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1 BBN Brevard Business News Vol. 29 No. 39 September 26, 2011 A Weekly Space Coast Business Magazine Community Bank takes part in program to help small firms gain capital By Ken Datzman MERRITT ISLAND Capital is the lifeblood of a small business. There is nothing more important to their long term survival than working capital. While large companies around America are hoarding billions of dollars in cash, mainly because of a lack of confidence in the market, small businesses find themselves in a credit squeeze with the vice grip tightening. Without small business growth, communities can come to a standstill. Community Bank of the South, whose core customer is the small business operator, aims to help stimulate the economy in Brevard County through participation in a government program that encourages banks to increase commercial lending to small companies in their communities. Community Bank of the South has signed on to take part in the U.S. Department of Treasury s Small Business Lending Fund, a voluntary program that makes billions of dollars available to banks Please see Community Bank, page 19 BBN photo Adrienne B. Roth Community Bank of the South is a participant in the Department of Treasury s Small Business Lending Fund. The initiative encourages community banks to increase lending to qualified small businesses, helping those companies expand their operations and create jobs. The bank team includes Bill Taylor, CEO, and Nancy Brower, vice president. They are at the Merritt Island office. Women in car sales talk about benefits of working in a man s world By Stephanie Hoops Scripps Howard Service In the late 1990s on a snowy day in Chicago, sociologist Helene Lawson was car shopping when she spotted a woman on the lot, trudging around in five inch heels. I d never seen a woman selling cars before, especially at that time, she said. I thought, what do women know about cars? Lawson, who didn t learn to drive until she was married, was so intrigued by women who had decided to make a career of selling cars that she studied them and authored Ladies on the Lot: Women, Car across the nation in an effort to jump start job creation and business expansion. A wave of capital has flowed into the Small Business Lending Fund and community banks, in small batches, are stepping up to capitalize on the opportunity to make available the money in their markets. Community Bank of the South, whose holding company is CBOS Bankshares Inc., is one of only a small number of banks in Central Florida approved to take part in the lending program. This is a program to help stimulate the economy, said William Bill Taylor, founding president and chief executive officer of Community Bank of the South. The Treasury has set aside $30 billion as part of the Small Business Lending Fund. We are one of the banks that has been awarded $3.9 million to lend. The goal is to help the local economy through lending to credit worthy small businesses, Taylor said. Privately held small businesses say access to capital is the No. 1 policy option Sales and the Pursuit of the American dream. At the time the book was published in 2000, car sales were a man s scene. The work environment was peppered with after work partying and little tolerance for mood swings. The women Lawson interviewed were in it for the money and coped by conforming. They d start to talk the way men did to fit in, she said. Today, the car sales business is still a man s scene. Women hold just 4.9 percent of jobs in new car sales and 3.6 percent of jobs in used sales, according to CNW Marketing Research. You need to have thick skin and learn to let workplace conversations go in one ear and out the other, said Kimberly Pastucka, who s been selling cars for a little more than a year at Thousand Oaks (Calif.) Toyota. PRESORTED STANDARD US POSTAGE PAID BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS, INC. It definitely is more a man s business, she said. When you think of a traditional car salesman, you think of a man, not a woman, and it s still like that today. Pastucka studied teaching but could not Please see Car Sales, page 16

2 Kempf's Jewelers new ad ed Founders Forum 9/19/11 page 3 DISCOUNT PRINTING Churchill Printing 9/19/11 page 3 PRINTING BUSINESS CARDS BROCHURES POSTCARDS ENVELOPES BANNERS CARBONLESS FORMS MAGNETS FLYERS 1-COLOR TO, WE DO IT ALL FOR LESS CHURCHILL WE BARTER ALSO Blue Tangerine 9/19/11 page 3 National Realty pick Woodlake up BBN pick up 9/12/ page 18 page 9 Brain Game Challenge encourages individuals to be proactive about health TITUSVILLE Individuals of any age will be challenged to take steps toward good brain health when Parrish Medical Center hosts the Brain Game Challenge from 1 to 4 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29, in the PMC Conference Center, 951 N. Washington Ave. No reservations are required. This free event is a collaborative partnership between Parrish Medical Center, Brevard Alzheimer s Foundation (sponsor of Joe s Club), Benton House and the Alzheimer s Foundation of America (AFA). The partnering agencies are working together to provide the community with information, education, resources and support to those affected by, or caregivers for, loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer s disease. The Brain Game Challenge is designed for people of all ages, abilities and interests. Attendees can participate in puzzles, logic and memory games. Educational materials on how to make healthier lifestyle choices will also be available. It is never too early or too late to build up good health habits, including brain health, said Eric Hall, AFA president and chief executive officer. This event is designed to show that the path to successful aging can be both educational and entertaining. AFA developed the Brain Game Challenge around the concept that flexing and stretching your brain, just like flexing and stretching other parts of your body, is critical for a successful aging workout. So much so that experts suggest that people of all ages exercise both their brains and bodies on a daily basis. Research suggests that regular mental workouts may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer s disease or other memory disorders by enhancing cognitive reserve, stimulating growth of new brain cells, and maintaining or strengthening connections between brain cells. Currently, Alzheimer s disease, which results in loss of memory and other intellectual functions, affects as many as 5.1 million Americans. The incidence is expected to increase dramatically in line with the nation s aging population; advanced age is the greatest known risk factor. In Brevard County, 20 percent of the population is over age 65, a higher percentage than any other Florida county or the U.S. in general. Alzheimer s disease is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Daffodil Gala raises $52,000 for SCCF More than 240 people attended the recent Space Coast Cancer Foundation s fifth annual Daffodil Gala, which raised more than $52,000. The event was presented by Vitas Innovative Hospice Care and hosted at the Holiday Inn Viera. The program honored Kathy Skalet and Alice Alderman as Volunteers of the Year and Dawn Faust as Cancer Survivor of the Year. The event included a silent auction, live music and dancing. The net proceeds from the gala will fund the purchase, maintenance and operational costs for a patient transport van. This service will ensure that patients in need will have a ride to and from their appointments. The Space Coast Cancer Center Board of Directors includes Dr. Richard Levine, Linda Bradley, Tina Norman, Eddie Norman, Harry Jones, Melissa Flammio Clark, Nancy Payne, Grace Vista, Linda Miedema, Ph.D., and John Riordan. BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 2 Call Adrienne Roth at for Advertising Information

3 51st Fall Orchid Fair set for Oct at Melbourne Auditorium; vendor showcase The Brevard County Orchid Society s 51st annual Fall Orchid Fair will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 29, and Sunday, Oct. 30, at the Melbourne Auditorium, 625 E. Hibiscus Blvd., just two blocks west of U.S. Highway 1. The fair will feature many top vendors offering orchids, exotic tropical plants, and orchid related gifts and supplies for sale. Admission is $4; children age 12 and under will be admitted free of charge. A blooming orchid is the perfect holiday gift, and all of the plants offered at the Fall Orchid Fair are suitable for growing locally. The professional growers at the Orchid Fair will gladly tell you about the plants they offer, including how to care for them at home or even incorporate them into an outdoor garden, said Julie Zepf, show chairwoman. She said there will be a spectacular display room, where professional growers will exhibit their very best blooming orchids for you to admire. Amateur orchid growers also will show plants they have grown at home, competing for awards in several categories. The Brevard County Orchid Society s Hospitality Table will offer free literature on orchid culture, and Society volunteers will be ready to talk to you about the plants you have or would like to acquire. Daily admission to the Fall Orchid Fair includes free workshops presented by professional orchid growers. The workshops are at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., each day, and will cover a range of topics. The speakers will take questions from the attendees. Go to the Fall Orchid Fair page at for times and topics of the workshops. Zepf said the Fall Orchid Fair is a great opportunity to see and learn about these beautiful flowering plants. If you re feeling lucky, buy some raffle tickets and try to win a blooming orchid plant or one of the other orchid related prizes donated by our vendors and supporters. Brevard County Orchid Society is a nonprofit organization. One of its purposes is to increase public interest in the growing of orchids and to extend the knowledge, production, use and appreciation of orchids. The organization meets at 7:30 p.m. on the second Monday of the month at the Satellite Beach Municipal Auditorium, 565 Cassia Blvd. Port Canaveral Pink Ribbon Walk Oct. 22 The Port Canaveral Association will host the Pink Ribbon Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness as part of Port Fest 2011 on Oct. 22. Event registration begins at 7:30 a.m., with the Pink Ribbon Walk set for 9 o clock. The 5K non competitive walk raises money and awareness for breast cancer. Proceeds from the walk will benefit Space Coast Cancer Foundation. Walk Bling T shirts are available at Fishlips, Rusty s, Wild Ocean Seafood, and Space Coast Cancer Centers. Port Fest will feature a host of activities, including bed and bathtub races, shrimp eating contests, entertainment from local bands, and a fireworks show by Pryo. The event staging area will be located between Rusty s and Fishlips on Glen Cheek Drive. For more information, to organize a team or collect donations, log onto or contact Vonda Welborn at Three One Come Join Us Delight your palate with delectable tastings at The March of Dimes 3rd Annual Signature Chefs Auction. WEDNESDAY September 28th, 2011 HOLIDAY INN MELBOURNE - VIERA 8298 North Wickham Road Doors open at 6PM Mercedes 9/12/11 page 3 Whichever type of luxury or peformance suits you, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz or Audi, we promise exceptional service and your ultimate satisfaction. Pre-Owned Luxury Featuring the Space Coast & Treasure Coast s largest selection of new and certified pre-owned luxury vehicles. March of Dimes new ad ed Parrish Medical Foundation Spirit of Philanthropy 2011 Women of Achievement Award Tickets and Corporate Tables available For additional information Contact: Shay Rowe Owner,General Manager 509 E. NASA Blvd. Melbourne m-f 9am-8pm sat. 9am-7pm sun. noon-6pm Enjoy complimentary pick-up & delivery and a loaner vehicle with every scheduled service appointment. signature chefs auction Visit for Advertising Information BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 3

