Digital Communication Solutions for New Zealand Businesses. 50ip, 130ip, 300ip & 600ip

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1 Digital Communication Solutions for New Zealand Businesses 50ip, 130ip, 300ip & 600ip

2 Over 25,000 LG aria Telephone Systems sold in New Zealand. LG aria Telephone Systems Sold LG aria 50ip LG aria 300ip LG Electronics LG aria 130ip LG aria 600ip 1, F LG aria in New Zealand As one of the largest global electronics manufacturers, LG Corporation consistently rates in the world s Top-50 electronics and IT companies and employs over 150,000 people worldwide. LG Electronics, the largest subsidiary of LG Corporation, has 40 years experience in telecommunications manufacturing and makes a massive investment in Research & Development every year in order to create and manufacture the latest in electronic products. By meeting the digital revolution head-on, LG has embarked on creating innovative digital products that make both life and business more comfortable, more efficient and more profitable. Throughout the world, the LG brand has become synonymous with leading edge, high quality, innovative technology delivered at an affordable price. LG IP and IP-enabled communications systems carry-on this global tradition right here in New Zealand. The LG aria range of communications systems, servicing extensions, have been supplied to the New Zealand business market for the past 18 years. LG aria phone systems were launched in New Zealand in the mid-1980s by Telecom New Zealand. Telecom New Zealand was looking for a range of systems that could meet the demands of New Zealand business at an affordable price and take advantage of all the network technology that Telecom offered. Working together, LG Electronics and Telecom New Zealand developed the LG aria range of telephone systems. Since their launch in 1987, over 25,000 LG aria telephone systems have been sold in New Zealand making LG aria the largest selling telephone system in New Zealand by far. In December 1999, Atlas Gentech took over the distribution for LG aria telephone systems and has never looked back. The brand continues to grow at a rapid pace with 2004 sales reaching almost 1,000 systems nationwide. Also, over the past 3 years, LG Electronics has developed two completely new LG aria ranges of telephone systems, the 20 series and the LDK ip-enabled series as well as a pure IP system called IPECS. So today, New Zealand businesses can choose from a range of phone systems that covers the SoHo market, small-medium enterprises, general business market, hospitality and even large corporates and government departments. Life s Good.

3 All Products are tested to meet New Zealand Telepermits, Electrical Safety and Radio Frequency Requirements. Atlas Gentech sells: * Telephone Systems * Headsets * Telephones * Cordless Phones * Audio Conferencing * Specialty Products Atlas Gentech (NZ) Limited Atlas Gentech has been importing, distributing and servicing telecommunications products in New Zealand since Atlas Gentech was part of Atlas Corporation which was then purchased by Ceramco Corporation. In 1991, the management of Atlas Gentech purchased the company from Ceramco and has focused on communications products since that time. The company now employs over 35 staff and represents over 20 communications product manufacturers from around the world, including LG Electronics. Atlas Gentech tests and obtains approvals for all the communications products that it sells. It also services the products from its Auckland Head Office where it has 5 full-time technicians on staff. The company also has 3 highly experienced technical support staff available to assist our authorised resellers with any technical issues that may arise and to solve unique communications problems. Since taking over the LG aria distribution in New Zealand, Atlas Gentech has consistently grown the business, keeping LG aria the best selling range of communication systems in New Zealand. All LG aria telephone systems come with a One-Year Parts & Labour Warranty from Atlas Gentech (NZ) Limited. Authorised LG aria Resellers LG aria is the only brand of communications systems sold in the country with a truly national network of authorised resellers. With over 40 authorised resellers, your company can enjoy a high level of professional service just about anywhere in the country, from Invercargill to Whangarei and anywhere in between. Many of the LG aria authorised resellers have been selling LG aria for years. The level of experience between them would be unmatched in the market. And Atlas Gentech makes sure that these dealers are kept up-to-date on all new products and changes to the systems by way of a reseller conference and on-going product training programmes run on a national basis. So whether you are a small business or an international one, together Atlas Gentech and its authorised network of LG aria resellers can professionally service your communications needs anywhere in the country. LG aria...the Ideal Choice for Your Business. Corporations & Government Departments Retail Shops, Restaurants, Bars & Cafes Accountant s & Lawyer s Offices Doctor s & Dentist s Surgeries Hospitals, Medical Centres and Nursing Homes Real Estate and Travel Agencies Banks & Insurance Companies Motels, Hotels, Resorts & Conference Centres Car Dealerships Warehouse & Distribution Companies Consultancy and Recruitment Firms Schools, Churches, Clubs & Associations Supermarkets & Department Stores

