RESIDENCE YOUR CONTRACT WITH US 2014/2015. 2012 / 2013 RESIDENCE HANDBOOK. Residence Handbook. and Understandings

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2 Wecome Home Bring this handbook with you to residence! It contains important information that you may need to reference during the schoo year.

3 important dates Juy 31 Deadine for canceation of residence and receive haf of pre-payment ($400) Deadine for first-term instament of residence fees (minimum $6,000; $4,000 for Aumni House & London Ha) Deadine to submit request for eary arriva August 1 Deadine for upper-year students to be academicay admissibe August Internationa Student Move-in Days August 30 Internationa Student Residence Wecome Day August 31 Move-in day (Deaware, Perth, Medway-Sydenham, Essex, Saugeen-Maitand ast names A K)* September 1 Move-in day (Aumni, Egin, Ontario, Saugeen-Maitand ast names L Z)* August 31 September 7 Orientation Week September 2 3 Move-in days for London Ha September 4 Casses begin October 13 Thanksgiving (hoiday) October Fa study break December 3 Last day of casses first semester December 4 5 Study Days December 6 17 Mid-year exam period December 18 Residences cose at noon for the hoiday period January 4 Residences reopen at noon January 5 Casses resume January 13 Second instament of residence fees due February 16 Famiy Day (hoiday) February Reading Week Apri 3 Good Friday (hoiday) Apri 8 Last day of casses second semester Apri 9 10 Study Days Apri Fina exam period May 1 Residences cose at noon *Pease see move-in day schedue on page 15 You re required to move out within 24 hours of your ast exam for each term. Residences are cosed at noon on December 18 and May 1. 3

4 Important Numbers Numbers Emergencies Campus Community Poice Service (non-emergencies) Equity & Human Rights Services Financia Aid (OSAP) Mustang Centra, UCC Internationa & Exchange Student Centre Liaison Services Off-Campus Housing Office of Residence Education & Programs Ombudsperson Parking Services Registrar s Office/Admissions Residence Fees/Admissions Schoarships Student Deveopment Centre Student Heath Services Student Success Centre Summer Academic Orientation Program Tuition Fees University Students Counci Western Connections Western Switchboard City Resources Onine London Transit Commission London Tourism City of London Why Live In London: London Economic Deveopment Corporation Distress Centres/Resources Pease note that Residence Staff members are avaiabe to hep you with any distress or emergency situation, and we encourage you to seek their support at any time. Residence Counseing... London and District Distress Centre Distress Line CMHA Crisis Services Good2Tak (24-hour Student Hepine) Poison Information Centre Regiona Sexua Assaut and Domestic Vioence Treatment Centre ext Hope s Garden (disordered eating support) Addiction Services of Thames Vaey (gambing, drugs & acoho) Residence at Western

5 your handbook guide Wecome... 6 We re Here to Hep... 7 Commitment to Diversity... 8 It s A About Respect... 9 Supports on Campus Packing for the Big Day Move-in Day Roommates Decorating Your Room Your Mea Pan Network Connection Residence Faciities Orientation Week Behaviour Management Community Standards Guests in Residence Residence Key Poicies Noise in Residence Fire Safety Emergencies and Persona Safety Room Assignment Residence Fees Residence Addresses Index The Board of Governors of Western University and the Division of Housing and Anciary Services reserve the right to make changes to the information contained in this handbook without prior notice. Residence at Western 5

6 wecome Your time in residence wi be one of the most memorabe and rewarding experiences of your ife. Living in residence makes it easy to make ifeong friends, find academic support, and adjust to being a Western student. You be iving in an environment where you grow as an individua. It s a big step, so it s understandabe if you re a itte nervous. Don t worry! We re here to hep. The Residence Staff members and Sophs on your foor and in your buiding are knowedgeabe about campus resources and are happy to answer any questions that you might have. We hope that you enjoy your stay and take fu advantage of a of the opportunities that iving in residence provides. Adapting to a new way of iving in a new community can be chaenging, but Western s residences are designed to make this transition as smooth and successfu as possibe. This is your home away from home whie you re at Western. Take advantage of a that residence has to offer and make the most of your residence experience! 6 Residence at Western

7 Residence MANAGERS Residence Managers have extensive residence ife experience and training. A Residence Managers are fu-time empoyees of the University who ive and work in each residence. They re responsibe for promoting an atmosphere of academic achievement and community and enhancing student earning outside of the cassroom. They oversee the Residence Staff members in your buiding and aso hep guide Residence Sophs and the Residents Counci. Contact information for each Residence Manager can be found on page 61. Residence Staff Student staff members, under the direction of the Residence Life Management Team, are here to hep! Your Residence Staff member wi be one of the first peope you meet on move-in day. Staff members are undergraduate students who ive and work on a residence foor or wing. Your Residence Staff member wi get to know and support you and the other students iving on your foor. Together, they hep everyone buid a positive iving environment. They hep you get acquainted with others, answer your questions, post information, assist you with probems, and uphod residence poicies and your residence contract. Residence Sophs Sophs are upper-year student vounteers who wecome first-year students to Western and serve as eaders and friends throughout the year. Sophs work with your Residence Staff member to buid your foor into a community and enhance your residence experience. Facuty Sophs ive off campus but are aigned with residence buidings to provide academic supports to students. Residents Councis Residents are seected each spring to form a Residents Counci. These groups deveop and maintain sefgovernment and provide programming to buid a positive community. They represent residents needs and interests by providing input on residence issues and acting as a iaison with other student councis. Academic and Leadership Programmers Academic and Leadership Programmers (ALPs) are Residence Staff members who are trained to hep you with everything reated to your academic and campus invovement. They offer programs and workshops, answer your academic questions, and connect you with campus resources. They aso hep you deveop your eadership skis by inking you with invovement Residence at Western opportunities in residence, on campus, and in the London community. ALPs take a specia roe in supporting internationa students in transitioning to ife on Western campus and in Canada. Front Desk Staff Residence Secretaries and Cerks ook after the front desk with the support of the Manager of Front Desk Operations. They hande administrative functions, ca for emergency assistance when needed, answer the front desk phone, take maintenance requests, and sort mai. They aso dispatch on-ca Residence Staff to address student concerns. Support is aways just a ca away, day or night. Faciities Management Staff Western s Faciities Management staff work during the day to maintain a cean and safe iving environment. They re aso responsibe for repairs and maintenance work. Office of Residence Education & Programs We re here to hep Staff in the Office of Residence Education & Programs make it easy for you to stay engaged with your residence and campus communities. They provide residents with socia, academic, and eadership programs that make it easier to adjust to university ife, buid connections with other students, and grow as a person. Learning happens outside of the cassroom, too, and it s just as important. These programs and events hep you to buid the kinds of socia and eadership skis that empoyers are ooking for! 7

8 commitment to diversity Commitment To Diversity We re a part of Western s diverse community. Residence Life embraces, appreciates, and ceebrates peope of a races, nationaities, sexes, gender identities, affectiona or sexua orientations, socioeconomic statuses, spiritua practices, abiities, and any other dimension of persona ifestye. Society is strengthened by human diversity and the growth fostered by an incusive community. Every person has equa worth and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect accordingy. We work and ive together, maintaining an environment of mutua respect, interpersona curiosity, and striving to have positive interactions with one another. We can earn from one another and gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for our feow peope. We re responsibe for our actions and our behaviour wi mode our vaues: we treat others with respect and we expect them to do the same to us. We won t subscribe to attitudes or actions which hurt or degrade another person because of their age, abiity, nationaity, race, sexua orientation, gender, reigious affiiation, or any other reason. Any form of abuse, harassment, threat, or vioence is incompatibe with our phiosophy and wi not be toerated. We won t accept ignorance, anger, acoho, or substance abuse as a vaid excuse, reason, or rationae for negative behaviour. 8

9 it s a about respect Create a positive residence community: Take care of yoursef. Take care of each other. Take care of this pace. Living in residence means that you have rights. You aso have responsibiities. It s essentia that you respect the rights of your feow residents, incuding the rights to privacy, property, study, rest, and equa opportunity to access common faciities. Respecting the rights of others wi make them more ikey to respect your rights in turn. Residence iving requires a spirit of mutua respect and cooperation. The aws of Canada and Ontario, the Human Rights Codes for Canada and Ontario, the reguations of Western University and other appicabe reguations, byaws, and statutes wi be respected and observed. Residence at Western This handbook is fied with the Residence Understandings, your contract with us. These Understandings are crucia to ensuring a safe, comfortabe, and enjoyabe residence experience for everyone. It s impossibe to have a rue on every possibe situation that may arise in residence, but we can define a genera understanding of maintaining common courtesy and respect for others at a times. Famiiarize yoursef with the poicies throughout this handbook and with Western s Code of Student Conduct at board/code.pdf 9

10 Supports on campus Our residences have: Live-in professiona Residence Managers Student staff Upper-year student Sophs Front desk staff avaiabe in various residences during the day and accessibe by phone on a 24-hour basis 10 Where to Turn for Hep Everyone needs hep on the road to academic success and Western is here for you. Residence Staff and Sophs are we trained and eager to be caring friends who can connect you with the persona, socia, and academic support that you may need. Academic and Leadership Programmers (ALPs) are in residence to hep guide you through Western s academic poicies and standards and can be contacted through your residence staff member. Check out the web page Residents Heath and Weness Your heath and we-being are important to us. To compement the counseing services avaiabe on main campus, Housing offers counseing services. E-mai to make an appointment. Residence Counseing The Residence Counseor provides professiona, confidentia counseing services on a wide variety of issues free of charge to students iving in residence. The Residence Counseor faciitates students persona deveopment, sef awareness, probem soving and communication, and assists to support students with menta heath issues who may demonstrate safety concerns for themseves and/ or others. Coaboration and coordination with the Student Deveopment Centre and Student Heath Services is a priority. Student Deveopment Centre Room 4100 Western Student Services Buiding Western s Student Deveopment Centre offers a broad range of programs designed to assist students to dea with career, earning, socia and persona concerns in an academic environment. They address students needs for empowerment, information, skied intervention, advocacy, community and empoyment. Services offered incude Empoyment Services/ Internet Empoyment Café, Career Services, Resource Centre, Services for Students with Disabiities, First Nations Services, Psychoogica Services, Internationa Student Services, Learning Skis Services, Effective Writing Program, and Vounteersin-Progress Program. Drop-in services incude the Job Search Cinic, the Learning Skis Cinic, the Effective Writing Centre, the Internationa Student Centre and the First Nations Learning Resource Centre. Student Heath Services Room 11, University Community Centre Medica AND/OR COUNsELLING Appointments SHS offers a wide range of heath and medica services on-campus to students. SHS provides a of the same services as your famiy doctor, and more: medica care and treatment, counseing, psychiatry, birth contro counseing, aergy injections, immunizations, STI testing, aboratory, physiotherapy, and massage therapy. SHS offers medica, counseing, and heath education centers that are open year-round. Bring your student card and heath card with you when you visit SHS. The medica and counseing centres schedue meetings by appointment ony. Residence at Western

11 supports on campus Internationa and Exchange Student centre Room 2021, Western Student Services Buiding If you are a student coming from outside of Canada, our Internationa Student Centre office provides vauabe information on visas, heath care, and specia programs and services designed for your particuar needs. For information on the City of London, maps or weather-reated information, pease visit or Chapains at Western Room 256, University Community Centre ext You are wecome to visit, meet with friends, use one of the rooms for prayer or meetings, or join in on a discussion or event. A number of faith groups are represented and muti-faith chapains from the London area are avaiabe through this office. Student Success Centre Room 210, University Community Centre The Student Success Centre is a short wak from a residences. You can get further academic support, information and referras to the many student support services avaiabe on campus. The Student Success Centre organizes study groups as we as the Leadership and Mentorship Program (LAMP). Equity & Human Rights Services Room 2319, Somervie House The Division of Housing and Anciary Services is committed to promoting diversity within a of Western s residences, and respect for a its residents. However, if you are confronted with harassment, discrimination, or reated human-rights issues, this office provides confidentia consutation and mediation services. Office of the Ombudsperson Room 3135, Western Student Services Buiding If you have any concerns and need some assistance in understanding your rights and responsibiities as a student, the Office of the Ombudsperson can assist in providing information and support about any aspect of university ife. This service is avaiabe to a students and confidentiaity is assured. Residence at Western Campus Recreation Western Student Recreation Centre The Campus Recreation Centre is a great way to take advantage of a number of recreationa activities, incuding aerobics, aquatics, racquet sports and more! Pus, a campus recreation pass is incuded in your student fees. 11

12 Packing for the big day What does the University provide in a residence room? Coset or wardrobe Want to see a residence room? Check out our virtua tours at What shoud I bring? Aarm cock Backpack Cothes hangers Computer, network cabe and power bar Headphones Heath card Insurance protection for your property (see page 13) Laptop anti-theft device/ock Laundry bag/basket and detergent Linens, piows, and mattress cover Persona identification Toietries and towes (you may wish to bring a container/ caddy to transport your toietries to and from the washrooms) Shower shoes/fip-fops Residence Handbook University documents (consider keeping a of your University pubications and correspondence in one fie foder) Kitchen suppies (for suite-stye residents) Dishes and cutery Garbage and recycing bags Toiet paper Ceaning suppies for kitchen and bathroom Desk and chair Dresser Wastebasket and recycing bin Corkboard Booksheves or desk hutch Bed frame and mattress approximate mattress size is 203 cm (80") ong by 91 cm (36") wide average underbed storage height minimum 25.5 cm (10"). London Ha has standard doube beds 189 cm (74.5") ong by 135 cm (53") wide good idea! What Coud I bring? Additiona reading/desk amp (haogen amps are not permitted) Mattress pad Bicyce and a high-quaity U-ock, as bicyces sometimes get stoen (bike racks are ocated outside each residence) Hair dryer/straightener Recreation equipment (pease note storage is very imited) Umbrea Mugs or cups Check out Residence Linens at for a great seection of quaity bedding, kitchen kits, and more! Residence Linens deivers to your residence room before your arriva! Internationa and Exchange students can aso purchase inens and other suppies on Internationa Student Residence Wecome Day. Pots and pans (for suite-stye residents) Persona safe or ock box 12 Residence at Western