4 BBN EDITORIAL Scientists discover there is more than one way to make a brain By John Pastor Seemingly simple animals such as the snail and squid have ransacked the genetic toolkit over the last half billion years to find different ways to build complex brains, nervous systems and shells, according to an international team of researchers, including a neuroscientist with the University of Florida Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience. Using genomics and computational approaches, the scientists have reconstructed the evolutionary history of the entire phylum Molluscsa, which includes more than 100,000 living species, ranging from giant squid to microscopic marine worm like creatures. One of the surprising outcomes of the study, recently published online in the journal Nature, suggests that the formation of a complex brain in mollusks has independently occurred at least four times during the course of evolution a finding that may prove useful to regenerative medicine scientists trying to develop new ways to help BBN Brevard BusinessNews 4300 Fortune Place, Suite D West Melbourne, FL (321) fax (321) PUBLISHER Adrienne B. Roth EDITOR Ken Datzman people with degenerative brain diseases. Nature did many experiments for us over the past 500 million years, using different molecular tools to build complex brains by independently centralizing smaller neuronal structures, said Leonid Moroz, a member of the department of neuroscience with the UF College of Medicine. The octopus, for example, is very intelligent. It can learn by watching, and it has one of the most complicated brains of any animal without a backbone. And it evolved completely independently from us, using different genes, gene regulators and, in part, different neuronal signaling molecules. By looking at the genomic data collected from the various classes and families of mollusks, the scientists were able to better understand the relationships between aplacophorans, which are worm like creatures; gastropods, which include slugs and snails; cephalopods, such as octopuses and squids; and a variety of other shell producing creatures. Researchers extracted RNAs from dozens of marine organisms for deep genomewide sequencing and backed that information with all publicly banked data, revealing for the first time a blueprint of the molluscan life history on Earth. Every major lineage of mollusk was represented in the analysis except for a class called monoplacophorans, which are tiny, shelled animals that live at the bottom of the deep sea and are too scarce to be captured. Kenneth Halanych and graduate student Kevin Kocot of the department of biological sciences at Auburn University led the computational analysis, while the gene sequencing was led by Moroz at UF s Whitney Lab. Surprisingly, cephalopod mollusks octopuses and squid that are known for intelligence and considered primates of the seas represent one of the earliest branches of shelled mollusks, while simpler mollusks such as clams and oysters were a later branch, Moroz said. The study helps resolve many conflicting hypotheses constructed in the past 100 years regarding the evolutionary tracks of these animals, according to Rhanor Gillette, a professor of molecular and integrative physiology, and of neuroscience, at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, who was not involved in the research. Gillette has studied mollusks and their nervous systems for more than 40 years, focusing on how they make decisions about defense, reproduction and predation by analyzing their behavior and neural circuitry. The researchers put the gastropods snails and slugs into a sister group with bivalves clams and oysters which have far less complex nervous systems, Gillette said. I was under the impression that snails were closer to more complex cephalopods, like squid and octopus, but now we find they are more closely related to the oyster. That s quite an unusual fisherman s platter. What is of extreme interest will be to find out the nature of the basic neuronal circuits that different animals use to make the cost benefit decisions of their daily lives, such as finding food or defending themselves, Gillette said. There is likely to be a simple, core function for decision making in neuronal circuitry that has evolved in tandem in mollusks and much more complex mammals, including humans, despite their remarkable differences in lifestyle, biochemistry and body structure. Moroz said the discovery says much about the value of using genomic approaches to reveal the true diversity of life. Some of these organisms, including a sea slug called Aplysia and the octopuses, have turned out to be good biomedical models for understanding learning, memory and disease in people. It is important to establish ancestral relationships between organisms using genomic information, and to understand why this very successful group resulted in so many different forms and unique biochemical and behavioral adaptations. Moroz s graduate student Mathew Citarella and molecular biologist Andrea Kohn, of the Whitney Laboratory were on the research team, as were scientists from the University of Bergen in Norway and the Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany. OFFICE MANAGER Frank Schiffmann Brevard Business News is published every Monday by Brevard Business News Inc. Bulk Rate postage is paid at Melbourne, FL and Cocoa, FL. This publication serves business executives in Brevard County. It reports on news, trends and ideas of interest to industry, trade, agribusiness, finance, health care, high technology, education and commerce. Letters to the Editor must include the writer s signature and printed or typed name, full address and telephone number. Brevard Business News reserves the right to edit all letters. Send your letters to: Editor, Brevard Business News, 4300 Fortune Place, Suite D, West Melbourne, FL, 32904, or Subscription Rates for home or office mail delivery are $26.00 for one year (52 issues). Send all address changes to: Circulation Department, Brevard Business News, 4300 Fortune Place, Suite D, West Melbourne, FL, 32904, or Businesses support Masons challenge The Masons of the 26th Masonic District in Brevard County recently announced that four area businesses have pledged their sponsorship support to the Doughnuts for the Heart Challenge. The businesses are Artemis IT, Krispy Kreme, A Cut Above Video, and Clear Channel Radio (KISS 95.1, Lite Rock 99.3, WMMB 1240 and 1350 AM). This unique event will take place on Nov. 12 at Wickham Park in Melbourne and will consist of a road race in which each runner will cover two miles through the park, eat a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, then run an additional two miles back to the start finish line. Funds raised by this event will benefit the Cardiac Research Institute (CRI) at the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory ( The CRI is rapidly becoming an international center for genetic screening of cardiac diseases, especially those involving cardiac arrhythmias. For more information about the event, call Rob Holmes at or e mail Riverwalk to celebrate National Public Lands Day On Saturday, Sept. 24, more than 180,000 volunteers nationwide, including those at Riverwalk A Family Park in Rockledge, will visit their favorite parks, beaches, wildlife preserves, or forests and chip in to help improve these treasured places. They ll be taking part in National Public Lands Day, the largest, single day volunteer event for public lands in our country. This year marks the 18th annual National Public Lands Day, an event that brings together thousands of volunteers from coast to coast to improve and restore the lands and facilities that Americans use for recreation, education, exercise and just plain enjoyment. Brevard County Parks and Recreation employees and public volunteers will help clear out invasive grapevine that is choking the other plants within the 6.37 acre nature preserve at Riverwalk. Volunteers can check in between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. to participate. Bottled water will be provided. More information can be found at or by contacting Riverwalk Nature Center at or BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 4 Call Adrienne Roth at for Advertising Information

