YorY. Dec. ta. PIM SIIITALNY: OCESIR., r,,l., win Ron naiudainkeei CIA. DLCK ROGPILni: MAMA, Newark, Dee. Feb. 2, Val toes sfililitsersi Deems. Pap* Is All =T1 notion. 23. LUCILLE HALL. AND DEBT ARMEE: rilindr. The Moral aietandst_i Tdentna. AL DONOHUE: Plymouth, Worcester, State, Hairt1Ord, Cobh., Dec. 19:?nano* OnPn'aL4 Nn9e" 41A-IhrclIa1 D'ctIca. Abdo- Doc. 31. Newark. Doll. 20. onakeid Paste itfallanali Wathinglera Tobacco Road ISnallshr loolaraspalls. CARL 1107P: Lccw's Stint. New Wok. GENE KRUPA: Paraginelett, Neer Ycoh, was a, yonenna loam," caeannd. Tall, YP. Dec. 31. CAILA LORA: 81r03o4. Arnessie, Doc, TAY AND LOU SELLER: FlatbnalL ICE SHOWS ON TOUR 215 RPOOkly71. DOC, 201 Windsor. Senna, Tax. ṪIMEX STOCKIIM: Strand, SyN11133e, Itsuln 11034a. Ian I1attrocio Iteene Dec. 31. AL CARNET: Stoma, Nan Yak, Den coterenen Ivnir Cleatindai Indtanapoll, I-11. LITHE TOUGH OUTS: Vilindanr, 2-5 lee-canader CI 1912 sande:orisone oozy* Bruin. Dtc. 100 Critttrid, Paris'', N.,1, ḢUDSON WONDERS' WADI Clolastor, (R --t.. Can. 19'11, Lamas' chreeren Rua- Dec. 25; *, Jainnica. N. Y.. JAR. e. 1.61as14, Dec, U-Rstl. 20 Irm11 a Derrell, tat. Ilan Hold/ NYC.

25 December 13, 1941 Grosses Continue Good in Chicano Vandefihn Houses C1ttCA00.-Oroisses held ta en meet - lent level non week. and with continued good weather. good sitcom and Mawr shopping ermine they ahould be nett above the ample thee week. CbLesge *4.000 weita Meat* aemage a wale its beldame MIL A Yank Cu ter R. A. F. eta screen and a Jew innee bill, did approeinuttely , Current week. with Clifford C. Mbetai Tones &Torre Inn stage ara an excellent pie. Ekslerk.cluisakl hit a satirtactory Oriental 0960 soma house average), mewed ono of Lea best weeks with the new A. B. ettereen revue, ginning better than An excellent nage Mil (MA work, with Johnny Davie and him bend, and. pie Married Bachelor, itiontet give the Moue a Yery good 1WI. Buffalo Takes OK; Lewis Pulls 181/2G EitYPPALD. Vraidedlierieres continued Own grip on prospenty hero despite the =!althea &hopping and spending. past week bearaiall Ing-thrie mode leyont on audit Mein, the current period depends entirely on the Palace Trameee to keep the tendi going. The latter hotue opened December 9 week with Billy (Wet Watrixa and hl. Beef Trost Beaco- Hsr plus Modern Revue steering Jeanne. with batty -made 'mutely peon entente:1. The Mitten (Mattne capaotty, hewn armoire for straight picture bootees:a coacluclea a succeatilul seek of 'nude plus ettong celluloid fare December 4 to the happy Vitae of 4,15,500. Ted Lewis with trend and unit was tecpcatohto tot the draw. no doubt, but pie. New York Town, helped. Spotlight on the Marl wee shared by Lemma. <Mondial) and hie, Juno Edweeds, the Men!stun. Oladys Yell and Cronies teinewball) Whittier. Week of December 6 looks like winner' Mao. drinatte abeenee of talent. Pig Skklark and The Mph( of Armoury htfti should draw around 'rho 20th Century waren; calamity. 2000: bowie average the straight pia only. 53,3001 opened well far week of Decentbee 4 with strongat iers nod oupperting feature Sae on f.ertee, Attendance. Bret day pinata to ground MOM on the week. How starts a new cuside pollay Decemlier 1* tekelbee with lonulere of money* Deembo. wines rhuold provide a big week, The week ended Decemlwr 3 Century groaned * MO' *7400, with headover of Wm, Look W OW, Laupeleg. Plod week brought a terrific $ Co -feature was Piteaeurah gip, Rain, Shopping, Hurts Wash. Biz WALIIHNOTON.-PhoncgraP11 e eon and other holly helped Warner's Ride get at P.605 out of Birth of Nee eters for week ended December 4. Rain ermine day end public ahemption ehelefihnl hue Lowered eett rota on strong Dim, Appotatesent for Lain for week ending December Veletie helps. Dam Ape:1ton, the fill Anieleke. Hen Nanth New Yorker,. Donee Domain and the frogyrttun ern teetered. Mogul, mem.tinlia, held over rine:nes week for matinee lounge appear - 00r5, Lena)! Capitol, expecting pre-lanfirlay d ump, Phiened on budget- Inferior Nese tied Shine. for week ended fialcalellairr S. boo,. tapped 413,000. Confirm or Irene, lemon at heel imelit do Area ended Doplablwee 10. If so. 'nude will pull them Lit- Bill hat, Don Rica, A'.lo and Kern, the Silyrettca, Hatiend Dixon and Rhythm Rockets_ Kaye 20G Good; But Under Ritz 11O0TOOL-MaTtblx. Bays heeding 1:1tabet bill week ended December 4 at the EEO -Beaton limelight about Oita the box off Ice for the week. dual- OOe was oboist average at the amt house and the grass a... a drip?} of about W2.007 neon the amount token In rho ;emoting week with Rita. lerotheri. lye Win Week -End foe Three. Crib Calloway opened a week meted Many (5). NIGHT CLUBS -VAUDEVILLE The Billboard 25 Vauckfilm Grosses B'way Holdovers Doing Well; Strand, Para Still Big; State Opens Strong NEW YORK.-Altho )catinwin are In the reonarity at trio Denude -ay mode - Mince, groom* are hording up well In spite of the Cheeninan shopping brzhilta The Paramount illada mute; house elarragol, pulling Into the third stretch at Wary JACith.* band, Key Bolger and Skylark, is heading for a a110:te Oreln Tucker cornea In Wednesday Setond week of this bill *cored and the deer a width The Sthind math; 433,060 hove* average), now In the third wank of Woody ltermaith ark along with Thep Died infra Their Boots On, ta doing eonalateinle good buelems. antiotpeting Beeped week *tared , while starter wok a big P Count Male and Baltic McDaaleLe hop in Thursday r Tho Real seat; bonne ereehmel opened Friday (OP with bill loaludttig the Inevitable Amine Itobbins, Robby May, Lucille Page and Harold Beene*, along with Rise and Shine on Armen. Take of la expecled, Lent week, the tangle week of You Retools Philly Earle Big 20G; Fay's P1111-eDELPHIA.-Ertele Theater (aeatlug cruneity, 4,005e boon average for straight *twee bookings, * , with the Ateeddeevy leolball game in town reeking it a Holiday foe the opening, week -end daps tallied a highly ninnies tory for the week misled Tithrsday 44), Week sneaked the local preem of Johnny Long'. head, getting support from Benny Yeastirnati, the Condos Brothers and lifin Reim. with Heim Young and Bob Winston, from tin band, on the awns, Nrw York Teeen on the screen clan helped. New bill opened Pride,' 161 doesn't loam as big and 41110:00 I* looked tor. Ship Pleads has the baud sped, top Miring also going to John Bolos. Marty Bohn and Nancy Lee, local nitery tame the die Honey,. and Ken Curtis, halm the band, Pound out the bill. likeoroa Riots Ire the Night nut too Manning,?bye, Theater Witting capacity ;!IOAINO 'sneer wetting 14 the Stattea ThatiksgIving Day for the optanlag and the Armetdelve lenlidat th Wet built to a big far the week ended Wednesday 431. Eddie White. local boy, shared the top spot. with Stripper Valerie Puska The leldoodlere. Olsen and Shirs ley. the Del Tema Ore Pinter's Rometten and Billy Elininal band supported. Tom. Mak cad Many imede for the atrongeet tare thlo Lemon at thi. ham. remetri New bin opened Thursday brings house back to normal draw. Double -heeded billing of burly'. Jean Mode end Lobel Brown got off to a sinned] start And only about 411,600 ts to sight. Waage line-up brines. an the OlUdernIth Brothers. Edith Evens and Ray Meyer, the King Quintet and -too Latin and Lynn Bernie. Herten shows Barry tree Sara's Daughter. Springfield Okay SPRINGFIELD, Mioca-A good treacles film hilt and goad box-office reaulm greeted Edward Inirrlson. new Amongst ht the Court bemire Theater hero. tee tha three days coded Settledey Harrison mcceedied Ernie Whitford. On the stage was Ole Rees. of 780, minus Its Battered prefortners. the Six Guardsmen, kneed to cancel the engagement Mini Minna. On the semen. Two Lathy ream Mans hattae. Fritcher Revue Big SEATTLE Wash, - MOW., froatcrep Othera ramemeted by Meyer?Moller, drew at the Bison teat mouth. 10 over the weekly average. The, show, booked by the Bert levy office. had Witte Pettenson. Melt Kolb. Don. Raymond, 114 Hanna Fronde Blida (edlie Primes and tha Enroll Roeketen. a hoe of els_ The HIMIS seats) has three tatcii changes weekly. To Me and atagethow with Equithe Bodeen, Archie Robbins. Buck and Threakei and talchard Lane, did 1040,000. The Music Hell (1,200 mow $414,040 house weerego), high the third week or Sirapleeen and usual stagethow. ra head - log for an okay e. Last week pulled , while Hie opening swim got Lopata State tha27 neat.; ,000 house al -tepee; opened Thursday (41 with Oertrude Xenon. Billy De Wolfe, Diamond Boys, seta Milt Brawn and Honig: Took, is looking forward to a tuning Lint week *LIB Sittlife, Old Perim end appotetnteme for Lora scored with * Welk,16G in Minn. Holds Up Business alirrineapolib.-lawrence Welk and ark drew * gems week ended December 3 at Orpheion Theater to keep intact the nigh bennofflor figures enyeyed by the /wane In the peat several monnta. Pie mut Bethel, Parthers. Welker gross was several thonsoind del late higher than the figure he sot Nero to January Promotion* Included ranee Interleave. share to tubercular sanatorium near he, newspaper featured arivertinng column and pitying of Ma Melee on a. ateleurg laymphergdo. HI -Tone prime" plowed In the Othinutei lobby by ety.0 Amusement Company. Welk Li the Wit fleets unit to appear at the Prelim= until January 9. when Tamkine. Ifewlethe and the Ink apoto come In Para, L. A., Good 19G; 9G for Orph LOH ANOBLekt-Vanilettlm hounes are faring well despite keen eeneptettion from Santa Claus vendee and window displays that ere keeping people oil the eurins and one of thenteni ParaneitInt had a pond , mete Maloney Ennui and Skylark In their emoted week. Opening night of the new show. Keel the People', with rthieltament ler Lour on tin screed. found the heron well Mot. Onentoom, with a anigeshow headed by Willie Shore and a couple of We The Wanda From Singepore and?mom for Reeekfrurt, reunited up a tan B. B. 24G in Pitts; Andrews Hefty 31G PlIT8BlitiOlt-Ben Bernie and hie leas, with n show featuring Datinie Blue E)ee Bob Atchm and the Lane Brothers. neared at the Stanley for the 'seek coned December 6. On the screen, Nem fork Town, The Andovan Sisters hit the Jackpot again int week, ended December 4, pullhes on a hill with Johnny Darla Joey Rannn. Mayaey and note* and Mona Van, Tat flicker. One root in ifeapen, a help. With AR That Meaner Can Buy an screen co -feature, Jimmy Doeariya hand mowed a betty 623,000 the preceding week. Robinson-Lunceford Big in Providence PetOtITDENCE - Bill Hablnasin, with Mourne Lunerforcl area arch. 'entree Middleton. Miller Brothers and Lots, arts ell - Maned show to piety town in ateoctet a year, netted Maniepolltan 'Theater 68,100 In fine- Onen enovarober 27 to 301. Preclouu week. with Sweater DO/ unit heeded by AMP Prettier, house got *7.100 on tbree-day Mumetng. Pnyec with Larry Melte. Bethnal Blanc. Doke Art Jr.. Arthur Robert and June Dern!. Jack /Ana. Jean. Jack and Judy, and Munroe Brothers. grained better than on week faded HOVembeir Detroit Spots Doing Strong Biz; "Polies" Big 21G DETROIT.-Bitairiese showe the iiennl December shinty here, but neutiti La Going nee, chiefly because the town's two rag houses Inc. king been without, steep atone. The alletrigan (4,000 main: Itemise Wren age pulled a fall reread for Doan with Polka Bergere unit doing an nelimited *21,000 gross. At His Coieulal seethe house average ). Manager Rey Schrober shttteeil from a IOU week to split with of thud,. Respite this, the house dropped to n MAW gross, lama MOO under tin prevtons veekb low record o/ with straight swede, tack of avalhelde =MUM la hurthig plenty, and recovery to millet- Pathd week of December 12 when CU Ate/resale open.. Talent Agencies EDDIE SHERMAN comes beck to New York tar a abort stay thin week... MARVIN SCHENCK Inek th New York after a serka of talent conferences with Lout. B. Mayer In Hollywood. _ TRW BOBBINS, of the Arey Agency, hooting Zellers, Wheeling. W. Vs. 'tag 8. KNEELAND. Amusement Booking Service, Ithernio, Ma added several nitonta: Shelth night club Heemerly the Bed Robin), 00witiela, Y.. live people on week- nets{ Bon Toil Cate. Lealwannia N. Y.- five people finturdame club, Merry -Land and Como en Buffet for ache Pcliee 'Theater, hinlyseeuele hone. one *nun& sit every week. BERNARD BERNARDI. New York. now has 30 flocashoie unite touring the Diet, moiety up -Otago New York ithd New Per - ray. Me. along with moat agenta nowefieta. OtenPlense el a scarcity of girl eleigera and dancers. HOMEY DE IXODES Barisal in Dacia Preue, which -awed recently with 'the Crescent anointment Company at Pin - motto, Ina.. le now playing Monde cboatcw. Say HAPPY IrECtIDAYS the Impressive. keetoperniva, CAP/ way through a Protemi aortraxwernoni in the HOLIDwAYmC.ReEREETINGS Th of Tllbetahareda. Write ter This BilObeard nearest yeas Ir44 PresleiCy Mientine etaie clicelenart IneTril= "111= "Ctritfaieln. Lc-MAW:EL= Vsnalue w. iteerat, Of

26 26 Thr Bilibutrrd Nuarr CLIUBS-V.WHIEVILLE December State, New York gericired 77thrufee greeteg, D o, er A Song hot punchy swede thole tide week. Opening pmfortnonce ran au bout and 40 reroutes, truherqueittly ern ter Cr. hoer and 110 esinotera rittersent tutus oil the hill were Clerrirede Stereo and Dilly De Weft, with Inninond Boys and SIM. Within* baud dome okay. Opened I. rho Pita &meta women Jugglers In unattractive glittering Serena but doing ri must meaty of juggling routusevi, changing format:ow and grotifiltle. and going from lamb Mequete to hoope and clubs. One gel Wipe her gown to allow empely game for a Mee tap-and-club-juggling solo midway. Act held tuition, 110'111' MA.Yd. three, got a tut 01 hatch* with thee realms Of datteitig, Hoge, mailing. peed fella la:veteran:ea marl comedy Illnlattiltnn. lnter- Wlad are a "Rube Cialitheig machine" eared end the Medium of a *Forge trying to anew* uiere wets a plunk_ Did hot 13 Iolanda* one premed. Mies Blown, leaking eseetin offered o Lein eddy. then the balled Jim, an Hawaiian tune. rnoortn with tatekir &met Rolle Meforie and with a CoMody Oh Joann,, They avrabiti't CM Bet Off and the Mittel/et with Mehl and Dap In her ellethretier throetr Style. Shes ontetenellag when tomhlog, and only okay with the lighter tune.. A wean bit bee. IllUy DO Weeto, who preyed the ISIrrind MCI the thdr..hullt limn only a few weoke ego, to maldrag bu Mae Mete appearance this weer, end he, no, Mopped the snow cad. Dtd IA neared., peeking In Me exert bite, including the burtereque of Corn? -thin rate cast anti had 10 bug off. Work,' hard and tact. emphasizing actionful Ocht comedy that's slaw - fire in sande_ Show einem with Id mhuuae of Milt Rolston aritudeol (limning'. Minim arid hie Id play n few numbers while stooge wander.crow. the siege. the banal mere greduelly beconth4 nuttier urea the ACC coda to a prop ore...sah- Iola neer. nourong-up-thwetnife ire Poke, but the audience lured It. Swine moordloarst Tito dom e good onto mum- pretty, brunet 'Melva Potithey snaps Ott a couple of spinning tape ihni ere plindly--bld the drat at the set it ;Jetty horsing O10d. TOMMY (11Y hoot miry bits, moat of them t er, clever, and Joe Britton and Dave Van flare,sold to the muddy aim. Film dila week te Hooke Tank and bitratime I. ereellenc Next week: Artie Shaw's baud and the Rhedate of the Thin Man. Criticism: Stake tale week voidel be depend up better. &mune of goodlerliklag shore wittinge le very noticeable. Paul lierata, HAL HAVILAND international Preattilidttateur Adetraw eltlealted, 1144 SROADWAT. NOW YORK CITY HOWARD - PAYSEE Ever Versatile Dancers &dd.< t ; 714 MI...sr& i;4 gapoowly, New Yak ten Vaudeville Reviews Chicago, Chicago AlctIctIted irractiv A ftcrmapic, Decvlffgricr LJ eirf ford C. Pleibere Felice ampere of 2042 tea ravish and frotwenstalr ;mannered production with a flock of pretty Oda cleverly Writeresed mend*. Mid gal -trolls eprtakting of entertaining are. There II low nudity In this *how than in lie predecessore, but there Ismeth-WM, and the trappings am mutt end effirtive, Opening postai-rem mullets ham the amend:ile In to drum, and throe u aneemelon of bethionlly Caparlroned parader,. Draleur Welder+, littorplaelred Minors, stem oft ammo fad and Ittlaltrattnn taps and serobalic numbeni. A blue amprlmitostned ensemble to on 10[01 hat a cleverly conceived babble dame number it which n telietted midget Mee the Jade. set.ccm laughs with hie comedy Little Peed and Company opm their doe out rope -Jumping dog who also does SeNCTILI other Maw then octet their belooarbrealing boxer* who garner lituity of lauithe, lit finish Of the titan the dogs pull down the bark drop. revealing a &sewing roma went, that lei horny. La Large Iw one of the (-levered irlds In her line, eillve Made * web arid Roman nag act iftweettilty done and deaionetrat- Lug iii.,jeer centre. luliiisides with a unite of perfectly executed Ode - arm idamos. anarta hthittr. A lamppost mitntwer with Plwath cafe Petting tonne a borikerinallt for the midget from the Jades. wbo, dos Wilarionsly Banal' drunk *Mend range a French nuler tier. winning a big trend, "weenie'. end Ashoite!Meow with their cievurly ewe:ruled apache dame. WWII IbtOrra Oe'ne Sheldon. comedy benpitat, garner* a Hoek of laughs with Ma tomfoolery on the tempi, and tuna*. With *Ohm V1.77 good stringer. plunking and very funny comedy hit,, with Ma partner, Lennethn Meet. An thiberete Arabian production Mug - tier twinge on Omer and Company, Dun - blow. three men and a girl, for lone fact. furious and atillcult rumbling. Mt of the bin In Scour Werdea. Tentriloqubet end Juggler of amazing dead - newt Be Works with the Miura Of a deli whole bead le formed by hie hand covered by * wig and with features painted 0s. his Anent Rae perfect coke proleetton end eleverly tnaniptiletere the doll. Amuse with platter Juggling while h0 carries on a Orterersathon with the doll add a heed inclosed In 11 cabinet. with eartilugly lifelike en:eta A besutthil minor number 4 back - Brunie few a highly erittlintnillg dance by Marine Welder* Retire Meow le n bewildering Mumoolon of colorful production numbers with ferment ( etleetjeme by Herne Mlle. 0 InkrOda beauty with a sweet %Vito, and numerous bite titterspereed Uy utemben, of the verleins acts. Mud and pleasing thruout. rim Waverer Ls Siephirk, Nat Green. Stanley, Pittsburgh enerf rrilfely Srrong, Deremlwe so Johnny tong", anixstlk bard. the Whirl - MIT Timm Stoogm, the phenomenal Briny Brother., and Pei Regius make for ibree "Lop Met. The bill opens warmly Ned off the but whoa Johnny Lde.ig flashes hie pentonellty unite. Brea U his encode were ordinary the torrenthio teatime would tend no sins, A. it lathe hand mange out se one of the beat mitaind initene ever to have played thin city". linty sraude house, 'Then mule Ix alto. and their shawmarlditp has trer peewee moieuitreisly. They're young end good-looklag, too. Borrowing the opening. Take II. Jeekten whsle Our ontilth Meth maerlo itself HAROLD BARNES _ 4 Odd Ills wire Currently ROXY THEATER, Now York Permanent Addiess. CM. The 011Ibeird. New York ithirdot.1m...alnl. A.J1kst durltlu Plow Cirneerte. treilortiot Bob Denistent reaitiorle of Bing Crosby when he singe Thie Lora' 01 M100, t Slartnttd0P. Deer and Shepherd Serenade, the lastutaireed abetted with entitling fur a Meho band.. The Berry Brothers, with their tee irien doverrig. diet? tileke With a Cahn then Mimeo at commie, add up to resuational, They restudied thereiselma out. In 10 min - Mites of the fastest routines aeon beta in way MOMS- 1/01i1Os V i OZ Sherrie' to Old Shoot)/ Tome diapleya tin band's virlemelte, althea nt this spot In the whew a MOM appetiteuhre number might have shown ilvani off better, always, Phil Regon's teem watielleo. Ills rep of Lela Re Nieddita Night and Der, You end 1. Deter Went To Srt tee Wavle oa Ffe-4 and Rs, Wild frith Rose thews solid reception. pealloslarly front the huntly thrift. Hit uecoenpitillst. Jimmy shelve the spotlight on the emote. when Phil singe Jimmy** new time, When.ffida AN Tail Abesit Their Died, Thu band's mast ebownsanly production number feasters Inure left-hunded eadling of Estrelfre. &fern 'Vining had acquired plenty at polies since bar bold stand Isere two yearn ego. Btu'. showgirl now, La both appearance and 11}01101{0. Rsr froaolie Wooplie ripple end Fite asis Named Ater stamp her *a one of the Meter jive ere. Her rendition of &eddy was one at the brat ever trail, at the Stanley. Bite drew a betty band. The Three Stooge* are funnier than elm before, Lf dog.* poretbie They're R little ekwt0 to the beldesque matinee ,11 motor of their mop are rw unelent a..300 Illder. hilt Um way they do them Is mum_ They're alum -Mop m. foamy -tag MIMI Young rind Introducing vertotse wonders ot the orel:ralrn, draws the curtain. On the *MOM. United, Porreera Mort frank. Colonial, Detroit fffeeterred Frtitant training.. December Si Working +Minna a name on the bill and shunting the orchestra from Dor merge to tlie pit In Win to accommodate nn equine eat. this week's bill la ocenewhot of a novelty. Despite uniformly pied ramie acts. the show 15 poorly peeved and bake contutillty. Mown and Sayler. Ward gutter and banjo team. open with a number done in old-time ramie style. Wink with seat and are very tuneful. Brengltli Oolden 11eerre le truncated tit )lasing Duette:re with three glee Aet is unique rod elleke well. especially In the Mud patriatte bit when the Mole Meter - hotly sprouts 'env. Peek end Ptelc, clever collered bay', Open with reado. fellow with nhiresing, larree-jointed dance rind a Mello -comae With iderketlek. And eerie with a *low - Melon brawl. Three Drente* otter a variety at benne- Ins, perch, pale and ladder work, fad end smooth with difficult and skill -!Id eatillnee. to some the heavies partner carries the welt pole utunpportevd on one witoulder. Registered swell. fat'. Reran. Rosy, New York I firviered friday Reminsp, December..t1 Good stage layout elm a weak plreare atm and Shirit. a Init4rIlltted and belated toothed miry. The stagerritow is 00flittnni -optirang end loathe with an lerci Well and teclieltiit nn nero [humor an well. Yet It dots, not glee the Insperealou ref being out of balance. Areble Itobbird is M.111 the mean. Iterotel Berns*, Rietitewlet: artist, open*. Menem Who mend very youthful, duce eortene on the wire, tripping along to rumba, tango arid other musical toupee. Ile In lathe, showy. Theugique le Serf good, Act. howerver, be snort - WWII a trifle to *yearn Minatef /titereit, Sant Ann McCabe , deileolod operetta tune* including a medley enraptured by Modolf Pend, such a. Dropsy &remade, Sympathe Wain The Sten,etz, ate. Those niedteii are ranch Morn listermantit dun the average run of pop., but eentesihste a good teem. Mica Me. Cabe has tit., linpely. rendering the melodies with *cumin acrd style, Clicked, encored and their nail,,' far banter with entaam Arable Robbliw 1.1.1rign magi initial: We &niter inn Kind In.ease in abort dents*, Ts Pertt a bevy of chorea 110) background f - striking eireete- Moat enchanting awe her acre 1t0LIA101 to Maitre elii Ulna tine 0'140.'4 Urr la a high art, her lirdlettual tortiortiore bestig oubrinerged to the integrated C rifeel. of tie vatuplered routines. Really WOndectill stuff. Bobby May. Juggles, closer, Is a, wry Met and skihed worker with clubs, small Orilla hide and ermottel props. Devense most of lira time to Milli lino ball routines. Technically* cus food as any Juggler, In comedy.isowever. be dill hoe not developed as far an tome of the older Jugglers. Best trick item wart his hued - Meant on a mined ptcrp, boarients and Juggling three halts Upside down. Clever had hint peeing, splireiteg a hoop nicellid one leg and splindug rn tall elernallatemmely - all Ulla done In the dark with Meek light effects. Archie Robbie Ls dal t0, hen beet fait Mine on Inslualeer of rarity= Inreo Of innate* einetig Bea &leer glue so -no this week. Business fair. Pere &Mennen. Oriental, Chicago (Reece/ad Friday Agernoon, Peer. 5) dhow, headed by Johnny theati Da,* peed the kind of SILtellon t OttetiLLI WWII/Meta hin11, and attendenee an opening Any inelkatem n gent week- Picture. afereird haehejor, ebould here a tale draw. Deists it a friendly, Hard-working front Malt who Intreedlidety Inerivilator Ides - self wi Ur the audtence. end lie Ilea a vet - wave; mew. No longer 11 )1T0 Outfit, the braid offers a eltvernitlerl repertotre of iunto, leaning strongly to the meet ride brat SOLI 0114 out plenty of Jive Opened the draw with Teillpht We foate, Brut telluweet with lieberl, Metnzyliolds engine 11 Makes No Dremence New and Howie Wooer lints Mengel - olds bon n likable perronellty and a wellonedulated veme that put Minn soma Pella Reesthig atud Boyce, two men and ei girl, offer nem/cane dance roe - tines that are exceptionully good. Gemedy. however, weak. Scored a good heed, Tveiy Cabot. me player In the bond. torloed Starriest ideely, and Joe Martin did a good meal Job on Yon and 1 and I Deal Wont To Bel the World at elm Jack Leormed. nonledien, hoe a comae Una of chatter. but trap audience irked lilt work. espoclekly hin radio Impreadoeff. and he got a whale of a had. A medley of wale mirebera by the band wive followed by Morin Una. the homes rateatilie slipper, who citrate race rood of enplane* kw Yours and Jim. Dads gut applause and Muf.hel far hu e.hanieterkstio lest staging. Cladag woe the /MIT Stnatbere. with a fifth lard pleyturg the eittar. While the boys are gore) on butioda comedy I. their torte. nod their singing and imitations of various livotrumemo put Vitra aver Mg. Tar Greenfierieuest leedrie-airy Xverring. Dee.31 Orpheum, Los Angeles Rill bra sweaty, but le ripely In Va. terielmnietn, value, At Liveries 1100se oes Ls In the pit. Opening Is a Mick arrangement. of Stomp Weather by the Lyons group. with lodes Harding rounding out Ins andi,i*4,1c here, hendling din 'awes Iii Abe style. Ork and Herding newer RAY BOURBON Rereads. Owns and Operates IMPERIAL RECORDS and Hat Per the Pall S Years. The TITLE Ta Fully Protected. P. 0. Box 2964 HOLLYWOOD. CALIFORNIA Aincta All YVON OPethite G.S?Ed' Al skterierrioNet ,vthroartrO/14,

27 December NIGHT CLUBS -VAUDEVILLE The Rinbourd 27 **Jut background rein picture, with oft -stage 1Ightir4 sod bound effects DWI Nelson. tonperwanator. dare fairly wall on Lb mimicry, Wallace Beery and Janote Ifiessoft aro lila best DM well pith Me drawn/lied oommeretala MUM/ his material la a bit corny. Loire* Harding continuos to wore with 2113Tb,.unbars, one of them Thwei Monts Be en Second, The Harken, moody dance teem. offer nothing new. Male member touters in e Rattan tongue end thee grimeoes Mon fall Co produce too many laughs, Act wends up with aline MI* *pins that get e good hand. Idenban3 and Louise, magic, pull seam good tricka for a sock performacees afaritorn'e gualoilere trick..,. winch h* uses a kid from the front roof, te A/despite:Mg. Reaction of the kid is tope as blade cubs stalk of celery plated M- ore the boil. neck. lied to beg off. Will Aubrey spine emote homey philosophy on his rinentral dem bowl Rtraltatt hiublily, 0 relastrel yodel, and ends up with old-unie fames. plays ing his own guitar Doeompthleneat Emil and Swim, teeterhowd, went big with their polished fuerally week. Barancenti turn he exceptional, and eminence was definitely on the nct's elite from the start. Crowd wet really con. veiled whets rivelyn did double sensors exult to Land loand-to-fraud. &Man Alievi were Melon of the Purple Sage end Myarcry Strip- &hit AbttOtt. Nitery Keeps Strips, Drops Other Burlys l'auticrille---very Quick NEW YORK. Dec, a-tv:aurae Theater, deautherm neighborhood Mane. informed the credo Dila week Don It veil tnaugurete a "lunette vaudeville' policy December 18. House moo wee asked whet W41 meant by. "q. soul ho explained very Nanny, "Three Ile,* of visualethis-very rivatek.* New Seibilia Unit Opening in K. C4 Fifth for Central CHICAGO, DM 0. -The filth Unit DS be booked thee the Central Boaklag Office here aces Into rehearsed next week. It will be known as Time of Your Life, with Anton &lbiue proluclug. Al Borde end Billy Diamond, or the Central office, will handle the hooking+. Call W bet to open at the Tower Timmer. Hama* City, Mo. Denineber Thlent line-up include* Carl lamed end ICI* afornaohice Mtt, Dion Janis. Whitey Roberta Peek anal Peek. the Silarreilos. Betty Atkinson. a line of 10 girl, and Moil. Betty Nutter Ls putting on the numbers. Now edition of Al /30249's S opened Thiusday (211 at tiled= City, la, with the Pour Pranks. Chick end Lee. Wilbur Yell, f en Murray. Coney' Wader. :0 Eve Rees girls and the SIX Authesondont In the hoomp. Oroup =we on to DRT befog* PHILADELPHIA. Dec. O.-Bonieaque opening. at the Oriental, Chinego, Do odler. which proved ouch a boom to mother 12. Carroll' Cafe, 11a lrax and Kamilan ti, Anton Senells mat. floor/threw* will henceforth erephealso ferovol Into the East theatebee standard niters. sem. According to op. lag at the Wens Thoster, New York, It endear Stanley Carroll, burlesque polity to balked In that territory thee the add - hen /greed to purpose welt and while die of Pkbruary. burly In name oentienea to raonopoilee rilw/d)(fr mgt. headed by Beheld' the billinge veneer net. wit demlnate WT021% 4011 the group headed by Aria the shows NOT ;Nutley brings In Dot 1"111Krd WWI her bawl opellvd Thursday Candy. Jimmie Leyte, Sitelty aim few Naval E T11 and and Ramon end Dianne, with Crystal CsibP EU", "X. f"preti"1/ the CSC -Camp Elbows tout. oa Ames and Hobe Cumming* the peelers alm /Metro line of ern. =lug dolmen piny Diaterobet. of Central Booking. re- Inthead of draw strutters. ta the offtoo bee two more Mem lathephoning stage which may he put Into production after January 1, peed - log amnion of Time of Your Vas. Bronx Uses Names DISW YORK. Dec The Bronx Opera House 11,600 :extol inaugurated weekend sonde today with Ina Ray Hutton, Trebel Jewell, Clark Donnie. Radio limn. biers and Pen Samuels Shona -and featuraa round out the pro - pa= Review "Meet the People" flaindesed at the Paramount, Lee dose -tea December 41 Maeoger Harry Walton has two cremates In Meet Die People, a MS -people Met end Appointment for Lose, The Wary liesverefay OothemEdward unit. which 1; clan 113 Hollywood, doseen't !lever of a blgabow, but there infinitely 14 a that fee ti In film rtrrwtree era good dancing to 211r arenmete and the W nliaved imoothly on nt opening here. Denny Darr Magee It Bream Include Union Leber, nee* ift:- mein. Fellow and a OW. Seale Ord Sewth, Wrdutln' Dog and In f:k(eh learleren wee, Tecal aneesninenot ere liandiled sell by Jimmy Alexander, ADO Tyilell and Itarien way. Mpaa Canby elm en ex - motioned perform/owe In fa Cliwrifeaffe. ergo and dote well with her deadpan 1:41421; of Fellow end HU Girt, which he elm handled by Denny Hotta and Se Robbie& Audience hi them offered.well bit Of rhythm lap by Norton On.1 Ina most arnurcirtg numbers is SCITI T DAN FITCHwants Fee 12esef Anneal Soethern rove - roe LINE.. GM *94' * GIRLS s:,:.:::1111.:"pe'l."44 she DRUMMER TROMBONISTS 1 New volt 14441Ing abbb1 Ian. S A242: Cat. of Kamp 0104e, 120 E. Pd, Menge. N. C. New New York Club NEW YORE Dee. -Robert KM. Opera/ a restaurant In the Timm Square sector, Thuregisy OM Spot will have thmetadnenent. with Cereal Teeniery bonding the ark, of Units Otd dente, with Buddy Pepper ond.)4011 A m'oeing beptay with Oder vocal and dance dente. tannic Reneger a pretty blond. dome fair Vocal Jab en Elmer's Weddle' Day. Show will liadoinetedly be lightened. bet It le tar above the attentgo as It elands Orchestra ithree reed three brows three rhythm and two etringm drowned out Ulf 41110Tla trotter really meaning, On Wowing end ro- (el ark nsit6 for the steppers end Oat the vocals. which deprives the audience of good satirical lynat. San Abbott, "Swearer Girl Follim" (Aired of hl' Nelianuf Thence Riot. woad, Ito. Penne reertfag. Noe, 11) The girts weer morellem In one er the production numbers. Ilene the mance 0111e , , has put together a pleasing little unit which lull not. the same note pleyed this halve too recently would have bean better Modred, Joe Franklin's canine art, with Ma two Metres and a Clithorthue that. do Iselancitag and elm! Up with a triple Dontereautt. is pleasing. Paige end Jewett do a nullifier of trleke on both high and low ontcydes, with Piastre downing siring the lure to added rent. The Two Bekaa are adept at hem: ledeuring and work for a considerable Bum hoed-to.tioad. TAI* "'strongman - tilt bileased the patrons. Weedstry, woohuy and Clare. le an tromnaltic dalocer who ammo to be beaded places. All In It's not bad, Pins than evereire n11.- Ves-y Ban Edeffegton. Names Draw in Detroit, But Not On Holdovers When Sans Talent Demon. Dec. 0.-Viceerally poor 2.019L% [4 night,.pots end aim bourne bat been elightly countered by good taraimaes Meeting with Um Itiardosgiving holiday. tilittmot night spot, the Roomy, I. running around 10 per ceel ahead Irn attend the isitddle or September. Yvette ]fare followed Aim Cono. who drew ithout In two weeks. Was Danes first two weeks dropped to tech, but Doomed to Ow third week when Carmen Amays added. e arm lam reached by itirkas Erne on n eth-day stone tent summer. Mitt Redeem ini- Personator, followed lee two weeks with Mille Dare a2 10,000 the drat week and the meond. Armor is around , with Hum of the re 'math* laming combined YOWL WhQ Minns nets, while 030 average tor with only *rev let of thle caliber would be around , Late mourner Ort Afore Midwest Vat:de Opening 810DX CITY, Dec. 0. -The new Contot Theater, wind. reopena Christman Eve, will have el/maim/al stage. those. Tit-frusins Theater Corporeticei said an ineremod sealing capacity would make It more practical to benne stage attractions CANTON, 0., Dm, 0:-Statre attractions welt return to the Palace. here eller an abeetwe of Dermal weeks, December S. when Will Bradley bad ark mane three-day engagement. thectrillaig to Oeergts A. Dello, manager. Wlellam Mown 24210, ^ Uhl! Non-ALI-olio] iv Club Clicks; Terrif Sole of Milk, Cokes MADISON, WI,., Dee. 0. -More than SOO high eelmal etudenta Mimed out. No - remise; 21 for the enceon'e first dance at Carl Ifouninelas Marine Club_ en experiment in ^dry night duds." A permanent committee. cementing of penance end etu. 60,14. has 1"Ty OT to p Ta X9 02 the weelchy damn during the winter. Jack Reel mad his mine -pleas orcheatra furnithed mush for esawcag, Winters estimated that enecral hundred battle( o/ milk and over thouseud cotes were roll. Menne %pop, malted milt" / , and Williamsville Club Changes 13thrleAt0, Dec. 11.-Ctiels Mayfair at Witharneralc, 24. Y.. Is how being run by Lee Brown eadeboci by Minnie Clark. Charlie Monroe W Renter layout la Min samilitimino Blialnaes Is pretty good. imps -Melly sowk-ende. Talent policy to elloariored end has Heeds Admits'n finaidece awing band. intwznia-. sten piano player, and Colored tlesaristarri of ela or people. emigres* Room a Showcase :am YOUR. Dec. E.. -folio (Buskin will book the Rosen of the Ciongems Hotel. Chleago CiltNkln Mid he will try ter bead up the room aa a show - earn for new talent. deaths. Ile chime, will be above the usual foe showcase. New If 'se for Draft Card PrI1B H, Dee. O. -New ow LOC *elective movlee cards: To be sure that path:um are at host 21, critniefents age demanded by Slate law foe buying liquor in licensed olterles, Bill (Wen of the Casino flake mon cuidomere to show their draft earn. proved that a show without esteems mans would drop to f.000. Spot has a steady patronage of a d.000 tenthly. AddIttonal patronage tlepandent upon business. candlehthe the drewmg power or the show with wane seethe reaching " top , a norm gi poor thow snit Uthee off rapidly hi log peas: end peeve poor the eek. With dine amatbality always In nu menager Frank Inshore hoe gen refused to book mimeo for mare theits,1 work or two at a time. After 21 Years-... got mot of tbo oritinar rums for hi, comedy in Sows o' 'Peg. daserffacs his current memos as the atm rent break In his 21 years sot saara bustneso Club Owner Is Drafted BRIDGEPORT. Dann, Doe. fromanells. who ha. owned the Ifolthaoral riewtatirant for 10 mere. hr.s left for Camp Demo, Mans, Hie brother will carry en at the (nth until he rennin. Vaudeville Notes 1WELIN WILLARD. formerly of the Six Lathy Girla trom Joined Palls, Reading and Rome rairrent al. the Rine - aide Wiwoultee. and bet for the Orfentigl, Chleago, week of thearatther O. JOAN MERRILL expected bark to New York from the Coot soon, Is being!submitted for a amide tour he Harry Benny.. MARION Otte/Elk atter 10 rnentlin at the Chew Parts eel fee an cooly mina tour...t,rw PARICS32 booked the We Proddteare Dalt /military 30 In Washington. IIARRY OOVRPAIN la imaging a TN people unit, Joan Powers afaveart oft Av. including eight Anew girt ekatens and specialty act*. Unit will tarry e igestle lee flow, mans Sports Ion a muck Om originated and bold by Dud Omen. of New York, Ocatetath te also mtling people colored unit for NBC featuring the Deep River Holly Tad 1344V421/1 Etwafikralo and Dailey. Conway and earth, and Per. Williania and bb to open at the Parrothe Theater. Detroit. GORDON AND nooses, colored Mon, Into the SU'cmhd Theater. New Tine December II. TACK NORWORTII now Interims with Maga Omen. Is the aublect of en eirttele in Deneenter Plapene about Ms famtotts collection of minletures We0.K2(EL AND MOORE, In the 1411W111.1/10 Wanda the last waren width. play lietualtde Until after r% when they retort/ to the other islendi. They report Honolulu is crowded mad booming With defence hindmost JUST OUT! No. 2'1 McNALLY'$ BULLETIN PRICE Oft DOLLAR 1214, T, NAL / rt T a /11/ Rolle M Dome Palarriabbes II , Mr Tay MOW r.a1.1m eau tar Men * a a Mel Asa T on 441 V.4 Omer Al, avbesl , Tab awe Coerab / I / , Cacti. bablek 1244ba 1144 WW2% loluttoos bolba sexl Saab Reabolarr, 14: STIN it, Cl N awe we 4414/1 alb 441a,-, Nab lb It an: 21 for arb ruar491 WM. McNALLY teal 125W Street New Yeek PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS f4a $ C411 1E10 Printil MI WO st 9 ba44 barb tumult a albiliabaaat, C 94/00/ teNr" e th to POIC4 11C.D101 ikti14 pmaaslatb. Mani Telargarnailb. MAIlIFILLIO PHOTOS. INC PATTI/490bl *two, ffilabilthed to III: Orett, 01410

28 2S The Mliborrni VAUDINR,LIE-BURLESAVUE Ng -comber 13, 1911 mumetans Rap AGJ, r A in, Minn., BAA Backed by Four A's in Latest Organization Drive New NEW YORK:. Linn/4 Mali added to tbe cam Al the N. Y. Petition NEW YORK, Dec. 0.-GO to organise the barlesolio need marl% tatty STAR. Brooklyn, again donated a few Benny Moore company at the Rliafa. IHNIXIMPOLDA. Dee Pate of Twin was given to tin Brother Artiste' Awe - hours between shone Nosember at to Chicago. Decenther. I.LtIcfaiR DALE city Lotrat 3 of Amer:ken Guild of Va. Gallon by the Antoclated Actors and Revere Pont (EntionlYell of American Leg ion for Its minuet Tuppee Lake tuber - to open Ott the Empire Oirentt Aecain- and titter Betty exit Mot the tintamt Nay Artinta haus tendlmier. is* siclot Afflatus of Americo, with the passage at are beans tiken gainst lta con- * retaniullort ansoday lin The menu. tinsel* nand party. Joan Caron presented a lire nom* one of a series of bit Uniumm, than prorriand onopmation to AAA by rummtring the BAA unfair list, and Jalln CARROLL moved from FROM AU. AROUND: Tett Brown Alen, local excontive sea reaffirmed the PitA right tee lie the than BroOklytt, to the Intltine week WALTER DEnING, recently retested Henry, maid be bed tandeeed hts resigns - nuraiction, of November SO. Nett tt Norfolk, Ptttuburgh, home to Syrecuse two weeks am W. Pen gun' n long stay Were for treat- tram rese hospital Al. thinttrigleall. Lod to the netietut onle* but that Ile The panage Of tide resolution la seen had rmenott comeratkilicanants inom Orr - 44 a rebuke to the Anweican Outlet of the and back here to the Republic,.. BERYL CUPPE, dancer, re. Cincinnati lett week to join his wife, ment for II num ticker. bopped Into aid SULAM, national secretory, and other Variety Artiste. ninth has been omeninhig burly performer. In ernerrel tom*. covering In Phitedelphla inom tilt appen- Sandra Byrd, who was working a nitery nationot ofilerna undo.' him to remerin. The less crisis cairn when three other A recent strike was alerted in Wine - dicitis operation parfeented et the Jefferson Inwpitel,. LEW VEIN, tootle, to the Palos Cluelett, Coin:unite, 0, roc titre. From thrteinnen standee hopped ninon* refuted tom -operate with AGVA. intone when a burly theater operator YR- They era MInneelmlla meteatinns, barinaftra, end cook* and waiters. HOwever, Aka. ouomenbo:44 oturmizer, was told at by brother Ned and sister. Cecil Reed, apolis for a tea* Mina' Halt. Ile expects Alted CO Menintle AOVA. Ted Brown visited at the Hunan. tlnlon City. N. J.. this week. with Welter Ninon to Indian- Mathes I:reel:rod mannatmeas of std train the Met minute by aerate Grintri. *OVA Hadn't seen them in Sity years to be Male to resume work around the franeinted J. national enecutive secretery, to lay oft, DOTITE EDWARDS, elmene captain at first of the year... PRFDDlE PRA11P- Innitley Rellord, umatery or ntinneapolla ninaleiana' local. said "we are not retell. =Mete to Innrieth an oeg-antre- vember IlliZA manned January Thorium J. Phillips, BAA exectitily the City. bdrilidny-putled backstage No- T:44. Ow twice Amino the Empire Circuit. ham opened In siting to go along with AOVA." and that Lionel conantion among circuit houses wan with a three -peal spread and stink at the OnTetn. Minneapolis. Tlimmy CieDth slid repreaentatleca of the Bartandert end ontathe of New York. Martine the front page of the Junuory Imogene Allen joshed the Gayety cant Minks and Welfare' unarms feel the mane Ponca Crocci re. LINO. lard week., BALLY WALKER la now iron In the Jane at the nanny_ ClanncinatL Ballard said the policy of the Mune- MIDWEST: Muth intultienn group torrent AtiVA Alliance Pans N. Y. nttlt SCHLISTER hat hooked the l01 - was smiler to that of the natitmel hawing attractiatu on the Midwest. Circuit to town with unit. at Buffalo: Rose I?cvieuJ Inuniciatie ornantsenett "Some Ulna beck we had a 30 -day Follies Houses as La Raw, Dennither ntoyetta, December 2d: Hinds 'Wausau rued Marie Cord, inmeentent min mann: fiedlard continued. "end it brought lie Into more "Virtually Burly" Eltinge, New York January 3; Grown &inherit Jaritterty hot water than we have error experienced' NEW YORK, Dec. en-pasieste of a rm P: hole De FOP, Jed:lusty te: Jean Onnerli Rorterrod Tanadep Evening, Dec. 2) Violet Murphy, Of the 'Twin Olty Artiste' Bureau, rays Ateli 'bed done a ing Mayor LaCluerdia to close WitrInty cannon by the lead's Day Altlainit tak- January 21. All will play the roll Midwest time, cenept Hind. Wauseon end trig the mental remedy Mace of Irving Show thin week is It note/ one tenhlf" Selig and Max Furman. dogs' nutthal tialationary job that no one else would weenie houses on the ground that they to newer than ordinary and went over have done /Of the blown amount of provide it neininalleta" to anniteennen, is very well night caught, May. AOVA could be a go -Hi thing and W TI on pining a permanent rats on the Sul ne were unnewhat bellow per. JO - should remain here." effort of local home outgrips, along with Ann Cennal, slender blond, end linbrern Johnny' Witham". of the Artnaire the Brother Arttatn inuoclation. to re. attnt, Martina off with a couple of songs CiCelund AOVA wee inviint -ptdt(ction to both the performers and book- IBM* In thew &Meaning. altered nothing particinnely atartnrig, gain percnindon to ton the word bur. and then working Into her peel uner', and Humid remain." The resolution raid. "Variety MUM but rellkod plenty of none trent the pal - Among the grievances Of site other rannane are that the Twin City Word is not a nationally franchned chapter, but rattan a subaldiany of the Chicago local, and alto HAI. they Min tinders:and how lottotrima aunt can put in as Moen work ari Alan lies without getting SAM IL J. Haldsy. of the bartenders' union, derltred have never beard of a bullness anent not getting paid. Molt toys he sett no Money." NEW YORK. Dee. Ile-litarabeire M /tan& here thla week beam to Ornin late a petition demanding a memberallip =treeing Of Die New York Meal to find out why so many attacks have been leveled arreinvi. AOVA. IninelnallY by Walter WIIIehan Pelltein described time attacks as the "hqientinig of a tnitz on one union" and nailed for a nanstang that has been 'limn entlythie," Performers were directed to mall the petitions to Gerald Griffin, eremite* weentary Of AOVA, or to Vito MOM. Cgliarinter. aleantsblia, AOVA (Mittens lure been Nettling tunny meeting*. Mit ham nut muntainceni the date ter a hearing to review toillelani ;viand Griffin tee allegedly quarreling with other nesters of the node at Tommy Dens mttrla plolaluiting honouree:wag mum months ago. HOLLYWOOD. Doe "Ladle Weeny foe executive armetary of the National' Munpaign eantintiod to gain mornonturn bore. with more American Guild of Variety Artists' mernens eluting pentillao fee Ilia rinpolatunnut. Petitions hors been darted by members of the icro /*Wreathes, Garden, end the Cocoanut Greene stores. &vend week. ago the Rut Carroll mono *lanai a petition hearten am vintually burleamee theaters operating Hither another name and Mumtaz, In Minn performaines ere Omelet*. vulgar and perialtlatialy pollen - isle to marratrin Opa ham long been fighting to restore biartenque to manners, and have nutmeg:oily enlisted BAA and LATIFE to old them. The battle bee been In alatnrinna Mom the rummer_ putt on the bultrtin beard by Eddie Oaks. of tim Dabonnira. DUPPALO. Dee. mtabusbenent of Buffalo branch or the AOVA storied to take definite 'shape thin week nine Professor Men, local argriniaar and nen tional hoard repreminonve, tenoned hem New York and announced that nufralo aria are felling In line with the traveling act; winch ere nene Madly &OVA - Alma ICO Verrone attended at a meatlnn, Sunday (n) as the Hotel Employeln 'MUCCI hell, whinit Inellidod represunsuit** of melons labor orgardasttorts. All promised IQO per cent es -operation anal supper* with newt' union rimers here, Many prententers at the *tenting applied for AOVA memberships. During 1115 pent week about 30 neve leuteater* were signed. Mali wart nuanteesend to its effort tel obtatn a sperbil weaver of Sin inittation tee for a certain period to cub -mace membenthip, felt reasons otieleerning the national AOVA set -sip; mom; other things, ArOVA's desire to get on Lea own feet, Men, however, mentioned that leniency about payment will be our - tiered to allow a gradual payment of the Inthattan foe. Another Important Oterenaproent was WESTERN UNION n between advisory committee of ACIVA, Man and local talent egente re:tinily- at the Peed limel din=211 TRAVELING?.. THEN KEEP IN TOUCH BY TELEGRAPH, USE LOW-COST TOURATE TELEGRAMS ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR TRAVELERS. COST ONLY 35c FOR THE FIRST 15 WORDS. luircle,sll O ternta flontheth. who wilt play spot.. DIXIE SULLIVAN reploine Ittargie Diae an the Mienetat stets, opening at Buffalo Dap entam GLORIA G ARRY planed on Midwest unit that o pened nt CirmInnall December a. JAL1C L.AMONT and Artie Lloyd here timed on the Midenim airrant end booked en tior Empire Circuit. Mae Brown. filming Poe, Chick &lama also have been innsked on the Empine. MISSOURI THEATER, Kontos City. Ma, alonteled to open December 25, will be known sur the Polly Theater. More than hie been Spent nn rentedrinag,. HEAD AND /IOWAN timing on Midwest at the Emptier *t Detroit.. MARCIA BLUE and Ling Lee, new Chine:to sn-eer, are booked on the Engine Cie: - t HART HIRSCH and Kerry Kate WO Mum onmsginn n out fey the Alvin Theater, Ilirtheannitn. DIXIE SUL- Canadiaidlerformera In Army in England LONDON. Item /Pot Rend) Menem formerly pits and tomellith with Peed limn/ end maw with the Comdleis Amer Mve, le comedian with the Tin Hate Concert Party, with beadtruartene In thin city, supplying efdn'ttenunent for Canadian troops In England. In the 'Iln Hats cut, besides Ilrenort are 'Spud" Censor, character man and butte/int of Vaneouver. Ca Joe Rocks, Zenon of Edmonton, Alta.; Norm Harper, cowboy meelaltiee end RIVetentel Johnny /Immix:4. light comedy and soubrette, of Toronto: Bill Eiturabun soubrette, and Ronny Wbita, straight., of NOVA Scotia. Bean labeddrin. formerly binelquatee et the 401k Erbraantan Rewitnerit, nos mu. Intel dareeten Mmes Rowe, of the Mack Welsh, to producer, and Frank C. Andrea, well known in Canada ice his Hoene Oil prouarns over tin CBC network. la einem Brener' says the unit Is the Mot alt. Canadian aotelter Onr.ttrt party. and that It Carries complete stage equipiumn m- ending wrirelroba, n cotlopernge range, and a complete awitchbotuel. Alvin, Minneapolis, Resuming Dec NEMPOLIS. Doe, CI-The Alvin will reopen with burlesque Detember 20, Kerry thresh and Harry Hone mongers. say. Gutted July 3 by tire, flit norm has been onmplitely remodeled at a coat of , Hirsch mid. Moat of the 1,thl wale are new, with unbolearred wale 00 - (moving the mein Door end bilenny. ue,,nolcs 'cry. which is what Mints. liest, Mektr wee June Meech. using plenty of auto facial contarnone 0314 shaping lip as a Comar. given a little more minims. Carolyn Riddle. a rennott Men, asst n Gnat - potent Clint and was received very enthusiastically. Prot strip on wan Clay Hight, a cute youngster who ought to make plenty of monnetet Tice Knight gel dal maieptlenolly well In the. Otte. Inn rereatling a good apoaking rotoe Mad ex - rennet diction. Specialties were contributed by Jolliet an aerconappen and Daises Wrenn who did a good tomb. librarian men Wall nobble Dome end he me -do the comkt etep rtxht along to keep him from grab - lithe off the insight good- Alma Idealbann corstrinotest a brief reeneeteeter In with she won decked out an a Meta demendnnt of Sadie Hawkins la provided by Bernie Mills,. who worke bud *tad beta a film poisocality. Prune/anon by Male Lynch: Sammy linnte la mintrunr: house Is operated by Harold and Abe Minsky. Colton:let were 0.1(CrCflely liensiscone-by Points Cantu:rum Dick Carter, pail LI I I Mh1 I I II I al I I 121 I I 0 I I ill I I I lail 0 II 2 I I I 1111 I YIP it The tvenitnt twin.. In b101a1a,m012d lite, 01knont 110I0f 10 the teension C eel $11 Shale $10 Double t WiLibull $10 50 slug Double ea 40. In r SHOWER-OATH-and RADIO 0.red Etmpombla In hem Own, pticra la 11-0 i, own' 11? 114`41 CO",. A/ 4 Metairie reerodek4 mom in Greet,' i INIrye York. 0 ra ra, IF HOTEL CLARIDGE BROADWAY AND 44TH SHEET 5 In the?iran of Timm SeflIGTO Ii Ar nse rot One r411. ri WANTED Tiro shom a day, with reserved waste at 25 events to Ott sonta Winch Knee CHORUS GIRLS are es tunteckled between Mock and ran, pleasart n.razroatil: it., 2,Lan :1 modahown Much gee* to Chicago next WMI twit flaw n, [true, n."nr Tr.unrallr week to inac tip talent. Winton &amine S21.90 per real: drristal fatilh. Sawn MO will book. Pled Otdre and maven -place nanrats. Writ,* a v.& twartitailt a. MUM ork set ter the pit, rein Mane% Norm 011e. ara., r

29 Dereather 13, 1941 Billroy's Ends 33 -Week Season DANIA, Me, Dec roye Comedian& Dilly Weble, crentr-manager. Claveri s oucemolul let -week teat tour litre tan Saturday night tee!, The resew equipment and ounce bast ewe Mond how, Work WUL 4241e oar rovereptits the parapbareselie Co time for the 1042 Mot remote which!menu early en March y met Merlon 'Mehl* e nd daughter, Wthona, have gone to Udell for a vacation. Mrs. Jern IleTtlan. Mother Venom and Ralph area Ribs /Wheel wet retrain th Bob add DO.-olem Oreer, Cal end Deeethy Owlet and Key and Johnny Rupee have gm* to the Club Crate Leesburg. Pia.. for en MAW:into envie- Innr. Al letteetieley left or Chit:Igo to teen h is daughter, Mutt* hum, beiora going M hie berme to Sentriev. Nets, for the Setendrurg, Lee L. Reid Dies On Reuben James DALLAS. Dec. 8.-Lee L. Rod. ferny rep show trouper. wee suiptetred among the Miming When the V. 0, 8, iteenten Jenne wee torevelooel and mine October Lee enbitted In the navy as a, youth, meat a hitch there road then returned to annual Ma to become scarce In the Nate Stft4"141 He Vail A 11111,0.14A lore pidomen find had been les the errvice rex* Iasi MAP. Mr. end Mrs. Reid had not been active In 'bow truidnees the past two years, and had nude tech home In Dallas. He to emend by MA wee. the former Einem geblit07, anti a four reoriteue tied daughter. Paw, ItUth, whom he Met honer nen. Ellisest Closing for Holidays TOLEDO. Dec. 0.-John tire Rip Van Weriebt Compeey close* its fall rennet am - ten hen: Dervieber 1e, when Mr. and Mrs. John Ellie will depart for their beau In Grand UMW*. like. 10 spend the belt - days. They well rcorame In sehoole with Rip Jimmy a mid me booked until May I. When Mr. and Mn- IOUs mitten to the Berkoot Dew? Ehoms. where Ellin will swims presto and generel Kent duilea. Field Alittstrel Cars Sold PORT OIRS017, Mete, Deo. 0-P_ S. Wolcott, career of the Rabbit Pont Mint:nes, who recently concluded a 00-wcet trams of one-nighttra Wide/ centres, bas hold, the old Al 0. field Idirelert thew WW4. "Den Emmet" end eteouthland." to the Iltinets Centre Railroad. Walcott bought the erne In 1028 to traerport hie fflph-rrowet Astern and reed the can until He mattered Au chow In Vermont Back in Hospital DAYTON. 0.. Dcc, e..--"ellene Vermont, teneari tap, rep end entrain! performer, ties -nay Imitated from Soldier** Mau Hospital here altar a long irley there, ben mitered a relepee with n helot all- [tient and Ito beck Cr. Ward 0 of the itteuturion. He limed appreelate beer - leg Doan his old show [mein& Attention! James L. Griffin CINCINNATI. Dec a --Mrs. Irene (Minn. of 1110 MAYO 311.4C4, CISIK414. mega, In lr. MeantraolcatIon to The eartcotrt office here, request,. that ree hum Mind, James Lander therfle. driermyter with tot Mews MintieleA Show, contact Lee at once, as tits brother and grand.. mentor died recently and Lie eater is ethically ell. 35MM, FILMS UM 4 her Rarlow, -.- tiara. Tome here. Weer Zrad4k Ib Metro. Le mem biesik. name All ; Mark i a Mat, we Weed. rem Wk. $ era littler wad 4444, 404, walrets rww 1, ,,m. Pa rot,* tot was nit tans Tie nur IN ream ramao TObee. net tidal, alla eme. atadnmti, owe REPERTOIRE -TENT SHOWS cas.60.4 by SILL SACHS - Ce steemicatiom to 25 Opera Mem. Cisaiweale a. Rep Ripples DON MARLOWE, oreereele, fonanty with the Aron -Winters Muss In Coles -ado, Ian bean held over n third week Si 112;10e* at the Rter-Caulteve Hone Philedelphle,.. W. W. CURRIER Is reported doing okay business with Ma murk -picture comblnanon pleylnot in Itockingliera County, Hanspalem., BAILEY'S 8130W, preereteng ri Vivien of voiatree`aftel Went& Is getting geed bee-oree play In the section amend Illintreln, Al,. TVROOENTI SHOW la hosing good businue In the Cape Cod motion of Mnseachuntls wino religious pictures., J. A. CORERS. veteranenthrefel producer end well known In tent show eletlito, end Mee Coinno celeteatrd then 5311 wedding &nein/rainy Nevrenber 27, Coburn is now gravely IR et ram boon. 019 South Palm -rite Avenue, Daytona Beach. PM, PEARL AUSTIN, daughter of the Late Mildred Martin. former well-known tab, holidays. Jock Hutch:eon bee gone to rep and stock performer. 43/0441 to Atlanta: Sarah Siebert to Elouth Coro - leave Los Angedea December 2 fee Columbus, Om 'Teem" Riegle well known libel Eddie Mixon to Marne and Rey rime 2401T1.4. Fisk to the Sound Club, St in burlesque cheer& to driving leer cm. thru. Al, PITCAITKLICY Mopped ofl it the rep dose Jilt Mcmday (1) en MUM from Dena. pole., where he Wooed the maroon with 8.111rosh Comedians. to Chicago. where be w11.1 visit hie dauahter, Marine Jane. beieot payee...ding tot Me 111 mt let Beatrice, Neb., for the him Oral tette home In elk Tears.. BILLY WILE JR. Is boidirag down a good job to e toy factory In Detroit. LEN FEY, fcenserly with the Benny *how, to new stopple' the bass needle with Don teeth!'* Weenier*. which lett Ilettradey 141 aimed a two -worker at Hotel Netherland Plaza. THE all71ical 11ReNNANS (Hi and lifa udol. of thenhern. Des.. recently en - hided another pleasant irtalt from Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Miller. affectionately known to the boys and gets of the tented Mama as Idontinie add Poppy Weer, Harry Is one of the pioneer tent showmen of the soutteent, raving spent over 30 years In the 00d. Re to two a] Slout Laying Off For Holiday Season CANTON, 0., Doe Verne Hioure Theater Workshop Players lore oboe their school mama at Oonos, 0., December 16 and ray 04 tudll Denary a, when they school beokinee In the New Ettliental territory Under etipeoviaten of lett P. Parker. of Sodom e. A. Morettle. of the company, will spend the holiday Layoff with les family to City, IL; Ora Ackley Will hop Into Chicago to do some shopping and MO a few above, and Mod seal apsod pert cf the Um* waiting Me mean; end Waldron at Vertnonesille. Mich. else 74- sraludtr of the time he will spend In Chicago, The Stout unit will bare filled 97 erem between It. 001y-OC41041' o.poring end Its Dteennerer 10 elottng dale. Mont to working on a feiw treow to be mimeo' for tent -Maw tonitionip eon next melon. TVs ontttled TOOL The lentleer-occelle Dandy. Blount Has Play Offer NEW YORE, Dee O.- way Bryant. *kipper bowman of the 13ryant showboat, which recently concluded Its 13th consecutive semen In Oriel:Irate Is In New York mulling a preposition whieh luta been trader hem 10 take a lending role In a new prey, Seder Canvas, by Bob Downing. Meted to be produced 1.2.0n by Addle In Rorke. The Orel to pendir4, vea yeam loung osid vemertne. The Mil lent Minpoearify retired and needing Corpse Chelan, Tea., where they base a atone of Muria cabins.... HARRY *-YELL le reported getting well with the Small show he has been operating In the Citeten (IMMO anew. He Will tumble fns alter the holldaeo,..17::6105 BILLY DOSS my* he has no beets ent the Itudintee hes mese trtek It tortnelog him In Rnreard County. Dorida. IDcrbyshcui News icareraunieetiera to BILL SACHS. CIchtnati Officer Ross Granted License Conduct Phoenix Derbysliow PHORNIE. Aro- Dec. 8.--A court order dtrecting flherlff Lon 'ionise% to forthwith omit to Don Amelia ;a license to conduct a dettomboir Mee woo lemma Thursday eke by Superior Judge AttllOr T. La Peed.. The order followed a Weenie on Mabee petition for a writ of mandamus to Memel the *bee8 to!sate him the drierpthow permit. Bush, an ammelete of Hal J. Roar, Inettlerted the court action alter in: had tredeled the ired lieenee fee to the ehnifie who doe! old to meopeet or Male the permit because he and certain Other groups conmdered nigh Shows "objectionable." JUritee Le Pride said. In Dentine the writ and order. time white he realized that 'tome permits are opposed to ouch fones of entertainment." nom -the -nee 'he law entitled Malta to a permit. N. M. Show in Wind -Up ssatrneeanur..14, If. Dec. D.-At thia venting the Kelle-Creeller wattle bare has three Want amid two Wee, end with pootive elimination sprints now In ed net lent probably wind up MenorTew night. Show is m He ranelath week, Teams am Roy Myers noel MIIIMPlianzers. Jack Holly and Pat Young and Marto Allreendro and Chore Maui's:a. Dale White end "Rubber-Lege" Martin are colon. The recent wedding of Mere Rombee end Tommy Cants deo* la packnd hour!. Ono Yoar Ago HAY PASSOS drebesbove after is twoweek run In Lea Vega Nev., opened to the National Hall, Frar.cleco COLTSZEUM =UM In Chicago was dawn fel 38 MUM and Me solos,.. MORTON GROVE. Ile,. oboes way won be Mite and 7bOt feciorlde. OtegliE MARTIN was working In wahlington... /Mane 710RAN and wife and Jobriny and Bee - rem Kallevan were mertlioning In feat fetrlogs, Oahe ART AND 10/THIE W0008 were In Sabin Nieuwe let. Art was working as bellboy at the illebilaberg Hotel. toe RtIttItt, wan hostels in the dining mom.... AVLIREY SAUNDERS. our Waehlegten informant. Inks that Chuck Payne, welt - known emcee, mean:need up the middle aisle Nantither Se with Deena Moore Audrey *apt abet Cheek has been working to the Capitol City at the A1111,21Can AtetemObee Aesociallon. No inner had we received the above thforctuteson than Chuck Inferrer cane then with the dope. Chuck aide that they wens married at the Nativity liarropal Chtneh. and that they Will 2a0r In Cuba, REMEMBER --If you can't make It Tame Ice Censer:ram, at kilt drop the Mika s card, nscartates CAME IN heat week on whereaboute of Charlie Smalley. Oben West; Betty Lim Morin, Hart Harrington. Curly Lauder. Cherie Amer:. Garden Harlem, Chive Itemise Maw Britton. Johnny Mace Ruddy Jefferles. Joe Natty, Johnny Malan. Jean Helen, Jerry Martene and Chad Alvboo, Row about emnirm out of hibernation and dripping the /einem e i,mt, kids! The Billboard 29 OUT-OF-TOWN OPENINGS (Conttnued yrotu palm 26) Remo Veneer, Audrey Chrbitie, R. J. blunkati, AMC,. Ferrel), Rat talky, Mimi grilereten wed Where flame/ Ems to a Initeleal neaten of trio box-oeitoe sareeth Of a few Yuan ago. mire lien on a Male Like mod. inusteal remakes, it falls far 1b021 of ex. ptcsoisoc., Eddie Cantor la Erwin Trowbridge, too vermerrinr tor a geettuig card eonspeny who picks Mescal for a hobby. He to held by gangsters until he tenet* the winner of the Oold Cup Rate. and when the home be plebe Dully wine after a foul, all are happy except those who tnseeted emney In the snow in the gm pekoe There la little real entertainment. 'etie boat her been revised to conform with the weak orripta generally found mu - Weld comedies. add the remit nano few laughs. The end dente* ire 142 from enough to mate thin one a top mineral. It Le neer:melo that Eddie Cantos Ogee this ono for bin reeurb to the lee getamer Mager. Altbo he works hard. ea do meet el the L of the mat. nitre is letila he can die In the meow] net be baa a choice to do some of the numbers which made hien famous.: this Y the high spot. of the thaw, There boa been cematant tutting mince the show opened here, end the entire amend act has been thronged around and mot to the point where It re doubtful If any membee of the east entirely lure whet come* nest But these M nth a groat deal lathing, Lionel Render and R01110 VIncent both score, but balm 10 Weak their backs. to do lt. The Collards arc ahowstepper* with some nifty routines that Mawr Tony's new partner, deity, as ono of the finest dement on the liege today. They work beautifully together. Audrey Christie dote a good jab as Patera girl friend, but alioum bb Wen better lines. Sara Ann 144 -Cabe, who display*. a stn set of pipes, lies Mee to do aside Horn O 110 NOM& JOhnexa Is an enraging Meng gentlerrtau with a nice volco arid a g manner Batley Pea a Couple of neat tap routines, There seems to be very IRS* that este be done foe dela show without compccely It- Mike Replete WANTED r4r / erre:elm tem ilatt2.-; i4r ta. et Vattngla_ DAVID SAMPSON DELL VAL2304`211, 04. ATTENTION, ROADSHOWMEN w her Ile tee Is ailt1, tieste Ate Lea. sa 11,, ,, 11141i L nnet mu gala 70* eleei me Moo weer meat fee rut 1 -tins er W 1T1C d as chili prkra am kn, O Camp Ty 040 RINHEY&KINSELLA PLAYERS WANT Bassett 114V. ire r'wru jtlir,ii1 h.orsoot it,, Put, 314Irt?..rttolu tleclelty toftilo tteherni, Cr., or *me quip e.er1 mcd:o. wrifr. AL anomie, IMIVI /OWL p Support your Government ie Solo national emergency. Budd a well of defame by binding Defame Savings Bonds and Stamps.. MUSICAL COMEDY STOCK PEOPLE WANTED FesIspord Halcum Cernit6.44 nee imam sw4 qulek1ts, NI 3. and Prima 4,411t Out 21v4iIng 111:44", 24 Chown ChM $301, Q4.40,1214 Men. 1...x14c-04404a io.s14r0.1, emelt timed so flock hap* auestandiaz thetas Paniam, Orm bill omelet neteinalo Min Dee. lath, maw. Ws. Moh, Sava maw werkleg. Wire BERT SMITH Producer of National Theatre PlaYeell Owned by ANTHONY AND CATTO. LOUISVILLE, KY. Num Ligt.M.Antic Pepplp volflo gimps( 44:444 riven all reniklerairee Wad Lording WOMAN. HELP DEFENSE-SAVE PAPER-HELP DEFENSE PLACE A STANDING ORDER OP BUY YOUR COPY OF THE BILLBOARD FROM THE SAME NEWS DEALER EACH WEEK IF POSSIBLE, HELP THE BILLBOARD SAVE PAPER FOR DEFENSE BY ELIMINATING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE UNSOLD COPIES ON THE NEWSSTANDS. YOUR NEWS DEALER WILL SAW A COPY FOR YOU EACH WEEK IF YOU WILL. ASK HIM TO DO SO.

30 Mil The umrrl Pettithiber M. Shows For Shut -Ins naginaw. Mitts, Dee. Eitutuott. mate ounot and proftwathliel manager of Barnett Manor here. Ira. motor around,astor for ronciabewtoth Itileferted n RIMaring alms In Institutlota. deavalmeent homes and hospitals. Bennett alinfalan Ma ow.. tlitapalloat and, as he pate II, -I lore It and?ptah 1 hod lbe Om* to :thew MALI to R better and mom mofttable advantage." Ills them* an Own without there*. as part of the amen" for pationta, hut his retherka Iero applicatth to rosdaktnernen titho are trite weed in nate Bet& Regaltir IthOtatinga are tented to pa. tienta ow* 1 wank and farnare tthiss end abort triable:its make op the program. Tilted to to slum elteefful plenu m. easetadtat, light metiodestra, melon /Walls and myrterted: nothleg Morbid snit daproathig. This Is an Important point lea the roadthowman to keep in mind for title Mid. ROADMEN tour WITII) litfr A PINNY WOOLS, YOU Se TO IMPROVE Yo UR 1111? hot imp in amp par rod.r.4 II/In how Tea eara get wto 'Inn AI Moon Sound Fleet al pk-am, o aor mid 10 MATithe IL Muth TODAY! INSTITUTIONAL CINEMA ARM, Iii MO arvadwat Nara Vat% N V. Be SCREEN LIME 1400l1.-Lrrit tromblith filltrian II.-nl, lain *IN -ties. M" 4/1.414; anima Iowa atrium.mat:. iwermateron Pp Rh.?1 '{11 RP Ivr and derldslint Wail Lan Sandal rem*.ii.. a.to tree _image _siege stme.tinao.v2-rt. Iltealr.. *7-1O-. AATO 10rtff east* (Ewa In rnanal non.?'mar. ix.a.r-lon, Irk.. rn mom.oat 12- Waco hart 14. Na I*Ibl Tr,. MOGULL'S "tvi 4h 1.1 tr W YORK.% v. No BARGAINS ALWAYS hi PORTABLE SOUND PdallIfft.,--PROJICTORS-7aram. Cl'.. *Own.. nt.raend MN» up 14'irylni.1 Thr.111/ Tt CINEMA WPM CORP. an.1.4,4-. A.ena. 35MM. FILMS & EQUIPMENT Aro that al 3/41an an Uay totals at ver 1-r 17, 1. F. In thaw. rem. Fla 01! taarlialu End ca nekn sn, lnkl BOX D /4 TI. 1P1, C A7i, 011ie 35MM. EQUIPMENT Ihrrn ray.alne ill A/mI/a nor /..mair 0d nal ills., lamaorlann IC.11` in TWIG asnila nr /YU CametIo. r1,411. prate Thar.Thar.c.otal a, t Harall'S, 59 West 48111, New York DON SAYS: 11, 'MOAT for SEW lame soot ,4 AnInatal nod 41:a.. nr...m.44, Pena in hots :ma inunti M os Ares' AI V. n A clorms. Drfet sa-s, 710 loathe, 1,. /01.r. 1."1T II I VI '11) Tit i' L. F. WEST SHOW I T4. Yr.-, N. a, rah/.1 II 3514M. FEA1URES AND SERIALS LaS w Land.. rv,141 In II,Nna Mama FILMVIEW ENTERPRISES awl 141/NIniale T...la 011 Banner Roadshow Special LOPTrt - ' " minim VIMIM. I ce 2401, MPtflphl4 Date Ncri-Theatrical Films Conducted by TitiE ROA.05110W1MAN ICtrarrturnicalions to 1564 Efoadv.sy, New Yost C4171 Holiday Season One of Best For Enterprising Roadshowmen NEW YOUR, Bop mot: it ono ta Inn brat periofts of the Stan for roadthowttran. itimplo are PI 14 happy. CaTelTa* mood. and tot thy time tieing the earn> or the world are forgotten, It I. during thia period that -Peons, chttretim anti organications turn to tartars and other prartuntiono tra raise Glade for Cluistma. bellritimt.!marrs funds ant other charitable PIIII/0154'n. The 111,11/IIIION'Illall. offering diverethed tai tin, MAO" ID keeping with the yuletide menet Otters all rtibotialning WORMS% and the arguilmtiona arc able th Monne who required foots. During the pre-coriattuse stelae a wide variety of plenum, tunneling comantiyabuire, notion films and melodrathas, boosts andel:dance at the nod - ratans functtoth But taring Christmas work the =plash ea on religtous pictures and films With a purely Punt - mar thenue. There ere a number of outrtandlog Matta -an WWI it religious Aunt artalablo for readahowitomi thou the respective. h- ermit% /torah hare tome 1111 that removal/one for Chreattrue: Mies thin Year Moe born Untie:ally Peary, Ludlatting that the setralty Iota year will be large. to Adrittion Ill relighout Moo. there Alf. many. It refrains limit twer0 moat dtalug *raven. Landing the partite of couine Is the enn?onlei Snore.- theitongs Christine+ Carol. available In Mann, is A talent Merton. This film la a strong fetoilte with Unlit" d- tali as (Welton. Other Chrtetmaa Dame am Tar Meat Berlore Cariatmac,* elm Yeerlott of inn perm by the time hatite: Caffenrtha Thine fa TOylent. Story of Swaths Maio, 'Jerry Cal -atom and -whop atm. presenting Chtheemori carols The Ante an WO:gar?* land fantasy rho goer toil during the holiday / Rahuallaahrlhall thritout the Country report that bunlness hat been very good dittos the Rest week of Deeember, and It Is anticipated that the Pit month of the year will round out 1011 Ile out, that hoc ituilinect thu morello Ludknalt0 ill the either part of the tintar. Mort 04[644Talh pftarriala during the holiday wrek are +lathed for children. and there Is 11 heavy increase in roptierom attendance during this week. Thla of course. rattan that 0PC-rigor* MAR* better than InVIVIga promo mums udi paled. Thu fund-ratillig Rim program. Iris GC by various spatortrang groups during Doi -ember are Rho Very profitable for the roadahowenan. ltidging by the promotional activity and the hot -Op of Christ. Ulna program* o now retied Lit the Moro. est? le likely to be Orteighthet Cutting It Short By THE ROADSHOWNLAN Dull Kampf:or, Joluartown, Ptc, redid. nhowiamn, write* that lx' a Wang, tip A didatani church fta [ivy. 111E18 of the week with u reltgldtto program. Thr1 Wing advertising and atelut fora freewill &lefties only.. With the srlumil of the holkiatra. religious PIOW-TT's ore deemed end reatthoteettle wtxt sweatier* to these allowing* Mtn rt sertable MOM... R. C. Rua* of :Potato. iftento. Plixo CentEmby. W othettillral to Mart produelion or lime In Newark artidlona north. O farmer roadsholunan. tilt bunt up on organleatton to produce sod distribute lontro. Mesa far the home nutrkat. ttobert Conyer, bend of the OUT now" - reel sounoti. 1s taut to be arranging for letrini. parturition. of OM and OPM Pealtrorts ant Abort nut: Selo. It tt lead okra, will tie available tea non-tactureseept groups and dutruee antbtainge. Exploitation Principles For Krum. Readshciumen By WILLIAM K. IHOWIC, Secretary. Ne-Art Filen, IOC., New and Recent Releases :ltonstop Trma Art Approzimotel CARNIVAL LADY, relented by Astor 111: ture h Corporation, A circus thriller nimaing the play of human emotions beneath the Growl. Featured tiro Boats Mallory And dart* Roberta Rusittlitg time. GO manatee. SONGS OF THE DANUBE, Tele Rise? by Voss Pictures, Lee A oath -NMI toast to ille "alter of biting," the beautiful Blue Danube, which itose by Oblate., the home or ruck math* geolume ae blomart, Schubert mid Janina &mum_ The beauty of the Iseult: Is en: patrol with bank - ground music by thme fornotto MOO. Pines% POI' 1114, ntiale throe its n plcnutoque suits plat:moo. GUMMI 10 the tuna' oq Strausa'a &tautfjul Sian DrInglbt. EttinIaLlIg tom e minnow. OUR RILL OF RIGHTS. retested by Acute:nu itilm Company, lam. two -reel Amarkast bottom subjert rarrering the event. Paten to the adoption of the Brat 10 antendearsita to the COisalitaltIou of the U. Cl. Running Moe. 20 minute', AMONG HUMAN WOLVES, PEN* a ed by Walter 0, 6utlattt6 laic A also reel topionngo Mary. With action altifting between Loudon and Pitta, Willie rival groups ettempt 1st gain tentnol Of en Important her invent:0a. Runtitiet amt. Oa minutes, AFRICA SQUEAKS. retested by au. Art Mom, Inc. In thin one -reel sub. Joel atip the Frog, one Of the wellknown No cartoon churactem goes hurtling In Attire and rime hito curintbeta Ula precariour petalt1042 afford" plenty of imagist_ Inallrilrig then, 19 minute% DESERT ESCAPE, relented by thettitilltionol Chomp. Inc. Art atinsinture and romance feature with plenty of ociinn tin? suspelima Month Hull and Isabel Jratill nre co -Marred Running Ursa, TO minute%?'accuse, missal? by Brandon Plena Inc TWA Worth filen ass ph:onions during the 1098 Munich tem:creme and It tens horrible todtha Pierre Yea Pasoan prepared the IlortPh titled version. ROADSHOWMEN COMPLETE 16MM. SOUND PROGRAMS 1000 To Ciwout from. Sound Preiraton 1E00 W lie Welke New -Star! selerep relay BOX El 125. BILLIWARD, WEEKLY important point that roadshowmen seem to forget from lime to ONIE1 the fort that the [grout field can exist only as lung as it runs PUTS YOU IN legitimately and in accordance with certain restrictions that have been by the 35rnm producers. These rixtrictions cover certain VIN SHOW BUSINESS stipulations in connection with the odvertishig, exploiting and 'showing of 11.10(t) It..w.=1,144=4 eln tee 1..inywayl, h..plecar. *mall tiondlwatrical films. and if roodshownwn willfully disregard them they' ti galnlan. ow**.. as W. asst. M awn' ansi row will be parties to the crime of killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Libraries, too should take steps to educate and impres their customers with or anbase. txnt e41/1.444 nlesa, u.s.n. tsy the importance of these restrictions, 'Me two moat frequent violations that muse the ire of the 251run. pro- 35MM FEATURES & SHORTS ducts is 4/1 the showing of Itinno. films in locations to the detriment of esti:3e0144 picture% and (21 the use of the corporate name of the original ha WI II.s h..; II. one.1 producer and distributor in exploitatton of the. films, Time and elms burst& price. harimni, again cases come up of 'handbills or other advertising matter using the Tr RM ICandark nramdlom al bot.st-1 print phrase. "dhstributed by MCC) Radio Picture* lac," or by tiny other of the sun m vat I4unals. In. 'Wale 4dy " major componivs. This it. on out arid out violation of contractual obligations tilp.t tit cod Dist NltW I.11W by the utter of the film (and the library too), Since the original distributors COX 0450, Caw The. 11/11bonal, 061a, do not control the 16ntin. rights to the pletures shown, there is strenuous objection to the use of their names in advertisements of lumm. showings of these plutons. RELIGIOUS FEATURES limey be argued that -since the origtnal distributors do not control the tornin, rights, they ere not In a position to request the dixcontinounce of showings that ere ha apposition to customers of theirs. This is true. but legitimate distributors of 1Chnin, films do specifically state that films should nut me the name of the 35mm, distributor In expktitation, nor in competition with theaters. If rindshowmui persist in disobeying these rulut they jeopardize not only their own business but the existence of the imiuntr,t, which must depend on the 35trun.. field for Its product Rostishoweten should Maltby that Ilw original distributor's name is unimportant The audience reached by the ldnuu. operator pray' more attention to the general value of the film, and all a readshowman need worry shout 1.4 the,ulisetion of is diversified and etitertillning program. Thvatrical hollvh should he avoided hi favor of it more dignified exploitation act -up. In this way the tchnini theater owners will be oppugned. We believe that reuthishotamen 'Id- 1, itsny interested in the preservation mist ronintennuto or the Ritnm. field anal they can do much to preserve the integrity a the industry by using some- good hard common braise. $5.00 $1.50 $10.00 IA. IC.Innen. Pnatinn Pisa. Oral?... Ilranala Caeltao OlIta. Las 4 moo., op% atm W* ai e OTTO RIAO CIO 1111r...h Am. Cl. Y. alp. 16MM. SALE trnirlir.,""e"4 r-10,1"4..;:11-4,;;;l.p. Inpr: as?lao. -stave Waft Ire- In., Instil,, bandit, UNIT* Tkrsir suppli, eel w..1'} et law Taal $7.50 CRC.Olta towele Co. n -n Inaria WooPly-WnAP n In th aunaan. It Olt?, a--ftenr). 1 ) r,r-ar.1

