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1 Deputy Sheriffs Association of San Diego County SILVER STAR JUly Member and Dependent SCHOLARSHIPS Recipients BAKER TO VEGAS Images from the desert relay WORK COMP Common notices received during a worker s comp claim

2 We know what Law Enforcement Officers Need. Automobile & Motorcycle Accidents Bodily Injury Worker s Compensation Death Claims Retirement Law On & Off Duty Our Outstanding History of Success for Our Clients Includes: $63,000,000 verdict for medical malpractice $6,000,000 recovery for a workplace injury involving negligent operation of a forklift $3,700,000 verdict for a propane explosion $3,500,000 recovery for a motor vehicle accident $3,250,000 recovery for a fire aboard a ship $3,200,000 recovery for a motor vehicle accident $2,800,000 recovery for a fall from a skylight in an unsafe work environment $2,750,000 recovery for a motor vehicle accident $1,000,000 recovery for medical malpractice Silver Star VOL. 28 NO 7 JULY 2012 PRESIDENT Dave Schaller VICE PRESIDENT Matt Clay SECRETARY/TREASURER Steve Purvis DIRECTORS Tammy Bennetts, Dave DiCarlo, Marco Garmo, Dustin Lopez, Tim Petrachek, and Hank Turner OFFICE STAFF Cindy Olson - Office Manager Adah Mathias - Executive Assistant Louisa Hicks - Bookkeeper Daphne Williams - Administrative Assistant STORE MANAGER Ken Docken PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR Kristie Macris Deadline for submitting an article is the 15th of the month prior to publication. All copy must be submitted with the name of author, work location, and phone number. Please submissions to DSA MISSION The promotion of professionalism in law enforcement by providing service to the community, working with the Department and County to represent deputy sheriffs of all ranks in negotiating and protection of their rights. VALUES Honesty, Integrity, Dedication, Accountability, Respect, Compassion, Courage and Trust. station reports columns 25 Chaplain s Corner by Department Chaplain Herb Smith 26 County Line Transmissions by Robbie Bethea 27 PERT Perspective by Kelly Rose features Station M Comm Center by Shannon O Neil Huntoon 28 SDSO Kennels K9 by Tony Bailey and Gunner View from Above ASTREA by Scott Bligh Baker to Vegas Recap and photos of the desert relay From the Members: Hero Saves Hero An incident from 1970s illustrates the importance of being ready 2012 Line of Duty Scholarships Learn more about the recipients Member Scholarships Recipients of the member scholarships departments DSA in Pictures 2 President s Report 3 Vice President s Report 4 Sheriff s Report 6 Minutes 8 DSA News 10 DSA Dates 11 Workers Comp Update 14 Contest: Spot the Star 34 Classified Ads 35 Birthdays 36 Announcements 37 Services Classified Ads 37 Find the Differences EOS 40 We also have been successful in litigation regarding a police officer s right to have uninsured/underinsured coverage extended to his work as a motor officer LAW-1199 or CHP-1222 The Law Offices of Scott A. O Mara O Mara & Padilla San Diego Del Mar Riverside & Orange Counties Making a false or fraudulent workers compensation claim is a felony subject to up to 5 years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine. Silver Star is the official monthly publication of the Deputy Sheriffs Association of San Diego County Danielson Street Poway, CA Mailstop N241 (858) or (800) Fax (858) ON THE COVER: A patriotic salute from Wings Over Gillespie on June 2 and 3 in El Cajon. Sheriff s ASTREA and Cal-Fire also participated in the air show. Photos by Cindy Olson. Silver Star (ISSN ) is published monthly by the Deputy Sheriffs Association of San Diego County at their headquarters, Danielson Street, Poway, California No portion of this publication may be reprinted without the written permission of the editor. Copyright - Deputy Sheriffs Association of San Diego County. All rights reserved. The views, expressions or opinions of those writing for the Silver Star do not necessarily express the opinions or views of the DSA, the Publications Staff, or any person or agency of the County of San Diego. The Silver Star s editorial policy is to allow members to express their individual opinions and concerns within the necessary considerations of legality and space. Submissions that are racist, sexist, and/ or unnecessarily inflammatory or offensive will not be published. The Silver Star will not publish any article which contains offensive language, suggestiveness, hostility, or ridicule towards an individual or any other inappropriate content as deemed by the editor, staff of the DSA, and/or the Board of Directors. The Silver Star may not be used to air personal grievances or engage in a debate with an individual, unless it directly relates to the DSA membership as a whole. Periodicals Postage Paid at San Diego, CA. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to Silver Star, Danielson Street, Poway, CA Silver Star July

3 PRESIDENT S REPORT DAVE SCHALLER DSAIN PICTURES United States Police and Fire ChampionshipS Kimberly Baker, Rosa Willbanks, Donna Paraiso, and Jen Barmer proudly show off their gold medals earned at this years games. From power lifting to swimming, our department was well-represented by these deputies. SMART START AT FAIR Deputies Mike Moeller and Mike Spears honor Deputy Ken Collier at the Start Smart Display at the San Diego County Fair. San DIego County Fair DSA President Dave Schaller and Sergeant Robin Lawrence at the opening day of the fair Besides providing security each year, Sheriff s Crime Prevention Specialists, Crime Analysts, and Senior Volunteers, as well as, representatives from Internet Crimes Against Children staff a crime prevention booth at the fair scholarship recipients Each year, he Deputy Sheriff s Foundation awards nine scholarships in the name of deputies who lost their life in the line of duty to dependents of DSA members. It also awards two scholarships to DSA members who are continuing their education. Scholarship Chair Tammy Bennetts and the DSA Board honored the recipients at the June 14 board meeting. Congratulations to all of the scholarship winners! For a look at each of the 2012 honorees, see page 20. More News on Page 10 HOW TO REACH THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS You may use the numbers below to speak with a board member about an issue you may have. President Dave Schaller (760) Vice President Matt Clay (949) Secretary/Treasurer Steve Purvis (760) Director Tammy Bennetts (760) Director Dave DiCarlo (760) Director Marco Garmo (619) Director Dustin Lopez (760) Director Tim Petrachek (760) Director Hank Turner (619) Twenty years ago this July, I gave up a promising career as a hotel bellman to accept a position with the San Diego Sheriff s Department. I entered the academy on July 24, 1992 and what a time it s been! Of the group who made up the 13th Corrections Academy, many are gone. For a few it was not the job they expected, some worked a few years then retired or moved on to another career. A couple were sent to jail under different circumstances. However, many remain throughout all bureaus of the department with most now in leadership positions. To my fellow academy mates, happy 20th. The hard part is over and retirement will be here before we know it. With 20 years in the bucket, coupled with the fact I recently saw our academy flag on display at the sheriff s museum, I feel entitled to offer advice to our newer members. I ll keep it simple: Have fun at work, treat people well, do the right thing. Your pension will not be enough, so start saving now to ensure your financial security in retirement. Nourish your passions and spend time with family. Eat well and stay active. Last month I wrote about our auto and homeowners insurance debacle. We started with the goal of finding an insurance product from a reputable company that would save our members money. What we ended up with was with a number of members being quoted rates higher than what they were currently paying or being told their home could not be insured. Rather than continue forward, we decided to take a step back. We have gone back to our previous insurance offerings. For those who were told they would no longer be able to have their premiums paid by paycheck deduction, we are back to status quo. On behalf of the board, I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced during this process. While we have group policy relationships with three insurance companies, it is our recommendation you shop your rates wisely. If we learned anything, it s that one size does not fit all when it comes to insurance. During the past couple of months, I was contacted by a number of recent retirees who have continued with us as 120 re-hires. Before retiring, they worked knowing they were covered by the DSA s comprehensive legal defense plan. Though 120 day re-hires are generally utilized in limited risk assignments, anytime you carry a gun for work there is a chance for you to become involved in a critical incident. I shared our retired members concern with our LDP attorney, Rick Pinckard, who has agreed to construct a legal defense plan for our working retirees. More details on this as they develop. We all know the DSA is a political organization with the directors elected by you: the membership. Our activities on the board are inherently political too, whether making endorsements in local elections, participating in statewide legislation, or making policy decisions in day-to-day operations. As with any similar group of elected board members, we do not always agree on everything. When dealing with decisions affecting a broad group of employees, this is natural and likely in the best interest of all involved. When the system is working at its best, this push-pull dynamic ensures decisions are well vetted and equitable. Unfortunately, a member has recently taken to a whisper campaign in order to further a personal agenda. Over the past few weeks, a few members have reached out to inquire about these accusations, which were cleared up. I suspect I haven t heard from everyone. If someone pulls you aside and tells you about something I have done or said, never hesitate to call me for clarification. Rest assured, my foremost loyalty is to the membership of the DSA. A recent change to share with the membership in regards to attending events at the San Diego Sports Arena. Last week, a representative from the arena, now called the Valley View Casino Center, called to inform me the DSA website incorrectly stated off-duty deputies could carry their weapons inside. Apparently their policy changed back when a corporate management company assumed control of the facility. We have amended the website to reflect this change. When you decide whether or not to attend an event at the location, plan on doing so unarmed and attend at your own risk. In closing, I want to extend a big thank you to Rodger and Gayle Griessel. For the past four years, they have generously funded a $2000 annual scholarship for the children of our DSA members. Now they have their own grandson in college and as we would expect, they are using this money to support him. Thanks for your generosity and best of luck to your grandson! I look forward to seeing you all at our summer event at the Wave Waterpark in Vista in August. Until then, have a safe summer! 2 Silver Star July 2012 Silver Star July

4 VICE PRESIDENT S REPORT MATT CLAY STATION REPRESENTATIVES The members listed below have volunteered to be DSA liaisons. Chula Vista Court - Don West CID/Fraud - John Cannon CID/Sexual Assualt - Luis Chavez, El Cajon Court - Cydney King, Elizabeth Madrid Encinitas Station - Dawn Patterson, Glenn Giannantonio Fallbrook Station - Gary Crowley George Bailey - Brian Baker, Shane Bartlett, Joseph Kodadek, Robert Pierson, Tim Stine Julian - Fred Duey Las Colinas - Scott Johnson Lemon Grove Station - Michael Arroyo, Daniel Gutierrez, Jerry Jimenez, Shannon Justice Poway - Jim Bennetts San Diego Court - Matt Etchepare San Marcos - Scott Carter, Allan Paez, Steve Morace Santee Station - Rob Bueno SDCJ - Steve Bulthuis, James Downhour, Miguel Martinez Southbay Detentions - John Grinceri Transportation - Steve Bowen, Jon Currie Valley Center Station - Ken Simon Vista Station - Andy Julian Become a station rep! Contact Adah Mathias at for more information. We need at least one rep per team for each station or unit. Are cops gaming the system? According to some publications, they are. According to some political conservatives, they are; and taxpayer groups are not even close to backing down. One article that addressed the issue began with, OUTRAGE OF THE DAY: The Police Pension Racket Then went on to say, Among the main sources of increasing tension between private-sector and public-sector workers in this country are the fat, guaranteed pensions that many publicsector workers get. Unfortunately, this issue cannot go to rest. In a political year such as this it even gains traction, shedding yet more light upon an issue, embellishing facts, and in some cases completely fabricating them. Regardless of how hard we argue about just how cooperatively we (DSA) and many other similar organizations have worked toward fiscal responsibility and sustainability, many politically motivated groups out there just will not let go, citing out of control salaries, pensions, spiking, DROP, and a host of other problems they have with any benefit derived by public safety members. However, not every labor group is created equal. DONOVAN J. JACOBS Attorney at Law (Retired SDPD) I REPRESENT LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS IN CIVIL LITIGATION Personal Injury Discipline Appeals Civil Service & Skelly Hearings If you have any legal questions, feel free to call: (619) (619) (FAX) The salaries and benefits and contribution rates to those benefits vary greatly. I thought I would piece together a snapshot of the wages as compared to the overall cost of living and median home sale prices throughout many jurisdictions in California. For years we have been told of the lower cost of living in San Diego and the sunshine tax for living and/or working in the county with the best weather in the country. While nobody could argue about the weather in San Diego, I don t think the climate changes dramatically from Orange County or Los Angeles. Keep in mind while reflecting on the wages listed below, we bargain with the County of San Diego, not our sheriff. If that were the case, I m sure we would be better off, as he understands more intimately the demands put upon deputy sheriffs and the industry as a whole. That being said, we will continue to work closely and professionally with county labor and our board of supervisors to get our deputies what they deserve and to attract the highest quality applicants, especially after several years of tough concessions. Total Cost of living compared to SD County Median Home Sales Price Hourly Wage Differential Top Step Base Pay San Diego County $335,000 $33.80 Alameda County +21% $353, % $44.79 Orange County +9% $435, % $42.16 Los Angeles County +6% $320, % $43.39 San Bernardino -23% $159, % $38.22 Santa Clara County +26% $529, % $44.94 Riverside County -15% $205, % $40.21 Ventura County +5% $360, % $39.98 Data provided by Dataquick (May 2012 Median Home Sales),,, county MOUs, and agency websites. 4 Silver Star July 2012