5 Alan Landman elected chairman of the BCC Board of Trustees at meeting Brevard Community College recently announced that Alan Landman will serve as chairman of its Board of Trustees. Landman was elected to the position at the Board of Trustees meeting Aug. 15 at The King Center for the Performing Arts. We re pleased to have Mr. Landman serve the college by leading our governing board as its new chair, said Dr. James Drake, BCC president. His leadership will enable us to continue to move forward in the coming year with many initiatives that will benefit our students and the community at large. Other members of the BCC Board of Trustees include Dewey Harris, vice chair; Stephen Charpentier, past chair; and Myra Haley. A Brevard County resident since 1987, Landman received his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida in 1984 and his law degree from the University of Florida in Landman worked for one of Brevard s largest law firms until 1993, when he started his own practice specializing in criminal and family law. He is a member of the Florida Bar as well as four United States District Courts, the Supreme Court of Florida, and the United States Supreme Court. Landman was nationally recognized in 2004 when one of his criminal trials was aired on Court TV. In 1999, Florida Today named him as the top DUI attorney in Brevard County after an analysis of more than 10,000 cases. Landman was appointed to the Eighteenth Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission on Sept. 11, He served as president for the Indian Harbour Beach Little League and has contributed or been involved with numerous community schools and charities. Landman was appointed to the board (succeeding Clarence Rick McCotter) for a term beginning June 19, 2009, and ending May 31, He is the father of two children a daughter who is a sophomore in college and a son who is a senior in high school. For more information on the BCC Board of Trustees, or collegewide courses and activities, visit Wilmarth Private Wealth Management Steven Wilmarth, Certified Estate Planner and Wealth Management Specialist with Wilmarth Private Wealth Management of Raymond James & Associates Inc. in Melbourne, has announced his group s new name, better reflecting the firm s target market. Wilmarth Private Wealth Management works hand in hand with a select group of families and professionals who are committed to the wealth management process, he said. In our scope of planning, we consult with the family s CPA and estate planning attorney, providing a solid foundation. We act as the family s chief financial officer. His office is located in Suite 200 at 202 N. Harbor City Blvd. He added, Our growth is directly related to our focus on all of the multi dimensional aspects of wealth management. We develop highly personalized plans that are aligned with individual goals. For additional information, contact Victoria Wilmarth at The web address is Why Do Some Media Reps Lie? by Josh Field Spacecoast Business July 2010 Volume 5 Number 4... In Brevard a relatively small and unsophisticated media market advertisers oftentimes encounter claims from media outlets that are unsubstantiated (or, the more technical term, bulls**t ).... Josh Field President, SCB Marketing Editor in Chief, Spacecoast Business and Spacecoast Living March 2009 April 2009 May 2009 June 2009 July 2009 August 2009 September 2009 October 2009 November 2009 December 2009 January 2010 February 2010 March 2010 April 2010 May 2010 June 2010 July 2010 August 2010 September 2010 October 2010 November 2010 December 2010 January 2011 February 2011 March 2011 SCB Marketing Product Circulation Numbers HBCA Fall Parade of Homes Spacecoast Living Spacecoast Living Health Spacecoast Living Dining Palm Bay Chamber Directory Monthly Printed Copies (Invoice Verified) Brevard Business News Spacecoast Business Spacecoast Living Brevard Business News invoiced by Cape Publications, Inc., One Gannett Plaza, Melbourne FL Spacecoast Business and Spacecoast Living invoiced by Panaprint, Inc., 7979 NE Industrial Blvd., Macon GA Visit for Advertising Information BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 5 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 Advertised 20,000 15,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 8,000 8,000 10,000 7,507 7,025 7,525 unavailable unavailable unavailable 9,000 7,523 8,022 7,555 7,505 7,589 8,500 Printed 5,000 12,500 12,500 1 March 2009 April 2009 May 2009 June 2009 July 2009 August 2009 September 2009 October 2009 November 2009 December 2009 January 2010 February 2010 March 2010 April 2010 May 2010 June 2010 July 2010 August 2010 September 2010 October 2010 November 2010 December 2010 January 2011 February 2011 March 2011

6 BBN ADVERTISERS Craig Technologies 9/19/11 page 6 BI ed COLOR The Most Respected Name R RE/MAX in Real Estate pick Today, up BBNchoosing the rright 9/19/11 real estate agent page is more 16 important than ever RE / MAX Alternative Realty, Inc. 141 Coconut Drive, Indialantic, FL Offi ce: Fax: Web: Embry Riddle 1/6 page ad size on file Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs in Aviation, Aerospace, Business, and Management SPACE COAST CAMPUS Located at Patrick AFB Education Center, Building BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 6 Call Adrienne Roth at for Advertising Information

7 Health First Health Plans launches online wellness program for members ROCKLEDGE Health First Health Plans has started an online Healthy Living wellness program as a new benefit for its members. The user friendly website offers many interactive tools and features designed to offer members personal strategies to improve their health, based on their lifestyle, values and preferences. These features include: l An online health assessment that gives personalized feedback on the member s current health status and suggestions for improvement. l Communication with a personal health coach by phone, e mail or instant message chat. l Daily activity trackers for nutrition, fitness, pain, stress and more. l Disease management programs for diabetes, COPD, coronary artery disease, asthma and congestive heart failure. l In depth information and self directed learning guides on hundreds of health topics. l Online monthly seminars, health challenges, and healthy living programs on specific topics. l Toll free telephone access to a registered nurse 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for information on home treatment of minor illnesses or injuries, when to call a health professional or go to the hospital, understanding prescription medications, and other health issues. By giving our members the tools, information and behavior changing strategies they need to improve their health and quality of life, we hope they will feel valued and supported, gain personal empowerment and learn how to make better health care decisions, said Margaret Haney, president and chief executive officer of Health First Health Plans. Berman Hopkins to host workshop Melbourne based Berman Hopkins Wright & LaHam, CPAs and Associates, will host a Succession Planning Workshop at 7:30 a.m. on Sept. 28 at the Citrus Club in Orlando. The workshop will feature Berman Hopkins James LaHam, senior tax partner, who is a Certified Succession Planner. He will be joined by Craig Pearlman, partner, Kilgore, Pearlman, Stamp, Ornstein & Squires; and David Witter, a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Succession Planner. Witter is the owner of Harvest Wealth Advisors. Opening reception at Fifth Avenue Gallery The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in Melbourne will host an opening reception for the exhibit How Deep is your Color, by artist Beth Anne Fairchild, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 7. The event is part of the Eau Gallie Arts District s First Friday Art Walk. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit with artists and enjoy light refreshments. The reception is free of charge and open to the public. Afterwards continue your stroll down the street to enjoy dinner and other shops and galleries. The Fifth Avenue Gallery, artist owned and operated, is across the street from the Foosner Art Museum. The gallery telephone number is or visit Barbara C. Wall Broker/Owner/President King Center 8/22/11 page 2 Located on the corner CIA 9/12/11 page? Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts of Brevard Community College Located on the corner of Post & Wickham Roads, Melbourne Barbara Wall pick Armstrong up BBN new 9/12/11 ad ed page? FULL COLOR 2000 Highway A1A Indian Harbour Beach Bus Fax Cell Toll Free An independently owned and operated member of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. Twin Rivers 9/19/11 page 7 Professional Office Space For Sale or Lease Lighted Corner at: 700 N Wickham Rd Dealmakers 9/19/11 page 12 Suite105: 611 Sq Feet 3 offices, reception, bath For Sale: $59,500 Lease: $475 base + $175 Suites 104 & 105: 1248 Square Feet For Sale: $104,900 Dealmakers Realty, Inc Visit for Advertising Information BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 7

8 ABI new ad ed Mac Photo Management A special evening hands-on workshop to cover many aspects of organizing, editing and sharing your photos! Editing and Improving Photos Advanced Slideshows Facial Recognition Creating Smart Photo Albums iphone ipad Photo Apps Visual Dynamics new ad ed One Night Only Wednesday, Sept 28th Avenue Location 6:00 to 9:00 PM Only $49.95 Beachside E Eau Gallie Blvd Indian Harbour Beach See our full calendar of events at Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and ipad, are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Avenue TownCenter Blvd Suite 105, Viera Melbourne Main Street Art Festival set Sept in downtown; kick off party The 18th annual Melbourne Main Street Fall Art Festival will be held Sept , in the downtown area of the city. The free event begins at 6 p.m. on Sept. 23 with the iconic UK rock sensation Modern English headlining the kick off party. The Patron s Party Friday night allows you the chance to be a part of exclusive private showing of original Salvador Dali paintings on sheepskin at Matt s Casbah at the west end of the Art Festival. An opportunity to be a part of the Patron s Program is $250 and includes two tickets to the party and $150 in art vouchers to spend at the festival along with other benefits. For more information, send an e mail message to or call On Saturday, more than 150 artists and crafters will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Their Sunday show hours are 10 to 5. They will be selling contemporary and traditional painting, metal and clay sculpture, handcrafted fine jewelry, and many other items. This year s Kid s Zone will include Rock Star Row, where children can create their own back stage passes, thanks to Florida Healthcare Association, as well as crazy hair, face paint, and tattoos. Additionally, Animals Inc. will have an assortment of animals to pet and learn about. Berri Patch will be conducting arts and crafts. Brevard Pediatric Dental Association will be sponsoring a Tag A Kid program, which will help track down parents and children in case they get separated. For a full list of the activities and event sponsors of the festival, visit Cocoa Beach Library to show surf film A premier showing of the longboard surf film Oceanides is set for 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 30, at the Cocoa Beach Public Library. The program is sponsored by The Cocoa Beach Surf Museum and Sunseed Co op. Refreshments will be served. This is a great way to kick off the second annual Florida Women of the Waves Weekend, which will be held Oct For more information on the activities, go to calendar or call Melody at Oceanides is a movie about women and oceans, which was funded by the Keep A Breast Foundation, and directed by Lorene Carpentier. The library is at 550 N. Brevard Ave. Strike for Hope event at Shore Lanes The third annual Strike for Hope bowling fund raiser will be held from 3 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 2, at Shore Lanes in Palm Bay. The event provides an opportunity for families and friends to enjoy an afternoon of bowling while helping the Brevard Neighborhood Development Coalition, a United Way agency that revitalizes impoverished communities and was named 2009 Organization of the Year by Florida Today. The $150 fee includes two hours of bowling for up to five bowlers, shoe rentals for the entire party, soft drinks, pizza, awards and five chances for the grand prize of four Disney Park Hopper passes valued at $544. To reserve a spot, contact the BNDC at For more information about the organization, visit BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 8 Call Adrienne Roth at for Advertising Information