31 Dew mbrr 13, 1941 The Billboard 31 A'aillCK2T-Catraler Abbey, al, ielba iinnfencer.. December I in Prestmtatth Hopenall, PentodeVilla. He wan the Md. manometer in that city and woo agloalated with &attain WHAT. auryleing are hia Dram Wittyworth, and two elnnylitura. Services December 5 In Philadelphia, with burial In thathatea Cemetery them BaCKIllt--Latera, 70. mottles of Or and Earl L. Mona tememsleatairea with neater inn Oersay Beam, it her berm to Maelassatt. November CLW-MnIxt Cooper. 40. mother of Jackie Cooper, elm player. and wife of Charles, Bigelow. 0.1m threetaa at bee lama In West Lot Angelo,. November 2'h Serra:ea November :La at the Chureat Of the Ovid Itheptettrat. Heartly Pinta, and at the Cutlery Cemetery Mangolearn. Shelve by her am; her nasaber. Meet. WJIan Lestasarat a brother, Jack Leonard. and. two slaters, Mea Norman Tamen and Mrs Floccece Hainuare. It4ra{1247f0als-tf, J.. M. termer res. earnest operntor of Dee Malcom, DC,...OLObOT I in toe Angeles. Has Des Mothers mit was a impular pine* for tamarind talk. Immanent Defend:4r 3 In Perest Lawn. Germ% Celle. BRANDT-Mee, Carrie, mother of the rinnater Of Gordan Ilemerd Oa., Kimura city, Mo.. nunufacturers or intaaimekage candy In MinneopolLa December 3. Interment Ln Lakewood Cemetery there December 4, Survive] by a eon, H R. Breath_ /311MDEIL--Guaase. 71, former Roomier of the Smithery' anal lemma* DRAW:- oreltentriss. Coital -111e. 0.. it bas Mime tit that city Novembee 27, He Wel a martian' of the Mks anti mtistonma* union. Siertlied by his Widow, A Mother and a raster, Burial In Omen Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, CALLAHAN-Edmund J., ataroam. at Me home ClocIntaeth November 30 of brava poisoning. Ile waked at the Cad Oonnion Wart Pike opera Ileums Claciathell, yaws ago, and traveled with wives) road aranperales M property manilla Mat Connell-lett was with the Sbubeet 'reciter, Cincinnati. Blirarred by hie nil:alma Mm. NUMena: two Deters Mra, J D. Johnson. Cleveland, and Mnry. anti two brother'', Luke.T., a stagehand at the Lark Theater, Clecinantl, and Candea D. FreTvIrat at the J. J. Sullivan Company Pmetal home with Mired lit di. Joseph Cemetety. Cincinnati. CMUION-Colt H., 62, co -rioter with till brothel*, Drew.1- Of the 1111,Detie atal Palm* theaters Arette, It, IL_ 'suddenly ltemaber I at has borne la Center - vale, R. L CHEVIOT-1MM, Itiomat C. Mel, Never Character deems.. in lithillewood (N. J.)!leapt:al.November Id. tale appaetd rat Lila Neer York Hippodrome Mara It was managed by resomparat Dandy, and Its Pbtaidelealis with the Chad:aft Street Stock Company. Elbe appeared in Beatify mid the Setter worts of of Oak, Cralreasie Sauter noel GC r0 Yogi OlinMtn Pepl. H. veteran Con. Midas- of Italian repertoire at the aletropolium Opera, New Tat, died Nowerthor 20 at Ma Apartment In the Ittatel Woodward, New York. at hour before he was to nuke his Dist mepeaetnee of the current reason musduatatm u revival of Wealth Le ladefore_ A waive of Naples, Daly, Fuel be- = eta musical erlueritlan at Ulc Cellaertnierf of fain Pietro a Makers in that city wider Cllum"! Mertucci And made lob debut at a esandtteter let Pagan. Italy, Rh. Mamma w a eonnorice spread and he was engaged as mole -Mat to the Conductor Glefoute CaniPleard at Caveat Clerden, Len - den, In Arturo Towasuani engaged ben ea sedramat mitattlatew at the Met DI 1011, He remelted until lade. with* lie was appointed a regular tocatuttar. ninkirrg has debut on November to the pertanteasee of Paatatire naramon, He remained M the Makeleseltaa until the close of the 1227 *assins when hat restyled to become earabletor at the Chkafaa Opera mid the stainer opera at groftran1 Park, ILI. Ile. Lett the Ceamao Opera to anaemia setairtied 10 the atetropoiltain to Alger./ VinCrinla Rearm. Pap! had ate candueted at 11w' St. Wan Opera Compatly. lie Sae Peon - "Imo 012..ra Curneany. the Opens batmen la humus Auer and Ilia de Janeiro and In Die opera haute at Wham. Rusaltra mei las tarnalany. He Imam his wife. a ma nod a daughter., all Ireng lit areptea The Final Curtain meanies of the original frotinnal hawing Woof. and Mae ma a member of taw Mein 'Mote Campeau and the McCall Opera Company. Burs -lend by bar hue - bawl. Thomas, and a tea, S7uleey. atiam ells and bee lalanalalt A IM-lati sort maa' mem, ranted ie 1023 they reatdrd at the atelore* Fend Waite, leagiewpod. CR,MG-Mettle, mother of George W. aid Fronk L. Craig. of the Detroit surge ecauleasent beartiec Malt mane, In that city Deamither L. IMISOCK-Hithert 76, fotmar mueta inor. recently In Lop Angeles. derriere tame November 17 at Weis Kirk ce the Heather In Posen Lawn. aursived by two mom, George sad ydward Herts, IX:BROW - Abraham, ta. lather of Harald Deebrow, of the Witham Morris Agency, aiciestuiliar 22 In Net' Yea. InattaT-Mea. Beads, SI, wadove M Leo react, musk pthellaltra, November 27 at borne In Mount Unmet N, Y. Oleo Imam three Oleo and a brother. PDX-Mre. Lena Sarnedf. 73. weattner of Death awned. paelneent of the Radio Corparstlon of America, December 4 at hoarse La the Beans_ N. Y. Itealdea her son, David, cite teems her amend him- Med. three other POW and a dalignrcr. Litlard, 74, mother ILOrldlfa Cr.neparly Bowl 1A BaltIdem, late: direeting a Mad or hie own, tic also was with tho Itch Band. Rockford, HI- JOYCall-inmea C, 1111Lal, 52. teleran Maki:maim apeator, in a Tampa hospital Haveniber 30 or a Itrart shack, autalved by hie widow, Mickey; a sm. Harry. and two deters. gone Golden end Nellie. Interment Oaths Fin. KANN-Mrs. aciaba. 77, mother of Mmarke (Red) Hann, editor of anent/tea Olin trade paper, Deorartbet 1 at the Post Orteenale Now fork. She liaises them other eons, two alsters and two bredbent, Bertha In Mouth Carmel Cemetery, Queens, L. V. latthilea-alsarlea Y, (King the Meal - elan), 40 neared rnagkthsta December 1 it bit bawds In Mien, O. Smeared by bin widow. two dauiatere. a brother anal three wasters, Sualems and burial at 15alent. LINTNalt-1410, Al. erttespater, Noetentse as In a S Point (Weal lefelpitalt teurvieral ri Mather and three Mater". Marttrt.LOKIGH-terank. nage dlesaar. radio meter and radio drama Luettucter, WELLS HAWKS Walla Hawks '71, pubilelty Ulan. tile.! Deareaber 4 At Pthelatiret alantlaaluna Penman. N. Y. Ho had been an Wraith sanot Ito guttered an Apopka:tie rtroke Hawks nme to the top at Ilia ^Mesa= anti had tear Oriente ea A priest sisalat. A native of Charleston, W. Va., Hawks entered newspaper weak In BaltInlora after gervina far a abort petted or walatant librarian tat Jeans Hapktio Mayer - sate. His fleet newspaper job was, with Trae Baltimore ileasitat at $13 a Week_ Later 1w worked on the Baltimore Suit and The Baltimore Nese, and then Vanua pear agent. publielldng AtAdvtIty of Mode La Italtuucle. In 113e0 Hawke went to New York as bautfura manager of the old Cara:Anion 'theater. Two }Tan Niter ho left that poet to do pablkati work for Um lab' Charles Froginms PA handled publicity foe such stun OA Maude Mama. IRMA lastranitae. Julia Marlowe and Jona Drew. H4 later served an publicity mermen - lathe for Nara &Me end liam U. Harris. Hawke did publicity for the all New York Hippodrome for eight rare lie left to ken the publicity departhated of the Metropolitan Opera House. Jobs,11)1 Dreamland Park. Coney Telenet, end the Fuelling Brae' Circus followed He lett Megrim( Bros. to Mew= pima agent foe Mary Plettena IlsWite win endlt.441 alto fostering the idea that eke wars athswerleaa Sweetheart: - In 1017 be vothliteenal to handle publieity foe the United State; Nave Reeaultiita Bevies'. na entered the Nary as a Pieter ilrituniasta agent:red its in formation wakes and was In charge of Its publicity and phelegraphy, He want to Penn* with Proeldsint Woodrow Wilson In 1913 and later woo alreen411 to the etatt of Mayer Citarral W, C. Neville*. U. S. Marine Corps In the Army at Die Oecupation In Gerrmay. He was tharltangrd tram the Navy as a Iteutenniot munrceasdet and was later OranialtriaroM a mane offitalt la the Pa- Taralailon metim of the U. If, Neval Ttheilinteatee. Neva* was a founder and honorary president of the Theatrical Prase Rep. ementatives et meanies Ha ens Mao a founder and the tinst, Abbott of The Friars Tilbti of the Adirri.4411M Crab Tina the Cana POZAT ItITOOUtivf). Tie leaver Inn Aire. a daughter* and a Mather. Burled Lu the smelly plot, In nalthitore, Charlotte In Well Ca -a -,t vivre circles. In WIly-rood Orrnber 4. Services Nolonther 27 at Bolas-as:4 Me :metal Park Camel. Survived by her daughter. otaranal-lugy, 10, denote, Seenctabar 23 In Lankeraut akapttal. of a cerebral Wm.:ethane, Starched by her either, mother: and n Starr. Seance, November TJ In Philadelphia with burial In Holy Croix Cemetery there. HAMILTON-Alioe. 00. Dream amide player. In Arar Calla, Novemberat% 24. Her gatlatnatoreurn, Was. called latuendra and Oat foes a comedy mama aairetem in Los Augelta, lairember 31, condoeted by the Troupers. with burial Lt Trallpera' plot. Valhalla Cemetery. HAVII,AND TAYLOR. - laatlicrine, playwright gad terren writer, November IS In St. Cicala. Fla. Mar them two Mum, HAYIVOCK-Reibeti C, Sr., 70, father of Ill Brandel, %laze and reset enenaltats, Maidenly November 28 at him Item* lit Ptilladekthica Other nervlsore ore two etraighteew another Aar', two brother; and alstma Smarkes Nu:Maher ail In Pblla efelphial, with burial In Ealside Cemetery there. - WIlltani larety. Tattled musk pubarther. November 26 In MevneriAl Raspited. Ilaxlimeasals, Pa. Ile *Da MU:WM with The lore Prosier of the Theoloac Pi -MAW CantPaL19, mluelo aurae:them in Philadelphia. trairthg in Mal. A daughter surrtant, SeenCea NO - amber Ze tit Pisandalpala. II0VarTON-Jeutees Patrick, Ha rented actor. Iferreiber dg at borne le New *York. He appeared m MOM/ WOOdlinr Wrodeetiorui, including Whoopee'. In 1026 Meneml aandualea ender the euseteen the tmlnire 'Mind al Atarrita, JOHNSONa-Vielor. 70. bend!suite Noveratbre IS to Belvidere, DL He ass a November 21 In New WM. ire was Mentor* rag,' careettot fat Lanark:* Fmistisaa. A. L. Erlanger and lalis Bad/told Lately he bad bath a male actor and lam Ale laseriactor at the School et Redid Tveantque to New Teak. aleocire-7a-ank Charles. (Scants the ClOwnl, 47, farneelp with Mn Loafs' Shows and Ilingling-ELareent CirMs. too No folk. Va. hospital, Neyeasbar 27 of a atempilistion of illotoots. Its was atom a miler :kite artist. Mytnare tam with the Ut1t She* le atom and at the tent bre entered the Ivamiltat was with the (Hanky Theater. Weigh. Survived by his widow. Cars, wheats tie Mertled (*Caber 1 et this war a 'Upson Meal& Ave stater* end one Mathes Body eras, *eat to Anemia Pa., for Mutat. MACK -Enna truatace Baelaitighlitia arteratear and fanner Mate, November 25 at the OMIT alsdaington Itasplaa, Washington. of double peeunionla. Ile appeared In PIAUI Jane. Mercenary Mary, The Gorilla sad nit the Deck. Muir Trerully Ile promoted fain and Indoor abowa He WWI a breeturraltalaw ce Eugene 3. Murphy, outdoor prornalca-, lie Waves :WO there and a alatheatett, MACK -Prank, ail, lemther of the Lae Marne Mane. Of tie Two Black Crows. St Veteeetta. lieelletal Ice Angelina Ma - s -abet al, Beirial 1n Nallainat Caniatera. tiewtelle. Calla, November 24, kiln -line by widow 4414 sien. Of $etzt Permed, Cesitt, MILLLIL-rdwin Pa 47. musickas. at his tarme In Dayton 0,, November lb. Ha wee a member of Local 101. AVM. veal Sat Id years was, a moment of the Keith Theater ocebottes. Daytoe. Btealved by his widow, Bertha. MONr61711-thercander James 60. rd the Waybunt!Sesta Agrimitund Beeelety, in Wribilan recently. (Survived by hie wattcw, awn Mee, and three entern. Burial In Weabitna. Mathatta-Actrsan M., 03, elm actor. In Hollywood of a tenth'. hemorrhage, November no. Ono of We better riles was In Uts Grztpt4 uj Wrath, NYB-Marim, 26. femur manatee of Lao Sited Theater. Milwaukee, and neon meently mamba of a cousland rot with Mk with Incessinber I In Milmsatte, He and has wire recently completed a totals, tbe South. Survived by tile widow, puiente. Mater and brother. P/C/ Fltrhugh Lee, 2). techulalms for atattan wan& Tsantly of a hewn attack. He amigried roam of the Matiosaa equipment. lie teams. his wile add bli lather. POTIB-Mamma P, 73, fanner melee of the aid Variety Theater, alerennall. to Dayton. O.. December 0, fieirettssi try fete widow, Eiteniti a denote:sr, Mee, Pack Healey. and two Sam, Itkrotd and Howard. Rr01-1C1:1-0aualle Mancha known to carnival people as "Settnging Bad Dutch." Noiembee 27 in Nerratit (N, City Hospital of Oilltelr and a stroke. Vie trooped with torus shows for 30 rani, Siumartel by hi* widow and the* all - dean. Nalfa:,--Maa Annie At.. Cl, wife of Walla:a A. heed, veteran elm operator. le City Itranittel. Atlantic City, December 2. Her husband Maned In the motion pieilite business 45 yews ate. Belittled by two slaughters. Anne 5151 SDI. Mary Thum: two sons, Joateli P. and Willieun 014 a brother-, John Loathe, and lour snares Air., Margaret CrDaitnetl. MN. Binne White. Ns, to LOCCUO nod NM Mane Darla. florelem at St. Nichols. Chinch. Attentic Cap, December 0. With itucrmtnt in Mount Celtary OemeterY them SANDS -David, father of TIM Sands. New Turk agent, November Xi in Now York. IN MILMORY OF MARGE lit (1401HtR) WRUNG niimpo army 13.roz-Zi. lea It Ant ',nil'. 1.t, , NrqtamS. W. W. 42ILL1 STERLING SCHULTZ-Bernard P., 01, firmer animal trainer, fu Rtehatortd. V. Notes. bar 30. At fi boy lies joined tee Prank C. Hostock Whet Memel Show and Memel the amid. 13ICIOURNBY-Thonua, 66. ihmernao lee -three and author, Its a flotrearaa hogallal. November 17 ve Mart themes SurviTed by a eon, Mamma. iteruatag, and in rkengluer. Ate_ Jeanette 0, Janet, 2luris1 in Litile Arlingtoa. Wocellearn Cemetery, Hauitan. te, twin ol Ow Mar Out. INDIA Is, paiho in 0440,10IF MON Om ran am round Owe! 144 rah Whew. cm* wt lend va c41r ape. Oat k44i Win Wow, 13 *at oft; wheat bet Mitts 5* NANA AM PAUL ANA RALLIS SULLIVAN $ :E -P. L. Mabee of Bathe* rano bet, Ws-Maybs Vthaset Loire aud Pub' lieley director of the Stanford Zucket Apectoy. November 30 In Callatoya of a heart *track. IIINDING - Christian, Oa. reirentailla veraimaen in Oslo, Norany. Decemem 2. (See FINAL CURTAIN on page 11) Walter G. PI-etaaat Walter O. Prawasea V), aansage: of the Pabik SWAM Division of Naefaltal Broadeasthrg Company. died December Sat hie. home In New York. apparently set a heart attack. Ho had been 111 alcohol useuthat ago with natatunra sad nerecrus osh.st stlesu. but had returned to mark. Both in the Yukon Ten:tare Canada, fronton was adueatical at Pleallpe Anderer Academy sue Yale Malvern* and dati grrulisele work at the thilenalty of allateage. Before Nthang NtiC be test asstd. ant to Dr. Robert is, liticobtrie at this Unfsormilty of Cnicape, He had been with 14DU 44110, Mt At *Oath time ho paned as asaietaat to the vice - emollient said treasurer. later be bee:ante *Withal la late vue-pnotelent Us ether* of eduhatina, and then Ma morm manager or the public Lemke darbion. Al ;arrester Of ted0a Palate emoted branch. hr *worked for eloper soaped bolwerim ttltl etude, end the puppet nit plittogeopny bring' that metal Wa& Milli lamely undeveloped no a aacial aria public sereloe nicentem He to aurvited by bat Wham and has partalta.

32 32 The Mammal CARNIVALS December 13, 19$1 Conducted try CLAUDI le. ELL115- R DOIPKCIL AtteCl/12. COMMIoliitiabili to 25 Opera Place, Cisthsnati DEFENSE THEME AT SLA BALL Brilliant Fete Draws 1,200; Colorful Speakers on Dais ilanquet's appropriate setting and program add new glory to League's toil ride ---cheek for $3,650 given to Canadian War Clutrities-utenthers are honored CHICAGO. Dee. 0.-Dedletited to national defordo and carrying that theme Othiout its program and demetatera. the 70th Annual Banquet end Hatt of the Showmen's League of Alewriesi, held in the Grond Ballroom of Hotel Oberman Wednesday night (l), added another brilliant ehipter to the lisiegnee long het of ontecopuhl weird affairs. necked to rapacity, the ballroom presented a beatitifill Right. end the more than 1,200 goads were treated to an menthes antinhallemind they will long remember. John M. DuffleId, serving for the first Clime ea ganswal elisirmen. bundled the Minix e allably, and gam the League end ha guratta a colorful oboe. fie was the vhes retiptcht of many compticrienta on his J: toot Ball Plans Nialyped; Ticket Sale Progresses The setting tree the banquet woe navel sad etteetrm 'line ingeriedner.4.1 theme w ee marled mit, the balcony Mound the MOM tieing draped In red, white and bleu bunting on which were Ham and ample leaves. the V for Victely, and the Lod /112(112,F13, Dee. piers Snowmen% League entialefin, fat taianin* 01111tt41 by the Arrtrelred and Canodian Dam Above the ripeekarie table were g rouped seven American liege. Fbilowlug the bevocation by the Lenge/tea chnp. lath. Marian 0, Carper. the hotel Sher - Man Nat Of the American Leglith marched in and rotted nn Arnerthin and o Canedlitin nits a. the bungler rounded the color. 'lament the Oleos at the dinner the Matirertin was darkened tar the ICe parade. which tied bream," en established lea -hero of the banquet. Hradirm the (See DR1P,42t rotate n goo, hi' for the annual banquet and ball of the Nettle Cook. Showmen's Muociation lta the Hotel Biltmore Bowl bore on Deember 11 were mode today by the committee headed by Harry Hargraves. Ticket aide has been good, and orer are expected to attend the event, honoring members at the Western Fars Association, who will be in convention here an res'ethher Jerry Coicemn, Wean Monedlen, will appear at the banquet end will also attend the Ranch Jamboree to be held Satuldny myteriwan at Rancho Cortes, Srs PCSA DALE PUNS on page J0) A SST of jiabilstr tackle. the plik and plenty ett hat ate ere e rearm:re' by the nicatheeditis fo Nctirets, Sweeten( Fronk IL Contain et the.thatennen't League or Amerfea this pole week. yhr,one 111)4111S Maim ConAnn rend:nem Ike piftt trete 'Nut ti'retstent Sees Levy el the symt. dent's Pane to the Hetet Shen:can A -member ES. Anderson to Jones; Other Dates Set CHICAGO. Dec. 6.-Charles Williams. manager at Andemen amt.) Free Frith ennititinocat ham this tank Oust the 1042 cont/sot hos been awarded Johnoy J. Junes Esportition. The Jones slow teat played It in Mac Mire awarded to the Jones or - /See ANDERSON TO JONES en page 291 ACA Set for Member Drive '42 session to get under way with luncheon-official slate is retained CHTCACIO, Dec. 6.-Irevernthentiatiens for a more active year at aervica for the body and emphatio "that it cannot and will not make any Labor o2mnittroenti liar Kw narenberatmp" rnaiked the eighth enthial Meeting Of the Attarrictin Cannsnis Association, Inn, ltl Hotel itherrnen here Morley ntatit. 1.1nenlannue schen re-elected the following roster: President, Floyd E. Good. tag: tent stm-prealsient. John Fivincle; wow! vleolarsaielnut, Arthur 1.swit; eotlahr *solitary. Max tioottina is: nun - elate treostircr,.1. F. ltdrphin monger), trewsurer, Max Cohen; direatont. Caoar Bloant. Jorrite W. watt" ) Conklin, Harry Dt1O1O11, atild B. Eady, James, E. StratIC Stherel Contemn, Mek Cohen: nethdant mend (-newel, lfethrin 0. Onega. noel:eater. N. Y.: laiocipte counsel. Richard 86 Kaplan, Cary, Ind.: Paul M. Conway. Murry, an.: loons Berman. Theonto, Ont. Applicellons far membership from eve shows woo approved, robing the member. ship to 56. At Conklin's connate, body resolved to brolft It meeting with a Morino"; en the SaVardny preceding rho regular mealoons, Policies Aro Approved. Littaninunat apprised" at the annual Of. part or Socretafy Callen set the argon - (Fee ACA 3tEttltele DEW,: an peer IT) TAE SRO SIGN WAS HUNG IN THE BANQUET HALL. of the Hotel Sherman. Chicago, on December 3 trben reel bred 14 :he 4hmrrn en. X League of America and guests assembled to make merry at the SLA's 29th annual!magnet and ball. They listened to the Governor of Illinois. lion. Dwight II. Green; the Semator from Oklahoma; Don. Josh Lee, and Dr. John I.. Dt4is. Charles tr. Green, president of the JAPE, was toastmaster, and John M. Duffield, chairman of the banquet committee. MO photo and all other convention photos by Atwell ElbJelleal

33 tleermiker CARNIVALS The ilillbraard 33 With the Ladies At the Showmen's League Banquet -Ball By VIRGINIA KLINE C1IICA00. Deo 0,-When the Iliumy ed the Beth annual Sternums -Tea League Bengt:at end Ball Is reed It will be iserogntred as a definite chruu of a pircaperena veer, a climax highlighted with a blaze or arable and splendor. The ore -been ranged In elm and color from the tiny true orchid shade that needed In the divided roll hale demo of Mrs. tell Wredler ThEll the StOTelty sirratreed double. bleenstel *MO On Mrs. Patty Cor.klIn's mentaig puree past the path of matched blooms down the shoulder of Mrs. Frank Conklin to the rare gold -shaded one,.resented to Mrs. noble Fairly by her son. Pant_ The Grand March *ea revived and messed A parade Of style and color difficult to imegine 11 not even. Perhaps Hall Bros. Chalk Good Washington, Ark., Date WASHINGTON, Ark.. Dec. 8,-,A1ded by faraintble weather, wheel vaulted in profitable buslaftee, Rail Wolk' Shows postponed their Hope, Ark., engagement to reitmin hens *pother. week. Loral crowd* mene out early and *pent well. 01.1At Omega ma is superealug ride decorations and the midwity is at beehive of activity. Mr. Pam tent foe Wooed ca truncate. and Mr. and Mtn, M. C. Mc- Clellan are taking thole annual winter venues. Recent arrivals Included Cotton =lie. with throe cooensaione W. L fkuttrick. two conowebens; Me, and. Mr*. 8L A. Army, popcorn, rind W. O. Wingers) Menem one cosicostion, Mr.. Blade Roil hit and miss bell game to topping the eonoisseloos. and Mrs. Mildred HATI. Keg bell gazne M mooed. Setter Den Itammes tattoo shop le cliektng, Tidwell Midway Is Winner At Big Spring Engagement weather and creel:out teeentee prevailed tee T. J. 71direll Modern Mtdwny at lie week - on Bead Shompoinela here Lerner DSO atrapkee. Date, which ended November 8. marked the fiest tune let a humber of years for a itartelva1 to play Indde the city Itmlla. HOW Denbo -rob (nub Cafe wee hee.4- tpuatars for rhowtoik ail week. and Coremeedence Robtneonb Red and White Crawly co-operated In gattir-x the P1.50 Inpartment to fill Subside Simen'a tent and kept the midway properly policed, Miss Anterlce Show, broaden/ rim and lemon were popular and received much favorable publicity in local papers. Few* J. Lee reported. M* rat plane to keep the thews Vat for two weeks mare end then et smell sinter unit will play s numbed of dated in the comon belt Pull Signs Zacebini Act elleceepe Dee. 0,8am Pride genteel =nos or World's; enir ehows has an- Ineatteed the direct booking of the ist Mende 7.sechini cannot act as the Ices active -Non tar the in Contract le fee NI woke, Act formes'.; Pretend on Use thogling-learritim War has been 000 of the more papules free attraettene In the carnival Held recently. Trill announced the deal while esttendime the outdoor oetiventmee. hoe 114p. week, Boldest Prell. Charley; Abbot nod ma. Rahn, general agente, alb Attended the meeting. VETERANS CARNIVAL T113 ale he...k UNIT WANTS seen,: el,... Is.. vine. mnolo ri viral NT**, ANS & MYERS PEI ROT*, 5. Ct. Don. Slit Neseeneas it it SS, Out NI altino, COOKHOUSE FOR SALE -eon elm new RA oil mane uninnonit- 33 'I fleet, 31 It lop, w ire 0"4 I" 0""b". Ma:. NO pn01,.. T/Alui 4.1 It..,., Mtn Courtrr. A. A. wolitteloc. OW. Det, MIRO, PRIME LEE VERNE NUNGESSER Anrene will, keer.i..lea el the Iftitts1 whoa - Nees. of the illove fain, pkno we/la,*.**naltly sox No. 1375, Rithenood. Virginia the two ftintitet Oestnuele were the Mos gowns of Mn. Ruby Vetere and her niece, Grotto Geoffrey, Mr.. Welerel wee Week point do unit Mee over white emerged In Mere of tiny ruffle'. Met Cleottr0re was white Alcanon Mee*: snehtly deeper ruffles with a sweep raffle of bind) pink. Mrs. Sunny Bernet wore a white memo with plum -calmed velvet liende held with TOUR of the seine shade. MM. Built Marlene. pre -saline. Heart of America eibirentezes Club Ladles' Auxiliary, wore cartes mops with a ftlepeed dotter red sequin's Mrs, Benito Mendelsohn Vole an egg -*1.4t1 C with 0. gold ersprel ornament, Mrs. Met Vetubt wore black with Jet sequin% Mrs. Riehard Batt's chola; was a dull blue dress with matching blue evening hat. Mrs. Clara Bolger wore one of the new three-piece evening suite of black piano velvet. tong filet with * there Jacket end long threes and o Meetly tee:tamed biome of cyclamen. The evening hat was a tiny skull cap of velvet with cyclamen shaded rows On lop, Mrs. Joao Penesms wore * lace sawn of deep feclesta abed. Mrs, Louie Roth wore a regal black crepe with halide of argots's, Mrs Art Wiese Mime e gown of white. Jewel cloth with a Wax arrangement of red, blackand blue stripe:. Mra. Earl Reed pore a black peplumed gown with narrow bands of eequtr.s, Jackie DatieltInger wore white lusty with eltriging cape of full length In lipstick red. Mrs- Jake Pateendthe wore a Nth dark Mown abede with i'wreted 11.44* of streams Mrs. Cheat Mosel had a oonaletatein hoe and velvet gown. the blouse being black lace. The full bouffant skirt wise Of led retiree blra Sant.60: wore a crushed rose shade of crepe with tucked tends, Mrs, Ftshee were * black net deeply droollete gown with a graduated run - buret or pearl and block sequins be!ow the waist. Mrs. UWE Demopolis west a Jubilee red with matching etwetng cont, etre tenth Sire:tett was attired white artily with gold outlined peplum 1dna Louie Keller wore black with goldeh-eine:1 oniernente, Mks, Jeanette Wall wore velvet In s purple Weida ideate. Phoebe Carsky wore a abort block dinner dusts with salter Put alre. Petty Conklin wore a gold shirt maker formal with reveren at gold sequins and peplum out - (See With the Leak, on page 81) Torn's Amusement Closes Good Season in Bainbridge BAINBRIDGE, Oa. Dee. IL-Tteres Amusement Company timed Iii most suomadel Pesten bore on Notomber 27. with Pregelent and Cameral Manager Torts E. Rath and Mrs- Rots Rich, seeretarydreasursr, serving a Thenkeighrlyee turkey dinner to 12e troupers In then' home here, kialuger Rich sell quarters will open February 1. Midway dreoredons and a TM-a-WINN will be added for 1942 EleatiestIone of personnel: Meek Wilmane* aide thew people.?teethe: Mr. and Mrs. W, C. Itatehre, Itelnirrirtge: Cynthia and Huey Prdlenue. Ruskla. Flee Ferrel Putsch. Dallas: Mr. and Mrs. W IL John - eon and Ur. and Mn.s Tom hale. Beth - bridge; Mr. and hire Stephens daughter, Mathis, Ruskin. Pie.: LeRoy Smith end Floppy the frog bay. TAMP*: P. g. Guinn. Muni ItesCkle Garmen, Pascual:in:b. Wm.; Mr, and Mrs. Stringer, Orlando, lie.: Roy Wilson, Florida, and Bill O01I, Valdeesta, Ga., When:, he '.111 axgandla * Winter to). S. C. Closed Fair for WF; '42 hlidwav To Be Enlarged STA3dFORD, 'Conn., Dec. O.-World of run Mows eleasel Lit (Inantevnle 8. C., to fax :al and went to the barn in Springfield. IS C.. reported Manager J. Stebaar, who exptehi le be at his limn* here until alter the houtlays, when lie will wintery's. 0033EITOCI1013 of fire MEV fronts at quarters. Shaw will have its own light plant and Ale new totems ID SEWN fairs 7 etlebrittleem mud 22 weeks of *tall nntea,. were played this seer let Georgie.. North and South CAT. o'111.1, Virginia, 'Maryland end Pasant - vaunt At Use Neu Joseph Stellar and trendy Went ta Aflame Mr. and Mrs. ClIllin Marro. New York; Tommy Scott. Charlotte. N. C., *ad Willie Levine, KAR- EN& City, Mo. A Review of the Carnival Season of 1941 and Important Events and Happenings. of the Yam will Be Feature' of the Holiday Greetings Number Watch for This issue Dated December 27 SLA Auxiliary Dirt ier Clicks. President Streibich and officers indueted at installation feed-mrs. Hock in. e. CHICAGO. Dee repressIve ceremonies marked the annual inatallathin dinner of the Ledime Auxiliary of. the Shormen'a Lenny of America in the Louts XVI Room, Sherman Hotel, here December 2. Mrs. Edward A. Meek was d onee Marts Brawn, Litetalletion offirm. Inducted these luto Offlemi We, Joseph L. attelblets, prealdroti Mrs. Willem Caraky, find vice-preeldenk Man Edna O'Shea, second vice-president: Mr*. Mom Donate third wterepeestdesst: athe Rime Page, waterer. and Mrs Jeanette Wall, secretary Preceding the termer all pledged alteranee to the rag and this was followed by a Tend:Non cd The Sfor-Spengfed Licorice, with Rita Perla handlingthe Menlo. Invocation wee rendered by Chaplain Mrs. Nate Direeb. Teble dom. melons were attraettew. As the dinner go: tinder way the Itirlita went out and wallets er.threel carrying treys with the Unimlasted slogan, "Mews Anxtlisey Greats You," War -Award A. Rock read coingestule- Cary telegrams trom Frank R. CerakIln, ELM Joseph le Eltrellech. Midge Cohen, William Genky, Edge: Wall; Nell Allen, MOQUE Women's Club; Ladles' Auxiliary, Nettle Corot Showman's &Gelatine; Udine Auxiliary, Heart of Agerlea. 81themen'a Club, and Martha alcitey, Mamma which adorned the tables came from MLA Atte:alley. Nad ozed Shown:tree Mentletlett Ataxillery. Miseeetel Show Waseetes Club, and Lone Star Club. Dallas. CHU were preaanted to new and outgoing elfteem, and Mit-of-town memhere were called upon for talkie Xew (See Atraltiarso Diener on page di) Strates Be -Signs Carrell 2115L1.1148, S. C., Dec. 6.-Lea Carrell bee re-signed to hinitsla hie Itellywood Monkey Revue In to42 with the James B. Strafes Mona, making ha third year with the ;hove acid Dick O'Brien, Strains aesietont manager. Csreeld le enlarging his show, and Manager Striates 1.0 ordertag a special line cd paper to CM - $011 the Attakotten. Carrell'A ottrnou011 has proved a drawing card the past two 7.137e. Wagner Signs Three Fairs eszetoo, ENC. 0.-Al Wagner, general nwiallfr of Greet Inkot Espariliese Shaw., announces the following Wye nlready contracted for les.21 Eacitherla inkte Pane Du Quoin; Warren County Fair, howling Green, Ky., and thiuseon County Pair, Dothan, Ate, TILT -A- WHIRL Popular and Profitable Pe. leferme Mee Wffle Sellner Mfg. Co., Inc. FARISAULT, MINN, SHOW A N CONCESSION Fulton Sae ft Cetta onserr tr totes OWES Sill koamtapitil r/noii111% EIESalt11/ tit pee tin ilitte1 lintel! Sies ashy Dta 2 Goo. rot. Ti MOTORISE * * w MR'. Don*. An Pianulti. a :Mtge. CHAS. T. COSS wow.w :STANDARD ORLI/ROLES 00., ISALLOuLto, A - ni..u.a--vo... s...r..it , we Istst.******41471*WM4*** sssss SI CIA CONCESSION CARNIVAL TENTS Ow apuu[e fw. Ow. 44 tan UNITED STATES TENT d AWNIN6 ( Mesh looneiewn Glutei Cn/com, "EDDIE" BACKFT with "MAC" 9eNALLY CDIATI: DKISTENT-AIL NOMA LIMY 1.111EVROLET , FLORIO* TENTS -BANNERS Par defense against disappointment place your ativaa ludas* new.. sae l 1: MEN I/K.L.lo31 I. NINNY 1 AWN, O. tail CA" Mee /100,, ILL - WANTED TO BUY FOR CASH Mss, C.-fteuad, in reed, Wheel, Wm*, tae CAA, Pins, Wit Or rent tovritt talk aka Also SAN 0 and when Rude, tin J. M. RAFTERY 14% 104r WILMINGTON. It. CAA. WORLD OF PLEASURE SHOWS RIDES -SHOWS --CONCESSIONS 100 Coseemee 1.1..tVILin WORLD'S FAIR AUDITORIUM Ire* lenele. Ow*. Dean 1.44ellie In My. WAX? MT: on4 Mama Aiftsalisu., litsmg irma talanally Enro IILLE/ts. Rolf nial RUC 2 Mt ese_hassime. letwoer ant Watkins Ada, TETA Et Lr.r/i ME% /Inca aerie. Andiatel Oro. IlliNRWART. InwAr New 11.01Ale. C*14 P.11] NITitn fluirt. Rta Ames liven niyml FOR SALE LErsiaNin Teri 0,/!LIL itimivi/lni Tr:AA, 83r/This Mat. Ceti 1.11.*.sr, OHNE Na heir. Welke es were eox 241, NEW Took GREAT SUTTON SHOWS le./ awed a 00 week semen, lint thew in twanti.sanien /wont, We linear wart hewn. IR to CLOY awl **en le *lay this!!nab READY TO BOOK FOR '12 WANT Views Rides i-s Coneurant Will see lti en Cent Came. MEWL, Wales ENniit1T1 Old LOME Ranee Gglier.. "ailcw.key Mow" bream Weeds, game wilts, Will hwelel. pane.' WW1 est by ber Any goad BOX 304, OSCEOLA, ARKANSAS

34 34 The Billboard CARNIVALS noreitarre 13, SetlIntayr Elected President of SLA C7IICA0O, Pe. 6.-9eetton of offices Of tau Sboadaerta League of anesioa was he at the clubrooms Molloy (11. There eta only miss ticket lu Inc bold. C071 J. filadhetayr was Mooted president for the nadieng year, Other ultras eketted were: Pinot akespneatelent. Ibirty W. Rennin: second ttcespreardent. gi- Wood A. Hughes: Mid eiceerrealetene M. J. Disnian: ProfirOntl, Gallium Caddy: Mcreary, Joseph 8. Berehle.b. A report en the Lesesiu abowed that Um year 104,1 was s vary and the uu Is In the test fizonatal teridttlen in IM hintory, 110 omen totet- Mg more than 8100,000. 'hostess elected wend Par flowyear term, Peed It Newmann: four-year term, Edward A. Wok; threo-yea-teen, It 8, (Orratyt lam -your Ulm, C, Ii. Mabee oho -year term. Louis Torte Elected to trio board of gosernems wore: M. H. Banta. Sam and Oscar Moore, Al /L Cabo, John M. ntieltold, Witham A. DOOM& Waller P. therm. Lew Delmer, Oeurge Paden. Barney 8. Oerety, Men Otiodnittn. dam flotrion. el A, Toll. M. Mauer. AI Bonn, Larry 8. Mogan W, Johns, Si T, Jamrep, Lew U.Ma.. Johnny J. Mine, Prod IL Rena- Ird.1111, Robed L. teems. H. A.. Lehner. Leath Leonsed. Roger 8. Littlreard Jr., Ernest Llettnenart, Bernard Mon:bland- O. D. Odom. John 0,511m. Harold Illockly1 Paddock, tering PotimilL It Lawrence Phillips Sonny Bernet, Denny Pugh p*ky, Joe Roger*. L. Roxb- Pew* D. Bacon. A. L. Rositineu, DAVO , Jolt M. 8tareeity, tiarry nowt Lee A- Moon, tans Soleenoo. Albore Sweeney. Jane A. Sulthan...7. C, (Tommy) Thomas. Ned H. 'Pirtle Floyd Good. beg and 0. L. Wright. Ingetaltation of acrlarra awe Med Thursday night 44) With the Udall Oteremotnies. Dee Lang Gets Spring Plum CMCA00. Dec. 0. -Dee Lang Taman (Shows were awarded contracts to fur - Walt the midway for the annual Joplin Ilday Pinta. Contracte were Mama by Paul TatiPool and Britt Porter, of Again, for the trerchanta them end by Doe Lang and Notate C. Pairly. general agent of the Atone. here Thursday afternoon. Last year the ROMA en Gamy lietp:ed- Hon played the event. USED TENT BARGAIN wa wancod NI. Bair Tee Not oven pole, Op II l Ton r0000 liara. a' fakat TO' ***Mi AM 'A LAO la ca o MOM LookonolL 1101X al. 4,m31, 100rdnoo. II 80.0 $245 awe. ear la APO Weeto-isms-Pers BAKER-LOCKWOOD loin an. Pt o'er lit_ K***** CITY, POO America's dig Teo* House Limo, llosrpowtolln. A. E. CA 1A00 I CC O. 'IC W,.4ss II. are. Cal/. N. Y. SEE DEFENSE THEME (Continued from papa.711 went were wallow bombs a ledge Ha pant, and folionstug them Other walittni aim an airpithe of Ice. Then came two girl behousers and Mend them mattes bearing the specially molded dewed. Aa the ballroom en darkened the wedelns, stars sand maple lame on the balcony Itshtted Op fetch n phisphytoseent glow. making a Mouton' Piled. Gorativer On die 1:11141I 1i, (Netts of 'Union wm gnat of hoax. Cal meted wall elm at the Ptrakelh' *alga woe a group at 1m111-11Celirn whosenne and gt Prank IL Ounalin, mitring petaident Of the Lague. wetremied the sonata, urea turned the eked 05er to ChiT100 W. Omen, preolthent 01 the Internatimal Aaancletion of Pairs rued Expositiaes. who Ireati1OPI i. toostlittaatal POW Oka A Materiel job, Those at the table tit the (Eder lit which they were tented, left to right, were Madre 0. Driver, League Minium Mann &am taupe exatural: lama& ettrahc. Leadtte rresetrerri T4 L, Loewe, Hart of America Showmon's Maeda - Lion: Menlo Ketchum. preident NAAPPEI: Barry Brown, of the V. 8. Nate pada telittllatli darn Dr. Jahn to. Dada hintoorrain Inwood A, Mune. Length dre-pmekleati 00eternar Omen;?lank R. CYlnkllul rending lenge* Feeldont: ChIPZ:10 W. Oran. prosideut LAME: Can J., Bedinuer. newly elected Lawrie Prandeetu 13o Jab Les of Oktaboom;.1. Pi Wove. Panne Come flauswawn'e AAPOC : IRO* 8IMPI1404, D. a. Anti -Aircraft dtrisum of the V. 8, AMY: Harold P. DePite. needy elected postdate of the Retry W. Ifentilea. Icemen ersa-woodenet Mae Lindeman, proddont National teltunerntek Anewentloit: M. J. Datilein,,Leaguo rice-preeldenn Dee Lang. president Interneloont Meiontolloit Of Stiewitien, and J it 8tT ,0400 emenry Gefacfal Speakers 80doen. hetet League bed AMU fend - toils 110r* tea appeared on thle year's oriental,. Pant as. Coriertaor Orem, who Marla a et but Ntf OttIVO address In amen III onuiplinumied the iodine far ill. grant work tt ,0. ils 'OA V1 01" Josh tee, junior tendon' from inalthoena. Bender Leo to an apt [atm. Altar a few immecousi remarks lie datirreed a attiring tunnies 011 un- Hone defense. Dr. John Leads humors Jab IPA* the bet speaker 0041 /SO Moto than half ab licar Mehl the entere.l und attention of the astillunoa with Mt pungent alt and humid, TO0411:110/01O Green TOM lotter and telegrams from w numbur of who Warp latalaal) to be prcient. Hn also ititroliand a number Of pretense% Veda to the audience. 11e was greeted with applause wben be termented Waved A. Mashes, for the Centsdian Wnr Char -tiles, a check for 09,11140 naked on severed alums In Canada during the pant emote,. An thighe began Mee respond. he woe inhorupted by tho entrant* Of a group of Highland Ilagplpons Who mare -Matt IO the platform end 000 a stirring ) on trig pipes. More npirathe greeted Bugloss' anweintattiont that the Snow - neon'. LinapaS bed purchased :0 Mr* of Defame Roods. Isrunk Conklin TON tw040t1t011. with gob We mealier/alp card in the Leagues ale Ls customary foe all relining WOO. deaths He then proonted to Nell Webb heed Pernard ateneitiont gold life meinbeerthestp card* fee Widths 100 members each. Gold elephnnia were!emitted to George Terry and Rabe Liebman. who emend the mod Listings for the minimal anortory, kid to the Conklin tthowe for austeing mad listlagn, Conklin then turned the point ens to IncomIng President Carl J. Sedimayr. who In e. fitting reessine pledged to do MS Utmost all further the intereen of the League and asked fall (O-operatien from eery memitsr, Tien floovehow weenied during the Mire Of till menthe wee at excellerit era. sod Stationed Matey Ford, natio Mune-1st: Ethel Elena, loathe: tilt Lamb, ootnedlon. and Ineineth Bradley and the 18 Stnging Commanders Emil - tent MLLE woe furnithed by Low Mentond and his tend. Banquet Registration A IC A. Abbott. ACA: Oscar and alike Abraham, Deuth Defter Thrill Show; Herbed set Lucille Adorning]. Richard Miller Idr. and etre, Andy Mama, Michigan Mato Palr.DetrOit: Orece Adamadalo. Conklin Blame Rutland Ado. Newton Co_ Pan, Kreitiand,11144 W, CI, Athenond. ate:1m Mr. and MP.. C. B. mccrtmuyt, to. Angelus Co. PM. Pomona. Cale.; Fred Miran, Outgo Co. Per, Oka,: Jean Alien. Vole Lime Clutis: Mr, and Ida Ralph Ammon. Whanowin al -to rain mdrankce: Mr. lad Ain. tie Amrbein: John J. Andaman. En - miner Job Printing Co.: Men. Roy W. Anderson; Albert Ardmore. Oklerel Axe - Oda: Lorraine Antony. Johnny J. Joint Shower: Bernard B. A Queen City Mune* EMU Arnett, Bill Hamm dhows: Elizabeth Ashby: Otertrodo and Ham dap& Avery, Avery Prorluothana. For "JOYLAND," Inc. Wanted -Stock Concessions, pure skill, no over 10c. Also Acts For America's Newest Amusement Cantors. MEL SMITH P. O. Box 239 Tullahoma, Tenn. MATTHEW J. RILEY ENTERPRISES SEASON OPENING IN APRIL WILL PLAY BEST EASTERN TERRITORY. WANT SNOWS OF MERIT. RIDES OF ALL KINDS. CAN PLACE LEGITIMATE CONCESSIONS. Addled nail foamy I. Dolphin Flee, Mtaml, Florida. SCASO.N'S FtUST ;VENUES to our mompf frit,olds E. J. WARDELL'S MIDWAY OF FUN 11MIXT TO MOM. Oa 1100X fro lona 1051 wpm M ,7111-o-WOrl, ninesphaos j r Ana, 00P emss MeV D.orso.111 Nee".0 100,, f11 yr tono 010P. All 000poppkw. Rom. AM gpoch. Walearkain ltd Moo0001. Asir Mn., am 51 IL toboom XXOn. CAW 100 US Oil al, Of 111. g. J. feleasintathl laidara, OOP PUN, role Wart an, f$a, MOvoo00, :00.. Kroger 'Babb. Dust to Dust Attractiona; Dan Itnehision, AfeVAl E. Preston Nebraska Stab Per, L'unteda: Mr. end Mrs. C.. O. Baker. Oklahoma Mate Pale. Oklahoma they; N. W. Baker. The, Chtreign Tribune: D K. Baldwin, Alabama Stale Fez. Birmingham: William O. meld Corporation: D. I. and Man Banged Lowell 110O001, Bar.inet Shove Walter Is Detichlcd. tinned elsoelento Mfg. CO.: Ifarry W. Beaudoin, ELidsonth Rite, Krsoph10: Mrs. Prod DCOMPIA Dielt211,11111 & Pertly' Shown Maumee Beth Jock Pentane. Standard Ammo - woad Chad Sate Benjaintti:World of Today Therm: Larry Penner: Mr. and Mro. Paul D. Amen. Mid-Summar Fennel, Mithankee: LOIt10 y, verger, Goodman Wonder Show: Mr. and Mrs. Las Barring - Me: W. IL Boruehe, North Mcanans Fall., Meat P141.; Baal Boymm, (lead Laken Erpo. Shown: John 1.. Buckley: On:no Betehorf, Conklin Elbow Tams Bleb/ Jr Oklahoma Ore Mate Path Munitegem Ilovid T. Ileark, Batman Atepenhal Co.; DO, DUO, Danko Blum Calm. Kenneth end Viola Make: Mir. and Mrs. Witten Munroe, Globe Potter Corp.; Jolt Odor and Mr, slid NM. emir Bloom. Gold Medal Shove Jean /nue, MCA; Mr. mei Mrs. Edward Blumenfeld, fusion! Trunk Co.: Mr. and lank, ltiottil Boucher, Qtlehee lippoeletun Prorincletn: She, and Mrs P. A, Boudinot, Blasting Bra. Mod Bandon & Baler A. 0. Bradley. Dodson'a World's Pair Shows: Mr. and Mrs. Cheese Bralebill, TantastrsC Volley A As I Pais, Irmosrille; Mrs. ls. Inandentrurg; John T. Brannon, United ending Petite Cu.: Max R. Brantalani Iotin Latham Ramble FIre Dept:. W. IS. Km -ea, Cloodelan Shows; Mr. aid Afrt. elliehloo R. Breeeter. Utah Mato Par, Ialt take OW: A. Y. 0,10 Bertha Breve, TheralrolluffIdel larimertur Co.; Jacob W. and lalsibe BrIzeuvllint Rubin br Cherry Mimeo Gladys, Maury and Mania Ann Lima. Ovid Medal Shows Ohneto J. 17 -own: Peed C. Bryan. U. Bay Mush PitTettiti. hinetattional Congress or cleave; Thome Enelnacutn, CA Greater liboses: 0001? C. Buck, (I. C. Thoth Pvimeltlum Keith Ittickltigharit,!num E.?inters Mores: Mr, snit Mn.. Saul Dungdare, Astoolatod PrOMMum Clara Buret. Paul Whltemnai, Jack Burnett, Chicago Intadiann: Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Ourrom, 011otiry 'Tout & Awning Co.: Comic IL Medi, LlonliLattbar COLVMadoteaw IL W. Bye. ACA: Jack Byers, Coneiniost Inapt of Agriculture C Mr. aid Mrs, Berry Caldwell; II. B. Cameron, Montana lestenekin Seem; Mr. and Mrs. Ford Campbell: Janes Campbell; W. J. Campbell. Iowa Maw nu% Joatip In.: Pinny Alm CattipbeU, Tel -Mate Pair. Superior, Wei: Victor Omuta, Dednenet Shoal; Mr. nod Mrs. Moab Canaan:a t AIDong: PIPOMM and M1X, Witham Garay, Caney Concession Co.; 0, 0, Cartwright, 0011th Pair. Memphis: Mr. and elm E. J. Carey. E. J. Casey atrtra: I. Citelln. Contra & Wthom show& Jahn W. Chap. man. secretary to inorern.or Omen: Mr. and Mrs. L. Cl. Chapman. Filter Burks Shows: Albert Chorea The Chimp Mere -or: John Chord, Exhibit Supply Co.; Hooted Cltriattnem MCA: Pete Channels Wrsiala Mate Pelt RiCkninattl; A. Christy: Arab Char, Johnny J. Jona Estimation; Written' Clare Cole Bra' Circa: him Clancy. elt.in her Clark, Art Lewin Shown Mra, nomad lie Clark, Spillman Engineering Corp.: Mrs. Berl Clarke, Chad Media Mums; Wilitain N. Clark. Indiana Mau of Co. and DIM. Pain; Al= K. Clausen; Ralph J. Chant - al!, lionales WOO: Slows: J. 'N. Olt:M- OIL Lewis eupply Co: Wellinie Cobb. World of Mirth Shows: W. T. Cobh, Issithenna Bute Colderielty; P. R. Cobbs Zoe Shrine; la R. COMM. Max Cohen. AC*: Mrs. Midge, Cobra, George A. Hamid, Inc.: Mr. and Mm. A. It. Cohn. Conklin Eitleast Oared* Cole, Indiana Shay Parr, todlenapolte Emory aiw D ane Collins. National flptiodwayk John Coolrla Llorsalti Park, WeetBort Ale..: John W. Compton. Aweelated Tinge Prise MPs Lloyd Conrad. (In.. surt: Pklythe M., Prank- Blillo, M0. mai Mn. J. W. Conklin. Conklin Shows; Mn. Dan Connor; Val Coogan: Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Cope, Cloodoten Wonder Abel A. 11. Corey. Pon Mater Pair, 1:10e Motown John P. Courtney, Velitro-Ceenrturey Corp.; Mr. and Moo George H. Cramer, Spillman Engineering Corp: loteronces P. Croatnei George 6 Crowder. Jimmie Lynch; C. C. Cutntingbarn, Kaman State Pair. el D orado; Le. & Conntiaghen, Lows State Yale. Due Molars: Dotage J. Curran. Jackeon County Par, mach Riser eine, Wis; Mrs, near/ T, Curttn. Shealy, Murex Mr. nod Mrs. (Jena Cushman. DUMDUM] Bins. Co. Mann P. Dahl, Coodituts Wonder Sheen T. oorapa D.alg11att. Cluinelinn enitional Fedillettoin Mr. end MCA. OCOMO1 PATIO. Johnny J. Jones Exposition: bundle Deis; Mr. and Met Dead. Baldwin, ale. and Mrs_ M. IL Barnes. Berolte-Csrmitlars; Entelic Chasm, Cola Iktlge C0,0AILL:t Pair, Benner Dam. WU.: Medal Shows; /lowed Y. Mary, Ammo - Meth. Go'. DaWTOB. IlL ; Paanala Deane, Fulton lag * Cotten Mina: 1- M. Ikon. Mnaantopt Mom. of Padre. O*. noon Starr Dellelle, The Blitboard: lotus Maur. Conklin Maas: Lline. Eugene Dr/Cotton U. S. Navy: 1.. G. Dentherger. Indiana State Per, Irene De11001D. Soda Liberty Filmiest; Jar.kk, DONOHIng0t. MO Media Shown: Mr. and Mrs H. A. Derm/lat. Minnesota Eleser Patr, BL Paul: Mr. end Wm DiOternom. Occult Carpenter & Co.: Mrs. Macey Dinkins. atiaitailppi State Fair. Jacknon- A. M. Ditgebart. Wiookualki DeLtlee Corp.; Dr. VIctrola Dobrient. Wlsoonsin Chimpodin Society; M. 0. Doceson Jr. and Ir., 170,5. son's World's Pale Shows Dab Decatur. The Milboord: Ruessell Deadly, Conklin Shown; Witham P. Donlon, Treadrolneta: Edward Doundly. North Dakota Stair Pair. Illnot: Peed normally, Ed and Al acek_fitirowa; Mr. and Men. M. J. Donlan: Lucille C. Dorman. Ernie Young; Dr. J. S. Dorton. North C AMU Pair. Shelby; Janet! Dembour. Drambom & Ormsepouto Peed. Draper. Chicago Opera Co.: Walter P. LMsor, U. S, 'Bent At Awning Cu.: C. IL Droesee. Chkelink Show; Carolyn. Mr. and Mrs. Jae* and Mr. and Mra. Menk Duetted: LOW DM four: Willoan r, Daraall Ilnopytatut Shows: Wirer DucilteL cram & mum shown; Paul Dunn, * SUM Pall Maihulapolth Mr. and Mrs Nate Eagle. Beckmann he Gently Mao -we Mutate Pled Ater! Productlinna; 1Wb Feernrele. Fatoril Antuntabients Ina.; C. H. Egolf; Edward Elbert, RICA: P, C. ERwA. Ottawa End. Uttlesit: Kern 1i, Ink_ Willfsm FiatnIttOu Producing Co.: W. W. Rilettwood. Chid Stair lip:tit-mt orni Society. Wedinteal. 0: Claude it, Kinn. Seritioartf., Detail B. Sway. lilly Brae: Shoted Dick Tape' land; IL W, Weans Pita fillibeemel: greet m. Timmy That As Awning OE (gat leanoret ficylatration-oes, port SO)

35 Der ciribrrr 13, CARNIVALS The Billboard 35 gownien's feape anetic.. Sherrnan Hotel tago CHICAGO, Dee Annual rimeling was Mid December 3. with Praidemi Prank H. Conklin in the obeli. With him at the table were Past Vloe-Prealdent Carl J. SedImayr. Second Vioe-President Harry Hermies, Third Vice -President PA - 'road A. Hughes, Measurer WUllano Cat - My. Paretary.10e Sinilbleh end Past Presidents fides. A, Hoek. Sam J. Levy, 0. R. Asher. J. 0. McCaffery. J. W. Conklin, Prank P. Duffield. J. Ed Shiba., Max Linderman and Art LawM. Parction tom - starry reported the regular ticket foe 1912 elected. Chetrman J. W. (Petty) Conklin reported good year eu the simnel delta for Past Peteideal Emu P. Duffleld erne Installation officer, end Carl J. Sed*new itemunecl the their as president for He *tested Ore year with A pep talk on the 1973 dhow WeeId inactory. Brother Prank W. Boeing, trunaget Sherman Hotel, gave on interesting talk, protbeet Omega A. liontirl spoke briefly and presented his cheek for 5100 for the Showmen's Nome Fund. Brother R. lawrence Phallus pretreated the Glib w ith a Check for $01590, the proceed! of a benefit show bold by the organism non Past M the end of the mason. Brother Cheated Arthur le setiouely Ill in M. and B. Harepttal, Win Antonio, Leo Le Dais la recotering from a recent operation. Brother C. D. Odom II back lrl the hospital, And Jack Lydick, 1Lerry Memeell and Torn Valiant are still en the Mak Bat. Brother Tern Rankine attended hie first meeting In four yenta Brothers Rube. Lthlinitia And Aut Seanaon have started an MUM campaign to o btain Ititings for the 1913 Outdoor Amusement World Directory. Maltose to the roam were W. D. pert. Sett. Bob Parker. P. t.. Deane. Omar 53000t. Plato Brown. Witham H. Gram Saul Solomon, Jack Oreensprion, P. K (lading. Denny Pugh. Envoy Doltcher, Peal Plenntgan. Floyd M. Ptankle, Harry Dhow, aunts C. Strripson. B. S. Gorety, Frank J. Kennedy. Prank 1). Sheen, Berry NOM JOIM A. Bold, C. C. Grosscorth, George Vogwincl, Sam Olusleart, Runny Solana T. W. asnigag. Marta Daly, Too Sharkey, Harold Paddock. K. Laurence Pbtltpe, laraard Y. Bury. Art tali, Phil laser, Jack Gilbert, Dr. Barn Pr:adman, Rubin Ortat4rR, Ida% Dad - run, : I naats, Deollte A. Nimbi, Meath Hermes', Johnny J. Mine, thorge Weatertnan, L. L. Hal, A. J. Bugerrean, Louie D , Otoege Darla, Bay Potter. Eddie Hunter, L. E. Roth. Joe &bands. Alex Hervey Mime, It. E. Henry. Ralph Leckett, Neil Webb. trek Herman. W. T. Kays and Clifford Smith Ladies' Auxiliary November tratnts sow those Ofitletre presiding: here. Jcaph lr. Streibecti. president: Mrs. Witham Caralcy, else-preement; Mrs. Abner lame Jamul nee-preeldeint pro tom: Atha Noble Mr third vice.prestdent pro win; Kra Jeanette WAIL marcutry, and Mea. Lew Keller. treatises Interesting esteem Were read from Clara Palace. Mabel Witeht and Helen Bans*. Peat President Nan -Rat:kat* and Sista Lllllui Wade led Um John Healey and Mn. Mary Nolan le their guests. Coffee and mike ewe nerved after adpaurnment. Ton $1 Award went 10 Boole *Raw CM December 1 the following were elected to membership: Mrs- Jelin Pon - Una, Anna E. (Jading, Met. Wm..1. GOUtermont_ Mn. Imbed Cohn, Mrs. I X Pink, 1311Med Oreemberg, Mts. Midge Cohen, Leahugh OrtaiMpoon. Sally Murphy, Ilargaret P, Mdred Mildred Sonoma, E Elimbeth P Darla. Mabel Slam., Gan/AM Elliott Ctuttn. Mildred Josephine lintlyment, Vera Barlow, Mrs. Elsie Brim:taint. Evelyn Hock. Mead Ratbmine Held. Marlene Pepe. Clara Pm* Vaught, We Sunny Bernet, Capt. Iola M. Klein. Um- Bell Stepliene, Gladys Brut. Rayne!! Golden. Dorothy fteertini. Penmen V, LaMar, Maxie C. Stokes, Mrs. Etas* Polack. learlha Walters, Bertha Preata and Garnet Lida Gooding. _Open Hut a* eamenticar. November 20. mecemar 4, vela a hoer 11Ioneaa, East Pitaident Elteelb...eiti thanked ofilcon and guests for PatIrg. pirtict- Club Activities 7lationai Palate Theater Building New York NEW YORK, Era. de -Janus Davenport, emtertairareent oantlieltioo chairman. artualooed has 61LA17a bogissantg on!maniac 712 and us bo held On Saturday nights during the Wittlat: Praident% Party, Masque TOIL Joerpli etches Night. Show and Darren. Coney Wend (Harry Rota, Night, Lliwan Birthday Belt, Art Leahy TIMM, Woahlintou Birthday Ball, (image A. Ilsonid Night end Barn Dunce. Annual election le eel for December 17. Ruminating committee Included Jneepts McKee, amisemo; Jack Idelater, Pea Murray, Sid Max 21.Ctab011, Kirby C. Metlisty and Sem Toppett, 'they :Monad MO ticket: Art Lirrels, president Orem C. Black. Wet teen-pretthent; Pick ltawnthel, stand Mee.preridenti Prank O. Miller, thud isice.preeddal; Sans Rotherrein, secretary; J. L. Gromalsoon, tressura; Jompla H. Buglieat ardstiant treasurer, and Oats* W. Tame, chaplain, Poe board of trusthea: Max Undertaum, 6 years; George A. Hamad. et Jalapa McKee, 3: Sam LaTrre190e, Dave Didy. 1. Board of goveniorm Joe Ramie, Runk Bergen. Thomas Brady, Weillam J. Blatt, J. W. rpntty) Catlin, Louse Dufour. Andre E. Ihmiont, 'bald Dody, Dwell Epatein, Murray Goldberg, Mack Harris. Arthur L. Hall, Hon. Herold G. Hoffman, =wood A. Hughes, Plitt Wee Harry Kaplan, Acme Kaye, Johnny.1. Kline, Joseph ianfiy. Law Lange, 3019a Laiiiiefo, Jack itchier, Rom Manning. Alfred CC 51cEar, eh...1.we (Does Morita Pied C. Murray, Sem Peterson. Fred Pbltltlar. D. Leererma Phillips, William Rablein, Bet - nerd Perm, Matthew J. Riley, Harry Rosen, Irving Roaenthal, Mutes' Ralbeinidelli. Adolph Ekliwring.13_ D. filreurrolle. Jana** E. Straits, Etna E. aolgileolii. Harry Leonard Tama, 8nm Wagner. Ban Williams, sleet Wilton, Charism Level*, Dick 011adort, John Marta Joe Roger., W. C. Haus, Ring Reid. Sons Prvll, Sun Taint, filday Kaden, P210 Cook. As (bur Piabil end Prank Wirth. New member,. alts Joirpit K Weil. samara by tenth Land: Crone T. Ma- Palairk. LaBwirne: Al Dorm, Sam Rothstein: Beery Induce% Phil laser; Harry Gold and. Erring Moistest:abater, Sem Rothstein. Brother Sam Polite= is hock In the Eye Milt of the Medical Center here, and )testat Grayer le In Presbyterian Ifoaptath Philadelphle_ Birthday -- Inge to Ralph Edson. Peed C, Edward L. Owens. Bernard Beach IL W. Ism% Leo T. Amts.». Theresa W. Wooden:rill, Later J. MO. Harald D. Gilmore, Janes A. PWceU, Gene GDOnnolt. Joseph Weternan, Edward Kneeland, Harry Helier, Max (graben. B. ML g, (See NSA on peps issouti gliow (Ante it's at; Maryland Hotel St. Louis Si'. VIM Doe. 5.-Meelang on No. ember 27 wee presided over by Pilot Vice-Prealdene Nell Alter'. At the officers' table were Second Vice -President French Deane, Third Vice -President Ethel Hema Secretary Greve eon and Mawnrer Gertrude Lon, Dototily. Rannigan. tom Shenkle end Jane Prareco wee out-of-town members present, Piet president Kama burg and Past President Jen* Pearson made brief Mike, Bub. arantlet check was recelred from Preel. dent Jitellth SOleternon from et benefit bingo given on SOPS liberty Sham Blind ruffle prise donated by President Solomon WW warn by Dorothy Hares - Daisy Curls he. returned to /P.- Louie atter it Pang lemon on Johnny J. :are lixpoaluon. Retest Piehter is in Deactene-aa 201/ h(cen1019 ate eolling on her, Grua COOL Norma Lang_ VLe4A Fairly, licit.. Panels and Mabel Bayttuger tended the Cie:curio banquet And bail On December 11 new Cattere will be alerted. Pacific Coast Showmen's Q5514 VW, Clommunicallon wax read from Mike Prekos at Meseta Hot Sp:toga. ordering three tickets to be presented to worthy member.. George Pode sent 85 chat end Hap Mama 525 Check foe the Showmen's Day Puna. Chairman John MISter reported 623 Sic. Sarah Cawid Am., of Wilshire. Los Angeles LOS ANGELES, Dec. e.-dtesuaeoll Of lesteentnine peendralions for the Annbal banquet and ball on December 11 At the Hotel Bellmore Boat lame marked the Monday inottliv of the Pactflo Coax: Saunersainth Asecelatlear On the rostrum were Joe alga. praletenti Dal Douglam end Roy Ludiogtors, elee-prodelenta. end H. IL (Pop) Ludwig, reteretall. OtrOtElig o pened with the pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, followed by reading of mln- finances in good 'nape. Checking account end seating, 1,823178, siring Is total of 18,24510 in the Viten.: Cemetery fund arm reported as haring $ and the tick and mild fund Chairmen Ed Welsh of the house committee reported 75 folding Matra. which had am used then Courtesy of Downie bra, hod been bought. Jimmy Dunn and Jles Ober reported Bert Warren and Charlie Doberman still on the trek RM. Pat. SIMilloy hes ban Honored Dam Omen Of the Angeles, Hospital to a not home. Sammy Dolman, reporting toe the rum - bewhip maim:wee in the earner of Chairman Jimmy mid be was gang Meer reinmeternenta now that the mernarehlp drive Is over. Club welcomed Mel Sailth, Jack Brick. It T. 11ahurin and Gone Gore two the fold. Ted Lerma reported fa the memorial day ocernultwe and Rom Davis Coe the cemetery fund group. Arthur Comstock, Rubin D Cherry Expemelon: Rill Croft, Ban Ways. George COIL Joe Krug, 0. K. Crafts. W. R. Patricia. and Earl Douglas made brief mike. Harry Pink, who heads the rioettinallne committee. rerottol that tel Walsh had bona nominated tressumr In place at Rota Davis, also wished to retire from active duty. Brother Darla will aerro oa the canotery board. ea PP:ardent Obey has reelgited rill. appointment- lionquet arid ball Bekaa, with Chairmen Harty Hargraves mertng AI talker, went *twang. Earl. Douglas took l3: Mike Kookoa. Abe 144taa, 10: 0. N. Gran., 10; Joe Krug. 2: Rom Davie. 3. and the Ladles' AWS:133.(7. lb. Refeeshietelte were &entail. Ladles' Auxiliary liftoung oa l)aoraiheo 1 we. presided liter by President Mesita Porter, wills all officers proem Committee was reamed Ina the Men'a chill Priating to the Annual banquet and ball. After short speech by Past Preeldent Hargraten and Abe Letter a drawing was held and banquet ticket. were awarded to Millie thwart, Ms:UNA Parrsits. Waliei Willlama. Ethel Krug and May Ward. Raeromy Loccitia won the diamond watch soil Camila Erekos the quilt, Meaty new inenthere were introduced road old onto era called upon tore law. words. After the authors SiCOSion President Po, - glee Called on candidates in the Docetriar (See FOSA on page 54) ROLL fieatt (Inlet ica. 4,11 S'iltownten 5 Club Raid Hotel Kansas City KANSAS CM, Mei. Dee, 0.-Reviklar weekly meeting was called to mow day Peet President P. W. Deed. with Secretary G. C. Meelinnia and Trosaindr itsrty aiielatider prraelit- 1,(111914, 06 the previous meeting wt -.e epprorest than pelt - ikon for neremeratdp was voted upon sad accopled. lieathre W. Prank DeitnAlne was read a committee of one to hem change. of Memorial Day Serviced. Adjotirerrierit cone early so as to accept an invitation lona the indite Autlilery to partake of a boleakal serval In the buffet rcorrt. It tis gratifying to oliacara to 444 the Serge a20611attne at meetings Following Het to attend the 81.A Banquet and 11511: Mr. and afro Heal Wallets. Mr. and Aare. Mel Vaught, Mr. and Mrs, Abner K. Mina Denny Pugh. Sam fiersyanien, Pate Middleton, Phil Little. HhirAr1 tlllott, Roger Messy. Stymie Schrieber, Harry Duncan. George Hawk, D. W. Weinteenery arid Ruth Marione. Brother anal Mee. C. P, Patine pawed time en mute to Mena Brother and lire. Sticuny Amber have returned Mar a pheasant meson on Wahtn as Cherry Pliq>oerltiml. Manta of emulate are planntag a trek to the Des Moused *dr meeting. Chairmen of the banquet and ceinunittere cave indications, are that UM* murk annual nth establish a beer altoniganne record. Lashes' Auxiliary tacky party will precede the banquet and Mal on December 311, Peat Pruden:an ForTh B Creswell bas dimmed Of hm photographing bordered and will bo aaooeleted with Midwest Mercantile Company. LacUrs' Atrailgaity Since November 28 was o reguittly embattled social night, no emblem meeting ems held. Membera gathered fa clubroom for an Wanes] bent, tatty White passed the penny box and the award, 61. donated by tatty White, went to Nellie Weber ether the men's dub matins (See UAW out pope BINGO F. 1 Wite. e.ti. No,AZIA rat hiwrien. ;swited r Who. fr-htwl Uhf said. ti re_ ael earth. SO50; SO , $4.0111i TO words. 4.4,am Me wok meas. {alai we* amnia 911; OW Ned L. ala 7ai a hthwaininh ITN) mho $5 ow 100 for are!. 11 tirlyww rnichert iw tally etwittew. Now a Coale-sieser. Ow. vow. shwas/ seer so w 100 /soa me card k KENO Mahe /a 80 do too Tart, me, PlaraiL. MM ahem deer. letleat whet Per hel. 100 ;width, lads vi Wilms anwhow AN New. sad Lane rasa an wwwwlete with eeae weebithi sal if 64e wirls red UT. LMT warbler wows* OAIR011 Mark ea 1i.socialstud tliiiimpao. Om lie cam wve he?, her TM r la , III pie 109. G11111 *weir s. saim aromas Slop MEOW. Rawl i.,...,,. e.,.. 1,44,...1 r...o, /trig FOLDED TICKETS 1,000 Jaw 04 Oast knolps m 7 ismesoi. Pt, t.as tit. W. crew at; mom streed, 144 YellUght WY *KM Two "liwwinie. Mom Whewei T weilere. while et M. Ikto hill, oar hal sem eseassweet Mem awls. tow. 11.1* et thhilehe Sc NON M Nair III 25,000 OM& Iltrhp OarsMiltd11 AM *WA. Wiwi 11141, CIUNPAR ul WW1* MAII ft...ft& On end.mole, We elitlo Si,. lisle berme. J. M. SUMMONS & CA. 18 R. lark's. 111t d-, Chislage NIGHT inetairar lemma ea Magi DAY win ' netwitstla SERVICE *Absolute Accuracy * Depaseisbrs Osilecey * Floret Workmanship * fleet of Materiels *Perfeei 1,3e -1,.1.1g * 5.50, Bonded Guarantee CASH WITH ORDER PRICES - SPECIALLY PRINTED -SIZE 1 x2 10,a00..s $ Z '-$ , ,04)4)._ ,( eeefe,z, char.'s pestle et elacif fey." were'ee More d-1dew"' son. No xer tr."'' Yeff,%e.eieites:ioee`eiMe1.fatthtT,.*::.'..r... to el, ' STOCK rttrffis 2000 PER ROLL I ROLL sae 5 ROLLS e0e 10 ROI L5,r 50c Wei Pe ir 211Iein rr s -e. ARK. ITC117I SVSICT TO MUM TPA, MOW MU :7 motif, Wahil$14111PRX,LIA2 DM ittral litre MT II faalfelfitrels mamma FRVIO 1 UP IWO 1:0.0:0 7.r: In* ODOM

36 . r,,.: 36 The Billboard CARNIVALS December 1: Neer PENNY PITCH GAMES SO gavel". Poo* IMO. Lae Volta 1 Jack pee. W.00. ^ONO I Jfea Pos, sae 0o. PARK SPECIAL WHEELS 21" In Onerni40, SewAttni sw <wry It Noel we-aauome Wweit. Pelee... *1200 BINGO GAMES 1S.Pltier GansOtte I00 -Nun Geennente *RAO MR Carl:Leant fr of raw Olen*. 111e6tia. Dolls Lanes '-arenas We. Cranes eta SLACK MFG. CO W. Leig St. en -.e. ASTRO FORECASTS AND ANALYSES 1941 ASTRO REAOINC4 ALL COMMITS ONO* Nur% Off, 214. Tratroollten. Fos ,311 gardenia, sq.. eith Slue Com *canter, S.a., ita Mee....11S egoeteal 4,64 le.a. terms Genera Ct are tarot...* IM 4 Ittedloes row too SIC No rotes Clold sae 'Roar Cann,. awn MI Wolf Clint.. Many Plan. tont 21144, awn 1.00 then' Orr MIA O.J... "Wt. v. Md. NEW DREAM BOOK 120 Pin" 2 War Neoeters, Clawing sew PNIrr Orrerna Seam in Wooer OP4 Pepe 00,01, 000 OoNtar Paw. Savoie. Ilk. NOW TO wire eit ANY KIND Or SP , SION. 24-p. Moll Same PACK ow 70 ROYPTInel P. T Anrenn All (314303, Laney Mentors.la, te Owen. Narearrire. Pare 0 Si.,.1St Cliveltow I/117. Saw. fit, fee 1000 ssase marten Wry. &spurt. 21 P....22$ flonlay la WRITTEN IN TIM STAGS." PPeinei meant& 12 P., 24. Ce all 12 A Van Wfa Wass. MAO PM tfw,d /g01efunift t. 7..ar (30cueen rapier Teo 1 V-.,- -k,.r.. -1.t r A 0,, eleall. r,.,..., In too yer.lkaanier!rot Sr. P. It Paha SIMMONS & CO. IS Wes/ jackass deed. CNICACO!tow t.ealri_ h/vai ter An Pftnta. HUBERT'S MUSEUM t^: /la W. 424 Sheaf, NtW YORK CITY. WANT ftraks AN() NOVELTY ACTS Of WRIT AT All HMO Sias calory 444 e11 dlledt in lint knee Oita All Yr.. Senna SCHISMS fr IGNAHIlt WANTED Monte, Act 11.14/e attlikrer. can shawl, use 211Ahfe Working Ath wog freak.. Alwers s 1002 //10.1. Domed spin lot near mason with Art (ten She..., WENDEL (PROPS) KUNTZ Carr of slo mum Sle L Main Si. Norfolk. Va. WANTED TO BUY Midway Confab ICommwucat.orts to Opera Pima, Cincinnati, 0.1 DOG lived-tietd gags! IIENILY ll TAIINInt recentiy cleted busy waken and is whitering in Detroit. LEAVING Chicago recently to winter In Callfoenta *ere hie. and Stn. James: (Snotty) Belatead. ccaseraskelalhat WINTNItite0 at Mu Darla Lodge, /ant Myers notch. na., are Mr. and Mre. Dos Wilson. 0. J, BACK nenter-aperator of Bach Shows. reportnd ha has MON! Harry Allim Ado kin:map, IT was easier re nom* a mom Hun a soil In lb. May. 817LI. working spout In South Corn.. thas are Mr. and Mrs. Francis Canary, They plan onwhiteringin Tampa. I', V. PALMER, former mall and TM Btlithnerd agent on Fonr-Star Espntitlem, Shows, has been operating ehooting gaiter/ to Shreveport, La.. R.FZENT a: Wm* et quarters Of Plot near Showb In We:Hely, N. Y., were T. Ft Palmer: J, Zoitowski. thetas tam: Kid }mucky and Barry <yams, EN ROUTE to Amnia Urn, Panay Ohre!' vietuct Mrs, Kay Augustine in teaeon, report they win he with it in the fast next spring. BUT rod le became *eau:inc-0 theorrnen es lair Mall h to take six In the MIMI Sherman Libby. ALBERT LAMONT. who played New Orleans INtrish Stir W imtdnorezaber, reported businese: poor. Be mid merchants Bale Mile support, CLOSING recently with 0. C. Durk Show. were M. ant Mn. IL J. Lynch, who will spend }'S In WIlittITIN prior to leaving for the Wen COILS oft R pleasure trip. BCOtyR IrCiihrtte Flobettal wintering 1n Jacksomille, Pls.. after closing hie firth year with Ray (t'amer's Side Show on Dotteon's World's Fair Shows. Tlif BALLYHOO nab tortilla. but We are Ibardclull for one thins. They fell the Wed. weaken (0 Ito Wm APTER a suocessful emonn with nemureland Shows in Michigan end Wisconsin. Jack mid Dorothy Rater:fig toured the SOUthwelft and are now at home in Sari Bernardino, Calif. 0, C. MITCHELL, 'former MaTileol opectil afttla turd* trot Toccoa. Ga-. that r111: NEW AND OLLI. zhake 01:0 HQ, r41 11A, 11. COnkieh. retiring president tar Showmen: Leapite Of Marrero, conircerntoree the new president, 0411 J. St4M0yr. Seem we+ Wren of Ike gamed efeetton Of ollfeert meeting ne the Herd Shtenietel. Chireye, tan meek. Pittsburgh Slid while there wreelcod bar ha la booking Llppincett the Magician Wan third. reported Mee, One PILL Wasets. Stele eorfddion And peke. In echoola.theaters and night clubs /let In/elude:, Rank taxpea Arinnal Revile, FRANCIS LEAII1EV BEING Hamm re year eublk take* no SE Adaart Slreet SO , Men. mole this Wad aroueloy. RSIT/1 and Bill Dewey report they are dolliallng to Mbelitgan, the former opent- 40 FT. CAROUSEL "WE are wintering in Hamotk Mich. th 1 photo 20:21a 2t a dol:iftr. ace"" Ill thla year niter micoroltul oescon with lehta, white the in I.,,-,...o, latter Bait a 122 ul Or W111 n..1",,r....taftal", b.k er beck Anitte Company.- wrltes vIlls Tern:471am 'MIMS': f% f :.,.; Ilk,..,-, I.. r..4 L-. a ; le., um :. le at. (,:cn 2:20...re my MM. HARRY EFFORD. IF the President would set Thwalarlrina 4064 Wow low. 6.11,,,,,,,, god. BIBEEINATINO in lionamoyne, O., aro to day and data NIA SI-A baruemt, elwewmfft FOR SALE 'as Moo Von 'bur: wits tyn. K. W. his try Trbastmar..; 1700,10: 'el r -Sot, 11,ele 1111 Cl len:toe; l'nteent. '40 SIrnet2 ltetor ,k, "eta III e...1 Stet". retort Ro14: Th 11111,1eare., Cenclie.0.1., 0. J. HARRY SIX ATTRACTIONS Now!Booking Season I9.12 vd.ok Rio., a...noma. Alletlest Prolten al NOTICE! Win K...T..1+i Ife11.0b0r1 r.1 DART NATIONAL BANK smolt ydr, moo aira, Format Foal. mod tyns...% cosi/ kia Iwo bled. with one Clone. conerohtenteen, the past season with BIWA 5 Plbbon Shows. O. R. niffli who dared November 24 I as general agent for Wort Shows, "API= Is good seesaw with the pie reports he h renting In!tempt:In. Mr*, ear on James It Striate Ighotra have re-r221 TeCerElY ;AM )tom IC:atoll City. turned to SIOnnt Home. Tenn, for the 812- to Pin him - winter," cards Eddie Rummuge.. DAVID M. CLEARY, In the Peat Canaask aminitiv-ai,e,a the halm saagag heated with Herittlea Dana., 80,13. LIbtitt, geeeffoua end law graelernwri tweed. ileektemtin dr Cifirety Ben Williams showr. Is at hie home In Drexel Mc, Pa.. army -aim; at Ocean Brava :Drage; swatting lc:diking:i In the army, Camp. Mann. As., ern Mr. and Sim. maid Barker. cn-owriera and operators DERTILA BERT. who closed Al Of SuribUrst Reposition Shows, Renton 's Side Show on Mighty Shepley Midway. Is viaming friends en Clneintiati JOINING Patrick.* Greater Shom re- and pram to remain there until attar Candy In Exeter, Calif,. were Pete Her- 'hey, alum spindle. and Art Arideranot blower. the first of the year. CION-T be Haloes el IM gar wise rennet around. ;tinning Item tat to ear because K. BOY AND HOLLY WILDER, 202stee- e0ato0led gold mutt. H. inn be carei Mon:urea. who were off the road the pant ha 2 Host worry. No Dice A COLORED BOY with o ;col hall educauoin deedded to put mm n ceirced fair. To make It a community event it meeting of all the smart money bora In the town Wad called and fair officers were elected_ The next bustnem on hand aro rho 'them:ming eir a finance committee- "Where in de Oriancesr naked One 01 the newty elected OfEltere. "Dere Whet we hes got to Mu" replied the promoter. "110w la yo gallon to rase It?" asked the doubter. "Well" stalled the promoter, tisthinng Al he AAUP& -Dr' idea Is to!seek it ounlvel and day putt up an apprornhor bond. IT (ley don't appear, den de money to con- OsOated and divided up do M- hos:a." explained t b e F tkr. "What does tee do If dey ahem up?" ingutred the doubter. The promoter ceratched 1111 Mod and anawered "Den we pithe Inn der money boa: "Buhl light- marled the new officer, "I *mita am part of tt. Dat's taking too much of a gainhic." CIEOROTE SPEARS JR,. plitylrg Atlanta night club*, elated there Elecomin: 7 and will Open in taming. Mich., for a 17 -week engagement prior to his spring opening HMI Lew Aliten's Freaks. WINTERENO in Phoenix, Mix., Until Februnry 25 nee Ward Caldwell nod F. J. Bitch, both of whom here trouped with Ruhtil sh yearn Cherry Espostilon for E. J. htearisell rat:arta hie six Mica bad a ancoresful sene011; opening May IS nt , Minn, He played Minnthots and Wiaconalit dates. elaring In Sapiens. h.r at Ofrfardelne Mtn.)!hall /kettle/. Two Tides aro to lw added In SOME of these welkin slosithlined eareiral 1.Ifoutd to booked In elated lower In the besofilication 01 It. eemmunice-if for no other or HMI, moor. 8NrtTII cards from Tampa. IS... :hat he heti n teaccesodull tth...v.ii with hie Weirder Show on P. E Cloncling Amusement Company. En Mile south be purehmed a blerettry coupe and Mum trailer. 1 WILLIAM (Spark Plug) Cooduisn cards hem Kamm City. Ma- that he POcently ire-dente:at a theroselui operation for hernia in Others.' lictudtal tistre. He rinsed November f/ with Great Lakes Lkpositiat) Showy In Prichard, Ala, R. (COUNTI OOLDEN pent from Write:1y. N. Y_ that he has been re-engaged W beadle advents?. barb* 13 and 17312/12. ily on the Pioneer Shows In Be recently completed the paypam for the Wayne (N, Y.) tmdoor Fair. "SABI PRELL'13 Worirre Pkir Shows closed at Wade/born, N, O., to Light at - MOST FOR YOUR MONEY 17: ; 41..r1.14 tib writ NM Power Aare eu01411/ ;. kete nor If' CnIL r -a ti42ariortieei Pwalata wow. ELI BRIDGE COMPANY el lantereab4 Pnailett N ,1 w Inifth THE IMPROVED CHAIRPLANE BAHR ROHM :1111 an b but In two taldde wilt IN CI n. Wawa. atatine letelitt 21 CI, od 110 ft lie ISM. Cale id kaa oberlet temps senettogalla ram he ispon401,en mete grate ate: oseeff owl pew. sad swr. Wan stow Newly inant oat AAI ealere mem sod ,4 Octet bane bast ken et an extra teal ;Nue rnst G sal arteltelea. surne UNIT,, 111W ten One N,