13 What Not to bring? Don t bring any of the foowing items into residence. Keeping these items out of residences enhances the safety, comfort, and convenience of both yoursef and other residents. Packing for the big day Acoho during Orientation Week, August 31 September 7, 2014 (regardess of your age) Beer bottes Large-voume acoho containers (kegs, mini-kegs, or iquor bottes greater than 40 fuid ounces) Funnes, beer-pong tabes, and any other high-risk drinking paraphernaia Pipes, hookahs, vapourizers, and bongs (due to their common association with iega and iicit drug use) Candes and incense Heaters and heat amps Pets (any type of animas, incuding but not imited to fish, turtes, repties, and birds) Appiances of a kinds, incuding but not imited to: dishwashers, microwaves, freezer, washers, dryers, hot pates, sandwich makers, and indoor gris. Toaster ovens, cooking gris and coffee makers are permitted in suite-stye residences ony. Furniture of any kind (incuding but not imited to desks, chairs, mattresses, beds, waterbeds, tabes, and office chairs) Water cooers Haogen amps Exercise machines (for exampe: step machines, treadmis, and stationary bikes) Drum sets and pianos Be Safe and Secure Speaker systems Draperies Go Green: Sustainabe Packing for Residence Pack fragie items with cothes, towes, or od newspapers that can be recyced or reused after you ve unpacked. Styrofoam packing peanuts are dangerous to the environment and a pain to throw away! Pack items in bags you wi need during the year, ike your backpack or suitcases. This can stop unnecessary waste from being produced during the moving process. Be creative! For heavier items, use arge pastic containers that can be reused ater for storage. Some residence beds have storage room underneath great for items you don t need every day! Remember to check oca businesses for used cardboard boxes many wi offer them free of charge! Once you re moved in, remember to recyce any cardboard boxes or packaging waste that you may have. GET INSURED! The University wi not be iabe, directy or indirecty, for theft or oss of persona property by fire, water or any other cause, whether the items are paced in your room, in storage or other areas of the residence. The University reserves the right to reassign you to an aternate residence space shoud faciities require repair work. You are strongy advised to carry insurance protection against oss or damage of your persona property. Check your existing poicy, which shoud confirm that the definition of dweing found in that poicy can be extended to incude your room in residence. Where no coverage is provided for possessions housed at an off-site ocation, it may be possibe to add a rider to the existing poicy. The best protection may be achieved through a standard tenant s poicy. Pease do not bring any appiances or cooking equipment into the residence, as their use may jeopardize your safety and the safety of others. Burning candes or incense, or smoking is prohibited in residence. If you are bringing computers or other high-wattage eectrica equipment, such as musica equipment or stereos, you must aso bring a power bar and circuit breaker approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Any other eectrica devices and extension cords must aso be CSA approved and have an automatic shut off (e.g., iron, kette, coffee maker). Overoading the power outets is a vioation of our buiding safety code and you may face discipinary sanctions for doing so. You may aso be asked to remove some of your equipment, and are reminded that you wi be hed responsibe for damage or threat to safety resuting from non-compiance with these reguations. Residence at Western 13

14 Move-in day Move-in Instructions If you ive within a few hours driving distance of London you can make your move-in day easier by bringing ony the essentias (such as toietries and cothes) to ast a few weeks. You can bring the rest of your beongings on a trip home or have them brought to you. You know what you actuay need and what you can fit in your room by then! You re free to have beongings shipped to your residence. However, they wi ony be received if they arrive after you have aready moved into residence. You can caim shipped uggage from the front desk. Move-in directions and maps specific for each residence can be found at and on the foowing pages. These directions are designed to ensure your move-in is as fast and as smooth as possibe. Certain directions may require you to take a sighty onger route around the city and through campus to account for the heavy traffic of move-in day. Arrive on campus during your assigned time, which you can determine from the move-in schedue on the foowing page. Your vehice wi be directed to a marshaing area when you arrive on campus where you wait for your turn for your vehice to be unoaded. With your permission, vounteers (Sophs) wi assist you in unoading your vehice and moving your beongings with the aid of a imited number of troeys. Let our vounteers know if you d prefer to move your things in yoursef. The University wi not be responsibe for any oss or damage occurring to your beongings during the move-in process regardess of whether they were moved in by a vounteer or not. Medway-Sydenham Ha does not have eevators. Your driver wi be directed to a nearby parking ot for ong-term parking once your vehice has been competey unoaded. Your vehice wi be ticketed by Parking Services if it s abandoned in the unoading zone! Residents: Foow signs and vounteer instructions to the residence check-in room to receive your room key. If you ve been assigned to a doube room you ve aso been assigned to a specific side (eft or right) for RezNet purposes. Moving out in Apri In September, there are hundreds of students vounteers who are avaiabe to assist you with the move-in process. Pease note that in Apri, a of these vounteers wi be writing exams themseves, and wi be unabe to assist you during this time. Pease pan ahead and consider moving a few items home prior to the cosure period, such as during the ong statutory hoiday weekend in the spring. Once your room is empty, pease aow an hour for the check-out process. 14 Residence at Western

15 Are eary arrivas possibe? pease note Residence Staff are not in pace and dining has are not yet open before move-in day. Pease do not pan to arrive before your schedued move-in date and time. Eary arrivas wi be turned away and wi have to find accommodations, at their own expense, unti their schedued move-in time. Certain students (Residence Staff, Sophs, and Counci members, some varsity athetes, and students with academic programs that begin eary, for exampe) may be required to arrive on campus before their schedued move-in day. No eary arriva request is necessary for students in these situations: they wi receive an move-in day e-mai in mid-august that outines their eary-arriva information. For internationa and out-of-province students who coud not make aternate trave arrangements, you are required to submit an onine eary arriva request. Pease submit your eary arriva request via myresidence at by Juy 31, Shoud your request be granted, pease note that there is a charge of $50 for each extra day of accommodation. Moving beongings into a residence room, regardess of whether the resident has moved in or not, constitutes moving in, and is subject to the per diem rate Move-in Day Schedue RESIDENCE MOVE-IN DAY SCHEDULED TIME Perth Ha Sunday, August 31, a.m. 12 p.m. Surnames beginning with A-K 1 p.m. 4 p.m. Surnames beginning with L-Z Essex Ha Sunday, August 31, a.m. 12 p.m. Surnames beginning with A-K 1 p.m. 4 p.m. Surnames beginning with L-Z Medway-Sydenham Ha Sunday, August 31, a.m. 12 p.m. Surnames beginning with A-K 1 p.m. 4 p.m. Surnames beginning with L-Z Saugeen-Maitand Ha Sunday, August 31, 2014 Monday, September 1, a.m. 12 p.m. Surnames beginning with A-D 1 p.m. 4 p.m. Surnames beginning with E-K 8 a.m. 12 p.m. Surnames beginning with L-R 1 p.m. 4 p.m. Surnames beginning with S-Z Aumni House Monday, September 1, a.m. 12 p.m. Surnames beginning with A-K 1 p.m. 4 p.m. Surnames beginning with L-Z Egin Ha Monday, September 1, a.m. 12 p.m. Surnames beginning with A-K 1 p.m. 4 p.m. Surnames beginning with L-Z Ontario Ha Monday, September 1, a.m. 12 p.m. Surnames beginning with A-K 1 p.m. 4 p.m. Surnames beginning with L-Z London Ha Tuesday, September 2, 2014 and Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Residence at Western Photo: Richard Bain 15

16 map to campus Western VETERANS PKWY Recommended routes to Western 16 Residence at Western

17 We ve estabished the most effective way for you to arrive at your residence during what is generay the busiest time on campus. Athough you may be more famiiar with other ways of entering the campus, the onine directions that we provide present the greatest opportunity for the most efficient traffic fow. For exampe, the Saugeen-Maitand Ha main entrance wi not be accessibe during move-in. Before eaving home, pease print and refer to the onine directions provided on our website. map of western August 31 - A to K September 1 - L to Z Note: Move in date depends on ast name Deaware Ha September 1 August 31 August 31 September 1 Ontario Ha September 1 August 31 August 31 September Cartographic Section, Geography Dept., Western/KnowYourRoute Residence at Western 17

18 Move-in day Tips for Move-in You be assigned a move-in time in either the morning or the afternoon of a designated move-in day. Most forma orientation activities begin the evening of Monday, September 1, 2014 Contact your Residence Manager in advance of your move-in day if you are a student with physica chaenges who requires assistance with move-in. Make arrangements in advance at oca hotes for famiy members staying overnight in London. Ensure that your items are packed securey. We-packed items aow vounteers to move a of your items quicky and efficienty to your room. Ceary mark a of your items with your first and ast name to ensure your beongings are directed propery. Do not pack your beongings in garbage bags. Don t pack things in acoho or iquor boxes. Student vounteers cannot hande these boxes (even if there s no acoho in them) because Orientation Week is dry. Do not bring famiy pets with you. Manage how many persona beongings you bring on move-in day. Most students ony bring enough items to fit into one standard-sized shopping cart. Visit to print move-in day maps and instructions for your easy reference. Foow the instructions of the Residence Staff directing traffic throughout the day. They direct you to the appropriate vehice marshaing area for your residence. Our unoading spaces cannot accommodate hitched traiers due to imited maneuverabiity. Respect our imit of one vehice per resident. Parking is extremey imited during the move-in weekend. Your car wi be directed to the nearest parking space as soon as it has been unoaded. Orientation Week is dry and acoho is banned in a University residences. Do not bring acoho of any kind with you to campus, even if you are of age. If you are a first-year student who wi be arriving ater than noon on Wednesday, September 3, you must inform your residence front desk or we cannot guarantee that we wi hod your residence space. A ate arrivas are to check in with their residence front desk. See page 61 for contact information. 18 Residence at Western

19 roommates Roommate Bi of Responsibiities As a roommate, I have the responsibiity to: Maintain a cean iving area Respect my roommate and my roommate s beongings Respectfuy communicate face-to-face with my roommate Take an active roe in resoving conficts, with or without the aid of Residence Staff Aow my roommate to ive and earn in our room free from undue interference (unreasonabe noise or other distractions) that inhibit these activities Aow my roommate to seep without undue disturbance from noise, guests, or other disruptions Aow my roommate free access to our room and our shared faciities Provide my roommate with privacy Aow my roommate to be free from fear, intimidation, and physica and emotiona harm Ensure that my guests respect the privacy and rights of my roommate Be private and discreet, especiay with intimate reationships Residence at Western Prevent roommate misunderstandings by discussing the foowing as soon as possibe: Using one another s beongings Studying in the room Your seep schedue Your ceaniness and neatness preferences How comfortabe you are with guests and visitors Room temperature preferences Noise eves from stereos, TVs, teephones, and computers Using the room for sociaizing Storage space use Lifestye Disposing of food, recycabes and garbage Appropriate hours for Skype/onine video caing with famiy or friends A residents wi be provided a ink to the onine Living Together guide, which assists with the creation of a Roommate/Suite Agreement. Throughout September, Residence Staff wi be meeting with each room or suite on the foor to hep faciitate this process. 19

20 resoving differences I have never shared a room with anyone before! Sharing a room is just ike any other reationship: it requires openness, fexibiity, and respect to be effective. It s important to communicate openy with your roommate right from the start. Learning to ive with other peope, to acknowedge and respect each other s differences, and aow one another the space to grow are some of the most vauabe parts of the residence experience. Roommates don t have to be best friends: there wi be times when you and your roommate disagree. Here s a guide on how to constructivey work through these disagreements. You Take an Active Roe in Resoving Your Differences! It s important to communicate your needs ceary and openy because your roommate probaby doesn t reaize that their behaviour is bothering you. Show your roommate respect by speaking with them in person, not by eaving notes, via text messages, or through socia media. Focus excusivey on how their behaviour is impacting you, not on their character. It s crucia to speak with your Residence Staff member prompty if speaking with your roommate doesn t improve the situation. Your Staff member can coach you on effectivey communicating with your roommate and wi foow up to monitor how your discussion with your roommate goes. Let your roommate know that you re getting advice from your Staff member, particuary if you d ike your Staff member to speak with your roommate. Your Staff member wi speak with your roommate to gain more insight into your reationship with your roommate. Roommate Mediation Your Staff member wi recommend a roommate mediation if your roommate difficuties persist after you ve foowed the steps outined above. A roommate mediation is an assisted dispute-resoution process where you and your roommate can discuss your needs and concerns respectfuy and openy. A Residence Staff member wi act as a mediator to ensure that there s a safe and neutra environment for you to speak about your feeings, thoughts, and needs. Residence Staff are trained to work with disputing residents to create a mutuay satisfactory soution. Needs may not be negotiabe but soutions certainy are. This process wi hep you create cear expectations and specific steps necessary to carry out the agreed-upon soution. We re committed to resoving roommate disputes through mediation and we expect residents to make an honest and sincere attempt to reach a resoution. Room Changes Room changes are arranged by Residence Managers ony as a ast resort after a other options have been exhausted. There is itte to no room avaiabiity to make switches for the first severa weeks of the academic year. However, room changes create a diemma: neither roommate may wish to continue iving together but both may wish to stay in the room. Living apart requires one or both residents to eave their friends and foor community. The Residence Manager may force one or both roommates to move in exceptiona circumstances. Thankfuy, mediation is successfu in the majority of roommate disputes. Whie getting aong may not aways be easy, it s certainy worthwhie. 20 Residence at Western

21 decorating your room Can I use common-area furniture in my room? What may I put on my was? Use discretion and respect when decorating your room. Don t post anything on either side of your haway door, interior doors, or was that may be offensive or upsetting to others. Residence Staff may require you to remove any materia that is deemed to contribute to a poisonous environment, promotes unwanted comments, and/or contributes to a negative community atmosphere. This incudes pubic dispays of discipine etters. Ensure that decorations don t obstruct smoke detectors, fire aarms, or sprinkers to avoid vioating safety codes. We take fire prevention seriousy and residents whose decorations have interfered with heat, smoke, or fire detection equipment wi receive severe discipinary sanctions. Use tacks to hang things from the poster rais that ine your room s was. A types of tape damage paint and drywa when they ve been eft in pace for severa months. You may not paint any part of your room, pace stickers and/or use nais, screws, or brackets on the was, furniture, or fixtures. A materias must be removed from your room when you check out at the end of the year and you wi be charged to repair any damages that have been incurred to the was, furniture, or fixtures in your room. Do not take any furnishings for your room from common areas, such as ounges, computer abs, kitchenettes and study rooms. A furniture in the residences is assigned to a specific room and may not be moved from one room to another, incuding sheving, chairs, and any other common-area furniture or fixtures. You wi be bied for the abour cost of reocating any common-area furniture found in your room, and may aso be subject to discipinary sanctions. What furniture may I use in my room? Ony University-issued furniture is permitted in student rooms (incuding desk chairs). This ensures that it s propery assembed and meets safety standards. Persona mattresses, tabes, and chairs, and other types of furniture are not aowed because they may create a safety hazard and/or increase the risk of fire. May I customize university furniture or fixtures? For safety reasons, furniture, incuding coset doors and bed boards, are not to be disassembed or reassembed in a manner for which it was not originay designed. Any furniture that is disassembed or otherwise augmented wi be reassembed by a University-empoyed professiona at your cost. You may aso face discipinary sanctions. May I decorate my window? Window dressings are provided in a of our residences. Fags, banners, bed sheets, posters, or signs (eectric or otherwise) are not to be hung in or out of windows or around residence property except with permission of the Residence Manager upon specia request. Acoho containers cannot be dispayed in windows for any reason and doing so wi resut in discipinary sanctions. Residence at Western 21

