often tearful, and displayed tantrum-like olly and her sisters were homeless before behavior. For obvious reasons, Holly was

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1 A Child s Story Holly Heartlines H often tearful, and displayed tantrum-like olly and her sisters were homeless before behavior. For obvious reasons, Holly was they found refuge at Casa Pacifica s crisis-care emergency shelter. They lived in a car terrified of the bathroom and refused to shower. Since her former living situation did not with their single mother who had gotten into regularly provide her food, Holly was worried financial trouble. Holly s grandparents helped about meals and often out the young family by hoarded snacks. And, moving them into their "THROUGH CONSTANT since she did not live in a home, but Holly s PERSISTENCE AND SUPPORT home for long periods of troubles weren t over. Unfortunately, the family FROM HER STAFF, HOLLY MADE time, Holly had no had an extensive history UP MUCH OF THE LOST GROUND exposure to school or OF HER EARLY EDUCATION." learning and was well of sexual abuse, behind in her education. particularly by the grandfather, as well as sexual abuse between Holly s treatment team consisted of her cottage siblings. As the baby of the family at six years staff, clinician, behavior specialists, and others. old, Holly was the easiest target for the abuse, which mostly took place in the shower. She and They decided to focus her target goals on learning appropriate boundaries with adults and her siblings also witnessed domestic violence in her peers, reintroducing the bathroom as a safe their grandparents home. place, and promoting school and her education. When Holly arrived at Casa Pacifica, she experienced culture shock and had difficulty In order to change Holly s adapting to the strict structure of McDonald s feelings about the bathroom, her Cottage. It was hard for her to control her emotions and she would become physically and clinician often held their therapy sessions just outside its door to verbally aggressive. get Holly to feel comfortable in She had trouble INSIDE: the area. It was a very long establishing and process. At first, the staff let her maintaining President s Message bathe with wet naps and dry relationships, and CEO s Message shampoo. Eventually Holly was when interacting Page 2 able to let staff wash her hair in with peers and staff the sink, and after months of work Holly could she had difficulties Annual Fundraising shower in her bathing suit with the bathroom respecting others Page 6 door open, or take a bubble bath in the Pre-K bubble space. Cottage. By the time Holly was discharged, she She was sometimes Angels & Amigos was taking showers with the door closed physically intrusive Page 8 & 9 without any problem. or clingy, and was unaware of what Board News To help her with her adult and peer constituted Page 11 interactions, Holly was placed in Casa Pacifica s appropriate touch. Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). Within She experienced Upcoming Events Page 12 a neutral setting of playtime, Holly interacted intense sadness, was Summer 2011 Vo l u m e 1 1 N u m b e r 2 with her cottage staff while they received coaching from a clinician through an earpiece to manage and improve Holly s behavior. Holly learned quickly and before long her cottage staff noticed changes not only through observation, but also when Holly used the PCIT language in her daily conversations. With the help of her clinician and cottage staff, Holly also learned how to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate touches from adults and peers. She eventually was able to recognize and communicate her feelings. This was apparent when she was able to advocate for herself by voicing her discomfort with potential foster parents. The foster home proved to be an unsafe environment, which would not have been discovered without Holly s new skills to understand and communicate her feelings regarding appropriate touch. When Holly came to Casa Pacifica she could only identify 8 out of 72 sight words. Since she never really had a home school, Holly was enrolled in a local kindergarten class near Casa Pacifica. She enjoyed going to school and every day her cottage staff would work diligently with her on homework. Through constant persistence and support, Holly was able to sound out words and was beginning to read. By the time she left Casa Pacifica, Holly had made up much of the lost ground of her early education. (Continued on Page 3)

2 From the Chief Executive Officer O n August 9, 2011, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors approved a lease agreement for 2.5 acres of property immediately adjacent to Casa Pacifica s campus. Our plans are to rehab three existing buildings on the parcel originally the residence for the Camarillo State Hospital s Superintendent and now vacant for a number of years to house six to eight transition age youth (TAY). Thanks to generous donations from Sean and Dianna Baker, John and Cheryl "THE NEW PROPERTY WILL Broome, and the Baxter International ENABLE US TO OFFER A THIRD Foundation, and under the leadership of OPTION TO THE MORE THAN Vicki Murphy, Casa Pacifica s Chief 50 VENTURA COUNTY YOUTH Advancement Officer & Director of WHO AGE OUT OF THE FOSTER Alumni Services, our programs serving CARE SYSTEM EACH YEAR." transition age youth have grown dramatically. In the last eight months we have hired a program manager, a clinician, and a third youth advocate to provide critical support and services to over 60 former foster youth ages 18 through 25, most having received services from us at some point in their childhood. Steven E. Elson, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer Even before these wonderful donations, the Casa Pacifica Board of Directors launched a Transition Age Youth Committee and asked two Board members retired Ventura County Superior Court Judge Joe Hadden and Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean to co-chair the committee. It quickly became the hub of County-wide efforts to coordinate and develop services for TAY. Now chaired by Casa Pacifica Board member Dr. Roz Warner, monthly committee meetings include twenty organizations (and growing) which share resources, identify needs, and collaborate in providing services to improve the opportunities available to TAY. An essential service needed by youth is help with housing, along with providing supports as they learn to live independently. Through agreements with various landlords throughout the County, Casa Pacifica oversees six apartments in which eight former foster youth live independently. A condition of this arrangement is that the youth must work, be enrolled in school, and pay a portion of the rent. Another 10 former foster youth live in community nests private homes where families mentor youth who need extra support in their journey toward successful adulthood including working toward employment and/or higher education. These youth are also responsible for a portion of the rent. Not all youth respond well to these two housing options and the adjacent, newly leased property will enable us to offer a third option to the more than 50 Ventura New Board of Directors President W ith the start of the new fiscal year on July 1st, Casa Pacifica is proud to welcome David E. Wood, Esq. as the new President of the Board of Directors. Mr. Wood has been a member of the Board of Directors for 9 years, and follows in the dedicated footsteps of Sheila Rakestraw who has lead the Board for the last year. The new officers of Casa Pacifica Board of Directors are: David E. Wood, Esq. President Stacy A. Roscoe Vice President Wayne A. Davey Treasurer Keets Cassar Secretary Sheila Rakestraw Immediate Past President David E. Wood, Esq. President Casa Pacifica is grateful to each of the individuals who have committed their time, energy, and expertise to lead, shape, and support Casa Pacifica and its mission to care for our community s most vulnerable, yet valuable, children. Please read the article on page 11 of this issue of Heartlines which announces the retiring and new Casa Pacifica Board members for County youth who age out of the foster care system each year. Along with the planned renovations, we will furnish the buildings, re-landscape the property, hire a house-mom, and create a stepping stone program to teach independent living skills to youth needing more time and additional services before they are ready to move to a community nest or an apartment. The proximity to our campus will enable Casa Pacifica to provide extra support not available to the more distant community housing locations. We are grateful to Ventura County staff and the Board of Supervisors for making this new living model possible. Sometime in the fall we plan to hold a barn-raising type event to refurbish the homes. If you are interested in helping please call Vicki Murphy at (805)

3 Archie Update Casa Pacifica s wonderful therapy dog, Archie, has been faithfully performing his duties on campus, loving and caring for Casa Pacifica s children and youth whenever they need him. He has been busy on public relations and school trips and has accompanied Vicki Murphy, our Chief Advancement Officer & Director of Alumni Services, on speaking engagements throughout the community. Recently, Archie went on a trip to a local elementary school with Scott Mastroianni, the principal of Casa Pacifica s nonpublic school. His daughter attends the school and Archie had a big impact in her classroom. One young boy wrote this letter to Archie following his visit: Archie comforts a friend. Archie has a healing effect no matter where he goes! Another school Archie visited was the Phoenix School, a special education school where the students have many of the same kinds of behavioral and emotional issues as Casa Pacifica s kids. Upon hearing that Archie loves to swim and that he regularly does so with our children, the teacher of the Phoenix students asked if they could come swim with Archie one day. It was a great morning in the latter part of June for those students when they spent it swimming in Casa Pacifica s pool playing with Archie as they threw toys into the water and Archie retrieved them. The smiles, squeals of joy, and laughter filled the air, and everyone knew Archie was hard at work doing what he does best making kids feel better! Congratulations to Our Youth Advocates! Casa Pacifica is proud to announce the graduations last May of Raquel Montes and Cristina Miranda, two of Casa Pacifica s Youth Advocates, from California State University Channel Islands. Each of the young women graduated with a degree in Sociology. Cristina Miranda, CSUCI President Dr. Richard Rush and Raquel Montes. What is the big deal you might be wondering? Lots of young adults are graduating from college this time of year. What you may not realize is that these young women have beaten the odds. Besides being the first in their families to graduate from high school, they are special as part of the rare 2% of foster youth that go to college, much less graduate! We are very proud of both these young women who have juggled their studies with working full time at Casa Pacifica, as well as caring for their families. Their success, determination, and fortitude are inspiring, encouraging, and will be hope-giving to the transitional youth with whom they work each and every day! We can t think of a better example for our youth as we strive to positively change the current statistics and get more of our youth to college. Congratulations Cristina and Raquel for your considerable accomplishment! Continued From Page 1 A Child s Story Holly Holly was placed in an appropriate foster home after about nine months of living at Casa Pacifica. From her social worker s last report, Holly, now seven years old, is successfully living in the foster home and is going through the process of adoption. During her stay in Casa Pacifica s shelter, Holly was supported by her cottage staff, her clinician, behavioral specialists, the health clinic, the Multi-Sensory De-escalation Room, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, recreational therapy, the Pre-K Cottage, and Archie, which illustrates the wide range of services and tools that Casa Pacifica weaves together as a safety net to care for these vulnerable children. We wish Holly and her new family much happiness, love, and joy. 3

4 Children Helping Children There were many kind gestures made by our community s younger crowd to help the children of Casa Pacifica over the past few months and Casa Pacifica is grateful for each of their contributions. The following highlights the efforts of high school aged youths and their unique, efforts to benefit Casa Pacifica s kids. Brendon Ghaderi and Robin Steinberg, Casa Pacifica Development Brendon Ghaderi, who will be a senior at Westlake High School in the fall, was looking into raising money for charity. The problem was he couldn t choose just one. Each charity that he researched has its own important mission that touched his heart, and he couldn t decide. So he didn t. Instead, Brendon founded the Dollar a Dozen Foundation now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which raises money for twelve different charities, including Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families. Brendon created his own website (www.dollaradozen.org), learning web design and programming as he went, which features his twelve charities of choice and a donation system that allows visitors to donate as low as $1 (or more) to be divided among as many of the charities as the donor wishes. So, $1 can be divided to give 10 cents to ten of the charities, or 50 cents to two charities, or 33.3 cents to three charities; or $250 can be divided $125 to two charities, or $50 to five charities, etc. whatever the donor chooses. As an added incentive, each donation made enters the giver in the special Thank You Giveaway with the opportunity to win some great prizes. Last drawing included an Apple ipad, a Blackberry Playbook, a Nook, and a Kindle. After spreading the word about his foundation and its website to friends, family, neighbors, and also setting up a table at such events as the County Fair, amazingly Brendon s site raised over $14,000 in its first few months of existence! Brendon was very proud to present a check for over $1,200 to Casa Pacifica in June. We are very grateful to Brendon and his mother Susan for all the hard work and effort they have put into the Dollar a Dozen Foundation and for choosing Casa Pacifica as one of its featured charities. We are looking forward to a long and beneficial relationship! Another young man, a soon-to-be senior at Agoura High School, James Bedford also put his focus on helping those less fortunate than himself. A musician who plays several instruments, including trumpet, guitar, and piano and who is a member of his school s jazz band, James wasn t quite sure what to do with a used instrument that was given to him a drum set. His mother, who had been donating items to Casa Pacifica for many years, suggested he donate the set to Casa James Bedford with Jill and Tom Ball. Pacifica s music program. James suddenly had an idea. Knowing that he and his fellow musicians had outgrown many instruments over the years as they progressed in their musical abilities, James thought those old instruments could greatly benefit the kids in Casa Pacifica s music program. Let s Share the Music was born. James started asking for his friends old instruments, and the word spread. Nick Rail Music in Agoura Hills, inspired by James s giving spirit, offered to recondition, free of charge, any instruments donated to the program. With free pick up and delivery to Casa Pacifica, as well as providing a tax-deductible donation receipt, James is hoping lots of musicians will help share the gift of music with Casa Pacifica s children. Many already have as James delivered several instruments to Casa Pacifica in June including guitars, a clarinet, trombone, and trumpet. For more information about the Let s Share the Music program, or to make a donation, call (818) , or visit the website, Casa Pacifica and the music program s directors, Jill and Tom Ball, are very grateful to James for his generous efforts on behalf of the music program! Pacific Charter High School Choir Performs at Casa Pacifica 4 The wonderfully talented singers of Pacific Charter High School s choir group visited Casa Pacifica last June and shared their beautiful voices with our residents and day school students. Josh Elson, who just happens to be the son of Casa Pacifica s CEO, Steve Elson, leads the choir. It was such an inspiring performance that all the kids not only enjoyed it, but also appreciated the gift of the choir coming to Casa Pacifica just for them. The highlight of the day, specially prepared by the choir as a surprise, was everyone singing the Archie Song together. The song was written by Casa Pacifica s music teachers Jill and Tom Ball. The Pacifica Charter High School students also brought a gift for the kids in addition to their singing talents. They brought hand-painted, beautifully designed paver stones that are now placed in a path around the gymnasium. The stones are very colorful and inviting as they beckon one to follow their trail, and are a reminder of the kind, generous students who made them. Casa Pacifica is grateful for this talented choir s inspiring visit. They not only shared their vocal gifts with our children, but also their compassionate hearts! Pacific Charter High School Choir