37 December J3, 1941 CARNIVALS The Billboard 37 tchtioame In cold weather." rdpias Pritato Kenneth too-jol Thwi YOrk Bragg. N. C. "Will bo out of the army In Vett-.. AMR hi, wife Naa wee the tailing -On theswing stoniest at Kernes fair a man noted the I 00-yerd drib_ Preying Owe Practice mellow Perfect, COIIINT ZAINO, naldeet magician, closed his show with Olney Elbows and la 'pending hia fourth winter In Laurel, Mho. with?rank Calkins, ellosemon, who bee purelmand care thaw Zaino reported a good seamite,. e AFTER Meeting with CulosInshein Le. pi:ration Shows, Don and Salty Justus joined the 11 & 11 blows end had four tweets of good buointos. They will winter In Eat Mat Reek. N. C., and Dayton, 0. P4I0 TORT', Pet Pulaski, Bernie Men&Iwo. Sower geirkt, lack buffkld and frank kiwi. Wt. Attentiml It rho Muckateen beta on Rowing In mamba:m.1p they will soon let able ro cobleet don. J. R. EDWARDS, owner -manager of J.13.. Edward* Snows, MestaliOd his Kiddie Hide lit a departinebt store In Wooster. 0.. ter the holiday*. Its eseid repoloting Of rides and equipment at quarters there has been completed. STANLEY KEYS. oorxessiimatre the past two years for Mrs. Roy OPheelOck. left North Little Reck. Ark.. Toomey fed Jackants. Tenn., to 'etch hie dnugbter. SloLevy. who Is Strider treatment 1.11 an iron Plum for infantile pemlyata. WORRIND picture* and jereelto In North Central :thole are' Evelyn oust Itueorn Lteleiter. who reported they found Mrs Ida Lichlear sick upon re taentng home for Thanksgiving. They recently purchased a now Covered Wagon boar Wrier. PUBLIC demist: arguments whkh I wont were.104 during Is. ;manatee I now stets null and void. ins to kw parties with wee." I Wee/ hewing asked rny say -se Ihisr too much enksetinenent-colonel beak JON D. MARTIN cords from Houston: "explain and Mrs, James Perez are winteeng here. Cap is manager of the Rho night club. and Mrs. Perez to ti featured dancer. Its ILIA Ogee] ns 1042 free *et with Arnutirmeat Oteperation or America and to manage TomoMilano of WORKING at Camp Barkley, Abilrme, Tex- are Snippy Kati, cookhouse operator on World of Today Stamm: hti Meek - man, Lee Spker, and trotter. W. Wood. Nab le building Inspector paid Spicer and Mao] are with the flooring mew. They expect to ho to Fort Worth on another government Job soon. NOM OWHIR-"Is crass* has been Owen to Iwo) mu helm 1M wanes I haw had oh a Nag Ikea I hardly Ballyhoo! THE PHSCE and quiet of the Hotel Sherman lobby was suddenly broken by a loud Yoke that kept getting louder, Had it been on it street career, we could here coiled the ontolider a,snip -boxer, but It was only it muss tryittg to Mon& the slitting &bowmen with his tothatiny knowledge of bow to make big =WY by bent smarter than the run-of.the nen trouper, The fact that the out - louder was taking alloy caused more Ilstentow to Join his tip and the louder mid tenger he talked the leaver grew his audience. Not that they time Intoning because they thought his Him el:toroth:col, but It lies long been tura:deo-0 good midway mid& to lend a self-admitted big shot en ear. If heeling also. Buddemly a hullabaloo broke locee Wert the lobby, Hero was enothie mug making himorif a.elf -admitted king of the midway world and the Solo. Men of all concesseacalread Louder crow the braggy*_,' vole& 28 the crowd mond back sad forth to paten In. A new arrivel. hearing the noise, asked another ahowimon. Aro they the epode-mai far thle Coorentionl" -lipealeroor- piped the Moorman. "Heil. not They are just a couple of MO -openers d3ing to Weal each other's tip." FLOYD E. GOODING, o w n Goodtng Ameasentred Cowpony and precedent of Old A Carlene' Assocrothm, tats unaniesoessly rte elected to!het pest for Mt tsnste Ay/kWh were reorleo-ted rat the asocedetero's erenuel norttno fo the Sherman Nadel fast week. toms atm were In Ike Moot." The owner Wee des., dumb. biked sad In a wheel cheer.... WHIT.% on a winter: tour Mr. and Niro. At Wee and itneurter. Dorothy. the par. season with Eno.' Shows and Johnny J. Jones ExpooltIon, netted Mr. ono Mrs. IL J. ClfoulOchatO in Pensacola. Ph., whore the Month:thrum ate reported doing well with a service station, JOHN and Zola Williams are winter. tog at their form near Leslie. Ark., hookas closed with Bert Lorrowlt 1314e Show on Ruble & Cherry 1.. position Nteresober 23 at Tweet Mee Mr, and Mee. Amato Hay*. ea mote to join the Stetter Lorrow Mu cum at St. Louis, were their guests the night of November COtORBO COY rat Mike woodowi "Ca &old II Mt rat Maw iwe d nets to get env banded evet "Whet I% Velk week, beat" yelkd the secretary. "On OW warm Ude nut dere on de midway,' was kw May. ''011, I sea," said the ottictil, 'Yoe mean the Catimillar tide." My, "Yak. sah. dal% IL" J. W. LLOYD, who had a oucomithal lemon operating a Merry -CM -Round at Coiny Island. N. Y'., and recently returned there after no extended auto trip tbzu Ortiineatictit Now Jersey. Pentwlimaga aiati Ohio to abet WM. to start work on December I at the Hotel New Yorker as room clerk, his eighth winter there. DUKE DELHI* and It. W. moo Tang report they Opened their indoor meactira recently in Stomfont Tex., to goal nitwits. Lineup Includes Doke and Cbtnita Del Rio, knife throwing and whips: Captain Mello. Iron tongue and Wender; Doc King. ranoe aad lectures: lairxre, izentollet. scut nay Cody. net. A GROUP el mom( men semi their lbw at the constoliont likening is on tray tonirussilon possible. They meek won woo end the lobby, with tan and eyes wide open. Owenby got the Wit el one showmen, who asked the II they were Welling fele Wk. tisk. 'HA...". replied one. "we rte Mildewy Misdeals hem to flutists Our education. We we,. gent hare to hum be... la I, potjbk for anomie to Remise ad mark" M28. A. S. 0001C, Located at Annus Paso. Tex.. with her htoband end daughters, Edna. and Hotel, reports that other troopers there Include Mr. and Zaino Hy Fronton and Mr. and Mn. Eddie Geom. Biro. Cook niessilly sitmoined a scrims arm injury but IS recovering. Bill Myler La in Naval Hospital, corpus Christi, Tot. With him la Mrs. Myler. SET VP in a More at /Aunt Mira., Until March 1 are Mr. Arid Mrs. George Petemon. who had a good enema with their photo machine on Buckeye State Shows. While playing Itutleoburg, Mita. they rapt Doe and Sirs. Omuta, whooprrate tavere are: Camp Shelby, brother Guy IC Peterson and his wile. theetwriters. came In from Fiends for a visit. Odgers there are Mr. and Mrs. Preach Johnson nod Rod Ooltel end were with Polo gelievlm. Roth and was. Petersen *thrall eclietil Ulu* ACA MEMBER DRIVE (CUM fobral!red% pope 31) Initial Deb:ad these preened moves; That a definite legiolatiao program for IOU be adopted.. That the Motaclidloria error& In behalf of a reduction In the cost Of owl - road trs.nsportation and elimination of demurrage charge be continued. That the suitectatiou be authorized to Memo steps looking Wooed a rediaction the cost of operating motenized shoot by seeking reduced rates for motor vehicle lemma and nizeination and reeltantion Of gasoline and nuoltar texts. That o,enentl policies Of the areeteilt. tlon. no reflected by tia effort* and &nivel& during the past years, be con.. timed. Seczetaxy Cohen classed the poet!enema as an "exeeptional year" In that numerous high narks went overboard. besot replace.] by new market of I...Mitt:omit Ito again empboothed core to booking and deemed that "1942 win be fully at good it year as was 1941 unless there ls a drastic change to protein world oonditions. It is our opinion that reentered woad eendltions will 00otinuo *brit the coming year mid that the "central of the industry will continue as In the past. Both conditions will affect the Lodtteley. However. It should be favorably faceted by improved economic and industrial con. ditions." Metrielotion It Cahoot Ho also said that 1041 saw the awn. clattan attain Its greetest growth, add -s leg that Its trecnberoblp of ehowa Watslot in it. history. lfe pointed out that a record high number of employee memberships ware enrolled. "I sincerely feel," he said. "that a great deal of ondlt for the wed year Mould go to the carulroi loviuery Miele It Is airokening to Os pobsilkilltes and to its riglodul plaoe In Mis amuointient. weld. Alin* the proems Wee slow. It is gaining momentum and beginning to progreem-to modernize Itself tad Ito methods-and this progress bad a share ln the attainment Of Ude year's record restate." He took time out from the buoiness routine to pay tribute to the inetriorles of Prod Beckmann. a charter member Of the orgotemtion. who died October 17 th Bhzeveport, La., and Albert Clemens (All Hartm.oran, outdoor Mere of 771e Billboard whom be deoortheie sea being "ore of the U071.8 neaten Blends and without whoa help sod interest It is doubtful whether the amoolation W ould here been been." Cohen also pritisol the work of the Malt of associate counsel and told of some of the valuable services performed for members during the year, Credit for the largest number of employee mesobtini for the post year went to Jsmea E, Steens Stowe with 10:1: amend plate to Gooding Greeter Sheen 140. mid third piece to Cetli.n & Wilson Shows, It was revealed that amen legal activities were groy1** to the ITOV- Italbed Of the 1941 Revenue Act. as It affects the Industry; Zegidatton watt taxation and wage and hour law. Sometory Cohen prefaced hi'. report with the otaternett that. "Nothing hoe occurred to mew us to change our opinion en threat =Veen and we still feel that the wage and bout taw is diet applkaole to Only induct: 7." The Billboard Thanked In reporting upon public relations a noolottati was unanimously adopted thanking The /Onboard foe ootertbutitioi of some and publicity devoted to the aoscoliticoi. Secretary Cohen Soho asked that members contact on osseciete won - act of the ACA when contetraating date in any cae in orb:eh such counsel May to inated, He strongly urged that the shows use the "Member ACV- leetorda mail cited a number Of itetances were they wore turd with gyent aatisfsetion. He sold the amoclition had again strictly adhered to Ito policy of not. to Letettere with Or diciato to any of Its members, nor to meddle to members' personal or business realm` 1111t110 Ile cited a number of problems for the tionsr.g year which will call for cote to management. Tbey Included natoorel defense program, Interstate trade barrier", additional taxes, adenseen tales. intonate commerce laws, highway bill - beard legit:alien and labor aellyttlea. Association membership includes Beck - mama & Gerety Shows. Conklin Shows. Johnny J. Jones Expo:tattoo. Illattey Ithreoley Midway, Wield of Mirth (Owes. Cotten Sr Willem Shaw'. Dot's Liberty Shorts. Jmera K. &Tato/ Slob". World's Exposition Meow, Raid Creator Shwa, Wailderistan ExPssetoo Show,, Blue rob - bon Miller Prot.' Shown. AM Leans Shows, Heiler'. Acme Shoo', Ideal Exposition. 0. C. Buck avows. John &Ionia Shows., Happy Days Shows, Brined Show, of Coneito. tauten & Cowry ExpoeltMn. flooding Orton: Shows, Golden Belt Shows, Do/eon's World's Pier Blows, Gold Medal Showy, Boras United Memo, Hon Middleton folows. Otstgkrir ExpeoltiOn Shows. Spillman En" attirering Company, Happylend Shamm, Wallace Nos.' Shown of Coned., Hoed - man Wonder &WW1, PAO Pishilehing Compeity, Sony tires.' Shawn Clements Sehriet, All-American ExpanItion. Iiotmna'a (tides, Coleman Beat: Shows. *Oniony Fontada, Rocco Pontos/a, Anderson Motown:lento Martin P. Ablego, SWIGS Pair Shows, Bucker" State Shows. Charley A, Lent. Triangle Pester Pent of Pitteburgb, Tama Popcaltion Stows, International Congress of Oddities, Pioneer Shows. Wallace Brae.' Shows, Sunburst Reposition Skeen and Base/y1 AB -Amnia= Mons. Patrick's Exeter Dote Okay Exerisn, Ceti., Dec. B.-Patrick'. Devotee Shows did fah buoloms bete the week of Novembee Z.. with Bailers Dope Show tinge' management of Henry Janet getting top gene. with Other Salley attractions doing well, reported J. M. Lorna ConeeMontot reported fcod business despite told weather. Jump rom Arvin, Calif, was roads In geoid these aril selmoticans opened on oohedule. due to good week of nide Sopertntendent Tommy Bailey and arraln Robtete son. moaner meelionto Owner and Mrs. W. ii. Patrick, spent the wee -It -cod In San Prwociwo on business. Frans' Crotiri28 ay Imps sod Mandl le the meet protkokee indoor eltsstien In kw [wintry: Ideal for churches, Skis..,. torgyall, night clubs, boil , laveml, etc, le every we, IS. met pottkal sod salhfo,soe euillir tree deviled. Cestalsh of toomesse meld mend tease Shwa Cieke, ely" team.; Celts ore to 1,000 waltnaut beelataeleol. gill ewe 75 eetetre..e4 std tertltcd tall., Well Meal to stead up undcr hied we. blow et new Law voice! FREE CATALOG Send today /Or Fete Cotae..00p Of Emir coreprele her of attelawa And Corniest goutpotest-for SO ynrra the Woodard of ouethey, H. C. EVANS 6 CO #0 W. Adams lt., Loop -o -Plano - Octopus - Rollo-oPlanc and Now NEW FOR 1911 THE FLYOPLANE Tee wrest AO* an Coons 50 Wig brewer. on.. *whim Orretcle 1401ti. A IMAM. tp..ir 44/ mode. PUT Allt(WT (0. lotr Isles Wm Calm. 11,14Orf OF044, AtOMAAD F. long, Camosio. ak1 Como. Pa, a IIMMOMM LULL BMW. Ltd.. Ileaceme. CM,

38 Met. 38 The Billboard CARNIVALS Derernher 13, 1941 TRUCKS TRAILERS New-Used On hand, approximately 200 Used Trucks and Truck Traitors suitable for Carnival use. 25 'Special 22'-28` Carnival Rack Trailers GEORGE BERMAN, INC. Pennsburg, Pa SUPPLYING CARNIVALS FOR TEN YEARS LOOK AT SCHULT FOR LIVING AND TRAVEL COMFORT Pater ebe toiler of rersincar1 This pa Sc. Until Hattie sten tridala Schutt traiter..you have no ides of the genuine comfort and modern aanvenieerres it offers foe hvios and travel. increased space.. super insulator). - ciliate!! bee..superior fairino and furnish. inns. &bolt is ToPS in duality-dues why AWN* people list and rtavti theoi than in any other make. find our about Schott ha yourself! Ste the Seltedt leans at yina dealer's, or wrier fur beautiful Illuserated ciuk14 showing Bret SCHOU' TRAIWERS, INC. DEPT. 212 EL KKKKK INDIANA PLEASURELAND SHOWS NOW BOOKING FOR 1942 OPENING APRIL 25 VICINITY OF DETROIT, MICHIGAN WANT Contestant that art i0.04 eat, staid ProtOted, and deed treatment. DINGO AND COOKHOUSE 1XCLUSIVE3 OPEN. SPICAVI-Mer Sheet 01 Peril vith Of without awn esodessenr. ATTRACTIVE PROPOSITION SOR COO Reitepline, Dying Scooter or any tat. Rafe soh or 'Wised ova. tramp:41,010n. Ride fvfoffun, 4r all Pie" also Walking Mani lop...get *vary tenth end good Irtal"anr. AS Corte -1121"g and ether metopes with um let year, be us hear ham you. RAY E. MYERS P. 0. Sex , Timers, Florid, H. C, HOCKETT POPCORN CROP Why buy tact year's cam when you can as new core si its. same peke for the neat 15 days our mite an at.. rein vox he 5430 pet hendted Rush row soder is new Cad Ian 1I lent 11.4* pc/ hundted. GOLD MEDAL PRODUCTS CO. 131 E. Pearl Street Cincinasati, Ohio Winter -Quarters Netvs mid Gossip As Reported by Representatives for the Shows Jii E. ;tilt -Ides MULLIN.a. 8. tr.. Dm. U.-Wlth pawtkuity oil exuagnal eat hand for relsoild- Mg and raitaqitng. work N pingroatlig well. OM Ertlyea ta getting eirctrical ellurporeut In,hope_ Mike Olsen Is over - motive power units and turning Mem owr to the punt crew. Neck iloswital has a crew merhatiling railroad cam Regsrman,,Infos that he will arrive here early In January to. build is depot (root for tna Mtn:arum 'Train and to enlarge tile Eirabosior. Mies Curtis and Bertha said they will enlarge thrir atireaction. Arthur Walsh Infos from tiarasok that ho nill art In early to build a rant front for the Penny Arcade and remodel the Scooter which hes lint had shipped from Bolen Rotate. La, Mr. mud Mnm innite Ei. Straka. William Plenritng and *kith ItUokinghain reported they had a good time at the NSA banquet In New York. Mr. and Mrs. Pe:team ale In &mums and are dully glamor, or Mr. and Mn.. Arthur Welsh on their pad- L'billeri hare been Lingle! Louis Skates. Mr. rind Mrs. Hanneford. Charles Leask. Lent Troinor, Mr. and Aka Mee Dotham and family, George awry, 1.15, end Mrs. Toni Fields, Mr. end Ma_ Eleterge Tracy and Mr. and lithe, Aft Darla wad son. Ortla, tinele touls brought Irl a rare track to tralleport bra grab ConCe.xion. MARK BRYAN. Pren World's Fair LUMBERTON, N. C., Dim. d. -After rioting in WACrokOlo, N. C., when the show bad a!pod week, esinthigunit war inoved here to a tobacco inuebnoso owned by W. 0 'T-horapoon_ Robcsoit County Pair mounter. Among Rico Wintertitg hire ore PPM Boyd. nura4t.r of the Gliesoshoirip and Lives Owens and C. W. TAMS, of Casio Miller's alms, while the 'writer bar opened a service station mad b assisted by Omer T..Chesstaust ascot. Slam Knott, Ferris Wheel foremen. and Mrs. Knott,,tapped 0 ref * en route to Fayetteville. The Ieriter sad elm]) nod Castle Miller opened,tore slam in Florence, 8. C., after eked of the Nikon, but busitrioi wo.a good. Charlet A_ Abbott, gentcal Tepresentotire, reports nth bookings prikerthrig Oil aslitedulo and Eddie Rahnin ;wroth, many darns rontracted, Charles Powell. general reprosentative goingto a Corning (N. Y.1 krepirni with as Leask Inpary cooly in the Rusin. Is reported coremberstang. Ainang visitors were Me - Dolph Walton:I and 8tl Nrrnerent into srupertutendunt of Robson County Fair, THOMAS W. RICE. Pioneer WrINPitt.Y N. Y.. Dee. 6.-MxnaNer and Moo. Mtebry Prrrreti ratunient here Mite, several shopping and imiditeek trips. On trip thou the Midwest they steins quarters or lime' F. Gosling, Columbus 0. Prom there they wrtti. to Ttlickneil'11e. or to look over Cation Drums's ChntrIrlatos. that on to at. Loots Dill ttoekaonstne. RI,. where they visited with 0)en Ryder and Bee Boo& hooter. Eli Itaftnts...rtttwitay, mat placed au order for a Perris Wheel, On theta return trip they pluelarret1 s Month & Smith Chtaltploa, Tito' stopped in Eteynoblisille. Pa., to Visit Harry Copping. (tame owner 04 the Harry Copping thrum- Prran Piero they wear to Curt WnUmenlie, Pa., VS MD on Fred Robinson. ManagerPeewit silvered everyone opthribstle over Isroainvere Shoals be somewhat hover next year, Manager end Mrs. Pared] plormed on attending 1`00chlefed0 es0s1yearttlesia. R. Count Golden. W. E. Page aussm.t.va.l.e. Ky.. Orre, 0.-Rthet. us: bees/ pdt1plult and ynimut,rod here etc - dry smorrision of Frolic Clark. 'Manager W. a Page bought a new light plant. General Agent h. S. Bream In wintering in Jackson, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Bari Waiters brit recently to spend the bonder, at their franc in Cleveland. George W. White. who will have charge of the light plant. anal Mo. White term to Maratha for the holleirlya Manager and Mn. Page will winter kick lie holds a position with a btu company lucre. W. P. SOSR- Buckeye Slate LAUREL, Mom. Oce.11.-Xaschinery has been thattslied and mkt -Whirs Is In thews to Mart on the 4:matting and remodeling program mopped by General Manager Joe Omilla upon his return 1.0n4t1 Chicago. Pat Brown bass enotniatusd is skeleton mew. Mrs. Josephine Griller I. In Hot Springs for the winter. Prank Wok. Weave world's Woods. ShOwo:,apt John kkairmishry. stiusty tnicealey &Palms), and Mel Dodson, DosIsotie World's Pair Shows were seen sreinsel town. Homer Finley went to the Ottawa znetting. Mt, and Mrs, It Cr, Starbucic mode a alakt trip to the Gulf Color- Doe MIRO. winkling here. Is a frequent YEA. tor. Ed Sweeney is tends04 bar PA a night club In Itatuutburg, sate& H. 0. OTARUPCK. Golden Arrow NORMAN, Ark.. Dec General Mate ale- and Airs. Clyde Morton returned from a business and pleasure nip to Texas, where they purchased two light pfaitta, Nile rides, 11 shows and about 20 ethheratkne will be corned Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sharkey, Cr, route loom California to Fled:eta, sopped for a TRH, Work La progwaseing on rebuilding old painting. Percy Alford u In ebacgo workers. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fisk. opemors of a ball wane and penny pith. Month then equipollent here and left to Watt retattses In Katteca. Me, axed Niro. John Brock and Herman Myers left to wither in Hot Sprkoo, DAVE COOPER. f0,5 angele ANGELES, Dee. S-Talk In slam circled Is Swat the annual bormiart arid ball of the Nadu Coast ShotwrienS Meoeusuon in the BlItniere Bowl on December 11. PCSA Memorial Day Committee. headed by Ted istfors, attela prepnratians for annual servlem on December 7 at Showmen's Wee, levorgrom Cemetery, when Sin num. MA symbol, will be untottect Ness bus been received of the gluertagn of Dr. George W. T. Soy* 4a Helen Joseph Reece it Fern. h id,, HaeMnber 30, BLS and Rota Douglass. of the Douglas Shots, are to town from the Northwest They were accompanied by Mrs. Douglas's ester, Gertrude Woodruff, -. Barney Clancy'. or Joyland In In town mad steles that he'll be aroind ell winter... Monroe (,Noel Elheitintl sod Mn. lawman. of Patrick &bows, are out again following an ClutCrtruyttne accident U. which era. 11,,CROIO Wit, the noes severely injured, nod thett air awn dnientelled.. Mollie bernova, Chicago. Lucille Dolman's water. Is In Leo Angeice for the Muter,. Mew Henry has bran disci from Veteraue Hospital. Sawkile, Cart where M. bad born off arid mi. three may... WIlitana J, Eowney. of Durgin& n Young Show., and Flunk Murphy. Of Foley At Burk idtior 11, "Arr, also there,., Venturi Waver, of the Russell firth.' Shows. Alas to town. sttaw closed this week -end... Elden Frcek an. mounted the (Neat Western Rodeo.. Charley Halley Is NOM Ill town end was *ern In tire flentol lobby, Archie Clark la In town.. Bill Jessup. of Woe Coast Shows, will either ham Wit ITE SIOUX TIRE IS BATTERY CO. SIOUX FALLS_ S. D Buy caw Our LILT Terme SOL'S LIBERTY SHOWS Now BONING SHOWS AD ATTRACTIONS FOR 1942 SEASON Actaeurc P. D. /10x 22J. C4rIfthori3OO, GREATEST ILLUSION ten Yeatume Cr Nita tesn." P.enhe 321,00. betas, initiator rn Colim, likahm 110Seld Illsteet Swinton.

39 DrreMber 13, 1941 CARNIVALS The Billboard 39 Ed Walsh, Augments Coast Club's Slate ut ANOELLS, Dm. 6. -EA WA=114, well known In allow circles and pbt.i. poletor of the Erlatol lintel beet, rim added to the slate of the Rutile Cust Ehownan'a Awoomation Sintatay night as treasurer when Row. Davis. Incumbent noel nominee, AP.lerd Co be relieved of the rimiest. Harry Pink, pant prablent wad Matra:nu of Ma riorniewiting cantaiittoe, made the onookinewnent. *mond change in the date was also announced. President Joe Olney, taut - rioted to nerve a five-year term On the Cemetery Board, asked to be reltreed nt thin assiguriuttit In favor of Darla. Davin mil Wait tat Co-OlairatiOn With the new troodirer. Others oa the Mato sag Mike Krakow. president: H. A. leopi Ludwig, first vice,preitdent; Roy Isidirtgton, second vice.president, Pall 0 Dousing., thirst vice-prisident; Chariest W. Nelson, fourtli vier-preileiont, and Ralph Lowy. settee wry, Election Ic Dxember Golden mid Raynell Sign 'id' Dee Lang for 1942 ONICA00, Dee. 0.-Ountroet wets.1gered November 20 between Cora* Golden and Rama. wire Of Bolden. and Deo bang, owner of Doe Lung's Minions Snows. for Coition to operate the entire concession midway with that thaw in 1042 end foe Raynell to produce two Rotting *Mows for the Midway. Node and Trude Rauch and Boilywooct Enamour Girth. BOlden luta been with Royal American Shares IS years end for the putt reverni years hog been conomaton monagre Were, white Raynell has produced tea. tore &haven with Royal American fir the past aorta van, Doc tang ben contrnsted his entire Tonto at atilt dates for 1912 and has the truly eigned a otrhog Of fame LENNOX. ft. D, Dm general atrot of the Art U. Tbanta+ alums hut brim re-et:tags:i for 1742 by Genial Manager Art B. Thomas 11, will be the auventh year 'Rive has baled the shown In that capacity. ANDERSON TO JONES rconnsit.,,t from pipe JIt gantstauon au La Dicta CLIntiL County Fair; bitokimopi pair & Dairy now, which let Its dole for week of October 10 and the Tenney -0o State Fair. The La Mete Feu is return engagement. Pall Trwria. of the Tetonessee Beate Fair. announced that George A. Fluttibl, Inc.. will have the gnindstand rum and the Ohio Metwocka Company the Me - add**. PCSA BALL DRIVE (Contleated!rum page 32) Jantborso will be free to thew people, and acts appeartog aft damming Orme services. Abe Lefien. Oben-worn Of The convention COmmittee. will emu* tile bangstot, and ball. Reception will be herd Lo the Bowl at 7 pin, with the banquet to fortow one hour toter. Flooralus, featuring mumle of Carl RAVRICIA 11.0 orelostra and right tient, is oeheduled for 9. Thento of the banquet Cad bait will be lerograba Museums Address Communications to Cincinnati Off Ice Citionpaigu Gives King Frenke Click Dow; Coluntbua Is Good COLUMBUS, 0.. Dee. 0.--Worldis Pole Desks :Mow. owned end operated by lb. and afts Hamann, Ring, chalked tip oal moults in ha second week hem_ Brow Inaugurated lie tour In Moroni:sign, nt.. ir,..cnt:nt 2 to 0114/AaA11111A O'.Hilbtad, and isaulla Les rhe fired seek at 213 South Mob Steret here were good, Special paper to bring used, along with heavy newspaper mhertliong. rad10 thinaceigetiona and a IP-minute remote ecoirot prognun from the mitivenn Mott haa Mr. rind Meg, Harrison King. ownereethartagral; Earl Myvta Jr.. MM.*: A. 4V, MCAatrli. leciontr. Samuel Ftidy. Liana lecturer; Agri. Marion Biddy. nurse: Ifiiworci Envie, tivinsportalino =Are; Wilbert Reed and Mrs. Helen COLUMBIA, S. C., KC }ht Roe NA Grid, ws s'esgarsolark, R.wail greiller te rire.ruse, coot Mow* art/ nark fkman. rrlenbr, Weer l'peas... sot Salinas rar hiir iwl. tire ham - slim All rentssi F vet,64. S. 0 GROVES GREATER SHOWS Oct rule ell 7erthnain FKatn.ba,, to lbarrn1apa LW. lanai Car. Clangs tuiribl Old 0.1 *tern, - bur an Lonna v.1 dan.a re set h Mad6dk44 ml alatan.a. Itthete Lead. IH11.1A co uneven, new* ma, tae sys. REYNOLDS & WELLS SHOWS Wintvr Quarter): MAMMA, TEXAS BOX 794 HeckI, liii tacr Abs). Great Willi With Gilsilorf CHICAGO, Dee- 6.Melt OlWlorf. of Dick's Paramatun Murat. teas week en- :ono:toed that the Gust Wan* cannon net cut ire 1Ae free attraction on itils show In last season Whoa appeared with Needy then. 011adpre atbellnfil Our cuutme meet. imps here Min week and departed }suer nay 451 for hot Springs, Ark., tg Jain his family for n 1943y Etat.14 IbbhcCSOLS. IA'alten. gerund agouti Dare lament, prom; Diner Myer -send Henry Thompson, LIcknes; Otorgo Martin. Homer kat-4a and Meyer &conic', Maitre: Luke Wilton radio publicity. and George W. lianoen attorney. Lime -up tneludes Madam Zsettla, men tat marvel: Eddy. 13/31116H carpenter humno cothscrest: dealt Messer urn eater, Ptah -mar Lolloy.rontrelorptit; Rime Von Lyn& threr-leineed girt 'Ralph Knower, elephant akin man; Rob ban-obl, rbhber skin nuts: Jack Doe.oghne. human boiler:in Mr. and Ins. "Re Stall son_ knife threracirt ern, Rao. onakm; Mae licaskill, magic, Johnnie Dnartitag, almrpoltooting and asenihnsing; Edna4Grurge, tees ambient,: Jack MAWS &Moment -more: The and Merle Nelloy, addle:de: Jerry Turner. meal boy: Bob Pout. popeyse ikain HotAton, 'Endow treaty: May Mack. sward box: Henry Oar ter, Guy Brown_ Harry Mills. Col Jones, eemniewary; Alert Crawford and Morin. Ocean. Max Frankel; James <Un- End Denumn, banter metil Raymond A. MAK, glnia blower. Vinton. nullified `ratter 0. Metiond. Joe Archer. Jackie Andrews Mr. and Mrs, Prink Beckett. D. of A. & F. FROLIC,ice, Triton Mimetic. Stanley raa'd0ill Rey Dean. Jack Smith and Sam deltoid. Alain k (wrier ten Korte iCtk El Paso Engagement Opens Well EL PASO, Ten. Dec R.-Making ill among (unseen:live appeared:me here. Pete Koster World's, Pair Mliretelen opened to gold business in the ntl.t Nalsoma Rank Bwlldilkg Met Saturday. Aboot 60 per cent of the ahoy Lineup is new this year and management pleas to remain In the city until..1811wal I. With about sachem nuortersei nt near -by Camp Bites and several defense proytesa Here, the city M doing boom hotenose Ihow line-up at opening Mended :Glenn seed girl: Earl!WI, man with two mouths: (Smelly, loan of it thous/re:a thrills: Maurice. frog bay; Outer, nun blub waits blickyrnrcln NbabltSb Sall, big (makes: Amok. brad hunter Homy Lawler. thin man; LeRoy. magician: Claim. Kiev biiincrr!, Ageh, Ate whom LOTIMISO. mane/dist: Reba*, armless wonder: Eko arid 3113/ Vaa all alpire. v.v.., In &Qtr. 0b,"0,111 PM claw. KM rasa amiad. Iso aria. r.movsaji oat LAW ti:: ;,1 We Ford. Vrtrol 11:19draist, r.c.,,471.t.tr, Ike. chrephmelett Irani Cial-r Iota (161n, Maw Hyastae, 4 0-r. 4:. b..e1 atte> A Walbay Ilandenab. 10{r. Heat* albliantl r. I.0 o. nos itlf. Walesa W. Tuve Re -Engaged by Thomas Talent Ilelps Iklitss. Lodge To Profit; 6 Acta Booked mankti girl: Johnsen. *word visallower; Edema, human bellow.; Patent Stslani, Aibtito 'Ram, and Bingo, dawn. Spcnsorcd [vents Yeirran, Lodge and Other Organization Festlritiea Conducted by ROBERT R. DOEPKER 11CoreununIcatIono to 25 Opera Place, Cincinnati, 0.) (en the es;vit, leading a torchlight parody, to be followed by coronation of the 1042 queen In the Ice palace. MILFORD. Masa, Dec. S.-Western Jamboree, presented by the Order of CRESCENT Amusement Company Intl Moose, eluted a three-day offering here furnish the midway for six -day Ilardoo an November 23 with mono lb the bank County Strawberry Festival, Bowling Green, Ilk, mid Idatinger J. A. Albritton. foe ebb ICAO. It WYr pmanottil by ELI Leignswo. Talent, honked %Mu -AL Martin, included Rom and 11,111seo, yodeler.: <Mown Stan mato turn: Curley Law. PEVA sad his Prairie Pals: Jordan and Olitia, knife thruwers and abarpshcca. thin Mirk end Lawstace, comedy, and Prim Mellor -roost, fancy roping. Red.1, Wm:non we. Monne chairnans Augmented Program Planned For Fargo Winter Carnival FARGO, B, E, Doe. 0-Fourth day ban been mitied to the 1041 third annual. Jock Front Winter Carnival twee under aueploto of The JU Gissuriber of Coal - nurse, repottad Pentad Chairman Kria nettbda3y. Ofek1118 believing tt wt11 give Mewl s batter chorus to Obtain batne Went and odic. a more varied progrotn.!battened will be en toe revue: a4b3 with utilicemtd matching groups, Inman drum and bugle Corps and Boom: n10.gbsilvan, dancing. skating. nlalrai.: rams. citiwn Of the 1941 ettr111.bal A Review of the Sponsored Events of 1941 and Important Events and Ilatipeilings of the Year Will Be Featutet of the Holiday Greetings Number Watch for This hum Dated December 27 DODSON'S WORLD'S FAIR SHOWS "The Streamlined Midway of the Amusement World" WANT FOR 1942 SEASON WANT SHOWS WITH OUTSTANDING ATTRACTIONS WWI 1baancc 11V, rippstatia and enema! Show lams. Rat -elan Mlitadram. writ Ienehla Ridan twit luralsk Wear.. fa/ &veal. MINH. Shaw, wall urywual Ametlions.. Mifet Shade arida veriaide inlattetat01, gindenen ter hilptote Comer! Bind. alts Leader. Miortlive. Cab Ow totir.bans Honied Petah/thee, CONCESSIONS OF ALL KINDS Na Wheel.. Tip -Ufa or Rendre.", NfW AND NOVEL RIDES WILL BUY FIRST-CLASS COOKHOUSE COMPLETE Cad pleat Hntetall Banded /Ad Desic.ar who con the hr eat be, NC.21% Man who can,ion canine thaw end nudalkin tame. W./Naos-en In all bepedbnents. Trein Help, CAD fcnemen end Alielenle. Can always one 'AWN' Cddr[Iwl Pedal/ woo appreciate!mad Hcelmeed end / ie.c ItAlan with "Amedka,a OURilanding Midway Orgyniaatian " FAIR SECRETARIES, COMMITTEES, AND THOSE DESIRING THE SOPERtA- TIVE MIDWAY OF THE TENTED AMUSEMENT WORLD, TRAVELING ON ITS OWN TRAIN OF 35 DOUBLE LENGTH RAILROAD CARS, ARE INVITED TO CORRESPOND, roose INTERISTIO /N AN OtritetAND.ING ROUTE OF FAIRS, ennozarto,n$ AND StlfJ. DADS, COMMUNICATE WITH: M. G. DODSON, Pres., Dodson's World's Fair Shows, P. 0. Box 3317, lacksooville, Florida Wetle lade/ red the baraare. Lai Pan Cr * Una tiny a pun sautseilly11, melons VOLMC00,1 *I all ward., A HOME ON THE LOT Real tiring Allgrays-R'herer-er You Go Its,. /*a FAA Warn Vt W oanman.naaa *ad onntibela-.. Ulna, an.,. I tila taw, eaalla. RHO., saa leaegads last abfull.. Ife. MORO WORRIES IlleGard Morn seciessassnosimaus aa PENT' Co pay. litzam -..fitz &IAEA 3fiendard and Coitou talk Iroittr f (1111('AGO STREA111.L111T. COIIP. Mel COTrect COOVO eve. CHICAGO.

40 40 The RiThboarci CIRCUSES pcsmonarer 13, 1911 Condected by CHAReee WIRTH Comenueicagens to 2.5 pct., Pine. Gariertell 0. NM Closes Contract With Rochester Shrine CD:CINNATI. D. f --[toes Morten alarm. that he closed entreat for Benne- Morton Chem; to furnish Meow for the Rochester IN. Y.) Shrine week of March 10. Ho addle -Tine le fleet contract for our compares foe Reeheater, yet Reeking - tee Stettne has been %wad"! for 10 years. IIM now ems derail eontracta for next year for Milwaukee. Emmen Clts Altemia Pee BeHonore, Rochreser. Due - if Me, and lienediten, Ottawa end Mont - reel to Cement Acts at Fall River Lions' Club Circus PALL. RIVER, Mara- Lice. fe-m5 indoor anus spereereed by Ina Leone Club under the promotion of J. 0. Reelacher, opened here Monday at the Celina. This It the onoirei Castile eircue presentee by the Lions under Ingeorberes promo - Den, the nut, last year, being a highly aticor03101 renture. The show wan booked thru the Al Mar ageing. The progreee ineludes Chet N eleenk Beare Ihnir Donee. the Never Troupe; Bert Sloan, wire walker: Loins boil Other. heed Winne:lo emotein An - del -roue Dog end Pony Chen*, finyearen bears, the Dickson Brethren. comedy knirekabeut act, and Victories 'Troupe, bicycle oat The show rue thru the week with a special ma nee neturdey fa echolt children and innate of the Leona Club, M Marlin Will Supply Acte for Washington Shrine BOSTON. Dec. 6.-Al Merlin wan awn. -did the contract to supply 90 acts far the Shrine Chrue to be presented in Mote Stadium, Wariaington. D. C. The Marlines, which lest,. 18,070. Ls the home of the Waahlognelt Lien, hockey trim, and the metre of touring tee shares. Martin is lining up a grans bill Me the en:menem which U under dleneton at Frank Schnect. The Sheltie* Meet - tiro amoretttee It nt work en the Vette dittribitteen plan and the nation's =pl. tat wilt be covered with advertising leseleutlee committee theludes: Howard P. Wiley, Floyd D. Aker*. Earl Whittler Shinn, Ralph N. Wolfe. Jenne A, Courselire, F. Lawrence Walker, Melvin C. Smith. Needbom C. Ttignage. Raymond IL Florence. Stanley 0. Willie and Edmited 0, Clare The Show will be peen:sled nightly In three reign and there wet be mat!. nevi on Werlbesetey Den eleturday. Proceeds of the etyma will go toward the ahriesea week in behalf Cf crippled cblldren at Illerchazits' Show CANTON, 0., Dee. 0.-More Hutt le children lammed the Person Termer here Noramber 31 at the annual Retell Mreeleguise free circus, produced and directed by.1. rt. Malloy, fele allow* bad been aehrtitileel, starting at 9 am.. but an ex -tot show eine glean at 4 p ite to accormanclate a Meg line outside the treater. Malloy hag produced the sheet throe eon ecuteen years and thin yenee performance was acelaimed the hot and Meat entertaining. Prosper. teetered 12 Seise opening with Foray and Jerry, wizards on wheels: Min Efitiet, Comedy Inegicten; Fl tag-?jai:eye (Slimy Gerstell arid Vents Sleeken Chire White Eagle era Company, Metro:shooting end &renter Vetere Johnson!, ealetedle Tinker nor and Pelee flog and pony Peerelty presented by Mt.. Malloy: Art 11111, oyellati clowns; Wells lerothere. comedy- here end Chief MOW EDAM and Primness Red Wing. patelette Monte Jack Malley was Heigetester, threes three yearn ego replaced a Santa Claus parade net is Laid by the mmehante to be more allefectorr, ire it In lien indeors. A In -piece ASCLITICall legion bond and Emil linen at the canape peovided mute. Klein To Produce Show CANTON, O., UM. 0.-C. A, WM has Iniormrd The Billboard repreventetve bore that he tout brae gran the contreet to proclaim and direct the ev -eternal Order of Paine Indoor Create In the Armory at Charlestoo, W, Vs. In mete:ion to the comenttee. Shen l5 be - the.slated by Volt Sleek, and Persenta Mara Ambitions Plans For Autry Rodeo CHICAGO, tern 0,-Oule Mien, screen and radio cowboy, announced that he will launch Ma Flying A Ranch Rodeo in February at the Rentsten Pot Stock Show, eathegenteet will run February 0-10, AOlry sem the 11.1w, X -h hen been In preparation for more than a year, will In the- tartest and fineet of Its kind ever peculated. Veer more than el year merro represent/peter* hale been scouring the West nod Southwest for rodeo stock, which, is now been quartered at the 1Plying Rends near Ardoiro, Okla, Autry oow le the owner as 17e enar.klug harem. Also included among the mock are 40 Brahma buns, 75 pa. rade horses Car the panel entry. and what Is said to he the leremit privately owned herd of Toms lonsboret steers in the world, The rodeo will conform tie nem of Rodeo ease:mete:in of All:Writ* ID Its emirate, rapt Autry. In addition to the purees for Itiduldwal engagements there will be 61,500 In pitta money awarded at the and of the year, Of this 4750 well go to the "Champion Alielloeint Cow. boy.- Tem other 8750 'EMI be Welded staring the Champions in the live rodeo contest events Oely towheye who core - pate to all of the Plying A Ranch Melee engagements will be eligible for these poem, which will be known ea the -Flying A Ranch Pedro Aireardse- end which will carry with them special trophsea. Autry plane to take hat preeeulation en a thin of fintern eitt.ro.. Many of which base never teen a roam. Plans for the production meragement of the rodeo are, in the heads of Manlove EtMle Allen. with David B. Whalen netting sit melee preas representathre, and Roue Lockette, of Brenham, Tex- arena el!meter, Big Toppers at Convention Dec, 0.-Circus and farmer clones men who attended the coetention here this week were Mural :Mobs, 12141=41 Jolumort, Witheist Claire, Jack leo Hamilton. J. D, Newman, Eddie Vaughn, Duke Dtelitereerod, Orrin Davenport. Ire and Sam Ponsek, Allen King. S. L. Cranin, Doe Weddell, 17, C. flown. Fair! Shipley. Me and Mrs. John Schubert, C. A. (Dud) Lawrence, Ore 0. Parka, Bob Rickey. Sam Stratton. Ralph [lawn% William B. Naylor, C. Cornwall Spencer, Dill Chipman. Willlem Linderman. sleek (Meet Teethe Apace E. Waltrip, Jake J. thscli, Frank Margery, P. A, Hinton Boudlnat. Dan Delneexte Shaine Mslloy, Jestie end Oran Teter, thin Lester, Barry Lenitue Arthur Win - sleeker, Ate Johnson. Berry Bert. J. L. Secure. C. R, Rolf, Paul IL Lewis, Jake A Review of the Circus Season of 1941 and Important Events and Happenings of the Year Will Be Feaferce of the Holiday Greetincts Number r.roich for This Issue Doted December 27 Court of Appeals Rules Against RB NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 0.-The Circlet Court of Appeals of the United Beiges eloyembet 20 ruled against Ring - ling tree. end Barnum dr Salley Can - bitted 4,11.01fs. inc., In null filed In a Western District Overt or Texas *gleam George If. Sheppard, comptroller of the State of Trans, asking return of ithproxt. merely $10,000 paid In figete entettainmeat tax Online protest in summer and early fall of The ruling wee hippee!td!mee the Ditelet Court hating nininst the circua recentif et Fort Worth. Th elreete claimed the tee could mat be levied legally on Its shows In Texas mine the pane -elects- nail net Men eineineelly named among lialtlaba (II- I:lessed by the statutes arid that nothing closely rein:en to a circus war, named. The higher cone oiling said that the circus wee Included because the statute and -*veer oreporettei owning Oe V- era:mg a place of arnomment that charged fees for innthalcei- war aubject to the levy. James hl. Cole Show in Ohio CANTON. 0., Dee The James ef. Cole Indeor Clretlb, which has been playing ethoala in Neve York and Prztrinytraialts., lute kneaded Ohio for the flue time. Unit. will play Shea houses Predate -le L. D. Oreenhow, Earl Jenny. level Delmer. Will Hee Mickey Cogent. Arthur Reerrnert. Jerome Ilan -rash. Clint Pinney. Boomed le nary. Al Beek, Vernon MeResevy, C. B. Rice Mid J. Grail. Woo, Horse- & Upp Combined Circus Art Equine and Canine Paradox -71w Show Wdis a Leaf of Cold By STARR DE BELLE Weeen Rene Go. Winne Quieten. Littetnien 6, 194L Door Editor: The show was to open on November 30, but because the equipment WAt riot ready noil no opening wet bed Welt booked, the debut wan delayed far another week or two. The three Wawa returned to quarter* after en extended wrinklennorenne trip that covered taro Tlugnksolvinge with relativist. They were irerprisod at the amount of wart done dttreng then.beeper. na they had left no money to do It will,. That the show well go act much enlarged is a rattled rect. A thee% on our perecnitel showed people with It frteri three different Stages. With all them oulett-estatere Joining, was are worried fee fear that the show win drop the tredielots of iming a family affair. Work of getting the edvance department Marten on the nail le well under May. The niareigemerit was fortimato ourchneing n one-horse panel laundry wept rwitigette Melee and a twodearse hack with tongue see dmible-tree. Men- Vete. Assembling waseenenow railing Meek at the, day and time is n difficult matter. 111C, laundry wagon Nat been painted and lettered, Exploitation Department, ethane Waxen No. 8. Painting of the hark has been started and It will be lettered. Presternel!Anne Menem of Advance Wegcut No. Ii. Nephew Meek len will be rat charge of the ad - trance With tem men, During a, recent cold spell the bowel tithed the crews to slaw down work but hureint it agent when It warmed up. They would Mtn one day sod sot Itchy feet and palms the next. On Thursday a notice wrest up, reading. "AU member& of tots *hew are requested to attend meeting in the crakhenee, Managers Won, Reese and Upp will &herr oweengem vital to the show end its people." At the rartinne the paramount quoit:on brought up was: Who bee or krenes of enyone with to hue a length interest In the dhow? When the tiratteen crest as CO whether a fourth Merest was worth that Med of dough the =nen argued the point In this manner, -Perhethe the equipment In tee but we ma not meting equipment value. We hire gelling tabor on the same &late as a reethanle who puts Menet holt In your *hare and Charges, 12,per hate for bin work,- They figure that the also.' is 40 years old, a Combined time of 120 years fee the three mum" In days lt. figura and, settle% their combined pay at tie per day. which Onneteared a fate day's pay tat three leralbree'r oonmeiniiregtoirre s.211lebooltilnyrunboutlynint412i per cent of the show for 60 icrend, the buyer not poly would get In on an equal chars of the labor but the equipment se Sontos-Artigas Has Fine Start in Havana, Cuba HAVANA. Dee 5. -Sector. de Arttgaa opened their Seth seilia93 Nosengber 28 at National Theater, Show was egnio hooked by Fred Donna. who it elm espiestrian director. Played to packed bathe and war enthueleetically received by teeth prese and pieele, Program follows: Alfred Court's mixed group of punts, leopards and black penthere prranted by Da11301, Moire; Aseveres-lioloyolo and Madam Hearths, high-acitoel net; David and Delimit big horse and pony liberty art pracoted by Arturo; Cora Davis. dread cuing and trapeze; Freida? and etherreelto, darnels Flying Contra, flying trapere acre with Herold Ocerdera comedien: Permit. elnek wire; Montes de teen Duo, trempelthe hand-to-hand Warming: Mgt:nee Jed. glee: Fernentledo Senn, animal and bled Imitator, the Duartonnte, head -balancing tonere men. Alexenitto and lila Ylalltttban playing degas, Show will play four weeks In Rarraela end then go to the Ides of Pine for two weeks, Circus -Revues On London Stages LONDON, Nev. 8.-Cratiserevues be - gin on London Mama, November 10. At the Stole Klegavrey, Tben Armed mote Welk Up, Walk Up. heeded by remain Mir, Koreeren from [Marian Mille and Dinekienel ToWee and In support the Creldneffe, ladder not of lime Stan origin; Scott fatally of Memel Markle, trick pen]'. Mid by Stu:rare at recent sale, and members of Clam Paulo's Circus- At Goldern Green Orpbeun. tiotterted pee theater, the Angle Mitten Chesil Variety, directed by Arthur Joel, maitre rte bow. Barnard Mel le now it flight Lieutenant In Muni Air Pone, aline rank as held for sonic months past I, Jae* Whitt. farmer Secretary of CPA. ellitek ditties ere adminletretne. Brothel Cyril, meg- Melly ruled ua 100 old for RAF ening, altho a civilian pilot of experleare, matinura In Important Jul} at War Oilier. Coco, for many tear* with Mills ea Atietiste, discharged from army as unfit, hes gone on tour of military ratters fog ENSA, Well probably he stem back In cirrus nett manner. Bill rat Belfast Ilipp BELFAST, Ireland, Nov. 20 -Pew his teeeteenek seetion of '!recto rat leelfeet Royal Hippodrome, opening Chrietems Ere. Guy I.. Bitch Lora booked the Mahoney &others. American Reba tonerily. Jugglers, Will Dully end Pearl, eareetly cyclietei Two Marlowe comedy esthete= Pour Angle:Ids comedy nee. bale; Tex Nevado and company of cow -,boys In Western par:1mm Moorage Pour in Western harmonica:. Three Do- Inidee Western eldreer Johnny dleenitd, cowboy itenter. from I: Heckles family Circus: Two Racers, balanceot on chains, Me high: Cedielte, botnning Wiese Hs, Georges neck refer; Four Steckler. Ro. Men rings; Georgie Ilencsin'n trick piny e nd p arming INgeOnee, Sateen Sneers high trapeze; the Memo, motor cycling In midge.; ROMA and his Cligellatees, feats of strength Biotadak. high wire; Eithe and Ms golden harp; Clown Marin, with monkey.. dogs and VIM: Mtn Barry's 12 young ladies Doyle Janet. 21 Ise mo of fun, 111thelptgrIla Nubby Sleek - Miss. end since then has been pleyteg,schools and theatres, nutty theepontewe left for his borne In Charleston. well. Buyers were asked to step to the front. When no one morel we were 8, C. oaken le think herd for the next fete days to we if we couldn't rentembee ickuurrr SILLY. who pitted the some felend who had that kind k B Citron, Romanist.. Vs on Most ed 1111 are the penny.for-yeur westward end while rat Ctheintrett last thoughts type, treek celled at Vie killibberd Mem, lee, Will Scott. Pere end rile. Mickey Maxi; Bob Bernard), doge. Electiee haritte P. B. Purcell Buys Route in McComb, Miss. efecomb. Mbar, Dee. 0.-P. D Purcell. of Pureeing Binge Circus. tete leurehmed a home mid iteemare tract of land for quarters In Singh bieconile Per pest 20 yeent he has resided in Chillicothe and bra Matra. Ia. Show bed n auccearnal meant, playing. Nebraska, Iowa anal Mirogesote Closed the fare season at Ifonelueko.

41 Dreember 13, 1941 CIRCUSES The Billboard 41 Alit With the atcas laths By THE RINGMASTER Cra Prokket Drone It itaierteint tr. at recliannall oast ve. Llo St.0,01.; 0. CYR 4 cohere (thellertt to warner.* Itemeetrernor -nee Mom 'Ti....are meaner {Medea tc=1".#0. Harbin, Ian ROCHELLE, DL Dec. d.-membern of the Mime; Drs Orlo Tent were much In evidence at the }21a' Orme held to the Esposition Building, Portland, Me. week of threember 17. Feeley was Circus Faits' night, with the following Palls preen:an Diward 'Monies, treanner of the Elks' circus currunittee. Janus B, Tomlinson, Frank p. Penne:son. James S. McCloskey and Lawrence 0. Brown. Duenee intermbelari Stem Manxman Breen wee escorted to the center ring and drew the winning tickets on the realtore nightly awarded. Brown enjoyed visits with the Granny Hanneford faintly, the Pallenbergs and Mr. and Mrs. Con Colima. Don S. Howland. Columbus, 0, writes: "I finally got in a little drooling, We had en indoor show here at the Mate Fair Coliseum. T e (now was put on by the Joe Archer entre-mime and I em forty to state VW not tire meet encoresful preenotlen. I did have a change to do some vietting with seism of me old leleede. Raymond B. Deere was In thugs of the preset and did an exceneett lob. The show ems very greed. Rey Roger,. of the Wallace show. toed elmege of the =Ca. Joe Itetilrt had nine Wens of his Madison Fmonre Rand here. I stalled teeth leernertt Kelly, nevette Troupe, Erma Went end Jimmy Pewter," A. Morton Smith. CPA of Gainesville, Tea, U the new conductor of the Cir. ClIalergt department In the liebbiel nierrartne. Ible Menne. under 'rupee - vision of Smith will etert In the Januar/ limae Mr. and Mn. W. H. Hohenedel attended the Annual Banquet and Ball of the Showmen's Inesgtie in Chicago. At their table were Mr. and Mrs. Prank It, Harness, Mr. And Mrs. Frank Burke. Paulin Whitmore and Harry Atwell. al Cbkago. and Mrs. Torn Terence. 01 Marlietat. Wt,, The above named were a pert of a party of 40 from the. Atwell Lenitheon Club. Gordon M. Paine CPA, advisor that he has bought out hie primer to a radio store that they have operated in fat. Joseph. Mich., for the pant 10 ram Tile firm was dissolved in noire that his patter could accept n pasttlen with the Canweidated Airemft, San therm, Calif. The December number of Oak Lent. tented by CPA Torn Cirsanty. hied plc - nine of the otgenleatten meeting et the new tent in the Circus Fens- Assortnilein reeenlly otgerneed In Akron. O Row Banned lifeniorial Day IlitTNOTON. N. J..'Dec Trent cornmineon lost week adapted a resolit Hen asserting It would not permit the Ringing -Barnum Circuit to pitch Its tent:, hero neat Manuellen Day. The reeelution says that the holiday Le "dedicated to the memory of those who died In defense of thin country," and added that the Orton snould nut be allowed that day because the streets and public reboot grounds nheuld be reserved for use by vetereim and ether petriotto Orgen:melon& The ahem annually has name to town on Memorial Der. The Commission Mal not sty whether appellation has been made by the anew for another play date. Eddie Vaugliareo Wife 111 CHICAGO, She. 0.-Eddle Vaughan,!censer legal nriptoter and C a live was called yesterday (11) to. Indian Tee., by the serious matte of his wile. Ho had been attending the outdoor con- Dente:ale here. Meeting of Canton Club oorroa, o, Dec About 100 Indite and /octal members Attended a meeting of the Canton Showmen's Club. icovemher 26. Art.. inn, Jack Malloy and Mill Verdel comprised the Vrtatelttee in Charge of arrangeniente. GOOD'S CIRCUS SNAPS Irmo 1140 es seat Ina/ware kw* #1r OM tale as *sal, tstersolire IsMasa, omega #ola, Pea arse,. same. Roomette Wails.., SOO Tarn Mt. Teeters asa, Oslo mesa Ma pd OraeorpOrl pastors. 40 HISS Ton mad lelestas e wt dereels. Sena slam Me ha,sr the Resente lead Tartar eve emona. S OON. mierveme, P Letter From Stanley Dawson COLIAIRtin, On Dee. 0.-With the winter circus playing at Ohio State Palrgrosindl. Onumbus became the mecca for..bowmen from here, there end curt' where. Noticed at the "Lot" were J. D. Newman, Don the llerbee. Linnet W- C -wave. Clyde and Vera Almeida, Dia. enveneuech. sidle Illeence; Cabbie. from the old Forepaugh-Sells Clinue: Bert Zdtller, Spec Camp). Yellow Burnett. Shorty the Wop: Ray W. Rogors, owner of Wallace Bow.' Circus: Walter Neaten& lamer Meyer, Sam Stadler and Pearly Houser and wife. Rez McConnell from Conlon came limping In at the!eat moment. and Charley RAM and Mr. Morgan of Zanesville, 0., visited MI Thanksgiving Day. R. B. Dean commuted between Columbus and Milford Center daily. Ray end the prase work. Columbus papern thanks to EA Phillips, Were gen- Grow to the drew. Rogers supplied the program. and it, was creditable. Cautin wee in charge of concession, also the Dart sellers_ Dick Wayne Barlow, who Is operatthg a rink on the fairgrounds. was a daily venter. Omin Davenpeet visited the above on the 18th. Jimmy Sesame* visited his ninny friend.. and acquaintances. Shaw, formerly associated with MAXIMO, was In charge of props with the [insistence of Hammerhead. Irma Ward was tenons the performers who threes -el welt -satisfied audience*. Emmett Reny ono smse there, In fact, the aseembiese was a compealte of Cole Brea.' and Wallace Berm.' cireuree. The *eclat event of the week was the Thank:reeving dinner at Ginger and Bill Benson'. Venetian Cafe. beer the circus grounds. Forty-three people sat down CO dinner. 'renew Burnett had the Gold Room Cherie:ea Ice himself and his guests. After dinner the areerabtage put o il a flecesleew. Everyone was upon to sing, dories, melte or tel a story or stand for refreshments. A few highlights were: Shorty the Wop doing a charneternatton Of lammo- DM: Ben Benson, a solo on the frees - harp: Ginger Benson in character dances; Ilammerhend with a short talk on what he knows about aerial artiste, Burnett with a talk on why be likes to whiter rn Mexico. and * ebort talk and recitelien by the writer. On the moon which was pawed around (see Letter From Damn on pane IS) cite.;?wet The Corral guitch.; I COrranue(callems lo Opera Place, Cincinnati. 0.). a$1 avaeas assomfion Robertson Draws By RUSS T. WARNER!Director of Pontscity, 141$ Mulberry Street, Reading. Pa.1 READLNO, Pte_, Dee, re.-w, Pennell White, C14111 of Portland, Mc- te working on plane for coratruenng a miniature museum along the lines of Etsenueren American Museum. This wilt Um In with his present Model circus end will be In the form of a miniature doll house with teething for the menagerie, Connate Of Unite Wonders and miniature Melee gathered from all ports of the world. White has always been n student of Barnum and hem been collecting Hems for a number of yearn (Ce the miniature museum. He recently purchased more wild animals with which ho wilt enlarge his circus menagerie. Stan Rogers. of Hollywood, and Ivan Christy, of Lea Angeles., attended a local Lathering of the CPA In LieLlywond. The room in which the meeting took peace was decorated with CIITtla pastern sad the Circus athecephere was emphadeed by the playing of recorded circus music, The Model Builders of Caltternie ere awaiting the miming of Russell Bros.' thecae which, It III rinnered. win winter an that State- Christy to working on an "Amon*" tableau wagon men bet nut Completed a menagerie tent which will house his large display of 23 bulls, 7 webres, 8 Muerte, eir bison, 4 muerte end various other lead etock, as well as ha Cl Iran hem equipmeteyo MI 40 cars on hla contemplated Td -CAT 11110W. While playing the Endlert110 Men Shrine Cheers, Terra! and Dolly Javabli Mated William Low, CUB of Ennerilla to leek Over Law's shop and wagons. Together with other Melton's, Mr. sod Mrs. Roger McGraw, of the Evansville Zoo, and due Janchete enjoyed an oldfashioned lunch prepared In haw's Circus cookhouse by etre. Lucille Low. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mom*. Of Read. PS, and Charles of Comment& Pa, visited with Robert Geed. (Sea MODEL BUILDERS ors ;nee 48) Under the Marquee 1Corenneolcallone 1n Opera Place. Cincinnati, 0.1 WALTER L. MAIN end Harold Mom. 01 Genera, 0- attorteed Janos M. Cole Indoor threw December 1.. TRAINING-laming. LAR(tY OWEN, clown. Is Toyland at nears-hootsuck City. N, J. for nee weelos. appennin.a. In store, Onion ZAVATTA TROUPE. following the Dohunbin, 0, circus engagement. returned to their home at Rochester. Ind. DtrICE DROTCENBROD attended the S trowinenn elletinger In Chicago. 110 represented Clyde Beatty. who was unable to attend. MRS. BEN H. VOORHEIB a employed In all attorney', ogle rat Canton, 0. She Ls making her hone at Waynesburg. near there.. vierernee *Dale morsinto their merle expeelteces let a nickel en the deans ORVILLE SPEER, ease has been on the road 32 years, eirdn inert he expects to troupe next year. He was with Yenkee ROblineen Chem 11 year.,. EUGENE M. HAMLIN, Dayton, 0., attoiclevl the Showmen's Convention and Ball In abirage, lin recently returned in Carton from Atlanta. Os, E. DFACON ALTIRICIHT, who ban been mar:agee the Pasit011 Play picture since September 3, Is mow In advance Of the picture Crown of Therm. A grokin hosupee le whiter is manly W ed ao as swerved, HIIRDINE comedy bar cos, worked the Sheixsysn_ Wit.. Police Aesertattan Circus, December 5-7, and then boned for Atteeriaa. BIG CROWDG attended matinee per. foremost of Penick Bros.' threus, nun - piece of tatielne, to Oktrinonan City, Thaniuglethe Day. Nneembre 27. Shaw played tile -day engagement inert JACK SMITH. ticket taker on front door of trade Brat. returned to Dayton, 0., after a eacestien trip In libertine, Tenn., and is now employed by the Mc- Call Publkneing Company.. MOSE tamer minter lilies, enterent Jed mane have bees encoded foe MOW and miss, In the {iron betimes PROSY AND BleSSIE BOLUS, after playing night emote In Louleenle end Chettanoogs will go to Temps, PIA., for a visit. While in Cincinnati hint week Pinky called at The Billboard offices. 112d1I, HAHN, oreheatha feeder and tatllepe pleyer of Canton. 0.. nee bean contracted to direct the band and Pnly eathirpe foe the polite -sponsored incleee Menu at Chaetatatis W, Va JOE BAADER band at the recent Columbus (0) Ins:Roe citrus Incledol Phil Bonne. John Carel% Jon Rather, Joe Shafer. Pete Plasm e. Jeans Tarte. Jena Cappettl. Russell De Rimer. Mickey Bled. NOW there ham dampen to order to eef a lob on a carnival nemeellso you have to be a dean man. CRETA BROTHERS and Helene, following the Colvnibire (0.1 shown moved tido Club Gloria there 'with their comedy bar act. In circus follower. the act le Johnny Hartman and was with Wanner) Diet' Circus, POCACIC 11110S' Cleans played to big Crowds at Municipal Auditorium. OkInhome. City. from November De - (Die UNDER ME MA APUREon page 38) 40,000 at N. 0. NEW CetheAlin. Dee. d.-despete ono weather and rain on opening two days Of meren-day (Went, T. ft linbertson Rodeo, sponsored by the police department's relit: comentene, drew about 40,- 000 to the Municipal Ausdltmlum here November Gate receipts lemma - Mated at $34,000 by Robe/Don and Milt Monde. onmeximecr. J. M. Manners. Alexandria. end Prank Arkansan were ismistent promoters of the "bow. Rodeo attracted about 200 entries but lintlenally *Mali Dumber of contract performers. Injuries were Vaulin Kraig, Port Toween, Okla- back Sanitise when thrown over head of a busking break; John Merck, Sonora Tex.. leg Maurice when kicked by break In stall, and Alice Slaty, who was forced to cancel daily performance; after second day when a performing home fell co her be. fore her act- Clyde Knee, clown. also remained out of settee -meet* the cloning near days when badly infected lured ceriacel his removal to a leen) In:eerie! for treatment. Robertson and Hinkle say allow will probably become an annuli for pence. T miner melts artecbed erasing night receipts, but show paid all debts, Results: (Concluding) Calf Roping- Seventh go -round. Dee Hinton. 101 seconds-_ Jack Indpworth, 20.4: Claude 'notelets. 21.3, and If, D. MAAS, 25.1, Eighth go -round. Amye Gainbein, 141 seconds,. Jack, ft:pito:rat. 1E2: Claude Fletcher. 162, and S. Pinky, iti.2 Ninth ao-rourta. Jack alkipworth, 133 neeendn Glen Harp, lee: Jiro Bunko and &nye Gamblin, 10. Steen Knee:ling- Tend se-rmind, 4lgio Berke, rin we - ends Jett Parer, to: Hobert Plower and it. D. MAAS, le 1 tied third and fourth. Fourth no-rcemel, Floyd Liege, 6.4 OM, 00111: Charley Convert, 6; Ruth Jones, 61, and George Yardley, 63. Saddle Brook Reding-Pourth go -rotated. Louis Brooke. Veit and Tete Bolton, Vie Schwartz and Tema Kidd Jr.. tied seemed, third and fourth. Brahma Bull RLdIng-- Third go -round. Frank!la: - aka), (leant Marshall. Mamie Enos and Jess Like. Finals: Calf Roping-Jack Skim:Mb. $34: Ampe Gamblin :. H. D. limn), $27. and Claude Fletcher, $13.50_ Steer Wrestling-mlino Burke. $11k George Yardley, 034; Charley Colbert. 800, and Cathie Green Saddle Breath Riding -Vie Schwartz. MO: Texas Kidd Jr_ $45; George Yardley. 430, and Andy Curtis. $15. Brahma Bull Biding-Dale Admits. $104: ROyt Heffner, $7E, Pee Wee 14CTedi and Prank Miceli's% l26, C0410/11, taon-al Garrett, 626; Jake 626: C. J. Sthellenberegte end Junk Daniels. tied third and fourth, $12 Cacti. Total MEW was $3100. REVPRLY AND MLLE IIARNEIT, well known in rodeo etecles, are playing night tithe and indoor events in Fast. ern Ohio. They were featured In Rae concert an Kay Bros.' Circus the past scrunen. ADAMS RODEO Company bee been signed le procene the threnday rodeo at (rune Shelby, Mint Twee will be three night and one matinee prrfedra mama Cal. Bey P. DenS011, bale cram - (See CORRAL on page ad) RAILROAD akus SALE All.1# reltpriam- steepens ears roe los Car tirrar. Weems moorage, lese Ire lea sas Sow. Ms roes A,,.1 Aces, rimmed*. Bette. Sods, therpssa Pittston. Des stabt, tee Time ems re Isosaml. Last, Isarems thlter, tesegle0e, sehrit CHRISTY (HOS SSA Heats.. Tomas THREE TAME LIONS 1,4 1,11111a '1D ifent

42 42 The Billboard FAIRS.EXPOSITIONS Conducted by ALBERT f. SCHNIE1019-Conersunicatioan to 25 Opera Men Cintennatt 0 Th'erriaber 13, 7941 IAFE BILL BLANKETS FIELD Interest, Scope Set Record High litany subjects draft attention of delegates-harold F. DePue named president CHICACKI. Dec. 5--Linernattonal An. sedation at Thine and lkirposidoeia Oeneluded its &1u amnia] onivellanti on Waltienday in the Hotel Sherman with the best record for intoreot and ICOpi, rrnerae-ity of the Wriest delegate, and pure for gtto 1942 essmobtvo wore put afoot even whits vtieleeent wee* delmrting for their, reaprellea tonsillitis to nob to On what they saw and hoard. From the opening gun on Sunday morning. when downers of the Intern/stimuli met, until thy last tension on Wednesday, when the neer gnome Occupied the centrum. there was tertian every minute of the way. In the spotlight. of course, wiz the Advertising Clinic and!want Ism story In thin kailtn. hilt thine wtro other atm. loma to draft the attcothon of tho mat delegations from every point in the Unites( Stain. and Caned*. On Monday miming, following Judging of aelvertlai big minim or, the day ursmon., a soedon devoted excludvelly to problem/iona rotating to igivertntng and exproliation to all PrimalPs1 Mtedarien wan participated in by touting orboints and publicity -lid Csontives Make the chalrinanship Of Itenry Lund, Illiinieneta State Vale, rind moretarysinp of Joint O. Soak. Ohio Store Pair. leraminent. Ln the Informative acinton Wert JIM &WOW. Warn:la State Fair. who sorpluined publicity work - Inv with chilly newspeprou it Past Somas, State Pair of Teams. who tackled the weeithos and their operations, in relation to!mew fl, W. Halms, WinonaIn State Pair. Who draerthed MattiOda of outdoor poster and kindred edrevelidng: John Zook, whom snb)ect wee radio, de.. thered via recording and a paper: Henry Lund, who...win! On general publicity (See trecord N1C.fl an pope 4d) New One for Hollywood,Fla. tiollywoon Fin., Dee. O.-Veteran at. Foreign Wars Poet here hem rocerved a charter to conduct South Froward Agricultural Per en a site one mike Drift C4 ham. near the Hollywood dog listing plant. reported Taylor Trout, who will furnish his Spotlight Midway Shawa. C. It, Pinkcribros, socmtati-cenumger, La Flitting Much effort Into formation of an exhibit department. to feature fruit displays. I:WSW revue will be slaked, nightly on en open-air Magee end there will be two of Immo= bowel allows end a dog thow.servico men will be admitted Hoe- Near -by schools aro owneerating. DES MOINTI),-Ssereary L. IL Cunningham, Iowa Matt fair here, said emu 1141 lig-ures showed profit of , oxeneehid only by the 4tiggli0 net In 1020, Ilkesduta were *Mil A2851, of which came from noket asks. Re - prase, were 1312,501.53, at which was tor promlucria- A Review of the Fair Season of 1941 and Important Events and Happenings of the Year Win Se F moon of the Holiday Greetings Number Watch for This Issue Dated Derember 27 West Coast Man New IAFE Chief Harold F. DrPuc Blower Program For ACDF Meet CHICAGO, Dm. 0.-Last year 2. F. Milano, Bearer Dam. WI*. Urged an oh -hereto proven/ schnitila for the ap-andcoming -gong of the International Ass0- elation of Fairs and ExPoaltiloca, the Aasoeintion of County and Dia4SIOL Patna That his 00* was 11-tICOP,,t1A1 hnn Write Out In the creditable melon held Munday. In time Hotel Sherman with a new high In attendance and a peak In number Of PriPers. With E. W. WItiZton, Mandigeoler. La. In the chair. and "BUoytes-a-Leavire Malone In the essiert, the meeting mend along with precialon and drew attention from a oluiter Of State fair Mal Citiscr nielivtinint Members, Speaker. and their topics were I. F. Malone, Wboonsrbs* Cs:encomia"; Regaletrona; W. H, Cleat, Frontlin, ger/ione Meetings Hold During Mt: E. W. Williarna, nuisetituting for 33rn. Don A. Metric*, Bolictammigar. O., hi a discruo siert of Value of,irerithla Selfclitn: lielward O. Vollthanti, /1400kton. Calif,. Leglifert/on and Handling: J. M. Dean. Jackson, Minn_ Accomplishments of Anse sfarrppl Assockstron Ol Fairs; Albert P. Stewart. La Fayette. Ind., Inforosiferl More Nook In Fairdorn litandr: Mrs. Detrick* roper an the State Drpartracni of Agriculture and Hose El Can Co-Opeir- Ma. Blued but unable t0 appear ware A. W. Lornbard. Massacistisetts Deportment of Agriculture. Alreinfance Analysis, and Pete IL Smith. Plainview. Tex.. Motion Prciume in a Median* of Study. At the kat tninum Mrs. Detrick, tinsuoinnon secretary, had to cnnoel tier Chkogia Vint. F. W. WIllnuns teas re-elected president Jim Malone, vice-proildent, and lira De -trick, sigernlary, Ad Clinic Draws Heavy Response At IAFE Meet CHIOA00. Dee. 0.-.An etatiocato Advertising Clinic and litubibit. Diet introduced last year. proved a tremendonsly magnolia feature of the &tat annual COnVelition of the Ir.ternottonal Ointlisa d Ihstra and Eamon:am In the Hotel Sherman this week under the gen- Cret direction of Wank IL Kingman, inatkion. Maw., ineccutere Inn -entry at the Luterrnationial, with Henry Lund. Minnesota State Pair, at chairman, and Sohn D. Zgahlt, Ohio Mate Path as meretaty. Printed matter eillined by member faire ushered In Use Cunclacc on Sunday,. when Judges trout mrioth Chicago advertising agencies arid eociththles agent bout.. selecting ad exhibits worthy of distinction. The International divided the display Into II ciamdicattons embracing every!amber piano of fair advertising, First, second and third ploom Wine awarded by zones, the IAFE legally divided into seven elluirttia,beinzl "gm. our tt Cunacia. Zonal Cholera were then pitted against one another fez the thud Judging, and the winners will bo awarded tiltuniatided certiticates of merit by The Billboard under an arrangement riymthesed by the fair nasoclation. Re*Ults of lodging final Awards: Newspaper Advert/tint -Campaign nodes tie the home-towit paper: I, Niro York State Fair, Syracuse. 2. Regina (Sask.) Provincial Exiithition. 3. Tie between Kentucky State Pair, LOnlirvitle. and lows Slate War, Dee (Sea HEAVY RESPONSE on page 4E) 131CA Busy in '41; Sanctions 41 Meets CilLCACIO. Den IL-Tilirlag 1041 the internee/or:al Mater Contest Aseoetttiort sanctioned 41 auto -hies Panda in 1.5 States for a total of 03 dam Of racing, the board of dacee-tart arild In making Its annual report to alocklashems at gm fair powwow here an Monday. Leader In number Of dam was again Iowa, with 20. and mutt were 17/ with seven, and Allnumoto. with six. Aroaclatirm licensed ir) delvers and registerol 07 con. IMOA records made were as follows: Gus Schrader kieccessed), half -mile track. time Mini, 23,70, in a Riverside Olfratuniscr, Atimassota State Fair, August 23: Schrader, male track. time trial, 30.63, River/Ida Otinibanter, Mirada State Fair, August 3Immy 1,71burn. mile track. be competition. 50 tiara, 34:5304 Interaide Offebbsusor, Illinois Stale Pair. August Is. Ralph T. Hemphill. Oklahoma Shoat Pair,!Ma re -sleeted prealdent; Menace W. SeArks. Topeka Kan., viemprmident: A. H. Corey, Dm Moinna. segeratary-treas- Wet Beard conskat of tho off/kers and W. R. Hirsch. Shreveport, La Charles W. Omen. Moberly, Ma; Marbling! A. Lee, St. Patth and C. A. Malt. Springfield. Masa Powwow Patter Plus a Potpourri of Persiflage CiffliCA00. Dos. D.-it's Mil over but the) abo.:ing. na the blacksmith kaki to the nag white telvisig It n laittoca. IR a By LEONARD TRAUBE IMMEDIATELY Heimeld DePue, out Of isui Walla:WO by Marstana's Orme Pala, oast:stormed of lila akertkin to the prendrucy or the thick he donned Isla spec - tack*. A hint of the Golden (lute State* new dign017 ' 711AT was. hake 1.-woon, the Ak-Ear. lien Omaha gent. talking bridges with Henry Lund, the Milincoone who popped right back with Winker Carnival chatter. A competition by two ripper wie sportsmen w h I e le Gaylord Whits. the auto-inoe peruntoter, lent am 10 in his evorieltentrom way. settle Pat Purnell. world* greatest natter -Meer, running Interference. PAttL LONER. Texas* gift to prosy Npiotry, wouldn't give up Ma bow Cater love or money, He looks like lie* mad* for that.rantyaanontnatnt. THAT was loth. lanky Larry Paha% of Esra Holum detirering edge advice on ad nitcritlen with the aplomb barn of Old Man lisrocrienee, Moe POWWOW PAMPA an 3s Starts Fourth Year As Fair Men's Sec. Frank It. Kingman 38G Allentown Net Sets 15 -Year High ALLENTOWN, Pa, Doe. 0.-Lehighton County Agricultural Society. spansor of (beat Allentown Pair. reported point of from 1941 operations was latimeg in IL rime increased carnings were due largely to winced operating expen.em, tspecially On non -fair eel/el:kw Wont represents no Ineteme of 111,410 over that of marlin the knit time Is 15 ream the ague! was Over 130,000. Fair work, with Income of * and expenses of $ thawed pleat of het there was a loci of $8,475 In operating expenses during the year. triertlic from non -fair netivitles amounted to $ Inchnting rentals, Stele end county acnitribullons, ramp Wei and auto roma Non -fair expanses moo Attendnnec was , compared with 200, Winds panted out that $22600 of the profit It credited to bight sessiona. It la tilt that attend - mice would hare been greeter had not Children lima barred by a polio quiwantine. While ohlklren are ordinarily admitted tree, rainy ore accompanied by aarniasloss-paying adults, 'Calif. State Votes 25 -Cent Gate Slice SACRAMENTO. Dm. 6.- Following retionnnendation by the finance committee, heeded by Angus llimiden, dtreekers of Cnillconla State Fair here voted a reduction in admits:on to the fro to 25 twithi, a quarter ant. &P.m, the stash must be approved by State Finances Director Ot(ego an and OM Mil - but L. Olson, both are understood to Saver It and conatneus Is that It will go torn. Sato. of snip books, 4.5, siesta of admissions. for 52-50, will be clboontinued. Altho not 611,119114ccd. It is ttrultehtnott tent the paw II/1 will be alms:ply reatrictod. Get In CICtsil-14101i has been (See CAMP. VOTES on pope 53) Pdidsoteth's $13,117 Profit 11!gginnual to27g Surplus Then.. Deo, 141dinath Pair hero mode profit of in 11241, giving the amociattion a napkin of , amording to Pie 1,15.)11 of Secretory - Manager Henry Beaudoin. Charles 0- Cartwrtpt was elected preeldmit of DM nesegigstin, Beaudoin's report aboard receipts tip all along the Cotworabons. $28229 agoina 110.0t2 to 1940: adaninglona *gamma * : rodeo. $ egainat : stria let*i. 114,1111 (See WID4OUTU MT on mpg 53)

43 Bet -ember FAIRS -EXPOSITIONS T(ie Billboard 13 Purcell With MCA; Leaves Lynch Unit CIIICA00. Doc Pat Purcell, who last anion operated a Hamner Lynch thrill allow unit. has &numbly veered hia connection with Lynch and Ma signed with Music CorporaIluti of America far the mining recoon. Fairly in the week it looked as if Purcell and Lynch Timid again be toprtnot. but Wer Purcell decided to En with MCA and Lynch agreed to release him. Purcell will work with Heinen Itancoek. atm line charge of MC.Ve outdoor book,. in activities. Ho will week out of 11w Chicago office, end it Ss 131E104W that he is the Drat or amend to be added to the MCA Matt Shunt Gets Memphis, Ill. State Contracts CHICAGO. Dec_ 0. -at eh* meeting of the IntonnaMenai Mooriatton of pairs and Exposit/cm bete' thin week John Sloan, head of Thectreg Corporation of Murata, was awarded contracta for auto riming at MM -]tootle Pair, Memphis. and Ininota State Peer. Spritignald. WLS Artists Bureau To Handle Own Booking CHICAGO, Ike. 8 -Wtal Amine Itu rem, hicotefore hie booked lot renew lair mina three a local booking offers. Ma dorldn.1 to handle Ha own bookings. Bureau I. operand by Earl Hume, Ooorgn Ferguson and Dick Bergen. Meetings of Fair Assns. Maine Aesoelation of Agricultural Plink (January dates to be seta Beale Hotel. Norway..1, 8, Antler, secretary. Lewlaton, Indiana Asacolation of County and Tastriet 1Palia, January 0 and 7. Hotel Lincoln, Indlanapolni. WiI11am li Clark. secretary. Franklin. Oregon Palm' Amoelatlett January 0 anti 10, Imperial Hone Portland. 14. H, Chi-14gram, president. atoialba. Wadden:4ton Pair Alsoctation, January 9 and 10. Imperial lintel, Portland, Ont. Kricauta Petra Arsociation. January 13 and 14. Hotel Jayhawk. 'Topeka. M. Sawhill, secretary. Masco, Ohio Fair Managore Aseociation. January 14 and la. DrahlerWaillek Beast Columben alta. Don A. Detrick 'secretory, Bellefontaine. MInneadis Federation of County Faint January lawny et, Paul. Lewis Scofield. secretary. Zunilansta. Western Canada Association of Ex. Whiner:is January 1941, Royal Ater - entire Hotel, Winnipeg W. Johns, secretary, Sastatixat Sas& Canadian Association o: Exbila , January Royal Alexandra Hotel, Winnipeg. Walter a Jackson. secretary. London. Ont. Western Canada Fairs Aracciatinn, January 19-21, Royal Alexandra Hotel, Winnipeg. Keith tricarart. secretary, Portage la Prairie, Man. Michigan Apieactatlori o/ Maim. January 20;K. Fort Shelby Hotel. Detroit. H. B, Kelley, /secretary, Hilltelak. Massachusetts Agoeialearal Path Association, January 21 and 92. Hotel Weldon. Omer:natl. A. W. Lombard. arcretary. 134 Slate House, Boston - Nebraska Assactattare of Fair Manblers, Jranney 20 and 27, Hotel Cora - locker, Lihinili, Chet G. Marshall. :secretary, Arlington VIrginle AssoMateon of Fans January 90 and V. John Marshall Hotel, Richmond. Cherie* 11. ItaLlon, atcretory. Staunton. Rocky Mournain A*2414_341 of Faint TAIIILITy Near Ytormery Hotel, Mineaula, Mont J. M. Suck - Motif, weranary. Sidney. Mont. `a'isersonsin Msociation of F411, January Waal fiehronier. Milwaukee. Jame. P. Malone, serrelarf. Seaver Dam. Asnorlatterti of Tennempe Fairs Pols. miry 3 mod 4. Noel Rona. Molted:a O. D. Mine., BeCtrtnil. COdk1,011/.. Togas Ansoclatkan ad Pettit February 5.7, Allsandnus Hotel, aline. 0. L. Pewter, sarretarf, Dutton. New York State A.Moiretion of County Agritultunil Socialite. Feb. Itimy l0, Tan Eyck Hotel, Albany_ 0. W. Harriaon. neretary, Ill Noel! Pine Avenue, Albany, Around the Grounds SMITHFIELD, Ca -Patel attendance of at Jeffrrean County Pitt here, wax far above avenge, nut Secretary W. Z. Rose. and with apt:copyist:lona about 6500 was totted School children wore given 10,000 detests. Grandstand drew paid adnalsolocs. There was a School Day. with II bands In formatter% and the new age:cultural ball basement :lining morn drew, meats being served by churches. night attendance was heavy.. MOUNT AIRY. N.C.-The 1041 Mount Aire American Lmien Poet Fair matted *3400 atm:ding to Secretary William L. Sydnor. Profits go to Ma poat'a benefit fund.. CAICIAIIY. Alta -Calgary Exhibition and Stamped* directors plan construction of &COO w bleacher tatata. 1mprearemonts on the grandstand stage. Installation of a restaurant beneath the stand, and more grandstand exits. Diree.arro appropriated from 1010 revenue for the improvements. Of 1941 revenue cd $187, , " M ma gleaned from gate and grandstand WM. Manager J. Chaska Yule and Preeadent T. A. Horniktook attended the InterlosiDonal Lireatock Show. Mango, on December 14. MARYSVILLE. 0.-Attractlemi at the sureterafni 1031 Union County Fair wore Boone County Jambes -ea end a largo speed perorruit, Mid Secretary Harry Tay. lor. Strong wind hurt attendance ono day. Amide from permanent Mnpriarsmeets, the fair cleared about ALIMMIARLE. N. C.-Amertean legion Pant hem oiled to continue sponsorship of Stanley County Pair in 1042 and heard reports which allowed the fair on a amend all buttellsiga and equipment paid fm, and money In the et -Maury. S. L. Cluiltedge, tiesumem, said several substantial ivandleiga had been erected en the fairgrounds, debt on the Legion hut la paid and liberal contrib./1- twal bare been mac to civic mart:tisk. tags. NACOODOCHF21, Teat -Altlio hampered by licaly tam ono day, Ntarogelochrt County Pair and Livestock Expealtion was MICOMirul. There was a NatiOnat Defense Day and Manager Joe?dock paid premium* in Dedenee Sarinp Stamps. BYXLVILLE, Tex. -AM -actions at Aut till Cartiney Pair hero were en opening. day parade. led by Cloy. Cake Idteremen, Valley Shows and compatitive shoaling by Minty rifle ahlba LEONARD, Tex. -Reynolds dr Wells 814mi furnished " the midway at Leonard Community Pa;r, opened with a prise parade which WAS pa:tadpoles' in by, bands from Orpenrillo and Itoahont Tex_ Inature Formers of America exhibit was a highlight. McCONNELSVILLE. 0.,-Preld attendance ad 10,050 plum TACO free admisokina was bettor than in previous year and Morgan County Pair tiara ensed n the black:, said Secretary Ray O, Smith Orange and 4-H Club exhibit* were goo: and a home -milling Con test dr: o Weather was coot. Fair Elections REGLNA, Moto -Resins Agricultural and NM:atrial lhhlblu,ni A.nseciation elected Harry Maltby, president: Ilan - Col. Walter Melanie and P. II. C Hare Mon, viceprealdenta, and re-elected Dan T. Eiderktn. secretary -manager... VINTON, Campbell wee er. elected aterotary of Beaton County Fan board. Others named were M. D. F--- piedelont; Sam Maykiand. viceprastdont: I. J. McDowell, treasurer. svatrkox, Is. - AlLatnaker count Agricultural As-colation re-elected Bra Henning, president: Raymond Odegaard vice-president; Prank B. Graham. tress - ens, Secretary E. id Phippo realgried RED DEER- Alta.-- Victor Ilforkcista was ne-radii proddent of Rod Iktv.: ANTI.CULCUf el Society. D. W. Robeenion sea returned as Petra ar. OALLTPOLLS, 0. - John C. Ildienley sae re-elected preaident of Oallia County Agricidtiatal Society, CANTON Stark County Agricultural Society re-elected J. E. Rolm. prealelant: W. T. Shekata, vice-pratident: Ed 8, Wilsaia. accretary: A. Cl, Smith. Preenner. " LISBON, 0,-W. It. Stratton was Ir. 01(teind preoldent of Columbiana County Agricultural Society; J. Howard Sinclair, accretary; I. C tictimuitt. NAVASOTA. Tex.-Ornnees County YAW Association elected A. Miumken. premident Are tat OlhaPPnwirtf, vies-pmodent: T. W. Jernilags, secretary: Max. Hannah litetnhagen. treasurer.,a $tanrrowoc. wis.-tosio O. Rehm ems re-eke:al peraillont of Manitowoc County Pale Anomatkas, were William Mumma vice-pareldent: Oeorge Heel, secretary; Otto Heldomann, trimmest'. ARA. State Track Revenue Is Inadequate, Says Carton LANSENG, Melt. Dm 0.-Lnek n: return from rite meta rare tract and other Watehhenrf 1P on Mittigen finds Faineounda, Detroit, which arc Ellipal by the laetralt Bating Maliciatient was protested by A. C. Carton. &tato aitserintendent of huts It was revealed by E..1. Fry. State racing comunladorter, that the ISSOCIn than has not need en audit as revered by law adtbin 30 days after cite of Its 1041 acabora. ASKW pay[ a 113,000 annual rental and 42,600 Par each day or Its meeting. Winkley Gets N. C. Loop CHICAGO, Dec, la -Fronk H. Winkley leas boon awarded comnact 10 present thrill abeam at annual. comprising North Central Pan Circuit Included Lit rho loop are Spencer, 1st: Huron. S. D.: Albert Lea. Minn., and Cedar Rapids L. Lest moon WInkloy had It JIntinia Lynch Meth allow unit booked thou the Euirsura-Carruihera off tee. Poe 1942 he trill here lots own unit, drolcider Club. He has elliliated eaten Boyle Wool folk. Rio Fair Planned for 1912 RIO DE JANEIRO. Dee. 0. -Plans Cr,' being laid tee cconlratron of a 1913 fart here of PanAmerican character. Commisetton appointed by Mayor Hen - risque Dodswottn will be headed by Georgian Avelino, director of Turbans, and have two 011reclora, Soarer Pereira and Aniandlno 'de Carrel/4, who lent study sopteto of Miami:4 Pair will be Held Under aermicto of Pretident Oetulio V and here indorsement of the government, tarrying out Ita polity of PanneemorSeatelont It Is expected that all Latin-American nations will participate. Fair will replace the Fatty do Arnoatela annual raisibit of C. - WIN% pr dtlota bete. Ma Brazilian manufacturers will participate. United Staten exhibits are alma expected. JACKSON, Minn. -Minnesota own and Clover Belt Ctroult of County PRIM re-elected C. T, Crowley James. president: William Sanger. Windom. riorpresitkit, and William A. Lindemann, New an. stonitaryt A scot -maw. raw an any Warcen. TM watt Pah ser1.1 act of lb ta optasalanw rwalms, circled sad utr gent lea 0,1 WANT ann.. en easo at moo. at Finn t h wow.- acw't Are unarm now IN 1140 cingaic. Newt... WM. at wan, Pweitanent Ado -mat On 04 The WIRPIPS. Otrionnalt, 0. A 0,. alma Acc on -pay Moil he Ma 104: ssit,.. tateciated In oda that we new m thin twexprr. MAU roll 'MK*..t.t. Waal. (t.60.4 a mph WILLIAM a tat 414 Wally Manse 1.1_ Pawl, We Are Proud To Announce FRANK R. WINKLEY Has Been Added to Our Sales Staff BOYLE WOOLFOLKAGacy 605 WOODS BLDG., 54 W. RANDOLPH ST., CHICAGO, ILL. The Fastest Growing Fair Booking Agency in the Country Happy With My New.1ftillation As Agent for Boyle Woolfolk Agency Still Booking and Producing THE SUICIDE CLUB America's Champion Daredevils RIBOOKEb FOR 1942 NORTH CENTRAL FAIR CIRCUIT isreencer. Huron. Albert Lea. Ccdv RApids FRANK R. WINKLEY 2222 QUEEN AVE., NO. MINNEAPOLIS. MINN. (TS TTENTION Wain de Wilt ognflors WANTED STANDARD 0011:441 ACTS For Owr 1942 Camila or fain. Ocala lowed MO Marx and isdessoarce Ltit'j Coninntrcial flttef WaTtAt00, 8