22 decorating your room May I bring a sma refrigerator? Refrigerators brought into residence must be in exceent working condition and conform to a safety, heath, and size reguations. The maximum size aowed for persona refrigerators is 53 cm 55 cm 84 cm (21" 21.5" 33"). May I make snacks? Common area kitchenettes are provided for preparing ight snacks in traditiona- and hybrid-stye buidings. These kitchenettes are not designed for food storage or mea preparation. Cooking or preparing meas in traditiona- and hybrid-stye buidings is stricty prohibited due to probems of sanitation and the increased danger of fire. Residents of suite-stye residences are wecome to prepare meas in the kitchens of their suites. 22 Residence at Western

23 your mea pan For students with food aergies/intoerances, it is strongy recommended to make arrangements to speak with either the Unit Manager in their residence or the Nutrition Manager Residence dining has safey accommodated countess students over the years with food aergies, as a system is in pace to hep make their stay both safe and enjoyabe. When are the dining has open? The dining has (except dining faciities in Egin Ha) are open seven days a week, from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Egin Ha coses for the weekend after dinner on Friday and reopens for breakfast on Monday morning. Pease note that on statutory hoiday weekends, the dining ha cosure for Egin is extended to incude the hoiday. What kind of food is served in the dining has? Western is proud to operate its own residence food service unit within Hospitaity Services. Students iving in residence have a vast variety of foods avaiabe to them. The menu operates on a six-week menu cyce. Lunch and dinner feature an average of six hot entrées incuding vegetarian, vegan, guten-free and FRESH APPROVED heathier options. In addition, students can make daiy seections from a soup/chii, dei, yogurt/parfait or fruit/saad bar. Interactive cooking and a carvery station are aso featured during severa dinners throughout the week. FRESH 4 U grab-and-go fridges offer yet another option for those students on the run. The residence menu provides varied cuinary options. Students can experience the favours and cuisine of Asia, Europe and North America, as we as different cooking techniques to create a wide seection of dishes. To hep make sound and independent choices, ingredients are isted for most items on daiy menus, which can be viewed onine at Residence at Western Ontario, Medway-Sydenham and Saugeen-Maitand dining has feature evening dining services unti 11 p.m. or midnight. Offerings incude pizza, saad bar, dei items such as subs, wraps, sandwiches with grito-order features, FRESH 4 U grab-and-go items, beverages and seected hot entrées. If your night cass, game or practice schedues do not aow you sufficient time to eat, we encourage you to meet with your Hospitaity Services unit manager to discuss aternate arrangements. You coud opt to visit the dining has offering evening services, or order in home deivery. For further information, pease visit Hospitaity Services onine at: residencedining To hep keep costs down, keep dishes in the dining ha! Consider taking part in the Xchange4change to-go program by purchasing an ecotainer, avaiabe in the dining ha. 23

24 Your mea pan How is my mea pan set up? The residence mea pan is comprised of two main components: the overhead fee and the food credit. Overhead The overhead fee is used to maintain and operate the dining has. This incudes abour, capita costs, equipment, etc. There is no food credit vaue to the overhead fee and it is non-refundabe. Food Credit The food credit portion of the mea pan works ike a debit card with a decining baance. There are two types of food credit: Residence Doars and Fex Doars. Residence Doars are used at on-campus eateries and residence dining has. The cost of food purchased in the residence dining has is reduced and tax-exempt to refect that the overhead has been paid. Fex Doars can be used to purchase on-campus confection purchases (such as at vending machines) and at our mea pan partner restaurants found both on- and off-campus. Many take-out/deivery options are avaiabe. Off-campus fex purchases are subject to fu retai price pus appicabe taxes. How do I use my mea card? Your Western ONECard functions as both your student identification and your mea card. Your account wi be credited with your fu year s residence mea pan and fex doars prior to your arriva. You must present your Western ONECard every time you make a purchase or you wi be required to pay cash. Protect it as you woud any credit card. You may purchase food immediatey upon your arriva provided you have your Western ONECard, which you shoud receive upon moving into residence. Note: Your mea pan wi ast much onger if you make the majority of your mea purchases in the residence dining has. Where can I use my residence mea pan? ANY Western Residence Dining Ha Bento Sushi Booster Juice Crazy Noodes Freshens Harvey s Made in Japan The Spoke (on-campus) The Wave (on-campus) Barakat Domino s Pizza East Side Mario s Jack Astor s Lone Star Texas Gri McGinnis Landing Mongoian Gri Manchu Wok Mucho Burrito The Pita Pit Pizza Pizza Quiznos Starbucks Coffee Subway Tim Hortons Where can I use my fex doars Moxie s Papa John s Pizza Pizza Subway Swiss Chaet Tony Roma s The Windermere Manor Wok Box YoYo s Yogurt Café *Pease note that aternate dining options are based on student interest and demand, and as such, are subject to change. mea pan $ Mea pan doars running ow? Want to check your baance? Check or top up your account onine at onine_topup.htm 24 Residence at Western

25 Network Connection RezNet is the primary Internet Service Provider for a campus residences. We provide convenient access to onine academic resources. With a 97% subscription rate, most students find RezNet to be a vauabe too for their academic and web browsing needs. RezNet service for the academic year (September to Apri) is $360. What if I haven t signed up yet? Check your residence invoice. If you indicated yes to RezNet on your onine Residence Pacement Questionnaire, you wi note a charge of $360 for the RezNet service. You may sti sign up for RezNet service by foowing the myresidence ink at www. and making changes to the information that you provided on the onine Residence Pacement Questionnaire. A RezNet canceations must be submitted through the myresidence website and wi ony be accepted unti September 30, What type of computer do I need to connect to RezNet? Amost any computer can connect to RezNet. We currenty support computers with Windows 7, 8, and Vista and a current versions of Mac OS X. RezNet Wireess! RezNet offers wireess access throughout our residence buidings, to compement our high speed Network connection wired service. Pease aso bring a network cabe as some devices wi ony work on our wired network and the wired network provides the highest quaity of service! Protect your computer To protect the heath of the network, a computers must arrive in residence with up-to-date antivirus software instaed and configured to update automaticay on a daiy basis. You can purchase a copy of Trend Micro Internet Security (for PC and Mac) at a discounted rate from the Campus Computer Store, ocated on the ower-eve of the University Community Centre. A note about e-mai forwarding The Division of Housing and Anciary Services, aong with most University departments, uses your Western e-mai account as the primary point of student contact. This is especiay true in emergency situations, where important and timey information may be disseminated to students Western e-mai accounts. As such, you are cautioned against forwarding your Western e-mai to an aternate provider (e.g., Hotmai, Yahoo, Gmai), as messages can be ost in the forwarding process. Pease ensure that you check your Western e-mai account on a reguar basis. Need a New Computer? The University owns and operates a computer store that offers a fu ine of computers, accessories and software often at specia pricing. Just contact the Campus Computer Store for more information! Te: Fax: E-mai: 25 Residence at Western Or visit the store at the University Community Centre, Lower Leve. 25

26 Network Connection Bring a Network Cabe You must bring an Ethernet network cabe with you to residence. The ength of the cabe needed depends on the residence buiding to which you are assigned. Pease visit the RezNet website at for a ist of suggested cabe engths. What happens on move-in day? You shoud be abe to get your computer connected to RezNet by foowing the instructions in the RezNet handbook that wi be in your residence room when you arrive. We aso have an exceent student support team avaiabe to assist you with configuration issues. The RezNet Hotine wi be open on both move-in days to provide assistance to students. RezNet staff wi aso be avaiabe to visit you in your residence room. Hours of operation wi be posted on the RezNet website, in the RezNet handbook, and RezNet s Facebook page. RezNet Summer Hotine The RezNet Summer hotine number is The hotine is open during the summer to answer questions reated to wired versus wireess internet access, instaing anti-virus software, connection speed or bandwidth imits, and any other RezNet reated questions. The RezNet summer hotine is open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., from May 5 to August 15, Residence Computer Labs Each residence has at east one computer ab that provides access to software incuding Microsoft Office, e-mai, internet, and more! Questions? Have Questions? Check out our onine Frequenty Asked Questions page at Check us out at 26

27 Computing at Western is a Priviege! pease note The use of Western s computing resources is a priviege, avaiabe if you honour the requirements and obigations set out in the Residence Understandings and the Acceptabe Use Poicy. As we, you must foow the Residence Ha Network Connection Guideines. If you are found to have breached these poicies, you are subject to the fu range of University discipinary procedures. Sanctions incude the temporary or permanent oss of access privieges, financia restitution, termination of your Residence Contract, expusion from the University, and/or ega sanctions. Commercia or crimina use of Western computing resources is stricty prohibited, as is any use that may seriousy impact the performance of the network. You are expected to compy fuy with both the etter and the spirit of the aw with respect to copyright and patents and thereby honour inteectua property rights. Eectronic mischief, mischief in reation to data, inappropriate or unauthorized use of computer equipment or eectronic devices (incuding surveiance equipment) is prohibited and subject to prosecution. Users are encouraged to review the Crimina Code of Canada (ss and 430), and the University s Network Connection poicies and interpretation documents carefuy. Visit our website at for further detais. The primary purpose of RezNet is to provide you with access to academic resources. Network and internet resources are shared and must not be abused. To ensure fair access for a RezNet subscribers, RezNet enforces daiy bandwidth guideines. RezNet users who downoad or upoad excessive amounts of materia wi be quarantined from the network without notice. For more information on network bandwidth pease visit We wi not toerate any verba or written abuse, eectronic or otherwise, of any member of our community. Pease keep in mind that communication of objectionabe materia to others constitutes vioation of the Residence Understandings, and incudes the eectronic communication of materia, as we as the fie-sharing functions of your computer. Eectronic eavesdropping or surveiance, or uncomfortabe encroachment on persona space, can have a troubing impact on an individua s sense of security and wi resut in discipinary sanctions. 27

28 residence faciities Mai Mai is deivered and coected at every residence (except on hoidays and over the winter break). Packages and arger enveopes wi be kept at the front desk and a package deivery notice wi be sent with your mai directing you to pick them up. You must show photo identification and the package deivery notice to retrieve your deivery. A mai and packages wi be returned to sender if not picked up within 30 days. Remember to forward your mai upon moving out of residence. Foors in traditiona-stye residences are assigned foor maiboxes at the beginning of the year and a foor representative wi pick up the mai daiy. Residents of Aumni House and Essex, Egin, London, Ontario and Perth Has have suite maiboxes ocated near the front desk. Teephone Service Landine teephone service must be arranged through your independent service provider. Ce Phones Pease provide us with your persona ce phone number during the onine residence acceptance process or via the Residence Inventory Condition Check. We may need to contact you directy in the event of an emergency or for business purposes. For Teephone Service Hep Visit the Campus Phones at Western website: Ca the Teecom hep ine at Visit the ITS Hep Desk in the Support Services Buiding For Teephone Service Hep 28 Residence at Western

29 Teevision Cabe Service residence faciities Cabe service is provided in a traditiona-stye and hybrid-stye residence ounges. Suite ounges in suitestye residences are equipped with basic cabe. Suite bedrooms are aso cabe-ready but you must make arrangements with an outside service provider once you arrive. You are responsibe for providing your own teevision. You wi need to provide your own digita adaptor or box if you wish to access digita channes. Cabe is not provided in traditiona-stye residence bedrooms. Spicing TV cabes is not permitted in residence and wi resut in discipinary sanctions. Western Parking & Visitor Services The avaiabiity of Western parking permits is imited so purchase a parking permit as soon as possibe. Undergraduate students with a permit may park in any parking ot designated by a green perimeter zone, most of which are cose to residence buidings. Green perimeter parking zones incude: Springett Green, Medway, Athouse and Huron Fats. A permit hoders aso have access to most other parking ots and zones after 4 p.m. on weekdays and weekends at no extra charge. Visit for more information about parking on campus, tickets, and purchasing your parking permit. Do not endanger the safety of others by parking in fire routes or residence traffic circes. Never eave your vehice unattended in these areas. Doing so wi resut in a minimum fine of $100 from Western s Parking Services. Access routes must aways be open for emergency vehices. Traffic circes are designated fire routes and can ony be used for passenger dropoff and pick-up. Never park on roadways, aises, corners, wakways, hash-marked or other non-parking areas. Improper or unauthorized parking wi resut in your vehice being ticketed and/or towed by Western s Parking Services at the owner s expense and iabiity. Residence front desks have no authority over parking tickets. Bicyces A residences have nearby bike racks and some offer covered bicyce storage. Pease be aware that bike thefts sometimes happen! Aways ock your bike with a high-quaity U-ock and register it with Campus Community Poice Service. You may not put bike hooks in the was or ceiing of your room to store your bicyce and you wi be bied for any damage to the room or furniture resuting from storing your bicyce. Do not secure your bicyce to raiings, pipes, Residence at Western or other fixtures in common areas of the residence. Your bicyce wi be removed if it s stored in an unauthorized area. Pubic Transportation London Transit Commission (LTC) bus passes are provided to fu-time undergraduate students through the University Students Counci. Visit the Western Connections booth in the University Community Centre for more information. Laundry Faciities Card-activated aundry faciities are avaiabe throughout the residence system. To add to your aundry account, pease see the card reoad centre ist posted in your aundry room. Irons and ironing boards are aso avaiabe for your use. Unauthorized use of another person s aundry card constitutes theft and wi resut in discipinary sanctions. Lost and Found The Campus Community Poice office maintains storage of ost and found items, ocated in Room 57, Lawson Ha. Residence front desks aso store ost and found items for a short period of time. 29