5 I was speaking with a former colleague who now works on crime prevention efforts in the city of San Diego. Do you know, he asked, who are among the most visible cops in the neighborhoods I work in? Without waiting for my answer, he told me: San Diego Sheriff s Deputies. He went on to describe work done by deputies in the Sheriff s Court Services Bureau s Field Services Division uniformed deputies who conduct evictions, serve court orders, levy on and seize properties, and execute arrest warrants. They are, he concluded, a highly recognizable force. Field Services, which was recently added to the list of specialty assignments for Law Enforcement Deputies, may be highly visible, but it remains one of the least understood. Specializing in: Diamonds Gemstones Manufacturing Custom Design Gold & Platinum Appraisals by GIA graduates 6 Silver Star July 2012 Field Deputies Message from Sheriff Bill Gore Headquartered in the old downtown courthouse, as well as the courthouses in Vista, El Cajon, and Chula Vista, deputies assigned to the Field Services Division don t in fact work in courtrooms. Instead, their work takes them out to the streets into every nook and cranny of San Diego County, every jurisdiction and every city. In a recent briefing, Lt. Andrea Arreola noted that the field division 4 sergeants, 25 deputies, and 8 community service officers routinely handles extraordinarily complicated and sensitive matters. You may have seen a news report about an ongoing property rights battle that pitted the Boy Scouts against an elderly brother and sister, whose father, a century ago, homesteaded land Don t forget to ask for your DSA discount! a few miles north of Santa Ysabel. The court ultimately sided with the Boy Scouts, so that it became the task of field deputies to evict the octogenarians from their house, two trailers, and a yard described by the San Diego Union Tribune as scattered with rusted cars, lawn Diamonds Ltd. FINE JEWELERS and a name you can trust Not pictured: Ed Zwibel SDPD #5475-Eastern Division Gold, Jewelry, & Estate Buyers Cash paid on the spot Any quantity, any condition, in strict confidence (Bonus paid for larger diamonds) Cessna jet recently seized by the sheriff s department Work Done on Premises! Repairs Redesign Restoration Stone Setting Laser Repair/Weld Inside Ring Engraving The Zwibel family has provided over 30 years of exceptional service in San Diego With three generations in both Jewelry and Law Enforcement We are located across from Parkway Plaza mall at the intersection of Fletcher Parkway and Pioneer Way 450 Fletcher Parkway, Suite 104 El Cajon, CA (619) Mission Hills home recently auctioned off by department. mowers, bikes, refrigerators, golf clubs, coils of barbed wire seemingly everything but the kitchen sink. And, upon closer inspection, even that. Cpl. Robert Germain was quoted as telling the elderly woman resident, I don t enjoy doing this, but it s part of my job. Other aspects of the job are considerably more satisfying for the corporal and his colleagues. They serve temporary restraining orders to protect abused women and children. They levy on bank accounts of those who ve dodged the law and cheated customers. They evict drug dealers from apartments that have become drug markets, threatening the quality of life of law-abiding families. Equally satisfying, field deputies engage in warrant sweeps. Warrant sweeps play an important role in preserving the integrity of our justice system. Unless there is a threat that warrants will be served, scofflaws will have their day and our system breaks down. Last year alone, field deputies cleared more than 4,300 warrants. When it comes to being high profile, it s hard to get much more visible than this recent case: the seizure of a Cessna 550 Citation II jet airplane. The plane is valued at between $1.4 million and $1.8 million and is retrofitted for medical transportation with medical equipment. As field deputies can tell you, you don t seize an airplane (or a house or any other major item) without creating on-scene drama. For security reasons, the seized jet needed to be moved from Montgomery Field to another airport. A pilot was hired to assist with the seizure. As it was taxiing to the runway for take-off, the defendant (the owner of the plane) and his pilot drove onto the tarmac in separate cars to try to block the seizure. Deputies stopped the cars and the plane was able to take off safely. And just how does this kind of field action happen? What triggers it? To understand the work of Field Unit Deputies, we need to see them working hand in hand with our Court Services Civil Division: a staff of 32 led by Legal Support Staff Manager Cheryl Beveridge with legal support supervisors, legal support assistants, and an office assistant. This highly specialized team of professionals turns complex legal orders into action items for Field deputies. The responsibility of the Civil Division is staggering. Over the past 15 months, the team reviewed and prepared 75,000 civil documents, processed $34.4 million, and generated $3.4 million in revenue to the county. Needless to say, with these kinds of numbers, precision counts; every dollar must be accounted for and there is no margin for error. In 2011, Civil Division professionals paid out more than 64,000 checks to creditors and debtors, all the while dealing with a stream of public counter contacts and more than 300 phone calls a day. The Field Services Division has a correspondingly high tally of action items. In 2011, the unit handed nearly 62,000 civil calls for service evictions, levies, and the like while serving 7,300 subpoenas. Of course, most cases don t involve planning and executing the seizure of a jet airplane. Not every case involves properties like the one recently auctioned off by sheriff s deputies on the San Diego courthouse steps to satisfy a court judgment: the amount of the judgment was $3.7 million and the house in Mission Hills is a real beauty (see photo). Still, whatever the value of the property, the people involved have an emotional stake in the action being taken. This calls for a strong understanding of the law (California s Code of Civil Procedure is as thick as its Penal Code) and sound planning with special attention to officer safety. To be effective also requires heavy doses of tact and diplomacy. Significantly, because field deputies are literally everywhere in San Diego County, they find themselves responding to all manner of emergencies and providing back-up for other public safety agencies, whether they re corralling an unruly animal, in pursuit of a dangerous felon, or trying to contain a fire. These deputies are force multipliers; time and again they prove to be a critical compliment to the work of our patrol deputies. Our Court Services Bureau Field Services Division and Civil Division are part of what makes the Sheriff s Department the law enforcement force that it is upholding the law, protecting the public and preserving the peace. Do well and stay safe. Silver Star July

6 Minutes June 14, President Dave Schaller called the Meeting of the Board of Directors to order on June 14, 2012 at 5:41 pm. ROLL CALL OF DIRECTORS: Present: Schaller, Clay, Purvis, Bennetts, Garmo, Lopez, Petrachek, DiCarlo, Turner arrived at 5:50 pm; Clay left the meeting at 5:35 pm MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE EAST MESA DETENTION STATION REPS CHULA VISTA COURT EL CAJON COURT GEORGE BAILEY DETENTION LAS COLINAS DETENTION POWAY STATION SADLE SAN DIEGO COURT SANTEE STATION SAN MARCOS STATION VISTA STATION Tim Weinberger Don West Cydney King Robert Pierson, JD Kodadek Scott Johnson Jim Bennetts Glenn Giannantonio Steve Bowen Rob Bueno Scott Carter, Steve Morace, Bob Jennings Andy Julian 1) TIME CERTAIN: a) President Schaller and Scholarship chairwoman Bennetts recognized the 2012 scholarship winners. b) Dr. Rochaleau and Don Crist from Union Institute made a presentation regarding the bachelor program offered to law enforcement officers. Classes will be held at the DSA office starting the end of August. 2) LEGAL REPORT: Steiner a) Review of legal case 3) CONSENT CALENDAR: a) Minutes from May 24, 2012 b) Membership i) 2083 Class 1 Members, 147 Affiliate Membership, 52 Class III Reserve Members, 993 Retired Members for a total membership of 3,275 c) Retirements i) Randy Webb 28 years membership - $6,900 MOTION/Petrachek SECOND/Turner to approve the consent calendar. Motion unanimously carries. 4) PRESIDENT S REPORT: Schaller a) Big 11 meeting will be held in San Diego on August 22 and 23. b) Discussion regarding using cell phone allowance to purchase ipad for President Schaller in place of a new cell phone. Board direction to allow Schaller to use cell phone allowance to purchase new ipad. c) Board met with the Sheriff and command staff to discuss department issues. 5) SECRETARY/TREASURER REPORT: Purvis a) Discussion regarding agency shop fee and amnesty period. CPA will review the percentages for approval. A 30 day amnesty period will be offered to non-members. 6) COMMITTEE REPORTS: a) MEMBER EVENTS: Purvis/Turner i) Summer event on August 24 th at the Wave Waterpark in Vista. Tickets will be available starting July 10 th. ii) Lonny Brewer Golf Tournament will be on September 10 th at iii) Shadow Ridge. Day at the races will be on August 12 th. More information will be provided soon. b) NEGOTIATIONS: Clay i) Garmo and Clay will be meeting with Don Turko regarding salary surveys. c) PEACE OFFICER MEMORIAL: Bennetts i) 2013 San Diego County Memorial will be on May 1 st at the CAC. d) SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ALLIANCE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT (SCALE) Schaller i) June 7 th meeting update e) LEGISLATION: Turner i) Legislation is being sought to block the ability for someone to research law enforcement officer s information from county tax records. f) PEACE OFFICERS RESEARCH ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA (PORAC) Petrachek i) Review of PORAC chapter meeting ii) Discussion regarding PORAC dues being on a sliding scale depending on number of members. This issue would need to be brought to the PORAC Conference in November for approval by the PORAC membership. g) LEGAL DEFENSE: Petrachek i) Legal defense committee approved up to $700 for verbatim transcripts for court case. h) POLITICAL ACTION: Petrachek/Turner i) Review of election results. i) SICKNESS AND DISTRESS: Lopez i) Review of sickness and distress report ii) Death benefit for Frank Yancey tabled to June 28, 2012 meeting. j) INSURANCE: DiCarlo k) Update on MetLife contract for home and auto insurance for payroll deduction. Members provided feedback on issues with quotes from MetLife. Board has decided to allow members to continue California Casualty, Liberty Mutual or MetLife on payroll deductions but encouraged members to shop different insurances for the best rates. 7) GOOD OF THE ASSOCIATION a) Glenn Giannantonio and Scott Johnson won the station rep door prize raffle. ADJOURNED 7:25 pm June 28, These minutes have not been reviewed or approved by the board and are for informational purposes only. President Dave Schaller called the Meeting of the Board of Directors to order on June 28, 2012 at 12:17 pm. ROLL CALL OF DIRECTORS: Present: Schaller, Purvis, Lopez, Bennetts, DiCarlo, Garmo, Clay, Turner Absent: Petrachek (excused) 1) APPEARANCES: a) Deputy Joel Couch spoke to the board regarding vehicle accidents and the cap score 2) CONSENT CALENDAR: a) Minutes from June 14, 2012 b) Retirements: i) Ronnie Hudson 17 years - $3,600 ii) Olivia Trevino 11 years (as class 1 member) - $2,200 c) Affiliate membership i) William Behana MOTION/Turner SECOND/Purvis to approve the consent calendar. Motion unanimously carries. 3) PRESIDENT S REPORT: Schaller a) Off duty gun policies at public events i) Discussion of gun policies at different public venues b) Retiree Medical Trust i) Meeting with Don Turko on possible Retiree Medical Trust c) Discussion about the DSA applying for a FFL license. 4) SECRETARY/TREASURER REPORT: Purvis a) Increased Agency Shop Fee i) Discussion of agency shop fee increase. Numbers were approved by CPA. New rate effective August 3, ii) Amnesty period will be held July 15 to August 15. If you join during this period, you will not have to pay back dues. MOTION/Purvis SECOND/Turner to approve the new Agency Shop dues increase to $13.45 per payroll. Motion unanimously carries. 5) COMMITTEE REPORTS: a) BUDGET: Purvis i) Budget meeting July 19 th to discuss the budget for 2013 b) MEMBER EVENTS: Purvis/Turner i) Lonny Brewer golf tournament on September 10 th ii) Summer event at Wave Waterpark is on August 24 th. Tickets on sale July 10 th. c) MEMBERSHIP: Purvis i) Regional Academy graduation July 19, Twenty-eight cadets. d) DONATIONS: Purvis i) Los Angeles Police Protective League golf tournament / $300 for Tee Sponsorship MOTION/Purvis SECOND/Turner to approve the chairman s recommendation. Motion unanimously carries. e) NEGOTIATIONS: Clay i) Discussion of doing salary survey f) MEET & DISCUSS/CONFER: Turner DISCOUNT TICKETS FOR DSA MEMBERS ATTRACTION REGULAR PRICE MEMBER PRICE Disneyland Resort $87 $85 (Child) $81 $79 1-Day Park Hopper $125 $116 (Child) $119 $110 2-Day Park Hopper $200 $181 (Child) $188 $171 *Please visit the DSA website or call the DSA Store for complete price list and availability. Visit for blackout dates. LegoLand $69 $57 Triple Play $89 $67 SeaWorld $73 $49 (Child) $65 $49 SeaWorld Fun Card $81.99 $65 Soak City $32.99 $23.99 (Child) $22.99 $19.99 Universal Studios VARIES (Visit the member s only section online for tickets) Zoo or Wild Animal Park $42 $36.50 (Child) $32 $28 MOVIE TICKETS MEMBER PRICE Edwards, Regal $ 6.50 Reading $ 6.75 AMC, UltraStar $ 6 Krikorian $ 7.50 These tickets are available in the DSA store, by calling the DSA Store or sending an to A $5 fee is added to all mail orders. A service fee is added to all nonmember purchases. DSA not responsible for tickets lost in mail. Tickets cannot be purchased for these prices at the admissions gate at any of the parks. Tickets are Non-Refundable. Ticket prices are subject to change without notice. Please call ahead to see if tickets are available. DSA Store (858) i) Discussion of pursuit policy ii) Discussion of Uniform Committee process iii) Cell phone policy and the definition of minimal usage g) PEACE OFFICER MEMORIAL: Bennetts i) Rental car for Bennetts at CPOMF meeting MOTION/Purvis SECOND/Turner to approve a rental car for Director Bennetts. Motion unanimously carries. h) LEGISLATION: Turner i) Update on current legislation bills ii) Discussion regarding PORAC asking the DSA to support 3 strikes bill. Board direction to send letter. i) PEACE OFFICERS RESEARCH ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA (PORAC)-Petrachek i) PORAC dues proposal discussion. Board direction to propose option A to PORAC j) POLITICAL ACTION: Petrachek/Turner i) Scheduled 3 endorsement interview days ii) Discussion of future interview candidates k) SICKNESS AND DISTRESS: Lopez i) Frank Yancy death benefit. Board direction to wait one year before decision. l) INSURANCE: DiCarlo i) Insurance carrier update (1) Payroll deduction will continue for Liberty Mutual and Cal Casualty ADJOURNED 2:35 pm Buying? Selling? Investing? Search all San Diego County Homes for Sale at Current 30 Year Fix as LOW as 3.25% Loan Amount = Payment/Month $150,000 = $ $200,000 = $ $250,000 = $ $300,000 = $ $350,000 = $ $400,000 = $ $425,000 = $ Conventional, FHA, and VA Jumbo Loans as low as 4% $0 Down USDA program available Hud Approved - Good Neighbor Next Door Program available Call or to take advantage of these FREE services Free Home Value Analysis with comparative market data provided Free Mortgage Consultation for purchasing, refinancing, or investment rates Free list of properties gauged to your specific desires and criteria Free 15 min phone consultation with 1031 tax deferred exchange accommodator YOUR REALTOR & EXECUTIVE MORTGAGE CONSULTANT STEVEN DARLING direct LICENSE # NMLS # Realty Executives All Area 3773 Willow Glen Dr. #100, El Cajon, Ca DRE Broker # , All terms and APR are subject to change 8 Silver Star July 2012 Silver Star July