44 44 The Ili11 hoard PARKSeRESOIRLTS.POOLS Cessfeeted by ALIDERT F. SCHNEINLI-Commumestoro to 25 Opera Pius. CeleIsmail 0. Pereonher 13, NAAPPB DEBATES PROBLEMS Talks Bring Out Big Attendance Ketchum gets second term -Ifuedcpohl named v..p. -Hodge is renamed CHICAGO, Dee, el.-the multlpllalty of pronkma confronting the amuaement park Indlestry brought out a large attendance to the 234 annual conventton at the National hi.laclatikla of &Mlle - Meat Parks. Poo& noel leashes, held at the hotel Sherman December 3.1 and d delegetes wens tooted to a meaty mignon that covered <limey phone oq aceualinsent park operation. Many COO.. altaellee papers en Mel topics were read end anemone, mei, in Addition es lasso portion Of torch dere program wee delisted GO pietortais, which proved to be one of the mot interesting features of the meet. The ilinsditche Clinic on PrIelay gave. everyone a cameo to preamot hie vlows an a veriety of topics_ The Penthouse Club protided the Metal aide at the convention, and ainna tally delightful ansaloos were held each,adrian W. Ketchum Wetting in the house 01) the roof. Dite to various mews. the annual trade thaw, which woe open from bun. Iteeerithal. The lost named two being clay, Wore:ober 30. untit dose of the now to the board, esenesent$on, was net as large at liss forme: Artiesuncetnent of the AREA award was Aar*. but there was a NH represents - Made. The John R. Desna, award for ilea of MalaUfaCtILIera of park Oirtaixoleat teat exhibit of orgoipment nod attlipliof and aupplice. Attendance et the show, went to Phaselelphia Taboggen Gem - too. "era off In COMPar11011 with former party. The ford W. Pearce award went to National arnisoment Company. Dayton. 0. Remainder of the flat dare Initial session on {Vette-codey was eeersod with InewhItleri by R. 8. Drnell **robot mu devoted largely to -general and alwag of the Sfor-Sponoted Banner etorneeitthe reports. An Inspiring addrem and God Bran America, with Mize Cabers wee delivered by President Retention on es accompanist at the plane In the Chins Up and Loathe; Ahead. which entice of Arthur P. leriose. A. W. brought many expreselmas of prates from Ketchum, NAAPPB prealdsmi, delivered the aaisemblage. CYllmg attetittels to the a brief addrews In which be urged the tattle, Ketchum sold that one gooks Hark men to bowl together more <beastly le a* food as another. He asked all to and naafi for nipped from the emirs have Isiah In the business and pointed Menthonthip lie the preterit/i; amebas, out that good it/ management and Feed L. aftrkiy, prevents coneardeteo pettetteed and isobar thinking Avoid woo chairman, complimented Secretary A. R. taut over nil Obeteeles. Ketchum painted }ledge and Paul fluoriepobl for their oooperroson and reseeded the workings of and exborted his littemens to rid the:n- vivid picture of what tear could do the -Headache echedoled for ilia * 0W* ot Intl lay of the meet, Oreettoo) were extended by representatives of lowered Outdoor Organtrattons, end owes tram Leonard Tbouipeon. Blackpool, England: Harry Batt, who is recuperating from injorim ettatained to n recent accident, and Bert. Nevins over SAW Inability to attend thls years sac. slows were teed. One of the highlights of the Initial dere meet woe the report of the public liability Inauranoe cornlatitteo by Barmen Meattnier, who told Of the admirable result -is of the plan. _Appointed to the board of directors, were J, f, Coleman, Elmer Kehl. Nov A. Remit], A. W. Ketchum. IL P. O'Mniley L. B. erthloss, Charles Beers and Irving Urged Hardihood At AREA Meeting A. R. Hodge Gets Second Term As NAAPPB Pilot After n motion by A. A. ClUdiala, MVO. dent Chamber of Commerce, Revere Beath, WW1*. Meta., a rising vote of thenka wee tendered &orrery Bodge (See RID NAAPPR DRAW on Opp. pope) CHIPPEWA LAKE, Q. -Two spend boots of it passenger Capacity have been purchased by Chippewa Lake Park here for 1042, Two old nooleit were cuspated of In the deal. Speed beet concerealen the peat amoral yearn has berm one of the park's most prontable attractions, Defense Crimps Chi Trade Show CHICAGO, Deo, O.-Per-reaching es - tact.. of the national defense program 00 show busineee wits reflected here thus week at the trade show aponnared jointly by the National Ausociatten of Ammemost Perks, Pleas nod nemeses end the Showmen's league of Amortea. Mabority of the stehihrtors, Melee curtailed production aelatelltlee bemuse* of Leek or reaterieha displayed only picture* of their prodinete. A few, however, hod =notes of their waren on the floor. While exiottltses reported attendance. Of park men as easenerit, many earniral, emersion and fair men gave the erbiblt hall the go -bye_ dome,. In feat. never knew there was an exhibit boil. latennuch as no batmen or promotion Materiel Wee 14NOtted Iri the lobby or elsewhere Inviting coneeattoidea to task Over the booths on the naerzeinine. Nothlag ebown on the exhibit floor could be clamed as "new" and this, at Petiole. also Wettest attendance. Ride end other heavy equipment mebotne- Wrens weren't disappointed. however, &Ince most of them reported their IOU production already sold. Chicago coin machine firms that exhibitort bad plenty Cf arcade operators at their factorises looking over eqitipasent, Ltnaoup of exhiltitoris and their repro- Sentatiere Included: Allan Herschel! Company, John and William J. Werolgm Seed1 and Poor; William B. Derry- Cora. Only. W. 131, C. Junes: The /Onboard; Blach-Rocco Amusement. Company. A. Iltaelt. Ralph!Woos. Whir= de L'horbe Jr.: B, Blocher.0 Son. a. Inether: Oisntry Bros., Charles Cavity, Robert Parr; Campbell di Cernlenly: It B. Clambers; Company, R. E. chembere; Chicago Roller Skate CernPallY, Ralph and Robert Ware and Robert- Ware Jr.: L. P. liersdriekson, Beleard J. Riongtont Chicago Cal Ma. chine Company. Sam Wolborg, Sam eleosburg; Dodgem. Corporation, Pied L. Markey. Cr Rood: Ditto -Text Corporiation, M. A. Blaziek, E. C. Rohrer, P. O. Pitcher, I. Gleseutherg. Ell Bridge Compano., Lee A. Sullivan. Olann L. Ryder, Ben 0, Resiolheasse; R4-111bit Supply Company. John Chrest, Pere Smith, BBIy De.Setnt; Eyerty Airmaft Company', J. Eyerly, Abner IC. and viegtola Kline; Frederic): Bros.' Ifuslo Corperetieit, L. A. Frederick, Carl Snyder, E. W. Frederick, Gene Gaudette. Rey Johnson; Greater Shine World; Fear* Ifrubeto 0 Company, Prank Lirttheta, D. C, (Bog) Groat; George A, Ilursid, Inc Osage A. Hanotd, Frank Gervene, Harold Powell; Harwood'.. Penny Min :Maurice Cooper, W. R. Illirieted, D, Butler. Inteonattonal Ifutoscope Red Company. W11:ilaat Reeskin, Al Weedier; Fred S. James & Company. Robert Mal - (Sao TRADE 5110W WY on *pp. page) Effect of Defense Prograin on Industry Occupies AREA Group A Review of the Park Season of and Important Events anti Happenings of the Year vim Be Features of the Ilolidav Greetings Number Wendt for This Issue Doted December 27 Newcomb Trip East Is for Biz, Pleasure ST. PETERSBURO, Pea., Dec. et -- Wetter D. Newcomb Jr. operator of Sante Monica :Calif.) Pier end the Fun House On Venice (Calif.) Pier, here Oil it lap Of is two -month boalnessa and pleasure trip with Mrs. Newcomb, reported munition of equipiromt the the 1042 reason. Newcomb bought a ear to Detroit, then continued on an inspection sus Of perks fthglit the Atlantic Comet Oa the Newcombe' return trip to Lae AP - delta,, where they expect to attend the annual banquet end ball of the %erne CAW: Showmen's &escalation lie the Biltmore lintel Boat on December Ii, they will visit parks In Taxes. White in the Feet Newcomb purchased a Philadelphia toboggan. De la VOCI3Mg building on Venice Pier to Woe MeT11.1{O.rtaked. Mn.i Na9/03reb, owner of a gift shop on Meta Moak.. Ater. purchased novelties'. Newcomb reported business In the East the pelt unison was about ate n par with that in She Wen. operators reporting gains of 23 to 40 per cent He said Plorldri resort operetora are count- Eng on banner season end that LlItite Cf tourists La already Mired of last year's. He is president of the Venice amusement Men's Aissaclatton and said the group carried on a neer-aqui cam - Reign this year, agereitne over il20,0:0 on melte. billboard and nrra-spaper edveitislog. Meyers Lake Retains DeBray CANTON, 0., Doe. L, Miaow, public relations director at Maisons Lake Park here last pow. ham keen eetelned for 1042, Ile bud been associated with Various outdoor etiterprisei, the Chicago World's Pair, end reported Ma department already has 20 rape Outings lined for He and Mrs. Des, -ay make their beano at the perk. CHICAGO, Dec. G.-Impact of the pleining the work of OPM and the pcsalnationa/ defense program en "bileinisee flan of all firms coming under its pots- tilt NhAPPla aeloomed manufacturers members_ A. W. Ketchum_ preodent or sw Real` In the amusement device &ellen. Quoit:ors and atetwera settlers to the canventlon of the parent organthetion; A. R. Hodge, secretary of the field mocepolised the attention CO triore at einneluilon of his talk produced a fete than two dozen leading MaIrlifaaltrera bonthsholla belt In alt eases the logo - NAAPPII. *poke at being Stotnees In a gathered here thin week for the 17th wan* ended with the OPM on top. The ChoegOre World, m width he annual meeting*: the AthfCitala neerea. '"Whether you like It or not you must hoodoos own to aceept the changee lj'21d se tus Clonal Equipment Amoolatlon. Meeting play ball with Its" attitude Cf the a "china tip- attitude. and AREA President Chambers *poke briefly along the Was held to conjunction with the con- goteemnent repreeentative was brought itellit)orl o7 lire National Association of forcefully home. name linea Amusement Parka. Pools and Batches at Member:1 of the AREA voiced Olga/nth* Hotel Sherman. AREA *enclave was proval of the OPMas apparent intent to scope Reel Company. delivered paper William Rabkin, Internationel Mina - Bunted to one 2, a dinner meet- regard the amusement device manure. On Trip on Pomo ArcisCias; aeons, Mg out tdopday, December I. membere luring business sa eases, esenotasenstial lamer. Spillman Engineering Company. remainder of the week at to detente of the nation. Basing their described the conversion of his plant sthe theirenfanefhlett booths to the Outdoor nand on the premiss* that ohm Masi - from ride building to defense work. nod Trade Inow. einniewed jointly by the neat can and none do much in raining Ben 0. Roodhouse, Ell Bridge ceeepssa, NAAPPIX and the SboonteWe League Of and maintatolng national morale, ARRA raw a. paper Ott tearatlettort Seflinp. fallerka, 'Went 041 record as bet definitely coil. E. Chamber*. tint vies -pr eldest, posed to a nan-easentlal and extremely were Chambers. president: Ray/none Officom elected for the coming year prettied, filling the Vacancy created by low priority rating which has been , prothera, Mid TICeprroddent; William Fiettkin, wicond vice -pool - the recent death of Prealdent O. V, thrust upon thorn so far. Executive corn- OterkWeesther. Chamber's opening ad- mince Is working direst with Wash:medicos. In which he explained the pro- ton for recleseuleation, with Secretary W. P. Mange% Company. trees - dent: R. S. tilexhil *enemy, and W. P. grans to follow, was followed by the R. O. Urge% of the IL S. Unroll Co:worst and primpi:pal :speaker of the eve- notion, loading the wet, tee were the above off leers, Ben 0. ONO. Elected to the executive octournit- nirag, W. K. ano of the Chicago di- Previous to the CPM dlsouralon. pro - Reedlienee: Ise. Weapon. &atter?demifist-tattoo Company, and Fred Merkel, Olefin of the Office of Production Men- gram conslated Chiefly et thole and ionagemeut. Elaine =need no warts In Me- aril add:maim by viellons end AREA Dodgem Corporanots,

45 December IS, 1941 alteiticau Recteatimai Equipment association By R, S. UZZELL The convention mod exhiblt at Cbteego had at a aurorae the return Of the genial Homy A. Onenther, a tether prraidont of the NM:gnat Association of Amusenicut Parks, Poole end Betathee. Not since our meeting et the Pennell - 'earth Hotel, He York, has Henry been WOO its. The world Immo a baby, Never del a baby get the &Hannon the Raymond Lintz youngater got. Bret of all he enjoyed It and remained good 'mitered *Inn It ell. We critethe Ray fee 110C making She go-eart to the form of a Shooter car. The portable theater has *mired. Charity Page end Aural Vaezln are the guilty portiere. It La not pct. -table In the ranee that a Ferns Wheel la or that a Whip can to up Or down on a carnival ochcelule. It cam go up In about a week end could operate In a, wall park or fetrgovenda ter two, three or floc yearn and more to etivenlego In ita entirety. Charley JAW portable Coaster* In Europa. Where he ersmeted er whole bog of trek, to help him on this portable venture of ti ride that wee never ewes:led to be portable. Herbert Stbreech. who wee hamight Up In the Coacher buitemea and Le aupposecl to have become wedded to that kind of work. his broom n producer of tunhames tricks of no mean ability. Once the bees have begun to bum In the tilve they Se9111 tee keep It up with no neat. Fred W. Pearce rays he Ls s dirt termer. He, Invited arc ell Oat to eat term produce. lie may be a fanner but we never Now him dirty. Cliette Ryder. Of Ell Bridge Company, seven feet isix larches. is their ambesee. dee of good will."bellere it or not, they have plenty of good will They my he covered OU Stotes last year. He can corer a Lot at them. New Cemenithemen Joe becklee does not look natural on <Mathes- No, he did not toll oft rs Cosine, Joist a minor ailment. Edward Carroll Spar/field, Maas., attended his fleet ceeivention. Ito Ia a good bee to Otto-tante nenceig the men who peddle the blues. Paw would Matte a park which hart been closed eight 'roam with two attempts to open ending In (allure. He got It ready to ride the tieing tide of better corning* end Is going VS bete ht. courage rewarded. Martin Scheer, Perikault. Minn- arid Bets O. Roo/Moue, iatitionvilth, Ill.. aro now members of the ARTA toroutive committee arid hare volunteered to mere to New York la a marl -111S at our board at a terror to be en that will meet with the conventeoce of the greater number of art. This Is the *melt that strikes an orgiittlesttion go end get tbistg. done_ Leon comely Alkyl he La getting es tine co-operation from the government and army comps at and near Wilmington, N. C., an he could ark far. They regretted Man to operate ell Mater. which be will do. lie is La detente work, be la helping 10 keep up morale. It E. Chambers was peeler:lent of AREA by succesabon fee less than ono mouth when he wigs sleeted to the MOM at ottr Member SO annual meeting. He IA steady and comerveffire mid cast be depended upon to Vent* M1 Posterrative MOM, There are a lot of problems ahead that are going to require week. (them - bergs retard *tints* him to be unofretd of work. yet fellow offima aro going to give him every affialaree to carry on end thou the difficult times that aro coming There Is to be an expontion to Menge Ia Welter Sibley claims he has the commonone far amusements tied up. Should they chug* proisidente down than he may hove to scone them. Omer Kenyon hes been down there too. Clif WIloon, who Mum Me way around ex. POsitleria says no sole for him. Pred Punster mutt lave the tnthem. Re left hie happy Menthe biome M trek to Chicago tint gehmtde and emaciates Rows a safety aqpial system that la wieldy tape. acme of tie hero known coma ffightted accident& that could have easily been prevented by tine evidem, it will sere Igo nod surety will reduce lothratice rates where used. These men have done rethellsing for then Mandel, Ceenthet MONVITITOuthee Henry Guenther was elected 10 the boatel of trustees of Ms Afortfoom Mule - PARR S SORTS-POOLS The Billboard 46 LW! to take the place et Frank W. resigned. 4t11 the members Of the board welcomed him an another enthusiast of the museum. Mrs. ZS 8. Horeplucy le not welt. This grand lady or the eausenient park ho, duelry has erred as treasurer of Euclid Beret Park, Cleveland. in all of the 40 Wars the family has owned that. moth She wee a helium** to the late D. a. Humphrey in every sense of the word. Her &nobler, Mrs_ Mabel Cathay, war not with us this year twat:a of her etteirdang at the bedside of her mother. Patty Celakilm gore ua a seed Meet of the Toronto ealithatiou which be knows so well and for which he produces a thole that antiaties ao completely that be just keeps getting memo ettgogetwenle Ho dote it no that he Is not burdened with a big organization la carry after the cuthibltlom closes- Toe detention Mt an art -Cote high for hurdling the pressing eporistiano and giving to member suggeintons for getting and Ithrolling the bareinem In these days of unprecedented competition for the emeintosot dollar. Taw. OPM, labor turnover, new tee inivrance plan. extent -en of habitue insurance pith ere ell of Vital Interest to amusement park mon and nil get With the Zoos MILWALIXEF,...-Cluecr en exchange agreement with St. Lunen Zoological So, cety, Henry Ot. Kennon, new director of Writhingtati Perk Zoo Jere and formerly curator of birds and supodotenrient of anthropoid epee at St. Louie, Zoo. brought a pair of deed, a Cape buffalo bull calf runt e Chairman were mere hero. Berth mint have been sold for beef to the Wisconsin Co -Operative Packlog Company because the herd became too lusge. OHEROTGAN, Via..-Eadie. year -old Rom secured trout tool rut Zeir, Net, has been presented to Voltrath Perk Zoo here by keel pollee, TRADE SHOW 1II1' (Continued from opposite poor) lard; Jairthen Kaletlag Mills, Paul H. letudopiehli Louerman Bros_ George and Fred Lauerman: LUIse Bros., the., fifty -!Waal and Fleninet Legge, Raymond Lune Jr. W. P. Mengele Compete, Fred W. and W. P. Mangetu AMIN Novelty Company, Ed OnIdlcy, Gloria Delfale Modern Art Studer, R. McDonald: Mettel-getcres Inc., A. M. Gorden: Moran and Maros Company. T. h It Sieves: Muth - Color Dbolaye, C. M. Angle MOM Corporation of Arnertim. Nivea Hen. cock, Pat Purcell, Art Talmadge, Lucia ZiriL Ary G. Perko% Russell Fecehlrle: Net:Omni Amusement Device Company, Aurel Vaselen, Charles Page, Mary Margaret Rooney: Orange Cush Campos*. V. Demon, I. E. Crain: Palen Paean/me of Chicago, Herbert Smith. Judd. Gairtmain Peel Tar:milli Company, D. le Montgomery. Conrad probe: Mach. M. P. Heneirieltron.: Platiedethirla Toboggen ColoPtinr, Herbert P, 8thmock, John R. Davtes, Arnold Atrium, J. A. Allen, Fred Cohen: Seiner lienuteeetingt Company. Sterela W. and Weller M. Steiner; Silent Skies Company. William Cohen, Prod Cletem 11. 5, Treescury Depidt.z.ent; U. B. Teat & Awning Company. 8. T. Jessup, 0 W. Johnson, Li F. Sender' R ta, Dwell Coneretion. R. Z. Desalt Tbearto ISlitneid Plreiceeka Company, Frank end Jack Duffield, Ray Anderson. Art Wiese. BIG NAAPPB DRAW (Continued from Opposite page) for the good work he has done for the organiratlan ss essay yoirm. Hedge In turn thanked the Venetia Made papers, orpecially Tae aluboard, for their splendad oseiperetton with the emocietom, Mel teeture was the well pioneer! petorial Toralsies lishanfloos Errstarknut and Glimpses of the Grandstand Show, stilt J. W. tivattyl Conklin, president Conklin Stereo, as commentator. Showing of the picture brought. much 14,5111C - able comment from the smemblegc. Norman Settlen wound up the =Wen by thanking all contributes of the Various pictorials achiecluled for!miaowing at the Dace -May meet. At, the method dare session (There:WI Program Conthilleat Clairtnesacr Markey Rot things =Off way with the en. not eement that at the round -tattle ctherrielson to the morning Preakind Ketchumhad been re-elected to Woe in that ca peel lir for Others elected were Paul FL ifuodepow, fleet vlaaprealtielat: J. 1.. Ccieman, second vloommoittem: lerlog Rosenthal third vice.prealebonto A. R. Hodge. weretary.treanffiv, mot A, L. Pflogniow. $14111/ '4% Hudepohl, achott rent Ralph 'Cacho struck rs Moratireum not, hero when they mopped the meeting by bargtnic in am the *trembly with algae advertining the Penthatree Wad1013a end inviting al! to attend them. WINONA B. Schmidt, Utoreentrw Park, Chesig0. read au latercettng paper, Taking Mr Human Risk Element Out of fetter Coaster Operation, and showed rod of colored motion pictures, Well received was the Recipe for ftetumenetton paper teed by folward J, Carroll, River. aide Park, Ageweim, Mate. Surprise of the meat was when Chairman Markey introduced as guest speaker Witter Moore one at the oars In fisuiderm Purchase, Hta poem, 144 Groot TO lie to New Pack With a 11(1, Scored Women - dourly with the crowd. SPenktnit on Inglboartts Bustessa Boosters. Rex D. Billings Jr. doerilied the rood *Igoe se the of the beet wane of werortiting for parka. Ho alto suggested the use of Mello program ticoma from the parks and pointed out the admirable remits obtained tram their use. Hit wound tip his time on the One by thanking alt for their poste CPOtrIbuttorw to the convention, C, D. Bond, special chairman, presented same telling arguments on Promotional Ideas for 4042 as Cleaned From 1941 Events, He solvated the watrablage tea nuke their business an ant-year-orreuluil one by %asking out better plums of operetta before and during the regular maaan, and cited the good work Edward J. Carroll end lite Iffierelde Perk eteff are doing, Ho elan mho] mil In gleeful:low to tim The Sillboard at every opportunity and pointed out its rely.* to a park operator. Other meeker* et the Thursday weeelon wetot Wlltinm Itterrinit, who spoke or berspennre Modern rremis: A. M. Brown. Prcsen Paton of Herr Promottona of Int; Paul H. Husidepohl, The Acute Cotortne Situation: Joseph Melee. The ASCAP- EMI SiteatIon, end A. ft, MoSatiggarr. who ore the Mode Iteigatly Report. Norman Bartlett asked for greater plctoriel remestentatio.n for the 1642 mottles,' arid won Ruppert in Me request from isbant. IS per Mt, at the worm - law. He was promptly named pictorial chair-mann for next year!), crept and emoted chest It errangemente could be worked cad theist SO per cent of the program ecotone In would be devoted to pictorial reviews. Thuredsy night A. M. Brown. Buckeye take Park. thrived a lengthy strip of film anent promotions at has perk Ire Pie creetcd mbeh Wil11111tilL end WW1 well received. Cenelliding *Melon, Priday, was highlighted by the highly maccosolul ict.od roue Clinic, wherein nil were permitted ri thane to present their view* oh variety of tepee% It wee CandOtffil after van pattern Of 11 radio quilt thow and Lusse Auto -Hooters AGAIN THIS SEASON Aura mithargit* on Ps comb otd we the CAIN at.,. rear towite LUSSE BRC1S., INC. NUW TOMS 0111 con tote &tore Madam &Latn. 1171aded los mei hi had.1, E. LumbIn Jr., Deliti Roth Park, Cleveland.. as dean. Romig incooded N. 8. Alexander. Woods/de Perk, Philadelphia: Herbert P. O'Malley; P, W. &Moeller, Weida -owe Swish Park. "Oleo Pa., end Fred W. Postra, Prod W. Pearce & Corn - piny, Inc. Detroit Beard Of 11.01V had Jam L. Campbell, A. EL Hodge. Paul H. Ithedepobl, A. B. Mcliwigau, Charles Rose. Leonard B, acbleee, H. P. Bents-lc-dr and P._ S. Cinch. TOpece dummied at length Intruded Roo Do You Propene Chanel, Your Adattiatest Peters tinder the New Acimesenne Tat Isot, WO1 Proortlies Sffile Amusement Park Operation lo /542/, Prlovity--The Nether of isms - Hon, Are Fired Opentrig and Creuirip Room en Asset or a Ltatellay?. Do you FaCOC All Holidays Oct Mondays/ and Social gernirtty and thsereployment Tares Ott Creltratres. Peking's &melon also produced Kemal excellent. gapers. Prank Hatolo gave the pert men Dome towelled pointers On Sufteltrep Roller Coorter Reecipts Ato which he presented a brief but effective pictorial. Carlton Dullus, in chatty of medal %entitle*. Teciewury Dopartrhent. WashIngtom, D. C- pretended en effective plea for co-opention at the 4Avrintgagn in Pirrone:Peg the Defense Program. Alan prevented at lihnlay's session worm these effective pictorials: Ptsylandoit. Pro Reach, George K. Whitney, Isominentatom Belmont Park, Montreel, Rex. D. Bililinge, Wienountateen Settsbarg Reath, Mess., Prod L. Markey, commentate; South America, L. Lumen Comer, ermmeotator, and Paitsedes Amthement Pork. Irving Rosenthal. comormittatth Pesch and Pont mood -table tilmiarelosw were held daily preceding the regular NAAPPES smiths. After awarding of tonging by the *service awards ocenteilffig of which `1W J. Humphrey was thattroan, the meeting woe edleurned, The coortrollon ended with a Rata banquet in the West Room Of the Hotel Sherman. DEMMER ROBBER OPERATOR Amusement Forks & peaces DRJOSEPH E. are be lialen1 13. treer'tty e. r, 2309 N. Felthill Philadelphia. Pa. roarthicri to mem. Moo gee thee int WIN it, * 141..rei:140, PM. WW1' WNW tr talthithitet SHOOTIN ALLERIES osearde PESOATS CA-ct b ILMOS CesentLS retch W. EMANOCLI Co, CONEY ISLAWWILt AT PARKS. FAIRS AND ON CARNIVALS WM* POW OP No, 1* I otionotbo cannot , WNW uro5., LTD, 14/10/114 SS tarteltlitn labdw. W. 0. 1, hollowl Moro than Osier before Holkiew Spirit is Important M every Aerovocan! loin 7l, the firearm, calievasirat Of the Holiday Spell ris Show Silence, HOLIDAY OREETINIO$ inajmera of The BillbO.04. Write re Olothe the Office of The Billboard nearest you. nowt,%1' Val} tear ISS:et1WS Atala Oda V4. W. e54 Mee etweimm CND utter sari

46 46 Th8 BUllsoard PARKS -RESORTS -POOLS l/errrniarr 13.!tn., The Pool Whirl By NAT A. TOR tall Coornunkatiens la Nst A. Tae, Care New York flee. Th. Billboard/?mach gave a complete doseriptioo Of them pwasaara and same loom were hie amen mono: actialtirs at. NAAPTII Harry J. most Muulenota State. bincti confabs'two Irma ago, but bin store and refrealimrat stand.: Phil C. Treetra should be brought up to date. Since Tentiemoe State, carolvels: Amgen K. then he luta been nth:walla ea moth bar Fkildirrtn, Alabama Slate. exelone* petal. on ulnae week -ends that he In playing Irmo. During the closing innings Win name bands thruout the year. New Kinston, Ohio Farr, and Howard roller rink la one of the b111 pull/trainmen. Still It's amazing to M. hsiodtedo-sornetimes thousands-of potrom playtirg handball outdoors on a cold Minter day at Manhattan Beech. A motion picture of a day ;.t Manhattan Beath both In taannier and waiter would prove a Wrentham at the meetings- How about that. for mot, year, Art? Rex Billings. of Belmont Park, Montreal, and former bore -man at Luna Park, Coney LWOW, was to retool to Florida foltowing site meetings. Rex soaearets down south each ulnae-dm lucky stiff --and )use makee the trek north for the annual meettegs. Boy, I imagine It doe. his cad bout genci ree strides matte by his youngster In the ennaaaftesat pork Sad, Am Jr, was loved a youngster whof Sr. ran Iona Park. New Ma * big-time notinfer In hie own right. nod many vold-tancra can kern momethts5 from ha bag of Uinta. Men and Mentions Omen abbe 1:1q 41 put on acme Water thews at Mactieldra Deauville plunge. Miami Beach, tins winter/ Name I. Allred latkilder, a newcomer to aquatic cacke. Ina a former New York asprernang executive and la also the Mahood of Ruth Lirkilder, "Mtn Amer. its of 1041,' Another Lucky atiffl Did you get a elonee to mud Ranh ansennera story in the Chris -twee ape - Mal Of The fithhoard? Very Interesting. wasn't It? Beechen anowa whereof he apatite having trammed Capitol Bona who pont Lincoln. Nab.. for many yenta laverevo, I mill feel that pool men should not play up water demands. In their aria and promotion an he odeoratra and at es many ops do-toe It's always been my conterition that then theta are taken Tor vaulted thew data. And eel!. lag attentinn to elrenlinea only tram a question that may not be on mania of Petrotte Sam Bortoseeln, of the concemano coin - pony by the wow name, wrttes to let us know about a new beach and pool to be opened st Swope Park. Partais City. Ma, Department U grateful to florrittein for ills taro and will attempt to mast him In providing data he requoilett C TIS. 0. -Three ringtati mon. key. and 200 state mato, gilt of R. L. Ortalth.. of the Part Haim acid Chitty:I- OW hotel" here, have been hastalled in Columbus Municipal Zoo. They bad been to the eulywey night club in the Chlttenden, Addition being* the mob rtrignal count to eight Mickey Meuse Town, with things and Farris Wheel, will be *urn for the mice. RECORD II1G11 (Ctoisetneed peon papa IZ) and peat spew,: I., R. Penult tows ante Pala who dwelled on ed agetwera: William V. Ward,'Hilesola State Pala who Merelbed the record coploltation received hoes promoting a cooteat for 1110 "Typieril Penn lamoilsa; Win Katona, Conventional Hetes Oislo State Paw, who spoke on the same Certainly am a ewell teeming! Too subject; Harry J. Front. who delivered bad se many poolrium were compicuom a talk on auto. as gate penes; Herb by then absence, nut Uteri you can't- Rotten, New Yore State Pair, and Kett - blame acme of the ope Of Mawr unite, oath R, Ifernmalorta California Site for they But caul get away at thta lime Tale. Who took melba and pound pub - of year. This department will attempt Salty aa their thertie, to renew as ninny of the more important topics anent aquatic biz ensansaed 1111 INCee1.11:111 I. Big posalblo 04 Slooday aught a no:piton and Eery a word vas uttered sencernilig buffet supper was held under t110 chair - possibilities. of maim pool oparttni. :if mania:de of Hon. Samuel IS. Lawn. Yak slitter. Don't tell me that haute have rna.) Pair, with a Urge representation been thrown up in the air in.leer dos- which aaw films from Iliroole wad ;anti -ion and tent the subject has been hadietea State Imes and watched a etrs: completely forgotten, )foe' long It seven Of NM Mee exiithibuted by George alma this column Met brought up the Ifernid, Boyle Vacialfoile, Barnes -Car. sultana of winter operation for open -ale rutber, and Frank Wirth egilielte. Lacks and beadles, Mast be at. least testwiciens were Jose Libya:MO, gale. - eight year. maw A U'S op. followed the Swoon Nay Coulon. rentrilequr: Perki'r advice given here and eta:unified off. Berstherst, comedy onethatice, and Hearth. mason operation, One or Iwo were aylopbone, auetesaithi; mhos threw in the TattRes Tisaday afternoon was devoted 10 a Man who Moan moth about tublear...copc,..mon (alma.. with panel. Mt operation In alb' t1"14 le Art Trench. Jury con:a:mug 0.0,Baker, once heed who eccomplathes ant theft it Joe DeiY a at Oklahoma Stets owndr. J. S. paean. MAtatattAft Batch, Coney IMUSS'L N, Y.=maser of North Carolina State Pair. and Tower, producer, dimmed the her* 1941 epee. By Down', Nasty Light, as a eared magnet, and Kenneth lamonaker, Callfornitt Mote, drew for his subject the ratite of names 111 rutertainuarnt. Another clinic In a convention replete with service and information was staged Wattle -Way Monsoon In which exhibition specs: details were taken up by O. B. Affiertatugh, Los Angelo -a County Fair. Onion= Honey W. Beaudoin, Memphia Tenn. vice-cliairmin, arid Harry W. Ylttot ItIllinaa Mean. secretary. retinae fiance and unite method. operations were taken up by Minoestaal. I -bury Prost and the ammo Of crhibita being de. penenot by Pod Dell, racretary, eameintion of Farbibit ahmagtre. Rhlriem al, Gardner, Carden D isplay Company. told graphically bow to sell nod entrebandhe booths. Mad Henry Peat mated a eentral weeny 01 file TArle to Parrath man Information e a will make sone frown nationel ea. 'grit:ere Caster to sell. DePue Named Pres:dont Harold P. DORA% Ortiml Nominal LI+ e. stock ilacpcoltion, Son 'Francisco, arid formerly at. North Mama= State Pala Corot Palo ass uvulae pecolekint for 1942, succeeding Cherie.. W, Green, Moberly. Mo., who led the woolens In Concert watt Prank H. Kingman. Poet - Ion. ktay., 'APE secretary. Herbert IL McElroy, Ottawa. Coat, wan elected Sire* president, and in taking the chair bond iosignificent ea -operation from the Lotted Mane 113 tills war for fret-dome s God bee made us neighbor* palleo will make UI friends: Prank Kingman was re-elected to the atcreterva past by acclaim, a tribute to Ills areal nthesionary week in behalf of tag TniersiatlesuaL DI - rattan named from odelthoraticred IA roam for one year were B. S. Lawn. York. Pa.. Pose I; Win Eliman, Ohio State, Zone 8: Prank H. Shona Colorado State, Zone 6, end Walter D. Joel:eon. London, Ont., Zone 7. The other dime - tam elected let sear to verve far two lees, are P. T. *pmeeler. Plorida State, Zone 2: Mrs. Veal Naumiy atneereda. Oklahoma Free Slate Pala Zone 4; C. B. Afficrboligit POMO/Mk Calif., -Zone 6. Charlie.A. Noah, Eastern Mates Eepost , Ma4a, headed the iatieflitationa committee. Sam Grata ender/vs a drive for MI** State assoeinttotfnwrnbtinitapa. end Secretary Kingman announced official friemberahtp of the sumettations In Connectietit and Oeorgls as welt as the organnationi in Mamba eippl. Nebraska threw to the "WEI, North Coronae sod Washing -ton. Now member[ are Woo: V tate. Pair. Voncesette: Bethany (Idol Pan. Arizona Slate Pair IPlaxntat. Utah Sotto stage ibrat /eke City) and btaumon Par, mato; the Interval -tonally U. S. membership a goad 04. HEAVY RESPONSE HELP DEFENSE SAVE PAPER-HELP DEFENSE PLACE A STANDING ORDER OR BUY YOUR COPY OP THE BILLBOARD FROM THE SAME NEWS DEALER EACH WEEK IF POSSIBLE. HELP THE BILLBOARD SAVE PAPER FOR DEFENSE BY El IMINATING AS MUCH AS 01:1-thorra City. POSSIBLE UNSOLD COPIES ON THE NEWSSTANDS YOUR NEWS DEALER WILL SAVE A COPY FOR NIT EACH WEEK tf YOU WILL ASK HIM TO DO SO. (Canfrosinsl Inion pap: ale Moan& 4. tended position) Annie lei- VT:motional Livestock Easioeidtion. Port - laud, Ore. Zoned Awards-lotto I. New York State Pair; Eastern Mane 'Masalima Springfield, Mena 1/1 r Ocs le ton (Massa P.lr. Zone 2: North Carolina State Pan, Raleigh; Virginia Stan Fan, Ricboweid. Zone 3: The for Prat between Kentucky Slate lath and Iowa &Catena:: Ohio State Pala. Coauubas. Zone 4: Oklahoma State Pair, tab.:ens City; Oklahoma Tree State Pair. Muskogee; Panhandle South Plains Pala Lubbock. Tex. Zone 6: Kenna Frew Pala Topeka; Minnesota State Felt, St. Paul; Midland Empire Pair, Eillangs, Mont. Zone 8: Paella: International INpenition, Portland, Ore4 Multnomah County Onaleam. Orel California Beata Pair, grieromentsa Zonal 7: Regina (Sask.) Provincial Central Cooed* Exhibition. Ottawa; Calgary Oita.) Ex hibaton and :Konya*. Prozatim Book or Omani Prize Listratan: Now Jolley State Pair. Trenton; Oklahoma Mate Pan; Ohio Sate Pall, Zonal Awards --Zone 1: New Jersey Slate Pala York (Po.) Intennota Fall. New York State Pan, ZoetO 2aPlorlds. State Pair, Tantha: Virginia State Pair. Rich - mead. Zane 9: Ohio State Pala Koh tacky Stan Pan, Iowa State Pair. Zone 4: Oklahoma Slate Pan; Tense State Pair, Dallas; Missouri State Pale, Sedalia. Zone 6: Colorado Slate Phi?, Pueblo; Kamm Prey Pair: alinneeste State Pair. Zone 81 Now alealoo State Pair, Al. btopierques: California Slate Fala; Los Angeles County Fair. Pomona, Zone 7: Centro) Caanda Exhibition. Ottawa: Calgary lerathitten and Starepede; Provincial Exposition. Quebec. r Se:overate Peaty-seri-Pinata: Wiseman Slade Pair. Mtlwetikce: Brockton Fear, Quebec. Zonal Awards-Zone 1: Brock. ton, Mao; Yoek, Pa.; Trenton. N. J. Zone 2: Itimpla Itichinead. Va. Yent.'3: Milwaukee; Colubm, O.: Indiana Slate Fair. theatitapolta. Zone 4; Dallas. Okla. home Cay; tie for third between Sedalia, Mo_ and Louisiana State Pair, Starve - peat, Zone 5: Rama& State Pala Hutch - Imam: lioaelte. Kan.: Paean, Cole, Zone IP. None. Zone 7: Quebec. Sooseenir Program and Liwatoek C4ttnlog Combined - Symons, at. Paul, Deis Mcdroce. Zonal Awards-.' ono 1: byrahlisio repringnetel. Mina: Maryland State Fair, Timonium. Zeno 2: Woe. Zone 3: Des Mathes. Milwaukee. Zama 4: Amerhan Royal lavestostsk Show. Ronan City, Sin Zone 6: St. Petit: Notattaka State Pala Lincesta. Zone 6: Sacramento. Zone 7: NOne, Livestock Cabins - Meals; Dallas: Saskatoon (Sask.) Exhibition: Ottawa. Zonal Awards-Zone 11 Nana Zone 2: Noire. Zone 3: 'Ile between Columbus, and Inellanapolls. Zone 4: Deltas; Sedalia Mo.; 'rein:rause State Pair. Muth vine. Zone 6: None_ Zone 8: Pomona, Calif. Zone 7c Tle between Ottawa and riaakatoon, Horse Show Catalog-Parate; Pomona. Cal.f.: Lou:at:111e, at Paul. Zonal Awards -Zone None. Zour 2: None. Zone 3: lamievnie, Indleolep011e. Milwaukee. Zone 4: Nashville. Zone 5: St. Paul: Linouln. ) Neb. Zone 8: Pomona, Calif:: Portland, Ore.; Sacramento. Zeno 71 Neste. Sales Proopecten-Ptuals: Dm Moines[ Pomona, Calif.; Slitthafield, Masa. ZJI1.1.1 Alanrels-Zone 1: Springfield. Maas_: Syracuse. Zone 2: None. Zane 3: Dee Molina Loire 4: None. Zeno 5: BC Paula' Zoo* 6: Pomonn, Cella Letter Inter.--Plnaleo Pone o, Calif.; igeolli Mountie ante Pala Oren Pearl Des Moines. Zonal Awards-Zone 1: ityra. clue: Springfield, 1LLsa.; York, Pa. Zone 2: Tampa. Zone 3: Met %gainer, Milwaukee, iambs (Mich.) Free Pair. Zone 4: Minaouth Pala, Meraphls; Kaman City, Moo Oklahoma City. Zezie 5: Orrat Pails, Mont.; Ballast Mont:: St. PauL Zone 6: Pomona, Calif.: bacramential Albuquerque. N. M. Zone I': Roane, Sask.; Calgary, Alta..: Quebec. Par &Med Newspaper or Bulletin -- Mats: Temps; Regina, Sask.; Syracuse. ZOssal Awards -7411e I: 55rocuee, Zone 2: Tampa, Zone 3: 'Della. Alich : tea Moines, Milwaukee. Zone 4: Dalian. Zone 8: Hutelaluson. Kai: Lincoln. Neb. rem* 6: None. Zone 7; Regime, Seek. Wthene. Card-peutila: Portlaild, Dallas. Syne:vet. Zone 1: Syracuse: linektee, Masa: Springfield_ Mao. Zone Ta None Zone 3: Indithahailhe weaker.: Columbus. 0. Zone Dallas, Tie for anal between Kamm City. Mo., mid Sonata. Ste Zone 5- Pueblo. Col,.: Great Palls, Moist.; tic for third bolailen dl. Paul and 4k - gar -Ban Livestock end Horse Stoma Omaha- Zone el; Portland, Ore.: Al. bumierque. N. Si,: leamanatito, Zone 7: Calgary. Alta.; Saskatoon, Sink.; Ingtha. Bank. letterbead - FInnia: Saginaw Pate- 30thigen Farm Products Show. tiagmaw. Mich.; Ortat Palls. Mont.; Onsebein, Ore_ Zonal Award.-Zone 1: Syr:Amu:: Brockton, Ham.; York, Pa. Zone 2: Itielienthel. Va Zone 3: Saginaw, Mich.: Milwaukee: Ionia, Mich. Zone 4; Memphis. Karam City, 510: Lubbock, Tex, Zone 6. Greet Pith, Mont: St. Paul: Linooln. Zech, &me 5: Oro -Ahem Ore.: Albuquerque. N. M. Sacramento. Zone 7: Oalgary, Alta; Ottawa; Saskatoon, Slivt. INOW-CAILVdt*n NalleRflat Ealaintiola Toronto, forwarded extant materna but an obstacle occurred In C du, to deelaristion of vedue on the parted, which was not lifted lb time to be exhibited.) lodges M. B. Kendrlek, Outdoor Artrertbang, : Andrew 1: , Leo Barnett agency; O. H. Litietofeld, Natarnsal Toe Company: David W. Stotler. Lord at Thomas. Attocislion Repot. Following Ls en official statement from. tic TAPE on the advertising clinic. prepared by Joan D. Zook, pubnetty director of Obto State Pith, who served Mb we - /Mary of the ad seeselow: -rhs wisdom of eatendlag the formal activates of tills contention to a carded study of the atherthing methods employed Ln the nreariotam of fall and expositions was amply demonstrated at the Monday ffseecinber 11 sesston,. Only a amen percentage of lit delegate. to tnls comention are promotion men. but the 1107, twee attended by practically all exectithe delegate-. during some part Of the prooredingrs, An important eftettolonent Of Lila clinic Lou. the minus!. [odic manner In which that mocuthaa participated In the question perlotta. it wee a clonomtration of their mnikatarag Intertost In the problerna Of promotion and the trimmer in wtsich their advert:mug and pulthe retitle:du employees are meeting thew problems. "Pardcutarly noticeable was the aloes Impaction nod *Way of the huge of newspaper advertleing campeagni, costiloor nelverthing, pronium 1Lstf, pub. Ilentiona etc, Volume is!' Wts display wee double that of lest year, stitch matted the Inauguration of the!ape Advertising Mile. The manner In which Atha:tains departmente of the venous member fairs made Me of valuable In- ' formation gleaned Trent tart yeere round table wag evidenced by an Improvement In the copy submitted for Una year's competition. There was a much niiyo mama. touch to their erafuenauship and a stronger appeal in their product. Throe was a general feeling among the (Mai: - tieing and publicity men that their efforts wens aided by a getettor wide:extendbig on the part of exlmation management Of what they were trying to az. conspliah. and that eats In torn was reflected by the Inereined attendance and receipt, at preencany all faint bald during the current year. "Judging of the exhibits by a cortunittee Of Wees composed of commential adverthing executive not Identined with fa:ns and funialtinna minuend amend hours on Sunday altentoon and evening, when placinge were made Ln the vartems IAN[ room The task was not completed until Monday morning. When the Judged Ratio easombied to select the grand prize W100rie 0! the entire Ma - play. Their de:minna Here e.nnceinood at the opening olionn mad will be tot eluded in the published Wiser' Of the inavretstatin proceedings to be lathed by Secretary Prank Kingman. "The afternoon amnion of the Mamething Clinic wee marked by a well-balanced mixture of foetal oldreaons deroucl to the we of various advertising and promotion media. round -table dia ctusions end questanhand-answer peel - Mai parttelpated In by the reprearotatives of erpealtiob Msongegnent io wall an the so-called experts.. "ft la oar t to eon` vention nn idea of developing trends: in. It was evident that ea a result of the tint Advert -lath- Clinks held loaf year the quality of ativerthelog and pro. motion for the 1041 comb was improved. "2. There was a greater underatatallog of the problenta of promotion em the poet of expeoltion managememt 'rt. Advert. Ono: Anil proasotton men employed by TAPE inionber. ore demone thating deeper conception of the ism (tee 11.54VT 125SPONSS on page 59)

47 Dorember 13, 1941 T Ivyliboarel 1.7 AAU Restricts Scope of RSROA PHILADELPIIIA. Dec. S. - Amateur Athletic Union at It. annual oilmen - Don hear In the Rate Philadelphian on November 17 ruled that the Roller Skintng Rink pentane Ancelatkos Of tho United States rant relinquish the power It ban been tenerelotrog over amateur roller skaters. Without a dissenting von the AAU adopted this resolution: "Upon motion by Mr. Ragan. regularly seconded, the committee voted to adopt the reeeraracodation of the special committee op. pointed by the Amateur Skating Union to Inavottgate roller Meting with a Frovidon co grant the ASU tour months In which to comply with the recommendauore, and rectify the unsatisfactory eonelltiern complained about: rennin which. 'the alliance between the ASU and AAU be terminsted." Recommendation* meta. goad in the tesolutton, which are in a report made by Dante S. Ferris and Joseph Garage. are: I. That amateur committees be formed to control all amateur aetteltios, 2. 'That +anthers roe competttlona. earmations and dernonatratbana be awarded QUALITY The First Bast Skin RICHARDSON BALLIKARINO SKATE (0. ens, ihrd 1414 grepnwesd Ave. Chinn. In. The Hirst Si;rate Today For Health's Sake Skate in our newly patented ventilated roller skating shoes for men and women. GILASH SHOE CO. Fitchburg. Mats. No. 321 DUSTLESS FLOOR DRBSIN6 oinni II.. se, I HM/.atNeer..,-,41,14 *A. not. pie S4.00 alit One Its' OW. "".7 A ".nalstnirs 4 rd. aprsp , Wkler. MA*. T11..; r. 0 I raiwo..2a% 4vdtgr. Salem* C- O. It CAGAN BROTHERS 444 Yen./ as. IVtItITT, Meek RI (11.1) ISV SkiliGO.16.NCE0 actriattect3 COST NO lis0q6 OLT GREAT RETURNS ACKLEY, Orl,OOLT-Y 4.DAY riftesittlct t LwOrNatili 3 Ann 0L0G. PITT3bUti[14,51^, FOR SALE 1e11.v,44/ Matint Rink rediventi ZOO pries al slam A1 1k,fea, dead stank al Repairs. Wbeels, aerate. Caws Clamp', Straps. lie. One or the bast and %Totem, Inefuellsg records end all sit had spa/anon and Planicsar ham.. matins ter Pile sta loud speakers end ere mien - None 'fah ~Oa erensesest h Mon' Fier onemea for bailifesx 604'00. or A tent, FRED.IcHNIITZ.LOW WANTED TO BUY!kn.., Pain t'- to...0. vi testa W. Is. OVAL Wk., A' W,t. Well's Cariosity Shop 14 Nash... at plds. Pa. Ri Finks r n and SIRaters By ALBERT F. SCHNEIDER 4Ciacinnati Meal by amateur conianttedi ally to amateur clubs. and for tests. without regard to whether or not the rinks at which Loath clubs skate or make their home or where much competitions. exhilentorm and deraormtrations and tone are held belong to the RSROA_ 3. That amateurs be permitted to compete. glee wehlintions, deenonstrattema link, coat4, take part In revue* And tar, newts and become, Judges Irrespective of ther rink ui4. 4. That perm:mons be made for tremonce of Memberottlp card' rout merely mythtrattou cards I to Mdindual amateur* end to clubs at all rater nuka In the United State" without any rink operator or owner reerthelsons thereon, and that proper intheinat1041 and advice he diemeatietal to all of them retina any distinction or preference because of rink effillation or link mentliestaip Iii thei ItSROA. b. That only amateur chtbs aerially fostering figura stating, skate dawn; or racing and not purely weal aelvithro be admitted to inerobehhip of such clubs to have Only amateur atfleera end director*. O. That no amateur be permitted to represent a rink. rink owner or operator. 7. That au contracts between ama. rein and rink MIMS and operator* be outlawed, and all authority and control. ether direct or Inillrect, of rink owners, opt/eon or pnolesaloicale over amateurs be abolished. 8. That pending the determination of the ASU., the amateur roller okaters are prepared to take ores- the entire con. teal and ftuanclug of able sport, the ILIBLOA revise and remodel IG eoatttution and by-law*, rut., and regula time in soreedenee with ABC requirements to an to provide ter lb* ad. ministration of amateur actnitins by amaten onnamitires, and that It cooperate with and support said committees and activate. Ahro that Its board..7 antrol be made elective. O. That the ASU appoint a aprolal committee to sopervbe thin reorgan.!cattail. 10. That unless the RSROA month - ',rat as herein recontisiended. or AS di.,.reted by the Antl, its meirelwrslilit ti. the A.111 as an amateur body be revoked and Lome other provision be made for its recognition and Co-operation with It. 11. That in the event of such revocation of RSFLOA mentherahtp nn the rind Until anise/ars and their clam ham been property reorganised. the president of the ABC. with approval of its hoard of control. appoint a natant omen - Mon and loco: enremisehma compared of MC moo and amateur roller Muter* to supervise this open, (apemen ol ouch oonatassion to be pad out of amateurs' and amateur *Luba' reenabarehip fool, Planctren, cothlhartes and teat foes, and gate receipt. for carnival, demonatrationa and baneful rirailar to /WILDA nights, 12. That in the event of allele revoca- Men Of the A eseinborsittp. said COMMISSIOnd farm a separate amateur roller-skating body to become a member of the "AD. with amateur afteme, amateur board of control and amateur corn. milted, 50G Buffalo Arena Opens to Big' Trade Buppaa Dec.!I.-Buffalo. new Arm,. Roller Rink. erected Ok nn esansated Coat et by Melville Van Dyke. formic operator of Delaware Rink here. opened recently and did ninety bonnets In the!hut week of operation. Rink aelormanedates SIM owner Van Dyke has put RNehilog touches art a large parking tot. Further expenditures are to be made on Interior refinements - Location la neer a sesidentiol district, from winds the management expects to draw cilia pectroinage. Pew contmereal orrolocaunt Vote are In the vientty. Party bookingn ATV reported ahead Of :11064 for the tame time last year at the old rink, and are raid to comprise larger mount. Personnel of the old rink has been brought slang. principally Al Holley and Al Bielman In charge..t the skater foam and Boor staff: Owner Van Dyke's broth - Or. Feed. es-inanager, and Nelson Selby. mania. retrarelon. ACV 35 note for women and 40 mita for men. PhD tax. RSROA-AOW Fight is Taken to Court NEW YORK, Dec. 8.-William Schantz. holder of Llitcreita in Boulevard Arena. Bayoune, N, J., and other N.or JerrwY roller rinks, Wed a cram -complaint in Marra Daudet Court here on November 27 coking damages front the Roller Strang Rink operator' ',Nochethan of the trotted Braun and three of is Offatitsie for untoir torripelltnit. He tireaillit Win %Own anrmertng an complaint In a Inil charging am and there with libel, Narita as defendants with Schanz by the RBROA were lib. tire, America On Wheels. Mount Vernon Arena. Inc.: Daniel J. Perna, III Secretaryotreuntrer: Joseph K. Savage, (CRAW prealdent of the United &nun Figure Stating Mao - elation: amen Morton. oalurratist, and Max Have, rotten editor The Nem Vora Jawreal-dincescon, arid turf Van Horn. It wan charged In the MHOS cornplata that Schmitz Injured the association*. reputation and caused 1otai of membership, prospective member* dues, artatributions and regtatration fees Of amateur nkatens In hiato and national Onteote bed under RSROA spcntrennlp. tees his complaint to the Amateur Ath- Lelia 'Union In which be charged the 115ROA with nsoitopolintio seinen AIL. cording to the WINO& tetilinany per: - avant at an ethane Investigation was published by Scautiltis In hit bane organ, Amerira On Wheel, In each he wrote "the bets Object of the In r,*. platollon of the amateur." and by Item and Morton In their paper. Schoithers cronneeamphint alleges that plain= tried to gang control of Ow roller not bulonists mid stifle ceennethroto by barring Iran mama amateurs not regotered with the plaintiff, annotating Judges who teemed a registered ammunire and influencing taco to we. RSILOA mats to U14 dotelaverit of Schantea brualmos. Chereing that suppression of amateur skating kin as rinks replotted In lose or 1900; Ian *min judgment for taro tears that roam under the I:Merman Anti- "YrUnt. LAW. Court le alao asked to hone an Injunction pardon forthir conduit by the RSROA of championship contests and to dismiss Ole association wit for 0.100,000 "vomit Schmitz and others named se. defendants. 175C Fire Razes N. Y. Spot [MAR MOUNTAIN. if, Y,. Dec.o.-fare of undetermined oriels destroyed Dear Mountain Strung Rink on the Louth shore Of liverish Lake, November 27 Furman fought the blare hoirra before brirgeng It under control. Orinclals of Palisades Interstate Park Commission placed damage at 1176,000. Rink was Ned In bribe ben the largest filttilnot nkating pavilion In the United States. measuring ISO by 250 feet. SINCLIN W ARF.NA. Shrewshwy. her, become a member of the Roller Skating!link Operators' Aram - elation of the United Staten, reported Heath! Jacob:we and Med May, mariagters Rink bas been equipped With automatic Lerealonent disperuir_g nueldnita. making servings morn mann and requiring ten hep. In apace lonely ccetipled by the refreshment oostritcr wilt be a diniiiiay of shoe eluded sad pros and oakum linens the illinging Wheels emblem. Cbrinnisa tree on wheels is planned tee December 24. It well be lighted end whaled to the center of the floor. Carobs will be sunrg ma patrons skate About the tree, Many ft have been invited for the cent. ItrthrSOXR Ken Kearney, tionerland. Columbus. 0_ reported membership in Rollicland Skating Club has attained tne mark. Rink has beat In operation am months. At monthly parties, Intro - WIN 114,0 admitted free. CniiikEPLA Skating Rink_ PhIllutelphts, wilt spoutor a fashion recite and serenade show on January 2. Hebert Colo end Jimmie Lowe are co-dtrecton cartw, ortheatra has been engaged to provide music.. "While spree forbids reference to every Interaating personality I have known diartiti; my areortatten with ralor skating In England. I abet Ltll you. something about those Who stand *tit litic441cyrin rie*tthti. "One of the thirst exponents of roller skating and a grand sportsman. la Bob Helene. Dulme. who originates from idanehester end made his debut On Mt lore at the ofd gone Vuo AMY there In (See RINKS en pew S3) New Dance Skate Ne.2870 Fills all 1942 Champion Dance requirements. It is tight I J lb. 14 oz. flexible, strong, Narrow trucks I 15/EC wide], "Rock.Hard- maple wheels dia. x 1" tread, "freewheeling." CHICAGO ROLLER SKATE CO. The World's Greatest Dance Skates 4427 W. Lake Si'. Chicago, III. thenlay, recommend and sell the kshoes that bear her personal endorsement Genuine Goodyear Well Construction, 19 other styles in stock - HYDE ATHLETIC SHOE CO.!)...ea A it Bret 2," CASEASPAnt Nam

48 48 Tire Billboard' December 13, 1941 Nat Greea's The Crossroads CHICAGO aracarelaarion13 arc great things to 4 Kay away farm But they have ontalo fasonanrion tarn the taint one 1. Sam oath them Ito homat a rieherent thought In his head. Faro days of work and play (mighty Little of the loiter for mat ot net are a grueling erportence. The aciretivaa owners anti executive* the Man nom the taxnetag onion. end the acts trying to book themselves. all have is tough grand. They have to be on then toe to ooe that competitor* don't Corral their prospect, and keep 'em corralled. 'Ciento are plenty of triad In the unite (were not giving away any acetet) oral [bey re all freely used, not *Hap with 611C,C676, When We have * breathing well It amusing end ltlably teltuallonal to watch the tactios employed had the 71434:1DIS of Incapeetn to the different linna and then to haves an agent ten us very confidentially. "Wo never do to and so -no presents, no Idtkimeka." when a onabanter of said.gent hna just 'Mowed tt -ob. well, we wouldn't have mentioned malt tatinao If the aferninentioned agent hadn't born att Mina it, to think weal oeiallow It. and we let him think so. NOTES iikkh1 Up at the Madan' anal veal:ions; Don V. Moore, former Iowa fair secretary, and Ralph T. Hemphill. manatee of the Oklahoma ante Pair, were Ita a facetious mood the other night and foamed aims mat of a secretarytreartner ruesnelatlose. with Maine and Iftrophin ea Pint prealdeat, reerelary and treasurer, Ti was all In fun. of comae. Moore, who In the old date al wept use claw and song leader. banat lost any of his entlausharm. and the bun - rasa speokers found him a rraposodre audience.,. Ken Warneld In from his home on the Wit. Coast and brought attic/ with him a prisetawaning Dobermart which he entered In the ekig *haw bora Hat work and copped third air* In a field of mere than 120 Dobermans_ Thelma Keep, wife of Cheese Keep, treasures at the Grand Cpera house, known many of the show boys. and her atownte that year Teat keenly felt, Thelma, who loan people and lea grand girl. La COIMAIC,CIng from en Illneta of a local hospital... Para. Tony Marton la mourning the loco of boa block spank! 61tho, to which the was Tees' much al.- ltsehed,. Anna Kat, tinnier circus trainer.anllaal came In from Detroit to meet some of the boas, but couldn't stay Icing. He's definitely taking out I. ahow next. Want,. The Wind Tabu, Jack story and Sam Nunn. were very Much In evidence around the Sherman ad week, Therm probably the beat known announteas on the salad annual. Jack let the West and Sam In the Nara.. Lucky Teter peat shout bought out the gadget counter In the Sheintuasuiel when tie left /or hla hone an Nohleavale. and,. ha wile!hided down with Ionia of all kind/.. awn Ward, the Southwest lireem, has gone back to roue[-derbying for the winter menthe. QOZERY we missed Rob Roy, the fair secretary from Alexandria Tenn. Bea been running the tale there anon Itottor was a pup, and the we spoke to him only on the photo we know he* still got that mate gift of gob and winning personality hes always had,,. Norman.011};47 gave.1 It, Peterson, manager of the Clay County Fax, Spenser. Ia., the CSRA. award for 1041 for Amancea rand modem rillrgrottad3 spoolway... Among the Interesting personalities at the convention were Cal and Ruth Thanicaon. mantra of the White Rene Bench, Septa, Neb. The Thompson* have developed o remarkably it oceartil booboos* In Willie uniform and birds. They new hare 100 white horaca of a breed they have developed over a period of years in aiditais they ratan Tana cattle, doge, papa chlrkena turkeys, memo. ducka can. pigeons' and nits, Probably there Is pso other briseentag eatablatittnent /snob so theirs In the entire country.. Doc Weddell who styles linicarlf the `circuit preaeber," made the convention for the neat time to a number of palm Bill Anson and Bob Rahn. Of WON. looking for a preturcaque character to be guest on then radio program, beard Does background and ant him on the alt. Mier interviewing Waddell, Rlnon Baked him to give a typical allow rplea and he wowed 'rot with the talk he wad to make when Speedy. the high direr, was doing his actuationol stunts. Leonard Trendies Out in the Open NEW Not Wingling Mot the Crouton Show on Earth CHICAGO. Deo. 6. -The annual amusement powwow -a began boa loot Saturday with the traditions! eatamdsbaint share Mena ea tie- Peesadtmea Party of the Shownarnal Iseague of AIZILTICA and ended last night with the traditional dine-and-clhateo chukker thrown by the National Association of Amazement Parka. Pool* and Pentara In between it. Wm no ilittlet and complele/y devoid of pyrotechnics that you couldn't hear plena dap. Talking *boat prostschnin, Art erarie, who swarm Shen far an obscure lam called Thesolt-lbullesid. wet down to his led alignmenr when last scan topekine emu the mem; Ya5lc Cunst of the ihelman. Oteaes Rehm* bud ii, hair-ohnenee it rot 04 the same of political lights an weak. Hattie the elm tor no bespectackd bay wok lam addiesse ehoulders. *.ti It Into what they say Mont Lipsky?" became the byword at rumor lane trim/ rallmally Carly 1n the week to track down information on the sale of half of the J. J. Jonas *how (47 per tent. anyway) to Myrna Mangy and Buddy Paddock. omaematonaireas ratrandinsina bill!tactically colossal, That place of beusineas distally coaannal and In the hag. the talk Of a Jones Inietton with the Anntarment Corporation of America was!broom into a very mach accket1 hat -for the time being. we might add. A bit guy will, a vermilion rod thee and a milli.5 bik live Irish blittat the km wawa, It YORK navy a loan aed boy by Its sheer intesliout P.M we, hit epos es digneliod gent by Hieing art the Musa Cepeadion of Aimaka. irm Purcell% rut", lob ricil with other bar mows for importance In the Nag otlacciulo of conclave defogs. To say that Iamb Aloyslus Rattail will make clod es an outdoor tepee - '<Mathes for MCA couldn't possibly bo a pee. diction. NY almost a lad already. Barry!Maas rase to his feet (a tough took) at one of the path at-a:stout and totrodnotel himself by announcing that he's been to the ride Maintain "for between :15 nod 40 years," He's mote pre - *be when la comes to Magic Carpetir.g and Parent Wheeling Antenatal millions. They say Barry eon tail you any gross of any day at any 'pet Of Ms In any Icor you want to name, A anthem In Snow, *(lain in latandin. eaye Harry. (It'showa you what the convantlem tau do to people'. apparatus.) Newest recruit to this ranks of the Intern/Atonal Amanda= of Patna and Sas positions, W, L, Tabaceit, of the newly mutual West Virginia State Pair, wan cue Interested vlhtoe at the to madams. HO got in plat tinder the wire to Intorno tile 60th member of the org. Faar more Went addel Inter, 9 glossed T. Eery snatched Info the tartar lama paged a munterist at hat own sputial rettetlea, inuorcied that she couldn't,osier him at taw moment, and mortised riyar out agate fuming sad detticelatine. It Toyer tett seen the theevar and freak inialottec used, you've stain one or tare bet Hetes OP senteide tray an task side, at the rather of Webers ifeder. to spell than hlirettiop1,1 The 1AFE plead rs resolution coos - motorbus the V. S. agate department "tar ellieleney lo the preparation and doplay of eabilalta of a high educational and sttroctton value." NOW tleittlitafwilt be even If the government cal cd the dogs In the form of the compinated and psnallathe.ceroloal adinlastens tax, An man leiter to creryane Wane Carionint Day coma artnad aced birthday emetics. to Ida Gahm milady inautanco. The censer; Mom, Dat you ever ate a Hay with It clonal* like Caaarst Ask lack Downs, the wiry little man with the alarm tongue what woks for Suepp Greater Staley. We're atilt trying to catch up with Doe Waddell and Joke J, li.lgbt Summer) Dawn. the youngest oldies to the Mr. What stories those two Mae mud hate swopped tiara era had the rmalortiene to groat 1 laud at the week was the double tea and rapid repartee between IL Eduardo Brawn sad Rubin the Cheesy Calant. draws cater eyes are lames a Mai awn Hose who know Driblitoa., What about Lucky Teter And the other sate of the record, J. Harrell Powell? About Arch Clair and his future plant? About Prank (Doc) Sheen and Virgitila Beach? About Rex Billings Jr. -will it be Detroit or en Feelern spot? About Ctuirlte Greena who Is atilt Montag Minna About Lew Mbar - wall he get has voice back after a 48 hour avillepering campaign? And don't you think this Ls enough for * motion of your 16 contra CORRAL (Continued from page 41) Mendel; Major P. Mack. camp morale of - Dear, and Hamann Anderson, VFW poet COOratandet, report. Show will bo open only to soldiers and that guano, Poo - gram was originally planned by Major AVM K. Cd5;00.1. proton: marshal at Clamp Shelby and former istrouk rider. Slily Ramo and Sauk Keenan bare bran Maned and Keenan will Clean, STANDINGS for the Rodeo stasottation. of America Cowboy Champlixanhip no released November 2 by Pred 5, MeCather e emetary. folio's: Reiner Pettigrew, 3.061; McMackin, 2.073; Para Th ,9381 Daft Aber, 2.738: Smoky tinyder. 2,733; Gerold Itontito, 2,112; Malt Sara sena, 2,014; Geno Rambo, LOH: Clay Carr. 1,.000; Buck Ee/coln, 1.78$; Dick Griffith, 1,7135: Jackie Cooper, : Tool* Mansfield : hunk Man 1.- 3Th Hugh Bennett : Charles Colbert, Lam Dave Campbell, 1,607; Louts armeska 1,300: bud Spitiattry, 1,380; Vlo Blackatone, 1,249; Clyde Burke, 1,3471 G ene Roma 13.43: Jack nttt,. lank Bab Dam Stub Bartlenosa.1.32a: Matti Hart, 1,218; Buse! Mulkey, 1.304; Huck Wyatt, 1,2861 Chet blefaaray, M- yth Gordon, 1,290; Bud Linderman, 1,- 230; Dick Iferteca, 1,22$: Plana Curtis. 1,265; Mitch Owens, 1,204; Elmo Wank 1,201; Hugh Cringe:Lan, 1.075: Eta Mather, 1.180: Eletent, 1,100: Tom Knigbt, 1.161; Cleat Meoulni, 1322; Jim Like, 1,118; Hub Whiten:on, 1006; Ruck friandirer, 1011; Gordon. Doris. 1,005; Hart Cicitnon. I.079: Hoyt Heather, 1,000: Rid Moore, 1.024: Jahn Bowman, 1,045: Jerry Ambler. 1,515; Flunk achrgdaft : Frank ban Meier. 1.1:071. Cart Dosrey. 1,016: Jack Skipwarth, 1,005. Break Mean - Doff Altar. 2,758: RIO Me. artackon, 9,037: Peitz Trunn ; Jackie Cooper, 1,766. hurl or Stein Ridingthek Griffith, 1.765; Smoacy Snyder. I,- 130; Gerald Roberto 1.13/1; Hank Mill& 1_077. Bareback Riding -Carl Donna, deal Smoky agnaeltae, 573; Bob Elite& 4031 George Salts, 454. Chif Roping -Huck Yekoio, 1.788: TWO Maxfield : Honer Pettigrew, 1.870; Clay Our, 1, Steer Wetuttleig-Hoiner Pettigrew, 1444: Haigh Bennett, 1,314: Gene Hola 1.271; Dick Herren, 1,139. Steer Decorating -Frank McDonald. 130: Dan ty, 107: DIck Andrews, 00: Ray Malty, 8thelellopIng-Tke Rude, 630; Clyde Snake, 514: Nag Merritt, 420; Carl Armad, 304, Team Vowing -21m Bodeen, 240: Tommy Rhode,, 237; Annoy 206: John Rhodes, 158. San Fenn Rodeo Rollin RESULTS of the rodeo held 13t eatiteethin With the Dotal Nattered Llastock Papcaltion In the sent Cow Palate. San IlinCISCO. wee: Calf Raping -Fad go-around,..10ellaa fretc, $132; Clay Cas-r, 1291 Andy Janata Oda; Caere Rambo, III, actual go - around, Clay Cur, filim Dave Crmabeth 400; Goedon Deals, 600; Asbury Scher Third go -around, Clay Carr. *132; Joe Rananta tnee; Gordon Dttrta. M- aury Schell, $33. Fourth go -around. Chuck Sheppard, 688; Leomnd Block and Glen Shaw spin second stud tstattl 666 each: Joe St{11,013, agg. Finks. Clay Carr. alb): Asbury Schell, $240: Glen Shaw. agent Sam Putalus, $80. Steer Wrestling --First goaaround. BM - tansy Grace, 11132; ChUok Sheppard, 6091 Gene Rambo, 1160; Carl Mendes, 633, Second go-a:mont Carl Mendes, e13:24 Glen alma. 489; Harry Hart, Me; Olen Seward, $33. Third gee -around, Dave Campbell, $132; Gene Rambo ; Hollawny Ornoe, Mat Glen Elmer, Ma. Fourth go -mound, Glenn Tyler. Mak Glen Seward, 6613; Dave Campbell. *44: Bill afeaducalka en, Pinola Gina Soward, 6240: Sorry Hart. 4180: Holloway Grace, MOS; Gene Rambo, 400, Saddle Brock Rfdrmg - Pint g0 - around, Prank Schneider, $88; Raymond Teary, VW: Dural Mulkey, gel; Bill Ward, $23. Second goaround. Whit Holloway, $88; Frank Schneider and Chuck Sheppard split sectirm and third- 833 each; hens ran Mato will hire Maul A. Rubin avows him, For Reba' *bowed him a century Feta Teta.n 622., Third goairound. east and tddk tow treerything an it, in. Jaeltle Cooper, 480; Slim Pima Gene o ludine the seal nurnanis, lame goentaaalion, Mote two. Hard split Cad and Fourth, 822 each, Pruitt, Beret Mulkey and Clack Shop. Fourth go-arollad. Cecil Hanna, $88; Harney Logue, 6811; Prim Trouts, $44: Prank Schneider and Gone Pruitt goat fourth, all cosh. Firth go -around, Burial &harry. Mita: Joe Illeasler, 360; Raymond Prom 644: Gene Pruitt, 622. Sloth gormand, SIII adeldseatio. 5.44: Gene Samba. 422: Stem?Ulna ell. Finals. Prank Schneider, 01012: Dared Mulkey. eel; Circe Pruitt, CM; Bill Mead:man, 427, Bareback Slunk Aldine - Pirel go - around. Sant ThUlth(1-, *104; George Minas, wra. Mitch Galina 402: Raymond Ivory, $26, Second go-atound, Jahn Tonlek ; Downed Ryas. $78; Raymond Prosy and Jack Spurting split third and fourth, 100 each. Third go -around, George Mina 678; Sam Pastier, ; Sin Dunn, 639; Dus,eyd Rama and Eddie ftrig.sa aptit fourth, 5076 each. Pinata, Clean Mills, $162: Sam Poacher, $1.14; Downed Ryan, 676; Raymond Irma. $38, Enter Wang -Pirad. ho -sound, Carl Meade*, $132; Loren Fredreeks. 689: Coale Davidson, eta: John Ramona an. Ego - and goairound, Bud Carek, 4132; Loren I/laden-at, 199; Jelin r1111i4, 864: Andy finnan. ta). Third go -mound, Loren Fredricks. 3132; Mitch Owens, $00; Carl Menden, $65. Poura go -monied. Frank Monday, Mitch Outna Carl Mendel, Shorty len and Andy Gibson spina arc - end, third and fourth, 8.33 aka. Pirugo, Lown?radii -aka 5104: Prank Mendel, Ilk Mitch Deane. CM Andy Oltaison. $26 Pried H. laresernann WM. arena some - tarp and rodeo mesteaer_ MODEL BUILDERS (Cont(mend from pope 4t) Edmund Holt and Charles Dan, Of Allentown. After a asses of elotartnaa at Hobby Shows In Hareistarg. Pa.. and Camp MI the mills of fare kcal Circus Model Builders moved to LANUIC111 for a Stand at the YMCA allow acid during Thanksslung work, The Larne arnaat of "Iona ant:lances equipment canted couple the Lebanon people off gusted, but elite booty conattattocur an rear moan In the YMCA was given over to the cinema display. Owing to the unusual nature ar dofigays the eireut, 'room bocautte the center of attraction. and those In charge were kept busy answering gum. Cons and drat -rain the cireasantorest. An a resat ClABOA is knelled to take over the entire gym for next year's abate. LETTER FROM DAWSON (Costa:had Mat pope 41/ and ingots:i by everyone one the following names: Manna (Hantraahoody Dyrjer, Vie HoOdad nuntor. Kitty Cap, linger. 400k Shaw, Jackie Andress. lad - gene Pallatte, Benson and Ginger, Walter 113taicktel Cornell, Jeanie Baker, 12. L. (Yellow) Burnett, Little Mack, Vic Wagner, Curly Hayes, Stash Waller. Ray Ray, apeaa Catitin, Cbarloy Satz. DM Morgan, H. J. Newton, Bill Wawa Prank Colitra; 114,. and Mrs. Witham Z. Maker and daughter, amnia; Harry F. Logan, Gene Haven and Alex Duncan. Soren Novak wax a vasitea' the Hat few darn nut left with Me Rogers for Clatrago, whore they nee playing an on aagoment until after Christman. Mr. Taylor ants trout/fee and anditor of the inane Mr. Archer Was the promoter-, Mr. Logan en Charge of banners The sponsors were tare Soelety far the Benefit at the Blind, Buolneas was all that could be expected at Una time a year.