30 more residence information Commercia Transactions Commercia business or soiciting not authorized by the Division of Housing and Anciary Services or by Western University is not permitted in residence. Pease notify the front desk if you notice any commercia activity taking pace in your residence. Posting Notices in Residence A posters must receive approva from the Residence Manager at the residence front desk in which they are to be dispayed prior to their dispay. This incudes a Residents Counci pubications. Approva by the University Students Counci Poster Patro does not appy to residence postings. Notice to Vacate The University reserves the right to refuse residents admission or readmission to University housing or to cance the contract during the academic year for the student s faiure to meet University requirements, poicies, or reguations, or in the event of crimina conviction by civi authorities. In such cases, you wi be hed financiay responsibe for your fu residence fees. Further, the Division reserves the right to coect payment for any remaining residence room and mea pan overhead charges. Residence Tours Egin and Medway-Sydenham wi be hosting tours for incoming residence students. Consider appying for part-time empoyment as a residence tour guide if you are a resident of either buiding. Tours are an important way for potentia students and their parents to get a fee for the residence ife experience. You can be a part of one of Western s most important recruitment initiatives! Visit tours.cfm for more information. Your Privacy Your privacy is important to Western and we protect you in the foowing ways: we re unabe to reease any information about your whereabouts shoud we receive inquiries, by phone or in person, at our residence front desks. We are unabe to provide your room number, intercom extension, or verify whether or not you ive in the buiding. Visit for more information about the use and protection of your persona information for residence purposes. State of Emergency A state of emergency or other unforeseen deveopments (e.g., severe weather conditions, fire, food, abour disruption, outbreak of iness) may make norma residence operations difficut or impossibe to sustain. Utiities may not be avaiabe, and food services may be imited. The Division of Housing and Anciary Services reserves the right to require you to vacate your room if any such situation occurs. Shoud this happen, a residences (or sections thereof) wi remain cosed unti further notice. No access is permitted when residences are cosed. In the event accommodations assigned to the student are destroyed or otherwise made unavaiabe and the University does not furnish other accommodations, the contract wi terminate; a rights and iabiities of the parties wi end. 30 Residence at Western

31 orientation week Orientation Week Acoho Poicy Do not bring acoho into residence. Western s Orientation Week has been dry for severa years: acoho is not permitted nor made avaiabe during Orientation events or in residence. Acoho is banned from the first move-in day unti September 8, 2014 regardess of your age. We have the right to inform your parents, send you home, and/or suspend you from residence for the remainder of Orientation Week shoud you come to our attention during Orientation Week for acoho-reated behaviour. Acoho-reated infractions wi eicit severe sanctions during Orientation Week. goas of Orientation Week Wecome students to Western. Orientation Week Western s Orientation program is designed to smooth the transition to university and residence ife and to wecome you to the Western Community. Orientation Week is panned and overseen by Western s administration, University Students Counci, facuty, staff, students, and vounteers. Events range from campus-wide concerts, facutyspecific orientation, to residence socias. These activities are designed to hep you meet peope, adjust to ife at Western, and integrate you into the Western community. Pease be aware that your name, room number and facuty wi be used to assign you to groups for orientation activities and to invite you to programs and events reated to your academic program throughout the year. You may choose to opt out of the contact ist at any time. For detaied information on Orientation Week activities, pease visit Residence at Western Faciitate student s transitions to a new socia, earning, and cutura environment within Western University and the London community. Use a mixture of different events, incuding peer support from Residence Staff and Sophs, sma group activities, facuty invovement, and arger organized events. Provide a variety of effective and enjoyabe events that recognize the changing demographics of our incoming students. Enhance academics by recognizing earning opportunities both in and outside of the cassroom that contribute to persona growth and advancement in earning environments. 31

32 Orientation week Disturbances, pranks and ewd or obscene behaviour are not acceptabe. Loca noise byaws prohibit noise 24 hours a day. A activities are vountary; you shoud fee free to come and go as you wish and to decide which events you want to attend. A first-year students are treated as equa to other students hazing activities are not a part of the orientation experience and are stricty prohibited. If, in the course of Orientation Week, you fee that any of the principes of orientation are not being met, pease tak to your Residence Staff member or your Residence Manager. A differences in gender identity, race, ethnic origin, sexua orientation, reigion, and abiities are to be ceebrated and treated with respect. There are no panned orientation activities after 1 a.m. or before 8 a.m. on any day to ensure adequate seep. For your own safety, make sure you ock your doors and windows at night or whenever you eave your room. The rights and property of residents in the community around Western are to be respected. pease note There is a no-guest poicy in effect during Orientation Week, the weekend of September and Homecoming, to assist with the setting-in period. Pease see page 47 for guest poicies in fu. Photo credit: Andreas Cese 32Residence at Western Residence at Western 32 32

33 behaviour management The primary purpose of our residence behavioura management process is to: Educate students with regard to their actions and responsibiities Protect the residence community from conduct vioations Maintain an environment that supports earning Repair any harm that is done to the community Consistent with that purpose, efforts are made to foster the persona and socia deveopment of those students who are hed accountabe for vioations of the Residence Understandings. The behavioura management system is designed to promote sefdiscipine and increase your capacity to respect the rights of others. Whenever possibe, we emphasize appropriate confict resoution methods and educationa opportunities before punitive measures are considered. Discipinary matters wi be evauated and the decision wi be conveyed to you within a reasonabe time. Each case is reviewed on an individua basis, taking the seriousness of the incident and its impact on the residence community into consideration when determining the appropriate sanction(s). We are determined to ensure the thoroughness of our investigations. If we are unabe to contact a student through a Western-provided e-mai address or room phone extension, a efforts wi be made to contact those invoved, incuding pacing a hod on mea pans. Vioations of the Residence Understandings during examination periods may warrant a more severe discipinary response. BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT LADDER We investigate behaviour that is not consistent with the Residence Understandings. We may use other sources of information (e.g., mea pan or ock/key ogs, guest records, onine forums, surveiance tapes, etc.) to assist in our investigation. We review these findings, the incident report, interview witnesses, and then meet with you to tak about what happened. Outcomes are based on a baance of probabiities given the information we are provided. An honest understanding of the facts and surrounding circumstances is the best guarantee of a good outcome. Pease be aware that behaviour consistent with the Residence Understandings is expected at University-sanctioned events, incuding formas, etc. outside of residence. Te the Truth and Take Responsibiity It is important to be upfront about what you know or what you ve done. Fasifying the story or suppressing facts works against you. You are obiged to report vioations of the residence contract and to cooperate with the investigation of incidents. Dishonesty, cousion or deiberate attempts to cover up the facts may resut in discipinary sanctions. It is our practice to maintain the confidentiaity of comments and observations provided to us during any phase of an investigation, incuding interviews. Residence at Western Termination Probation On Notice Letter Of Warning Behaviour Stream conduct Educationa Sanction Suspension Acoho Seminar Loss of Privieges Discretionary Sanctions Termination Acoho Behaviour Contract Acoho Notice Letter Acoho Concern Letter Acoho Stream Whie in or about the residence, you wi contribute to maintaining an atmosphere conducive to community, study and seep. Consideration for other residents wi be shown at a times, or you wi face discipinary sanctions. 33

34 behaviour management Discipinary Consequences If your status reaches On Probation or Termination, you wi be denied the opportunity to become a student eader in residence or to run for eected office within the residence system (e.g., Residence Staff, Soph, Counci member). Eigibiity to ive in any on-campus housing operated by the Division of Housing and Anciary Services wi be suspended for the foowing specified terms: On Probation two academic years Termination five academic years Termination of Contract may be automaticay suppemented by a one-year Notice of Trespass, prohibiting access to a residences. Your parents wi be notified of contract termination if you are under the age of majority (currenty, 18 years of age). You shoud be aware that, in addition to residence sanctions, you may aso be subject to discipinary sanctions based on the University s Code of Student Conduct. It is expected that you wi make yoursef famiiar with the code, knowing that there wi be consequences for any vioations. The code can be found at ca/univsec/pdf/board/code.pdf. In the most severe cases, Housing may refer to Campus Community Poice Service and/or the Associate Vice Provost (Academic Programs and Students) for discipinary consutation. The residences are not a sanctuary separate and apart from the aws of our country or from community standards. Norms that appy in the community at arge aso appy in the residence community. Housing may share information about serious incidents, intimidating behaviour or drug-reated activity with Campus Community Poice. If you commit a crime in residence, the Division of Housing and Anciary Services wi notify Campus Community Poice and/or the London Poice Service. The Division of Housing and Anciary Services wi impose discipinary sanctions independent of proposed crimina charges. We aso reserve the right to notify your parents about unawfu activity or any behaviour that threatens the safety or we-being of any resident or yoursef. Mandatory Room Reassignment In the best interests of the community, the University reserves the right to reocate residents to another room or buiding within the residence system as a response to vioations of the Residence Understandings. Residents are responsibe for any additiona fee increase resuting from a room or buiding change and are responsibe for transporting a of their beongings to their new room or buiding. Suspensions In certain circumstances, the University may impose a residence suspension, in which you are temporariy banned from the residences for a defined period of time, after which you may be eigibe to return. Conditions for readmission may be specified. You wi be denied access to any of the residences and their grounds during the suspension. If you vioate the suspension, you wi be charged under the Trespass to Property Act. A reguar residence fees and charges wi appy throughout the suspension period. A suspension may be imposed for one or more of the foowing reasons: 1. To ensure the safety and we-being of members of the University community or the preservation of University property 2. If you have vioated a behavioura contract 3. If you pose a definite threat of disruption of or interference with the norma operations of the University 4. If we beieve you were invoved in a serious incident and the investigation is currenty ongoing. Terminations Persistent disregard for Residence Understandings, a repetitive course of improper conduct, or faiure to honour prior conditions may trigger incrementa discipine, incuding termination of your residence contract. If your residence contract is terminated, you wi be hed financiay responsibe for your fu residence fees and the Division reserves the right to coect such payment for any outstanding residence room and mea pan overhead charges. The Division of Housing and Anciary Services reserves the right to terminate a residence contract for a singe vioation which, in the view of the Division, represents a significant departure from the behaviour expected of residents or which endangers the safety or we-being of the community (e.g., physica and/ or sexua aggression, dispay of a weapon, theft, misuse of fire-safety equipment, use/possession/trafficking of iega drugs). Such vioations wi resut in the forfeiture of your residence fees. 34 Residence at Western

35 Behaviour and Menta Heath The impact of behavioura and menta heath issues on a student can be very chaenging both sociay and academicay and the impications can be far-reaching within a residence community. Western offers a number of services in support of student we-being and the residence ife team works in cose coaboration with these services to faciitate a heathy and successfu residence experience. In instances where it appears that menta heath issues might jeopardize the safety or we-being of a student, the residences or the campus community, you may be required to be assessed by a University physician and/or a University counseor in order to determine if you are abe to ive safey and independenty in an unsupervised environment. In situations where these issues exceed our capacity to support an individua student, you may be required to take a eave from residence unti your heath is restored. You may be asked to find aternate accommodations off campus that best suit your needs, or Housing may be required to hire a professiona persona support worker (at your expense) to provide increased supervision and support. Where your behaviour and/or heath issues are of serious concern or have exceeded our capacity to support you, the Division of Housing and Anciary Services reserves the right to notify your parent or guardian, and to review your suitabiity for residence occupancy in future academic years. Pease be sure to access Menta Western a web page that brings together a of Western s menta heath resources to one ocation. This site provides information to students and parents with inks to our campus and London community resources. The Residence Counseor provides professiona, confidentia counseing services, free of charge, to residence students deaing with a wide variety of issues. Refer to page 10 for more information. Acoho and Other Harmfu Substances Despite ongoing efforts in residence and the community to educate young aduts about acoho and other harmfu substances, and the kinds of difficuties that can arise from their abuse, acoho and drugs continue to figure prominenty in a broad range of residence ife probems. Consumption of acoho wi not be an excuse for inappropriate behaviour or activity. Residence at Western behaviour management When it is cear that a vioation of the Residence Understandings has resuted from the excessive use of acoho, you may be paced on an acoho behavioura contract. As a condition of this contract you wi refrain from a consumption of acoho, from attending functions at which acoho may be served (incuding formas), or from returning to residence intoxicated or apparenty intoxicated. We reserve the right to notify your parents if your underage drinking resuts in discipinary sanctions. Vioations of Ontario s Liquor Licence Act and/or inappropriate behaviour resuting from acoho use can trigger contact with your parents and/or severe discipinary measures (incuding termination of your residence contract). As a student of Western University, you are aso subject to the conditions of the Campus Acoho Poicy. We encourage you to famiiarize yoursef with the poicy at section1/mapp133.pdf Underage drinking is a vioation of the Liquor Licence Act. If you are underage and consume acohoic beverages, you wi be subject to discipinary sanctions, incuding an acoho behavioura contract. Likewise, if you suppy or assist in the purchase of acoho for an underage student, you wi be subject to severe discipinary sanctions. The consumption of acoho is restricted to your room, provided you are of age. No open acoho (i.e., if sea is broken) is permitted in haways, stairwes, ounges and other common areas. Foor craws and any organized drinking games or activities, such as, but not imited to, funneing, are stricty prohibited. Anything used for these activities, such as a funne or hose, may be confiscated by the Campus Community Poice, and an accompanying sanction wi be imposed. In order to ensure the safety of our residents, beer of any kind may ony be brought into residence in singe-serving auminum cans, and consumed by those who are of ega drinking age. You wi be fined $30 if found in possession of beer bottes. Kegs, 3.8 itre iquor bottes (i.e., Texas Mickeys ), mini-kegs, cyinders, bubbas, and other arge-voume containers (e.g., arger than 40 oz./1183 ml for spirits or wine, or containers of 5L or more) are not permitted in residence, and you wi be required to remove them if found. The making of beer, wine or any other acohoic beverage by any means in residence is prohibited. 35