7 news DSA DEPARTMENT COUNTY INDUSTRY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Luis Chavez Sergeant, Lemon Grove Patrol 18 1/2 on department & 18 with the DSA Where did you grow up? I grew up in Tijuana, Mexico What did you do before you joined the department? I was active duty in the U.S. Army for 3.5 years and worked security for a management company. What drew you to law enforcement? I always wanted to be a police officer or a bus driver. With this department, I was able to do both. What was your first day on the job like? I was nervous, not knowing what to expect. I worked East Mesa and we had a mini-riot on the first day. I knew I picked the right job. What is the one thing you remember most since joining the department? I still remember the day I met my wife Julie on a ride-a-long many years ago. Where do you see yourself in five years? Hopefully working investigations, but I m enjoying being a Patrol Sergeant. How do you participate in your DSA? I ve been a station representative for several years now. Do you have an unusual hobby? Before my daughter was born, I had a scale model airport with model airplanes on display. I ve always enjoyed airliners. I still have the airport and airplanes, but they re packed away in the garage. SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS What is the one movie that influenced you the most and why? It s a tie between Band of Brothers and We Were Soldiers. They both have great leaders and show how they handle stressful situations. What is your favorite place? New York City. Home of the Yankees What is your dream vacation? It would be to spend a couple of weeks in Italy. I ve been there once and would love to go there again. What are your plans for retirement? Enjoy more time with my family, play more golf, and do a little more travel. The member spotlight features one Active or Retired DSA Member The advertisers in the Silver Star support your association, and you should support them! Tell them you saw their ad in the Star. Many of our advertisers also offer discounts to DSA members. DSA Continues California Casualty & Liberty Mutual Payroll Deduction After the switch to MetLife did not offer DSA members the expected savings and customer service for home and auto insurance, the board of directors elected to instead continue with the group policies with California Casualty and Liberty Mutual. At this time, you may and should include all three companies in your comparisons when making your choice for home and auto insurance. SUMMER MEMBER PARTY Say good bye to summer with a fun-filled evening at the waterpark. Join the DSA for a private member event at the Wave Waterpark in Vista on Friday, August 24, from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. Bring the whole family to enjoy the waterslides and a BBQ dinner. Just $7 per person. Everyone needs a ticket, even if you don t plan on getting wet! All members and their immediate family are invited with a limit of eight tickets per family. Tickets go on sale July 10 at the DSA store and online Lonny Brewer Memorial Golf Tournament The 25th Annual Lonny Brewer Memorial Golf Tournament will take place at Shadowridge Country Club on Monday, Sept. 10. The $100 per person fee includes cart rental, green fee, and dinner at the award banquet immediately following the tournament. All members of your foursome must be currently working for or retired from law enforcement. Proceeds from this popular tournament benefit the DSF scholarship fund, which awards a scholarship in the name of each fallen deputy from the San Diego County Sheriff s Department. This event sells out each year, so get your team together now! Reservation forms are available at the DSA office and online at THANK YOU FROM BRIE DASILVEIRA Brie DaSilveria received a DSF Line of Duty Scholarship in For this year s recipients, see page 20. My first year of college has come and gone. I am very proud to be a Trojan and am very happy with my decision to attend the University of Southern California. My classes have included Portuguese, Music for Motion Pictures, Oceanography, Poetry, Introduction to Film and Television, as well as a few other General Education courses. Over this past year at the School of Cinematic Arts, I have explored the ways to decipher movies and television shows, even creating a few short films on my own. I have become an Ambassador for the School of Cinema, promoting the school and working to better campus life. During the school year, I worked in the Critical Studies Office as an Office Assistant, as well as a Customer Service Center Representative for the USC Housing department. I have spent some of my time volunteering as well, teaching students at Magnolia Avenue Elementary School about oceanography and helping them read. One of my favorite organizations to volunteer for is USC s Visions and Voices Initiative, which brings art shows, guest speakers, entertainment, and educational events to campus. I also joined the USC Women s Club Lacrosse team, traveling across California to play other colleges. In my spare time, I attended screenings, many of them pre-screenings, of recent films, including War Horse (2011), Titanic 3D (2012), 21 Jump Street (2012), The Lorax (2012). I even had the pleasure of hearing Steve Carrell, Eva Longoria., Pedro Almodovar, John Singleton, Peter Segal, Diego Luna, and Julie Andrews speak about their work. Additionally, I crewed for and acted on short films and projects with my classmates and upperclassmen. Outside of school, I attended all of the USC home football games and explored the city of Los Angeles. This summer, I am currently working on finishing my first feature-length screenplay and am completing an internship for the My Hero International Film Festival. Your support has made it possible for me to make the most out of my freshman year of college. I thank you and wish you a wonderful summer. DSA WATERPARK BBQ TICKETS ON SALE JULY 10 Welcome new DSA members The DSA welcomed the following new members in the last month. Remember to get involved with the DSA by attending the monthly member meeting on the second Thursday of each month. ACTIVE Ken Hebdon Stephen Kerler Larry Manners AGENCY SHOP FEES INCREASE Agency shop fees will increase in August. An amnesty period for all agency shop members will take place July 15 through Aug. 15. During this time, any agency shop member may join without paying back dues. In August, the agency shop fee will increase to $13.45 per payroll. Please share this information with anyone you know who is currently not a DSA member and paying agency shop fees. This is a great time to join the association. 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Please plan accordingly, especially when purchasing discount tickets for use over holiday weekends. Retiree Luncheon September 8 Save the date for the fall retiree luncheon at the El Cajon Elk s Lodge. More information will be mailed to retired member homes and available online when it is available. Lonny Brewer Memorial Golf Tournament September 10 Get a foursome together for some fun on the links to raise money for the DSF Line of Duty scholarship fund. Just $100 per person includes green fees, cart rental, and dinner. Visit www. for a registration form. DSA (858) DSA DATES Silver Star July Silver Star July 2012 Silver Star May

8 Baker to Vegas (from top) Just keep running until you hit a mountain Jesus! Look closely, Jorge Dueno is giving the race a thumbs up. Jeff Miller making sure the follow vehicle will past inspection. Mike is telling Chase, Laura and Zane that running in the desert can t be all that tough Cheung begs to differ. By now I m sure you all have heard about the results for the sheriff s team regarding the 2012 Baker to Vegas race. We came in 104th place out of 268 teams. We finished the 120-mile relay in 17 hours and 9 minutes. This was my tenth year as the team captain and we tried for a competitive team. We shaved over two and a half hours off of our run time from last year, so I think we are well on our way to making the other departments nervous. Other than experiencing first hand that the Las Vegas Highway Patrol knows how to write traffic tickets, the race went well. Kathy Cruz stepped up this year and was second in command in Vegas. She was begging to do things. I think she was trying to keep herself from the blackjack table. Seriously, if we can get two teams together, I have full confidence Kathy would be able to run one of the teams. The weather was fantastic for the night and early morning runners. The day runners on Saturday endured air temperatures of 109 degrees with 120 degrees coming at them off the blacktop road. Marlene Kelleher, Dawn Washburn, and Dave Onate understood the responsibility of being the follow vehicle driver and observers. They saw the heat was affecting one of our runners and made him get into the van. For sure this runner would have ended up in the hospital if it hadn t been for their quick thinking and acting. Hats off to the 2012 Sheriff s B2V team which included: Sean Byrne, Mike Hernandez, Agustin Omar Arana, Jesus Yniguez, Daniel Cheung, Jorge Dueno, Jorge Maleno Huerta, Michael Hanks, Zane Maltsberger, Laura Gomez- Cantu, Zachary Yarling, Daniel Chase, Kenny Lawrence, David Snyder, Yancey Mayordeleon, Jorge Escobar, Travis Johnson, Gavin Lanning, Dan Deese, John Kelleher, Eric Hanigan, Rey Dominguez, Rosa Patron, Eric Price, Chase Chiappino, Doug Sanders, Marlene Kelleher, Dawn Washburn, David Onate, Dann Nielsen, Robert Vicks, Claudia Valencia, Donna Hernandez, Karen Stubkjaer, Kathy Cruz, Jeff Cruz, Benny Cruz, Angela Lanning, Kerry Deese, Sarah Dominguez, Tanya Johnson, Jim Skill, Jeff Miller, Cindy Davis, Joel Wigand, Pat Morrissey, Scott O Connell, James Cady, Paul Lewis, Robert Ehrhorn, and RACES. And in attendance in Vegas to show the Sheriff s encouragement for the team was Assistant Sheriff Mark Elvin. Again it is necessary to express our thanks to everyone who helped support the team and the expenses those who donated items to our garage sales, those who purchased t-shirts, the DSA, and Instant Replay. Although Hat does not want any praise or thanks, I want everyone to know that Instant Replay has been a financial sponsor to our team for the past ten years. Please visit Jim Skill s local watering hole in Rancho Bernardo and show our appreciation to Hat. (far left) Omar Arana sees the light at the end of the tunnel or is it just Sean Byrne s white chest? (left) To show our appreciation, the team gave the DSA a plaque with the baton used during the race. (Yes, Assistant Sheriff Elvin, all 20 runners with their sweaty hands really did touch the baton!) (above) Jorge Huerta, The road kept getting steeper and steeper! Now, this leads me to the importance of an alternate. Eric Hanigan was one of the alternates. He had never participated in the race and wanted to get to know it. So he was given the job of a follow vehicle observer. After sitting in a vehicle going 5 mph for four hours, he was told to run. He did an outstanding job. If Eric had gotten out of the follow vehicle at stage 3 like I said he could, it would have taken us an hour to get another runner to the location to pick up the baton. So please, if you are marked as an alternate, know that your part in the race is extremely important. Get ready for more s coming your way from me. We will be doing timed runs for those interested runners beginning in September or October. It will be a timed 3.2 mile run held at Miramar Lake. We will set up three different days in order to accommodate everyone s schedules. We will conduct two more timed run events before the 2013 race. The thought of this is to see who is interested, fast, and serious about being on the 2013 Sheriff s B2V team. Please contact me at org for more information on the times runs or joining next year s team. LIVING TRUST $ (Law Enforcement Price) In-Home Appointment Available includes Wills and Powers of Attorneys RONALD A. HAUSER Attorney at Law (619) (619) National City San Diego La Mesa 12 Silver Star July 2012 Silver Star July

9 >>> workers compensation update WORK COMP NOTICES Where the State and Federal Disability Laws Crossover by David B. Dugan, Esq., California Bar Certified Specialist Workers Compensation California employers are required by state law to provide insurance coverage to employees injured during work. Commonly referred to as Workers Compensation (WC), this insurance provides limited coverage for costs incurred by employees due to work related injuries and may also provide benefits if the injured worker becomes disabled. California employers are also prohibited by federal law, known as the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities. When a worker becomes disabled due to a work injury, in addition to having the benefits of the State WC system, he or she may also have the protection of the Federal ADA in relation to that same injury. The work injury brings both the state and federal laws into play at the same time. When the two areas of law (i.e. State vs. Federal) come together, the situation is referred to as a crossover of laws. Problems can often arise in crossovers, especially when the respective laws, like here, require separate processes and also use the same or similar language in statutes that have different meanings. In the case of the WC claim with the ADA crossover, both laws focus on disability. However, the respective laws require different processes to carry out the laws and each defines disability slightly different. The State WC system defines disability as: The irreversible residuals of an injury, either mental or physical, which produce an impairment to earning power or capacity. The Federal ADA defines disability in part as: a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities... The crossover situation can be confusing and sometimes angst provoking, especially to an unsuspecting injured worker. Your experience with the crossover laws typically begins when your employer, in this case The County of San Diego, Department of Human Resources, Workers Compensation, sends you a notice or series of notices during the course of your WC claim. These notices may seem to be duplicates, but each is important in its own right. FEDERAL ADA NOTICE The first notice received is often a Notice of Accommodation sent as a response to obligations under the ADA. This notice usually arrives within 30 days after your treating physician returns you to work from a period of temporary total disability, but indicates you still have disability or impairment. Temporary total disability is the period when you are completely unable to perform your job functions and you are out of work while healing from the effects of the injury. During this time you should have been compensated for a portion of your wages. Your physician will release you to return to work. Once you notify the sheriff s department or county that you are in need of accommodation to return to work or the department believes you are will have a lasting disability, you should receive the Notice of Accommodation as an acknowledgement of your request. The Notice of Accommodation usually contains information about an interactive process to determine possible accommodations needed. The interactive process, sometimes referred to as a hearing, is actually an informal meeting between an injured worker with a known disability and an employer representative to determine if accommodation is necessary and what is appropriate for the worker to be capable of returning to work. STATE WC NOTICES Additionally, you may receive an additional notice during an injury period or upon returning to work. Required under the State WC laws, you should receive either the Notice of Offer of Regular Work or The Notice of Offer of Modified or Alternative Work. The notice is sent at the time the temporary total disability ends and within 30 days of the doctor having declared your permanent and stationary with or without some permanent partial disability. The Notice of Offer of Regular Work is required at the conclusion of care or when the worker is returned to his or her regular job with no indication of permanent partial disability, meaning no accommodations or special arrangements need to be taken in order for you to return to work. The notice confirms you have been released without disability, and that the County of San Diego and the Sheriff s Department are returning you to your regular work and to your regular job. It should be noted that you may challenge the offer if certain changes apply to the regular work offer, such as change in location. This notice is sent directly from the county s Department of Human Resources. The Notice of Offer of Modified or Alternative Work serves to notify you in much the same way as the ADA Notice of Accommodation. When it becomes known that an employee is returning to work with disability, the employer and the employee, through the interactive process, determine what accommodation is needed. The accommodation allows you to continue at your regular job or an alternative job. Once your doctor has declared you permanent and stationary, and you have completed the interactive process, the department sends you a notice addressing the meeting and whether it can accommodate the identified work limitations. EVERGREEN TREE SPECIALIST TREE CARE AND REMOVAL Certified Arborist #WC-3509 AFFORDABLE RATES RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL Lacing Pruning Stump Grinding Complete Removal Edward Gross - Owner Bus. Fax Cell Fully Licensed & Insured Contractor s Lic # During the course of a WC claim, you may receive the ADA Notice and one of the State WC Notices. If you receive one of them,i recommend you read the notice a couple of times in its entirety even if it seems to be a duplicate. Often the notices provide different information and have different dates noted for acceptance or compliance. The notices and the interactive process should not be intimidating. To completely understand disability rights law and the procedures involved requires an in-depth study. It is not uncommon for an injured worker to become confused during the process. Do not be afraid to ask questions if something in one of these notices does not make immediate sense to you. Your doctor, the Workers Compensation office, or your work comp attorney should be able to clear up any lingering confusion. 14 Silver Star July 2012