5 While many businesses and groups donated their time and energies to helping Casa Pacifica and its children over the past few months since the last Heartlines issue, the following highlight just a few of those efforts: Community News Coin Donations Are Adding Up! Casa Pacifica has received more than $1,500 so far from the Changing Lives coin collection effort, and the program is just getting started! This program encourages supporters to donate their spare change to Casa Pacifica to support construction of a therapeutic play area on our Camarillo campus. A valued supporter of Casa Pacifica has donated 200 coin banks, a high-tech coin deposit machine (located in our lobby), and free processing of all coin deposits. Each individual bank can holds $200-$300 in change, so if 200 people participate, the results could really be significant. It s a great feeling to throw some coins into your bank every day and know that you are helping to make a significant difference in children s lives. It s easy to help through the Changing Lives program, and it s a great way for kids to help other children and families in need. If you would like to help, just call Vicki Murphy s office at to have your free coin bank mailed out to you. You can keep it at your home or office, or you may want to consider having your children s school participate. If you have a jar of change sitting around that you would like to donate, just call Vicki s office or bring it to the Camarillo campus and have fun putting it in the coin machine. All donations are tax deductible and receipts are provided. California United Bank Golf Tournament Don t be left out... It s CUB s 5th Annual Golf Tourney, honoring Casa Pacifica Board Member Dan Selleck, and you won t want to miss a great day of golf, including a holein-one car, longest drive, and putting contest. Enjoy great food, an incredible live auction, and the opportunity to take home a trophy! We will be swinging to support CUB Kids! For reservations and additional information, please call , or visit WellPoint Spends its Community Service Day at Casa Pacifica Agroup of over 100 volunteers from WellPoint and Anthem Blue Cross spent a morning at Casa Pacifica completing a variety of needed projects around the campus. Six team leaders from WellPoint visited Casa Pacifica before the April morning workday to assess what was needed and make a plan. The group weeded planter beds around the campus, fixed a chain link fence surrounding the campus s pond, planted 20 avocado trees, weeded the planter beds in the Learning Garden, assembled and stained several wheelbarrows for use in the garden, as well as constructed 10 new picnic tables with attached benches for the area near Casa Pacifica s basketball courts. The group also had a load of decomposed granite delivered to resurface the baseball field s infield, which the Seabees compacted with special equipment later that week. One highlight of the day provided a special opportunity for building self-esteem in one of Casa Pacifica s youth. A particular young man has a great interest in the Learning Garden and, because of that interest, was placed in charge of the garden. The young man acted as foreman of the garden project, fielding questions from the volunteers and making decisions about what to do. It was obvious that he was thrilled to be asked questions and to give directions to so many adults. A WellPoint Vice President spoke to the large gathering of volunteers while they ate their lunch of Subway sandwiches. After lunch, a representative from Casa Pacifica s Development Department gave group tours of the campus. In addition to all the excellent work the volunteers performed throughout the day, they generously donated all the tools they used to Casa Pacifica including several shovels for use in the garden. We are very grateful that WellPoint chose to spend its Community Service Day at Casa Pacifica, and for all the hard work that their planning representatives and generous employee volunteers performed. Their kind efforts made a difference on the campus for all our children, and directly touched that one particular youth! 5

6 Endowed Gifts: Getting Started Each year we rely on your generous support, along with the gifts of many others, to help us carry out our work. But have you ever thought about what will happen after you die? Without special measures, your support will die with you. To ensure our programs and funding do not suffer, please take time now to consider leaving an endowed gift an enduring statement of your support. How It Works When you make an endowed gift, only a small portion of your gift will be spent, allowing the remaining amount to continue growing. That portion of your gift will supplement our programs forever. You can give cash, securities or other assets to an endowment you create. Or, you can contribute to our organization's already established endowment. Did you know? You can set up an honorary endowment in your will so that your name, or the name of someone special, can live on forever. Example Let's say you would like to make sure a qualified charitable organization receives $1,000 every year after your lifetime, and the organization spends 4 percent of its endowment each year. This means that the organization spends that amount and any earnings over that are reinvested in the fund for future growth. Annual Fundraising Goal: $2.4 Million FUNDRAISING-TO-DATE FISCAL YEAR* INDIVIDUAL & CORPORATE DONATIONS GOAL $850,000 (35%) ANGELS/ EVENTS GOAL $800,000 (33%) GRANTS GOAL $750,000 (31%) MARGIN-OF-CARE Casa Pacifica needs $33 per day per child in private funds. Planned Giving To calculate the amount needed to perpetuate your gift in this example, divide the annual gift amount, $1,000, by the amount called for in the spending policy, 4 percent, and you get $25,000. So, contributing just $25,000 can continue your $1,000 annual gift indefinitely! Endow Your Gift* If your annual gift is: Perpetuate it by giving: $100 $2,500 $250 $6,250 $500 $12,500 $1,000 $25,000 $2,500 $62,500 $5,000 $125,000 *At a 4 percent endowment spending level, 25 times an annual gift amount equals an endowed perpetual gift. Minimum gift sizes and spending levels vary by organization. Gifts to an endowment named after you or a loved one may require a higher minimum. For more information please contact Carrie Hughes at (805) or for current endowment information and to learn more about how you can help us carry out our important work forever. Copyright The Stelter Company, All rights reserved. This information is not intended as legal or tax advice. For legal or tax advice, please consult an attorney. Figures cited in examples are for hypothetical purposes only and are subject to change. References to estate and income taxes apply to federal taxes only. State income/estate taxes or state law may impact your results. Thank You! Casa Pacifica would like to thank all those individuals, businesses, corporations and foundations who contributed to Casa Pacifica s success this past year through their efforts as donors, Angels, Amigos, on-campus volunteers, committee members, event sponsors, event volunteers, grant makers, hosts, artists, and friends of Casa Pacifica. With your generous, thoughtful, unselfish efforts and your compassion for Casa Pacifica s children, Casa Pacifica was pleased and grateful to meet its fundraising goal for Thank you for helping us to provide our excellent programs and high quality services to our community s most vulnerable children and youth. 6 *Fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th.

7 CWelcome New Corporate Leaders asa Pacifica is pleased to welcome George Erb Physical Therapy to our Corporate Leader family. Opened in 1988 in Camarillo, George Erb Physical Therapy has grown tremendously over the years, expanding to such a degree that in 2006 it relocated to a new, stateof-the-art, 21,000-square foot facility on Camarillo Ranch Road to house its rehabilitation program and fitness center complex. Mr. Erb developed the Fitness Center for patients and consumers because he became frustrated with the number of patients who were injured due to ill-designed exercise programs. Today, the fitness center has over 1,100 members. George Erb Physical Therapy is also a teaching institution for physical therapy interns from numerous schools. Mr. Erb and his staff of over 40 individuals, including therapists, business office staff, and support staff, are deeply committed to providing the best care possible for each patient, no matter their condition, in a friendly, family-like atmosphere. Needless to say, George Erb Physical Therapy has become a leading orthopedic physical therapy treatment center in the region. George Erb was raised in Camarillo after his family relocated there from Los Angeles when he was just five years old. He attended California State University Northridge (CSUN) on a baseball scholarship and, following his final season as a Matador, Mr. Erb was accepted into the Physical Therapy Program at CSUN, graduating in Involved with his community, Mr. Erb provided on-field coverage for the Camarillo High School football program for 21 consecutive years, retiring from this volunteer role in He founded the Dee Lilly Scholarship for the Physical Therapy Program at CSUN, in honor of his anatomy professor, which provides financial support for two physical therapy students each year as well as general support for the Physical Therapy Department. Mr. Erb has been an active supporter of Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families for many years. He also supports educational programs at CSU Channel Islands in addition to many local charities and entities that make Camarillo such a special place to live and work. Mr. Erb and his wife, Philomena, have three grown children in college, each in their own chosen healthcare field. S ince 1998, ValueClick, Inc. has been forging the way for advertisers to reach their audiences online. Through a unique combination of data, technology, and services, ValueClick enables marketers to advertise and sell their products through major online marketing channels including display advertising, comparison shopping, and affiliate marketing, and also maximizes advertising revenue for tens of thousands of online and mobile publishers. The company offers technology infrastructure tools and services that enable marketers to implement and manage their own online advertising across multiple channels including display, , paid search, natural search, on-site, offline, and affiliate. The broad range of products and services that ValueClick provides enables its customers to address all aspects of their online marketing process, from strategic planning through execution, including results measurement and campaign refinements. Today, ValueClick is one of the world's largest digital marketing companies. ValueClick's brands include Commission Junction, ValueClick Media, Greystripe, Mediaplex, Smarter.com, CouponMountain.com, Investopedia.com, and PriceRunner. The Company is headquartered in Westlake Village, California, and has offices in major advertising markets worldwide, including nine other offices in North America, six office locations in Europe, and four in Asia. Corporate Leaders Platinum Level $20,000+ Gold Level $15,000 Silver Level $10,000 Bronze Level $7,500 ValueClick and its entire management team are thrilled and honored to be able to share the company s continued success by giving back to the local community. For more information about Casa Pacifica's Corporate Leader Program, please contact Carrie Hughes at (805) or 7

8 Casa Pacifica Angels Wine & Food Festival Breaks All Records! Angels & Amigos News Maybe it s because Casa Pacifica has won the Best Cultural Event of Ventura County for four years in a row (as voted by VC Reporter readers). Or, maybe people are starting to listen to their friends who rave about what a great time they have at this event. Or maybe the huge pull-out section about the Wine & Food Festival in Ventana Monthly Magazine s May issue caught more people s attention this year. Whatever the reason, the attendance at this year s Wine & Food Festival held June 5th at the beautiful California State University Channel Islands was the largest ever, topping 5,000 eager, happy, festive attendees. The result? Casa Pacifica raised an extraordinary $305,000 net, surpassing last year s record $268,000 net, and the largest amount raised by any event Janet Van Huisen (Host of the event), John Elliott, Sally Starr- Brewer, Gregg Van Huisen (host of the event), Sue Stile & Brenda Sullivan. in Casa Pacifica s history! As always, these funds helped Casa Pacifica in meeting the $2.4 million in private funding the agency must raise each year to fill the gap between what it receives through government contracts and what it actually costs to run its programs and services. Hosted by the Zarley and Van Huisen Families once again, this year s Festival featured a wonderful host of deliciously fabulous restaurants, wineries, breweries, bakeries, caterers, specialty food providers, and unique beverage vendors. And the entertainment was top notch as always featuring Benise and his Band of Gipsys, the Spazmatics, Magic and Mayhem magician Shawn McMaster, Ventura County s favorite emcee Bruce Barrios, and the band Sound Effect appearing exclusively in the Four Seasons Westlake Village VIP Lounge. And a wonderful silent auction and a booth of Sports Memorabilia offered great shopping opportunities for the festival attendees. For the fourth year, the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village hosted the elegant VIP Lounge for VIP ticket holders and event sponsors, which featured delicious delicacies prepared by the hotel s excellent chefs. The VIP Lounge s other special elements included Save The Date! Daryl and Kerri Pollard, Joyce D Amico and Jim Zarley (Host of the event) & Brian and Alyson Emmer Hosted by The Zarley & Van Huisen Families the Anheuser Busch Belgium Beer Garden, which offered Stella Artois, Leffe, and Hoegaarden brews, wines from Malibu Family Wines, and McCallan Scotch, who served high quality, fine scotch to the VIP guests. Casa Pacifica is honored that McCallan, who heard of the Wine & Food Festival all the way from the east coast, called and requested to be a part of our premier event. New to the Festival this year was Brendan s Sports Bar, which featured excellent brews and wines of its own in a stylish lounge atmosphere, complete with several large flat screen televisions for captivating sports spectating. A very exciting addition to the Wine & Food Festival was the YUMMIES Culinary Competition. All the food vendors were eligible to compete (and over 40 of them did) in two categories Savory and Sweet. Special celebrity judges determined the winners and included Head Judge Fabio Viviani of television s Top Chef series and owner of Café Firenze and Firenze Osteria, and actress/author Maureen McCormick, Marsha from the iconic Brady Bunch television series, among others. The 2011 Winners of the Inaugural YUMMIES were: SAVORY 1st Place: Todd Aarons Executive Chef Tierra Sur Restaurant at the Herzog Winery 2nd Place: Nic Manocchio Executive Chef C-Street Restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ventura Beach 3rd Place: Oscar A. Ledesma Executive Chef The Old Place Restaurant & Cornell Winery SWEET 1st Place: Yvonne Drayton-Benado Missy s Cupcake Creations 2nd Place: Jason Collis Executive Chef, Jonathan s at Pierano s 3rd Place: Johan Denizot Chef de Cuisine, Root 246 Restaurant, Chumash Casino Resort The special Safe Ride shuttle service provided by Roadrunner Shuttle & Limousine, which premiered at last year s festival, was a huge hit this year and many Festival guests took advantage of the program that offered door-to-festival-to-door rides. For those who decided during the event that they shouldn t drive home, there was also a last minute service offered. A fun-filled day at a beautiful venue, with amazing food and wine, and exciting entertainment the Wine & Food Festival truly has grown into a spectacular event! Casa Pacifica is very grateful to our generous Hosts, the Zarley and Van Huisen Families, and sponsors, and to all the members of this year s Wine & Food Festival Committee who worked tirelessly to perfect every detail of this important fundraising event for Casa Pacifica and our children. We are already looking forward to next year! 8