36 Behaviour management Smoking Each residence is non-smoking. The use of smoking materias in ALL areas of the residences, incuding bedrooms and stairwes, is stricty prohibited. Contraventions aso incude any signs of smoking in a residence, incuding, but not imited to, ashes, sme of smoke, and/or cigarette butts. You are required to use designated exterior areas or smoking sheters, which are ocated near many of the residences. Pease note that smoking is not permitted around the front steps and front entrances of any of the residences. E-cigarettes are not to be smoked in residence. Discipinary sanctions and fines wi be evied to you for contraventions of this poicy. Substance Abuse and Iega Drugs Excessive use of or reiance on over-the-counter substances or prescription drugs can create difficut socia and behavioura probems that compromise residence ife. Circumstances that bring addiction, dependency, recreation or other inappropriate use of substances to the attention of staff wi prompt investigation and/or discipinary sanctions. Whie on residence property, the use or possession of iega drugs, savia, or prescription drugs not in possession of the prescribed user is a vioation of the residence contract. Evidence of drug traces or drug paraphernaia, incuding hookahs, bongs and vapourizers (as they are commony associated with iega drug use) or the sme of prohibited substances (e.g., marijuana) on residence property, outside of residence windows, in residence rooms or in common areas wi be assumed to be concusive of use or possession. Deayed response in opening your door and/or attempts to remove or mask the sme wi raise further suspicion of invovement in drug activity. Western does not toerate drugreated activity. Severe discipinary sanctions wi be imposed, and wi incude termination of your residence contract, as we as the invovement of Campus Community Poice, who wi seize any drugs or drug paraphernaia. The inabiity to exercise care for one s own safety or the safety of others due in whoe or in part to being under the infuence of a controed substance is considered a vioation of the Residence Understandings. The vioation of any other poicy whie under the infuence of a controed substance is considered an additiona vioation. Dangerous Behaviour For your safety, every residence buiding has areas where access is restricted. Restricted areas incude, but are not imited to, mechanica and eectrica rooms, baconies, rooftops, kitchens, and maintenance rooms. Under no circumstances shoud you (or any guest) throw or aow any object(s) to drop from a window. Shoud this happen, discipinary sanctions wi be imposed. Furthermore, tampering with a window screen creates a safety hazard and wi resut in a $50 fine, pus any associated damage costs. The University reserves the right to confiscate any item(s) that are deemed unsafe. Educationa or Discretionary Sanctions Other educationa sanctions or earning opportunities may form part of a discipinary sanction. These conditions may incude work assignments, service to the University, or other reated assignments incuding, but not imited to, an apoogy, educationa seminars addressing drug and acoho use/abuse, restriction of privieges, research and a written assignment, counseing or anger management therapy, awareness programs for harassment or equity-reated issues, evauation for acoho/drug abuse, psychiatric evauation, or any other sanction deemed appropriate. A behavioura contract may be imposed to ensure your safety and we-being or that of other residents, or the preservation of University property. appeas Appeas Process If you beieve that you have grounds to appea your discipinary sanction, pease contact your Residence Manager for appea information within 24 hours of receipt of your discipinary outcome. 36 Residence at Western

37 Behaviour management domain, therefore you wi not use your network connection in residence for fie sharing of objectionabe materias. Pease note that in accordance with those sections of the Crimina Code of Canada (e.g., section 163), the possession, creation, distribution and pubication of obscene materia and/or chid pornography is a crimina offense. Offenses invoving objectionabe or obscene materia may resut in discipinary sanctions, incuding the termination of your residence contract, Code of Student Conduct sanctions, as we as the notification and intervention by the appropriate ega authorities. Socia Media Pranks and Boisterous Behaviour Boisterous behaviour and/or horsepay are not acceptabe in residence. The paying of sports or games incuding, but not imited to, paying pranks, basketba, soccer, bicyce riding, frisbee paying or throwing, roer-bading, skateboarding, footba throwing, riding a scooter, running, paying foor hockey and engaging in squirt gun/water fights/sip and sides, is not permitted in the haways, obbies, common areas or suites/ bedrooms, or anywhere inside the residences. Objectionabe and Obscene Materia/Behaviour Behaviour that erodes the spirit of diversity within the residence community wi not be toerated. Such behaviour incudes communication of objectionabe materia to others. Objectionabe materia can incude racist, homophobic or sexist jokes, hate iterature, pornographic materias, or any other materias that may be offensive to others or that refect negativey upon the reputation of Western, its empoyees or residences. This poicy incudes verba communication or the posting or pubishing of materia, written or eectronic, within the residence, incuding in your residence room. No objectionabe or obscene materia can be in view of others. The fie-sharing functions of your computer are considered to be in the pubic Residence at Western Socia media are pubic spaces for sharing persona information, opinions, photos and video cips. Pease be sure to activate your privacy settings on your persona onine space (i.e., your Facebook page or Twitter account). We investigate concerns if they come to our attention and may review materia contained in an onine space. You may be hed responsibe for any hurtfu words, statements or muti-media posted on an onine forum that compromises the safety or integrity of the campus/residence community or one of its members. You wi aso be hed responsibe if using socia media to promote parties in residence, incuding any buiding damages that Housing deems to coincide with such events and for the behaviour of guests in attendance. Weapons and Exposives For your protection, peet guns, paintba guns, firecrackers, knives, firearms, capguns, dangerous weapons or any objects considered dangerous to the heath and/or we-being of feow residents are not aowed in residence or anywhere on residence property. Discipinary sanctions may incude appropriation of the item(s), intervention by the appropriate ega authorities, and/or termination of your residence contract, depending on the severity of the incident(s). Gambing Gambing and games of chance are prohibited in residence. 37

38 behaviour management The chart beow is a guideine of inappropriate behaviour and possibe sanctions. The ist of exampes given here is ony a guideine. This ist is not extensive and some exceptions may occur. Each incident is evauated individuay and may resut in a sanction that fas outside of the norma range isted here. The norma range of sanctions refects the consequences of a first-time offense. Repeated behaviour or further breaches of the Residence Understandings wi resut in escaated discipinary sanctions. Serious behaviour that may warrant termination may resut in a ess serious sanction, dependent upon your coming forward to take ownership of and responsibiity for your actions, a cooperative manner during the incident foow-up and investigation, and truthfuness throughout the entire process. Other educationa or discretionary conditions may form part of a discipinary sanction or behavioura contract. See page 36 for more information. Vioation Description Range of Sanctions Restricted Items Possession of restricted items incuding: appiances, beer bottes, funnes, hookahs, pipes, vapourizers, Letter of Warning ounge furniture, pets, etc. (see page 13) Appicabe Fine Remova of Residence Property Removing coset doors and/or reocating furniture from ounges, dining areas, or other common iving areas is not permitted. Letter of Warning Appicabe Fine Pets Students are not permitted to have any pets in residence. Letter of Warning Noise Unacceptabe and excessive noise is not permitted in residence. Residents are expected to abide by the rues regarding acceptabe noise eves. Letter of Warning Remova of Window Screen and/or Window Security Bars Smoking Candes and Incense Students may not remove screens or bars from any residence window. A residences are non-smoking. Smoking is permitted ony in designated areas. Open fames are not permitted in residence, incuding attended it candes or incense. Students who require the use of candes for reigious purposes shoud contact their Residence Life Coordinator. Letter of Warning Appicabe Fine Letter of Warning Appicabe Fine Letter of Warning On Notice Fire Unattended cooking that eads to the creation of a fire hazard. On Notice Lending Keys Guests Lending residence keys to aow non-residents access to the buiding is prohibited. Residents must abide by a reevant buiding guest poicies. Hosts are directy responsibe for their guest s behaviour whie in residence and must accompany them at a times whether signed in or not. On Notice On Probation Letter of Warning On Notice On Probation Termination Acoho Use in Residence or on Residence Property Acoho may ony be consumed by students of ega drinking age within student rooms. Acoho consumption is prohibited in residence haways, outside on residence property, ounges, front desk areas, obbies, foyers, eevators, stairwes, washrooms, or any other common area. Beer bottes are not permitted. Underage drinking may resut in discipinary action. Letter of Warning or On Notice and Acoho Sanction Appicabe Fine Ha Sports/Horsepay Acoho Use in Residence Throwing Materia Pranks Inappropriate and/or Iega Entry, Misrepresentation of Sef Students are not permitted to participate in potentiay destructive activities that may cause persona injury and/or property damage. Suppying or assisting in the purchase of acoho for an underage student or behaviours resuting from the excessive consumption of acoho wi resut in discipinary action, as wi possession of a funne or other drinking paraphernaia. Throwing, dropping, or ejecting materia from residence buidings, windows, baconies, rooftops, or stairwes is prohibited. Throwing materia at residence is aso prohibited. Initiating, encouraging, supporting, or participating in pranks that are disruptive, offensive, or bothersome to residents and/or staff is prohibited. Misrepresenting onesef, entering another student s room/suite through a door or window, disturbing or using another resident s property without the permission of the resident is not permitted. Students must have written permission to enter another s room when that resident is not present and do so ony with authorized use of the prescribed key. Inappropriatey aowing others access into the buiding through windows or emergency exits is prohibited. Letter of Warning On Notice On Probation On Notice or On Probation and Acoho Sanction On Notice On Probation Termination On Notice On Probation Termination On Notice On Probation 38 Residence at Western

39 behaviour management Vioation Description Range of Sanctions Disrespectfu Behaviour & Treatment of Others Expicit/Hurtfu/ Objectionabe/ Pornographic Materia Vandaism Actions that interfere with the rights of others to the peacefu use and enjoyment of their space in residence. Disrespectfu treatment of feow residents or staff, such as using inappropriate anguage or dispaying intimidating behaviour. Actions that create a significant nuisance and/or disturbance to an individua or community. Actions that compromise or endanger the safety and security of themseves or others, persona or University property, attack the dignity/integrity of an individua, and/or contravene the aws of the and. Verba or written abuse, buying, threats, assauts, intimidation, vioence, or other forms of harassment against any member of the residence community. The dispay, posting or pubishing of any hurtfu, objectionabe or pornographic materia, written or eectronic, incuding via RezNet networking sites, within the residence, in the haways, common rooms, obbies, stairwes, bathrooms, exterior room doors, or any interior area of a room that can be seen from an open door is prohibited. Vandaism is defined as the wifu or maicious destruction or defacement of pubic or private property. Any vandaism directed toward another individua or group of individuas may aso constitute harassment. Letter of Warning Letter of Warning Notice On Notice On Probation Appicabe Fine On Probation Termination Damages Restitution On Probation Termination On Notice On Probation Loss of RezNet Privieges On Notice On Probation Damages Restitution Gambing Participating in and/or running an iega gaming or gambing operation is prohibited. On Probation Mass Consumption of Acoho Hosting Parties Harmfu Behaviour Harmfu Behaviour Acoho or Substance Abuse Restricted Areas Exposives Weapons Theft/Fraud Iega/Recreationa Drug Use Drug Trafficking Possession and/or consumption of common source acoho (e.g., kegs, mini-kegs, Texas mickeys, and other arge containers of acoho, etc.) and/or participating in drinking games (e.g., century cub, funneing, beer pong, etc.) within residence is prohibited. Residents are not permitted to host or promote parties, incuding advertising on socia networking sites. Residents wi be hed iabe for any buiding damages that coincide with such parties. Behaviour that is harmfu to yoursef or others may trigger discipinary sanctions in addition to the recommendation of support services. Repeated occurrences or serious incidents invoving acoho or substance abuse may trigger discipinary sanctions in addition to the recommendation of support services. Students are prohibited from being in any restricted areas, incuding but not imited to, rooftops, mechanica and eectrica rooms, kitchens and maintenance rooms. Exposive or fammabe materia incuding but not imited to, firecrackers, barbecue propane, dynamite or gasoine is not permitted in residence buidings. Firearms, peet guns, paintba guns and any other weapons or items (rea or imitation) that are created/ intended to cause harm, or coud be seen as intimidating, are prohibited. Theft of University or persona property wi not be toerated. This incudes the frauduent use of another student s Western ONECard, aundry card, or theft from the dining ha or theft of any persona beonging. Evidence of drug traces or drug paraphernaia (incuding hookahs, bongs, vapourizers, baggies, grinders, or scaes) wi resut in discipinary sanctions. Evidence of residents being invoved with trafficking, possessing, cutivating, using and/or consuming any iega drug substance, savia, or any prescription drug not prescribed to the user in residence or anywhere on residence property, or suspicion of such behaviours, wi resut in severe discipinary sanctions. Drug trafficking incudes: seing, administering, giving, transporting, sending, or deivering any iega drug substance or any prescription drug not prescribed to the user, or offering to do any of the above. Suppying drugs to others in residence, regardess of whether they are your friends, is considered drug trafficking and wi resut in the termination of your residence contract. On Probation and Acoho Sanction or Termination On Probation Damages Restitution Termination On Probation Behavioura Contract Termination On Probation and Acoho Sanction or Termination On Probation Termination On Probation Termination On Probation Termination On Probation Termination Damages Restitution On Probation Termination Appicabe Fine Termination Wifu or accidenta discharging, tampering with or operation of any fire prevention or detection Fire Equipment equipment for any purpose other than the contro of fire is stricty prohibited. Residence at Western On Probation Termination 39

40 community standards Even though you may not be here when incidents occur, you are accountabe for what takes pace in your room, and financiay responsibe for any damage or oss occurring in your room. You shoud keep your windows and door ocked at a times. Respectfu Treatment of Others We wi not toerate verba, written or onine abuse, threats, intimidation, vioence, or other forms of harassment against any member of our community for any reason incuding, but not imited to, cuture, race, reigion, or sexua orientation. Incidents of harassment shoud be reported to Residence Staff and to the Campus Community Poice. If you make sexist, racist or homophobic comments or jokes, you wi be subject to discipinary sanctions. If you engage in harassment, threaten or physicay assaut another resident, your residence contract may be terminated. The University wi not accept ignorance, anger, acoho, or substance abuse as an excuse, reason or rationae for such behaviour. The University has a responsibiity to protect Residence Staff, both on evening duty and off. Behaviour that is disrespectfu to Residence Staff, incuding intimidation, threatening, directed expetives, buying and other forms of harassment wi not be toerated and wi resut in discipinary sanctions, incuding termination of your residence contract. Members of the residence, kitchen, caretaking, maintenance and front desk staff are to be treated with courtesy at a times. Faiure to do so, such as by using abusive, profane or threatening anguage, wi bring about discipinary action, incuding termination of your residence contract. 40 Residence at Western