10 >>> from the members HERO SAVES HERO IN THE FIGHT OF THEIR LIVES by Bob Plumbley Learning of Chuck Patrick s passing on May 1 brought memories of one of our department s worst and finest days, and I d like to share this with deputies young and old. The incident illustrates what each of us hopes we can accomplish when facing instantaneous life and death peril, and how ready we must always be. I tell it from my point of view, without reviewing the investigation, as self-invited cover, arriving too late to help, but taking over the scene and speaking with the two civilian victims who were sure their lives were saved that day. Let me set the scene for those not fortunate to work the 1970s, It was 1978, I believe. I was doing what I loved most: a deputy working EPS 22-7, the fourth unit on the coast, everyone s cover, free to hunt, A-shift I think, on a Saturday or Sunday. I was 36 years old, in the best condition of my life, and past I can t believe I get paid for this! but as happy and proud to be working predator suppression as I was my last day in SNGD in November Back then, we proudly wore the uniform feared and respected most by the crooks in this county, as I m sure is true to this day. the road the faster you drove. None of us knew that beauty s top speed. The only equalizer, very undersized drum brakes. Bless you Encinitas Shop Mechanic Nelson Fitch for not noticing the disconnected county device designed to prevent deputies from shifting into low to assist braking. You saved both more deputies and more cars than were harmed. We loved those units and did our best not to break them. Chuck Patrick former Marine, former CHP who wanted more, a good friend of my brother-in-law Dep. Roger Ram Jet Williamson was one of the best of those Vista Station guys I respected but seldom got to work alongside. Sergeant Wilbur Sewell, one of our best EPS patrol sergeants, had recently been tasked with initiating a grant funded Stolen Property Fencing Team a predator suppression unit. He chose the best, of course, including Chuck Patrick and Ken Dalton from EPS Patrol. I didn t know until the death announcement that Chuck had been awarded two medals of valor but am not surprised. Hopefully, those awards are still rare and today s heroes are just as quiet about them. On this particular day, Ken earned his second, along with a lifesaving medal to go along with it. To earn his first, Deputy Dalton arrived at a scene where a deranged vet was holding a deputy at gunpoint. Ken, who was familiar with the subject, slowly approached and told the man the deputy had young children. He asked the subject to point the gun at him and let the other deputy step back. Ken approached him Marine to Marine, both of whom had served our country with honor, and, after a period of great tension, disarmed him. No vests, tailored shirts, a six-gun, shot-gun, and a fast car to spread cheer and goodwill on behalf of Sheriff Duffy. The best was a 1974 Dodge Coronet, bubble gum machine on top, 440 hemi under the hood, and positraction. It was truly a rocket powered skateboard, heavier on We d been beat partners at EPS for three years. Ken wore our uniform with pride. While a calm, cool, collected, and very polite representative of the Sheriff, Ken knew exactly when to go 10-8 and turned it on. The nickname Mad Dog applied when a half dozen Eden Gardens thugs, DISCOUNT FOR DSA MEMBERS SHOP ONLINE INSTRUCTORS AND STUDENTS WELCOME LAW ENFORCEMENT DISCOUNT NEW OWNER: MARGARET MIDDLETON Daughter of Lt. Flo Helms CLOSED SUN & MON Silver Star July

11 >>> from the members from the members <<< including several in-shape roofers upset with Ken s respect in that community, set him up one night with a light call. When cover units arrived, the thugs, in varying states of consciousness were stacked for control purposes. The only fatality was Ken s issue S&W 66 which was torqued and suffered a bent barrel. Back to the main story, Ken had stopped by EPS on the fateful day to see who was working where, and let us know a hot stop or jam of an armed PAL might come our way. The Fencing Team was responding to a call from a very scared CI who said the recent PAL had armed himself in a 459R and ordered the CI to steal a getaway car for a series of 211 Armed(s). Failure to go along meant death. In the mid-afternoon, I returned to the beat after booking a and exited I-5 at Lomas Santa Fe to hit Pt-3. Radio communications were rough in those days. The finest of dispatchers, Velma, still had big holes with coverage. The Cars range was very short range, and only the CC side of primary was heard in the units. I copied part of a conversation advising Sergeant Sewell that Escondido PD was en route to the liquor store a couple of blocks from their station for code cover. I didn t like the sound of it, so I headed east at Code 2.5 with the blessings of another fine patrol sergeant, Jerry Perkins. In a few minutes, I was in Rancho Santa Fe no Code-4. I stopped, selected Mr. Remington 1100 first and last rifled slug, three 00 buck over the Ruger Mini 14, 1, 3, full auto and Colt 45 Combat Commander to accompany me in the front seat. Yes, SWAT (entry) was the best parttime job on the department. I advised the CC that I was increasing to full Code, having received Sergeant Perkin s blessing, and followed departmental policy and practice, which at the time was all possible speed without injury or crash. Luckily, traffic was light in downtown Escondido. I shut down the siren six blocks from the hospital and confirmed that I hadn t missed a Code-4. After passing the police station, I made myself and then put the unit in a right power slide as I passed the north side of the store, so the noise of the skid would alert anyone inside. I stopped quickly in the lot on the east side of the store, north of the front door. Don t try this move with radial tires. When they regain traction, the car will lurch forward at high speed. My academy class completed the old Orange County Raceway pursuit driving course with all conditions high speed, which beats the low speed simulated high speed courses that followed. Not a place to save money. I knew from prior SDSO business that a crook would have to exit the store to aim as the heavy glass door opened from the south side, unless the north door was in service for him to try to take me from behind. Eyes straining to see everywhere at once, Mr. Remington and I charged the front door finger always outside the trigger guard until firing. Luckily, I managed to not fire a shot as Sergeant Sewell burst out the door. He quickly brought me up to date and headed for the hospital. One EOS crook inside with two victim/witnesses and no other known suspects. I had the scene, partial notifications made. Chuck caught at least one shotgun burst, and Ken could be wounded as well. Sergeant Sewell had been across the street from the liquor store using the pay phone, organizing the OP and trying to get staff to assist, while still trying to watch the lot. PAL location had not been known but the CI was in pocket. The CI said the liquor store was the primary target. They were trying to secure the store. It was hoped the PAL would not move until he contacted the CI and could be taken down elsewhere on our terms. Instead, the PAL had burst across the parking lot from the southeast corner carrying at least a 12 gauge shotgun. As soon as the PAL entered the door, shots were fired. Hearing the shots, Sergeant Sewell drove as quickly as possible to the door (acceleration and brake marks told the story). As he exited his coupe, Ken ran out the door carrying Chuck in his arms, both drenched in blood. With Chuck in the passenger seat, they took off for the hospital. Mr. Remington and I carefully entered the store. The PAL was across the room from the door, on the other side of some shelves near the cash register counter. He was on the floor, partially on his side, with at least a shotgun. Freezing the clerk who was behind the counter to my right and the owner who was in a bloody area to my left, I approached the PAL who was big, a recent state prison iron pumper. Careful examination confirmed he would pose no further threat. I tried a Code-4, to follow, but my hand held was worthless at that location most of the time. Since in those days, the media and anyone with a scanner could copy all but our SWAT and Intelligence frequencies, I made my advisements and requests for assistance through the CC using the store s inside line. We didn t discuss what went wrong in communication between agencies at my pay grade, but I heard from an Escondido PD NTF North agent years later that unclear radio traffic, plus a heavy overload caused their dispatcher to surmise our CC was going to give the possible 211 stakeout information again and missed the cover now request. The store owner felt he would have been shot first with the shotgun had the PAL not considered Chuck the greater threat or made him as a cop. He was saved a second time by the quick, aggressive, accurate return fire from the deputy behind the counter. The clerk was running his mouth on full adrenalin. He repeatedly stressed the deputy s quick action saved his life. He was fast! I ve never seen anything like that! From what I gathered that day, it went down like this. While Chuck was being shown the owner s ambush spot, Ken was learning to operate the cash register by the clerk on his right. As the crook rushed through the door and shot Chuck, Ken hit the clerk right hand to left shoulder hard enough to launch him into the wall on his right. As the clerk flew, he heard gunfire and saw heavy flashes from Ken s 45 Combat Commander. As Ken fired, he advanced on the crook who could not be seen as he moved to the other end of the shelves. The crook was moving, but the clerk didn t know if he was shooting the whole time or not. The clerk remembered a slight delay before the last shot during which he heard the words, Say goodbye asshole. Immediately after the last shot, the clerk said Ken scooped Chuck up and ran out the door to the boss s car as it slid to a stop. As the two deputies rushed to the hospital, the boss entered the store in a hurry, pistol in hand, looked at the crook, told the clerk to stay low behind the counter in case they had more company. After a long time I showed up, and the boss took off. I did my scene duty for four or five hours. Homicide needed Ken s firearm but had only a S&W 66. I offered my Combat Commander. As I was entering the hospital, Sergeant Perkins arrived with Ken s wife. Jerry told me he understood Ken was not hit, but it was practice to bring in spouses to see their loved ones were okay and for support since shooting investigations took so much time. I told them I d find a way to get her to Ken without having her run the media gauntlet. A supervising nurse noticed me slowly entering, apparently not looking forward to what I was going to learn. I told her I was looking for the deputy who brought the wounded deputy in and asked how things were going? With a nice smile, the nurse said the deputy who brought Chuck in was using her typewriter for his report. As we walked towards Chuck, she told me that Ken had saved his life by getting him to the hospital minutes before he bled out. She said Chuck was very lucky, catching most of the pellets with his forearm, which saved his life. She stopped at an open station. Chuck was conscious, partially sitting up, heavily bandaged, thoroughly tubed, and being prepped for surgery. A doctor said, No time for a visit. I asked, How about a quick salute? and threw him one. That brought a smile around the tubes and a little left hand wave. There is a God and sometimes he must really love cops. I next found Ken finishing up at a typewriter and signing a report. The short conversation went something like this. You okay, bud? Yep, Just finished my deputy s report. Ken gave it to me to scan. It answered any possible concerns. You stop shooting when the crook s threat to life ceases. Ken was close enough to see that, so he scooped up Chuck and saved his life. I said something on the order of Nice work. Nice save. Clear and concise, as always. Reply: Close. I told Ken I needed to fetch his 45 for homicide at the scene and brought mine for him. Always ready, he gave me his 45, and the magazine he had extracted at the hospital. He had reloaded of course. Best be ready. Kenny went to assure his wife he was good and then began the homicide investigation process. I continued my fetch-it work. We had a job to finish. In the early 1980s, I worked partners for a couple of years at NTF North with Ken. We never discussed the incident or the awards. Our team took care of business well. Ken was a fine NTF partner on a rugged team. We were gun in fist and hands on with crooks too many times to remember, disarming crooks almost every day. What a comfort it was to work with a partner on whom I could truly rely. Ken might kick my ass though, after seeing this published. He never seeks the limelight. Chuck never recovered sufficiently to return to full duty. I saw him at the Vista Courthouse occasionally. One of his subsequent duties was organizing subpoenas and court time to waste less deputy time and save departmental overtime for operational needs. I didn t see him enough, but there was so little personal time when taking care of the sheriff s predator suppression. Bet that s still the same too. God bless you boys and girls. Stay ready. Need an affordable computer guy you can trust? Diagnostics Virus Removal Data Backup Hardware installation Software installation OS installation Hawkins Computer Services Over 15 years of experience Serving San Diego County Visit us online at In home and pick up services available! New PC connguration Hard Drive Erasure And more! DSA Members get 25% off all services! Speaking For The Working Person, Speaking For You... Tosdal, Smith, Steiner & Wax Specializing in Labor and Employment Law, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Sexual Harassment, Product Liability, and Workers Compensation 401 West A St., Ste 320 San Diego, CA Telephone: (619) Fax (619) SINCE 1983 Mike Pratko Cell: (619) Certified Arborist #WE-7165A (Reserve Deputy) Perpetual Tree Care, Inc. (619) Cont. Lic. # Fax: (619) Certified Tree Worker #1520 We keep it simple... We either save or make you money! Contact Hollan Garmo today to discuss your insurance needs Auto Annuities General Liability Life Settlements Health Home Life Life Settlements Workers Compensation Strategic Financial Services 8100 La Mesa Blvd., Ste. 105, La Mesa T: F: Silver Star July 2012 Silver Star July