49 tnetnle. Knin. Docrothrr 13, 1941 The Billboard it9 leil. On HARD AT brunt, J.12 Letter List!benne. Kato. Peritint J, 2. lr,!i I.. - it CINCINNATI OFFICE Lvivv, On& ram bra ii,,ii. on, ak, eltl Renee, P.L. BYRD Diann Ones Plan WINN& Arvin; rr,4t r14.1iililk. lin I1411. Net Lon Wm. Mei* /ttne John 11 e Pared Poet :1116M4", Tweet., IDA. Nit.' Rein NOR. /i.1113t r. 117i1, AND C Pezef. DI F. Lee Irmnr,Troth I Cele. W A. 32e Meng, Itithrd. Crhshbot lerle111, Liten Tot Imoit 1 (ke Chu. 119 a N/41t. Pnientbote, Ilan. Worekt1 1t.ritto.. W, /i Caibiew. Aborts, , T. Tr NOTE -Mall Ned of the Teeitnel TACOS of The Billboard is /inns mli 11m, 1 Da Ircitort, Erna 13, ternia et -ossified under their respective heads -Cincinnati Ofirce, New Teone, Itine , NsrelS 11,..tranr OM. Swaim. Rin. IN 1 le IkdMt.Pew meek We.. II. Lenten. e TAA. 14,-.1ras K York Office, Chicago Office, St. Levis Office. Deadline for nun 1411a Senn J. horenr. Wrings. O. NW. erese KI. ALVA such letters rm., Blew KM O. I, Wednesday TrWrning In New York, Chicago. IIIIIII.ToN, irpit, a'. Kulaual. Mrs. Brooks. lb33 Por.7.3we. Kw BALD It utet. ItR A 147, 10e Preisk Y. and St. Louis. and Thursday.morning In Ciocinoati, Requests PLILX/12111, Ilstaiiien, lack 11...e. Rau 11). WM4. Berweard 1', RORY. WIL to have mall forwarded must be received in Cincinnati by m. lee ILDWAIID P.M. (In.. B. Hamilton, T. AMU, Busy hunt., mu. Ihrnru..1, 1, friday miming learly1 and in New York, Chicago and St. Per., IC e'llarlik II - G ar4.mi,v. I A. Ph.uocu. hr,.1.r Brews, Venn W. L Ittrn. Louis by Thundery morning. otherwise names of those con IlnedItoe, Wax. F. tinned. OWN *CRYAN. WM. ISment A Draw, 1111 Otinboe, Tuna NAITZI3701, Wit 11-nnr1 Jot C Ar, t.!tan rr coined will be repeated in the following r, Click J. RATIrA. WM. L liossol. J.M. 1. Jaluu, Mr, UM I..1)11.11 MOIL I Mow; Ceder W. GALLANT. 1)r.o 110,..g; Wet 311. A,Suu.. Itra. Ihml,, Mina T. Mfavl, Nit Pboi IL II,J.t.uu., Cu 1 Iktur. Cu it Penn, Mn Ow. Pa low Foe hut Itomil, 1410, Cann, noriten Peelle,. Renee W. I ier...nn3. Ti, TanliA. Beni Gann.. 31el itamio IN (One Maw. I. K Ilannivet. hula. )131 ber., Itswoll I. roams, J. W. Demme, 20,1 Kier. PM C. CAW. JOS I4 Mn lenei,aeon, Erb!, T. lior.. Did Il, IL, 162 IlittelL liltrinun ILIJOA1.117, [1140a. 1*. Itooril, Rot Admen. TAO huh. MK La... Creme.?gm P. CeStr. Ittinfet Yttetri, IL 4.4.4tvarIncfh. Mb. Mn bamlastel, W. 113enewn illnen ilirlied. Iln. tleitils Twin, Mho.. Mal CAbblerel, ' ream tri. lento 1>K1S/ In.1,/: Martens A Bran, A11dk7 tion;. Oweiben, Soil Only*. Wce P. CORDON' K Ignite, 10., Wel Irenswial A P4111, Ahkra, W. IL A L W. unrerra. leucite Cbtaerstet. Intessa Ott, WNW. Orel. Owen,. I I C. H. ISTA::ftit :""it- tramcar rials41. het, faker $411. Aip.1,3.00. WI.. Itnier, W.11 ANTRA X On, iln. Inn Down, San Inset_ Wont* Ifni Met_ lion lbennin. Net ar.exa. nr-eirrnta JON breve Tenn StArsArrs. 'Ns On. Lin cloud_ 5, Mennen, Kitten KeirteL Cwril Telneine mud& pct tiepins Mar Atuutfu, HAROLD1/AVID Breve Jot TtuarlItr, U.. Col. Wales IL 7 ICIV L name, E. 3' Ad Munn.. LA* ArtK. O mni, Mary Itsbw. rens Adds X Cessente. Joe j.hawrinntelw.aill le lianiet,.11 Alftbeet. Pfenet 1111:C1Wn'll Muhl KIhrthl. MIK, JA/M Benne, Abe tenni W. Pont; toe, Cnbert AIculahu, Chuhn (ILIPPOW T. Brown AL ersatra, IL= IL4; n P , 11Ine ' Latentne I. Intlia. lire. acroskn. EIMER Buku. &Irk ON.1. LVtis CeAbisi. Delo. P. Ifinien, Vac napier. 31.I. Ilea Crew. Cinerm,..c...0 v4,4:3,10111 Iffella. L. U. 5"* *Ten" ,t. D. U NOM llnnn It,. New rt. Iliwa, Wt. JAW* Thodrob, Linda All. l'hl. DM BCY.II/C. ALLIF: Brown Kenna U. Cowen, RBA P. Iltannit win 11. Ihebn(tt. V. W 1.3,,,t-1"...-CAseA. (Old er... D. C. Dee. 311n, rnmoic, Elia Bent, LOCI Al:.., 4 let X Penn 1311 Clintfotel, Toni Bins Pertaintat Pions& nek 'Seen. Baron , IAA 1111=.." K. L Al/re, let1i0o Rion_ K. M Own, Stn. SAM 013.e. Kreine ken*?mince. 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HAW Conon, Jobe 0, /1131 Armen rm. 11LACKA Widen 1Ioeka, Nell IIELKS. 11Wil(IY JARRAW VIK. Anne., Prst IISITITY L e. The names of men in this list who have Selective 4I, Comel. 13ierl rt'rvoint AITINBIR, TRIAIL Marknini. roe Mint ,4=,, Ist.t1 liellin Joint nen. Prat ALLEN Plonehen. Kinn IkbWinn, Service mail at The Billboard offices in Cincinnati, 1 I mania. Lorne.1.3 i... 1, Illennint Wilbur Ant,. Ilicbt littonsien, Cent*, illinaimuli, _ P. Aitine, Peenrol FlIwItront. II L. Been, Men New York. Chicago, and St. Louis ate set in N. Areentri. Nome JAL Curia Illwkiroll, , K,,A. 1 z 4 Pipe, Inns capital letters, GRAMMY, tat 1.10 U. ik VerWhAl 01-R7. 0/1012t3 Antinin, 71er 1131r, Albin K IT LRINT'E 17.3WPWS W. t.ricvstosm, Akot.L Hoot Malt_ Wookt, r Ron 1. Annellin Inch, noun 11'111. ti)irrnia r,,,i, A3r11. tiat Worn. Moll c...11". err, 11.li., 1:1-... ir.m,...,k,r., n011.ergin l'iiel.re. 10. Mi. nu Dien* v.' 1(1%- Iletirn. Um. DO Iltednt. Patil T'. 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50 P , 50 l'hr Billboard LETTER LIST- Drerttnare,r 11, VIM., x5'151...l.4, Sir. i. wan. Kamkm_ NIA 1, Pop MAW.. Al N ,4 M. LAVAL IL T. KAWWW1.11, a.i...1 TIEWILT 1 KIW.KIPM/.T KorAtm. Pal f.r.,th, 1,1arnr7 K apwa'. 51,r01. for, An/ E... IA., earn, Warp... IIIIM in.. LA.r..thy Karrna.1.., T... tsile, EDWIN Kardars. WON nwp.): Kaidn, Tha Pm, Wm. r. J. K etm, tr.ative I.e. J. Mpp,,A Kan, Lamy Lo,. ha.* Kara*. Pm IAA, T..111 ItraUm. Mr. LL -1., g, r LEKlb 1: XMAInt. IL II. Toe- Nos KriArnn Lips. K. LAC 'PPM Y. In :.,le. Mktulion. }Minn litankg 1port Dalwrne, MS,* e. Near:, rem SWIM. K.1...oh 1141A3 VAMP 1/5 Wart11, neeete (mom, vent PrharprIko K. W ILATII0X0 )1r11..nakl. W 0 WILAN, CRAP. Wwpay, lik.1 Dm 0hrtald, DM IT*. two An SWIPAIA., WAVAlt S. TAWM..,t,orl J. Osone, Aram' Prat, Ten nonso, DPW wr...e.p.p.m. mmeenemr, Nee re..,,,.., IlL mc..., OWI:NN. POINII, 31m Its.h..A, I. II. ITILI.All 0 LEI: ELI Ml:... -.^.. IIIKKALD lecrep meet'. "4, *AAA. Plani. Ir..., P...-ry hr Ir...,117, VINCENT Wprw*I19.w, nwlatra.111 L. DAVID Asalar Araita, ash tarimuifit,_nisno 1:. Peron 4seir /WSW.- A. N. sin -Amount Menrar. J ne. )14.rk Putora.m. WA., Dare ra217alw;;;.:1-!,j::';;;z44?-64.nt 5IrKee, Larry Marra?, Warn. DA1 owltht k. Italmb II. Itm*. II. P. : , *VAI.C Krrr e.e. J1H w, Sin. lied 1.1wraY. IS r.. _,_ nekkevx11 C FLMI..tka'n %we... MUD Wenn, Id& Wow, Win, C.A.I. WanT. 11r.- J.** par.111, PAD. InAn, CYRIL C. KOIPENTIIAL,. Sirssin. Mal Man. CP. W...47 A 5titeta pi..".i.mkp itnittr. lira Lam. a Alenni. Yes. irlim Wan. AIDALtrA 14rersr. this C 1...4,4 1Mml It...1.r. RP434."1341T 14A11.1.: ClatWerri.711.z.a Mr* )444 )31.(4 I. VIM1 1L*141.4, tn." D,,,,.. V.0411,,,t. ILIA, insa. IrtrMArs,d. Lemur! , tub WIplh.. r..,,,1 C, lettele, Toe. Woo, awry nazitxron K zoo_ J WPMAI., 1 r. WOW. Ine.l PAPA., Murk ;grid.. I.- S.,..,... 4.% R.,..,, internam J. nal.14.11"roul.' t 53t11.1.M AM" IL. 'MOW iiitim.w... N.Y.J.soont /1 KR ,17. IL C. 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OUTFITS BIG Pc0114 teaming Oxen, Hare Nitre, SOriri Security Plates. THE ART MFG. CO.. 30) Isogrow $1., Brooklyn. N Y. derrx MAKE REAL MONEY SELLING $1.50 COL- Notia, System -4 50% peatt Scots on tritm, NAM:NAL Disratiutcas, Fostoria, 0. AGENTS 'St DISTRIBUTORS WHO MAKE TOP MONEY READ THE MERCHAN- DISE SECTION OF THE BILLBOARD EVERY WEEK. -DO YOU?- I AMMON - WORK TOBACCO MARKETS. Unealsoll ocoortunity. KENTUCKY FARM- ERS' HOME JOURNAL, Loulenllo, Ky, de13x RESURRECT/ON PLAIT -.UNIQUE NOVELTY, Mirada of NOW!. [COIL wader 2o, HnI) for 2k. &ANN, Hie. C. E. LOCKE. 7 Rio St., Mane. New Mexico. WHERE TO BUY AT ,11Att o MOP. FIVO, Orectory and rinser aluablo.'donation. MAYV 1,01Mr B. PUBLISHERS, 1101 Broadway, Now York de2tx WINDOW SIGN txruss-etsw "ROMAN" ityle, Largo mos, cerow each; exedsatialy baaut1m fl,10 soosoos. newt catalorn. ATLAS, Halsted Chicago cle2to WORLD PATRIOTIC ITEM...GREAT SEAGAhors to an Awake. Samples. ICe con Rues. JOSEPH CUR1N, 1807 Cementer St.. Cnitago, Im 21;re LATEST COPYRIGHTED SONG HITS - Fort profit Item Sardea 10c, None free I S PILGRIM, Madison M.o. New York. X SALESMEN WANTED SELL BUSINESS CARDS, STATIONERY. SOCIAL NeCOrity. Proo011 Form. gook MoIdwa Co...,s4 Tice. Saiesbooks, AdvertiSre Spor;a1. lire Tags. Pritiog Sot: Lowest prices 404% rornrninion. Enooraento. unnecessary. free dash. Een Portfolio free_ DAVIS) L IONEL PRESS 311 S. Hamden,, Doe. 572, Chicago, INSTRUCTIONS BOOKS & CARTOONS ItiAPPY, THRILLING - CUBAN. MEXICAN Aelsaros, Rocas. Booklets, Miaestlarwous Samples, (yds, 500, JORDAN, I35 -A BrightOr- S*. Boston. Una WE CAM SUPPLY ANY BOOK - NEW OR socond-hand Oat.ed.grint end hardtodind roricam supplied at towett meet. 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MAIN S 17 COIN -OPERATED!MACHINES, SECOND -BAND NOTICE Only adyerthensones et usod emeldoes weepied fee putakalion In this <Munn mashie*, of tempt manufaelure and acing adowtheid extenshrely ri Taw Inuseand by inanufseturers, distritorton or lotatirs may not ho aelserilica as -nod" in Tho BIllbeireL A BARGAIN -ScINGS CHIEFS, SW CO 2 Cads', Spoon Sc Slots. $45.00; Mill Oka : 1 Paco* Races King, Race, MOOD: 1 Sc and 10e GSPNIaLs, $65 CO. Ir reds, tailor* C 0 D MODERN MUSIC COMPANt. 5!. Polon /auiva. - 6)13 ABOUT ISO PEANUT VENDORS. $2.25 EACH. Illorawy le 5c Venda-. $ECO isis toads. western. Senior. Lowest prices. NORTHS1DE SALES GO, Indianole, (a. tale AST GUNS; 3 TARGET SKILL MODEL F oath; 2 Big Came Hunter% $6.650 roast Dingo. I Crintrowa both for 1500: 1 Northwestern Defter* Ie Sc. firmly new, TIMMONS. 111 West Monona Oran Mssnelo. Eindona ALL KINDS OF VENDING GUMS - SALL, EkaR. ducks. Stkle and Tab. AMERICAN CHEWING, Me Pleasant. fhterak. N. J. no -del 3x RAKER KICKER, CATCHER MACHINES, 2 like now. 3 aligthily used. All swth Hands, 5c play. trkt new. $32.00; teed $ Will prepay ro Wet Cont. Immediate delivery. Ih dopool wttis ardor. WILLIAM MOORE, Box Hone sad T. It FOR SALE -KICKER AND CATCHER te MA. chioe:. $1950 each. Said 1/2 deposit. ED SUMER Er COMPANY Vandatilt FOR SALE OR TRADE -.GRAND NATIONALS Sport King, Leing Stooks. Wta7 tall Or halo poi camas sta write to HENRY WEEKS, St. Ineesbor.urr, Vtti,. FOR SALE - COUNTY FRANCHIA AMU coa.ty in ftro Mins' Pantraws, see, Wu, - hear and Seegers Phoesogradirk NI on location. Winos rnort. amen CO' oxen, 54,00000 casts will handle. Write P. 0. BOX Tucson, Me. GUARANTEED FREE PLAYS. $500 EACH - belly Beautys, Super San, Big SOttl, Super. chargers. Double Features, 5.000,, Rano:wits. Vanohrs. CII MACHINES. St Snooks, maw others. KARI Ille. Third NICKEL. DIME. QUARTER SILVER MOON CON $S9 5e; Junta" 69).50; Ocrab^c Wem, : Weighted &tondo, 56.50: lot 15. $7500. COLEMAN NOVELTY, Rocklord, ONE MILLS FIVE MU. TABLE -FLOOR tar -1/10. like new. $9800. V _devoid, Lel ro per, CORN POPPERS. CARAMB.CORN EQUIPMENT, 35MM. Talkies for emtright sale ontr. C.O.D. AUTOMATIC ASAUSELM4H C Buy now Delon) poen go up. Akan nun, Geared Popping Koh lek lesenek Lobo rebates. Gelknto Are_ Indasscolls. Ind Tanks; EongEleons. Erre adverliung. Burets, Corsa, Dunbar. Largo Hook to chooae horn, tadatinside-mfg. CO., Indimela Iowa. Soxd for your freer earlobe today. 00X PENNY ARCADE MACHINES OF ALL DE delta Barnard. CinCinnall, den tersplions woneod. Slot* retake>, agt, cone FOR SALE - YORK CUSTARD MACHINE, PITCHMEN1 SOLICITORS! S. M. YABROUDY, 1321 North tuiton AWL, MAKE 'Tyke EXTRA Want to buy nionyy with new Esaossilla Ind. asel StampCHing Cultic. Star.o Cks. hec Hahn. Fobs. AN Ira. Root Bow offer. Barrel. FRANK KUBA.All-Ekcloici Carom' Deleway, Lama 0. PENNY WEIGHING SCALE ROUTES FOR SALE C. H. HANSON, 303 W. Erie. Chita:e69-0 cheap. Southern Texas: Crone/ tick. Address PLENTY OF BARGAINS IN CUR NEW CATALOG OPERATOR. 215 E St., ilbusters. Texan of 35MM. Motion PICIter Films; MAO Hoek to Choow from Any kind of 'MOM* PHOTOMATIOS WANTED -PAY CASH. DE attractions you west. Low orlon New and PERSONALS scribe tulle. Warner Automatic Voce Recorder la sale, McGUIRE, 1322 Lea, later. Gard MANNA Pitta., and others. used prints Be. outrioht sale only. Lana re- LOOP Bosch. Calif. no P eones. of Masts Henan.. 00X 0.230, Bill. WANTED TO KNOW lartilirealiolits MERE - board, Cincinnati, 6127 dins Meant, Snowy of 225 N. Eris, Wichita, ROLLAPACKS, 57.00; X.RAY, $8.50-, SPARKS Karaat MRS. IULIA CORNET, 201 Ofyd. SI., G. A.. $15.00; Loray Smoke". like now. POPCORN ORISPETTE MACHINE. CARAMEL Pont Mark" Pa. S8 Ora: Mosta Clpreteo. Ioken o is, 55 CC: OLdfit, Wet ard Ow Popov,. Poro Chip SIX.reser Wiener, se.00e Reel Rocca, Se 05: Red Machine. LONG EAKINS, 1976 Nin gh St.. Dolt, SPX: Vent Pockot, ; to Dukes. Soringfled. 0. lator 57.50: Changernastar Ma Er M. SALES, 310 W. 13th Ss, Ft. Worth, Texas. SLOTS AND CONSOLE CLOSEOUTS - WRITE to specsal Nieto. Also (.000 used Pin Garnet Weleo fee as cat an 0041 machine bargerns. CADGER NOVELTY CO N. 30th St.. Milwaukee, Wit SPECIAL - AU. IN GOOD GONO010N. Glid Cum, Grote. Comma, Cold Sta. Sporty, Arrow Head and Sear Charts, $1900 nth: Doselar Feature and Red 1101, each: Parackw. Zombie each: IBallyf Play Bail. Sown Lip, See Hawk ewe: Do -Rodin, $46.50: Scheel OWL : QT Penny Slot With Safe Hand : 256 M.14 Snake Ern, and Croncten *riga , A ROMMUSSEN, New Iberia, La x "'PECIAL"-10 1 e 3 -COLUMN CIGARETTE Vendors and Stands. $1000; SO lc Verdes Ball Co', $2.50, 25 It Robelrn 2column, 54.95; 25 to Bove, Cole Cross Carrel, CAMEO VENDING. 402 West 42nd. New York_ TEN Elf. WURLITZERS - COMPLETELY RE. modeed, Illumin,alo6 grm`a and dorms. marble glad. ready ICI Waite massy beds guarantee, $84.50 Niefs. STARK NOVELTY 611 Ma/wring, Canton. 0. do VENDING MACHINES WE BUY, WHAT will you sell? We alt --what wilt you Par? Any mike, DA we specialize on Advance Nterehlnes ADVANCE VENDING CO Tastes Ave, IsNw York, WANTED - ROLASCORES. IPOWLETTE rrs Reckoball Ers, Target Roll Ers; other Skoo Ban Alleys. Non* lowest poke. L. OILOW, 2512 tieing Pak. Rd.. CHOW. del 3 WANTED TOR CASH--ROCK.O.A TEN PINS or Evans Ten Straus. Pirate Mato owe. condition and hce of Oat on Ewan. AL CURTIS, 50 Seward Asa., 0.1,011, Mich_ WE PAY $40.00 FOR 6.6S. SRO CO FOR 245. $10.00 for 616 and 24 Model Cabinets. Can also ine ersedmnitent, amositaws and surto for these rtiodefs. Adder lowest price tint letter. LAREDO EXPORTING CO.. Laredo, Teo doll WILL BUY FOR CASH --ALSO NOW SEISING Sky Fishier, Ow Rader, Dotender, Rood Fire, Shoot Rao 'Chute WeVcrn BasebaS, World Serbs. Hockey Basketball end as othwa of this Noe. Good deals ether way. SCADOARO SALES, Ave., New York City. dro27rt WILL TRAM JUMBO PARADES, SLOTS, VEIT Pockets. Ter late Model re. Gottlieb Grip - Pas or Arcade Detainment. MARION.COM. PANY. Wichita. Kam de20 5 WINGS --USED 3 WEEKS. SI LIVY. ChIldaribult. AN 10 LIKE NEW lc ROWE CUM 'MACHINES; MOTION PICTURE FILM, EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES The BIG BARGAINS formerly found in this section under the ObOVe classification will now he found in the HON -THEATRICAL FILM DEPARTMENT along with the editorial articles, reviews of recent releases, and news items of interest to Roadshowmcn and Exhibitors, Turn to the Non -Theatrical Film Department now -see index and page 3 for location, FOR SALE SECOND-HAND GOODS ALL AVAILABLE MAKES POPPERS -CABINET Model, ATI Electric Popper, ; heath* CIheavy leakproof P000tri K $ ARAMELCORN EQUIPMENT,g 12ollhr 2 S. Seated Chicago. la ATTENTION, ROADSHOWS AND CIRCUIT' Chimeras -WO rotor the ben In 35MM. Seurat Ateratione Alto Pelee. and Equip. moot. Oct ow now Int. BOA C-264, sin - beard. ClnclnnNL 6627 FOR SALE -SECOND- HAND SHOW PROPERTY B IG SALE OF MOTION PICTURE FILM... 35MM. Spied on f..o.s. Late reksreo Now ard used pinto line agtoorlisolg, Manly of Product to choose from. Life or Our Samosa, Uncle Tones Cabin. While Zombie, Port of Itate, P -,gto Pktures, Abraham Lincoln. Anuettan Hoed Fkrstera, Found Alive. Unknown Blond. Inbar- lohnny Mack Brown, Bee Stevie, Tarn Tyke. Tins McCoy and Kin Maynard Wostone. Plenty of Sates and Action Pie - RAH of ever denontlorl Send today for oar' big fret rotatorg. For oretight sale We. DOK I. Billboard Chwirruta de27 cevill BONA i NG ALLEY owners - coo roman" stsco se boat offer. Will buy 723Kidd* Ser Aide Ride No tank. SWAIN. Boa, vitor. S. C. FERRIS WHEEL,. worst CHAIR PLANE. Mechanical Man attached In word Pluck. Priced sight 1or cash. PIONEER SHOWS, Waverly N. V. FOR SALE COMPLETE EQUIPMENT AND Chat, from 700 wet Shoot'', 13.4 barigards for quirk one MOVIE SUPPLY COMPANY So. Wabedt (Noma 4.20X FOR SALE -TWO SIXTY WATT AMPLIFIERS with Wan Speakers, conatnen am* Mikes ard Tien Table; Yearn hy twenty almost new Tent. Panel front, fifty foot; to,,,, flood : Pots, Show, to good condition. Sal sob/rater Or tontlwar. E. 141BBERT. 236 Hooraand AuO, lelside, N. 1, PH050 OUTFET-THREE FOR DIME, COMplea, 4eady to take FreNdas: 510-4, complelo, now oast inane; scrotal rsonicisli Tops and Fromm. G. F. tills. AReerille Ala. TENTS, soviny USED - PRE -INVENTORY tale. Gonenulcet. EQet2, 10a , 14x24. Carnival, 20e30.?ONO, 32)(32, 30.45, *ONTO. SOnED. seaman Counter CChimurraps KERR MFG. CO Grand Asa deln. a PHOTO SITPPLIES DEVELOPING -PRINTING WESTERNS, AND SENSA- Ikrnal Features at away pries_ alto two ode PoOlditk C OS. Lists. BOX C.2.81 Billboard. Cintionati. an"; A LAAGE STOCK CIF TALKIES MOTION Poet moh. Fine buys them. PiChoo Film 10f ouirwrt sale onay. Car- E N NEW, Caron, Iowa T=OkcWoatarort, SEnotick Conedko. Erptoltot Nees Roedsineny Merano.* Gingster and Hearer Pleiseek Sodas. Pose admirtislog. low priors New and amid prints. Catalog free. BOX C.279, Billboard Oroolnotel. dell ASK KR 010 NEW MARNA. OIRECT.POSTEPa Celeste! Corvette edierfutly.170mirehid Pot atoesserloc. greaprosent and usoonel FUMY of now rod. stasite and blue Pardons NowElies. Sine fire tale end profit makers Send Re few catalwe today. MARKS 8' FULLER 114C. Dept Pochriety. N. Y DEAL WITH 'THE CRIOINATC311 LEATHER. nee Folders for 11/2)12, per 100. Free earropka C. CSIJAECSER,, 146 Park Raw, New York. eel DIME PHOTO OUTFITS CHEAP -ALL SUES. sew *no In and we than Al ine Urtitt.!morose/swots. Real BaligaS., P. 0. CAMERA CO., III E. 35th St, Chord?. III. da1tx FEATURES AND SHORT SUBITCTIall. Sound only, et begun pram Sand tot more Bat and our now lbw croon. 110* C.23). Stlboard. Cineinnari dart ROLLS DEVELOPED - TWO PRINTS EACH' and Iwo her Entergernent Cowan, 250. Raoranearh; IDS Or oso,. War- SW* PAIRS MAIG, UniarwIlle, Mo. 0110a

52 . ' 92 The Billboard CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS Derember 13, FOR 10 SUMACS. DUO COT PRICES. WANTED - TWO MECHANICS FOR CON - ALL ARC/'ND WILD ANIMAL TRAINER - Attilltb* Tana_' 1/.k Aa-nrelkw.1. Cowshet* IMe el equonterst and supplure. Soles, Stets, Worthier arid See.n' Hate 4tcalliest and *deeming boa -a. JULES urf Uld bar betel*, e3a dela Painslic frames an beaut.fia colors. Bari, Mud be expernmeed. DONALD LEE - IACOT, Nevada, 0 oat essksall leatests. Unleas Mot tetteent pounds. Free (main. HANLEY'S PHOTO rh... ERN, COkarrbos Afnaneanane COreany, Cohen. mnr.anerw,a.34.ricestozmintrik,,41...s1 2.11:411* Tmi tent Tattle Este Cicero - beat vette COMPANY, 1207 Grand Ave P:entas City, Mo. crux Cat *ads marbeeke, Ikat titre Itaarneol Atol tal eftsalla Is nor (Wee nte. ado - do20a WANTED - LION TRAINER. EXPLIReENCIP. 'cove rave =wren f.q sof vete daitet 0040 Pr.444. Thas. 3. Tom Case Pith an. sober. No *thanes, sure WY- X C207, it 40..q. :13 WNW.* w Staalese. /emu flilexpoft. C.neineolb. O. Clittle.sgesee-Treseseri. alto ats, the and idavt ACTS, SONGS & Deobletorito, 11.t, tat. PARODIES t00:11,40 nelb, Yee Adel. AT LIBERTY a,3111 hell Wile. tort =riartaagon. MUSIC PRINTING, couroslas. AnimitsC, Tireerding Ortaiesriarion WANTED TO BUY COLORED PEOPLE Guthrie abwertrq.!abe tel. TI Trete elle top Ietalt. MO.. 411,.,..1it.4...= servico. in.ty Songs wonted Well* Peddle item, 214R r_ Isthmus Thermo 11L fee LTCe P4catkes. A17110 lenses, HAVE SPOT FOR SHOOTING GALLERY AND HAMMON ORGANIST - COLORED: AVAIL ha Fla. Bait Plash. buy or acne. MART IN TtilWAS, erne immediately. Eighteen sears' robot - Hanel OrletelreArAttlelot new. De tre van Pak 723. Key Were. Fla. rove CarKert dead DeOuW eurnbera, Frew.rotta. A 14 eel 0111 ware al teller it. lab WANTED TO BUY MERRY.GO.ROUND cocktail manger, theatres or hotel,. SPeciathe o rleg IS dusk. dot 33; testae;. scostha as 4.1 SCENERY AND BANNERS Horse; an assort, n 3n -v londelian. WM& dinnof nunte. onnovteord. Geed appearance, escellent Addnn. Erectbe, Ill E. Erse. a a_ ACE CARNIVAL!,Lis-.PLYJ.S. atitsted reforerkin. Aoetc., Can foinsh Painnt fee duo re St., Chirac, singer en Iran. REGINALD SMITH, 232 Broad - Girl. Alta, raitturao, Mans I SCENERY, CYCLORAMAS, DRAW CURTAINS. Weir, Buffalo, N. Y, s.11 Uwe, leclor boot/le It,,, C11 I. cate thr44...rd. Addatal Itted,11.14,403 1/1. Dot Chook Operating Equemorrt-New end PeCCS. Z,CHELL SCENIC STUDIO. lemma - 340,010., Illtater jael, anal.age 011urnOus. 0. draft ottupt.18ef. dapn Obit ans. COSTUMES. UNIFORMS, WARDROBES A CCLARI441; 5.31E EVEN CCrAlINS. %Mien, Stage and kiausurra* Costumes. each up, C, CONLEY W. 47th, New York Cdr. FACLE FEATHER WAR BONNET, 19.00: Kati We Vests, Loacestins, Cuglos. Weacens. Doll,, Glass Cross Catalogue Se. VERNON LEMLEY, Osborne, Km. INDIAN COSTUMES -HANDICRAFT We. Orr, frolics. LagRe Feetlwr Mee- Citentl, Tomrimt. Amthing Irsehart. Frey tatala, PAWNEE BILL'S TRADING POST. Posture, Cis 413 ILI.EICAL APPARATUS A CATALOGUE Of MitsCUtA91,00, MENTAL - lens, Spirit Worts, Magic, Horoscopes, Fort - Usti. Buddha, Future Photos, Crystals. Weer Etexto. Pamishy, Graphology Charts and Rooks. Wholesale tars:est dock. lee -tune illustrated catalopm, Sc.c NELSON Of TEBPRISES, 336 S. High. CcIumNit. 0 da13sk ATTRACTIVE 21e.PAGE ILLUSTRATED PROlessicnal Magic CHARS* 011 Tricks, Book; Supplins, Ventriloquial Maurer, etc, 2Sc. RANIERI, Ks 311 Walnur, Phdadephia, Pa. diet Rscw-isCroNAL MAGIC CATALOGUE, 2;c. MAX HolDEK 220 W. 42d St, Erse York Loy, N. Y VIertift. FICUP.ES - BARC.A1NS. NEW And used figures insist In wood Nevem. Plinth A X T Ged VI NT Q1/ FG, CC. K.n,. ANIMALS, BIRDS, REPTILES AA ArinuALS, BIRDS AND SNAKES. ;LOUTH Mad Kan Para. Coar~dis, Monkeys, Cans Mixed dent of %rimless for shows. SNAKE KING. BrownyAle, Tee. lanito ALLIGATORS, SNAKE DINS. $1..(Ks.sto.07- Ruing Tutildi. Churnertore. Foe, Odennorrk Bear Squirrels. Rattlesnake Catalog toc. ROSS ALIEN. Oral.. Fla *13. ANIMALS. BIRDS, II MIMES --WRITE FOR largo bee alt new 1941 Caeaker, now reedy. MERGES BROS. Er WARD. Ocameide, N. V tfil I PA r A N 3 WANTED ANY AGE. trained co intro:red. Write full description and Ne to BOX 29e, The BrEgKeret 1564 w York. de11 PERFORMING LIONS -7%M) AND FOUR LION Attu: Erkeeied Merdors. Dogs: arena goons: truck Capes for sale altogether Of arty part. CAPE HART, Einfmela. young MALE AFRICAN L ION-GINT LILCO)* pet; hundred dollars JIENRY OGAN, Broad. view NUN, Parntsa, Teem - HELP WANTED SMALL DANCE BAND WANTS STEADY ALTO Sox Man doubling cearnet, Masi grad well. Don't tell Ce wed. Write "ORCHESTRA," tato Mr. Halm, 224 Madison Ave.. ftrotoriont. Ky. NEW IDEAS- NEW MERCHANDISE NEW WAYS TO MAKE MONEY WILL BE FOUND IN THE MERCHANDISE SECTION OF THE BILLBOARD EVERY WEEK. SE SURE TO READ IT! At Liberty Advertisements 01 a Word (Vint Lint Levy., L.wit doectsla/ Re a Wed 401, , Sate Vont Oasevehs 11 Ware Ersier Aa lnist Teed Pliant: Total et Verdi. as Oda 1110A *ell MINIMUM na CASH WITH COPT NOTICE Eite Pe fee espresso 41 postge necessary fee Plsa forwsneog et nail Addressed le IslInd.. Ada, ar those wag a bat number In cafe al The 011espard insfend el Ilkik Miele 404 elates.. M seral charge at 2Se is outsmart to sever this screke. Iltsserlara when figurine the cast el pobahhing vow ailysnisainsot kindly add 214 for I'M forwarder of replers_ AT LIBERTY ACROBATS BAR PtirfORMNI - AIRIA'.. OR GROUND cars. LOUIS OCZVIRK, 535 N. Curt, Sr, Chicago. *13 AT LIBERTY BANDS AND ORCHESTRAS ALL GIRL ORCHESTRA - SIX TO TEN PIECES ATatallo the Petal. Notranant, ballroom or theatre wok. Real feature darsoe and enter - taming band, Write ESTHER L HOLT, Apt, C.4, 129 Wadoworth Ave.. Now York City. *I) S BROTHER BAND -OPEN FIRST OF YEAR, lines! S Nom Swing Unit; sem nevelt*, old' limo music, brayed together Wen yon.res to profit: off kinity. %nor neat aotaranoig bard of Int hanshomo brothers. Iretrionsaneation. Penny, 3 Trumpet, Trombone. Ilan Fiddle, &vett fed awk,c end sweat, Concertina. Somehow, Clarow1, Trombone. Bass Fiddle Drums. Pane and %ream for old time novelties. RUDY MICH, Lake Rd., Ironwood. Welk Motu. Drone Rider. Training desired. Hem sone ineersoneo. GEORGE -SPEED" ATKIN SON. Shalacee Food, Sate Maine AT LIBERTY - BOSS Ceres thus Aiq ovosnenced Sail Maker and &alder. E. N. MIXER, IL F. El, I. Box 1 44 Lirrionia, ATTENTION, MANAGERS -Peeking Comlethenist Al,e Human Ssv and Shuts Trisau.. VIRGIL WESTMORE. LAND.?Se Chestnut sr.. Cat fney. S C. del 3 DOG AND PONY ACTS - V,nIl here* achitafilind pacer for small Cann rit.weg Mddle and lewthwed States. C, R., ;t7 Lri Arty St., Si. bead, Minn, de20 WANT TO MANAGE SIDE Pserer fay Na to ,- Nano Acts fan tame; /No Faso Vass Cowenrran I mon* Davis. write fee Aid,.,. FRANK COLEMAN.'Wilstic Annteo Act," Turman; Teo: *13 AT LIBERTY MISCELLANEOUS COMPOSER, AUTHOR AND IDEA WOMAN Aar rad.* oryt-ants and stage Ffsri Patronriravong Ilex for herds, etc, Comedienne.rid Lonnect, sing or We 12111d Ake fres Imitating among. but couidl. Will NM lewitireellt Ed), work with Promoter or cooperate. Can do bitrierhsmong and typing Write gioaiu ea VeLVIRA BLYTHE cue The Bilbeed, 1304 Broadway, New Yoe_ de 3 awed Vantotet e0.0 unemen. icrs.4".e, ewer see the to none. WM. Wen. Nlriwa Suet Wirer at, thams- Sob, XrdIr 11. H, Keg - TPA sloe NowIty XaAeat Ad, Kl. oelen* awl doer sea Yen. erfkostlel A i rt attrullked We 4000 Manse Wes -4 Cdr. r.. &ST AT LIBERTY M. P. OPERATORS Efebreeknel - 11 Fran' aapeelosta: /401t wo onlionot. Hoartel, and qli,,se... Emcee/. ar.$ tams a mreop, W.5 onvelleett. bead 1344 ItAsose. We. 002 AT LIBERTY MUSICIANS ACCORDION fake. tocourienced READ, Puler matt cornbh4. Hen Location only, Young..4.1f. Avaneblo Dec. 151h. MUSICIAN, 59 E. Henan), Winona, hems STRING BASS - EXPEflancod a4 1111&... 'MOIL tae deft. R. R. SAWYER, 119 So. 0, Arkansas City, Xans.n. ACCORDIONIST - DOUBLE SOME PIANO Coed rhythm false off, ACCORDIONIST. t601 W, , Plant. Des Mn.-.,, la. del.d ALTO SAX, CLARINET - PLAY FIRST OR Ihret. Empukrcul, woo mere. tatty. Sorg, ANDREW BARBERELIS, 560 lafasette Baran Rouge. Ls del) DRUMMER - CO00 EQUIPMENT. SOME Vibes. Read. miter, sing*, union. No ex. Prefer 3.6 piece bard. Available on or before Nnsoni 1. Write C. THOMSON N. 1. Atanwela. Portland. Ore. del.) ArallsIde ItmentlatetT - Selo AqtrIkei. Weise atoer EestrI drol Her k c Euesr , Ifedotlerro draml neelne poem AMeetto. DRUNDA134.EFACEE- COOD MUMS. mpg IWO Ikon/ WNW, pl*etw*I h.2 ba. vocals. cen &hap leerneeldteer. Seed COO. Cult Leo, Horded White Service. Al notches% and bands on the Way MD, 114(4. notice Mt Afar Au aid Doan Ilvgteau vardp Mt/ Otto Menke, *nit* BILLY STEARNS Also agents with succeasra enslaver:les. No etwa001011t he her Yea's tie. 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ERVIN THOMPSON, Sneaks. 5, C. PIANIST -LOCATION. CONCERT OR OANCE Reader. Union. *isle PIANIST, 415 S. Third Alburamornos- N, M. Cal rev Ita.h co.ver3 ha.m, I.N.I. band..baer, due, rty, favaft. Into Tyco. Staid. Ice. WINO. erstieq.c. Saban, aonselleabd Ike 102. Closes. Kan AT LIBERTY SINGERS GIRL SINGER - 19 YEAR od Radio Sethi Aelht, Hot "lie" &solar, Would 1.1se work wit. hot rain combo or band In.11aInot.Dynhaw," goose. JULIE HEWITT, 7361 Hanover. DrareIl, Me& del) MALE VOCALIST - 23 years of age, drat t gercept, belt ainotasm flecerowed Protostional careen. Personality and thoonnandep. instoth banter.* yoke and 'Love & Reverence. would make roost alltattive Addl. Woo fo m OrTenstrit W3 cceeptely waidnebo of formal, serni.korral and CLINg wear clothes Steletty the fall, dark and hantheene type. gocro:144 at voice, 13 by 10 gloss ptenne.rapb In evening cletivs and ow *Nth, in regent to au:intoning furnished 1Jd011 request. Eveveluilthe will crick with someone, to do rot wall, Top. w 12 to ig, Move* spetwitek Spa/slit' TAO /tan, Adatee Daum. Pianci Acme:ten find, wooed GrAtark Cotters/N. Mamecas Flashy costumes, tat, bas0110 tram. fl Om' AGO miles made have >theme Beautiful art. lit owolacin Make of fa. CHAMBERS FAMILY 1552 Mescaelne St., New ()dome, Ls FOUR LINE CIRL-L-DOING TEN ROUTINES And changes of wardrato. Two do specialties %MIN, stating lull parhoulses in first letter, THELMA CARMEN. 252 E. ladtelelew NM., CO- Itentart, Co.e, on t./a Lawn: No ems holworn IA p. rn and B a in MIDGET IACKLE IDUNCAN-NOVELTY SINGER. up and acrobat.c dansw. Prat tnt, SA C. elm comedy. First class warchobe_ For theaters er rale dike Welt, or wins. Haeo, Wolf 10S Copes Ave.. CottembUs. Ohio AL NReeta-wear Reeemlfar, Floe moo re cu. rent goose cm, eirenly dew, notathens Ever Wet, O' rime sad Re. pot an TRIllsoon1. ElereernidL Dannlir ibieldes-brinash ads. 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53 . December 13, 1941 CLASSIFIEDLETTER LIST Thr Billboard 53 - [Leo, so! ee.w. A hard net moth, I.. ter to keep him front dorm:latins a I '.1.., I 14 Ttoof.npr...4:,...i,'..,,,...1t.11:,...t..., -,...r. 1., r, 1. T11.1, tow re IA04 esata. Two Oaten& Ill *obi 1141Adede... meeting as It is to get Secretary Prank er."t..'t LEY"'. '1 Yd.. Y. L. W1 4 11e13. Kingman to say ite to a reasseat. OSOICZ Zo110, Wis JR**, twee., Ilelew Watch W. 0 garl. IT04 new A Teel. h'e'ad re, Dos OeggLAND. 1,11X1tNI/tweet, rewoleallore Won't{ cams- Leo 0oso, INA thin Wear Wang Ward. And by the Way, lloselams, Winona Ito Ad / =P: watch Kingman, Lg.. rail 11"*4 1.;74.02.`i".NA...t., :,..:1,!...:"...1,...L.,...14.:,7 Ilowel, Ire Itt1.7,11:Ag liwtost. ROO" Wade C.1140ftell.. 11 Allagr Wools. of bl.. treswollat. O..e 11 PIITIPA. A. g- Tb,...Muselter..., A. ue tab Tot., rawaseadim, aterne l'euw. P. IL garbogow, Tells Price Preemiee. seesnommt.!lee tichets. Ilmaser. tam N. 'TALL. diatingulehtal Doug Baldwin. a Weelarle'... Ka"' YOUNG. GlArall Mo.. lett game. Iles ad. at- Indasulabote. W. asetems coon:miter between Alabama State and Wntoo. Owt-Lts B. 'rm./ leee* NtIntscrota, cliscusain' health rub tell, w...t.f, Saf. %%ma& Or. Xe4".15,ete.1.11e..41 le'.7113wee...cleta. t... A JOTY411. versa, za gowns, 11Ors Zolpv. lei. "grat. 41frarrot"2".Ruteels.74:inerth...r. TOO144. llf. A 'Larne ilanse WOOF Milts. MM steel:mat IleAia diatknyula.bed Louts K. Dufour. formerly WloVAre, IT , J. 1.7:171jrt, CAM: dada hr data, Loge., eslarig.te:a41:22". Jae ROM air* dm em Ma t 110o. eo, Lew (Dr. Dahl Dutoter. Impresario of tebeetw. Old r.. ITerboo Cc 4. ve, :b. I..al Road to Health {Naval:on. Roth of them V~, J. IF roman. mom* leelakee eennlelriewn. Ineoeree l'oemee.e. writ sup,,,,,,,s Li. Itving bernehing examp:ida of Vitamin /I onew vole Zn7 W (IS - Whilst.,, Cray owe. TN mere and high caloric content, 100 proof, WwN1,1trzle. Oenale, RINKS (Conttared rrgm page 47) 1927, cern, to rank among leading international Osumi lb Use Wart *hotel amen ream latter, He u 33 years old and serves, with the Royal Air Porte. When referring to the prowess of lifileno. I mist emphasise wens:0414 which.111 sound strange to American akatera. Dainety thint to achieve intmnational recognition In roller hockey la the ball. mirk of skating ability here, Huhn* came to the tore, a. one of the wrest treaty players of all time, receiving internatthisal honota In 1004 while a nsem bet of my old team, Derby Myers_ Until outbreak of hostilities, he captained the British national team to victory agatnat all MIMI. Lela proformancta us plscot taming him fame. yeara ago. Malmo added to his finance:on by wain; Cho gold 'medal teat to Toiler datielng In the initial et. tempt. the Oral hose In NSA history that the standard had been swelled In the Mat effort. Joan LIMotone WW1 his partner on that auspicions troutsiest at CrieklowOod Rink. London. It L. worth recording that Jimmy Lidalsant failed to pass 'geld' In hie brat attempl In ;gurus he was alio *tater of brilliant. ranting bronze and Miser tests with ease. Re ws.s ready for his gold test at the time war broke out. In speed iketting, lee took the Mom* teat with a time three second& faster than the SIMI time for the It -lop Batley track." ROLL-ARESA RINK. Olouccater City, f1... has added bowling and changed Its name to Stoll -Arens Recreant* Ointterr. I ROLLER, Skating Club of eboosyss got Mat an attraetige program heath* for Its second annual skating party at Menet Rink on November 23_ POWWOW PATTER (COotiorlerl freel papa 47; Matti!: NAS1L the Iikustorn Mates saujordonic. was bopping about with the agility of a mess acrobat, missing 110 [reeks and perfecting a quota of hie own brand. Charlie's% grey hair go 011TO LL nell/st. " ANOTHER Charlie. last named Ross. he of 7bronto's Daniell:en lantleshat. was died for *calor In SCO011 by bending low to retrieve a Indy'''. kerchief. It sons the fast +talent examine he's bad educe dl rect114 those thossands afroot the gralidmand. WtN K1NNAN. chief of OhSo's State event, must have been reared on Use *age. Win wax Malty. ready to make a speech, furnish a laugh or DM KV Yards noll-a0p.trader AATJ rule.. MUSIC Corporation of AincrIck pulled romp delighted' by throwing a tarty at the -Lawrie/ Empire Ream of the Palmer Int felt wee and Mir sex. The food WIWI no better than 100 per cunt, the :show was orlon -epeeist Merit's; with platinum facing and the Ruld InalitnflronnY proofed. It could not have turned out better if Billy Onodhelet end his col' Issistms planned It that rosy. WILLIAM the Ward. the Billy Rosie of State Tali. Is no W A.W. Already famous for Ma blew and the rigor!that's his middle name, tricadeutally1 for carrying out same after only one season on the ehisstratn'a jab, Ira about as THE Middle West Pair Circuit finally gat around to Chivalry by electing as Its 1042 president Mrs. Ethel Murray Si. monde, the charming lady we from latuakogee. Okla. There's nothing wrong With the MIX that a shaman can't Cure. to rob 0 prais, STRICTLT a Southern type of greeting from. Bill Hirsch. the filwereport see. A memory like an elephant** and a handshake that could teat yds! apart If you're net On guard; AND the only steep we got this week 4:01 for one hour -in the barber's soft and soothing Leathery lair, CALIF. NOTES (Coutenued prom prof 411 made possible thru a stupid, 1R the fair treasury Of over achieved principally thru such name attractions et the 1041 fair as Nay Ryser, Oman Walley, Gene Wiry, stay Noble. Vera Vague and Tony Martin. Surplus is largest the fair ever had. Reddetton In rstimiession D ot facet charges for races. night stage 4101t, horse show or Anacittg. Secretary Kenneth R..!filmmaker attended the International ibie0clalon of Palm and Exiscoltions meeting In Cht n ag, On Newt:her 30 -December 3. He entered fair publicity reverts In competttson. Pre.*-radlo department, headed by Tnetfy, turned in a klstuth rotate bitto to MR. In 6413 weeklies end 161 dallies. a total of inehos on the fair were carried, an all-time reread. Radio publicity ilia AM a new high with DIl programs, commercials and plugs being sired between July 10 -September 7, exclidave of newscasts. Tbial of 307 originated from She pressradio fslrifirs fair. WW. XIT Wove LET ILK!AST Weel, Jer k C Wozd. h A (Cormstiod /TOM Pepe 501 wersmil Tenor r,tote I /kale Wa1I. JMn rewialtah Worm. Is,l 1. wail, One Warren. Tnn11 la Wend* It, Zoe Vo-eteo. Wm.", Welter '14ade'les SUM 'gram Wauta thetete, Alweeli WOW*. rftle** Ws w. Ow. wall Ilse WOW*, IldarIA ITO% MOM r. Weds*, The.- Wk,1.1,own, WOW,1..1. Ina. Vida 11..4:4. aim w.d.b. Lbw. Poe" A a-tenni:mn lb, es sue. eft? tromra. d., Lk NallArtN e NW C wow., wou,1 wawainnton, wore, Mak 1014Ern WAY - hernia WAY Toic. Waller. Imam Irma lull A not IMMO! Atlessealle wenn Darn et '.7.1kst, Wm WS00. ad. Ward. Dern Welee. Veda gnanst gratinda, tinting the 10 -day MIDSOUTIJ NET (Confine/Ad trace pope 42) against 03541, TOW Operatnag cost wet * as compared veins E , Much of the Increase Will OW* to added espouse of the joint National Dairy Show, Park open:ding coat AC - counted for While repactikt the best year In history, reining President Raymond Skinner warned against undue opumfam. Ha recommended Itveakwic Bidsing at night to stimulate attendance. continuation of poultry dhow in the Casino, appointment of aft assistant for Manager Beaudoin and mare encouragement to junior Ilve. stock suction salea. pointed Out at a weak feature of the fate, ptbor new officers are Aaron Scharff and Ratentth Orgill, eice-prosidents; yi A, Rarrotsl, secretary, and P. A. Me- Phitlipa, treasurer. Miami Event Rows to 12,000 Altrau, Dee. 0,-Mahl fihrtne Pldr and EgpoOtIon opened a 16 -day COO Satur day night with over paid Mons and better than 32 paid rattractiona fundahral by Body Wee.' Show. featuring Clyde Beatty's Wild Animal Show as midway free attraction. said Endy o fticiala Three huge tante ate heustog KUTZTOWN. Pa -Worth A. Drina was elected persistent of KUULOWS1 FAIT As. rwintlan: Elmer A, P. Kline, Tice -Mel. d ent: Claude L. Bordner, secretary: Herman A. Plater, treasurer. woo., II _. tecen.wt. lie. leatkyal great W11Ase, J W. Weft... 11w ego WATICIX111N, WY Weulde, 1.5.e /WA 11D 0. Welitee, 10,17 wow. 30sm w.r.r. H. T. WOW& We. Weldon, Loth 1.. Weinberg, Snap WIWOO O. w.4,10, C WOO,,An. Webs, IP= WAilk, W, It Woke. rder War..,,battery WAIL, llo.. Owl Watt. An. Krim. Memo Wad., Jerk WilOw M. g Wald* 010. W. Waite. gm Athol Wooer. yr. Walt. hemp Oaks WC, lad WO*. I'nsk WOLe, C wan.. diesotttvw. WOW. J- N. WO Lr F. Wsim. lea Mlle.!AIM* Aloe, Let WW1*, VAL e. Metitwe 6. WIIITWILT, JAIL 'nor wtirrar17. Ago, 131.1t.14. Tempe. Tan nassese*sill. Jerk WHaimeems, Demo a mai, Wileader. Mee. WirlAdda. Sweat ra/ww'..7t.-13( l'i.1111gag t 11130All WILCOX, PAT,}e. not t1til kliatdgsrf T. *Jaen!). MANIC DAM throe. Ugh, WIT.LARD, T/00111 OLTON OTLLIALIA larfa 107..a=., Anna LeMlefte, 8141 ni*11011, el tt irell1:121, Claris J. Seteleas. Cleeoft W.nzueo. rod X, %Moen.!Week newel WOlemo. loose WIllieow WaLLobe Jos WILLIA/19. 10,17:01I WARD W111...re, Nay Mal Neese Wallarw, 11^1A win..w, (WW1 Wattesw, Thenne Tnro Viligas.., Virginia Ornigs... W. A. ant.groon, Col Wahaan, 1:41(0 1%,161 WAlo, /SOW woman Mt. Jrsn WILA04 WED WILSON. /ORD HA 11-.1,Lez, Joel A4Z.4 XlItiAlMi loarm tnnxn. tigitm ILTV1.177n,WItrAR Woo*. Oak Trothelgo., Mes low 4-rh1tilt oliollizyk C 12,14:1.44Ckerggiogo. ktr". 111=0012, Hag* WWI*. HO 111nrle, Werowve Wloeltro. Oren, 11'3014w14":. "ItortIl.1,4. oto.at Wateol. FeeS jjw.owle Wney, Ethel W.40, leek 1LoW., Clete, WOW, Pea J Wolfe, Taw k Lend 1206T, LSI Word, Way C. Wept", Willet0 Weedy, W A MUT. 2AR D". Kant., IlrilINCT.901. lamene WirralsAr4".. JIM Tai wadehaw, :2.7.JoNn1.7 TISK Tasdomins. 'De Trion /4.4 TO), r,45i. TOrtiL Yothad. JOICY %mi. P11wee liesiewase. :ha nano. Ms ALDO< 1AlLgX, 111T1K0 Aloe*, Elias IIoakele Teens. COT 11. tra/lheset ti'a'ra, WlitIlr fos,-.; Dramaattlitt. mourasse, real wmaso. 0111we Twos. le. It goarrann Tiff* d, Latroes tro. rant 71)110k amuses MI, Illowesa. Mane* W111,14h1O T )4 algent WWI, or WOOKer, lion.. P. Ws. WInl.n. Iwo0 0, ON MARL, AT Haub, leatort 4). War. MA/. /2.rnel,. it W. -rd. -cm. Web NEW YORK OFFICE 1144 OnaAhrog /nal+. Mary towe.a, Port...to. Poo Memo kb Tito nler Ma^ netee1 LDPWL"I " elte IrauN yam A u Pteolict.wbst, letlec MOO. filed Iwtia, (tease CCC gatal4t.r1.}.111'13.rbdjne/4".7: Allenge Arrays roe. NOWef sal RMwI 1p 150 amedelha 411M1. 1.1"tel.' Jsrit.d Ttitwa:=Tilr"1"egl:AFII4. aretwod.4'., f 1!"orl".2We Owes. Mop* Vesogl. isomer Yea RIM Um glighlon. FADS Tartlha130 Ogiamtl, I ("ndltuan LALTIOLSCr. elell nl ama P. a 111 altro `111X01241 Teedos.. liar Vart10.9h, PALM j A"ere2MICItelet F. Wak tfilid. 4in Jahr..0., Cork WOOL Hilly lissars Wticata.. Jarrett, Ca* miktunze, lltoli i ttneweit, Irenr, Nato 14.1"aRirsitme.,,.ebigt.Pkosaklee Lane, R0, 1.wereAr1,_1111O 1. Medi Lha ale, /Anew &Wee, Erie 0. 0.giL Thm& BOAR. OR AT CHICAGO OFFICE Ina IN amemal ties. Ill a*. ONO KIM. Adam, may *all on nano AT ST. LOUIS OFFICE APO Adam eras Parcel Post luitaledk. Ky. R., 114 Allard, bel. Coles Llen. Long, limadll A".4 An.I.T.rt.4: t* n"110ar.1 II,tkrt RA* 11,010ven, Manfred WeAl.T.X1I, Azw.41, XILatelysatcre Arad. Jack Mario gletraright. Wag./ Wog., Mono Liginfirg. Ago r. bon*, IIIL..121 *oat. Pleed mant.ft. nammni A Agar.. Ilah. 'hotal T. Wpm, UM= fs ANGELL. Ihgaig, Kan A Om, )211o, Halt, =ler, Caeloons K IKKATO, godingsree, 1/1100, BaskNome, ALI.E$ II. Wae*e P ACK 1TO, haetherel. nen* Uads HW Marl. AL CMS" hat llonotot. Abe Welhewee. than O O.1.r1., It, It Hews, (newt.. Wietele, Niels Peaks Mesael. h 1T. Paull gothoont crrrod j. 1" a1 Teemr Teahr. 'rliwa.rwit A. IMO. )1r%TgLaelIc el"4"1. Mn. ILVV.TI", 5.1kV Fkgg. Cad A Ratitalsagg1 Ohm. 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54 liner S1 The Billboard Di...ember 13, PRIZES NOVELTIES ; PREMIUMS A Column fee OPERATORS fs DISTRIeUTORS of SALES - BOARDS. SALESCARDS and TRADE STIMULATORS. SMITH 013T or THE MAILIIAU... J. D. of Enid. Okla., mites; ISOcio time ago I received a copy of your Salon - beard A, It, Ca which I open:onto] get - Una a I here been Intere.ted In tales - board deeds for quite a while. I have bout working depertsternt stores with pens and num, and have emend lace - Um* In mind where I could lay a tot of Cards. But ea 1 ant own In the des& tniatnem there are woeful queellone would like to have anovered. ewberr do yen get the list of wholesale dealers on seitsbcood amid iselmeard Item& and where do you get the etude and toarein? When I wan In California I taw *tonal cards that ensiled Illustrations of the Benet offered. as, en well as the amount of motley the card. took In. I wrote a couple of the, boned firms but all they 'rid was blank ("tub, Please put tow &Insight on Una Also do you maim braving Just the card en location or la It she to leen the Items with the melee I have In mind 1711S card. I end to VS cents,. Do you believe this trpe of cunt harder to work then one on a I ant to 30 cent take, I am planning another card with t0.05 lake. slut to work a small pnfit with an Pare emoted to the worker of tile card if he finishes It dap." Theo letter is typical of many we receive frcen newconveris in th, Held. Ac. tuaily there Is nothing my stereme shout the taleabeard business. nee 10 it one In atileh a greet.dell of time must be spent to learn the renew. Anyone with a nor - Mal anootmt of Intelligence should be ate, to get away winging Immediately. and if the newcomer Is fortunate enough to melte the redline. of an experienced *weldor her hen coins better than lair living In short order. New to get down to atesearring the satientione relied by 3. IS. We have list of detail and atileaboard Mannfacturen which Is avalleblo free for the halting. A copy wax tent to J. B. A ;enema list of peennum firm can be obtained by reuding the wbolesale merchandise department In The ffintword regularly. Dietributoni who create oomplete offer cents which are printed and Illite. hated as required by the dials there have. The blank carts are for opmetera who like to get up their own deals end are strailuble with predetermined take's. As a rule them operators tame their local Mintens print the necessary Infonat- Hon on the trade. Mutt cards are laid without the acme, and rarechandiee is delivered when eellectiona are made. However. there are acme deals erbkh wilt turn over faster when the *mirth; are loft on Consignmelte especially when the Awards offered require demonstrntion. The Mete!! Vilma Plante Lighter in a good exempt 01 the latter type of Ilene HAPPY LANOTNO. Dry Shavers Good Christmas Item NEW YORK. Dec. --Cedric shaven Tarr Mau consideresh Improved trines they tint appeared on The market, and Mete ha.. been an increastogly steady densand foe the various makes offered. The dry ehatrera make particulerly suitable gift item for Me &swoon. and It to reporter! that conddreables tmatilittes here been ordered by linerenrolsw wan for the holiday trade. The electric rerun have many new features. but the trust Important point le that twiny meebaulcal dimmiltiorn bare SPECIALTIES...endected by EMIL ZUBRYN - Commeineateens re 1564 /headway. New Tod( Charity Drives Point to Hefty Pre -Holiday Trade Bingo operators cash in as organizations begin annual charity drives for Christmas baskets and toys-sales. card promotions also active NEW YORK- Deo. 6.-With Christman only two week. sway, churches,. fmtonsal orgerditations. rectettea and clubs are tautly engaged In prornothaial to 0.10 fund. for their charitable activate*. By far the greatest shore of the fund.raning campaigns turn to bingo minim to draw In the needed dollar*, and the appeal oe the game Li now at the etrongent lent. Dingo written. Ls a mutt of the extm activity during the month of December, tire Muter than ever at this time of the y,:r. In moat of the cases the organneationa sponsoring special bazaars and other social function.. prefer Met the bingo than at, present, areendling to game &perstore end thaw In charge of the tesienta gnome that are nn Important teener* Law enforcement officers of Hatches. of the events are managed by an raped- who were coiled upon by porno to deterrences! operator. Accordir.g to report" fltitir, the difference between bingo end conting in from outlytug six -Lions of the lotteries, gionniett ruled am,: that mai, the bingo lotteries with must country, the fund-raning came* lime chancine prices Ls a bonnie,. pattme been eolng strong for the past *nerd and cannot be clasalned ass gansbung. weeks. and operatore elate that attend. Among the gains operating here are towe has been unueually heavy. ChM Anderson's.. Witness: the Knights ot Columbile, Nitichen Council No exinetele of chinches,. dots, fraternal and churchee. Sncluding the Church of [Jinxed/atlases and societlea prefer to site. the Assumption and et Motels bingo as fund -rattle; medium. awe CathedraL Ames the river in tounnui ImEWIEW Auto Accessories For Winter Make Good Pitch Items CilICA00, Dre. 6.-A local pltanearn, who hew been active during past winter Mahon. pushing Wrenn:led auto acne - eery Items, dean. they offer one of the boot eleportunthes for pitelonsen and demonstrators during the cold weather. The number of cars in actin use thru- Out the country 1. ever Inc:cuing. mad it law born estimated that mote than half of the total number are logical prospects for,such Items ea car Imam, eandahleld defroster'. windshield wiper Ueda. etc. There are number of heater* on the market offered at an attractive price, the ',nehmen raid. indiestioo that this equipment I. In demend is seen In the fact that bingo genus. have beets featuring heating untie. The nekl Is not netheted to car heaters, ['anent'. the pitchman mplained. There ire a number of other Item. that can be eveceadully used by pitchmen and dentonetratorn. During the long tanner menthe there is a steady and profitable market for ant I 4 mete preparation.. engine power boosters. electric defroster.. and even car reek*. levels in the month preceding Christmas. bingo game at his place, an her Chartir It to is well-known fact the* the wide Smith. at Charlie's Night Club. In Sicily Increase In the growth of bingo's /sow. Island, Ls. Bray has Influenced the fund.raleing meihoda toted by organinstione in this country. With the modern equipment new available. and the many merchandise Items testa ore offered as premiums. lenge Mayen attending the fund-raising canoes ream to be totalled with the idea of competing foe a wleettort of modest psi -es, se against the extremely remote chance of being able to take down a single mayor award. The Christmas mason le s eatural for the boards, since people are all in the InOod to spend a few cent*, particularly for a worthy mum. The other branches of the merchandise field also profit henvits during tilt. Station. since the many bamara offer aide been Ironed out. The multiple shaving opportunntea for niercbandim were. It heeds glee a smoother then, and NOON. la expected that with the added ettmulua titlenbeill COMO equipped with a aria to of defense coin Ode year. Inlainew will facilitate &haven. All come attractively be fez above last year. packaged In sturdy contains or in last Whlie most of the prime at bingo tog leather pouchte. to addition to the games Include such eteples as electric higher priced numbers, the Meld has timepiece., smoking marsh. novelty been Invaded by ninny reasonably priced lame.. eh -chin] appliance* and household utenelle, operators report are In- Item" which are Just as aerviceeebte. It le claimed. creasing demand for unteniel preinitim. Military Influence in Toys Featured in Displays PILUADELPIIIA. Dec. 0.-Local steam are stocked mono pleaufully that: over to meet the heavy toy built* expected during the Chhatraas shopping season, Most striking fmture of the &splays la the military induente. However. cowboy olaymta an still Warthog service play uniforms. The soldier. salter. marine and aviator outfits are all trailing the "lisp. and ashobreen Nnwintslon In Christmas& mine The,pueshmohile witted formerly looked like an auto racer II row au army tank, n field Nerve:* ambulance. o minute table or is calve -bomber. With a toy inacittrin gun mounted on its nowt. Gadgets of the pullacross.thalloor variety now (Tackle and pup alai elmta lead machine-gun Ilse or artillery ex- they know that it will offer a constant pin...enmity all the Protestant and CHUI source of reoceue. While the games ere one c.,,ngrecnot,o, hold reekly matins Wed foe itiffff-intilog purposes tilrffofft Bon Lancaster. Ferriday ;Lai mist cwt. the year. activity reaches its highest, operator. has Inaugurated n weekly Mosions, and the bathtub type teeing an now destroyers. Misers, stub:twines and alerraft meekest, The army Intim-nee Is to the fee. in all toy department.. Even the parlor gamete for the older folks have gone ffilthere *Porting Reich nerree or Thumbs Up, Bombers Mort. Skt. Ridere,?bine the Born. Mptittim the rimers. and Conflict. Dither prediction, that ptootte would supplant metals In toylann ii.tl not yet materialized. At one of the novelty sup ply bonsai, the salesman pnehing pro. = en a Misfire plate tooling kit eptimialeally ropaitoo there gees too ahortage et the seta pilottly ceders on the faelal ZNGO bit ey fohn CARY BRING 81E00 BACK Is the slogan adopted by Committee Chairman P. Edward litertuesoplel, of Union Tewitship. N. J. He awned all minions Inter. tested In revising the mutinies In tiniest Cottuly too meeting Deternbee i W fetes the -eriple B Onrailleetion" to hate bingo legalized. Bingo has been banned here, but Blertuempfel *aye It "no more is to be clamed as gambling than bridge ex Innen:Me- IN Southwest kflassissippl and Northeast Loutabena teneeit bingo bridge patio. have never been more popular EITNCIO OPERATORS will cash le brovily during this month. ereortin.g to reports, an It is one of the moat popular fund-ntiathe mediums. Drenthe* every, when are reporting henry activity. and It teems nn If all-ume high rrerrd will be established before the end of the year. Everywhere there & heavier attendance at the bingo garnot, it is reported. and this is attributed to the feet that trolcleandise being offered this year in unusually attraeters and worth while Potpie aro In a happy. apending mrsal and are willing to help out their less fortunate neighbors by attending the %minus benefit games. Tile 8LOOAN. "If It Ls bow equipment or euppliett. Metro mist have (Sea BINGO BUSINESS ors page 50,i' 1'essialjz $.-#,44 7 a

55 Derember MERCHANDISE. The nalhoard 55 NEW AMERICAN MADE Patented Master Brand DANCE CHECKS elenee PP* 0441 Cart T AIMeA1 (IlloatraNtl Alowl ISA. Na I in. met Lind RINI No_a. 7*.rn /cairn, No. I Ina Na O.,111.No L 141d Ajr'les el. mil : se Irk that 4metr. be Mew LaAte 1rwthel CAW/ na10 alum. WPM Viteeer ed Dee arte end Doke* S ett /to SAW ow et ON 0I Illottral CMS %VONA Show Ccwolcia L to of *1 Lee Pekoe JOBBERS. Flow Wow alcoar. Cloctac Vlost.P. TON WNW Illnw rows' WAMPUM *MN Gear Fiaih BONO f0to anda, wrigi70.= Istan WI NW each.. Laa neat VOIMPIAL* IUMI,A LAO tt v..,01 -Pfd e. Km - Ping Pang Ribber Zed MU" Throw Ball Ca isqr4furcoats UMW ohora [Nal ALL 011/411IC *imp &AAA Satott, apt., -41 litias. Sub NOtTlat a*. Mi.drid w Wean Iht Poet uorta drip and twenty, fal.daett inane) rceewed II I dot_ Prww1 WC vats WA NSW SASE OAVALOOtN Jytlott off raw r ow L V"I PRIORI I N.M.l. FUR CO Wnt It.. N. V 0. NEW... COLORFUL BINGO SOO SCYIVI %eciais 7 Attraelive Color Cemblnetione p.41 Pe 061 Accurate Tamper Past Reasonably Priced WRITE -WIRE -CALL FOR SAMPLES AND PRICES We ManacIactur: a CoPoplato Una of Singe GROOM SUNSHINE LITHO, INC, Varcketl Strew. ITrearatlyn, N. T COMBINATIONS U NO 2 CARDS ALIKE BUY YOUR 'VIVO Specials IRECT PROM TONE PRINTER FURS COATS, IAAWTS, erataane ewe Leapt 1042 MOIL - 6, I. Carawas 1441.VMS. Noutn1LOWQ1 Lamb.. preian epic's Pep. Pipe Iira. Red Fet. eft. Witte Ire Lauer Illatireed fluky. FM*. M. SEIDEL & SON 2411 W. 40ia as. T. C.,34 I So 6 s 2_ 122 Izei-s4-7-- I is 3 ibis`:l--_ 127 LT adrenal PRINTiNC. CORD BJ rovitimi v.r 'Y DS, Popular Hams Weise to The Camara. Owen' Sondra DI - part ravold , for iddreiliol OP CaoJalos In this dtpartmen1 supplying Ova Items whkh inletest you. In. dose addressed and stamped enve0p0 ter prompt repay. Defense Poster All merchandute users cen prant by rho Nactortill Defense Poster Issued by klebard N. Adams..acceding to a report lamed by the flub. The hens la an Innsirateet re:atonal patetuttc poster, 11 by 14 Inches In Km, rub appeal ear every loyal Asnerldis. u 4 said. Plain eleitials pay ism poster has appeal for people In lamed, stares, offices and factories. PuneLmtlne of the poster Ia the phrase' "Wake up, Adenoma!" It la painted ant that no towst b clort4 for the sal* of Use poster, and worked Ismail:1g 14 help tit Llw banana! defines effort. Rings An attractivo sterling fillyte ring net 07th gennlns cultured pearl La ono of the }matey Ittnie being altered by Mary Patella Lbaipany. The ring her flower resign sod plenty of flash, making It alillabic for jeireity dentanatration, the Drm maks. to ectintion to thin item nit firm has a orimplete hue of expenelevi ladling, low-pirleed jewelry for store doesopatraelons. Inchsetrag a big Line of lockets, bracelets and flogs_ The firm's catalog ales Melnik -I a complete line of military jewelry, a Tepredenualve report*, It la satletpetect that yewohy waiters will hero* banner holiday scams during the weeks ahead. Foot Gloves Ebert Gloves me an Ideal MalteydatakeT for the emote year, figaordtsig to Wilson IndUatrld. Ina., the rasseuratturn. Thai :war Item. nat a narinctne. le said to RIVe the medication where It Ls needed -- around and between the tees -lit caps or Wade's foot or burning and rtehring lett. Tile lightweight glares can be Town Under regular hose with comfort and make It poealble for the SWAMI* to go about We regular work. It Ls claimed the item depurates and cushions the wad anti heal* painful condltiona quickly. raee IT/POLAR ITRATS on papa de) MECHANICAL TOYS ROLL-DI/1R CATS. $17.00 DR. ROLL.(PIER DOGS. S2700 CR. 25% bcpciii sin AD Coders. No tatalega. NIII.TON D. MIIIIER CO. 112 ltd A Pit 1 ingett1, PA, MECHANICAL TOYS WRITE FOR COMPLETE LISTING AND QUOTATIONS ON OUR UNE Samples at 17 numbers for $2.75 postpaid 041 Dog,. Kongo. Tomblin/ Clown, DancIng Gaveee, Pengslos, Cancelled Idenkoy. Ceareling i4 r Pale -Pore Doan, Gil Pm and bobby CASH WITH NO O. O. [Ma HOLIDAY CATALOG NOW READY Shortng a compliie grit 01 Silverware. ietretey, Electric Appliances, Deorreriona, Toys, ere, et Use, sod WrIto for YC41r. Today Mama Nato your typo of &ramose LEVIN BROTHERS fliabliihred 1110 Terre rimer. Indiana Iota covvoalag at Wale toaa.41111iatod nallwallv-adoar- Cud wake*. In oar *41,11 e ases Ems it Imolai drad and gworatelooll to 5144 at n ave/ FREE CATALOG, liar. haled with tie haled nonben. STAR WATCH CO. S. SIAM Pict* PA HOT REPEAT ITEM! MILITARY STRIP -TEASE CIGARETTE CASE ATTENTION SILESBOARD OPERATORS M FLIPP, 1.."*.d,o.vd do al two 'lot ow a ease Ott detail. 1,01.41 Rytht now! lend Ow thitalle Pseud Teda.e. Dwell ii>a41. engirt. Tar was/ sensattonai Ineptly itew, yew ever taw. Thentuunds wed CA akfly. Iron 1.1, -color display aiscatkartdeter. AA ;Pawed tepeat.tons. Write or were newt OFT THE LOWDOWN TODAY EVANS NOVELTY CO. Devielon of Prerniern Saht Co. Dept. L.Z. SOD W. Washington, Ghicurn SANTA with ELEC. EYES No Electric Bulb Eyes with Floater. Perfect for Suitoboutd. Store to Every Tavern, Share, Karel will want one for Window and tiackbar DIspley. 27 Inches high, Dressed I'. red rrron, we!? conutructed. Cot trotted naw.. Dozen Lots, $ Sample $3.25 PITCHMEN Uselut Out MS fcleefeenkal Yes*. Mlle for Lhtlna aid Prvcri. WIS.DELUXECORP 1902 IL Third SI, MILWAUKEE, WIS. Met Hal, Ark., Ionia.] Look,..Pio-P broth 11:11e. C40040 LIT "1th 20 swain DAT.' Warr, , lays: "OM 110 SUNDAY WITH P. D. Q." Seymour, ta, welt re: "I aprevate Salad,, and Sunday welt and run about 400 PHOTOS IN 2 DAYS." FACTS MOOT THIS AMAZING ONE -MINUTE PHOTO MACHINE Rwarea rto trot Y Awl own. Matta DInct RAMON INWN my sr eiptt. wecort co wwww. Yes 2M14 all Ss 11.0%04.. NOT.. lam la oweela *TON Ir4lApeGono bath you ass At1c4O. Sairansmog is Mt PHOTOS 011. Tatty apd FIN..14. bloc. a.d VELD!, oorwawe iambi. WI1 h. *WOW C. raw gleroft. 'Amu, co WOO Possovese IN ONE UTR. APNTY CIONM SW/W. SO NIA OlawaL hair, Carniv Samar, Planta I. ed / twilit Otrota divot WRITE TODAY CVCAINIVNERS..r-vou will "we WO 140. TAP% all MONEY tot% 10. D. Q. to eon TN* lie 'WWI P. D. 0, CAMERA (0, 109 E. 35th Si Deft. OtI12,ChIcala.111. FOOTBALL AND SPECIAL OCCASION SOUVENIRS BADGE NOVELTIES FOR FAIRS, RODEOS. CONVENTIONS AND SPECIAL EVENTS. WRITE TODAY FOR LIST OF ITEMS AND PRICES. Always resto-inv the NowI Item.14,), Novelty. Pernsam and PREMIUM SUPPLY CORP LINDELL BLVD. SALESOOARD 31EN AND WAGON MEN PUT UP YOUR OW It I, TO Pei AND to TO sft orate Dip our erfeltetal. MADE... MONTER DISPLAY CARIM WITH 1144EL AID ELASTIC and oar** ter IS AMON* liowt M Allotchwataa ACMES ler Met. Deal. 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Tore sew. 103 re- D/A-.41 for $1.40. tircjude Dowrit an*!snap.1 DAUS!TSAI& , ROT ial. txrsuicrra. aw Caltew--Wolt. calmorn Annan AIDELINE MDSE. CLOCKS CHAMPION SPECIALTY CO U COM141 Street. Rastas City, Mo. Support your Government in tan national cuter/encl. Build a wall of defense by buying 044evic Saytnp Bong* and Stomp*.

56 .444 E6 The Billboard IIERCHANDISE Derombe; 13, 19,11.?OrV ' OR DRIVERS Pbeer he lutnomm Sislperoot pig 1010[S...14.mhy 11m... -0e. 114o4.. 11,71% tki XMAS 'Trot OULMI (4 Intlim 140 iti %0A. TRIO SCri-4 Light jist, lowlso. Om Ary seen Certe--.45 IttIm. 1;i100, 1-60?.. Sam % PM` an 6t t$ wese toto-004 Now. Pm 100 am, RtIoRtrants-1000 limii. ono.70 I,'S f, Th0...^0, 01 ISTIAMIRM %WW1. Wat* eve mai PM CHACO' FROM OUR FAOTORY_ Mit WM' 11644M4 St raw. omnu 1141.M3 myla roe GaAs. -Mott &Mits. And Oalonm, ,614. St teirept.., neatest-, $533 titsola rem 1% 011 thaatt, 'Arming/1. Moro. OmMolt , 1-."*.- rem.. rile Mini, Stanras, OmommAtm. Pot - Wm* 4,4 molt/ POO, Poe Pan WOO mt. IMIRITt SOF DISTINCTION Inmwdlatter for 6GODSM, FREE! 1,4d g a (=baffle Sold,I. brad of M. SoIdtd A; BENGOR PRODUCTJ CO 878 EIREMOWAY, NEW YORK, N. Y. LADIES' Very Flashy YELLOW GOLD COLOR WM. tnir nr 0../m- 171ra guano nit tat 0.14 /11.4f.re4 rammt 111mA an rya. 10 St ini4.s lemod nrintrittni. Olrl WM. t.minl Its ealth. B3898 -Each $ P10...tat. Ott Not zoo. en 10/ tuning Who, Orbero Vt./ Tots Ronk Corilllsoto Muslims 04 maga Lbs. 5 ROHDE-SPENCER 223 W. Madison Cities FUR MO ft...rift...maw* 4.alasy MA saes lid NM VT Um pm. PI is fro*. ANDREW PAUL AND E. moos M., Rt., Port V PERNIEN f...%' Wriz. CO rwrr, 7104 A Non, OfilinUttiettittlIg Curette*, repents that business law!mai SO gisitil f1111 b1u1 twoi enctinfa(olt Co erosto tin seldluotiot lerce Cl new Cur trans end picket& Charlie fetid: 'The pre 'o0 manort Ista more than /feed up to lts early prorate and 1411 will 'mind Up as Oa biggest yew ws have ever had." WATCH BINGO BUSINESS WATCHES and RINGS 10 K. Soild Gold WEDGING SINGS Winn r**1116. Lett 04 a. es..$zso Omni OltmornIA Lott of S. [a rroon,-..7 toss Oneleser. Lint 44 d. t... alto LAGoltIr 10 R, 104tnap.of / Unmei Ommamel, Lotto at S. to 3.04 Otmt OtIAMMt Lint VVerh0s, Smola Orme Ito Outrtlir 271% 0051)1. Ramp Xamms [Mr& Boni ror Ott.} 6 N. SEIDIIIAN NM Tar T W,14-02:&,6Z, 4000 ;ere/no.4w?: f `"`" stem ', M *mos COMPONhinf ORS CO CANDY DEALS rot Owlmon,.rommix swain as i 00 Orin! III , / 4000 Motlotilekm 40 m44 liosodsoll 0.041o. dioisur AH4.ttsts, 1,11/11st 101, ha e -n11,0.1.(14.07 e0 14-s, 105 lier /41011ta Is Me MAORI OMR I or eabonitret. ZVM41144= mr1.601rme OP. Fong Primm4 OK, 1M. float lotztger, Pabst (eoziannued fto.m Ma 547 to being tweet Jele.ro Mnouroctinins tem:lc:may. Jonbcre roe soot In oun. itilmentary letiont to the firm compll linertlog It on PP terziee anti efficiency In furnishing supplies and equipment. The Ann Ism recently lewee.ted IN 7LaI0, plant SadlinutuL 04 it emelt of Inner-n*4 lausit.tez nod as Purthee :novo to etreoethen cerelce. CLOSE -GUI (wows WHILE THEY E Ou4uard 9 tau. rw.otrrom.u., 0541 bo1 krati. In 4...I.S.40,1 snerral corks trd Molina. Mode In U. 0. A. Mtn I%O0?', us, doubt who. rulf. Mlue WM.. PP...110, an 16.0 or -4 m. ROM RPM* MIA Tart. 'Mural sslool, len.0.14 (W M. ON lsoadles H* itatzt. M On.. 001A. 00sig.n. resjo--t.swas Ms* 05156Fart and We, F. DM % Moirtz osztted O.O.D. worn. MC.. TION TOUR IMUSINt50. Ws 60 on MR Ihnt.11. JOSEPH HAGN CO. 13-1,42,1b1 of7 SirtsNO W. Limns. Stmt. CHICAGO MI I FUR COATS AND JACKETS LOWEST PRICES Wolff fljr Ittrp Prn!m tan BUY DIRECT fromi OM Established Firm Since 107 COHEN BROS. & SONS 145 W. 28th it N. Y. C. ELGIN, WALTHAM, BULOVA Rtnentd STARTS AT Onommleod MTN'S Wal*T $ A/40 POL-K WATCM 0$ 3.95 rwro; nac na.21stb Waaletals Issmogor Pole stot 502 Hat CATALOG. IMP LOUIS PERIM 740 MtM,J1. 7L, P,Ilabrohla, Pa. ICIER OMR XMAS FOURS re Owns '3 Slmi Os Lunt Rotary IrotAmit 7 PO 0100 IttnIcord i0041t1...lao 100 Xmas Woos roktan. 104 NI 6.00 sr. ( 'Noon 1.00 O.A. Ew POMO wall Karnes rrattrzi des ionantmod Wartn4 en parrood) 00/010 %MA* oirro (10 Anittl Ron easel/ Ali Ufa nee het sennts In Mat. Send Slanto far 0.1. A NSW $ TIN., Somohss K atazt M/1.M &mole M 1:10.1duo. Trkts trz ARRA wuvelt S patt Own, 111a Tot p - EASTER For every holiday sermon VALENTINE MOTHER'S DAY - CHRISTMAS Ahem,* Something Nett` APE YOU ON OUR MAILING LIM OUR NEW CATALOGUE READY THE (MIAOW l'n CO. Sal 10. CKA* STOrIf CHICAGO, ILL AMAZING CHRISTMAS DEFER LESS THAN 7c A COPY IF YOU MAil. YOUR COUPON NOW! rtaacntac...osig "`". THE BILLBOARD PUBLISHING CO. 25 Opera Plasm, Cincinnati, 0. Maze onto: my swbuription for the arm 30 weeks, feat wind.. I Mclom, not the $4.50 I world ply for 39 copies at the reviler single copy prise. but ONLY $2. NEW Nnrn* D RENEWAL Address Cteeussatiew City State 54,614rIOrm me, tab adv.ania.rc st Htl. 011or to sub1144/ong. This 52 rate altsoct only a. 4/A.4od Stain and Csotatts SO.. $3.50. *roast cilet. 044 Viol 1+,41t COPT!-r 4n U. S. A 41,11CArodk_ I IVIACL- THIS COUPON NOVV MO lot S ONO I I I I I I I

57 DIN -ember I Tha Billboard 57 ioty, p il Cultured Pearl Sterling Ring No. 2R55 $395 Dozen Very Altrecnvo Unholy Silver Ring sei wits goronea Culeured Peed. Priced for special premed -lam Take advantage of Ws big *awl For Jewelry Demonstration Our Gassier No, ria lorian 41,31p00. flee -I.:eking. leer Frilled herein. - Ideal ler stare Gercionstrallant, Mq he. ol Inclemrt bracelets and rings, - H Silt/nat.!! agar Co army tap tend in.. Caiolea Mel - MllltaTr rovroiry Golalse. Sloe. T. Realeau Harry Pakula & Co. 5 No. Wabash Ave-, Chicago graitrsfl Jewelry Dernenfiratarill Complete Lino D'igriv ipq leadri. Write for Cataroo ENGRAVING MACHINES New Bargees t4eeei S 7,50 Slandald MOAN t250 Ciswend Pond Model av Older1 SAipptd SAote Oar Recellred. BIELEII.CEVINE. INC. 37 Svelte W eemh Arr. 'CHICAGO NETAN.104R th Mt ilsigdh 20 trartseel i1mao415py 11, PO owls I7433{ Mien Iv 111 -n41; wr II* cat ataltiwito Anel SOn tar manp4a bat frerseill. c 1,,O7 S'ILLI!slit AIIRSTA VP/. ANLIFICAII CNEWINO PNDDIPCr8 0041e. Off ant Mt. Plasant An.. 11rotrlt, II A. 1 FILL.0-MATIC PIIIISMANNIng=> mit etos not I.,..Hllord LInt ea a C 113--arTE-novel INATION1L TO( arida* FrdOulAkkse tin Onslar Since / PIN.PCMOIL CO Inq "70 17./PAoits Ni.. Yerk, N. Y. $ 7 n5 0 Tema IMMO PRO, CRAWS COPPPLCTE. Iriottlinie art or leurs1, rei Cretin In 160 IS,114r4u. DOR 0.127, 12.-4olied, Olx1r..ahl. OS:o SUBSCRIPTION MEN Cosa gm Wait. riarowd Cul ZIRCONS 3 for $1.75 Slur on Beres 21rEont.. S115 Orr Calif R. LOWE, BOX 520, CHICAGO, ILL VETERANS! OATliim"it!,P9 uraol.. Fsla Rit Car Prol Flterr ;Itt;t1=atlettiollr re/tr. aornmrs ositherme es:peva. Irmo mines Me MANY SERVICE MAGAZINE 10. Ocuss WANE NEW YORK airy MEDICINE MEN MOO, Iii Oldtima mud& It puts inn in mind at the days of Hater's, Obriaterms, internig cm to the Motor City Bratterd, pane., ore prosperous and Austin's and Stoner, WIttra wr ( eller the boildelsk He wesild like to see woe/mess, AS are Syracuse. Rochester. map from nprrnpud Lindsey. 158U1 Alien, Mulicott In New York and Cemeland. George and Reel Gtmn. Glenn Begetty Akron and Youngstown. Q. fn feet. most and Kitty. Mhos Us Ohio. except Oishimlion, are good. Pt's managed to COITIII a good car THOMAS J, 1M115/SINJNAtiT. and lb climber of rode Sam's Defense now In Alden, N. Y.. end 0110 WOrket1 Weds, Yea. there is a living end a good cleaner thrueut the 'Mania lent Ono for the pitchman who works Mean wants to read pipes from Jean theism) ;Weill with good screrliendiser Bibb}, F.F! VAlsom, aya Gnat end lerenkle Rolston. CHRISTMAS STANLEY NAIIIRETT.. le Mill In the R. L. Green Either. Charlet,- BALLOONS ART COX... toes. S. C., wheto temireres limo been goal pthns its!rem Canada. where he went With Mils le Deski hwelry; Mr. and Timely nutrams that set Irons Washington tater buying a trailer, Mrs. Haglund, Pane and ties, and Lalha my that he was ne,my to bear about hen Diglock. cconvelles. Babe Keating, of shapptts. Nee thrill. lop seam), from holiday Speedy lideench and ISM Oarciess While mod note, visited Noldrett theently aria man Circular Stripes in Pittebtagh reoently, Art Matted reported 'ales trying to It,. with the serslaskin. Wirt Ite/ Charlie Cortewax anti HUE lemon and Iocsie 20 work In the open, Stanley details. wife. Sylvia. HO hopes Dr. George Reed write& Bob. would like to read pipes nod wilt ere mill ROME Mean;, and from Paul and Ethel Miler. Stanley hears that )4r_ and Mat Bert McKibben nom; hr. too, know ere getting tat asth a new Inyout 015 " Spool elrinett end 'IV OWN HUMMER CO RAYTHIMA 0100 Lila Bill Cordon Tory well and ersa.readdened WeAl Coast. Art le now dispensing to hear of their deaths. He says they pskuso mad born meta In the Herron were both ace workers. Speed and Bill North. worked run menders t0 sweit taro, toys STARR PEN CO. Stanley, IIIIIs AnotArr loch - Per la "FERGIE FERLIIISON FOR YOU r.. cerallnir the.... e prethi rep Of Otowral Precinct* Labe. "WIHLE MOTORING EAST Goland:me. O., paid tan a Malt on his way from my a Ill Scala= Ohio to Omaha." wrote- Al ruid Wends Vela WINCHESTER PEN -; e slopped off In PhIledelphia to do mime rroita"moherly. too. Penis's' end his new WIltZeh I I ncso 0/ w yos I. MIMOSA thapploh end nth woos George Plthpairlek, a sheet put of 20 yearn Ago." P,ASE. eoe periona. lass el rte er Cal ass N... NATICMALLY APVIERWSk0 W tar both loth In the Molt, say the Valle. letters Prod W. Soma from the gnome <omelets miss till est,. Wane to pin *tart "AMONG GUESTS AT MY HOUSE... City. "IPtUtprarleic is playing a spot In Tharthoctring were Marie Mtteltell and the beset of the city with hi. Wild Life WIN With WINCHESTER! kosesaid end Let Tonarn. who ATP Wart - Mehibit. AselotIng Isro. are W, STARR PEN CO log embroidery medic* In Mow more H. and L. Chased and J. Ginsburg. here: Frank Arnold. Small thread worker oho met Sliver amjock Rose In Pettily,' et Weinstein's MT, end lira Hickcee, AMEntea'S LATEST CASE! Iltslmns worker* ea Welnateing4 Pete YOUR NAME Petersen, retired Madura soaker: Ruben In Raliora OleAl Cnotesil Lorraine. ezmal man; Dutch and!mlle Pitchdom Five Years Ago irlfm m 0v...11re Troy -cal Hendrysz both pitch people: Herb.1obts atom comb worker at Crystal Palace Neekot here, eat Sallie White. tintagent man Fla". *Wm. Het napr s{9,41 r.rt ne Harold Watson wort working the North SEA -SHELL BROOCH Camilms tolestee rnorkons with health from New York." unless Mary Ei Ragan 47,W,..1.trrtoLiri.fkt An '6"4's Wen; Iron San Prenclegeo, the and her hos- Hunnetscrr. um hand haw, left for New York and snow for a morith's +station.. PROM rimer. MICH., COMES. pipe!met Frtd and Maggie annul nsynkg that they worked lie harm., the past season at!aim and events theocrat Michigan. Indiana and Ohio, mune UP at the EnnefLtr ethl Pen. &nee then they have been working chain Worm 113 IiIIICHIFOLO with forme, and *pencil the P. At W. Grand Store in Flint recently, They were amide -net to hear of Speedy BIM -sere death nod vendee like rift address of Jack Illtiseh In Chicago, The only other demorateitor they're then In Flint In a Mt. Fang. of Detroit, works Ind. monograms machine J. Arthur Mc- Cord worked there recently with his nalnawl water and did dandy. MAP tithgoe. herb worker, Soft recently end is walking the is Others Store, Grand Rs tile. wiser* the Smiths recently visited her. elute wroy *Alas this mite wendirol W. COMPTON TNN Slusubs. AtIrtaler Slade And fad general manger Of row MIS; rainlralk *fee* NO or. rand weirs, 11-.TIrce,..) nal azalcd =rehear 0Mb tal vivo rrt Mn.-in pobiplalleas twhtlep,h anasu Sal!SITS'S& he 41E0Ni at Crude, Write N. IR FlIsteger a Marne. P* *11. UM. Ma. reeds., *hoot Monet, A demmemet for Screws& Pareenstrotorr, Novelty Soles. ages, Maullichle 11104/Titti, Agmh. Pweloses and elicn. by BILL RAKER I.Chanineali Wheel ROY TATUM... eiut ere over. Remark, N. J., In n good pipes at far hie Oren Hine from for Inctory censer, but its hard fronting in Angeles Where ht. 1I111 remota Wan Jersey City. Bridgeport. New Haven and Agemetelegt Trade Prem. Chicago, pima In with a death flake on Adolph Mucll Waltman. veteran paper inert who died recently In Grand Rapids. NIRO, Wolk:wen waa tem. purely. Wen manager of Associated Press for 20 leis& Campton 5100 adrift* that he recently heard of the death In an auto ambient of 'terry Thrush. another paper num of Cleve -lend. who to a brother of Herbert Ihrualt AL MARSH.. pearit-sproyer man, earthed tram Sacramento, Onlil.. 011cr n tengthy silence: "Fre been working feriertas arceltastvely. flit daya rt week. 'Theyve been idling me 20 ualiniten at the meaning tie-in, the noon hour. and the memo time at the mene.out. Pre been managing a ihsegn and warolcmy cords..., Mrs. Ada Miller and Edda Bummers are operating en rating emporium at Orecerville,, Wavy Crary wen snaking errangenames to Weems wrestling mattilre after he obtained the kale with his stoney milking take on the merits of gnod sziorebandise Miring the ladidays..., Arkansan vas proving lucrative territory for Herbert Adamson,., Ray 'Red! Fowler wee getting plenty of 'Ong green with hie peddle and come -hack bell don- OratMtion..,. DeWitt Shemin woe work. leg Ott Mglasiseippi with reed thru drag. atones, Dec Raggert was seen Maktat3 One of thee* "berontthedleprocalondays" patroness In killsidiesbere. - Prank nomad wee holding down a Spot In Merilstrin. Torus to cateetient results (lily Warner and Doe Menton passel up the Tennessee and Kentucky spout in farce of those in Arkeguat aid Okigtboron. Are. hel-1 Key was working mien. boards to filling Motions. drugstores nod malaurenets to extmarditary butinene 151 Kentucky anti Tennessee... Bert Jeddah. with can point% blade% pen, and sharpener& wee working Southern Kentucky... Art Nelson was in bid rich week at Heitgalees. Cie tintall. Won and timer... Frank Neeck was working cleaner at the F. W. assns. Company store. Mllweuker., Prof. Jock echoed's:1g was chalking 'up a fen year with hie astrology and health book lecture... Bitty SNUG sae lecturing on the ginseng package them Arkansas Jimmy Ryan was prorating coupon deals In stores to Chicago... Chief Mesas wound up a aucenumul magma working feat..,. IL L, CI:Um:den end Ed Lovell *MO *Meths perfume canto and powder deal. La Alabama to good Nansens... Doe Wilbur erne working tellte In Kentucky on court nod auto daps to exemitn: tom,. resce all. good ilving and I've Always ensentaimed that the beat pitch spate are the Cathie. trial districts and the factories. The Holiday BuSilleSJI factory man la the fellow who hs work - Mg and he has the money. Flen the oath. Ey E. F. HANNAN eurner, too, and It he's triteltigent ere:sign to work AA o mechanic he known legith rrhe other day I ran IlerOt0 nn old- Inato mgalmiwilie when he see, It. The 1 time Tombs performer who lied eh,!, 1.4,1 FA ,4 aht, Rio& YoUcts 1101e, ale lora javresrmre...41estacts LAWAIW Isieriesst.1 csingirtitne. PROOIEWECLASORSTORFED lasse0easiesi 10101wwfits sooner the pitchman teethe lisle the *eye mnrse ESIE 0100EY end who was 33/ C. eras. SE, Odualaft. Cale better- The (bye of auk= and born plugger for work Witten sande agents Mee All the AEU aho Find huttleti most to get smell work_ He hod been operating rt penny Oman COtICRALICI3 at a Moth beware MI mummer of good blz. Ire saki: "t have been Its the coglitsig Ramo the few yearn elnor wage dipped to an all-tano tow and I Akio was becoming passe bemuse of soy 11 -Lability ea bent hither three, My fake thought 1 'Mould stek Isermod the linnet. but 1 mutant Ara tt that way and I am glad OS 11, started in with tops In a department Mere during the inalsdaye and I sem Rotas rough kick Out of thin holiday pelting ea I used to get when my Malt went A X5.w, 110 JtmeteL fa 461 IN Belo.4 300, # Pa ks With mitt. Selma.) Q, P. ii A. WHYTS b ON 7010 If. V..Tn4 ELM MIAMI. SI.A. Mutetarlum0 4 Ms Elsa JmWyiYrll Larne tad. ItepaHrse hail.. Lash..l Woks. Tomah ELGIN & WALTHAM $1.7s REBUILT WATCHES 7 I s I tn S. N. at Raneler Sat* If Not liallalet, CRESCENT OFTY *ATOM MATERIAL Co. 113 R. 13,1aar,33 II. Loon, IC tstin NEWEST. MST MUM MOUT TOR E\ornAr FRP re IRA 011,ETAJIT Irma -wk latathera. esiosancsis. me, easy samosa' Carl II On itrip,ra v nth. Irte estekll- PAILJILIFTN) saes al *WE. 00. SOT PIM, At's.* Raw YEW, N. T. HEX HONES 2rEath Now Lees Then 41. M, $41.25 a Growi Sand 111,00at. IPPPEAs0 O. 0. O., rarb Jr.,..,. 2.1 flik who erts. loos" k FIJI alevenr Paco atad quaar, Watolerfel antete. strolk I,. PliCarten. Nona nen aft <kalif* 03,.. mews WWI K.42, 0EXENW,14002s0p. III.