41 community standards What is Discrimination? Discrimination is treating someone unfairy based on what the Ontario Human Rights Code defines as prohibited grounds. These incude race, ancestry, pace of origin, coour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexua orientation, gender identity/expression, age, record of offences, marita status, famiy status or disabiity. What are Harassment and Crimina Harassment? Harassment is typicay repeated, unwanted comment or conduct by a person (or persons) against another. A singe, egregious incident may aso quaify as harassment. Harassment can be reated to a prohibited ground and/ or can be behaviours that make an environment fee intimidating, demeaning or hostie (e.g., buying). Crimina harassment incudes unwanted behaviours that woud make a reasonabe person fee threatened or afraid, such as watching or foowing someone; repeated phone cas, emais or internet posts; or threatening harm to a person or their friends and famiy. If harassment is physica in nature, it coud be assaut. What is Sexua Harassment? Sexua harassment incudes comment or conduct based on sex, gender identity/expression, or sexua orientation. It can incude insuting comments, sexua jokes, posting pornography, spreading sexua gossip, commenting on physica appearance or sex-roe stereotype, offering or demanding sex in exchange for a required service or a favour, or unwanted physica touching. Residence at Western What is Consent? Consent is when peope vountariy agree to engage in a sexua activity. Consent cannot be assumed, but must be given freey. Asking for consent, and then respecting the response you receive, ensures that everyone invoved fees safe and wants to proceed. Consent is not: given by someone ese obtained through pressure, abuse of power, trust, authority obtained through coercion, force or threat of force obtained if the person is unconscious, stoned, seeping, intoxicated, or simpy after a coupe of drinks: a drunk yes means no! obtained if the person does not say yes, says no, or through words or behaviour impies no obtained when the person changes their mind: consent can be revoked at any time If you do not gain consent before engaging in a sexua activity or moving from one sexua activity to another, you may be committing sexua assaut. Be an Upstander. Upstander behaviour means taking action when you see another person in harm s way. If you witness harassment, sexua harassment or assaut (or the potentia for), intervene indirecty by caing Equity & Human Rights Services, Campus Poice or a Residence Staff member, or if it is safe to do so, intervene directy by warning or removing the recipient from the situation, or saying something to the perpetrator. At Western and in residence, we take care of each other. If you or someone you know has experienced any of the behaviour isted above, tak to a Residence Staff member or your Residence Manager, or access the supports on page 4 or

42 community standards can have a troubing impact on an individua s sense of security and daiy comfort, and is ikey to resut in discipinary sanctions. Recording individuas in any format without their knowedge, even within your private persona space, is not acceptabe behaviour and discipinary sanctions may foow. Buiding security is equay important. During the December hoiday period, buidings are secured and residents are not permitted access. There is an evening sign-in system for guests on weekends. In addition, pease be mindfu of whom you are aowing to enter the buiding and do not et in peope whom you do not know. In order to promote buiding safety, video monitoring cameras may be ocated throughout a residence s common areas, and are used in accordance with Western s video monitoring procedures. The ocation of these cameras is reviewed on a reguar basis. Untidiness and Damages in Residence Community Standards Meetings We ve found that there are ess probems and more open communication within a foor community when the residents on that foor are abe to provide input on what they expect to achieve from their residence ife experience. As a resut, Residence Staff and Sophs faciitate community standards meetings, where you hep design a standard for your foor and discuss how you can work together as a community if any probems in residence arise, such as excessive noise or untidy common areas. Privacy and Property You must show respect for the property and webeing of feow residents and their right to quiet enjoyment of private and pubic spaces. Intrusive behaviour faiure to knock and wait for an invitation to enter, eectronic eavesdropping or surveiance, or uncomfortabe encroachment on persona space You and other residents are expected to have individua and coective concern for the protection and preservation of the residence and its grounds. Responsibiity for oss or damage is based on the understanding that the individua(s) responsibe for the damage, when known, wi assume compete responsibiity. Faiure to make payment in fu or arrange a deferment by the due date on the residence damage invoice may resut in a further assessment of academic penaties, aong with the appicabe financia penaties. This condition wi prevent further registration and wi not aow you to obtain a grade report, an Intent to Register form, a transcript, or degree/dipoma unti the account is paid in fu. If you cause damage to residence property in conjunction with others and Housing is unabe to determine who is specificay responsibe for each damage, a individuas wi be hed equay responsibe for the tota cost of the damage. 42 Residence at Western

43 Damage Charges We care about our faciities and the way bedrooms and common areas ook. Rowdiness, ha sports and deiberate vandaism can cause damage that detracts from the safety and appearance of our residences. We activey investigate damage to University property and repair fixtures and faciities at the eariest possibe date. important Residence at Western Pease note that you wi be iabe financiay for any damages caused by or incurred from your negigence (or those of your guests) whether done maiciousy or not. Discipinary sanctions may be appied, in addition to repair costs. (You are not permitted to undertake do-it-yoursef repairs because of the many reguation and buiding-code requirements imposed on the University.) Costs and consequences wi appy to intentiona and accidenta damage (e.g., if you engage in horsepay and damage occurs as a resut of your behaviour). When damage occurs in your room and the person(s) responsibe cannot be found, you, as the resident responsibe for that area, whether present or absent when the damage occurred, wi be hed responsibe. A residents on your foor wi share the costs of repairs if a common area of your foor is damaged and the person(s) responsibe cannot be identified. Every area of your residence has been designated as a pubic, private, or semi-private space and damage charges are bied accordingy. You wi be bied if you organize or pan an event and common areas are damaged as a resut. Residence Staff members wi direct you to the front desk to pay for your portion of shared residence damages when you check out of residence at the end of the schoo year. Uncoected damages wi be deducted from Residents Counci funds, which imits the scae, scope, and number of programs offered by your Residents Counci. Paying for your portion of common damages wi benefit everyone in the buiding. For heath, sanitary or safety reasons, the University reserves the right to permanenty reassign you to more suitabe accommodation if the University beieves the situation cannot be rectified or if repairs are extensive or unabe to be competed in a timey manner. Community standards What if something in my room is damaged before I move in? Before you move into your room, the University prepares a Room Inventory Condition Checkist (RICC) indicating the number and condition of furnishings and the condition of the premises. You compete this onine checkist when you move in. The RICC is competed again before you vacate the room. You are responsibe financiay for any damages that occur during your occupancy. The University may ask you to compete an interim checkist if it has reason to beieve substantia damage has occurred. (For more information on checking out and the inventory checkist, pease see page 46.) Damages during the academic year Report any damage to your room or its furnishings to your residence front desk immediatey. When your damage report is received, an assessment of damages and repair costs is made. If you are responsibe for damaging University property, you wi be bied for appropriate charges and may be subject to discipinary action. To initiate an appea proceeding, pease visit our website at Repairs Sampe Costs Ceiing tie: $30.75 Repacing window: $ Drywa repair: $44.78 Extra Ceaning Required (for unsuitaby messy conditions): $32.75 *A materia and abour costs are subject to change Western s Faciities Management has a maintenance staff of eectricians, carpenters, trades workers, pumbers and painters, who work to maintain a safe iving environment for students. If you have a room maintenance request, incuding concerns with extreme heat or cod, pease contact your Front Desk Cerk. He/she wi direct your request to the appropriate maintenance personne. We wi do our best to try to contact you to arrange a suitabe time to compete any necessary repairs. Occasionay, it may be necessary for maintenance personne to enter your room to do the work, whether you are present or not. 43

44 community standards University Right of Entry Students residing in residence agree to the maintenance and support of a safe and heathy iving environment. The University reserves the right for authorized representatives of the University, at any time, to enter and inspect an accommodation: to pan or perform maintenance, when there is probabe cause to beieve a vioation of the Residence Understandings may have or is taking pace in the room/suite, or when a cear and present danger requires such entry. Maintenance and caretaking staff members enter rooms on a reguar basis to provide ceaning service. This service is required to ensure ceaning standards are maintained. Our caretaking staff and trades personne support the foowing room entry procedure and are suppied with identification badges, which are visibe at a times. The protoco for any authorized representatives of the University entering residence rooms is as foows: 1. Knock on the door, wait. 2. Knock on the door, wait. 3. Knock on the door whie entering the unit. 4. Announce who they are as they enter the unit. 5. Lock the door when eaving (even if the door was unocked). Use of Evidence If during the entrance or inspection of a residence room or suite, evidence of a vioation of the Residence Understandings is found, the University may refer the resident(s) for discipinary action. The University may use evidence obtained during the entrance and/ or inspection for residence discipinary proceedings. In addition, if otherwise permitted by aw, evidence so obtained may be used in crimina proceedings. Room Inspections For purposes of safety, security and maintenance a rooms are checked immediatey after the residences cose for winter break, and again at the end of the academic year. These inspections do not invove intrusion into persona beongings. Any visibe dishes, cutery or trays beonging to the University and any ounge furniture wi be removed. You wi be notified of the remova in writing and wi be subject to appicabe remova charges and/or fines. Evidence of burning candes or cigarette smoking in the room, such as ashes, sme of smoke or cigarette butts, wi be reported to the Residence Manager and may resut in discipinary action. Prohibited items such as pets, weapons, and unauthorized appiances wi be removed. Ceaning and Maintenance You are reminded that the caretaking staff is responsibe for genera maintenance ony. Responsibiity for the neatness and ceaniness of the residence is shared by a residents. Charges for ceaning up extraordinary waste or mess wi be bied to you if you have not ceaned the affected area(s) within a reasonabe ength of time. Caretaking staff has the right to remove items that have been taken from the residence common, incuding furniture, dining ha dishes, trays or utensis, or other items that are the property of the Division of Housing and Anciary Services, without prior permission. Vacuum ceaners are avaiabe at the residence Front Desk and may be signed out by students on a short-term basis. In a residences, caretaking staff wi provide ight housekeeping (e.g., dusting, vacuuming, emptying garbage), provided they can do so without having to move a resident s persona beongings. Foors wi not be vacuumed if persona items are not picked up. You are required to maintain at east a minimum standard of ceaniness for heath and safety reasons. Pease note that ceaning schedues are subject to change without notice. pease note University officias are egay bound to report evidence of unawfu acts. If items such as iega drugs, drug paraphernaia, weapons or stoen property are found, the appropriate authorities wi be notified and the items may be confiscated by Campus Community Poice. 44 Residence at Western

45 Sustainabiity Western University is committed to embedding sustainabiity into every facet of daiy ife. Housing has a significant roe in a number of campus sustainabiity initiatives. A members of the residence community are expected to take an active roe in these initiatives by heping to reduce waste, recyce, and conserve natura resources and energy. As eary as move-in day, you wi be introduced to a number of programs that you can participate in, both within your buiding and the campus community. Through active citizenship, teaching and research, we hope to ensure the heath of our panet and its peope for the ong term. Bedbugs Unfortunatey, high density popuations are occasionay subject to pest outbreaks incuding bedbugs. With the decining use of pesticides couped with increased exposure due to trave, outbreaks of bedbug infestation have been occurring at fine hotes, coege/university residences and hostes across Canada and the U.S. Sometimes bedbugs are unknowingy brought to the residence by a student in their uggage. If you suspect your room has bedbugs, pease contact your residence front desk right away. We wi take actions to investigate and if the presence of bedbugs is confirmed, we wi invove a professionay icensed pest contro company to treat the probem. To reduce the ikeihood of further infestation, we wi check adjacent rooms as we. As a resident, your cooperation and active participation in deaing with the treatment wi aso be required incuding, but not imited to, aundering your inen and cothing using as hot a washing/drying cyce as possibe. We wi steam cean the carpet in your room which wi require you to move your persona beongings in order to provide access. Pease note that shoud bedbugs be confirmed, no refund or reduction of residence fees wi occur and you wi not be reocated due to the increased risk of spreading the pest. Bedbug eradication is often a engthy process and it may take repeated actions to treat the bedbug probem in your room. Common Areas You share with other residents the responsibiity of maintaining the common areas in a cean and sanitary manner. Consideration for others and the common courtesy of ceaning up after yoursef are essentia aspects of residence ife. Propery disposing of your trash and activey participating in the recycing program by taking your recycing materias to designated areas are important to maintaining a heathy environment. Faiure to keep kitchen areas, bathrooms, haways and other common residence areas cean may resut in discipinary action. Bathrooms Community standards In traditiona-stye residences, every foor has singegender washrooms. Some aso offer gender-free washrooms aongside singe-gender faciities. Each washroom incudes private stas with toiet or shower. Athough the common bathrooms in the traditionastye residences are ceaned on a daiy basis, you are responsibe for ceaning up after yoursef. This ceanup means not ony taking persona items back to your room, but aso pacing trash in designated containers. Residence at Western 45

46 Community standards Use of Faciities Use of the residences and their faciities is restricted to you and your guests. Any use by a arge group requires the prior approva of the Residence Manager. You are reminded that you are charged with eaving any faciities or equipment that you use in the same condition as you receive them. What can I eave in my room during vacations? During statutory hoidays, the winter break or Reading Week you may eave persona property in your room, uness the University indicates in advance a need to have the room vacated. Because the University cannot guarantee the security of persona beongings in your room, you shoud aways take vauabe items (e.g., jewery, stereos, computers, TVs and the ike) with you when you eave. What if I m away from residence for a short whie? If you are going to be away from residence, pease et your roommate, Staff member, or Front Desk know. Be sure to ock your room and cose your windows when you eave. How do I check out? At east two weeks prior to any cosing date, you wi be notified about cosing procedures, cosing times, and reopening times. In December and Apri you must vacate your room within 24 hours foowing the date of your fina examination, test or cass, as recorded by the Office of the Registrar. In Apri, you must go through the check-out process with a Staff member, remove your property from your room, compete the inventory checkist, and turn in your keys. Pease aow one hour for this process. You must eave your room cean (incuding stoves and fridges in suites). You may be charged a ceaning fee if you fai to do so. It is your responsibiity to compete the inventory checkist with a Residence Staff member. If the checkist is not competed, not ony wi you be hed financiay accountabe for the condition of your room and furnishings, based on inventories conducted in your absence, you wi be unabe to appea any damage charges. An uncompeted ist wi suggest that your room is in fawess condition, and any damage wi be your financia responsibiity at the end of the year. No appeas against the principe of invoicing for damages or the estabished rate of charges wi be heard. Damage appeas may be submitted in writing and must be received on or before the due date. When you move out, you must turn in a keys that were assigned to you. Residence Staff wi sign for the returned keys and adjust the records accordingy. You wi be bied for a ost key if you fai to turn in your key(s) before eaving campus. Can I stay in residence after my fina exams are over? A students are expected to vacate their residence rooms and buiding, incuding a beongings, within 24 hours foowing their fina examination or cass assignment (whichever is ast), as recorded by the Office of the Registrar at the end of each term, or by noon on cosing day (December 18 and May 1). In addition to fufiing institutiona needs, this ensures that the residences remain quiet and conducive to seep and study during the fina exam period. If your behaviour is caed to Housing s attention during the exam period, you may be asked to vacate the residence before your 24-hour move-out timeine. Under exceptiona circumstances, you may request written permission from your Residence Manager to stay ater than 24 hours after your ast exam. If permission is granted, you wi be subject to an additiona charge of $50 per day for each extra day of accommodation. There is a $100 fine for each night spent in residence beyond your officia move-out date if you have not received the written permission outined above. 46 Residence at Western