12 2012 DSF LINE OF DUTY SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Each year, the Deputy Sheriff s Foundation awards nine scholarships in the name of the deputies who lost their life in the line of duty. lauren Lauren Barrett My father being a deputy sheriff has definately affected my life; it has taught me to be careful of my surroundings and convinced me that even though something might look like fun, the consequences are far from worth it. I know this very well, and I try to make sure that my four siblings know this also. Speaking of my four siblings, my house can get quite hectic at times, but I honestly don t know what I would do without them, and college life at the University of Nevada, Reno will be quieter. I am very grateful for this scholarship as it will help me rely less upon my busy parents and give me the chance to start moving forward in my life as an katrina jessie jocelyn individual trying to make her mark in this world. I would like to thank my parents for all that they have done for me, the members of the Deputy Sheriff s Foundation, and finally all the brave and hard working members of law enforcement who keep us safe. Katrina Calvert I attend West Hills High School where I am extensively involved as a senior (Class of 2012). I was born and raised in Santee, California. I am the oldest child in my family and the only daughter. I have two younger brothers. While in high school, I have enjoyed many activities, such as cheer, gymnastics, and student government. Following high school graduation, I will be attending San Diego Christian College in the fall of While in college, I plan to earn my bachelor s degree in Early Childhood Development or Education. It has forever been alec kevin a dream of mine to become a kindergarten teacher. I have always had a passion for working with children and I hope to instill a love of learning in my students that lasts throughout their lives. Jessie Case I m a senior at Grossmont High School, and my mother is Deputy Sheriff Linda Case. In school, I take as many Advanced Placement or honors classes as possible. I have attained an overall GPA of and am currently taking 5 AP classes to earn college credit. Volunteering is one of my passions. Most of my involvement is through Grossmont s Interact Club of which I serve as vice president. So far I have accumulated almost 200 community service hours, but I hope to continue to increase that number throughout college and beyond. Our club frequently helps with clean-ups, picking residential fruit for food lauren grant jonathan banks, and family nights at elementary schools. The only semi athletic activity that I participate in is karate. I have taken karate lessons with my mom for over 11 years and am currently a second degree black belt. I absolutely love photography and am in my school s advanced photo class. In my free time I also enjoy researching my ancestry and putting together my family tree online. My future plans include attending UC Santa Cruz with, most likely, a major in Psychology. At UC Santa Cruz, I will participate in their honors program at their oldest college, Cowell. In college I am most looking forward to meeting others who have similar hopes of making a difference in the lives of others. I am the first of my family to attend college, so this is a very exciting time for all of us. Most of all I would like to thank the DSF for awarding me this scholarship. I am especially honored to have been selected for the Patrick Steven Coyle Award. 20 Silver Star July 2012 Silver Star July

13 Jocelyn Frierson I graduated Mission Hills High School in San Marcos with honors and an overall 4.07 GPA. As an outgoing and spirited student, I always tried to see the best in others and helped others feel welcome around campus. I was president of Circle of Friends, a club which emphasized the importance of allowing the special education students to be seen as equals. I was also involved in the Associated Student Body, which allowed me to make a difference in my school. I held two positions in ASB: Publicity Commissioner and Pep Commissioner. As the Publicity Commissioner, I publicized all school, district, and community events, and also recognized student accomplishments. As the Pep Commissioner, my senior year, I became a prime example of school spirit, while obtaining valuable public speaking skills through my diligent work of planning and hosting all school events: pep rallies, lunch activities, etc. Through ASB I was able to start a program called Friends of Rachel, in honor of Rachel Scott, the first person killed at the Columbine High School Shooting. I shared the program s message with a local elementary school in hopes of spreading awareness regarding the value of kindness. I am also a volunteer with the San Marcos Youth Basketball: Shooting Stars, a program designed for special needs children to enjoy the game of basketball in a non-competitive and fun environment. Throughout high school, I was an Advanced placement student and a member of the National Honors Society and the California Scholarship Federation. I will be attending California State University, Fullerton in the fall of 2012, majoring in Kinesiology with the goal of one day being an occupational therapist for special needs children. I want to thank the DSA for allowing me to be an honored recipient of the Thomas A. Fay Award Scholarship. Alec Hartman First and foremost, I would like to thank the San Diego Deputy Sheriff s Foundation for investing in my future by awarding me a $1,500 scholarship. I will be attending the University of San Diego. I have spent my entire life in the community of Eastlake and am humbled by the fact that I have witnessed the blossoming of this community first hand. In my four years at Eastlake High, I have felt myself progress as I attained higher levels of confidence, athleticism, and wisdom. As a member of the varsity football and track programs I gained leadership skills that can be applied to any aspect of life as well as the ability to hold myself responsible for any task that presents itself. Although I may not be as naturally athletic as some of my teammates, I am still able to compete at the same level through my hard work and effort. I am not afraid of any challenge as evidenced by the fact that I was able to handle a full schedule of AP and honors courses along with sports at the varsity level my junior year and two varsity level sports simultaneously coupled with three AP courses my senior year. I feel truly blessed to be able to live in a fairly prosperous community with a loving and supportive household as both of my parents grew up struggling financially. They have taught me hard work garners success. I owe all of my success in high school and the success through the rest of my life to my father Jerry (the sergeant of the East County Regional Gang Task Force) and my mother Susanna who have done so much in helping and supporting me through every phase of my life. Kevin McCauley Kevin McCauley graduated with honors from El Camino High School in Oceanside on June 7, He will be attending California State University, Long Beach this coming fall. He has served as an Explorer on the department for over two years now and plans to continue to stay active in the program on weekends and during breaks from school. After earning a four year degree in Psychology, Kevin plans to apply to become a deputy sheriff with our department. 22 Silver Star July 2012 Lauren Van Abel Lauren Van Abel, 18, grew up as the only child of Mark and Kimberly Van Abel in Santee. She attended grade school at Our Lady of Grace before graduating with honors as a member of the class of 2012 from the Academy of Our Lady of Peace. There, she focused her studies on science and foreign languages, participated in ASB, and accumulated over 300 hours of community service while volunteering for organizations such as SHARP Grossmont Hospital. She will be attending Suffolk University in Boston in the fall where she will study as a business honors student. Lauren intends to study hospitality abroad at Les Roches in Switzerland before graduating and working as an event planner. She would like to thank the DSA and feels blessed to have received her scholarship in the name of late Deputy Donn Witt. Grant James Varnau I am the son of Sgt. Mark Varnau and Elise Varnau. I attended Guajome Park Academy High School in Vista for 4 years. I ran Varsity Cross Country for two years and Varsity Track and Field for three years. I also was a Guajome Park Challenge Course Student Worker, and had the opportunity to teach other students about teamwork and leadership. During the summer of 2011, I participated in a foreign exchange program with Goethe-Institut, and spent a month in Germany with fellow German Honors students. I graduated May 31, 2012 with High Honors in academics and received High Honors in German from Delta Epsilon Phi. This fall I will be attending San Diego State University where I will double major in math and physics with an emphasis on nuclear physics, and a minor in engineering. I have been accepted into the SDSU Honors Program and will be joining the SDSU Air Force ROTC program as well. Upon graduation from SDSU, I plan to serve in active duty with the United States Air Force and pursue a career as a Nuclear Physicist. In addition to my schoolwork, I enjoy listening to music and playing guitar. I currently play guitar at my church and occasionally play with other musicians in studio recording sessions. It has been a great honor to receive this DSA scholarship in Will Ward s name. I plan to continue my education and serve the public to the best of my abilities. I would like to thank the DSA and all who work for the sheriffs department for their dedication, commitment, and service to our community. I would also like to thank my parents for their guidance, support, and love. Jonathan Walker I am eighteen years old and will be graduating from Granite Hills High School. I was a four year varsity athlete running cross country and track and field, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA in Honors and Advanced Placement classes. Grades have always been important to me and I would consider myself one of those rare kids who actually like school. I have really enjoyed high school and everything I was able to learn. I am thankful for the opportunity to continue my education in college. I will be attending Northern Arizona University next year in the fall, majoring in business administration and hope after earning my degree I will attain a job that is both enjoyable and productive. I am very excited about going away to school and look forward to making many new friends and having new experiences. I am both honored and humbled in receiving a scholarship in the name of Lonnie Brewer, a SWAT officer killed in the line of duty and a true hero. I am extremely thankful to the members of the DSA that have provided this opportunity to me, and all of the deputies who risk their lives to protect the citizens of San Diego County. I would also like to thank my parents, who are both members of the DSA for all of their hard work, support, and important values they have instilled MEMBER SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Patricia W. Elkerton ATTORNEY AT LAW Every Estate Needs A Plan ESTATE PLANNING, TRUSTS PROBATE, CONSERVATORSHIPS AND POWERS OF ATTORNEY 7777 Alvarado Rd. Suite 311 La Mesa, CA From a Law Enforcement Family zeath Zeath Sanchez I was born in Colombia, South America, and grew up in Modesto, California. From a young age, I have always been interested in a career in law enforcement. I moved to San Diego in 2000, with two goals in mind. The first was to attend college and the second to begin a career in law enforcement. Immediately I began to take Criminal Justice courses at Grossmont College while applying to several law enforcement agencies. Then in 2002, I was hired by the sheriff s department as a Detentions/Court Services Deputy and attended the 5th Detentions Academy. The academy offered a fast pace learning experience. Soon, I was assigned to the George Bailey Detention Facility where I worked with a talented group of deputies that showed me the ropes and taught me about what I needed to excel. Knowing of my desires to expand my career and become a Law Enforcement Deputy Sheriff, I learned of the many opportunities the sheriff s department had to offer and knew that the best way to achieve my goal was thru hard work and a higher learning. Knowing this, I enrolled at National University majoring in criminal justice while working the jails and simultaneously applying and being accepted into the 66th Regional Academy. In April of 2006, I was assigned to the Imperial Beach Patrol Station. After patrol, I was assigned to the IB Community Oriented Problem TELEPHONE: (619) FACSIMILE: (619) Solving Policing Unit. In COPPS, I was an FTO and a graffiti investigator, as well as having the opportunity to head up important department projects like Operation Tip the Scale. After COPPS, I was assigned to the Detentions Investigations Unit as a Gang Investigator. I have recently transferred to the Lemon Grove Patrol Station as an Area Investigator. I am very happy to join the Lemon Grove family and look forward working a busy proactive station like Lemon Grove. In the future, I would like to work in SID and eventually be promoted. I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with some great partners and to have some positive supervisors who have been very supportive. I am very proud to call myself a San Diego County Deputy Sheriff and look forward to the challenges ahead. Tim Weinberger My name is Tim Weinberger. I m 42 years old, married, and have two sons. After giving 6 years to the U.S. Marine Corps, I decided to join the San Diego Sheriff s Department. I ve been with the sheriff s department now for 17 years. I m assigned to the East Mesa Detention Facility after working at the George Bailey Detention Facility for 12 years. I m currently attending the American Military University where I m striving to get a bachelor s degree in homeland security. I thank the Deputy Sheriffs Foundation for awarding me a scholarship that will help me achieve my goal of obtaining a college degree. EAST COUNTY TRANSMISSION Specialists in Transmission Overhaul & Repairs Foreign & American Work Guaranteed MICHAEL NOWLIN Prospect Ave. Ste. B Santee, CA tim PH: (619) FAX: (619) Silver Star July