58 IrhOW:1 Se me Billboard MERCHANDLSE.PIPES.GENERAL OUTDOOR December 13, 1941 nno. rr411he," A* I loft hini, he sane "'MP will be the bet.44 see of tluma. thin heildisy apnea, Wed wouldn't the u chump not to be arcetmil when all that coin le. being bawd around?' I agreed with hint boot** I bellow It *111 tie the Itintedingow Ot ail!sedulity otemenia, Plot the kind you have Oren otwam welting tor. All the elitnate are set. Doweite* D. C.--letattnetra, Clam A Bazaar. 3I11. Fr.-&---43aluataillr. Auto Mew a..--artsee. Wayne Cu. necena If. ILL--caeroge, Whaley itinow, IA. --Sites mite. Oeta Mew. Fn. era -TeleJoa. Pother gurea, MICH.-Detroit, Malley Shear DareIL atlas 6-3t Mato allow, aril Raoles. at Otbrk Mom A1115,74.-fryp.iime. Poultry throw, tlatt ORK-Cubbonet. swelter ollawa. 0.12, ca..yitatiatiethe, troweivea Mow, 1-10,. etitoltrza-a Milt lamer trues mar, 0-I3. Sltra9,--Koessille. rat aotilr ghee, TIOC.-Aasen. Poultry ea.,11-t3 Cad..-liosekstacta Sask. Roney alsew, 20 -It. leseaaaar DLO -Kamm City. Pottier Slew. 11 -re, et 0 --Chscatoet. Cbarho Ball ex?relies lo. va-cranbeatem.?om indoor Carew POPULAR ITEMS (c,,,,ren,hd ',cm papa 55) The manufacturer orineliates by stating that men already meting U. item report mesh -1e results. Jumbo Ikars One of the attractive Items for the holiday 'raisin Ls the,runise Rear.almost by. Zany Milled, Me. The Ionian:1 beer Monde MS Mehra tagit and is made of ebony. durable velvet pitash, ti tat Homed. Three U plenty of color 10 the Item, ere It Cobh,* In Meek and white, Wel and tavern. and red, white and blue combine- TILI type of entreleasidise N o gnarl seller thruallt the year, tint thaw *extra spooled *plow: during the cati,t trim tiaopping period. The limbo bear L a 18O4 Fort own. Folding Seat A new facile.; mat which provides a Comfortalde beak rest for boots comp theta., plenla r.nnrhea etc.. has tern Here's a REAL BARGAIN! FAMOUS Sip fE ZEPHYR ELECTRIC SHAVER ree-,t attrattivo gift box. CL T (W 1250 PIECES LOTS OF 6. Each $1.25 n, l Setrta 111. gain L erie- Ian hurt0413rcmiol Ines. blarete. MILLS SALES CO. 901 ISIOADWAY, te t.rt. Wallet lootil mole oast Its MIL No Charge SALESBOARD A B C's It,, this se - Callan? rect.-re from The all l board. Mr,. 11. coven sahr- 1,:srd Plaid c*aely and co,.c.sshr. It art many valuable hien No Nee downier. red tease -red *peelers. era. rn lend It reatiled Uwe? N tco yes' free ropy tel:hy: MIS. IN INIMaaid, ISM Ohm. M. Y. introduten by Appliance Product.. Company. Item bust& of durables -awl wire and oheet metal flebdied In high -glom green orminet. The aldeo are acipatudile to fterolte OrAti)et It a pow* glit any ebb). Apparent' ran lac /dated Lute to flat package mmenuring two feet aquara throw Wetted thrk, weighing han than two putuirts, It Is that this Item has strong pmeabilltbas for agents and direct anew UNDER TILE MARQUEE (Cup:bored /rota peril di) mender S at annust ithrine show. Much Moult Ls due James RLoo, promoter foe Polack, who handled tees date there, a SMITH. with Plumy Pord and gfeat act, after aniabiog Souther* hers for Due Rua In Atlanta. On, then play - Spartanburg, C.. L. now Lt nod. Department Blom Jarrow:M. 711th., with owl act and clowning. WR1 be there tratil Chrietnam. "1 NAVY toll a waked to take oat a owe - car /ribosd shun," dated ono olunorn2a., 100 V41 intormiad by *oaths.' wita, "That's all to takea." MAURICE PlAlatootro, blob *Lack wile walker, year with Brew, awl Oat swoon 'sub Cole Hew_ hap a two-wrek cootrrwt with Circa Modena In Mexico. Opened Ortembetr 6 In Methane. B. C., and thus goes to 7Muniia, B. C, TffR MORALDS (Tea% and Ira) were bottle In Rolla, Tenn., five day. MUM leaving Polack Brow' Cheoas when they were milled to the Plailond Theater, Anniston, Ala. WIWI good date, They are home riaohe and expect to spend the relater there. Felix Jr. {Sonny) runt BlIzAbeth hare enteced Hal* Orel* School. DURING that osnveadoelion 1.10 cheeses, Me Crew. were istered under', Now nut Production ft in mean clone", eatt (reel. WO start springing.p. MR and Mn.. Ansel e Muck) Waltrip sac spendlog n few uwelat at their home In Modloonvillo, Ky. following clueing of Cole Brae' Chasm, en which he member of the odeonce prros atetf. They atteodtd the Chicago COmention, returning home for the holidays. atter which they will leave for New Pork HARRY MARTIN, Mr, nod Mrs. B. A. Shoo and Herbert. float Betty Rune its. bed Hen Bros' Mona wtatetr Mainers In ClenburnSe, Md. WIttle. there Wine Made plane with Para Dock and Rey /1r1441 CO snit On Indoor ormisay in Spot Moe - mot and *MIMI Helitilta, Md.. to to &Fenno -rod by the PTA. "JUST MINIM playing Cettrintros. 0.. indoor circus dute and am now playing Akron stubs with my romedy acrobatic contortion act. I bad opportunity of meeting Ewes Rationburg, new living in Akron, who la writing a Islettart of onntortionirlo. I was nmumd at the arowint of data he hen collected." waltee Dom* Stevena. JACK HAMILTON, valid dote a high net under tarot of The Cheat reminisced with members of the Chutes Diegrist ighownsenb Club, when he appeared for a week at the Knee Owl night Stub, nom Canteen, 0. We nakl he had been werlertg Myer, het March without timing. At Canton be relented acquaint - once with Jim Moran. formerly a talker on his Ode allow. warrtmo trnai Sari Pranclico, le, A. facela top; "Met Henry mid 1. elivapa, nnished a plasma:it or -week literairrririft with B. K. SentarlDro Glans in Honolulu, Now On Millo to ton Angeke for winter Men before teasing for the Dist. Abe Ocildtoltt. Js -y. In operating a afore to Honolulu and Mate* he Is Walt to stay there. Aerate oor.es eteeed errabet 14." IN000* caroms went al one tine considered Iffe010Pienti. New they are recognised so annual erases sporreared by the tart of Noakes. MICE= =11, formerly with 101 Ranch Wild Writ rind Hogenbork-Wal- Ince Otrem, haw has a three -peas girl band, Abe Buck/dorm, playing at ihvoi Peanut Trail ht New York. Nktfraarrik aro ittlarl Mammon, talanot Lather Verdi, tax and AWN.. and Aram Ilenderehow, ham anti (utter. Bunter la Raging harmony moss of Dappled:ea RAMO 2TATION KINN feminine, -borrowed" Cot. Harry Thome from T,3.noll to onnouhre the Thaitka.. giving Day football sante betvronn Male and Manual Prep, ieboobs In Loulaville, Reny. le you'll of apart* suinounetng stood hire Ili goal Mind, and resultant publicity far the a:umw Mo woo eelattlatable, SHOULD we eve kb bilk to the hone days. It will be hard fe. fled cheallears for a ekshensa Mick MIdIHWAH 1111COlkoet5 Of CRS and CmBOA met In she ilotol Olds, Lensing. Mich_ en November 2) to saleoma George Bulger. CISLIMM, Oxford. O. Hub - lee la a Inealloto or Miami 1.1oliXtralty Meek faislad appealing In the national Championship rum, Thole present in. eluded Walter Malschman, eleboa, Pilot, Alleb_, and Don Mundt. CRS president, Parmingwee, Mleh. POLACK 3408' CORMS turned away 1,000 et the night performance Norensbet 21 at Peoria, Bt. Vilitora eluting the engagement tnetudeil Herold twid Jerk Voile, Black Brothers, Deletne Mrs. Edna Carus, 11414a tholoon Burkhart met Jonah Mcitirene, Haig Tape owl wife. Oonehlte. end daughter, Dorothy, spent the week visiting Termite and mother.. MILT znzinnotrs MICi S. dog and pony novelty la featured with the Kurt. era unit of Staritery Christmee Parades. B. A. Daniel and Matt Laurisch, of Bud K, Andresen Orem, are With the Unit. Show earth* 10 poop*, bowie. comet, 2 treetwastr. 7 white Alaskan Meet dega performing Spite dogs, monkey mut five pony -wagon Moots Unit tram* on nine irtaeks and Warm CIRCUS birdmen I. to his of thires therm day. Thal there Is IBM opportunity of bawd by *whew PAWING of Linda Jost AIM= ended emitter ylerfoon career. Doer half n century ego Man. Julian, prolestdoilefly known al Linda Teal, the Quetta of the Planting Cleric, woe GOO of the waftet aqtltatilehltsai of that tines Sits spent 44I *see as I performer, <vetoing faurme, Banta AIXICTICa. Al :41411 and her native land. Until her death at Om >re of BP, she still felt the opirat ct the Chew.. I STANBER1r Cbritt mei Baratta unit Opened Ireemeoa Bt. November RI. with 10 poop*, 1 n5 milt* haste. cermet. 20 fleets and 160 local Inapt. taking part. Paracinnel Includes Lymon manager, Lome IlaoR, secretary and wardrobe mistreat Milton Ilettiott itog and pony net: Mrs. Monett, w11113n70a" hati, Rhin* Marcum. producing down: MeCalt. dog Mantel reeler Whipple. tuu- Meal director: L, C. Mutter, toottod system: W. L. &mit. Santa =auk slid Ole AckorYon. parade menthol. KILTS lute been worn for Eta, tent -arks. Some of thou thrilly tide -stow Issirperar have peeved libh JPAN 1.11tOT Writrai: "In 25 my brother, Charley, and I wore working out new gage for the Oolo Mow and hit upon Um lam of inringlaw a largo gr01171 of &IWO:r out of an ordinary agape, I believe my brother had teen It Onto by comedy firemen's band and that they creme out of -a wagon. Mee was worked out fond. Worn to Rex do Rowel% The eat gag elm trot *Jade for to Late? date. In '20 Otto Orlebliug built the gag In Mr mers'way. mace It In the Dalatage Stilt:hum" 1.)3:43 SOOlgTY Clle2g2 Na reported ploylno mrehanta" ohowe In Oklahoma to goad baulnefa slue eluting with J. r. filperke Ohms.. No dates have been seeped and booking has been steady. Allots inseels on throe truck. and two trailma Including a soimd cat. Performanta la presented In one ring tend a stool peen*. Deognmet Incloden Captain fightttly Ilenot Jnienny Duman, tralnlld top. monkey's and geele: Weaned pony. and two clowns with Walkartieendt Lee lionaton Is manager Mid William Miller gaziern agent. NOTES from Ira At. Watt's Circou by KIng from "A411.11goO111*, Lot_l. &flaying toothy *rather down hale, Had to abed topcoats and don mailmen wel4hts. John R. Ward Sloane paceed on Iii way to Lafayette. L& Conowslon denettretentt, headed by Red BM!. he doing Okay, Yank Peutaitt is doing well with barmen. Al Mate's baited hots` Credit in doe The earchonttal &pennint for keeping trucks moving without at bitch- Red Pall telt for New Orient= when we played Joillametto datum; Mesh leek her joined its ipmeral uttltly man. Iloyd Leo Joined the caceboancal department. Ray Chandler la clowning the above. Sinn Lynn la In charge of the candy and novelty depiettaanea James Bauer -Dag with elephant. Mia. tiotitlidse ter be the cooler W ottrortion.' WHIN going meth the press *Met of Om caws AI Ow hablegsr et spring, ruing were IE. the hoehreer of ill.mistr and ohvo going nail iris calla Our further.* of fah. dose hartiager the bera. They HOTIB from Wichita, Kan, by Bette Leonard: Al CI BMW. CV - CUD. elephant Wren, is wearer -log of Moos, Ark., Otter which the elephant. woo named. Monis t?olock Bros.' Cucuo engagement here John White presented Fred Leonard with a Jumping greyhound, Jack Ma Porland La In town ahneal of Intents- Moeda Coiterow of Oddities- toto Rion. din, of Oklahoma City Zoo, hoe ;sated anhoot children who Boren to los broad - outs to mall him canceled postage 9-7aillise- The dye La extracted ,. 000 atoned* will pay far a bed In a London hospital, A Memos party If being phoned at Bill Itranell2 Weft bar, Heaver Dam, Wilk Chief Key*, Peet Tao. non, Okla. hoe Waned an ottractiee folder of Kelley -Mille Bros' WI MOM PCSA rcerainuot front page 15) Si election and short apeetehell Were Made by each. Betty Wl1spen, candidate for -etwee.01 vito-preesdree, was the only one Masevit. Able Wfttitaniam. of WrIdatatnita Amusement Company. came le for a few reverie visit with relatives and lb attend meetings and holiday socials gthel /Irby clime Ln for the winter, also Beetle Kanthen Harris, Rabe Mines* arrived and %III open bet home. The Milani ebeed thee coneraslor. to MlardOrt Brach, Row Doe -iglu, of Douglas Shows, dropped LD at the meeting. fauemeary Loom*. Oath - man of the Januarys Loatallotten dinner, ropm-tocd the has setected the Lthlo Room ad the Alexandria Hotel for the event. She presented to het re.other, Jowlo Loeradh the illocannoi watch. ROW Clark retttrotgl from Oilmen Strings. Mabel Brown was ealoylng the company of tubby frtendi. Martha Lerhfo seas 1,11, HASC (Continued from pogo TS) adjourned hutch was prepared and mend by the entertainment committee under Nellie Weber. o0-tilialrmen. Sixty plague were art tad the. Men gars a sore of Menke. President Ruth afirertont. Rom Lee Elliott, Martha Welters and Pearl Vaught ben been In Chicago, Lae Hart hate rothrtird ble the hospital after a abort Malt home. Mr. and Met. Carter Belton agent the week -end with Mr. and 3.1rn. Chartist. Nathan, 'You've saved two million lives...so far! OMMI Me. ales am o. haerestoolo &VA No PM anhaat rv:t-lo ha yr. eteru Moro Ougo maim , her lie 1*e* oto.. Ii elaa oo ow. I4 alt, oo Moe." ala aro., ti rte on. tre- 4105* - Yd io It rfooe two ial.116,11, a sa.a1.1. Our VAoolor, Pr.-..alN.. p ao a tandem 0o Ilrom eater. CHRISTMAS SEALS

59 Dreemher 13, 1941 GENERAL OUTDOOR The ftilllwarel 59 Eh in B. 111thrte1i BP Pd In 1) )eaith Or /tit B11118 CHARLOTTE. N. C. Dee. 6.--Elerin B. Mie.hael, 32.year-Old circus workingman o rtemed ht connection with the potion &nth of tt Ringling-Barnitin el:piton* wee released by local price II& week. Michael was arrateled u1 ha Petersburg, Ma., when two CharlOtte men identlfbed him al the man they am grans a Mende to one of the bull* While the ctrinis era In Clamlotto Norenther a, Altar tenni: brought to Charlotte be trawl rant) dratted any rattitieetion with the cow arid after other peraone who goad they had aeon a man gleirot miracle* to the elepborta filled( to identify him Uhl loam earktned. &at begun he enviable. Ile finally was released when a Dranile. clrungret tidied to trientify hem IN the wino who attempted to buy arsenic from him while the Meow.10,.4 Sloths that city. Oilier Circus Alen At cliff Conventions CHICAGO. Dec CInms men trot Included In the lin publtaffed to the threat Depot &Mint who attended showmen conratittonsi horn thia week were: Jack Grimes. Clyde Mallory, Hamra Vorar. H. A. Lahrtar. Tram OCeinen, Whitey Berets Red Carter. Otner J. Ken - yen, Prank (800) Stuart end H. M. Harvey. TameII Signed for Fin. Fair MELBOURNE. Fie, AM. 6.-Ilerney Ilorrel1 reported tits ottrections have been contracted for 1043 Breveted County Tale here. Koren mattlg wall be Irromptated tile yew- on the, firestone& track. rsor cruder construction. Ptiallowing meonation of it king runt queen a ;torte -nuance ondrr tight, on the track field will be abided by Silver Spurt a group which Mu won fama thle territory, ileavy RESPONSE /Coo:Mord item pope 461 portant* ittlached to continuity of Meta and nainels canted into all media tut_ "4. Your promotion men ara bacons - Mg more adopt at the art Of Integroting mivartteing and phtblietty campaigns Into one hermoillotia whole ro that One Will complement the other. Muff In doing go they are getting your mitre ermopeentleat "5. There Is beteg developed breeder understanding Of the condition?, tinder mulcb kite and expositional operate and o l,the Ilmitation plarad upon them by rearon of private, cooperate Or ravensinent coblr01. Most valuable try-proeincia cd thie undentanding are the elimination of unfair Conthelltion, dogmatic urging of procnothrl method?. and the Tree exchange of ideas for the use of the other HOMY "le. Your advertiaing and %Mikity men are unanitnoaus in expressing their ap- Pmeletilob fur the privilege of Meeting with you and for the foresight shown by Secretary Elragmen In Letting up this adterthlog elinic. ICA hew exchaer of braes. the opportunity it often, for a critic'sl etudy of each other's work and your gracious psdickpaticel In canto pro - prams enable ua to don better kin tor Antertee's fetid We urgently.dyke its cortralletion." Niazie Stokes With Sun CHICAGO, Doe. e-mxkle C. Sta framer aisalerant excretory ot 1.111eatialppl Valley Fele, Davenport, U., Joined the K arr of tltr Gm Sun Booking Agent** this vox*, Doting the ;wit twe. Mean Ilea 'Medea hoe bendier n number Of tratdeor promotions In the WM* West. She will handle hilfittenter11 t c3' the Mln agency, W. Tracer. Milo, Mout (quotas rdetra Jack Zupan. Bed MeW01.11., and Arthur Cato/Mid. FINAL CURTAIN (Coallatised from page 31) the boat -known composition wee rLam. 54, on net of the Mandarin Inn, Idemplila danctuand-disio spot, recently 131 WI auto incident new Clatibi- LIMP. MN& lie learnt his Wife 4173 a *on. tipencer--llised, 07. farmer sande comedian mat thratirs manager. Ncerantbet 22 In Seattle. few honks after being scrtexen by a heart attack. In IMO be managed a teet&t lu Olympia, Wash.. and In 1911 In Sao Antonio. SODTON-harry, 66. framer WOWS performer. In Brooklyn. October II. He and his wipe. Kitty. toured the country. generally presenting too Alas, Out of the PuinpkIn and The Porretar Puff. Their last appienume was at the Centennial tie: of the White RAM, n10 FIC1J1rO Charsart label &mann= until 13 on. n WALLER---th. Prank Laird, 62, heed amitnyc. re.lile. Cf the voice department of /he Minors City (340.1 Conaerratory of Moue. In that ally November 20 of a heart attack, WIERNICK-Tml IL, 61. preptieter of the Lyria Treater, Atlantic City, November 27 at ibc Naval Moabite], Phinallel- 'phi.. BilfrOneti by hie widow. (lortrude Stow a rent, a brother and It minter:. SereIcea November 30 In AUantlo City, with burial at Beth Inrael C there. WOLLSIA24--Adolph 411m11. 00, conned itheetwriter, recently In Grand Hopida. Web. Ro wed for yearn sales iraimagei of the Amextated Trade Pram. Chicago. Surelved by Ph widow. Glans; two daughteni, Mrs, Raymond MINT mid MM. Gordon McParlead. Orand Itaplds. and brothera Medium, ]hat Wayne, Ind.. old Louis WaAllIngton. Inners HOS* ollisand, NYC, s_ ;Winders Tua Orattell Mono Yre oriesea Rolla A Dorms Aiwa ritalastreau lemmas Coy. Ma. 1. Rrallait Adrian, Trio tbrmp al NTO, ne Q3.thay althatem atedeerai NYC. no. Rood de0an Snub Demised NYC. rm. piano. Ro.e Marie 'Olympia) therm lira& hie. A- rotay Mae CUM NYC. net Item ISISern Itatthorn/ Pints ta Roils re-.2teste ten. km leratamme. muth ilhey %Mono B201., 8.11 Yr/setae* learlisi Cwt. Ftel Cymbal! NYC. 11 Itcx7.thre Warbtheran, L FluthLFB 7'nent7 torae &emir illproorni XYR be. Hewn, OM thug (Mandl NYC, h. T Y.1Ny. miry 'La Cords' NYC. nr- WORT--Bert, 07, &vaguer and bander Tom, eta %bogy NYC, no, Of rolnleture trona, errantly In Wood- Tanner Obbres Welles nergratl Matra City. etoek. N a bidet attack. olds- TM"- meld train at Island Pork, Woodetort. NYC. drab, yydt. for 26 year.. Survired by his widow. Mamma. Denny auto Coe., 111 ei. Dane BOW& & O'Day tanwskisi Ittlows. lea 441. a Henke, Harald?Canna lt0 NYC. no. &OIL timid (Cafe &Met Unneeni Nem ea Semi. Ann Wirt,} Wulf ''metal Stuaren. enanlian. hem Mclean. Brawn cm. I. didadmile, Prince A Primees icamerave4 beuan, u0 *Wad itimeresit Trani ors Exposition, Dallas, 1n Sumatra(' by tibadrath Bey. tettehrembrry NYC, net& widow. BUrtal In Evergreen Cemetery, Shirley. Reran Moir Nell NM:. t. Brooklyn. Mumma Mato iytantlasol Orlando, Pm. TILF.NOR.-Frank A., former Shake- Pdamon, Nita 401mOdlarsaci Feast; no. monition actor, whose 'Moe helped the Meat% George ijicitny NYC, nc. pate mourns A. Britton ywrfect the Slue, Kin fleadagrent ta W7P11.. DOoranbear 4 in Weterilina , eta, L N, V. Ile wan formerly a charter mem- Ser. CI"ette4 dityown ", N 0 la S. Alk eice, Ma thrown Demea Sawdust Trail three 100s six die:mitten.. ROUTES - (continued trout 24) Notdoel, 0/117ore iha. I Den NYC. as,. M. r PuIrtni NYC. It. Nissen, Geetrude illestel NYC Nhemeaa brat. McFall ON, L. Nee & Narblime litre m Wialatent, Tau, h. Noodle, Ron 'Pork Items N. J. as. 0 Olodit, 041 dtmnim. Pinson NYC. an. O'Neal, Turn COrtert Kansa, Gin. 3W., L Orin e716 Gswehdi NYC. en Ortega. Sara illemina-medeldt letc. Oslo. Termite 118 Cedar NYC. ne. Rinebs Shiers 110 Onmel NYC, as Page, Loam Moly) NYC, t Rath Manton Reed" NYC ea Pip. A KOHN ITTOt.1 1ATIm7, A. O. 10., Ate. Malta ore, 7 -Feb, 1, Fesibea. Lem* itsaleglaas NYC. h. Payne Frink (Mob Irisradervi Incorrnie. Loa, Ilia PPLW.7...1). f.171, nr &My) , Perrlia Mock icee 8ullor0 NYC. 'hr. Peters Sidon (Ruben Blom NYC, ma taa. Steam nson & Laillott NYC. tie_ Irmkette. Jane IVerratnev1 NYC. be. diets A Nam illiataiorei NYC. b. Poliaterea. Nutia litaiontei Kertchntal NYC, Poor. Olten radolphral Mass, la Pram, ClemeN ils Camp( NYO no, Peace, *annoy IC14 Society Disminymn NYC, 116 elnichni A W ttnet7ant +Noy Ott Club) Niagara Italia N. Y. ea TiarsiNit. C11031 eta 11-artitilsswi NYC, no, nese. radm +Tower; &Mbar City. Mo. t. lulalrne Mkbetli LIU 1. Ramose A Wrm IWthectom DreculL it. Bay A Trent Ilbtam0=0 NYC. itoddiamens, *rue Itealtaltet0 Xadowit sty, ite.rmettos 'Cantrell Wasrangrap, t. Menton, flank ifellerami M. Lotat tlibiltte to teem icoap,. Detroit. 50- sptliter's aoda MniFermse H. moan & Metal Merannshi elentithab as. b. Stainey, Irmo its Pirlsonlef NYC. cm granteustaa The N I Slob. Cod 'Mom)ratrendiYC. NYC , HMO., Bentley Rainbow Mona NVO m. Three iffisalfyi Pdtobarge. atanaltalky. MOM Kr iduelai NYC, rm. :Tat et. Clieleteen thlacoln-fientleti know. Ilk, it atuarl o,1 10. rcarmani Phil. Alt. t. antieseat tisesey dodo) warenten Maw* a wow?. Bram ilkkabee) Chi, re. moo Them thiecrulltlyi NYC, b. Smut 1.Ve inseams lernelmun NYC no, Swank Math Otantbern Rowe) NW. 03 merned Shirt r 'et NYC, no. Marton. Carl J. 'Street Brant Detroit Tie. John Oki. am. Tame t. RW ire Test liteweakee. lea Tama Two ICILtas. Batt Ye. Matlaton, la_ ntt Torrent. Fay illavesmaawariel. NYC. 133 Toms, Alberto 1HaviamMsdridi NYC. as, Tram * Neon willow? haranicryc, Toy & Ming tikatlabaterem, sac TeerOF Male (Fert trrorte., as Twtr4, sonny nutscheantreel Tear Sortiers tresoran corner,. Drift% me. U Underwood Y Voirrookel faltroprol BOAS& DC, V vatia, Panama diadem Renee:weed NYC. Ian Talleau Lraletetre. Mate., le, L 'roc Mahon 17, t Vallee. Mee thwarts themes fialeduri TrAii NYC. ne. Tame, & Lord (Paha Garden Peabedl, Pc- T&Itently Ontrolsel NYC. b. Vaughn. flay etear,, 114=1.0., City, Ma. t. Yep. Jae di Istila ictub tomb01 NYC, Fouts. Ray Nethertand PIMA/ Clrananau. h. wrong, Welly Chi. ma w wide_ Dm 47 Betty rives Tarter) NTC. b. Att.bra. nation. (Germane? tat. Wane,. Punnet* afire ircloska Miami Beach, Critti, litmeinsf 11TO. Omarwatarr, Wart IBI4M11111 OM., la warren. %ext ner) likelely Optimal NYC, 77t130, Madrid 140P CM an. e Tire andembial Noriland ate. b. Webb. ulls deselemern I. Wrnttl. 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60 60 The Billboard GENERAL OUTDOOR Drerraber Paul Pal:ioigh. Station WON: 34r. rand Mra Noble C. Fairly, Dee Lang Shows; Jack Feldberg, Defapp Cancemitm CO.; /Lay Pall. Ear Wins Helen Fenniestay. Smith Dakota Stan) Pair, Eturom H. I.. Fittest, Lewis Bros! Circus; Len Pinch. Elaco. Stratton; RTIU3121. Pink. NSA: IL L. Finite, Mirth DOOM Mate Fair. Minot: 0, W. Pinney; Mrs. thaldre Pkher, Solt Marty Mows: Mr. nerd Mrs, Harry L, Fitton, Midland Empire Pair. Innings, Monti Dercany and Paul Ptarmigan. Casey Concession Co.; W. C, Pimping. James E. Strains Shwa: Mr. and Mrs. Orman XL Tarsi, Bello WooHone Agency; Jag J. end Jean Fontana, nine Ribbon Shows; Mr_ 11.1:1d 34ra. C, R. Pantattio: Bap Rimer. Canadian National isthibition: 3.4e, and MM. John Froncts, MiryLuigi MtOwe: C. W. (Chick) Franklin, Prn World'. Fair Elbows: Dr. S. Fitsininn, Goodman Shows; FL B. Petrel], Mato Fair, itritchinarm; Barry J. Prost, Idirinnaola State Fair, EL Paul; Mr. and lira. Boy Puiton. a Men. 0. R Oaf Rry. Royal American Shown: John Minya. GniInglati Conran - Mons;.To Caller. Buckeye Stnte Shows: J. ta. Gannawity, Procborn County Pair, Albert Leas Minni Lona. K.. ()ants, Mr. Dvtierigh County Fair, Industry, 111.; B. 8. mina% Beckmann Ae Oerety Shows Joseph and Betty Geri, Sonora RatMs Corp.; H. W, Oilman Jr., Oklahoma Yam Slate INIT, Muskogee; Mr. and Mr.. Jack Gilbert, World Of Mirth Shama: rochard Litliellorf. Dicker Paramount above: Son and Freda Oiriaburg. Wiamanain Des Luxe Corp.: Ralph W. and Lillian G. Glick, Robtnson Amusement Co: A. A. Candi. Miscourl.Facilla RalirOad: J. S. Golder, Nebraska Suitt Pair, patina.* Murray G oldberg: Mickey RIO Banner GoirbieLn, Burkayo State Merest William R. flood - hoot. MCA: Mr. and 3.1ra. A. W. Gooding, A, W. Gooding Anametrortai Co: Mr, and Mn, F. E. Gerning, Y. E. Gooding Amine -- Merit Co.; Jan and Max Cleedinan, Man Wonder itbrons: Mr. and Mn. W. I. Clinuterntorst, GoreIlng Antutemant Coo George W. Graven: ViIllnm B. Greco, Anoint> filets,1 Pin) Department; Mrs Charles Omen; Nat and Varginta Green, The fillfboarri; WILitana IL Green, Clyde Bratty Circus: Turk Greenough: Maurine and Mr, and Mrs. L. H. Orrenbaw: Jack L. and Mrs. L. Greenapoon. Fterendde Park. Springfield, Maas.: Erring Griffin. West Tennesseet, Fair, Jackson F. A, HUM. Griffin Amusement Co: 'Took Grimes. 401t;!mina T, Gammas, Our SUM Mel Othisten. World Panama Shows Mrs. Hor- Pala W, Myr, AMA. Banquet Registration (Continued from wogs.11) Holienzlet, CFA; Gin B. Holmes, Dee tang Shama,/, IIalilEatt. CostYlin SWAIN P. R Moaner, Newton County Fair, Kent - land. Gni: bugs Hopper, Tommy Banc Theatrical Mart: Irish tilt Ruby Reran. Amtrak Lynch; T. A. Ftornibmair. Calgary Fshibition Stampede: Rail and Mrs. Mel Roston, Jimmie Lynch; Denny E. Howard. Goodman Sherwin Afro Mee Rowe, Conklin Mows Mrs Hal Hoyt, Gus Ben Hughes Pei W. Ilumphrey, Cirrus Pub. Co.; W. L, Mickey Humphreys, No - Honig Minim Jowrear: H A- Hunger, International Harrearter Co.: Mr. rind Mrs, Court lbassay. Corart liumey Orchestra; Hutethason, Loutalana Mete thal- Saran,: Ofaann L. Ryder. Bridge Co. I Harry A. Baer. World Of Mirth MiCersi Walter A. /M. W. D. Jackson, Weelarn Fair, London. Ont.: Joe Jacobson, Midwest Sarney; Charlet Jenkins; Don B. Jenkins, Amin]. Lynch: Mr. and Mn, S. T. *soap. D. Tent Sr Awning Co.; Robert H. Kentucky Stale Finn Louhavilte; Prank B. Jeeting, The Sinboveil Fred D. John - eon. Steen County Free Fair. Owatonna, Minn. maim W, Johnson, U. S. Tent & Awning Co.: Mr. and Mee, A. C. Jolly. Reitanweia Antuartnent Co.; Mr. rid Charles Jones. Shrine Mean L F, Jones, Intonational Congress of Odditior. Mrs. J. J. Jones: Mr. and Mr.. It. P. Judy. World Of Nicoll II Magner, KaPer, The Inlibrlard; /WY Watch. PINt. W11IIent Marrin Agency: Al Kamm. Rubin A. Cherry lildnew Richard O. Kaplan. ACAe. John W. Kapp. City of Springfield. M.; Mark RisNOte, Prank Wirth Booking Alen: Mr. and 3.1m. Al Kaufman. Conkitn Shows Mx. Salt! Mrs. Lew Mans, Casey Congssion Co: Mr, and Mrs. H. B. Kelley, thllsdnle County Pale. liallarhale, Mich: Joseph W. Kelly, Shrosley Mows Prank and LOnina Ken - Maly, Prank Mean; Omer J, Brown. Hamid-Morton Circus: Mr. and Mrs, Jack W. Kerachner: 34m, P. C. Keller: L. IL Xibby; J. IL Buck Kidd. Motorcycle Rnt'en darn Kira. Borianny fm0.1 Pair: Prank H. Kingennn. Brockton Fair. Brockton. Mann.: WI. Klotroin, Oben State Pair, Columbus: Mr, and ktra. Robert Klein, Great Lake* ishown: Jack Meth. Barn*-Camathrns: Johnny J. Mina, (Prefer Snow Merge lark Kneeland. David Irwin Ealdma Clone Hneriln; klorrts A. Haft, MA: Show; John J. Knecesieh, Hollywood Turf Charles H. Hail; Pearl Hall: Mr. and Mn.. Club: C. Z. Kniekerbotker. tower State Cieenge A. Hnrnid: Mr, and Mrs. Hogan Fair. Fairless! 0. K Rohn. Fulton Bag Sr Hanson'., MCA: R. E. Haney: 34r and Sins Cotton?dins: iinntot Karbi: Peter Korista. C. 11 Hansen. South Dakota State Fair, Beckmann Ae Gerety Shows: Adolph Igoe,. Huron: Andrew C. Meson, Mlnneae,tn Royal American Shows: Firm, Hess, Bock- State PUP: C. LAinnaon. Dalton's World'a Mann Gerety Shows Larry Krems, ill - FM dhows: Ur. and' kern Levin H, Harms. angle Pester Print: Mr. nod Mn, Prod. New Mexico State Pair, Alinurnerinie: Kressismn. Manna -Carruthers *Amu I,. Clareogn it Menden, Saginaw Pile, Kridier. fine Ribbon Shaw': Joo Kroll: SailnoW, Mr./. J. D Hamm; Joe C. Mildred CI, Krueger,. Maras Brent Mow* Mnsweil lisurtra Hama Enterprises Melvin L. Herds. Johnny J. Jonto FAPenietola Mr. and Mrs Ella!Addl., nithemd Miller. Dr. John indesay Harris The BM -hoard: W. J_Parrts. Laklarr, Johnny J. Jones Expo: Clifford LeXinglian Jr. Leagian Herat Show; Harry Larananal C. J. twniclu The 11111boord: P. Hsrrison: Misr G. Hart; Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Latta: Carl J Frank H. 3fartista, CPA: Edward 13, Mal- lernneis V, leather, Catlin de Wilson man. Hartman Appraleal Co. Madre Mows; D. M. Lavender. Colambui Pair Hartnett. eanakatimeo Istatittlon: Mr- and Aim., Colittnbus Me, and Mrs, Max Mn_ T, L. Malan:ruck, Shank -Goble Adiner- IL. Urine. Trldinate Pnlr. Superior. Wine thing Agency: Orono Msk: Mrs, C. B. Mr. nrad Mrs F. A. Lawrence, Lawrenoa Hawley. Lon Angeles. County Fair. Santa Concessions: Fawned C. 1,67FITMOC. fang Paula. Calif.: D. C. Hewn, R, S. Tent At (such,) Fran Pair. Mr, sind Mrs Raymond Awning Co.; Jack Hawthorne, Village A. Lee. Minnesota State Fair. St, Pntall Green; Velma lielltaan. MCA: Carl Heil- MM. S. Lath, Reynolds A. Well, MmHg pen. it 34 Loewy Open Ale Thornton"; Mr. Elaine Lehman, Avery Productiono: Myren) and Mrs. Bolan T, Oki:thorns Lennie:, levels Supply co.; John Lennart, Stair Phan Okinkrinan City: J. B. Render- World at Today Shows Jerk Leonard. allot, Sand Mountain Pair, Albedvilin, Rork -01a Manufacturing Carpi Ms.7, It. Ala: Margaret RendrIck; Moab Herman, Leanord. ACM: Lou Leonard. Canny Con. CQIBLID Wliiimai A. lietttrin Mr. magmas Co; me and Mn.t dam 3, Lam and Mrs Max Hirsch, CB.ey Convene.= Flarnea.Carnithern Art and Charles Lewin, 004 Mrn. Nate Hirsch; W. R. Harlan, Art Lewis Shams: Mr. ismer Mrs Peat 24. Lotnotion awe Pair, Shreceport; 31m. Lest.., Lends 13.-ce.' Circus Lewin. antics Magian, Gus Sun: Edward A. and 'York (MI hitar-state Pair; Rube Rob - Evelyn Me*. lavtrial Elbows Walter H. tadin. Barnes -Carruthers: Mr. and Mra. Hoes; Great Lake, Shown: Arthur 11011's Gate. Nebraska State Fair, South man, RiernatIonn! Congress of Matting, Omaha: Meager R. Linroin: William A. Virginia Max Hoffman: Mr. and Mrs. W. Ltnitems.nn. Minnesota Slate Pair. New HELP DEFENSE -SAVE PAPER -HELP DEFENSE PLACE A STANDING ORDER OR GUY YOUR COPY OF THE BILLROARO FROM THE SAME NEWS DEALER EACH WEEK IF POSSIBLE. HELP THE BILLBOARD SAVE PAPER FOR DEFENSE BY ELIMINATING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE UNSOLD COPIES ON THE NEWSSTANDS YOUR NEWS DEALER WILL SAVE A COPY FOR YOU EACH WEEK IF YOU WILL ASK HIM TO no so.. him: Kale Linegan, Atery Arndt:H.100W Herbert J. Link. La Porto (hid.) County Fair: Mrs Salty Lippert. Tanner see State Fair; Mania Rotary, Johnny J. Raga Bkpg Phtl Little. World of Today Shows Roger Lit:J.1;3(4nd, The Etliboani; Ball Loenter, Sara Stratton; John L. and Mn. Martha Lerman. Royal Angrimat Shows: Mr, and Mrs. L. A. LouderbaciL L L Conensions: Henry J. Lund, at. Paul Winter Carnival; Florence 141. Lowe. Rum) Bros, Lac.; W. le. Lutachoni, Great Lako Shower Jimmie Lyncb. teach Dodgers: Einarloy Primate Lyon. Conklin BboWs. at Marks McBride, iternsmc Malaga. Saunders Pub, Co.: Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Meths -nary. ACA: A. E. AfeClanfthan, Tanntosen State Fair, Nnedivilic Mrs. Mae McClintock: McChiskay, WL'al: Berth' (Gyp) McDaniel:a, Johnny J. Jones Expor Jack D. McDonald, Wyse Grantor Shows; H. H. Mcithoy, Ottawa Exhilatlian: 0. L. McFarland. Indiana Mato Pair. Indlneinpealin T. H. Mc(lorrids; B. McGowan, Charles A. Lena; Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McKee, Pal. Issdas.Park; A. McIaehnids Wyse Greater Shaves: Mins DeLacry Alckinrey, Hinds Co MU, Jackson. Miss: Hoyld e. maexuat, oromon Imam-) Pair: Herbert Madden. TrIUlawt Valley Pain Knoxville; George J. and Loretta MOM. dot's Liberty Shawn DILanic Malloy: L. J. Malone. IMO; Leone Marmates; Wei - late C, Manrow. Indiana Mau. of Furs. Ooahrin; Robert Manafield, Ntanalleld Mows; L. M, Maple. Bethany (Mat Pair: Mr. and Alm. It. Mara tat Royal American and Beckmann (ninny shows mayo. urely: Gary linricell; Prank Marks, R, O, Aprons Corp.: Mr. and Mrs. Art Martin, Wastil at Today Showa; Ruth htnrtom% Dea Lang Shops Mr. and Met Vito falarcullo; George W. ninon. Jimmie Lynch: Mr. and Mrs. Paul AL kfassmanne Anna Matuska. Itubiti ti Cherry Shawl; Mr. and lira. Phil Mrtxwel], W. 11. Magwell. Maw Pair, Winterret. : E. C. May. Mighty Sherniny Midway; Mr. and Mrs. Prink H. Means. Colorado Male PAIL Pueblo: 5, H. Men:rant. allassouris Patine Malmo* Walter H. Metz Cantina Shows: Lewis L. Manor. Bell A. Unwell Co.: Mr. and Wm. W. L. Mellor, Baker - Lockwood Mitt CO.: Bernie and Shirley Mendelson, Callenry Tent A. Awning Otiletkfala Meyer, Miller Annimernent Snterirkea; Mr, and Mea. B, J. Millie, Nobr.anica State Fah. Lincoln: Rill Miller. Miller Brost Swimming Poona Nancy Miller: Mr. and Mee, Rtcluud Miller. Miller Amusement Co.: Thelma Johnny 3. Jones Expo; Bost Miner, Johnny J. Linen Um>: (Range Miller, Northern Ms Diet. Mir, Chinos** VAING Mt. Seel Mr Long M. Miner: S. M. ayiernsii, Mayans Stale Pair, Hutrilainsom J. T. Monsour, Loulsinnn *Ma Pair. Shreveport; 0. A. kloore. Mrs. C. O. Moore; Mr. and Mra. Nasty Moue; Don Moore, Bccirmann & Cleraty Snows Levi P. Moore. Indian State Per, Bo:haste William Moore. North Carolina Depart - anent of Airletilture. Italeglii Mr, and Boots Paddock.. Johnny J. Jones Krim; ic...,/uatin,,plv-ali.pgiccia;rirgro4-.:t Rise 11. Fain Great Lama Papa; Iltirna Palmer. The Billboard: Bob Parker: Feel,. H. Mirka. (Rid Medial Snows: Joseph PIITRIO, H. S. Trent A. Awning Co.; Anna Jane Pearson. Pearson Shawn II, O. Pearson. Tennessee State Fair. Naahvilla; Alain Pala, National Speedways; Hebert Mimi. La Porte, fug, County Pair; Meyer PeLlinaci, Robinson Amusement Co: II. V. Penmen, Ttnall Empoaltrair Shown Mee, J. W. Pfeafer; E. Lawrence Phillips Johnny J. Jonea Tamagni:cm Mr. and Mrs. Dian Picard. Conklin Shows Herman fdlidn. Beckmann At Gaudy saows: Grace Fetlock: Marianne and Minh Pope, World of Today Shaul,. Mrs. E. P. Rotten; Meti. J01= R. Potts, Dave Picard: Bill PowelL World of Muth Shown; Let. tie Powell, Death Dodgana D. L Poynor, Joplin (Mal Mesta; Samuel E. Prat], Worldb Pon- Shows; R 8. Paddy, Rams Elate Pair: Harry E. Prince. **MOM Park. Westport Factory, MIAS.; Art A. ProitlX. HICO: Munn B. Fugal, Doilmers Workit nit Shows: Donny Pugh, World of Today Shows: Pat Purcell. MCA.; A. 1.. Putnam, Northern Wt.'. Diet. Fair, Chippawas Fulls. R Bill Reins Intertinthang MuIcacespo Reel Co.; Edward P. Salm Prolit Wotan), Pair Shows: Sally Rand: Helen and Nan Rankin. World of Today Shows; Hoary 1.. Rapp. American Frovarks Co.: J. P. Bald, HAPPYland, It. W. Reinhart, Princeton (Ind.) Pair: Marion Rena, Alma C1410c11.; Maynard Reuter, TAM E-(Uboard: Mr, and Mrs, Curly Iteynolds Reynolds Sr Well* Shown L. A. Itichannason; Vilna/les Itirranteen, International Canynas IX Oddithari: Atm. W, Rinderknechl, All -lows Pair, Cedar Mpg"; illria Roach. Itnperml Shows IL A. Robertson: J. S. Robinson, Uni. enmity of Ttlffitsalte: Lillian Robinson. Robinson Amusement Co: Henry S Rather. Raciirrt Amplifying &Irvine: bfargarri Roll. Cetlin & Wilson Mown lien 0. noollimesse. Bit Bridge Co: Wino Rosenberg, Jalumy J. Janos Expo: Ilow and Rommis Willlnm Morels Avner C. Soo, Canadian Nntiorgi L. Rosan*n; Eddie end Mrs. Ann M, Roth, Blue Ribbon Shawn Rob Ray, be Milk Co. Pair, Alemp8arlo.?tan: Jack Rubin: Roy R. Ruifirnam, Al Sang Grotto Ceramist.7, J. Rubs. Audubon 0o. Fair, Audobola, IA.: A. A. mows, Nebraska State Pair; MDR Russell. Conklin Shows; Marguerite Ryan, Brown County Yair, Do Prrp. B Thomas Sacco, Tommy (earca Theatrani Mart: Wilfrid and Juliette kinovion. Quebec Exhibition; Louis Sander, II. S. Tent & Anining Co. lied.." and Mary II Santo. Ionia (M108. P.m. Pair, Mary teat= Buck P. E, Gooding Shama: B. B. Sawyer. Saginaw Do. Fair, Saginaw. litchi Mr, and Mrs H, Schloss. berg, Mr, M1.114 Met. A. 801kopstmvs: 88,11,1 mid Honest Schlossberg. Johnny J. Jane Nannan, Louis Lena and alller Schlossberg, Crown Propeller Bar; Men Schinits; FIL-Ater Benamidare Joe S. &Waite, Reekmmin Ar Ocrety SIPares, Edgar L Schooley: Lester R. and Marlau B. 1301muler, St. Joe Co. Pratt, Centreville. Mani Bob Solstitial-. The Birlboarrd; A. 34. Sabah, Newtain CO. nat. Rentiand. Ind.: Adria Schuler. Blue Ribbon Mows Edwin Schulte, Nebrnska Mate Irair. Frank AL Schulze; Soda Selimutr. Cir.f1[ Wonder Shaw, Mr, and Mfe_ Jeseph Sciortino, Janina k9. Strntei Mows: C. B. Moat; Mary E. Scott. IA Porte County PUN% ittirmand, Ind.: C..7. Sellimayt, Ronal American Shoos; A. B. Sedan. the Stratosphere Men; Martin W. Sellner, StNner Mfg. Co.: CalnlY" Santry, U. S. Printing Co.; Max Shaffer. W, D, Barton Itentivg. Mott Shenker, Slanders HAP*. A. Net. Co: Air. and AL's. PIottl AL Shnnkle, World of TWAY Elbows; Albert M. Shapiro, M. &mow: Jake Shapiro. Triangle Paster Printing Co.: Thomas F. Sharkey: Mr, and Mrs, Bob Shaw, Gus Sum Honking Ageney: Vince Munn Mille Novelty Co.; Mink D. Mean, Seaside Park, Virginia Breach, Vii.; J. ht. John D. Jr. and Dorothy Sinetaley, Mighty Shocaley Midway, IS r Sheldon, Iowa State Pair. Dee, Moines; Mr. and Mn, Dave Shapira Dee Lang Mows; B. Shire, Ulna' Ribbon Snows; Larry 13. Shriller- Lagoa Co. /MP tam, LineOln. 111.; Clint W. Shuford, Rennie. 13ro0' SMessir Walter W, &ghat, 'Springfield Trailer 00.; Marry fithrerman, Continpas 1a1 teintritruttnir Co.: Mrn Minnie Mrs - mends. Conklin Shows W. W. and BHP: Murray Simonds. Oklahoma Free Stale Fiat, Alunkattire: -1 C. Memnon; Rudolph. Ws- Henry Morino, Willits Brewery; Charles R. Morris Indian, State Fair; Dorothy Morris, Inannied Shows; Jimmy Morthumy, Baker -Lockwood Mg. Co.; areloir Morse: Robert Madman, La Poeta Co. Fate, La Ports ineti Mrs_ Joan Itnider, Mulder Cononadons Co: 3. P. Milner), Iowa State Fair. Panda; J. P. Ntillinal, resting murpuy, World of Today Shows. H Sam Nanint, Death Dodgers: Charters and Richard Nnpolitano; Want= B. and Dorothy M. Naylor; Heckmann A. Otreir Shows: Mr. and lira, Ovary IL Nelms, Lake Co. Fair. Crown Point. Ind.; Hyman Neetliels; R. T. Reimer, Worth Co. Northwood, la.: J. D. Niarmata, Cole Berm' Circus: T. R. Nickeraan. Bethany (AR.) Fain Pre} J. Mamas Ronne Wtt.) Pare Department: E. H. Noll, Bethany (Mo.) Pair: J. Gilbert NNN1: Rebore North, Mighty Sherskey htillted.r; Owynne Hors, Willing Morriss Agency; John L, and Allyn, Nugent. Ragan CO. Pair Amin., Lincoln, ILL.: Mr, and Mrs Barn Non's N. A. Purl, Amusement Enterprises. O Hann Oberharnmer: Virginia O'Brien. Racing Corp. of America; John and Mr. and Una Matt O'Connell, 34 J. Donlan: George Olsen. U. S. Tent A. Awning Ca: Helga Onion, Goodman Shan: Leonard Olson: Ines pryer: D. W Osborn, Nobraska Mate Fair; Francis Ovaratreet. Singer. Carry Curses:Man Johnny.1. Jane. Expo; E. P. Ownby, Tennsimeet Valley Pair, Knoxville, Louis Great Inlets Expo: Jack Blatt. The Rtiteldard: John A. Sloan, Riming Corp.

61 December 13, 1941 GENERAL OUTDOOR The Billboard 61 or America: Lee Moan, Greet Northern Irsicatar; jar. and Mn. B. A. Mover. Royal AMR11CaIl Ebo*, Harry , These Lakes Expo.; Preek B Satan, REG: Gerald Meollene. Weald of Mirth Shows; Bill Snyder, William Morris Agency; Charlie A. Somme, Virginia State Tale. Richmond; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Solomon, Sole Liberty ERINAW: nt Rubin ea Cherry Slums: Al Sort& Sparks price Mee; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Stark, The am - Ward; Mr. end Mrs. Roy Seaton, MCA: Mr. and Mrs. Q. A. eiterto Ohlo State Iberia of Aviculture: Mr, and Mes. Bill Elie:heart. Denny Pugh; Mr. sod Mr., A- R Stern; J, J. 8eT1:11.1, Intereatienal Construe of Oddities; Chris J. tittne. Bekre-Lockwood Mfg. Co.; Mabel L. letire. Musteeppl State Pale, Jackson; Coen Steads, Leamington (Oat.) Fair; Bee - niece and Mario C. Stokes. Jimmie Lynch Erntla Dodgers: Mien L. Stotts. Pastel Novelty Ca; Harry Morin. Reward car - roil Enterpriara: Mr, 344 Mrs. Jack Story, Monteetnete Weed & Co.; James E. Strides, James E. Straters Show.; Sant Strattem. Leofsiona Purchase; P. A. Stiehl, Gibson Co Pair, Princeton, led.: P. T. dirlodar, nottdes dude rh*, Tampa; Mr. and Mrs. Curt Strom. The ddiboord; E D. and idler Stroud. Weald of Today Mows; George Strout, LudlowalayMe Wire Coo A. J. Sugerreig% Cleveland Mdse. & Nov, Cc : J. la Sulllynn, Wallace Boos." Showe Verne Sullivan, Berates Bros.' Shows: Erik Seutdqulat, Thatern Idaho State Pair. Bleeklooti Mr. and Mr*, Joseph Stutin, quality Ann Outten, Cliff Onteeroed Radio CO.; Al and Bernice Sweeney. National Speedmrym John J. Sweeney. Dee Lanz *Mows; Mr. and Mrs, Aut STr011e31, Racing Corp. of America. T W. I.. Tabecott, Watt Virginia State Pete. LeseLeburg Mr. sod Mrs. W. J. Tilley. Mrs. H. J. Tetley, Sol's Liberty :these; A. Gordon Taylor. La Porte Ca Ter. La Porte. Ind.: C. IL Taylor, Indiana Mete Pale: Illliecan Taylor, Miestissippi Fate & Dairy Show; Hunter Taylor, Weet Tennessee Dlet, Pair Awn.. Jackaon: Raymond Thyter. Station WON: Virgil Le Teeter. Gus Sam: Fred Tennant. State Pei; of 'Dow, Dallas: There liennynon, Teepees Terry; Lueky Teter. H. B. Tharmer, Steele CO. Prot Mr, Owatonna. Minn.;.1, C. (Tammy) Thomea, Johnny Jorse Sixpa.: L. I. Thomas. P. K. Cited - Ink Shown J. D. Thompson. Newton Co. Fair. Kentlend. trot; W. E. and Lola Thompson, Beekeneten & Orrety Shame 31. Thomism, Whale's Novelty House; Neemen Thome. Mrs Lye Nelei; Mr. sod Mfrs. R. a 'Thornton, Marineeeta Bente Pale; W. W. Thorp. South Dakota State Pair, Huron: Dan P. Thurber, North Montana Slate Fair, Great Fats; C. A- T elenet Steele Co. Pere Fair, Owatonna. Mune; Howard Tonley, Hewsrd Teolty Productions: Dr, *tad Mrs. Tam Tumor Ned it, Louie-AN-tor and Maly Torn, Wiseonein he Luxe Corp.: Leonard Traub., The 8121board: Mr. and Mr& Phil C. Tracts. Tennessee Sesta Pate Mesheller: Eugene 0. Trtberver, Hotel Jimmie. V H. J. Van Gandy. litre:0 Stale Pelt, Springfield: Pout F. Van Pool, Jopltri (Mal Pleat*: Omega Van Seek, Imperial Shows: kedie Vitughao: Curtis J. and Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Velma ACA; Mr. end VCIPItad. Beektetann & (treaty Steam E. G. Vollmsrin. can Joaquin CO. Pale, filockton. Calif. W Mr. and Mrs. A! "A'agnee Great Likes Sipa; Julius Wagner. M. J. Dan En. terpriseg Dr. and 34r& Leonard 14. Wagner, W.,7 Wallace, inetinalibee Rate Pair, Nutherille Neel and Mrs. 0. N. Walters. V. 8. Panting Co.; Mra. Jake Ward, VII - note State Flit. Sprtniffised; Sam Weed. ACA; Ken Wrirnetd. Lottie Mayerk Water Ballet.: W. S. Warner. Oklehorna Tree State Pale, Muskogee: J. H. Warren, Saskatoon. auk, Exhibition. I. H. %mech.:2w, Eastern Idaho State Theo Willlant 8. Way, Tulsa Mate Pale, 'Art..144,. 0)0;1 Z. W. Wearer. Goading Amusement Co.: John B. Webb,!adieus State Pair, Indi. &teapots: Mr. and Mn. Nell Webb. Conk lin Show*: Dubai& Walgei, The am - beard; arr. and Mrs. Manny Weinberg, Jack and Mea. Esther Weiner, Flenness Bros.' SbOWA: John and W. J. Wender. Anita Itrnithell Co; GeOTS0 Wainer, Miners:OM State Pair, Se, Paul; Punk West. Ail -American Expeeltioni OrlOrSa W. Waterman, Amusement Corporation: E. Curtis Whit.. Indiana Board of Agriculture: flay -tern White, National Speed. ways: John T. White. Sioux Tkoptre Tale. Sioux PAU& S D.; Mr. and Mrs. P. le White, Johnny.1, Jones Expo.: Eugene Wtiterneee. American Sueinees Magazine: Mr. and Mrs Jimmie Wilburn. Racing Corp. of America; A. J. Wilhelm; Mr. and Mrs. Louie Wellernaln. Miebigara State Pair, Detroit: Mr, and Mna leash Willem& Plash Wtillams Thrill Delvers: Jim Williams. Goodlce Shows; Hain Wilmer. Mrs. W. W. and the Great Wile*: Clat Wilson: Mr. aid Mrs, Harvey Wagon..7ehnny Z. Jonas Ito: Jack D. W. Wine. brennee. Raker -Lockwood Mfg. Co.; Sir. and Mrs. Prank B. Wlesktey, Winkle). Thrill Production": Flank Wirth: Dr. and bin A. J. wodunaig-i. SLA: Wolf. Kansan mate Pair: Wilburn Wolper. World Of Mirth Shows; P. A. Woods. Conklin Shows: Lillian Words. World of Obday Shows: Ted Woodward, All American Exposition: Boyle Woleteak. Boyle WoolfOlk Agency: Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Weigle Publishers Itintnera Service: Mr. sr4 Mrs. 11. V. Wyman, South Dakota State Pole. V T. C. Young, State Boned of Ant -Mutton'', n'lltr;2. 8. D: J. Maim Tule, Calory Extabition & Stampede. Emartriel Tetwhint, Dedeon's Shame lalturdo &eolith!. the Human Cannon Ball; Wtlltam Zeielmen. Mighty Sheredey Midway; Lole and D. Zuckte Zeller, Robinson Anufasenent Ceo Philip B. Sent. Globe Postet Corp: Mr, find Mrs. R. ZIT. Taw: :OM D. Zook. onto State Fall, Columbus. SLA AUXILIARY DINNER (Cerseineed from page 113) 1042 hoard of gournors was Introduced_ and two ellstinfralahed orees were Carl Sedienaye. peeeident SLA, and Dr. Max Thorek. Bolt were enthusitualeally received with a treenendonit oration. Now member* added for 142 totaled VW Gifts were presented to Edna O'Shea gild Freda Roles tee the menu. benahtp delve. Meting pictures were shown by Bernie Meodeisohn and Whitey Newell, of the 81A. showleig the progress of the organisation. LAMM' luggage set was awarded Loraine Anton& and the melee went to Johnnie Poo. Men's Welters Bat was Awardcd to T. R. Peeknean. Client Attending the dinner were Edith Streiblcio, Phoebe Dusky, Ann Doolan, Jeanette Wall. Rost Pvt. Luellle Hirsch, Midge Cohen. Chew Zelger, Mario Brown, Nan Rankine. Mrs. Al Lathe, Mira. Doteartan Heitman, Mrs. Al Miller, Sadie SehleafT,X. rrtelftili001. Mrs_ Creme Ifelrner. Mrs. Cora Yeldham, Mrs, H. Bolden, Mrs. Lew Keller, alre. L. VI airttmleee. Mrs. Id* Chases, Elsie 31111er, Nellie Byrnes, Ann Shower. Nee* Mager. Phyllta Keyes, Mrs. MeRendelcle. Mrs. PA Itl9, Mrs, Anna Young. Adele and Lena Seleicetbent, Beacie Simon. Pearl Darting, Esther M. Weiner, Lola Thomp- -.on, Mrs, Itettte Lett*, Mrs. Ray Oakes, Mrs. Maude M. Geller. Me*. Dentine Dorf, Mrs. Martha Witter. Mrs. Mattle CroShI, Diana ffelaellna, Lillian Leereence, Mtleteed Boners& Antoinette Pole - MIL. Marianna VoPe. Dints West, Mabel Wright, Isabel Cohn. Lee Kauffman, Carmen Wallop, Helen Renlarie. Guide Travis, Lillian Woods, 149. D. 0. Halle, Ur& J. J. limier, Margaret Marks*. Margie Frees, Marge Kelly, Kathryn Donlan, Celt* O'Connell, alo-rie Zlestow and Mrs. Catherine Seely. Ruth Illartone, Judith Solomon, Mrs. Edward A, Bock_ Ir.ez!Manias, Mrs. Elsie Defter:Mine, Mrs_ Prod Beckmann, Anna Jane Pearson. Virginia Salina Viola Thirty. Bertha (Gyp] Mentalist:a, Mre, Amid Waltrip, Mrs. Cart J. Laathee, Ray - zeal Golden, Orate Goa& Jackie Doodlino:, Mrs. Maude V. Nolan. Mrs. James W. Jackson, Sera. Dreaeo Kerb, atra. T. W. Heath, Mrs. George Vegetal. Gladys Reed. Mn. Bill Stephens, Mrs. Dee Laftg. lira. Erne, WS. Alice Strout, Me& Oscar Bloom. Mrs. Seth %Mil% Mrs. W. Drteep011e. Lillian G. amok, Goldle Mitre. Mrs. Pearl Vaught. Mrs. Martha Welters, Mrs. M. Sitrunoada. M, More, Mrs. Bab Mein. Mrs, Al Wagner. Willa Sullivan, Dorothy 8bentley, Mrs. Sunny Bernet, Mrs_ Maxie C. Stokes. Donethe Planni. gar, Jost:Mimi Wordy. Mrs, Art Martin, Mr& John A. Francis. Viola Blake, Urn Sou Reed, Elizabeth Jacks. Mabel Reid. Edna Burrows, Shirley Mendelian. Elizabeth (Maltby, Dorts GOutereoat, Garnet Gooding. Jean Fontana, Mrs Anna 14. Roth, Mrs. Frieda Beam& Mrs. Sant Tidier, mrso Samuel Bergdorf, MM. Clifford Om...well& Mrs, Nellie Eriksen. Mrs. Margaret McKee, Flora R. File Mrs. Varna Fink. Mr. Rex Belisle" Jr.?Ire. George Herold, Lash Greerepoon and Mrs. Jack Gilbert. Bunco and cards were played after the dinner. WITIT TILE LADIES (Continued frone.page la) lined in the Imola& Her gold eluting bag carried her orchids.. Ida Cohen wore a (Mee -piece forme! of black and a turqueleo-teminsed bolero with geld belt. Mrs. Margaret Storey wore black Oct with Pit trimmings earengod In novel frills, Mos Rayrnood Lune wore dulled blue with gold beaten ornaments. Yleirence Luse wine black arept with bands of beaded went& Mrs. Dee Lang wore Lee -blue chiffon with a folded arrangement of rhinestone bands, Mu. Charles Clala wore a Paul model in Crystal green and white (het accented tudor room of the green. Verna Sullivan Ware white crepe with full knife -pleated *MU. Rapeell Golden wore a rumba model of while suavely streamlined and ornamented with gold, The MOM quite abort in front was long and ruffled In the demure showing lilting. Lone while glove* and shoulder alnew of gold with Sett head arrangement Mule an outstanding comma& Mrs, John PTalteta wore black with velvet appliqued bows. Mr. Helen Holmes wore an evening blouse of pout point with a long Meek skirt, Ifni, lemma Pink wore a. omilettl blue with red rose& Shirley Lyone wore a altnky Seek -TpCI with red sequined hale ornaments. Peggy neynebes, were a laidebly embroidered red ChM fon with long full sleeve* Mra. George Harold wore e Meek and gold costume with a huge envelope evening puree of cerise with gold orriamenie, Nine Johnny J. Jaime wore e tight -fitted bodice of solid ea. lattine with a full net *knot. Daisy Darla wore red embroidered rl Oren with *Wet evening jacket of the ARM* shade, Jack Hemphill wore black with heavy bands al turquoise at sleeve end hem_ Mr*, Midge Cohen wore a smoky blue brocade with nip -length fitted jacket. Kenneth enake wore while net ourtincel with silver sequins. MTV. Ruth Spallo wore a flatternig black sequined rootlet. Mra. Jack Greenapoon want a basso green with pearl-lairentuel bands. Mrs. Ed Hoek wore columbine blue Unit in no wry dulled her beautiful has. of platinum gray hair. Mrs, Raynell Markel wore reel and gold eblefon with dull gold Meetiry, Mrs. Martha Walter wore crushed cherry red with ahem Jacket Mrs. Prank Deflated wore Chinese blue with gold detail. Mee Merle Beekreann wore black with a slight tue. goatee touch. Mee. Mike Rosen were black net with drop yoke of pearl trim. ming. Bose Paige more pear! pink mope With gold 'mealy. Mrs. Al Wagner wore block will,, gratious folds al sequins. Mrs. Cris Miner wore a flaming red Jersey with Mirk In eontreettng Iinea. atm. Al Latta wore black with a new eye-catching puff Meeve. Mrs Item Shankel IVOTO a tight bodice of white with a Atilt full skirt of Kelly green. Mrs. Nell Webb wore a burgundy crepe with braided rows of 400L Bertha MoDaniels wore, a honey -mimed gown with an effective arrange - :gent fm leaegved lines and a gorgeous orchid true to Color., &Ira. Free& Conklin wore emerald green that nude a perfect setting for a full row of orchid& Mrs. Fred KneaaTZIat115 were a burgundy illhotiette with, brocaded bodice, Mn. Bill Wendter worn black :matte -um with a diamond dip. Mrs. Boota Paddock wore an extremely beautiful gown or dark Domini blue with shoulder atrapa of blue serealfts. Mew. Harry Puttee. wore a frothy green gown with agree trimmings,. Mira. R. B. flooding wore black with a drop grgeolder yoke of seed pearl.. Mrs, Ned 'Peru was In demure white with a flaring bouillon and ware an orchid that gave her heir a golden sheen. Mrs. Carl Latettier wore a eltletreaker formal at a soft dull rose shade with tiny pockets of tine pearl* Mrs. Frank Sheer; were a Whir* model on the Oreek drape aide with triangle - shaped gold -matched ornament'. Mrs. hers McCaftery wore a copper green tightly fitted own with escalope:1 skirt crier a moire fuchsia colored hemline. Derothy elennagan wore black net with a bodice of teffela In weft fofds with red and green, Mrs. Minnie Stmmonds wore black net with a sequin jriekee an. Prank Kennedy wore denture school...oa black with her Menlo sr - ranged in effective roils over the ears. Mrs. Myra Bowe wore a beaded blank gown with a May neckline_ Mrs, John Shers:ey wore dinky teat% with a flame - red hanky and void tassel erunnting*. Mrs. Lillian Words more a beige *lilt lace model with lull -pleated berths,. alre, Nan Rankine wore black net with narrow shoulder *terms that set off perfectly her smooth shoulders. Mr*. Jack That - field wore white In heavy crepe with gold belt, Mrs. Maury Brod WON, brawn with brawn requites, Moray Used wore moonstone blue net with toll bouffent Mrs. Charles Green Inlet htlic and gold to cross stripes that blended to compliment bee blond hair. Mrs. Mellor from Smarr City wore black net and lace with frilled hemline. Mrs- Mike Wright wore a soft frilled hieek net with pale orchids. Mee, Hone Martin wore a black atioli white blas striped gown with red relvet shoulder grape*. Sally Rand was a peat at tie, banquet end Wi. a Owning eyeful in a dark Manz* formal with Itterelly So bark at al/. but. liberally trimmed In trrldeseent segeusr. She *ore Kelly green Long gloves and car. clod a trick mutt of meek to match her evening wrap. only one at the many *how tables making the banquet tees year was Raymond. Lune Jr. who crowed with delight et else and all and thought It a great joke to be at a banquet at the Wilder see of 10 menthe Dee Gen Hayman 'pent a quiet night In pearnful sleep. J Oster Bloom also spent the night In sleep. The Oriednean baby was uneble to attend this year, but her grandfather set, the Ls (Meng well.

62 62 Th-r Billboard Drevrrabrr 13, 1941 COIN OPE :'')c AMUSEMENT MACI-IINEc A Depatemeefi Opcsatvra, Jabal, Dilhibutou ani Manufartmet4_ Conduct -4d by WALTER W. HURD--Ceentounkattions to Aahland Mudding. Clark and Randolph Shoot'. Chicago Worn and Play A Suggested Slogan for the 1942 Convention lixica at Molitor* nootnitt- We to nwenatt, Ilatdatillait the oak Patudttne burin:ea. roo, above coricx."1 rugorain the port that retail tiaras have; coin 1/10CI1Nr./ iterp retail 'tore,. /Cartoon pont The nor o tznoutioar.; The Billboard staff is suggesting as a slogan or motto for the 1942 Coin Machine Convention the following: "The American Way:, Work and Play." The value of slogans in boosting a convention arc well known. In former years an annual slogan for the industry was promoted each year. During the present time an appropriate slogan will not only be useful for the convention but will also express the spirit of the industry thruout the year. it will also help to express the desire of the industry to do what it can under present circumstances to help the nation meet the stress of the times. Retailers are using a very appropriate slogan- "Retailers for Defense"- and it would be an advantage if the coin machine trade could tic in on their slogan in some way. The thousands of retail establishments constitute the bulk of locations for machines, and naturally the industry is interested in what retail stores do in behalf of the'nation. In previous editorials and articles we have called attention to the slogan used by the retail trade and suggested that operators co-operate in every way possible with retailers in making a success of their patriotic program. At the recent convention of fairs, parks and other amusement Interests in Chicago a telling slogan was used It was- in various ways thruout the convention hall. "Recreation for the Naticm." Placards, streamers and banners were used to acquaint delegates and visitors with the slogan. A slogan can be used in exhibit booths and in various ways to make known the ideals of an industry. In selecting a slogan for the coin machine industry there is always the difficulty of making a catchy statement that will clearly represent the music. games and vending machine sections of the trade. It is easy enough to Include mus=ic and amusement machines in a slogan expressing amusement or entertainment values, but such a banner does not clearly represent the vending machine section. In offering the banner-"the American Way: Work and Play"-all these angles were duly considered and the ideas of work and play are felt to be broad enough to represent ail branches of the industry. Ali of the non -defense industries are confronted with the problem of hew they can bust express their desire to aid national defense and at the same time help hold the American industrial system together. The best brains in Industry. science and the government are worrying over this problem every day and are trying to find a solution. The problem is to win the war and at the same time keep as many people at work AN possible. Our leaders in budness and government are fully aware of how necessary it is to maintain jobs for as many people as possible, and yet they find that the upsets In industry due to defense preparations are causing considerable unemployment. The problem is serious one. Thus, every industry, however small, has a much bigger part than usual in helping to provide jobs. Each branch of the coin machine industry has its part in providing employment and also in contributing to the general progress of the country. Every member of the industry has his own business, his own job, and also he helps other businesses in many ways. Help America to keep all its people at work. This does not interfere with defense, but rather it helps the country to keep going while every possible effort is bent toward preparedness. Those Industries that cannot make war materials can best serve by keeping on the job with work for as many people as possible. Help America Work. Help America Psay. When people work hard they also need diversion, They need music, They need convenient services. They need economical amusement They need to play. The times demand the hardest effort possible from everybody. This Is no time for anybody to shirk The times call for strenuous work. it is equally true the harder people work the more they need to play. The coin machine industry wants "The American Way: Work and Play." The American Way: Wu+ and Play

63 December 13, 1941 AMUSEMENT MACHINES The /111/1Forrrel re.4,31 IfODA!' BRIEFS OF THE WEEK MONO Derbert Cole Atr Monarch Ohio Operotto C- 6r071 nod CatiLvn, 0.. November 22, Marriape Vincent Awe:dine, of New Orleans Kenny Company, Now Oetenne. and Ohm Driven Nom:Thew RS. Paul Niesens Nnineton& Va.. opera - ter, and Jeesl Mabel OneMolt, Dv - (ember a. BROM A pre to Mr. and Mn.e Pketz Meek. 5t Cloud, Woo. Pother le a coin tnit- :Mae ITV:ALOE'. A nitt to Mt. awl Sint Snore letleineeptelle. December 1, Fallwr le a con: enseletne operator, gtrl to Mr. and Mew. Robert NO, Neer demo: Mabel' In ago' of a Penny Atorde Memel by New Wroth; Novelty Company. Motion la Renner en:mary elf tame company. A girl to Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pecs. New Kenna, November 27. Father is eon of atenue Pee, Melted distributor and modelation elektel. A ad,.10013, to Mr. and Mrs. Enuen- ILLt Itukownky, Philactelplon. November IS. Mather IA member of leak, Cease Ltnrhhia Ihrchmege, Milled 1phle. Pterseneel Jaw:, C. Colleatsper, of Ferriday forrtolnlj do Caen - pony. now neatmegre of F. di N. Novelty Conmetuy. Nntehea, Mint W. B. Andrews. P. Ac N. Nortelty Cent - may. Mee boot lnenferred Iron, kintehatt Mho.. to Meadville, lides Rltl Neleen hi. }Med the mimic de partnered of the United Amusement Company. Kamm. City, Mo. Mew Addrosves P.Lis any. am Smite] Avenue. Cleveland, tiouthweetern Celts Jetaeleinee Company. 607 Ninth Nemesis Yeechlta Tex. Joseph.1. ktellertg. Cameo Vending fferripte, 7400 Vine Avenue. Pbiludelable. Barb Bloat], Acme, Oen Machine. Deehange. Mato Ntonet. Tnetlido. George long to * N, Nn Con - peony. Natilos, Masa. Flew peiteget Manuel A, Roth bas withdrawn ac partner n, the Pam:acme Novelty Company. Plellesielptera. V(1111a10 Frielingedort, of Gran Dank 0.. has sold his Nomograph bend mar la Peter Imiciele, Anemia' Nine Company has Orr - clawed the MoinurchsOldo Operetta Norvive Company, Akron end Canton, O. Joseph DICario lien taken over ownerabip cud of Chippota Alnuiement Company, 001/0o le now loaded at Nla,p.ne amid Rhode latand Leteveln, Prank Dettern. Worthington, Minn., Operator. Loa purcleamd nitertuta of Harold Moleurrorth. came city. THE 1942 COIN MACHINE CONVENTION AND SHOW WILL BE HELD What Operators Are Coming To See By 1AMES A. GILMORE. Sacratary-Manager, Cain Machine Industent Inc. NOSIZI101:9 reasons were given by opendore hi their repltem el to why the kinds. wi-h to rev nimusetemit remenutes of all 1247 OW Machine Show should 1W held, A f :1-, VC here exhibitors but Gm greatest number were to thin nt. signed up to dismay ilftlide newitittes tent: To glee operators a ehanoe to ace and reensionneett =mediae_ new equipment Met can be operated Thousand,' of oponetore w111 conan to proitt-ebly and with Star or no tax. Chicsgo antleipating seeing.lee)'' type They tsb to see machine* for vending camey. oteirt$14 gem. aitere. Oithibit In the dune, Thousends at them of machine they are loging for on exa:bite*, cold drinks. ice cream. milkprenuta, I:detain& poitage atanspe and show. Their attitude will be. It It to will buy what they we exhibited lb ehe any other rnerthandlier that tan be tannufnetured hi.cblesego It should be profitably traded. We already have exhibitors sighed up for every type of exhibited to the show. :ending machine Warred to, They wish CO an arcade treach1114s of eyrry type and desalt:lion and they 1133Y 050k OVA PRIMES WITH /1/ OAR AMISEHINT VDIODIG SCAM Moue Etnler Inane AM n. R. T. Si asweam.ete.0e 011,31.153/ "-Co *.00 Me Saul /3, 24_60 /leer Lino AV con., DOWN% FI* A Fallon Putt Porftalten Lars ,.v 1103uvo flit.. Vvailon. :44 Oktitaa 1/.00 A e 0.00 Moor bures.-erei moron Wows 1 /3 ausle-.4.maew O , P. O. O. Wt Ant TO NT 111/V1ND ICA P remat ATTRACTIVE PRICES On Used Counter Games Soon King SRS -00 Grand Nvti Th,telcdown $35.00 Coned Stands Se5.00 Dead Heat $35.00 Manias Ticket S Depedt, Balance C AUTONATK COIN MACHINE CORP. 340 CHESTNUT ST. SPRINGFIELD. MASS. Birm'ham Coinmen Buy $4,100 of Bonds 0- - Meeting In EIDEM120011AMI, Dec. BLernInglutm recently. phone/in:lila operas tart puretteeed worth of Defense 13ond4 mad $110 worth of Detester Stamps Tim Mooting was 'Mended by every operator In the IIIrmangleem district and several from out of town, about 40 operators Ili all. Attending the an. a reproemetative or the Tremsury Department. who told tile bond, to canteen. 1,1,0 prosent were repecterntatiem of the Chamber of Ononiereo. the State Deleeuw Committee nod a Intednglinso city openmil:goner. All three spoke to the operators. Manton wcso enthusletelic about the placing of Any Pond, Todoyt I,, phewgrapha, and IL wpm Indicated Oat there would tan be a Weigle phones Ile Batnalltghorn did not raory 110 tune, ,egistatures Sell of legh.tolum ow* door. Inc 199/. Tb3r ,orl Staley on* Amos loglolv1vro M 194: oanovelne an thy fates klon bdoort Ktoolutlio Lounlvata OAlotha w,, 6 14tI 21119T lrovorr 11 New Peak 11asooy 7 Render let 'sr low Imo 6 Soos/P C ncone 11 VRAIrks 11 New 11.1,5 JVAPIWI J, Meitwig. Cameo Vending Bemesst Vette!entail. Fhlledeiplelas Cabinet Cigarette Vender Corpore clot], 770 Fifth A11101/4- New York_ Principal. are A. I, Wines. V. R. Ctsent and W ln In Chicago Last Wash Charley Arouron. Brooklyn Amusemem Company, Brooklyn. Sane London, adtlwaultne Coin kinnum Company, Milwaukee Leo Wenetiorger, idoutbern Autonatie Mlle Cureceoly. Lkvetwritt-e, Y. te.. Shaffer. Shaffer Miele C.Ali puny, ColuMbue, O. Ileary BMW. Belden illatritneting Company, Albany, N. Y. aeurge Obmagold. New Tort. J. 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TbageuteLT C...a.re *se Owls" nowt 1.13 Ploo OA you ate ma aeon**, Volum IAA Goma b any wok Iwo,* 1411 CON4ry, Tsernc I /3 1:014414, 0.0anee O We Have All the New Carnes On Hand for Immediate Delivery. Write for Prices. OLIVE NOVELTY CO. :68 LUCAS AV(. ST MO. WANTED!! 100 NEW CUSTOMERS!! BY NEBRASKA'S OLDEST DISTRIBUTOR! kooks nest sate joyu arliemm.t110 ri.wt wow noel Vied matinino4 0 en Vie WWII.) new, /8 M UM V 151/1015: Von woo 03= no Lek.* cwo kre..e and vv. avo3poratav, WIT.404 YOU en, <404entet! 00111/INC* YOUR3SLII1 WRIT[ POO OUR Plalet WV( TOOATI: 1206 /101u1e TONY MANGANO, HOWARD SALES CO. 061A11113 MCC WANTED PHONOGRAPH LOCATION MAN weekly *etas- e. phis expense allowance and commit:taw. Parentnent connection fer right men. Write or wire, BOX 300, The Billboard, y, Na.. York, PC Y. AUTOMATIC PHOTOGRAPHY TM rerovtiablo P AATIC rkathlote, a wavklo, / alite nietholly Newts wee *hew+ it lino prowne picture to web s se antiabetst veer Mlle retie/ senereer PROVEN a seteda weeme.waleer. ullenuf Mdeastion. IIRERNAneNAI MUYOSCOPE /MIL CO.. INC Ilth lone hived CAty, SS Y.