9 C Thank You... asa Pacifica would like to recognize and thank the Casa Pacifica Angels, the Zarley and Van Huisen Families, the Wine & Food Festival Committee, California State University Channel Islands, and all the sponsors, businesses, individuals, Board of Directors, Amigos, and volunteers of the 18th Annual Casa Pacifica Angels Wine & Food Festival. The 2011 Casa Pacifica Angels Wine & Food Festival netted over $300,000. Our Sponsors Hosts The Zarley & Van Huisen Families Champagne $15,000 Ventura Rental Party Center Burgundy $10,000 Mr. & Mrs. Sean Baker PODS Cabernet Sauvignon $7,500 Digital Imagination Evolving Business Fairis Hansen Trust/ Leigh & Stan Jensen Wells Fargo VIP Lounge Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Merlot $5,000 AAA Propane Service, Inc. Keets & Hugh Cassar Colton Lee Communities, LLC Compulink Business Systems Cosmetic Specialties International, LLC DEX Harrison Industries Lisa West & David C. Jaffe Jaks Marketing Group Mirada Petroleum, Inc. PMA/I.L.W.U. Premier Event Production U.S. Trust - Bank of America Private Wealth Management Ventura Signs & Screen Printing Pinot Noir $2,500 BB&H Benefit Designs Bruce Barrios Susan & Ken Bauer First California Bank Five Star Bookkeeping Gills Onions Land Rover Jaguar Ventura Michael W. McCarthy, DDS Mission Produce Montecito Bank & Trust Oxnard Harvest Co. Sandy & Bill Puchlevic Rabobank N.A. Skating Plus Vintage Production California, LLC Mary & David Wallace Westerlay Orchids Chardonnay $1, Group International Inc. Barbara Meister/Barber Ford, VW, SUBARU, R.V. Annie & Claude Blackburn Celestine Stone Tile D & S Berry Farms D.W. Berry Farms, Inc. Dole FashionForms Fence Factory Hillrise Construction Carolyn Huntsinger InfogripIT ipayment June & Clay Paschen Michelle & Greg Paschen Procter & Gamble Paper Products William Powell Radiation Oncology Centers of Ventura County Santa Rosa Transplant Laura, Skylar, & Estelle Sharpe Troop Real Estate, Inc. West Coast Air Conditioning Hotel/Shuttle Courtyard by Marriott, Camarillo Roadrunner Shuttle & Limousine Service VIP Cabanas Wades Wines Spanish Hills Country Club Stone Brewing Co. VIP Entrance NACE The Tower Club Media 805 Living 805 With Tom and Sandy Acorn Camarillo B95.1 C-Suite Quarterly Coupons AND MORE Cumulus Media Elegant Living Gold Coast Broadcasting LLC KKZZ 1400 AM KVTA 1520 AM Live FM Q104.7 FM Radio Formula 1590 AM The Octopus 95.9 FM KEYT 3 KHAY Kim Pagano Show Playlist 92.7 FM Ventura Breeze Ventura County Reporter/ Ventana Monthly Ventura County Star VenturaNightOut.com VIBE Our Vendors RESTAURANTS/CATERERS/BAKERIES & SPECIALTY FOOD SHOPS 9021PHO Aloha Steakhouse-Camarillo Aloha Steakhouse-Ventura Amoretti Anacapa Brewing Co. Andres Savory Café & Bakery Andres Wine & Tapas Bar BJ s Restaurant & Brewery Bobalu Berries Bogies Lounge Bread Basket Cake Company Brendan's Irish Pub Brophy Bros. Restaurant & Clam Bar Buena Ventura Catering C-Street/Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach Hotel Café Fiore Café Firenze Capistrano s Restaurant & Catering, Mandalay Beach Resort Capriccio The Cave at Ventura Wine Co. Chevere Restaurant Coastal Specialties Cucina 455 Dennis Makes D.J. s California Catering Don's Smokin' Salmon Dream Dinners Ventura El Pescador #12 El Rey Cantina Fine Sconehenge Baking Company Four Season s Westlake Village Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market The Greek at the Harbor Hampton s-four Seasons Westlake Village Hotel Holdren's Steak & Seafood I Would Rather Be Baking Co. 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10 ANGELS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Patty Turnage President Susan Bauer Susan Burgos Patricia Cordover Kristin Eaton Tonia Gould Melanie Higashi Barbara Ito Cindy Jaks Cheryl Johnson Carol Kirschbaum Linda Landau Michelle Paschen Jane Semones Kirsten Selleck Michelle Sievers AMIGOS Deanne Rollins President CASA PACIFICA DEVELOPMENT & PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT Vicki Murphy Chief Advancement Officer & Director of Alumni Services Carrie L. Hughes Asst. Director of Development and Public Relations Robin Steinberg Grant Writer Michelle Maye Special Projects Kris Mavity Data Base Coordinator Nancy Connelly-Cumming Executive Assistant SCasa Pacifica Heads South for New Orleans Prom et amid decorations of New Orleans shop fronts and the bayou swamp the Prom this year was a bright, festive, and happy occasion for Casa Pacifica s kids. Entering through an archway of swamp trees, the kids walked the red carpet to cheers of the spectating staff and volunteers. Of course, the kids all loved their limousine ride from the cottages, after they had been pampered earlier in the day with manicures and haircuts donated by wonderful professionals from various salons in the community. The girls looked beautiful in elegant dresses and the boys handsome in dress pants and shirts though the high school boys got to wear tuxedos. This year the youth started dancing even before dinner had been served. They couldn t wait! After dinner there was more dancing, including some ballroom numbers the youth had learned in the therapeutic dance program. Casa Pacifica s Chef Noah and his kitchen staff prepared an excellent Southern dinner which was enjoyed by all especially the ice cream sundaes for dessert. Prom Kings and Queens were named following an earlier vote by the children for those individuals who most live Casa Pacifica s core values of Respect, Integrity, Courage, and Compassion. Casa Pacifica is extremely grateful to the Casa Pacifica Angels, the Children s Events Co-chairs Susan Burgos and Jane Semones, Amgen s GCOIS department headed by Terri Parks and her wonderful Prom Committee for creating an amazing setting and party for Casa Pacifica s children and youth. Our thanks go to all the volunteers as well who helped transform the gymnasium including a wonderful group from the National Charity League. We appreciate all you do for Casa Pacifica s children! Casa Pacifica s heartfelt thanks go to all the following volunteers and donors to the 2011 New Orleans Prom: Hair Danya Micah Guy Matthews Salon Kylie Hartwidge Rejuvenation Hair Bridget Doherty Panache Hair Studio Amanda Green Nails Jamie Perelman Guy Matthew Salon Pat Braverman Guy Matthew Salon Bea Watts Deanne Rollins Make-up Linda Weisberg Lisa Riccobono Jami Bennett - M.A.C. Makeup Sandra Casillas - M.A.C. Makeup Lulu Nguyen - M.A.C. Makeup Aimee Mauzey - M.A.C. Makeup Limousines Roadrunner Shuttle & Limousine Girl s Corsages Juanita Gonzales Music Camarillo Jazz Band Magician Merlin s Magic Tuxedos Men s Wearhouse Heartlines is a project of the Casa Pacifica Development Department. We strive for accuracy. If you feel an omission has been made in a donor or sponsor listing please contact our department at (805) so we may correct our records. Amigos Activities Continue to Entertain Kids Twice a Month T he wonderful men and women of the Amigos continue to honor their commitment to the children of Casa Pacifica, planning great events each month for the kids to enjoy, to learn, and to interact with true role models from their community. Bike rides, hiking, and fishing trips are only some of the great weekend plans the Amigos have arranged for the kids. A very popular event recently was the Amigos Soccer Clinic that started off with a visit from some Ventura County firemen who oversaw relay races, a water balloon toss, and a tug-of-war with a huge rope and lots of laughing. The soccer clinic followed, with members of a girl s team from Simi Academy of Soccer (the Kickers) were on hand to help out providing skills instruction, as well as a very animated game between teams made up of both Casa Pacifica youth and Amigos. A separate game for the younger residents was held in the gymnasium. Following all the fun and games, the Amigos hosted a delicious barbeque lunch out on the basketball courts. 10

11 CNew and Retiring Board Members asa Pacifica s Board of Directors lost two members who finished their terms of service Ed Hogan and Meredith Scott. We thank each of them for their insight, experience, expertise, and their many contributions to furthering Casa Pacifica s mission and its current and future successes. The Board of Directors is proud to welcome three new members Kenneth Bauer, Richard Glaus, and Richard Hernandez. Kenneth W. Bauer Mr. Bauer is an experienced human resources executive with over 25 years in the field. He currently holds the position of Vice President Human Resources at ValueClick, an online marketing firm located in Westlake Village. His extensive experience has included collaborating to develop and implement programs supporting the strategic direction of a company, designing and implementing procedures and processes to enhance the delivery of services to both line management and employees, and establishing effective processes to ensure that a company s employees enable its competitive advantage. Mr. Bauer s former employers include Semtech Corporation; Line 6, Inc.; elinkcommerce.com; Xircom, Inc.; L.A. Gear; and ARCO Products Company. Mr. Bauer is a member of the Ventura County Discovery Center s Board of Directors and he has been a volunteer for Casa Pacifica for many years. Mr. Bauer and his wife, Susan (an Angels Board Member), live in Camarillo. Most recently a Pinewood Derby has been the focus of the Amigos activities with the kids, first spending one weekend cutting out and sanding the cars, followed by the next session assembling and painting the cars, and finally the big race day. We are very grateful to all the generous, kind, caring men and women who are Amigos and who give their valuable time, expertise, and joy to Casa Pacifica s children. You make a huge difference in our kid s lives! Richard L. Glaus Richard Glaus is a retired police officer who served twenty-eight years with the Santa Barbara Police Department, the last eight as Deputy Chief of Police. He is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, the FBI National Academy, California P.O.S.T. Command College, and the Ventura County Police and Sheriff s Academy. He has served with numerous community organizations including the Channel Islands YMCA, Child Abuse Listening and Meditation (CALM), Casa Esperanza Homeless Shelter, Santa Barbara Police Activities League, Casa Pacifica Santa Barbara County Advisory Board, Elings Park, Santa Barbara Fighting Back, and the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara. He and his wife, Michelle, have four adult sons and a daughter, age twelve. The Glaus s reside in Los Olivos. Richard J. Hernandez Mr. Hernandez has spent his career in the financial services industry. He is currently the Senior Vice President and Regional Manager for California United Bank, primarily covering the San Fernando and Conejo Valleys. His responsibilities include overseeing the Relationship Manager, growing the loan/deposit portfolio, portfolio risk management, regulatory compliance, and developmental credit training. Prior to his position at California United Bank, Mr. Hernandez worked for Merrill Lynch as a Business Financial Advisor. While there he completed formal securities training and obtained his Series 7 license permitting him to purchase/sell securities. Mr. Hernandez is enrolled at California Lutheran University where he is almost finished with his studies to receive an MBA in International Finance. Mr. Hernandez and his wife, Amy, have three young daughters ages 10, 8, and 3 years and live in Moorpark. CASA PACIFICA BOARD OF DIRECTORS David E. Wood, Esq. President Stacy A. Roscoe Vice President Wayne A. Davey Treasurer Keets Cassar Secretary Sheila Rakestraw Immediate Past President Sean Baker Kenneth W. Bauer Marni Brook John S. Broome, Jr. Charles W. Cohen, Esq. Brick Conners Geoff Dean Rebeca Elliott Donna B. Fisher-Yates Alan Fletcher Richard L. Glaus Richard H. Goodrich Honorable Joe Hadden Richard J. Hernandez Patricia A. Howard, Esq. Doug Mazza Reza Razzaghipour Richard R. Rush, Ph.D. Daniel F. Selleck David H. Wallace Rosalind C. Warner, M.D. Robert Wynner, Esq. CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Steven E. Elson, Ph.D. HONORARY BOARD Helen M. Caldwell Bettina Chandler Gary F. Farr Richard H. Goodrich Honorable Joe Hadden Carolyn Huntsinger William J. Kearney Susan K. Lacey Dorothy Jue Lee Sheldon Malchicoff Barbara S. Meister Richard M. Norman, Esq. Priscilla Partridge de Garcia, Ed.D. G.S. Gib Poiry Joseph L. Priske Timothy P. Wolfe 11