14 >>> columns columns <<< 10-4 Station M Comm Center by Shannon O Neil-Huntoon Summer! Yes, it s here and it is in full swing; a time of year that comes with both pros and cons. Summer is that amazing time of year that brings to mind ideas of vacations, barbecues, county fairs, and the ability to stand in full view of the citizenry and eat something as depraved as deep fried butter without judgment. It also means higher electric bills, hormone driven teens loosed from the confines of public education, and the inability to wear those favorite bits of camouflage clothing that disguise the fact you didn t exactly spend the past few months Sweatin to the Oldies. In a bid to get fit for this year s San Diego Summer a number of dispatchers agreed to participate in our own version of The Biggest Loser. For the period of one shift change, participants agreed to be weighed and then compare total percent body weight loss. To what end, you ask? I could wax poetic about our desire to come together as Comm Center s Biggest Losers: Megan Hall, Scotty Hayward, and Melissa Salts a team and promote group health, but the fact is there was cash. Cold hard cash. Yes, each participant ponied up a Jackson for a chance to snag some Benjamins. All in all, the pot totaled over $800! Yeah, I d pass up a McDouble for a shot at that. Some people took the high road and changed their diets, took on regular exercise routines, and shunned the vending machines at work. Others (possibly myself included) took a darker path to self and financial improvement, exercising only occasionally and in our spare time, baking cookies, brownies, and the cheese laden lasagna to be deposited on random surfaces in the break room to be stumbled upon by unsuspecting dieters. Don t look at me like that; there was $800 bucks at stake! With all that said, please congratulate our winners! In third place we have Megan Hall who lost an amazing 16 percent of her entire body weight, earning her $50 cash. In second place, Scotty Hayward weighed in at minus 18 percent of his total body weight, allowing him to walk away with a cool $100. And finally, our first place winner, Melissa Salts, blew us all away with a fantastic loss of 21 percent of her total body weight. Way to go guys! And Now for Something Completely Different. Up here at the good old CC we really do try to entertain ourselves, but being tethered to our desks for twelve-hour stretches makes it tough. Sudoku can only get you so far. As a consequence we tend to rely on the public and our deputies to heft the burden that is our regalement. A fairly reliable source of amusement can be found in deputy authored dispositions added to events created for service. Modesty, Thy Name is Deputy Deputies have a lot of different hats they wear on the job. Forget the good old deputy chapeau, during the course of a shift they will juggle an array of headgear with such titles as relationship therapist, family counselor, legal advisor, faux parent, personal bodyguard, and, my favorite, common sense interventionist. It s no wonder that with so much time spent being the wind beneath everybody s wings, a deputy s ego can get a little inflated. A call came into the Communications Center of a young girl who had shimmied up a tree, but could not quite figure how to shimmy back down. Whether this was due to a lack of fine motor skills or a sudden grasp of mortality, I don t know, but the text did advise she was a good 30 feet off the ground. Daunted not by arboreal suspended youths, our deputy responded and was able to rescue the situation even before the fire department could arrive: Saved the day again. Rescued little girl from the tree without assistance of the [fire department]. If there was a dispo code for awesome job, that would be appropriate. There isn t, so checks ok will have to do. Subtle, but Funny Of course, a deputy s commentary doesn t have to be over the top to cause a grin. Take this call, a common noise complaint of a woman hearing banging noises from the side alley along her home. Deputy s comments: Contacted resident attempting to force 50 inch TV (square peg) into a trash can (round hole) checks ok. Discretion is the Better Part of Valor Mostly Occasionally a call will come in that is so ridiculous that it rightfully inspires a disposition of stinging sarcasm, tempered with professionalism. On a late July night, the Communications Center was contacted by a frustrated parent. Seems a crotchety old neighbor took offense to the caller s young sons kicking a soccer ball up and down the complex s hallway and chose to express his displeasure by taking said soccer ball. Now the sheer level of disbelief generated by the fact that two grown adults required a uniformed, vested, and armed deputy to referee their cantankerous game of keep away should be enough to guarantee one heck of cathartic dispo, but in this case, erring on the side of professionalism, the deputy chose merely to document: contacted both parties soccer ball returned to juvys all settled. Not satisfying enough? The responding unit felt that way too and sent this side-note: Dispo I wanted to put, Balls were wrenched away from the evil clutches of super villain as Thiefus Ballis Socceris. Toys returned to the youths as well as their innocence and child like faith in Humanity. Darn sergeants always overrule. Deputy Doolittle There are fewer things on this Earth as entertaining as a deputy with a keen wit, a keyboard, and a few extra minutes after being trapped on a completely ridiculous call. A woman called demanding a deputy to remove a possum, yes, possum. Seems the critter had wandered in and collapsed in her garage. The fact that it hadn t moved in forty or so minutes made her think it was dead, but she wasn t going to risk her slipper clad foot just to see if it was living up to its namesake. She d already called the Humane Society who informed her they do not respond to possums (and we do?) and Dead Animal Removal wasn t available until the following day. Heavens to Betsy, what is a lady to do? Deputies arrived to discover a hot prowl in progress. [My partner] confronted the suspect (aka Mr. Possum) attempting to hide underneath a garage cabinet. The suspect first tried to play like he was dead, but deputies informed him we weren t buying it. [My partner] held suspect at shovel-point until I arrived and used my good ol country boy skills to wrangle the suspect by the tail (wearing proper gloves, of course). After being briefly detained, suspect was released into the wild after deputies discovered there was no intent to commit a theft or any other felony. The suspect had just wandered in through an open garage door to admire the shiny Shelby Mustang parked there. (No animals were harmed in the making of this call). * * * * * Hope you all enjoyed this installment. I encourage anyone who has a funny story to share to get in contact. Also if you have questions about the Communications Center and/or its policies, please drop me a line. I will do my best to answer any and all questions! Chaplain s Corner by Chaplain Carey Norman, Station 70, Executive Director, SDSO Chaplain Program Rich is Better! Oh, Really? The singer and actress Sophie Tucker once said, I ve been rich and I ve been poor and believe me, honey, rich is better! From a strictly creaturecomfort point of view, she may have a point. However, material wealth is not without it s drawbacks. It would be interesting to see a documentary on all the multi-million dollar lottery winners about ten years down the road to see if their lives, both public and private, were really better off since hitting the jackpot. Madison Avenue advertisers constantly bombard us with the notion that more is better, newer is better, bigger is better and so forth. Many subscribe to the idea that you are what you own. Jesus gave the following warning to an overly materialistic person, Beware! Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured by how much you own. (Luke 12:15 TNLT)). Clearly, God disagrees with the you are what you own crowd. Jesus says we must guard ourselves against the dangers of a greedy heart. On another occasion Jesus said, You cannot serve both God and money (Matthew 6:24). You can have both. You just can t serve both. One or the other will end up being the priority in your life. The apostle Paul also warned about avarice, For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows (I Timothy 6:10). The apostle s statement often gets misquoted as saying, Money is the root of all evil. Money isn t the problem. It s the love of money that gets us into trouble. Being consumed with money and becoming overly materialistic is at the root of all kinds of evil. Paul laments that such greed caused some to wander away from their faith in God. Therefore, in spiritual terms, money and wealth can become a genuine handicap in our relationships with God and others. What are some of the dangers of loving money in terms of our spiritual lives? Here s a few for your consideration: 1) Delusional Thinking (believing we are more important than others because we have more money and possessions); 2) Temptation to Compromise what is right to increase our wealth; 3) Lack of Contentment (Ecclesiastes 5:10 says, Those who love money will never have enough. How absurd to think that wealth brings true happiness. ); 4) Ownership (Be careful what you own because it eventually owns you, demanding your time, your attention, your energies and even more investment); 5) Diversion (so much time is spent on acquiring and maintaining our wealth and standard of living, little time is left for the more important things in life like time with our families and service to God and others); 6) Shortsightedness (the tendency to exclusively focus on temporal things while failing to be rich towards God, see Luke 12:21); 7) The Arrogance of Self-sufficiency (the failure to realize that the talents, abilities, opportunities, and good health we have that enable us to acquire wealth are all gifts from God (James 1:17). These are just a few of the problems associated with the materialistic mindset. Little wonder Jesus warned us to be on our guard against every form of greed that seeks to consume our focus. Is being rich really better? Not when it pulls us away from the most important things in life. I ll have to differ with Sophie on this one. 24 Silver Star July 2012 Silver Star July

15 >>> columns County Line Transmissions by Robbie Bethea Jim Keenan Jim Keenan retired in 2003 as ASTREA s sergeant. As Jim was settling into the retired lifestyle, his parents health began to decline. Fortunately for them since Jim had already retired, he could be their caregiver for the last years of their lives. His wife Gail retired in 2009 from the Gemological Institute of America. He met Gail while learning to scuba dive and they continue to enjoy the outdoors. The Keenans have been to Florida to observe and photograph several shuttle launches. They spent a month driving the Alaska Highway and caught the Vancouver Olympics. The Texas BBQ joints are a favorite when traveling the Southwest. As a Notre Dame alum, Jim and Gail have attended many football games in South Bend, Indiana, with more trips planned this year. They have enjoyed a trip to China and are now planning a trip to Ireland. Both Gail and Jim are accomplished photographers. Just google new meteor shower discovered August 2010 and you ll see Jim s photo published by National Geographic Daily News. For the past six years, Jim has also conducted over 120 camera reviews for the website. Mona Moreno-Peck Mona Moreno-Peck has been retired for ten years and took care of her parents and brother full time in the last years of their lives. Mona started working for her Social Security quarters at a Hallmark store and worked for the US Census in quality control. While visiting step-kids and stepgrandkids in Idaho, Mona and Gary visited several National Parks, her favorite being Yellowstone. Mona uses the skills she learned while being a detective to delve into genealogy, creating hundreds of pages of information. She has also provided local information for other amateur genealogists across the county. Donald Van Hooser Donald Van Hooser joined the Department in 1952, retiring 30 years later. He is now 85 years old. In the early to mid-1970s, Sheriff Duffy tasked Don with documenting the history of the department, making him the first Sheriff s historian. He began gathering memorabilia for display in the first Sheriff s Museum, which was located next to Sheriff Duffy s office. Prior to the current location in Old Town, the museum was located at the Comm Center and the Santee Station. Don has a vast knowledge of the department and readily shares it with anyone interested. Gail and Jim Keenan Pam and Bob Plumbley at the third annual Campout. Please contact me at if you d like to share what you ve been doing in retirement. PERT PERSPECTIVE Kathy Rose, Ph.D., LMFT - PERT Team Leader Bipolar Disorder or what used to be termed manic depressive disorder affects approximately 5.7 million Americans. It is a serious mental illness characterized by a continuum of mood swings from profound depression to extreme mania. The Bipolar spectrum includes numerous diagnostic subcategories. Bipolar I refers to those persons who have experienced at least one manic episode in their life. Bipolar II refers to those individuals whose manic states never quite reach full manic proportions, but are much milder and alternate with depressive states. Rapid cycling refers to the percent of the bipolar population who experience four or more episodes of mania or depression in a one-year period. Someone said to be diagnosed with Mixed Bipolar experiences mania and depression simultaneously, or in rapid sequence. A depressive phase of Bipolar will present with typical symptoms of depression: sadness, tearfulness, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, feelings of worthlessness, and suicidal thoughts. A manic phase of Bipolar can run the gamut from being a very high energy, highly productive period, to the extremes of sexual promiscuity, gambling, spending large sums of money, drug or alcohol abuse, or involvement in other forms of reckless behaviors, often with devastating consequences. Manic phases are often characterized by manic speech and racing thoughts, excessive excitement, euphoria, and decreased need for sleep. Rage can also accompany a manic state. Bipolar disorders can include psychotic features, such as auditory or visual hallucinations. columns <<< Because symptoms vary so much from person to person, and may even appear quite mild, Bipolar Disorder is often misdiagnosed. Recent data indicates that as many as 40 percent of individuals with Bipolar Disorder are misdiagnosed when first seeking treatment. It is frequently mislabeled as depression, as that may be the predominant characteristic. When this occurs, it can lead to treatment with antidepressants alone, which may cause someone with Bipolar to get worse. A combination of medications, including a mood stabilizing drug, is often needed for effective treatment of the disorder. Researchers have identified five factors associated with Bipolar Disorder which can make accurate diagnosis more likely. These factors are: 1) family history of mania (research suggests a genetic predisposition for the illness); 2) having at least two previous mood episodes; 3) occurrence of first psychiatric symptoms prior to age 30; 4) a change in behavior to extreme mood swings; and 5) mixed states in which mania and depression are co-occurring. Using these criteria, a better differentiation can be made between individuals with depression or other mental illness, and those with Bipolar Disorder. If you have questions about Bipolar disorders, contact the PERT clinician in your area. For further information, check out the National Bipolar Foundation s website at www. The Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance also has an excellent San Diego chapter. Its website can be found at Don Van Hooser and Robbie Bethea Third Annual RDSA Campout held at the Pinezanita campground in Julian. (front row) Mary Scheck, Jan Stauffer, Randy Dibb, Chuck Lane, Oscar Escobedo, Ray Miller. (back row) Ron Scheck, Joe Stauffer, Mike Crews, Don Robbins, Bill Burmeister Chuck Lane and George Lejeck. 26 Silver Star July 2012 Silver Star July