4 LG aria stands for affordable, reliable, ip-enabled and attractive. LG aria s Universal Platform Just as today s Formula 1 racing cars are powered to success by state of the art technology and the specialised teams behind them, so are the new LG aria IP-enabled communications systems. The systems are built on the lastest and most reliable telecommunications tecnology and installed across New Zealand by a network of LG aria trained technicians to ensure your telephone system delivers optimum performance to your business. One Platform Seldom do you find a true family of telephone systems, which use common plug-in modules throughout the entire range, network seamlessly and uses the same handsets. The LG aria 50ip, 130ip, 300ip and 600ip IP-enabled systems are not only the perfect solution for multi-site organisations but also the ideal choice for companies requiring capacity for growth without the huge price tag of a complete system change-out. Flexible The LG aria telephone systems are based on a universal architecture. By simply adding plug-in modules, they will expand to accommodate new features or capacity as your business needs dicate. So if you are considering incorporating a VoIP solution into your business in the future, you can simply purchase the VoIP modules when you are ready to do so. LG aria Affordable & Reliable Affordable Technology Whether, it is simple features such as one-touch call transfer or more advanced features such as call centre operation or computer telephony integration (CTI), the LG aria delivers it all at an affordable price. Ease of Use The LG aria incorporates all the latest features and with operational functionally designed from the user s perpective, features are logical, simple to use, and easy to remember. You select the type of telephone connections you want for your business from the full range available - Analogue CO lines, Analogue DDI CO lines, Primary Rate ISDN, Basic Rate ISDN and VoIP. Reliable Over 25,000 LG aria telephone systems have been sold in New Zealand and most are still going strong. In fact, about three-quarters of all the increase in system capacities that occur in New Zealand are for LG aria systems showing how durable and reliable these systems are to operate. Simple Business Philosophy LG aria s philosophy is simply - offer easy to use, reliable systems that are feature-rich and future-friendly, that can grow as your business grows and provide a total cost-effective solution to your communication needs.

5 Add VoIP services when you want them at a fraction of the cost of a new system. Maximum System Capacity 50ip Total Ports 128 Analogue PSTN Lines 40 Primary Rate ISDN Lines 40 Basic Rate ISDN Lines 40 VoIP Trunks 40 Analogues Extensions 48 Digital Extensions 48 S-bus ISDN Extensions 40 VoIP Extensions 48 Total Extensions incl DECT 88 Voice Mail Channels 16 Music Source Inputs 11 Paging Zone External 3 Paging Zone Internal 15 RS232C Ports 2 System Speed Dials 1500 Station Speed Dials 100 Hunt/ACD Groups ip ip ip Note: Not all maximum capacities can be achieved simultaneously. LG aria is Future Friendly Not only does the LG aria provide you with a solution for your communications needs today, inherent in its design is the ability to migrate to new technologies as they are introduced. VoIP Ready The convergence of voice and data into one network has created many new and exciting products and features. LG aria s solution to IP telephony is the initial step for your business to start benefiting from VoIP. The LG aria can operate as a traditional stand alone phone system and seamlessly deploy VoIP services as you require them. These include IP handsets for home offices, remote office solutions with a Remote Service Gateway and soft phones on laptops and PCs that can operate in wireless Hot Spots for business travellers. Move to VoIP at Your Own Pace The option of adding VoIP services as you need them has a practical and cost saving advantage - the gradual upgrade of your data network. In most cases, business can start benefiting from VoIP without having to upgrade their entire data network to support the extra traffic and voice Quality of Service (QOS) required for VoIP. LG aria is Easy to Maintain Multi-Site Organisations For multi-site organisations, LG aria systems will seamlessly network together providing the transparency of one large system at a fraction of the cost of large traditional PBXs. IT managers will be manning one platform for all voice communications equipment and with the LG aria PC programming software, they can remotely make necessary changes to the system. Maintenance and Diagnostics Remote system diagnostics, programme changes or even software upgrades can be performed quickly and reliability - no matter where your system is located by utilising a modem or secure LAN access. While on-site maintenance can be performed easily and efficiently via the LAN or the system s serial interface. Customer Administration Terminal (CAT) LG aria s CAT software provides you with the tools to manage your own communications. It provides multilevel customised access to the system programming so your receptionist can be given access to adjust daylight saving time, programming speed numbers and flexible buttons while your IT manager may be given access to higher functional status to perform moves, add and changes to save money on technician call outs. Upgrade and Keep your Keyphones And if you outgrow your LG aria, our future friendly philosophy allows you to upgrade to a larger LG aria system while retaining your current LG aria keyphones. The LG aria supports four generations of digital handsets.

6 LG of the most Affordable and Reliable Telephone Systems available in New Zealand. LG aria delivers Cost Efficiency A telephone system is not just about making or answering calls, it is about providing real benefits and solutions to your oganisation. Solutions and benefits that improve efficiency, productivity and image. Efficiency and No Lost Business Imagine a phone system that improves your staff s efficiency in the way they handle calls, including making, answering and transferring calls. Staff no longer have to waste time searching for frequently dialled numbers, they can easily dial them from the system s phone directory. The last number redial features allows them to redial any of their last 10 numbers dialled and the One-Touch transfer feature means calls are easier to process quickly and correctly. Control Costs Reducing unnecessary call costs greatly improves the profitability of your company. Least cost routing allows your business to automatically take advantage of the cheapest call rates made available by network carriers. The LG aria s standard main processor software includes a call reporting feature. It can be used to help monitor calls being made by individual extensions further reducing call costs. Computer Telephony Integration CTI applications integrated to the LG aria can start from basic screen popping for incoming calls and easy lookand-dial from databases such as Outlook to total Call Centre solutions. LG aria s open architecture allows it to become part of a powerful management and marketing tool which can integrate phone control, s, MS functionality, agent management, database management, real-time reporting and operational reports. Advanced Audio Conferencing LG aria s enhanced audio conferencing feature takes the work out of setting up conference calls. It supports 9 Conference Rooms where up to 15 parties can dial-in, enter a PIN and join the conference call. A DDI Number is available for external parties so they can ring directly into the conference call. You no longer need to call up each party and join them in to the conference call. With LG aria, it is as easy as ing a notice with the time, the number of the conference room, and the PIN code. Hospitality Made Simple Hospitality environments have unique requirements. LG aria offers versatile, user-friendly functionality catering for the varied needs of both hotel guests and staff. Whether used as a stand-alone system or integrated with an existing front-of-house PMS. LG aria hospitality software allows your staff to attentively service the needs and desires of guests, ensuring repeat business and future growth.