12 Nonprofit Org. US Postage PAID Oxnard, CA Permit # S. Lewis Road, Camarillo, CA Phone (805) FAX (805) Address Service Requested Casa Pacifica Hosts Two Special Events for Transitional Youth O n June 11th, Casa Pacifica hosted a special Mock City event in our gymnasium for transitional youth from group homes throughout Ventura County. The event featured several booths that represented life tasks that the youth had to complete such as finding employment, acquiring a place to live, setting up bank accounts, dealing with utilities, determining transportation, buying groceries, acquiring insurance, and more. It was very eye-opening for the youth as they moved from booth to booth. Just to add some reality to the mix, volunteers wandered around and handed out life events which could represent either an unexpected difficulty (car repairs, a DUI conviction, etc.), or a positive event (winning $500, receiving a car). The more tasks the youth completed, the better their chances to win fantastic prizes donated by generous donors Sean and Dianna Baker. Prizes included Apple ipod Nanos, itunes gift cards, camera equipment, Dodgers clothing, a hair straightener, styling iron, or blow dryer. The Mock City was an amazing success, which was summed up by a comment repeated by several of the youth, It wasn t long enough! Casa Pacifica is excited to be holding another mock city event in the fall! A few days later, on June 17th, a Foster Youth Graduation celebration was held in the gymnasium amid the festive New Orleans decorations that had graced the walls for Casa Pacifica s prom. The gathering honored all Ventura County emancipating foster youth, high school graduates, college graduates, and TEACH Scholarship recipients. Approximately 175 guests enjoyed a delicious dinner and listened to a keynote address by Dee Hankins, an inspiring 24-year old former foster youth and college graduate who gives motivational speeches on his trademarked system called Win Your Challenges. Each of the honored emancipated youth and graduates was awarded a gift card in recognition of their accomplishment. Casa Pacifica is very proud to be a part of this special event that recognized important milestones in these foster youths lives. Keep in Touch: UPCOMING EVENTS Saturday, September 24th :00 am Casa Pacifica Angels Spotlight on Style Fashion Show Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village WESTLAKE VILLAGE 12 Saturday, February 25th :00 pm 23rd Annual Casa Pacifica Angels Ball Sherwood Country Club THOUSAND OAKS Sunday, June 3rd :00 pm - 5:00 pm Casa Pacifica Angels 19th Annual Wine & Food Festival California State University Channel Islands CAMARILLO

13 C a s a P a c i f i c a n e e d s $ 3 3 p e r d a y p e r c h i l d i n p r i v a t e f u n d s. We are committed to filling the gap that exists between the cost of caring for a child and the funding we receive from governmental agencies. This is where our esteemed Kids Club Members come in. Kids Club members are caring and generous people in our community who believe that victimized children deserve better. Each member s annual contribution makes it possible for Casa Pacifica to maintain strong programs and critical services for abused, traumatized or at-risk children in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. For more information about becoming a Kids Club Member please contact Carrie Hughes at (805) Kids Club Members Susan & Ken Bauer Priscilla Partridge De Garcia & Pedro Garcia $1,500 Tonia & John Gould Donna & Peter Hochschild Our children dream of a better future. With your support, their dreams can come true. $30,000+ Timothy Bradley Bettina Chandler Carolyn Huntsinger Mary & Tony Tesoro Cheryl & John Broome $15,000 Vicki & David Achzet Heather & Bud Daily Elise & Bill Kearney Barbara Meister Helen Caldwell John Cliff Dick & Terry Goodrich Kay Bruce Patricia & Alan Cordover Kristin & Mike Eaton Jennifer & Steve Elson Brenda & Gary Farr Nancy & Robert Gregory $10,000 Sheila & Robert Rakestraw Kerry & Stacy Roscoe Stefanie & Tim Wennes $5,000 Lydia & Tom Hopps Susan & Ed Lacey Laura Kinney & Artie Maidman Vicki & Dennis Murphy Albert Nassi John Quinn Elizabeth M. Rice & David E. Wood Ed Summers Richard Tejeda Janet & Gregg Van Huisen Ralph Venus Terri & Tim Wolfe Patricia Morgan Jean & Richard Norman Kids Club Charter Members *Gifts are recognized on a cumulative basis.

14 THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS, ORGANIZATIONS OR BUSINESSES WHO MADE A TRIBUTE OR MEMORIAL GIFT DURING THE PERIOD OF March 1st, - June 30th, 2011 IN MEMORY OF CATHY MARTI Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Beaumont CHRISTIANE STARRAT Mr. Ronald D. Starratt IN HONOR OF DR. MELISSA EDWARDS Mr. Michael J. Fink LORI GERRARD Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Stone RACHEL MCCORMICK Kristen Jones STEPHANIE MCNUTT Mr. and Mrs. Neale P. McNutt PARKER MUNHALL'S 7TH BIRTHDAY Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Ashamallah PARKER MUNHALL'S 7TH BIRTHDAY Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carvotta PARKER MUNHALL'S 7TH BIRTHDAY Mr. Jurij Simcic MEGGIE AND LIAM YOIUNG Ms. Barbara M. Katz THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS, ORGANIZATIONS OR BUSINESSES WHO MADE A GIFT DURING THE PERIOD OF March 1st, - June 30th, 2011 LEADER ($20,000+) Maxine Carmean Mueller Trust Rotary Club of Camarillo Zarley Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Van Huisen CHAMPION ($5,000+) AAA Propane Service, Inc. California Fine Wines & Spirits, LLC California United Bank Cosmetic Specialties International, LLC Fairis Hansen Trust Livingston Memorial Foundation Million Dollar Round Table Foundation Mirada Petroleum, Inc. Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc for the Franklin Temp Total Wine & More #1107 U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management Mr. and Mrs. Donovan L. Ayers Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Barlow Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cassar Mr. and Mrs. William Kearney Mr. Gene L. Mahn, CLU, CLTC Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Malchicoff Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Smith Mr. Ronald D. Starratt Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tesoro PROTECTOR ($1,000+) 360 Group International, Inc. Al Lowe Construction, Inc. Amgen Foundation Matching Gifts and Staff Volunteer Programs Anderson Kill Wood & Bender, LLP Angels Board of Directors Anthem Church Dark To Dawn Ministry BB&H Benefit Designs Bank of America California Barbeque Association Cantara Cellars Celestine Stone Tile, Inc. Cloudworks Colton Lee Communities, LLC Cybertouch D & S Berry Farms Dole Food Company, Inc. Dollar A Dozen Charitable Foundation DW Berry Farm E. J. Harrison & Sons, Inc. Eldon Becker Philanthropic Fund Fashion Forms Five Star Bookkeeping G Kelly Sievers Foundation, Inc. George Erb Physical Therapy Gills Onions Gold Coast Broadcasting LLC Hillrise Development Inc. Hogan Family Foundation I.L.W.U. 46 General Fund Infogrip, Inc. ipayment J. R. Olsen Bonds and Insurance Brokers, Inc. Jones and Maulding Insurance Land Rover Jaguar Ventura Meister Family Foundation Montecito Bank and Trust Nevers, Palazzo, Packard, Wildermuth & Wynner, PC Oxnard Harvest Pacific Maritime Association/I.L.W.U. Proctor & Gamble Paper Products Co. Rabobank Reliable Graphics Inc. Shum Charitable Fund St. Jude The Apostle School The Wennes Family Foundation of The Ayco Charitable Foundation Troop Real Estate, Inc. UFCW Local #770 United Way of Ventura County United Women s Leadership Council Ventura County Community Foundation West Coast Air Conditioning Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bauer Mr. Paul Z. Besterveld Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Chrisman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cole Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Eriksson Mr. and Mrs. John M. Fickewirth Mr. John Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Goodrich Mr. John J. Hesson Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Hochschild Dr. Michael Hogan and Dr. Rosalind C. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E. Hopps Mr. Adrian Hunt Mrs. Carolyn R. Huntsinger Mr. Greg J. Hutchins Mr. and Mrs. Daryl M. Ito Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kearney Mr. and Mrs. Ronald LaForgia Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lambert Mr. Anthony Manocchio Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. McCarthy Mrs. Barbara S. Meister Dr. and Mrs. Mark Merriman Mr. and Mrs. Clayton F. Paschen, Sr. Mr. William H. Powell Mr. John J. Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rakestraw Ms. Elizabeth Rice Mr. and Mrs. David Scott Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Selleck Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Sharpe Mr. and Mrs. Marc Sloan Mr. Kevin Spillane Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stone Ms. Susan K. Tebo Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Thompson Mr. Nick Valestrino Mr. and Mrs. John P. Van Wyngaarden, Jr. Ms. Carol H. Venus Mr. and Mrs. David Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Dean Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Lane Weitzman Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Wennes Mr. and Mrs. Grant Withers Mr. David Wood and Ms. Elizabeth Rice Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Yeager Dr. and Dr. Kim D. Zussman MENTOR ($500 UP TO $1,000) Agoura Bible Fellowship Youth Group AgRx AMPS Insurance Services Art & Science Prosthodontics Avery Insurance and Financial Services Azusa Unified School District Bank of America United Way Campaign Canteen Vending of Coastal California, Inc. Cars 4 Causes Churchill Valencia/Keller Williams Realty Conejo Awards Courtyard by Marriott Dullam Nursery Finishline Carpentry, Inc. First California Bank Fresh Success, Inc. Gardena Nursery Garrett Johnson Transport Implant and Adult Dentistry Lang Ranch Elementary School Lucas Transplant Company, LLC Marine Terminals Corporation McDonald's Corporation MTC Holdings Opolo Vineyards Pacific Ro/Ro Stevedoring, LLC Seasons Catering SSA Pacific St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital Steve Thomas BMW Store Safe Self Storage Success Valley Produce, LLC Sunnyland Nursery LLC Trophies, Etc. U.S. TRUST Bank of America Private Wealth Management Universal Stoneworks Valet Parking Services Ventura County Credit Union Wells Fargo Bank Xibeo Dr. and Mrs. Glen Abergel Ms. Carolyn J. Abul-Haj Ms. Shannon Alexander Mr. Henry Amostegui Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Antonsen Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. M. Asolas Mr. and Mrs. Danny Augusta Ms. Elaine Augustine Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Behr Mr. Reginald Benigno Mr. Scott Beslar Ms. Marni Brook Mr. George Burke Ms. Nancy A. Burleson-Bates Mr. and Mrs. Doug Carnett Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Carroll Dr. and Mrs. Sean D. Cassar Dr. and Mrs. Miguel Cervantes, M.D. Mr. Franco Checchini Mr. Jonathan Chew Ms. Courtney Clark Mr. Sean Clark Mr. George Cogswell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cole Mr. Gary Collett Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Collin Mr. and Mrs. Jack V. Collings Mr. Edgar I. Currie Ms. Lisa L. Daniels Ms. Samantha Davies Mr. Paul De Leon Ms. Rennee R. Dehesa Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Elliott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Elliott Alex Felker Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griffith Ms. Gabriela Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Corben Hatch Mr. Sean D. Henggeler Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hermes Mr. and Mrs. Daren Herrick Ms. Denise Hewitt Ms. Diana Hill Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Hopps Dr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Lucas M. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. George Jones Ms. Megan Jones Ms. Barbara A. Journet Mrs. Harriet Karol Mr. and Mrs. David Kingston Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Krajewski Mr. and Mrs. Fredric V. Lane Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Larson Mr. Rodney Lock Mr. Andre E. Long Mr. and Mrs. Alec B. MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Marquez Mr. and Mrs. John H. McDonough Ms. Michele L. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miller Ms. Suzy Moore Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Murphy Ms. Elizabeth A. Paredes Mr. and Mrs. Erik Pedersen Mr. and Mrs. John P. Pitstick Ms. Victorine A. Poliakin Ms. Cheryl D. Preston Ms. Amelia Raila Ms. Jean Schmit Mr. Paul W. Scott Mr. Brandon Seeyle Dr. and Mrs. David E. Shirazi Mr. and Mrs. Clifton O. Simonson Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Spiegel Mr. Sherm Standage Ms. Carla Tello Ms. Cindy Torres Ms. Nancy Tracy Mr. and Mrs. George E. Trask Mr. Nicholas A. Vinolus Ms. Veronica Virgen Rene Vlerick Mr. William L. Warburton and Ms. Sheila Waldie Mr. Douglas Wood Ms. Sara Woodworth FRIEND ($250 UP TO $500) Country Squire Mobile Home Park Jacqueline B Law Office of Stephen L. Mitnick McCune Foundation Morgan Stanley c/o Cybergrants Premier Dance Studio / Family Chiropractic Quest Auto Sales Tri-County Tool, Inc. Ventura County Sheriff's Department Ventura County Star Wells Fargo Community Support United Way Campaign Dr. Donna S. Acosta Ms. Jennifer N. Alargunsoro Mr. Daniel Alcantar Mr. Zackary Altman Ms. Monica Alvarado Ms. Audra R. Arbini Mr. Keith Barton Ms. Christine Beirne Ms. Karen A. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Bernau Ms. Rosa Blanchard Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Block Mr. E. David Braun Mr. Joseph A. Bravo Mr. Ryan Bristol Ms. Melissa Broadwell Dr. Rodney P. Burton, D.D.S. Ms. Margaret Buxkemper Ms. Laura F. Byrd Mr. and Mrs. James A. Carney Mr. Sal Caro Ms. Susan A. Casey Ms. Buffy Castillo Mr. and Mrs. David E. Catlin Ms. Cynthia Cavazos Ms. Wilma J. Chambers Ms. Kim Christensen Ms. Allison Cordes Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Covarrubias Ms. Mary A. Cralley Ms. Teresa Croley Ms. Jonra K. Cross Ms. Krissy Cundiff Ms. Antonette Daube Mr. Robert Davidson Ms. Jan Davis Mr. Bill Davis Mr. Timothy C. Dayton Mr. Mike Demarco Mr. Richard Dubuke Ms. Barbara Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. James R. Eddy Dr. Eric El-Tobgy Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Esquivel Mr. and Mrs. Steve Yates Mr. Joseph S. Fitzgerald Mr. Randy Foster Mr. John T. Foster, Jr. Ms. Dawn Fox Ms. Krista Franchi Ms. Barbara Frova Mr. and Mrs. James W. Furgurson Ms. Esmeralda Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Greg G. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Gengo Mr. Thomas Glasspoole and Ms. Rochelle Crow Ms. Deborah Goebel Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Gohari Mr. Robert W. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gould Ms. Lynn Graham Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gray Ms. Diane Griswold Ms. Elsie Growninshield Mr. Mike Gummeson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Hager Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hampson Ms. Jeannette Harrison Mr. Dennis C. Hernandez Mr. Jim Hibbitts Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Hicks Ms. Nina T. Higashi Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hodnett Mr. and Mrs. Larry Holloway Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Hopkins Ms. Rita C. Horn Ms. Patricia A. Howard Mr. Brandon Hower Mr. Craig Hubner Ms. Ellen Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand P. Inumerable Mayor Pro-Tem and Mr. Jacqui V. Irwin Mr. and Mrs. Daryl M. Ito Ms. Susan Ito Mr. David C. Jaffe and Ms. Lisa West Ms. Kay Jennerwein Mr. Michael Jensen Ms. Shelley Jenson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Johnson Mr. Alwick A. Jonas Mr. Ali Karandish Mr. Leonard Kaufmann Ms. Kathryn J. Kirchhoff-Wrench Ms. Colleen M. Knight Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kolodziejski Mr. Hans Korsmo Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Kozik Mr. William A. Kuhlman Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Kum Mr. Michael Kurtz Dr. Jody R. Kussin and Dr. Steven Shoptaw Ms. Rosemary Laboon Ms. Rhonda Lamia Ms. Karen Latarell Merr Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Lemke Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lerner Mr. S. Dean Lesiak Mr. Craig Levy Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Lopez Ms. Cecilia Macias Mr. and Mrs. Rob Malgieri Ms. Michelle Mann Mr. John Marquis Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCaslin Ms. Pearl McClain Mr. Sean P. McCulloch Mrs. Sara Miller McCune Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCurdy Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGuire Mr. Patrick K. McKenna and Ms. Patricia Behringer Dr. Michael McQuillan, O.D. Mr. William P. McTomney Mr. Esteban Melchor Mr. Kevin L. Meyers Ms. Linda M. Milligan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Monosco Ms. Karen Montano Mr. Robert Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Mark Moon Ms. Jaclyn Moore Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Muegenberg, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Myers Mr. Scott Naramore Ms. Lois Nelson Ms. Vicki R. Nickeson Mr. and Mrs. Rick Nielsen Ms. Tamika C. Noelle Mr. and Mrs. Victor R. Norman Ms. Harriet Oberman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Oberto Ms. Elizabeth A. Pareder Ms. and Mr. Margaret Pateras Ms. Elaine T. Patti Ms. Elizabeth Pena Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Perez Hon. and Mrs. Steven Z. Perren Diane Perren Ms. Elizabeth A. Peterson Mrs. and Mr. Katie L. Pfeiffer Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Portillo Ms. Mary J. Quin Ms. Sheryl Ramirez Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Reed Ms. Dorene N. Reed Ms. Deborah F. Reed