16 >>> station reports station reports <<< SDSO Kennels K9 by Tony Bailey and Gunner Sergeant McCracken and his team just returned from a canine procurement trip. After canine training a couple of weeks ago, I was able to walk around the kennels and check out the new team members. It s probably the only time I would let another Sheriff s dog lick my hand. The dog whisperers were able to bring home three new canines. All three are German Shepherds, aptly named Leo, Mickey, and Cirius. Three new handlers have been selected for the Detentions Bureau. We welcome Kevin Paiva, John Dozier, and William White to the K-9 Unit. They ve been waiting patiently for a while now. Once their academy is complete, there will be enough dogs to cover every team and every shift at the East Mesa and George Bailey Detention Facilities. The hope is these dogs will all be narcotics detection certified and will be available to help out at all of the Sheriff s detention facilities. Good luck in the academy guys. I know Dep. Brian Baker is anxiously awaiting your arrival so he can hand off the bite suit. Quarterly Training The Sheriff s K-9 Unit was asked to prepare and present quarterly training for the entire department. This is a huge deal for the K-9 Unit and something that has not been done before. Our certified tracking handlers have been Gunner s visit to Murdock Elementary working diligently to organize and present this training to the patrol stations. This training goes beyond a simple PowerPoint presentation or a quick scenario in a station parking lot. The goal of this training is to demonstrate for deputies, detectives, and sergeants, what it is our dogs can do for them in the field. It s also a chance for canine handlers to explain and demonstrate to patrol what we need from them so we can focus on our dogs during a search. We want everyone to be comfortable requesting a canine for a search, and comfortable working around our dogs on a search. This training is intended to be interesting and informative. Look for us to begin sometime in July. Silent Auction for a Lockdown! We all know the economic climate affects every aspect of our lives. Sadly, our schools are dramatically affected when money is cut from education budgets, and these institutions need the money the most. The PTA at Glenn E. Murdock Elementary School in La Mesa came up with a yearly fundraising event to help alleviate the need for drastic cuts to school events, programs, and equipment due to a lack of funding. The proceeds from the event, which was held on April 27, help pay for things like special events, P.E. and art supplies, playground game equipment, and field trip transportation. My beautiful bride asked me if the K-9 unit could donate something-anything, like t-shirts, a hat, coffee mugs, or commemorative coins for the event. Since we ran out of kids sized shirts, my wife and I figured the next best thing to contribute would be a canine demonstration. Secretly, I thought this might be a chance to also determine my true net worth. What better way to see how valuable you are, than to put an actual dollar amount on it; decided by complete strangers looking at only your picture on a flyer at a silent auction? I got permission from the boss, who thought it was a great idea. I made a fancy flyer for the auction night and we submitted it to the PTA. Among the items auctioned that night included a Taylor Custom Koa guitar, tickets to a Padres game, Disneyland passes, a highly coveted reserved parking space on the school campus, and many special services and products donated by large and small businesses in the area. After a flurry of activity around the auction table, a final bid was made on an official Sheriff s Department Canine Demonstration for a Murdock class of the highest bidder s choice. While the bidder remains a mystery, the delighted recipient of the canine demonstration was Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Leslie Blanton. Mrs. Blanton also happens to be married to Lemon Grove Sergeant James Blanton. She had no idea until the parents of a student in her kindergarten class showed her the flyer. Alas, I never did find out my final auction price. Regardless, I was more than happy to set up a day and time to surprise Mrs. Blanton s kindergartners with a canine show and tell and explain to them why law enforcement uses canines. As an added bonus, I figured if the men from ASTREA were out and about on patrol, they might be available for a flyover of the lower field during my demo. Sure enough, Dep. Ken Montoya and his pilot helped make this event a success. There was only one slight snag, which was not caused by an errant canine tooth. Even though the principal, some teachers, and several staff members knew the demo was going to happen, the sounds of a helicopter circling above the school caused one of the classroom buildings to go into lockdown! Whoops. Apparently the siren and the PA announcements of hey kids from the helicopter were (understandably) a little misunderstood by a few teachers. Lockdown was eventually lifted, and hopefully my child K-9 Gonzo is allowed to enroll at Murdock in the fall. The kids and Mrs. Blanton were so thankful, and I am certain the school can put the proceeds from the event to good use. Crime Prevention Bill Dunford and the K-9 Unit staff would like to publicly thank Darlene Duncan, a Crime Prevention Specialist from the Poway Station. Darlene has been instrumental in acquiring two huge training venues for us. We ve had a couple of opportunities to use the Corporate Headquarters of Hawthorne Caterpillar near the 4S Ranch Station. Their facility has a giant warehouse and several acres of concrete filled with large equipment. This space allows for many different training scenarios and it even provided the back drop for a county television video shoot starring our canines. Part of Darlene s job is to help home owners and business owners minimize their exposure to being a victim of crime. Darlene recently conducted a walk-through of Bay City Electric s headquarters located in Poway. After taking care of business, Darlene mentioned the Canine Unit and asked the owner if he d be willing to let us train on his property. What better way to reduce crime than to open the gates and doors of your business on a Thursday night to 20 barking dogs and shiny patrol cars. Bay City Electric s owner was ecstatic to host our training at the end of May. We sincerely thank Bay City Electric and Hawthorne Cat for opening their doors after hours to allow us to train. We promise that Deputy Cahill did a walk-through afterwards and made sure there were no accidents left behind. If you, or someone you know has access to a business or vacant property that would make for a great location for canine training, please let one of us know. We can be flexible on the training day and the time to take advantage of a new venue, so as not to interrupt normal business. And, upon request, we can roll up the back windows to minimize the noise. Thanks for keeping us in mind. Friends Forever Lastly, but most significantly, I m saddened to tell you about the loss of another great Sheriff s canine who retired nearly two years ago. K-9 Gonzo a handsome black German Shepherd and Dep. Jay Pavlenko patrolled the streets of Vista together. They fought and caught a lot of bad guys, enthusiastically showed off for a lot of school children, and provided the best possible protection for deputies and officers on the street. As his reward, Gonzo was allowed to retire in August of 2010 when Jay moved on to a new assignment. One of the hardest events in a police dog s life is to go from barking and biting, to lounging and relaxing in the shade. It s made easier for the dog when the love of the handler and his family is showered upon him, the food bowl is kept full, and he is quickly and easily forgiven for chewing stuff up around the house. In retirement, Jay s faithful partner began to lose the strength and use of his back legs. Police work is hard on humans as many of us know. It is doubly hard for a dog that loves to run and jump and do anything he can for a ball, a bite, a find. Jay made the difficult decision to cease that suffering and called upon a former colleague and friend. A former Sheriff s canine handler and now a retired Sheriff s Sergeant, Dan Settle knows first-hand the deep sense of loss that is felt when a faithful partner passes away. Dan s love of animals, his career as a canine handler and trainer, as well as his educational background in Animal Physiology, led him to start his own business. Friends Forever, based in San Marcos, provides a unique service and promises to care for your pet or service animal with the honor, dignity, and compassion they deserve. Jay told me Dan did just that and more for Gonzo. Dan and his team have helped several former and current handlers during difficult times and presented them with a great memorial of their faithful partners. All of us in the Canine Unit know Gonzo is in good hands. We send our condolences to Jay and his fiancé. Next month, Dep. Nathan Rowley will be reporting from the North County for The Kennels. He ll have the latest and greatest news from what may be our country s largest Sheriff s Department Canine Unit. I have enjoyed sharing the ins and outs of what has got to be, hands down, one of the best dang jobs a patrol deputy could ever wish for. Even if I am allergic to dogs and tall grasses! Here s one parting thought for you: When a dog wags its tail and barks at the same time, how do you know which end to believe? Jay Pavlenko and Gonzo training with SED 28 Silver Star July 2012 Silver Star July

17 >>> station reports view from above ASTREA by Scott Bligh It s that time of year. The primary role of ASTREA has always been, and will continue to be, patrol support but tis the season for fires and rescues. Just yesterday, the two ASTREA fire helicopters (Bell 205A1++) responded to three separate fire calls and the day shift patrol helicopter headed out to a rescue call near Lake Morena. Some folks are under the impression there isn t much left to burn out there since the last major wildfires in 2007 but, rest assured, there is. Even the desert with its sparse vegetation gets going pretty well with a decent wind. Firefighting is not new to ASTREA. For quite some time ASTREA was the only game in town when it came to helicopter aerial firefighting. With the use of the Bambi bucket suspended below the helicopter, our patrol helicopters could hover over lakes or ponds, dip the bucket into the water, make their way back to the fire, and go to work. Things have changed. Without getting too technical, our department now has a unique arrangement when it comes to fighting fire. The Sheriff s Department has partnered with Cal Fire for the firefighting mission and the citizens of our county have surely benefitted. ASTREA deputies pilot the two helicopters and Cal Fire staffs them. Staffs them how? Sitting next to the deputy sheriff pilot is a Cal Fire captain. Besides the fact that an extra set of eyes does wonders for aircraft safety, their firefighting expertise and experience working within the Cal Fire command structure cannot be overstated. In the back are Cal Fire firefighters, hand-picked as being some of the best the fire stations have to offer. Under the supervision of a fire captain, these highly motivated firefighters are flown to the fire and dropped off to take immediate action. The beginning stages of a large fire are always the most hectic. Many aircraft arriving on scene from different directions and several radio frequencies alive with constant chatter demands all players be on their A game and using their best CRM (crew resource management). 30 Silver Star July 2012 ASTREA MD-500 helicopter dropping water with the Bambi bucket. As part of an effort to mitigate the danger of a mid-air collision, an FTA (fire traffic area) is established over the center of the fire. Much like the airspace around an airport, participating aircraft have communications requirements prior to entering this airspace and must maintain assigned altitudes. Both fixed-wing and helicopter pilots are controlled by the ATGS (air tactical group supervisor), usually a senior fire captain or battalion chief, who is partnered with his pilot high above the fire and other aircraft. The ATGS, also known as air attack, has the overall best view of the fire and is able to interpret the needs of the incident commander on the ground and communicate those needs into the most effective support from the air. Our front seat partners are also in communication with our firefighter crews on the ground on a frequency aptly called Air to Ground. The aircraft on the fire will never fully extinguish the fire without the ground crews. Ultimately that is who we support. Most of our support comes in the form of water drops in front of the crew, cooling the way as they work their way along the perimeter. All the helicopter pilots share a VHF frequency, mostly for position reporting. Calls of Copter 12, on the drop and Copter 10, on the dip paint a mental image of where everybody is whether getting water from the pond or dropping it on the fire. Eventually we will need to refuel. Not only does ASTREA have top notch mechanics, we also have mechanics that double as fuel truck drivers. These mechanics who have completed the DMV required testing for hazardous material transport (Jet A fuel) drive the fuel trucks to an area nearby the fire, greatly minimizing our down time and keeping Cal Fire Helitack crew dropped off near the fire and assisting the flight crew with a safe takeoff. us on the fire with less interruption. If you happen to be in an area to see firefighting aircraft at work, you now have just enough information to impress your friends. Remember, it s not just fire season. It s rescue season too. As I mentioned, the ASTREA day crew assisted a couple of hikers near Lake Morena along the Pacific Crest Trail. The retired sheriff s employees were dehydrated and surely in need of assistance. Even though I said I would throw any other sheriff s employees under the bus by mentioning them in this article if they needed rescue due to lack of water, I changed my mind. I d hate for somebody not to call if they needed help. Between the months of May and September our county can get some serious heat. Even if the day starts off cooler and overcast, that can change quickly, especially in the east county. If possible, save your strenuous outdoor activities for the cooler months. If you just can t wait, at a minimum please do the following: take more water than you think you need, wear lightcolored loose-fitting clothing, let somebody know your intended route of travel, and carry a cell phone with a fully charged battery. The ASTREA Bell 205 A1 ++ Super Huey In the dip getting water from a pond.

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19 Does he move his lips when he reads the Star? CONTEST WINNING PHOTO: Dawn Armstrong and Chris Murray found Jeff Dunham with peanut reading the latest edition of the Silver Star at the San Diego County Fair. It doesn t look like Peanut is interested. Where have you taken your Silver Star? Whose been reading it and where? Send in your photos of the Silver Star around the world or in the hands of someone famous (or infamous). The winning photo receives a $15 gift certificate to the DSA Store. Non-winning photos are printed as space allows. Send your photos to ALSO SEEN: Retired Lieutenant Bob Takeshta, Retired Lieutenant Frank Nunez, and Retired Assistant Sheriff Jim Marmack at Fenway Park in Boston reading the Silver Star before a Red Sox - Seattle game. Follow the DSA online NOTARY SERVICE AT THE DSA OFFICE FREE FOR MEMBERS $10 for nonmembers Please call (858) to schedule an appointment. Immediate appointments can be accommodated if a notary is present in the office and does not have prior appointments. VACTION RENTALS Maui Vacation Beach Condo : Fabulous Ocean Views- 1 bdrm/1 bath - Sleeps 4. SUMMER SPECIAL $99.00 per night plus tax. Call (909) Big Bear Rental: 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, perfect for large group or family gatherings. Minutes to slopes, call for availability & prices. Sarah (909) Big Bear City Rental: Fully Furnished Cabin, 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Sleeps 8 Comfortably. Close to the Lake, Slopes and Shopping. Call Bob at (760) for Additional Information. Big Bear Lake Log Cabin Rental: Newer cabin for rent in Big Bear Lake, 3 Br/2 Ba, sleeps Walk to the lake, and couple minutes to slopes and Village. Perfect for family. Go to for pricing, pictures, and contact. Lake Havasu City Arizona Vacation Rental: 3 bedroom, 2 bath Lake View House. Beautiful beach entry tropical pool. 3 car garage and RV parking. Sleeps up to 7. $200/ night (2 night min.) Holiday $325/night (3 night min.) $500 refundable security deposit unless you cancel 2 weeks of arrival. $100 Non-refundable cleaning fee. Call (760) for additional information Mammoth Rental: Mammoth Mtn. Condo. 1 bedroom w/large loft sleeps 7, 2 Baths. Pool, Spa, Sauna, Wood (provided) Burning Stove, Fully Stocked Kitchen, Washer/Dryer in Unit, Cable, Restaurants/Bars/Shops, Unit #216. Mention Ad and get 10% off total stay. (760) Panama: 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath, 2000 sq ft,10th floor, Luxury Condo facing the Pacific in Rio Mar, Panama. Located approx. 60 min. north of Panama City, Panama. There are a number of one-stop flights from San Diego to Panama City. For more info and pictures look at www. and the developments web site no passwords required. Can also be viewed on listing # or listing # Law Enforcement Rates Myron Klippert (512) Wyoming: Thinking about your summer vacation? RV lot for rent in beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming. 55 miles South of Jackson. 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Excellent neighborhood and great schools including Vahala High School. $2100. Call (619) VEHICLES 2007 Ford F-150 Super Crew: Black in color, 41,300 miles, Original owner, Extended bed, LineX bed liner, New Hankook tires, Chrome Running boards, Power Driver seat, Power adjustable pedals, 6 CD/MP3 player, Clear title. Asking $18,000 OBO. Call Jim (619) MISC. FOR SALE Uniforms & leather Gear for sale: both women s and men s shirts, pants, jackets, shorts, some new some used, inseams are 30/32, For an itemized list of sizes and assortment please contact me via at MISC: Danby 17 bottle wine cooler $50.00, in good condition. 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ADVERTISER INDEX California Casualty 39 Day at the Races 41 Diamonds Ltd. 6 Discount Tickets 9 DJ Services - Franco 37 East County Transmission 23 Evergreen Tree Specialist 14 Hawkins Computer Service 18 Holmerud Studios 37 ID Removal 27 Investment Symposium 38 Kang s Martial Arts Supply 17 Liberty Mutual 37 Limited Edition Ruger 15 Lonny Brewer Golf Tourny 31 Memorial Lottery Scratchers 9 Metlife Auto & Home 10 Notary Service at DSA 34 Perpetual Tree Care 33 Rancho Del Oro Towing 7 SD LEO Wives: Guest Speaker 16 SD LEO Wives: Self Defense Class 34 Strategic Financial Services 19 Summer WaterPark Event 5 Union Institute & University Back Cover Universal Studios Tickets 35 Vollara Laundry Pure 37 Uniforms & Duty Gear DSA Store 32 17 Nalpak 24 Real Estate and Mortgages Lisa Ballard - Krueger Realty 21 Becca Berlinsky - Coldwell Banker 37 Jessica Bottrell, Realtor 2 Steven Darling - Realty Executives 9 Karen Davis, Mortgage Lender 2 Lydia Seeley - Century 21 Award 37 John Yeager - Summit Mortgage 21 Law Offices Patricia Elkerton, Attorney 23 Faunce, Singer & Oatman, APC 27 Ron Hauser, Attorney 13 Donovan Jacobs, Attorney 4 John Madigan - Schroth & Schroth 20 Tosdal, Smith, Steiner & Wax 18 ADVERTISER INDEX 34 Silver Star July 2012 Silver Star July