7 LG aria Keyset Modules...make the professional communicator even more professional. Hot Desking for mobile staff The Hot Desking feature allows you to provide all the beneifts of a phone to employees who don t have their own desk, including their own phone number, voice mail, etc. By entering their PIN code into designated keyphones, the Hot Desking feature transforms the keyphone into their own extension. This includes their own DDI so people can ring them directly and all of the usual attributes of a regular extension. They can even forward their phone to a destination of their choice, so when they are logged off they can have their call go to their voice mail, reception or to a mobile phone. Link Your Extension to a Mobile or Home Phone There are times when you are not able to be in the office, travelling inter-island or perhaps working from home. Being able to receive calls and make outbound calls from your office extension would mean you could continue working, transparent to your clients and colleagues. The LG aria extension linking feature puts calls through to your extension and to another phone, mobile or landline, of your choice. It even allows you to tranfer calls back to other extensions in the office. And, by dialling your extension from your nominated phone you will automatically receive dial tone to make outbound calls through the office. This is ideal for people working from home who wish to maintain their privacy as the calling party will receive your office extension caller ID details. LG aria Keyphone Modules There are a number of modules that can be fitted to your LG aria keyphone to improve your communications efficiency and professionalism. Bluetooth Headset Module By adding the Bluetooth Headset module to your keyphone, you can move freely around your office using a Plantronics Bluetooth cordless headset connecting you to your office phone. Call Recording - USB Module The USB module provides simple to use call recording from your keyphone to your PC. Conversations are recorded as wav files, which can be stored on your hard drive or archived for legal requirements. The USB module comes with its own application software which makes recording and managing files a breeze. Some of the features include start, pause, stop recording, the ability to add memos to recordings, and a file management tool to help find, sort, and assign CLI details to the file. Full Duplex Speakerphone Module Turn your phone into a full duplex speakerphone for audio conferencing. Melody Module Perfect for people working in a call centre or busy office environment. The user can set the keyphone to give a selected ring melody thereby distinguishing it for the rest of the pack. Full Duplex Speakerphone and Melody Module Does both of the above extra features in one module.

8 A feature rich and attractive range of digital telephones. LDP7004D LDP7008D LDP7016D LDP7024D LDP7024LD LG aria s LDP7000 series Features For use the the LDK Digital Telephone System range, LG Electronics has developed the new LDP7000 series range in two colours - Limestone and Charcoal. LG aria s LDP7000 series Features There are five models in the range: LDP7004D - 4-button Display Monitor Telephone. LDK7008D - 8-button Display Speakerphone. LDP7016D - 16-button Display Speakerphone. LDP7024D - 24-button Display Speakerphone. LDP7024LD - 24-button Large Display Speakerphone. Each model is attractively styled with easy to read and simple to use telephone features and are wall mountable. The LCD displays on the LDP7016D, LDP7024D and LDP70124LD are all adjustable and are available with an optional angled bracket to adjust the phone s viewing angle. The LDP7016D, LDP7024D and LDP7024LD models can accommodate the unique feature modules: Full Duplex Speakerphone Module Melody Module Full Duplex Speakerphone & Melody Module The LDP7024D and LDP7024LD models can also accommodate the unique feature modules: Bluetooth Module USB Module Navigation Key for quick access to phonebook and menu. Call back feature eliminates inter-office telephone tagging. Active keys for fast access to phone features. Optional Pedestal for improved ergonomics. Conversation recording via USB Module. Bluetooth Headset Module for use with a Plantronics Bluetooth Headset. Provides mobility up to 10 metres from the phone. 2.5mm Headset Jack for use with a Plantronics Polaris Headset with 2.5mm to Quick Disconnect cord. Select from a broad range of leading Plantronics professional headsets such as: Supra Monaural & Binaural Headband Headsets DuoSet Convertible Headset System SupraPlus Monaural & Binaural Headband Headsets

9 The LDP7000 Series - available in Limestone or Charcoal. LDP7004D-BK LDP7008D-BK LDP7016D-BK LDP7024D-BK LDP7024LD-BK & LDP7048DSS LG aria s LDP7000 series Features LG aria s LDP7000 series Features LDP7004D Single-Line LCD Display On-Hook Dialling 2 Programmable Buttons 5 Fixed Buttons LDP7008D 2-Line LCD Display Full Hands-Free Speakerphone 8 Programmable Keys 5 Feature Keys 2.5mm Headset Jack LDP7016D 3-Line 24-Character LCD Adjustable Display Full Hands-Free Speakerphone 16 Programmable KEys 11 Feature Keys 3 Active Feature Keys Navigation Key Multi-Colour Line Keys 2.5mm Headset Jack Optional Pedestal Optional Full Duplex Speakerphone Module Optional Melody Module Optional Full Duplex & Melody Module LDP7048DSS 48 Programmable Keys can be assigned to Direct Station Console, Speed Dial numbers and/or Line-Status Can be programmed as feature keys Multi-colour line Keys Each Keystation supports up to 7 consoles Optional Pedestal LDP7024D 3-Line 24-Character Adjustable LCD Display Full Hands-Free Speakerphone 24 Programmable Keys 11 Feature Keys 3 Active Feature Buttons Navigation Key 2.5mm Headset Jack Optional Pedestal Optional Bluetooth Module Optional USB Module Optional Full Duplex Speakerphone Module Optional Melody Module Optional Full Duplex & Melody Module LDP7024LD 3-Line 24-Character Adjustable Large LCD Display Full Hands-Free Speakerphone 24 Programmable Keys 11 Feature Keys 3 Active Feature Buttons Navigation Key with ez Menu 2.5mm Headset Jack Optional Pedestal Optional Bluetooth Module Optional USB Module Optional Full Duplex Speakerphone Module Optional Melody Module Optional Full Duplex & Melody Module KD-DPB DoorPhone May be uses as a door phone or an intercom and connected to ring on selected extensions. Call Button and DND (Do Not Disturb) Key.