15 Dr. Rolland J. Regnery Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Rhodes Ms. Charlene M. Rice Mr. and Mrs. Larry Robideaux Dayna Roggenstroh Ms. Melody Root Ms. Sondra J. Rosenthal Dr. and Mrs. Richard Rush Dr. Sharon R. Saivar Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Sanchez Mr. Sal Sandoval Mr. Kirk R. Schlobohm Ms. Marybeth Serino-Lasater Mr. Jim Sevilla Mr. Brandon Sheff Mr. F. D. Simpson Ms. Nicole C. Smith Ms. Debra G. Spann-Horne Mr. Scott Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Dean Stark Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Steele William G. Stephens, DDS Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Stewart, D.M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Jared Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stoltman Ms. Linda S. Sutton Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Szymanski Mr. and Mrs. James D. Talon Mr. Marc Tantin Ms. Tracy Thompson Ms. Lynda J. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Toomey Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Torgeson Ms. Pamela Torkay Mr. Ken Trainor Ms. Carolyn Tyner Mr. Jack A. Tyrrell Mr. Ty Van Huisen Ms. Pamela C. Vinovich Ms. Denise Voegtli Ms. Melinda K. Walsh Mr. Thomas Waskiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Ted Weinsziehr Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Wennberg Ms. Monnette West Mr. and Mrs. Mike Whitcomb Ms. Cathie Williams Earvin Ms. Beth Wood Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Worden Mr. and Mrs. Steve Yates Mr. Adam Zendilla ASSOCIATE (UP TO $250) Allguard Termite and Pest Control Crystal Family Foundation Garden Fresh Restaurant Corporation Goldman Magdalin Krikes Guy Matthew Salon Haverim B'nai B'rith Howard Gold, Professional Law Corporation Karen Decker R.D. M.S. Lindero Canyon Middle School Livingston Construction, Inc. Main Course California Nac Marketing Group Newbury Park Tree Service Personal Best Petru Corporation Pezzullo Enterprises, Inc. Schneider Electric North America Foundation SHM Tax Advisors Inc. Stan's Drugs, Inc. Sweet Pea Flowers TAG! The Creative Source Termar, Inc. United Way California Capital Region United Way of Los Angeles County V.F.W. Post 3935 Blythe Agtarap Ms. Gisela Aguilar Mr. Martin C. Aguilar Ms. Lindsey D. Albrant Ms. Michelle Allard Mr. and Mrs. David Allen Mr. Ronald R. Allen Mr. Serge S. Almeras Ms. Leticia A. Aloi Ms. Christina Alvara Ms. Marissa L. Alvarez Mr. and Mrs. Erwin B. Alvarez Ms. Catherine Ambrose Mr. and Mrs. Robert Amores Ms. Alicia Andrews Mrs. Melissa Andrews Mr. Adam Ansel and Ms. Jennifer Duncan Chris Anthony Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Aparicio Ms. Beatrice Aragon Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Archibeque Ms. Jeri C. Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Tim Arneson Ms. Trudy Arriaga Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Ashamallah Ms. Lise Ashforth Ms. Parissa Atashbarg Mr. and Mrs. Harry Avedissian Mr. Walter Bailey Ms. Melissa C. Bakody Ms. Erin Baldwin Mr. and Ms. Thomas Ball Ms. Ronesha Ball Mr. Atdchara Bamford Ms. Josephine Banuelos Ms. Rubia C. Barahona Ms. Emily Barany Mr. John Barrett Captain and Mrs. Michael Barrett Mr. Bruce Barrios Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Barry Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bauer Mr. David Bautista Ms. Rita Beahan Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Beat Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Beaumont Ms. Angela P. Beesley-Infante Mr. David E. Bell Ms. Shelley S. Belouski Mrs. Noella Belvedere Ms. Judy Benitez Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Benitez Ms. Martha Bennett Ms. Silvia Bernard Ms. Ashley Bernardino Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bernick Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Beserra Jamie Best Terry S. Bevirt Ms. Belinda A. Bichard Mr. and Mrs. David Billera Ms. Sara C. Bisnett Ms. Lisa Black Mr. and Mrs. Nick Blackwell Ms. Betsie Blaznek Ms. Melinda Block Ms. Ashlee Blunk Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bocian Mr. Austin Bockelman Mr. Chris Boehner Ms. Barbara Boggio Ms. Susan Bohnsack Lauren Boiros Mr. Jonathan D. Bolton Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Bolyog Ms. Michelle P. Boral Mr. and Mrs. Mark Borchard Ms. Karen C. Borczon Leslie Borin Mr. Jake Boron Mr. Cameron P. Bothwell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bourdon Mr. Carl N. Brabham Ms. Kim Bratton Ms. Jill Breitmaier Mr. Aaron C. Brown Mr. G. Scott Brown Ms. Stephanie L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Brown Ms. Bonnie J. Brown Mr. Ronald D. Browne Ms. Lise Bruun Ms. Melissa J. Bryson Ms. Mary Buchanan Mr. and Ms. Mike Budzinski Mr. and Mrs. Phil C. Bunn Ms. Lorraine Bunt Mr. James Burden Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burg Dr. and Mrs. William Burgos Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Burhoe Ms. Rachel S. Burkdoll Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy V. Cabugao Ms. Stephanie E. Caffee Ms. Melissa Camacho Bobby Camany Ms. Gwen Campbell Ms. Kathryn Campos Mr. William Candela Mr. Joseph Cannon Mr. Kevin Cannon Ms. Caryl Cantrell Ms. Kathryn S. Carey Mr. and Mrs. Tomm Carlson Mr. Efren Carmona Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Carpenter Mr. Braden T. Carraway Ms. Elsa S. Carretero Mr. Jason Carstensen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carvotta Ms. Kaela Casey Ms. Debby Casillas Mr. Greg Casparro Mr. Michael J. Cassanego Ms. Gina Cassaro Mr. Ryan Casserly Mr. and Mrs. Gil Castaneda Ms. Alva Casteel Ms. Maria G. Castor Mr. Rey Castuciano Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Cavaletto Ms. Sarah L. Centanni Ms. Belinda Cerasuolo Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Chason Mrs. Michele Chason Silca L. Chavarria Barber Mr. and Mrs. Edmundo Chavez Mr. Clint Cheng Mr. Jason Christmann Mr. and Mrs. Tim Clack Ms. Michelle Clausen Ms. Elizabeth Cleary Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cleavenger Ms. Jeannie Cleavenger Ms. Gaylinn Cloonan Ms. Marjorie L. Cockrell Hon. Tari L. Cody, Superior Court Judge Ms. Katherine Cody Dr. Lisa Jo Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Cohen Ms. Cheri Colborn Ms. Candace Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Collart Ms. Linda S. Collins Ms. Nancy Connelly-Cumming Mr. and Mrs. Andy Cooper Mr. David M. Cooper Ms. Idalmy N. Coot Ms. Barbara Corona Mr. and Ms. Benjamin Corral Mr. Juan B. Cortez Ms. Patricia A. Corwin Mr. Steven Cosgrove Mr. and Mrs. Richard Costello Ms. Diane D. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Keith Craig Mr. Matt T. Crenshaw Mr. Tony Cross Ms. Jill Crouse-Zeineddini Ms. Crystal Curran Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Daley Mr. Avery Dalton Ms. Nicole Daly Mr. Jerry I. Dammeier Mrs. Joan K. D'Amore Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Darrow Mrs. Jennifer Davidson Ms. Laura Davis Mr. Robert Dawson Anyeli De Cuolo Mr. Tony De Guzman Quenby De La Rocha Ms. Martha De La Rosa Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. De La Torre Mr. Anthony De Leon Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. De Spain Ms. Dianna L. Dean, LPC, PC Ms. Whitney A. Debryunkops Ms. Maria DeCoste Mr. Paul DeFlorio and Ms. Margaret Pateras Ms. Kymberly A. DeGenaro Mr. Richard A. Delseni Ms. Jennifer DeMoss Mr. Douglas Devera Ms. Laura Diamond Ms. Nancy E. Dice Mr. George Dichter Ms. Susan Dickens Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Dietrich Ms. Jill M. Diggs Mr. Ron D'Incau Ms. Gracelyn Dino Ms. Michelle DiSimone Mr. James Dixon Mr. Matthew Dixon Mr. Stephen F. Doll Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Dombrowski Mr. and Mrs. Auggy Donlon Morgan Donlon Mr. and Mrs. Gary Donovan Ms. Nicole M. Dora Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Doran Mr. William R. Doubek Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dougherty Mr. Gary Douher Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dowler Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Dransart Mr. Casey Drummond Mr. Richard Duarte Ms. Karen Ductor Ms. Monika Dudas Mr. and Mrs. Scott Duffner Ms. Kathryn T. Dunlop Ms. Daphne L. Dunnigan Ms. and Mr. Ann Dunsworth Ms. Diana Dupuy Ms. Monica Durazo Mr. Ryan Duston Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Dyer Mr. Mark Edwards Ms. Linda Edwards Ms. Linda Ehrlich Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Ellberg Mr. and Mrs. Neil Elliott Dr. and Mrs. Edward Elson Ms. Gina L. Erickson Mrs. Laurie Erlig-White Mr. and Mrs. Edward Espinoza Ms. Vanessa Espinoza Mr. Bo Espinoza Susan Esquivel Ms. Rita Estefan Ms. Charlene Estrada Mr. and Mrs. Uriel Estrada Ms. Rae M. Eugenio Ms. Michelle Evans Mr. and Mrs. Robert Evans, Sr. Ms. Danielle R. Everson Ms. Linda Faasua Mr. and Mrs. Glen Fabian Mr. Erik Farias Mr. Mitchell J. Faulkner Mr. and Mrs. Matt Fausset Ms. Paula Feinberg Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Feland Mr. and Mrs. H. Steven Fenger Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalo Fernandez Ms. Sandra P. Fernandez Ms. Francesca J. Ferrara Ms. Jennifer L. Fildes Mr. Kenneth D. Finger Mr. Michael J. Fink Ms. Marcie Fiorentino Mr. and Mrs. David Fischler Ms. Linda Kay Fisher Mr. Guy and Dr. Pamela Fisher Mr. Barry Fisher Mr. Keith Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Flavin Mr. Ryan Flitt Ms. Sonnia Flores Mr. Michael Flory Ms. Audrey Flynn-Surby Mr. Barry Fogel Mr. and Mrs. Steve Folkes Ms. Christina Forino Mr. Raymond Franco Mr. Jeremy Franke Ms. Nancy Frawley Ms. Patricia Frazier Ms. Erin M. Froebe Ms. Elissa Gaberton Ms. Peggy Gallagher Mr. Alan J. Gamroth Mitos Garcia Mr. and Mrs. George S. Garcia Ms. Judith Garcia Mr. Roger Garcia Christine Pueschi and Ryan Gardner Mr. Bryan Garrick Mr. Peter Gelber Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Gelso Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gerrard Mr. Kyle D. Gilbertson Mr. Jack Gillett Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Glaus Mr. Jeff Godfrey Lyn and Deborah Golden Lourdes Gonzalez-Rubio Mr. and Mrs. Joachim Gottschalk Ms. Karey Gottschall Mr. Randy Gould Ms. Alyson H. Gould Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gradillas Ms. Maureen P. Grady Mr. and Mrs. Rich Graffeo Mr. and Mrs. David G. Granowitz Ms. Kristine S. Graves Mr. Thomas Greensmith Mr. Daniel Greenwald Ms. Jennie P. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griffith Ms. Kim Grimell Captain and Mrs. Mark H. Grosshans Mr. John D. Grover Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Guerrero Mr. John Guillen Ms. Lise D. Gurgiolo Mr. and Mrs. Justin Haase Mr. James T. Haase Ms. Nicole Hackbarth Mr. Paul Haddad Mr. Donald Hadland Mr. David D. Hallstrom Mr. Scott Halpern Mr. Blackstone Hamilton Jani Hamlin Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hanratty Mr. and Mrs. Darin Hansen Ms. Marilyn Hansen Mr. Joanna Haraden Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Harn Ms. Karla J. Harre Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Harrington Ms. Kelly C. Harrington Ms. Lee A. Harris Mr. Robert L. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Hartzfeld, Jr. Ms. Nanci Hayward Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Heal Dr. Tracy Heller Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Heller Mr. and Mrs. Craig Helmstedter Ms. Claire L. Hennessey Ms. Norma L. Hernandez Ms. Liz Hernandez Ms. Denise Hernandez Mr. Jeff Hewitt Mr. and Mrs. James Hickman Mr. and Mrs. Art Hidalgo Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Higashi Ms. Autumn Hilger Ms. Lorraine Hinton Ms. Stephanie Hippik Ms. Marianne T. Hochhaus Ms. Heather J. Hoffman Ms. Carol P. Hofmann Ms. Chrissa L. Hollyfield Mr. Steve N. Holt and Ms. Karen Kwan Mr. Andrew Hong Mr. Roger W. Hoover Ms. Virginia L. Hoover Ms. Katherine V. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Ken Horton Ms. Natalie Horton Mr. George M. Howard Ms. Carol L. Hubner Mr. Ronald Hughes Ms. Vicki Hughes Ms. Blanca E. Huizar Mr. Matthew T. Hunwardsen Ms. Anne Hutton Ms. Jennifer Irwin Mr. Jon Irwin and Mayor Pro-Tem Jacqui V. Irwin Mr. Mark Jacobs Mr. Steve Jacobson Ms. Teresa M. James Ms. Tamara Jarnett Ms. Diana Javurek Ms. Judy A. Jetton Mrs. Maria Jimenez Mr. Liberato Jimenez Ms. Stephanie Johnson Ms. Leslie A. Johnson Mr. Brett A. Johnson Ms. Jenifer Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Johnson Mr. Bridget M. Johnston Ms. Kelli Johnston

