University of Iowa Main Power Plant 2008 Flood Preparations, Event, & Recovery

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1 University of Iowa Main Power Plant 2008 Flood Preparations, Event, & Recovery



4 Yellow Alert for Mayflower Residence hall Peak at 31.5 feet Power Plant floods from steam tunnel and shuts down 1993 Flood "Prepare for flood similar to " Sandbagging begins Flood Stage 22 feet Water over Coralville Reservoir spillway First Temporary Boiler operational, President Bush visits area, start pumping Power Plant basement 2008 Flood

5 Flood Emergency Response Plan states Revises 100-year flow from 25,000 to 29,000 cfs The chance of a 100-year flood occurring is small 500-year flood elevation is feet on the lake Speed of river could reach 7 fps Highest recorded Iowa River flow is 28,200 cfs There are steam tunnels connected to the Power Plant that could cause the plant to be flooded

6 Actual crest = 31.5 ft 20.8 ft








14 Water begins going over the spillway at the Coralville Reservoir about 8:30 p.m. on June 10.

15 On the first day of Summer Session, normal activities on the Arts Campus are suspended, classes are moved to other buildings, and the relocation of departments begin.

16 Potential water elevation marks ordered for buildings.


18 NO significant accidents or injuries!!











29 Power Plant Capital Projects $2.0M electrical labor 42 miles of wire $0.5 M reverse osmosis makeup rental $3.5 M 4 miles of pipe insulation $9.7M $5.6M temporary boilers east utility service (does not include contractor dewatering and cleaning, or staff labor and material)






35 Claim Flood Prevention Flood Recovery Dewater Mucking Out Cleaning Sanitize Flood Restoration Flood Mitigation Improvements Upgrades Repairs Replacement

36 Gas and diesel power pumps running continuously in steam tunnels, power plant, and other faculties at the height of the flood event: Three 10 pumps Seven 8 pumps Fourteen 6 pumps Forty One 4 pumps Twenty Nine 3 pumps Nine 2 pumps

37 7,100 feet (1.34 miles) of main campus team tunnels flooded (total 5.9 miles on campus). 25,500 lineal feet of pipe insulation 385 light fixtures 17,500 feet of electrical circuits Misc pipe anchors, guides, expansion joints, valves, condensate pumps, etc. Much of the flooded piping was covered with asbestos

38 Red indicates flooded tunnels Power Plant

39 All six plant/campus air compressors Six feed water pumps, motors, and starters Three boiler forced draft fans, motors, and starters Two-train redundant demineralizer make up water system and acid and caustic bulk storage tanks Boiler ash hoppers Basement lighting PLC I/O rack Chemical treatment system Sewer pit and pumps

40 30 control valves rebuilt, including regulators, positioners, solenoids. 130 instruments including delta pressure transmitters, pressure transmitters/switches, temperature transmitters, flow transmitters, and level switches

41 Power Plant North Steam Tunnel

42 Air pumps work great, gasoline pumps cause problems when run indoors. Empty coal silos promptly Transition to Command and Control management structure, versus decentralized management structure. Emergency Control Center no planning, did on the fly. Great for refueling crews and coordination

43 How do you coordinate all the sandbag volunteers? Local contractors invaluable during flood preparations, heavy equipment, sand hauling, moving out of facilities in flood path, hooking up emergency pumps Keep track of what you spend money on, projects, procurement card, purchase order, standing order, etc. THREE BIDS!!!

44 to help. Politicians National Guard Volunteers Commercial insurance Federal Emergency Management Agency Consultants Forensic accountants Rubberneckers News media

45 Flood of 93 action item for University Completed in April 2007 Green / Yellow / Red threat levels Defines command and control structure and responsibilities Building by building action plans No information about what you do if the facility does flood.

46 2 each, 70,000 lbs/hr, saturated steam One on East Campus, one on West Campus West Campus first hospital support Issue transporting boilers from Chicago due to bridge closures in Iowa First boiler operational 8-days after order, 5- days after plant shutdown 24/7 effort by staff and contractors Steam Blow for cleanliness

47 Water will travel up into cables that have ends exposed to floodwater. It does not run out on its own. Lab analysis of selected samples replace any cables with water. FM Global guidance: 2 to 50 Megohm Rule NEMA Guidelines For Handling Water Damaged Electrical Equipment



50 Applied dc potential may be 500 or 1000 volts dc with the insulation resistance reading taken at one minute. A megohm meter reading of less than 50 megohms may be used for deciding when to investigate the cable installation, readings less than two megohms will most likely indicate damaged insulation. Readings of 2 to 50 megohms are usually associated with long circuit lengths, moisture, or contamination. In most cases a 2 to 50 megohm reading does not indicate the insulation quality, therefore 2 to 50 megohms should not be specified as a pass/fail value. Insulation resistance readings should be made and interpreted by experienced testing specialists to determine the condition of the cable's insulation. accessed

51 When any wire or cable product is exposed to water, any metallic component (such as the conductor, metallic shield, or armor) is subject to corrosion that can damage the component itself and/or cause termination failures. If water remains in medium voltage cable, it could accelerate insulation deterioration, causing premature failure. Wire and cable listed for only dry locations may become a shock hazard when energized after being exposed to water. Any recommendations for reconditioning wire and cable in Section 1.0 are based on the assumption that the water contains no high concentrations of chemicals, oils, etc. If it is suspected that the water has unusual contaminants, such as may be found in some floodwater, the manufacturer should be consulted before any decision is made to continue using any wire or cable products. Water-damaged Electrical Equipment_final.pdf accessed

52 psig steam psig steam 12 Condensate return Compressed air Potable water Sanitary sewer service $5.6M, ~16 weeks



55 Steam tunnel watertight bulkheads Evaluation of steam tunnels in the floodplain Structural evaluation of power plant Evaluate and modify building connections to steam tunnels in the floodplain West campus steam and electric capacity