10 Take Advantage of ISDN Network Features and DECT Mobility for Professional Communications. LG aria s GDC-345H System DECT Handset The GDC-345H is a compact DECT handset with the following features: LCD Display with Caller ID info GDC-345H Handset GDC-330B Base Station 50 Speed Dial Memories Vibration Alert Talktime: 9 Hours Standby Time: 50 Hours Dettachable Belt Clip & Optional Carry Case LG aria s ISDN Platform Direct Dialling Inward (DDI) The greatest point of contact to your organisation is via your phone. So it stands to reason that your company s image can improve by simply making calls to your organisation a pleasant and stress-free experience. Direct Dialling Inward (DDI) permits external calls to be made directly to an extension. Your callers can instantly speak to the person or department that they want. Congestion at reception is reduced or even eliminated and you are able to present your organisation in a more professional manner by prompt attention to your caller s enquiries. Give Yourself An Advantage You can allocate different DDI numbers from your ISDN number range for specific talks such as a help line, sales or even temporary numbers for promotions For example, the LG aria can display the name of the promotion on LCD handsets so your sales people know what the call is about. Caller Line Identification (CLI) The ability to identify incoming calls gives you the opportunity to personalise your greeting and improve customer service. By entering your customer s name and number into the LG aria system speed dial memories, your staff will recognise which customer is calling as the system will display their name on the phone s LCD Display. LG aria s DECT Mobility A key to any successful business is the ability to be flexible. LG aria s integrated DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone) brings your office communications into a new era by giving your staff the freedom to move around the office and carry their fully featured DECT telephone in their pocket. Improved Efficiency and Service LG aria system DECT not only gives your staff mobility, it also provides telephone access to staff who, in the past, have been denied this due to their duties or location. Importance of Integration By choosing an integrated DECT wireless system you retain all the system features of the LG aria on the mobile DECT handsets. Features available on your desktop keyphone such as call transfer, call back system speed dials and access to voice mail are all there and just as easy to use. And most importantly, the DECT handset can be linked to your extension. It then becomes a mirror image of your desktop telephone, giving you identical full functionality from either handset. System DECT Capacity Maximum Handsets Maximum Base Stations 50ip 130ip 300ip 600ip Simultaneous Calls

11 Take Advantage of VoIP Applications when you want them. IP Softphone LG aria IP Softphone Full Featured Extension Video Phone Support Call Recording to Laptop Call Logging SMS to other extensions or DECT Handset LG aria s VoIP Solution Reliability is inherent in the design of the LG aria telephone system. The cost of downtime of your telephone system can be very significant, so it is comforting to know that LG aria s switching backbone is built on the stability and reliability of Time Division Multiplexing (TDM), with built-in IP Gateways to support the features and benefits of VoIP. The LG aria IP-enabled systems offer you investment protection as you are investing in VoIP, which is the future of telephony. You may initially install it as a traditional phone system with no requirement to upgrade your entire data network to support voice Quality of Service (QoS). Then, when you are ready, you can introduce VoIP services, which include features and benefits such as IP extensions, in home or remote offices, networking between office sites for operational transparency and toll savings. IP Handsets LG aria s IP handsets offer you unprecedented freedom. Moving from one desk to another is no longer a headache when it comes to moving your phone with you. Your LG aria IP handset can be plugged into any LAN port on the network. Configured correctly you can even take it home and connect it to your office via your broadband service. VoIP Home Office Solution Home office or remote office, LG aria has a solution to meet your business needs. For a home office, a standalone IP handset offers a fully functional office extension in your home. The IP handset can even be set up to mirror your own office extension number so you can attend to your calls from either location. VoIP Remote Office Solution For a remote office, the LG aria offers a more comprehensive solution, the Remote Service Gateway (RSG). The RSG can be viewed as an extension of the LG aria system into a remote location. It offers two extensions, features such as alarm relay, paging from the main office system and in the case of power outages or if the IP connection goes down, a PSTN backup option is available for emergency calls. The RSG also allows calls coming into the remote office s PSTN line to be answered back at the main office. IP Phone on your Laptop Travelling, working from home or even just working from a different location in the office. LG aria s IP softphone allows you to remain an integral part of your office s phone system. All you need is access to the LAN, broadband service or a wireless hot spot and you have a fully featured IP office extension on your laptop. And if your laptop supports Bluetooth you can be totally wireless with a Plantronics Bluetooth headset, anywhere in the world.