16 Chris Joice Ms. Janice Jones Kristen Jones Mr. William Jones, Jr. Ms. E. J. Jones Ms. Megan R. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Neil W. Jorgensen Mr. and Ms. Joe Jorling Ms. Cynthia R. Joyce Ms. Jeanette Juarez Ms. Brenda Juarez Ms. Arlova D. Jularbal Ms. Stephanie Kalaskie Ms. Linda Karabin Ms. Barbara M. Katz Mr. Kurt D. Kaufman Mr. Ryan G. Keller Mr. Darrell Keller Mr. Gary Kelman Mr. Richard W. Kelman and Ms. Patricia McCourt Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Ketelhut Ms. Michelle Kiel Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Killion Ms. Karen Kimmel Ms. Tonya King Mr. Joseph L. King Ms. Michelle E. Kirk Ms. Tammy M. Kizer Mr. Keith A. Kleinkopf Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Knauss Ms. Bettes Knight Ms. Sheri L. Knight Mr. Jim Koshe Mr. William Kracht Mr. and Mrs. Ron Kramer Ms. Cynthia R. Krause Ms. Patricia K. Kreis Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Krenkler Ms. Ann Kug Mrs. Bambi Kuhlman Mr. and Mrs. Rich Kullback Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kwasny Mr. Douglas Laidlaw Ms. Kaje Laine Mr. Gary J. Laird Ms. Eva Lane Ms. Rolanda Lang Dr. Adrienne E. Lara Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Larson Ms. Sue Lassman Ms. Elizabeth Latu Mr. Kyle P. Laughlin Ms. Deborah J. Law Ms. Kim Lawrence Ms. Anita J. Layton Mr. and Mrs. Jason Lee Mr. and Mrs. James Lee Ms. Stacy B. Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leibin Ms. Patty Leoni Mr. Scott Lerner Ms. Deanna Leslie Mr. Richard Levin and Dr. Meiya Liao-Levin Ms. Cathy S. Levine Ms. Amanda Lewis Ms. Ann E. Libby Ms. Debbie Licht Ms. Kristyl Lindbery Tracy Lipsett Ms. Esther Lopez Ms. Alicia Lopez Ms. Tawny Lopez Ms. Lynn M. Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Loria Mr. Steven H. Low Robin Polischeck and Armando Lozano Ms. Angelica Lozano Ms. Hilda Lujan Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Lutton Ms. Doreen A. Lynch Mr. Michael Lynch Ms. Jan E. Lyons Mr. Duke A. Lyskin Mr. Walt S. Maben Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Macaluso Ms. Cindy MacArthur Mrs. Pamela MacCallum Ms. Cathleen MacDonald Mr. Michael E. Mack Ms. Kelley Maddock Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mailhot Ms. Judith A. Mann Mrs. Eunice Manning Koch Mr. Calvin E. Marcontell Ms. Sandra Marcotte Ms. Michelle A. Marine Dr. and Mrs. Albert D. Marley Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Marquez Ms. Celeste L. Martin Mr. Sergio Martinez Ms. Tanya Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Mastro Mr. James Matsuyama Mr. and Mrs. James Maurer Mr. and Mrs. Kristen C. Mavity Mr. and Mrs. James McCaffery Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. McCormick Mr. Mark McCoy Ms. Cathleen P. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Dustin McIntire Ms. Gayle McKenna Mr. and Mrs. Ron McKinney Ms. Lisa McLaughlin Ms. April R. McNally Mr. and Mrs. Neale P. McNutt Ms. Joanna McPartlin Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Mead Mr. Christopher T. Means Kris M. Meathrell Ms. Regina Medina Mr. John T. Medlen Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Mendoza Ms. Stephanie R. Merino Ms. Katelyn J. Messina Mr. Emmanuel Michel Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Terry Miller Mr. and Mrs. Scott Miller Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Miller Ms. Kristina M. Millian Ms. Pamela K. Mindrup Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Minear Mr. and Mrs. Jaime A. Miranda Ms. Arlene Miro Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Molesworth Ms. Darlene Moneypenny Mr. Christopher R. Monheit Ms. Raquel Montes Ms. Misty Montoya Mr. Jorge Moran and Dr. Myra Saltoun-Moran Kelly F. Moreno Mr. and Mrs. Wesley J. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Shane Morger Ms. Allison Morris Ms. Ruth Morris Ms. Lynda L. Mors Ms. Rochelle Mosqueda Ms. Valerie Moussou Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mullaney Adah Munoz Ms. Carol Munoz Ms. Paula Murillo Ms. Kathleen Murphy Ms. Jean M. Murray Ms. Jennifer Mutch Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Myers Ms. Crystal Nahan Mr. Shawn Nakamura Mr. Lawrence Nathanson Ms. Veronica Navarro Mr. Thomas Neff Ms. Louann Negrete Mr. and Mrs. Glen J. Nelson Mr. Marc Nelson Ms. Mia Nichetti Mr. Andre Nintcheff Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nishida Ms. Tiffany J. Norton Ms. Alicia D. Oberlander Ms. Sarah Oberman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Oberman Mr. Thomas O'Brien Ms. Donna O'Donnell Mr. Ted Oehninger Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Oliver Mr. Bradley J. Olson and Ms. Yvonne C. Hall Ms. Victoria Olson Ms. Karen O'Neil Mr. Robert O'Reilly Ms. Tiffany O'Reilly Ms. Joanna L. Orr, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Joshua M. Ortega Ms. Christina C. Ortega Mr. Henry Ortiz Ms. Janna Ortiz Mr. and Mrs. George Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Ostroth Mr. David Otis Mr. and Mrs. Steve Owens Mr. Daniel Ozuna Mr. David Pacic Ms. Joy A. G. Padilla Mr. Michael Pae Ms. Dusti L. Palay Ms. Leah Palmer Ms. Sylvia Paniagua Ms. Stephanie Pape Mr. and Mrs. James Parcher Ms. Ingrid Pardee Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Partida Mr. Guy C. Parvex, Jr. Ms. Erin Paul Mr. David J. Paumier Ms. Breanda Pearce Ms. Loretta M. Pearson Mr. Gary R. Peattie Mr. Robert L. Peck Ms. Shannon Pemberton Mr. and Mrs. Erik A. Pence Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Penner Mr. and Mrs. Nick Perdiew Mr. Victor Perederij Mr. Mathew I. Perelman Mr. Rafael Perez Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Perez Ms. Nancy A. Perez Dr. Kristina E. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Tim R. Peters Mr. and Mrs. James C. Peterson Mr. Cory Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Rick Pfeiffer Mr. Ty Pham Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Phenix Mr. John M. Pine Mr. Nicholas Pisciotta Ms. Janet P. Plait Mr. and Mrs. Matt Plaskoff Ms. Erin M. Pohl Mr. and Mrs. Dan Poling