47 Guests in Residence Guests in residence A guest is defined as a non-resident of the buiding. Anyone visiting you whether signed in under your name or not, is considered to be your guest even if they ive in a different Western residence on campus. During weekends and certain times of the week, when higher than norma guest voumes are anticipated, you wi be required to pre-register your guests prior to their arriva. This can be done onine at and foowing the inks for Guest Registration. After 7:00 p.m., and for those residents who did not pre-register their guests, residents are aowed to register one guest at the door. For safety and security, each residence buiding has a set capacity that wi not be exceeded. When the capacity is not reached through pre-registration, residents may choose to register a guest at the door, as ong as they do not have other pre-registered guests, unti the capacity is reached. The priviege of having two guests is extended ony to those who pre-register otherwise, you re imited to one guest. In order to ensure your guest is abe to visit, we strongy encourage you to pre-register your guest(s) in advance. Guests are required to show vaid government-issued photo identification when entering the residence. As we, guests wi not be granted access to the buiding uness you meet them on arriva and accompany them at a times during their stay. You may face sanctions and your guest may be required to eave shoud your guest be eft unattended. The identification of your guest must match the name given on the pre-registration form. A ast-minute guests are sti required to register at the door with their host present and show photo identification to gain access. Overnight guests may stay at your discretion; however, your roommate s/suitemates consent is required prior to inviting anyone for an overnight stay. You must imit the stay of your guest to no more than eight days per semester and no more than two nights in the same week. Out of consideration for your roommate, suitemates, and residence community, parents/guardians are not permitted to stay overnight in residence. Wristbands are required to be worn by guests at ALL times during their visit. Guests without a vaid wristband wi be asked to eave and risk having their visitation privieges revoked. Residence Staff have the right to refuse or revoke a wristband to a guest whose behaviour or eve of intoxication is disruptive or whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate. Residence at Western We strongy discourage the practice of signing in guests whom you do not know as you accept fu responsibiity for their actions whie they are in residence. You wi not end your persona identification to anyone, as this practice constitutes fraud and may resut in discipinary sanctions incuding oss of guest privieges. Having guests in residence is a priviege that may be removed shoud a student or their guest vioate the resident guest poicy or the Residence Understandings. You assume fu responsibiity for any visitors you bring into the residence, incuding discipinary sanctions for behaviour or damages caused by your guest(s). Poor behaviour of your guest wi resut in discipinary sanctions against you, so pease be carefu about whom you sign in. The University has the right to change, modify, or revoke the guest poicy at any time shoud instances of safety or security come to its attention. Residents of London Ha, our upper-year buiding, are not required to register guests. More information specific to London Ha can be found in the suppementa guide received upon arriva. Pease note that there is a no-guest poicy in effect during Orientation Week, the weekend foowing the first week of casses in September and Homecoming (September 18 21). A imited guest poicy is in effect during exam periods. 47

48 Residence key poicies Safety is important to a of us. You shoud fee comfortabe knowing that we go to great engths to promote a safe residence environment. Residence front doors are ocked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access is by student card (student areas in Ontario Ha and Egin Ha are ocked 24 hours, whie the front doors are open during business hours to aow access to Housing offices). Front Desk Staff are avaiabe in various residences during the day, and accessibe by teephone on a 24-hour basis. You shoud carry your keys and student card with you at a times to access the residence, and be mindfu of whom you are aowing to enter the buiding. Do not give your keys or key cards to anyone, and keep your room door ocked at a times. Can I end my keys? You are not permitted to end your keys or tamper with ocks; discipinary sanctions may be appied if you do. Furthermore, Residence Staff wi confiscate keys hed by individuas to whom they do not beong. You are the ony person who is permitted possession of residence keys that have been issued to you by the Division of Housing and Anciary Services (Western keys are not to be dupicated and doing so wi resut in severe penaties). Anyone found in possession of an unauthorized Division of Housing and Anciary Services key(s) wi be subject to a minimum fine of $75 and a etter of warning for the first offense, and further discipinary action for subsequent offenses. Misuse of keys is a serious infraction and may resut in the termination of your residence contract. Students are asked to refrain from punching hoes in their key access cards, as it wi disabe them. What if I ose my keys? You are permitted to sign out your spare keys two times within each caendar month without an administrative charge being appied. Each time you sign out your spare key in excess of two times per caendar month, an administrative charge wi be issued for each additiona spare key issued. The charge wi be $10 for the third key, $15 for the fourth, $20 for the fifth etc., each charge progressivey increasing by $5 per spare key, Aumni House uses meta keys rather than key cards. You wi be charged for a ock change if you sign out spare keys in this buiding and they are not returned within 24 hours. Lock changes can be expensive but are necessary to ensure the security of your residence community. How do I access a music, fitness, aundry, or study room? Music and fitness rooms are avaiabe at specific times in your buiding. See your front desk for detais. In buidings with eectronic key access systems, your room key wi open these rooms. In buidings with a meta key system, you wi be issued a key at the time you move in. 48 Residence at Western

49 noise in residence Noise in Residence You share cose quarters with many peope iving in residence, so congregating in haways and shouting out of windows is not aowed. It s your responsibiity not to produce an unreasonabe amount of noise at any time and to activey request that others do the same. You have the right to ask anyone to be quieter if they are being excessivey oud and you have the obigation to be quiet if asked by another resident. Ca the front desk if someone is ignoring your requests for peace and quiet. Every buiding has quiet hours Sunday through Thursday from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. Quiet hours begin at 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights and continue unti 11 a.m. Stereos, radios, computer speakers, TVs, video games, musica instruments, and conversations shoud never be audibe beyond your room, even when quiet hours are not in effect. Excessive noise wi never be toerated at any time and wi resut in discipinary sanctions, incuding the remova of your stereo system or speakers. You shoud aways use headphones to avoid bothering others. 24-hour quiet hours are in effect throughout examination periods in December and Apri. You may be asked to withdraw from residence eary during the exam periods if your behaviour is annoying or distracting to other residents or if you vioate the Residence Understandings. You re obigated to respect quiet hours and Residence Staff have the right to te you to turn off speakers or stereos, or have you remove them from your room in the moment. Residence at Western 49

50 fire safety Photo credit: Andreas Cese 50 The Office of the Fire Marsha enforces the aws and reguations of the provincia government in Western s residences. Any behaviour that vioates these aws wi resut in crimina charges. You wi aso receive discipinary sanctions from Housing. Fire equipment, incuding pu-stations, smoke and heat detectors, sprinkers, fire hoses and extinguishers, exit signs, and emergency exits, are ony to be used in an emergency. You wi receive serious discipinary sanctions if you tamper with fire-reated equipment. Your residence contract wi be terminated if your tampering resuts in the buiding aarm being activated. Smoking is forbidden in residence, in part because of the sensitivity of fire detection equipment. No open fame (candes or incense, for exampe) is aowed in or around residence. Your residence contract wi be terminated and you may face crimina charges if you intentionay set objects on fire in or around residence. You are not permitted to bring furniture or natura Christmas trees into residence due to fire code reguations. Foam piows and mattress toppers are not permitted in residence dryers as they wi catch on fire. High-votage appiances are not aowed in residence. Residents of suite-stye buidings are obigated to prevent fires and fase fire aarms by ensuring that their cooking appiances are cean and in good working order. You are expected to keep your suite s haway door cosed and your exhaust fan turned on when cooking in residence. Faiure to do so may resut in a fase fire aarm and associated sanctions. Appiances such as microwaves, hot pates, eectric frying pans, toaster ovens, and any other dangerous equipment are fire hazards and are not permitted in traditiona-stye residences. Use ony CSA-approved power bars with surge protectors and buit-in circuit breakers in residence. Do not use mutipe outet pugs or extension cords simutaneousy. Check your eectronics to ensure that their cords are not frayed or damaged. Famiiarize yoursef with your residence s emergency exit ocations, what to do in an emergency, evacuation procedures, and the fire aarm system. Speak with a Residence Staff Member if you have any fire safety reated questions. Prohibited items incude: Incense Candes Smoking materias (incuding cigarettes) Hookahs, bongs and vapourizers Fammabe iquids Gas-powered equipment Fireworks Anything deemed a fire hazard by Housing. See page 13 for other Prohibited Items. Residence at Western

51 Fire Wardens fire safety Fire Wardens are peope on your foor who have received fire-safety training. They are responsibe for ensuring that everyone is safey evacuated in the event of a fire aarm. You are expected to foow the instructions of Fire Wardens during fire aarms. Evacuations You must evacuate residence during dris and fire aarms. Students who fai to evacuate wi face discipinary sanctions and a $100 fine. Inform the front desk when you move in if a physica chaenge prevents you from safey exiting during a fire aarm. Smoke Detectors A rooms have smoke detectors and some have heat detectors. Tampering with or misusing your smoke or heat detector wi resut in discipinary sanctions. Do not cover, obstruct, or hang objects from your smoke detector. Immediatey report any power outages or activations of heat or smoke detectors in your room or in common areas. Fire Sprinkers A rooms in Ontario Ha are equipped with sprinkers. Depending on the ocation, sprinker heads may be mounted on was and/or the ceiing, and wi be either exposed or recessed. Sprinkers are heat activated so residents are warned against exposing them to any heat source. Sprinker heads are aso fragie. Nothing shoud be attached to or hung from them. Residents are advised to avoid a contact with sprinker heads. Unnecessary activation, even by accident, wi cause water damage and you wi be hed iabe for damage to University and private property. Fire Aarms Fire aarms are activated by puing a pu station, spraying fire extinguishers, opening fire doors, discharging fire hoses, and by creating excessive steam. Fire aarms are dangerous to residents and responding Fire Department personne. Causing a fase fire aarm by any means is iega and wi resut in punishment by fines, imprisonment, and/or recovery of reated costs by the Fire Department, in addition to the termination of your residence contract. Residence at Western Fire Extinguishers Fire extinguishers are ocated on every foor of the buiding and shoud ony be used in emergency situations by those with fire extinguisher training. You wi face severe sanctions if you tamper with fire extinguisher seas or pins, or discharge a fire extinguisher or hose unnecessariy. You wi be fined, bied for any damaged property, and your residence contract may be terminated. Fire Doors Fire doors are designed to automaticay cose in the event of a fire aarm. You wi face severe discipinary sanctions if you prop a fire door open, tamper with its mechanisms, or open an exterior fire door when there is no fire aarm in the buiding. If you tamper with these door-cosure mechanisms, aow others entry to the residence through a fire door, or exit the buiding through a fire door when an emergency is not in progress, you wi face discipinary sanctions and a fine. Opening an exterior fire door triggers an aarm at the front desk. 51

52 emergencies & persona safety Your Living Area Keep your door and windows ocked, especiay when you (or your roommate) are seeping or are not occupying the room, and carry your keys with you. Window screens or bars must remain in pace at a times. There is a $50 fine for tampering with screens. At a times, be mindfu of whom you are aowing to enter the buiding. Report any suspicious persons, activities or hazards to the residence front desk or Campus Community Poice. Do not permit any open fame in your room for any reason. The ighting of candes, incense, and smoking materias in residence is prohibited. Secure computers with security cabes, especiay aptops. Most desks are equipped with a grommet hoe. If you woud ike one instaed, pease aert your front desk. FOR EMERGENCIES CALL THE FRONT DESK OR 911 In an emergency situation, ca 911 from any residence phone or notify the Residence Cerk who wi ca 911 for you. A 911 cas are directed to the Campus Community Poice Service, who wi activate the appropriate response, such as poice, fire, ambuance and/or the Student Emergency Response Team. Together, the Residence Front Desk Staff and the Campus Poice wi ensure that emergency personne are escorted to the right ocation. For NON-EMERGENCY situations, Campus Community Poice can be reached at Safety is a shared resonsibiity! To avoid attracting insects and other pests, and to prevent food contamination, be sure not to eave food opened, and refrigerate any perishabe food. 52 Residence at Western

53 emergencies & persona safety expect to be responsibe for any appicabe ambuance charges (between $50 and $300). You may want to verify that you have appicabe insurance coverage. Student Emergency Response Team (SERT) SERT is a student-run vounteer organization affiiated with Student Heath Services. SERT members, in teams of three, respond to a medica emergencies on campus, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Ministry of Heath recognizes SERT as the firstresponse for Western. SERT responds with oxygen, defibriation, burn and genera trauma services, and provides First Aid certification training. Pease visit the SERT website at for more information. Emergency Phones Campus Community Poice Service The Campus Community Poice Service (CCPS) is an active partner within a segments of the University. The CCPS supports the safety and security of a individuas and enriches the quaity of campus ife. Our campus poice are designated as specia constabes by the Poice Services Act, and have simiar powers of authority as municipa, regiona or provincia poice officers. Campus poice investigate thefts, assauts, and acoho-reated incidents, carry out highway traffic act enforcement, as we as assist with Code of Student Conduct matters. In partnership with the City of London and University partners, the CCPS promotes the best student experience at Western University. Dia 911 for emergency services. Ca or visit us at for genera information. Ambuance Services If it is deemed necessary, the University reserves the right to summon an ambuance to transport you to a hospita. The University wi not assume iabiity for any costs of ambuance service. Pease note that you can There are severa campus emergency phones on the main University campus. These phones act as a direct ink with the Campus Community Poice, who can immediatey mobiize fire, poice and ambuance services to assist you. A pay teephones on campus are equipped with free one-touch speed diaing to the Campus Community Poice. Western Foot Patro The Western Foot Patro provides safe escorts on the main and affiiated coege campuses, deters crime through patros, and promotes safety awareness. Co-ed teams in distinctive back and purpe jackets wi wak you safey to/from your destination, and are avaiabe Sunday to Thursday from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., and Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. In addition to their waking services, they offer vehicuar transportation for onger distances. Western Foot Patro aso operates a safety resource centre and the Work Safe program, which enabes students who are working and studying aone on campus to register for reguar check-ins by co-ed teams. To contact Western Foot Patro for any services, or to vounteer, pease ca (free from any campus pay phone) or visit them at the University Community Centre, Room 57. You can aso visit their website at 53 Residence at Western 53