9 Melbourne Chamber s TechXpo to showcase innovations at Florida Tech Emerging technologies and cutting edge innovations will be on display from throughout the United States, Canada and Korea at the Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida s TechXpo from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Oct. 11 in the Florida Institute of Technology Clemente Center. The 80 technology exhibitors will show solutions in alternative and renewable energy, biotech and life sciences, defense, resilient technology, composites and robotics. Companies will display their products and services to other companies and organizations seeking Brevard County and Central Florida technology resources and suppliers. In a virtual exhibit hall those who register for the event can also view the booths of all exhibitors. Participation opportunities include sponsor, exhibitor, technology partner, press representative and attendee. For more information and to participate, visit Students with valid IDs will be admitted free of charge to the exhibits and breakout sessions. The cost for the public to attend is $25. The event kicks off at 6 p.m. on Oct. 10 with a VIP dinner and awards presentation at the Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanside. The keynote speaker will be James Thomas, former chief financial officer of Inc. He is currently CFO of Rivian Automotive. Rivian founder and CEO R.J. Scaringe will also speak at the event. U.S. Congressman Bill Posey will award Congressional Medals of Merit for Technology. Tickets for the dinner are $60 apiece; corporate tables that seat eight people are available for $600. An international collaborative technology agreement between the Republic of Korea and their Korean Urban Regeneration Institute with Florida Institute of Technology and their Office of Strategic Initiatives, as well as the Florida Tech Research Park, will be signed on the campus of Florida Tech during the TechXpo. The ceremony is planned for 12 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 11, in the Hartley Room. Florida Tech President Anthony Catanese will be signing this collaborative agreement, along with Dr. Choon Hee Ro, president of Kyeongin Development Institute, the Korea Urban Regeneration Institute and Korea University s Green Urban Institute. For more information, contact Christine Michaels, president and CEO of the Melbourne Regional Chamber, at call , or visit LaHam earns CSP designation CPA James LaHam of Berman Hopkins Wright & LaHam, CPAs and Associates, has achieved the Certified Succession Planner designation, in accordance with the International Succession Planning Association. LaHam is the firm s senior tax partner. Berman Hopkins is based in Melbourne with an office in metro Orlando. The CSP mark identifies individuals with at least 10 years experience in a succession planning dependent field who have a comprehensive understanding of the critical factors impacting succession, and have passed the CSP examination. Medical & EMT Supplies Uniform Mart Uniform pick form up BBN Ma Mart 9/19/11 kupbb page 12 Featuring Products Uniforms Shoes Accessories Melbourne Shopping Center 1387 S. Babcock Steet Sutton Discover Us at 9/19/11 page Space Coast Professioanl Properties 9/12/11 page 5 B 1980 North Atlantic Ave. Suite 1007 Cocoa Beach, FL Guiding you through the world of employee benefits: Health, Dental, Disability, & Life Insurance Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) Section 125 Plans Voluntary Benefits RFP Development & Scoring Brombacher 9/19/11 page Visit for Advertising Information BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 9

10 King Center for the Performing Arts has wide capability as a venue hosting corporate functions, social events, business meetings handles everything for the gathering, from food to the linens By Ken Datzman The Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts has long been known in the region as a showcase for entertainment. Over the past two and half decades, the King Center has brought to the community many top performers across a broad section of the entertainment world. But what many people in Brevard County are not fully aware of is the King Center s capability in another arena that is, hosting everything from corporate functions and business meetings to social events, including weddings, homecomings, fund raisers, and holiday parties put on by businesses and organizations. We have provided catering services ever since the King Center opened, said Donna Hanley, the King Center catering director, a position she s held since There are a lot of people in the community who are not familiar with the catering side of the operation. I hear it often, I didn t realize the facility was available on a rental basis for meetings, weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc. We have a unique venue for these types of events, especially for the business and corporate markets. Open to the public for booking, the King Center has a number of venues that can be rented, including: THE MAIN STAGE. The King Center s Main Stage features more than 6,000 square feet. Hanley says it offers a different perspective and is a unique place for large gatherings. We can seat up to 300 people. A lot of times we use the King Center lobby to host a cocktail party before we take the guests onto the stage for the main function. People love our Main Stage. It s a showcase. THE ROTUNDA. This is another unique space within the facility. The skylights reflect a garden like setting that is perfect for receptions and meetings. We can seat up to 250 people. This is where a banquet was held for Florida State University coach Bobby Bowden. And FSU s new head coach, James Jimbo Fisher, was here, too, for an FSU event. THE STUDIO THEATRE. Also referred to as the Black Box, this area, which can seat up to 180 people for a reception or a presentation, offers a dramatic setting and is equipped with theatrical lighting for special events, she said. The Black Box space can be configured a number of ways to accommodate various groups. The theatrical lighting is a very special feature and creates an interesting atmosphere. There is nothing like it in the county, Hanley said. The Main Stage, The Rotunda, and The Studio Theatre all are available on a rental basis for meetings, corporate functions, and events. The Harris Art Gallery, in the King Center lobby, is open to guests with tickets during all Main Stage performances. Through the support of Melbourne based Harris Corp., area artists have the ability to exhibit their work in the gallery. Before King Center concerts, ticketholders are also welcomed to take part in the Picnic on the Patio, a new attraction for the facility. We sell grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. Patrons can come ahead of time and have something to eat and drink before heading to their seats for the concert. This new venue is being well received by the community. It s a great place to socialize. Tables are set up to accommodate our patrons. Hanley said King Center Catering is a full service operation, in that it manages all aspects of any social function held at the facility. She said the King Center, which has a liquor license, works with a number of area caterers, including Green Turtle Market and Creative Catering by the Farinas. We take care of everything, from the linen rentals to the food and beverage. It s a seamless operation for the party booking the space. As the fourth quarter has begun and there are only 13 weeks until the end of the year, Hanley said now is the time for businesses and organizations to start thinking about booking their holiday parties and events at the King Center. Call for available dates. We re hoping for a good holiday season and to close the year on a strong note, she added. Catering sales are expected to increase by 6 percent this year over 2010, according to the National Restaurant Association. Business has been steady. Coming up, we have three homecomings on the books, a Women s Center fund raiser, and the annual meeting of the Economic Development Commission of Florida s Space Coast. In general, Hanley s business unit oversees all the food and beverage services provided at the King Center, including meals for the entertainers. We feed the performers, from load in to load out, and their crews. Hanley says performing artists have it all spelled out in their catering contract including the type of food and drink the King Center provides them. The rock and roll artists of yesterday prefer organic selections, she said. They request healthy food, processed a certain way. I think if you are traveling on the road every night going to a different venue, eating calorie rich food is not a good idea. King Center Catering also serves the artists in their dressing room before they go on stage for their show. They are very specific about their pre show selections and the supplies they want in their dressing room. Entertainers request that everything from vitamin water to ice cream be stocked in their dressing rooms ahead of the concert. Hanley says she works closely with colleague Tim Freese, the King Center s managing director and technical director. He advances the show and gives me the catering portion. BBN photo Adrienne B. Roth Donna Hanley, a former dental hygienist, is catering director for the King Center on the BCC campus in Melbourne. The facility has a number of venues available for rental to businesses and organizations to host special events. The venues include The Main Stage, The Studio Theatre, and The Rotunda. A former dental hygienist, Hanley started her career at the King Center in 1999, working in catering on a part time basis. I was looking for a new challenge. She started in The Crown Club, the King Center s VIP room on the mezzanine level. This is a membership club that plays a crucial role providing financial support for the King Center. I was so excited about the opportunity I would decorate the tables for the theme of the event, the scheduled concert or performance. When the group Alabama performed, I placed Confederate flags on the tables. For illusionist David Copperfield s show, I placed a hat with scarves going toward the ceiling. It was a lot of fun. Hanley added, I love my job. BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 10 Call Adrienne Roth at for Advertising Information