17 Mr. David D. Polino Ms. Christine Popok Mr. Robert Porter and Ms. Ann Dunsworth Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Powers Ms. Anna S. Prado Mr. Scott Price Mr. Joel Price Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Prosser Ms. Jessica Provenchor Mr. Mark Provencio Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Purcell Ms. Christine Quarry Mr. Ryan Quigley Ms. Jennifer Rafferty Ms. Norma Ramirez Ms. Alice Ramirez Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Ramirez Robin Reed Ms. Roxanne Reichow Ms. Cynthia Reinwald Ms. Jessica Revlin Ms. Nikki M. Reyes Ms. Marilee S. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Otis L. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Vince D. Reynoso Mr. Gary Ribiat and Dr. Geralyn Freeland Lupe Ricardez Ms. Georganna D. Rice Mr. Randall Richman Mr. Mike Riddell K Monet Ritter Mr. James S. Rivera Mr. Bob Rizk and Ms. Sandy Rosenthal Ms. Karen Roach Mr. Glenn Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Robinson Ms. Kathleen Rock Ms. Terra A. Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Everett Rollins Ms. Christal G. Rosa Mr. Ruben Rosales Mr. Angel B. Rosales Ms. Ruby Rosas-Ruiz Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Rose Ms. Lisa Ross Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Rosson Mr. Dean A. Roth Mr. John Rubio Ms. Mollie K. Ruble Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rucinski Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Russett Mr. Fred L. Russo Ms. Jessica Rust Ms. Polly A. Rye Mr. and Mrs. James H. Sadowski Mr. Jesse Saidor Ms. Valeria Salazar Mr. and Mrs. Chris Salcido Ms. Diana A. Saldana Mrs. Lei-Ann M. Salter Mr. and Mrs. Jason Samonte Ms. Margaret L. San Filipo Ms. Jacqueline M. Sanchez Ms. Sondra Sanders Mr. Scot Sandoval Dr. and Mrs. Sal Santangelo Ms. Zindy C. Saqui Ms. Kellie A. Saravia Ms. Kymberly A. Sargent Ms. Katherine Sassi Mr. and Mrs. Rich Sauer Mr. Kevin Saul Mrs. Faith R. Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Robert Savala Mr. and Mrs. Ryan D. Schaap Mr. Michael F. Schaible Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Schmeer Mr. and Mrs. James J. Schmitt Mr. William G. Schneberg Ms. Shannon E. Schneider Dr. and Mrs. Roy A. Schneider Ms. Helene D. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. William C. Schreiber Ms. Carrie L. Schwartz Mr. Kenneth Scott Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Sears Ms. Debbie F. Seidman Mr. John Seifert Ms. Anne Selby Mr. John Sessums Mr. Danny Sheff Mr. and Mrs. William D. Shelton Ms. Sherry S. Shirk Ms. Patricia Shuman Mr. Jurij Simcic Ms. Megan Siminski Mr. and Mrs. James F. Sindelar Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sindell Mrs. Dolores A. Sisson Mr. Tryon Sisson Mr. and Mrs. John Skidmore Ms. Andrea Skinner Mr. and Mrs. Larry Slago Dr. Daniel Slaton Mr. and Mrs. Pete Sloan Ms. Mariana G. Slutzky Mr. Mark J. Smith Ms. Cathy D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Greg Smith Mr. Greg E. Smith Ms. Alice J. Smith Ms. Danya J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smyth Ms. Stephanie Snowman Ms. Stacey C. Soares Mr. and Mrs. William Sollima Ms. Patricia Soncini Ms. Sheri Sorby Ms. Marguerite W. Sorenson Ms. Sylvia Soto Ms. Joanne Soto Mrs. Vicki Sreden Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. St. John Mr. Robert Staback Mrs. Marian C. Stanforth Ms. Dawn M. Stidham Ms. Noelle Stockman-Bell Mr. Loren Stone Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Stone Mr. Michael Storms Mr. Steven Stroh Ms. Gabriela S. Stubblefield Mr. Mark P. Suter Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Sutton Ms. Susan A. Suydam Mr. Ryan Swagerty Ms. Allyson Swaney Ms. Paula Swanson Ms. Tammy Swarbrick Ms. Hedy M. Swercheck Ms. Denise Szabo Mr. and Mrs. George T. Tabata Tracy Tagliati Ms. Karina Tapia Ms. Allyson Tapie Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Tapking Ms. Lila Tavakoli Ms. Deb Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. Taylor Ms. Cindy L. Taylor Ms. Liz Tello Ms. Nicky Thae Mr. and Mrs. Rick Thomas Mrs. Kathryn Thompson Ms. Julie M. Thompson Mr. Michael L. Thornburg Ms. Karen L. Thorsfeldt Ms. Terri Tobey Ms. Pam Toderao Mr. Gene E. Tolman Ms. Heather L. Tomka Ms. Kristen D. Torkay Mr. Reed Torkay Mr. Ralph R. Torres Mr. Richard Touhy Mr. Steven Tovias Mr. and Mrs. Chris Treptow Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Treptow Ms. Lahna Truong Ms. Donna L. Truscinski Ms. Sharri A. Tucker Ms. Suzanne Tummarello Ms. Stephanie Turner Ms. Meredith Tussing Munkholm Mr. and Mrs. Mark Urban Mr. Richard Urias Ms. Teresa A. Uriquidez Ms. Dolores Vajcovec Mr. Louis T. Valdez Dr. and Mrs. Robert O. Valdez Ms. Joana Valencia Ms. Kelly van Almen Brenner P. Van Der Car Ms. Melinda E. Van Hemert Mr. Rob Van Nieuwburg Mr. John E. Van Trigt Ms. Jill S. Vanegas Ms. Timika Vasquez Mr. Martin Velasquez Mr. and Mrs. John A. Verity Ms. Megan A. Vicente Ms. Wendy Vickers Ms. Kim Vickers Ms. Karin K. Vikman Mr. Carlos Villagomez Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vinci Mr. and Mrs. Jay Vocke Ms. Carol Von Doeren Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Votrian, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sandford Waddell Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Wagner Mr. James Wagner Ms. Breah N. Walker Ms. Briana A. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Scott Walter Ms. Velma L. Warne Mr. and Mrs. Hal Wasserman Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Watson Ms. Jane L. Weblemoe Mr. Michael Weingarden Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weisberg Ms. Shanna Weiss Ms. Jackie Wells Ms. Catherine Wermuth Mr. and Mrs. Scott Werner Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery B. Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. David White Mr. Jonas White Ms. Breann Whiteaker Ms. Heidi Wiese Mr. Colin Wilcox Mr. Michael Wilde Mr. and Mrs. Keone K. Wilkes Mr. Joe E. Willcutt Mr. Scott Williams Ms. Karen Williams Mr. Mike Williams Mr. and Mrs. Lance Williams Ms. Julia R. Williams Ms. Sue Wilson Mr. C. W. Wilson Bobbi Winkler Mr. Scott Wolas Ms. Ilana F. Wolfson

18 Ms. Kathleen A. Wood Ms. Alexandra Wright Mr. Jerry Yalowitz Ms. Janet Yokota Ms. Amanda J. Young Mrs. Katherine Young Mr. and Mrs. Jon Youngerman Ms. Charlene Yu Ms. Rhonda Zamora Mr. David Zavala Ms. Leigh H. Zimmerman Ms. Heidi A. Zirkle-Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Samir Zuhric Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Zweifel THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS, ORGANIZATIONS OR BUSINESSES WHO MADE A GIFT IN-KIND DONATION DURING THE PERIOD OF March 1st, - June 30th, 2011 The Acorn Newspaper Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic of Jonathan Breslow Adam Kent Photography Adams Studio Adolfo Camarillo High School Al Lowe Construction, Inc. 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In-N-Out Burger Jinky's Kanan Cafe John Moss Photography Josh Mercer Photography Karl Strauss Brewing Company Katie Moos Photography Killer B's BBQ and Bar Kim Pagano Show Kind Snacks The Kitchen La Familia Preschool Laetitia Vineyard and Winery Las Posas Veterinary Medical Center Lincoln Financial Advisors Lindt Chocolate Loohoo's Asian Comfort Food Luner's Professional Sound & Lighting Sys MAC Make Up The Magic of Merlin Malibu Family Wine Marborg Industries Marshall's Bodacious BBQ Mastro's Steakhouse Men's Wearhouse Michelle Nunez Miller Coors Missy's Cupcake Creations Monarchs National Gymnastics Training Center Moorpark Country Club My Florist NACE Ventura Chapter National Charity League Conego Valley Chapter Nothing Bundt Cakes ODU-USA Ojai Beverage Company OneWorldMusic Onyx Ottavio's Italian Restaurant and Catering Outback Steakhouse Oyster Bay - New Zealand P Portrait P.F. Chang's China Bistro Pacific Palisades High School Paige 23 Wines Panache Hair Studio Panera Bread - Promenade at the Camarillo Outlets Peppermint Junction Pajama Program Petersen Automotive Museum Picture Healing Power Machinery Center Premier Dance Studio / Family Chiropractic PRP Wine International Ralphs - Moorpark Ray Collins Enterprises, Inc. Red Berry Farms Red Lobster Rejuvenation Hair Remy Cointreau USA Inc. Rhonda Burton Designs Ric's Restaurant Rideau Vineyard Roadrunner Shuttle Rocky Creek Cellars Rowley Portraiture Royal Oaks Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill Ryan Caliendo Photography Safire American Bistro Salon Murazo San Vicente Cellars Sea Bees Sierra Nevada Brewing Co Signature Engraving Skating Plus Smokin' Steve's Catering & BBQ Joint Snapper Jack's Taco Shack Society Magazine Somis Nut House Sound Effect Spa Escapes Spanish Hills Golf & Country Club Spencer Makenzies Fish Company Sphere Connections Squashed Grapes Stacked Stone Cellars Sugar Bear's Cupcake Shack Sugar Beets Restaurant and Bar Sunset Coast Photographers T is for Toffee Target - Moorpark Target - West Simi Valley Technicolor Think Thin Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Tierra Sur Restaurant Tolosa Winery Tom & Sandy Show Tortilla's Grill & Cantina The Tower Club Tranquility Tea Room University Preparation School Urban Outfitters Valentinos Take-N-Bake Pizza Valley Crest Trees Valley Scene Magazine Ventura County Ballet Company Ventura County Star Ventura's Surf Brewery Vie the Spa Vista Pacific Dental Care Wades Wines WCP Cellars We Olive Ventura WellPoint Health Network Wells Fargo Bank Wente Family Estate Westlake Malibu Lifestyle Westlake Village Animal Hospital Westlake Village Inn Weyerhaeuser The Whale's Tail Restaurant Winchesters Grill and Saloon The Wine Rack Wine Shopping Network Yolanda's Young's Market Company Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ahern Ms. Cheryl Allain-Mee Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Amaya Ms. Amy Anderson Mrs. Kerry Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Aparicio Mr. Giovanni Arevalo Mr. Faber B. Mr. and Mrs. John Bagan Mr. and Mrs. Sean A. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bauer Mr. and Mrs. James Bedford Ms. Kaela Belicove Mrs. Mary W. Bianco Ms. Anna T. Bieszczad Mrs. Michelle Bombardier Mr. and Mrs. Herb Bostrom Ms. Barbara Breitbarth Mr. and Mrs. Ted Brown Mrs. Loralee Brown Mr. Thomas Bryson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burg Ms. Chris Callo Ms. Pam Campeau Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Caterson Mrs. Leticia Caverly Mrs. Pam Cellucci Mrs. Kami Chan Mr. and Mrs. David Chan Ms. Heidi Chartier Preeyada Chen Mr. and Mrs. Brian Christianson Mrs. Miriam Chuntz Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cohen Dr. Lisa Jo Cohen Ms. Sara Colbert Mrs. Laurel Cook Ms. Sue Coven Ms. Rose Cricchio Ms. Debbie Curran Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dawson Adrio DeCicco Mr. and Mrs. James Derenthal Mr. John DeSimone Ms. Michelle Dransart Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Dunbar Ms. Paige Duncan Ms. Renee Dunne Mrs. M. Duvall Dr. and Mrs. Edward Elson Mr. and Mrs. David D. Ely Mr. and Mrs. George A. Erb Ms. Laurabelle Erickson Ms. Marissa G. Espinoza Dr. BiJian Fan Ms. Rochelle Fayngor Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalo Fernandez Mr. James Fish Mr. Wesley Flanagan Ms. Jeanice Flanigan Mrs. Louise Florenca Mr. and Mrs. Dain Fogelmanis Mrs. Jennifer Fot Mrs. Marie Garcia Ms. Stephanie Giluso Claud Glez Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Goodrich Mr. and Mrs. James Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Granat Ms. Amanda Green Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Grenier Ms. Donielle Griggs Ms. Elsie J. Grigsby Ms. Vanessa Guidon Ms. Patricia Gutierrez Ms. Hilarie Hall Ms. Terry Hanser Ms. H. G. Haynes Ms. Joyce Hewitt Ms. Cyndi Hidalgo-Knies Mrs. Rufie Holt Ms. Danya Holtzman Dr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Jensen Mr. Erik B. Joedicker Mrs. Andrea Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Lance Johnson Mrs. Harriet Karol Ms. J. Kashima Mrs. Jill R. Kinder Mrs. Jodie King Mr. and Mrs. Reza Koliai Mr. and Mrs. Ron Kramer Mrs. Sharron L. Krebs Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Krenkler Mr. Michael Kuarda Ms. Patricia Kubeisy Dr. and Mrs. Larry Kussin Ms. Susan Kussin Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lambert Ms. Katie Langley Mr. Ken Larson Mrs. Tiffany Lasher Ms. Jenna Lindquist Ms. Darcey Lober Jan G. Lopez, CSR, RPR Ms. Anne T. Losito Mrs. Joelle Mancuso Mr. and Mrs. Sam Manfredi Smadar Marshall Mr. Ezekiel Mata, Jr. Mr. William Maye Mrs. Patricia McDonough Mr. Patrick K. McKenna and Ms. Patricia Behringer Dr. Michael McQuillan, O.D. Ms. Susan Miller Dr. and Mrs. Jack Milner Jorge Moran Mr. Parker Munhall Mrs. Helaine Munson Mrs. Dionne Myers Mr. and Mrs. Scott Nelson Mr. Olena Newell Ms. Ruby L. Oertle Mr. and Mrs. Larry Oliver Mr. Robert Orlando Mr. and Mrs. Richard Padilla Mrs. Kelly Parrish Mrs. Shelly Parsons Ms. Sivan Pastel Mr. Robert G. Peale Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pelletier Mrs. Marta Pemberton Ms. Jamie Perelman and Mr. Jason Hill Mrs. Hamood Qazi Mr. and Mrs. Tom Radwan Mrs. Carrie Reilly Mr. Russell Reitz Mrs. Claudia Reyes-Teachman Mrs. Lisa Riccobono Mrs. Lori Riis Vestergaard Mr. William Ritchie Mr. John Rodriguez Mrs. Carol Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Everett Rollins Ms. Sarah Ross Ms. Kristin Roth Kelly Ryan Ms. Ziva Santos Mrs. Susan Schissel-Weerakkody Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Schmeer Mr. and Mrs. Mark Scognamillo Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Sears Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Selleck Mr. and Mrs. John Simpson Ms. Brandee Sisting Ms. Nicole Slezak Mr. and Mrs. Drew Smith Mr. Randall S. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snell Mr. Tim Snowber Mrs. Vanessa Songer Mrs. Deborah Stepler Ms. Marsha Takeda Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tayarani Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tesoro Ms. Allison Teunis Mr. and Mrs. Scott Thomson Mr. Anil Vaidya Mr. Carlo Van Staden Ms. Erin Van Valkenburgh Mr. and Mrs. John P. Van Wyngaarden, Jr. Ms. Marilyn Velasquez Mrs. Allyson Walker Mrs. Louise Waln Ms. Gail Wander Ms. Beatrice P. Watts Mrs. Susan Weerakkody Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weisberg Ms. Debbie Weiss Ms. Wendy Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Wong Ms. Cherie Wrigley Mrs. Karen Wrinkle Mr. and Mrs. Jose Zaragoza Mr. and Mrs. Hector Zaragoza Heartlines is a project of the Casa Pacifica Development Department. We strive for accuracy. If you feel an omission has been made in a donor or sponsor listing please contact our department at (805) so we may correct our records S. Lewis Road, Camarillo, CA Phone (805) FAX (805)

Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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The Associate Pledge is the nucleus of WHI s service

The Associate Pledge is the nucleus of WHI s service FALL 2009 www.whihotels.com Contents Vol. 25, No. 3 P. 2 Awards P. 2-3 Associate Appreciation P. 2 Awards P. 3 Promotions P. 4-5 Focus on Sales P. 8 Community P. 6 Associate Pledge Focus is published for

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COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES. Reaching Out. Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations

COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES. Reaching Out. Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations I N S I G H T COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES Reaching Out Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations january 2011 All community foundations do good. Some do better by making full use of board

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A Day in the Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur

A Day in the Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur WE GLOBAL NETWORK A Day in the Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur STORIES FROM AMERICA S RUST BELT WELCOMING ECONOMIES LEADING RUST BELT IMMIGRANT INNOVATION ...every aspect of the American economy has

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Teachers & Parents share powerful stories about the importance of high quality early learning. A Strong Start Makes a Difference

Teachers & Parents share powerful stories about the importance of high quality early learning. A Strong Start Makes a Difference Teachers & Parents share powerful stories about the importance of high quality early learning. A Strong Start Makes a Difference About the Campaign The Strong Start for Children - Building America s Future

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Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit

Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit A Guide for Beginning and Sustaining Park Friend Groups JANUARY 2014 In partnership with Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit A Guide for Beginning and Sustaining

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Ready, Set, Fly! A Parent s Guide To Teaching Life Skills

Ready, Set, Fly! A Parent s Guide To Teaching Life Skills Ready, Set, Fly! A Parent s Guide To Teaching Life Skills Tucson Division 1600 North Country Club Road Tucson, AZ 85716-3160 www.casey.org 2001. Casey Family Programs. Seattle WA. All rights reserved.

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INTERgENERATIONAL PROGRAMMING GOOD PRACTICES IN INTERgENERATIONAL PROGRAMMING MODELS ADVANCING POLICY, PRACTICE AND RESEARCH This publication was made possible with support from the Verizon Community Foundation It was prepared in collaboration

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12 Incredible Customer Service ICE Awards applaud outstanding customer service.

12 Incredible Customer Service ICE Awards applaud outstanding customer service. Grand strander Issue 670 April 2009 The Official Newsletter of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Five Chamber MBACC awarded top accreditation by U.S. Chamber of Commerce The United States Chamber

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The. Informant. The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 8 August 2010

The. Informant. The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 8 August 2010 The Informant The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 8 August 2010 San Diego Police Officers Association 8388 Vickers Street 858.573.1199 (Office) San Diego,

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Free or Inexpensive Rewards for Students and Staff. Compiled by. Laura A. Riffel, Ph.D. from schools implementing School-wide PBIS

Free or Inexpensive Rewards for Students and Staff. Compiled by. Laura A. Riffel, Ph.D. from schools implementing School-wide PBIS Free or Inexpensive Rewards for Students and Staff Compiled by Laura A. Riffel, Ph.D. from schools implementing School-wide PBIS www.behaviordoctor.org caughtyoubeinggood@gmail.com ISBN: 978-1-257-03459-8

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March 2014 Volume 52. PLAY BALL! p. 12. The Common Grey Squirrels. The Official Publication of The Bar Association of Metropolitan St.

March 2014 Volume 52. PLAY BALL! p. 12. The Common Grey Squirrels. The Official Publication of The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. March 2014 Volume 52 PLAY BALL! p. 12 The Common Grey Squirrels The Official Publication of The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis TABLE of CONTENTS BOARD of GOVERNORS & STAFF 4 President s Message

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TEAM HANDBOOK Academic Year Ending 2015 Enactus Team Handbook Academic Year Ending 2015» 1

TEAM HANDBOOK Academic Year Ending 2015 Enactus Team Handbook Academic Year Ending 2015» 1 TEAM HANDBOOK Academic Year Ending 2015 Enactus Team Handbook Academic Year Ending 2015» 1 en act us A community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial

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Jaeley Tiana Thorell Born at Super Valu Parking Lot

Jaeley Tiana Thorell Born at Super Valu Parking Lot 201ST EDITION OCTOBER 2014 Serving the North Shuswap, Sorrento, Blind Bay, Chase, Adams Lake & Seymour Arm. Between 3500-7000 distributed (depending on time of year). By Jo Anne Malpass Jaeley Tiana Thorell

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Building and Sustaining After-School Programs

Building and Sustaining After-School Programs Building and Sustaining After-School Programs Successful Practices in School Board Leadership Building and Sustaining After-School Programs Successful Practices in School Board Leadership Extended-Day

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Selling the way your customer wants to buy... Not the way you like to sell!

Selling the way your customer wants to buy... Not the way you like to sell! Selling the way your customer wants to buy... Not the way you like to sell! shfgsgh Unleashing the Power of Consultative Selling Selling the way your customer wants to buy Not the way you like to sell!

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Preparing Our Kids for Education, Work and Life

Preparing Our Kids for Education, Work and Life U N D E R S T A N D I N G B O S T O N Preparing Our Kids for Education, Work and Life A Report of the Task Force on Youth Aging Out of Care Task Force Co-Chairs Cambridge Family & Children s Service and

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Also inside: Student callers Health care mission trips The renovated

Also inside: Student callers Health care mission trips The renovated Saint Louis University Also inside: Student callers Health care mission trips The renovated Rec Center A professor s Irish discoveries Fold out for a view of the Edward A. Doisy Research Center and the

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He was learning to read, but he wasn t learning to live.

He was learning to read, but he wasn t learning to live. He was learning to read, but he wasn t learning to live. Socially inclusive learning in a community setting Greg Marston and Jeffrey Johnson-Abdelmalik Greg Marston and Jeffrey Johnson-Abdelmalik Illustrations

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Allow me to introduce myself. I am a customer.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a customer. Volume 71, Number 3, 2012 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE MINNESOTA BEVERAGE ASSOCIATION www.municipalbev.com Allow me to introduce myself. I am a customer. Municipal Liquor Store Box 32966 Minneapolis MN

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Workplace Wellness Programs Study

Workplace Wellness Programs Study Workplace Wellness Programs Study Case Studies Summary Report Contract Number: DOLJ089327414 Prepared for: Office of Policy and Research Employee Benefits Security Administration Department of Labor Office

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Through the Maze: Careers in Association Management

Through the Maze: Careers in Association Management Careers in Association Management Benjamin Butz Executive Director, Inc Beau Ballinger AARP Jennifer Connelly American College of Healthcare Executives Emily Crespo TH Mgmt., Inc TM Welcome to the Workforce,

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Building Mutually- Beneficial Relationships Between Schools and Communities:

Building Mutually- Beneficial Relationships Between Schools and Communities: Building Mutually- Beneficial Relationships Between Schools and Communities: The Role of a Connector Dacia Chrzanowski, Susan Rans and Raymond Thompson A Publication From the Asset Based Community Development

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HCC s Criminal Justice Club

HCC s Criminal Justice Club Holyoke Community College Summer 2011 Volume 2 Issue 2 Your Community Resource for Education, Training, and Enrichment HCC s Criminal Justice Club www.hcc.edu Holyoke Community College 303 Homestead Avenue

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2009, 2010 Government of Alberta, Advanced Education and Technology

2009, 2010 Government of Alberta, Advanced Education and Technology This publication can be ordered online or downloaded at alis.alberta.ca/publications ISBN 978-0-7785-8131-4 For copyright or more information about this resource, contact: Advanced Education and Technology

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Casey Price to be Installed as 88th Bar President. 2014 Camden County Professional Lawyer of the Year Nominations. Inside

Casey Price to be Installed as 88th Bar President. 2014 Camden County Professional Lawyer of the Year Nominations. Inside MAY 2014 THE BARRISTER Page 1 Published by the Camden County Bar Association VOL. 62, No. 10 MAY 2014 Nominating Committee Announces Officer and Trustee Slate The Camden County Bar Association Nominating

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Н.В. Юхнель Е.Г. Наумова Н.В. Демченко. Вышэйшая школа. Правообладатель Вышэйшая школа

Н.В. Юхнель Е.Г. Наумова Н.В. Демченко. Вышэйшая школа. Правообладатель Вышэйшая школа Н.В. Юхнель Е.Г. Наумова Н.В. Демченко CONTENTS UNIT 1. ABOUT MYSELF............................. 4 UNIT 2. HOUSES AND HOMES........................ 33 UNIT 3. EDUCATION................................

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