12 Connecting people is the philosophy behind LG aria s Call Processing Design. Call Centre Features and Statistics available on Standard LG aria Business Software Supervisor can re-route a queued call. Call monitoring by supervisor. Agents can log onto multiple groups. Call status on handsets LCD, number of calls in queue, longest time in queue, and average time in queue. Total calls and number of unanswered calls. Average and longest queued calls. Number and total time when all agents are busy. Average ringing and service time. LG aria s Call Processing Customer service starts by connecting your customers with the person or service they want as quickly and efficiently as possible. The intelligence, power and user friendliness of the LG aria give you the abililty to ensure callers get the level of service you want them to receive. Starting with basic features such as Directing Dialling Inward (DDI), callers are able to contact directly the person or department they require. More advanced processing features such as ACD Groups, perferred line answer priority (PLA), and DDI in-routing provide call queuing, priority and routing to process calls and locate available staff to handle your customer s calls. When employees are away from their desk, LG aria s mobility options such as DECT or paging will connect callers and stop telephone tagging. Employees on the road can have their calls forwarded off-net to their mobile, providing callers transparent connections. Staff who are away can leave temporary messages offering the caller options to leave a message or be transferred (by the Auto Attendant) to another person or department. Handling Calls After Hours Night messaging provides an automated forwarding of phones to different destinations based on the time and day. Calls outside normal business hours can be transferred to the Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, a mobile phone or another location. Auto Attendant Callers expect to get through to the person they want. If that person is not available or not at their desk, the LG aria provides them the next best thing - options. The multi-layered Auto Attendant offers callers a number of options, so they may select the one that best suits them. By pressing a single digit, they can transfer to reception, off-net to a mobile, choose to leave a message or activate a page. The Auto Attendant also supports the uploading of professionally recorded messages to a Music-On-Hold (MOH) source so your customers will hear your selected messages when they are on hold or waiting in an ACD queue. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) If you operate a call centre, it is possibly the communications hub of your business. LG aria s standard business software includes advanced ACD functionality for you to manage this important resource. You will benefit from productivity gains resulting from efficient call handling. Combining the system s ACD functionality with the Auto Attendant will provide features such as announcement to callers in queue groups, call progress prompts and the ability for the caller to dial a single digit to transfer out of a queue after receiving their second announcement.

13 LG aria s easy-to-use Voice Mail Solutions for the entire staff. Expresso! LG aria s PC Attendant Console LG aria s PC based attendant console, the EZ-Attendant, can help process calls quickly and accurately in high call volume environments. It support up to 5 attendants and integrates database from Microsoft s Excel, Access and Outlook, from ACT or Goldmine. It will match up the incoming calls, CLI to the name of the caller on your database so your receptionist can see who the callers are in the queue. And it can display the status of all handsets, including other sites that are networked so your receptionist can see at a glance who is on the phone. The Ez-Attendant provides basic system administration features such as the ability to change the class of service (COS) of handsets, change the extension name display, adjust time and day and programme flexible buttons on any handset. Your receptionist can attend to calls via their handset, PC using a mouse or by assigning hot key functions such as answer, transfer, hold, etc. to any keys on their keyboard. The speed dial memory editor feature allows the receptionist to easily create and update speed dials and the powerful call logging provide an Excel download of logged calls. Other features include, screen popping, send SMS messages to DECT and display handsets. LG aria s Voice Mail Solutions VMIB Internal Voice Mail System The LG aria s integrated voice messaging system (VMIB) provides the features to meet the needs of most organisations such as time and date stamping, forwarding of messages, password protection, one-touch dialling to callback and multi-level auto attendants. The LDP7016D and LDP7024D handsets support additional featues such as the call progress active keys, which offer fast one touch activiation of message retrieval features. Starting from 4 communication channels and 5 hours of recording time, the VMIB can be expanded to 16 channels with 20 hours of recording time on the LG aria 50ip and 130ip systems and up to 24 channels and 30 hours of recording time on the LG aria 300ip and 600ip systems. The VMIB has been designed to cope with demand intensive applications, at an affordable price. Expresso External Voice Mail System For businesses demanding more extensive voice mail applications, the Expresso external voice mail system, is perfectly matched to the LG aria. It provides seamless operation and advanced features such as remote notification, rewind/fast forward through messages, multi-level auto attendant and MOH. Expresso is available in two models, 4-port and 8-port.

14 Customise an LG aria system to fit your business... now and in the future. LG aria s Networking Platform Voice and Data convergence has arrived bringing wth it powerful networking solutions. It is imperative when choosing the telephone system for your business, that you choose a system that can offer you a voice and data convergence solution. The entire range of LG aria IP-enabled systems, seamlessly integrate to network your telecommunications. System Networking LG aria systems integrate seamlessly with your company s LAN or WAN and offer transparent networking features to companies with multiple office sites. Calls to networked offices support many of the user-friendly intercom featues that make the LG aria so easy to use. In addition, networked systems can share a common voice mail system and a centralised receptionist to assist in the call handling at smaller branch offices. Upgrade Path to Pure IP Communications Looking forward, it is comforting to know that with LG aria s future-friendly philosphy, your current communications invesment will not become obsolete when you start introducing pure IP phone systems into your organisation. LG s pure-ip phone system, the IPECS, has identicial features and functionality so your staff move over to the new system without the need for specialised training. DECT Mobility LG aria s powerful networking solution extends your DECT mobility to other offices within the network. Calls made direct to your DECT phone number will automatically be routed to you no matter which office you are in. VoIP The integrated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) board provides a cost effective solution for transmitting ordinary telephone calls over your existing data intranet and ultimately, the internet. Not only can it reduce toll costs from traditional carriers for intra-office call traffic, the LG aria can also redirect outbound long distance calls over the VoIP network. For example, a call made from Auckland to Christchurch will be automatically re-routed over the VoIP network to the Christchurch office where the local LG aria system then dials the local number and conects the call. This is handled automatically by the LG aria system and if the data network in not available the call will be routed via the telephone network. QSIG QSIG is an open international standard for system networking, supported by the major phone system suppliers. Using this ISDN technology, the LG aria not only offers transparency for a wide range of basic and advanced features between phone systems, it can also create your own cost effective virtual private network by directly connecting systems.