11 Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce recruits former businessowner Chevon Baccus as development director brings marketing, public relations, and fund raising expertise to position By Ken Datzman MERRITT ISLAND The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce has hired a veteran marketing and public relations professional, who has longstanding roots in the community, to fill a key position for the membership based organization. Chevon Baccus, with 25 years experience in marketing, public relations and communications, business development, and fund raising, has come aboard as development director for the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber. A former small business owner, Baccus started her new job Sept. 1. We need Chevon s enthusiasm, her business experience, her ideas, her knowledge of the county. She just loves this area and that s what we want, said Lisa Stains, president and chief executive officer of the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber. Stains said Baccus will work in two areas, development and event planning. She will help us with our events, to make sure they go over the top, and to come up with a second signature event for the Chamber. The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber s signature fund raiser is the annual Chowder Cook off, a weekend festival that typically draws thousands of people and which Baccus has taken part in as a community volunteer. I am thrilled to be here, said Baccus, a founding member of the Space Coast Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association. This is home for me. I am part of the Baccus family who has lived in Brevard County for 50 years, though family situations have taken us out of the area for periods of time. Baccus resume includes having worked in community relations for Brevard County Public Schools and as the first executive director of the Brevard Schools Foundation, the organization s fund raising arm. She also was a reporter and editor for Florida Today. Recently, Baccus was a small business owner in Lake Wales and Winter Haven. She owned a two location women s fitness center, which was profitable from its first year. While in that market, Baccus said she got involved in the Lake Wales Area Chamber of Commerce and was the volunteer president of the board of directors for the roughly 500 member organization. I was very involved in Chamber activities. Baccus and the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber s business development staffers help member companies grow their enterprises, through promotional activities, workshops, educational seminars, and other avenues. Entrepreneurs have a passion for their business. They know their product or service, but many of them really don t know how to promote their business. And the Chamber is an excellent vehicle to do that, said Baccus, whose experience includes having run her own consulting firm. Baccus said she is committed to helping small businesses raise their visibility and grow through marketing and communications. As an independent business consultant, part of my practice was helping businesses take a look at their marketing. The first thing I recommended to them was joining the Chamber. Volunteer. Get on a committee. Get involved. Meet people. The Chamber is a business to business organization. It s a great way to network. She added, I know the challenges small business owners face. I am committed to helping them be successful. Baccus said the Chamber offers opportunities for businessowners to learn about marketing and develop skills that will benefit their company. We offer Chamber partners training and workshops, and we give them the tools to be successful. For example, we teach them how to use social media in their business. And the workshops are free of charge to Chamber partners. Stains says the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber promotes the philosophy of partners doing business with partners first. People do business with people they know. We re in a challenging economic time. It s kind of like the Old West. We ve got to circle our wagons around each other and do business within our circle. It s not going to make any of us millionaires at this time, but it s going to sustain us. And while we are sustaining during these times, when the climate improves, and it will, we ll be ready to jump aboard and do more business, added Stains. Chamber partnership has its benefits. As an example, Stains tells this story. A Walmart representative called her Chamber one day and said his company was thinking about putting an independent florist in a local Walmart store, as part of a pilot program. Do you have anybody who might be interested in talking to us? She said the Chamber recommended Magic Dove Florist and businessman Terry Flack. Magic Dove Florist is now operating inside the Walmart in Viera. It s believed to be the first independent florist business housed inside a Walmart. And it s the result of a referral from the Chamber, Stains said. The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber has 1,553 members. Based on the number of dues paying members, it s the largest of the four Chambers in Brevard, serving a wide geographic area including the Central Brevard beaches. The average membership fee is $325 a year. Membership is holding steady. But we are finding it is taking a little longer for the checks to come through. So we are now offering an interest free payment plan for our partners. Over six months, they can spread out their partnership dues, said Stains, whose mother, Dee Huey, was a Cocoa Beach City Commissioner in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In addition to general membership, the Chamber has the Chairman s Club. It s the highest level of financial BBN photo Adrienne B. Roth Chevon Baccus, right, has joined the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber as development director. She was the first executive director of the Brevard Schools Foundation. At the Chamber, Baccus works with small businessowners. Melissa Stains is the Chamber s president and CEO. Stains said the Chamber is looking to expand its Chairman s Club, the highest level of financial support for the organization. support for the organization (a minimum contribution of $5,000). Club members receive special benefits, she said. We are fortunate to have Health First Inc., TD Bank, and Waste Management as members. We are hoping to entertain more businesses and organizations for the Chairman s Club before the end of the year, Stains said. Meanwhile, Baccus said she plans to contact some of the pillars of the business community, and maybe the next generation of owners of these businesses. We are at a critical juncture right now with a lot of small businesses struggling. As part of my job, I m going to be asking these successful businessowners to come back and invest in the Chamber as a whole. Visit for Advertising Information BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 11

12 Palm Bay Chamber new ad ed Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce Gov. Scott appoints business executive Ingram as Workforce Florida chairman TALLAHASSEE Workforce Florida Inc. and its Board of Directors are key players in the state s ongoing economic development efforts, and Gov. Rick Scott s appointment of board member and business executive Dwayne Ingram as chairman comes at a pivotal time, said Workforce Florida President and CEO Chris Hart IV. Hart lauded Scott s decision to appoint Ingram, who is executive vice president for Amadeus Americas, as chairman of the Workforce Florida board. The selection follows several recent board reappointments and new appointments, and comes as Workforce Florida works with the newly formed Department of Economic Opportunity as well as Enterprise Florida Inc., and other collaborative partners, to execute the governor s job creation and retention initiatives. Dwayne has been such an asset to our board, and I know that as chairman he will provide the leadership and business perspective needed to build and strengthen our work force talent pipeline, said Hart. I look forward to working with him, and thank Gov. Scott for putting this strong business voice at the helm of our statewide work force investment board. Ingram, 49, of Tampa, was first appointed to the Workforce Florida board in We must remain laser focused on getting Floridians back to work, Ingram said. Through our alignment of priorities and strategies and our commitment to developing a globally competitive work force, we can accomplish our shared goals to make Florida the top state for business and talent. Ingram brings a background in business and education policy to his new role. Before joining Amadeus, he had more than 20 years experience in a variety of executive roles at IBM Corp., including serving as the senior executive in Florida from A graduate of Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tenn., Ingram previously served as a resident member of the Florida Council of 100. He also was a member of the Board of Governors with the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Center for Educational Performance and Accountability for Florida TaxWatch. Committed to community involvement, Ingram has served on the Board of Directors for the United Way and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay, as well as volunteering for a number of other charitable organizations. Foosaner Art Museum reception set The Foosaner Art Museum Guild will host its annual Champagne Reception from 3 to 5 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 26, in the museum galleries. This community event is free of charge and open to the public. Guests will have the opportunity to meet and talk with museum director Carla Funk and learn more about Brevard s leading fine arts museum. Reception attendees can also tour the museum s current exhibition: Building Books by David Macaulay, which celebrates and explores the creative process and artistic legacy of the author and artist. Although the reception is free, tickets are required and may be picked up at the Museum Store through Sept. 23. The Foosaner Art Museum is at 1463 Highland Ave., in the Eau Gallie Arts District of Melbourne. Call for more information. BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 12 Call Adrienne Roth at for Advertising Information

13 Brevard firefighter Ziarno selected as National Burn Camp counselor Andrea Ziarno, a Brevard County Fire Rescue firefighter and paramedic, has been selected to serve as a counselor at the International Association of Fire Firefighters Burn Foundation s International Burn Camp in Washington, D.C. Each year, the foundation selects burn survivors, aged 13 to 15, and professional firefighters camp counselors from regional burn camps across the U.S. and Canada to attend the weeklong event. This year s camp takes place during the week of Sept. 24 Oct. 1. Ziarno has been a member of Brevard County Fire Rescue for 13 years and for the past four years has volunteered as a camp counselor at two regional burn camps in Florida, Camp Amigo in Port St. Joe and Camp Tequesta in Umatilla. The camps are nonprofit organizations where children who have experienced severe burns can come to have fun and be around others who have had similar experiences. Burn camps offer children who have suffered life altering tragedies a place to go and be a kid, said Ziarno. They are able to be around others who can identify with what they have gone through and have similar emotional and physical scars. Camp attendees are paired with a like gender counselor who is often a firefighter, nurse, or physical therapist. Relationships forged at the camp often develop into lifelong friendships. A selection committee of six volunteers from Camp Amigo chose Ziarno to attend the International Burn Camp from a number of potential counselors this year. Andrea has shown a long term commitment to Camp Amigo and a tremendous passion for the work we do, said Camp Amigo President Rusty Roberts. She will be a wonderful ambassador for our camp, her department, and the state of Florida. Despite the praise from Roberts and other counselors, Ziarno remains humble and prefers the focus be put toward the camps and the services they provide. Being burned is not a one time event for these kids, their lives have been changed forever she said. The experience of working with these survivors has changed my life too. Down Syndrome Advocacy Walk set The ninth annual Step up for Down Syndrome Advocacy Walk will be held from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 22, at Riverfront Park in Cocoa Village. The event has three primary goals: to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome; to raise funds locally and nationally for education, research, and advocacy programs; and to enhance the position of the Down syndrome community. Festivities will include a one mile walk along the river, face painting, pony rides, and crafts and activities for registered participants. Registration begins at 8 a.m. and collecting $15 or more in pledges entitles you to a free T shirt, lunch and a fun filled morning. Pledges collected will help fund programs and services that help individuals with Down syndrome and their families. For more information and to create your own fund raising page, visit To volunteer, call Pat Wright at Zipper new ad ed We are a SMALL BUSINESS doing business with SMALL BUSINESSES Community Bank of the South Somethinbg else FULL 9/12/11 COLOR page 9 Helping PROFESSIONALS and BUSINESSES reach their dreams Highway 524 Cocoa, FL N Sykes Creek Parkway Merritt Island, FL Sidelined by Incontinence Get back in the game with effective incontinence treatment. Learn about the sling, the newest stress incontinence treatment with no post-surgical physical limitations. Ralph Zipper, MD, FACOG, FABAGYN Inventor of Incisionless Vaginal Rejuvenation President American Board of Aesthetic Gynecology ABOG Board Certified Director of the Southeast Dual Urogynecology Aesthetic Gyn Fellowship 1130 South Harbor City Boulevard Melbourne, FL 1902 S. Fiske Blvd Rockledge, FL LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED. ED Visit for Advertising Information BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 13