64 fi4 Thr Billboard AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) Wed -tabor Commercial phonographs I3iild Morale By J. E. BROYLES, Rudolph Wurllizer Company THE problem foremost in the minds of all patriotic citizens of the United States at this critical hour is the need for providing the ultimate in national defense. There is need for unison of effort for the greatest good of all. We cannot sit idly by, and by the mere effort of thought hope to accomplish the miraculous. To combat the enemy it is vital for our personal and national safety that we be prepared to withstand his powers with greater powers on our side. It is fully realized that this government is faced with as grave if not the gravest problem it has faced since its foundation. It is faced at the present moment with the direst threat of organized force, and to combat that threat it is vital to our continued existence that we meet it with the combined resources of the nation and with the real spirit of the nation behind that effort. The spirit of harmony must be the predominating spirit of the nation, How to obtain this harmonious co-operation is one of the foremost problems whkh confront us. This can only be effective if the morale of the people is kept at its highest, The most important qualification of a fighting force is its morale, the personal feelings and efforts of the individuals composing that army. This must again be supported by the morale of the home forces. If the home morale is weakened and does not work harmoniously together, then disruption enters In and the magnetic force of the structure is weakened- Morale, therefore, is a great vital question affecting us today, and means for fostering, preserving and inculcating that morale is of as great importance as is the possession of armaments. The morale needed Is not merely the morale of the soldiers who are in the front lines and who are bearing the brunt of the battle, momentous as that is, but the morale of the ''back of the line" supporters must. be kept up to the highest possible standard. The greatest booster of army morale is singing and music:- the army marches forward singing as with one voice its battle cry. The frontier Indian in pioneer days at the moment of his attack almost invariably shouted or sung his battle cry. It Is not so much the words of the song, it is the harmony of the song itself, the music, which is the great leveler of our thoughts it soothes, calms, and its impelling force means more effective concentration of effort. Oh, yes, you say, our forefathers got along very well without electric lights, radios or phonographs. Yes, so did our armies content themselves with spears and bows and arrows. This is a new era, and the habits, customs and demands of humanity have -changed with the new era. Music --As a Nocessity The automatic phonograph industry as a means of bolstering the national staying power, creating patriotism and maintaining American morale is an Industry that should have a high rating, The impact of war news and war activities, day after day, upon the minds of the people tends to be dimouraging, and a much -needed cheer is wanted during such conditions. The network of automatic phonographs in the United States can furnish this because it gives MUSIC to our- ARMED FORCES: Automatic phonograph music has the heartiest approval of military and naval authorities as an important factor in building and maintaining morale among the trainees, Automatic phonographs located within the camps and stations and others near by provide recreation for these men. CIVILIAN DhataaNSE WORKERS: Millions of men and women, many now in new localities and far from home, needing relaxation after strenuous efforts of producing defense materials, arc furnished cheer and relaxation with MUSIC from the automatic phonographs. GENERAL PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES: Thru the use of automatic phonographs MUSIC can be used to boost the courage of the masses when there are many things to discourage. Many who are now under stress will feel the need of good music (in some cases they cannot afford the purchase price of a radio or phorlograph). They can get this music thru the use of automatic phonographs located in restaurants, hotels, taverns anti other public gathering places thru the country. President Roosevelt, in his radio address of May 2'7, 1941, stated: "Defense today means more than mere fighting. It means morale, civilian ais well as military. " At the July II conference on recreation for defense workers held in Washington, Honorable Paul V. McNutt stated: "Without relaxation and change, morale, productive activity and health are threatened-and that is something national defense cannot afford." At the same conference, referring to the soldier and the young unskilled anti semi -skilled men and girls in industry, Honorable Charles P. Taft stated: "Bath need community provision for free and low-cost amusements." During critical periods a foe of national unity and social balance is the increased public tension. At best there are few means of relieving such tension. One of the best, however, is music., not just ANY music-but melodies which the listener chooses personally because they answer his particular needs. Automatic phonographs are the only source of music open to everyone where John Q. Citizen can actually select what he wants to hear when he ',vents to hear it. In this war period airplanes, ships and munitions are important, but they would be of little avail if the spirit and morale of the armed forces, the defense workers and the civilian population are not at the highest pitch. We need duns and tanks and munitions, but we also need automatic phonographs to help build and maintain this all-important morale, An article written jointly by Honorable Leon Henderson and Honorable Donald M. Nelson entitled "Prices, Profits and the Government" which appeared in the summer, 1941, issue of Harvard Business Review contains the statement: "Perhaps we should even devise and promote ways in which people may spend money without adversely affecting the defense effort or the national economy." Automatic phonographs already provide an important outlet for several million dollars annually which the public has available for entertainment or other selective spending. The manufacture of automatic phonographs requires very small quantities of metals and other vital materials in proportion to the service which these phonographs render the public in public places every day of the year as con -!meted with the limited benefit derived from privately used consumer durable goods. Per pound of metal, there are few conceivable durable goods that provide so much use, satisfaction and enjoyment and aid to public morale as dues the automatic phonograph. No other legitimate device absorbs so much excess pocket money that is "bound to be spent and not saved"- with so little consumption of metals or other "scarce" materials-as does the coin -operated phonograph. Music, especially that available economically to the public generally, L's of particular importance in this period of wartime economy, and for the reasons briefly summarized above the manufacture of automatic musical instruments should be definitely encouraged. The manufacture of the phonographs and the accompanying records requires but a portion of the material which is so essential for army equipment, and comparatively that portion is exceedingly small. The phonograph is as vital to present-day life as is the radio itself m' the electric light, and while the call for arrnanent material is urgent and pressing, the phonograph and the phonograph records must be kept going to keep the morale of the army life and the civilian life of the nation as a whole.

65 Derembvr 13, 1941 AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) The Billboard 65 m By HILMER STARK Baby Production friendly and pereoral &Hauck of the Ism, week we had rte cite lead para. Mtn Organization. "We do our best to ;mph "Heinen Trom Balesboartlx," This give the operator the heat In every way." week we haven blebs tram the Jackpot he declares Of a slot. "A reasonable facertilie" of the clever birth enteelineletented. appears Proud intact' a our "Jackpot MIlla Gets Order baby" is John W, Myers. bead of Myers For Shells!fatuity Company, Walworth, Wls. He Atilt, No. sky Company, Chling0. hes operated machines In WIWI:4WD the anstatirded December 5 that they bad past 10 pests, Here Is the aitheunceaunt: United Stalest Army Ordnance fur Im- been awarded a contract by the mediate production of 320, millimeter ebells, Peed Mills. petal - dent. rtpecte dint Ono of Mills's three large manufacturing plants will be Out flacizpof" devoted exclusively to production of this order and other ceder* tar the army and navy. At the patent time OF HAPPLNESS Mine employs about pereims. DONNA MAE MYERS es Vale kr=lj. Owned and Operated by /oho and Doily Meru HO-Noviteeter IL 1941, 3:15 am. Tem' necomu-1 Pounds to carom Lscabon-Walatorth County lokapitsi. ket-cect Dr. T. I. greyer, Walworth, Ufa. Or. 0. H. leffere. take Ungar. Was. Ar hare titter NOV. SO, Watwortb, A Stew:Wag Mailman =cline of Atlas Novelty Company, ellicata. like to tell of their mall -order tatitterte. They describe a atergerlitg re -annum leaded down each g with Atlas incacrdi norrespotthence. Eddie Oleabitn; declares that ostrabse may keep common Rem valtie.g, but the rasa bongs them advice end recom foratlaticau and ehipments In short order front Atlas. Irving Cents also likes the mall bin lies specialty Is export orders. Rome day Its Willis to vtat vane of those In foreign lands who buy from Attu. He feels tt is a compliment to Atlas to bare so malty foreign orders.!fowled Press, who handles all tapir - Is, ear* be gets hie loggred kir.* eaten - leg additional orders follow a customer's Ent order. He declares that the grown; ventme of Atka Man reflects the 1912 CONVENTION and COIN MACHINE SHOW Will Be Held. 4 'Jila),Ziri' O CHICAGO TOO CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS THIS ONE %skim Operators elating InnetroBall Company attires in Benne previewed Clenco's Vielory, new tree -play panho-11 gansa "Mt have been highly impressed.- repent Minerals. "with what they predict will be the Fasten of MI Oenoo game,' Shevenien Pt -re -/Tit in eldreg0 during the pad week were many well-linown coin machine men- (3440 list of these "In Ceienv. Leta Week" In the Briefs of the Work balm= I The majority of them come to attend the convention sponsored by the Rational Assoc stun of Parka. Peels tt Beesehre. Terfause ar- C4td`A have been outstanding surceases on fairipminde end with trending shows, arcade device manufacturcra hoar apace at there shows and a number of cotulneen have become Interested in traveling arcades as well as In regular permanent Ilria(126. WeMtTaealI N. Rake. general manager et Rake Cola Machine iesenange, P11.11.thelphta, naked that we reimitly mentioned that hie Orni bud been r0organthed, "Belt you didn't mentlon that we ore now Iso organized that we can offer operators service and lemma:lisle delivery on all types 01 vending machines," he rernottat.test. "We bare a complete chop ready for zecondt- Honing," he save. "Ail operetore are ta sited In to 1015 us C4'22." 201.1s Roanoke -try Nest month will Mark the 20th year In the Mill machine Industry for Bud Lieberman. Chicago distribeter. In hie recoiled= of that period, Bud sap: ^Twenty y2o,t plc04111t., came DOG 20 MST-yet, I inle$ trade a solitary year with anyone. Toe had IL varied en - patience th,st has bnnight ma!anti Intimate contact with all phawsi or tile inclurtry, Bud plans to make a real event of the elearation. Hens planning to list all available equipment to a gigantic prayentrain:i to operators, a H-Indoma Aviator A z..v..iil traal bbnibbi. in 4 ;Jolla of Joe Loire Jr., who --111,,oi!trtur at restrie ulp4,h his allege thin meads. Fe it the Ain Of Joe Potra, ;remittent Iowa operator. Tatung Joe naturally is quite a i human hkr.self - - ca or Wad, =VI the Mr tatted. We suspect that he might cons - elder this fast-elep $ ping coin machine h, buennew 0, little slow attar pullitteg rt eper-hour gee buggy thrill Um stby. Attie* Beedstor Down in Elinningh.un In where cant - Men really put on a campaign when they 614tt. Cele. ilia} recently dal a Lerner Job on bonds end btlii are going 'strong. /lax Hun -Rh writes that be tambectelantiy omitted the name of Jerry Oragory ultra he gave us news of the bond clam. paean e tew totterts beck. Jerry. local Deere manager, was one or the trontabers of the committee. "Ungar/ wee Olt0 of the MOM saliva members of the COMraittet."- COnithands lharyteli. We Wont More C. of C.'s Like Rockaway Beach's Din correspondent loan Jersey men - Dona In his dispatches this week that the Chamber of Commerce id Rockaway Ikea. N. P. is now planning to suppress threatened etringetnt Mires Upon Coin machine Meat 's's in the Rockaway area. More 0. of C:a Modell recognise the aid clam merchants by --root forgesting the tun and recitation to be gained from the gamer, Moro Guru to Milwaukee DttrIng the past few years there has betas en Increase in the number Of pin gantee an location La mile nnkee duo to licensing of the germs. "Ai a meat,- Newlky 0impany Metal& that city, tiger Nat have carrion a huge stack MT4 es. At the present Dine." eeperta -Happel'"we have tut unusually high inventory. Our stock of antteying e quipment, an knew, will, he tompuog to operators." f Hartlth Open House Bunch ittanntecturths Company, CI:deign hew announced that the week of January it to 17 will be open limn* at their plant. They oven otter to whuk you out there in a CO2 lt yintli give 'ern * Meg when you get Into town. SWANKY NEW ORLEANS LOCATION, Len/WW2 itta recently opened ankh Me floret of equipment. Musical equipment way by Wuritteur, and in - ended o Vicinity model pawn* and a bqtrelli 0/ 40 toe; boxes. Scorn epeetzt speakers assure correct distribution of music 10 at parrs of for tocarlore. Lawroma Morton, Wurfater music merchant made the ineteiteteleti 16 -Record MAREIL-GLO WURLITZER With Illuminated Domc Completely Remodeled Cwaseet gold,' to Opavalo $8950 Morny-bich CfilkI4D10e 61 Wur1itzer Counter Mode C16 Vantrairer SAO Wutisee Wut11174ir 154.5a Mali '40 Thee.. elation MISCELLANEOUS Rainy Mifibandiio ,50 gage giltat 10_10 ChIci.an I Demo and CRILLES I re QTSI tns sic, 4D/ WnLi irs /4,151. RIGHT OFF LOCATION Weilitam PoltellierMau with Kenney Adapters fa Kerney Steel Cabinets each 10 Lae Model Keeney 24 -Record Will Betas, liter 2,0%41740 earb 2 Rod Arrow Paces Race" odds carh 2 Rakers Pacers, 30-1 odds, dilly doable, aka new S1119,50 cult,,', deposit with meld. anew. C S. CARTER 321 Rote Sheet, Lexington, Ky. Phone $90Y MASTER CRAFT PADDED COVERS rei coai P RAPHS Sin* /Oa iedeur at e.ru.e Hamm Lo toe Still, nude ot Al* 4 Idiatt4i _ 804. aa 115nt.14*-+27^1 ill 10 Na,12 eamsent. sue auarty as sr"larsis-) *1411. IT4 Si 14O -a«p.m 44w 4444:14 up 14 is"ase-sx-r^, *tees Ito. JR axe -One eat ital. oltelasta u1 411"-eStratir {10.11 Pl.. t /14 41W0191 HM Ma II:2 all dry % PARSE MANUFAC t6 IP. ons ton, rase-murs OurlIon2 IL, 01.4o1P I"

66 6h The Billboard AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) December 13, 1941 Heading the Parade of VICTOR - BLUEBIRD hits this week ART KASSEL'S- 411 amity folthl, Art Kama wn intreeloco drarawronad "W.iFo en the fitch RAND. WAGON SHOW. MIIthon of modeo lietenore oat bear It-Mon It-ergin I. Perk for It on wore Wow nmehlite, Owerr net wine pot an On the von rehrhe ItY eernp to. lownwar Art Kassel B "Nickel -In" on These Other Top -Ranking Titles :TEN tenttfaltail 1 toed Fresno Pe royherad nroduotion I'LK'. abo Day DREAM/3C eve* re halts iv, Tema nyant mo no.cod from wed,.ants IT RANT A DREAM ANY MORE (Vocal inner. *orr jo Irlargwelt MOW oo TOO 00 WITHOUT hoot Worth terrain or "'Hook 61011#4 I Doerr '17714 werrolgma WHINE (Vaal Arran by Trio, Resay41 Now's++. Butter Mvlay ObouvIth Itheinyet Moot oven tom pop, DAY Ditaitiuria twee eyfron ritt raids ant Ti.. mae ireeiern A ;THIRD Or PEARL) Mina maim 0-119/19 of. BRAY. %Witt RanY tw' AS Yva Doty' To Mel Phitionn Vocal reenonm N. 'Pao" Worworw -OA:" Wane. ma nat70 'Alva.et. AWDY atom o AND carhop noire Woe IWO. 'nett ra, The and On isechin loweirtie VIDtlGoa Ere ION TOIJO PUN* Or(uel OtIblobe by ably Pewmah) SUNSET WEAR MVINE AM train A Or Oarifornima ORDER TODAY FROM YOUR VICTOR et RECORD DISTRIBUTOR In Canada/ CeartacE RCA 1/4.- ler Cr,. Ltd., felloollecol E RECORD BUIRG GUIDE -TART I Records and Songs With the Greatest Irelff l TEAM! Money Making Potentialities for = Phonograph Operators = g = Remo& Wad be am booed me a conicntot or eccrocrt, gathered tad, vomor =.,ww-w by reprmeoltkra of TM'Att.:nod loon of Semi fore ModIng optectors IA tat).= - a MA 30 mart important epwalialr Lenten In ttit country. GOING STRONG S DON'T WANT TO SET THE WORLD ON TIRE JIM meh CNArrANDOCA CHOO CHOO = ;slit aw.p.) ELMER'S TUNE aireki PIANO CONCERTO...noir, I HORACE HEIDT 'boy Colton -Venn* and Mer Di. Rees) INK SPOTS TOMMY TUCKER winery Arrnoll-Voleca Mt IN I PI WAY DORSEY eaeb Myerly-lIclon = WevabbIll DINAR /340A1 GUNN MILLER I Toe Venetia -Modern- E. Wept GLIMM MILLER,Rey Itbeele-Viodernrireo I ANORtWS SISTIRS DICK IURCFNI IMO Vocal!, (AMOY MARTIN INo Vocal/ = THIS LOVE OF MINE TOMMY DORSET w Ft±nl. SinItrot COMING UP = al.,. = IntiO CROSRY 1-7 SHEPHERD SERENADE HORACE HEIDE Elem. CoNstmrsod =r- L. tray -Woo ClObt TWA lovely Maropeon Bong of Um in Jiint a hop and a Map away from = - the charmed- eirric. Many otol/011ti ropodt. that it la Weedy rime NI = = ' (Jonah Strong ranting. and mast Of the other.% prodlet that another week F,... rail find It on top, DM bean inektna *mune roe a ten time, hat the,,.= toren:radio plugging It ham been ROM Muth; the part antral )reek211" i natio It a penile phen o ottreetban. Watch far It on rep noit lion1c. = _ KAY KYSER i'llany asahlit-coner E WHY tionir WE 00 THIS MORE Vaunt! - OFTEN? TAMMY MARTEN addle stone' ::. ANDRIWI = MD a atria* Item, Into number' if nonertlaciere beoluning to sheers aigno 17. of mar tear *ad It bottled for the exit In *centred locatlerei. BK1411 Is If lin tiloyr no a threat to the oceupanta of thierig Sitting are poere.n. and that It can only go In one direction frona Dow oll-daten. Mean- = wog.% i lir.. Lt. I. definitelf a phoney lalg-shot. WOODY HERMAN I Weedy Hoonan-En- - E THIS TIME THE DREAM'S ON M11... ainehlet '" G LENN MILLER May [banal " TOO haling Its posittan to tbie category, the beautiful film ballad =.lowed newo eastini on ila =Mob to the top, frothing to be alarearal m: = about yet, bat Jut! didn't keep up the twit pace It sot during the past =... month. Maybe, it needs Pin hypo of having the plo Dialer In Me.1Ydpi r = = iiri play the ilf5. hnia.re, NEY i Muolel Lont-Wood THE WHISTLER'S MOTHER-IN-LAW. RING Mironan't [RO WoodehOPOMet _ Herr le oreather protni,nnit dirk LIpped alight!), during the pool eevnn day.. it Is likely that Filag's name recent *aorta hove tended to = overfnadow lift A -I work on (paw partleular Owner. NeA 3 Week or' ME wilt ergo tea thri renal pidgmfilit, Can MOST upotatra, but might do Nat the = n Vttlen. HORAC4 HEIDT Miasma and Her DonE Nano IRtwoin 'nil.le eereory novelty atilt bangingrow therm SISTERS ruakteir SRttlle foruord promo!, hut net Wenn any ground, either. Con sinirt ahead, aline = the piloting wedge seem to rote ogninit It (O'er ITtoldolj Usn 8Thle Car E only has been a flue nickel attraction. a.. JEALOUS ANDREWS EITITERE!Mak Cbeu,* Thu raeced Imo been having It. DUN, opt and dandfie In Oil* within. = Reports thhi week ahoy a definite oporring In pepolorny, Anne tail = nearly eholigh to rate * Ittgber ofetio than It has. Bboutdn't be couott4 *tit of the nice yet, but It waeo4 not he aloe to itto too opitrnintto = THE SELLS OF SAN RAQUEL DICK JUNCO'S /Honey Coon CRAY ilfoloir Sarionel =.., Flew I. a lime ty 11/311ad %tilth has been on the machine* foe Minot' = menlan, picistm up more and mere nickeh with eacta Paannt day, 61st E newer tropm*ing as a Ia. Tide meek, Elto, II. bohbrd up Im OVUM& OfPitrio = GO Ormond Sala ID thin aectlen. Einould be mtehed. lint With a mot nod = carerut rm. = = WOODY HERMAN I MuyIst Land) E PRI DDYMARTIN I Crydo Itoporb. = - BY -U BY -C1 QuOittin = KAY ItYPElt I Hairy tabblif -7,0471Ck = The Korot Tim/drum Lullaby CLIStO lut bore Mw4itt'l a nioh lead wetk, end then = IloPPINI Goad In Ela track.* Plumb*.tart tdovida mom; ugnin during 1 h'' l'''. flea &IN. If hirl. liri rairt alit have to to branded a mistake. = E.: = Sony iletod Meow aro throe shah. Woe appeared Po...Corning Up" is, feet meth, = or "mot. and Trbith art OH halna mentioned *genet/ka moorfa in hyalfhobl Afar Inglims4ob = :74 to the Guide.. teen IS. Thar moot woad* all sour, throb Fete I'endirod Prang.' = TIME WAS JIMMY DORSEY I Bob I Derly.Helo o = O'Coewellt (Rib week). = sun picaliat: up Ito elare nr the fo, knl., -.., = ft/ow la P-K-ufl.t.ri 1,641.0r. vomiter, Ocubie-remniint mono -. bonoboolp 711 ttgi Pow, alb = PART TWO Z... = 5. g.. COIN CATCHERS FOR YOUR MACHINES! Every one of these Lucky Numbers is a click disc! Cash in on these hits NOW! THE BELLS OF SAN RAOUEL Xavier Cusid-Columbia Claude Thornhill --Columbia Dick Jurgens--Okeb 6436 SHEPHERD SERENADE Hornoe Heidi -Columbia Tommy Tuckar-Okah 6353 (There'll Be Bluebirds Nett THE WHITE CUFFS OF DOVER Kay Kyser-Columbin Kole Smith -Columbia Tommy Tucker-Okeh 5407 ELMER'S TUNE Dick Jurgenn-Gkeh 6103 Denny Goodman -Columbia The Cherioterne-Oksh 9390 I GOT IT BAD 'And That Ain't Condi Benny Goodman-Columbia LOS Brown--Okalt 604 Betty Howard -Columbia BE HONEST WITH ME Gene Autry-Okch Horace Al Donahue--Okeh 6294 Prairie Rasrlsters-Okoh Light Crust Doughboys- Okab Hoy Acuff-C/keh Trzar. Marto "Tc4q7utak *Z" EV, C, 1t IlwaL

67 Orreitther AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC). The 11(111toard 67 of r t.ie Industry Mentions Magazines - Newspapers Radio The Chiral* guts Potent/kir this, ffis Kett bun of the mew Cascade neoming royal - fume watch hat been Mau/Pied nathartaty thit PIO lase months bcestrie of Phe sinu to lh pounding an two anentim ail the rob. nothings Yekelny, One, headed "Stet istathion Mahar made" CrAnd hiey Aid," k the aconne of the peeendior gem/ jury harestidatind county -'.Ids caniallog and the tioansinerlon of lordierla inoids of Him reanulactopind -pleading de - den." le 1elis Mel Me huge Chicago Iola onnufacturinr, thou rho kneels unntlary, Weald re -operation aml said It it nady to turn the gensparert bodies and nnords oyes le the Purr. The mond enbotionsf the indestry h oval dm en &hoe agalael a1n maahhset ia lb. county, and says that evenly olketalt 0111 Pry 10 obtain km the rtdoial InOgynAl AIM MU.) tt the Phi of 1,100 persons siteded 10 be operating 4440 Ohl MAChinas alp 24 counliv. Of the Heathen Decrier et Illinois weber federal pounds issued *I SIO pa Yea. The paper dear not attempt lo be serdationd in IPMSO IN It glees /behest neonate et the shreds:up being agitated by oak.. Chicago IMMSPAPIIM - Nenotcork. November 24.-A newa note lolls of the election of Edwin K. Daly ne president of the Nam rk Harden Cant. rainy. 200W York, Operators of the Chain Of Automat restaurants. to rntaaeed the late ainegb P. Horn. Wander. The diallardelphla Daly Weer, /0 eeetecter LW* IdtColloy. Saris order. cooled a eel, machine wantiors ter du tint finer in the bast of Our knesdedge, He wine "Hiles eigur stand In dee Wastelogien SCILL2,4 /14.1din IN a metal spot. The thavation!pinball idaym al the toitons League lung out these." Did km Won? There's an Weil The New (Mama TincsPlcoyaine. NO - feather 24.-A column ratitted "Sarin About Igradiattun." written by fin,retr Tucker, devotm a paragraph to automatic, din sic boxes and then' mickuolise. julep bear:. Turku says bn cannot under/gond why operators end the luduntry cg a uliole resent the duns-juke bog la jive. It's a inset of the livrug lauguage, there', o Minsk to the way the Mune "Minds. He nays OA effort lel being mule to kill It off-but tre diffettlat and We hero to gay. The COCaorDala Company hae Ants139" accepted coke at it hot bean popularised by cho pultuc and accepted by tins public as meaning nothing Out Coca-Cola, and is using the woad In lin Dego dirplay ride to newspapers,. "I'm eat serliai. I want Mir to Co to dances and have a good limo lolly Nosy." Insos a glory la Wonsnib, Day. a a The Anuitity gtop..) tagto, November 23. -Alden Scott Sam, the Chlesion men Whom hobby It collecting cotn-opemted 0.4Z. BROWN, OP MILLS SALO. DlIffifanlia the King Sisters, movie and record artiste. and Netts tinctsley, Mira Saferpriros, moat at Sam Corlotel RCM 17eauetiori otters. (MB) Insarttlaren and Who maintains a regular lutssouns of Mere. sane interviewed and the write -hp soot out ever UP whoa, the entsrc bring devoted to the antique and unusual ooln.operated machine* In Mi collection. how he storied It, and the history of some of his pt... The Moorland Plain Engel, November 30.-A drawing by cartoonist Hocken shown wonnortt pinball games In it junk yard with a airs on them nnullog. "Poe Oak-Cheap, Will make -coadlant hot beds foe gurlatans.' pn Inevedele WWI nuthlesc addlel, Re,pet Ice Hem In terry fawn fete whido Ohl NuliarrI Inoue, and ho list to hie crodir tense billing. The things elultenin his high consitinty to ;What* tank, and in Chicago he doom mood to the lottery Pb see the latent thine r pee. ball centraptnan- In the remotion room of his home he Ms 1ndiatied one or lho preduarlitern tvw rossnuenfesod. When hey - dente MOMS on If the 'Mot roughs we 50-strit Ones. vos kw" Tucker Lets Four Okels Hit; NSW TORE, Dee. O.-Tommy TudIce/ The Winhiniettes Peet, liknombee lasa gotal the dettbsollian of haring four butt boodreau, 241romold shortstop, sales was IS. rollers on the Cheat label, bawl on itia pot In in Mangler Cl the Cleveland retrace ratect sent out to all the Okoh Inded, if Mt soladect M th.e. entire -rids dtrtribucces last week. The tunes Were Morning' cohneei by Shirley Perish. And in I Pont' Want To. Set the World an Fire. 411 det<09,41019 el flood/we. Peraleir tan, "Ha', Jeri, Sago, ITS`c111.,,end Concerto far 1. 3 SMASH -HIT SANTLY-JOY-SELECTions ON THEIR WAY TO BRING YOU PROFITS! AROUND AND AROUND SHE GOES (The Belle of the Village Bally --today's novelly Iasilempo wallrfolti recorded by Eddy Dzhin cei COLUMBIA Dirt Jurgen on OKEH Lass/once WeSt. en DECCA Skaanay Erni; on VICTOR Alvin Rey and' The King Slaters on BLUEBIRD MA ELAINE -your best sweet -ballad bet today! Eddy Duchin on COLUMBIA Dick Jurgens and Jack Leonard on OKEH recorded by Bob Chester on BLUEBIRD Guy Lombardo on DECCA Barry Wood and Sammy Kaye on VICTOR J. MISS YOU --popola7 oldit ballad ozgicieg money again today! recorded by Claude Miura, 3 and Eddie Hennweri an COLUMBIA Harry Swank on DECCA Sammy Kaye on VICTOR Freddy Marlin and Canth Shore on BLUEBIRD SANTLY-JOY-SELECT MUSIC COMPANY, 1619 Broadway, New York I

68 PART 68 Tice Billboard Nett' 7 hree-1' ear Term for Rubinote HIM YORK. Pro, FL -At tin regular OWN:OM meeting of the Atituniure Music Operntons' AMCC161,1nil. 'Faraday Lee RubLnow and his party were reelected to rant again for three years. The Officora elauels to head the astorls- HOD Were Lea Nlibeitaul, peered: Mt: William Sharer, taco-pteindent, Mitt Harty Wessormen, trensioner. The board of directens, consisting of the above officers other memboot Mat One Change: Henry Cooper was ejected CO Wee A turn of two yenta. The Wiped Willett% of Wide mar him, eperetors eget to appear et en eirt-tern area present, 110 of the St fines being represented. AN NAMIDIATI Nnf Says The Mtwara - "LOOMS BIG AS A LIKELY FOR THE PHONOS!" BLUEBIRD No HALLELUJAH! A GAY RANCHERO --- :mobs-re arc other new M0 winner hr POLLY DAWN: - WOW (IRE YOU WW1 No WILY HUME YOU KW PORE Vfiteh for Foor New Dolly Oren Bluebird Revs:ids To Be Released Soon, Currently eel rove of Narto.o,, Lending ThroPers IMeranat Mismeteent. George Hall - demobs., - GENERAL AMUSEMENT CORPORATION - CORRECTION NOTICE - The Title of the ERNEST TUBB record of "I'LL ALWAYS BE GLAD TO TARE YOU BACK" are,rcranoceny limed ttliefilutfnint BECCA lit DHOW*, 0 lint backad "MY RAINBOW TRAIL" an OECCA RECORD Na, $993 artat_-ih io rre in to. c,.104 ea,, iy -! aelt VO4X1 manic 91 a:44 OW maw/ Ale:lade Pain" /Needle: o.e orris cot,. aver on, to if,,u1,0,444e AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) t M M [ liz REC0111 BUYING GUIDE --PART A Forecast of What New Songs and Record Releases Are Most Likely To Be Needed by Phonograph Operators POSSIBILITIES E. Them gteirde And Seinge plow inditetieni el browning Future lealiernerido INI In As/caulk Ploonoiesnial. Sideclaont aro mated upon Ride Pnliboni4f.1,, Sh441' Monk = larieneerive hem Melee P.60,Mn r elm rennet heeedence al Songs he their = [Attleee and open the halnelent of The Illigaziarere Mink Depaannene. EV'RYTHING I LOVE GLENN MILLIR illey Cheek, And Chub) Title le the new Cote Porter balled from. the rourscal *how Ler. race 11,= HIlire's Mooed -Mg of it la Outdo= phonograph material, Ire played in a = rich ituttruntental min and hes a terrific vocal teen:mein by Houle and = the Gnelr. Kumber is bcouldfut Muff all the way Ulna and more - = than be able to cope with the ourtrut crop of competition, FOR ALL WE KNOW ANDREWS SISTERS tulle Cbr. el Song USA it ritim several Mara &AO and now stands a good chance of.-'2 revival thin the capable handling of the Animals gain, Cask tr4akea fora nifty ballad, and the mete cheater lioeltspound,!ma otit the arrange- merit, which the girls ring won the Olivet Of their Josfous diah. = bsekers by the Andrewma' singing or Chathniesepa MOO Choo, which in hind a bonus inducement to the operators. BON CHESTER tags Hemmed MADILAINE SAM WOOD belled wee green an Inipetea by almost Immediate mentions tip the re- E porta Pine Meting It hero host week. Melody is catchy and easily re. g tamed after the customer giros It Is lint listening_ Plenty mart, disks... of It aro fa/handed to hit the market Sammy ICayal wed duo East week E - bat was hold up by production ethedteee. Hatt] artiste Traced hero den* geed lone on the enuring. ham = 41. FREDDY MARTIN Mak Stall -tens. = ble KING SISTERS Ming smegas.rm Rhythm E up! A repeat M oven to Hite swingy. neml-nddvtty tune this week. beentise 2 ROSE O'DAY Lhasa operelora who have not already Halted stunner: It on Inc machinr., = ore going to be frentically Jeering up fn the eery near flitiltc. Number E La getting more plugs daily three the milieus channels, end snore end = mere artists are vonseduig it, Mere h relief from the tutsry diet of WHOe diluting the :UHL = ' = - Thee deeorth love 11, htik Chance for Sof<40 sarong th4 Pas. Week'. - E zebu... by Ike I Malec Companies. &AMIN,. are bred sows CITIIvrerc141 rather z.. thin Moo, Valet. Theu are not definite entriktiere, bet nivel, the opiate. et = = The iilleirod'e heir thiparhoent. A. = = DON'T BE BLUE, LITTLE PAL, DONT - V/ OODY HINMAN Mosey Nemeed BE BLUE = = A hillbilly t l'ie of rune tent gen a bright rhythmic tiftelithall I, both = lisednitnental y end Vocally, by maestro Amman. TM In attractive, and = the bond arrester so much attention that the Ratener La lieund to reser- = :.--- look the alligto time In the lyric that mks for bank back In a year = (draftee period being hiked to Moo And a halt riat Mewl the %CDR was* = written), Time towns big for commercial appeal because of its ohne = pikity hi words and music, mid Elterasn's lilting work OD it Outbid = Java. wins. =,- Fp: THE WEEK'S BEST RELEASES = - - ANGELS OF MERCY DANDY WOOD Ityls Horner Stnismed = This tit Ireireg Herlin'a latest contribution In tong to the natloare de- 2! trnaoh U Le dedicated to and written for tine Rod Crows. Wood, an old bind et Wring the +Wring renditions of the current petnotic +mange prop -Mew Inspiring end thrtillag mining for this one. And the choir = bud& It 4.8 the bigger, Ihreento or ins association, the aide hen endless - 11XL:dotter-Mt) posedbilliim for the music operotors, essisoeintig in carrying = on the Roma-vetll campaign already tender WAY With the Any Kande = Today?' recording. = harrtro to owenthinall IndfloteA vio4pal. DeAdo-romitnIng reeror, we e.,,._.i,, = = welled from hile opiorna, ONE of the Record buirlogvf1.11ttemduiefouzitli=tde eltmh art lister I :: illfil;rilatnie emsrinero ' a.. ''' -."'.. ''' I E. 1 Yet!, ealginal Invettesent En Defense Levelly Moods. Saliva E, wilt Increase = I B31/2% to 10 year i4IIIIIIIIIBIWIIIIIB11111Iimilligi E e BOonnator 13, atcitez, HATCHES, Edna, Dec. 0.-vitth. solder Wribt.lbet at hand, coin resehtne buskulat Ss greatly Imprinted In We seetion of 804Hr:rest MiserJealppl and Bertheast Louisiana. Vending Osschime. pitsbells and phone are doing well_ Many new location* hum been established recently, 99(411t0Ca are Hocking up en Christmas numbers for phonon In this *MR. Jame,. C. Culpepper, Ferriday. La.. op. orator, says ho riven on oil boom end new pay rolls helping hie phones Oral coin machine& Culpepper has a number of new locations. W. IS. AnditeWS, operator of Stfodetne, Allot, sus a visitor here November- 21. Lee Dulaney and R, fl. Medentl y diem:rod their porton-thin in the coin machine badness and ore operate Lng Independently. Alton Ihntinsfs, erritceman fee Meter Willlente, ban returned from a Walt In Viekaburg. I,Ru_ FrInne Conner name, ex -operator, wan home on a furlough recently. He Is now %I:111=nd at Elandotpli Field Record suggestions For YOUR MUSIC MACHINES Iron JIMMY DORSEY AND HIS ORCHESTRA featuring BOB EBERLY and HELEN O'CONNELL on DECCA records = THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER... GLENN mitten me), Ibertot = Tina clew torch Ogled *Well Is therein; *gun ne a potential hit 18 = panted rood Fornantteelly by Miler. Side I. inonepols-ned by Ebertee.1= vocall,thie, trot there Le nothing wmor with that, Other nide bears Humply Dutnpfp Heart, also a worthy Hero for the opermorr, to memo = Mfg tht picture Ptaymarea and le treated In the same mannar by Minor E, and Merle = E -= MAKE LOVE TO HE _ MARRY FAMES ihollca IFortolit) = MIA lovely Love ballad Permit re an excellent vehicle for the se -Benny - rood:eon unnglithi, now' with the thereat band, Provldlug her with a = fr. Lich insiramentei background. With Post efuillgh of his Own irorn Wiling = to tat the folks know heb Harr!. James Vera Men Format ND sway for = moat of the Oda. Attention Se also directed to the ecroplitig, You Don't = Know What Lore LI, with Dtek Homes In excellent solos. It's Rom the m new Abbott-Cornet:0 nun, Keep 'Um Flynna, MOONLIGHT S THE ANNIVERSARY WALTZ... iltalinfty LIMO (grab iiewdeni - 'ells sentlinentst waltz song Mu been around for revers) weeks on the = MASQUERADE = serious mean labels, and the pesufbellty Iodine that it irony b arhur,t1 = for souse time_ It the 'wig drive iallyer IMO the bitstreine. Lontre *err WASN'T IT TOW is bound to WWI mute, Aport tram the fact that the menotro htnivalt = G ranting feat In mane band eirclas. Bob Houstona weil.imodulathel = baritone aluing In this Intlemeo gory. fay lei enheneing thle nmettier. 5 THE SPIRIT'S 4075 borint ME 77,1 by CHARLESTON ALLEY 4074 OFTHMEAGMNAGLIICAS DAY -DREAM Noma! theartnnsi Big Burton DireitNan Won, Annstansl torporaflon

69 December 13, 1941 AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) The Billboard 69 IIIIIIIIIII B ft nape MIME InfAtihia PICTURE TIE-UPS FOR OPERATORS ; DH IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Listed helots ore: (I) Films to be released irlfhtts the west two weeks south feature Nines that hone bran or are irkedieted to be 'mitd by recording l'2) the national' release daft fc tuck filso!fated: 53) the 'Wording* Of Imo litn; fusses, es well at the artists and driers. "Louisiana Purchase" (PARAMOUNT! Bah Nose -Vera Iodises/Wm Were ersisor Cam: December ,41 RICO/MINDS) 'Idseklms Pereasm- INN Kemp Circler) Roy Nobk iceturnbui Tony Pods!Metre) Sephiste-ests itseedi 'Toed tenets mod Pm timely" Chore Darnel 1111m4Knii Chick Ihillock tokehl Al CkeetiOnit!Mehl Toady Gorky rtketorl Duchin <ColisOal May Merlin I Odes Tony Wells Mescal raswat Medd te Smith (Cdurnbia) "It's a toreety O.y Tefelertve" Chick Bullock FOSeld Tommy Coney rtilesosi Eddy Cased" (Ceturnhisi heady Morn ittludidil frankli Matey* tokehl Loulie Mimed Dlikefil Kate Smith rceluntbisl Bea Wan 41/krod "Playmates" mcoi gss gyste-psis banymed Ream Dote; Meerut*, SWEEPING RECORDINGS) "Hamper Damply Med" Lou greets icieccri eti,v Crotty -Woody Nyman IDeccal Art igkissudi Kay Kiley (Colusvitnri Cleric Miller (Mudded! "Hew Long ON I Deroar" Lou Breese itteetas Art kerne tbrusbyd) Key Kris, (Cokatgi "Munk Tim talky Sew sad theses" Kee Kiser (Coluniblet "gond Sian and kart braes^ Kay Kiser icelumbial Trade Showing Gent Ktiera end 3114 orcheetre are featured In 'Resumed troth 540NYR Bell of Pfte, which will be acreoned for the trade In all exchange centers December 10. Operator* may he interwed. In the filea treatment id Drum Boogie, re -corded some time ago by Gene's crew. Moro Minicab Two more ormthal pictures. tontisthing turas which en Atheeitatd to be recorded, will be Nil/awed on Or about December 26. The tarns. Vadveraars Ifelltepoppfn and Warner's You're to the Array Now, are the advance horalds of a new year replete with musical productions Pm release, Warner alone has Moe musatal Ohma set for -produc- Hon. while Paramount will *mount tor three or four... "Kiev 'Ent tring" In roue see -up oarieldmittons. don't forget Ens GAHM.' Sentimental Orer Ted, which Carol Bruce currently stns In tirdwrinst's Keep 'Ens Flying. tittlyelng THE COUNTRY WEETEST TUNE of the year.. WINGING big profits to OPERATORS! The OHRINE of ST. CECILIA 4 I 9 SOUTH' BEND, IND.. LOCATION ploct retreat, complete Mind!WACO Itgh a Wurritrer phonograph and the roll arid bar bead made by the same firm. Muria Merchant Carl Zimmer (sealed) supplied the system. (SR) Abbots end Costello. LetOtt diets available on Sentimental Maude Jack Leonard CORMS, the Charioteers (Columbia) and Conrail Cssal- Leto. Richard illinter. Prances Langford and the Li* Sputa Oledai. An extremely potent rtworaliag It Victor*, which feature. Tommy Dorsey and hie orcheatra, kletitiffed for year. with Sentimental. Bing Sings An advance tie-up blot opediaos who incited Bing Crosby In the lint of top caulk eutsehlne favorites: Seven of the It Irving Bastin songs to be sung by Ding In Paramount's forthmenthst flotiday ten Wel Cleelfletcreteldt, teal on.- ttod's total holtdapt The lestivat-eabiting number' Include Mad Chektriuse, Let's Start the New Year nail; Abraham, Abraham; l Car. - not Telt a Mc, nu, le a Chest Country. Plenty To Be Thankful Per and the over - popular Feed Parade. Other Crosby mods to the Olin Include Be Careful, frt Mir Mart I Want To He Lazy, rir Captive a Heart and The flidearker frumber. Several of them are`aareatly on the recording embattles' release schedule, and Irving Bertina autbobibtp 14 A rya: - guarantee that the twee will get the mediatory plugging to roach hit ranking. WASHINOTON. Dec. 6,-Perninounth now film, Birth of the Blurs, now showing at the Warner theaters lure. received nhorperatton from Mesh de fa Vier of the Shah Coln Methane Company. who put "Makers on Isle Miseldne calling at - Written to music from that picture. Sahel dale la not the Skit tie-up between theaters and phonograph' operethes this elty. 11. is the first time that the CUM earl:dingo, have supplied stickers which list selections from the mosteri. Paramount's Okada told the otaterneri to play three different arkeilons-hildh of the Mud; The Wafter, the Porter and the Maid Upstairs, and *done/tory!ruby. De La Vies said he found that the slickers central:4mm moth the play has v. -whine. reeelred. 4/vZ owl wotorilm 1??4,R ND*. 1 Week of Dec. I 1 '.'Cuckoo Waltz' 44,r. 1,: T 'Tommy'sMustache' join. Gwen Is«err Nom( Re.. Mow* Clete I OM T (luit Your Belly- Achin" ORInIll ONO', I INartat )-2012 ) 4.'Moonlight Fjord' 5.'Misirlons Mt.**, ftmia)rtra 0,45. I tipa Fleet 101,11F (TWO W OPERATORS' TIP! T -20I5 YOU MOM YOU STOP NE levee Illtlor w, Wavle Greats ORDER FROM YOUR LOCAL rosara Discovered and introduced by... AL DONAHUE and HIS ORCHESTRA Ask for OKeh No today! *-the original wording by At Donahue and Ms orchestra, with vocals by Phil brim ARO Dtvarr (DW) EATON. Sutlers regfrmal director ef Buckley Musk System. Ina, stab predicts a banner year in 1412 for addle machine opendors befect sill the mutt Oa /Weep male of tetrere; prnuqtriaists and NIP Knplared (MR) In STANDARD PHONO ( W. 23RD STREET NEW YORK. N. Y. CORRECTION NOTICE $tandaed Mona Co, aneovntement ift Ilia Dessineee 6 Mee Ma Wandler% ei YOU DARLING, YOU STOP ME P4nT MO* v, lian44 arar.l'a OTINItn. Icelsra-r{ ashy tr ills marl i n 11. mad or PETE THE PICKLEMAN - ON THE CUFF T et. tlfrilve ea 7 damp a WeelelAkei erre. 11.e OW en -.R1 to 12026

70 Colombia TO The Billboard AMITSENCENT MACHINES (MUSIC) 11errmber 13, 1947 TALENTand TUNES nit CT*" C hal ALC H NI IES 1 and ruin, News Notes Irak. thouand Colombia i'nd Oath trusads wui mewed ern to the litho branch A the fanny bill VI rat for Usk,. moot Po the bora at the 011r 11 rag balsa. Colombia lacked the disks In parka. of 100 acts. and If took a Hal of Amy Pack* re pkk thou a9 op. WI... Oh* auk& aro tallsated H iteleal and other bens, a lasenwar if 65 Wurlitert afic made ebonearight min accenourry IN..,. Parhalalisis of Illso machines was lg. anted by 1. t. Sentra or the Rudolph Wuratzer Company, Homo Sprier, erperted hem last weak to Fee signed will. Okeh. now comma aria as tho each:due &Oak ooperty +1 Dash kerns that lesanier had net achalif darted with Okob.!Nate, MOP. walla, amid In ;ad llama M. rroacsres en a tengdomer... Hatt. blistneek and his Wad will appear In Werinris' forthcoming Pk, "You're In OP* Army Now.".. Mena Webor hat a new.20akho wait and Nit las tliw aides kir C Wedmesday IP. all wallas.. Itawlaid Nun. 'matt the' lisarl Rues records an He labial hive gam over the 100,000 mark tare his lint "i tat Palr. Sera at tort idwanovon. N. 1 here mated Plitdegardo lath acerb* tote persomality. and gal Odd 'tin a eleif ant weak be the priumal thedu and a lew Nisei Lacy Hoene. cliereter of patriotic noon fit Victor. has..ceded in *Mao of elibliele trawlers died 'Songs Yea Leon", gal leurnef, *ocean. reborn le Ilse got Camaro band thin month otter 10 manias IN. Poess agent tot Hu Komi Presbitkere is maurisi Ike tradt fhst his marls p.m Okta amnion+ "theuthe 041 1,401 MW," M g pommel Mad It, 'Phitte tho bast art all asinalh ffl Sy HAROLD HUMPHREY!Lana/ married shoat On.. Jul get a bartneor 01.. Sas Wei madam penal In manual thaw IN lelerminnel eatalos. all tut by the Debt Troblin. Dor Act " de Folks." "Homed.. Po-1km" and Petite." Release Previte% //St Hong The Lou cwt Whntlite* lietbeado-lend and Canadian Cope,. for BOP:bird ha. witted Mitchell Ayres with ota., Auntie: Coned the Flowers, I Opened Truing and The Bay Wait the Wistful Awe. Jack Leiltlardit nest Men data. will Mar the tlticw Madeleine. Who Cifirsit, It. Isn't &YAM Anymore nod Ill :fern New Standard lebels echweitaled for early Moak* Include the Good -Yellow., on Haat hell, Metro end Th. Wishing Well; Mimeo, bilia(140 OLItliViati Of Ur* Sillg Together and Vilma Settiere. APO Walt Leopold and band doing aerate Polka rant HOppy Hunter Perim. Sunny, lliertinat hen ant The White CUM of MP', for the new Elite label by Imporinl Record Company. Territorial Facelifts FOLLOWING Ina ilet ill innate from operators In %widow ereefion..of the country who have mentioned artiste and recorder an local favorites In addition to the national tenders hated la the Iterrovi Buying (Wide' CHICAGO: 'Ti. Alaimo. Los Brown. Lei Brown proves on thh dlint the bin bend is hid UM toll geared to it', nett, navel rendition awe 03 the ilarlperitill. fitirilber b dietillittly a -COastir In Ha ADVANCE SALES OF Y.Ftg `,ETTIA BLUEBIRD RECORDING OF "SYMPHONY MODERNS" ALL INDICATIONS OF GIVE OUTSELLING HIS FAMOUS RECORDING OF "PIANO CONCERTO" ORDER FROM YOUR LOCAL DEALER NOWT EXCI.USIVE MANAGEMENT MUSIC CORPORATION OF AMERICA THE garburg-equipped WIGWAM aart,cfnainnatr, Is repaired to be one 01 the Urged of oath mune systems yet 1mgal/ed. The system Matador a ado, Stabiag phone, sing Mf Wirriras WartallsaktfrO, IB 3 -cent Wadi/metre: and 5 built -taw rprakers. Also lastatird in a Sec -burp pablicaddrem *prem. The OgIsignient it operated by Creieent Novelly Company, cfne-artnet, rind roar. Metalled by Soothern Automatic Muete Hactipatty, Windy City, in..-corcling to operative report*. Drown himeelf loam quite e reputation around hare, too- and la currootly playing et the Illnekhaeg or course nil gore to hell. CLEVELAND: I Soo $ Minton People. C. Calloway. Denny Goodman. Ideth the Connally nod Cicoduien veteloni or thin ballad two "going among" Items here, acoeirding to the operators. UgUalti, llowerw, have ham gains rhisely recently. end the competition among them is es tense that many or them closet bares chariot of married. ml.. one might be tusked sato by crgovetnen lit other onettona. SAN FRANCISCO: Aresele~ hag been taken ever by Markel and Walter Holly. The former owner. Harry Conti, was recently snot and ktlied by a bandit la the arcade. Two in Loo, Tommy Donay- Thls lovely ballad was haled "Owlli.littm" a finw weeke ago and LI elready or choir:ate renders from tt-treed-a-pak J. Peers & Son IWO buying a nninikr Da nning out in several medians of the Preclude Corpanition. country. In chit Weal Ceara -city Dere:ere Yermliall 1. beginning to estop Ott lit Pod esirmatou. Buctienne: the plansegrenha. Ditty le also getting orwkir, batraht a shipment. or pumagnspha from the aligott gales Company- it 36t of an obits now. too, go that witl help... SPRINGFIELD. ILL.: Harry 4 I1,. 1)64r011 Sechurg operator. I With I Had a Mesa Andrews Sling& went M Clittalfra to attend the outdoes 00000iskkift. This one Is on the other nide of the Andrew:es.' Why Don't We Do TM. More Prank Allunet. of Prank's Hunk Company, and Li. 31. Carr find Staley Wei. Often?, anti Operetou bora toped that elks ildo le getting nil the play now la of the Peat Mende Company, ado xtending their nut.* with Seetuts ptuipmaai this town. Oslo have always been prime laterite* around thn Chicago ores, getting the firkt Mg boost there three the P. E. Wrigley air show. Nets FOR o opeaparative mg of sone broadcast most often orer the networks during the week mild! December (I and OM Week before, ended November 29. tee the Popultartty Chart to the Mimic Department in this lento. Eaton Predicts Big Year Ahead NEW "I'MEK, Dec, t l/410.-dewitt (Doc) Eldon, SWAIM regloned director tor Inickley Watt anamo, lite., bark tram a enmity of the gaitorn Prensylve.nin sad New glogiand. reverie Ivo believes 1912 will be the big-ornt year the mods Unita It.. ever enjoyed- Ha is Planning it trip Oast Now York State lend the Midwest. "Everywhere.I went." Dos reported. Sound mune naachtne operators content:14014on btllldltig their root.. with the Mimi equipment. in!ter! C}.R.! bilfor= profile were reported, arid indkatione Ms that the Sewn! uprising in music on every tort of locution aill lecnraim further Ip Me increased lichineas by operators le not only the result ad invorsible notteee In tunewpapers, magazines sill mho. hilt becaux of the definite tarn to nutale en a relaxing agent by the public. Operative toll coo that What they formerly cmuldrred poor lototsonit how, hinged far beyond their expectations to popularity. "Monett control ututaf Metall...Hens am alto petting more attention Han when they were ttna installed. rot definitely confinced that a big year hoe ahead mat I also fool that operators will bo Called open by the government to perfenn unique aerriera to the public nod armed format. The cumin music trade delve In behalf of the U. 8, Theo. ury ham won faveraide rya onent Slid geed will and. as a U-StIlt, enter lien will Ito worked out tu which the upaslo mashing operator will bo the moving farm" Detwit DIEtTROIT, Dee. 6.-Roya Areadr, ono of Caroni& leo rentairam Peony Edward Orolumaki her returned trent a deer hunting trip. but le not slanting anybody Mx [rapidest 6 James Ashley. Amertnut Novelty Company. Is rnaxlcig on overage of bre nee Buckley made bow InatellatIonr a week. Jeri Peeneri, incehiloic for the A- P. Baum Company. 7n beck from a three months' sojourn in California. dyl Lltspctrunes, another A. P. Sian rexceentatire, la back trent* dust Math log trip to Grand bilarale, Mkt_ JOSII MORATID, orchetre lender. trice eat Ike Hackle" ffirentfalef.611 Motto Dor. The picture IIVA fn fie Purple con. Cincinnati, dering Morartirs encasement al the Hemet NetheTramd Plata. that Mtg. fair,1

71 December KT, 1941 AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) The afilboord 71 on diet - GUY LOMBARDO (Dacca 4077)!Impala Inava-,,Pr. VC. S-B-1-.V.S- Ft. VC, Lambent again leads 'with Itia chin m inkling W. C. ICandrri Mestpraa stiatt. There ix no saxophone holding a note foe Id bare as Lombardo treated M. Louie Mum. Instead, It la treated the mime 0.1 any tatr rhythm tone,.tree OM hardly be elaisillect fa saltpetre Kum blowing, ailotviatr. Kenny Gerd- = hoe little cionetption of selling such lyrics. To better advantiige la the om notion Lombardo pattern In Slum. 'Tempo Is stepped tip to a livelier pace, and the srerdase la `better handled by the trio. With Gardner trying to cut In from behind ialth n vocal riff, The 'Thine" own:teen it Lrlll a bitstir Ile, sod for the Lombard* folk:motto II blossoms fifth again In socepeabbi fashko to Maul,Medal Per the phone*. KATE SMITH (Columbia 36448) Rant CrDatt-Wi V. rho Whits CUP Of Doecr-PT: V. Radio's favorite soogiiird mama the pond for her meal COMP' In talk. pair. A hatamostitic with tempo net by the CeriMara tinder the direction Of Jack Miller and Miaa Kate Imparting a booth at old Erin, Is Rose O'Day. Mae nyinnpalleta 1n the lefira.-goidurha Sans title for the ditty,.into IC arriselot no mein of Irish dontalo-talk. Mien Pronith moats over to Dover for the Ilipover. The nine hi tailored for her vocal tatentri. Tar "While CHOW penis Is of the toe +1.re CSMOir saraclocil with Kale fasellit.. Hat sap It willa leech meaning, anal ea a vocal roselike al Mir feteartill tees rase klim lolth's color 'can Sundt, whit BARRY WOOD Nieto, Amer of Merr7--PT: V. One for for One --Pr; V. Berry Wool Ur again culled upon to Onitrintato his tinging (Mania in the le - :creels of national defence. Arithted Irp the Lyn Murray aingera. he duplicates tt.a. Any Naos& Tildes? thriller foe three Leo potrlotle plane. Aspen of Memo/ be teeing Berlin's tribute to Bed farce :Maras. Plitemer la a apirited marching cb.mber. Ws implied end stirring +MISthg tee Ugh atday, The ftlimgles" Ode *mold share the N& PE$40 In machines okh the 'glands" platter, ationang another eserdent oppactlenlit 00, Mt mask beam to ern materild timet et the sue elude -operator( aa. plarlas today In uneven edges to the band's riotous blowing. For the plattermste. Meitennent the tosntm's detente program. even on a tower level. The Shot Piper TEDDY POWELL 4 gloabied I rhythm ditty Ia set to a minor 'drain, Screeocfr to a ifeld-w; TO,!Lore YOU Bel of AU-PP. V. A.ocoebody had a perverted tsetse of humor when they let the. Serenade side pan Thrti-it width. novelty that glorifies the Bronx cheer at the Misuse of the fniproolon of the A Ads makeit SO fitricult to Ip late the ertionth ten. cum by 7W6 Osylor of the ttmeful Dallied. "SanniclitT Is an aolotilent iteastok al what Me 'eme edam-,do to tot an Wirt. PAUL ROBESON WITH COUNT RASIE 'Oka, 64751!Old Joe-Parr. I and VC, With teal rasart thownwiroatip so rare meorde In these dupe Wisdi platters WI strong ht spite of what tbrry Cantata% an extra garland of kudos moat be credited to thin label tor this Bent It hemp together the robnettnottoeia valet Of Paul Robrtion forgetting his clooltal incliner] for the mom In farce of the typltal nut,. WM* eirtsing In a sung ollegisitig the rise and fame Of Jot Louis. Making for just the right blend. tbatrt. Ueda'.. band, Old bends at playing the blues, provides Pie mthreiti setting, fang thaelt WILIS written by 'Richard Wright, author of the emittovenrim Bann! $on Way with MOM comp*** the mote. The combination :nature fiw a rare rettak-al great all around, it taken bath aides foe tooling the ntae7 of Joe Lewitt Rebesals aplt Mt* the Marmot with the bend. Ire the,.rat time that the la' b11100!let been applied to a topical theme since the dtsitarolas donee hall ftti In NILIelletk MSS. atoceffhl PPM* AV loud In addition to the nuiter_ria's hors-, there b a chorus ust lilt inmencied caroling. Tattle reason in the thyme to atop et Data rtreee bank. 11,4 "AMIN* Man" side is Ihe stronger el ihe lets but drietry tee the ram emit brat to the.tense, oho h tretitet al bettor vmsacnom. SPIKE JONES lblialkhd Barrette{ Cambay Prom Ohl Boraiotro- 171-; VOL The Oh! Catered lrapara Roiled sold came...a the Ult.,: rood Mao..., tanning ka.g LL g- t.1 ntrrt.irdel Luaitet, Might FT: TO. bretztroo Tent to lie Lxi.-o11.,1 Valve resoles.gil mxis 14;e71 Mr ea --Yrt.ltaz 11.12* --1 poll 1 --gruel atwnoat...-a, The but horn experts In Johnny lloott Trotter's Wert Coast crew come foment IC014TINUED FROM PAGE 141 again. ata drummer -trim Spike Janos and end the do -k is bound to become a moose tote Item. Hama of Rohnsoo and Bonin nosurea Ito Atka pilvalbititted tumult His City galekcate for a hilanclue tonguein-ehork Matt of a -dirtied own. Floweret with banjo and tuba salmi, each aide la a drab of gotden bantam. And the Item, ore moat In torcliv. comedy lyrics. vetted by Del Porter, LB rot the tom imations, ohs* with a sone the comedy bone. Cindy Walker. tong.beet fee Louis with a elesitileititachn In Paul about the Beritool Cowboy with PLO Phdoesma and Count Sege, nothing hats than bette pasts hall outfit& And the aides should stick with the mattinn at Lone an taw- tea IT and story I. peeked in the Hy Wattle:if the lismadeete trip token by Ma and able to keep on making the music. Proms comahlation clusabg land a tag play fee the platter ea localerns beyond the gaga sphere, Ps from Um bine at KentliCky to DM especially al the Cite3ON.e spots along the Lasts -in Motes ohm* the lace Muer In.. on ram making Western feature,.. gold mince of Callifornta, where Pa In reseed Is higher accoscatek. It's a aortae -header &thee eat Pane. The ullanteer melody sang is tom for the Isp JAN SAVE!? (Victor 27609) one tavern trade: and fkr "Covered Wagon" viannlight 32a.iliernde -Fr side shapers up an a KIWI* clasik with plenty TO. to Memo Ito city Polk as melt M E-R-PT; TO. GLEN GRAY Mecca 4067) The Rene of Sun Nag del -1T VC. Memory gaito-pt; VC. Dispensing with the kludge rhythms. Jun itiotitt give. rich Instrumental treatment to two Mindy Matadi that One - pieta the eyrie from 10tILLI" to )rieterdey. list stuleltlost hierttoor toice, below the meanie standard set by the bond, adds the vocal touch. Of greater Import is Baynes revival of the grulidtvd, nuithav song of all timm, Ortnip Use Bowan' Johneen-Theutione?gorse clareto up to date both In tempo and III etre- Moderately wee. the Menthe** trio of.ents Um chorus with mks*, Drams embed. the background. Bide le oplit gotheom the bond and wood, a chorus to each. The nom: pettinvi applied to the Alhetalc 8paittati dew* Shrine that corm to light at a MOonfferf Margorrede, Couplet is one of tile moat commercial Barlit has cut In a long limn and one or the brad, The young kids may not remember the "M.41.1-M.f.,R" tone tale et en terser decade, but for the Glamor_ Oral *palling at the title strip Is a cinch to "too the totes And -Smite rakes ahem Moir mancte stab. TACK TEAGARDEN letaxca A Bbatilin BIL:n Mire-Fel Va. The Meinitatillaus of the voodoo doe - ter. air provided by the vocal chant. by tile boys fn ton band to the toms, iiit accompaittmento fait forward the rhythm ephlta. 'The riga ringing In Mach eir itre captured by tentaposer Malt Moto to make the medicine man A Rhythm. Man- Mwdoally, boutweg it itlemert't sound at Interesting. the side htitig the eantentienal dirtriget. Totgardeles trombone Magee makes up In part for the Kupbuishing the aow.oth and tweet rhythms the Casey laa couple. U. fox-iret fathiratt waltz tat calla at today end yotteroley. Kenny Ibiusput sing, the opening refrains for both Ute current San Bogart ballad and Per the revised Memory fame. loody. Tien trombone, cony the band'. Menden] fur the tkaltag refrains. Both Mita are 11.1,X, Vtirdega dine disks, but have lithe else to commend It. h Mahar doettrut whetbm either of lho skies will mon anetides la Me sawlianea it h Madly Seely the, the Glen Gar arnica et the "Ion illittemci" gong cps overtake the fend of time Moody being mad In marebialeh and the band's Plente tar -Mimeos Lone" Lave 1101, memo let a mono! resiket other than providing just atwitter dance rawer. HARRY JAMES (Golumbila Matto!rapt' to Me. -PT: VC. You Don't Xmas What Lose la-fr. VC. Helen Portent returns to the waxes with Stake Lave to Me; and Benny Goodwin:4'a loss U. Harry James's gala. Ohm a heartihrobbing rendition, taking virtually the entire aide to mil the emu; like a million. And the band comm than. with a Heti Orehtetnal setting. The Lora bolted on Vie rioted aide la Mot a Mow and zermoth offering and follows the name pattern with Dick' llaymot girths It rota! finer. And Cameo Piet enolach of Berry% horn to identity the maestro. Mite Pervert has the adminoge W the better snag ickleetleart. liayron'a Wind entry, front the Keep Tat- flow-t.:a-tura, aa a moexly minor strain that Is more dramatto than melodic. We* Mike Wont seagull the 1.14e W. C. STINSON, FRYE. PA.. aware of Stimoit's Cafe, new the peckans Pfa-Mot rermotraerteterd AVS14-Aq nail inked hie itinair operator., Sane Rowe, Happy flour trarelry Coarprity, fu!anal( a clinthir 5s1,4eie It. ht, luraffon. W. J. Grubb. rcreferman, robbed at flit country. snare Me riarfailatims Herb Wedeocu. attics.tramper 0, Vieille.14' -.r!r Close pap, Glesofcrod, Packard dirirtbator; Operator $11M liannral and Preprfettv Shemin. Junes the completed Job. (1413) PP" Ready fee delivery- Boesky Preterits the New Torso Tower re meet the demand of vmwobetic cf4owripmcoonnro: The Bsrekley Tenn Tower stands on the ffeor-is 77." highmounted en casters for easy handling. The cabinet k rich in designrichly (welshed In three different woods and marble Grath with large full panels of yellow and red glass - illuminated. The tap for ditfinion of 'mend is decorated with a chrome strip. The Buckky Tom Tower lam tone to that it reproduces Ike records Not as originally platted by the artiste, adaptable for small and Intimate locations or for large space*. Buckley Tone Tower brings additional revenue. A Music Box is plated on the front paned which moans more coins and addition al profits for new and regular locations. For manicurist and prices see your Buckley Distributor. BRIT OILY BMW MUSIC SYSTEM, INC 4223 W LAKE ST CHICAGO ILL(

72 72 The Billboard AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) Drcember 13, 1941 abehlar the laa11a4 moil cenehetieg, "Mete Law to No Oughts eh Oa a strong coley for boast, Hoenoree, operators theast net ***OW* IM peetretailee el it. tasted.04., hhkh geh the same need treatment-ale. 1.10ering that tiff ttallad stank the Ahbattormtelle *halve*. TOMMY TUCKER 10keh The Where CH O, of D-ner-rf; VC. T.1. - Trek Sonp-?f; Noting net the wort:i on Are. Toemns TWXTT hen lighted a musical Sanaa for the British ledo baited that drips viol tenelevent. The accig story Is muer, stronger then 11a melodlo content, and I., the mingle hector Ulla wilt go far In sell -!hg 1St so Tuaer windy turns the tune over to Ma vocal entourage. Betworm Amy Arnett, Den Drown and the VOLSCI. PM.. with the Mons* moderately slow, It's Inspired eingtog that Wee the ballad a acre-flro mart, Train gong, on the Other aides Is a atieker. it get* the eani0 musical setting. with Amy Arnell and the VOIN51 Three for the vocal chorus. bit We lough to figure out whether the singers aro ea serious nn they emoted. Ladm have the makings of comedy novelty. Frank PUy. Joe R. Levels and other Bassailwny condos who tear a wing lyric apart for btiostoun effect can have a held any here. Warblenesolernoly proelidot that they welch the trains coast, In, and then watch the trains go out Par hat is muds more fem. The "Waite Coate. Ode Is the ear Met emethes to mean myth to Ilk metes Parry W.srbusr 41, Counaa, W.01ste 71, Oacut.n. 156,0 WAriticr 010, iltstrwro4, Vito & Spent 00111, Wxt11h Wer111.10r Itsra'd WreOlark L, ha sum% eteangor Soda - env Automatic Muria Company's Plante -Me ogre, reeving announced the panel opening o/ a new record deportment hendflop records for eserue mmpanlea. (OR) sloft. Wqa Tea far Arcot, aftablehte In Phone chalet, he aheald start platy al NTT olth the war. Southern Nutontatie announces the open ing of a ttew, large a Department. Record N complete Oda{ au the latest bit recordings on hand at all times. Make Deadquarters. Deartments e use the exclusive this your 'Record and Reconditioning look Our Refinishing make your old phonos and run like new. Marbleglo finish that Writs your old style into a nattier", Sire moey phonograph `Visit this office for otore details. amber. "The Operators' Friends"' E. PIPPENGER BERNARD RADFORD L. Vi stmo. ae7;10 MUSIC CO. 425 Stead St MAMORU, TENN. OYAI DISTRIBUTORS, 409 N. Broad Mill Sa sun attend Mwee 51 fft-sff ;.Mete /peal Vacate& 45 Rm. ftethaft PIMA face ppm.... awl Woos OW. 0 aanaa Maw '140 Illantar d,1**410 /11'.11 Memo, aloe, moms 'fedora 'Re De WRITKI WIDE! PHONE It-actg.& '40 Yasuo.110, 'SO BOW GREATEST PHONOGRAPH SALE IN HISTORY! Officretott PSIFICT/ IN(RY0141 attain roe LOCATION! FIRST COsit-IIRST UMW RUSH ' ORPOSAT QUICK. VALANCE C. 0, 0. CUM THI PRONGS YOU WHO NOW! attirincist YOUR OWN BANK. West Coast Netvs Notes By SAM ABBOTT Of The Billboard Les Angelo Office. Addeo": 416 W. Eighth Street Another ant of -town coineun to slat said that the los Angeles swore ttlainese loa Anisette recently la DUI Olst, or to best In recant months... Del Deena the Superior ONtrIbtittng Company. of San Iternardlno, I. expanding his op. Seattle_. Weanals Tommy thine are erations... Prank Navarro. Ls coalman - cuing good In this oection, operators re - log by plane between Loa Masten and Port.. According to Jek.e. Mmteortee. Rock.01a gleutbatoe. the 4490n of throe music machine* tae clicking 11 ea and the November sale* are high... Fred (taunt. Trojan Novelty Company. reports that arcade equip:molt h moving writ. Another Orin setang much arcade equipment la ilia Mao Sanders firm... Meyer Ocruborg. of Calm has left 5oUtbern thatiftxmla for Chicago. with Dave Clenshurs coming to Los Angelo, for A stay... frank Meyer, of Y41- Itabilt, Was In town from Palm laptop to see the boys before taking off fax Chicago.... Johnny Winn, of Long Beach, we. in town for hetet visit Ito reports that hie daughter, who was In. jured In an it0mdent. Is getting along nicely nod will soon have the cast remorod... Art Weida Lot Angeles game operator, Malted the 'Trojan Novelty Company recently-.. Charier E. %Yeah. Iron Is back In town frosts A trip Into the northern part of the State. May Going to Kayear Charlie may. Trojsu Novelty serviee. mon, will spend by CI:Timms. holidays in Karma City... Roy Wo011eard reports that Ine belthanot Ix good sod that he la adding more machines... Music machine business Is going solidly for Peed Kohler. 100 Angelo,. operston. Lee Webb, of Webb Music Company, wan cm the coin row looking over new ins - chino,.ltd equipatent, Kathie Ma - calmer came In from Ventura to 6C0 what was going on... Dick Onllogbee. Of orange County, spent a few hour* its Los Angeles.. Nevado wan repro. rented here by A. Oarehlene, of the Clore - tame Mimic Company., R. 0. Orsonand Niel Butte. of 0.4.; B. Sales Company. Bakersfield, COIL. were In town to see what-* new In magic =Chinos. Mrs, S. L, Orifftn_ successful woman operator of the Valley Coln Mechlno Company Lit DIM:tete, City recently... Jimmie Dyer, acrelois. man for Alpha DIntrtbuting Company, ban received his call from Uccle Sam Dyer holds a tremsport pilot. Dale Freeman, El Centro music operator. was In town slid visited the Trojan Novelty Company... Jim AIM, popular Loa Angeles operator, malittains a staff of 17 sera -teeniest rreentivele With Bally* Herman Einem-Item. tonneau -an At Alin MusiC C P. In Waking for the Kelly brothers. with whom he was assoeinted mate years ego In Joliet, Ill., R. IL Carp new operating 17 movie mrolliness... Ralph Benederet. of Ralph's Music. Los Angeles, Menlo* cur, where lie handle. the Seetng hive. Jet:* Fetlock declares that bottoms is on an upward trend with oh peak In sight_ Ernest Tribble. of Harbor Amusement Company In Wilmington, I. adding new her and well boxes to hi: Itlevocly large music 01P011100,1. -, W Snowy. of ran Etentarenno, oontinthe to make weekly trip; to Los Angeles to no what's new on the Isles floors. Southwestern Pally Soilthoveatern Vending Machine Coro. pony marked it. ttfth party with open house. Hosannas for the day was stn. pended with Ham A. )(tiptoe. owner, or. colettsg congratulatory messages from op. Orators. distributtors end factory repro. atottatircs In the area. Refeethencota wore served under the guidance of Mrs. John Drummond, Jimmy Jones. man. igen assisted Kaplan in welcoming ant. tom to the party. which ran front early morning until tete at night. Mills Wes Men Busy Down gehlond, Calif., way the Mitts Sales Company. Ltd... Is going to town. A. IL Boutertous, general manager, made a flying hip thru Southern Cbllrarnia and Nevada and reports operators en. thualearle. Warren IL Taylor, gement *Mee manager. has been malting home to putter around the new honey an Sint - days... kind of tough, eonaketing all the traveling lie close Prank &nether& manager of the Mills Portland office, re porta returning from hunting with lit. tonal SY. C-41 Breath reports Pattormn interest booming In Los Attach*. It. D Pathan', Las Vega* 04110e Manager. says lecationa arc planning for the largest whiter tourist trade. IL L. LIndaley, vice-pimident of Mille Enterprises. Inc_ report* splendid program la Pant:wont Soundies. lie finds machine'. In all territories exceeding ex. pettat1001. Sookam Notes SPOKANE Dec. a-interstate Novelty Company no stocking up heathy on Packerd Pia -More. IL Di Scranton, owner of Standard Sake Company, la beck from MOM with a now Malawi pkked up in Detroit Art Of Jack It. Moore Company, la In Seattle cm an extended hustutat trip. Waller MeAdattia, OrntsgevIlle. Idaho. operator of Stibtos and p hue Mat returned to his Mosineaa following three meta' treatment In a Spokane hospital for injuries suffered In a car at:talent?yank Pate, Newport. W operator. also Is back on the job idler two week' In a loyal heepttat To Ask Phill y Music Operators Help in "Smokes for Yanks" Drive PHILADELPHIA, Dee elos CO - petered wholeheartedly In the Defense Boatels and Bumps drive, the local music machine operation will moon be Called upon to support another drive lit the Interest of rm.:mined defense. In the works la a plan tee the operntors to piece side by Ode with Any Bondi Today? a rotted - Ina of Sethkete Jor Yanks. which was adopted an the theme some In It campaign being condueted by The Philadelphia bemirer to collect money for cigarettes, foe the boy; Ill the armed tomes_ Strictly *local drive na yet, the Smokes for 1.971/A tying wart written by Prank Capone. and Derry Miler, local anigvolllag team, and he being highly ; TUA Pan Alley Mu ne Company here Is pubbalitnic the eons, and all loot.--ede from the sate or.beet music will be turned over to the newspaper's Sneaker for Yanks fund. It Is planned to have a r000rdlig Male of the song. printertly for use In mimic reactance And while the, mode Ixtk.w will serve as it amazement force in Pattering rite somata campaign. the mum ntarlynta will benefit heavily from the salltellahr and promotion. As yet the plans Co In a netadona state, but expo col to tat, dent:ate.tape in a week or oh. Roma TELEPHONE MIDI w Le!...0nt 10u0ncrtpla <1.413t1 ctereptcl 04.4Nlo0 ton.:. smetee. Yin Ws* Oh 1410 Sorra Horitchos, /4,4 TIMM" Ocafhhe florf 1, o Roo AS,C9IN.MACHI,,NE,C.D: BUCKLEY WALL BOXES Illerelmute oaf 00,14 C An Corrinteed Ilk. New f1500y UNITED AMUSEMENT CO. 150 S. Mono St. SAN ANTONIO, TO BROKEN RECORDS HUM r lu) 1,4.0 of Isavu,,I I.:,4-,., map quoins, Era esr fr..:141' 4 0,00...bAt ',I Nut, RECORD SALVAGE CO v No. Tan 011r TO, OIMIt

73 Dreamber 13, 1941 AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) Thr Billboard 73 PHONOGRAPHS FOR DEFENSE Tie ealstpai,n. goes at CIRCLE rve COUNCIL Ray SCOSILI of America &ran member, and A. Cr, IlutPlog. of Etretro PaU Company, Sea - bah; distribator. Hugh.e* es* plant, to the Scout Connell the phonograph Putuatrys operatton math the Treasury Department on bond sofa. Left to eiplit Oft J, M. Clardy, L. D. ttotoftkiss, A. 0, Hooch, L. rate and D. L. Stafford. CO-OM:RATH.* WITH T11K TREASURY DEPARTMENT in safe of Osejensa Bonds and Stamps. Here W. A. Thomas, collector 0/ internal Rcressod, receive, Meek* for bonds. Exit to sight: A, C. ELOC31. Electro-Fall Company: E. D. Stern. Serbarp CortsOrattOn: Alt Rain Phan* Operatisr: W. A. T.homat, and S. T. Lake. GLORIA DeMALA AND THE EXHIRTT of MW. Nooettyr C.Y.smparsa., CliftagO, Made op for the /Moots State Desssrtmesysi of United States Defense Sating, atoll., Nmsmatr. Collins, administrator, It la a asocial disptay that wilt ours/ thc "Masts in pnatinaat department Mora, and Witco orsittrittonn (Ma) LAURENCE R, MELTON, Nat -WW1 Commander of thsabled American Veterans, comtstends the J, P. Serburg Corporation and tha Eteetrp- Volt Company for their oo-operation tettb. the U. S. In sato of Defense pond, and Stamps, On left is Arthur C. Hughes, regratnting SCOW" and Slegrol-Dal. ORCHESTRA LEADER ANSON WEEKS purcharen a Deferent R011a from members of a Chtoogo American Legion Asaildary Post. Thu Sot - burg Missute-Man posinso etas a Potato of the H. S. Treacorg DePorftarnt booth nt the Park and Pool Nctiel C11/WelitiCtrt heel, at the field Sheratar, chi/sago, 1461 mck. DENNY pines. "YOUR MINSTREL MAN,' is shown *Ming V. S. Defense Stamps to Oraca Land, Jantters bathing beettte. on tee mitatt- Hoe floor at the National ASJOCIAC1091 of Porta. Poole and Deaohat Vinnomtion herd In Chi ego rest week. In th background I, the Lortnap Minutes -Matt SyyrstetOisOla..