15 Communication Headsets, Audio Conferencing Systems, Corded Telephones, Cordless Telephones & Specialty Products. Plantronics Headsets Endorsed By: American Physical Therapy Association Communication Headsets Communications headsets have become just as important as the phone system for providing professional and efficient communications with your customers. PLANTRONICS, the world leader and the New Zealand leader in communication headsets, offers a number of solution for use with the LG aria phone systems. Audio Conferencing Solutions Audio Conferencing is a must for keeping in touch with a mobile workforce. We can offer you a selection of audio conferencing systems to meet your requirements and budget from leading brands like AETHRA, BELCOM, KONFTEL, ORICOM and POLYCOM. You can choose from cordless models, stand-alone models, ISDN models and expandable models for larger rooms. Cordless Solutions Bluetooth Headsets for use with the LG aria Bluetooth Adaptor. CS60USB for use with the LG aria Softphone. CS60 DECT Headset system for use on an extension. M series mobile headsets for use with the LG aria GDC345H System DECT Handset. Cordless Telephones for Analogue Extensions We offer a full range of 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, DECT and Long Range 900MHz Cordless Telephones for use on LG aria analogue extensions from leading brands such as DORO, GIGASONIC, ORICOM, SIEMENS and VTECH. Corded Telephones for Analogue Extensions We offer a full range of compact, desktop and speakerphone models for use on LG aria analogue extensions from leading suppliers such as AASTRA, ALCATEL, AUDIOLINE, DORO, GE, POLARIS, ORICOM and TELEDEX. Corded Solutions Vista Headset Adaptor and the H series range of Professional Headsets for use with any analogue telephone or LG aria digital or ip telephones. The Polaris range of Professional headsets and a 2.5mm to Quick Disconnect cord for use with the LDP7008D, LDP7016D, LDP7024D and LDP7024LD headset jack. LG aria System Add-ons LG aria Music-On-Hold CD Player with Continuous Play and an Auto Start function after power failures. DORO TeleFlash Incoming Call Alert for noisy work environments. ALCATEL 2410NK Non-keypad telephones for use in reception areas, lunchrooms, etc.

16 AETHRA The Voice Accounts Codes Add-on Conference Alarm Ring Alarm Signal (External Equipment) * All Call Paging AudioAlphanumeric Display # Analog Device Operation * aria Select Keyphone Range aria DECT Cordless System Attendant Call Queuing Attendant Disable Outgoing Access Attendant Intrusion Attendant Override Attendant Position Attendant Set Clock Authorisation Code Automated Attendant * Automatic Call Number Redial * Automatic Call Release * Automatic Hold Automatic Privacy Auto Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) Background Music* Barge In Battery Back-up Memory Battery Back-up System * Brokers Call Busy Lamp Field Call Announce - Handsfree Answerback Call Announce Privacy Call Back Call Barring Call Cost Display # * Call Divert Call Duration Timer # Call Forward (All/Busy/No Answer) Call Forward (Follow Me) Call Forward (Unconditional) Call Metering Call Park Call Pick-up Call Pick-up (Group Direct) Call Pick-up (Priority) Call Time Restriction Call Timer # Call Transfer Screened Call Transfer Unscreened Call Waiting (Camp On) Calling Line Identification (ISDN) # * Camp On Circular Hunt Group Class of Service Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Capable* CO Message Wait (ISDN) CO Line Name Display # CO Line Queueing Conference (Supervised or Not) Conference Rooms Confidence Tone (Dialling Tone) Connected Line Identification Consecutive Speed Dial Cordless Technology (DECT) Custom Call Routing Custom Display Messages # Data Line Security Data Programming BELCOM EL210 aria 50ip, 130ip, 300ip & 600ip System Features Date # Day/Night COS DECT (GAP Compatible) * Delay Line Ring Dial Memo Dial by Name # Dial Pulse Sending Digit Insertion Digital Voice Mail Interface Board * Direct Station Selection Direct Dialling Inward (DDI) * Direct Inward Station Access (DISA) Directed Call Pick-up Display Security Speed Dial Display of Forwarded Call # Distinctive Ringing Do Not Disturb (DND) Override Do Not Disturb (DND) Door Open Control Door Phone/Intercom * Direct Station Select (DSS) Console * DTMF Sending (Switching) Elapsed Call Timer # Electronic Volume Control Emergency Service Call Exchange Line Queuing Exchange Line Name Display # Exchange Line Groups Executive/Secretary Transfer External All Call Paging* External Tone Ringer Facility * Fax Machine Capability Feature Access Keys User Programmable Flexible Call Charging * Flexible Card Slot Locations Flexible CO Line Ringing Flexible DID Table Flexible Exchange Line Ring Assignment Flexible Line Keys Flexible Station Numbering Plan Follow Me Forward Forced Hands Free Mode Forwarded Message Display # General Purpose Relays Group Listening Handsfree Answerback Handsfree Operation Headset Compatible Hold Exclusive Hold Free Transfer Hold System Hot & Warm Line Hot Desk for Virtual Stations Howler Tone Hunt Group (Circular, Terminal, UCD) Idle Line Selection (Hot/Warm Lines) Intercom Call Intercom Groups Internal All Call Paging Internal Call on Hold Internal Zone Paging ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) Keystation Menu Display Last Number Redial Least Cost Routing (LCR) Line Lockout * Denotes optional features or extra hardware may be required. # Denotes requires Display Keyphone. Meet Me Page Answer Memo Dial Message Waiting Indication Messaging Waiting/Reminder Tone Meter Pulse Detection * Mobile Extension for Cellular Phone Linking Monitor Mode Multi-Colour LEDs on Key Telephones Multi-line Conference Multi-Site Networking (VoIP) Music on Hold * Mute Night Bell * Non-blocking on Intercom Off Net Call Forward Off Hook Signalling On-Hook Dialling Paging (All Call, Zone, External, Conference) PBX Centrex - Flash * PBX Centrex - Call Transfer Pause (Timer) PC Connection/Serial Printer Power Fail Transfer * Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) Pre-Selected Messages Preferred Line Answer Preset Call Forward Privacy Private Line Programmable Key Inquiry # QSIG System Connection Recall Remote Programming/Pc Admin * Save CLIP * Save Number Redial Secondary Answering Seized Trunk Number Display # Serial Calling Single Line Telephones* SMDR* SO Bus Interface * Station Name Station Outgoing Call Lockout Station Speed Dial Step Call Stop Watch Timer * System Reporting * System Speed Dial Temporary Class of Service Change Tenant Service/Tenanting Terminal Hunt Group Time # Time Date by ISDN* Toll Override Toll Barring Traffic Analysis * Transferring UCD (Uniform Call Distribution) Group Universal Slots Universal Night Answer * VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) * VoIP for Stations & Lines Voice Mail Integration * Voice Messaging (VMIB) Wake-up Ring Walking Class of Service Warning Tone KONFTEL 50W KONFTEL 100 ORICOM C1000 POLYCOM SoundStation 2-EX Analogue Single Line Telephones Alcatel 2410 Beige & Graphite Alcatel 2412 Beige & Graphite DORO 513C Titanium DORO Afti 22 White, Black & Silver DORO Afti 30 White, Black & Silver DORO Afti 40 White & Black DORO Congress 100 DORO Congress 200 DORO Congress 305 Aastra 9116 Platinium & Black AETHRA The Voice Plus-EX KONFTEL 60W KONFTEL 200NI KONFTEL 200EXR KONFTEL 200W POLYCOM SoundStation 2 Aastra 470 Platinum & Black Imported, Distributed & Serviced By: Authorised aria Reseller Atlas Gentech (NZ) Limited Private Bag 14927, Panmure Service Telephone: (09) Fax: (09) Consumer Helpline (Toll Call): Website:

KX-TDA50. Digital Hybrid IP-PBX System

KX-TDA50. Digital Hybrid IP-PBX System KX-TDA50 Digital Hybrid IP-PBX System Making the System Work for You. Panasonic is a major worldwide innovator in business telephone system engineering, and has consistently provided state-of-the-art telephone

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Strata-CIX TM satisfies your needs today while offering the option to. Strata-CIX TM supports all kinds of endpoints/devices, including a large

Strata-CIX TM satisfies your needs today while offering the option to. Strata-CIX TM supports all kinds of endpoints/devices, including a large Business Telephone Systems the innovation leader Combining 40 years of telecommunications experience, a large and dynamic research and development facility and its traditional

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OfficeServ Solutions

OfficeServ Solutions OfficeServ Solutions Solutions Overview While this proposal has been customized for your current business needs, Samsung has several other applications that may be utilized to support your future business

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Broadband Phone Service

Broadband Phone Service Broadband Phone Service 4 Table of Contents 2 4 6 8 10 11 12 12 13 21 28 34 36 48 Broadband Phone from Consolidated Communications Broadband (VoIP) Phone Configuration Broadband Phones Cisco Unified IP

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7030 7100 7200-S 7200 7400

7030 7100 7200-S 7200 7400 the convergence of power and flexibility OfficeServ 7000 Series Enterprise IP Communication Solutions 7030 7100 7200-S 7200 7400 7000 Series Enhance productivity by empowering workers to connect and communicate

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Ericsson-LG EntErprisE communications solutions

Ericsson-LG EntErprisE communications solutions Ericsson-LG Enterprise CommunicationS Solutions Ericsson-LG Enterprise Communications Solutions Ericsson-LG, a joint venture between Ericsson and LG-Electronics, is a global leader in providing innovative

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Business Communications Manager

Business Communications Manager Business Communications Manager Bridging the gap between small and large businesses Bringing it all together IT communications support In today s business world, the customer is king. That means you need

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ERICSSON-LG BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTIONS. Ericsson-LG 1 ERICSSON-LG BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTIONS Ericsson-LG 1 Contents 04 Aria Technologies - About us 05 Enterprise Business 08 Small and Home Office 10 ipecs Ethernet Switch 12 Applications 18 Terminals

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Asterisk based Open Source VoIP Telephony Systems for Legal Services of Kentucky

Asterisk based Open Source VoIP Telephony Systems for Legal Services of Kentucky Table of Contents Introduction... 3 What is VoIP... 3 What is Asterisk... 4 Benefits and Costs... 6 Design... 9 Setting Requirements... 9 Core Selection/Distribution Selection... 9 VoIP, PSTN, Internet...