14 Melbourne Police Foundation, Chamber to present Defenders Car Show Sept The Melbourne Police Foundation and the Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida will present the Defenders Car Show, a unique two day event set for the weekend of Sept. 24 and 25. To be held in downtown Melbourne, the event will feature up to 175 cars on display Some see land COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL SALES LEASING BUILD TO SUIT MANAGEMENT Newton Land newest tall ad CONSTRUCTION INVESTMENTS FINANCIAL CONSULTING each day. Fireball Run Adventurally entries will be on display Saturday morning, which to date feature the Back to the Future car of movie fame; the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show; Bumblebee from the Transformers movie; and Don Fiorelli s 3,500 horsepower top alcohol dragster. The show will run concurrent with the Melbourne Main Street Art Festival, which is expected to draw up to 30,000 attendees over the weekend, and the Fireball Run national road rally, which begins its eight day adventure in Melbourne. The car show, sponsored by Rosner Chevrolet, Carquest Auto Parts, Bright House Networks, Truly Nolan Pest Control, Boniface Hiers Kia, WSBH FM 98.5 The Beach, Murphy Cadillac, Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place, Nissan of Melbourne, Volk Law Offices, and Northrop Grumman, will be held on the premises of the Chamber and surrounding environs between Route 1, Route 192, Depot Drive and New Haven Avenue. This family event will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., both days and is free to spectators. Trophies will be awarded at the car show in various categories. Car entry registration is available at Registration cost per day per entry is $20. Day of event registration is $25. Sponsorships with display space are available. A limited number of spaces for automotive related vendors are also available. For more information, contact Chuck Galy at the Melbourne Regional Chamber. His phone number is , extension 230. Proceeds will benefit the Melbourne Police Foundation and the Chamber. The Melbourne Police Foundation is the only organization authorized to raise funds on behalf of the Melbourne Police Department. Dockside Dream US-1 Malabar Commercial Land Suntree / Viera Custom Homes Suntree / Viera Area Oceanfront Penthouse 152 N. Harbor City Blvd, Ste 200 Melbourne, FL Tropical Inn Resort to show off facility Sept. 29 The Tropical Inn Resort in Palm Bay will host a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29. Tropical Inn Resort is inviting area businesses to attend the function and see the facility s new changes, including the lounge, banquet facility and guestrooms. The hotel will provide dinner free of charge to attendees. There will be entertainment and giveaways. The reservation deadline is Sept. 27. The number to call is Tropical Inn Resort is at 4700 Dixie Highway NE, 4.5 miles south of 192 on U.S. Highway 1. Fund raising event for Nana s House Friends of Nana s House will present Cactus Jack and the Cadillacs 1950s Dance from 8 p.m. to midnight on Saturday, Oct. 1, at St. Joseph s Catholic Church Auditorium, 5210 Babcock St. NE, in Palm Bay. There will be door prizes, raffles, and classic cars on display. Tickets for the fund raiser are $20 per person. For ticket information, call Jim Turman at or Julie Turman at Proceeds will benefit Nana s House, a nonprofit home for Needy, Abused, Neglected and Abandoned Children. For additional information on supporting Nana s House and other events and sponsorship opportunities, visit or call Kim Frodge at Katz to present hoarding lecture at library Marcie Katz, a Certified Professional Organizer, will present a lecture titled Hoarding: Buried Alive, at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 5, and at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 6, at Cocoa Beach Public Library. She will explore the psychology behind the compulsion to accumulate and store large quantities of nonessential things. Hoarders struggle with behavior that makes everyday existence unbearable for both them and their loved ones, Katz says. Katz appeared on TLC s Hoarding Buried Alive TV series. Call for more details about her presentation. The library is at 550 N. Brevard Ave. Nook e reader class at B&N Barnes & Noble in West Melbourne will present a Nook e reader class at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 13. The store is at 1955 W. New Haven Ave. The class is designed to help new Nook owners become more familiar with their e readers and share information with other Nook owners. The class is free of charge and open to the public. BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 14 Call Adrienne Roth at for Advertising Information

15 12th annual Senior Fest event scheduled Oct. 7 at Melbourne Auditorium, free to the community Brevard County TRIAD s 12th annual Senior Fest will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 7, at Melbourne Auditorium, 625 Hibiscus Blvd. The event is free of charge to the community and sponsored by Florida Today, Vitas Innovative Hospice Care, Health First Inc., Walmart, VNA, Your Care Brevard, Allender and Allender, P.A., and Care Plus. Senior Fest will host more than 90 informational booths and offer a hospital sponsored Health Fair where low cost health screenings will be provided. Flu shots are offered at no cost to attendees who have a Medicare Card. Exhibitors will include senior retirement communities, assisted living facilities, AARP, travel agencies, health and wellness businesses, insurance companies, and Brevard County agencies. This year, TRIAD will present a number of educational seminars, including Scam Alert, by Joe Mohr, a state attorney investigator. The Law Firm of Allender and Allender is sponsoring a free lunch from Chick fil A and CarePlus is providing cold water for attendees, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (while supplies last). A $100 Walmart gift card will be given away every hour beginning at 9 a.m. In addition, an array of door prizes donated by participating vendors will be given away throughout the day. For additional information, call or go to Brevard County TRIAD is a nonprofit organization aspiring to enable all area seniors to live safely with dignity and independence. Its membership is made up of senior involved professionals, law enforcement, education service agencies and local seniors who work together to provide services to help improve the quality of life and enhance the safety of the senior community. Covenant Presbyterian to host benefit Oct. 8 Brevard residents are invited to attend the Shop Til You Drop benefit event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 8, at Covenant Presbyterian Church, 720 Emerson Drive NE, in Palm Bay. Shoppers will enjoy door prize giveaways while collecting bargains from more than 25 local businesses. For more information about the event, contact Marianne Perry at A portion of the proceeds will benefit Pregnancy Resources, a local organization that provides free services, education and support in a compassionate environment to women and families facing unexpected pregnancy. Scribblers II to meet at B&N Barnes & Noble in West Melbourne will host Scribblers II: Growing Brevard Word by Word, a new group for writers, at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 11. The store is at 1955 W. New Haven Ave. The group is led by Kit Adams. Published writers will meet with and assist writers with essays, stories, or poems. High school, college, personal, new writers or established writers are welcome to join in the conversation. The meeting is free of charge and open to the public. Cocoa Beach Library fund raiser Oct. 14 The third annual Wine Tasting to benefit the Cocoa Beach Public Library and the Brevard Library Foundation will be held at 6 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 14. The event is being hosted by the Cocoa Beach Daybreak Rotary Club. Select wines, cheeses and an assortment of fresh fruit will be served. The Dick Doc Duo, on piano and violin, will perform at the event. Area artist Lloyd Berhrendt will showcase some of his work. Tickets are $20 per person. Call to purchase tickets. The purpose of this benefit is to promote literacy and help the library with funds for resources. Boating eco tourism course offered for captains The University of Florida s Brevard County Extension Office is partnering with the Space Coast Office of Tourism and the Ultimate Source of Boating Excursions LLC to offer a boating eco tourism course for area boat captains interested in leading boating eco tours based out of resort properties in Florida. The course is designed to introduce boat captains to eco tourism in Florida. The tours themselves will be focused on the enjoyment and conservation of Florida s ecological waterways. There are full time positions available for captains who pass and complete the course. Captains who are interested in this opportunity should apply at for the next series of classes to be held Oct at the Cocoa Extension Office, 3695 Lake Drive. The training fee is $300 (scholarships are available). Simply Ask Our Customers! We are delighted with the remodeling work that Rivertree Builders performed at our home. Barry Richardson and his staff were always accessible, and kept us informed throughout the process, eliminating the angst that usually accompanies a remodeling project. The results exceeded our expecttions. Alan and Katie Prestwood River Tree Builders Alan and Katie Prestwood and Barry Richardson 9/12/11 page Business Center Blvd., Suite B-5, Melbourne, FL Located in Suntree Henegar Center for the arts Directed by Bryan Bergeron September 23- Oct 9 Andretti 9/12/11 Featuring: page 14 Fridays & Saturdays 8pm ~ Sunday Matinees 2pm Mitch Abrams ~ Jessica Foix ~ Terrance Girard Michelle Lee ~ Leif Lundstrom~ Dylan Pomichter Scott Sutherland ~ Michael Thompson EArts C E N T E R F O R T H (321) By special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Visit for Advertising Information BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 15 The Henegar Dracula Dramatized by Hamilton Deane & John L. Balderston From Bram Stoker s World Famous Novel In downtown Melbourne s Theatre District Tickets: $22 Adult $20 Senior $10 Student