20 FIND THE DIFFERENCES: HOW MANY CAN YOU FIND? San Diego County Fair (Hint: There are 11 differences) DEFERRED COMPENSATION PROGRAM - YOUR MONEY, YOUR RETIREMENT, YOUR FUTURE Thursday, October 4 th, 2012 Investment & Retirement Symposium The event will be held at the centrally located: Doubletree Hotel Mission Valley 7450 AERO DRIVE, SAN DIEGO :00 PM 8:30 PM Dinner & Parking Included Jeanette Garretty Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo & Named one of the Top Women Investment Advisors by Barron s 4 years in a row Are We Out of the Woods Yet? Outlook for the U.S. and World Markets - Jeanette will address how cyclical and structural changes in global and economic and financial markets affect the individual investor. She ll provide a forecast for interest rates, consumer spending and the dollar as well as provide economic analyses for various investment sectors. Gabriel Wisdom Managing Director, American Money Management, LLC Many of us have heard his frequent commentaries on CBS radio KNX and KFWB in Los Angeles, NPR s Marketplace, and KPBS in San Diego. Author of Wisdom on Value Investing: How to Profit on Fallen Angels, he ll tap into 29 years of experience to talk about the place Value Investing has in today s market. As a portfolio manager of two publicly held no-load funds and over 1000 individual retirement accounts, he ll speak to what to look for in funds and stocks as an individual investor Registration starts at 5:30 PM Cost: $15 per person or bring a friend and pay only $25 for two - REGISTRATION REQUIRED by Sept 26th REGISTRATION FORM (Please Print) Name: Mailing Address: City: State: Zip: Phone: Yes, an additional guest will be attending with me: Guest Name (s) Mail Stop: * Please make checks payable to San Diego County Deferred Compensation Program and mail to Deferred Compensation, 1600 Pacific Highway, Room 102, San Diego, CA or by interoffice mailstop A-49. Questions? Call Deferred Compensation at (619) California Casualty Nick C. Law Enforcement Officer Protected by California Casualty BREAKING NEWS:LOCAL OFFICER SAVES Last Tuesday at 1:08 PM, American hero, officer Nick C., switched to a different auto insurance company. In doing so, he saved hundreds.* SEE HOW MUCH YOU CAN SAVE WITH OUR 2012 RATE REDUCTION** *Dramatization only. **10.4% on auto insurance effective 1/1/12 for new policies or on 2012 renewal dates 38 Silver Star July 2012 Silver Star July

The. Informant. The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 8 August 2010

The. Informant. The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 8 August 2010 The Informant The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 8 August 2010 San Diego Police Officers Association 8388 Vickers Street 858.573.1199 (Office) San Diego,

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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Copyright 2013 by PILMMA Publishing

Copyright 2013 by PILMMA Publishing ABOUT THE AUTHOR Florida Attorney Frank M. Eidson has practiced law since 1998 in Central Florida. Since that time he has represented thousands of injured clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents,

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TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New Jersey By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch

TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New Jersey By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New Jersey By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch WWW.LYNCHLAWYERS.COM COPYRIGHT 2008 BY ACCIDENT BOOKS PUBLISHERS All rights reserved.

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COLORADO INJURY LAW A Reference for Accident Victims

COLORADO INJURY LAW A Reference for Accident Victims COLORADO INJURY LAW A Reference for Accident Victims by Michael R. O Connell, Esq Speaker Media Press Colorado Injury Law: A Reference for Accident Victims Copyright 2009 by Speaker Media & Marketing Derivative

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TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New York By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch

TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New York By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New York By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch WWW.LYNCHLAWYERS.COM COPYRIGHT 2008 BY ACCIDENT BOOKS PUBLISHERS All rights reserved.

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O Connor calls on attorneys to perform more pro bono work By Teena Booth Maricopa Lawyer. Random drug tests of firefighters declared unreasonable

O Connor calls on attorneys to perform more pro bono work By Teena Booth Maricopa Lawyer. Random drug tests of firefighters declared unreasonable L MARICOPA Juvenile court gets a new presiding judge By Jack Levine Maricopa Lawyer W ithout much fanfare there has been a changing of the guard at the juvenile court division of the Maricopa County Superior

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Riverside County. 8... In Memoriam: Gloria Temple Rich. 11... In Memoriam: Gloria Temple Rich. 12... Anthony Capozzi, State Bar President

Riverside County. 8... In Memoriam: Gloria Temple Rich. 11... In Memoriam: Gloria Temple Rich. 12... Anthony Capozzi, State Bar President Publications Committee Robyn Beilin Yoginee Braslaw Charlotte Butt Mike Cappelli Joshua Divine Donna Hecht James Heiting Co-Editors... Michael Bazzo Jacqueline Carey-Wilson Design and Production... PIP

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The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio

The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio The Ohio Motorcycle Accident Book THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT INJURY CASES IN OHIO Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC 405 Madison Ave., Suite

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The ULTIMATE guide to motorycle accident cases in Washington MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT SECRETS UNLOCKED

The ULTIMATE guide to motorycle accident cases in Washington MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT SECRETS UNLOCKED The ULTIMATE guide to motorycle accident cases in Washington MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT SECRETS UNLOCKED Tricks and traps that wreck Washington injury cases. The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accident Cases in

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Foreword 2. Introduction 5. Finding the Noncustodial Parent 12. Child Support Handbook CONTENTS. Establishing Fatherhood 15. Where the Money Goes 31

Foreword 2. Introduction 5. Finding the Noncustodial Parent 12. Child Support Handbook CONTENTS. Establishing Fatherhood 15. Where the Money Goes 31 CONTENTS Foreword 2 Introduction 5 Finding the Noncustodial Parent 12 Establishing Fatherhood 15 Establishing the Support Order 19 Collecting Support 23 Where the Money Goes 31 Working Across Borders 33

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CALIFORNIA MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT HANDBOOK CALIFORNIA MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT HANDBOOK Edward A. Smith Attorney at Law Who I am and why I wrote this book I am Ed Smith, founder and owner of the Law Offices of Edward A. Smith. As a trial lawyer in California

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Personal Injury Claims in Georgia: The Definitive Guide for Injured Victims & Their Lawyers in Car Accident Cases

Personal Injury Claims in Georgia: The Definitive Guide for Injured Victims & Their Lawyers in Car Accident Cases Personal Injury Claims in Georgia: The Definitive Guide for Injured Victims & Their Lawyers in Car Accident Cases By: Gary Martin Hays Copyright 2013 by Gary Martin Hays. All Rights Reserved. Published

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CAROLINA INJURY LAW: A Reference Guide for Accident Victims

CAROLINA INJURY LAW: A Reference Guide for Accident Victims CAROLINA INJURY LAW: A Reference Guide for Accident Victims Michael A. DeMayo Speaker Media Press Carolina Injury Law: A Reference for Accident Victims 2010 by Speaker Media and Marketing ISBN 978-1-935411-01-7

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A.B.A.T.E. of North Idaho. American Bikers Aiming Toward Education FREE!!

A.B.A.T.E. of North Idaho. American Bikers Aiming Toward Education FREE!! A.B.A.T.E. of North Idaho Newsletter July-August 2010 American Bikers Aiming Toward Education FREE!! 2 ABATE of North Idaho EAGLE July-August 2010 A.B.A.T.E of North Idaho

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for civilians also Serving Active and Retired Military, DoD Workers and Civilians for Over 35 Years Volume 36 #9 May 1, 2012

for civilians also Serving Active and Retired Military, DoD Workers and Civilians for Over 35 Years Volume 36 #9 May 1, 2012 Serving Active and Retired Military, DoD Workers and Civilians for Over 35 Years Volume 36 #9 May 1, 2012 v i s i t m i l i t a r y p r e s s. c o m for civilians also For advertising information, call

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The Insider's Guide to Handling Ohio Injury Claims

The Insider's Guide to Handling Ohio Injury Claims The Insider's Guide to Handling Ohio Injury Claims 2014 Edition By Attorney David M. Chester The Chester Law Group Co., LPA Helping Those Injured in Ohio Recover from Motor Vehicle Accidents The Insider's

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Would you borrow money from this man? Many have. CashCo owner Moris Adato is a player in the emerging field of asset-backed loans.

Would you borrow money from this man? Many have. CashCo owner Moris Adato is a player in the emerging field of asset-backed loans. APRIL 2015 A NEW WAY OF BORROWING MONEY Would you borrow money from this man? Many have. CashCo owner Moris Adato is a player in the emerging field of asset-backed loans. PAGE 12 SAN DIEGO S BEST ATTORNEYS

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Who Should Be Reading This Book? Who Is Behind This Book And Why Should I Listen To You?

Who Should Be Reading This Book? Who Is Behind This Book And Why Should I Listen To You? INTRODUCTION Who Should Be Reading This Book? Were you involved in a serious car wreck? Was a family member killed in a sudden and tragic traffic collision? Are you or a loved one looking at a lifetime

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Business Result Upper-intermediate

Business Result Upper-intermediate Business Result Upper-intermediate Student s Book Answer Key First impressions Starting point Possible answers Answers will vary, but students might say that the business is modern and forwardthinking,

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Starting your Afterschool Program

Starting your Afterschool Program ABC 123 Starting your Afterschool Program This guide is made possible through support of the Utah Department of Workforce Services Office of Child Care Caroline Kueneman School-age Programs Specialist

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CACNews. News of the California Association of Criminalists 1st Quarter 2005

CACNews. News of the California Association of Criminalists 1st Quarter 2005 The CACNews News of the California Association of Criminalists 1st Quarter 2005 The President s Desk The A. Reed & Virginia McLaughlin Endowment Fund At the last CAC seminar in Ventura our historical committee

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JOURNEY TOWARD RECOVERY A Brain Injury Guide for Families

JOURNEY TOWARD RECOVERY A Brain Injury Guide for Families JOURNEY TOWARD RECOVERY A Brain Injury Guide for Families BY THE San Diego Brain Injury Foundation Serving brain-injury survivors and their families since 1983 1 DEDICATION To courageous

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Protecting. Practical advice on insurance choices, the insurance claim process and Personal Injury and Wrongful Death lawsuits, including:

Protecting. Practical advice on insurance choices, the insurance claim process and Personal Injury and Wrongful Death lawsuits, including: Protecting Your Family From Accidents Practical advice on insurance choices, the insurance claim process and Personal Injury and Wrongful Death lawsuits, including: A Lawyer s Guide To Purchasing Car Insurance

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Automobile. Insurance. Guide to. This guide: John Kasich Governor. Mary Taylor Lt. Governor / Director

Automobile. Insurance. Guide to. This guide: John Kasich Governor. Mary Taylor Lt. Governor / Director Guide to Automobile Insurance This guide: Describes the types of auto insurance available Explains your rights and responsibilities as a driver Advises how claim disputes are resolved John Kasich Governor

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The law and legal issues related to medicine and health care financing are ever

The law and legal issues related to medicine and health care financing are ever TortSource Vol. 12, No. 2 Winter 2010 A Publication of the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section Medicine and Law Effie V. Bean Cozart The law and legal issues related to medicine and health care financing

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How to Start a Lending Library

How to Start a Lending Library How to Start a Lending Library Guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions, & Sample Documents Seattle, Washington 2012 This work is licensed under the Creative Commons

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Chairpersons Letter. MEETING SCHEDULE: NMMRO Monthly Meetings: January 14-12:00 pm American Legion Post 49 11005 Central Ave NE Abq.

Chairpersons Letter. MEETING SCHEDULE: NMMRO Monthly Meetings: January 14-12:00 pm American Legion Post 49 11005 Central Ave NE Abq. Inside this issue: M-STEP 2 2011 Accomplishments 3 No Colors Welcome 4 A.B.A.T.E. News 5 Death Wobble 5 Thanks Steve 5 Bitch Please! RR Toy Run 6 Another Perspective 7 CNMMRO Update 7 Sharing the Road

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Consumer s Guide to New Jersey Law A Free Public Education Service from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation

Consumer s Guide to New Jersey Law A Free Public Education Service from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation Consumer s Guide to New Jersey Law A Free Public Education Service from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation One Constitution Square, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1500 1-800-FREE LAW This bo oklet

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