74 74 Thy Rinbncrrd AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MERCHANDISE) December 13, 1941 VICTOR VENDORS FEDERAL TAX FREE VICTORS MODEL V TRULY A GREAT VENDOR, IT IS UNIVERSAL, VENDS ALL TYPES OF BULK MERCHANDISE, SUCH AS NUTS, CANDIES, PISTACHIOS. ALMONDS. BALI. GUM, ETC., AND VENDS THEM ACCURATELY. NO ADDITIONAL PARTS NECESSARY. MODEL V IS A DELUXE VENDOR IIN IN POWDER litut TRIMMED IN CHROME, OR AT 4. SMALL ADDITIONAL COTT IN A BEAUTIFUL SHADE OF RED PORCELAIN WITH CHROME TOP AND 11071a4E. TNT machandise eritra ON Am. MODEL V VTOIDORS Is FORCELAtN ENAMELED. MODEL V CAPACITY.3 LOS, OF BULK seirchanoise OR 1,000 to 1,200 BALLS OF GUM: VENDS OR 'i Bate CIA.* STANDARD FINISH MODEL V, ONLY $8.50 EACH PORCELAIN FINISH, MODEL V, ONLY S9.50 EACH. MOBIL V PREMIUM DIAL COMPUTE CONSISTS Or THE FOLLOWING: 1 MOBIL V VENDOR, STANDARD FINISH $1.1.0 I INSERT IN MACHINE I PREMIUM DISPLAY IliDAID WITH 20 PRISIUNAS 5.50 MACHINI FILM WITH I TOO Belt& OF CUM, INCLUDING 3.0 STRIPED BALLS LOD COMPLETE DEAL READY TO SET ON LOCATION ALL FOR ONLY..., MACHINE TAMES IN , PAY LOCATION IS% DR Your Rehm. It $6.21. Tose prod'? ens emery *ON is SSTS, 23 Ibo. all Psyntlons Gym. yose..6000,604, only MANY MODIL V PREMIUM DEALS WILL EMPTY 3 TO 3 TIMES A wit*. DI Aetna lye YOUR TIRICITORY WITH THIS PROVEN MONEY IL4A0311. ORDIR ONE OR MORE DIALS TODAY., PEACE THEM ON LOCATION AND $15 THE MONEY ROLL IN. Ter. Cab With Outer. Delano C. O. D., se Sad reel Amount And Styr C. O. D. Col. VICTOR VENDING CORP. ASCO WEEKLY SPECIALS No TAR 116N0011* le Ow* D co4.15,45 It ISNIOnsiloosses Wm Thom*, 2.05 Ili l 1, b el PAM. N Tr!1.741{61. It Swan" 4a. sae WA1144 ltna rieseerseartr. 11_60 * St.e.Os tit moel. LBO fit r./1-44 N Pio+ time Bre 1434P.15,LPI1L BOA Ch.M , 7.60 To Rah** 146, Pte. Mot, Is lb,,45 If 'NOM. 4,45 DOUNTER OMAR* Mutat Px..;. to l P OW Si A.T.AL CL.. te lortheee SO Duo AL hurray Alb /.1% SY Sor-o-Pok OAP 1)2 fasostt oi.t. nom.. P.O.B. loreta. el, J , as InyouuSsel. WAISTAD. ilynext- C..oe, rail own. owner Gnaw 404 cfm. tll rills Venda. ea Yr eenim. M(0, 140 ASIOSI ST NEWARK, N. I. ROLL -A - PACK 714 Oruts. Ur Ow k Clew 04efto Will, Raid Munn itd MAIL mnia nett, PADA $12.5 no. at ROCS A PADS* oret re Center? Die eat IN, 0 0 I. 1. ertotte W tin arm.,.d SAYE Yawing tine. ISO Mulberry II. NEWARK, CIGARETTE MACHINES I the- -a- Ce Chia. or, rota Irtsearras soda illno14111, 52v30 A esswoust C.a.u.4.,q, ITO nub. rir C. IS I) ff.**..dane. at warms r= D.ROBBINS & CO. 303 W. 41" ST. NEW TOPIC CITY 5711 W. GRAND AVE CHICAGO. ILL REBUILT LIKE NEW! 3-00L SMACKS DEER -READY of Lau H tr wine he oar,urin Lin of anoint. D rtre C I.L.MITCHELL & CO. MACHINES AND SUPPLIES 1141 DeKALB AVE..a-KEYK NY DuGrcnier Signs For OR Show HAVERHILL, Mom, Dec. 6 (DOD.- Sltuthe antinhard. tromorer of Arthur 11. DottothIce, Ina., announces that her firm has masked booths 5 And 97 at the E381 Blew, January at , , ettetsio, and will dapley the Chrouplan eleurette inerchandaer etse Candy Men 5-cont cestilly bar 1134.CLIIDO. YTlin Champion Sad Cnndy Man machines WV producing MOMS 1.11TIZOLIt The notion," Mated Man Bouchard, -and 1 want OD Invite RA petulant te Mur thine catectialuddlten an dleptay Ut our booths et the Colo Machina CoovratIon." Murray Wiener Back From Southern Trip Conduavil by E. M. HAMMAN C.444O1r4, to S55 Nreth faro. Hunt, c Venders Will Play a Big Part in C. M. Convention?itainifacturers reserve 20 hooths - Rtlepupory end supply boistiee to exhibit CHICAGO, Dec. 0. -The 1042 Cain IT ,4 CORT-501!flq whl hear plenty of titbit:ili of 1otenrit to manatee! of ITT4Zy i.11/0 OF lending machine*..1 rental A. Culmnre. secretautrmacagere et the come rootlets, announced that 14 cramnface :urea of we:thug mechtnee barn ntreatly reserved a teat ef 20 eatable. WALT far 'OA C011140It0et. to he bald Imre JaLlt0All at ElotN Sherman. Among &bare 1115nufecturm ere the larkeet maker+, of viateling nusehtivre In hhv olilselly-y. Th.ny predate the very tulenin sets:ding mauttluert and VII Ideas that every sender operator can use. Firma nalmain they have went a lot Of 1.1O:14, effort and /0004V CO 101PrOT5 then- Inachlatea sod to Delp mite ' prebkinia eatiftentirt6 the rentitaz nut - Chine Incluatry. Accaseurtas and Supplies ICI addition to vendur nuthlifecturessit two EITEra 1011 eslittrit aorosentlea Co this ending meeltine held anal two nopplun fur Inselthreut Ancreastire nod!supplies for Mathieu:I now on lucatten Ottl hepeeirtily loped - tent today Imcarnic a the limitation! plated on them by lack of materials. lnableatotn. mum. be found for many things. For axne materna* no ii hats lutes can he, unr4. But proven being Cleveland Assn. Re -Elects Officers CLEVFM,AND, Dee. 0.--Clevetand Cigarette VeRdIXIR r43e111r.s0 OPer43.04C Assocane at a recent IPACIII5g re-elected Its premert Morn to nerve for the eonskr* year. The oloocra are Ittlaand Gensler, president; Cherry Golden. ten - president, and Ealwerd C. IDeltimart nnetetery-trenenter. The araocletion b oo-openiting tad per cent In the Dermot, Hoed and liktrop delve, All member, their employtea have botight liberally, Secretary MU Kleinman held a ronferonce alth Seely Dtroclor Nem of Cleveland 00 to whether ettinrette rending machine* ate affeetird UMW Use new 0.11 on pinball ruattintsett. Leper maul that they are legal, m they MO nattlandise readers. The are011ation voted to hold monthly theteed of wealy meattillpe kkrearler. Operators Win Tax Token Change OKLAHOMA CITY, Deo. B.-Oweimo of Many ventchas inaraillira here emerged victorious When the new 1.0* Olken. threatened tbalr Istainessa. The Olthilsome Tax Cotranlatlett bad replaced the old altimlniunt taken. with a past% Meterlek but the new tax token 57.0 toned Cry TereIlett traeltlue Owners te work In the machines', The owners et the trochlnee orateted before the lax eolith:halm who nee attoota,vx, ate. B (MR). --Marne to Hake Ole 'artier. Witmer, Nam tiaturrior Or U-Needia-Dal CoiperatIon. Has PrOlrned treat 44 Roilth. ern nip. Norman 041 fieddee-dtalelst 1.1,ste1 SOO eype grip wee tell' krukrar.rua," laltetiot rimeette mercbandlerr, El:twinkle I allot stated. -and I found Etatalsero OperunDre UP plserd a enhetantal sioltir for now unkkirootak to tbalr ippromil of the equieleatcht," made, and all the LAMM detekipmetto aloes Outer hoes will be Mactuoted at the tionvention. Co-operation and exchang. of ideas mid expertenom anteek the haat he of more thin usual Inspartuces this. yens. Supply Hems nre minveing immured Ottemat In the vending mectetne tridc nisd wilt be well represented at the convention. Chicago In the center of other Iran manufacturing Shone, Um =Orli! o f which ere Interoded to the vender Held. The eerily nod gum minifaeturera that have *Inapt naterm1 to the vrotellue trade ere more InHavotecl the ever ne the leading =COW* boatmen' tesnienuels to row. The present Industrial boote hr. brought Increased hoilmea to Om *trod. DNS auditor' trade, and %LI teeleml Lax loll POSTRt etts/voi has led a number of mums penitent to oettetder Murtha; machine* fee their TOLN4B. Alacclafon Delnitates 'Moro are *pprimint*i.ny 39 raceitzg. rolsobiao am:newt-pi Iii the UnItted Ettaten. Ofikere and dettipiter from most of them. will be at the committals to- Mamas Was for Ignore/me the tot of the Tender operster. Cigarette vender eperaterne aneelatans will be In, the ilmeltght, as mann of the moat Retire nrersellitans In tips countnr arc chpiretti amorlartonis, Vending machlne operators, should net mass this PDP0THIIIILY get acquainted with the organtred etfeete that ere helne earned On In States other than their omt. Built For Operating! DEPENDABLE! PROFITABLE! TAX, W iiry It VET. Sei PottfuvetteK IUtt VEWNII R111I1HIN1 TI^. Trod. 1,1' WA* fry awl,. TICIT2ZTC1121 CORPORATION free unra.. a MO TIME FREE PAYMENTS SILVER KING BALL GUM MACHINE (Ors, 50,000 Sold) 0-warky /2" Bell eetra Venda Si.' or I: $6,50 EACH Levi in Quanr In Sand ysor ardor /Way tor IMMEDIATE PRIYEAT A-S0 TORR PHIL... fib

75 December 13, 1941 AMR) S!MEW ( HER 011,11 MiDI SE ) The Billboard 7S VENDER SUPPLY NOTES Ilte GPM Order limiting tie 040 Of Ind and Un fops brought tooth a attielsm Ron. 100 Remold* Wash Cora - pony. R. S. Reynold^. prealdvat or Oho company, asked shy Rod was not to to llipvied for nee In molting tin roll while It ash still being made Into load midarit, stokers for tithing Um" nod ant - munition for liptiltanivii estroplalued Mon the oohs affected no ousts eivliksit User or Iced: sold that Ina eginpainy bud holved. Its reguiromento nay haling the metal thinner. and now nccounted for only SI1 pot cont of the stallable supply of lend In the UILItail Roam, nod that It would be easy by slisbulif Sighing the price to InCi4nAo 1t44 prositletiort by Chia fraction. Only lend con atop the light raga watch cause caddie^ And tobu000 anti other products to deteriorate, ho Maiotaragett.. Svgs[ opinion trop Ocotge E lertser A Company: 'On the whole, the outlook for 1042 wont to point W o. price level In croons or that which has ruled Our. Ins the current year. floveral reasons Aida. t s2-1 ITAYellr pionspt 111 to CX,11700% thin opinion. YthrI /4 the roamer at the Price Control hat which tram prevent Indicatkina not beterne n tow until nest eptlng. Wa 0ce to a special VENDOR STA/MAAS, FINISH V. ( POROTL AIM 110{491 / V, [ARM. V Pitlihint a , 090 Riatii T. 1.1i AP to' 0ily $133 tlitairate T to e. Per LefAlion Wt Riturn It "TAX FRU TARGET SILLS" GAME $3430 MODEL F 3450 MINDER Wool.1. Tree -In. 1/ Riroaold ihrit (odor. Sr W t ar Rem one V.af Vo-4Irq fil.901noc Orsotch10 Dow 414 CAW Maeda Glotoeo. RAKE he best 5 1St $ vtlee ever Offered VICTOR MOM, V PREMIUM DEAL enecon; I Pew; fee Seed.1, , 11,"11 10 r I It t M sued ire atosi. Rae '44 WO r A Ceevett X Dog AU,011t OnOTA YOURS toppv.i Ma he Loration e $1330 D I 19 O 0.0, PIONEER 2014 motif Stu.' PitilAartriliA. PA. I. T TSIOOX011II. Y el4* COATING EVENTS December 21. Sunday -Annual banquet of tho combined Now York amusement machine operators' associations (Amalgamated Vending Machine Operators Association and Greater New York Vending Machine Operators Asaociationi. Al Dilly Pose's Die. mond Horseshoe.. January 12 to IS, Annual convonlion of Coin Machine Industries, Inc, Metal Sherman, Chicago. Jortintry 13.17, h an. nun] convention, Notional TWOciation of Tobacco Distributors, Palmer House, Chicago. January -Last week of month designated as Nationat Peanut Week. rehmaed by do not ace 11--w the passage Of this hill illsiltirenn od foreign ond Domestio can do anything but increoss the price tamamence Of the Department of Comof rape." mecca The otureatt production lovol arse confpetionery InduatcY 25 Per cent Dom lot Pb. 27th Armed Convention of greater than the xfund rho Wesson. Conhatkomiy Tilleovett'a Ave- level Mated In 1939, thy Wady vulvae. firtiort a1a aria IS at the Albert S. Maar. of Use surrey, Corsica Hotel, Cluenees Thee group h nude that 0, UW 140,0t I ills. p b top-ranking inks ieporienlitioti e4 the Posittsic effect of curiallinest or con - tardy indsoby In the Comirei Wei.f. A.coterie Minim bitylist of certain demiliho gouda. Pholr norlinorlow b a *Neva iap,,,,g The onintnoilltten which Poliminiens nal Wanes curdy nimeorationte of Crowe and Purdt"' if being me"' "dulienttr -by cassa. Ittrataxt by Mc *strode program, causing. more money to be spent for such items (invite production, mw material and al IILLCIT. dapping problmem, the condy trained:1. tcday Trader ea randy ate of vitamin sub- IL In than at any Unso IL 1"ell Miring.4.-mbg" the past 1" decades Marcos coved is concerucd. the traltustry lino Pa- the recant animutiosnitmt by I -be Comtillttre on rood and Nutrition of the rod o ral Tax f roe National Nutrition Council thin It opposes the Addition of mrstionio oltioultsa VICTOR Meth V -to carbonated beforogin and conkertionery." Thla lit purely an unofficial recortimendatryn. bowever. and Whether or nen official netton will be taken la doubtful Thle Y a problesn which witi Interval ntembers of the Industry. and norma sort of nottoo will probably be taken by representatives of the Ministry. The inclualoo of vitotidna In Candy te seat contrary to the Pledival Pood and Drug Act, erre pronto' lobeling. Many miteitirnettarers of candy already have dimanycd interest in the subject of $.410-1ng vitamins to etunty. Varna Reasst Moulton crop Ia /T not tarror than Proo41. In Ohio, 41 the.honors,!prin are prying extronnee hits poke. for grew brans, Howbeit., Re Arofik.O bash, see %Aid to be held up at Soon Miami Poet. AnrIv.olo loom Tahiti by Lea of steamship senise. Ineesahret bolos is em...rival bails deed le ilosettor Ind Pigh mot of ofeer vartitilot. Is. advance In Tahiti prep mokipmeill.. Markets in Brief NPW YOutt 4. -to pp ell (dollen: s puma!) ; Natural 1.3,to U. S. Pharmaceutical to CACJ..0 oroy maticra New Crop PEANUTS Vb'etaia anti North Carolina Cents Jambes LO Pauclos AS Egtra Largo Matiturns 0.10es 0,111 No. 1 Vlrelota 035 No. 2 Virginia Soatt 8.23 Southeast NO. 1 Sponialt 0.00 NO, 2 Spisniali 750a 7.73 No. I runner 2101; too No. 2 runner 7.50 Teas No. I Spatilah National Peanut Display Contest. ATLANTA, Dee.,-An outtinitiling Nature Of the National Peanut, Weak miset-7allr'e.--- DISPLAYING THE NORMAN eft Gf SIGNE0 MODEL "500" CIGARETTE MERCHANDISER U-NEED-A-PAK PRODUCTS CORP. 135 PLYMOUTH STREET BROOKLYN. N. Y. MONTH OF DECEMBER Clearance Sale! WThrtltri VENDOR* Ditto*,!et POPO. 511.SS ill 110: 11 Pioc-. Inandordi 41 Ife Pe OA* 11404feif Drop PIN Pilis aim Poo. con mem 51 Promos/ Dawn, 133 flan hosli Pao, wan vecer.411fle1.1 4S0 Tel lielotese I A iti Poo..., teat. a fts.anr noirsnwmartatil WILES A SAM/1ft ReC t11110 Iii Ailiao Gan troodor,11 is 44.40i. 411 Ponitral Ica_ Oben inehst. elleb If Reb1,14 24A ,'.. esc.e. Mn.', Pet* es to Nunes 3 oil it a cot mma it A4lore to IMI.41,, I OM. Moll CROW. Oahl Gum, MB Plowart-111t9i0o ,A 15/ 0M9 w.. P Racontai1400 1, 14/ PAS - I o neeorn M* Own Alorteri I A Of Pam it maw*" Oka. IAA IMO it SAG COUNTER GAMES trorio.cew, she Own la 1.4 7/9 01/0$77, SAL. if Si'.> EMI ison 9.41 to 5.44, Toe,* 5.18 C. 0. D. SEND 109 It Uri Iatio 100 COMPUTE PR1C1 LIST It A.ILT. CnonleoPIP le as MODel. So es.ee Lilt or 100. BALL CUM SAMP0E fate sy Ino-470 Oteol C For SW 0,0 Ii. lro /0. STAPP/ - Ohl R eke to Rani. Lint tia Comiiithito Cari4r. NORTHWESTERN SALES & SERVICE ( C0nny blond Aye. ansoklya, N. Y. 58 frehnithution Asc. Newark, N. J. nocironnnlor flogetew BALL GUM -Finest Quality 3/4" or 5.4"- Write for Samples and Prices U. G. GRANDBOIS COMPANY - Kalamazoo, Mick. campaign will be the vilnelow Catiemt Its which "Oil loo Own away orer GOOD In prime. announce& W. B. Jason. executive aocrelary-treartintr of National Peanut Council, tn aortneos t0 tbn no - Mahal pane, meal prim, Will be trims by large dlotriluitora In many citrus for the beet windows displaying peanuts mud peanut product" To any dadrterator who wall glee the horst prim of 123 in hie Cltt the Norlount pciallit Connell sent furbish SIG worth Of alsithasr trsumn-a frea Of dor.. Anytior wanting to o70 thin liftotoe the cauiscil at Dore. their ality has not elematy been anksneel List council v.,u delegate Use fltin to stye In., prise. 'egg, kayo that by giving the toed ;otos. Datums on en actor commas* nod pronto* by the tuitional publicity or the Tiottonal Peanut Council Amy dram tribute', of Narrate and peanut practutto *an really doable his buaincon W nry, as many firma did tail year, The intrrest IK NatiOnsal Imanut Week January 22 to 01, M Pawing daily, Otto to the naccete of Last year's campaign. practically all headlong of peanuts and peanut praelailts are co-operating this year.

76 . I e tiriffroarri ABILI Bit271 ENVIE IFIAIL; h -remitter I.). ft,'f NOVEMBER MARKET REPORTS More Buying as Tax Confusion Is Cleared by Important Rulings; Operators Have Banner Month Compiled by Maynard L. Reiner CHICAGO. Dec. 6. -The federal tax situation continued to hold the 'Center of the coin machine stage during November. lath* the Power and drive put behind the Defense Bonds campaign by the music machine industry forced the tax problems to share the spotlight part of the time. Two rutlnj handed down by the Internal Revenue Department -one on consoles, the other on counter games -did much to 'clear the air of remaining confusion on tax rulings. Ruling on consoles states that as long as no tag or other evidence, of payouts is contained on a mai...tine that would indicate that a player is entitled to receive cash, premiums, merchandise or tokens, the machine is non -tumble Later ruling based on these same principles wax laid down to govern coon - tor games. Underlying basis for thaw decisions k that neither type NOT COIN OPERATED!! TAX FREE! TAX FREE! That's why American Eagle is doubling and tripling profits! Locutions demand it! Operators rave about it! Costs only $37.50 V DWI PR.ISINE MARVELS AND AMERMAN EAGLES COMPLETELY 'CONVERTED AT IACTDRY FOR ONLY game falls into the "slot machine" or "pin game" categories covered by the federal tax law. good Delve The morale -building power of the nationwide automatte phonograph network was driven borne forcefully to the nation by the industry's idlout campaign to boost sale of Defense Stamps and Bonds during the month. "Phonograph for Defense Week," November 9 to 16, saw the recording ''Any Bonds Today?" in the No. 1 spot On pho2101: thruout the land, Pheno rhanufacturers, distributors, operators and service men became bond salesmen, not only getting their families and friends to be bond holders, but enlisting the services of loeation owners as well. Much favorable publicity was garnered by the Industry in the press of the nation as a direct result. Far y.44 amtr MAC MOHR CO 2916 W. PICO BLVD LOS ANGELES, CALIF. LAZAR.. HOME OF AMERICA'S FINEST BUYS 2.0:4*.-.0:ei...10,,, /4*,* Ogee* -.$ P T * WOW IV POW 5.5, WOO en 0000 MI Odra IP. Tux, 047 OW,,, 30,00.. inr.a. *1 sago to P. 59t P B. D. LAZAR CO. nee ewes $50.50 T W0t M Tenet :5wa Wow Fos Wee 57.5e Tea TM* werea atereltaa...-aart magataim..saaso tors N Moat, P/ s. Pa 445ronseo 4220 Buying Bask Buying of equipment, w hie h picked up the end of the month as tux difficulties were settled, continued brisk during the month. Used gamut were reported in big demand. Many of the new games released by manufacturers wire well received - Manufacturers again were in frequent huddles with OPM officials on the raw materials situatien. Six Chicago firms, in keeping with governmental advice to small business. formed a pool to seek defense contracts. Convention Pints Formal plans for the 1942 Coin Machine Convention were announced during the month. January 12, la, 14. IS are the dates. Coln Machine Industries began actively enrolling exhibitors- At the month's end Hotel Sherman reported rooms are booked solid for the gettogether, with one firm reserving 55 rooms. Colligation* Good For the operator, November was e banner month. Upswing in the nation's pay roll began to be felt stranger than ever in play on pin games and automatic phones. Vending machines, especially those in factories, got excellent play, Many new vending routes opened. More movie machines went on location. Levi Front Outstanding legal news of the mouth, aside front that emanating from the U. S. Internal Revenue Department, camp at month's end when the Florida Supreme Court handed down a decision okaying coin -operated rinuesernent devices that do not dispense any form of prize or award ne legal under the law requiring occupational taxes for amusement machines, In Milwaukee pending ordinance, to license games was shelved indefinitely. Operators looked for a return of games soon in Detroit and Buffalo. where new city administrations take hold January 1. New city council In Cleveland passed an unfavorable ordinance against games. BALTIMORE BALTIMORE, Dec. el. -The altar!, upswing In bake Of both new and used gnaws OUring the Pit Week Of November sae the brightest spot In the sales picture for the month. Some of the dts. tributom fl*d111.1rid that 75 per cent of the sales for the month were mustered during the last week. Demand ice consoles continues to be the high spot. New genes, particularly consoles. Were accorded a wane reception by the local trade. Counter games moved briskty, mad rs geed demand for diggers. Canoes and target Oita Was reported. Coln music machined were i9godll demand paring Use month. Dame was true ei remote -control unite. Operators reported ealltenon gains. espeelnly at lade aliens wail boxes and Onnatte unite sue In operation. ^ Baltimore confining to enjoy lie bright spot In the national defense picture. Both employment and ardurkss skewed marked Muumuus during the Month. Cigarette mulibui alas U0 up, with more equipment now lit operation then ever before. 'there also has been a sea UrdWiltg In the number of candy, taut and gum noiiilem, BUFFALO BUFFALO, pee, 0, -While the nude did set enjoy the 20 per cunt ads mute In bunnota experienced ay theaters,. tkplirladnit. mad specialty storm hew during November, the uprising mw a good CVO. Caleet1011% sell 1.41a Ware exceilent, trade landers. report. Peewee of the^ city election early in Nesyclibu teas Wearable with the cancli. date the coins:nen supported sirsuliq. CompeUtton among music operator. became keener during the month sad there are rumor* that 1113 flt**.c wul be formed Won. On the sated front, inn garners are definitely On the upswing, with used games of nil typed al dropot, Prom the opernio sisnxlpoint, play on mune smschines ays ROW for the month, brit soared and fat from the peals to the depths as employment was affected by eqpnge.overs from part to slide -Tune orders in settle trialttes and ts1 finites. Ptts game picture looks brighter with n new admintstintioct moving ta Jansinry I. irloste machines, haven't in. cussed In numbers Candy eeliceuaris soared end asseral new routes were pvt stn. Gsg roues did well 05 did not gum and tee -cream tenders. Newest wrinkle here at the 1100 of candy machines to vend packaged crackers eleue side the milk reorient Beverages tor, chines still doing well. with funk ma - chinas getting the biggest play. CANTON. O. CAN -TON. O., Dec. O. -While Milkiest shoppers three= this sintelet are Wattles/ hamar talon to the blitimit lout In lintory, Dien machine operntorts report, the shopping spree WWI reflected In their business the last few days of November and ore or the opinion that Ditedfulaer WIL1 be one of then bolt months In perhaps a decade. While pinball games are meeting stub some petitteal opposition In ouluin acmes In this territory. in The tnujortly Of the Larger Idultlatrlal centers they are heavily patronised_ A movement Is afoot to license games In Youngstown. 0.. And in Osman proper some types of genies have returned to pritate clubs where liquor not seed. In order to comply with a State ruling Phan operators report placements increased during November all over eta territory, Many locations that have been wing hands or strolling have installed maehlhes to reduce overhead. RINCII HON MEN! 5711 THIS LIEAl! 0.4 'Pe ill UP TO $155 PROFIT ON EACH SALE =IL TWO TOM ChZ P Alma Mealy Pay. I'er Anachwava V et I / MATO= sd lege 4** WKS flue I 16.1(... I V. D. r sea. G-*IrleD 44.1 ALAso a1AMMI *MetrAltr Tin dial not sold l.,..._ *ray le PISTOWPWS P e1-* too'- Imo- d 4,1.'4 S4.75 IC VISIT TOVII TERITITOITT ROSH YOUR ORDER TODAYI 10 Days U.I. Gu9554. Oft 545I Orin Dr Al lib CROWN PRODUCTS ri;,.,`,4.."1t,r1.4"4...r,v,14; 1tA/51i1 A. 1{4PLAN feensert, owner of Southwestern llesunair kfachies Complies Lou Amprfee rcrecrrt tic turns em pood fellowship from his In-t:rta9r. Jafte4 ialtitt, an the. MIMS!, of the Ifffri ametverreen,y of the fbm, i* the beet' around arc sweaters.!setter reprownititieee end distributors who attendee! the pulp to Dan %apron and his employees con -115r rd asisocre,

77 Per.ewher 73. MI AMUSEMENT MACHINES The flulboerd 77 FREE PLAYS SHOW ON DIAL am.* NEW BIG GAME This is a Free Play Game with no payout. With a meter to register the amusement score. FURNISHED WITH ANIMAL HEAD STRIPS OR FRUIT REEL STRIPS two WELL-KNOWN DI374M4.17XMI. Joe Servals, Of Naraidtett Coen Machine Company, Chtoago, and Sags Toros, Mayflower Boor ley Company, st. Peel, recd! M the Miheett $epply Company eftsplog room while loci:fog seer eti, Parade. Bfg Parade Is passing the,modticf,dan reeord made by gaitelcour, Sztribit ollirrials deer. (MR) ankh eite upped when liquor pee:aware iatatsottelly inereseett several weeka oso. Movie machines ore increasing. Mink Tending Mile* are Off slightly due to rectorate from many atmet. Utast need the Tam for holiday merchaddrie, but feetory drink machined oontinue strong. CLEVELAND DLEMLAND. Dec. o. -One Of the first minor the new city council who to peen [it Ordittenois prohibiting pinball. Blot micaletts or ether destres that could be used for gambling plirpecte. Title coil - =nee we. introduced Mat spring end Mem several bearings woo abeived until this month. hilaco the new city ode:sim- I:talon had the ordinance peed: nod to the counsel. There Is a posidetilty that the operators' asaocution will carry the ease th the, courts On the ground that it it not osnstilatticom. Phonogreph operators had a VOA month end are looking forward to the met holiday business 0701' tie-in with Mt Defense Bond sates campaign gave the PbottagersPlit Merchants' Association a Ica of favorable pribtleity. and co-operation with the BOA -Victor Dance Caravan hrtdped butt- :role too ter no shortotio of now plume - graphs has been reported. There was some apprehension on the Part of cigarette vending machine operators that the local pinball ban would elect them. Acroever, they were assiareet by the eatery director that macitianollso venclevd Would not ho molested. Norember was a good month foe teems= dales, and rending meentne operators report they have tocatione for machines As soon es they arrive from the factory, Shipments Of tiandy hart to eperatoen showed come improvement dl. -ring the month, and srsnufactirrers golla :EMPIRE COIN OFFERS ---1 EMPIRE COIN imul MACHINE EXCHANGE Writ 111?.. am, ILL- a Iv in WANTED FOR CASH H.4-21arnia. flambe/i PlArNIn./... 0,4 reams Vaslisto. **IA, etvihretrept 4, WIN /t2214 0:044. Alf 1)6, $ listpars. 12" roptorg, , 01222n, * lb ReAporomavi 1..4,4.11 Cr," 1p,f I, tl moor! brought out a number of new ben. Busicess U. repotted to be ahead of is ;ear ago. Ourn. peanut and ether vending 211Mhillart COPti11110 to be wall patronized, DALLAS DALLAS. Dec_ O. -With two btg rentional defense yavoleelo expanding rapidly hod private inditittry putting more people to work here. local ogn machine bitlineas, along with department stores. theaters and *gating rinks enjoyed better Multiage in November. Tao difficielty of federal taxes has lust about been Ironed Out end open:ages and distributer,' are optimistic about future willow. Music machine play [itemised during the month. Cigarette macbinen in. created their take nod itoveral new installations Were made. Meavielit orders ID new equipment wan for phonographs end wall boom, Del.ine music operators have co.operated wholeheartedly with the glare for the sale of Defense Sonde and ewers firms repnri. 100 per cent purchases of bonds among then' onapiuyene Record firma.report November was one of their beat Menthe. Shortage at new equipment hold down Wes for some distributors Cf free -play pin games. Priem for Used equipment Oantlituess to beht firm. Saaolicards enjoyed a bit hw.11tfets with a wide variety of accompeoring merchandise bring offered for the Clartrimes holiday season_ Movie machines are increasing. and a now distributing firm, South Coast Amusement Company, was catablithoct during the month for Mins Pancreas, DENVER DOM= Demo. 0. -Al lino there ban been a seasonal slump here. it a -se much less than was expected and distributore re. pert they already have detente Indicalions of an upswing. CollectIOna have Idea off gehroolly, stn Toast operators 0.1! Soaking for a spurt of emending Matt will tarry thaw the holidays. Marla machine* art Blowing the greatest Increase [loos then Introduction Owl's..,224:20 Tvri. Si., a Ell Alf ereeneso arso Teo SPA Irmo Rase.. 45.s0 Wet wim "Vail Si ', P." a f I. 1)." ii MI *Won Town, OA here. Distributors report. salen holding im Ica t./.0.2" up nicely to the siarrounding territory. Ell Emi11* `.. 27,7.2 = rioter Lie*. aiming Ballroatr.s end bowling a/beys are proving g= le Kw. ruse agog Mee M nice set-ups. eapeefilly for guns and MAW.... ADJ20 Alltittl ' ,,f Othrx artirgle equipment. Placement of machines In and near array pieta continues to pay splendidly. Bali and ptn a games have picked up, especially to the outside territory. Sala of consoles Is ritsleeted bririe Treed machines are getting some. Vending ittathliset continue much at Always with near -by army lotations pm - riding Kr115l spurt to soles. Picture In general differs Treat 'usual at this Thor of year, with distributors -already nest'ec increases in taiga rather then the usual decrease, and antes are expetted CO Carey over At an increased pace wet] thin the first few months of tho new year. MIKE MUNVES CORP,, th Ave.. New Took. H. T. DES MOINES DVS MOINES, Dam fte7 gulle% off the upheaval Cativol by the 114'W federal taros, win machine ligament in Bath With Myttory Gaits lhoyatet With Teton Jackpot * Height 421/2 In. Width 22 In. Depth 231/2 In. Weight 134 Lbs. 1s..5e-110c-2.5c * 15 -DAY MONEY -BACK GUARANTEE Write ler circulars and prices WATLING MANUFACTURING COMPANY 4650 W. FULTON ST., CHICAGO, ILL Tel. Columbus Cable Address, "Wallingitc," Climate AIR RAIDER $ SKY FIGHTER HITE BOMBER ROCK-OLA TEN PINS 39.0D WESTERN BASEBALL "40" ROCK-OLA WALLBOX BARGAINS DERBY WINNER... Here's the star entry in the SUPERIOR Sweepstakes Mika Sf par Doty Doublet symbols...takes In $ Total average payout Is $ Total antorage profit is $ EXTRA - THICK OIE-CUT BOARD. 14 N. PC ST. CHICAGO, ILL. DUCKLEY WALLBOX SCHROMEI $ ROCK.OLA "40' MASTER ROCKOLITI WITH REMOTE ROCK-OLA "40" SUPER WITH ADAPTER 'Of le, - s en cam mk..,--1,423,, 0. 0, p. SHAFFER MUSIC COMPANY HIGH STREET COLUMBUS, OHIO WANTED -PACES RACERS Into serials, brown [ohutels. Wire hiseveditsiefy Pay [ash. PRINCE GEORGE HOTEL VENDING CO. Miami Beach, Fri.. WANTED -PENNY ARCADE MACHINES Large operate,. it in the market for ALL TYPES of Penny Arcade toothiest. Pays cash! Send complete list Immediately. giving tondition and phew first Idler. BOX No , The Bittboani, Cincinnati, Ohio.

78 78 The Billboard AMUSEMENT MACUENES Mt -ember J:3, i el] Nz"---jo.,, St/P.E.R7...DIZI.Ctir '- Board Takes In 1200 Hoke Sc_. Pays out; $ Jackpot Punches, Averata Consolationst PROFIT (Average) $32.18 FOUR WflIELS ACTUALLY ROLLS ALONG COUNTER DOUBLE FACE PUNCH FROM EITHER cog Sk4 VTc, symb 1 \\e, 1148/10 c.9 micas: d,14dous i.giv pot. GAY GAMES, INC., MUNCIE, INDIANA sluilturettuntlil or eI1IANDIN r: BADGER'S BARGAINS SPECIAL 1941 MILLILISccORNIEC NAL CIFIAROM:58010LilioS $ TULE PLAY11 PH OrotaR A P II a o0la low 40,..14.-w. A Saile PIO MoW Pill, Pew Ono liailieug 0***** e *14 sumo PAM* 9956 LIMAyene still DM Nan. 110,40 SmOurg MN aminat. 13)30 A4111 Row* Tiems 7660 =are' MO* 14/ SP* 0610*/* NOY. pimiss Keete.91 14/40 Wall." 44 Prim memo* ReckObe MO Dy Lome Tseck 04* /.110 :II: 1r111 Thom* 13).50 Mille Z-3* AtrrOWA110 PAYOUTS Mass 1440 Cow Mills PM Moya Arc fen T11141 **My lit try 1100, 141 sway *rem slams floy6 MIA re 5a le as ease la '91=40 =IL 1915 latutdmi. tree* MAMA ma *0 Pactotito Gamlen, urea* PIN* *ONO e.s. Main.. IS 00 WairUlei , A 'nate/ Jetc.-04. beeetal WO/94W red R kimie. 104 / pen* 5060 r11.6: T //4 euti 11-4,..t W M40 0, VAtly TPA* Nu 0.n, P.* Cles'yui Mu5444. m pm**. BADGER NOVELTY COMPANY N /111.WAUE et. YOWL OUR NEW ROME *1035 NO. PULASKI ROAD CHICAGO, ILL. COMPLETE LINE OF PARTS AND SUPPLIES FOR ALL COIN MACHINES Write for %pars Catalogue & Price Lift HARRY MARCUS Co. LARGE QUANTITY Mills Free May Mint Venders, Peefect Condition, $79.50; Lots es! Jennings Modern Free Play Mod Venders, Perfect Condition, $57.50; Lots o , Wile cedar with 4.13 dopes:o. Above Wered rubles/ prior nth,. Smislererfeas goneenteed or money hods. Wrira ler our complete Nit. AUTOMATIC SALES CO. 203 SECOND AVE., N NASHVILLE, TENN. enured to as crowd peat during Die latter halt oit'horeinker. Operator. wr.0 reported buying new equipment In record amunts, wills oceueles leading. Ptionegnspb Manama continua. to boom here, RUDD In many rural spots there Was a eloilnite lag with abitting 04 draftees and &killed worksee, The ordnance plants weekly pay roll here passed the Mart to beast bueineos to all branches. The tussah's netrelty was featured by Use annual cotetentien Of the Lew* Merchandise Operators' Association. With acme 60 Vending operatore In attend - Pepsi -Cola Battling Company on- Thatir.ceci plebe to oallitrwt a new plxn% hero and diaeleded an order for 3041 coln-opentted ditesschkso tar tole territory. DETROIT DeTT103T. Dee, dc -Loral cola rnnebitur blisine.a had entered an cm of purcllog and contradictory trends that In instances y analysts. Bellwether a{ the Industry In this territory for 6 long UM* hue been the Poole machine need, wltm opeentora atemilly busing mere boxes Rod pro- contlnolnii gcsott despite a dramatic Increase in number ot locations. Vp lantll the past couple of wean enlea of nitric inechtnes end remote cannel equipment ooelinued high. A Nifty sharp drop occurred Mrice then. portly the result of tightening up of mashie - Mtn Sod the eemi.n.9 et ee tooling of mist knish:low uncertainty. Directly Involved in this was the outbreak of a minor warfare between rival groups within the music machine Oeld. TAU equation unsettle* at Leda writing, but the goad will that tile In. dustry has garnered In its Defemea Bond campaign. has kept the apbt out c4 11,0 public; prom, and play cm morlinno bro,n't boon hurt ninth except In epecifle locetione where picketing was yowled to Ċaned [Xj174111:011.1 of opinion by keeling doyen Indicate that. a definite attempt to inixtliy peseta restrictions on smusement-typo non-poout machines thou a new city ordinance may be auccesaful after the AM M the yter, when* new council takes.tike_ Present eltuntical le genteelly thuallatectory to erorabody. including the nubile. Sentiment Is that legitimate (01PPOL niuthine*, es. distinct trout any type of payout*, ethentld ngaln be operated hue. Vending machine Aeon hare been ionsiestint off [or the post few *teat, ebletly because many openeterre Wive UP - about buret. Jobbers generally report marked min pack -up after this uncertainty hal been dewed away. FORT WORTH FORT WORTH, Dee, 6.-NotOtenble hoschony was mule In Ulla territory by Milk Panora= ramie mac/liege during Roternbet. Unita began to epremr On Ionia :sue. And a North Tome thew -Muting center In now in run Otte:111CM. Mewl. pipers here hove been giving publicity to the Penman, end the mem/ public I:. herrinnte.g to take to them. Pbonceraplu end wall boxes continue Iced the parade, with cigarette tend a C , ISCA46a an booming. Very Little activity hi the counter machine dividing_ end oprrittort are tot-kit:ming to LIMA tholy matentlot to the non-cons-operstact agenter deltorn, Its this particular arra marble Gables of the re -play typo are 19:110:0. an the city Lux not yet granted the operator* a go etgual. A few 04 operating In the county, There is is noticrehle demand for the 6-oent-type candy -bar 1r14:10141 since the 4001 weather. There Is is Mamie demand for all good lewd equipment. especislis for pltentrepha, bulk penny venders end penny waled, - Ball gum aster are mounting daily. as well 00 Jumbo and Spanish peanuts_ noticedw and almonds here gone ober- Iscard as far ea benut used In the hulk ventiera, home *small, bulk =Mk* are besnit 1124:43, but repents ere that *lob are slow. MouogreptS record sake 'Mess mounttnig. HARRISBURG LIARRUSBURO, Pa, Doe. tom report that business was spotty ha this wee for November moon for decline Is that soldiers stationed at nearby Inatentoert Dap MUitaty IhneWeatleat hare been south on held duty. Additional federal taxio added to blues M toinmen. Mort Conceal Penneylinnia ones have their own leek% Oil machines. sold York hen an ordinance pending now to Increase the annual tax..0. LOS ANGELES LOO ANORLEEL Dec. 9.--Majortty el columen Marc report that tripling Was brink lo oil held,, during November. DiWitnitisms of cigarette machines Mated November salon wena up over the pmeoding month. One firm Mint. Wed the spurt to the tact that a prate Ineresove esective December 1 had 0644-d operators to buy' ire advance. Ilaci equipment was also to Ormond during the mouth. Well box wage trontlnutd strong. Arcade equipment moved sell In November. A -medal et beach resorts one getting a heavy week -cod nude. 6r.4 used equipment In In demand. OV)Z311-74: % new arses In the eittee end mu.r army camps hag :leo kept the demand for machines above tespeelatione. MILWAUKEE MILWADElit, Doc, 8. - With weekly pay reit% Individual otrolege hol average hewn worked oantinulng to thew galls over a year ago, eons maetur operators report Mildewed continuing..' a good level, partleidarly for vend's, - machines In and about ireltuttlid plant Alb* the estimated number tf: corners lm the city dropped to 111,00 In October, compared with 114,70) Iii Ocr Umber. pay rolls pealed 03,900,000 co.': ,030 the prevloue month: weekl% employee helms were 4, agaliv toe September; average WoOl y nursing/1 mounted from $33.40 to , and Manage hourly earnings twee to al _r; mita over mate. according to Ile: &ate Inpustrital Commission, which esti. Mated that there wet a 23 per emit gall: In industrial workers In Milwaukee till, October over last nod it 433 per 01 %t gum 10 weekly pay Pella over a year ago. Look To The GENERAL For LEADERSHIPM Deily MAN Sem!. 1x2.50 alupn Dig MA 3760 Pan 41# son Pans. P '60 POPS* San 1161* 47.1e nue Mar 141 Wes Days leers Owe T1A *44 TOMO ' /14 * Us 61 u WO V /to Ai DO evict Non , 0446 a M. blymat tueyeln yipy um buy It 6415LITY RILL le arrant nom 04.0 us Yu **is LW* him 1'4, * ant -..mil Me-, 41- In ely.4 I W11175 COW Oa* sill an *Ion Tkr 47171/ERAIPENP/AV sivief ea ;,-.0; WPIIO SRAM` MR BMW I Want To Buy It IILLS SLOTS BUD LIEBERMAN 831 W, WASHINGTON BLVD. CHICAGO THE 1101I:SE OE "GOOD Vill.L" au.. mime are PAO Pie/ a., moo OT4y Ay moo tape A. 0.q 4444p, son Pared* Iltoenetriwe / Drum MA* ea..e,t...;nr Olt OW* feeeel Mn, We Carry a Game** L44 M Mew Play Drum Pee 44111, ilerelte.y444.51, Wiwn ,4 044n, 11.04,... C. 0 D. WrIle Ity!tree P44 Lull

79 , Pei -ember I:1, 194! NEW ORLEANS NSW OIRIJAANCI. Dec Clearing up er the tar pi06.0:115 [Yuri* operators sad gingtbuteen in a Inure opt:tannic frame of mind. White phonograph diatributton ter mina seasonably good, a plrich on certain parts la being felt, Record dbyitutors report peak sales. but ate fend with the problem of prtyllas to cnougn mock to nattity demands. Pin games. Ithini and 8 -ball frot-play types coottoutri to get the main atteth Uni and Tending niseblore are canting snore attention with colder weather, Only basusee locithorar are being mein - &slued for the Caw machine.. The boll - day lemon has helped rentals In the rta200871ph operating field but vitt rates are OW pins:bins pronto. A Vowing demand for thecarded fronds Is reported thrtiont the area. ntlb dialetbinces Of one national line Of discs giving 2 cents for any kind of w ith out record of that brand, Another huge nieces -bend buyer b paying with Mr all kinds of rereads.. There has been ro legal ruling of any unit In this am* daring rho past month and nothing Is foreseen for the litstne. Moth future. NEW YORK NEW YORK. Dec. 0.- bate of pm gamin was brisk here during the month. especially in the used game market, New vachiate that clakes with the local Imes sold rapidly. Colteettoin hero been evict end Operatore entimpalc play will blamer with the advent ort cotdar seethes. Local legal altuatins has held ae...a sales L11 the surempolitnn teeter to won extent, but on the whole. bin foe Lin month one ficed. Myrtle machine traeluem continued to boom during U,0 month and dlairtbulats mooed all statlable new and thosti tenifinneat tepidly. Aline tineb usually en oft season for merchandise mullions. saloa of Meilen-tie and cundy senders moved at it merry dip. PHILADELPHIA PlErLADELPHth. 1-4V. 6.--Ctertarabbna Ind week -end footholl genies made No- Menet one Of the beet winter months iv years for operators Wee. Arnim shipments are dower. nn acute. shortage Inn threcelopcd as yet In tiny Lae. Antic -nutting a possible shortage, many operators are building tip their Mika This month many new %wrath -on started, in the, ethnic Ilse Play -an Tam. Inc., and Cosmopolitan Maths Cchipany entered the MAIL Elomisel errody became the territory's newest soitommtle merle ntschine operator In establieldng the Phew -Vise Company. Interest in the movie machines has run rfached any appreetalgo peak. in the toft-dthisk rending neld UIn ruatmerlike weather has kept collections It high keels. SpotItght was 'dna centered on the drink trintere ere a result in the 22d annual toner -Minn and trade Arewritten of the American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages held hero for reek. big business clangt, of the month was AhmOtt Stern. broil of Keystone Vending Cniepany, buying out the :mime route of try : % e70 %Wrap Company. Stwinan continues in the Industry with ;Cabral vanes. Another outstanding event of the month van the unman of good will corned' by the 1[101v:try. It t Wan the tertimostisi dinner tendered at the Hotel Warwick by the Shormart's Mb. acct organization of Indoth alsthinthant risn, In nonce of Jack licrodn, head of Nieto Vending Company, candy sanding Arm- PHOEN IX F.Tioauc, ATIx., Ike g, --'Redo in moil coin machine lines in the Phoenix ores yens fair In Provcrnbcp, espeedkag September and equaling Nothenbre, 1040, in the Optudon of operators and distrtim- WM. &tenet= to that Retinal trend 1/65 Inc slowdown In music machine bustnem lust month. Thu deceneni, sttho not CALIVIRe. was usurp enough to make itself telt both En music machine play and in record sales. Amusement machine hinnies* held Messily except In the penny oauater game line. Vending tithe/ink lnietrawi tthes woe reported OW. with operatore anticipating good intthrices for December, when talky winter resorts open end holiday buying gets in toll swing, Defense donate spent on construction Of the tone rainy airports In the seller, pits soldier pay rolls there, are credited with baring helped keep coin macaw bunedias from falling. Also a factor bas been conatniaticai of the new 0,00000 Ossedyear Alreraft Co.-poratlosist airplane plant at Littlefield Park. le miles 'met of Phoenix. When completed plant will employ mime 1,200 sackers. ST. JOHN. N. B. ST. JOHN., N. H., Dec With reopening of winter snipping here. Inerrewied patronage Cif coin machine& of ail kinds is arournt Shipping la ran - Wed at Montreal and Quebec In the summer, and there to little work for the Imp nortmen and other port workers. With navigation awed on the SL Lawrende MAW by km. St. Jehn and Hailing get the Moslem. AdditIonel play for the coin machines conies not only from port workers but steamship news and pozeengera. Phones continue 1.11 keen demand at cath4/ pinetn, with F mecca aced airmen givitte the bents a big play. Winter operation Le expected to be the best In the history of ilia territory. SCRANTON SCRANTON, Pa., Dec. 0.WIttt spend - lug stimulated by wage Methane* herc during the pant month, the music box industry received Pe' share of better Modems Scranton Lux plant rtheitar., were the latest to megrim pay bonds. being granted an 8 per cent muiso. Distribution of sit Carlelnins club funds to people in Scranton this week also ld expected to add to spending In the amusement Held, On the Industrial front a muse was Ithinchied by Mayor -Meet Howard J. Snowdon for the ortabllaltreinat of a municipal athlioetty to htlp obtain new indusrinte for the ens,. The warm weather of the past few weeks itss made the anthracite innrket siugetali. SPOKANE SPOKANE, Dee- 0. -The focal pinball endelattie market hem gone into Ito an- 60 COONS KAMM nual atoll. Dinirlbutara reported little Ort Leanne I Tllt 10:2,001 S Prete- lro.t., *inns movement. In Milner new or used mu - Saratearil j10011 chines during November breathe of the Luna Whew Awalnin la, ;AL*, (4:5 woi., ' swain * pipes:act of Jarman/ I and with It time n. es-trith rt:s' Pow.14 II,Yosaaw $14., for payment of city license fem. Worn, an' poled, However, there wen nothing slow about Vele Inuoler, the play ou matrilitm. ds last : W V. LIndqubit WI. one of the beet of the year. The 217 Swum 0 1.0>..,.h. WIT/C1.61 federal tax cut down the number of us use somewhat, but not the play, This applied, too. nerves the WANTED nelftbnoiing Maim line. where sloth are.41 CMS $6.1111, N.5ig1143. WWI 51 4,14" 1." MOIL Salo et slot Irtatillata in that tar' ear ant far riney, however wan pretty quest, there.. L. t..4. 7,, ,47 being tin reverie Of equipniont in the winter nervion due to Cleanse of Many VIRGINIA NOVELTY CO. reseal& Plirstiagrisph btatinem continued to,0r nisend an PorLoroulh. Vi. pick up dining the month. CROWN REMOVAL SPECIALS!! anon annoys Maw.. 'II IAN*" Ilesno On Declo Ton Spot /31.14 N., gall thew Gnaw. Trashes» Rao/it. Venn 7550 D'aslas itidoolow... t0.00 Nom. piny iatipa *non P anion amen.... thought 1 Is Go :0Ig 51erf [Wit Ton ko C Irate in114 a ernwo 1/1 fanon, Dash, 6, 0, MULBERRY ST., 2t.tirt,ARK. N. I. _CROWN DISTRIBUTORS / INES The Rillboorri 79 WASHINGTON WASIIINCITCON, Dec O. -Tempo at the national gleferwe prevent has made the Capital a boom town. and the colic ma - thine field b raid to be getting Its share cc the money that O. being spent on amusement and entertalament, Sales of music nue/ranee show a docided upward trend. Remote-controt untie also Ott atilltm well, Pin game nails are good. tho not tip to betels net before the new federal etch* tax- Opmatom how, removed 01aCh10011 from poor tagalong. Collectiona, bowers:, }oar not alintred. finks of Cigarette machines snowed genet. Moro location!, now hate these machince, with opesators reporting good returns, Increnee In instellatton of candy Ma - Chine& at.isom the seasonal trrlirt in tnew. Se do gum and nut machtnen t Salt, brior O Waft MAW Salle Owen. Aluepais I Salle DerpoRee WILKES-BARRE, PA. W1lICES-IIARE.E. Pc., Doc. Or. -Aided by big pay rails and brisk weather, the coin machine bulitnina in Wyoming. Valley wan reported good during the pint molith. Several of the operators co-optsatcd with the Pheacgrapits for Defense Week by putting the tune Any Beide Today) in the No. I spot. Hotta Linage/in et 110th :teethe, arranged nn outstanding display to the Math Sportlasid lwre. nett Ben Sterling. of Sterling Service, ttrrwitral a Menhir dlelpley In Scanlon. Paxton= mar -Alma hale not shown only marked rim in Months, Mace nietallatiou a few month,. ago. Mune machine the la good. and pinball enaclalnea are getting n good play with practically sill operators reporting biotin...ps alverid of but year, Si` FACTORIES AUTHORIZED -VC DISTRIBUTORS MILLS KEENEY EVANS RALLY -- GROETCHE111 Foe One Stares of Virginia, West Virginia. North and South Carolina. A law Repairable Disthhotors Wanted for the above -awned four Stites, It. P. FICIICLIEv Pros , fellow/rig Used Machines chforad Sohir et to Prior sure. nips SALL Fare P1.111, 1 5 OMIT play Ban. Sell g Sow Sag Talk I Salle Iv , Tawny 01n. 75.D0 C GAtero Ewe Dwane '40 a I Salle , a I teal - a 1100 R, latartia ,..rt I 0.11p D lent Clornsb 10 4 A I T Mend C Sally *Mier Drat % e eaksva Cain 5146, Is 3 INarth Derern D0 t.dwy as Ctikas. Cain 41 Myerao RogefAr twee Lode I *Same Gnat Mara lis 60 lean, 1140 inn. Den,* 117 I 44314b i I 01144n 04.1 ClooA Repro p Tnalar a. Fart ! roaf TPipta Anal Kamis'31 Track Tlenr War 410p gw ee, ON..., OW/T14I tram. I 132.1t."4. I 000 OS.00 N. Sall. VIP et 'WI 1550 I Mill.,lamas Ow* 2 Onownen glow t 06411O5 Saragow, ,44,1410:41 VAAOres 1.15 SW, /V 52 nn ellnilleb 4.4 Noel FR E0 IS Ortorknon "Swart 1 anon 504/5/ t 1111~ Ono Or 75,00 I Grortchse 2 44re ORR RAU. 1 NAN Par IP la co t 550 tarsannan Oinoer 1.50 S Of wn Pn0w44R A$ (50331a., Lowrey 1 IWO!bowl Tag tea se 10 tawietwo: Varto.5 1 Paco foralog4 It 5,11. Sel'a*:".elt t Chei Snots Lis* Plea Pole 54A1.10, Ic SP ,00 Mete 6 Pars Ra31.4 lac 4472 Ws PSI anon it la Mee 0404 re Lel 10 lael9lel Mew. wom b> svnii laws a 1 Aar $45 P Li I Walr tif illack -B0 0444A 17 to ale Odin Rawl S. Arco-vvrod 1ra 0, Wine and AS To Se sin OA 04. Mum. Lon. Aar,. Whoa An ,..M , MOSELEY VENDING MACHINE EX.. INC Er.. RICHMOND. VIROi NIA. OAT Pone I. Nino Phone INN Eli 111 In lila 1..).7., Ear r al MOS' IONgigt) OPERATORS -DISTRIBUTORS Our Board Prices Arc Not Controlled Here Is More Proof! Deal No Holes - 5c Takes in $60.00 Gluts Out 1 Billfold and $ Billfold* and $1 Each Ce) $ Late 25c Racks Ciganittol 5 88 $ YOUR PROFIT $32.12 Prk eaten, 22% dopthir or fell /* /KP will. 4/1 A. N. S. COMPANY 312 CARROLL ST. ELMIRA. N. Y...AJAIL416-4WkALA&AJAL. A.Aall& OUR BUSINESS IS BUILT ON YOUR CONFIDENCE IN US! FREE PLAY GAMES -REAL VALUES-- t a II A OCR WILLS OV/ L *540 READY FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT Ira , came". sounce O WRITE FOR COM- SEA HAWK... $34.50 I TARGET $KILL.$39.50 num Loll iia new anti PLAY BALL.,. I MAIORS ' tiaao "4".. PHONOGRAPHS DOUBLE PLAY UMP SALUTE WOW 34,50 fain CmONe...44 WEST WIND., LEGIONNAIRE GEORGE PONSER COMPANY SI9 W. 47D1 ST NEW YOU * II IS E YON ST,. FMK U, 1.

80 it 80 The llilthrcard AMUSEMENT MACHINES December 13, 1941 IT'S HERE! THE NEW, TAX FREE, TERRIFIC COUNTER GAME THRILLER!!WITH AMAZING N(W 100 CHLIT-PROOF TILTING DIWICE9 AND TIN DIFFERENT WAYS OF SCORING THE IRRESISTISLE WOW ALL AMERICA NEEDS NOW: CO aura meg TOP WITH "V" 1resPri.1.14 Awe,/ ,s1 Iw. 7w1 ACTION P2NAS L S IMPLICITY ( recuriss THAN YOU [VCR 0 IR C A MID PO*. AIWA: ewe/ b lb *A At Ica. dc4xs Ora Atn-mass, ssusas In te c4 at Us edited 1,4!mks "V.".W1011 it Stedrosied N twat r resat IA ^V" 001,7 1...A t. Pillikalls thew tete en. of lie% ewe wore at n. VP so N 004.," Ames Ow, As SAN 14 sight Ice scoeir.g Wow woe silenwase nr..b/o.^664.- WHICH MO IN PANNI1101 7I A n k0 0110*'...them,. PROP. ITS! ORDER.0" NOW! NOW OILIWIRINC Opcaltoes Write. Wire. Phone Your Cerise '4.41" DISTRIES! KHMERS! WRITE FOR EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY! PLANET MFG. COMPANY 1460 IOS. CAMPEAU AVE,. DETROIT, MICK All Phones. Fitzroy 3260, IMP,1111:yRIAX INFORMATION SCIENTIFIC BATTING PRACTICE NO IKATI" TAX! Write for important, and PENNY ARCADES SCIENTIFIC X-RAY POKER NO LOCMION TAX! specific information! SCIENTIFIC MACHINE CORP. SAVOY VENDING A. a. O. Or1Ne At1MtIOA fuel toned( CO Osten PIN ATATICNI Itt4. WSIW, ,00 U.S Itesst esiie Mar Sam *IWO MI Supper ~ Mwee rout LL limn Prole LIAM* gene Up tartect sos9 DersIM Law On MT Nor AILMAss '41...SUDO Twist WM.., Srouhre. St. Brooklyn, N. Y. LSI ATLANTIC AWL OROOKLYH, N. Y. won Mx $ VoIss Wise GrasWNW,. I1A111bALL ( /40000i WRITS YON PA IOC KesweIrs ANTI.A1NORA TT (Drown CwIsinmS tsites0114 Pedeete 1r2 0404N1. au. el Vnite to Cle.,441. List. THERE'S ALWAYS A BETTER "BUY" AT LEHIGH RECONDITIONED FREE PLAY GAMES AT $9.50 EACH IT3 Tn." 00 VW Wens Run Jolly Cerrer6.644 flinty :Mt's...ow AM AM Lin. LiSO cssoinc GLwase Tarrist Irdsr moll. raw. Me." a 11 I63 Lwow S Wooher( RECONDITIONED FREE PLAY GAMES AT $14.SO EACH OLIDIC miw LINE PLAY MATS LANOALIOS WOW FOR MATION UPAP LEAD err 11+4 Ofshe mu, 1 ea Swot Als.st.lso 2nd rd 3rd CIAMsn. ALL C &&&&& A RUDY SON AMIPAICAT. 2ND & * LEHIGH siecc!ririe co. PHIL , PA, WILL PAY HIGHEST CASH PRICES Foy lltrd SkylIghten. Ace Bomber.. Rotary Diggers. Wutlirlss 412s and 616s. Dervemobilcs, Photemzeres and all other ripe, of Deluxe Equipment. Tell us what you hare. QUICK ACTION. BOX D.131, CMS Tha Billboard, Cincinnati, Ohio. EASTERI1VL By JOE CIDICK and BEN SMITH With the weather getting wintry ninny rotamen bast gonennun. and those Ylb0 hatosts BST Just awaiting an opportune moment to pack up and inn. In addition to Not Cahn, Harry Rosen and Eildreoy A. Levine. Who tertian weak. and Joe Ithari, alio Wont down, riot',?lanolin picked up his Itchy feet and left for polnla south. Benny Gruber has been In the of sunshine for Om peat MX *TAXA; Irutng Simmer, the bet throe. it. Hermon I, on its any and Jock Sorbet was talker.; about teas -Mg. Mike Mines intends to Dave shortly, Cave SlistOtab. Only 7TAX011 for remnintng lo tho city Is that Keener& Submarine in a current hit, and Dare lands It lenproontde to Oral/ mit. Nat Paber, well-known -sportland tit a few yearn back. haw Opened An elaborate toy nom on 34th Street between B122/ewer nod Seventh Avenue for the Chrtstmas trade. Harry Ftnitr, queens Novelty C / proxy. Visited Ins Irlonds on coin row and was optimistic about the future: Of Iba buthwel. - One Of Sam Cloth's Monde over at Arnim...radar Vonding Is ening to contact him. But Edwards, 1.:L.n.1 KCVO ineebenle 05e1 51 getu an exhibition of Speed In cleaning game. the misty day. Btlt sandpapers bolls shrine of 11.5 cabinot at one time, wing teeth hum! In the operation, ind In only I few moments Winds up with A perfectly cleated ma. claw. RITMO n, Lucky Skolnick and Wiilte Loll get down to their office early In the morning- It's easy for for he's born clang it for years, (loll Lticky and Waite find It quite * problem. Lucky complain* he. hen. getting up wino- now than at any other Sem 10 Ms Ilia, "But we're so bust," asp Lucky, "nine rye gotta got lip, fkrelbe Olearnrin that n ILtic route of aimustonerit grimes in Brooklyn. Mee Is a brother of Cy (Stopple,' Sarni 431*knum. Ot Phlirnitiphte stho ltst success. fully noon:toted many other!dem to riod3- lion to opeenting. New York Supply COmpony has owned otatees at 445 Weet 50th Strom New York. candor tho sole ownership 01 leots Des - train. The firm rarrint a line of ports enppilta for coin machines. corn Ponser and his two linutettania,.irsttut Moats and Jack Militia. are doing.welt a sensulerful antes job on Mills Panomm that. they Luisa already made smugements with a wage *Wino to park that Mossy,... Fut rank Weldon. from the Dairen Novelty 'Company, Ma111M1019. SOOX In the sights In the big town for a few days.., MAX Moine, genial pecaident elf Stientific Machina Corporation, heck In WWI Otter a week In Wash- Ingtoli. Shoot -Yak returned. Fenny Arcade enem dlamlothorn and operatora Tare been popplin Iht0 till onice to get Drat hood ills important tax news he brought back with Ince Murray Mawr, 1J-Nerel.a-Pak sales monnger. lull Ce :1 from Ma South ern trip, says he rover (raveled Instr., or caramel S. much territory In so abort a Sine before. Ho retied the hamttalits accorded him but :idolised that beton he makes his nokt trip boa going to take porno pinochle lesuceur, Bill Reshkin foul Al Illendow had n hectic Mot RS the Outdoor Bitetrerninti consentbon In Chicago greeting old!mends and edstomers and receiving congratulations for the blare! arcade year In International NItIteatooptts history. Pbolographere were busy snapping ill onaceirable angles of a mull,* machine, tecluding patrons and the putriatic throne background nt. Modem Vending Company this week for a ear*. Of news. reaper atorlea athinuled to brink tannin a weck or so, Doe Enron and Barmier rshugyl Stegertr.aia caught in antmstoel consorts:alien In the center of the toad on 45th Street And 10th Assour, with cam breezing past their oyes. Could It have to Qa otth Buckley beam,.. Hymn) Rosenberg te g a nine cant Rome -reverse pinochle. It's a lino.banded game and reams much intenittung thin gin Jimmy Marlin. Dufirenler Chicago repreamitaste, to Mesons for a law day-. foe a eon awl already writing Poet emit S. Spanish. "Sip" Olaanold. sales mar. eget of the firm, bark from the Haver factory Om. week. bonrdod a plinheaciod moth almost Lommellately. Sem Sacks Manly engaged lit inittin the finishing touches to Ida new child, which will he ready for goners: release wan. Karla. Backs, of National Novelty Company. Is usually found In his coin Ion offices Tuesday and Thursday and st Merrick. L. I. the rest of tith week two ottleca loop Backe stepping Th., Of Mem wed Machines Al Cohen. of Asco, Newark, N. J.. Increasing /Oa buslinvet thrown th country Area claims the remilog monism. 1$ nn Important part of thr coin nonchnie busincsa today... Amble...Am' Veadlats Company, itrooklyn, run by Al Ellitstry. Al H.10Hd01 and Phil Gould, informs sal they 0620 a Willebetne hill of amiss. moot garnez and pee shipping out all octets promptly. Tony Grusprirro, or Western Novelties, who Is quite active snipping lee00- dittaned equipment thiamin the country. reetered word from Ms brother In tont btu.... _ Omen 65Yer, Ow* RAMA ( P1' lati 51114M 1520 Tonedelon,, /Faso 59im 2554 rionsse... lose odd sem.., 14;0 *INA 010, 4050 M Nam.R" ',* lin tr.r ev, ill -065i Si R mad Mein,.., Soled SALE Al , 0..., r4 014k PLATS *WAN Mr. Lark* Woo me... ciao McKie... 1/50 WA Shaw Nippy 1.4y * Pwwdim, Dice tteassno 1106s IN0,5441, *Ally OM& Spot, Pcrwee Nosso Ca ureinw..,., Awcis Mn Wm* Owl. 16,01. 6.sesCeraw4. *BO rt0.1.17: : : : Awes stn Ws Ney PTAs 475s. Rome 12.0, elieimin, 755 Alm AtireciNtr, 61.1., =1reit/i Teemet ftr., 2451 WitySe , TOWN 0.5, , Tasht 0140 '1451 To.isol Ism ONC matt soma otos* Si.* Cram _MI 50 Mewed Thaw Don Now I 'part emu ee.02 5Wri MT.'S. COUNTIIII A rnwe:sis Anwisan Clor Oaval ,00 /limos / *NAM PISA A PVCins Ines.., AAA Roll PAM% 1144 licsi... S.T. SabsrSee 101nsW 4.35 Twins 1MB,, sins 1 / , ILMacw 0, D. b. SILENT SALES,,,.., Ilatr. Is Cr' N. W.. WASHINGTON, 0, 4. Recandirloncei FREE PLAY GAMES A sasw,, Sit TWA Na N s W Ti..** Peeler O lse fwnesylife Ira ray mule Gide Oak/ aw TIT 10 Up.,,, $ N. 211E0 *Jew mios.osns MOP MONA imam 1100 PWSPan 1740 Poweelease inc. um, A al *sum tacc *uneven 4000 Lsse Wa A 510, /2.00 W A" Toth( nn.Ne ONss AN? Lan.1414* / w4 C. 0, 0, WINFIELD CO MA m So,raa, Nsw

81 seact December 13, AMUSEMENT MACHINES T he Billboard 81 yon that ha la ono burl,wino; games in England. We received word tiara the graistritte that Dave Stern, Of Royal Erieuribratora ts men Ittitto frotplamtty wearing that toffy high hat. It yea quite in order when Dalt appeared at the lit Het Club 10 trnialt City recently Mara -Ling the long detimmer, Lew London. of Lender Bales. Reading, Pa.. Is one of those Impationt. efficient fellows. He olodesota all lit. Important traumata over the long deplane* phone. Sydney RUttenotain. of PlOticar Vend. ire Company. la On veicgoing torn* hullos -L. In South America with vendee,/ eta. chime. ha reports., Jek Members tills sit lie it moving Crown Distributors to a new location In Newark the lint of the year - Joe Artie genial owner of Active Amusement Mitchines, Philadelphia, wet la New York coln row hut nerea-and, We fried hard to Catch Up with him. but mined Blare Delwin, New York operator., returned trout a Western trip. Nutt Sours -tag :Rave intends to melee aral bo CO the Coln Machine Convert:NM la January. Ralph Callicel, of Waterbury, Coon., NO RA papa to twin lawn. It printing Lbeni to acquire dual. pate...mon of the tel title in about 20 won..., Jerry Mtn,. the New 'Seven. Colt's., fatli loo plate, La tearing tor a arcil.earneil 7sCOCOSD. J. V. Fitzpatrick, JklitKet020., Cann,, err= With A happy untie that extended from tar to ear... Prank Marne, Bridgeport Conn., empioys two sacra. MOW. and If the, mod we gat In true, Peggy Bischardas and Betty Picard [Mould both enter the 1P112 Atlantis City ar-auty centrist, B Resnick end bla tone to Hartford, Con's- are roltinme Ala efftel0114 and profitable Operation-. One of the ;Mt one at Modern yencling germ ent01.0.1v.- Mate on the cud. ilha know one of Ufa anteutlyet..!peal PP Inalrant, Pock - lid Company mica representative In the Plat, In Hew York Wt week -end.. offered by Roy McGinn. it keeping the malt working at full opted, There are now two binary In firftaklyn concocting the coin machete* trade, The well-known blurry Eamon. or &troy Vending. ammeenunt game Murtha, and the other adulty Basalt who dem needles, M phone Opcintora, Max le*inta, of Bolonnito Machine COO - potation. 'pent the better port of last week ln Washlaglon on tmpormant bust. mod, and Bell Retaken Haw there A1141 came back..0 be at the Nallotted Ditowiream'a Aswooletlon banquet at the 1101e1 Mar... Phil Morin, Toppa Chewing GUm, Inc, executive, h all smiles those days because, he claim* operators In many carte of the nation are gone; 10.' ' taleedre chewing gain. Ham Wenn:att. of Autofnatle Mirror & Photo Frame Company, Inc., reports trat new Itite of gitoo plcmire trauma Ls orackenti with Operators./ 4 -for -l0 photo machine. Murry Sandow, who we. In Chicago retantly, tallt ma that Eitlubit'r Blg Prtmein to net only a hail 1112 alert. but demands from distributors all over the country havo been flooding the factory. Lou Cantor has Mmeeled hit Inbtfultil trip to the West Coast and.111 slay In hid territory. His factory Ws notified him that their new modol cigarette me. chine le now en, peocluellon. And Tall bt coming oft the productleri line Me guantetlee the first of January. Iry Mitchell. of 010 Mitchell COM. PanY, nab Wen complimented by opine -- tom :or the fine work he hat been doing, with used ;Amen, and particularly about the way his Wane* were Mashed off. Therefore. with Choi/moot *town al band, /rring decided to glen OperntOra bottle of Ills tame pellets as a gilt. Tubakoll Beads Globe Stall PifIleADEitelIIIA. Doe. 0 IMR1.-Al Tabakott, former European and South Amer:ton rep:en:m/1417n ror moire, Print -- Mg company. has appointed man- Hen *ad Thus aging director In charge at sake glebekoffb, background end experience quali- Manny Ehrenfeld, popular Jerrey mumuchlne operator,,e.41. ID New York fy him for the job and bittr lam week and reported burins!' good. natural In the promotional campaign The current sale cal used enachetwe (Salle ta Outlining for SPECIAL: KEENEY WALL BOXES. Like New ATTENTION!!! pig Parade it Even Bettor Than Knockout, We KW* Loge Supply of Both, and Also Plenty of Victorys. Sopor Bell; and Keeney'! New Submarines. PPULK PLAT 41A RS Mt% Yoder _ *141 Mild Itcw Stump Amebas 40, Maim EMU I C, C. torte OD 015 Ito. Attralien...,. 00.0D 8.ro Sewn DOM none Plicate Low Leith r t? *Km Mt ter. WNW a W Neat Pm rklf, MI ,00 Mae Dictate E8 trod. 40, ,05 trot Charn# 12 no matlang itiloimax.r-- NO TAX" Iturreabew sat Flueve ft Pim woo Owner Stale Wader L Fres Past 4000 Wane , Plan 40_00 toe. In O.. Ural two Tv T lag ,Ret Sal, twe NacI St MOO Mews tell, 1119 P5,Pa annlral the Pro** COSMO OVIIN , le war 410,000 10,00 S t nun oars nob oar 404, lertlp Oarealle atm Mae Novi 0099 Tome / Olus 1.11Att WW Tree...Wet af4 fraelop., N IP, Vail Pettit; Ive and GAMS w et Yen , Northwestern Music Co. 120 W. 3rd St., Sterling, HI, Phoon NEED GAMES? AirroffiaTica Ann 00411OLOS T44. Maim Rates I Les. Salad Nat '11 foot NW tier Jeerers% anew Meter keine meemiter taineor Met Vine Twee per.sa Mall etielmorarali Wurilcor Mole. 500.,, WurlItier , sonbeerd wooltot Mr -441 VI VINPIlitif Ti 1 S2 wthreee42 Mewls,e, 44aKe1.1 Carew LLANK Jecolnia Oiraras i Inc woo -AI., toerflry1 ta tae abp Wt+44f1, 1245 llorteel. alb *a Teton. 51a -US coo - Ode I warren: thed PliOrtrattoite and Recycle, 41.:1. Metherveu, Area* arrosontol, Inc P 7'. ii0mafii, Mississippi Vending Co. 413 Church St., Philadelphia, Miss. Plume W' WE HAVE THEM! jor ALL FREE PLAY eutsa tome SPECIALS. All &woken Illandleubscre Pc40 Ocordeolt t..thao.., Flew, Raled-Rn Mr, caw Priory Pm. tens Seri *too pont. Odd Sem Loa* Va40.'t, sletle TeAlltnley Deer Sande b.. NO Re * Otto 110,..t.td Sting. NEW CITY SALE* CO W. ARMITACIC A1'1, roma: tasted OMS , (IL. 0 Milt rtree Cialate Mitt PLAY Carets VRCK PLAY oases Metro '4r Van 0.179c.All IlAreeltlermy Getrli... A144 ROY McGINNIS, 2011 Maryland Ave., Baltimore, Md. 4 Alltmlen., TreAlAsym PM Arewe's Toro le C Leenninalc *0410 mu -, r.4 ri...4. liese firrail PLOW It A p 11. V.1 40, tale 14, ir AOC Strir`o aloe loopy az.ao borate A. esrnerlca Is In a state of concrgrocy. Eciry ciriarn El urged to do hit part Ikry fd AJAX NOVELTY COMPANY eargolc,"datolitorn_ It buying Defense Savings Bonds and Stamps / \ E TAN. 5rertilgnP, telifina1 playing action entirely under Omer. gannet! A Woo. oaf ler tameetitise stay -feteltd Nig rite.._, MIRAir.trt Dore roan e,0,0, Pity 0ow.4.' FliEV. COUNTER SENSATION1 %AIR al "tere Itntindy nrretunte.1 5a1te1144. loteat Rld11151 NO TAX PENNY PLAY $2975 F. 0. it Clomp fewest/gel* retired If tax hat bean Paid. Ideal for Arcadosi THE BAKER NOVELTY COMPANY INC WASHINGTON BOULEVARD -CHICAGO, ILL. WEST COAST p.a., law HE NOM 'mei W. P100 namt Los anctalts. OALIT. 3 BAR JACKPOT F Holes - Talton U, Pays Out Average AT, Profit PRICE $4.86 EACH OTHER FAST SELLERS 1025 Hole. F-5280, Wonder 3 Bar Jackpot at Halt, F Harms at BOO Hole, F P54.1[51 Dice at 2_ Hole, F Pocket leek at Hole, F-5305, Royal at CHAS. A. BREWER & SONS Largeott 543rd a d Card Hsu.. In M. World 6320 Harvard Ave., CHICAGO, U. S. A. "PEES RIGHT -EQUIPMENT GUARANTEED" FIVE aim. FREE PLAY GAMES Lghnu r intoeltatet.514,00 Lew* twee Bar Res Molars 'Il 1., 54,50 came e -V4, e,w*y Piertleil.. 27,00 font Poe Rol, Wt. Wu T+YNay %WM Wled CONSOLES AND AUTOMATIC PAYOUTS 3 Rail Games 1159 Pr.r Orme Oren Dot Neu !Wort TIN., 76,00 rewt. Sonia Pitsaa lmif*r (Meekaw? lei tt44 5R,41 M Roe Mo I Tut. T.vr4. "is Jewett Pet.w. P.O Trip.. Enter Lowry Lucre PaM Stetera.. 049A. r11150 MILLS E OF a alma* meariala e sp ullh Ill VIOL C 'WV HAYS 1.14, ON NANO. ALSO COUNTER ARCAOIC FOIJIPMINT, PHOKOLIRAPRO 1140 SLOT MACIIIINCO OF ALL TYPIAL-14/11ITK POR 0011PLCTS LIST TOVATII Pa Ma FM Bra RA IC. itt 1.--, Pli P. Nu IS2 Pit FM Mink Iiii lill IRD BD ItalraP4.

82 82 The Billboard AMITSEMMT MACHINES- Dereatber 13, 1941 NOW- TODAY-RICHT THIS MINUTE - YOUR CHANCE FOR PERMANENT Pewits WITH MUTOSCOPE'S TIME - TESTED, ALL - TIME MONEYMAKERS" Order all you can. WHILE you eant NO LOCATION TAXI! ACE BOMBER DRIVE MOBILE PHOTOMATIC IMMEDIATE DR/WRY INTERNATIONAL MUTOSCOPE REEL CO" PINNY ARCADE HIADQUAISTERS Wet 1t9T Ilea h., time Mend Cite N. Y. c k ley Tone Power Popular chica00, Om, U r6lal,0-"it b lust the mune. espdpeaesit Chet 1 have been talking fort slim le Et MeCoriniek. at MOretinallek Music Company, N. 0.. distributor of Buckley Klutia di -Mmes. Le oarrinuentlog on the new Buckley Tone Tower. Sean Yoe of this new addltleti tes the new Buckley line hems been placed In the handle Of all diseributears diming the pain, 60 days, It In said. "The Tone Tower &creme. a bless piece of furniture. It re beitiehemet In appear - mice and ottmelss ;attention at alt Limas "We And that the beet way to tar --tall n Tone Tower Is to equip 1t with en Lumlneted ii vile box. Trite Le not, only the Inmelliennis of another box, but It Li by ter the beet Venue -Mg Ina In any leentinn. "Sheller cemelltione mina prevail in the mato /led In every territory. My edvice le that them Tone Towers be used as part of every dietribotara line" Keeney Console Business Strong CHICAGO, Dec- 8 Ilittel.-"We assail eats% keep Up with the 0rd-reefer Super Tan -Way Soper Bell and Pour -Way Super Boil commies We've increesed our production to the poi* that top production Ma been reembed." reports Jack Keeney and General }tanager Ina Rpm - "Naturally. we are more than pleased to find ourselven with no meth bustneas, However, the manufacture of menthe ittrittly n cisetom operation and every commie imbed be tboroly theeked and techecked. We are making snore conseke today than we have ever made." Kicker & Catcher Hits New High cmcaco. Dee 0 IWO, - Be e& NeweItY Company reports; eutbuitashe response from the trade en Kicker & Catcher. "It's remarkable," tam Cart Ruppert, sale. SnaIlsger, "the way ardent cam posing ha In feet. we are Bering mighty lord time triter; to keep Up with the demand. "Of comm. there's a roman! Operators lire quick In n,eognize Cant Kicker As Catcher reperwente Counter gaann toed, Hon lreerreiter. Net rally is It n low perked machine but It In one of the Ira counter gainee In the 810 tax brecket." Coinmen Clamor for Submarine Guns CHICAGO. Dew 0 INIt/e-'1I1X-r7 day the moll Pooh at the Itireiney plant Le stacked with orders and Mauls-1es for the new Keeney gun. Submarine," reports Bur Ryan, ground matragor, "Now that the /MU nth pen-ing thernielive to the operators, the full force of the taming power of the Submarine gun hoe re- Tetelt4 itself. "We've increased the modnetion of the Submarine gun at the Keeney factory reed will to to get ninth of ardent." Trait fear Further Report.; OINCASIO, Dec. 0.-Reporte were Teeeired pnatellur Of It11 nmfavernble federal mu ruling on <minter ma - 010n15, Issuer reports say Oat further eterteediecyt will be bed In Ws/thing- LOn an or about December I, and that the indtuary should await further Information no this subject. Information will be intensd to the trade just sal needs as rtillhr, ate cot:ic.00rd :Ina. Genco Victory Gathers Speed CHICAGO, Dee, d IMR).--"LIke Old Man RLorv, Oeietesti gams, Victory. Is not only rotting along bite gaining irsorremtuns.11 Over the country every dey," deplane erecter* of Deno Manufnettutng Company, Chicago, Maya Oellsburg. Ono of the Genco head* toys: It's been a long time *Mon eater/sun have seen anything 115e the action they're getting on Victory. Pee the operators. the job that Victory is doing Is the all-ltrejawtelat one of rooming ceilleettruss "Per the Jobbers and distributer*, *Mee on Victory have already gone sky-high, end the altos rooked ta Pot beginning to get lie wend wind. We're never been ao soaped tor deliveries ne we nn now. ft's n miracle grime from every stand. point, especially from the Mee:paint of Its thaellnesa. both tis filling a grip in operating Inbalre) slid in COMIng along cat n liner when the whole nation la Vie Wry re.inded." Announce Chicago Panoram Distrib CHICA00, Dec I elstr).-preneblee for operation ea Panorama In this eren been purchased by tea Merlin and Bob 1,Indelef. Prod etille, president of MOH Novelty Company, arrhourrord ebst. week, New firm will be known as the P}110 - ram Egarrlhutorx Of Chicago, Tam owners sere also distributors, of Mills Throne of Musts automatic pliectogreplis In this atria, Heticelerth, Martin Will onneentrete oh the movie machine end of the business, it was annousievrt. PIrm already him four meehints on leeetton and anticipates boos -Ong the number to 100 by the first of the year, depertdleg on feeteit delivery. In eelebtation of the event, members Of the prem. erythema leaden and Other luminariee of the entertainment world were guest* of the Mills at en Leforinnt party at the?nits factory yesterday afternoon_ Herbert Cole Crash Victim Dey, 0.-11orbert Cole, 40, manager Of the Monarch Ohio Chiarettei Service Company, of Akron end Canton. O., was kilted Instantly late Satticiany night, I29l in Akron when struck by nn auto while eresdng the Street. Ho heel been with the Company tart* years. Ills whiow end three children Services were held In Cleretattel MOlattnp 41). with many openness from Akron ned Cleveland attending. PENNY ARCADES SETTER-e4pa/ppeo BY A14#119SCOPE. 140 Penny Are.r.14 ca., be tomplete wilisaut web t/ -roue erred -bye as These Muteneope produele: PHOTOMATFC. MUTOSCOPI. MOM MACNINIS. MUTOSC01,1 -LIGHT UP TOP" CARO VENDORS, SKY FICATTSI. DINVe , ACE PUNCH-A-bAC 1.111T-O.CIZAPH, 10ATC.IHT TELLING MACHINES, DICCIAS, NOCKIY CAMPS, AND MANY OTHEA FAMOUS MONEY -MAKING PAACHIN{S. r rat Art*400 If ronft are Complete Cokl"ftee r. Suetamtel AK 160 Oesessises. WRITS, WIRE, PHONE lailshoiatity,. lit AlAtelleal SICCEST 011ateiTUMITYt Penny Arcade Headquarters Since 1895 INTERNATIONAL MUTOSCOPE REEL CO., Inc ELEVENTH ST., LONG ISLAND CITY. NEW YORK FOR SALE - OVER 500 FREE PLAYS All Thoroughly ReeesuriPtone0, Write for Our List and Prices. GRAND NATIONAL SALES CO Wert Armitage Avenue Phones, Humboldt 3420E adeago FREE -E. NOW READY OUR NEW 7942 CATALOG SHOWING 45 DIFFERENT AMUSEMENT MACHINES (No locution Taxi 40 DIFFERENT POST CARD SERIES for EXHIBIT CARD VENDERS BIG LINE OF ARCADE SUPPLIES Get it NOW! Write Us! EXHIBIT SUPPLY CO W. LAKE ST., CHICAGO MONEY -MAKING BOARDS Irani the tnuacit to his Lowest Welle Mt esteem TO Boost TOUR TAKE 3L4 B PRINTING COMPANY RACE ST., PHIS., PA. BARDAINS-411AOT FOR LOCATIONS ADC sit.e4c, I.ollosetey..340,30 Anobed 1300 L k. 11W., w11w41,4, W A: Ot.tith Per , DM O n Its MU 4100 P344014u.4., 1300 rhea IN: Pal 111/ ,444, 4400 towor Lie *MOW , r 15, V Ti., c F.1,0A...1. /41001, PATICh. Rc.Y. C0, bens. 1/3 C04 Oapsot.. 1.1,04r III Full 0.0. Cull! ' (4,.., N. V. mut mom, INC. wow 1670 IL 11 Y. 11saw0e VO4 ST W 'ARIAIRE MEITOS(OPF ACE BOMBERS DRIVE* MOBILES.. EVANS SUPER BOMBERS.. SCIENTIFIC BAITING PRACTICES KEENEY AIR RAIDERS SHUN CHICIEN SAMS.. tar LATE FREE PLAY TABUS AND CONSOLES TATE MILLS BLUE FRONTS, BROWN FRONTS. (KERRY BELLS, BONUS BELLS. RD180 PARADES-mit or tree play.. WHAT NAVE YOU TO DISPOSE Of t WW1.. WIRE... PHONE CEATRAI, COI' 11AERINE EXCIIANGE. ins HIGH ST., COLUMBUS. 0. ARCADE MECHANIC WANTEI):: Mott be fully experienced with all types of Arcady Machines. Ail-yesaround employment -40 -hour week. BOX No. 298, The Billboard, New Toth city.

83 . t,.454,50 Deeeniber 13, 1941 AMUSEMENT MACHINES The [board =';'71; 'f kr..,. eta TURNING EVER'( HEAD GARDNER & CO AnConin CHICAGO, ILL 150 FREE PLAYS $15.00 EACH 1. loll 11 ftn, br marta-elaaned *411/ q to In AK *. Net Taw. MI. W.. : Alk2, 041. NAM, Man litre, duel ran, itatt, 04nrna 55/454404, C. a, D.. or On.aa / , , firm Isom, FLU Want. 1/ Mara Ihm, rtat.nq.15110, Lon at Fat L5.412, AM. C50" a Pow., 00 Sc! y, n. Sman Cl.,!., n, ,...r 4. TrIt nn. ree4store. Wra17. Knankm, Kw" CIONIMPLII* 4 At MIAs Mtnreet * eq ' eras , Enirr Saar tue -ma , hr "01* /2 tomnis-sonnn O. 0. O. Cleveland Coin Maclaine Exchange Z* A N.,- CLAY it 3110, Canadians Planning Special Train. Cars For Conclave Trip CHICAGO. Dec. 0.-A letter has been sent hero by a repreesentative of the On. tatio Ancasernatst fdroll.lne Atatseiettou to Jettans A. ( Cie tocretaryrnansgto, reporting that Canadian opens - tom are preporing to attend Ole Wow In larger numbers then eves benare, letter, signed by A. fc, Woods, said: "Many thanks Oar your meat encoureging letter. &mutton outnneen are preparing far the.bow and see believe It. will be the largest dellegemon over to attend. If you ham any mammal wallets would pntallehar the convention, we would be glad to hero SAITY0 to glve to ocenrcen In Canada. "We are working on the promotion of epeelol rate oath Inc roamed end WO Slept, 10 hare *canal parole care CO carry Cenedinals Into Chicago for the big event. 'We thank you for your kind Mattanen emit will he looking feewartil to ate- Ing you fn January:. Planet Presents "V" Counter Game DETROIT Dee. 0 eldr)..-planet Mob. ufneturing Company boa pet...enter', Its new "V" counter gem* to the , ond the Moults hese been amaring, they any. Dave Plrestone. ID the coin machine butane/a for many seem and now sales &newt% roporis: "Mlle la the Prat chile that we have &vatted to bank, othrelves known to the trade nationally. We believe that OUT civic product. the "V" counter game. whleh le Ms free. penny play tool tun be run y14112(02 In the totthtry. hs going to Meet the opproval of operators. "The game tun so many new, afferent and celgtnal features that Mtn.. men *dohs& its :het It wilt be the &Heitman:4 counter game. -The action is really &Denali. Ire a penny counter:game With Antler fauturcs it gets the playa's' ',Comfiest Abll It glues Ithts to the gonte hour after both. It has been protested for many weeks On all aorta 01 Wootton's, and wherever we here plaeed It ree Insve had a tough Job tormiong ti.!wa. only tilt playens but the location comen no wonted the nanahlne to remain." No Pre -Holiday Lull At Bally Factory cincaccx Dec. 0 4Silt).-"Dan pre - holiday lull In roles foiled to make It's usual Ilemeribm 1 oppeerance, ascord log to flay Moloney, ptevalent of HMIS Menufacturing Company, "On the con teary" Moloney stated, 'whereas the antes cunt 131 ( pans has olw-ays taken a leaw-dive ai taste time of the year. ebb year It is bolding tthouply Upward. Our big problem foe the tottsrost of the year L1 not gales. but produetion. "Chiefly reeponalble for this Iacono* In r0101 at when 5. deacase fa expected bt the platammenad rucems of Doily's Club muitigie three -reel bell Ceronde. In replay territory. es well es In payola territory, Club lklleia rolong vp collectioes which V to bonen,. "Of course. tile multiple featthe 11e- 1.rtinta for much of this Inerease In tag power. but morn Important than that In the powerful attraction Winch the pone Mos, Playera opparently lust can't walk sway from It. Club Dells Is going to rank In console &awry just lie Bumper ranked to pin game history - kr1 iing IA OPW standerd Of earnings whleh Mill be hard to motels In tho future." GOING PLACES for OPERATORS "41 a.#t a4e at40 tom, the4n" GET IT!! - from YOUR DISTRIBUTOR EXHIBIT SUPPLY CO 4222 W. LAKE ST CHICAGO HY-GRADE BARGAINS Pin. VIII all Sher * 'Oc*d*I ILI esan moor. 10,00 Inn oneser.o ItInner 25,00 G44 OUP K Mos '1300 Ch0)1170 it ' /1P On WO, Ob Jeanne M ,5W larrnnam Ow TOW, HY-GRADE NOVELTY CO V MA, KAM. ;1: 1' IONIIITION abbe l'or 11 Will Be Ilehi H01(1 SHERMAN, CHICAGO NOM YOU CANNOT AFFORD 10 MISS THIS ONE SHOW QUALITY SPEAKS FOR ITSELF /IVA MALL MEM PIA, 0111 MALL MME NAT MALL *MCC etas Ms2tat r4u ream. Gn Aa91ar 5# RId M L , /tally 111,5. uf.a Ole521.." 1=.6.%.,..., Wane* WU.. * leisti Neat. eltrii 10.02, emeraten'1452 Nig lammana Sr Ocaan Pan 1201 OKA lbw n T a Ina ' )EBN ACT0111.1LTIC Extol' 'INGE. INC / A1/ Ant.. YOUXOSTOW14, OHIO 1 ti Dree021 writ On44.-3,..,. G In this lime of national emergency your country needs your help. Serhogo Donets and Stomps regulody, lay Chhonve

84 84 The Billboard AMIUSERFENT macurves firrerreber H141 JI amod/ae; IS NATION-WIDE VERDICT ON CHB S CASH rp ilcb11a01) New boosts!my toe CHECK OR REPLAY Bell -Console earnings to all -time retrawy theon--row Mr old Warne bcd-inat Mamma of Ilatn's rest shostlas.o4ds. pay -tables -- Ca:tl,* aegnet boom Ida --Ind rho prolitpereed Desinnt comets, operraos sot onintiole.sword bleat by OILS in restory.ranits era nested. Orde Imo. toilet , 741 lee Ilc410-Cnin Km be BALLY MANUFACTURING COMPANY tar P501AL -106 AinIA44 *411, P. O. e. P. rstserii b (11401/11 AVINU( CHICAGO ILLINOIS LEAD WITH LEADER'S "TRUE -VALUES"! Ana Mahler seem15.50 Bowe : elf T1014 MAO ACM 11/ ttlizr G.,",... 14,110 Mersa Ranch 'CIAO 01-11/ iThecap ,00 Flni / IRO* Hunt kohlatt Alreetit Kills, A Calabar ItrIW $ /NW P Alm R w (1.55a44 am so tins Allrac Ihrpo, , Flair , lave Scot ALSO Chseop lar cask Lts Want ,11 35) g1at.urr.414,, are evrernarilme Twin TIMM% c1 no 151\ moo Winn 1450 CIAO a4.no Verrnlen, /amble, 5240 dervernd Irma P101 SAM 1/ epee Mills 11,11, N -is Veneers Onanseen Canny 5115 Clue Rand 105d, Ilk* naar, 1/ In 1:10arn., LEADER SALES CO., 141 N. FIFTH ST. READING, PA. HERE IT.. IS! THE NEW CARD BOARD! BEAT THE "1" III Attractive 4-ceSor board wit). rano mays fined *ph 11n410 Cote Mad:rola It., a detente Parente. Trial as parr out Print STS.IS Price (Semi -Thick Board) $1,.98 WRITE 100Ar FOR OUR NEW CATALOG AJAX BOARD CORP BLEECKER STREET NEW YORK -... Rea Woo...S47,50 Zerrble Venni W11.1. SOY n 441 Lena Ellanerna511., , ay.55 [armee hag Itensealah Dr Isom... there-otmo... ET Si) Luse. 'SP _ we ryfai n1141Ina Wa011140, :1. Lest PaeW Kw earrillasy WWI be Otnt4 " , 05/100, 110TTLICS. miestiam *. WAIL 110, AND PACK UT0011. Send your machirtra to Ns for thorough 5rd /11IOSIL A. 10. SAUV1E CO RIVER AVE_ DETROIT, MICH to 'this time 01 attlanel emergency your country needs your help. Buy Defense SAME Ronda end 't