16 BBN SPACE COAST BUSINESS UCF new ad ed Nearby. Online. American Cancer Society new ad ed 1108RGC827w Florida Institute of Technology welcomes new faculty members to its campus in Melbourne On Aug. 22, the start of the academic year, 10 new faculty members at Florida Institute of Technology greeted first time and returning students alike. Faculty members starting this fall are: l Ismael Cremer, instructor, aviation, College of Aeronautics. l Donna Wilt, associate professor, aviation technology/aviation science, College of Aeronautics. l Enrique Henry Perez, assistant professor, management, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business. l Ross Davis, research professor, biomedical engineering, College of Engineering. l Martin Glicksman, Allen S. Henry chair, university professor, College of Engineering. l Robert Weaver, assistant professor, ocean engineering, College of Engineering. l Ju Zhang, assistant professor, aerospace engineering, College of Engineering. l Liam Mayron, assistant professor, computer sciences, College of Engineering. l Ken Lindeman, professor, College Science. l Jessica Wildman, assistant professor, industrial/organizational psychology, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts. Workshops scheduled at the Art Gallery of Viera Two workshops are scheduled in October at the Art Gallery of Viera. Acrylics and Oils with Wow! will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Oct. 7, 8 and 9. The workshop will be taught by internationally known artist Peter Spataro. Contact Susan Stone at or (401) for full details and workshop fees. Mixed Media Abstracts with Sue St. John is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Oct. 28, 29 and 30. Whether a beginner or a working artist, you will gain a new perspective on creativity and exceed your own expectations, she says. Her new book, Passage of Light, is available on Her website is Contact Stone to register for either workshop. The Gallery is located at 2271 Town Center Ave., in The Avenue Viera. Car Sales Continued from page 1 find an education job after she graduated two years ago. So she s using her teaching skills to impart product knowledge. Women in car sales get a special view of a man s world and are almost put on a pedestal, Pastucka said. It can have its benefits. At Vista Honda in Ventura, Calif., Stephanie Works is one of two women selling cars. She left a six year stint as a bartender to sell cars when a friend suggested she would be good at it. It was very difficult because I had no experience at all with cars, she said. Works studied the vehicles and made use of the people skills she developed bartending, and three years later she s still selling. She s learned customers can be rude, so you can t be sensitive or you won t last. For example, a year ago an older man pulled into the lot, and when she greeted him, he was gruff. He said, I don t work with women, she recalled. I said OK. That s how it happened. It kind of hurt my feelings, but I just kept on going with my day. He did buy a vehicle. I turned him to somebody and he sold him the car. But he just refused to work with me. Most of Works customers seem to like and trust her. They don t feel intimidated by me, she said. They feel I m honest right away and they open up to me right away. Being female can certainly work in your favor, said Vanessa Martinez, who s been selling cars for four months at the Bunnin Auto Outlet in Ventura, Calif. Martinez s father has worked for Bunnin for 14 years and got her started as a receptionist. She worked her way into sales and is now one of two women selling for the dealership. Customers are often surprised to see a woman, she said, but so far she hasn t had problems. It seems like if you re a girl, they re not so intimidated by you, she said. They ll see guys and some customers turn around and just leave the lot. Martinez has sold almost 50 vehicles since she began, and she s getting referrals. It s a good feeling, she said. BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 16 Call Adrienne Roth at for Advertising Information

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19 BBN SPECIAL FOCUS Community Bank of the South Continued from page 1 for stimulating job growth, according to the new Pepperdine Private Capital Market Projects, a survey conducted with the cooperation of Dun & Bradstreet. A poll of 7,502 small businesses (revenues of less than $5 million) in the U.S. also found that economic uncertainty and government regulations and taxes are top issues facing small enterprises. According to a report conducted by the U.S. Small Business Administration s Office of Advocacy last year, government regulations currently cost the U.S. economy $1.75 trillion a year, or more than 12 percent of the nation s gross domestic product. In the last five years, the SBA report says, there has been a 60 percent increase in pending federal regulations that are defined as major or economically significant costing the economy $100 million or more. Enacted into law as part of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, the Small Business Lending Fund provides capital to qualified community banks with assets of less than $10 billion. Typically, these banks devote the highest percentage of their lending to small businesses in their communities. They account for more than 60 percent of all small business loans nationwide, between $100,000 and $1 million, even though they make up only 20 percent of all bank assets. The Treasury program hopes to break down barriers to credit and provide support for entrepreneurs. Through the Small Business Lending Fund, Main Street banks and small businesses can work together to help create jobs and promote economic growth in their respective communities, Taylor said. This is a great opportunity for Community Bank of the South. It s a way for us to try to help local businesses during these tough economic times. It s designed to help give banks the ability to loan money in the community, and that s very important, he said. So far, more than 900 community banks have applied to participate in the program and provide capital to qualified borrowers. But the actual number of currently active banks is small in scope. Just over 130 banks are part of the Small Business Lending Fund initiative. More than 40 percent of the applicants failed to meet program requirements, according to Bloomberg News. There are many requirements including the size of the bank. The U.S. Department of Treasury kicked off the program in July, with the first six community banks receiving a total of $123 million to lend to small businesses. Today, select banks around the country have received roughly $2 billion in Small Business Lending Fund money. We welcome the opportunity to be a participant in this program and even more important to have customers come to us so we can make business loans, said Community Bank of the South Vice President Nancy Brower. Entrepreneurs and small businesses create jobs. And that s what we need to do to get the economy moving again. Brower herself is a former small business owner in the county. She owned and operated residential lender Evergreen Mortgage Co. for 13 years before joining Community Bank of the South four years ago. Small businesses play a critical role in the U.S. economy and are key to growth and job creation. They employ roughly one half of all Americans and account for about 60 percent of gross job creation, according the U.S. Small Business Administration. But small business owners faced disproportionate challenges in the aftermath of the recession and the credit crisis, including difficulty accessing capital. Any credit is significant to small businesses in this environment, said John Willison, Community Bank of the South underwriter. The last several years have been difficult for small businesses seeking capital to expand their operations. The Small Business Lending Fund money can be used for such things as business expansion, refinancing, equipment purchases and capital expenditures, as well as owner occupied real estate investments. For this program, we are generally looking for owner occupied real estate loan applicants, said Willison, who has been a commercial banker for 25 years, working in risk management and underwriting for 18 of those years. He estimates that the typical Community Bank of the South Small Business Lending Fund loan will range form $300,000 to $500,000. The bank s underwriting loan committee analyzes a Small Business Lending Fund applicant a number of ways, said Willison. Cash flow and collateral are the two primary underwriting factors we consider. From a broader prospective, does the borrower have the capacity and willingness to repay the loan? Weak demand from credit worthy borrowers, regulatory pressure to build capital to asset ratios, and loan losses are pressures banks face when considering new lending. However, while the overall loan volume has remained mostly level over the past year, it does not indicate that banks have stopped lending altogether, according to a report by the American Bankers Association. Banks initiated roughly $1.6 trillion in new lending over the past 12 months, says the ABA. We need to lend to grow the bank, said Taylor. Small business lending in the community has been the cornerstone of Community Bank of the South all these years. With this Treasury program, perhaps we can serve some new, and existing, small business customers. The Small Business Lending Fund is one part of the Obama administration s agenda to help small businesses access the capital they need to invest and hire. The State Small Business Credit Initiative, which is also a key part of the Small Business Jobs Act, allocates $1.5 billion to new and existing state programs that will leverage private financing to spur $15 billion in new lending to small businesses and small manufacturers. Wuesthoff Hospital next in series (#2 maybe) Positively Exceptional Care. Positively Visit for Advertising Information BREVARD BUSINESS NEWS / 19