54 room assignment Residence Admissions Room 3C10, Ontario Ha This area handes a inquiries reated to buiding and room assignment prior to move-in day, residence fees and the mea pan. How are residences and rooms assigned? Assignments are made in ottery-number order from a computer-generated ottery that randomy assigns a number to each student. The program considers the information that you provide in the onine residence pacement questionnaire, incuding ifestye, buiding and roommate preferences, as we as other information you te us about yoursef. The ottery system works in this way: when your ottery number is reached, you wi be paced, in order of your submitted preferences, in the first buiding with spaces sti avaiabe. As Saugeen-Maitand Ha comprises about one-quarter of our first-year residence spaces, you have a one-in-four chance of being assigned there. We reserve the right to assign rooms based on avaiabiity, incuding combining mutipe residents into rooms, within reasonabe imits of safety and comfort, shoud situations of high-demand arise. Pease note that athough you are given an option to te us where you prefer to be paced, we are unabe to guarantee that you wi be paced in a buiding that is among your preferred choices. Based on situations of high demand, pacement in the buiding of your ast choice is a possibiity. When wi I know my room assignment? You wi find out your room assignment and your roommate s name when you arrive. Because we wi be assigning rooms right up unti move-in day, we are unabe to inform you of either your room ocation or your roommate s name unti that time. How do you assign roommates? Many favourabe comments have been received from students about our roommate-matching process. We make every effort to match peope with simiar ifestye habits, such as whether they study with or without music in the background, whether they prefer to go to bed eary, how tidy they prefer their surroundings, and more. Taking this information into consideration is an important step in the roommate-matching process, and yet another way we demonstrate how important your comfort and overa residence experience is to us. 54 Residence at Western

55 room assignment Can I room with a friend? If you wish to room with a friend, you wi be paced as roommates provided that you each: 1. Receive residence offers and return the required documentation to secure your residence spaces prior to room assignment (August). 2. Rank your preferences identicay. 3. Request each other as a roommate, and are the same gender. Can I reocate? Generay, there are no vacancies in residence for the first academic quarter. Therefore, buiding and room changes are ony considered (or required) after Thanksgiving. These switches occur at the discretion of the Residence Life Management Team under exceptiona circumstances. You wi be charged or credited accordingy for any differences in room or mea pan rates between residence rooms and/or buidings. Pease note that some exceptions appy: e.g., students iving on a Living-Learning Community foor may not be paced with their preferred roommate, as pacement depends on both students being enroed in the same program. parents! Attention Parents! Visit our website designed with you in mind at 55 Residence at Western 55

56 room assignment Vacancy/Consoidation Poicy The Division of Housing and Anciary Services reserves the right to move you to reduce osses in revenue and to fi vacancies that may occur throughout the year. If a vacancy occurs in your doube room or suite, you must: 1. Keep the unoccupied portion of the room in such condition that woud enabe a new roommate to move into the room on short notice. 2. Dispay a wecoming attitude of respect, cooperation and acceptance toward any new resident who is assigned to your room/suite. Note: If you do not compy with (1) and (2) above (i.e., if you show disrespect toward others or Western property), you may be subject to appicabe room set-up/ceaning charges and/or discipinary sanctions. The Residence Admissions Office, together with the Residence Manager, wi endeavour to fi the space as quicky as possibe in the order of the foowing procedures: 1. Consut the residence waiting ist. 2. Consoidate vacancies from within the foor or unit. You wi be notified in advance that consoidation wi be taking pace on your foor or unit. Where consoidation is not possibe within the foor or unit, such as for roommate-incompatibiity reasons, and you are not assigned a new roommate, the next option wi be considered. 3. Consoidate vacancies from within the buiding. You wi be notified in advance that consoidation wi be taking pace in your buiding. You wi be offered the foowing options: a. Move to another haf-fied room. b. Find a student in another haf-fied room who is wiing to move into your room. c. Retain the room as is, but understand that a new roommate coud be assigned at any time. Ony when there is space avaiabe and when there is not a current demand for housing by other students wi you be given the option of retaining the room privatey for the remainder of the academic year at an adjusted rate (your doube room is then defined as a super-singe ). This super-singe adjusted rate wi be cacuated on a pro-rated basis unti the end of the term and wi be based on a $1,800 premium charged for the fu academic year. The University reserves the right to reassign you to an aternate residence room if you choose not to pay the premium. Moving to a Singe Room There are a imited number of singe rooms in the traditiona-stye residences. Whie most of these rooms are assigned to upper-year students, there may be some singe rooms avaiabe for first-year students. Singe rooms are assigned on such factors as specia needs, age and ottery number. In some cases, if you requested a singe room but are paced in a doube room, you may sti be moved if a suitabe vacancy occurs. Prior to move-in day in September, if you are moved from doube- to singe-room accommodation, you wi be notified through your Western provided e-mai, and your residence fees wi be adjusted accordingy. After move-in day, any moves from doube- to singe-room accommodation wi be at the discretion of the Residence Life Management Team. No moves wi take pace if a oss of revenue may be incurred. If you are moved from a doube to a singe room, you wi be responsibe for paying the singeroom rate, which wi be pro-rated from the time the offer of singe-room accommodation is accepted. pease note We reserve the right to assign rooms based on avaiabiity, incuding combining mutipe residents into rooms within reasonabe imits of safety and comfort, shoud situations of high demand arise. Something to Consider Living in residence is not for everyone. Each of our residences accommodates a high-density popuation of diverse individuas. You may find that the requirements for cooperation, consideration, compromise and respect for authority demanded by this high-density ifestye are burdensome. If so, we strongy encourage you to consider aternate accommodation. 56 Residence at Western

57 room assignment Residence After First Year Good idea! Residence at Western As an upper-year student, there are many ways to enjoy the comfort, convenience and vaueadded that on-campus iving has to offer! You can be a Residence Soph, providing mentorship and eadership to incoming first-year students. You can be a paid Residence Staff member, focused on community buiding, student support, and safety in residence. Or, you can join any of our foor communities as an upper-year student in any residence. London Ha is an excusivey upper-year buiding for students ooking for a more mature environment in which to sociaize, study and enjoy Western s cuture. If you entered Western as a first-year student with a 90% average or above, you are guaranteed residence for second year. As an upper-year student, you can choose your buiding and room for the foowing year as eary as November. You and your friends can choose to ive in the same buiding, and even on the same foor. Appications for on-campus accommodation wi be avaiabe in eary November check for detais! 57

All Aspects. of Planning. Management. Finance. An Information. Technical Skills. Technology.

All Aspects. of Planning. Management. Finance. An Information. Technical Skills. Technology. A Aspects Panning of Management Finance Technica Skis Technoogy Labor Issues An Information Sourcebook Community Issues Heath & Safety Persona Work Habits Acknowedgement

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How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option

How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option How to Make Adoption an Affordabe Option How to Make Adoption an Affordabe Option 2015 Nationa Endowment for Financia Education. A rights reserved. The content areas in this materia are beieved to be current

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Health Literacy Online Heath Literacy Onine A guide to writing and designing easy-to-use heath Web sites Strategies Actions Testing Methods Resources HEALTH OF & HUMAN SERVICES USA U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services

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GUIDE FOR LIVING ON CAMPUS. North Carolina A&T State University Campus Living GUIDE FOR LIVING ON CAMPUS North Carolina A&T State University Campus Living North Carolina A&T State University Campus Living Table of Contents Welcome We re glad you have decided to experience Housing

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Securing the future of excellent patient care. Final report of the independent review Led by Professor David Greenaway Securing the future of exceent patient care Fina report of the independent review Led by Professor David Greenaway Contents Foreword 3 Executive summary 4 Training structure for the future 6 Recommendations

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YOUR GUIDE TO Healthy Sleep YOUR GUIDE TO Heathy Seep Your Guide to Heathy Seep NIH Pubication No. 11-5271 Originay printed November 2005 Revised August 2011 Contents Introduction...1 What Is Seep?...4 What Makes You Seep?...7

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Use R! Series Editors: Robert Gentleman Kurt Hornik Giovanni G. Parmigiani. For further volumes: http://www.springer.

Use R! Series Editors: Robert Gentleman Kurt Hornik Giovanni G. Parmigiani. For further volumes: http://www.springer. Use R! Series Editors: Robert Genteman Kurt Hornik Giovanni G. Parmigiani For further voumes: Graham Wiiams Data Mining with Ratte and R The Art of Excavating Data

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First time renters. Tips for living. In T-town First time renters Tips for living In T-town Housing and Residential Communities Off-Campus Resources 205.348.6676 Table of contents Before you start your search.. 3 Crimson

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LIVING IN ACCOMMODATION AT QUEEN S 2014 2015 Queen s Accommodation and Hospitality LIVING IN ACCOMMODATION AT QUEEN S 2014 2015 Introduction Welcome 1 What we do 2 Your accommodation contract The contract explained 5 The fine

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Are Health Problems Systemic?

Are Health Problems Systemic? Document de travai Working paper Are Heath Probems Systemic? Poitics of Access and Choice under Beveridge and Bismarck Systems Zeynep Or (Irdes) Chanta Cases (Irdes) Meanie Lisac (Bertesmann Stiftung)

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Relationship Between the Retirement, Disability, and Unemployment Insurance Programs: The U.S. Experience

Relationship Between the Retirement, Disability, and Unemployment Insurance Programs: The U.S. Experience Reationship Between the Retirement, Disabiity, and Unempoyment Insurance Programs The US Experience by Virginia P Reno and Danie N, Price* This artice was prepared initiay for an internationa conference

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The IBM System/38. 8.1 Introduction

The IBM System/38. 8.1 Introduction 8 The IBM System/38 8.1 Introduction IBM s capabiity-based System38 [Berstis 80a, Houdek 81, IBM Sa, IBM 82b], announced in 1978 and deivered in 1980, is an outgrowth of work that began in the ate sixties

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The Newcomer s Guide to Canadian Housing The Newcomer s Guide to Canadian Housing CMHC Home to Canadians Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has been Canada s national housing agency for more than 60 years. Together with other housing

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Medicare Coverage of Skilled Nursing Facility Care CENTERS for MEDICARE & MEDICAID SERVICES Medicare Coverage of Skilled Nursing Facility Care This official government booklet explains: Medicare-covered skilled nursing facility care Your rights and protections

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Riders Guide. to Public Transit for People with Disabilities. Fixed Route. ADA Complementary Paratransit. by meeting the challenge, inc. Riders Guide to Public Transit for People with Disabilities Fixed Route ADA Complementary Paratransit by meeting the challenge, inc. Table of Contents Introduction...5 Fixed Route ADA Requirements for

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Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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OPINION Two cheers for P-values?

OPINION Two cheers for P-values? Journa of Epidemioogy and Biostatistics (2001) Vo. 6, No. 2, 193 204 OPINION Two cheers for P-vaues? S SENN Department of Epidemioogy and Pubic Heath, Department of Statistica Science, University Coege

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The Oxford University Student Union 13th Edition. living out guide The Oxford University Student Union 13th Edition living out guide What would you do......if you had to replace all your things? Cover for as little as 28* per year. Around 1 in 3 students will be a victim

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Renting and you. A guide for landlords and tenants. All about money Rights and responsibilities Sorting things out Boarding houses MOVERS MOVERS Renting and you A guide for landlords and tenants ƨinside ƨ All about money Rights and responsibilities Sorting things out Boarding houses Carpenter/ plumber MB 12508 0800 TENANCY

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Guide to selling your home. Provided by Nationwide Guide to selling your home Nationwide For Sale An easy, step-by-step guide to selling your home If you are thinking about selling your home, this guide is for you! Your home is probably your largest financial

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Your Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home or Other Long Term Care CENTERS FOR MEDICARE & MEDICAID SERVICES Your Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home or Other Long Term Care This official government booklet explains: How to find and compare nursing homes and other long-term

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It s My Choice... Minnesota Governor s Council on Developmental Disabilities It s My Choice... Minnesota Governor s Council on Developmental Disabilities It s My Choice by William T. Allen, Ph.D. William T. Allen Allen, Shea & Associates 1780 Third Street Napa, CA 94559 707. 258.1326

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Your Mind. Your Rights. Campus Mental Health Know Your Rights. A guide for students who want to seek help for mental illness or emotional distress

Your Mind. Your Rights. Campus Mental Health Know Your Rights. A guide for students who want to seek help for mental illness or emotional distress Your Mind. Your Rights. Campus Mental Health Know Your Rights A guide for students who want to seek help for mental illness or emotional distress Leadership21 Committee Judge David L. Bazelon Center for

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Farm to Work Toolkit. A guide for. implementing. a local produce. delivery. program at. your worksite

Farm to Work Toolkit. A guide for. implementing. a local produce. delivery. program at. your worksite Farm to Work Toolkit A guide for implementing a local produce delivery program at your worksite Table of Contents Acknowledgements.......................................... ii Introducing Farm to Work.....................................

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Renting out your property. a lessor s guide. Government of Western Australia Department of Commerce Consumer Protection

Renting out your property. a lessor s guide. Government of Western Australia Department of Commerce Consumer Protection Government of Western Australia Department of Commerce Consumer Protection Renting out your property a lessor s guide irentwa A guide that explains your rights and responsibilities since the 2013 changes

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Workability. What You Need to Get & Keep a Job. Managing risks. Listening skills. Time. management skills. Appearance and dress. skills.

Workability. What You Need to Get & Keep a Job. Managing risks. Listening skills. Time. management skills. Appearance and dress. skills. Workability Listening skills Appearance and dress skills Managing risks Time management skills What You Need to Get & Keep a Job Money management skills Work-life balance Understanding and preparing materials

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Jobs For Felons Michael Ford

Jobs For Felons Michael Ford Jobs For Felons How to find employment if you have a criminal record. Michael Ford NEITHER THE PUBLISHER NOR AUTHOR MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES WITH RESPECT TO THE ACCURACY

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The Alaska Landlord & Tenant Act: what it means to you

The Alaska Landlord & Tenant Act: what it means to you The Alaska Landlord & Tenant Act: what it means to you This publication summarizes landlord and tenant rights and obligations under Alaska law. In accordance with Alaska Statute (AS) 44.23.020(b)(9), it

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