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Nortel Networks Norstar Integrated Communications Systems Portfolio

Nortel Networks Norstar Integrated Communications Systems Portfolio Portfolio Overview Nortel Networks Norstar Integrated Communications Systems Portfolio Flexible, reliable, and scalable Delivering powerful solutions to small and medium businesses Norstar s powerful solutions

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Copyright 2006-2013, 3CX Ltd. E-mail:

Copyright 2006-2013, 3CX Ltd. E-mail: Copyright 2006-2013, 3CX Ltd. E-mail: Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Companies names and data used in examples herein are fictitious unless

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SV9100 COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTION UNIVERGE SV9100 COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTION Smart Communications for Small and Medium Business Contents 4 Grow your Business 5 Make Smart IT Investments 8 Smart Mobility 9 Smart Contact Center 10

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Leveraging Technology for a Competitive Edge

Leveraging Technology for a Competitive Edge IP Telephony Contact Centers Mobility Services WHITE PAPER Understanding VoIP Leveraging Technology for a Competitive Edge October 2005 This white paper shows how converging your traditional voice and

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VoIP Solutions Guide Everything You Need to Know

VoIP Solutions Guide Everything You Need to Know VoIP Solutions Guide Everything You Need to Know Simplify, Save, Scale VoIP: The Next Generation Phone Service Ready to Adopt VoIP? 10 Things You Need to Know 1. What are my phone system options? Simplify,

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A Complete Guide To: VOIP Phone Solutions, Broadband & Must Know Business Technology

A Complete Guide To: VOIP Phone Solutions, Broadband & Must Know Business Technology 1 A Complete Guide To: VOIP Phone Solutions, Broadband & Must Know Business Technology About This Guide. This guide aims to give you the key facts about our hosted VOIP solution as well as impartial, factual

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IP 720 Phone. User Manual

IP 720 Phone. User Manual IP 720 Phone User Manual October 2012 WARNING! Toll fraud is committed when individuals unlawfully gain access to customer telecommunication systems. This is a criminal offense. Currently, we do not know

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SL1100 Communications Solution

SL1100 Communications Solution SL1100 Communications Solution NEC Australia Smart communication for small businesses The SL1100 is a cost effective and powerful communications solution specifically designed with the small

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1 Notices...9. 2 Product Configuration...16. LAN vs. WAN...16 Things to know about the product...20. 3 System Feature Description Table...

1 Notices...9. 2 Product Configuration...16. LAN vs. WAN...16 Things to know about the product...20. 3 System Feature Description Table... 1 Notices...9 Revision Table...9 Hearing Aid Compatibility...9 UL/CSA Safety Compliance...9 Docmentation Disclosure...9 FCC Statement...10 CE Declaration of Conformity...10 Environment...10 Copyright Notice...10

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VoIP User Guide. - Setting up your VoIP system from Gradwell dot com

VoIP User Guide. - Setting up your VoIP system from Gradwell dot com VoIP User Guide - Setting up your VoIP system from Gradwell dot com VoIP User Guide Author: Communication Arts, for Gradwell Effective from: August 2006 Document version: Edition 2 Gradwell dot com ltd,

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REAL-TIME COLLABORATION FOR YOUR GROWING BUSINESS. 1 REAL-TIME COLLABORATION FOR YOUR GROWING BUSINESS 1 WILL YOU KEEP UP WITH THE SPEED OF BUSINESS? That s the question many small and midsize businesses and branch offices face. Employees are scattered

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WHITE PAPER VoIP: Delivering the Competitive Advantage

WHITE PAPER VoIP: Delivering the Competitive Advantage WHITE PAPER VoIP: Delivering the Competitive Advantage Sponsored by: NEC William Stofega May 2006 Global Headquarters: 5 Speen Street Framingham, MA 01701 USA P.508.872.8200 F.508.935.4015

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Network And Internet Management Services. VoIP Products Guide Version 3.2

Network And Internet Management Services. VoIP Products Guide Version 3.2 Network And Internet Management Services VoIP Products Guide Contents Contents... 2 1. What is VoIP?... 5 Why choose VoIP?... 5 2. What VoIP products do we offer?... 5 VoIP EasyAccess... 5 VoIP Express...

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VoIP and IP TELEPHONY: Representing Chief Information Officers of the States May 2005 VoIP and IP TELEPHONY: Planning for Convergence in State Government Representing Chief Information Officers of the States VoIP and IP Telephony:

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OVERVIEW Intelligent Communication Solutions for Automotive Dealerships

OVERVIEW Intelligent Communication Solutions for Automotive Dealerships OVERVIEW Intelligent Communication Solutions for Automotive Dealerships Avaya IP Office the Intelligent Communications solution for today s small and midsize auto dealers 2 Millions of users

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Getting Started...2 Using the ooma System with a Landline... 2 Landline Provisioning... 2

Getting Started...2 Using the ooma System with a Landline... 2 Landline Provisioning... 2 User Guide i table of contents iii Getting Started...2 Using the ooma System with a Landline... 2 Landline Provisioning... 2 Basic Calling...4 Verify ooma Service is Working... 4 Placing Calls... 4 Answering

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How Small Businesses Can Use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Internet Technology for Voice Communications

How Small Businesses Can Use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Internet Technology for Voice Communications How Small Businesses Can Use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Internet Technology for Voice Communications Small businesses will find this booklet useful for learning how VoIP works and for clarifying

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Hosted VoIP: Comparison & Value Proposition

Hosted VoIP: Comparison & Value Proposition Hosted VoIP: Comparison & Value Proposition Jive Communications, Inc. 866-768-5429 1 Introduction: Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) Hosted Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephony is quickly becoming

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icalldroid spot User Manual

icalldroid spot User Manual Address: F/3, Building 127, Jindi Industrial Zone, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 518048 Tel: +86-755-82535461, 82535095, 82535362 Fax: +86-755-83823074 Business Contact:

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