20 Breast Health From the moment OF AN ABNORMAL FINDING TO THE VICTORY OF RECOVERY, WE RE HERE FOR YOU AWARD-WINNING WOMEN S HEALTH SERVICES: Breast Health Navigator, your personal resource for physical, educational, psychological and social support. Our certified Breast Health Navigator will guide you every step of the way. Nationally designated as a Spirit of Women Premier Hospital for excellence in women s health Nationally recognized as one of America s finest healing environments Gold Seal certified for excellence and quality in Breast Health from the Joint Commission Accredited with Commendation as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Program by the Commission on Cancer. Designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology. All-digital imaging environment for screening and diagnostic mammography, sterotactic breast biopsy, and breast ultrasound. Moffit Cancer Center & Research Institute Affiliate For more information, contact , ext or visit FT

Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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CATALOG 09-10. Quality Teaching & Lifelong Learning for all of Brevard

CATALOG 09-10. Quality Teaching & Lifelong Learning for all of Brevard BREVARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE CATALOG 09-10 Quality Teaching & Lifelong Learning for all of Brevard District Board Of Trustees Each of the 28 community colleges in Florida s statewide system is under the local

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COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES. Reaching Out. Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations

COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES. Reaching Out. Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations I N S I G H T COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES Reaching Out Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations january 2011 All community foundations do good. Some do better by making full use of board

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Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit

Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit A Guide for Beginning and Sustaining Park Friend Groups JANUARY 2014 In partnership with Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit A Guide for Beginning and Sustaining

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Workplace Wellness Programs Study

Workplace Wellness Programs Study Workplace Wellness Programs Study Case Studies Summary Report Contract Number: DOLJ089327414 Prepared for: Office of Policy and Research Employee Benefits Security Administration Department of Labor Office

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A Day in the Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur

A Day in the Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur WE GLOBAL NETWORK A Day in the Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur STORIES FROM AMERICA S RUST BELT WELCOMING ECONOMIES LEADING RUST BELT IMMIGRANT INNOVATION ...every aspect of the American economy has

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12 Incredible Customer Service ICE Awards applaud outstanding customer service.

12 Incredible Customer Service ICE Awards applaud outstanding customer service. Grand strander Issue 670 April 2009 The Official Newsletter of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Five Chamber MBACC awarded top accreditation by U.S. Chamber of Commerce The United States Chamber

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HP people. Tracy Keogh, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, HP. Work environment. Building careers. Pride in HP. Rewards and benefits.

HP people. Tracy Keogh, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, HP. Work environment. Building careers. Pride in HP. Rewards and benefits. HP people HP s people are integral to the company s success. Recruiting, developing, and retaining the best employees provides us with a competitive advantage, so we strive to create supportive, motivating

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Building Mutually- Beneficial Relationships Between Schools and Communities:

Building Mutually- Beneficial Relationships Between Schools and Communities: Building Mutually- Beneficial Relationships Between Schools and Communities: The Role of a Connector Dacia Chrzanowski, Susan Rans and Raymond Thompson A Publication From the Asset Based Community Development

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Planning Your Community-Wide Read

Planning Your Community-Wide Read Planning Your Community-Wide Read Table of Contents Introduction.................................................................3 What Is a Community-Wide Read?.........................................

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Also inside: Student callers Health care mission trips The renovated

Also inside: Student callers Health care mission trips The renovated Saint Louis University Also inside: Student callers Health care mission trips The renovated Rec Center A professor s Irish discoveries Fold out for a view of the Edward A. Doisy Research Center and the

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A Simpler Plan for Start-ups

A Simpler Plan for Start-ups A Simpler Plan for Start-ups Business advisors, experienced entrepreneurs, bankers, and investors generally agree that you should develop a business plan before you start a business. A plan can help you

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Your Business. A Guide to Owning and Operating a Small Business in New York State

Your Business. A Guide to Owning and Operating a Small Business in New York State Your Business A Guide to Owning and Operating a Small Business in New York State A Guide To Owning and Operating a Small Business in New York State Contents CHAPTER 1: Foundations

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HCC s Criminal Justice Club

HCC s Criminal Justice Club Holyoke Community College Summer 2011 Volume 2 Issue 2 Your Community Resource for Education, Training, and Enrichment HCC s Criminal Justice Club Holyoke Community College 303 Homestead Avenue

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Would you borrow money from this man? Many have. CashCo owner Moris Adato is a player in the emerging field of asset-backed loans.

Would you borrow money from this man? Many have. CashCo owner Moris Adato is a player in the emerging field of asset-backed loans. APRIL 2015 A NEW WAY OF BORROWING MONEY Would you borrow money from this man? Many have. CashCo owner Moris Adato is a player in the emerging field of asset-backed loans. PAGE 12 SAN DIEGO S BEST ATTORNEYS

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Chamber Honors Arlington Heroes

Chamber Honors Arlington Heroes THE OFFICIAL VOICE OF THE ARLINGTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE FEATURED PHOTO: Combined Honor Guard at 33rd Annual Valor Awards (Photo courtesy of Ethan Rothstein / SPECIAL THANKS TO ARLINGTONIAN

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Advanced Techniques for Work Search

Advanced Techniques for Work Search Advanced Techniques for Work Search Target your work search Develop your network Market yourself effectively Stand out in an interview Government Career Practitioners This workbook was developed to help

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GETTING STARTED. Starting A Small Business In Caldwell - Watauga County. Published By. The Small Business Center

GETTING STARTED. Starting A Small Business In Caldwell - Watauga County. Published By. The Small Business Center GETTING STARTED Starting A Small Business In Caldwell - Watauga County Published By The Small Business Center Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute 2855 Hickory Blvd. Hudson, NC 28638 (828)

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Student Handbook 2014-2015

Student Handbook 2014-2015 Student Handbook 2014-2015 Citrus Campus 3800 S. Lecanto Highway Lecanto, FL 34461-9026 352-746-6721 Fax: 352-249-1218 Ocala Campus 3001 S.W. College Road Ocala, FL 34474-4415 352-873-5800 Fax: 352-291-4450

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Year in Review. 49 2010 year in review

Year in Review. 49 2010 year in review education Year in Review This is the story of 2010 the critical initiatives, activities and accomplishments of the SOA. Turn the pages and find how working together, member engagement, commitment to the

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A WORKBOOK TO HELP RECRUIT DISTRICT VOLUNTEERS. Selecting District People A WORKBOOK TO HELP RECRUIT DISTRICT VOLUNTEERS Selecting District People SELECTING DISTRICT PEOPLE A Workbook to Help Recruit District Volunteers 34512 ISBN 978-0-8395-4512-5 1991 Boy Scouts of America

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Lifeline Peace of mind around the clock... A personal help for emergencies. Wrist button or pendant

Lifeline Peace of mind around the clock... A personal help for emergencies. Wrist button or pendant Give and Get Help Guide 109598 2015 When it Matters Most, Count on Us Interim Home HealthCare, Hospice and Palliative Care Companions and Homemakers - Supportive Care Nurses and Aides - Skilled Care Physical,

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FROM MAYOR VINCENT C. GRAY PLAN We are on our way to becoming truly sustainable, but there is much more to be done. This plan is the playbook that our team city government, private sector, and residents working together will use

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To help you find out more about West Point we ve asked our cadets to relate their own experiences. Cadet LT Mary Feeley, Crestwood, KY

To help you find out more about West Point we ve asked our cadets to relate their own experiences. Cadet LT Mary Feeley, Crestwood, KY West Point is a very special place and experience. Ask cadets what they remember most about West Point and they ll give you a variety of responses challenging, exciting, unique, competitive, or fun. You

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Introduction 1. Personal Assessment 2. Steps to Starting a Small Business 3. Business Plan Outline 14

Introduction 1. Personal Assessment 2. Steps to Starting a Small Business 3. Business Plan Outline 14 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1 Personal Assessment 2 Steps to Starting a Small Business 3 Business Plan Outline 14 Ways to Legally Structure a Business and Registering a Business Name 21 Licenses, Permits

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A Step-By-Step Business Plan Workbook

A Step-By-Step Business Plan Workbook THE PLAN A Step-By-Step Business Plan Workbook The Plan will help you: Move ideas from your head to paper in an organized, clear, convincing manner Avoid the most common mistakes Keep your focus on key

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John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO. The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo

John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO. The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo 2 Regardless of our growing size, scope and reach, our common vision and distinct values form the fabric that holds us together

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Expect More Demanding Better Libraries For Today's Complex World. R. David Lankes

Expect More Demanding Better Libraries For Today's Complex World. R. David Lankes Expect More Demanding Better Libraries For Today's Complex World R. David Lankes Expect More Demanding Better Libraries For Today's Complex World R. David Lankes 2012 R. David Lankes. All rights reserved.

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Through the Maze: Careers in Association Management

Through the Maze: Careers in Association Management Careers in Association Management Benjamin Butz Executive Director, Inc Beau Ballinger AARP Jennifer Connelly American College of Healthcare Executives Emily Crespo TH Mgmt., Inc TM Welcome to the Workforce,

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